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w X b ,M 1 ll-lg ,E ik Ml f-'QW Z ,-3. '03 ,'4 IIEIIICATIII ANNA IICHEN In gratitude and appreciation for her years of kindly guidance and instruction we dedicate the 19'+9 Reflector to llrs'. Anna lichen. 'G FACULTY BRYANT , HOWARD , B. S . Michigan State College Agriculture DeYOUNG, BURRELL, A.B. Hope College, Western Michigan College, English, Football Coach HERBENER, R.E. A.B. Western Michigan College University of Delaware, Science and Mathematics NECHEN, ANNA, Life Certificate Western Michigan College Grades seven and eight MILLER, DOROTHY, State Limited Western Michigan College Grade two NORTHRUP, ENOLA, Life Certificate Western Michigan College Grade one RICHARDS, MARILYNN, B.S. Mac Murray College Commercial SEXTON, WILLIAM A. B.S. Central Michigan College Social Studies, Basketball and Baseball Coach SPENCER, GENEVIEVE, B.M. DePaul University Music, Kindergarten STANGER, MARIE, B.S. Mac Murray College Home Economics WARK, MARY H. Life Certificate Western Michigan College Grades five and six AIIMI lS'l'liA'l'l0 WAYNE WOODBY, Superintendent A. B. Central Michigan College M. A, Michigan State College ELEANOR HARBECK, Secretary MM Fennville High School I' V6 .32 1 nom ov mwcmo KEITH LANDSBURG, WAYNE WOODBY, NED H. BALE, MRS. DONALD DICKINSON, JOHN ANDREWS Secretary Superintendent President Trustee Treasurer WALTER HICKS, Trustee, not present when picture was taken. ii I-stu , fi? A :-5 , ' , - ax wi -"' - A 4 z af Q - QQ J, . V W. , . A .. ..,N, ww 1 V . M? 35' -83:6 ' , E Q 551' X N E? . ig .Q 25, P -H3115 , L1 fl? .1 .4 5 - , , N 3 1 1 - :"wH"" ' 3 A Q Q me i S4 ,qw-3 ,QQ i ,L .V Q? is ,. ww .I 39,5 4 ' . ww iw sw . 13?-.1 M, -QQ mwsf' A k.Xk N .QF Q Vikki. -- 6555 A X ' .fx 1 . FJ, ix. R ' 3- H' was .- , ,W ww. :ea ff. Qpx. ' -if 3, ,E ! :sf mf If Q if - We V . -I . fy, - , isa s ,, j I ,L .1' ,F mr' 1 Aww, -M -Q.,h,' 3...-"'-B. 44 1- A: wx f, V 1755525 'I FY: 3' . ' 1 ' 3' 3 Ag? YES? . . Mx if Y, Yi 25-,., - 'K .4 If 1 ,H 'Qr K lj f' ?1,.,?'4 .1465 xii 256 xx. HDHBR BALE UISE BLANCHARD WARD BATEY THUR BOWIE ESTA ANDERSON Band Girls' Chorus Librarian Mixed Chorus JEAN BILLINGS 1.-4 W few Junior Play ' u No B Librarian Paper Staff Basketball Baseball Football Social Committee FFA Student Council Annual Staff Class President II Class Secretary III Junior Play Paper Staff Social Co mittee Baseball Basketball Football FFA Class President III Baseball M Basketball Football FFA I ' L I I h E - if Junior Play 'swif ,, L ' BETTY BRINK Annual Staff Chairman-Rural Fi Girls' Basketball Junior Play Photography Club CHARLES DICKINSON Baseball Basketball Football Junior Play Photography Club Student Council ROGER CARLSON Baseball Football FFA President I ARLETA DRUCE Annual Staff Girls' Chorus Librarian Paper Staff DONNA DAVISON Girls' Chorus Librarian Mixed Chorus SUZANNE ENDSLEY Basketball Queen I Paper Staff Secretary II Girls' Basketball KATHERINE ERICKSON Chorus Junior Play Photography Club JACK HEAVILIN Basketball III Safety Patrol FFA EMILY GOODING Annual Staff Chorus Paper Staff Junior Play Sextette f JUNE HEINEN Annual Staff Chorus Girls' Basketball Cheerleader Paper Staff Secretary I JOE HAGGER FFA Librarian SUE ELLYN HOGUE Chorus Dramatics Club LOIS HOYT Annual Staff Paper Staff Junior Play Social Com ittee Photography Club Chorus JOSEPHINE INGALLINERA Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus PATRICIA HURLBUT Annual Staff Chorus Vice President II Paper Staff Librarian JOAN JOHNSON Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Girls' Basketball DONNA HUYSER Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Girls' Basketball Baseball Basketball Football Chorus STEVE KISS Photography Club I 1 CLARA KLUCK Chorus Librarian Photography Club DON HORSE Baseball Basketball Football FFA President IV IARJORIE LARSEN Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus HELEN SISSON Annual Staff Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus CAROLYN IARTIN Chorus Girls' Basketball Annual Staff III Librarian Sextette TDI SLIWOSKI Annual Staff Mixed Chorus Boys' Chorus FFA Football GRACE STASIK Chorus Girls' Basketball Librarian Junior Play Treasurer IV Sextette JIU THOM SON Annual Staff FFA Librarian President Student BOB STOKES Annual Staff Basketball FFA Archery Club BILL THOMPSON Baseball Basketball Football FFA Paper Staff Annual Staff BILL STULLER Annual Staff Pager Staff FF Librarian Chorus Junior Play CHARLES WH TEMYER Basketball Chorus Annual Staff FFA Photography Club Social Committee Council Ellllli CLASS Ill 'l'0llY Our class started its Freshman year with forty-three members, all just a little bit scared but unwilling to admit it. We elected Roger Carlson, Presi- dent, Bert Lauer, Vice President, June Heinen, Secretary, and William Stuller, Treasurer. Mr. Hammer was our advisor the first half of the year, and Mr. Neif- ert the last half. Just to show that we held no grudges, we gave the Sophomore Class a skating party in return for a wonderful initiation. After the parties were over, we settled down to a year of good hard work. During the year we lost several of our classmates. Our candidate for Basketball Queen, Suzanne Endsley, won the contest. After a pleasant vacation we returned to find that we were only a class of thirty-nine students. Our advisor was Mrs. Rocks. Our officers were Louise Blanchard, President, Pat Hurlbut, Vice President, Suzanne Endsley, Secretaryg and Bill Thompson, Treasurer. We initiated the Freshman Class and they gave us a return party. Another summer slipped by and once again we found ourselves facing the Fennville High School. Our class of forty-two members was under the able leader- ship of Howard Batey, President, Charles Dickinson, Vice President, Louise Blan- chard, Secretaryg and William Thompson, Treasurer, Our advisor was lr, Sexton. In order to make money we sold Christmas cards. We also won the fifteen dollar prize offered to the class collecting the most money for the Memorial Athletic Field. Our Junior Play NGrandad Steps Out' was a huge success with William Stuller stealing the show as Grandad. It was directed by Mrs. Rooks. Then came the Uunior-Senior Prom which was the highlight of a memorable year. After an altogether too short vacation we again found ourselves back at old Fennville High. Only this time we were Seniors! We soon learned that Mr. Sexton was to be our advisor. We now had only thirty-six members. Our officers are Don Morse, President, Charles Dickinson, Vice President, Lois Hoyt, Secre- tary, and Grace Stasik, Treasurer. In order to raise money, we sold magazines for several weeks. We also are selling candy and cokes during the noon hour. LA T WILL A ll TE 'LAME 'l' Esta Anderson wills her sweet smile to Anne Thompson. Homer Bale wills his way with the teachers to Dick Onkin. Howard Batey will his place in the parking lot to Don Martin. Jean Billings will her place at the Pullman dances to anyone wishing a good time Louise Blanchard wills her personality to Geneva Lehmoine. Betty Brink wills her A average to Ivan Variell. Roger Carlson wills his line-smashing ability to Don Bates. Charles Dickinson wills his brush cut to Mr. Woodby. Donna Davison wills her ability to act to Marlynn Walker. Katherine Erickson wills her membership in the M-H to Pat Mclntyre. Emily Gooding wills her ability to play the piano to Agnes Chambers. Joe Hagger wills his flirtatious eyes to Eddie Van Hartesveldt. Lois Hoyt wills her interest in Fort Knox to any girl with a million dollars. Joan Johnson wills her ability to pick apples to her infant sister Sally. Tom Sliwoski leaves Pat Stewart in the clutches of the wolves. Charles Whitemyer wills his basketball playing ability to Charles Palmer. Bill Stuller wills his powerful build to Bill Sisson. Carolyn Martin and Grace Stasik will their ability to get along with Mr. Sex- ton to Tiny Langley and Marian Daleiden. Bob Stokes wills his ability to make apple pies to Miss Stanger. nrleta Druce wills two boxes of Ry Krisp to Mr. Herbener. Clara Kluck leaves her quietness to Everett Higgins. June Heinen wills her good marks to Frances Marfia. Steve Kiss leaves his interest in Van's Super Market to Eddie Felker. Helen Slsson will nthat certain partyn from Holland to Lois Hess. Art Bowie wills his pitching ability to Bill Macicak. Don Morse wills his catching ability to Larry Morse. Sue Ellyn Hogue wills her lung skirts to Norma Young. Donna Huyser wills her long hair to Jack Decker. Josie lngallinera wills her love for school to Chuck Rainey. Marjorie Larsen wills her seat in the bookkeeping room to anyone who'll have to have it next year. Bill Thompson wills his Physics book to anyone who'll promise to read it more than he did and his desk of old papers to Jim Edwards. Suzanne Endsley wills her ability to tap dance to Loretta Tucker. Jim Thompson will his Saturday nights to anyone who thinks he can take 'em. Pat Hurlbut wills one bushel of assorted love letters to Virginia Galbreath. Jack Heavilin wills his quietness to Jack Turner. 3 Q Y .. ,V wi M : ' 51, g E W fff i f -3 W, , . 4 ,,-f ' 3 U o U O U ' o L , ' I Q B 9 o f"' 4 Y w F Q s , 5 -M . 4 . 1 j 6 4 ! ! A i "-"xx -M-Ni A, , . m -.L 1 e' - K b fvhvv 7, 7 -Q F6 C fi Wy : . Y 1 X V LA V L' A 64.1 ahadj 'N' if Q aaqiyr 8 5 I. 'sf h Nr'-fy N Q 'J v .N -Wi' Q ' I 5 H kf -----L- . - i f ' .X ,.. . , , M ,,M..A, , nonoscows " U f X X V . , A X sd Z a m'O , ll -4-Viv . 'Z 6:-' 5' X S 7 2 I ' Q E xii 5, any M - Y Q' QA L V xg Lea-.gm 0 L Q an 'N ggi Z it FE1vNvflle g,Qwlb,gtQ 15:9 Wig ' as J Q xi LESS. L . V. . ,m,, , , . , .,XX. ,,,,W,x, ,,m h, ,.,, A ,. , , i iff g- X xv ff' ,ff 9 , . . LAil 5 bq.. f K. X h xx h if A tl XX X' f' P, NW XXX 4 I f 2 in K '. ' fy, ' Kf 'X 'A M' I Cb ll eye, 1' ' x V . KLKQTQMNLO ffl Q SEPTEMBER 7- School begins - Teacher's Meeting lk- Fair day 17- Freshman initiation - Sophomore dr Freshman party-7th 8: 8th Grades move 20- Mrs. lark came to teach. 24- Zeeland football game there lost 7-19 29- Cheerleading tryouts OCTOBER 1- Byron Center football game there won NO-7 5- Freshman skating party at Saugatuck 7- Teacher's dinner 8- Plainwell football game there lost 7-NO 13- Annual pictures taken 15- Byron Center here won 36-6 - Football dance 18- Senior pictures taken 20- Waterveliet football game there won lk-7 2l-22- Teacher's institute ----- Grand Rapids 26- F-F-A Meeting 27- Proofs returned Y 28- Boys Chorus ----- Rubenstein Club 29- Martin football game here lost 6-26 - Holloween party -- Square dance NOVEMBER 3- South Haven football game there won 20-O H- 7th Q Rth Grade party 10- Hudsonville football game here won lk-7 - Teacher's dinner 12- Blackhawk Dance 2- Student council election 19- Sophomore Dance -- Sadie Hawkins 23- Photo Club 2k- Allegan basketball game there lost 54-37 25-26- Thanksgiving Vaction DECEMBER 3- Covert basketball game here won H2-lk 6- C. Whitemyer- D. Sisson- K. Erickerson Assembly program 7- Teacher's Christmas party 9- Youth For Christ assembly 10- Kalamazoo Christian basketball game there lost 3h-50 la- Senior pictures returned 1 - Hopkins basketball game there won 57-55 15- Nurse Lewis cancer program - Don Weston Junior Red Cross 17- Christmas Dance 21- Christmas program - Photo Club party 1 22- Junior a Senior girls tea at Womans Club 23- Christmas vacation starts 2k- Movie at our Theater JANUARY 3- Back to school 11- Holland High Reserves basketball game here won M7-M3 lk- Saugatuck basketball game here won 30-25 18- Covert basketball game there won 58-19 20- Rubenstein C1ub--- Assembly , 21- Otsego basketball game here won SE-32 25- Martin basketball game there won 9-17 FEBRUARY 1- Hopkins basketball here M- Kalamazoo Christian basketball here 10- Farm.Implement Show 11- Teacher's Institute - Saugatuck basketball there 15- Martin basketball here 18- Otsego basketball there 22- Plainwell basketball there MARCH Basketball Tournament APRIL 1- Senior Play 15- Good Friday Out MAY 6- Junior play 13- Prom 29- Commencement JUNE 2--Graduation 3- School out- Picnic avi IIERULASSME fi f if 4 3.5! if if , 5 19 1 ya? 5: ' -WA , , .M V , -1 . M .- A , 4 g"1"k",i Q, 35555 .A . ml-wx 21- -it? 1' ' ' 5, X. ,QR 5. .A mx Bm JU um DONALD BARNES We began our Freshman year with thirty class- mates. We were initiated by the Sophomores and in return gave them a scavenger hunt. We elected I RY BARNES the following class officers: President, Larry Symonsg Vice President, Jack Baleg Secretary, Nancy Rosenowg Treasurer, Barbara Forbearg Stu- dent Council Representative, Dawn Dinneeng and Parliamentarian, Ivan Variell. Our candidate for Basketball Queen was Virginia Galbreathg her es- KATHERINE BOLLES cort was Jack Bale. lr. J. D. Robb was our class advisor. Our Sophomore year began with an enrollment of thirty-one. An event we looked forward to was the initiation of the Freshmen. The class officers elected were: President, Patricia lclntyreg Vice PATRICIA BRYAN President, Norma Crane, Secretary, Virginia Gal- IORIA CRANE ELINER EARL DORIS HAAN LOIS HOLTON BOB KNOWLTON I e .VIRGINIA GALBREATH FLORENCE HARRIS SALLY JOHNSON GENEVA LEHIOINE .:-, C I i eeese , "" If of ff ate f 1 ig 5 Y - 5: Q 'fi 1 ' 41 , nggini ' 2 - - i , .. ., ,E cnss President breath, Treasurer, Geneva Lehmoineg Parliamen- tarian, B111 lacicakg and Student Council Repre- sentatives, Patricia Stewart and Elwin Northrup. Our candidate, Patricia lclntyre, was elected the Basketball Queen and reigned over the school car- nival with Larry Symons as her escort. We 'entered our Junior year with an enrollment of thirty-three. Our officers for the year were x President, Bill lacicakg Vice President, Ivan, Variellg Secretary, Donald Barnesg Treasurer, Jack Baleg Parliamentarian, Larry Symonsg and Student Council Representative, Elvin Northrup. In November and early December we sold Christmas cards to earn money. We received our class rings in December. The highlights of the year were the Prom in April, and the Junior Play. ALLEN IILLEY IVAN VARIELL GLORIA TERLEP LARRY SYUONS PAT STEWART LAVERNE SCHUIAKER FRANCES HARFIA ELIIN IORTHRUP CHARLES PALIEB ELLEN RASNUSSEN THERESA HDRITTI RICHARD ONKEN ESTHER PEDERSEN NANCY ROSENOI 'HW' is 2 sein wig fieisee we, 5 v K x 5 is 5 ff? 1 at , , N5 R ,.' 479 Q if it e my e , ,.e.4. .M .I W R ixgf vb? g ! LOIS-BALE HKRY LOU BALE GIEN BARNEY ELLEN BAST DON BATES TOE DOYLE. JIU EDWARDS ED FELKER IARYLEE GOODING LUCILLE KLUCK LILA LANGLEY EUGENE EANTHEY LEROY MILLER LUIS 0'CONNOR DICK SISSON HARCIA SOWI RS ILRJORIE STEHLE BESSIE SUBJECT 0l'lIOM0li We started our Freshman year with an enrollment of forty-two. le elected for our officers thB'f011DI1Dg2 Lois Bale, Presidentg Keith Hasty, Vice Presidentg Mary Lou Bale, Secretaryg Russell Jor- gensen, Treasurerg and Lila Langley, Student Council Representative. Irs. Rooks was our class sponsor. lhen I6 started our Sophomore year, we had an enrollment of thirty-nine. For our officers we elected Lois Hess, Pres- identg Thomas Doyle, Vice Presidentg iivwdig: 552 Xeef21.,x D555 2 3 1 K Q fre gy- "f' - S if--M 2. if 5 5 5 ii . Q 15' i 1 K. D iff! do 1.95: H A- 'V'- CLASS Lucille Kluck, Secretary, Dixie Crane, Treasurer, and Lila Langley, Student Council Representative. M . Herbener was appointed class sponsor. A This year we gave an initiation party for the Freshmen. That affair featured a scavenger hunt and dancing, which were followed by refreshments. In November, our nshoeless' Sadie Hawkins dance was a big success. As a type of lucrative endeavor, we are conducting bake sales at noon each Friday. ' 3 GUNNAR BERG BOB BIRKHOLZ AGNES CHAMBERS DIXIE CRANE LOIS HESS DQROTHY HOYT BARBARA JONES RUSSELL JORGENSEN JOHN KISS CHARLES RAINEY AILEEN SCHULTZ LEE SESSIONS BARBARA SHUIAKER ANNE THOMPSON LORETTA THOMPSON LORETTA TUCKER JANE VAN HARTESVELDT HERMINIA ZULE FRE HMA ' NED BALE BRUCE CLIMIE JIM DAVISON JACK DECKER 4 oscm msmmn ' Ross: mms nnwuws PERD1 TA ERLEWEIN LOUIS GREEN CHARLES GROVER DORIS HAYES BERNARD HEJL EVERETT HIGGINS GERRY KEE Ie entered the assembly last year as the eighth grade with thirty- tive pupils. This year we started school September 7, as the Freshman Class, real high school members, thirty-one strong. A lot of us d1dn't know what it was going to be like, but we soon found out that it wasn't so bad. Our class sponsors are lisa Richards and Miss Stanger. We elected as our class officers, John Coxford, President, Ned Bale, Vice Presidentg CLASS BILLY LIND THERESA MACICAK DONALD MARTIN DOREEN HORITTI L EMI LY RACE DICK RACE BILL SISSON JOAN STASIK BEVERLY STEHLE JACK TURNER snnmn van HARTESVELDT L MARLYNN WALKER f NonuA younc n, ,irli-5 Jack Turner, Secretaryg Theresa lacicak, Treasurerg and Everett Higgins, Stu- dent Council Representative. ' In the eighth grade our officers were Bevegly Stehle, Presidentg and larlynn lelker, Secretary. The other officers were from the seventh grade. A roller-skating initiation party for the seventh grade and a Christmas Party were featured on the social scene for the year. RAY ARNETT H NBY GLUIZ PHILLIP BALE PATSY GORDON JUNIOR BARNES SALLY GRAIB LAVERRE BOUWIARN HELEN KLUCK LU ANN BRYANT RAYUOFD KLUCK LEONARD CLOUSE JULIA ANN IILLER ANN CLOUSE LARRY ORSE DAVID DUROR NORIAN SANFORD BARBARA ERLEIEIN JACKIE STEARBURG RODDY GALEREATH THERESA TERLEP SH RLEY GALLAGHER EARL WARNER JUNIIIR This year we chose as our class officers, Larry Morse, Preeidentg Lu Ann Bryant, Vice Presidentg Bar- bara Erlewein, Secretaryg Phillip Bale, Treasurerg and Earl Warner, Student Council Representative. In the fall the eighth grade initi- ated the seventh with a party. llllill CIl00L Last year, our class officers were Beverly Stehle, Presldentg Larry Morse, Vice Presidentg Ihr- lynn Walker, Sacretaryg Leonard Clouse, Treasurerg and Helen Kluck, Student Council Representative. The highlights of the year were initiation end Christmas parties. ERIA BARNES SANDRA HIRNER HAZEL BARNEY SYLVIA HIRNER LYLE BIRKHOLZ ' IARILYN HUTCHINS DICK BUSH CLARK HUTCH NSON ROGER COSGROVE VERNON KNIGHT BEATRICE DETERS CLEON IARTIN ANNETTE DORRANCE SHIRLEY MEYER EARL ELLISON LAVERN ROOT RAY FLEIING AVIS SCHULTZ BARBARA FOSDICK VILAS SCHULTZ IARGIE GUPTILL FRANCES NIGHTIAN US MUSICAL 0llGANlZA'l'l0NS US mwf mum gg 1 st Row: B. lacisck, H. Batey, C.TD1ckineon, B. Thompson, T, Doyle, 5, lgnthgy, E. Northup, L. Hiller, 2nd Row. I . Sneden, C. lhitemyer, T. Sliwoski, R. Jor- gensen, C. Rainey, A. Bowie, I. Gooding, 3rd Row. J. Edwards, L. Sessions, H. Bale, J. Bale, L. Symons. S. Kiss. This year nineteen boys took the opportunity of joining the chorus. The only requirement for membership was that each enjoyed singing. The boys have done a fine job in roles of singing entertainment be- fore the student bodgoand at local clubs and organizations. The organizer and dinector of the ya' chorus as well as of the other musical organiza- tions is M . Sneden. larylee Gooding is accompanyist. When in Pullman Compliments of Stop at the FBIIVILLB IILLIIG COIPAIY H-T-S STG!! 'Not a bank but a good place to save money' Fennville llchigan Pullggn l chigan Fresh leats Groceries Conplinents of FOSTER BROS. SAIDCIDB SPRAY COIPAII . Fennville, ldchigan Self Service Vegetables I Phone 2l+631 lanufaeturers and Dealers Pehrlvllle, or Agricultural Insecticide - ldch. A Fresh Baked Goods Frozen Foods RAI! The bend is in the process of being reorganized under the direction of I . Lee Sneden. There are twenty students in the bend. Most of these members have played instruments only one year, but are studying privately in weekly les- sons with the three teachers acquired for this purpose. In addition to the pri - vate instrumental lessens there are meetings twice weekly with the director. We hope our band will develop into a group of which we may all be proud. DICKINSON'S HARDWARE See us for ROBERT E. WARREN Hardware , Speed Queen Washers Clothing - Furnishings - Shoes Duo Therm 011 Heaters lestinghouse Appliances Telephone No. 251+26 Electric Appliances, Hoover Cleaners Fennville lichilln LAD AND LASSIE SHOP Infant's and Ch11dren's wear ' Shower Gifts Toys JACKSON'S RADIO SERVICE Phone 21+81+1 .mr- Ie gift wrap Fennville lichi 8811 Fennville li chi gan EX'l'E'I' lst. Row! C. lartin, G. Lehmoine, N. Crane, 2nd. Row: G. Stasik, F. Martin, J. Heinen, E. Gooding. This year the gir1's sextette is under the very able direction of lr. Lee Sneden. Its members are, Grace Stasik, Geneva Lehmoine, Norma Crane,.baro1yn Mar- tin, June Heinen, and Frances larfia, with Emily Gooding as accompanyist. The sextette this year have entertained the student body on numerous oc- casions. They also have appeared as part of the programs presented at the school for the entertainment and enlightenment of the general public. 9 BATO TWIRLER Kn88liD2l P. Stewart, L. Bryant, N. Hosenow, Standing: J. Jackson, L. Haas, B. Shumaker, M. Rasmussen. Along with the reorganization of the band came the necessity for baton twirlers and drum majorettes. Hr. Sneden prevailed upon Mr. Fisher of Hope Col- lege, the drum teacher, to instruct the fine arts of baton twirling and strut - ting. Members of the class who agreed to don uniforms for the cameraman are shown above. Special interest is being shown by the petite misses on the ex- treme right and on the extreme left Mary Lou Rasmussen and Judith Jackson, who are members of the Elementary School. A. B. CLIIIE Specialized Electrical Service CLOUSE GROCERY AID COLD IEATS Compliments of Rey end Lula J. I. Case Farm Machinery Sprayers-Tractors-Paints Perm Implements-Oils Stoves-Refrigerators FBIIVILLE HARDIIRE CO, Erlewein Bros. THE L and A GRILL serving GOOD FOOD DINNERS - STEAKS - CHOPS SODA BAR - TASTY SANDIICHBS Open Daily from 8 AM till 12 Pl Sundays from 5 Pl till 12 Pl For your Convenience it .ff . .fn Y, 7' kwin BASEBALL 1958 4 April Hopkins 1 Fennville 3 April Holland 3 Fennville 7 April Zealand 8 Fannville 7 April Martin O Fennville 5, lay 3 Holland Christian 7 Fannvilia 6 lay 19 Otsego 2 Fennville 3 Hay 25 Otsego 1 Fennville lay 28 Zeeland 7 Fennville 6 O W J 1 2 is Q Jw g 'Was L L m ii . W fi. J K ATHLETIC QA' K 5 'J L W' LQQ5 ax Q ui Q' .1-,N l- , X 1 AN sy , - fm, . . MQ . . J , H , Wu '- ff M, mf. Q u 'S' My 'Y + WMW H W - 93 - '55 Q 4 x L V xg' Q K- IRQ' ., L 1,9435 -- Ainww- ia K V7 1 --,. X .. Qtr -zz W . L A -lf i,: L " Q :Eh if Q " , r- A" Q-8 "-' Q -f ,nv -+V F00'l'BALL lst Row: N. Bale, H. Huyser, D. Martin, B. Thompson, J. Kiss, E. Felker, D. Morse. 2nd Row: Mr. DeYoung, Coach, L. Green, C. Dickinson, B. Macicak B. Sisson, J. Turner, J. Coxford, Mgr. 3rd Row: T. Doyle, L. Symons, I. Variell, J. Bale, B. Bale, J. Edwards, C. Palmer, Top row: R. Carlson, S. Kiss, T. Sliwoski, A. Bowie, D. Barnes. the defeat of Hud- The 1998-N9 football season closed on lovember 10, with card with a record sonville. Coach DeYoung's boys wound up on top of an eight game a night encounter of five won and three losses. Two of the bosses were: Zeeland in for the Blackhawks and to Plainwell, also under the arcs. Playing their last season were seniors Don Horse, Roger Carlson, Homer Bale, Art Bowie, B111 Thompson,Tom Sliwoski, Charles Dickinson, and Steve Kiss plete record for the season on the gridirons Zeeland 19 Byron Center 7 Plainwell no Byron Center 7 Martin 25 Watervliet 6 South Haven Reserves Hudsonville 6 The following is the list of the com- of western Michigan: 7 MO 7 33 6 13 20 lk Fennville Fennville Fennville Fennville Fennville Fennville O Fennville Fennville b BA'KETRALL 5 I A lst Row: D. lorse, B. Thompson, B. laeicak, H. Beteyg 2nd Row: C. Dickinson, A. Bowie J. Bale, H. Bale, C. Whitem er. lr. Sextc , Coach. RE ERVES lst. Row: L. Sessions, C. Palmer, E. Felker, J. Turner, J. Davison D larfih 2nd.Rol! lr. Sexton, L. Symons, T. Doyle, J. Edwards, S. Kiss, N. Dale, I , B. Sissbn. ' f"" t t 1 At press time the season record for the Blackhawk basketeers stands at a favorably lop-sided 7 - 2. The only defeats to date have been suffered at the hands of Allegan and Kalamazoo Christian. The victories have been won at the expense of Covert,Y+2-lhg Hopkins,5'7-555 Holland Reserves, N7-M35 Saugatuck, 30-253 Covert, 58-193 Otsego, 53-323 Martin, R9-17. The remainder of the season brings battles with Hopkins, Kalamazoo Christian, Saugatuck, Martin, Otsego, and Plainwell. Mr.William Sexton is Coach,and Roger Carlson is manager. so , ,J K - K """"""N-v . ,,,,, , 1, .wwf , . 4 ,,4 ssa:5,e W- - 4410 0 Sato., A711 f On December lk, the Blackhawks traveled over icy roads through a tree- zing rain to meet the Hopkins' five. A win was needed to maintain a .500 in the won - lost columns. The encounter that ensued convinced the Fennville supporters that the trip was well worthwhile. The game was see-saw and dog-eat-dog. The final horn sounded with the score tied. The overtime ended with the score 55-Sk in Hopkins favor, but Art Bowie had been fouled in the final seconds and was due one free throw. This he handily bucketed and the 'sudden deathn overtime fol- lowed. Charley Whitemyer was fouled while shooting and promptly made the most of the occasion by sinking the two free throws to win the game, 57-55. THIS I8 Al AGRICULTURAL COIIUIITY IEOBB FUTURE PROSPERITY FU FIRIIRB, LABOR, AID BUSINESS ALIIB DBPEIDS UPOI IFTICIBIT, PROFITABLB PRODUCTION OF QUALITY FAR! PRODUCE. IICHIGAII mm! cmnms, nc. ng, sw 2? M 1 1 K 3, QW: k "' , 1 ral! .. - ,my , V - X - 'Y ' Q ,H 4 .Lf AUTIVITIES . Wi mm 'I' IIE 'l' CIIU CIL lst. Ron D. Horse, J. Coxford, E. Warner, B. Stullsr, L. Langley, L. Morae,2nd. Ron N. Crane, L. Hess, B. llacicsk, D. Barnes, E. Northup, J. Thompson, L. Sy- lions. SOCIAL COIMI TTEE . lat Row! L. Hoyt, P. Stewart, L. Langley, I. Bale, 2nd Roux lisa. Richards, Sponsor, B. laoicak, B. Bde, N. Bale. THE STUDENT COUNCIL Those elected by popular vote to serve as members of the Student Coun- cil were as follows: Jim Thompson, President, Don Barnes, VicePres1dentg Larry Symons, Treasurerg and Norma Crane, Secretary. The representatives of the classes ares Larry Morse and Earl Warner of the Junior High, John Cox- ford and Everett Higgins of the Freshman Class, Lots Hess and Lila Langley of the Sophomore Class, Bill lacicak and Elwin Northrup of the Junior Class, and Don Horse and Bill Stuller of the Senior Class. Among the Student 'Counc1l's many accomplishments are: the appointment of a committee to draft a new constitution for the government of the student body, the passage of a proposal to permit the use of school busses to trans- port spectators as well as players to out of town basketball games, and the purchase and later resale to the students five hundred pencils on which were printed the l9'+8-i+9 basketball schedule. They brightened the sehoollbuilding by decorating the Christmas tree in the landing at the top of the stairs du- ring the appropriate season. The Student Council is also working on possi- bilities of raising money for the purchase of new uniforms for the Cheerleaders. lr. Woodby and Mr. Sexton serve as advisors for the council. Early in the school year the Student Council caused the organization of the Social Committee. Two members of each class in the Senior High and one Freshman compose this active organization. ldss Richards is the faculty sponsor. A football dance, dances following basketball games, and the big event of the Winter social season - the Christmas Semi-Formal have been com- mendable achievements of the Social Committee. X E. C. FOSTER ARD SOR I VAN HARTESVELDTS Lamb Knit - All lool 5 Complete Food larket School Sweaters and Special S8.95 Locker Plant 1 FOMW-110 If-chi-Sl!! T Fennville lichl gan NNUAL TAFF lst. Rows L. Horse, P. lclntyre, E. Gooding, L. Hoyt, J. Coxford, B. Clilie, I. Hutchins, Znd. Row. B. Stuller, L. Blanchard, F. larfia, J. Heinen, H. Sisaon, A. Thompson, V. Gelbreath, A. Penn, L. Holton, Brd. Row. L. Symons, N. Crane, B. Thompson, B. Brink, J. Thompsrn, A. Schultz, A. Druce, P.Hur1but, P.Gordsn, Lth. Row. C. lhiionyer, J. Bale, B. Stokes, T. Sliwoski. The Annual Staff this year is under the sponsorship of Mr. R.E. Herbener Editor-in-chief - Louise Blanchard Photography Editors - Pat lc Intyre, Charles Whitemyer Business Managers - Frances Harrie, Jack Bale Literary Editor - Anne Thompson Sports Editor - Virginia Galbreath Art Editor - Bill Stuller STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Compliments of HARRY DETERS NED H. BALE UIIEEH LEADER. lst. Bows L. Langley, P. lclntyre, S. Johnson, L. Kluck, 2nd Row. J. Stasik, B. S-t,eh1e, lJlalker. Tryouts for cheerleaders were held early in the fall with the entire student body acting as judges. Competition was rather keen and talent seemed the long suit of the participants. Tiny Langley, the only holdover from last year was joined by no less than six lovely and lively companions-in-arms An excellent Job has been done by these girls in extracting every ounce of cheers and yells from the team followers at the football and basket ba l games. Lulber- Feed RADLOFE REPAIR SERVICE ' General Repairing PULLIAI SUPPLY CO. Welding and Cutting Portable Welder Hardware Coal Phone 25679 r'nn'111. JLCKS0l'S GARAGE C 11 t f Chrysler PIYIOUUU on nn s 0 ' l0SK0lITZ'S STORE 5?-104 Rec-Trucks Sales Service Fennville lichi Sl!! AFETY PA'l'll0l lat. Ron J. Barnes, R. Galbreath, R. Kluck, B. Birkholz, L. Morse, 2'wd. Row B, Lind, L. lliillfwr, E. Warner, H, Glunz, R. Arnett, L. Baumann, 311. Row: L. Clouse, E. llanthey, R. Race, R. Jorgensen, N. Sanford, C. Rainey. . , MICLB IJRRARY TAFF . G Sf,a8ik 1 t Ro F. Harris P. Stewart P, lclntyrg S, Johnson, C. Herrin, . n Zrid J. Thompson, J. Heinen, D. Davison: L. Svhllllchery P- Hurlbuta J' 353335 ,, GIRL ' RA'KETBALL Kneeling: V, Galbreath, B. Brink, Lst. Row: L. Kluck, G. Kee, P. Stewa:rt,E. Race,B. Shumaker, C. Kluck, T. lacicak, L. Langley, 2nd Row: I. Bale, S. Johnson, E. East, B. Stasik, B. Stehle, C. lla.:-tin, P. lclntyre, J. Johnson, Miss Stanger, 3rd Row: P. Erlewein, S. Endsley, G. Stasik, L. Hoyt, J. Heinen, F, ldariia, ll. Walker, G. Terlep, 4th Row: L. Hess, D. Huyser, N. Crane, G. Barney, ll. Daleiden. CAMERA CL R The photography club is known as the 'Fenn Foto F1ends'. Under the gui- dance of lr. Herbener the club was organized this year, e constitution drawn up, and officers elected. Charles lhitemyer is the President, and Steve Kiss is his stand-in as Vice President. Others serving as officers are Norma Crane, Secretary, B111 lacieal, Treasurer, Lois Hoyt, lembership Chairman, and Ned Bale, Program Chairman. leetings are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. PFESCRIPTIONS KING'S DRUG sronz cosnmrxcs 'In Business for our health' ""-'-'- Only Fresh Drugs Used 7 and FEINVILLE IICHIGAR lk! Factor and Coty 'Departmentalized T Carefully Compounded. fOr YOU! Cdhvenience' r"t"nt Line' W BL2I.!IE!i P EILIIQEEBX 'For their najesties' le Sell only the Best Fancy Gift Boxes Notes and Cards 1155 snsmssmns Jewelry-Compacts Evby Hlllglrki 1 er a - Pen Sets-Box Candies Get 'i:1T,s3:S.:hy 'KIFG'S SODA BAR' Light Lunches 5391555 nr, 593, stock Tonic Finest Sodas and Sundaes D od . 9.9.ur.u9.ua..S.sr.1s.Q ' "1""t"T"'P""' Dr Roberts RX's ' ' ' Antiseptics-Syringes EW PAPER TAFF s lst Row: E. Northrup, B. Stuller, P. Stewart, P. Iclntyre, V. Galbreath, B. Jones 2nd Row: B. Thompson, L. Blanchard, C. Martin, G. Stasik, L. Hoyt, A. Thompson, lr. DeYoung, Advi sor. Hr. De Young was the sponsor of the school paper Hsnafuu this year. Louise Blanchard was appointed Editor and Patricia McIntyre, Assistant Editor. Elwin Northrup, B111 Stuller, and Virginia Ga1breath,designed the covers. The reporters are Barbara Jones, Anne Thompson, Virginia Galbreath, B111 Thompson, and Lois Hoyt. Grace Stasik and Carolyn Martin were typists during the first semester, and Lois Hoyt and Patricia Stewart during the second semester. I . Sexton and Mr. De!oung wrote the sports articles. The grade teachers wrote the news of their classes. Special features were written by B111 Thompson. R D D S l s A qua RBSTAIIIAII' E S ,www G I S as S ' nrcmvson a EIIDSLEY U L S 3 .SQA ,. ll C Q:.:z'.'.'.1:':'T f:av.'.'.r.v, L 1 K E I Lf Q at s Es, NSE fu... g Q Farm and Orchard Supplies I S 6 r 5 non' 24951 3 U ' .f f -5 ,L ff' 4 -is L Q ' Q Phone Fennville lichigan S 5 tsts sseese , L ,wrn n e 25'+31 F.F.,A. The Fennville chapter of the Future Farmers of America was granted' its first charter in December 1929. The chapter became inactive during the l9l+6-N7-148 school years because of the lack of an Agriculture teacher. The chap- ter has applied for reinstatement of its charter and Bryant as advisor. The first official act of the chapter was results of this eleetion were that Charles lhitemyer identg Larry Symons as Vice President, Roger Carlson as Treaeurerg Bill Thompson as Reporter, and William is active again with I . to elect officers. The was installed as Pres- as Secretary, Don Morse Stuller as Sentinel. The Fennville Chapter of the F.F.A. had a total of fifty-two members. Each mem- ber is active on one of the eight F.F.A. committees. These committees, among which are Supervised Farming, Leadership, Scholarship, and Cooperation,pre- pared a program of work for the year. Included in this program is the plant- ing of trees in the school forest, testing milk and soils, conducting farm sur- veys, and cooperating with the county association in county activities. The ac- tivities of the F.F.A. have been limited, but the members have planted trees and sponsored the theater party in cooperation with the Kasco Feed Company. The most important activity of the F.F.A. at present is the project undertaken by Charles Whitemyer and Don Barnes. They are each raising a Hereford Beef animal obtained in the F.F.A. Galt Scramble at the Allegan Fair. rf" Qivg-I-1 Q9-x Q , Qr , Q .f -I 1 .J 1 Qi un UK-X Y W' 5 .3 n o --.. ........ gi ,v -, fx x 43,52 1 I Q H' . 9 Q Y Q "' 'gs 5 Q 1 A , ff , F gif I If 4' "' 3 v gl' V 3 ' L' Y 'qv' b 'Q.. . Q of .. r 1 ww. 2 -WP-if fl ,i fx, -.35 Q , is , iw 1 F5 K K? 'Q' ff M -5 A M9 ., L , , 5515'- eff'

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