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4 L y ul i W ' w 1 df H A 1 i ' w ' . 'I m W ' r I I-III1 "'II -I I I'-II I IgIIIiI", III. ":"III "II '-'I'I I-I I' II I "II I Iwi' I III II' :Hi 'U II'l I-,I II., IIIII4 I4I' " I II' 'I .III I- II. III II II III II lI'I II I I II IIIIIII IIIII II I I I II- I I I II .-I -I I. ' I -I.-I ,I I III I 'I'I I I I I 'II I I I I ' I I ' I - I I II.-I Il 'I 4 I.--I'I'I S III II" III"IIII I I' , II, I - I I IIII IIIIII II ' I' I ,XIII VL" ' -" "I 'II 'III' "I ",'III "'I" I II " I' I II I II' III ""III'.'r: " "-I'I' II I " II ' I II II - I III- II I III II g.-'I ', .. ' I-- - I - I IIII IZIIIIT I. IIII II 'II II ' -I II ' I , I I ' I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I r I I I'I II ' 15,1 L' II 'LII'liEi' !'I"J" ' I III' I II III.II I . , I I ' 'II .II If-IISII. IIII- I S I-.III'II III! I I I-'J IH: 'II- "I. I I. IIIIII IIIIIIII I " If II I'-I'II I' If I. I - IIIII 'I' II' I III II-I I I l"l I V I I I I -II' IER' I I "I IJI I1 III' I III..'-' I. I' L I III ' 'I II I". I I I . -I . ' III. I 'III I :- I "- ZII ' I I LQIII III',,II,I 7 IIL' III .I.I'I ' I . -I I I jg ' I'J ' I Z II'- I I I I II I Q -I. I I JI. F : IIIII' I-II I . IIIIFII II I . I. II. ' II II "IIII-II .III If II'VI Ii' I 1 .II- II .J II III I IUIIIII - IIEI-' I I I '.. A I I If . LII. .I- I SI' I I' V I -rj' I.. I I 'I IHYI ' I ' -II'I A - IIII r JI. nn . . I . -,V V. .L .ful q ' .J w X w u'u1 X All L , , . , , . , . . , , , I N ll ' W , , , , , .f W 1 , , , , . w , . V wx V w w L u w N In w 1 J 4 , 'E w 'I 1 1 x. 'ww L 1 V.. , , X 'I g ,,'---4',Lrg-,L,551.-1.-i.'5,f,QJ, f -1'--f'i4'ff,f'--Afiw Published by fhe sfudenfs of FENN COLLEGE CLEVELAND. OHIO WM. R. DEW EDWARD M. ESBER Edifor Business Manager 7 A1 va "asf - wx E N I W . W H 0 R I Z 0 4 , ' 1 ,- Y ,N Y I J, " -,' 2 N 1 Ax- r vg,-5 ,gf 'r,'g,', 1, W 1 '-.-','4N.i'f'1 , J 'lf ' wg fi 'QL ' ' ' I' V , , , ,"' 1'- QVLJ "Sf", f .Q -'X-'W 1 W . y ,Xl 'f,l'VliyV1iJ,-N ix i, tw, x L , 1- 'X Y fir I lf. 'J ' q:,7: H1 ,. w AU, ,:,',!,. 'ur 1. gw ', " Mn, 'Wg A f il1l.iNVf',"' , Aw-- ,1 V, .. N , ,J 1 'N' N', 1 V' WY' n 'N I mf V Q Em 327 i i t,f.f3f ' ,'L11,i' , 1 A C 1 xl! D 1-. in ' HE COLLEGE EDUCATIO A MEL N, ,, -!'N-ww w 'Y Lv .: 1 ML L f' lu VW ." -'ff J w I L 5, v Dedication ith admiration and respect, we dedicate this issue of Fanfare to G. Brooks Earnest. Coming to Eenn in 1951 as head of the school of Engineer' ing, President Earnest has served the college well by furtherf ing the plans of the late Dr. C. V. Thomas. Since his appointment as acting president and now as president, he has proven himself an extremely capable administrator. Une who is guiding the college through one of its toughest crises, and is willing to inaugurate progressive action in all forms in an effort to increase Eenn's position both internally and nationally. Congratulations to one who has furnished such insight and leadership to the entire college-may we salute you, Brooks, and hope for your continued success. The 1953 Fanfare Staff l resident Earnest at the Annual Commencement 1952 nt which Elmer L. Lindscth Qleftj 'md Elwood H ilmnm Reunion Dinner. Fisher Qriglxtj received honorary Doctorate degrees the first ln the history of Penn College. G. BROOKS EARNEST af-gn,.r+f Charles Smillwell, chairnlan of the board, congraln lates Earnest as he becomes Acting President. Fenn Tower THE FIRST and second floors provide space for college and admin' istrative offices, the "0akroom," the women's lounge, classrooms, and the bookstore. On the third floor the library and Panel Hall-the student lounge and ballroom-share honors. Physical education and health facilif ties, located on the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors, include swimming pool, gymnasium, men's and women's locker rooms, handball court, and Student Health Service. The Ellwood H. Fisher Swimming Pool is particuf larly large and beautiful, with a balcony for spectators. Dormitory rooms on the eleventh through the sixteenth floors in the "Tower" accommodate 196 men students. Other floors in the building provide for classrooms, faculty offif ces, and laboratories. F enn Tower EENN TOWEVR, the center of Penn College "Campus," is located on the corner of Euclid and East 24th Street. A Zlfstory structure, the "Tower" houses the major portion of Femfs classrooms, the men's dorm, a cafeteria, the library, and the administrative offices. l'. A N -x X , Claude Foster Engineering Building THE FIRST STEP in Eenn's expansion program stands in the form of the FOSTER ENGINEERING BUILDING. This modern building houses Eenn's mechanical engineering department, which has a fully equipped laboratory valued at f5lO0,000. Also there are three floors of classrooms and offices. :XX is Prospect-Fenn Building THE PRCSPECTJFENN BUILDING houses thirty class' rooms and ten laboratories, including those for mechanical and metallurgical engineering, chemistry, and biology. fx, X .v, S xfgff !, , Qsfwg rf- .W if I1 41 I E . Administration he power behind Penn College, as Well as any college, is the Administration. Although often taken for granted bythe students, the Adminisf tration is the group of men and women responsible for the operation of the college. It is the authority needed to guide the school successfully through the years, the authority that lends prestige and direction. They, in a broad sense, coordinate the operation of all the schools and faculty members into a smooth running organization. Seniors and Underclassmen alike owe a hearty thanks to this hard working group, for Without them, the education for which all students strive would be impossible. I tail? 5323.1 an .f i. .tg The Board of Trustees by appointing G. Brooks Earnest as president has shown that Fenn will prosper throughout the coming years. President Earnest was graduated from Case in 1927 and served on the faculty there for twenty years, coming to Eenn in 1951 as Dean of Engineering. President Earnest is active in many engineering and civic organizations-local, state, and govern' ment. By his past record and his work while here at Penn he has shown he has the ability to provide the intelligent and capable leader' ship necessary for his important post. G BROOKS EARNEST, MSCE President 'S Office HOWVARD R. TAYLOR Vice P1 ident Mr. Taylor, who has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Allegheny College, came to Penn in June of 1950 to take the position of assistant to the President, a post which the Board of Trustees had created because the job of handling public relations had be' come so large and diversified. The job really covers three main fields-fund raising, pub' lic relations, and alumni relations. The ultif mate object of this program is to carry out Fenn's development plan established by the Board of Trustees under Dr. Thomas. Defi' nite progress has been made toward this goal by Mr. Taylor and by his continuing good work, Eenn shall grow in stature. Ju., Bax. CHARLES j.sT1LwELL 0 Chairman The Warner 8: Swasey Co. ELBERT H. BAKER, JR. The Locke Machine Co. LEYTON E. CARTER The Cleveland Foundation JAMES H. COOLIDGE Thompson Products, Inc. ADRIAN D. JOYCE The Glidden Company VERNON B. STOUFFER Stoulfer Corporation Cleveland Clinic .Melnbers of the Board Not Pictured ELLWOOD H. FISHER, The Fisher Bros. Co.g KENNETH YV. AKERS, Griswold-Eshlenlan Co.g RALPH L. DICKEY, Kelley Island Lime Sc Transport Co.g CLAYTON G. HALE, Hale lk Haley JAMES C. HODGE, YVellman Engineering Co.g JAY IGLAUER, Retailg DR. ROBERT BI. STECHER, City Hospilalg und HOWARD F. BURNS, Baker, Hostetler Sc Patterson. EDWARD T. BARTLETT U. S. Supreme Court HAROLD H. BURTON U. S. Supreme Court GEORGE S. CASE, JR. The Lamson 8: Sessions Co. CLARENCE L. COLLENS Reliance Electric 8: Engineering Co. JACOB D. COX, JR. Cleveland Twist Drill Co. VOLLMER W. FRIES White Motor Company HERBERT P. LADDS National Screw 8: Mfg. Co. ALLEN T. PERRY I-Iarshaw Chemical Co. CLARENCE M. TAYLOR GEORGE V. WOODLING Woodling 8: Krost 13 Administration MERIAM CLAY I-IERRICK, M.A. ARTHUR P. LOEGLER, B.S. Director of Admissions Director of Finance FOSTER T. MILLER, M.A. LEE A. MARSHALL, M.A. Director of Student Admixxions Counselor Activities mul Guidance WILLIAM A. PATTERSON, Ph.D. VERNON H. DAVIS, B.B.A Registrar Asst. Finance Director Co-op Department THROUGH COOPERATIVE education, the student comes to interpret both basic and specialized knowledge in the light of life's realities. That unsettled or Hfloundering around" period after leaving college, so disturbing to many graduates of full time courses, is minimized or entirely avoided by the cofop whose most difficult adjustments are already in the past. Here at Penn, we are surrounded by an unusual variety of business and industry. Literally, we do have the "best location in the nation" for gearing education to life. MAX B. ROBINSON, M.E. Dean of Co-operative Training Let us make the most of our rich opportunity. ROBERT B. AULD Engineering Coordinator CECIL L. DOBBINS Buxiiufss Coorrlinntrn' MILLARD L. JORDAN Arlx and Science Conrflinalm Dean MAJOR B. JENKS, Pl1.D --ff Dean of Arts and Sciences XVILLIAM A. PATTERSON, Ph.D. PAUL R01-I-ET ANDERS, A-TL SELL-IA M, ZNIONTASANA, BS Dean of Engineering Dean of Business Administration Dem, of W'0,,w,, Q.,- wi' l NICHOLAS R. RIMBOI. M.A. DAVID G. PARKER, B.B.A Assistant Dean of Engineering Assistant Dean of Business Director of Tcclmicul lnslilulc Administration Facult John Arent. Jr., M.S. Robert B. Auld, M.Ed. Alberta Prasse Barnes, B.S. Asst. Prof., Civil Engineering Assistant Professor, English, Instructor, Mathematics and Engineering Mechanics Engineering Coordinator Samuel H. Bcrwald, LL.B., C.P.A. Lloyd C. Billings, A.M. Pauline Bloomquist. A. B. Robert F. Busbey, B.S. U Chairman, Dept. Accounting, Assistant Professor, Ecqmumicg Chairman, Dept. Sec. Studies, Instructor, Physical Education Associate Professor, Accounting Assoc. Prof., Secretarial Studies Vance Chamberlin, BSC., M.E. Marion D. C-ooper, M.S. Albert N. Cousins, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. Marketing, Professor, Electrical Engineering Asst. Prof., American Studies Assoc. Prof. Marketing Blake Crider, Ph.D. William C. Davis, B.S. Frank DeMa1-inis, Ph.D. E. Philip Earl, IVI.A. Chairman, Dept. Psychology, Chairman, Dept. Elect. Engr., Chairman, Dept. Biology Assistant Professor, Physics Professor, Psychology Professor, Electrical Engr. Associate Professor, Biology George F. Evans, B.S. Donald C. Fabel, D. Engr., Gfeorge H. Faust, Ph.D. Assistant Prof., Mech. Engr. Chairman, Dept. Mech. Engr., Assistant Prof., I-listory and Professor, Mechanical Engr. Political Science Marie E. Faust, A.B. Jolm A. Froebe, A.B., LL.B. Frank J. Gallo, B.S.E. Cliiforcl L. GIHVBS, MA- Instructor, Secretarial Studies Assistant Prof., Accounting Assistant Prof., Civil Engr., Vocational C0unSel01' Engineering Mechanics we E555 si with .M se E me as ms N Hmmm s as N m as W -s E 5 E s sn K. is is W i it vi H1 it s R u ss s s ss 5 rs as . Us AQ ,. ' EQ as mg W .S Q. M 5 I E .... HS N .. ki! HE Va iewvvssz E . .le V. Richard Gulbenkian, Ph.D. Virgil ll. Hales Elmer E. Haskins, Ph. D. Francis V. Higgins, M.S. Assistant Professor, English Chairman, Dept. Eng. Drg., Associate Prof. Mech. Engr. Assistant Prof., Civil Engr., Associate.Proi'.. Eng. Drawing Engineering Mechanics s dx! .LW is s sims w is a Y i sg H ssw'sE i sein' ss fxmsgmw H H 'awk may :gs E s s as Qsm gs M' usssm' ss s s s s ass was -sf Anne Billington Hisey, B.S.M. Assistant Professor, Music 1 B s s H st s i , fl.. ' , ! . W ... 2: 22.1 2 ge. f H E iss , ,+5.? s . L A ' V H . on H ' if ' " I 222 iii 355 Q - H' r- " if s if 1 s as .1 H X as my 5" 4 eg 'NB sas ,if e E sas 5 gs ass 11288 KE 1 SESS me W a , , as t if t 5 . , 1 is 5 -Q W ff L ........ .. - sig Hmm sy QE .w. W qsqs Q 1 u s was v if is ms -s mm sms H .ss :A Y BEE 'HBE ," :':-: VE iv is s Q W s B s i sm t are Ks E ss ssijgwf . EB XM' X X. mg ,Exim ks ,sis was is ii was Msn s use W sein 1. asia ga .i ,. we 2 Z Es ss Millard L. Jordan, M.A. Karl David Kelly, M.S. Chairman, Dept. S Arts and Science oc., Prof., Soc., Professor, Methematics Coordinator Q1 , ' sims U. 1.55 Mi' x is Ls ' Q as K 95 A N Vita , .Qgn sys --ms N K gms rx 2 Q is v Xlqs-r W Q Q . --'-' ew -' . W , ee , :sages 1. V jk Chester J. Kishel, B.S. John C. Matthews, M.A. John Gilbert McGi-ew, Ph..D. Jolhn Wilson McNeill, M.A. Assistant Prof., Mech. Engr. Chairman, Dept. Education, Chairman, Dept. Economics Chairman, Dept. Management Assistant Professor, Education Associate Prof., Management .,.. lima 1 'raps his Wie? .,. H44 ' Ea' . if Wm. Franklin Moore, Ph.D., BJJ. Assistant Professor, Sociology. Director, Religious Education Lad A. Pasiut, Ph.D. Jane Pease, M.A. Professor, Chemistry Assistant Prof. Physical Ed. Advisor to Women Dwight L. Penney, B.S.. Michael J. Phillips, MSCE. Randolph C. Randall, A. M. Robert W. Schindler, M.S. Instructor, Mech. Engineering Assoc. Prof., Civil Engineering Chairman, Depart. English, Assoc. Prof., Electrical Engr. and Engineering Mechanics Professor, English Kenneth S. Sherman, BSEE George B. Simon, Litt.B. Andrew P. Slivka, B.S. Assoc. Prof., Electrical Engr. Associate Professor, Speech, Instructor, Mechanical Engr. Professor Emeritus Richard B. Small, A.M. - Charles H. Springer, M.S. Aaron J. Teller, Ph.D. Demetrios E. Theodore, Ph.D. Asst. Prof., Modern Language Instructor, Chemistry Chairman, Chemical Engr., Associate Professor, Economics Assoc. Prof., Chemical Engr. Marion B. Tolar, M.S. Donald R. Tuttle, Ph.D. Walter R. Van Voorhis, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. Math., Prof. Professor, English Professor, Mathematics Math., Assoc. Prof. Mathematics IDX Sara Ruth Watson, Ph.D. ll. Woodling, M.A. Marion Wozencraft, M.A. Associate Professor, English Chr., Dept. Health, and Phys. Asst. Prof., Elementary Ed. Ed.. Prof.. Health and Phys. Ed. Personnel Wim .ME ins leg - 1' W- Leota Bligh Cain Fred W. Dutton, Jr. D George A. Leech, M.A. Manager of Food Service Public Relations Assistant Dir., Personnel Develop. Dept 4 A m is ,. Z ' 7 Q ,lja-'. 4, Mary J. S. Magee, R.N., B.S. R. Malcolm Sills, B.S., BLS. Emil J. Stefancic, B.A., College Nurse Librarian B.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian , . .0121 I- Twerell George-E. Whalon Ray Martin Williams, B.B.A. Grace Dyer Wright . I' ui chasing and Bookstore Mgr. Supt. of Buildings and Grounds Alumni Association Housemother, Men's Dormitory Seniors heir college days are behind them. Never again will they recapture the spirit of the past yearsg but, they are not worried about the past, pres' ent, or future. They have met the challenge presented to them by college and emerged triumphantly. They meet the future eagerly and free of fear because they have the assurance and poise required for the dealings with the world. Seniors have achieved the "know how" for which the underclassmen strive. The parting of their class is here, but strong friend" ships will not be broken and each senior will always have the cherished memories of his college career. Fenn is behind them: the future is ahead. RAYMOND ABE, B.E.E. Lambda Tau Delta, Vice President, A.I.E.E., I.R.E., S.A.E., IllICl'fl'2llCl'lllly Council, Intramural Sports. EDWARD E. ALLEN, B.S.M.E. Pi Sigma Tan, Chancellor, Student Council, Vice President, Intcrfraternily Council, A.S.M.E., Trowcl Club, Cauldron, Intramural Sports. LAWSON SIDNEY ANDERSON, B.B.A. Alpha Chi, President, Bela Bela Alpha, lntrannlral Sports. FRANCIS C. ANDREWS, B.E.E. A.I.E.E., I.R.E., S.A.E. LESTER ANTEL, li.lK.A. Beta Bela Alpha, Treasurer, Intramural Sports. ROBERT M. BAUM, B.B.A. ALFRED BAUMEISTER. B.E.E. A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ADRIENNE JANICE BENTE, li.B.A. Gamma Nu Sigma. Womcn's Athletic Association, Psychology Clnh. HENRY P. BLANK, jR., BJLA. lntralnural Sports. PETER H. BLISS, B.ll.A. FRAN BLOCK, B.A. Lambda Sigma Chi, Cauldron, Editor, XVing 8: Torch, Cheerleader, Senior Class Secretary, !Vomcn's Athlclit: Association. Ti-nzonoun nov Boca, 1s.M,lz. s.A.E., A.s.M.12. ALBERT IIORAZANIAN, B.A. Wing 8a Torch, F.'I'.A., Cauldron, Managing Editor, Topperette, Co-Editor, Liberal Club, Fencing, Intramural Sports, Fenn Players. ROBERT JAMES BOROVY, B.S.C. A.C.S. ANDREW BOSCHETTO, B.B.A. Student Council, Fcnn Players, Cauldron, Pi Sigma Tau, Marketing Association, Intramural Sports, Gun Cluh, Social Chairman-Class '53. .IOHN BRADARICH, B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Intramural Sports. BERNICE L. BRAJER, B.A. Gamma Nu Sigma, Vice President, Historian, Wing 8: Torch, Sociology Club, Psychology Club, Intramural Sports, Womcn's Athletic Association, Spanish Club, Cauldron, Fanfare, Intersorority Council. MICHAEL G. BRETZ, B.B.A. Trowcl Cluh, Intramural Sports. THOMAS P. BRIGHT, ILILA. THOMAS BROGDON, ILEJL. A.I.E.E., Track. JOHN IRVING BROWNIZ, B.S.Ii. Pi Sigma Tau, Intramurals, A.S.C.E. MARY BUKARTYK, I5.B.A. Gamma Nu Sigma, Historian, Senior Class Secretary, Cauldron, Circulation Manager, Fanfare, Psychology Cluh Society Advancement of Management, WVomen's Athletic Association, Intramural Sports, WING + TORCH, CHOIR G..N.5 .'sc.z-ads-ftfkstam KEY, rating,-s .wr ROBERT w. uUssARn, 1s.E.lz. ANDREW CASSESIE. BA. F.T.A. President, Liberal Club, Coll' Team. JOHN J. CAWLIEY, B.M.E. Alpha Phi Omega, Newman Club, A.S.M.E., S.A.E,, Cauldron, Radio Actors and Script XVriu-rs. WILLIAM V. CAWLEY, B.B.A. Varsity Track, Varsity Fencing, "F" Club, Inlrzuluirnl Sports. Newman Club. EDWARD G. CHULIG, B.B.A. HARVEY CLAYIIOURNE- B.ll.A. Suviology Club. RAYMOND W. CLIFFORD, ILA. Cauldron, YVing S: Torch, Sluclcnl Council, F.T.A., Fcnn Players, Topper, Psychology Club, Soviology Club. JACK V. COCKER, ll.S.M.E. JAMES F. COLLINS, ILILA. Newman Club, Inlrzunurnl Sports. PAUL Il. COLLUMB, B.B.A. , Alpha Chi, Intramural Sporls. J' fi 2 'V fi DONALD N. CORCELLI, B.lS.A. Student Council, Lambda Tau Dcltzi, Treason-rn IllICl'l'I'3llJl'lllly Council, President. FRANK A. CORCELLI, B.B.A. Lambda Tau Della, President, Wing 84 Torch, Student Council, Varsity Baseball. Varsity Golf. FRANK CORRADI, IS.IS.A. Varsity Baseball, "F" Cluh, Lzunhdu Tau DL'll1l, Iuu':unurnl Sports, Choir. LEXVIS J. CORSARO, B.S.E.E. A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ' GILBERT E. CSUMITTA, B.B.A. Intramural Sports. ALLENE TOTH DAW, B.B.A. Gamma Nu Sigma, Corresponding Secretary, Cauldron, Womc-n's Athletic Association, Boosters' Club. WILLIAM R. DEW, B.B.A. Fanfare, Editor, Cauldron, Beta Bela Alpha, Marketing Association, Intramural Sports, Mfing 8: Torch. HAROLD .IACK DIFIORE, B.M.E. Iota Eta, S.A.E., A.S.M.E., Varsity Fencing, Intramural Sports. HOWARD JOSEPH DOLE-IS, B.S. A.C.S., Cauldron. PAUL C. DONCEVIC, B.B.A. Fenn Choir. ROBERT A. DRENNAN, B.S. Wing Bc Torch, Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Sigma Tan, Fenn Players, President, Radio lk Script lVritcrs, Intramural Sports, Psychology Club, Fenn Chorus, Semantics Club. j0SEPH DRY-IA, ILA. REGINALD L. IEIUNIER, B.B.A. Lambda Tau Delta, President, Treasurer, lntcrfraternity Council, Intramural Sports. THOMAS EPPELE B.E.E. 1 1 A.l.E.E., I.R.E., Varsity Baseball, Intramural Sports. REBECCA ELEANOR ERVIN, ILA. Fcnn Choir, Sociology Club, Psychology Club. EDWARD MICHAEL ESBER, B.B.A. Fanfare, Business Manager, Cauldron, Advertising Etlitorg Beta Beta Alpha, Wing Bc Torch, Marketing Association, lnterfraternity Council, Intramural Sports. sz aw mum DONALD C. EVANS, B.S.E.E. Iota Eta, President, Interfralernity Council, Vice Presidcntg A.I.E.E., Fenu Choir, Intramural Sports. WALLACE EDGAR FAILS, IR., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Council, Cauldron, Trowel Club, Psychology Club, Intramural Sports, Meuls Dorm Council, Radio Actors Club. GEORGE S. FIRARIS, B.C.E. .-L5.C.E.. Iota Eta. ROBERT FINK, B.B.A. Tau Kappa Phi, Psyfltology Cluh. DOMINIC j. FIORILLI, B.S. F.T.A., Treasurer and Librarian. .IOHN F. FONDA, B.E.S. autl B.C.E. Newman Club, Fenn Technical Society, S.A.E., A.I.P., Cauldron. DOUGLAS M. FORTNER, B.lS.A. Beta llcta Alpha, Marketing Association, Intramural Sports, Topper. .IAMES R. FOTHERINGHAM, B.S.M.E. LAWRENCE FOUSEK, B.E.E. A.I.E.E., Intramural Sports, Joint Engineers Council. ALLAN H. FRIEDMAN, B.A. Varsity Basketball, Topperette, Contributing Editor. RICHARD A. FROMSON, I5.lS.A. Feun Players, Intramural Sports. EDWARD R. FURMAN, B.M.E. Senior Class President, Iota Eta, Assessor, S.A.E., Vice Chairman, A.S.M.E., Phi Epsilon Nu. ROBERT E. GARMAN, B.B.A. Bridge Club, Intramural Sports. NORMAN R. GARROWVAY, BJLA. j0l-IN R. GAYER, lS.E.S. .-LLP. ERWIN L. GERSTENBERGER, lS.E.E. A.I.E.E., Chairmang Bridge Club. CHARLES B. GOLDNIAN, B.M.lZ. A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Bridge Club. AIAMES M. GRAHAM, A.l.E.E., Intramural Sports. -IAMES 0. GUSTAFSON, li.M.E. Kappa Delta Phi, President, S.A.E., A.S.M.E. CHARLES HADDAD, B.B.A. Fcnn Choir, President, Fcnn Players, Musicaires, Pl'0SlllClllQ Intramural Sports, Personnel Management Association. ROBERT S. HALL, B.ll.A. jEAN HAMILTON, B.B.A. Lambda Sigma Chi, Presidcnlg Student Council, Sccretaryg lving 8: Torch, Cauldron, Circulation Manager, Fanfare, Wolncu's Athletic Association, Trcasurerg Intramural Sports, Intersorurily Council, President. DON F. HARROFF, B.M.E. and B.E.S. Phi Epsilon Nu, S.A.E., Chairman, Engineers joint Council, Treasurerg A.S.M.E. LOUIS S. HARTMAN, B.C.E. A.S.C.E., S.A.E., Men's Dorm Association, Intramural Sports, Engineers joint Council. DORA SCHERZ HAW, B.S. Student Council, Fenn Choir, Lambda Sigma Chi. Trczisururg F.T.A., Womcn's Council. STANLEY M. I-IAW, B.C.E. Phi Epsilon Nu, Vice Presitlvnlg A.S.C.IZ., Treasurer Varsity Swimming Team, Nliillilgvfl Frvslunan Class Pl'CSlllClllQ Fcnn Band. I-IERISIZRT F. I-IEPLER, ll.l2.I2. Phi Epsilon Nu, Secrclnry-Truusurcrg A.I.l'i.E. -IAMES M. HICKEY, B.S.5I.E. Varsity Track, A.S.M.lE.. S.A.E., "F" ln tram u ml Spur ts. WILLIAM R. I-IILGENDORFF, JR., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Marketing Association, Fcnn I Dorm Council, Camera Club. RAYMOND L. HIRVI, ll.Il.E. A.I.E.E., S.A.E. DALE C. HOFFMAN, Il.S.C.E. A.S.C.E.. Trnwel Club. IS.B.A. JAN L. I-IOOGENBOOM, WILLIAM F. l-IOPPER, B.S.M.IZ. S.A.E., Publicrity Committee Clmirumng A.S.M.E. DWIGHT H. INFIELD, Il.M.E. Kappa Delta Phi. JAMES INFIELD, lI.M.E. A.S.M.E.. S.A.E. RICH ARD A. JACOISSON, IS.IE.S. A.I.P., Bridge Club, Chess Club. Club. Svcreturyg 'lan'ura. RAY J. JARACZ, B.E.E. Newman Cluh, A.l.E.E., l.R.E., Cauldron. RICHARD S. JARMUSCI-I, ILS. RICHARD JAROLD, B.M.E. S.A.E., A.S.M.E. FERDINAND P. JEREB, l5.li.A. THOMAS E. KANE, ILILA. JOHN KARALUKAS, li.E.E. A.I.E.E., I.R.E. DOLORES MISCHE KASPIC, B.A. Student Council, Cheerleaders, Captain, Lambda Sigma Chi, Fenn Players, Sccretaryg Alpha Psi Omega, Vfing 8a Torch, President, Cauldron, Intramural Sports, WV0men's Athletic Association. WALTER A. KASPIC, B.S.M.E. Lambda Tau Delta, Varsity Basketball, Intramural Sports A.S.XI.E. ARTHUR F. KAUFMANN, Il.S.M'.E. -IANE S. KAZDAN, B.A. HAROLD KNOWVLES, JR., B.B.A. ALLAN DWIGHT ROGER. l5.ll..-X. Gun Club, Bridge Cluh. H E al l W -1- . My 5 I . ,X 4 if 3 -S A nl i 55 L.,f:'h NIICHAEL T. KOLLAR, lS.C.E. Kappa Delta Phi, A.S.C.E., In tramural Sports. WALTER j. KONSEVICK, JR., ll.E.E. A.l.E.E., Secretary. LOUIS A. KOVACS, B.M.E. A.S.Nl.E., S.A.E. DONALD I. KRESNYE, lI.M.E. Alpha Phi Omega, A.S.M.E., Student Christian Union. FRED CHARLES KUNC, B.B.. Varsity Basketball, "F" Club DONALD R. LA Inter-Varsity C GREGORY LEOCE, B.lL.E. Kappa Delta Phi, President, Intramural Sports, A.l.E.E. X. , Varsity Track. UTZENHEISER, B.E.E. hristian Fellowship, A.I.E.E., Fenn Choir Inlt'rI'raleruily Council, PAUL A. LINDGREN, B.lS.A. TllL'l2l Chi. DOROTHY LIPANYE, ll.B.A. Alpha Chi, Secretary, Lambda Sigma Chi, Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary, Intramural Sports, Feun Players, Cauldron, Women's Council, Treasurer, Class Secretary, l Women's Athletic Association, 951-52. ANTHONY LoPRESTl, B.B.A. DALFRANCO LUCIDI, ll.E.E. DANIEL A. LUVISON, Ii.lB.A. Newman Club , Intramural Sports, Psychology Club. .IAMES M. LYNCH, Il.Nl.E. HARRY WILLIAM MACK. lS.lS.A. Intramur:1l Sports, Marketing Association. BRUCE Mat:PHERSON, B.M.E. Varsity Swimming, L.I.D., Intrzumnal Sports. CHESTER F. MAKUCH, B.C.E. Phi Epsilon Nu, A.I.Ch.E.. A.C.S., Illlfillllllfill Sports. HIRAM E. MANN, ILA. Sociology Club, Psychology Club, Alpha Phi Alpha. ALYCE MAPP, BA. Gamma Nu Sigma, President, Xl'ing 8: Torch, Psychology Club, Secretary, Vice President, Fenn Choir, lntersorority Council, President, Cauldron, Intramural Sports, Women's Athletic Association, Liberal Club, Sociology Club. CLIFFORD A. MARQUARDT, B.B.A. ROBERT R. MARSHALL, lS.B.A. Student Council, Assistant Treasurer, Beta lletu Alpha, Club, President, Sceretary-Treasnrer, Associate Editor, lntrnmi Treasurer, Varsity Tennis, "F" Vice President, Vling 8: Torch, Cauldron, Accountant, Fanfare, Sports, Men's Dorm Council, Senior Class Vice President. MERLE W. MARXEN, B.C.E. Iota Eta, A.I.Ch.E., A.C.S., Fencing Omega, Intramural Sports. Team, Alpha Phi .IOSEPH D. MASSO, B.S.E.L. EUGENE D. MCCORMICK, lS.C.E. Iota Eta, Vice President, A.S.C.E. THOMAS MCNEILL , 1s.12.E. 1.R.E., ..x.i.r:.E. l I' il JOE MEDVED, B.S.M.E. Newman Club, Intranuiral Sports, S.A.E., A.S.M.E. TOM MEEI--IAN, B.B.A. Track Tealn, "F" Club, Student Council, Marketing Association, Intramural Sports. CHARLES MEEK, B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Corresponding Sccretaryg Wing K Torch. Nlen's Dormitory, Proctor, Fanfare, Cauldron, Intramural Sports, Fenn Choir. EUGENE E. MILLER, B.B.A. Beta Bela Alpha, Fanfare, Business Manager, Cauldron. EDXYARD T. MINOSKY, B.ll.A. Lambda Tau Delta, Vice President, Intramural Sports. RICHARD C. MOCNY, B.C.E. A.S.C.E., Secretary, Basketball T4-ani. RAYMOND ERVIN MORRIS, B.S. Sociology Club, Society Advancement of Bl1ll'l2lgCIl'Il'lll. HENRY j. MOSCARINO, B.B.A. Newman Club, Vice President and Membership Chairniang Marketing Association, Vice President, Varsity Baseball, Intramural Sports. JAMES Mimz, 1s.c.E. A.1.c:h.12., A.c.s. DONALD FRED MUENTZ, B.B.A, Alpha Chi. MARY ELLEN MURPHY, B.S. Lanllxla Sigma Chi, Vice President and President, F.T.A., Wing 8: Torch, Intramural Sports, Fanfare, Secretary of Class '53g IVomen's Athletic Association, Intersorority Council, SCCI'Clill'y-1-l'lIZ1Slll'lJl'Q Women's Council. ALEX MYKYTIUK, B.S.M.E. JOHN li. NECHVATAL, B.S.E.E. DORIS E. NEU, lS.II.A. Lambda Sigma Chi, Secretary, Student Council, Secrctar Cauldron, Fenn Players, Wing Sc Torch, Vice President, IVomen's Athletic Association, President, Feun Choir, Intramural Sports. CHANNING 0. NOEL, B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tan, Clerk, Marketing Association, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Mcn's Dorm Council. CLYDE NORTON, B.B.A. Gun Club, Psychology Club. LEO EDWARD NOVAK, B.M.E. S.A.E., A.S.M.E., Psychology Club, Gun Club. GEORGE W. NOWATKA, B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Wing 8: Torch, Fanfare, Fcnn Choir, Intramural Sports, Cauldron, Dormitory Council. ANTHONY GIOSEPH NUCCIO, B.B.A. Lambda Tau Delta, Intramural Sports, Fcnn Choir, Muslcaircs, Newman Club. GEORGE N. OCHI, B.C.E. A.S.C.E. ARTHUR C. F. OHNACKER. ll.E.E. A.l.E.E., I.R.E., S.A.E., Intramural Sports. EDWARD 0'LAUGHLlN, B.M.E. A.S.M.E., S.A.E. . EDXVARIJ H. lmlumn, 1:.M.E. Iota tam, s..x.1s., A.S.M.lE.. JOSEPH PARYZEK, B.C.E. Varsity Tennis Team, Iota Eta, "F" Club, A.l.Ch.E., Secretary, A.C.S., Treasurer, Intramural Sports. l ttf"3' 7-5 CLARENCE FRANCIS PAWLICKI, B.B.A Alpha Chi, Secretary, Psychology Club. DONALD S. PERRY, B.M.E. A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Engineers joint Council. DONALD W. PETERS, B. B. A. Beta Beta Alpha, President, Vice President, Student Council, 5 Cauldron, Business Blanagerg Fanfare, I 'ing 8: Torch, Trowel Club, Ittte1'fratcrnity Council, Personnel Club, Student Development Committee, Gun Club. MERLE D. PITTENGER, B.E.E. A.I.E.E. DARKO F. POZAR, B.M.E. Intramural Sports. RICHARD J. PROFUSEK, Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Can Management Association. EDWARD B. PRUDIC, lB.M.E. A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Bridge Club. B.B.A. ldron, Varsity Track, Personnel WILLIAM ARTHUR QUALLICH, B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurerg Student Council, President t, Treasurer, Fanfare, Business Manager, Senior Editorg Alpha Chi, Vice Presidenlg Wing Sc Torch, Vice Presidentg Cauldron, Managing Editor, Fenn Players, Psychology Interfraternity Council, It MICHAEL RANALLO, -IR.. B.E.E. Lambda Tau Delta, A.I.E.E. GEORGE HENRY RATZ Club, Class of '53, Treasurer, ttrantural Sports. l.C.E. , I A.S.C.E.. President: Phi Epsilon Nu. IRNVIN R. RICE, B.B.A. JUNE RICHMOND, B.S. Lambda Sigma Chi, l'resi dent, Vice President, Student Council, Corresponding Secretary, Cheerleader, lVing lk Torch, IVOIIICIES Council. Caultlron, Fenn Council, Presiden tg In tersorority Choir. WILLIAM ROGERS, B.S.C.E. A.S.C.E., Vice President, Kappa Delta Phi, Intramural Sports, Phi Epsilon Nu. ZULA M. ROIVELL, ILS. F.T.A., Fcnn Choir, Psychology Club. HARRY R. RUETER, B.M.E. A.S.M.E., Chairman, Iota Eta, Pledgemastcrg Interfraternity Council, Secrclal'y-Treasurer, S.A.E. Rifle Clnh, Intramural Sports, Wing 8: Torch. XVILLIAM A. SAISEC, B.C.E. VICTOR C. SCHROEDER, JR., B.M.E. A.S.M.E., S.A.E. GEORGE SCI-IUMACHER, Ii.M.E. A.S.M.E., Treasurer, S.A.E., Iota Eta, Intramural Sports HAROLD R. SCIBISE, B.M.E. S.A.E. TOM SEEHOLZER, B.s.M,12. A.s.M.E., s.A.n. IVALTER SENGES, B.E.E. A.I.E.E., S.A.E. RICH.-IRD DONALD SHAFFER, B.S. A.C.S., Radio Actors and Script N'ritcrs. BENSON P. SHUPE, JR., B.B.A. Bela Beta Alpha, President, Sargeant at Arxnsg Wing Sc Torch, Interfraternity Council, President and Secretary-Treasnrcrg Class of '53, Vice President, Intramural Sports, Fanfare, Marketing Association. ALAN ROGER SIEBERT, B.C.E. A.I.C.E., Phi Epsilon Nu, Varsity Tennis, A.C.S., "F" Club, Cauldron, Intramural Sports. SAMUEL D. SIPLE, JR., B.B.A. JOHN SKUBIAK, B.M.E. Varsity Golf, Lmuhrla Tau Della, "F" Club, S..t.E., A.S.M.E. DALE E. SLOAN, B.B.A. Marketing Association, Dormitory Council, Alpha Phi Omega. WILLIE R. SMITH, ILA. Fenn Choir, A.C.S., ll'lll'2lllllll'2ll hpuru. LAWRENCE RUSSELL SNYDER, B.15.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Alpha Chi. HERMAN F. SODERSTROM, ILILA. ANN PINTENICI-I SONGER, BA. Gamma Nu Sigma, Vice President, Treasurer, A5Sl5lAllIl Treasurer, Wing Sc Torch, Intramural Sports, Wumrn's Council, WVOIIICIIYS Athletic Association. WILFORD GLENN SPECI-IT, B.B.A. Marketing Associatinn, Intrzunurnl Spurls, Newlnun Cluh. LEONARD SPONTELLI, B.M.E. Alpha Phi Omega, Newman Club, A.S.M.E., S.A.E.. Senior Class Treasurer. RICHARD STAUSE, Ii.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau, Chuueellorg Fcnn Players, Presidcntg Wviug 8: Torch, Basketball, Mazinger: Junior Class Presidentg Intcrfraleruily Council, "F" Club. Truck, Intramural Sports. PHILLIP JEROME STEVKO, JR., Il.E.E. A.I.E.E., 1.R.r., s.P.rs,U.P.r.c. EDWIN STERLING STONE, Il.5.Nl.li. S.A.E., Secretnryg A.S.BI.E. EDXVARD STOUPA, B.B.A. WVILLIAM H. STRAIN, B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Intramural Sports, C RICHARD STROUD, B.B.A. Lzuuhda Tau Della, Assistant Treasurerg Intramural EUGENE P. SUPINSKI, li.C.E. Phi Epsilon Nu, Iota Eta, A.I.Ch.li., Intramural Sports. ROBERT J. SWALLOW, B.M.E. A.S.M.E., Treasurer, Vice Chairmang lola Eta, auldron. Sports. Treasurer, A.C.S Phi Epsilon Nu, Cauldron, Engineers joint Council, Interfraternity Council. KARL L. SWITZER, B.M.E. Pi Sigma Tau, Student Council, A.S.M Intramural Sports. ANDREW SWORAN, B.M.E. A.S.Nl.E., S.A.E., Inlrmmlral Sports. ANDREWS' F. SZIPPL, B.S.E.E. DONALD TACHE, B.B.A. .E., Cauldron, Beta Beta Alpha, Sergeant at Armsg W ing Se Torch, Varsity Baseball, Interfratcrnity Council, Marketing Association, "F" Club, Intramural Sports. 1'sUToMU TEE TAKAHATA, 1s.s.E. A.S.C.E., s.A.E. LOUIS TORRECROSA, li.S.M.E. Lambda Tau Della, A.S.M.E., A.S.A.E., Newman EDWIN S. TRAVERS, B.M.E. Phi Epsilon Nu, A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Club. ' ' - - 'N ., 5 ' e ,. ,... .,., 4.1 if f ' 42 it .tk in 3 QQQ ROGER VOORHEES, B.M.E. A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Gun Club. ROBERT LEE WACHSMAN, B.B.A. Tau Kappa Phi, Treasurer, Fenn Players, Intramural Sports, Team Manager. ROBERT J. WAGNER, B.M.E. Kappa Delta Phi, S.A.E. WARREN REID XVARE, B.B.A. Kappa Delta Phi, Interfraternity Council, Gttn Club, Marketing Association, Fencing Club, Intramural Sports. HAROLD H. WESEBAUM, B.E.E. A.l.E.E., l.R.E., Amateur Radio Club, 5Icn's Dorm Council, Intramural Sports. NICHOLAS A. NVIK, Ii.S.E.E. HAROLD M. NVILLIAMS, B.S.M.E. RICHARD H. XVILLS, B.E.E. Alpha Phi Omega, Prcsidcntg Phi Epsilon Nu, Prcsidentg I.R.E., Prcsitlcntg Engineers Joint Council, Senior Class Vice Prcsidcrn. WILLIAM T. WINTUCKY, B.S.M.E. Alpha Phi Omega, Iota Eta, A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Gun Club. REGINALD M. WISE, B.B.A. Bela Beta Alpha, Student Council, Alpha Chi, Presidentg Wing 8: Torch, Varsity Baseball, Senior Class Trcasurcrg Intramural Sports. CHARLES XV. YEAGER, JR., ILIS..-X. KENNY K. YOSHINO. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, A.S.C.E. Bridge Cltlb, "If" Club. NIARCELLA ZEEDICK, B.IS.A. Lambda Sigma Chi, Treasurer, Student Council, Treasure: Wing S.: Torch, Cheerleader, Fanfare, Cauldron, Women's Dorm Council, Intramural Sports. KENNETH A. ZIEL, l5.B.A. SENIORS NOT PICTURED LEWIS BALOGH, B.S.E.E. BRIAN XV. HOWARD, B.E.E. I.R.E., Vice Pl'lfSlllCllIQ A.l.E.E. JEROME P. KOZIATEK. lS.S.M.E. A.S.M.E., S.A.E. OTTO F. KRA-ICOVIC, B.M.E. CHARLES F. LEWIS, ll.li.A. Sociology Club MILTON W. MUELLER, B.M.E. A.S.M.E., Fcnn Gun Club, Varsity Fencing EARL H. SAUNDERS, JR., ll.l5.A. Phi Sigma Tan ALLEN L. SMITH, lS.S.Mct.E. ROXIE A. THOMAS, l5,S.l-LE. ALAN M. XVOLK, B.lS.A. Cauldron, Sports Editor, Intramural Sports XYILLIAM BLAIR, n.E.E. A.1.1z.r:., 1.11.lz. Underclassmen , earning, playing, study: these are the activities ol' the underclassmen. Striving to learn and to advance, they look forward to the day when they are graduated and go forth to meet the challenge of the world. They are a courageous group. They are after the ulqnow how," as well as the knowledge which can he gained through adult class work, discussion, and work experience. Truly, when they become seniors, they will be a group worthy of any place in society. Junior L Io R C. J. SCHROEDER MURIEL POOLE ANNA GARIBOTTI DOROTHY PASTIS .IOE LASENYIK L In R BOE WVATSON CI-IET OZOG BILL MONTALI -IEAN NVUTRWVAL OFFICERS Prexirlcul ..... .... ..... .........,, P 1 K UL GREVSTAD Vice President , .. .... ROBERT MURDOCH Secretary ,........ ...,...., B IURIEL POOLE Tl'l'fl5Hl'ED' ,... . ,,., DONALD LACER . K 722 'N JOE ZOMBOR JAMES PROKASY JOHN FOYTIK JAMES MARTIN JOHN BECKMAN STAN NOVAK ROBERT FRANTZ WALTER STALZIZR ART SZCAP RICHARD BAKER GLENN MITCHELL TOM RICHMOND TED PINNEY DICK HEJDUK GENE WEAKLAND Pre-Junior ALM A H INSON CLARE BUESCHER MARY LOU WENDEL RICHARD SI-IAN' DONALD PRATHER CLIFFORD MURPHY AL SCHEMPI' TED STUMPHAUZER Pre-Junior WILLIAM KEELE CAROL MCDONALD RAYMOND SACCA N Y CA ROL JEFFERS w ffm JOHN SIMON ROGER YVILLIAMS ANDY BAUMGARDNER JACK MEINKE DEENE WVEIDMAN ROBERT FRALEY ROBERT TYLER ophomores IVILLIAM SCHULER GARY LONGWVORTH GEORGE LaBARRE JACK RINGLER RICHARD SPEECE President ..,..., Vice President Secrclary ..v........... Treuxzner ...... OFFICERS , ..,,, ...,,..........,......, ,..... J 0 SEPH REINER DICK SPEECE EUNICE DiPIETRO EDXVARD CRAVER NEAL Mowmu' NORMAN CIZEK RONALD BLAHA PAUL IVINSLOIV JOAN HU JAR GLEN DRELLISHAK RICHARD VEROSTICO MERRIL CERMAR EDIVARD FOLEY CHARLES CROSIER RICHARD MQCANN HARRY SLEITII MELVIN KASE DAVID IVACI-lll.kl'S VICTOR -IACRU DONALD RUII.-Ililli JANET GRIISIZR XVILLIAM HAAS ANDREIY DORFILLD RAY CI-IAMPA DAVE GREGORY FRANK ZIEGLIQR MELVIN KASIE reshmen OFFICERS Prexirlenl . ,,.., ..... .............,..., ....,..., I I O BERT SNEDEKER Vice President ..... ....,.. ......,,........... H I SNK STEEN Sccrelnry ...,...,..... .. .. ROSEMARIE WEISSMANN Trenxurer ..... .,.,....,,,.. . ....,. I RUTH KNAPP Front R ow: FR A N K BOYD WILLIAM WVESTCOTT PATRICIA YOUNG ROSEMARIE WVEISSMANN JOHN HATCH ROBERT JOHNSON Back Raw: HARVEY WENTLING WILLIAM BEERS JACK DAVIAN JAMES FUTHEI' WILLIAM PINE WILLIAM HOUGHTON Front Raw: CLIFTON SWEET HAROLD YOST DOROTHY DANKO RENEE KATZ KENNETH JOHNSON RICHARD KIMMEY Bark Row: ALAN STRAKA DAN 0'DONNELL NEAL WINSTON JOHN ADAMS ROGER RICHARDS GARY BOUKIS HENRY STEEN Front Row: WAYNE GEST JOHN CLAYTON BEVERLY STASKO TINA ARO CLAIRE MOELK RICHARD KNERR Back Row: JOSEPH FONDY LAWVRENCE KORNOKOVICH EDXVIN CAMPBELL JAMES BILLIG JIM HARRELL ROBERT BECK Front Row: ALEX BARBATO DONALD GOSS GAYLE REYNOLDS RUTH KNAPP JAMES BRAUN JOE HUBRICH Hack Row: DONALD HERISE ENGENE GRANEY ROBERT MOOMY TON Y JABLON OWVS KI RICHARD JIMENEZ, VINCENT LOMBARDO Front, Row: RICHARD WENNER NORB THOMPSON BEN FIRTH MARVIN ALKOW Back Row: JAMES GROGAN IULIAN WYNNE WILLIAM CALER DONALD GANDAL E my wx an 1 u ,gm 5 rx we r SZ 35,1 Z5 51 P K. Q I xi- A E121-S - K,-241. Q Q-x ss nun ss ss Ex 3 A rx wa- svn mm mga: E mm-E95-gd 5,4 -nmnxgmu MW aww wap as-53.321 M15 E M, magma sf! MKS ME? .mwwilg ,hm -ai-as awww 1sznm:g?i mme YIX vxmizg Maggy , .W si! td!! i- :W MN - we-fm EESEX. , Hvnw vim "H L 5? :gif X,--fm-A " mm 35555 -mm-A W -yf if nw. .W ww Q ,ww MM- A .W.,, I am. . .W HMM ,A WAHM .. ?2.szsQ iw "M" :,.,.., -. KM .E kwx. .QS , 'Wg ,WH-ilg MWM .QQMQI ,gd Wm, .vm w5fg5,",,zmi,ig .w,.,-HH MA A FZ 5 14. ' f 41 ' 215-Si F' 'WEEE 3 WH! WMM ,.. WM,-bun H flw N, bf ,, , W, -wi 2 W, MWH4 Nw. .1,,. U... ,. W WMW x xx QM' x ' LMJQMH w Activities N: cnn has a host of activities: and hecause We arc rich in them, We are also rich in student leadership. Extra curricular Student Activities create Student leadcrs aa- young men and women who are capable of any circumstance which may confront 'them hecause they have learned the lesson of handling people. In the following pages we have depicted the activities of Penn College and their leaders. Each organization is ruled hy its own constitutional hyflavvs, and are all run on the democratic system of government. All students arc heartily urged to actively participate in as many activities as possihle. s 5 i H W XJEB ' fa am- Day Student Council WILLIAM QUALLICH President DAY STUDENT CUUNCIL, the governing body of all student activities, has control of the student activity fees and is responsible for the disbursement of funds to Day School activities. Those activities under Council supervision are: the three publications, the honorary fraternities, varsity and intramural sports and student supervisory groups. The aims of student council are "to secure the highest standards of scholarship, prof mote good fellowship, encourage extrafcurricular activities, and develop civic consciousness among the members of the college." MQLFQSQ as M51 mais ss ga Ei asians s is mann. wif- ssxggsssmsin Rl an EE it EH nw nm, Ogicers: JUNE RICHMOND MARCELLA ZEEDICK BILL QUALLICI-I JEAN HAMILTON ED ALLEN BOB MARSHALL FOSTER MILLER Advisor Coum'ilm'.v-nl-large: R f'p1'exenlalizres: DON LACER DON PETERS, ROSEMARY YVEISSMANN, GEORGE STRUTZ, DORIS NEU CLYDE RIPPLE, JOHN FOYTIK, ED FAILS, FRANK ZIEGLER JOE ZOMBOR KARL SYVITZER, DON PRATHER, EUNICE DiPIETRO. 53 JOY REYNOLDS Fall Quzlrtm' Edilar GJ PAT STEALEY BILL SSYARTZ 51117115 Qllllfllfl' Ellifm' lVinler Quarter Ellitm' DON PETERS Bnxinesx Mnmufm' D The C'auZd'r0u, Weekl student ublication of Fenn Colle e, was or nnized in . Y P g 1929. It attempts to give facts, cover sports, relay news and all items of interest. The purpose of the Cauldron is to voice the opinion of the student body and promote collegiate activitiesflt is truly the melting piotlof all college news. BEVERLY STASKO, CLIFF KUSTER, Bon SXVALLOW, CAROLYN COLES, JOHN EONDA, ED FAILS, ROSEMARIE WVEISSMANN, j0HN WRIGHT, RAY PARADOWSKI, GAYLE ROGER BLUM, GLEN DRELLISHAK, PAUL WVINSLOWV, REYNOLDS. ELMER MUNDY, MARSHALL BROWVN. 9 is auldron IIILI- QUALLICH IIERNICII ISRAJER MARILYN DRAKE NIARY IIUKARTYR MARILYN DRAKE GORDON CARLSON MERLE WVILSON ED CRAVER BOB KORAS PAT PAPA DOROTHY LIPANYL IRAN HAMILTON IIOII MARSHALL DON PETERS 'PEELLWEEE H BRE sm mg Q Erma H- W ff rim: H,mgKeei.ww Un aa, wrgsm H - PMB E Hs'- Q E , my I ,gem if ' gigs H Emu Eg-5 " x 2 - be ,imgmmsszrz -sg EISA v fam E-we me - in my 5-EEN .www- gvffsus fx ,xg-'E-ss .sm XM gan! -H2531 Fw Big-fri! 5? 53' as is Q52-W .QF 'B hi ES Q 81 3, Q was 'S . sw -fsgiibgl ig. ,I ' W ,Q an mm? -. an -4. .W xx Lage f 5 - Advisor Erlilor .... , .....,.,., ,, . Buxiness Manager Associale Editor Assislnnt Edilor Assistant Editor Family Editor ...... Senior Editor .......... Sorority Editor ...,.,.. Sports Editor .,.. ...., BILL DEWV, Editor Ffnlernily Edilor ,.... all UI' STAFF :IlI1lETliSi1lg Editor ....,,... Assl. Advertising Editor Patron Editor , ...,.,...,. .. Evening Editor ........ ,, Circulation Manager ,.... ROSEMARIE YVEISSMANN JOE ZOMBOR BILL QUALLICI-I BERNICE BRAJER I 4 1-xg 3812 2 zz Q: Q- W r ES D., wr m'M x as :E FQ. www .mime J swim I 1: mm ,211 ' H!! ..?Wt- ' .ss W .sf-A ri .B H s ss ...WVANCE CHAMBERLIN DEH ESBER ROGER YVILLIAMS ROSEMARIE IVEISSMANN ......,.......MARY BUKARTYK . . MARY ELLEN MURPHY ...,.,...... BILL QUALLICH GEORGE NOWVATKA BERNICE BRAJER ....,.,.BOB MARSHALL ..,.,......DON PETERS GRIFFITHS ZOMBOR ..,....EARL DAVIDSON .,.,.. BEN SHUPE H A z .-E ,aww Z. H zz w 1 in is -,, DON PETERS BEN S H U PE ROGER XYILLIAMS M A RY BU KARTYK FANFARE, the annual publication of the Day Student Council, was first published in 1930, for the purpose of giving each student a composite picture of the years they spent in school. ED ESBER, Business Manager . .,,, iw, M l i F enn Players THE PENN DRAMATIC CLUB was first organized in the fall of 1933. The War halted the activities of the players, but m 1944 the group was brought back to life by Dr. Sara Watson. In 1946, Prof. George W. Srail became the faculty advisor and coach of the players. The purpose of the organization is to cultivate and develop an interest in drama, the dramatic arts, and all sciences related to the theater. Tryouts for the productions are open to all day and evening students and are held in "Club 20" on the twentieth floor. Under the capable direction and guidance of Prof. Srail activities have been expanded to include radio and television shows. A number of radio plays, written and produced by students have been presented over station WBOE. The number and complexity of the productions necessitate an ex' tremely large group, with the intricate details providing many activities in which students may participate. DAN POURNARAS JOE ZOMBOR DICK STAUSE ROSEMARY WVEISSMANN SHIRLEY TROYAN PEGGY TOTH ANDY BOSCH ETTO BILL HILGENDORFF l'rz'si1IcnL ........ . lfiu' Prcxirlmzl. .. Trer1xm'z'r .......... Sffl'l'0fIlVJ' ...,.,,.,... Puinl Clmirmlm CHESTER ozoc CLARE BUESCHER JOHN ,xums JAMES BILLIG OFFICERS lllllh STAUSIZ , ...,.... ..,... T OM ILXRNION CLARE ISUIQHCPIER . EUNICE INPIETRO .. .... SYLVIA ZISIROXVSKI A CAROL ANN KAZAR CLARE MOELK DOROTHY DANKO BILL QUALLICH ED CAMPBELL EUNICE DI PIETRO JERRY BARTHOLOMEWV PROF. SRAIL CAROLYN COLES :Q W W Sim: ml Wiiig and Torch was organized in 1930 to honor students who are outstanding in extra-cur' ricular activities. New members are admitted each spring. To be eligif ble a student must earn at least 50 points in ac' tivities and be approved by threeffourths of the society. Phi Epsilon u Win and Torch Phi Epsilon Nu was organized in 1930 to prof mote high standards of scholarship and service to the college. Election to the fraternity is made from the upper quarter of the Senior Class and upper eighth of the jun- ior Class. Each successful candidate is required to submit a paper of at least 500 Words on an engif neering topic. Alpha Chi In Mziy, 1948 Alpha Phi Omega was founded on our campus. It is a national fraternity whose only requirement is that a person wishing mein' bership in the organizaf tion must have been aff filiated with the Boy Scouts of America. Each year in order to raise money for the March of Dimes, they sponsor the Ugly Ninn Contest. Alpha Chi is the hon' orary fraternity of the Day Division of the Busi' ness Administration School. Its aim is to prof mote scholarship and leadership in the school. Election to the fraternity is reserved to Juniors and Seniors who have main' tained a cumulative ZlVC1" age of at least 3.0. Alpha Phi mega sw Mimi- .. "Y xr' -an S -' - 'fl 522',i3::'i5i'iliirifi:-:..f'E:,:.i:f::::'2"ff.Q-:'I:.f.if:2:, Vi'53:1:TEE5-,2Eg,iff2f5f,5i5:-E-7Q-:ffifffg-11 E ,-W ----- 0 V , , , --:-:J . .I 557 .-.h I. .-.:. , -1-.'.- . ' I' . .-.. ' . .',!'w.--...-.:f-:- ::-:- ' N4-".,-" ' .. .... - , ,... f .1-.IS1:-:"'.QPo " v I .,:'- -1 . ..,., ' f-if-H E - -1:2-,li 1252, -2 "": "' 7 ' gm R S' A b- -::.-:.:-::- - - ---'--- -- 4 Women as Council The Wonien's Council sets the standards for thc women of the college and acts in an advisory capac- ity to all of the womens groups on campus. Its members are elected by the classes and the group is guided by the Dean of Womeii. Womcnis Athletic Association The Wonieii's Athletic Association is organized to encourage Fenn Cofcds to participate in intra' mural sports, recreational activities, and to develop the physical, social and mental nature of the members. The Future Teachers of America, a branch of the National Education Association, is dedicated to the upbuilding of democratic civilization. Supported by the loyal cooperation of its mem' bers, the F. T. A. strives to advance the interests of the teaching profesf sion, promote the welfare of children and foster the education of all the people. Future Teachers 0 America Marketin Association This Association is organized for the pur' pose of studying and dis- cussing current marketing problems, to provide a local forum for discusf sion and research, and to offer members the oppor' tunity to enjoy social conf tacts with others in the field. It is a student aifilif ation of the American M ai rk e t in g Association, the national organization for marketing students and business men. The "F" Club was orf gzrnized in 1931, by a group of Fenn Varsity athletes and Coach Homer E. Woodliiig. The purpose of the club is to promote appreciation of the varsity "F," stimu- late student interest in athletics and extend Fenn's interest abroad. Membership is open to those who have been awarded the varsity "F" for competition in var' sity sports. Psycholo Club Club The Psychology Club is composed of Day and Evening Division stu' dents. It was organized to promote interest in psychology among its members. To obtain this end, monthly meetings are held which include lectures by prominent psychologists, field trips, and Dr. Cridefs hypnof sis demonstrations. The "Psychogrnm," their monthly publication, conf veys news and informa- tion to its members. Men 'S Dorm ouncil The Sociology Club was organized for the purpose of bringing to- gether students interested in lirst hand contact with the sociological problems in and around Cleveland. It has extended its purf pose to include the study of the various customs, Curiosities, institutions, and habits of different peoples. This is accom' plishcd by discussions and conducted tours of the city. The MCIIFS Dorm Council was chartered in 1940 to act as the gov' crning body of the Fenn Dormitory Association. All residents of the Mcn's Dormitory are members of the Associa' tion by virtue of their residence. Principal func' tions of the Council are as follows: to act as a mediator. between dormif tory residents and the S ch 0 ol Administration, to sponsor the Quarterly Welcoiime dances and to administer the Dorm Scholarship Fund. Sociology lub En inccrs Joint Council The object of the Engif neers Joint Council is to bring together the mem' bers of technical, scien' titic, and engineering or' ganizations for a more cooperative effort to inf crease the services of the individual organizations to their members. American Institute of Physics The Fenn branch of the American Institute of Physics received its char' ter in November of 1950 but had its origin in what was formerly known as the Physics Club. Its purf pose is to further interest in the physical sciences and to aid in the profesf sional development of the student. Meinbership in A.I.P. is restricted to En' gineering S c i c n c e stu' dents majoring in physics. The Institute of Elec' trical Engineers was char' tered in 1941 as Z1 profesf sional group with mem' hership open to both clay and evening students. Its purpose is to further the stuclent's education in this particular phase of engineering. American Institute 0 Electrical En ineers Institute 0 Radio Engineers ,Q The purpose of the Institute of Radio Engif neers is the dissemination of knowledge relating to the theory and practice of electronics and com' munications, as well as to further the professional development of the stu' dent. The Fenn Chapter of American Institute of Chemical Engineers was chartered in 1948 and is open to all students reg' isterecl in the Chemical Engineering Department of Fenn. Its purpose is to gain knowledge concern' ing opportunities in the C h e in i cal Engineering Field. They have numer' ous speakers and field trips cnch month. merlcan Institute 0 Chemical Engineers American Chemical Society The American Chemif cal Society is open to any student majoring in chem' istry or chemical engif ncering. A.C.S, member' ship provides occasion to develop leadership through participation in the various chapter activif ties, both local and ref gional. Society of Automotive Engineers THE FENN STUDENT BRANCH of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., is one of the many student branches granted a charter by the S.A.E. Membership is open to both Day and Evening Division engineering students. American Society 0 i Mechanical n ineers The Fenn student branch of the American Society of Ivlechanical Engineers was granted a charter from the national organization following the accreditation of the School of Engineering. Membership is open to engineering students in both the day and evening divisions. The organization attempts to broaden the students acquaintance with the practical side of mechanical engineering. merzcan Soczety f Cwzl Engmeers r: mm Thy All1LflL1iH Socmcty of C1V11 Envmnurs Wh1Ch used to be the Socluty of Struv.tur.1l Enqxmgrs 15 thc oldest profcss1on.1l Ol'Q"ll'l1ZElt1OI1 on the Lampm Its mam purposg IS to PIOIUOCC further mtcrcet m strugturnl incl C1V1l l.l1Q111CCI'1I1g , .M N - E H . if ww - Bw iw - my q1 VH . - II, m m 1 E ,H . ' , ' I1 . Bm, -- M cu ill, E W f 'few x lg E 2 K N V K I Q E E H.. ll E M W E sm E W .E H Bm E H H E W . U . , If vm A , E ,MX . . ,MMS .N H X M H ,ww m.1,m.m.w.wfMsM swim- E, ME Www MMM ww H-gf:-Hyfgggfgi -H . M, V, .I 1 . H ' 'AM , A-Earn-if I M. MW HM . V M- Q , M Jndfigi- wk uk, aww.. --mn:--: I B gjigg Hf N b ss an ss WE' gm - W B B ' : in x H B Q H gg Q ,gm 5 H H BM. ffwaewj-j E www Zi Efrzlww- mg M m M-. E E HM .A ,.,.m. , ig -N W mm ., K :ax 5 Bm : My ME Q H ' 5 M M H sm E in 1 . H. H ,-.1 Mm. :mm H W H E , K H H 1 x .M .A . . . U . .x -D A 1 N W, , , , Ac - M ' s. I 3 . Choir THE CHUIR has long been a shining star in Fenn's activities. Annually the choir sponsors the Christmas program and the all school choral sing. The latter is participated in by campus fraternities and sororities to compete for awards. Conf certs are also presented one Sunday during each quarter. This year the choir is presenting their second operetta, the Mikado. ANNE HISEY Direclur ol Dlmic 72 Social Life 'avi we Eixvlxh Freshman amp A TRADITIQNAL week-end held :nt Centerville Mills for all incoming Freshmen. Planned sporting and social events, as well as plenty of leisure time and good prevailed :ts the Freshmen began to get acquainted with each other and college life. X 1 ms w .- :N Q , Wig.: ' f sxfvsi ., v H ES, ., QA 5-' 1- Q5 .mf ,X ,ka H. , 3?-.H Sw, , 3 :W-A mel f 5 2 Q 4 l LK P I 5 , . 5,4 L z ,W 1 Aux a X'-M1 aqui in EW? W' 8? ss '52 V ami Sl., ,X sf , ig? F Zi., ' v mi W5 if ...gh N! 5 1-: 1 . 5 5 , .. M' :xp E K me H w may mangas - 3 ,swam Hmm H Ezrwfxi mwmzmlg mn wa 'Si W. sms z . Q as .. ...., ,M :aijqi O Y? 1' , iiifgggi Ig ,-.wf '- , fi? 9 ,y A, ,V 5 , , K 1 N ' is In M mm M . 5515 M525 WE, A N ESRB a ss f. V,-A . J, wr, R A 4 an if , 31 ' ,Q K H A .Q ....,. E A ss " N is . gl, A I , W 9 g Y I W 5 W 'Q W I A ,W 3 Q fp gm ,y W iw, , fm HS we ...Y ss m WW Q -h , A, 1 3 ms Ak: X ufx JAM. 3 . ... 2 5. mf is z.. m 2 f' -W. ,X H 1,513 7 ' " if :ir :a:aa.z::r :2- ' 1- fgiw J Y -:EEE ,V , zaz W . .5 .1 ...qi V Q N saw 5:13. M- kv M 'X nf 'YZ E . . .. H B gg 1 W E ' ? Q 'ifwifiw 'S , H S . . 3312 ga .L 5' , SQ? ' , iw? 1 in ..,, .. 7' E 'gif 71 ' v I ' ,v .W A - .if 7? fpvw: .... , W LEA Egzeigw .. rf' 2,1 ' 3, i X l . ' mf Lf Em 1.52: QW .3 5 is . is 1 . ' 3115 1 w ww w w m ,,.4 F Q- -4 5 1. . Q V L B LKL.:,wSf4'ivM',i,. L W mvgsiyamx M:u s.wr1iXnZ'Z'1-XWV7 Vw' .EH , .1 x ,Af Q. .15 8 Q . - :-zu... :agf .5 g E Q ng J .. V E -:agaf 'sie E B 51 f :-:::rEE5: M Yves? -2 2 225 -If ESQ? S Q' X .g. , .:. .Qian E .. ' 'Q if a H . mx-,fgr 5'-1 J :- n V' :,5. .:.:. .. :.: gms ' .. .Q . .. ,., ..... E f . N sig WE E h x 1 W - - 5 5-Q25 me N :: gm- mm w ss -f ' Aw--H -- . YL ..... 1 E L 'E . Sf? EES Snz? Wm.yms A zq ve, mix? ss f 'X .wg -:, Lg Q Q w .1 V... ,. BQ. 'Ez 1 as :L 5 ....., :.: .4 gawk? ' K, .. Egg , G? aw x H . ggi TW: xgfg v i S xl? 1 W vaigim z 2 A x .- 5 wp ' ' 51 W Q SA W Q3 1 YES: .Qi N H .4 'fmglmfg - wages? 1- 1 .MEM M , fx' H' Mag , files-,al A fl L K n -. if 15 . ' wa 3321 S BEE fi ,FY 'W Q 4 3 gYz wx Q .am .g.:.: 5.5 ,wa 2 vw. 1 5 ,,,. 2 wma HEART w K a ff ,K mn am-H mum H-aww ,Q W .gm Haig bf ss arm: t fm :M s s 1 , 1 , 1' sm V. wcm sf ' A-rv' , X , .ff My Q M my-- aw 1: 1 M"-Q-:eu-W. wma--7 ... M... ,i W .M 1 Y fl' . Wm 1,5 Q VE an mf .muy w mx x 1 X- ,Hu wg 4 L je? +V af Q sf 5 G. 1 X11 IE I Z3 5 ssl ii Y, , -av' ' M 11, ,45 Fraternities and ororities o the fraternity men and the sorority women of Fenn College, Cleveland offers a background of social life, a chance for personality and character development. Fenn students, quick to take advantage of their surroundings and opportunities, have found that this type of organization fills a gap that other schools or outside organizations cannot fill. They have found a closer fellowship during their col' lege life, and this fellowship goes on after graduation. Interfraternit Council Presirlenl . ..,, DON CORCELLI Vim Prrsillezu .. ...,..., BERNARD STEEN St'l'l'C'llll'y-T!'l'Il,YIll'l'l' .. . ...,,. HARRY RUETER This council was first organized in 1929 by the fraternities of Fenn College. With twenty-four years of varied experiences behind, it is in a position to guide the fraternities forward to greater accomplishments than ever before. The main purposes of this council are to maintain harmonious relationships between fraternities, between fraternities and the college administration, and between the fraternities and other groups on the campus, to establish rules and regulations for pledging, and to execute all interfraternity functions. The lnterfraternity Council urges its members to have their men participate in all organizations and support all athletic events and dances sponsored by the college groups. At present the five members of the council are: Beta Beta Alpha, Iota Eta, Kappa Delta Phi, Lambda Tau Delta. and Pi Sigma Tau. Gamma i ma OFFICERS President ,..., .. ......,... ....... ..,.. , XLYCI2 MAP? Vin: Prcxidrnl . ..,...... .,...,, l SERNICE BRAIER Remrding Scn'elm'y ....... , ....,..........., JOY REYNOLDS COTI'e5!I0lllIiIIg Sem'clm'y ..,, ,,.,,, Treasurer ..........,.,,,.... .....,.. .flxxixlnnt Treuxurur ...... Historian ....,..,,,,..,........ ALLENE TOTH DAW , ..... MARLENE MEYER . .... ANNE GARIBOTTI MARY BU KARTYK A building with a good foundation does not easily fall-the charter members ot the Gammi Nu Sigma Sorority laid a solid foundation with the promotion of good scholarship, fellowship. and an active interest in the problems of today. Today's active members are adding one more brick every day in their building of Success. Looking back with the pride of achievement, the Gammas have certainly fuliilled their chartered purpose. Six members have been on the Dean's list for at least one quarter and four were elected to Wiiig and Torch-honorary activity society. Of the three choir service keys awarded, two were presented to girls-both of which are Gammas. The office of presidency of the Women's Athletic Association was Hlled by a G-amma. A Gamma was elected EditorfinfChief of the Cauldron. Last year the Gamma team won the bowling trophy. Each year Gamma Nu Sigma enters the annual song contest, last year they not only participated but also won the Fine Arts trophy. Expressing their interest in today's problems, the members have continued work on their GCC. Campaign. The projects ranged from serving free punch during finals to making cookies for the Dorm boys. However, the Gammas not only work together, they have good times together. Last ear's social calendar has been crowded with many events which ranged from pajama parties Y to the Formal Dinner-Dance held at the Hotel Statler. At this banquet President and Mrs. G. Brooks Earnest became honorary members of Gamma Nu Sigma Sorority. Looking ahead with anticipation, the Gamma Nu Sigma Sorority is anxious to continue proving its worth not only to its members, but also to Penn. .-.ifltigis joy iuzi'xoLDs BERNICE uuajsu ALYCE Mavi- Mks. musr ALLENE DAM' MARY 1suK.m'ri'K mf ALMA R HINE HAZEL MILLER AGNES BINDER ELEANORE SPENCE ANN SONGER MA RILYX DRA KE MARY KOZLOXVSKI LOUISE RIZZOLLA RUTH KNAPP MARLENE MEYER ANNA GARIBOTTI ROSE MARY SIEXYKO DORTHY PASTIS GAYLE REYNOLDS BEVERLY ST,-XSKO TINA ARO Gamma Nu Sigma and its o1Yicer.9 CAROL MACH CLARE BUESCHER DOROTHY LIPANYE MARCELLA ZEEDICK JANET GRIBEK JEAN HAMILTON VI RIGERMAN DOLORES KASPIC SIS VARGA PAT STEALEY DORIS NEU FRAN BLOCK MA RY ELLEN MURPHY Lambda Sigma Chi and 'its Officers 82 Lambda Sigma Chi OFFICERS l'I'ESItlt'lll .. .. .,...........,.,,,,..... JUNE RICHMOND Vim' Prf'.xirI1'nl . ..... .,..,. . , ..,.. MARY LOU YVENDIZL If6l'0Tllf7lQ Sefrelfrry ,. ..,. CAROL MMQDONALD Corrfxlmmling Szfrrelary ..,.... . ......... ALMA HINSON Tren.mn'r .. ...... .,,,....,.. ,,,.,.. R I. YTH ARIEUCKLE LAMBDA SIGMA CHI, founded in 1934, was the Hrst sorority at Fenn College. The founders set up a precedence which has been faithfully followedh-promoting leadership, scholarship, and character among its members while at the same time promoting friendship and cooperation among all Fenn girls. A Lambda may be found in all phases of Fenn life-athletics, Student Council and Women's Council, various interest groups including Choir, Cauldron, and Fenn Players. She not only plays hard but works hard, doing volunteer work for Merrick House. The sorority cofsponsors the annual Thanksgiving Prom and, later during the winter, sponsors the annual Porthole Dance. The Founders Day Banquet and the Mother and Daughter Banquet are looked forward to annually. Parties are in order ill ye ir lonq one a month to lWe ev let These inelude be1Ch p lrties pienics, Hay rides, Halloween ind Cl111Sl1Tl is s weitls ind above lll the annutl soroiity cottage wcek every August List but not le lst the Fotmtl Dinner Dance at whieh new members ue formilly initiated rounds out 1 Lambdts ye ir of fun ind devotion to the principles of Lambdi Sivmi C hi ALMA HINSON JUNE RICHMOND fs NI XRY LOU YS IINDEL C XROL BIMDON KLD . ,, - ., . 1 a , ' - , M . ' '- ' ' L f . L, . ,.. , . .. , DP . 'ztff :.,z ff Fc . e f , , , ,. ,. ,e . , ' , , '- . I . . .e . . , . . 5 . K 7 L 7 . I C l C K , . . 5 . , . fl '- M- .5 1 P is Q, . or v " 3 ii: . , r ' fr .X . .. , , . S f. . . ' fs I I ' V if .53 1 .Q E, 2 g W 1 YN - A - N -. .W i . I ' 2 af sm eh i shui.. ' 'Y . . , 'ex-js-5" . .., - J- ' . is Mu: s Beta Beta Aqzha Presillent ..., .,.... Vice PfBXilIL'Nt ......... Recording Secretary Correspomling Serve Treasurer ........,.,..... . Asst. Treasurer Sergeant-al-Arms ,.,,. lnry OFFICERS ..,........,.,...,. .,..,..... B EN SHUPE LASENYIK BILL SWVARTZ CHARLES MEEK .. ,... .LES ANTEL DICK KLAR BUJOLL Nineteen hundred and fiftyftwo marked the 20th anniversary of Beta Beta Alpha, one of the most eventful years in the history of the fraternity. The main highlight was the anniversary stag dinner and the annual ActivefAlumni formal banquet at which the house mortgage was burned. This made BBA the first and only fraternity on the Penn campus to completely own their own house, which is located on E. 27th and Chester. The fraternity was founded in 1932 by ten men from the first graduating class and has grown until at this time there are BBA's active in every phase of the school's activities, publications, athl.etics, service, and supervisory groups. Beta Beta Alpha, which limits its membership to day school B.A, students, has always strived to attain its chartered purposes: to promote fellowship, sponsor social functions, and to attain scholastic achievement. Another feature of the year was the inception of serving meals at the house under the supervision and preparation of Mrs. Mary Ellen Lee, whose home cooked meals have made many of the boys add inches to their waistlines. Beta Beta Alpha starts off the social season with the annual Harvest Prom, a semi-formal dance open to the college, and closes it with the Moonlight Terrace, a night club styled affair. The fraternities social calendar includes approximately 24 different social events in the space of a yearg the Monte Carlo Party and a Roman Party Qwith all the trimmingsj are just two of the intra-fraternity events. yi n gggais 5 af-i LES ANTEL CHARLEY Music GENE Bujou. BEN snuvn BILL swaurz JOE Lasmwrx BILL SONGIER BILL MIETHKIQ DON PETERS DON TACI-Ill ISD ESISER DON P1zTE1zs IIILL QUALLICII JOE zonmon B011 MARSHALL JOIIN B1mD,1uIc:u MRS. LEE ANDY BAUMGARDNIZR GEORGE NOXVATKA CARL ADDAMS FRED GASSER DUBE MILLER BOB KORNS IIILL IIILGENDUIII-Ir LAWSON ANDERSON AIIM PROKASY 11001511 'WILLIAMS FRANK AUST HAROLD DIFIORE JOE PARYZEK MERLE MARXEN GEORGE FIKARIS EUGENE SUPINSKI GEORGE SCHUMACHER BILL WVELTER EUGENE MCCORMICK BILL XVINTUCKY DON EVANS TOBI HANNA BILL HOLLEN ED PARKER RICHARD WVINN BOB SYVALLOW ED FURMAN PAUL WVINSLOXV RALPH BARNES HARRY RUETER Iota Eta OFFICERS Clunnrrllor ..... . .....,........... DONALD EVANS C11u1u'illor ,.,.,., ,.,... E UGENE MCCORMICK .-lssessor .. , .....,....,.,,,.., ED FURMAN Profexsor .. ..... . ..,.,. RICHARD WVINN Pledgmnaster .,... ..4.,, H ARRY RUETER Iota Eta Fraternity was the first fraternity of Fenn College, originating in the spring of 1926. Since that time, this fraternal organization has inscribed an envious record of Fenn's history. In l932, the Iota Eta Alumni Association, which at the present time consists of about 250 active alumni members, received its Articles of Incorporation from the State of Ohio. This enables the brother organizations to help each other both in college and in the business world. The goals of our brotherhood, held foremost in mind, are to promote high morals, scholarship and sportsmanship, and simultaneously amplify the social capabilif ties of each and every member. In April, the annual Spring Dinner Dance is the pinnacle of the group's social calendar. This event, supplemented by many smokers and mixed parties in addition to the active part played by the fraternity in intra-mural sports comprises the major portion of the fraternities' calendar of activities for the year. -11 M - Ai Nw is L 1 a 1 - B? 'ia E xi' is a rm wa u - I I a E H H Z W H? 'lfffgii 2 ff U s Wm 1 3- 3525 53 Egg Qs H 5 ak gf. W if-1 E 2 trim, s H s R' 'H gf .wise v,-s-K as 5 rx b 5 H x is , B I gi I 21, ig H .. is H Q. B K E ,--. i I I t 1 , F W -i H A' s 'H A B :eg k:::r3jvZt,!?:':':'::Z -'H i H 5 . if , .I EE.-s:.:.:..5 as age -11 -1- if is lot and a ii ' B Y isa R 5 ' s 6- as ami, E W E . - a - ..:f .... .:.: V .:..,.:. g 3 it ,.:. a a a .X its Ofhcm f f ' 'sf - . s fs - - Q M ii - I s s , H 4 , I ,i B . B ' I , MII W Q E t s H M s if . ... ,,,I wi :.:I X I is It B -s s i if . -'asf' 'E if ' ii E 'E s -'ag as H E 5 IHHIJMIZQE II: s as S8 xi il V EE - S8 S8 S8 I- - ID XIZIYQI HIII 31-If 5 -III ,ssr xfxsm ,a S K L gasgpr .N E H 'F-ith T1 Kappa Delta Phi OFFICERS President .,.,..., ........ ..,,. J A MES 0. GUSTAFSON Sucrelary .,., , ....,... DWIGHT H. INFIELD 1AT6'lISIH'CI' , ....,.. ROBERT XVAGNER The Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, which evolved from an Engineering student group known as the Neff Club, received its charter in 1929, and has since grown to accept members from all three schools of the college. The fraternity is pledged to maintain high moral, scholastic and athletic stand' ards, and its members are encouraged to participate in all phases of school activities to hold the spirit of fellowship and cofoperation at all times. This organization was awarded permanent possession of the Hrst All'Sports Trophy, by compiling the highest number of points during the 1937-1940 intramural sports competition. The social calendar is highlighted by the annual fraternity Pledge Banquet, and the allfschool Thanksgiving Prom. The annual Thanksgiving Prom is usually held the last day of the Fall quarter which is quite an ideal time as it enables students to relax and enjoy themselves at a well planned social function. ANTHONY COSTA ROBERT WVAGNER JIM GUSTAFSON 88 ANTUN R01 .ua JIM GlIST.HfhUN ALAN SIILUERT ANTHONY COSTA WILLIAM MOORE ROBERT CARRUTHERS GREGORY LICUCE CHUCK STRXIQISEL MIKE ROLLAR DAVE TIISER JOE YOUNG jm HUDAK Tom HARMON DON scnmoolc AL AINSWORTI-I AL HAUCH DICK STOCK BOB SCHULTZ JOHN SKUBIAK LOU TORREGROSA LEO MOROZKO DICK KOLIBAR TONY NUCCIO uowua nAvxEs Jon GALLO JOHN BEADLI2 noN DZIAK MIKE RANALLO ED M INOSKY FRANK CORRADI DON CORCELLI Lambda au Delta OFFICERS President ....,. . , .,.. ..,,,...,....,,.......,.. .,.,..... R E GGIE EIDNER Vice President .......,.,,.. .,.,........,...... R AY ABE Recording Secretary ..,..... NWALT PLUMB Corresponding S!'l'YfllH'y Treasurer . .,.. . . ,,,,..... Asst. Trcasznvr Sergeant-at-A rmx DEENE YVEIDMAN ...NCLIFF KUSTER DICK STROUD BART DiLIDDO The Lambda Tau Delta Fraternity was organized twentyfthree years ago and has steadily become one of the most aggressive fraternities on the campus. The LTD's are very proud of their three modern attractively furnished rooms across the street from the Fenn Tower. Benehcial activities for the school, high grades, socials, sports and good fellow' ship constitute the fraternitys aims. For the last two consecutive years the LTD's won the All Sports Trophy and each year the fraternity sponsors two dances, held in Panel Hall. Also during the past year the LTD's erected and donated a sign located between the Fenn Tower and the Foster Engineering Building, announcing coming sporting events. Other socials such as thc Founders Day Dinner and Bowling Tournament are part of the monthly events afforded the members for a full social life at Fenn. The fraternity culminates its year with the Annual Banquet, held at a Country Club. DICK STROUD RAY ABE IV.-XLT PLUMB REGGIE EIDNER DR. PATTERSON DEENE WVEIDMAN BART DiLIDDO CLIFF KUSTER 91 Pi Sigma Tau Alpha OFFICERS Clumcellor ...............,.. . .....,.........,,.... .... . RICHARD STAUSE Ist Vice Chancellor ., .... ......,,..,......, A L SCI-IEMPP 2nd Vice Chancellor .... .,..... G EORGE STRUTZ Cfibber .,.,,,,....,.......,,. .,......... K ARL SYVITZER Clerk .,....,.....,... .,........ C HANNING NOEL Asst. Cribbw' .... ..,....., T ED STUMPHAUSER Pi Sigma Tau Alpha was established in 1929 by twelve engineering students. Since that time the fraternity has expanded and found it beneficial to pledge students from the school of Arts and Science and Business Administration as well as from the School of Engineering. Although primarily a social fraternity, the Pi Sigs are active in all other phases of school activities as well. The Pi Sigs vigorously support the intramural program, sponsoring at least one team in the major sports. Also the Pi Sigs sponsor a queen for the Harvest Prom each year. During the past five years each sponsored candidate was elected to the finals and three of the five were chosen as Queens of the Prom. Pi Sigma Tau sponsors the Annual Sweetheart Prom in the winter quarter and the annual Wiiidy Hop in the Spring quarter, both as school functions. Within the fraternity itself are many closed affairs, such as hay rides, the ever popular barn dances, annual fraternity homecoming, gradfundergracluate picnic, pledge party, club nights, and annual meetings. The climax of the school year for the fraternity is the Annual Pledge Banquet held in May. The new members, who have completed the rigorous task of pledging the fraternity, are presented with their fraternity pins at this time. GEORGE STRUTZ DICK STAUSE AL SCHEMPP KARL SWITZER ANDY IIOSCIAIETTO BILL XVAYLES MILES HUNSINGER DON jOSEI'l'IIK CLYDE RIFFLE GEORGE STRUTZ AL SCHEMPI' DON LACER joux Fovrm ED ALLEN KARL swrrznn BOB MURDOCI-I LES BI EYERS CI-I A TOM LOU A RT TED DON NNING NOEL RICHMOND C-ITTINGER SZCAI' STLIMPHAUZER PRATHER I 93 'xi Y -4.-if ' ,Aram riff ' " . is awk , Y in QV.:-J --A K .-Ni" 3 'V V 4 A .1 7' ,-7 9 'd ,A - fu .-' -. :W ff' M. V , , - l Y . "' ,z" f. nf' A ..-4' . Z A 4455- . , y fl? IQ is . ., W -wwt., 9 . l .1 tl 5' s Athletics K. C ' school without athletics is no school at all. Wliether itls through varsity or intraf mural sports the athlete gains self reliance, a sense of fair play, and a feeling of good sportsmanship. These elements are as essential as the basic theory and pracf tical knowledge gained through classroom study. Thouvh Fenn didn't alwa s win the memories of the as Y 1 games and meets remain with us and spur us on to the challenge of future seasons. Athletic Department The Fenn College Athletic Staff consists of three persons, first of which is Professor Homer E. Woodliiig, who is the Director of Athletics, Robert F. Busbey and Jane Pease. Professor Woodliilg not only is Director of Athleticsg he is basketball and baseball coach. Bob Busbey, Fenn's AllfAmerican swimmer in 1948, is the swimming and track coach. jane Pease is the girls' athletic Director and also the Director of Intramural Sports. Volunteering their services for the advancement of athletics here at Penn College, are Charles Simonian-fencing coach, Foster T. Miller-tennis coach, and John W. McNeill-golf coach. The most outstanding of Fenn's intercollegiate athletic squad who won ten while losing only once. ,L X I. n 1 l iw M s mass 'fs SEQ " - s s PROFESSOR HOMER E. 'WOODLING Director of Athletics Basketball and Baseball Coach teams this past season was the tennis tr, Haggis L Mwsms-M sr ' ' zwtffsgg s- . 'N :X Aiwa Si' '-M..-Wag at " 'ff ROBERT F. BUSBEY JANE PEASE Swimming and Track Conch Director of Inlrlzmurrzl Sports 6 Basketball Ist Row-KEN YOSHINO, RAY SACCANY, JOE FRANKHAUSER, JOHN KORMOS, DICK HICKMAN 2nd Row-HOWARD FROST, JIM ROSS, FRED KUNC, JOHN BEADLE, FRED INFIELD. BASKETBALL SCORES ' Feun's Opponenvs Score Score 59 .,,... ..., A lumni .. ..........,..,....,,. ,.,,.., 6 2 42 ,..... .... W Vestern Reserve ......,. .....,, 7 3 47 .,.... .,.. S teubenville ............ ....... 6 7 63 .,.... ,... K cnyon .. .,.... 64 48 ....,. ,... IV Iount Union ,,,,, ....... 6 0 39 ...,.. .... X 'oungstown ..,.,. ...,... 7 2 36 ,..... ,,.. J ohn Carroll .,..... .....,. 8 3 51 ....,. ,... A krou ,,,,,........ ....,,, 8 0 48 ...... ,,,, O berlin .. .. 52 80 ...... .,.. H iram .,.....,.,.......,..... ..,..., 7 6 41 ....,. ..., B aldwin-VVallacc ...... ....... 8 1 60 ,...., .,.. Y Voostcr .,,..........., ....... 8 6 62 ..,.,, ..,. C larion ,....,. ..... ., 80 62 .,.... .... H iram ,........,...... .,..,.. 7 9 64 ....., .,,. S lippcry Rock .. ..,.... 90 67 .,.... ,... G rove City ...,. .,..... 8 7 61 .,.... ,,,, . Ashland ,,.....,. ....... 7 5 54 ,..... ..., S teubenville .,.,...,..,.. ....... 5 3 XVON 2 -LOST 16 97 if ' w ? mxxwg was m RAY PARADOWSKI nm Jonsson RAY NXCCI.-XXV JIM C, XRRITX KEN IUSHINO HAL YOST FRED KUNG FRED INFIELD HOWARD FROST gnu--R Ol IN KOR MOS wr wimmin Front Row L. to Il. - DON PAUL, RAY KRALEY, NORB THOMPSON, PAUL SMITH, JOHN HERTRICK, JOE FONTECCHIO. Back Row L. to R. - COACH BUSBEY, RON DIAMOND, BOB SNEDEKER, DAN HAHN, CONRAD SHRADER, BOB LAUFENBURGER. F ENN PENN FENN FENN FENN PENN FENN FENN FENN FENN FENN FENN FENN F ENN RESULTS - 1952-53 SWIMMING SEASON OBERLIN ....,,...,.......,..,........,,. CASE .,............,..,....... .... SLIPPERY ROCK ....,.. ......., KEN YON ......,.,...,.,... .,....., WVOOSTER .. OBERLIN ,..... ...,,.....,............... AKRON U. ............................, . BOYVLING GREEN KENT STATE U. ,...,.....,....., . EDINBORO ...,... MIAMI U. .,..... . AKRON U. .,.............. ..,.... . OHIO U. . ,... .,... , ............ ,..,... . LARNEGIE TECH ,...,...,,.,.... At Fenn Case At Slippery Rock Fenn Fenn At Oberlin Fenn At Bowling Green ...,....At Kent State Penn Nliami At Fenn At Penn At Carnegie Tech fSeason's record: 3 won, ll lost, 0 tied, With but two returning lettermen to lead a squad predominately made up of freshmen, our 195263 edition of the Fenn Swimming Team faced what seemed to be a herculean task. Meeting such swimming powerhouses as Ohio U., Miami U Bowling Green State U., and Carnegie Tech in a schedule which was one of the longest and toughest in several years, the team performed and developed exception ally well. In the home pool it broke even, winning three while losing a like number 100 However, on the road they were unable to come through with a vicf tory - although the outcome of several meets was not decided until the last event-and so finished the season with a 34110 record. Pacing the squad were Ray Kraf ley, a freestyler, who amassed a total of 114 points for the season, and Dan Hahn, a diver, who collected 68 points. Ray, swimming his first sea' son in competition took 14 iirsts, 13 seconds. and 3 thirds in the individf ual races that he swam, while Dan took 7 firsts, 6 seconds, and 1 third in the diving. Conrad Shrader, who along with Dan Hahn, was one of the two lettermen of the squad, was elected Honorary Captain for the second straight year. k'Connie", a back' stroker and one of the workhorses of the team, usually swam three events in each meet. In the breastroke Ron Diamond and John Hertrick carried the colors and broke about even in the points they scored in their event as opposed to the total they allowed the opposif tion. Freestyle proved to be the team's strongest asset, particularly with the improvement of freshmen Norb Fontecchio in the distances. The combination of Kraley, Thompson, and Fontecchio in the 220 and 440 yard freestyle events was a sure point getter in virtually every meet. Bob Snedeker, Bob Laufenburfrer, and Paul Smith, all freshmen rotmd- , ed out the freestyle team along with Don Paul who also saw considerable action in the 170 yard Individual Medley. An interesting point concerning the team and a good illustration of their allfaround improvement is the fact thatfalthough only three me-mf bers had ever swam in competition before, and eight members were training for competition for the first time-each member of the team col' lected enough points and performed well enough to receive his varsity letter. The outlook for next year appears bright in that all but one of this year's team will be back. ll.-K N H AH N Cl iN R AD SHRADER ISO!! LAUFISN BURGER PAITL SMITH Ron DIAMOND jonx HERTRICK 'S sf f ww- .rr-m..,,, w-"l4.e F4 - .x X . .ef lF?'??irfir'f B015 SNEDEKER RAY KRALEY DON PAUL NORB THOMPSON JOE FONTECCHIO i-ffwvfwvir Y-1K .lu A5 .we .ws Track qi, L to R-BILL I-IAAS, RON SOISEL, ED MARTIN, COACH BUSBEY, BOB HYLAND, JOHN GULICR TRACK SCORES 1952 SEASON Fenn's 0pponent's Score Score 2035: ,,,44. ,,4, ll Iount Union ...,.. ...., 1 05116 17 ,,.... ,,.,. W Vestern Reserve 110 52 ...... ..... H iram ...,..,........ 75 43 ,,,,,, ,,,,, J ohn Carroll .,... 84 35 .,.... .,... A kron ,....................... ..4,. 9 1 WVON 0-LOST 5 Although the track team was unable to come home with L victory, it dis played an excellent competitive spirit and will to win. Particularly outstanding were Captain Tom Meehan in the hurdles, Ed Ivlartin and Ray Kraley in the 440 and 880, Bob Kirkpatrick, john Gulick, Dennis Izold, and Bob Hyland in the dashes, and Bob Beer in the field events. Howard Zimmerman, Eugene Pawlik, Bill Cawley, Ron Sobel, Louis Montesano and Bill Haas rounded out the squad. Baseball f V. EV. F 1 'fglvll 'LA ' "fi".eN X x ' if NJVK Ts IW WY- N' Elk Back Row L to R - I-IANK TUSI-IAR, DON TACI-IE, JERRY SPINN, ED PROCASKY, DAVE SUGUICHI, NICK CANCEY, HANK MOSCARINO. BILL RAIMER, COACH WVOODLING. Front Row L to R - -IOE FRANKI-IOUSER, DAVE GREGORY, REGGIE XVISE, PAUL ASADORIAN, JOHN GULICK. BOB SCHULTZ, HOWVIE DAVIS, JOHN FOREST, DICK VERES. BASEBALL SCORES 1952 SEASON Fenn's 0pponenl's Score Score 5 ,.,... Hiram .....A...,,......... .. 6 2 .,.,.. . Western Reserve ...,. .,.. 9 8 ,,.... . Ashland .,,.........,,.A.. .... I 0 5 ..,... ,, Oberlin ,,.,.............. . 2 9 ..,.., , Akron University .,.., .... l 0 2 ....,, . Akron University ...,. . l 3 Hiram ...............,,,., , 5 XVON 2-LOST 5 The baseball team was victor twice during the 1952 season out of seven starts. Probably the highlight of the season was when the Foxes defeated Akron University in a thrilling fourteen inning game which ended in a score of 2 to 1. 103 .x- s va :HQ 2 asf was R' 'Y .522 t ij ' igiieqil nom Row non BEER more rmmus Joe APIDONII vmcn Qermul now cofxcn cnucxt SIMOINIAN new rnzrn MIIRLL NVILSON, JOHN SRUBIAK TRUNK CORCELLI DIClx KOLIBAR BILL SIMON, Tron! Row ED BECK, COACH FOSTER MILLER MEL MIKLUS. Second Ron GEORGE KAPPOS BOB NI KRSH ILL JOHN IJVOSHINKA, as ii? F encin FENCING SCORES Fcnn Opponentls Scores Score 9 .,.,.. Ohio State ..... ...A. , I8 ll ,,..,. Oberlin .,.. ,.... , 16 ll .,..,. Case ,.,.... .,... , 16 13 ....,. Oberlin ,,,. A,,,, , 14 16 ..,... Case ,.....,,..,.........,...... ..... . 11 14 ...,.. Buffalo University 13 18 Rochester ........,..,... 9 VV ON 3 -LOST 4 Golf GOLF SCORES Fcnn Opponenfs Scores Score 4 .. . Case Tech .......,. 12 IW ..... .. Mount Union ...... 14W 2 .. ,,.. Yvestern Reserve I 14 3 ., .... Youngstown ......, 13 3 ,. . John Carroll ..,.. 13 0 ..... .... W ooster ..,..,.,,...,....,. ..,. l 6 2M ..... , Akron University .,,.. .... 1 3M 0 ., . Kent State ............... ,,A, l 6 4 .. .,.. Youngstown s,,,,,,,4, 12 10 .. .... WVestern Reserve .,... 6 16 .. .,.. Ashland .,.....,.....,.. . 0 WON 2-LOST 9 T ' 9111118 TENNIS SCORES Fenn Opponcnl's Scores Score 9 .,., John Carroll ...,. 0 7 ..., ,... W Vooster ........,.., . 2 9 ,... ,,.. ll Iount Union ,..,... ..,. 0 2 ..,. Wvestern Resenfe . 7 6 ,... Youngstown ....... 3 7 ..,. Case .........,.. 2 8 .,., Kent State .. , 1 8 ,... Akron ...., . , 1 7 ,... Case . 2 9 .... Hiram .....,........,...., 0 9 .... Hiram ..................,,... 0 YVON 10 -LOST 1 ivr- fn, ' -493 .,,. 1- I4 1 as r Q + W ww WML 3 Nl'W1x2,,u !'v 123' ,,v I 11 F 5 X 1 f 'nj ' I ' . 5 Q53 Q, ae 1 'S 4 1 Ju, ' we 'ff 1: 'MWNY' W mg ,, 'Q .-.. V52 T" 3 5 ' 'VHS W. A ,f as I 1 ..+. . W I ..... my . ,YU-, A M, ' .4 1.--1 .435 Y , 'waz 1, 1 E wg M 5 f' W? X ' ' - ' W - , Q - 1 ,, W M , 1 , 4"4',! 3, I 5 in 'il ll 94 I N ff, Q gh im QW if V, 5 .,,. Aqmlk I 0 " ',V., i mm-WJ ss. Wm mm 'E Q W 3, ,M 'T-fm. W., "'1EY Inf? E215 E?-az I Ewa H' ' 15 5.5-142 Www M1 rv W M W sw ,X Q f wm,1'-'Qy Y"Tf1mg'ffxa.. M' W 5 Q. ,. if all A 'fmxwsnxwzrizrw Www- N.:-.Ns W, 11, ffl? Q . W .q.Qm4f:g.x.:3'?'3g: W 3 ' ' mhz Y 'T..,',', 5"""5T'.m?,52, is wwnffiifi gw gwwaw W Q W xiiw-w5',, X., wwf, ii? A jew wi ' V 2 P ' 1 ,ssl , 5 Q M - .x:.W'::.zmzEz. 4 f iss .-MY? ,., gm? "Aiwa 'SWS .NE ' ,wfffi may ,wg iw-'J E . , NA, Q, iii? , E wg. M Q Q 1 5 QQXV ,- lf .MQ ' 1 l -1' mm -,Em 4' was sw .gg my wM.w.3?',w1fg-Q . ..: gg H 131 PY z.-ii .f W E4 1-ks sd .yi W,-, X1 X 'nw 3 -mm y :., X w 1 +553 wa V .r E up 'E W. i W 1 Q, W Q X R, .r Qfigw? , W H u ,. AX' ,, ..... ,Q ....,. -- faqs 3 sk 9 A ws Y 4' .Li J 31'75.wif4Ki3fiTi R f ,wa x 1, M wx nm ' W ,gr , A-gi. 'X A 52? L A V ms x. nr, 1 W ,, Q 1 , w , n .1 E , gf. .xiii-QQ A. ..zvQ,'52f5zf1f. , Q -- . an MM' M.- ,. V 7 .M N' JH.,' H vgwu-"-ss 3.3 JE H sis.. 'WWVQAH M 'gfvp ' nEi:.fW 5 ffigikgf 5 HIE r M V. ,..,.5q: .. .KH-ffwaww A ' ' -'U - A w Lswve. X ff5fFzwf. 4 za 5-. N H H 'T k .Q-1,ff5w5w,umf ..i :-g-as:-' 3 . A n,,mx,n tw, gf-,xp ... . 2 QQ' .sw . .M M Vg- -Y-Mai l' .. W , . , .... M. M . fl, M, ,ma M F A ,W Y'm5EgiQ"ig'ng'mEnQ H E N ' ' vkgwgss H E B ' "Ag: 1, H K -. .Zn N if 2: -. U M H 4523- 'W W 21-I -f ...'SQaM. . .WI U. -, . M w.f5g'13.lQj2,m,w5gm in Mx?-2 '- m mi, f -H:--ME as E Y' ' ' Bm ,V f rea Ein av-- H H mm. 245 W wiv, .4-.. ,i..ff,gf- s: W .. F.. W W, , fm "i?.2..'f . 1 H ""' 1: 'um vw.. . 'Z X 5 .. g X ,, wkivf Hifi-X IV Wu. 5-kgs M -yw,Ema,c 3.55 I .mzggsglfil iiww-Hmm .. -A--gg SF E' WH .W T 25 M'5""Sx' W F Y52QE.Sf-gi 2.'fQgQ.. f'-5wi.:g'f5f.5,jggn. Ei H SSW -gffwwgw .EVM .QM W W W lg.. A M H E ,qw mqbmwim ,msf im kg A E M M asus ww M W3 -as "Rum-Q iw . M ME . 1 .fm -. ,Eau uw H H., 5.5. ,N 5fwf'xEw E -.. . ww E Km sw H ww W MNSNH Q W 'ML N ,gg V1.5 EIN . ,., 5 um img .. F38 gm WW,,m , WE za gi, gfiwg 52551. EQ E31 .5 iw ....gg:'25-wi as 5:-Ea 1335-1seg,wH H ?iamm :' 5QL9-H3151-f-H-"'W A an M . W gg... M mp.: .W Mm. . HW . , Y 4 T , ne www. 3 V V - . ' . g?5,-57? V- - W qf- W . 'Rf' -- .f.',:'-'Vw . V 6-NL., 'A g 3?fQ? ,?f2.::gH A , W W" W , "9 1, A , , 'f H T 'V' ' ' an ww!! ' k'?rff!.,. M M . -T' WM? QW , . Y ' ,fs Eglzgglig W . M .. ,. :.. - -gag ,xy MTI J, 'i -. , .g Q . I . A- M N iw'-'M W-Q , f F W ' .'ffQa1.Tl Q5 . w sung!! H H , .vziieijigmi +I MW, w S fy ."1,2"' ' " 'MW' WM : ,, L 1 ,U wg N 313. -Q ffr, ,W F'.fB4fA,.i I.. Q ...Z7 ,f1,,.g,,f ,qi f 'ff f TY .M . . 4 ' ' . .Q,"4',S5x'25 ,,.'w Y. B , M 9 an -1 .wr ss wx. .- as N' mi . , 1 ww x Il 3: E F .ww .1 , .fb Mr-H, ' 'H .Q .r f., 9 nm L, 2 K , mms E nf M M U , L W H ' 513, 'Nw 'Q-'gi M "X gf . ' xfm' l ss. W 24,139-pg-T5 V ,Q ,-QNH1.1jf'ja,,g5HW'E?i,v, 'TQQ' " 1 -Hg 'Y' -1.23222 WN W f :,.. f . .3 4 5? W- f L H .M gf E KH E H , " ss x ' ' V. Q' 5 u as H ,, j ,.,f. 1.,',,,., is 5 .. 2 k yy 51 1, ., - pyuyi . ,,, gw B D, Y- f 4.53.3 .www 1 ,3.j,5,.5 if Wim , ,af . yn ' 1.15. ,W M m' , wQ,335.g.. ':'g ',. LW img .N 5 , , ,,,.,h .. Y. - -ww... W X - fn' -5.4, p 'S jig, vgzwag WW? ' R 7 SWF ww was ,ww sm X W? 1 ii Q N,- f . x M? I f A WV. . w N 6 ii fm 4 Q Y 2 E am' l lm' an 1 an 'Q' 1 Nl -M nw. Q 'ew ' Hsin :A M E w xi mil W X F Mmwglgkw my a k 'Q , EW! 3' u g E' W 1 , V -. f -nv H I Q 4 - ggfvi g - IM 1 4 H Tw,-ffm-Y f .,.-1 .EsE, ' ,.,.,. ., 21 38? E E W. .,. m ,., .,:. .. in get , ,.: 2 lzuv zu: Y,., R znzn V z lg: -01 , Frm- "gif-ani-u -2 a -. ....-, f-. :E:iEa ,, "::",':a,.,,,., 5 if .,. :sis . ' H - V E fxrgfah H':'?4v'3 1 ' ' H' E , " ,'?1'S9.1?i1'm if .. iss sz? ,wifi ' Jw lv "" - :H . 5 - .. . ' is gk F: , Q Us-, T' 3 M 3 ' f Q .1 J E .. ,,vd5i1sg,-ff - E Q mx , V, - ' M Nr r 'N- .f W E W " ' A51 . . ,mf--Q.,,q.:..,g-K 7 E, gr.: :Z Nw- AT, M42 Y fm , ' ' Q A ,qi , H .. 45? ,131 X 1 8:1 Evening Division l'-.1 he Evening Division offers the fundamentals of ll liberal education in all fields of study in Business Administration, Engineering, Techf nical Institute and Arts and Science Schools. It strives to offer enjoyment, and knowledge through adult activities and study. In summation, the purpose of the Evening Division, as Well as the Day School, is to advance the student and to stimulate his mind so that he may he better prepared to meet life. Evening Student ouncil FRANK LENTLE CHARLES MACH THOMAS MALONEY JOSEPH HATUS AL MEKETARIAN THEODORE METZLER JOANNA MUI-ILE. CARMELLA NUCCIO LILLIAN ROSNER XVILLIAM SCHRAMM JOHN SMERILLO GERALD STROHM TED IVASHKEWVICZ JOSEPH ZELENKA Evening Student Council is the governing body of Evening Division students. Its members from the schools of Business Administration, Engineer' ing, Liberal Arts, and Technical Institute are elected by popular vote in May of each year. Council provides the financial backing for the Nite Shift, plans afterfschool dances and social func' tions, and sponsors n Recognition Assembly. MIKE BARANOVIC BARBARA ANN BAR ROBERT BISCHOFF MARTIN BOYLE RICHARD COLLINS EARL C. DAVIDSON IVILLIAM FISHER ELOISE GRANT AGNES HERRICK JOSEPH KRASNICKI ROBERT KRESS MERVIN KUNKLE GEORGE KUZAS ARTHUR A ND ERSON NETT l OFFICERS President JULIUS RASSIN Via' President ROGER NECE Setr1'lm'y JEAN MARIE HOECKER Treaszlrcr 1 Ol-IN H EAN Allvisor GEORGE SRA IL ight hi f The Nite Shift is the Evening Division newspaper, published every other week during the school year. News articles and editorials are written by staff members and the student body. Lambda Iota Delta LID was founded for the purpose of promoting mutual improvement in scholar' ship, providing social entertainment, and bring about rt closer relationship among Evening engineering students. Lambda Tau Sigma LTS is an Evening school fraternity open to students from all three schools of the college. The oldest fraternity on the campus, its objectives are to develop the spirit of brotherhood and promote the desire for knowledge. Kappa Sigma Upsilon Iota Tau Lambda Iota Tau Lllllibdil is thc only nnticwnsnl Sorority at Fenn College and is gm orgzmizution for evening students manly, The Farm chapter was organized in 1933, 115 Inter ratorit Council The Intcr'Fratority Council is composed of the president and social chairman of member sororities and fraternities. The Chairmanship is rotated each year. Sociology Club Nlembership of the Sociology Club is open to everyone. The activity of the Club is to study the social problems of Cleve- land and its vicinity. Speakers at the meetings help to interpret various social problems. Alpha igma Iota The objects of Alpha Sigma Iota are to recognize students who have attained a high standard of efficiency in college activities, both scholastic and extrafcur' ricular, and to create an organization which will mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intere collegiate interest. Tau Iota Epsilon Tw Iotn EPSIIOH membershlp IS llmlted to students at tha Teghmcil Il1SflfUtl. It wus OIAQLIIIZCCI m 1946 to pzomou mutml 1mprovemcnt m bLl'lOllI'Shll3 md pxovldc 3061.11 Lututfunms.nt Newman Club Thlouqh 1 bxlmged pxogrfun of uh Qmus 1ntw.llLLtu1I md sou 11 f1Lt1v1t1cs thy Nuvmm Club tnu to Wdd tht Clthullp Ctudgnts of Fum mto d nom mon umon md to lSQlSf thg Lollugn md ns studmts whnnpvu' posslblg l . . . , . r 3 i . A , 1 K I s 14 1 ' ' .7 - ' ' '. K xl ' 9 C K .- 1 : . H - . , ,..' , . , . . . . . ..,', . R . .. K ' ' 5 xs 1 . -.1 ,a' 'A .V S ' 7 ' K 7 w 3 2 --xx w 3 ,L ' , H ' ' ' f , 1 z- ' Q' I. L N Y x. Acknowledgments The Stall? of the Fanfare wish to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their advice, guidance, patience, and assistance in making this book possible. Frank Licher and George Mayer, representatives of A. S. Gil- man Printing Company, who have shown me the greatest degree of patience when confronted with some of my ideas. Mrs. Evelyn Glontz of The Jean Sardou Studio who very capably handled the Seniors and Sid Meiidelson who was thc excellent photographer. Ray Mileti and Jim Snodgrass of Cleveland Engraving who gave advice and guidance to improve the book. Norman Walsh of the Mueller Art Cover and Binding Com' pany who put our idea into a good cover design. The Fanfare Staff also wishes to thankllvlr. Fred Walker of Republic Steel, Mr. R. D. Ivlclvlichael of American Steel and Wire, Mr. G. B. Ryan of The Standard Oil Company, and Mr. Lewis of Lake Carriers Association who supplied us with theme photographs. Without the help of these people and the staff this book would not have been possible. BILL DEW, Editor Patrons DEAN and MRS. PAUL R. ANDERS MR. JOHN ARENDT MR. and MRS. SOL A. BAUER MR. D. N. BENESCH PROFESSOR SAMUEL H. BERWALD MR. and MRS. LLOYD C. BILLINGS MISS PAULINE BLOOMQUIST MRS. LEOTA B. CAIN PROFESSOR and MRS. M. D. COOPER MR. and MRS. VERNON H. DAVIS MR. CECIL L. DOBBINS DR. and MRS. GEORGE H. FAUST GAMMA NU SIGMA SORORITY MR. and MRS. M. C. HERRICK MR. and MRS. RALPH T. HISEY DEAN and MRS. MAJOR B. JENKS PROFESSOR and MRS. M. L. JORDAN LAMBDA TAU DELTA FRATERNITY MR. and MRS. LEE A. MARSHALL PROFESSOR and MRS. C. MATTHEWS DR. and MRS. J. G. MCGREW MR. and MRS. FOSTER MILLER MR. and MRS. JOHN J. MONTASANA MR. and MRS. DAVID G. PARKER DR. and MRS. W. A. PATTERSON MR. and MRS. NICHOLAS R. RIMBOI DEAN and MRS. M. B. ROBINSON MR. KENNETH S. SHERMAN MR. and MRS. R. MALCOLM SILLS PROFESSOR GEORGE B. SIMON MR. and MRS. HOWARD R. TAYLOR, Jr. DR. and MRS. D. E. THEODORE DR. and MRS. DONALD R. TUTTLE MISS OLA I. TWERELL PROFESSOR SARA RUTH WATSON Mr. and MRS. GEORGE E. WHALON PROFESSOR and MRS. HOMER E. WOODLING MISS MARIAN WOZENCRAFT MRS. GRACE D. WRIGHT nllf' iizf S --nw. .fe -.,,f 'I-i,5v4,1w-it H, ,.i .,Kisg., a MH 'xg if 'rx fmt at .ad I 4 S .xr ,ez s,:E5gH.,:'.:4', . fi ,N ,X A ,,,. . I ' .::::,,, i I .,...1 ,',., j '." ifV1A, I ,.4,1f,' .,,: 0 ,,,1:, Q, k W iff Q :,' k.q.. it .e ei ..- it ,ll ik Q its 5, Slit! A xiii lil Vikki ,W-s .: , 5 In L, ai Q4 2 it we 5 it K it :XV .... at ...l Z 3 ,W .... ,4 .,. T, :-..-"' g G -Q09 ML-s 5 .av , Yi , A ll? ' 4 gf... J K ' ' :. -: L3 .'.I..... .f ::5:5f. ' 'I 41.11 'A 'Q -5... xt, 4 , Q J, x .z All Alike . . . and Dependable National quality-controlled fasteners are always uniform . . . in performance as well as construction. National makes more than 20,000,000 of them per clay, in thousands of types :mtl sizes . . . and makes them all to hold more tightly wherever they may be used, so that the products you make, buy or use will be stronger, last longer and serve better. li NZEQ - 1 A it swf sl gf - A s X sf 2:2 K9 9 l s f if -I 451: 1 .g if W' I I ,, .,.: up '- .,: , -4 .if , - we -513 44' J ' "A' 1' 55: ,, .-v. I If -.15 ..,: I '----- :Q . '. x,,. V. :aiu 4 - ii 1 H A , . ..... .JC 'af . , - vw , Q- ? 'ii .. 5 3-5 A -lf? t . Y ,is3'fS?- 4 is: 'f ' N ::::, . , 1 3 -,'V. t.-:: v ff' A J ""' 2 2- :mf I ": E ,.. .5 ',,, , 1 5 ,, f 'K ..., V . Qf I3 '- ii ' if 'fi ,. - . K :-:- 1 1. S' ,Q ' ll f 8 . 'x .. L A1 AT gi' 4 It? 5 1 6 Xl 2' .:. AL ...,, I, ws, , ' fl . ,Q J, 3 39, .WJ ,I JA in 4' i 2, Q ' A 3: :QM 5,3 get mt 3 J, is? ,WE if lil 'a 912 .iii . 5 l in Xi ':':.:l sm 0 it W-fa. . it illlilki A-.,, 3, . Ki? ,xv THE NATIONAL SCREW 8. MFG. COMPANY Cleveland 4, Ohio Pacific Coasf: National Screw 8. Mfg. Co. of Cal. 3423 South Garfield Ave., Los Angeles 22, Cal. .g we an , FASTENERS Q? HODELI. CHAINS CHESTER HOISTS 5 pportunity Unlimited HAT WOULD HAPPEN if all Americans suddenly decided to cooperate with all other Americans-instead of attacking, suspecting, hat- ing? What if managers invested in new machines, workers used those machines efiiciently, managers shared the income from the machines with workers in wages, with consumers in lower prices, with owners in better profits? And what if government encouraged such investment by lower taxes made possible by the same efficiency in government as the new efficiency in factories? Sounds so simple-and it is. Yet it would usher in the greatest period of prosperity and security that America ever saw or dreamed of. And it's the only way we can have lasting prosperity instead of the false boom we have had of inflation, destroyed savings, destructive top-heavy debt. 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T1 A e -- Ready to provide your every food need-wi I h quick Friendly Seruire F I S H E R F 0 0 D S "Champions of Good Lirinizf' Complirnents of Tonyis Gift Shop DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY O Special Discount Rates For FENN College Students Tony Sonfoli, Agent: D. W. Peters 607 Schofield Building Cleveland 15, Ohio Business Phone Residence Phone MAin 'I-4938 RAndoIph 'I-8622 Coznplilnents of a FRIEND Get That Good Home Cooking at George Zahorsky's FIVE SONS CAFE 4829 Superior Lyle - Auto - Fire TR I-3722 TR 1-2277 JAMES A. PROKASY 25522 Lorain Rd. Representing FARM BUREAU INSURANCE CO. Let Jean Sardou P0l'tP3itS record all the important events in your life Your Uficial Photographer Jean Sardou Studio, Street Floor TAYLOIVS COVERS FOR THE 1953 FANFARE MANUFACTURED BY THE MUELLER ART COVER 8g BINDING CO. 15ofh as. Brookpqrk we. I-8200 HOTEL Tudor Arms Excellent Facilities Ba nquets-Dances-Meetings PQ! Richard Post Sam W. Gerstner MARTRIDE MANAGER lO66O Carnegie Ave. CE I-4600 A Melrose Hotel Our Associations with the students of FENN on our stiaf have always been most pleasant CJ PERRY HOUSE PARKING What is Visioneering Visioneering is that certain some- thing born in some men who can vision and create by allowing their imagination to soar to new heights. Forgetting old assumptions, con- ventionalisms, preiudices, and re- turning to earth blazing a new trail with new sound actualities to design things for the furtherance of man- kind .... That's Visioneering 1800 East 27th Street MAin 1-7310 li, L 'Wx f' , 1 ' R 4 WHAT DoEsA ew COLLEGE GIRL I WANT IN A JOB? Q' Xxfhi A Many of your friends have found the Service Representative's position to be the answer. Colne in and talk it over. THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 125 Clevelancfs finest Photo-Engraving Plcmt Serving Qbioys finest Schools 4 r r pi L. . CLEVELAND ENGRAVING CO 310 LAKESIDE AVE., N. W. MA 1-405 THE Beta Beta Alpha FRATERNITY offers BEST WISHES for SUCCESS TO ALL GRADUATING SENIORS PARK LANE VILLA 10510 PARK LANE CE. 1-0080 17176-v not 123' om' berzulyfzzl lmll1"00m.f0f'y0zz1' dances? Special Rates For FRATERNITIES and SORORITIES FINE FOODS COCKTAIL LOUNGE Call Mrs. Heller For Reservations FRATERNITY cmd SORORITY JEWELRY v HONOR KEYS 0 AWARDS TROPHIES - MEDALS 0 PLACQUES MADE TO ORDER CLEVELAND METAL SPECIALTIES CU. 1783 East 2151 Street Greetings from Congressrnan FRANCES P. BOLTON 22.14 DISTRICT Compliments of CHESTER GRILL COMPLIMENTS OF BOB KAYLER New York Life Insurance Representative EV 2-0036 CH 1-8060 Congratulations to the Senior Class of .1953 from Lambda Sigma Chi Autographs .1

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