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15 Presenting the 1950 Fenn College Yearbook - - aFANlFARlE production - - directed and produced lay the student council for the Penn student lbody as a pictorial record of the year 1949 - 50. Il Milf Nfl 1 X -Q j A W 7 ,W I 4 J 3 f ff u EENN COLLEGE The Fenn College "campus" consists of six buildings located on Euclid Avenue and Pros- pect Avenue not far from the downtown section of Cleveland. Fenn Tower, situated on the corner of historic Euclid Avenue and East 24th Street, is a twenty-one story sky- scraper built in l93i for the National Town and Country Club at an expense of almost two million dollars. lt was bought by the college late in T937 and occupied in Septem- ber l938. The first and second floors provide space for college and administrative offices, the student restaurant, classrooms, and the women's lounge, as well as facilities for various curricular activities. The library occupies the north side of the third floor, and Panel Hall-the student lounge and ballroom-is on the south side. Physical education and health facilities, located on the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors, include swimming pool, gymnasium, men's and women's locker rooms, hand- ball court and Student l-lealth Service. The swimming pool, 75 feet long, is particularly large and beautiful, with a balcony for spectators. Dormitory rooms on the eleventh through the l6th floors in Fenn Tower accommodate men students. Other floors pro- vide space for classrooms, faculty offices and lab- . I oratories. On the foundation floor are located engineering laboratories, including those for electrical engineering, structural engi- neering, and hydraulics. The en- y tire i8th floor is used by the de- partment of home economics, with ' modern kitchen, dining room, living - 4 room and sewing rooms. I i it F W-.sir--.-.-- . i i , . -s.- 'A . ,fl--2. xi? M M -T T- - W., wg, ,u 'j win- T, S . -gn..-, vp. , L... ilk' ATT' 4... f.. H.. -.-. , . I...- J- MU f A' W., me H W 'lu I . J, YH, 'I H 1 I i - f' fiflmjl nf r . . QW q 1 "" 5-eg J 1554, TM 1 I 45 I .. ! 4' 3:32 ff I . 5 , I .rl JST' . ff! :U , , we -1'H.,L-' A-35 f Y .. 1 r.., , V, 1 ,J .gr EL M ,sf -11,151 , " ,mfr-:, 4 1: " g ssuwm. 1: Q, 5 M 3.77 "fi " 1 I gina-.1 ' :YQ " v"' ". 'E ' ' ji. A - LE' Y 2 N , I V LWB: ' , 5 ' V ggi wigM-,.x,.y,Qg ':11L.'ff:g,Qgs:54 , i i1irf..f,q.1fg ' - B U gfljii :Mini-"i . , QM- ..:.'.,,.r-, ,Fig VT -!,, igfqgqflff-Sal? 'N 1 -' Q""-is"Q- ' . V Z,L3:.,fJ-Z 159,-H- " ' V' A . use K , 5. 5 P. 1,:..n-4-41 Lzfz, ' . QZUFP' "Vaal-:fr 1' A' Ai,7Jzg.3 .gig'r.",. +1-.,1.'.f-' ,N Y, .,vg.-NIL qf- .N ,5 4 g -isd- . , w 2 u 4 S' r , A A . gs , W .ig ' ,gigs .s 6 1' Y X A W ' Eg A , V 1 I V " F, 2. ' ,' V if e 1 1 35 Q I K. . .-2 ,-, Sw G-- 4 1 f:Fi'l T rt gif 5. ..ri'.' ' , : -,- ,.:.:- 5, ww ,- .,2,iE'5Mq,M'!:QL, ' 1 E. ,iw M?-..'Zw-U-.- "4-if-dw . lf.: . if " T 4- ' 3 , ' 2.-51 , .L '9 w.-9""' 4 gg.. , , -.aff ,. l 57' - :gil . EL? :atm Q m -SF...----r.,-'5,"'gfe.w, Wm.: , My I i Mu J' in 's Fr"1--..'.-- . , 52.3313315555 f ' EEE-PETE-':'1if-'LEl- A--I' gf-f.x.':f' -W-gym ,gm w?iwr'-- if .if-EE."-1'-4.-5.'..E5'.fIi2L" 2'1':'-'E-25-5'E.:::':..'jE' rr .....-3,11-124 .-3 A ML iw nh' :EET LETS -- JM ,. '12 I A A iv.,.':-,..s...':-- --...:.f'.,'2Q11 r . .Y: , 5"-If,-"-1"-Z.":'-"..f-Ew'12 -.fr H Wfif- H .mg.'-'Wx -L6?2F:1'-.5Eir,r...ara.E-L N55 ' '-if-'fl' :fm - ,Q W W xg?-1'-,:'s:f52w"1fCm,1 "bf-S' fiffmx A , V-:S-m -- -N 1, M , '..r.:-ana-..."W.. 5, -- my -.5,'g,",."':'.-' li 2-,.s:".mf-.-..1.....:.'g,g?, f..--....-4-'.:-.. -L...J. W r.........-.......-...--. 5'rE1.'2T-"'."""""--,-.2""""..:.,.-.i1 1 3?-,, '-3-:l.""'.-.-'.."".-"'...5Y ....s............... , ----1-5-.-'Q - L Y , Q - 1 I "L"--.mp---.xr I 1-M-'fm-::..-.1...-f' ' X 1: u is f .. 1 U - ., ,'l""f'V -"' - ',:m4':'Lmw-2 55 32?-Eat. ,En -f-7. ,f ., .5 .lf 'jg , -A 1 wr V. A fb-V N3 "1 '-Flggf' 1 " I j if ' , - irsmk- I , I - 'Q - 'V , W fl Q A bw i .. Q2 QL 5 rw 3 ,223 - ,N MEM f' H ."' I V .MW mf :iw 45 N g W PW dx E i 'A ,Q Av - 4' . I ' 'www . ' ' . . YS R555 4 . Q S- f ' 'Z' 357' ' i N Q ,'5 is -1 . 'QX-. ..' 'W in J FL 1 . X vsp. -x A 4. ,A N .fa g., - 4+ -If I . xx vi VJX 'isfvv' BLISS HAM. CLAIJD EOSTER ENGINEERING BUILDING PROSPECT- IFJENN BUILDING , XX IOI-INSON MIEDICAI., BUILDING , MM! I 2 President Edward Hodneft Now in his second yeor os heod of Fenn College, Dr. Hodneh' hos proved to be o friend of The stu- dents cus well os o copoble od- minisfrofor. Decm Joseph C. Nichols Sincere, friendly, ond diligent, Deon Nichols possesses the qualities thot goin The respect and admiration of the entire student body. Director of Admissions A Assistant Director of Admissions Merioim C. Herrick Bruce T. Brickley' 5,--fl RGQiSTI'Oll' Director of Student Activities Dr. William A. Patterson Foster T. Miller 6 23 BMJ 'inn ,K f ,f . .,r'- Finance Direcfor Asst. Finance Director Arthur P. Loegler Thomas N- DWYGV Nicholas R. Rimboi Director of Technical lnstitute Dean Maior B. Jenks School of Arts cmd Science Asst. Dean David G. Parker School of Business Administration Dean Paul R. Anders School of Business Administration Asst. Dean George H. Smith, Jr. School of Engineering Dean Sholto M. Spears School of Engineering THE DEANAS cnwQv4?Zv-EUQGQQG mira Dean Max B. Robinson Dean of Cooperative Training Ralph M. Knapp John W. Walter George W. Hancock Russell R. Ehrhart Arts 81 Science Business Coordinator Electrical Coordinator Industrial Coordinator Coordinator A C U John Arendt, Jr., M.S. Alberta Prasse Barnes, B.S. Samuel H. Berwald, Instructor, Struc. Eng. Instructor, Mathematics LL-B., C.P.A. " Asst. Prof. Accounting 'J Robert B. Auld, M.Ed. Jay Manton Berger, M.A. "-' Instructor, English Instructor, Physics "' i instructor, Economics M.A. Instructor, Sec. Studies Vocational Counselor Pauline Bloomquist, A.B. Robert P. Buhrow, B.M.E. Chairman Dept. Sec. Studies Instructor, Mech. Eng. Asst. Prof. Sec. Studies A1 Vance Chamberlin, B.Sc. Randle E. Dahl, Ph.D. E. Philip Earl, M.A. Asst. Prof. Marketing Assoc. Professor B.A. Asst. Professor Physics Marion D. Cooper, M.S. Thomas L. Dotson, M.A. Professor, Elec. Eng. Asst. Prof. Personnel Development ln? '-C? George F. Evans, B.S. John A. Froebe, A.B., LL.B. V. Richard Gulbenkian, instructor, Mech. Eng. Asst. Prof. Accounting M,A, instructor, English George H. Faust, Ph.D. Frank J. Gallo, B.S.E. Asst. Prof. History 8. Pol. Science instructor, Struc. Eng. Elmer E. Haskins, Ph.D. Dorothy B. Horning, B.A. Karl David Kelly, M.S. Assoc. Prof. Mathematics Instructor, Mathematics Professor, Mathematics Francis V. Higgins, M.S. Millard L. Jordan, M.A. Asst. Prof. Mathematics Chairman, Dept. Sociology Professor, Sociology C. Virginia Kiel, B.A. George A. Leech, M.A. Cecil G. Martin, B.S. Instructor, English Vocational Counselor Instructor, Mech. Eng. Chester J. Kishel, B.S. Phyllis J. Lowndes, B.B.A. Asst. Prof. Mech. Eng. instructor, Sec. Studies 51 ? l Eli' P use 17 x S s y' John C. Matthews, M.A. John Wilson McNeill, M.A. Lad A. Pasiut, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Education Chairman, Dept. Mgt. Professor. Cl1efY1lSTl'Y Assoc. Prof. Management John Gilbert McGrew, Ralph J. Oravec, M.S. Ph.D. instructor, Mathematics Chairman, Dept. Economics Professor, Economics f' 2-Q 1 R i sir 1 :Ns t ' ' 12 Jane Pease, M.A. Emil N. Perout, M.S. Raymond Ray, M.A. Asst. Prof. Physical Ed. Instructor Met. Eng. ASSOC- PI'0f- Pl1YS- Ed- Sarah M. Pereira, Ph.D. Randolph C. Randall, M.A. Asst. Prof. Mod. Lang. Chairman, Dept. English Professor, English a V I , ' ill fi :ilbl 7 :Y I' l , 'I zz- I?" E I I ll - Irving RozaIsky, B. Met. E. Robert W. Schindler, M.S. Glenn H. Shakley, A.B. Instructor, Met. Eng. Assoc. Prof. Elec. Eng. Instructor, Accounting George J. Rung, B.S. Paul S. Schmidt, B.S. Instructor, Physical Ed. Asst. Prof. Struc. Eng. Kenneth S. Sherman, Andrew P. Slivka, B.S. George Wm Srail M.A. ' I B,S.E,E. Instructor, Mech. Eng. Asst. Prof. Speech 81 Dramatics Asst. Prof. Elec. Engineering George B. Simon, Litt. B. Richard B. Small, M.A. Assoc. Prof. Speech Instructor, Mod. Lang. I W .-1 ,?'euv,.,.. Horace R. Thayer, Marion B. Tolar, M.S. Karl H. Van D'EIden, M.A. SBU M.S. Chairman, Dept. Mathematics Asst. Prof. Mod. Lang. A5505 Prof, Nlechgnicg Pl'OlESSOl", Mathematics Demetrios E. Theordore, Donald Reuel Tuttle, Ph.D. Ph.D. Professor, English Asst. Prof. Economics Marthellen Van Scoyoc, Wm. von Reichbauer, Sara Ruth Watson, Ph.D. M,S, M,A,, LL,B, Assoc. Prof. English Chairman, Dept. Home Ec. Asst. Prof. Accounting Asst. Prof. Home Economics Walter R. Van Voorhis, Urban F. von Rosen, C.P.A. Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. Acctg. Professor, Mathematics Pf0fe5S0F, ACCOUNTIUQ F'tiZZCCfJ7rr1'i 4 l Homer E. Woodling, M.A. Floyd G. Abatt Chairman, Dept. Health 81 Public Relations Asst. Phys. Education Professor, Health 81 Phys. Ed. Jack E. Zimmerman, B.M.E. Instructor, Mech. Eng. Clifford L. Graves, M.A. Alice J. Lewis Vocational Counselor Restaurant Manager Robert W. Kollar Assistant Librarian Anita A. Burton, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Cataloger, Library Bertha L. Bottle Hostess as me Lillian M. Mequillet Housemother, Women's Dorm Lee A. Marshall, M.A. Admissions Counselor Julius Jay Schreiber, M.A. Emil Stefancic, A.B., Ola I. Twerell Vocational Counselor B,S, in LS, Bus. Office 8. Asst. Librarian Bookstore Manager R. Malcolm Sills, B.S., Richard S. St. John, B.B.A. B,L,S, Assistant, Finance Office Librarian Grace D. Wright Housemother, Men's Dorm BOARD OF TRUSTEES First row: Leyton E. Carter, Ellwood H. Fisher, Charles J. Stilwell, Dr. Edward Hodnett George V. Woodling, Second row: Allen T. Perry, Vollmar VV. Fries, John S. Crider C. H. Franklin, Edward T. Bartlett, Clarence L. Collens, Dr. Robert M. Stecher, James H Coolidge. DlEDilCATlION oi? THE 195011-viNiFARiE 1-'ffvef' ,Cu WMM sfvv-min fm The first step in Fenn s expansion program is now history Mr Claud Foster retired Cleveland industrialxst graciously donated the funds to build and equip the new engineering buildmg which is now adequately serving the educational needs cf Five thousand Fenn Col- lege students FANFARE proudly dedlcates this edition to Claud Foster and we join the Fenn students in voicing our appreciation for the great con- tribution Mr. Foster has made to higher educa- tion. Richard Huxtoble, Dr. Hoclneit, Cloud Foster, ond Charles Stilwell pose before the mod- ern and fully equipped Cloud Foster Engineer- ing Building after its completion in August 1949. ,a 4 i.. ,fm iw me .sr , tu ,, I if-,fig ' , Claud Foster demonstrates the use of a lathe that is part of the S'l00,000 laboratory equipment to his long-time friend and a member of the board of trustees, Henry G. Tremmel. Father Welfle, Mr. Tremmel, Dr, Hodnett, and Mr. Foster watch engineering students demonstrate the use of new machinery. "You cannot tell anyone else how to make things unless you have first made them with your own hands." - CLAUD FOSTER. Fred M. Zeder, Vice President of the Chrysler Corp. Board of Directors, delivers the address at the dedication of the Foster Building. Ground breaking Under construction Ready for Fenn sfudents Thank you, Mr. Foster 9 O Since 1923, Fenn has pioneered in the development and adaptation of Cooperative Education. The results of these years of experience, through prosperity, depression, and war, may now be measured by the attainments and matured view- points of graduates which strongly indicate the educational soundness of the Cooperative system. The Fenn Plan adapts the system to all Day Division students, including both women and men in all three schools of Fenn College. In many ways, this is one of the most important features of Fenn. It provides for the assignment of students to three-month periods of supervised employment relating to their fields of study. "Quarters" of such work are alternated between similar quarters in the college classroom, beginning at the end of the third or fourth term in college and continuing until graduation. Six or eight such periods are scheduled, depending upon the curricula followed, and make possible a progressive, planned training in business or industry in coordination with one's col- lege program. evzdcvza '-Plz: KENNETH HANDKE FRANK DAVID . MARTHA KELLY PAUL MEADEN . . PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . TREASURER HAROLD BALDINI Lambda Iota Delta A. I. C. E. JOSEPH PAUL BANAS Sociology Club, President Newman Club, Social Chairman Choir, Member Psychology Club, Member A. S. M. E. Intramural Sports DALE EUGENE BARBEE Sociology Club Fenn Radio Society, Vice President, Treasurer Personnel Management Association DEAN C. BARDY A. s. M E. s. A. M. E. JOHN R. BARR Pi Sigma Tau, First Vice Chancellor A. I. E. E. Intramural Sports JOSEPH EVERETT BARRON Alpha Phi Omega, President, Vice President, Secretary Radio Society, Vice President, Secretary Men's Dorm Council Fenn Players American Chemical Society Intramural Sports 5-Q 1--I-Us 'ts PE ' H E E We is use ,me me 'Z 'AEE cy-m W SET -Meme W fre..- Q 2 Fei -X .,.X WILLIAM ADAMOWICZ S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Fenn Gun Club FRANKLYN R. ALLEN Fenn Marketing Association Sociology Club HAROLD C. AMACHER Phi Epsilon Nu, Vice President S. A. E. Physics Club, President Chess Club JAMES C. ANDERSON PHILIP J. ANDERSON Radio Club Bridge Club EDWARD L. ASHER Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, 2nd Vice- Chancellor CAULDRON President, Junior Class Interfraternity Council, Secretary Varsity Basketball Varsity Track "F" Club, Treasurer Cheerleader Intramural Sports JOHN THOMAS BARON Iota Eta S. A. E., Secretary, Treasurer A. S. M. E. Newman Club Gun Club ALMON S. BARTHOLOMEW A. S. M. E. S. A. E. GEORGE F. BARTLETT JOSEPH FRANK BARTOS JOSEPH S. BASKOVIC Newman Club Intramural Sports KENNETH G. BEER KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS I. Ch. E.-Am. Institute ot Chemical Engineers I. E. E.-American Institute of Electrical Engineers l. M. M.-Am. Institute of Mining S1 Met. Engineers 5. M. E.-Am. Society of Mechanical Engineers A. E.-Society ot Automotive Engineers S. S. E.-Fenn Society of Structural Engineers 3 ... . - CARL BENEDETTO OWEN BERKMAN EDWARD LOUIS BIRTIC Lambclu Tau Delta Student Council Psychology Club Personnel Management Association Interfraternity Council Newman Club Intramural Sports ROBERT E. BITTINGER HOWARD G. BLANDING CALVIN A. BOCK A. I. E. E. DOUGLAS K. BOGART Pi Sigma Tau Wing 81 Torch Honorary Society TOPPER, Editor-In-Chief, Board Member, Writer FANFARE, Class Editor Fenn Chorus Dormitory Council STEPHEN BONDRA S. A. E. American Chemical Society ROBERT E. BOONE RAY F. BOOTH SAMUEL BORAZANIAN F. s. s. E. LOUIS F. BORRELLI Personnel Management Association 1 mn ., Mn DAVID BOTTIGGI S. A. E. A. S. M. E. WILLIAM P. BOURQUIN TOPPER Staff Physics Club PERCY B. BRAY Alpha Chi Honorary Fraternity TOPPER Business Manager Fenn Players Intramural Sports BILL C. BREDENBECK Evening Student Council Alpha Sigma Iota Honorary Fraternity Lambda Iota Delta DONALD R. BROWN STANLEY J. BRUCE Sociology Club, President Future Teachers of America rs wf JACK J. CARREL Kappa Delta Phi, Secretary Fenn Marketing Association FANFARE HAROLD R. CARROLL Lambda Tau Delta "F" Club Junior Class, Treasurer Varsity Track Team A. I. Ch. E. JAMES R. CASSIDY HOWARD CHOLFIN Tau Kappa Phi, President Interfraternity Council EUGENE CHASE F. S. S. E. Bridge Club WILLIAM .l. CHRISTY, JR. Lambda Tau Delta, Sgt. at Arms Mai A. I. Ch. E., Treasurer ROBERT F. BUETTNER Kappa Delta Phi Varsity Basketball, Manager "F" Club, Treasurer CAULDRON Intramural Sports DONALD E. BUNGE Personnel Management Association Men's Dormitory Council WILLIS C. BURTON Fenn Marketing Association, Corresponding Secretary CAULDRON, Business Staff ROBERT F. BUSBEY Varsity Swimming Team, Captain Varsity Track Team Varsity Fencing Team Dormitory Council Intramural Sports NEALE V. CABRAL Alpha Chi Honorary Fraternity FANFARE Personnel Management Association President, Secretary Newman Club GLORIA CARDWELL Gamma Nu Sigma, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer Intersorority Council Sociology Club LLOYD C. CROSBY, JR. Varsity Track-Mgr. Varsity Swimming "F" Club Personnel Management Association Sociology Club Fenn Choir DONALD C. CHRESTENSEN Bridge Club HOMER L. CRISSINGER, JR. CAULDRON Fenn Players Dormitory Council Council on World Affairs NELSON J. CUMMINGS MATTHEW W. CUMMINGS JAMES CZIKA Beta Beta Alpha, President lnterfraternity Council Fenn Marketing Association, V. Pres. Intramural Sports NICK J. CIMORELL Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Board Member lnterfraternity Council Student Council Fenn Marketing Association Intramural Sports DAVID R. CLAGUE Lambda Tau Delta Physics Club Intramural Sports JOHN F. CLEARY A. S. M. E. S. A. E. RALPH D. CLINGMAN Lambda Tau Delta lntertraternity Council, V. Pres. Bridge Club RICHARD P. CROTTY ROBERT H. CROWTHER A. I. Ch. E., Vice President Technical Societies Council Bridge Club mr EDWARD A. DANKO A. S. M. E. Bridge Club Intramural Sports FRANK E. DAVID Kappa Delta Phi Phi Epsilon Nu, Vice President Senior Class, Vice President Math Club, Treasurer Am. Inst. of Electrical Eng. S. A. E. RAYMOND C. DAW Alpha Chi EDWARD L. DEBEVEC GEORGE D. DE BOLT Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Varsity Track 'F. S. S. E. Intramural Sports GENO L. DE MARIO Sociology Club, President Psychology Club, President PERSONA Red Cross, Organizational Com. Intramural Sports wx-mmm ng E I E. DONALD E. DE VINEY A. I. E. E. Chess Club Fencing Team JOSEPH DIAMOND Tau Kappa Phi, Treasurer S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Fenn Chessman Intramural Sports JOHN L. DICKARD ROBERT P. DIETTERICK CAULDRON Fenn Marketing Association Fenn Choir ROBERT DITTMAN Lambda Tau Sigma A. S. M. E. Intramural Sports MICHAEL DOMENICO Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Fenn Marketing Association Director Pi Sig Band Newman Club Red Cross Representative Intramural Sports a WALTER DOMORACKI EDWARD W. DOWNER A. I. E. E. DONALD A. DRAUDT L. R. DUDZINSKI A. S. M. E. S, A. E. HENRY O. DU NKLE Sfudent Council, Vice President mi Varsity Baskeiball Varsify Track Varsify Baseball "F" Club LADD M. DUNN EB m a is em a a mess S8558 H .za .. E . H mgwggwwggs :gm m wgmi ms Wim? .WEE N H H is N new B is a me em 5 W . W mm FE m is iajjmf e,M B HT mag mm ww msg? M85 as as ms B a a 5, mmm me gl mms' Haig Emi: is a e ,., . 5. 5552 BEE Exam? me W a ew me .am me if me me um SH ml M gsm... an gm me wi ning: M5 ms gm -wr. .mi F as , mwme EUGENE W. EARLE Phi Epsilon Nu I. R. E., Secretary A. l. E. E. ROBERT G. EARNEST Lambda Tau Delta, President CAULDRON Award for Ouisfanding Co-op Sfudeni, '47-'48 Psychology Club Swimming Team GEORGE A. EICHENBERG JAMES R. ELDER Alpha Psi Omega, President CAULDRON Fenn Players Fenn Markefing Associaiion C. O. EVANS ANDREW FAFRAK Alpha Psi Omega CAULDRON TOPPER Fenn Players Intramural Sports -eff.,-Bgaswma 'pliers .mm egg., is HSS aw it mm M M MEM EE me H msifpm .M as Hmmm.. ...mx Naval ummm .M --ma mi mi B mwsmjf Emma." nm mn :mam W W 3 H M mm gg E SSB H j M H mm gg mm we M 5 I mn ms ms ss a ss I: E 'si B ss HARRY E. FORD Kappa Delta Phi A. I. CI1. E. A. C. S. Intramural Sports DAVID FRANCIS Beta Beta Alpha, Sgt. at Arms Fenn Choir Intramural Sports ALLEN FRIEDMAN Tau Kappa Phi CAULDRON, "Grin 'n Sin" Fenn Marketing Association Senior Prom Committee Intramural Sports DONALD L. FULDAUER Tau Kappa Phi CAULDRON Interfraternity Council S. A. E. A. I. E. E. CLAIRE M. GAETO Lambda Sigma Chi, Vice President CAULDRON TOPPER Women's Athletic Assn., V. Pres. Psychology Club Future Teachers of America Intersorority Council Women's Council Fenn Choir Intramural Sports DOROTHY A. GAFFNEY Iota Tau Lambda Intramural Sports LEON FALTZ EARL G. FAULHABER Kappa Delta Phi CAULDRON Fenn Marketing Association Sociology Club Outdoor Club JOSEPH J. FI EDERER Newman Club Intramural Sports ANTHONY M. FEDERICO Lambda Tau Delta A. I. M. E. GLORIA SUE FERRO Gamma Nu Sigma, Vice President CAULDRON Sociology Club Women's Athletic Association Newman Club Women's Council SANFORD I. PINK Tau Kappa Phi A. I. E. E. Bridge Club, Sec't.-Treas. mggimg,-ggwwms - .w.mgWEg. Sgr- magma . W. BE Em mm B Ee-S15 nm- E an ma :amz Hmiwz . . 35:88 magnum!! Wampum B ss Q ss mx fm .W M .. gm m nmwamia mn sms um a an E-an ss ss ss an ms ss a mm a a ss an ms a sms at a ms a an m ma WB cnlmmaw mm' mums as -mamma an 1 K X News-an gl x I ii im rm ,cn ms mn in is a is D s is me nm mn mn an 3 fm gn Em gs Bn nw mn -is nm mn as FRED C. GERALD JAMES A. GILCHRIST FRANK R. GOLE A. I. E. E. Newman Club Intramural Sports JAMES W. GOOD A. I. E. E. S. A. E. STANLEY GORDON Varsity Swimming, Mgr. F. S. S. E. Intramural Sparls CHARLES M. GOTTSCHALK CAULDRON, Managing Ecliior A. I. E. E. Radio Acfor's and Script Wriier's Society Semantics Club Modern Language Club, Treasurer Physics Club RICHARD JAMES GALLA A. l. E. E. DONALD R. GALLEN Lambda Tau Delia, Vice President A. I. Ch. E. Am. Chem. Socieiy HERBERT W. GALER GEORGE GATZKE Kappa Della Phi A. I. Ch. E. ELMER P. GEHRKE Physics Club SIDNEY C. GEISS S. A. E. A. I. E. E. l. R. E. K mi mme nm ms K mga sas W5 i QHQEQEH Huw H Q WQQCE. .WNWMW um.: M Q .agwfgig migffgli- smug Him Mgi ii mn E M an misss .W Em -Us Us QS if mn cs .w -V is xi mn me -mn nm ms is WILLIAM E. GRAHAM Fenn Choir JAMES E. GRANGER Alpha Phi Omega S. A. E. A. S. M. E., Chairman Math Club Trowel Club HAROLD R. GREENE Tau Kappa Phi E. I. E. E. I. R. E. KENNETH E. GRIFFES F. S. S. E. lnler-Varsiiy Chrisfian Fellowship, President JACK R. GREENER WILLIAM A. GROSEL A. I. E. E., Secreiary Fenn Band . H M .. . ....5g.. .mm E ,E .1 Bum. Sillmisd a IW M- is I is as ms a a a I-I is ma a is a an was is 5 m P . ms is ma as ss- mn swam ms is a is ma H Wagga. hw, W. Y :Bmsmwnl xa- as a is mn is a is a a is mn an H. E 2 gws. EJB' E is ms ms a is a is a is a is n is I-I is E as gm an Ba mm B Wim H . .. .H ...mg mm-E Q I4 H ms is is ma mam sms E Im nm nm ma sms agp H mn a H ...gh ma DANIEL R. GROTH A. I. E. E. WILLIAM J. HAESSLY Alpha Psi Omega CAULDRON, Pholcgrapher Wing 8. Torch, Secretory Fenn Players, Treas., V. Pres Dotm Council Radio Script WriIer's Society Bridge Club Fenn Choir Intramural Sporfs JACK E. HAFLINGER EDWARD C. HAHN A. I. E. E. I. R. E. Intramural Sports RUDOLPH HAMPF Kappa Delia Phi S. A. E. S. M. E. Intramural Sports RICHARD J. HANA Q ws it ax -1 ,. 'trims my L we-WB E ram KENNETH HANDKE Phi Epsilon Nu President, Senior Class M A WILLIAM L HARRISON Pep Band Dorm Council DORIS R HAUTH Lambda Sigma Chi Pres, Secretary Rush Chairman, Pledge Mistress Intersorority Council, Sect Treas Women s Athletic Association Senior Class Assembly Committee, Chairman Intramural Sports WALTER J HEILEMAN S M ROY A HEMPEL Sociology Club Psychology Club Fenn Science Fiction Cub Young Writer's Club ROBERT D HERMAN .A.. . .M. . :E as it n W me is I - ss ss 9 is ss as B em is XJ Q ws mm as mm EH mm We Mm ss em ss m em me me M M as Q was MZ WZ mm an mama se is ss me mmm me ms me w ss mms Axim HE x x w ss mt H asses DH mam ,mm x M -- E sis mes as ms is -sm H Bmlnilr BE . WS mei? vi me em sw E s .E 2 E me em mg ' msgs? .H saga sw Q 5 E as x small Q. as EIT 3---H2538 am wMt"T E s2ZQsswzms: we is me we . 3 may H gals sig Es BSS-za:-skim , M so H new s f img,- .. q ,B is K Tifgij' as . WH M, IA 22572555 kewl - my -,sam Flies Q 'Q Riagg? me we t m xana- sms em me is it m E gm Q Q sm is nw .. is em at ss sms am M m ss m sl 'Wil Di.. E zz an ss DALE HERSHBERGER CAULDRON, Circulation Mgr. TOPPER, Circulation Mgr. 1 H . TW ig. mi BB mt E z em ills Wm ws an Fenn Marketing Association, Secy Men's Dorm Council Intramural Sports LEWIS W. HEVESY Kappa Delta Phi lnterfraternity Council, President A. l. E. E. MICHAEL G. HLATKY S. A. E. A. I. E. E. JOSEPH A. HIRKA Future Teachers of America Liberal Club RAY HIRNIAK RUTH HISCOCK HE Em maximise me Em Q is-new we wwe ages m W5 My waxing is me-w Bm H .Kgs .. ...nw H W ,imma W E- .amen is 5 H515 W M H 5 3 H. gg H . H ms ww new me me mem e is new is an as B e me is as is e is e HAROLD H. HUMPAL Kappa Delta Phi A. S. M. E. S. A. E. SIDNEY HURWITZ Tau Kappa Phi CAULDRON A. I. E. E. ROY E. HUTCHINSON Hockey, '38-'39 Pre-Junior Class Pres., '40 JOHN S. IVANICKY Newman Club DONALD L. JACK DAVID T. JOHNSON Kappa Delta Phi A. S. M. E. Freshman Track Intramural Sporfs JACK R. HIVELY Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Personnel Management Association GEORGE F. HRONEK Semanfic Society FRANK P. HUDAK Iota Eta S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Fenn College Rifle Club, President Technical Societies Council, Treas. ROY W. HULL A. S. M. E., Treasurer Fenn De Malay Club Fenn Trowel Club, Presideni L. E. HULDEMAN Lambda Tau Sigma, Treasurer Varsity Hockey RICHARD M. HULTBERG A. I. E. E. I. R. E. 3 . . na is mn -xx E is e e is is e - - is is me is new 5 n zz Z. 'Us me we ss- -is is me B is me Mmii swf e xx m e Hmm 'ss we is mn e nz if A x z is x is is me is na E A e was mam an M me me me mmm me as Bm 5 an A new new we mmm me MILTON E. KADEN Tau Kappa Pl1i, President A. S. M. E. S. A. E. lnterfraternity Council WALTER M. KARTMAN A. I. ch. E. THOMAS M. KASCAK Intramural Sports ALBERT A. KOTY Lambda lota Delta Evening Student Council Evening Div. Athletic Com. MARTHA KELLEY Lambda Sigma Chi, Corr. Secretary Student Council Senior Class Secretary Psychology Club Women's Council W. A. A. Fenn Choir MILTON KESSIE Iota Eta S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Technical Society Council, Vice Pres. Fenn Gun Club ami H is an 2 E sf. E s E E K E Q E 2 5 7! E gif Q an me an imi- mm K w an is nm- an sms: gn me a ef a RAYMOND D. JOHNSON Student Council, President CAULDRON Men's Dorm Council, Treasurer Fenn Marketing Association Intramural Sports RENALD HUGHES JONES Alpha Phi Omega CAULDRON, "Fenngineers Only" S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Fenn Players JOHN B. JORDAN S. A. E. A. S. M. E. JOHN JOYCE ARTHUR R. JUSAK Kappa Delta Phi Intramural Sports EDWARD LOUIS JUST Beta Beta Alpha Vice President FANFARE Art Editor Fenn Marketing Association Intramural Sports mesa Wm me mme as im mess an new mn its SSW' mm STANLEY M. KICZEK ROBERT P. KIEHL A. I. E. E. A. S. M. E. S. E. E. GORDON H. KIRK Fenn Marketing Association JOHN G. KLEIN Lambda Tau Delta A. I. M. M. E. Intramural Sports RONALD A. KLINGER Iota Eta CAULDRON A. S. M. E. S. A. E. ALBIN E. KODRAMAZ A. S. M. E. S. A. E. Intramural Sports ' is is me a is a a is a a ms is na is is a is a is a is a is I is W R.. is .ri-A iq if Q5 JACK W. KOOMAN Fenn Marketing Association JOHN WILLIAM KORDA CAULDRON A. 1. E. E. ALLEN KOSHKARIAN CAULDRON Liberal Club Intramural Sports ROBERT L. KOTNIK Phi Epsilon Nu A. I. E. E., Treasurer I. R. E. GARIFALLIA KOUROUNIS PAULINE KRASOWSKI Omega Upsilan, Secretary Newman Club, Secretary Women's Council lntersorority Council Women's Athletic Association Sociology Club Boaster's Club "Y" Friendship Intramural Sports OTTO F. KRAJCOVIC RICHARD P. KRAUSE A. S. M. E. S. A. E. EMIL KUBALA A. I. E. E. EMIL A. KUBIAK A. S. M. E. S. A. E. DAGMAR KUNZ Omega Upsilon CAULDRON, Make-up Editor TOPPER, Editor Wing 8. Torch Fenn Players Sociology Club, Secretary Psychology Club, Psychogram Women's Council Young Writer's Club Semantics Society, President Intramural Sports JOSEPH DAVID KUTEN Editor W mi-mn .mn ew .P5iEL Egigtigfw 2 S Ei iketf 'Hfcm Egvkxsz rn ss-ss 5 ae a 1 ss It 1 E . nu- F' ,J 5 . I.. ss MARGARET ANN LANDOLL HANS G. LANNER A. I. M. M. E. I. V. C. F. R. A. LARABELL JOSEPH J. LESKO DOMINICK T. LEVIGNE S. S. E., Vice President Technical Societies Council ROBERT LEXA Semantics Club In RALPH MAHTAR Junior-Senior Prom. Com. Intramural Sports FRED L. MAIN JOHN J. MAJZLER DOROTHY J. MAKOWSKI Gamma Nu Sigma Personnel Mgt. Association, Secy. Fenn Players Senior Class Gift Com. Sociology Club LOUIS J. MAMBUCA LOUIS MARKIS, JR. JOSEPH F. LILAC Personnel Mgt. Association, VIRGINIA LINDQUIST A. I. Ch. E., Vice President Intramural Sports JOHN M. LIX Iota Eta TOPPER I. R. E. A. I. E. E. Intramural Sports MAX A. LUEHRS Lambda Iota Delta S. A. E., Treasurer MILTON A. MACKEY GILBERT MacMICHAEL Kappa Delta Phi Fenn Marketing Association Intramural Sports MANFRED C. MASSA S. A. E. A. S. M. E. CLYDE J. MAURER FLOYD MAY W. B. MAZGAJ A. I. M. E., Treasurer ALEXANDER S. MAZUR Kappa Delta Phi Varsity Tennis, Captain "F" Club Newman Club S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Intramural Sports RICHARD D. MCCORD Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Chancellor cAuLDRoN Student Council Varsity Swimming, Senior Mgr., Meet Narrator "F" Club S. S. E. lnterfraternity Council Dorm Council, Secretary Bridge Club Intramural Sports 5 JOSEPH MAROSON Fenn Marketing Assn., Treasurer Newman Club Intramural Sports EDWARD N. MARSH Phi Epsilon Nu A. I. E. E. I. R. E. Fenn Math Club, Secretary NORMAN V. MARR Iota Eta, Chancellor, Counsellor CAULDRON lnterfraternity Council Fenn Choir Intramural Sports HARRY MARTIN Bridge Club THOMAS A. MARTIN Phi Epsilon Nu A. I. E. E. FRANK J. MASNY JACK C. McGAW A. S. M. E. S. A. E. ROBERT McNEELY A. S. M. E. S. A. E. Technical Societies Council Intramural Sports RICHARD G. MCNERNEY Beta Beta Alpha, Sgt.-at-Arms Fenn Personnel Mgt. Association Interfraternity Council Intramural Sports EDWARD S. MCQUATTIE PAUL J. MCQUISTION Beta Beta Alpha, Secretary FANFARE, Senior Class Editor Personnel Management Association Fenn Players Fenn Choir PAUL MEADEN Senior Class Treasurer Fenn Marketing Association Fenn Dorm Council Intramural Sports WILLIAM C. MEDSKER Lambda Tau Delta, President CAULDRON lnterfraternity Council, President, Vice President A. C. S. Intramural Sports KENNETH O. MILBRODT Lambda Iota Delta, Rec. Secretary Evening Student Council F. S. E. E., Vice President Student Org. Committee, Chairman GEORGE A. MESNER Psychology Club, Vice President Future Teachers of America GEORGE A. METZ A. S. M. E. NORMAN S. MICHAELS MARIO MIRALDI A. l. E. E. S. A. E. Psychology Club Dormitory Council sm-. 3 is JOHN A. MISENCIK A. I. M. M. E. A. S. M. S. A. E. Varsity Basketball Intramural Sports ANDREW MITCHELL Physics Club lntramurol Sports ROBERT A. MITTELSTAEDT Phi Epsilon Nu A. S. M. E. Fenn Math Club Thermoclynamic Lab Instructor GEORGE MLADSI, JR. VLADIMIR P. MOHORICH Kappa Delta Phi, Alumni Sect. Phi Epsilon Nu F. S. S. E. JAMES J. MONROE P565 5: ms me E 5 E 52312 EQ iz L A I Saws mmm me me mums gm we Q 'Z if w hiss KS get Wm H jgsa. gs an an SUN iw SW mn me xm mega S .gi 5 M wisilm me me a N me me 8 is me mam mam is E .3 mm H a .ei an is me is me as a a me is we me me me an nfl-tgg en: me me B-me mam me e a mmf H me s gs miie: H Eit- me may -me mess me me me we New M. .M gtgvmi-me .eggg seem :gli mme Ng- was 'QQ SW H Q35 msmllgm ,masse ne-fizwfg My M1121 .QW . ,QQ tw., EDWARD A. MURN A. S. M. E. Varsity Fencing Team Intramural Sports ROGER R. NEAL Personnel Mgt. Association, V. Pres Varsity Basketball "F" Club Dorm Council Intramural Sports CLARENCE L. NELLEMS Liberal Club, Secretary Fenn Choir CHARLES D. NEMETH NORMAN VINCENT NEUZIL A. S. M. E. S. A. E. HELEN N. OATES Liberal Club Fenn Choir may new H mama D . . V mammals' my mm new 2 me is-is im .H nga mn mm Eggs: me msn -EE mn mm gwma.. Egg .wife get Magma mm EM Sig :A H WS ma mm mm K- , M -E M em ga n is .if mn mn ,a..,.E3.... H355 ffvsas awe M Wi mfgisfsume gg YE .45- we mi my e is Q ix it mx is is ROBERT I.. PAPPAS CAULDRON, Sports Editor S. A. E., Field Editor ANDREW F. PARCHEM A. I. E. E. I. R. E. Newman Club Fenn Players ELMER H. PARGE, JR. A. S. M. E. Bridge Club JOSEPH L. PARKER Varsity Golf FRANK PATTON F. S. S. E. HOWARD G. PEKAR A. I. Ch. E. Intramural Sports W. W. OSINSKI ROBERT A. OTCASEK LOIS OVERSON Alpha Psi Omega Future Teachers of America, Secy. Fenn Players Sociology Club, Vice President Home Economics Club Senior Class Announcement Committee, Chairman Fenn Choir Intramural Sports GEORGE O. OZANICH Newman Club Intramural Sports RICHARD H. PALENSCHAT Junior Class, Secy.-Treasurer, Night Intramural Sports ELMER PANCZELI. Lambda Tau Sigma CHARLES J. PINTNER A. I. E. E. ARTHUR C. PLASKOFF Phi Epsilon Nu A. I. E. E. S. A. E. I. R. E. EARL E. PLATEIL, JR. Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer CHARLES B. PLATT Fenn Marketing Association GEORGE PLUM Phi Epsilon Nu, Secretary-Treasurer CAULDRON F. S. S. E. 'ARTHUR V. POHM Phi Epsilon Nu A. I. E. E., Vice President I. R. E., Treasurer Vice President, Junior Class Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball "F" Club, President Men's Dorm Council, President Engineering Council Psychology Club Math Club Student Council JOSEPH RICHARD PETRAS Lambda Tau Delta, Vice President Personnel Management Association Student Council Psychology Club Intramural Sports GEORGE PFEFFER A. l. E. E. EDWIN PIEGER A. S. M. E. I CHARLES J. PIGNOLET cAuLDRoN, Artist s. A. E. VICTOR PIGNOLET RICHARD J. PIMSNER Personnel Management Association Fenn Choir A 'asizggginam Nm - I . fails, NWFP we :H Sims... ...ssggs HBH!! EBSQ- 1 M . . me na sg as . W. E Egg, www WLM. .wiiss Sim . E HBH 5 m eww EES Q E m smug WEE eggs SQW33.. sexes eras? 155 m K m H E H E swag .eases 5 fix? sw ng t SSH? I on H -E me N rt -tt E. -.xt me 5 B Lge. .sg swf, 1515- 'fisi EWR WEE lf mlm gm EE-B5 QX ,S e HTH EY B W Be V35 W Hs ,Q me., H lr M? mm mrmw 5521, Sufi? 1.23 efiiilii Ser gm Mg'gx.wii:x 'S if H BQ i.: 5' e 2. Z. 2 B E H E I H H ...sa . fwnw.w ::g J 3, .5 A1339 ':' sl':5:z .. .sf GERALD R. POKRANT Varsity Track Team Varsity Tennis Team "F" Club ANNE JAYNE POLLANDER JOHN M. POKELSEK Phi Epsilon Nu F. S. E. E. A. l. E. E. FLORENCE POSPISHIL Lambda Sigma Chi, Vice President Alpha Chi, Secretary FANFARE CAULDRON Student Council Sociology Club Fenn Choir MELVIN PAUL PRASSE Lambda Tau Delta, Secretary lntertraternity Council Intramural Sports DANIEL J. PRESSLER Lambda Tau Delta, Vice President, Sgt.-at-Arms A. l. M. M. E. Intramural Sports W tt 5 it E tt We Q m B .., ,F wie 3 E2 ,VW E Se gm EH m we MAX PRICE Tau Kappa Phi, Vice President CAULDRON, Editor-in-Chief FANFARE, Activities Editor TOPPER Wing and Torch Liberal Club Intramural Sports ROBERT N. PRITCHARD Fenn Marketing Association Newman Club JOHN G. QUETSCH Phi Epsilon Nu A. I. M. M. E., President Technical Societies Council, President Varsity Swimming Math Club Outdoor Club MARGUIRETE RAGON Omega Upsilon, Secy., Vice Pres. CAULDRON Student Council, Corr. Secretary Newman Club Fenn Choir Liberal Club ROBERT R. RATAJCZAK A. S. M. E., Secretary ALICE RATKA Omega Upsilon, President lntersorority Council, President Women's Council Newman Club Sociology Club Foreign Language Club Fenn Choir, Secretary-Treasurer Intramural Sports FRANK J. REGINA, JR. CHARLES L. REPP CAULDRON, Drama Critic TOPPER, Board Member Fenn Marketing Association Modern Language Club, Vice Pres. Young Writer's Club Fenn Choir JOE REZNIK ELEANOR RICKEY Lambda Sigma Chi, Corr. Secretary CAULDRON Modern Language Club, Secretary Rifle Club, Secretary Sociology Club Senior Class Gift Committee Newman Club GEORGE RITTENMYER Pi Sigma Tau Alpha A. S. M. E. Intramural Sports LEONARD RIZZOLLA A. I. E. E. SIDNEY S. ROBERTS Evening Student Council Evening Senior Class, V. Pres., President Outdoor Club ALLEN O. ROM Kappa Delta Phi CAULDRON Interfraternity Council, Secretary A. S. M. E. Fenn Players Intramural Sports GORDON M. ROMIG ROBERT J. ROOKE, JR. S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Varsity Tennis "F" Club GEORGE C. ROSIN CARL ROWLAND A. S. M. E. ROBERT E. SCHLAPPAL Personnel Management Association Varsity Basketball "F" Club JOAN SCHMIDT Omega Upsilon, Secretary Future Teachers of America, Assistant Secretary Fenn Choir, Vice President SIDNEY C. SCHNEIDER Beta Beta Alpha Fenn Marketing Association Intramural Sports FRED A. SCHWALLER I. R. E., Chairman A. I. E. E. Technical Societies Council DORIS M. SEITZ Gamma Nu Sigma Newman Club Fenn Choir Bridge Club WILLIAM SEMENIK MICHAEL J. RUSKAI A. 5. M. E., Chairman S. A. E. Newman Club CHARLES H. SADOWSKI Fenn Choir, Treasurer WILFORD D. SAYERS CAULDRON CLARENCE WM. SCHAFFER Beta Beta Alpha, Corr. Secretary FANFARE CAULDRON Newman Club Outdoor Club Intramural Sports WALTER S. SCHAFFER Phi Epsilon Nu, Secy.-Treasurer CAULDRON Wing and Torch Student Council, President Varsity Track Team Varsity Fencing Team A. I. E. E. S. A. E. Men's Dorm Council Intramural Sports CARL W. SCHILKE Kappa Delta Phi F. S. S. E. lnterfraternity Council Intramural Sports is isa an fum E 5. gen if EEE is K an A 5 is am 5 N 2 Lug:-5' iw Ia Q K B ,Em E Em . . 838588261 K as mgf: as gms Ehgs was HHH as sms nm an gms as gs- ew sms mia we as as as WILFRED SIMPSON JOSEPH J. SINGER Tau Kappa Phi, Secretary A. I. E. E. RALPH A. SINZINGER A. I. E. E. EUGENE C. SKERKOSKI Phi Epsilon Nu, President Kappa Delta Phi A. S. M. E. S. A. E. Technical Societies Council Math Club Intramural Sports ROBERT J. SMITH DONALD R. SNOKE s s NW.: MAURICE SENKFOR Tau Kappa Phi A. I. E. E. 1. R. E. FRANK J. SERAZIN s. A. E. Fenn Chessman, President Camera Club Men's Dorm Council Intramural Sports JOSEPH PAUL SERIENO, Lambda Tau Delta S. A. E., Treasurer Freshman Class '45, President Men's Dorm Council, President A. S. M. E. Varsity Track Team JAMES SHURY F. S. S. E. NORBERT B. SIKORSKI Kappa Delta Phi F. S. S. E., Treasurer Newman Club Intramural Sports ALBERT M. SIMON CAULDRON Futura Teachers of America FANFARE Sociology Club Modern Languages Club -mx. :- E-wifes E an E mix s mass H sm E we Sage is is - K VEHSSKX time Exam: gms E ggi- . -mf ew Us 'H em KEHSW mule-ilazw 5,5525 Mm: if 1 M1 m K wp. 2 M A mam asmew me an Kim Sl' as - s ml IW mai? asa Msn easy Em mi was as ms mm FRANK A. SPADA Personnel Management Association HF" Club Varsity Swimming EVELYN B. SPEIDEL NITE SHIFT Student Council-Night Fenn Players Sociology Club Fenn Choir EUGENE A. STANCZAK Newman Club Fenn Choir FRANK A. STANGLER 5. A. E. A. S. M. E. LAWRENCE H. STAR MICHAEL STASKO A. S. M. E. A. I. M. M. E. Newman Club F. S. C. M. Intramural Sports M E EEE .ss E H Jim' E EW s H 1 is is me em s my 'mem NASH: H s M ee ma rages was gms WMM SENSE is-is sms me roms H Q35 H in is e .l -,-sms .ww SESS me use as Hmmm mm E sm M sg M M was ss H- E E We-ee M M Em BSS Q Bee H- I -me Raglan -mlgw mms BETH gn... N-EQ-M ,Q-me Buss-Q. was ET' U. W , ...E it s H an E- mam B nm- ss x it is .s W S mmf.. gg as-sf .Bw '84-ZZ' 2 E rx is if We-E' H we mx- .. W . ng E. Wm new time new an is W wwe seen ms use is new s KQME gimme ww B. .sgmgige ss KNEE Em sm ss Kisses W W semili m is me WILLIAM E. STEPHENSON CAULDRON, Editorial Writer Personnel Management Association ROBERT G. STEVENS CAULDRON, Bus. Mgr., Make-up Editor Personnel Mgt. Assn., Treasurer Senior Class Parliamentarian Varsity Fencing Team, Captain "F" Club Radio Club, Collegiate Party Men's Dorm Council, Secretary Intramural Sports JOHN D. STEVENSON Alpha Chi CAULDRON Bridge Club, Secretary ROBERT ST. LEGER Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary Trowel Club, Secy.-Treasurer Modern Languages Club Sociology Club DONALD STILL Personnel Management Association CARL W. STONE EE SSE is A . in sg E . Kits .AE ee sig W L55 E We mg me an .Ei mx-w.. m. Q sie SSN ef-ss NK? 1 is 2 2 ?5R ss' new sag? ma is is .ESQ 2. E WILLIAM H. STRIEBLE Kappa Delta Phi, Vice President, President Phi Epsilon Nu Student Council A. I. E. E. S. A. E. lnterfraternity Council ' Intramural Sports RICHARD H. STROH A. S. M. E. JOHN A. STURM RICHARD H. SUMMERSGILL A. S. M. E. Trowel Club Intramural Sports JOHN T. TATAKIS Fenn Marketing Association RAYMOND C. TAYLOR ss -mn 6 . swag QWEBE' E BE Llc ESQ xml ss JOSEPH D. FEHER ROGER M. TERRY Fenn Marketing Association Varsity Track Intramural Sports CLAUDE E. THACKER F. S. E. E. A. l. E. E. I. R. E. Technical Societies Council JACK F. THOMPSON CHARLES V. THRASH A. I. M. M. E. CHARLES A. TRAUTMAN A. l. Ch. E., Treasurer A. C. S. Fenn Players RUTH WAINA A. I. Ch. E., Secretary HERBERT S. WALDORF Iota Eta A. S. M. E. Varsity Tennis Intramural Sports CLYDE F. WALTER Beta Beta Alpha, Treasurer Assistant Treasurer FANFARE Interfraternity Council, Treasurer Student Council, Treasurer Intramural Sports JOE WALTERS F. S. S. E. Bridge Club FREDERICK J. WEIHMILLER Alpha Alpha Sigma, President, '40 President, Jr.-Sr. Class, '42 ancl '43 lEveningj Student Council lEveningQ Intramural Sports B. 5. in E. E., '43 ALTAIRS, '38-'43 LOUIS WEISS ROBERT M. UNDERWOOD FRANK J. URANKAR S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Fenn Gun Club, Vice President PETER M. VANNUCCI I WILLIAM B. VAUGHAN Kappa Delta Phi ELIAS LEON VEKKOS LEONARD J. WAIN l.5f'JqN, ml. Q . f , 2? JACK A. WYLIE JEAN H. WYLIE Gamma Nu Sigma, Secretary Fenn Marketing Association Junior Class, Secretary Women's Council, Secretary Student Council, Secretary Women's Athletic Association Senior Social Committee Intramural Sports MARY ANN ZALAR Gamma Nu Sigma, V. Pres., Treas. CAULDRON FANFARE Day Student Council, Secretory, Counselor-at-Large Wing 8. Torch, Vice President Women's Council Women's Athletic Association Intramural Sports LEWISE ZALNAY STEPHEN F. ZELKO F. S. S. E. Varsity Baseball Newman Club Intramural Sports SALVATORE ANGUILANO Wing 81 Torch, Honorary Society Kappa Delta Phi, Social Chairman FANFARE, Fraternity Eclitor, Associate Editor CAULDRON, Feature Editor S. A. E. A. S. M. E. Newman Club intramural Sports wi i .1 me ii Jessie me .ming if E we Q PAUL E. WESEBAUM A. S. M. E. S. A. E., Vice President Ritle Club Dorm Council, Secretary, Proctor Psychology Club RUSSELL K. WILCOX Kappa Delta Phi 5. A. E. S. M. E. GEORGE J. WLOTZKO, JR Kappa Delta Phi, Treasurer WILLIAM R. WORCESTER FRANK D. WOZNIAK Newman Club Senior Class Gift Committee STANLEY B. WRITE S. A. E. A. S. M. E. S B Y Q , Q Q in an El? ml nl B if ii SS!-X Q . n : Q JIUNIIORS H-7645.5 I I . 'A il bf , 1, an In Y ,sg .-,tt 1 Richard Boker Moc Strong ' Don Sebusch Wm. Paulman Don Schott Al Schrenk Louie Ohralik Burt Sahli Chuck Simonicn Robt. Hlivck Ted Buczkiewicz Mike Mickelson Paul Duncan Lcmy Stein Joe DiSc1lvo Robert Cox Jock Hiebsch Al Refe 1: r I s as W 21 w nm mm ms am ss E lst row: Almci Sutter, Norma D'Alesio, Alice Decker: 2nd row: Joyce Adie, Shirley Longfield, Lauro Skalski. - 1 L l' f-xr if M eccvhe it ' .,,i1 c5fi-if ef A l' -,5,,.f' X. PREJIUNIORS lst row: Ernest Thulin, Henry A. Schleyp 2nd row: Robert Baker, Bill Dix, Bruce Henesy. ? lst row: Anthony Gole, Marjorie Toylorp 2nd row: Joe DiSc1lvo, Eddie Benko, John Bobcxl. .ill QU??f1!!iLw. .2452 1 ' 1 Q 1' u i, Mg , if LQ X we- . ' ., ,F w , 'R y v 7 :B JF? 1 W x :gi . , fy i :,, K . is 'Cir .s , ' Y-e EV ., '43 if f ' ' M5551 'fn 335551 K ,mu K ., rv g ' pi? . ' ' J .- K ' Wxupsrff JM . , sam ur: 1, ff I f' L .-" Yip. W'- M 9. -L IN f ' ' 911 -f!i'A?fPl':Y1:cc'wfS'i2222: ,N 'J ' .2.w:f:wQ1A2fg' w4?gwwfg55ge 4 a , ,il - ' , , f ,':,s:f1' mx! 'rRf.5:.f?z,if kg -1- FH' J ' gp 'EK Q W .. xlfi"5f " J- f' 51 ii few NQgzg?,,w15g,if,W bw T W f' f -255355555 55523 4 1' 'iismz-5:14 fi 5:14 W 3 2 1, "-- , M ,,.. MA.. is-33552 , .1 I 1 I - r N Jf X.. 1-rv mg- -4 fui I 5' 'u iam Mmfxzm w Nz. uf ,, X. ww, 1 fy 'r2i'53?k ' M, J- i l lst row- Chas. Castle Howard Cumler 2nd row- Ed Satmary, Howard Seufer, John Icano. 0: .J 'lst row: Bill Cawley, Jack Cowley, 2nd row: George Story Leonard Heil, Robert Banks. NH , ,....-4" lst row: Richard Binder, Paul Yasaki, 2nd row: Herb Hen derson, Louis Karman, Herman Hammer. 'lst row: Franklin Aust, John Fauver, Mark Woodruff, Tom Seeholzer, John Minnick, Alan Siehuh 2nd row: Sianley Haw, Jim Infield, Ken Soderlund, Willie lssa, Richard Jacobson, Clarence Pawlicki. 'lst row: Joanne Bigler, Doris Neu, Fran Block, Dolores Mische, Mary Ellen Murphy, Sally Sirumbelg 2nd raw: Albert Borazanian, Richard Morrell, Richard Wills, Dom Monieleone, Joe Gries, Mike Ranallo, Frank Corcelli. 'lsf row: A. G. Donovan, J. H. Dunn, G. Chama, N. Packis, R. Chakerian, E. Cummings, 2nd row: Myron Day, Edmund Murphy, Raymond Hirvi, Donald Bohning, Dick Luginbuhl, Hank Biftel, Ed Scarborough. 'lst row: Wilford Specht, Harry Mach, Donald Corcelli, Richard Jefferis, Richard Pryatel, Frank Corradip 2nd row: Ralph Krafcik, Chuck Yeager, Charles Haddad, Don Dougherty, Frank J. Pink, Anthony Schement. 'lst row: Walter Zink, Clifford Eppich, Bernice Braier, Dorothy Lipanye, Paul B. Collumb, James V. Falveyg 2nd row: John Kral, Paul Asadorian, Harold Ditiore, Chester Makuch, Ralph Warner, Pete Pinkas, Tom McKibben. lst row: Andy Boschetto, Bruce MacPherson, Dan Lewison, Warren Raymond, Charles Warholyk, Jerry Gregorek, 2nd row: Merle Marxen, George Fairweather, Michael Bretz, Jack Getz, Bud Curtiss, Ray Holzman, Bob Leverenz. FRESHMEN 5 Tw I' rl' v l' I Biz: Ns , Il v -' I y ,L , A 1 1 . .- ..if.55 Qi I AQ-ig 'f ' it . .I N D 15: W l, .lE'I- '3 :Gil ,, -- , -'L-1 'f-1 -J' N., ' ' 3 'Ist row: Roger Knott, Margaret Howze, Dorothy Pastis, Stella Gemelos, Dale Sloan Ken Prentice 2nd row Ray Klann Bob Watson, Bob Futryk, Howard Hobart, Robert Schroeder, William Hough, Donald Smelkal Alfred D Morse 3rd raw Richard G. Green, Richard Dunbar, Joe Anghel, Ray Kundin ger, Raymond J. Walko William B Herrmannsfeldt William H. Colley. t lst row: T. Lorence, J. Kocab, Ed. Griffiths, M. English, Billy B. Andes, George T. Poporad, 2nd row: Joe Wishnosky, William Billings, James Winfermute, Bill Shuff, Lewis Bechtel, Roland Von Osinski, John D. Kirke, 3rd row, Ronald Dremann, Eugene Arnold, Carl Ford, Rene Bideaux, Bob Smith, Noel Hunsinger, Paul Grevstad. 'lst row: Marshall Brown, Joe Zombor, Jim Prokosy, J. L. Young, J. Rog Nook, Joseph J. Coda, 2nd row: Don Harroff George Rak, William Lund, Al Znidarsic, Don Moeller, Lou Gittinger, Bill Klinger, 3rd row: Robert Wood, Wayne E. Stoffel Michael W. Yensho, Clarence J. Schroeder, James A. MacLagon, George S. Fikaris, Thomas L. Davis. ...A O -.I In 'Ist row: Dorothy Schultz, Phyllis Longfielal, Jacquie DeBevits, Dorothy Kaplet, Barbara Shanower, Violetta Calderon 2nd row: Lois Cheney, Robert H. Marshall, Leonard Radcliffe, Juanita Draper, Martin Kisel, Wm. Simon, Cecil L. Dob bins, 3rd row: Daniel F. Hahn, Jack Kerns, Tom Rivenbark, Gilbert Smith, David Graves, Robert Akers, Robert Murdoch. ' .,.....,:g-WF: LV! 55' f.-fp N Z Below and Stevens check Icusf minute defoils DAY STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT . . . RAYMOND JOHNSON VICE PRESIDENT . . HENRY DUNKLE SECRETARY .... . . JEAN WYLIE CORRESPONDING SEC'Y . . MARGUERITE RAGON TREASURER . . . . CLYDE WALTER ASST. TREASURER . . ROBERT NEILSEN The Dciy STudenT Council is The governing body of oll sTudenT c1cTiviTies. Among iTs duTies, The Council hos conTrol of The ollocoTion of sTudenT ocTiviTy Tees cmd is responsible for The disbursemenT of funds To The vorious Doy School ocTiviTies. The ocTiviTies sponsored by The Council ore: publicoTions, honorory fro- TerniTies, vorsiTy ond inTrc1murol sporTs ond sTudenT supervisory groups. The oim of The STudenT Council is "To secure The highesT sfcindords of scholorship, promoTe good fellowship, encouroge exTrci-curriculor ocTiviTies, ond develop civic consciousness omong The members of The college." President Ray Johnson M. Kelly, J. Wylie, T. Wilson, R. Johnson, C. Walter M. Zalar, D. Scherz, D. Hershberger, R. Martens, A. Pohm P. Ponosik, B. Neilsen, E. Birtic, F. Miller, F. Corcelli, J. Petrus K . , ,,.,,.e .....1 ci. e-,-nes, 1.1, H -. L. . c, voxugme XXI Clegeland, oh10,m5iday, Nojqgginbezg Fred E. Below, Editor Richard D. Hager, Managing Editor Ray Williams, Sports Editor Dick Cooper, Asst. Sports Editor Dorothy Rinella, News Editor Richard Drdek, Feature Editor 1B.1iAi. senior, who a scholarship for 5150, was vice-president of the Wing and Torch ,Honorary Society,-treasurer of thei1:Gamma Nu Sigmaf sorority and delegate to the NSA conven-' tion last August. She was secre- tary of the Student Council C48-495 and is'-now cuuncilor-ahslarge for that group. ' s Also receiving a scholarship for S150 last week was Dagmar Kunz, Arts and Science,.senior., A meme, fber of Win andgTorch' -she found Z .. time to be active as writer, reporter and makeup editor for the Caul- .dron, ,igvriter and edibpigl of the li l l If B0 w' 0 PW s Congresswoman Franeis P. Bol- ton will speak to an aggienibly of Fenn students and faculty iuem- bers in Panel Hall, on Tuesday Nov. 15 at 10:30 a. m. Mrs. Bolton will discuss her du-, ties as a member of Congress and also how she does her work. Classes in political science, history, social studies and msnagemezii will be dismissed to attend theilecture. Mrs. ' Frances P. Bolton Mrs. Bolton has served in Con- gress for the past ten years as a representative for District 21. She has served nineyoars as a mem- ber ofthe Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Represent- atives where she has demonstrated a high degree of ability amd cuyiac- ity. She went ogbroad both during and after the-war and visited sec- tions of Europe and the Middle East in 1948 and 1949. She has thereby' equipped herself with first? l hand information on American re- lations in these parts of the world. "Though she is an important fig- Toppgggand n -mfemberfffgffffhoth thai, ,ure iriwithe political world, she hu-ii 1 Psychology and Sociology Clubs. John T McPherson ualiiied for , . q a full S300 scholarship. 'No facts, weresfiwailable asf to his eligibilitfg William Swartz, a freshman, red ceived a full scholarship 153001 for .,g , .4 H . Xl' 'll S VD never ceased to he a likeable and human person," said Dean Joseph C. Nichols. ..-ml, ,-. it Hoilnetts Entertaih ' 1 asked tion: consequently, Council to do one of three things: increase the Cunlziron budget, raise the additional funds by charging the faculty and administrative stuff of the college for their copies, or limit the distribution to students only. At first Councilgdid not think that it was up to Council to decide be-7 tween the three alternatives, but after u few hot words were passed about, ,the necessary funds were, Kappa Qeltsmziilild 5eventliAnnuaI Thisigyear the Seventh .flnnual Thanksgiving Prom will be held in the main ballroom of the Hotel' sg-I '1,,g Robert G. Bus. Mgr. Frank Polcyn, Advertising Robert Cox, Accounting Dale Hershberger, Circulation Al Si m o n, Simonion, M ci r Polcyn, Bill Sn son, C h u C k scholk. . '1' ,igfigjffr-Y"-"fT"T'fiIi'vl"f1 ,ijff"'W'H' ' Maw " " Q gf "' "W ' 1 fwfr '71i""'s, lggf if fs Nvvefffffer 11' 1949 ' ' - A .V ' f .. - f-ff'-fic-sf 7 - ' A - " -f .Silk i W . 111 'iffy " ll' al? iii? ' A ' ' . l . Mfvlgf . lifff fu- 1. E A . SAW Kill " -- ' ' . - .N M -w- f:L1-' M I ". ' 1 F 'ig ennflantics.. 5 ' i - Y Gran 71 .Y lf V By Sum Sumody , A - Q ' By Allen Friedman and fillgsressnll born with aface ' old look vvithla di' We'd like to 'thank ourtwo fiaitg- of iii' -an ReQgo.i'4gcss of our color or race. includes a ff' "l friends for the compliments We longer ll iff., We sogthem now niutiluteel with ' 'civefl on our column last week one i,.1LE'Qf," P-'L' And the 'atmosphere udultor- f' Hao going, Al-some to you, Billy mm wishes toiggpulogugtg 51,- ated. A Yllhat has changed ov' Z plexion? 'l' Powders qw'- err ' rl on mild X il X s X t sliall tray into jesty's Scents, ints, Q, artiiicial th. false hair, Spanish wool, iron ys, hoops, high-heclqd shoes and lsitererl hips shall incur the pon- y of thelnw in force against tchcrztft and, like misdemeanors d that the mmzriuge, upon con- tionfsliall stand null and void. Needless to say. if this law was olffect today three-fourtlis of the Ives would change status. - And so it is with mild apprehen- jng, Dressin D wil two 1 Shop opens pants are dl He 11 'take clothes for r be told. 'Fo viewed on commented! to quote th over, -they ci the Cauldr. Steve Soma. n that I note the coming of the rve dangerously" look., This is by I means the "new look." Il.'s the .5 ' F or wineers All quarter we've,I something like lg' l Emotion put on by ' Emrixweaillzf fin' , ese 53355355 n. L. Dry ibn ilu: lui' E vffe tlicixane 5E'l'aY9i5lf' 12? 5 2. Harm? diiengiacg my hell? twchlzfi? l5SQii1!Q'EE -:xr Wil. - lil . like a rocket 'md in the din:-tion he came the hose innght in clu.z the nent day, advised, lf you aiu hotel and zx iire breaks' SlQifESt place you can be is own toons, Close the how mnomJn ix, sf. 'll mlb ,590 statements out boy frie that I am. 1' 'also acknowledge the honest in of our other readers. 2 the Skybar has now been the Oak Room, Henry Dun- his buddy, Joe DiSalvo, outing at the HY" because .1 tlu: i'ood's different too. good place under the has pcnclxy food.l , . . Lionnry in the library no-so ns zi consolation ng n chance on an . CWe'll tnke two J ...V L ct it now be . 'nrker we refer to is not Jnc, the Q2 brilliant prof 'ace by peeping ns:-1 window in genus" iGeorgvf'7'?Eausii?flifo1' Sig5lILg ' um: he was Hils notfbligd, ln: just doesn't"Sii5gfeciat6 my this out .... A mouthfukof fertilizer to the student activities committee of thc Student Council if Ethoy make the' LTD's change the chile of their ANNUAL Fun Frolici which is scheduled for Dec. 9. After due consideration we'd like -to nominate Barb "I slide down Bnnnisters' Shanower 'tis Mis-Im formation of 1949. Shaw sees all, hears all and tells tis. .Famous Quotations: "My tag-th feel like iiiattressesf accordingizto Genevieve Wytmwl. fllricn, thei-e's your solu- tion to we housing? short:-ige.J ' How bad can 'iieiisinessffibez Itfs V111 X." Vx' 3312.5 rumored that .!Q1e'BBi1fs. are so but Jim lun-d up for they ifuw purchased a have a bunf. l dmmoncl n.ing.for his ii- 35523222 Bllblbluglgigil besides wining' and dining 4b0fo13:.9fS- UE? with her steadily at an exclusive ew-'U' .to ef-1 downtown supper club. Glut as P099 3i!51Egglu'?t2?iY3f Plate,-in loc says: "N CO, thfws for meffiiio I It :seems ns though one of lvlliibs j . . l. gfiggissa' , " S LM' . A aiilelsilililllgihale, il , I ltlleigjgturesggghegfig 'J ' .fu "'rb. shag Vi' ik' late? eiserve arc?- , enlgijitests gfifzor Prgf- ' e niaywzvg be Wyt- Ollpagi. ' we nur column ' I ' week, so dou't bother ' Q ug, just pay us for, talent. V ' :eks ' foms are beginning to ' ,tty well due to the . .Mthe boys. They are -. ,fa few minor things, 4. "- 0067, 1' 0904 ' " 92" offlltg 7'U LITCS H1 Some of the will be replaced. weeks.- l X 'fu x? who hnve extended their es and congratulations anniversary. 11 Students are urged vw buy tickets for the Thanksgiving as curly ns possible. Tickets' 'xbtnined from either 1.he L 'Me Kappa Dells. Njgars arnuncl is -Deltu Phi 'Q ri we-ek V was el' c meeting. .oker tonight .f the 19118 C 'nternity wishe , following plc: nn, Earl Cumm 4, David Kerr, M mid Klinger.'Tony .1 Ronald Winegar. ,hx is having n smok- ,7O. hall on Wnlnut S from 7:30 tn 12. Ai al parties ure invited L 'Sm F1-may night the On glided u successful and illi xiuzvcosnictic party at Lois wwclI's hrime. Saturday I .icy went to a co1ice1't"at S ,Ginnie Hull and wnlscheml their Eugene lstomin play the p 'l Sunday night-a pnjuma pax? Marge Ragorfs home. Mood I l .Sn.n.ln-ri tired.. .. .. ,,,. .. . Sl'Ull'llS lil? l if TGHY ' "ho are Mary Zolcxr, Joe Sion- ich, Steve S o m o cl y, Richard Drolek, Al Fried- mon, Morilicl Cook. Dick Cooper, Jocquie DeBeviis, .Iecm Hamil- ton, Dick Hager, Roy Williams. Bill Hoessly, Dorol'l'1y Rinello, Willis Burton, Dole l-lershberger. JFANFARE Wilford R. Miller, EdiTor William A Quallich, Bus Mgr The ediTors and staff of The FANFARE con- graTulaTe The Senior Class of l95O. We also wish To Thank The Cauldron, Floyd AbaTT of The Public RelaTions Deparfment, Bob Neilsen and Bill Haessly Tor Their co- operaTion in publishing This annual. Vance Chamberlin George Cade . George Nowatka Eugene Miller . Robert Marshall Paul McQuistion Charles Gottschalk Neale Cabral . Rene Bideoux . . Clarence Schaffer Mary Ann Zalar Dorothy Rinella Richard Cooper Al Simon . . Charles Meek . Ed Just . . Jack Carrel . Ben Shupe . . Faculty Advisor . Associate Editor . Associate Editor . Associate Editor . Associate Editor Senior Class Editor . . Class Editor . Makeup Editor Advertising Manager . Fraternity Editor . . Sorority Editor . Feature Editor . Sports Editor . Faculty Editor . Faculty Editor . Art Editor . Circulation . Advertising B. Shupe, M. Zalczr, E. Miller P. McQuis1ion, G. Code, G. Nowcztkcu, J. Correl R. Cooper, D. Rinella, A. Simon X I is W.. .kr 6 PSYCHOLOGY CLUB WOMEN9S COUNCIL r C , 'rg vw lk ar- Q L ,A J ' ,1 2 .f,,., I ' E gli L '-s. 2 ,fi- if ,. 1:1 ,,g QL-,gwvw ' " ' In 1 - 'Zi' 1 F . i f N .fun 3 5, .5333 ffirw , , A r N, 4 U an 5 Y Mfg? 51 .1 A 1 .m r my Q l ewfgmiffh . , ig j . gi Q.,,..... 'Q Kh'k I N4 W' , 'z ,,. H I 1 is P E R S U N N E M G .--0 Cwww 0 C F E N N M A R K E .- Q.-v N G A S S U Q , A , w , n , ' l N mfs ' ' 1 A ' ' GKYQ4' X -My vyrv Llmlwl ,..A . gk 'lfL.'g""z?5- 'V .. Q Q . ,."' 53.1 . 1. A f ' -. ,. Q , I I 4 ' " W , aw- 'E 1,151-N , ' ,LAT .Y I t m l - It - v 5 A , h JK-.5 W 5 ,4-1' 15' ' fi 'X 1, I ' L . "" -I i 424 '.1r ' " 5 ' ' Pd ' . - . T536 1-41' 'ZWHX if fetw -4 " W.l , A , x , -.4 LLBERAL CLUB WING AND TORCH xg .Q 'r . ,1 . ...li I I ' -,i X " ' E K1 . H' --Q fl! 1r ' , .Q F f ,. 1 H lgi-I Mffmj I ' K I z ww . -qgfvaMNa1xvfw A 15 Si I L A 3,54 3 EK Q 3 , Q AMERICAN INSTITUTE OE CHEMICAL ENGINEERS EENN COLLEGE CHOIR K In '24 2 - if ii 5 D 1 , ' l ,, , ,- if CAST James Elder James Miller Florence Williams Phillip Ruffini Lois Ov-arson Mary .leon Hecker Albert Solnok A1111 1. 1:11. . 31... - 1 1 .I 1 15,1 F , , , V -I 1. .i:q.,mae11 --,.., f, J . I 1 I 1 E 1. : 15? 111, ,415 S IQ 5 X . 1 1 1 1, 1 X .1 W ' 1'1 3553 1 11 1 W 111' ' 'M 1 :1 7 X 1' ' W 1 55 ' i 111 if 1 1 1 h 'V I Q 1 1 1 4 1g11l111?31j151 HE 1 11531 11 1 gt 11 1f1'r1'1 "3i'13fS11 1'1 1 fg 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 1 Q I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 ,11111, 1 11 1 1' ' 1 J I 1 -V 5 3 1 1 I I 1 1 I , H x! rx .yfi FIC. E. f K 1 p Ni 1' '1 1 Q 1 5: 51 1 I fW 1? 1 11' W-Lx , 131 i1 "V K 32- B311 1 1 1 ,. '41, 111.11 . .1 1 . 11 1- I I 1131112. 51 ' 11 1' I 1 11 ' . 1 . ,, .N N ,55,L,. 1, . .. ,., . . 111 .1 1 11 1 . ' ..1s-. 1 5' Z ' ,f',' 1, F 6 A 1- 1 1' 771' 17-2 ISI-N -.,3k11j,?i4 'N , ff 1 ' . 1 11-H1-1,-r., 1.-..,-114,111 I- rw -mf. My 911115,-15:-:ein LL.-:::L, :'. - 5 . 11 ,if .QR 1 1' 5'.-174115 1. 1 - ,f Q11 , ' W .111".f,'5':' 1 gi , 11 fF?f72if 1? ti- .111 11.121, ig 1.3111 1 11 'ITA ' -, H-Q .giiizii rj 1 A '25,-W-g' Ez- 51-5.4 1: ' 'fill ' '1 ' 116-'11 1 1 1 1 . .' 1 5 ,L -I . i I 1 fi" 3 .11 1.7 f-f f-w I 1.3. J' 1 W , 1 1 , 1?- 3 , K , , 1 1 I 1 . I - ' 2353325 f 11 21-211- -- 1 m.1fgQgf. 1 - 11111' Q, . Q-1.2 14-121115122 -, 1 11 113111111 swf?- 1. 1w21+1.f 1 1 W5 11.11 11 L - 1' 212' 11 , 111 52251215323 'K 1 1 1151, 1 1 1 1 12.1 - ...T1--' ' LJ W W1 , ln! 1-1 .,. 11 1 11. 117 . 11 . .. 1 1 1 E A 1 3 1 1 , 1 1 I ' 1 11 1 111 1 ll4'I? 1 1.11m 1 11 1 1 4 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 E - 3.5 I 1 11.1. .QT 1 , 1 A 3 2 l 51.1 1 3 . 1 J 5' 1 Q ,f 1 1 ' A 1 i ' 1 1 i 1 ' , .M 1 . 1 1 1 11 W 'W 1 1 E ' 11?-fs .1 I -uf . 1 1.3-2 111.1 53 .11 i1 , 14.5 1 Q' ' ' -1' . Y . rj ffg J 1351- G 5 U 1.1 V .. - u .1111 5 x .L x 'uf ' T -.f 1 2 ' 1 .1 .1 ' Z' . " fv 1 1 f H I ., ,FJ if 11 . , ' ' .46F'-Q 1, Y 2.32 . + 1, 5 'K liiw. N 5 .1,. .fi .- 1 ' an 'C A +1135 mf. 4' 1 - . 1 " 1:1 , -- -' " .- 1? 1ww?gQA ' 2 1155 QM " .. -Q-Qg?- -Q V .. . 1 ' 51 '1 Q1 QNJ .H - 5 H 1 P4 'V 1123 I ' 1 11 1 ' K "7 A' f""l-w7f"'T"' V w r X , ' 1 , I ME: 1 V QVV ALA A E ' f.: Q ' 1 avr , sg' X1 'fn 35 ' 1 - ,- c...f 4 1' I A 5 4 Yr, WM- rg-5 N, .,, I . 1 -- xx ..,. , .....1i.-- -1 , ' Y - 2 , .fl vga? QI v' i E, H F 9 9 , Q3 gg., la? ' af T A gm 4' ,i,'f gg, EM 2 1 w r G . , I Effjfg' 5, ,Fl .,, 4 V 1, yy V Q 5 , G' Tliq A. IL. MQ M, 1E. L R, E. ,A-"Q, fv'-' 2 f 1 -A eg- Intearsororfuty Council P. Krcusowski, D. Hcxuth, A. Rcefko, A. Decker, M. Cook. Inmerfraterniw Council LOU HEVESY . . . PRESIDENT RALPH CLINGMAN . . VICE PRESIDENT ED ASHER . . . . SECRETARY WIL MILLER . . . . . TREASURER NICK CIMORELL . . SOCIAL CHAIRMAN J. Wylie, I. Andrus, A. DiBenecleTTo, L. Skolski, A. Decker ' M L E.. , xle , E Mrs. M. Center, M. Taylor M. Zcxlor, G. Ferro, D. Seifz, G. Cardwell, M. Neilsen gl T A. Pintenich, N. Klein S. Burns, B. Acker Gamma Nu Sigma PRESIDENT . . . MARTHA COOK VICE PRESIDENT . MARY ANN ZALAR TREASURER . . . . GLORIA CARDWELL ASSISTANT TREASURER . . ANN PINTENICH RECORDING SECRETARY . . LAURA SKALSKI CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . IRENE ANDRUS HISTORIAN . . . . ALYCE DECKER ADVISER . MRS. MARIE E. CENTER On February 24, I937, Gamma Nu Sigma was founded by six girls with the purpose of promoting good scholarship, good fellowship and an active interest in the problems of today. During its thirteen years on the Fenn Campus, Gamma Nu Sigma has grown to be one of the outstanding groups contributing to Fenn's activities. Members of Gamma Nu Sigma are well represented in campus organiza- tions such as Student Council, Wing 8g Torch, Fenn Players, Cauldron, Fanfare, and many of the other student organizations. A full program of activity is carried on throughout the year-starting off with the Registration I-lop in September and climaxing with a Semi-formal dinner dance in the spring to welcome the new members into the sorority. The outstanding athletic ability of the Gammas is indicated by the fact that they have been awarded the All-Sports Trophy four consecutive years. ...QQ ,, W A W, F. Pospishil, P. Bloomquisf, M. Zeedick, D. Hcuufh. M. Murphy, D. Mische, F. Block, L. Sfohlmcn. R. Martens, P. De-rrig, M. Richter, D. Neu. D. Scherz, M. Polcyn, J. Richmond, C. Gcueto D. Lipcmye. ' Lambda Sigma Chi PRESIDENT . . . . DORIS HAUTH VICE PRESIDENT . . MARY ELLEN MURPHY TREASURER . . . . DORA ANN SCHERZ ASSISTANT TREASURER . . RITA MARTENS RECORDING SECRETARY . . . DORIS NEU CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . PAT DERRIG ADVISER .... MISS PAULINE BLOOMQUIST Lambda Sigma Chi appeared as The Tirsi sororiTy on campus in OcTober of I934. Today iTs purpose remains unchanged: The promofion of leader- ship, Triendship, cooperaTion and scholarship among all Fenn coeds. SororiTy coTTage, The formal dinner dance aT The Lake Shore CounTry Club and The annual Founders' Day BanqueT high-lighTed The Lambda's social calendar. MonThly socials included a I-Iallovve'en cosTume parTy, beach parTy, ChrisTmas carolling and many, many picnics. Each year The Lambdas and The Kappa DelTa Phi Fra'rerniTy cosponsor The Thanksgiving Prom, and Then in January, The annual Lambda PorThole Dance is given. Lambda Sigma Chi has 22 acTive members. . 'Umar L G2 A. Rcxfko, M, Rcwgon, J. Schmidt -3 ,QQ R. Hiscock, P. Krosowski, L. McDowell, J. Adie X Omega Upsiilloim PRESIDENT . . . ALICE RATKA VICE PRESIDENT . . . MARGE RAGON RECORDING SECRETARY . . . EMILY KUHAR CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . JOAN SCHMIDT TREASURER .... . . JOYCE ADIE I-LEDGEMISTRESS . . LA VELMA BOLWAIRE The Omego Upsilon SororiTy wos founded in December, I945 by ci group of girls who TelT The need of onofher sororiTy on The compus. IT was founded os on inTer-rociol group ond since ThoT Time The members hove obly Iived up To The ideols ond principles which serve os The bosis for iTs TuncTions ond c1cTiviTies. The Omegos hove formed Ties ThcuT ore sTrong ond IosTing. Some of Their yeorly highIighTs include co-sponsoring The semi-onnuol Scholarship Teo wifh The Home Economics Club, Founder's Doy Dinner, Annuol BonqueT, Rushing ond Pledging, Annuol Donce, ond The Annuol Sucker Sole-noT menTioning The mony sociol ocTiviTies ThoT ore held on vorious occosions. There ore Ten ocTive members ond TvvenTy olumni members. The odvisors of The sororiTy ore Dr. Soro Wofson ond Mrs. Anno B, I-Iisey. C. Schaffer, L. Lengowski, B. Shupe, J. Goodwin W. Miller, C. Meek, E. Miller, W. Quollich, P. MCQuisTion lllzl' , V lm 4 J. Cziko, R. Bernclf, D. McNerney, J. Herbkersmcm E, JUST G. Keyes, L. Bechtel, W. Billings, R. Pryclfel, C- AClClUmS, W- Klinger, W. Dew, W. Songer R. Bicleoux, J. Lcxsenyik Beta Betta Alpha PRESIDENT . . . JAMES CZIKA VICE PRESIDENT . . . EDWARD JUST RECORDING SECRETARY . . PAUL MCQUISTION CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . CLARENCE SCHAFFER TREASURER .... . CLYDE WALTER ASSISTANT TREASURER . WILLIAM QUALLICH SGT. AT ARMS .... RICHARD MCNERNEY Beto Beto Alpho Froternity, tounded in I932, is the only froternity in the doy college whose members ore selected exclusively from one school- Business Administrcition. Guided by Deon Poul R. Anders, Beton Beto Alpho hcis mointoined its chartered purposes ot promoting fellowship, sponsoring sociol functions, ond ottoining scholostic ochievement in the School ot Business Administrotion. Throughout the yeors, Beto Beto Alpho hos stood tor Ieodership in scholorship, cithletics ond extro-curriculor octivities. Among its honorory members ore: Mr. Edword M. Kovochy, Dr. Clyde J. Crobough, Dr. Rondoill Dcxhl, Mr. A. O. Berger, Dr. John G. McGrew, cind Prot. Somuel I-I. Berwold. The B. B. A.'s hove the distinction ot being the first troternity on the ccimpus to own its own house, which is Iocoted ot l83I Ecst 27th Street. Betci Beto Alpho opens the Fenn socicil seoson eoch yecir with the student- elected Queen reigning ot its I-Iorvest Prom. In oddition, the B. B. A.'s sponsor the Moonlight Terroce Donce, onnuol Formcil Bcinquet, Senior "TosseI to the Lett" porty, cind on Alumni-Active Stog Breoktost. fri G. Nowotko, F. Aust, E. Esber, D. Peters F. Hudclk, J. Boron, B. Furman, R. Klingler, T. Solvoggio E. Cummings, R. Bloho, A. Refe J. Lix, J. Ford M. Kessie, D. Kerr, H. Waldorf, B. Winegcr, W. Niener CHANCELLOR . . NORMAN MARR COUNSELLOR . . ADRIAN KEEFE ASSESSOR . . . JAMES LOICANO PROFESSOR . . LAWRENCE AUCKLAND SOCIAL DIRECTOR . . . JOHN FORD Organized in I926, loTa ETa is The college's oldesT TraTerniTy and The TirsT To have an incorporaTed alumni associaTion. The Alumni AssociaTion each year, aT a ioinT convenTion, presenTs To a member of The acTive chapTer The loTa ETa Scholarship Award, Thus giving evidence of The close reIaTion- ship ThaT iT mainTains wiTh The acTive chapTer. ln The pasT iTs members, drawn from all Three schools, have esTablishecl an enviable record oT scholasTic achievemem' and service To The college- a record ThaT is being added To by The presenT members Through parTicipa- Tion and leadership in scholasTic, aThleTic and social organizaTions, and acTiviTies. Among The TraTerniTy's social TuncTions are The annual Formal Dance, The May ConvenTion, Annual BanqueT, educaTional smokers and informal parTies. Locafed aT 28l8 Euclid Avenue, loTa ETa, vviTh iTs advisor, Mr. Gulbenkian, look forward To a brighT TuTure vviTh The expansion of Fenn College. A. Keele, N. Marr, J. Loiacono lloita Eta C. Schilke, H. Ford, S. Anguilono C. Mourer, E. Meffi R. Cox, A. Mozur, F. Sespico, W. Rogers, S. Duffolo F. Dovid, C. Sfone, G. Gotzke, A. Jusok il Kappa Delta Phi PRESIDENT . . . WILLIAM HARMOUNT VICE PRESIDENT . . . CARL STONE SECRETARY . . . JACK CARRELL TREASURER . . GEORGE WLOTZKO PLEDGEMASTER . . CLYDE MAURER Kappa DelTa Phi FraTerniTy, originally organized as The NeTT Club Tor Engineering sTudenTs, was charTered under iTs presenT name in I929. Keep- ing in sTep wiih The expanding college, members Tor This TraTerniTy are drawn Trom all Three schools. Now in iTs TwenTy-TirsT year, The Kappa DelTs are pledged To The main- Tenance oT high moral, scholasTic, and social sTandards. In keeping WiTh The purpose of The TraTerniTy-creaTion oT a beTTer spiriT oT friendship among The sTudenTs on The campus and promoTion of superior scholarship-mem- bers parTicipaTe in all phases of school acTiviTy. Kappa DelTs are noTed Tor Their aThleTic as Well as Their scholasTic and exTra-curricular achievemenTs. During The school years of T937-l94O, The TraTerniTy reigned supreme in inTramuraI compeTiTion and was awarded The only All-SporTs Trophy permanenTly granTed. The social calendar is high-lighTed by The Formal Pledge BanqueT and The All School Thanksgiving Prom. OTher social TuncTions are canoe parTies, record dances, beach parTies, and alumni-acTive meeTings. ..-Z G Glciwe, D. Johnson, V. Mohorich, R. BueTTner, W. Sirieble J. Carrel, J. GusTaTson, W. Moore, W Vaughn B Ware ' L L l 'YV' BDA no 09' F. Corcelli, D. Gollen, VV. Meclsker D. Pomeroy, E. Thulin ' gre QMHKTMYQ H. Tuslwor, D. Jones, M. Prosse, B. Hennessy H. Corroll, J. Kline, G. Prusho, D. Pressler, D. Smoke J. Pefros, L. Fink, E. Birfic, D. Corcelli, R. Clingmon LJ ""1Hk+,6f6' PRESIDENT . VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER . SGT. AT ARMS Lambda Tau Delta WILLIAM MEDSKER . DON GALLEN FRANK CORCELLI . ERNIE THULIN . BILL CHRISTY Lombdo Tou DelTo FroTerniTy vvcis The TirsT Fenn College TroTerncil group orgonized vviTh The express purpose oT oTToining o high scholosTic sTonding. Since iTs incepTion in W29, The members of The TroTerniTy hove mc1inTc1ined Their primcxry oim ond hove been cicTive in ochieving oTher gooils. As oT loTe, The L. T. D.'s hove been recognized os one of The powers in inTromurol compeTiTion, while sTill moimoining Their repuToTion cis o very ocTive sociol group. VViTh The sTudenTs Trom oll Three schools enrolled os members, The Lombdo Tou DelTo FroTerniTy is well represenTed in Fenn sTudenT governmenT ond orgonizcnions. Annuol offoirs such os The Fun Frolic, Formol BonqueT, picnics, ond porTies, hove been given new impeTus, since The boys con do more planning in Their nevvly-ocquired rooms in The Euclid-24Th Building. 4 ' LJ 311, I T Gole R STroeTer, Dr. PciTTerson, M. Rcinnoulo J. Serieno, D. Sebusch, T. Federico D Avis CHANCELLOR . . Ist VICE CHANCELLOR . 2nd VICE CHANCELLOR . CLERK .... CRIBBER . VV. Gurmcm, VV. I-Iorder, J. Worho, J. Toifel. I at TOM WILLIAMS . JOE TOIFEL EDWARD ASHER WILLIAM DAVIS LARRY PREVITE R. Drenncm, R. Boeshorf, E. Biffinger, J. Piriczky, D. McCord, S. Hickel, N. Joki, P. Smich, R. Hebron. F. Polcyn. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Pi Sigma Tau Alpha FraTerniTy was organized in T932 The Twelve charTer members express purpose was To promoTe The basic TraTernal ideals oT broTherhood and Tellowship, To develop high scholasTic sTandards, To enrich The TradiTions and magnify The sTrengTh of Fenn College, and To develop The cuITural aspecTs of college life. Wifh This purpose as a guiding principle, Pi Sigma Tau Alpha has ex- panded To embrace sTudenTs Trom all Three schools. The TradiTions of The TraTerniTy have been so insTilled in The acTive members ThaT The under- graduaTes are supporTed by a large, vigorous alumni group. In T931 The TraTerniTy acquired iTs spacious house iusT oTT The campus aT 2429 ProSpecT Avenue. The spiriT oT The Pi Sigs has been demonsTraTed Through iTs supporT of The college in aThleTics and oTher exTra-curricular acTiviTies. This musically-TalenTed TraTerniTy has given Fenn iTs spiriTed Pep Band and renowned Barber Shop QuarTeT. High lighT oT The social calendar is The SweeThearT Prom, sponsored annually on ValenTine's Day. The lniTiaTion BanqueT climaxes The social year. J Cevera R. Sfauss, R. Silver, E. Asher, L. PreviTe. R. Grady, J. Browne, VV. Davis R Profusek S. Simon, H. Cholfin, M. Koders, D. Fuldouer R. Erionger, K. Seldner, S. Lefkowifz, H. Green Tau Kappa Phi PRESIDENT . . MAURICE SENKFOR VICE PRESIDENT . . . SIDNEY HURWITZ RECORDING SECRETARY . . MARVIN BECKERMAN CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . SHELDON BAER TREASURER ...... SIDNEY LEFKOVITZ The newest Greek in Fenn's Fraternity Row is Tau Kappa Phi. Standing for Truth, Knowledge, and Fraternity, This fraternity since its inception in i947 has steadily developed into a well-organized social group. Although primarily a social fraternity, the members seek to promote the scholastic, cultural, and religious growth of its members. With Tau Kappa Phi members very active in the directions of the school's three major publications, their influence is felt by the entire student body. With its ever-increasing alumni lending a guiding influence, the fra- ternity hopes to expand several of its intrafraternity functions into social affairs that will be open to both day and night division students. J. Diamond, M. Senkfor, Irving Rozalsky, Advisor, M. Beckermon ag .. Classroom lights dim, textbooks are placed back on the shelves, and Cleve- landers go to sleepfthat is, all except Frank and Fanny Fenn-who, between studying and working on coop jobs, manage to attend their share of social activities that are sponsored throughout the year by various Fenn organizations. X Somefhing funny? DOWVT in lfonf Refreshmems THANKSGIVING PROM This year The SevenTh Annual Thanksgiving Prom vvas held in The main ballroom of The l-loTel AllerTon. The dance, sponsored by The Kappa DelTa Phi fraTerniTy and The Lambda Sigma Chi sororiTy, Took place on The TradiTional Thanksgiving Eve daTe. Music was furnished by Buddy Murray and his orchesTra. ExTra enTerTainmenT was provided by blonde vocalisT JaneT Haley. "The Prom geTs beTTer every year," said Sal Anguilano, social chairman of Kappa DelT, and all Those who aTTended agree. HARVEST PROM Over 200 couples selected Fran Block as Queen of the thirteenth annual Harvest Prom on October 8. Miss Block had as her attendants, Martha Cook, sponsored by Gamma Nu Sigma sorority, and Laura Faustini, backed by Lambda Tau Delta fraternity and the lVlen's Dorm Association. Queen Fran was nominated by Lambda Sigma Chi sorority and Pi Sigma Tau fraternity. The ballroom of the Hotel Tudor Arms was the scene of the dance, and Vic Stuart's orchestra supplied smooth and danceable music. l Miss Fran Block Harvest Prom Queen The Tudor Arms Ballroom Her Moiesfy ond oitendonfs, Cook oncl Fousfini Intermission Jim Cziko presents The Trophy Music by Vic Sfucurf ond his Orch. ALL-SCHOOL PICNIC 4 - Before The soph dunking Mom Zolc1r's Cafeteria Brickley connects The ground crew Swing batter! 1 Y-P , Y tif 36 -s' R lx 3 ...-2' w' F . 4 Eff FRESHMEN CAMP ' A, sn! 1 Q i 'IM 5 1-JQUA 4 :J I 3 . YU. Z if .Q -Q My ! f Minn 'af 15 aff-ix . ali:-Y :-rf., mf , R355 ' i 1 -swf' f 6020! made of 31950 DEDICATION To all the guys . . . both players and coaches, who give so much of their time for practice and play in an attempt to give Fenn a winning season in all sports. SUBDEDICATION To Herb "The Man" Fletcher and Bob "Buzzbomb" Busbey for Their years of sterling and winning per- formances. The sfudem' body hopes ThaT They have as greaf a success in The future as They have had in The pasr. tv 'Q . " Q1 xl v . 1 Bw' z 'm v , '- ef" 1??"vf ,Lg 4 F, 1 J - 5i6?f?F?.lu J 4 Q? f 5 5 X 325 s w Xp , "-i ,' .f sb, has 0 . 1 ca sw Q- ' I , . ix. 5? gf 'CN i' J X . 3 'w 'J A , , . , ' .f Q4 ' ' , ' ' A T15 X Q - id- 'H f,-K 1. A x My , Im' 3-V " ' K ' W' ,,L,e'1.11', F ' Al-f-9-ff? ,' ag, ', M z. - Y - b ' " SAE' 25? xl 'GLQ 16 w w ' ll' E'-f . f - a A .,:'.4A. 1 ' 5 Q ffl 4 1155 ..- - ww., , A 'Q LSEQA 4-'X , 5 '32-2' T772 f Z. Q SWIMMING Fenn's mermen had one of the best seasons in their history. They won nine out of twelve dual meets losing only to Indiana, Pittsburgh, and Bowling Green. Before being defeated by Indiana they had a winning streak of seven straight meets. Even with three defeats the squad set a total of fifteen new records, both at home and away. The 300-yd. medley relay team was the only undefeated component of the squad. Actually it was composed of four men who swam in different combinations. Yaro Mucha and Bob Foley swam the breast stroke and back stroke, respectively, while Bob Busbey and Frank Springman alternated on the freestyle leg. - Captain Bob Busbey and Herb Fletcher both had their consecutive win streaks broken in the same meet. Busbey's string was halted at 21 straight and Fletcher's at 24 straight by the Bowling Green mermen. Next year's team will be hurt by the following graduations, Bob Busbey, Herb Fletcher, and Frank Spada. V i Q I" ine if - W , ,V A n t l :gi Bite. c , , ,,.., . . f . is ,5 a. 'rg 0' 3 i, t. ., .. . . ' 4 ' ' ' ,F - - o lr,- . ' -, , V ' ta ' V - . , ,ne 1- ' Z """hise .Q H., - .1 w - ' -U, ' " " Q f , W ' 1949 - 5 0 SEASON SCORES Fenn Opponents 41 Niagara U. 3 4 44 Buifalo State 31 5 3 Edinboro 21 46 Woostei' 2 8 3 9 Kent 27 5 5 Kenyon 19 52 Slippery Rock 23 3 1 Indiana U. 44 2 8 Pittsburgh 47 28 Bowling Green 47 47 Carnegie Tech 28 40 University of Detroit 34 Won-9 Lost-3 1949-50 SQUAD Couch Raymond Ray Ju." Yoro Mucho, Bob Foley Roger Quirk, Frank Springmcnn John Birtics, Fronk Spode Bob Busbey, Herb Flefclwer Duone Grelson, Lloyd Crosby TEAM NOTES Coach George Rung led the Foxes through one of their best seasons in recent years. Boasting the best per- centage record among Cleveland college teams was iust one of the accomplishments of the 1949-50 squad. There were other individual performances which rated an ovation from the student body. It was Coach Rung's first season as mentor at the Tower. He had able assistance in attaining the records that were made from Danny Avis, .lack Shaughnessy, Dave Jacklitch, Ray Conkle, Don Jones, and all the rest of a fairly well balanced squad. At the end of the season Fenn lost some of its lettermen when Danny Avis finished his eligibility, and Rodger Neal, Don Jones, Art Pohm, and Henry Dunkle graduated. Fenn was not able to have a freshman squad this past season so there is no way of knowing just what may lie in store for the Foxes in the future. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON ln first place for the thrill of the season was Co-captain Jack Shaughnessy's performance in the first Kent State of Canton game, when he broke the single game scoring record, set in T937 by Al Jones, with 33 points. .lack not only did it once but repeated later in the season in the Grove City game when he again hit for 33 points to tie his own record. With his performances this season he now holds, in addition to the single game record, the school season scor- ing record with 329 points, and the consecutive free throw record with 27 straight. The squad's longest consecutive win streak this season was five straight games. Highest single game score was the 75 points made against Grove City. Highest single game score by an opponent was the 80 points dropped in by John Carroll at one of Fenn's two Arena appearances. Close behind Shaughnessy for team scoring honors was Dave .lacklitch who piled up 263 points for the season. Third place was held down by Co-captain Danny Avis, whose steady floor work and able ball handling helped in many a rough moment, with 207 points. The "Woody Brick" was once again regained in the Foxes' second game against Hiram. The game was at the Arena and marked the appearance of Homecoming, Fenn's new mascot, and introduction of a new school band. Tabor Conkle Jcacklifch Avus Dunkle Jones Neal Tiber Shoughnessy Pohm Ferroto 1949-50 SEASON SCORES Fenn Opponents Buffalo State John Carroll Western Reserve Oberlin Heidelberg Kenyon Alumni Hiram Mount Union Kent Stare Canton Gannon Clarion Detroit Tech Kent State Canton Slippery Rock Grove City Ashland Hiram Won-10 Lost-8 ' Coach George Rung Top Row: B. Buetfner, D. Tiber, R. Neal, R. Conkle, A. Pohm, D. Jones, G. Rong. Bottom Row: D. Jocklifch, D. Avis, J. Shoughnessy, H. Dunkle, D. Ferroto, K. Tabor. Bob Foley, Fenn's boclcsfroke ortisf GOLF 194 8 -49 GOLF SCORES Penn Opponents 5 Youngstown 11 6 Mt. Union 10 12 Western Reserve 4 1 3 Baldwin Wallace 3 15 M Baldwin Won-6 Lost-5 H. Wooclling, J. Rung, F. Birtolon, T. Williams l l 11 M John Carroll 4M Wallace M 6 Kent State 10 4 ' Youngstown 12 4 Wooster 12 12 Kent State Canton 4 9 Western Reserve 7 TRACK SQUAD Front row, left to right: D. Jacklitch, J. Serieno, G. Glow, Captain, T. Brogdon. Second row, left to right: R. Fox, R. Castle, R. Banks, B. Thornton, A. Griesbach, E. Asher, G. DeBolt. Third row, left to right. J. Shaughnessy, Z. Zenon, J. Pokrant, D. King, R. Busbey, J. Toifel, J. Minnich, V. Poloha, T. Betz, Coach Ray Ray. as E-mini: E'Egg':5wgnqE W xilmmm naw-Mgnra5,?.t??Fnlll:nk1g.'.?rgn,g ini Mme me-E gl: Tull ts wiltsj-lllg.-gtggmgigggig .lgntillg il'AllFxJi S LRE vs' -M-:QM-ga vs Q -sg n-m ss ss me -P1 wt H- uLsfxgM-5--ss--me manga?- Em ME is as xx gmzsa-E T- LN na E E n 2 sl mn -x xx E n E n E W re X may garnish- na s m E ru W- Qt H is ' E Q-Easel le H ' mel ff ' THWQHBJ fe H H like Q -Veg? me .--"-,::- me ss na an nu E ENN Q 5 mm-tn gn :L 1 mga as mm5'Hna zx ss nmamrsas ss E mxwnbgidgnss 'mas a qs E ss ss E uw " -:- gs gs 1 5 sm W 5- w n n V - r 5 E , s Q W s ESE s s if 2 at 52519 E ggg ,J .F-1 aww. H NW ... - - - - Q ss Y :.:. V I A - , H I AWE' M m E B gs ss ss Em 2. -' B ss M tl e:.:.fe:f:.-.: W Q E E .. V s . 4. s W s , - W 14 H m na na :. 1 m m H we V nr M a ss ss n ss - H te- ss sa m ss n n ss n Q :msn swam sgsjs K N as amass M.. Q 2 1 H H H H H H H -. fr H H H H H N ...KE edema sngsnmglm, ...,,..... , Ee smsw X. N tl- . ew we were New H W W 5259 el signs? V EQQQEQKH , H M Y I ag s 'Q 1.155-75' E E V E' TENNIS SQUAD Front row, left to right: R. Rooke, J. Russell, A. Mazur, Captain. Back row, left to right: D. Tiber, B. Ferrato, J. Pokrant. TRACK 194 8 -49 TRACK SCORES Fenn Opponents 60 Western Reserve 66 74 Mt. Union 49 76 Kenyon 5 1 8 8 John Carroll 3 8 83 Hiram 44 73 Ashland 5 3 57M Kent State 69M Won-5 Lost-2 TENNIS 1948 -49 TENNIS SCORES Fenn Opponents 1 Youngstown 6 5 Mt. Union 2 0 Western Res. 9 0 Kent State 7 1 Baldwin Wal. 6 3 Hiram 6 1 John Carroll 6 3 Youngstown 4 4 Kent St. Canton 3 6 Kent St. Canton 1 0 Baldwin Wal. 7 2 Hiram 6 Won-3 Lost-10 BASEBALL -: 1 949 1 ii 2 ' SEASON SCORES Fenn Opponents 4 Quantico Marines 3 Youngstown 4 Baldwin- Wallace 1 7 Clarion 2 Akron 7 Ashland 9 Youngs town 4 Baldwin- Wallace 2 Wooster 1 Western Reserve 20 Oberlin Won-5 Lost Tied-1 15+ E- xi M ffm .. H- ,Z E Bwfifm .E E., Front row, left To right: L. Sombof, R. Chokericm, H. Dunkle, P Asodorlon, Pollock, J. Senkyr, L. Spiewocki. Bock row, left To right: D. Kolczyskx Mgr, Schneider, J. Slwcaughnessy, R. Conkle, A. Pohm, F. Prosek, J. Rock, Copfom fbi? ,H JH lggzidag .gf N ae- Q 52415222 25 H H me 3 W-armagsei aims is as E54 B T h i s i s t h e squad's second year of collegiate competition since the 1930's when the p r e v i o u s squad went out of existence. The 1949-1950 varsity was coached by Madison D o d s and captained by Bob Stevens. Two of the most out- standing m e m- b e r s of t h i s year's team were Bill Semenik, who won better than 70M of his bouts in Foil, and Bob B u s b e y, who m a d e virtually the s a m e per- formance in Sa- bre with 66.6'Mo. Although gaining s o m e freshman h e l p next year, the squad will miss four letter- men w h o a r e graduating in May. These sen- iors are Bill Sem- enik, Bob Busbey, Bob Stevens, and Don DeViney. 1949-50 SEASON SCORES nn Opponcn ts Ohio State 19 Buttnlo U. 14 Oberlin 12 Alumni 12 Waynue U. 15 Lawrence Tech 20 M Detroit U. 15 HQ Oberlin 15 Won-2 Lost-6 FENCING lst Row: John Ford, Bill Pratt, George Stibor, Bill Semenick, Chuck Simonian. 2nd Row: Carroll Dunne, Bill Cowley, Merle Marxen, Don DeViney, Bob Busbey, Bob Stevens Not pictured: Bill Nank, Steve Stefanko, Ray Taylor. INTRAMURAL SPORTS FOOTBALL l. M. football took the main sport spotlight in the Fall with eleven teams out for the championship. All games were played under the supervision of Athletic Director Homer Woodling at the Fenn-Halle Field at E. 30th and Euclid Ave. The Sadd Sacks took the Red League and the LTDs took the Grey League championships. ln the play- off game, the Sadd Sacks, sparked by the passing of John Kral to Paul Asadorian, beat the LTDs, 19 to 7. BASKETBALL Basketball again proved to be the most popular intramural sport with twenty-four teams entered in the Winter quarter in three leagues. A double elimination tournament between the Pioneers, Pi Sigs and Globetrotters, champions of their three leagues, found the Globe- trotters emerging as quarter champs. In the Spring quarter, twenty-one teams battled it out with the Cauldron, Pi Sigs, and Barons emerging as champs of their three leagues. ln the yearly school champion- ship play-off between the two quar- ter champs, the Pi Sigs defeated the Globetrotters. VOLLEYBALL Volleyball was played in both the Winter and Spring quarters. During the Winter quarter, ten teams fought it out in two leagues with the Pi Sigs capturing the championship. ln the Spring quar- ter eight teams played each other with the Sharpshooters emerging victorious. No play-off between the Pi Sigs and the Sharpshooters could be arranged for a college champion- ship because of Co-op iob conflict. Women's Intramurals Neorly every Fenn coed porTicipcn'es in of leosf one infromurol ocfivify. Bowl- ing, boskeTboll, ond volleyboll ore The moior inTeresTs, closely followed by bod- minfon ond Toble Tennis. I I I I 6l6l'Z6VZQ 664646006 f A ,-.--X ,V WV , if' X n MFE if iii? ii .J E M! f uhh 'v J i X 4 fu, """ f , i In X Q ' ,, ' f 1 I V, 1 QR xl, xt' 'Z 'N 'i if N M.. X14 X Q ux It 'A irmyih J i i l W if - X ir""J'n ""- X E, Q X wi ' Www, I1 In-. ROBERT M. SPEIDEL Publications Chairman Evening Council iE EVENING STUDENT COUNCIIIL PRESIDENT . . ED POLSAK VICE PRESIDENT . . SID ROBERTS SECRETARY . . . MARY WIEGMAN TREASURER . . . . IRENE URBAN SOCIAL CHAIRMAN . . BILL ZELANKA Evening Student Council is the governing body of Evening Division students. It is a representative group of thirty members from the schools of Business Administration, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Technical Institute. Council members are elected by popular vote in May of each year. Evening Student Council provides the financial backing for the Nite Shift, weekly publication for evening students. Through its Social Committee, Council plans after-school dances and social functions. The annual Christmas Ball is planned by Evening Student Council in alternate years in cooperation with Day Council. A program for the use of school athletic facilities by evening students is maintained by Council's Athletic Committee. Each year Council plans a Recognition Assembly at which time awards are presented to student leaders and the Activities Trophy awarded to an outstanding campus organization. R. Jooss, P. Forniti S. Roberts, E. Polsak, F. Plescia E. Speidel, R. Speidel, D. Koenig M. Wiegman, Prof. Simon, I. Urban NITE SHIFT A student newspaper published bi-weekly during the academic year with the exception ot vacation periods. Make-up Editor . , Tom Kirsop Staff Photographer . Robert C. Bischoff Business Manager . Samuel D. Parina Editorial Staff: , . Nellie Showalter, Mary Teftt, Norman Schroeder, Clara Gliozzo, Ted Wozniak, Lois Nemgensdorf, Willy Glatz. Robert Harris, Editor-in-chief :fr- 3' 153' Xl x1Tg'f Eloise Grant Stevenson, Larry Volcansek, Lois Mengensdorf SOCIOLOGY CLUB For those students who are interested in sociology, there is the Nite Sociology Club. Its octivities are limited to a study ot social problems in Cleveland and its vicinity. They have speakers at their meetings to help them to interpret various social problems. The membership is open to everyone, and especially to those students maioring in sociology. Professor Jordan is the advisor. lst rovv: Bob Speidel, Agnes Herrick, Lawrence Doss, Professor Jordan, Leslie Janitor, Jean Stromp, Audrey Hughes, 2nd row: Ruth Arnold, Frank Lentlie, Ed Chonda, Louise Goddard, Russell Fox, Ruby Taylor, Andrew Eanes, lola Williams, Margaret Burks, Priscillo Williams. OUTDOOR CLUB Organized in 1942, the purpose of this club is to foster outdoor sports and social activities among Fenn students. Membership is open to students in both Day and Evening Divisions. All activities are held on Saturday or Sunday so all students can attend. Events that have estab- lished themselves as annual affairs on the club calendar include: Christmas Caroling, a Breakfast Hike in April, an Overnight Hike on Decoration Day, hayrides, wiener roasts, beach parties, and many other outdoor activities. Annual elections are held at the regular business meeting in June. Other business meetings are generally followed by a social hour. Any student interested in joining may participate in two outings without committing themselves definitely. Officers ofthe club this year are: Donald Howard, president, Dolores Janik, vice-president, Nellie Showalter, secretary, and Eloise Grant, treasurer. Mr. Brickley is the faculty advisor. Top row: Al Lung, Rusty Vosen, Mary Wiegman, Ed Maciag, Tony Lungo, Dorothy Lungo, Ludd Dunn, Betty Clark, Lois Mengensdorf, Bob Speidel, Peg Whittaker, Clarence Krupp, Janice Heckmann. Bottom row: ............ , Jean Hoecker, Frank Plescia, Dolores Janik, Nellie Showalter, Bonnie Gallen. KAPPA SIGMA UPSILON PRESIDENT . . . LANA CASINI VICE PRESIDENT . . . . RUTH TIMBERS SECRETARY . . . . ZELMA MCDOUGLE TREASURER . . GEORGIANNA PANASEWICZ Back row: Eleanor Stanton, Velma Hein, Bonnie Williams, Viola Szoke, Lois Mengensdort, Joan Kercher, Eleanor Bradley, Janet Kercher. Front row: Marilyn Smyth, Marge Bauers, Marie Wirth, Georgianna Panasewicz, Genevieve Wargo, Marlyn Maelwler, Rosemary Kane. IIOTA TAU LAMBDA PRESIDENT . . MARY WIEGMAN VICE PRESIDENT . DOROTHY HRADEK TREASURER . . . . . IRENE ROTH RECORDING SEC'Y . . . ANN GANEA CORRESPONDING SEC'Y . ANN KLUCHO loTa Tau Lambda is The only naTional sororiTy aT Fenn College and has chapfers in Cleveland, Columbus, DayTon, and CincinnaTi. IT is an or- ganizaTion Tor evening sTudenTs only. The TirsT chapTer of The sororiTy was organized in I929 and The TirsT chapier aT Fenn, DelTa, was organized in I938. This year DelTa chapTer boasTs Two naTional officers-DoroThy Lungo, NaTional PresidenT, and Jane Kunes, NaTional Vice President Delfa is also The publisher of our naTional magazine, Lambda's LanTern, This year. Each year one of The chapTers acTs as hosTess in planning The annual con- venTion which is always held The Third week-end in July. loTa Tau Lambda and Lambda loTa DelTa FraTerniTy sponsor an annual all-school dance in April of each year which is called The "FraToriTy Frolic." The purposes of The sorority are: self-improvemenT, fraTernalism, and render service To college and communiTy. l Ist row: DoroThy Hraclek, Bonnie Gallen, Mary Wiegman, Irene Roth, Ann Klucho. 2nd row: BeTTy Clarke, Ann Ganea, DoroThy Lungo, .lane Kunes, Nellie ShowalTer. 3rd row: Dolores Janek, .lean Haecker, Lillian Corrado, Elaine NeedharT, DoroThy Gaffney. 4Th row: Agnes Herrick, Miriam I-Iabn, Goldie AngelaT. Top: Janice Heckman. ALPHA SIGMA REINHOLD JOOSS MARGARET DEMETER IRENE URBAN . . ANNE MacLEARIE . MARY E. WIEGMAN . . IIOTA . PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT . TREASURER . SECRETARY PLEDGEMASTER Irene Urban, Joseph VVITT, Ann Klucho Wm. Zelenka, Mary Wiegman, Margaref Demeter, Clarence Krupp LAMBDA IIOTA DELTA PRESIDENT . . . PHILIP FORNITI VICE PRESIDENT . . ED POLSAK TREASURER . . . BOB RUPPENDER RECORDING SEC'Y . . . TED WOZNIAK CORRESPONDING SEC'Y . . R. H. NECE PLEDGEMASTER ..... JOE ZELENKA Frank Plescia, AI Steve, AI Kofy Frank Sirc, Ray Schaefer, Max Leuhrs Ted Wozniak, Rod Nece, Joe Mafus Ed Polsak, James Wadhams, Phil Fornifi Axe W.- .Q nf. Why.. -A ws' -:U fu ' . ' fi V Y 1 L1 f' 1 "ff .4 ' YV K ,ff ' H QL? 5 l - 1 Sf W 1 X l , h 1' X fgl , A 1: f Q ' Q,A, f3?f ' , Q 0 ' 1-J 'J' -at E vw J 1 .J 'X ' ' A 4, , ,. ' Eg . l, vt'-r' K It I ,L -3 ' f ' 2 1 X x f if - T 7 X ,wg We -: ' iz:: .f.J I Y ,Mgggx 1 ' x f'3"e:. P 7 W in Mi x 5'1" ":': 2 ' af. ' 15,115 f? fig? '-"cz, ,jf ' if ,- , L , - 1 - if f hem was F' '1 V I ,N if Egg I V if -f u I M? Q 9 i 34, I K N ' " A ,- Z I if -Q 21 71 V V L -- .V Eff ie s "ig w, ,-.,. LAMBDA TAU SIGMA PRESIDENT ...... GERALD STROHM VICE PRESIDENT . . ROBERT KRESS SECRETARY . RICHARD WADSWORTH TREASURER . . RICHARD COLLINS R. 'rv Clarence Krupp, Bob Harris, Tom Dillon Gerald Sfrohm, Rusty Vosen, Larry Volcansek, John Harmath John Miller, Norman Schroeder, Don Howard Bill Schramm, Richard Collins, Vince Coleman, Robert Kress TAD IIOTA IEIPSIULON PRESIDENT . . . ALOIZ MYATT VICE PRESIDENT . . ANTON CURL SECRETARY . . JOHN BLAZEK ADVISOR . . NICHOLAS RIMBOI Ch ist Row: John Blazek, Sec., Nicholas Rimboi, Advisor, Aloiz Myaff, President, Anton Curl, Vice-Pres 2nd Row: Howard Rasmussen, Wilberf S. Holm, Adam Eihordf, Bob Shorfle, Fred Grodf. CHRISTMAS BALL 'epson -'gxfigauvet 5 'f Lift?" 1 tt' A' ' f 52221 In , i" E I4 W ' ! I- .EI ts iii? ' Qu, " HHN: J, Shirley M a s o n, Day Division Queen, and her attendants, Mary Ann Z a la r and Barbara Shana- wer. 4 .W M -1 -, M Q S" 71 W w wade A, ' 2 :ji K X 6 'M x 1 'V . , 1 :' 1 ya 'K ,vi '-.. Y w i f if fi a 2 1' Mg in LIU v - ' ,W - L 1 'figzt 2 ' + E I 9 I ji L fn. 4 , A Q4 4135 15 ' 5 S' ff- xv' I 4 - 3 ,151 .Mn K: L 4 xi fail WL! 'fe C'3'b'1+' a if M' nl.,v,J N 4 1 8. ' N- if XS If X Sq L YN X gf 1 1 in X 'ifv ' Em W a' 2-F F? Q ff V H , 5 E fffgzgg K 4 W gk, 4 M :5': f , sw if 1 I :11 Q , Q3 M ,1. Y M W lf' .. 3.3 : .img "L Q . F. 1 fi, lv is .9- ' Wg 4- .Q x, X 5 ' A A if Mau, I XMI 5 s is W Q I 9 .Em l .A Q A -7 x 6,5 'Zvi mam: Yliximaw --1...-., ,Mm .V sm 1 3 Q' . El ww x ijifg .aww SW' Kwuws K Wiwww W 1 Q Y f A ak? ff ,L ish -ffggg, gpm! -My 'Y , EIN DX is 1 ,wx mi, ,dy M5515 31,31 QW '- - W H 'ff L Q 7?-fffff ., ' . " AEQWZ' ,Q 5 -P 2 .:.:4.:.. . x . X ':' , Q35- . , Z ,W .-H1 1 ..., z" "Wifi ff . . F iz. .. Q W l in 3' '35 .:. -.: '- f fIf f5:'f3-:f'5' 'V+ - r Kg 5 931420 ba R Q H PM an J' 5 f 'W V K Q ,Ax an ,252 i . mis was mag an-A 55+ NEWMAN CLUB PLAY NIGHT March 2, 1950 0 Whom, then, do I call educated? First, those who manage well the cir- cumstances which they encounter day by day and who possess a iudgment which is accurate in meeting occasions as they arise and rarely misses the expedient course of action, next, those who are decent and honorable in their intercourse with all men, bearing easily and goodnaturedly what is unpleasant or offensive in others, and being themselves as agreeable and reasonable to their associates as it is humanly possible to be, furthermore, those who hold their pleasures always under control and are not unduly overcome by their misfortunes, bearing up under them bravely and in a manner worthy of our common nature, finally, and most important of all, those who are not spoiled by their successes and who do not desert their true selves, but hold their ground steadfastly as wise and soberminded men, rejoicing no more in the good things which have come to them through chance than in those which through their own nature and intelligence are theirs since birth. Those who have a character which is in accord, not with one of these things, but with all of them-these I maintain are educated and whole men, possessed of all the virtues of a man. lsocrates in "Panathenaicus" 436-338 B. C. Part Time Teaching Lloyd Ackerman William E. Allsopp Melvin S. Anderson Lester E. Angene Elizabeth G. Baldwin Myron B. Barnes William E. Bartlett Howard M. Bedell Darwin N. Benesh John F. Blaha Lawrence R. Bloomenthal Hans J. Blum Harold E. Boehm Martha E. Bonham Ernest O. Bower John H. Brigleb Leon S. Brooks Louis C. Brunner Richard J. Burket Hans Busch Robert F. Cady Thomas G. Cameron Harold E. Campbell John E. Carroll Leyton E. Carter John P. Cavano Eugene J. Chesney Charles W. Conant Walter R. Conrad William H. Coughlin John W. Crediford, Jr. Richard H. Damon Frederick A. David Earl S. Dearth Wolfram N. Delenk Raymond P. Dellner Algardo A. DeMarco Richard G. Denton, Jr. Glen A. DeWyer William W. Dodge Lawrence A. Dombrose Paul T. Eisele Harry W. Evans Lawrence L. Evert Wilson B. Fiske Blodwen E. Fleurdelis Sidney Franklin Albert A. Frindt Robert J. Gaillard Melvin Gerstein Harry A. Gillis Willard E. Gombert Maurice B. Gordon Robert L. Hall Harold D. Hanson Robert G. Hattwick Oliver Henderson Marvin M. Hertz Albert A. Herzog Joseph A. Hess Grace Hightower Raymond F. Hitti Henry B. Hoff David H. Hotchkiss Joseph M. Jacobs Karl F. Kaserman Alfred M. Klein Lawrence G. Knecht Margaret Keal Knowles John C. Kopp John F. Kotchian Edward M. Kovachy Geo. E. Kronbach Bruce B. Krost Dezso J. Ladanyi Anthony J. Lalli James J. LaSalvia Frank Latanick Wilfred Leemon George D. Leonard Carl J. Leska Gerhard H. Lindeman Edward H. Loomis Ewing K. Lynn Ill Bernard Mandel Charles R. Marquardt Adam J. Maywhort J. Harvey McCloskey Harry F. Mergler Alex Meszoros Andrew L. Miller Robert D. Moore Lawrence R. Mullen Ralph W. Muntz Kenneth E. Murphy Wilbur C. Nordstrom William K. Northrup James M. O'Malley Arthur D. Ott Nelson James Parks Faculty George V. Parmelee Marjorie G. Perry William F. Peschel Robert W. Phillips Henry J. Pipp Clara Consaul Polley George Poporad Geraldine M. Price George H. Ritz Edward P. Robinson John H. Royer John T. Rozsa Malcolm D. Salinger Samuel Sandor Lester W. Schaffer Sidney Schiff Robert W. Schmies Charles E. Scott Joseph P. Sech Robert J. Shafranek Douglas L. Sharpe Kirkland Sloper Wilbur J. Snevel William C. Sporar Robert B. Stokley Orville N. Stone Carl Stuebe Marvin D. Temple Lyman R. Thayer Joseph A. Thiel Edward Trela Chas. R. Trevaskis, Jr. James Turner A. Harold Ullman Doris Adams Voth Robert T. Walls Carloss H. Walter David J. Walton Alvin E. Wandersleben Arthur H. Warren Robert Jf Warrick Arthur E. West L. Frank Wharton Calvin W. White Alex E. Whiteside Clyde E. Williams, Jr. Manly M. Windsor Joseph E. Witt John M. Wittenbrook Walter B. Wolfram Charles F. Yarham Nelson T. Ziegler Autographs PHOTOGRAPHY BY NEILSEN Weddings 'I Baby Picture Punting ae 0441546 to business success As you enter the industrial or professional BUYWIUST world from Fenn College, you will find the printed ward essential in countless ways to the conduct of manufacture, service, trade or profession. Our firm, which produced this yearbook, is one of the outstanding printers of Greater Cleveland and has helped its professional and industrial leaders to success for more than forty years. "U"'i'i'Y """ ' The GATES Legal Publishing ROBERT E. NEILSEN OFFICIAL ComP0nY Under Wilcox Management Since 1905 1943-49 1949-50 Ganzmerciaf Qzinfers Since 1918 10615 Grace Ave. Garfield Heights 1426 West Third MAin 1-5647 Mlchigan CLEVELAND 13, OHIO 11950 IFANIFARIE IPATRONS DR. AND MRS. EDWARD HODNETT MR. RICHARD B. SMALL MR. AND MRS. FOSTER MILLER DR. S. M. SPEARS DIRECTOR AND MRS. N. R. RIMBOI MISS C. VIRGINIA KIEL PROFESSOR AND MRS. E. G. HAAS MR. AND MRS. M. C. HERRICK DR. AND MRS. J. G. MCGREW FLOYD GEORGE ABATT MR. AND MRS. BRUCE T. TRICKLEY MR. AND MRS. JOHN A. CENTER MRS. EDWIN L. BOTTLE MR. AND MRS. J. A. FROEBE ROBERT B. AULD MR. AND MRS. L. A. MARSHALL MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. MONTASANA LESTER W. SCHAFFER PROFESSOR URBAN F. VON ROSEN MR. AND MRS. R. MALCOLM SILLS MR. K. S. SHERMAN DEAN AND MRS. GEORGE H. SMITH DEAN AND MRS. MAX B. ROBINSON PROFESSOR S. R. WATSON PROFESSOR MILLARD L. JORDAN MR. AND MRS. WADE WHITE DR. AND MRS. J. C. NICHOLS PROFESSOR AND MRS. PAUL S. SCHMIDT MR. BERNARD MANDEL MR. AND MRS. D. O. PARKER MR. J. A. HESS MRS. MARTHELLEN VAN SCOYOC EMIL PEROUT PROFESSOR RUBY REDINGER ATHLETIC OFFICE PROFESSOR AND MRS. WALTER O. SITES OLA I. TWERELL MR. AND MRS. R. W. SCHINDLER MRS. ALICE J. qM0mp LEWIS DR. AND MRS. P. J. ROBECHEK GENE M. STWAN MR. PAUL T. EISELE MR. AND MRS. W. H. COUOHLIN MR. AND MRS. N. T. ZIEGLER MR. AND MRS. RALPH T. HISEY PROFESSOR S. H. BERWALD MR. AND MRS. W. E. ALLSOPP ALOIz MYATT WILBERT S. HOLM ANTON CURL JOHN D. BLAZEK THE emu Beta llpha F RATERN I TY ojfers BEST WI SH ES to the GRAD UATING SENIORS GREETINGS FROIW CONGRESSIIJAN FRANCES P. BOLTON 221111 DISTRICT COIIIPLIJIIIENTS 0 F MR. ARTHUR TUPHOLME CONGRJ TUL,4 TIONS AND BEST IVISHES B O B K A Y L E R FENN -'48 New YORK LIFE INSURANCE co. 855 Union Commerce Bldg. CHerry 'I-8060 ll 0 S If e nm 9 S COLLEGE CLASS RINGS MEDALS-TROPHIISS CLUB PINS AXVARDS 634 UNION COMMERCE BLDG. GILSON MILTENBISRGICR, Lm'aI Rf'f1r1'.s'el1Z11Iif'f' BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF "SOM Gamma Nu Sigma T"'ERE'50NE'N SADD'S RESTAURANT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! - WHERE PENN STUDENTS MEET - , H H CONGRATULATIONS T I T L E ' . ff '. 'RU I gi..::'I.16IYE?,f.f?'.ff.1?z62351-'ff41I:I IL! , ' """"'f ' if. , I 2 , A g , L F ' ' 'xx ' I -I' 'W::r:fE'y, -'Tie' ' ALL TYPES OF WARM AIR FURNACES CCoaI, Gas, and OID TINNING AND ROOFING 0. Ready to serve your every Food need! FI THOMPSON COMPANY ncharnpions of Good Livingu 1472 HAYDEN AVE. GL. 'I-2285 "In Business 20 Years" PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE CLASS O-F I950 THE VALUE OF EVERY PRODUCT IN THE MARKET PLACE IS THE HONOR AND INTEGRITY OF HIM WHO MAKES IT. TAYLOR'S FRANK MOORE STUDIO TAYLOR'S ARCADE CLEVELAND, OHIO A PINIE IENGRAIVING PLANT PROIIIICING QUALITY PRINTING PLATES POR YIEAIR BOOKS r5' SCHOOL DIVISION MAIN 1-4055 w The CLEVELAND ENGRAVING CO. 310 LAKESIDE AVE. CLEVELAND 13, OHIO '41 Q I Pima ,-uf.-'g 3? f QQ .53 Q ' 2 I m A V E 1 E

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