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Text from Pages 1 - 81 of the 1945 volume:

1945 and 1946 A N F A R E Published by FANFARE STAFF F E N N C O L L E G E CLEVELAND, OHIO, 1946 CDea'icati0n '25 THE wheel of progress at Penn nearly stopped spinning during the war years, and the spoke of student activities was close to being on the bottom. A few people, however, kept a few activity groups moving. Clubs, sororities, fraternities, and all the other extra-curricular organizations may have had small memberships, but these memberships kept the organiza- tions going, maintained enough enthusiasm to keep them alive. They were responsible for a starting-point from which Fenn life turned again into a full and satisfying whirl. Those who were still in school were able to provide a nucleus for new mem- bers and ofhcers. It is to these few who kept pushing at the wheel that the 1944-46 Fanfare is dedicated. I I PRESIDENT CECIL V. THOMAS "Intelligence, Power and Personalityng in these three borrowed words lies the success of our President Cecil Vincent Thomas. Through a long and colorful career he has faithfully bestowed his wisdom on the ever increasing student body of Fenn. In his thirty years of service Dr. Thomas has seen the college .develop into one of the nationas larger cooperative colleges. For his splendid achievement in the Held of education, he was honored with an honorary degree, Doctor of Laws, from Baldwin Wallace in 1935. Dr. Thomas' staunch belief in Fenn College has been carried on by his family. His son Ted graduated from Fenn in 1939 and still takes an active part in college life as an interviewer in the Personnel Department. To the students of the college Dr. Thomas' friendly smile and cheery greeting are a sign of the Fenn spirit he has done so much to promote. Wfe are sure that under his leadership Fenn will continue to grow and maintain its high standards. Page T I1 rec ' 1 E -.1 :sgvwl DEANS AN HE last year of the war and the first of post-war found the administrative staff intact and prepared to make the many adjustments necessary. A number of changes in responsibility were occasioned, however, by Dr. Walter R. Goetsch leaving in December, 1944 to accept a position at the University of Iowa. Dean C. Nichols assumed additional duties as head of the teacher training program. Dr. Major B. Jenks, head of the Department of History, became also Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. Dr. William A. Patterson, who had taught in the mathe- matics department from 1936 to 1943, returned to Penn as Registrar. Dean Paul R. Anders, finishing up his vari- ous duties in connection with war training programs, found that the rapidly expanding School of Business Administra- tion would laeep him busy. Dean Max B. Robinson of the Engineering School, and Junior Dean Marion B. Tolar welcomed the termination of the special technical programs DMINISTRATIO and the opportunity to prepare for the many returning veterans interested in the School of Engineering. Finance Director Arthur P. Loegler and his assistant, Thomas Dwyer, experienced no let-up in duties, as the problems of a small student body and war contracts changed to those of a rapidly expanding student body with 11 majority attending under the provisions of Public Laws 16 and 346. Mr. James XV. Griswald, as Held representative of the Engineering, Science, Management War Training courses and Acting Director of the Department of Cooperative work, shifted his emphasis to the latter. Mr. M. C. Her- rick, Director of Admissions and Student Activities, and Mrs. Margaret Knowles, Dean of Woiiien, found the con- stantly increasing size of the student body a challenge in these areas, and in November, 1946, Mr. Bruce T. Brickley returned from the service as Assistant Director of Admis- sions. i Page Six FACULTY REVIEW HESE past two years have been a period of changes and growth in the faculty of Fenn College. After World War H, many former instructors resumed their teach- ing activities after leaving the armed forces. Dr. D. R. Tuttle, a Lieutenant in the navy, returned to his English classes after spending a few months in Testing and Guidance while on terminal leave. Ray- mond Ray returned from the navy a little grayer, but still ready to turn out his winning swimming teams-he began organizing the swimmers right after he got here last spring. With the growth in college athletics, two new members were added to the department. Miss Jane Pease, a graduate of Lake Erie College, took over the feminine side of the department. George McKinnon, an officer on the illfated U. S. S. Lexington, came to Fenn to coach basketball. To meet the demands of a growing college with returning veterans, Dean Paul R. Anders got John G. McGrew, William von Reichbauer, and John McNeill, to instruct in the Business Administration school. Miss Ambrosia Noetzel came here to teach courses in home economics. Dr. Harold E. Morgan is again holding physics classes after returning from Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, where he was doing research work for the government. Highlights in the activities of the faculty for the past two years: Alex Rexion, Acting Directors of the Department of Coordination, left Penn to assume Vocational Counsel- ing activities at the YMCA, Dr. Sara Ruth Watson, professor of English, wrote a series of articles on bridges spanning the Rhine River. Professor Joseph Kopas announced the expansion of the Personnel Development Department to accommodate the increas- ing number of ex-servicemen who seek vocational counseling and guidance. A full- time nurse, Gene Stwan Schott, Penn '46, was at work again in the Fifth-floor Health Cfhce. Assistant Professor Ernest C. Harris was appointed as Head of the Department of Structural Engineering. Russell R. Ehrhart replaced James W. Griswold as head of the Personnel Development Department when the latter left to teach at Park College in Missouri. Q31 FACULTY Page Eight Professor Frmzfa Tonzifb, Dr. Sara Ruth Wafs01z, Professor Suflijf, Dr. john G. ML'G1'UM', Miss Ambrosia Noefzel, Dr. Hymzzlz Lzmzcfr, Mrs. Blanche Tolar Professor Karl D. Kelly, Professor George S. Simon, Professor Robert W. Scbimller, Dr. Willia'11z ClJer1zbi1zi, Dr. Gerald U. Greene, Dr. Blake Crirler, Miss Alberta Prasse Page Nin Professor Millarn' L. jorffrm, Professor G. H!l77Ili7'I MOIlCk, Professor Marion D. Cooper, Miss Pauline Bloouzqzrisf, Professor A. B. Gould, X Professor Wa1'1'en C. Davis Page Tun , - ! Coach Gvorgcf Y. McKinnon mul Proffssor Homm' E. Wfoodling, Misx janv Pam Coach Raynzozzfl Ray, Dr. Harold E. Morgan, Dr. Willard 1. Poppy, Profcfssor joseph S. Kopns Profvssor William L'07lRL'lCbbd7l6l', Professor john W. McNeil, Dr. Lafl A. Pasniz' Dr. Ruby RFfI,l77gC'7', Dr. Clyzle L. Crobuzzgb, Profc'.vx0r Virgil D. I-Ialex, Dr. VllSllj-' D. Prizm Pu, Iwclvc MV. Boml, MV, sell, film' Mi.ss BOHSIIVZI of Tfsfing and Gllilllllllffj Mr. Dofson, ami MV. Qnizizlin also of Tvsfiizg ami Gzziciaiiwg Miss Grcwz fum' Richard Amlfrs of fbi' Libnzry sfajfg Miss Slaurol rum' Miss Glover of fbi' R!'tQi5fl'd7'yX ojffirvg Mr. Ray- nmmi ami Miss Cmmiiy also of fin' Liiirary sfzzffg Mrs. Aimison ami Miss Bfrgrr of Azinzinisfrizfizfv officvsg Mr. Sfvfmziv ami Miss Bl'l'l10l1 of Library sfzzjf Pnpgc Thirlcun P.1g.gc Fmnruxn Mixx Srlnm Miller in Cbenzisfry LalJ01'r1f01'y sfockroomg M12 Sifrs, Proffssor of Df'lIdl'fIIll'7Zf of PL'VS0117lf'l Dc'zfcfl0jmzz'11fg rrM0l71,, Lewis of Ff'nn's Sfzylwrg Misx Twirl of ffof' Fi11a11rf' ojfifcg MV. Rimboi, Di!'Fl.'f0I' of Tecfafziml Ifzxfifufcfg Mrs. Bofflc, our bosfcfsx in fbc' Sffzdcnf L07l71g6'j Mr. BIlfl'kC', SIlfJL'l'i7'IfL'l'I!1L'l1f of Buildizzgs 111111 Grouizdxg Miss Tcf,x'Ic'1' and Miss Tf90'n1j1s011 of ibc' Finanrc' ojficc' H7 !!7 -:M SEN IORS Page Sixteen DECEMBER 1944 CAROLYN PATRICIA AUMICK A.B Fanfare Editor and Business Mgr.g Cauldron Editor- in-Chiefg Lambda Sigma Chi Presidentg Debt Re- duction Drive Chairmang Membership Committee Chairman, 2 yrs. Student Councilg Harvest Prom Queeng Christmas Ball Quc-:eng Freshman Class Secre- taryg Senior Class committee Chairmang Junior Class Vice Presidentg XVing and Torchg Wl1o's XVho Among Students. ARLENE BERNON A.B Gamma Nu Signing Theta Rhog Cauldron Staffg XVomen's Council, WILLIAM DEMMING B.B.A HELEN DUBECKI B.B.A Gamma Nu Signing Gym Leaders: XV.A,A.g Girls Intramurals. CLYDE H. HAYNES B.E.E Penn Society of Electrical Eng., Vice Presidentg In- tercollegiate Student Councilg Student Council Mem- ber: Wlio's XVho Among Students. MARION HEADLEY A.B Gamma Nu Signing W.A.A. MARJORIE LAMONTIA A.B Lambda Sigma Chig W.A.A.g Girls Intramuralsg Pan- American Club. JOSEPH MARKEFA B.S DECEMBER 1944 SULO NIEMI B. Struct. E. Fenn Society of Structural Engineersg Intramurals fBilliards, basketball, squashjg jr. Class Treasurer. EDMUND V. PROCIAK B. Struct. E. Fenn Society of Structural Engineers: Intramurals, Cliasketball, footballj. ROBERT TRUELSCH B. Mei. E. Student Councilg Basketball-Varsityg Intramurals. ROBERT C. WALTEMADE B. Met. E. Senior Class Presidentg Student Council Vice Pres.g Debt Reduction Drive Captaing Fanfare Associate Editorg Cauldron Staflfg Student Council Athletic Committee Chairmang Iota Eta Professorg 'Wing and Torehg Whols Who Among Students. NOT PICTURED JOHN ARENDT, R. B. Mer. E. Society of Automotive Engrs. MALCOLM DAVID SALINGER B.S. Cum Laude graduateg Student. Councilg Cauldron News Editorg Mixed Chorusg Fanfare Staffg Wiimg and Torchg Theta Rhog Xvhols Vfho Among Students. Page Seven tttn Page Eighteen , MAY 1945 ADELAIDE ARNDT A.B Chorusg Fanfareg Theta Rho, Wing and Torch. JOHN BARDOU B.S.M.E Basketball Varsityg Intramurals. GRACE BENNETT B.S.H.E Theta Rho, Pan American Clubg Women's Councilg Home Ec. Club Vice Presidentg Gamma Nu Sigma. MARY ELLEN BOUMAN B.S Gamma Nu Sigmag B0oster's Club, Secretaryg Mixed Chorus, Vice Presidentg Student Councilg Intra- muralsg Junior Class Presidentg Senior Class Treas- urer, Fanfareg Caulclrong Gamma Nu Sigma Pledge Mistress. JANET GEER CASTANIEN B.S Cauldron, Lambda Sigma Chi, Vice President. DIVINE ESTELLE CHATTERSON A.B W.A.A. Presiclentg Gamma Nu Sigma Vice Pres., Social Chairmang Women's Council President, Vice President, Secretaryg XVho's Who, Wing and Torchg Sophomore Class Secretaryg Sociology Club Presi- dentg Skating Club Vice Presidentg Fine Arts Club. G. ALBERT COLE B.S.I.E Lambda Tau Delta. FLORENCE A. CORRADO B.B.A Newman Club Secretaryg Outdoor Club, W0l11CH,S League. NOT PICTURED SHERMAN BROKA B.B.A. NOT PICTURED CHARLES R. DAY A.B. Pi Sigma Tau. MAY 1945 GEORGE HENRY ECKELS B.S Freshman Swimming Teamg Fcnn S.A.I2. Club. FLORIDA FAJFAR A.B Gamma Nu Sigmag Penn Playcrsg Cliorusg Class Historian. JEAN FETZER B.S.H.E Lambda Sigma Cliig Home E. Clubg Dorm Basket- ball Teamg Dorm Council. LOUIS F. FISHER B.S. MECIJ. E Penn S.A.E. Club. FLOYD M. FOX B.S.E.E Lambda Tau Sigma, Presidcntg Student Councilg Intramurals Sportsg Lambda Tau Sigma Alumni Chapter. ELDRED A. GENTRY, JR. B.S.I.E. Senior Class Vice Prcsidentg Cauldron Sports Editorg Swimming Team Managerg Cauldron Sports Re- porterg Pi Sigma Tau. ETHEL GRADY B.B.A. Lambda Sigma Clmig Cauldron Rcporterg Dog Tags Editor. ALVA GLENN HARDEN B.B.A. NOT PICTURED CLARENCE E. DUNLAP B.B.A NOT PICTURED MARGARET EVANS A.B. 'I Page Ninctern v . 7, I, 5'5" 4. 35 1: -Q W ,.,, 1 ,,V,,, ' , H ' . ,l: V, .V I- 1 - ,,. 4 ' , L . 1 W 'f ' - , M .Q , '- g?,f..j v " ' A 5 f ., .. ,f ' T ' Y "1 wr' 4MJ!u-it-AE.. , ' ', ..fI4 " f -. 4 V ' . 1 2. K ... , ,v f figy X, W' Q .. 5 1 gh V , - ..,., 52 I . 2 . f f 4 Page Twenty MAY 1 945 IVAN L. HEIKS B.S.M.E Fenn S.A.E. Club. ANDREW MONTEITH B.S.M.E MILDRED V. MUSIL B.S Gamma Nu Sigma: Newman Club. WALTER F. NEU B.S. Met. E BETTY NICHOLS B.B.A. Gamma Nu Sigmag Girls Incramuralsg Women's Councilg Mixed Chorus. ALEXANDER A. PAPP B.S.M.E. CAROLYN L. PARTRIDGE B.B.A. Gamma Nu Sigma Treasurcrg Boosters, Clubg Wo- mcn's Councilg Alpha Chi. DOROTHY ANN SCI-IROEDER A.B. W.A.A.g Chorusg Psych. Clubg Womcn's Councilg Dorm Council. NOT PICTURED HERMAN JONES, JR. B.B.A. NOT PICTURED PAUL KIKELI B.S.E.E. MAY 1 945 MAYME P. SCRETCHINGS B.B.A CLARINE SIMPSON A.B DOROTHY SOCHINSKY B.S Gamma Nu Sigma Presidcntg Woi11cn's Council Presidentg Student Council Publicity Cliairmang Cauldron Copy Editorg Newman Clubg W.A.A.g Sociology Clubg Topper Staff Circulation Mgr. DOROTHY JANE STEEN B.S Gamma Nu Sigma Historian, Recording Secretary, Vice Presidentg Fenn Shieldg Mixed Clwrusg XVomcn's Council Vice Presidentg W.A.A. President, Vice Presidentg Student Council Assistant Secrctaryg Wing and Torch. DONALD B. THOMPSON B.S. Met. E NOT PICTURED RALPH P. LIND ' B.S.E.E NOT PICTURED RAY S. PYLE B. Met. E MARGARET STRENSEK B.B.A Page Twenty-two MAY 1946 HELEN R. AILES A.B Dorm councilg Senior editor, Fanfare. RICHARD LEAR ANDERS A.B Topperg Fanfareg Caulclrong Theta Rho. GEORGE J. ATOULIKIAN B. Chem. E Society of Automotive Eng.g Intramural Sports, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Bowlingg Commence- ment Picture Comm. DOROTHY BREW A.B. Gamma Nu Sigma, Vice Prcsidcntg Senior Class Prcsidentg Nving 86 Torchg XVomen's Council. IRENE BUCZYNSKI B.B.A. Sociology Club Presidentg Senior Class Secretaryg Student Yg Wo111en's Councilg Omega Upsilon Secrctaryg Intersorority Council. BETTY JANE DOLINAR B.S.H.E. Student Council Secretaryg Gamma Nu Sigma Secre- taryg Theta Rhog Wing and Torchg Intramuralsg W'omen Athletic Association, Pres.g Fenn Chorus, Mixedg Wl1o's Wfhog Fenn Home EC. Club. MICHAEL DUBIAGA B.B.A. Psychology Club. EDNA WEST DUCHON B.S. Mock Convcntiong Cnuldrong Topperg W.A.A.g Gamma. Nu Sigmag Chorusg Fenn Players. MAY 1 946 EINAR A. ERICKSON B.B.A. Lambda Tau Sigma Fraternity. ARTHUR B. FINE B.S. in M.E Lambda Iota Dcltag American Society Tool Engi- neers. ROGER C. FLEMING B.B.A. cum laude Men's Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg Treasurer Student Councilg Member Student Councilg President Stu- dent Councilg President Alpha Chig Wing and Torchg Intramural Sportsg Fencing Club. ROBERT GROSSMAN B.B.A cum laudc Vcteran's Organizationg New ni an Clubg Mixed Chorusg President and Vice President of Fenn Playersg Intercollegiate S t u d e n t Council, Day Student Councilg Cauldrong reporter and News Editorg Vice President, Junior Classg Who's Who in Colleges, Alpha Chig Wfing and Torch. BETTY HABINK B.S Wing and Torchg Gamma Nu Sigma, Presidentg Student Council, Vice President, Girls Intramurals, XVomen's Council. JANICE W. WOODRING A.B Iota Tau Lambda, President and Treasurerg Evening Student Council, Corresponding Secretaryg Cauld- rong Women's Leagueg Psychology Clubg Sociology Club, Mixed Chorusg Outdoor Clubg Intersorority Council. SPENCER D. HOPPER B.B.A Vetcran's Organizationg Booster's Club, Sociology Clubg Intramural Bowling. WILLIAM J. HUML B.E.E. Newman Club, Outdoor Clubg Intramural Sports, Baseballg Bowling: Fenn Society of Electrical En- gineers, Fcnn Society of Automotive Engineers. Page Twenty-th rec Page Twenty-four MAY 1946 EUGENE A. KLINGSHIRN B.E.E cum laude Newman Clubg Fenn Society of Electrical Engi- neersg Intramural Bowlingg Society of Automotive Engineers CSAEM Vice President of'Senior Class. HARY S. KNOBEL B.B.A Alpha Chig Track Team 19425 Sociology 'Club 1939-1940. , ARNOLD LOZZI B. Chem. E Dormitory Councilg Student Councilg Pi Sigma Tau Fraternity, 2nd Vice Chancellorg Intramuralsg Fresh- man Camp Committee 3? ALLAN J. MILLER B.B.A Beta Beta Alpha, Secretaryg Lambda Tau Signing Mixed Chorusg Men's Glee Club. y Q ARTHUR NEUMANN B. chem. E Pi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Chancellorg Inter-fratern- ity Councilg Student Councilg Wing and Torchg Fanfareg Intramuralsg Mixed Chorus. 1, if ANTHONY E. PAKISH B.S.M.E Lambda Tau Sigma Fraternity, President-1944-455 Intramural Basketball. we N- OWEN V. PARR ' B.B.A. Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity. , HARRY F. PRAH B.S. in LE. rv: Fenn Psychology Club, Prcsidrcntg Outdoor Clubi SAE. 8 K- ! 4. I IRVING ROZALSKY B. Chem. E. f Magna Cum Laude Chairman of Classg Gift Committccg Choral Club. KENNTH RUMBAUGH B.B.A. Topperg Vice President Dorm Councilg Mock Con- ventiong Intramural Softball. GENE SCHOTT Topper-Exchange editiong Wome1i's C o u n c il 3 Boosters Clubg Lambda Sigma Chi. MATTHEW E. SCHULD B.B.A. Newman Clubg Sociology Club, President one yearg B.B.A. Fraternityg Boosters Clubg Fenn Skating Clubg Fenn Fellowship Clubg Intramural Bowling: Intramural Basketballg Intramural Volleyball. PAUL A. VARZELLE B.B.A. Sigma Kappa Phi. DONALD L. VINCENT B.B.A Dorm Council, President-1941, Vice President- 1940, Sec-Treas.-19405 Sociology Clubg Psychology Clubg Mock Conventiong Dorm Baseball. EMIL T. WIERBER B.S. Chem. E Alpha 'Sigma Iotag Lambda Iota Deltag Evening Student Councilg Outdoor Clubg Who's Who in 'Collegesg Outstanding Senior in Evening Division- 1946. ILA JANE WEIR B.B.A. Won1en's Athletic Associationg Friendship Clubg So- ciology Clubg Junior Class Secretaryg Fenn Playersg - Gamma Delta. ' H. Page Twen ty-hx' MAY 1946 NOT PICTURED NAPOLEON BAGDASARIAN, B.Claem.E CARL EDWARD BOEBEL A.B THOMAS ALKIN BOYLE, JR. B.M.E. LOIS THOMPSON DELLNER B.S Penn Playersg Topper, Eclitorg Theta Rhog Psy- chology Club. ALFRED EISENLOHR B. Met. E Intramural Sportsg Basketballg Baseballg Footballg Bowling. DEMOND FARRELL B. Chem. E Numerals-Swimmingg P r e si d e n t of Pre-Junior Classg Vice President, Student Councilg Wfing and Torchg Phi Epsilon Nug Pi Sigma Taug Intramurals. ALLEN B. FERGUSON B.E.E. PAUL Y. GOYA B.E.E. ABRAHAM H. HAGIWARA A.B. Sociology Club. MARY MAINWAIRING HARLAN B.S. JOHN E. HROVAT B.E.E. Student Councilg Fcnn Society of Electrical Engi- IICCYS. JOHN QUENTIN HUEY B.B.A. P 1, Twenty- x - EDWIN JOHN ISTVAN B.S. in E. Magna Cum Laude ROBERT S. LINDBERG B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau Alphag Cauldrong Intramurals-Bowh ing, Football, Basketballg Swing Trio. ELMER A. MAKI B.M.E ANDREW J. MCHUGH B.B.A. Alpha Sigma Iota Honorary Frat.g Treasury of Eve- ning Student Councilg Chairman awards committeeg Chairman of Student Organizationg Founded Student Activity Trophy. FRANK MIKA B.E.E. Cum Laude JOHN MILLER B.B.A. Pi Sigma Tau Alpha Fraternityg Iviember of Fenn Playersg Member of Varsity Swimming Teamg Mem- ber of Varsity Track Teamg Co-Captain, Varsity Swimming Team 1940-19419 Member "F" Club- Oflicer, Secretary-Treasurerg Staff Member of Cauld- rong Psychology Club. CLARA MULDOWNY B.B.A. Wonien's Dorm Councilg Student Councilg Boosters Clubg Checrleaderg Fcnn Playcrsg W'.A.A. HENRY ALBERT OLDENKAMP B.M.E. CHARLES EDWARD PENOYER B. Chem. E. JIM PORCELLO B.S. in E.E. Varsity Basketballg Pi Sigma Tau Fraternity. JAMES A. RAFERT B.B.A. Alpha Chig Sociology Clubg Rifle Club. VICTOR SKVARA B.S. in Cbenz. E. W A Q IUNIORS f UN IORS The Pre-Junior and Junior classes were rather submerged under the influx of large numbers of underclassmen. After the shock of Hrst registration had passed and the Freshman class had been initiated, normal equilibrium returned, and the upper classmen reigned supreme. Mem- bers of these two classes headed many of the activities on the campus, others were active in school affairs. Their ranks were swelled by the return of many veterans to school life. Quietly the months succeeded each other. Though quiet, things were by no means dull what with individual parties, school parties, and the activities planned by the classes. The highlight of the year was Senior graduation. Dorothy Brew, president of the class, received the gavel of authority from the senior representative. Qutstanding members of the Junior class served as ushers for Baccalaureate services and at graduation. The corps of ushers was headed by Leonard Gerlat. The Juniors gazed witsfully at the plat- form where their associates were receiving diplomas. In only one more year school days for them would end. The Pre-Juniors, too, looked forward to that day knowing that the time was short. Iliff! If0 Rigfafj Ujlpffr lcff: G. Sfllflfl, P. Nf7l1'l7b3l, C. KFl'FbF7', E. Kicblcr, P. Tmfcllfdfrz Lowm' Lcff: R. VVf'f101', T. W0lvf'1', C, SClmc'Hz', M. Fl'iC'l1HHl11 UfI!JC'7' Rigbf: T. Kojzlac, G. Rvmw, H. OKfC'1'IlZHll, A. Mcdvl Lower Righf: V. Svigrl, Bell, R. MrC1u1'c, C. Hmftc1zn'01'f Page Twenty n n Ujnjwr Lcff: Sbfzngbncssy, A. I,f'1l!iX, 1. Zvlozziammz, R. Wolf Upjnvl' Right: M. Kelrax, S. Clow, Logan D. Clark Mirfzlle Boffom: H. I'llllI7f7r19l'C'jN', R. Ailvx M. Cf'l'l'f'llj', V. Svigvl, P. Boyrf Qi X E lm 5 H I Q SGPHOMORES SGPHOMORES The Sophomore class started the year in fine style by elect- ing as officers: EDWARD SHAUGHNESSY - .,..,.......,.. Presidlent FIFE KAPPAS ...................,o.., Vice-President KENNETH LLOYD DD.,D D.,...,,D S ecretarjf JOHN MONTASANA ....,.....oooo...,,D.. Tvfeaszwer After close balloting Homer Woodling was elected class advisor. The main business of the year was the initiation of the large incoming Freshmen class. Plans Were rapidly for- mulated and six Weeks after the beginning of school Were put into effect. All the old and honored traditions of Penn Were observed, black cotton stockings for the girls and skirts for the men. Many Sophomores laughed the hardest at the sight of the entire class mincing up and down the stairs and jostling in the elevators carrying a glass of water as one of the duties of "Hell Week." Finally the week was over, and under the threat of reprisal in kind from the members of the incoming class, the group settled down to await the end of the year. With a sigh of relief and a shout of "Halleluia," the class achieved the status of upper-classmen dubbing themselves Prejuniors. flmff fo Rigbzfj-Upllnm' Lcfi: A. Gl'HbHlI1f, M. Pnsfi, B. Drzykizz, M. Fiske, R. Hixfock, Ujnjwr Rigbf: E. Habink, M. Ga-rrrff, I. ASb7II'7IS, Smiilz Mirlfllr' Boffom: A. Hofvlifh, A. Roznm, E. SfiI750Il, B. Spring Thirty Page Thfrry-four Ufff fo Righfj-L0ff: E. Rolvinsou, D. RIllfl'!', E. GI'f0.YF7I1l'I', D. HfJ0l"f'!' Righf: R. Wf'f1I'I', F. Kzzjnjuzs, L. fi111f'11r'N V91 'J is W 117 as. N FRESHMEN hirry six FRESHMEN The incoming Freshman class of September 1945 was the largest single class that had ever entered Fenn up until that time. Besides that distinction, it was the last class since then that had the traditional Freshman camp at Centerville Mills. Approximately all 170 students spent their first weekend in college at the Camp, and came back to Fenn thorough- ly orientated into the rigors of Fenn College. This class also participated in the last full initiation of Freshmen. All the class had to wear their gray and red caps, button to upper classmen, and carry trays. During October, Hell week was held to complete the initiation, in which all fellows and girls swallowed their pride and grov- eled in the dust at the feet of upper classmen. President of the class was Bob Brown, Vice-President was Margie Preston, and Adrienne Schwartz, secretary. fLcf1' fo Riglnij-Upper Left: Krisfojqr, Lowm' Left: Tiblviffs, Nash, Szcffavlyi, Silver Krasozusfzi, Lucas, Koenig, Zrrko Ujzpcr Rigbf: GVUCO, Gcrodin, Brrmlo Nfesxlzvl' Lozucfr Rigbf: Flozawr, Kolczynski, Laznrozz, gc Tlirry-s Upper Leff-Bark Row: F. Snziffa, Temple, Upper Rigbif-Bark Row: Barr, Potty, Baraii. Sifiing: Aricjnowxka, Iacfzsoiz, Laiigowski. Sitting: Gower, SC771fJI'l1Ch, Pwfsfou, Fl'l'7'0, G. Smith KIll7!f'7lZiIlf'l' Lowcfi'-Bark Row: I-Icgerizzs, R 0 IL 5 C II fa, Hd1Ilf7f077, WisfJl7zz1'11, jofmsoii. Second Row: Pexzzrski, Kreps, BfI1'fC!JClk, Horejs. Firxf Row: Frizizcis, Gilpin Page Thirty-eight fffi Ujzjm' Lcfff-Back Row: Druzin, SIUIIHXOIZ, Upper' Right-Bark Row: Miller, Mn1'fc'nx, GFl'HIl1, Wd1'W0jf. Siffing: johnson, Kirk, Krvjzx, Nlvzlskw, Lcjfkozuifz. Sitting: Prrzsxe, Sfzlckcrjf, Mlll'l7hCj,', Scflzlzyr Sfojqvld Lozurr: GdI!7l'Hif!7, Gmrgia, MCGa11, Gaymor, Gl'il7KC'b'iFb, Amlcrson Pagc Thirty-nun Page Pony Fl'!'SbNll'l1 jzosz' F71 111115517 for 115 Q ACTIVITIES REACTIVATE -w k '...""-2? 'f -2 A OFFICERS FOR 1944-45 Social Cl7Hfl'!IIllII, M, BOIIIIIIIIIQ Tl'l'!ISIll't'l', M. Kzzrasg Vice PV'I'XfC!t'1If, A. Arm!! Pl't'SifIl'lIf, R. Ifguug Svmwfary, B. Dolizzarg Assistant Sf'C'l'l'f!lI',j', D. Sfvcu OFFICERS FOR 1945-46 Assixlzznl Sl'L'I'f'flIV'j', P. A'IIlI'jJ!7,YQ S1'f1'efm'y, B. Doliamrg T1'eax111'w', M. ICNVIISQ P1'vxi:lz'z1f, R. 13311175 Sofia! C!761iVlIIlllI, P. TIl7'F!7l'ffll STUDE T CGUNCIL The Day Student Council is the governing body for all student activities around Eenn. After the confusion of the war years, in 1945, Council began to get into its regular status. During the winter of 1944-1945 the Day Student Council was presided over by Richard Egan as president and Adelaide Arndt as vice president. The other ofiicers were Betty Jane Dolinar, secretaryg Maryetta Karas, treasurerg Dorothy Steen, assist- ant secretaryg and Mary Ellen Bouman, social chairman. As the budget did not contain suflicient funds to put out a Fanfare for that year, it was decided to combine it with the next years Adelaide Arndt was appointed editor by the Council. The Harvest Prom was revived by Student Council early in the fall in an attempt to return to pre-war activities. The Council also sponsored weekly afternoon dances, and a War Bond week. This week consisted of athletic events with admission by purchase of war stamps and culminated with a bazaar and dance held on the third floor. The third floor was filled with various booths and concessions, such as gypsy fortune teller, roulette wheel, weight guessing, fishing ponds, and refreshment booths. Nominees for Queen were sponsored at the dance by various organizations. Two Queens were chosen by the number of war bonds and stamps bought in their names. During this year it was decided to give freshmen on Student Council the opportunity to vote at meetings. The ofhcers elected for Day Council for the year of 1945-1946 were the same as in the previous year except for vice president, who was Betty Habinkg assistant secretary, Pat Murphy, social chairman, Philomena Turchetta. During this year the Christmas Ball was held at the Lake Shore Hotel and proved to be a complete success. The julie box was returned to Panel Hallg the Erst varsity basketball team complete with cheerleaders was backed for the first time in several years. The Annual Banquet for Day and Evening Student Council was changed to a dinner dance held at Hotel Carter. The size of Student Council was drastically Cut. In E110 fUUU1'C Fl'1CfC HFC YO be YWO representatives selected from each class and eight representatives from the past year's Student Council. Page liorty-tlircc Ewening .ftuclent Council Back Row: G, Sfmwzsolf, E. Colon, E. Srzcflzfr, K. Milfimflf, C. PfI11!QIll'Z'1 P. 10055, V. Sff'il'f'1' Front Row: C. Lnzzaro, S. I'I0l?k.il1.Y, P. Cbrislain, I. Urban, L. Corrazlo I 1, l my-I EVENING COUNCIL Evening Council is the governing and directing body for Evening Division activities. Council sponsors, directs, guides and aids activities which are benehcial to Evening Division of Fenn College and the college as a whole. Council is made up of both women and men representatives who are elected to repre- sent their classes in council. These representatives may be from any school, including the Technical Institute. The number from each class is proportionally based on enroll- ment. Any evening student who is interested may file a petition for nomination. To be eligible one must secure the signatures of thirty evening division students. From these nominations, representatives are elected by a school wide election. Evening Council has various permanent committees which carry out its various activities. These committees are the Budget Plan committee, the Athletic, The Awards, The Publications, The Social Planning, Student Organization and Social Committee. Various non-permanent committees are formed as the occasion arises such as the Christmas Ball committee. The funds of the council are received from the activity fee paid by evening students. This money is then appropriated to various organizations as athletics, the Cauldron, and the Women's League. The Athletic committee sponsors the evening division intramurals. Tournaments are played in Bowling, Basketball, Handball, Swimming, Tennis and Badminton. Teams or persons eligible for participation may be from any school or class in the night school. Nearly all the tournaments take place in the tower itself. The chief social events sponsored by the council are the Annual Dinner and the Christ- mas Ball. In 1945-46 the Christmas Ball was held jointly with the day council, and the Annual Banquet was held at Hotel Carter. During the school year 1944-45 the chief offices were equally divided between men and women. Elected to president was the capable Joseph Haynoshg his vice-president was Ed Sadler. The secretary and treasurer position were held by Ruth Office and Virginia Buddenhagen. The following year the oflices were dominated by men. The previous vice-president Ed Sadler was elected to the presidency, while the former president Joe I-Iaynosh was elected treasurer. Cyril Pankueh was elected vice-president and Grace Vondrich was elected secretary. Page Forty-fiv Page Forty-six Top: Burl Burnrb, Buximfsx Marnzgrrvg Bvffiz' G1'r'm1, Ezlifor LuzL'r'r: E. Rolvinxon, B. GV'f'I'l1, D. 1'l0Ul'!'l'j A1lc'1f1iJc' Arnzll, f0l'llH'l' Ezlifor' FANFARE Fanfare for 1944-45 was voted by Student Council to be combined with 1945-46 year book. That fall of 1944 Adelaide Arndt was appointed editor. Due to lack of funds it was decided that as many as possible old faculty pictures would be used. Bob Eldrecl was engaged to take pictures of the new faculty and staff members, also a few casual shots around the campus. That spring of 1945 Adelaide graduated. The following fall Addie began teaching. This made it hard for her to organize a staff. Bettie Green, pre-junior arts and science student became activities editor. In February 1946 attempts were made to organize and start a full time staff. Bud Barach was appointed Business Manager, Bob Wfaltemade, senior editor for class of December 1944, and Helen Ailes senior editor for class of May 1946. It was hoped that each of the three schools, the school of Business Administration, school of Arts and Science and the school of Engineering, might be specially featured. Art Neumann, senior chemical engineer, was made Engineering Editor, and Jim Logan, pre-junior Business student, was made Business Administration editor. During June of 1946 pic- tures were taken of the various activities, and in September of 1946 Freshmen pictures were taken. Both were taken by Alex Silverberg. Because of the increasing teaching duties and outside work, Editor Adelaide Arndt resigned in December of 1946. Student Council appointed Bettie Green, senior, as Editor. The project of editing a far behind schedule yearbook was immediately begun work on by Bettie Green, editor, and Bud Barach, Business Manager. Appropriations were received from Council and contracts were made. Pictures of other activities and Junior and Sophomore classes were taken by Alex Silverberg. Art work was done by Bob Antalg and Hank Osterman made prints of the old faculty pictures. Seniors' pictures were obtained from May Co. and Higbee Co. The week-end of finals on the winter quarter of 1946-47 Bettie and a few friends devoted many hours to making layouts at Bettie's home. Girl's Sports was edited by Frances Claytong Evelyn Griesemer, Junior and Sophomore editor was assisted by former Fennite, Lois Litschert. Other layouts were made by Ethel Robinson, Dorothy Hoover and Eleanore Kiebler. Previously copy material had been contributed by various organizations. Phyllis Boyd wrote the dedication. Lillian Buzensky wrote Faculty Review. Other articles were written by Peg Silver, Ethel Robinson, Dorothy Hoover and some by Mr. Merriam Herrick, Director of student activities. Much thanks is due to the students, the administration and the publisher, Gates- Bourgeois Advertising Agency, who enabled this yearbook to be possible. Ujrlwrz' fmfl: Bully IIuz'r'rlm'k, Buxiu1'x.v MtlI1llXQI'l'j Pb-yllix Bnyzl, Exlilurq uml Buzz, Mulullngiug Ifzfilm Ifmlz orri' m'.x'l ix.vu1"x rujzy Louwr Lvfl: Buzz X1II'bI'l'X goxxip for bw' roluuzu Ulllzrr Rigbl: Boll Gmxxumu, Nrwx Edifor, uml Snuzfy Sbilfwji, Sjmrlx Iixfilor, t'ht'!'k num' uu ivxur' Mullllr Rigbl: Rulh I'Iuu11fu, Fl'tlfIll'4' WA'ilf':', rxjlluizzs izlm to xfuj lIIt'lI1!7!'V'K, Buff XVUU, Diff: Ijguu, Ell'!lIlUl't' Kifblzfr, umf Pfg Silwr l.u1wr Rigbl: Rr'11orlr'rx, C. Dunbar, B. Dulzvfki, D. Kunz, A. Ruzuuz, D. A1ln1ur'xz', G. lfurru, Ii. G1'iz'Ar'u1w', V. Srigvl, M. I'Il'tlxQ1'l', mul L. Inuvx, lllllit' Hun' nu! In lmw for lzfwlo Page Pony-sigh: CAULDRON Room 116 for the past two school seasons of 1944-45, and 1945-46, has been the hangout and ofhce of the Cauldron Staff. In this busy paper office, one could find in one corner a person busy typing, in another corner somebody posing for a pictureg posted on the walls were type sizes with cost, plus publication schedulesg and in another corner proof readers might be going over the copy. The head of this busy organization in 1944-45 was Editor-in-chief Evelyn Eorbush. The rest of the editorial staff consisted of Phyllis Boyd, managing editorg Bob Gross- man, news editor, and Betty I-Iaverlock, business manager. Jointly editing night news were co-editors Wally Newark and Cy Pankuch. Sports columns of that year had loads of zip and punch and were an outstanding part of the paper. Responsible for this element was sports writer, Robert Chatterson. Ethel Grady kept Penn posted on its men in Service with "Dog Tags." In constant limelight was Lillian Buzensky's column, "Buzzing Around." This column presented choice tidbits of gossip. Other regular features were Dr. Jenks column "It seems to Me" which discussed timely issues, and "Night Shifrj, the evening school gossip column. Keeping the paper alive by photographs was Irving XVollman's job. Phyllis Boyd fell heir to editing the Cauldron in the fall of 1945, with Lillian Buzensky as her managing editor. Betty I-Iaverlock and Bob Grossman maintained their same positions, and Robert Chatterson was sports editor. In the Spring Sandy Shilkoff replaced Bob,s Sports Editor when Bob went out on co-op work. Night news editor was Phyllis Bell, and Eleanor Kiebler was Alumni Editor. Betty I-Iaverlock added an able assistant Ed Ketchel as Advertising Manager to her staff. Continuing in the paper was Dr. Jenks column, Buzz's gossip column, and the "Night Shiftf, "For Engineers Onlyu reappeared written by Dick Egan and Chuck Kercher. Supplying added humor, though corny it might be, was "Plagarism Personifiedu edited by Bob Grossman. Besides being News Editor and editing "Plagarism Personifiedi' Bob was constantly taking polls on such subjects as how long does it take the average Eenn girl to put on make-up. Other than these polls, the Cauldron often featured polls on some current student issues as the prices of food in the Skybar. Photographs for the 1945-46 issue of Cauldron were taken by I-Iank Osterman, Bob XVolf and Irving Wfollman. Page Fifty Toll: R. Cl7lIffCl'S0!I, S. Shillwff, E. F01'bII.YZ7 Bnflrml: P. Tlzrrbvlfu, P. Murphy, K. XV0lf, R. E-j'l'l'll:Illl, M. Cufrllilwvl' TOPPER Two pre-junior girls with the guidance of Dr. Ruby Redinger of the English depart- ment in the spring of 1945 began to plan the revival of the Topper, Fenn's Literary Magazine. These girls, Evelyn Forbush and B:rnice Franz began to organize ideas and set up a tentative staff. The staff would go into action in September of 1945. The new Topper was to have articles that would cover subjects for all the many interests of Fenn studentsg include pictures of varied subjects, and be published in popular digest size. It was decided that there would be three issues, one each quarter. In September of 1945 work was begun on the first issue. Articles and poems were contributed by students, photographs were taken by Gene Yanda and Irving Wfollmang gossip was written by Mable Hedger and Bernice Franz for day school and by Lil Corrado for evening school. This issue appeared in December of 1945 with a cover photograph of the traditional top hat, white gloves, and cane. The staff at this time consisted of Editor, Evelyn Forbushg Associate Editor, Robert Chattersong Art Editor, Bernice Franzg Business Manager, Sandy Shilkoffg and Photographers, Gene Yanda and Irving Wellman. After the first issue, the editorial staff decided to return to the old, larger magazine size of Topper. The staff was enlarged to include Henry Ostcrman and Robert Wolf as photographers, Jean Ward, who doubled as make-up editor and as a member of the advertising staff. Frances Clayton also worked on advertising. An original series of feature photographs and articles were run recognizing outstanding students of Fenn College. In the spring when three of the students of the editorial staff went out to work, further changes were made. Jean XVard became Associate Editor, and the photography staff was reduced to Henry Osterman and Bob Wolf. The staff also included typists Patricia Murphy, Philomena Turchetta, and Margaret Calabrese. Rosemarie Eyerdam was appointed Circulation Editor. Steadily the Topper improved in quality and increased in popularity with each issue. Poems were contributed by Evelyn Griesemer, Evelyn Forbus, Betty Jane Dubecki, and Michael Zannoni. Scientihc articles were contributed by Charles Kercher and Leonard Gerlat. Cartoons were featured by Bob Held. Other articles of various subjects and friction pieces were contributed by Frank Nagy, Martin Lally, Ed Shaughnessy, Rich- ard Anders, Marianne Kornfeld, Robert Grossman, Paul Brunst, Bill Reynard, Robert Rosenfeld, and others. Page Fifty Hnrlt Row flrffl lo rigblj I. Bnrtynxki, I. Krnrzrle, P. Kmsnowski, E. Grivx1'1uz'r, R, Hauulu, A. S1'lv1z'm'l:, B. Lllrur, I.. Gmlflnril, ll. Graham, S. Ifmfm, D. Frye, M. Pnili. Miflillr Kun' flvfl in rikqfwlj li. Cla-vlml, I. Weir, L. jimumfz, llrofizvmv' fnrzlnn, D. Allmm'n'. M. Wrunllwy, C. Durzlmr, B. liirbunlmll. Iiruul Run'-B. Dulwrki, L. Lallguzrslzi, R. Slvjfuu, A. Roznlu, G, I-'rrru Burk Row Ilwfl In rigblj Ii. Gnml, E. Kirlllrr, B. Vluka, L. Corrinlrz, P. Bi-Il, S. Hnpkiux, I.. Urban, M. Knrufi-lil. Miilrllr Run' flrfl lo rigbfj Ii. Grufmzrxlzi, O. Hilf, 1. Burrllzarrl, B. Hilrii-fe, A. Ilififz-L1'ai'ii', I. G:'a-1-i'm'. L. junifx. I. Urlailn. Page Fifty-two lfrnnl Ron'-I'I. Irnufltf, Colon, G. Sfzfxmrlxrzrz, D. Gvrlrrlz, N. Si'ln'm'ili'i'. SOCIOLOGY CLUB The Sociology Club, one of the few active clubs during the war, is now going full force. Many Fenn students realize the social problems of the community and try to understand them through discussions and visits which are made available by the Sociology Club. This year the members visited Crile Hospital, State Hospital, Detention Home, County Jail, Chinatown, and Columbus. The most recent affair was an Christmas Party for the little children from St. Theresn's Home. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The Psychology Club attempts to further interest in psychology by affording educational lectures, experiments, and movies. Membership is open to all students of the Day and Evening Divisions who are interested in psychology. Several field trips are made during the year. An extremely popular event sponsored by the Psychology Club is a hypnosis demonstration given by Dr. Blake Crider, head of the Psychology Department and faculty advisor of the organization. WOMEN'S COUNCIL XVomen's Council is the governing body for all women's activities. Under thc sponsorship of Dean Margaret Knowles, the Council not only governs, but promotes good fellowship and activities among the women of Fenn. The Council is composed of members of the various classes. This year the Council sponsored teas welcoming the new freshmen women, decorated the college at Christmas, and held its annual banquet. "Y" FRIENDSHIP ln the fall of 1945, 11 group of freshmen girls organized the HY" Friendship Club. That winter both social and educational programs were sponsored for all Penn women by the club. This club is open to all Penn women and encourages friendship and good times among them. Biltfe Rum Huff In rigllfj If. Kufnlvns. M. Purli, V. Swivel. B, IIif11'1luz'l1, P. Krusruirki, A. Srbnufrlz, ,flrl:luH,v, 1. Smllh, C. Hullr'rlrf.cn'f, I. lifzrzruxki, fl. Crilfmm, L. Gmlflurfl, C. Dnrllwr, fi. Rlrflunlxurl, M. Wnmllrj, Srroml Kun' flrrfl fu Vigblj B. Lllnu, B. Dlffwrki, lf. Cluvlfnl, If. Sluunlrrlvill, T. D1'Rmu, I.. lirrlvlwz, H. Iiirkf, D. Ilouzrr, I. Sjmlggrux. I"n'xl Ron flwfl Io rlgblj P. Sflxrr, D, Kunz, D. .'lllu:llrsi', frrru. lf, Grlvsrlmv, K. llurllzlrl. Back Ron' llrfl to riglill D. Sorbirzskp. M. Bnnrlmu, M. Ilmlgrr, M. Fiske, P. Silzrr, F. Kupjms, I. Smrllm, I, Bnrzguski, P. Murfrbx, B. Hrurrlorfx, P. Tnrrfwllu, V. Sugrl. IE. Klrlllrr. Sitting4G. Bvnmlf, B. Dnlu-rki, If, Clnylou. E. Snrumrrlirll, L. DrRoir1, li. Grim.-r1r.'V, f- Slilvrggrfn, C. lrrru. C. Duulwr. e Fifty-three Burk Ron'-B, 1'Ia1'i-rlork, P. Murphy. lfroul lion'-P. Tnrr'ln'ltn, V. Siigi-I, I. Bnrzyuslci, lf. Clilylnu. Bark Run' flvfl lu rigfhfj R. llilflnln, A. Grubilm, C. Dnlllmr, I, Sprilggius, B. Rirbilrilwff, L. Gllililmwf. age Fifry-fo lfmul Ron'-G. Drum-ll, II. Griw.wfm'r, B. Dnlinnr. I. Bnztynxlsi. INTERSORORITY COUNCIL The Day School sororities are supervised by the Inter-sorority Council. This is an advisory group consisting of presidents and advisors of each group and the Dean of Xvomen. This group encouragCS unity and cooperation among rhc sororities. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Last year a group of girls interested in home economics decided to form the "Home Economies Club." This year the group really became active. Irs constitution was reeognizedg teas were sponsorecl with C110 Omega Upsilon Sorority at Scholarship Examinations: and three of its members attended the North Eastern Ohio Regional Meeting of the College Home Economics Club early this spring. Under the able leadership of Miss Ambrosia Noetzel, head of the Home Economics Department, the club l10pCS to go further next year. PENN PLAYERS Following the reorganization of the Penn Players in the su ' f 19 l t mmei o 44, Avin Paskow was hired as dramatic coach in September, 1944. A one-act play "Pinned-up Girli' was presented in assembly in spring, 1945. In the fall, work was begun on a one-act play for an assembly and a three-net play t'NanCy's Private Affair." This latter play was given in the Little Theater of Public Auditorium, February 22 and 25, 1946. The players also presented A one-act skit "Miz Quimby Returns" for Play Night on my 7, 1946. FENN MIXED CHORUS During 1943 the Chorus was made up solely of girlsg however, in 1944 a few men were back-eight, to be exact. These eight men and eight women made up the Mixed Chorus. A Christmas program at Trinit ' Cathedral was 'iven, alonv with an Ifaster rouram. 1 B e ci The Chorus is once again reinstated with the leadership of Mrs. Anne B. Hisey. Besides the regular assembly programs, the Chorus gave a Christmas program at the Art Museum, and took part in Play Night. 13,,5-IQ Run: fig-fl lu riqlvlj C. Bncblmlu, R. Grnxrmim, C. Aililrllx, lf. Pilltinfrul, C. llullruilizrf, M. Puxli, U. Kelly, 1. L...-1., 5. szifikap. 1:,.U,,f RUM. U41 10 ,-jgbjj B, llilrirk. I. W'm'ir, P. Silrrr, II. Wufiky, M. Ilerfgu'1', .llurrlgulllvr-1, l'. liiljfar. Burk RMI' fluff 10 rigblj I.i'u4'lr, C. rlilinus, K. Gmxxruilu, F. Gfnlltl, C. Birfbrflull, E. W'ullmuu, B. Krll-x. Miililli' Ron' Huff I0 rigbll P. Silver A. Srbnarlz, Ii. Gri4xu'1ui.'r, B. lliurrlnfk, A. Pvlrrs, Kii-lllrr, M. Karuf. R. Hnuuliz. lywnl RUM. Hffl ,U rjqbfj M, Nash. M. Ri-gurl, L. Pnmr, D. Srilz, M. IIwil,e.'r, L. llnzrnikj, Duulmr. Page Fifty-Five 1 Burk Row-B. LrPirgr, D. Gower, M. Lnlly, R. Rlilfrrg. Front Run' fluff In riglill A. Pt-llilgntfi, NV. Willerf, H. Osle1'miflJ, I. Miller, G. Stupjl. Burk Rau' flrfl In riglilj D. Kunz, B. D11ln'rlci, ll. Srbirzlrlz, D. Snrfzillxlcy, B. I. Doliuur, C. Hulleuilurf, A. Grubnuz, C. Dnulwr, B. Hu1'i'1'lovh, li. Kajrlmx, P. Krnsazrsfti, I. Aslzmnx. Semuil Rau' fleff to rigblj F. Cluyluu, M. Pnsli, I. Smflb, M. Fiske, Mist Pmw, D. I'lnoL'vr, R. Ilullulu, Page Fifty-six M. W'omllev, G. Ferra. Ifrolxi Run' fluff lu rigblj B. I.111'ur, V. Svigcl, M. Hvilger, I. Spruggiux, L. Buzeusriy. "F" CLUB The "F" Club was organized in the winter of 1933-34 for the lcrrermen of the various intercollegiate sports. This organization was inactive during the war, as were the intercollegiate sports. In Ma of this ear the "F" Club was rcoreanized b returnin and new lettermen. At the Annual Y a Y S Ban uet of this 'ear ei ht letters were awarded to members of the varsit basketball team. The mem- Cl 5 J S Y bers can be spotted by the small pin in the shape of the letter "F" which they wear. W. A. A. The XVomen's Athletic Association was organized to promote participation in athletic games and E0 develop skill in these games. This organization was inactive during the war but was revived last YCZII' under the guidance of instructor Jane Pease. The XY'.A.A. sponsors group and individual tournaments each quarter of the year. An All-Sp0rIS Trophy is awarded to the organized group having the greatest number of points. Individual awards may be earned by active girls. Last year the trophy was won by the L. A. Frosh, this year by the Gamma's. FINE ARTS ASSOCIATION Fine Arts Association is made up of students who have been known for meritorious service in organiza- tions in the Fine Arts Department. The membership is representative of each of the Fine Arts activities. This organization was founded in 1934 to encourage music, drama, literature, and the graphic arts. This is one of the many organizations reactivated since the end of the war. WING AND TORCH Each spring a group of upperclassmen who have earned recognition in various activities are admitted to XVing and Torch. XVing and Torch is an honorary society for students who are active in extra-curricular activities. Upperclassmen are admitted according to a number of points they have achieved by participa- tion in organizations. 1 1g,,-A Ron' gli-11 lu mimi 1. iiwff, 15, P1111111m11, 11. 1-111111-L. 11. sm.-1, 1. 1.1-...-A, 13 1f.,1f.1r, 11. K1-Ili, ll. imlvffiv. QITOIHI Ron. UVM la ,-jvlylj C, D1111I111r, R. G1'ux5l11i111, :L Prlvrs, C. Bin'l1111u11, B. llillvrlnrfc, L, B11:r11.vl5y, lf. Ki1'l'lrr. 1.,.0,,t Rau, UV!! ,U Ham, M- NHL, L, Ppgur, E. Grii-x:1111:r, S. Sbilkofi, H. llrilgrr, C. ll.1l11-mlrfrf, A. S1'f11zi1rI:, M. I'11il1. 1 Bwk Rm, fllifg lu ,-iqhfj S Clan- 1 Lueim, R. Grosxrmul, H. II11111plmx. R. Iirfnl-x. lJ.Sml1111fki H.I11i11. , I . . 4 . Y. Srigvl, B. lI.1ii-rlurk. lfirxf Ron' flrfl lu rielrll M. Ilrilgrr, L. B11:r11xfe,i, P. Tiff-'f'l'U1'1 M- IUIW- I- fN"l'l'f'1. D- H""11' Page Fifty-seven Page Fifty-eight ek Run' Hell lu riglxll R. Amlrrx, M. Muril, E. 1"uv'lvnrZv, P. Buvil, E. Kirl'lrr. C. linrlwrl. Frou! Iiuzrffl. Aruill, B. Dnliuar, D. S1-rhiuskvv, G. Di-mrrll, Burk Run' llrft ln 1-iglvfj R. Iflfmiug, T. Rurrlry, R. Wulf, 1. Rulfrrly, H. Nulrlv. Bullulu Kan'-R. MtClm'r, I. Bwll, C, Pm'Iriilgr. THETA RHO In the Annual Recognition Assembly of May, 1946, eight new members were admitted to Theta Rl10' Theta Rho is the honorary fraternity for high-ranking Arts and Sciences students. Members are elected from the junior and senior classes. This is another organization that the war left in' a collapsed state, but which has now been revived. ALPHA CHI Alpha Chi is Fcnn's honorary Business School fraternity. The fraternity's purpose is to promote high standards of scholarship, character, and leadership in the study of Business Administration. Membership is restricted to juniors and seniors who have maintained a cumulative point average of 3.0 or better in all their studies at Fenn. New members are elected during the winter quarter of each school year and are presented with sterling keys in honor of their outstanding achievement at an annual dinner meeting held shortly thereafter. F. S. A. E. The Fenn Society of Automotive Engineers received its national charter this year. The membership is open to all engineers under thirty years of age. Recently all students were invited to a meeting at which several interesting movies were shown. There movies were "Power House in Aviation," "Cyclone Com- bustionf, and "Aeronautical Oddities." Since then, several other dinner meetings have been held. The Outdoor Club aims to provide outdoor activities and recreation for Day and Evening students. De- pending upon the season, hay rides, sleigh rides, horseback riding, tobogganing, hikes, and camping trips are among its activities. A very popular affair is an overnight hike, which is usually held in May at Centerville Mills. Members cook their owns meals and sleep overnight in cabins which are located at the camp. The club was organized in 1940 and was one of the few organizations which remained active during the war. Mr. B. T. Brickley is faculty advisor. President-Irene Urban Vice President-G. Stevenson Secretary-M. McCarthy 1 Burk Rini-lt. Cmifa. E. sfmwu, 1. sfflmim, li. limi. I"i'uul Rolf!-lf. Kliugxlmiru, S. Cluxr, T. Kujrfr. B4 I, Run fluff lu riqbll H Ilulrlki' G Iirzzilrn, D. Grrlfulz, li. Hllriflt. I.. Cnrnnln, l,. Grrlirl, li. IJiLul1fi, O. llill, I., . . I 4 , . . 1, cm.-if, t. c,,lf.,,, .v. sr-l-fo.-.li-f. P0111 ROM' fl-'ll ni 1-fem? I uf,-,,1,l,,.,, E. G,f,,,m,.,5,' G. 5,l.,l.,,,,,,,' ,' wlmfi, S, llnlikm, G, Griml, LI L'vlmn, ,L ir...l..m. , l A . . ge Fifty'-nine Page Sixty Burk Rauf-P. I.mn'lv, B. Krislojir, B. Huwr, G. Foll:, B. W'ull:rr, M. Snrgrr. Sillilfg-B. Lurus, E. Sn11ll11i'rl1iH, L. Drliniu, E. Kvlfbrl, F. Killvjwx, M. Nails, M. Krlgnll. Uurlt limi'-R. Gratimnu, K. Curull, E. Koving, W. Brnlu, R. Ifigrlixl, P. Gulluiglwr. Third Ro:i'fM. K. Srvlurr, L. A. Cornlilo, M. Regan, A. Ruzuul, I. Gruryrur, I. Bnlmnlrki. Suronil Rau'-17. M. Curullo, P. Krusuuxki, B. Uulkn, M. Mr'Dn1ml:l, If. Carruilo, A. P. Cilrullo, M. A. Puxli. Firxi Run'--V. Gwfw, R. Sbirrnukrr, F. I. Colm, 1. Elwr. BOOSTEIVS CLUB In October, 1946, a group of students, who felt a deinitc lack of college spirit :it Penn, re-organized the Boostcrls Club. Originally, the Booster's Club was the promoter of athletic affairs, the new revised club is behind all student activities. All students of Fenn College are automatically members of the Boostcrls Club. Its aim is to promote enthusiasm among the students, encouraging them to take an actve part in all scholastic affairs. The Booster Club sponsored a successful dance and skating party that was held in November, Freshman mixer in May, dance after the john Carroll basketball game with the B. B. A.'s and a float in thc Sesqui Centennial celebration. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman, a national organization of Catholic students attending secular and non-Catholic universities or colleges, has an active charter on the campus. Educational and social functions are held. Several of these functions are with other chapters in Cleveland. The Newman Club holds an all-school dance annually known as "The Dance of the NV-olvesf' The club was organized in 1938. Mr. N. Rimboi is thc faculty advisor. Burk Rini--Karat, Svlzlrilrlz, I'luz'i'rlorle, Pnsfi, Failur. Crnli-r Ruu'fI'i'lr'rs, Ilirlliuk, lirrir, llullrnilnrf, Axlrmnx, Buriru. Dolilmr, lirnul Kun'-S:'igi'l, Srifz, Nilxlr, Ilrilgrr, Sulilfr, Mrmlgrliuiwy, Kiipjnisu GAMMA U SIGMA Gamma Nu Sigma Sorority began its 1945 roster of activities with a rollicking journey out to Center- ville Mills to duly initiate eighteen bewildered pledges. After this affair, the gals maintained a steady pace throughout the year with the Registration Hop, Community Fund Drive, Red Cross, and pajama parties. They closed the season with a trip to Wliite Wfood Cottage at Miriwangn, Ohio. Witll the increasing tempo of Womcn's athletics in 1946, the Gamma's formed Winning combinations in volleyball, bowling, badminton, ping pong, and basketball, which gave the sorority possession of the highly prized All-Sports Trophy. Once again the ten-week pledge period gained the limelight on the campus with its baby dolls, gold fish, and raw eggs. After the Founder's Day Banquet at the Smorgasbord in Stow, Ohio, the group devoted its efforts to the formation of a chorus, which received Honorable Mention at the Penn Annual Song Fest. President ,,,, ,.,,,, B etty Habink Vice President ,,., .,,,,, D orothy Brew Secretary AA,Y -Y,,.VYY- YAYYLV B , J, Dolinar Treasurer .....,. ..i.,.YY.f. .,t.... Y 7 iolct Svigcl 1-Iistm-gan YWYYM .,,,,, M aryettri Karas Page Sixty-one Page Sixty-two Bark Rozrflcfl lu ri,qbl2K0ruu, Moulnsuuu, Grnw, Srlmlil, Prfllvgulli, Willrrl, Prirr, By:-V, Wbilzdnrk, Slurfe, Aniurlu. Piullry. Tbiril Rau' fluff In rigblj Burrlnuxvki, Pirrlriilgf, Arihrvrbl, Burbm, Sl. john, Bruuxl, Cauldiug, Ci'r1'rz14y, Lilzzilro, Spring, Logan. Svrnurl Ron' fluff In riglwfj Knfrkus, Iluxmuu, Ilrnlgrx, Miller, Puxf, W'ull11.vlr'y, lIuff'lii'li, Llnytl. lilrxf Rrflz'-I.zlfi'11'ir':, Ifr111l1'i.v, Krlrl-rf, W'nlf, Cirlwt, Rvrk, Clark. BETA BETA ALPH "I-Iereis to all the B.B.A. boys," who have come from many parts of the United States, the South Pacihc, and the European Theater to 'lkeep the spirit of Beta Beta Alpha rising." After two years of inactivity because of the war, Beta Beta Alpha is once again taking its place on campus as an important part of Fenn's life. The fraternity, originally founded in October, 1932 by a group of Business Administration students, remains the only frat in the Day College Whose members are selected exclusively from one school: Business Administration. It encourages leadership in scholarship, athletics, and extra-curricular activities. B.li.A. opens the Fenn social season each year by sponsoring the Harvest Prom. ln addition, the Moon- light Terrace Dance, Freshman Mixer, annual Stag Dinner, and annual Formal Banquet are some of the reasons why thc B.B.A. boys "never show a frownf' President ,,,, ..... B ill Hentges Vice President ,,,,,, ,,Y,, A rr Hofuliek Secretary N ,.,,....,, Andrew Rozum Treasurer ,,,,,, ..,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, I I im Logan Advisor .... ,,,,,, D can Anders Burk Run' flffl In rigblj Buyil, Srfmll, lirwlvllxrb, Dflulmr, li.y1'riliHll, Pfllfiuxnn, Kivlvlrr, Rirlmnlxnlr. Nnrlllrly, W'nmlli'r. Frou! Rim' flrfl lo riglilj 1lu:4'11ihj, Aplrlrffly, Smilfn, Culi1l1r1't1', Tm'ln'flir, Sni'i'll4'y, Milzilrik, LAMBDA SIG A CHI Lambda Sigma Chi holds the honor of being the First sorority on Fennis campus. Since the time of organization the Lambda Sigs have gained a reputation of which to be proud. The group being keyed to the tempo of the times, shifted its charitable works into channels that would help the war effort. One project of this nature was to send Christmas boxes to orphaned servicemen, overseas. Another project consisted of giving a War Bond Dance and Bazaar in collaboration with the Cauldron. The unique method of voting for Queens helped the Lambdas to sell well over 510,000 worth of bonds and stamps. The Lambdas subscribe regularly to thc Community Fund and the Red Cross. ln extra curricular activities the Lambdas have almost wholly turned their attention to the literary field. Many of the girls are leaders in their classes in both scholarship and activities. More than half of the Lambdas usually appear on the Dean's list. Page Sixty-three Page Sixty-four Burl: Rnu' Hoff lo righlj Farrell, Falls, Bechtel, Dorsvh, Slrlzrzub, Eirfwjf, l11ror1'irl, Irlllulplnrry. I'rnul Ron'-lIz'ul1ir, Brufflv. Wixuvrll, Grulry, Iirlfr, Arlmxl. PI SIG A TAU Eighteen years have passed since Pi Sigma Tau Fraternity was founded by twelve Engineering students. During that time, the fraternity has grown into an organization numbering over two hundred and fifty members. Pi Sigma Tau was the first fraternity at Fenn to lease a house of its own and the first fraternity to be incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio. Upon graduation, members of Pi Sig automatically become a part of the graduate division, thus maintaining a close relationship between graduates and undergraduates, which has helped to stabilize the fraternity. XVith its usual progressive spirit, Pi Siga Tau rapidly recovered from the war. Members who returned from service in distant lands found that the graduate division had the way prepared for reorganization. In May, 1945, the fraternity was officially reactivated. Since then it has grown in membership through numerous pledge periods. Pi Sig has not forgotten its social activities of old, such as the Easter formal, fall hayride, Halloween and Christmas parties, and the Annual Banquet. These and other activities have been given. Bark Rom flvfl In rigblj Ilunnlu, Dnlwrlei, Muybrr, Hirmrk, Gnlbunr, I.nr'i1s. Frou! Run- llwft lu riglill Sbiumnln, Krumimli, Burzjuiki, Cluvlnu, Kihurbi, Aliiriicy. MEGA UPSILO Omega Upsilon, the youngest sorority on campus, has grown steadily. lt is an inter-racial group and is tiruly representative of many nationalities and religions. The ideals and principles that so many organi- zations have set forth in their constitutions are actually practiced in this group. There are thirteen charter members and all are active. Each girl has given some element to make up the character of the sorority. Through informal discussions, the members have expressed their ideals and their aims in life, which are about the same in most eases. The sorority, as a group, now Works toward mutual improvement. The girls have made a point of attending together various affairs promoted by the school and also those outside the school. Wliere you see one Omega, youill see others. As the youngest sorority on campus, it is advancing rapidly, keeping in mind the democratic ideals of the young people of today. Through the years to come, the Omegafs hope to set C1 pattern that all groups will follow, President ........ ,.i. F rarices Clayton Vice President ,,.,. ..... R uth I-Iiscock Rec. Secretary ..,,,, ..,, . Irene Buczynski Corres. Secretary ...... ,,.. F rances Kikuchi Treasurer ,YYY, A,A,, ,,,,,,, ,.,,.,,,..,,, A n n a Graham Page Sixty-Eve Page Sixty-six Buck Run'-B. Fiugwlist, P. Dlzlfais, firnlll Run'-G. lirlfy, li. Bvlklmlr, B, Slulvjl, Inurill, G. Sfulrff, KAPPA DELTA PHI As a result of the diligent Work by Clayton Wfhile, our first president, Kappa Delta Phi was granted a charter in 1929. The Kappa Delts were the initial winners of the Fenn All-Sports Trophy, which is permanently and proudly displayed in their room. War years 1942 to 1945 found their total member- ship serving in every branch of the Armed Forces. In the winner of 1946, Kappa Delta Phi was reactivated by returned members. Prelude to their social season is "Hell Wleekn and the Informal Initiation, which follows. During this week, the traditional disappearance of the Pi Sigma Tau's green wagon occurs. World War II years '42 to '45 prevented this occurrence, but in 1946 the custom was revived. The social calendar is highlighted by the formal Pledge Banquet at a prominent country club, the 'l'hanksgiving Prom, a canoeing party at Portage Lakes, and summer beach parties. During the winter months, a record dance and ice skating party, plus other school-wide dances, keep our social life aglitter. As winter breaks, the old men, alumni, come out of hiding and the old and the new "sup" together at the annual Alumni Stag Supper. Burk Rom Neff to I-igblj Gruul, G. Rvnf, C. Blivbarski, R. Lucnr, B. Rupp, O, Hifi, B. Briulsrr, H. Libvur, R. Kulz, T. Purillo, O. llizlckio, S. Iluphifls, G, Bvrzllmrl. I-'mul Kun' Huff lu righfj N, Ililln-ink, B, Bm'rrI:gI', E. Grirlmn-xlzi, C. Luzzuru, P. Bvll, I. Urban, V. Drngn, N. Wurf. KAPPA SIGIVIA UPSILO Kappa Sigma Upsilon Sorority was organized in June, 1937 by seven girls, thus starting the First Evening Division sorority at Fenn College. The objects of the sorority are to develop a unified College spirit among the girls of the Evening Divisiong to cooperate with the other organizations in supporting any action which it deems beneficial to the inter- ests of the students of Fcnn College. The outstanding events of each year are the Founders' Day Banquet in September, the Rush Tea in October, Christmas Party in December, Freshmen Reception given with Lambda Tau Sigma Fraternity in February. Formal Initiation in April, Formal Banquet in june, and the Summer Cottage. In February 1946, the sorority also sponsored a semi-formal dance called the "Gold Diggers Ball." RUTH OFFICE K.S.U. OFFICERS 1944-1945 OFFICERS Prc'riIft'ul FERN LINGNBR .,, Vice-Prwidefzt DOROTHY COXVELL .... .,.... -t4------- S f 'ffffflfif SHIRLEY HOPKINS ..,., e .,,,.,.......,,.........,.........,...-....-.. --A--A T ffl'-Y7f"l'1' 1945-1946 OFFICERS PHYLUS BELL ,VYAAA YA,.-,-.WVY,,-.,,VV,Y..,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,.,, - ....,... ,,,,.... - . ..Pr'e.virfN1f SHIRLEY HOPliINS ----- Vif4"P"Cfif1f"'l XTIRGINIA DRAJO ...., ,.,... . .. - ---..--- ------ ----,----- 5 1' Fffffffj' IRENE URBAN ,,,, ,, ..., Trm1I1rr'r'r PJQC SiXfy'9C'v'Cl1 Page Sixty-eight llurlc Ron' flrff In riglilj I. Xlvirilbnzzrx fmlifimrj, L Dzrnlmvir, K. Millvrmll, I.. Gr-rlul, P, Clnrixluifl, E. Sinlhw, Fmul Rnn'AI. Svvlmlzl, li. Liulrilq, C. Pimlcnrlz, R. lnnsx. LAMBDA IOTA DELTA In 1933 a handful of enterprising students organized the Fenn Nite Engineer's Club, now the Lambda Iota Delta Fraternity. Members of Lambda Iota Delta have wholeheartedly contributed to the war effort during the Second World War. More than twenty-five members have served in our countryls armed forcesg one, Walter Cwik, made the highest sacrihce, on thc Anzio bcachhend. The Founder's Day Banquet, Halloween Party, New Yenr's live Party, and Pledge Banquet are the social highlights of thc fraternity's activities each year. To complete the social calendar, ll canoe party, lake cruise, and Weiner roast are held during the summer vacation. Pr0SidCnr .l,tYt..t,.. ..,.., E mil T. Wierber Vice President ....... ,,,,,, l ieinlmld -10055 Rec. Secretary ,,..,., ,.,,, M ai-cel Zitkus Correa. Secretary .,,,, ,,,,, j oseph Seybold TFCQSUFCF ,.Y....... .,...,....... C yril Pankuch Pledgemnster .....,,..,.,.,, ,,,,,, B ill Bi-edenbeck Advisor ,,,,,.. ,,,,. J ames B. Wndlianis Burl: linuvhi. Swvlml, V. llnruusrb, L. Cnrrnilo, B. Bmniln, E. InLmn:i'11. l'ruz1l lion--A. Pilnrlt, B. Fruxrr, 1. Knmis, I. Grrlyrar. IOTA TA LAMBDA Each fall the Delta chapter of Iota Tau Lambda begins its season of activities with its ioint W'elcome Party. This party is hcld jointly with Kappa Sigma Upsilon sorority to welcome new girls to Fenn's evening division. This is followed by a Rush party to which prospective members are invited. Later pledges are selected. These pledges are formally initiated the following spring. Between these two events is a full calendar of activities. These usually consist of a Hallowelen party, a Christmas party and other events as a Splash Party and a Hayride as were held during the winter of 1945-46. In addition the pledges held a Kid Party for the membersg members and dates of the sorority attended a theater party in connection with "Nancy,s Private Affairhg plus n dance sponsored by the Delta Chapter and the L.T.D. fraternity. Iota Tau Lambda is open to any women of Penn evening divisiong however the membership is limited. Annually the Delta chapter participates in the National Iota Tau Lambda convention. The oflicers for 1944-45 were: president, Janice K. XVoodringg vice-president, Wilma Appunng secretary, Jean Greggg treasurer, Willieliiiina jacksong and program chairman, Lily Corrado. The following year for 1945-46 Grace 'Von.lrich was elected president. Lois Schroeder, vice-president, Lil Corrado, sceretaryg and Mary McCarthy was elected treasurer. Page Sixty-nine Page Seventy Burk Row-I. Buft0u's1:,i, N, Srbrorrlcr, R. Sf1yr!'v1', A. Snbvle, XV. B:'11il1'r. Silffug-L. Huldrllmll, G. Slrwllsoll, R, Srblliivs, 1. Bizrlox, W. Itlnlufc, R. W'l1Hi'. LAMBDA TAU SIGMA Lambda Tau Sigma Fraternity, formed on October 26, 1926, bears the distinction of being the oldest organized group at Fenn College. Originally planned as a social fraternity for Business and Arts students at the Cleveland YMCA School of Technology, later Penn College, it has now added the Beta chapter for Engineering students. The two chapters, however, were merged during the war and at present are still acting as one group. The activities of Lambda Tau Sigma have been: the Sweater Hop, Annual Banquet, Freshman Reception, and last year, participation in the Fenn War Bond Carnival. This year Lambda Tau Sigma is gathering strength. The traditional Sweater Hop was revived with great success, after being cancelled for the duration. Present plans call for sponsorship this year of the Inter-fraternity Banquet and a Monte Carlo Carnival in Panel Hall. President ..... ,,..,,....... R ay Seiple Vice President ., .... ..,,,, R obert Schmies SCCICEHFY ..... ..... G lenn Stevenson Treasurer ,......... ,,,,,,. H arry Inunkc , Ss nk cz? 0 5' flxwg SPORTS 2 Q, 0 0 f 0 :,,,A X X sf X' A' KA. Page Seventy-two Boys' Sports "Woody" ami Ray Ray Inlk things owr The mainstay of the men's athletic program for the past few years has been the Intramural Sport Tournaments. Team sports throughout the year include Touch Football, Basketball, Bowling, Volleyball, and Softball Baseball. For individual participation there are the Ping-Pong and Badminton Tournaments. The returning veterans soon began to leave an indellible mark in the boys' sports. In capturing the All- Sports Trophy for 1944-45 the B. A.-L. A. squad won the Touch Football and Bowling Tournamentsg then merged in the winter with the T. I. vets to smother all opposition on the basketball court. That winter the Badminton and Ping-Pong Championships were taken by john Tarapchak. The following fall of 1945 the Touch Football Championship was clinched by the 'lVets', team. In the bowling Held the Faculty eliminated all competition to become the school Bowling Champs. The Volleyball and Basketball seasons were close battlesg however, the B. B. A. Fraternity emerged vic- torious in the Volleyball Tournament and the Pi Sigma Tau Fraternity victorious in the Basketball Tournament. The Ping-Pong Championship was won by John Tarapchakg the Badminton Tournament was a close scrap between Lou Humphrey and John. A' In the winter of 1945-1946 Professor Homer E. Xvoodling and Coach George Y. McKinnon revived the Hrst post-war Varsity Basketball Team. This small but loyal group bravely struggled to achieve fame for Fenn. Many of the team members had been former Fenn lettermcn. At this time the annual struggle between Hiram and Fenn for possession of the NVoody Brick was revived. ,vain-N f INTRAMURALS Toll: Vvfx TOIlL'l7 Foofbulf T!'tll7lj Cfrfvlwffo, Cbu1'l1'rx011, Rvrfl, RfXlIl'l'4Q, Barurfa, Cnrziliu Mimffllv Lvfl: Pi Sig Bzlxkvlbflll TUKIIIIQ Bfzw, Sfrlrmlb, Anrlcs, Lwwix Nfirfrflm' Rigbf: B.B.A. Illllwlzzllzvzlg Clarkv, Rork, WffJih'f0rfc, Nviflvrl, Czzpzxx, I'IUfc'fiz'b, RzfzL'lr'3f, Sf. john, Prim' Bolioln: B,A.-LA. Touch Ifoofbull Tt'lIIIIf Amfm, ClJAl'l'ft'l'X0lI, Borbm, I-Ilzzzljvbwy, Groxxnmu Page Scvcntv-ll1rcc VARSITY BASKETBALL Page Seventy-fm: 1' T011 Razr: M. Lully, 1. Tomifb, G. Sfujrp Middle Row: R, Rixlfcrg, T. Ziugafe, M. Zvrko Bollum Row: P. Banjqvlzf, L. Van Sgfcklc, R. Ajlvs GIRLS SPORTS 5 II7Sfl'7ll'fO1' fam' Pcvzsc' shows the girls lvozu i1"s done The Athletic program presented to the Penn College girl enables her to round out her college career to be a happier and more successful one. The athletic department is headed by the capable, and likable, Miss Jane Pease. Since coming to Penn in the fall of 1944, Miss Pease has done wonders for the Girls Athletic Program. Through her guidance the girls are able to have tournaments in all lines of sports. The season starts in the fall with volleyball, followed by basketball and baseball. While these are being played off, ping-pong, badminton and bowling tournaments are in progress. In the spring the Girl's All-Sports Trophy is presented to the team or group of girls who have earned the most points by their participating in these tournaments. In the spring of 1945 this trophy was received by the L. A. Frosh, who also had won the volleyball, and bowling championships. In the basketball season the L. A. Frosh were given close competition by the Pre-Juniors who captured the basketball champion- ship. The ping-pong and badminton titles were held by Divine Chatterson and Connie Tirabasso. In the following winter of 1945-46 the Gammas championed in volleyball, basketball and bowling. One of their members, Doris Ruder, divided the badminton title with Irene Buczynski. All through the season the Girls Dorm Team gave close competition to the Gammas. The ping-pong title was clinched by Jeanne Gerres, freshman. The All-Sports trophy was awarded to the Gammas that season. Any girl who wishes to participate in these sports may do so. The only requirement is that she be a good sport. Girl's intramural sports can proudly boast of having more women participate than other activity on campus. Page Suv enry-H INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Ujnpcz' Lcff, Bowling: Asbuzzzx, F. Kajnpax, Uj1j1r'rRigbi, Vo1IeyBall, Bark Row: E. Habizzk I. Smith D. Rader, D. Hoozfrfz' ' V ': . ' ' . lk" Lower Left, Basketball, Back Row: D. Hoover, Flow Rmb M D"9k"1' B Dm HZ D. Rznfw, A.YZ7II1IL.Y, M. Karas Lower Rigbf, Bazl11zi11fo11: D. Rlnler, I. Gewcs Frou! Row: M. Pzzsti, Ii. Habiizk, V. Svigel nge Scvcntv- x ' 1 f QQ Qs B435 Q if C59 fo li .5 CAN DIDS 2 E S 5 4 1

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