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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1955 volume:

• •: i y hedicaticH WE DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF Jatifare TO THE FUTURE GROWTH OF FENN COLLEGE. WE BELIEVE THAT, THROUGH THE EFFORTS OF ITS PROGRESSIVE ADMINISTRATION AND ITS PRESENT EXPANSION PROGRAM, FENN WILL BECOME A MARQUE AMONG EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. Jetth T wer Fenn Tower, located at East 24 Street and Euclid Avenue, was constructed in 1928 as a Town and Country Club and purchased by Fenn in 1938 for $250,000. Luxurious in interior design, it houses classrooms, laboratories, student lounges, administration offices, men ' s dormitory facilities, gymnasium and recreation rooms, library, student cafeteria and beautiful Fisher Swimming Pool. The pool was named in honor of Ellwood H. Fisher, president of the Fenn Board of Trustees when the building was acquired. In addition to its thirty classrooms and ten laboratories, the Prospect-Fenn Building is the home of the Department of Coopera¬ tive Training. ! The Claude Foster Building was made pos¬ sible through the benevolence of Cleveland ' s well-known philanthropist for whom the build¬ ing was named. This modern building houses Fenn ' s Mechanical Engineering Department, which has a fully equipped laboratory valued at $100,000. There are also three floors of classrooms and offices. In May 1953, Fenn announced the purchase of the Ohio Motors Building for approximately $1,000,000. The work of converting the Ohio Motors Building to educational use is sched¬ uled to begin in the summer of 1955. Ulti¬ mately it will house five engineering depart¬ ments, thirteen classrooms, a new library and dining facilities, and sizable areas for student activities and recreation. Okie fttctcrJ Suilcfihcf White tjeartinentJ The purchase of the White Apartments for $270,000 was announced by Fenn in Septem¬ ber 1954. There are no plans for changing the building in the near future; but the building may eventually be converted for dormitory use. r . « - o u E Q. ° E o o u to 3 T3 jc .E 4— O c o cn _ c a to JZ O _o £ U u a E E o u o 1 — O) a to Lc " O c _o QJ _QJ U c 0) a to to O a JC F- QJ +- C O) o to CL) 3 JI Q. • - E C a u ■a a +- o 3 to o X 0) u JI c a ji 4 — o 4— s _Q Q) —r u o 4 — 4- to o 0) c a) o CD k_ 3 next CD _C _£= t_ CL) ■4— CO CD 4— to k. 3 UO . ' a _c U a _c 4— 4- u 3 k. 0) 3 s -Q " O c 4— co c 0) o _C 4— J_ o 4 - _o two o TJ c O) to c 0) U 3 CD _c 12 1— T3 3 LU 4— o u s c a c _a O Q) . to o 0) _c • 3 to 3 +- _Q O — c 3 O to 3 J I N o to 3 0) o 0) 0) _ Q. 4 — _c 0) C u +- lo Cl C o u 0) r O a CL to r E JI o O 4- 0) o 4— JC Cl a; 0) 3 JC 4 — (0 F- on -O D 0) N c o C £ J3 CO o 0) a L JC 4- o CL E U 4- U on o u - The buildings visible are the Foster Engineering building, the Fenn Tower, the Ohio Motors building, and the White Apartments. Also visible are the Cleveland Automobile Club, in the lower left corner, and Trinity Cathedral, in the upper right corner, plus the 500 car Fenn parking lot. After serving as Dean of the School of Engineering and Acting President, G. Brooks Earnest was inaugurated as President in the college ' s first large scale inauguration. President Earnest graduated from Case in 1927 and served on the faculty there for twenty years before coming to Fenn. He is active in many engineering and civic organizations—local, state, and gov¬ ernment. His past record and his work here at Fenn indicate that he has the ability to provide the capable leadership that will help Fenn prosper throughout the coming years. G. Brooks Earnest, M.S.C.E. President PreAidentA SoaM ctf Ifni A tee A Charles J. Stilwell Chairman Warner Swasey Co. Ellwood H. Fisher 2nd. Vice Chairman Fisher Bros. Co. Kenneth W. Akers Elbert H. Baker, Jr. Griswold-Eshleman Co. Locke Machine Co. Edward T. Bartlett Cleveland Trust Co. Howard F. Burns Baker, Hostetler Patterson Harold H. Burton U. S. Supreme Court George S. Case, Jr. Lamson Sessions Co. Clarence L. Collens Reliance Electric Engineering Company James H. Coolidge Thompson Products Howard R. Taylor, Jr., B.A. Vice President In 1950 the Board of Trustees created the position of Assistant to the President because the job of handling public relations had become so large and diversified. For this important position they chose H. R. Taylor, Jr., who received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Allegheny Col¬ lege. The job covers three main fields —fund raising, public relations, and alumni relations. The fine job Mr. Taylor has done was recognized by the Board of Trustees when they ap¬ pointed him Vice President. Ralph L. Dickey Vollmer W. Fries Clayton G. Hale James C. Hodge Jay Iglauer Kelley Island Lime White Motor Co. Hale Hale Wellman Engineering Retail and Transport Co. Company Herbert P. Ladds Allen T. Perry Dr. Robert M. Stecher Vernon B. Stouffer Clarence M. Taylor Nat’l Screw Mfg. Harshaw Chemical Co. City Hospital Stouffer Corporation Cleveland Clinic George V. Woodling Woodling Krost Edward J. Hrdlicka Alumni Trustee Hydreco-N. Y. William R. Miller Alumni Trustee Am. Steel Wire Louis D. Cull Ex-Officio Member MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Sidney L. Hall Clevite Corporation Paul E. Lees Standard Tool Company Robert M. Stecher City Hospital A D M I N I S T R A T I 0 N V. Richard Gulbenkian, Ph.D. Registrar Foster T. Miller, M.A. Director of Student Activities and Guidance Arthur P. Loegler, B.S. Vernon N. Davis, B.B.A. Director of Finance Asst. Finance Director Meriam C. Herrick, M.A. Director of Admissions Lee A. Marshall, M.A. Admissions Counselor Thomas J. Harmon, B.B.A. Asst. Director of Admissions Cc-cjt fcejiarintent Max B. Robinson, M.E. Dean of Cooperative Training The Fenn co-op system provides the student with an opportunity to interpret both basic and specialized knowledge in the light of life ' s realities. That unsettled or " floundering around " period after leaving college, so dis¬ turbing to many graduates of full time courses, is minimized or entirely avoided by the Fenn graduate whose most difficult adjustments are already in the past. Fenn is surrounded by an unusual variety of business and industry. Literally, we do have the " best location in the nation " for gearing education to life. Let us make the most of our rich opportunity. Robert B. Auld, M.Ed. Engineering Coordinator Cecil L. Dobbins, B.B.A. Business Coordinator Millard L. Jordan, M.A. Arts and Sciences Coordinator William A. Patterson, Ph.D. Dean of Engineering David G. Parker, B.B.A. Assistant Dean of Business Administration Major B. Jenks, Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Science Paul R. Anders, A.B. Dean of Business Administration Selma M. Montasana, B.S. Dean of Women foeahd Nicholas R. Rimboi, M.A. Assistant Dean of Engr. Director of Technical Institute John Arent, Jr., M.S. Asst. Prof., Civil Engr. and Engr. Mechanics Samuel H. Berwald, L.L.B., C.P.A. Chairman, Dept. Accounting Associate Prof., Accounting Lloyd C. Billings, A.M. Asst. Prof., Economics Pauline Bloonujuist, A.B. Chairman, Dept. Sec. Studies Assoc. Prof., Sec. Studies Robert F. Busbey, B.S. Instructor, Physical Ed. Vance Chamberlin, B.S.C., M.E. Chairman, Dept. Marketing Marion D. Cooper, M.S. Professor, Electrical Engr. Albert N. Cousins, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. American Studies Blake Crider, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. Psychology Prof., Psychology William C. Davis, B.S. Chairman, Dept. Elect. Eng. Prof. Electrical Engineering Frank DeMarinis, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. Biology Associate Prof.. Biology J E. Philip Earl, M.A. Assistant Prof., Physics George F. Evans, B.S. Asst. Prof., Mech. Engr. Donald C. Fabel, D. Engr. Chairman, Dept. Mech. Engr. Prof., Mech. Engineering Marie E. Faust, A.B. Instructor, Secretarial Studies John A. Froebe, A.B., L.L.B. Frank J. Gallo, B.S.E. Clifford L. Graves, M.A. V. Richard Gulbenkian, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Accounting Asst. Prof., Civil Engr., Vocational Counselor Registrar Engineering Mechanics Assistant Prof., English Virgil D. Hales Elmer E. Haskins, Ph.D. Francis V. Higgins, M.S. Anne Billington Hisey, Chairman, Dept. Eng. Drg. Associate Prof., Mech. Asst. Prof., Civil Engr., B.S.M. Associate Prof., Eng. Drg. Engineering Engr. Mechanics Asst. Prof., Music Millard L. Jordan, M.A. Chairman, Dept. Sociology Professor, Sociology Karl David Kelly, M.S. Professor, Mathematics Chester J. Kishel, B.S. Asst. Prof., Mech. Engr. John C. Matthews, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. Educ. Asst. Prof., Education John Gilbert McGrew, Ph.D. John W. McNeill, M.A. Wm. Fra nklin Moore, Chairman, Dept. Economics Chairman, Dept. Management Ph.D., B.D. Asst. Prof., Sociology I Lad A. Pasiut, Ph.D. Professor, Chemistry Jane Pease, M.A. Asst. Prof., Physical Ed. Dwight L. Penney, B.S. Instructor, Mech. Engr. Michael J. Phillips, M.S.C.E. Assoc. Prof., Civil Engr. and Engr. Mechanics Randolph C. Randall, A.M. Chairman, Dept. English Professor, English Robert W. Schindler, M.S. Assoc. Prof., Electrical Engineering Kenneth S. Sherman, B.S.E.E. Assoc. Prof., Elect. Eng. George B. Simon, Litt.B. College Historian Prof. Emeritus, Speech Richard B. Small, A.M. Asst. Prof., Modern L anguages Charles H. Springer, M.S. Instructor, Chemistry Aaron J. Teller, Ph.D. Chairman, Chem. Engr. Assoc. Prof., Chem. Engr. Demetros Theodore, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Economics Marion B. Tolar, M.S. Chairman, Dept. Math. Professor, Math. H. E. Woodling, M.A. Chairman, Dept. Health, and Physical Education Donald R. Tuttle, Ph.D. Professor, English Walter R. Van Voorhis, Ph.D. Professor. Mathematics Sarah Ruth Watson, Ph.D. Associate Prof., English Marion Wozencraft, M.A. Asst. Prof., Elem. Ed. George J. Hung, B.S. Coach, Basketball faculty tHembete Wet Pictured James Alan Bard, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Psychology Frank J. Bockhoff, M.S., Asst. Prof. Chemical Engineering Martha E. Bonham, A.M., Instructor, English William Cherubini, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. English Blake Crider, Ph.D., Chairman Dept. Psychology, Prof. Psychology Leopold W. H aas, A.M., Instructor, English Ernest C. Harris, M.S., Chairman Dept. Civii Eng. Eng. Mech., Prof. Civil Eng. Eng. Mech. Royal M. Hochner, M.S., Asst. Prof. Mechanical Engineering Joseph W. Ink, M.A., Instructor, History Harold E. Morgan, Ph.D., Chairman Dept. Physics, Prof. Physics George H. Mouck, B.S., Professor, Accounting G. Brant Shoemaker, Jr., A.M., Instructor, English Richard B. Small, M.A., Asst. Prof. Modern Languages George W. Srail, M.A., Chairman Dept, of Speech Dramatic Arts, Assoc. Prof. Speech Dramatic Arts Doretta C. Thielker, M.A., Assoc. Prof. Nursing Science Chester W. Topp, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Mathematics Ching Chang Tsao, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Chemical Eng. William H. Wishmeyer, M.A., Asst. Prof. English John H. Ziegler, M.B.A., C.P.A., Asscc. Prof. Accounting PerAomel R. Malcolm Sills, B.S., B.L.S. Librarian George E. Whalon Supt. of Buildings and Grounds ! Leota Bligh Cain Manager of Food Service George A. Leech Dir., Personnel Department M.A. Development Fred W. Dutton, Jr. Public Relations Asst. Emil J. Stefancic, B.A. B.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian Ola I. Twerell Purchasing and Bookstore Manager Ray Martin Williams, B.B.A. Alumni Association Mary J. S. Magee, B.S. College Nurse Grace Dyer Wright Housemother, Men’s Dormitory 9 Hi I 1 i; Marilyn Jean Anderson, Jack Aron, B.S. Nelson Elroy Baker, Delton R. Baltz B.A. Physics Club, Vice Pres. B.C.E. B.S.M.E. Intramurals. Engineer’s Joint Council. A.S.C.E. Dramatics. S.A.E. Raymond J. Barta, B.E.S. John W. Beadle, B.Ch.E. Varsity Basketball. Lambda Tau Delta. A.I.Ch.E. S.A.E. “F” Club. Men’s Dorm Council. Intramural Sports. Gun Club. Lewis Bechtel, B.B.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Fanfare. Cauldron. Anthony J. Betchik, B.E.E. John T. Bizub, B.B.A. Albert J. Bohnert, B.B.A.. il» 3 owell A. Brown, B.E.E. Leslie R. Buchanan, B.C.E. Gene Bujoll, B.B.A. Varsity Track. Joan Jackson Burkett, B.B.A. Dorm Council. I.R.E. Engineers Joint Council, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Alpha Kappa Alpha, President, Treasurer. A.S.C.E. Vice Pres., Treasurer. S.A.E. Cauldron. Marketing Association. Gun Club. S.A.M. Intramural Sports. Wing Torch. President. Choir. Future Teachers of America, Recording Secy. Robert Burns, B.B.A. mmm must B.A John W. Caine, B.B.A. Sigma Kappa Phi, President. Emanuel A. Capadona, B.M.E. Cauldron, Managing Editor. Student Council, Lambda Tau Delta, Pledgemaster. Intercollegiate Bowling Championship (2 years). S.A.E. A.S.M.E. Intramural Sports. Wing Torch. Frank Cicirelli, B.B.A. Swimming Team. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Intra-Fraternity Council. Intramural Sports. Harvey W. Clark, B.A. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, President. Track Team. Choir. Harry Francis Clarke, Jr., B.M.E. Newman Club. A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Lambda Tau Delta. John Wallace Clelland, B.E.E. A.I.E.E. Choir, President, Vice Pres. Dean’s Men Quartet. Intramural Sports. Charles Crimaldi, B.B.A. Joseph I. Croftchonock, B.B.A. S.A.M., Treasurer. Trowel Club, Vice Pres. Fenn Players. Intramural Sports. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Andrew E. Curry, B.A. Future Teachers of America. Topper, Contributing Editor. Topperetta, Contributing Editor. Cauldron, Reporter. Chari es Darling, B.B.A. Earl C. Davidson, B.B.A. Evening Council. Alpha Sigma Iota. Evening Senior Class, President. Nite Shift. Howard A. Davies, B.Ch.E. Lambda Tau Delta. A.I.Ch.E. Wing Torch. A.C.S. Varsity Baseball. Student Council. “F” Club. Varsity Basketball. Intra Fraternity Council. Band. Kenneth C. Day, B.M.E. S.A.E. A.S.M.E. Engineer’s Joint Council. Edward L. Deemer, B.B.A. Student Council. Psychology Club. Marjorie Gail Demeter, B.B.A. Cum Laude Graduate. Evening Senior Class, Secy.-Treas. Women’s Athletic Assoc., Presiden t. Alpha Sigma Iota, Vice Pres. Student Council, Secy. Kappa Sigma Upsilon. Marketing Association. S.A.M. Intramural Sports. Robert L. Dickey, B.B.A. Lambda Tau Delta. Cauldron. S.A.M. Gun Club. Sailing Club. Donald R. Dougherty, B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha. Varsity Golf. Intramural Sports. Marilyn Drake, B.E.S. Gamma Nu Sigma, President, Cor res. Secy. Senior Junior Class, Secy. Wing Torch. Cauldron, Circulation Mgr., Sports Writer. Intramural Sports. Inter-Sorority Council, Secy. Women’s Athletic Assoc., President. Band, Secy.-Treas. Donald M. Dronzek, B.B.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Intramural Sports. Paul Dudas, B.E.S. B.E.E. A.I.P. A.I.E.E. I.R.E. Engineer’s Joint Council. Intramural Sports. Carroll J. Dunne, Jr., B.E.E. B.E.S. A.I.E.E. I.R.E. Newman Club. Fenn Players. Vera A. Durana, B.E.S. International Student Group. Donald Dziak, B.C.E. Lambda Tau Delta. A.S.C.E. Newman Club. Psychology Club. Intramural Sports. Cauldron. Men’s Dorm Council. Varsity Basketball Mgr. James A. Ellenburg, B.B.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian. Men’s Dorm Council. Choir, President. Marketing Association. Intramural Sports. Wing Torch. Michael A. Fanelli, B.C.E. Thomas W. Fleming, B.S.M.E. Robert E. Fraley, B.M.E. Choir. Dean’s Men. A.S.M.E. Booster Club. John Fredmcnsky, Jr., B.S. in Ed. Cauldron, News Editor. Future Teachers of America. Psychology Club. Arthur Robert Fussner, Jr. B.S.M.E. Lambda Tau Sigma. Evening Student Council. A.S.M.E. Nite Shift. Intramural Sports. Thomas Geopfert, B.E.E. I.R.E., President. A.I.E.E. Intramural Sports. Eloise E. Grant, B.A. Raymond J. Grill, B.M.E. James H. Hehmeyer, Nite Shift. B.B.A. Kappa Sigma Upsilon. Evening Student Council. Richard T. Hejduk, B.B.A. Alpha Phi Omega, President, Treasurer. S.A.M., Seey.-Treas. Cauldron, Staff Reporter. Fanfare, Senior Section, Editor. Psychology Club. Choir Accompanist. Senior Class Finance Committee. Wing Torch. Richard D. Hickman, B.E. Varsity Basketball. Varsity Track. A.I.E.E., Vice President. Dorm Council. I.R.E. “F” Club. Psychology Club. Vernon Hicks, B.B.A. Alma Hinson, B.S. in Ed. Beta Sigma Omicron, Corres. Secy., Vice Pres. Future Teachers of America, Secy., Vice President. Women’s Council, Vice President. Inter-Sorority Council. Choir. William H. Hollen, B.Ch.E. Iota Eta, President. A.I.Ch.E., Vice President. A.Ch.S. Robert E. Hyland, B.E.S. Varsity Track. Physics Club, President. A.I.E.E., Secretary. Intramural Sports. Robert Duane larussi, B.E.E. A.I.E.E. I.R.E. Dorm Council. Intramural Sports. Dennis Andrew Izold, B.B.A. Varsity Track. Donald E. Jankura, B.E.E. Benjamin T. Jeremiah, A.I.E.E., Treasurer. B.S.E.E. I.R.E., Treasurer. Intramural Sports. Paul K. Jones, Jr. B.B.A. Casimir J. Kacperski, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. Alpha Phi Omega, Historian. Robert Kaderovek, B.B.A. Evening Senior Class, Vice President. Lambda Tau Sigma, President. Student Council. Nite Shift. Intramural Sports. Michael John Karhan, B.S.M.E. A.S.M.E. Lambda Iota Delta. William K. Keele, B.A. Fanfare. Cauldron. Future Teachers of America, Vice President. Sociology Club. Robert Wm. Kirkpatrick, B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha. Varsity Track. “F” Club. Intramural Sports. Richard E. Klar, B.B.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer. Cauldron, Accountant. Intramural Sports. Band. Wing Torch. Anthony 0. Kuznik, B.B.A. Hans A. Lau, B.B.A. Joseph La Gania, B.B.A. David G. Lodwick, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Harold K. Lund, B.E.E. B.M.E. Pi Sigma Tau, House Mgr. Intramural Sports. I Carol J. MacDonald, B.A. Beta Sigma Omieron, Kec. Secy., President. Student Council, Rec. Secy. Inter-Sorority Council, President, Corres. Secy. Cauldron, Staff Reporter. Wing Torch. Intramural Sports. Woman ' s Council. Topper, Editorial Board. Carolyn S. Mach, B.B.A. Beta Sigma Omieron, Rush Chairman. Wing Torch, Secy.-Treas. Cauldron. Fenn Players. Woman’s Council. Intramural Sports. Cheerleader. Student Council. Inter-Sorority Council. James E. Maisel, B.E.E. A.I.E.E. I.R.E. A.I.P. Shelley Marsh, B.B.A. Beta Sigma Omieron, Corres. Secy. Choir. Edward John McCormack, B.E.E. Lambda Tau Sigma. Newman Club. A.I.E.E. Ralph Meilander, B.B.A. i Lionel Martin Meister, B.B.A. Day Student Council, President. Senior Class, Vice President. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Wing Torch. Fenn Players. Marketing Association. Trowel Club. Intramural Sports. Ralph H. Meister, B.S.E.E. William E. Miethke, B.B.A. Intramural Sports. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer (Ass’t.) William J. Montali, B.B.A. S.A.M. Intramural Sports. William James Munger, Donald F. Neumann, Ray R. Orite, B.C.E. Edward Rickard Ozanich, Nicholas Packis, B.S. B.M.E. B.E.E. A.S.C.E., President, B.B.A. A.Ch.S. S.A.E., Treasurer. Dean’s Men. Treasurer. Choi r. A.S.M.E. Engineer’s Joint Council. Choir. A.I.E.E. I.R.E. Men’s Dorm Council, Secretary. Intramural Sports. Kappa Delta Phi. 1 Gormen C. Palleson, John Patton, B.B.A. B.M.E. A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Engineer’s Joint Council. Eileen E. Pearce, B.S. in Ed. Future Teachers of America. Theodore M. Pinney, Jr., B.B.A. Alpha Phi Omega, President, Secretary. Fanfare, Editor-in-Chief, Photographer. Marketing Association, Vice President. Cauldron, Photographer. Wing Torch. Walter D. Plumb, B.E.S. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, President. Senior Class, President. Junior Class, President. Tau Beta Pi. Intramural Sports. Erich A. Potts, B.B.A. Lillian M. Pozar, B.S. in H.E. Donald Prather, B.E.S. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha. W. J. Priver, B.B.A. John Putrich, B.B.A. Gamma Nu Sigma. Choir. Home Economics Club. Gerald Roy Richland, Victor Rovtar, B.S.M.E. Robert E. Schmitt, Edward C. Seigerst, Lowell N. Shestog, B.E.E. B.A. B.M.E. B.C.E. Tau Beta Pi, President. Psychology Club S.A.E., President. A.S.M.E., Vice President. Engineer’s Joint Council, Secretary. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha. A.S.C.E. Student Council. Engineer’s Joint Council. A.I.E.E., Chairman. I.R.E. Intramural Sports. Rubin Eugene Siegel, B.B.A. Alpha Chi. S.A.M. Eugene F. Simmerly, B.E.E. A.I.E.E. John Peter Simon, B.B.A. Alpha Chi. Choir. Intramural Sports. Musicaires Society Treasurer. Paul J. Sirocky, Jr., B.M.E. A.S.M.E. Intramural Sports. Richard A. Slenn, B.Ch.E. Lambda Tau Delta. A.I.Ch.E A.C.S. A.S.M. Intramural Sports. Eleanore Marie Spence, B.B.A. Gamma Nu Sigma, Treasurer, Corres. Secy. Senior Class—Treasurer. Fanfare—Circulation Mgr. Cauldron—Circulation Mgr., Sports Reporter. Inter-Sorority Council. Choir—Librarian, Secy-Treas. Wing Torch, Seey.-Treas. Intramural Sports. Woman’s Council. Woman’s Athletic Assoc. Sociology Club. George D. Stanz, B.B.A. Bernard D. Steen, B.B.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hegemon. Fenn Players. Wing Torch. Intramural Sports. Cauldron. Robert Straub, B.B.A. James John Strnad, B.B.A. I George A. Strutz, Jr., B.Ch.E. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Chancellor, Sec. Vice. Chancellor. Tau Beta Pi. Wing Torch. Student Council. Inter-Fraternity Council, Secy., Treas., Vice-Pres. A.1.Ch.E.—President, Treasurer. A.Ch.S. Intramural Sports. S. Theodore Stumphauzer, B.C.E. A.S.C.E. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Ass’t. Cribber. Intramural Sports. Peter Tolson, B.B.A. Cheerleader. Argy Tripodes, B.A. International Student Group. Vincent R. Teresi, B.B.A. Gwynn E. Thomas, B.E.E. Robert J. Tyler, B.C.E. A.S.C.E. George N. Vassilakis, B.E.S. I.R.E. A.I.E.E. William J. Thomas, B.E.E. A.I.E.E. James C. Velisek, B.B.A. Henry D. Wagner, B.B.A. S.A.M. Gun Club. Outdoor Club. Intramural Sports. Deene Jon Weidman, B.C.E. Fencing Team. Lambda Tau Delta. A.S.C.E. Basketball Mgr. Da Chaw Wang, B.B.A. Charles A. Warholyk, Eugene H. Weakland, Pi Sigma Tau Alpha. B.Met.E. B.B.A. Day Student Council, A.S.M.E. Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Pres. Intramural Sports. President. Men’s Dorm Council, Alpha Chi, President. President. Future Teachers of America Wing Torch. President. Senior Class Finance Committee. Psychology Club. Cauldron. Fanfare, Write-up Editor. Mary Lou Wendel, B.A. Beta Sigma Omicron, Vice-Pres., Ass’t. Pledge Mistress, Alumnae Representative. Cauldron, Staff Reporter, Society Editor. Fanfare, Fraternity Sorority Editor. Wing Torch. Choir. Fenn Players. Intramural Sports. Sociology Club. Inter-Sorority Council. Harold A. White, B.S. Cauldron, Editor-in-Chief. Lambda Tau Delta. Fenn Players. Topper. Psychology Club. R. Roger Williams, B.B.A. Wing Torch. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Fanfare, Editor-in-Chief, Assoc. Editor, Ass’t. Editor. Cauldron, Make-up Editor, Staff Reporter. Sociology Club, President. Marketing Association. I.V.C.F. Camera Club. Student Council. Dorm Proctor. Intramural Sports. Arthur Wahrenberger, B.B.A. Thomas 0. Williams, B.E.E. Men’s Dorm Council. Choir. A.I.E.E. I.R.E. Norma Williamson, Merle R. Wilson, B.M.E. B B A • Varsity Fencing, Captain. Lambda Tau Delta. Wing Torch, President. Men’s Dorm Council, President. “F” Club, President. S.A.E., Secy. A.S.M.E. Cauldron. Intramural Sports. John Lee Wright, B.E.S. Bernard Benedict Yarcusko A.S.M.E., Chairman. B.B.A. S.A.E. Engineer ’s Joint Council. I.V.C.F. Swimming Team. Kappa Delta Phi. Inter-Fraternity Council. Cauldron, Staff Reporter. Choir. Musicaires. Franklin Zeigler, B.M.E. Arthur J. Zentgraf, B.B.A. Lambda Tau Sigma. Bernard A. Zimmerman, B.M.E. Seniors Not Pictured Frances Balat, B.A. Carl R. Bernhart, B.C.E. William V. Bitterman, B.S.E.E. Thomas Brogdon, B.E.E. Robert A. Charvat, B.M.E. Ralph E. Christman, B.M.E. Bernice Coleman, B.A. Charles F. Dean, Jr., B.B.A. James E. Drennan, B.A. John W. Fenker, B.E.E. Ronald G. Forbes, B.Ch.E. Allen C. Francisco, B.Met. E. James A. Gibbs, B.B.A. James G. Gorslene, B.S.Ch.E. James E. Green, B.S. Austin C. Herr, B.E.E. Paul A. Herrmann, B.Ch.E. Fred W. Koehler, B.B.A. Charles F. Koehn, B.B.A. Kenneth W. Koepke, B.B.A. Stefania M. Kras, B.B.A. Margaret W. Kruse, B.S. Chester C. Lane, B.A. Richard J. Laurence, B.S. Albert Master, B.E.E. Paul I. Nielsen, B.S.M.E. Stanley J. Novak, B.E.S. Kasimir A. Pautienis, B.C.E. Valeria Peck, B.A. William J. Pecsok, B.B.A. Elizabeth F. Rattray, B.S. Chester S. Recko, B.S.M.E. Albert H. Schempp, B.M.E. James W. Shattuck, B.B.A. John W. Slivka, B.C.E. Robert J. Tomsich, B.M.E. Richard W. Utas, B.B.A. Albert Vasek, B.B.A. Harold M. Williams, B.M.E. LaVerne S. Williams, B.S. Harry L. Wood, B.B.A. Russel 0. Young, B.B.A. £tu4etit ffurJ ng Program Mrs. Hulda Merkle Fenn ' s Arts and Science school, in close cooperation with Huron Road Hospital, has expanded its scope to include a student nursing program. Last fall, 40 girls pioneered this new and progressive educational idea. They entered into a three year course of study which combines seven separate sciences into one coordinated group offering an Associate Degree in Applied Science in addition to the Nursing Diploma. The program, under the guidance of Mrs. Hulda Merkle, offers the prospective nurse not only a nursing education but also an extensive arts and science edu¬ cation giving the student a more comprehensive outlook on the world around him. The program also gives the nursing student a chance to gain the enjoyment of col¬ legiate experience through the extra activities of college life. Practical experience is gained through four fellow¬ ship periods, of three months each, at Huron Road Hospital. These periods are in direct parallel to the normal co-op system. President G. Brooks Earnest said " Fenn will give the nurses all-out cooperation to insure success. This new program enhances the potentials for nursing; and another thing, it puts more girls on Fenn ' s campus. " iuhicr ClaAA G. Golem R. Frantz E. Frank F. Schubert R. Alamar D. Gregory M. Cermak F. Wall R. Harris R. Champa J. Meinke R. Crouse P. Mrachko R. Sinek J. Hudak G. Ajemian R. Speece J. Bennett H. Frost Pte-j uhiof CtaM R. Weissmann R. Skinner N. Hebron R. Kimmey F. Trautman J. Karnosh L. Kornokovich P. Young W. Gest P -J unicr CtaAA C. Ineman B. Stasko W. Vlack R. Blaha D. Pliske B. Schuster G. Sommers J. Clayton F. Infield D. Herbe R. Moomy E. Campbell J. Huprich W. Adams K. Johnson N. Thompson R. Laufenburger E. Graney H. Yost V. Lombardo ypkctnore Clau D. Auckland W. Meilander A. Yankovich R. Batchelor J. Kalish M. Stevens A. Brown K. Kurz D. Campbell M. Corrigan R. Hanula S. Szappanos W. Wyke opkamcre ClaAA R. McLellan W. Me Inti re V. Boling D. Woods R. Martin J. Zorkocy R. Yurkschatt W. Killian R. Boland M. Kurz C. Kraven R. Schneider A. Kune ' Jreiktnah Clan R. Pelser G. Mq rkos K. Weidman H. Zuber F. Scarpitti P. Franks R. Gulyas D. Kurti N. Dow B. Pelser R. Bear H. Schneider J. Foy R. Fox S. Joseph D. French K. Adair F. Marolt L. Aveni L. Pfarr J. Metcalf K. Johnson J. Butler D. Hell A. Graef C. Nagy 3rejit man Ctau B. Paul H. Holmstrom K. Krischker D. Kaufer R. Hughes JreiktnM Clau M. Mickley P. Peabody R. Gillison A. Bayer R. Rekittke R. Harried R. Shulin J. Held R. Drickhamer G. Paxson J. Hadley H. Holmstrom Jn’Atnait ClaM J. Krumins B. Hayes R. Pelser W. Gurgurich H. Crabb R. Edgar D. Sedgley S. Joseph D. Schkolnik D. Havel J. Hajcak T. Schaide N. Rowe R. Fox G. Markos J. Foy N. Woods The council is composed of the Presidents and Pledge Mistresses of the three Day Division Sororities. The Dean of Women acts as an impartial mediator. The main purposes of this group are to transact business which is to the general interest of the member sororities, to maintain harmonious relationships between sororities and student body, to establish rules and regulations for pledging, and to further harmonious relationships between sororities. The three participating members are: Beta Sigma Omi- cron, Gamma Nu Sigma, and lota Tau Lambda. First organized in 1929, the council is composed of three members (the president and two elected representatives) from each of the five active fraternities. The main purposes of the council are to maintain harmonious relationships between fraternities, between the fraternities and other groups on the campus; to establish rules and regulations for pledging; and to execute all inter¬ fraternity functions. The participating members of the council are: lota Eta, Kappa Delta Phi, Lambda Tau Delta, Pi Sigma Tau, and Tau Kappa Epsilon. The Beta Mu Chapter of Beta Sigma Omi- cron became the first National Panhellenic Sorority on Campus on October 16, 1954. This chapter was formed from the Lambda Sigma Chi Sorority which had been chartered, as a local, since 1934. The members of Beta Mu uphold the ideals of fine character, high scholarship, active interest in the community, gracious social life, congeniality and com¬ radeship. Formal Installation S. Marsh J. Prather H. Hepler P. Stealey C. MacDonald Miss Doris Howth Miss Pauline Bloomquist Mrs. Dorothy Eisel L. Lownsbury M. Winkel C. Doskocil B. Baumgardner M. Wendel C. Mach P. Herrick D. Woods V. Boling R. Martin J. Hujar A. Hinson Pledge Class L. Rizzolla P. Olsen G. Reynolds B. Stasko A. Kune M. Mickley A. Binder P. Young Gamma Nu Sigma was chartered in 1937. The purpose of this group is the promotion of good scholarship, fellow¬ ship, and an active interest in the problems of today. Today ' s active members are striving to uphold their purpose by being active participants in other Fenn activities and maintaining high scholastic standings. M. Drake E. Spence M. Meyers j)eta Tau lambda Theta Chapter The Theta Chapter of lota Tau Lambda became the first national sorority organized in the Day Division on July 31, 1954. The purpose of this newest group is to instill sisterly love among its members, to encourage the development of spiritual, material and mental welfare of its members, and to be a service to an integral part of the College. : M. Mihalsky, D. Boduroff, Miss Elizabeth Beam, B. Schuster Mieskoski Winters Lasso Mandalfino J. Verderber D. Veres M. Wysock W. Wyke Pledge Class J. Hatch E. Spence T. Pinney R. Shelley V. Bolinq L. Kornokovich W. Gest Red Mill E. Thompson, J. Scherz, L. White, R. Yurhschott The Fenn Players have long been one of the most active organizations on campus. This group of drama-minded students, under the guiding hand of Professor George Srail, have given many fine productions. One of the most recent successes of the group was last spring ' s first arena-style production, " Pygmalion. " Since then, they presented a melodrama during the summer and continued their activities in the fall with a comedy. Ill C. Birkus, J. Kohler, W. Campbell, Prof. George Sroil Pygmalion C. Moelk, R. Fox 10in g and Torch C. McDonald, M. Wendel, J. Meinke, M, Drake, M. Wilson, P. Stealey, C. Mach Founded in 1930, Wing and Torch is an honorary society for those students who are outstanding in extra-curricular activities. A point system evaluates participation in the various activities and membership is dependent upon an accumulation of the number of points prescribed by the organization. Since its founding, Wing and Torch has been increasing in number as well as prestige. The Che it The Fenn Choir sang for Open House, presented a Christ¬ mas musicale, and sang for Commencement and other college functions. This year the Choir presented a musical comedy, " The Red Mill. " Fenn ' s annual Plan Nite is sponsored by the Choir. OFFICERS for 1954-55 President . Clare Moelk Vice President.Ruth Yurkschott Secretary.Mildred Sacerich Treasurer . Carolyn Birkas Mrs. Hisey Director Alpha Chi Alpha Chi, honorary scholastic society, was organized in 1934 to rec¬ ognize those Business Administration students who have a 3.0 cumulative. Each year the name of the outstanding sophomore in the School of Business Administration is engraved on the Alpha Chi placque which hangs in Panel Hall. 7au Seta Pi The only national honorary fraternity at Fenn College is Tau Beta Pi, the oldest and largest engineering honor association. Its purposes are to promote high standards of scholarship by recognizing those who have main¬ tained distinguished scholarship in engineering studies and have an exem¬ plary character, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture at Fenn. Each suc¬ cessful candidate must have a cumulative average of 3.0 and must submit a paper on some engineering topic. Alpha Phi Omega Fenn ' s national service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, was founded on the campus in 1948. One of the largest national fraternities, APO is open to all students who have: previous training in Scouting, a desire to render service to others, and a satisfactory scholastic standing. As a service organization, it does not prohibit membership in a social fraternity. Throughout the year APO performs numerous service projects for the college and the students. The Used Books Store is the best known of these projects. An outstanding annual event sponsored by APO is the Ugly Man Contest, which is Fenn ' s way of receiv¬ ing donations for the March of Dimes. Within the fraternity itself, there are many social events, such as house parties, at¬ tendance at concerts and dances, theater parties, and dinners. At the end of each year, the members look back on these events with fond memories. OFFICERS President .THEODORE M. PINNEY, JR. Vice President .WILLIAM MclNTIRE Secretary .JOHN L. HATCH Treasurer .DONALD RAWLINGS Historian .RICHARD SHELLEY Advisor ..PROF. LLOYD C. BILLINGS Alpha pAi Omega Membership in Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic society, is the goal of all Fenn ' s " Thespians. " Membership is reserved for those who have taken an active part in the productions of the Fenn Players. ? CM Students who have been awarded the varsity " F " for competition in varsity sports are eligible for membership in the F Club. Since its founding in 1931, this organization has promoted appreciation of the varsity " F " and stimulated student interest in Fenn ' s athletics. future Teacher America The FTA is a branch of the National Education Associa¬ tion and the Ohio Education Association. Its purpose is to satisfy the demand for more and better teachers. Here at Fenn, the members become familiar with the profession ' s history, ideals, and methods. The students then strive to turn these ideals into a concrete reality. Marketing Association The Marketing Association provides a local forum for discussion and research in all phases of marketing. It offers the members the opportunity to enjoy social contacts with others in this field. It is a student affiliation of the American Marketing Association. failing Club The club was organized and chartered by the college in September of 1952. Provisionary membership in the Mid¬ west Collegiate Sailing Association was granted in February of 1953. The club was Incorporated by the State of Ohio and received its charter in May of 1954. During the past sailing season, the club placed 4th in percentage points in the M.C.S.A. Ranking above Notre Dame, Michigan State, Oberlin, and Baldwin Wallace. Student Christian " Union The Student Christian Union is an organization of Prot¬ estant students who are seeking together for answers to the great questions of life: developing a meaningful personal philosophy of life, choosing a creative vocation, knowing the kind of person one wants as a life partner. The student-planned and student-led program of worship, study, service and good recreation and fellowship, provide the setting where these issues are confronted, formally and informally. fcortnitcrij Council The Dormitory Council, elected by the residents of the dorm, is the officiating board for the dormitory. The purpose of this group is to promote the general welfare of dormitory residents. Through redemption of tax stamps and other revenues, a scholarship is given annually to a dormitory resident. The Council also sponsors dances and joins in promoting worthwhile school events. ' Jem Jlifihy Club The Fenn College Flying Club is one of the newest student organizations on the campus. All students, day or evening, are eligible for membership in the club. The purpose of the club is to encourage and promote the education and advancement of aviation and to enable the club members to learn to fly at a nominal cost. It is possible to do these things because the club has its own plane. merican JJhM tute ctf PkijAicA The Fenn branch of the American Institute of Physics received its charter in 1950. Its purpose is to further interest in the physical sciences and to assist the student in fur¬ thering his professional development. Membership is restricted to Engineering Science students majoring in physics. ccietif ffw jflfyahcetneHt cjj IftatiatjetneH t The Society for Advancement of Management is a professional organization that welcomes to its membership all who wish to promote the principles of management, and who enjoy the fellowship of people working toward the same objective. The individual member of SAM is presented with the opportunity fora well rounded development in the field of management through the media of publications, meetings, and personal contacts with other members. He is able to acquire a vast amount of the newest information concerning techniques, procedures, and methods used in the manage¬ ment field. DntertfarAitii Christian Jet leu?A kip Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an international, inter¬ denominational student movement started in 1877. Its pur¬ pose is to provide fellowship in Christian living through prayer, student-led, weekly Bible studies, and monthly social activities. The Fenn chapter joins with the chapters of the other colleges and nursing schools in the Cleveland area with the aim of meeting campus life on a Christian basis. CngineerA Joint Council The purpose of the Engineers Joint Council is to bring together the members of the technical, scientific, and engi¬ neering organizations at Fenn, for a cooperative effort to increase the services of the individual organizations to the individual members. The Fenn College student branch of A.I.E.E. was chartered in 1941 as a professional group with membership open to both day and evening students. Its purpose is to further the student ' s education in this particular phase of engineering and to present an opportunity for active participation in an engineering professional society. Lectures by prominent men in the electrical field constitute a large portion of the society ' s program. American Chemical £ccietij rfmericait DhMitute ctf Chemical CngiheeM These organizations provide students with an opportunity to gain knowledge concerning opportunities in the field of chemistry, to enjoy benefits from affiliation with the national organizations, and to develop leadership through participa¬ tion in the various chapter activities, both local and regional. I 0 American £ccieti ctf Civ il £ngineerJ The oldest professional organization on the Fenn campus, the American Society of Civil Engineers, received its first charter in 1937. Its purpose is to promote further interest in structural and civil engineering. American £cciettf jfjflechanical CngineerA The purpose of ASME is to advance and disseminate the knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engi¬ neering. An effort is made to broaden the student ' s acquaintance with the practical side of mechanical engi¬ neering. Membership is open to all Day and Evening Division students in the School of Engineering who have an interest in this field. ■) The dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of electronics, communications, and other related fields of engineering and science, and the furtherance of the pro¬ fessional development of its student members, are the pur¬ poses of the I.R.E. Membership is open to all engineering students interested in electronics and communications. The Fenn chapter has access to licensed transmitters located in Fenn Tower. ccietij ofi {utcwtitie HgineeM Fenn ' s student branch of the Society of Automotive Engi¬ neers was chartered in 1944 with the intention of promoting the Arts and Sciences and Engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of automotive apparatus; presenting a proper perspective of engineering work; and acquainting the student members with the person¬ nel and activities of the national SAE. 7 be Student A A A whig Program PROFESSOR VANCE CHAMBERLIN Chairman, Faculty Assembly Committee Relaxation, fellowship, inspiration, and fun were the objectives of the 1954-1955 Assembly Committees. For years there had been no monthly assemblies at Fenn; in fact, this year ' s commit¬ tees were told that assemblies were impossible at Fenn. However, backed by the students, the faculty, and the administration, the committees went ahead and their efforts were rewarded with success. Monthly assemblies should be continued. The past year there have been three assemblies on " The Future of Fenn " , two on sports, two on business success stories, and one each on politics, music, the alumni, and the recognition of outstanding students. In September, Soccer was the topic; in October, Senator Bender spoke; in November, President Taylor of the Parker Appliance Company spoke; in December, the Christmas musical was presented; in January, the faculty and ad¬ ministration outlined the " Future of Fenn " ; in February, Colonel Connelly of the Rand Development Company spoke; in March, the Cleveland Browns football film was shown; in April, the alumni were featured; and in May, the Recognition Assembly was held. STUDENT ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE DaChow Wang, Chairman Patricia Stealey Emanuel Capadona FACULTY ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Prof. Vance Chamberlin, Chairman Prof. Anne Hisey Prof. Ernest Harris Hat He At Ptm Annually, the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity sponsors the Harvest Prom. This dance is the first formal dance of the social season, and is designated to the crowning of the Harvest Prom Queen. On October 9, the Harvest Prom was held at the Alcazar Hotel. Dorothy Woods, the Beta Sigma Omicron and Pi Sigma Tau candidate, was the recipient of the crown of carnations from Dean Anders. Ccretiatfoi i Salt The climax of the Fall Quarter social life is the Coronation Ball under the sponsorship of the Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority and Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity. This year the dance was held at the Wade Park Manor. The highlight of the evening is the crowning of the Kampus King. Dorothy Woods crowned the Tau Kappa Epsilon Candidate, Wayne Gest, Fenn ' s Kampus King. CkrtitynaA Sail To initiate the festive Christmas vacation, Night School Student Council sponsors the Christmas Ball. The Olmsted Hotel was the location for the dance on December 1 8. Santa Claus arrived to crown Gayle Reynolds, Gamma Nu Sigma candidate, the Day School Holly Queen and Helen Tamas, Kappa Sigma Upsilon candidate, Night School Holly Queen. St ureetkeart Prcm The Pi Sigma Tau Fraternity celebrated Valentine Day by holding the annual Sweetheart Prom. The dance was held at the Westlake Hotel. Dean Jenks awarded the Sweetheart Couple trophy to Betty Baumgardner and Henry Steen, Beta Sigma Omicron and Tau Kappa Epsilon candidate. Tau Kappa Epsilon, also, won the Alpha Phi Omega gaboon for the Ugliest Man in the Ugly Man Contest. h 1 i I j J I J Camp Over two hundred freshmen enjoyed the two day outing held at the Centerville Mills Y. Camp. The camp is a means of getting acquainted before the freshmen begin their first day of class work at Fenn. A well planned activities schedule gives the new Fenn students quite a few varied activities in which to participate. All giving each the chance to meet many new people. ATHLETICS H. E. Woodling G. Rung Athletic faepartment: Fenn College has a competent athletic staff which is headed by Professor Homer E. Woodling, who also serves as baseball coach. His assistants are Bob Busbey, George Rung, and Jane Pease. Bob, Fenn ' s All American swimmer, serves as swim¬ ming and track coach. Jane is the girl ' s Athletic Director and also serves as Director of Intramural Sports. After a short absence from the Fenn scene, George is back at the helm of the basketball team. Charles Simonean—fencing coach, Foster T. Miller—ten¬ nis coach, and John W. McNeill—golf coach, have volun¬ teered their services for the promotion of these sports at Fenn. Jane Pease B. Busbey I ■Hi Sa ketball . • ar-3r " -%$ , . im : ' ; ap ■ Left to Right; Front Row: G. Rung, Coach; S. Crow, Mgr. Back Row: R. O ' Connell, H. Yost, K. Johnson, S. Popp, F. Infield, K. Kurz, J. Harper, L. Skulina, H. Frost, R. Sutch, A. Monile. Fenn Opponents 37 W.R.U. 91 59 Kenyon 69 70 Case 92 48 Mt. Union 71 54 Oberlin 62 90 Cedarville 71 63 Ashland 93 60 Grove City 73 88 Hiram 96 37 Wooster 115 52 Clarion 78 80 Buffalo State 104 79 Hiram 83 77 Cedarville 73 65 Ohio Northern 96 82 Allegheny 94 72 Slippery Rock Won 2 Lost 1 5 102 Sa ketbaH Although the Foxes failed to produce a winning season this year, the student interest was high and Basketball was still King of Fenn ' s sports. Captain Fred Infield and Coach George Rung led the cagers through seventeen hard-fought games. Coach Rung, working with some good material from last season and a few spirited newcomers, hopes to whip next years squad into a winning team. With student interest and spirit running high, the outlook is very bright. Left to Right; Front Row: J. Smetana, D. Winton R Garner W. Wagner, R. O ' Connell, R. Hughes, L. Youngblood. Back Row: B. Lindsey, K. Johnson, E. Graney, K. Pautienis, D. Herbe, I. Balogh, D. Johnson, S. Hokky, W. J. Marshall, Coach- J Adams, E. Palka. £occet Last Fall saw a new sport added to the Fenn Varsity program; Soccer. Although it was the first season for the game on Fenn ' s athletic field, student interest ran high and it was one of the best attended sports of the year. Coach Jack Marshall and Captain Bob 0 Connell guided their boys through a tough schedule. The win-lost record was impressive with Fenn winning 2, tieing 2, and losing only 4 games against such stiff, experienced competi¬ tion as Kent State and Oberlin. Next year looks even more promising with the nucleus of their strength returning. If the sport continues as it has started, it will certainly advance the name of Fenn College to greater prominence in the world of collegiate sports. Schedule SOCCER 1954-55 Fenn 5 3 4 8 1 1 2 2 W.R.U. W.R.U. University School B.W. Akron U. Kent State Oberlin (J.V.) Case Won 2 Tied 2 Lost 4 Coach Jack Marshall Opponents 2 4 5 0 1 (Overtime) 4 3 (Overtime) 2 (Overtime) Left to Right; Front Row: G. Paxson, R. Dolejs, K. Krischker, C. Wilk, R. Bishop. Back Row: R. Busbey, Coach; G. Anderson, R. Schulz, H. Brendt, R. Smeallie, P. Meigs, G. Landgrabe, R. Horned, R. Laufenburger, W. Bodnovich, A. Kleinschnitz. SWIMMING 1954-1955 Fenn Opponents 43 Wooster 41 48 Wittenberg 36 34 Allegheny 50 27 Case Tech 57 30 Kenyon 54 31 Kent State 53 18 Bowling Green 66 56 Akron 28 30 Slippery Rock 54 26 Grove City 58 25 Buffalo State 59 30 Carnegie Tech 53 50 Akron 34 5th Penn-Ohio Conference Won 4 Lost 9 Coach Robert Busbey Fenn ' s Mermen, led by Captain Bob Schultz, bettered last years win-lost record by four times. Coach Bob Busbey is optimistic about next years squad. Now that the boys have proven their ability, it can be certain that they are determined to take even bigger strides toward improving their record in the future. “Track TRACK 1954-1955 Fenn 5 18 18 77 1 6 45 Oberlin-Akron W.R.U.-Mt. Union Wooster-Akron Hiram John Carroll Opponents 96 1 3-57 2 3 81 1 2-52 1 2 63 1 2-74 1 2 49 5 6 82 City Meet Baldwin Wallace 111 3 14 Western Reserve 77 3 14 John Carroll 26 6 7 Case Tech 20 5 7 Fenn 18 Won 1 Lost 5 Coach Robert Busbey Left to Right; Front Row: R. Hyland, H. Gacsi, R. Beer, R. Kirkpatrick, D . Herbe, R. Kimmey, J. Pettitt, T. Kotnik. Back Row: H. Clarke, K. Kurz, W. Strange, C. Dahlberg, E. Graney, R. Moomy, J. Peters, R. Busbey, Coach. fiaAeball BASEBALL 1954-1955 Fenn 6 Mt. Union Opponents 10 4 Hiram 3 3 Wooster 0 1 Oberlin 2 6 Hiram 7 0 Akron 1 1 1 Akron 3 1 Baldwin Wallace 0 2 Ashland 7 0 Ashland 8 Won 3 Lost 7 Coach Homer Woodling Left to Right; Front Row: R. Eucker, T. Kowalski, T. DiSanto, R. Kibort, H. Davies, J. Frankhauser. Back Row: W. Bartlett, D. Johnson, E. Kovalcik, G. Lusnek, R. Helwig, R. Fox, J. Heilman. “fenniA Back row: Foster Miller, Coach; Ed Kohlberg, Harold Wil¬ liams, John Ewashinka Front row: Milan Skripek, Ed Beck, Eric Strode TENNIS 1954-1955 Fenn Opponents 8 Youngstown 1 7 Mt. Union 0 8 Western Reserve 1 5 Wooster 4 9 Hiram 0 7 John Carroll 2 8 Hiram 1 4 Akron 3 8 John Carroll 1 3 Oberlin 6 6 Case Tech 3 Won 10 Lost 1 Coach Foster Miller Fenn Opponents 4 Wooster 12 614 Akron 91 2 9 1 2 Case Tech 614 14 John Carroll MW 41 2 John Carroll 11 Vi 71 2 Western Reserve 81 2 614 Oberlin 91 2 1 1 Ashland 5 9 Mt. Union 7 Won 3 Lost 6 Coach John McNeill V jt B 4 Left to Right: W. Steigele, J. Beckman, F. Normali, R. Anderson „ ' )enc ' toq Under the dual leadership of Co-captains Merle Wilson and Dick Harris, Fenn ' s Fencing squad maintained its posi¬ tion as one of the leading sports on campus. Although they competed against such tough opponents as Ohio State and Detroit U., the fencers managed to advance Fenn ' s name to greater prominence in the collegiate athletic world. ■ , Co-Captain Merle Wilson FENCING 1954-1955 Fenn Opponents 13 Buffalo State 14 16 Lawrence Inst 1 1 9 Detroit U. 18 9 Wayne U. 18 14 Case Tech 13 14 Oberlin 13 12 Ohio State 15 14 Case Tech 13 10 Notre Dame 17 10 Oberlin 17 21 Pittsburgh 6 Won 5 Lost 6 Coach Charles Simonean Left to Right; Front Row: J. H. Reed, A. Bayer, G. Allebach, R. Edgar, R. Harris. Back Row: W. Dreimiller, M. Wilson, P. Westcott, D. Menefee, T. Schaide, C. Simonian, Coach. Cheerleader W. Campbell, E. Thompson, R. Yurkschatt, B. Baumgardner, J. Kalish, E. Gagney The Fenn Cheerleaders were seen this year at the soccer games as well as the basketball games. Some of the fine improvements this year were the bright new uniforms and the new cheer formations. This year the Cheerleaders joined with the F-Club to sponsor the Varsity Queen Contest, the first of its kind. They hope to make this an annual event and in this way finance cheerleading uniforms and equipment. Tryouts for Cheerleaders are held in May of each year, and those who are chosen practice weekly until September. From September to the end of February, the Cheerleaders meet and practice at least twice a week. k -jk IM |«y» 1 i • ' • gp . " ; •■■• «s . -. H V? ■. |g? " m, Rsik ' ft , ' 0 Iflen ’j % tratnuraU Fenn encourages participation of the entire student body in its well-rounded intramural sports program. Out of the ten sports represented in this field, basketball always draws the most student interest and the keenest competition. The winning of the All Sports Trophy is the ultimate goal of all the participating groups. The intramural program is based upon good sportsmanship and wholesome recreation for all. Women A JjHtratnuraU The co-ed ' s intramural program is sufficiently diversified to interest every girl in at least one of the seven sports open. The girls ' program is administered by Jane Pease, Women ' s Athletic Director. The program is set up with the aim of interesting every girl in participating in sports on a healthy, competitive basis. Basketball, as in the boys ' program, holds the most interest and the keenest competition. Caching £tu4ent Council The Evening Student Council is selected annually to direct Evening student activities of all kinds: social, athletic, and educational; to sponsor and support any action which it deems beneficial to the interest of the students of Fenn College; and to cooperate with the Day Council in conducting any activities common to both the Day and Evening Divi¬ sion students. The Council obtains its finances from the activity fee paid each semester by each student when he registers. This money is divided among the various committees who request funds from the Council for carrying on their work throughout the year. The Council finances the Nite Shift and contributes to the Fanfare. One-fourth of the Council ' s funds are used to purchase increased facilities for the Physical Education Department for the use of the students. The Council sponsors numerous extra-curricular activities and presents the Activity Trophy to that organization which is most active in the promotion of Fenn College activities. A complete athletic program is planned for the many students interested in such sports as basketball, volley ball, bowling, etc. Many dances and parties are given throughout the year u nder the sponsorship of the Council. , Officers of the Evening Student Council: President. Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Asst. Treasurer . Advisor. Advisor Emeritus . Roger Neece Jean Marie Hoecker . . . . Joanna Muhle . . . . Robert Bischoff . . . . William Fisher . . Mr. Foster Miller . Mr. George Simon flight £hi{jt The official publication of the Evening Division, the Nite Shift, has been published since 1948. It provides an oppor¬ tunity for evening students to express their aims, objectives, and desires. It is financed by the Evening Student Council from student activity fees. Editor. Eloise Grant Business Mgr.Carmella Nuccio Faculty Advisor.Prof. Myron Barnes Alpha £igma Jfcta The purpose of Alpha Sigma lota Honorary Fraternity is to recognize those students who have attained a high stand¬ ard of efficiency in college activities, both scholastic and extra-curricular. Membership is open to all degree students of the Evening Division. Club The purpose of the Newman Club is to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its student members through a balanced program of religi¬ ous, intellectual, and social activities. Open to both day and evening students, the Fenn chapter is a member of the Cleveland Intercollegiate Newman Club. This past year, the Fenn chapter proved its effectiveness by winning the Most Outstanding Chapter Plaque Award of 1954. President . Eugene Frank First Vice-President.Ann Calabrese Second Vice-President.Joe LoGalbo Recording Secretary.Rose Suing Corresponding Secretary.Flo Dellick Treasurer.Frank Brancely • r ££P, Jtcta fau lambda foe ta Chapter lota Tau Lambda, a national sorority, organized the Delta Chapter in 1938. This group has been awarded the Evening Activities Trophy for three consecutive years, enabling this group to keep it on a permanent basis. Its aims are self- improvement, fraternalism, and service to Fenn and the community. Kappa £i(fftia UpAilcw Kappa Sigma Upsilon, chartered in 1938, was the first sorority established in Evening Division. Service to the Col¬ lege is the prime concern of the sorority. The members of this group are encouraged to participate in other organiza¬ tions. The Golddiggers Ball, the annual turn-about formal is sponsored by this group. ft Phi Happa (jamtna Phi Kappa Gamma Sorority, organized in 1951, is open to both Day and Evening students. It was organized for those girls who were interested in an inter-racial fraternal relation¬ ship. The purpose of this organization is to promote good fellowship, scholastic achievement, and service to Fenn College. lambda Qota foelta Lambda lota Delta was chartered in 1935 as Fenn ' s first Evening Engineering Fraternity. The fraternity is open to all Evening and Day Division engineering students. Today the fraternity still follows the original purpose set forth which is to provide considerable fellowship, many happy hours, and assist in the building of Fenn to a bigger and better college. iamb 4a Tau Lambda Tau Sigma is an Evening School social fraternity open to students in the Business Administration and Engi¬ neering Schools. Organized in 1926, it is the oldest Evening fraternity on the Fenn Campus. The objectives of the group are the promotion of the interests of Fenn College and its members, and the stimulation and development of a greater religious and civic sense of duty. A fatter tc the Reader Dear Reader: I hope you enjoyed your look at the year of 1954. We enjoyed bringing it to you. By we, I mean all the wonderful people who gave their time, effort, and great talent in order to bring this book to you. People such as: THE YEARBOOK STAFF, almost all of whom were new at this sort of thing, including yours truly. Nevertheless, they worked especially hard at their jobs and gave their best. PROF. VANCE CHAMBERFIN and ROGER WILLIAMS helped by being around to assist and educate whenever necessary. JIM ELLENBERG, DICK JOHNS, JOHN EVANS, and PROF. HOMER WOOD- LING and others who lent their talents on short notice to solve emergency problems. TED DUTTON and LOUISE KULKA of the Public Relations Office whose assistance both materially and advisedly was immeasurable. DR. V. RICHARD GULBENKIAN and GEORGE WHALON through whose efforts the Fanfare Office was moved to more spacious and adequate quarters on the 19th floor. The following staffs will have a worthy place to hang their hats. The outside people, through whose companies the book passed during its production. They many times worked above and beyond the call of duty. These people included: MRS. GLONTZ of Jean Sardou Studios RAY MILETTI, TED WAHL, and AL STAUFER of the Cleveland Engraving Company JOE FOGG of the Judson Printing Company GLEN HAMMIL of the Mueller Art Cover Company SID MENDELSON, photographer The public relations office of the PENNSYLVANIA, ERIE, NEW YORK CENTRAL, and BALTIMORE OHIO RAILROADS. A special thanks goes to a lovely young lady who stuck by yours truly through the whole thing lending the greatest moral support that anyone could ask for: MISS VELVA BOLING. Again, we hope you enjoyed the book as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Yours truly, Theodore M. Pinney, Jr. Ed it or-in-Chief Patrons Prof. 8 Mrs. W. C. Ahrens Dean 8 Mrs. Paul R. Anders Mr. John Arendt Dr. James E. Bard Miss Elizabeth Beam Mr. § Mrs. Lloyd Billings Prof. 8 Mrs. Vance Chamberlin Prof. 8 Mrs. M. D. Cooper Dr. Blake Crider Mr. 8 Mrs. Cecil L. Dobbins Dr. 8 Mrs. G. Brooks Earnest Dr. 8 Mrs. George H. Faust Dr. 8 Mrs. V. R. Gulbenkian Mr. 8 Mrs. M. C. Herrick Mr. 8 Mrs. Francis V. Higgins Prof. Millard L. Jordan Miss Dorothy H. Loomis Mr. 8 Mrs. James M. Magee Dr. 8 Mrs. John G. McGrew Mr. 8 Mrs. Phillip S. Merkel Mr. 8 Mrs. Foster Miller Mr. 8 Mrs. John J. M ontasana Mr. 8 Mrs. W. Franklin Moore Mr. 8 Mrs. Dauid G. Parker Dean 8 Mrs. Max B. Robinson Prof. Kenneth S. Sherman Mr. 8 Mrs. R. Malcolm Sills Prof. George B. Simon, Emeritus Mr. 8 Mrs. G. Strutz, Sr. Mr. 8 Mrs. Howard R. Taylor, Jr. Dr. 8 Mrs. Donald R. Tuttle Dr. C. C. Tsao Prof. Sarah Ruth Watson Prof. Marian Wozencraft Prof. 8 Mrs. Homer E. Woodling Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority Gamma N u Sigma Sorority The Oak Room The 955 ' Jan are has been one of our most favored interests during the past few months. Into it we have sought to put our skill, our best thought and a little bit more than was required. If the result pleases you, we count the effort worthwhile. THE JUDSON COMPANY 1009-1013 ROCKWELL AVENUE TELEPHONE CHerry 1-5320 CLEVELAND 14, OHIO Why 62,000,000 Americans have good O NCE upon a time there was a young man who had a good suit on his back, but he also had a job and a few dollars in his pocket and he felt pretty good about things and decided to splurge a bit and buy another suit he saw in the window. Fortunately he hadn’t read that morning that the country had reached some sort of debt limit. And he didn’t understand the gold standard. And whether tariffs ruined business or helped it, he never quite understood. He just felt pretty good and he wanted another suit. So he bought one. And a few million other young men felt the same way and bought a suit or a new car or made a pay¬ ment on a home. The sum of these purchases is 62,000,000 Ameri¬ cans at work at good jobs. That’s America. Some call it self-confidence. They’re the same thing. YOU CAN PRODUCE IT BETTER, FASTER, FOR LESS WITH WARNER SWASEY MACHINE TOOLS, TEXTILE MACHINERY, CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY ■ • • ■ Our Associations with the Students of FENN on our staff have always been most pleasant PERRY HOUSE PARKING 21st and Euclid GREETINGS FROM CONGRESSMAN FRANCES P. BOLTON 22nd District Get That Good Home Cooking at GEORGE ZAHORSKY ' S FIVE SONS CAFE 4829 Superior • •- COVERS FOR THE 1 9 5 5 FANFARE MANUFACTURED BY The Mueller Art Cover Binding Co. 2202 SUPERIOR AVENUE TOwer 1-2581 •--- IjiAicheering • 1 - SADD ' S RESTAURANT —WHERE FENN STUDENTS MEET— Cleveland, Ohio ♦ CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS What is Visioneering Visioneering is that certain some- • thing born in some men who can vision and create by allowing their imagination to soar to new heights. Forgetting old assumptions, con¬ ventionalisms, prejudices, and re- GUS ' S CLEANERS turning to earth blazing a new trail with new sound actualities to design REPAIRING AND PRESSING things for the furtherance of man¬ kind .... HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED That’s Visioneering 2148 PROSPECT 1800 East 27th Street MAin 1-7310 r —Only the Best— w CchyratuiatichA to the Senior ClaAA ctf I9SS Jantfare £ ta M A FINE ENGRAVING PLANT PRODUCING QUALITY PRINTING PLATES FOR YEAR BOOKS £chccl fotitiicn — tflaih I-40SS THE CLEVELAND ENGRAVING CO. 310 LAKESIDE AVENUE CLEVELAND 13, OHIO A-S ■. ■ ii ' i . ' l V; ' ' . ad ; M-uVv , - v ■ - ■ ■ ■ • . •. v ' ' ov -Wv v- " .‘. -.vv-x-v--.v ■ ' - .. . ;■■. WH ■ V ' ' v • .- ! w : W ' V - 1 -. ■■ •• ’ .V V: H ; j - : VVj : v v;; -■ v I III i ' ■ - • ' . ■ - : ••■ . ' ' ■ . % . ■■ ■ ■ m i - . . ■ t $ ■■ v .mMmi : ' ' i ■ ' . ' . ' ' . ' ■ : : ; ' ■ . . . iY r i s ' ;- Uvo-cv i tv v u {jkto-o : , . !A i ivy ■ . ' . , Ip ’ ‘:j : ' ' ; . : ' ' ■ ' " ■ • ■ ' • , • , . ' . • • • • ;•• ■ ■ " • • - , ; h . i : ■ ■ : .■ ■ ' ■•.■•■ = v- {tiiwlYvti ' i , ItiK ? " : ' ■ ■ s ok ■ lu ■ Ufa mMmtW M m0 pMpk . v. v. 4 ' ' v . ■ ' ■ ' ’ ■■ . ■■ :■ • I . ' | m ■ ' ■ " ■■ ' i ' ' x s;n p - m . mWM l :■ ■ ' y. ! . M (f V ' ;;v ■ n i } £ tin ■ k ■ - r t , »

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