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qu'u1ni'1ir3 I , J: -. f Y f x M N THROUGH FENWICK HIGH SCHGOL WITH c 7 7 f ' Lens and Pen ' Z if K Q: . G - , 'Q N- A IM Q. L 54" . ,sq -.,- H' .,".- , I I1:. ,ATI-4.4 tx x iii 1 ' Q gx 6 , ' , - :jk ' ,, '? I ' .xii-i--'ujclgf 12 1 1 Q5-KH - MP f. 1-1 ::w m F 4 X ' - ,Y-' .Zn ' X 1x-Q, 'x'k xR 1 it qi l - f- f' 9 X fi 9 4 - + 'F 'Y P? 45 1'4 ' ??f.T- 'l5E ' 1 , b vig? Qqi lfgi gl ' Y - ff"'!,45N fa' ,Q -Qffw -. sim s f J Ama was - f W Q' faasif 59 . fi frm? A W9 5 fn ,- We. ai L 'ff E'-SGSAXQ -B' A N M- i!! , m g 9 r-,,. Z., - , A L A Q A .W A 4 v ! Y A O O,,, 0...- ilhaoxgbv wxflylrliiltlf f f 4 j lanieaair V! ' ' 5 o 1. V' Q ,..-- l "'- ' 'W' A " A M Zashzg vvcvzt 0 11:12, gl, Y O -df -fd, Y Fl Y 'f?'7 J pllplinal , tbpn Bt...-ary' W -b ' 'la 4Qn5""i'1Q ff, X' T ,X "f" ' f 1125 Ziff- A ' M , ""' c df! Nm Y -k K ,ff fvw if f ww I- , 'f X, X 6 A E 1 2' 1 0 X., I 'lm f.--5 ,. fs ,I Ae X " af 'iff ,,f.?'y 't 2"'p'xX j ww 'I 3 I f I k:.a'vX 4, ml' qi' -T il. ,Q...-"2 f I ,F-If 'S f I l,,......f 'J L... J . ifwnxi' ', x z.. L7-' 6 i, ., ,Qxlvgq :iii .- 1 1:-:W Q 4+ J.. fn ..-ff f. :.-:......-"' f 1..- A 'fd W ' 1 f 1 f ...M - , fx , gf fx 5 X - 5 1 x , ff' L. . I-, , ,,. -- -' Yf :sy yn- ! ' ' "9" JU'- , I x , l I 71 Q, d r ,ik F ',J'd.4 ' ' , f l ' 2"-'IA' ., 1 Q , . U ' ,,E,'.,,.-5,-V - , , N Y I . If . . ' . g . ,' D. . ftf, 1. 4-4 'A file- 'View 7 V 4'3" .N ' "Az ':' 1 ' f f ,M ZX N. f I f " fr- e- in-il' -'ie ' A -f l- ym "' X 6- , fn-LNZ5 Page Four D""b Through the Lens . . . We have drawn the realities of the present school year into a state of rest, that all who pause may view them again. It has been our aim to focus attention upon all events of interest-scholastic, athletic, and social. If We have suc- ceeded in capturing and reproducing the memory of our Alma Mater, you should have no difficulty in sensing the joys, strugles, and triumphs which We experience every day at Fenwick High School. MA., ythePen... We offer a complement to the pictured story of Fenwick activities. Just as musicians reveal their souls with words and music, so We take pen and lens, join Words to pictures, in order to give you the complete story of endeavor and achievement of the students at Fenwick. The telling of our story has given us valuable trainingg we hope you will find it of interest. Page Five 5 V j X N ' li. oge Six WE HO OR cz Scholar, Teacher and Executive, THE VERY REVEREND PETER 0'BRIEN, O.P., S.T.Lr:., PH.D., who has recently been elevated to the position of first Provincial of the newly formed Dominican Province of Saint Albert the Great. To him Whose devotion to study, zeal in teaching, and prudence in governing has made him beloved by student and teacher alike, We humbly dedicate this book. Q Ex Page Seven ge Ei CHAPTER I. Personalities . . . FACULTY-105 CLASSES-163 CALENDAR-46. CHAPTER II. Athletics ..... FOOTBALL-523 BASKETBALL-62g SWIMMING INTRAMURALS-76. CHAPTER III. Deeds ........ STUDENT-84g PARENT-975 ALUMNI-102. CHAPTER IV. Friends . . . PATRONS-1045 ADVERTISERS-107. ght -12, Page N XX 9 51 C X 83 1 03 Ned Maloney, jumor, chosen by popular vote as the most representat 1 R 1 1 I' X R 1 L 11 I I ' P1 I hlj I' IIN!! Ibt ll Y 9 9. VVKIIICIIZICIICCI' wonders. Seniors tilrute. PERSONALITIES A eamera's eye vieio of oar zealoas e ' Q administrators, deooted faculty, and eager stadents fx 94 42 P Q N Poge Ten REV. W. A. FINCEL, O. P., M. A. Principal During his three years as Principal, Father Fincel, has ever shown himself to be the students' friend. Kindness with justice, learning with zeal, initiative with courage have always been looked upon as the outstanding qualities of an educational leader. Service to the community demands that judgment and action which most benefit the greatest number of people for the longest time. ADMINISTRATIO Rev B. B. Myers, O. P., S. T. Lr. Director of Stilclies, Vocations The detail of duty connected with the posi- tion of Director of Studies is often very exacting, yet Father Myers, with a personal interest in each boy, directs, outlines, and approves the course of study to loe pursued by every student. Rev. P. J. Conaty, O.P., BA. Director of Discipline, Athletic Director, English Endowed With a passion for discipline and attendance, Father Conaty keeps in close contact with every perverse boy in school. His deep interest in all the athletic activities of the school has merited the loyalty and devotion the boys so generously show him. Page Eleve REV. V. S. FELTROP, O.P., M.A. German, Latin, and Religion THE FAC LTY REV. R. B. CONNOLLY, O.P., M.A. REV. J. S. KENNEDY, O.P., MA General Science and Religion Latin must ever hold the first place in Catholic education since the Whole work of education is intimately and necessarily con- nected vvith the pursuit of the last end of man. At Fenwick the student lives and breathes in an atmosphere thoroughly Catholic. Religious teach- ers instruct him, zealous priests minister to his spiritual needs, and a devoted Catholic lay faculty supervises his play and leisure moments. REV. L. E. NUGENT, O.P., M.A. REV. C. B. MORRISON, O.P., M.A. Director of Religious Activities, REV. Ev A. MQDERMOTT OAP' MA Chemistry and Geometry Spanish, and English French and English , , x'-w,.,.Wm Page Twelve R V. R. I. TUCKER, O.P., B.S. REV. J. A. MURTAUGH. O.P., B.A. Physics and Mechanical Drawin 1' REV' J' M- NUGENT- 0-P-1 M-A L' Business Law, Economic Geography, Latin and Religion E H has been accorded the high position it deserves among the required courses of study. It is only by a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the mother tongue that one is able to enjoy full sucecss in life. Reading inabil- ity is the cause of many failures. Therefore, besides the customary classes in grammar and in American and English literature, remedial read- ing classes have been organized that reading difficulties may be diagnosed and overcome. REV. G. G. CONWAY, O.P., B.A. REV. E. L. SKELLY, 0.P., Mathematics and Public Speaking History and English REV. NV. D. VAN ROOY, 0.P., M.A English and Journalism REV. J. D. MALONE, O.P., M.A. Economics, Civics and Religion Page Thirteen X. REV. C. A. CAROSELLA, O.P., Ed. M, REV, M. A, KAVANAUGH QP. B-A. REV. F. J. BARTH, O.P., B.A. Mathematics Vocational Counsejol. ' Religion American History LA spoken and Written, is mankind's most valuable asset. In order to enjoy the World's great literatures it is profitable to be familiar with the tongues in which they are written. In this day of radio when all languages cry for audience in our homes it is the proud boast of Fenwick that she is equipped to teach not only the modern languages of French, Ger- man, and Spanish but the classical languages as . Well. REV. J. A. SIMONES, O.P., B.A. Latin and Director of Music REV. J. J. MADRICK, O.P., B.A. General Science, Religion, and Director of Dramatics REV. C. M. FISHER, O.P., B.A. REV. E. C. LILLIE, O.P., M.A Mathematics Er1g1iSh fwf Poge Fourteen W ' J 5 ' 7 Ay 5, fin , '5,1g,,,,,,.Q4,27f,, A9 g -rs s. :all V M l 1 1 15? f -'WF' 1 j., 'cz .'Ei:3f,,11:,g.21- 1 1 e' j , , wi .,':yV... ..v -, f..,-.g.,,4.1,., , -2 I, H61-A A '- e.ff-2- 31 ",1g.f1 , It ig 4+ v - f ' f e " "I: .- 3253 2' , . f qff:..5':1f 1s fr 1:12 fkziaf: ,.3,,1,,.M,...4.A,, H ,, , . . ,. ..., -Jaw s! f, -'I is if .1 f,- , fa ,f Q iff . ' f , , f 1 f 'nj ,, f- .Q 4 f xg 'f ' ,, X, K f X ' 1-Q 0 ,4 f f Q f 2 if'.4'f I , f14,f,ff 5,-.1423 - .-.. if '.--' 2. 1 an f WW' REV. J. A. QUINN, 0.P., B.A. REV- E- M- MQGOWAN. Q-.P., B.A, REV. A. B. NIESER, O.P.. B.A. History and Religion M3th9m3t1CS and RBIIIZIOH History and Religion is responsible for many of the World's advances and the study of the various branches - physical, social, abstract - has be- come a practical necessity. In some important Way they affect almost every operation in con- nection With farm, factory, store, or business office. In keeping with this modern trend Fen- Wick's curriculum includes a Wide Variety of these sciences that her students may become Well pre- pared for life. REV. M. M, BARRON, O.P., B.A. English and Religion BROTHER R. J. SCHOFFMAN. , ,, C.S.V., M.S., D.V.M. MR. A. R. LAWLESS, B.A. MlSS LORIQTTA4 I'RAbA. B.A. Biology Coach and Physical Director I-1b1'2l1'1Pif1 Page Fifteen THE S NICR CLASS Page Sixteen Four Years Together . . Entering high school as freshmen in September 1936 with Father Van Rooy as moderator, we the class of 1940 quickly demonstrated that in spite oi' our slight stature we were ready to do our bit in perpetuating the school spirit. We turned out in large numbers for lightweight foot- ball and basketball, and recall with pride how Miller, Carroll, and Mulligan proved their ability in the intramural swimming meet, and how McGregor won the ping- pong championship never to lose it. In the fall of 1937 we returned to class larger in stature but smaller in number. Already we were making ourselves known in athletic uniforms. Elder, Curran, Pro- vost, Campagna, Flyke, Van Zeveren, Fisher, and Moore were familiar figures on the gridiron, Giroux, Elder, and Lewis were frequently called upon in basketball. The swimming team welcomed to its ranks Seery, Brown, McCarthy, Crews, Mooney, Carroll, and Duffy, the Boxing Tourna- ment gave occasion for awards to Curran, Larkin, and Dunlap. During this year under our new Moderator Father Kava- naugh the following officers were elected: W. Riley, presidentg C. Van Zeveren, vice- president, J. Giroux, secretaryg R. Cur- ran, treasurer. The class also inaugurated a set of "Freshmen Resolutions" to impose on the Freshmen as part of an initiation program. l Paul Gaskill, Vice-President, Roger Denne, President, Rev. M. A. Kavanaugh, O.P., Moderator, Bernard Frett, Treasurer, George Frederick, Secretary. Early in September 1938, W. Riley was re-elected president, P. Gaskill. G. Frede- rick, and C. Van Zeveren were chosen vice-president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. R. Denne, B. Frett, and P. Springer led the class on the Honor Roll just as G. Elder, R. Curran, G. Frede- rick, E. Dunigan, M. Zanoni, C. Rogers, F. Korda, D. Carraher, and Denne found openings in the football line. On the basketball floor G. Elder, D Carraher, and J. Lewis won major awards. Under the chairmanship of E. Dunigan the class gave the first Roller Derby, and we cli- maxed our junior year with a Prom at the Medinah Ball Room. This our senior year has been one of varied activities. We began by electing R. Denne, president, P. Gaskill, vice-pres- identg G. Frederick, secretary, B. Frett, treasurer. Other members of the class who held positions of note were: J. Walsh and F. Schell first and second semester presidents respectively of the Confrater- nity, G. Nicklas, president of the Band, R. Lics, editor of the Wick, B. Frett, editor of Blackfriarsg J. Kern, who was chosen as Fenwick's representative to be treasurer of Ciscag B. Frett, and P. Springer who vied for top place on the Honor Roll. The school also included B. Frett, F. Kelleher, J. McDonald, and F. Schell on her list of National Honor Society members. In the field of athletics there is a for- midable list to take into account. The football squad led to the brink of cham- pionship by G. Elder boasts of the follow- ing seniors: M. Zanoni, J. Campagna, G. Frederick, R. Curran, and E. Dunigang J. Giroux, captain of the basketball team and his able helpers G. Frederick, F. McNichols, G. Elder, D. Carraher, and J. Lewis, Qwe should add F. Doonan, cap- tain of juniorsl, after a brilliant start- winning the St. George Tournament-fell just short of finishing with the sectional trophy. Captain J. Elwood and his team mates F. Seery, M. Mooney, J. Duffy, and H. McCarthy, splashed their way to an- other Championship in swimming. When we reflect on the social events of the year we recall with pleasure the Foot- ball Dance at the Edgewater Beach Hotel arranged by F. McNichols, general chair- man, the Football Banquet at the Morri- son Hotel given by the Fathers' Club: the Senior Banquet given by the Mothers' Club at the Lake Shore Athletic Club, the Senior Prom planned at the Medinah Country Club by E. Dunigan, general chairman, and the senior officers as aids. Another memorable event of this vear was the senior spring picnic. Poge Seventeen 1 P. Bannon Barczykowski Becker J. Biggio A. Brady E. Brady T. Brown B. Bruno SENIOR CLAS of 1940 PATRICK J. "PATH BANNON Ascension Boxing, 2-3 STANLEY T. "STAN" BARCZYKOWSKI St. Paul of the Cross Track, 1, Football, 1 STANLEY C. "STAN,' BECKER St. Pius Confraternity, 2-4, Football. 1-2-3, Basket- ball, 1, French Club, Public Speaking, 2 Glee Club, 2, Boxing, 1-3 JOHN F. "BERT,' BIGGIO Ascension Football, 3, Track, 3, Boxinff 1-2-3' Bl k- g, , ae friars, 4, French Club, 4, Confraternity 2-3 Page Eighteen 7 ALLYN "AL" BRADY Ascension Confraternity, 4, Football, 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Boxing, 1-2, Wick Business Staff, 4 EDMUND G. "BUD" BRADY Ascension Basketball, 1-2, Boxing, 1-4, French Club Officer, 4, Intramural Lightweight Champ, 4, Doubles Bowling Champ, 4 THOMAS F. "BLAZE" BROWN Mary Queen of Heaven Confraternity, 1, Swimming, 1-2-3-4, Foot- ball, 3, Wick Staff, 4, Blackfriars, 4, .lunior Prom Committee, 3, Senior Prom Committee, 4 BERNARD J. NBUTCHU BRUNO Our Lady of Mount Carmel Football, 1-2, Boxing, 1-3, French Club 7 JOSEPH C. "JOE" CAMPAGNA St. Odilio Confraternity, 1, Football, 1-2-3-4, Box- ing, 1-2, Senior Prom Committee RICHARD S. "DIXIE" CARRAHER Ascension Confraternity, 3, Football 3-4, Basketball, 3-4, Boxing, 2, Track, 2-3-4, Doubles Bowling Champ, 4, Amateur Night Win- ner, 4, Amateur Night Committee. 3 GERALD 'ZIERRYH CATERINA St. Francis Xavier Football, 1-2, Boxing, 2, VVick Staff, 1-2- 3-4, Glee Club, 2 HERBERT F. CLARK, JR. Abraham Lincoln School Confraternity, 3-4, Track, 2-3-4, Intra- mural Swimming, 2-3, Swimming, 4, Intramural Basketball, 3, Fencing, 3, ROBERT D. "BOB" COTE St, Peter Canisius VVick, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Boxing, 1, Confraternity, 3-4, Discussion Club, 4, Blackfriars, 4, Scholarship Team VVILLIAM HBILLH CREWS St. Giles Boxing, 3-4, Swimming, 2, Golf, 3-4, Football Dance Committee, 4 ROBERT "BOB', CURRAN St. Odilio Confraternity, 4, Football, 1-2-3-4, Heavy- weight Boxing Champ, 2, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Class Officer, 2 LOUIS R. CROSS Wick Business Staff, 4, Blackfriars Busi- St. Luke ness Staff, 4, Senior Prom Committee J. Campagna D. Carraher G. Caterina H. Clark R. Cote W. Crews R. Curran I.. Cross Page Nineteen .IAMES E. "SLOW MOTION" DAVY, Maternity B.V.M. Confraternity, 1, Football, 1, Boxing, 3, Fencing, 3 ROGER A. "ROG" DENNE St, NVilliam Confraternity, 4, Senior Class President, Football, 1-2-3-4, H a n cl b a l l Doubles Champ. 3, Amateur Night Committee, 3, Junior Prom Chairman, Football Dance Committee, 4, Senior Dance Committee, 4, Blackfriars Business Staff, 4, Scholarship Team, 4 LAXVRENCE "LARRY" JOSEPH DERENG St. Bartholomew Football, 3, Boxing, 3, Discussion Club, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Cisca, 4, Confraternity, 4 JOHN F. "JACK" DONOVAN St. Lucy Confraternity, 4, Basketball, 1-2, Box- ing, 1 FRANCIS B. "FRANK" DOONAN St. Francis Xavier Confraternity, 3-4, .lunior Prom Com- mittee, Football 1-2, Basketball, 1-2-3, Liglltweiglit Captain, 4, Track, 1-2-3, Captain, 4, Intramural Volleyball Champ, 4, Wick Staff, 3-4, Boxing, 1-2, Glee Club, 2, Scholarship Team, 4 BERNARD J. "BEEN" DORAN St. Mary Football, 1, Boxing, 1-2, Senior Prom Committee, Swimming, 3-4 JOSEPH ALOYSIUS "DUKE" DUFFY St. Mel Confraternity, 1-2-3. Treasurer, 4, Foot- ball, 1-2-3, Swimming, 1-2-3-4, Track, 1-2, Debating, 3, Discussion Club, 4, Servers Club, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Football Dance Committee, 4, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Chairman Confraternity Dance Committee, 4, Wick Staff, 3, Blackfriars, 4, Wick Business Staff, 4, Skating Party Committee, 3, Dramatic Club, 1, Cisca, 3-4 EDVVARD B. HEDDIEH DUNIGAN St. Edmund Confraternity, 2-3, Football, 1-2-3-4, Skat- ting Party Chairman, 3, Swimming, 1-2-3, .Iunior Prom Committee, 3, Senior Prom Chairman, VVick Business Staff, 4, Black- friars Business Manager, Track, 2-3, Servers Club, 4 f Q J. Davy R. Denne L. Dereng J. Donovan F. Doonan B. Doran J. Duffy E. Dunigan Page Twenty G. Elder J. Elwood C. Enyart J. Farmer A. Fischer M. Flyke R. Fox .l. Franklin SEN IO CLASS of 1940 GEORGE R. "JABBY', ELDER Louisville, Ky. Confraternity, 1-2-3, Senior Prom Coin- mittee, Football, 1-2-3, Captain, 4, Basket- ball, 1-2-3-4, Track, 1-2, Sacristan, 3-4 JOSEPH THOMAS "JOE" ELWOOD St. Luke Confraternity, 3, Volleyball Champion, 4, Swimming, 3, Captain, 4, Track, 3-4, Football Dance Committee, 4, Senior Prom Committee CHARLES E. "CHUCK" ENYART St. Patrick Academy Confraternity Secretary, 3, Boxing, 1-2-3- 4, Confraternity Dance Committee, 3-4, Senior Prom Committee, Blackfriars, 4, NVick, 3-4, Track, 4, Discussion Club, 4, Servers Club, 4, Cheerleader, 4, Glee Club, 2, Cisca, 3-4 JOSEPH E. "GEORGE" FARMAR St. Francis Xavier Confraternity, 1, Football, 1-2, Boxing, 1-2, Amateur Night Committee, 3, Servers Club, 4, Football Dance Cominittee, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Confraternity Dance, 3, Blackfriars Business Staff, 4, Discussion Club, 4, Salutatorian ARTHUR R. "JAKE" FISCHER St. Mary of Celle Confraternity, 2-3, Football, 2-3 MILTON J. "MlLT" FLYKE Ascension Confratcrnity, 3, Football, 1-2-3-4, Swim- ming, 1-2, Wick, 2-3-4, Debating Club, 1-2, French Club, 3-4, Scholarship Team. 4, Boxing, 1-2, Blackfriars, 4, Glee Club, 2, Senior Prom Committee ROBERT E. "DITTY,' FOX Resurrection Confraternity, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Coiifraternitv Dance, 4, Glee Club, 2 JAMES E. "BEN" FRANKLIN, JR, Our Lady Help of Christians Confraternity, 3, Basketball Manager, 1-2, Football Manager, 1-2, Boxing, 1-2-3-4, Track Manager, 1-2, French Club, 4 Page Twenty-One ,J 4 if G. Frederick B. Frett P. Gaskil N. Giese .l. Giroux B. Glasgow G. Grady R. Halpin SENIOR CLASS of 1940 GEORGE lt. HFBITZI' FREDERICK St. Edmund Confraternity, 1-2-3, Treasurer, 4, Foot- ball, 1-4, Basketball, 1-4, Intramural Doubles Ping-pong Champion, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Class Officer, 4, Foot- ball Dance Committee, Blackfriars Staff, 4, Scholarship Team, 4 BENABD E. "BEBNIE" FBETT, JB. Immaculate Conception Confraternity, 1-2-3-4, Football, 3-4, Bas- ketball, 2, Golf, 4, Class Officer, 4, Foot- ball Dance Committee, 4, Blackfriars Editor, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Chem- istry Club, 4, National Honor Society, Scholarship Team, 4 PAUL B. "NICK" GASKILL St. Giles Confraternily, 2-3, Blackfriars, 4, Wick Business Staff, 4, Class Officer, 3-4, Boller Skating Party, 3, .Iunior Prom Committee, Debating, 3, Senior Prom Committee, Public Speaking, 3-4, Football Dance, 4, Scholarship Team, 4, Vale- dictorian Page Twenty-two NOBBEBT .I. "NOliB" GIESE St. Francis Xavier Boxing, I-4, Intramural Basketball .Iunior Championship, 3, Basketball, 2 JOHN H. ".IACK', GIBOIIX St. Edmund Confraternity, 2, Basketball, 1-2-3, Cap- tain, 4, Intramural Volley Champ, 4, Football Dance Committee, 4, President French Club, 4, Track, 3, Class Officer, 2 ROBERT 'tBOB" GLASGOVV John B. Murphy School Boxing 2 GEORGE B. HMOOSEH GBADY St .Luke Football, 1-2, Basketball, 1-2, Tennis, 3-4, Boxing, 1-2, Senior Prom Committee RAYMOND W. "BAY,' HALPIN St. Lucy Confraternity, 1-2-3, Basketball, 1-2, Box- ing, 1-2-3, Football, 1-2, Intramural Bas- sketball Champs, 4, Scholarship Team, 4 JOHN "JUAN" HANSON THOMAS J. "TONY, JENNINGS St. Luke St. Genevieve BOXil1g, 1-4 Confraternily, 4, Swimming, 1-2, Foot- ball, 1-2 JOHN B. "BART" HATCH HAROLD 'LHABBYU KARTJE St. Paul of the Cross St, Barbara Intramural Swimming Champion, 2-3, Swimming, 4, Boxing, 3-4 Servers Club, 4, Swimming, 4, Track, 1, is V Y N , V 7, 7 , Boxing, 1-2 l4BANlx B. "I4RANIxlE lxIzI.LEHFR Immaculate Conception Confraternity, 4, Football, 1-2, Boxing, 1, JOSEPH J. "BUD,' JAHES, JB, Glee Club, 2, Wick, 3-4, Blackfriars, 4, St. Eulalia Christmas Basket Committee, 3-4, Senior Football, 1, Basketball, 1-2-3-4, Boxing, 1, Prom Committee, National Honor Society, Tennis, 1-3, Freethrow Class Champ, 2, Chemistry Club, 4, Scholarship Teazn, 4 Intramural Lt. Basketball Champ, 4 , , VVILLIAM JAMES "AIX, IXELLEHEB St. Giles ROBERT T. "JASKE" JASKOWSKI Confraternity, 3, Football, I-2, Boxing, St, Anggla 1-2-3, Champion, 4, Confraternitv Dance, Boxing, 1-2: Biackfl-ia,-5, 49 gand, 1-2-12-5-4: 3, Amateur Night Committee, 3, Senior Scholarship Team, 43 Chemistry Club, 43 Prom Committee, French Club, 3-4, Christmas Basket Committee, 4 DI'211U2lfiCS, 29 Glee Clllb, 2 .l. Hanson J. Hatch J. Jares B. Jaskowski T. Jennings H. Kartje F. Kelleher W. Kelleher V 2 MQ' .sv Page Twenty-three 4 ff 4 ff JOHN N. t'JACK" KERN St. Edmund Confraternity, 1, Boxing, 1-4, Track, 1-4, Band, 2-3-4, VVick, 3-4, Discussion Club, 4, Servers Club, 4, Stamp Club, 2, Air- plane Club, 2, Camera Club, 4, Glee Club, 3, Senior Prom Committee, Cisca Treas- urer, 4, Scholarship Team, 4, Chairman Record Dance Committee, 4, Confrater- nity Dance, 4, Blackfriars, 4 WILLIAM C. "BILL,' KILEY Resurrection Confraternity Officer, 1-4, Football, 1, Basketball, 1-2, Track, 1-2-3-4, Boxing, 3-4, French Club, Servers Club, 4 KENNETH E. "KEN" KILROY Holy Angels Basketball, 2, Boxing, 1-2, Fencing, 3, Wick, 4, Blackfriars Advertising Manager, EMMETT P. "EMR KING St. Giles Confraternity, 2-3, Boxing. 1-2, French Club, Wick, 4, Blackfriars, 4 FRANK A. "MOOSE, KORDA St. Genevieve Football, 1-2-3-4, Boxing. 1-2, Senior Prom Committee, Confraternity, 1-2 NORBERT B. LESZCYNSKI St. Pius Basketball, 1, Boxing, 2 JOHN P. "HAPPY" LEWIS St. Catherine of Siena Confraternity, 1-4, Football, 1-2-3-4, ketball, 1-2-3-4, Track, 2-3, Senior Prom Committee ROBERT UBOBU LIES 4, Discussion Club, 4, Football, 1 MCCIUFC Boxing, 3-4, WVick,3, Editor, 4 J. Kern XV. Kiley K. Kilroy E. King., F. Korda N. Leszczynski J. Lewis R. Lies Page Twenty-four I H. Manisch G. Methe J. Miller T. Miller M. Mooney T. Moore E. Morris E. Motto SENIOR CLASS of 1940 HARRY A. MAMSCH St. Aloysius GEORGE I. METHE, .IR Longfellow Boxing, 13 French Club, 4 JOSEPH E. MILLER Resurrection Boxing, 3-4, Servers Club. 4: Football Dance Committee, 4g NVick. 3, Roller Skating Committee, 3 THOMAS R. MILLER Our Lady of Victory Confraternitv, 1g Football, 1-2g Swim- ming, 1-23 Boxing, 1-4, Football Passing Champ, 1g Intramural Mefllev Relay Championship Team, 1 MICHAEL .I. "MIKE" IXIOONEY Visitation Confraternity, 1-2, Swimming, 1-2-3-4, Boxing, 1, Glee Club, 21 Scholarship Team, 4 THOMAS F. "TOM" MOORE Our Lady of Victory Confraternity, 4g Football, 2-3-4g Raskot- bull, 2g Track, 1-2-3-4, Boxing, 35 Black- friznrs, 4 EUGENE "GENE" MORRIS St. Giles Confraternity, 1-4, Golf, 2-3-43 Boxing, 2-3, .lunior Prom Committeeg Handball. 3-4 EDWIN A. "MOTTS" MOTTO St. Angela Boxing, 1-2-3, Rlackfriars, 4, Band, 1-2-3- 4, Treasurer, 33 Orchestra, 1-2, Glue Club, 2 Page Twenty-Five R. Murray H. McCarthy .I. McDonald T. McEnroe W. McGregor F. McNichols G. Nicklas R. Nogajewski SENIOR CLASS of 1940 ROBERT L. "SLAPSlE" MURRAY Ascension Volleyball, 3, Basketball, 4, Handball, 3 HAROLD T. "MACH MCCARTHY Senior Prom Committee, Intramural Bas- sketball Champs, 4, Golf, 4, Wick, 3, Sports Editor, 4, French Club, 4, Basket- ball, 1-2-3-4 IICSUITCCIIOH FRANK J. "MAC" MCNICHOLS Confraternity, 4, Basketball, 1, Boxing, l-3, SVVIIIIIDIIIQ, 2-3-4 JAMES "JAY" MCDONALD St. Catherine of Siena Confraternity, 2-3-4, Boxing, 1-3-4, Wick, 4, Debating 4, Discussion Club, 4, Con- fraternity Dance, 4, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Chemistry Club, 4, Christmas Basket Committee, 1-4, National Honor Society THOMAS P. "MACH MCENROE Ascension Boxing, 3 WILLIAM .I. 'tBlLL" MCGREGOR St. Catherine of Siena R St. Edmund Confraternity, 1-2-3-4, Basketball, 1-2-3-4, Tennis, 2-3, Captain, 4, Ping-pong Doub- les Champion, 4, Intramural Vollevball Championship Team, 4, Football Dance Chairman, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Wick Business Staff, 4, Blackfriars Business Staff, 4, French Club GEORGE R. "NICK, NICKLAS St. Bernardine Band, 1-2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, VVick, 3, Ass't. Editor, 4, Blackfriars, 4: Glee Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 4, Servers Club, 4, Debating, 3-4, Scholar- ship Team, 4 OBERT J. "BOB', NOGAJEVVSKI Confraternlty, 2-4, Treasurer, 4, Student St H' f C H Athletic Manager, I-2-3-, Ping-pong Sin- 1' ' JU 0, te Q gles Champion, 1-2-3-4, Boxing, 1-2-3-4, Page Twenty-Six Confraternlty, 4, Boxing, 2-3-4, Stamp Club, 2, Airplane Club, 2 THOMAS F. "TOM,' O'CONNOR St. Frances of Rome Boxing, 2-3-4, Intramural Basketball Championship Team, 4 HOWARD R. 'SFLASHN OPELKA St. Thomas Aquinas Blackfriars Staff, 4, Senior Prom Com- mittee, VVick Photographer, -1, Boxing, 2, Band, 1 ROBERT J. PARKER Our Lady Help of Christians Boxing, 3 JOSEPH A. "JOE,' PERRY, JR. St. Eulalia Boxing, 1-2-3-4, Track, 2-3, French Club, Camera Club, Basketball, 1-2 PHILIP J. "PHIL" PROVOST St. Mel Confraternity, 2, Football, 1-2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Roller Skating Com- XV mittee, 3, Senior Prom Committee, Intra- mural Handball Champ, 3, Wick Business Staff, 4, Boxing, 1-2-4, Blackfriars Busi- ness Staff, 4, Servers Club, 4 ILLIAM A. "WHIP,' REMPE Hawthorne Confraternity, 2, Football, 1-2, Golf, 3 Captain, 4, Boxing, 4, Glee Club, 2, Senior Prom Committee VVILLIAM J. "LEFTY" REYNOLDS St. Edmund Confraternity, 2-4, Boxing, 1-2, Roller Skating Committee, 3 VVILLIAM E. "BILL,' RILEY St. Catherine of Siena Confraternity, 1-2-3-4, Football, 1-2, Box- ing, 1-3, Tennis, 1-3, Golf, 1-2-3-4, Basket- ball, 1-3, Scholarship Team, 4, Class President, 1-2-3, Junior Prom Committee, Christmas B a s k et Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Latin Club T. O,Connor H. Opelka R. Parker .I. Perry P. Provost XV. Rcmpe W. Reynolds NY. Riley Page Twenty-Seven CHARLES J. "SAM,' ROGERS St. Giles Confraternity, 1-3-4, Football, 1, Black- friars Advertising Staff, 4, Boxing, 1, Football Dance Committee, 4, Senior Prom Committee, French Club CHARLES A. "CI-Il'CK,' ROGERS St. Angela Football, 2-3-4, Boxing, 2-3-4, Senior Prom Committee WALTER F. "MOXIE" ROGERS St. Giles Confraternity, 2, Boxing, 1-2-3-4, Foot- ball, 1, Senior Prom Committee, Intra- mural Basketball Championship Team, 4 JOHN F. 'tJACK" ROORDA, .IR Immaculate Conception Band, l-2-3-4, Football, 2-3, Wick, 3-4, Blaekfriars, 4, Boxing, 1-2-3, Basketball, 1, Scholarship Teain, 4, Band Dance Committee, 3, Chemistry Club. 4 C. J. Rogers C. A. Rogers F. Schafer F. Schell FRANCIS J. "FRANK" SCHAFER St. Catherine of Siena Basketball, I-2, Boxing, 1, French Club, Confraternity, 3-4 FRANK J. SCHELL, JR. Horace Mann Confraternity President, 4, Track, 3-4, In- tramural Volleyball Championship Team, 4, President Camera Club, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Football Dance Com- mittee, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Na- tional Honor Societv, VVick, 3-4, Black- friars Business Staff, 3-4, Scholarship Team, 4 FRANK E. HBUDU SEERY Holy Mount Confraternity, I-3, Swimming, 1-2-3-4, Glee Club, 2, Band, 1, Orchestra, 1, Track, 1-2-3-4, Boxing, 1-2, Blaekfriars, 4 PHILIP H. "HANK" SHERIDAN St. Catherine of Siena Wick, 4, Debating, 3-4, Blackfriars, 4, Football, 1-2, Boxing, 1-3, Confraternity Dance Committee, 3, Public Speaking, 2-3-4, Dramatics, 1, Servers Club, 4 XV. Rogers J. Roorda F. Seery P. Sheridan Page Twenty-Eight Il. Shield S. Sifner W. Snowhite P. Springer W. Tichy C. Van Zeveren E. Vertovec J. Walsh RICHARD EDVVAHD t'LEFTY" SHIELD VVILLIAM "TEX" TICHY, JR. St. Luke Si. I-UCS' Confraternity, 1, Band, 2, Football, 2, Boxing, 2, Intramural Golf, 1, Basket- ball, 2 STEPHEN Il. "STEVE" SIFNEIR Confraternity, I-2-3, Boxing, 1-2-3-4, Dramatics, l, Football, 1, Track, 1, Bas- ketball, 1, President Sectional Confrater- nity, 4 Holv Trinity CI-IAIILES "VAN" VAN ZEVEREN Confraternity, 1, Band, 1, Boxing, 1 WILLIAM R. "lBlI.Ij' SNOWHITE St. Angela Confraternity, 1, VVick, 4, Fooball Dance Committee, 4, Senior Prom Committee PAUL F. SPHINGEH St. Francis Xavier Confraternity, 2-4, Boxing, 1, Track, 2-3, Blackfriars, 4, Wick, 2-3-4, Intramural Lightweight Basketball Championship Team, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Scholarship Team, 4 St. Eulalia Confraternity, 1-2, Football, 1-2-3-4, Bas- ketball, 1, Boxing, 1-2, Class Officer, 2-3 EDWARD J. VEHTOVEC Immaculate Conception Confraternity, 3, Intramural Volleyball Championship Team, 4, Football Passing Champion, 4, Scholarship Team, 4 JOHN J. "JOE" XVALSH St. Giles Confraternity President, 4, Vice-Pres., 3, Boxing, 2, Junior Prom Committee, Servers Club, 4, Intramural Ping-pong Iljoubles Champion, 3, Scholarship Team, Page Twenty-Nine P. XVeiss D. Wilkin H. Wischnia M Zanonl Page Thirty PALTI. C. "WEEZER" WEISS Hawthorne Confratfsrnity, 2-3, Blackfriars Business Staff, 4, Boxing, 1-2-3, Camera Club, 2, Dramatics, 1g Band, 1-2-33 Orchestra,'2k DONALD N. NVILKIN Holy Mount Boxing, 1-3, Football, 1-2-3-4, Band, 1-4, Orchestra, 1, Senior Prom Coininiltce HERBERT J. "WISH" WISCHNIA St. Cyprian Confraternity, 3, Football, 1g Basketball, 1-23 Track, 2 MARIO A. ZANONI Mount Carmel Football, 3-4, Track, 2, Boxing 2, Cham- pion, 3-4 - Alma !IIHe1tvr Svnng 5-I1J'I:qJ-fJ5IJffI,ef4I,4I1fIJ'J-I Hall dear old Fen- wick High All hail to eww, LJ Ie, III. ,Il I 'I "D.lJ'I1rJ'J'IJL'JLI pledge our loy-al- ty For thee we'll ev - er gh! J, .- " I IJ' 'EIA I strive Vic - t'ry to gain. The White and if-,ee ,IIHJQLIJ-J'IJ-fu J-I Black brave sons will ne-ver lack her glo- ry to re- b ?e,m.He- .III NIJ If! tain Then fight with a might re- gfetqf,h,f:J1Il71fQm Ml fleet-ing the cour-age of Fen-w1ck's men what tho we F-J7fI"'fffJ'fIMfm1I fall! For Fen-wick we'1l rise up and fight a-gain. Thy Fai- -J-IJ IHJDIJIJA JIJ7 QI ?QIeJfLJ'v,D3lJ7,B1IfYlyI'i?vP I gg ohio J. OJf,'fiUI1Ji Ianiljitgl-ma I Ma - ter faith - ful to l1fe's end. JU ICR LASS of 1941 Q The school year of 1939-40 has proved to be very successful for the Junior Class. Under the supervision of Father Van Rooy, the Juniors have made themselves conspicuous on the Honor Roll, in athletics, in the band, in public speaking, Cisca, and in Confraternity activitie3. At the class election in September J. O'Keefe was elected president, N. Maloney, vice-presidentg R. Buckingham, treasurer, G. Mullen, secretary. Playing an important part in athletics, N. Maloney, football captain- elect, R. Allen, and J. Kennelly have been regular starters on the Friar team. On the basketball floor, J. Payette, captain of next year's team, and T. Harvey and W. Doherty on the juniors have played throiighout the season. In swimming R. Buckingham, J. Burke, W. Cullerton, W. O'Leary, R. Thomas, W. Brown, and R. Collins helped the Friar team rctain the Catholic championship. The Juniors have also proved to be leaders in fields other than ath- letics. J. Kelly, G. Munger, and J. Twomey were regular speakers on the debating team, appearing in almost all league debates. G. Munger won the school championship in the St. Thomas Symposium, while two others J. Twomey and R. Dooley merited vice-president and secretary of the band respectively. The scholastic achievements of the class are also outstanding. G. Kel- leher, W. McGah, and J. Twomey have consistently made the Honor Roll. The social events have always been well supported by the class, and its own leadership in this line was exemplified in the success of the Amateur Night Ca sectional Junior projectj, and the Junior Prom held in the Grand Ballroom of the Knickerbocker Hotel on Easter Monday. The members of the class of '41 in looking back over the past year may well be satisfied with their achievements, but we are sure they will not rest on their laurels. With their spirit and leadership it should be easy for them to gain further heights and uphold Fenwick's traditions. .............a OFFICERS REV. W. D. VAN ROOY, U. Moderator Left to right: JOSEPH CYKEEFE President GEORGE MULLEN Treasurer NED MALONEY Vice-President RICHARD BUCKINGHAM Secretary Page Thirty-two l Burton Aamodt Robert Allen Thomas .Allen Carmen Alessio Joseph Anlauf Joseph Baldassari Adolph Bandur Robert Bauer Charles Brady George Brennan Frank Brogan William Brown Augustine Bruno Leonard Bruno Richard Buckingham James Burke .Iohn Burke Joseph W. Campagna Anthony Cihlar Raymond Clow Raymond Collins Vernon Collins Robert Cooney James Cormack John Cox Charles Crowley William Cullerton Thomas Culligan Robert J. Cummins John Dan XVilliam Doherty Leonard Donarski Robert Dooley Robert Doueette Joseph Edelen Robert Fanning John Finnegan Frank Gisch Robert Gits Joseph Giunta J fl 4 71 Page Thirty-four Raymond Gleason Robert E. Gorman Robert F. Gorman John Griffith Donald Cross Thomas Harrison Thomas Harvey John Hayes John Hoekberger John Hopkinson Richard Hurley Frank Impens Roy Isaacs Charles Jardine Jan Jarema William .Jeffrey Robert Johnson John Jones Frank Karlov William Keane George Keller John Kelly Joseph Kennelly John Kopacki Andrew Kuhn Richard Leahy Donald Lewis Norman Maloney John Mariner Ned Minaghan .Joseph Minar James Morrissy Charles Moysey George Mullen Cornelius Mulligan Guy Munger Joseph Murnane James Murphy Jerome Murphy Richard Murphy Kelly McAllister Charles McCabe John Meflabe Leland McCabe WVilliam McGah Edwin McGinty Eugene McGovern John McGowan Robert McGuire John Mclierr George McMahon Robert Neher Raymond O,Brien Raymond O'Connell John O'D0nnell James O'Keefe Joseph O'Keefe William O,l.eary Fred Olsen John Payette Kenneth Pinns Thomas Powers John Radke James Rogers John Rogers John Ronan Donald Ruud Harry Rvan Joseph Ryan Anton Schorseh JU IOR CLASS of 1941 Page Thirty-five v l 1 l 1 s oe e Page Thirty-six William Schulewitz Raymond Schuster Paul Sikorski James Smith Joseph Spingola Gordon Spooner Joseph Strnad Robert Strueber Leonard Stuczynski Eugene Sullivan Jolm Sullivan Robert Thomas John Tierney .Iohn Tracy Ralph Triska Jolm Twomey Philip Uhl Charles Vesely John Voda Thomas Ward Albert NVeber Joseph Weger John Weiland George Welch John Westenhaver Robert Brousil ori-iouonn CLASS of 1942 . The Class of 1942 has just completed its second year at Fenwick and is now ready to take an important part in the leadership of school affairs. Throughout this year the members have been preparing themselves for the weighty burdens soon to be placed upon them. Indeed many of the class have already merited enviable places in the various activities. In the field of sports many luminaries have risen on the horizon. At the end of the football season two Sophomores, W. Brady and J. Kil- gallon, emerged with major lettersg many others showed great promise for positions with the future Fighting Friars. By their skill on the basket- ball floor D. Dillon, A. Provenzano, and W. Quinlan gained good positions with the junior cagers. But to find the Sophomores at their best one must visit the pool. Besides winning the intramural swimming championship, the class is the mainstay of the junior swimming team. The second and third highest scorers on the team were W. Buckingham and R. Jarkag other outstanding Sophomores on the junior team were: P. Barrett, J. Horvilis, T. Dempsey, R. Kelleher, J. Collins, J. O'Connor, and W. Wanamaker the manager. W. Hosty won the intramural bowling cham- pionship, W. Kirby the free-throw contest, and one need only to look at tConlinueiI on page 40? .,.l,.,.-4, OFFICERS REV. C. A. CAROSELLA, O. P. Moderator Left to right: WILLIAM BRADY Vice-President WILLIAM W. BIICKINGHAM President WILLIAM W. H OSTY-Standing Treasurer ANGELO A. PROVENZANO Secretary I I Page Thirty-seven FRONT HOW: lt. Arzt, J. Ahern. H. Angsten, A. Araclo, J. Barberet, J. Bastien, Qllll 3rfl TOl XV. Buckingham. HOW: H. Bennett, H. Bergen, T. Brogan, P. Barrett, XV. Bischel, W. Brady, T. Baldassari. BOXV: F. Bruno, A. Barrett, T. Colgan, T. Conlon, .l. Considine, li. Cunnnins, .l. Courtney. 9 BOXV: J. Clark, D. Carbon. NV. Conrad, .l. Campbell, E. Collins, XV. Cotter, J. Coyle. The OPHOMORE FRONT ROW: D. Crowley, XV. Cassin, P. Cagney, .l. Callahan, G. Chrisman, 2nd 3rd .I. Curin, .l. Corcoran. HOXV: D. Dillon. J. IJiCostanzo, J. Collins, A. Doorly, A. Dalton, L. Donieier, .l. Dullard. ROW: W. Donlan, C. Frett, T. Foley, .l. Feeley, G. Golden, J. Gaskill, L. Goedert. TOP ROW: G. Greene, W. Glennon, W. Griffin, M. Golden. P. George, G. Hefner, J. Hudson, L. Horhas. Page Thirty-eight CLA lst ROW: R. Hamelin, J. Havlis, C. Harkins, H. Hatch, R. Huff. J. Hosty, XV. Hosty, G. Helffricli. 2nd ROW: M. Healy, G. Jeschke, H. Janas, R. Jarka, R. Kelleher, E. Kerr. 3rd ROW: C. llfrilimeiiww. Kirby, B. Keegan, M. Kerwin, J. Kilgallon, .l. Kucera, . ricc. TOP ROW: T. Linton, C. Larem, W. Larkin, J. Lightner, A. Lingle, R. Lewis, A. La Grow. SS of 1942 FRONT HOW: B. Martin, .l. Maher, ID. Mahoney, J. Maunnoser. .l. Makarian, li. Murzicola, li. McAuliffe. 2nd HONV: ll. McNichols, O. Ncrarl, ll. Mclilligott, XV. Murphy, R. Murphy. 3rd ROW: J. McDermott, J. Morrissy, J. Murphy. J. McCarthy, T. McGl0on, J. O,Connor, J. Organ. TOP ROW: JTOSO-niior, R. O'D0nnell, J. O'Bryan, A. Pitra, A. Provenzano, . u1r c. Page Thirty-Nine Q ,f f FRONT ROXVf J. Quinlan, W. Quirli, R. Riley, R. Rock, M. Romano, J. Roorda, R R an . y' . 2nd ROW: R. Ryan, J. Roth, D. Svitak, T. Schnell, J. Scheda, T. Dempsey. 3rd ROW: C. Singer, J. Smith, D. Strueber, L. Terlizzi. R. Trankina. TOP ROW: H. Venn, R. Vaughan, F. VVeger, R. Wanamaker, M. White, R. Weber, R. Breske. OPHOMORE CLASS of 1942 the list of participants of the other athletic teams to see that a great number of Sophomores have been active on all of them. At first sight of all the sport activities of the class one might think that the members did not have time for the more serious side of school life. Such was not the case. A goodly number of the class found places on the honorable mention list and W. Buckingham and M. Kerwin stepped forward to take their positions on the semester Honor Roll. J. Lightner exemplified his leadership by leading the discussion at Cisca. In debating and public speaking the Sophomores were represented by M. Healy, L. Conlon, and E. Kerr. The Wick has found many able and anxious members for its cub staff, and the Band boasts of fifteen boys from the Sophomore class. At present the Sophomore Class has the largest enrollment of any class in school, and it is easy to see that the members are grateful for all that has been done for them. They are almost impatient for the time when they will take their place among the upper classmen to exercise their leadership. Page Forty REV. E. M. MCGOXVAN. 0. P left 'to rlghl: FREsHMAN otriss Qf 1943 Q 1 I On the evening of September 5, 1939 there were 143 Freshmen listed as members of the class of 1943. Although their number was somewhat smaller than that of the preceding year, their spirit has proved stronger if one can judge them by their many activities. True to the tradition of the school they underwent the ordeal of initiation with a live and cheerful spirit, even, at times, welcomed the opportunity to show their ability to sing the school songs. Thus the freshmen quickly grew into active school members. Football was the first sport to captivate their interest and forty-one ended the season wearing numerals. The most active members of the squad were: J. Nusko, L. Lobeck, E. Triner, J. Spatafora, G. Cormack, B. Holeck, A. County, T. Cusack, F. McDonald, H. Worthington, T. Culler- ton, and J. Higgins. One Freshman, R. Finn, did even better when it came time for basketball and played substitute on the heavyweight team, T. Tobin, R. Petsinger, F. McDonald, T. Varlas, and R. Gross played lightweight basketball. W. Hatch, F. LeBrun, and R. Hoelzer found open lanes with the junior swimmers. F. LeBrun took first place in the 25-yd breast stroke intramural contest. The Freshmen also showed their skill in the boxing ring where M. McNellis, W. Keegan, and F. McGovern stood up to receive their crowns. The physical sports, however, did not exhaust the Freshmen spirit. Their class put on the only dramatic presentation of the season. The play tflontinued on page 443 OFFICERS Moderator RICHARD FINN Secretary ROBERT FOLEY President JAMES REED Y Treasurer FRANK MCDONALD Vice-President Page Forty on ff 4 W I FRONT BOW: H. Arend, B. Bertucci. T. Brady, ll. Brooker, J. Brousil, V. Breen, L. Burinski. 2nd BOW: T. Cusack, T. Cullerton, C. Curran, H. Doyle, G. Doyle, J. Egan. 3rd BOW: W. Creedon, J. Cody, E. Costello, D. Cloutier, J. Castans, G. Cormack, A. County, R. Corbett. TOP ROW: R. Dohrmann, F. Douike, E. Dunne, R. Dwyer, J. De Cello, W. Dayton. D. Danhauer. The FRE HME IHONT BOYV: C. Farwell, J. Fitzgerald, li. Fleming, J. Freflerick, H. Foley, H. Finn, li. Fink, .l. Froelicli. 2nd BOW: C. Freeberg, D. Fleming, B. Fitz. B. Farrell, A. Frey, G. Fitzgerald, G. Fleischhauer, P. Franconi. 3rd ROW: J. Furlong, T. Gavagan, L. Giese, J. Gunkel, R. Goedert, R. Gillen, R. Gross. TOP ROW: W. Hatch, H. Ha1'rison, E. Hall, R. Holecek, J. Higgins, R. Hav- ranek, T. Hannagan. Page Forty-two FRONT ROXV: E. Howell, F. Hosticka, D. Head, R. Hoelzer, M. Jennings, , R. Jones, D. Kenney, J. Kamis. 2nd ROW: E. Kolaczewski, J. Kilbridge, G. Koss, G. lielble, W. Keegan. 3111 HOYV: F. Lindhohn, C. Lanphier, J. Lindsay, J. Leyden, L. Lobeck, R. Laraia, F. Le Brun. TOP ROW: G. Moran, G. MeKe1'r, J. Milder, C. Marsalli, J. Martin, H. Moroni, R. Mullen, XV. Maloney. b CLASS of 1943 FRONT HOXV: IJ. McCarthy, G. MC'Cz1rtl1y, XV. Marquardt, li. BlCG2ll1, F. McGovern, B. Mudra, F. Murnune. 2nd HOW: D. Mueller. F. Mellouzxlcl, T. Mulholland, ll. Wl2lI'CIll2lI'lll, A. Ma M. McNellis. 3rd HOXV: J. Nusko, Roger O'Connor, Hubert OlCOl1llOI', F. O'Malley, N. Pogorzelski, F. Paslorino. TOP HOW: R. Poirier, R. Perry, E. Pentis, R. Pulombi, W. Parker. E. Quinn, J. Quirk. ttke, Page Forty-three FRONT ROW: R. Richerson, W. Rosemeyer, R. Reagan, W. Regan, J. Reedy, J. Reil, J. Reilly. 2nd ROW: W. Roche, H. Raphael, A. Smith, J. Spatafora, A. Stuker, P. Suess J. Strnad, J. Stava. 3rd ROW: J. Spal71n,lJ. Shannon, J. Sebastian, D. Sims, E. Triner, R. Teichen T. ar as. TOP ROW: T. Venn, G. Vana, D. Vraniak, J. West, H. Worthington, T. Vtleger G. NVilson. s FRESHMAN CLASS of 1943 "Penrod" was given at Autin Town Hall with R. Mullen, W. Marquart, R. Farrell, and T. Brady taking the principal roles. The play was directed by Father Madrick. With the debating group R. Goedert, G. McCarthy, R. Palombi, E. Dunne, and R. Farrel showed signs of much ability. The Wick, too, found the Freshmen ready helpers, and the band was increased by fourteen members three of whom, W. Regan, H. Raphael, and C. Marsalli, received honors at the Archdiocesan contest. When it came to showing competitive school spirit Freshmen were hard to beat. They Won the free day offered in the Blackfriars subscrip- tion contest. C. Curran exemplified his ability to entertain and Won a prize on Amateur Night. And last, but not least, they produced one of the best issues of the Freshmen papers ever put out. Scholastically the Freshmen rank with the best. R. Goedert has been consistently on the Honor Roll all year, R. Palombi and R. McGah found it Worth their While to join his company. Late in the year the Moderator Rev. E. M. McGowan, O.P. held the class elections at which R. Foley was chosen president, F. McDonald, vice-presidentg J. Reedy, treasurerg R. Finn secretary. Page Forty-four istriet Student Roll Call 1' 'J XNXXXXXXXXXXXX LLL, Pafafc Rfifve 45 S. 5 Q 1 . 5 like - JI - 1 2 ' et Q V 4 X111 ' 2 J tw X! ' 65,560 F44vu,,, R 6 flax 4,Wn.,f ,fff,ze.f ! 5 4 l'k"2if+" 5 E E EQ., nee 'I L Q- We e fvywoy 4 if new A ff , A . , J - ' Ql ' ,MJ HMV' Ufffw l 6 ffweasudf C1AfCQ X' jo 21 1,1872 Q ' M ' in 9 'V X A VVXXVV f XfT7vvxfxfK City Number of Students City Number of Students City Number of Students Chicago ............. 209 Park Ridge ....... ,-- 11 River Grove ...A..., 2 Oak lfark ........... 157 ltiversirle --- --- 11 Bellwood ..... --,,-- 1 River Forest --- --- 50 Elmhurst ..,. --- 10 Eliiiwood Park 1 Berwyn ...... --- 23 Brookfield ..... -- li Franklin Park 1 Maywood --- --- 18 Forest Park ..,... -- 5 Lyons ...... ---- -U 1 Cicero ,..... --- 17 Western Springs .... 3 Villa Park ---- 1 La Grange .... --- 14 Glen Ellyn ....,.. -- 2 Westchester ...... --- 1 Melrose Park --- --- 11 Lonilmrd ...... -- - i GRAND TOTAL 560 Page Forty-five 4 ,J 7 4 u.KfrQ NNVAEX... X 5 H JB AK 0 Flies Q to 9 V fl Xqfnlb QA "-And so to class 5-Registration. 6-School opens for Freshmen. 18- 8-Upper classmen return. 9-Catholic science teachers meet at 21- .4,:lfg' ' 1 b 15- . . . and pigskinslu Fenwick loses first football game to Austin 21-6. Juniors hold class election. Sophomores choose class officers. Free day given for American Legion Fenwick. 26- 15-Seniors elect class officers. parade' 29-Father and Son night. THE MARCH OF TIME 1-Fenwick wins League season opener 13- from St. Patrick 27-0. 15- 20- 22- lein College. 23- 5-6-Two days mourning on death of Cardinal Mundelein. 7-Catholic Press convention at Munde- 8-Fenwick wins over St. Mel 13-7. 29- Fenwick steps out. ,F fn X 5 QA - - wi ll 1 ' 19 50 Poge Forty-six gE fW o 7 iq3Lai.arfA Q3 wyf' 3 Q 1 xx o x Q xo XE, xcibljm '53 Confraternity dance held in gym. Fenwick loses to St. George 13-0. Mothers have card party in gym. Fenwick defeated by St. Ignatius 7-0. Fathers and Sons meet second time. Fenwick steps on Loyola 14-0. Down the field. 62,3 6 Wick editor picks up ideas at Convention. 9 7356 19 -All Saints Day-no classes. School closes for Teacher's Conven- tion. -Alumni holds Home-Coming Dance in gym. -Fenwick routs St. Philip at Home- Coming game 13-0. -Parents give barn dance in gym. THE MARCH -Football Dance held at Edgewater Beach Hotel. -Fathers and Mothers dance and dine. Football Banquet enjoyed at Morrison Hotel. -Amateur Night provokes laughs. 95. X X0 Q 'I 5 lb U 5 6 of ff 5 VJ x U an ' cf ff, . i- ' t1i" 't ,.. 1: 5 NOE,hQQf,fa 3 9- 10- 11- 20- 4 f -, X V V V 1 : yli ' 5 11:3 1 , "Oh, Donald, oh!" N. S. P. A. opens convention at Stevens Hotel. Parent-teachers night-classes held. Fenwick races over Spalding at Peo- ria 31-0. Annual three-day student Retreat given by Fr. Flannagan. 23-Thanksgiving Day moves forward one week. OF TIME 15-Christmas holidays begin. 19-Fenwick becomes champion of St. George tournament. 26-Fenwick opens first annual Junior Basketball tournament. 27-Alumni Association sponsors holiday dance. c s eatll' Gentlemen of the Aluinni L 5 ?tlC'ff Wie ' ' --fly 4 - "ee' 9 2 15 96 295' 22 8 29 30 Page Forty-seven 2 8 9 3 4 5 AT 51619111 I2 I? 232 519 20 30 3? 26 Q7 "Review . . . Project . . . Examslu "Line forms to the Fight-U 3-Classes are resumed after holidays. 12-Conditional examinations are out- lawed. 8-Mr. John Sovenic takes over direction Y ' of band. 19-23-Mid-year examinations. 8-Catholic Leauge debating activity 29-Second semester begins. begins. 1-Freshmen present play "Penrod." 17-Fenwick beats Aquinas at Columbus, 2-Metropolitan Union debate tourna- Ghlo at basketball 44-22' ment held at Fenwick. 21-Discussion Club organized. 3-Mothers' Club holds Guest Day. 22-George Washington's Birthday-no . . classes. 10-Swimming season opened. 29-One more day to have class this year. Twonicy, ". . . and so . . .U "M-ni-m-ml' Page Forty-eight IT1'lI'HIT1U1'2l1S "Off the shoulder!" 2-Intramural night. 10-St. Thomas Symposium held at Fen- ' k. 7-Archbishop Stritch installed as WIC n , Bishop of Chicago. 19-Easter Vacation begins. 25-Junior Prom held at Knickerbocker 9-Archdiocesan Band Contest -Fenwick first in class C. Hotel' 27-Teaehers attend Catholic School Con- vention at Kansas City. THE MARCH OF TIME 1-School re-opens after Easter holi- 14-First Sunday evening dance in gym. days' - 20-Intramural Golf Tournament. 5-College Day. 7-Fenwick retains Catholic Le a g u Q 26-Honor Society enrolls new members. Swimming Championshinp Title. 26-Mothers' Club has mammoth Spring 12-Boxing finals held in gym. card party in gym. K'Thank youfl Lucky at bridge. Page Forty-nine Z! ln the scholarship race. Q' V-Y,. iv.-5..,:--..v-,- V- 12-Confraternity gives record dance. 111-Yard back of school is paved. 15-Fr. lVIorrison takes Chemistry class on field trip. 17-Grammar School swimming meet: Bishop Quarters, firstg St. Lucy, secondg St. Paul of the Cross, third. Off for the races. 19-Fenwick interclass speech competi- tion. 23-25-Fathers' Club hold carnival and give away a Chevrolet. 24-Seniors begin final examinations. 25-Cisca gives picnic. THE MARCH OF TIME 3-Under classmen begin final examina- tions. 4-Mothers' Club give Seniors a Ban- quet. . 5-Seniors revel in last school Dinner Dance. The open road. Y ff f v- X 5 .f X ,w ?1fff 550 Page Fifty ' a 6 3 5 C3 Ax 9 73 L2 U X36 lb 1 6-Commencement Day. 9-Alumni Communion Breakfast. 14-Alumni Summer Formal. Tichy. "Give me my Boots and Saddle." CAPTAINS COVRAGEUVS J. ELXVOOD G. EI.IJl-Ili J. GIHOUY F DOOYAY ATHLETICS fill an important place in school f A , life: a strong mind mast have 5 X the aid of a strong body ' 3 'Q X2 Pg Ffy 11 REV. P. J. CONATY, O. P. Athletic Director Athletic Control HEAVYWEIGHT FOCTBALL At the final practice before the Austin game, Coach Lawless again was able to see that Fenwick had a good team. Since August 21st the boys had been studying tactics in the boiling sun and doing con- tact work, trying hard to overcome the disadvantages of an inexperienced squad. Nevertheless Captain Elder, only letter man returning, and the team entered the Austin conflict with high spirits. FENWICK 6 AUSTIN 21 In the game played on September 15th, under the flood-lights of Mills Stadium, the Friars entered the game as the under- dogs. This was chiefly due to Austin's fifteen pound per man advantage and several returning stars. During the first half, play see-sawed back and forth with Fenwick coming out the moral victor because of scoring the first touchdown and stemming the powerful Austin offen- sive. The score at the end of the first half was tied six all. In the third quarter an Austin quick kick to the Fenwick two yard line put the Friars on the spot. Captain George Elder attempted to run out the ball, but was lt speaks for itself. O at FE WICK pulled down behind the goal on the first play. The score became Austin 8-Fen- wick 6. The remaing minutes of the game passed quickly with the Friars fighting to stem the successful thrusts of the Austin eleven. The line running tactics of the Maroon and White were responsible for another hard earned touchdown. The kick for the point failed and the score became 14-6. The final period was spent in watching the Friars snap pass plays in a futile attempt to overcome Austin's lead. In the closing moments Austin snared a reck- lessly thrown Black and White pass and with a series of thrusts pushed over for their last touchdown. FENWICK 27 ST. PATRICK 0 In whipping St. Patrick 27-0, Fenwick lived up to its proud tradition of not being scored upon in an opening league game. This was due to the brilliant running and deadly passing of Captain George Elder. The Friars kicked off to the Shamrocks to open the game. After an exchange of punts Fenwick took possession of the ball on St. Patrick's forty yard line. Elder Head left to right M R. TONY LAXVLESS Coach LINE: F. Korda, R. Denne, NI. Zanoni, H. Allen. J. Campagna, N. Maloney, C. Brady. BACKFIELD: E. Dunigan, B. Curran, G. Frederick, G. Elder. COACHES: L. Flynn, Assistantg A. Lawless, Coach. Page Fifty-th ree 6 Page Fifty-Four B. Dcnne, R. T. B. Freit, F. B. P. Provost, C. G. Frederick, Q. B. C. Van Zeveren, Q. B. Coach Lawless COACH TONY LAVVLESS cmd his Gridmen completed a pass to Korda, who wa.s downed on the eleven yard line. After a penalty on St. Patricks, Frederick plunged over for a touchdown and Elder converted the extra point making the score 7-0. The score remained the same until the third quarter. When the Friar machine began to click midway in the quarter, Curran and Frederick advanced the ball to St. Patrick's forty yard line where Captain Elder galloped around his right end and over the Shamrock goal line to ring up another six points for the Friars. His try for the extra point failed. A few minutes later he again scored on a fifty- three yard run and converted the extra point making the score 20-0. At this point of the game coach Lawless sent in a whole new team composed mostly of sophomores and juniors. With Dillon and Provenzano carrying the ball the Friars made a first down on St. Patrick's nine yard line. On the fourth down Pro- venzano went over from the seven yard line and then kicked the point, leaving the final score Fenwick 27-St. Patrick 0. FENWICK 13 ST. MEL 7 Hot from the victory over St. Patricks the week before, Fenwick's gridders on Sunday, October 8th faced the St. Mel's squad, knowing that because of the keen C Elder, L. H., Captain T. Moore, L. H. R. Carraher, C. E. Dunigan, R. H. J. Campagna, L. G. R. Curran. F. B. Page Fifty-Five Down M. Zanfmni, H' C" rivalry between the two schools, they would receive some stiff competition. And competition they did receive, for the Friars had a tough time winning the game loy a score of 13 to 7. Fenwick scored first on a pass from Captain George Elder to Frank Korda, who dashed twenty-five yards to the goal. Elder added the extra point. Shortly afterward, the Melfs team shook loose f' "Whizzer" White, who swept down the field eighty yards for a touchdown. Cap- L' G' tain Stoltman added the extra point. Time and again in the second and third periods, the solid St. Mel defense kept the Friars from scoring. During that time, Fenwick made drives to the Mel two yard, nine yard, and eleven yard lines, lout the St. Mel defense held up every time. In the fourth period, Elder ran from the fifteen yard line to the goal, lout loe- cause of an offside penalty, the play was called loack. Although this disheartened the Friars somewhat, they soon came loack, and another pass from Elder to Korda netted the second touchdown which sealed St. Mel's doom. M. Flykc C. A. Rogers li. H. FRONT ROW: B. Waneimalcer, mgr., R. Denne, R. Allen, D. Carrahcr, C. Brady, J. Kilgallon N. Maloney, R. Curran, F. Korda, D. Mueller, mgr. ITOW 2: J. Jones, mgr., M. Flyke, A. Provenzano, W. Brady, J. Griffith, M. White, P. Provost G. Frederick, H. Harris, C. Singer, W. Cullerton, D. O'Brien, trainer. IZOW 3: L. Flynn, ass't. coach, G. Brennan, T. Moore, H. Ostrander, T. Powers, W. NV:1lsh, J. Ryan H. Angsten, C. Van Zeveren, D. Dillon, J. Lewis, "Tony" Lawlnss, coach. BACK ROW3 Barriett, M. Zzmoni, C, Rogers, J. Giunta, J. Maher, B. Frett, G. Mullen, J. Campagna, . ennel y. 1 Y 1 Page Fiftyeszx the field . .. FENWICK 0 ST. GEORGE 13 Before a large, speedy, and experienced team, an ever-fighting Friar eleven was given its first league setback by St. George of Evanston. A few minutes after the kickoff, Ned Maloney recovered a Dragon fumble on the St. George thirty yard line. Plunges by Elder and Curran put the ball on the twenty yard line. However, the St. George defense tightened, and on the fourth down a pass from George Elder to Frederick was imcomplete. Taking over the ball on their own twenty yard line, the Dragons started on a touchdown march with Grimes and Phillips leading the offense, consisting of reverses and spinner plays, St. George marched seventy-five yards to Fenwick's five yard line. After a series of thrusts at the Friar line, Phillips carried the ball over. An attempted conversion for the extra point was incomplete. No serious scoring threat was made until midway in the third quarter when an attempted pass, Elder to Brady, was intercepted by P h il l i p s at mid-field. Plunges by Phillips and Hoban advanced the ball to the thirty yard line. From there, Grimes cut off tackle on a reverse, and dashed thirty yards to a touchdown. The extra point was converted by Lecture. Several offensive drives were attempted by Fenwick during the remainder of the period, but St. George held its ground whenever necessary. During the last minutes of the ball game, several passes were completed, but a strong defense halted any serious scor- ing threats. A fine game was played by George Elder and Bob Curran, who were the spark in the Fenwick offense. F a Stopping Shzunrocks. BIcl's through. Elder bruises Purple. Page Fifty-sexen i ORWARD PASS. EDITOR SCORES. No GAIN. WHOSI Hold that line. FENWICK 0 IGNATIUS 7 Traveling down to a neutral field, the Fighting Friars of 1939 met the tough, hard running St. Ignatius team. Con- trary to all the previous encounters, Fenwick lost to the Maroon and Gold for the first time in nine years. This game was a heart-breaker to lose because with its loss, all hopes of winning first place in the Catholic League race were blasted. Moving down the field at the kickoff, Frank Korda, Fenwick right end, was injured, but he played the rest of the game. The examinations after the game showed he suf- fered a ruptured kidney. The first half progressed slowly with nothing very excit- ing although Fenwick made several drives deep into St. Ignatius territory without a score. Even several passes near the end of the half failed to break the deadlock. A few minutes after the start of the second half McCaf- fery, St. Ignatius star ball-carrier, broke for several sizeable gains. On another run although surrounded by would-be tacklers, he twisted and squirmed through them and went sixty yards down the sidelines to score the only touchdown of the game, Lapping succeeded in converting the extra point. Although the remaining part of the game was cut short of long runs, several Fenwick attempts netted a few short drives. In the last part of the fourth quarter a long pass from Frederick to Elder was good for forty yards, but Elder was downed on the twenty yard line, and the game ended without a Fenwick score. FENWICK 14 LOYOLA 0 In a game filled with thrills and excitement, played on Loyola's field, Fenwick handed the northsiders a 14 to 0 defeat. After Loyola kicked off to Fenwick, the Friars started on a touchdown march. With Elder and Curran leading the attack, Fenwick marched forty yards to Loyola's thirty yard line, only to be halted by a stubborn defense. Loyola's at- tempts to gain through the Friar line were futile, and conse- quently they made few first downs during the game. The Poge Fifty-eight BALL? IN THE AIR. CHAWIN' DIRT. KRASHIN' THRU I majority of the first half consisted of a brilliant punting duel between George Elder of Fenwick and Douglas of Loyola. In the second half Loyola received the kickoff and tried to score by passes but was unsuccessful. Fenwick took over the ball on its own thirty yard line, and started on a march to mid-field. After two thrusts at the line, George Elder dashed thirty yards to a touchdown. He also converted the extra point. No scoring was done again until the fourth quarter when the running of Frett and Dunigan placed the ball on the forty yard line. Again Elder cut through the line, broke into the clear, and dashed forty yards to a touchdown. The attempt for extra point was again converted by Elder. During the latter part of the fourth quarter, Loyola attempted to score but was stopped by the strong Fenwick defense. FENWICK 13 ST. PHILIP 0 This game, played at St. Philip's field, brought to a cli- max Fenwick's fourth annual homecoming. Fenwick emerged victorious in a game packed with long runs and passes. The feature of the day was Bernard Frett's running which in- cluded a seventy-eight yard dash for a touchdown. The second quarter had scarcely begun when a short pass from Frederick to Frett was completed and Frett went over for the Friars first touchdown. The point after touchdown was converted by George Elder. The rest of the second quarter was mainly a punting duel between Elder of Fenwick and Kinsella of St. Philip. St. Philip nearly scored early in the third quarter when Kinsella grabbed one of Elder's punts and raced down the sidelines eluding all the Fenwick tacklers except Elder who caught him on the twenty yard line. In the very shadow of the goal posts they were unable to score because of the solid de- fense of the Friars, and the ball went to Fenwick on downs. Later Topping, a St. Philip halfback, threw a short flat pass towards the right end, which was intercetped by Frett who ran seventy-eight yards to a touchdowng all except two of the St. Philip's men being cut down by Fenwick blockers. The attempt at the extra point was unsuccessful and left the score at the end 13 to 0 in favor of Fenwick. Page Fifty-nine Senior Spring Dance ' rc 1. -ms' .t . fred-aan" Page Sixty The Dragon snorts. Sh Grimes goes over. Pounding Peoria oot the piggie, lggie The game is over . FENWICK 31 SPALDING 0 For the final game of the "39" season Coach Lawless took his scrappy Friar squad down to Peoria, where Tony himself starred for his Alma Mater, Spalding High. Fenwick lost no time in getting started. With the running of Captain Elder, Bob Curran, and Ed Dunigan, they quickly ad- vanced to the one yard line. From there Bob Curran, Friar fullback, plunged over for the first touchdown. Elder's try for the point was low. Early in the second qaurter Elder dropped back and threw a long pass to Chuck Brady, right end, who ran unmolested to the goal. Again Elder's try for the extra point was low. The half ended with Fenwick leading 12-0. Midway in the third quarter a series of well executed plays again put Fenwick in scoring position. Again Bob Curran plunged over for the third Fenwick touchdown. The try for the point was good. Early in the fourth quarter Elder's pass to Ed Dunigan advanced the ball to the two yard line, but Fenwick lost the ball on downs. Spa1ding's kick was partially blocked and Ed Dunigan snared the ball on the fifteen yard stripe and ran it back to the two yard line. Ed scored in the next play for the fourth touchdown. Cullerton, substitute end failed to convert the extra point. Shortly after, Harry Harris, substitute back, intercepted a Spalding pass, and be- hind perfect blocking from Fenwick's sub- stitute team ran 60 yards for the last touch- down. Cullerton's try for the point failed and the score remained the same to the end. RECORD HEAVYWEIGHT FOOTBALL Fenwick 6 Austin 21 Fenwick 27 St. Patrick 0 Fenwibzk 13 St. Mel 7 Fenwick 0 St. George 13 Fenwick 0 St. Ignatius 7 Fenwick 14 Loyola 0 Fenwick 1 St. Philip 0 Fenwick 31 Spalding fPeoriaJ 0 LIGHTW EIGHT FOOTBALL The "Little Friars" just completed one of the most successful seasons in their history. In the seven triumphs and no defeats, they rolled up 182 points to their opponents 37. The first four games were played on Fenwick's home field. Both the first game with St. Maryfs Orphanage and the second with St. Philip were comparatively easy victoriesg the former ended in a 33-0 score, the latter 25-O. Mt. Carmel stepped for- ward with more strength and scored two touchdowns before the Friars managed to tally just before the end of the first half. When the teams returned to the field in the second half the "Little Friars" saved the day with two touchdowns and two safeties. The last half of the season was comparatively easy for the lightweights. St. Ignatius fell 30-6 before the on-rush. Loyola, also a much heavier Austin team, failed to register as the Friars raced for touchdowns. St. George on her own field offered the greatest bid for victory in the last game of the season by running up 19 points, but the "Little Friars" were determined not to falter in the last contest. The score was 32-19 at the finish. The boys who proved most valuable to the team were: Cullerton, Harris, Dillon, and Pr ovenzano. FRONT ROW: A. Lingle, M. White, J. Voda, F. Olsen, C. McCabe, R. Vaughn, G. Mullen. SECOND ROW: J. Jones, Mgr., H. Angsten, R. O'Brien, J. Roorda, J. Griffith, R. Leahy, M. . R n i s qxl SCHEDULE 3 St. Mai'y's Orph. 0 5 St, Philip 0 Mt. Carmel 12 k 30 Sl. Ignatius 6 0 Loyola 0 6 Austin 0 2 St. George 19 9 is f Romano, J ya , J. Coll n'. BACK ROW: Coach Lawless, A. Barrett, A, Provenzano, T. Powers, D. Dillon, C. Singer, W. Cullcrton T R. Ostrander, H. Harris, D. O'Brien, rainer. Page Sixty-one I' J lo bottom: GEORGE Flil'llJEllICK, forward, was named by Alumni most valuable man. .IACK Glli0lfX, captain and center, won his thircl major letter this year. JACK LEWIS, forward, gave not only points but life to the team. JACK PAYEIVFE, forward, only junior regular, v as high scorer. Page Sixty-two FE WICK' FENWICK 29 AUSTIN 22 In the opening game of the season Fen- wick faced the powerful Austin team, later winner of the Stagg Tournament. The game was closely contested all the way until the last quarter when successive baskets by Giroux, Payette, and Elder decided the game. Many penalties were called in this rough, close battle. Jack Giroux paced the Friar attack chalking up ten points while Felt led the visitors with eight points. FENWICK 37 VVELLS 23 Another powerful city team, Wells High, was the next to fall before Fenwick, 37 to 23. The Friars gained a large lead in the early part of the ball game, and held on to that lead to the end. A fine offensive game was turned in by George Frederick and Jack Giroux who lead the Friar attack with eleven and eight points respectively. FENWICK 21 AUSTIN 24 In another close battle with Austin, the Friars came out on the short end of a 24 to 21 score. The score was tied throughout the game until the last minute of play when two fast baskets by Austin decided the contest. Jack Giroux again lead the Fenwick attack counting up eleven points. SAINT GEORGE TOURNAMENT In the opening game of the St. George pre-season tournament, Fenwick defeated Catholic High of Hammond, Indiana by a score of 42 to 23. The Friars gained a large lead in the early part of the game and went on to win an easy victory. Jack Payette and Jack Giroux led the Fenwick attack, and scored fourteen and eleven points respectively. The Friars moved a step farther in the tournament by a 32 to 27 victory over St. George, The Dragons held a small advan- tage throughout the game until the last quarter when Fenwick took the lead and held it to the end. Jack Payette succeeded in droping in eighteen points. Fenwick moved to the final round of the tournament by edging out a 26 to 25 victory over Leo High. The game was tied all the way, but with ten seconds to play George Elder took the ball to put it through the hoop just as the gun went off. ? f ., f'f' Qi - CA GER In the final game of the tournament Fen- wick defeated Loyola to win the Champion- ship title. Fenwick held the losers scoreless in the first quarter and led at the half 12 to 2. In the second half the Friars held the ball and went on to an easy victory. At no time in the contest did Loyola threaten to take the lead. Payette and Frederick paced the Fenwick attack with ten points each. The final score read Fenwick 33-Loyola 24. Jack Payette and Jack Giroux received all- tournament awards, lout credit for the cham- pionship must go to each member of the team. FENWICK 30 ST. PATRICK 37 In a disappointing game Fenwick lost to St. Patrick's, 37 to 30. The Shamrocks had been predicted to lose this game, lout the victory turned out to toe the surprise of the season. The Friars started out strongly, lout in the second quarter, St. Pat's made fifteen points to lead at the half and coast on to victory. Elder and Payette shared scoring honors with eight points each. FENWICK 33 LOYOLA 26 In a close game climaxed with many fouls Fenwick defeated Loyola Academy, to 26. The game was tied until midway in the third quarter when the Friars scored thirteen points and went on to victory. Payette and Lewis lead the victors scoring nine and seven points respectively. Fenwick samples victory from St. George cup Top I S ZXQRSX 4 fa f - ' 4 9 3. f ff Si.. ff' i 1 a ll. to bottom: DIXIE CARRAHER, center, saw niuch action in the many QHIIICS of the season. GEORGE ELDER, guzml, contributed much to the tC21.Ill,S success with his outstanding defensive play. FRANK MCNICHOLS, guard, moved from lights to regular position in heavies. FRANK DOON.-XX, center and lightweight captain. was awarded medal as most valuable lightweight. Page Sixty-three HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL FENWICK 29 Fen Fen Fen Fen Fen Fen fenw Fen Fem Fenu Fen Fen Fen Fenyx Fen Fen Fen Fen Fen Fen Fen Fen Fen Fen ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick Marmion St. Philip Loyola Mt. Carmel Aquinas St. Patrick St. Geori-Ze Wells St. Mel St. Ignatius Austin Wells Austin Catholic High fHammond, Ind.J St. George Leo Loyola St. Philip St. Patrick Loyola St. George St. Mel St. Michael St. Ignatius 24 30 23 22 22 32 31 31 12 36 22 23 24 23 27 25 24 22 ST 26 31 25 19 33 ST. GEORGE 31 In a heartbreaking game at St. George, Fenwick dropped a close decision to the Dragons, 31 to 29. The game was played with both teams on an even par until mid- way in the third quarter when the victors gained a leading margin and continued to win. The Friars were handicapped by the loss of Jack Payette who was ejected early in the game by personal fouls. FENWICK 29 ST. MEL 25 Fenwick's fourth league game was played with St. Mel, and it resulted in an easy victory, 29 to 25. The Friars held a lead throughout the first half, and continued on to another victory. George Elder paced the Fenwick attack by scoring eleven points while Crowley lead the visitors with eight points. FENWICK 37 ST. MICHAEL 19 Fenwick traveled to the North Side, and defeated St. Michael High, 37 to 19. The game was evenly matched until the third quarter when the Friars piled up a large lead and won an easy victory. The Black and White attack was again lead by Jack Giroux who rang up thirteen points. FENWICK 34 ST. IGNATIUS 33 The old traditional rivalry was renewed as Fenwick edged out a 34 to 33 victory. The contest was tied all the way until the last minutes when successive baskets by Giroux, Lewis and Elder won the game. Jack Payette was again high scorer by making ten points. Poge Sixty-tour FRONT HOW: F. McNichols G. Frederickg J. Giroux Capt.g R. Carraherg J Lewis, J. Payette. lcssg D. O,Brien, Trainer F. Doonang C. Moyseyg lj herty: J. Jones, Mgrzg Rev tic Director. BACK RONV: B. Aainorltg R U,CO1'1llPllQ J. Coxg R. Finn SECOND ROVV: Coach Law- Bradyg J. Radkeg W. Do- P. J. Conaty, 0. P., Athle- Philip's shatters title hopes. Giroux gets set. UHZIIJH in for the rebound. Shanirocks win "The pause that refreshesw FENWICK 16 MARMION 29 While Fenwick was winning the St. George tournament, the second team traveled to Aurora and lost to Marmion High, 29 to 16. Marmion gained an early lead and coasted on to victory. O'Connell and McGov- ern lead the Fenwick offense. FENWICK 36 MARMION 24 At the second meeting of Fenwick and Marmion, the Friars were at full strength and chalked up an easy victory, 36 to 24. Fenwick gained the lead at the start of the ball game and was never headed. Jack Giroux and Payette lead the attack by mak- ing ten and eight points respectively. ff f fl 4 Z1 Page Sixty-t e Page Sixty-S FENYVICK vs. AUSTIN FENWICK vs. IGNATIUS Against the FENWICK 23 ST. PHILIP 22 Playing championship ball, the smooth running, polished Fenwick team conquered St. Philip's 23 to 22. Fenwick lead all through this close battle, but in the last minutes of the ball game the visitors came within one point of the Friars. Jack Payette lead the Black and White by dropping in eleven points. FENWICK 31 LOYOLA 26 After their lean victory over St. Phillip, the Fenwick quintet defeated Loyola 31 to 26 on the Friars' home floor. Captain Giroux paced his teammates with fourteen points while Tricksaw of the Loyolans led with seven points. Although the issue was still in doubt Loyola put up a stubborn fight. The spirit of this game moved the Friars up into second place in league competition. FENWICK 44 AQUINAS 22 On February 17, Fenwick invaded Ohio to dent Aquinas of Columbus 44 to 22. Al- though their start was none too good, trail- ing 6 to 5 at the first quarter, the Fenwick quintet soon found its eye and registered 21-12 at the half. Eleven players made the trip and during the fourth quarter with the Friars enjoying a comfortable lead, every man played, as Coach Lawless made numer- ous substitutions. Before a large crowd Captain Giroux led his team with fourteen points while McQuade of Aquinas scored thirteen points. FENWICK 25 ST. PATRICK 32 For the second time in the season St. Patrickfs beat the Friar squad 32 to 25. The game was very close and Fenwick led several times, but in the final period St. Pat's went on a scoring spree and put the brakes on all Friars championship ambitions. FENWICK 33 ST. GEORGE 31 In a hotly contested overtime game the Fenwick squad bravely squeezed through to defeat the St. George Dragons 33 to 31 at the Fenwick gymnasium. With St. George Bdckbodrd ! leading 21 to 29, George Frederick, Fen- wick's forward, sank a long field goal at the final gun to tie the game 31-31. Thereupon followed a heated technical argument over the termination of the game. Jack Tierney, Dragon Coach, wanted the first basket to win. Coach Lawless insisted on a three minute overtime period. A coin flip settled the outcome in favor of a three minute period. Both teams returned to the floor and fought like demons for the ball. Finally Giroux, Fenwick's Captain, tapped in a re- bound which won the game and moved Fenwick back to second place in the league race. FENWICK 48 WELLS 31 Before a disappointed crowd, Fenwick trounced Wells, the winners in the Stagg Field Invitational Public High School Tour- nament. Although lacking the fierce com- petion of the St. George game, there were plenty of thrills and the Fenwick squad led several times througout the game. FENWICK 28 ST. MEL 12 In a game played at St. Mel's gymnasium, an outclassed, but desperate St. Mel quintet was defeated for the second time this season. Led by Jack Payette and Hap Lewis, the Friar squad built up a strong lead early in the game which was only threatened once. Late in the game the Melites put on a scoring drive but the Fenwick team rolled up ten points and cinched the game. FENWICK 46 ST. IGNATIUS 36 For the last game of the season St. Igna- tius visited the Fenwick gym and was cle- feated 46 to 36. This victory gave Fenwick second place honors to be shared with St. George. Congratulations to such Fenwick stalwarts as Jack Giroux, George Elder, George Frederick, Hap Lewis, Dixie Car- raher, Frank McNichols, and Frank Doonan, lightweight captain, all who paced the hard- wood for the last time and displayed the fine athletic ability characteristic of Fen- wick teams. FENXVICK vs. IGNATIUS FENXVICK vs. ST. PATRICK Page Sixty-seven LIGHT EIGHT BA KETBALL LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Fenwick 28 Fenwick 19 Fenwick 26 Fenwick 24 Fenwick 19 Fenwick 28 Fenwick Z1 Fenwick 19 Fenwick 21 Fenwick 20 Fenwick ' Fenwick 24 Fenwick 29 Fen wi ck Rl Fenwick 39 Fenwick 21 Fenwick 24 Fenwick 44 Z8 Austin W'ells Austin St. Philip St. Patrick Loyola St. George St. Mel St. Michael St. Ignatius Marmion St. Philip Loyola St. Patrick St. Georxre Wells St. Mel St. Ignatius The junior division of the Fenwick cagers, ably led by Frank Doonan, made a fine drive for supremecy the past season. Many of their games were nip and tuck affairs but the team was always in there fighting hard. These boys packed thrills into their games-the kind that spectators like to cheer. Certainly they had speed and courage-qualities which make a team interesting to watch. Only two regulars returned form last season, Captain Frank Doonan and Bill Dohertyg and the team had to be built around them. Quinlan, Provanzano, Har- vey, and J. O'Keefe were soon found to be dependable and the team improved much as the season progressed. Although the team bowed to De Paul in the first round of the Fenwick junior tour- Poge Sixty-eight FRONT ROW: T. Tobing R. Gros sg T. Varlasg D. Grossg C. Singer: R. Pet- singerg J. Quinlan. Coachg XV. Doliertyg J. Oilieefeg J. Jones, Mgitg Fr. C o n a t y, Athletic Director. BACK ROW: D. O'B1'ien, Trainerg F. D o o n a n. Capl.g F. McDonaldg T. H a r ve y g A. Lawless, A mall scramble. nament during the Christmas holidays, it came back courageously at the opening of the season and showed that it still offered a bid for the highest honors. Throughout the season the contests were close. Many games, such as the opening victory over Loyola 28 to 26 and the defeat from St. Philip 23 to 22, were won or lost by only one or two points, With only Frank Doonan retiring this year and with the past season's experi- ence, we can expect a great lightweight team next year. This information should be particularly cheerful to the followers of the Friars who have been cheering winning teams for the last ten years-it was just ten years ago that Coach Lawless called for volunteers and held the first lightweight basketball game in the gym. Page Sixty-nine THE LIGHT WEIGHT TOURNAMENT cz FENWICK first . . Page Seventy D. XVilson. Bell. Fenwick held its first annual junior basketball tour- nament during the Christmas holidays of 1939. Every team of the Catholic League was invited and all responded except Joliet. The teams represented were: St. Mel, St. Philip, St. Patrick, St. George, Loyola, De Paul, Mt. Carmel, St. Leo, De La Salle, St. Rita, St. Ignatius, Weber, St. Michael, Lewis Holy Name Institute, and Fenwick. The junior Friars captured a comfortable lead from De Paul in the first part of the opening round but with an exceptional burst of speed De Paul soon brought its host to an under position and won by a score of 25 to 19. After many exciting games St. George took the runner-up contest from St. Mel 26 to 255 Mount Carmel, however, carried off the trophy with a 34 to 26 victory over St. Patrick. An all-tournament team selected by the coaches and officials included Jim Shields, St. Patrick's, and John Kempfer, Mt. Carmel, forwards, Frank Kelly, Leo, centerg Tom Walsh, St. George, and Ed. Klimek, Mt. Carmel, guards. Ray Crowley of St. Mel's was awarded the most valuable player trophy. MT. CARMEL TEAM TOP ROXV: John Jordan, Coach B Reilly MIDDLE: li. Fitzgerald. lx Farrell D x FRONT ROW: .l. Cosgrove I Kun cr G. Loinasney, Ii. Klimek R Connors REV. V. FELTROP, O. P. Coach BANTAMWEIGHT BASKETBALL Fenwick 24 St. Philip Fenwick 30 St. Michael Fenwick 14 St. Mel Fenwick 15 Weber Fenwick 28 St. Rita Fenwick 19 St. Philip Fenwick 17 St. Ignatius Fenwick 18 Weber Fenwick 7 Fenwick 22 Fenwick 10 Fenwick 18 Fenwick 17 St. George S't. Ignatius St. Patrick Loyola St. Michael TOP ROYV: D. Crowlcyg XV. Kirbyg A. Daltong J. Heil- lyg D. Mueller, Mgr. BOTTOM ROW: R. O'Connorg XV. Mclilligottg NV. Parkcrg .I. Curing G. .leschkeg M Romano. TOP ROW: J. Kamisg R. F. Gomnang R. Reagang XV. Roselneyer: J. Murphyg C. Frettg D. Mueller, Mgr. BOTTOM ROW: M. McNellisg L. Gieseg J. Coflyg R. Cum- minsg T. Colgang W. Kee- gang T. Foley. Bdntdmweights and Flyweights During the past year the bantam and fly-weight teams had a moderately suc- cessful season. Although handicapped by lack of size and practice, they showed the true Fenwick spirit in all their encounters. Due to the great distance many of the players could not always be present for practice, which was held by Father Fel- trop on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Most of the players were from either the Freshmen or Sophomore class. On the Bantams those who bore the heavy end of the burden were: J. Curin, J. Reilly, and W. Kirby at forwardg A. Dalton at centerg D. Crowley and M. Ro- mano at guard. The Flies who did most of the playing were: Bennett and T. Colgan, forwardsg J. Murphy who played both forward and center 3 C. Frett, center and guardg T. Foley and R. Cummins, guardsg and R. F. Gorman, forward and guard. Page Seventy one "Bart" Hutch shoves off. Page Seventy-two Fenwick wins Catholic League trophy. THE Fenwick's swimming team opened the season on February 10 with a preliminary meet against one of the strongest com- petitive teams in the state, Lane Tech of Chicago. Five new records were set by the opponents in the course of the meet, and it was no surprise when Lane swam away with a 49-14 victory. The following Saturday, February 17, the tankers jour- neyed to Maine and again they found the competition too much for them, when Maine splashed to an easy victory with a score of 56-14. Undaunted by their lack of success in the first two meets the Friars applied themselves even more dilignetly to prac- tice under the direction of the swimming coach Dick Thompson. By the time the opening date of the Catholic Leauge rolled around the Friars were ready to revenge their former defeats. The swam out with confidence on February 21 to meet the team from Loyola. Cutting an even stroke the Friars piled up a favorable score of 41 to the opponents 283 they did this by taking first in all but two events. The next encounter came on February 27 when Austin lost first place in all but the 50 yard breaststroke. This victory of 42-18 raised the hopes of the Friars still higher. Holding to their consistent score WIMMI Fenwick's senior swimmers again met Loyola on March 9 and splashed to the tune of 44-25 over their opponents. The team captained by Joe Elwood won every event but the backstroke and the diving. In a triangular meet between St. Igna- tius, Leo, and Fenwick Monday, March 18, the Friar tankers outswam their oppo- nents and rolled up a score of 41 points, Leo came second with 22 points, and St. Ignatius close behind with 16 points. At this meet the Friars let several junior members participate. Again the Friars turned to a non-league team for exercise before the Catholic Championship meet. As before, the Aus- tinites found the Friars too much for them and they suffered a 41-28 defeat in their own pool. Although the Friar team roster con- sisted of both senior and junior members, it presented one of the most formidable and most powerful teams entered in the Catholic League competition. The most important members of the team were: Captain Joe Elwood, Joe Duffy, Bill Brown, Bob Thomas, Hal McCarthy, Herb Clark, Tom Brown, John McGowan, Dick Buckingham, Mike Mooney, Bart Hatch, Ray Collins, Bill Cullerton, and Frank Seery. Catholic League Swimm SENIOR SWIMMING k 41 Lo ick 42 Au ck 44 Lo ick 41 Au li 41 St. Igna ick 41 L0 Championship X : X R. McGovvang H. Clark, R. McCarthyg J. Burkcg B. Hatch, Wm. HllCkiI1Ql'121IllQ li. Col- lins, J. Duffy, XV. Brown, J. Elwood, Capt., F. Seeryg XV. Cullertong R. Thomas. Page Sexenfy three i Catholic Championship Fenwick's swimming team won the Catholic League Swimming Championship on the afternoon of April 6, 1940. By retaining the title this year the Friars have won seven out of a possible eight championships. Fenwick Won four of the seven events, the 200 yard relay, the 50 yard free style, the 50 yard breast-stroke and the medley relay. Loyola, the Friars' Northside rival, managed to win the other three events. Fenwick scored 41 points, Loyola, 323 Leo, 13, Philip, 45 and St. Ignatius finished last with three tallies. ,. Captain Elwood soars high XVhat,s the hurry Thomas? Captain-elect Brown Mooney looks for the shore. The medley relay. "Buck'f rifles the waves. Page Seventy-four B. Buckingham, W. O'Learyg Wm. Quirkg J. O,'Connorg J. Havlisg B. Kelleher, P. Barrett, J. Collins, R. Hoelzerg F. Le Brung W. Hatch. UNIGR SWIMMERS Although suffering two defeats at the begin- ning of the season, Dick Thompson's "Little Friars" advanced rapidly under his careful tute- lage in the art of swimming. By mid-season they had gained speed and form, thus offsetting by a strong finish the losses sustained at the start of competition. They ended the season with three victories against three losses. Among the Fresh- men W. Hatch, Le Brun, and Hoelzer showed promise, While the more experienced men, J. Collins, Jarka, W. Buckingham gave evidence of improvement. The "Little Friars" are expected to on the precedent set by former teams. Fenw Fen Fenw Fenw Fe nw Fen w RECORD Lane Tech 50 Maine 39 Loyola 19 Austin 26 Loyola 18 Austin 33 W 1 XX 7 4 Page Seventy-five Page Seventy-six J. Makarian vs. B. O'Bricn G. Mullen vs. Wm. Kelleher M. Zanoni vs. J. McDonald J. Larkin vs. J. Griffith "That's a round!" and so began eliminations for Fenwick's tenth annual Silver Glove tourna- ment Which was conducted April 12 in the school gym. During the last decade this contest has brought forth more participants than any other intramural sport. This year 255 boys turned out to try their skill in the art of self defense. The elimination process, which took seven Weeks to terminate and in which 245 bouts were fought, was carried on in the daily gym classes and after school hours. The more skillful contestants con- tinued towards the top while the losers gracefully took their leave for the sidelines. In the lightest division, the 90 pound class, Merl McNellis defeated Danny Mueller before an enthusiastic audience. In the 115 pound class Bill Keegan beat Bob Dohrman in a real slugging festivalg Keegan threw his left hard and Worked so effectively that Bob, though he did his best, was forced to succumb to Keegan's drive. Frank The Boxmg Season McGovern, a little 115 pounder, took the decision over Tom Weger. Both boys were clever in their art and the fight proved a thriller. Bob Hermann Won his silver glove trophy by defeating Tom Culligan in the 125 pound class, and Bay O'Brien won his by taking the decision over Jack Marka- rian in the 135 pound division. As We move into the heavier divisions We find Bill Kelleher, a senior, too much for George Mullen in the 145 pound Weight. Bill has par- ticipated in the contest of the previous years but each time lost by a "hair." In the 155 pound listing Mario Zanoni, a constant trophy winner, won a very close decision over Jay McDonald. This fight provided one of the greatest thrills of the evening. The unlimited division Was repre- sented by Jack Larkin and John Griffithg Larkin Won an easy victory. Just before the above mentioned bouts there was a spectacular exhibition of "Grunt and Groan" put on by two professional wrestlers. This was preceded by the preliminary bouts. The Winners of these fights Were: Jack Quirk, 90 poundsg Dick Bennett, 110 poundsg Bob O'Connor 115 poundsg Bill Regan, 125 poundsg Tom Quirk, 135 poundsg and Bill Conrad 145 pounds. Tuffy Griffith, former heavyweight boxer, acted as refreeg Chris Keane and Dyre Sackley were time-keepersg Jim Griffith and Al Keegan were the official judges. THE NVINNERS: J. Larkin, M. Zanoni, R. Hermann, F. McGovern, W. Kelleher, W. Keegan, H. O'Obrien. M. McNellis. Page Seventy-seven The TRACK EASON SCHEDULE Fenwick vs De LaSalle, Fenwick vs St. Rita, De Loyola Relays Fenwick vs S't. Ignatius Junior Catholic League Senior Catholic League St. Rita Paul , De Paul Meet Meet The 1940 Fenwick track team began its season in the correct style by defeating St. Rita and De LaSalle in the first meet of the year. Although the boys had had but three short weeks of practice the returning regulars and the new-comers performed remarkably well. In the dashes T. Moore, F. Schell, H. Harris, and R. O'Brien showed that they would be strong contenders in future meets. Captain F. Doonan, R. Murphy, and C. Brady took care of the hurdle events. The 440 was represented by J. Elwood and H. Clarkg while the 880 con- tenders were F. Seery, J. Radke, R. Schu- ster and L. Bruno. C. Enyart measured strides in the mile. J. Lightner was out for the high jumpg N. Maloney, R. Allen, and H. Clark represented Fenwick with the shot-put. LAST ROW: Dan O'Brien, L. Giese, C. Enyart, J. Radke, D. Stewber, H. Ryan, H. Clark, J. West, A. Kuhn, J. Kern. MIDDLE ROW: G. Koss, M. Healy, C. Scott, F. Seery, R. Hoelzer, F. Brogan, R. Gross, M. McNeIlis. FIRST ROW: F. Schuster, H. Worthington, F. Schell. Capt. F. Doonan, W. Kiley, R. Thomas, J. Elwood, T. Moore. Page Seventy-eight A. Kuhn, J. Kern, F. Doonan, and H. VVox'thington take the huidles GOLF A. Doodyg A. Schorsehg li. Pinnsg Wm. Crewsg E. McGov- erng C. Moiseyg XVIII. Bileyg Wm. Renipe, Captaing E. Mor- risg B. Frettg Wm. McGregor. On Saturday April 20, Fenwick golf hopefuls journeyed out to the Midwest golf course to Vie with one another for positions on the golf team. A new low was set this year when Bill Riley came through with an undisputed 77 to win over another senior Bill Crews who swung an 80 before the last hole was made. The winner of the junior championship was Joe Kennelly, who shot an 84. The sophomore contest ended in a 93 tie between Art Doody and George Jeske. Doody won the playoff. Roger O'Connor took the fresh- men championship with a 96. As in former years the boys picked at this tour- nament were placed under Mr. "Merrie" White, professional of the La Grange Country Club, to be trained for interscholastic contests. McNichols, Captain J. Burke G. Grady Again this year the tennis team was picked by the tournament process, the winners and runners up being chosen to represent Fenwick in school meets. Frank McNichols, the Winner of the singles and with George Grady, co-winner of the doubles, was chosen as captain of the team. The other members of the team were: C. Singer, W. Brady, J. Burke, and W. Doherty. SCHEDULE May 21- Riverside at Indian Gardens, May 6- Riverside St. Rita at St. Rita Ma 23- Y May 15- Loyola at Loyola Loyola at Fenwick May 25- May 17- Catholic Ieague Tournament St. Rita at Fenwick at Loyola May 20- May 29- Weber at Fenwick Morton High at Fenwick Page Seventy-nine I TRAMURAL PORT Basketball One of the most important intramural activities of the year is the basketball tournament. This year 232 boys, who made up 29 teams, entered the contest. The teams were made up from the differ- ent Religion classesg each class had a light and a heavy team. All of the elimination games were played after school. The juniors under the leadership of Captain Red Brennen won out in the heavyweight division which consisted of sixteen teams. The lightweight senior team captained by E. Brady took the victory in their division. Swimming In the intramural swimming meet the seniors placed one member on the team, but the sophomores held all other posi- tions. B. McGovern, senior, copped the 25-yd. free style, H. Venn, sophomore, was victorious in the 50-yd. free style, T. Quirk, sophomore, won the 25-yd. backstrokeg F. LeBrun, sophomore, the 25-yd. breaststrokeg and J. Bastien, soph- omore, won the diving championship. The sophomore team of J. Dullard, H. Venn, T. Quirk, and J. Markarian were the winners in the 100-yd. relay. The 75-yd. medley was won by T. Quirk, J. Hosty, and J. Dullard, sophomores. J. Burke, P. Silcorski, G. Brennan, T. Allen, C. Venn, J. Hosty, J. Kennelly, R. Gleason, A. Bandur. J. Dullard, J. Markarian. On the tur R. Hzilpin, J. Jares, Wm. McGrei10r, P. Springer, J. Rogers, T. O'Connor, E. Brady, R. Murray. The takeoff, Page E ghty CO PETITIQ for LL Volleyball This is the third year that volleyball has been listed on as one of the major intramural activities. Sixty teams com- posed of 440 students started the season to compete with one another for cham- pionship and bronze medals. For the second time a team from the senior class rose to the top as Victors. The team was led by captain Frank Schell, with Frank McNichols, Jack Giroux, Joe Elwood, Ed. Vertovec, and Frank Doonan making up the balance of the team. F. McNicho1s, J. Giroux, E. Vertovec, F. D Ping-Pong During the ping-pong season one can always find an enthusiastic crowd gath- ered around the ping-pong tables. The click of the feather-weight ball repeats in rapid succession as it speeds swiftly be- tween the contenders. Although William McGregor, senior and last year's cham- pion, has many challengers and still more admirers around the ping-pong table, he has not yet found an equal, consequently he remains the champion in the singles. Frank lVIcNichols and George Frederick, both seniors, share the crown by winning the championship in the finals of the ping-pong doubles, F. Schell, J. Elwood. Wm, McGregor, single champion. OOMPHI F, McNichoIs, G. Frederick, doubles champions. Page Eighty-one Wim. Hosty R. Carrahor lu. Brady E. Veriovecf J. Bzildassarri f - i r i Page Eighty-two BOWLI G Singles William Hosty, sophomore, chalked up high score in the bowling singles to win the school championship. Doubles In the bowling doubles two seniors, Ed. Brady and Dixie Carraher, topped all com- petitors to place their names among the intramural Fenwick champion of 1940. PASSING Passing proved to be one of the most enticing intramurals this past year. Out of the 362 students who entered the con- test four students were chosen to compete on intramural nightg of these Ed. Verto- vec, senior, was declared winner of the gold football when he completed 13 out of a possible 30 passes. LOOP-TENNIS This year a new game, loop-tennis, was added to the list of intramural activities. It proved to be an attractive and fascinat- ing game which attracted many students into the tournament which was played during the gym classes. The winner of the first tournament of loop-tennis was a junior, Joe Baldasarri. Football Dance Football Banquet at Morrison Hotel. THE DEEDS . . . of the Stndents, Parents, and Alnmnisliow the advantages of cc-operation in educational, social, and recreational activities 4 ,K 1 X X Z. 5 2 I P Q E'gl'1Ty-th R. Denne. Rev. L. E. Nugent, O. P., crater. During this year the ST. THOMAS CONFRATERNITY Page Eighty-four under the expert guidance of its moderator, Father L. E. Nugent, has scaled new heights of Catholic Action and new Activities. Fenwick was again honored by having one of its Confraternity members, Jack Kern, chosen as Treasurer of Cisca. The most practical purpose of the Confraternity, that of raising funds for foreign and domestic missions, was carried out by numerous endeavors. The most prominent of these were-The Confraternity Dance, Friday, October 135 amateur nightg the collection of voluntary duesg and the record dance in May. Great interest was also realized throughout the sectional confraternities in the distribution of pamphlets concerning questions of interest to all high school students. As is the custom every year, the Confraternity deliv- ered Christmas baskets to the needy. Through the gener- osity of the students over one hundred baskets were distributed. The activity was under the direction of Father J. M. Nugent. During the first semester the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer of the Confrater- nity were filled by John Walsh, Ned Maloney, George Frederick, and Dick Murphy, respectively. The second semester found Frank Schell, presidentg Ned Maloney, vice-presidentg Roger Denne, secretary, and Joe Duffy, treasurer. SEATED: G. Frederick, H. Nlur phy. J. XValsh, N. Maloncw STANDINC: I. Duffy F. Schell nder student impetus ' THE SER ERS CL B The inoriiing Mass. was organized during the latter half of the current school year at Fenwick. With Father Barron as Moderator, Club members are being trained to assume a more intimate and active part in the Dominican liturgical services which are so vital a part of Christian Catholic Education: daily Mass in the school chapel, weekly Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament in the gymnasium, and various other services which occur during the course of the school year. It is hoped that with the reassembling of the members at the beginning of the new year, 1940-1941, the Club will assume a more definite organization for the furtherance of its purpose and will make itself an integral part of school life at Fenwick. FRONT ROW: E. Dunigan, C. Enyart, J. Kern, G. Nicklas, J. Farmar, J. Miller, W. Kiley, J. Ylzxlsh, J. Duffy, Rev. M, M. Barron, O.P. SECOND ROW: R. Goedert, R. Poirier, R. Farrell, T. Colgan, G. MCIiG1'1', R. O,COl1IlO1', R, Wauzimakcr, R. Perry, F. Murnane. THIRD ROW: J. Tracy, J. Liyhtner, J. O'Donnell, XV. Buckingham, W. Hosty, J. Smith, J. Kopacki, W. O'Ieary, M. Kerwin, J. Westenhaver. RACK ROW: A. Kuhn, R. McAuliffe, J. Anlauf, J. Cody, F. Leahy, G. Koss A. Cihlar, J. Spahn, M. Healy, D. Mahoney. G. Cormack, J. O'Keefe. Page Eighty-five l FRONT ROW: Rev. XV. A. Fincel, O. P.g Jane Brown: Lorraine Hill, A1111 Lawson, Rev. T. Kin- sella, O. P. BACK HOW: George Ferry, Donald 0,BI'lCllQ Bill Wicks. A Symposium honoring Saint Thomas, the most illus- trious saint of the Dominican Order, was held at Fenwick Sunday, March 10. The purpose of this symposium is to bring to the Catholic youth of the Archdiocese a wider knowledge and more sincere love of this great educator and patron of Catholic schools. As is the custom, the elimination of boy and girl contestants was held separately at which three finalists were chosen for each group. Eight boys and sixteen girls from twenty-four Catholic high schools entered the contest. Representatives of the different high schools throughout the city acted as judges in these contests. Because of the installation of Chicago's new archbishop, Samuel Stritch, which took place on the Feast of Saint Thomas, March 7, the symposium was held this year on the following Sunday afternoon. This date made possible the attendance of a large number of the parents and friends of the contestants who would have been unable to have been present on a week day. Father Meyers, speaking for the Prin- cipal, opened the Symposium with an address of welcome. Lorraine Hill of Page Eighty-slx As the stage was set. Immaculata High School followed with an oration entitled-"St. Thomas-A Mentor of Our Time." Next, Jane Brown of Providence spoke of "Thomas-Saint of the Hour." She was followed by Ann Lawson of Loretto. Her topic was-"St. Thomas Aquinas-His Wide-spread Influ- ence." First, second and third prizes were awarded to the girls in the other mentioned. In the boys division Donald O'Brien of Saint Rita carried away first prize with his address-"We need Saint Thomas Aquinas." Second and third places went to George Ferry of De LaSalle and Bill Wicks of Mt. Carmel, respectively, speak- ing of "Aquinas on War" and "The Saintly Genius-Thomas." Trophies, emblematic of victory, were awarded by the Reverend Thomas Kin- sella. O.P., from the Dominican House of Studies. The program was interspersed with re- freshing music furnished by the Fenwick Band. The students from the Dominican House of Studies sang for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at the close of the exercises. N ew members in the ATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BERNARD E. FRETT, '40, is renowned for a scholastic career in which he was conspicuous for his modesty, his earnest devotion, and loyalty to all things that affected the well being of Fenwick. His leadership is of the well rounded variety -he led his class on the Honor Roll, was elected treasurer of the Senior Class, played fullback on the football team, and was Editor-in-chief of the 1940 Black- friars. For such service and leardership Bernard received membership in the Na- tional Honor Society on April 26. FRANK B. KELLEHER, '40, was the second member to be enrolled in the National Honor Society this year. Frank's leadership was shown more by the pen than the sword. Besides his scholastic record, his work on the Wick and on Blackfriars, and his untiring labor in collecting and distributing Christmas bas- kets have merited for him the coveted position in the two yead old Society. 5 JAMES E. MCDONALD, '40, finds the compass an instrument worthy of being enshrined for its usefulness to leaders. Mathematics, however, is not the only fort of strength "Jay" possesses: he can meas- ure arms with the best of them in the boxing ring and find time to take his post as copy editor on the Wick between bouts and fill in the afternoon winning debates from opposing teams. FRANK J. SCHELL, '40, climbed to the front with al camera in his hand. Many of the pictures in this volume of Black- friars are the fruit of his labors. Frank was an active member of Fenwick on the track team and in intramural sports, and was president of the General Confrater- nity the last semester of his senior year. Energetic in his actions and prolific in ideas, he has lent support to anything that aided Fenwick. Page Eighty-seven .Ia Z ra i . FRONT HUXV: J. Mcllonalcl, .l. Duffy, E. Enyart, J. Kern. F. Schell, J. Farniar, G. Nicklas, li. Kilroy. 2nd HONV: L. E. Nugent, Mocleratorg L. Dercng. ll. Hoelzer, li. Farrell, C. Farwell, H. Perry. T. Gavagan, C. Harkins, J. Courtney. 3rd ROW: A. llooily, XV. Buckingham, .l. O'lJonnell, ll. Murphy. NV. Jeffrey, P. Si- korski, H. Cote. BACK ROW: .l. Lightner, A. Kuhn, ll. Paloinbi, .l. Roth. J. 0,Bryan, J. Tierney, G. Mungcr, .l. Anlaufl M. Healy. In March 1.940 the AQUINAS DISCUSSIO CL B . . . was organized as an auxiliary unit of the Saint Thomas Confraternity and the Fenwick Cisca Club. It was begun under the direction of Father L. Nugent in response to per- suasive requests of a group of Fenwick Ciscans: J. Duffy, C. Enyart, J. Kern, J. Lightner, and L. Dereng. The club, which meets once a week after school, provides an opportunity to analyze the subject matter for the Cisca meeting of the following Saturday and enables its members to discuss more thoroughly and understand more exactly the subjects to be proposed at the General Confraternity meet- ings, thereupon confidence is acquired in self-expression, and the General Meetings become more interesting. Guy Munger and "Jakei' Lightner were the most active discussion leaders. Among the topics treated this year were: "The Right to Private Property," the many phases of "Christocracy," and "The Church and Social Order" fthe subject of the recent statement of the United States Catholic hierarchyb. The Aquinas club was well receivedg the members were faithful and enthusiastic and now have a deeper understand- ing of the principles of Catholic Action. They are better able to express themselves on current Catholic issues, to interpret Catholic thought, and give vitality to a much needed organ- ization. Page Eighty-eight H ear the DEB TI G UNION. in action if you want to witness one of the foremost societies of Fenwick. Father Conway, its founder and present director, has sent his speakers into seventy-two debates this past season. These engagements were with local and out-of-town schools, twenty-one in number. The activities of the Debating Union are not confined to debates with schools of the Catholic League, for it is now a member of the Metropolitan League, a group of public schools. The Debating Union was represented at the Annual Catholic Tournament at Winona, Minnesota, by J. McDonald, G. Munger, J. Twomey, and J. Kelly. This tournament, spon- sored by St. Mary's College, gives our students a chance to meet and debate with the best students from Catholic Schools in the Middle West. Among other students who represented Fenwick on several occasions during the season are George Nicklas, Philip Sheridan, and John Tierney. Near the end of the season a Junior Team was organized which competed in debates with other schools, its members being T. Conlon, R. Goedert, M. Healy, and E. Kerr. The school may well be proud of the students who represented it this year. The topic for discussion this year was: Resolved: "that the United States government should own and operate the railroads? This topic was most capably treated by the men of both affirmative and negative teams. In many non-decisions debates the younger members were given an opportunity to show their skill and experience. Many underclassmen are entering this society for they see the value of reasoning and speaking well-two valuable assets in later life. STANDING: G. Nicklas, R. Farwell, J. Mcllonalml, E. Costello, .I. Twoinu H K tlerl, .I. Kelly, E. Kerr, G. Munger, P. Sikorski, Iicv. G. G. Conxxax O P SEATED: R. Palonibi, L. McCabe, E. Dunne, T. Conlon, M. Healy .I Tierntg P. Sheridan. Z ,f Z ll . REV. E. C. LILLIE, O. P. Editing Moderator BLACKFRIARS' STAFF Editor-in-Chief ................ Bernard Frett Editor .... PERSONALITIES ...................Robert Cote Assistants .... Jack Kern, Frank Kelleher, Charles Enyart, Paul Springer, George Nicklas. Kenneth Kilroy. ACTIVITIES Editor ..........,.,......., Robert Jaskowski Assistants ...Emmett King, Edwin Motto, Thomas Moore, John Roorda, Philip Sheridan, Frank Seery. DEEDS Editor .................,........ Paul Gaskill Assistants ..,., Milton Flyke, John Biggio School Photographers: ......,.. Frank Schell, Howard Opelka Business Manager . .... Kenneth Kilroy Assistant .,............... Joseph Farmar Advertising Manager ....... Edward Dunigan Assistants: Robert Fanning, Frank McNichols, Charles Van Zeveren, Paul Weiss, Richard Murphy, Robert Maguire, Roger Denne, Joe Duffy, James O'Keefe. yin SCH01 rr. B 0 xl 5SAssooP5 XX 45 Member i939-40 ff Xb Page Ninety Last year BL CKFRIAR was entered for the first time in the National Scholastic Press Association Yearbook Competition and received First Class rating. Consequently each of us looked forward with pleasure for the privilege of adding his bit in producing this edition of the Blackfriars. Each and every boy is happy to climax his four years at Fenwick by having a position on the staff of the book. We strove hard to duplicate the Wonderful success achieved by staffs of previous years. In November R. Jaskowski, J. Duffy, C. Enyart, J. Biggio, J. Roorda, F. Schell and K. Kilroy, seniors interested in the yearbook attended the N.S.P.A. Conven- tion at the Stevens Hotel in Chicago. Work on the book started about the first of December. Father Lillie continued as editing moderator. He had the mem- bers of the senior class vote for the five boys best suited to share the key positions on the 1940 Blackfriars. The one receiving SEATED: F. Schell, B. Frett, J. Kern, R. Jaskowski. STANDING: H. Opelka, P. Gaskill, R. Cote. il L .. SHAPED: J. Farxnarg K. Kilroy. Business Mglxg FRONT ROW: G. Nicklas, T. Moore. K. Kilroy, C. J. Rogersg J. Walsh. E. King. YIAYDING: F. McNichols, C. VanZevere1i, P. 2nd ROW: C. Fnyart, F. Kelleher, P. Sheridan, Weiss, R. Fanning, R. Murphy. R. Denne, F. Roordar. J. Duffy. 3rd ROW: E. Motto, F. Seery, P. Springer, J. the highest number of votes, and chosen to be the editor-in-chief, was Bernard Frett. Regular classes Were conducted to instruct the new staff in yearbook building and editing, for most of the students had ,little or no experience in such a line. Small groups were appointed to each of the phases covered by the book. Each boy had his duty and each responded. Father Quinn continued as business moderator because of his untiring Work and success last year. It was his duty, with the aid of his managers and assist- ants, to solicit advertisements and to get subscriptions. A new Way of disposing of the annuals Was devised this year. In order to make it easier for the students to pay for their books, punch cards were sold and the books were paid for in in- stallments. To encourage interest in the final drive for subscriptions a free day was offered to the undergraduate class possessing the largest percent of books bought before the close of the contest. The Freshmen Won the day by a small margin over the Juniors. During the drive daily posters kept the classes informed of the previous day's gains. We have tried to make Blackfriars both useful as a historical record and en- tertaining as a memory book. We hope our labors have not been in vain. Biggio, M. Flyke. REV. J. A. QUIXN. O. P. Business Moderator Page Ninety-one Springer. gor, G. Nicklas, F. Kelleher. The students producing S T A F F Editor-in-Chief ......,........... Robert Lies Associate Editor . . . . ,George Nicklas News Editor . . ..........,.. Charles Enyart Copy Editors ............., James McDonald. Paul Springer, Frank Kelleher, Robert Cote Copy VVrit,er .................... Guy Munger Feature Writers .,............. JohnvRoorcla, Richard Buckingham, Joseph O'Keefe, John McGowan Sports Editors ......... William McGregor, Joseph Anlauf Photographers . ...... Frank Schell William Quirk REPORTERS A. Kuhn, J. Tierney, W. Jeffrey, F. Olsen, G. Mullen, C. Jardine, R. Dooley, B. Aamodt, J. Westenhaver, T. Harvey, J. Kelly, G. Mun- ger, J. Twomey, G. Keller, J. Griffith, J. McKerr Circulation Manager . .,.,..,. Gerald Caterina Assistants ..,.John Kelly, Donald Strueber Page Ninety-two THE WICK Work many hours each month Without the knowledge or applause of the general student body. Their reward is personal training in self-expression and the satis- faction of Work well done. Fourteen members of The Wick Staff received journalism pins for Writing at least one hundred column inches. They were: Robert Lies, editor, George Nicklas, associate editor and Richard Buckingham, William McGregor, James McDonald, Joseph Anlauf, Guy Munger, Frank Kelle- her, Robert Cote, John Roorda, Paul Springer, Charles Enyart, John Tierney, and Gerald Caterina. Richard Buckingham, feature Writer and next year's editor, had the distinction of heading the list of Writers With 385 column inches to his credit. Much enthusiasm and many new ideas resulted from the Catholic Press regional convention and from the N.S.P.A. conven- tion in November. George Mullen, Thomas Harvey, Robert Lies, George Nicklas, SEATED: J. McDonald, R. Lies P STANDING: C. Iinyart, W. McGre Charles Enyart, Richard Buckingham, Burton Aamodt, William McGregor, Frank Kelleher, and John Westenhaver repre- sented The Wick. This year's staff deserves praise for its excellent news coverage and for its success in keeping The Wick an effective means of correlation among students, parents. teachers and alumni. It has been influen- tial in promoting all school activities. The National Catholic and the National Scholastic press associations have judged The Wick excellent. In commenting upon the last issue of this year, the N.S.P.A. continuous service editor Writes, "In gene- ral there is not much for the Continuous Service Editor to criticize in your paper. You are doing a very good job." Such a comment is indeed a credit to FenWick's journalists. The staff is made up exclusively of students Who have had an average of B or above for two years and who have reg- istered for the class in journalism. REV. NV. D. VAN ROOY, O. P. Moderator FRONT HOXV: J. XVestenhaver, J. Twolney. F. Schell, li. Cote, J. lioormla, G. Caterina, J. Kern, M. Flyke. rl HUXV: F. Keller, J. Kelly, J. McGowan, li. Dooley, XV. Jeffrey, li. McGinty, C. Jardine. 3rd HOXV: H. Buckingham, B. Aainorlt. J. Tierney, A. Kuhn, G. Munger, J. Anlauf, T. Harvey, J. O'Keefc. iff' Page Ninety-th ree REV. J. A. SIMONES, O. P. Moderator BAND PERSONNEL J. Kern G. Fleischauel' F Pastorino J. Krickl J. Anlauf R. Finn F. Wegcr R. Dooley . McGuire Welch . DiCostanzo . Roorda R. 0'Connor J. Lightner W f ' R G. J J T. cieex J. McCarthy R. Campbell J. Mammcser R. Jaskowski J. Markarian J. McDermott R. Buckingham R, Palombi T. Allen R. Corbett J. Reedy W. Doherty G. Nicklas G. Munger J. Twomey E. Hall D. Wilkin J. Organ F. Bruno F. Lindholm R. Boehler D. O'B1'yan J. De Celle W. Hedberg Kamis Aamodt Motto Raphael . Neher . Pitra . Holecek Marsalli H ff gvosuafsmrdpwfa U Bauer 'U D FU no f'D Z 3 fl? 'Y 'f -'N o c -. Salute the FE WICK BA an organization which is very much a part of the extra-curricular activities here at Fenwick. The band in the last year has had a phenomenal growth, both in musi- cianship and membership. It attained a new high in membership, and received honors in the diocesan contest for its very hard and difficult work. It rounded out an eventful season under the leadership of Mr. John Sovinec, Director, and Father Simones, Moderator. Mr. Sovinec is well equipped for this position having studied for many years under such a teacher as Herbert Clark. He is also the director of the Chicago Boy's Club Band, a three time winner of the Tribune Music Festival held each summer at Soldiers Field. This season the membership of the Band was increased by seventeen freshmen members, who were enthusiastic in this activity, eager to learn and willing to be taught. A number of new instruments was purchased giving a better balance of instrumentation to the band. The practice studio was moved to more suitable quar- ters in the tower of the school. FRONT ROW: R. Jaskowski, E. Hall, R. Huff, J. McCarthy, R Finn G. NVelch. SECOND ROW: W. Regan. G. Nicklas, R. Dooley, J. Roorda D O,Bryan, J. Lighiner. BACK ROW: R. Palombi, J. Markarian, R. Bauer, R. Buckingham R. Campbell, .I. Krickl, F. Lindholm. R. Neher The playing season began October 8, at the football game with St. Mel. After an auspicious debut at Mill's Stadium, the band played for all the football games and for othe athletic events held in the gymnasium. It also gained much recogni- tion for its Work at the St. Thomas Sym- posium. In the contest for secondary schools sponsored by the Catholic Music Educators Association, the band was given first, or superior, rating for Class C bands. In the solo held at Loretto Acad- emy for the Catholic schools of the city, W. Doherty, W. Regan, J. D. Constanzo placed second, R. Neher, H. Raphael, and F. Weger placed third. Not content with calling a halt to its activities, the band placed a number of players in the massed band which participated in the music festival held in the Civic Opera House in May. Glancing back through past year books, We noticed that in 1937 and 1938 the band had only nineteen membersg in '39 it had increased to thirty nine, and in '40 it had exactly fifty members. All in all it looks as if the organization should go places in future years, and as it does so, it carries with it our heartiest desires for continued success. FRONT ROW: J. Reedy, J. McDeromtt, H. Raphael, A. Pitra, F. Lindholm, R. O'Connor. SECOND ROW: J. Kern, J. Mammoser, J. Anlauf, W. Doherty, D. Wilkin, R. Considine, F. Bruno. BACR ROW: F. Weger, C. Marsalli, J. De Celle, D. O'Bryan, L. Domeier, .I. McCarthy, R. Finn. MR. JOHN SOVINEC Director Page Ninety-five We welcome the DRAMATIC CL B again to the extra curricular activities at Fenwick after an absence of one year. This rebirth of the theatre in the school is the result of the coming of Father Madrick to Fenwick. All activities of the Thespians are in his hands, and under his excellent guidance and tutelage, they promise to go far. In the dramatic season just past, "Penrod," a four-act comedy, was presented at the Austin Town Hall. This production was based upon the famous novel by Booth Tarkington, and produced by special arrangement with Samuel French of New York. Its cast contained eighteen characters. All the roles were filled by members of the Freshmen Class. Richard Mullen enacted the leading role of Penrod Schofield, while the part of his friend, Sam Williams, was taken by Willis Marquardt. This initial effort was a huge success, promoting its director and the players to look forward to very successful presentations in the future. For next year is planned a complete organization of the Dramatic Club. It will be opened to all students, but its officers will be chosen from among the members of the upper classes. FRONT ROXV: R. Farrell. J. Quirk, D. Ken- ney, J. Reedy, J. Lindsay. MIDDLE ROW: Rev. J. J. Nladrick, O. P., Director, R. Perry, C. Curran, XV. Mar- quardt, XV. Crcedon. THIRD ROXV: R. Palomhi, R. Mullen. NVhat gots on! H. Moroni. N BUCki11Sh2iH1'S fOlly. Amateur Paderewski. Football crooner. Stardust again' Magician "Chuck", t tal-ces AMATEUR IGHT to bring out local talent from its hiding. Each year Father Malone's junior religion class sponsors this rather informal exhibition of capabili- ties and provides an evening of fun. This year the committees were headed by Dick Murphy. John McGowan and Joe Edelen had charge of the publicity, Charles Brady arranged the entertainment, Jack O'Donnell took care of the stage, and Paul Sikorski was in charge of the tickets. The small admission fee was turned over to the St. Thomas Confraternity to be used in helping the missions. The program consisted of three types of entertainers: vocal, instru- mental, and novelty. The following members participated: Vocal: Emidio Marzicola, Dixie Carraher: The Three Aristocrats of Song-Dick Buckingham, Guy Munger, and John O'Donnell, and Art Doody and Frank Weger. Instrumental: Piano-Jack Jones, Jack Milder, R. Vraniak, John Clark, and Milton Flyke, Accordion-Robert Strueber, Tony Cihlar, and Bob Arzt, Trumpet-Edward Dunigan, Herbert Harrison, and Tom Weger, Saxophone-J oe Elwood. Novelty acts: James Collins with action drawings, William Dayton, Joe Edelen, and J. Franklin in radio play "The Substitute", Dick Buck- ingham and Jack Griffith in a comedy act, Charles Curran, magician, Jack Kern and partner in a dance act. The program varied from professional caliber down to the type that is booed from the stage, but the large audience accepted everything in the spirit in which it was given. The winners of the cash prizes were: Dixie Carraher first and Emidio Marzicola second in the vocal section, Edward Dunigan, cornetist, first and Tony Cihlar, with accordion, second in the instrumental group, Charles Curran, magician. first and Dick Bucking- ham and John Griffith second with their comedy skit in the novelty group. Page Ninety seven Mrs. Roy E. Curran, Mrs. VValter R. Costello, Mrs. Chris XV. Keane, President Vice-President Treasurer 0 MOTHER ' CLUB , Q3 Q ff,fa1.'w,fy f I, . 4,-,rm fi-i , 4 if , f I f f 0 W, r 4, , f,y.,,. , ' 1 . ,. f ' M :af vf 1 , 'rs,M , mg f. I Au, Wf wnm,,.4,,W . f ,W X f . Q. REV. B. B. CONNOLLY, 0. P. Moderator Page Ninety-eight has been more active than the one of the past year. The moderator of the club, Father Connolly, and its members under the leadership of Mrs. Roy E. Curran have done all in their power to be worthy of the favor they ask of Almighty God in the prayer of the Mothers' Club: "Dear Lord, we beseech Thee with earnest hearts to bless this Work undertaken for Thy Glory and the honor of Thy Immaculate Mother." Besides the regular meetings on the First Fri- day of each school month, the mothers of the students have undertaken various social activi- ties. The first event of the school year was a card party in the school gym on October 20. In Novem- ber an informal barn dance Was given at the school. A most enjoyable time was had by allvvho attended. In the line of formal affairs, the club could not be outdone in its annual formal dinner- dance held at the Stevens Hotel on December 2. This affair was also participated in by the Fathers' Club. February 2, was "Guest Day" -a day on which the members of the club were invited to come accompanied by friends as their guests. The program for the meeting, as always, provided for a most enjoyable afternoon. The most important financial undertaking of the year was the card party held in the school gym on April 26. This truly was a great success -financially as well as socially. The climax of Mrs. John J. Walsh Mrs. Daniel H. Shield, Mrs. William H. McGah, Recording Sec. Corresponding Sec. Financial Sec. the activities for the year, however, was the dinner given for the graduating class of 1940. This event Was given by the Mothers' in conjunc- tion With the Fathers' Club on June 4 at the Lake Shore Athletic Club. It is altogether fitting and proper that the Club be thanked most heartily for this affair as Well as for all the encourage- ment and assistance it has offered to the class of 1940 in its four years at Fenwick. With the end of the school year comes the end of the activities of this Wonderful society. When We examine how well and diligently the club has adhered to its statutes We see how noble and how true are these Women Whose deeds are recorded in the Annals of Fenwick and in the hearts of the students and the Faculty. October Party Prizes. Fathers' and Mothers' Formal Dinner Dance Page Ninety-nine The deeds of the FATHER ' CLUB Rev. Ii. A. Mcllerino 0. P. Mozlcraior are not confined merely to social events, for the club offers to its members all the recreational facilities of the school. It also holds an annual Retreat at the Dominican House of Studies in River Forest. Last year this retreat was given June 16-18 with Father Wynne conducting. Father McDermott, the newly chosen moderator and Mr. Frank McNichols, the president of the club, agree, however, that the prop- er response has not been given to the efforts of the active members of the club. In order to increase the already large attendance at the regular Monday night meetings, captains have been appointed in each parish within the range of Fenwick to see to it that all the members are in- formed of the nature of the club and its meetings. It has been the intention of the club to arrange a monthly get-together of the fathers and sons at which refresh- ments and entertainment would be offered at the expense of the club. The Fathers' Club most graciously re- warded the 1939 football team by giving in its honor the Annual Football Banquet. This affair took place December 12, 1939 Take a chance. Itis papa who plays. Page One Hundred Retreat at Dominican House of Studies, June, 1939. at the Morrison Hotel. The event was a financial success as opposed to previous years. The club was most active in making the barn dance a great social event. lt is the purpose of the club to provide financial assistance to the school as much as possible without burdening the parents and friends o Fenvvickg consequently, only two financial undertakings Were arranged for the year-the Football Ban- quet being the first and the Carnival the second. The latter took place in the school gym on the nights of May 23, 24, 25. Mr. Frank lVlcNichols was chairman for the affair which provided an opportunity for real enjoyment. The carnival, among other things gave away a Chevrolet coach. The Fathers' Club spared nothing neces- sary for the success of the Senior Dinner which it gave in conjunction with the Mothers' Club for the graduating class of 1940. It is evident that the members of the Fathers' Club have not the time to devote to the school that they would like to. Nevertheless We marvel at the Wonderful Work done by this society. Mr. Frank J. McNiChols, President OFFICERS FRANK J. McNICHOLS President HENRY C. ENGEL Vice-President CHIS. W. KEANE Treasurer JOHN L. WESTENHAVER Recording Secretary THOMAS J. MULLEN Financial Secretary Poge One Hundred ond One Tuesday night is A L U M N night at Fenwick. On that evening each week the active members join in the varied program of sports and games at their command in the school gym. This weekly meeting does much toward keeping former students in contact with one another and cementing earlier friendships. The first major activity of the Alumni during the past year was a get-together dance in the Fenwick gym on November 4, the eve of the Home-Coming game. The fo.l- lowing day a large number turned out to witness their Alma Mater triumph 13-0 over St. Philip. During the Christmas holidays, on December 27, the Alumni sponsored a winter formal at the Congress Casino where a goodly number of members and friends danced to the music of Ted Fio Rito and his orchestra. Each spring it is the custom of the Alumni to attend Solemn High Mass and receive in a body before the annual Communion Breakfast. This is usually given after school closes so that the new members can attend. Plans have been made to have it on June 9 this year. The officers and committees are making arrangements also for the annual summer formal which is being given this year on June 14 at the Medinah Country Club. W. Kilbridge Rev. J. S. Kennedy O P L Nlondi G. Frigon E. Thomas Moderator Page One Hundred cmd Two yi--3 mv- - H W ,AJ I Where Fenwick Friends Meet F R I E N D S niaole this book possible. In this section we invite yon to ineet thein - some fzx f 'Q ot ioorh, soine ot ploy ,.- V W 4 ,A X2 --1 Page One Hu d d d VER PATRO N S Y REV. P. CYRRIEN, O. P., S. T. LR., Ph. D. VERY REV. J. A. DRISCOLL, 0. P., S. T. LR., Ph. D. VERY REV. V. F. RURNELL, O. P., P. G. REV. NV. A. FINCEL 9 REV. P. V. FLANAGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Chris Keane Miss Anna I.. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Lucey J. ll. McDevitt J. S. Dasso F. J. Provosl F. E. Seery J. N. XVilkin H. F. Clark T. F. U,C0nn0r G. Lntiger R. S. Parker P. M. Kilroy C. T. McDonald F. J. Schafer F. J. Schell F. J. MeNich0ls R. A. O,C0nnell T. F. Brown Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr 0. P., M ,A. O. P., S. T. LR. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs D. J. Donovan C. E. Enyart G. A. Rempe . C. Van Zeveren . G. R. Frederick R. E. Frelt T P Collins and Mrs. . . and Mrs . J. A. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Denne Mrs. M. J. Miller Mr. Gerard J. Steinmetz Miss Margaret A. Regan Miss Elisabeth P. Regan A Friend Bert L. Chadwick Carl's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. James J. Oalieefe Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dunigan Mr. Fay Kelsey Mr. and Mrs. Roy Curran COMPLIMENTS ?OfL MOTHER i CLUB of Fenwick High School 1939 - 1940 OFFICERS Reverend R. B. Connolly, O, P. ..........l.,.oo.... ,...... H onorary President Mrs Roy B. Curran .......,............ ........ ......,,..... P r esident Mrs XValter R, Costello ,,,... ,o,e....,.i... . ...Vice-President Mrs. John J. XValsh .......... ............ R ecording Secretary Mrs. Daniel H. Shield ....... ........ C orresponding Secretary Mrs XVi11iam J. McGah ....... .............. F inancial Secretary Mrs Chris XV. Keane ................................................. . ..........,,......,...,,.. Treasurer STANDING COMMITTEES Mrs Thomas J. Mullen .................................................... Auditing Chairman Mrs Carl O. Kramer ............ ......... - Calendar Chairman Mrs John NVestenhaver ...... ...... C ourtesy Chairman Mrs Dennis Crowley ........ ......,.,,........ H ouse Chairman Mrs Matthew Finn ............ . ....... Membership Chairman Mrs G. Barrie Campbell ,,.,..., ......... I Iuhlicity Chairman Mrs John J. McEnroe ............ ,...... I 'rinting Chairman Mrs John G. Hopkinson, Jr. ..... ...,...... I 'rogram Chairman Mrs Frank J, Schafer .,,....... ,...... R evision Chairman Mrs Joseph A. Duffy ......... ........ S ocial Chairman Mrs, Hilary G. Giroux ............................................................ IVays and Means CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Mrs Frank J. McNichols ...........................................ii.... ......... enior Class Mrs XVi1liam Thomas ...... ............. J unior Class Mrs Joseph A. Martin .......... ....... S ophomore Class Mrs Mrs Thomas Cusack, Jr. Arthur J. Dooley ,,........ ....,.....Freshman Class ......................Alumni COMPLIMENTS iof... FATHERS' CLUB of Fenwick High School 1939 - 1940 OFFICERS REVEREND E. MCDERMOTT, O. P. Moderator FRANK J. MCNICHOLS President HARRY ENGEL Vice-Pres. CHRIS W. KEANE Treasurer THOMAS J. MULLEN Financial Sec. JOHN WESTENHAVER Recording Sec. 1 The Alumni of 1943 take entrance examinations. Confraternity Assembly. Boom! ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Rev, J. S. Kennedy, O. P. ................................,,4..,...,e..,........ ......... B Ioderator Wlaller M. Jennings .,.,. . Thomas Morrisey ,,,,.. Charles Mondi .,.....,.. Raymond McGrath ...,, ...........President ...........,..Vice-President ............RCcording Secretary ...,...Corresponding Secretary Edward Carraher ...... .,..,,a............,............,,... ..,..f..............,.,.... . T reasurer John H. McAuliffe George Doonan ALUMNI BOARD Leonard Mondi Charles Vleishaar George Sullivan Wlilliam Kilbridge Joseph Radke l I l Senior' leaders take over. C 0 WL p Z fi WL e n t 3 Of SENIOR CLASS 1939 - 1940 REV. M. A. KAVANAUGH, O. P. Moderator ROGER DENNE, President P. GASKILL, Vice-President G. FREDERICK, Secretary R. FRETT, Treasurer FUEL OILS 1 : GASGLINE COAL SUBURBAN'OHJ CUMPANY Wm. Curran Sz Sons 17 Metropolitan Ice and Coal C0. VILLAGE 4780 FOREST 1600 AUSTIN 4780 We Make Warm Friends HAR DVVAR E H O USEWARES WALKER COMPANY 126 N. Oak Park Avenue Oak Park, III. SPORTING GOODS GIFTS THE LITTLE STORE Jos. W. TYLL Quality Groceries at Chain Store Prices FRUITS KL VEGETABLES GROCERIES, Free Delivery EUClid P1711 O11 S. OAK PARK AVE. COMPLIMENTS ,oft TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL XVe're lookin' to you! X Suburban Trust and Savings Bank INSURED DEPOSITS HERFF-J ON ES OO. "Worlcl's Largest Manufacturer of High School Jewelry" Fenwick High Schoo1'S Official Jeweler CLASS RINGS PINS KEYS ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CARDS MEDALS TROPHIES CUPS DIPLOMAS AND AXVARDS See SONIA for FRATERNITY CREST SHOP BIDS PROGRAMS FAVORS Loop Office: Room 1002, 32 W. Randolph Street Telephone: STATE 2378 THE IMD HLAEMPHIAHS PRINTED AT ST HHJVVHYE PHIMHW HAHLEM E TUUHY AVENUEG P. U. NUHWUUU PAFH4 - NILEE, ILL THEPHUNE NEWEAEHE HQUH Bronco busters down on the farm. COMPLIMENTS Tof-, AVENUE STATE BANK 104 N. Oak Park Avenue OAK PARK, ILL. B0B,S OAK PARKS BARBER SIIOP Home Owned Department Store LADIES' and WM. Y. GILMORE CHILDREN'S HAIRCUTTING 1605 MOBILE AVE. at North Ave. CHICAGO Sz SONS Oak Park Avo. at Lake St. COMPLIMENTS ..0fT Monsignor John J. Code I ST. EDMUNDS PARISH BREUNIG JEWELRY STORE AVENUE BANK BUILDING Phone EUC1id 1854 Prepare for Lezldersliip under Catholic auspices GRADUATES are you going to eollege? Join your fellow graduates HERBERT BEDDING RAYMOND RUSSELL HENRY SCHARF JOSEPH SHIMANEK ELGEAE STALZER ROBERT ZIMMERNIAN now attending The University of Dayton DAYTON, OHIO Founded in 1850 CONDITCTED BY THE SOCIETY OF MARY Aeereiliierl by leading Stzinflarizing Agencies XVrile for information to THE REGISTRAR VNIVERSITY OF DAYTON DAYTON, OHIO Buddies. COMPLIMENTS LOJL 1-. I 9 Q J we -A Q In Q QSEEM-E:lFll5: .I S-L I vii s f lgJJ,'i',s v fm, CQAL LAWNDALE 0637-5.8! OFFICE AND MAIN YARDS: CICERO AVE. AND 161-H ST. clcERo 5700-1 De Paul Universitv CHICAGO .A CRGWN LIBERAL ARTS COMMERCE LAYV SECRETARIAL MUSIC DRAMA NURSING EDUCATION GRADUATE Day and Evening Classes CAMPUS DOWNTOWN BLDG. 2322 Kenmore Ave. 64 Lake Street GAS and ELECTRIC RANGES Manufactured by Crown Stove Works CHICAGO, ILL. COMPLIMENTS -Of- Westwood Laundry CO. J. J. MURPHY Maywood-EUCLID 1100 River Grove-BERKSHIRE 1100 SUCCESS TO THE SENIORS OF 1940 THE SHOP A Sure Stop for Fenwick Boys 814 N. BOULEVARD R. G. Dixon C. B. Bohrn OAK PARK A. O. WETZEL, R. Ph. C. 'f S U C C ES S PRESCRIPTION A fo the DRUGGIST il CLASS OF 1940 189 SO. Oak Park Ave. HAYWARD Cm-. Pleasant OAK PARK, ILL. JEWELRY STORE V Phones: EUCLID 32 - 137 COMPLIAIENTS -.Of-. MARS, INCORPORATED Manufacturers of MILKY WAY SNICKERS "The 3 MUSKETEERSH MARS FOREVER YOURS I "Mind if I look?" The man who comes around. Stutz explains. Looking back! Loyola University CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Conducted by the .Iosuits 1540 - 1940 Quadricentenniul of the Society of Jesus Four Centuries of Progress GRADUATE . . . COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES CLAKE SHORE DIV- ISIONJ . . . SCHOOL OF COMMERCE CDAY DIVISIONJ . . . UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CDOXVNTOXVN DIVISION? . . . LAXV . . . MEDICINE . . . DEN- TISTRY . . . COMMERCE IEVENING DIVISION? . . . NURSING . . . SOCIAL NVORK . . . HOME STUDY. CHURCH and SCHOOL PRINTERS Programs, Church Calendars, Collection Lists, Hymn Books, School Stationery XVrite us-or Phone DES PLAINES 314 St. Maryis Press DESPLAINES, ILL. REV. H. E. MLLCAHY, Supt. DUFFY MANUFACTURING CO. SEVVDIN CURTAIN LIGHTS TOE BOARDS TOE BOARD PLATES Combination Floor Mats C onnbination Metal anol Rubber Specialties HOLLAND, MICHIGAN QUALITY COAL and COKE for DOMESTIC USE Frank J. McNichols Coal Co. 2101 so. LAFLIN STREET chicago, Ill. Phone CANAL 6507 il lg ll F. C. PILGRIM Sz CO. REAL ESTATE I 5637 XV. Lfk A 6 I 3 . l l .U .1 e St. Chicago 01 N. Harlem Ave. Oak Park ll ll l l l Y A COMPLIMENTS -iofx AUSTIN STATE BANK COMPLIMENTS -Of- MILLS' STADIUM MR. WM. HARLEY, Manager MR. VINCENT SHEA M ,, .QM The Fiykc twins Look, hair! luke ll lcsl. O1'I'icc rcflcciions. AUSTIN 0136-0137 A Oak Park-Iiivor Forvst ' Phone ENTEIIPIIISE 4010 "Say it with Flowers" JOHN M. WEILAND NYE TELECRAPH FLOXVERS I 5315 YV. Iilzidison Streot OAK PARK RIVER FOREST CHICAGO Tel. HAY1uarket 1155-56 MCGUIRE MEAT PRODUCTS 1333 FULTON MARKET CHICAGO, ILL. THE BIG 3 OLD KENEIJE COFFEE SHERMAN BLEND COFFEE SEXTOYS SPECIAL COFFEE No extravagant cluiius - no special ble-nfl for you alono. Iiul coffoc prim-ri right that is going to pleasc your 11:1- lrons :mil ilicrczisc your business Iiackcrl by 55 yours cxpcric-mv in sup- plying holcls unml 1'csIzui1'zu1Is. John Sexton 8: Co. Chicago - Brooklyn SEXTON Quality Foods 0 deep! JOHN MCMAHON CHAS. RINGER CO. 85 SONS Y , . , 1 , ATHLETIC L1XIJERTAIxP.RE5 INSURANCE 3321 YYest Madison Street 7915 So. Exchange Ave. Phone: . ., ALSHN 80-0 MH. CLARK SOUTH PARK 0444 C. KAMPP Sz SON LOMPLIMEBTS FUNERAL fA of - HOME SUN KIST PIES 318-320 North Central Ave. PHONES: AUSTIN 0017 EUCLID 7487 GOODYEAR TIRES TIRE SPECIALISTS BATTERIES AUTO AND TRUCK GOODYEAR SERVICE Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company 4500 VV. MADISON ST. COLu1nbus 4450 Complete Services IGNITION LIGHTING LUBRICATION BATTERY BRAKES RETREADING RECAPPING COMPIIMEWTS COMPLIMENT5 - U f' - - 0 f - LAMPERE'S BARBER SHOP 504 Madison St. EUClid 8452 8a West Towns Railwa S y ' ROTHE'S MEAT SHoPs Inc. -H OAK PARK 103 N. Oak Park Avenue PHONE EUCLID 5120 900 So. Oak Park Avenue PHONE EUCLID 0000 METHE-WOLF CO. Distributors of FIRST QUALITY FUELS ONLY Main Office and Yards 2240 BLUE ISLAND AVE. Tel. MONROE 444-3 7 ,,,. 61 , .X f- 2 , j, 'A . Vi L i,O O ' C O N N O R , S For Beautiful VVHITE FLANNELS XVl1ile SUMMER GARMENTS and FLANNELS are cleaned definitelv VVHITE FOR SERVICE - Fon CLEANLINESS FOR You O'C0nn0r's Cleaners RIVER FOREST, ILL. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND RYAN BROS. FLOWERS CUT FLOWERS CORSAGES POT PLANTS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 6717 Norih Avenue near Euclid Res. VILLAGE 7180 Phone EUCLID 8621 FOREST 4000 ES'I'EI3RO0Ii 2000 Geo. P. Ryan Auslin E. Ryan COMPLIMENTS R of W COMPLIMENTS OF Rt. Rev. Msgr. R. C. McGuire A FRIEND ST. CATHERINE of SIENA PARISH Phone: VILLAGE 5273 FREE DELIVERY C 0 H PI IH E Y T S Quality I. G. A. Store - Of- GROCERIES, FRUITS, PRESIDENT OF OAK PARK 902 S. Oak Park Avenue Formal Football. Tex gets the bird. Posin'. Here he comes! Formal dance, Tl1e Fenwick High School B L U E C A B R A N K S Village 5800 Berwyn 300 at the Forest 1740 Austin 2878 PRAIRIE STATE BANK NAPOLEON'S CAFE A RESTAURANT Milflison Street XVITH A REPUTATION and FOR GOOD FOOD AND SERVICE ALlSlll'l l3OlllCVZlI'tl 3953 W. Harrison St. 7 T 1 X j 7 I T9 CHICAGO NIAX It E ' Fenwick Friends are always Welcome One . . . two . . . three . ATTENTION GRADUATES ENROLL XYITH CONFIDENCE AT St. Ambrose College DAVENPORT, IOXVA A fully equipped and fully accredited Educational Institution offering four vear courses leading to B. A. and B. degrees. St. A in b r 0 s e also offers courses requisite for Medicine, Law, Engineering, Professional and Cultural Subjects. FIFTY-EIGHTH YEAR ADDRESS REGISTRAR FOR INFORMATION POXYERFITLLY GOOD ADVICE FOR SIIMMERA Go Places See Things Have Fun Trouble-Free Fun Festivals NOVENA PILGRIBIAGE Around America Leaving July 28 ........ .... S5 169 AROUND AMERICA 14 Days-All Expense .......... 55174 ALASKA AND THE NORTHXVEST 21 Days-All Expense .......... S269 EASTERN VACATIONS ...... S35 up A wide choice including WorId's Fair Plan now to join our Notre Dame- Southern California party, Dec. 1, 1940-All Expense ...... S159 Notre Dame-Army Party to New York Leaving Nov. 1-All Expense .... S39 If You Have the Urge to Travel Call or Write POWERS TOURS A.lII6I'ICHlS Old Reliable Travel Agency ESTABLISHED 1910 111 W. Washington St. Suite 260 Phone Dearborn 7058 Chicago, III. RAGALIE BOOT SHOP 13 Madison St. COIVIPLIMENTS OF SHOES FOR THE A FRIEND ENTIRE FAMILY Euclid 6796 Oak Pilfk Main Office and Spring COLun1bus ALGONQFIN. ILL. 5753 FOX VALLEY COMPLIMENTS or SPRING WATER A FRIEND PURE SPRING XYATER Distributor SAM KAS CHICAGO COMPLIBIENTS -of- REGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY 15 YY. Madison Street OAK PARK EUCLI D N. J. KURT DRUGS N. J. 14lr1:'1', H. Ph. 501 Madison St. Oak Parl PHONE EUCLID 0283 4, Ill. GIVE YOUR BOY THE BEST IT COSTS NO MORE St. Benedicfs College ATCHISON, KANSAS DOES YOUR BOY NEED: Better Habits of Study an d VVork, More Individual Attention and Guidance, Catholic Atmo- sphere? Enroll Him at ST. BENEDICT'S COLLEGE Fully Accredited COMPLETE CURRICULUM LEADING TO A. R. and B. S. DEGREES Rates 55456.00 No Extras Send for Catalog COMPLIMENTS -Of- MORRISON HOTEL MR. LEONARD HICKS, CHICAGO Managing Director IUQIHUIU I U5 IHS WAHASH AVENUE SUITE 310 STATE 0113 OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPHER 1940 BLACKFRIAR SPECIAL RATES TO FENWICK STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES AT ALL TIMES. PEORIA NEXV YORK SCRANTON A. F. AMLING CO. , JUST XVONDERFUL F. C. McLaughlin FLOWERS Sz Co. IIlC01'p01'ated Maywood, Ill. Forest 3-100 INSURANCE BROKERS and AUSTIN 4927-4928 VILLAGE 4926 ENGINFFIRS VICTOR FURNITURE A A J CO. -1- QUALITY FURNITURE and CHRYSLER BUILDING NEW YORK, N. Y. RUGS - PIANOS .1811 VVcst Lake Street J. D. YARUS, Prop. CHICAGO Loras College DUBUQUE, IOVVA FOUNDED 18319 A Catholic College for Young Men Conducted by Diocesan Priests -1 Highly Accredited - Reasonable Rates. Bachelor of Arts, Science and Music Degrees. Pre-profes- sional Courses, Journalism, Radio Broadcasting, Aviation. ADDRESS: OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS It works! I was home sick. The Dartv line. AUTOGRAPHS X X X X X X X AUTOGRAPHS F251 . .M -f v . 5 , X 'ii v . . A I 44 Q X , ,f ,L+ ' 4' l ' f 'vm T' -. 1 ,Q A Qu", Q "N '15 V, 31. .f"3'L- .41 1-U, . wfgxv x ln. "1 'ff' ' ff M fi 141 X r' 1 f . f -43 -mm - W., f f V .. 1" ', s, nfl .J Uv' A .4 .lf N , 4' n"'.' 'Q 'I' ,M .Hx :ww If fF'.IL :iw 'v .,-'4 . f' , '1 . '74, .Mfr ,- . , WJI' 41. ,-

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