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HIGHLIGHTS I959 FENTON HIGH SCHOGL BENSENVILLE ILLINOIS K 1 3' X . xx . x awp, Quinta' f,, 'f- h af -- 'al df, xx, A Z Q 'ffl ,mf FENTQN S efie-New e3,fa":' fre" fI6J6!CCl "ra W c 3 6 f 3'L,CE"i 6'fC.A'iC6'Y?" 't Wee' 'Pe "A VNC f' "C P'F"f"f f We 3e'f5'i'fife E,1'C' , 'fe ef" cf V V: -2 1 5'd atfififei .- 'T' ref 2' 'wsffff F F ' "QM" 1 add iiia ce. "'e". P' Ven" ri ff iefie 5 f we ' f 1 39, If This book we presev of hopes our ideas , .. ow wcff . .. our HIGHLIGHTS. V TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedicanon 4 Adminisnahon 5 Seniors I7 Underdassmen 37 Orqanizafions 59 Sporfs 83 Aciiviiies IO3 Adveriisinq I I7 Aclrnowledgmenisz WeIinqer Sfuclioy Mr. Edwin Eide. Publisher: TeyIor Publishing Co., DaIIas, Texas. for your keen nnleresl un helping us adgusl lo hugh school llle for your guidance In 'rhe organuzahon of a hne gurls alhlelwc deparlrnenl and f or your wonderful spun? leadershup and deep unclerslandzng we cledn care our l959 l-ll6l'lLlGl-lTS lo you Muss Lorraine Probsl A , Q g ,ua . :Y ligwlu ,m n . . . . . . I . n I u ' , . ADMINISTRATION School Board members Lnclude, slandingz John F. Green, Ernesf Olson, Ellsworlh Sachse. Super- in+enclen+ Wesley A. Johnson, Principal Marlin Zuckerman. Seafedz Harold F. Keeling, G. D. Capoof. Mrs. Erna Kurz. and Ewald Lang. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION 1958-59 School Board President R. A. HERNESS 'Wang Through lhe devolion of lhe School Board and lfacully, Fenlon sludenfs have enioyed +he advaniages ol an excep- lionally well-rounded educalional syslem. The School Board, meeling regularly, lhouqhllully malres fhe decisions which cons+i+u+e 'rhe basis of school policy. These decisions are for lhe express purpose of facili+a+inq lhe besf means ol educaling 'rhe high school youfh of Bensenville and Wood Dale. These men and women freely and earneslly oiye +heir lime +o +he laslc ol evalualing 'rhe presen+ syslem and planning Fen'ron's lulure, The school and communily owe fhis group immeasurable gralilude for 'rheir conlinuing efforls. The responsibilifies ol +he +eachers is ro combine lhis school policy wifh modern reaching melhods in order 'ro eflecl 'he besl possible educalional syslem. This combinalion has suc' ceeded in all phases of aclivily al Fenlon. An impor+an+ aspecl ol school policy is concerned wi+h +eacher-s+uden+ relalionships. Informalify is +he lcey wilh which 'rhe facully has successfully eslablished excellenl harmony here. Through lcnowing and worlring wilh sludenls bolh in and oul of lhe classroom, +he leachers al Fenlon have helped +o mold worlhy cilizens for +he modern world. Y 4 mLkk m in ffm., X x 1 -Ma 3-7 G , fi ,ggaf I I we f sf , 44" Q Ji? -1 xx" x 2, v i ,. K' ss- 5 s 51' ' we--E + X X 4 .aw 4 W' J '15 ga-+6 Q GEORGE OHS lndus+rIaW Arfs. f I 2 cw", -Q.,-N DONALD JOHNSON Sodal Sfudies I, Fresh- man and Sophomore Boys' Counseling, Foof- baU and Wresfling. GENE HOFFMAN Business, Soda! S+udIes, FoofbaU and Wresfling fHead Coachl. Which Opens . . . ,X X N x, Jan. A41 Chemisfry, Physics, Al- Typewflflnq. gebra. 'ul' ii ,i f 'N z il M. id fu fu 73 Af 'Q 'z fi -4 5 e ig- r .1 f'fr'f 1,9 Q A QL.3 5..,f!s , I is 1 1 1 a n . " Aff ff- A ,MTW r : .- x P Q q C y X x '- , . ,. 4 ' f f 1 . -rfb , . 41+., k s. lg .! o Q m U 4 ' J , A W l I A Q 1 F i 5 4 2 v 5 X 'paw ,, , Vw. , -M, 1' 4 A . A 1 -, fr' 5 .rf- z - f f ,."- ' - N Twgfwmiex " , 1 pf'-L H ,af ' , 4 W, . bf .,-. , 'fy' E '4 1 P- L' if ff 'Lv , nw if . ff if km 5-.4 Mage, ,Q f new a. V Q 'lifzlgf - gi .,k,,- iff. .bf aw , ws Q RAY s."3Ui - g 5 S -. Q, I3 gbxlmn M' YUUIK PHAPERTY HEEL m.w..,. , mm ludenelecud OURTS QE mnbxde by evzdznce gy MUORITIES LENNIE CARICO Q -4' ' ei ,,,,.,,K Mi' G0 Fiserv: the rxghts ot Cm MINORITIES NA no be tolerant of RELIGJOUS bahcfa LaHn, EnqHsH III, L E Z I 3 .ik AUDREY GILG WILLIAM JONKHEER ' 3 EnqIIsh I, Eng'IsI1 II, Mgebra, Pere Gvecmehy HIGHLIGHTS. Baskefba . . . . Student-Teacher Relationships. GLORIA ARNOLD Frendw, English II. LYNN HUFFMAN FRED LEWIS Band. Bend. Hs. W, ,1-1 x .04-'-' Friendly, eflicienl service is rendered by llwe office secreiaries, Seared is Grace Nielsen. NUVS9 fiNllC6 Kaiser ii 99 Cl ly Gi l:9'll'CfW OF Sfanding are Erma Kurz, Eleanor Goble, Marlvn Baclnelor, and Lorraine Davidson, rrwcsf Ol llle dfiwr SW GSO 9 Cafeleria and carleen workers Furure Nurses of America serve wifh a smie foo. From lei? ii' lc i-Tolrl are Vera W'lson, Barbara Nielsen, Evelyn Kalouselr Henri- e'la Trosler, Eugene Leelc, Hazel Landeclr, Lorraine Grimrn, Irma B:'e:ki and Eea'r':e Nagle. XF Our buildrg ard grinds are cared lor by irc caswdians, Le? 'fr 5:44 ere David Balfgclweif Mary Clafgf 1 gp ff 4 1 ,U V, W WP nf N- . ' . i, , , ,', if, gnalei Sieve :N 5 G All G5'5bU'Q4 Gee-Q6 P955 Fred P' QUT Manrc R303 and Paul ens cusfccue owe airy: us are ri' :':'ure:l. 'MZ Q '12 SENIGRS Class of 59 WILLIAM POWERS HENRY JOHNSON LYNDA PRIHODA THEODORE J BARGMANN PresucIenT Vuce PresuclenT Secreiary Treagurer WILLIAM POWERS STudenT Councul I 2 3 4 Vuce PresudenT 3 Treasurer 4 appella Chour 2 3 4 PresuclenT 4 F Club 4 Casl 3 TalenT Assembly 2 3 Musuc ConTesT 2 3 4 Fool 3 4 lnTramurals3 4 Freshman Boys Chorus Spanush Club 4 PresudenT Class Vuce PresudenT 3 PresudenT 2 4 HENRY JOHNSON LaTun Club I 2 STudenT Councul 3 Homeroom Offucer 2 ee3 FooTball I 2 3 4 WresTlung 2 3 Ba eball 3 4 FooTball Band 3 Junuor Ways and Means CommuTTee Class Vce PresudenT 4 InTramurals I LYNDA PRIHODA HIGHLIGHTS 3 4 lBus ness Manager 4l SIGNAL 3 Dra maTucs Club 2 STudenT Councul 3 4 Band 3 4 Lubraruan 4 Freshman Gurls Chorus Play CommuTTee 3 4 Prom Com muTTee 3 Musuc ConTesT 4 Spanush Club 4 SecreTary Leyden Gurls League I Leyden CommunuTy Hugh School I THEODORE J BARGMANN LaTun Club 2 Homeroom OTTucer 2 A Cappella Chour 2 3 4 TalenT Assembly I 2 3 Musuc ConTesT2 3 InTramurals 2 ln SepTember l955 EenTon s TursT Treshman class charged Through uTs doors The maun hall loolcecl Twuce as long Then and everyThung was brand new and sTrange HalT eager haIT TrughTened The class embarlced on Thus Tour year career New Taces new acTuyuTues and rouTunes new buuldung ThaT TursT year was excuTung' IT was an aduusTmenT year buT uT sped by guuclcly and soon we were sophomores Thar year our TIoaT placed un The Homecomung compeTuTuon We puT on our TursT dance Too WunTer Wonderland Band and A Cappella Chour members wull long remember The 57 Annapolus Trup The Junuor year was parTucularly busy Our unduvudual walle+s TelT raTher empTy as we acguured our class rungs Sunce The class Treasury also was puTuTully small The uunuors sTarTed a vugorous money malcung cam paugn The magazune sales dances and car washes swelled The class Tunds Our play SevenTeenTh Summer was a smash huT and so was The obuecT oT all These devuces The prom Dancung Under The STars Thus pasT year has gone by TasTer Than any oTher un our hugh school career Our play uuT Your Kuddung was anoTher success BeTore we realuzed uT we were havung senuor pucTures Taken orderung announcemenTs and Tunally beung measured Tor gowns AT lasT graduaTuon us here and we The Class oT 59 march un Tume To Pomp and CurcumsTance To re ceuve our duplomas Memorues crowd our munds In Tour years The maun hall seems To have losT a Tew yards whaT once was sTrange has become comTorTably Tamuluar GraduaTuon nughT wull Tund EenTons TursT Treshman class agaun wallcung Through The school doors buT Thus Tume more ThoughTTully ready To accepT The challenges and opporTunuTues oT The TuTure I o o o A C u . I t li ' 1 Play . il - I t - I li ball I,I2, 3, 4: BaslueTball II:IWresTling 2, 3, TTaclc I, 2, ' I. ' I J ' I I I I li I . ' I . - 4 I . I I . . Band I. 2. 3.l42I"F" Club 3, 47 Play CasT 3. 4: Prom Com: FI'eshman Boys' ChoTusI: Class Treasurer 4: I I miTT : , . , 1 ' , , 4: s I, 2, I - ' I: . I . . . . I HQ . . . I., . . . Looks Back With Satisfaction . . . HN DEL BAHN Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 4: Baslcetball I, 2, 3, 4. Lettermen's Club I, 2, 3, 4: Luther High North I, 2, 3, PHILIP BAKER Russellville High School I, 2: Leyden High School 2. KATHERINE ALBERT HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4: Home Economics Club I, 2: Hall Guide 3: Waiting Room Guide 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Ad- vanced Girls' Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus 2: GAA I, 3, 4: Play Committee 3. ANDREA ARBOGAST Home Economics Club I, 2: Hall Guide 4: GAA I: Prom Committee 3. LORA MAE ARENDELL HIGHLIGHTS 4: Latin Club 1,21 Pep Club i, 2, 3: A Cap- pella Choir 4: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2, 3: GAA I, 2, 3: Play Cast 4: Play Committee 3, ANITA ARNDT Latin Club I, 2 lPresident 2l: Hall Guide 3: Band I, 2, 3, 4 ISecretary 4-I: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Pep Band 2: GAA I. 3, 4: Play Committee 4: Girls' Bowling I, 4: Football Band 2, 3, 4. THEODORA BERNADINE BENNETT Hall Guide 3, 4. JAMES BLAESER HIGHLIGHTS I: SIGNAL I: Play Cast 3: Prom Committee 3: Boys' Bowling 2. ... on Four Years . .. MARLA BU RIANEK Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2: GAA I, 2, 3: Play Cornmilree 3: Girls' Bowling I, 2, 3: Fooiball Band I, 2, 3, 4: Dan Band 4. ROGER L. BU RMEISTER ARLENE BOCK HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Play Commifiee 3, 4: Prom Cornrniflee 3: Carl Schurz High School I, 2. SALLY BOYER HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4: Dramalics Club 2, 3 IVice-Presidenl 3l: Siudenl' Council 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4 ITreasurer 4l: Home- room Officer I: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Play Casi 3: Prom Commiiiee 3: Junior Ways and Means Cornmiiiee 3: Speech Coniesl 2. ADELE BROCK Siudeni Council I, 2, 4: Hall Guide 2, 3: Librarian I: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: GAA 3, 4: Talenl Assembly I: Senior Homecoming Oueen. VERNA LEE BROWN Dramalics Club 2: Homeroom Presideni 3: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Mixed Chorus 2: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Play Casr 3, 4: Girls' Bowling I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. GERALDINE CARUSO HIGHLIGHTS 4: GAA I, 2, 4: Play Commiiiee 3: SI. Mary I-Iigh School I, 2, 3. THEODORE CECHOTA "F" Club 4: Cross Counlry 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Bowling I: lniramurals l, 2. THOMAS CHEZE "F" Club 3, 4: Cross Counlry 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc 3: Class Treasurer I. BARBARA CLARK Lalin Club I: Pep Club 3: A Cappella Choir 3: Freshman Girls' Chorus I, 2: GAA I, 2, 3: Girls' Bowling 2, 3. SHARON COLLINS Lalin Club I: Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3: Librarian I, 3: A Cappella Choir 2, 3: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Talenl As- sembly I. CAROL CROUSE Pep Club 3, 4: GAA I, 2: Prom Commilfee 3: Girls' Bowl- ing I. LINDA DEJONG HIGHLIGHTS I, 2: Dramalics Club 2: Pep Club 3: Hall Guide 2, 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: GAA 3. GREGORY DIERKING Band I, 2, 3, 4: "F" Club 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcel- ball I, 2, 3, 4: lnrramurals I: Foofball Band I, 3. DIANE DILLOW HIGHLIGHTS 2, 3: Dramalics Club 2, 3 IPresiden+ 3I: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Mixed Chorus 2: GAA ir Play can 3. DOMINIC DIORIO Sludenf Council I, 2: Nafional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Home- room Presiclenl 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: "F" Club 2. 3, 4 IPresi- denl 4lI Homecoming King 4: Play Cas? 3: Ring Commiflee 3: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslrefball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. of Memories Enjoying Fellowship WILLIAM DOTTER Cross Counlry 3, 4: Baslrelball 2, 3. 4: Golf 3, 4: Tomahawk High i 2 MARGARET DUNN Siudenf Council 2, 3: Office Guide 2, 3: Homeroom Secre- Iary 3, 4: Librarian 2: Band 2, 3 ISeci-elary and Librarian 2, 3l: Escanaba Junior High I: Parker High School 2, 3: GAA I, 2, 3. MARGO EILRICH HIGHLIGHTS 2: SIGNAL 3: Pep Club I, 2: Hall Guide 22 Freshman Girls' Chorus: GAA I: Play Commillee 3, 4: Prom Commiilee 3. RUSSELL ERBSTOESSER A Cappella Choir I, 2, 4: Fooiball I. 2, 3. JAMES FIELITZ "F" Club 3: Foolball 2: Baskelball I: Wreslling 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Boys' Bowling 2: Inlrarnurals 2: Freshman Boys' Chorus. JOYCE IRENE FINKE FTA 2: Pep Club 4: GAA I: Spanish Club 4. CAROLE EDNA FISCHER HIGHLIGHTS 2: Dramalics Club 2: Pep Club 2: Hall Guides 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2: Girls' Bow'ing I. KATHLEEN FOLAK HIGHLIGHTS 4 lTyping Ediforl: Home Economics Club I: Band l, 2, 3. 4 ISecrei'ary 4l: Pep Band 2, 4: GAA I, 43 Play Ccrnmilfee 4: Girls' Bowling 4: Fcolball Band I, 2, 3, 4: Homerccrn Officer I. in Ambitious Projects . . . qi' 4? 'QZITV EVERETT E. FREIE A Cappella Choir 2, 3: Wresrling 2: Track I: Freshman Boys' Chorus. SYLVIA GABRYSZEWSKI Band I, 2, 3, 4: Maiorelle I: GAA I, 2: lnlramurals I, 2: Moclernelres I: Carl Shurz High School I, 2. DIANE GALLAS HIGHLIGHTS I: Home Economics Club I: Pep Club I: Horneroorn Officer I: A Cappel'a Choir 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Advanced Gir's' Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus 2: GAA I, 2: P'ay Corrmillee 3: Girls' Bo-Mfng l, 2. 5 RICHARD GARRISON Hcmeroom Presdenr 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Baslrelball 2 lMan- agerl: Boys' Bowling I: Freshman Boys' Chorus. LINDA FRANZ HIGHLIGHTS 41 Pep Club I, 2, 4: Malh Club I, 2: Girls' Choir I, 2: Advanced Swimming 2: Homerocm Officer I: GAA I, 2, 3: Lafin Club 2: Sreinrnefz High Schoo' I, 2, 3. DONNA FRANZEN HIGHLIGHTS 2: Lalin Club I: Dramafics Club I, 2: Home- room Officer 2: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2. 3: Maiorelle I, 2: GAA I. 2: Talenf Assembly 3: Girls' Bowling I, 2: Foofball Band I, 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 3, 4. WILLIAM FROELICH Ways and Means Commiffeep Inlramurals 2: Immaculare Concepfion High School I. EDNA MAE FU LKERSON HIGHLIGHTS 3. 4: SIGNAL 3: Dramalics Club 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4 IPresidenr 4l: A Cappella Choir 3, 4 lSecreIary 4l: Freshman Girls' Chorus IPresiden+l: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2: GAA I: Prom Commillee 3: Girls' Bowling I: Play Com- miflee 3, 4 lS+uden+ Direcfor 3I. Q5 ' s 1 fi? VIP . . . Sharing Progressive Ideas T3 JOHN GRANT A Cappella Choir 2. 3, 4: Talenl Assembly 2: Freshman Boys' Chorus lSecreIaryl. CAROL ANN GUZIKOWSKI Hall Guide I, 2: GAA I, 2: ln+ramurals I, 2: Carl Schurz High School I, 2. RAYMOND HAMPTON FTA 4' Srudenr Ccurcil I, 3. 4 lV7:eAPresiden' 4lg Home- rccm Pres'de" 27 A Cappella Choir I, 2. 3' Ring Cornmifee 3 Mu ' s7c Comesl 2 3' S'amp C .b 4 lPresiden+I. DORIS D. HAWKINSON Pe Club 2' Horne com Secre'a 3' Ma azire Charfnan 4' D f 'Y I Q I I Freshman Gir's Chorus' GAA I' Play Ccrnrnillee 4, CATH LEEN GARRY HIGHLIGHTS I, 2: Lalin Club l, 2: Dramafics Club I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3: Play Commillee 3: Prom Commillee 3: TaIenI Assembly 3: Girls' Bowling I, 2, 3: Dance Band 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN GARY HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4: Librarian 3: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Advanced Girls' Chorus 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: GAA 3, 4: Girls' Bowling 4. ELLEN KATHLEEN GOGGIN Pep Club 2: Office Guide 3: Freshman Girls' Chorus: GAA I, 2, 3, 4 ISecreIary 3, 4l: Play Commilfee 4: Girls' Bowling 2, 3, 4. GERALD GRANT A Cappella Choir I, 2: Talenf Assembly I, 2: Boys' Bowling 3: lnframurals 2, 3: Freshman Boys' Chorus. and Studying Diligently . . . LIDA HEDGES HIGHLIGHTS I, 3: Sludenl Council 2, 4: Pep Club 2 ITreasurerI: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Homeroom Presi- denf I: GAA I: Play Commiflee 4: Sophomore Class Vice- Presidenl. TONY HERNANDEZ A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2: Baslrelball I. 2, 3, 4: Freshman Boys' Chorus. WAYMAN HILL Hall Guide I: Proiecfionisr I: School Paper I: Play Com- miflee 3, 4: Prom Commillee 3: Lakeview High School I, 2. JOYCE HINZ HIGHLIGHTS 4: Pep Club 2, 3. 4: Homeroom Officer I: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Mixed Chorus 2: GAA I: Play Com- rniffee 3, 4: Prom Commiflee 3. FREDERICK WILLIAM HOHMAN NANCY JACOBSEN Hall Guide 3, 4: Band I, 2: "F" Club 2, 3, 4 IVice-Presidenl' HIGHLIGHTS 3. 4: SIGNAL I: Dramafics Club I, 2: Pep 4I: Foolball I, 2. 3,.4: Baseball I. 2, 3, 4: Baslrelball I, 2. 3, 4. Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: GAA 3: Play Commil-he 3, 4: Prom Commi++ee 3. ELDEE RICHARD JACKSON A Cappella Choir 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus I: Talenl' Assembly 3: Music Con+es+ 2, 3: Foo+baII I: Baslrelball I, 2. A Cappella Choir 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3: Freshman Boys' Chorus: Play Comrnirlee 3: Prom Commiffee 3: Boys' Bowling 2: Inlramurals 2. Graduation . . . JAMES KNOEBEL Lafin Club I, 2: Mixed Chorus 3: Foofball 3: Boys' Bowling 2: Inframurals I, 2. RICHARD KRAUSE Lafin Club I: Mafh Club 4: Golf 4. LYNN KRUSE HIGHLIGHTS 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4 lSecrefaryl: Office Guide 2: Waifing Room Guide 3: Homeroom Officer 3: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2: Sophomore Homecoming Queen: Play Commiffee 3, 4: Riverside-Brookfield High School I. WALTER KUKULKA Lafin Club I, 2: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: Talenf Assembly 3: Foofball Band I, 2, 3, 4, DIANE LEONA JAKUBIK HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4: SIGNAL 4: Lafin Club 2: Dramafics Club 3: Pep Club 2: Magazine Chairman 2: Ring Commife fee 3. JUDITH W. JANKS Homeroom Program Chairman I: Band 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Glee Club: Advanced Girls' Glee Club 2: GAA I: Play Commiffee 4: Prom Commiffee 3: Talenf Assembly I. ROBERTA JAMES HIGHLIGHTS 2, 3, 4: SIGNAL I: Dramafics Club I: Pep Club I, 2. 3, 4: Band I: Mixed Chorus 2, 3 lSecrefary 3l: GAA 2, 3: Play Commiffee 3, 4: Prom Commiffee 3: Junior Ways and Means. SHEILA KAAD Dramafics Club 2, 3: Homeroom Vice-Presidenf 2: Presidenl 4: Freshman Girls' Glee Club: Advanced Girls' Glee Club 2, 4: GAA I, 3: Play Casf 3, 4: Play Commiffee 3, 4: Speech Confesf 4: Holden High School I. Climoxing School Days MELVIN LABODA "F" Club 4: Foolball I, 3, 4: Traclc 3, 4: Weber High School I, 2. NANCY LYDIA LAUD FTA I, 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club I: Malh Club 4: Sludenl Council 2, 4 lSecreIary 4l: Nafional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Band I. 2, 3, 4 lLibrarian 4l: Pep Band 2, 4: Maiorelle 2, 3, 4 lAssis+an+ Drum Maior 3, Drum Major 4l: GAA I, 2, 3.4: Girls' Bowling 3: Prom Commillee 3: Foolball Band I, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA LAVAN HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4 lSpor+s Edilor 4l: SIGNAL 4: GAA 3, 4: Play Cornmillee 4: Nolre Dame High School I, 2. ANN LINDEN HIGHLIGHTS 2, 3, 4 lOrganiza+ions Edilor 3, Adverlising Edilor 4l: SIGNAL I, 3, 4: FTA 4: Lalin Club I, 2: .Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Bancl I, 2, 3. 4: GAA I, 2, 3, 4 Iljublicily Chairman 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l: Play Cas? 3: Music Conlesl 2, 3: Foofball Band I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Ways and Means Commiflee. ROBERTA JEAN LISS HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4: SIGNAL 4 Iexchsnge Ednarli FTA 3. 4: Hall Guide 2, 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: GAA I, 2, 3, 4 ITreasurer 3, Sporls Head 4l: Girls' Bowling 2, 3, 4: Inlra- murals I, 2, 3, 4. LOIS ANN LOWE HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4 lOrganizaIions Edilor 4l: SIGNAL I: Lalin Club I, 2: Homeroom Officer 2: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 3, 4: GAA 3, 4 ISpor'rs Head 4l: Play Commillee 4: Prom Commillee 3: Girls' Bowling 4: FTA 3, 4. ROBERT LUXEN HIGHLIGHTS 41 Malh cub 4: Gall 2, 4, BARBARA ANN LYNCH Home Economics Club I, 2: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2' Bald Knob High School I, 2. . . . Creates Eager Anticipation ANDREW LEESON MELLON Homeroom President 2, 3: Play Cast 3: Play Committee 4: Ring Committee 3: Prom Committee 3: Football 2: Intra- murals I, 2, 3: Freshman Boys' Chorus: Spanish Club 4: Junior Ways and Means Commlttee. GAIL MIDDLETON Pep Club 2: I-tomeroom Program Chairman I: GAA I, 4. ELIN MAGNUSON HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4 lEditor-in-Chief 4I: FTA l, 2. 3, 4 ISec- retary-Treasurer 4I: Latin Club I, 2: Student Council 2, 3: Hall Guide 3: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Librarian I: Band I, 2, 3.4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Pep Band 3: GAA I, 2, 3, 4 lSociaI Chlirman 4l: Prom Committee 3: Girls' Bowling 2, 3: Football Band 2, 3, 4: Junior Ways and Means Committee. CHARLES MALLOY Latin Club I, 2: Hall Guide 3: Prom Committee 3: Football ball I, 2, 3: Baseball 2: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Immaculate Con- ception High School I. MARGARET MANTOR FTA 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3. 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Play Committee 4: Spanish Club 4. CAROL McINTYRE HIGHLIGHTS 3. 4: Future Nurses' 3, 4 lSecretary 3, Presi- dent 4I: Latin Club I, 2: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Bancl I, 2: GAA I, 2, 3, 4 lPublicity Chairman 4I: Prom Committee 3: Girls' Bowling I, 2, 3, 4: Football Band I, 2, 3, 4. DIANE MILLER SIGNAL 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3: GAA I, 2, 3: Girls' Bowling 3: Water Ballet I, 2: Civics Club I, 2: Maine Township I-Iigl-I School I, 2. REMO MONFELI Band I, 2, 3: "F" Club 3, 4: Play Committee 3: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3: Intramurals I, of the Years Ahead . . . JOHN M ODONNELL HIGHLIGHTS 3 4 ISporIs Edulor 3 Edilorin Chief 4 in Cub reasurer L raran A el ANNE NAJDOWSKI Lafin Club I, 2: Dramafics Club I. 2: Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I: Junior Homecoming Oueen, Senior Allenclanfz Play Casr 3: Cheerleading I, 3, 47 Girls' Bowling I: Foofball Band 2: Magazine Chairman 3: Junior Class Secrefary. FRANK JOSEPH NESSELER Sludenf Council 4: Play Casl 33 Sludenl' Direcror 4: Prom Commihee 3: Spanish Club 4 IVice-Presidenrlq Junior Ways and Means Commirree: Freshman Boys' Chorus: A Cappella Choir 2, Foolball I: Proviso Township High School I, 2, HAROLD NICHOLSON Bancl I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band I, 2, 3: Foo+ball Band I, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET NIERMANN HIGHLIGHTS 3: SIGNAL 43 Home Economics Club I: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Magazine Chairman 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 4 ILibrarian 4I: Freshman Girls' Chorus ISecreIaryI: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2 ISecreIaryI: GAA I, 2, 3. Choir 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Play Casl 4 Prom Commirlee 3 Cross Counlry 4 Baslcelball 2 3 Junior Ways and Means Commirlee RICHARD OLSON Inlramurals I 2 4 ERNEST OLSON Play Casl' 4. ROBERT OLSON A Cappella Cho'r 2 3, 4' Freshman Boys' Chorus. Graduates C. KENNETH POBLOSKE HIGHLIGHTS 4: Play Commillee 4: Talenf Assembly 4: Foolball I. JUDITH PACK HIGHLIGHTS 4: Lalin Club I, 2: Sludenl Council I: Pep Club 2, 3 IVice-Presidenl 3I: Hall Guide 3, 4: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4 ILibrarian 2I: Freshman Girls' Chorus: GAA I. 3: Play Casl 4: Play Commillee 3: Talenl Assembly I: Music Confesl 2, 3, 4. EVELYN JEAN PARKS HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4: SIGNAL I, 3, 4 IEdilor-in-Chief 4I: Dramalics Club 2: Pep Club I, 2: Band I. 2: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Pep Band 2: Maiorelle I: GAA I. 2, 3. 4: Play Casl 4: Play Comrnifree 33 Ring Cornmillee 3: Prom Commillee 3: Girls' Bowling I, 2, 3 4: Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball Band I, 2. ANNA PASSANANTE A Cappeila Choir 4: Advanced Girls' Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus 2: GAA I, 4: Play Casl 3. RICHARD CHARLES PETERSON Horneroorn Presidenf I, 2: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3: "F" Club 3, 43 Talenl Assembly 3: Music Corfesl 2: Foolbaii 2, 3, 4: Track 2. 3, 4: Baseball- I: Foolball Band I: Freshman Class Presidenlt Junior Class Treasurer. JUDITH POLKOW HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4: SIGNAL 4: Home Economics Club 2: Pep Club 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Pep Band 3, 4: GAA 3, 4: Play Commiriee 4: Music Confesl 4: Fooiball Band 3, 4: lrnrnaculale Conceplion High School I. GENE A. PRANGE Band I, 2, 3, 4: A Cappe a Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4' Pay Cornrn"fee 3' Talenl Assembly 2,3 4: Music Corz- Iesl 2, 3, 4: Foolball Band I, 2, 3, 4: Music Camp 2: Boys' S'a+e 3. RUTH ANN PRINTZ Magazine Chairman 3 4' Band I: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Advanced G'rs' Chorus 2: GAA 2: Prorn Ccrnrnlree 3: Mus'c Ccnlesr 3 4: Girls' Bowling 2' Music Appreciarion Cub I: Ecrlingwr Hia? School I. Look Forward . . . JUNE FAY RUNGE HIGHLIGHTS I, 2, 3, 4 IAc+ivi'ries Ediior 3, Seniors Ediior 4I3 Lafin Cub I, 2: Office Guide 2, 3: Nafional Honor SocieIy 2, 3, 4: Band I: Pep Band I: Fooiball Band I: Play Casf 3: Pay Cornmiffee 4: Junior Ways and Means Com- miffee. ALAN C. SCHOBER Freshman Boys' Chorus. ELIZABETH ANN SCHRAFT SIGNAL 4: Home Economics CIub I, 2 IVice-Presideni' II' Frezhnna' Gifs' Chcns: GAA I, 3 4: Giris' BcwIing 3. GEORGE F. SELL Lafin Ciub 3' A Cappelfa Choir 3: Track 2, 4: Boys' Bowing 2' In'rar'c'aIs 2' Freshrnan Boys' Chorus 2: Boys' S'aI'e 3. RONALD REED Magazine CI-airrnan 3: Foo+baII I, 2. 3. 4- Track I: In+ra- murais I. NANCY REHER Pep Ciub 2: GAA 3, 4: Spanish Ciub 4. JUANITA ROBISON A Cappeiia Choir 3, 4: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2: Freshman Giris' Chorus: GAA 2: Play CommiI+ee 3. CHARLOTTE ROGERS HIGHLIGHTS I: Freshman Girls' Chorus 2: Mixed Chorus 2, 3. to a Promising Future PATRICIA SELL HIGHLIGHTS 2, 3, 4: Laiin Club I, 2: Dramarics Club 2: Pep Club 2. 3, 4: Magazine Chairman 4: Librarian 2: A Cap- pella 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2: Play Casf 4: Prom Commiflee 3. ELIZABETH LOUISE SEMPER Dramafics Club I, 2, 3: Siudenl Council 4: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: Hall Guide 3: Nafional Honor Sociely 3, 4: A Cappella Choir 3, 4 ISecreIary 4I: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2: GAA I, 2: Homecoming Queen: Play Cas? 3: Class Secreiary I, 2: Junior Class President ERVIN SIEMERS A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: Freshman Boys' Chorus: In'Ira- murals 3: Baseball 2 IManagerI: Baslceiball I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Coun'I'ry 3: Fooiball I, 2, 4: Music Coniesi 3: Talon? Assembly 2. 3: Play Commiiiee 3. ANITA MARIE SIEVERT HIGHLIGHTS 4: SIGNAL 4: Fufure Nurses' Club 4: Home Economics Club I, 2: Pep Club 3: Freshman Girls' Chorus: GAA I, 3, 4: Play Commilrlee 4: Prom Commiiiee 3: Girls' Bowling 3. RONALD SIKORSKI Mafh Club 4: Horneroom Officer I: "F" Club 4: Play Casi 4: Talenl' Assembly 4: Foofball 3: Cross Couniry 4: Basketball 2: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Iniramurals I. MARSHA K. SIMMONS Hall Guide I: GAA I: Sfeinmeiz High School I. GERALD SMITH Band I, 2, 3: "F" Club 4: Fooiball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslceiball I, 2. 3 IManager II: Baseball 2 IManagerI. JEAN MARGARET SMITH HIGHLIGHTS I, 2: Dramafics Club 4: Pep Club I: Librarian I, 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Play Casf 3: Music Conresf 4: Speech Confesf 4: Dramaiics Club Play Cas? 4. in o Progressive World . . . RICHARD SOLINE A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus I: Wreslling 4: Boys' Bowling 3: lnframurals 3: Norlhwesl Conference Music Feslival 3. JUDITH KAREN STEGMEIER HIGHLIGHTS 2, 3, 4: SIGNAL 3, 4, FTA 4, Lalin Club i, 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 3.4: Prom Commillee 3: Music Conlesl 2, 3, 4: Foolball Band I, 2, 3, 4. 3 RAYMOND SZILAGYI Baslcefball I: Wreslling 2: Inlramurals 2, 3, 4. CARYL JOY TEUFELF Dramalics Club 2, 3: Sludenl Council 3: Pep Club 2, 4: Office Guide 4: Homeroom Secrelary 2, Vice-Presidenl 4: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Advanced Girls' Chorus 2: Mixed Chorus I: GAA I, 2: Play Cas? 3: Ring Commillee 3: Prom Commillee 3. SANDRA THEIS Dramalics Club I, 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Hail Guide 3: Homeroom Presidenl' 2, 3, Secrelary I: Freshman Girls' Cho- rus: Play Casl 3: Prom Commillee 3: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 ICap+ain 2, 4l: Junior Ways and Means Commiflee. SALLY TIFFANY HIGHLIGHTS 4: Lalin Club I, 2: Sludenl Council I: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Librarian 2: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: Fresh- man Girls' Chorus: Ring Commillee 3: Prom Commillee 3: Talenl Assembly 2: Cheerleader 2. HOWARD TOBEN HIGHLIGHTS 3, 4 ISpor+s Edilor 4I: Mafh Club 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: Club 3, 4 lSecreIary 4l: Play Casl 3, 4: Prom Commillee 3: Taleni Assembly 2: Music Conlesl 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 3, 4: Baslcelball 2: Track 2, 3, 4: lnlramurals I, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club I, 4: Science Club Manager I: Boys' Slale 3: Bay View High School I. . . Where They May Utilize Their Education KENNETH TRIEBES HIGHLIGHTS 3 ISporIs Edilorl: Lalin Club 2: Dramalics Club 4: Sfudenl Council 2: Foolball 3: Traclc 2: Gymnaslics and Swimming I, 2: Proviso High School I, 2. JOSEPHINE URBAN HIGHLIGHTS 2, 3, 4: Fulure Nurses' Club 3: Lalin C'ub I, 2: Pep Club I: Librarian 3: Freshman Girls' Chorus: Ad- vanced Girls' Chorus 2: GAA I, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Bowling EDWARD WAGNER Sainf John Baplisl High School I, 2: Smifh Technical High School 3: Baseball I, 2. HOMER L. WARD "F" Club 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Wreslling 2: Traclc I: Inlramurals I. PHYLLIS ANN WESTBY SIGNAL I, 4: FTA I, 2, 3, 4 ISecre+ary-Treasurer 3, Vice Presidenl 4l' Lalin Club I, 2: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3 lTreas urer 3lI Sludenl Wailing Room Guide 3: Ollice Guide 4 National I-Icricr Socie'y 3, 4: Advanced Girls' Chcrus 2 Mixed Chorus I: GAA 2: Play Commillee 3, 4: Prom Corn miuee 3: .lfior Ways and Means Corninillee. I, 2, 3. CAROL VICK FTA I, 2, 3, 4 lVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4I: Malh Club 4: Pep Club 2: Horneroom Vice-Presidenl' I: Librarian I: Band I, 2, 3, 4' Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3, 4 lPubIicily Chairman 3, Vice-Presidenl 4I: Prom Cornmillee 3: Cheer! leader I: Girls' Bowling I, 2, 3: Foolball Band I, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH CAROLYN WILSON Home Econcrnfcs Club I: Pep Cub 3 41 IHIOVYWGVOOVT1 SSCVS- Iary-Treasufe' 2: Magazine Chairman 3i GAA I, 2, 3 4 Girls' Bowling 3. to the Fullest Extent. MYRNA WING-ATE D 2' L'I:'ar'a'w 2' Fresfmav GAG C 93's Q1 C':ns 'GAA I ' 31" CCMM' LOUISE ELIZEBETH WOLF I.3ra'fa':a CIub 2, 3' Pep CJb I, 2, 3, 4: I-Iomefoom Pro- graw Chefrmam 2 Treasurer 3, A Capps-'Ia CHo?r 3 4: Ad- vavced GfrIs' Cwcms 2: Mixed Chorus I, GAA I 2' Frehman r'Ic'ref:0mfr1g Q,eem' Pay Cas? 3, 4, PIay Ccn1mIIIee 32 Prawn ComrwIT+ee 3' Creereader 2 3, 4' Jgrbr Ways and Mears CommIIIee. ROSEMARY ANN WOLF I-IIGI-ILIQI-ITS I, 2, 3, 4 Ixaxdverfising EdI+or 3, Typmg Ed- Hcr 4I' LaIIrm CIub I: Dramaics Club I, 2: I-Iomeroom Presdefi 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: Iv1aIoreIIe I' GAA I, 2, 3, 4, I3Iay CommIIIee 4, Prof CcmmIfIee 33 Musk ConIes+ I: Gifs' BcwIIrwg I, 2, 3 4' FooIbaII Band 4 MARILYN WROBEL I HIGHLIGHTS 4' I.aI'7r CLIJ 3' A Cappe e CrC7r 3, 47 Ad- gi vawed GIrIs' Ciwows 2: PIay Commhuree 3 4' Prom Corn- rr'I'ee 37 IVIIxed China I' Grew Commudfy I-IIQIW SCIIOOI I. RONALD ZAPP Band I 2 3, 4' Pep Band I, 2, Dramafks CIub PIay 37 I V , . Fcofbar 2 3' Bcvs Bef: mg 47 Fc oII:aI Band 4: Dance Bard 3. E D:"er aug.: s "1 'v:r'ar bcard In a"I'C'::a "2 gr-95+ ce, XNWQ-s Wim Elm Magnuson Domnmc DuOrlo Lynda pnhoda Rlchard Pe+erson Lnda Hedges Eluzabefh Semper Wnham Powers Ann Lunden Carol Vlck dependabnhfy and cnhzenshup Each sensor vo+es for enghf of hrs classma+es The Top names are +hen submahred +o 'rhe faculfy who choose The funal1s+s Ou+s+anding seniors are eleded 'ro Who's Who on Jrhe basis of leadership. scholarship. characfer, UNDERCLASSMEN We Just Crdered Class Rings 41:- Kafhy Judy Danny s Anchor Archer Arendell ev a Gerry Baumgarlner Bed good Ben neil' Larry om Bos+rom Bra ndwem Schusler Presudenl Ron Pano CdF0lyf'H'l George Brown Brown 'Ir Bryant Bruch Burdick Mary Ann Dennis ev Burrows Joe Jean E en u Chrwslensen Church Clark Clark Carl: U' 0 Jack: Karen Arrugonu Asmus Joyce Barnes Balansky J X I 4' I' Barbara Doug lm Buelak Blazek Boo it 'Nha Euleen Brellman Brokamp Class olhcers discuss +he prom dunner Secrelary Jack: Arrugom Vxce Presudenl' Joe VanMol Treasurer Chuck Joyce Cam Karen Clausen Jean Mary Ann Brown Burde Lynne Coales Marilyn Carlson W Larry Collrl n - A ,. fr ' L rrry J ,,r :-..l ' nc-:rg Q E5 J '. J ,AV Bill - V JO Adl ' ' ' '51 ..-., ' Q is is B ' P 1' J' ' If .':. 1 A , .fin T Bill ' E n o v . J . 'h s. I Y rl Az' V , C Q f M J Y - a" , , . V ' Ed ' B ' , W :I :" J my-fl .,, 'f ' ' M f' f l ' X ff W VI I ' 1 j 4 I I 'pl Lv' 'lr l ll J dy Bill . I , Now We're in o Hurry . . . Leslie oe Roberia Noreen Ella Mae o rac Mnke Conkrnghl Cufhberfson Da e Deeds Dehlmger Denemarlc Derbyshire Dew Dave D Hooge Frank en nm Pauline Duc Drerlclng Dnomar Dokmo fig Gan Drunkwarer Engh r Chuck Fablszalr Sandy Gurzke Sandy Jones and Sharon Marhn fempr hungry srudenrs wurh homemade cakes and candles donared fo fhe Junior bake sale Rosemary ar a Fselnfz Fnvelc Florlng rm Frere Joann Grese our Barb Jerry Franlc on rey Fruc Frrh Gao 'rv' MaryAnn Sandy JoAnne on Janice Lynne Gr berr Glrzke Gore Greenwod Grrffone Gunderson Y' Duane Dorn o Feller John Franz Linda Geweclre L nda Gunrher ' J B b E ' ' . I . . ,: 1 1-If - K J' ' ' . . k . . . 7. I y r i l i ew ,gfjrifff 1 4 J j 'I A r B b I I s . I I . . K I I P + . ff L , J. Q J' R ' . F . k . ,a f J lf l'rr 4,1 , R ' I mf A+ NS? ei .L . ww 'QT , ,af , 1 .f i :., R sail' 1, -,gf I We Have a Bake Sale to Plan Lenore Don Loren Ken Bernice Doug Dennis CdI'0l GuSfafSOr1 Guslerine Hallin Hansen Hauschild Headley Hegebarlh l'll"flCl1S Judy His Erme Horvalh Carol Hussar Carol Semsch Sandy Gnlzlre Duane Dorn Bull Wolnarow slr Gordon Remala George Brown and Anna Leu+h lhe rung commllfee +alk wxrh fhe represenfahve from Herff Jones aboul fhe class rmgs Edllh Hollon rm I ngebrugfsen lm Huwzlnga Charlene Jacobsen Pa+h en Rnclcy Sandy Johnson Jones Jones Julselh Dennis Mary Lee Jungles Kaberhne Kalma Herb De ua Wayne Eugene Llnda Ke ly Klengel Koelsch Kolze Kor+um Kreclrer o Sharron Belly Jo Gloria nm Shwrley Barbara Shnlora Kroschel Laing Lancasfer Lange Langendorf Lapnuewsln Larsen Larson Dance and a Play. Karen Margie Jacob Ama Ba s rm John Carol Lauclc Leafhem ersl' Len' Lemclce Lemlce Lesfer Lelsche a Nancy Sharon ue a Wayne Magnuson Marlar Marhn Marlymulc Maser May Bm Curl Sharon Judy Marhn OH Merriman Mrddleion Ma dema Mxller Moran Moser Karen Sandy Moss Mueller Denny Naoolr rm Nrcholson DIC Ohlschwaqer Jumors coal checlcrnq servrce adds +0 fhe cornlorl' of spec lalors al baskelball games Joyce Barnes and Sharron Laxng Ru? Olsen Tom prepare for a p ospechve cuslomer Jo Balansky Larry Olszewslcr Oomens Chips 'm on Orleqa O Panos Eleanor Sharron Bruce a D'c Pauss Pehrsen Peferson Pefrelli Pflaqer Money-Raising Projects Lead Us to . . . Carol Sue Bonnie Luncla Marqne en Arlene Duane Chuck P'Plcorn Pollworfh Power Prensmger Pucci Radlre Ralmoncln Reed 'hi' Gordon Arlene Gloria Duane on Mary Remala Rrchfer Ruchfer Ruclcerl Rlpperger Rohlfs Carolyn Roger um Janel' Rowe Ruchh Rynd Sachse Rach Ulrich Bull Korfum and Ron Panos decorale for lhe Junlor dance M, e Charloffe Chuck om Sanflemo Schabow Schusfer Schwagarl 4? ff Dfc Judy Carol on Diana JOYCE Scobell Seablom Semsch Shrwer Simms SIPD Carol Esfelle ev Fre John Franlc 0 Slaqle Srnllh Sobollca Soleslcy Solnne Sollue Sofmemann Our Goal o Successful Prom Jac en Om Judy Craug Shnrley Mary Sharon Spence Spnroff Spokes Slfanek Sfegmg S+emer Berdonna a nm Tom Jeaneen Sfrdzel Sulhvan Suffer Tennenf Thompson Rufha nn nm Tong Tranfer Helen Tunks .rf we Clance oe Van Dusen Van Mo X -A The salesman from 'the sfuduo checks Marque Leafh em s rung suze whale Joe Van Mol chooses has favornfe rung a Varble Sfellman Sfoeck Denms Tubern RIC Ulrich wa? Linda Varland ,gm John Judi en Norm Connie Vic Vi+u ' Waqenlcnechf Walczak Waliis Ward Charleen im Weiner? WeIgg Barbara Wendur Mary Jean Sandy im 0 Wesa Wesbrodc VVWGWS HOWSH Woinarowslri We re the Junlors Always Rushing' Dolfle Woods John Wylrwal O Y Cheerleaders Roberla Dale Marque Leafhem and Noreen Omg on Wyman Larry Zuwala Deeds rouse fhe crowd rn +he game agamsf Whealon CAMERA SHY Tom Harder Roberf W,ll,am5 Maunce DeWllde John Dusmq SIXTY We are The class of sxxly oh so llne We are lhe grealesl class of any fume And for lhe dear old class we love so well e re gonna yell yell yell and yell and yell e re gonna cheer cheer cheer our 60 looys e re gonna yell and malce a lol ol noise ve gol' lhe culesl gals and 'rhe nealesl guys CURT MIDDLETON School spirif mounfs as Curl Middlelon leads Junlors in singing 'rhe class song he wrole. We Take Part ln Sports 1 Gloria Tuana Annarella Arms Sandy Ju we en Aexander Anen Andresen Anello am June Barone Bedgood lm an Fred Balmer Balanslc Bambera Nor Juam+a Benzlger Berbernch Bndn Gordon Lnnda BGVUOS Benkler Benrley rl' Belly Arnd+ nu. FJ! Sleve Auerbach VM Lucnlle Behnfng Lorraine Berghlus Joan Berns e Bueleckl Duane Brshop fT'l Merry Lea Cvary Blanck Boo Boone Sophomore Class ofhcers schedule class achvuhes Sealed Karen Pamper ecrefary Knshn Magnuson v epresldem' Een Sland ng T Sernper presldenf John l-lennrg 'Treasurer Eslelle Bowe Brafra AMF v-7 I QQ! J dy Lynda Eugene en fire a Bu rger Burde Cars Y I GV' Casa We Cheer Our Class On RNC Phy Ins chermmsk. Cnrlshansen 'SZ I Denernark en Sandy George Pafy-,Ck Chyflo Clark Cofion Curran Jene Verna Brlan a Des Laurnes Drerlcxn Dolan Dormnxck DaITas Lynne Davus Davrs Nancy Doffer Leulam John Janet ef DuChesne Duerkop Dy 0 Economos GY Edwards Marlxne Euchrnger 1- Clweerleacler Joan Berns leads Sophomore Class during a pep assernbNy ' K Marc Nukkr EUmore Erlrrch Carolyn Judy Audrey Erbsfoesser Fabbf O 'TLV VTX Fabuszak 45.4 Mary Ann Pafsy Franzen F anzen Wrfbur Dre FenzeN Feufz Barb a Marsha Freeman W Q Wayne F nke Wwe' ,, ss :- '.., fl H71 O9 Froeucn K? We Value Our Education C rol o Acqngf Lacre ey Sherry Becky Arlene Gardner Gaye! Gehrlre Ge s GenqeN G efow Gr fner Gofdsmlrh MQ ,4-A. EveNyn Afhan Da e Arnod O Terry Go Green Gre Greve Grrsf Groch Drone Judy Doffy Joyce Gurke Gustafson Heapg Hedges Lerlanu DuChesne and Sandy Nelson show Mrs Anderson some or rhe French proyecis rhar were made before she came John Esrher An erre Sharon H rn g Henrflqgen He 'ness Herflch GT 5 CQ f m Karen J 'w er' Anfhony Dsan H nkr use H rs hge Hcrva Howard Bao 'ill' as the Foundation Denny O Rosemary Ruf Brenda o Louise Kehoe Ke y Kemp Kennedy Kefgham Kmg Klescewsku Knowles Tom re Kolze Kosar Moss Ryan gnves ex+ra help To some of her sophomore ge omefry srudenis Annamarne G Ko+ulsln Kroschel Judy P Tom Krusbe Q it Kruse I!-:XZ ee Jean Duane Gary Cary Max Kubscku Labdzke Laboda Lender Lefsche Ledz nw Carol L nda .4 Linder Lonson aff on John Kristin o Margaref Lundgren Lundy Luxen Moqnuson Main Manoy Jane Mary Lynda Sandy Nancy Cara Marfy Linda M .y Marks , .U Marzollo Mas-r McCabe Msffauley M:MHNIan --was 1' Carol Ann o Medema Meeqan Andy Mredema Barb Moulder Pere Melonas 8 Lynn Muller go' I6 In Future Years Www W Gary Joyce Gerry Menzies Mefcalf Meyer Lenore Carmine Meneguan Menna 'QM '-'NJ Judy Ken Munch MllSOD Moe Gary Lrnnea Mosher 'sir ue Mowers en Munch Sandy Nelson Maruanne Nuehaus Phy Ins Naldowslu Fred 6 Nelson Nelson Carol Jerry Ne: Ne: Sharan Nnckles Joanne Nnermann Donna Ka+hryn Nordman O Donnell Esrher Henrrlcsen busses herself donng a qob mos? people neg lee? durlnq fhe year Ahce Larry 'e Olsen Carol Cherry O son Orlega Connue Osb me rn Jerry Jean Judy TQ,-T1 Overlnn Owens Paape Paape P ges We re the Sophomores Karen Sandra Sharon Bonnie am Donna on Kafhy Pamper' Perfecf Puerce Puslce Pobaf Polkow Poplawsky Prlnce Barb Kelrh urn Chuck Mary o u s Quade Quigley Rahn Reader Reeder Dave Gladys Y IIS O Riggs Rulwe Ruspens Rushng Dlanne VonWerder falls vlchm of Kaflwryn ODonneH and Brenda Kung as Hwey prachce fnrsr and Marcwa Denms Karen Mabel Robbins Robison Rome Rosengren nes Judy Sherry Judy Judy ar Rubmano Runge Runge Rufsclwow Salandra SCH Her Fred Al Dean Jxm Sue Gerry Donna Lorna Scnrnewsse' Sflnmwdf Sfboppe Sfhfdub Sf r eder Sfzyque' Seab orn Se'1 Eagerly Approaching Our Junior Year nl 'TY S 'vper JET Sfroemer Sa dy D C Barb Barbara naw S e'r'e S ma ko far Sfef' 9 U Jorn Danny oe Marq1e Judy S1'Lke Summers Tenge! Unger Varland 6 Dwanne Vudas VonWerder lm 'G Wakup Vuglar Lynne Daws and Tony Horvaflw happwly regnsfer for fheur CV Jo n Wa czak if 1 X944 Barb We drnanr- Howwe 5. , G W5!dVOQ6 Warkenhe Werck B b Wesco+ Lynn KGHW Mlfe We refer- We Tuna WPG SV' W d CAJ A Sr-1Y :V -ff 2. We re New Here, but 4 if on Judy Adls Ages Da e nm Carole Kelcy Carol A lan Al en Apfel Arbogasf Barley Barrels Benson en Beslmann Karen Blazel: ef, Freshman class officers work on plans for 'rhenr Informal dance Burch Snowberg Vlce Presxdenf Cheryl Pr1l1oda Sec refary Sue Hellekson Treasurer Dan Cruel Presudenl' Dennis SFI Bolcsa Boesclne Dennis 1 a Duc Glorna o Borcelu Sharon Budzuclvowslcl Lizanne Burfon in if , . . , ,. A ,,. Riley Pele Carroll Caflaneo Q' I ff 3, 1 J! 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I ' lla l' 'TE WU R le W' "ell 37,1 - r Gary Wolf R si XI? I Ry a K5 ' Llc: -'1 UV, rs W ,,,,, I ' Milne Wolf ff I 1 ,r ,'1 ,f ,X f. . X X , 1, Sharon Zako John Zurbrigg Our Future at Fenton - 1. ' fa , Dianne Wruck CAMERA SHY: Gary Aamann Gfcfa Edwards Judy Farres Sh'rey Harnmersrey Shirey Hcday Barbara Kcoprhan Karen Lindsey Y V V ROV' MGHZIO A busy day compiete, everyone Is in a hurry ro reave, Darrene Verbeha Lunch hour rre mos? pcpurar hme of The day Pres man Don Gasrarson rowers over wares rr ms and en N 4 VY cas: Ro Ja ', Vert K Tnempscn. r J.":'s ,fries hard ,hh :rude srcce ar 5r's' f: rare "9" g: 5. "9 5,::-ess 'ha' If hae. ORGANIZATIONS Cutstunding students are honored AL 'F' .1 .11 wl M sr' R Harrc D DO K A 'WV' em J Q Q e e S obo 0'3- ard C NS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1 Cab em w r L Hedges E Semper J Armqom E Schraff Row W Pc or or' J O Dorm a vrwor W N cnc Varan der' F 6 POPE recioqnmon a T dew n v PGV r Q r vm Q P P J r w Y Ro : .Frei Inger, P. Lrvm, 'C Mf fc C. S :ch Ro 2: M. Ca Hmm. . , . , . ' ', , '. . I xifr C. VE? XV lirgii-P F. Mw:'..:"', P. i-iby. J. Runge. Row 4: S, Mavfn. J. Van MON, R. 1' 5. . . ' . If? ' Pnj:".C'1 S. Swv? NJ P"'u'Cd: N. L ud 'K pf A . Po Us L. Pfhida. J. Sp O. L. I d. 1' .Q 4,-.1 B -ffl 1CJ9iLE3 :if fwewbeff.. " 'fe 'Wi"5FaN Fifff SC"e', Ii we '3 1 if N S L 1 I gchfo? can f,:,Qe. Meffcef we ""f'ef 3' We if 'fcff ef'e?e'if: " Ieazefaifpx SQHCNMSWQ. were er and 2. ff: .CT , 'ef ref cf 'ff gefif :iii :ter 'HJ 'f7cr C-311 imc ' fo N, Sei' o e 0 Wife Defi Vere 'YQ"r3ef'f':. Sic".'f"G :"'c3": We-mcef' ec Ebbcfi JMS me fefif News-efi feiefe :2"'. NJ. Wembei are Ffz,.iLe: 7f" ',i'e'. HT if 'f"'fh':" Cfevid fffxefe 591 VGCGLS Fire or 'bb .' afii cf .,'Woefz5i5. Council, center of actrvltres -.. v-as-'qw gk A. -? . I . , N A I ' ' A , T - ' - 2 , 53537 ' f . . Q gg? - . Q. CD W n 11 . f ' 751 . . V. 3 P . . - Q . U F ' '- ' - .- or IL ' Us ' A H ' . no 2 V .. . og 3 ' ' - - 1 gg . ' C V .. I ' ' X KI? . . I . cn . I Q E. , . r r . 4 0-A U 7, - V- . 0 . Y U A ef-2 H f' gf? .. , A I r E, rj U . ' Z r x jg-xn Hwy ,I f 'K ' 0 HAL' x ' X rv w , ' L ' V g Y rr ' 4 K' . 4-4 "- 'A rc. L , 3' FD 'T' Z ,f rl 9 2 Z U, O , v 0 -3 U X ' CD E' 'is , 2 X c ' ix - . 2 up - gf v., .:N . 5 " 1: 1 1 -- 750 --1 rf . I I 8 -V, . c .L U. 3, A ,V . W CD ,. I' Q. T . nr , 7, 4, 7' ' 74' .,-.,,..-- E ar......w,......, QP. , 4 vg es? e.,.,.... 1-agua... STUDENT COUNCIL Many of fhe achvuhes Thar Fenfcn sfudenfs par hcwpared un 'rhws year Could noi have exnsfed wn'h ou+ +he help of Srudenf Councwl This body con snsrs of srudenrs eleded by Jrherr classmafes for f represenfahon rn schooL affarrs Thrs year Councul members armed rhelr goals hugh and worked hard +0 reach fhem Among +helr mayor ach1evemen+s were a spedacular Home Coming an effechve frafhc Code numerous bene hr druves and a series of wnfereshng assembhes OFFICERS Preslden+ H Kehy Vue! Presudenf R Hampfon Treasurer W Powers Secrefary N Laud Barnes mper M oengren R ampfon L edges L ru oda ow 3 e r Mo J Rem Hres C chefon B Ghner L yrs w 4 L M Ha N Laud J Suffer L Ear r Music department displays . . . Row I: C. Rifxc A. Hofsesf- C, Pfhfca. Row 2: T. QUZQ.-.SV E. Ffascf T. Hyder. N. Laud, D. Pearce, C. Bar?e!s, J. Remah, S. Per-1 S. gvoz, -L It M. r-Aamff K. S 'fs'- Nerf A L' :Je Row 3: C. Var Dusef J. Kauffman D, E'sFrcp, J. Bedgcod, S Svav. G. MQ'z'es D. Perefzzm R. Zapp D. Tlccrf S. Lfwe, B. Kiyef, C. Lersdwo J. Fabbri, J. Pdkow K. Fc1ak,A.Arnd+, C.ViClf V. Me-ff Man L. Prlfjda E. Waqr 'AN A Liffvfwoje inf! miief :J -,ear wr Com- sefe: Q. 'se pews' Hhs S0333 Cn'CG'+ Banc moe' fre expe" cfreifos 55 IV' Lyfv P"'lLl?:'Wf!V'W. F' 'sc WCW' NV: ff f'sQ' 'nsfoaf' igwfe- We Milfi "1 E503 V66 CT NH! ,,V6C4i'T'T 1 X. 'O 'fe Per. Efmc acce1'pirH 3 We bn'-Q'ba cirfez. S6,E"'i' cite wefe xiii: 'L"".i" ' "G eff 4 'N 'I H' Cn Wfw' ff Cine" Bai: .1 1: We A Caste A C"i'f ef' 5' ' :Nz af ' :iz 3: ':"'Sf'A" ' 2 351:35 '- :iss v rm HV ' ' H'-'I A ' . ,.,, . ,, . K.- cr, 1 ' Outstanding Concert Band . . . Row 4: J. Ronge, S. Runge, W. Kenoe, M. Freeman, G. Srnltn, S. Gabryszewski, J, Berns, G. Prange, H. Nicholson, D. Shriver, C, Mc- Xntwe J. Sdeskv, S. Rinel. L, Eartart T. Brandwein, R. Wctt, l.. Oornens D, He-qebarth, P. Kasper, E. Bowe, E. Bodene, G. DIerking, A, Nadbffgk? C, Gary, J. Newman, T. lawns K. Maqnuson, D. Franzen M. Borianek, D. DEOrIo. Row 5: L. Mosher, A, Green, S. M:f.ef: P, Carrol K. Jetferso' T.. Bude K. KaTousek, G. Muelk-r J, Rynd, W, Kuknka, J, Vestal' M. Niehaugl G, Aumgrm, L. Mseef R, Var-Desen R. Busse. W. KceFs:F B. Krosctwef P. Mebnas H. Toben. D. Gustafson. R. Kempe, H. Johnson, 6. Remala, H F '+ .'Z. Svc" Devaa and Pan? F"': C' a ":"t:C'e che' :'c:a"g 52' dstfz' St: a'd E'se"'b!e C5"est Ann Ltde' Co' 4 "5 " ' I ' rfi'Q'.. 5 ' ff "9 " D'E"f 'ff 5 '-'-'.f'C-'- 'fi A . B . 4 l. Ei f- L W? 'PQ f . ,-- , AQ 1 5 ,WW . W, , ,.., ,, ...Z , ua vim ,T . ,fa-ff r '., f -3' . ' .' 'J 1 .. ... 2' .wl- f "g.,'4fN-cr-pw A v ,.,. . Q 1 1,91 1 1 .- Q if 1 xl 1 1 L ,f j' v v 'V-.X 321,511 17. ,. N. ,. , . FJ --- .JM A2 Q.- 'Z fthwie "',1fn.w:1 'I WJ nl V rf I if N-5 . Ui!- ,A - ,, ,A V YM ,,WfL, Q ,,,, 1' A Cappella Choir. .. A Row I: P. Wi+kowski, L. Wolf, P. Sell, K. Lauck, L. Arendell, R. Prinlz, B. Frey, K. Pamper, C. Semsch, G. Lange, A. Passananfe, D. Gallas, A. Brock, S. Gilzke, P. Spokes, J. Pack, J. Arrigoni. Row 2: J, Robison, J. Janks. S. Marlin. J. Wyirwal, L, Varland, R. Dale, L. Conkrighi, R. Olsen, E. Dehlinger, J. Clark, M. Niermann, L, Powers P. Maser, V. Brown, B. Fraser, B. Semper. E, Fulkerson, N, Deeds. The A Cappella Choir has had anoiher busy and successful year under Jrhe direciion oi Mr, F. Krueger, Throughoui lhe year The choir has periormed al numerous concerls and assemblies. Their climaclic concerfs Came, however, while ihey loured New York Srale along wilh ihe Fenlon Band. The A Cappella noi only works lo blend good voices, bul also slriyes lo promoie co-operaiion and respon- sibilily among all ils members. Fenlon l-ligh School can indeed be proud ol lheir A Cappella Choir. the leading vocal group now 3: B. Jacobson, C. ScPsus+er, W. Fenzel C. Fabiszak, T. Hernandez, E. Jackson, F. Soline, A. Greve, J. Franz, J. Grant L. Olsen, J. Quirjey, K. Munch. J. Seabknm, B. Burrows. J. Smifh. Row 4: Mr. Krueger, B. Powers, B. Fischer, J. O'DonneV, B. Bre-Hman, R, RUCHE, J, Freie, B. Oken, T. Barg- mann, G. Prange, R. Erbsfcesser, C. Menna T. Semper. R. Greenwood, E. Siemers, M. Wrobel. S. Tigany. F522 'fc cf""'a'fl:: by RUB O"er' :'::":es 'ef :cb 5: 'i'sLr'cL Seb and E' 'rbe Cznesi V mnn K eonq Rw 5 M Forsylh Intermediate Cholrs 3 R w I Ruclcer Fronzo FRESHMAN GIRLS CHOIR V nlurella J Sommer: usler Row 2 R Duerkop J Orlega Mlss Seat: om Wruclc S cer P Braley S Hellescn Our school IS Iorlunale lo have Ihese four Inlermedlale choxrs In :Is currlculum These choxrs are designed Io prepare znleresled sungers for membershnp I0 rhe A Cappella Chonr whnch rs an honor Under Ihe unslruchon of Ivllss Seablom and Mr Krueger Ihese sludenls are Increasing nor only Ihear musucal nnleresls bul' also Iheur abullly Io worlc Ioqelher wlrh olhers FRESHMAN BOYS CHOIR ow I IS a er Borce rw J Z In gg Row 2 J I6 V af Krueger l l c o o Lvl 1+ I I ' 21 Q o : E. e , . -held, V ' ' L' "' , L. Sch . : J. Lauclc, . De I Q Q - I D. l . , ' 'f g, I Row 3: S. Budzichowslri, N. Szymber, G. Her I a , D J . o : . , D , .Delc , . , . In . l R :D, Aclf B. G bl , D. ln, R. Ry d, , ,r rl . : . Prgllcrd, J. Bcclc, J. K' w':z R. I-Ienlclrsen, D. Pe ce, Mr. . . . Prepare for A Cappella XJ X? 4. Q. fix I -L 'fa ru 9' '54 . ,eu ' 4 J . IN Q4 .ru G5 fl! - , 151 if . si? 4 db I-H 4 4 R " 'UCZJ U7 Z ' 0 0 ISU Z K - ,1 Qu Qi.. . . K . II: ,1- :U 101 - Ln 'Z , 1: .U fu D' 5 .ZCL ..4 -fn , " Q .553 '- .3 If ,ww x ,, ,., o g -5faQ . -. LID A O -uxbz Q IAQ. or L M In 11 '. Q 3 UI ' ' nwwo Sm? 'Il mil' CT -I- wwq 3 .' F DTE-F. QL 570 I 'P PROD? , PU- 3 mlli, IO po 4' C . IN, . C 3' ' " LO . 1. O 3 FJ- IDQL ig' UK 3 ' , F X +3 4- I :"1-Fw Q T A Q. ' LD 73'.1ff. ,.7g-lv b - 'C- uw 4.1. r- ' Q-IU' ' . K W ffl m 50, 5 1:1 . I' E Je- H F- gpxff' - Im- 3 U AGA? '-' SPD U' :- mm VD 5 , ' 3'UQ 0' ,W ?Z:E'fB- .CL . gf I - - 0 c.., hx-A K ,.o CD71 .. C' 'U 2031, - ' DIZ' - I' .A-.3 - mx3a .. 0 : ' if II rn mga . - ua -1-WZ , - ' on moo . ,- Qi ' igfhg' K ,+L-wgv . - mm!'I'I ' 9,1 ,mam . n "3':w' 3' mmj A ,Ku - A I - . Q . '4n'I Q.CIp O :L+ T F' - mm 9951? . - I- I I I I' I 5' 1 ADVANCED GIRLS CHOIR w I I r M I e Q am eica a o a o ow Car Bru J Shane Lamson Row 2 D Gurke M Echmqer J Buenger C W1enerI' B Lemke A One P Gary L Guniher S Wesbrock S Marzullo aad K ds w3 r usen S S+oe M Junges G RncIw+er P Vnck R Kefc am Jacobsen A Kofu slr: P Bedqood K ODonneII D Imes Mss Sea rn Q MIXED CHOIR w I C nr ed P C e aIIa Ba M P A r ueer ow SM em ead AKa L. I. sI'r' r A PF?sprsAG Headlines, deadlines and bylines v Y ' l 51 ir , A 9' 23' l i' ii T f f m 232 W: K 1? grfi :aa T7 SIGNAL EDITORS wl esTby J s ne GF R w 2 D Srrrrns D Green B WesTcoT D Blazelc D Duerop Our hrqh school s oTTrcral newspaper bears The narne oT SlGNAL IT ms reTerred To as The Journal ol Prog ress ard endeavors To puplrsh an accu Ve 1UounT oT The news IU our school The paper as under The Cornpe TenT qurdance oT Mrs Grllespre IT as published br mon hly whucn gives unTeresTed sTudenTs a Chance Tor lournalrshc experrence The speclal TeaTures oT The paper are The Club oT The MonTh The SoczeTy Column reporTs on assemblies honors new Teacher all sporTs acTwrTnes popular records rnTervrews and many oThers STAFF MEMBERS Ro z P, W ' . Park Mrs, Gillespie, S. Jo s, G. l. ge. o : . ' . , . , . , , , , lc , ll . I 'cr C ' . D ' . . . , . .P , . , . . f ROW li F. B116-, F, E' ff Urde' B, Sthraf' J. Vaflerd. Row 2: J. Veta: P. Chr':'ar,e' D. Vs' Wbfder ft S'evef+ J, VV? S ll"","' S. l.if,f. Hlghllghts recalls Working Iward as 'me llrsl rob ol a HIGH LIGHTS member Tlwrs years edrlors and slalf members have worked Iward and long nol only al making +I'us years book a bugger and beller one bul also ar rlwenr annual semrlormal dance Holly Ball a lursr place Homecomrng 'lloal and rneur plclure sales ID December The annual publucaluons banguel dedrcaled Io SIGNAL and HIGHLIGHTS will mark flue end of a year ol slrnvrng for llwe goal ol pre serving Fenlons memories lor i959 EDITORS S Magnuson J ODonneII SPONSOR Mnss Grlg 2. ORGANIZATIONS Edrlor L Lowe Co Ed :lor J Spence Row I S Marhn L Lowe J Spence Row 2 P Merrrman D Dorn P Gary K Magnuson S Grlike S Runge G Rulwel UNDERCLASSMEN Edrlor S Mueller w I Rulsclwow B G lner E Bralfa Poll orlln D Nordman Row 2 G Hermann J Hedges S Mueller C Wernerl B Lancasler w 3 S w VIC r els D Green D Woods P CarroII B ey L Ru Iano ACTIVITIES STAFF Ed for L Var GH ow I uc er Prnn z afany r d ers Du esne Rome Buenger M Reader A Kafarskl K Jefferson L Knowles E Henriksen J Gusfafson D PoIIcow V7 9 t . Gr : i , . I d. R : V. R Ir , R. 'I S. 'IMI , L. Va Ian , R. Liss, S Lowe. Row 2: J. Kauffman, S. Mow- . L. Ch , K. . J ADVERTISING STAFF Edwcr A r e C Ed+cr K Pam er wl G Camo K Pampe Lmden C Orfeqa Row 2 M Ro ser re L Earbarf B Econcmcs F ewan J Pafc er Memorues of 59 itaa SPORTS STAFF: Edi'ror, I-I. Toben. P, Lavarv. wI:J.Ba y,.VaM. Luxen. H. Toben, B. Genqel. Row 2: D. I-Ieaps, C. Linder, P. Lavan. SUBSCRIPTION STAFF Ednfor C Semsch Co Edlfor J Varland Row I K Sfegmexer C Sernsch J rand D a ublk Row Preusmger J Sfanek B Gulfner J r an S eck Sfe e Bruch . , Tung, AL... -iw-- '- Students develop their Interests it ,,,,.--.4-5 .a.....S-"7 A Row I J Vndas J Luxen R Luxen Row 2 K Truebes D Shriver C Steglng Row 3 R Krase K Spxrott E Bryant Standing G Benkler C Vuclc R Ulruch H Toben N Laud R Sulcorslo A Katarslu S Mueller D Ka ma Math Club tunctrons tor those exceptuonally Interested In hlgher mathematlcs The meetings are spent rn worlcung problems and dnscusslng principles ot mathematics Rowl M Unger P Braley J Zurbruqg R Rynd R Hampton Sponsor, Mr Monahan, not pictured Under the durectuon ot Mr Monahan and presndent Ray Hampton the newly tormed Stamp Club had unter estnng and varied actuvntues thls year Among these were a tneld tmp to a Pollsh stamp exhnblt, a debate and the tradmq and sellmg ot stamps among the members Also the members worked on a scrapbook ot torengn stamps O O J J rw' A gy ir. . J J ,ju ,A .f Y' rr ,rm kt -J R . , xfv kgahvjf ' . A It l A . - ' , Q'-A Q xx-L A ' ' N 1 Q f, . - . 'i-1., , , J hr ff- ' ff' f gf' K , y ar . ,. . ,. . . l I , . h . . I . . . . . . - r . r - . . . . . . . . . . , . . . by I Y c E- I . Ji ' f rf L' ' , , Dramatlsts perform wl ur rw r r V n M LG D Row 2 G Lange A o les r man ps 1 L. c e me O W x R Youn Mueller S owe J Hmrlchs S Glzlce K ds K- ln Dramahcs Club elemenls of drama are mol lhe orly lhmqs learned Enyoymerwl rs also gamed aong wnlh a leelmg achleyemenl from lhe mlereslmg worlc The club began lhe year by worlcmq hard lo presenl a succesqlul lloal ar l-lomecom mg Laler ll peehl cl The Chrlslmas Slra oer al 'he Ch wlmas assembly an several one acl plays ln lhe sprung Throuoh rhe elrorls of lhe Dramalucs Club and +he fcee h class Femlon was well represerwled +he arwual lllmous Speech Corwlesl' r C Kar 'x Parrp arrar s b I J E .' J R ' ' l 4 T . l l gl " T l ' l J' lll l L 2 . J Q . B 5 X 5, Z X. I as ,T y - , . 5 Ro : S. Janis, V. R clce, R. Bur o s, J. Plaiche. L. Va land. J. arla d. J. anly, . eils, . Dorn. : . , . Fablszalc, P. Lundgren, S. Runge, C. Fabiszalc, Mr. Clarlc, L. Davis. K. Pamper, J. Hinrichs, N. Dofler. Row 3: M. Burcle, L. Kn w , M. Fee , D. l-lea , M. Nehals J. Sa hs , W. Fe l, C. rleqa, N. all's, . 9, S. , . L . . A ' , . i , .A E. . . y . . of 5 . D . F S e ,. - nl 'J . - a , in W 1 . . . f - ,X r ' M , aflf, Ja'e Mar, a'd e er fool: -' over pcSS'bf 'lies fc' a :LJ'l.'E' Dr fe Cu play. Plonmng future goals Sponsor Mrs Reufer The l-lomemalcung Club ns de sxqned for rhose ralcnnq Homemalc mg courses In school and any olh ers lnreresred rn lhe held ol home rnalcunq is The club srarled lhus year wlrh a pvzza parly lor prospechve mem Rowl A Kalarslu E Bowe L Varland Row 2 J Labnhlce P Merrrman C Burdrck bers In December llqe memberg C VMDUSEU D Laboda had an unleresllng guesl speaker who spolce lo lhem on Chrlslmas h decorahons lor lhe home In lhe sprung lhe club applied for membership IH lhe Nallonal Fulure l-lomemalcers ol America Cub PNA serves lo help gurls unleresled ID nurslng learn more aboul various fields ol nurslng and nursing schools The club has sponsored several spealcers movues and 'rrnps lo hospulals One ol rhe mosl memorable of lhese lrlps as the one 'ralcen by lhe older qlrls lo Coolc Counly l-lospllal wllh lheur sponsor Mrs Kaiser w l L Gewecke E Koehne M U ger P Chr' hansen R DeFronzo S Muller J Sommerfue R w 2 Za o A Ole ecall Mrs Kaiser C Mclnfyre P aqnuson P u lV n w R Par s J Slehle C Wemer M Nuehaus Wc ds S Marlin C Spnngs l. Weslphal S Hellelcscn S Jones . of... 1 P ' l 9 Z 1 ..-- J Q f V , C . is J '- ski' 1 ' ' .4 4, . ' 0 c l . ' . 0 0 0 ' ' ' l . ex , , U Je 2 il ix 1 - ,. 7 " ' lx . K f . ' da K 1 2 xg, - - 4 l Ro :. ,. , .n .. 's' ,. ,. ' .. 'ld. o :S. lc, . '.J. MT , , ,. ,.M ,,S'l'a.Ro 3:C. owe,J. lc,. , . ' T, . ' ,D. . . . and teaching. . . The purpose of F.T.A. is ro explore +he field oi 'leaching and +o infro- duce iis varied programs Io Ihe members. This was done by having guesr speakers, films and airending a panel discussion on Special Educalion. Themes were wriiren by ihe members on Their concephon of leaching, +he besr of which were published in rhe SIGNAL. Also Iwo inieresiing field Irips ro nearby universiries were among 'rhe acrivilies of +he club. Mr Cobb -Qi ,i w I A V Rucker wecke J Ne an J Ages B G errm n Lss Row2 C Vick P Wesiby E on P aey A oruslr w an or r c aran o nn Nic M Freeman MAGAZINE CHAIRMEN cw I RWZDJ I I ? ' I 2 ' f 5 I I I 2 ' I lr I I - l I :I . 'i 2 2 I ' I I 5' i I I ' Q I I ll , 3 . I ' - .J K ' 5- I N W 4 ' ' s .Z I V I ' I .I X v an . . . ' ' C A A 'Q 7 a - - z '- iq Y , I i f 3 - ' Q' 3 Ro : K. dis . C. Ge . wm , , , . ifrner P. M i a , R. i , : . ' , . , .Mage nes , .Br I , .K ' i, C. Van Dasen. Ro 3: M. M I .C, Ba di lr, L, V I d B. EC no cs, S. ' Ices. . . S. Decker. K. Magnuson. L. Laud, G. Sczygiel, B. Larnclce L. Know es R. I-lampfon. . I .517 K S.. A . if I ' , , in R :J. S:c"'se'fie-:1 V, Defi'-jr P. IeF'i':' D. Stmro' B, Lamp? F. Se J. Vanrfz. o : .Ion- VJe':e' If. ide"-sf' J. Bezizjiid ' V .' L. Ki.-.es F. Zisa' S, car-3 I. I ' T Le"' 3 S::.g'e K. Marin F. 5 A I:"'Z 5' . Forelgn language clubs PATRICIANS-Row I J Kauffman J Dylo R K edy J Berns M Buch J Anchor J Nlermann S Marzullo Row 2 J Jozllc S Gulzlre C' Sczygnel B Arndl Mrs Caruco K Magnuson B Economos G Menzies E Brolcamp Row 3 S Jones J Sfehle P Carroll J Van Mol K Munch W Breflman D Woods F Schmeusser A Kolu slcl C Rowe R Glllner LATIN CLUB The clnmax of Lahn Clubs year s The annual loanquer In March where Parrncnans are served by Plebrans ID The anclenl' Roman 'rradllron The clubs many dC'l'IVl'lI6S 'rhus year Included a successful dance Homecomlng floal and lce slcahng parries dgrev J asae rr us e c man m + Szyrn Row 3 R Vuglar T Trrmmer S Payne Unger T as am Dec e G Bef er O . . . : . , . , . enn , . , . r , . , . ' , . ' . : PLEBIANS-Row l: M. Gilmer, R. Delzronzo R. Rynd, J. Zurbrlqg, P, Ringer, D. McKeqney. Row 2: D. Laboda, G. Landmeler, P. Lun .C l , C. Sp hge, J. Kr b , J. K ebbe , D. Sch 'd , N. ber, : , , . ' , . M, . Kfeee J. Vid D. K ' a. S. P r . V . . . . for better understanding The newly tormed Spanish Club sponsored by lvliss Symon has already obtained a prominent place among Fenton's organizations. At Christmas time the members enioyed a pinata party. This was tollowed by their successtul intorrnal dance, the Sombrero Swing. This club encourages students to observe more care- tully the customs ot the Spanish and Mexican people. This study will promote good will and better interna- tional relations. ss o Seated L, Cane d S an in ss rr 'i SPANISH CLUB lqvi 'N' G 'QYLQ 45 4-4-v"lu'N'75 w I tv' 'X Da lfarn Va Row 2 ao ow5 Row N P 'vt' Symfc as C5":e's. : F. Nt: J. Nasser, L. Pr so a. t d' g: F." Sy 3' E. Powers. ilb Y f - T v - Y. . W- ...U fs 3 - ,v . , F f 1-wed' L-it '-f....2--1 . .J fl 'J tl i i '- ip sl! f J l 1 -f t i tt l s . 5 .4 g . Til .yi 7' 3 l .- ',. ' . ' 1 . .' A . x A ' N 5 , f N Vt. . f A, ,. , A -mn F .4 Ro :C Sage i. cafsz' J. aoe L. Eamert l. Rsbaso , ':i"fE 3. f4iiS5' J. Va'a': E 51 .p 3. 'Xl ' 2--.sf C. tneacz J. :face Wt. 3:ee'g'e- M. Mano' E. 'fize -. Bases V. 51,-V' S. Pfge V1.2 J J a B. Fraser V. Fables. Row 3: C. 3-efveve 3. 'Nli':"a' Tl. l.C-is Ze.: ff. :'e2"i' - :"i':a J. N f S EV. 921.65 C Vifize E. -a':ii'e' J. S'-C' ,. 'fA:"e:. L.3x:f'1:- -. --2 X. :a":i'. 4: .f. F. 3,2-i'f 3. Wiili' S. '4e"'2' ft Zi Q. f'e"'i" C. :"i':: P. lice' .. 3"5'i'e Q 3'i'e" S lf J' . Sa'-1 H .A'a:.3:e -. mecca: 5. ::": C. 5. 3 3- , :eve - E. -a:'e.-.s- E.:i,S1 ,. 'Eve E. Sf' F E 5'a"a 5. '.e'f"'a'. R :3. geese' 3. Hz- H. . J. 3'i33 ' -1 'zcer 5. FH: F- 'fe'."" -V, 4 'V rf C 'ff'-:-ta H Fame' F- 'Je 1' L . I 925' E -. 3 .apr-2 Lettermen constitute "F" Club Rowl H Johnson D DnOrlo Mr Henry Mr Johnson F Hohman H Toben Row 2 E Kolze J Cuthbertson L Ward D erson B Powers J Dlomar Row 3 J Va lvlol R Ulrch J Vtul Frene R Montel Row4 K Splrott R SILOFSI The mayor letter winners ot the Fenton athletlc teams malce up the members ot F Club Letters are awarded to ath letes at several special award assemblies throughout the year Sponsored by Mr Henry and Mr Johnson F Club has ushered and talc en care ot refreshments at the baslcet ball games lcers H Jo n D m p tur H Pet ., U. ,V ..' .I .:.ln I, . '11 . i lil, F..Fritz,J: ', 1. t l'.1 . : . 'I ,.. ' Ik' T. Cheze. L. Bostrom, B. Brettman. Off' : , hrsc , DfOrl: F. Hih an, Nc? ic ed: .. Tobfn. Organized cheering section w I R Lea em els Dee s Wo ow 2 Ka ouse J Berns J Remaia E Fullcerson Miss Gmac eric use G da G arison Row3 J ariens G Meyer D ollrcw E ron D Nord an D Deg E Bra a w 4 D arce M omg e B Semp L Franz J Hinz B Sfoner D Duerkop J Orfega Row 5 K Asmcs eyno ds B Hn err sen ome en er aser We ns i L Gush: son Row S MGFZU O J GC mmg R U r n W , aw Sen U esne ow J Wiison C Teufel M Wro e wa aum arfne Mi A Boc R James K Lndsey J Thom OH The members oi Pep Club consimiie Hue backbone of ine Fenion cbeermq seciion Their a o pronwoie ooo booi so and beer iiie Hard working Fe or' a eric ieefn s Peo Cho W on c ee es fa f acces a 6 Ociife O5 4? M feb ard in be cs d ai bas erbali games Ro : .Daie. M. iii ,S. Th ',N. d , L. if, R :K. i k, , , . , . i L. Kr , .Br , .C . :.M , . , .P , .Cc ,S.Laing, . m . . Ro : . Pe , . T B. King, P. S il, . er, . , . ' , . . . i . - D. R Y , .Ju'se , E, H fic ,K. R , J. Bu g , N. M , M. i Uf kj . i . 6: . D. Si , . V gia, L. K 0 Yes, D. L'nd, N. J b , L. D Ch . R 7: J. Dibeia . J , . E. sv B. B Q f J. 'meh . k, . , . z . ps , go i is i ,, 1 d sc V+ 1 ' ' 4 "' N ' N 3 V TL? -,ear , ' erred f 'ffcj 3 ga :ard Sec' .VCP Wgtcn -Ley 5+ O , . ' fb ' J ' J genres. , f - ,jr 7 4 DR C e ers hcfic cn fied c s e P Serving their school LIBRARIANS b Row I: C. Hinrichs, L. Du Chesrwe D. Schmidt, Mrs. Beckfund, A. I-Ierness, J. Fabbrl. Row 2: B. Weidmamn, J. Mefcatf, K O'Dormell, K. Whalen, P. Chrisfiansen, E. Erbsfoesser D. Heaps, R.Wefck. L. McMiIIian. OFFICE GUIDES WAITING ROOM GUIDES eg S.,-H-ns Teu ew 5 Zy e p Wesfb J ,r wl Le+h C W NU r+ Row2 L DeJo g L Sei K A r gona M Burde E BVOIGWP HALL GUIDES p A A U Q C mam Dy, C. mcggs.. y A:. Ro :I.A .BVS-V :. H.. H.Ibe Row I: R. Liss, S. Mafzp I: E. Deffgf-f N, Dcffe' J. Pad: C. F's:Lef, L. VdF1d'f1 H. Ke y. Row 2: M. Pfebmgef, T. Barre" D. R?p efger C. Siabcff . 'bcges' K. Fewer' F. I-I:"'ar' J, Weis J. C" F. e"'e 5 ,. W:: ZX SPORTS Skull and determination VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD wl D nos R M on an? J uzunga H Tber K Hansen J Suller Row L War Monfell H Johnson G Derkxng M Laboda B Powers E Slerners D DlOr1o R Peferson J Wyfrwal F Hohman G Smllh Reed Row 3 Coach Henry L Bosfrom T Olszewskr T Tennenl B Korlum M Slellrnan C5 Remala B Breflman D Shruver C Sfequng Coach Monahan Coach Hoffman Fenron grldders closed lhe I958 Toolball season wulh lhe knowledge lhal They slrove earneslly for a suc ce-sslul foolball record Among Jrhe Bzsons mayor achzevemenlrs was lhe vlclory over lhelr arch rivals lhe Dundee Cardinals The Team was sparked by Mel Laboda who was selecled all conference olfensuve cenled and defensnve mud dle guard and Don DwOro who was selecled defensnve lvne backer Due lo a qrealer number of boys oul Tor loolball lhls season we are lookrnq forward lo belle-r seasons an lulure years fi ky Head Coach Henry Fenlon Fenlon Fenlon Fenlon Fenlon Fewlon Fe lon Fenlon Bafavza Nor+h Cfncaqo Dundee Palahne Glenbrook Mooseharl Elmwood Park Lake Park . f . 0 o o Ro :l .Pa , .Ulrich,C. lddlel' ,E.Bry , .H I' . .Kelly, D. I I, . , R. O . 6 l' I4 6 . l2 l K 20 " 6 6 l l bulld up quallty We 'ef Q 'vena sz Backfneld prachces for perfechon Semors worked hard for a good year VARSITY LETTERS JV LETTERS H KeNly W Koeisclw M Laboda R Monfeh T Olszewsku Hansen W Korrum C MnddVe'ron D Shnver E Suemers J O5 Peferson Powers R Reed G Remaa Suiier T Tennenf D Tiber: A Rubrano Manager Smufh G Sfegrng M Sfellman R Ulrlch L Ward M w Manager Bwson lnoids on fwgnf and sfops a Mooseharf Red Rambler . . . ' . . . . I1 9 3 T g - 3 1 ?' f G. Dierkinq, D. DiOrio, F. Hohman, J. Huizinga, H. Johnson, L. BOSTFOVY1. B. Breffrnen, Gr. Brown, E, Bryant D, D'Hooge, K, R..Pan1,R.. 1, B.. ,X .I , I. D I, Gi ' , 1. '. ', . X' 1, I ', V I ' , . ' , , , . ' , , , . De . . . . and future potential. 0 ae., 3-ci 1813 i FRESH MAN FOOTBALL TEAM 1 W l rrmmer a ro om on a Taneo anus R w R Dutf Rucker G l-lusfed R McCann R Henrucksen D Laboda R Stout V Snowberg R Hughes Row3 B Kelly D Greco l-lermsoth F Kolodzlel B Cl lc J Kzewucz E Bodene M Phrllben T Krase R Mur MINOR LETTER WINNERS Adrs Breleclc Boc Boder- Cr e r Fov. er Froehhch Gaxel Gres He msoth Ke y Kcsar ra Me Chas Mredema M VTT S mr-hers WC r h Mana Lan as er Manager Pear e Manager FROSH SOPH FOOTBALL TEAM wl A Rub ano Manager J Bock D Gavel T Bneleclcu P Curran M as erhp w ee-ma aEWoFKor FRESHMAN NUMERALS Allen Clark Duttlco Flornng l-lenrrckser Hughes Husted Knewucz Laboda Nelson Schultz Trammer G Woll B Heinrich Manager E Lancaster Manager D Pearce Manager .t A Lx' ' T B ' he ' ee ,y v rm ., 'Q ry if A x, Ro : R. Folalc, D. Adis, J. Nelson, T. T' , J. R b't , T. Th ps . P. C t , R. J '. o 2: , ko, J. A. J ' A ' I 'arf ' . . ' A' I' 4' 'L' pw" " T' T D. ' T. ' R J. k E. re D D. I l B' P. C. 'an R' R, Folalc P' . J' . RQ ' . J' ' R. A D' ' cs. D. ' 3 J. , . A' T D B. l" J' F. KH T. K ee T' . P, ' ' A. ' ' T - . Phililzen ' ' J. Ruclcer ' ' T. Se per ' ' D, L E. lf B, Her lc., ger , E. C f , 1 D, 3 Ro : . I , , . , . . ' ', . J. F:wer, J, Frcehch. Ro 2: A. ME d . , J. Vid 5 . ll. . sa P. e 5' ,T, S er, D. Su"lF7'9'C. Efflclency and accuracy B p I R Pa os Row 3 E Lancasfer Manager B Korium T Cheze E Semers ernala B I-Ie Ma a Lacknng In hexghf buf nor Iackung In skull Ihe I958 59 varsnfy baskelball Ieam capfured Iourrh place rn Ihe conference by defeahng Lake Park our hard fnghhng neighbors To Ihe wes+ Drlbblang Info second place among conference scorers was 59 Fred Hohman Close behrncl were Don D1Or1o and Greg Dnerkmg Iwo shorf and achve Busons The Iallesl men Tom Cheze and Ervnn Sremers capx+aI ized on Iheur herghl by conlrollnng +he backboards Eorfhe 59 6O season we wull be walchung Larry Bos+rom George Brown and Ken Spuroff whose varsuly experuence should prove valuable Eenlon Eenlon Eenlon Eenlon Eenlon Eenfon Eenlon Eenlon Fenlon Een+on Eenron Eenlon Eenlon Eenron Eenlon Eenlon Eenfon Eenlon Eenfon Eenfon VARSITY Balavxa Leyden Whealon Norlh Chncago Glenbrook Yor Elmwood Park Lake Park Ela Vernon Palahne Norlh Chrcago Whealon Acad Glenbrook Geneva Elmwood Park Lake Park Dundee Palarine Wesf Chicago Oak Park Fenfon Eenfon Fenfon Eenron Eenfon Eenfon Eenlon Fenlon Eenlon Eenfon Fenlon Eenlon Eenlon Eenlon Eenlon Eenlon Fenlon JUNIOR VARSITY Leyden Nolre Dame Norfh Chicago Glenbrook S+ Charles Elmwood Park Provrso Wesf Lake Park Nofre Dame Palahne Immaculafe Concephon Norlh Chicago Glenbrook Elmwood Park Lake Park lmmaculafe Concephon Palahne o a o Row I: T. Cechola D. DIOrIc, E, I-Iohman, C. Middlefon. Row 2: J. Spence, D. Peferson, C. Schusler G. rown, K. S irof, , n . : . , , . , . , . I G. R , . Enrich, n ger. 60 I 82 34 6I 60 44 53 74 34 I 34 ' 60 63 50 73 50 . 35 IC 6I 58 39 49 52 ' 60 59 ' 47 SI - 44 6I 60 ' 46 52 I 62 ' 7I 65 62 . 54 39 I SI 55 39 60 65 44 53 59 67 67 59 43 5: 72 46 ' 45 62 66 68 47 63 make Blsons successful Coach Cole plans has slralegy for nexl weeks game Coach Thompson shows finer ponnfs of ball handling VARSITY LETTERS l. Boslrom G Brown T Cechola T Cheze G Dnerklnq D D:Oruo F Hohman E Seumers K Splrolf JV LETTERS B Korlurn C Mlddlefon B Pelerson G Re-mae C Schusler J Spence FROSH SOPH W Finke J Hennlq W Kehoe P Melonas M Plmllb n T Semper H Waldvogel E Wolf Marhnek C Menna G Mueller ue er 5 Owsk, eggn Reeves RU ,emo L Tren ale Trnmmer A Valenfune D er :rg reaches hlgh lor posse Sl P Jump Erv lump' . 0 I I O U FRESHMAN NUMERALS: D. Aclls, D. Erickson, P. Floring, R. Polak, B. Gcbler, A. l-leimsolh, R. lhlughes, B. Kelly. T. Krase T-l . .u . . ,LM ll ,M.Njd ',J.N1 ,R,PfO+14c. ,fx b' , . h'l.T E k'. ' o 5 'o . , ' I . . . in Tri-County Conference. FROSH SOPH BASKETBALL TEAM Row I T Semper E Wolf J Henmg P Melonas M Phuluben Row 2 Manager F Schmersser H Waldvogel J Walczak J Duerlcop W Funke J Sac FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Errckson L Mueiler R Hughes C Reeves D Golz J Owen G Mueler T Trmmer M Naydcwsku Row 3 R DuHer wager D Hall A He mscilw B Kel'y G fafson G Wolf F Koodzeg T Kase R Pro+z Mr Duefz Coat: Row I: A. Rubiano, A. Valen+Ine, L. TrenhaI!e, R. Folak, C. Merma, D. Adis, W. Robedson, K. Boksa. Row 2: J. Nelson, D. Ma V... I us' D, .I h, . IQII1 . tr U, . . 'I ,. H. Grapplers take to mats. .. VARSITY WRESTLERS w l e w ar o nson wers Wolnarslc E Bryan? Row 3 Coa n G Hollrnan Manager D Rlppenberger D Shrlver B Breffman ohns n K Frele Manag J Van The Bison Wresllers had a good season wmnnung sux oul of fnfleen malches and Talcung some honors II'l +he conference dnsfrncl sechonal and regnonal Tournamenls Our IO3 pounder Jam Dnomar also quallfued for lhe slale lourney Under lherr rnosl capable coaches Mr Gene Hoffman and Mr Donald Johnson lhe Bnson malrnen were shll compehhon for many ofher schools We wall be expechng many more good years from lhe wresllnng squads In fhe fulure FROSH SOPH WRESTLERS Lrg O U 'TTB Rl. D S nov' Ro : R. Soln , E. Kolze, G. Menzies. Ro 2: J. Dlom , L. J h , B. Po , R. Ulrich, B. l . . : cl . , . ' , . ' , . H. J o , D. alma, J. ' , er . Mol. Row I: R, Ngf: D Peafe S. Row 2: Manage' D. Rlpperger, Gr. Colon, P. C4 1 B. Sta' J, Fr:e'c' Manager J. X-lar Mc. Row 3: Coach F. H 55. r J. :her '. L. e's J. Voa: 3.15 en B. Ma". .for Cl successful season. VARSITY LETTER WINNERS J. C..II'Ibe"so' J. Dworfer I-I. Jorwso' R. LJ rich W. WoIrarowsIn' RICH works on a Wauoonda grappIer Fenfon FemIon FenIon FemIon Fenron Fenfon Fenron Fen+on Fenfon Feraron Ferwrorv Ferrom Femron Feorofu I:er1I'Oru BIII arrempfs a reversal NapervIIIe Grew N Crmcago Whearon Ac GIefvbrooIc EImwoooI Park SI CIwarIes Waucomda Lake Park ArIInqIor1 WesI Chicago PaIaIIme Ba+avIa I3arrIrIqIorw Duroee a +es o MINOR LETTER WINNERS Curran J Froellch G Lerder Rucker Summers V das P. J. D. J. I 6 ' 40 29 20 . I9 . ' 27 I2 . . . .. 33 . 9 . . . . 37 . I9 . 26 35 . I3 I4 30 26 I8 FenIon II York 29 I8 ' 30 22 ' 2I , 6 ' 36 30 ' , I6 . II ' 29 . 30 I I I2 Co :F I-Iofirrae I Low fo oo a :if LII, Good fielding, hard hitting... Coach Van Proyen give' pre season Taps To senior players D DuOruo H Johnson F Hohman and J WyTrwal Backed by The consTanT encouraqemenT oT Coach Van Proyen and his managers Al Rubrano and Dick FueTz The T959 baseball Team worked Tor a success Tul season Many sensors reTurned To The varsuTy Team This year and helped The newcomers To be come good baTsmen This combined eTTorT by every one as whaT made This years season worTh remem bernng Juniors J Huuzunqa C STegunq and R Moser comprise The ouTheld This year The unheld m sed oT R U ch yTr a H rman a di L BosTr m i J - I l 7, ... I I - . . , ' 4 Q5 59 pg , ri .X VV W ' CIT , I' . O . V gy Z E W a in Aff 5 -E M g gi 1', , , L mv' ' .frwngfff-'4" '? ff ,qgaff , 5 4 I 4 'E Thinclads exhibit. . . VARSITY TRACK TEAM Row I T Harder R Pererson W Koelsch T Olszewsku H Toben C Mnddlefon J Cufhberison J Baker Row 2 W Powers R Sxkorskn J Surfer D DHooge T Brandweun E Busnong Coach Henry Row 3 W Breffman G Brown K Hansen L Zuwafa J Frele 6 Smf FROSH SOPH TRACK TEAM wl D ce rn aenfme a o A P Curran C Reeves R S+cuf Mana er Qker ' a A H rnsorrr T Mcrhn Ro : ,Pear D, SCH rdf A. V Y ', ,J, R Hr , D, dis, . , . , . , Q . Row 2: G. Mue'er, Manager L, Mueler J. Tege' R. Busse, B. Mikes, B. Suffer, E. Lancasfer. Row 3: J. Ru , J. Bcclf, B. KeUy, R, Prez M, Pnziben, F. Kes r, . ef. , . 'elu Long distance of I9 mules VARSITY AND FROSH SOPH CROSS COUNTRY TEAMS Row I A Vafenhne C Reeves B Suffer B Mrkes T Cechora D Schmudf H Waldvogel Row2 A Green The cross counfry ream under fhe drrecrlon of Coach Novarny showed a marked rmprovemenf In TIWIS ITS second season Twenfy seven boys parhcupafed H115 year compared +o ren boys lasf year As rhe +eam grew In numbers 'rhe spor+ grew In populardy Cross counfry has emerged 1n+o a popular sporf a+ Fenfon nc ads Y your mar Q O g 0 o 0 H. Tooend B. Do++er,I K.. Spirofi' B.. Kehoed J.. Hennig, SCl'1U5T6F,. B. Pefelrson, W. Finke, Coaciw Fllovafny. TH, 1 , 9 ks! a l, nw 'W' f If ,"1H,'5' AWP '- 1 f' gv' , f- 1'-Sf .1 ' 1 ij., , .p,f fi ,g, .'jK 5,?Q.g,x'a51'4.2.4' 3' iff- , 1 si L fix "'i7f'9R 1 1 ami? 54' :iff 4 1' g + 4? fm 1 A Q I "' ' , 'Vi Q A f Q' - QVIPY, Q34 ' E, ff ' W V 'W Y YQ , AQ -f 1 'Q ! p I 8 f W , 9 454 3 1 g' I 'vp up QR Fi E Jn? . Y 1 1 Sh Qu ' r We-M fv' W H 97 OFFICERS Car-ci Vick, Vice- Presdenfz Ann Lin- den, President 'Eiin Magn,son, Carve McCabe, Treasurer? Eiion Gogqiri Sec- retary: 'Caro' Mc- lnfyre 'Lois Lowe, 'Roberra Liss Miss Probsr, Sponsor. 'Board Members. Girls' Athletics GAA. is one of our mosl acllve school orqanlzalions. lls members may parllcipale in soccer, baskelball, speedball, volleyball, bowling, badmlnlon, baseball, archery, hiking, lrampollne, speedea-way, picnlclcing, ard horsebaclc riding. One of The malor clances ol lhe school year, lhe Sweelhearrs Formal, is sponsored by lhls organization. This lormal ls helcl ln lhe gym, and all lhe clecoralions are done by lhe lnduslrious GAA. members. Row I: J. Sfanek, G. Carlson, K. Pamper, M. Carlson. Row 2: L. Schusler. P. Ringer, T. Arms, B. Weld- mann. Row 3: B. Frey, D. VonWerder, K. Asmus, P. Braey. Row 4: S. Runge, M. Rosengren. J. Guslalson. Row 5: J. Kebbie, L. Weslphal, L. Earharf, S. Payne. Row 6: P. Vick, E. Bowe, B. Lemcke, P. Kasper. Row 7: R. Dale, C. Prihoda, R. Vuglar, 6. Drinlcwafer, L. Gunderson, Row 8: A. Arndr, P. Gary, J. Dylo, C. Burdiclc. u-...was-1+-.4-.., I 2' ' .. I .. -. on 9 2 ov w Q u. 1 vw- ,: , I. ,Q . I A , -iw, My V A , fi., f ' , rf 5" u -v ,W.'.'L, ,to-545 I 'M f f , - - ,, V, ywgggfwt I 0- -lag, 331. ,, Mg? An. 1 - hrfgnwyw 1 " "1-fw9R" f if Q-2"i,.4L. xl ff I 'rf' ,. W . f A "ig, jf , ,yy . ' ,fx yx.f?'Y,'5ffL ' by . Y . ., , 2 if J: - .'uk5"',:,.ffi 1" 4 .hw vf' ' ' fn:-2 3 . hr' ,a,.,4Q' ,avg qr., ,A V ., h "m,,1,4..- Min Al ,. . get ae iv-'f.x:f3'a-YP' ' ' 1 ,, I , . .,,?3,g ., Q Ji, ',?'f??9 'If ,",af1y C Q I - .. vgp'- -,,, L ,, I "',4,"'f,9?54ud-,4'i'w v if- x 1 , U 'JL mf. , ,, W V'-w,' , V4 3' ' G . V ', f Jw, , , g 9 .zv x-,.zf"' 'PW ,-sl, ,..,, F1 Q . f 1 'Tv 3,3 oo., W., . An- I x 1 . ' E9 5- H rf ,-. A 91333 wr 4,1 . 4 1 H 82-219 Q . Ti. . 4475? ,1- Q uw H 4? Q I 3 ...I 75 L ,va M, W .JK .QI M., Wi- W4 iff M.. I Abc C -4K,f-A-ug M l - N54 ,, , ,, ,ff 6.4, ggigyi iw Above: '+ Bexcwz ."14.,JA4.nJF ,.,..,.n.s-N ., . 'av 5 ff I 4, ,,'.,f'y. f is A w, 45. v , v X v 1, R, Dale, A, Naidowski M. Leallwem, L. Wolf, S. Tlweis. Cheerleaders create spirit Wiflw enfbusiasm and energy, Jrlie Femlon cheerleaders slirred We Bison fans do lead vocal and neoral supoorl lo our liqlwlirg leams on field and Cowl. The varsily squad, caplaim SarwdyTl1eis,arrd+iwelrosli- sopl1s,Joan Berms caplain, Tried oul some new ideas lrom llwe summer H cheerleading camp al Bioomimqlon. Tlwey also soorsored several dan- v :- ces and supoorled The eilorls oi Pep Club. This was 'ire lasl year of cheerleading for semiofs Pmre Naidowslci, Sandy llweis, and Louise Wolf. N. DEEDS G. CARLSON J. Berns. G. Brda K, Kalouselc. J. Rema a. ACTIVITIES f A treshman class's "Fenton Footnilf' rockets to a third place in tloat compe- tition. GAA. girls created an elaborate, ingenious prince ot Bagdad. Drama Club had soaring hopes tor a tootball victory. Juniors hope to cash in on a win. Spanish Club can't sleep with an exciting game on the way. The freshmen step in with a winning tloat. Bubbles galore and t'llGHLlGHTS Fun, tradition, beauty Fenton's l958 Homecoming Season was a memorable one. On Friday, October I7, the cheerleaders presented an amusing home- coming assembly, with some ot our tootball players helping them put on a humorous slcit. On the same night, students assembled at Fenton tor the traditional Snake Dance. The cheerleaders led the "snake" through Bensenville, where it ended up at Fenton, still surprisingly tull ot pep. The next day was even more busy. In the morning, the homecoming tloats, the pride and ioy ot many, were paraded throughout town. Wanted: one pigslcin. Q - gyiyhf '-Len 4-4 Beffy, cur rew queen, ndes IU lwqn s+y,e af oar fmrsf Horne- connng foofba'3 game af our new field. organfzarion wins firsf place, mark '58 Homecoming In Hue a1C+ernoon, our ?oo+baH +eam played wifn much splrif againsf Jrne GWenprook Sparrans, buf SHN Yosf by Hwe score of 41-I2. During The Half, Fen+on's marching band performed, Hue Hoafs were paraded, and our queens were presenfed in full array dorinq a lovely ceremony. A+ niqnf, rne season ended wifn "FirsJr Frosiw sporsored by rne S+uden1'CourC7l.fX++re se'n?-forma! dance, our Queens were crowred by Heir escoris, whn fre Grand Maron folpffng. Yea This was HOMECOMING, l958. crown inee, BeHy, Homecoming Queen of I95B . . ." Fenforfs rcya beaufles make a sfrildrg plcfuro. "The First Pros?" had Hs warm momenfs. dead or alive. Hs a'n'1os+ Mme fo say good-niqnf, bk +cnign+ won'+ be for- goffen, HOMECOMING ROYALTY n-if Q. King George Brow The sweefhearis dance fo ihe dreamy music f fhe On Salurday nighf, Febru- ary I4, 'lhe annual Sweef- hearf's Formal was held by GAA. As the couples ar- rived af Sulcura, rhe cherry blossoms bloomed happiness and joy over 'rhe enfire crowd. The crowning of ihe queen was held under : group of cherry rrees. Cou- ples' picrures wilh a back- ground of Japanese scenery will bring baclc memories of rhis memorable evening. ., s ., .vt 'I-4, 'D Q3 'ri , I A -'fo J n crowns Leslie Conlrrighf Sharon Nickles and Barbara Lemclce serve fhe wailing guesfs queen of Dances "' I S sw HIGHLIGHTS nual Holly Ball was held December 20, with mu- sic by fhe Swing Kings. W to remember Many informal dances were sponsored by school organizafions fhis pasf year . . . Sailor's Hornpipe lG.A.A.lq Har vesf Moon llzreshmenl: Sombrero Swing lSpanish Clublg Roclc'n Roman lLafin Clubl: Supersfifions Swing lJunior Classl besides fhe numerous half- hour dances affer baskefball games. Mosf organizafions planned fhese affairs fo raise money, and The efforfs of The members made if possible for happy crowds 'ro enioy fhemselves. 1 ,Isl V A1 f 1 I I f if f 55.5 UW I ' I 'MW' s W' sat? ,, L Q , 1' -. ,xxftp s -,A. ., 1 I .,.L,g-J' Q , ff l ?'q1f! v, ' fx asf: Ti Jr: 1,1 N ,. 4 U13-l GP, -S 0 'xx 1 -1 ,l ' f 0 .. ' N 49 ,,k ':"xgd7i ' " 4. .. " xc " . -Q 4" 5 n4Q.,, 'W' I A , ,gffflf Wifi, flffrl Q' 'lf"'Nf' QR , lptii 33 xgigzl ?'r fl MJ, 4 E 5 E W 3 "Quif Your Kidding" A Tlwree-Ad Farce Noveneber 20, QI, 22 Mrs. Evelyn Buford Evelyn Buford CAST Winsfon Buford lWinniel Binnie Buford James Hor+on Travis lJiml Jean Owen BeH'y Anderson Dr. Mel Shannon Thomas Pa++on lToml David Spivey Wl1iHen lspilcel Miss Sophronia Buford Camilla Dusenberry S+uden+ Direcror Direc+or Jean Parlss Louise Wolf Ron Sivcrslri Verna Brown l-loward Toben Lora Arendell Pal Sell Jorn Q'Do'nell l-larvey Qlson Herry Jolinson Judy Paoli Slweila Kaad Joe Nesseler Miss Ryan Camilla aliases tre lrids cu? iusl befcre f'Xu'lSopl1ronia's arrival, Tre Qasl fral did Seniors present Exe ,n and Camilla asm re NN rr e , eg 'emerge l"PQ , . N , 5'-9 CMS CC. ll II Quit Your Kidding Ss'-i a'3 W ' 1 ...-'-"T"" 1511 Delenurr Lnrr, r,-13.155 a Qrnlwew VlvlVil'lv'E Cl. THE NIGHT OF Prison mafron Bailiff Judge Hea'rh Disfricl Alforney His Secrefary AHorney Slevens Her Secrerary Clerlr Karen Andre Dr, Kirlcland Mrs. Hufchins Homer Van Fleel Elmer Sweeney Flinl Nancy Lee Faulkner Magda Svenson John Graham Whihfield Jan Chandler Sigurd Jungquisl' Larry Regan Roberta Van Rensselaer Sfenographer Policeman Direcfor Sfudenf Direclor "'Sa+urday nighl Jury selected from audience ,Q 5, ly! ! 1M? ' mf gg W Y -Q - 23 wwf 'gei 5 ,.,. x . 9, , I' W? 4 gf 31 'if X. .9 i i, - 4. ., ,, X if 1 4 fe-.v,,:3 .' ,' , 7' A- Iilie 545 'fi-1 Y i E S 1 3 r ' 'f 55- i 4 "jp-' n 5 f Ambitious students enlarge our scope ot activities The varsity, trosh-soph and treshman tootball play- ers as well as cheerleaders received their well earned letters or numerals at the Football Award Assembly on November 25. These letters represent the hard and patient worlc these players and cheerleaders put in all through the tootball season. A Christmas play, "The Christmas Stranger," under the direction ot Mr. Clark, was given on Dec. I9. The cast las picturedl was: Bill Powers ...........s,,,,,,,v ,,,,-,,,-,,,,,,,A,Y 5'I'r anger Jane Manly ....s,,,.s,, ,,,,s,, cri ppled daughter Jean Smith ....s,,,s,,,,, r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,iA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, m other Bev Burrows .,ss,,,.,,,..s.....,,ss,..,.ssssssssssss married daughter The play told ot the strange but wondertul things which happened to the family when a poor stranger was under their root. On February 28, the District Music Contest was held at Glenbrook High School. Ot our thirty entries. these fourteen received superior ratings and competed in the state contest at Rock Island in April: Tom Olszewslci-Clarinet Diclc Peterson, Dennis Tiberi-Comets Dennis Hegebarth, Larry Omens-Baritones Cheryl Prihoda-Marimba Ted Bargmann-Piano Judy Pack-Girl's Low Vocie Judy Janlcs-Girl's High Voice Bill Powers-Boy's Low Voice Clarinet Trio, Woodwind Quintet, Boys' Double Quar- tet, Woodwind Quartet-Ensembles. The Palatine District Speech Contest was held on February Zl. Competing against eight other schools were: Jim Bock-Serious Play Reading Jean Smith-Verse Reading Gerry Bennett-Oratorical Declamation Sheila Kaad-Comedy Play Reading Linda Varland-Original Oration Judy Varland-Original Monologue Bob Fischer-Radio Speaking Ot these, two students placed: Judy Varland with a third place, and Linda Varland with a tourth. II6 ADVERTISING BENSENVILLE BENSENVILLE BENSENVILLE BENSENVILLE BENSENVILLE CARROLL PRESS CENTER MEAT MARKET COURTESY A8fP DAEHNS CLEANERS ELECTRIC SERVICE SHOP S F FERRIOLO OD KENNETH FISK MD GARRY GARDENS GEILS FUNERAL HOME GIANNINI S PIZZA GREEN STREET FOOD MART JANET OIL 84 TRUCKING JAN LYNN PET SHOP KEELING S CURRENCY EXCHANGE KIDDIE KORNER FUEL OIL KOEHLER ELECTRIC GLASS SHOP LAHOS HARDWARE AND HEATING HARDWARE L 81 H CLEANERS LAUNDROMAT LONG FORD INC MOHAWK COUNTRY CLUB MUELLER MUSIC CENTER NATIONAL FOOD STORE RUNGE PAPER CO RUNGE BROTHERS SERVICE SEVERSONS CYCLE SHOP DR AND MRS JOHN W SILBERHORN SLATERS COUNTRY COBBLER SNOWBERG CONSTRUCTION INC FRANCIS E SUTER AGENCY VILLAGE BAKERY WILKINSON PHARMACY WHITE PINES GOLF CLUB BENSENVILLE STANDARD SERVICE STATION I Wesf Mann S+ree+ Complumenfs I BREITER AND PALM Bensenvllle IIImous CompIrmen+s of CAMPBELL PRODUCTS 505 Wes+ Mann Sfreef COMMUNITY SERVICE STATION York and Green JOSEPH P McKAY MD FRANCISI LAVIN MD REHER MOTOR CO 500 Wes+ Irvlng Park STANLEY J. JAKUS, D.D.S. WESTERN AUTO ' o REIDS 2 Soufh Addison SLOAN REAL ESTATE 3I7 Wes+ Irvung SUBURBIA HARDWARE Bensenvnlle Shoppung Cenfer TIOGA TOGGERY 3I2 Mann S+ree'I' M RUSTEBERG TRUCKING SERVICE SPRANDELS DEPT STORE 3 N York S+ree'l' l40 S Cenier S+ PO 603I2 PO 60080 DUERKOP PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 205 Wesf Mann S+ree+ PO 60314 ARTHUR NEILL 81 CO 237 W Irving Park Rd BENSENVILLE ILLINOIS Insurance In All I+s Branches Office POrI'er 60905 Resldence POrI'er 63455 CompIumen+s of BENSENVILLE STATE BANK I23 Wesi' Mann Sfreei' BENSENVILLE, ILLINOIS I I BensenviIIe, Illinois . I CompIImenI's of MAGEE CHEMICAL COMPANY 325 WEST MAIN STREET BENSENVILLE ILLINOIS Manufacfurers of Pro+ec+Ive Floor FInIsI'Ies The managemenf ancl employees of FREDK A STRESEN REUTER INC exfend +o Ihe Fen+on s'ruden'I body facuI+y and s'raf'F I'IearI'IesI' WISI'l6S for success In 'rhe comIng school years and +I'Ie 'FuI'ure FRED K A STRESEN REUTER Manufadurers of QUBIIIY Raw Iv1a'rerIaIs for 'Ihe Coahng IncIusI'ry 325 W MaIn SI'reeI' BENSENVILLE ILLINOIS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY I an v 'PI ' A I I n ' I 1 I ' I I I, . . .div . Nui I 'Im' QC I 0' I 1- , I 9 . ' I sic, 'Y . Q 2514. 1. JI: . Q. r-."' fi- - '1'gQ,l1?i ' Fl - 'VF'-'45 '.i' I fax-7 'A f'-.rf '- 7 if 1 'I u 1 L-3.1" 'if I i is Q .-,..'. If. 4 ks 1 I.. 1 . . --. Kr- 1 . 'nt-"Ti .S . - ivrraq 'ag Q ,,::."'. 'nt' Y 'lk - . f. r , N' "sf ' ,gs-. .Ju-. ' ' .-X - .I .,,,.w . . . , 7 3.5.0 I fly, The group enioyed watching a real bullfight. .135 ,mf s The boys spent many hours watching the Dodgers and their affiliated farm teams play. -x tr 'M ri s 1' ' 1. Iv 'U 0 VERNA EBERT Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, , 4 iPresident 31, Speech Con- est l, 2, 31 F.H.A. l, 2, 3, Student ouncil 2, Junior Class Play, lass President Ap Prom Commit- ee Chairman 3, Wisconsin Mathee atica! Ass'n. Award 3, Scholas- ic Award 3, Student Government ay Representative 3, 4: Westboro ublic High School l, 2, 3, 4. V. sf' ta One ofthe highlights of the trip was . meeting Walter O'Malley, president, Walt Alston, the manager, and Roy Carnpanella. Other players with whom they participated in recreation were Junior Gilliam, Duke Snider, PeeWee Reese, and Charley Neal. They returned on March 30 with many experiences to tell. ,R 'Sa t.-f s--. .F DONNA JOHNSON F.H.A. 2, 3, G.A.A. 4, Melrose High School l, 2, 3, 4. . h,. Sunday night, March 22, l959, fifteen boys arrived at Dodger Town, Florida, to stay for a week. This was made possible partly by various money-raising proiects, such as a chili supper and "ugliest man" contest, during the preceding five months. During their stay, besides visiting the . nearby sights and swimming, the boys watched the Dodgers and different farm lminorj clubs play ball and enioyed a little basketball with some of the players. ,,.. ...ki .f he tt. 5? -fiff 59 Supplement During spring vacation fourteen students, under the direction of Miss Symon, flew to Mexico. ln Slfh hours they reached Mexico City, where they stayed at the six-month-old Premier Hotel for three days, They then spent one day in Taxco and one in Acapulco. The group visited the Uni- versity of Mexico, Tiffany Glass Curtain, the Floating Gardens, Maxirnillian's home, waterworks, and a cockfight, among other things. 'ss ln addition to the scenery at the Floating Gardens, this little girl caught many people's attention. 5 Boys had a chance to play with monkeys at the Jungle Gardens. The faculty welcomed a new member second semester, and two new seniors added their names to the list of June graduates. Betty Lou Anderson French, English ll. 1 The first place winnersl The Boys' Octet singing "Ole Ark's a-Moverin'." Third place winner June May singing Second place winner Mabel Rosengren Some Day My Prince Will Come scolding Sally, Charlie s sister "Fenton l999" was the theme of this year's Student Council Talent Show. Master of Ceremonies Bill Brettman did a fine iob despite the interruptions of a pesky little "space girl," Becky Giltner, who had found the I999 HIGHLIGHTS and was curious to know who were in the pictures. Bill not only told her who the people were but also had them perform. Two contestants not pictured individually appear in the group picture below: Cheryl Prihoda, marimba player, and Bill Powers, who sang "Song of the Flea." i in , 6 av. Freshman Barbara Koopman playing "Accordion High lights." 4 l rvvninl and If-.am-in f. Tl-in nrnarnnre.. ,, , A ,Id , his-'Ei .A-2 Those at the speakers' table were Bill Powers, Karen Pamper, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Johnson, Students dined in luxurious sur' roundings. Faculty and stat: ,oined " on the festtvtnes too, 117- X 09 ,. me wt, 11,4 - 1 fs. Eid f ,:r"6- .t k A .-. " Q . gif gil' As 7:00 p.rn. approached on May 22, l959, couples began to arrive at the impressive Tam O'Shanter Country Club for the l958-59 Junior - Senior Prom, "Twilight Time." The 355 persons present enioyed a dinner of either chicken or white fish. .N -.1 N' Mrs. Raymond Herness, Dr. and Mrs Martin Zuckerman Esther Henriksen and Ron Panos Although it was raining outside, the pleasant strains of music from the Dick Carlton Orchestra kept everyone happy and gay. At 12 o'clock when everyone's "Twilight Time" ended, wonder- ful memories that would last a lifetime were carried home. -1, Q Q ., ,.,1 1 Q , , i IIN .',, wg! ..,, , PWM :NWNiVNi7l::'N-INIW1. 5 nf F 'X N Ji Z-Jig is. iligggafif ,Vx A f 14,125 5 I QM it, A,,, m Y- f """!Li: W- if 5' - Eng? V' W' gi We ER 6 "A 5 FROSHSOPH BASEBALL TEAM ROWJ P FI rng J Luxn F Sh er D CII K Chyll H Wal dvogel J Wakeup J Kennedy MGHHQSV Row 2 G Wolf J Henmg D Gusfafson B Kehoe E Wolf T Semper J Monahav COGCJT FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM: Row'I: P, Cananeo, D. Borecki, E. Bodene, W, Robervson, E, Simmons R. Hughes, L. Trenhaile, D, Erickson, Ro Coach. w 2: J, He?sper, J, Owen, T. Krase, B. Clark, D. Gustafson, A. Johvson, D. Golz, K. Neilsen, F. Novavny Q irflsan 'L ' J., tj. . 'f-417' X wh . Q ' 'qqu I." ' 1 an YN' ,. x. "Q sf ' fu x - 'A . t , 9 la . . , 5 es f Carmnne Menna takes the final shot to sunk hrs put Curt Muddleton blasts out of sand traps mafia' nw-KN Wayne May uses body englush on hns put Bruce Peterson pars even on the frst green

Suggestions in the Fenton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Bensenville, IL) collection:

Fenton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Bensenville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 112

1959, pg 112

Fenton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Bensenville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 112

1959, pg 112

Fenton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Bensenville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 112

1959, pg 112

Fenton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Bensenville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 120

1959, pg 120

Fenton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Bensenville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 109

1959, pg 109

Fenton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Bensenville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 18

1959, pg 18

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