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4 fqgscx A xxax A -X x X-bk X x x -. X 21 X Q N 'QSM xx? 'X xxx -AX 1 X x Xa X X Tx X x xXx'-H "-c' H+ 1- war A fe. 'W" 4?T1'?'6qGf4?W. .4 f,- .,. ,. ., .--. w .L -wf' Y' -A -. .. ,, ...NA .1 +4 H Y,-,mf A -,-1',..4- -1- ...,, .fff"..-'f- -S N 4:-E54 'Six . Pies. 5.351 1 EFT? ,gf '1'i:g'fY2 '23-S9233 Q1 1193 'fix '- -R ,sf 255537 Levi' v-.aw .M x. .Agn-. . '?'RXf . 253 5:5-9351, ASQ. T1 ' Tiiifl. '5 ,N 3--353:15 '41?:.f.'li ff, x ips.: 'Vkvnsfi JI Qiffi? A , 'V7 :mi if at LAl3Qf' :xg-.2 ,. fzfx, I "1 -521 A' . .H ,.-.... ,. .-,- , V- --f -, - , fn .,.'1,4 -4-.I.T'-f' ,ffl-'i .::4?- ' k . .- f-,w-,-ivtfgfh ,150 -4.1,-1q-.-..- -v, , '-.f-J --::'1x..,.,,.fg, Qtr:-i, Vntgy., ...Q V 1 ,, ., '-- 46 '4 'T - sg-li: .rf-1' ,:'- f:g- A .Q A"-15 - ' 1'i .' ' 212715:- 1951 1952 ECHO PUB1 ISHED BY SEINIORS OF FENTON HIGH SCHOOL enton Iowa The Lcho stalf hae enjoyed the nnnv hours sperm 1n rmklng thls annual We hope that 15 all look over Lhls annual Jn xeirs towonr- that 1t w1ll lung ba k the wonderful tum h ul 1l'l Penton H1g,h We vu h to add our heartfelt thfmke Co the advertleore bel 1g.hL Pul llC"1C1OIl Bureau Russells Studlo the laculny and rmny othus who have helped make our annual posslhle The SFIIIOFS , 4 x A x "'-" 1 1 P, , ' H: H . ' .. ' , , ' A .' 1 V , : ' . .' if wc: 2 5 . Q E , f 1 f 'v 1 ,we L f . 5 . , . . . , .I 1. , J Ar I. , " ' ' V . h., ., , , , .. F909 IW f H SIX IUQJ Il 1 l1Awwl N Jil X' fn fg f s 4 A - Q35 Nha fi . E X4 ai fl fx A BX Ea ' 3 A, K 'xynfk lQUI'l'Ol3 IN f',ffII' l' - ---- 1- .5 '1" xss1.'Vx'1 11 w m ,.,v . ' ?3l7fXIYl'."l'4 "X7wXi.?iHA- - A '--P - - I' ' W 1' .xamim A,-, - - " 1 - f? Slfqfpylx - A X - . ... A. 'ir iiwwla .,- .,--- k - - - A vw 1, - A A-,-,.-,.-. up .E 'X' 1: 11' 77 ART it PHfW'61iIi,lHY - - -P ---- Vllfpiwf XMI FENTON PUBLIC SCHOOL SCHOOL BOARD PFES1dCHt Otto Borchardt Secretary . . . .Paul Elgler Dlrectors .... Dr. Ruske Everett Dreyer John Munch Gerhard Hantleman ..3.. FACULTY Back row QL to RJ Mrs Halverson M1ssEness Mrs Koch Mrs Elgler M1ssRh1nehart and Mrs Wagoner Front row CL to Rl Nh' Becker Mr Barker Mr Brownell and Mr Tatum W J Tatum Supenntendent Econom1cs Soc1ology World HISLOFY L O Barker Prlnclpal Typlng Bookkeep1ng BUSINESS Law Bus1nessAr1thmet1c Amerltan Government Instrumental MUSIC 7th and 8th Engllsh and Spelllng R Brownell 7th and 8th Math General Nhth Shop Geometry Advanced Algebra Athletlcs Mrs Koch Home Econom1cs I II Arts and Crafts 7th and 8th Ln: erature 7th and 8th Sclence Mrs Wagoner Engllsh I II Amerlcan IJUCFBCUIC III IV Vocal MUSIC R Becker 7th and 8th phyS1Cal Ed 'Ith and 8th SOC1al Studles erlcan Hlstory General Sclence Mrs Halverson Mrs Elgler Miss Rhlnehart Flfth and Slxth Fourth and F1fth Second and Thlrd M1ss Eness F1rs t Grade 4 I 0 1 1 I 1 ' , , . . I . . , . ,A . , 11. . A I I, 1 1 ' . . , 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 . . '1 '1 1 1 , . . 1 1 1 ' , . . 1 1 1 1 ' . ., , Am- , . 5 I Superlntendent V J Tatum Among our many Echo s we w1ll always remember M Tatum We thank ,,J" h1m for h1S gu1dance and adV1CC whlch he has g1VeH us DAVID BERRLAND Pavorlte Qay1ng you thlnk so? ACt1V1t1CS Basketball 1234 Base hall 1234 Band 1234 Quartette 4 Xnnual BUSINESS Nhnager M1X8d Cho rus 1234 Boys Clorus 3 Class Play 34 Class Presldent 23 Tieasurer 4 NMBVIN BOLLINGEH Nlckname Warv FSVOFICC Say1ng Are you bats? ACCIVIEICS Basketball 1234 Base hall 1234 Annual Sports Class llay 4 5 Nicknanfz 'Berkland' 1 , . K . Z, . A, X .di . I ' , , . gx 2 , 'I .Ai - ' , K Fl Ly Y 3 D 1 r DELOBES HAACK N1CkH8m9 Haack FHVOFICC Saylng 1 don t know ACCIVILICS M1X6d chorus 14 Clee Club 14 Hone EC Club 12 Sec Q Treas 1 Annual Ass Ed1C0f Sec 8 Treas of Home Ec Club 2 Kxtten ball 23 Class Play 34 L1bf8f1aH 1234 MAUBICE KRAUSE Nlckname Krause FHVOFIEC Say1ng H1 slugger ACLIVICICS Basketball 1234 ball 1234 Annual PICCUFCS Chorus 23 Bovs Chorus 3 Plays 34 Base M1X6d Class VEHDA LUEDTKE Nlckname Luedtke FHVOFIEC Saylng Don t ask ne ACt1V1C16S M1X8d Chorus 1234 Glee Club 1234 Home Ec Club 12 Cheer leader 4, Annual AdVCIt1S1Hg, Stu- dent Council 4 fTreasD, Class Play 34, Class Vice Pres. 2. ..5.. JAMES MEYER Nlcknane Meyers ACt1V1t1CS Band 234 Mlxed Chorus 1234 boys Quartette 4 Boys Chorus 3 Pep band 234 Class Treasurer 3 Class Presldent 4 Annual Humor Basketball 1234 Baseball 1234 A BENOBA MITCHELL Nlckname Mltch Act1v1t1es Band 1234 Glrls Sex tette 34 M1X8d Chorus 1234 Band Queen 3 Class Plays 34 Glrls Glee Club 1234 Annual Muslc Home Ec onomlcs Club 12 Home EC Club XICS Pres1dent 2 News Staff 34 Pep Band 1234 VERLE PIERCE Nlckname Plerce Favor1te Saylng No Comment ACt1V1t1eS Basketball 12 Band 2 Mlxed Chorus 1234 Class Play 34 Student Councll Pres1dent 4 Annual Classes Boys Chorus 3 Pep Band 2 7 yd BEVERLY POTRATZ Nlcknane Bev PGVOFILG Say1ng T1s True ACCIVICICS Glee Club 1234 Sex tette 1234 M1XCd Chorus 1234 Band Queen 4 Class VICE Presldent 13 Secretary 8 Treasurer 24 Home Ec onomlcs 12 Cheerleader 14 Class Play 34 News Staff 24 Annual Ed1t0F 4 RONALD POTTER Nlcknane Screechy FaVOF1t8 Saylng I don L know ACCIVICICS Class Plays 34 Annual P1CtUf8S 'v-f", MARILYN WEISBRCI Nlcknane w61SbfOd F8VOF1E6 Saylng Xa but ACt1V1t16S Rand 1234 News Staff 1 Glee Club 124 Mlxed Chorus 124 Class V1ce-Pres1dent 4, Class Sec- retary 3, Class Plays 34, Annual, Advertising, Home Economics 12. -3- CLASS OFFICERS Sponsor Pres1dent VICE PT6S1dCHt Secretary CLHRICULUM Anerlcan Llterature Bookkeeplng Amerlcan HISLOFV Mr Tatum James Nbyer Mar1lyn We1sbrod Beverly Potratz Soc1ology Government ECOnOm1CS Class Motto Take one step forward and secure that step Class Flower Yellow Rose and Violets Class Colors Yellow and Orchld CLASS SONG CTO the tune of In the Cool Cool Cool CH The Even1ng In our very last year of h1gh school We b1d you all farewell In our very last year of hlgh school MCMOFICS there w1ll dwell When the school bell rang 1D September And vo1ces fllled the a1r Cause we knew lt s our last So we had to thlnk fast So they d know that we were there We had a lot of fun Now when our work 1S done We'll g1ve our knowledge to some Flrst to the JUHIOF class goes all our And our Aggresslveness too And to Settle And to You'll the class of sophomores down and try the tlmld freshmen get here ly and by. last, last, year of hlgh school In our When we start to part In our last, last, year of hlgh school We know we aren't so smart But they're g1V1Hg us our d1plomas And send1ng us away In less than a month For Jobs we w1ll hunt And we'll have no more to say' qu1etness --'-9--""---"------' ' Treasurer ----------- - -------- David Berkland ,. 'll ' I7 Y 1 ' ' 'J l V SENIOR CLASS HIST GRY Nineteen forty brought a brlght group of youngsters to begln thelr flrst year of school 111 Fenton The class conslsted of Arthur Boyken Vlrguua M1eller Larry 'Iheesf1eld Nhrvm Bolllnger Eldora B1erstedt and WUTICC Krause 'lhe teacher who had the pleasure of teachlng them was Mlss Carlson Cleo Larson Danny long and Marlene Stlgman JO1I'l6d LB the second semester of that year O.1r second year of school brought us the same class except that Cleo Iarson Danny Long and Nhrvm Bollmgger le ft us The class were really m1sch1ef rrakers by the t1me they reached the th1rd grade Wanda Wallace Jomed us the second semester of that year 'lhey were under the gl11dHIlCCS of Mlss Brathland and 'Vhss Hewltt Our merry class gradually advanced and now that we re 1n the fourth grade only one new student Jomed us Wlllfll was Delores lhck Wanda Wallace left us the f1fth year and so dld our teacher M125 Brathland Orr new teacher was Nhss Minus Ou' S1Xth grade many of our students left sone to attend Parochlal school Those who left were Arthur Boyken Larry Theesfleld Eldora Blerstedt Delores ilaack and V1rg1n1a M1eller Benora Mltchell Jolned us because of m1SSlIlg a year of school hav1ng rheumatlc fever and Marllyn Welsbrod and llienreth Nbtzger J01l'Bd us the second semester of that year Marlene Stlgrren left us the end of the s1xth year and our seventh year brought two new pupl ls to our class Those were Jerry Woods and Verle Plerce Oar teacher then was Mrs Halverson Olr e1ghth year of school we moved lnto the former Home ECOHOIIHCS room Nhry llou Fmnestad was the only new pup1l that year In May of 1948 we graduated fron 8th grade Our bashful class f1nally reached hlgh school and were1n1t1ated Green Freshmen They were Dav1d Berkland 'Vlarvln Bolllnger Verle Plerce John Bolhnger Jerry Woods James Neyer Maurlce Krause Eldora Blerstead Delores llaack Salome Uthof Beverly Potraz lJO1S Hante lnen Benora Mltchell Verda Luedtke and Nlarllyn ll61SbI'0d Ronald Potter JO1I'lCd us the 2nd serrester of that year Another term went by and we were sophomores Those who dropped out were LOIS Hantelrran and Jerry Woods Our .lunlor year cane w1th much excltement We looked forward to our Jllillm' class play and banquet w1th eager Lnterest John Bolllnger was the only one that left us Ah'at last our flnal year has come Now that we are senlors our class has dnrunlshed unt1l we only had eleven 1n our class Salome an Eldora ft us and got marrled 10- ' 1 1 1 1 1 . ' 1 . I 1 1 ' . . V .. . I A- 5 V , ' , . , , 1. , - . 1 . . , . 1 ' 1 1 . , . .. 1 1 ' . . . ,. 1 'l . ' 1 . . . . I 7 0 A I s ca 11 - - - as . ,A , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V . . ,. 1 1 1 ' ' . . . . . . . , . . d Ivy. ' .- . PROPHECY It has now been 20 years s1nce the class of 52 has graduat ed from good old Fenton H1gh We have now come together 1H the great Clfy of Fenton The f1FSt one was recogn1zed as DaV1d Berkland He settled down on a farm wlth h1s w1fe and he 1S also a member of the P T A Nhjor MBFVIH Boll1nger was home on leave so he was also here NEFVIH 1S st1ll h8V1Hg luck w1th women Delores Haack had a few changes school teacher but 15 keep1ng house lone Rock 1D her plans Qhe 1SH t a fmlwrhdbyamlkms MBUFICC Krause has become a Coach for Notre Dane and 1S st1l a bachelor Verda Luedtke has settled down here 1n Fenton w1th her husband and e1ght k1ds all of who are boys Ihr husband 1S stlll 1H the hardware bus1ness Janes Meyer was able to get leave from the P B I Off1CC 1D H3Sh1HgLOH D C w1thout any 1nwest1gat1on W1th h1m was h1S w1fe who 1S a nat1ve of lenton Benora Nhtchell after 8Lt6Hd1Hg college for a few years 1S aga1n Cl9fk1Hg 1H Ba1ley s Store Her husband 1S operatlng h1S fathers farm west of town Nerle P1erce has settled down 1H Jackson MIHHCSOCS where he 15 operat1ng a n1ght Club Tle Plantmore HIS Wlfe 1S a S1Hg8F 1H the club We had a call from Beverly Potratz from Ch1C3gO She 1S WOfk1Hg as a pf1V8t6 secretary to a veter1nar1an She 1S st1ll s1ngle but has a few prospects Honald Potter was found after much search1ng 1D the H1ngl 1ng Brothers CIFCUS He was the worlds tallest man Last but not the least we found Marllyn we1SbF0d We surely thought she was gO1Hg to be marr1ed but much to our surpr1se she wasn t She s WOFk1Hg w1th the F B I and has become en gaged to a person who se home 1S near Lone Rock 1 11 l - 1 ' ' 1 Q ' ' ' in . , . . Y W' l , . S . I A. .W . . H s H . . . . , A . 1 7 ' ' - T , l ,f'f.'x 1 'f't' i ts 1 Y 3 i 1 1 1,1 CLASS WILL lnrc we, the sen ors have so many talents and db1l1L16Q we hue dec lded to mlll some of then to the lov.e1 Classmen D1x1d wllls hls Qblllty to get along ulth women to Larry Hoot so he won t have anx more trouble wlth the glrls AHIYIH wllls hls ablllty to plan baseball to Ronald Morten son so lenton w1l1 haue at least one star lkalores wllls her 8b1l1LV to act lnnocent when 1n m1SCh1Cf to XGHILG so tle teachers won t alwaxs be blamlnv her for start 1Hg the dlsturbances 1D sophomore study hall MHUTICC W1l1S h1s ablllty to play basketball to Cbcar so exen though he 18 short he ll be able to make a few more baskets Yerda w11ls her ab1l1ty to yell to one of the fOll0W1Hg cheerleaders James w11ls hls ab1l1ty to get IHCO m1SCh1Cf to Robert Frledrlch so the JUHIOF class won t be so qu1et777 Benora wllls her bell lyre to the band because 1C wouldn sound flght w1thout lt Ronald w1l1s some of h1S he1ght to Daryl DeSart so he w1ll be more notlceable Verle wllls h1s ab111ty to run the mOt1OH p1cture nachlne Lyle Hanson so the students W111 stlll see a few mov1es Beverly w1lls some of her shortness to DCHIS so he won have to stoop down to talk to certaln g1f1S Mar11yn W1llS her ab1l1ty to get her book reports 1D on t1me to Lynn Huske for certaln reasons. 12 5 fx ', a q- 1 u, f . ' . 2 J . ' - ' , y s- yu , 1 s 1. . , ,, , . , M . 2 ,' ,' s 'S ' ' Y 7 f , ,' , f . 1 .. , . ,' r . r . , s . s,' f . '- ' ' v Y - - - . . t , 4' -' r r 1 L L A .. . . V . . . . . . ' 1 1 ' , , 1 , ' ' . , , a . I t , I C - . ,l I L p. - 4 I ' y' ' A A ' 1 I. ' I Q 2 I . . , Y Y . . . . . . , . . . ,t . . to . . . ,t . e e The ze le ne IP me n UI 11 D TC If UF 16' I THF SENIGTS WILL NEVER FCHGET omons and perfume on 1Il1tl13t,1OH freehmfan find sophomore part 16-5 gurls and thelr hone ec classes CMar1lyn S pajamusl m Xexdx S 0 IUYIIOI uncl senior banquet Sunil mx xlnle 1 noone wc worlxul on the annum .vs L 'adwertlsnlg QUIPI tum V ff rlods ID the xssemlv x mr er l x r lfassmd wks xncl I ITU 1101 an: IIOI is Ilaws HIM so many 0 assnntcx fmosh wen 1nU le s basket lmal l t our nlment S guls, slunlel pnL1e dl lLy 1 dc aes Lo gree hae lful lloxe 1Il ou C abs ll1lxPS .lll llology llnxt hdppcnenl Lo llencrd QL Nerln th 1Il"S Eldorl md her vuorrles about thf races SdlOTTE SIYTIIIQI on the plll CUSTIIOII 1n home lf ,gif xt clay when our pletlrex lnxllv lme llawlrl intl lllb woman troubles Xarwln nul hu SijlIlfI you mats Us lores 'xml her nlekname lhlll LCC dnml lub lnsketlaall ames eu 1 final her snoms lame, 'ind lux lIOll.TJl65 Wlfll Lhe C11 Benoxx 'und her dn key Xerle incl lug lord troubles vflly and her mal Lrou ee Ronild md hu cars ll8I'1lVIl and her g1ggles The lunlor and SGIIIOI' 5 O'clock breakfast 13 WE, . ' , : Th r .Q . : ,' ,- Tl rnhlvlt ' '. ' 2 'J Cl Sli 'H K' ' . , K. ' - , Tl .' :je g 'A ' "2 , , Tl d'1j.' 'ml' ". ' 'fp "' ,HV ,, ,4 ,, S' il 3 . .S . . 01 ' tel 'lx 's and ot, me ' ' . ' Les fl 'Co z .an . rs C,k'kju1' 'Q lSf'I' 'vlzss l l s' 5 ' ol' ur Clip: A 5 ly' The clnv we hzul our pivinres taken. Tl X , , ' 2 Tl A ' W Q 1, ' Q ' s ll 'lil' 'as ' fl xg , a 1 on ', Tl . :l , ' r ,l ': Lx-1. ' ,ls l I' Y , lf. ' ? J 1" 4 W V5 Tlx Vu . '. ' V z':"l"z 1 f 'l 2 5" H l :" Y "la . , "5 ."' . 'Q . ' lf 's ller"f X" "l" " Ll.. IUNIORS SPOVHIK Mr Barker Th1rd row KL to HD Duane Dreyer Dorothy DeSart Yvonne Arbo gast Rose Mary Fuhr Iola Berkeland Lynn Ruske M1dd1e row Wayne Bolllnger Howard Bruhn Denn1s Zumach Robert Fr1edr1ch Mr Barker Flrst row L1ta Barker Delores Flnnestad Oscar Sorenson Larry Gade Dor1s Jean Mortensen Marllyn Jentz CIASS CTFICERS Secretary Iola Berke land Treasurer Dennls Zunnch CURRICULUM Amencan Llterature Bus1ness Ar1thmet1c Geometry Typlng Bus1ness Law Amerlcan H1story ACTIVITIES e ma1n events of our class th1s year were the Junlor Class Play Cheaper By The Dozen and the Jr Sr Banquet at the Gardston Hotel 1n Estherv1l1e Our class 1S very act1ve Almost the whole class 1S ln band and other act1v1t1es 14 D , , - , , , . . Z . 1 , . ' . . 1 l D . : . , . , I , . , . . 4 K Y 1 W i 1 President - - -Oscar Sorenson Vice Pres. - - -Marilyn Jentz , I. ,, 0' a SOPHOMORES SPCNSCR Mr Br owne ll Thlrd row CL to RJ Sh1rley Potter Patr1c1a Lufkln Kathleen Bolhnger Donna Berkland Mr Brownell Mlddle row CL to RJ Lo1s Mlller Audra Kae Straley hella Fuoss Shlrley Dewall Carol Blerstedt Norma Bleckwenn FIFSL row CL to RJ James Ixressm Lyle Hansen Robert Mltchell Andy Barker Harlan Mueller ik CIASS OFFICERS Presldent Lyle Hanson VICE Pres1dent Patr1c1a Lufkln Secretary Treasurer Carol B1erstedr CURB ICUUJM World HISCOFY Bus1ness Ar1thnet1c EXlgl1Sh II Shop Home Economlcs Ruslness Law Geometry Probably one of the sophomore s h1ggest events th1s year was g1v1ng 1n1t1at1on to the freshmen The sophomores also gave thelr parents a supper Our class has the best representat1on 15 out of 16 1n band lncludlng two baton twlrlers. 152- J Q Y, 1 , 0 ' 4.1 f - - A . A V ' w fy W . " 4 , x K 1 ' A X' 4 ' ' - , C fl , v , C , Z7 IKL 5 X ' ' Y 1 7 J WL .. ' K 4 Q . ' . , . . . , 1 v ' ' I 9 I I l ' r I 1 Q , . xo: at x In 41 uk -u 4- -r , . . . , . , FRESHMEN 69 SPCNSOH Mrs Wagoner Back row CL to RJ Richard Hiatt Larry Hoot Ronald Mortenson Conald Priebe Gerald Geitzenhuer John Eigler Clarence Bierstedt Front row CL to RD Mrs Wagoner Sandra Theesfield Donna Zumach Lois Voigt Bessie Bollinger Janice Jentz Sharon Eigler Bernice Potratz CLASS OFFICERS President - - Sharon Eigler Vice President - - Donald Priebe Secre tary-Treasure r Sandra Theesfie ld CURB IC ULUM English I Home Economics Ma thema tic s Shop Sc ience Atomic Energy ACTIVITIES The annual affair for the freshmen was initiation given by the sophomores. The Freshmen girls were table waitresses at the board- faculty banquet. -16- JUNIOR HIGH SPONSCB Mr Be c ke r First row CL to HJ Janet Theesfield Jo Anne Sunde Beth Ann Newel Alvina Miller Joyce Voigt Second row CL to BJ Mr Becker Gary Haase Bill Jentz John Munch Daryl DeSart Third row CL to Rl Ivan Wei brod Jim Pertl Jerry Riemers Fenton Junior High School enjoyed a good variety of sports competition this year We participated in boys and girls basket ball against K 8: E Conference opponents and also took part in the K 81 E tournament held at Lone Rock The Junior High also participated in several baseball games during the year. They also had the privilage to attend some social evenings this year. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pertl invited sone of the Junior High to Jim Pertl's birthday party. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becker, invited them to a Christmas party during the Christnns season. So all in all we have had a good year at school, at work and at play. 117, FIFTH AN D SIXTH i TEAFHER Mrs Halverson FIISC row CL to RJ James Gowans Pamela w61Sbf0d Stephen Stoeber Jane Ruger Gerald Langerman Davld F1HHCStHd Larry Sorensen Donald MICDKC Donna DeSart lavonne Cody Brenda Flnnestead Second row CL to RJ Judy Elgler Sharon Hantleman Carol Tatum DOFIS Beck Cynthla Brass Janet Behne Ruth Mlller Norma Larson Sandra Watson Karen Halnzlnger Thlfd row CL to RP Joan CUSh1ng Gary Bleckwenn EUDICG Hantle man Janlce Stoeber Jerry Walte Kenneth Krause Roger Fr1nk B1ll1e Scrlbner Roger Dreyer Adrlan Arbogast Mrs Halverson QQ -18-Q FOURTH GRADE LAI This is the fourth grade Their names are from left to right Back row Susan Hantelman Nancy Sunde Faye Hantelnnn Rebecca Householder Nhry Alice ROSSIUCF Mrs Elgler Center row Martha Flowers Barbara Halverson Virgen Norland Bonnie Pbrtl Judy VO1gC Kathryn Alt Gary Widdle Front row Merle Halverson Mark Bleckwenn Roger Schlickelman Earl Jentz Dennis Geitzenaur Charles Kern Lynn Menz There are a number of future musicians in the group N1ne play the flute three the piano one the cornet and three baton tw1rlers Several of the girls w1ll be yell leaders for the basketball games in a few years We stress reading corprehenslon and language arts However the children themselves are probably more interested 1n their science They are the usual curious age and find the1r l1tt1e experiments very exciting Our dlsplay at the end of the term cons1sts of their experiments booklets and nature d1splays compiled during the semester in which they take science. ...1Q... SECOND AND THIRD GRADE HH WA Top row Glen Hantleman Paul Hantleman Terry T1eman Donald Beck Joe Gowans Bryan Mortensen MISS Hlnehart Qecond row Bernard Haase Denls Chm Arden Borland John Ruger Jon Jentz John Watson Jerry Freyholtz Bottom row Denn1s Kyhl Ellen Racobs Bonnle GCIKZCHHUCT Barbra Prlebe Janlce Prlebe Barbra Wehrspan Wanda Sch llckelman kern Yager Karon w81SbF0d and DHV1d Ha1nz1nger were absent We have 14 second graders and 10 thlrd graders We lost one pupll so far Gall Martln moved to C8l1fOfH18 Dur1ng the 12th week of school we had hatlonal EdUC8t10H week All the parents were 1HV1tBd to V1S1t dur1ng th1S DIHE We had 26 V1S1t0fS 1n all We have had several part1es 1n our room For ChF1SCUHS we took part 1n a program g1V6H by the whole school 1U the gym FIRST GRADE 46 TEACHER M1s s Enes s Flrst row KL to RJ Peggy Volgt Janes We1sbrod DSHIIIS Thees f1eld Don Yager DeI1I11S Newel W1l11am We1sbrod Trudy Hus kamp M1SS Eness Second row Elalne Haase Bonn1e Jentz Jacquellne Pr1ebe Judy Jolley Lo1s F1nnestad Lo1s Schlckelman Ga1l Hantelman Demus Fr1nk and Beverly Wehrspan were absent Oar room had a Halloween party and pr1zes were glven to the boy and glrl w1th the best costumes Trudy Huskamp and Denn1s Pbwel won the PFIZCS At Chrlstmas t1me each grade gave a part of the Chrlstmas program whlch was presented 1n the gym Afterwards we came back to our room and had a party w1th the exchang1ng of g1fts Each month our room was decorated w1th the appropr1ate decoratlons for that month 1- ,. 1 - 'I 4! 4' Wi e S nlblf Q -21.. STUDENT COUNCIL President Verle Pierce Vice Pres ident Duane Dreyer Sec and Treas Delores Flnnestad Seated Delores Finnestad Duane Dreyer James Meyer Verle Pierce Andy Barker Jim Pertl Pat Lufkin Standing AlV1H3 Mlller Sandra Theesfleld Verda Luedtke John Elgler The members of the Student COUHCII were chosen two from each class and the Junior High The officers were elected from the Juniors and Seniors. We had our meetings the first and third Fridays of each month. Some of the things we did were sell re- freshments at basketball games, plan the Activity Banquet and put on school parties. We all enjoyed working on the Council and hope those who follow us have as much and more cooperation as we did so it will be enjoyed by them. ..2 Z.. BAND Hua. ...--Q D I Berkela1d Barker L Barker A H Mueller Jentz A B1erstedt Pow CL to RD C irst Nortensen J Fbr B Walte J Arbogast A Jentz J K Bolllnger hortensen L to BJ D d Row Blerste C Freyholtz N Newel B Sunde J Jentz M Mxller A Nhtchell Third Row CL to HJ R Sun A helsbrod N H1att R Nunch J Dreyer P Elgler J J Meyer rkland Be D sin, CS J. Kr Husk L Eigler ogast, S. Arb Y. OFGHSO 1 fx W H Fourth Flnnestad D Theesfleld S Hansen Bruhn L H Miller, Sart, L. to th host school 1s when we were 1n our memorles of Band stand out that w1ll e of the events CSLIVH OFWBF 1 ways 1 SSS HH CFCHCC r on M at Bode at Mus1c Contest II rated a We year four concerts dur1ng the gave ..We City. tl in Band 49 are YC . .The 3. PEP BAND em 'vp fe I 3 FIFSE row QL to RJ L Gade H Bruhn L Hansen D DeSart B Mltchell Second row CL to BJ D Berkland K Bolllnger A Nhller Frledrlch J Elgler B Fuhr N Bleckwenn J Sunde Newel J Meyer Fourth row QL to BJ C Arbogast A Straley Elgler D Mortensen MARCHIN G BAND if Thlrd row CL to RJ I Berkeland D Berkland H Mueller Barker L Barker P Lufkln B Mltchell J Jentz Blerstedt M Jentz B Hlatt S Elgler M wC1Sbf0d J Munch taken June 51 at Mason Clty Fest1val 0 ' a O' 'IK .sq QL i 2 x "' l I . . . , . ' , - .' , B. ' ' , . ' , . , . , . , B. ' , . i . , . , . , A. , . , . ' , . ' , . . , J. ' I ' .xr " wg . 3 i,4,e-ef' I as . Y"- v9 ! by .A 'J J Ii Dlx -ll 1.5L .U 6 . T 4 QUARTETTE "'-,N Davld Berkland Janes Meyer Lyle Hansen Duane Dreyer All the Muslcal Groups have been very BCCIVC th1s year Slnglng for SPCCIHI occas1ons bes1de part1c1pat1ng for Gra duatlon EX8FC1SCS Results of the small groups contest was Sextette II Quartette III TFIO III Mlxed Quartette III and large groups Glee Club II Mlxed Chorus III There are total of 33 1D mus1cal 8Ct1V1t16S SEXTETTE Sh1rley Potter, Benora Mltchell, Delores Flnnestad, Beverly Potratz, Carol Blerstedt, Iola Berkeland. 25 5 y Q rv 3 4 3 2 i 2 ., 7 ' ' K llitffil ' rf , - y - 5, if f 111. , -M. I ,, ' 1 .... , a GLEE CLUB Thlrd row CL to RD LOIS VO1gt Sandra Theesfleld Janlce Jentz Iola Berkeland L1ta Barker Verda Luedtke Nhrllyn Welsbrod Second row CL to HD Donna Zumach Bernlce Potratz Norma Jean Blackwenn DOFIS Jean Mortensen Marllyn Jentz Delores Haack Sh1rley Potter Benora Mltchell Mrs Wagoner Instructor FIFSC row CL to RD Carol Blerstedt Shlrley DeWall Delores Flnnestad Beverly Potratz Lo1s M11ler Donna Berkland BCSSIC Bolllnger TRIO Marilyn Jentz I Soprano Shirley DeWall II Soprano Iola Berkeland Alto -26- Zumach D Potratz B CI' ng Bolll B CDH kw lec B Q Q CHEERLEADERS Left to Rlght Sandra Theesf1eld Verda Luedtke Beverly Potratz Carol B1erstedt The cheerleaders were chosen fron the student body aga1n th1s year Anyone who wlshed could try out The group then led cheers 1n front of the assembly and elght were chosen These e1ght tr1ed out for the Student Councll and the four were chosen The cheerleaders d1d a good Job 1n cheermg and 1n lead1ng the cheer1ng sect1on Two of the cheerleaders are senlors Beverly and Verda and w1ll be leav1ng us th1s year They wore the school colors cons1st1ng of blue corduroy Two of the fam1l1ar yells were Are we gonna beat Yea boa Are we'7 Yea boa What are we gonna do'7 Beat Beat Beat ot t e coach' got t e team' ot t e Pep' got t e steam' Coach team pep steam Flfteen rah s for the whole team Bah rah rah rah rah frepeat 3 CITIES J Team team team We wlsh to thank them for the1r good work and hope succeed lllg ones w1ll do as well 28 A Q I U 3 l. ll 1 i 3 W skirts and weskits, and long sleehled white blouses. .4-,Q ""'v in I ' We g h . We h . We g h . We h . BASEBALL Q 04-. U47 YJV70 QE NZ, N10 yin .41 of -3 pak. lf1f',aLn hw IL ul FITSU row Andy Barker Lynn Ruske Maur1ce Krause Duane Dreyer NhrV1H Bolllnger Dav1d Berkland J1m Meyer Second row D1ck H18Ut Dennls Zumach Donald Pr1ebe Wayne Bolllnger Howard Bruhn Cscar Sorenson Robert Fr1edr1ch Th1rd Row Coach Holland Browrell James KICSSID Clarence B1er stedt Harlan Mueller Larry Gade John Elgler Gerald Ge1t zenauer l 4 Fenton Hlgh School s baseball team under the gu1dance f Coach Brownell f1n1Sh9d the fall baseball season w1th an ex cellent ll won and 3 lost record Th1S year s team had good h1tt1ng p1tch1ng and a falrly strong defense Due to a loss at the hands of Doll1ver 1h the sect1onal tournament Fenton s chances of golng far 1D tournanent play was halted The team led the newly formed K E County L1ne Conference w1thout a loss There are 7 teams 1n the conference S6n10FS playlng thelr last year were James Meyer Marv1n Boll1nger Dav1d Berkland and Maurlce Krause We W1Sh the teams the best of luck 1D the future. 29 , ,fa ' ' 1 A my 1, M D gi, 1 Q . T' 1' Q .cz C 1 .V :C 'Y -'- l N Lxxfff- 1, C 1 gk L' . Q , 7- Qf 7 4 ' ' v ,Q Q , a Q k w Y 1 Y ln fx E l K ' A Q .---, f 1 . 3 ' s 1 Lf? it 'f s ' . W. pl ,f we H.f an 2 , in n,x ' I 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 ' I 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : N , u ' ' I J - 1 1 1 1 ' if if 1- 4: 41 It It It . , , . 0 , - ' 1 . . 1 . . , . . , , . . . . . 1 . . , . , . ' GIRLS BASKETBALL Left. to r1ght hhnager Kathleen Bolllnger Delores Flnnestad Carol Blersted Sh1rley DeWal1 Bess1e Boll1nger Llta Barker Yvonne Arbogast Ven1ta EIIYETS Pat Lufk1n Dorothy DeSart Iola Berkeland Sharon Elgler Audra Kae Straley Rose Mary Fuhr Coach Holland Brownell The g1rl s basketball team under the 1eadersh1p of Holland Brownell gave a gallant show 1n many of the1r ganes but couldn t seem to come out on top But the1r lone v1ctory over the Arm strong team late 1n the season gave hopes for the future The team 1S pr1nnr1ly made up of lower classmen and next year could be the year Good luck 1n future years L- if f fl? X 130- BOYS BASKETBALL Front row Andy Barker Marvln Bolllnger Lynn Buske WUIICE Krause J1m Nbyer Duane Dreyer Back row James Kress1n Manager Cbcar Sorensen Dav1d Berk land Lyle Hanson Howard Brulm Dennls Zunnch Robert Fr1ed r1ch Harlan Mleller Coach Rollani Brownell K 0 1 M Brownell f1n1shed the year w1th a f1ne 20 w1ns aga1nst. 7 defeats The team won the ccnsolatlon prlze 1n the county tournament It lost a last second game to Swea C1ty 1n the Sectunal fmal The sen1ors on the team were Lhrvxn Bolllnger Maurlce Krause James Meyer Dav1d Berkland Th1s team we hope w1ll always rennln 1n the mlnds of Fenton fans Good luck 1n future years --31 8 1 K 1 U K C I l l The Fenton basketball team which again was coached by r. , . . . . . . ' If ll H Jan leesfleld Ions- N01 nk uni 1m III flfllf' I W! Nllllif 1 011110112 1 :LL lil 'Kr Her Presldent Jerry RCIITBYS VICE PI'6S1dCHt Alvlna Mlller Secretary and Treasurer Beth Ann Newel Plrst How Cl to RD Donna I1eSart, karen lhunzlnger, Carol Tatum, Norma Larsen, Janet Theesheld, Beth Ann Newel, Sharon Hantelman, Alv1naN11l1er,J0an Cushlng, Brenda Plnnestad, Sandra Watson, Lavonne Cody, Ioan iunde, Joyce vO1gf Second How Mr Becker 32 First How fl. to J et Tl 2 . ' , . ' gt, Ui"Hiz1it, Jul ,iulely .I Vert 1, Us I'r'1f-le-, ,Iemy H' ' s, Hvllz 'XIII N- ' 'lulwuru .1 ', Se' 'mini flow: Pvt:- Iir-Sar! , lvfary Haas:-, I,ax'1'N iool, C1 re 1 1 eraur,Ii1ll .IPI ,Jack 'Um 'u, E . Ref. Sectlonal BOYS BASKETBALL SCORES Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Penton Fenton F nton Fenton Penton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Ferton Fenton Total POIHLS Fenton 1156 Opponents 944 JUNIO Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Total polnts Fenton 109 Opponents 102 Ledyard Armstrong B1ngsted Whlttemore Gruver Lone Bock Grant Whlttemore Academy Count County County Whl SCCCIOHG1 SGCLIOHH1 Ledyard Seneca Do111ver Whlttemore Gruver Flngsted Armstrong T1fOHk3 Swea Clty Burt ttemore Academy Grant Lone Bock Do111ver Seneca Grant Do111ver Swea Clty TOTALS Average po1nts per game 4 8 34 9 HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL Cyllnder Lone Bock Cyllnder Seneca Gruver TOTALS Average pO1DtS per game 21.8 20.1 46 ------------ 40 ----------- 32 ------------ ' 58 ----------- ' I 27 ------------- 41 ----------- 42 ------------- 41 ------- " 38 ------------ ' 50 ------------- 40 ------------ n e 64 ----------- ' 38 ------------- 1 34 ------------ of 3 40 ----------- 47 ---- ' y ----- ', Fenton 57 ---- County ------ Seneca 37 ---- ---- l 41 ---- ------- ' 43 ------- ' 35 ------------- 51 ----------- 35 ------------ ' 47 ------------- 61 ---- l ----- 1 1 35 ---- ' ---- ' 36 ---- ' - - - ' : 2. R 3 25 --------- - - - ' 21 22 ----------- 23 16 ------------ ' 21 23 ---------- - - 13 23 ------------- 24 GIRLS BASKETBALL SCORES Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton ton enton LOU e ton Fenton Fenton Penton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Total POIHCS Fenton 7 Opponents 921 JUNIOR Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Total POIHLS Fenton Opponents 101 Ledward Armstrong Rlngsted 'Mu T temorc QTUVEI lone R0 4 Grant ledyard Seneta Dolllver Whlttenorc Rlngsted ounty Ledyard Xrmstrong Sectlonal Thompson Grant Lone Rock DO1llV6F Seneca TOTAL Average polnts per game 4 0 HIGH GIRLS BASRETBALL Lone Rock Gyllnder Seneca Lone Rock TOTAL Average POIHCS per game 34 30 ----------- - , 39 26 ----------. , 47 29 ----------- " g L 47 19 ---------- ' n F 41 Fen 30 ------------ ' x- 54 F ' 40 ----------- , , cl 48 Fen 30 ------------- ' f 51 F n 36 ------------ J, ' 51 31 ------------ 5' ,A 48 23 ----------- A 53 0 26 ---------- ' ,z 5 61 Fenton 30 ------------ Gruver 40 26 ----------- ' 34 II ---- C ' ----- ' 36 30 ----------- f 29 28 ---- I A - - - ' 44 27 ------------- ' 43 34 ----------- 44 50 ----------- ' 55 19 ------------ f 50 : 5 5 28.7 2 6. ll ----------- 33 l ----------- ' 30 38 ------------ 14 14 ----------- 34 : 64 16.0 : 25.2 Dreyer Berkland Krause M Bolllnger Barker W Bolllnger Meyer KFCSSIH Ruske Prlebe Gade Bruhn Frledrlch Hlatt Fenton Fenttn Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Fenton Penton Fenton Fenton Fenton Total Runs Fenton 110 Opponents 52 - - - XVE 40 83 3 28 206 200 0 4 000 000 00 000 BASEBALL SCORES Sectional Sectional TOTALS .QQH Cyllnder Burt DO1l1VeF Seneca Whlttemore Armstrong -Ringsted - - -Burt Armstrong - -Gruver -Dolliver - -Gruver -Cylinder Lone Rock Average Per Game BATTTNG AVERAGES f . AB H W . 5 42 17 .3 47 18 . 75 48 18 . ' .333 36 12 . 5 42 12 . ' .263 38 10 . 39 8 ' . 5 1 .l6- 37 6 ' .1 2 14 2 Sorenson .130 23 3 . 6 0 . 2 0 ', ' .0 1 0 ' . 1 O 2 ..-.-------- I 1 3 .............. . 4 ------------ ' 11 ------------- 7 , . 8 13 13 8 13 ' 1 4 Q 12 7 7 NNTICYS VVEH3 MOST LIKELY BEST COUPLE TO SETTLE DowN -Q!-f I, ,QI JAMES MEYER VERDA LUEDTKE CAROL BIERSTEDT VERLE PIERCE ATHLETIC MAURICE KRAUSE LITA BARKER MUSICALLY INCLINED DEPENDABLE DAVID BERKLAND MAURICE KRAUSE CAROL BIERSTEDT BEVERLY POTRATZ ... ., Q. Q? I 1 I8 1 A 2 P ,VW Q I . 2? I I .A I 3 l - , pf V A lg LJ 32 1- I I I' 4 , xi I I I WHO'S WHO APPLEPOLISHI-:Rs MOST Humonous MAURICE KRAUSE MARVIN BOLLINGER IOLA BERKELAND MARILYN WIESBROD TALLEST RONALD POTTER LOIQ MILIFR NEATEST INCLINED TO MISCHIEF HARLAN MUELLER ROSE MARY FUHR DONNA BERKLAND OSCAR SORNSON WHO S WHO MOST COURTEOUS QUIETEST BENORA MITCHELL ROBERT FRIEDRICH DUANE IH EYER DONNA BERKLAND Vw 1 ff MOST UNLIKELY TO MOST INNOCENT LOOKING SETTLE DOWN JAMES MEYER LELLA FUOSS DELORES HAACK RONALD MORTENSON A' ,xi f xk BAND QUEENS F? Beverly Potratz Delores F1nnestad CAlgona FeSt1Va1 KMason C1ty Fest1v FORMER CLASSMATEQ hx an wane 8 Sa10me U rSLe hof dora B18 Fl Lols Hantelman Volgt John Bolllnger Jerry Woods 39 3 . 5 . . '51 '52 har f fnfk e u x , c gk i'4 2 ,Q ' d. 'V' Q A f 1 :Q EGGS ACTLY AS LAID en Mr Tatum to h1s ECOD0m1CS class I wlsh I could hold your lnoples HttCHt1OH IIVC m1HUL6S later Mr Tatum asked Janes What are you hold IHE your hands together IO17 Iames I m holdlng my attentlon In d1SCUSS1Hg a tltle for our annual Verda sa1d I thlnk The Acorn would be a good nane lieverly ho then exeryone w1ll thlnk we re nuts Dorothy I m not sure I llke the automatlc UFBHSHHSSIOH 1H cars now days Marllyn J Why7 Dorothy I sorta m1ss the LT1Nd1Hg of the pairs when I shift Angry Cop lady you can t park here dldn t you read that S1gD7 Nhrllyn W PFl31HlX I read lt lt says lne for par IHU Delores H Hou d1d you persuade your DOyfY1EHd not to run alound 1th hls sh1rt ldll outslde hls panLs7 Whrllyn W Oh I just sewed a ruflle around the bottom Mr Hlownell CM1 thls team I want no smokers no drlnkels Oscar lnterrupted W team"' Harlan M But darllng why are you so d1QU3HL7 Last nlght ou told me there was SOm9th1Hg abou' nn you could love Janlce J I know I d1d but you spent lt Barber A glass of uater7 les slr do you feel fa1nt7 Marvln Oh no the way you xe been gash1ng my face I just want to flnd out lf my mouth w1ll stlll hold water Lynn Cto Duane dlgglng 1D mud beslde the car Car stuck7 Duane Oh no my eng1ne d1ed and I m dlgglng a grave for lt When Delores H and Benora were h1k1ng 1D the woods they sudden ly reallzed they had mlssed the lra1l S1gHS Then Delores Sald Oh how I Wlgh Emlly Post were here' Why7 asked Benora Delores H Because I th1nk we took the wrong fork e Student gets the paper e school gets the fame e Prlnter gets the money And the staff gets the blame. Iiy - A . He . . I I, . . . . T- - 1 41: . . 1 -, . - ' T . , ', 11 .41 J ' ' an l - T I f s . . . I . ll . , . , i 1 f rr . . . 'fl f f ' ' 3 ,Y . , V . 1 . . in .1 , . . . . . , rx . ' , 413 ,!v . -. . "ll . ' IQ., , Y' I " 'i ' 'I yy 44 1 ' 9 , . V ' - ' Q .7 1 1 ', C ' sr . ,,, . . . ll.. . ,, - 1 V VV- gw . li V h 7 bil- . . y A . . .i . . . ,, ' W , SQ -4' Q Q ' ., - 3:4 - V 'H , xv w v . ll ' . V . A . , . , , . ., , rv no--- ' .141 rr . V . 0 , If ' . V ' ' V - 1 , M - , 5 4 J, , 1 .nn ' , lc ' . ' ll . , - I .11 Y r ' - ' nr . . , . . l ,4 i ,Y . . A - s 1 P . . . i . ,, . A A - ' Jn: 77 i 4, . . , . . I A . , A . V . l I Y - . . , , ll ' ' 11 , .. . :ay rr . . , ll ' , ll . . Th , Th , Th , Lou1e Welsbrod Mrs Lola Chm Gerhardt Klatt Mrs Thelma Anderson was absent when the plcture was taken COOKS AND IANITORS We had 2 new cooks th1s year but even 1f they were new to the Job they d1d good work We apprec1ated the1r cheerfulness at all t1mes up after us W1th the add1t1on of the new gym they were extra To the Janltors goes our many 8 heartfelt thanks for cleanlng up after us W1th the add1t1on of the new gym they were extra busy but they st1ll had UIIIB to keep our morale gl sp1I'1ts hlgh by telllng us Jokes and play1ng tf1CkS on us -41 . , . t , . . To the janitors goes our many 8 heargfelt thanks for cleaning I , , , . . , . . , . . . It 'X-'NlwfX..Ifin If'X4If5.n Ili' Baileys Store C GENERAL MERCHANDISE Fenton Phone 20 RAY PRIEBE STORE CITY BEAUTY SHOP ks? M h h dGft Better Prices h Better Merchanchse DICKS SHOE REPAIR Better Service typ HOME CAF E JOHN FUI-In Pr p i Lunches Meals Home Macle Pie 722 li! 'if S-gf mfg., vg-, vx-f 42 sr no no nloxfLaoloulX-+ve 4. pgo1rX..uo nafxq U Q , O Q "Where ourtesy and Satisfaction ' go with every purchasefi O 7 4! Y X ll I ll IUC Ni 5f0l'6 ac ine arid Mac ine-less M Cosmetics an i s f Mrs. nay 'r eesfieid 1 D Y IE, ,, E ,EWU 1 . I Repair all e shoes 2 Overshoes and Canvass 5 Phone 15 Fenton Fenton, Iowa . , o rie or U - - I 1 Fenton. Iowa Phone - gill Ill Ol' ll! lg! llc uQnv5.,nlgvi,alov fX4 fig fig IS-5 45.4 fig I NEWEL HARDWARE CIM dG D y26 Nqht74 HANTLEMAN S GARAGE SCHULTE S RECREATION CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OP 52 J M NORDAHL SHAVES HAIRCUTS SHAMPOOS Open Wednesday Fnday and Saturday Nrahts NOROICO SUPER SHAVER WITH ROTARY ACTION HOMER SWELDING SHOP PRIEBE SALES CO Weldmq and Plow Work R Y b 651 Ft.I CHEVROLET Alhs Chalmers New Idea GOOD LUCK to the sENroRs of '52 Iorgenson Cold Storage Fenton. Iowa Phone 28 Fenton. Iowa VNJ'l"'XI lI"'xlll0'XJ' 'l""KI"l0Yx.f'l'Y1ll'l""Sl'l"'Xl'l ...43.... i-noIof'SaolqfS.ul. sl. cle ole ole I Furniture and Funeral Service Automobile cmd Trade Repalr Dexter Washin achines Fenton I Monarch Electric and Bottle as Ranges ' Phone a : i Nav Fenton, Iowa vi Fenton. Iowa 0 o I I ' A o co s oven en on owa lwfs4lv'x-.l"N4l'fY4'f'N-A Fenton Drug Company A G d D g St G d C 'ry s' 1898 Fenton Iowa A H KRAUSE Gene lMerchcmd'se G ocer'es d D y Goods Fenton Phone ISAIVX-4l'f'i4l4fX-s Good Luck to Semors of 52 DR W W IOLLEY Ph. 49 F nto Iowa STEINBERGER BROS Ph'IIips 66 Ser 'ce TIRES BATTERIES GREASING WASHING Pho e 157 Fento Iow STOEBER HARDWARE Conaratulates Class of 52 fMo1t I a 't Fenton I wc: FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK Armstrong and Fenton Savmas Account Farm Loans Bankma Servlce Safety Deposns S10 000 Depost Ins a ce , g 0 u o a ol. ole 0 U 0 0 I o " oo ru ore" ' Servlng a oo ommum mee ,-N, . U O I O I ra 1 r 1 an r e n. I 1 VI I o "Take one step forward nd secure that s ep." n n. a , o fx . . , i ur n vxf , I ,v-X, glow-gf Q lov-S, al Q H-if qpwy-,ulex.5,,gos-x.,.l.v5,.j,v-X, Q I-fiamloIS-allwuf'Sul-1fiAoI.f'i.4olawf'kaoIofX-anlo1f'Lsllo4kX-s0l- DR E W RUSKE Dentlst Fenton Iowa Phone 79 Kyhl Servlce Company DeKalb Quahty Hybud Corn Phone 58 FENTON IOWA Qualxty Products Frlendly SGFVICG Fenton Co op Elevator Co Grams Coal Feed Fertllzer Fencmq Phone 14 Fenton Iowa Where Many Enloy a Pleasant Everunq FENTON THEATER NEARY IMP CO Complete Lme Case Machmer Repalrs and SGIVICG Phone 398 W Emmetsburq Iowa SMITH HATCHERY and POULTRY FARM A Pl BROWNLEE IMP CO Emmeisburq Iowa Phone 164 Klmgaman Seed Company Phone 735 C' rnpllments of the Emmetburgs Creamery Emmeisburg Iowa Donation Kresensky s-Sl 00 We the semors take th1s opportumty to thank the busmess f1rms that have helped us 1n rnakm thls annual osslble Emmetsburg Iowa u v-xx I 'XJ- Q 13 lvxf l"x.pI'x1l'fx.1'Ivs.1llv-s.fI"N.lIv'x1 ...45.. - - I I I i . u . C . I' U I Y O I Emmeisburg, Iowa l , US wow-d A US. Pullorum Passed . ,O . Seeds, F, d, and F. lilizers l I I I o 4 1 0 0 Q 0 o o 5 Q u Q n o Q o . 4 If' If The LONE ROCK BANK Q q tt C C h k k I 1fS.q I IX... I LONE ROCK Co operatlve Exchange GRAIN COAL FLO MILL FEED dTILE CYLINDER BODY and FENDER Cylmd I L A PETERSON 6. SON MoDERN FUNERAL HO ly App R gstdl CYLINDER STATE BANK c d 1 Q R 1 RINGSTED IMP CO Q P Cldest Bonk rn Palo Alto County Cooperatlve Gram and Product Co q t d l Q EELCO FEEDS Iohn Deere Motclnnery BURKHEADS Clothrncg and Shoes KOFFEE KUP KAF E Cdl. TCH MdP Q GEO A HORMEL G CO HOGS CATTLE SHEEP qtd IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT and POWER COMPANY loS-gfll0"i.fl0S-5puow5-,s.oYg.fl'nvg!s1n an OI' .46.. fxfnlafxiu 4 f-.nlayfx-ac. X-xulo 790 a oy0v's-as 0 o ofN.g Or anized in 1899 - ' Dealers in N, L. Cotton, President , , UR An us L. Co on, ashier - an '- Ernest M. Iensen, Ass't ashier Lucille Seeqebart , Boo keeper ' er. owcx Phone 19-2 K I.oneVRoc ,Jawa k KY f Phone 36 ME ylin er. owa Furniture - Iewe r V liance in e ' own Or nnized in l898 C. H. eed Ernes Oskviq Farm E ui ment Refrigerator Motor Trucks Rin s e . Iowa with Eevators Located in Armstrong' Iowa Rin sled and Hallo, lowo '-ff ' " 'E'A'I7'7" 7"K"'1?' oo ine of Sandwiches , ry ur ome CI e ie Rin sted Iowa ? Buyer of .e.,:Hi4,- Rin s e , Ia. 2 Phone 152 Armstrong, Iowa 1 I 'xo I vxf vs., rx.A.p.lx.,.1.fx..,-I.,fx.x.l.y'X.4-'p..l'x..1. fX.Aono l'x.ulo vl'X.nlo WHITTEMORE FARMERS CO-OP CREAMERY Gur Motto Good Creom Good Butter Good Pnce Wh it CHICKEN d STEAKS FRENC H FRIES CHROME CAFE 24 H S A g BARRY S W B Barry ZUMACH FANL Y oRoCER1Ls FRUITS VEGETABLES Alqono Iowa 315 Whit Bradley Bros A1115 C1 olmers Guvol New Ideo Mosse-x Ho r S Sole Serv Ce Repoub G M C TRUCKS DE IAVAL AQ nv-xg' vxf 'XJ 'xxx 'XJ 47 i emore, Iowa , on I I r. ervice 1 onu, Ia. . A 1 Home-mode Souscxqe Ph. 1 i emore. 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