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Published for fhe students of FENN COLLEGE Cleveland, Ohio if fl ' fm: -BRYANT AN EMPIRE WITHIN AN EMPIRE THE HEART OF THAT EMPIRE A CLOSENESS TO LIFE - COMBINED WITH THE WORK EXPERIENCE OF THE CO-OPERATIVE PLAN - ACCOUNTS FOR THE SUCCESSFUL AND EASY TRANSITION OF FENN GRADUATES FROM COLLEGE INTO THEIR LIFE WORK. I I I I 2 ' I ll In-I I - I"'IfI LJ 57" CON Ti' .gn "Q, ff- diff xQ aw my ss V Xing WI' , ss vrs amnus' Pls. qjs. A Wav -.. 'Q-5 sf 1' mmm ma xv mx R' 1 ss 4 .Lu :M S0 s ' 4 N l A , -H f4 H 1 .JJ x :hh li 6' E - ' C 1 V . - V .J ., J -N L1 J 'na 5 . .:. :.: W E f: - . - . , -W ,' r glggu ' - '.gg 'H' -' ' 4 , . G , N ... F-1 - .. xl uf " . B' I . mf 5 f M " . :V ' ,NA , X 1 Y rg r A X EXW., , -- . wipe ,K -. 17, - '-fD'.,,:--AVA w rg ' ui' , - .A , U2 Fu 14 B ,ww 'il . I xr me hi E, ,w - ' M ,fy f2w.Ef'X K . ' L. V .. sf maufg:-H i A ' .N ' . 1 -51,21 'V N H3552 J' 35 N ,V I , ,Wim M -fwLwH,,m. 5- Q 73 , . : I I :.m.y,,,,-Z1 .,,, 5 ,.,.,.,:":':':. , '44, '- W. I . Z ,inn-H-5 P--fW"".15igf"'gLfyTE'f'f'x1L V 7' P . "L, . 4 W- f - ' ., T f"'7Kff..'U"'g4i? .V A V In A " M : A . M Tv , mx f4.,,,m QW, xg .Y . N -. L. , . . M M- M Us gfw 4 H :U " ' - .fzv W 'K--ww Fw E ' - L f -V va? nw . E'TVnIlf Q ff L'-,TQ Q4 z W., - ff'-' , , kg HM, WAN, 3,Li:zw'F:ww MW rf-MF wily f - I I .- ,QM , W , , .few 1 My nn .ww ?Q4-1,5 W ' . ' f' M inf Y' C' W swwyav: N2 1'-, , , -f -QQ-..-, 3 V . , W H5 XQM U-X3.H ff F. J'-fm:U'.1 H ' ' f.wq,,+f,,y A-rj w W- K '3gMJf'Qw.,,YM f U W H nj' -- K , '14 ,X fmgwg-Swim W 1 V f m'S4-mx. BLA: ,-L . N M ,, M W 5 U -A W , W . 1 T V1 f - I R gg. A . . ,I W ., 33 D w'111,,x , Y ,f . Krwmf M ,. gg .L X - 515 M35 , f ."-Lwhx - '.: - sm mn: , Wj k,,..-4, T-we i wwf x ., M ,- my . . .hx I . I .,.,,,,qq,.hg7,:V.,. f' v ' ,WL-If. ' ' 'I' . M T"m'5'r.T"g1 Qs- F, 4 , T23 im, rw ,L '-'fra ' '?31,:4-f'f'm-, ,film ,L 4 4 -1 -'ygnyi ww. af-K : ' WE' , 'WW W W .f A ink-, .. - L gg v., .A' V- 'gl M , . , .- - - ' wg ' ,E , , , 5 X : ,Y 1 . U- W ' 'X M M , ,IH .1 E ' ., + iw Q Y ggw: Q H D z gm .gwu-was Q ',, ,ws MH A ,fa 2 M W wk -W A M- ., , N 4 L A M E W 1552, A . I ,,, .M,,EM 2 1. H., E. M t X Ww,,f,f M. .M M iw W ga.- '2'-fiiift ' WN' .fwfnm L if ' . W I 5 3 Wig ffm I-mx-X?2D.2a?Q 'Q . - ., M 1 U -,.u.,vM 25 K ' ' f ff -'?.i?EM 5 . 4 - f, L- TE 33:55, K . Ewa 5 1, -A4 vi- X L H X E ' ' " ' , m' vf-'W27-f-'WA N7 - '--- 1 X, 1- , . 'T J , X . N X ,f ' I H' . ,' DR. EDWARD HODNETT dedication These are difficult days for the American College, To survive, it will need intelligent and capable leadership. Meeting this challenge tor survival, Dr. Edward Hodnett has displayed keen insight and understanding. His noble efforts to keep the College intact through the period of crises, and at the same time further Fenn's development of "quality" education to enable its graduates to better meet the requirements of employment and society-has gained the admiration and loyalty of the students. With gratitude for his achievements FAN- FARE dedicates its l95l issue to the President ot Fenn College, Dr. Edward Hodnett. 1951 FANFARE STAFF I l TI A - I'-J T '.i'-I' i ii- r--7ir i . QU' "T - V- l i ii xl by l'1A T Nil" rw fenn tower FENN TOWER, The cenTer of Fenn College "Campus," is loccfrecl on The corner of Euclid ond Ec1sT 24Th STreeT. 2l-sTory sTrucTure, The "Tower" houses The molor porTion o Fenn's clossrooms, The men's dorm, ci cofeferioi, The lilorciry, oncl The oolminisTrcTive offices. h Y L ,11- iw W, - ff- H.. M.-- .45- A, LL... 4 1' L... 1 'I 'I r -iii? iii f I I I -'- I r , , 0 f f N I I I 4 1 551 ""-2-.4 Q' ....., -ew ' 1. 353.513, ,,,,: pgifl .4 54-.. F 'I ' f.1:f'T23 Ur' If JJ?-3 ..-A4-.V 4 . A ,-n. - 4' . ...yvyag-x , f Vw ,- ws ..- L uni 9' D 33 :rx . -1-. :- ,' ,Ji gi, Q .-n.-.- .v-gy 2 kg- . :A - 'rs ' filvf ,I 3. .. mtg. .-5" at ii , 5gg'ra.?i 2. f.: -v , ' Us-effsmv-v:,f, tn 1 - u2s.1i!7:1!F3 ILT: gcfE: 1g.,, 1 "'5'5'?-NF 9:-Tr:-g.', -41' . 12' 1,. " ' gr .. mf: f1gq,,31"' T ff-'iliwaf Q 1.75-'ff f-g -- -1? .-f65: f'1 -,A'c:. Ln- Hi: f- 'szw-? .1 -4 .' ? '55 . 3, -4.3.1-S,-i j A J- fd,-.. - -va: . ,:-,.- Z-- 5-..-L isa, .11 .,. -bvigr.. . - f- :V.:.,i. -5 K -?-sri --, , . - fa,-mn f,:24,gf.a- Mt. . ,A f....'1,.. .-:Q . f. k. . ...ggi-,.. .7 ,L-gvp 5:15 gi-1.2!-v.. nf.-.L 1 ..., . -9-...J . 1 A i-10755.-.. 4"--' Q- E:-.:1. 1-. "4'iL.'.T ... J... f-T" -f-.f...,,5.' .4-4.-,Y ,W ,A T.......,.-.... -f--T. -J.. -7-......,.i , ,',1q1'. E 3223.5 M5311 '14'.iY'1E'!' Iii-'g?g5'l Wikia? ipaq isis 't., ii: ..,..-1513 iv N L-.y... . -..T ,fl Lg' - , :V - ... -..-..-r-, , ,......1,....,n a:.,.,1.-g.i,..M. ,. 'J' . .I,,...l-'-JFIIZJ-1 ' ..... ......--. :W -.4-1,--131, -,.. ..-. .-.. M---,..-: - 'Q' fm... "' -.. ... ,..-. F, .lf - .--,...,-- ,, -'n 1. IESQS-. X , X f " . A .,-, w , E 1 ' a Fw F .QL , wr A-Q 4 X i ! '-1' 231, , 1 W ,ff ., ' . Y. r A. . 1. i -, , , ' .f 'Vi' H V Y I' ' A 'fa V S , r V- i 4 I I E . J ' I- 5 : - i " I 1 '. 1 " ' ,H i ' 5 F .l -if i :I ,i if 1, ,, ,l T, I x 3 , .i X, ., . . 1: .Q .1 -- - , , BLISS HALL, The Women's Dormifory, oT 3635 Euclid Avenue, provides d fitting ond grocious background for home life of Women sfudenfs while in college. The dormi- Tory includes ci recephon room, o lilorory of o Thousond volumes, cu lorge dining room, on sTudy room, s'rudy-bed- rooms, ond o bollroom. WM ,XT JS 1 52 ' I : iii l r- 4 Wi! , Vg,-3 - ' 41 F' -F L' I ' U "Sq i 1 pro pecf-fenn building i i i Ni i i The PROSPECT-PENN BUILDING houses Thirfy classrooms j ond Ten lgborcwories, including Those for mechonicol and i i meioilurgicol engineering, chemisiry, ond biology. V f i i 1 i i EL i i X 5 ,ffl -s...' ,wmv .Q if-1 4 214' , . ,ii , 3 isohnson-mnendlicallin ' n building n The JOHNSON-MEDICAL BUILDING is locofed on Pros- pecf Avenue ond houses Fenn's Deporfmenf of Personnel Development U l is f'Z,.- X1 7 7 Q., J F EQ! Q14 if If if ,qLTE"" 2' "'A mafia r , F X I I w 'Q' I-."5 I 'O I administration - .1 ' W i 2 ' at " A . A N F -CICERO ,ELLLE '.i1i.,..Q,,-1, -1 Q, , - - ' I president WORDS FROM DR. HODNETT: HFANFARE is a visual index To Fenn Col- lege. Here are The faces of The graduaTes of The Class of l95i, and here are images of The scenes, figures, and evenTs wiTh which They have been associaTed. As vve Turn The pages, vve are impressed by The friendliness of These associaTions and by The rich opporTuniTies open To all. lf is clear ThaT a remarkably acTive social life goes on aT Fenn. IT is clear ThaT The larger paTTern of democrafic American socieTy is re- peaTed aT Fenn in a variefy of smaller paT- Terns of social groups, professional socieTies, acTiviTies, and insTrumenTs of opinion and gov- ernmenf. IT is clear ThaT any Fenn sTudenT may amplify his college educaTion in diverse vvays , if he so desires. And yeT iT is iusT as evidenT l ThaT Fenn College is a free place. Beyond The EDWARD HODNETTI Ph-D-f Pfesldenf freedom of opporTuniTy regisTered in The pages of FANFARE shines a pervasive lack of compulsion. The men and women of The Class of l95l have noT been coerced inTo any of Their acTiviTies or Their aTTiTudes. ln The TradiTional American vvay The leaders in The life of The College have given Their Time and efforTs freely for The common good. IT is fiTTing ThaT Their disTincTions should be celebraTed here in This book vviTh modesT fanfare. lT is equally fiTTing ThaT every one of Those men and women who have survived The rigors of The full course of sTudies leading To a bachelor's degree should have This book To commemoraTe Their efforTs. Many are veTerans of The armed forces. For Them The achievemenT of a college degree comes as The consummaTion of a long-cherished aspira- Tion obedienTly puf aside when Their counTry called. Many are sTudenTs who have com- bined full-Time day employmenT-and ofTen family responsibilifies-vviTh sTudy aT evening. To mainfain passing grades in enough courses over enough years To earn a degree on This basis is liTTle shorT of heroic. lT Takes men and women vviTh iron in Their soul To make The mosT of This kind of opporTuniTy. BUT The opporTuniTies ThaT beckoned our fafhers and forefaThers To This land have been realized only by sTrong men and women, hard Work, and exTraordinary perseverance. So, honor is likewise due all of The Day Divi- sion members of The Class of l95l, producTs of The Fenn work-sTudy plan. They have learned much ThaT mosT college seniors have yeT To learn afTer graduaTion. Yes, we are all proud of The Class of l95l of Penn College. We saluTe you ioinfly and severally, and we wish you happy, vvorThy lives, one and all." boa rcl of trustees 1 w I Charles J. Stilwell, Chr. Warner 8. Swasey Ca. Leyton E. Carter Cleveland Foundation Vollmer W. Fries White Motor Co. i "Y" Allen T. Perry Harshaw Chemical Co. nrlh' W n I . it F .. i bv' K Lp? Edward T. Bartlett Cleveland Trust Co. Fred C. Baldwin Garfield, Baldwin, Jami- son, Hope 8t Ulrich Elbert H. Baker, Jr. Locke Machine Ca. James H. Coolidge Thompson Aircraft Products Co. Clarence L. Collens Reliance Electric 81 Engineering Co. George S. Case, Jr. Lamson 81 Sessions Co. ll lf' H A l l . ' 1 ff- X -l y, 4 N , T ' , l ,-i , A5131 ' l. Refill AW Richard S. Huxtable Adrian D. Joyce Herbert P. Ladds Fawick Airflex Co. Glidden Co. National Screw 81 Mfg. Company Vernon B. StouHer Clarence Taylor Henry G, Tremmel Stoufiler Corp. Cleveland Clinic North American Fibre Products Co. 5 . .Q , Q I R - Li-5 rl ' u . - Q .3 -- , - Y. John C- Cfldel' Ellwood V. Rasmussen EX-Officio Ex-Officio Harold H. Burton U. S. Supreme Court Jacob D. Cox, Jr. Cleveland Twist Drill Co James L. Myers Cleveland Graphite Bronze Co. F George V. Woodling Woodling 81 Krost ' ual II JI T fgr- ' . -.. I lg Director of Admissions Finance Director MERIAM C. HERRICK, M.A. ARTHUR P. LOEGLER, B.S. if-Q-i' Registrar Director of Student Activities WILLIAM A. PATTERSON, Ph.D. FOSTER R. MILLER, M.A. Q Asst. Director of Admissions ASST- FIUCFICS Director BRUCE T. BRICKLEY, M.A. THOMAS N. DWYER, B.B.A., LL.B clean Dean of Business Administration School PAUL R. ANDERS, A.B. Director of Technical Institute NICHOLAS R. RIMBOI, M.A. Deon of Arts and Science School MAJOR B. JENKS, PI1.D. Deon of Engineering School G. BROOKS EARNEST, B.S., M.S. af. I , I xii ! i ln, ,,: ' -, J IM. Asst. Deon of Engineering Asst. Deon of Business Administration JACK ZIMMERMAN, B.M.E. DAVID G. PARKER, B.B.A. lil co-op cl parfment DEAN MAX B. ROBINSON Deon of Cooperative Training Through cooperotive educotion, the stu- dent comes to interpret both bosic ond specialized knowledge in the light ot lite's reolities. Thot unsettled or Hfloundering around" period cutter leaving college, so disturbing to mony graduates ot full time courses, is minimized or entirely ovoided by the co-op whose most ditticult odiust- ments ore olreody in the post. Here ot Fenn, we ore surrounded by on unusuol voriety of business and industry. Literolly, we do have the "best locotion in the notion" for gearing education to life. Let us moke the most of our rich opportunity. i FRED LEE RUSSELL R. EHRHART Mll-l-ARD L- JORDAN Business Coordinator Engineering Coordinator AHS Gnd 5ClSnCe Cpcirt-time-J fa ulry Robert B. Auld, M.Ed. Instructor, English Alberta Prasse Barnes, B.S. Instructor, Mathematics John Arendt, Jr., M.S. Instructor, Struc. Eng. Jay Manton Berger, M.A. Instructor, Physics Samuel H. Berwold. LL.B., C.P.A. Chairman, Dept. Acctg. Asst. Prof. Acctg. Lloyd C. Billings, M.A. Instructor, Economics Eleanore J. Bouquard, M.A. Vocational Counselor Pauline Bloomquist, A.B. Chairman, Dept. Sec. Studies Assoc. Prof. Sec, Studies Marie A. Center, A.B. Instructor, Sec. Studies Robert P. Buhrow, B.M.E. Instructor, Mech. Eng. Vance Chamberlin, B.Sc Chairman, Dept. Mktg. Asst. Prof. Mktg. Marion D. Cooper, M.S. Professor, Elec. Eng. Randle E. Dahl, Pl'1.D. Chairman, Dept. Ind. Rel. Professor, Ind. Relations Thomas L. Dotson, M.A. Vocational Counselor E. Philip Earl, M.A. Asst. Professor Physics George F. Evans, B.S. Instructor, Mech. Eng. George H. Faust, Ph.D. Asst. Professor History John A. Froebe, A.B., LL.B. Asst. Professor Accounting Frank J. Gallo, B.S.E. Instructor, Struc. Eng. V. Richard Gulbenkian, M.A. Instructor, English Elmer E. Haskins, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Mathematics Francis V. Higgins, M.S. Asst. Prof. Mathematics Dorthy B. Horning, M,S. Instructor, Mathematics Millard L. Jordan, M.A. Chairman, Dept. Sociology Professor, Sociology Karl David Kelly, Professor, John Wilson MCN M.A. Chairman, Dept. I Assoc. Prof. Mgt. Irving Rozalsky, . Instructor, Met. Er Chester J Klshel BS Chairman Dept Mech Eng English Asst Prof Mech Eng Virginia Kiel BA faculty George A Leech Phyllis J Lowndes BBA Instructor Sec Dir Pers Development Vocational Counselor Studies J. Oravec, M.S. Lad A. Pasiut, Ph.D. Professor, Chemistry Jane Pease, M.A. Emil N. Perout, M.Sc. Asst. Professor, Instructor, Met. Eng. Physical Education John C Matthews sst Prof Education Randolph C. Randall, M.A. Chr., Dept. English Professor, English John Gilbert McGraw Ph.D. Chr Dept Economics Professor Economics is-,A J. Rung, B.S. Robert W. Schindler, Paul S. Schmidt, B.S. Glenn H. Shakley, Kenneth S. Sherman, George B. Simon, Asst. Professor, A.B. B,S,E,E, mtg, Education Assoc. Prof., Elec. Eng. Struc. Eng. Instructor, Accounting Asst. Prof. Elec. Eng. Assoc. Prof. Speech faculty Andrew B. Slivka, B.S. Instructor, Mech. Eng. Marthellen Van Walter R. Van Scoyoc, M.S. Voorhis, Ph.D. Chr., Dept. Home Ec. Prof., Mathematics Asst. Prof., Home EC. Richard B. Small, M.A. Instructor, Mod. Lang. George Wm- Sruil, Marion B. Tolar, M.S. M'A' Demelrlos E- Chcirmun, Dept. Donald R. Tuttle, Chr. Dept. Sp. 8. Dr. Theodore, Ph.D. Mathematics Ph.D, Asst. Prof., Sp. 8g Dr. Assoc. Prof. Economics Prof., Mathematics Professor, English .ggi ...Z LN 1 f - 1 .., Wm. von Reichbauer, M.A., LL.B. Asst. Prof., Acctg. I il.. If JV Q. V i 5 E .. ,NM i ER -A l Blake Crider, Ph.D. Selma M. Montasana, Wm. Franklin Moore, Chairman, Dept. Psych. B.Sc. M.A. Professor, Psychology Instructor, Physics Asst. Prof. Sociology Dir. Religious Educ. personnel In Urban F. von Rosen, Sara Ruth Watson, H. E. Woodling, M Ph.D. Accounting Assoc. Prof., English C.P.A. Professor, Chr., Dept. Health 81 Phys. Education Professor, Health 81 Phys. Education .H 754 Dwight L. Penney, B.S. Chester W. Topp, M.A. Alice J. Lewis Instructor, Assoc. Professor, Eng. Drg. Mathematics Restaurant Beryl-iq L, Bottle Robert W, Kollqr R. Malcolm Sills, B.S., Emil Stefancic, A.B., Ola I. Twerell Grace D. Hostess Assistant Librarian B.L.S. B.S. in LS. Bus. Office 81 Housemother, Librarian Asst. Librarian Bookstore Manager Dorm Q' Part Time Teaching Faculty Lloyd Ackerman, Ph. D. Lester E. Angene, M.A. Robert E. Baker Elizabeth G. Baldwin, M.A. Myron B. Barnes, M.A. William E. Bartlett Herbert E. Bender, M.A. Darwin N. Benesh, A.B., LL.B. John F. Blaha, B.S. Edward A. Blaine, B.Ch.E. Lawrence R. Bloomenthal, B.S., J.D Martha E. Bonham, M.A. Ernest O. Bower, M.A. Leon S. Brooks, A.M. W. Byron Brown, Ph.D. Richard J. Burket, B.S.E. Hans Busch Robert H. Buss Robert F. Cady, B.Arch. Harry Cagin, M.S. Chas. H. Campbell, M.S. John E. Carroll, B.E.E. Leyton E. Carter, A.B., LH.D. Eugene J. Chesney, A.M., J.D. Charles W. Conant, B.E.E. Walter R. Conrad William H. Coughlin Raymond P. Dellner, B.S. in Ed. Algara A. DeMarco, B.Arch. Richard G. Denton, Jr., B.S. in M.E. Glen A. De Wyer, B.E.E. Robert W. Dilworth, M.D. William W. Dodge, B.l.E. Lawrence A. Dombrose, B.A. Raymond E. Duff, B.S., C.E. Richard R. Egan, M.S. Paul T. Eisele, B.S. William J. English Harry W. Evans, Jr. Lawrence L. Evert N. Myrene Ewing, M.A. Wilson B. Fiske, B.S. Blodwen E. Fleurdelis, M.A. Sidney Franklin, B.S., C.L.U. S. Robert Fraser, B.S. in Ed. Wayne L. French, M.S. Melvin Gerstein, Ph.D. William J. Gillet, B.S. Harry A. Gillis, A.B., LL.B. Willard E. Gombert William W. Hannon, M.S. H. Dudley Hanson Mariorie Schecter Hellerstein, M.A. Oliver Henderson, E.E. Albert A. Herzog Bertram Herzog, B.S. Joseph A. Hess Grace Hightower, M.S.Ch.E. Raymond F. Hitti, B.S.E. Milton O. Hoch, M.S. Henry B. Hoff, M.S., E.E. David H. Hotchkiss Joseph M. Jacobs, A.B. Karl F. Kaserman, A.B. John M. Kiefer, B.S. George R. Kingsbury, B. Met. Alfred M. Klein, B.S.Ch.E. Lawrence G. Knecht, BA., LL.B. Margaret Keal Knowles, A.M. John C. Kopp John F. Katchian, A.B., M.B.A. Edward M. Kovachy, B.S. in EC. C.P.A., LL.B. George E. Kronbach, B.S.Ch.E. Bruce B. Krost, LL.B. Dezso J. Ladanyi, Ph.D. Anthony J. Lalli, B.S. James J. LaSalvia, B.S. Wilfred Leemon James A. Lemon, M.A. George D. Leonard, M.A. Carl J. Leska, M.A. Gerhard H. Lindeman, B.Sc. Edward H. Loomis Bernard Mandel, M.S. Charles R. Marquardt Adam J. Maywhort J. Harvey McCloskey, M.A. John W. Meddick, B. of F.A. Elsie V. Merrick, M.A. Alex Meszoros Andrew L. Miller, M.S. Robert D. Moore, B.S.Ch.E., LL Edward A. Moyer, B.S. Lawrence R. Mullen, A.B. Ralph Wesley Muntz, M.A. Lesley, Newton Chester Nikoclym, AB., LL.B. William K. Northrup, B.B.A. Elmer P. Orvis, B.E.E. Arthur D. Ott Nelson James Parks George V. Parmelee, M.S. Sarah M. Pereira, Ph.D. Mariorie G. Perry, M.S. William F. Peschel, B.E.E. E. 1 B. Robert W. Phillips, B.S.M.E. Albert J. Pilous, B.Met.E. Henry J. Pipp, C.P.A. Clara Consaul Polley, M.A. George Poporad, Jr., B.S.M.E. Richard J. Reed, M.S. Edwin C. Reminger George H. Ritz, Jr., A.B. Paul Rolnick, B.S.M.E. John H. Royer, C.E. John T. Rozsa, B.S. Samuel Sandor James C. Schaefer, B.Ch.E. Lester W. Schaffer Sidney Schiff, M.A. Leslie B. Schwinn Charles E. Scott, A.M. Joseph P. Sech, B.S.M.E. Robert J. Shafranek, B.E.E. Douglas L. Sharpe John l. Sheetz, B.S.E.E. Raymond J. Slater, B.S. Kirkland Sloper, B.S., M.Ed. Wilbur J. Snevel, B.B.A., C.P.A. Hilda Lois Stocker, M.A. Robert B. Stokley, M.A., LL.B. Orville N. Stone, M.E. Carl Stuebe, M.S. Robert J. Stupp, B.S.E. Marvin D. Temple, B.S. Edward Trela, M.Sc. James Turner, B.S. A. Harold Ullman, B.C.S., C.P.A Doris Adams Voth, M.S. Carloss H. Walter, B.S. David J. Walton, B.S. Juliette C. Walwer, M.A. Alvin E. Wandersleben, B.E.E. Arthur H. Warren, A.B., LL.B. Robert J. Warrick, B.C.E. Arthur E. West, A.B. L. Frank Wharton, LL.B. Calvin W. White, M.A. Alex E. Whiteside, LL.B. James J. Whitsett, B.S. LLB Clyde E. Williams, Jr., B.A., . Manly M. Windsor, Ph.D. Joseph E. Witt, B.S.M.E. John M. Wittenbrook, M.D. Walter B. Wolfram, A.B. Harry E. Workman Charles F. Yarham, B.S. Nelson T. Ziegler, A.B. LL -if 0 ,Q , ff ni 36 In activities B Q Ziecanrgbmzgdedacaawzfta keep, i -EURIPID 1 I 1 Business Manager - EUGENE MILLER Left To right F. Ausl, W. Billings, C. Ford. fanfare The eoliTors and sTaff of The Fanfare con- graTulaTe The Senior Class of l95l. We Thank Them, The faculfy, and sTudenTs for Their confribufions in helping To make This year book. Thanks also To The CAULDRON for Their fine cooperafion. Left to right, E. Esber, J. Bechtel, J. Lasenyik. f' J M: 1. -1 Left fo right: R. Croaning W. Songer, W. Swartz. fanfare Editor .... Business Manager Make-up Editor . Associate Editor . . Photography Editor Staff Photographer Photog. Asst. . . Photog. Asst. . . Faculty Editor . Senior Editor . Sports Editor . Fraternity Editor Sorority Editor . Advertising Editor Advertising . . . Circulation Manage Art Department . I' Rene' Bideaux Eugene Miller . . William Dew William Swartz . Eddy Esber Ralph Croaning . Jack Bechtel . . Carl Ford William Songer George Cade Joseph Toitel Donald Peters Jean Hamilton . Frank Aust William Klinger William Billings Joseph Losenyik William Dew wi i. A. YY Editor - RENE' BIDEAUX Left to right: B. Dew D. Peters, J. Hamilton the cauldron The Couldron, weekly student publication of Fenn College, strives to keep the student body obreost with current compus activities ond olso serve the college indiscriminontly. Edltor Ruchord Hager We Editorial Staff, left to right: Fred Below, Fran Block, Bob Allgeier, Tom Rivenbcrk. the cauldron , s -,. B.. F: ,rm ,tm in li .. We L. at Front: Tom Davis, Joan Richman. Front: Jacqueline Dorsey. Back: Back, left to right: Bill Dew, Jack AI Wolk, Ann Pintenich, Ralph Sweeney, Ed Esber, Janet Hanson. Croaning, Carol Lyons, Paul Logan. Chartered in 1929, the publication constantly seeks to increase its services to the individual student and the college as a whole. This year a new plan was inaugu- rated in which each student working on a co-operative iob receives the newspaper by mail free ot charge. us. Managers: Allan Charpie Don Peters 3 ' . W, S i W Left to right: Lloyd Goodwin, Bob Clarke, Don Ziehm, Joe Stanich. T, An uncensored expression of student opinion, the Cauldron is open to ony student interested in procticing his iourncilistic skills. Front, left to right: Richard Drdek Marge Polcyn. Buck, left to right Steve Somody, Bob Hall, Bob Kirch hoH, Paul McCavitt. clrclmcltics 1 :Ky 1, . The Fenn DramaTic Club was TirsT organized in The Tall of 1933. The vvar halTed The acTiviTies of The players, buT in 1944 The group was broughT back To life by Dr. Sara VVaTson. In 1946, Prof. George W. Srail became The TaculTy advisor and coach of The players. The purpose of The organizaTion is To culTivaTe and develop an inTeresT in dra- ma, The dramaTic arTs, and all sciences relaTecl To The TheaTer. TryouTs Tor The producTions are open To all l day and evening sTudenTs lg and are held in "Club 20" on The TvvenTieTh floor. Under The capable direcTion and guid- ance of Prof. Srail acTiviTies have been expanded To in- clude radio and Television shovvs. A number of radio plays, wriTTen and produced by sTudenTs have been pre- Left To right: John Revelf, Delores Mischi, Al Soluok, ArT Babnick. First row, left to right: William Hilgendorff, Bernard Steen, Clifford Murphy, Dick Bromson, Marthea Bowler, Pat Wawrzyniak, John Mc- Namara, James Miller, Jack Meinke, Don Neumann, Harold White, Tom Hayne, Dale Junod, Art Newman, Ralph Stadler, John Urwin. Second row, left to right: Elma Hinson, Katherine Dedlak, Mary Lou Wendel, Pat Harford, Andrey Zimmer, Janet Hanson, Jeanne English, Ruth Arbuckle, Betty McFarlane, Liz Corsatea, Rita Martins, Mary Ellen Murphy, Estler Morrow. ! 1' 'CZ' ' ,g tvs" , ' t xx f ia, if P' . - WR -. sented over station VVBOE. In addition to this, Fenn Play- ers are on continuous call to participate in productions at WBOE. The tirst television production in their history was a Thanksgiving play written by a student playwright and presented on Thanksgiving Day over VVXEL. Stage productions tor the year included two 3 act plays, a melodrama, a Christmas play performed at various churches throughout greater Cleveland, and a one act play tor stunt night. The number and complexity at the pro- ductions necessitate an ex- tremely large group, with the intricate d e t a i I s providing many activities in which stu- dents may participate. ' L T JOY TO THE WORLD: Janet Hanson, Thomas John- son, Rita Martens, John Revelt, Richard Fromson, Al Sclnok, Lionel Meister, James Miller, Thomas Hayne, Audrey Zimmer, Helen Flanagan, Cliltord Murphy, Marthea Bowler, Carolyn Mach, Leonard LaPens, John Urwin, Arthur Badich, Donald Lovelace, Kenneth Flowers, Dale Junod, Bernard Steen, Dolores Mische, Lois MacDowell, Mary Ellen Murphy, Geraldine Busch. fenn college choi 'J ANNE HISEY The music deparTmenT has made many advances in The pasT Two years. Two new sTeps were Taken in choral work This year: a mixed madrigal group and The male oc- TeT. In The spring of T951 The Fenn Ba n d was officially organized. Since Then They have played Tor The play nighT, aThleTic rallies, and bas- keTball games. Truly Fenn needs a good music deparTmenT, advances such as have been made during The pasT year are iusT The Thing. The College choir has long been a shining sTar in Fenn's acTiviTies. Annually The choir sponsors The ChrisTmas program and The all school choral sing. The laTTer is parTicipaTed in by campus TraTer- niTies and sororiTies who compeTe for awards. Also concerTs are presenTed one Sunday dur- ing each quarTer. During The pasT year The choir has sung Tor The annual Y. lvl. C. A. meering and Tor several oT The organizaTion's parTies. y student council Don Jones, President v OFFICERS Jean Hamilton, Recording Secretary Bill Quallich, Treasurer Rifu Martens, Corr. Secretary Joe Toifel, Vice President Day Student Council, the governing body of all student activities, has control of the student activity tees and is responsible for the disbursement of funds to Day School activities. Those activities under Council supervision are: the three publications, the honorary fraternities, varsity and intramural sports and student supervisory groups. The aims of student council are "to secure the highest standards of scholarship, promote good fellowship, encourage extra-curricular activities, and develop civic consciousness among the members ot the college." REPRESENTATIVES Standing, left to right: Larry Carrocci Frank Carcelli, Robert Bullock, Don Peters. Seated, left to right: Dan Avis, Marge Polcyn, Paul Panasik. l l wing and torch Each spring a group of upperclass- men who have earned recognition in various activities are admitted to Wing and Torch. Wing cmd Torch is an honorary society for students who are active in extra- curricular activities. Upperclass- men are admitted according to a number of points they have achiev- ed by participation in organiza- tions. Mws- Q O phl epsilon n Phi Epsilon Nu was organi c and modeled after a nati the fraternity are the promo of high standards of scholar and service to the college Election to the traternit made from the upper qua of the Senior Class and upper eighth of the Junior Cl Each successful candidate is quired to present a prep paper of at least five hun words on an engineering t society in 1930. The aims . .y c c o alpha phi omega The TraTerniTy is open everyone, providing sTudenT can meeT The requiremenf - he have been aTTiliaTed The Boy ScouTs of a. However, mem- p To A l p h a P h i m e g a does noT pro- ibiT membership in a al TraTerniTy. Each year Alpha Phi s p o n s o r s The g y lvl a n ConTesT To money for The of Dimes. The iTy also carries a , scouT Troop locaTed The Cedar housing Around Coke Machine, left fo righi: Prof. Harris, Advisor, Jim Proskay, Carr. Sec., Don Dresnye, Pres., Bill Winlusky, Vice Pres., Merle Murnen, Hisf., Tom Hayne, Sergeant at Arms, Dale Sloan, Rec. Sec.: Paul Jones, Treas.p Walter McKelney, Ad- visor. Alpha Phi Omega, a naTional service TraTer- niTy, was Tounded on The campus in May of l948. The Tirsi chapTer of Alpha Phi Omega was founded on December T6, T925 aT LaTayeTTe College, EasTon, Pennsylvania. In Lobby Corner, left to righh Ray Rich- ards, Jim Putenbaugh, Bob Seifer, Royal Schiller, John Sifling, John Bowes, Cecil Dobbins, Leonard Sponlelli, Dick Wills, Dominic Monfelione, Dominic lnsana. frowel club ss E ,S Front row, left fo righl: Albert Mel- chreit, Don Zimmerman, Norman Sherer, Bruce Whitehouse, Glen Wagner. Back row, leff lo righh Russ Salinger, Paul Doncevic, Mike Brelz, Jack Hellman, Earl Cummings. future teachers of america Ev Front row, left to righf: Joyce Adie, Secy., Albert Borazanian, Pres., .loe Lgahy, Treas. Back row, left to right: Dominick Graziano, Shirley Felber, Tom Caprefta, Zula Rowell, Frank Kraus, Frank Dodic. gun club , 'f-1' . N4 i rr . w i H EJ H 72' bridge club Brlckley Leonard Hell Edward Prudnc Don Schwegler Emma Pruchc O W Left fo right: John Stevenson, Bruce , , , psychology club Fourth Row, left to right: George Meser, Art Mayer, Paul Winslow, C. J. Schroeder. Third Row, left to right: Dick Barnhart, Mary Teflt, Charles Simonia, Sanford Jaffe. Second Row, left to right: Alex Nagy, John Urwin, Art Babick, Clyde Norton, Michael Wyko. First Row, left to right: Charles Varacek, Alyce Mapp. personnel management association Front row: Walt S l e m p a, D o n P e t e r s, Leonard Fink, Charles Kleinhenz. Rear row: Charles Ba- ran, Joe Stanich, Robert Hall, Fred Below. The Personnel Management As sociation, which was formed i 1949, is one of the more recen additions to the college's pro fessional societies, and is on of the more active on the cam pus. Membership in this organi zation is open to any student i the day division majoring i Personnel Management, havin a cumulative average of 2.0 attaining the rank of pre-iunior The purpose of this organiza tion is to promote the informa study and consideration of Per sonnel and Human Relations i industry, and to facilitate con tacts between members of thi organization with Personnel ex ecutives in the greater Clevelan area. Front row: Dr. Randle Dahl, A. J. Schrenk, George Novak, Mrs. Marge Polcyn, Marthea Bowler. Rear row: Robert Kirchoff, Ted Lubera, Robert Profusek. sociology club I i marketing association lc't to right: Robert Peters, Emil Mccala, Bernice Braier, Andy D'obnak, Paul McCavitt, Paul Win- slow, M. L. Jordan, Victor Reber- calc, Pat Ko'ecki, G. N. Paine. The purpose ot this association is to organize the students ma- ioring in Marketing at Fenn Col- lege, and generally to advance the aims and objectives of the F e n n Marketing Association, specifically, to advance these aims and obiectives intensively in the area covered by this Asso- ciation and to provide a local forum for discussion and re- search on all phases of Market- ing as vveli as an opportunity tor those interested in the advance- ment ot marketing to enioy so- cial contacts ancl stimulating fellowship. Left to right: Bob Furmar, Bill Skeath, Bill Dix, Walter Kramer, Merle Roche, Bob Clarke, Lloyd Goodwin, Frank Samerdyk. Left to right: James Parker, Bill Krumese, A l T a l a r o, .I o h n McNa- mara, James P o t ts, Walt Slempa, B i l l Dew. society of structural engineers , . 8 The Society of Automotive Engl neers wos chortered in i944 with the intention ot promoting the Arts ond Sciences ond Engineering proc- tices connected with the design The society received its chorter in 1937, with its purpose being to promote further interest in structurol engineering. lt octs os ca reviewing board tor theses submitted by senior structurcil engineers. These theses ore read before the so- ciety ond discussed. In addition they hold meetings featuring prominent speokers from the structural engineering field. society of automotive engineers I construction ond utilizotion ot outomotive opporotus, presenting o proper perspective ot engineer- ing work, acquointing the student body with the personnel ond cic- tivities of S.A.E., and to encourage o protessionol consciousness ond fellowship among the engineers ot Fenn. ' Aside from the regular business meetings, interesting subjects ore presented to the members by woy of speokers, field trips ond movies. Student members of S.A.E. get o better picture of the industry into which they ore going, thus moking the tronster from college to in- dustry smoother. Top Row: Paul Grevstad, Bill Perry, Eugene Reitz, Howard Cumler, E. M. Krawczonek, Clittord Siebold, Alphonse Bujalski, Thomas Weber, Paul Yasaki, Myron Day. Middle Row: Oren Powell, Stanley Lipko, Ignatius Gregg, Rollin Winegar, Howard Hobart, Jack Dunbar, Sal Artino, Art Ohnacker, Lewis Lynn, Harold Difiore, Antonio Salvaggio. Front Row: Jim Gustafson, Pete Dzurik, John Ford, Albert Fischer, Earl Cummings, Charles Cline, Norbert Balzer, Rolph Posch, Richard Bloha. Front row, left to right: Robert Baker, George Prusha, Venedict Sycz, Lewise Zolnay, Fred Guth, Franklin Hrabak. Back row, left to right: Vernon Klinect, David King, Robert Hancock, Fred Eichler, Walter Weeton, Tom Hayne. physics club american Institute of chemical engineers Front Row A Benfus Howard Jacobs Treas Donald Amtsberg Vice Pres Raymond Yonker Pres Walter Facer Secy Anthony Gole Back Row Bob Allgeler Tom Rlvenbark Dick Blaha Don Jones Paul Horvath Charles Rust Bob Gillis Gilbert Smith L Turk J M Madigan R L Marian A J Teller Fenns Chapter of the American lnstrtute of Chemical Engineers purpose IS to gain knowledge Concerning opportunities In the Chemical Engineering Field to en loy benefits from affiliation with the American Instmtute of Chemical Engineers CA I Ch El and to pub llcuze and and in professional recog mtton of the Chemical Engineering program of Fenn College Once each month there IS a gathering of the organization to hear a speaker from some branch of chemical en glneerlng and numerous field traps help to obtain this end The Fenn Chapter A I Ch E was chartered IH 1948 and rs open to all students registered In the Chem :cal Engineering Department of Fenn O O O C I , . . ,, . , , - ll 1 2 - ' , 1 -1 , ' -, , -, 1 -, - : I I I I , , , , - , - - . , . . , . . . american chemical society Front: Donald Amtsberg, Dick Shaf- fer, Sec.-Treas.p Bob Gillis, Pres., Dick Blaha, Vice Pres., L. Turk. Back: Eugene Haas, Raymond Yonker, Don Jones, Charles Rust, W. J. Lightfoot, W. Fccer, A. Beifus, R. Egan, J, Sutlift, L. A. Pasiut, A. Gale. american institute of electrical engineers The Institute ot Electrical Engi- neers was chartered in 1941 as o professional group with mem- bership open to both day and evening students. Its purpose is to further the student's educa- tion in this particular phase of engineering. Lectures by prom- inent men in the electrical field constitute a large portion of the society's program. P amerlcan soclety of mechanical engineers The Fenn student branch of the A. S. M. E. was grant- ed a charter from the na- tional organization follow- ing the accreditation ot the School of Engineering by the Engineers Council for Pro- fessional Development, Membership is open to en- gineering students in both the day and evening divi- sions. Through regular meetings the organization attempts to broaden the student's ac- quaintance with the practical side of mechanical engineer- ing. The student is kept in- formed of engineering prog- ress through speakers and through the monthly editions ot the national organiza- tion's magazine, "Mechanical Engineering." institute of radio engineers A16 M Hr cf: ,W! -" ' :H '1efM .MQ ...YN xl ,,,-1" f I 1 ' z si Q H 11 Q' f'f' A 1, I f men clorm council OFFICERS AND PROCTORS Standing, left to right: Charles Simonian, Lewis Lynn, John Ford, Duane Grelson. Seated, left to right: Oliver Price, Treas., John Stanich, Pres., Arden Goddard, Secretary. Principal functions of the Council are: to act as a mediator between dormitory residents and the School Administration, to sponsor the Quarterly Welcome dances and to administer the Dorm Scholarship fund. The Men's Dorm Council was chartered in i940 to act as The governing body ot the Fenn Dormitory Association. All residents of the Men's Dormitory are members of the Association by virtue of their residence. REPRESENTATIVES Standing, left to right: Bob Kirchnotf, Walter Facer, Paul Winslow, Larry Carrocci, Bill Hilgen- dorff. Seated, left to right: Bob Allgeier, Ed Fails, Channing Noel, Donald Amtsberg. ' .,,: It '1mr,W ivfffff Jr fw .IT if '. .V if Wa - f""f - VHF L' e' was x 4. , V J 'U Q l,w"'fv' ly , A , -, , ,N I, - .A 5..L,.,? , .W,Q.,Q ,f ,. ' -' I .xi , 7 ' 'A JW" X UMW .Y "' -'sf nr H4 Q h . 1. ,.1 -.5 . "N iv '- W.. .r wif -4 ,., uv." ""' -3-. ., A. -I We GB!! 1 1 1 mmmmx W 7' K fx 2 ,, 1. di 1 gi Q11 N553-1 rg X,TglLvLEHsi'A!-ssh"k'5 '-'1 I xr I A , - fi f. .pg-9' 'wsft -51 ' 1 tv - --"J"j3-25-q',, ,, , 5 , ' . A I , "Q . .f' ,".., w l 4 L , Q I!! 1-Q In +1 'Q' .Lg fl. ,- 1 ,an -fiibu. 1. Y 1 bu- wa 'ff 1 gf 1' . as I F J J 4 . .4 'LZ' , v ,Eff 'Q W W' PM uthl tics iN"'i"'T" ' ""?"" "q"""i?ii?i' 7 -NEWBOLT. 1 I HOMER WOODLING Athletic Director ba ketball IAA COACH RUNG Wcllfer Kaspszyk Hank Boron David Jacklifch George Kuppos David Tlbor Ken Yoshino K. N. Hunsinger Karl Tabor Slause, Mang. BASKETBALL John Carroll 68 Baldwin Wallace 83 VVesiern Reserve 83 Gberlin 76 Heidelberg 65 Youngyown 6l Ahnnni 27 Hnam 70 Grove Chy 62 Kenyon 51 Ashland 64 Clarion 84 Baldwin Wallace 77 SHppery Rock 63 Youngdown 75 Edinboro 72 AAounT Union 73 Hnam -Homecommg 67 FROSH TEAM WON 7 - Fenn Fenn Penn Fenn Fenn Fenn Fenn Fenn Fenn Fenn Fenn Fenn Fenn Penn Fenn Fenn Penn Fenn LOST 3 11 ti 5? ab.,- 2-3 and 1 if' f . lx in Ig '1 11 ' 'A ll I ,ni W. ,-. if I I I vf .Q I .11 ,T .EU ff. X 5, 3 v . . . N- r H 1 1.-' .fig : f . " 9 is . - x V a ' I 'N' ,ig 1 - ,- X . W' .Y N u..."...wf,, ' Wm fl, .. ..., . . N ,M ' .1 f .ig My , . ,. Lil.. J Y ., .4 .Q . MH , 1' ' .NM L X iz. , x M yu if I ,Q 2. .Z . L.. uw .V S .wx IE' :if . I' I-u ,. 1, . 12 i .. HV, u 1 1 , . '31 ri, w f I u n 'Q f . ,.,,. fl -auf, ., l'?'u" J . . ' L L rw" 5'..' 'Vu U' "' 'f'.- f.fwU':.. H 'K-.55-J '...-.-.- . .2-. f ' .,-1' .., , K..-it .A .vm ,. - ...I .A' . .,g'-1 ,fl j '1f'.'- p. ilu., uv -13,41 " .J K, 'H f H N, ' ,QQ -. v . , I Q . .4 -.-.-.-.- uw '1 -.4 Y. ..f?'.' C :,.,L- U , X , 23. " -QQ. - .. . -'lf .v 'ef' FJ 'A ,, s ,IQ VV. 'Sum V, -. . , ,. ' H fx., ' 'af X . 3' ,. " ' 9 ' ' y . 1. W? Y-Q "' ,w W-. -. -W' Jil 3' 'Q E . 123, -t -. 1..:.,. 43 I .5 Y -I.: 1.1 . -. '- grrhg. ,,., - A -1+ + ',,.-gf f A-, .., . J -f .Q W J- .. W- 324, .. 35521 -Aw g:'..r- , 2' ,. .1"517 l'f"'.j' ' "1 922.5 .1 Q. .- ,gcc ' ' 'Vi ' 'MV i ' - . . ' ' 2 'f ..- 'S 'f -.Q-"l.4'7Aw L ..'.f"--FQ1 .- . .- ,n,- ,-S . ... gl. '.".,wfr-. . . , i.,,,gg. dr., A ,, , A. Q ., , Q, ,,, 1 ' ,: K .- f-- ,J. - 'A -,n.g..' M. M- .. ,. ' -. ,, -wr. .. g,.1 - ., .. .. x, , -- ....... -A -' . w "- 'Spa 1' .,, "',.'1g., " ' f 5 - - .... "' Wil ,N ""'f.f.f , -' ...M . -, .fw . ?,4l-.-'- ' ' Q- "law ., - , '. , . -. ., -'x '..-.3 .1 '3 ' - " ' ' , .,-"-' wr .. Q v if , , . 1 ,H 593 'min gk,-ff , Roger Quirk Conrad Schrader Donald Daczko Bob Meyer Carnegie Tech. Edinboro Unwemhy of Denon 5Hppery Rock Kem'Skne Unwemny Youngdown Baldwin Wallace Youngdown Kenyon VVoo9er Bowling Green Ohio University Central Collegiaies frosh swimmers Fenn 24 Fenn 50 Fenn 45 Fenn 48 Fenn 28 Fenn 58 Fenn 36 Fenn 5l Fenn 26 Fenn 32 CanceHed Fenn 31 N. C. A. A. Norman Sherer, Mung. Jack Meinke, Mang swimming B. M. MacPherson Grey McQuinn COACH GRAM Ycro Mucha Nllo Jokn Bob Fo!ey John Sweeney track Bock row, Ieff io right: Lloyd Goodwin Imgrj, Dove King, Wm. Davis, Tom Meehan, Joe Serieno, Dave Juclxlifch, Jim Hickey, Russell Giersch, Coach Ray. Front row, left fo right: Robert Fox, Brice Thornton, Wm. Cowley, Tom Weber, Norbert Froe'ich. EA Aehen Roan- Tevfv. av V 77'-11" Mn , -" Kenyon Mount Union Geneva Kent Sfofe Hirom John Carroll Ashland I 9 4 9 - 5 O 70 Fenn 7I Fenn 32 Fenn 87 Fenn 45 Fenn 62 Fenn 47V2 Eenn Placed 3rd in cull city meet of Baldwin Wolloce. Won 3 - Lost 2. 57 56 40 82 65 78V2 -1 -sf' 1 in x i.E5?i, LETTERMEN WED ASI-IER IBOB BUSBEY IIVVM. DAVIS IIROBERT FOX WDAVE .IACKLITCI-I WDAVE KING ZIJOE SERIENO ZIJOE TOIFEL GEORGE DEBOLT JIM I-IICKEY TOM MEEI-IAN JOHN POLOI-IA ROGER TERRY I Forme Back row, left to right: George Schneider, Wm. Sandereon, Tom Eppele, Ray Conkle, Charles Rust, Karl Tabor, Don Tache, Coach Rung. Front row, left to right: Ray Saccany, Frank Corcelli, Henry Dunkle, Lou Sombat, Ralph Chakerian, Dick Cooper, Art Pohm. baseball hff"Nlw . Lettermen LETTERMEN tRALPH CHAKERIAN YHENRY DUNKLE WLOU SOMBAT ACEORGE SCHNEIDER 'ERAY CONKLE FRANK CORCELLI DON TACHE CHARLES RUST ART POHM KARL TABOR ' ' , I 1 9 4 9 - 5 0 Lynchburg 6 Fenn Roanoke c a l I e Bridgewater 6 Fenn Quantico Marines 7 Fenn Mount Union 6 Fenn BW 22 Fenn Youngstown 2 Fenn Youngstown 4 Fenn Akron O Fenn Ashland 6 Fenn Kenyon 6 Fenn Kent State 3 Fenn BG 4 Fenn BW cg a l l e d WRU Fenn Ashland 6 Fenn Won 7 - Lost 7 f'-fx Left to right: Tom Williams, Don Dough- erty, Coach McNeill, John Weidman, John Birtalan. Left to right: Wm. O'Brien, Don Seibert, Bob Marshall, Wm. Filley, Ycro Mucha, Couch Foster Miller. fenci '19 I 9 4 9 - I 9 5 O l Fenn Opponents 8 Ohio Stote I9 I3 Bulfcilo Stote I4 I5 Oberlin I2 I5 Alumni I2 I2 Wayne University I5 7 Lclvvrence Tech. 20 IIVQ Detroit Univ. I5V2 I2 Oberlin I5 Won-2 Lost-6 I 9 4 9 - I 9 5 O WRU I2 Fenn 4 WRU 5V2 Fenn IOV2 .ICU 7V2 Fenn 4V2 Youngstown I I V2 Fenn V2 Youngstown I5 Fenn I BW 4 Fenn I2 BW 5V2 Fenn IOV2 Ashlcinol 5V2 Fenn IOV2 Ashland 4 Fenn I2 Akron I3V2 Fenn 2V2 Kent I3 Fenn 3 VVon 5 - Lost 6. te 's I 9 5 O Mount Union 4 Fenn 5 WRU 9 Fenn O BW 7 Fenn O Hirom 5 Fenn 4 Kent 9 Fenn O JCU 5 Fenn 4 BW 5 Fenn 2 Youngstown 5 Fenn 2 Youngstown 6 Fenn I Hirclrn 7 Fenn 2 Akron I Fenn 8 Won 2 - Lost 9 Ng Q- bg -n 1 up any lam 1. L 1 M r Q -mg ,np ....... ': 'ai-Lajsfiiu .:. :.: -,:.:.:. was M mm 1' u v-.ma W, , . 1 . gi X. QQ, ' 11 ,A Q E y A M, Y' ' E D y f ,Q H X . fy X, y " X 1 ,W 5 X M . " HQ ,Q QE HQ A new R B E na an 3 mf K 5 ni - : X W H H W E E E E E E E H H E E Q . H . E mm Hmmm ,ll , EEWQZEQ M f MA ,M Hmmw ,gag H '- ' B B B E Q F Q ,X E E , E F W- E. H E 2:5 32 HZESWQSB H Vw WE , L E H M V, ,. .:. 5: .... Y . ' V- W - . Sir' .ffm ,AX B, 4--'ww X sszfgmglgm - X E. E mm , U- :1- w E W? :asm PM .f- if H mmm gm- WN, f, .jx U mn W s agua Wm -. in 4 w. 5 , H H ww P' A 2 .E I' gag S 5 H F BQ, E ,, Lg 9, W 5-Q2 N -' R -my H 5. :af ' - H wig E mm xi 5 M M Q . YA-5 Winn ,5m' 1 ig mgww Abi' WEB Lv jr ss is N Q BE ...:a: 1 ...LI :xg Y Us is ' W H N H 1.-.4 .,.. ,M --H, 2 - , H a EY H H HK- H 4 W hem Q. ,..,. 5 2522552 f::yx5f.45:5zes5s: - L ' ' H H - H H 2:2 -if. is E - MH fi f' " '1.1,.1. 1.3'E'Q32'1,g-5 A ,H H W Jw di .ig N 11 H H - . W H vw if H N aff . . ,.,.,.,.,., : :::415f5g:.:... r X., H M H PS . U :J M T QE - 5mEygfg5l5E,E5.:., ,H ' ,agy aww-Y?-E21 -""' '5EWT?gf+ W .v K- W . Enix: .:- E. ::: .:..::.:,-.:.5:5 :.:n:- 1 Wages: fy a.H 4 ' H :- wh H :.: .ggi-j ,X wx lwgw 3.2 E Q ,My , ,-, Q, ME ,M-ggi --1:2-uc. ..., B ma f W ss' 'lm an ,MQ P3 E sw 4, as ,gs mga WW am? 4 1 W 5 m H V W 2 5 1 Y,fgw.fwwm.wga i u Q' L Q I I E H 'Sq , 'Ga ' :Z ':' .1 1 X. I 2 . 1 gt .. fx.-, 1.-v wt- ,4 m 5 D I I1 I '3 A' 'xyS N A4 V 7 M I N , 1 ' . 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E., Varsity Baseball. 0 ART-A. I. E. E., I. R. E., Intramural Sports. 0 AUCKLAND-Iota Eta Fraternity, Psychology Club. 0 BAKER 0 BAKER-Lambda Iota Delta, Topper, F. T. A. o BAKER-Phi Epsilon Nu, S. A. E. o BANKS-Cauldron, S. A. E., Track Team. 0 BARAN -Cauldron, Student Council, Newman Club. Joseph P. Abbott, B.E.E. Joyce M. Adie, Lawrence Auckland, B.A. Neal Baker Stanley G. Barton, B.S.E. Donald R. Behrenclt, B.S.E. Arthur C. Beifusf B-C-E Fred E- Below' B'B' Stephen J. Bitio, B.M.E. Richard J. Blaha, B.C.E. Herbert E. Buchholz, B.B.A. Alphonse F. Buialski, U E. Boker, B.S. Donald G. Amtsberg, B.C.E. Clarence A. Andrews, B.M.E. Alfred W. Art, B.E.E. Robert E. Baker, B.E.S. Robert Banks, B.M.E. Charles M. Baran, B.B.A. IF sl i i l 1 i M. Beneke, B.B.A. John P. Bertics, B.M.E. E. Burkhouse, B.E.S. George R. Cade, B.B.A. BARTON-F. S. S. E., Intramural Sports. 0 BEH- RENDT-Gamma Delta, Physics Club. 0 BEIFUS- A. C. S., Gun Club. 0 BELOW-Wing and Torch, Cauldron, Editor, Personnel Management Associa- tion. 0 BENEKE-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Varsity Track. 0 BERTICS-"F" Club, Swimming Team. 0 BITTO-Newman Club, S. A. E., Intramural Sports. 0 BLAHA-Iota Etc, A. C. S., A. l. C. E. 0 BUCH- HOLZ--Gamma Delta, Intramural Sports. 0 BUJAL- SKI-A. S. M. E., S. A. E. 0 BURKHOUSE-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Intramural Sports. 0 CADE-Fanfare. class of 1951 Seymour J, Caponero, B.E.E. Frank Celin, B.M.E. Arfhur R. Cerio, B.B.A. James C. Cevera, Charles R. Chiszar, B.E.S. Angelo M. Cifro, B.E.E. Joseph Clark Robert E. Clarke, COOK-Kappa Delia Phi, A. S. M. E. o COPPER -A. I. E. E., I. R. E. I CORKE-Choir, Sociology Club. 0 COX-Kappa DeITa Phi, Cauldron. 0 CRABTREE- o CRAPANZANO-Iota Era. o CROANING-Cauldron Photographer, Fenn Players, Camera Club. 0 CSARNY-Phi Epsilon Nu, A. S. M. E., 0 CSONKA-Iota Eta, Phi Epsilon Nu, A. S. M. E. s CUMMINGS-loia Efa, S, A. E., Trowel Club. 0 DITRICH-F. S. S. E. o DIX-Fenn Markefing Association. seniors Raymond G. Cook, B.M.E. George S. Copper Ralph Croaning, B.E.S. Thomas A. Csarny, 1 i i C. Chase, B.E.E. George E. Cheney, B.E.E. D. Cline, B.M.E. A. D. Columbaro, B.M.E. .r. ,g class of 1951 CAPONERO-Phi Epsilon Nu, A. l. E. E. I CELIN -A. S. M. E. 0 CERIO- s CEVERA-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha. o CHASE-A. l. E. E., intramural Sports. 0 CHENEY-Phi Epsilon Nu, A. l. E. E. 0 CHISZAR-Newman Club, Physics Club. 0 CITRO- 0 CLARK o CLARKE-Cauldron, Fenn Marketing Association, Choir. 0 CLINE-Cauldron, A. S. M. E. 0 COLUMBARO-A. S. M. E., Intramural Sports, 56- it 4-e:illi.lg ,alfa E. Corke, B.A. Robert K. Cox, B.B.A. Harold A. Crabtree, B.S.E. William R. Dix, B.B.A. Csonka, B.M.E. Earl G. Cummings, B.M.E. Richard Dittrich, B.S.E. seniors DORSEY-Cauldron, Mixed Chorus. 0 DUNCAN - o EICHLER-Physics Club, S. A. E. o FINK- Lambda Tau Delta, Personnel Management Associa- tion. 0 FLETCHER-"F" Club, Swimming Team, A. S. M. E. 0 FOBEL-Intramural Sports. 0 FORD -Iota Eta, Fencing Team, S. A. E. I FORNITI- Lambda Iota Delta, Niteshitt, Editor, Evening Student Council. FREDERICK-A. I. E, E., Baseball Team. 0 FURMAN-Iota Eta, Men's Dorm Council. 0 GANLEY -Kappa Delta Phi, Varsity Basketball, A. S. M. E. o GEDEON-Phi Epsilon Nu, A. S. M. E. ll f M il 1 A T .,'1l:1V-.lQ1:,5, A' V mi ,,,LQ,-'51 Jacqueline Dorsey, B.A. Paul W. Duncan, John A. Ford, B.M.E. Philip M. Forniti, Geo,-ge E, Glqwe, B,M.E. Jay Gott Lloyd G. Goodwin, B.B.A. Melvin R. Grady, Robert S. Hall, B.B.A. Bernard Hanlon William J. Hormount, B.S.E. Edward G. Hawersaat I Fred E. Eichler, B.E.S. Leonard G. Fink, B.B.A. it S. Frederick, B.E.E. Robert E. Furman, B.B.A. F. Green, B.B.A. Fred H. Guih, B.E.S. ld L. Hebron, B.E.E. Stephen J. Hickel, B.M.E. "FQ 5 Li! Herberi J. Fletcher, B.M.E. Eugene Fobel, B.B.A. G. J. Ganley, B.M.E. Louis Gedeon, Jr., B.M.E. GLAWE--Kappa Delia Phi, Phi Epsilon Nu. 0 GOTT 0 GOODWIN-Fenn Marketing Association. 0 GRADY-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Inframural Sporfs. 0 GREEN-Cauldron. 0 GUTH-Physics Club. 0 HALL-Cauldron, Fenn Players. 0 HANLON 0 HAR- MOUNT-Kappa Delta Phi, F. S. S. E., Intramural Sporfs. o HAWERSAAT- o HEBRON-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, A. I. E. E. 0 HICKEL-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, A. S. M. E., Swimming Team. class of 1951 Robert S. Hlivak, B.M.E. Donald W. Hoenig, B.M.E. Charles R. Horak, B.E.E. John A. llclsko, B.S.E Howard L. Jacobs, B.C.E. Sanford Jaffe, B.B.A. Charles E. Janes, B.B.A. Uuno Junno KEEFE-Iota Eta, S. A. E. 0 KLElNHENZ-Person- nel Management Association, Gun Club. 0 KOETH -A. I. E. E. 0 KOSTYN-Phi Epsilon Nu. 0 KRAMER-Kappa Delta Phi, Fenn Marketing Associa- tion. 0 KRONIKA-Personnel Management Asso- ciation, Intramural Sports. 0 KRUMESC-Fenn Marketing Association, l n t r a m u r a l Sports. 0 KUTSCH-F. S. S. E. 0 LANTZ-Personnel Man- agement Association, Men's Chorus. 0 LARSON -A. l. E. E. 0 LAUTANEN-A. S. M. E. 0 LEAHY -Cauldron, F. T. A. seniors Adrian R. Keele, B.M.E. Charles E. Kleinhenz, William W. Krumesc, B.B.A. Richard H. Kutsch, class of 1951 HLIVAK-A. S. M. E., S. A. E. o HOENIG-A. S. M. E. o HORAK- o ILCISKO-F. S. S. E. o ISELI-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Fenn Players, A. S. M. E. 0 JACKLITCH-Personnel Management As- sociation, Basketball Team, Track Team. 'O JACOBS -A. I. C. E. 0 JAFFE-Lambda Tau Delta, Psy- chology Club. 0 JANES- 0 JUNNO- 0 JOHNSON-S. A. E. 0 JORDAN-A. l. E. E., Intramural Sports. J Koeth BEE Gllbert A Kostyn BME Walter J Kramer, B.B.A. Neal A. Kronika, B.B.A. H Lantz BBA Kenneth E Larson BEE George H lautanen, B.M.E. Joseph F. Leahy, B.A. seniors LIPANYE-A. I. E. E. 0 LIPIEC- 0 LIPKA- S. A. E. 0 LOIACONO-Iota Eta, Cauldron, New- man Club. 0 LUBERA-Personnel Managemem Association. 0 LYNN-Dorm Council, A. S. M. E. 0 MACALA-Gun Club. Q MACKAY- o MAN- ION-Cauldron. 0 MARYAN-A. I. E. E., Newman Club, . MASTON-A.1.c.E. . MASTERS- L A. S. M. E. Louis L. Liponye, B.E.E. John G. Lipiec, B.B.A Emil G. Mocclci, B.A. Richard R. Mackay, I , l Paul L. McCaviH, A.B. John McClurg, B.M.E. Paul J. Meddeniok, B.B.A. F. T. Melcher, Jr., Robert Miller Wilford R. Miller, B.B.A. Wilbur O. Moyer, B.M.E. Carl S. Nou, B.M.E. 5 I I Theodore Lubera, B.B.A. Lewis G. Lynn, Jr., B.M.E. Ralph E Musion, B.C.E. Alberf T. Masters, B.M.E. MCCAVITT-Cauldron, Varsify Track, Fenn Band. I MCCLURG-Trowel Club, A. I. M. E. 0 MEDDENJAK - a MELCHER-Iota Eta, A. S. M. E. o MENART -A. S. M. E., Intramural Sports. 0 METTI-Kappa Deifa Phi, A. I. E. E. o MILLER- 0 MILLER- Befa BeTa Alpha, Fanfare, Edifor, Cauldron. 0 MOYER-A. S. M. E. 0 NAU-S. A. E. o 0 NEINER-Iofa Efa, S. A. E. 0 NORTH-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Phi Epsilon Nu. class of 1951 George P. Novak, B.B.A. Joseph E. Olszko, B.M.E. James E. Parker, B.B.A. Nicholas P. Passarello Margaret L. Palcyn, B.B.A. Ed M. Polsak, B.M.E. Richard J. Pomeroy, B.B.A. Ralph F. Posch, PRATT-A. S. M. E., Fencing Team. 0 PREVITE- Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, InTramuraI Sports. 0 PRUSHA - -Lambda Tau Delta, S. A. E. 0 PURDY-Sociology Club. 0 RADCLIFFE-A. I. E. E., T. R. E. 0 RAT- KAY-Phi Epsilon Nu, A. S. M. E. 0 REFE-iota Eta, Varsity Fencing Team, Modern Language Club. 0 REINHART-I. A. E. E. 0 REITZ-Men's Dorm Coun- cil, S. A. E., lnframural Sporfs. 0 ROTE-Mixed Chorus. 0 RUST-A. C. S., Baseball Team. 0 RUSSEL. seniors William H. Pratt, B.M.E. Lawrence N. Prevife, Cesare A. Refe, A.B. Norman E. Reinharf, 'G I iv 1 Gi class of 1951 NOVAK-Personnel Management Association, Mixed Chorus. I OLSZKO-S. A. E., A. S. M. E. 0 PARKER-Fenn Marketing Association. 0 PASSA- RELLO-Phi Epsilon Nu, Cauldron, A. S. M. E. 0 PETROW-F. S. S. E. o POLCYN-Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Student Council. 0 POLCYN-Lambda Sigma Chi, Cauldron, Student Council. 0 POLSAK -Lambda Iota Delta Fraternity, Nite Shift. 0 POMEROY-Lambda Tau Delta, Choir. 0 POSCH -A. S. M. E., Track Team, 0 POUSS- 0 POWELL -S. A. E. Petrow, B.S.E. Frank R. Polcyn, B.B.A. G. Pouss, B.B.A. Oren A. Powell, B.M.E. J. Prusha, B.E.S. Maitland A. Purcly, A.B. Thomas J. Radclitte, B.E.E. Edward J. Ratkay, B.M.E. A. Reitz, B.M.E. Donald Rote, B.B.A. Charles R. Rust, B.C.E. William A. Russel seniors A SAKO-A. S. M. E. o SALVAGGIO-Iorci Elo, S. A. E., Infromurol Sporfs. 0 SAMERDYK-New- mon Club, Intramural Sports. I SATMARY-A. S. M. E., S. A. E. 0 SCHLEY-Gommo Delfci, Fenn Marketing Associcufion. 0 SCHNEIDER-Bczseboll Tecim, "F" Club. 0 SCHRENK-Personnel Monoge- mem' Association. 0 SCHULTZ-S.A.E. 0 SCOTT -Alpha Chi, Mixed Chorus. 0 SEBUSCH-Fenn Markefing Association. 0 SELDNER-Tau Kappci Phi, A. i. E. E. o SHARKUS-A. I. E. E. Fumio Sako, B.M.E. Anfonio Salvaggio Alfred J. Schrenk, B.B.A. Arthur H. Schulfz, Daniel Shellek, B.M.E. Charles Simonian, A.B. William T. Skeafh, B.B.A. Walter Slempa, Louis M. Sombaf, B.B.A. Steve Scmody, B.B.A. Joe Sionich, B.B.A. Chesfel' J. Sfasik as-f A :K mv fr I Ralph Sfadler Robert J. Slerk, B.E.E. U Smerillo, B.E.E. William H. Sollie, B.E.E. R. Samerdyk, B.B.A. Eugene M. Saimary, B.M.E. Henry A. Schley, B.B.A. George T. Schneider, B.B.A. E. Scott, B.B.A. Donald P. Sebusch, B.B.A. Kurt Seldner, B.E.E., B.E.S. George J. Sharkus, B.E.E. SHELLEK-Iofa Eta, A. 5. M. E. o SIMONIAN-Wing and Torch, Cauldron, Fencing Team. o SKEATH- Fenn Ma rketing Association, Fenn Players. I SLEMPA-Fenn Marketing Association. 0 SMERILLO -I. R. E., Intramural Sports. 0 SOLLIE-A. I. E. E. 0 SOMBAT-Baseball Team. 0 SOMODY-Caul- dron, Columnist, Topper. 0 STANICH-Cauldron, Topper, Business Manager, Men's Dorm Council, Per- sonnel Managemenf Association. 0 STASIK-Tennis Team. 0 STADLER 0 STERK-A. I. E. E., Infra- mural Sporis. class of 1951 George S. Sfibor, B.M.E. William G. Sfimuk BME Hugo E Sfoclcmcn BME Sieve Stefcnko Jnmes S. Siuck, B.B.A. Venedicf Sycz BES Fronkj Tepley BBA Ernesi G Thulin TURK-A. I. C. E. 0 TUHALSKI- o URWIN- Lcxmbdo Tou Delfcx, Fenn Plcuyers. 0 VARGO -Iofcn Etc, S. A. E. 0 WALICK-A. I. E. E., Infrcx- murol Sporfs. o WILLIAMS- o WINEGAR -Iota ETC1, A. S. IVI. E. 0 WOLK-F. S. S. E. . wYsKoclL-F. s. s. E. . vuNKER-Kgppo Delta Phi, A. I. C. E. 0 ZENON-Phi Epsilon Nu, Vorsify Track Team, A. I. E. E. 0 ZIMMERMAN- TroweI Club, lnfromurol Sports. seniors B 'EIS- ar class of 1951 A. S. M. E., S. A. E. 0 STOCKMAN-Gamma Delta, A. S. M. E., Swimming Team. 0 STEFANKO- 0 STOVER-l. R. E., F. S. E. E. 0 STRAUBEI.-A. l. E. E., intramural Sports. 0 STUCK- 0 SYCZ-Phi Epsilon Nu, Physics Club. 0 TEPLEY- 0 THULIN-Lambda Tau Delta, Intramural Sports. 0 TOIFEL-Phi Sigma Tau Alpha, Student Council, Track Team, Cheer- leader. 0 TOLARO-Fenn Marketing Association, Fenn Players. J Stover BEE Ernest P Straubel BEE H. Toifel, 8.5. AI J. Tolaro, B.B.A. T. Urwm, B.B.A. Emery F. Vargo, B.M.E. Joseph A. Walnck, B.E.E. T. C. Williams E. Wyskocil, B.S.E. Raymond T. Yunker, B.C.E. Zenn Zenon, B.E.E. W. Donald Zimmerman, B.B.A. STIBOR-A. S. M, E., Fencing Team. 0 STIMAK- seniors P' Qnu-Q 'ilxngr Frank Eidenmiller Norberi Balzer Lucius F. Borfleit Leo Beckermun Clarence Fencl Leonard Figgers Jim Fifzgerqld E l 1 Ioanca Carfallia Koarounis Ivan Mickelson Alexander Nagy Kenneth Leonard Robbins Donald Schott Schoelinger Clifford Seibold Edmond Silva l T. Boclenlos Richard Bowvick Norbert Froelich JJ.. , F. Cafes James Polls Charles Sobey Siefan Anita Dalesio Norma Dalesio Jack Dunbar Robert L. Gould, Jr. Ronald Hershberger Jack Hiebsch Roberi Quandl Fred D. Ranval class of 1951 fl 1 gi I w -.I Aajicm- -2 Rl ,,,..q. ,u I S5 -J! Qu. ff qgqiib -:Pj ,. fm 4 v I i unclerclass vnqlm 11 'x are 'El 76nacac4Z4aZ76vwca J' 53 V, I I -5 , A? lf' , wwzx V F' :E Ia, ,fn,,i A I Ili .,, ' N L ? :fm L Q yu? -I 1 ' ' x vw W - , if . I ' 1 'A , gf 'v . "' ' . X ' g J? I X .. X I ., 4- V 1, ,hr V , X Q L.: V " 3 P N - A Y!-X ,V . . V V- Q - :GN Q 7 ff ' X, J ' A5 X ' 1 1' X X, Z' -,N A X V A , xx 1 ' ' 1 ' J I 1,31 ,. ,H X! X , w,'-- ffl ' I . 'si F 1 iuniors L. 'ro R. Betty Ann Snoke Som Colluro Loverne Sfohlmcm Pot Derrig L. to R. Roy Richards Pcul Yoscxki George Chomcn Bill Sfimoc L. to R. Charles Voracek Bruce Hennessy George Story Cliff Siebolol L. to R. Front Row Gail Peters Marge Taylor R. Mason L. to R. Back Row Jack Dunbar .lose A. Marrero-Torres L. to R. Rita Martens Ellen Harris Margaret Whitacre lunlors L. To R. Elroy Beneke Leon Reid Lawrence Previie Roger Woodworflw ' L5 L. 'ro R. Lloyd Goodwin Bill Dix Frcznk Somerdyk Bob Clarke Russ Gedeon pre-iuniors L. To R. Don Peters .leon I-lcxmilfon Bill Reimer Eugene Miller Robert Chcirvot L. 'ro R. Frcink Corcelli Bernice Brojer Frank Aust Fran Block Rich Profusek Morcy Zeedick Ernie Szabo pre L. to R. A. Pintenich Don Toche Herb Strain Bob Fink Jock Bolwl Richard Bclrnhcxrt L. to R. Glen Wagner Duane Grelson Ed Fciils Everett Evons Tom Kone L. to R. R. V. Jcrocz Don Turner L. P. Slivko Doris Neu Mary Ellen Murphy Albert Borclzcznicm UI'lIOl"S To J P Laganna Dan Luvlson Edward Uhrlg Vernon W Klmecf Wlllle R Smith To John Poloha June Richman Ed Esber Dorthy Lnpanye Don Peters Bull Dew To Don Lewis Richard Binder Herman Hammer Ted Betz Henry R Gerlach, Jr Paul Collumb O l.. R. Clare Pawlicki L, R. l.. R. . , .- ' I: gfll5g':. 6 sophomores L. To R.. Betty McFarlane, Stella Geme- los, Shirley Feller, Carol Lyons, Jane? Hanson, Margaref Hanson, Phyllis Longfield, .lean Hamilton. L. to R., Front Row: Muriel Poole, Pat Kofecki, Marian Hoegler, Anna Gari- botti. L. To R., Back Row: Roger Knott, Paul Grevsfad, Don Evans, C. J. Schroeder. L. 'ro R.: Richard Carroll, Eugene Bauer, Tom Davis, John Huclak, Bob Tursic, Bill Lund, Glenn Kribs, Dean Piffenger. L. To R.: Carl Ford, Al Zniclarslc Bill Billings, Jack Bechtel, John Bradarich Harvey Winckles, Don Moeller L. to R., Front Row: Lorene Droudt, Dorthy Postis. L. to R., Bock Row. Victor Rebersok, Eorl Woodings, John Cholk, Robert Peters. L. to R.: Bob Edrington, Wolton Gor- lond, John Revelt, Horold Knowles, L. to R.: L. Corrocci, Roger Nook, Alyce Jock Grohom. Mopp, Poul Winslow, Joe Pidolo. freshmen Front Row: Ann Chan, Marilou Wendel, Patricia Harford, Carol Jeffers, Carol MacDonald. Back Row: Geraldine Busch, Doris Byerly, Pat Wawrzy- niok, Pearl Krefzer, Alma Hinson. F r o n T R o W: Chesfer Ozog, Jeanne English, Ruth Arbuckle, Richard F r o m s o n, Rudolph Crosby. Second Row: .lack Heil- man, James Bishop, Thomas Kelly, Robert Zachary. Back Row: Ralph Newman, Lowell Sfeusloff, Bruce Blackie. Front Row Richard Golem Au drey Znmmer Theodore Stump hauzer Back Row Harold Whnte Bernard Steen Joseph Croftchonock Albert Melchrelt Donald Josephlk John Hosa Front Row Eugene Weakland Front Row Lionel Meister Donald Neumann Paul Logan Larry Young John Cle and Back Row Franklin Campbell Fred erlck Matter Nathan Car ter Wendell K u c e r a Walter P I u m b Donald Romann f Joy Gell Paulme Kurtz Jeanne Varga Bull Sepsn Back Row Jack M e I n k e Tom Williams Frank Horvath Cliff Murphy Curtis McCort Ted Llederbach 11 16-G:--1 Q wg: pf--, G 5- Sv-1 -l 3-7 jgmfilmm-.-. 7 - T55-wmzrrg-rggzqfngggzqqfy-,:z,g5a73 gvqg-ggavp-K 1911-.amz--:gg---,cm-1 -fauqpggyv w A , . .x T., v, , -,ss A T' ii?" -in ,A Q 44 ra -f' ws .. - ? , 4? T rg af A ' , ' :- ' , 1 A i .gg W L v Q25 N. f. ,- 3- 'S-vu 64 Im... 'mfaaaaa S. - 1 .S -af --, sf "" -an J' fraternities and sororities -,f --qv-V-Y-Ya ---- --1, Y . ,,. -z--- Q-W., --Neff: -'71,-2--+,.,,,Y,.,u-f if-V. A-i: y - V 1 1 --..4-4 --+1-,I, . A.-I , 1, W' ,.... 1 '- , , --.-Ar' ,I . , . , A ,,, .xg A- .X-, ff.-. -fn.. . -, v-- 5 :1'11-.n-41 H I H. I ..1 A -' , .T ,, j ,V.A ,,,, .LW v 1 Mgr' nf' 1- ', . V I I gl ' " ff-' . ..g A ,Q '.' ,A, ,lu i 1 7- fi. LQQJ, " 1 3 ' A aff ' if ' 4 1, " ' my V X V v " W pl pn: , ' ,,-q,1'.' .-is-fm' f ' ' , 'S . lm gl-,iw-f?g?:1ff' ww , , ,1E"f""f 1f'5'w H QA Na- ,f fgg' f - 1. '- ,. :, 2' ' w , 'I 110, YH!- . - N W ' ' ' , '1 ,u li '-', 1 1 -,,, -N, w-..L.-mz4uJ1',-27111:-ff-W::,f.'-13'1.1ssa ..., D J , an 3 L'-3 5 N mafia Ze 4 ana! gamma nu sigma PRESIDENT . . . . LAURA SKALSKI VICE PRESIDENT . . . ALYCE DECKER TREASURER ..... . ANN PINTENICH ASSISTANT TREASURER . . . DOROTHY CZECH RECORDING SECRETARY . . . MARGE TAYLOR CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . ALMA SUTTER HISTORIAN ...... ANNA GARIBOTTI A flfsn Y? 49 53" ::g:5:xz:::-:-:-:.:.:1':::-52:1-.Q-.3 :-:nu-. .--.g.-..-..-...-zu., 1-.-:g-...::..:-. -:.--,nv Motivated to promote fellowship, scholarship and an active interest in today's problems the Gamma Nu Sigma Sorority has followed a well-rounded cal endar of activities. Martha Neilsen Mrs. George Srail Edith Diechow Mrs. Marie Center K - - - - v . . . Lu-:::5:5::gH-:::L'.13:.-:::-gaqzgt-.9 .- ..g..-.....1'. --1g-.:. -.. ...,. Left to right: Allene Toth Anna Garibotte Anne Pintenich Let's take a brief view of the Gammas around he year: JANUARY: Final Rush Tea for 1949-50 Pledging. FEBRUARY: Attended Intersorority Hayride. Founder's Day Banquet took place at Chef Hector's Restaurant. MARCH: The Annual March Dance-The Gamma "Bunny Hop," held in Panel Hall with music by the Stylists. Competed in the Song Festival and won the Fine-Arts Trophy. Informal Initiation for Pledges. APRIL: Formal Initiation of new members. One Date affair-Fenn Players "George Washington Slept Here." Gamma Annual Banquet held at Hotel Westlake. MAY: Attended the Pop Concert. Pajama Party. JUNE: Picnic held at Monroe Falls. JULY: All attended Dinner and Movie. AUGUST: Wiener Roast held at Strawberry Lane. SEPTEMBER: Sponsored the Annual Freshman Hop which was a great success. Flowers were given to all freshmen girls, refreshments were served, and a good time was had by all. OCTOBER: All went to Ice Capades. First Rush Party, the Topsy Turvy, was held. NOVEMBER: Intersorority Barn Dance. Dinner and Paiama Party. DECEMBER: The month of joy and good cheer-Caroling, and Christmas Party. Mariorie Taylor Laura Skalski Irene Speth Alyce Decker Alma Sutter Betty Schwartz Harriett Stmay F E lr-51. E 'Ji' rx In Front of Book Case, left to right: Fran BIock, June Rich- mond, Mike Miche, Doris Neu, Marcella Zeedick. PRESIDENT . . . MARY ELLEN MURPHY VICE PRESIDENT . . LAVERNE STOHLMAN TREASURER .... MARCELLA ZEEDICK RECORDING SECRETARY . . DORIS NEU CORR. SECRETARY . . DOROTHY LIPANYE ADVISOR . . . PAULINE BLOOMQUIST Around Chair, left to right: Ester Marrow, Jacquie De Bev- its, Angie House. Around Piano, left to right: Dorothy Rinellu, Put Derrig, Jean Hamilton, Marge Polcyn, I.aVerne Stohlmun. Iamda sigma chi x Zn-. . l Another year is gone and another year's activities evidence the attainment of the Lambda Sigma Chi Sorority's promotion of friendship, leadership and co-operation among the girls at Fenn. Around Radio, left to right: Mary Ellen Murphy, Dorothy Lipanye, Lin Mundo, Rita Mar- tens. JANUARY: FEBRUARY: MARCH: APRIL: MAY: JUNE: JULY: AUGUST: SEPTEMBER: OCTOBER: NOVEMBER: DECEMBER: This month sees the Lambda's welcoming the new year with the Annual January Porthole Dance. Cold-but nevertheless the Lambda's were out for the intersorority Hay Ride. The annual pledge breakfast was held at the Y. M. C. A. The Lambda's also competed for the all sports trophy in the Song Festival. Biggest event of the season-Annual Banquet, held at Lake Shore Country Club, this evening pledges were formally inducted. One week previously informal initiation took place. Enjoyment tor both Mothers and Daughters- Banquet held at Nan King's Restaurant. Annual picnic held at Brecksville Reservation. Wiener Roast with the Omega's held at South Chagrin Reservation. Beach Party. Lombda's were out rooting for the indians at a Ladies' Day ball game. Two weeks ot cottage life were enjoyed at Vermilion on the Lake. The social this month was a Hard Time Party. A Rush Party was held at the Pi Sigma Tau House. Being the month for ghosts and goblins a Hollowe'en Party-costumes and all-spotlighted the social calendar. The annual Founder's Day Banquet was held at the New China Restaurant. All the Lambda's were busy this month selling tickets tor the Thanksgiving Prom co-sponsored by the Lambda's and the Kappa Delta Phi fraternity. Christmas tide . . . so natch o Christmas Party closed out the old year. Rush Tea. omega up ilon PRESIDENT . . . ELLEN HARRIS V VICE PRESIDENT . . . JOYCE ADDIE A SECRETARY . . . MARGE WITTACRE illn W--. . .. I 4:1:,f-asfaw'f-52:2::aE12::u:E2f:x:-aeeuzse' ' - m::::::uEQ ' ' Although the Omega Upsilon Sorority is the most recent day-School Greek sorority founded on Fenn's Campus II945I, it has been very successful in form- ing long-lasting Ties. The high ideals and principles for which if stands are reflexecl in The noted infer- mingling of nationalities. ANNUAL ACTIVITIES: Founder's Day Banquet, Annual Formal Banquet, and Formal Initiation. ALL SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Co-sponsors with Home Economics Club on the Semi-annual Scholarship Tea. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Include monthly socials, Rushing, Pledg- ing, and Informal Initiation, plus T. V. parties. At the Fireplace: Lois McDowell, M. Wittacre. Ai 'the door, lefi' io righiz K. Kimura, J. Adie. On couch: Lu Verne Bol- waire, P. Krusowski. . I On Couch: Seated on couch, left Yo right: Eddie Esber, Don Peters, Frank Ausf, Aud Sig- mond. Seated on floor, left to right: George Zahorisky, Eddie Falls. Fireplace, leff to right: Bill Songer, Bill Billings, Bill Qual- lich, Bill Klinger, Bill Swurlz. Seated: Bill Rcimer. ln Bor Room: Slunding behind har: Jim Herbkersmon, Jim Goodwin, Don Toche, Herb Sfrain. Sealed, in fron! of bor: Reggie Wise, Les Antel. In Front of B. B. A. Sign, lefl io right: Jack Bech nyik, .loe Zombor. fel, Joe Lose Back lefi To rigl-IT: Carl Addams, Terl G Ifflihs, Rene Bicleaux, Bill Dew Froniz Eugene Miller. beta beta alpha PRESIDENT . . . DONALD PETERS J' VICE PRESIDENT ,V . .... FRANK AUST TREASURER ...... WILLIAM QUALLICH ASSISTANT TREASURER . . ROBERT MARSHALL RECORDING SEC .... . CHARLES MECK CORRESPONDINO SEC. . . RICHARD BERNDT SEROEANT AT ARMS . . BENSON SHUPE I-lailed as one OT The ouTsTanding TraTerniTies Since iTS inCepTion in l932, Befa BeTa Alpha has had as iTs prime ObiecTive The TurTherance of social TuncTions, as well as main- Taining scholasTic aChievemenT in The School OT Business AdminisTraTion. SelecTing iTs members exclusively from These sTudenTs maioring in business, BeTa BeTa Alpha has sfrived Tor leadership in Scholarship, aThleTics, and exTra-curricular acTiviTies. Through The years, Dean Paul R. Anders has guided The fraTerniTy, which has The disTinC- Tion OT being The Tirsi on The Campus To Own iTs Own house, loCaTed aT l83l E. 28Th STreeT. The highlighT in The iraTerniTy social calendar is The annual HarvesT Prom. Each year The evenT has grown in populariTy and aTTenclanCe. The pasT year wiTnesSed a near record breaking crowd. There are many OTher social evenTS, Such as The annual Moon- lighT Terrace, operaTed as a nighT-club, The alumni-aciive sTag breakTasT may also Tall inTo The caiegory of Top enTerTainmenT. Following down The line, The boaT ride To Cedar PoinT Tor an enjoyable day of Tun, The Tall hay ride, and in The spring The lVlonTe Carlo parTy. AT The end OT The spring quarier The.TrcITerniTy has iTs annual banqueT which Closes The old year and begins The new. BeTa Beia Alpha TraTerniTy was Toundeol in T932 The charTered purposes have been To promoie fellowship, sponsor Social TunCTions and aTTain scholasTic aChievemenT in The School of Business AdminisTraTion, Back, left To right: Joe Wish- nosky, Don Moeller, Al Zniclasic. Fronf, left To right: hari, .luck Bchl. Jerry Dine- Iv l l 1 . 15... Ii 555 ly A xv -dlgi I' Lllxiff' ' I IO'l'G BTC s:as??em2223a22iaz?es2s cHANcELLOR . .... JOHN FORD CRIBBER . ANTONIO SALVAOOIO CLERK . . ROLLIN E. WINEGAR PROFESSOR . . . MYRON R. DAY 55Ss55:5i4if5i125E: :-:SESS :2:vss31?5:2:z:5g5:::2 ' ' -Iizriaiifiiiggf-:Z-' 5 This sOciOl TrOTerniTy hos mOny nOTiceOble "TirsTs" OT Fenn. lT was grOnTed The TirsT Doy School chOrTer in l926, Ond wOs OlsO The TirsT TrOTerniTy TO bOOsT On incOrpOrc1Ted Alumni AssOciciTiOn. The OTTicicil symbol OT "I H" groces The Trc1TerniTy shield OT blue Ond gold Ond Os such Oppeors On The member's whiTe sweOTer. The OcTiviTies OT The pOsT yecur were mcmy Ond would include inTrOmurOl TOOTbOll, bOskeTbOll, Ond bowling. Many OT iTs members were c1cTive in governing bodies OT The school Ond Technicol sOcieTies. TWO OT The sociol highlighTs OT The yeOr were crowning OT The schOOl's I-lOrvesT Prom Queen, Muriel POOle, IOTO ETO cOndidOTe, Ond The Onnuol Spring FOrmOl c1TTended by OcTive Os well Os Alumni members. WiTh pride Ond OpTimism IOTO ETO lOOks Torwcird TO Fenn's FuTure. Back row leTT To righfz Al Refe, Jm Loiccono Tom Weber, Ed Murphy George Choma. Froni left To right: Bob Gilli, John row leTT To rlghT Adran Keefe, Bdbdl, DUUN9 GYBISOVL lm Frank Melcher Dunn, Bob McCleane. ff Q 1 il Sl-YS-Ex. 1- A Left to right: Paul Yasaki, Don Shellelx, Angelo Cropanzano, Earl Cummings, Larry Ankland. Froni row, left to right: Warren Neiner, Chan., Dick Bloho, Pledge Musl., Tony Solnoggio, Assessor. Bock row, left fo right: Myron Doy, Prof., Jim Vargo, Asst. P. Mast., Rollin Winegar, Counselor. Left to rigl11: Bob Furman, Bill Simon, Bill Perry, Ed Satmory, John Forcl, David Kerr. H15 V Q Bock row, left to right: Bob Carruthers, Joe Moti- iosich, Bob Wore. Front row, left to right: Jim Gustafson, Corl Stone, Greg Leoce, Bill Moore. Bock rovv, lett to right: Joe Young, Chuck Stroubel, Bill l-lormount. Front row, left to right: Tony Rotor, Williom R o g e r s, Tony Costcu, Dave Tiber. C2 kappa delta ph: V67 PRESIDENT GEORGE GLAWE N' VICE PRESIDENT STEVE DUFFALA TREASURER TONY COSTA SECRETARY GREGG LEOCE The Kappa Delta Ph: Fraternity which evolved from an Engineering student group known as the Neff Club recelved :ts charter In l929 and has since grown to accept members from all three schools of the college The fraternlty us pledged to malntaun hugh moral scholastic and athletic standards and nts members are encouraged to parttcupate nn all phases of school actlvltles to hold the splrlt of fellowship and co operation at all times This organization was awarded permanent possesslon of the flrst All Sports Trophy by compiling the highest number of points during the T937 l9-40 Intramural sports competition The social calendar IS highlighted by the annual fraternity Pledge Banquet and the all school Thanksgiving Prom The annual Thanksglvlng Prom as usually held the last day of the Fall quarter which ns quite an Ideal tame as It enables students to relax and enloy themselves at a well planned social functnon Left to rlght E Mettn George Glawe Bob Cox Stephen Duffala lamcla tau cl Ita . . ..-,--:-ttltilyit'-': .xzikqzz-Izgizglzz 11221: :IEW-1-1--1-31-:z-.125 212352: I ..::'.-..-.-.:-...::.:.-..- . .. ., ............ . ., PRESIDENT . . . ERNEST G. THULIN ,,.,, VICE-PRESIDENT . . FRANK A. CORCELLI :5ATLIf TREASURER .... . . DON N. cocELLI X? RECORDING SEC. . . . RICHARD POMEROY CORRESPONDING SEC. . . LEONARD O. FINK ,.,e4 .,'f2g,,,ffff 1Ei SERGEANT AT ARMS . . MIKE RONALLO F 1 giizzzfxf r 1 The Lambda Tau DelTa fraTerniTy was Organized in 1929. They have mainTained O high average in The field of sporTs as well in regards To O social TraTerniTy. The social calendar OT The TraTerniTy included many group affairs. These affairs began early in The school year wiTh almosT all The members aTTend- ing an Indians game aT The STadium. A picnic was held shorTly ThereafTer in Rocky River. TWO smokers were held, Three dances, plus a number of parTies in The TraTerniTy's recenTly acquired rooms. The new rooms which have been decoraTed and equipped wiTh TurniTure are locafed across from Fenn On Euclid Ave. The year was broughT To a heighT OT The Annual BanqueT held OT Fenway Hall in early May. Ll C Q- Leff To righT: Mike Ranalloa . " 1' Segf. OT Arms, Leonar ll I-i X-' 3 f Fink, Corr. Sec., Ernest Thulin, Pres., Frank Cor- celli, Vice Pres., D i c k Pomeroy, Rec. Sec. FronT row left To right Donald Sebusch Dan Avis Back row left To right Henry Tushar Sanford Jaffe Don Jones Left to right Ted Befz John Urwm Grl Young Hank Baron Walt Kas pazyk Ronald Relnke .ai Lefr To FIQWT Reginald End nler Mel Phelps Bruce Hennessy, Ray Abe, Ed- word Minasky. vi Is Left Yo right: D. Lacer, N. Joki, W. Richards, C. Swifzer, H. Leslie, K. Churvat. Left to right: R. Norfh, S. Hickel, J. Wurhu, R. Hebron, T. Wil- liams, R. Isley, S. Gorman, R. Profusek. f Lefl lo right: L. Meyers, J Cevera, R. Grady, M. Hun- singer, J. Pidalu, N, Hunslnger L. Previie. PI sigma tau alpha Xqgqyiyr CHANCELLOR DONALD E BURKHOUSE I FIRST VICE CHANCELLOR JOSEPH TOIFEL SECOND VICE CI-'ANCELLOR WILLIAM DAVIS CLERK RICHARD STAUSE SERGEANT AT ARMS MILO JOKI Pl Sigma Tau Alpha was esTabllshed In I929 by Tvvelve engineering sTudenTs Slnce ThaT Tame The TraTernlTy has expanded and Tound IT bene hclal To pledge sTudenTs from The School of ArTs and Science and School of Business Adm1nlsTraTlon as vvell as Trom The School of Engineering AlThough prrmarmly a social TraTernlTy The Pl Slgs are acTlve ID all oTher phases oT school acTlvlTy as vvell In lnTramural sporTs The PI Slgs have vvon The All SporTs Trophy Tor The pasT Three years Also The Pl Slgs sponsor a queen for The HarvesT Prom each year Durlng The pasT Tour years each sponsored candxdaTe was eIecTed To The Tlnals and Two of The Tour vvere chosen as I-IarvesT Prom Queens Pl Sigma Tau sponsors The Annual SWeeThearT Prom In The vv1nTer guarTez and The annual Windy I-lop ID The spring quarTer boTh as school Tuncnons W1Thrn The TraTernnTy :Ts IT are many closed aTTa1rs such as hay rldes The ever popular barn dances annual TraTern1Ty homecoming grad under graduaTe pucnlc pleage parTy club nrghTs and annual meenngs The clurnax of The s hool year Tor The fraTernlTy as The Annual Pledge Ban queT held In May The nevv members who have compleTed The rigorous Task of pledglng The TraTernaTy are presenTed vvlTh Thelr TraTernlTy puns aT Thus Tame Many alumna memb rs Travel hundreds of mules To aTTend Thus BangueT and lasT year an all Tlme hugh oT IO7 couples was reached Left To nghf .I Tolfel D Burkhouse, D STause, W Davns ':ff-21:21-Q:I::a:1.-:3:Q-:a:::5y:,:-5:53.-:::5 5,j5:g2'3:,5:.z-. 1':fi:11:1:24 ' ' 951:52-':f35S fsfgzgagagi-, T- CRIBBER . ........ LARRY PREVITE g.:..-g,.g.-,.g. .-: ' ..-.-..,,., ---. . - I ' I ' I , . . . . . Q . . S , , I I I - - . . , . . I I I ' . F . . L - ' I . . . . S . . : . , -1 ,I Q K 2 L. Jw 'iw X X. .wh-1 K 'Q .ft wiv i. Q m A. 51 K LK 's ,xxx 1. xx N 'Wx . .A Vx w N. n I bs Y 33 Epi , . ,-' N, ggi I. ,f '. EV 1, 'M -S 444 jg A- 5.3, W -.. Q :-"5 gs .Q XX -xx:-, N . 'Kr 1 X . X? H " if-' V "Wi, ' Q ' 'l ,414 'i..l3'1v . 5 1 QQQQ1 QQ ' ::: Q Q W Q .Q .HV QMQ QQQQ QQQ ww Qemg QQE EQ H . QQ .1 :QE SQ -.Q ,S Q 341 QQTJFQ QQ LSE :Q fix QQ: Qigfwl HQQQXQ gait? Q I QQ QQQQ QQQQQQL -QWQ5 QSQZQQQ ,Ugg Q 'Q Q QQ Q- QQ x-Q L ww .QQ B1 QQ 1 A QQQQ-. , B QQ. . fm I-2. :LSE QQ X J ig!- Q, -A , -Q ' Q Q QQ ,QQ H ,QQ Q Q ' Q. " "HQ" HQ- "'QQQ5mmmQi QQQMQH Q Q Q V Q Q Q V Rf Q.mQ Wm QWQQQQ QQ-QQ f . Q u W ww H W H QQ.. H 5EQQ,,,QQ'Q1Q,Q 3 Q M Q Q Q Q, Q Q MQ.. QQQ . W - 'QQQQ gg Q QQ -. Q Q Q QQQ -QQ . Q Q Q Q Q EQ Q .Q Q Q QQ QQ QQ QQ Q . Q Q Q Q Q QQ Q 53 B SS Nw SS Y- QQ Q Q QQQHQQQ QQQM Q I Q Q - 5fQQ...Q' F WMEQQQQWQQQQQ QQ Q Q QQ K -QE-Q - 'f,g.,Q1i. Q E Q E Q- - Q E F w E Q Qvms Q H QQ ' Q Q Q . . . Q 4 Q9 Eau E E IIN QQ flfk , ill 0 ff ' F' 0 n Q - ' il I Q.. '--n. -- B Q., K Q v BM Qi- Q- K' . .. ks ., ,- K ? , Q Q ll Q Q MQ-:QQ Q.. Q jj Emi js N Q Q RQ Qu... EQQ QW Q Q Q -TQ . Q ' E QQ ' QQQQE Q B RQ iz .Q Q' QQ 5 1 Q Q F89 QM Bug Q B I I Si saw Q' , i . ,, , Q 1- V E A Bi B Q3 W X Q Q Q Q L Q n Z Q E W Q W Q .Q QQQQH: 'A 1 A H 1 A L. - f I W. , -V ,l gl I ml 4 Q M .N 6. LJ .Y gl 5. ,Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQQQ Q!-QQZQQ Q Q Q QQQ QQQQQQQQQEQQQ QEQQQQ Q Q Q ,. Q Q . A ..... . . QQ , M - Q Q Q 'VE -FQ QQ Q Q Q ,Q Q 'Q ,Q Q ' 5 -Q 'EQQQ Q Q F Q QQ . QQ: Q 'Q Q5 EQQQQ ,QWQ 'YQ " H Q -'Q 'Hi' H Q QQFQQ Q-Q? QQQQ EE Q QQQFQQ' E Q Q Q -H0515 .. Q- 4 Q QMQ QQ QQ Q-QW .QVQ 'ix Q H Q -'-'-' ,, Q QQQQQQ QQ QQQ Q QW Q Q- - Q Qw., QQXQ QH N ..,. N. AQQ . Q Q Q ,QQ-Q ,EQ-,, QQ Qw Q 3, QQ? EQ Q. evening cllvlsion weak and cuemq , , Widfe 7 pandmed, evening fuclent council 7' I GXX 3:1 -' ' ' fggglll. Tl, l PHIL FORNITI President Evening Student Council is The governing body of Evening Division students. Its mem- bers from The schools of Business Administra- tion, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Technical Institute are elected by popular vote in May of each year. Council provides the financial backing for the Nite Shift, plans alter-school dances and social functions, provides pro- grams for the use of school athletic activities, and sponsors a Recognition Assembly. Olticers of the Evening Studeni Council-Standing lleft to rightlz Social Committee-Standing lleft to rightlz Bob Bischoff J Phil Forniti, President, Bill Zelenka, Treasurer, Bob Speidel, Rassin, Don Lehmann, George Yaneff, Frank Pl Vice President. Seated lleft to rightl: Foster Miller, lchairmanl. Seated lleft to rightj Al St Faculty Advisor, Agnes Herrick, Secretary, Jean Hoecker, Audrey Hughes, Joe Zele George Simon, Faculty Advisor. 1 'X C? 4,4 C7 Planning Committee-Left to right: Ted Wozniak, Norm Awards and Student Organization Committee-Standing ilefi' Marie Wirth, Larry Volcansek, Tom to righfl: Ed Polsak, Jane Kunes, Agnes Herrick, Mickey lchairmani. McDougle, Jerry Strohm. Seated Cleft to rightiz Dick Collins, Irene Urban, Julius Rassin lchairmanl. Committee-Standing ileft to rightl: Vin Coleman, Athletic Committee-Left to right: Mickey McDougle, Roger Kuzas, Joe Zelenko, Ralph Thompson. Seated ileft Nece fchairmanl, Joe Zelenka, Vin Coleman, righfi: Irene Urban, Ed Polsak ichoirmani, Jane Kunes. Dorothy Gaiifney, Jerry Strohrn. nite shift The Nite Shift is the Evening Division newspaper, published every other Week during the school year, and financed by advertising and the Evening Student Council. Editor, Ted Wozniak Managing Editor, Phil Forniti Assistant Editor, Frank Linert Makeup Editor, Tony Tavzel Staff Photographer, Bob Bischoff Left to right: Phil Forniti, Ted Wozniak, Mary Jane Zowasky. Staff Members: Julius Rassin, Mary Jane Zowasky, Leslie Janitor, Mickey McDougle, Walt Chany, Helen Holzheimer, Alex Laclitka, Dorothy Gaffney, Frank Plescia. mtg-lgffgu 5 ,fc i-.-'L'-1'-1'-fzitt YQ' Left to right: Ed Polsak, Mickey McDougle, Julius Rassin, Left to right: Bob Bischoff, Mary Jane Zowasky, Walt Chany, Frank Plescia. Ted Wozniuk, Frank Plescia. Standing Cleft To righflz Hiram Moran, Bob Speidel, Leslie Jonifor. SeoTed lleff to righflz Agnes Herrick, Presidenfg Prof. M. L. A Jordon, Foculfy Advisor, Louise Goddard. sociology club STudenTs who ore mTeresTed In Sociology moy loin The Nnghr Sociology Club The oc: TiviTy of The club is To sfudy The soclol prob oT The meermgs help To mTerpreT vorlous so clol problems Membership is open To every one especlolly To Those sTudenTs molormg in Sociology lems of Clevelcmd ond iTs viciniTy. Speakers outdoor club Organized in i942 To fosrer oufdoor sporls and social acfivifies among Penn sfudenfs, The Ourdoor Club membership is open To bofh Day and Evening sTudenTs. All acfivifies are held on Sarurday or Sunday so all srudenrs can aT'rend. Evenls That have esfablished Themselves as annual affairs include: Christmas Caroling, a Brealcfasr Hike in April, an Overnighi l-like on Decoralion Day, hay- rides, Wiener roasfs, and beach parries. Any sludenls inTeresTed in joining may parficipale in Two outings wirhouf commirring Themselves defi- naiely. kappa sigma upsllon S1ondnng Cleft to rnghtj Ruth Tum bers, Presnclent, Paulme Bloom qulst Faculty Advisor Mnckey McDougle Vlce Presrdent Seated fleft to nghtl Marge Bowers, Secretary, Georgnonna Ponosewncz, Treasurer Left to rlght Eleanor Labus, Ruth Mortm .loan Kercher, Janet Kercher as is ms ,nam s Margaret Bowers Georguanno Ponosewucz Front row Dorothy Jarmuslk Velma Hem, Eleanor Stanton . ,ws M wg 2 Q . E ' .5 Y ' 'lx - . ' l lf er' 4- l .Y 1 7 , : ' ' , . , , N n A tr: ' t A A R , N . . Q I H A. vt X I ' an , .sq , 11 ' - ?s.1ifagf'M " QTQ., H WM?i.i:..!g.4. ,,. ?. I, V 'W' 'a A, , M . I ' " H nl A ' in 'J .,.: l,. In I ' 'V if .. 3-V7 522 " H X . X U S' X Q' . Af -f gr HQ. S XI I - I ' I N Q ' W--xoxo' Q , - Wm E HW, zu . s. M H' I .EZ H 1 E Z M H , I E K . E E -g W W ,tr W 5 , Z X-:i-52532 .M B W :.,.,',m .. E Z t IM E wi :mE B V R H f Nm I H I W fn K A' l Q ., . . W, n H . M H ,LE E73 E B Ag.: t Qgf ' ' ' Y If 4. 1 ,N 'ss f ' E4 ' ' A - - A r fm W H. io V M' ' Q? .. 5 Ruth lImb6I'S Mlfiliey McDOugle, Back row: Ivlarie Wirth, Dorothy Hudson, Bonnie Wlllnams iota tau lambda loto Tau Lambda is The only notional Sorority at Fenn College and is an organization for evening students only. The Fenn chapter was organized in 1938. ITL seeks to further self-improvement, fraternalism, and to render service to the college oncl the community. Seated Cleft to rightj: Dorothy Gaiftney, Treasurer, Agnes Herrick, President, Lois Soika, Recording Secretary, Vera DiCoIa, Vice President. Second row Cleft to rightl: Jean Hoecker, Helen Sullivan, Bertha Vagina, Emily Cupwich, Miriam Hahn. Third row CCleft to righti: Betty Roslan, Dorothy Lungo, Jane Plumb, Betty Jesensky, Jane Kunes. Last row Cleft to rightlz Irene Gorman, Dolores Janik, Bernice Hartman, Anne Klucho, Janice Heckman. Standing Cleft To righflz Bob Roberts, Bob Snyder, Roger Nece. Seated lleff fo righfl: Mickey McDougle, Bill Zelenka, Georgiano Pcmasewicz. alpha sigma iota The oblecls of Alpha Sigma lola are To recog mze sludenls who have aflamed a hugh slanclard ol elllclency In college C1Cl'lVll'l6S bolh scholashc and exlra curricular and To Creole an organuza Taon which will mold The senllmenf of The lnshfu Tron on queshons of local and lnlercolleglale In Teresf and To encourage sludenl actlvmes Women may be aolmwfecl To This honorary lrafernny I - , . lambda iota delta LID was founded Tor The purpose of promoTing muTual improve- menT in scholarship, providing social enTerTainmenT, and bringing abouT a closer re-laTionship among The Evening engineering sTu- denTs. Members oT LID are chosen for Their inTeresTs in exTra- curricular acTiviTies, Their personaliTies, and Their academic stand- ing. Standing ileft To rightiz Tony Lungo, Corresponding Secrefaryg Jack Zimmerman, Faculty Advisory Ed Polsak, Presidenh Frank Plescia, Vice President. Kneeling ileff To rightl: Ed Maciag, Recording Secretaryp Rod Nece, Treasurer: Jess Near, Pledgemaster. Left to right: Phil Fornifi, Bob BischoH, Bill Zelenko, Ted Wozniak, Frank Plescia. ilxfg' Standing Cleft to rightl: Dick Utas, Walter Goetz, Don Lehmann. Seated Cleft to rightlz Dan Conlon, Bob Roberts, Del Baltz, Al Steve. Standing Cleft to rightl: Al Nekatarian, Standing Cleft to rightl: Al Steve, Don Lehmann Larry Jarkewicz, Walter Chany. Joe Zelenka. Kneeling Cleft to rightl: Lucld Dunn, Kneeling Cleft to rightl: Mike Baranovlc, Phil Forniti, Harry Leasure. George Kuzas, Len Gerlat. A5- Left To right: Don Howord, Ken Sufcliff, Michael Krol, Bob Kaderavek, Norm Schroeder. lambda tau sigma LTS is an Evening school Tra- TerniTy open To sTuclenTs from all Three schools of The college. The oldesT TroTerniTy on The campus, iTs obiecTives ore To develop The spiriT of broTherhood, promoTe The desire Tor knowledge, and To sTimuloTe ond develop ci grec1Ter sense of oluTy. LefT To right: Bob Gould, Walter Malek, John Harmafh Bill Schramm, Alex Laditka, Jerry Strahm, Dick Collins. Left to right John Blazek Presldenf N Rumba: Faculty Advisor E Rasmussen Secretary Stanclung Cleft To rnghfl F Grodf N Rnmbon W Holm A Curl Seated fleft To rnghtj E Rasmussen J Blazek W Nesblit ln order To promole mu Tuol lmproveme-nl IH schol To1nmenT and brmg obouf o closer relationship among The Technical InsTl'ruTe sfu clenfs The TIE wos sfarfecl In May 1948 TIE become nohonol rn 1949 Member ship us llrnlfed To sfudenfs of The Technfcol lnshfule cw ' I l O O tau Iota epsilon T V orship, provide social enferi ld V T T T c F 1 .1 l I Q U , , - 'T ln To T . if I , I U sigma kappa phi Sigma Kappa Phi is a business protes- sional society. Fenn's Delta Chapter was established in l926. Members are limited to the Evening Business Administration School, and must maintain a 3.0 average. ln l95O, Delta was host to the National Convention. Standing Cleft to rightjz John Shatter, George Magurean, Jim Weldon, Martin Boyle, Julius Semon Kenneth Novak, Julius Allt, Bernard Bueter, Walter Lang, Adrian Keesecker, Howard Corbett. Seated ileft to rightlz Louis Paulson, Secretary, Al Smith. President, F. E. McLaughlin, National President, Joe Haynosch, Vice President, Paul Varzelle, Treasurer. newman club Through o boloncecl progrom of religious, in- TellecTuol, ond sociol ocTiviTies, The Newmon Club Tries To weld The CoiTholic sTudenTs of Fenn inTo o common union, ond To ossisT The college onol iTs sTuolenTs whenever possible. AcTiviTies ronge from Communion BreokTosTs, lecTures, ond forums, To porfies, donces, picnics, choirs, olroimoTics onol publicoTions. evening activities Lila and more activities 1 r Q,- 1 Q1 ' v . autographs Wwe Za Know THE TELEPHONE SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE O She handles contacts wxth telephone customers takes requests answers questlons makes adjustments all Ln pleasant company offices Chosen for fI'le1'ldl1116SS pOLse and tact she s mxghty mce to know College women enjoy thls Job and do It well graduates or gxrls pzwlwg ca ada! To buslness success I Wlth one or two years of campus 11fe The Legal PUbIIShlI1g APPLY Worm s E ployme t Ojfice THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE G "os COMPANY ommercm rmfers mee 191 1426 West Thlrcl MAIn 'I 5647 No Appo nt nent NecessaIJ CLEVELAND I3 OHIO Patrons of The 1951 Fanfare DEAN AND MRS PAUL R ANDERS MR SAMUEL H BERWALD MR AND MRS L C FILLINGS MRS BERTHA L BOTTLE PROFESSOR MARION D COOPER DR RANDLE E DAHL MR AND MRS R R EHRHART MR AND MRS JOHN A FROEBE GAMMA NU SIGMA SORORITY PROF AND MRS E O HAAS MR AND MRS MERIAM C HERRICK MR AND MRS RALPH T HISEY DR AND MRS EDWARD HODNETT DEAN AND MRS MAJOR B JENKS MR AND MRS FRED E LEE MRS ALICE qMOMp LEWIS MR ARTHUR P LOEGLER MR AND MRS BERNARD MANDEL MR AND MRS LEE A MARSHALL MR AND MRS CHARLES R MARQUARDT PROF AND MRS JOHN C MATTHEWS MR AND MRS JOHN G MCGREW MR AND MRS FOSTER MILLER MRS SELMA M MONTASNA PROF AND MRS W FRANKLIN MOORE MR AND MRS DAVID G PARKER DEAN AND MRS M B ROBINSON MR R MALCOLM SILLS MR GEORGE B SIMON DR AND MRS DONALD R TUTTLE MISS OLA I TWERELL MR AND MRS. WM VON REICHBAUER PROFESSOR SARA RUTH WATSON MR HOMER E WOODLING MR AND MRS NELSON T. ZIEGLER MR AND MRS JACK E ZIMMERMAN 5 I I l f Q O As you enter the industrial or professional world from Fenn College, you will find the printed word essential in countless ways to the conduct of manufacture, service, trade or profession. I , Our firm, which produced this yearbook, is one , . . of the Outstanding printers Of Greater Cleveland I ' ' - and has helped its professional and industrial I leaders to success for more than tory years. . . . , . D 7 . . . 8 . . : II, I' m 11, Under Wilcox Management Since ' I Q9 ' S' 8 I' I '1 1 A IFINIE IENGRAVING IPIJANT PRODIICING QUALITY PRINTING PLATES FOR YI-EAR BOOKS SCHOOL DIVISION MAIN 1-4055 ..f5.Q,.,l The CLEVELAND ENGRAVING CO. 310 LAKESIDE AVE. CLEVELAND 15, OHIO -jg 'k BCUTII FAMILY had failed to make a living on a worn out New England farm Did they demand government subsidies checks for crops they didn t raise high prices for crops to be burned? They would have scorned such things scorned and feared, for they knew from days under a foreign despot that where government money goes government control goes too No this family put everything they owned in that wagon and walked beside it 2 000 miles westward They didn t know what was ahead but they were determined to keep on going until they found a place of freedom where they could keep their self respect They were English Scotch Dutch Italian French people from many places all now Americans They knew that the only happiness 1S from self-respect and the only way to self-respect is to earn your own way not whine for something for nothing Their sons and grandsons started grocery stores became mechanics, saved their money and started factories American machines bought by American thrift made the factories grow And thats America Made by people willing to walk 2 000 miles beside a wagon-to find opportunity If such people are gone if all we ve got left are soft weaklings who want to be taken care of then in truth American manliness 1S dead that 2 000 mile walk was wasted and there is nothing left of America but a hollow shell You can mcnmt II asm: nsrrn ron Less wma wnusn a swnssv runn umrs Aurommcs um umm: mcnmrs PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 THE VALUE OF EVERY PRODUCT IN THE MARKET PLACE IS THE HONOR AND INTEGRITY OF HIM WHO MAKES IT. TAYLOR'S FRANK MOORE STUDIO TAYLOR'S ARCADE CLEVELAND, OHIO COVERS FOR THE 1951 FANFARE MANUFACTURED BY 5566 MUELLER ART COVER 8: BINDING 'Ka 2202 SUPERIOR AVENUE To. I-2581 SADD'S RESTAURANT - WHERE EENN STUDENTS MEET - CONGRATULATIONS SEN I ORS GREETINGS from GEORGE H BE DER YOUR CONGRESSMAN AT LARGE PARK LANE VILLA 10510 PARK LANE cE1ooao Wbg lzof frg our b0tlIl,fl ul ballroom or QOIII dances? Spec I R tes For TRATERNITIES d SORORITIES FINE FOODS COCKTAIL LOUNGE Coll Miss Buxton For Reservahons GREETINGS FROM CON GRESSMAN FRANCE P BOLTO THERE S ONE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD' A f .J 4' R E, FISHER L fa E 'Q NIH Readg fo provldc 310111 cucrg 00:1 :iced Zlllfb qzuck Fmmlly Szrwce F I S H E R F 0 0 D S champions of Good Lwmg Qqloiayzcaf I ff vcaawnz CANDIDS OF ALL TYPES WEDDINGS PUBLICITY BABIES BANQUETS OFFICIAL FANFARE PHOTOGRAPHER 1950 51 1586 Oolkmounf Rd EV I 2957 South Euclld 21 GET THAT GOOD HOME COOKING GEORGE ZAHORSKY S FIVE SONS CAFE 4829 SUPERIOR 0 , . I I , V- If I - f , A I A , , In n ' ' ' an Q . f ale, fu 6 ,f y I . ..!2'f,1"" .-.E ,.., ,,,.,, . , ,, ,,-. . ,A I 14, -' " 'RR' -- - -"' --'bw-.N I "OE l ny, ,',A3,' ,' 1 Sf "' '- I L-,,, . , A-,E-rx 'f f , .- J' - ' 1 ,'f'- - '-' ' - I ' " Cp- ' - "j gms.: p I H51 ' - -- - 14- -' 'pf 1 L.SA1w- Rf 'ik I ,I ,:1p,In. 5, --,,. , gk L Q? fd, .i 1 fr,-. T' ihl'-A , " . -,.-.4f,:+-f:'a,5fA4-2777" ' ' 'Dina fl -I - ' " E. ' ,QQ N AIQAH K I I R I , . . . I yy . - M --- f C! 5: . I w .. H 13, 1g 161 .,1.- 1.41 ,,,, 1-- .. vw I 1 , 1,, H , w,- fi Q im- x i!! 3 I ,,. TERQQ 34 , 4 5 rn- , I-1, l. , ' ' - - ' ' -i.,-E -ESM, ,Li "" "'- ' '- A ' W ":',::1f:g L LL- ' ,E Ei:.3 N, .D N. , - ' " ' an ' ' -. , ' V , I ' " ' f ' - 'A AT ' ' , , . f . 1 cc . . . ,, Comp lim en is of ez FRIEND J. A. DiTirro Jewefer 417 SCHOFIELD BLDG. CH. 'I-3326 BRILLIANT CUT SINGLE CUT Bi' l C t tl tl I LI I ts. Found y Il I d di I g Il Q lf d for decoration, I I I I ftiyt t tl ti y d nfaringgetc. Ilt 7 THE Beta Beta Alpha FRATER N ITY offers BEST WISHES for SUCCESS TO ALL GRADUATING SENIORS BEST WISHES tothe CLASS OF "SIU BELL MOT0n SALES CLEVELAND'S LARGEST HUDSON DEALER 2400 EUCLID AVE. MARQUIS! BAGUETTE Hin'1'5553'L"2L:?.'J,11S.Z2Lii!2',,gt'f E15 tbdff if "1ii"'S 'Lui FRATERNITY and SORORITY g . H - 1 J E W E L R Y Q25 HONOR KEYS AND AWARDS I I MADE TO ORDER Wg? C CLEVELAND METAL SPECIALTIES Lo. 382, ,f.?f.!,E25'3?oi2'1L5':23ZJJ53 L.., UlZ",Q2i.i1'l,.n kI L 1783 E. 2Isf sT. li g nally across the corners. out designs for jewelry. SpecioI Discounis to all Fenn Students. TROPHIES MEDAL5 Pl-ACQUES 1 1 I I I . 3 ' - 1' -'-"W ' " -'-V - - . ,.:.- .. , . .V--,..' ... , . -V ,V .. ,,,,,,,,,,-,,i.,,.,,g,,,,,,i,,,.,-,M-A A H Am , , ,,,,M,,,

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