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Foreword ometimes a souvenir or a fleeting thought will spur into sharp focus, nostalgic memories of dimly remembered friendships and events. At other times, we struggle to recall a happening that once seemed of utmost importance but which paled with the passage of time. Some day in the future, this diary of a memorable year at Fenn College may bring back to life for you time-faded scenes of classrooms, faces of friends, and memories of never-to-be-forgotten moments. lt is then that FANFARE '48 will have served its purpose. For FANFARE ,48 is dedicated to the future-to the hope that the future will rise above the ugliness of today's world spirit-to the hope that today's graduates, educated in the ways of peace, will bring happiness and cheer to a troubled world-to the hope that all men will find nothing but joy in recollections of the past. Page On af' X 1 ' . ,gm K 4-5 'W' K. ,av ,S 4 4' ,hp 1 -R512 4 I ,1 . Q' X' Q , ,t A A 4 ' ' x km .W ' um' 'fr 3 .sg 'F W- 5 w ,iv if F A W ,K 454 1 4 9 v ,Xl if 4 a s Q f f , The 1948 FENN COLLEGE Cleveland if Ohio L ... J Dgdlicautiwlll A.-v1v1 V + Q55 X V5 f Q - -QQ fm . ,. 'W N' 'K I ' , T " Q.. QQ A Q ,:q, v R 5 . A,.i: , Q 3 i W wa :ga I? H s 51: 5 l i 1 1 Q img: in ' 3 R V15 5 - , Z 7 3 l :QR - f v 2 - k F 9 ' ' ' LMW H-M'-A A N., xnxx ,Qi"'?"75 3 . baba 1' xi. , I r-New mg, ,- tif "' F 1 gm X r i ,91- A Q -MLW . .wrt -v-v-ve ,fe-.-v-v- Fenn College is an enduring monument to Cecil Vincent Thomas who created not only an edifice of stone and steel, but a shrine alive with the laughter and enthusiasm of youth. The story of the hard work, imagination, and daring involved in the growth of Fenn College from a dream in the heart of President Thomas to the great tower which now houses the college has often been told. Still to be realized, however, is the unfinished dream upon which President Thomas was working when death overtook him. i Fortunately that dream will not remain unfinished. Others who have become aware of the need for practical work-study education will carry the projected plans to completion. Fenn College will continue to offer the youth of our community ever-expanding opportunities to achieve greater wisdom. Fanfare '48 is dedicated to the fulfillment of that unfinished dream to serve the community as a reminder of a great man, Cecil Vincent Thomas. 9 l l l l ,TAM ... ...cn , Board of Trustees ,.,.,1,,,. oil: llfieinin College The future path of Fenn College is being guided by these community leaders who comprise the Board of Trustees. As representatives of the community, they appreciate the need for college trained young men and women in our complex society. As practical leaders of business, industry, and education, they recognize the need for increased work-study educational facilities. As trustees of this great institution, they realize the moral responsibility that is theirs in building character in the students. Under their wise administration, Fenn College will continue its amazing growth. Under their guid- ance, strong and dominant leaders of society will emerge. Under their direction, Fenn College's expan- sion plans Will reach an early fulfillment. Page Six lStanding L, to R.l Elbert H. Baker, Edward T, Bartlett, Dr. Robert M, Stecher, Vollmar W. Fries, john S, Crider, joseph W. Meriam. lSeated L, to R.J Fred C. Baldwin, Clarence l.. Collens, Clarence M. Taylor, Elwood H, Fisher, Charles j. Stilwell, Chairman of Board, Leyton E. Carter, George V. Woodling, joseph C, Nichols, Richard S, Huxtable, james H, Coolidge, Members not photographed: Robert F, Bingham, Hon, Harold H, Burton, jacob D, -Cox, jr., Clayton G, Hale, Herbert P. Ladds, james L, Meyers, Allen T. Perry, Vernon B, Stoufter, Henry G. Tremmel, john D, Wright, Page .SY-vfn Administration, .v.,.,.v.,A IOSEPH C. NICHOLS, ED. D. Deon of Fenn College and Acting President Fenn College faces the future in a spirit of adventure. Never have so many people placed so much hope - yes, even confidence - in education. As individuals we seek a more effective and more sat- isfying way of life in a troubled world. Collectively we seek the betterment of all mankind. Not only educational opportu- nity for more people of ability, but more effective education for all who seek it, is the chal- lenge. The Development Program represents Fenn's answer to this challenge. For the third time within twenty years, the demand for the kind of education Fenn provides has made its facilities inadequate. ln 1928 the Prospect Fenn Building was erected. In 1938 Fenn Tower was acquired, and now in l948 as the first unit of the Development Program is to be built, Fenn stands at the threshold of its greatest opportunity. I am confident that Cleveland will help us achieve this goal if we of the student body, the faculty, the Board of Trustees, and the Alumni do our part. VQ. C? ' , Page Ten Meriam C. Herrick, A. B. Director of Admissions Director of Student Activities William A. Patterson, Ph. D. Registrar Eunice E. Shanaberger, B. S. Deon of Women Arthur P. Loegler, B. 5. Finonce Director Page Elaitn Schcocoll 01? Arts and SQLSMQQS ,nv 1 MAIOR B. IENKS, Ph. D. Deon of the School of Arts ond Sciences The task of higher education, as it has been in the past, continues to be the training of effective citizens for a free society. For the School of Arts and Sciences, that means the training of students for the professions and the offering of a X. broad liberal program as the best vocational training for business and industry. To accomplish this objective more effectively, the faculty is continuously studying the curriculum. This study seeks to broaden and strengthen the programs now available in the School of Arts and Sciences. It also seeks to determine those areas whose addition will contribute most to the main core of liberal education. Thus the future development of the School of Arts and Sciences will be guided by a constant search for the most effective means of realizing these broad objectives. Page Thirteen l .J iFa1cu tyfw Scihlooil of Arts and Sciences Robert B. Auld, M. Ed. instructor, English William Cherubini, Ph. D. Asst, Prof, English Frank DeMarinis, Ph. D. Acting Choirrnon, Dept. Biol. Asst. Prof, Biology V. Richard Culbenkion, A. M. Instructor, English Elvan E. Kintner, M.A. Instructor, English Pagrv Fourtfrn Mari-in E. Bredberg, M. A. Asst, Prof. Mod. Long. Blake Crider, Ph. D. Choirmon, Dept. Psych. Professor, Psychology George H. Faust, Ph. D, Asst, Prof, Pol. Science Millard I. lordan, A. M. Chairman, Dept. Sociology Professor, Sociology Ambrosia C. Noetzel, M. S. Chairman, Dept. Home Econ Assoc, Prof, Home Econ. Randolph C. Randall, A. M. Chairman, Dept. English Professor, English Harold Seymour, A. M. Asst. Prof. History George W. Srail, M. A. Asst. Prof. Speech ond Dromotics Donald R. Tuttle, Ph. D. Assoc, Prof. English Ruby V. Redinger, Ph. D Asst. Prof. Dept. English Richard B. Small, M. A. Instructor, Mod. Long, Frank I. Tomich, M. A. Assoc. Prof. Mod. Long. Sara R. Watson, Ph. D. Asst. Prof. English Anne B. Hisey, B. S. M. Instructor, Music Pagr Fiflrrn Schnnll nf Business Administration PAUL R. ANDERS, A. B. Deon of the School of Business Administration A chart in our files shows the growth of the School of Business Administration from l930 to the presenteeea steady rise in the num- ber of students, size of the faculty, and range of course offerings, broken only by the war years. In student body and teaching person- nel, we now have an organization entirely large enough for the variety and breadth of program which we wish to offer. limphasis in the future will not be on numbers, hut on the careful selection of new students, the integration of courses into more effective programs, and the further develop- ment of training and facilities for research so that our graduates may better contribute to the understanding of our economy and the problems of management. The early years of the program will provide a broad foundation of fundamentals, the following years a genuine specialization with less learning by rote and more creative work in seminars and laboratories. Pay: Smirntffn IFe1onIl1t eWSoInoo oi? Business Administration Samuel H. Berwald, LL. B. Instructor, Accounting Marie E. Center, A. B. Instructor, Sec. Studies Clyde I. Crobaugh, Ph. D. Chairman, Dept. Marketing Professor, Marketing lohn A. Froebe, LL. B. Instructor, Accounting Phyllis I. Lowndes, B. B. A. Instructor, Sec. Studies Pago Eighteen Pauline Bloomquist, B. A. Chairman, Dept. Sec. Studies Asst, Prof. Sec. Studies Vance Chamberlin, B. S. Asst, Prof. Marketing Randle E. Dahl, Ph. D. Assoc. Prof, Economics james H. Kovanda, B. A. Instructor, Bus. Admin. john G. McGrew, Ph. D, Chairman, Dept, Economics Assoc. Prof, Economics lohn W. McNeill, M. A. Chairman, Dept. Mgmt. Assoc, Prof. Monogement David C. Parker, B. B. A. Instructor, Economics Asst. to Deon of B. A. George B. Simon, Litt. B. Assoc. Prof. Speech William von Reichbauer, M. A. Asst. Prof, Accounting C. Hamlin Mouck, B. S. Professor, Accounting Glenn H. Shakley, A. B. Instructor, Accounting Demefrios E. Theodore, Ph. D. Asst, Prof. Economics Urban F. von Rosen. C. P.A. Choirmon, Dept. Accounting Professor, Accounting Page Nineteen Snhnnll of Engineering SHOLTO M. SPEARS, Ph. D. Dean of the School of Engineering I foresee a steady growth for the School of Engineering, growth of its physical facilities, growth of its faculty, both in numbers and in professional qualifications, growth of the student body, further devel- opment of cooperative education, and H10St important of all, growth in the ability of the school to co- ordinate all its activities and im- provements in better initiating the professional development of its graduates. As these changes come it will not be long before Fenn graduates upon naming their Alma Water will be greeted not with, Huh? Where is that?", but, with, '4Oh, yes, Fenn- Page Tfwenly-one Facoultyfw School oi? imgiimeeiriinlg .,,,.,A,A john Arendt, jr., M. S. Instructor, Struc. Eng. Marion D. Cooper, M. 5. Assoc. Prof, Elec. Eng. Alfred R. Deptula. B.S. E. Instructor, Mechanics Donald C. Fobel, Ph. D. Chairman, Dept. Mech. Eng. Professor, Mech. Eng. Frank I. Calla, B. S. E. Instructor, Struc, Eng. , Page Tfzwlzly-Ifzcrz Arthur P. Babletr, B. S. Instructor, Mathematics William C. Davis, B. S. Chairman, Dept. Elec. Eng Professor, Elec. Eng, E. Philip Earl, M.A, Asst, Prof. Physics George W. Feil, lr., B. M. E Instructor, Mech. Eng. Archie B. Could Asst, Prof, Mech. Eng. Gerald U. Greene, Sc. D. Chairman, Chem. and Met. Eng. Professor, Chem. and Met. Raymond R. Gutzman, M. S. Instructor Mathematics Ernest C. Harris, B. C. E. Chairman, Dept, Struc. Eng. Assoc. Prof. Struc. Eng. Dorothy B. Horning, B. A. Instructor, Mathematics William V. Kopfstein, B. S. Instructor, Chem. Eng. Bernard Gurney, B. S. E. E. Instructor, Mathematics Virgil D. Hales Chairman, Dept. Eng. Drg. Assoc. Prof, Eng. Drg. Robert H. Hedrick, B.S. Ch. E. Instructor, Chem. Eng. Karl D. Kelly, M. S. Assoc, Prof. Mathematics lames A, Lemon, M. A. Instructor, Mathematics Page Tfwfnty-thrn' IFa1ouIItyW4SoII11oo of Engineering, lvlvlv , Richard L. Marion Instructor, Chemistry Robert I. Meyer, M. Sc. Instructor, Elec. Eng. Harold E. Morgan, Ph. D. Assoc. Prof. Physics Dwight L. Penney, B. S. Instructor, Eng. Drg. Edwin A, Pfeil, B. S. Ed, Instructor, Eng. Drg. Priya' Tfu'e'nly-fa ur Frank H, McGar, Ir., B. A. Instructor, Mothernotics Selma Montasana, B. Sci, Instructor, Physics Lad A. Pasiut, Ph. D. Assoz. Prof. Chem. 6' Met. Enq Emil N. Perout, B. Met. E. Instructor, Metallurgy Willard I. Poppy, Ph. D. Choirmon, Dept. Physics Professor, Physics Alberta M. Prosse, B. S. Instructor, Mathematics Nicholas R. Rimboi, M. A. Director, Tech. Inst. Robert W. Schindler, M. S. Assoc. Prof. Elec, Eng. George H. Smith, jr., B.S. Asst, Prof. Elec, Eng. Asst. to Dean of Eng. Aaron I. Teller, M. Ch. E. Asst. Prof. Chem. Eng, Richard I. Reed, B. S, Instructor, Mech. Eng. Alvin A. Rood, M. A, Asst, Prof. Mathematics Kenneth S. Sherman, B. S Asst. Prof, Elec. Eng. joseph W. Sutliff, M. A, Assoc. Prof, Chem. Eng Horace R. Thayer, 5. B., M. S Asst. Prof. Mech, and Mat Page 7'-weniy-fuue Faculty we Marion B. Tolor, M. 5. Chairman, Dept. Mathematics Professor, Mathematics Robert F. Truelsch, B. E. E. instructor, Eng. Drg. Samuel Ward, M. S. Chairman, Dept. Mech. 6' Mot. Professor, Mech. C1 Mat. Mayo S. Heath, B. S. M. E. Instructor, Mech. Eng. Page T-wenly-tix School of Engineerin i Chester W, Topp, M. A. Asst. Prof. Mathematics Walter R. Van Voorhis, Ph. D Assoc. Prof. Mathematics Frank E. Wilson, M. A. Sc. Asst, Prof. Struc, Eng. Robert I. Farrell, B. S. E. E. instructor, Elec. Eng. Faculty We Robert T. Adams Carroll S. Anderson Klelvin S. Anderson Lester E. Angene Elizabeth G. Baldwin Nlyron B. Barnes Williatn E. Bartlett Archie Battista Darwin N. Benesh Clarence H. Beresford John F. Blaha Klartha E. Bonham Glen T. Boruff Ernest O. Bower Leon S. Brooks VV. Byron Brown Helen ll. Bruenigf Louis C. Brunner Richard Burket Hans Busch Robert F. Cady Harry Cagin Harold E. Campbell Leyton E. Carter Janet G. Castanien C. Harold Chattield Eugene J. Chesney Dean R. Christian George G. Clark Walter R. Conrad Gerald Cosaro Richard H. Damon Earl S. Dearth Charles J. De Caro Wolfraln N. Delenk Raymond P. Dellner Glen A. De Wyer Anthony Diaguila Robert E. Dirks William W. Dodge Lawrence A. Dombrose John P. Dragin J. Frederick Elliott Henry A. Essex Harry VV. Evans John R. Evans Lawrence L. Evert Ernest C. Farkas Robert Farrell George A. Fay Wilson B. Fiske arteflfime llnstructorse ..... Blodwen E. Fleurdelis Sidney Franklin VVayne L. French Leonard Freyman Robert Gaillard Harry A. Gillis Willard E. Gombert Nlaurice B. Gordon Raymond E. Green Robert L. Hall Harold D. Hanson Robert G. Hattwick John M. Heffelfinger Oliver Henderson Albert A. Herzog Daniel A. Hill Henry B. Hoff David H. Hotchkiss Richard G. Huebscher H. Blartin Huge Osiander C. Hursh Joseph Nl. Jacobs Julius Jancin, Jr. John A. Kaminsky George P. Kerr Eugene A. Klingshirn Lawrence G. Knecht Edward ll. Kovachy Bruce B. Krost Dezso Ladanyi James La Salvia Frank Latanick YVilfred Leemon Ralph R. Lee George D. Leonard Carl Leska John N. Livingood Frank llagyar Charles Xlargolis E. Elmo Klartin Adam J. Maywhort James H. hlcCloskey Harry F. llergler Elsie V. Klerrick Alex Kleszoros Andrew L. Kliller Robert D. Kloore Lawrence R. Nlullen hlaurice Klunger Ralph W. Nluntz Albert D. Nesbitt Joseph Neustein James F. Nevison Frank O'Nlalley Nelson James Parks Sarah ll. Pereira llarjorie G. Perry VVilliam F. Peschel Richard D. Peters Henry Pipp Clara C. Polley George Poperad, Jr. John P. Rowland John H. Royer Harry E. Russell Klalcolm D. Salinger, Jr Samuel Sandor Lester W. Schaffer Burton W. Schellenltach Sidney Schiff Robert VV. Schmies Charles E. Scott Charles H. Seaver Joseph P. Sech John J. Sinnott Raymond J. Slater James E. Smithson VVilbur Snevel Frank G. Spiller Francis W. Stebbins Robert B. Stokely Orville N. Stone Carl Stuebe Marvin D. Temple VVayman H. 'Fhomasson Albert H. Ulman Doris A. Voth Carloss H. Walter David WValton Juliette C. VValwer Alvin E. VVanderslehen Arthur H. Wztrren Robert VVarrick Arthur E. West L. Frank VVharton Calvin VV. White Alex E. Whiteside Clyde E. Williams, Jr. Theodore Wilner Manly ll. Windsor John M. Wittenbrook Charles F. Yarham Bimzham W. Zellmer Page T-ufnty :even Department ml? Cwoperaltive Training- P ' eniy-eight MAX B. ROBINSON, M. E., Deon of Cooperative Training Through cooperative education, the student comes to interpret both basic and specialized knowledge in the light of life's realities. That unsettled or Htloundering aroundw period after leaving college, so dis- turbing to many graduates of full time courses, is minimized or en- tirely avoided by the co-op Whose most difficult adjustments are al- ready in the past. ln colleges all over the country, cooperative programs in varied fields are regaining normal operation after wartime interruptions. Many veterans, who have every urge to "accelerate," are swinging back to co-op schedules as the most direct path to advancement. Here at Fenn, we are surrounded by an unusual variety of business and industry. Literal- ly, we do have the "best location in the nation" for gearing education to life. Let us make the most of our rich opportunity. Page Tfwenty-ninf Department of Cooperative 'lfiraiiniiinigs RUSSELL R. ERHART A. 5 S. Cooperative Placement Future plans envision the ever-increasing importance of the cooperative program which is so effective in establishing education on a practical basisea basis in which the student learns to appreciate the importance of "work-on-the-jobll as Well as the education re- ceived in the classroom, Page Thirty D. HOOVER G. WAPLE. A. THOMAS v-v-v-v-v-A-v-v-v-v-v IOHN W. WALTER Bus. Adm. Cooperative Placement Mr. Iirhart and Nlr. XValter spend their full time coordinating the adjustment of the eo-op student through the period of business and industrial orientation. Their task includes aequainting more employers with the possibilities inherent in the eo-op plan, thus creating new spheres of interest and opportunities for the future students of Fenn College. WI? F. POSPISHIL N. DI CELLO, T. KASCAK Page Tliirly-our Student Seirvilees- A,Av1,1,A,., .,.,.,.,.,.,.,. Hea th and Physical Education Homer E. Woodling, M. A. Professor, Health C1 Phys. Ed. Chairman, Dept. Health and Phys. Ed. Athletic Director Raymond Ray, Assoc. Prof. Phys. Ed. P. I. Robechek, A. B., M. D. College Physician Page Thirty-lfwo George McKinnon, lr., B. S. instructor, Phys. Ed. lone Pease, M. A. Instr. Women's Phys. Ed. M. A. Gene M, Schott, B. S., R. N College Nurse The proposed plans include a new Field House which will help achieve the good health and physical well being so essential for every student. Then the Health and Physical Education department will be able to fulfill, unhampered by a lack of facilities, their ambitious plans for a more extensive recreational program, designed to give the students of Fenn College a variety of sports events, intramural con- tests, and enlarged gym schedules. orsonno Development Dopartmentwwww joseph S. Kopas, M. A. Director, Dept. Pers. Develop. Professor, Pe rs. Develop. Thomas L. Dotson, M. A. Asst. Professor of Counseling Eliiah R. Hartley, B. S. Vocational Counselor Lee A. Marshall, M. A. Vocational Counselor lulius I. Schreiber, M. A. Vocational Counselor Eleanore I. Bouquard, M.A. Vocational Counselor Clifford L. Graves, B. A, Vocational 'Counselor Walter G. Sites, M. A. Asst. Prof. Dept. Pers. Develop Foster T. Miller, M. A. Vocational Counselor Frances A. Smith, M.A. Psychologist, Dept. Pers. Dev, Page Thirty-tlzrez Situ en Servieess, Genera Thomas N. Dwyer, B. B. A. Ass't Finance Director Wayman H. Thomasson, A. Public Relations Director Bruce T. Brickley, M. A, Ass't Dir, of Admissions Grace D. Wright Housemother, Men's Dorm, Page Thirly-four Like unsung heroes of the past, these men and Women perform duties often unappreciated, hut which are essential toward the smooth functioning of the college. The future will hring them problems more complex and challenging, lvut which will undoubtedly he met with the confidence and assurance that is al- ready familiar to us. Richard S. Sf. john, B. B.A Ass't Finance Director loseph H. Burke Building Engineer Bertram W. White, B. A. Ass't Dir, of Admissions Lillian M, McQuiIIet I-lousernother, Wornen's Dorm Gilbert S. Serafini Coordinator, Veterans Administration Library v1,1,1,1 1,1,1v2 lP aimel Hall Under the able direction of Mr. Raymond and with the coopera- tion of the faculty, the Fenn College library is developing one of the most complete and rare collections of technical books in this area. lts growth will keep pace with the school expansion by offering future students new opportunities for original and creative research. KENNETH L. RAYMOND. B. L. S. LIBRARIAN ASSISTANTS College Librarian BERTHA L. BOTTLE PANEL HALL SCENE Hostess, Panel Hall lf one were to visit the most interesting spot on the campus, Panel Hall would head the list. For here is a room literally alive with hot political discussions, earnest attempts at study, and enthusi- astic card games. Here too, is the comfortable, home-like background for social events and noon-time dancing. Page Thirty-fifvzf Student Seiryiiees, A,.v - Cafeteria oolkstoire Perhaps the most familiar to all is the Skybar, where students thread their Way through an obstacle course formed by coats, hats, books, and briefcases. The future will never erase the indelible memories of many happy moments spent in idle companship around these coffee-laden tables. ALLICE I. LEWIS Manager, Cafeteria CAFETERIA SCENE Page Thirty-:ix BOOKSTORE ASSISTANTS OLA I. TWERELL Manager, Bookstore History has many accounts of the difficulties and the great lengths which many of our illustrious heroes had to go through in order to get books and learning materials. To many, that historic struggle is repeated here at the beginning of each quarter. However, the construction of new buildings should relegate those long lines and anxious moments once more to the past. A Seciretairiiesw Clericalwiflfeneral The administration of Fenn College involves innumerable small details which must be performed efficientlv These tasks which . we often take for grantedg such as typing out report cards, correspond- ence, checking coats, answering phone calls, and mimeographing, are but a few of the daily duties of the staff pictured below. I i 'Z' S' Seniors, .,...,., WILLIAM ADLER Bachelor of Business Administration Alpha Chi LLOYD V. ANTL Bachelor of Electrical Engineering CHARLES BALDANZA Bachelor of Business Administration ROBERT I. BELNAP Bachelor of Structural Engineering 5 PHILIP I. BERNIER Bachelor of Electrical Engineering WILLIAM 1. BIOURQUIST Bachelor of Business Administration Payf' Fnriv ,,.s .gg u Y ' i, f RICHARD H. AILES Bachelor of Business Administration "F" Club Pres.j Varsity Basketball, l94Z-465 Captain, Golf Team, l947p Intramural Football and Softball ROBERT L. ASHMUS Bachelor of Arts Pi Sigma Tau STANLEY G. BARACH Bachelor of Business Administration Boosters' Clubg International Rela- tions Clubg Business Manager of 1945-46 FANFAREQ Lambda Tau Delta Secretary-treasurerg Intramural footballg Alpha Chi. HARRY I. BERMAN Bachelor of Business Administration Tau Kappa Phig lnterfraternity Coun- cil, Sociology Clubg Intramural foot- ball, baseball, basketball. IOHN BETTS, IR. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Pi Sigma Taug Sophomore Class Pres.g lnterfraternity Council Pres.g Society of Automotive Engineersg Intramural boxing, football, swimming, bowlingg Mixed chorusg Clee Club. GLENN E. BOWEN Bachelor of Business Administration Cauldron staff, l939-40, l94O-4l photographer. EDWARD I. BRAIER Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Track Manager, I94Ig Phi Epsilon Nu, Vice Presidentg Fenn Society of Chems and Mets, Secretaryj Society of Automotive Engineersg Intramural baseball, basketball, football. RALEIGH BROWN Bachelor of Business Administration Iota Eta WAYNE A. BURKHART Bachelor of Business Administration Alpha Chi SEBASTIAN V. CANGEMI Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering KENNETH R. CHAPPELL Bachelor of Business Administration Fenn Bridge Club Treasurer, 1946-475 Intramural Sportsg Alpha Chi. FREDERICK W. COCKFIELD Bachelor of Business Administration DONALD D. BRILLHART Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Fenn Society of Chems and Metsg American Chemical Societyj American Legion. WILLIAM R. BUDA Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Lambda Tau Deltag Newman Club' Society of Automotive Engineers. 1 EDWARD W. BYERS Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alphap Fencing Clubg ln- tramural baseball, basketball, volley- ball, football, IOHN E. CARROLL Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Fenn Society of Electrical Engineeringg Phi Epsilon Nu. FRANCES M. CLAYTON Bachelor of Business Administration Student Councilg FANFARE, Girl's Sports Editorg Topper, Advertisingg Editorial Board, Exchange Editor Omega Upsilon Pres., 2 yrs.g Inter- sorority Council, W. A. A. Treas.j Women's Councilg Sociology Club Sec- retaryg Y.W.C.A. Vice Pres.j Boosters' Club, Wing and Torch Honorary Sec- retaryg Intramural Sports, Women. i HAROLD F. DAUTERMAN Bachelor ot Business Administration Pllfll' Furry-om' Seniors... DANIEL DORSCH Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Kappa D e I t a P h ig lnterfraternity Council Pres, '47-48g Amateur Radio Club, Treas, '47-485 Fenn Society of Electrical Engineering. VERN C. DORSCH Bachelor of Structural Engineering Fenn Society of Structural Engineer- ingg Intramural wrestling, football, bowling. HENRY I. EICKHOFF Ill Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Pi Sigma Tau Alphag Fenn Society of Chems and Mets Chairmang Newman Clubg Intramural golf, bowlingg Amer- ican Society of Metalsj Catholic War Veterans. GEORGE E. FELTY Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Kappa Delta Phi Pres.-Sec'yg Alumni Sec'yg Intramural Sportsj Day Student Councilg Interfraternity Council, 'Vice-Pres. MARION FISKE Bachelor of Science Student 'Councilg Women's Councilj Chorusg Gamma Nu Sigmag Theta Rhog Society of Chemistry and Metsg Women's Athletic Ass'ng Cauldrong Intramural basketball, volleyball, bowling, ping-pong. NEWTON D. FLACK Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Phi Epsilon Nug Intramural footballg Alpha Tau Omega. Pugr Fu My-ffwo FRANK L. DORSCH Bachelor of Structural Engineering Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Chancellor '47- 48j Day Division Student Council, Ass't Sec'y, '47-485 Phi Epsilon Nug Interfraternity Councilg Mixed Chorus, PAUL G. DUBOIS Bachelor of Structural Engineering Kappa Delta Phi Pres, '47-48g Fenn Society of Structural Engineering So- cial Chairman '46-48g Camera Clubg lnterfraternity Council, ROBERT I. FARRELL Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Kappa Delta Phi Pres.g Student Coun- cil Keyg Freshman Swimming numer- alsg Fenn Society of Electrical Engi- neers Charter Member. ROBERT C. FIEGELIST Bachelor of Structural Engineering Kappa Delta Phig Fenn Society of Structural Engineeringg Newman Clubg Varsity Tennis '47j "F" Clubg Intramural Sports. GLENN FITZSIMMONS Bachelor of Business Administration DONALD I. FOGLESONG Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Kappa Delta Phig Intramural Sports. ELOISE FOWLES Bachelor of Science IAMES D. FREY Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineersg Newman Club '43, '46, '47, '48g Mixed Chorusg Men's Chorusg Intra- murals football, ping-pong, handball EDMOND I. GAZELLE Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Pi Sigma Taug Senior Class Pres., Penn Choir Pres.g Society of Automo- tive Engineers. ARTHUR L. GOUGH Bachelor of Arts DOUGLAS W. GRAY Bachelor of Business Administration Army Air Corps Reserve Lt. ALAN L. GREEN Bachelor of Business Administration Alpha Chi. 'C' nl' lm fv- 'ilu-fa,-f DONALD R. FOX Bachelor ot Business Administration CONRAD GASIOR Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Varsity Swimming '46-'47, WILLIAM I. GERNER Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering IOHN A. GRAVES, IR. Bachelor of Science Topper Advertising lvlanagerg Topper Editorial Boardg U. S. Marine Corps. VINCENT I. GREBE Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Pi Sigma Nug Intra Fraternity Councilg Newman Clubg Intramural handball, ping-pongg Fenn Society of Electrical Engineers. AL GREENLAND Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineersg Intramural handballg Bridge Club. Pagf Forty-Ihrm Seiniiioirs, ,1,A , - EVELYN I. CRIESEMER Bachelor of Science Cauldrong Fanfareg Omega Upsilon Presg Mixed Chorusg Women's Coun- cil Pres.g Y.W.C,A.g lntersorority Councilg Home Economics Club. NOVA HAMILTON Bachelor of Business Administration PHILIP I. HASEY Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Fenn Society of Mechanical Engineersg Society of Automotive Engineersg Cauldron. DALE C. HEBRON Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Kappa Delta Phig Fenn Society of Electrical Engineersg Fenn Camera Clubg Outdoor Clubg Newman Clubg Mixed Choir. RAYMOND F. HITTI Bachelor of Structural Engineering Camera Club, Pres.g Society of Auto- motive Engineersg Fenn Society of Structural Engineersj lota Etag Fencing, ALBERT F. HRIBAR Bachelor of Business Administration Cauldron Radio Staffg Radio Actors and Script Writers Societyg Fenn Radio Clubg Outdoor Club. Page Fnriyefnur ,,... 165 DWIGHT H. GRIFFITHS Bachelor of Business Administration RAYMOND D. HART Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering CAROL M. HATTENDORF Bachelor of Business Administration Gamma Nu Sigmag Y.W.C,A.g Wom- en's Athletic Ass'ng Boosters' Clubj lntersorority Council, ALLEN C. HENKE Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alphag "F" Clubg Freshman basketball and trackg Varsity basket- ballg Intramural baseball, football, volley ball, badminton, handball, ping-pong. DOROTHY I. HOOVER Bachelor of Science Theta Rhog Wing C7 Torchg Gamma Nu Sigmag Student Councilg Mixed 'Chorusg Sociology Clubg Women's Athletic Ass'n Pres. and Treasurerg Cauldrong Fanfare '45-'46. DONALD R. HUBBARD Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Phi Epsilon Nuj Chems and Mets So- cietyg American Chemical Society. KENNETH D. HUGHES Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alpha Corresponding Sec'y, '46,: Vice-Pres. and Social Chairman '47, '48g Student Council '47, '48g Fanfare '47g Song Fest '47j Account- ing Lab. Ass't, '45, '46, '47g Intramural Sports. LUPE IIMENEZ Bachelor of Arts WILLIAM E. KALINA Bachelor ot Business Administration Lambda Tau Deltag Fenn Veteran Association, Intramurals basketball, volley ball, badminton. FIFE M. KAPPAS Bachelor of Business Administration Senior Class Sec'yg Topper Business Managerg Student Council Vice-Pres.g Gamma Nu Sigmag Cauldrong Vice- Pres. Boosters' Clubg Women's Ath- letic Assoc., Women's Council Sopho- more Class Vice-Pres.g Freshman Class Sec'y. BART M. KELLY Bachelor of Business Administration CARL D. KLINE Bachelor of Structural Engineering Fenn Society of Structural Engineers, Varsity Basketballg "F" Club. CRAIG E. IENNINCS Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Fenn Society of Automotive Engineers' Amateur Radio Clubg Bridge Club. 1 CHARLES F. KADOW Bachelor of Electrical Engineering LADISLAV I. KAMENIK Bachelor of Business Administration ROBERT E. KAYLER Bachelor of Business Administration LYNN R. KIDDER Bachelor of Science Chem-Mets Societyg Cauldron '47g Track '47, '48, Intramural basketball, bowling, footballg Iota Eta Councillor. IOSEPH M. KOENIG Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Pi Sigma Taug Newman Clubg Fenn Society of Electrical Engineers, Fenn Amateur Radio Clubg Intramural basketball, football, baseball. Page Forty-five Seniorsa., ALBERT I. KOOSED Bachelor of Business Administration MARIANNE E. KORNFELD Bachelor of Business Administration HARRY C. KREMERS, IR. Bachelor of Business Administration IAMES I. KUBBS Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Fenn Society of Chem and Mets. HENRY W. LAUB Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Varsity Swimming Team. FREDERICK E. LEE, IR. Bachelor of Business Administration Fenn Chorusg Men's Choirg Fenn Fine Arts Assn.g Intramural baseball, bas- ketball, football, ping-pongg Lambda Tau Delta Pres.g lnterfraternity Councilg Boosters' Club Pagf Forty-.vix 'wa-f, sale-ref' EMIL A. KORAN, IR. Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alpha. IOSEPH KOVACS Bachelor of Arts WALTER KRYSIAK Bachelor of Electrical Engineering IOHN LAMPPERT Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alphag Fanfareg Cauldronj Intramural footballg Bridge Club. ROSS I. LAZZARA Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alpha Treasurerg Fanfareg Intramural Sports, ROBERT A. LE PACE Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Varsity Swimmingg "F" Clubg Phi Ep- silon Nug Fenn Society of Chem and Metsj Bridge Club. ECKHARD K. LOEW Bachelor of Business Administration C. WILLIAM LOVELACE Bachelor of Arts Mixed Chorusg Fenn Playersg Sociology Club. RAYMOND L. MAHER Bachelor of Business Administration WILLIAM MARKELL Bachelor of Science Pi Sigma Taug Spanish Club. THOMAS MARSH Bachelor of Structural Engineering MARY MAZARIK Bachelor of Business Administration Lambda Sigma Chi Pres.g lntersorority Councilg Women's Dorm Council ANTHONY L. L0 PRESTI Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alpha Pres. '48, Sec'y 47 lnterfraternity Councilj Student Coun- cilg Fanfare '47, '48g Senior Class Social Committee Chairmang Intramural Sports. IRENE C. MACIAG Bachelor of Business Administration Cauldron News and Feature Editor, Office Mgrg Cauldron Radio Showg Omega Upsilon Sec'yg Boosters' Club Sec'yg Radio Actors and Script Writers Society treas.g Topperg Y.W.C.A.g Home Economics Clubg Intramural Sportsg Alpha Chi, IOHN V. MAIERCAK Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Fenn Society of Electrical Engineersg Pi Sigma Taug Radio Clubg Newman Club. LAWRENCE R. MAROON Bachelor of Arts IOHN R. MATTHEWS Bachelor of Electrical Engineering DOUGLAS E. MECHLIN Bachelor of Structural Engineering Freshman Swimming Teamg Fenn So- ciey of Structural Engineers Sec'y. Pagr Furry-.wfvrrl Seniors, .v.,., 2 .,.,., - , EUGENE A. MEIER Bachelor of Structural Engineering Kappa Delta Phi Sec'y '47g Fenn Society of Structural Engineers. WALTER MILLER, IR. Bachelor of Business Administration IOHN F. OSTER Bachelor of Business Administration Evening Student Councilg Alpha Sigma Iota Honorary Fraternityg Sigma Kop- pa Phi Nat'l Business Fraternity Vice- Pres.g Outdoor Club Vice-Presg Camera Clubg Alpha Chi. ANDREW R. PATLA Bachelor of Business Administration IOHN L. POLLACK Bachelor of Structural Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers FRED QUERIN Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Phi Epsilon Nug Society of Chem and Mets.g American Chemical Society. Page Forty-eight NATHAN MILLER Bachelor of Business Administration Tau Kappa Phi Pres.g Intramural Sportsg International Relations Club. ELMER F. MOELLER Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering EDWARD W. PARAN Bachelor of Business Administration Mixed Chorusg Dormitory Councilg Beta Beta Alphag Freshman Class Vice Pres.g Sophomore Class Pres.g Alpha Chi. ROBERT W. PATZWAHL Bachelor of Business Administration MARY ANN PUSTI Bachelor of Business Administration Wing 6' Torch Vice-Pres. '48g Wom- en's Athletic Ass'ng Sociology Club Treas. '46g Y.W.C.A. Treas.g Newman Clubg Fenn Playersg Gamma Nu Sig- ma Corresponding Sec'y '48g lnter- sorority Councilg Intramural Sports. ELWYN V. READ Bachelor of Arts - - - -v-v-v-v-.rv--:v PAUL I. REISER Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Iota Etag Professor '47, Counsellor '47, Chancellor '48g Fenn Society of Chem and Mets Pres. '47g Inrerfraternity Council '42g intramural sports. BETTY RICHARDSON Bachelor of Arts Lamda Sigma Chig Sociology Clubg Home Economics Clubg Mixed Chorus. EARL B. ROBINSON Bachelor of Business Administration Lambda Tau Deltag Intramural sports. IOSEPH S. ROCK Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alpha Vice Pres. '46g Alpha Chi Pres.g Student Counciig Wing C1 Torchg Fenn Playersg Intra- mural sportsg Freshman Class Pres. WARREN I. ROOT. IR. Bachelor of Structural Engineering IULIUS I. SABO Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Fenn Outdoor Clubg Society of Auto- motive Engineers. LOUIS M. REKER Bachelor of Science WILLIAM ROBELLARD Bachelor of Business Administration Bridge Club Pres. '48g Boosters' Club ETHEL L. ROBINSON Bachelor of Science Omega Upsilon Sec'yg Fanfare '46 Student Y. BETTY IAN ROM Bachelor of Business Administration ROBERT R. ROSENFELD Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering EUGENE F. SACHARA Bachelor of Chemical Engineering l'1lyff l"nr'ly-Milli 0 Seniors, .,.,. ALBERT T. SCHAEFER Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Pi Sigma Taug Mixed Chorusg Student Councilg Fenn Society of Electrical Engineers. RICHARD E. SCHNEIDER Bachelor of Chemical Engineering LESTER F. SCHUTRUM Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Phi Epsilon Nug Society of Automotive Engineers. HARRY A. SEARLES Bachelor of Business Administration ROBERT L. SHUMAKER Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Pi Sigma Tau Znd Vice Chancellorg Student Council '48g Fenn Society of Automotive Engineersg Newman Club Treas. '46g Mixed Chorusg Men's Chorusg Varsity Track '48g "F" Clubg Intramural softball. WILLIAM D. SMITH Bachelor of Business Administration Intramural football '47g Barbarians ll. Ijllfll' Fifty IOSEPH A. SCHLEIMER Bachelor of Business Administration Varsity Baseball: "F" Clubg Beta Beta Alphag Bridge Clubj Intramural sports. WILLIAM L. SCHOLL Bachelor of Business Administration Cauldron Sports Editor, MORRIS C. SEACER, IR. Bachelor ot Business Administration Lambda Tau Deltag lnterfraternity Council. IRVING SHEER Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Tau Kappa Phig Society of Automotive Engineersg Penn Band, WALTER I. SMITH Bachelor ot Electrical Engineering Fenn Radio Clubg Fenn Society of Electrical Engineersj Phi Epsilon Nug Also worked 48 hours per week for the past llfg years at Euclid Doon Power Co. IEAN M. SPRAGCINS Bachelor of Science Women's Council Pres.g Home Eco- nomics Club Pres.g Gamma Nu Sigmag Women's Athletic Assoc.g Intramural sports. CHARLES H. SPRINGER Bachelor of Chemical Engineering GORDON C. STAPLETON Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alphag Alpha Chi. ROBERT F. STECH Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering IOHN STELMAH Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Pi Sigma Tau Alphag Society of Automotive Engineers. ARTHUR E. STRINGER Bachelor of Business Administration Fanfare Ass't Art Editor '4lg Intramural football. RICHARD M. TROSTLER Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Fenn Society of Electrical Engineeringg Psychology Clubg Amateur Radio Club. vvvvxv-- fi NORMAN STANSKY Bachelor of Business Administration ANDREW D. STAURSKY Bachelor of Business Administration Intramural Sportsg Scholarship Award IOHN P. STECHMEYER Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Fenn Bridge Club Pres, '47j Fenn So- ciety of Automotive Engineers Pres. '48g Camera Clubg Phi Epsilon Nu' Sec'y-Tres, '48, I ROBERT STUPP Bachelor of Structural Engineering IOHN TARAPCHAK, IR. Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alphag Student Councilg Varsity Tennisj "F" 'Clubg lntramural Champion Badminton, Ping-Pongg Pre-Iunior Class Pres. FRANK I. VARGO, IR. Bachelor of Business Administration Editor of the Cauldron. Paw Fifly-om' Seniors, vA,,v - RICHARD VASICEK Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Fenn Society of Electrical Engineersg Fenn Society of Automotive Engineersg Radio Club Sec'yg Newman Clubp Iota Etag Varsity Trackg Cauldron Staff "For Engineers Only" Columng Pep Bandg Intramural basketball, bowiing, baseball. IOHN B. WALMSLEY Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Beta Alphag lntertraternity Councilg FANFARE Senior Class Edi- torg Vice-Pres. Senior Class, CARL A. WILLIAMS Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Fenn Society of Electrical Engineersj Radio Club. FREDERICK W. WITZKE Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Fenn Society of Electrical Engineersg F.C.A.R.C. Treas. '47 Page Fifty-luv VINCENT VODICKA Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Iota Etaj Varsity Swimming teamg Photography Club. ROBERT V. WARRICK Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Fenn Society of Automotive Engineers. ALDEN P. WILSON Bachelor of Arts Theta Rho, Topper. WALTER R. WITZKE Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Fenn Society of Chems and Metsg Fenn Chapter of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Sec'y. DAVID KELLY Absentia Will receive Bachelor of Business Ad- ministration degree upon completing LL. B, requirements of Western Reserve. RICHARD D. BARKES Bachelor of Business Administration ROBERT BAXTER Bachelor of Structural Engineering Iota Etag Fenn Society of Structural Engineersg Co-editor "Strictly Struc- tural"g Varsity Trockg Camera Clubg Intramural sports. IEAN E. BERGER Bachelor of Business Administration Sociology Club Pres. '46-'47g Sec'y '47-48g Outdoor Clubg Intramural Ping-Pong. RICHARD A. ELLINCTON Bachelor of Science ELDON R. GROLL Bachelor of Business Administration Evening Divisiong Intramural Basket- ballg Y.Nl.C.A.g Psychology Club. ALLAN M. KABAT Bachelor of Structural Engineering ROBERT W. BAUER Bachelor of Business Administration Evening Division IL.F.Ctr.I ROBERT D. BENSON Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering ROBERT I. CROUSE Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Fenn Society of Automotive Engineers. PAUL H. GIESEL Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Lambda Tau Deltag Rifle Club. TIOVO E. ISAACSON Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Evening Division. WILLIAM W. KEENE Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Evening Divisiong Lambda Iota Deltcij Evening Student Council '43-48. Paar Fifty-thrff Seniors., .'.,. v , WILLIAM F. KERKA Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Kappa Delta Phig Phi Epsilon Nu. WILLIAM I. KRISTOFIC Bachelor of Business Administration SAMUEL R. LATONA Bachelor of Science MORGAN P. O'LAUCHLIN Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering ROBERT H. PIPPENGER Bachelor of Business Administration Evening Division. RAYMOND A. SEIPLE Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Evening Divisiong Lambda Tau Sigma Pres, and Vice Pres.g Intramural swimming. Page Fifty-four IOHN C. KOLZ Bachelor of Business Administration Evening division. ANTHONY LALLI Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Evening division. IOHN LINGNER, IR. Bachelor of Business Administration Lambda Tau Sigmag Evening Division, PHILIP B. PERRY Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Evening Divisionj Fenn Society of Electrical Engineersg Lambda Tau Sigma. DON W. SCOVILL Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Evening Divisiong Kappa Delta Phig Member of cast of "Ten Minute Alibi." ALTON E. SMITH Bachelor of Business Administration Evening Divisiong "Fenn Sl'1ield"g So- ciology Clubj Cauldron reporterg ln- tramural tennisj Sigma Kappa Phig Fenn Community Chest Team. Dexter VV. Chambers, B.B.A. ROBERT A. SNYDER Bachelor of Business Administration GLENN W. STEVENSON Bachelor of Business Administration Evening Divisiong Alpha Sigma Iota Pres.j Cauldron Night Editorg Evening College Night Shift Editorg Outdoor Club Pres.g Lambda Tau Sigma Vice Pres. and Sec'yg Evening Student Council Vice Pres.g Psychology Clubj Editor LTS Outlookj Chairman Student Organization Committee. WILLIAM C. SPORAR Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Evening Divisiong Beta C h a p t e r Lambda Tau Sigmog Fenn Society of Automotive Engineers IOSEPH P. TABOIKA Bachelor of Business Administration Evening Divisiong Alpha Sigma lotag Lambda Tau Sigma Treas.g Student Councilg Cauldrong Cutdoor Clubj Psychology Clubg lntramural sports. WALLACE C. TIBBITTS Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Giradluatiing Seniors Not Pictured Nl. Vincent Conway, B.B.A. Cyril H. liieher, B.A. Glenwood H. Ferry, B.S.li. Xvilliam C. Flanagan, B.S. Wlilliam R. Green, B.S. Wlilliam F. Griffith, B.B.A. lfva Nlae Hahink, BA. lflmer Krupansky, B.B..-X. Robert YV. Larson, B.B.A. Kenneth H. NleConnell, B.NlF. VVillard I.. Nlills, B. Ch. li. Elton A. Gverly, B.Nl.F. George C. Paraskeva, B.li.l'I. VVilliam .l. Zoller, B.B..'X. Eugene sl. Pfaff, B.B.A. Norman Phillips, B.S. James C. Piwonka, B. Ch. li. Gordon VV. Reeder, B.Nl.l+f. George H. Ritz, B.A. Albert L. Sammann, B.B.A. Charles F. Sehuette, B.B.A. Charles H. Springer, B.B.A. Edward H. Thomas, B.B.A. Arthur sl. Tuscany, Jr., B.B.A. jack E. NVhiteloek, B.B.A. Ray E. NVise, B.B.A. Robert G. XN'illiams, B.B.A. VVilliams R. Zingler, jr., B.A. Fdward bl. Haddad, B. Ch. li Page Fifty-fini: Seimiioirsg Bequest- v.,.v. ..1...... .... IMA, fde Wlefll 2l"J of tAe gl'6l6!lfL6tfil'lg C 61:56 of Aefegg Lefibledfk fde foffowing ifem5 fo fda fo-ffowing facukg mem em: Two good accounting instructors to Dean Anders, One conservative history professor to Dean Jenks, An electric point-hour-ratio calculator to Doc Patterson A new social planning chairman to lXIr. Herrick, A brand new dollar pocket watch to blouck, One copy of Hlflementary Statisticsn to Doc Crobaugh, A set of used crib notes to Doc NlcGrew, 3 A simplified edition of "Principles of Accountingl' to Von Reichbauer, A Pinkerton man to Nlarie Center to guard her diamonds, One year subscription to the CIO VVeekly to Doc Dahl. One bottle of l'Little hliraclell hair restorer for Xlclfin non, A free LaSalle Extension Course to Hblad Man" Muntz, One box of used phonograph needles to hlrs. Hisey, A new deck of pinochle cards to Klrs. Bottle, A copy of "How to VVin Friends and lnrluence People,' to Faust, A copy of "Principles of Grading" to Seymour, An extra long Hten minute break" to lierwald, A book on "Elementary lfconomicsl' to Doc Theodore, The book, "Better Golfing for Hackersw to hlcNeil, A trip to the moon for Doc Poppy, A jug of sauerkraut to Doc Pasuit, A set of Busbey twins for Ray Ray, Pllflf Fifty-.fix v A year's supply of entropy for Doc Green, One cubic foot of H28 for Nliss lwiller, A skewed shaft for Fiel, One Buster Brown collar for Farrell, A box of hardtack for lwom Lewis, A bottle of Toni Home Permanent for Virginia Kiel, A month in a padded ,cell to Doc Tolar, A course in penmanship to Kelly, A new rolling pin to Doc Jordanls wife, One 'lLittle Giant" dust mop to Nlr. Burke, One dozen collar stays to Rood, A toupe and Joe Nliller joke book to Prof. Cooper, One microphone for 'lWhisperiri' Joe" Sutliff, A book on Hlflementary Physics" to Selma Nlontasana, A few feet of garden hose and a couple of milk bottles to serve as lab equipment for Reed, One box of 'lNo Dozen pills for Prof. Davis, One long handshake to Prof. Siman, A bucket of beer to Perout, A bottle of peroxide to Gene Schott, One "New Look" skirt to Ruby Redinger, One Weekls vacation with Harry Truman for "Honest -lohnl' Froebe, Free workouts at Papke's gym for Prof. Hales, A bottom for Topp, A larger budget to Homer Woodling. Juniwrsw, j. Leach, D. Dorsch, L, Komenik, S, Lepkowski W. Kerko, H, Davidson, R. Wardle Paqr Fifty-.rfaffn UIJUIHOIF ,.,. Page Fiftywigflzl- 1. Pollack, I, McGaw, R. Schwartz G. Biggs, R. Carlson 1, Suzo, W. Zukie, E. Manley, G. Richmond F. Cole, R. Sfrachen, W, Kristofic, L. Maroon, 1, Schaefer M. Mackey, D. Rude-r, T, Cerdes C, Novak, W, Tibbitts, R. Roller H, Milne, E. Hoddod, W, Stossfurth Y Paar Fiffjhllilli' Juniconrs I'r1y1w Sixly C. Lonsdale, L, Roih, R, Surmcm A. Mozorokis, I. Thomas R, Hessler D. Shaffer, K. Will, M. Tessler C, Vcll, W. Ryan, 1. Schleimer, 1. Boyer C. Beochler, F. Bodke P, Kulka Pzlyf' Sixly-0111? re4Junico11?s,,.,., Page Sixty-tfwo C. Pierotfi, E, Orvis, W. Elperin, G. jasper 1. Wolters, E. Teusch, H, johnsten, E, Tyzenhouse, E. Murphey R, Kcmtner, K. Lipstreuer, D. Grosso, D. jock, R. Dorosh X. Zopis, R. Fletcher, S. Duricci, H, Franklin, R. Eyerdom, R, Sclwmostzer, C, Sorrmowski H. Koschyk, O, Misel, E, Pottirison, C, Little, D. Moreen S. Lefkowitz, E. Heller, D. Smoke, E. Grad, D. Altmos, S. Geiss, C. Rubenstein , P. Levitt, I. Berger, A, Cririkevich, N, Cox, R. Bowers Page Sixty-three 0 iPir'o4.iiuinu1oirS ,.,1,1, .,.v.v.v., W - .,.,.,. ..A. - - vA,.v - , Pfljll' Sixly-fuizf' R. Antol, R. Bock, R. Widen, W. Winebrink, L. Kolus, P. Ferris, D. Frcincis 1, Lonzendorfer, J. Monroe, R, Bittinger, D. Carter, E, Lorence, 1. Stokoe S. Likover, C. Vodnond, G. Bergold, D, Kolczynski, E. jeske, V, Good, E. Horeis W. Stonord, S, johnson, M, Presse, T, Patrick, E. Sotolci R, Vxfold, R, Chambem, C, Liszkay, j, Casini, C, Petty, W. Schaffer, P, Wesebaum W, Loew, C. Pokrant, L, Pozar, P, Krasowski, A. Fafrak C. Adams, R. Pappas E, McClain, C, Bachmann, P. Silver, A. jackson Page Sixty-fifvr SOPMOIIMOIFGS, v.,.,.v pflfll' Sixty-.six D. Levigne, A. Pohm, H. Stockmon, I, Woodword, E. jonko, P. Horvoth, A. Kodromoz, 1. Sturm W. Yoeger, W, Semenik, j, Boskovic, D. Zander, L. Mogos, C, Ozonich C. Thacker, R. Sinzinger, R. Pritchard, 1. Miserwcik, R. Mittelstaedf, E. Tober, R, Mahfar, L. Crosby R. Fox, E. Kughn, 1. Corio, P. Knight, H. Dorr, P. Bray F. Traviglio, R. Terry, E, Metti, 1. Pokelsek, C. Crell, W. Cahoon, L. Borreili, E. Anderson E. Beneke, E. Kuhar, L. Overson, D. Makowski, C. Cardwell, M. Ferrante, D, Bogart Pagfz' Sixty-scfvcn Saplhlamaires, .,.,.vAv R. Clingman, R. Anders, S. Bruce, P, Blank, T. Martin, R. McNerney, 1. Lieberman, I. Klein G. DeMario, W. Hite, B. Rohde, L. Zolnay, E. Roig, l. Reznik, H. Crissinger Payz' Sixty-riglzl E. Murn, D. Bottiggi, S. Zelko, E. Salulc, A. Criesbach, S. Kiczek, S, Magyar, j, Quetsch M. Price, R. Rossoff, S. Gershenson, W. Kroot, A. Friedman, F. Moliski, C. Gabriel Q L. Hevesy, W. Wensel, 1. Lefelhocz, M. Kessie, E. Kubala, C, Nau, l. Mraz, E, Salomon C. Thrash, F. Centa, L, Landoll, E. Rickey, M. Quinn, C. Caeto, L. Davies B, Donaldson, A. Schutz, D. Grotln, l-l, Ford, R, Hampf, E. Liska, S, Cordon, L, Weiss F, Mahnic, A, Mazur, R. Lipfak, A, Ratka, M. Kelley, C. Perkins, F. Pollack Ll, ' Page .S'ixly:11i11f' Sophomores, v.,.,.. A. lusak, C. Glowe, F. David, G. Metz, S. Bitto, N, Simons, j. Diamond, W, Bonner H. Fletcher, C. Stanczak, W. Pierson, H. House, A. Parchem, D. Cailen, P. Cadek Pagf Sefventy R, johnson, R, Nordquest, G. Wiotzko, H. Deragon, F, Markun, E. Dziedziak, M. Zohns, 1, Feher G. Bauer, F, Randall, V, Metro, N. White, D. Carguilo, R,.Hutter, F. Coie M, Purdy, E, Drabik, E. Benko, C. Bock, R. Kiehl, R, l-lansel, R. Auer R. George, F. Serazin, W. Corcoran, M, Welch, j. Eber, C. l-lronek LE H, l-lumpal, D. johnson, P, johnson, E. Pieger, 1. Swallen, W. Haessly, M. Kaden, F. Prosek R. Ufas, K. Griffes, R. Nielson, A. Schatz, D. Houth, W. l-larmount, W. Strieble, A. Ron Page SFi't'll1j' - u zu' . l Freshmen, .,.,., W, Krumesc, L, Via, l. Wyskocil, R, Underwood, P, Raynak, P, Panasik, P. Dzurik, H. Curnler, W Sianti B. Willinson, R. Bauer, W, Sanger, E, Allevate, D, Albanese, L, Day, C, Simonian, M, Stelmach S, Jaffe, 1, Petras, L, Denham, M, Bowler, F, Williams, A, DiBenedetto, E, Dieckow, E. Birtic, F. White Page Smufnty-lfwu R, Zavesky, R. Kotnik, H, Amacher, 1, Urwin, S, Czerski, F. Stover, K, Lehmann, P, Lariccia, E. Paulin S, Zyclwak, H. Iacobs, l, Korda, I. Carman, A, Koenig, T. Dubkowski, A, Koeth, I, D'Arco P. Virostlno, L, Previte, R. Hall, 1, Piriczky, R, Baker, 1, Brugeman, N, Baker T, Kranz, l, Lipiec, R. Sepik, C, Siebold, A, Koshkarian, D. Welty, M. Shuga, P, McCavitt R, Szczepanski, F, Polcyn, D, Miller, j, Weidman, W. Davis, C. Nemeth, A, Hlusak, L. Schubert H. Satmary, M, Nesbitt, A. Sutter, A. Lobrovico, L. Skalski, B, Christian, S. Longfield, l. Adie, R, Berwing 1 veg C, Voracek, R, Cox, R, Borchert, G. Yee, 1, Yee, D, Schultz, B. Reeves, l-l. Rankin, N. Myers H, Allen, l, Goodwin, P, lVlcQuistion, M, Racke, B, Raiz, E. Re-itz, D, Tiber, F. Celin, D, Jewell W, Stephenson, R, Lexa, I, Wells, lvl, Taylor, H, Poston, R. Accardi, l, Bianco, l-l. Gregory Huff .S'eQ.'w1l,y-Ilzrw lFrceshmem1..,,., D, Bell, C, Collister, R. Dietterick, R. Dahlhausen, D. Burger, C. Wagner, D. Christie, E. Abel. E. Priebe, 1, English, E, Laturell, S. Barton, l. Clark, l-l, Blaha, D. Still, B. Panasewicz, F. Koehler M. Cook, 1. Youngblood, E. Dyleski, N. Dalesio, S, Nikolich, N, Williamson, M. Nakama, M. Carleton Page Seventy-four H, Campbell, l. Mense, S, McCoy, D. Miller, R, Calloway, R, Daelhousen, T. Arthur H. lvlarble, L, Fink E, Benko, I. Benko, 1. jordan, 1, Dunbar, R. Kibler, 1. Cort, 1. Campbell, R, Woodworth l. Czika, W. Harrison, B, Cundic, G, Ruedele, 1. lvlodica, 1. Krauss, A, Lenfzas, A. Nocleg W, Plazer, F. Below, M, Crynocla, C-, Schneider, D, Williamson, G. l-luth, I. Fircz, C, Refe, C. Walter B, Nedwich, R. larmusch, D. Barbee, W. Crawford, C, Scobie, C. Schaffer, E. lust, A. Hirke R. Chambersjian, D. Almond, N. Reed, B. Schwartz, A. Forward, F. Howland, A, luriec, F. Weisshappel in A A f ,C L., . I' .3 :I yuf - . Q C. Castle, W, Facer, R, Feldmonn, F, Brittsan, K. jones, C, Andrzejewski, C. Pohjolo, D, Sabin, P, Logan, T. Caloy, B, Thornton S. l-larmath, R, Lubera, E. Diehl, l, Baron, l-l. Gilliam, C, Nellems, R. Montgomery, E, Thulin, E, l-lendess, 1, Gilchrist, R. Walther R. laracz, R, Wileon, L, MacDowell, W, Gallagher, 1, Dorsey, M, Zalar, E, Anewalt, lvl, Domenico, G, Ebert, D, Pollock Page Sevzfrnly-fi-W R X, X 5' fs if X ,-Q' f 'sg i , W is by 3, Z aslketlba ll- ,.,.v , v.v1,. , ,.,.vAv Y ,.v.,.,. .... , Avis McKinnon Von Syckle The Fenn Cagers opened the 1947-48 basketball season with the schoolls most formidable team facing the toughest schedule of any previous year. Coach George Klcliinnon, aided by Co-captains Dan Avis and Lynn Van Syckle, spurred the squad to the best season in the history of the school by winning 12 of the 20 games. The highlight of the season was the Foxes! thrilling -H to 42 victory over the favored Blue Streaks from John Carroll. It was this victory that began a successful season and started Fenn on the rocky road to basketball recognition. af XJ 14 55 22 16 13 sm G, McKinnon, D, Avis, A, Friedman, K, Will, P. Schenck, H. Dysert, I, Shoughnessy, D, jones, R. Buettner V. Mohorick, E. Asher, H, Dunkle, A. Pohm, L. Von Syckle, B. Ferroti Page Scfvfnly-ciglzt l Fenn's traditional rival, Hiram College, fought in vain to regain possession of the "Woody Brick," hut they failed to keep a close check on "Dead Eye" Avis and "Long Jacku Shaughnessy. These boys netted a total of 32 points to clinch Fenn's 52 to 48 triumph. The Foxes nipped the Terriers for the second time by taking the last game of the season 56 to 50. Karl YVill and Lynn Van Syekle will he lost hy graduation. Their sterling play and steadying in- Huence will he missed by Coach hleliinnon and next year's team. But the picture looks good for thc future with this year's Freshman team moving into the varsity ranks. Pngz' Srfvrnty-nina 0 0 .lluinuier Varsity an Cheerleaders .,A,A .,.v.,.,.,1,e,.,.,.v.,.,, D. Penney, D. Williamson, D. Tiber, D. locklitch, F, Ennis, j. Gott R. Biddle, l. Niebecher, T. Dilley, C. Stroubel, D, Horwood The lfenn xlunior Varsity squad coached by Dwight Penney made an impressive record that more than matched the Varsity hy winning eight games out of ten. Paeed hy lanky Dave Alaeltliteh who split the meshes for l32 points, an average of 13.2 per game, Coach Penney's hoys humbled every opponent except XVestern Reserve "B" and the Hiram HBH squads. The sterling: play of many memhers of this squad will he evident next year as they aspire for the Varsity roster. Cheers of the Fenn rooters led hy Capt. Bill Wallcer and his ahle red and gray clad cheerleaders, eontrihuted much in sending the Fox sportsmen to the school's most successful sports year. Nlemhers of the cheer leading squad are: tl. Klett, A. Sutter, Y. Parris. Capt. XV. XVallcer, and li. Reeves. Page Ifigllry Swiimmiim ,. vQv.v.v - v.,A'.,A,. ,.v.v,v .,.,.,.vA,.'. ,,v.v1, - , . Roy Busbey Paced by the nationally recognized Olympic potential, Captain Robert Cliuzzbombj Busbey, the 1948 swimming season will be remembered by Coach Raymond Ray, his tankers, and the students as being the most eventful in the history of Fenn. No less than thirty records were set by the Foxes this year as they overpowered eleven out of fourteen opponents in the dual meets and placed third in the Ohio Collegiate Conference. With one or two exceptions, "Buzz" Busbey, broke at least one and as high as four records in each meet the Foxes were entered. His total for the season was twenty-seven individual and two assists in relay records. In the National A. A. U. meet at Yale this Spring, Busbey turned in his gem performance by setting a new national record in the junior men's 50-yard free style followed by a fifth place in the senior men's 100-yard free style which opened the eyes of the national coaches and practically clinched a berth on the Olympic Caravan. .s --.V-,,.,... Y... R. Roy, H. Fletcher, 1. Lonzendorfer, A. Harmon, B, Busbey, R. Mock, 1, Simoskevich, D. McCord I. Quetsch, W. Zukie, H, Loub, O, Browder, L. Crosbey Page Eighty-one' Swimmiin -C ,.v.v.v. , .,.,.v. , ,.,1v - , Al Harmon, another point-getter and star of the Fox swimmers, set a new pool record at Grove City in the 220-yard free style event. Other credit for the points required to win these meets is shared by regulars John Quetsch, John Lanzendorfer, Dick Nlack, Herb Fletcher, John Simaskevich, Ed Voiland, Hank Laub, VVilson Zukie, Lloyd Crosby, and Orison Browder. Coach Ray will lose the services of VVilson "Gee-llm-Tiredu Zukie and Hank Laub through gradu- ation, and the two boys Will be missed as the spark-plugs of a truly great team. In looking ahead, With such ability as he has at the present, we wish Coach Ray and his swimmers continued success in pro- moting the name of Fenn in the eyes of the sports World. Page Eighty-lfwo olllf' and rlfennisce .,.v. ,1v1v.,1vAv - .v.,.,1,...,A,.,.v. 1.1,.,.v.v., W 1v.v. ,.,1, .v.v. , - .M 1,.,.v.,.v.v W 1v.v.,.v.v - The Fenn Golfers, under the guidance of Prof. Homer G. XVoodling, wound up an encouraging season with a record of live wins against six losses. Off to a slow start, the golfers recovered and re- vengged defeats suffered at the hands of Reserve and Kent hv downing Reserve in their second match, -lohn Carroll, and Hiram. Graduation will talce Bud Ailes from the squad, hut lwolstered hy a few low-shooting: freshmen and thrcc returning lettermen, "XVoodv" is loolzingg to the coming season with high hopes. I, Rong I. Rung, R. Ailes, I, Birtolon, T, Williams W4 Kroots, A, Mozur, R. Rooke, R, Fiegelist, 1, Toropchck A, Mczur Handicapped hy the laclt of practicing facilities, the Fenn Netters valiantlv fought through a rough schedule to win live out of eleven matches on the 1947--l-S agenda. "VVoodv,'l aided hv lioh Fiegelist. Hoh Roolce, Bill Kroot, and Al Klazur, returning lettermen, will enjoy a highly improved season this vear with the addition of the Satmarv brothers and -lack Russell who will he slamming: the hall for the Foxes. Page El-Uf11J"f,ll'l'I aselba ll, AvA, - L. Von Syckle Coached by George McKinnon, former Northwestern star, the Fenn baseball team, captained by Stan Lalewicz, entered the inter-collegiate competition in notable style by compiling a record of eight wins against three losses in the 1947-48 campaign. The Foxes overpowered Wooster, Baldwin-VVal- lace, Kent State, Oberlin, Ashland, Youngstown, and Western Reserve University. Bob Steck posted a four to one winning record to lead the pitching staff, losing his only game to Reserve in their first encounter. Next in the line of pitchers was Clyde Voll, who won three and lost two. Clyde is expected to be the big gun in the current season which he opened against Wooster by chalking up a four to two victory. 1. Schleimer, S, Lolewicz, R, Boehm, E. Lisko, N. Phillips, L. Von Syckle, G. McKinnon. S. Zelko, C. Voll, J. Senkyr, F. Pollack, B. Spooner Page Eighty-four The catching chore was ably handled hy Joe Schleinier while Lynn Van Syckle cavorted at lirst. Both boys were responsible for a good percentage of the hitting throughout the season. 'llhe halanee of the inheld was defended hy By Spooner at second, Ralph Boehm, at short. and Lalewicz at third. John Rock, Norm Phillips, and John Senkyr patrolled the outfield and did their share of hitting to lwring the Foxes through a successful season. Coach Xlcliinnon will lose the services of Captain Lalewicz, lfd Lislca, and Frank Pollack through graduation. Page Eighty-fiwf Trane E, Loudot . The Fenn Traclcsters, conspicuous by the lack of returning lettermen, weathered a rough season as they placed second in a triangular meet and lost five out of six dual meets. Coach Raymond Ray had only three lettermen at the start of the season-Bob Baxter, in the high jump, Wzlrren Root in the pole vault, and Captain Ed Loudat in the hurdles. The new men who helped round out the team were lioh Fox in the mile and half mile, Bob liushey in the discus and shot put, Ed Asher in the ltroad jump, George Glawe, Ray Griesbach, and Henry Dunkle in the 440 and 220, and Hugh Johnson and Torn Emling in the l00-yard dash. 1 R, Roy, D. Vosicek, R, Griesboch, E, Monley, H. Corroll, E. Loudcnt, D. johnson, L, Kidder, L, Crosby, R. Terry, C. Cllowe, R, Busbey, R, Fox, H. Dunkle, R. Emling, W. Root Page Eighty-.fix .v.v.v.,.,.v,v.v.v. Two records were set by the Fenn Thinly-clads. The mile relay team of Emling, Dunkle, Fox, and Glawe hroke the old school record of 3m, 40.5 sec. with a new time of 3m, 39.9 sec. set in the Fenn-Ashland meet. George Glawe's 52.6 for the -H0-yard dash broke the old record of 53.4. Coach Ray will have six lettermen returning for the 1948 team which will he captained by Bob Fox. Results of the first competition the 1948 squad entered sounds encouraging and Ray is looking forward to a much im- proved record as they rang up 482 points in a triangular meet to place second to Kenyon, with 682, and were followed hy Ashland with 45. Page Eighty-.rvfvrn llimtiramuira swf ootlhallll, v.,. , Raymond Ray's 1947-48 intramural program met with huge success as every sport on the calendar was filled to capacity with participants. The intense competition found in intramural sports can he credited to the winning of the All Sports Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the fraternity or independent group that has accumulated the most points in intramural athletic participation during the year. At this writing the leading contenders are the Pi Sigma Tau and Lambda Tau Delta fraternities. Last year the trophy was won hy the Beta Beta Alpha fraternity. ln the Fall quarter the Pi Sig quartet of H. Eickhoff, J. Betts, D. lVIcCord, and J. Barr won the golf championship by one stroke. A score of 387 was good enough to win over the LTl3's 388. liickhoff shot a low of 78. Foothall found twelve teams entered in the race for the championship. All games were played on the Fenn-Halle Field at Euclid and E. 30th St. The Redrums Qmurder spelled hackwardj took the BBA's 7 to 0 to win in the Grey League while the LTD's 12 to 0 defeat of the Pioneers gave them first place spot in the Red League. ln the championship play-off game, the Redrums, sparked by Phil Blank, heat the LTD squad I2 to 7. i Priya' 1figl1.'y-fight Intramurals-4-Basketba The VVinter quarter basketball tournament found sixteen teams battling for the crown which was won by a strong Pioneers quintet as they took the LTD five in the last two games of a three-game play-off series. After losing the first game they came roaring hack to blast their way to the crown by winning 51-39 and 52-39. Jerry Pokrant's twelve points in the first and twenty points in the second game was the deciding factor in the victories. The Pioneers squad is composed of Pokrant, F. Proselc, A. Art, P. Bingham, A. Stanisk, Schleimer, and Bayer. Another tournament, scheduled for the Spring quarter, is under way and the winner will play the Pioneers for the school championship. The Singles handhall tournament in the Winter quarter was Won by XV. Krysiak as he defeated D. Frey, 21-16 and 21-19. ln the doubles tournament, J. Rung teamed up with Prof. XVoodling to defeat J. Betts and Shaffer of the Pi Sigs. Page Eighty-nine Intramurals---Uther, ,.,.v The noon-hour bowling tourna- ment saw the Pi Sigma Tau HAH team defeat their own HBH team to win the schoolls bowling cham- pionship. In the W e d n e s d a y League, the Pi Sig "B" team was closely followed by the LTD's and Newmaneer's, who lost ground in the last few games of the tourna- ment. High singles score of the season was rolled by Stan Lepkow- ski, LTD, as he hit a lusty 214. One of the busiest spots in the Tower is that section of the fifth floor game room which furnishes leisure-time recreation to the Hcue stickl' artists. Although this sport has not been included in the cur- riculum for points to be credited to the All Sports Trophy, the pool table rates among the top of the intramural activities provided at Fenn. The girls as well as the fellows enjoy playing such games as eight-ball, French and straight. Pagf Ninffy ln the Fall quarter Table Tennis championship, Iid Asher, Pi Sig, was overpowered by J. Simpson in the finals by score of 21-18 and 21-16. The VVinter tournament was won by Asher as he edged out Tom Urwin, LTU, 21-19, 21-18. Tom had to defeat his brother John for the privilege of meet- ing Asher in the play-offs. Pong-pong has never lost its popularity among the students at Fenn as one can usually find the table occupied at all times. llnt1ramu1rallsfWCo4lE - Q "Beat the Gammasn is the slogan of all the teams participating in Fenn's Women lntramurals as the mighty Gammas roll into the final lap of the girls' sports program with a total of 1,219 points towards winning the girls, All Sports Trophy. The l9-P7 Fall quarter started the sororities, faculty, and independent squads in competition for the coveted trophy and the spectators witnessed a strong Omega team take undisputed first place of the volleyball i'Round Robin" tournament. The Lambdas and Faculty came in second and third respec- tively. VVith the close of the volleyball contests, the girls were primed for the winter basketball season which produced many spirited and enjoyable games. The Faculty squad was runner-up once more- this time to the Gammas who toolc the championship Without dispute. The Spring basketball tourna- ment, now under way, is a close race with the Faculty in first place followed by the Gammas and the Frosh. Individual high scoring honors go to Klary Ann Pusti, Gamma, who tipped in twenty-five points against the Frosh. Priya Nim'ty-our llntiramuirallsew oellfde v1,.v.,.v1v1,.v.v - v.v.v.v vA,., .,.,.,. ,.,.,1,., ,A,1,.,. ,A,Av.'.,A' , W - vA,1,1,. , - , Page Ninety-Zfwo Running concurrently with the two major sports, the girls found time to bowl at the Towne Club during the noon-hours, and the records show that the Omega keg- lers, paced by lrene Xlaciag and Mfary Shimmota, ended on top of the winter quarter tournament. High game score is credited to "Teach" Pease, Faculty, with a 164. Expert bowling is not the requisite to participate in this sport as many girls start from scratch to learn the fundamentals of the game. Badminton, always a favorite among the fairer sex, was played throughout the year. The close of the badminton tournament saw Nlary Ann Pusti defeat Lupe Jimenez, Gamma, for the school championship. Jean Berger, lndependent, ex- hibited her prowess and-as a fare- well gesture-took first place by defeating Nlary Ann Pusti in the Ping-pong play-offs. Jane Pease, popular girlls facul- ty mentor, stresses calisthetics in the girl's gym classes in an effort to develop endurance, build up muscle-tone, trim figures, and cor- rect posture. Through these classes and participation in team sports, 'LTeach" maps out an intramural program which provides an oppor- tunity for all girls to obtain relief from the regular school grind. 4 Gannon ...... S oirt eeoir ses, Basketball Fenn 44 john Carroll ...... 46 Mt. Union .,... 49 Ashland ,...........,.. 26 Western Reserve ., 33 Heidelberg ,,...... 76 Alumni .............. 72 Crile Hospital ...., 47 Detroit Tech .... 49 Adrian ...,,...... 52 Hiram ,,,,.....,.,.. 48 john 'Carroll .... 46 Edinboro ..,,.,. 43 Youngstown 7l Cannon ..,...... 58 Clarion ............,.. 57 Slippery Rock ......, 56 Grove City .,...,.. 54 Findlay .....,,...,,..,. 80 Kent St. of Canton 56 Hiram ..,............... Baseball Fenn l0 Wooster ,.,.,.,,,,,,,, 6 Baldwin Wallace .. 8 Kent State .,..,,,,,,,, l Findlay ........,,,,.,, 2 Oberlin ,,,,,,,.. 3 Youngstown ....,. 9 Ashland ...........,,... 3 Western Reserve .. 7 Youngstown .,........ l 3 Gannon ...... Fenn l0 V2 Golf Mt. Union ,....... 6V2 Western Reserve 4 Wooster ,,,,...... 4V2 Kent State ....... 2 Wooster ,,.,.... 2 Kent State ...,... 4 Oberlin ...,.,...,. 8V2 Western Reserve l l john Carroll ,,,s, 8V2 Hiram ,,,,.,,,.. l2 Hiram .... 42 58 65 7. ..,, 63 45 32 62 44 48 48 58 -.. 5l 55 52 57 79 55 5l 76 .. ..... 50 .. .. 7 .. .. 6 .. 2 O lO .. .. 6 .. .. 6 .. 7 .. l 5 V2 9 V2 l 2 l l l 4 l 4 l 2 7 V2 5 3 lfz 4 1 amifg 24 25 28 44 34 32 28 22 23 35 39 22 33 46 88 V4 66 V2 94 V2 Swimming Fenn 37 Ohio Wesleyan .. 50 Edinboro .....,,., 47 Westminster 31 Univ. of Pitts ....,,. 4l Wooster ........,.. 43 Ohio U. ..,.....,....... , 47 Carnegie Tech ,,,,.. 53 Slippery Rock ,,,... 43 Grove City ,,,,... 40 De Pauw .,.... 29 Kenyon ........ 44 Kent State ....... 42 Oberlin ......,...,,,..,............ 29 Univ, of Detroit .................. Fenn-- 3rd in Ohio College Relays - 6th Central Collegiate Conf, Track Fenn 37 V1 Mt. Union 37-5X6 Wooster .. .... 89-H6 60V2 Hiram ......... ..... 32 V2 Kent State ....,, ..... 69 Ashland ,..,...... ..... 5 8 40 Western Reserve .......... 86 Triangular Meet-Baldwin Wallace l34-lf6, Fenn l8-5f6, Hiram l4. Fenn Tennis Mt. Union ,,,,,,,,,,,, Western Reserve Hiram ,,,,.,....,... Youngstown ..... Wooster ...,.,.. john Carroll ,,.,.. Baldwin Wallace Hiram ,,..,,,,,,,,,. Western Reserve Youngstown ,,,,., Baldwin Wallace l 9 3 l 6 4 4 l 7 5 4 Paye Ninety-three Z 9 ll iteirifiraiteiriniii y Council ,1,.,1,.v1v1,.,. ,.,.,.,.,.,.vAvAv.,.v.v.v.,.,.,1,Av.,1,1,1,A,1,.,.,,,.,.,.,.v.v.v.,. 1. Koenig, W. Reed, R. Eyerdom, F. Dorsch, P. Du Bois A. Lo Presti, D. Dorsch, H. Berman, M. Gurney The lnterfraternity Council is an zulvisory hotly composed of the president anal one elected incin- her of each fraternity. The Council was founded in 1929 for the purpose of facilitating cooperation within Fenn's Fra- ternities. Ir endeavors to maintain harmonious relationship ht-tween the fraternities and the college atlininistration, estahlish and enforce rules governing the actions of the fraternities on the campus, and stimulate participation in other college organizations, and the support of all athletic and social events. Kleinhers of the council are Beta Beta Alpha, Iota lfta, Kappa Delta Phi, Lainhda Tau Delta, Pi Sigma Tau Alpha and the newly founded Tau Kappa Phi. ln keeping with Fenn's long range prograin, the Council has hecoine aware of an even greater responsihility which it must assume in the enforcement of its policies. age Nirzcly-.vix llntersororiity Council, v.,.,.,.v.,.,.,.v.v.,1,.,1,.,1 .,.,.,,v.,.,.,1v.v1,.'A,.,.,.v1v.v.,1,AvAv1,1 ,.',,1v v1v1,1,,,A,Av.v.v4'A,, D. Albonese, M. Mozorik, C. Hottendorf Regulation of pledging, social affairs, the coordination of activities, and to settle such differences as may arise in intersorority relationships, is the purpose of the lntersorority Council. The Council is the "Sounding Board," and the approving hody for new ideas emanating from the various organiza- tions. " ' " 'J 'ras an Composed of the president and one appointed member from each sorority, the Council serx es intermediary between the sororities and the college administration. Klemhers of the Council are: Dolores Albanese, Gamma, Presidentg Rose Marie Mayher, Omega, Lambdag La Verne Davies, Lambda, Carol Hattendorf Gamma, and Secretary 3 hlary Nlazarik, Evelyn Griesemer, Omega. Page Ninety-.seven OlFOll"llifllCS,..,.v.v I , x l V r l 3.14 jill 2 amrna 7714 .Sigma Founded 1937 Officers Dolores Albanese .... ..........,,.,,,.., ,........v. P r esident Gloria Ferro .,..,,,.. .. .......,. Vice-President Carol Hattendorf ..... ..VV..YY..............w.. T reosurer Eva Habink ,,,,,,.,..,... . .,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Recording Secretary Mary Ann Pusti ,,,,..,..... ,,,,,,,. C orresponding Secretary Marcella Nash Smith ...........,..,,,,..,.....,,,,.,......., Historian Members Mable Ashmus Lucille DeRoia Marylou Ferranto Eloise Fowles Marian Fiske Dorothy Hoover Lupe limenez Fife Kappos Ann Meggas Arlene Peters Lillian Pozar Doris Ruder Doris Seitz lean Spraggins Ellen Sumrnerhill leon Wylie Clare Dauterman Delores Almond Gloria Cardwell Martha Cook Alyce Decker Helen Denham Edith Dieckow Alda Di Benedetto Morgurite lost Ann Lobravico Dorothy Mokowski joy Nesbitt Cerda Reudele june Rupp Harriet Satrnary Laura Skalski Betty Schwartz Margorie Taylor Ruth Wilson Mary Ann Zalar l Pagf Niflrty-vigfht M. Nash, M. Pusti C, Hattendorf, E. Habink, D, Albanese G. Farro Sorority activity is com- L' paratively new at Fenn hut in a short time Gamma Nu Sigma has hecome one of the l e ad i n Q1 organizations on lfennls campus. YVhen the charter memhers founded this sorority, Fehruary 24, 1937. they decided the purpose of Gamma Xu Sigma would l'e the promotion of good schols arship, good fellowship, and an active interest in the proh- lems of today. The girls have maintained a steady pace throughout the year with activities such as the Registration Hop, Com- munity Fund Drive. Charity Footl'all Tickets, Gamma Gavotte p a j a m a parties, monthly social and the Song Fest. The climax of the social year is the Annual Dinner Dance. M, Ashmus, I. Wylie, L. Pozor L. hminez, E. Surnmerhill L. DeRoio, A, Peters, D, Seitz, M. Fiske, F, Koppos Sproggins as-.f Sororiities- .v.v., ,Q 6 5 A 591 Z l f F qs X39-V, X amdcla .glgma Founded 1934 Officers Mary Mazorik ..,,,,,, .................... ..........,... P r esident .......,,..,.....Vice President Florence Pospishil ,,,,, Ardeth Schatz .....,.. ...........................Treasurer Doris Hauth .......,..,,,.,,,,, .....,,. C orresponding Secretary Helen Wornoff .,..., LaVerne Davies Carol Dunbar Clare Caeto Martha Kelley Margaret Kirk Agnes Murphy Evelyn Pattinso ..,......,.,..............Recording Secertary T1 Members lane Krause Betty Richardson Alice Thomas Geneva Waple Florence Williams luliet Youngblood Dorothy Zele Page One-hundred F. Pospishill, A. Schatz, I-I. Wornoff, M. Mazarik, D. Hauth Founded in October, 1934, the Lambda Sigma Chi So- rority claims the honor of being the first sorority on Fenn's Campus. The purpose of this or- ganization is to p r o m o t e leadership, scholarship, and character among its members, and to carry on social func- tions which will establish friendly relationship among its members and fellow stu- dents. Living up to its purpose. this sorority has supported Fenn's social functions, and has sponsored, each year, such activities as the Thanksgiving Prom, Porthole Dance, and a Kloonlight Boat Ride. Occasions which are ob- served as a matter of tradi- tion within the sorority are, lnstigation of Pledgeship, Founders' Day Celebration and Formal Initiation of Pledges. C. Dunbar, F. Pospishil, D. Zele, F. Williams, L. Daires, C. C-aeto A. Schatz, C. Waple, I. Youngblood T! .-...M in-v H. Wornoff, A. Murphy, j, Lowndes, D. Hauth, Mrs. Baldwin, P. Blomquist M. Mozarik, M. Kirk Page 011:-llumired-one l Soiroritie-S. ..AA mega 740166111 Founded 1945 Evelyn Criesemer Betty Lucos ,,,,....... Ethel Robinson ,,..,.. Pauline Krosowski .. Rose Marie Mciyher. Betty lone Dubeclci.. Officers ......,.,.........President ................Vice-President .,....,,.,,.. Recording Secretory ..,....Corresponding Secretory .,...............Pledge Mistress ,..,........Treosurer Members F. Clayton N. White R. l-liscoclf. R, Honulo l. Mociog l. Adie M. Shinmoto L. McDowell E. Kuhor l. Modico D. Kunz A. Rotko M, Rogon l. Schmidt K. Toshirno Pagff f,71l'-flillllfffd'-fflL'0 B. Dubecki, B. Lucas, E. Criesemer E. Robinson, P. Krosowski The Omega lfpsilon So- rority was founded in De- cemher, I9-L5 hy a group of girls who felt the need for another sorority on the cam- pus. lt was founded as an inter-racial group and since that time the inctnhers have ahlv lived up to the ideals and principles which serve as the hasis for its functions and activities. The Uniegas have formed ties that are strong and last- mg. Some of the highlights of the vc-ar's activities of the Omega fpsilon were co- sponsorship of the setni-an- nual Scholarship Tea with the Home liconoinics Cluh, a Leap Year Dance with the crowning of a King, rushing and pledging, and the annual Sucker Sale. There are 21 active mem- hers and 7 inactive and alum- ni memhers. The advisors of the sorority are Dr. Sara VVatson and Klr. and Nlrs. Ralph T. Hisey. E, Kuhor, KA Toshimo, R4 Hcmulo, l., McDowell, I, Adie, I, Mociog M. Rogon, F, Clayton, D. Kunz, N. White, R. Mcayher, A, Rcitkc, R, Higeoek Paar Um'-llinltlrml-llfrrr lFre1te1rnities,,,., 52. 5 j. I A377 Era Eid A ,ala "---"' Founded 1922 Officers Anthony Lo Presti .,,.....,............,. Kenneth Hughes .,.,. Ross Lazarra ....,. Nick Di Cello ..... Adam Nayman .. ...... ..... . . ............Presiclent .......'Vice-President .......................Treasurer ...........................Secretary Dave Francis ,,,,, . ,..,..,..,.....,,.... ., Frank Ankuda Ed Byers Gerald Clarke Winston Gilpin Victor Good jim Gowe Al Henke Harry House Elmer jeske Ed Ketchel Francis Kilbane Robert Kughn Bob Anders Howard Blanding joe Campbell jim Czika Steve Durica George Ebert Corresponding Secretary .......Sergeant-at-Arms Members Pledges Bob Fletcher jack Lamppert Len Langowski Ed Murphey Eugene Neidermeyer Ed Paran jack Partridge William Reed joe Rock Loddie Roth john Trapchak john Walmsley William Walker Ed just Dick McNerney Paul McQuistion Gordon Stapleton George Vande Stadt Clyde Walters A. Nayman, K. Hughes, R. Lazarro, D. Francis, T. Lo Presti, N. Di Cello L. Langowski, D. Supanik, j. Walmsley, F. Ankuda Page One-hundred-four Ranking high in fraternal position on the Fenn Campus is the Beta Beta Alpha Fraternity, Founded in 1032 hy members of the first graduating class from the School of Business Administration, this organization has adhered to its chartered purposes of promoting friendship, sponsoring so- cial functions and attaining scholastic achievement in the Business Adminis- tration School. The BBA's claim the distinction of heing the lirst fraternity on the cam- pus to own its own house located at l83l IQ. 27th St, Campus activities include winning the 'iAll Sports Trophy," Song Fest, sponsors of the annual Harvest Prom, Active-Alumni Banquet, co-sponsors of lloonlight Terrace Dance, and monthly house socials. Xlemhership is open to students in the day division of the School of Business Administration having a point hour ratio of 2.0. yr 1. Partridge, E. Ketchel, N. Di Cello, 1. Lamppert, D. Francis, E. Paran, V. Good, I. Cowe, R. Lazarro C. Vande Stadt, H. Blanding, R, McNerney, C. Ebert, 1, Campbell E. lust, 1. Czika, S. Durica, R. Fletcher, B, Anders, C. Walters, P. McQuistion, A, Noyman, B. Reed, F, Kilbane, K. Hughes, L. Roth, C-, Neidermeyer, H. House, B, Kughn, W, Gilpin Page Onz'-liundrrui-fifvz' lFirreuteiriri1iiitiies....... . L W wa sg f Officers Roy l-litti ,,A.., Don Altmos ,...,, ........Master ..,..,,....Professor Paul Reiser ,,,,,,,,, ...,,,., C hancellor Lynn Kidder ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,.,... C ounsellor George Paroskeva ,.....A.................., ....,. A ssessor Richard Grosspitch Ernest Pulford Bill Temple Eddie Haddad Cleland Voorhees Stan Lepkowski Horner Farr Peter Lucak Members Richard Vasichek Fred Roy john Simaskevich john Simiele Norman Marr Pledges john Theodore Crenfall Beachler Ben Pitenich john Laughlin Russell Reinke Pagr Onr-lliznrlwrl-.fix R, Hitti, D. Altmos, P. Reiser L. Kidder lt was in the Spring of 1926 that the lota Eta Fra- ternity was organized hy a group of prominent Fenn students. It is the collegels oldest fraternity and the first to have an incorporated Alumni Association. Although the fraternity was primarily organized as a social fraternity, it also pro- motes scholarship among its mem h e r s. The Alumni Association each year, at the joint convention in June pre- sents to a member of the ac- tive chapter the Iota Eta Scholarship Award, taking pride in the close relationship it maintains with the active chapter. Highlighting the social calendar of the year is the illarch formal dance at- tended hy Alumni from years hack and fraternity life is represented at its hest. lota Eta represents all three schools, Engineering, Business Administration, and Liberal Arts. Located at 2813 Euclid Ave., lota Eta looks forward to a hright future with the expansion of Fenn. R. Baxter, R. Vasicek, E. Haddad, 1. Simiele, B. Temple, D. Altmas, E, Pulford, L, Kidder, R. Hitti, P. Reiser R. Reirike, S, Lepkowski, j. Laughlin, P. Lucak, B. Pitenich, C. Beachler, H, Farr Pagr Um'-llznzdrrd-.rffvrn ll? 1i"aiiteiif'iii1iiiti'iesH,, HH A 5 a meh lQAi rg., 69 'A-'V Founded 1929 S-I Officers Paul Du Bois ,,,...,. ........ ......,.,.. ............. P r e sident William Strieble ,...,,, ...... V ice President William l-larmount .... .....Y.. S ecretary Leonard Hadde .,,.........,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,... . .Treasur r Members Robert Otascek Albert Kratovich Dale Hebron Dan Dorsch Sal Anguilano Lou Hevesy Carl Stone john Birtalan Ralph Nelson Alexander Mazur Robert Stupp Frank Centa Robert Belknap George Felty Warren Root Pledges George Metz Gordon Richmond Russell Wilcox Arthur jusak George Gatzke Harold Ford Rudolph Hampf Frank Traviglio Gilbert MacMichaeI l. ouis Via Frank Sespico john Senkyr Harry Dysert Robert Fiegelist Vladimir Mahorich Harold Humpal Russell Eyerdam Allen Rom Ralph Reinker Robert Cox Ernest Metti David johnson William Kerka Clyde Voll Charles Gallik Robert Hamers Steve Barbat Frank David Clyde Maurer Eugene Skirkoski George Wlotzko, jr Earl Fulhaber William Vaughan Pagn' Onf'-lfuzziirwd-fight W. Strieble, W. Harmount P DuBois N, Rimboi, Advisor L Hadde Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, originally organized as the Neff Club in 1929 for lfngineering students, has since grown to ac- cept members from the schools of Business Administration and Arts and Sciences. Now in its nineteenth year, the Kappa Del- ta Phi has its membership sworn to the maintenance of high scholastic, moral, athletic, and social standards. Participating in all phases of school activity, this organization gained permanent possession of the first All Sports Trophy by winning the intramural sports contest repeatedly from 1937 to 1940. Social functions include the annual Thanksgiving Prom, Annual Banquet, Canoe Picnic, and Play-nite. S. Borbot, 1. Dovidson, H. Humpol, R, Fiegelist, F. Sespico, F. Dovud S, Anguilono, W. Kerko, D, Hebron, V. Mohorich, C. Maurer, A. Iusok L, Hcvcsy, R, Cox, R. Stupp, R. Munchen, F, Cento, C. Stone, R. Otoscek, A. Rom, D, Dorsch, E, Mctti, R, Nelson, D. johnson, A, Mozur, R. Eyerdom Priya One-humlrrd-:zinc 0 O lFire1teimn1i1ti1es,,.s.,. v .v.,. v CLITLACIU lead XP! Founded 1929 Officers Glenn Petty ,...,,, ...,..,,.,,,.,..... ..,.....,Y, P r esirlent Steve Mozolits ...., ,.,,,. ' Vice President Xenophone Zapis ,,,, ...,.,,,... S ecretary Charles Baldanza ,,,77,,,..,A.....,....... ........ T reasurer Members Stanley Borasch john Casini Don Crowder Tom Cooney Edward Capretto Robert Earnest William Kalina Stanley Lepkowski Guy Licardi William Medsker james Miller Dan Avis Edward Birtic Phil Blank Anthony Borrelli Leonard Fink Edward l-label Donald jones Pledges AI Pignatellio Melvin Prasse Robert Ringler Earl Robinson Morris Seager George Sereiko Robert Sherod Charles Springer Byron Spooner Tom Urwin john Zderko Dan Kolcynski Tom Kreps Lawrence Micke l-larlan Martens Donald Pollock Donald Smoke joe Turk john Urwin V Priya' Um'-lzuzzdrwrl-tm C. Baldanza, C. Springer T Urwin S. Lepkowski, j. Zderko X, Zapis, C. Petty, S Mazolits With high scholastic standing as their p r i m a r y goal, the Lambda Tau Delta Fraternity, since its date of activation in January, 1929, has always par- ticipated in school affairs, both scholastic and extra-curricular, and in addition have conducted an extensive social program. It is the fraternity's purpose to bring those men who have reached a required scholastic standing and have been active in school affairs into a closer fraternal group. Lambda men are found in almost every school activity on the campus. They are represented not only in the cultural pursuits of the CAUL- DRON, FA N FA R E, and Chorus, but also in all sports and social activities. Cv. Petty, S. -Reisberg, S. Lepkowski, W, Medsker, F, Lee, G. Licordi, B. Spooner, D, Crowder, S. Mozolits W. Ringler, 1. Coslni, 1. Zderko, C. Sereilco, M, Prosse, R. Sherod, E. Crompton E. Robinson, S. Lepkowski, W, Kolino, R, Sherod, W. Medsker, 1. Zderko, C-. Sereiko, R. Earnest F, Lee, S. Borosch, C. Licordi, M. Seoger, 1. Cosini, 1, Miller, C. Springer, D. Crowder, B. Spooner Prof. Seymour, C, Boldonzo, X, Zopis, C. Petty, S. Mozolits, T. Urwin, Dr. Patterson Page One-fzundrfd-flmffn Fraternitiesa .1,. I Sgma jan J4 ,OAG 7 f 533 F d d 1928 -v -.,AQ . ,..., - oun e Officers F i s fsgagzf ii ' 531 1Q5? i5iifQ' . 'tu - ' fi Frank Dorsch ..... john Barr ....,.,......... Robert Shurnoker .... Paul Bechtel .,,,,. , joce Leach .... Carl Bachmann . Karl Will .,...,....... john Majercak Carlyle Adams joe Arnost Ed Asher Bob Ashrnus Bob Barch George Bergold john Betts joe Biondolillo Earl Bittinger Doug Bogart Al Bond Nick Cimorell jim Corio Ray Darash George DeBolt Hank Eikhoff ..,..................................Chancellor First Vice Chancellor ......Second Vice Chancellor ...........................Cribber Assistant Cribber ................,.....Clerk ,.....House Manager .........,,,,.,Steward Members Bill Howell joe Koenig Dick Mack Don lvlflreen Bill Morkell Dick Maurer Art Mazarakis Dick McCord George Rittenmyer Harry Searles Al Schaefer Dole Shaffer Bob Simpson Larry Star john Stelmah Bob Steman Glen Ferry George Walser Walt Flaschar Tom Williams Ed Gazelle Gene Wiswell Vince Grebe Wilson Zukie i .7 5 .X j, Barr, F. Dorsch, R. Shumaker, j. Leach R. Mack, R. Ashmus, C. Bachmann, G. Walser E Bittenger Page Une-hundred-tfwelfve Pi Sigma Tau Alpha was founded in 1928 by twelve charter members for the pur- pose of rounding out their col- lege careers by personal develop- ment, brotherhood, and social well-being. The traditions of the fraternity have been so in- stilled in the members as to proe dute a large active alumni chap- ter. Today Pi Sigma Tau boasts of its largest under- graduate chapter since the days of its birth. Pi Sigma Tau has contributed its support to the college in ath- letics and other extra-curricular activities. This year the fra- ternity organized a pep band which added immeasurably to the spirited atmosphere at the varsity basketball games. The first Sweetheart Prom was spon- sored as an annual affair to re- place the Easter Eve Prom. pf T. Williams, W. Howell, G. Rittenmyer, R. Steman, D. Shaffer I. Leach, C. Adams l. Majercak, 1. Koenig, G. Wiswell, A, Mazarakis, R. Shumaker, A. Schaefer, E. Gazelle, K, Will, 1. Stelmah, V, Grebe A. Bond, D. McCord, E. Asher, G. Bergold, W. Flascher, R. Barch, N. Cimorell Page One-lzundrcd-llzirtvcn A Fraternities, .v.v au Jcllalaa l9Ai Founded 1947 Martin Gurney Officers ...............President Louis Rosenberg ....... ...... Robert Rossoff .Vice President .,.........Treasurer joseph Singer ,,,,,, ...,.. ....,........................ S e cretary Milton Kaden .... ..................... Members Corresponding Secretary Max Price Ivan Friedman Carl Rubenstein Harold Franklin Nathan Miller Harry Berman Howard Cholfin Marvin Shapero Kurt Seldner Allan Friedman Martin Neiditz Sidney Hurwitz joseph Diamond - Irving Berger Sidney Lefkovitz William Kroot Don Fuldauer Ralph Erlanger Irving Sheer Enrique Heller Samuel Gershenson Paul Levitt Melvin Tessler Sanford Fink Pledges Elliot Abel Melvin Eckhouse Maurice Sankfor Bernard Raiz Page One-hundred-fourteen M. Kaden, I. Singer B. Gurney, Advisor, L, Rosenberg, M. Gurney, R. Rossoff Newest addition to Fraternity Row is Tau Kappa Phi CTruth, Knowledge, and Fraternityj. Organized in June, 1947, the fraternity has grown from a handful of members to its pres- ent size of more than thirty members. Primarily a social frat, it also seeks to promote the scholastic, cultural, and reli- gious growth of its members. Active in school functions, it has members on all three of the school publications, and has taken part in intramural foot- ball, basketball, bowling, and handball. During the year the organization intends to sponsor social affairs that will be open to both day and evening division students. Tau Kappa Phi is looking forward to the day when Fenn will be one of the largest co-op schools in the country, and intends to grow with the expansion of the col- lege. Diamond, M. Sonkfor, S, Hurwitz, R. Erlonger, M. Tessler, C. Rubenstein, E, Abel, I, Sheer, S, Lefkovitz, P, Levitt, M. Eckhouse K, Seidner, M. Neiditz, M. Price, A. Friedman, H, Cholfin S. C-ershenson, I, Berger, H, Berman, M, Miller Page One-hundred-fiftfcn Honorary Soeietiesm v 1v1v.,.,A , .. .f4laAaCi The Alpha Chi Honorary Fraternity is the honorary scholastic society in the Day Division School of Business Administration at Fenn. Elec- tion to the fraternity is restricted to the Juniors and Seniors who have maintained a cumulative academic average of at least 3.0 and have shown that they possess a high level of character and leadership. Candidates elected to membership this Spring, not pictured, are: W. Ader, S. Barasch, W. Burk- hart, K. Chappell, A. Green, 1. Maciag, J. Oster, Paren, C. Springer, G. Stapleton, S. Lep- kowski, G. Licardi, T. Patrick, and G. Vodhanel. Sterling keys will be awarded to the new mem- bers in recognition of their scholastic attainments at an annual dinner meeting of the society. R Griffin, L. Schutrum, C. Springer, F, Dorsch, F. Querin, D, Hubbard, E. Sochora 1. Sfechmeyer, R. Rosenfeld, W. Nou, R. Stupp Paye One-I1umlrml-sixteen C. Boldorizo, 1. Rock, R. Maher, A. Potla ,Old gilofiiirz Wu The Phi Epsilon Nu Fraternity came into existence some seventeen years ago, modelled after a national society and with comparable standards of admission. This year, selected from the upper quarter of the Senior and the upper eighth of the Junior Engineering classes, the organization elected to membership R. Carlson, J. Carroll, N. Flack, YV. Kerlca and W. Smith. It is the purpose of the Phi Epsilon Nu Fra- ternity to mark in a fitting manner those Engi- neering students Who have distinguished them- selves, first. on the basis of scholastic require- ments, and hnally, and equally as important, on breadth of interest both inside and outside of engineering adaptability and unselfish activity. E, Criesemer, M, Fiske inf ana! .ZPCA Since 1930, Fenn Day School students out- standing in athletic, scholastic, and social abilities have found reward for their effort in being elected to the XVing and Torch Honorary Society. Participating: in extra-curricular activities, evalu- ated on a point basis, the applicant to be con- sidered must have a total of fifty points to be eligible for membership. He must be approved by Bliss Alberta Prasse, faculty advisor, and then may become a member by approval of three- fourths of the society. New members eligible for acceptance to the VVing and Torch this year are: Dorothy Carter, Robert Shumaker, Carlyle Adams, John Casini, Jace Leach, Frank Dorsch, Leonard Langowski, Carl Bachmann, John Betts, Earl Bittinger, Evelyn Griesemer, Irene Maciag, hlarylou Fer- rante, Fred Lee and George Felty. ,7A.,za H0 Theta Rho is the Honorary Society of the School of Arts and Sciences. Advised by Dean Jenks, the organization strives to further academic achievements and to reward scholarship in the School of Arts and Sciences. Nlembers are se- lected annually from those students of the Senior Class who have attained a high scholastic stand- ing throughout their previous years at Fenn. This year, XI. Ashmus, B. Dubeclci, A. Gure- vich, L. Reker, B. Richardson, and G. Ritz were elected to membership in the Theta Rho Hon- orary Society. O P. Silver, F. Koppos, E. Ketchel, M. Ashmus Pagf Onf-hundrfd-,vrfwntffn iroilgessiioima Soeiifetiiesw... G. Srail lAdvisorl M, Ashmus, E. Pattinson, M. Sociefg of Cjdemd unc! Web A, Fafrak, C. Adams, D. Howard, E. Bittinger, R. Drennan, C. Bachmann, P. Bloomquist lAdvisorl, P. Silver, Ferrante The Fenn Society of Chems and.llets is the most recent addition to the collegeys order of profes- sional societies which was founded in early 1947. Klemhership to this organization is open to Chemical and Kletallurgical Engineering students and Arts and Science Chemistry majors. llembers not pictured are: J. Adam, H. Baldini, R. Burch, J. liirtalan, S. Hondra, E. Brajer, U. Brillhart, Chamet, F. Cole, KI. llieterich, G.l3eKIario, H. Dole-js, Donaldson, H. Derr, P Ferris, G. Ferre, YV. Flaschar, H. Ford, VV. Gage, C. Gallilc, I7. Garibotti, G. Gatzke, C. Gerstman ! P. Horvath, P. Houghlcirlc, R. Hunter, R. Johnson, D. Jones, I.. Jones, VV. Kartman, L. Kidder, W. Kinzer, VV. Kroot, J. Kubasta, H. Lanner, H.l,auli, S. Lepkowski, J. Lesko, Ii. Lindgruen, C. Little, Kladigan, D. Nlann, R. Klasten, D. llaurus, Klgruhlian, JV. Klontrose, Pekar, Pol lack, lf. Pattinson, N. Phillips, S. Reed, C. Richardson, E. Salamon, U. Smith, U. Slavicek, D. Staple- ton, HI. Staslce, R. Stech, Sturm, C. Thrash, V. Vodiclca, K. NVill, D. YVolfe. SAE john Stechmeyer Robert Turek james Smith .... Frank Kriener Officers ......... Vice Page Onf-l1u11drrd-viglitemz Chairman Chairman . .............. Secretary Treasurer .14 ,ada Mi mera Fenn College passed another milestone in its history on February 19th of this year when the Kappa Zeta Cast of Alpha Psi Omega was installed at Fenn. This is the first Greek national honorary society to make its appearance on the campus and is indicative of the progress made in dramatics since the end of the war. Professors George W. Srail and Pauline Bloomquist, members of the national organization, per- formed the ceremony and initiated the following charter members: Nlable Ashmus, Carl Bachmann, Carlyle Adams, llarylou Ferrante, Donald Howard, Peg Silver, Robert Drennan, Andrew Fafrak, Earl Bittinger, and Evelyn Pattinson. The group organized by electing E. Bittinger, cast director, D. Howard, stage manager, and C. Bachmann, worthy prompter. R, Schneider, C. Springer, W. Witzke, N. Mackey, E. Sochore, P. Reiser, I, Schaefer, M, Fiske, H, Eickhoff, E. Hoddod enn. ociefy ofjdltfomofiue ngineem Fenn's Student Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers is one of sixty-seven student branches granted a charter by the S.A.E. Day and evening engineering students under thirty years of age who are eligible for membership. The organization is open to students of all engineering departments as the automotive industry includes all the engineering fields. The purpose of the FSAE is to promote the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of automotive apparatus. Some of Cleveland's foremost industrialists are guest speakers at the regular meetings of this progressive society. Page One-hundred-nineteqz Professional Soeiieitiiesm D, Dorsch, A, Pulford, C. Satava, K. Dodge, I. Maieriak, Mr. Sherman, W, Brounlich, R, Holberger, ' E. Edwards, E. Lorence O. Beck, E. Tober, W. Nau, I. Velesky, , I. Ostberg R, Vasicek, L. Hadde, R. Hempel, H, Ryerson, D. Snyder, R. Kantner W, Flagg, I. Brinka, M. Zohns, , U, Rhodes, P. Brugmann, S. Posto, Mr. Schindler, D, Hebron, A, jusak, C. Rubenstein P, Levitt, S. Lefkowitz, F. Witzke , , A, Schaefer, K. Lipstreuer, C. Kadow, F- DGV'di,D- Allmosf W- Smith, S. Ceiss, R. Anderson, E. jennings C. Williams, Mr. Cooper I, Koenig, E. Manley, F. Anti, Mr. Davis, H. Meyer, R. Egan ociefg O! .grucfuraf gngineerd As Fenn's oldest professional group, the Fenn Society of Structural Engineers has set many precedents for similar organizations. Social activities are included in the society's functions. Promi- nent speakers feature the regular meetings and an occasional bulletin called 'LStrictly Structural" keeps the members up to date on latest developments in the field. Members are accepted from among appli- cants of the day and night school structural engineering students. The constitution of the FSSE states its ur ose as Hthe advancement of the sciences of Structural P P Engineering in its various branches-the encouragement of association among men of practical science, and the establishment of a central point of reference and union for its members." Page One-l11mdrfd-tfwenty ociefg of gzcllricaf gngineerd The Fenn Societv of Electrical Engineers was chartered in 1941 '1 f U , . .. .s a pro essional group for students of Electrical Engineering. Their main interest lies in furthering a new appreciation of the field of electrical engineering among members and other students. Technical movies, Held trips, and lectures bvs',ll'f ' ' ' ' ' , ie in ormed speakers help to 'ltf'ilIl this end All t d f . . . . . s u ents o electrical engineering are eligible for membership through application. The purpose of the societv is to promote hi h l .. . Y . g er enucational standards among Fenn's Electrical Engineering students and to provide a means for the mutual discussion and solution of prohlems en- countered hy individual memhers. ms mir: fi tw.. . l l 1. Graves, A. Metzger, C. Kline, G. Ferry, D. Carbone, D. Ray R. Belknap, M. Zderko, R, Davis, A. KObGf Mr. Wilson, R. Fiegelisf, D. Mechlin, Mr. Harris, Mr. Gallo, V, Dorsch P. Du Bois, Mr, Arendt, R. Stupp, G. BiQQS Page One-hundred-twenty-Orlf Ti: ,f ,.......-fidza e0n lund dt ntyl 11-9-""! fig I I f ! FLW ti A Student Council, ,.,.,.,.,.v.v.v1' .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.,.,.,.,.,.,1,.,.,.,.,.,.v1,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,A,.,.,.,.,A,.,.,.,Av.vAv., A D F. Dorsch, F. Koppos, L, Longowski, M. Ashmus, C. Adams - The governing body of all student activities of Fenn Collegels day division is the Day Student Council. ln this capacity, the Council has control of all location of student activity fees and is responsible for the disbursement of funds to the various school activities. The most important of the sponsored student functions are the three college publications, varsity and intramural sports, the honorary fraternities, and student supervisory groups. This year the Student Council sponsored a Spring Ball held at the Hotel Allerton attended by over 300 couples who are looking forward to the next all-school function. Council's aim, ever cognizant of Fenn's future growth, is "to secure the highest standards of scholarship, promote good fellowship, encourage extra-curricular activities, and develop civic conscious- ness among the members of the college." Page 0111'-humlrfzl-tacnliy-fo11r Leonard Longowski Fife Kappas .........,.. Mabel Ashmus .,.. Carlye Adams ...,. Frank Dorsch .,,,... Members Robert Shumaker George Felty Carl Bachmann Peggy Silver Al Tolaro Florence Pospishil Dolores Albanese Anthony Lo Presti Richard Mack William Walker lrene Dyleski Edwin Kefchel Officers ...........President ..,..,Vice President .........................Secretary .............,.............Treasurer ...,....Corresponding Secretary R. Shumaker, C. Felty, C. Bachmann, P. Silver, R. Mack l. Dyleski, W. Walker, A. Lo Presti, W. Flasher, D. Albanese Page One-hundred-tfwenty-fifve CCaulldliron1 .,.,A,.,.v.,.v1vA ..... ,.,.v.,. ...1. .11. ,.,.,.,.,A,1 1 1 1,., .,.,,, 1,1,,,. 1 1 1 1 ,.......'x .arm v -ee-W-W 1:5 4 St:e2Ti'.f'-ef 1 . ' , , 'St' Q1 Y"-L We vu Q ram. . si'-if 5- : VICTOR PIGNOLET Editor -1tm,,g:flQ3':F3V if 'Mi 'li If FRANK VARCO Business Manager Fenn's weekly publication, The Cauldron, is the sifter of current college events. Organized in 1929, the newspaper has ever striven to live up to its purpose: ". . . to print news of interest to students, give students an opportunity for journalism experience, and advance the welfare of the students and the college through uncensored editorial policy." VVirh the recent large influx of students, the job of publishing a school newspaper has become in- creasingly difficult, hut the Cauldron staff has met, and continues to meet, the functions demanded of it. YVhen Fenn's expansion program gets under way, the newspaper's staff intends to expand with it and cover the events with the alacrity it has shown in thc past. Frank Vargo, listed as business manager, has succeeded Victor Pignolet as Editor of the Cauldron since the Spring quarter when Pignolet accepted a co-op position with the Fenn Public Relations De- partment. Pagf Om'-hundr1'd-tfwrnly-.fix Editorial 'Victor Pignolet ,..... ................... ......... E d itor-in-Chief Frank Vargo ,,,.,,,.,,,, ....... B usiness Manager Chuck Hamacek ,,,,.. ...... M anagirig Editor Bill Scholl ............. ............ S ports Editor Ed Leickly ,,,,. ....... M ake-up Editor Max Price 4,,,.,.. .,,,... F eature Editor Staff Irene Maciag Bob Pappas john Casini Doggie Kunz Paul Levitt Marylou Ferrante Florence Williams Dave Welty Bob Anders Dick Mack Andrew Fatrak Don Bogar Robert Montgomery Win Gallagher Marjorie Taylor Anne Gurovich lohn Lieberman Lynn Kidder Fred Below Alyce Decker William Plazer Arthur Cough Frances Moore W. T, Winand Walter Warren Harry Deragon Steve Barbat Robert Childs Matthew Cummings Marianne Kornteld Ray laracz Eleanor Rickey Mary Zolar Lois MacDowell Bob Liptak Fred Ray Frank Moliski Alex Nagy , I x X :laws px A 'Q I-rriwt C, l-lamacek, P. Levitt, W. Gallagher, I. Maciag, E. Leickly, A. Fatrak B, Scholl, D, Zander, B. Nedwich, W, Price, B. Raiz Page One-hundred-tfwenty-.mvcn Fanfare tlP1l"6S61UllfIS---l VICTOR GOOD The editors and staff of the Fanfare congratulate the Senior Class of 1948. We thank them, the faculty, and students for their Hne cooperation in helping to make this annual one which we hope you will be proud to show. Thanks to the Cauldron, Fenn Public Relations Department, and Bob Nielson for their photog- raphy contributions supplemented throughout the annual. Page One-hundred-Tfwenty-eight Editor NICHOLAS DI CELLO Business Manager R. Schmotzer, S, Durica, H, Franklin R, Fletcher, 1, Stokoe, H, Milne, A, Lo Presti W. Gilpin, H. House, M, Price, S. Anguilano, B, Cox EDITORIAL Vance Chamberlain Victor Good ,,,o,,.,,,., Steve Durica .A.... Harold Franklin ,c,,.. ,,,,,,,,......,....,,,Faculty Advisor ,.............,,..,.Editor ...,..Associate Editor ......Associate Editor Robert Schmotzer ,,,,,, ....... M ake-up Editor Lynn Kidder ,,,,,,,. john Lamppert ,,,,. ..,,..Co-op Editor Faculty Editor Max Price ....,, ......,,.... S Ociol Editor john Walmsley ,A,, ....... S enior Class Editor john Cosini .,,. ...,,......... S ports Editor Harry House ,,,,,, ....... C lass Editor Winston Gilpin ..., ..,....,,.... A rt Editor Sal Anguilono ........,,...,,.,........... Fraternity Editor jim Gowe ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, P rinting Er Engraving Editor Robert Cox .... .,,,,,.,A..,,,,.......,., S ports Editor Duane Miller ,,,,, Ross Lazzaro ,,.. ......Fraternity Editor ,..,,,.CIass Editor Mary Mazarik .,,,.,.........,,.,,..,.. ,....,...,. T ypist Business Nicholas Di Cello ...........,,,........ Business Manager lack Stolfoe ,,,..... Edward Satola .... Harlan Milne ..., Robert Fletcher .,,, Anthony Lo Presti ,,.....Advertising Manager ,..,,..,,,.......Advertising W,..............Advertising .,...,..Circulation Manager ....,...CircuIation Manager Pagc 0nv-llundrfd'tfwcnty-ning' Top er- ,1,1, ,1,.,1, .,.v1,1,.vA,.v1 .v.v.,.,.v.v1,.v - .v.v...,.v.....v1,1,1.., ....v.v.v.vA....v.v.v. v.v.,1v.v V v.vA,.v.v V ..v.v. , - DOUGLAS BOGART Editor FIFE KAPPAS Business Manager ,-re" ' As the monthly publication of Fenn College, Topper is the normal outlet of all student creative writing. Topper grew out of a small mimeographed periodical entitled Pl'!'.S'f7l'l'fi1'L' which was published for the students of Nash Junior College in 1932. The present magazine received its name through a contest conducted among Fenn students in February of 1936. While the contest was in progress, the February issue was published with its cover bearing a large question mark in lieu of a title. In the near pre-war years, the magazine developed into a modern college publication. Dormant during the war, Topper emerged in 1945 as a quarterly issue, and is now published on a monthly schedule. Page O:lr-llzuzdred-lliirly ,A- A - - - -v--vA.-. Editorial Staff Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Douglos K. Bogort ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..... Editor-in-Chief loce Leoch ,,,.. ,,.,. ,..,,., M o noging Tom Willioms ,,,. ,,...,,.... S ports Art Mozorokis ,,.......,, ,,,,, , .Sports john A. Werkhoven ..,,., ,, ...... Exchange Robert Antol ..,.......,,,, .,...,,,,..........,,,, A rt Tom Linder ,,,,,,,A.. ,,.,,,, P hotogrophy Co Russell Eyerdom ,.,,, ,,A,,A. P hotogrophy Co- Kurt Singer ,,,, ,,A........,,.,....., D romo ond Music Dr. Ruby V. Redinger ,,,,..,....,,.......,..... Foculty Advisor Dogmor Kunz Mory Ann Pustl Lucille DeROio Mory Ann Zolor joseph R. Antol Mox Price Ethel Cheothom Morylou Ferrontc Fife Koppos ..,,,,, Robert Rossoff .. Dole l-lershberger Aldo DiBenedetto lrcne Mociog I if M. ,Q W L mf' .mgx C. Vorocek, C. Perkins, D, Kunz, E. Griesemer 1. Antol, M, L Ferronte B Schwartz D, Hershberger R Rossoff E, Chcothom, A. DiBenedetto, A. Mcizorokis, R, Eyerdom, I Werkhoven M Zolor M. Tesslcr, T, Willioms I. Groves R Antol At' Activities, ,.,.,. P. Silver, E, McClain, 1. Rupp, R. Contie 2 7 Q QI1 5 0l'l'l'l Oll l'l Cl The menys Uomitory Council was chartered in 1940 to act as the governing body of the Fenn Dormitory Association. The membership is made up of dorm residents for the purpose of "promot- ing the general welfare of the students residing in the Towerf, A secondary function of the council is to act as mediator between residents and the school ad- ministration. Xlembers of the council not pic- tured are: R. Busbey, A. Reeves, R. Schneider, A. lxlazarakis, B. Kelly, R. Jones and R. Hall. Page 0111'-lzuzzrirvd-tllirty-tfwu 7 0 0I'l'l ell 5 Ol"l'l'I. 0MI'l CL "To coordinate all activities carried on by dormitory womenfl the Woriienls Dorm Council was formed when Fenn girl students were quar- tered at the New Amsterdam Hotel. A As Fenn's student body grew, the need for a larger girl's dormitory arose and the present residence at 3635 Euclid Avenue was rented. Later, the dorm was christened Bliss Hall in honor of hir. and llrs. Philip Bl-iss. Having social as well as judicial functions, the council annually sponsors a Halloween Party, Christmas Party, and the Nloonlight Terrace. an annual dance held in the ballroom of Bliss Hall. I. Swollen, A. Pohm, D, Hershberger, C. Little, M. Mircildi, W. Songer R. Rossoff, W. Schaffer, C. Lontz, F. Mohnic, W. l-lornock, W, Worcester ome conomicfi Here is another of Fennls postwar interest groups. The common goal of the membership is "to develop a genuine interest in home econom- ics." As hostesses at various teas in honor of the faculty and visitors to the college, this goal is achieved locally. To attain recognition outside of the college, the club maintains contact with similar inter-collegiate groups. They have an- nually attended and will continue to represent Fenn at the Home Economics Regional Confer- ence. Advised by Kliss Ambrosia Noetzel, head of the Home Economics Department, this organiza- tion plans to grow with the proposed Fenn Ex- pansion Program. R, Maher, B. Schwartz, M. Cook M, Ferrante, D, Clayton, E, Summerhill, L. DeRoia, M, Nash C. Smith, A. Dalesio, R. Hessler, R. Mayhar, L, Pozar I Q 001 en if Oblll Cl Sponsored by Dean Shanaberger. the VVomen's Council governs the activities of all Fenn women. The membership, represented by all of the classes, is composed of coeds in every Walk of Fenn life. Brought together for the first time in 1937 H. .. to promote good fellowship and Worthwhile ac- tivitiesg to supervise the organized and unorgan- ized functions of the women on the campusg to set a standard of conduct befitting college students," the council befriends the freshmen girls and continues to guide them through their school years. Page Unf-I1unJr1'J-tlziriy-Illrfc Penn Players. v.v.v.v.v.v.v.vAvK,1,.,.,k,1v1v.,.,.,.v.,.,.,. -- .,.,.,.,.,.,.v.v.v.,Av.v.v.v.v.v.v.,.,.,. -- .vlv.v.v.v.v.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.v. v 'lihe Fenn Ilramatic Cluh was first organized in the Fall of IQXX. 'l'he war years called a halt to the activities of this group. but in 1944 the Fenn Players again appeared as an outstanding organiza- tion of Fenn College. Under the capable direction of Prof. George YV. Srail, the club has continued in full swing. 'lihe lfenn Players meet on the 20th floor in 'AClub 20" every other week. VVhen the group is not husily en- gaged with the intricate details of producing a play, it is engaged in discussions, theatre parties, or social affairs. This year the players have redecorated "Club 20" into an attractive meeting room and rehearsal hall. K-1 WSI' '? QQ E. Bittinger, F. Mohnic, 1. Werkhaven, O. Howard, R. Hall, C. Adams C, Bachmann, F, Reeves, R. Stelmah, R, Drennan, H. Crissinger, Prof. Srail C. Ruedele, I, Youngblood, B, Gurney, P, Silver, M, Ferronre, M. Nesbitt Page U11r-lzumlnul-tl:irly-four ln review of the vast season's activities, a unique proffrani in an outdoor settin-f, "He Ain't Done I FN 1" Right By Nell," was presented in the natural amphitheatre in Grange Township Park in the summer of l9-l-7. "Belinda H a three-act satire on love was presented in November, 1947. The irouu staffed a r lf- l ts a one-act Christmas play, U-lust YVhat '1'hey'Wanted" at the request of the Fenn Wcmrnenls League. In February of VHS, the mystery-drama, "No VVav Out" was presented to the uuhlic in the Y.XI.C.A. . . . . l auditorium. On April lo, 1948, the Players presented the enjoyalwle skit "Front Porch" at the annual Play Nite in the Y's auditorium. The club plans to present one three-act play per quarter. 'l'ry-outs for Fenn Playerls vroduetions are o en to all day and eveninif students of lfenn Colleife. . . I . Z' B The scenery for the plays is constructed hy the Fenn Players and dramatic classes of Fenn. I Pagr Une-lfundred-thirty-fiaff Activities. .v.,. -- .......... ,.v.v.,1,.,.v.,.,.,.v.v.v1,1,., - 1... .A.1 ,ivl ,1,.,. - - v.,.,.,1v.,.,. - - 111. , - Page On Z7 " CM Klembership in the "F" Club is open to Fenn students who have won the varsity letter in sports New winners of the UF" are voted on yearly upon application for membership into this organization. Urganized in 1931 by Prof. Homer G. VVoodling, Athletic Director, and Fenn lettermen, the primary purpose is 'lto promote a greater appreciation of the varsity 'F,' to further interest in athletics among students, to stimulate sociability among its members, and to extend Fenn's interests abroadf' R. Boehm, D, jones, R. C-riesbach, R. Rooke, C. Will, l. Lanzendorfer, D. Avis, l. Rock, ' I. Rung, R, Fox G. McKinnon, R, Ray, T. Emling, R. Shumoker, C. Voll, A. Mazur, R. Fiegelist, 1. Toropchok, A. Pohm, H, Carroll, H, Woodling l-l. Fletcher, R. Ailes, R. LePoge, A. l-lenke, C. Cline, R. Mock, l-l. johnsten, W. Zukie, E. Violand C. Glawe, E. Asher, l-l. Dunkle, T. Williams, B. Spooner A f in A Qs I. Fush, F. Cole, W. Hartley, R. Ashmus, R. LePoge, S. Fink, W. Robellard, H. l-lennig, M. Fruchter B. Thornton, 1. Weidman, j. Stechmeyer, C. Iennings, Mrs. Fink, R. Earnest, j, Lomppert Mrs. Earnest, M, Kornfeld, Mrs. Crobough, Dr. Crobough, Mrs. Bottle, Mrs. Stechmeyer, Mrs. Hennig Z3-i ge 66.6 A common interest in bridge among the card players in Panel Hall Was the motivating factor in the formation of the Fenn Bridge Club. Comparatively new, the club was organized in 1946 'Ato pro mote the playing of better bridge and fellowship among bridge players, to make possible the playing tournamentsg and to provide adequate teaching for those students wishing to learn the game. The club's advisors, Ur. and llrs. Clyde Crobaugh, recognized as experts in the art of bridge pl ing, strive to improve the members, game by sharing their valuable experience and lcnowlr-dge. f-liuntlrfd-thirty-six f ay if ftl'l'll?l"6t The Camera Club strives Hto promote activity along photographic lines, to maintain adequate equip ment and assist all members in the use of their equipment." By sponsoring camera field trips and in- formative instructions for its members, the club furthers student interest in the finer points of photog- raphy. The Camera Club was organized in 1935 by Evening School students. ln I9-I-6, the school was petitioned by Day School students to reactivate the club for both day and evening students. Having been successful in their quest, the Club is now laying plans which will make them more active in the proposed Fenn College Expansion Program. R. Eyerdom, P. DuBois, R. Hitti, F. Serozin I V. Chekoloff, R. Bock, G, Vossilakis, F, Serozin I. Lievermon, 1, Diamond, D. Bogor, P. Levitt Qlfl l'l. 6486501 elf! The Chessmen are another new group organized last year to bc included in the college's list of interest clubs. The Fenn Chessmen Club was originated 'lto create an opportunity for persons inter- ested in chess to meet, discuss, and improve their game." Tournaments among members are conducted throughout the year to sharpen their game. One aim of the club is to promote inter-collegiate competition and to this end, the members can be seen working diligently in Panel Hall, their regular habitat. Pagr One-hundred-th iffy-Jffufn Activities- A,.,.v , - v.v.,Av.,.v .,.,1, - - elfUl'YlCl,l'l V Fennys chapter of this inter-collegiate group was brought together for the first time in 1938. Named for Cardinal Newman, the organization has spread throughout the nation. Western Reserve, Case Tech, and Cleveland College complete the guild of which Fenn is considered the spark--plug. Twice a month the club gathers to listen to lectures on religious points of interest given by the group's moderator, Rev. joseph Skrocki. Also included in the club's spiritual activities are monthly Communion breakfasts and yearly retreat. Last year, Fenn was host to the Newman Clubs of hlichigan, Kentucky, lndiana, and Ohio at the first annual convention. The four college chapters in Cleveland recently acquired a house on the VVestern Reserve campus. A chapel, meeting rooms, and recreation facilities are available for use of all Newman club members. i i i F, Cole, B, Panasawicy, R. Grossman, I. Eber, S. Lepkowski D, Seity, M, Dorsey, L. Skaiski, N. Dalesio, M. Nakama, A. Barnes, I. Frey, D. Hudson, A, Lobravico, P. Krasowski, E, Stepanek, E, Rickey, C. Voracek, C. Burii, A. Rozum R, jaracy, A, Smerillo, F, Pollack, 1, Majzier, 1. Banos, j. Leach, 1. McNamara, R. Shumaker, S. Anguilano R. Martin, P. Scurlock, R. Koenig, R. Rebec, A. Ruppe, E, Koenig, M. Domenico, 1. Koenig E. Neidhart, A. -Caroili, Rev. I. Skrocki, L. Langowski, Mr, N. Rimboi, F, Carollo, M. Arnold Page 011P-hundred-111irty-right mmol CAoruA Officers Mrs. Ralph Hisey ........ .........,. D irector Richard Nordquist ..,. .,...... T reasurer Edward Gazelle .... ............... P resident john Casini .....,,.. .....,.. W ardrobe Dorothy Zander, ...,.. .,.... V ice President Robert Bowers ........ ....,.. A ccompanist Lillian Pozer . Xenophon Zapisl . . ,. ....... S t ....... ..... L b Louise Goddard ecre Ones Carlisle Adams f I mnans The Fenn llixed Chorus is one of the colleges most colorful cultural groups. Composed of stu- clents from the three schools of Fenn, they strive to bring together those students who wish to promote music and its social values Within the college. The chorus performs regularly at the Christmas Assembly, Senior Assembly, Commencement, Con- vocation, and other school functions. They also sponsor the annual Play-Nite, at which time Fenn student talent is unveiled to the school and the public. Page One-hundred-thirty-nine Activitiiesa, The purpose of the Psychology Club of Fenn College is "to promote interest in psychology among Fenn Studentsfl To attain this end, two courses are taken: U First, the monthly meetings are varied by including guest speakers, conductinf field tri s to the ' ' X o 1 1 3 gl o p State Hospital, delinquent homes, the Cleveland Rehabilitation Center, etc.D sponsoring Dr. Crider's hypnosis demonstration, and the annual banquet. Second, through the monthly bulletin of the club-THE PSYCHOGRARI-news and informa- tion is conveyed to the members who have missed a meeting to keep them and other interested students posted on current activity in the held of Psychology. ' G. DeMario, E. Stoupa, 1. Pruzinsky, D. lack, W, Harnack, M. Ferrante, B. Drennan, E. lanik, R. Earnest W. Malek, P. Gallagher, G. Stevenson, E, Grant, F. Voss, R. Liptak, M. Cillam, N. Catz j, Kunes, R, Vosen, W. Newberry, R. Childs, C. Simonian D. Schaltz, B. Reeves, D. Slavicek, D, Carter, A. Schatz R. Bock, 1, Lanzendorfer, S. Bruce, E, Stoufa, E, Faulhaber G. DeMario, H, Berman, 1, Banos D, Kunz, F. Pospishil, B. Christian, Mr. jordan ociofogg Among the most active groups on the campus, the Sociology Club strives to keep abreast of the ever changing social conditions. The club's purpose is Hto acquaint its members with the various customs, Curiosities, institutions, and habits of different peoples. By conducted tours, the club affords the members an opportunity to study the administration and the treatment of patients in various institutions, Included in the activities are polls taken to gather statistics which have often been found to be valuable for use in the local newspapers. Page One-hundred-forty amen if .fdfddfic ddociafion ln 1938, the XV.A.A. was organized for the purpose "of providing physical fitness opportunities, to promote participation in athletic games, and recreational activities, and to develop the social and sociological capacities and safety skills of the members." The group encourages intramural sports among the coeds and affords them opportnnitv to earn a letter. The girl's All Sports 'I rophy is awarded, through this organization, to the group having ac- cumulated the greatest numher of points in athletic participation throughout the school year. A. Sutter, M. Mazarik, l, Wylie, D. l-lauth, 1, Wells, B. Schwartz, F, Pospishil, j. Pease C. Gaeto, C. Hattendort, M. Cook, A. Schatz, L. Davies, F, Williams I. Cainly, C. Bachmann, A, Hribar, W, Kristofic, R, Montgomery, B, Nedwich, L. Rosenberg, D, Almond, C, Lazarou, P. Levitt, F. Serazin, H. Berman, C, Perkins, M. Taylor, C. Srail, M. Tessler, E. Rickey mobo .xdcforfi ant! .gtrilof MAtifer5 ociefg The Fenn Radio Actors and Script Writers Society was organized in November, 1947 for those students interested in radio acting and script writing. lts main purpose is to promote better acting and w1'iting among its memhers. Klrs. Jerry Bruner, Puhlic Relations Department, and Prof. George A. Srail were chosen as faculty advisors. During the past two quarters, the Society has sponsored a disc-jockey contest in which the finalist from Fenn appeared with finalists from three other colleges on Howie Lundls program over radio station WJBIO. Pagr Om'-1111 nifrml-forty-one 0 0 O Activities- 1v.,1v .v.v1,1,1 ,1,.v.v.v .,.,., V ,.,.,A,.,1v.v1v1,A,.,.,.v.,.v.,1,1vA - A .,.,.,.v.,.,A,.,.,.v ...1.... ,.,.,.v.,., ...1 - - - gander if The lioosterys Club, organized at the end of the War in 1945, can boast of the largest membership of any activity on the campus. Every student attending Fcnn College is automatically a member of this club at the time of his enrollment in school. Revolving around the Cheerleaders and the club officers, the Booster Club's activity is evident in the form of student support at every athletic, social, or scholastic function. Through this organization, the teams are spurred to great conquests in the fields of sports and the name of Fenn is brought to a more prominent light in the eyes of civic Cleveland. W. Robellard, W. Walker. R. loracz, E. Ketchel, C. Simonian P. Krosowski, P. Silver, H, Denham, F. Koppas, I. Maciag R. Vasicek, K. Dodge, E. Taber, A. Pulford, R. Dahlhausen, C. Kadow, H. Ryerson 1. Ehler, R. Sommer, F. Witzke, D. Edwards, R. Hempel, 1, Brinka, C. losper Mr. Davis, Mr, Sherman, Mr. Rimboi, C. Stone, D. Dorsch IQMAO CM The Radio Club combines an interest in radio communication with the technical aspects of this vocation. With the purpose of "promoting amateur radio activities among interested students attend- ing Fenn College," this group was organized in October of 19416. In addition to regular meetings, the club's activities are to keep a light finger on the pulse of the progress of radio. Latest developments in the field of radio and communication are constantly ob- served and discussed. To give their members an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the Morse code, a daily radio telegraph class is conducted. Through this means their proficiency in sending and receiving is improved. V Page 011r-llumlrml-farlv-tfwo l encing M. Dods, I, Woodward, C. Refe, C. Simonion A, Reeves, W. Semenik, S. Anguilono, M. Dods, W. Schaffer Early in November 1947, Prof. Woodling, Athletic Director, accepted the offer of two former Fenn lettermen to instruct Fenn students in the art of fencing, with the hope of reviving the sport to varsity status. The ex-Foxes were llladison Uods and John Royer, who are now highly rated fencers in this area. The first class met November 13, 1947, and the club was recognized early in February, 1948. Just four months after their first Contact with fencing, two club members, W. Semenik and A. Refe, walked off with hrst and third places in a prep foil meet at Case Tech. The same day R. Glowacki, night school, won first place in an open sabre meet. Every member is working out weekly with the hope of entering inter-collegiate competition next season. The spirit exhibited by the members and the excellent instruction makes the outlook bright. Page One-hundred-forty-thru fs' -aqhkk Q fir' ff, ,5 dxf 1 in 5 Q' 1 lf -aa' K! 0 All 4Sellnooll Picnic v1,1v.,.,.,.v.v.,. v.,1,1v.v ,.v.v.v.v.,.,.,.v.v.,.,.v.v V v1v.v.v.,.,.v.,A,. .,.,.v.v.v., v.v.,.,.v.v.v , ii lnstructors and students alike let their hair down, and everyone had a fine time at the All-School Picnic held at Centerville Klills Camp, last September. Highlighting the picnic was the traditional tug-of-war held between the sophomores and the frosh. Sixty seconds after the Uwarl' started, the sophs, firmly entrenched on their island stronghold a few yards from shore, pulled the struggling freshmen, to a man, into the campls pond. lvhile the faculty and seniors were battling it out on the softball diamond, others were rowing in antiquated, water-hlled boats, hiking, playing volleyball, chasing shuttlecoclcs borne aloft by the none-too-Warm September wind, or just kibitzing at a torrid pinochle game. Dancing in the lod fe at the davis end rounded out the 1icnic's activities, and after welcome iortions of coffee 1- F- . and cake, weary Fennites made their Way homeward. Puyf 011ff-lzumlrzul-forly-.fix airvest lP1rom,.,.,., .,.,1 ,.,1,1 , ,1,1, A ,1,., - ,1,1,1, 1 i'L42'm in Harvest Prom, traditional dance sponsored each fall luv the Beta Beta Alpha Fraternity, started the social year off on the right foot. The dance, attended by more than 250 couples, was held at the Hotel Allerton. Blond-haired, blue-eyed Nancy Nyherg, candidate of Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Fraternity and Kappa Sigma Up- silon Sorority, was crowned "Queen of the Dance" and presented to the froliclcers at intermission. Betty Gurney, sponsored by Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity, and Velma Paris, nominated hy Lamhda Tau Delta Fraternity, were the Queens attendants. The dancers utilized the Hotells fashionable snack har for Hover-the-coke" chats hetween dances, while some, taking a hint from the appropriate harvest moon, took strolls along the lakefront. Lf' P11510 Un0-hundrfd-furly-n'fvf'n Than sgiiviiimg Prom, A,.v.,.,. .v.v.v.,.,Av.vAvA ............. v.v.,.v.vAv.,. - 1 .v.v.v.vA,.,., - Providing relief from exam Week, Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity and Lambda Sigma Chi Sorority presented their fifth annual Thanksgiving Prom in the hflain Ballroom of the Tudor Arms Hotel, November 26. The dance, conveniently tucked between the fall and winter quarters, had an exceptionally large turnout, according to Dale Hebron, social chairman of the Kappa Delts. Xlusic was provided by Gene Sullivan's orchestra, and dancers took such a liking to Genels danceable music that the management had to politely evict the fox-trottcrs at closing time. Page 0nr-hundred-forly-fiylzt Fun lflieolliie, 1v1v.v. Av1v.v.v.v.,.,.,.,. .......,.. v.v.v.,Av.vAv. .v.v1v.,.vAvAv.v1vAv.v.v.v.v1,lv.v1v,,1,.,,,A,.'.'A'. ,...A1.11A,AAAAA,,1,,.AA. XVirh Ur. Vvilliam A. Patterson ably Hemceeingn and conducting the drawing of the bizarre assortment of door prizes, the Lambda 'llau Delta Fun Frolic. held in Panel Hall, December 12, was acclaimed a hilarious success by attending students. The prizes awarded included a fully-paid-for haircut, a corsage, a dinner at Sadd's, a 'grease job and oil change Cfor a car, of coursej, and a sundry assortment of useful Q U items. Gals were admitted free, while the males were forced to shell out. As an added incentive to the paying males, nurses from St. Luke's Hospital were provided as dancing partners. Ten per cent of the proceeds was given to the llarch of Dimes Fund. Page 011f'-humired-forty-ninf Sweetheart Prom, ,e,1, .A.A ,.,.,e,. To keep students from walking under ladders and getting tangled up with black eats on Friday, the thirteenth, Pi Sigma 'llau Alpha Fraternity inaugurated a new annual prom-The Sweetheart Prom, February 13, l948. The dance replaced the Easter Prom held each year in the past. The affair, held at the Hotel Allerton, spotlighted the music of lioh Pattie's orchestra. VVc-dnesday before the proin, a "Bliss Blush" was unveiled, and Dan Avis, one of Coach George lX'IeKinn0n,s stalwarts received a free hid for guessing her identity. Page One-lzundrfd-fifty H11 lhillilglhuts, v.,.,.,.,.,. .A.....1..A.................................1...11.........1AA..11..1. - 'Nyc :C Pl SIG QUARTETTE Current Campus favorite in the harmony department is the Pi Sig Quartette. Originally billed as the UAll Irish Quarttete" when they performed masterfully at the Fenn Players' old-fashioned melodrama, "He Ain't Done Right By Nell, the hoys then decided to drop the "O's" from their surnames and use their frat's call letters. VVhen John l,ear, talent scout for the Horace Heidt Show, held an audition in Panel Hall for Fenn's stage and radio aspirants, the Pi Sig four so Charmed him with their dulcet tones, that they were selected to compete in the semi-linals held at the Palace Theatre. The foursome has also appeared over radio station VVTAM on the Uffollegiate Party." The boys in the quartette are: Tom VVilliams, Ed Gazelle, jim Curio nad Boh St-humaker. FENN 10 TO 1 XVith the ratio of males to coeds dropping even faster than the femi- nine skirt, Dorothy Carter, trans- fer student from North Dakota, is determined to get her share of Fenn men early. Aceording to figures released hy the registrar's office, the 13-1 ratio of the previous school year no longer exists. The males now out- number the memlmers of the fair sex by only 111-1. But what is even more important to Fenn wolves is the improved calihre of the incoming coeds. Many of the girls have traveled long distances to enroll here--from such faraway places as Honolulu, llawaii and Long Beach, New York. YVith so many males on the loose, the cry of Fenn feminity has he- come: "lt's Ft-nn-lo-l." P11111' Ulm-l11n1J1'r'tI-fl I1 0111 Highlights ,1v1,.v. ,.,...,.....v1v...v.vAv.v1v.,.v1..v.........,1v.v..kv1,1v1.1,1v1v..1.AvAvA. L ' ii. W ,W , ,a,1W,,. 1 F il ATHLETIC AWARDS VVith the summer heat beating down around them and the Euclid Side of the Tower getting a face- Iifting, the old and new members of the AF" Club congregated in the athletic department for the presen- tation of varsity letters. "VVoorly," of course, gave out with his annual award's speech, and the varsity neophytes were of- ficially taken into the fold of the "F" Club. Going out on the limh and pre- dicting great seasons for the '-l-7- '-l-8 varsity teams, "VVo0dy," as time proved, showed his worth as a prognosticator. Puyw Ulu'-lm11.lr'1'rl'-fifty-lava COLLEGI ATE PARTY "Collegiate Partyl' co-sponsored hy radio station VVTAM and the Cauldron is sent out over the air- ways every Saturday from 11:15 p. tn. to 1 a. m. joe Mulvihill, staff announcer, acts as master of ceremonies and "rides herd" over the high-spirited collegians on the hour-and-45-min- ute show. The program launched January 31, 1948 was originally scheduled to run 13 weeks, but its popularity with the radio dialers made VVTAM extend it through May. The format of the program in- cludes informal discussions lay col- lege students on general sulmjeets pertaining to higher education, re- cordings of popular and semi-clas- sical music, weekly coverage of college news, sports reviews and scores, and the presentation of well- known guest stars. ,,,W2"'r.'a' ,Q Autographs .v.v.v.v.v.v .,.,A,.,.,.,A,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.vA,.,A,A,A,. ,.,.,.,.v.,.v.v 1v4v.,1, NAME RESIDENCE Tel. No P g 0 hundred-fifly-tl '48 FANFARE ArRoNs Mr. cmd Mrs. Glenn H. Shakley Robert B. Auld Dean and Mrs. Paul R. Anders Dr. Sholto M. Spears Dr. and Mrs. I. G. McGrew Prof. and Mrs. T. L. Dotson Dr. and Mrs. I. C. Nichols Mr. cmd Mrs. M. D. Cooper Clyde Crobaugh Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Ehrhart Prof. and Mrs. V. Chamberlin Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Farrell Ambrosia Noetzel Prof. Frank Tomich E. Perout Bernard Gurney Mr. and Mrs. Mayo S. Heath Director and Mrs. N. R. Rimboi Prof. and Mrs. F. E. Wilson Prof. B. W. Schindler Eunice Shanaberger Prof. and Mrs. E. Philip Earl Mr. and Mrs. Iohn W. Walter Alfred B. Deptula Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Parker Dr. and Mrs. D. E. Theodore Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Tuttle Health and Physical Education Dept. Prof. V. D. Hales Prof. Sara Ruth Watson Prof. and Mrs. G. H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Herrick Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Patterson Dean and Mrs. Max B. Robinson Mrs. Marie Center Miss Iane Lowndes Miss Pauline Bloomquist Miss Iuliette C. Walwer Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Marion Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Montasana Dr. and Mrs. Willard I. Poppy Clara Consaul Polley Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hedrick Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Teller P 1 U I ldrfd-fifiv-four , 1 -Rexx - 1 K " X 1900 E. 24th R We we Tel. atEuc11d PR 7900 - ,.',,. .- .bQ,,,, 9 egg ,,AT, LIN COLN-MERCURY HEADQUARTERS OFFERS TO A11 Jelfufz, Kellogg Faculty and students Plus Value SERVICE ON ALL MAKE CARS 0 EXPERT LUBRICATION O ELECTRICAL REPAIRS 0 ENGINE REPAIRS O BRAKE SERVICE FRONT END AND WHEEL ALICNMENT BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS PAINTING Plus Value USED CARS WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE ALWAYS A FINE SELECTION Plus Value AT . I' P Autemcontnve Center, Ilne. X9 S' IIS. U30 AD1v1s1oN os on-no MOTORS co. 5 1, Qi l10vA1 5 , R s g YA H1311 ,,7 Wholesale . . . Retazl 90 . O 9 9 'Sf 6 - . - u. s. RUBBER co. PRODUCTS - ' A COMPLETE LINE TIRES - TUBES - CAR ACCESSORIES WESTINCHOUSE APPLIANCES REFRIGERATORS - LAUNDROMATS - RADIOS IRONS HEATERS - ToAsTERs - ROASTERS - CLOCKS - IUICERS - ETC. 'maui lllbfh, Mawr, ' viz," 35 Years of Service ' "OUR REPUTATION IS YOUR GUARANTEE" Iust Across the Street from Penn All Service-Used Tires-Tubes and Appliances Can Be Financed on EASY BUDGET TERMS Page Uneelzumlre 11-f P 1 Onf-11 undr MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH QUALITY PIPE AND BOLT THREADING EQUIP- MENT SINCE 1893 Ask for the Complete Oster Catalog containing details and specifications. fa The Dster Mtg. Co. East 61st at Carnegie Ave. Cleveland 3, Ohio JEWELRY- ' ' Dedyaedlrf MASTER CRAFTSMEN GRADUATING CLASSES FRATERNITIES SORORITIES v SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS CLUBS v SOCIETIES, ETC. Quelaad Wien! Speaalaa 9. f Sq: ,N , ffm? Y P 1 Q . 4 vi S - X QW Q FOR . l7lJ EAST 21:0 ST. CLEVELAND ll, OHIO Compliments of Diebo1d's Restaurant 7018 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio -l dgewater hevrolel, nc. il Car and Truck Sales lc aaaulaansa E Day and Night Service 3 5417 Detroit Avenue WOodbine 4580 Cleveland. Ohio ad-fifty-six 42 Successful Years in the Multigraphing Mimeographing and Mailing Service Business 'A' THE CROMWELL-CROOKS CO. Mail Advertising Service 462 492 The Arcade MAin 3227 Cleveland, Ohio A MdYl,5 Mail Always Gets An Interview" Greetings From Francis P. Bolton Congressman 22nd District Ojfcial Photographer 1 948 F AN F ARE ALEX SUMERS YE. 3412 I have always felt there is one place in which the nation and the individual can afford to be extravagant, and that is in education. Whatever the cost of educa- tion may be, it can never be as great as the cost of ignorance. The stability of the United States, economically and politi- cally, is dependent on an edu- cated citizenship not only in theory but in fact. -William Feather THE WILLIAM FEATHER C0 Printers and Publishers MAin 6450 812 Huron Road Cleveland 15. Ohio P fr Uni'-lzundrrdsf ftj hen you want you want a photograph . a fine photograph and that's the only kind your official photographer takes! Photograph Studio ........ Second Floor The MAY COMPANY 0 I l ff igflzl 6 G ' You Here's a good job for girls with college training. It's the job of Service Representative for the telephone company. This career offers you a chance to meet the public and to use your own judgment and initiative. Pay is good and increases come rapidly. You will be thoroughly trained for this challenging work. You will have every opportunity to qualify for higher-paid positions as you gain skill and experience. If you are friendly, alert, well-poised and tactful, here is a career that calls for YOU. APPLY: WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY "A Good Place to Work" CONGRATULA TIONS ARLINGHAIIS ENGHAVING 90- THE covEB or THE IQ48 "FANFARE" Engraver for 1948 Was Produced by The Mueller Art Cover 8: Binding Co. This issue of the "Fanfare" PRINTED BY 2202 Superior Avenue THE PROMPT PRINTING Cleveland' Ohio AND PUBLISHING CO. 2814 Detroit Ave., MAin 9156 Page Unv-lzzzlzdrrtl-fifly-nirze B Student Listin Abel, li. Aeezlrdi, R. Adzunowiez, W. Adams, C. Ader, W. Adie, J. Adkins, J. Ailes, R. Alhzleh, R. Alhanese, U. AllJ2ll1CSC, U. L Albert, J. Alhert, W. Albrecht, C. Allzlr, R. Allen, l". Allen, H. Allen, H. C. Allen, VV. Alleuuto, lf. Almond, D. Altmos, D. Ainzleher, H. Amari, NI. Amtsherg, U. Anders, R. Anderson, D. Anderson, E. Anderson, Anderson, P. Anderson, R. Andres, T. Andrlejewski, Anewalt, lf. Anielski, A. Ankuda, F. Antal, E. Antal, J. Antal, R. Antl, L. Apthorp, T. Art, A. Arthur, T. Aszldorian, P. Aszunoto, K. Asher, E. Ashmus, KI. Ashmus, R. Athey, R. Auer, R. C. Parr flflf-llII7Imfl'l't1'5l.Yflf Avis, IJ. Bnelnnzlnn, C. Badke, F. Baker, N. Baker, R. Baker, Roht. Bakotzl, Nl. Bukowski, B aldanzzl, C. Bzlldini, H. B.1lish, l". Bzilzer, N. Bnnns, Banks, P. Banks, R. Bzlrzleh, S. Bzirhut, S. Burhee, ll. Barher, R. Burch, R. B.1rdy, ll. Barkes, R. Barnhart, D. B B Zlflllilli, S. aron, J. Baron, J. Barron, Bzlrtehak, L. B: B: irtel, R. irtholoniew, A. Bartlett, G. B: B askovie, J. B. B urton, S. luer, G. auer, B. '1umgardner, XV. axter, R. Bayer, Bayt, 'l'. Beuchler, G. Beam, J. Bear, R. Beard, G. Beargie, H. Bechtold, L. Beck, A. Beck, H. Beek, O. Beekernian, I Beer, K. 1. Behnke, R. Behrendt, D. Behrendt, lf. Beifus, A. Belknap, R. Bell, U. Bell, R. Below, F. Benedetto, C. Benjamin, R. Benko, IC. Benko, lf. Benko, Benson, R. Bente, Xl. Berehin, W. Berger, l. Berger, J. Bergold, G. Berkman, U. Berman, H. Bernhzlrdt, C. Bernhzirdt, R. Bernier, P. Berties, J. Beseh, R. Betts, Bey, R. Bianco, J. Biggs, G. Bille, KI. Binder, R. Biondolillo. Birtalan, Birrel, R. Birtie, E. Bittinger, R. Bitte, S. Bjourquist, W. Black, R. Blaha, H. Blanding, H. Blank, H. Blasko, lf. Blazek, Xl. Bohal, J. Bock, R. Boehm, R. Bogar, IJ. Bogart, U. Bohning, U. Bojrquin, W. Bokar, E. Bond, A. Bondru, S. Bonner, VV. Boone, R. Booth, R. Borazaniun, S Borchert, R. Borez, R. Borouy, R. Borovieh, R. Borrelli, A. Borrelli, L. Bottiggi, ll. Bowen, G. Bowen, G. li. Bowes, J. Bowers, R. Bowker, J. Bowler, KI. Boyer, R. Brajzir, lf. Braunlieh, W Bray, P. Breymuier, R. Bride, Briggs, L. Brillhart, ll. Brinekzt, J. Brittsan, F. Brogdon, T. Browder, U. Brown, D. Brown, E. Brown, R. Bruce, S. Brugeman, Brugmann, P. Buhsel, E. Buczkiewiez, T Buda, VV. Buhrow, R. Bujalski, A. Bunge, D. Burant, R. Burger, D. Burke, L. Burkhart, W. Burton, W. Busbey, R. Butler, M. Butterfield, J. Buzzard, R. Byers, E. Cadek, P. Cahoon, W. Campbell, E. Campbell, H. Cangemi, S. Canitia, S. Cannon, Caponero, Capretto, E. Capretta, T. Carbone, D. Cardwell, G. Carleton, L. Carlson, R. Carpenter, F. Carrel, J. Carroll, H. Carroll, J. Carter, D. Casini, J. Cassidy, C. Castle, C. Castle, R. Caton, W. Cawley, Celin, F. Centa, F. Cerbin, W. Cerio, A. Cevera, J. Chadley, R. Chakerian, R. Chambers, R. Chambersjian, R. Chamot, Chang, E. Chappell, K. Charpie, A. Charvat, R. Chase, D. Chase, E. Chase, R. Chakaloff, V. Cheslock, H. Childs, R. Chiszar, C. Chiudion, N. Chmulewski, W. Cholfin, H. Choma, G. Chrestensen, D. Christescu, L. Christian, B. Christiansen, R. Christie, D. Christy, W. Church, Cimarell, E. Cimorell, N. Citro, A. Clague, D. Clark, D. Clerk, J. Clarke, C. Clarke, G. Clarke, R. Clayton, F. Clayton, G. Cleary, Cline, C. Cline, R. Clingman, R. Cockfield, R. Cole, C. Cole, F. Collins, A. Collister, C. Connell, C. Conner, P. Conrady, E. Contie, R. Cook, M. Cook, R. G. Cook, R. W. Cooney, T. Cooper, G. Corcoran, W. Corio, Corpas, G. Corradi, A. Cotton, L. Coultas, G. Cox, N. Cox, R. P. Cox, R. K. Crabtree, H. Crahen, Crahen, R. Crane, G. Cratsas, A. Croaning, R. Crosby, L. Crissinger, H. Crotty, R. Crowder, D. Crowther, R. Crynock, lkl. Csonka, S. Cvetko, H. Cumler, H. Cumler, W. Cummings, E. Cummings, M. Cunningham, R. Curti, P. Cutri, D. Czerski, S. Czika, Daelhousen, R. Dallhausen, R. Dalesio, A. Dalesio, M. Danculovic, J. Danko, E. D'Arco, Dauterman, H. David, F. Davidian, M. Davidson, H. Davies, L. Davis, R. Davis, W. Day, L. Day, M. Debevec, E. Debolt, G. Decker, A. Delfs, E. Delia, De Mario, G. Dempsy, T. Denham, L. Dennis, H. Denzler, C. Deragon, H. Derpler, lkl. DeRoia, L. Deutsch, E. De Viney, D. Diamond, J. Di Benedetto, A Di Cello, N. Dickard, J. Dieckow, E. Diehl, E. Dieterich, Nl. Dietterick, R. Dill, R. Di Pietro, A. Di Salvo, J. Dissette, D. Dittman, R. Dittrich, R. Dix, W. Dobkowski, T. Dodge, K. Domenico, NI. Domoracki, W. Donaldson, J. Dork, P. Dorr, H. Dorrell, R. Dorsch, D. Dorsch, F. Dorsch, Kd. Dorsch, V. Dorsey, J. Drabek, E. Draugel, T. Drazin, S. Drennan, R. Drsek, F. Dubecki, B. DuBois, P. Dudzinski, L. Duer, R. Duesler, N. Duffy, NI. Duke, H. Dunbar, C. Dunbar, Dunckel, L. Dunkle, H. Dunn, W. Page One-hundred-sixty one Student Listin Durica, S. Dyleski, l. Dysert, H. Dziedziak, E. Dzurik, P. Earle, E. Earnest, R. Eber, J. Ebert, G. Eble, C. Ecknoye, XI. Edwards, D. Egan, R. Eichenberg, G. Eichler, F. Eichwald, L. Eickhoff, H. Elder, Ellington, R. Ellison, Ellmers, C. Elperin, W. Emling, T. Engel, N. Engle, C. English, J. Ennis, F. Erlanger, R. Eroskey, C. Eyerdam, R. Facer, W. Fafrak, A. Farr, H. Farrell, R. Fatica, ll. Faulhaber, E. Federico, A. Ferrara, P. Feher, J. Fehrenbach, W. Fellenbaum, B. Felty, G. Fenton, W. Ferko, A. Ferrante, BI. Ferrati, B. Ferris, P. Ferry, G. Fiegelist, R. Figgers, L. Page One-hundrfd-sixty-tfwo Fillmore, R. Finn, L. Fink, S. Fircz, J. Fiske, NI. Fitzgerald, Fitzsimmons, Flack, N. Flagg, D. Flagg, W. Flanagan, W. Flaschar, W. Fletcher, R. Fletcher, H. Fobel, E. Foglesong, D Folino, R. Ford, H. Ford, J. Forward, A. Foster, R. Francis, A. Fowles, E. Fox, D. Fox, Fox, R. Francis, D. Franklin, H. Frazier, D. Fredrick, V. Freeh, VV. French, L. French, O. Frey, J. Friboman, l. Fridrich, H. Friedman, A. Friedman, A. Frock, D. Frosh, C. Fruchter, Nl. Fuldauer, D. Fush, Gabriel, C. Gaeto, C. Gage, W. Galey, T. Galbraith, H Galer, H. Galla, R. C G. H. Gallagher, W. Gallen D. Gallik, C. Gargiulo, D. Garibotti, A. Garibotti, D. Garman, Gasior, C. Gasper, W. Gatz, N. Gatzke, G. Gavanditti, N. Gayer, J. Gazelle, E. Gecowets, C. Gedeon, L. Gedeon, R. Geer, R. Gehrke, E. Geither, R. Geiss, S. Gellam, XI. Gelleam, H. Gembala, B. George, E. Gerdas, T. Gerner, W. Gershenson, S. Gerwin, L. Giesel, P. Gilchrist, Gilham, BI. Gilkison, D. Gilpin, W. Gindle, R. Glawe, G. Goddard, A. Godfrey, H. Godlewski, W. Gole, F. Gole, W. Golebieski, T. Good, V. Goodman, Goodwin, E. Goodwin, R. Gomez, A. Gordon, S. Gott, J. Gottschalk, C. Gough, A. Gowe, Gower, A. Grad, E. Grady, Bl. Graham, Granger, Graves, G. Graves, Gray, D. Graziani, N. Grebe, V. Green, A. Q age Q fi E 21 Green, Green . D. Greene, H. Greener, J. Greenland, A. Greetham, D. Gregersen, J. Gregory, H. Grell, G. Grelson, D. Griesemer, E. Griesbach, A. Griesser, R. Griffes, K. Griffin, R. Griffis, R. Griffith, R. Griffiths, D. Grill, R. Grinkevich, A. Groat, R. Groenstein, W Grospatch, R. Gundic, B. Grondin, N. Grosel, W. Grosso, D. Groth, D. Grum, E. Gubanich, Gurney, KI. Gurovich, A. Guth, F. Habink, E. Hable, E. Hadde, L. Haessly, W. Haddad, E. Hafiinger, Hahn, E. Hagedorn, W. Hall, R. Hamacek, C. Hamers, R. Hammer, H. Hamilton, N. Hampt, R. Hampton, F. Hancock, G. Hancoek, R. Handke, K. Hankovsky, A. Hanlon, B. Hansel, R. Hamula, R. Harbart, R. Harmath, S. Harmount, W. Harnack, W. Harrison, KI. Harrison, VV Hart, R. Hartley, W. Hartmann, L. Hasey, P. Hasse, H. Hattendorf, C. Hauth, D. Hawershat, E. Haycox, C. Hayman, Hayes, D. Haywick, A. Hebron, D. Hebron, R. Heck, F. Hedin, Hegedus, W. Heil, L. Heileman, YV. Heller, G. Hempel, R. Henderson, H. Hendess, E. Henke, A. Hennig, H. Hennessy, B. Herman, R. Hershberger, D. Hershberger, R Hesselgrave, L. Hessler, R. Hevesy, L. Hickel, S. Hiebsch, Higgins, R. Hill, G. Hilty, R. Hilty, W. Hively, Hinkle, G. Hird, E. Hirko, A. Hirniak, R. Hirvi, R. Hiscack, R. Hiscock, G. Hite, W. Hirri, R. Hiznay, R. Hlatky, KI. Hlivak, R. Hodgins, Hoenig, D. Holberger, R. Holmes, VV. Hoover, D. Horak, C. Horbely, G. Horejs, E. Hormn, A. Horvath, A. Horvath, P. House, H. Howard, D. Howell, W. Howland, F. Hrabak, F. Hribar, A. Hronek, G. Hubbard, D. Hudak, F. Hudak, N. Huffman, W. Hughes, K. Hull, D. Hull, R. Hultberg, R. Huth, G. Humpal, H. Hurwitz, S. Hutter, R. lacano, J. lacobucci, G. lmm, E. lnsana. D. Irwin, D. Ito, S. lvancic, J. lvanicky, Jack, D. Jacklitch, D. Jackson, A. Jacobs, H. Jaffa, B. Jaffe, S. James, E. Janko, E. Jaracz, R. Jarmusch, R. Jaroszewski, R. Jasher, G. Jedick, A. Jeffery, E. Jennings, E. Jimenez, L. Jeske, E. Johnson, D. Johnsten, H. Johnson, P. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Johnson, S. Johnston, H. Jones, D. Jones, K. Jones, L. Jones, P. Jones, R. Jones, R. Jordan, Jordan, J. W. Jorich, S. Jost, lVI. Jusak, A. Just, E. Joki, N. Joseph, Josephson, G Junno, U. Kabat, A. Kaden, RI. Kadow, C. Kalina, W. Kalus, L. Kamenik, L. Kamman, H. Kantner, R. Kappas, F. Karman, L. Karnosh, W. Kartman, W Karwoski, T Kascak, T. Kastelic, F. Kaschyk, H. Kaufman, W Kayler, R. Keller, W. Kelly, ll. Kelly, D. Kelley, NI. Kennedy, P. Kerka, W. Kerr, D. Kessie, Xl. Keszei, G. Ketchel, E. Kibler, R. Kiczek, S. Kidder, L. Kiehl, R. Kilbane, F. Kinder, T. Kingston, G. Kine, D. King, F. Kirk, D. Kirk, G. Kiska, E. Klancher, R. Klart, R. Kleh, Klein, G. Klein, J. Pagf Onf-lzundrml .fzxty llzrre Stu ent Listing. .,.,1,1 , Klein, R. Kline, C. Klinect, V. Kneebone, R. Knight, P. Knobel, D. Kodramey, A. Koehler, F. Koenig, A. Koenig, J. Koenig, R. Koeth, A. Kokensparger, D. Kolezynski, D. Komanec, Kono, F. Kooman, J. Koosed, A. Kopanski, Koran, E. Korda, Kornfeld, ld. Koshkrian, A. Koslowski, G. Kostyn, G. Kotnik, R. Koutroupas, G. Kovacs, J. Kowalyk, Koza, S. Kozeluh, F. Kraft, D. Kramer, W. Kranz, T. Krasowski, P. Kratovich, A. Krause, R. Krause, J. Krawczonek, E. Kreiner, F. Kremers, H. Kreps, T. Kristofic, W. Kronika, N. Kroot, W. Krumese, W. Krupansky, F.. Krysiak, W. Kubala, E. Kubbs, Page Om'-hundred-.rixty-four Kubiak, E. Levigne, D. Kubiczek, H. Levitt, P. Kughn, R. Lewis, J. Kuhar, E. Lewis, N. Kulka, P. Lexa, R. Kundmiller, G. Liccardi, G. Kunz, D. Lieberman, Kutsch, R. Likover, S. Kuzius, R. Linder, T. Kyfes, V. Lingruen, E. Lalik, J. Link, Lally, M. Lipanye, L. Lamppert, Lipiec, Landoll, L. Lipstreuer, K. Langowski, L. Liptak, R. Lamer, H. Liskovec, R. Lanning, C. Liss, S. Lantz, R. Liszkay, C. Lanzendorfer, Little, C. Lariccia, P. Lix, Larson, R. Lobrvico, A. Latona, S. Lodwick, D. Laturell, E. Loesch, F. Laub, H. Loew, F. Laubler, R. Loew, W. Laughlin, J. Logan, P. Laurence, lVI. Lohrey, E. Lautenew, G. Loiaconu, J. Lautermilch, L. Longfield, S. Lavelle, Lonsdale, C. Lazarou, G. Loomis, R. Lazzara, R. LoPresti, A. Leach, Lorence, F. Leaders, R. Lovelace, C. Leahy, Lovell, R. Lee, F. Lowe, Leedy, E. Lubera, T. Lefkovitz, S. Lucak, P. Lehmann, R. Lucas, B. Leickly, E. Luce, W. Leimbach, R. Lynn, L. Lentz, Nlacala, E. Lentzas, A. MacDoWell, L. Leonard, C. Nlaciag, I. Leonhardt, Mack, R. LePage, R. lVIackey, M. Lepkowski, S. Mackey, N. Lepkowski, S. J MacMichael, G. Lesko, C. Madigan, J. Lesko, Magalski, R. Magar, T. Magyar, S. Maher, R. Mahnic, F. Mahtar, R. Main, F. Majercak, Majzler, Makowski, D. Mally, G. Mambuca, L. Mamone, R. Manion, R. Manley, E. Mann, C. Mantifel, L. ldarble, H. Markell, W. Markis, L. ldarkun, F. Marner, C. Nlaroon, L. Marosan, J. Nlarr, N. Nfarsh, F.. Marsh, T. Marshell, W. Blartens, R. hdartin, D. Nlartin, H. lldartin, T. hdaryan, D. hlasten, R. Master, A. Nlatejcik, F. Mathewson, C Matko, Matthews, E. Matthews, Matti, D. lwattz, W. Maurer, M. Maurer, R. Maurus, D. Maxwell, S. May, F. Mayher, R. Mazarakis, A. Mazarik, M. Mazgij, W. Mazur, A. McAllister, R. McCavitt, P. McClain, E. McClurg, J. McCrone, R. McConnell, K. McCord, E. McCoy, S. McEntee, R. McFadden, F. McGaw, J. McGinnis, S. McGuire, R. Mclntire, B. Rf1cKenzie, D. McKibbon, T. McNamara, McNee1y, R. b1cNees, C. NIcNeil, R. McNerney, R. McPherson, F. McQuattie, E. lIcQuistion, P. Nleaden, P. Mechlin, D. Medsker, W. Meier, E. Blelcher, F. Menart, R. Nlercer, H. Mersek, R. Mesner, G. Metra, V. Metti, E. Metz, G. Metzger, A. Metzko, Meyer, H. Miceli, A. Mickelson, I. Mickey, L. Mikolajewski, Miller, D. Nliller, D. F. Miller, H. Miller, J. Miller, M. Miller, N. N. Miller, R. Miller, W. Nliller, W. R. Mills, H. Milne, H. Minnick, Rliraldi, M. Blisel, O. Nlisencik, Mitchell, G. Nlitro, A. lllitro, S. Mirtelstaedt, Modica, Nloeller, E. Mohat, T. Rflohorich, V. Moliski, F. R. Mollenkopf, M. llonastra, J. Xionroe, Blontgomery, R. Montross, W. Nloore, W. Rlorris, W. Nlozolits, S. Nlurn, E. Murphy, E. Nluse, R. llustard, W. Nlyers, N. Nagy, A. Nagy, W. Nakama, M. Nank, W. Nau, C. Nau, W. Nayman, A. Neal, R. Nedwich, B. Neibecker, Neiditz, M. Neilsen, R. Neiner, W. Nellems, C. Nelson, J. Nelson, R. Nemecek, C. Nemecek, R. Nemeth, C. Nesbitt, M. Neu, R. Neuzil, N. Newberry, W. Niederlander, R. Niedermeyer, E. Nikolich, S. Nocleg, A. Nordquest, R. Novak, C. Novak, G. Oates, H. Oates, R. O'Brien, W. Ohralik, L. O'Laughlin, M. Ordakowski, W Orost, F. Orosz, R. Orpett, H. Orszak, Orvis, E. Osborn, A. Osinski, W. Ostberg, J. Oster, Ostrom, C. Otcaseh, R. Ott, A. Overson, L. Ozanich, G. Palko, Panasewicz, B. Panasik, P. Pappas, R. Parabek, E. Paran, E. Paraskevu, G. Parchem, A. Parge, E. Parker, Parobek, A. Parobek, M. Parro, E. Partridge, Passarello, N. Pasta, S. Pastor, A. Patla, A. Pattinson, E. Patton, F. Patrick, T. Patzwahl, R. Paulin, E. Paulman, W. Pavlik, E. Peattie, C. Pekar, H. Pekarovich, I Pelz, C. Peplowski, C. Perdue, Perkins, C. Perry, W. Pesto, J. Peters, G. Petras, Petrow, V. Petty, G. Pfeffer, G. Philip, P. Phillips, A. Phillips, C. Phipps, Picone, M. Pieger, E. Pierretti, C. Pierson, W. Pignolet, C. Pignolet, V. Pikovnik, R. Pimsner, R. Pinkas, P. Pintenich, B. Pintner, C. Piriczky, Pisarski, S. Plaga, E. Platell, E. Plaskoff, A. Plum, G. Podolny, W. Podskalan, E Pohjola, C. Pohm, A. Pokelsek, Pokrant, G. Polcyn, F. Pollack, F. Pollack, Page One-hundred Jzxly fzfve Student Listing ,,1,,vA Pollander, A. Polona, V. Pomeroy, R. Popil, N. Posch, R. Pospis Potts, Pouss, Power Pozar, Prasse, Prasse, Pratt, il, F. h Postan, H. J. W. ,D. L. M. R. W. Pressler, D. P rekso n, E. Pretzer, J. Previte, L. Prezeprerczynski, Price, Price, M. O. Priebe, E. Pritchard, R. Prosek, F. Przepiercznski, R. Prucha, G. Pruzinsky, Pryne, G. Pulford, E. Purdy, M. Pusti, M. Quandt, R. G. Qrerin, Fred Quetsch, J. G. Quiggle, R. C. Quenn, M. A. Quirk, R. W. Rabinovitz, H. Radcliffe, T. Ragon, NI. Randall, F. W. Rankin, H. W. Ratajczak, R. Ratka, A. Rawa, R. Ray, F. Raynoh, P. Read, E. Reed, C. Reed, N. Paar Om'-lmmired-.vixty-six Reed, S. Reed, W. Reaves, A. Refe, C. Regina, F. Reid, L. Reidl, L. Reinhardt, N. Reinke, R. Reinke, R. A. Reinker, R. Reiser, P. Reitz, E. Reker, L. Renwick, C. Repasky, D. Repp, C. Revis, C. Rew, D. Reynolds, J. Reznik, Rhodes, U. Ricchiuto, Richards, R. Richardson, H. Richardson, C. Richardson, J. Richmond, G. Rickey, E. Riddle, hi. Ringler, R. Ritner, J. Rittenmyer, G. Ritz, G. Rizzolla, L. Robbins, L. Robellard, W. Roberts, K. Robinson, E. E Robinson, . L. Robinson, L. Rock, J. S. Rock, J. Rocke, 11. Roeder, J. Roessler, J. Rogalski, J. Rogers, W. Rohal, M. Rohde, B. Roig, E. Roller, R. Rom, A. Rom, B. Romig, G. Rooke, R. Root, A. Root, W. Rosenberg, L. Rosenfeld, R. Rosin, G. Rossoff, R. Rost, R. Rotar, A. Rote, D. Roth, C. Roth, S. Rowland, C. Roznik, H. Rubenstein, C. Rucinski, R. Ruder, D. Ruedele, G. Rueter, H. Rung, J. Rupel, C. Rupp, J. Rusak, E. Ruskai, NI. Russell, Ryerson, H. Sabiers, R. Sabin, D. Sablack, C. Sabo, J. Sachara, E. Sadowski, C. Sahli, B. Sako, F. Salamon, E. Salamon, R. Saluk, E. Salvaggio, A. Samerdyk, F. Sarnowski, C. Satava, C. Satmary, E. Satmary, E. hi. Satmary, H. Satola, E. Savodnik, V. Sayers, W. Schad, H. Schaefer, A. Schaefer, J. Schaeffer, A. Schaffer, C. Schaffer, W. Schatz, A. Schenek, P. Schilke, C. Schlappal, R. Schleimer, Schley, H. Schmidt, C. Schmidt, J. Schmotzer, R Schneider, A. Schneider, F. Schneider, G. Schneider, R. Schoelinger, J Scholl, R. Scholz, P. Schott, D. Schrock, D. Schubert, L. Schubert, R. Schuller, F. Schuller, YV. Schultz, A. Schultz, D. Schumacher, C Schurger, A. Schutrum, L. Schwaller, F. Schwartz, B. Schwartz, R. Scobie, C. Scott, G. x Seager, NI. Seaholm, R. Searle, R. Searles, H. Sebusch, D. Sedensky, See, H. Seibbe, H. Seitz, D. Seldner, K. Semega, R. Semenik, W. Senges, W. Senkfor, XI. Senkyr, Serazin, F. Sereiko, G. Serieno, Sespico, F. Seufer, H. Seufert, H. J Seyfried, R. Shaffer, D. Shane, G. Sharaba, S. Shaughnessy, Sheck, L. Sheer, l. Shefchuk, C. Sheir, G. Shellek, D. Sherod, R. Shillito, J. Shimp, H. Shinmoto, Xl. Shirk, KI. Shisler, J. Shuga, BI. Shumaker, R. Shury, J. Sianti, W. Siebold, C. Silva, E. Silver, BI. Simashkevich, J. Simiele, J. Simon, A. Simon, E. Simon, G. Simon, S. Simonian, C. Simons, N. Simpson, Simpson, R. Singer, Sinzinger, R. Skala, D. Skalski, L. Skarl, E. Skeath, VV. Skerkoski, lf. Slempa, W. Smart, Smerillo, A. Smich, P. Smith, F. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith, NI. Smith, R. Smith, W. Smith, W. D. Smoke, D. Snake, G. Snyder, R. Solomon, H. Sombat, L. Sommer, R. Somody, S. Songer, W. Spada, F. Spence, G. Spencer, U. Spiewacki, L. Spillar, F. Spitzer, KI. Spraggins, J. Springhorn, E. Springer, C. Springer, C. H. Stanard, W. Stanczak, E. Stangler, F. Stanich, J. Stansny, N. Stapleton, D. Stapleton, G. Star, L. Stasik, C. Stasko, KI. Stassfurth, VV. Staursky, A. Stech, R. Stechmeyer, Stefanko, S. Stein, L. Stelmach, M. Stelmah, Stepanek, E. Stepanek, R. Stephenson, W. Stepka, Stevens, R. Stevenson, Stibor, G. Still, D. Stilwell, Stimac, W. Stinson, S. St. Leger, R. Stock, J. Stockman, H. Stone, C. Stone, N. Stohlman, L. Stokoe, Story, G. Stotter, R. Stoupa, E. Stover, F. Strachan, R. Straubel, C. Strauhel, E. Stribicki, N. Striehle, W. Stringer, A. Strong, KI. Stuck, J. Stupka, C. Stupp, R. Sturm, J. Suhadolnik, Sullivan, T. Sulser, L. Summerhill, E. Summerskill, R. Summersgill, R. H. Surman, R. Sutter, A. Suzo, J. Swallen, J. Swanson, A. Sycz, V. Synk, L. Syroski, E. Szabo, E. Szaniszlo, A. Szaniszlo, P. Szaraz, A. Szastak, C. Szczepanski, R Tahoika, Tarapchak, J Tashima, K. Taubman, I. Taylor, E. Taylor, NI. Taylor, R. Temple, W. Tepley, F. Terdan, F. Terry, KI. Terry, R. Tessler, RI. Thacker, C. Theodore, J. Thomas, A. Thomas, E. Thompson, Thomson, R. Thornton, B. Thrash, C. Thulin, E. Tibbitts, W. Tiber, D. Tirabassi, D. Tober, E. Toffant, P. Toifel, Tolaro, A. Tompkins, R. Torian, G. Trautman, C Traviglia, F. Trosrler, R. Tuholski, L. Turek, R. Turk, J. Turk, L. Tushar, H. Tuuri, R. Tyra, R. Tyzenhouse, E Uebel, V. Uhrig, E. Underwood, Urankar, F. Urban, Urwin, Urwin, T. Page One-hundred-sixty :efven tudent lListing...,.,., Utas, R. Vande Stadt, G. Vannucci, P. Van Syckle, L. Vargo, E. Vargo, F. Vartabedian, A. Vasicek, R. Vassilakis, G. Vaughan, W. Velesky, J. Vereb, S. Via, L. Violand, E. Vodhanel, C. Vodicka, V. Voll C Voracek C Vyhnalek, L. Wahrenberger, Vogel, H . A Wain, L. Wakser, A. Walczak, M. Waldorf, H. Walick, J. Walker, W. Wallis, D. Walmsley, Walser, G. Walter, C. Walter, M. Walters, C. Walters, Waltonen, A. Waple, G. Ward, C. Ward, D. Wardle, R. Warrick, R. Page One hundred sixty eight Wawrzynski, M. Weeton, W. Weidman, J. Weisman, E. Weiss, L. Weisshappel, A. Welch, M. Wells, D. Welton, W. Welty, J. Wensel, W. Werkhaven, Wesebaum, P. White, F. White, N. White, N. A. Whitehouse, B. Whitehouse, C. Whittle, T. Wider, R. Wieland, E. Wihehrink, VV. Wilcox, R. Wilkinson, B. Will, K. Williams, C. Williams, F.. Williams, E. E. Williams, R. Williams, T. Williamson, D. Williamson, N. Wilson, A. Wilson, A. M. Wilson, L. Wilson, R. Winand, W. Winegar, R. Winterich, R. Wisner, Wiswell, E. Witzke, F. Witzke, W. Wlotzko, G. Wojciechowski, Wolf, J. Wolf, R. Woodling, M. Woodward, l. Woodworth, R Worcester, W. Wudick, S. Wurm, J. Wyko, M. Wylie, Wylie, J. H. Wyskocil, Yanusaitis, R. Yasaki, P. Yazek, A. Yee, G. Yee, J. Young, D. Young, J. Young, R. Youngblood, Zalar, M. Zander, D. Zapis, X. Zderko, Zderko, lW. Zelko, S. Zeman, D. Zenon, Z. Ziehm, D. Zimmerman, W Zohns, M. Zolnay, F. Zukie, W.

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