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l,f , X N ff ' X' X l X l l ll, 'x X xx ,N lx If N X ll, 'lx xx ,X , 1 f Z X R X' 1 e x iv N !!!f"fZ?x'l.Kv, lx ff! 'X ,,,. N XXX IVA, xx uf!! XXX. H ,. A' l XX 1 X J lf ll 4 X xx XX XXX Xe X! 'N f 'X 1 f xx ff ff XXX XXX XX X V, Published by the Students of elienn College . 1 Xz'yX-X i Xi f r , I9 l. X58-8 +1 ---5 , , ea ia Ziffing in 0 fAe 66 Lee A of .gnclurifry w ,-,..- X ff XXS ,fi X VXA-xW1kH ff r X, I I sl 1 1 1 ,X f' 1 -X! X j f x f fx X xx! x I f , X X px xv ,X fx '?f'Y'w, ff W J T533 f-K 1 X X N. N ,ff X, , . XT 1. J ,f f X QifiiEQvfWmE V V- f H ff i A E x 'sf ., if G ,,..-' 5-5,-5 'FS 3' 4-5 ,915 4 X Since 1923, Penn has pioneered in the development and adapta- tion of the Co-operative Education Plan. The results of these years X of experience of fitting into the wheels of industry, may now be X measured by the attainments of graduates which strongly indicates x L""l the educational soundness of the co-operative system. W3 ll ll if a ii l To H i i s s i lg! Jill l J l'flJQ"i ll 3 f' 3 Retailing Kenneth W. Akers Griswold-Eshleman Co. Heating and Ventilating Lester T. Avery Avery Engeering Co. Machine Tool Elbert H. Baker, Jr. Locke Machine Company Legal Fred C. Baldwin Garfield, Baldwin, Jamison, Hope Cr Ulrich Banking 6' Finance Edward T. Bartlett Cleveland Trust Company Communications S. J. Begun Brush Development Co. Newspapers Paul Bellamy Cleveland Plain Dealer Legislative Frances P. Bolton Congress of the United States Specialty Mfg. Ralph F. Briggs F. Zimmerman Company Construction G' Architecture George A. Bryant The Austin Company Banking 6' Finance Harry F. Burmester Union Bank of Commerce Legal Howard F. Burns Baker, Hostetler, C1 Patterson To "The Corporation of Fenn Collegef' we dedicate this volume of the Fanfare. Their excellent leadership has been a guiding light in the accomplishments of our school. Therefore, we congratulate themg and We take this means of showing them that We as students also honor them for their efforts on our behalf. Legal Harold H. Burton U. S. Supreme Court Civic Welfare Leyton E. Carter Cleveland Foundation Nuts Cr Bolts Mfg. George S. Case, Jr. Lamson C7 Sessions Co. Institutions Guy J. Clark Cleveland Hospital Council Electrical Clarence L. Collens Reliance Electric E7 Engineering Company Aircraft Products James H. Coolidge Thompson Aircraft Products Company Electrical Equipment James W. Corey Reliance Electric G Engineering Company Machine Tool Jacob D. Cox, Jr. Cleveland Twist Drill Co. Recreation Louis D. Cull Glenn Valley Club Packaging Thomas F. Dolan Dobeckmun Company Automobile Dealers Ernest S. Dowd Dowd-Feder Inc. Beverages lan R. Dowie Brewing Corporation of America Automotive Mfg. Parts William C. Dunn Ohio Crankshaft Non-ferrous Metals Harold C. Erskine Aluminum Company of America Retail Ellwood H. Fisher Fisher Bros. Company Truck Mfg. Vollmer W. Fries White Motor Company Banking Cr Finance Ray M. Gidney Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Banking G' Finance George D. Gund Cleveland Trust Company Insurance Clayton G. Hale Hale C1 Hale Company Utilities Sydney L. Hall Cleveland Electric Illuminating CO. Medical Charles S. Higley Academy of Medicine of Cleveland Industrial Equipment James C. Hodge Wellman Engineering Co. Hydraulic Equipment Mfg. Edward Hrdlicka Hydraulic Equipment Company Finance Jay lglauer Financial Consultant Education Robert H. Jamison Member of the Cleveland Board of Education Paint Mfg. Adrian D. Joyce Glidden Company Screw and Bolt Mtg. Herbert P. Ladds National Screw 6' Mfg. Co. Metal Cutting Tools Paul E. Lees Standard Tool Company Electrical James F. Lincoln Lincoln Electric Company Tube Mfg. Fred W. Linderme Linderme Tool Co. Community Service Edward D. Lynde Welfare Federation of Cleveland Dairy Products H. F. Meyer Meyer Dairy Products Company Drugs George Miller Strong, Cobb G Co. fX X ff X ff f if Rx XX xx Graphic Arts R. Verne Mitchell Harris-Seybold Co. Insurance Herman Moss Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S. Machine Tools E. R. Motch, Jr. Motch 6' Merryweather Machinery Co. Aircraft Parts Mfg. Sam S. Mulling Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company Radio Cr Television John F. Patt WGAR Chemical Mfg. Allen T. Perry Harshaw Chemical Company Research J. H. Rand, lll H. J. Rand Er Associates Chemical Mfg. William S. Richardson B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co. Appliance Mfg. Albert S. Rodgers White Sewing Machine Corp. Materials Handling Lester M. Sears Towmotor Corp. Publishing Earl L. Shaner Penton Publishing Co. XJ 4 i V Y 5 V V V V V V i' i' V P X f" V, Medical Robert M. Stecher City Hospital Turret Lathes Mfg. Charles J. Stilwell Warner C7 Swasey Co. ff Restaurant Vernon B. Stouffer Stoufter Corporation Food Products Edwin Russell Swiler Northern Ohio Food Terminal, lnc. Medical Clarence M. Taylor Cleveland Clinic Fastenings George A. Tinnerman Tinnerman Products, lnc. Paint Mfg. R. A. Weaver Ferro Enamel Corporation Accounting Louis Carl Weiss Ernst C7 Ernst Ore, Coal Er Steamship Gerald S. Wellman Lake Carriers' Association x X. X AX, 2 X! Ref! ,XXX K X2 tx Public Relations V- Whiting Williams Whiting Williams Co Legal George V. Woodling Woodling C7 Krost Honorary Members Claud Foster Richard S. Huxtable Henry G. Tremmel eflfl OLUQI' FENN TOXVER, the center of Penn College "Campus," is located on the corner of Euclid and East 241:11 Street. A 21-story structure, the "ToWer', houses the major portion of Fenrfs classrooms, the men's dorm, a cafeteria, the library, and the administrative ofliees. Ql'll'l OLUQI' The first and second floors provide space for college and administrative oflices, the "Oakroom," the women's lounge, classrooms, and the bookstore. On the third floor the library and Panel Hall-the student lounge and ballroom -share honors. Physical education and health facili- ties, located on the fifth, sixth, and sev- enth floors, include swimming pool, gym- nasium, men's and women's locker rooms, handball court, and Student Health Serv- ice. The Ellwood H. Fisher Swimming Pool is particularly large and beautiful, with a balcony for spectators. Dormitory rooms on the eleventh through the sixteenth floors in the "Tower" accommodate 196 men stu- dents. Other floors in the building pro- vide for classrooms, faculty oflices, and laboratories. ' Cfaucle jodfer ngineering Zzzifchng The first step in Fenrfs expansion program stands in the form of the FOSTER ENGINEERING BUILDING. This modern building houses Fenn's mechanical engineering department, which has a fully equipped laboratory valued at S100,000. Also there are three floors of classrooms and offices. rofiloecf- germ gui! ing The PROSPECT-PENN BUILDING houses thirty classrooms and ten laboratories, including those for mechanical and metallurgical engi- neering, chemistry, and biology. . .1.H..:: -5:1 gfv' , ,s,4- sq , - -321. -- f A 1: Ml -1 It f fb X ,X fi ff ' - it , , 1. -f 'Q miniafrafion The advantages of attending a large college are many-from broader opportunities for study to a wider range of student acquaintances. And the organization which adds these advan- tages to college life at Penn is the seldom considered college administration. It is the group and authority responsible for college direction and prestige. It is the group and authority that supervises all faculty appointments and all campus addi- tions under the direction of the Board of Trustees. In a broad sense it coordinates the efforts of all the different schools and all the different faculties to provide an integrated plan of college life for all students here at Fenn. lfafience io differ, uf Lfd 7 O W H fl fnwllfilb QULJYUCQ EQGCOUCQCQZLO fi. ' ff! 0 ,-,, fx' k X' W X WW VF Avg? S Z lf " ' ' 'IJR X Wa Z X 'Q Vx X. 2155 f ,X Q24 NxH f asf A7 XXX!!! 65253 V gffxx 7 W K XV: 'UQHSXX 4 'MQ ,N , :WN f 5 gl l-loword R. Toylor Jr., BA. Asst. to the President Mr. Taylor, who has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Allegheny College, came to Penn in June of 1950 to take the position of assistant to the President, a post which the Board of Trustees had created be- cause the job of handling public relations had become so large and diversified. The job really covers three main fields-fund raising, public relations, and alum- ni relations. The ultimate object of this program is to carry out Fenn's development plan established by the Board of Trustees under Dr. Thomas. Definite progress has been made toward this goal by Mr. Taylor and by his continuing good Work, Eenn shall grow in stature. rediclenf ji O gee The Board of Trustees by appointing G. Brooks Earnest as acting president has shown that Penn will prosper throughout -the coming years. President Earnest was graduated from Case in 1927 and served on the faculty there for twenty years, coming to Penn last year as Dean of Engineering. President Earnest is active in many engineering and civic organizations-local, state, and government. By his past record and his Work while here at Penn he has shown he has the ability to provide the intelligent and capable leadership necessary for his important post. G. Brooks Eornest Acting President Charles J. Stilwell, Ch. Warner G Swasey Co. Elbert H. Baker, Jr. Loche Machine Co. George S. Case Jr. Lamson C1 Sessions Co. Leyton E. Carter Cleveland Foundation Vollmer 'W. Frier Adrian D. Joyce White Motor Co. Glidden Co. ' r 5' .9 ,.,. ,M A P Rf al W 'V r X Fred C. Baldwin - -r'.sqm,i,., 0611061 of ' l Garfield, Baldwin, Jamison, Hope G Ulrich Clarence L. Collens ,f ...WM Edward T. Bartlett Cleveland Trust James H. Coolidge jnuafeeo Harold H. Burton U. S. Supreme Court Jacob D. Cox Jr. Reliance Electric C1 Thompson Products Co. Cleveland Twist Drill Co Engineering T C Herbert P. Ladds James L. Myers Allen T. Perry National Screw Cleveland Graphite Harshow Chemical Co. Cr Mfg. Co. Bronze CO. tg, . tvfze- N , ig:-5. . V' he Vernon B. Stoutfer Clarence Taylor George V. Woodling Stoufter Restaurant Co, Cleveland Clinic Woodling 6 Krost MEMBERS OF THE BOARD NOT PICTURED Kenneth W. Akers Louis D. Cull Jay lglauer Griswold-Eshleman Co. Glenn Valley Club Retail Clayton G. Hale Edward Hrdlicka Robert M. Stecher Hale G Hale Co. Hydraulic Equipment Co. City Hospital Ellwood H. Fisher Fisher Bros. Co. .xdcfminidfrafion Meriam Clay Herrick, M.A. Director of Admissions Arthur P. Loegler, B.S. Director of Finance Foster T. Miller, M.A. Director of Student Activities and Guidance Lee A. Marshall, M.A. Admissions Counselor William A. Patterson, Ph.D. Registrar Ronald W. Thomson Asst. Finance Director Max B. Robinson, ME. Dean of Co-operative Training 0-0 8l06l,l"iI'l'LQl'lf Through cooperative education. the stu- dent comes to interpret both basic and specialized knowledge in the light of life's realities. That unsettled or Ufloundering aroundi' period after leaving college, so disturbing to many graduates of full time courses, is minimized or entirely avoided by the co-op whose most difiicult adjust- ments are already in the past. Here at Penn, we are surrounded by an unusual variety of business and industry. Literally, we do have the 'Kbest location in the nation" for gearing education to life. Let us make the most of our rich opportunity. red E. Lee Jr., B,B.A. Millard L. Jordan siness Coordinator Arts G Science Coordinator af ' 5 . I N KT. QB a . , Li 'i u WH f 2 ,Q , ' . f f 2 'W M1197 Wi ' -A' ' ' 'f " Z-2 V yi .. --f , 'K f, - QSAS' ' Z 32,1 :i,f"- ' L .. f-Qsfwigsgwlf + ' - 2516? , an -?7"5'i'5. 1' Q11-1 .,,. ,,., , . 3 - QQQQQF' - 'J "lava if Cecil L. Dobbins Engineering Coordinator f GLCM Paul Rollef Anders, AAB- John Arendt, Jr., M.S. Robert B. Auld, M.Ed. Degn of Business Adrninlsfrofion lI'1Sl'I'LJClOI', Sl'l'UC. EFIQ, li'lSl'l'UCl'OI', El"lQllSl'I Pauline Bloomquist, Eleanore J. Bouquard, Marie A. Center, A.B. A-B- M-A- Instructor, Sec. Studies Chairman, Dept. Sec. Vocotionol Counselor Studies Assoc. Prof, Sec. Studies E. Philip Earl, M.A. George F. Evans, B.S. Donald C. Fubel, George H. Faust, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Physics Instructor, Mech. Eng. D- EHS- Asst. Professor History Chairmen, Dept. Mech. Eng. Professor, Mech. Eng. Alberta Prasse Barnes, Jay Manton Berger, B.S. M.A. Instructor, Mothe- Instructor, Physics motics Samuel H. Berwalcl, Lloyd C. Billings, M.A. LLB-1 c-P-A- Instructor, Economics Choirmon Dept. Acctg. Asst. Prof. Acctg. Marion D. Cooper, Blake Crider, Ph.D. Randle E. Dahl, Ph.D. M-5- Choirrnon, Dept. Chairman, Dept. Ind. Professor, EIec. Eng. Psychology Rel. Professor, Psychology Professor, Ind. Relations -' Mojor B. Jenks, Ph.D., Deion of Arts G Science John A. Froebe, A.B., Frank J. Gallo, B.S.E. LL.B. Instructor, Struc. Eng. Asst. Professor Accounting GLC!! V. Richard Gulbenkian, Ph.D. Asst. Professor English C. Brooks Earnest, M.S.C.E. Dean of Engineering V Elmer E. Haskins, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Mathematics . . wi, . ,, . awk... " , , . , . I -. os. s . 1 A ,'4- Qs- f 9 P f rf is W 044 X sg V Q7 I is , A rf! ., f 3 WW ,f A 1 f , Q 154 s N: 2 SS 1' A ry A ' mg X 4 , A 4 fs, f sf o 1 fwr 9,2 ff, '92 ,f bf , 4 ff!! 1 f co if f , , ,, , , , - Robert W. Kollar, A.B. Karl David Kelly, M.S. Francis V. Higgins, Professor, Mathe- M5- matics Asst. Professor Mathematics George A. Leech, M.A. Lee A. Marshall, M.A. Assistant Librarian Dir. Pe-rs. Development Admissions Counselor Vocational Counselor 1 0 if if f , we-rv Wm. Franklin Moore, Lad A. Pasiut, Ph.D. M.A. Professor, Chemistry Asst. Prof. Sociology Dir. Religious Education Millard L. Jordan, Chester J. Kishel, B.S. M.A. Chairman, Dept. Choirmon, Dept. Mech. Eng. Sociology Asst. Prof. Mech. Eng. Professor, Sociology John Wilson McNeill, John C. Matthews, M.A. M.A. Choirmcin, Dept. Mgt. Assoc. Prof. Mgt. Asst. Prof. Educotion 2 3 f Dovid G. Porker, B.B.A. Asst. Deon of Business Administroti John Gilbert McGrew, Ph.D. Choirmon, Dept. Economics Professor, Economics Q, wie st 3 W r I 0 f Q2 f Q W 1,5 X ,yu WZ? ' M " 3 . f I , . soy, Q W -. ' :H .ezKVff9'3r. 7' , sw ,f-I .Z 1cy.sKjt4-gig Jane Pease, M.A. Dwight L. Penney, B.S. Randolph C. Randall, Wm. Von Reichbauer, Asst. Professor Instructor, Eng. Drg. M-A- M-A-I l'l"B- Physicol Education Chr. Dept. English Asst. Prof. Acctg. Professor, English Nicholas R. Rimboi, M.A. Asst. Dean of Engineering Director of Technical Institute Gtdllgy George J. Rung, B.S. Robert W. Schindler, Instructor, Physical M5- Eclucation Assoc. Prof,, Elec. Eng Aaron J. Teller, Ph.D. Demetrius E. Marion B. Tolar, M.S Chairman, Chemical Theodore: Pl"-D- Chairman, Dept. Eng. Assoc. Prof. Economics Mathematics Assoc. Prof. Chem. Eng. Sara Ruth W-afson, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. English H. E. Woodling, M.A. Chr., Dept. Health fr Phys. Education Professor, Health G Phys. Education Prof., Mathematics Vance Chamberlin, George E. Whalen B.Sc. Bldg. Supt. Asst. Prof. Mktg. X! Kenneth S. Sherman, B.S,E.E. Asst. Prof. Elec. Eng George B. Simon, Andrew B. Slivka, B.S. Richard B. Small, l-'ff-B- Instructor, Mech. Eng. M-A- Assoc. Prof. Speech Instructor, Mod. Lang. Donald R. Tuttle, Ph.D. Professor, English Curtis W. Verrell, Walter R. Van B.M.E. Voorhis, Ph.D. Instructor, Mech. Eng. Prof., Mathematics eIf'50l'l,l'l8 Alice Lewis R. Malcolm Sills, Emil Stefancic, Ola l. Twerell Grace D. Wright Restaurant Manager B-5-1 B-l--5- A-B-I B-5-'--5- Purchasing Agent Housemother Librarian Asst. Librarian and Bookstore Mgr. Mens Dorm eniorri The doors swing open and a group of scholarly robed men and women emerge. Some are smilingg others exchange pleasant remarks-all radiate an air of triumph and happi- ness. Triumphant they are because they have achieved their the world cheerfully. Although their task at Fenn is finished their quest for knowledge does not en-d. Their parting is drawing close but the ties of friendship will not be broken and memories of all that is good to recall will be everlasting. we roofd of e ucafion are differ goalg and happiness is theirs because they have learned to face v QQ X ffixf ff -Aivx-v? -T!-'7tQXg'Q LW X? 'fy E X 213 A X X5 QR ,135 X N Q XQQM fff ff? X ,f , f"' X XX X! wi XO x..f,,, QJIKXW X, x ,,xxiiX7X K Xyf Off N WG! W 'ff H UA IN Q Q Lf. W ji EZ f o fflflll f fe Qwfmaif M Qmffeeal, , f I If f U ' 1 1. I4 O 0 wg- -'IZ ff wf' Ny' 17 KL U M mi ,AV Damiano J. Albanese, l3.M.E. Iota Eta Fraternity A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Intramural Sports Floyd J. Anderson Jr., B.C.E. A.l.C.E. A.C.S., Vice Pres. Sal F. Artino, B.M.E. S.A.E.., Chairman A.S.M.E. Iota Eta Fraternity Cauldron Staff Senior Committee Alyce Decker Aust, B.S. Wing and Torch Gamma Nu Sigma Sorority, V.P., Pres. Women's Council, Pres. W.A.A. Choir Robert M. Baker, B.M.E. A.S.M.E., Pres. Harrison Allen Jr., B.C.E A.l.C.E. A.C.S. Theodore E. Arthur, B.S. A.C.S. Plaul Asadorian, B.C.E. Varsity Basketball A.l.C.E. A.C.S. Iota Eta Fraternity "F" Club Sheldon Baer, l3.C.E. A.C.S., Pres., Sec'y A.l.C.E., Treas. Tau Kappa Phi l-larris Baldwin, BSE. A.S.C.E. Newman Club Psychology Club Rifle Club Henry F. Baron, B.M.E. Varsity Basketball Lambda Tau Delta Newman Club A.S.M.E. Dorm Council Joseph S. Bedoch B.C.E. A.I.Ch.E. A.C.S. Elmer A. Binner, B.A. Future Teachers of America John E. Bobal Jr., B.M.E. Iota Eta A.S.M.E. Intramural Bowling Intramural Baseball Murray Beckenstein, B.E.E l.R.E. A.l.E.E. Richard L. Binder, B.E.E Kappa Delta Phi A.l.E.E. l.R.E. William M. Blair, B.S.E.E A.I.E.E. I.R.E. Sterling H. Booth, B.S.E Senior Class President A.S.C.E., Sec'y Alpha Phi Omega Marthea M. Bowler, B.B.A Fenn Players Alpha Psi Omega Psychology Club Personnel Mgt. Assoc. Sociology Club James J. Boyd, B.B.A. Fenn Players Fenn Gun Club Newman Club Robert W. Breymaier, B. Robert K. Carruthers, B. Kappa Delta Phi A.S.C.E. Intramural Sports lntertraternity Council John P. Cawley, B.A. Cauldron Topper Ted L. Buczkiewicz, B.E.E. Phi Epsilon Nu A.I.E,E. l.R.E. E.E. Seymour John Caponero, B.E Phi Epsilon Nu, Pres. A.l.E.E. l.R.E. S.E. Charles I-I. Castle, B.M.E. Track Team A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Iota Eta "F" Club Allan B. Charpie, B.B.A. Student Council Cauldron Topper Alpha Chi Intramural Sports George Choma, B.E.E. Raymond E. Clark, B.M.E Cauldron S.A.E., Sec'y A.S.M.E. Iota Eta Alexander Collins, B.S.E. A.S.C.E. George C. Cooper, B.S.E. A.S.C.E. Anthony D. Cratsas, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. Howard R. Cumler, B.M.E. S.A.E. A.S.M.E. Intramural Sports David L. Darmstadt, B.S.M.E. A.S.M,E. S.A.E. Charles E. Cook, B.B.A. Gust L. Corpas, B.B.A. Fenn Marketing Assoc. Trowel Club Michael J. Crynock, B.B.A Alpha Chi Intramural Sports Men's Dorm Assoc. Bernard C. Curtiss, B.B.A. William C. Dfavis, B.E.E. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Varsity Track A.l.E.E. S.A.E. Wing and Torch Myron R. Day, B.M.E. Trowel Club, Pres. lota Eta, Prof. A.S.M.E., Sec'y S.A.E. Fenn Choir Joseph G. DiSalvo, B.C,E. A. l .Ch. E. Newman Club Intramural Sports Andrew G. Donovan, B.S.E. A.S.C.E., Pres. Phi Epsilon Nu, V. Pres. Gun Club James l-l. Dunn, B.M.E. Everett E. Evans, B.B.A. Charles C. Dick, B.S.M.E. Frank J. Dodic, BA. Psychology Club, Pres. Future Teachers of America Bridge Club Sociology Club Intramural Sports Stephen l-l. Duffala, B.M.E Kappa Delta Phi A.S.M.E. Phi Epsilon Nu George R. Espy B.M.E. A.S.M. Walter K. Facer, B.C.E. A.l.Ch.E. A.C.S. Blaise J. Ferrato, BA. Varsity Basketball Varsity Tennis Sociology Club "F" Club Intramural Sports Michael A. Fanelli, B.S.E. Newman Club A.S.C.E. Gun Club Kappa Delta Phi Ralph E. Foster., B.B.A. Al-bert E. Fischer, B.M.E. Technical Society Council, Sec'y S.A.E. A.S.M.E. Doniald R. Frenk, B.E.E. I,R.E. A.l.E.E. John B. Fox, B.E.E. A.l.E.E. l.R.E. Newman Club John A. Gallagher, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. John E. Frey, B.M.E. H. R. Gerlach Jr., B.B.A. Russell J. Gedeon, B.B.A. lntramural Sports , F 4 Z JQKQVVV if Q, - A 4 I 'Q' 7 mn WIN Y. if-2 . ,. J - f J .5 i.f'f 1.sr fl . 'Jan ' f 1 v' , s 5, Q. L. , 'ir 1 Y "1 priu s? , 'mqaaf,g,.r.-s J ' '11 .3-q.s'.w, -5 ' , ' f 'X r.. . -it J"-f-ir-'-1 . 4-9 We 4--.. V- L. i 'inf 1' . V-s'. Anthony A. Gale, B.C.E. A.l.Ch.E. Tech. Society Council A.C.S. S.A.E. Ignatius C. Gregg, B.M.E. Newman Club A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Men's Dorm Assoc. Herman J. Hammer, B.E.E. A.l.E.E. Alfred L. Harris, B.E.E. A.I.E.E. Jack Hedin, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. Ted Golebieski, B.M.E. Duane H. Grelson, B.S.E. Iota Eta A.S.C.E. "F" Club Swimming Team Richard E. Harbart, B.B.A. Intramural Sports Ellen E. Harris, B.S. Omega Upsilon, Pres. lntersorority Council, Pres. Women's Council Fenn Choir Intramural Sports Herbert E. Henderson, B.C.E. A.l.Ch.E. A.C.S. , 7'i'f'.1f'.f? 1f-1T' s' -- f -- . r it.. ,W fr j My . - fix 1. Q f-al . - V ': X wwf' 19 K 'A-if f fluff?-Srl 'A :gs X Qi, 1 b e P. .. X' A Xffiqifrf . ,- ' '- ., , gt sf i , . 1 K3,Q- .'.- swf- ... .. -s.:s:.Q:.:.:... x "" e,,.,.:f1':"f - eg f- 4 Ay -f Gegqkekf as ' 'f A 1. 1 A W ,X f - ff-as A if , 4' -.5 x 3 1 1, W i. "" 2 ' ' 'jg ' 4 -'gf Els' X 5 " fl: "CN X A ,' " -: 'ff Zry f1s,K'i:lQEfl',"' ., X Y t - -J t -m., . ,V- jff , U I . W 06? . .fl -qi, Y K M " ye 67 R f . 6... 7-, ,JW .:- rr. 1 J eff , . fl' AQ T 1 1 is Mai' ' X sg i r , If 1 - ifllii 4 . rm'-fz ' V mar: .-1,13 f Ernest C. Hendess, B.E.S. Gamma Delta S.A.E. Robert A. Henderson, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Raymond P. Hiznay, B.B.A. Newman Club Personnel Man. Assoc. Ralph P. Higgins, B.B.A. Roy C. Holzman Jr,, B.B.A. Alpha Chi Harvey F. Hohlfelder Jr., B.S.M.E. A.S.M.E. Golf Team oovadl Hull, BME. Paul J. Horvath, B.C.E. Albert L. Jenkins Jr., B.B.A Intramural Sports Edward F. Jablonski, B.S.S.E. Newman Club A.S.C.E. Gun Club Intramural Sports Florence H. Johnson, B.A. Evening Council Kappa Sigma Upsilon Psychology Club Night Shift David L. Kerr, B.M.E. David King, B.E.S. Varsity Track "F" Club Physics Club Robert W. Kirchhoff, B.B.A. Student Council, Pres. Men's Dorm Assoc., Pres. Personnel Management Assoc. Cauldron Psychology Club Frank Kraus, BA., B.S. Louis A. Karman, B.C.E. A.l.Ch.E. A.S.C. Thomas Kinder, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. S.A.E. James Vance King, B.S.M.E John F. Kostelich, B.E.E. A.l.E.E. Clement A. Kuhrnan, B.C.E. Newman Club A. l.Ch. E. A.C.S. Louis W. Lautermilch, B.S.E. A.S.C.E. Donald E. Lewis, B.E.E. l.R.E. A.l.E.E, Eugene F. Lohrey, B.B.A. Arthur Lustig, B.A. Liberal Club, Sec'y Fenn Gun Club Future Teachers of America Intramural Sports Mary J. S. Magee, B.S. Choir Fenn College Nurse Charles Leoniard, B.M.E. Iota Eta A.S.M.E. Intramural Sports Francis B. Linert, B.S. Nite Shift, Asst. Editor Chorus Outdoor Club Newman Club Anthony Lungo, B.S.E.E. Lambda Iota Delta Evening Council Outdoor Club Edward T. Maciag, B.S.E.E Lambda lota Delta Outdoor Club Frank Mahne, B.C.E. A.C.S., V. Pres. A.l.Ch.E., Pres. Technical Society Rita Rose Martens, B.l3.A. Lambda Sigma Chi Student Council Fenn Players Alpha Chi Wing and Torch Frank Regis Matejcik, B.B.A Eugene R. McCarthy, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Iota Eta Robert McCleave, B.S. Iota Eta Freeman Theodore McFiadden, B.M.E. A,S.M.E. S.A.E. Iota Eta Ben Mclntire, B.B.A. Fenn Marketing Assoc. Fenn Choir Franklin R. Melena, B.S.S.E. F.S.S.E. ' A.S.C.E. Intramural Sports Harry W. Miller, B.M.E. lata Eta Trowel Club S.A.E. A.S.M.E. Joseph Charles Monastra, B.M.E. Iota Eta A.S.M.E. S.A.E. William C. Moore, B.M.E. Kappa Delta Phi A.S.M.E. Xopher W. Moyer, B.B.A Robert McGuire, B.E.E. John E. Napletana, B.A Varsity Basketball Intramural Sports Fenn Bridge Club, Pres. Student Development Comm. Richard F. Neu, B.C.E. A. l .C.E. A.C.S. Paul Pianasik, B.E.E. A. l . E.E. Student Council Newman Club Edmund A. Murphy, B.M.E. Iota Eta A.S.M.E. Intramural Sports William Nanlc, B.E.E., B.E.S l.R.E. Varsity Fencing Ralph E. Nemecelc, B.S.E. A.S.C.E. lntramural Sports William S. O'Brien, B.E.E. Senior Class, Vice-Pres. A.l.E.E., Treas. Varsity Tennis Technical Society Council Intramural Sports James Earl Perdue, B.A. William R. Perry, B.M.E. A,S.M.E,, Treas. S.A.E. Intramural Sports Choir Walter Podolny Jr., B.S.E. A.S.C.E., Vice-Pres. Iota Eta S.A.E. Fenn Technical Society William A. Raimer, B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha Fanfare Fenn Marketing Assoc. Men's Dorm Assoc. Newman Club Ronald Fred Reinke, B.B.A. Lambda Tau Delta Intramural Sports Joseph M. Roessler, B.S.E. A.S.C.E. S.A.E. Trowel C'lub Intramural Sports F.S.S.E. Gail C. Peters, B.M.E. S.A.E. A.S.M.E. Dormitory Council Roger William Quirk, B.E.S Varsity Sw-imming "F" Club S.A.E. Intramural Sports Leon J. Reid, B.B.A. Raymond E. Richards, B.E.S Iota Eta Alpha Phi Omega Trowel Club S.A,E. A.l.P. Anton Frank Rotar, B.S.E. A.S.C.E. Kappa Delta Phi Charles W. Sablack, B,E.E. Ralph L. Sabiers Jr., B.M.E. A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Edward A. Satmary, B.M.E. Iota Eta A.S.M.E. William Bruce Sanderson Jr., B.S.E. A.S.C.E. ' S.A.E. Iota Eta "F" Club Varsity Baseball Richard F. Schubert, A.l.C.E., Treas. A.C.E. Gerald Thomas Schubert, BBA. Andrew R. Schurger I Donald B. Schrock, B.C.E. Fenn Technical Society, Pres. A.l.C.E. A.C.S. S.A.E. Bob Semega, BB. Herbert W. Scibbe, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. Intramural Sports f. fl l',, 1 ' 7 ' if pi. , f , f , Mmm? f ff f , f f f f X 1 J, 'fy 7 K! f 1 f f' f , we B.C.E. B.B.A. r, ' ,,,, f . , ,f H , ' -.-. A .... ' V f .... 1 :ig l W ,,..., , , , Q . . Q ' ,' W' f., . ,gf ' - ,. 'f-' . , V, ,A -s -S M 1 1 , 5 5 -2 ,f. .,ffQf.. . ' Richard F. Seyfried, B.E.E. A.l.E.E. William Sianti, B.E.E. A.l.E.E., Sec'y l.R.E. Intramural Bowling Sidney A. Simon, B.M.E. Tau Kappa Phi, Pres. A.S.M.E., Sec'y. Fenn Choir lnterfraternity Council Intramural Sports Laura Skolski, B.S. Wing and Torch Gamma Nu Sigma, Pres. Women's Council Fenn Choir Intramural Sports Betty Ann Snoke, B,M.E. Intramural Sports Fenn Choir A.S.M.E. Cauldron Michael Shuga, B.S.E. Aad Sigmond, B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha 'Wing and Torch Alpha Phi Omega Student Council Men's Dorm Council Frank C. Sirc, B.M.E. Lambdo lota Delta Lawrence P. Slivlca, B.E.S Robert M. Speidel, B.B.A Evening Council Night Shift Student Organization Sociology Club 1 E 5, N.- ,,.,. 4 X, . V 4, . -X M- V .-mf. S5df"v" Q. ijvf . .,5 "i: . Richard G. Stiles, B.E.S., B.E.E Leonard J. Spiewacki, B.M.E. Varsity Baseball Intramural Sports S.A.E. A.S.M.E. Harry A. Story, B.M.E. A.S.M.E. IDuke Univ.l Delta Tau Delta IDuke Univ.l George A. Story, B.E.E. Student Council Cauldron Men's Dorm Council Fenn Band Mac Strong, B.E.E. Phi Epsilon Nu Fenn Technical Society, Pres. Institute Radio Engineers A.l.E.E. Charles Straubel, B.S.E. Kappa Delta Phi lntertraternity Council Intramural Sports A.S.C.E. Marjorie Taylor, B.S. Gamma Nu Sigma, Sec'y. 'Wing and Torch, Vice-Pres. Women's Council, Vice-Pres. Cauldron Fenn Players Alma Jean Sutter, B.A. Gamma Nu Sigma, Sec'y. Cheerleader F.T.A., Sec'y. Fenn Choir Women's Athletic Assoc. Ralph C. Thompson ll, B.A. Evening Council Student Development Comm. Alpha Sigma Iota Night Shift Maynard Taylor, B.S.E. A.I.P. S.A.E. Gun Club Brice E. Thornton, B.E.S. Phi Epsilon Nu A.l.P. S.A.E. Varsity Track Dorm Council Ralph E. Tjust, B.S.E. Sigma Nu A.S.C.E. Edward O. Uhrig, B,E.E. Kappa Delta Phi Varsity Fencing l.R.E. George F. Veverka, B.Met.E. Louis T. Vyhnalek, B.M.E. David G. Tiber, B.S.E. Kappa Delta Phi A.S.C.E. Varsity Basketball Varsity Tennis "F" Club William S. Tuma, B.E.E., B.E.S A.l.E.E. l.R.E. Irene Urban, B.B.A. Evening Council Alpha Sigma Iota Kappa Sigma Upsilon Women's League Night Shift George E. Vogel, B.B.A. Glen Thomas Wagner, B.B.A. Men's Dorm Council Trowel Club Fenn Players Intramural Sports Fenn Choir Thomas A. Weber, B.S.E. Iota Eta, Pres. Junior Class, Treas. A.S.C.E., Treas. S.A.E. F.S.S.E. Margaret Whitacre, B.S. Fenn Gun Club, Sec'y. Omega Upsilon Outdoor Club lntersorority Council F.T.A. Boleslaw Woloszynek, B.S.E.E. A.l.E.E. Joseph E. Young, B.S.E. Kappa Delta Phi A.S.C.E. Donald C. Ziehm B.B.A. John F. Weidman, B.M.E. Varsity Golf Newman Club, Treas. Bridge Club A.S.M.E. S.A.E. Bruce T. Whitehouse, B.M.E. Paul Yasaki, B.M.E. Iota Eta A.S.M.E. S.A.E. William R. Zelenlaa, B.S.M.E. Evening Council Alpha Sigma Iota Lambda lota Delta Night Shift A.S.M.E. Stanley J. Zlatkauckas, B.B,A, Varsity Golf Fenn Choir Q. .,ff w , , -V W - fffff QNX ., .-3,4 y, Mlfwuair 1 V' . me-Q1 5 Alpha Chi Cauldron Yjnclercfaddmen Education is not complete if it consists of but mere knowl- edgeg education must include the "knowing how." Knowing how has revolutionized the world more during the last two centuries than in all the years of existence combined. Was it because a number of men had but mere knowledge? Surely, mankind had knowledge before Faraday, James Wat-t, Cart- wright an-cl many others after them had ever lived. No, it was not because these men had knowledgcg it was because they "knew how". A charge of electricity was known since 150 B.C.: 'but through all the ages it was nothing but a scientific curiosity until Faraday came along who 'Kknew how" to induce a cur- rent, and thereby he laid the foundation of the unparalleled triumph of modern electricity. fAe ecluca i86! X - . v V W wg .fi ' 5 'W E Cline Pee. '95 , v va- wdf Q ,'Nvf -- f - gpicfefud uniord Louis l-lartman Merle Marxen John l-luclak, Jr. Glenn Cook James Wintermute Larry Slivka Bob Marshall Dan Luvison Ray Champa Tony Nuccio Mike Bretz Ed Fails Cliff Marquardt Lawson Anderson Tom Bright Don Tache Ben Shupe Dominic Fiorilli Doug Fortner Don Peters Ed Esber Dorothy Liponye Doris New Fron Block Roy Morris Raymond Clifford Jose Mdrrero-Torres Clarence Powlicki Som Siple Poul Collumb Don Corcelli John Brad-orich union! John Fonda Mary Ellen Murphy Allene ToTh Bob Drake Leonard Kosucla Walter Fricker Dell Rice , Jr. Alyce Mapp A. Cassese B. Brajer Leroy Reeves Marsha ll Brown Gilbert Smith C. J. Schroeder Noel Hunsinger Paul Grevstad re- union Margaret Hanson Dorothy Pastis Jacquie DeBevits Ralph Zavesky Richard Winn Joe Wishnosky Jack Graham Robert Love John Petrenchik Culver Eyman Richard Green Christopher Gibson Robert Mouat Robert Futryk - uniorfi Don Evans Don Harroff George Fikoris Eugene McCormick Bill Lund Ed O'lJaughlin Alex l-Ialmasy Wm. Welter, Jr. Raymond Abe Edward Beck Tom Rivenbark Dean Pittenger John Daralukas Al Znidarsic Joe Lasenyik Carl Addams Lorene Draudf Lewis Bechtel Carl Ford Mory .lone Frye Sylvio Zbikowski Robert Werner John Foytik Poul Winslow Ken Flowers Conrocl Schroder Jim Hickey K. Difiore A. Olwniocker Bob Smith Joe Coda Roger Knott Robert Murdock Jock Cope Don Moeller Ed Kolberg Sp 0l'l'l,0l"85 Left to rigbzf sfzzrtirzg wifh the front row first, John Beckman Joe Baginski Dick Baker Stan Novak Bill Anderson Bob Franfz Harry Clarke Norman Sherer Eugene Spezilale Walter Plumb Cliff Murphy, Richard'Hejduk, John Simon, Bill Andrew Baumgardner Jim Collins Don Lipster Sepsi, Ted Pinney, Charles Knapp, Eugene Weak- Gene Bujoll, Hank Moscarino Bill Miethke Jim and. Martin. Ann Chan Edward Seigerst Alma l-linson Harvey Clarke Wendell Kucera Bernie Steen Dean Whiteman Sis Varga Don Dziak Carol MacDonald D. Golem,J.Croftchonock, A. Melc:hrei'r,J. Hosa, R. Williams, M. Wiendel, J. Rein, M. Soltes H. Wagner. H. White. M. Baker G. Bush L. Meister H. Davies J. Baumgartner gl"Q5Al'l'l8l'l Left to right starting 'WN with the front row frst First row: Edward Williams Harry Brown Norb Smiechewicz James Crook Christy Spoa Ronald Mozzetti Second row: Richard l-llarris William Palley Morton Klausner Richard Dimond Joe Reiner Third row: Al Ainsworth Henry Vincenty Edward Ackerly Howard Crozier James Albert Ronald Kinkopf John Ciula Kneeling: Jack Meinke Charles Young Standing: Ralph Meilander Bill Miles John Wright Bob Gumaer First row: Richard Verostko Jim Russ Bill King Bill Schuler Second row: Channing Noel Bob Schultz Ron Hfarpster Coleman Waite Robert Larussi Tlaircl row: Bill Szabo George Labarre Left to starting right with the front row frst First vow: Franklin E. Zeigler Louise Fedorchek Natalie Dillard Ed Foley Second row: Harry Altman John Anitas Merril Cermak Bob Barber Tfaird row: Sheldon Mapel, Jr. Neal Mowery Domenic Orlando John Kennedy Glen Drellishak First row: Bill Haas Rick McCann Second row: Ed Martin Harry Sleith Don Kuharik First row: Melvin Kose Douglas Sawin Al Daniels Jim Hudak E. A. Capadona Raymond Barta Second ro-zu: Victor Jacko Norman Cizek Al Hiauch Bert Bacskai Rich Leskovec Dave Gergory Third row: George Gott Robert Schulz John Ewoshinka Judson Bennett Edward Schirmer Richard Stock cfiuifiezi The college laboratory in which humanism, personality, leadership, and responsibility are developed and analyzed consists of school organizations. In order to be a leader one has to practice leadership. In order to be able to assume responsibilty one has to practice shouldering responsibility. In order to understand human nature one has to deal with human beings. In order to develop a congenial personality one has to have intimate friends who reflect the faults of one's character. The equipment and ma- terial for these experiments can be found in extra curricular activities. Fenn has a variety of organizations to satisfy any taste or to fulhll any need. V af acfion id Leaf wAicA rocurea f WAFS-fgfw SEQX b Q x wk 1 if www Qwevlfegif Zafaapjpvimzecii Zggfwgmfgiif W f O ':3'JQ4Ql fc1,Qam5v0m ag .giuclenf Counci Vice President ....... .. Recording Secretory ...... Corresponding Secretory . . Treosurer ........... . . R. W. Kirchhotf President of Student Council Day Student Council, the governing body of all student activities, is an organization representing the student body. It controls the student activities fees and is responsible for the disbursement of funds to Day School activities. These activities include: the three publications, the honorary fraternities, varsity and intramural sports and student supervisory groups. ' The aim of the Student Council is "to secure the highest standard of schol- arship, promote good fellowship, encourage extra-curricular activities, and develop civic conscientiousness among members of the college. . President ........ . . . Asst. Treosurer ..,..,. . . Bob Kirchhotf Torn Rivenbork .... Doris Neu . . John Foytic . . . Don Locer Allen Chorpie Doris Neu, Tom Rivenbork, Mr. Miller, Don Locer, Allan Chiorpie, John Foytik ouncz .xdcfion Bob Tursic Paul Sclfienck Gil Reese Frank Zeigler Marcy Zeedick Marge Taylor Joe Zombor Bill Quallich Don Peters Jean Hamilton Howie Davies William Swartz Editor Cl,l'l!Cl,l"2 Advisor ......... Vance Chamberlin Editor ............ ........ B ill Swartz Business Manager .... .... L ewis Bechtel Asst. Editor ..... Assoc. Editor ..... Asst. Bus. Manager Make-up Editor .. Photography Editor Faculty Editor .... Sports Editor ..... Fraternity Editor . . Sorority Editor .... Advertising Editor Asst. Advertising . Asst. Advertising . Circulation Manage Senior Editor .... I' Al Znidarsic . . . .loe Lasenyik . . .. Carl Ford ,... Bill Dew ... Bill Quallich ..... Bill Raimer DonTache Mary Ellen Murphy . . . Mary Zeedick . . . . Don Peters .. Ted Griffiths Ed Esber ..... Ben Shupe .. . Joe Zombor M. Zeedick, B. Swartz. Carl Addams, Don Tache. Hamilton, D. Peters, J. Zombor, AI Znidarsic, J. Lasenyik, Carl Ford Zeedick. The Fanfare, which is the annual publication of the Day Student Council, was first started in 1930, for the purpose of giving each student a composite picture of the passing years that they spent in school. Ed Esber, B. Raimer, D. Peters. Lewis Bechtel Business Manager X, N C6tlfL!6!l"0l'l George Story, Jeanne Varga Ed. Esber, Carl Addams, Joe Cada Ben Slfmupe AI Walk Don Peters 4 Lorraine Mernich Bill Quallich I X Q Business Manager r f ? Q 9 Q f X Bob Allgeier Co-Editor Bob Allgeier, Tom Rivenbark ......... Co-Editors Lorraine Mernick .......,..... Managing Editor Albert Borazanilan . . . ..... News Editor Bob Dickey ..... . . .Make-up Editor Don W. Peters . . . . . .Business Manager Jean Hamilton ............ Circulation Manager Bob Marshall, Charles Meek ........ Accountants Edward Esber ............ Advertising Manager Tom Rivenbark Co-Editor The Cazzldrori, weekly student publication of Fenn College, was organized in 1929. It attempts to give facts, cover sports, relay gossip and all items of interest. The purpose of the Cauldron is to voice the opinion of the student body and promote collegiate activities. It is truly the melting pot of all col- lege news. ' E. Rigerman, Andy Bournglardner, M. Colvin Bill Haas, Bob Tursic, Don Kubarik, Ed. Martin Pat Hortord, Leory Reeves 66l,lfL!6!I"0l'l George Story, Jeanne Varga Ed, Esber Carl Addams Joe Coda Don Peters Business Manager Ben Slfmupe Al Wolk Bill Quallich Lorraine Mernich 4 l gr l Bob Allgeier Co-Editor Bob Allgeier, Tom Rivenbark ......... Co-Editors Lorraine Mernick ...,......... Managing Editor Albert Borazanifan . . . ..... News Editor Bob Dickey ..... . . .Make-up Editor Don W. Peters . . . .... Business Manager Jean Hamilton ............ Circulation Manager Bob Marshall, Charles Meek ........ Accountants Edward Esber ............ Advertising Manager Tom Rivenbark Co-Editor The Cazzlrlron, weekly student publication of Penn College, was organized in 1929. It attempts to give facts, cover sports, relay gossip and all items of interest. The purpose of the Cauldron is to voice the opinion of the student body an-cl promote collegiate activities. It is truly the melting pot of all col- lege news. - E. Rigerman, Andy Baumglardner, M. Colvin Bill Haas, Bob Tursic, Don Kultmarik, Ed. Martin Pat Harford, Leary Reeves Bernie Steen ramaficd Bill l-lilgendorff Bill Quollich Jock Rein Jeanne English Tom Hormon Delores Mische Sylvia Zbikowski Dick Stouse Joan Hujor Dove Minick Fenn's dramatic society is one of the older organizations on the campus Grganized in 1937, its purpose is to cultivate and develop an interest in dra- matic arts, and all sciences related to the theater. They may be found in operation on the 20th floor in their appropriately named clubroom "Club 20.,' President .... Vice President Secrero ry .... Treosurer . . ... John Revelt l . . . Dick Fromson . .Audrey Zimmer .. . . . Joe Zombor Cliore Buescher Chester Ozog Liz Corsoteo John Reveit Audry Zimmer Joe Zombor Prof. Srail geflfl Cofige Anne Hisey Director of Music The College choir has long been a shining star in Penn activities. This year they presented their first operetta, Pirates of Penzance. The choir sponsors sors the annual "Play Night" and presents the all-school Christmas program. Also concerts are given on Sunday's during each quarter. They also perform regularly at Convocation, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. i t in an 9 EPC Wing and Torch, organized in 1930, is an honorary society for students who are active in extra-curricular activities. Each spring a group of upperclassmen are admitted to the society according to the number of points they have acquired. The aims of Phi Epsilon Nu are the promotion of high standards of scholarship and service to the school. Election to the fraternity is made from the upper quarter of the Senior Class and the upper eighth of the Junior Class. Each successful candidate is required to present a prepared paper of at least five hundred words on an engineering topic. fgkz gpadidin u rowe! CM The Trowel Club was organized for those people who 'belonged or were friends of people who belonged to the Master Masons. Its purpose is to promote fellowship among its members and to push the purpose of Masonry. The FTA is a branch of the National Education Association. It aims to satisfy the demand for more and better teachers. Here at Fenn, the members become familar with the profession's history, ideals, and methods. The students aided by the FTA strive to turn these ideals into a concrete reality. Ugg it .AIOAQ Mi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, was founded on the campus in May of 1948. The fraternity is open to everyone providing the student can meet the one requirement-he must have been affiliated with the Boy Scouts oi America. Member in Alpha Phi Omega does not prohibit membership in a social fraternity. Each year they sponsor the Ugly Man Contest to raise money for the March of Dimes. MFL CLA J4 ,aka CL The Alpha Chi Honorary Fraternity is the honorary scholastic society of the Day Division of the Business Administration School at Fenn College. Elec- tion to the fraternity is reserved for Juniors an-d Seniors who have maintained a cumulative average of at least 3.0 and have shown that they possess a high level of character and leadership. The Penn Gun Club was started in September of 1948. The Club received its charter from the National Rifle Association in December. The purpose of the organization is to promote good sportsmanship, good fellowship and above all to teach its members safety in the use of firearms. The Gun Club is designed for all students of Fenn who are interested in shooting, hunting or gunsmithing. alfefing Jdociafion The Marketing Association was organized for the purpose of studying and discussing current marketing problems, to provide a local forum for discussion and research, and to offer members the opportunity to enjoy social contacts with others in the Held. The "FU Club was organized in 1931, by a group of Penn Varsity athletes and Coach Homer E. Woodling. The purpose of the club is to promote appre- ciation of the varsity UF" and to stimulate student interest in athletics. gdiczi CLA u The Physics Club of Fenn was formed for all those students who are interested in physics. Membership in the club may be obtained either by applies- tion to the club or invitation from the club. ocio 0 CLA The Sociology Club of Penn was organized for the purpose of bringing together students interested in first hand contact with sociological institutions and problems in and around Cleveland. This is accomplished by discussions and conducted tours of the city. fQWf,,,z,,, cm J 'fl 41 W l 2 i -w -,I J fl Li A The Psychology Club composed of Day and Evening students, was organized to promote interest in psychology among its members. To obtain this end, monthly meetings are held which include lectures by prominent psychologists, Held trips and Dr. Crider's hypnosis demonstrations. 7 en 6 orm ounci The Men,s Dorm Council was chartered in 1940 to act as the governing body of the Fenn Dormitory Association. All residents of the Men's Dormi- tory are members of the Association by Virtue of their residence. Principle function of the Council is: to act as a mediator between dormitory residents and the School Administration. ,ngineerd oinf ounci The objects of the Engineers Joint Council are to bring together the mem- bers of technical, scientific, and engineering organizations at Penn, for the h ' f the individual organizations to the cooperative effort to increase t e services o O individual members. The American Chemical Society is open to any student majoring in chemistry A C S embershi rovides occasion to develop leader- or chemical engineering. . . . m p p h' h h t'c' ation in the various chapter activities, both local and regional. s ip t roug par 1 ip A CAS merican ociefy 0 Weckanicaf gingineem The Penn student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was granted a charter from the national organization following the accreditation of the School of Engineering by the Engineers Council for Professional Devel- opment. Membership is open to engineering students in both day and evening divisions. The organization attempts to broaden the students acquaintance with the practical side of mechanical engineering. The student is kept informed of engineering progress through speakers and through the monthly edition of the national organization's magazine. CA. if The Penn Chapter of American Institute of Chemical Engineers was char- tered in 1948 and is open to all students registered in the Chemical Engineering Dept. of Penn. Its purpose is to gain more knowledge of the Chemical Held by having numerous speakers and field trips each month. The Society of Automotive Engineers was chartered in 1944 with the inten- tion of promoting the Arts and Science and Engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of automotive apparatus. I ociefg of Gui! gngineerd The Society of Civil Engineers which used to be the Society of Structural Engineers is the oldest professional organization on the campus. Its main pur- pose is to promote further interest in structural and civil engineering. ,SWE The purposes of the Institute of Radio Engineers are the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of electronics and communications, as well as to further the professional development of the student. ' The American Institute of Electrical Engineers was chartered in 1941, and is recognized by the national Electrical Engineers Society. Its purpose is to further the student's education in this particular phase of engineering. M4365 ZW-xx if ,-vigrx. . 'fi ,bn Q ,-Sl 7 T . .5 q . . t -I Q, Q f ff A3 fs N in ,ffmgf ,g A . ----m-Qm,4.. .... " 9 Q . Q, .fg- Q: 4. . X, if P ?f fiffw K 'V X' Q9 .,.. I 13. 3, in x. 4 xv rf 4 sf f Ke. Q ? W ' 1 yi' f , . V , 2.3: -0- ' ,N Ay W .Q 4 5 379 5, we . S. QQ if Ex , ff ' Km 4.22 .Vs ' 1514... Q - .'7y,,i, 6,1-wi X011 .ef-4 gif '- , X., .mi if Q 4 -1 X I ,V ev fvw ,M ' Q 2 -3 if-N M , ' , . x 1, XE. .Z , -, ' Q ' 4' E . -- .My ' ' 'iz mi 32 fm Willy! V . , ,K E, . 3 .mmm V Maw.-M ff 5-Q N I ' 4 4 www iw v is f QQMWM , 1 44 im M . - 1 4 ffm' 1 f'ww'A M ' 1. Sltwpiwdfahffi ' x "3'4""'w,w , f ' 4.2 ,gi fini A.. ' 1 -Z , . ,, VA wi :. 1 .4 . F! yo 5 W2 . 'Q . " L ,. V f M ,,-,. sg: , 1 K K M B Q is 7 X xx fyyz Viv? ? , Q V 'Nw z .2 ii 7' v f' I 5 S f 4 N z Zig 5 " Q A55 i 54 1 X , V 4 1:3 X Sf Q , f I 5 gl X E bf 02 K 1 '. c , QA 2? " 'is , .gh K 5 1, 1 M ,fx 1 M, ' 1 mf,M .i 3 ay 2? JY' v 5 1 .5 Q, . s , h x M Q G A j . 1 ' 01x W. . 9 . ,qi p ,A , a . 11 Z. , .1 V 4:7 . Z' 2 if M 1- Qi 4 ' , ,U g W 1 , M, . w ' - H- W j 1,,.-A-- Z,,-- . 5 : -1 -,, f f f - , A I, W -LF. f 'f . X xgv A ,QM xw, f ffm 3 , 1.,,. M fa lg , ix P 1 . . 1 . , , ' I ' E... K Ik' ft 1 . Wm '33 k f- ' ,ULU A 1 . P , ' QQ S234 A .. ' ,f 'V as x ix., X 'P mx QQ 1 l , x f A fmqlbbv , . ,,w,,,,X viwx 5 ,V ' vw ax- ,Wy Jw 4' ' 2 34' IF gf ef V ' 4 1 if .xgfddficfi Athletics seconds scholarship by building strong bodies in which minds may function more actively. In the game of life the greatest asset a man can have is a sound body and trained mind. A sound bo-dy calls for clean living: and a trained, alert mind appreciates the finest type of sportsman- ship and character. Clean play and fighting spirit are a bet- ter measure of success in athletics than victories. The pages than follow present a review of activities during the past season in various branches of sports. We did not win always, but when we linger over the memories of these contests, We recall that the men of Fenn played hard and squarely. , jdaf aloof! Leaf ,advisers f a 2 Q vfoea in-wi irww jwwo m wpewfavfe fb .fdfddficd Athletics seconds scholarship by building strong bodies in which minds may function more actively. In the game of life the greatest asset a man can have is a sound body and trained mind. A sound body calls for clean living: and a trained, alert mind appreciates the finest type of sportsman- ship and character. Clean play and fighting spirit are a bet- ter measure of success in athletics than victories. The pages that follow present a review of activities during the past season in various branches of sports. We did not win always, but when We linger over the memories of these contests, we recall that the men of Fenn played hard and squarely. 1 lui ami deaf ,adam f a . O i eggs U -GOA 0 V , o ox ' '9 'Q' Qed Ami Lrmw wwe if aiedpewm .fgfkdfic elaarfmenf Homer Woodlirig Director of Athletics Wor-nen's Athletic Advisor Jane Pease Cooclfi Rurig Coach Busbey Z?aaLei6af Back RowLfo R: D. Teglo, H. Baron, F. Kunc, J. Beadle R. Dimond, J. Ross. Front R01uiL1'0 R: K. Yoshino, J. Frankhouser, G. Kappos R. Hickman, W. Sliter. BASKETBALL 1950-51 Fenn Opponents Fenn Opponents 51 John Carroll 68 59 Kenyon 38 Baldwin Wallace 83 61 Ashland 84 Western Reserve 83 67 Clarion 48 Oberlin 76 49 Baldwin Wallace 51 Heidelberg ' 65 70 Slippery Rock 56 Youngstown 61 58 Youngstown 56 Alumni 27 75 Edinboro 64 Hiram 70 69 Mt. Union 64 Grove City 62 80 Hiram Won 7-Lost 11 Jim ROSS Hank Boron Dove Teglo George Koppos Joe Frcmkhouser Dick Hickman Fred Kurmc Jim Boumgorfner Ken Yoshirio wwf jx . fwcyxy, .Q '5 'fi 'SQ?iiqIvf251 ,,'kNn-.. i I e uk? - wk-MWWK -A ' fwmww f -fr' wig 5 N KLA A, .E I 9 X 4: L3 1' t x ', ' f Vs? :Q i I ,N f i ,Q-mga ...MA R res 5 , k.-, 4 Cu fa-5, iifziggfpv x QQ . G 5 YE: ' 'H f W- x V 1 L " 2 2 Q W ' ' Q4 .A , fl X v 5 3 g , QS ..,-M Y v f 77. , 'yi Q M2" 7 Q 2 t as www 4 ff' 1 Q ' 'MQ mi nk Q . K, sly , 0 if gl is Y C x k K, , K -v+gxv,w. Wwx 5,3453 ww 4.-A 2 5 ' 2 mliqgnggf ani 4... 11' K? Q, ' Q ,WW , 'KN ' :z ,:., ' 9 5 V- --1. idk 2 ' Q 115- Ai ' 1, 392 ,mi n ..,. 52 :Usa-" ' ,t-sf. 51 - K P ,, . -WF .vf .nv New -W W xWN www A Av 0 57? Y. wwwff ,X V.-VM-.f .Gzfiifig ww x szxgy, ANY? F 2 3, ,Hn b f. 2 .J ?. 7 wimming 1 Back Row L fo R: R. Moocley, F. Ziegler, C. Waite, J MCC-uinn Coach Busbey, Middle Row L fo R: C. Palley, C. Shrader, L, Shestag W Glomb B. MacPherson. Sc'rlfc'clL fo R: D. DCJCZl4O, D. l-lahn. Fenri 24 50 45 48 Z8 58 36 5l 32 26 3l SWIMMING l95O-5l Carnegie Tech Edinboro Univ. of Detroit Slippery Rock Kent State Youngstown Baldwin Wfallace Youngstown Wooster Kenyon Ohio Univ. Won 5-Lost 6 Opponents 51 24 28 Z6 47 l 3 39 23 43 49 44 Carl Pulley Don l-lol'm Dorm Doczko Conrad Shrocler Lowell Slfuestog Bruce MacPherson COIQ Waite Joseph McQuinr1 Fricink Zeigler Bill Glomb Dick Moodey KV! 5 E 2 2 3 5 z A 4 S Z I Z Q l"6LC Back Row L io R: D. Jacklitch, D. lzold, R. Hickman T Meehan, Coach Woodling, R. Strange, W. Cowley R Warner C. Kouba. Fro1ztRowL fo R: R. Champa, l-l. Clark, D. Stause R Kirk patrick, J. Lasenyik, D. Profusek, J. Mienke JPoIoha L. Goodwin. TRACK 1950-51 Fenn Opponents 56 Youngstown 69 65V2 Akron University 61 V2 75 Hiram 52 55 John Carroll 72 27 Bethany 41 V2 Mt. Union 9OV2 21 Toledo 46 Oberlin 70 Won 2-Lost 4 Edwin! Back RowLlo R: L. Spiewocki, H. Moscorino, F. Corrodi J. Fronknouser, J. Foytik, H. Tusnor, R. Eucher, D. Tocne Coocn Rung. F1'o11tRow'L to R: W. Sanderson, F. Corrcelli, R. Cnokerion P. Asodorion, V. Kominski, H. Dovies, J. Sniezek. BASEBALL 1950-51 Fenn Opponents Z Youngstown 3 Z Asnlond 17 2 Oberlin 3 2 Akron University 6 5 Bioldwin Wolloce 6 6 Kenyon 7 2 Bowling Green , 3 Won O-Lost 7 ,. enniri TENNIS 1950-51 Fenn Opponents 7 Youngstown Z 7 Mt. Union 2 7 Akron University 2 7 John Carroll Z 5 Case 4 B Hiram l 9 Hiram O 3 Youngstown 4 l Western Reserve 8 7 Baldwin Wallace Z 7 Baldwin Wallace O Won 9-Lost 2 E. Beck, D. Tiber, Coach Miller D. Siebert, J. Milclus Fenn,s tennis team is the shining light in our sports program this year. It was packed with experience and very good talent which We here at Penn will be fortunate in having back in the coming season. if l Fenn 13 15 15 9 11 8 12 8 14 0 C. Simonian, J. l-ludak, J. Revelt, W. Cowley A DelCalzo, H. Ditiore. FENCING 1950-51 Oberlin Case Tech Lawrence Tech Ohio State Buffalo Univ. Detroit Univ. Oberlin Case Tech Alumni Won 3-Lost 6 GOLF 1950-51 Fenn Opponents 3 Youngstown Mt. Union Akron University John Carroll Baldwin Wallace Kent State Youngstown Baldwin Wallace Ashland Won 4-Lost 5 S. Zalcas, J. Shubiak, J. Weidman J Beckman 1 1 R N. amifg laorfzi wmv' wr 1 ll it 5 :I gg ,wx Not only do we have basketball, swimming, and tennis here at Penn, we also have baseball, golf, and fencing. All of these sports go hand in hand in rounding out our varsity sports program. It is up to us to see that Fenn continues its climb in the sports field, so lets all pitch in and help the Athletic Department. , ...r , sea M Vw aa, V f 9 s,p4 Q ,X ppysp 'M QQ., ' N' W ' fx? li 500000 0 Intramural athletics at Fenn is perhaps the most popular feature of our college sports program. In the past year We have seen the fraternities fight for the honor of having the All-Sports Trophy which 9 Qnwq ' 5 I..-Li X , . fx YJ? V V, 'Zami' N' " X sf V s ,Z .911 fI"Cl,I'l'llfl,I"6L 5 us all hope that the intramural sports program will continue through- out the coming years and go forward in the building of sportsman like spirit that we should all be guided by. The best of luck to the group that wins the trophy this year. ffr ff, Q , ,, ' a 1 -9 Y Q 3: HMI," H -ws , Y ,M QW. mfg? ,f EJ fig? Q, ' :gm L - I Q 1 If , - ':Q-M W 2' 'yy K KDS rafernified an ororified Where you find young men, women and colleges you will ind fraternities and sororities. It is natural with boys and girls of common intellect and sociability to unite in comrade- ship which is the stepping stone towards solid friendship. While such an intimate relation cannot exist among all the students due to the varying personalities, the wholesome at- mosphere of fellowship is reflected throughout the school. At Penn we find a number of such organizations that aim to be of service to their fellow members and to the school. They play an important part in the social activities of the school and they fill a gap of character development that mere technical education could not fulfill. JQQIG g0lfU" riendci ilo 1 V V V ffl-5,1 1'- f Q 1 S72 f-75 11 V- 1 1. -1 . ,.., ..,., 1 ,?,?L1lV,W?.,, G ,ff-1'5'.f ff, "'::,Qi:4K?':qg. 4 KZ, sf , V Q ,Q -f ,- ., ,V-fg V -qu 4 . ,,V X , QVW V1, , 1-+f+ix':s'21Qr 1: Q, f' 1 V 11 2-1-431 , ,Q fax s:f,v1.f. 'XV V 1- :iff,,J-2.,11A124M1f-iEu1Vf- f-gg-3.-. W ., - ., 9 'g ,Q 1 X ,ww ,fV4'fQ"':' ' gr V : Vvgm.-'1V-w ery- LQ- gg Q 1, ve -412'-2 MV, V- 1'--1-11V'.:1-f'V - . V . 1 ? X, U -41 4 4 'VJ '.JS1m..-'fsiw-'yaff 1. M V fs V 5 1 V 1 1 K V, ff., X 49 51, x K yd 5 . 1 2 ,Q jg 4 5 z A I ff Q 1 , 1 1, 4,1 15' 1 ff Q X W 'Q Ju ,Q 1 W V9 y 1 V 1 q 4 ff. 1 .31 ix f 1 Y X 4 f , N 1. A Q f X X 1, ,Y 1 M, , , 1 , W' 1 my vv 1 if fs!! 7 2? A ,,,, Y, , . 1 ff ff fb V X 1 f -' x 3 J' .4V',,.f:2:'i! 'if?'1'1-V 1 f 1 M ., . Y 'X f'Wfi't5Zi'z? V .1 www., ww- "WELS 1. 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Q 1 7 'F '- AWQ1 -1 1 1,1-1 1-V -M. -: Missa V. -al 'V . 1 vs- ,, 1 NV - Q 4 P 'K ' fffmf 5,mQ'3A4'5xw5.1,xQ4n , V' S-ga-1,V.V,.E.16j , :: - It 1 ,Vg Aw, UV. fwwzix fl,-1 , V. -6.1.1. X ' f V.-V.11,71,9,vNZ T 1 1 Q, .X , ,, :by .. -,.M.f.V V - 4- A ,ww ' ' ' QQ!-wi-nwaffif? V A .,,. V ,,,2,E,. " W2-,1 WWW M1166 ffm - 6 ' 1, ,,, . . ,Q Z 4 2 W5-1-5 X 4 Zap -17? 31 1-V1, V31 ,mg 1 ff , .2514 1 an . 'ff AC P QW-Sigfi Y gm: 1 W3 22 ' . 14, . , v S'wX5155'4,' ' af- 'A aff: Jiffy X 11 1 iff 29.1 .1 1 1 ,A 1 1, 1 PLZZQ, 51333, 1 ,A M up 'ffm-f:m,, 534442 Q A1 iftg J I 12, 12 1 .5 E '7 . 'Q .QQ 4 w 1 if 554 'L , W1 XV, x f V Q. -5 at 4 2 1 7 1 ,V 'Mr 1 4 fi? 1 mf ,ga W -...Q x YW 41' xv 1 gm I 125 wiiisw fm! Rig, v .FV ,.V. 4 - .1 QV 'V . CZ., Wy, Q f .V 11 'VXQ J 1 Q 1. Q if J, H 43 1 11 v V gh.: 1 ,gy yew ' - 1 1 141 'fiw 1 hwy 1 1 1 VJ E VV- V31-:s Jw 3' :E is 4 225 x V11 I 'V" V :wa if 1 Q V: ,,,, 5,5551 WT. 1 1 1 1' 1 1 4 1 -3 X 9 " V1 01' 1 ' X A Q , 2 SV ., . Q.. if f W f Q '25 W A- V Y 3 Q Z . .... . .-gf", .vi ? J., ' -liv , ., M ,Zn ,, ,- .s y A .Q.,,, 3,, .Q-,,Q,.,,.V ,. VSV. ,fm .. , 4.1 -s,., ..,. 1 ' - g a QV f- 'fy ..:V,4g5vQ9 'V g 1 45 Jfgnz vz: 155,21 W4 , m i f V V -. '- - s VV ? 1,1 if M f. sg V E QE . f2 4?? 'Vy1Kgf 5:4335 1 KZ? 2, 31 'Z 522 52 7- Win ,zf . -w ' if 'V ' f , Z 5 .S TR VF Si 1 il 111 2 as - V .f2VV --we 'M 5555 f 'Z2f 2i3Ss V, .1 'VV Igzi gi ig fxgli 1, 4,1 f - Vw eV 2 iss. -.V :VV1'V . V 5 5255559 A2 552 Q 1 --of fgV .g:-Mises , ' fi ' 42 ' ' " ' 1 -za Riff S32 9 . . s Q -V,, "-:if .... ..., wifiliw Q 4 6 F371 9 154' ' 454 1,52 S 5 5 mv - iw? M5252 Z1 65252 f? 1 5559 25 wigs? , Q., :Q-5:1 2 .2 -2 ze.- 5 0 I' V- "1 ---- 'J f F' 1?? 5,52 352211 1 v Q1 ggi r L, . 5: 14951 '-ff: 7 , 3, 'f ' C1 ' 5 12, ii! 1 wi 5 X ij, gig 2? M 3122 55215 3159115 1 , A Big x y V " 4 11 51 3222 5 fa iff 225 - f - - , 7 ?!1f 5921? Q isawg X4 2 2 V -2.42 x ,SES A 95 I Vw 5 1 ggrisgf gy-fy fz V 'V a H5 1 5,9515 ,V W 46 W qw 6 - : fx ws 0.135315 1 QV ,K Q Q na 4 . V 1? ww V- -A-'AV V. .V Q?--'.'::yzg . V..,1- 35'-7112 0- I 1 ' if fx :V -V - V :ZA ' ' ,V-. V : Q- ' -N '1-7 M 5 ,g. 4- 'V .VAN 4 fi. 1 V f,1,--V--.f42':a,',f: 2,3 - - 'W 'V 3? Jfr-Ziff. , 311 '.: -wx ' 2, 1" 2' A, 1 51 f 5-9 W5 , -W ggigyig 1 --z 5 . ', 0 ' , if - . . 1 5' 'W ' 'Wt -"t.5w,g ng- Q 4: x -47 - 1 .-51-A rag Jo ww 3, X 'Af' f- - .11-, -1 9 'Z ' ' 1 Q '52, iff fc Ag fgfgyyig 1155 ,f , X g Wg 19 ff-3, 1 f 9' 1 y Sew ff 54 . 1 W1 . A. 11 f1sXff,1 1 swf, .fb gm f N Q Nr 1 I X X Y 4-V P' 4 2 S j Y A A 1 31 New Q1 lf V1 WWI wiixyk-Qf'bY" f"1L.'27Iw3Jf-Q ' is 551 7 .- ' - ,Q 'Z' , QV .5141 Q1 ' if WM? 52 , QV 3 X1 Q 11 5 1 752, 1 X 1 , W Y 23522 g ags? rl, ,- I ,.f1 QQ. ' MQ? 1 A 05 1 AS? gf W is? g 5 aff, if 2-2 -ff: f 15.13 I V ,. 'E s 9' e p: . 1: if M, V.. ,. W? 331 352301-W QZQQMQA V 1 QCP? 92W Q04 ' QvZ!fgfQ35mfv,. Av ,gk 1 1 4 1 41.1 1 JVM 2 2' f " ' ' 1 , 1- 1- 'V W .,1'Ef:1,.. ' 1 X f , we 9 ' 1- f QQJr'W"6 . Eff Q1 1 2 -' Sz x ? , Y i f W1 1 1 f ti ff' A4 . 1 . .Z e X "1 f ' V 1 4 1, 11650 fwcw W ggiigfii-2-11 X QV!! M - A fe x fo 3 f 1 1 1 Q J 5 3 19' 1 44 iiziggggazg T 1 5' 1 1 429 12 3 4 X - . ,ff ffng 444, , 4 1 ef 51X ,y 1 142 2- f 1 f' .V V f 4V 1 Y , j1, ,1Q P W V f . 1 X1 Zz? jk 1 1Jp , 4w,,emx , if - if - A 11 , , 1 if V ' V 1' 2 V ' , V 3 ,V 6 f M M N, Q 2172 3 VV ' .. 1 1: 916 1 V1 iv W 7 'vi V fvpgyir-' A f -, ' ' A Vw 15 ' NN A ww' Vw. ,4qSw??m2g,ff4--1gyg.g1V. .19 79. zggwzeyffgkggav 1 1 7 j.,VV4 - f ' cf A0 1 Q WS' ' 'f f N yr! 1 115 A Q, 1- V154 if ff 5' V1,x1wf1m 'g f .M af V 121 ' 1 V Q ff f fx 1 f1w'Nw.f1V-VM 'M 1.31 - Q52- wV.fgf14,1. -V , f .SV V1 A Q A wg A Wy Ay Qy, 1,113 V1 1 af ' 1 W X aw f Q11 fhfw1zw5?1 2 M 11-111 1, V W V1 X-i f f? 1 5199 W W9 JE Q41 11111 f 221 1 l mf f M QW? ' gb ' 'Al XM 5 6 M W jf A 5 f V f V 1 V 11- 1 ' - V V. .. ' 1- V A ' ,V 3 , I V - f f - V- 1 - 4? - , V 2 f , -- as 4 51, .f Q Q. ,, -1 if 155' M11 . fa- W Vzwfa- -14311155 'xWwQV4r,1, Vw- Q-.21Qs?54v5 N 1 1011.341 KN f',"f X454 .,:aSw-N13 vw Vw-f1Q ff-f W V. V1 ff W ' 1 f '- 'Z 'I laair. l'YLQl"60I'L .gnfergeafernify ounci President ............................... Ben Shupe Vice President .... . . . Jock Chalk Secretory-Treosurer . . . . Bob Chorvot Being the ruling body of all fraternities on Campus is the power that is delegated to the Interfraternity Council. First organized in 1929 the council is composed of three members, fthe president and two elected representativesj from each of the five active fraternities. Its varied duties consist of maintaining harmonious relationships between fraterni- ties and other groups on campusg to establish rules and regulations for pledgingg settling of fraternity argumentsg and to execute all Interfraternity functions. just one of the many all-school activities that was sponsored by the council this year was the bonfire and pep rally held before the John Carroll and Fenn basketball game at the Arena. Y At present the five fraternities that compose the council .ares Beta Beta Alpha, Iota Eta, Kappa Delta Phi, Lambda Tau Delta, and Pi Sigma Tau. f 92 !': 4 .u 'Q is t ie . 3 ..:.: .. , .U Wg 6 M fs yas -s' ' as 3? Nm. 1' f Gamma Wu ma 9 A 'building with a good foundation does. not easily fall-the charter members of the Gamma Nu Sigma Sorority laid a solid foundation with the promotion of good scholarship, fellowship, and active interest in the problems of today. Today's active Gammas are every day adding one more fbrick in their building of Success. Looking back with the pride of achievement, the Gammas have certainly ful- filled the chartered purpose. Seven of the sixteen active members have 'been on the Dean's List for at least one quarter. Not only do the Gammas Work together, they have good times together. The year's social calendar has been crowded with events which were highlighted with congeniality an-d laughter. These events ranged from a Hard Times party to a Formal Banquet at Hotel Allerton. Expressing their interest in todayls problems, the Gammas have opened their C.C.C. Campaign-to promote Cheer, Charity and Cooperation. Looking ahead with anticipation, the Gamma Nu Sigma Sorority is anxious to continue proving its worth not only to its members 'but also to Fenn. President . . . . .... Alice Aust Vice President ....... . . Ann Pintenich Recording Secretary .... .... A Ima Sutter Corresponding Secretary . . . . Audrey Zimmer Treasurer ............ . . Eleanor Spence Assistant Treasurer . . . . . Marlene Meyer Historian .......... . . Bernice Brajer Alyce Aust, Anne Pintenich, Allene Toth. Ann Garibotti Marlene Meyers Joy Reynolds Alma Sutter Gerry Busch Laura Skalski Rosmary Solecki Marilyn Drake Bernice Brajer Betty Acker Alyce Mapp Eleanor Spencer Jacquie DeBevits Alma I-linson Mary Lou Wendel Ruth Arbuckle Marcy Zeedick Dorie Neu Mary Ellen Murphy Mike Misclfie Rita Martins Miss Bloomquist Josephine Caliabaese LaVerne Williams Lambda Sigma Chi Sorority was the first sorority founded at Fenn College in the year 1934, the purpose of the group 'being to promote leadership, scholarship, and character among its members. Lambda girls can be found participating in all phases of school life--intra-mural athletics, student council and other supervisory groups, various interest groups, and in various activities-thereby, maintaining the precedence set up by the founders of the sorority. The sorority sponsors an annual Porthole Dance which is open to the entire student body and co-sponsor the annual Thanksgiving Prom. Each year the sorority holds an annual Founder's Day Banquet, Mother and Daughter Banquet, and the dinner dance at which the new members are formally initiated into the group. The annual sorority cottage ranks high among the social events of the year. Each year Lambda Sigma Chi enters fthe annual song festival. Last year they not only partici- pated, but also won the trophy. President ......... .. Jean Hamilton Vice President ........ . . June Richmond Recording Secretary ...... ..... F ran Block Corresponding Secretary . . . .... Jeanne Varga Treasurer ............. . . Dorothy Lipanye Fran Block, Dorothy Lipanye, Jean Hamilton, .Jeanne Varga, June Richmond. Ea, Ella A ,aka The Beta Beta Alpha Fraternity was founded on October 6, 1932 by ten members of the first graduating class of the Business Administration School. They set up a purpose which all of the members since 1932 have striven to uphold-to broaden the education of its members through scholastic achievement, social development, and the growth of fraternalism. Milestones which the B.B.A.'s point to- with pride include our first meeting rooms in the Medical Building, our rooms in the Towne Club, our house on 25th Street, and finally, after the war, the purchase of our fraternity house, a move which made Beta Beta Alpha the first fraternity on campus to own their own house, which is located at 1831 East 27th Street. While B.B.A. is restricted in its membership to day school business administration students, its members take an active part in the Penn social and activity program as well as the fraternity program. There are always some of the fraternity who are active in the publication groups, supervisory groups, interest groups, and service groups on campus. In addition to our assistance to other groups, the members of Beta Beta Alpha annually sponsor the opening prom of the college's social year, the Harvest Prom and also close the social year with a night-club style dance for the entire college. This past year the fifteenth annual Harvest Prom was held on the night of the fraternity's nineteeth anniversary whi-ch made a double celebration for the members of B.B.A., both active and alumni. The annual banquet, held in May, culminates a fraternity social calendar that includes approximately twenty-four parties ranging from a party after a basketball game to a Monte Carlo party and a mid-year active-alumni stag banquet. President ......... . . .William Quallich Vice President ........ ...... D on Peters Recording Secretary ...... . . Joe Zornbor Corresponding Secretary .... Bill Raimer Treasurer ............. . . Bob Marshall Assistant Treasurer . . . . . . Les Antel Sergeant-at-Arms . . . . . Don Tache Prof. Wm. von Reichbauer, Honorary, Dean Paul R. Anders, Advisor, Dr. John McGrew, Honorary, Dr. Randle E. Dahl, Honorary, Rick Berndt, Bill Quallich, AI Znidarsic. Bernie Steen Dube Miller Jim Prokasy Bill Miethke Ed Fiails Joe Zombor Bill Dew Bob Marshall Andy Baumgardner George Zanorsky Bill Swartz Herb Strain George Nowatlca Don Peters Ed Esber Gene Bujoll Jack Banl Bill Raimer Ted Griffiths Ben Snupe Frank Aust Les Antel Dennis lzolcl Lionel Meister Joe Grunda Damiano Albanese Harry Miller l-larold Difiore Joseph Monastra Eugene McCarthy Bill Welter Duane Grelson Harry Rueter Bill Simon Charles Castle Ed Benko Ted McFadden Ed Turman George Fikoris Larry Slivka Charles Leonard Eugene McCormick Ted Golebieski Sal Artino Tom Weber Joie, fa This social fraternity has many noticeable "firsts" at Fenn. It Was granted the first Day School charter in 1926, and was also the first fraternity to boost an incorpor- ated Alumni Association. The official symbol of "H" graces the fraternity shield of blue and gold and as such appears on the member's white sweater. The activities of the past year were many and would include intramural football, basketball, and bowling. Many of its members were active in governing bodies of the school and technical societies. Chancellor . . . .. . William Perry Councellor .. .. Duane Grelson Professor . . . . . Ray Richards Assessor ..... ..... D ave I-lerr Pledgemaster . . . . . George Chorna Ray Clark, Ed Murphy, Don Evans, Walter Podolny, Bruce Sanderson. ,jalalaa mega The Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, which evolved from an Engineering stu-dent group known as the Neff Club, received its charter in 1929, and has since grown to accept members from all three schools of the college. The fraternity is pledged to maintain high moral, scholastic and athletic stand- ards, and its members are encouraged to participate in all phases of school activities to hold the spirit of fellowship and co-operation at all times. This organization was awarded permanent possession of the first All-Sports Trophy, by compiling the highest number of points during the 1937-1940 intramural sports competition. The social calendar is highlighted by the annual fraternity Pledge Banquet, and the all school Thanksgiving Prom. The annual Thanksgiving Prom is usually held the last day of the Fall quarter which is quite an ideal time as it enables students to relax and enjoy themselves at a well planned social function. President ...... ....... G reg Leoce Vice President . . . . . Robert Corruther Secretory ..... ..... A lion Siebert Treasurer .. .. Jim Gustafson Anton Rotor Jim Gustafson Alon Siebert Anthony Costo Williom Moore Robert Corruthers Gregory Leoce Chuck Stroubel Mike Kollor Dove Tiber Joe Young Joe Coda Korl Switzer Bob Murdock Don Locer John Foyfik Andy Boschetto Wes Slifer George Strutz Don Josephik Ed Allen Bob Cborvot Mr. Gill Mrs. Gill Dick Profusek Al Sclfiempp Bob Kirkpatrick Noel l-lunsinger Ernie Grfonsfors Bob Tursic Pi Sigma Tau Alpha was established in 1929 by twelve engineering students. Since that time the fraternity has expanded and found it beneficial to pledge students from 'the School of Arts and Science and School of Business Administration as well as from the School of Engineering. Although primarily a social fraternity, the Pi Sigs are active in all other phases of school activity as well. In intramural sports, the Pi Sigs have won the All Sports Trophy for the past three years. Also the Pi Sigs sponsor a queen for the Harvest Prom each year. During the past four years, each sponsored candidate was elected to the Hnals and two of the four were chosen as Harvest Prom Queens. Pi Sigma Tau sponsors the Annual Sweetheart Prom in the winter quarter and the annual Windy Hop in the spring quarter, both as school functions. Within the fraternity itself are many closed affairs, such as hay rides, the ever popular barn dances, annual fraternity homecoming, grad-undergraduate picnic, pledge party, club nights, and annual meetings. The climax of the school year for the fraternity is the Annual Pledge Banquet held in May. The new members, who have completed the rigorous task of pledging the fraternity, are presented with their fraternity pins at this time. Chancellor .......... .... ..... E d ward Allen lst Vice Chancellor . . . . . Richard Profusek 2nd Vice Chancellor . . . ..... Bob Charvat Cribber ........... ..... D on Lacer Clerk ........ ..... J ohn Foytic Asst. Cribber . . . . Bob Kirkpatrick A Bob Warner, Ed Allen, Bob Charvat, Karl Switzer. ja UL 6l, The Lambda Tau Delta fraternity was organized in 1929. They have maintained a high average in the field of sports as well in regards to a social fraternity. The social calendar of the fraternity included many group affairs. These affairs began early in the school year with almost all the members attending an Indians game at the Stadium. Two smokers were held, three dances, plus a number of parties in the fraternity's recently acquired rooms. The new rooms which have been decorated and equipped with furniture are located across from Penn on Euclid Ave. The year was brought to a height at the Annual Banquet. President ......... . . . Frank Corcelli Vice President ...... .... E d Minosky Recording Secretary .... . . . Paul Schenck Corresponding Secretary . . . . . Frank Corradi Treasurer ............ .. Reggie Eidnier Sergeant-at-Arms ..... ...... R ay Abe Mr. Fred Lee, Advisorg Dr. Patterson, Honoraryg Bud Barach, Alumnig Ed Minosky. Bart DiLiddo Howie Davies Tony Nuccio Joe Gallo Jack Chalk Dick Stroud Cliff Kusfer Don Corcelli Ray Abe Hank Tushar Cliff Murphy Joe Frankhauser Frank Corradi Walt Garland Jim l-ludak E. A. Capaclona Al Hauch Walt Plumb Bob Schulz John Ewoshinka Jack Meinke Rich Liskovec uening iuidion The primary purpose of the evening division is to provide fundamental of liberal, business, and engineering education. Its students may or may not have degree programs as a goal. By offering contacts in the major fields of learning, the even- ing student has opportunity to broaden and enrich his cultural background. The Evening Division seeks to prepare its students not only for further specialized occupational study but for par- ticipation in industrial, artistic, economic, political an-d social endeavor. In short, the purpose is to cultivate not only the student's special interest, but his faculties for the enjoyment of life itself. .!610wLc!ge comefi, u A Wai? D C? Q 422 T Q Af' QX XmJ7iH5,WSJ 7 Q Um nzmzgem uening .gzzalenf Kounci President, Bill Zelenka Treasurer, Jean Hoecker Advisor, Prof. Geo. B. Simon V. President, Julius R-assin Secretary, Agnes Herrick Committee Secreta ry, Helen Robert C. Bischoff Mike Baranovic Earl Davidson Agnes R. Herrick Jean Hoecker John Harmath Al Meketarian Charles Mach Joanne Muhle Gregory Moldoven Julius Rassin Robert Speidel Gerald Strohm Helen Sullivan Al Steve Judy Riley Howard Clements Dorothy Gaffney Florence Johnson Sullivan Bob Kaderavek Roger Nece Carmela Nuccio Sam Parina Frank Plescia lrene Urban Ralph Thompson Ted Wozniak Bill Zelenka Joe Zelenka Evening Student Council is the governing body of Evening Division students. It conducts itself with all matters that are in the school's or students inter- est. Council provides the financial backing for the Nite Shift, plans after-school dances and social func- tions, and sponsors a Recognition Assembly. Its members from the schools of Business Administration, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Technical Institute are elected by popular vote. wif' .-we a 3 mgdf Editor-in-Chief, Ted Wozniak Assistant Editor, Helen Sullivan Makeup Editor, Eleanor Labus Staff Photographer, Robert Bischoff Business Manager, lrene Urban The Nite Shift is the Evening Division newspaper published every other week during the school year News articles and editorials are written by staff mem- bers and the student body. President, Miriam Hahn V. President, Janice l-leckman Treasurer, Jean l-loecker Recording Secretary, Carmella Nuccio Committee Secretary, Helen Sullivan Iota Tau Lambda is the only national Sorority at Fenn College and is an organization for evening students only. The Sorority seeks to further selfim- provement, fraternalism, and to render service to the college and the community. Jgdldldd igma Madiin .9031 jd!! QZIGLHQLGJGL amdcla jam igma President, Robert Kress V. President, Vincent Colemon Secretory, John Hormoth Treosurer, Williom Schromm amdcla .gofa mega ' President, Fronk Plescio V. President, Roger Nece Corres. Secretory, Williom Kosko Recording Secretory, Joe Zelenko Treosurer, Roy Schoeffer Pledgemoster, Ed Tbellmonn "Lambda Iota Delta was founded for the purpose of promoting mutual improvement in scholarship, providing social entertainment, and bringing about a closer relationship among the Evening engineering students. w ? , ,va Q 14 ,aka igma .gofa The objects of Alpha Sigma Iota are to recognize students who have attained a high standard of efficiency in college activities, both scholastic and extra-curricular, and to create an organization which will mold the sentiment of the institution on ques- tions of local and intercollegiate interest. Oafalom- CM Organized in 1942 to foster outdoor sports and social activities among Penn students, the Outdoor Club membership is open to both Day and Evening students. Activities are held on Saturday or Sunday so all students can attend. Events that have established themselves as annual affairs include: Christmas Carol- ing, a Breakfast Hike in April, an Overnight Hike on Decoration Day, hayrides, Wiener roasts, and beach parties. .gnfer graforifg ounci The Inter-Fratority Council of the Evening Divis- ion is composed of the president and social chairman of member sororities and fraternities, also one mem- ber elected at large from each organization. The Chairmanship is rotated each year. elfUl'l'L6U'l Through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities, the Newman Club -tries to weld the Catholic students of Fenn into a common union, and to assist the college and its students whenever possible Activities range from Com munion Breakfasts, lectures, and forums, to parties dances, picnics, choirs, dramatics and publications. au .goin gpdiin I In order to promote mutual improvement in scholarship, provide social entertainment, and bring about a closer relationship among the Technical Institute students, the T.I.E. was star-ted in May, 1948. T.I.E, 'became national in 1949. Membership is limited to students at the Technical Institute. Sdzfii' 'KEY Wifi X., .!4CLl'l0Ll!A6!gl'l'L2l'l iff This book has had the expert advice and guidance of men who are experts in their respective fields. Mr. Ray Mileti, representative of the Cleveland Engraving Company, gave time, effort and ideas that helped to improve the book. He was par- ticularly helpful when we encountered tough problems that needed immedi- ate attention. W. J. Pryor of the Judson Printing Company displayed the patience of Job when faced with some of our screwy ideas. We would like to recommend him and his company to any editor who would like to avoid headaches. The Frank Moore photography studio who gave us the help a11d assistance of Mr. Stein, Mr. Kimball and Carl who was the ever pleasant and smiling photographer. u John Reith of the Mueller Cover a11d Binding Com- pany, who took our idea and turned it into a good cover design. lt is these me11 that I have mentioned a11d my staff that I wish to thank very much for their splen- did help and support that they gave to me. With- out their help this book would have been impossible. William Swarty Editor 3261! and . pa-uf Q ..f4llJ2l'5 We IQDLQA K JQLJJ anal 774-J. SJ Af. Haag,- Wf. 225. 71 EMA Pfokddof Samuef Ji Lima!! m. amz 14,4 C AMW, WMA paugne Efoomquiaf W. am! W:-4. 600P0l' We 64.04, 51. :ban pa frond preaidenf am! 774121. gromea garnedl mr. ana! Wm. Joln jroege gamma Wu .Sigma Sororify mr. and ma. Weriam .lflerri . alll! f. 3 .Meg lean ann! WM. Wafer Jenks md. and 3 JUAN-5011 CL pl'0L550l' all-J f. W Ol? JOFJGII opamlcla .Sigma .gororifff W:-. am! ma. gre! one mm Jewid fuggce I We am! WM. ,129 jd. Warm!! mr. an! ma. Charged Warfen lr. ana! md. JoAn Wcgrew mr. anal ma. jodfer mmf pl'0!25d0l' al!! f. W 3 WDDPE, jf. W1-. ana! ma. flauizl parLer We am! WM. Welch IQ mmloi lean am! Wfd. W ZZ fgolzmgn We ,!C,.nefL .Sf .S'Le,man We am! WM. IQ Wakofm .SWL l9,.,Lmf george Z? .Simon We JJWMJ IQ flykf, jf. QL. am! Wm. lb. cf i7Ae.,.!m We am! WM. IQ W .7L.,mm Wm Of., .Q jwefeff We gluheffe C Wafwe, Pfokdof .Sim IGM Wafdon We george eff 'lflfiafon Wm. grace Wigu .!JeaAA ann! pAy.4ica! glzlucafion .Zelaarfm .!4CLl'l0l.UL6!gI'l'leI'l ffl This book has had the expert advice and guidance of men who are experts i11 their respective fields. Mr. Ray Mileti, representative of the Cleveland Engraving Company, gave time, effort and ideas that helped to improve the book. He Was par- ticularly helpful When we encountered tough problems that needed immedi- ate attention. W. J. Pryor of the Judso11 Printing Company displayed the patience of Job when faced with some of our screwy ideas. We would like to recommend him and his company to any editor who would like to avoid headaches. The Frank Moore photography studio who gave us the help a11d assistance of Mr. Stein, Mr. Kimball and Carl who was the ever pleasant and smiling photographer. Joh11 Reith of the Mueller Cover and Binding Com- pany, who took our idea and turned it into a good cover design. It is these men that I have mentioned and my staff that I wish to thank very much for their splen- did help and support that they gave to me. With- out their help this book would have been impossible. William Smarty Editor Qealle ana! WM. pall! IQ .AHJQFJ We. l?eLeef ZZ Jdeefel We-. gee! We-e. Se! J4. Bene,- We. fb. 77 Eeeeeei profedaor .Sfemeeef Ji Zleeeeeefel me amz ezzgez C efeffzeg Widd paugne gfoomquiaf mr. anal W:-4. Cooper We cw, y. :ben pa from predclenf aiu! WM. Z5-00:44 garnedf W. am! 744:-5. Jaln groele gamma Wu .Sigma Sororify mr. anal ma. Weriam .Nei-ri e anal - 3 .Meg .lean ann! WM. Wafer yenla WPA. wild 3 JUL-H5011 prozzaaor anal md. yo:-alan ollamlcla ggma Sororify W1-. am! Wrd. 3:-ed one mom olzewid fxdhce j el We gm! Wee. Le J4. Waraiaff We. gm! Wee. C'AeeeZee Warfen lbe. .mel Wee. john Wcgrew We. .mel Wee. joafer WMA, prohdaor and WM. more, Jr. We .mel Wee. .fbewzel parger We. eeeeel Wee. Welefeee IQ Qmlez lean am! Wee. W wg Qelzeeeeee We. .jcznnefl .Sf .Sgieemgee We. gm! Wee. IQ Weekefm .SVA lleheeeee george ZZ .Sfmeee We Jleweeee! IQ .7eegEee, je. SIL. .mel Wee. lb. eff jieeeleee We. gm! Wee. IQ W jlemeeee 'Wm Ofg .Q jwereff Wzee jeekeffe C Wgfwee l9eeZeeeee .Sim IZA '1fl!eefee,e We. george eff Tflfhefeee Wee. grace fb. Wight ..jJeaAA anal pAWicaf gelucafion leparfm k 'k "Seeurit 9, is no manl word Shrewd Thomas jefferson said Americans would be happy only"if we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." For 150 years we Americans have prevented the government from taking care of us-we have been happy, or at least more so than any other part of the world, because we have had the self-respect of self-reliance, and because by hard work and independence we have created the high- est, finest standard of living the world ever saw. But now some Americans, softened by that high living standard, are getting tired. They want to be "taken care of". They aren't willing to do the hard work that earns strength and greatness. They want "the government" Qwhich really means you and meh to underwrite their business mistakes, their shorter work weeks, their wasteful featherbedding, their Q'something-for-nothing". If enough people pressure enough for such "security", they will get it-the only permanent security there is . . . slavery. But the trouble is, you will get that slavery, too. There is no something-for-nothing. When you get, you give. And what you give for security is your freedom. Forever. The only true and honest security is what you earn by your own hard work. Thomas Jefferson knew. And in building that self-respect by hard work, Thomas Jefferson built his reputation for integrity and greatness. YOU UN MACHINE IT BETTER, rnsrrn, ron less wml wnrmz a swAs:Y runner umnss, Aurommcs Arm nrrluc MMHINES A IFIINIE IIEZNGRAWING PLANT IPIRCDDDUCCHNG QUALIITY IPRHNTHNG PLATES FOR YEAR IBSCCDCOIKS -fvl::p-3:14:45--43- SCHOOL DIVISION MAIN I-4055 The CLEVELAND ENGRAVING Co. 310 LAKESIDE AVENUE CLEVELAND 13, OHIO Complimen tA Tonyis Gift Shop DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES FOR PENN COLLEGE STUDENTS GREETINGS from GEORGE H. BENDER YOUR CONGRESSMAN-AT-LARGE GREETINGS FROM CONGRESSMAN Tony Santoli 607 Schofield Bldg. Ageflfl D. Pel'el'S Cleveland 'l5, Ohio P' Business Phone Residence Phone MAin 1-4938 Randolph 1-8622 und D'5TR'CT i .T " x X 5 S Q THE 01110 BELL of anclnhe ,heed ,eofefe ,afeo Will you? A lot depends on yourjob. Herels good news for you 11011-SpCCl21llStS...ll1C girls with 21 LIBERAL ARTS background. The Telephone C0lll172lI1yll7.lS a goodjob for you...if you like peoplc ...if you wzmt Z1 job with n future. . .if you want to 11511 your education. Become 21 SERVICE RisPREsEN'rAT1vu. . . u public Contact position. . . at u good salary. . .with real opportunity to advance. Visit our nearest Won1en's Employment Office . . .lVe would like to lrlcet you! TELEPHIINE CHJIPAEVY Get That GOOD Home Cooking at GEURGE ZAHORSKYS ..-.Q. z A - QM2 iwweax NN X ami., , i' ,ts x df X S' Y M s so g , a , w Ag 2: . '5 4 fflf w"w3e x N, t Wg, NI, QLQJZH R ., it s if-F .ISESWJ W' Vlf F .. ,.,: , . . ., .,,.,,.,, N .-9.,,.,.:.: ff l'f?f 'm ,. Q-:g3gE5-jE,:,A::.Eg - ,5' zr :g35 yL FIVE SGNS CAFE 4829 Superior Avenue Compliments of A Friend Congratulations to the Senior Class Of 1 952 Fanfare Staff HOTEL Tudor 14rmA Excellent Facilities Banquets- Dances Meetings 9 Q 4 Quinn T. Shelton Sam W. Gerstner MARTRIDE MANAGER 11660 Carnegie Ave. CE l-4600 A Melrose Hotel THIS -IS -IT THE , SPDT, FQR THERE'S ONE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Your - School - Porties Class - Reunion - Parties L, ae., A Q Swfl DINNER MEETINGS - " E ,-W, L,eL LUUCVIWW5 - A . 42I'3' Edcuo Avi. 4g-gLI9gqo M ERATERNITY and soRoRuTY J E W E L R Y Ready to provide your HONOR KEYS AND AWARDS 6"lJ67'jl fO06II need-wiih MADE TO ORDER quick Frifenclly Service. 4 Q 9 CLEVELAND METAL SPECIALTIES co. FISHER FOODS 1783 East 2Ist Street TROPHIES MEDALS PLACQUES "Champions of Good Living" COVERS FOR THE 1952 FANFARE MANUFACTURED BY 3726 MUELLER ART COVER SL BINDING 660. 2202 SUPERIOR AVENUE TO. I-2581 ll ill in Z ilk N EA llQ li has been one of our most favored interests during the past few months. Into it we have sought to put our skill, our best thought and a little bit more than was required. It the result pleases you, we count the ettort worthwhile. "te dl ilUilD S DN ea Zlmzm lOO9 ROCKWELL AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO

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