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I fy. -.UN L. in w n I An 1 J r fc Q5- 5 , 'C li. 1 IH lil '1 ,, w xii .f I + In I Ti . '1 I' lv ., vi 'fl "a A V 5 A I X' fi . i .tl JH hi . , :af wa a q? .r W ,Lf 11 is 1 1, nw . f L, 1-' QL I 'rf N YP QA9 Mm Published for the students of FENN COLLEGE Cleveland, Ohio Robert V. Sch molzer Edifor Steven M. Duricd Business Manager FENN TOWER A Y! r " 1 . ,E , . I RNS. .ff 5 ,xx K .+- m..M.f 'Cf n f H iii!i5915' . A1 ' V ' '. K hpfm-15? ' 1 I "'L51M-1' it A '55-Z9 -' A 'ii-"i44"l"4-"L V Lg' 'K Bliss Hall ' 'A . V' H 7 ,-fc: A .1 L3 , , .' ,Aj':',.'.""gf'f,'5,gg.g4f iii- 1 6:4-qmxfa ., 4r,.,L +54 ' 5 ,A 2' - ,,.sx,' 'gf :,.+w.1?,,: ff ? 5 Fw 4 nw fi M ,,,, an EM? l fwfun iii! Wim ,M V 1 ' 519 W ' ' - 1,-,Y ,54 7 Xi, x X S X 2 X ' fi-1? S3 1 ww., ,, y 4064 'fb Q fig, af .. ,.,,.f. f 0 'wwif .wa Y ,, " ,+ I ' ii z waf A..,, 3 1 x 5 n W wwf f .gwifiv If-hpif f M W gn Mgwcf, f '- x .LW 1 f C1 Prospect-Fenn Building .H MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BUILDING - In The process of complefion. I 5 I 2 5 2 v 5 ? 5 5 Z 5 2 9 4 IQ 4 i lStanding L. to RJ Allen T. Perry, Vollmar W. Fries, John S. Crider, C. H. Franklin, Edward T. Bartlett, Clarence L. Collens, Dr. Robert M. Stecher, James H. Coolidge. lSeated L. to RJ Leyton E. Carter, Ellwood H. Fisher, Charles J. Stilwell, Dr. Edward Hodnett, George V. Woodling. Tw fi Wt li 'Tr W' it-if F Fm Q- ,if ,lldf ras" ,sl rggfg J., JS fl, "Elf lm gay la of for so lym 1, lla 1 l- x .V ii , lsr. : J ' lil it ,- L al-Lug an no Ag, A LJ l:,,f Lg Fenn is fortunate in having on its Board of Trustees men who are leaders in the industrial, business, and professional world and who are interested in the cooperative education that Fenn is offering. Through their experience, they are able to aid the School in fulfilling its purposes by offering their knowledge of existing conditions and trends. The students of Fenn College appreciate the past efforts of the Board of Trustees and have every confidence in the future plans which the Board is promoting for the expansion and growth of the College. SM The cooperative pkzn at Penn CoHege makes work expedence in the wodd outside o pcm of cokkege Me" A . .4 - , ,, 1 - fm.: . 'IM H- ' " ' 'ww ,. ,gal 1. w f 'fx V x , M filuff N4 M WY ,se 4 'A 'rglfilv , ' , . ef, .1 - 1 '., ,,1-.,-,- -A X-'1 ry., 1 - ' sf 1. ' 1:25 5 A A A 1 r 1 v 1 1 25 OPSY iversafy ' rx th Ann ' ducatxo atxve E Dean Nichols, Dr. Hodnett, and Dr. Simmons F7 ri 'P V1 -W " 'I , 1 - ff ll is as ,1wll1..il,.l1, Jml...Kl..lill,li,Wlel1,tafmI,gL all ,QM lrlljllljl111123311 H5111 ll.l'l'illfi llrqlllllfllim12,1111m1, ,I V S ..- .. ,V , .J ,Jenn . - . ,J J ...a.-.,1 .., ,. fe L1 Fenn College celebrated its Silver Anniversary of Cooperative Edu- cation on November 18, 1948. The following is a resume of the events which took place on that date. A student assembly was held in the morning at the Euclid Avenue Baptist Church. Speakers at this assembly were Dr. Hezzleton E. Simmons, president of the University of Akron, and Dr. joseph C. Nichols, Dean of Fenn College. Dr. Simmons' topic was 'The Cooperative Way of Higher Education," and Dr. Nichol's topic was "Twenty-five Years of Cooperative Education at Fenn." At the assembly, three Fenn College Alumni were given recogni- tion for outstanding achievements in their respective fields. The persons thus honored, and their vocational fields, were: Henry Huge, Electronics, Kenneth Burke, Engineering and Management, Joseph S. Kopas, Person- nel Administration. In the afternoon, a discussion was held in Panel Hall in which the faculty discussed cooperative education. Speakers at this discussion were Max B. Robinson, Dean of Cooperative Education, Arthur Pohm and john R. Smart, Students, Kenneth Burke, 1930 Graduate, Leonard Giles, Personnel Director of Lincoln Electric Company, and Fred J. Marker, Manager of Industrial Relations of the Cleveland Plant of Swift and Company. Dr. Charles F. Kettering, internationally-recognized research con- sultant for General Motors, Inc., spoke at the Silver jubilee Dinner held that evening at Hotel Carter. Other speakers at the dinner were: George W. Codrington, vice president of General Motors Corporation, Cleveland Diesel Division, Dr. Edward Hodnett and Dr. Joseph C. Nichols. Joseph Kopcxs Kenneth Burke Henry Huge Deon Nichols Ellwood Fisher Richard Huxfoble George Codringfon Dr. K. T. Glenncsn Father Welfle Chcrles Stilwell Dr. Charles F. Kettering Deon Nichols Charles Stilwell W2 1 4" P MJ 5,7 , . f Q k' i Q 5 T Ai , f 543 ! KU ia, 5 . A H 2. - 2 A ,A - . AA 3 . A A ' "KS A,A , AA- f- ji, : V A S? f. A a 9 'ii' f 4 4 1, :A Ass-5 ,A -.ja 04. M wi. - i . :TJ Q 5 x 5 .n.,...-Q..- . 1 1 gw-A-4 ,-.An 4 'K A A I ' ti p,..'f"4 "S . F. .f f A "-,"Vx.,c-5-" or I f '32, 1 " ,E-li Ti Ar. ff" f 4 'Q ., ' 34 4 5 ' 1 lk A f l A 1 1 2 i ff 1' ' ITZIESJ. . z 1 1, i 1' I in ,A 's K xi V 'X U , , A Jf Y X A 1,l, QA A A A v-+2 -'-fwfrafifzf A E4 13 Q. w , I, 1, -,--4, Q 'lA 3 'fic 9-Hb . ,RA ,fs mf ' I ' s -.ww-fm' t-- 1 o 'v -L zu. ,if C1 .X M. K f xvm AA., " .".:3,,.7:f 'I A .Q :V ' '--'ffm-4433? W .Af W. ww 1- 1 3 -1, I . np., A A E, .im A, 1 . A ,,.,4f '- U--:Q-.,f,,, .. L 4 Aw , A Aij, 2' ,,.. 4 A L, U -.1-45. H A 4f?n Cooperating WithB Business and Industry f years, o four year cokrege co Xdes in we . Ce.. fi-wife: J rf- . 7 'I L-L-T-Vfifridnge' ,5- ,,L..,, "The cooperotrve pkm inc u , 18 ond two iuXX years of practiced experren 'TJ ' , F ,",T"1' ' ff 1'-"1 "' "f"f'?"f' 'ffm iff' W'f.i'f"1f",:T'-ff" ff-'41 iiftigffref'elf'-iff:-I-'-'wnisrffig'.i31'7'11i':f,f7,,s',1:t rfltrilwi' 1 A n'1W"!'ff?"f'-:A-5,1 ' -, , . ' ' 5 w",1'b-4r3,,,Q.giff'-415:5-ii.:Jftf54,.L?,5-lim.AiiafggoigFEf3f21!Q!:fi?3fifiribargigmiggilrhmifiiiii'' . " 1 dr ' 5 --- --' 4 :arg-fl-f: 1 2-1575:-gl--,L3. 3:-k:-.-f ,fx-e.::,:1L J. -1: Lezngff :si .- E'-fxefsw-?:QufL Qifwlfw-1. 4-:un':.AYf ---2 Mffzrw-fI3if:,iy iffy!-'fin we-55'f'fgf4ffif1?j'1'5wQr11E261 u f g-"L:-fe 95 ,Q-'gl-11:1 QTL, if, 115, 35':!1.f?? 22543 . gk T V?f3Y:5f2f.?5iiFfE5E5Eif11"f?5gy:5Q:L1,1-.ij LJZK QL" WT-'df s,Q5'v1y,j'-iff :5fS1'F-324111 f-LR 't?9?1fQ'-'6y,ff- ' L' '- ei:-:fyrfzfzgzg-1:1511zjaeffffzafifasafemeq H .M WW L-Q35 igr HP: 1 fr- - 41:44 f,M,41,:f.1,. ,L ,L---1, A- - ,:r1.,:, J, J Taq,,Lf-,rqfml:ggeU!j:.J4,,,,H., gg J H. if lx 7' ar 13, -lllf M' M rgmfagxp-iff 'V sf F If: - , f if ' 'Tir 'MIL " 5 - .. W,-.1553 , -V-3-2'.::5:.1L1zigvxgzhgz-51' KWH 'U -rv 1,1 ,ggi "fi f,...v:,,., ..,.,T-W-MTL T ---11115-:gy-f , ,, 1- "'1"!'f'71f+1':r, Hr., fm Y r . .,-.,5:fa1m,.1 ,,,, EHAQMVJ W ' "A"-fre.-, , . M- Ti.. -F349 .f1v...,r..: -- . ,, '-I 'PLL -' -b'fhe.:15-el.. -2:1r!2g1H:e' . , "fnviagf59l5ggg:5qJ,.3,EFmifHQ 1 alum , . 1 5:LE'N5:Lf:-1-'- fffa, 1- L., :if . Firms gf U ggaqg A ' 1 ,1f,,ii:-vnu, K L1 .e, W , Q X ,m:fi3F:E""?rf'3 EQQE5' . , 'M 1-1-14.5, 4iETlE?:5rng, 11- , '- ,I mfirfffgffzfei xg" f ghlfeyl ., . Q 5 fwfr, UTSC gi, We "'W+3,s3'f' Jggggj N ygilbg Ig.: aff 3 rr ' -Maw ,VH , . .1!f?T3?s?1g?3?lufffTQ1,f,, ,, VI ..,x,sr,f+1!g.gL:. 2J5,4L1,5 :,.,, '9 355312 5 QN ADNHNYSTRAU President Edward Hodnett Salutations to the Class of 1949 and'greetings to all Fenn students! On this the 25th Anniversary of Co- operative Education at Fenn College, We should also salute those men and women, many of whom are still serv- ing Penn, who aided Dr. C. V. Thomas to bring the opportunities of this American form of education to Cleveland. My first year at Penn has been a happy one, and no phase of it has been happier than my relations with you, the student body, in both day and evening divisions. The habit of cooperation seems to permeate the College. FANFARE is not merely a year book, it is a book' of years. It records events and personalities that are as much part of an education as labora- tories and classes. Education is the sum of much more than this book can enclose. Yet how it adds up for each of you is to an important degree determined by your associations with the men and women smiling at you from these pages. Fenn is a fine world of play and work, laughter and serious thinking, and best of all, good fellowship. As the years go by, we shall be glad to have this documentary means to re- call at will that world and its friend- ly inhabitants. Of the many steps in the de- velopment of Fenn College, since the first classes were held in 1881, the decision to initiate the Day Coopera- tive Plan in 1923, is outstanding be- cause of its influence in determining to a considerable degree, the destiny of the college. These basic conditions led to this daring adventure in edu- cation: C15 The up-surge in scientific and technological development - radio broadcasting--industrial elec- tronics - refrigeration - aviation- the automobile industry, etc. C25 Young men needed, not only more education-but a kind of education, geared to life. f3P Urban centers in general- Cleveland in particular - needed more educational opportunities. Fourteen students enrolled in the first class. Each year the enroll- ment increased--frequently, dou- bled. By 1928, our facilities were in- adequate and the three-story Pros- pect - Fenn Building made it possible to extend the original three-year pro- gram into a five-year degree pro- gram. Accordingly, in 1930, ten young men made up the first gradua- ting class. The demand for this type of education led to similar programs in Business Administration in 1930, and to Arts and Sciences in 1932. By 1938, just ten years later-the Col- lege had again outgrown its facili- ties. Hence in that year, the College acquired the 21-story building at 24th and Euclid-now known as Fenn Tower. By 1948, the original student body had grown from four- teen, in 1923, to 1885-the full time faculty, from 3 to 136. The new mechanical engineering building represents the first step of the devel- opment planned by the Board of Trustees. Full accreditation of the College by National and Regional accrediting agencies, attests to the basic educational soundness of the Fenn Plan. Fenn faces the future with con- victions growing out of these experi- ences, and with the faith in this ap- proach to the development of human resources. Dean Ioseph C. Nichols 21 QQEREGE Deon P. R. Anders School of Business Administration Deon S. M. Spears School of Engineering Mr. Herrick Director of Admissions and Sfudenf Acfivifies fi- .le Dr. W. A. Pofferson Regisfrcvr iN S T Ee iii Mr. A. P. Loegler Finance Director Deon M. B. Jenks School of Arts and Science Deon E. Shclnoberger Deon of Women Robinson Dean of Cooperative Training Deon M. B. Pauline Bloomquist, A.B. Assistant Professor, Secretarial Studies Marie E. Center, A.B. Instructor, Secretarial Studies Vance Chamberlin, B.S. Assistant Professor, Marketing William Cherubini, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English Marion D. Cooper, M.S. Professor, Electrical Engineering Blake Crider, Ph.D. Professor, Psychology it if K ii X, L..-s ......... John Arendt, Jr., M.S. Instructor, Structural Engineer Robert B. Auld, M. Ed. instructor, English Alberta Prasse Barnes, B.S. Instructor, Mathematics Jay Manton Berger, M.A. lnstructor, Physics Samuel H. Berwald, LL.B., C.P.A. Assistant Professor, Accounting Lloyd C. Billings, M.A. Instructor, Economics Clyde J. Crobaugh, Ph.D. Professor, Marketing Randle E. Dahl, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Management William C. Davis, B.S. Professor, Electrical Engineering Frank DeMarinis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Biology Alfred R. Deptula, B.S.E. Instructor, Mechanics E. Philip Earl, M.A. Assistant Professor, Physics William V. Kopfstein, B.S. lnstructor, Chemical Eng. James A. Lemon, M.A. lnstructor, Mathernatics Phyllis J. Lowndes, B.B.A. lnstructor, Sec. Studies Richard L. Marion, B.S.Ch.E. lnstructor, Chemistry John C. Matthews, M.A. Assistant Professor, Education Frank H. McGar, Jr., B.A. Instructor, Mathematics in 4? f lr. , l l J l Millard L. Jordan, M.A. lf Professor, Sociology l Karl David Kelly, M.S. ll Professor, Mathematics 'l C. virginia Kiel, ls.A. ' lnstructor, English Elvan E. Kintner, M.A. lnstructor, English ll Chester J. Kishel, B.S.M.E. Assistant Professor, Mech. Eng. Ralph M. Knapp, M.A. Cooperative Training l l ' l l l ll l fl' l, ll ll 'l l tl l l , ,. .l l John Gilbert McGrew, Ph.D. Professor, Economics Geo. Y. McKinnon, Jr., M.A. lnstructor, Physical Ed. John Wilson McNeill, M.A. Associate Professor, Management Selma M. Montasana, B.Sci. lnstructor, Physics William F. Moore, M.S. Assistant Professor, Sociology Harold E. Morgan, Ph.D. N Associate Professor, Physics lv l l l l l 'i "II II" if G. Hamlin Mouck, B.S. Professor, Accounting Ambrosia C. Noetzel, M.S. Associate Professor, Home Ec. Ralph J. Oravec, B.S. lnstructor, Mathematics David Grant Parker, B.B.A. ' Instructor, Economics Lad A. Pasiut, Ph.D. Professor, Chemistry Jane Pease, A.B. lnstructor, Physical Ed. Raymond Ray, M.A. Assistant Professor, Physical E. Ruby V. Redinger, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Philosophy Nicholas R. Rimboi, M.A.Ed. Director, Technical Institute Alvin A. Rood, B.S. Assistant Professor, Mathematics lrving Rozalsky, B.Met.E. lnstructor, Met. Eng. Marjorie H. Schecter, M.A. Instructor, English Dwight L. Penney, B.S. Instructor, Eng. Drg. Sarah M. Pereira, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Mod. Languages Emil N. Perout, B.Met.E. Instructor, Metallurgy Edwin A. Pfeil, B.S. in Ed. lnstructor, Eng. Drg, Willard J. Poppy, Ph.D. Professor, Physics Randolph C. Randall, M.A. Professor, English LTY Russell R. Ehrhart, A.B. Cooperative Training Donald C. Fabel, D.Eng. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Robert J. Farrell, B.E.E. instructor, Electrical Engineering George H. Faust, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, History and Political Science John A. Froebe, A.B., LL.B. Assistant Professor, Accounting Frank J. Gallo,, B.S.E. Instructor, Structural Engineering Elmer E. Haskins, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Mathematics Mayo S. Heath, B.S.M.E. lnstructor, Mech. Eng. Robert H. Hedrick, B.S. Instructor, Chemistry Anne B. Hisey, B.S.M. i Assistant Professor, Music l Dorothy B. Horning, B.A. instructor, Mathematics Francis E. Johnson, M.A. Assistant Professor, Elec. Eng. Gerald U. Greene, Sc.D. Professor, Chem. and Met. Eng V. Richard Gulbenkian, M.A. Instructor, English Raymond R. Gutzman, M.S. Instructor, Mathematics Eugene G. Haas, Ph.D. Professor, Chemistry Virgil D. Hales Associate Professor, Eng. Ernest C. Harris, B.C.E. Associate Professor, Struc. Drawing CD Eng Richard B. Small, M.A. instructor, Mod. Languages Geo. H. Smith, M.A. Assistant Dean of Engineering George W. Srail, M.A. Assistant Professor, Speech and Dramatics Joseph W. Sutlift, M.A. Associate Professor, Chem. Eng. Aaron J. Teller, M. Ch. Ed. Assistant Professor, Chem. Eng. Horace R. Thayer, S.B., M.S. Assistant Professor, Mechanics TTT. 'X Q, .Qx J...iCL.L.,i' Robert W. Schindler, M.S. Associate Professor, Elec. Eng. Walter A. Schirmer, B.S.M.E. Assistant Professor, Mech. Eng. Harold Seymour, A.M. Assistant Professor, History Glenn H. Shakley, A.B. Instructor, Accounting Kenneth S. Sherman, B.S.E.E. Assistant Professor, Elec. Eng. George B. Simon, Litt. B. Associate Professor, Speech Demetrios E. Theodore, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Economics Blanche Hall Tolar, M.A. Associate Professor, Mathematics Marion B. Tolar, M.A. Professor, Mathematics Frank J. Tomich, M.A. Associate Professor, Mod. Lang. Chester W. Topp, M.A. Assistant Professor, Mathematics Robert F. Truelsch, B.E.E. Instructor, Elec. Eng. QTY Donald R. Tuttle, Ph.D. Professor, English l Karl H. van oflden, A.M. Assistant Professor, Mod. Languages Walter R. Van Voorhis, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Mathematics Wm. von Reichbauer, M.A., LL.B. Assistant Professor, Accounting Urban F. von Rosen, C.P.A. , Professor, Accounting John W. Walter, B.B.A. l Cooperative Training Bruce T. Brickley, M.A. Assistant Director, Admissions Thomas L. Dotson, M.A. Assistant Professor, Pers. Develop. Thomas N. Dwyer, B.B.A., LL.B. Assistant Finance Director Clifford L. Graves, M.A. Vocational Counselor Eliiah H. Hartley, B.S. Vocational Counselor Samuel Ward, M.S. Professor, Mech. and Matls. Sara Ruth Watson, Ph.D. Associate Professor, English Frank E. Wilson, M.A.Sc. Assistant Professor, Struc. Eng. Homer E. Woodling, M.A. Professor, Health 81 Phys. Ed. Bertha L. Bottle, Hostess Eleanor J. Bouquard, M.A. Vocational Counselor Q f T' 2 is Till 1 . 5-' 1 , .4 '.', L 2, h R 31 1 ' 29 P. J. Robechek, A.B.,M.D. College Physician Gilbert S. Serafini Veterans Administration Julius J. Schreiber, M.A. Vocational Counselor Walter G. Sites, M.A. Assistant Professor, Pers. Develop. Emil J. Stefancis, A.B., B.S. in Acting Librarian Richard S. St. John, B.B.A. Assistant Finance Director 'xv '-1. if it Q Joseph S. Kopas, M.A. Professor, Pers. Develop. George A. Leech, M.A. Counseling Supervisor- Allice J. Lewis Manager, Cafeteria Lee A. Marshall, M.A. Vocational Counselor Lillian M. McQuillet Housemother, Women's Dorm Foster T. Miller, M.A. Vocational Counselor Gene M. Schott, B.S., R.N. College Nurse Wayman H. Thomasson, A.B. Public Relations Director Ola l. Twerell ' Manager, Bookstore George Whalen Building Superintendent Bertram W. White, B.A. Assistant Director of Admissions Grace D. Wright Housemother, Men's Dorm "Nw 'Nr . i554 'X ei 5'-2 'wr N f- K -uf mg 'N '94 R . X 1 "5 V7 lm ANN aff "N . 2 5 ' , -I, V .. f's.,Q "ZW "-f' -,L """'-. f Q Jkbzv- . 4 f i 5 , , s A , if if fwdf' J . y t rning and tor pe of opportunity, both for procticot eo , the cooperative pton" "Doors t are opened by emptoymen , rmunent CLASSES 1. l L fgmi llizlax L3 rw: 'fi ' wt. 'T' rz ': li Q. l.. 1 ,E Lf 'fb- Carlyle K. Adams Delores L. Albanese William S. Albert Donald Altmos Elmer Anderson Richard F. Anderson Frank J. Ankuda Joseph R. Antal Robert J. Antal Mable H. Ashmus ' James V. Aubrecht, Jr. Robert J. Auer Paul R. Babyak Carl J. Bachman Frank C. Badke, Jr. Mathew P, Bakota Joseph F. Bukowski Steve Barbat Robert C. Barch Martin P. Barrett Joseph P. Bauer Jacob Bayer Grenfall J. Beachler Harold Beck Otto Beck William J. Bender Roger Beniamin Ernest J. Benko Irving R. Berger George F. Bergold I' fl r"'1 - B 'f N Lf Q? 4 iii.. Q tj? Raymond J. Besch James Biondolillo Robert Black Richard Bock William Bonner Anthony D. Borrelli Joseph A. Bofirius Robert F. Bowers Richord K. Boyer E. Henry Brcnuer Warren H. Brounlich John Bride Orison F. Browder Paul T. Buhrow Leroy R. Burke John P. Butterfield Edward J. Capretto Reuben C. Carlson John L. Casini Charles R. Cassidy Robert J. Castle William G. Cerbin Robert G. Chambers Joseph Chamot Hallie A. Cheslock Robert C. Childs Frank T. Cole James P. Corio Lily A. Corrado George E. Coultas gf? Q3 Z5 Q .FB Pi A59 Q 38 Nelson H. Cox James J. Crahen Donald R. Cufri James T. Davidson Edward G. Delfs Harry J. Derogon Lucille M. DeRoia Nicholas V. DiCello Melvin L. Dieterich Kenneth R. Dodge Poul H. Dork Frank J. Drsek Roy E. Duer William E. Dunn Steven M. Durica Bernadelfe F. Durst Harry C. Dyserf Edward J. Dziedsiak Carl J. Eble Melvin L. Eckhouse Richard J. Egan William J. Elperin Charles D. Engle Ralph H. Erlanger Russell K. Eyerdam Michael Fatica William E. Fehrenbach Willard A. Flagg, Jr Harold Franklin Murray S. Fruchter John P. Fush Walter Gage Charles E. Gallik Richard F. Gang Donald J. Gargiulo Domenick J. Garibolli Nick Gatz Samuel L. Gershenson Leland R. Gerwin Winston P. Gilpin Raymond J. Gindle iVictor B. Good Norman P. Graziani Albert R. Griesbach Robert F. Griffin Alex Grinkevich Domenic J. Grosso Martin Gurney Edward G. Hable Leonard H. Hadde Robert S. Hamers Fred C. Hampton George W. Hancock William B. Hartley James E. Hayman Walter J. Hegedus Ruth F. Hessler Edward W. Hird Raymond R. Holberger Edward R. Horeis f . fi if I--: P'-el All S ff. Anlhony A. Horvath Harry L. House - Russell G. Hulfer Edward W. lmm Dominick P. lnsana, Jr. Averill R. Jackson Bernard J. Jaffa Emil C. Janko Edward D. James George R. Jasper Elmer A. Jeske Southey Johnson Hugh L. Johnsfen Louis L. Jones William A. Joyce Louis T. Kalus 5 Robert H. Kanlner Howard J. Kaschyk Frank Kastelis Eleanor V. Kauffman Edwin J. Ketchel Francis J. Kilbane Fenton D. King Lewis O. King Clyde E. Kirsch George M. Klein Robert H. Kneebone Daniel Kolczynski Thomas J. Kreps Waller S. Krysiak QQ U E A., HAT Ps! E A Fill 1 KNX U Henry F. Kubiczek Robert M. Kughn Peter Kulka George A. Kundmilier Martin C. Lally Leo E. Landoll Warren D. Langer John C. Lanzendorfer John R. Laughlin Milton J. Lawrence George Lazarou Jace Leach Richard F. Leaders Sidney Lefkovitz Stanley J. Lepkowski Paul Levitt John J. Lewis Guy D. Liccardi Sanford W. Likover Kenneth G. Lipstreuer Charles G. Liszkay Charles W. Little Walter H. Loew Charles J. Lonsdale Elmer L. Lorence John R. Lowe Betty M. Lucas Richard Mack ' Niles J. Mackey Edward B. Manley Cornell Mann Lester J. Manlifel William A. Markeff Richard H. Maurer Rose Marie Mayher Arthur G. Mazarakis Richard G. McAllister Esther L. McGar Susie McGinnis Arthur R. Metzger Harold C. Meyer Lawrence Mickey William R. Miller Harland M. Milne Oliver L. Misel Frank W. Moliski, Jr. Wilford C. Montross Robert A. Morris, Jr. Steve Mozolifs Edward L. Murphey Walter Nau Alvin A. Nayman Roy L. Neiderlander Eugene Neidermeyer Ralph A. Nelson William Neundorfer William F. Newberry Richard E. Nordquesl' Chester M. Novak Roy L. Ordakowski E17 ilhl E if? .Je Q2 LJ John P. Orszak Elmer P. Orvis Alvah O. Osborn John D. Ostberg Carl E. Ostrom John M. Partridge Andrew S. Pastor Theodore Patrick Edward S. Pavlik Carl W. Peplowski Glenn M. Petty Charles T. Pierotti 48 1 William F. Pierson Albert Pig naliello Beniamin Pintenich Frank G. Pollack Roy Nicholas Popil David Power E. Prclsse Frank J. Prosek Ernest A. Pulforcl, .Ir Herschel Rabinovilz' Fred W. Randall Frederick H. Ray Stanley A. Reed Ufus Ralph Reinker Daniel M. Rew J. Rhodes Clyde W. Richardson Gordon R. Richmond Milton J. Riddle Kenneth D. Roberts John Rock Robert C. Roller Louis J. Rosenberg Robert Rossofl' Laddie J. Roth Stephen Roth Carl R. Ruberstein Robert J. Rucinski Doris E. Ruder Joseph S. Rung Charles E. Rupel, Jr. Edward F. Rusak John G. Russell Sylvia E. Russu Herbert R. Ryerson Edward L. Sadler Edward J. Salomon Richard A. Salamon Clark R. Safava Edward L. Satola Harry D. Schad James C. Schaefer Robert V. Schmotzer Anthony J. Schneider Fred T. Schuller Reidar H. Seaholm Robert E. Searle Julius S. Sedensky Harry C. See John P. Senkyr George E. Serieko Sam Shoroba ' Robert F. Sherod Harold R. Shimp Morcgoret Silver John M. Simiele Earl H. Simon James H. Simpson John J. Sims Andrew P. Slivka Floyd Smith Genevieve Smith James H. Smith Robert E. Snyder Andrew R. Sobek Richard A. Sommer George W. Spence Warren K. Stanord Henry B. Stankiewicz Norman Stansky Douglas Stapleton William Stassfurth Robert W. Strachan Jack B. Stokoe Edward L. Stoupa Terrance G. Sullivan Lawrence A. Sulser Rene W. Summersgill Raymond J. Surman Casimir M. Szastak Kimiko Tashima Melvin Tessler John G. Theodore Edward Tober Frank Traviglia, Jr. Robert J. Turek Edward J. Tyzenhouse Lynn Van Sycle John J. Velesky Edward J. Violand Cyril M. Vodhanel Clyde A. Voll Arthur E. Wharenberger William Walker Robert E. Wardle Carl B. Weber Clifford E. Whitehouse Robert Widen William J. Wihebrink Karl Will Joseph Witt John J. Wolf Robert F. Wolf John A. Workhoven John Wurm Xenophon L. Zopis Zdzizlow S. Zcupisek John Zderko Donald Zeman Maurice W. Zoh ns Leonard R. Langowski Charles J. Lantz Carl R. Bernhardt Robert T. Bey George T. Biggs Ernest L. Blasko Ralph'Boehm Francis J. Brennan John J. Brincka Joseph E. Brinza Paul T. Brugman Domenic G. Carbone James M. Cherrie Thomas M. Cooney Robert H. Cunningham Harold F. Dauterman Betty Jane Dubecki David E. Edwards Richard A. Ellington Homer D. Farr Paul D. Ferris Hugh J. Galbraith Bernard Gembala Max L. Gillam Gordon R. Graves Richard A. Grospitch Peter Lucak Donald F. Greetham Dale G. Hebron Heinz G. Henning William R. Hill Nicholas Hudak Richard E. Johnson Raymond L. Knaack Frank Kreiner Joseph H. Lesko Earl H. Lewis Wallace S. Luce Frank Markun Jacob C. Moser James F. Porcello ' Robert F. Schwartz Mary Shinmoto Norman S. Simons Arthur H. Strassmeyer Edward G. Teutsch Ellen E. Wahl Alice Wilson James E. York Wilson Zukie J' Steve Bcurbat Richard Bock Roy Duer Frank Troviglia Gordon Kirk Ralph Nelson Don Gorgiulo UWQQ 4:..f . Nilliur David 'wosepf 1" " t illiam Bonner :vid Power seph Bauer Helen Oates Marguerite Ragon Donald Jack Gene De Mario Gilbert MacMichael Emil Janko Edward James John Wurm John Lanzendorfer Douglas Bogart 59 tdward Imm Wilford Sayers I David Francis Robert Kughn UN Joseph Bakowski Edward Murphey John Smart 60 Clyde Richardso Charles Albrecht Sidney Schneide Dorothy Makowski Gloria Cardwell Stanley Kiczek W 2 W Y.1, W' A -Q A Pauline Krosowski i W WW ii ff W' ' ffliff Wlelyy LDA M Jim Corso Doris Seitz W NWW 4, . l W W all W W. 'Wi W W W' clrl Connell ,MW l-Iill Kroot W 5-W . . lg'Jcille De Rolo ,fl url Ostrom William Dunn Milton Mackey Kenneth Beer Edward Sfoupa Nick Gafz John Pruzinsky 61 Mclirr Eber Baron Borbee Loiczcono Borcxzcmion Knight McNeeIy Dittmcxn Beneke Zolar . Schaffer Levig ne . Stcxsik Domenico Mcxhtar U N E C? R. Allan R. Sladler T. Apfhorp A. Nagy R. Furman W. Howell F. Sako S. Bilfo I. Friedman W. Haessly G. Rosin O. Berkman H. Marlin PRE W. Burton J. Anderson G. Bartiett R. Daelhousen J. Lieberman F. Pospishil W. Harrison E. Just , J. Quetsch A. Friedman E. Plateil D. Cimorell J. Czika HJ - , . ..- - --.gf I. Woodward J. Lynn C. Gaefo A. Schofz L. Davies G. Vossilcxkis A. Fcnloro J. Wclick D. Moryun E. Sfroubel W. Pruff L. Sfein J. Ford E. Behundt D. Hayes R. Hershbergen V. Petrow S. Sfefonko J. Ricchiufo J. Modico J. Youngblood J. Krause R. Neilsen D. King S. Simon F. Kozeluh E. Pcurro D. Schott J. Monosho R. Booth U. Junno E. JefTery J. Bianco C. Erockey H. Cumler C. Castle G. Novak R. Baker Gregory Benko Engel French Bobcll Barber Reifz Knoop Scholz Arthur Cameron Leonard Laubler Hlrvl Banks C. Scobie L. Gecleon D. Spencer B. Ferrafo B. Sahli J. Cowley J. Fircz G. Sfibor C. Walter C. Simonian B. Nedwich M. Picone R. Schubert G. Schumacher R. Binder E. Zbacnik R. Reidl H. Hammer G. Hansen L' W ii iii ,, , , X i, img, A. Szoniszlo H. Seufer V. Sycz G. Lcufonen J. Clark S. Barton J. Geither F. Polcyn B. Klcncher G. Prucha W. Dix E. Lohrey R. Gedeon J. Weidman R. Koenig L. Beckermcxn D. Amtsberg C. Sobey C. Roth P. Derrig M. Waiters ,,. 1 xx. s., C. Andrzeiewski C. Henrichson R. Collumb G. Sutherland L. Joyce J. Rekuccwiz C. Pclwlicki F. Correlli N. McQuorren D. Kauffman P. Heller C. Reeves S. Noske B. Acker M. Zeedickle D. Llponye D. Blum S. Bruder l. Andrus A. Pinfenich B. Brcxier R. Lcmtz J. Toifel E. Thulin W. Hcxrnock F. Below G. Schneider R. Montgomery W. Kramer R. Pomeroy P. Cutri S. Jaffe J. Petrus E. Birfic R. Hall 1 M. Sedor M. Woodruf? G. Keys B. Anthony W. Ellsworth J. Elly P. Sfevko E. Gerstenberger D. Scherz H. Braumiller E. Roberts W. Konsevick J. Roessler W. Podolny R. Quirk R. Richards D. Sheffler L. Goodwin J. Goodwin E. Miller B. Marshall E. Ferenchik W. Miller M. Goldweber C. Meek W. Den J. Hadlock R. Champer J. Herbkersman FRESH W. Fails F. Denes E. Lorence J. Mclfyus J. Lcxgonicu N. Hrivnak W. Lyfh N. Pusti A. Boschetlo J. Mc:Vey J. MeVey D. Neu M. Richfer G. Cseemitfo K. Ziel R. Billig A. Salvaggio R. Leimbach D. Grelson M. Day SL Liss H. Henderson G. Story J. Shillifo L. Lipcmye J. Etling D. Tirobassi E. Lomb P. Yoscxki E. Paulin C. Crimoldi C. Koberf L. Anderson F. Springmon J. Kevekes P. Horflclub F. Block D. Mische J. Richmond M. Murphy L. Pesek A. Egcm R. Olsen W. Cowley W. Zink J. Kozicufek A. Yozek D. Jacobson L. Ogorzoly J. Justice S. Scioffo D. Kresnye J. Cowley R. McCcmey C. Norton E. McMahon A. Yamane J. Leising Y t i cooperative induskriesf Th tinuon adding new firms to its rs o e Cooperative Work Department is con y K ' ' 1 r 'r - fr,',v,g , vwlfk 2' 1 U Islf P' fmsfif 1, 12.19. 1 -' E' :Un ,V ff .,!,,, -fir 1 ww, in-iJ',vIfl5k ., ,. ,, f,,,, rr' QQ-5 f rl :J , e, f.,,.lf1! -w Q 1, .,,,.l u 5 '24, uw.- Wifi. L. DeRoia I L. Mc1cDoweII R. Hiscock F. Pospishil, President A. Schatz G. Cardwell lntersorority Council The Council was formed to encourage unity and cooperation among the sororities through regulation of pledging, coordination of activities, and sponsoring social and service affairs, its purpose is achieved. For the past two years, the Council has sponsored the sale of articles made by the patients at Sunny Acres. Composed of the president and one appointed member from each sorority, the Council serves as an intermediary between the sororities and the administration. Members of the Council are Gamma Nu Sigma, Lambda Sigma Chi, and Omega Upsilon sororities. I TERFR TER TY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council is the ruling body of the fraternities on the campus. Founded in 1929, the Council is composed of two members from each social fraternity, the president and one elected member, for the purpose of supervising all school activities that occur between the member societies, such as uniform pledging rules, settling of fraternity disagreements, and sponsoring interfraternity social activities. Members of the council are Beta Beta Alpha, Iota Eta, Kappa Delta Phi, Lambda Tau Delta, Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, and Tau Kappa Phi. Seated: 1 A. Rom I W. Medsker, President G. Beecher C. Walters Standing: R. Muse G. Sereiko K. Will R. McCord M. Kaden E. Birtic V. Good S. Gershensen D. Altmos W. Strieble 77 I PL Liqmhwri-I--..fE,,. E dn ' f:'1if.2'J'.2gw 1 ,Z 1- k'LgIf5,iSM-, W - ' .wr I :1..,V,,,.1I-iv ., 1 , Q.. ..Af.u,g'w' - '1i:':, w , .ll -. NI.-N PM Mn ll, Y ' - i It V Z1f.'fi"d' , W1-rv :Haw N g. 1 -Hg 6 g :gg ' ff: W :'W:f:?7'!:""'l'1'9:" -A lm'?l"1'f:7 ' mU!"f"'n:'E ni My WP' Ia' 1 . ' -,f ww",5,.,auJxp,,9vg1A!- w - g " ,jg .qu . !..l' -3:55:51-1:31 7,1 ,-ff. W H Ww'J"1 E2H1111?',:.f-,-If N, I - 1' P ' ' 'f'N ""iFY' 1f'5'f '-ii' 1. f 11' . 1 N .pn L , .., , . - :- -13 'fpgw 5- ' , ' X Q , .,L.,,-Wssgq, ' 1 1 v 'QXES TER XTX ES SOR OR1 ,. ,, .. .... , sfo: .1 4. f -X 'L ' X X, X- A,L. , ., . A , ,,.:. , .A ,. Q -fry.,--D xt 4. . . . . H' 50'm0'Y 1- wxcwimwr- .. . " K W., . Q G: M. Cook Mrs. Cen 9 M. M. G. M. Mr 78 f we fa V ter 41' H ' - Z 71' -.Q , Ashmus Zolcr Ferro Jost s. Center D. Mokowski L. Skolski B. Schwartz G. Cardwell A. Decker if J. Wylie D. Seifz M. Taylor L. De Roia R. Wilson A. Di Benedello ,fm .... .. ,,. . .. - it 014, 45. President Lucille De Roia Vice-President Mable Ashmus Treasurer Mary Zalcir Assisfanf Treasurer Gloria Cardwell Recording Secretary Ellen Summerhill Wahl Corresponding Secretary Harriet Salmary Historian Edith Dieckow Despite its relatively short life, the Gamma Nu Sigma Sorority has become one of the most active organizations on Fenn's campus. The sorority was founded on February 24, 1937 with the purpose of promot- ing good scholarship, good fellowship, and an active interest in the problems of today. Throughout the year, the girls have maintained a full program of activities, including: the Registration Hop, Charity Football tickets, Founders' Day Banquet, Gamma Gavot, theatre parties, Weiner roasts, intramural sports, the Song Fest, and a week at a Chippewa cottage. The climax of the year is the Semi-Formal Dinner Dance. The sorority also Won the Women's All-Sports Trophy for the third consecutive year. ,Ai l fs LAMBDA SIGMA CHI ,of b o A 9151 ? Z President Florence Pospishil Vice President Claire Gaefo Treasurer Ardelh Schatz Recording Secretary La Verne Davies Corresponding Secretary Martha Kelley With the major aim of promoting cooperation, friendship, and leadership among' the girls at Fenn, Lambda Sigma Chi Sorority was organized in October of 1934. In addition to this original purpose, the present members have become active in doing work for the good of the commmunity. On the social side of the 1948-49 calendar, Lambdas had beach parties, Weiner roasts, a welcoming tea for Mrs. Hodnett, the annual Founders' Day Banquet, a sleigh ride and the rush parties for the fresh- men girls. A formal dinner dance was given as a finale to the pledge period. Lambda all-school activities included an informal summer dance, the Thanksgiving Prom, jointly sponsored with the Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, and the annual Lambda Porthole Dance in January. Mrs. Baldwin, J. Youngblood, Miss Bloomquist, F. Williams, M. Kirk. G. Waple Miss Lowndes J. Krause L. Davies C. Gaefo D. Haufh A. Schatz F. Pospishil M. Kelley C. Dunbar , 'TI JI 'ni-tg .,,..,- bf: 1 " H5 -H, W me X ,W XYK, L N QQ f". V455 1' B. Dubecki J. Schmidt B. Lucas L. Moc Dowell J. Adie J. Modiku Moyher Hiscock Rotkcu Krosowski M. Rcxgon, K. Toshima, R. Hcmula, E. Kuhcr f 'fi' 'E' W" I fI"w- al 1 a 5 1 1 s ,fn A-- President Rose Marie Mayher Vice-President Ruth Hisock Recording Secretary Marguerite Ragon Corresponding Secretary Kimi Tashima Treasurer Emily Kuhcr The Omega Upsilon Sorority was founded in December, 1945 by a group of girls who felt the need for another sorority on the campus. An interracial group from the beginning, the group has lived up to the ideals and principles which serve as the basis for its functions and activities. The Omegas have formed ties which are long and lasting. Activities include: co-sponsoring the semi-annual Scholarship Tea with the Home Economics Club, Founders' Day Dinner, Annual Banquet, Rushing and Pledging, Annual Dance with crowning of King are other functions in which the group participates. There are thirteen active and fourteen inactive members Which include seven alumni. JBBA, Beta Beta Alpha Fx President Vic Good Vice-President Elmer Jeske Secretory Jack Partridge Treasurer Ed Kefchel Corresponding Secretary Frank Ankudo Sergeant-of-Arms Winston Gilpin Back in the days of the "old" Penn College, twelve Business Admini stration students founded in 1932 the organization known as Beta Beta Alpha Fraternity. The BBA's claim the distinction of being the first fraternity to own its own house, which is located at 1831 East 27th Street. It is the only exclusively Business Administration fraternity. The Beta Beta Alpha maintains its chartered purposes of promoting fellowship, sponsoring social functions, and scholastic achievement in the business Administration School. Membership is open to students in the day division of the School of Business Administration having a point ratio of 2.0. The fraternity operates on the "bid plan." Under this plan the dues are 35.00 per month and all social functions are free to the members as well as the privilege of brotherhood and facilities of the house. The highlight in the fall is the BBA annual Harvest Prom at which time the Campus Queen is elected. The Moonlight Terrace Dance is another annual affair of the Spring. H. Blending C. Schaffer W. Gilpin R.NeiIsen C. Wolters V. Good R. McNerney J. Czikc J. Partridge L. Longowski E. Ketchel L, Hesselgrove S. Durica G. Beard H. House E. Jeske R. Anders E. Just G. Ebert 7 45-wx R. Fletcher E. Niedermeyer F. Kilbane F. Ankuda E. Murphey C. Albrecht A K' 5, Ls ix rf., Q f' -2-LX Q?'ff1'Yr CQ ESA? Qaww. N Saw' 'FBT-,-,-,,.. ,Neff ,f X YV, .-- . L. -.. .,, .J W. Reed N. DiCeIIo D. Francis H. House P. McQuistion Q' Standing: J. Simiele G. Beachler J. Simashkevich Seated: B. Pinfenich S. Lepkowski J. Theodore 86 Standing: P. Lucak, N. Marr, H. Farr Seated: J. Eber, H. Beck, J. Baron Standing: J. Lix R. Turri Seated: J. Ford A. Keefe F. Smith Standing: A. Pulford, F. Ray Sealed: J. Laughlin, D. Altmos, R. Reinke -rp., 11 1 lil -V -we ,ai fr- ill... .gi If ,Y all Q' 'QA SIG S554 G Q ,megvuilp Chancellor Don Alfmos Counsellor AI Pulford Assessor John Laughlin Professor Russell Reinke Masfer Fred Ray P Iota Eta Fraternity, organized by a group of students in the spring of 1926, is the oldest social fraternity on the Fenn campus. Its activities over the years have been guided by a creed of loyalty - loyalty to school, to country, to organization, and to self. In the past its members have estab- lished an enviable record of scholastic achievement and service to the college. The present uactivesi' are adding to this record through partici- pation and leadership in a variety of the school's athletic, social, and scholastic organizations. Numerous social activities are held each year, including picnics, parties, educational smokers, and informal gatherings. The high spots on the social calendar are the annual formal dance and the May conven- tion and banquet. At this latter function both actives and alumni gather to present awards, install newly elected officers, and renew old friendships. Kappa Delta Phi QYKZAE Ze 7. Q '-135' 3 . 'QV President William HL Sfrieble Vice-President Carl Stone Secretary William Harmounl Treasurer Leonard Hadde Chairman, Bd. Dir. Harry Dyserf Social Chairman Dale Hebron Pledgemasfer Ralph Nelson Originally designated as the Neff Club, the Kappa Delta Phi Fra- ternity became chartered in 1929. At its inception, membership was limited to the Engineering School, but now members are drawn from all three schools of the college. In order to conduct its activities more effectively and to provide for permanent housing of the group, the fraternity became incorporated in April, 1948. Pledged to the maintenance of high moral, scholastic, and social standards, the fraternity is engaged in all phases of school activity. Active participation in intra-mural athletics is encouraged which engenders the competitive spirit for which the fraternity is known. The Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity is owner of the only All-Sports trophy to be permanently awarded to an organization on the campus, by virtue of its having com- piled the highest number of points in the 1937-l940.intramural competitions. The social program embraces both organizational and all-school activity. The All-School Thanksgiving Prom, sponsored by the fraternity provides a pleasant respite from scholastic pursuits. Other functions include the Annual Pledge Banquet and Canoe Party interspersed with "record dances", Play Nights, and beach parties. Through its diverse activities the fraternity strives to foster the spirit of fellowship and cooperation so essential to harmonious living. G. MacMichael C. Gallik R. Olascek W. Vaughn D. Johnson S. Anguilano R. Reinker F. Traviglia A. Jusak A. Mazur V. Mahorich H. Ford . G. Gafzke XQL.F:5Z...e"f!ifg Wes' 4 if .431 VZ:-5 ' fb' '11 fx if , X W 'c,- - L. ,.,w 4, gb 5, , Var: 9 - hir :- W. Kramer, S. Posta, G. Jasper, W. Rogers, J. Carrel, G. Cook. E. Mefti, E. Faulhaber, L. Hevesy, R. Eyerdam, R. Hammers, R. Cox. D if L X., G K IAQ? fig .1 . Barbaf, L. Hadde, D. Hebron, C. Stone, . David, W. Sfrieble, B. Harmounf, C. Maurer .Centa, H. Dyserf, R. Nelson, .Wilcox, E. Skerkoski, G. Richmond. . 89 w E mwia-ummm. :'s"ns1-n-np." 2 fi! T. Cooney, AI. Pignotiello, D. Kolczynski, L. Mickey, E.-Hc1bIe,J.Cc1sini. R. Earnest L Funk E Blrtac T. Kreps G Serelko J Petrus eeeee at 1 1 1 Q? '56 All -. -....h President George Sereiko Vice-President - Joe Petrus Secretary Don Snoke Treasurer John Urwin Asst. Treasurer Albert Pignotiello This fraternity was organized in 1929 to promote scholastic efforts among its members. It was the Lambda Tau Delta fraternity that prompted the formation of the famed "Quintet Club" in 1936, all occupying one house at 2417 Prospect Avenue. Always a social group, they have of late also gained recognition in intramural athletics. Their latest achievement is the championship in touch football. , Their social calendar is varied with the Fun Frolic, the annual banquet, picnics, and beach parties. A new innovation to the scene is the annual presentation of the "Outstanding Member" award, given this year to Glenn Petty. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha weytwzfygf ni 1- ,QV '.,.l l Zig' 1 14 1 ,YQ .V 1 . Chancellor Richard McCord lst Vice Chancellor Richard Mack 2nd Vice Chancellor Thomas Williams Clerk William Davis Treasurer Carlyle Adams Asst. Treasurer Lawrence Previle House Manager Edward Asher Steward James Severa Twenty years ago the nucleus of Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Fraternity was formed when twelve engineering students formed a "club". They had as their objective a social program of brotherhood and scholarly attainment. So successful was the venture that a fraternity charter was obtained from Fenn College, and a headquarters was established in the Medical Building. Under the name of Pi Sigma Tau, the members sought to promote Worthwhile projects of the college, they encouraged scholarships, they endeavored to shape the college careers and lives of their brothers so that both the fraternity and the college could be more proud of them as graduates. Men of mettle matriculated into the organization until it grew strong enough to undertake the supervision of a house just off the campus at 2429 Prospect Avenue. On December 24, 1935, the fraternity incorporated, taking on the letter Alpha for distinctive purposes. Throughout the year seasonally adapted house parties are planned about twice a month. The highlight on the social calendar is the Sweet- heart Prom sponsored about Valentine's Day. The climax of the social year is the Annual Initiation Banquet, a formal function, in May. J. Leach D. Maurer A. Mazarakis L. Prevife A. Bond E. Asher E. Biffinger S. Walser C. Adams miifi . '1 l.,f?QI.-f,.,.'Q,V!"'f . Mlvll C ?? i' fi, gyms : l-Q: if' JSI: YQ, lf ,cw who ff QU 4f'gll-:QQS - N.. ,fl QW 1571 2 XM' of -. :gllflj ' 'mayo J. Cevera, R. Hebron, J. Piriczky, R. Grill, D. Bogart, G. Bergold, D. Leaders, M. Dorsch. C. Bachmann, J. Corio. K. Will, C. North, W. Wensel, J. Barr, D. Mack, M. Comenico, D. Cimorell G. Ritlenmyer, L. Previte. J. Toifel, B. Barch. I. Friedman D. Fauldauer C. Rubersfein H. Cholfin J. Diamond M. Shapiro 94 H. Franklin, S. Lefkovitz, I. Berger, S. Gershenson, M. Eckhouse, R, Rossoff, M. Gurney. . if J. M H H. S. H. R. Peskind Beckerman Green Rabinowifz Simon Berman Fink M Kcden, R. Erlonger, L. Rosenberg, J. Singer, S. Fink, S. Hurwitz M Price, M. Senkfor, M. Tessler. M,Neidif1lK,SeIdner, PTT' Tv 'ifiw 1 it it Ll 1- if Fl fi ,L -tit. 11, ,.., '17, Q lif 1' lam! gill, ,ilu ig, J it Q Qi' . ETPIEQ fb President Milton Kciden Vice-President Carl Ruberstein Recording Secretary Nathan Miller Corresponding Secretory Sidney Hurwitz Treasurer Robert Rossoff Founded in june, 1947, Tau Kappa Phi CTruth, Knowledge, and Fraternityj has grown steadily from a handful of charter members to its present size of more than thirty members and pledges. Primarily a social frat, it also seeks to promote the scholastic and cultural growth of its members. Active in school functions, it has members on the school's publications, and has taken part in intramural football, basketball, bowling, handball, and ping-pong. Its growing alumni is helping to spread the benefits of co-op to the business world. Looking ahead to the future, Tau Kappa Phi seeks to enhance the growth and development of Penn. Standing: R. Sommer F. Ray R. Hutter E. Pulford P. Kulka M. Eckhouse E. Horeis E. Lorence Seated: A. Grinkevich R. Griffin . R. Corlson W. Nou H. Ryerson Absent: .l. Russell , E. Skerkoski Alpha Chi The Alpha Chi Honorary Fraternity is the honorary scholastic society in the Day Division of the Business Administration School at Penn College. Election to the fraternity is reserved to Juniors and Seniors who have maintained a cuinulative average of at least 3.0 and have shown that they possess a high level of character and leadership. Membership is restricted to the addition of five upperclassmen each year. Sterling keys are awarded newly elected members at an annual dinner meeting of the society. l Standing: M. Ashmus J. Leech ' P. Silver Seated: C. Adams D. Carter E. Ketchel 96 Phi Epsilon Nu The aims of the Phi Episilon Nu Fraternity are the promotion of high standards of scholarship and service to the college. Election to the fraternity is made from the upper eighth of the junior Class and the upper quarter of the Senior Class. Each candidate is re- quired to present a prepared paper of at least five hundred words on an engineering topic. S. Lepkowski T. Patrick C. Vodhcnel G. Liccardi Wing and Torch The Wing and Torch Honor Society was organized in 1930 to honor all-around students who are outstanding in athletic, scholastic, and social abilities. Members are selected in the spring of each year. To be eligible, an applicant must have fifty points. He must be approved by the advisor, Mrs. Alberta Prasse Barnes, and then may become a member upon the approval of three-fourths of the society. 97 A. Fofrok, Miss Bloomquist, D. Howard, E. Bitfenger C. Buchmonn, R. Drennan, P. Silver, C. Adams. V 47'-f' If lla -I ' 5. Lgflgl x gi, The Fenn Student Branch of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., is one of the sixty-seven student branches granted a charter by the S.A.E. Membership is open to both the Day and Evening Division engineering stu- dents under thirty years of age. Since the Automotive In- dustry embraces all the engi- neering lields, the members are from the mechanical, electrical, structural, and metallurgical departments of Penn. 98 ,- 'fi . WV. Q 'l q .-J-.x. ' .Q-, .-.. t' .sf .--Q -4 f Jimi:- li lPl1f5'1a""w fm www! lm jf U il TJ l:""" 'll-y G? v X -. A - .V ws, ....a..esf6.efna,..1Li, The first Greek national honorary society to make its appearance on the Penn cam- pus was the Alpha Psi Ome- ga. It was founded in Febru- ary, 1948 when the Kappa Zeta cast of Alpha Psi Omega was installed at Fenn. This is the first dramatics fraternity in Fenn's history. 2 V The Fenn Society of Struc- tural Engineers is the oldest professional organization on the campus. Membership of the F.S.S1E. consists of Structural Engi- neering students from both Day and Evening Divisions, alumni, and faculty of the Structural Engineering De- partment. The Society's occasional bulletin, "Strictly Structural," keeps its members informed as to the Department's developments and also serves as an agency for data sheets by which everyday technical structural data can be put into useful and practical form. fi Qi 5.5, .1 2 +L.: ,--.. rl 1 'K-'z 2..,1.','., fr ' -. 1.4. ALJ ,'., 1'-.3 The Fenn Society of Elec- trical Engineers Was char- tered in 1941. It was organ- ized to promote further inter- est in electrical engineering. Field trips, technical movies and lectures are among its activities. The purpose of the F.S.E.E. is to promote higher educa- tional standards among Fenn's Electrical Engineering students and to promote a means for the mutual discus- sion and solution of problems encountered by individual members. 00 ff, I rv 1' Q -f mf' V4 Q 1' 3x u Fenn's Xoborotorie s ore both on ond off the campus T1 The Day Student Council is the governing body of all student activi- ties. Among its duties, ,the Council has control of the allocation of student activity fees and is responsible for the disbursement of funds to the various Day School activities. A The activities sponsored by the Council are: the three publications, the honorary fraternities, varsity and intramural sports and student super- visory groups. This year the Day Student Council and the Nite Student Council sponsored the Christmas Ball, held at the Hotel Carter and attended by 500 couples. The aim of the Student Council is "to secure the highest standards of scholarship, promote good fellowship, encourage extra-curricular activities, and develop civic consciousness among the members of the college." Walter S. Schc:fTer P d Day Student Council 103 66 97 Cauldron 4 Max Price Ed Leickly Editor-in-chief Business Manager Charles Gottschalk Bob Montgomery Bob Pappas Robert Stevens Harriet Sandor Robert Cumler Bob Antal Managing Editor News Editor Sports Editor Make-Up Editor Exchange Editor Photographer Stat? Artist The Cauldron, Fenn's Weekly publication, Was organized in 1929 to serve as the melting pot of current college events. The purpose of the Cauldron is "to print news of interest to students, give students an opportunity for journalism experience, and advance the Welfare of the students and the college through uncensored editorial policy? W4 in A 'Q 1, W MJ, ,aw t. ,X iw- V 1 Z fLQiQ AA'A if 4f4'TFe.,-all . it sr 6 Dagmar Kunz Percy Bray Editor-in-chief Business Manager Tom Linder Managing Editor Dale Hershberger Circulation Manager Ronald Reidl Photographer Dr. Ruby V. Redinger Faculty Advisor WRITING AND OPERATIONS Lucille DeRoia John Werkhaven Douglas Bogart Mary Ann Zalar William Berchin Ronald Reidl Homer Crissinger LaVerne Davies- Bob Anlal Charles Repp Earl Bitfinger Betty SCl1WarlZ Joe Barron Robert Kirchhoff Topper is the quarterly publication of Penn College,' devoted to creative writing of all students. Topper grew out of a small rnimeo- graphed periodical, bearing the title, Perspective, which was published for the students of Nash junior College in 1932. The present magazine received its name through a contest conducted among the students in February of 1938. During the contest proceedings, the February issue was printed with a large question mark on the cover in place of a title. an Xx, ..4. 4. Gif W Z, . ig 107 CCF I are!! ' Robert Schmotzer Steven Durica Editor-in-chief Business Manager Vance Chamberlin Faculty Advisor Sal Anguilano Associate Editor Irving Berger Senior Class Editor Clyde Walter Class Editor Clarence Schaffer Fraternity Editor Florence Pospishil Sorority Editor Richard Sheffler Art Editor Victor Good Co-Advertising Manager Harold Franklin Co-Advertising Manager Nicholas Di Cello Activities Editor You have in your hand the result of a year's effort on the part of the Fanfare staff. This year we tried something new in the way of pro- ducing our yearbook. Instead of reproducing our photographs by engrav- ings, we used lithography. Through this medium, we were able to use more interesting layouts for no extra cost. We hope you are satisfied with the result. We wish to thank the Cleveland Automobile Club and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for their generous cooperation by permitting us to use their premises for photographic purposes. 1 1 we ,Qi . , ,T VI, X - ima f .M ...., f , NL, 3 r 3.4 , 2 . , , . 'G-1"y.?:,.f-jg' , x , X rx, ,A v., 'Vx ff 1 fx 1 'Sw 'Va ' Q ,V , 109 who V, Wagga , , L4-Q gff1.A,7 ., ,aw v N -mg.-.,f1,1 ' 1, A :Wiz w ,, ' f 1522913565 H -X' 'L xg'.f?,sy2w , , .f X f ii " 'f.f:: 4 f wif? 5' 1' fp-mf, 'Z o"'X'iT' fesmfg few. P ,wQh:f5Q,,'e , ,JV Q R- f 5,1 :ff xg " :lf V w 1ige?f V ' V ef? fi - , ff! ' ',-ew, . i K 1- sl: "T f .A , f M -", -.A,34"! . 4,..4+ N' ,Q x .z 1 J rr fa ,---,., ,,-, F' at--X .ww ', .neu I ,' rf,- ,, , 1 , , ,. . . 1 The Women's Council sets the standards for the women of the college and acts in an advisory capacity to all Wom- en groups. Its members are elected by the classes and the group is guided by the Dean of Women. O The Association is organ- ized for the purpose of study- ing and discussing current marketing problems, to pro- vide a local forum for discus- sion and research and to offer members the opportunity to enjoy social contacts with others in the field. It is a student affiliation of the American Marketing Associa- tion, the national organiza- tion for marketing students and business men. ,, f-- . M. , 1 l, ,.. i ,N if -7"-"l l I 1 " ll -6 ..f if .lc cmmpln , fu -Q-wnznfemfawnuwvmnrfwiwmm-w lx.: , 5: i vi For those students who have mutual interests along photographic lines, the Cam- era Club promotes activity in photography, maintains ade- quate equipment including a dark room, and assists all members in the use of photo- graphic equipment. Camera field trips, contests, guest speakers and instruc- tions stimulate member's in- terest in their hobby. A The Psychology Club, com- posed of Day and Evening students, was organized to promote interest in psycholo- gy among its members. To obtain this end, month- ly meetings are held which include lectures by promi- nent psychologists, field trips are conducted, and Dr. Cri- der hypnosis demonstration is presented. The "Psycho- gram," their monthly bulle- tin, conveys news and infor- mation to its members. The purpose of the Wom- en's Dorm Council is to co- ordinate the activities of the residents. The Council helps in carrying out the house rules, arranging a serving list for the dinner hour, and car- rying out other duties for which dorm residents are responsible. The Dorm holds several social functions each year, a Halloween Party, a Christ- mas Party and the Moonlight Terrace Dance. TQ, ly 11 5-X 13 V x 3 Cf: ' ,rm 'slay' , X If A.. Tir T 9 ' V ,AXA-. ,T g V -X 7'Y ,fi Q 3 ,-e..,,4- I4--,fr ,v ,N - .,. V, A. 1 wlllulcifl Lflftlfll Mill VfcJo1wLflllVt:ll ?"'5 ,, 4 Ml QV rm V trim fliLse3i4Vwullrif31l .-,..,.,-, , , . V - -- V V , ,, .,,,. -wnf,.Vw,,mnm4fmwmm The Men's Dorm Council was organized in 1940 as the governing body of the Fenn Tower Dormitory Associa- tion. Membership consists of all residents in the dorm. This organization is also the official representative medi- an between residents and the school administration. 112 To develop better acting and script writing among the Fenn Students, the Radio Ac- tors and Script Writers Socie- ty was formed in November, 1947. Esau A T'TDTl,.. ,F W, ll mmm it l2QLM:H'as J ld ' lkl We mfftllm-'f-Tb kj I X , Tir fl , .gif-3.11Z7f .4 .g ,X pf ,1 .. f ,,-N5,,,7Q,-5 4- b'!s5':.f- 'Vw L llyrl EJ The Fenn Players organ- ized to learn about dramatics and to study the backstage work necessary for the pro- duction of a first class play. This year they successfully presented "The Late Christo- pher Bean" and "Curse You, Jack Daltonf, H3 4 i Q . ., il fp 1. The Newman Club, a national organization of Catholic students attending secular and non-catholic universities or colleges, has one of its most active chapters on the Fenn Campus. The club meets twice monthly at which time Rev. Joseph Skrocki, the club's moderator, speaks on religious points of interest. Several social affairs which include dances, parties, stunt night and picnics are held each year. 3gf,g35g,gtLv?'f.7,.Ff,-" -QI' '51-, f- f 'nie-f.'L'ff:,, f' 17 V, ,Eii?214a5f,g j,:'4fH' ff" 4:,?bw?,,'ff4fn.,'C-ff :.:f,-4-'g'ff,p'z The Sociology Club was organized to try to under- stand the social problems in and around Cleveland. This is accomplished by discussion and conducted tours of the city. It has extended its pur- pose to include the study of the various customs, curiosi- ties, institutions, and habits of dilferent peoples. The Home Economics Club, organized in 1945 un- der the guidance of Miss A. Noetzel, club advisor, brings together those students inter- ested in home making. Activi- ties during the past year in- cluded being hostesses at sev- eral teas in honor of faculty and visitors of the college and attendance at the Home Eco- nomics Regional Conference. The Radio Club was or- ganized to further the inter- ests of amateur radio and to give the members technical knowledge of the theory of radio transmitters and re- ceivers. The weekly meetings include discussions on the latest developments in the field of radio. ff-2 ,a--' ll ,," -,fuzz lVllclU,l1w U ill' ull ,Ind LL, ls ,Jaw f ,f,'?"XfTl ' V 5 5 T-1 Lf, , I 4 l U 11,1 4, All , AA l iii 'WM' rf'l1W' if l Lili ba .avid avr... cg,-f 6 lxgils 'f L- gd' The Fenn Math Club was organized in the summer of 1948 to promote the study and discussion of ,various phases of mathematics. Mem- bership is open to all students who have completed two quarters of Calculus and have submitted a written paper to the Membership Committee of not less than 750 words pertaining to some mathe- matical subject. It is the policy of the club to put on three programs dur- ing each quarter which are open to all students. The Women's Athletic As- sociation is organized to en- courage Fenn Co-eds to par- ticipate in intramural sports, recreational activities, and to develop the physical, social and mental nature of the members. xkl 1 'TFT 7' A 3 A 'si 1 3 3 1 L , 1 X ' F- f"x fix! If-i f 9 4 'xx . i W 1 Y! f ,MT ffl M fl TlTilf','1f'r"q f'g,M-fi f swim' lg is W1 sfsTV'i:v9 i, ML '- --, L Qi 7 W A S llllpym r slr, ill I p f -,M ,N W 1 ..'.. .LL 'LJ LBJ- l:1-,.,,',,-,'-'-,.- L - The purpose of the "F" Club is to promote apprecia- tion of the varsity "FH, stimu- late student interest in ath- letics and extend Fenn's inter- est abroad. Membership is open to those students who have been awarded the var- sity for competition in varsity sports. 118 The Fenn Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is one of the most recent professional societies to be added to the college's activities. It has been granted a charter from the national organization of the ASME following the accreditation of the School of Engineering by the Engineers Council for Professional' Development. Membership is open to engineering students from both the day and eve- ning divisions. The regular meetings provide an opportunity for the members to meet recognized leaders in the field of engineering, and the occasional bulletin "Fengineer"i keeps the members informed of the latest gossip within the department. , The constitution of the Fenn Student Branch of the ASME states its purpose as "the advancement and dis- semination of knowledge of the theory and practice of me- chanical engineering, the pre- sentation of a proper perspec- tive of engineering work, and the opportunity to become acquainted with the person- nel and the activities of the Society as well as to promote a professional consciousness and fellowship." Under the able guidance of Mrs. Hisey, the Chorus has become one of the most active organizations on the campus. The Chorus is called upon to perform regularly at the Convocations, Com- mencements, and during the holiday seasons. At Christi mas time, the traditional the Chorus sang carols in the Tower lobby. They also spon- sor the annual Play Nite. 7. lf: l .al--1, -A 1 f- , l l x 1 l l I i Y , vi ': ' I ' -fa 1:1 'Qui "f .A .Q :- V .. r s l4 uuise1m,1mr v , The Modern Language Club is one of the new clubs on the campus, founded dur- ing the last school year. i The purposes of this club are: "the academic pro- motion of the study and use of the modern languages out- side the classroom. The social stimulation of interest in the life, customs, institutions, cul- ture, and better literature and music of the various nations by encouraging extracurricu- lar social, cultural, and edu- cational activities." 1 19 The Fenn Gun Club was started in September, 1948 by Daniel Rew and Sam Sharaba under the guidance of Prof. C. J. Kishel. The Club received its charter from the National Rifle Association in December. The purpose of the organ- ization is to promote good sportsmanship, good fellow- ship, and above all, to teach its members safety in the use of firearms. The Gun Club is designed for all students of Fenn who are interested in shooting, hunting, or gunsmithing. At present, the only activity held has been a pistol match between some fac- ulty members and club mem- bers. Future shooting matches between the Fenn Gun Club and other college clubs are be- ing planned. T C 1' 1 W l 1 -1 1-X ,7:..g,-,ft ' g . , X i i , H ml P+- 1 -rt - ,HH lili- nfs.- i,,.,. .aa xJf1-...4. 4- ,.-.g .xg ,, X Q v -.-Y, t ,mia L1 -f-q , f . ii 'vw if LJ' il it 1 w -. . ' U coins. . 4- La Q. .J The Liberal Club was or- ganized in January and com- prises 2l active members. The Club's purpose is to have in- formal discussion on current issues, and through reading and exchange of ideas to form liber- al opinions on answers to to- day's problems of living. The Club has already dis- cussed such important issues as the problem of China, the situation in Israel, college edu- cation in America, and the eco- nomic situation as explained in President Truman's speeches. All of these topics were pre- sented by students through care- ful reports on pertinent books or by utilizing term papers. Those who have a liberal point of view, recognize the necessity of economic and social progress, and plan to contribute to the group as well as learn from it, may join by attending one of the meetings held in school. 120 The Personnel Management Association, which was formed early in 1949, is one of the most recent additions to the college's order of pro- fessional societies, and already seems destined to be one of the most active organizations on the campus. Membership to this organization is open to any day division student majoring in Personnel Management who has attained the rank of pre-junior or higher and has a cumulative average of at least 2.0. The purpose of this organization is to promote the informal study and consideration of Personnel and Hunlan Relations in industry, and to facilitate contacts between members of this organization with Person- nel executives in the Greater Cleveland area. A The group works in a close relationship with the Cleveland Per- sonnel Association, whose officers serve as the Industrial Advisors. Personnel Management Association Classroom 'theory is tried and oppUed on the cooperative Koh XVXSKD NC-D Evening Student Council is the governing body of Evening Division students. It is a representative group of thirty members from the schools of Business Administration, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Technical Institute. Council members are elected by popular vote in May of each year. Evening Student Council provides the financial backing for the Nite Shift, weekly publication for evening students. Through its Social Committee, Council plans after-school dances and social functions. The annual Christmas Ball is planned by Evening Student Council in alternate years in cooperation with Day Council. A program for the use of school athletic facilities by evening students is maintained by Council's Athletic Committee. Each year Council plans a Recognition Assembly at which time awards are presented to student leaders and the Activities Trophy awarded to an outstanding campus organization. Monthly business meetings are held the first Saturday of each month. 124- mm 14 -xx na W 7z :,- :af-uw f:4m.g141 RA Q31 ,-x. , L F17 7 , Ls QL' i lg' fi 5-. LQ' H' U -fmi ig. Mg, r Fifi L if-W. QQ ,ffm U B xi 1' U GPN .ep r Nl! his Aan in M .-. qi 1, s T CFFICERS President ........................ Andrew P. Slivko Vice President ..... .......... L ily Corrado Secretary ......... ..... E loise Grant Treasurer ....... Sidney Roberts i11nn l J, W, 5. 5- f ' it fl fu Robert' Harris Robert Speidel Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Thomas L. Maloney ............ Assistant Editor Eloise Grant ............ ..,.. M anaging Editor Sam Parina ...................... Make-up Editor Ann Klucho ............,. Organizational Editor Mary Ann Kovach .............. Feature Editor The reporting staff of the paper includes representatives of all active Evening Division organizations. The Nite Shift is administered by an Advisory Board, which has equal representation from the paper and from Evening Student Council in addition to the faculty advisor, George B. Simon. The paper is financed through an appropriation from Evening Student Council. 7 M. Kolb A. Gallagher M. Placer E. Garraway 128 L. Zulewski, E. Kauffman, D. Hradek, l. Roth, A. Hughes G. Angelaf J. Kunes H. Deacon M. Hahn L. Corrado, E. Jonik, E. Neidhcurf, A. Gclneo, M. Wiegmon 'ii'-'i'3g'5Lff?i 'li'l,ITf" Eff-.9 QS? Iota Tau Lambda Jane Kunes .............................. President Ann Klucho ...... .........,.. V ice President Miriam Hahn ............ Recording Secretary Mary Wiegmon ........ Corresponding Secy. Iota Tau Lambda Sorority is a national night school sorority with five chapters, one in Columbus, two in Dayton, and two in Cleveland. Delta Chapter of Fenn was organized in 1938. The most recently organ- ized chapter, Gamma, was granted its charter this last fall. It is the alumnae group of Delta members. Delta's members have been active in all school activities and the Chapter was awarded the Activities Trophy given by the Evening Stu- dent Council each year to the night school organization obtaining the greatest number of activity points. This Trophy was won for three years in a row, thus enabling the Chapter to keep it on a permanent basis. Iota Tau Lambda Sorority and Lamba Iota Delta Fraternity sponsor an annual all-school dance in April of each year, which is called the "Fr-atority Frolic." Each year one of the chapters acts as hostess in planning the yearly convention, which is held the third week-end in July. This, plus the news magazine, Lambda? Lantern, published twice a year helps to keep the members in touch with girls. in other chapters. The purposes of Iota Tau Lambda are: self-improvement, fraternal- ism, and render service to college and community. 9 O ' ff' ci fi ll ,Y-.Z ,., .. lil fe, in, r , ff f "el 1: ta: 'fi' ES 'L .J c I" f".,,59l. P ,F ,QL 1. President Betty Beveridge ..... Lana Casini ........ .,... V ice President Betty Snyder ..... , ........ Secretary Nancy Houser ..... ............ T reasurer Kappa Sigma Upsilon Sorority was the first Evening Division Soror- ity at Fenn. It was organized in 1937 by seven girls who are at present the Charter Members. The aims of the Sorority are "To develop a unified college spirit among the girls of the Evening Division, to study the needs of the girls and to support and instigate such projects as will further their interests culturally, socially, and physically, to cooperate with the other college organizations in supporting any action which it deems beneficial to the interests of the students of Penn College." Everyone at Fenn is familiar with the Golddigger's Ball which is an annual event sponsored by Kappa Sigma Upsilon. At this time, the girls invite their dates to attend, pay for the tickets, fashion unusual corsages for them to Wear, and in general, act as the men would at a normal formal dance. Another annual event is the Annual Banquet, a formal dinner dance in June, and Founders' Day Banquet, a yearly dinner honoring the origi- nal members in September. On the lighter side, Kappa Sigma Upsilon plays a basketball game each year with the rival sorority, Iota Tau Lambda, showers are held to honor each bride to beg regular business meetings and monthly social events round out the program of the year. J. Bernhard, L, Urban, Miss P. Bloomquist, I. Urban, R. Lucas, V. Casini F. Corollo L. Cczsini A. Carollo E. Grant B. Beveridge N. Houser M. Bowers R. Timbers G. Buril B. Snyder Standing: N. Rimboi Standing: Sitting: W. Osbun G. Eddy G. Stevenson E. Bouquard A. Maclearie E. Reese Sitting: B. Seelie E. Sadler M. Wiegmcn J. Witt I. Urban R. Jooss M. Demeter N. R. Rimboi, R. Jooss, M. Demeter, I. Urban, A. MacLeafie lpha Sigma Iota 9 Reinhold Jooss ............................ President Margaret Demeter ..... ...... V ice President Irene Urban ........... .......... T reasurer Anne Mc1cLec1rle ..... .......... S ecrefary Mary E. Wiegmcin ...... ....... P ledgemasfer In 1955, the Alpha Sigma Iota Fraternity was founded. At that time, it was open to men students only, who were pursuing a degree program. Since that time, the constitution has been changed in order to make women eligible. The aim and purpose of this Fraternity is to recognize students who have attained a high standard of efficiency in college activites, both scho- lastically and extra-curricularlyg to create an organization which will mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and inter- collegiate interest, encourage student activities, and promote a Scholar- ship Fund. Members of this Fraternity in their tiine have always been the leaders and organizers of Fenn College Curricular Activities. This is factual, and it is also interesting to note that the founders were also responsible for the present Student Evening Council which represents all evening schools. 4 , . .. ,, ,,.. . . . 3 6 Andrew P. Slivka ........................ President Joseph Mufus ..... ...... V ice-President Edwin Polsak ...... ...,............ T reasurer Ludd Dunbovic.. ...... Record. Secretary Stuart Crawford ....... ..... C orres. Secretary John J. Moro, Jr. ........,......... Pledgemasrer In 1933, a handful of enterprising students organized the Fenn Nite Engineers Club, and thus laid the foundation for Fenn College's largest fraternity, chartered in 1935 by the College as Lambda Iota Delta. Founded for the purpose of promoting mutual improvement in scholarship, providing social entertainment, and bringing about closer relationship among the Evening engineering students. Many Student Council presidents, Council executive officers and chairmen, and leaders in almost every sphere of student activity at Fenn have come from the ranks of its membership. The Fraternity was awarded the Activities Award in 1942. Members of Lambda Iota Delta are chosen for their inter- ests in extra-curricular activities and by reason of personalities and academic standings. I Annual activities of the Fraternity are of a varied nature. The fore- most events are the Annual Founder's Day Banquet held in November, celebrating the organization's anniversary, and the Annual Pledge Initia- tion and Dinner-Dance welcoming all newly-accepted members into the Fraternity. Throughout the year the social committee sponsors such events as dances, stag-parties, family picnics, canoe trips, Weiner and corn roasts, clam bakes, and card parties to round out an annual social calen- dar. Lambda Iota Delta sponsors the Annual All-School Halloween Dance. :min-Qmemnuit -f l aww: qvmmtmmmm-f 1--zamunzvn Standing: R. Manning F. Plescia H. Leclsure A. Laughlin E. Polsczk J. Near Sitting: W. Zelenko J. Mutus F. Sirc P. Chrisficm L. Dumbovic L. Martony L. Gerlat L. Dumbovic J. Moro S. Crawford P. Forniti J. Near E. Polsak htm-n-nr-..4' .M-f. Y, . 6 Standing: G. Strohm G. Stevenson J. Bartos N. Schroeder Sitting: W. Bender R. Snyder A. Vosen N. Schroeder R. Snyder .Jigs tg. : . ,W,... 'Ti NM A , si This f s ii ff 4 f 'li M W. Bender, A. Vosen Lambda Tau Sigma f m-Qc Ziff--592 William J. Bender ..... ........... P resident Raymond White ...... ....... V ice-President Roy T. Osferlclnd ..... ........... S ecrefory Robert M. Davis ........................ Treasurer The Lambda Tau Sigma Fraternity is an evening school social frater- nity open to all students from the Business Administration, Arts and Sciences, and Engineering Schools. Organized in 1926 it is the oldest fraternity on the Fenn campus. The Fraternity motto is "First At Fennf' The objectives of the Fraternity are: to develop the spirit of brother- hoodg to promote the interests of its membersg to promote the desire for knowledgeg and to stimulate and develop a greater religious and civic sense of duty. The broad objectives have been the basic foundations of the Fraternity throughout its development at Fenn College and have served as its touchstone of success. The Fraternity is prominent in a Wide field of activity. Business meetings are held monthly and a social event for the members is planned each month. In addition, the Fraternity sponsors the Sweater Hop, a school wide informal dance, the "Freshman Reception" in conjunction with an evening division sorority, and an annual dinner-dance for members only. 137 .ff 'Y YF' fl' Hum? -' 1. V' ll ft' q 1-X F.: .N fn: ma. g-P-f ,ah 7..,.f vw. -, .Az .,,f1gngix,! 2 ,f-W. tj. V.. iw-M V, ,I , 9 K :Q 'A la wa ri lf fi 1 Fl 124 will lil All Ni, li. .H J, .. .. ,. Y. , A national fraternity Whose members are chosen from the School of Business Administration has Cleveland as a home for its Delta Chapter. The purpose of the Fraternity is to promote good friendship among the members and to encourage them to complete their college education. This sincerity of purpose and association with members in fields of busi- ness with whom ideas are exchanged maintains the Fraternity as an organization with perpetual life. The Delta chapter is one of eight in the national organization. Business meetings are held once a month throughout the calendar year. A sports conclave and a national conven- tion are held each year. Ml, as :af , A bf f ,X X! 4 B. Tomcko J. Blazek F. Grodt T. Mai H. Rasmussen N. R. Rimboi A. Myatt, A. Curl, A. Erlhardt, W. Nesbitt Tau Iota Epsilon Howard Rasmussen .................... President Ted Moi ..................,........... Vice-President Anton Curl ................ Recording Secretary Bob Shortle ...,.... Corresponding Secretary Bill Nesbitt ................................ Treasurer Rudy Sedlacek ...... ...... P ledgemaster Mr. N. R. Rimboi ........... ......... A dvisor The Tau Iota Epsilon is a new Fraternity on the campus at Fenn College. It Was conceived by Mr. A. Wyatt, a member of the Evening Division Student Council for the students of the Technical Institute. Charter members were admitted to the Fraternity in the spring semester of the 1947-48 school year. The constitution was then drawn up and approved thus a new organization came into being. The first aim of the Tau Iota Epsilon is to attempt to bring about a better school spirit among the students of the Technical Institute. The second is to acquaint the students with the School's activities and facilities which they may take part in and use. The purpose of this organization is to promote mutual improvement in scholarship and to provide social entertainment, also to bring about a closer relationship among the Technical Instiuite students of Fenn College. On July 22, 1940, Mr. Robert Hawkins, chief pathfin- der of the Cleveland Hiking Club, Inc., conceived the idea of a Fenn College Hiking Club. With assistance from Mr. M. C. Herrick, the club was given a charter during the summer of 1942 and the constitution was approved. During the first five years of the Club's existence all active and inactive members were stu- dents attending the Evening Di- vision of the College. Some Day Division students were present at the outings but as guests rather than as members. Mem- bership is now open to all inter- ested persons of both Day and Evening Divisions. The club calendar includes two business meetings each year and a monthly social gathering. A Breakfast Hike in April and an Overnight Hike in May or June are now annual affairs. . y"T"g Q? . I H gptis For those students who are interested in sociology, there is the Nite Sociology Club. Its activities are limited to a study of social problems in Cleveland and its vicinity. They have speakers at their meetings to help them to interpret various social problems. The member- ship is open to everyone, and especially to those students ma- joring in sociology. Professor Jordon is the adviser. D A N f C H A L L 44 CHRISTMAS BALL- HOTEL CARTER gl 1. 'F .L pf X :ills ,---.......,, FV-Wifi. . -A1 5 , ,am 'Pe Q--Q.,.r' "'ih..iN 3 Q ga A 'f-fv,m-- N- V . 1 s I If 's y I v 4 Que -fm N - SNL 1 Al: 1 K" ik "The Cooperative Pion recognizes thot true cuiture does not thrive on isoiotion from 48 the worid. it provides voiuobie experience in working with peopie on reoi iota." ,G IV. 1 I if 1 ,.fsf.. - . , -1- .1 . . r 1 Y ' J M1 , ' 1 I , T 4 L iii, ,i5"'Er f"'i QAJI' ff 5 'ff 7 - . 'aj . . ,. . i lr. is MH Paced by Captain Bob Bus- bey and Al Harmon, Raymond Ray's varsity swimmers sub- merged eleven of fifteen op- ponents to complete another highly successful system. The Foxes' gained second place in the Ohio College Relays and settled for fifth in the Central Collegiate Conference meet. Busbey continued breaking records and gaining national acclaim by tying one and breaking eleven pool records. Veteran lettermen are Busbey, Harmon, Lanzendorfer, Fletcher, Mack, and Violand, Crosby, Simashkevich, and Quetsch. The tankers were successful in overpowering such strong opponents as Niagara University, Buffalo College, and Kenyon College while they unashamedly suifered losses at the hands of Indiana University, Univer- sity of Pittsburgh, Bowling Green, and the University of Detroit. With strong freshmen material coming up to fill the gaps left by the departing regulars, Coach Ray has high hopes for continued success for next year. ,, Zim Roger Quirk John Lanzendorfer y 152 Dick Mack John Simashkevich SWIMMING SCORES 1948-49 SEASON Kent State 28 Fenn Indiana 52 N DePauw 31 " Slippery Rock 37 ' Univ. of Detroit 41 " Baldwin Wallace 23 ' Carnegie Tech 36 ' Univ. of Pittsburgh 49 ' Grove City 29 ' Bowling Green 46 " Wooster 28 ' Edinboro 29 ' Kenyon 34 ' Buffalo State 37 ' Niagara University 36 " Ohio Conference Second Place Central Collegiate Fifth Place Frank Spada VIING A A 3 J 31 Q Duane Grelson Unno Junno John Quetsch Loyd Crosby 153 , E, :ri Q I, L' lv Hg, Ll ll Ll ,.J' "1.,-" i5.,..J . Coach john McNeill's golfers putted through thir- teen matches, winning eight and dropping five, for a much improved record over that of last year. 54 Four regulars, to receive letters, Tom Williams, Joe Rung, Joe Parker, and john Birtalan were mainly responsible for the Foxes' play on the greens. The winning matches were at the expense of Hiram, Akron, Western Reserve, Baldwin Wallace, and the Alumni while suffering defeat by Wooster, Youngstown, and Mount Union. Captain Alma Sutter led her Scarlet and Gray-clad cheerleaders through the past basketball season adding much color and instilling the spirit of the crowds in support of the athletic contests. Pictured here are Dolo- res Mische, Marcella Zeedich, Otto Vajgl, June Richman, and Alma Sutter. Members of the team not included in the picture are Ed Asher, Joe Toi- fel, and La Verne Stohlman. V . , ,gi L- Weathering a rough schedule, the Fenn Netters were able to subdue only one opponent in the ten matches during the 1947-48 season. Coach Foster Miller has built his hopes on the coming season with returning veterans Alex Mazur, Robert Rooke, john Russell, and Eugene Satmary. To support the seasoned regulars are, Bill Kroot, Herb Waldorf, Dick Palenschat, Gerald Pokrant, Gil Pryne, and Ed Satmary. Coach George McKinnon piloted the Fenn Baseball team through the past season with 'tive wins and six losses, although four of the losses were by a one-run margin. Captain Lynn Van Sycle, veteran first baseman for the Foxes, playing his last year of ball, set the pace for the club and was ably assisted by teammates Joe Schleimer, Ralph Boehm, John Rock, john Senkyr, Clyde Voll, Bill Gole, Louis Sombat, John Casini, Frank Prosek, . , V 'ljf i y vl i George Schneider, Cornell J X I . s ""f . ' ---2 Mann, Clarence Andrzejew- W f M- gb TCW - 5 -"1 - ' 7 W , - f ' X: ski Robert Ratajzak Art V C V uuiii R as Q c R f , A' pohm, and Bert Stone ' . . , , ' 5 ""'u ' ' nnna ,ser s4-- f y R ' X' ff ,,,, ff ,N fi C ,,,, 2 -ae., fffil .c A r, a R E-3 25, l 1 ' i ' , ,-All rqtn r y i ,rra 4 if B J i -e-'- B ,asa r ff Q, A X c mr aaeess s"i if .V-' 'S ' T' 1: 5 'mr , . f' - , in 5 'wi' 1- ,-51 , ,X it vgz, ' sf- f,-v J L U I A V.: X f s tresf a," slrl I f it "f. W ,' L' ii ' A Y' fiiff . fm 155 e"e f' at as ,,.., - at s fs fe e ' 5 TRACK The 1947-48 track season opened with a defeat at the hands of Western Reserve but the close of the running season found Hiram at the short end of a 69-58 dual meet. Coach Raymond Ray's thinly-clads managed one first, and one second, out of seven scheduled meets. Dashman, and captain of the team Robert Fox, performed notably and headed returning lettermen George Glawe, Robert Shumacker, Ed Asher, Harold Carroll, Henry Dunkle, and Ray Griesbach. Other squad members were David King, Vince Pohola, Zenn Zennon, Robert Banks, Ralph Posch, joseph Toifel, Walter Wheeton, Paul Brugmann, George DeBolt, Ed Manley, john Misencik, Joe Serieno, Walter Shafer, Roger Terry, and Gerald Pokrant. TRACK SCORES Western Reserve 80V2 Fenn 42 V1 Kenyon 67 V2 " 48M Ashland 45'h Mount Union 84 " 43 Akron .Univ. 'lOl " 26 Wooster 73 V1 " I5 Muskingum 70W Kent Sfafe 9B'h " 2815 Hiram 58 " 69 llfilliillffil In the first year of intercollegiate competi- tion in varsity status, Coach Madie Dodd's stal- wart fencers tasted bitter defeat in their six scheduled bouts. Not to be discouraged though, the squad made an excellent showing in competition and are eagerly awaiting the coming season with experience, and fight in their favor. Members of the 1948-49 squad included sabremen: Stan Kiczek, Charles Simonian, Bob Busbey, and Wally Chmielewskig epeemen, John Refe, john Ford, and Ira Woodwardg foilmen, Bob Stevens, Bill Seminick, Matuch, Murn, and Neiner. FENCING SCORES Sword and Mask Club I5 Fenn I2 Buffalo I7 " I0 Oberlin 17 ' 10 Lawrence Tech 22 M ' 4 'A Oberlin I4 " 13 Buffalo I8 9 157 Handicapped by unexpected losses, Coach George McKinnon's varsity basketball squad came through a rough season on the "hardwood" - winning four out of nineteen contests. The services of lanky Ray Conkle and Paul Schenck were missed in spite of the sparkling performances tm-ned in by Captain Dan Avis, Dave jacklitch, Jack Shaughnessey, Don jones, Lynn Van Sycle, and other teammates. In the opening game of the season, the Foxes completely subdued a strong Alumni, 47 to 23. In the next game, a strong Carroll quintet set the Scarlet and Gray down 87 to 47 to appease the 1947 upset. Bouncing right back, the Fenn Hoopsters sought revenge by trim- ming Kent State University of Canton, 64 to 43 but were only successful in taking over Detroit Tech and Hiram out of the next sixteen games. With the return of most of the lettermen next year, Coach McKinnon is looking forward to an improved season. I 158 - 1--gm, x Q1 U Sfgf .5 if. .ms ,, gy 1 ,. x 3 .gl 1 A-, , 1 ,bf f ,k fa A w ,fx YQ, f in WW , ..,,., 1 -1 2 60 Karl Will Dave Jacklifch Blaise Ferrnfn BASKETBALL Henry Dunkle Art Pohm Don Jones Dan Avis 1948-49 Alumni John Carroll Kent Slate U. of C Kenyon Western Reserve Heidelberg Ml. Union Detroit Tech Youngstown Hiram Akron Mi. Union Clarion Gannon Slippery Rock Ashland Buffalo State Findlay Hiram Lynn Van Syckle Bob Bueftner lMgr.l Fenn ll ll ll ll ll II ll ll ll Il H ll ll ll ll II ll ll SCORES 47 ,w-vX,.w- xi Ln ffm 1T1TfbC," ff L3 fx. W lvl, Qmglx Q' 4. J,J.'QfLli.J.,,J Paul Schenck Jack Shaughnessy Dove Tiber Roger Neal 6 ff 'W Tia ftsfrf-tests ,I pr., 14", if fl Q n ,'. ' 2-"J L.-. Ji.. li. ' 'xiii-47 ff. T 'QT ,L .fi-,,li,..f The Fenn freshmen, as- piring to varsity ranks, were successful in winning one of the eight games played last season- at the expense of Dyke-Spencerian College. Coach john Brickley's squad showed much promise in spirit, ability, and iight, but they lacked the necessary height to control the backboards. Members of the team are Heil, Price, Minnich, Erickson, Saccany, Megas, Kamman, Craig, Mocny, Zenis, Sarko, Gavanditti, Gurnik, Corcelli, and' Peskind. Potential varsity men for Coach Raymond Ray's swimming squad, competing on the Junior Varsity team this year, had no trouble winning the five intercollegiate meets in which they were entered. The victories over Bowling Green, Kent State Ctwiceb, Detroit Tech, and Kenyon is assurance that Coach Ray will continue placing strong squads in compe- tition in the coming seasons. The team consisted of Mucha, Amadano, Foley, Springman, Hartlaub, Diaz, Bertics, and Cumler. 163 Nj Www, ik: . 4 ff f'.EfQQY:Q:w' R , 'f - , . . X Q W 8 , p Q 81 fi I .rziy vs, .- . i! IV? S FS ' if zw1??:ws.ws:: u Q51 fl: 'f E . , i ' - 'iff 412-Q 4. in ,, , N M L,:Q..,.3f?m-MQ: , NTT? 1 L...., W' ' - N-5 -1 Int-1, K ,M , 25 S 2 1 1: 25 --.1-1,594 .4.:4aQ , -6 6 Q29 Q 6 f i X f qw, M2535 f--if , ' 1 2. if ,xr W, if, 'U-M"3'4am , 4 Q,.,wff,.,. M f W 'MBL ,X sm, 'W X' ma ? 44 'W Q1 . f W X , , vu.. '- 4 01, Q. www fm . ., V' gffip , , f 2, XE .V 1 0 ,Mummy 5? E? X Q ,A-QMKWYX ,A ' "The COOP M l W ...fl .L,: mn: fl' el' . d' ' drive Pkm Produces tc1ng1bXe W' ond Rn er0Px0Ymem after gr ,www awww' Wfvm derxds, both in coHege oduOT30f'-H I , . 1-ff -Uwiwffifu' A21 1 .W-.-,.,,f1-:,iLA:1alw5m':4i1tkWflfiinfi'-filg ,f .wg ,wa..w,-.v,.v...,4.L.,:4-fih , , W :-,-::a:s4aA21a2-- f-111551121-if'iilasmqe ay:-.:54af'1sw-irursulmsfm:-WI! 'Q '-62 ,. . . .-Mtaffg esgwg, A 'ig 1 M ,.,, vsfwaf. f, 1fEn1.!?Qs.'Q:i?1.ffm QgQ3,.1"5 giliiiig. 2123133 E-i:1Lif1-:bJ,?f,'.:fP5-2251155525-'11A'i13H'9Y Ez: R- .- ' 'L M 5 -23' H .,f,, , , 1-fl---,1r:vn.J-gfggr'-Zi: 15913:31gggf:.j,,1r3:'LFagF1:EQ-':EEQgl'.25'32rg:3Q':TEC-iggu.-3gv2:,2.g:A3g-:ga-QA-.-,P.u':: Vw N ..L ':1.E?i.f.Q5-L-?EL,!+'1-Til'ffffiiiizki:f12f.Araf.L5'?1JEUTSQF-4121-1""f4f-"'-'TT' ' 'L Q ,,355A+..L:f-.-L,-. - . . ,. v.,.:Q----Nh,.f:f,L,ra,QVffvfflmf' 'f 351' ' "THE: N ..- ., , Q-,.-.LQ.iQ,41f-:1s:.- az jaw-V.-,JU ' . ' in JU.:,g55,-f-35-.L1tJV,::.j,.,'ww 'Qi--AV., W 1 ., , ,,...- -v x:,:.vg'T' A QQ, f1:1g,.5,.E.,,i,fg5gg,,L5K.:1:sgfm . . if .,.f.:,:f+.+.:.111.3515lzssjm-ff1?'2f11lfif1f 'F ' , ,.,L...,.1-1,-ff'-11,:E12451 C k ,. , .aff-A, +V: If +4m.x?nr- -A-255 ' ff-Q?-KES? 'i'T5f5,,ii3f23Wil71'5aTi.71f1?'A:-3'3f'ri72Q'l3'i LFFbLfjf"1:2:f3f'fl?E:' ,i rmv43::':5Q':5::f:Q!-551.-33:e-G,:41L4g,,:-1..,f-4ffl ffmygw wr '1'- , , - . 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K. .W is 5, ,vw , 7 514 w '5 R if Q . +3 , 2 L M W -Q ,W W -W . 75 gf if .N ' jrv ,. f rw A v v Lv, M - a x, .WW 1 V All-school Picnic - Centerville Mills Comp fl? 1 , r The Late Christopher Bean" - Fenn Players r 173 .psf 1 V? 9 , ,,.z, . 4 Yu if Z Q , i Q, R X ,,,,,X.. N -fl f 2. v h JE'!!5ra5a.L Q., ,Q at aria FRESHMEN CAMP-CENTERVILLE MILLS FRESHMEN HELL WEEK 'X SWEETHEART PROM-HOTEL ALLERTON A -.4 I .F 3' 4 f fs :f- - g ff IA' .F J E 3 if II X --.ig NN, . X. x 2 Q X f Bakowski, Joseph F., B.B.A. Adams, Carlyle K., B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau, Cribber, Student Council, Treasurer, Fenn Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Fenn Chorus, President, Wing 8. Torch, President, Alpha Phi Omega. Albanesse, Delores L., B.A. W.A.A., Vice-Pres., Cauldron, Gamma Nu Sigma, President, Newman Club, Sociology Club, Topper, Bus. Mgr., Student Council: lntersorority Council, President, Fenn Players, lntramural Sports. Albert, William S., B.M.E. S.A.E., A.S.M.E., Camera Club, lntramural Sports. Altmos, Donald A., B.E.E. Iota Eta, Professor, Chancellor, F.S.E.E. Anderson, Elmer, B.M.E. Anderson, Richard F., B.E.E. S.A.E., F.S.E.E., Recording Sec'y, lntramural Sports. Ankuda, Frank J., B.B.A. Beta Bela Alpha, Corres. Sec'y., Antal, Joseph R., B.A. Topper, Society for Advancement of Pinochle, Sociology Club. Antal, Robert J., B.A. Topper, Art Editor, Cauldron, Stagecraft, Fenn Players, Public Speakers Club. Ashmus, Mable H., B.A. Fenn Players, Fenn Chorus, Student Council, W.A.A., Gamma Nu Sorority, Topper, Cauldron, Wing 8. Torch, Theta Rho, Dorm Council, lntramural Sports. Aubrecht, James V. Jr., B.B.A. Bela Beta Alpha Auer, Robert J., B.B.A. lntramural Sports. Babyak, Paul R., B.M.E. Bachman, Carl J., B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Clerk, Fenn Players, President, Fenn Mixed Chorus, President, Student Council, Fenn Marketing Assoc., Alpha Psi Omega, Wing 8. Torch. Badke, Frank C., Jr., B.M.E. S.A.E., Fenn Gun Club, Vice-Pres. Bakota, Mathew P., B.B.A. Lambda Tau Sigma, Newman Club. Barbat, Steve, B.B.A. Student Council, Vice-Pres., Kappa Delta Phi, Cauldron, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Outdoor Club. Personnel Mgt. Assoc., Vice-Pres. Barch, Robert C., B.B.A. SENIORS Barrett, Martin P., B.S.l.E. Bauer, Joseph, P., B.B.A. Bayer, Jacob, B.M.E. S.A.E., Intramural Sports, Gun Club, A.S M E. Beachler, Grenfall J., B.M.E. lota Eta, lnterfraternity Council, lntramural Sports, S.A.E. Beck, Harold V., B.M.E. Dorm Council, S.A.E., Iota Eta. Beck, Otto, B.M.E., B.E.E. S.A.E., A.S.M.E., A.l.E.E., Vice Ch Engineers Council, Chairman. Bender, William J., B.B.A. airman lambda Tau Sigma, President, Treasurer Student Council, Vice-Pres., Outdoor Club Beniamin, Roger, B.M.E. Benko, Ernest J., B.S. Berger, Irving R., B.B.A. Fanfare, Cauldron, Tau Kappa Phi. Bergold, George F., B.E.E. Pi Sigma Alpha, Fenn Players, F.S.A.E. Bernhardt, Carl R., B.S.E. Besch, Raymond J., B.B.A. Bey, Robert T., B.B.A. Biggs, George T., B.S.E. Biondolillo, James, B.E.E. Pi Sigma Tau, Intramural Sports. Black, Robert, B. Met. E. Blasko, Ernest L., B.M.E. Bock, Richard M., B.A. Sociology Club, Psychology Club, Fenn Chessmen, Fencing Club. Boehm, Ralph, B.B.A. Bonner, William, B.B.A. Pinochle Club, President, Outdoo Borrelli, Anthony D., B.B.A. r Club. Lambda Tau Delta, lntramural Sports. Botirius, Joseph A., B.S.M.E. Bowers, Robert F., B.S. Mixed Chorus Boyer, Richard K., B.B.A. Brauer, E. Henry, B.S.M.E. Braunlich, Warren H., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Fenn Players, Gamma Delta. Brennan, Francis J., B.B.A. E IORS Bride, John, B.B.A. Brincka, John J., B.E.E. Brinza, Joseph E., B.S.M.E. Browder, Orison F., Jr., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Varsity Swimming, Intramural Sports. Brugman, Paul T., B.E.E. Buhrow, Robert P., B.M.E. Burke, Leroy R., B.M.E. Butterfield, John P., B.M.E. Capretto, Edward J., B.S. Lambda Tau Delta, Intramural Sports. Carbone, Domenic G., B.S.E. Carlson, Reuben C., B.E.S. S.A.E., Fenn Physics Club, Fenn Math Club, Vice-President, Phi Epsilon Nu, President. Casini, John L., B.B.A. Lambda Tau Delta, Wing 8. Torch, Varsity Baseball, Cauldron, Fanfare, F Club, Mixed Chorus, Mens Choir, Intramural Sports. Cassidy, Charles R., B.M.E. S.A.E. Castle, Robert J., B.M.E. Cerbin, William G., B.M.E. Chambers, Robert G., B.B.A. Chamot, Joseph A., B.C H.E. Cherrie, James M., B.M.E. Cheslock, Hallie A., B.S. Childs, Robert C., B.B.A. Psychology Club, Fenn Marketing Assoc., Cauldron, Intramural Sports. Cole, Frank T., B.CH.E. F.S.C.E., President, Intramural Sports, Cauldron, Newman Club, Bridge Club, F.S.C. 81 M. Cooney, Thomas M., B.B.A. Boosters Club, Mixed Chorus, Lambda Tau Delta. Corio, James P., B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau Corrado, Lily A., B.B.A. Iota Tau Lambda, Vice-Pres. 81 Sec'y., Evening Student Council, Vice-Pres. 8. Sec'y., Newman Club, President. Coultas, George E., B.S.E. Cox, Nelson H., B.M.E. Crahen, James J., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., l.R.E., Intramural Sports. Cunningham, Robert H., B.E.E. I7 9 Cutri, Donald R., B.A. Dauterman, Harold F., B.B.A. Davidson, James T., B.M.E. Delfs, Edward G., B.S.E. Deragon, Harry J., B.B.A. DeRoia, Lucille M., B.S. Women's Council, Newman Club, Topper Boosters Club, Gamma Nu Sigma, lntersororlty Council. DiCelIo, Nicholas V., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Sec'y., Treasurer, Fanfare, Business Mgr. Dieterich, Melvin L., B.CH.E. A.I.C.E., F.S.C. 8. M. Dodge, Kenneth R., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Fenn Amateur Radio Club, President, Vice-President. Dork, Paul H., B.B.A. Drsek, Frank J., B.B.A. Dubecki, Betty Jane, B.S. Omega Upsilon, Corres. Sec'y, Treasurer W.A.A., President, Sociology Club, President Sec'y, Theta Rho, Women's Council, Intramural Sports. Duer, Roy E., B.B.A. Dunn, William E., B.B.A. Durica, Steven M., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Fanfare, Bus. Mgr., Durst, Bernadette Fraser, B.B.A Iota Tau Lambda, President, Evening Student Council, Vice-President, Alpha Sigma Iota, Vice-President, Sec'y., Psychology Club Treasurer, Cauldron, Night School Co Editor Dysert, Harry C., B.S. Kappa Delta Phi, lnterfraternity Council, Varsity Sports. Dziedsiak, Edward J., B.M.E. Phi Epsilon Nu, S.A.E., Inntramural Sports Eble, Carl J., B.B.A. Fenn Marketing Assoc. Eckhouse, Melvin L., B.M.E. Tau Kappa Phi, S.A.E., Phi Epsilon Nu, Intramural Sports. Edwards, David E., B.E.E. Egan, Richard J., B.E.E. Varsity Sports, F.S.E.E., Fenn Radio Club, Vice-President. Ellington, Richard A., B.S.CH. Elperin, William J., B.E.E. SE Engle, Charles D., B.B.A. Cauldron, Personnel Management Assoc. Erlanger, Ralph H., B.M.E. Tau Kappa Phi, Sec'y., F.S.E., A.S.M.E. Eyerdam, Russell K., B.B.A. Kappa Delta Phi, Topper, Interfraternity Council, Camera Club, Intramural Sports, Personnel Management Assoc., President. Farr, Homer D., B.M.E. Fatica, Michael, B.B.A. Fehrenbach, William E., B.B.A. Ferris, Paul D., B.A. Flagg, Willard A., Jr., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Radio Club. Franklin, Harold, B.B.H. Fanfare, Topper, Tau Kappa Phi. Fruchter, Murray S., B.B.A. Fush, John P. Gage, Walter, B.MET.E. F.S.C. 8. M., Intramural Sports. Galbraith, Hugh J., B.E.E. Gallik, Charles E., B.S. Kappa Delta Phi, Sociology Club. Gang, Richard F., B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau. Gargiulo, Donald J., B.B.A. Garibotti, Domenick J., B.MET.E. Gatz, Nick, B.A. Gembala, Bernard, B.M.E. Gershenson, Samuel L., B.S. Intramural Sports, Dorm Council, Tau Kappa Phi, Treasurer, lnterfraternity Council. Gerwin, Leland R., B.S.E. F.S.S.E., S.A.E. Gillam, Max Lee, B.A. Gilpin, Winston P., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Cauldron, Fanfare, Intramural Sports, Choir, Senior Class Publicity Committee. Gindle, Raymond J., B.S.E. F.S.A.E., F.S.S.E. Good, Victor B., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, President, Fanfare, Intramural Sports, lnterfraternity Council. Graves, Gordon H., B.S.E. Student Council, Topper, F.S.S.E. Graziani, Norman P., B.B.A. Intramural Sports. IORS Griesbach, Albert R., B.M.E. F.S.A.E., F.A.S.M.E., Varsity Track, F Club. Griffin, Robert F., B.E.S. Phi Epsilon Nu, Sec'y-Treas., Fenn Math Club, Treas., F.S.A.E. Grinkevich, Alex, B.M.E. Phi Epsilon Nu, S.A.E., Fenn Math Club, Corres. Sec'y, Cauldron. Grospitch, Richard A., B.B.A. Grosso, Domenic J., B.B.A. Cauldron, Fenn Marketing Assoc., Sec'y. Greetham, Donald F., B.M.E. Gurney, Martin, B.E.E. Tau Kappa Phi, President, F.S.E.E., Intramural Sports. Hable, Edward G., B.S.E. F.S.S.E., lambda Tau Delta, F.S.A.E. Hadde, Leonard H., B.E.E. Kappa Delta Phi, Treasurer, F.S.E.E., Corres. Sec'y, Intramural Sports. Hamers, Robert S., B.B.A. Kappa Delta Phi. Hampton, Fred C., B.M.E. S.A.E. Hancock, George W., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Amateur Radio Club, Vice-President Hartley, William B., B.B.A. Bridge Club. Hayman, James E., B.C.H.E. A.l.Ch.E. Hebron, Dale G., B.E.E. Kappa Delta Phi, Camera Club, Newman Club, F.S.E.E., Outdoor Club. Hegedus, Walter J., B.M.E. Henning, Heinz G., B.S.M.E. Hessler, Ruth F., B.S. in H.E. Hill, William R., B.M.E. S.A.E. Hird, Edward W., B.M.E. S.A.E. Holberger, Raymond R., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Intramural Sports. Horeis, Edward R., B.M.E. Phi Epsilon Nu, S.A.E. Horvath, Anthony A., B.CH.E. S.C. 8. M., S.C.E., lntramural Sports. House, Harry L., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Fanfare, Hudak, Nicholas, B.E.S. 180 SE Hutter, Russell G., B.M.E. A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Cauldron, Student Council, Phi Epsilon Nu, Math Club, Alpha Phi Omega. Imm, Edward W., B.B.A. lnsana, Dominick, P., Jr., B.S.E. Jackson, Averill R., B.A. Jaffa, Bernard J., B.M.E. S.A.E., A.S.M.E. Janko, Emil C., B.B.A. James, Edward D., B.B.A. Jasper, George R., B.E.E. Jeske, Elmer A., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Vice-President. Johnson, Richard E., B.B.A. Intramural Sports. Johnson, Southey M., B.B.A. Johnsten, Hugh L., B.M.E. Varsity Swimming, F Club, S.A.E., Intramural Sports. Jones, Lewis J., B.MET.E. F.S.C. 81 M. Joyce, William A., B.B.A. Kalus, Louis T., B.A. Sociology Club, Psychology Club. Kantner, Robert H., B.E.E. F.S.E.E. Kaschyk, Howard J., B.M.E. F.S.A.E. Kastelic, Frank, B.M.E. S.A.E. Kauffman, Eleanor V., B.B.A. Iota Tau Lambda, Sociology Club, Psychology Club, Ketchel, Edwin J., B.B.A. Cauldron, Bus., Mgr., Boosters Club, President, Wing 8. Torch, President, Beta Beta Alpha, Treasurer, Student Council, Newman Club, Treasurer, Intramural Sports. Kilbane, Francis J., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Intramural Sports. King, Fenton D., B.B.A. King, Lewis O., B.S.M.E. Lambda Tau Sigma. Kirsch, Clyde E., B.CH.E. Klein, George M., B.B.A. Knaack, Raymond L., B.B.A. Kneebone, Robert H., B.A. IORS Kolczynski, Daniel, B.B.A. Lambda Tau Delta, Personnel Mgt. Assoc., Senior Class, Vice President, Intramural Sports Kreiner, Frank, B.S.E. S.A.E., F.S.E.E., Cauldron. Kreps, Thomas J., B.M.E. lambda Tau Delta, Newman Club, Intramural Sports, A.S.M.E. Krysiak, Walter S., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Lambda Tau Sigma. Kubiczek, Henry F., B.M.E. Kughn, Robert M., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, Intramural Sports. Kulka, Peter, B.M.E. S.A.E., Math Club, Phi Epsilon Nu, Rifle Club, Alpha Phi Omega. Kundmiller, George A., B.M.E. S.A.E., Intramural Sports. Lally, Martin C., B.A. Varsity Basketball, Topper. Landoll, Leo E., B.E.E. Langer, Warren D., B.B.A. Langowski, Leonard R., B.B.A Boosters Club, Newman Club, Beta Beta Alpha, Student Council President, Cauldron, Wing 8. Torch Intramurals. Lantz, Charles J., B.M.E. Intramural Football, Fencing Club, Dorm Council, S.A.E. Lanzendorfer, John C., B.A. Sociology Club, Fencing Club, "F" Club, Varsity Swimming Team. Laughlin, John R., B.M.E. Iota Eta, Intramural Sports, S.A.E. Laurence, Milton J., B.B.A. Lazarou, George, B.A. Psychology Club, Cauldron. Leach, Jace, B.B.A. Chorus, Fenn Players, Newman Club, Pi Sigma Tau, Topper, Booster Club, Wing 8. Torch, Intramural Sports. Leaders, Richard F., B.B.A. Lefkovitz, Sidney, B.E.E. Tau Kappa Phi, F.S.E.E., Intramural Sports. Lepkowski, Stanley J., B.CH.E. Lesko, Joseph H., B.CH.E. Levitt, Paul, B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Tau Kappa Phi, Secretary, Cauldron, Chess Club, Fenn Radio Actors 8- Scriptwriter Society. 181 . SE Lewis, Earl H., B.B.A. Booster Club, Intramural Sports, Dorm Council, Cauldron, President of Senior Class, Junior Varsity Sports. Lewis, John. A., B.B.A. Liccardi, Guy D., B.B.A. Likover, Sanford W., B.B.A. Lipstreuer, Kenneth G., B.E.E. Intramural Sports, F.S.E.E. Liszkay, Charles G., B.S.E. Little, Charles M., B.CH.E. Student Council, Dorm Council, Cauldron, Intramural Sports, Fenn Society of Chem. Engineers. Loew, Walter H., B.M.E. Lonsdale, Charles J., B.B.A Lorence, Elmer L., B.E.E. Lowe, John R., B.M.E. Intramural Sports, S.A.E., Fenn Gun Club, A.S.M.E. Lucak, Peter, B.M.E. S.A.E., Iota Eta, Intramural Sports, Chess Club. Lucas, Betty M., B.A. Omega Upsilon, Vice-President, Newman Club, Sociology Club, Vice-President, Boosters Club, Women's Athletic Association, Intramural Sports. Luce, Wallace S., B.B.A. Mack, Richard J., B.M.E. Varsity Swimming Team, Pi Sigma Tau, Cauldron, Student Council, "F" Club, Boosters Club. Mackey, Niles J., B.CH.E. Society of Chems and Mets, Fenn Chapter of American Institute of Chem. Engrs. Manley, Edward B., B.E.E. Mann, Cornell, B.B.A. Mantifel, Lester J., B.A. Psychology Club. Markell, William A., B.A. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha, Intramural Sports. Markun, Frank, B.E.E. Mauer, Richard H., B.E.E. Math Club, F.S.E.E., Pi Sigma Tau, Intramural Sports. Mayher, Rose Marie, B.Sci.H.E. Omega Upsilon, President, Women's Council, President, Home Economics Club, President, Intersorority Council, Sociology Club. IORS Mazarakis, Arthur G., B.M.E. lntertraternity Council, Dorm Council, Topper, S.A.E., Pi Sigma Tau Alpha. McAllister, Richard C., B.B.A. McGar, Esther L., B.S. McGinnis, Susie, B.A. Sociology Club, leader's Club, Psychology Club. Metzger, Arthur R., B.S.E. F.S.S.E., Varsity Track, Intramural Sports. Meyer, Harold C., B.B.A. Mickey, Lawrence, B.S.E. Lambda Tau Delta, F.S.S.E., Intramural Sports. Miller, William R., B.M.E. Fenn Gun Club Milne, Harland M., B.B.A. Misel, Oliver L., B.M.E. S.A.E. Moliski, Frank W., Jr., B.B.A. Intramural Sports, Student Council, Asst. Treas, Dorm Council, Newman Club, Cauldron. Montross, Wilford C., B.CH.E. Morris, Robert A., Jr., B.M.E. Moser, Jacob C., B.E.E. Cauldron, Dramotics. Mozolits, Steve, B.A.A. Lambda Tau Della, Vice-Pres., Cauldron Murphey, Edward L., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha Nau, Walter, B.E.E. Pres. of F.S.E.E., Vice-Pres. of Phi Epsilon Nu, S.A.E. Nayman, Alvin A., B.B.A. Fanfare, Beta Beta Alpha, Corres. Sec'y. Neiderlander, Roy L., B.B.A. Neidermeyer, Eugene, B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha Nelson, Ralph A., B.B.A. Kappa Delta Phi, Intramural Sports. Neunclorfer, William, B.M.E. S.A.E., S.M.E. Newberry, William F., B.B.A. Nordquest, Richard E., B.B.A. Choir. Novak, Chester M., B.M.E. S.A.E., Intramural Sports. 182 Ordakowski, Roy L., B.B.A. Orszak, John P., B.B.A. Orvis, Elmer P., B.E.E. SE Pres. of Amateur Radio Club, Treas. ot F.S.E.E. Osborn, Alvah O., B.M.E. Ostberg, John D., B.E.E. Ostrom, Carl E., B.A. Partridge, John M., B.B.A. Sec'y of Beta Beta Alpha, Cauldron, Fantaro. Pastor, Andrew S., B.M.E. S.A.E., Math Club, Camera Club, A.S.M.E., Intramural Sports. Patrick, Theodore, B.B.A. Alpha Chi. Pavlik, Edward S., B.E.E. S.A.E., Math Club, F.S.E.E. Peplowski, Carl W., B.B.A. Petty, Glenn M., B.B.A. Pres. of lambda Tau Delta, lnterfraternity Council, Cauldron, Intramural Spo Pierotti, Charles T., B.M.E. Pierson, William F., B.B.A. Pignatiello, Albert, B.B.A. rts. lambda Tau Delta, Intramural Sports, Senior Class Financial Committee. Pintenich, Beniamin, B.M.E. Iota Eta, S.A.E., Intramural Sports, Ritle Club. Pollack, Frank G., B.Eng.Sci. Intramural Sports, Varsity Baseball, Newman Club, S.A.E. Popil, Nicholas, B.S. Porcello, James F., B.E.E. Power, David, B.B.A. Prasse, Roy E., B.B.A. Prosek, Frank J., B.B.A. Intramural Sports, Varsity Baseball, "F" Club. Pulford, Ernest A., Jr., B.E.E. Treas. of F.S.E.E., Counsellor of Iota Eta, Phi Epsilon Nu, Camera Club Sec'y, Radio Club. Rabinovitz, Herschel, B.B.A. Randall, Fred W., B.B.A. Ray, Frederick H., B.S.E. Pres. of F.S.S.E., Master of Iota Eta, Cauldron, Phi Epsilon Nu. Reed, Stanley A., B.A. Reinker, Ralph W., B.Eng.Sci. Kappa Delta Phi, Intramural Sport s, S.A.E.- ICRS Rew, Daniel M., B.M.E. S.A.E., Fenn Gun Club Rhodes, Utus J., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Radio Club Richardson, Clyde W., B.S. Richmond, Gordon R., B.S.E. Riddle, Milton J., B.M.E. Roberts, Kenneth D., B.M.E. S.A.E. Rock, John, B.M.E. Varsity Baseball, "F" Club, Jr. S.A.E., Intramural Sports, A.S.M.E. Roller, Robert C., B.M.E. s.A.E. Rosenberg, Louis J., B.A. Vice-Pres. 8. Social Committee ot Tau Kappa Phi, Pinochle Club, Radio 8. Actors Script Writers Club, Intramural Sports, Esperanto Club. Rossofl, Robert, B.B.A. Treas. 81 Organizer of Tau Kappa Phi, Topper, Cauldron, Men's Dorm, Intramural Sports, U. S. Navy, lnterfraternity Council. Roth, Laddie J., B.B.A. Beta Beta Alpha, International Relations Club Roth, Stephen, B.B.A. Rubenstein, Carl R., B.E.E. Tau Kappa Phi, F.S.E.E., Intramural Sports. Rucinski, Robert J., B.B.A. Ruder, Doris E., B.S. Gamma Nu Sigma, Mixed Chorus, Women's Athletic Ass'n., Y.W.C.A., Intramural Sports. Rung, Joseph S., B.M.E. "F" Club, S.A.E., Varsity Golf, Intramural Sports A.S.M.E. Rupel, Charles E., Jr., B.B.A. Rusak, Edward F., B.B.A. Russell, John G., B.M.E. Varsity Tennis, "F" Club, S.A.E., Phi Epsilon Nu., Intramural Tennis Champ 1942. Russu, Sylvia E., B.A. Psychology Club, Newman Club. Ryerson, Herbert R., B.E.E. Pres. of F.S.E.E., Pres. of Math Club, Phi Epsilon Nu. Sadler, Edward I., B.M.E. Vice-Pres. of Nite Student Council in '45 and Pres. in 1946. Pres. 81 Vice-Pres. of Alpha Sigma Iota, Pres. of Lambda Iota Delta, Nite Cauldron, Camera Club. 183 SE Salamon, Edward J., B.S. Salamon, Richard A., B.B.A. Satava, Clark R., B.E.E. Math Club, F.S.E.E., Sec'y Fenn Radio Club. Satloa, Edward L., B.B.A. Pres. of Fenn Marketing Assn, Fanfare. Schad, Harry D., B.S.E. Schaefer, James C., B.CH.E. Vice-Chairman Fenn Soc. of Chems 8. Mets., Fenn Chapter of Amer. Institute of Chem. Engrs. Schmotzer, Robert V., B.B.A. Editor of '49 Fanfare, Make-up Editor of '48 Fanfare. Schneider, Anthony J., B.Sci.E. Schuller, Fred T., B.M.E. Schwartz, Robert F., B.M.E. Seaholm, Reidar H., B.B.A. Searle, Robert E., B.M.E. Fenn Society of Automotive Engineers. Sedensky, Julius S., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., S.A.E., Bridge Club. See, Harry C., B.B.A. Senkyr, John P., B.B.A. Varsity Baseball, "F" Club, Kappa Delta Phi, Intramural Sports. Serieko, George E., B.A. Sharaba, Sam, B.M.E. Fenn Gun Club Treas., S.A.E. Sherod, Robert F., B.B.A. Pres. of Lambda Tau Delta, Intramural Sports. Shimp, Harold R., B.B.A. Shinmofo, Mary, B.S. Omega Upsilon. Silver, Margaret V., B.B.A. Pres., Vice-Pres. of Fenn Players, Vice-Pres. Fenn Chorus, Women's Council, Student Council, Dorm Council, Y.W.C.A., Sec'y of Alpha Psi Omega Boosters Club, Cauldron, Radio Show, Intramural Sports, Wing 8. Torch. Simiele, John M., B.M.E. Iota Eta, Fenn Dance Band, S.A.E., A.S.M.E. Simon, Earl H., B.M.E. S.A.E., Fenn Gun Club, A.S.M.E. Simons, Norman S., B.B.A. Simpson, James H., B.M.E. Intramural Sports, S.A.E. IORS Sims, John J., B.S.E. F.S.E.E., Iota Eta, Interfraternity Council, "F" Club, Varsity swimming, Intramural Sports. Slivka, Andrew P., B.Sci.I.E. Pres. Nite Student Council, Pres. Lambda Iota Delta, Alpha Sigma Iota, A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Intramural Sports, Outdoor Club, Acting Senior Evening Class Pres., Social Chairman Council, smith, Floyd, B.M.E. Iota Eta, S.A.E. Smith, Genevieve, B.S. in H.E. Dorm Council, Chairman 8. President, Home Economics Club, Intramural Sports. Smith, James H. Jr., B.M.E. Fenn Bridge Club, Sec'y of S.A.E., A.S.M.E. Snyder, Robert E., B.E.E. F.S.E.E., Math Club, Radio Club, Intramural Sports. Sobek, Andrew R., B.E.E. Lambda Tau Sigma, Varsity Hockey. Sommer, Richard A., B.E.E. Phi Epsilon Nu, F.S.E.E., I.R.E., Math Club, Intramural Sports. Spence, George W., B.S. Stanard, Warren K., B.B.A. Stankiewicz, Henry B., B.M.E. Stansky, Norman, B.B.A. Stapleton, Douglas, B.CH.E. Stassfurth, William, B.B.A. Strachan, Warren K., B.B.A. Strassmeyer, Arthur H., B.E.E. Stokoe, Jack B., B.B.A. Fanfare, Fenn Marketing Ass'n. Stoupa, Edward L., B.S. Psychology Club, S.A.P., Outdoor Club, Sociology Club. Sullivan, Terrance G., B.B.A. Bridge Club. Sulser, Lawrence A., B.S.E. Summersgill, Rene W., B.B.A. Surman, Raymond J., B.B.A. Szastak, Casimir M., B.M.E. S.A.E., A.S.M.E. Tashima, Kimiko, B.B.A. Omega Upsilon, Intramural Sports. Fenn Marketing Ass'n. I84

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