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Q WLJ F if 1 if X! 'nh A C M f, V" fVQ I2 .xx-,Hs Vik..-wJ rkkhxs F, X -,x , . ,X ,,v XI :., 1 fp' ' ,Q eq 1' V. N' Ax' XJ NJ ..Pqf"k'-E 4,-. -,-A 1 .M , I 'J Q w -'N X C, , N,f V" 1 7' X . A A ge. K tl, xJ ,W-H -'xg ' X X fx , H ...-' X J, f . f fx ,XTX ,T--. nl! ' ,I K XA sv, ...V ,-' X- " " xy 'Y'-'I .f --l X J . kr Q , kf ,X x. Vx 1 g l J .K .I J, ,Aa X - ..',,-L 1-r-,"':,."f"' . gf, -.Q-5 I U I X "--f. sil'-N' m . 1..M 4677 .,..,....., wig -1- - Q ,N-A x. N .- ,L- .. -' fi- , 'lk ' 'U 'Q :.L C'-Sm w .V . 1. f-Q, Q. 7441 ' . .- .7, Ja- - if f' 4'- -1 -.1,,.'3"..x P' gf at i. A. Y 42 Q. kldfwaxfzc M72 W. vb 3, xx ,, . - N CN! JBPQ on J KD U' 5 qjwsw wi YL - v N 'iuixk fi ?Ky' L ff , 9' X YY fy! 'J rx X. X 1. S ML-- -,ffl - 1 :fix 4- .- 1-:fT'.f'-a5"" QA. Nqq- -- , , 11" - - 1'-, . A A- Q nn. f- ,..,. ,Q-.., ,Tin-.v . - W .v ,-....- -... .- me 4 . '-1-1-M4-r .AA 'L' ' 'J' """' "' ' A' 'Y Y ' ' gm' 14 -f- M ,. 44 V. -3 A - H X ., " .J ., L.':::.. 13 L2 ,. h.,.,,- -.W-.-' 1g1.,""'f'1,, -.L ".- .-t. ,,, ---Y , ,fl q..,,. fe x '5..,,,z -wg wif '-35 41. ji"-' v -W .-Q' . 2 '- '-, j- - .f'f"'-- 1 ,1-.- 'A "qv-'-K '--.-' ',.,f'g . - -4 ' W -- -' 1 f '1 -L, Q- ,3,.P 'FA 1-, aff?-,L-U.:--'.'! rw.'+f..i..- gg j- gl 4, A . Q- K',H3.,tQvJ5i-rf,'fQ fi Uk,-,:g, .' 5'-3 ' M . ,T mi, "',,,, M -- - ., .' ..-N - -. -5 : "-gf n " ,. ,...- - --.. 'J-rg.: -'N ---:..- 9-,. .f.,..,..- , , .- - ' f ,- . 'ma if":"" T.. "f""'.i--,.f.v-3,- ',g,,."' '4-Jar. V2.6 I-.-. TJ '-,ln ,'f'-,- 3-2'-' ' - ., .' X 'W HUA -w ':m1x".,w'5-'--',-'Q' "' "ff - ".., ,, ' 4' g . ' -- ' ff" Lp' gg --".-gi ,G '..,,-1--.".-:J .15-:,..-.3-k1b""3'--- -, ,441-,-v , -.g,j.- -Q.-X ,-N .w-. .Q W J- ,-- ..-I , ' HM- , .,,.,,-.M . 1 ,,f---W:--f .14 . .-x-g - .' 1:-sfgwf.. ,wg ,1- -M .5-.-3 X 'Ny -gl-. 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Wyw JNXJQQOXV- X HA vf ', JK Q5 L5'QvGAj5WQJx5yb X W W QQ V' X -x 0 xg MJfP5W" ,Up 5903, X 5' ,5A5MbdJ'j' K DJ yxjs Vfqy' W5X9PbB15vXQf by sf WA fQfM?' fKv N5 Sf' mm my , XX Q Qi? W0 EK QQQ Navy Lpfd N by Kxiif Q5 WED jiri W iw W5 A Wfw M 41 W PSX WW J WZXW f,,,,Qf , iw ff ,W w Z 0001 O39 JJ 1 A7 ,QV c Q, ' M pw 280 gf I Wjggywf iw My 5 JW U My eff ,f M g.f,- -.-r-.... if ul - V. eff 19 15 1 . - .N Y' - ,, .. ., F ' T 'EN . . , . '-x ' 4 ...L -'D' . fiat cy' 21 T-if, U t A Q . I f Y N X 'g if t ' X P ,sf ' 4 Za , " 4' ff Q . - -ia g h'-ti? 14 vfx Li T - -H 9:3 5 I? .- An ever changing mixture of people and happenings express the unified feeling of Fenger, here represented as a collage: a unique mixture of bells, stairs, books, dances, shows and games-blended to embody the spirit of youth and action that is Fenger. rm Q4 sry ,gg fa gp Jw ,, Jifbxki Gly? wif! 36 i Y I. r x V ff..-e rf -I f"'!' .lb-' 'E 'xi-Q ws, I 'K?17'v ., -, 'gf "4-w. - --.. ,. : '-9-F..,A, " 5 - Q:'?f?:w. A ' " 'R 41- W. T Qiti x ix.:-af H- '15-r XO-4 'Q ig .4"41 5 A K ll I 2 R. ill Hhwf wiufg- ww. -, T' 1. 3 if 'TD' GQ L , F f If .:l -. .- f. I . . I zizfo y .1 w Maj SY? ESQL W gffzf ffl af COURIER 'I967 fffi L L 1 I 'Is ' 'X I pf CSN 'iff' 14 1 7 ffl-f - 1 . 0 1 Aiwa,-J s yn M. 6 "fam - 'Ed 'F -'JE 'BTS 'F L. V Dv A 1 7 A1 A p lnaftgi ' i Lu ' ,f G r - 17. t M g 't 'ig I ' Infroduc I Q ,Q ,, , 3 ' Spec: vent ' X' ' Admin rafio 1 . L A Gro af .... K 5' S s . I x igsrgroduafes. V of vpxchvnhes . ' I Adverfisers 1 I "Hr If Prix . 'ri ,' W- ' ,rp-QL ' N F 5 Up, N EX '161'?J20 S. WALLACE HICAGO, ILLINOIS W' L L ,ff J , jf fffff BM! -if ,Q ,Irv . ' x N-:J--4. Q 'TC fr-V ' V' 'Q 459- ,V I 1 H vr -,. X' , ,, .Ast ' A i 4 ', , , ' V. . 1-.f .Kin fr ,, xilfiif., fx fifif- +1ff:: 4,'-.,.5- ,. 1' -71--,-. L, ,-g 4 ..,-- ... , xx, YQ-' quad? 2 VQQ-'f ,'.. 15 X in ,I I, ,. xfrgfffit , ., 2:- f- wfif55 - X TAY fffffk ..--..v-avr:-1-' Jul ALJ '11 V ' ' '.'.' A 2 '11 Mm!-Fi 1 I 'fr 7 1J',:,.r4- Wu New fig-L1 , Afliii 1 i,",f, el' ..-1 GP 1 JQII, H -1 -, 2 u, Wh ,,.. . f'f1 47 r f' V-5' HNIQ ..,, Q., wa IA--AN .0 'f? v'. nqu-A V iv' ..,,: - L ' ILE' :5 QY I ?1l . 'fn' 4 I v, W5 X' i ' ,L,...., Wi xv 1 ,Ki . qfwf 'fn 7 SL'Qg?'5'1 '. , A-Q10 . 1' , -xffvo H? Huff ? 5 ,TI + : Q .- :V -L T ' gl T59 cu- ', . x,,. Va- L lm" L'-4 !v:!!fl' pl.l'lx! I liiiig 5s..i,i.! :Lv 'AE -5- , ...la-32, fr vigil Z4 ,,- -ga Hx P. v--W' .1 'A v 42 , 7 . M i 4 Q -L-f-"F 4491 'Q . 'f :4 .Q 4'-' - , g,'2fl,..3s f. f 1 L5 - 4Qg.:"'m 5l,- ' at ',i,,,q.wg- . 3 1- i. f ,r -1 - . , ' . ii .J,- ' J . ' ' l QQ.. .1 -1 1. urn ., 'rl I e !'. I 1 .-Qi: I ' r L "l,g ' ' ,d'.., 4 it - 1- , - - ' law ? 'gpg' "'f,.' ,,"' ,' I ,113 if f ' --. 4 ze- ,V i 1' i- ,. I ,ff i " ""1'f ,g .Q . r , .gr-l.f.f . 3-3-P ' 4 l K xlj Q In that ,f-Q51 ' . , 1 fi'-P' -1 A l X inf K' ki ixf- , - j , ' .K . I. we A A l' 7 N I , X U f , '3 A "-:W A, n X if 1 t cpl v ' X udy Lynn Gill and Gregory Alan lruex ope that someday even they maywear he crowns. f'i,F5'I 1 i-.--: ga: 3 U-:ft 1. "Young at Heart" Everything was "Young at Heart" as the l966 Homecoming was unveiled to Fengerites this year. The usually plain and dusty gym turned into a wonderland at 5 o'clock, complete with Gazebo, Carousel, and Amusement Park created by the hardworking Homecoming Committee. Couples danced amidst a romantic park setting to the tunes of music by Frank Bor- tolli. Youth and gaiety prevailed, and at ll p.m. excitement mounted as the Court started the Grand March. The climax of this exciting evening was the crowning ot the Royal Couple- King John Michel and Queen lris Rink. Although the gym is once again drab, memories will always remain for the "Young at Heart." HOMECOMING COURT Row I: Hope Selby, Nello Piccolin, Sandy Crismon, Noreen Von Koaten, Iris Rink, Cheryl De Vries, Marlene Swanson, Annette Formens, Debby Ryan, Pom Velo. Row 2: Larry Guttmon, Jerry Sigmund, .lim Mandros, Jerry Brucer, Bill Andronis, John Michel, Tom Feutz, Bruce Quist, Joe Paglia, Chuck Michaels. ' 1 G- 9 Homecoming King ond Queen of 1966, Susan Wierzbickv and Fred n QI 1 1 Murino, crown '67 Queen Iris Rink and King John Michel, in the Homecoming court ceremony. With Japanese Lanterns swinging above, the couples dance owoy the evening. A light tete-o-tete odds to the gaiety ofthe evening. Between donces, the girI's gym was a pleasant place of refuge. 3' s i an w 8 .aim - +f-if if . Q Cf? f. w f 'W W ,lf -,fn H- I v far, i ,-'t ff' We if Y The world ot the future as seen by Mr.'s Tate, Pintelc, Lock- wood, Hoey, and Ely, , Thoughts at old are reflected in the ballads sung by Debby Patarini as children watch intently. R. 5 1 9, 3952, ,. v Y 'fl' The trio of Smith, Kielstrom, 81 Munz, sing ot seafaring days. Square dances, tiddles, guitars, washtub-bases, and protest songs are all characteristics ot modern folk music, This year, Fenger's P.T.A. held its first Folk Festival, which was a total success. Choirs, combos, and individual singers added their personal styles to the music. ln between some ot the songs, comedy skits with certain fac- ulty members added a touch of humor to the evening. Narrators ot the Folk Festival, directed by Mrs. Orne, were Mr. Dan Kletnick, Drama Coach and Mrs. Fineman. 41 r N.-,V " 4- re- K"3 l .. fx' I Q: ,Zi-Q 1 . iff, 153 E'- I ' - ' - ,L . ff - . fri! .i i ' S12 Q 1 i!f,,v" . it - f' f, .':ii:'iih" ll r VNL4, N N , - 31 f-- . 151 3 ' -' Ni ' Qt --, , -.Q . P.T.A. Dad's and sons really seem 'at home on the rongef' - ZS AQ. . ggi if. J i i . 1 v 'S Jim Golligon, Barbara Doragin, and James Hoydan reflect the thoughts of Early America singing "Sundown." Mothers in harmony added a pleasing touch, 'Doughboys' Cumerlord, Perillo, and Boughton sing old G,I. favorites such os 'Over There." Dorothy Nickla, Lloyd Betourney, and o P.T.A, mom Jean Bau- er, who soloed on "Shenondoah." Three pills from the hills, Lindo Tennicolt, Sandra Zubersky, and Susan Bonkaitis. v . , ' i 5.4, lsh3.Qji. '-f e- l lg I 1,5 n 1 xl!! 1 .I v , 1 , dn A ' 4 E , g .QW I If IW' Q .,1 '., 9 5-evff 4 N, Y f ' up E' W lf I x ' W ffif' 1. T , lx ,- vu i I . ,F 1' L A , A H ' ' A V I l X X l A N, Q fe 5, x I 1 3' o A , il bi! RI, NW.- "P ' 3 'u ,'. -,.-. U, f . gm ' , . 1 5 " "N 'ST' M fs, El , th nl R I T ii -Q .nga ?f kg , U H ' " " K l X 1 ' x v x ,4 ' X C U I 'Wi ,' .V ry .. -'..- 1, n 'IJ . ' Ju. . 3, V x ,VA 'LQ f 7 Xi .fx in .5 -1.2 1 1.114 I If as , 'Q 4 f- KP, 'li ,.""""-'vu F L- INDI S A111 V1 A Nilllbl S A 10011 m Live action at the Science Fair. Scholastic Art Award winners included National Finalists Paul Heider and Richard il 1? 'Z ,guild ' Bruno Botterelli-winner of 54,000 auto design scholarship. ff- -1-ivy-T .-- U - -- - 1. . ik' Wk 'vs V' l 5 VK , ,t l.,- ll Judith Van Wie, winner ot the Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year Award. ACADEMIC HONORS Fenger is diversified in its accomplishments, besides havin an outstanding football team, Fenger has won recognitio through activities oft the gridiron, The Bausch and Lomb sci ence award, Scholastic Art awards, and design awards hav gone to outstanding Fengerites for their contribution to th world of tomorrow. ll d,i.i . l Dave Anderson and Bill Barlog took city honors in wrestling and qualified for State ' Fourteen Fenger students won awards at the District Science J Vg, -fit s, , 4 'jdia z v x W' -3 J Mrs. Horne is swamped with future students as she talks to a parental Open House. OPEN HOUSE The Parent-Teacher Association sponsored program made it possible for parents to learn the "truth" about their children. In an informal atmosphere, parents talked about student prog- ress with the teachers, and also saw and participated in class- room demonstrations. Mr. Triezenburg welcomes the parents to Open House and encourages them to help further their children's education, The news is eagerly awaited, is it good or bad? l Dem0n5lf0li0n5 Wefe Pfesenled l9Y lhe Sflfdenls to Show 'he PVOQVESS mode in Awe is present on the lace ot this mgther as she gazes at the creations of the Sciences. Feng er's clothing designers. gurls wma ons , N A it me me A ig. L A 1-fe-1 r-,egg - 1 " 'A i , r If ,, 115'-' 1-"1 1-if fx ., ' :A':,nL4-'f f,,,?,,,:A?3'?1f . ' ' ffug-4K 'Qv' . L, V ff"f:.. ' ' f :Q E 4 -, A -Q-A , X - . 1 N' V X.: . ,Q x is - H 11, L-A I ,Aki A . .. X 4- "v,W1Y,S W s v J I ,be sf em .-.A-. . ...ff ' "'V..:-'L-, -S+ x i W -X l S A 1 Cl' A :nv 1 x pa.. , 5, ' --q,-. ,- v" Yr 'V f A ,.1..-. ,J 4 ,v "i-"'V 2 T55 ' .15- ,-dv-v'N, -Aria. ' 5 1. 'ST 'Yr' 40' , .gi MG Q -1. 1 ,.v U ' -,WJ ,Nfl as . z' W' Bri- ' -Ziff. '-I-, f'. '.: Y -.' 1 '.- ': ,7."'fQ'iLg'- - If . : '- n :N-Q-L,,'f Yr," . "1j4Q.-.1 A ' I .1 I a v I ' ' , Aj 1 In' X. " .tr r ,f A . ,, u.,I 'fi' The Military Bull Court, left to right, Linda Jor- vie, Cliff Van Dyke, Marsha Wolszon, George Patton, Valerie Lewis, Gene Robinson, Sandy Kotl, Tom Schmitt, Merry Ann Bahno, and Terry Morrison. Military Ball Queen Valerie Lewis dances with Lt. Col. Gene Robinson, "l Q MILITARY BALL "Pass in Review," the lOth annual Military Ball, was presented by Fenger R.O.T.C. January 6th at Palisades Banquet Hall. Music was supplied by the "Mellow-Men" as the cadets and their charming dates waltzed, and did the charleston and the hokey-pokey. For the first time at the annual military ball, dinner was served by a catering service. Five candidates for queen had been chosen on the basis of grades, poise, and looks by a cadet board at four R.O.T,C. members. Now, the members attending cast their votes, and at ll:OO, the mo- ment was hushed andthe suspense finally broken, as Valerie Lewis was crowned Queen. The night was young and lively asthe cadets and their dates The Cowl P'O"'le'l0de5' PG5Sl"'9 ll' 'evlew beneolll swung to "the beat." shining sabres. f-Z' Q fi Huw Queen Nello Piccolin Bottom Row I: Rosalyn Withers, First Lady-in-waiting, Rose Ann Treccani, First Lady-in-waiting, Nella Piccolin, Queen, lris Rink, Maid ot Honor, Mary Jean Treccani, Third Lady- in-waitingg Noreen Salvador, Third Lady-in-waiting, Row 2: Marilyn Chac, Gigi Feutz, Joyce Sudmeyer, Kathy Potts, Janice Maliska. Row 3: Barbara Biro, Sandy Belavich, Barb Blaszuk, Car- olyn Petrovich, Marlene Swanson, Sherry Mede, 4' 'H "LES GlRLS" IN MAY Add fifteen pretty girls to a French backdrop, and voilal You have "Paris in Spring," this year's theme forthe May Festival. Les belles mademoiselles ot the May Court were especially excited this year, because the Queen ancl her attendants weren't announced until the day ofthe May Festival. When the thrilling moment arrived, Nella Piccolin was crowned queen, and lris Rink her maid of honor. Entertainment was provided by Janet Sumner playing "Born Free"on the piano, Phoebe Hansen accompanying Dorothy Nickla to "l Love Par- is," Lloyd Betourney singing "A Pretty Girl ls Like a Melody," Cindy Swick and Pam Velo dancing to "Mame," and Enzo Valente, Phil Perillo, and Abraham Gomez playing "Gigi." - 'C Ab , 'N - I. is' Fl: if I -v - 1 fl - ll-44" 'f' i , 1 ,f l LIXXF. A Vfxqwlaq I lntvtlf lfn ' 7 ,N ,A 1 , 1 I 'j,1l' alt' 44 "gf'l lil 5 . ' ' l 'lv n 5: ,lg l., X X N -s 0 E!" lit s 4.H1J.lLl'llIlLllU"llllll1 Maid of Honor lris Rink Tv: 1 1 4-1 ' - A' l A Y' ' . . ' " 'Ti L ff , ,, . fn-p - - , 4- L , ' X I Y: :bl '17, gr J' i A il .I FES 1" V, gli, N ' V J. , 'wif' I 1. A Qi L X- 1 1 1 . V up ' .- --..,,, I vw ,v,.fs'-Tit' iv P-iii?" 14 ! G cf ai r 5+ Q- K. 3' Sf' .N. G: d,,, E .pvfwlifl '.,40'5'if1 .itill 9 mqnsmgrflanv Lfsfv-i1l'v"Cxpvi1 1-in :ns-avf-1' tv Ev! 'K v-811 , Wkififiliii qf'f'f"fr-1301116 Mmfvvf-fa ' mmmgn shfflh egg, V .nsgf-V31 A if -:fa-1919 - 1- , ,,f '14 vs 'VA :fi YQ? as -9 4-4 '- PFA.. N 'Wy A JXH 994 X 'Z A N s Signature CLASS RECORD PROGRESS CHART TESTS EXAMS ETC Bull, Q Dfw Noe Howard 1, C 'T11I1y F' ne r jj T: QI! S1-on ' I va. V 1 ,,, Name .,.............. A STf6Ei,. PR 0 G R AM Last ' --..,' ..... I fiIlQ'g5.M lilt.. I igi M in . E 14, Y I r ,AJ P - , ' ' "" ---- - .. .,,... windy : E TTT A CAH tfnkgz2-Tg'f7,f,-nail!!If 2 X ............,, A S I I MJ ubmt 2 I ,, 1 - 1175 15' . ff", QHZXWNZ 1, S-tuden ..nug-1391! - 1 Ikepoff 9 V 1 5T3?2flf gjqss Tedchef 5 W Zvi ' , F'4ll0 mil ' ?.OW9'f6 1 Sub1ec'f .......... 503- ' Wqbz T 04' 41 - mr . Larry ...................... .- 1 Q. "'A """ L TIIQQ Jllrfolb. ..... lf- , - ,,.. Tu- 5xGN X Cy In .." Weeks Pei' I 'fy' . 7,9068 J T' 'een 7bQQ6e'0:9 R652 T' TQCIQSBQZ J I Hera Y P : 1. - 4:1 ., 4. 1' f 'T 1 PF., 'hyat 4 2 ,1 A TT 5. XT ' ,,. W I f if 93 Q , y r 'M HFN5 Q 2 N I 1 s. i I . I .......,f ii Mr. George Triezenberg Mr. Triezenberg's iob is a varied collage of intermingling responsibilities. He is director of our administration, school policy, and public relations. Informal responsibilities also weave among his activities. He is our candid speaker for assemblies and represents Fenger at community functions. Mr. Triezenberg is Fenger's strongest booster and despite his many responsibilities he is always making time to view an afternoon athletic meet or student meetings. He is the focal point of the collage that Fenger represents, for he keeps us on the move at maximum efficiency. Miss Ruth E. Baker Mr. Elmer Casey The coordination at a guidance program for thirty-five hun- dred students is only a partof Mr. Casey's job. He is respon- sible for keeping school programs functioning smoothly. Mr. Casey must see that every Fengerite is guided in choosing the right subiects, he selects outstanding students to represent Fenger at special seminars, records the school's discipline and attendance reports, and serves as chairman ofthe schol- arship committee. Mr. Casey helps to keep Fenger's admini- stration in etticient operation. Whether running an assembly or helping in the office, Miss Baker is always ready with a warm smile and good advice. lt is Miss Baker who schedules the assemblies and decides what kind ot entertainment will be presented. She is in charge of all public relations, and assigns substitute teachers. Your club's request tor afield trip goes to Miss Baker for approval. ln her efficient manner, she takes care ot her duties and remedies all problems that come before her. Her interest in all our activities helps to make them much more convenient and enioyable. .1 I 1 .tt ALQ1 - 1 . 'f ,fi V Mft ,,.4 ' Mr. John Roberts Synonymous with programming at Fenger is our congenial assistant principal, Mr. Roberts. Besides making sure that all the students of "the main" and the branches have suitable ,......J programs, this dynamic ments, athletic activities, though perpetually busy to the smaller problems man takes charge of locker assign- special events and assemblies. Al- , he is never too occupied to attend which are so important to students. 27 Reading, 'riting, an The world of,Sho,kespeare ond Moby Dick unfold as Fengerites progress through their four years of -English. The English department, headed by Mrs. Moroney, uses audio-visual aids as well as textbooks to interest and increase the knowledge of each student. The study of grammor, to build a foundation for the proper use of our language, is always pursued, whether a student is learning at a remedial, standard, or advoncedlpace. An .especially interesting program headed by Mr. Corrigan, Rutgers Reading. This program is designed to provide the student with an extra opportunity to acquaint himself with the classics and broaden his intellectualscope. Mrs Fonstemacher proves that one picture is sometimes worth a thousand words. f-341 I-835 -lit T p 1 ,FAA Pam Velo and Bru I - ,. . "M: I I SP . I If A X 7 . I . I.- JEROME DARRELL WILLIAM BOSCH BREWER CARRIGAN II Aivq Ie fs In :P QL f . .7 gi rf. ,., .I A . - ., ro' I I . I I R. .I 9 2 I ... ,, I .qi I -, 'L' .Im Y, I 5, ,jj QL 9 Lois oonoom semlcs CONNER CRANDALL nomemco Ib I I . , - I ' .IF ce Orton explore the world of poelry. I x 'r"3li:i .I . fa A- Iff' I f H " l J - , l . ' -A I If I, I, -.rf I If- -cl. ,-IQII 'H--I' l S A I 'V rg , X " ' A ,fr :H 4 A A BERYL MELADA HARRY DAN AUSTIN ELIZABETH FENSTEMACHER GIESE HAVES KLETNICK McCARTHY MORONEY rookie 471 rote .. - ,f ' -I 1 35, 1 rook-ie Crook'ij, n. IlSlangl. an inex- Roque-fort qcheesey 0-qk'fei-0, K ' , .1 f ' ll ' perienced recruit. as in the army. ROGWIOYI- FFS-DCB. where 0118- IDN-161. I- , . -, lf' I - fognl 0-mm momx ,L IAS. ,,m,lI II strong cheese with a bluish mold. - Q. ,,, lj . I I. ,ni I space to hold something. 2. o por- l'0'33j1'5' 0'!5'ZP-10, ll- IN- -21251. QIIQL- 1 I lf' 'G , ' tunity: as, room for doubt. an YOSUYWHUI-111 the R-C- Chufd' as .58 , -4: I .4 interior space enclosed or set apart by of beads USB'-'1 50 keeb OOUDII in BBY1118 'I . -E-' " s,f I ,,...7' , wana. 4. pl. living quarters. 5. the vravers- - "-1' 1.5.32 - 'ar' I people in a room., v.i.d v.t. to have or F086 Qrozl, n. I4 L, rasal, l. a Plant . 1' . provide with lodgings. -room'l'ul, ll. with prickly stems and Bowers o red, f' ,.g.7 51 4 W IIT.:g'm'1Il-Inn. ameri. qdf. II em gink,nvI21iI:e, ygllow, etc.II2IIieg31owE-6 f .55 I IQ ' f an boar odgi m . . pi s re pr purp is r : a -. . ,Q A room'er, n. one vdho rezilginroom or WW color- Wil- fQ'e'0010f'd- 'Nd ' ' - A ' ' " rooms to live in: lodgeh of roses, luxury or xdleness. lQ00m-etttgirl-eIlIi'7,I n. a small bedroom l'09e lfilhfptz of rgetdj bred. CATHERINE ERIKA VIOLA in some nu on s ecpxng care. to-se-8 e ro zi-it , . roseco . tooming house, a house with fur- l'08e'bUd', n.the bud of a rose. O RQURKE PAVll'AlTls RAGUSO nished rooms for renting. room'mate', n. s person with whom one shares a room or rooms. Roo-se-velt, Franklin Del-a-no Cdclfo-nb' ro za-velt'J, 1882-1945: 32d lgresxdent of the U.S. 0933-19453. oosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919: 26th president of the U.S. C1901-19091. roost Q-65stQ, n. IAS. hiostl, 1. a Perch on which buds, esp. domestic owls, can rest. 2. a plan with perchesIfor buds. 3. a gjlace for resting. sl , etc. v.1'. 1. perch on a roostfeglngz settle down, as for the night. l'0QBt-er QrMs'terJ, n. the male ofthe chicken. I th 1: f lintpilifuallcg ur? eriround that snc orstheplant swaterfrom e soil etc 2 the embedded gart ofetooth a etc. 3. source or cause. 4.asu rtxngcr essenti art. 5. EIN I A 1, , . laylfnk .55 Dunn ' - root frwt, rootl. ll. 4 ON. roll, l. 3 . I - . - - I? W' " il Pl? x. a ti tha gxgllilglieclybgs se a c number dlxfimes, produces a given MDI' my 6 the pm quan . . of a word to which aixes are added. . hannah. roee'bush', n. a shrub bearing roses. e' I' d I 'nki h egl l'0s -co ore , . .pi s-r orI ggurpksh-red.. . cheerful: opt:- mxs ic. 1088-mar-y frl5z'rnAr'iJ, n. Iult. 4 L. ras marinus, dew of the seal, Ian ever- green shrub, of the murt famll . with resent leaves used rn pergzmery, coo mg, e c. ro-sette Cro-zetfj. n. an ornament, arrangement, etc. suggesting a rose. l'08e water, e pggaaaration of water and oil of roses, u as a perfume. l'08efW00d', n. I4 its odorl, I 1. n herd. reddish wood. used in furniture, etc. 2. a troggal treeyielding this wood. Rosh I -sha-na Crush' ha-shl'naJ. the ikwxsh New Year. toe- froz"n, -inj, n. Isee nzsml, resing specif., the hard resin left after the distillation of crude turpentme: it is rubbed on violin bows. used in mak- ing varnish, etc. 108-tel' iros'terl, rx. I4 D. roosterl, A st or ro , as o mx 1 personne . li 1 f 'Vtary l rosftrum ros'tr:mj, n. Ipl. -nuns, -IRA 1-trol . IL., beak, hence the apeakers' platform in the Forum, ecorated with rammmg beaks from captured shipsl, A platform for public peakin s g. too-y lr5'ziJ, adj. I-nm, -msrl, l.Irose red or pink: as, rosy cheeks. 2. bright, .- .ur9.mismz...e!c.1. ss. -.B.!12BL.fllIBL!R-i .1 'G' l.,w-' .il 1 J- JAMES MARGRETTA MADELINE TODD TURNER WAGNER SPECIAL DUTIES: Jerome Bosch: Tilan Torch, School Publiciiy, Quill and Scroll: Darrell Brewer: Stage Crew: William Corrigan: Rul- gers Reading Program: Bernice Domenico: Programming:Beryl Fensiemacher: Attendance Office: Harry Hayes: Key Club: Dan Klefnick: Drama Club: Elizabeth Moroney: Dept. Chair- man, Junior Class Sponsor: Catherine O'Rourke: Aliendance Office: Erika Pavilaitis: FTA: Noi Pictured: Miss Causey, Miss John, Miss Moysey, Miss Trowinski. ,Today is Tomorrow's Hislcr SPECIAL DUTIES: T Ray Carty: Attendance Office: John Dwyer: Baseball, Ticket Sales: Dorothy Horne: History Club: Philip Hoster: Senior Class Sponsor: Ber- nard Kelly: Counselor, Bowling, Attendance Of- fice, Financial Coordinator: Viola Kuehn: Pro- H gramming: Chester Lockwood: Track Team: Mar- iiorie Mooney: Dept. ChairmangE. RobertOIson: Student Council: Frances Szymanski: Student Council: Arthur Weller: Sophomore Class Spon- sor: Donatta Yates:AdvancedPlacementClasses f limit, Mr. Olson lectures to one of his Contemporary American History classes con' cerning the problems facing our society today. What's this? You don't know the causes and effects of World War I in Austria? You must not have been listening in class, because Mrs. Mooney, head of the social studies department, and the other history teachers know exactly how to instill these valuable pieces of information into the minds of all Fe ngerites. The teachers would also like to interest us in the culture of our nation and others. In some Honors Modern World History classes, teachers start the class with current events, and work back to the middle ages. To supplement the lesson, the teacher shows slides, often two at once, comparing the art of that period. lt is necessary for each Fengerite to have a three year sequence in Social Studies to graduate. In addition to Modern World History, the social studies de- partment offers United States History, Contemporary American History, and Geography. 'Na A Geography student influences on climate. 1' , I, :y I 1' . RAYMON D CARTY LAWRENCE GERALDINE FAHEV HARDIE i 1 i ff i ,l.x4"?'f I PHILIP WARREN HOSTER LINK MARJORIE E. ROBERT M0 ON EY OISON I i ' i ' C' ,Q - A7631 I ft My - is ,I 44 fit' -A FRANCES DYREK Not Pictured: listens intently to Mr. Curran as he explains the v 5. I f A . H , , l T i l t-L+ 'A - i 1 4 l MATHAIS CONCANNON 102. -' -:: 'w. 'jg 31 ' I i i 1 f DOROTHY HORNE N- wnvnn la It .A CHESTER LOCKWOOD 1' Y .N l ,, i u se lttl I lr ll i I KI l WILLIAM RUSSELL Q C5 I "-ix A DO NATTA YATES WILLIAM COMERFORD arious As Mr. Lockwood points out, the occurances ofgovernments throughout the world influence the United States eitlwer directly or indirectly, The For East is quickly becoming the foremost thought in the minds ot teenagers i l today. gr.:-Eiumm " ' nur . lauuni .. , In-.mf mm I Frog legs and formulas - thal's Fenger's science department ...ali-Q ge.-. The growing demand for education in the sciences struck Fenger this year as it programmed more chemistry classes than in any previous year. Part of the increase was a resul of allowing sophomore honor students to take chemistry. Other courses offered by the science department are: general science, biology, and physics. Honors level classes permi advanced exploration ot these subiects by interested students. As head ot the department, Mrs. McGlave emphasizes the necessity for having a wide scientific background to com prehend our rapidly changing concepts of science. Students are urged to obtain greater training in laboratory techniques while satisfying a natutal curiosity. To aid the student in this, Fenger's Science department is equipped with such luxurie as an overhead proiector, experimental animal facilities, a greenhouse, and other modern apparatus to make experi mentation at all levels accurate as well as stimulating. Double bubble, toil and trouble, that's John Huchke and Bobbie Stodelski at wor in the chem lab. Vf. .gi r , I ' 1 ' t eff E " e l l l fl ,-.N l We J' E " - - LW," ff "" 'Q F-FF' ' 0' 'f , " 'A ' l X l V E . . ' ':'r' , , 1'-3 WILLIAM BERNADETIE ALFRED CUIRAN MCGLAVE MdNTOSH N H 3' ,r l .4 an . l E x JOHN CEIJA fuuiucl Monsscm ooeu SCHMDT : , ,M SPECIAL DUTIES:, 3-i x Bernadette McGlave: Dept. Chairman, 3 National Honor Society: John Moreschiz l fr X JL,-fr Science Falrp Cello Odell: Science Club. I 'v "W" 'f Not pictured: Norma Bfunk MIIIF wlaoua Our budding 'Luther Burbank' being supervlud by Mr. Curran lrjcnet Raldovlti . .ffl v' jf ' Af! .K W lf F , 4' ' , K. .. f. V A ff' 1 5 gh' N Y' lf. fn K -KII 'I M. l A -a."'m A . V ,1+" '5 il-1' lf" flaw f X ,l ,l l -...4,,.. se q tw w 1 .H 1 , , . mf. - lk , A5' few-- ' 1 a-.b 'R if -V" N- Ax! .F A 1 . 'lb X ' 4 N l ,33t5+mT:154,' -,.. N ' ' wif- ' M . ', H, U - 'F .- , . V , ,pg -- .z f e '-G. - .. R.. I l , 2 A Cl i,, E The square of two students equals the answers of three 0 I ll l test papers on the other side ofthe room. Remember way back when you learned that 2+2:-4? ln some of Fenger's math classes, you may find that this isn't always true By using some of the principles of mathematics, the answer could be one of several. Under the direction ot Mr. Bell our math teachers not only teach math, but encourage the use of logical reasoning, and a great deal of persever- ance IU solving those harder problems, Some ofthe courses of ered are Essential Math, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigo- nometry. For those to whom math is a delight, not a problem, there is a Math Club, sponsored by Mrs. Borger. This group meets ninth period in l29 to discuss new developments and new ideas in the math field. Q ,. 'vs Q 'ig Illustrations and self-explanation equal understanding as students learn the mysteries of the number line. 1 Mr. Kehoe brings light to the frustrating complexities of logarithms. ,AL M. to .Ln ti 1 -I M Fl " e W I I 1 FREDRICK JEANNE PATRICIA JOHN BELL BORGER DEROSIER KEHOE SPECIAL DUTIES: ,..If.-.4-'M-11N ' W Frederick Bell: Dept. Chairmang . I , Jeanne Borger: Math Club, Phorex Hon- - 'N i q ' or Society, Math Seminarp Patricia De- X 31351 - M, fill rosier: Attendance Officeg James Kehoe ' Z N' 1 Locker Assignmentsg Fred Konrath: Bas- t ketballg Wilson Peek: Grade Averaging: I ' , X" ' . ,, '4 fm Mary Ann Timlin: Attendance Office. , ' A 'At' FRED WILSON DANIEL MARY ANN KONRATH PEEK STEPANSKI TIMBLIN Benum Diem, Bon-Jour, uen 'lt's' a' small world' has never been more true than it is today. Improvements in communication and trans- 1 portation have made the knowledge of a second ' language essential in today's,tast paced world. In the Language Lab studentsymay listen to tape recordings V and make individual responses which can be record- . ll K ed., ln this way a teacher is able to help each stu- 2 dent progress naturally. The Language Department, YQ Qi - ' ' . under the direction of Miss Madigan, strives not only 2 ""' ' "" " ' N ' ' N' 5 ,, f to educate students in the language of a people but Q .3 also in their culture. The curricula of the advanced E i ' " i w w" " classes includes a study of the literature, history, 3 -- amen-tm +- 5 211sc1ussxs--.1sxaxs- f ' and the fine arts of that particular country. JA c -u'A C L S A 1- n 4-4 X 2 L 5 4 1 I 4,r.'v4va1-lo'n'Jn'.l A ,,: ls. ,vQli'f.-t'.f f :lu . 7? xx I fg-6 45 L Q, - 1, if sg: " 444-'N r 51 A -' '23 mum - - --.,.,x,. Lia , ' M--M JW' .. - fi., H,---42:5 3 A , . . .., .Ll 1 ,if K A2 7, P-Lifmif P.-:--,.-L, ,x .. t ,E 5 . '1 'I 2 if WV fill' - llfzlifl " E Qzf metal ' 1 5 '3 ' 'L .l . . ' .11'K'x..x X f 1 1 Mr. Stiller shows Donna Lindeman the complexities ol the Languagel Lab. I l E .J Q 1 ,Z t - , In UU! f ' :- gil .-.is F1 . ' , . -sw fuss if . 1 as, Guten Tag! NANNETIE l-AURA COLEMAN JOHNSON J fl "7 'l 1,1 6 f ' N 'figs K l Q is V' Q' T21 .Y 4, ,Q .3 ,Q fs fb ffil l - f' 'J . HELEN ERNEST QQ, Q, MADIGAN STILLER Slumped? Help is always around the corner inthe Language Department Here Mrs Johnson lXlGf1l1Gll6 COlEmCll'1: l:l'6nCl"l Club: counsels John Lee inadifficult Spanish assignment. Laura Johnson: Pan Am Club: Helen Madigan: Dept. Chairman: Ernest Stil- ler: German Club, Latin Club. Not Pictured: Jerome Bosch, Anne Alt. -----,.................-,.,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,., f: noncntmy, l. calculate: to - not . . . ll BVCT. ger: nuncio, ing to ma:- ding. rishment. nt.: substan- m. nutri- -ouriahing. uount, some- to boot, in , pug-nosed, formed: Am. action: Am. lf:Yit2tTa.iZ!8'Z - a eierm E due to, a ece a que , that . . . loinigarl v. to obli , : to obli te, bind, corrapel, put uncilzi 0bligBf,l.iE:1j -so to bin oneself, oblignva oneself. obtliggtoric- adj. ob gatory, compulsory: ln. In 5. :Ebola m. mite, small contribution. obrn f. work: act: labor, toil: book: building funder conslructtbnl: repair: -- de approximately: por - do through, by virtue oi' power of: hacer main - to interfere, hinder: poner por - to undertake, begin! to put into practice. obrar v. to work: to set: to o crate: to function: to perform: to mage: to do: obrn en nuestro poder we are in receipt of: ln curls ue obrn en su porter the letter that is in his pomewon. obrero m. Workman, laborer. obsccnidnd f. obscenity. ohsceno adj. obscene. obscureecrl' u. irr. to obscure, darken: to tarnish: to grow dark: -se to get da.rlc or cloudy. obscuridnd f. obscurity: darkness: dim- ness. obscure adj. obscure: dark: dim: a obscurns K-1 u oncurasl in the dark: m. shade lin painlingl. obsequiar v. to regnle, entertain: tn bcourt: Am. to give: make a present of. o sequin rn. attention, courtesy: gi f.: ben .- do fozrithe sake of, in honor of. o uiooo j. attentive oourteoun, fstglilging: obsequious, servile. ohservneibn f. observation' remark. obscrvndor m. Observer: observing, observuncia f. observance inf a law, rule, custom, elc.l. observnme adj. observant lof a law, custom, Of rulcl. observnr v. to obwrve: to watch: to remark. observatoriob m. observatory. While each student follows the test in his booth, he listens to Mr. Stiller over the loudspeaker Technical knowledge for the achine Age. Training our students to enter the world ot industry, the Tech- nical Department is an important part of Fenger's curriculum. From printing football tickets to tearing down a motor, the various industrial programs instruct students in practical ways of earning a living. The industrial shops provide students with training in the techniques of carpentry, printing, automo- tive mechanics, electronics, and drafting. Mr. Zinnegrabe heads this department which attempts to give the student technical training coodinated with actual working experience. 4 1-.EIVEJACKEFS IN LUCKERS -9....Jm 4-'1 With lsquare drawing board paper and pencil, Mr. Gorski helps today s students prepare tomorrow s architecture, Norman Martello Industrial Cooperative Educa- tion Program John Zlnngrabe Dept Chairman. xi' . 'QB' JOSEPH GORSKI JAMES MOSES NORMAN JURKA LANDSMAN MARTELLO Through expert technical instruction and practical experience, stu dents IH Mr Dolowy s Auto Shop courses become proficient automo the guidance ot Mr Martello minds and hands turn creative as ordinary I X-1 lc l'?"9t' Tdfxx e Commercial Skills lo Challenge a gif. if L is QQ hi l if x, ' Q il T L5 M. Qi trails fscxfi bel x x ' X1 Xw T X -K to X Xie Nri 7' 1 L, .Q i rc x-. ,K Lg. ii XO- "CNW - cc-. -is .clpffccsc ' YQ- ki L -A sc . -its he s wi ici. ,,,,- c,-,f ,gigs A,AA c i.--..,..,ffQ.,Xti,,f.. 'X ' . Q- 'K e to 1. - W I. I 'N I L -, x I TC Sl 15 ke , L. L 5 vs fx Lx ffftc ' A Wk, C, -is M1 ks.L2-zs Business worl The purpose of the Commerical Department is to train stu- dents in skills necessary for success in the business world. The department offers courses ranging from typing and comp- tometry in the secretarial field to bookkeeping and commercial low for the future accountants. Mrs. McMahon heads this department, which also works to combine classroom instruction with on-the-job experience. Through such programs as Dis- tributive Education and Office Occupations students receive a high school education while they work part time in the world of business as salesmen, cashiers, clerks or secretaries. Through the Industrial Cooperative Education program, new to Eenger this year, and under the direction of Mr. Martello, students work in factories, manufacturing plants, gas stations, and drafting or printing shops on a part time basis. This gives students the chance to gain experience in many fields of industry. For girls there is the opportunity to work in hos- pitals as nurses's aides, giving them the chance to discover what goes into hospital work. Mike Rutzen's progress towards proficient salesmanship is being carefully os- certained by Laura Kelly and Mrs. Wall, head at Fengers Distributive Education program, d Dt . I f L V J -A lu al CAROL AKERS fit Mt, SARAH EVINS DIANE MADON JOV ONSAUTIS f ' , IF! - ' 4 V A ' ., it ,1 AX-455 NETIIE WALL l . , A ill t or ft? 5 "X G-J' 1 'elf 1: A 'Til xwfik ' . 43' Lil? ' MARY MARY BURKE DZIEKAN A L! Av ,fl rg, -'--e gc, , -Q, i s l ---nf-j-ni, KURT DOROTHY HENNECKE JENKINS i fm, ' W-2? BEATRICE HELEN MATHAUSER McMAHON f "' W" a? lghn-,- I -f-fl gm' A ' f .4 f R A 'Y' , ll xx . 'sys WALTER JOHN PENTEK TRIBBIA SPECIAL DUTIES: Carol Akers: 4A Class Sponsorg Mary Jane Burke: Attendance Otticeg Curt Hen- necke: Drum and Bugle Corpsg Beatrice Mathauser: Counselor,Attendance Otficeg Helen McMahon: Dept. Chairman, Office Occupation Programg Nettie Wall: Dis- tributive Education Program. ia rw , i Carol Davies ond Marcia Hair study the complexities ot a mimeograph machine in order to duplicate a test. Through the actual operation of commercial office equipment, Susan adequately prepared to meet the challenge at a business world. Hartney is The delight and drudgery Under the direction of Mrs. McFarland, the Fenger home- makers ot tomorrow are well prepared for the lives they will lead. The Household Arts Department otters instruction in toods, nutrition, clothing, and home management. Making Christmas cookies tor the Red Cross and presenting the l?.T.A. with a fashion show are two service proiects performed by this department. Bonny Regnier attended the Youth Power Congress at the Chicago Circle Campus and Diane Moniak participated in the Commonwealth Edison Elective Workshop where all aspects of food were discussedp Peggy Sheridan and Mary Philps increased their knowledge ot the world of fashion by serving on the teen board at Cdrsons. Through such activities and classroom work the girls receive a great deal ot practical experience while doing the work they enioy. The instructions over under, around, and through, race through Karen Hack- enson s head as she tackles threading a sewing machine. iornemaking ' V: '-Li . ' "4-,, " 1 , :E E uf. 0 V' ix U 4-J 'QQ X A f 5nx'a"nJ.fQf i ' , '-,yQf?: 'fi' . ff -- ' V N X it r , ' 48, ,K Q 1 i' 4. .f:f',f' Z i ' A .ce-I Y 5 N t , 'N I ,fgtlf ' fx - I t L 14? DONNA ALICE JANE HORSMANN MCFARLAND U'BRlEN SPECIAL DUTIES: Jane O'Brien: Junior Red Crossg Alice Mclzorlondz Dept. Chcrirrncin, Hostess Club. HF, Mrs. McFarland instructs future mothers in child core. Wendy Bordos and Pot Baxter odd c pinch of this ond o pinch of that in hopes ol producing o tasteful delight. l lt l V , l l t l-4 ,aw X is... 'ii' , ' ,L H, ,-:.,t 5915.35 I-3.72.-,,., ,gg .4C.sau..4 ' .,, li 43 craitmanship and Creativity The Art Department endeavors to bring out all the artistic talent that exists in every Fenger student. Under the direction of Mrs. Schlentz, an atmosphere is maintained to promote creativity in both moior and minor classes. One year ot art is required of all students at Fenger, and an advanced program is provided for students who wish further knowledge of art. The end result of the teaching skills of our art staff can be seen in the studentart decorating the halls, on exhibit in the art rooms, displayed in the foyer, and on our lunch- room bulletin boards. : , who tires first. E Sketching from a model becomes habit to students and more often it is the mode 7? 'S ,M 9- rf'-5 , ' I h '-f....:, ' x Mme wmv GLORY annz SCHLENTZ Wm, Not Pictured: HENRY MUSE SPECIAL DUTIES: Mrs. SchlentZ.:Dept. Chairman, Courier SponsorpMrs.Smith School Displays. As 'Simon Ishmael' looks on Mrs. Smith instructs Charlene Jones and Sandie Waller in the art of creating with papier mache. Art Malors Jean Westwarer and Sue Kenney constructing 'MabIe,' a Iifesize caricature in papier mache. Not Michaelangelos, but certainly intersted In their work, Terry Moyland and Chuck 'Michaels prove varsity football players can have more than one talent. 45 If ,I:"'5f , ,- ,Q wwf-1.x H' Tevfq' -' '- citing 'L 5 "Il 'fl I N1 ': 3 a- ! ew , ,,l. 1, 4. I' "" ' x lava, A F -1, - . .. --- . 1- y I me 1 I lu! l I I A 1 - . Q, 1. .... the world of Beethoven, ach ar Have you ever thought of studying a language that everyone understands? Fenger provides such an ex- perience in its variety of music courses. In this depart- ment, sponsored by Mr. Lumbrazo, individual interests and talents may be channeled into such groups as the Mixed Chorus, Girl's Chorus, Marching Band, or Con- cert Bahd. For students desiring a basic understanding of this "language," a music appreciation course is of- fered. One year of music for minor credit is required of every student, advanced coursesin vocal or instru- mental music carry maior credit. ,, H xx ,I .2 I 3 . ' ' l . l Q f I J ' i ,I 5 5 Y . LOUISE ANDREW DAIN LUMBRAZO A happy Letitia Donelson is able to identify the notes on a scale after only weeks oi instruction. Moder'e.To 4 ? 7 Z p P 5 P .irvn : :1 bgigurn nal 1iii11-ll i-it-113: ur - -1 gn .gi .f ' 1 P P 7 7 5 I - ' ' . , . . - - 1 1 4-:..:.r:.. :- -, -: : : :- uv li' - s ' ' 7 7 7 , . -, . ' - - - : - -- : iFE:1-:-1-:E-1:-:.w :nu -1 u-12:13-2: l : a . 7 L ' . "" -- Lu' :I ,'f1: , lg-1 - : - I 1' ur t' 3 I GEORGE SCHERER SPECIAL DUTIES on ' Louise Dain: GirI's Chorusg Andrew Lumbrozo: Dept. Chairman, Bondg George Scherer: Mixed Chorus, Chor- ollers Absorbed in their music, Judy Spostuk, Dennis Ferrinn and Phoebe Hansen strive for the perfection which has brought the bond on "S" in city wide competition M T11 l Til ll 11l i11 Iii?- I1 ll 1 1 l11.L 1-11 itii l11i1.L1i 1:3717 112 in 7'1- l1171l13vLQl 'A Q-mugged WV X JJLL':J?3eei.L-gs 15,616 ,telic Zee bfelteijs- 'Sf' gf 1-If ..-3.-:. in SPECIAL DUTIES: ruises, sprains, and splr Ask any Fengerite what the purpose ofthe Physical Education program is, and they'll say, 'To torture us! But it you ask a gym teacher, you'll realize that the real purposes are not too bad, and they are accomp- lished in each class. Basically, the purpose is to con- tribute to physical fitness. Skill, cooperation, good sportsmanship, and leadership are developed through team games and individual activities. So, shoulders back, chest out! Robert Boughton: Basketball, Gail Team spirit and sportsmanship are winning goals as the boys' gym class shoots for a basket. Doornbos: GAA, GAA Board, Valerie Doubrawa: Letter Girls, George Hoey: Football, Wrestling, Paul Lilek: Swim Team, Roland Loess: Dept. Chairman, Football, Ethel Nielsen: Dept. Chairman, Leader's Gym, Milo Parello: Football, Golf, Judith Sloan: Water Ballet, Karen Russo: Cheerleaders, Titanettes, Twirlers, William Woodrow: Tennis. .--T K, -Nac- "1 vw Mrs. Doornbos lends 0 reassuring hand os Sue Hinkley demonstrates o "b GAIL VALERIE DOORNBOS DOUBROWA fav if N , ,, -I GEORGE HOEY ROLAND DOROTHY CAROL LOESS McCARTHY MCINERNEY 'W ' D "7 yW""""'. ' , r L I . , I -, 1. : X - " X QL I ,F X l. ' AN I 'Y fg 'T Lf: .L an ' ,, NM ' wil ' C -L, . X X, V h '-H lx' , 1-if , MILO KAREN JUDY PARRELLO RUSSO SLOAN X -Q. ,is- 51-'xn irds nest." , ,, . ,img gel wir PAUL LILEK f ETHEL Q NIELSEN WILLIAM WOODROW 35 Counseling Department Headed by Mr. E. Casey, Fenger's counselors may always be counted upon for information on subiect elections, aptitude tests, scholarships, and college entrance exams. But this is not the full extent of their work. The main obiective of our coun- selors is to develop a person-to-person relationship with Feng- erites in order that the student may discover exactly how he relates with the world, who he is, and where he is going. lt is due to this excellent guidance, that many Fengerites em- bark on successful vocational and educational careers. SPECIAL DUTIES: Leo Hennessy: Basketball, Attendance Office, Margaret Sevick: Attendance Of- fice. Miss Borchardt, the teacher nurse, Mrs. Anderson, KELLY LANDON the attendance office, Mrs. Hunter, the Psycholo- gist, and Mrs. Rocklin, the speech teacher. LEO HENNESSEY I ,f 1 1 J . .f-I I: , G fri mg 7' V ., fl ! i ' TF i '5 MARGARET SEVICK DOROTHY THARP Allendance Offices .I ,O , I 'fc Contrary to rumors, when girls are called into l26, their heads are not really cut off and put onthe counter. MARY JANE BURKE RAYMOND CARTY PATRICIA DeROSlER LEO HENNESSEY BERYL FENSTEMACHER BERNARD KELLY Library Stal! Audio visual aids have become increasingly popular for class room use to support the regular course of study. Fenger's library has a wide variety ot film strips, records, and tape recordings for this purpose. The library, with its l6,000 books, many pamphlets, and magazines, cover the many interests of Fenger students. Besides having one of the finest school libraries in Chicago, Fenger's library offers a quiet refuge for deeper exploration of specific study areas. . , 1 ' Q ' 1 A, N' i 2 5 e 1,1 x 4 - I E , ' Whether reading for study or fc .. L IAQ- L L. lx , 4 pleasure Fenger students take nl' 3 B advantage of the quiet Fenger Y library SPECIAL DUTIES:- I, ,mfgg Joan Doyle: Dept. Chair- ! ' m H ln 1' man, Carolyn Emich: Li- 'Q""' if 'fi brary Club. Not Pictured: 2, t, , Hazel Danils, Clerk. l Q fm ll, " HI 1 ! Q ,Q 'I' 44, - MRS. JEAN DOVLE MISS M. CAROLINE MRS. EIJZABETH PETRY MRS. AUDREV Librarian EMICH -Librarian Llbrarlan JOHNSON - Clerk Office Slafl -,,-- Mrs. Moriarty: Mrs. Haley Mrs. Stacy, Mrs. Mrs. Ostrander, Miss Baker's secretary Beegang Mrs. Sittner, Mr. TrIezenberg's sec- is also the Data Processing clerk, and retary and Mrs. Mulcahey, Fenger's treasurer takes charge of the Programcardssched- uled by computer. I H, .,Al 1 z,k,,, Y W4 -1,.,.!'v,'f'.w' ' , -fu -f . If 5' -s y Z- f..v. ' , s - - ,K 'S i f w 9- . A Nay J I 1 5 -' , ,M ,, 2 .1 X 3' ' F In ' 'k Q T 'A l 4 : aw, 4.1 V. - ' + ff ,,,,, P: - '-'-' , ,yzg-A 'B' . EEF ri . f' u V xt . tw ig Y --1-. , I I Y 4 1 Q9 .,,.'I, , , K ,, iff ' I' Paul' 24 rf' Q, Iii, I fff',.,,,f. .i. A .Q- 'ami sl 1 X ': 97525 'Lv I Zfff 6-1 sf lb. ohio Q 1 C l 'Qi "What we are is God's gift to Us and what we become is our gift to God." Class Motto cLAss OF JANUARY 1967 Class Officers Sealed: Marilyn Kielstrom, Vice-Presidentg Rab- ert Munz, President, Standing: Jayne Bova, lreasurergjanet Kudelka, Secretary. Bruce Fineman, voledictorian, speaks foi' the last mid-year graduating class as he says good-bye. ' ---12' l V MRS. CAROLVN AKERS. 7 CLASS SPONSOR RAMONA ALMAGUER P.T.A. Rep., Office Secretary, Diploma Committee, G.A.A. Jr. Red Cross, Science Club, History Club, Art Assistant, D.E. Club, Locker Guard. JAMES ANTONAGLIA CATHY ARENDS Student Council Dev. Rep., Div. Secretary, Div. Treasurer, P.T.A. Rep., History Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard. ESTHER ARGENTERO Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., Div. Rep for Student Council. ' NANCY AXELSON Phorex, Choraliers, Mixed Chorus, Office Aid, Color, Motto, and Gift Committee, Homecoming Game Committee, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Drama Club. PAUL BAILY Drill Platoon, Division Rep., Div. Treasurer, Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Seating and Marching Committee. L PHOEBE BAKKERS Torch Rep., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., German Club, Hall Guard. SUSAN BALDWIN National Honor, Phorex, Graduation Monitor, Program Committee, Pam American Club, Office Secretary, G.A.A., Torch Rep., Division Secretary, Hall Guard. RON BALOGH Football Team, Basketball Team, Track Team, Breakfast Committee, Hall Guard, Diver Training Aide, Gym Aide. NANCY BARCE G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard, History Club. G.A.A., Office Occupation. KATHERINE BARNHART Phorex, G.A.A., Pam'American Club. DOLORES BASTING Hall Guard, Divison Secretary, Color, Motto, and Gift Committee, G.A.A., Girls Chorus. ALEX BEACHAM Diploma Committee, Traclc Team, Key Club, History Club, Hall Guard, Drill Platoon. JANINA BENASH National Honor, Graduation Monitor, Phorex, Student Programming, Student Librar- ian, Div. Secrelary, G.A.A. PAUL BEUGEL Phorex, Lab. Aide, History Club, Hall Guard, JOHN BIESEN Hall Guard. SUSAN BLAAUW Concert Band, Marching Band, National Honor, Color, Motto, and Gift Committee, Courier Staff, Phorex, All City Band, German Club President, F.T.A., Div. Secretary, Quill and Scroll. PAT BOERSMA Gym leaders, G'.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, History Club, Office Secretary, Div. Treasurer. 55 Proving that he was indeed a fine man of Fenger and worthy of the title of valedictorian of the January '67 graduating class, Bruce was Editor-in-Chief of the Courier, ROTC officer, and vice- president of the National Honor Society, a walking example of the slogan, "For Fenger I Will." ,,.'- up if QT? if iw., .xi yy'-8 sv--47 -- ff Wu. F 'Z S:-pf VII? U PHYLLIS BOERSMA Glee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, Courier Rep., Teocher's Aid, Torch Rep., Student Council Rep., Counselor's Aide, Prom Committee, Office Secretary, G.A.A. TAMRA BOROIAN Torch Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Division Secretary, Div. Treasurer, G.A.A. Div. Co-Chair- man. JEAN BOSAK G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., Student Council Rep., Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, History Club, Teachers Aide. LOIS BOURQUE National Honor, Phorex, Marching Band, Concert Band, Graduation Monitor, Pro- gram Committee, Office Secretary, Counselor's Aide, German Club, Drama Club. JAYNE BOVA - Class Treasurer, Vice-President G.A.A. Board, Water Ballet, Mixed Chorus, Letter Girls, Caunselor's Aide, German Club, History Club, Torch Rep., G.A.A. Rep. ROBERT BRANDEL Phorex, Basketball Team, Cross Country, Latin Club, Div. Secretary, Torch Rep., Hall Guard. STEVEN BROWNFIELD Student Council Div, Rep., Hall Guard. SUSAN BUSCH Pl-iorex, Courier Staff, Courier Rep., Lab. Aide, Office Secretary, Div. Secretary, G.A.A., Concert Band, Mixed Chorus, Cheraliers. MICHAEL CAMEO RUSSELL CARRARO Phorex, Homecoming Game Mascot, Basketball Team, Demonstration for Open House, Hall Guard, Golf Team, Latin Club, Bowling Team. RONALD CEDERGREN Hall Guard, History Club. BERNICE CIMAROLI Phorex, Prom Committee Chairman, Glee Club Ensemble, Div. Treasurer, History Club, Courier Rep., P.T,A. Rep., Lab. Aide, G.A.A., Book Room Aide. TERRENCE CLAESSENS National Honor, Phorex, Hall Guard, Student Council Rep., Baseball Team, Football Team, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, German Club, Senior Sing Committee. ROBERT CLOWES Student Council Rep., History Club, Drill Platoon, Student Librarian, Library Club, Lab. Aide., Key Club, Mixed Chorus, Olfice Secretary, Hall Guard. RICHARD COOPER History Club. PAMELA CRADDOCK Pram Committee, G.A.A., Office Secretary, Jr.Red Cross, Hall Guard, History Club, Div. Secretary. JEANNE DAL BIANCO Color, Motto Committee, Division Treasurer, Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., History Club, Girls Chorus, Jr. Red Cross, Senior Sing. WILLIAM DAVIS Toians Hi-y, Tennis Team, Wrestling Team, Hall Guard, History Club. V ,GRADUATING CLASS, JANUARY 1967 ln Fenger's own foyer art gallery hong the "valuable" self por- traits of Debbie Lukso and Sue Kenney, These two January Grads, putting their artistic skills to work, have created many backdrops for stage performances, their ingenuity rewarded by several scholastic awards. i -Q 44.0 56 i 1. -.15 RICHARD DEHEER Cross Country, Hall Guard. LINDA DE YOUNG Glee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, Student Council Rep., F.B.L,, G.A.A., Student Librarian, Torch Rep., Div. Treasurer, Div. Secretary, Glee Club. PAULA DONALDSON G.A.A. JOAN BRABANDT CORRINE DROGEMULLER D.E. Club Vice-President, D.E.C.A., Div. Secretary, Div. Treasurer, Breakfast Com- mittee, G.A.A., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard. ARLENE DVBIS History Club, Torch Representive, Div. Treasurer, Courier Rep, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., Hall Guard. HOLLV DYK Drama Club, Water Ballet Narrator, Mixed Chorus, Office Secretary, Seating and Marching Committee, F.T.A., G.A.A., Div. Treasurer, P.T.A. Rep. ELTON EENIGENBURG Science Fair, National Honor, Phorex, Laboratory Aide, Counselar's Aide, German Club, Hall Guard, THOMAS ENRI Phorex, Swim Team, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, KATHLEEN 'EWBANK Water Ballet, Office Secretary, Pl-iorex, Graduation Monitor, Announcement Com- mittee, G.A.A., Torch Rep. EUGENE FENNEMA History Club. THOMAS FEUTZ Football Team, Wrestling Team, Homecoming Court, Cap and Gown Committee, Student Council Rep., Hall Guard. MARILYN FIKEJS Phorex, Courier Representative, Teachers Aide, G.A.A., History Club, Jr. Red Cross. BRUCE FINEMAN Courier Editarin-Chief, National Honor V.P., Phorex, Basketball Team, Senior Sing Committee, Mixed Chorus, German Club Secretary, Homecoming Game Committee Chairman, Counselor's Aide, Cadet City Corps Staff, Quill and Scroll, LINDA FIORAVANTI History Club, G.A.A. MICHAEL FOLLENWEIDER Seating and Marching Committee, Football Team, D.E. Club. CRAIG FORSTER Hall Guard, Seating and Marching Committee, Bowling Team, Student Council Rep. SHARON GARBE G.A.A., Girls Chorus, History Club. -63 ' ti IX " y i ' i . , - . it J l One ol the most popular seniors of the January '67 class, Tam ,fn Schmitt sets off in another victory for Fenger. 4. are IQ? 4 'T "Active" describes graduate Brenda Weatherspoon. Her time was . T T., T TX if - ' l , HHH I I S-Q -. 'Tiff T- Q:-j contributed to the Courier Staff, Band, and as Secretary of the G.A.A. Board. Brenda was voted 3rd-locly-in-waiting of t Court. t l w-.uv vign- 'S l he May GRADUATING CLASS, JANUARY 196 11 Q.--Q ELLYN GARLAND Water Ballet, Girls Chorus, Swim Help, G.A.A., Courier Rep., Jr. Red Cross, Teach- er's Aide. JOHN GARVIE MYRON GBUR Hall Guard, Breakfast Committee, Football Team, Mixed Chorus, History Club. LUIGI GENTILE GWENDOLYN GLENN Library Club, G,A.A., Library Aide, History Club. LINDA GLORIOSO G.A.A. Rep., Student Librarian, G.A.A., Teacher's Aide, Jr. Red Cross. THOMAS GODBOUT Homecoming Committee, Tennis Team, P.T,A. Rep., Seating and Marching Committee, Hall Guard, Knights Hi-Y President. LINDA GODDARD Student Council Rep.. Glee Club, G.A.A., Girls Chorus, General Committee. ELAINE GOLECKI Office Secretary, Cop and Gown, G.A.A., G,A.A. Representative, Division Repre- sentotive, Hall Guard. HELEN GREENWOOD Color, Motto, and Gift, llB Secretary, G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A., Division Re- presentative, Glee Club Ensemble, Glee Club, Girls Chorus, Hostess Club, Office Secretory, JAMES GRIFFIN Office Secretory, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard. STEPHEN GRIGALUNAS Phorex, Swim Team, Football Team, Bowling Team, Golf Team, Hall Guard, Break- fast Committee. DIANE GUNAKA G.A.A. Representative, Division Secretary, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Gym Leaders, Di- vision Representative, Division Treasurer. KAREN HACKENSON Phorex, Cholaliers, Mixed Chorus Sec.-Treas., Water Ballet, Homecoming Game Committee, Breakfast Chairman, Division Representative, Courier Representative, Laboratory Aide, P.T,A. Representative. JOHN HANSDN Teachers Aide, Book Room Aide, Hall Guard. GAIL HAWLEV Courier Representative, Torch Representative, Hall Guard, Diploma and Announce- ment, G.A.A., History Club. JAMES HEGEDIUS Phorex, History Club, Hall Guard. SHEILA HENDERSON A Color, Motto, and Gift, Girls Chorus, G.A.A., History Club, G.A.A. Representative wh' iff r-:ff 4-3 'sd SUSAN HINKLEY Phorex, Torch Representative, Hall Guard, Division Treasurer, Prom Committee, G.A.A., History Club. ROBERTA HOHMANN Division Representative, Diploma and Announcement, G.A.A. Representative, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A., Hall Guard. DIANE HOLDEN Phorex, Water Ballet, History Club, Science Club, General Committee, Office Sec- retary, Hall Guard, G.A.A. BARBARA HORN National Honor, Phorex, Graduation Monitor, Seating and Marching, G.A,A. Board Secretary, G.A.A., Letter Girls, German Club Veep, Office Secretary, F,I.A. GENE HOWARD GAII. IBURG G.A.A,, Courier Representative, Torch Representative, P,T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, Division Treasurer, Division Representative, Letter Girls, D.E.C,A, BRATIMIR ILIC Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, German Club, History Club. JOHN JACOBSON Wrestling Team, Phorex, German Club. BONNY JAHN Gym Leaders, G.A.A., Drama Club. LINDA .IARVIE Choraliers, Mixed Chorus, ROTC Secretary, Phorex, Breakfast Committee, Office Sec- retary, G.A.A. Representative, Laboratory Aide, Div. Treas., G.A.A. JOYCE JOHNSON G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., History Club, D.E, Club Secretary, Swim Leader. ROSE JOHNSON Rhorex, Laboratory Aide, G.A.A., Drama Club, Jr. Red Cross, Latin Club, F.T.A., Science Club. RUTH KAINRATH Teacher's Aide, G.A.A., Hall Guard. JOYCE KELLEY Laboratory Aide, Drama Club, F.T.A., Pan American Club, History Club, Diploma Committee, G,A.A. JOE KENDALI. Torch Rep., Hall Guard. SUSAN KENNEY Courier Staff, Homecoming Committee, Braktast Committee, Courier Rep,, Division Secretary, Hostess Club, G.A.A. HARRY KING Hall Guard, History Club. MARILYN KJELSTROM AA Class Vicerpresident, G.A.A. Board Treasurer, Phorex, Water Ballet, Titan Torch Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Letter Girls, German Club,.Drama Club. 'Wifi "ry mf" V Y Terry Claessens, tackle of the Mighty '66 Titans, and member of the National Honor Society, was voted Star Senior of the January graduating class. HDS Ali Z5 1 p . ' fd .4- Ili, "EJ 15, -47 1 . ,N if liven? by . I I fr A Q-Ei-'r X-.X XX i l , , l JOHN KLAUS Seating and Marching Committee, Student Council Rep. DOUGLAS KLEIN Homecoming Committee, Torch Rep., Science Fair, German Club, History Club, Hall Guard. CAROL KLOESE KATHLEEN KNUTSEN Courier Stalf, Phorex, CounseIar's Aide, FTA., Laboratory Aide, Latin Club, G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Senior Sing, Quill and Scroll. SANDRA KOTT Titan Torch Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Scroll, Graduation Monitor, Phorex, Diploma Committee, Senior Sing Committee, Division Secretary, ll8 Aide, Glee Club En- semble, Courier Rep., BETTY KOZIOCAS D.E. Club Pres., D.E. Club, Courier Rep., Division Secretory, PTA. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., Division Chairman. JANET KUDELKA Titonettes Capt., National Honor, Phorex, Quill and Scroll, AA Class Secretary, Grad- uation Monitor, Mixed Chorus, Charaliers, Titan Torch, Homecoming Game Com- mittee. JAMES KUYPER Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Torch Rep., Hall Guard. WENDY LAMPLEY DE CLUB President, D.E. Club, Program Comm., G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, 5 Council Rep., Courier Rep., G.A.A. Rep. LAVERN LANE Div. Secretary, G.A.A.. Marching Band, Concert Band, Locker Guard. PASQUELENA LAPHEN Phorex, Courier Rep., Torch Rep., Office Secretary, Program Comm., History Club. ANGELO LARIS ELLEN LARSON Titonettes, Phorex, Student Council Comm. Chairman, Homecoming Game Comm., Glee Club Ensemble, Pan Am Club, Div, Secretary, Hall Guard, Office Secretary, Proaram Committee. VICTORIA LIEBOLD Torch Rep., Swim Leader, G.A.A. STEPHEN LOKOS Cap and Gown Committee, Office Aide, Courier Rep., Torch Rep., PTA. Rep., Club, Science Club, History Club. CAROL LOVELESS P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Hostess Club, History Club, Teacher's Aide, Study Aide, Locker Guard. JOSEPH LUBOVICH Prom Committee, Color, Motto, and Gift Committee, Student Council Div. Rep., Leader. Hall Guard. DEBORAH LUKSO Courier Rep., Girls' Chorus, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. GRADUATING CLASS, JANUARY 1967 A charming member of the Military Ball Court, Sandy Katt '-9 ,-A ..r 'TIF 60 31 SHERRV LUND Water Ballet, Announcements, Office Secretary, Counselors Aide, Student Council Rep., Phorex, History Club, G.A.A. SHARON MAJOWSKI Teacher's Aide, Girls' Chorus, G.A.A., Hall Guard, History Club. ANDREW MALKEWICZ Phorex, Basketball Team, Cross Country, Track Team, Cap and Gown Committee, Hall Guard. VALERIE MARTIN Teacher's Aide, Graduation Monitor, Phorex, Breakfast Committee, Courier Rep., Counselor's Aide, l26 Secretary, History Club, Locker Guard, Division Treasurer, PAUL MARTIS Phorex, History Club. LINDA MATTHEWS Color, Motto, and Gili Conimittee, Division Secretary, Division Treasurer, D.E. Club, Teacher's Aide, Attendance Office Aide, G.A.A. DORIS MAXWELL Phorex, German Club Treasurer, F.T.A., History Club, Color, Motto, and Gilt Com- mittee, Office Secretary, Division Secretary, G.A.A., Hall Guard. JUDITH McCAFFREY Torch Rep., G.A.A., Student Librarian, Office Secretary, Office Aide, Prom Treasurer, G.A.A., Water Ballet, Gym Leaders. JANET McCARTHY G.A.A. Rep., Program Committee, History Club, German Club, P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Counselor's Aide, G.A.A., F.T.A. JOHN McNAUGHTON Phorex, Football Team, Homecoming Committee, Courier Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard. BETTE MEYER Office Secretary, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., German Club, Bowling Team, Hall Guard. BRUCE MITROFF National Honor, Phorex, Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Cross Country, Gym Aide, Driver Education Aide, Courier Rep., Latin Club, Science Club. PRUDENCE MONTANA Division Secretary, Division Treasurer, Prom Committee, Student Council, Office Secretary, History Club, Courier Rep., G.A.A. LINDA MOURGELAS Water Ballet, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Torch Rep., Gym Leaders, History Club. LEE MULLIKIN Choraliers, Mixed Chorus, Swim Team. ROBERT MUNZ Class President, Swim Team Captain, Phorex, Choraliers, Mixecl Chorus, Talent Show, Senior Sing Committee, Courier Rep., Student Council, Laboratory Aide, General Committee. LINDA NANNINGA May Festival, Division Treasurer, Office Secretory, Counselor's Aide, Torch Rep., G.A.A., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Hall Guard. I FRANCYNE NEFOROS History Club, P.T.A. Rep., Office Secretary, G.A.A., Hall Guard, Teacher's Aide, Gym Leaders, Counselor's Aide. 4? PG? 0 'wav' V '49 L CHERRI OSTERLOH QF 4"'h4vQ AT' rg, Au ..l .. 1 , T IG "f.,r"t'lgv:t. , - gif? SQ-is - - . I , 'A'-' ff.-fi 'H ' ty, .. 'T ' I. V f. - i . lfifvtiiw T' Receiving the John Philllp Sousa award for her excellence as part ol the clarinet section of the band, Susan Blauu was also the Activities Editor ofthe Courier. to , ' 4 TX if 'ft I-rr' il . si GRADUATING CLASS, JANUARY 1967 THOMAS NELSON Tennis Team, Key Club, History Club, Hall Guard JOHN NORDGREN Hall Guard, Basketball Team, Swim Team. DAVID OISZEWSKI Football Team, Hall Guard, History Club, Laboratory Aide 1-..,, l G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., History Club. JOSEPH PAGUA Football Team, Homecoming Court, Wrestling Team, Division Treasurer, ROBERT PALAGI History Club, Hall Guard, Pan Amerlcan Club, Science Falr. GISELDA PANOZZO In l Division Secretary, G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A. ""C' ' GEORGE PATTON --p . 6' N Drill Platoon, Color Guard, Student Librarian, Library Club, Drum and Bugle Junior Red Cross, History Club. NANCY PAVNE National Honor, Graduation Monitor, Titan Torch Stott, Office Secretory, Mixed rus, Glee Club, Division Rep., Letter Girls, G.A.A. MICHAEL PEDERSOU Bowling Team, Hall Guard, Laboratory Aide. GLEN PETERSON Hall Guard, Tennis Team, History Club. WAYNE PHILLIPS Drill Platoon, Tennis Team, History Club, Supply Room Aide, Hall Guard. THOMAS PRANKUS Hall Guard, History Club. DAVID PURDY Phorex, Basketball Team, Courier Rep., Lab. Aide, History Club. SHANE ELEABETH REITMAN Titanettes, Water Ballet, Concert Band, Phorex, Torch Rep., Counselor's Aide, coming Committee. KATHRYN REUBSAMEN Phorex, Cap 'and Gown Committee, Student Programming, Mixed Chorus, P Rep., G.A-.A. Rep., G.A.A., History Club. H WILLIAM REYBURN Phorex, National Honor, Bowling Team, A.V. Aide, Courier Rep., History Club, man Orientation. ARTHUR EUGENE ROBINSON National Honor, Phorex, Cadet Clty Corps, Div. Rep., Drill Platoon, Color Counselor's Aide, German Club, Science Club. 'sz '23 RITA 'T ELLEN ROGOWSKI Phorex, Graduation Monitor, Courier Staff, Quill and Scroll, Courier Rep., Home! coming Committee, Divf Rep. Girls' Chorus, Counselor's Aide, Color, Motto, and l Gift Committee. WILLIAM ROSSI JAMES RUSCZYK Hall Guard, History Club. DALE SAMPLE Phorex, Stage Crew, Stage Committee, History Club. JOHN SCHAEFER Phorex, Hall Guard, Program Committee. PAMELA SCHMIDT Cheerleader Co-Captain, Water Ballet, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Homecoming Com- e, Breakfast Committee, Titan Tarch Staff, Quill and Scroll, Hall Guard, Counse- mitte lar's Aide. THOMAS MORT SCHMITT Swim Team, Homecoming Committee, Hall Guard. THOMAS R. SCHMITI' Stage Crew, Phorex, Drill Platoon, Torch Rep., General Committee, Homecoming Committee, Military Ball Committee, Officers Club, German Club, History Club. RICHARD SCHOONVELD Baske RICH Footb tball Team, Diploma Committee, Hall Guard, Pon American Club. SCHROEDER all Team, Hall Guard. HOPE SELBY Torch Staff Associate Editor, Homecoming Court, Mixed Chorus, Future Nurses Gym Leaders, Torch Rep., G.A.A., Student Librarian, History Club. JMAS SELBY Labor Y atory Aide, Hall Guard. SEVERSON Torch Staff, Quill and Scroll, Phorex, Mixed Chorus, Cap and Gown Committee, Board, G.A.A., Letter Girls' Courier Rep., Drama Club. SHAW Team Courier Rep Hall Guard German Club Color and Motto and Gift SHOCKEY Club, G.A.A. GMUND Team, Track, Homecoming Court. SIKMA Team, Swim Team, Counselor's Aide, Hall Guard. SIMONS Honor, Tttanettes Co-Captain, Phorex, Graduation Monitor, Counsolor's Mixed Chorus, Choralters, Letter Girls, Graduation Organist, Division Secretary 63 6'4- Not exactly as Einstein, but on his way, Elton Einenburg, showed great promise, receiving state-wide honors in thefield of science. l ' iii, ' .-r 14 ,. i ., ' i fl' - ' i i i i A gp 4-' 'fs sa GARY SMITH Courier Staff, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Talent Show, Phorex, Tennis Team, Quill and Scroll, Senior Sing Committee, Science Fair. MARLENE SMOLINSKI Color and Motto, Gift Committee, G.A.A., Auto Shop Aide. NANCY STACKHOUSE Color, Motto, and Gift Committee, Mixed Chorus, Courier Rep., Torch Rep., G.A.A., Counselor's Aide. HARRY STEPHENS National Honor, Pharex, Quill and Scroll, Courier Staff, Tennis Team, Counselor's Aide, Courier Rep., Div. Rep., Mixed Chorus. RONALD STERCHELE Baseball Team, Crass Country, Key Club, History Club, Hall Guard, Track Team, ALLAN STONE Marching Band. LUKE STRAIGHT Torch Rep., Hall Guard. JOHN SWEARENGIN History Club. WENDY SURFUS Titanettes, Water Ballet, Phorex, Torch Rep., Office Secretary, G.A.A. DONNA TATERKA Breakfast Committee, Water Ballet, Div. Rep., Mixed Chorus, Pam American Club, Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Courier Rep., G.A.A., Bookroom Aide. GERALD TOIGO D.E. Club, Hall Guard. LINDA TOPPEL G.A.A. PAUL VANCE Bowling Team, German Club, History Club. KAREN VAN FAMERON German Club, Hall Guard, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A. JUDITH VEIR Breakfast Committee, Div. Secretory, Charlaiers, Mixed Chorus, Gym Leaders, Home- coming Committee, History Club, German Club, Drama Club, G.A.A. Rep. CONSTANCE WADIAK Phorex, Div, Rep., Courier Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. FRANCIS WALKER BRENDA WEATHERSPOON Courier Staff, F.T.A., Concert Band, G.A,A. Board, May Festival, Letter Girls, Pam American Club, History Club, Color, Motto, and Gift Committee, Quill and Scroll. GRADUATING CLASS, JANUARY 1967 High notes, high kicks, and high grades all belong to Janet Ku- dellca, captain of the Titanettes, and winner of the Arion Award.- 64 21? l r I ,, n-qi ir LAWRENCE WILLETT Marching Band HAL WURSTER Hall Guard, Pram Committee, Swim Tearn, Div. Rep., Science Fair. MARK ZADNIK Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Pltorex, Div. Rep., Cross Country. ANTONETTE ZANOCCO G.A.A. Rep,, G,A.A., Breakfast Committee, Div. Secretary, Hall Guard, Div. Rep JOANNE ZAWACKI GAA., Hall Guard, History Club. LADORA CUMMINGS Courier Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Div. Secretory, Drama Club, ll, 12- W NOT PICTURED 'iq CATHERINE CURRAN , TEDJAGER , 0 , VICTOR SCHEFF 1' fe -l MARK suLuvAN Drill Platoon, Color Guard, Drum and Bugle Corps, Div. Rep., Torch Rep., Drama Club, History Club, Library Club, Student Librarian, Hull Guard. WILLIAM VANDER VEEN , 1 - 9 flfs. Scenes from ra- K N fill 533. T night... rswxfnsrrzfs .- ' 'S-lies-T vi? lZT,i,e5f 'W' .'.-Q A :R Measuring for caps and gowns brings graduation one step closer, graduation I .J L . Mixed emotions are mirrored on the laces of these graduates. 65 Front Row I: Vicky Rigoni, Linda Chesney, Gary Smith, Bruce Fineman, Sandy Alex, Beth Nelson, Alan Jensen, Lauren Lindeman, Susan Blaau. Row 2: Janet Zemanek, Joanne Klucher, Lynette Kupka, Judy Van Wie, Joyce Sudmeyer, Pat Douglas, Bozena Stodolski, Judy Kalinoski. Row 3: Janice Hazecamp, Hal Stephens, Terry Claessens, Larry Haaksma, John Huchko, Ken l-lultgren, Phil Perrilo, Ron Hoeller, Pat Madden. Seniors: Carlene Anderson Carol Breslin Kathy Bush Richard Carlson Catherine Findorff Mary Nessinger Christine Pariiczuck Frank Rage Bette Unander Noreen Van Kooten Terry Wilson Juniors: Debbie Engel Janice Gintzler Judy Gintzler Marge Kuyper William Van Proyen ax" .xl . .R I , L R I ' i ,. 'i N. ,f J,r"'N1' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY U Scholarship, service, character, and leadership: these are the requirements for membership in the National Honor Society. This honor is nationally recognized as one ofthe highest honors a high school student can receive. To be eli- gible a student must start as a freshman building up service and scholastic ability in order to petition the sponsor, Mrs. McGlave, for membership. Membership is an honor and it is zealously sought by outstanding students of Fenger. Front Row I: Janet Kudelka, Janet Vink, Sherry Mede, Linda Carrapezzo, Marsha Carlson, Cheryl Johanson, Paula Shapiro, Sue Baldwin. Row 2: Robert Zauke, Richard Johnson, Tom McGaghie, Hosmik Siltigarian, Lillie Simmons, Marilyn Chao, Sandra Zubersky, Susan Romkaitis, Barbara Horne, Ja- nina Benash, Nancy Payne, Janice Maliska, Debra DeWitt, Rose King, Barbara Wardell, William Reyburn, Pat Cox, Terry Ferrari. I 'fi 'W f 11 1" r l l : '. . ,Q I I . i. h r I r . 1 'i YBF lill,Q : 1 xv 'R 4 ., .A i ,i. -4 4 Harry Stephens, Bruce Fineman. Standing: Sharlene Sevensen, Su Terry Claessens, William Reyburn, Eugene Robinson, Gary Smith, Bruce Mitrotf, QUILL 8. SCROLL ultimate goal which members of the Titan Torch and staffs seek to attain is membership in the Quill Scroll Society. This national iournalism society recognizes who have attained skills in this fielcl. Outstanding in writing copy, selling ads, and scholastic achievement the requirements for admission. PHOREX teen points in maior subiects, these points are determined both by the grade and the level of the course lhonors or regularl. A very few superior students reach this goal each san Blaaw, Susan Rankailis, Rita Rogowski, San- of their four years at Fenger. Miss Borger in charge of check- 'dra Kotl. Seated: Susan Michael, Katherine Knulsen, Bruce Fineman, Janet Kudelka, Pamela ing gverggeg and membership of fhis Superior group- Schmidl, N' No! Pictured: Hal Stephens, Bruce Hoffman. 6, ' I 7 lv if if is T , .. ,ie , ,ang I Y l .5 ,fu , ', i Af 5, ' " fri- -one r rss ff ' J' - C7 . - Q f . ' A-9 X ' fm ' -. - 'X ' ' ' t .. 7195" -X'-H: ' ff, X - , ts5fl+.ite 1 '4 , , Ga, ,Jf m jfu 'T4iwqxg--,Q-'4,5ggQ3, ' . Fk'e?:, ii? 'tiff Yr.f , T r.. or 4 - . , N,.4, -V-,N Q I Y --' - 3-:A ,H , " . 55' is ff, x ' -Ti 1- S 'T' lm i f" 1r:iff" H , fl 1" ff! 1 N' '-.I:'!A"'l 53 ,E 1 -' ,T kill i ml P ' -ie., f T Q i A ,r 1 X , Q!!! iii Bl .ji ' Li- jf: '5:,ff.,:,y, "-.7 r W ' lb ia? ul- llllt ll - El is ,iff " 57- ' uv TS 1 i " P , . . , 5 J: ' l '-fear? El! .sl .T - 1 mfg . lu ss .L-:fini iw- as .Jill .4 ire, L: Lag,- Excellence in scholarship at Fenger is recognized by member- ship in Phorex. To be eligible a student must accumulate four- 1 JANUARY STAGE COMMITTEE JANUARY GIFT COMMITTEE D019 Svmple. Sheilv Hefide-'S0n.ThOmf1s Scl1miH,Diune EIOICISU- Michael Cameo, Marlene Smolinslci, Dolores Basiing, Brenda Welherspoon, Wil- Not Picluredz Nancy Axelson, Luigi Genlile, lgum Show- Nal Picluredz Donna Simons, Nancy Slackhouse l X v I i I JANUARY ANNOUNCEMENT EOMMWTEE JANUARY COLOR AND MONO COMMIUEE Sherry Lund, Susan Busch, Ellen Larson, Anioinelte Zonocco, Joyce Kelley, Kalli- Undo Mathews RMU Rogowski Susan BIUOUW lemme Dol Bianco Ieen Ewbonk' Noi Pictured: Helen Greenwood. Noi Pictured: Belly Koziacas " ri f A JANUARY SENIOR SING COMMITTEE JANUARY PROGRAM COMMITTEE Sealed: Elaine Goleclci, Jayne Bova, Marilyn Kielslrom, Barbara I-lorne, Sandro Susan Baldwin, Janel McCarthy, Lois Bourque, Pasquelena Laphen, John Schaefer. Kali, Susan Baldwin, Janet Kudelka, Noi Pictured: Wendy Lampley Sianding: Gary Smilh, Paul Bailey, Bruce Fineman, Roberi Brandel, Terrence Claessens, John McNaugl1Ion, Roberi Munz. ,,,,,, ,,,,- . - ,P-A -I L-me , 1 JANUARY BREAKFAST cOMMmEE JANUARY PROM COMMITTEE ' Sealed: Sue Kenney, Valerie Marien, Carol Klause, Corrine Drogmuller, Pamela Sealed: Bernice Cimeroli, Phyllis Baersema, Susan Hinkly, Pam Cracldock, Judy Schmidt' Kathy Arenosl Donna 'foierkuh McCaffrey, Prudence Manlanci. Siancling: Ron Balougli, Myron Geibur, Sieve Gi igilunas. Sfcmding: HCI WUVSIQV. JOSEPIT EUPPVISIJ' Not Pictured. Karen l-Iockenscn, LindaJarvie,Judir1i Veir. Noi Piclured: MGVIIYVW Klelslfom- I SENIOR COMMITTEES Senior Committees have the hectic task of transforming vague ideas into realities. The prom, senior breakfast, tickets, pro- grams, and caps and gowns are arranged, ordered, and pur- chased bythe committees. Each committee is under the super- vision of the 4A division teachers and the class sponsors, Mrs. Akers and Mr. Hoster. fe- JANUARY COMMITTEES January Prom, Harry Hayes, Seating and Marching Commit- tee, Miss Madigan, Program Committee, Miss Dziekan, Break- fast Committee, Mrs. Smith, Diploma and Announcement Com- mittee, Miss O'Rourke, Cap and Gown Committee, Miss Busch, Stage, Decoration, Announcement, Color and Motto, and Gift Committees were headed by Mr. Brewer. JANUARY DIPLOMA COMMITTEE Gail Hawley, Ramona Alrnaguer, Roberta Hahmann, Alex Beacham, Sandy Kott, Richard Schaanveld. Not Pictured: Bette Meyer ,li is I JANUARY CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Stephen Lokos, Gwendolyn Glenn. Not Pictured: Tom Feutz, Elaine Golecki, Kathryn Reubsarnen, Sharlene Seversen. JANUARY SEATING AND MARCHING COMMITTEE John Klaus, Paul Bailey, Barbara Horn, Michael Follenweider, Craig Forster. Not Pictured: Holly Dyk, Thomas Goclbout. JUNE COMMITTEES Announcement Committee, Mr. Fahey and Miss Wiborg, Cap and Gown Committee, Mr. Todd and Miss Emich, Program Committee, Mrs. Evins, and Miss Jenkins, Color, Motto, Gift, and Speeches Committee, Mr. Trout and Mr. Schmidt, Ticket Committee, Mr. Mclntosh and Mr. Stiller, Seating and March- ing Committee, Mrs. Derorier, Miss Madigan and Mr. Trout, Senior Breakfast Committee, Mrs. O'Brien and Mrs. Wagner, Diploma Committee, Mr. Bell, Mr. Link and Mr. Tribbia, Stage Committee, Mrs. Wall and Miss Burke. v 5 eil 0 , Ln 5 lr-D I I I I 4 ll 37-I - . A r ,, r 4 . F' I 1 JUNE DIPLOMA COMMITTEE JUNE SEAHNG AND MARcHiNc committee Row I: l5e0'edl Sandro Alex' Pol Madden' Susan Evans' Row T: lSeatedl Terry Matlock, Darlene Lesnink, Julie Hughes, Debbie Hancock, Row 2: Ronnie Merlaugh' Aflcno Zobof' Haolhu Rqsle' Laurie Undeman' Darlene Marcia Carlson, Linnea Montgomery, Jeannie Pavalacka, Ursula Weis, Jacqueline Anderson Kerr. Row 2: Margene Feutz, Virginia Reichow, Christine Malinowski, John Tharp, Gary Land, Douglas Maziur, Susan Himler, .loan McGinley, Lynne Houstein. Not Pictured: Lowell Bouck, Dennis Goode, Michele Havron, Joy Zimmer. 69 Ins-"z" , 1' JUNE BREAKFAST COMMITTEE Row 'I: lSeatedJ Cindy Swick, Moe Gaynor, Linda Sapienza, Judy Masco, Rose- mary Pocewicz, Rose Marie Panozzo, Sara Rose, Mikki Silfugarian, Lindo Cara- pezza. Row 2: Sharon Dykton, Pam Flaggert, Rae Anthony, Mary Gasharn, Dole Serig, Clilf Van Dyke, Fran Pavilanis, Simone Simonian, Sylvia I-tarvey, Rosalyn With- ers. Not Pictured: Linda Ford, JoAnn Gaines, Ken Janes, Camille Sallee, Janet Stew- art. 01: rf-KV' JUNE CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Row T: ISeatedl Susan McEwan, Susan Geigner, Betty Rigg, JoAnn Chapas, Nan- cy Stark, Janice Hazekamp, Carol Janes. Row 2: Ann Mysokowski, Sharon Chresi, Douglas Olsen, John McCIenahan, Ja- seph Demarchi, Robert lgnasak, Sharon Luchansky, Ellen Laphen, Lynette Kupka, Judy Pinto. Not Pictured: Judy Kalinowski, Eleanor Magalski, Zachary Rarney, Dewey Ward, Murilrene Ward. JUNE STAGE COMMITTEE Row I: ISeatedl Shirley Hoffman, Lois Derrico, Pattilynn Tarver, Kendra Bodnar, Linda Milton, Gloria Lipka, Kim Madison, Laura Sparrey, Phoebe Hansen. Row 2: Lloyd Betourney, Bernard Oglietti, Michael I-Iodgen, Rich Johnson, Donny Tatar, George Welch, Wayne Missaggia, Susan Anne Rarikaitis, Nikki Crooker, Bernet POYIKIIWS. Not Pictured: Marcia Pontolo I .U i,. l JUNE ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE Row I: ISeatedI Sue Baciewicz, Leona Michal, Janet Vink, Judith Clark, Mary TriO- cani, Lynette Peters, Lynn Petersen. Row 2: Margie Schicht, Pat Dempsey, Sandra Wantuch, Roy Cooney, Georgette Harris, Linda Latiak, Jimmy Iacubino, Sharon Straiski, Nat Pictured: Laura Hickey, Lillie Simmons. I I I4 U Q - JUNE PROM COMMITTEE JUNE COLOR, MOTTO, GIFT COMMITTEE Row I: lSeatedT Gail Krapil, Linda Larson, Larry Allen, Carolyn Petrovich, Jim Row 'l: ISeatedT Beth Nelson, Susan Gleason, Pammy Velo, Barbara Cavallo, Mandros, Andy Brncick, Bill Andranis, Doug Munz, Bill BUCLIIGV. Laurie Anderson, Karen Rebravich, Linda Burneisky, Joan Kramer, Sherry Mede. Row 2: Sandro Belevich, Roseann Treccani, Arlene Johnson, Joyce Kreczmer. LUV- Row 2: Janet Sikora, Susan Groot, Charlene Jones, Karen Bruining, Terry Ferrari, SIIG CIIIGFO, FFSCI I-OVlf1Qf0S5. Luffy DFG'-15, GUVY Lesniewski. LDV'-ell Omer FUY9 Mark Sullivan, Barbara Easoz, Joanne Klucher, Jeanette Wallman, Vivian Ruby, Wright, Iris Rink, Nella Picollin. Not Pictured: Frank Hunt, James Galligan. Jackie Moran. Not Pictured: Judith Kauffman, Deborah Ryan 3716. L 11. JUNE TICKET COMMITTEE Row T: ISeatedI-Vivian Strid, Sharon Stiegman, Sandra Gay, Linda Chesney, Bonnie Mawhinney, Susan Fennema, Janet Zernanek. Row 2: Martita McKee, Joe Molnar, Jimmy Allen, John Huchko, Mike lngersal, Richard Johnson, Tom McGaghie, Ned Champlain, Marilyn Chao. Nat Pictured: Debra DeWitt, Frank Freirnuth, Irene Godinez, Robert Gain, Glen Effertz, Frank Rago, Carol Maus. JUNE PROGRAM COMMITTEE Row T: ISeatedT Catherine Findorii, Pat Gardner, Janice Vedeen, Joyce Sud- meyer, Sandra Zubersky, Kathy Bush, Pam Secrest, Donna Rea, Sandra Suther- Row 2: Jean Westwater, Bob Woicik, Paul Dyrek, Paul Pelraitis, Ronald l'loeller, Deborah Elliott, Helen Post, Jean Giudice, Janet Ciemny, Linda Johnson. Not Pictured: Carol Potter. , 4 T CLASS OF JUN 1967 Closs Sponsor, Mr. Phillip Hosler. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Kneeling: Rose Ann Trecccmi, Secrelcryg Joyce Suclrneyer, Treos- urer, Slunding: John Puroszeolm, Vice-Presidenlg Pol Cox, President. The hooruys and boos lhol once echoed lhroughoul Senior Hall will long be remembered by all groducles. l "WE WHO STEP FORWARD LOOK TOWARD THE FUTURE." u U Q 1. 1 -. e v 1. at: 1 is ,,,., ,.,--.-",,...4 ':.:.:i.- -ITLH-'Q--,ff ---TM -,-- --A-m b-+-- 5311--E-fu g-5-if ------W-+3-M 'WM 7 5 -- 1' ...H or -of -1 1-A v. '- Nd 1 -' 51: vg of V -A nf: ' .2-, V 71 Riiilfl T "H: li T T 1. 5? 'ev-jp .L ., . . -of GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 R l.. . to at -1 L' "ALL L. cl RAYMOND ABBE Wrestling Team, Baseball Team. CATHY ADENT G.A.A. Representative, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Teacher's Aide, G.A.A. DIANE ADZGOWSKI Torch Representative, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Girls Chorus, History Club. SANDRA ALEX National Honor Society President, Phorex, Courier Staff, Diploma Committee, Grad- uation Monitor, Office Secretary, Division Secretary, Division Treasurer, F.T.A., G,A.A., Quill and Scroll. ROBERT ALLAN Phorex, Rifle Team, Color Guard, Math Club, Courier Representative, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Drill Platoon. JAMES ALLEN Swim Team, Ticket Committee, German Club, Hall Guard. LAWRENCE ALLEN Swim Team, Prom Committee, Concert Band, Marching Band, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Etruscans Hi-Y. GARY AMBROSE Torch Representative, Hall Guard, Division Treasurer, Baseball Team, Golf Team, German Club. DARLENE ANDERSON Phorex, Diploma Committee, Student LLl,:....an, Library Club Vice-President, Pan American Club, Teacher's Aide, G.A.A., National Honor Society. DAVID ANDERSON Wrestling Team, Cross Country, Hall Guard. LAURIE ANDERSON Titanettes, Homecoming Committee, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Student Council Committee Chairman, Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Counselor's Aide, Office Secretary, Mixed Chorus. WILUAM ANDRONIS Prom Committee, Homecoming Court, Hall Guard. RAE ANTHONY Courier Staff, G.A.A. Board, Phorex, Latin Club, Letter Girls, Gym Leaders, Science Fair, Breakfast Committee, Drama Club, Quill and Scroll. RICHARD BABCOCK Laboratory Aide, Wrestling Team, Football Team. ROSE ANN BACH Phorex, Courier Representative, Division Secretary, Laboratory Aide, Pan American Club, G.A.A. LYNDA BACKLUND G.A.A., Girls Chorus, Pan American Club. SUE ANN BACIEWICZ Division Treasurer, Announcement Committee, G.A.A., G.A.A. Representative, P.T.A. Representative, French Club, History Club, Hall Guard. GEORGENE BAKER Teacher's Aide, G.A.A. :si- xl -ii' BAUCE Presadent, Hall Guard, History Club. BARISAS Torch Representative, Latin Club, History Club, 0.0. Club, Drama Club, Business Leaders, Glee Club, G.A.A. BARRAZA Guard. BARTHOLOMEW Hall Guard BECK BEDNARCZVK Team. BEER Secretary, G.A.A. BELAVICH Committee, Division Secretary, Pbarex, Office Secretary, G.A.A. Representa- G.A.A., May Festival. BERGUNDER Guard, G.A.A., Teacher's'Aide BERKHEISER German Club, G.A.A. BETHMANN Team, Football Team, Hall Guard, TrackTeam, Library Club. BETOURNEY udent Council Committee Chairman, Student Council Representative, Counselors ide, Laboratory Aide, Student Librarian, Torch Representatives, Latin Club, Stage ammiitee. ERONICA Bll.lNSKl .A.A., Hall Guard. AYNE BINATTO all Guard, Wrestling Team Mgr., Football Team Mgr. RBARA BIRO omecoming Game Committee, Counselor's Aide, Office Secretary, Laboratory Aide, ym Leaders, P.T.A. Representative, Latin Club, G.A.A., May Festival. NICE BLABAS ffice Secretary, G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A., Hall Guard, History Club. NDA BLACKBURN T.A., Glee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, Hall Guard, G.A.A. RBARA BLASZAK orex, History Club, Future Business Leaders, G.A.A., May Festival. Courier's Editor-in-Chief, Ken Hultgren, was an all round Con- tributor ta the school, active in football, band, and National Hon' or Society. l - 'A -A 1777.11 girl :L At fi A 1' 11-. ' 1- P--T I 1 ., ,.. V, , is 1 - 'N' All 43 . 2:31,-if. 'gg--:.-1 , .zulu 'QQ' , F4 L ,- 1 gr 7 ' FLA i' H: ,."?i":" L4 i 1 ' - l,ii'fgf' 2 '2F'i:fv- . 'P f YE: K. , it-T T .s T ill if Q 'U 0 Yi. , . Vi ' ii l ' i N l i T l li I i U ,T - r V i T v' s , jg fi jiri.. ' 'S , f AMT 4' i at A Nj' is ,,3HM'Z. if it, Ev t H i 5.0.13 t!g'r'f.'4'l 5:31 v' i L :if X. if X 1' , , .. ,Rm , . A STEPHEN BLIZNIAK Courier Representative, Hall Guard. KENDRA BODNAR - Mixed Chorus, Holl Guard, G.A.A., Stage Committee. MARY .IANE BONAGURO Cheerleader, Announcement Committee, G.A.A., Torch Representative, Latin Club , Student Council Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Lettergirls, Counselor's Aide 4 Phorex. LYNN BONET G.A.A., G.A.A. Representative. CYNTHIA BORGAARD Titanettes, Phorex, G.A.A., Letter Girls, Gym Office Secretory, Teacher's Aide, Di vision Secretary, Hostess Club. CARY BORISY Football Team, Track Team. RAYMOND BORNER Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard. BRUNO BOTTARELLI French Club, Key Club, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Cor Design Award. JOAN BOUCK P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A., Future Business Leaders. LOWELI. BOUCK Football Team, Gym Aide, Seating and Marching Committee. SCOTT BOVENKERK Wrestling Team, Baseball Team, Hall Guard, Drill Plotton, Drum and Bugle Corps LUCIEN BOYADJIAN Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus, Key Club Secretary, Latin Club f dent, Library Club Secretary. DOUGLAS BOZA Bowling Team, Hall Guard, EDWIN BRAASCH Phorex, Baseball Team, Division President, Torch Represenative, Book Room Hall Guard, Pan American Club President, CAROL BRESLIN Cheerleader, Phorex, Homecoming Committee, French Club, Student Council resentative, Counselor's Aide, Torch Representative. G.A.A., National Honor ANDREW BRNCICK Hall Guard, Prom Committee, Football Team, Student Council Representative coming Committee. JERRY BRUCER Football Team, Homecoming Court, KAREN BRUINING Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Color Motto, Gift Committee, Future Business L t G,A,A. Representative, Hall Guard, G.A:A. GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 T'-"Y auf' ,4 '-9 WA OMAS BRUINING oncert Band, Marching Band. -. , EBORAH BRUNER oncert Band, Marching Band, Latin Club, History Club, Office Secretary, G.A.A., tan Torch Stall. ILLIAM BUCHLER omecoming Committee, Prom Committee, Track Team, Cross Country, Phorex, Titan rch Staff, Torch Representative,Laboratory Aide, Office Aide, Hall Guard. SEPH BUCK udent Librarian, Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus, Key Club, Library Club. 'CVEY BUCKNER Guard. iRD BUGNER Club, Hall Guard. BURNETSKY Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, Glee Club, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, G.A.A., Torch Staff, French Club. BUSH Counselor's Aide, Laboratory Aide, Program Committee, F.T.A., Drama Club, History Club, Hall Guard, G.A.A., National Honor Society. BUTKA ling Team, Hall Guard. CANNON Club, Torch Representative, Library Club, Hall Guard, Student Librarian, Treasurer. CARAPEZZA Honor Society, Phorex, Twirlers, Water Ballet, Homecoming Committee, Committee, French Club, G.A.A., Choraliers, Mixed Chorus. CARLIG Team, Student Council Representative, Homecoming Committee, French Hall Guard. CARISON Honor Society, Phorex, Mixed Chorus Vice President, Choraliers, Seating Marching Committee, Student Council Representative, Counselor's Aide, G.A.A. F,l.A., G.A.A. CARLSON Student Council Committee Chairman, Concert Band, Marching Band, Sci- Fair, Latin Club, Grade Averaging, National Honor Society. T CARTER Representative, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Seating and Marching Com- Bosketball Team, Cross Country, Student Council Representative, Homecoming Student Council Committee Chairman. CASCHETTA Secretary, Gym Leaders President, History Club, G.A.A. Representative, A.A., Hall Guard, Counselor's Aide, Future Business Leaders. RBARA CAVALLO an Torch Staff, Torch Representative, Letter Girls, G.A,A., Gym Aide, Student rarian, Division Treasurer, Library Club, History Club. AN CHALFANT sketboll Team, Hall Guard. li- C .Q-, A 1 ti .cg ,. yt V 'ff I-is ,-A C? Z' 17,2 6 t A leader in many fields, Jim lacubino is Student Council Presie dent and Layout Editor of the Courier, l ss. it '- I, '-QJ lT,:v' 'v' .- -T iii. - : wi 1- ,rv ifeiiiv.. " tas- mfmiii 'I' Eivf I-, x 55,15 , :- ' , ' T I V , I . . gm i it , " , gs S ' ,. 1 ,V .. J I T I .1 -1- J 1 l 1. 'ff GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 Xe-nr 3 W-9 NED CHAMPLAIN Science Fair, German Club, Ticket Committee. MARILYN CHAO National Honor Society, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Office Secretary, Division urer, Teacher's Aide, Water Ballet, Ticket Committee, Gym Aide, Drama Club Festival. .IOANNE CHAPAS Phorex, Cap and Gown Committee, College Day Aide, Office Secretary, tory Aide, History Club, G.A.A. ROY CHAPMAN LINDA CHESNEY National Honor Society, Phorex, Graduation Monitor, Ticket Committee, Board, Water Ballet, Program Office, Swim Help, F.T,A., Office Secretary. LORETTA CHIARO Phorex, Titanetles, Prom Committee, Courier Representative, Girls Chorus, Council Representative, G.A.A., Counselor's Aide, P.T.A. Representative, BARBARA CHISAUSKY Office Secretory, G.A.A., Laboratory Aide. SHARON CHREST Pl-uorex, Cap and Gown Committee, Girls Chorus, Hall Guard. DENNIS CHRISTENSON Hall Guard, Drama Club, Stage Crew, Science Fair. JANET CIEMNY Mixed Chorus, Program Committee, G.A.A., History Club, Drama Club, Latin F.T.A., Laboratory Aide, Hail Guard. JUDITH CLARK Division Treasurer, Announcement Committee, G.A.A. MICHAEL CCHS Baseball Team, Torch Representative. WILLIAM CONNER Swim Team, Golf Team, Teacl-ier's Aide, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Student cil Representative. RICHARD COOK Hall Guard. RAYMOND COONEY Ptiorex, Announcement Committee, Football Team, Basketball Team. EDWARD CORRIGAN Titan Torch Staff, Key Club, Tennis Team, Cross Country, Wrestling Team, Golf Hall Guard. DAVID COSTA JUDITH COSTELLO G.A.A., Future Business Leaders, History Club, Girls Chorus, Art Fair, l-la Division Secretary, P.T.A. Representative. 76 I 192' .,-3' .,-1 .4-f . -- 1?-tg, 'll 6.13: w' 'Z fx 1 .Q -v L' A X' T Q R 4 tl A J , Q fs., rr. ,l 'l T 1-'fc ., W 1 3' 'tr-if ' 1' SEK' e COX lass President, National Honor Society, Pborex, Football Team, Baseball Team, ok Room Aide. CHARD CRACHY ll Guard, Library Club. EORGE CRANE Il Guard. MES CRINCE NDRA CRISMAN .A.A., History Club, Homecoming Court. IKKI CROOKER orex, Titan Torch Staff, Student Council Representative, Stage Committee, Letter irls, Courier Representative, Division President, Teacl1er's Aide, Division Secre- ry, G.A.A. SSANDRA CULLINS lee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus. Y CUSTER boratary Aide, Hall Guard, Basketball Team. NTHONY CZAJA urier Representative, Hall Guard. ANCV CZARNECKI :vision Treasurer, 0.0. Club Pbarex, G.A.A., Student Council Representative, Con- rt Band, Supply Room Aide, Office Secretary, Drama Club, Latin Club. RISTINE CZERWINSKI ll Guard, G.A.A, UL DABROWSKI story Club, Student Council Representative, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard. ONALD DAHLBERG SEPH DANGELO ok Room Aide. ROL DAVIS lee Club Ensemble, Girls Cl1orus,Glee Club, G.A.A., German Club. ILSON DAWES MES DE ARMOND orex, Laboratory Aide, Baseball Team THY DE BOER tanettes, Titan Torch Stott, Student Council Representative, Letter Girls, G.A.A. zpresentative, P.T.A. Representative, Hostess Club, Gym Leaders, Girls Chorus, uill and Scroll. 77 N : '-1 'i Dorothy Nickla put her varied talents to good use as Student Council Veep, GAA Board member, and a Cbaralier. l. t l mu- ? V J Hrtttt 1, I avi. -4-J TE? 78 PAUL DE LUCA Titan Torch Staff, Concert Band, Marching Band, Counselor's Aide, Courier Repre- sentative, Hall Guard, Labaratary Aide, Drum and Bugle Corps, Science Fair. JOSEPH DE MARCHI Baseball Team, Cap and Gown Committee, Football Team, Bowling Team, Library Club, Division Treasurer, Audio Visual Aide, Hall Guard. PATRICIA DEMPSEY Counselor's Aide, Laboratory Aide, Office Secretary, Division Vice President, An nauncement Committee, Teacher's Aide. v-4 LOIS DERRICO Division Secretary, Stage Committee, P.T.A. Representative, Torch Representative Future Business Leaders, Mixed Chorus, Hall Guard, G.A.A. DIANE DESSECKER Mixed Chorus, Charaliers, Gym Office Aide, G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A., Fu ture Business Leaders. CHERYL DE VRIES Cheerleader Captain, Homecoming Court, Phorex, Letter Girls, Water Ballet Aide Torch Representative, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A., Latin Club, Counselar's Aide JOHN DEWEY DEBRA DE WITI' G.A.A. Board, National Honor Society, Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Ticket Committee n Office Secretary, Laboratory Aide, Counselar's Aide, Letter Girls, G.A.A., Quill ana t Scroll. ',iv DIANE DICOSOLA i V G.A.A., Hall Guard, G.A,A. Representative. 1 1 SHERRV DIENES Hall Guard, G.A.A., History Club. BRENDOLYN DIXON G.A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, Color Motto, Gift Committee, G,A.A., Glen Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, F.T.A., Pan American Club, History Club. DONALD DODSON we li SIDNEY DONALDSON WAVNE DOORNBOS BARBARA DORIGAN Mixed Chorus, Marching Band, Concert Band, Water Ballet, G.A.A. Laboratory Hall Guard. PATRICIA DOUGLAS Titanettes, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, National Honor Society, Graduation IN Pharex, Division Treasurer, Courier Representative, Drama Club, Student LiL SANDRA DOWNEY Student Council Representative, DE. Club, G.A.A., D,E, Club Social Con' LARRY DRAUS Football Team, Wrestling Team, Prom Committee, Hall Guard. GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 ,wx 'R nl T 'S' sax ty 'R -ur 3,- c. .I ' " . 'M ' K N, te. ,.,,1,.1Y, ,- el. -Alf it t l RBARA DROLENGA .A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Counselor's Aide, Office Secretary, A.A., Vice President Hostess Club, D.E. Club. LLIAM DUFFY irching Band, Concert Band, D.E. Club Secretary. -JNALD DUNN ll Guard, Drum and Bugle Corps, Teacher's Aide. DNALD DYKSTRA iurier Representative, Hall Guard, Torch Representative. ARON DYKTON A.A. Representative, Torch Representative, Breakfast Committee, G.A.A., Office retary, Hall Guard, History Club. UL DYREK gram Committee, Hall Guard, History Club, Student Librarian. nRBARA EASOZ ama Club, Titan Torch Staff, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Student Council Rep- entative, Office Secretary, Latin Club, Counselor's Aide, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., .A. AN ECKBERG ll Guard, Division Treasurer, Drum and Bugle Corps. YMOND EENIGENBURG estling Team, Hall Guard. EN EFFERTZ ANE EKINDJIAN urier Representative, Mixed Chorus, French Club, Library Club, History Club, dent Librarian, G.A.A., Torch Representative, 0.0. Club. NCY ELLINWOOD A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, G.A.A., D.E. Secretary. BORAH ELLIOTT orex, Program Committee, Student Council Representative, Division Secretary nch Club, Office Secretary, Counselor's Aide, G.A,A. ADYS ELZY A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, Counselor's Aide, Girl's Chorus, G.A,A. UIS ERFFMEYER eball' Team, Student Council Representative, Wrestling Team, Hall Guard, Cross untry, History Club, Pan American Club. VID ERICKSON rex, Mixed Chorus, Pan American Club. NDRA ERNST ch Representative, Hall Guard, Teacher's Aide, G.A.A. SAN EVANS rex, Diploma Committee, G.A.A., Courier Representative, History Club, Divi n Secretary, Hall Guard. - 1 CR QD qui? -.5 sb ...- N257 ' e i i l t -.4 rf? qt . H73 . 31. 5,5 ir ff": ' 'fifjQL,t.Qb .1 75351, .I ' ,, 1 '5:f.j"f1 i ' V is .Ef'1'1,"f55 -i fl ' -r-'17 'ij '27 GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 EDWARD EVERS KATHLEEN FALCO Girls Chorus, Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Torch Representative, Student brorion, Division Secretary, Division Treasurer, Library Club, History Club, JOHN FARAGOI ANNETTE FARMANS Titan Torch Staff, Choraliers, Homecoming Court, Mixed Chorus, Division Se Drama Club, French Club, Laboratory Aide, P.T,A. Representative, G.A.A. PHILIP FARON Hall Guard, Student Council Representative. SUSAN FENNEMA Charoliers, Mixed Chorus, Ticket Committee, G.A.A., Future Nurses. TERRY FARRARI Football Team, Track Team, National Honor Society Treasurer, Phorex, Concert Ban Student Council Representative, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Teacher's Aide, MARGENE FEUTZ H G.A.A. Board Secretory, Water Ballet, Letter Girls Vice President, Student Count Representative, Seating and Marching Committeef Counselor's Aide, Mixed Chorcl Latin Club, Hostess Club, G.A.A., May Festival. ROGER FIEGEL D.E. Club President. SUZANNE FILEWICZ Division Secretary, Torch Representative, PTA. Representative, G.A.A. Represe tative, Teacher's Aide. CATHERINE FINDORFF Student Council Representative, Student Librarian, Program Committee, Library CIL Secretary, F.T.A., G,A.A., National Honor Society, PAMELA FLAGGERT Water Ballet, Breakfast Committee, G.A,A., Courier Representative, Division Secr tary, Girls Chorus, Student Council Representative. JUDITH FLICK Titan Torch Staff, Division Secretory, Seating and Marching Committee, Hall Guar G.A.A. JOSEPH FLOREK Student Council Treasurer, Phorex, Homecoming Committee, Track Team, Cross Cou try, Division Treasurer, P.T.A. Representative, Hall Guard, Drama Club. DANIEL FOLLENWEIDER Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Baseball Team, Football Tearn. LINDA FORD ' Pan American Club, Marching Band, Concert Bond, Gym Leaders, Breakfast Cor mittee, G.A.A,, P.T.A. Representative, Teacher's Aide, History Club. ' PAUL FORSGREN Hall Guard, Marching Band, Concert Band. LYLE FORSTER Bowling Team. 80 ' I Class Presndent and National Honor veep Pot Cox ns also on outstcndung two teom athlete. 1 if ' 21? wg? .y -lil lf l 'ESF' 'ii' if-A fn agar A 'fii it SANDRA GAY Mixed Chorus, Counselor's Aide, Ticket Committee, Student Librarian, Library Club, P.T.A. Representative, Courier Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Laboratory Aide, G.A.A. MAURINE GAYNOR Titan Torch Staff, Water Ballet, Torch Representative, P.T.A. Representative, Break- fast Committee, Mixed Chorus, History Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard. SUSAN GEIGNER Counselor's Aide, Division Secretary, Cap and Gown Committee, G.A.A., P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Office Secretory. MARGARET GENER G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A., l.C.E. Club, Girls Chorus, Hall Guard. THOMAS GEREZ Swim Team, Hall Guard, Laboratory Aide. SUSAN GHINOI Counselor's Aide, Division Treasurer, G.A.A. BARBARA GIAMMARIO G.A.A., Student Council Representative, History Club. WILLIAM GIESE Hall Guard, Track Team. DORTHEA GILBERT Drama Club, Pan American Club, Division Secretary, G.A.A. Representative, Stu- dent Librarian, Courier Representative, Girls Chorus, G.A.A. Gym Office Aide, Gym Leaders. JEAN GIUDICE Program Committee, G.A,A,, Gym Leaders, Glee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, German Club, History Club. SUSAN GLEASON G.A.A., G.A.A. Representative, Caunselar's Aide, Library Club, History Club, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Courier Representative, Student Librarian, Office Secretary, Division Secretary. IRENE GODINEZ P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Student Librarian, G.A.A., Library Club. RICHARD GODINEZ Hall Guard EDWARD GOEBIG Wrestling Team. DONNA GOLDIE Gym Leaders, Counselor's Aide, Student Council Representative, Laboratory Aide P.T.A. Representative, French Club, Courier Representative. ABRAHAM GOMEZ Wrestling Team. LINDA GONZALES Office Secretar P.l' A. Re resentative, Jr Red Cross, Student Librarian, Girls Chor Y. - P - us, Pan American Club, Library Club, G.A.A., Gym Leaders, Hall Guard. DENNIS GOODE Seating and Marching Committee, Latin Club, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard. GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 Fu . .Ni . J .J MARY GOSHORN Water Ballet, Breakfast Committee, Gym Leaders, Student Librarian, G.A.A. Rep- resentative, G.A.A,, Latin Club, Library Club, History Club, Division Secretary. RONALD GRAEFEN Hall Guard, Baseball Team. GAIL GRANTNER G.A.A. GWEN GRANTNER G.A.A. LINDA GRATZ Plworex, Girls Chorus, G.A.A., Drama Club, Laboratory Aide. JUDITH GREENE G.A.A. .ICHN GRlCUS Hall Guard. ALONZO GRISSETTE SUSAN GROAT Pbarex, Science Fair, G.A.A. Representative, Laboratory Aide, Caunselar's Aide, FTA. Library Club, Calor, Malia, and Gift Committee, G.A.A. THOMAS GROSS g Bowling Team, Hall Guard, Football Team. CHERYL GUSTAFSON G.A.A., Girls Chorus. LAWRENCE GUTTMAN Pharex Counselor's Aide Laboratar Aide Homecoming Court Mixed Chorus, Char- , t Y 1 1 aliers, Courier Rep., Hall Guard, Teacher's Aide, Grade Averaging. LAWRENCE HAAKSMA National Honor Society, Pbarex, Rensselaer Math and Science Award, Grade Av- eraging, Counselor's Aide, Mixed Chorus, History Club, Latin Club, Bowling Team MARSHA HAIR Division Secretory, G,A.A., Teachers Aide, Swim Help. GLORIA HAJIK G.A.A. SARKIS HALAJIAN . Concert Band, Marching Band, Mixed Chorus, Clworaliers, Library Club President, Student Council Representative, AV Room Aide, Division Treasurer, Laboratory Aide, History Club. JAMES HAMPTON Hall Guard, Pan American Club, Cadet City Corps. DEBORAH HANCOCK Pharex, Seating and Marching Committee, Courier Representative, Division Sec- retory, Student Librarian, Laboratory Aide, G.A.A., F.T.A., Hostess Club, Library Club. 4qhs 3 .-Y FH and -of -If l i la JI 57" ...ni 'J' 1.4 t, l .f-2 wi ,lil X .- ., , . R . E . ' , ,-1 .gd . 'ii ' 1 ,M . K L i F' Y' GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 -J all 1 'T -A .F PETER HANF Choraliers, Mixed Chorus, Library Club, Audio-visual Aide, Hall Guard, Labora- tory Aide. PHOEBE HANSEN Concert Band, Marching Band, Phorex, Stage Committee, G.A.A., Division Secre- tary. JAMES HARASCSAK Cross Country, Hall Guard. BENNIE HARDIN History Club, Hall Guard, Key Club. GEORGEITE HARRIS Phorex, Courier Staff, Announcement Committee, Laboratory Aide, Gym Leaders, Hostess Club Treasurer, F.T.A., Pan American Club, Science Club, G.A.A. RUSSELL HARRIS Concert Band, Marching Bond, Science Fair, German Club, Courier Representa- tive, Mixed Chorus. SUSAN HARTNEY G.A.A. SYLVIA HARVEY Breakfast Committee, G.A.A., Torch Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Student Librarian, Girls Chorus, Glee Club Ensemble, History Club, Library Club, Glee Club. LYNNE HAUSTEIN Hall Guard, Seating and Marching Committee, G.A.A. -97, . -A 'TT l MICHELE HAVRON ' Seating and Marching Committee, Division Secretary, Teacher's Aide, G.A.A. Rep- resentative, G.A.A. JANICE HAZEKAMP National Honor Society, Phorex, Cap and Gown Committee, Marching Band, Con cert Band, Latin Club, F.T.A., Graduation Monitor, Office Secretary, Division Treasur- Sf. ISAIAH HEARD Wrestling Team, Key Club, Hall Guard. PERRY HEARD Hall Gu.ard, Key Club. MARIA HEDRICH German Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard. LAWRENCE HEFFRON Hall Guard. PAUL HEIDER Homecoming Committee, P.T.A. Representative, Cross Country, Hall Guard. l GWEN HENDERSON Jr. Red Cross, Girls Chorus, Locker Guard, G.A.A. WILLIAM HENDRICKSON Baseball Team, Cross Country, Hall Guard. . B4 ,i M..-. "Fai i K v 'v . , si . l -- V A if ' " .si'13Z5'522g.--. .X , .. , il ,71l'rfKgq'3'I-413. '-. :i..'J'iv..:f'if.:-'g:,- '23 l N 0 gvx f-8 1 -Q-4 -ng HERNANDEZ Council Representative, Mixed Chorus, Hall Guard. HESS Council Committee Chairman, Student Council Representative, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., G,A.A. Representative, Division Secretary, Office Secretary, Representative. HETRICK G.A.A., G.A.A. Representative, Hall Guard. uncement Committee, Office Secretary, G.A.A. French Club. P HIGGINS ert Band, Marching Band, French Club, Hall Guard. N HIMLER ier Representative, Seating and Marching Committee, G.A.A., 0.0, Club. IA HICKEY D X ARV HINKO etter Girls, Office Secretary, Pan American Club, G.A.A., Locker Guard, Phorex, istory Club. AVID HITCHCOCK ICHAEL HODGEN ixed Chorus, Science Fair. OHN HODGSON itan larch Staff, Homecoming Game Committee, Hall Guard. ARNEY HOEKSTRA otin Club, Hall Guard. ONALD HOELLER ational Honor Society, Phorex, Program Committee, Grade Averaging Aide, Book oom Aide, Hall Guard. RUCE HOFFMAN restling Team, Courier Staff, National Honor Society, Phorex, Quill and Scroll, Stu- ent Council Representative, Student Council Committee Chairman, Marching Band, oncert Band, Division President, Science Fair. HIRLEY HOFFMAN 'horex, Marching Band, Concert Band, Office Secretary, Division Treasurer, Office iecretary, Stage Committee, German Club, Drama Club, History Club. IOBERT HOLMGREN OHN HONAN aboratory Aide, Hall Guard. IMOTHY HOPMAN Courier Representative. LHELDIA HORN 'an American Club, F.T.A., G.A.A., G.A.A. Representative, P.T,A. Representative, Girls Chorus. 85 4 JAYNE HORSLEY Hall Guard, GAA., Jr. Red Cross, GERALD Houck Football Team, Cross Country, Program Committee, Torch Representative, l tary Aide, Hall Guard, History Club. DARLENE HRYN Office Secretary, G.AA., Jr. Red Cross. JOHN HUCHKO National Honor Society, Phorex, Basketball Team, Concert Band, Titan Torch Marching Band, Student Council Representative, Ticket Committee, Cross Ci Torch Representative. LINDA HUEGEL French Club, History Club, Drama Club, Hall Guard, GAA. JULIE HUGHES Phorex, Seating and Marching Committee, Courier Reprsentative, Pan An Club, P.TA, Representative, Student Librarian, GAA., GAA. Representative tory Club. KENNETH HULTGREN National Honor Society, Courier Editor in Chief, Football Team, Concert Band, ex, Counselar's Aide, Hall Guard, Latin Club, Courier Representative, Quill Scroll. FRANK HUNT Courier Staff, Prom Committee Chairman, Homecoming Game Committee, B Team, Cross Country, Track Team, Courier Reprsentative, History Club. JANICE HUTTON Pan American Club, Jr. Red Cross, G.AA. Representative, History Club, JAMES IACUBINO Student Council President, Courier Staff, Phorex, Announcement Committee, coming Committee Chairman, Mixed Chorus, Senior Talent Show Committee, C Representative, Quill and Scroll. ROBERT IGNASAK Concert Band, Marching Band, German Club, Cap and Gown Committee, tory Aide. MICHAELINGERSOL l Football Team, Basketball Team, Concert Band, Drama Club, Library Club, l Club, History Club, Torch Representative, Student Librarian, Marching Band. , . rim- gg., i .. A 7 . EDWARD IRVINE Hall Guard, Stage Crew, Science Fair KATHLEEN JANKUS Courier Representative, G.AA., GAA. Representative, F.B.L., Office Sec WALTER JENKINS Torch Representative, Hall Guard, Wrestling Team. ALANJENSEN National Honor Society, Courier Staff Basketball Team, Phorex Cross C l i ,. i 1 , K Courier Representative, Quill and Scroll. BEVERLY JOHANSEN GAA., Mixed Chorus. CHERYL JOHANSEN National Honor Society, Phorex, Titanettes, Water Ballet, Letter Girls, Mixed C Choraliers, Student Council Representative, Office Secretary, Torch Represer GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 G . T"P L iLL'. -Q.. ARLENE JOHNSON jhorex, G.A.A. Representative, Coun5elor's Aide, Hall Guard, Office Secretary, 3rom Committee, G.A.A., French Club Secretary. DAVID JOHNSON Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Pharex. LINDAJOHNSON Drogram Committee, Division Secretary, Division Treasurer, Courier Representa- 'ive, Torch Representative, History Club, G.AA., G.A.A. Representative, Hall Guard. JOHNSON Team, Stage Committee, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard. ' JOHNSON Honor Society, Phorex, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Ticket Committee, Stu- Council Representative, Football Team, Drama Club, Key Club, Torch Represent- ALERIE JOHNSON A.A. Representative, P.T.A. Representative, Division Secretary, Hull Guard, G.AA. JOHNSTON .T.A. Representative, Hall Guard, Teacher's Aide, G.AA., GA.A. Representative. JONES Office. JONES Band, Marching Band, Letter Girls, GAA. Board, Gym Leaders, Counse- s Aide, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, GAA. Representative, Student Council ntative, F.TA. :TH JONES kfast Committee, Bowling Team. JUSZYNSKI Team KAFTAN OHN KALE tvision Secretary. UDITH KALINOWSKI itanettes, National Honor Society, Phorex, Cap and Gown Committee, GAA., Mix- d Chorus, Choraliers, G.A.A. Representative, Courier Representative, Caunselor's ide. ENSTUTIS KANAS all Guard, Mixed Chorus, Torch Representative. ARBARA KATAUSKAS .A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, GAA. History. UDITH KAUFFMAN Molto, Gilt Committee, GAA. KAVOORA5 evans. -4-'E' uv 1 .1 f . lllt , T t - v " t yfvzmi V , If ' I. id A-f T3 -r,:..r"" Mixed Chorus, Courier Representative, Torch Representative, P.TA. Rep- GAA. Representative, Cap and Gown Committee, GAA. Swim Help, Besides being art Editor ot the Courier, Richard Lyon was busy winning national recognition in the Scholastic Art Competition. GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 1-11,1 K-4 y ' 'sf' fy. 5'?'7' ' - , X 1 .T 15 ' .4-5 qv "ff H, .AP N. X , DANIEL KEEN Swim Team, Football Team. SUZANNE KELLEN Science Club, History Club, G.A.A., G,A.A. Representative, P.T.A. Represen Mixed Chorus. LAURA KELLY P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Girls Chorus, History Club. PATRICIA KELLY G.A,A. JACQUELINE KERR Courier Representative, Torch Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Division retary, Teacher's Aide, Seating and Marching Committee, G.A.A. Mixed C D.E. Club. WAYNE KILPATRICK ROBERT KIMBERLING Football Team, Wrestling Team, Torch Representative. ROSE MARIE KING National Honor Society, Choraliers, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. Board, Leiter Girls, Leaders, G.A.A. Representative, Phorex, Office Secretary. JOANNE KLUCHER National Honor Society, Phorex, Graduation Monitor, Library Club President, A ing Band, Concert Bond, Calor, Motto, Gift Committee, Couriselor's Aide,S Librarian, Division Treasurer. LINDA KOHL Student Council Representative, Courier Representative, Torch Representative, Representative, Counselor's Aide, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, G.A,A, SUSAN KOLAR l.C.E,, G.A.A. ROBERT KOOYENGA KAY KORNETA D.E. Club Secretary, Girls Chorus, Girls Ensemble, G.A.A., Hall Guard. DONNA KOSZUT Water Ballet, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Torch Representative, G.A.A. Representa- tive, Division President, Student Librarian, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, Drama Club. JOAN KRAMER Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Hostess Club, Student Librarian, Office Secretary, G.A.A., Library Club, P.T.A. Representative, Division Secretary. GAIL KRAPIL Prom Committee, Office Secretary, Student Council Representative, Glee Club En- semble Secretary, Girls Chorus, History Club, Division Treasurer, Torch Representa- tive, P.T,A. Representative, Student Librarian. JOYCE KRECZMER Prom Committee, Phorex, Girls Chorus President, Girls Ensemble, Student Librarian, Library Club, G,A.A., G.A.A. Representative, Torch Representative, Courier Rep- resentativez. LINDA KRECZMER 0.0. Club, G.A.A., Office Secretary, Courier Representative, Student Librarian, Library Club. l B B l Rosalyn Wuthers enlhusiusm ond bubblmg personulnty have spark ed both her cheerleading and her many other achvmes lv, .,, 4411 KFQAS1, ' Ly! ' 'L -Q l JANET LIPINSKI G.A.A. GLORIA LIPKA Stage Committee, P.T,A. Representative, Division Treasurer, Teacher's Aide, G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Hall Guard. DONNA LIVINGSTON FRED LOVINGFOS5 Prom Committee. SHARON LUCHANSKY Cap and Gown Committee, Phorex, Pan American Club, G.A.A., Girls Chorus, Loc- ker Guard, History Club. BELINDA LUMPKIN F,T.A., History Club, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Girls Chorus, G,A.A. uNnA Luszczvx l Student Librarian, Hall Guard, Division Treasurer, G.A.A., Gym Leaders, Library Club, Teacher's Aide. RICHARD LYON Courier Staff, Student Council Represenfative, Mixed Chorus, History Club, C.P.S. Art Seminar, Art Award Recipient. PATRICIA MADDEN National Honor Society, Phorex, Graduation Monitor, G.A.A. Board, Counselor's Aide, Gym Office Aide, Water Ballet, G.A,A., Latin Club, FTA, NICHOLAS MADDEROM Hall Guard. KIMBERLY MADISON G.A.A. Board, Phorex, Letter Girls, Gym Leaders, Courier Representative, Division Secretary, Pan American Club, Stage Committee, Book Room Aide, G.A.A. ELEANOR MAGALSKI Cap and Gown Committee, Division Secretary, Student Council Representative, G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A,, P.T,A. Representative. KARYN MAGER Courier Representative, Torch Representative, Girls Chorus, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A,, Teacher's Aide. LAURA MAJCHER Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Torch Representative, G.A.A., Letter Girls, Titanettes, Hos- tess Club, Homecoming Committee, Quill and Scroll. LINDA MAJKOWSKI Student Council Representative, Girls Chorus, History Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard CHRISTINE MALINOWSKI Drama Club, F.B,L. Club, Phorex, Seating and Marching Committee, G.A.A., Stu- dent Librarian. JANICE MALISKA National Honor Society, Phorex, G.A.A. Board Vice-President, Letter Girls Treasur- er, Division Treasurer, G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A., Gym Leaders, Hostess Club, Moy Festival. JAMES MANDROS Homecoming Court, Prom Committee, Bowling Team, Division President, Football I Team, Courier Representative, Hall Guard, A.V. Aide. GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 U I I 1 . TIMOTHY MANOLA Hall Guard, Bowling Team. THOMAS MANSON Phorex, Troclc Team, Drama Club, Grade Averaging Aide. JACK MANTING Torch Representative, Hall Guard, Science Fair. ROBERT MARINI y Aide, Hall Guard. MARTELLO .T.A. Representative, Drama Club, G.A.A., Swim Leader, Hall Guard. MASCO Treasurer, Breakfast Committee, Choraliers, Mixed Chorus, 0.0. Club, A A Office Secretary. MASON Guard. MATLOCK and Marching Committee, Division Secretory, Torch Representative, History ,A.A., G.A.A. Representative, Teacl1er's Aide, MATTHEWS Chorus, History Club, Hall Guard. MAUS Committee, G,A.A., Counselor's Aide, G.A.A. Representative, AP.T.A. Repre- History Club, Pon American Club, Mixed Chorus. MAUS sentative Counselor s Aide G AA MAWHINEY xraliers Mixed Chorus Courier Representative Torch Representative Division retory Latin Club Ticket Committee G A A MAZIUR and Marching Committee, Wrestling Team, Mixed Chorus Choraluers, Cour French Club, Student Council Representative, Hall Guard. McCARTHY Aide, Hall Guard. McCI.ENAHAN Student Council Representative, Cap and Gown Committee, Hall Guard, Team, Golf Team. er s Aide Backroom Aide, Cap and Gown Committee, G.A,A. AS MCGACHIE Honor Society President, Football Team, Homecoming Committee, Ticket Hall Guard, Teacher's Aide. MCGARRY kNMcEWAN 1 . . I Vt ,i ' i .A ' i i 1 t "4 lt ' ff! -A4 Nr...-' 1:7 Fenger's Most Valuable Basketball Player--.lack Richards rw ,151 HL gin' 1' 'Qs K' as r'-li fu 3 -r-av ,a- ---3' J: r GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 E Y' .'i.' . . .-iii, w. I ,us f JOAN McGlNLEY Water Ballet, Seating and Marching Committee, G.A.A., Office Secretary, I' Club, F.B.L, Club, Student Librarian, Swim Leader. MARTITA MCKEE Ticket Committee, G.A.A. JOHN MCLENNAN Student Council Representative, Hall Guard. SHIRLEY McMAHON Office Secretary, Teacher's Aide, G.A.A. CHARLES MCMAKEN Basketball Team, Football Team, Titan Torch Staff, Concert Band, Student C Representative, Hall Guard. SHARON MEDE Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Letter Girls Treasur er, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Courier Representative, G.A.A. Represen May Festival, Quill and Scroll. LINDA MEGINNIS Courier Representative, G.A.A., Hall Guard. TOBY MERRICK Courier Representative, Mixed Chorus, History Club, Science Club, Hall! JANET METER G.A.A., D.E. C.ub. SUSAN MICHAEL Titan Torch Staff, Quill and Scroll, Phorex, Laboratory Aide, Counselor's F.T.A., Latin Club, Hall Guard, Torch Representative, G.A.A. CHARLES MICHAEIS Football Team, Homecoming Court, Bowling Team, Hall Guard, Book Room LEONA MICHAL Teacher's Aide, Office Secretary, Division President, Announcement Com: G.A.A,, Girls Chorus. JOHN MICHEL Hall Guard, Track Team, Baseball Team, Football Team, Student Council Repre tive, History Club, Homecoming King. JUDITH MICHELSON Hall Guard, Girls Chorus, History Club, G,A.A. WILLIAM MILLER Phorex, CounseIor's Aide, Hall Guard. JAMES MILLS I Hall Guard, French Club. JOAN MILNER Girls Chorus, F.B.L. Club, History Club, Library Club, Student Librarian, G.A.A. LINDA MILTON Student Council Representative, Stage Committee, French Club, G.A.A. Representaf tive, Torch Representative, Courier Representative, P.T.A. Representative, Hall Guard, G,A.A., Swim Help. 92 U . f , 'fur EEE,-T fx VN, f?E-E' f-9 , , T ' -F""'4f'l .A-"' Y ,yo Q- -E-1 , N if s '5i X1 - , xf- . - i , Y ,Q sd 1. N. l ' ' 3 l YNE MISSAGIA tball Team, Baseball Team, Wrestling Team, Mixed Chorus President, Choraliers, ge Committee, Hall Guard. ER MOIRANO tball Team, Hall Guard. ES MOUNA II Platoon. EPH MOLNAR l Guard, Division Treasurer, Ticket Committee. NE MONIAK ch Representative, Teacher's Aide, G.A.A. DRA MONIAK ice Secretary, Water Ballet, G,A.A. NEA MONTGOMERY ional Honor Society Secretary, Courier Staff, Graduation Monitor, Seating and rching Committee, Phorex, Counselor's Aide, Office Secretary, French Club, Stu- t Council Representative, Quill and Scroll. NCY MOORE ling Team, Student Council Representative, G.A.A. QUELINE MORAN rex, Color, Motto, Gilt Committee, Torch Representative, Counselor's Aide, Dra- Club, Latin Club, F.T.A., Science Club, History Club, Mixed Chorus. ROL MORANDI cher's Aide, G.A.A,, Student Librarian, Library Club. ES MORRISON fTeam, Hall Guard. RY MORRISON ' m Team, Stage Crew Drill Platoon Commander, Color Guard, Drill Platoon, A. Representative. ET MRJENOVICH H ision Secretary, Torch Representative, Student Librarian, Library Club, Drama b, G.A.A., Science Club. ISEPH MRJENOVICH oratory Aide, Hall Guard, Library Club. LLIP MUCHA 'YD MULLIKIN .m Team, Courier Staff, Student Council Committee Chairman, Student Council resentative, German Club, Hall Guard, Torch Representative. RENCE MULLNER C0 MUNDO rex, Science Club, Pan American Club, Hall Guard. 93 , - 1. As a finalist in the City Science Fair, Mike Frigo was given the honor of presenting a paper on his exhibit, gli 'tj ,' -1 iii it 'Sql gf GRADUATING CL CYNTHIA MUNSON Office Secretary, Mixed Chorus, Pan American Club, G.A.A. DOUGLAS MUNZ Football Team, Baseball Team, Wrestling Team, Concert Band, Prom Committu Hall Guard. PHYLLIS MURRAY Hostess Club, G.A.A. VERONICA MURTAUGH Diploma Committee, Gy ANN MYSAKOWSKI Cap and Gown Committee, G.A.A., Locker Guard, Girls Chorus, Hall Guard. BETH NELSON National Honor Society Secretary, Concert Band, Color, Motto, Gift Cammitt Graduation Monitor, Gym Leaders, Division Treasurer, Phorex, Letter Girls, Mari ing Band, Counselor's Aide. m Leaders, Teacher's Aide, G.A.A., History Club, Hall Guan NANCY NELSON Phorex, Choraliers, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., Hall Guard. ROBERT NELSON Phorex, Division Treasurer, Courier Representative, Laboratory Aide, Latin CIL Hall Guard, Science Fair. MARY NESSINGER Phorex, Office Secretary, Division Treasurer, F.B.L., Caunselor's Aide, Pan Ama can Club, Student Council Representative, G.A.A., National Honor Society. DOROTHY NICKLA Student Council Vice President, Homecoming Committee Chairman, G.A.A. Bo Treasurer, G.A.A., Mixed Chorus Vice President, Choraliers, P.T.A. Representatirj Student Council Representative, Office Secretory. DONALD NIEMEZYK Division Treasurer, Stage Crew, Hall Guard. BARBARA NIMON F.T.A., G.A.A., Teacher's Aide. LYNDA NOLTE Counselor's Aide, Division Secretary, History Club. DIANE NORKUS Girls Chorus, P.T,A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, EDWARD NORKUS Wrestling Team, Hall Guard, G.A.A. GERALD NOWAKOWSKI Wrestling Team, Science Club, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard, BRIAN OAKES Concert Band, Marching Band, Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard. JANE OBUCHOWSKI Hostess Club Secretary, G.A,A., Gym Leaders, D.E. Club. ASS, JUNE 1967 .if I i .li f T ' I f ,....- i -I by-QXL5 L , F 1 ,, .. RIA OCHOA Chorus, Torch Representative, G,A.A., History Club, Locker Guard. KRD OGLIETTI Football Team, Laboratory Aide, Seating -and Marching Committee, Student OKLESHEN Representative, G.A.A., Hall Guard. OLEKSY OLLEARI5 Platoon, Drum and Bugle Corps, Track Team, Reel Man. OLSEN Honor Society, Phorex, Mixed Chorus, Charaliers, Cap and Gown Com- Swim Team, Book Room Aide, Teacher's Aide, Courier Representative, Tia- Torch Staff. OLSON OPYT ORES Hall Gurad, G.A.A., Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, His- Club, Gym Office Aide. RELEI ORNE m Committee, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. Representative, Student Librarian, Torch presentotive, Hostess Club, History Club, G,A.A. UCE ORTON orex, Basketball Team, P.T.A. Representative. IAN OSTARELLO unselor's Aide, G.A.A. HARD PACKAUSKAS orex, Titan Torch Stott, Courier Representative, Torch Representative, Laboratory de, Swim Team. ERYL PACYGA ll Guard, G,A.A. SEMARIE PANOZZO eakfast Committee, T.T,A. Representative, G.A.A., 0.0. Club. RCIA PANTOLA orex, Concert Band, Marching Band, G.A.A. Board, Water Ballet, Gym Leaders, ience Fair, Student Council Representative, Counselar's Aide Stage Committee. HN PARASZEAK ass Vice President. RISTINE PARUCZUK orex, 0.0. Club Secretary, G.A.A., G.A.A. Representative, Girls Ensemble, Girls orus, Student Librarian, History Club, Drama Club, National Honor Society. ,qt , -..li ood . I 'QCD 1-1 c Sandy Alex, Courier Subscription Editor, is noted for her energy and Scholastic excellence. .J '3 is' i 1 5, K! 'Rte -.J ,324 . X 'i all 1. l...' , N I t . - .. ff' ' fr' , , I ' l -6 GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 N il- .fi 'TIT77 sl 'ii X, ..,, ,, ,IIN -10 1 '---v fi' r-Q ll jf N-0 SJ -'J-as BERNET PARKINS Water Ballet, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Titan Torch Staff, Office Secretary, Committee, Division Treasurer, Courier Representative, P.T.A. Representative, oratory Aide. WANDA PARTRIDGE Concert Band, Drama Club, Division Secretary, G.A.A., Pan American Club. ence Club, History Club, Courier Representative. CASIMER PARYGA l.C.E., Torch Representative, German Club, History Club, Hall Guard. DEBORAH PATARINI Concert Band, Marching Band, Phorex, G.A.A. YVONNE PATTON Girls Chorus, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A., Pan A Club, History Club, Library Club. FRANCES PAVALINAS Hall Guard, Student Librarian, Torch Representative, Breakfast Committee, 0.0. Club. JEANINE PAVLACKA Seating and Marching Committee, History Club, Torch Representative, G.A.A. resentative, G.A.A., Hall Guard. JAMES PAWLOWSKI Baseball Team, Track Team, Pan American Club, History Club, Hall Guard. JAMES PELZMAN Phorex, Titan Torch Stott, Division Treasurer, Hall Guard. PHILLIP PERILLO National Honor Society, Phorex, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Concert Bond, Band, Key Club, Latin Club. LVNETTE PETERS Hall Guard, Division Secretary, Announcement Committee, G.A.A., D.E. Club ture Business Leaders. LYNN PETERSON Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Latin Club, Torch Representative, P.T.A. sentative, G.A.A., Announcement Committee, Hall Guard. PATRICK PETERSON Wrestling Team, Football Team, Mixed Chorus, Hall Guard. SHARON PETERSON G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A. PAUL PETRAITIS Courier Staff, C.P.S. Art Seminar, Phorex, Homecoming Committee, Program Co mittee. GEORGE PETRONIS Science Fair, Latin Club. CAROLYN PETROVICH Prom Committee, G.A.A., Student Council Representative, Hall Guard, 0.0. Cli May Festival. BARBARA PHELPS Counselor's Aide, Phorex. 96 Q l Sr-I 43 I ELLA PICCOLIN omecoming Court, Courier Representative, P.T.A. Representative, Student Librarian, all Guard, Division Secretary, Prom Committee, G.A.A., Girls Chorus, Student ouncll Representative, Moy Festival. DITH PINTO .O. Club, Cap and Gown Committee, Office Secretary, P.T.A. Representative, Mixed horus, G.A.-A. SEMARY POCEWICZ ourier Representative, Breakfast Committee. SLIE POCIUS .A.A., F.B.L., Teacher's Aide. ELEN POST agram Committee, Office Secretary, Concert Band, Torch Representative, Hall G.A.A. POTTER Committee, G.A.A., History Club, F.B.L. POTTS Torch Staff, Student Council Representative, Torch Representative, Letter Girls, Leaders, G.A.A., Hostess Club, Division Secretory, F.T.A., Latin Club, May POUNDS Band, Marching Band, Mixed Chorus, Cross Country, Baseball Team, Key Announcement Committee, Division Secretary. PRICE Guard PRIMOZIC Football Team. -.. Guard. RUCE QUIST ootball Team, Student Council President, Homecoming Court, Student Council Com- ittee Chairman, Homecoming Committee, Student Council Representative, Golf am, Torch Representative, Hall Guard. OSEMARIE RADMER .T.A. Representative, G.A.A., German Club. ATHERINE RAGO .A.A. RANK RAGO ourier Representative, Hall Guard, General Committee, Student Council Repre- ntative, Student Council Committee Chairman, Mixed Chorus Choraliers, German lub, National Honor Society. ACHARV RAMEY -lrestling Team, Basketball Team, Cap and Gown Committee, Hall Guard, Courier epresentative, Key Club. ONICA RAMIREZ .O. Club, Division Treasurer, G.A.A., Office Secretary, Mixed Chorus, Division cretary, Girls Chorus. USAN RANKAITIS ourier Staff, National Hanar Society, Homecoming Committee. Quill and Scroll, rench Club President, Phorex, Division Secretary, Science Fair, Girls Chorus, Art ward Recipient. 97 "2" t to downstate competition. For three years, Fenger's Dave Anderson has wrestled his way 'Z '21 IF' WSW Q... V I. V.. M, ,gee -,! .3 , Q !4.1"A.f-L. ., :..' '.-J. fl fx ' H L I 1" ,- filg- r me , f if res? A -Af Nuff. t ' i Q tx 1 f ' ' ei T f - ,. , ,ego W Q4-f i ff' . , 'Uk 'W li -ii sd TTS? t ' l 3. fi I L. -. ,. DONNA REA Phorex, Hall Guard, Program Committee, Glee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, G.A. F,T.A., Pan American Club. KAREN REBROVICH Titan Torch Staff, Student Librarian, Division Treasurer, Color, Motto, Gilt Committe G.A.A., Library Club, F.B.L. RUSSELL RECUPIDO Football Team, Hall Guard, Science Club. NANCY REESE Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., G.A.A. Representative, History Club, Pan American Clu Hall Guard. VIRGINIA REICHOW ' Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Seating and Marching Committee, G.A.A., G.A.A. Re resentative, Laboratory Aide. DANIEL REUSNOW Homecoming Committee, Concert Band, German Club, Laboratory Aide, Scien Fair, Hall Guard. ANN REYNOLDS Counselor's Aide, Bowling Team, Drama Club, G.A.A. JACK RICHARDS Basketball Team, Hull Guard, Homecoming Game Committee, Cross Country. BETTY RIGG G.A.A. Representative, Cap and Gown Committee, G.A.A., History Club. .agp .1 ANTHONY RIGONI Hall Guard. T -r, it-at VICTORIA RIGONI National Honor Society, Student Council Committee Chairman, Student Council Re resentative, Phorex, Student Librarian, Graduation Monitor, F,T.A., Library Clu Pan American Club, G.A.A. THOMAS RILEY Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard. "'-:P At -- . pry mv. I l, ' i til?-fshig - , i I it 'lf "T f J ' , . I' :Q nie t ti'ix ,, -i l x ..s.i-A 9 8 -fag. IRIS RINK Homecoming Court Queen, Prom Committee, Pan American Club, G.A.A., Ha Guard, May Festival. JUDITH ROBATZEK 2 Water Ballet, Science Club, Phorex, G.A.A., Swim Help, Student Council Represental live. BARBARA ROEDER G.A.A. Representative, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A., Hall Guard. JOHN ROSE SARA ROSE Breakfast Committee, G.A.A., Courier Representative, 0.0. Club, Mixed Chorus HEATHER ROSIE Girls Chorus, Hostess Club Vice President, F.T,A., Diploma Committee, Laborator Aide, G.A.A. GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 N . ' fi - -A ' il' 4 J s..,1 MARGARET ROSSINI leacher's Aide, Hall Guard, Division Secretory, F.B.L., G.A.A. IEFFERY ROWAN 'lall Guard, Basketball Team, Track Team. IANICE ROZAK Counselor's Aide, G.A.A. RUBINO Football Team, Hall Guard. RUBY Quill and Scroll, Titan Torch Staff, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Letter Girls, G,A,A. Representative, G.A.A. RUSSO Club Vice President, Courier Representative, G.A.A., Hall Guard. RUTKE Guard. RUTZEN Club Vice President, Counselor's Aide, Teacher's Aide, Student Librarian, Li- Cl ub. H RYAN omecoming Court, Student Council Representative, Mixed Chorus, Color, Motto, ift Committee, G.A.A. WYN RYLANDER ffice Secretary, G.A.A., Latin Club, Library Club, AMILLE SALLEE arch Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Student Librarian, Breakfast Committee, an American Club, Teacher's Aide. OREEN SALVADOR .A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, G.A.A., History Club, Division Treasurer, May estival. SAPIENZA Gis,...,...p , ,... Teacher's Aide, Hostess Club, Gym Leaders, Office Secretary, Girls Chorus. SARTOR Librarian, Hall Guard, Division Secretary, Girls Chorus, 0.0, Club, Office G.A.A. SCHICHT Secretary, Announcement Committee, G.A.A. SCHILDHOUSE Librarian, Hall Guard, 0.0. Club, G.A.A. SCHULTZ Mixed Chorus, Teacher's Aide. SCHWARK ,lt 'ESDP rl G A A GA A Re resentative Breakfast Committee PTA Representa- l ii. .,v 3' il r -Q lin 553.1 ' -f-.fy Q.. .N ill-5v:3 ,? P 1 t f -1 l ogg ,ll 'bm- "if-an ATS? t ur: it 1! t -. "W-w A i ' ' E'7f'Z5f13, .1 l 'PEAHTLM 3 . As an All State player John Michel was the gridiron sovereign as well as Homecoming King. Ai 5. QL., X' 'ft f' -1: 5 Ti' k ' ...iv 'J w--V J' ..-1 ,ui -0 +4-v si,-' Tv" . K It U ,J A5 P -M,,m1e,4iz?gi57 KI .4 4 1 -" w.i,,,.i.u'r'Q, T 17' Q 5 L X ,,, - , n 1,- if ' l A ze -f , x A ,, J ' x , 1 N , K m1 Q 1 X L. T' ln . ,r 4 A. GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 df? -off? gi KN f ,.. ' i 'il 'I '1--f ...fp FRANK SCIACCA History Club, D.E. Club. ROBERT SEARCV Hall Guard. KATHLEEN SEEF G.A.A., F.B.L., History Club, Hall Guard, Jr. Red Cross. PAMELA SECREST Program Committee, Glee Club Ensemble. Girls Chorus, Glee Club, G.A.A. CHARLES SENG JOHN SEREIKA Choraliers, Mixed Chorus. HOWARD SERENA Division Treasurer, Wrestling Team. DALE SERIG Football Team, Homecoming Committee, Division Treasurer, Hall Guard. PAULA SHAPIRO National Honor Society, Phorex, Quill and Scroll, Homecoming Committee, Water Ballet, Titan Torch Staff, Torch Representative, Caunselor's Aide, Office Secretary, G.A.A. PATRICIA SHUNKO Division Treasurer, Student Librarian, Office Secretary, G.A.A. GERALD SIKMA Wrestling Team. JANET SIKORA Phorex, Teacher's Aide, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, G.A.A. HASMIK SILFUGARIAN Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Pharex, Titan Torch Staff, Student Council Rep- resentative, Student Council Committee Chairman, Brealdast Committee, Mixed Chor- us, Science Fair, G.A.A. LILLIE SIMMONS National Honor Society, Phorex, Courier Representative, Torch Representative, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Student Librarian, Division Treasurer, G.A.A., F.T.A. SIMONE SIMONIAN Breakfast Committee, Mixed Chorus, Student Librarian, Drama Club, G.A.A. Repre sentotive. ROSE SIPKA Glee Club Ensemble, Girls Chorus, Water Ballet, Latin Club, Caunselor's Aide F.B.L., G.A.A. FRED SKAFGOARD Hall Guard. TERRI SKIRNICK Caunselor's Aide, G.A.A. T00 at I ' 5.0 tili- . , Cx Ai, I' fl I .-In-V 1 V 5 Q I i w-4gv , w .Z V L, 7 .D --Q, -tl? -.J EWAKT SLOKE hnmmry Aide, Mixed Chorus, History Club, Homecoming Committee. Courier Representative, F.B.L. Secretary, G.A.A., History Club, Gym Lead- Hall Guard, Division Treasurer, G.A.A. SMITH Aide, Hall Guard, German Club, History Club. Guard, History Club, G.A.A. E SNOWDON Secretary, Girls Chorus, Locker Guard. G.A.A. KRD SODERSTROM x, Announcement Committee, Wrestling Team, Mixed Chorus, Key Club. I SOLIDAY n Club. I SOMERS SONNEVELD ' Team, Football Team, Hall Guard. Representative, Hlstory Club, G.A.A. SPARREY Representative, Hall Guard, Stage Committee, G.A.A. SPINATO Representative, Hall Guard, Girls Chorus, Hlstory Club, G.A.A. STARK and Gown Committee, Courier Representative, Torch Representative, G.A.A. STAVROS G.A.A., History Club. rls Chorus, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A., Teacl1er's Aide. NNIS STEFANI ncert Band, Bowling Team, Laboratory Aide, Science Fair, F.B.l.., Hall Guard. ARON STEINHAUER orex, G.A.A. Representative, Letter Girls, Drama Club, Hlstory Club, G.A.A. ENN STELI. rch Representative, Hall Guard, Wrestling Team, Football Team, Student Council presentative, French Club. 101 .vc GAA Board President, Class Treasurer, Moy Court-these are but a tew of Joyce Sudmeyer's many activities. SMITH fx y Club, History Club, German Club, Torch Representative, P.T.A. Representa- N an Q' -A X T-., ,-'P .i.'L+t" T l I I 'l .. ,.. . . , sttiiwffvt , . ,. ,, it It-it Q 1 P' V ., i , t s V. , '2 c r , ..-av T -J 'ti-..L,, que. , E ,B . l "' l wfv 2. F - .,.,lx it ', ,Q I , I-Q ...l' . th, tx- it ' sq. X" ' ,1.f Si' X .if Q . Y ..- J :, V, Eng -I-4-p ' ' V . gil T L3 .. 146435 . Kitts, is ' , - S. . 1-N ,- 1 t T- A it -' i tgisz z if'-gs, ., ,: ' - el ' -"3'?Lf'?'v 'qt g arta, 1-7315 , if-H93 egngreeq, fi I i 'ff' w f . ', ,f,4hI i xii -..i N ff si V R y l -i t " W ii ! .fi ' K-.ri ff. ,, ,. !- -.4,. fill iiillli -if l l' ,li nl, 5 . ii' it 'lll llil 'Q 2 li 1' .51 1-.3 Ffa, '27 -ei JANET STEWART G.A.A. Representative, Student Librarian, Breakfast Committee, Letter Girls, Stu dent Council Representative, Mixed Chorus, Hostess Club, French Club, G.A.A. JERRY STEWART Wrestling Team, Football Team, Science Fair, Hall Guard, Laboratory Aide. SHARON STIEGMAN Licket Committee, Girls Chorus, G.A.A., Hall Guard, Counselor's Aide, Student Li rarian. BOZENA STODOLSKI Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Titan Torch Staff, Phorex, Water Ballet, Lette Girls, Student Council Representative, Torch Representative, Student Librarian, Cour selor's Aide, Quill and Scroll. SHARON STRAISKI Phorex, Announcement Committee, G.A.A., Girls Chorus, History Club, P,T.A. Rep resentative, Office Secretary, Hall Guard. RICHARD STRELCHUK Laboratory Aide, Student Librarian. VIVIENNE STRID Student Librarian, Hall Guard, Teacher's Aide, Ticket Committee, G.A.A., F.B.L. FRANK STRUG Hall Guard. JOYCE SUDMEYER National Honor Society, G.A.A. Board President, Class Treasurer, Titan Torch Stat Phorex, Program Committee, Letter Girls, Counselor's Aide, May Festival, Quill an Scroll. MARK SULLIVAN Special Drill Team, Officers Club, Drill Platoon, Color Guard, Drum and Bugle Corps' Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Drama Club, History Club, Library Club, Studer Council Representative. SANDRA SUTHERLAND Girls Ensemble President, Girls Chorus, Office Secretary, Program Committee, Lo oratory Aide, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Repfesentative, Student Council Re resentative, Drama Club, PAMELA SUTTON Hall Guard, Gym Leaders, G.A.A. PAMELA SWACKER Gym Leaders, Hall Guard, G.A.A. MARLENE SWANSON Homecoming Court, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. Representative, Teacher's Aide, Histor' Club, Torch Representative, G.A.A., Library Club, Hall Guard, May Festival. VIVIAN SWANSON Hall Guard, G.A.A. DALE SWARDSON Hall Guard, Division President, Swim Team, Book Room Aide. PAUL SWETIK Swim Team, Phorex, French Club. CYNTHIA SWICK. Titanettes, Phorex, Breakfast Committee, Student Council Representative, G.A,A.ReE1 resentative, G.A.A., Courier Representative, Counselar's Aide, Latin Club, Gy Leaders. GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 2 l .PQ 55' 102 l i ' 'TP' REGORY SYKES all Guard, Wrestling Team. ATTILYNN TARVER .T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Student Librarian, Hall Guard, Stage ommittee, Library Club, History Club, G.A.A. ANIEL TATAR ey Club President, Golf Team, Stage Committee, Hall Guard, Science Fair. OHN TATARCZUCH all Guard, Dram Club, Library Club, A.V. Room Aide, D.E. Club, Vice President. OIS TAYLOR horex, Counselor's Aide, General Committee, G.A.A., French Club, Mixed Chorus. RUCE TEERLINK INDATENNICOT tudent Council Secretary, Homecoming Committee, G.A.A. Board, Letter Girls, horex, Division Secretary, G.A.A. OHN THARP ixed Chorus, Choraliers, Wrestling Team, Track Team, Laboratory Aide, Seating nd Marching Committee, Student Council Representative, Political Club, Drama lub. VAN THOMAS atin Club, Student Council Representative. AMES TIMM AROLTODE all Guard, G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A. WRENCE TOIGO ook Room Aide, D.E. Club. an V' TORRENGA Club, G.A.A. JEAN TRECCANI ment Committee, Student Council Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Representative, Student Librarian, Hall Guard, History Club, G.A.A., May val. LTON :ert Band, Marching Band, Swim Team, Phorex, Counselor's Aide, Library Club, m . 1 EANN TRECCANI 1 Committee, Division Secretary, Class Secretary, Student Librarian, Hall Guard, A., May Festival. IA TRUSCHKE ent Council Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, G.A.A. n:NDA TURNER all Guard, G.A.A., Girls Chorus, History Club. .c'f'Zvn2tE111lf-:. I .1551-:-. i I I ' 4 s 1 Q . xfr-:U N -.24 ' , ' ,r I . t ' - X 3 -' 1' 'i i , , ,lt M K... ,r 'f' X "3- 'T '51- l Courier photographers looking for a new angle-wrestler Bruce Hoffman and Most Valuable Swimmer Lloyd Mullikin. 'Eff T05 GRADUATING CLASS, JUNE 1967 , . sf N .4 Y , t I, .., V L i 'TS' Y 1--:F , X BETTE UNANDER Phorex, Concert Bond, Marching Band, Courier Representative, Student Ci Representative, Division Secretary, Latin Club, History Club, Office Secretory, G National Honor Society. JOHN URBAN MICHAEL VALENTE Concert Band, Laboratory Aide, History Club, Student Librarian, Book Room Office Secretary. BARBARA VANCE Teacher's Aide, G.A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, History Club, G.A.A. SHARLENE VANDERVEEN Latin Club, G.A.A., Torch Representative, Courier Representative, Girls Ense Girls Chorus. CLIFFORD VAN DYKE Courier Staff, Breakfast Committee, Drill Platoon, Latin Club, Science Fair, Guard. NOREEN VAN KOOTEN Courier Staff, Homecoming Court, Phorex, Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Office Sec- retary, Letter Girls, Student Librarian, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A., National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, JUDITH VAN WIE National Honor Society, Phorex, Courier Staff, Graduation Monitor, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, Office Secretary, Hostess Club, G.A.A., F.B.L., History Club. WILLIAM VARGO JANICE VEDEEN Program Committee, Jr. Red Crass, G.A.A. PAMELA VEYL0 Titanettes, Homecoming Court, Student Council Committee Chairman, Choraliers, Homecoming Committee, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Courier Representative, Letter Girls, G.A.A. KEITH VERMOCH Swim Team, Hall Guard. JANET VINK National Honor Society, Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Girls Chorus, Girls Ensemble, Announcement Committee, Student Council Representative, Science Fair, Torch Rep- resentative, G.A.A., Quill and Scroll. MARTIN VINK Phorex, Diploma Committee, Drama Club, German Club, Hall Guard. DAROLD VREDBERG Student Council Representative, Torch Representative, Student Librarian, Hall Guard. JOYCE WAGONER G.A.A. JEANETTE WALIMAN Concert Bond, Marching Band, Color, Motto, Gift Committee, Torch Representative, Latin Club, F.T.A., Gym Leaders, G.A.A. SANDRA WANTUCH Hall Guard, Announcement Committee, History Club, G.A.A. 104 41 'Cm fb 1,-ut: -:L Q54 In 5 'N 'Af- -4' DEWEY WARD Wrestling Team, Cap and Gown Committee, Hall Guard, History Club. BARBARA WARDELL National Honor Society, Pharex, Titan Torch Staff, Letter Girls, Water Ballet, G.A.A,, Laboratory Aide, Quill and Scroll. RONALD WARE Torch Representative, Football Team, Key Club, History Club, Drill Platoon, Special Drill Team, Laboratory Aide, Science Fair. THOMAS WARSHALL D.E. Club. MARIAN WEAVER 0.0. Club, G.A.A. ZEYNOBIA WEBB G.A.A., Girls Chorus, Jr. Red Cross. URSULA WEIS Phorex, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A. Representative, Office Secretary, Seating and Marching Committee, G.A.A., Letter Girls, German Club, Glee Club, Girls Chorus. GEORGE WELCH Stage Committee, Football Team, Courier Representative, Torch Representative, Titan Torch Staff, Hall Guard. BRIAN WESSLING Laboratory Aid, Student Librarian, Hall Guard, Library Club, Football Team Man- ager. DANIEL WESSLING Color Guard, Drill Platoon, Drum and Bugle Corps. JEAN WESTWATER , Hall Guard, French Club, Phorex, G.A.A., Courier Representative, Program Commit- tee. JOANN WHITE G.A.A. Representative, Hall Guard, History Club, F.B.L., G.A.A. UNDA WHITE Hall Guard, G.A.A. HAROLD WILKINS f 1 Team WILLIAMS Club, Hall Guard, G.A.A. WIISON F.N.A. WILSON Courier Representative, Torch Representative, P.T.A..Representative, Latin Club, Student Librarian, G.A.A., Teacher's Aide, National Honor Society. DAVID WINCHELL Hall Guard. 105 Rb .IOHN WISNIEWSKI ROSALYN WITHER5 Cheerleader, Breakfast Committee, Phorex, Letter Girls, Torch Representative, Gym Leaders, Student Librarian, History Club, Mixed Chorus, Laboratory Aide, May Fes- tival. 1 HERMAN WOERTMAN Laboratory Aide, Hall Guard. ANITA WOJCIK Counselor's Aide, Hall Guard, History Club, G.A.A. ROBERT WOJCIK Titan Torch Staff, Phorex, Program Committee, Cross Country, Track Team, Torch Representative, Basketball Team, Quill and Scroll. WILLIAM WOOD CounseIor's Aide, Latin Club. RONALD WOODWARD Division Secretary, Concert Band, Marching Band, Hall Guard. LINDA WOZNIAK Phorex, 0.0. Club, G.A.A., Office Secretary, Student Council Representative. FAYE WRIGHT Titan Torch Editor-in-Chief, Torch Representative, Student Librarian, Hall Guard Prom Committee, G.A.A. JOHN WROBEL JANET YONKER Girls Chorus, Hall Guard, G.A.A. PAUL YOUNG National Honor Society, F.T.A., Hall Guard. MARY YOUSTRA Hall Guard, P.T.A. Representative, G.A,A. Representative, G.A.A. VIRGINIA YOUSTRA Phorex, Mixed Chorus, Courier Representative, French Club, G.A.A., P.T,A. Rep- resentative, Counselor's Aide, F.T.A. WALTER ZABINSKI Concert Band, German Club, Laboratory Aide, Science Fair, Hall Guard, F.B,L. ARLANA ZABOR Diploma Committee, Office Secretory, Student Council Representative, G.A.A. Rep- resentative, P.T.A. Representative, G.A.A. DENNIS ZAJAC Mixed Chorus, Hall Guard. .JOSEPH ZATTERA I -ai 1 R , WF'i:v 106 f. K- l . ,N , , sn , l f'- I .tx- ,MGI 1.1 , OT PlCI'U RED: RANK ADDUCI AVID ALLTON RION BELLHEIMER LENN BROWN ANDRA BULANDA ERRY BURNS ILLIAM CALANDRA AVID CAMPA AVID DERRICO HARON DE YOUNG Nd 'nl EDWARD ERICKSON JOHN FEDORA GERALD FINCO LAWRENCE FLANAGAN JO ANN GAINES JOHN HODSON WILBUR HOFMAN CHARLES HOLDEN CHARLES KELLERMAN ROBERT KINGDOM 3:- 4r1.. ROBERT ZAUKE t National Honor Society, Phorex, Laboratory Aide, Division Treasurer, Cap and Gown Committee, Marching Band, Concert Band, History Club, Teacher's Aide. DAVID ZELMANSKI Hall Guard, Wrestling Team, Football Team. JANET ZEMANEK National Honor Society, Phorex, Choraliers, Laboratory Aide, Mixed Chorus, Science Fair, F.T.A., Student Librarian, Library Club, Ticket Committee. KAREN ZILSKE Counselor's Aide, Hall Guard, Office Secretary, Bowling Team, Gym Leaders, Mixed Chorus, Drama Club, German Club, History Club. JACQUELINE ZIMMER Seating and Marching Committee. SANDRA ZUBERSKY National Honor Society, Phorex, Program Committee, Division Secretary, Office Secretary, Courier Representative, Torch Representative, Laboratory Aide, French Club, G.A.A. . ,U C., ef i l' I " DONALD KINSELLA STEPHEN KLUTCHARCH PATRICIA KRANSKY HELMUTH KURZ BONNIE LANDEFELD JANET UPAR DANIEL MAC DONALD -MICHAEL MAIO JOSEPH MAZANIK THOMAS Mc PARTLIN l SANDRA McPHAIL MICHAEL SKIPITARIS DARRYL MOODY WILLIAM SORAGHAN KATHLEEN O'LEARY JOHN SPEAKMAN LAWRENCE PETERSON FRANK TATARCZUCK WILLIAM PURSLEY DIANNE TORTALANO RICHARD REV OR ENZO VALENTE STEPHEN SALLER GEORGE WALLS JOHN SASUTA RICHARD WAIT ROBERT SCH ROETER WILLIAM WEBER TED SKALKA WAYNE WILD Here they are-Miss .lenkin's senior division is the last group of semester students to graduate from Fenger. I0 ve. . .kai QQ' I 'X N w Q55 ff 'i'i'1?IamosTilde-:cvs Nexjf We" BW 5i3CESfi5ER9:196 van ' e 1 1 L ak 5 Mafmen Sforf Season H1 New Tefusf restlinig 'ightin .. g fp- last vg- Mo ff ,he-1533! ,Q-N -bear. if . Opene- -unclads L i ', lih one th nd them Pew rd footnm I o Mai-M5 autumn, W nglis assisted by E Q G in Ound C0113 h oi ran u e+1-v--A., 1 f A 51 on :nerr WW ' Q .Uwe u. 15s, - 1' t ber 1' I1 Fe ' M U' me HS- 27 ff Daveoijaeflus in lead Mtet tyuxg d to azq ac Bowen ease b Midway DQVPI-jmofgez-,gon th 9, ffe C0542 t oo and 'a e me a Stal State 46- lead if we C l meme -L' fo omeaglfe cf,o'tl18 c Refftlon wh N, I Seuss: Cross Country The ,cross co HWY team SATURDAY IN QFEM eross' countxjy migoot batt1eoiO 1' Thejteams may 115 e ' - -' ople as thev the mme 'paaeegg mgy' je . xx' I Leg T . asfeD,N0+hF- lnlghtyilgigiilalib-QS-egmho e ea"..ii:,,,6x, '69 Elhevbm ,M -I UM' ""h?1""""fg'fmfe,-.v,--,.h,g 3p3!xPiEQaef3Qe6'9'6,9ec'cg6- . ' N- N R, e 1' ' ' " ,.K.'5' ' ' 'e W..LA oo..- '- FENGER TIT After more than its share of frustrating seasons Fen ball finally came alive as Roland Loess in his seco as head coach, with his assistants George Hoey Esposito, helped make the "66" Titans one of the football powers in the always tough Chicago Publi A speedy backtield coupled with a strong, quicklun the Titans to open their season by rolling over and breaking a nine year Morgan Park iinx with scores of 2l to 0. The next time out the Titans routed T 27 to 0. After a week's rest the Titans met the test of the season came out on top, Playing C.V.S. in bad field conditions late the last quarter with everyone conceding the game end a scoreless tie, quarterback Lowell Rouck launched a pass to all Stater John Michel giving Fenger a number Mud-spallered field general, Lowell Bouck, overlooks his awesome troops Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fengeq Lindbloom Morgan Park Tilden C.V.S. Dunbar Bogan Crane Taft ww 4:51 get .1 f 'fi SECTION CHAMPS img in the Chicago area. Fenger went on to defeat Dun- r I9 to 7, and Bogan 26 to 7. The Titans finished the regu- season undefeated and captured the South Section Red vision Title. nger received a bye in the first round ofthe playoffs and alt Crane a l9 to 7 defeat in the second round gaining right to play in semi-finals at Soldier Field. ln this game ich saw the Titans overwhelm their opponents in statistics, t unable to score, a great season came to a close with a artbreaking loss to Taft, T6 to l4. is season, we took pride in the team spirit, the enthusiastic wd, faculty support, and good conduct at games, and as ual we outstripped all other schools for game attendance. te strength exemplified Fenger's success as All-Stater lohn Michel scored I4 chdowns. iimh- f ii' . 1, N- - s, I ,J T 1 T N , 1 --1--.-,v -' rm Ti' x f 1' f 77" . , "Rt .f ,fr Q . g -715 QQ. ' ' Ill 1 0 .10 I L ft PB: wif Bottom Row I Jack Prlmozic Chuck Krlznc Vic Jones Steve Davalos Jim Wlse Rich Babcock Chuck Michaels Glenn Stell Wayne Mlssagia Lowell Bouck Bill Shaw John Johnson Harlan Kienker Row 2 Rich Schroeder Melvin Jenkins Dan Follenwelder Joe Paglia Ken Hultgren Pat Cox Tom McGagh1e Terry Ferrari Tony Sluzus Bruce Quist Doug Munz Tom Feutz Terry Cloessens Pat Cunningham Doug Vlsona T Fred Skinner Asst Coach George Hoey Row 3 Head Coach Roland Loess John Michel Jerry Sigmund, Mike lngersol, Terry Moylan Ron Balough Phil Carlig Myron Gbur, Jerry Brucer, Andy Brncick Dave Olszewski Larry Ray Mike Brnctck Steve Klutcharch, Gerald Houck Larry Olson Asst Coach Frank Esposito Fenger s defense does it agam as Crane s quarterback sees nothing but grey Hard running Pat Cox proved to be the bread and butter' man of Fenger s backfueld getting yardage in tough situations. Mud water and anxiety as the top two South Section football powers, CVS and Fenger vie for No l lt takes more than one to brlng down powerful John Michel os the opposition closes in for a 'gang effort. Agile, sticky fingered Doug Munz added diversity to Fenger's deva- stating offense as a threatening flanker-back. hulu ', r,.:, :Q K How sweet it is, as the Titan machine rolls on to the . , ., 1- ' ' - ' '. South Section Championship. FROSH-SOPH Bottom Row T: Rich Garcia Ray Stakenis Tom Dzik Scott Mallato Bill Kotchou Bob Samsone Richard Sortori Alon Warholak John Dollobetta, Tom Nickols, Kevin McMurray, Bill Mucha. Row 2: Coach Perillo, John Dunn, Harlan Klinker, Mike Cummings, Larry May- ee, Ken Loeffler, Gary Boldman, Robert Rutzen, Clifford Fineman,,Lonnie Brown Joe Ostrander, Mike Anderson Paul Pantola Mgr.l, William Rubino. Row 3: Randall Coe, Edward Swanson Oleon Hennings, Jim Knoll, Wayne Ghiotto, Bruce Sharp, Ron Bayless, Joe Pannozzo, Chris Barber, Doug White, Howard Wright, Elijah Jones, Tommy Thompson, Ken Brooks, John Lee. w r Q", -Q G' Y - 'x? 1 1 f' .' J - , A r ta Q kr' , r I fm, 1 '1i1ff"ff A -.,i ,. , is 's -.. ..- ..v- 1. .1-- , ,A...,k Q. .-- . ,. f X f fx-Ffh pw ' y,,l:,-if . .1 X- 17.53, J: ' ,yg3.:g4.:: : h ,Q .ir Q . :PTF g,. ' i - gzagismlffpfg.-faf z?11gA "TfEfP:: ,Y7- "L ,fri 1 A 2 V ,dr Cs' 1 It ,, W. .. , 'A - If 4 .l x ' in.. . '55' v f Y 'E 'fl -N M-nn ,L , -es" ,...' ' L ...-ammpa - 11. - 'f -z f " , -,W Y.. 1... , 3? fg',, 'IL-ziiw ' 'iE'i::'f, V, . A, , . f ' ' 29' ' ' :H gif-'y.,,.g4aqp-wp. W 12 314 why. , , , , ,.-4 ...ff . rl! au .42f'-55" V - f 9:2-H2-1j,. - V 1 K5 :?f'h'23-fJf-f- - ' :QW 'fQi',.n-ai'-'Hg-n qw "'-Ftii-A-.ceafx-'4'Q B leumj vi 'h-1-1.M,,f,1Y -'lg ,.-,J-gilt, " " " .f-. ai' sg:-111. ' 'S-iw' 'hh' .:, , . . Nm.. . M- f ,: f. uf - - 4. -4- 1- ,, --V.',,,,,f4 Y wx, i. I Hz ff ,Li ff gffgj ffl 194'xfGi2if . V: v:.5:f- ,. .. F, . . ,dk Q . K V-EH 1 157--5-sJ'::'1, ' ' ., .,,, ,. .0 -, ff f .. U ,I l,,,,.Wm, 1:1 NNE'- I f'N 1 2: i V' L, 5 Bottom ROW lr Cl1GI'l9S MCMOHH. DHCP' Cl10llUnl. ONS Bl0CKbl-'Ffh -JOY Custer. Woodruff, Bob Carter, Charles Williams, Alan Jensen, David Purdy, David Steve W0lkirlS, JOB Dol SUMO. P07 CUN1ift9l10m. Douglas Russell. Tl'10I'f10S Johnson, John Huchko, Cal Glover, William Kelly, Asst. Coach Fred Konrath, Smith, Dennis Panozzo, John Bonaguro, Ran Beishuizen, David Zadnik lMgr.l. Asst, Cgoch Robert Boughton, Row 2: Mark Hufnagl lMgr.l, Coach Leo Hennessey, Jack Richards, Gregory A YEAR IN THE RED WAS BLUE BASKETBALL SCORES Fenger's first season in the Red Division proved Fenger Harlan to be blue. The one win, nine loss record compiled Fenger Carver by the Titans is deceiving, however, two of the Fenger Morgan Park losses, one to Morgan Park and the other to Hirsch, Fenger Bowen were two point decisions, other losses were to Fenger Hirsch those perennial city powers, Harlan and Carver. Fenger Harlan Fenger Carver Throughout this dreary season, there were some Fenger Morgan Park bright spots. Jack Richards and Steve Watkins, the Fenger Bowen only senior starters, were the backbone of the Fenger 5l Hirsch 66 team. Richards was ci capable scorer and an out- standing rebounder who won All-City honors and Watkins was called, by many coaches, the best ball-handler in the city. Juniors Charles Williams and Joe DelSanto, Sophomore Jim Reed, and Freshman Khris Kimbur all contributed an impor- tant part to this year's team. Seniors Dave.Purdy and John Huchko did an outstanding iob of back- ing up fhese young players. Bottom Row 1: Bob Koenig, Jim Coleman, Steve Johnson, Mark Chalfant, Blll Sutherland, Paul Migliacio, Al Panozzo. Row 2: Coach Boughton, David Zadnik, Bruce Kanady, Tom Koenig, Vince Pemberton, Lynn Rheinholt, Jim Reed, Dale Toerne, Mark Hutnagel. Coach Hennessey calmly explains new strategy to his players. 'A :L 1 ' ' 4' f J 5E S Jack Richards goes up to take a iumpball from a taller Bowen player. '13 proves unlucky forthe opposition. Joe Dal Santo proves there's still a place for the little man in basketball. Steve Watkins fights for a rebound. 5 Wifiiiiiu . fx i f 2 UQ, 1 ' , 'li all lit " Lx X ,,V Le-.Qdllll-cyl' 'r'- mf 4 L Bottom Row 'I Glenn Green Fred Skinner Bolo Munz Ron Sigma Larry Morrison, Dave Liesey, Dodge Boraian Row 2 Gary Ahnqulst Paul Ton Tam Gerez Terry Mar ison Kent Marcek Ken White, Tom Schmidt. Row 3 Bruce Mullikin Larry Allen Steve Grigalonrs Lloyd Mullikln Phil Zebarth, Paul Swetik, Bob Wunder, Coach GENTLEMEN FIRST: CHAMPION'S SECOND Splash! lt's another great start for the Fenger Mermen, con- sistently rated among the top swim teams in the city. A swim meet is one of the most exciting, tension filled sports events held at Fenger. Although it is individual achievement which wins the race, it is teamwork that wins the meet. Coach Lilek urges the boys to work hard in order to achieve success, and the training program, which consists of 50 warmup lengths, and inter-team races provides the experience and skill neces- sary. An innovation this year is the team of girl timers, se- lected from the Leacler's Gym Class who man the stop-watches and the starting blocks, and post those winning times. Bob Ludwig, Greg Ehman. Row2 Steve Szalai Curt Erickson Greg Ambrose Charles LaRocco Peter Horvath, David Glass. Row3 Coach Lilek Ron Lilek Jack Toren Dan Dieska Mike Costello Greg Clark, Ron Frigo. , H L.. L - fk , I 1 9, A l :J N 1' 1.4 """5'-A.. ' "' if gl. f T 'mf' " 'f-'v':fffxi""4:' ' ' ' g '-5--X l ' ,tx I ATN.. .Z-"fix: .-iii:-M' N . lx, 1 .grv .,2 xc --2 ,- '-fb -. Q s H11 ---pp-my-:iii-J--' n I 2 ! , " Q -5 - K . , ,.' --'Q' T 4- 1! '! Q Z ! - -- V , . - ig: 'LZY Y -,- ,QI- I 'DI' -5 fe- 1- 'fr 1 1 -I fl HQ- 1 I 1 14, 5 5 A! .tg 71, ,,-N ,, ., A .4 of 'I 5 Q gi J Lv, ,. vile? 1. f, up 5 X 14 H'-K 4 l L: . K ' " y Q E I, . '-F H . 2 4 if- ! Q' f , .. . X 7 Q" - Y 4 rxnlrfw 1' i 1 .. ,' I I I ' ' 1 - v G A' 4:1 E .y.,. rr Hy.-' q,:.gg..sm1.'4?f:- 'Q--4 Arn i f-' , ,,. . , rf-wr' '. ,--.:- ,-f, - A ' , ,K , 5 J D, 'f...g:"' . , f' "-' 4, ., - 4 715 'lfifr 3 7.'s5f73g?x",1Q ,,,.,4'.f'f'?,. 1 f' 4'.f'Q7'?""K i77'!5'i'1f"3'4:f' "" g-'lL"'3'2!f ,- ':' A--V f"543,'guf45'f' K , 1' --pfr,4,1A -' I :ur -- I I 1 4125- ,em -if 4 " 'L N '--- ix l 1 ' sv' . '- 4 ' rf- ' 3 5' . ' S T' :T--. -., ,l-P' V K Y In .A - P44 - , 4 4 Wf- K . - . 4 r-...,, f ' ' ' V V f V X . l -. W . ' 2 ix '---' ' F1 " . . ' 'fin Q ,-, ,. Aa-.?3,, Q -K , ,D I , 'r 'Q' 'r ' 'Q ,Q --N5 ,iQ '?"?'f,., QA ' 4 4. 1 -,r 1 I--W 1, 'xA ,ELL fl' ggku. P fvfh. H. w T?-aff ,....f X1:,: .aL L ,ff 1 fy N --fg s . , , .i --A-.v 1, . gf, Z.. ' .QRQ F , "" uh? -, ' ' .yu H 7 -. , ,r'r+gg4m,5iiTfi',Q4 L A is Q 1:1-al.: I, . . ,. -4 . .. ..,. q ..-,. . v m! P gf 5 AE vugsk-ly? J,-E Sl. lilixzxvvwnyiv ' . - . .- -- ' ' - -, ' I 'ev I Jf.rJ.5u4gL.1n. ,. . ... x ' ,kd Q .,.:..SMj-gi-,ligfwvhig.-,.f R' .jg 2' ,. V " QI 'V W v 1.1I.iflfCf..-:evmE.i1e1-g'a'Pf?.zlz'iiii?,.23J::.S.4 '. M .1 K I -. , 1 44 , . 1 K 14 , ..-,,fQ v .-4, v: , vm", A 'Og-1--.- ...f-m..,,.1,"V 'jj iff-,. . , -, - l' , A .LL -1 WW4- --f- . ' I ' ' ' 'uf-1 X ' -' H idk' ' " flux 'M' ' ' ' " V - .--f--M., , . J, ,' ' U ""'-- ' -- BIG BATS AND SHUTOUTS SPELL VICTORY Undampened by the unseasonably cold, wet spring, our Ti- tans crushed all opposition in their ruthless march to the South Central Section championship. Power was the. key this year with the big bats of Cox, Ambrose and Wise pacing "murderer's row." Shutouts were common as our pitching staff of Munz, Jensen and Braasch proved steady. Under the able guidance of coach Frank Esposito, the team rolled on to ten straight wins by the middle of May. The only undefeated team in the biggest high school league in the nation, Fenger looked like a top contender for both state and city titles. Fenger l3 Morgan Park Fenger 5 Calumet Fenger I5 Simeon Fenger 3 Carver Fenger 5 Morgan Park Fenger 7 Calumet Fenger 9 Simeon Fenger 9 Carver Fenger 3 Morgan Park Fenger 2 Calumet Fenger l3 Simeon Fenger 2 Carver Hom Row I: Bill Hendrickson, Gary Ambrose, Mike Kurtz, Dennis Pannaze rank Hunt, Ken Rasenski, Otter Bethman. Tom Szik, Kenny Dennis, Ray Townsen. 2: Ronald Grattin, Dole Jensen, Larry Jahn, Richard Ragoni, Dave Ander- 3: Coach Frank Esposito, Joe DaISanto, James Wise, Walter Gerges, Edwin Scott Bovenkirk, David Johnson, Pat Cox, John Michel, Douglas Munz, F ' th M Ch' V I t . .. .. renmu , Clnager VIS 0 Bn 9 Pat Cox, vacuum cleaner shortstop, in position for another routine play. H9 E a 20 Bottom Row l:Tom Bednarczuk. THEY RE STRIKING BOLD Row 2: Tom Gross, Doug Boza, Tim Manola, Jim Mandros, Mr. Kelly. Under the leadership of Mr Kelly the Fenger Bowling Team meets once a week to bowl at the Palisades Bowling Alley These boys must meet academic requirements as well as being expert bowlers The competition for the city bowl offs took place at the Chicago Circle University of Illinois Tom Manolo and Doug Boza took first place inthe Doubles Compo tition and Doug took first place in the individual competition FENGER'S RACKETEERS The six members of the Tennis Team, led by Coach William Woodrow, practicedaily in preparation for their league matches against South Shore, Bowen, and Washington, city competition, and finally state competition. With the return of two varsity members, and the addition of several new play- ers, this season promises success. FEEL FREE-7 TO RUNI Run, Jump, Throw! These familar words are heard echoing outside and within Fenger's halls. Constant practice is the rule,.not the exception for the tracksters of Fenger. Coached by Mr. Lockwood, the track team pours it on to beat the others cold. The only requirement to ioin the team is the desire to run, lump, or throw. Bottom Row 1: Roger Greene, Glen Koyama, Brian Gahelng, Russ Kass, Roger Sanzenbacher Row 2: Coach Lockwood, Frank Hunt, Richard Morgan, Mike Shepard, Gary Pearson Richard Kurek, Roy Selby, Terry Ray, Ernie Yonkers. Row 3: Tom Guglielmi, George Marx, Tom Steka, Dale Longo, Edfliildn Jacobi Al phonsa Pounds. Y? Bottom Row I Donny Tatar Charles Rutke John McClenal1an Roger Heubach John Bonoguro Ed Corrigan .lim Morrison and Coach Milo Parello low 2: Anthony Grucel Ron Seliga John Rowe William Stieger Dave Zadnuk Dennis Pardlkes Michael Smith BOGIE. BIRDIE. AND PAR The Golf Team, Fenger's answer to the PGA, is a perennial power of the Chicago area. The I5 members of the team are led by Coach Milo Parello and Captain Jim Morrison. Hub- bard, Washington, Bogan, and Morgan Park proved to be able competition for our golfers. Our Golfers' skill in driving and putting shows the result of practice and desire. I ow I Bruno Rlsatti, Torn Clarlc'Peter Horvath. ow 2 Allan Theile, Pat McFarland, John Lovison Bottom Row I: Ron geliga, Jerry Bouck, Don Iudwig, Dove Andereon,f:'H'm 'Fino- gan,.BiII smog. ' . 'E ' low 2: Coach Hoey, Bruce Hoffman, Zack Ramuy,Tom Dilk, .lack Prlmozlck, Don Niven, Tom' Grucell, Ray Abbe, Rich Bowman, mgrf I lean 3: Coach Loess, Rlch Babcock, Paul Exqulvele Davezlalond, Scott Bovenlrerlc Russ Sonevetd, Rich Johnson, Pat.Cunnlngham1 Jzf'GIowald,-Dewy Warren. mar. IITANS TO GRAPPLE WAY TO THE CITY FINALS Starvation, determination, and desire were the three factors responsible for an outstanding wrestling season as, Coach Roland Loess led,Fenger's matmen to the city finals. With the fine individual performances of Dave Anderson, Bill Bar- log, Fenger. went through league play with a lone defeat. Our-Titans easily downed Parker andfgyenged their lone "de- feat by handling C.V.S. Only Orr stopped L Titans, forcing them to accept a second place finish in city competition. lp? dlvidual -desire and team-spirit were the keys to, this year's success as food was sacrificed for victory. Many hours of practice are reflected in pre Half Mme .5 0 hqppy Im case dance routines. ' ,fi 1 ! Row 2: Shane Reitman, Gwen Pratt, Loretta Chiara, Susan yl Johanson, Pot Douglas, Judy Kalinowski, and Pam Velo TITANETTES Who wants to leave at halt time? That's when a rousing selection played by the band heralds the twenty smiling gurls step lively" no matter what the weather, The Titanettes are city-wide for their precision, and are at'the head of the State Christmas Parade each year, New members under the dll of Mrs. Russo, the sponsor, and Mr. Lumbrazo, must have average, no citizenship record, and are chosen on the basis rhythm, poise, and appearance. During the summer the girls tice twice a weelcto insure perfection on the football field Wide smiles and high kicks are Tatanette trademarks. Devries lCaptainl, Pam Schmidt lCo-Captainl, Mary Jane Bonaguro, Hasmik Sil- Sharon Mede, Nancy Ohse, Bozena Stodolskl, Rosalind Whithers, and Adele Missing is Carol Breslin. CHEERLEADERS alt the excitement and fun ot a football game is the eardrum hattering shouts, screams and cheers, ringing from Fenger's tands and led by the exuberant cheerleaders. Jumping round, waving their arms, and cheering loudly, these lively irls are all coordinated ond in time! To be a cheerleader a irl must have a "C" average and no maior discipline record lus lots of school spirit and athletic ability, Being a cheer- ader is not all glory and fun, under the watchful eye and elpful hand of Mrs. Russo, the cheerleaders put in a lot of ard work and practice. Worry is expressed in leader named Mikki. 1: ' n ei E the eyes ofa little cheer Fenger tradition - the pyramid Hit 'em High. That's what Sherry Mede Carol Breslin and Mtkkt Sul ,Z figarian say as they lead our fans Pom-poms are a. basic part of the cheerleading outfit IGH SCHOOL' DAILY PROGRAM CARD ..........................................,.Q...Seni. in , TA Fi Zonef...: ....... Tel. No ......................... .. Dale N E Y BGL K amegf . . . ,A ,,,,GIH1,WX..,! 11 - ' ' '- , A High School Membership Carol . erlcan Red Cross A A FENGSR HIGH Asssucg ,ROM J -M. .,jf2r0oL ..... ss REPQRT ..............,u.-u n -- WAS "'2BL1g3"- TAimTS'S'il'ii'14f I Q- .', s ai! 'IK 4x '51 .6 W ,W . , . .,F f - ' ' A ,A I gzszdllrffikaig - - ' V- . H. , k I "Q il' 1 von... 1' - 5 U .f. , ueaizlf: . -, .V A . I - ,r3y?5jT'Qi2E!Qig7 .gin . , ,. r , .4 r " V A '1v"" C,"' , 'T , '. -- . H ,J pg-34-?a,1::,f' 'E' 1 ,355??f'r-faliiv .LL!qg,n1a-.I ' - 4 ' . 'lf' ' ' "..',.f. i E r- T 'A 7' wwf, - ' ' - " 1,.4,,,, -.-,,,,,, K , - X J - '4 37 ' -Y gel " - ' Ir! , .ST ' ' 414 1 ,1 . 'I E-nunfi-ate . . . Clear-ly. Row 4-Barb Alexander, Patricia Alm, Al- len Almasy, Steve Amster, David An- astasi, Charles Anderson, Corliss Ander- son, Dan Anderson, David Anderson Row 5-Denise Anderson, Rebecca And- erson, Vlnco Andrade, Rober!"Anglin, William Anglln, Flora Antoniazzi, Mart- ano Antoniazzl, Ralph Antuno, Bill Ap- pelicy Row 6-Jackie Appelman, Larry Arends, Nancy Armstrong, Cheryl Arrivo, Susan Arvia, .Joe Aster, Adele Avignone, Alice Axon, James Babbitt Row 7-Dave Badali, Ron Bailey, Sharon Baiaruans, Ellen Baker, Dianne Balcer, Mary Lou Baldelli, Chane Balag, Mackie Barefield, Thomas Bartlett Row 8-Marge Bass, Ray Batenich, Leslie Baugher, Rosalee Baum, Patricia Baxter, Sharon Beckett, Frank Bednarczyk, Shar- on Beecher, Ron Beishuizen Row 9-Dorothy Bell, Thomas Benson, Fred Berndl, Diane Berry, Jack Bhoom, Rita Biedrycki, Dennis Billo, David Bla- auw, Sandra Black Row 'IO-Oiis Blackburn, Carol Blake, Bon- nie Blankenstein, Linda Block, Albert Blommaert, Joe Bloom, William Boeke- loo, Ruth Baelcke, Douglas Boele Row ll-Lynn Bagigian, John Bonczak, Eleanor- Boonstro, Wendy Bordas, Linda Bordner, Dodge Boroian, Thomas Bor- oian, Dreena Boswell, Randy Bouck 126 Row I-Judy Acton, Geoffrey Adkins Raw 2-Paula Admonis, Audrey Adrick l,,:,:.- - X f v Row 3-Gary Ahnquist, " '-'tai ' ' ' ' ' AWN Y- I - 1 Peterette Albomonte ' I - . , l "end 1 V uf 1 t - Ame! Zi A: - G' ' . l U r r i -7- , ', .f - x 1 .-1 ' l fl ' . 1 n 'l' - 1: ir ' . -.- f e y :I N E7 y t, it 1 A ' -r Vila f4 1, - ,lit . e ' t v w kvs"'1 ' ' .zo ' L-, . . , 1 A A , 1 l lu nm - 4 ,-,xx , ' V - A E" - - L . ,,, V V 4 ,Q , . r ll I I -- JK l 1 , ,X . - J 'Q T QEEP J K' A 6 ' 11 4 ' - 4 .3 i ' "l . 1 ,' ',D' J-A I . t: ' ' N ll ll' l I - fa, E Iv i .V f IX ' -'iffy ' N I , - 4. ' Q AV w i F s 57 , Y Y T 1 xt ., ', . .. ,,-.., . I , ,il V V h , i 7 1 l f Q 'T if if A ' . . . , , - , . ' - 1 'fa , N' A l at X - A e h f .I ,D V 3. I! R E --lr.. :U 1 , 7 v t-- ....-nf, fs I . in .-'15, fI",-- -f--. -i-:mf I ff l Q L - , A A' , M,t lx V, - F f -- 5. l V' ,V-V In "" m- ll I N ' 3 -'f 3 ' N th h s .V lx v" -4 4 . , , VV: W ' ' 'Q ' N Y -5 ' I ' - A A 'I A ' , 6' ii: 'or' , " f -x ' A or vb ' 's 1' 1. 7 , 5 ' i . i 7- ' 1 , v ' . -y , ,-fs A 0 1 ',,,i..g , 3 i 'l ,Q is 'N y cz K... ' r-T-- . Q l , 'J I s' I ' 'ten Ki A Q -V n mfr," A , 1 ,, 'W - A' 1 V ' l -'Vi 1 ' ' ' - ' ' Alex". it n 1 A .- A. - t - t to L Q W-,-,e.,e,e , ' ii ll ' ' - hifi' ' ' V 'W ' Q A ' ef , . I. , 1 W HA . b i t .. N . 1 HJ: 4 ,L Q - I I -15 F A I dl: :-i N V I, Q f C .yr V- ' i A lx I qvf Cufh . wfvgd 4 . , 5,3 If V , , , I H . r- , , I U., lik' N? F , '2 ' Hi it 1 . V I i ' J- l lx-J if -21.1 l vw' t A I F L N ry, i ' .i. ,sth-M if-' z - . VA:- . - t . - - -, 'Q--in . I eg Z - .V ' L Q, I i JUNIOR CLASS - F i ., , is i' e 1 l - Lf' M. Y , x X' 1, gl! I l ' , l ' A 'fi 'V 1 ' LA ' . ' ,, , 1 1: 1 ,II ,WAI 7. - I kI ,,'r I I , I I: , A - 1 yx ' H 'J . -I J. . "1 ' 'fl .5 55' l .. i' II I I II ' 1 IIIIIII5 :Ii I U 1 ..-C I. I-III.,nJ -f i ' I .. H iJl.1:L- -J' ,.l llil '35 l. A-9 lf Y' A -" 1' J' H vw' 7+ 1 i ' -V 'iii , ,J I J .V I . . li I l l l ' In ' I , ' -II l 'Iyer -- -- ,III II - IIII I Q , III I IIIII ' W Q L " 'J' 771 7 - "' i L 2 5 w Q .1 y , , .J . ' .v .. 1 . - 3 L , ' ' Ia., CWZCT? " "Ti "" o"'+ I i I'-B l ' Qu W 5 1 , uni ' 4 - - 5 ,. I V X? N- Y l .I XI II I Ii, Q. I III I V, - I -pf., . III I N I I IA -. I I III III li . I-I-I I Ii .1 Q V- ' s ' " 5- ' 'I f- lr., , . f ' fi ., tr, 5 .Q .Il ' ' R ' X ' m, .I I II, Y. I I III I I, I 5 , II l l . e li 1 I 'f f . iigl ihwlsfmi.-.J ' -. .- " ' III from on , I ' - fr' ,-'- . llllgl J -v 1 LJ' -I . ' V J N , , as - X A , - f '.:. ', -:. -f Q19 1 ' 'Q' I n w I N "'! eu, VT, 'II l, In' '1 II E XI II , I I IJ. I figgf L o L ill' ill. 'l . --.---eff .I ., ,LI .,.,.. -V, II, - , , , , - . - .Ts I I rf .... v ' E P l . I L I , .A as f , -F' " RI 1, , II I I 'l . if ,gift I I N II I I I -. " QV QL, . , ', L ' ' X. I L g ' V . 7 'J A If .ll , - , l il . I J . .V ,.,.-,.. ,. .. ,, I - l 'J ' l ' 7 -. . .Q V QI 'QI up i ,Liv .2 A III ft II ,I 'rf-IIE' 'v 7 . ,J , ' - :T ll I .fs I II II 1 I .QIL I Q I A L .C I AAL' . -"CT --aj ' .. he T "-' ' f' C " ' ' - . .7' 1-' .- V IQ ' ""' r- ' - ,I 1 5 I nr P :I 'an - f.r ' " ' l V ' T31 ' . 'fr J .ffl 1 v R - hi .T -QV? J "1 . A , -ei-Qlf ktisritllllith ' 55. -J ' 4 --1- -'fri .I.I ' -f -If 'Ij r"" I 5' if f- - 1 .-- -- . T, .II , 1- ii? Iii, L., I I' 'N ' ' .1 , Ij? I ,. ,. .J f l " f 1 ' "P , . lil . it . , ff it N we, is . if X t' ' f ii J l - , P If -Q. W J . il l in ll! hh ' ' B - . :J ' I f I av I I 8 .., -v I 3 I I z II .. 5' 1 . Q, '. , SLI -1 5 . ri , . ' -s .. -. . . lil 7- L . -' Q f V it . EE ' , '5 ,C T "A' "T"""': ' P-2 577273-1' "Qf',1 I I. T' 'X' ' "Lift , I I,.I, . FI, . i I 1 IIIW , V li 1 ,, ' l by fl? l - '. I ', I VKY' 'lv ' .' U Y' - ' , T I 'gg L ,521 " r 'f fv 1 . J" 54? Q N ' gr 7 mr" A 1 C .faqs 'I - .4 fu af. Row 1-Richard Bowman, Dennis Bayer, Holly Bradley, Pamela Bradley, Sharon Brady, Mark Brenton, Bonita Brimmer, Marcia Brinton, Robert Brouillette Row 2-Charles Brown, James Brono, Warren Brown, Doug Brownfield, Donna Brunell, Donna Buchanan, Burt Buratto, Tim Burke, Sue Burnet Row 3-Donny Bushroc, Jeff Butler, Linda Buttala, Peter Buwolda, Pansy Byrd, Jim Caleca, Pat Camadeca, Kathy Campa, Charles Campagne Row 4-Edward Campbell, Jack Camp- bell, Anthony Campisi, Lisa Cantele, John Cappetto, Charles Carey, Sharon Carey, Mary Carlisle, John Carlson Row 5-Donna Carson, Nancy Carson, Nancy Cosperson, Luis Castillo, L.C. Catchings, Steve Celani, John Cengr, Eugene Ceratto, Carol Chaplinski Row 6-Napine Chizrello, Connie Chiera, Robert Chelewa, John Chssane, Dan Chytla, Paul Cimarali, Cathy Claessens, Judy Clark, Cecil Clay Row 7-Minnie Clayton, Wayne Cleek, Ricky Climer, Lynn Coleman,Susie Cole- man, Terry Coleman, Pat Collins, Ran' ald Collins, James Comminos Row 8-Colleen Connelly, William Cook, Peggy Copenhauer, Gregory Cora, Bruce Corkery, Iris Cotton, Annette Cov- olo, Dorothy Crabtree, Tony Cracca Row 9-Linda Cramer, Jackie Creotura, Michael Crowe, Corinne Crulcich, Carol Cullinan, Colleen Cummings, Pat Cun' ningham, Ronald Cunningham, Nancy Czyz Row 10-Thomas Dalcorobbo, Joe Dale Santo, Lynn DalSanto, Diane DalPonte, Jerry Dare, Steve Davalos, Keith David- son, george DeBoer, Dianne DeHeer Row 'll-Judy DelPriore, Chris Deme,Ar- lene Demko, Debbie DeNardi, Rita Dendy, Kenneth Dennis, Denise Desvig- nes, Peggy DeValk, Jim DeVries 127 Row 'l-Joe Dewey, Jean DeWitt, Jim De- Witt, Robert DeWitt, Linda Diaz, Marcia Dietz, Debby Dima, Carrne DiMare, My' ron DiNovo Row 2-Debbie Doblis, Fred Dobrinski, Thomas Doerr, Ronald Daw, Robert Dro- bick, Dennis Dufour, Susan Dughetti, Tobias Duncan, Gary Dylcema Row 3-Wayne Eugen, Roland Eaton, Ro- bert Eden, Kathy Edwards, Jill Eenige- burg, Marie Eenigenburg, John Ehrm- ann, Irene Eisen, Pal Elliot Row 4-Corinne Enrieit, GeorgeT.Epper- son, Vickey Epperson, Paul Esquivel, Susan Ettema, Lorraine Evans, George Fogin, Gale Farr, Gerald Falh Row 5-Tam Fee, Jean Feledy, JeftFelski, David Ferguson, Dennis Ferrini, Kathy Feutz, Theresa Fields, Karen Fioravonti, Brian Fitzgerald Row 6-Dennis Fleming, Larry Fleming, Dorlyne Flood, Rose Florence, Rebecca Flores, Marsha Flowers, Bob Foreman, Susan Franc, Larry Gagus Row 7-Anthony Gage, Micheal Gabry, Russell Fu, Jan Frangella, Marianne Franken, Peter Friar, Gail Frigo, Dan Gainer, Annette Galetto Row B-Kathy Galkowski, Nancy Galla- gher, Gilbert Garcia, Leslie Garcia, Pam Gardello, Sue Gardello, Ray Gardener, William Gardener, Susan Garter Row 9-Oscar Garza, Paul Gaubis, Karen Geary, Mary Geiger, John Genis, Mike Gerdzos, Tam Gervase, Karen Gibson, Marilyn Glenn Row T0-Calandras Glover, Jeff Glowski, Sue Goclsted, Susan Golot, Nancy Gar- chos, Lakomy Gordon, lrene Gorszczylc, Diane Gorzczyk, Steve Gasnell Row ll-Helen Gothberg, Carol Grabert. Tom Grady, Linda Graelen, Fred Green, Glen Green, Cheryl Greenleaf, Roger Greene, Terry Griffin IZB JUNIOR CLASS 'ir 4 A I A v I ll yr,-N li , J r 1 , i . ' , h A ' 4 ' , yl i of W A ' U an . 4 A i V V al. 2 J - , rn ' T me . " F V ' ' it i6?"f"t:q,- ,,, , X , ,, , ' f , ' I , fe 1 U-vi r x ,IQ I' y 1 M V Q? H ' yr i -' ., . f in J L Q -iq -J ,--, , ' i ' J l -2 -ref 1 lui, ...e , .1 -iv - . , f T ' - . '- -F if-. i - -W , iii' F i J r V V ..., , 'fill Q' -' ' ef.: -e-,I if ' Fr 42- fi F 4, "4"'?., J 1 J . 1 ' ' - .lf . . isa. I ' 1- f- V'-A" ' " V. 5 w-, 1 ,, fy , ,,vg,, if 'NF' lil-F ai ' ' J :H - L T X N, Q W Ai wwf- 4.7.3 vga." V. ,nu f W- ' Mi Y ,I I, E It 'A ' ' lr? Rh vi" ' E Vi f it 'F ,F I I ,N il ' ff. . lg . - I 2 " ' -' i ' ' , f Ffa ici l -K y f , X- e A ,Pali l.1 'Fil 'Fa' 7 V' if 979 ,IN V-N 1 I 2 , EQ- -, Y - 1- 4 1 X -1- 'A to J ,ff F f K M, o E223 A' -,L :JJ ull. L I t V I 1 - , h G F- I-f-W Lx X Q k F, - - yr' . 'Q GF' ' Y JI- ui -.1 'iywwi J vi, X ' F ry LF .". ,:"A- QT ' F.: li e'.r i- " 1 F f 'F 4797 ,F melee ,o in . f ' " "K , ' ., S - ,Nr il i, up -r J EEK J X 'N ' i - ,f'T"f' Q h A . . H ly, X K f..-. ' 101 I I 1 , A I 4 lf' ,9 I- 13 F' P-kr' Q ,md lfw i VY , 1 I! A S S v A E. 1 ' ', - J. ,H l il , f iw ' ,---,TA f A. i eg t -fx, f""' ' l . - JF' V J r - ' fx V 1 il ,, i . - 3 1 . ,X f lt .fl '1 , X:','li XXV:-2 ."' I W J' f' f J iff J J am fin is ie ter 'A ig" , ,. ' XF H fi I F 'K .if ' lr' ily f , 1. M it F " F - . ,, J lv! fr l I J J . lg V fx l 'D' A b '- 'Q w -f 'vo , E " ,Il .255 it l 4. ' J ' e ' 1 V 45 , i ,,,. 1 J I II. ' .Q , , , ' I I .fr - IJ, uv 4"-x JI ' f Row 'l-Richard Griffith, R17 'LY' Sue Grigalunas ' A A 5 .X i C mcg- E5 t , ' I N 'Ill Row 2-Lindo Gimes, :Q II, ' av Richard Grippo Qt' J' 'J J :: ' . ' - Row 3-Dixie Gran 22 . 5 4- ,, . Y Anthony Grucel ee "" , " ' Q 'J IA vain attempt ata correct answer Fails.. " ru -l'l l 11-will ' ' -. 5 D ' 'R C 5 I ,I 1 i Q J J, is J J t .s t "sz f ,"" ' , ", '- ' , l I 1 A' ya' -" A A . UI V, if .W , . I, , x 1 1 ft I, I. T, I IEIII I ,I ' tl I Gif . ."fJ'.l t 7 l . . LL f Y ' "'itl',l"" 'ffl VT A' " . 1 " it ' :T ,I 'C R - i II 7 I 5 Q. . - tw QSC 'I' .A M R 1 3, l , , ' 'wrfl' J if ,, if s li n. Y' Mft it 2 tts, Q N Aff tile It if , Ji. y . l I "l WW 74' I 5 '.-- A i A J ' ll l W 1. ' E- is '- 4 V - - J- P J wtf i it i' at 1' frvrTiY3.fi it " " ' ' + 17 ' If, ,. ' r , J lf' ' -' , "', ,,, 'tt' it . a -I ,. 1 - - , , I I AII , I , ly ls' ' A ' i ' - V. qYl:"5" i .- ' l' ' V 3 1- 7 ,I xt fy ' ss VY AY C' G g' V l' "I", Y Fl " y 'i"':-- Y ' ' l . . ' ft t :E W1 , ,wr-few sf sv su - ff--:H - '.' , , i l., I,"z 1 , ' ' , I I Q ,. - I I , ,I I fr it J . I III I, ,it g , by A 1. . ' A ' -:r J - J wr' , , RT ' R ' " 'I 5 l , J ' i , r- , , , i 1 ' ' , , . . ' Q 31, , t ' r -,IR-MI ' I' I V ' ' 1 ,J I . I l 1, ws ,- I I ,wi H' Q f Veve ,ey - f-. fr ,gf R. . j . I , 51 I ji J. ia, , 'Ji f . 'fi X f f - s I 'r N' f J, . ll J t ,I ,I c4,'e - , II We W I I ' ,, z ' 1 -:i p tl-1 'I " 2 Q J . I.,.-,, , . , ' 1 . "' - - ' ' JL, i . is Q tr Y - ,. - J J T' 5'l:l:NCy'lc?'f, il- J ,V Q '- " 'C' .JEL it 'J if ' J V ' ' ' 'fiiv,f,ffff7lf L i. ,, J l ' -- lf C R C - 5 I . If I ,I ,I ' II l . II-'I- I, 'S I i l I II I I I IIMI u-II -4 I I I ,. I ll II, ' -gp, il A-1 is 'I I' 'A ' as L aigj gf tt .s ' 45,1 J 3 4 Row 4-April Guftey, Tam Gutlielmi, Frank Gustafson, Joan Haaksma, Bob Hagern, JoanneHagers,RitaHaiik, Kathy Hakalmozion, Edward Halenar Row 5-Joan Hamater, Kathy Hanne, Linda Harascsak, Paulo Harper, John Harvey, Cathy Haselberger, John Hat- cher, Nancy Hathaway, Carey Haustein Row 6-Louise Havel, Judy Hayes, Sue- Ilen t-leide, Dale Hernpen, Sandy Hen- ricks, Roger Heubach, Ernest Highley, Diana Hilburger, Robert Hinds Row 7-Sandi Hinko, Laurel Hielnwherg, Robert Hoaclley, Cynthia Hockey, David Hockey, Pam lloclolttz, Joseph Hodut, Chris Hoekstra, Gerald Hoeltzei Row 8-Paula Hallman, Rvlssell Harilund, Bonnie Halgren, Patricia Homsten, Ron' ald Horn, Michele Haivath, Mary tlow- ard, Judy Hranka, John Hrei Row 9-Cheri Hudy, Judy Hulnagl, lvtcnk Hufnagl, Marilyn Hun1mons,Sandral-tut- cherson, Jerome lgnowski, Blanch tn- gram, Anne lovan, Stephanie Isaac Row I0-Tadeuse Jablonski, Claudia Joc- obek, Rod Jager, Lawrence John, Karen James, Gregory Jarbigion, June Jenkins, Melvin Jenkins, Dale Jensen Row t'l-Marcia Jobbe, Michael Jobgen, Janet Johansson, Betty Johsan, Calvin Johnson, John Johnson, Kay Johnson, Linnea Johnson, Martha Johnson 129 'L if . 5 I M 1 ti is - , A L X x ' 'q1"s?E'i J' 5 ' 1. al, M? .K I The spirit of the unstoppable French Club. Row I-Patricia Johnson, William Johnson Row 2-Charlene Jones, J Gladys Jones Row 3-Victor Jones. Antoine Jordan .U 51. .., 1 X JJ lil X 5 l so f . Q .9 A XJ' nl v I 4 U. I r, D L 4 X I Y if J K 4 'W X XX, l X is ff J., KX: Y XX CQ? xx I av lll lg J I H V X I 2 If J s X XX . .XII . . . XXX -- X' ..,X . Xgi.- 5, X, W Y - XX , XX .XXX ,r X 1 X X . XXX X X 1 - XX . JJ ' J . ,, X: J J ' Q , 1, an J' J " . Row 4-Sandy Jorgenson, Sherri Jostus, XX X If "1 X, ' u , 'J J' X, J Y' JJ J -J Tom Juhosz, Lynn Jumes, Richard Kobai, w " f,XX JJ . ' ' XJ XXL XJ J X ' Ronald Kabai, Alene Kalabus, James X X XXXX'I X .u li X X XXJJ Wi l W ' Kallas, Sharon Kallianes llll J XX45'9X I JJ 'J J V J ls? J "' 3 ' ' Row 5-Carol Kamarol, Doug Kanady, J Qfif l, J X '17 J XX 1 ' XXJ ' Patricia Kania, Scott Kaplan, Gerry Karr, "X J XXX: 'X f . L X .Q J' Boyed Katrina, Elaine Kalula, CorolKav- I J X Xi J f X X alunas, Paul Kaupos L-- 4 . , ' 'J CA" W.. , , ,W J ,W J X an Y- V X. , 1: - X, -, - . V ,X ' ' .-,4, . ,. , Row 6-Daniel Kehoe,Sondra Kelley,Kar- 'T' J -X J J 6 X V .- ' X - R: J: XX li, z " Q, en Kelley, wamom Kelly, Keith Kendall, ' ' X . L X. 352 Leslie Ann Kerechek, Patrick Kilbride, ' - N X J J 1' XX - N' . . . ' . ' J XJ-X.I ,Lfg X J i, . .X 'X David King, Edward Kinsella XX XXXX XXX-X .X i X X XX . XX X X535 h i WV L+ 7 J V ' lf Row 7-James Klismaniclc, Carole Kocek, Q ' ' S X A X .X X"W XX: Judy Kolch, Thea Kolias, Nick Komrn- , X7 J XXTX X ' i . ' J . s.-X ' Y .XXX adore, Maria Konrad, Joann Konlos, Sue 'J' 5' X. 'sf' J X uv X ' w f . l . Koons, Wayne Korbal Xl X XX XX .,Xr,' X X ' Q . XX XXXXXXX ... . . r 5.354-6' -.ff 'z ' . ' ' '.gLy.'r?r L",-..s.'..a.L. -1'-L' 5'f3f'-3'-1-L7.'5'lT. t- . AJ' 'J f'f4'A P - - ' so w " """'15 -X -. , fe ' -f:lr""' ' 'i ff. "' ' Row 8-Phyllis Korwin, Darlene Kosco, Ak- . . J ', f ' l X 4 X ,. ' ' Xe ' X, X. Joe Kovac, Glen Koyama, Charles Kras- X 1, L 7. IX , X, X .. J XX - J. ' J'-' J ,X sel, Gail Kreczmer,MargoKrenkel, Frank 'X '7 3" X . 'J J ' ' Kristin, Charles Krizic X 1- X1 V X ' X X, X '?X X 7, - - L it - li 1, X XX X . . I XX XX . X X X Row 9-Tony Krotiak, Linda Kubiak, Ronald i-- 7 ' , " -gf ' -' W- M . X , Y I - .T Q, . - 1 t F ,, if-f . .1 ' ,- . Kuczwara, Helen Kuimisara, ChelXyXL 'i ,' - l l 'Il XXX-Ag' XX ' X . . Ku z, Richard Kurek, Ran Kureic,qlLL,yQ J .. 4. tl " X . , J ' l V " All X X, S? J .X - X X l l s 1 , .avr .. ' Z . Mariory Kuyper 'L X X-Xi AX XX-,gt ' N ,1 f lb JJ - -. 3 4 L . -Z 'J' Row 10-David Laland, Jerry Lambert, XXJXIMXX X "' L 'J ' XXXXXXX' X 5 X J X ' Rich Lambert, Jean Lambros, Joan Larn- ivfw ' 'f V' " , ' L J Q-TET'h4'fY JJ X.d"?x':,, i 'E' Y l X .i X X Xb X3 X - X . .1 f-XXI. x. X X bros, Bill Lang, Dale Lange,JanetLanger, X X . i sq . X i. X Marlin Langreder ,J 4, J Q ' X 'J L :J J' 'J' ' -ha - J A XX: X 5 1 F X Y XX X1 ' i X ' Row llMike Lonting, Anita LaRoche, XX 1' ' - e f 5X',f: XX I X. 7' X - . X. XX X Kathy Larson, Muriel Larson, Randall - "'JllJ'J'J J - 3 fl " XX j X' X ' X X? --,r-:gs-fri. - ,,i'.f:n XX TX rv-ri . - 5 f "jg X -: -.X - Larson, Lynn Lazuka, Connie Leach, ,, J JJ XJ ,i"'3i"" ' l X X XX ' X Xf- -- XXX., fn BQ XX,: ' David Leisey, Judy LeMieux .' 4 J .- '-'L -. ' 3. ' 'Ee I ell ,J 'J F 'H . 9 J ' ' X J X I X Xl il . .' 1 L Q- it - -i qu i-qw- 'S ,i X , XX:-A ,X 'L X A X X XX .X ' X, J it J 'Y Slffiiiil L f Q . e X L ' I i 1 N ' ' , . 'Xl 51 - L ll. J ., J 7' ' '. ' ' ,qi I ,si +-f'j,i.-w.'l'- Q: . S -Y -J L 'li x . A 130 JUNIOR CLASS R I ,, J e J .- A , , y QQ ,e " it ., -"Vx , Y 1 7' W . I - H I . V - W il I I -31" , I it 1 f .J V J. J X' ii. : J J ,Alai . V on ei e ,r c it i - r, ' , I - ' , lr ," 'lll I J . -D l , fr , L l J- T' ' " R ' ,git L' ' f W. ,..- HT- ,K 'Q 'Ni ,- r J ' L t l- xii, gy ' A ' 1' 'a , -e . J ce fe N R- " t RQ? , , 'J H L L ' Vi' Q: l j ""A ", : J H ll l ' 71, 'H t ij' QT Nil -3 ' '-x 1" ll - -E' t , tiger 3 - , fsf , - Y J , ellie- L' A xx , V L . l imit Y ' X I YJ,-Sf-4 Q42 ir' ' F my ,, Itn' T I , u . Q 'J D is i l A 3 D Ji .st t 2 L, T, Y ,W J - 4" L x J ,L r A , L Q-I rv W ,xg i L ' ill' ' ,W , - 'A r-,V I 4 c 1. ' ' 5 - K 1 , " J me fix fb I V... 1 , ll? l 1 v . x N . l- "" ' t il ',. , l ' ll . 1 .g , , r, ,K " VJ' K? Ve- 1 I, Y in AT , My L .LQ My y lg " , l . , 1 V sr- ' . W I V 1 I. K v lf: fi ' Q 'fr' 'i A I V if ,fu , J li' --,lf f ", - fl 1 f "',.l.f W :"'. L Dj N W r cc: tr" T i ell 'll . .. .'.. Y F N 1. C. M-X N p A IV kk .2 i 'IH is 7' ,' I ' 'ig , J ' T . ' . ' , -1 "J 2 ' ff if 2 ' ' V F ny' lf Q J" 4 X, li ' .lx V MY, . V Q Fe, , X i r M' R1 , Q 4' " 5 ,lf '--ijgx, ' ' W' 1 Q , , tr ,edit , it V H RN M H Q v i w Z l .r 1331 mit.-ssl A: I - Y ' A f L tl in ,TZ " - l 7 l ll I l ' Q J P ll -ll' L l -.J :L H in ' l i V 5- . .is - JL.. A N Q 1. X:-, 1 V' l -. lt' J' ll ' 'll "D . l -I .1 im ,, - ' ir, 'A -qi 4 :TTY LS.-'gy 371' 4, , L. L.. ' 1 ' ' -4 ,L ll 1. 'Ji .A -il E Row I-Ray Leoduro, Andrew Lerner, Judie Levans, Ellen Levy, Jon Leugoud, Carolyn Lewandowski, Rita Lewis, Jeff Liebentritt, Jerry Liebold Row 2-Tom Lilly, Debbie Lind, Linda Lin- thorst, Dennis Littrell, Christine Lobbei, Martha Lofrano, John Lopez, Frank Lo- Presti, Patricia Louette Row 3-John Lovison, Patrick Lowe, Vir- ginia Lowe, Lynn Luitgaren, Lois Lund, Lawrence Lundstrom, Charles Lupori,BiIl Lyons, Judy MacDonald Row 4-Carol Machamer, Marlene Mac- iewski, Pot Madderom, RobertMahoney, Antonina Moira, Maria Maira, Donna Malecki, Bill Moloney Row 5-Elaine Malukas, Wally Momak, Lindo Manter, Kent Marcek, Mark Mar- chi, Joan Marcinko, Linda Marco, Gail Mordirosian, Robert Marchis Row 6-Debbie Morsch, Andrea Martin, Linda Martin, Mary Martin, MichuelMar- tinotti, Clare Morton, George Marx, Al- vin Massey, Bruce Mathias, Richard Mc- vin Massey, Row 7-Rosernare Motysek, Ken Maurag- os, Rick Mazurkiewicz, Chuck McCollogh, Dole McCracken, Al McDonald, James McDonough, PatrickMcFarland, Richard McHale Row 8-Mark McMahon, Diane McMas- ter, Robert McMaster, Barb McPartlin, Karen McPhail, Rich McPhail, RobertMe- keland Marty Mellis,RobertMenneghini Row 9-Douglas Meteisis, John Metzen, Jackie Meyers, Sondra Middleman, Jim Miholik, Diane Miller, Tom Miller, De- metrics Minor, Carol Miotls Row 10-Laura Moncada, David Monte, John Monteen, Alma Moore, Roland Moore, Janice Moreschi, Carol Morgan, Richard Morgan Row ll-Rochelle Morgon, James Mark, JoAnn Moro, Marilyn Moro, JonetMor- ris, Larry Morrison, Ronald Morrison, Debbie Motley, Jean Motley ,131 Row l-Terry Moulan, Bonnie Mucha, Edward Mucha, Sandra Munoz, Mari- anne Munz, Tom Munz, StanMuszkowski, Edward Naine. Row 2-Marica Namors, Danna Narclin, Joyce Nelson, Linda Nelson, Lynette Nelson, Hermine Nemeth, Cathy Nes- singer, Diane Neurneister, Keith Nichols. Row 3-Donald Niven, Robert Norby,Ro- bert Noreikio, Marcia Novak, Pete No- vak, Timothy Oakes, Eileen O'Cannor, Era O'Connor, Andrea Oglehi Row 4-Nancy Ohse, Maureen O'Leary, Bob Olson, Edward Olson, Larry Olson, Lee Olson, Richard Olson, Sharon Onate, Karl O'Neal Row 5-Clifford O'Neil, Ken Ores, Julie Organ, Denise Orne, Jane Ortiz, Jane Ortiz, James Osborn, William Osten- gren, Karen Ostrawski Row 6-Daniel Otto, Marlene Oviyack, Carlton Owens, Louie Oyervides, Mary Ozga, John Pacholik, Rich Paciski, Mary Jean Palagi, Denny Panozzo Row 7-William Pape, Valaneia Parks, Laura Pasquarella, Stanely Patrick, Ed- ward Pavilanis, Paulette Pauilanis, Glenn Pawlak, Danny Peers, Corlis Pe- ques Row 8-Ann Pelles, Patricia Pennington, Shirley Perchez, Bill Perkins, Lara Perl- man, Edward Perry, Barbara Perzely, Brenda Pesquento, Clifford Peterson Row 9-Cynthia Pettit, Mary Phelps, Larry Piala, Mary Piccalin, Linda Pickett, Rus- sell Pike, Torn Pintelan, Colleen Pirtle, Mike Poieia Row 10-Sheryl Pouns, Gwen Pratt, Jerry Price, Paula Price, Terry Price,,Richetto Pruitt, Edward Przybylski, David Purcell, Joyce Purcell Row 'll-Tim Pursell, Bob Purvy, Sandra Ouick, Torn Ouillman, Mike Raaties, Car- yn Race, Ken Raclemaker, Ronald Raim- bauli, Janice Rbklovits 132 4 J.. at -Q1 h ' 5 .sy li,1" f N, -, .L 1 .J 1 -jr I F -5 V l' .-7 t V I 117 1 A I 4 i f I , 5 I wiwl illltmh T' f .. v X 1 fi t ,-'W - ,, 1 . - l- x in X ,. . - , i . 1 -i Q m J , ",,,"tu . -:fiat . iv g kv, IQ' 4: , - t " fb f li I.. t isa ff ie, ., 'J . .v ' , ft i V - ifk J ' " ' T .P ., R T' f X , V ii Q , 2 fl t-,,,:"x S il " lilpgwll , 2 . J ' , i I' l' J 'af' . 4 1 J . 1 3. 1 ,R -f -ij 'W' ' , , v4 . , . V, il, fy tri 'iii . gf - 'J . tl 'J ' " 'HJ ' P m X tar- re f it or Q r I. it it - , iq ff? .,I':. W, 'Az ' A 4. fr , f A 3 an h 1 Q W f , '1 ,Qty ff J , y, t J' , - 'i ,L A . ti4?.v3.f9 if f I y ' im., ,L " fit JL J ""4.i- i- sim. J J :- J 'P If is L al I 2 if - -3, 3 V H' y ' I A I A N . x 1 A X, , 4. M P X' ' ee 't 1 ,Pd 4' l v 1 R V iv- ' , J 1, l ., T ,, ,H , . ,S is QQ t , - t .J it N' eiee, , ft ,. J J -1 - 'oo ' 'E-' . l L l- , t l 5 I U- Ap -.J J da il L L 6 -ati' PQI:-JR.: , Y!! J -1 -' ' ' ' 'Q ' 'ef t Qi ik. A . ,lix ' 3 ,,,, 'H ' N L 1 ,- .- I lb 'Ll I J 12- J! , A 1 'L ,Y ,re f-'FY-A V . , . , Q . ,' , , ,, v P' ' " .i as , - , . P ,, V -I' ,. . ' ' ,. f -4- .V -. . , .x l q , c. V' 4 +',.'i1i' Pl li Y WW PH. " -5- W' ' t T , t - t.. - ' ' , - , L W Xe 4 Pri. A J - , . l . '-V' -4 - 4 ,Q-3 b ' V ' X ' 1-," , Q Y If V A A X X rxxflx - 5-A 'v "' " ' ' - V -f f ' . e---ff-4 'M' r , ' V 1 , ,ll i, , A " ' 2' ,- A ' LN ' Q V, 1 ' ,, -P . 5 5 , J 'XY A t l - ' P: ' ' '95, . J ii ' 1 o we J Q ,,, ' -fo' ' ' 7 'M - if . , F V , .J -,Wig , ,J ,. A W. :Fri J 0 -Y, ' ig- - Q4-f tt' ri ff it L21 f ,.-'t 6 VC, , t L- fa I '- - ' ' ,Ml ,J "l. -Rf as 6 'il J ' A JJ ' . X A Gigi, J 'im V' H-3 "TT fe -'I' r 'A A L h , , .- " .Y Q - ,A fix as , A v: ' ily ,, Y: . in P it -'-4 ' ' J .. ei e if 2 J J tw no if r X J- t if J 'ti ' . , ,Q-.gi -xr ,,. "lk fb ff- Row l-.lim Randall, i 4 ' Janet Rankaitis l Row 2-Dennis Rarko, Barbara Reda N vie y -4. , .,,, , f"' i try - ii- - Row 3-Anita Reed n . 'l. .., Judy Reese ,-5 ly X,- - -- C'mon get mov'in and do it right! 1' V , . I '-i '- GS' , "" v-, ,Cf , , ,5 ax -,ay fi., 1 if b , A h Q R F -,L L ' it Q-1 Frifik if-f we ,Q ' ' V V , A f . W 51' ," A '!'?flF" fb. 'L V 'Sl-vp, A S ' 2 F E l Q will fat Y ' U V -. " 4 Eg, - i A gh' V 6 l ,Q l - l lu ,A Sri Q. ' 'Y X V ig' l R Sr' , ' ' ig, 5 Q ,gt ,gf , " 7" S . ,.-, 'tfif r i , "1 V i' Q ' R 4 A S H 3' 5 i J rf' 'I H ' ' 'I 'er H l ' . A ' 'ESS 1 , ll' l- -. ' ' - - 'S ' 7 S X 'V ' xf ' -R 5 i ' ' i '1-.l .l ' Wm . c ,Y S S, -c. .1 t A L V i .D - A V I t -' " f e , ll ln Q gi X f R lr A y .tee t H - - J. A ' -. y ' 'sg " l -7 V ' lx 'Sq 4 ' I' in -w ' sv ' 1- ll it hd Nl may in ' F ' ' U I , - -- ,,,: -" ' , J , lk ' ev' i' y,,c'fi,,L 'iff W , " J,.', ' ,N , I . JK' ,:l i, l 0 ,' 'S I L.. . K U, ,li t i' e e , . , 1, . I J . f X V - 'l ' tl' ' 3, 4' "H w Y' gr Q I ' . H I- I 5. Q W: I .Q Yi 2 I I .i e 5 . x gil- V A U Q H .S 'S r , -' , glue g if, , i l ' it - ed 1 f W ' if tt"',QP.-' S 4 Q l 'tl -J ' l . . i -, ', ,Q-v, V, vi , . A ' 1 J,, if f A- 5 X f R9 ,a1g:.'!r:1-A-T 1 A , 't ' . - ,ie X L, ,gg ' i S' X 'ef ,, ,H ,ww A wh., " In -X k - it . ' 1 I ' V in in gil: 'f, . - ' i b F75 - W' ?L'?,l".' Y N' 'jg ' AJ, :i ,J l 5,4 U ,Z-L F ,-- I 'xiii V I - I A : r- , - M Il Ig.. 4 V ,," Y , ,gf ,. e i c R i are i . i I - , A I Q - lx ,il , I V --W V I J gx -1, iq-L! N KH, .. .g ll, A, I' - 'E if -c 'ly ,l ,, . Row 4-Donna Regan, Bonny Regnier, Ronald Reyelts, Pamela Rice, Glen Rich- ardson, Philip Riebarth,JanetRiggs,Rich- ard Rigoni, Randall Riley Row 5-Raymond Riley, Rhonda Robinl san, Beth Roche, Theresa Radell, Fred Raessler, Barbara Roi,Miles Rose, Nancy Rose, Ken Rosinski Row 6-Carol Rossi, Bev Rowe, Charles Rulnina, Ronald Ruby, RobertRuhl,Doug- los Russel, Kathy Ryan, Marilyn Ry'an, Michael Ryan Row 7-Linda Rydberg, Debbie Rydeen, Alice Rydel, Ken Rylander, Jack Sad- awski, Larry Sallee, Penny Salter, Ralph Saller, Barbara Sandaker Row 8-Rayford Sanders, Roger Sanzen- bacher, Marcia Sartori, Ginger Schell, Charles Schoeuner, Charles Schoerner, Bob Schug, Nicholas Schuit, Mary Schul- ler Row 9-Burrell Schulz, Cynthia Schultz, Vicki Seiol,. Carol Sharp, Bill Sheldon, Carlotta Sheppard, Peggy Sheridan, Sharon Shroeder, Walter Showicz Row I0-Bill Shunt, Glenn Siadcik, Lynn Siegel, Val Sikora, Cherie Sipes, Rose- anne Skalka, Eileen Skiba, Craig Skinner Fred Skinner Row ll-Ron Skirnick, Ronald Slaviero, Sharon Sliter, Tony Sluzas,DanielSmith, Deborah Smith, Michael Smith, Robert Smith, William Smith 133 L. ll The spirit of the Junior is reflected in these ioyaus faces. Row 4-Kennie Speck, Judy Spehknian, Thomas Spiek, Lenny Spiess, Cathy Spil- ler, Diane Spindler, Edith Stall, Stan Schultz, Mark Strange Row 5-Pat Starczewski, Joseph Starita, Richard Slehlik, Frank Steiner, Cather- ine, Steinhauer, Robert Stephen, Vivan Slehpens, Liz Stevens, Barbara Stone Row 6-David Stone, Don Stone, Rosalyne Stovall, Lynn Strahl, Robert Strand, Marie Stratton, Susan Struven, Jwmes Stromberg, Catherine Sullivan Row 7-Janet Summer, Walter Suslowicz, Thomas Swardson, Barry Swanson, Faye Swanson, Pamela Swanson, Robert Swanson, Darrel Swienton, Earl Sykes Row 8-Elizabeth Szilagyi, Shelley Tar- ver, Liza Taylor, Linda Teets, Dale Terry, James Tharp, Alan Theile, David Thomp- son, James Thompson Row 9-Janice Tidmarsh, Marie Thomp- son, Laura Tolar, Debbie Toppel, Barb Tortoland, Danny Townsend, Ray Town- send, Carol Tremblay, Toni Triola Row T0-Chris Valente, Al Unton, Sue Ummel, Sky Urbonas, Roy Turner, Paul- ine Turner, Diane Turner, Miki Troy, Steve Trambello Row ll-Judy Valentas, Suzanne Valen- te, Sam Vallas, Michael Valmakis, Val- erie Valane, Carl VanCuren, Suzanne Vanderhei, Susan Vanderhye,,laynellen Vanderploeg T34 v ,,I1,, T' V V Q' V Y . fwfr '.- - fl-T-I 'e gg V Row I-Robert Snell, 'Tk -Q 'gf Cindy Sober f Row 2-Tim Sable, v X l Marylee Soilca , v-. . rt" ' A Raw 3-Henry Sommerdylce, .- 7-Y. 4 JahnSoukup -7- . eq' 1 eff I r 1152 I-'f - . rf' 7 - ' f- vjgqvrffii ei '. A ' , Q Y ., T Tizrjzr' A ,225 , A ' ., li r- ? ' , , Jr! I -S - at ' j f -,J V li I '51 ,. 1 li-'.. T K gl, A- ..-. 5, ' ',iN,- - fi: -f T Y" . , ,LQ-, "7 'f,Xf .,,, K X i -,,'i 'tri ,. -- Y ' , Y Q - "Ti ' .- f " - " 'fl L it l 'A l V , ,V Q.. 1 A L T.: Q T 1 lg: .. -fy Y F, " ' f .f - ., lv,-..1.'. 1 ' Q ,A ,- 'N 11 . A - K ' J T' A x -A L fbi-,Vail P ., l 9. , -ef - L, nr. - 1 ta' ' ' F 1-I . l ' ,A T . I :E 151 Z- 1' 'T 'rf ' 14. -- V A -1 1 ,-- A '- E 1 V. - U! f' X '. l 'L ' ' ' ffl. A L V L C5 ,gg nw tx' Q c f ' i in , - . ..-- ' .. , , i V l'lll3"T ,ve 1.,:' -ffm , ,fr 'el -4 L. - ff ' -:, . 3, , 1 L1 , , -:fr V Q X' , M ,- ,, " Q- Uv r tl 'T , ' A gg. kv, I f - 93 f 1 ,. e ' ' '71 F I - ' ' f i l it - A L r r C S ' 'rf ' 'L Qi' It I fl , L l Pi 5,1 ,Lf QSM?-1' ,FV V V 1 .T W' V 4' 5' ' Q' ,JI U -X., i V V I! J 'E T . ' ' 'f' L'-Y ' T ' ' I'-L ' "'. 4: 9 1 l -lf l Q' 1 f f 'L-L. gf. - ,Y ' '1:,,,, 'Q , ,., A S fi ' rf A " H-'V 'J V A - :?"'1.. 'Tj Q, ls I, I V A 1 'I l ieilii' T " -45 .., ' 5 Jgykgls "A+: A . . l ':- T . ,Ex he - ll t Y P , X N L ' ' 1' 1 .. ,, r V QQ : L, L i' ' 'L ' -. A 5 ' lP.7'L J l l , .Lf or 1 e - f Tm ,. Viv I at T yay- b ,LFE pl., i V , 5 QA , , x : , 1 ,Q ' , A" , , E, -J-Q. . L . V : T rm ' I X v l if 9- A ' - . - .,,. - , Q T if ew' 'E ' . V, -' T-' ' t T ., S 'J' - ' , 'ull 1- 'X. T . ' ' . 1' , R711 ' L ' .V g .: .. .-Q-3 ', . ,, nl, ,I 'a ff - J . rr J ii, ra L, 'F-'1, . , r- ' JUNIOR x ,,:?,? - Row 8-John Zelek, Bob Zelrnanski CLASS jj- -ul' 5 , 1 Zcrlior, lJUviclZmliiilc,lJU11 Zaiac, llennis L. 1 r i . , " L' " M I 7 , rfavalri, t'Jorr1i2'mrplmt " ' -rg Q V " 1 r i . ,, va ,, - -1, 'f V l ' -5' N 4 i 4 l 'rr I, r r" - 1, , V ,, rw. l r l' V ' V rr X rs. Q -'Vahl -IL "' 'Y r H- 5 ,.. iv' V e ' r , -- ' ' l. ' L J 5 - ., 1' "' ., ' A , p. rl' 5 XVI ' I A 4 I ll . M 1 D 4 5 We r be h K V - V , K wi n l . - Y '54 MI- N I I, Row I-Vernon Vandorp, Pete VanNes, QV ,Mal ' - - - 1 I 1 lg. I A , xfiirtl ' i r , it William VanProyen, Elizabeth VanRys, " ' 7: L7 1- 'N' Q, It 1' ' - " 7 ' ' E f f jf',, g , ?, '., Q. r , x YA Ronnie VanScoilc, Gloria Vaughan, Kathy ,, V- I ' r I r V ," - r , . Z ,V 3 ' :,.' ' , l 5 ' fi ' 'N V,-. ' "1" 4, l , l " A, Q -' , Velo, Colleen Vinci, Garry Vinson V 1 ' L V ' -, 'P ' J 4 1 Y V r A ,, 'T ' , r 0. Q r '- wig 1 i , - ' V ' r 1'-I , F f A 'Q -afar i V ,V V , , " V. ii A J 3, , L.: f , 4 I-7 ' , L , - I ,l 'Vi Y, fl' Row 2-Douglas Visona, Don Voss, Mar- ' si , 'f lf L - 'L Y 'I f lil, ' ' , tha Vroman, Len Waitekus, Betty Wal- 1 " 'E q l r r , 'E in 35,1-, QV "' . 'A A f, S l 'iljn ' TIE. leer, Sandi Waller, Danna Wallersted, JU' i ll r - ' , E", 'TNQ 'f Y " f . 'r' ff? lm-"P K ', 'T Lui? Sharon Waltrich, Judi Warfield r it r t r - ff. V llq f " - ' ' i, r . A 1- U L ' ' A" ' iff Q . ' 2 J 1 A ' is 'Dy 14.6.5 ' 3' ' ,' V "' ' - 'F ' 1 - W- A - Q ' X17 ' 'I , 'rj Row 3-Robert Warner, Steve Watkins, ' G Ying- ! 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I' D' ' , 4 , 341 'f , , " , x- , ' ' , 4 Q f Martha Williams, Raymond Willis, Lee it A , v i I .. , ' K M , , 1 ' Wilson, lam Wilson, Daniel Wojcik V ' - ' L . . 'Lv , ll I - 'V' I W . ' X, . 'Vr , , ' - -1 - . X s- t- - , " W-- - " V ,.: ' 1 ' . r 'A ' I vi x1.'l'l . ll. 'V l E. ' E Wig -V .. - -, V , rr-7-' V - , M, X, , ' ,, k G, l ' Row 6-John Wall, Marsha Wolszon, Cec- l.r3 ' -r.'l.4J Q' V -r ' X- 4 -- . r' - .' - ' . ' 4 ll' 'ha Wood Care or Woodruff Curtis in - V g b V. ,Mr W, , ' V Q v . 'Z' 'a ,H VA' ' " A 1 ', ' Q A 5 Nl, ' i' ' 3 ST Woods, Amos Wriglil, Charlotte Wright, -4 I I V J I 5311 . 'tif-I R V' F- 'dll it loyce WrulJel,RolJetIVJur1cler . .V V. fm V2 Y H ft A, V .- .F .1 W .. ,af V ie' " - i , W i q, - Tin' - QQ A ' l,:?,r,:, h Row 7-Kurt Wander licli, Vtlnlter trakahar, -, Ernie Yonkers, oliaron York, Cyndee l ll! 2 i f l 1 rw .p "' i J V ,,'i'i v 1V -l R .VA ii Vrfry ' T? df' Va ' iron' fM '!'ff'fr- '- J' -'fer ,NV V. 'A V, aR'Wmw V+'- 'fir , ,. 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Row 9-Julie Zelnianski, Marian Zideis Row I0-Lynn Zielinski, Linda Zube Row ll-John Zuilrnr, lerry Zuiker IICTTIPWCITTJFIEHD ABSENTEES Phillip Abella, Diane Adams, Donna Adducci, William Barlog, John Bonaguro, Janet Boskys, Maureen Cary, Calvin Clark, Elizabeth Craig, Elaine Deganiln, Darlene Drolen, Penny Gave, Boswell Hamilton, Phyllis Hodolitz, Regina Hobkinson, Patricia Ingala, Rita James, Valerie James, Weber Kaesema, Paul Kazan, Joseph Klimisara, Mary Kolar, Barbara Krawczyk, Anton Kudrecki, Chuck La Rocca, Chris Le Mas- ter, Pat Madisa, Tom Lilly, Pat Madisa, Joseph Marker, Terry Marker, Ron Mascarello, Margaret McNal- ly, John McMiller, Bill Morden, Carol Maun, Sandy Morrison, Ann Mysakowski, Ernest Neneth, Pat Nieg, Pat O'Brien, Gloria Owens, Dennis Pardikes, Karla Peterson, Robert Pratt, Tom Reinert, Kathy Rose, Pete Satriani, Alan Schoenhofen, David Schwickwrath, Roy Selby, Pam Shemonia, Josie Shep- pard, Cherie Sherwood, James Smith, Tom Smith, Lainda Strazzabosco, Robert Thomas, Marian Trant, Ronald Troppm, James Vanderlugt, Barbara Veasly, Pat Wilkerson, Diane Wnnick, John Wolter, Kurt Wunderlich, Monica Zuiker, Ruth Zabricas. 135 nr-Ang I ' ,, fl Row I-Renee Aabye, Marcella Abazzis, John Abt. Row 2-Kathy Adams, Loretta Adent,Ther- V V , 'Ls' H 'N X r la 2' esa Adent. V l ,VV , 1. VVVVV Row 3-PatAiello, Sharon Albarello,Clau- , ,, It dia Aleclc N ' U , Dqn't hurry boys, practice lust started. VL' V K , "" -4 , ,ff 2' 7V 1' A 4 fkfyjl 1, ., Px'R-.r-1-rr'-QQ ' ET-irc' V A -+ A l ' n B- - - A " ,rr-A A ' 1- V ,V Va VV,gw..,.v. - A. J ,Q . . Q , ,g t " "' , Y- 'B' r " ' Row 4-Carol Aley, Nick Alex, Viktoru V If 'Il' V ll l' 'lt V -'11 X :gf .JL Algimantas, Patricia Allan, Robe-rtAlIen, 33, Q ' J I ' ' Sharon Allen, Bob Alnraguer, John Aloe, ' , .wk NAA Peggy Altenbach. f f - . - ,---ff, - V V, vim 't V4 ,,, .V 1 V' gs, V. I 'VS l V 'zu Row 5-Greg Ambrose, Barbara Andre- g,,, V-J ." j - ,I --r , l J fs. , - Vg, V , , ,, , -.f.,, V- V ,.., ..,, , , ' A , -4 ,r , f ,s sen, Carl Anderson, Donna Anderson, , VY - "' Q ,V"'77 "' ", '4' .-' '- .r , mf Gordon Anderson, Jean Anderson, Kar- l V , . : '-ij en Anderson, Michael Anderson, Chuck X I V X I . Andgfson, A V V V VV 5--M . --Y-- -A -A I5 , , , 1 '- :"i' ? -'P 1 ' Y" A , Y ,- L W . r . ,, - V. ' - r -1' ., , . ' . ..-, '- Row 6-Perry Angelopoulos, Joanne Ane 'r -'J' LQ ' 4 U V, V" Z9 Q , nf", ,gy l ur ton, Gerry Appleman, Karen Arehart, l X, , V ' V V- I 7 -' X ' 'il N 'H r 'V Q rf , . page i - jr' X ,: , , , 1 'S-'ff N - Lourabeth Ausrlr, Robert Ashley, Fran k 1 X N,-,,,s,, . - 1, , V , , - , . Qffivifs Y-lf. -4111 ,V ' t rug. 1, Ii r Bachar, Raymond Balclalr, Mary Ann wer:-'. rr.-lu.-, Vw . - ' Ugg - V VV ,A Bahns. l ' " V .4 ' lvivww " Y ' -r ' rr.: fa -r, ::- 1 - fx- .. ,- ' -' V .4 V - l' . " T - Row 7-Janice Baker, Pam Bakes, Vernon ' ' F- y ,V 'V 4, tl 27? ll 4 - ' - - ' -'jg J ERQL ' Baklcers, John Balsam, Marocla Barbara, 5J" KN. 5 y r Chris Barber, Helen Barclay, Verlle l I A ' l " I h I ' l 1. Barefield, Pete Barendregt. "' A - R .aff r Row 8-JamesBarlot, Elsie Bar ner, Brenda 'Hi if 'R , i "' "i 'Vjwr N , ,V 3 ,Nz jp ,J Barnes, Russ Barnes, Julia ldcrsenwppr, mv, 'gy 'M l "' I ' , ' ' xl 'rf-9 Richard Battaglin, James Beck, Veronica 1, ,, I A ,K . ,. , Beclawsld, Martin Bednor. r ll J X jig-'il V' V VB4 , , y , , V of , , UW, ' , , A F . , .. , 4- Row 9'Paul Bednarzyk, Robert Bell, John , S. ,7 . , V k "' r. 17 T . Bella, Stanley Benash, -Robert Berger, , ,l 5 , ,,, V' V lg- ,V V -Ll , lo M. ' , ' Sandra Bergunder, Lucille Bernier, An- V 5,5 A1 " v' 0 VV ll. V, ' , 7 ln Gif if ' ' ' gelica Berthhold, Bertina Jenkins, , 1 P' 'YT if f B' f 531341, " 2 B K "il 1 I I l I lc N l ' a "V . ' 1 V VV V VV VV' S ifkafsli , Row I0-Kathy Bertolotti, Craig Bessel, 1 yn' VB ' V A Denise Betourney, Stewart Bisping, Pete 2 , ,Q . V f .V ? l U V. 'D - - ' l - 5' - K '- " . ..:, 1 L-. Black, Fred Blackmore, tohn Blatt, Jerry . .V ,: , :V-L .3 r .4 V V ,. ' l if Blocker, Jaclri Bladgeli. ' l" .fl X ' v, V , VUL l E'-F I N, ,J r 5, ' l y l 'i r . ' r Ly r fr Q11 f Row ll-Dave Bloom, ,lames Boersma, , V , , , .V Q --y ' ' ' ' Kathy Boersmo, Sandra Boersma, Cathy VVAVV , 'A' V' .-' - V, VVVVVWYJ. Bogigian, Ronald Bohannon, I'-Aary Boll, ' ,: -V gg. ,, ,, r' ,, H .A 4- V n- '23 Q F, ' 4 ' , ,:, V, Mario Bonaguro, Robert Bonrliman. T V-'V V" 1, Q? 'X .11 ' V,: X.-I iX,,f" r X 5' . ' , ' -- X ' 'J - : f Q- 'B 1 n . - .-, 'U 'nv' W P M ' . Q -i - 136 - OPHOIVIORE 77 ,-- CLASS 1,5 Yi i ,, , i , -, ,i '3 9 5.5 3, 'U " 5 2 . 5 l' A - f ef i Y v r ti, g - r 1' N. - ' 4 A s Tx g A- I A , N A X AXE , t , rv Pl1,A ijexi ' 4' ,J i 5' i lm J Kam, i,g A,Ali:::w1'. ' AAA K Ai A ,A A V r 'A VAAA A47 A N Al AA Q..- ' if f' J gl " R Q - J! H- " me p ,.,- - " ,,, , Al. Q A Fr-,e,,f. A, Y -+-- F- . ef . 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'1 o- is . . la N v S ill : 5 ' i ,A 7' JA 1. iq' 'fzv 1 . ti xi ' T7 Brix A. .ARA ,- A X 1 l Row 1-Pat Bonesso, Andrea Booth, Ma- vis Bordas, Bruce Bordner, Janet Bosak, Bill Botsford, Glenn Bauck, Jerry Bouck, Sharon Bouck. Row 2-Herbert Bouvver, Jan Bova, Lucie Boyacliain, Linda Brach, Russ Bradley, Deborah Brandle, Jeffrey Brintan, Susan Broman, Kathy Bromstrup. Row 3-Kirkland Brooks, Richard Brook, Kenneth Brooks, Kelvin Brown, Jeanne Broze, Joan Brucer, Robert Buchan, Dawn Buckley, Sistina Buflone. Row 4-Judy Bulanda, Patricia Bulancla, Daryl Burkholder, John Burnetsky, Ed- ward Burns, Ronald Burnson, Nicki Bur- sinos, Chuck Busch, Shirley Butler. Row 5-Mary Byion, Brent Calderwood, Greg Calderwoocl, Rose Cameo, Terry Campagne, Susan CanaIe,fDennis Can' non, Peter Cantele, Sheryl Captain. Row 6-Karen Carey, Jerry Carey, Sue Carlson, Charles Carter, Ronald Cas' per, Dave Cavallo, Lynn Covato, Shar- on Cavato, Robert Cerkoske. Row 7-Mark Chalfant, Thom Chruscial, Roger Cimarolli, Gregory Clark, Joseph Clark, Randall Coe, Donna Coleman, Ronald Coleman, Darcy Collins. Row 8-Verna Combs,Jacqueline Cooley, Gerald Cappens, Robert Corkery, Or- lando Correa, Rolando Coifrea, Michael Costello, l-lorriette Coudes, Dennis Court. Row 9-Jan Cozen, Kevin Crisman, Mich- ael Cummings, Jerome Cunningham, Karen Cratts, Thomas Czerpaniak, Mich- ael Czyz, Eugene DaCorte, Robert Dal Santo, Row 10-John Darabaris, John Dato,Don' na Daughbavch, Dale Davidson, Carol Davis, Gerald Davis, Patricia Davis, Jay Dean, Lenore Dellntoni. Row Il-Denise DeBuigne, Dee Johnson, Karen Deinkowicz, Brian DeLuca, Carol Demko, Debra Dere, Glen Derrico, Jan- et DeVries, Carol DeWinter. 137 fl WW J. i A . r 1 , -- . L W i l' ' a -wi-eg, it . , l -J " 45" is T lr: - .I l . A - we -i Row I-Barbara DeYoung, June Diennes, .fl X 'j-,X 'L VK A ' X Dan Dieska, Carolyn Dietz, Robert Dori- l ' s lt f , F N 1, V X., l" t 3X weQ, Carolyn Dilvia,Tom Dodaro,James "' P A l " I - Y - ' - :.'-fl . 1 ' if it Q ' "-- s F f' 1 'C Doerr, Glen Dolbeer X , Y ' X X il -' ' ' ?3'.-Tell" ,ff ' lx. gf' . 'fi' . J' . L ' r 7,1 , f,- X j fr --1 , , 'N 73 t 2 -: T ' Row 2-Rodney Donaldson, Letitia Don- 'X L' 'I -A X ' I 45? X elson, Larry Doodemon, Nancy Dorsch, ,X - tl. - -4 -, 1 Sharon Dietz, Mike Dougherty, Michael 1 A X 1 lla " ,Q TW' l ll Douville, Verna Doyle, Donna Draus ' ' FFTTTTTT .--, -f---F V ,g X XX . -XXX 4: I Q " vXXr,:- 'X -w , , , H X fX ,ij Xi X Raw 3-Steve Dufour, Steve Duggan, L l '-3' Xi' TTX3' L, 'kXI1 J X -'41-XX Charles Duke, Kathie Dulinskasg .lahn -'fb 'E M fs D' 7 EX N X 'V i., I Xi" Dunn, Dennis Dunne, James Dunne,Tom TX ,P ' Q X Q: . XXX'XA'W5 A ' ' r .l ' i . 4 Dzik, Lindo Earley, ,' "X, " ' ll f cf?" rr -- ' 'T' XX,Xg,A,, X j X . W l ,, l , ,,"il ' . . X , X X 4 X l r r' ,J X A X Row 4-Colleen Easoz, Ronald Eden, Bru- , -.,.f r 'nf' l 5 r 4.4 . l I ce Edwarcls,PamEclwards,PauIEikedahl, T XX ' ,Xi I x XX , -I X Xi . X Beatrice Elizondo, Richard Elk, Thomas iff X X ' X I' X 1 i X tk X-f " :La , V J Elkins, Don Elwardt. lk - X 'I li l" L ttf' Xlfl il 'll '4 .L ls, X If , ' F , ffl , wi' F . cf i T 'si - X , , X, ., ' X X l 'X ' ,, - 3 7 X . Row 5-Christine Emich, lrene Ernich,San- ,Ji x -X "X ' .1 X. X. 1 1 i gr , 4 Xg., ' . XT dra Engstrom, Stuart' Ericksen, Candi A Y 5 X ' 'FX X 5 1 ' 49 ' 1 Erickson, Curt Erickson, Gail Erickson, 'L A 1-X ' kyrgf , 'Q ' 1 1 -' - X 'Rr- Tom Emo, Rita Ervin. X igggig 2 r 4 -,th ' . ' i ff V V- F F' V' ' X K -. - F ' r.. 4' .ld . "" - Row 6-Bonnie Ettema, Scotty Ettema, Q' - T' ,X ig 3, if X' , X Denise Evans, Russell Ewert, Steve Fa- Q ' A ' T ' , - -J bus, Ernie Faragoi, Joann Farrar, Joel- ,tif .X 511 'Ql3,:XXX , XJ -X , ,J , len Farrell, Joe Fattori. X X I' - ' ' ' .fr XX se X X X, r A , X X XX Row 7-Nancy Faust, Frances Felice, Ro- ' 'i,, " X V. .- XX, ' -- 4 I A "1 X X'1,X 2 'XX bert Felkamp, Ran Felkamp, Carol Fer- jj- ' i - 'l X D Y' Lb RXXQX rari, Cathy Ferry, Leslie Filer, Corinne All X - -' A XX, , X df ,XX X l X if Filzone, Timothy Finegan. - ' 'l rf X f'j Q X 'Xf ,in ' X X I ,ff if XXX l'5l M 'L v , XX,-'f , .SXXXXXXX EJ X . X Q 'X vi1"X.,fQf X AgX,,"Ljr X Is- ' X X , V X T 1 XX X X5 X, XX l'T Row 8-Faith Fiore, Sandra Firth, Sue 4 X H 'e T 13.13 r ' ' ,X l" X X X 'i ' Flaggert, Shown Fleclg Beth Fleming, ill' ' ' X' 4 F A - ,J fi - ' , -J, LJ Valorie Fleming, John Flores, Thomas ,X - , XX4 e- - ' T X Flynn, Anita Foote. :..- , V 3 , ' s , V H X ',i K X ii Fist ' 'T kiwi L 'X I tv-4-'S T t 1-4l?7sQ'i.i T L 1 ' l L --, , - . ,- 1 ,.. 1 , ,.-.. F i - X XXX , Fefe X Q . ,X Row 9-Bonita Foote, Rita Foote, Fran ' W ll' "Qt, li . X Mi, l 'YXXH ' 4 ' - : , N 1 - Forman, Howard Fowler, Walter Fran' ', , X "' ' 7. ""' it 'lfetlll' XX ' 1 4 czyk. Sue Frank, Sheryl Franson, Deb- .. X 'Q -- ' l' Q ' X-.' bie Friar, Ronald Firgo. bl X X , I q - Xl T V X V X' ' C X, X ' 1 " S ..." 4' Us ' ' 1-V ' Q-1-' af liz, ' -l:,:g:: - 1- , - lr YY V V -M F V ,K W W" , Row l0-Kerry Frischkoro, Leon Fundu- 3 X X F X 13'- kian, Susan Gaclbois, Marcia Gage,June '12, l ' Q A l ' Xp gf Galowski, Herbie Gall, Phillip Galligan, Q54 ' ' 7 X' XXXXX' - 2 'XXX' Alex Garcia, Diana Garcia, Y X T Q F: . ' " ' ' ' .X, X . 1 s. X, 'I F X Row ll-Deborah Gartland, Roger Goss, ' X ' 'X X lff?'F'f"" T' 'T'-l Fi' -th X ir- ' V.-TY: W X T w . Barry Gates, Greg Gbur, Richard Geed- 'X i , ' ' 'T X. ,,, ' ., 5.-, 1, 4 ' ' ,. , fu, ing, Albert Geiger, Leroy Geiger,Bruno fl: t' T, 'Z' , E 1. -I 9 GT- - -if I4 .X X XX "'X f" X X " lo Gentile, Sallie Gentile. "4 '-gi '- l I lv -' i F' - ' A fi ' " 'fl 4' 'M - . I i . - I V X V ' Xi ' '1' . ' ll' - L ' l K ' JA X 138 L ,. ,J 3 -vi if Aix . rerlg N ils , -Q4 'H 'QI' B ti 1- r a J ,ILL 2 if W J , il' if I J 4 l 1? ., . 1, g 7.21.- t i y. if ith' 1 1 1 1 rf '- 'll ,V :G r Y I it c x ' 1 , ff .,f . , 4 Q Row l-Stanley Gettis, Ron Ghitto,Wayne Ghiotto. Row 2-Dorothy Giontmaria, Salvatore Giangrande, Kathy Giesey. Raw 3-Joltn Gilbertsan, Joyce Gilmore, 4, , Up and over, the gym leaders have that spirit. 5 ldv il". l 1' J Sandi Giragosian. , All viz'-f" J . g, F' ' "' tin. t ' "' lf .,, . 1- f J ' H.. ' Q e if +L 5, , - .Qs xr- , , ,dh ,E.. A 1 E . f, ,A '-43-.1g..1,, Ag. ' -'fi fu - "' ' A . ' ' A ' laid ll Z' ll L.':ly.t1Fl''.p.rilll't'L fllllti fi? f ,u L ,H ' l l A ' V11 Y i 5' l? lt..,, '.N"' J 1, l ff, ,'j. t 1 - V, x ' gr., f ' y ,f' lk -0 it f , . - X it n . 4, A ,, Sm , A I I 42 . W 4 ' L 3 . ' ffm., fjil X" . , 9' We 1 L. , ., f W f , I ' 4' 3 r ' ek' ' ,. 'il A 4 ft - T WD A e.7?'i "V ' 'H ' 4 'J w - f H- , l - e Pv- L. ' 'H Q 47. . , I l ,ll Q1-7 V Y rl ' fa -il , 253. ' ' .3 ' 'X ' J 0 1, Q, j M l' ' th V ,,, el' We r -,ti '57 fh 1 , .. ' , ' , Q ,g, 1 if ',fJN,,m.,, ' . A ., , F L ,Q L 3 Tyggvv? y gf" -,. A - , - , v-Q -r -e -- n. ,X ,,. + "" ' ' " f if ' - , ' , -,, 3, i -5 I2 I A n ,F I I E , -2 A ,gf , ' V Q., , "' V I Li. - LT- .1 ' ' Ni j-,,l R , Ltr" f . j , W . J ' , ,' A AJ 'A x F- M W t - A -'VW 'ffl T' H, ' an I H " , V H 1, sl- '2 ' ' ' A ' J L ',.. , , r - e 1 : I' -1 ' L 4 r '1 ' . , V E ffl.. lg- J Li X! If . I Mk , V , , . F '-1.-'. J' ' L li ll, 'f F I ' ' -r - . , ' ' ' 'a ' s . ' '- ' ., Zi- 45- '11 f 7 -3 I J W '-- tw -,-J, '- D f J P V 1 2 X -, ,, KJ I . W J. b , 1, gf ,g . :fa .-Wffff ' 1 f f ' L , ' t llf- D. , , hr . , ir. , or-li-1 - ' ' W ?i?y5t- 'T . Y Q -' l . F 4 " 1513 -, A .2 Q, J V fi, ,spy rf-f L v L J . t rf we ff ' -f t J it L L V' 'l- P' lx - 1 - ' - J- ' Jiig fifer Row 4-Grace Giron, David Glass, Ella Glenn, Ron Glackzin, Larry Glawacki, Darrell Goobwine, Paulette Goodchild, Janet Goodrich, David Gogins. Row 5-Brian Gohrlng, Larry Golecke, Andrew Gonzales, James Gordon, Mar- tin Gorski, Cheryl Grabfolder, Robert Grabinski, Donna Graham, Sue Groves Row 6-Greg Galminas, Jim Greniewicki, Stephen Grentzer, Percy Gulley, Jean Gustafson, Richard Haloiian, Dorthea Hall, William Halloran, Susan Haneman Row 7-Judy Hansen, Raymond Hansen, Glen Hanson, Chardel Harmon, Bruce Horrnsen, Sherry Harper, Adrienne Har- ris, Susan Harrison, Robin Harran Row 8.Paul Hartman, Ellen Hawkinsan, Bonnie Heacoclc, Sandi Hechler, Wanda Heffington, Karen Heilskow, Gayle Helge, Shiela Henderson, Marlene Hen- nis Row 9-Richard Henrikson, Rose Hernan- dez, Joe Hettz, Cheryl Hess, Nancy Het- rick, Jacki Higgins, Deau Hillcileu, Leroy Hill, Robert Hillhouse Row l0-Susan Hitchcock, Cathy Hittle, Lynne Hielmberg, Richard Hodur, Roger Hoffman, Robert Hogueison, 'Joyce Hol- den, Karen Holmes, Lynn Holly Row ll-Debby Holzer, Gary Homan, Ro- bert Honzilc, Mary Horton, Peter Horvalh, Pearley Hoskins, Gary Huerta, Barbara Humphreys, Judy Hunt I39 .. . . . . and the beat goes on. Row 4-Lasaurn Jenkyns, Roberi Jenn ings, Mark Jensen, Nancy Jensen, Ron- ald Jell, Carlolla Johnson, Carol John- son, Dan Johnson, Donna Johnson Row 5-Jim Johnson, Judy Johnson, Karin Johnson, Mark Johnson, Marianne John- son, Nancy Johnson, Philip Johnson, Raymond Johnson, Ruth Johnson Row 6-Sieve Johnson, Nancy Johnston, Bobbie Jean Jones, Edgar Jones, Jack Jordan, Buniher Junker, James Kadar, Steven Kaidi, Richard Kaleel Row 7-Richard Kania, Ross Kass, John Koster, Dan Kozen, Chrisline Kedziollaa, Lynn Kelley, Bob Kelsheimer, Sandra Kenslon, Kaihy Kenneoly Row 8-lris Kerbis, Debbie Klauck, Terry Klomp, Thomas Knobbe, James Knoll, Diane Koeling, RoberlKoenig, Thom Koe- nig, Kalhy Kolo Row 9-Phillip Komanslci, Karen Kopac, Andrew Korach, Bill Korchov, Nancy Kov- arilc, Barb Krecioch, Keith Krizic, Bar- bara Krogul, James Krcipil Row lo-JC!fi6lKiOSS8l,BC1flJGlUlKYLJEQt5'1, Darrell Krueger, Eileen Krueger, Kun Kiuizenga, Richard lK.ubis,I.orieKudreclri, James Kuknyo, Marianne BlBanca Row ll-Nancy LaBrocio, Michaellabrio- la, Anila Lachenberg, Richard Lachcik, Kevin Lamberl, Dennis Lamlsa, Anila Land, Charles Lone, Keith Lannoye 140 ,xi i l l i V71 ' ,,, i X I 7 I "D F' Row l-David lczkowski, Laura lngersol, Karen lnicleman I -I Row 2-Cool Ioian, Michele Iapolilo, Bon- ,Nj - v nie Irwin l Row 3-Cathy Jochowixz, Karen Jackson, , , ' l Nancy Jansen H - ' ' fiom ' ' MNT 5' '- x mfs l ' ,, U lng Q.. kv Q 5-so l v ,I V' 'illllr l , ' , ' ' -1- A 1' , " i" Q 1 "' 5-F' 3 . r A If try 6 , , ,N fi -.L , .J , -fr .J i 1 i ,Ia-1 - A XY' . , , - -, , - 'we' rx, -f' fix' . 'lr , " ' ' " l r - J 'fri lilr?ff:2?Nl , Q4 ' yi 1, g . 41,13 ' ,f1:.uE.- N. Ib. -- - - .- -ro i ' M i -- J , - Erma, U r, r ,, , J V lr! ' J' .A X' Q. rl' 9 ll l Q i ' J' J- .0 , - J , i i if ,iw . . ,4 "1 . ' J - if -1'-1 r,-Q l ' ' ,i 1 ,Q 'Q' ,-' xo- 4' - l 'CV' '-4 1' J A all! ' , D ' - U- 'I v -'y ,,, Ve--, iT'a -fr. if : ...-.1 J , J. ' vc, . ". . ' l .' MQ: A J X Wil ? i 3,23 ' , 9 .7 , ,!..,- s l rr 4, " .1 'T L L f a, i " V1 . L ,X . - J " Y " .. A l , " - , . ea " , ' 'f l- 'J l x Y a x 5 fv . .- f 1 . i . l D ' z, J i K . ' A fs -4 r ,, i rfi -. -44 . Y . -fe, . -. r-'ff ' 'A 3 Y, ,ii A-nm -,',. - ,. . 'gi '- ffl i , ., , P , ,., , , f" Pr' Ji n v.. llg' . D fe,Az .r--. ,-Y -qu A 9 i LT' . 1 rf -ii J '2- ' v 'vw "' i. 1 --., a. l -1- N. A N'-'rv . -' i . 'JF -'V' .mdl "D ,li Eh 'W J WJ X if H ' N? f 'I f 'lr ' K 'T 'l . 'S' l l J , ,W f l 6. l A E J A f is wx r . x i ' ' A Qi f ie.. emi? J 9 ,u Q Q vi - "' L4 ' 7 'E 1- , ' if A A ,, 5. 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In X U T l X I .ati P' A L L l Tw, l ,A f , X' ET- t 'Y'. gi,-l ,l E., X Syl ,. . -Qfl' K . , Y? ' x., 'X A l-V1 ' A W ' L F:-in nl Q l 43. -5 A l S' T1 , It lt X X 1 X ii y N . V Z 2 3 ' A 'ff CJ' , M,-3 ti in ,mf ' . f , l- " J: l.'! 'V 3 ll 'S r -L ? ,' l f s -JIN ., git 11,1 S J it -if B , l ' 4 L' My 6' l i It ' ' i i f s ., :L t ,.. ,. iz- 1 Y ---- . , L , rv - . ' l A ., ffm P ' - Xf- -.l X F: fn , - ,ns nl! , 'f X-F3 ' i M, . Q 'J la' 2 J' QL J t' " ' L bl ' i ti, I, , V i ill' EJ A , y X lflgsxl' -xdbi' EQ "4 4X :M . ,1 's , i J, X t I - -4 Qc , T 1' lllw, C-: X X, , f' - x ,F ,.:. t nv- ,A 'X 'V I5 . - P A , ' , .r r 'JEL X- L X ' i ' A J- 1 , X: x. ll i f lx" Ai f I GAIM T, J li J t-- ' fi' ,AX 5 N wwf Q" l' , Ib il -.f , rx ii ' Row 'I-Pamela Lantz, Catherine Laogh- lin, Frieda Laphen, Danna LARocca, Don Larson, Gail Larsen, Nancy Larson, Frank Laucius, Michael Lavric Row 2-Debbie Leach, John Lee, Candy Lehning, David LeMaire, Robert Lenard, Velia Lerner, Lorelei Lewicki, Marcy Lewis, Valerie Lewis Row 3-Henrey Liebald, Susan Lily, Dol- eres Limanowski, DennisLindeman,Don- na Lindernan, Judy Lindrnarlc, Mary Lik- ins, Joseph Locaco, Phyllis Lodge Row 4-Kenneth Loeffler, Patricia Loewy, Yolanda Lopez, Steve Lovino, Paul Lukso, Ann Lullo, Hernandez Lupa,Cynthia Luri, Chris Lusinski Row'5-Lannoye Lynne, Ronald Macari, Brena Madding, Greg Magee, Kathleen Magoziak, Michael Mahoney, Richard Maicach, Pat Maiewski, Janice Malukas Row 6-Arthur Mamak, Mike Manno, Marg Ann Massacavolla, Claudia Marg- graf, Peter Mark, Georgina Marlcovich, Susan Marozas, Marie Martin, Deborah Martis Row 7-Carol Maskolivnas, Vincent Mas- sey, Patsy Mauragas, Diane May,Sandy Mayo, Ed McCaffrey, Susan McConnell, James McDaniels, Kathleen McDonough Row 8-Michael McGinley, Dwight Mc- Kee, Patricia McLaughlin, Ellen McLeigh, Ken McMaster, Mark McMillan, Arnold MrNiiller, Harvey Meadows, Regina Meadows Row 9-Robert Meadows, Barbara Med- rano, Dean Melloch, Susan Menconi, Cynthia Mercier, Kathy Merlo, Linda Meuzelaar, Richard Miazga, Charles Miller Row I0-Debbie Miller, Karen Miller, La' marr Minor, Betty Mistro, Jeannie Mitch- all, Linda Mitchell, Karen Mitraff, Bette Molina, Sue Moll Row ll-MichaelMonial4, Sl1orolMoniak, Dan Moore, Jill Moran, Sherry Mor- avec, Robert Marin, Donald Morrison, Daniel Mortenson, Patricia Moss i-li Row I-Rhonda lMoss, Susan Mostert, Sherry Mournino, David Mawery, Betty Moy, Jean Mrienovich, BillMucha,Bruce Mullikin, Charles Mullner Row 2-Jan Mundell, Florence Mundo, Lucy Murtaugh, Ray Musial, Marilyn Mv- roup, Edward Naines, Bruce Nelson, Dave Nelson, Michael Nelson Row 3-Sue Nelson, Karen Nemitz,Kathy Nemitr, Thomas Neustader, Ellen Niel- she, Diane Niernczyk, Susan Nigro, Lo- dean Nolen, James Nolte Row 4-Roger Novak, Frank Novotny, Irene Nowicki, Carol Nylen, John Oak- ley, William Oakley, Don Oberg, Ro- berta Oglietti, Jessica O'Haney Row 5-Diane Oldenburg, Nancy O'- Leary, Carol Olennik, Hennings Oleon, Bill Olson, Margaret Onions, Patti Ores, Anno Ortiz, Harry Ose Row 6-Mary Ostendorf, John Osterhout, Shirleen Overheidt, Maria Paez, Henry Paffi, Joanne Paglia, Noelle Palango, Tam Paghegyi, Diana Paluch Row 7-Al Panozzo, Albert Panozzo, Doris Panozzo, Joe Panozzo, John Panozzo, Paul Pantola, Barb Pape, Lucy Paryga,. Patricia Pasquarella Row 8-Pat Patten, Stuart Paulson, Carol Pauilanis, John Payne, Barbara Peder- soli, Patricia Pegues, Vincent Pember- ton, Peggy Pena, Susie Penge Row 9-Jack Pericalos, Richard Perkins, Stephen Perlinski, Kathy Pesavento, ,Jules Peuvion, Richard Peters, Carl Pet- erson, Greg Petersan, Darlene Petkus Row I0-Nancy Petraitis, Diana Petreikis, Barbara Petronis, Fran Petschinsky, Su- san Petryniak, Darlene Phillips, Patricia Pike, Russell Pike, Joe Piller Row ll-Allen Pionke, Nancy Pisarski, Patricia Pitts, Linda Plummer, Lynda Po- cius, Aldo Polomsky, Dennis Polonis, Louis Porter, Rose Powers 142 SOPHOIVIORE CLASS rm' is fr -- e ., ee y .ful PQI 1 . ts , A by 3, an 41 -- ig l S l L M lv Y- fl XA l l l JU- A4 A' ' 13,1 .- t - I ' ' ' i V ' .' fixes?-Qi3'55Q, ' 5 ' ,J , 7' . , 4 sf-Q ,Lf , i,,sl'5,, 5 HP- ,i 1 -' A -3 ' Hia 1 ' ' " : ' ' ,fl " ' ' N ,tl .-. l 1-1 . w ,alga e -if V , -gt y I Y .3 if-.lt , , '1-L A' , if f -, F'-i Pg M 2' ' V its i - . l , K-XX '1 , .A nl X: ' ' , l -- l Q -' . ,l . s A my il, I 1 , V ' ' t l 1 ,l iv -' " -- - -- -- - . l - 1 l ft i" J .. t . -v - -.. " l V MPM 'l 1 . 77" lv 't i ' 'yr . ll 1f - -1 t 1.1'1-515: Ai' " li wh' -3 P Q " V JL- 5 Y I' , , la ' ' 1 , xg., f it . - lwli , Y X f-"Q, J ' ' ' 1 ' 1, . ,, ' Y 11 -"ii 'Lili' ' 1" "- -P ' ', 'f--. - , P t 3' ,,11'.1f . il LDN, , ,. - t ,ell 7' '- W 1 v' . , V 1:- ' -Q I Il r . . i ' 1 I . --4 1,1 J , I fm 1 t' 3 1 f' 259- ,ith . ' ' ":--- .L 1 N V ,,,. -y., Q 1 V . -'T'-" "":'y neva- - .- 1 4 1 r 1 1 sw , - - . A 1 ' R A - ,A 1 X: ' X 'fi di, l ll. Q 1 l ,. f , A U I 1' 1 1 , r ' i- . E A 1 an T, A-'1 l I' li? , I d l ' I 7. X -J ,V U A X - xx' N7 -P A -5.15.1 - H-4523 f - .I - T F' 1 , - HL, ' '!'7"-142 , . '-Q 'r--.rnffffrli ' '- 1 ' W 1 , ' m . - 51 f - ,, 11 L 1. , 1 - - -- . 1 Q1-fir l ln 1 y , Q A N , Q , lr ,r,W,.tl 4-ff' - Q 1, J S ,ei ' f -. 4 1 - . , f , .' ,, fre, ' 1 j - -.i , . ., n dk- ,IV V i 3' F I? , ,Qs ' I! -1' y in : ,, ,, ,' J' Q 'X .. , '- . sg get ' 5 F , . , i, , f - i .V 1,1351 - 4, , 5 . no ,, ' , V' . , -T I. ' , g ' ' x 1 ri-M V .-1 vs," Y R - . -'Q " ju n , X - ' mass :S 5- WW, , 5, -g, 1 - ,1 - K1 t ' 1 ' " ' , ' -- 1 3 . "'Lg'?T. 'Pt'-"-' " i i 1 fr- - - ,i , ,V 1- 'l 4 ., , '1' ' l lf f- V 'sq .i .711 -1 - . i A - - J' 3 l ' ' -. -- 1 1 ' , -. ' ci ,1 r' ' F r t ng' ' ,f .u i 1 x 1 . 9 .-i, . ', A , '- 49' 2 -1. . , ., .f 45, ' 5 - i li, :mill " A fluke wi qv - r V i in Y T ' l:.l ..t lwli X1 " Diva Q, 151-f'1'12-'z 1' -' -. - t-st A Pt s - rf- ,- 1 l ,y - t .. I F l ,,. Z , 1 if , 'A 'sr 7 Q l - ' N!! . Z 5 - .1 1 la fl Q - it ' ,M , , al it 5' , - - , 1 ' , , it 2 5 :52.11-Sg jy 4 tl .NWT i , i 7 tl 4 Q- L ' X 1 -Y - , 1s.. Y .. U . 1 .9-0 3 Q , 12:1 .: I. A I i . U Xl s Not even the Great Blizzard stopped our students. -' ' XJ Xf i 'limi V Ph X ' X Vf X -. V - ' i 'J l ii- 4.-:-':-1 -:-:-:-:-11 X X pr ' , pf" ' 7 'W' Row I-Terry Presa, Wendie Preuss, Rita X i . X , 'XXX , L ' Price X -X ' - V , 4 Row 2-Gerrit Prince, Susan Prokop,VRo- ,Y XVI l bert Proui VCT 0 , XX ' Row 3-Pai Pruitt, Carol Ptaszek, Carol gfif,iX-eg, Vi ' i Pvlvski L -f L ' pi , 2 "Cl, I few-uv . V VV' Y 'CW ' ec ,, ' - V- , ,-- f' ,V V -' ' Ve i S V L V 1 in 'V A . X. XR. L X K T , X X! , , X1 6 iti i , X X, - X J X- - A' XXXQESXX XJ O X2 X ,gf X , X X , , , X - F , XXXXXXT Tai I- Y - X f i, X X - ' K iw' '- ' VV 'V - . . ' ' . -. Q V ' 5 - V -Y i e J-"""T , ' ' ' 1 'Q - 1 ' ' -, ,.:f f- V - 1- . iff YV 'V fi " ' ' FV, i 4 K V' L ' ,TX ,L ,lik i J . , , E fe J 5 ' J ' ,i , ,X , , i f ,ei JX!k,X .X.X Reeve- -- FX X. ,fi XX Y, , 'gi L fr L V," VV ., V Q L 'i V i .-4 " 'D gb - , X V' X X. ' lilg ,l.t K! HER WV' ' WW 4 RCS " P F' it iV'l'?7'f T "'i . i V - , i i' ' L ,. V- X V A . gh? V"'V ' 1- ' V , V ':X I ,X' Xu? .' X ,, Y-, X.Xl X ' J' f' if - .li l Ewll V X :N X. "'- 'QE - XXX X len X L X 1 f- , X Xz,,9?ihTX iXX X . , - Q Q ' - A , . -c l . G X-., r, 13' 1' R F-'S' L 6 ' ,Lf 2 i . X X X , .. .-XTX X7 X X '-- X ll til , X 'K . Xl . 9--'Xe - Xi ' V Q -'X . ' .Y 1 X X XXXLBFQX ,X X ' tr, .' ,. 43 5 , -X - P X X , ,Q ,e , X ii X Q 'P XX X X16 Q El .X 7,4 g i JX X z ' 94 ' 5 -e 2, A X L ' - L-'ff ' V i li 3 " L. 11- fi 5 'QV i VX ' 1. l lt J J J ' P ' if i 'Qi J -,Q f V, n . "J , 6 ' ip X ' X .3 l i, it ,V if 1 , i A - W ,, .1 L J -VVVV fi Q i ,, X ...L ,. X XIX 1. . ,X ii XXX Xi L ' -Li 3 sh- l- ' I - Ajlll' X' i lf I ' ! f r J S R v o if if P L i 'g . X X X " XX4 i ,1-. y f 1:-'. , 1 .- ,,- . - 1 , x if ,r ' . ' 1 X . ' X g " , X, XX X- 06 V . '13 V f -to 'X , ' ii- li J ':-1, 4' QU Row 4-Linda Pulaski, Janet Race, Marion Race, Laura Ramirez, Chuck Rance, Pot- ricia Rawlings, Eduardo Raza, Nancy Rea, Don Reading Row 5-James Reed, Gregory Regnier, Lynn Reinbolt, Nancy Reinhardt, Adele Richkus, Michael Rickson, Edward Riley, Bruno Risatii, Bonnie Rizzardo Row 6-Rex Rizzs, Carole Robatzek, Ray Roberts, Lawrence Robinson, Patti Robin- son, Susan Robinson, Craig Radich,Anita Rodriguez, Mary Roessler Row 7-William Roman, Sandra Roman- ek, Richard Ronzani, Ronald Rose, Pat- rick Rosko, Deborah Rowe, John Rowe, Royd Cedergren, Jennifer Rozak Row 8-Cathy Rurnens, Robert Ruizen, Miles Rose, Sue Ruvoli, Anthony Ryan, Pai Ryan, Bonnie Ryhal, Jacky Sadala, Donald Sandstrom Row 9-Becky Salgado, Cynthia Sallee, Herman Sampers, Dena Sanders, Harold Sanders, Genevieve Schildhouse,.lames Schipma, Martha Schmitt, Nancy Sch- roeler Row I0-Dolores Scuderi, Diane Scheper, Ronald Seliga, Rodger Selby, June Sem- erdiian, Darlene Senovlitz, Sharon Searcy, Bruce Sharp, Cathy Shelden Row Il-Michael Shepard, Josie Shep- pard, Flarence Sholiz, Mark Siddows, Cheryl Siedal, Debbie Simesier, Robert Sims, Bernadette Sipka, Joan Siska 143 The student body urges the Titans on to another victory. Row 4-Mildred Smith, Mlldred Stnilh, Foal Smtth, Tam Smith, Waller' Snell, Flalph Sable, U'fxnr1eSOttterS, linrlcrSon1- agyl, l0ttrSO5ttl1CO Row 5-Ken Spoerl, Lan Strtllstra, Lelanrl Sprouse, l,tt1.tnrrrr htrrllrlrausery lcrmes Stu ehlerr, Sandi Ntrrtt, l-'ayrrtonrl Stalwrrrirs, Stanley Stanlirrrl,Ltnfl41Str:1rlr Row 6-Debbie wttrnlfo, larttir: Sturm, mm Sleeve, XNilllcrnt 'yt--lrftrgr, l't:l,rlStt3rL.,twitz, Betty Stoves-zrn, lflttsttne fvtornt, Mrtlrlman Straisl-.i, Herlnert Etltrtlfa Row 7-.ludy Slnatta, Lauren Strrll-.o, Dan SUlltVUI1,lOl'1f1'DUt'CrWlK!J,VYllllC1VI1 Suther- land, Rutrcxld 'vrrttarr l-lancy bwart, lid- warcl Swanson, lanet Swanson Row B-lf-evtaly Swurt, Patrtcia Swarl, Dorothy Swewney, Paul Swenson, Nancy Swetik, Cynthirr Swinq, Fred Swylcrs, Frank Sylverstery Jean Sylvester' Row 9-Chuck Syrnon, Slave Szalaj, llhillp Szitasy, Marie Szastak, Bernadette Szu- bryl, Nancy labor, Nancy tatnrninga, Stanley latcrrczuch, Virginia laylar Row 10-Sharon leerlirrlw, Steve lerrita, Alan Thorp, Barbara lhilson, Thomas laglioli, Rhonda lhurman, Ronald thur- man, Rosalind lhurman,Rayn1andlibbs Row 11-Marsha Teieman, Leatha ligge' lcrar, Richard lirnlin, Ed Tally, Leonard loppel, lack Toren, John lorretta, Barb Trentacosti, Pearl Uluari 144 a Q-4 if K rit s -1 1' V ' Row I-Donald Vvlngleton, Peter Skipit- 'V' V I . aris, Nancey Skolntk , gf- . l ivbv -F , Row 2-Julie Skorek, Cathy Skrohaltz, l' ' Geraldine Slaughter I 'L I' 1 3 , ' Row 3-Robert Slazyk, Garry Smith,Larry l - 13,1 AQ ' ,Q Q - Smith :mv ' -5: 2, , t 'N 'r x l' - ,- -1 TM" . ..a , ,.. Q ' al AI t . up . -'r Q4 - Y 'kg I :J A , X - 17 ' 'N ' X ' l J- ' 5- F ,ffl U .SQ t .W I ' iffgi, lf' XX r r x I M f W 'Q a n l- -t A , aff' ' fi . t I, 1, , tt A -V Y .H ,,., L l A llll"f 7, ' t l F . , 4 Y rw L - f Y . t Q- 1 Hr s ! . LL 1 n ' lit . t t ' t ' - ,N I 4 , A t ri, 3,5 , Q F t A t ,I -. h ' W V uf' Y ,,Y. - " I ' '- ' l Lg I H I , 'hi A l . 2 L,- : i V A l -L,,- 1 'D ,A XJ" f' I l ' W - . ' ' .. rl I ' l A ' ' 1, ' '- l ' - ' ' ' ff" t - l k 1 Q V ,Q V. , Q ' - f , K T Y X . . .- ..n....-. - -1- x 7 - V ,1, ffl - 'l ' if? lffifl l 'lh ufh' 'ziiffiiffrfii-f x l t. it' f V J l f Lvl' ' L- "1 .A l f 9, 'F' ,N .WT lr .4 l lv t gg. , t -a , i K t I A N ' I ' X V 1 r- ,rg f 'ld l Y t Mus-Y'm,Q",7! V i H gi' i r l V - ' r f-tt lf :A VV: t Q ' 3 .xt 5 V W V '71-Q ' I kk :nn y gf ik t W tt ' t'll A 4 f tt J tf ' fx L N- K N 1 , L- fi", ' 3. .., A ' 5 V t. - -t ' - . . V' - 1 X Y J 5? "K Vg l - V ' I I- - M r X xttt X ' ttt I f , ' 1. 7 1? Y, . 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J J , L L ll A Q l ' 1-J ' N l if gist?" my V N , , . , ,, .T ,.. T ,li in V ,, if so , L it J- 4 J V' .- T , Q ,. ,... .i-, ,' i-' U - v ' W R' ' f , J f - 4 g- ei ' f-f A 'J ' V "Q-4 5 l . F ' 5 ii, if . , X- gr if-'j . .1-vii' 11 1 , v rf, ss 1- , Row 9-Linda Zink, Deborah Zipse, Mich- ii tw-,..,. f , ,. , ., f"X, ,i -4 Ll Q. . V NIA . " I nm. , Y -.,. 44, .C ,s' ael Zubak Row I0-Barbara Zube, Linda Zubricky, Mike Zuiker Row ll-Jane Zummallen, Marsha Zur- zolo, Pamela Zurzola ABSENTEES Patrick Bane, Row I-Nancy Ulman, Nancy Valente, Paul Valente, Marty VanEerd, Charles Vahlslouten, Daniel Vandenhye, Vince Vanderlugi, Debbie Vanclermeer, Paul Vanderploeg Row 2-Sandy VanDun, Steven Vanl-lou' ten, Karen VanOvenmein, Meldoy Van- Wermeskerlren, John Vougham, James Velkavch, James Veltman, Vendetta Horn, Don Verler Row 3-Don Vinciguerra, Lee Vinson, David Virosztko, FrankVitek, Mary Ann Vlamakis, Larry Vogt,PauIWalker,Karla Walshlager, Alan Warholak Row 4-Susan Washington, Antonette Wasinger, Carolyn Watkins, Debbie Watson, Ronald Webb, Richard Weise, Judy Welborn, Christine Welder, Lynda Wells Row 5-Warren Wessling, Janice Whee- ler, Dave White, Joyce White, Gary Wickersham, Valerie Wilding, Moria Wilhelm, Sharon Wilkerson, Gary Wil- lioms Row 6-Maruetta Williams, Reginald Wil- liams, Susan Williams, Beatrice Willou- ghby, Linda Winckler, Suzanne Witecki, Ma ry Ann Wolowice,TheresaWoodland, Charlette Wooocls Row 7-Curtis Woods, Howell Woods, Wayne Wozniak, Lenny Wright, Nancy Wright, Richard Wright, John Wrobleski, Nina Wunderlich, Miriam Yeransiam Row 8-Janet Young, Lela Zabarac, Dale Zaiac, Rosario Zavola, Robert Zemeckis, Richard Zenz, John Zeszutko,VictorZekis, Laurie Zilius NOT PICTURED Jan Beauchamp, Borkstrom, Robert Browder, Barbara Bruno, Veuna Marie Camk, Paul Carillo, Penny Carlini, Robert Carlson, Marie Caschelta, Guy Cirelli, Rick Copenhavsr, Barbara Darge Christine Davis, Danna Forsgren, Terry Ganzel, Richard Gebhardt, Helen Genis, Frank Goddard, Ed Gonzalez, Michael Green, Lucien Housier, John Howard, Curtis Johnson, Terrence King, Christine Koschritzky, Jane Kryza, Guy . Lambert, Frank Lesniewski, Edward Madison, Mackunas, Salvadoce Mendoza, Wayne Placke, Bruce Plitsch, Marc Riccardeni, Howard Vandersaal, Ethel P. Vassel, Gloria Whe- at, Pamela Whitworth, Mike Wisnewski 145 FACULTY Row I-Irene Arark, Math, Stanley Ak- 'fi ,,Y. -Y hi., S, V "" 'Ti jf ' senas, German, Anne Alt, Spanish, Bet- ii i Y i 3 T, N . .- tye Armstrong, English, Jean Bortle, J 7 ', 'T . A - - i . 'Z G'irl's Gym,SheilaBraun,Science,Dovid i If Q I l ' Border, Boy's Gym, Ernest Cherullo, N Y Q X 7. - ST V 'ML Row 2-Michele Dolphin, English, Kath- -J' If-Sm 'Y M is ll-Y Wil - -a r-:Yr DTZEW, teen Hart, English, John Heffernan, Bus- ' - ' N l' l- iness Ed., Thomas Fineberg, Math, Der- xv"-gl " T, ' A Ia.. 7 l '. A mott Kane, Math Dolores Keating,Moth, "4 S ,- X l , Q14-1, X -f 1' Neal Kelliher, English, Andrew Lurnbra- . .1 ' zo, Music ll' " ' K - n Row 3-Mary Miller,EngIish,RobertOrth, U 1 1 .El 1 rl F V In l 1 Y .El Drafting, David Sanders, Math, Ruth V l l 1. Tr l - 2. A F ' V' ' N Strong, French, Latin, .lames Tote, Biol- i 'iv v. a! C V ogy, Moe Walsh, Special Education, by . Carol Young, English, Sharon Yarmul- , ' .2 v li nick, Music Z'-5:1 1 I R , A . CURTIS BRAN H OF FENGER 46 Prominent in the mind of every person is the memory of his freshman year in high school. Atour Curtis branch, new- comers readily adopt to the Fenger way, preparing for the years they will spend at the main building. "Curtisites" enjoy extensions of Fenger activities, such as Student Council and G.A.A. Board. With such experience behind them, andthe guidance of Mr. Joris, Curtis' principal, these young people will be oble to contribute much to life here at Fenger. Teachers' Aides Ruth Strong Sponsor Freshman Band Andrew Lumbrazo Sponsor Courier Reps Edmund Joris E. , 3 ii' Xing EI lil I., , ' ll ' -: , 4 ' ' -I .,- .alll A gglgarr 7, 5- ilglaiily iii iii ini V f i iltitiilz mi- A I b 'Hi l"2't?allsiiiifl l E imihzuwvffkfi 1 157- A ,..-1 ,....., . ,, ..-Z.: F U , Q U. 1 ,, -f , . ' o ' 3 , l . . . l 'u r 1. . ....- . . I -., I i -4 . ,K leg Elk ,, ii EDMUND JARIS Assistant Principal '. . 11 , , I . Office Aides A' , Mrs. Gaffney . 5 Sponsor , 'W 5 - rl" N r-Q- sr l sv l U" Cou' elors Aides 'l - T., George Kommer ' . Sponsor x ' Q. l 1 3. 'ef A l ROTC 1 - 7th Period A ,sh Rorc Vi A Q. n . ' In 'A I l' - A ,fi-Ti, Bfh Period l A l- ' l . ' l Z f Q - l ., 1 . A it s ' , ,Q JM- 4? F ei' V ' , 71' '- ' f - ' ' ' - , . if , ll" il - L i All - W ,A ' Q I L , X M l, F t. K ,lv . A. , , V. -- i '. l1 4 ll " xl' - l N' r ' 'ill .f A' ' Row l-Jalwn Abbe, Craig Able, Dennis l - I l 1 - Abella, Thomas Abella,Tl1omas Ab1,Judy 5' 1 .mf l '. V5 Adams, Don Admonis, Thomas Adzgow- il ' 1 , J , l ll 5K 9 " 1 N1 It is ski, Russell Alexander, Gary Allen, Alyn ', l' of s 'i ' i g 'l Anderson, Judilh Amelse Y ! ' I , Row 2-Barbara Anderson, Diane Ander- ll U A L H 1 -'L . V l -- son, Linda Anderson, Rober! Anderson, Roland Anderson, Shirley Anderson, Margaret Anlszewski, Peggy Ann Anton, Alberl Anlanlazzi, Nancy Avokian, Chris- line Axelson ff y P . . , l F .,, il - f .3 ' .' G ' ,dl -' , " .l '5 2, F. . r ,.k, ' g, lgg ld, 'r ,r " -'fd ' V ,x V ' 1 lr l l l 1l'All:R'- ' llflf I. l rl Q . Q ry ' I , I' I in - L!--A-5, 1' rf lf, l I ' 'f ""' I W 576' V 1 ' ' ' ' Y I -,D l Uk., l N Y .V -l J W fig! l . , v ,' V 1 3' f r V . I ' . -if -I 4 .l 4 1 '- ., if - 'A ' we ' 'A' A -f ' " A . Q se E, I 552 J l V sf y . l l . Jllf' - -. f'5'5'?Z7?a ',, . ' f l - I 1uHmi'a.'11m A, ., ..-IH 147 CURTIS BRANCH Rowyl-Larry Bachus, Michael Badali, Pam Badali, Karen Badowski, Fred Bae- chle, Diane Baker, Sandra Baker, Lucy Balcerzak, Susan Baldacci Row 2-Joseph Baldelli, David Barisas, Ronald Barlog, Bruce Basile, Albert Batch, Joseph Batchelor, Ben Battista, Chris Bauga, Elizabeth Bautista Row 3-Cliff Beck, Sally Beck, Edward Bed- nar, Jerome Bednorczyk, Curtis Beem- ster, Ted Behrews, Briant Bell, Deborah Bell, Larry Bell Row 4-Roberta Bellas, Lynne Berglund, Marcia Beuzel, Linda Biersboer, Chris- tine Bisping, Rosalind Blackburn, JoAnn Blankenship, Mike Blankenship, Gregory Blaszcuyk Row 5-Pai Blosser, Ernest Blouin, Paul Bock, Carolyn Bohannon, Joe Bombaf getti, James Borek, Nancy Bouicki, Judy Bouck, Richard Brass Row 6-David Bratlien, Coles Braxton, Dennis Bresnahan, Thomas Briksi, Tim- othy Briksi, Jeffrey Brown,Lonnie Brown, louis Brown, Ronald Brown Row 7-Shirley Bruining, Patricia Bryant, Kenneth Brzeczek, Maxine Buchaniec, Dave Buckley, Bonnie Burke, Belinda Burks, Joyce Burns, Carol Bus Row B-Thomas Busch, Alice Butka, Theor- tis Butlex, Jerri Buttles, Jelfry Buwalcla, Shirley Buzos, Gary Byrd, LauisCalvillo, Nella Calvano Row 9-Andrea Comadeca, Steve Carey, Michelle Carrescia, Sallie Carrier, Car- roll Kurt, Robert Cavot, Charlene Cain, Thelma Cedergren, Denise Champlain Student Council Michele Dolphin Sponsor ff T i , kv 148 Y T, fl ' 'mfft 5 4, - , , N lx, A J D D f. -., gi . T T ,rg T B ,Q J , T "WT l .3 3' l " l .af ' di 'tfi 'i -p . .I .1 1 A X I , I X AY , I - I ir- 1 ly x , , , T T , 1: - ,fs ,, ll Q ,- ,. .B l A . ' ff L fq' s n 'A 'rc so arf V" s , i t ,E . 1 , ' "T" ' "7 fi- D: , U ll 't Q, l ', ,gy 'if '-3' N- ' l . ' is mpg? , iii B L 1 I I lffh i T- ' 1' lf' T? '15 T- ' W . .- , ess 'vlfixt ' A F i VN A IL: i ' T, i Y' W' l-l' ll :ig I gg' lg D QT! .CQ -Tw-.:' D V PA , ,,', T . 5, , ,, 1 , . if, T ' . I V J 912. A., X' , A ft" I 1 X ' ' 'V-1--x . .- ' TESL , "x . 1' I N . E, , .. , ,W . V N V" i . , N . l i rs . CT . L, , - ' ' , I f- we ar r L! ' i- A xr, - ' V- .-, 1 , X' J ' Y: ' i .J X-,, i , , , . -5 x , . . K , f 4, all A , J x ' 1 h N W V ,sl 'rs , -F . ,.- i il B J ff' B fi L Ai" 1 s' ' ' l ' ,., , ' at T -V r ' y , - y A , C' - . 'rl T H 5+ it ' JIS -Q ' - , , 'ji l V .,,.. :-.. V., - l 'Z ' 'W i lf' - - Q - -' .f f , i Sitftti tl f., if it t D A Tl' ., 4, CTT' Cl ' ff' r ' C t - J 1 . " Lx V aa:-' . '- i H ,g IC? . " 4 - i C 1 if T lt T ., T Q " T T .1'3fi'T,F fl . A ' T . J' :J I -H YW, - W, 14 if fs V B we i .B . T e .f lt 1-.. Mimi . 4. ' h ,. gf' '. . -, J'-A . ' ' M' 4 I A i ' 'J V -'L --tiff ssf ' 'i 'P Q VJ f . ,-'A' 1 , E mx P " u f' l I . il li li 'til ' Lim- ' . 5-----kv in J V A ,,.,, VV:-,V . r 2' , l , I 1 - Q ,- 'ah Q Q 1 1' 'V 4 K' A -A 1 ,-S ' J. , J Lg 4 J U -f if. . E - N ,, V 'yds V , tv --: "' . -'- Row I-Roxanne Champlain, Debra Cha- IV ' LV, 4' , VVVVIVX . I V ' - V ney, Barbara Charles, Fred Chidichimo, I I i K l i John Crisman, Leonard Chrisman, Ro- . i x J- L, 1 , 1-"'7j'i?V!' A V . , bert Christ, Nancy Chrisiiansen, Paul ' l V X 5,-f Cis ,K . - l 7 ' , - I ' fn' -. ..z I' 'N l I I' l - 4, 'f , ', ,i HJ' J, nf: lm H .Ig Lffk f- ' 1 -A V 'lp ld A - ' - V f' Row 2-Dennis Clair, Debbie Clark, Ste- ' l , ' V V ,' V VV , ry phne Clark, Patricia Clay, Ted Coates, N 1 . 6' V Liilfllf ,UV 4 VLA A ' l V Eileen Collins, Brain Corkery, Betty Cor- :"" . f-"QV r' ' ' ' F- nelison, Greg Cracco 7, V , , ,, Vrf' -F , ., - -1 V L l -, . ' , EV ' Row 3-Frank Cressler, Stan Czaia, Sain- ' 'I' A1 ' . - - dra Dabney, Daniel Dabransky, Lin a J V V, V i V , K V fd ' gm: Dabrowski, Mary Ann DalSanto, Thomas , V I -' V L k X I V V: DalSanto, Gloria Davalos, Catherine " 4 Y W lr-' ' Fl ' V5- v- 'YN' 'il Erwin Y ' ,n Dvivis V ' ' "f l ' ' , K L- .- ' , "' 1 .,.' 'T-' Cl . ' .S-v ' i ,X ' -.3 l Row 4-Stephanie Dearborn, Mike Del- -,4 Z .1 -we 17 , - 4 ' ' , ,. 5 " L ' ,, Cotta, Patricia DeMarchi, Mark Derrico, , , , I J . l , N " Susan DeYoung, Allan Dixon, Jim Doug' h f Al lj las, Robert Draves, Martin Dada -f . if' e WF ii - ' L ' - or rin? V W i J -an - ' V 'Alf 4' l V V2 A V l' 4 ' 'JI1'..- V ' Row 5-Karen Dunn, Ramona Durbin, A 'Z - 4 . lt ' lk A L. ,Q l Heather Early, Keith Edison, Debbie - .A X 'J if -A V ,- l V ' , , , ' 'ff , Eenigenburg, John Eenigenberg, Greg Nr r Q V1 F . ' , Ehman, Richard Elkin, Robert Elliot 4 fl X ix l " , , . f L' , 'VY' ,, , ' V 'V V ' 3 Raw 6-Andrea Ellis, John Ellis, Kenneth ' , . - Q M35 1: if , V , , T Elston, John Enelthe, Charles Elnokian, IVV-'J .gf ' l, - ' l - Paula Epperson, Joseph Ercoli, Richard A P' 1 'M ' VV Evers, Gary Erickson . .. ,f 'J l ms, l' ' J J J J , .t L l - lil" ,l , I , 1 L I D l' i 'V , "' .,,, V .,, ,J ,2'- T? ,'V,,,,. ' , J-"il Row 7-Marilynne Erickson, Melanie Er- 'I l V V V ' 1 1 i ' ll' , ff- , skine, Cheryl Erwin, Gloria Eutten, Jane . ' . - .- V Evans, Patricia Eversan, Michael Fabus, . -V E f-. 'Q-, 'Y,,,l Marion Farkas, Tom Faron L 'P' -Q' as ' W4 , V r ri ,X ,V xV ,. A E X VIV iV 'r-,Vit VV, Row 8-Joe Felice, Cindy Felkamp, Emily ,-f V - - - M 'M V ' - Ferianc, Jim Ferro, Pat Field, Clifford 1 T' V , , . V t - , K, Fineman, John Finkiewicz, Bruce Flem- A r, 1 I: V uw ,Q 1 f I3 0 Q, ing, Dorothea Flemisler ... , , ," .4 ' - -. .. -1 ,, as J 1, -J i H i it it V 1' , " Row 9-Graz Flores, Darrell Ford, ll V V - Rodney Ford, Sheryl Ford, Landis Fow- V, AV L ' l l V, V., ler, Paul Freberg, Cora Freudenberg, ,, . ': ' ' ,---" . iz V ' l " Robert Frey, Lola Friar If , ,:. l ll 1 J T K' F' X f QA' V . F Library Club Mary Lyons Sponsor ' ' . ' H .:: ,Af...,.:-r-5laweme- A ' 149 CURTIS BRANCH Girls Chorus Louise Dain Sponsor Row 1-John Frigo, John Frigo, Mary Fri- zzell, Scott Gagnon, Barbara Gallagher, Richard Garcia, Charles Gardner, Ho- 'mer Garza, Susan Gasperec Row 2-Howard Gause, Garry Gbur, Christine Gebhardt, John Genovese, Geoge Georgopoulos, David Gile, Linda Gilliam, AlbertGipson,Maureen Gibson Row 3-Donna Girulis, Tom Giusto, Ray Gloder, Diane Godfryd, Gerald God- inez, Sheree Goetller, Brenda Gogue, Enrico Gorman, James Gosbarn Row 4-Michael Gosnell, Gage Goss, Geoffrey Grabert, Janice Graham, Roy Graham, David Grant, Evelyn Greene, David Grigoletti, Rosemary Grisalle Row 5-Judith Groat, Gloria Grotto, Ro- ger Grossnickle, Charles Gunter, Susan Gustafson, Susan Halderman, Terrance Hall, Sue Hamater, David Hankosky Row 6-Thomas Hanson, Jim Harder, Alice Hardin, James Harper, Devorah Harris, Patrick Harroun, Emanuel Har- ston, John Hartney, Charles Hoselberger Row 7-Janice Hassin, Kathleen Hastings, Sydney Hatcher, Keith Haustein, Ray Haustein, Barbara Hawtree, Gail Hayes, Mario Hayes, Marieth Heard Row 8-Jerome Hegedius, Carol Herbsi, Ray Herdt, Barney Herrell, Kathy Her- nandez, Sharon Hicks, Patricia Hill,Mich- ael Hillman, David Hiichcoclc Row 9-Linda Lou Hochertz, Patrice Haek- stra, Don Hogan, Karen Holmgren, Nancy Holmstrom, Thomas Hanzik, Den- ise Hopkinson, Patricia Howard, Cheryl Howlett 150 , '." F""l QL. it fr .fo hi... -im f' 0- if ,Av J Mlm? NJ f- -1 L.4sf 999 29 'P' tus ,f h....f v-i V' F.. C-1 ,... YMCA 22" 'T NX fe! Nd E -fs fi , ei K ,za , y ,N ,, V, -J , J , I J A K A 'fig ' i F r- I f i I' 'Pg ky A? E, r- ' ,l'..- Q - .. if 14 . ,-3 '- I, N lg 4 lx fi x ,HM J' Xl ll R Y 'X , 1- il lx' 511 l I J ff! 1 ' if si J A ' -' N ' A-"5 ' ' 5 farm. 1 Y " " fiy, ' ' 'g ,x ' . J W T rr ,L X , Q if - , it r J J J 1 l J i t H F 3 e 'Elly . 'I wr' ' l "7 L J' l -. A i f gi I5 C J J 'ir 'iii f it f.. J . .., t E J E Y ,vc , .3 A Q G 3 ' N .FA , ' 1 ix! rl rj, E Nb' 1 ' ' l lgf. 'L I 'Y -I A V' It 2-,A 1 .4! l Q' 1? h , I ,,,.lV,,,,vw1 V A l-Eels. l' H ' 'S i , : Q ""' . I il ' , V 1 Y i an ' " l 5 l . ,,f h : ., J . .1 ' XA juli I M - X 5 VI NL J J ev ll! is J 1 l lk W: J , . lk l' ll lb 'ali X lv' ' H i l U l' l . . S- " pf as , . . ' ' if l E, lf ,K s W , i - H ,ggi Iwi so 1 , i . ti ' I . A , is ti-gf, : i , - V t . my E A . Po, - e ,fy J 25 s l N . V- I J J :IA 5-lice:-: lv . Mir' ull - 1 i I -'.':':: ' . E , . ,J . 4. ,t -.. - l ,I 'X ll 1 i' K I ' ' . i - i . ,N Q lb i ci -, I V 'I ...Q B A A David Border Row I-Gail Hregel, Karen Hultgteln, " - 3 Sponsor nl s X I xl I I it f - if-.. air . 'MB " fi-+L . st V N Z l ' is L., 7311 Q A , r J- D ."2 '-'1 31 ' ' '- ' ' -'5 -A gg -- ,J t '1 l l . 1' il - ., . ' lf' 'WJ V If ' 1 43525 ' t :lt ' "Q f' l flxai, "' " Q..-or J V 1, 'I F2 " D ' -+ . 'T. 1 . " -X if in J g ' , ', t 1 N 6 - Y 7 Xt ' .Q ' ' A ' r 1 - ' il ' I' A- U- . :f sf- Q K - ,, 4 W . . N A '71 iz.: kb- J 1 ' if J 2 J ' 'Tx ' V .4 -rf-f lt..-Z' W up W T3 ' Y A V lr Ni" 1 " or . A I 32 J W J f- 'l k Q t ' ,:r, -'Y ' 'i - "t C' 4 I ' Q ' 1' 'I i , 0 ' ' . . ,N , ' i J ' ' ' i' A r 'R ' V rl: J f '7' -I " Ti- 'X 'AL' .R 3, 4' Y - ll 3, wh 'A i , l Y F. ' I t i 1' - .TWEII I i - A 1 . 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Reps Jean Bartle, Sponsor 1 J l l - A r 'V , g l X' 1 ai ' T l va- P7 W , , V ,Q . W li T -6 allt"' i'i . 5 3 ' , IL ' 5 A 4 ,- ' S -1 ' ' -5- ., .nl , 1: x' lr . 1 , 3 1 X I ' ' A R ' . ,, . I , A y 15-.4 . I ,Z , C me 'T' - 3 4 .- , . h V V Q. , - , V J ,Y Y V ll'-neg T in if T - I 1 'Ta ' 'inf 1 T " 'T Ti Ni f ' - T A' . '-r ' 'H V ' T ' X . .If ' ff .--.- ' , . l -' ,gil ' ' ew l K h ' lb- T , i l I 1 -. , 4 i, 4 - N 'Q J' ,,. . 53' T ,s 'L :gg fbi .13 J 4 . 1 - .l .T L ' '31 . , ,. Ti ' Q J, 2 : V f k ,f T my .J l xi lx ,J Yihriifa T ' Y. i E L W y g 4 V lx is ' ,li f-HQ .. ' ' I-'T' I .A JA - -'fd - ' -, ff- J' 'P " L ' RQ' J - jf' 5 ' - g l g. l-Tv: . ",. ' ,. . . 1 it . , A T-J. guy' -,af w- -."' f "- . 'P X-3 q Q3 L2 , ,-J, - 'Q ,-A iv Q, ' Kg, it T J ' 'xl ' 7-5 ' J J L 4 I ,.-J J - ' ' ,je . 1 , A f ix, 7 " Y' . 2 .- , h 1- F- M' ji ,513 f J, 'Q 5 .1 " Li ,Ja A ly ,J T 7, l ...f . 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J .l t ' ' .t- I i ' - Row I-Mike Master, Ferdinand Maszur, Jane Muer, GaryMuIlner, Thereselvlunz, James Nangle, Debbie Nelson, Pam Nel- son, Teresa Nemiec Row 2-Susan Nessinger, Robert Nue- man, James Newman, Tom Nichols, Bill Nilsen, Jesus Nunez, Donna Nyc, Juan Oclwao, Carol O'Connor Row 3-Patricia O'Cannor, Dennis Ohlen' busch, Jim Okon, Chester O'Leary, Bev- erly Oleinik, Clifford Olsen, Roy Olson, Karen Ooms, Patricia Opyt Row 4-Barbara Ostergren, Larry Over- ton, Sidney Ownes, Virginia Pachowicz, Mark Palermo, Phyllis Palmer, August Panozzo, Sharon Pariiczuk, Dale Parker Row 5-Bill Partridge, Judith Pasa, Pam- ela Patten, Margaret Paulson, James Payne, Magie Peak, Gary Pearson, Da- vid Pena, Robert Perich Row 6-Gene Perkins, Nancy Perlman, Dale Pesavento, Lisa Pesavento,Charles Peterson, Nancy Peterson, Keven Pet- tit, Josephy Peuvion, Donna Phillips Row 7-Michael Phillips, Dawn Pickard, Jim Pinson, Craig Pintler, David Pirtle, Stephen Pisarcik, Jancie Piwowarczyk, Jancie Plantinga, James Pleskunas Row 8-Geoge Pluta, Nancy Past, Susan Potts, Edward Pounds, Dennis Pretto, Deborah Price, Jerry Primozic, Margaret Pulaski, Richard Purdy Row 9-Dennis Quick, Patti Ran, Norma Randall, Peter Rankaitis, Donna Rardin, Robert Ray, James Rayford, Terrence Ray, Dennis Reed Titan Torch Reps Robert Orth, Sponsor A I' . I , - t J '4"-" ' 'W' , X . .,'-r 153 CURTIS BRANCH Chess Club Thomas Fineberg, Sponsor Row I-Lawrence Reed, Thomas Regan, Thomas Reichert, Susan Reinbalt, Robert Reinert, Martin Remus, Sharon Resk, Reuben Reynolds, Anglea Richard Row 2-Harold Rice, Gail Rigoni, Rose Rigoni, Jauniphus RingaId,Morris Rizpt- iello, Charmaine Roache, Roberta Ro- berts, Denise Robeinson, George Robin- son Row 3-Patricia Robinson,WillIa'm Roddy, Donna Rodell, Catherine Raclgers,Thom- as Roessler, Kevin Ronan, Cliff'Ronc1ka, Mary Rooding, William Rose Row'4-Susan Resell- Paul Timothy Rat, Hubert Rounds, William Rubino, Gerald Ruglio, Christine Rupsch, Timothy Rus- sell. Carl Ryhal, Gloria Salgado Row 5-Philip Salvador, Terry Sandaker, Robert Sansome, Philip Sapienza, An- nette Sasuta, Michael Sasuia, Margo Satriano Rebecca Schszpena, Janice Scheer Row 6-Herman Schipma, Jeffery Schm- idt, Curt Schnoor, Warren Schriks, Susan Schrodeder, James Schugirtis, Dan Sealy, James Sealy, Larry Seef Row 7-William Seneczko, ChristineSera- pin, Robert Serdl, JockSereiko,Jim Sere- imo, Barbara Sewell, David Shaw, Judith Shallenberger, Richard Sinlan Row 8-Adine Siska, Jeqn Skrobacz, Sam- uel Skyles, Lawrence Slaviero, Barbara Smith, Barbara Louise Srnith, Donald Smith, Glen Smith, Michael Smith Row 9-Nancy Smith, Roy Smith, Denise Sobczyk, Thomas Sonneveld, Greg Spe- ights, Bill Spiek, Diantha Sprigge, Sharon Staat, Judith Stadlbauer BI .1- T i i l -T. . ,Q ,..5 5,1 QI, A Q M Lg A, .T lr A 'T Li ff -1 'A -3 ' QNX! . Qlfll ic YV l? S I 'Q C: .. ,. .A 1'- llfqd 11 Tx, ,1 li 'M 55' J bij J- T Y Q 'Y i 1 f ,, 'ti , - ,ilu ' A . R51 'Gig -Y. T It '. 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' r R K .f ' lv VL .,: 3,7 :ii -iff .fl I .7 ,,,-- "Jai ' I ff' ji ' N D .J ' .A ' fs J '- i 2 S2 4 as 'J -3 ,-'J - J ,J J . ' J ., ',f i J R' 3 J J 4 '- , Q il ' Wifi ' '5s"l?" 9' 1 -- 5 5 .N url al 4 Hull Guards - Irene Azark, Sponsor Row 1-Victoria Staggers, Richard Stan- ley, Steven Stanton, BillStephen, Evelyn Stephens, Yvonne Stephens, Tom Stoka, David Stokoski, Eric Strahl Row 2-Audrey Swanson, Robert Swan- son, Alexandria Sweeney, Glenn Swen- son, Cheryl Swetz, Edward John Swick, Adolph Sykes,CarolSytsma,LauraTabor Row 3-John Tagli, Shirley Tankson, Ter- rell Albennett, Ronald Theile, GailThom- as Thompson, Jessica Thran, Debra Thur- man, Dale Toerne Row 4-Debra Toigo, Paul Tomasik, John Tortolano, Bill Tropp, Michael Tuley, Gregory Turner, JerryTyler,Mary Urgo, Peggy Vail Row 5-Ted Valen, Joan VanClay, Nancy Vanderwart, Lee VanDyke, Robert Van- Eerd, Wendy VanRite, Mary Venkus. Genger Vinson, Gayle Vanderwari Row 6-Steven Vrubek, Wendy Walker, Peggy Walsh, Vincent Ware, Barbara Walner, Earl Warner, B. Washington, Darlene Wayce, William Weinert Row 7-Gary Weis, Deborah West, Paula White, James Williams, Shelby Wills, Lynette Wilson, Teri Wilson, William Wimer, Torn Wintercorn Row 8-Karen Wisnieski, Kim Wisnieuw- ski, Mark Wiltting, Dennis Wolgramski, James Wood, Daryl Woods, Marilyn Woodcraft, Amelia Woolard, Donald Wolcik Row 9-Bruce Wright, Oscar Wright, Down Wrobel, Bruce Zartler, Janice Za- iac, Frankldanowslgi,RabertZebrauskas, John ZIdek,'Micheal Ziebarth 155 'l'.:'-IP' N v , f V1.4 ,. .i- A l I lk A Lucy Periolel, Head Teacher Row l-Mark Almendorz, Daniel Alonso, Caihy Anderson, Connie Anderson, Glenn Anderson Row 2-Marcia Anderson, PaiArmslrong, Marilyn Avery, Bruce Baily, Lynne Bal- azs, Scoii Barach, Irene Baranowsky, Benise Basney, Debra Bell Row 3-Wally Berg,TheodoraBergunder, Deborah Beiourney, Deborah Black, Ro- beri Blodorn, Carolyn Boksha, Marily Boomsma, Karen Bouck, Bill Brandon Row 4-Charles Breslin, Nancy Brncick, John Brown, Craig Brucker, Rozelan Bul- litii, Fred Burns, Barbara Bushrod,KaThy Carey, Joanne Carlson Row 5-Lincla Carrio, Terry Carroll, Dan- iel Chrisiensen, Marie Chromizky, Clif- ian Glenn, Cynlhio Collins, Call-ny Con- way, Alex Cowan, Rick Cramer Row 6-Rose Crnogoiac, Laura Cranwell, Ed Caddy, Daniel Cunningham, James DelPriore, Judy Demko, Lynne Derrico, Brenda DeVries, Cheryl Dikken Row 7-Jeanne DiLuia, Sandra DiViio, Donna Drabandi, Pam Dykema, Jackie Eide, Barbara Erlich,Vii:lor Fabris, Kathy Farrell, Lindo Feleky Row 8-Diane Ferguson, Michael Ferry, Teresa Fioreili, Deborah Florek, Brenda Fosler, Robert Fox, Lynn Fransen, Denise Gadbois, Susan Galbraih Row 9-Jackie Gendlerq, Glen Gerini, Casey Gionimo, Jill Gleason, John Glow ski, Jinx Godlrey,Enid Goode,LynnFranf sen, Joy Grarz Row 10-Gail Grizzell, Joe Gulils, Jan Hallums, Cindy Hameelman, Carole Harascsak, Jane! Hawldnson, Behy Hed- rich,Jal1ri Hence, Carol Hermes 156 l f- 9 WEST PU LLMAN BRANCH Row I-Ronald Blackford Patricia Curran, Rose DeMeis J l 5 J Row 2-James Kennedy. Gertrude Lange, L Q 1 Frank Hartman, Raymond Randolph. ' Noi pictured: Rosalie Baum s - l l X25 ie- , ' ef A- . - ' .- u' 'M i .JZ -V J' y n X 'rnrfxrd A,!, 1' ,, Jr- L. '- L ilk' J - i .i , I , 1 , 'rf of -' V , Tj-5' ' . , V ' V ,l , y lf ' - i TH- ' , 'vi' l, 1 In o V 41. . . ,AW ...., lege' - .,. . . :Si ,aj YD V V l ..' i, V 7n 7T, OW ,A ' l ' ' ' 1. 'lil ... fmllhill Q CQ I .4 V i I z K . . ' ir I -fwfr of "- ' l ' l ' , " , 'ff 11, 3 J -f i "' . -f ,,,. 5 i' . i , ff il V . 1-5 f1is B : 1 ,fig T' "J" 4 -A A . A 'f 1 7' V L, ' , ,,, J' ' , is ,Q , A , 11.7, --5 .A ,Q ,..V ,N , D , ,V - , . 4, ,' 1 , , I A' - 5, ' . ' i , l ' I5 - - ny , , gs 'Q .lv yy- 'L V.- fa' 11,43 , ...f, J H- , ? nf D 153 J . I Q U' l 1 r l Q: K I 4' 'Z I ' ' .fxnl , ' ll- Y jg, ' .' A , ,, 5: ' Ai 1 ., uf ii - ge-'f-i "Y A-A A5 -if 1 A' if -3' sf: ' V2 I H . --i y eq.. if-.ze ' H. ., ' '- L ' ' A ' if-fi ,. B 4 ' ' J ' H Q-4' ff" 1 ' 7 Fifi 1 ' A :1 , ,N i R H " ' .,. ' 1 ' 'Gr , - -' '71 ll' ' a L Wf iff A ig mf - "V l":g 4:1 fi! V' 'T - " 'if ' 'N "' " , rf "J ,3 fe? 'F' is , " ' - r 2' A ' ' A f. .fl Sql' . WE-lP5f: az- , 1 , I" -A 1 11 y. - ' ,Q ,fr ly!-J .vi ' f ' '- ,' -' ' -9 f ' - ' " f- 1 . In 12 :1 L: if 45" I -EJ , 1.53 'fit A 1, :'.g, i ' ,- A ,ia v '- , N . o A A , ' ' .I . ' 'A ' ' ,',1j,', if-, i l g ' B , ' J -jg , , I 1 ,g,,.,'-1,' 'x ggg' 'MALI W! H rf-f ji Ti f J 'wirffff 3 J in F -1 if ' ' 's lk l -1 V. i ' R i N y if ' fi. , V 'N D .3 7 - ' "" .1 ,: , - ' -. , t 1A ff l"" Fi? J, 'id 43 X -iff I V Q., J , I l ' , , , . , -1. 7-:'1 . I ' 'ggi A v -ui. 'W "' T y A , af-rsiif?,::r9':fef 4 , 'ffm' W, L. F i iv- .. l 2 1 T " A - fi., A my Ii , 1 ' lug. Q2 J ll, ' Q H l , ' + A '15 ' , ' - f" F J J' ' 'E L" C " 1' .k . gy- ,, ,A , ' ,4 ' Q, , 115.21 f' s. Fffffe-? X- ' ' " l XyXX XXX- . ,sq A J' me n a " ' J Ap:-fn A Y . .ffl Hi A sean - ' if A 1, l ' W J i -A it . ' , ',-iifexigl t in J , X X X, t LX ,sr XX t - Tn - A. A , A , J , AA K "" . ' " li ". ' ' f ,' , -7 , G5-' J 73, , J JA , "PA 'iii 'P 'iff' , . 1 -I ' I Y' ' i ' X ' 4' J- il: J V ' J , it H A Q1t.u,-A.- -Z,ii.lA?'!llAAilt- LA l l 2-if A- --fir VCA 'W QX'-JJ, 5 1 ,A-A ' 1, I' X - YX - - J of ,X X XXXt .Tit XX If V X, 7' 7,5 A, X l ,-LZ' Q : ,lv X Q X t A -P 'et'-J ' if iii ti A ,X XX f -.Liv - - P. XX ,A X XXX. B v , X E ' 'J J fit' MX llif - ' i f A ' l J , 'l 'Jil' - A 'J , J as J ii Q ,XXXL A . XXX,Xf J v C X XX X X X X fall:-HZQAQ' i - J ! '- - ' ' new ,,Xi7 XXll - ,L J G XA 'lr ' A X N - .171 E f Y I ji ' Y' , J X A -if Q . Y I ,..L"-' ITS Ll V Y. t.-J X X UAT., Aw Y V X ,..g'A, w i' XTX! L , X X J XG, X X X T.-. 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A ffl' A ll 'L in I LA J A . ' J - F ' f ' , ff., . Y - - 'W-A--f -f' it ,-Q, A:-rpg-H - ff, :fig A , 2 X - Fl? li t 4 nf , 'a' f1-9' X, f ' I l l " 1 ' 'Q lf '9 J J -'Y' ,- ' il F " Zi - te, A4 fs. - I KX-X J AX , X ,I , I. X f, J ll A H X T 3' - f ' A M - L4 ,f :i?5"Q'qj A ' HV o' -if A - . X X A X : VX X X X XXN X X XX? X t. 3 'il lf If 'if 'Fei' it if 4 'J '73 J it J " if X "ff , J sf 'D-4 . 'J , , ' -f- 1 .' L '- mi ' ' Row I-Charles Haekstra, Deborah Ho- mer, Cathy Hunt, Linnette Hurt, Cynthia Jatczak, Linda Jones, Janie.Jorclan, Glor- ia Kapacik, Andrea Karaein Row 2-Karen Keams, Bari Kerbis, Deb- orah Kidd, Blaine Kienker, Jeff King, Joyce King, Jody Kleffman, Veronica Krueger, Vic Kubitschek Row 3-Wayne Kullman, Kathy Kurzeia, Denise Lambos, James LaCourse, Karl Langer, Patsy Lasseter, Charles Lawson, Gus Lazuka, Susan Lindgren Row 4-Janet Lipinski, Bob Luebke, Anna Luskch, Janice Macklin, Deborah Maic- ach, Margaret Mahoney, Scoll Malito, Susan Maschmeyer, Kathleen Masco Row 5-Charles Merrick, Bonnie Micha- lides, Gregory Mikula, Susan Milton, Barbara Mezevitz, Charmaine Molina, Diana Morgan, Connie Mourning, Linda Mullennix Row 6-Ed Mullner, Donald Mutnansky, Karen Myers, Barbara Myray, Sharlene Nault, Annette Norclgren, Sharon Nar- en, Sharon Nowak, Jackie O'Connor Row 7-Michael Ores, Joe Ostrancler, Gail Otterdahl, Vera Owens, Patti Pal- agi, Joe Palumbo, Larry Panozzo,Candy Pearson, Haralcl Pinkston Row 8-Dean Pozen, Regina Presa, Pat Prince, Bonnie Proul, Therese Pruitt, Lin- do Rance, Diane Ruhl, Charlene Ryd- berg, Kenneth Sallee Row 9-Richard Sartori, LouAnn Schrof- fenberger, Marie Schultz, Marilyn Schu- ltz, Pat Secrest, Carol Shelden, David Siciarz, Dale Simester, John Sinwelski Row I0-Barbara Sluzas, Sherri Smith, Janice Smolinski, Steven Steff, Paula Stevens, Evelyn Sutton, Mary Tanis, Di- ana larver, Daniel Theisen Row ll-Marlene Tharsky,Mariarie Tiffin, Deborah Toliasz, Beverly Tremblay, Jos- eph Valfre, Robert VunDongen, Darrell VanGameron, Deborah Walker, Cathy Watson Row l2Stan Weliczko, Marlene Westly, l.ouNell Witherspoon, Betie Worobow, Howard Wright, Christine Wydrzynski, Maria Zavala, Martha Zaviclosky, Joyce Zilske , 157 Lf! aa II PFENGER HIGI-I sCI-IboIQ ' I I REQUEST ron ACTIVLTV -- I G ,. My I L CMS, FEN 'ro STUDENT: READ -my ,LE Cencuz FRAN P rry f M B E R S H I PRINT I, -I M ,,,1S,,..Iuiz.s.1h,cIL.fQ 4 OFFICIAL PASS I 'A I. a ., E R 'Have everr' C O U R I to attend a Issueo TO 'XQQCLASY '4 " ' I X 'GER HIGH SCHOOL F5 ' J A11 N A 1 CHICAGO 28' "-"'N0'S pRlNClPAL VACULTY Aowson E AMER, X ' Wayan CAN N W A T - i .SQUISS 261-ti5es t 11 I g . lex at Z! affffwffifafffeq-- S 'ff , it ,V M Y ,.-E .- --,1,.:,5T.-:q...S5 2.:,, Y ' ,: 3 , U ' .k.,, T f 3? 5.1-5 f f , L ..l' Ni A L!! Ibn YK an-A., ,gajfligifgpg ,Q . .. ,, . . 0 1--Hu, r---rs D 'i 'I I 'irgdg 0 'Q aualw-1.. are ' 6 -ug sz 1' 7,--5 an 134114 .Q i5i'l! CHI! 6 'G N. Julie ' 1'-1 -1.1- 'zf 'L -Q 949 1-sv 9--ffflfiz' 'Q 'FF no- .4 Bruce Finemon, January Stott Editor 1 -,-su f.. 9 .,,.,.- 5 Al' 6 i 59,44 V9.5 g, xt gi rj. 1, lifts? me 5' 15512 i- gfiiflfili ur' 1- 1 in "1-inns !"'b229L? -iC'Ol'-'I gogsm 4 ...uri-4,1 tzxbfs' mf--fir" 1192.5 Q vt." 'pass Kenneth Hultgren 'E June Stott Editor g iff!! ii,-"3 ai .g Q., 1 ' ig 1.-ft 9, ll we .Lx .w 15.3 sl. nthif' , . U tl! L V iq? I' .5 vid. -.V 'aiu fr- x A-5439 'Yi' Courier In your hands you have the results of ten months hard w by the Courier Staff and its sponsor, Mrs. Schlentz. Tot surprise of many students, the Courier is a year-round assi ment, beginning in the fall with the taking ot ID pictures a continuing through the typing ot the last baseball score the spring. We take pride in the tact that all the copy, work, layout, and most of the photography in our book original. Even the complicated accounting that the collecti of payments entails is done by our statt. Despite the "gr snow storm," and the anguish of missed deadlines the bo finally became a reality. We hope you enioy your "collag of Fenger as much as we enioyed putting it together for y Editor-in-Chief . Layout Editor . . Photo Editor. . . Copy Editor. . Activities .... Senior Section . Undergraduates Administration . Advertising . . . Subscriptions . . Bruce Fineman Susan Kenney Susan Rankaitis Rita Rogowski Susan Blauuw Kathy Knutsen Gary Smith Brenda Weatherspo Hal Stephens Sandra Alex 'fu 'U .9 'Q A If 'F' I if rar lb. I Brenda Weatherspoon, Sue Blauuw, and Kathy J: -,fs'?.:.'ii Knutson with the big work boards used to check Kita Rogowski, Susan Ranlraitis . '. gi ggi .4 4-1.42.1 the b0Ok'5 P,-og,-955, find some amusing layout ideas. '14, 4 'fo ,Q-Q'-If. im' 'F Tl! 121' 1-E Af: , " 71' - A .-i 5 'ws A ss. 15,1 1 V c,..s,. . ex -xx ' 60 or-'Q' sw-1. ft- pl' Jn- an 1 er 0 pfs.Lz3fpg'il1Ct - ,Qu - sf- fsigrlr 0, ,j 3.1. tj! s 1 D Q Q-fbcffbxy, and Sue Ken XX d: Linnea Montgomery, Jim lacubino, Lin- Pickett, Georgette Harris, Barbara Stone, Van Dyke, Judy Van Wie. Rich Lyon, Paul Petraitis. JUNE STAFF ditor-in-Chief .... Kenneth Hultgren ayout Editors ..... James Iacubino, Rae Anthony hoto Editors ..... Bruce Hoffman, Lloyd Mullikin opy Editor ...... Georgette Harris ctivities and Undergraduates ..... Judith Van Wie pecial Events .... Susan Rankaitis ubscriptions ..... Frank Hunt, Sandra Alex ports Editors ,.... Clifford Van Dyke, Alan Jensen reative Editors . . .Richard Lyon, Paul Petraitis enior Section .... Noreen Van Kooten, Linnea Montgomery Stephens and Gary Smith checking od pay- "ii -1 qu tn lung Bruce Hoffman, Lloyd Mullikan,'Larry Morri son, John Lovisong the denizens of the dork- TOOYT1 . Seated: Frank Hunt, Noreen Van Kooten, Ken Hultgten. Standing: Alan Jensen, Sandy Alex, Rae An- thony. l - ,V 'N 0 -f-.,....-.,' , , I '- ,X . -5 -,,.. Y Y I .i ff 'url vi ooo J W t I6 COURIER REPS lt is only after a semester of prodding and pushing for the last penny due, not till the exciting day when the yearbooks are delivered, do Fengerites appreciate the students who serve as Courier Representatives. It is the duty of each repre- sentative, who is selected by his division, to collect the price of the yearbook from his fellow students and see that books are properly distributed. Bottom Row I: Laurel Hielmbenrg, Judy Vier, Jalckie Moran, Debbie Halzer, Jean Mrienovich, Marcia Gage, Sharon Dykton, Beth Flem- ing, Jackie Kerr, Tammy Boroian, Sandra Midaleton, Marianne Munz, Darlene Phillips, Don Verkler. Row 2: Judy Lindmara, Rich Packawskus, Letitia Donelson, Rosalyn Witheyrs, Lynn Peterson, Moe Gaynor, Cindy Sober, Pat Madden, Kathy Potts, Nancy Valente, Marilyn Ryan, Helen Post, Lorelei Orne, Sharon Allen. Row 3: Jack Toren, Lloyd Mulliken, Mikki Troy, Thomas Benson, Ther- esa Fields, James Kuyper, Joseph Hodur, William Lang, Robert Ga- zoo, Gary Ambrose, Susan Coleman, Cheryl DeVries, Bruce Hotf- man, Dan Martenson,.Sylvia Harvey, Susan Flaggert. Row 4: Herman Sanders, Richard Grippo, Phyllis Lodge, Kathy Falco, Donald Rainbuilt, John Flores, Raymond Batenich, Herbert Straka, John Lopez, Bruno Risatti, Jeannie Dal Bianco, Diane Gran, Harry Morrison, Douglas Metisis, Karyn Mager, Rose Sipka, David Purrell, Nancy Ulman, David Leisy, Pat Elliot, George Fugis, Harvey Mead- ows. Bottom Raw l: Rose Ann Bach, Mary Jane Palagi, Dorothy Nickl Nancy Johnson, Julie Hughes, Donna Regan, Corrine Crulach, Sh on Teerlink, Linda Block, Darlene Senovetz, Sara Rose. Row 2: Pat Starczewski, Bernet Parkins, Mary Ann Vlowakis, Debb Hancock, Cliff Peterson, Chris Hoekstra, Michele lppolito, Joe Cla Wanda Hettington, Iris Kerbis, Barb Wordell, Paula Hoffman, Car Race. Row 3: Toby Merrick, John Abt, Larry Guttman, Connie Russo, Ti Hopman, Chuck Lupori, Dave Purdy, Bruce Mitrotf, Pat Swacke Valerie Martin, Allen Pionki, Bruce Corkery, Doug Maziur. Row 4: Steve Szalai, Jim lacubino, Joy Zimmer, Louise Havel, Shei Henderson, James Velkavrh, Bob Munz, Chane Balog, Linda Sluza John Lovison, Joanne Hagers, Linda Weatherspoon, Rosalind Stova Pat Johnson, Diane Berry, Sue Flaggert, Russell Harris. TORCH REPS Who in your division brings your paper up to you with smile? Your Torch Rep., naturally! Every Friday these Re dash to the Torch Room and back to insure prompt delivery the papers to their divisions. Between issues, the Torch Re- collects news of his fellow division members for publicatio- use. F 1 .lc-1+ Row I: Faith Fiore, Noreen Salvador, Rhonda Robinson, Claessens, Cheryl Arriva, Annette Galetlo, Lynne Hielmberg, Rigg, Anita Foote. 2:Judy Stratta, Kathy Nemitz, Virginia Reichow, Sue Prokop, Jan schi, Pat Kania, Sue Frank, -Darlene Petkus, Kathy Feutz, Jan now 3: Nancy Wright, Debbie Motely, Dorothea Gilbert, Dixie Gran, Carliss Anderson, Yvonne Patton, Pattilyn Tarver, Debbie Vander- mier, Janice Blabas. Row 4: Annette Covolo, Jan Maliska, Sandra Hendricks, Pam Oakes, Karen Heidskav, Linda Sapienza, Muriel Larson, Linda Earley, Claudio Margarap, Gloria Vaugh. P.T.A. REPS With the beginning of each -new semester comes the P.T.A. membership drive. Once again parents and teachers are invited to ioin an association designed to promote enthusiasm and understanding between members ofthe school body. The responsibility for collecting membership dues and distributing membership booklets is given to each division P.T.A. repre- entative, whose efforts are rewarded by a party given by the parents. G.A.A. REPS The Girls Athletic Association aims to promote good sports- manship and athletic enthusiasm among it's members. To ioin, membership dues must be paid to a student representa- tive. This year, each representative was elected from her gym class, rather than from the division, as in the past. Bottom Row I: Diane Norkus, Carol Loveless, Nancy Wright, Cathy Krutz, Sandra Hechler, Cheryl Siedal, Marge Krenkel, Debbie Van Dun, Freda Laphen, Denise Evan, Carol Pulaski, Mary Raessler, Linda -Milton, Lindo Ford. Row 2: Gloria Owens, Barbara Dralenga, Belinda Lumpkin, Lynne Hielmberg, Sue Koons, Ursula Weis, Anna Ortiz, Pattilynn Tarver, Sharon Straiski, Sandra Ramanek, Jaan Bauk, Bob Zemeckis, Mary Lou Baldelli, Jon Bova. Row 3: Mary Jean Palagi, Carol Rossi, Rosemarie Radmer, Bette Moyer, Merry Ann Bahno, Sharon Beckett, Paul Heider, Ron Bailey, Lois Derrico, Arlana Zabor, Karen Hackenson, Anita LaRoche, Paulette Goadchild, Barb Roeder, Gloria Lipka, Jim Tharp, Q Row 4: Larry Morrison, Gail Krapil, Kathy DeBaer, Debbie Marsh, Lynn Bogigian, Kathy Madizac, Tom Guglielmi, Mark Friga, Bob De Witt, Dennis Ferrini, Lora Lee Steczo, Cindy Schultz, Marilyn Myroup, Marian Zidek, Cecilia Wood, Richard Henrickson, Judy LeMieux, Pat Weisseg, David Leisy, Danna Mucha. l l63 ,U rwa .lirs PARIS ig 'iii 'YT195 N Nl' 164 5 x5 S-v 4 wi ' LUYAL ' '-' FENGERITES REID ff STUDENTS MAKE TH Nicholette Crocker, Karen Rebrovich, Ernie Yonkers, John Hadison. Seated: Robert Woicik, Marityn Kielstrom, Richard Pack- auskas. Standing: Edward Corrigan, Tom Guglielmi, Charles McMakon. FALL STAFF Editor-in-Chief. . . . . Sandy K Associate Editor ......... Hope Sel Page One Editor . . . Sharlene Severse Page Two Reporters ..... Nancy Payn Janet Kudel Page Four Asst. Editor.Marilyn Kielstro Business Assistant ....... Pam Schmicl ,I if T- -Pia . Z-up-1 Seated: Nancy Payne, Faye Wright, Janet Kudelka, Vivian Ruby, Pam Schmidt, Annette Farmans- Joyce Sudmeyer. Standing: Chuck Lupori, Ernie Yonkers. a ewsg THE Toncl-I PRINTS rr. C If someone comes up to you in the halls and asks your opin- ion on something, feel free to answer, it's probably a mem- ber of Torch staff trying to discover the current ideas of the tudent body. Under the new leadership of Mr. Bosch, staff tructure has been reorganized and more current news is Zeatured. ln addition to the traditional sports, news and fea- tures, this year's Torch carries regular news from the Coun- elor's otficelof scholarships and testing programs. A business 1 taff sells ads and supervises distribution, and a staff pho- 5 'ographer mans o Polaroid for prompt picture coverage, l 1 Hope Selby'Assistant Editor, Sandy Katt-Editorgfall l966 SPRING STAFF ditor-in-Chief. . . ..... Faye Wright ssociate Editor. . . . .Karen Rebrovich eature Editor .,.... Maureen Gaynor ews Editor . . . ..... Sharon Mede ports Editor ....... Thomas Guglielmi opy Editor ......... Robert Woicik ssistant Copy Editor . . . Susan Michael upplement Editor . . . Annette Farmans usiness Manager ...... Vivian Ruby irculation ...... . . Kaihy'Potts Faye Wright, Editor, spring I967. Y , ,I .g W , 1 T 94 , X' ' X- " 7- 7 , 7...-v- 'L nl: Mikki Silfugarian, Kathleen Potts, Bill Buchler. Seated: Bill Ostergren, Susan Michel, Charlene Sever- ar: Bobbie Stodolski, Janet Vink, Laura Maicher, son. rbara Cavallo. Standing: Douglas Olson, Debra DeWitt, Barb Wardell. 165 ,s V l N X Mr. Scherer directs the chorus in a difficult passage from the 'Halleluiah Chorus." SIXTH PERIOD Front Row I: Linda Border, Denise Orne, Cathy Spillar, Louise Havel, Mariory Kuy- per, Irene Eisen, Larry Guttman, Janet Kudelka, Wayne Messaggia, Jaynee Bova, Bonnie Mawhiney, Rosalind Stonaer, Linda Nelson, Kathie Velo, Danna Lindeman. Row 2: Martha Lofrano, Nancy Nelson, Cynthia Schultz, Linda Pickett, Sharon Wendt, Karen Hackenson, Linda Latiak, Linda Jarvie, Nancy Reingardt, Laura Tolar, Linda Weatherspoon, Lynda Carapezza, Mary Piccolin, Pam Swanson, Karen McPhoil, Susie Fennema. Row 3: Sharlene Seversen, Debbie Ettema, Bonnie Vandermeer, Lynne Hielmberg, Martha Schmitt, Janet Sumner, Corllss Anderson, Jeanne Motley, Karen Crotts, Jan- et Ciemny, Judy Kalinowski, Wendy Surfas, Marilynrlijelstrom, Janet Zemanek, Letitia Donelson, Laurie Lindiman, Debbie DeNardi, ,Judy Veir, Sue Nelson, Lucie Boyad- iean, Ginnie Reichow, Lorelei Orne. Row 4: Don Reading, Randall Coe, Kenny Brooks, Rich Johnson, Marc Hufnagi, Calan- das Glover, Lee See Millikin, Peter Hanf, John Rigby, Don Stone, Chuck Williams, Darryl Moody, David Erickson, Terry Griffin, John Sereika, Jim Reed, Greg Reed, Jim Kuyper. Row 5: Steve Szalai, Vincent Massey, Brian Fitzgerald, Peter Horvath, Phil Perillo, Johnny Tharp, Douglas Maziur, Stuart Erikson, Scott Ettema, Bruno Riscitilli, Gary Ahnquist, Jerry Blocker, Franklin, Rago, Ronald Theile, Bob Allen, Russell Bradley, Rich Hendrikson, Danny Sullivan. 5 Fenger's Mixed Chorus is known throughout the city for i excellence. Under the direction of Mr. George Scherer, t chorus performs at assemblies and various programs at t school. The Choraliers, a special group of chorus member have won awards in both city and state competitions. Th have performed at the Borg-Warner Building, the Chamb of Commerce, and for the P.T.A.s of neighboring school Awards are given after four semesters in chorus. The chor has participated in state wide competition for two years, a has received Excellent and Superior ratings. The location this harmonizing is backstage during sixth and seventh pe iods,.since chorus is so popular with some students, they gi up most of their lunch time or stay both periods. ,fins 1 LVLBI I 1 63 , - I L - . . -- ,Z A .r I-TW -V 4 1 Il A 'I ' I Y' ' , I 'i 'i V . T. L EVENTH PERIOD ront Row I: Linda Mitchell, Cynthis Hockey, Marilyn Chao, Cindy Pettit, Rose King, Iaine Ketula, Marcia Carlson, Wayne Missaggia, Karen Hackenson, Debbie Vander- eer, Debbie Ryan, Annette Farmans, Marianne Munz, Cherie Sipes. ow 2: Kathy Brornstrup, Nancy Stackhouse, Donna Lindeman, Linda Bordner, Judy alentas, Dorothy Nickla, Doris Panozzo, Carol Rossi, Karen Bruning, Jackie Higgins, aria Wihelm, Helen Gathberg, Suzanne Vanderhei, Sue Mostert, Sheryl Franson, arol Ferrari. ow 3: Patricia Swat, Lynne Hielmberg, Mariam Yeransion, Cathy Claessens, Judy tratta, Lora Perlman, Jayne Bova, Berne! Parkins, Karen Nemitz, Betty Mistro, Deb- ie Miller, Barbara Roi, Judy Vier, Judy Bulanda, Sandi Giragosian, Judy Johnson, ancy Jansen, Susan Hitchcock, Ann Lulla. ow 4: Mike McGingly, Robert Ashley, Randy Sandstrom, William Steiger, Pam Swan- on, Theresa Fields, Karen Mltroft, Linda Jarvie, Nancy Reinhardt, Mary Ann Bahno, inda Zink, Joan Brucer, Jean Anderson, Susan Maviozai, Bob Munz, Robert Prout, rian Fitzgerald, Gary Smith, Danny Sullivan. ow 5: Richard Kania, Bill Sutherland, Douglas Olson, Stuart Ericksen, Randall Coe, dwarf Riley, Roger Hoffman, Peter Hanf, Oleon Hennings, Phillip Perillo, Frank ago, Marc Hufnagl, Bruno Rasatti, Thomas Quillman, Dwight McKee, Danny Johnson, Reading, Peter Horvath, Bruce Fineman. CHORALIERS Row l: Linda Weatherspoan, Donna Lindeman, Lynne Hielmberg, Sue Nelson, Lucy Boiaiian, Annette Farmens, Pam Velo, Nancy Axelson, Janet Sumner, Judy Vier, Mir- iam Veransion, Judy Kalinawski, Corliss Anderson, Debbie DeNardi, Pam Swanson, Cheryl Johanson, Janet Kudelka, Linda Pickett. Row 2: Linda Jarvey, Marcia Carlson, Maria Whilhelm, Letitia Donalson, Janet Zem- anek, Ginny Richow, Susanne Fenema, Dorothy Nickla, Nancy Nelson, Sandy Mc- Phail, Bonnie Mawhiney, Karen Mackenson, Lynda Carapezza, Karen Bruining, Rose King, Marilyn Chao, Debbie Vandermeer, Jackie Higgins. Row 3: Nancy Reinhart, Linda Latialc, Martha Lotrano, Laurie Lindaman, Linda Bord- ner, Russell Bradley, Brian Fitzgerald, John Tharp, Bob Munz, Bruno Risatti, Gary Smith, Phil Perillo, Wayne Missagia, Ken Brooks, Gary Ahnquist, Larry Ettema, Bob Allen, Peter Horvath, Denise Orne, Bernadette Szyubert, Laura Tolar. Row 4: Dan Reading, Doug Olson, John Sereika, Rich Johnson, Lee Mullikin, Peter Haant, Don Stone, Frank Rogo, Jim Kuyper, Stuart Erickson, Rich Kania, Greg Gblur, Randy Coe. ce item? T' TVVJ .44 w A YAY Q fl I M 'lf' , i lt' 'tn' 167 i f 1 'U I a Lal. il fa 4: D I tl , -. I f 'K if s ' 'L 5 1 ,Lf-I 1 'S ' Q ' l ' Q , 9- - rl' ,, R -CT t 'I D L l E L 9 V 5 f f' Y V J w ., V . ' . 1 Y WC- f H ef .s W if it X 'J L. , i It L - A A - ' -n i v Y V 1 V . v Mx. -' FOURTH PERIOD Row I: Kneeling Cheryl Pounds, Sheila Horn, Sheila Henderson, Linda Gratz, Sandy Waller, Lynn Luitgaren, Sandy Sutherland, Linda Zube, Carol Pulaski, Linda Strazza- bosco, Cathy Steinhauer, Brendalyn Dixon, Gwen Henderson, Gail Kreczmer. Row 2: Carolyn Celuya, Sharon Beecher, Nadine Cherello, Maryanne LeBanca, Linda Brach, Joyce Gilmore, Marie Coschetta, lris Cotton, Phyllis Lodge, Alma Moore, Denise Betourney, Pai Pitts, Barb Krueger, Verna Doyle, Linda Lumpkin, Janice Baker. Row 3: Dolly Kosco, Jon Rankaitis, Pat Bonessa, Nancy Petraitis, Kathy Boersma, Donna Daughenbaugh, Rose Sipko, Linda De Young, Vickie Siedel, .loan Marcinlco, Lynn Holly, Carol Hielskov, Sue Flaggert, lrene Nowiski, .lan Moreschi, Debbie Dere, June Tupycio. Row 4: Judy DelPriore, Jean Giudice, Linda Diaz, Debbie Dima, .loan Haaksma, Heather Rosie, Wanda Hetfington, Karen Jackson, Sue Harrison, Pat Elliott, lris Ker- bis, Yvonne Patton, Kathy Compo, Lindo Vollcman, Diane Balcer. GlrI's Choru The Christmas Concert, January Graduation, and Spring Fes tival are some of the events for which the Girl's Chorus practices each day. This year, Mrs. Louise Dain, the director, has added a new touch to the girl's music program at Fenger ,- -f :N V Q :g nu K4 l . Q 4 , Y A ' ,,,A, ' ' - it 1 X xx X -lntx 5. ' l l - 68 Long rehearsals brought to an end, the Ensemble performs for the Folk Festival. She formed a choral group at Curtis Branch and introduced two talented soloists, Mary Urgo and Susan Baldachi to the students at the main. Sophisticated evening skirts were another bright addition to the Ensemble, o special section of the Girl's Chorus. This combination of talent and glamour makes even more enioyable the musicals presented at Feng- er. l Fo English Text by MG, Andante co .1 Sopranol p .. Z Sopranoll - fge.. A - ve Hail, tryt Alto Andante cc ' 4 Piano l ffor ll ' P l l rehearsal unlyj uped around the piano, the Girl's Chorus practices for the faculty Chrisfmas y. V - ' des Presfmsor-15213 ' 1. and arranged by ltfarmmi. Grays: ASC ,- vc - ' rumi 5011 - V y bod - - . -1- .Yl LYA l 1 l i Bottom Row 1: Susan Dughetti, Marie Stratton, Belinda Lumpkin, Susan Gadbois, Ber- THIRD PERIOD nadette Sipka, Michelle Horvath, Linda Blackburn, Cathy Nessinger, Deneise Evans, Sandie Steff, Maryann Wolowiec, Sandy Romanek, Sharon Onate. Row 2: Roberta Oglietti, Laurel I-lielmberg, Ruth Baelcke, Virginia Lowe, Laura Inger- sol, Cathy Bogigian, Judy Kolch, Debbie Zipse, Janet Morris, Leslie Filer, Janet De- Vries, Pat Pitts, Janet Swanson, Pat Maiewski. Row 3: Liz Van Rys, Nancy Tamminga, Marlene Duiyack, Sylvia Harvey, Nancy Ta- bor, Diane Kaeling, Carol Davis, Sue Grigalunas, Lynn Zielinski, Claudia Jacobek, Janis Griffen, Linda Early, Barb Krecioch, Peggy Wienold, Maryann Ulamakis, Do- lores Limanowski. Row 4: Kathy Nemitz, Cathy Rumens, Dorothy Sweene, Sharon Luchansky, Patricia Wilkerson, Christine Howkstra, Edith Stall, Nancy Pisarski, Linda Pulaski, Joyce Krecz- mer, Joyce Connor, Darlene Lesniak, Nancy Valente, Susan McConnell, Linda Winck- ler, Karen Kelly. ENS EMBLE Front Row I: Christine White, Ursala Weis, Linda Strazzabosco, Lynn Luitgren, Iris Cotton, Patricia Pitts, Ann Baranek, Marie Stratton. Row 2: Sandy Sutherland, Nancy Plsdrski,-Diane Balcer, Linda Blackburn, Brendolyn Dixon, Danna Rea, Cassandra Culllns, Linda Zube. Row 3: Elizabeth Van Rys, Rose Sipka, Linda DeYoung, Linda Burnetsky, Joan Mar- cinka, Kathy Frum, Lynn Peterson, Sandie Staff. Row 4: Joyce Krecmer, Karen Kelly, Edith Stall, Kathy Campa, Christine Lobbes, Linda Volkman, Jean Giudice, Dorothy Sweeney, Gail Krapil. rf' ll , " ' t an ,, A i , i ,,,,, , t ., , , ,, ,L 's- Y Q ' .' ' ' 5' L 1 1 J if f. , , ' ' 5' , lie: L 'f' 1 , - Y 'ii'-i ' l Z , i l f 169 il an .M 9 La, f,,. :gg eil J qw 5 , A Vf, N K sq 'ex W7 fa ff , 4' "Q, ., fix X . -4' I I 533 Riffs 1 ' '- -aff-1'-' ,. '. " sag,-:fiff,,, , X wif.. We 1 x 51 ...uh 552- U Q? .Elena fl 9 fe ' s f:-af" Q " W R Q . " I gg 1 Q ' 4- ,U . A f ,af?' ALWAYS A WINNER - OUR BAND! hether your favorites include Herb Alpert or Mozart, you're re to get an ear full of good music when passing room 6. This is where Fenger's band learns and practices the ndamentals as well as new techniques of playing different struments. The successful conducting of Mr. Andrew Lum- azo, better known as "Coach," is displayed at school func- ns, a Christmas and spring concert, and at football games ring the rousing half-time. Adding to Fenger's pride the nd has been rewarded with an "S" rating in city competi- for the past fourteen years. Band members agree, not does practice make perfect but also personal satisfaction. X V49 Ll 5 A y P' ' A' ? A,.. . 1 ' I l touchdown is scored, and the bond blares out the school song to the crowd's light. espite rain and wind, Fenger's band marched to glory in the State Street Pa- he 'Pied Piper' would be proud of these melaclious flutes. I7 '?"f ss- ,I KEY CLUB Did you ever notice those boys with the blue iacket patches who usher at concerts? Maybe you've seen them selling cushions in the Lunchrooms. These enterprising boys are all members of the Key Club International. Together with the Roseland Kiwanis, they plan community protects such as soap and canned-goods drives and collecting money for the March of Dimes. Every Friday morning at 7:l5, they meet with their sponsor, Mr.-Hayes, to determine ways which they can serve the school. These boys must be industrious, ambitious and very eager to work, since this is the club's main goal. Row I: Carol Rossi, Annette Cavollo, Nancy Skolnik, Julie Garkowski, Gayle Hel- ge, Debbie Denardi, Jean Broze, Beth Fleming, Mary Ostendort, Glenn Green, Dennis Ferrini, Cindy Sober, Sharon Straiski, Sandy Middleton, David Leisey, Virginia Lowe, Nancy Hathaway. Row 2: Ernest Yonkers, Adele Rickkis, Fran Forman, Georgina Mariovich, Nancy Gallagher, Diane Berry, Brian Fitzgerald, Cindy Schultz, Ray Gardner. Row 3: Ron Morrison, Russell Fu, James Thorp, Glen Koyama. , a ,- sv- 'FT' -ref Front Row 1: Mike McGinley, RusselFu, Brian Fitzgerald, Tom Guglielmi, Green, Row 2: Rich Johnson, Bill Lang, Danny Tatar, Geoffrey Adkins, Charles Jules Peuvion, Ray Wills. Row 3: Mr. Hayes, Tadeurz Jablouski, John Lovison, William Ostergren, Greene, Ernest Yonkers, Richard Soderstrom. HISTORY CLUB If the topic of History is your game, then you're eligible fi the History Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Dorothy Horn This year the club took a special tour of Chicago to encol. age the historical interests of the students. After every reg lar meeting therelare refreshments to enticelyour historic thoughts. . . -, rw Y Y l A e V gr '- - 'iv ' . E.. 1!.ti llltt :Ii-.ii F t K A 1 A 3 j , , l 'x ft x 1 ' gf"'?"' J L L Q f .ll 10 W-vf' + J l A .L FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA e you doing rather-ah-poorly in your studies? The mere y for help will give you tree tutoring service. This is a rvice proiect of the F.T.A. Practice teachers speak to the embers letting them know whatcourses they should be king and at the same time, they try to pnromote their partic- ar University. Various Fenger teachers are also invited to e meetings as guest speakers. ln this way, the students arn more about teaching techniques used in different def rtments of their own school. lf you are interested in teach- g, be it high school, college, or institutions for the mentally ndicapped, be sure to look up Fenger's F.T.A. Tr' 4.1 ll -A. - ii Front Row I: Corliss Anderson, Laurie Lindeman, Vicky Rigoni, Linda Chesney, Laurel Hielmberg, Marie Stratton. Row 2: Heather Rose, Carol Rossi, Sandy Hendricks, Muriel Larson, Joanne Hagers, Pattie Madden, Susan Grout. Row 3: Catherine Findortf, Janet Zemank, Sheldia Horn, Linda Blackburn, Joyce Kel- ley, Lillie Simmons, Debbie Hancock, Joanne Klucher. Showing how they will keep the attention of their future classes are Marcia Gage, Annette Cavolo, Debby Dima, and Nikki Ingersol. -l INITI 173 4' f ,4- Teachers enioy a "sneak preview' of the new year's books at the Library Club tea. Bottom Row I: Lynn Siegel, Catherine Findarff, Cathy Bogigian, Nancy Carson, Joanne Klucher, Janet Zemanek, Pat Pennington, Ellen McLush, Vicky Rigoni. Row 2: Anne lovan, Joan Kramer, Lillie Simmons, Jill Eenigenburg, Nancy Schraeter, Margo Krenkel, Debbie Hancock, Sharon Albarello, Ginny Youstra. Row 3: William Van Prayen, Kenneth Richards, Bill Ostergren, Bill La-ng, Peter Hanf, Paul Ton, Richard Boman, Tom Gullielmi, Ernie Yonkers. Row 4: Pam Swanson, Irene Nawicki, Maria Konrad, Rae Anthony, Brian DeLuca, David Purcell, Sandra Gay, Christine Labbes, Colleen Easoz, Karen Mitrofl, Dar- lene Anderson, Susan Groat. I? zQ- Y 111' --r,,"'A .lin-,Q r"- fn-M 1 I ig' -in ,rf , .- I 1 -l' FQ! .,, ,ff Library Club The student guides to the wonderful world of literature members of Fenger's Library Club. These volunteers i substitute this work for study periods, check out books organize shelves. Audio-visual aides help faculty and stud with recordspslides, and movies. After four semester faithfully performing these duties, members are rewar with a school letter. After six semesters, they are rewar a pin. The club also has a Christmas party, and in Ma "pizza and pepsi" party. Club meetings are held under direction of Miss Emich. deli n , 1 Desi KW Ll! 2' :"2 .1 nf """"""" 559' I x I,-V ,,, '-' Daw ff. .' '7' -,. ' all l , or inf, V . ' ' ,V ,. HOSTESS CLUB hatever you do, don't spill the coffee!" This is only a ple of the instructions given the crisply apronecl mem- s of the Hostess Club. As a service organization of Fenger, club prides itself on the efficient way it serves at a spe- l teas, luncheons, and breakfasts. Mrs. McFarland, the club nsor, -believes that each girl, regardless of professional irations, can benefit from this training in social graceand use as a hostess. I: Lorelei Orne, Carol Loveless, John Kramer, Debbie Hancock, Ellen Levy, el Bosalc, Corliss Anderson, Susan Goclbocs. 2: Marianne La Banca, Marcia Scilori, Rokecla Oglietti, Marianne Johnson, ifer Rozalc, Ginni Lowe, Laral Jelmberg, Lynn Seigel, Kathy Straski. 3: Pom Swanson, Nancy Tabor, Mary Piccolin, .lanet Kramer, Barb Petronis, Pls- Larson, Lynn Zillinski, Pat Allan, Heather Rosie. 4: Lenore De Antone, Nancy Wright, Cheryl Siedal, Phyllis Murrey, Nancy Jane Obuchowski, Cynthia Schultz, Elaine Willoughky, Mary Eenigen- Denise Desvignes, Debbie Vandermeer, Jill Eenigenburg. 1 1 , .4 I 5 -.Ni-'ji' A-if ul'- 1 L Ellen Levy helps serve coffee at the Library Tea. L i 175 f 'X 'Q' s'l"I 'I s. LOYALTY AND LEADERSHIP The ideals of the Fenger R.O.T.C. Cadet Corps are the high- est caliber, and each of the cadets-is expected to do what is required of him. The strict discipline and training are carried out by the two military instructors, Sgt. Rovano and Sgt. Mor- gan, along with their staff of officers. The R.O.T.C. provides ushers for rnany of the school's importantfunctions, and pre- sents the colors at every assembly and football game. 12155 -- " .T ...YJ-J -- A-M ---2' "-""' '-'- " " " , ,. ... - X , 11. 'IT pf' -- A . l , f . ,4- .-J ,--'mm ,- , -5,.f-iz.--' ani, , A. ,a t' -- .-. -ff" Hf"f:9" ' V QT'-15.- .L ' i - A, I A .L Y .36 X? li 'l' :ff'is,Z' -' Q ' as ,- .. ., if-fr.f'iQs' 1' :Jr The colors are proudly presented by the members ofthe color gu Fred Skinner, Thomas Griften, Eugene DaCorte, and Rawl Esqutll 'J in-fQ X, kx, x R-L .I .' E" I1 I Hs X' ls.. L X un . - L Iv- , if Lx 4 . wb 1' Hz.. VM ww- Staff Msg. James Rovano Rt. SGM. Charles Morgan .H ,,.....-...,,,,,,, ' ' ' DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS George Patton First Rank: Howell Woods, Bob Allen, Brooks, Tom Speik, Charles Krassel, Ch Duke, Duran Robinson. Second Rank: Anthony Ryan, Herman San Ken Brooks, David Mowarey, Vincent Ma Stanley Bettis, Gerald Robinson, Dean Ec Danny Bushrocl. Third Rank: John Hatcher, Rehinald Willi Dove Hockey, Charles Carter, Lemont M Bill Mazueka, Terry Massey, Paul Cole Cum Hgnnegke. - Director ot the Drum Bugle Corps. 4. '-,sk-.. 1 ', Company rs! Platoon: E. Olson, J. Ehrmann, Z. hnson, H, Van Eerd, R. Koening, W. ozniak, J. Kuknyo, F. Zdanowski, S. wens, H. Gause, A. Massey, L. Ray, Griffin, P. Sterkowitz, P. Harroun, L. inor, E. Coates, P. Van Der Ploeg, S. ills, A. Terrell, W. Anglin, R. Anglin, Glowacki, N. Nelson, R. Hoffman, J, sterhout, J. Wood, W. Roddy, L. Over- n, D. Dobbs, S. Koidi, A. Ryan, D. ngleton, G. Galminas, R. Bradley, B. rkery, A. Batch, H. Gipsan, J.Baldelli. cond Platoon: C. L. Catchings, M, Ing- sol, R. Honzik, P. Smith, P. Valente, Gogins, Wright, G. Thorpe, D. Ad' onis, J. Nunez, R. Horn, J. Hatcher, . Lal-comy, R. Harroun, J. Burnetsky, Zeszutko, R. Smith, K. Martin, S. Gag' n, T. Honzilc, E. Ceratto. City Corps Staff B Company First Platoon: R. Olson, E. Westberg H. Woods, R. Thurman, M. Van Eerd R. Lanard, T. Chrusciel, A. Boekeloo, S Stanton, G, Weiss, G. Robinson, K Brooks, A. Webb, R. Jennings, W. OI- son, R. Getting, S. Lovino, M. Martin E. Harston, S. McBride, G. Hoeletzer, H Sanders, V. Sikora, C. Anderson, R Goss, D. Eckberg, P. Walker, W. Spiek, R, Ford. Second Platoon: T. Griffin, D. Mowery H. Paffi, S. Paulson, C. Radich, D. Rob inson, J. Barek, J. Batchelor, J. Felice R. Grossnickle, R. McPhail, L. Robinson B. Harrnson, R. Allen, G.'Richardson D. Hockey, M. Bedner, R, Anderson, D Parker, L. Stephans, D.Bushrod, L.Spool strc, C. Duke, J. Triola, R. Thruman, A Jordan, D. Grant, P. Kott, M. Hillman Captain Larry Morrison was among the selected few chosen on Dr. Redmoncl's personal R.O.T.C. staff. '- E . STAFF Q . T"f Lt. Col. Arthur Robinson, Mai. Bruce Fineman, Capt. Cliff Van Dyke, Capt. Terry Morrison, Mai. George Patton, Capt. Tom Schmitt, 2nd Lt. Mark Sullivan. Linda Jarvey and Judy Vier served as secre- ,-.X A torial assistants to the Sergeants. S-nflfsl! Q ii' - '-2 5 Ss ' I , eil DRILL PLATOON Front: T. Morrison, W. Von Proyen. Row I: T. Schmitt, R. Allen, C. Van Dyke, D. Robinson, W. Phillips, R. Ware, L. Mor- rison, A. Jordan, K. Pickard, J. Triola, J. Hatcher, H. Paffi. Row 2: G. Robinson, R. Smith, B. Fineman, T. Spiek, H. Sanders, A. Gage, P. Sierkoe witz, K. Peterson, S. Kadii, P. Valante. Row 3: P. Bailey, G. Robinson, G. Patton, M. Sullivan, J. Osborn, W. Wozniok, R. Honsik, R. Williams, C. Clay, J. Molina. . x -3-E my Y 1 '44- I. Q,-i K 5 v , - 5 I. 177 lu 78 t s....h-.t-,.s.,, - gp gg yt v 4 V I ,, - - 3 , . iv D llfffml "ijg,g.iTT3,g - F" , .F i - S r I ,ie w I' '- QQ., jlj ' -A i' - -- - H" 1 A- -eff V 'I' '- , ff- ss 11 ' tl -A M- .,.4V'V I , . -Tc ...ss , ,s , -1-i,l- ,ls,--....L. ,gs L0 I ' , J 1 1 Y I ll -1 'i:iilj ". gf. " -is -if ' Ts ff? . if 1- I ' 1 f -rv, A. , V . 5 1 'L . W - if W - V-Y Q l L l , ft, g ri . A I K A M x . ' 1 : I 1. 1. , , . -g ,, f ' -. -.", '-9 - L ya y . , , N My V , if V gtg," I L ' L Y an ef, i' A, T E L Q ' ' V, fs 1 - - L . V ,six , ad , ' " ' ' f "-L Q ii. B T L ,L l x l Y ' M., It it it it ,N Z! , , , L .4 if-'.AxkiL sJ A W NL If E X .1 li' -. GYM LEADERS "Again? We've done this dumb exercise at least ten times!" The gym leaders hear this many times a year, but must firm- ly tell the girls to do it once more. As a form of service to the school, the girls must work in the gym one period be- sides their own. To be a gym leader, a girl must have a "C" average and at least a "B" in gym. Under Mrs. Neilsen's supervision, the girls help direct the-gym classes, and help teachers with inspection and book work. After one year, the girls are eligible for a school letter, and receive a chevron for every following semester. The leaders also receive a grade from the teachers they help. Left to Right: Kent Marcek, Eugene Dacorte, Tom Schmitt, Larry Morrison, Dave Leisey, Terry Morrison. Xxx f,"f"A N l I ll' lu : lg use G Row I: Bonny .lahn, Lucie Boyadian, Sandra Middleton, Beth Nelson, Rob Oglietti, Debbie Miller, Barbara Krueger, Paula Hoffman, Kathy Caschetta, ' Nelson, Marianne LaBanca. Row 2: Linda Ford, Carme DiMare, Bobbie Jean Jones, Anita Land, Karen Zil Kathy Feutz, Laura lngersol, Iris Kerbls, Pam Rice, Ellen Nielsen, Diane Ni czyk. Row 3: Helen Klemasara, Kathy Nemitz, Nancy Pisarski, Judy DelPriore, Patr Boersma, Georgette Harris, Nancy Swtik, Louise Navel, Carol Ferrari, Ka Nemitz, Pat Ryan. E Row 4: Donna Goldie, Irene Nowicki, Laura Tolar, Joanne Hagers, Carol A Claudia Aleck, Sandi Hinka, Ronnie Murtaugh, Karin Johnson, Sharon Bo LIGHTS, ACTION, STAGE CREWI Have you noticed the door across from the Physics La This door leads to the world of the Stage Crew. These b behind the scenes make the presentations of Fenger's A semblies and night performances a success. Under the dir tion of Mr. Brewer the boys receive valuable experience the adjustments of lights, scenery,. and props. Fenger wo find it difficult to put on its varied presentations without help of these experienced men of the stage. 4 l , , i 9 . ' T l z l v l 3 iv .' If E 2 5 V 5 . t . 3 ,W H , i " A t i T 4 y 'gf T ' . lf-300 fu X xLlk'ilik,.,lv'ln 1.4 I f 'nl V -I , Y 'sfislh' 1 lg, - P , " A ,L n W-ll till ' 'M 'lift fl 1 1 E ill' KKE5 l' . 1 'E' - tflilxl, ' ,tn I 4 'i 1 me in 'rm T nv' " ll :H , ml' .. 1,0 X 1. I. ff: wi, 3'--.X , .tx . , X vggmfqrflltrrzlfff iL'ffi.f-Fqilrfrgzql yll 2 '--Y... iff'-flufiiili un,,J'y--.. f"15Qn su '- -' 'xg,,ii.,,,. --,- iran it 'L if ,Q l I 4 . .'?- ' N ' 1' 'l U- 1 , l V L- E ' B Y 1 -, 1 fi-ge Ms .FN , X -w .. 'wg ll l :fl , ... - ,rp I 5 fix. :io - ' l ' . ,-5' ll . Chit X R' fe ' 5' lr " Row 'l: Ginny Lowe, Holly Dyk, Ellen Levy, Nancy Gallagher, Christine 2: Marty Vink, Rich Johnson, Darryl Moody, Tom Manson, Carol Rossi. DRAMA Cl-UB Nerve-racking rehearsals, costume scrambles, and forgotten lines are iust a few ofthe perils thatmust be faced by Feng- er's theatrical crew, the Drama Club. This year's production was "Adam's Rib Hurts." "Adam's Rib Hurts" was presented in ll7 and held "in the round." Contributing to the success of all Drama Club produc- tions is. the Drama Club's director and sponsor, Mr. Daniel Kletnick, and of course the hard-working actors and actresses. However, there are others, withoutwhom a play could never be successfully presented. The prop, wardrobe, and make-up are provided for by the respective committees, and these are essential. lines is not the only thing an actress must worry about. 179 , 97 za. A 5. 8 ii ,F Z . ig i - tg it I i :mi arg 9'-PL' 'UUA um Th 'C'-Y Bottom Row I: Susan Blaauw, Marianne Munz, Linda Block, Doris Maxwell Hendricks, Nancy Ohse, Elizabeth Szilagyi. Raw 2: Barb Horn, Thomas Guglielmi, David Leisey, Thomas Benson, Larr GERMAN CLUB rison, Ernest Yonkers, Russell Harris. Row 3: Lloyd Mullikin, Raymond Gardner, William Ostergren, Barry Every other week Germany is brought a little closer to Feng- er High through the German Club. Under the direction of Mr. Stiller, eager German students delve into the culture ot Germany, past and present. Occasionally, however the club applies its attention to American activities such as roller skating and pizza parties. Nicholas Alex, Frank Lapresti, Johnathan Lovison, Tadeurz Jablonski Swanson. Bottom Row I: Shirleen Overheidt, Beth Fleming, David Purcell, Steve Szalai, Marsha Walszon, Cindy Sober, Linda Bultala, Janice Raklovits, Kathi Velo, Karen Crotts, Glenn Bouck, John Hatcher, Dorothy Bell, Row 2: Lynne Hielmberg, Angela Craig, Laurel Hielmberg, Kris Storm, Judy Stratta, Jeanne Motley, Lynn Coleman, Pam Whiteworth, Lois Taylor, Ginnie Lowe, Michael Lauric, Gayle l-lelge, Wendie Preuss, Kathy Kola. The l:I'er1Ch Club initiation WGS the highlight of this Row 3: Sandra Zubersky, Mary Ozgg, Jane ZunMallen, Nancy Jensen, Joanne Qdivg members, French flags flew through the entire S l-lagers, Sharon Beckett, James Reed, Terry Griffin, Greg Gbur, Merry Ann Bah- The girls Wore their hair in pig lC1llS, Gnd each lOll WCS no, Debbie Engel, Barb Pape, Carol Ptaszek, Bonnie Heacock, Nancy Tabor. up with red, white, and blue ribbon. But the activities did Row 4: Irene Gorszcyk, Chris Haelcstra, Rence Aabye, Gwen Schieldhouse, Susan Mengoni, Linda Plummer, Carol Breslis, Sue Ravoli, Linnea Montgomery, Susan end Wllh ll-le lnlllclllon' Under lhe Sponsorshlp Mlss Rankaitis, Carol Breslin, Diane Berry, Donna Stackhouse, Anita LaRoche, Antoin- man llle Club held G Progresslve dmneri C' blke hlke, Gnd ette Wasing, Barb Trentacosti, LauraBeth Ausilis, Ellen Levy, Valerie Lewis. buttons with Clevet' slogans. -ln. Q 1 l Row 1: Marianne Franken, Laura Ingersoll, Sue Ettema, Marie Eenigen- lris Kerbis, Linda Ford. 2: Nancy Rea, Muriel Larson, Gail Frigo, Linda Pickett, Nancy Gallagher. 3: Mary Hinko, Donna Regan, Sandy Munoz, Linda Weatherspoon, Corinne lzone, Sharon Luchansky. LATIN CLUB e supposedly "dead Latin language" was very popular mong Fengerites this year. The Latin Club, sponsored by r. Stiller, spent many meetings discussing the usefulness of e language. The year was not entirely serious, however, r the initiation and Latin Week provided o pleasant and teresting break. L9 dv l ' I V PAN AM CLUB An invitation is cordially extended to all Spanish students at Fenger to loin the Pan American Club. This club, under the direction of Mrs. Johnson, attempts to familiarize students with not iust the language but the customs, habits, and history of Spanish speaking peoples. ln addition to the monthly meet- ings, members of the Pan Am Club enioy visits to museums, theaters, plays, or movies dealing with Spanish life. Bottom Row I: Corilee Hess, Fran Petschinsky, Sandra Middleton, Anita-Lachen- berg, Mary Ostendorf, Dan Sullivan, Debbie Miller, Donna Graham, Marianne Johnson, Debbie Simester. Row 2: Darlene Senovitz, Richard Hendrickson, Kathy Nemitz, Christine Lusinski, Georgine Markovlch, Karen Nemitz, Bradley Russel, Denise Evans, Lynette Nel- son, Nina Underluch, Sandra Romanek. Row 3: Tim Purseil, Ken Richard, Penny Carlini, Robert Cerkoske, Donald Single- ton, Robert Meadows, Charles Lupori, Bob Noreikis, Bruce Sharp, Scotty Ettema, James Velkavrh, Bill Van Proyen. Row 4: Anthony Ryan, Laurie Lindeman, Louise Havel, Patricia Madden, Karen Mitrott, Ray Willis, Michael Frigo, Dale Zaiac, Stuart Ericksen, Ernie Yonkers, Peter Horvath, Becky Anderson, Colleen Eosoz, Carol Rossi, Stanley Lind, Ron Seligg. 2 Bottom Row I: Linda Tennicott, Dorothy Nickla, James lacubino. Row 2: Lynn Siegel, Vicky Rigoni, Marsha Wolszan, Mlkki Sillugarian, Debbie DeNardi, Kiiiy Likens, Lucie Boyaoiian, Marianne LoBanca, Wendie Preus, Rhonda Van Sclik, Marie Stratton, Slstina Butfone. Row 3: Janet Vink, Sandy Sutherland, Phyllis Boersma, Kathy Bertoletti, Barbara Easoz, Laurie Zilius, Susan Nigro, Christine Lusinski, Timothy Finegan, Michele lppolito, Chris Storm, Gail Krapii, Nikki Crocker, Debbie Sirnesier. Row 4: Frank Rago, Alan Unton, Lloyd Betourneys, Douglas White, Wallace Wan- tuck, James Staehlin, Pat Cunningham, Andrew Brnclck, Tom Feutz, John Mc- Clenahan, Russell Ewert, Gary Ahnquist, Raymond Gardner. Row 5: Margo Krenkel, June Tupycia, Mariory Kuyper, Karen Anderson, Kathy Potts, Donna Taterka, Karen Hackenson, Janet Stewert, Arlana Zabor, Melody Van Wernoskerkken, Carol Alex, Ginny Youstra, Marcia Carlson, Nancy Payne, Marcia Pantola, Rita Rogowski, Jacki Blodgett, Annette Covalo, Alice Axon, Den- nis Panozzo. i DEMOCRACY IN ACT The Student Council endeavors to be a strong dei bond between the students and the administration. The sentatives, one from each division, and the otticers are vised by Mr. E. Robert Olson and Mrs..Frances S25 In the fall, some ofthe members attended a Human R Conference at Thornridge High School, and this spring attended the illinois Association of. Student Councils ' tion. Other activities included the sponsorship of the coming Game and Dance and School Spirit Week. Memb- also help conduct the Crusade of Mercy and Children's drives, the election of Student Council officers, and the Ted er Appreciation Tea. Student Council Officers: President Jim Iacubino, Vice President Dorothy Nickla, Secretary I.inda Tennicotl, and Treasurer Joe Florek. Committee Chairmen Social- Mikki Silfugarian Building and Grounds ' Lloyd Mullikin Display Cases -Laurie Anderson Lunchroom and Publicity - Pam Vela Fenger Facts - Frank Rago Ways and Means -Lloyd Betourney Assembly - Bruce Quist and Bob Carter 1. TP Q., " ,.ef'?1.,. li iff. I' -. ' , ' s- . l l. 1 lr ' 5? 'aft ',.4 ' V Qu. ' if Q21 1 it l piitltntzl 'f 'V ' V Q' .-if-5- vt 'Q - It A' V! ' Q y ' r . l Q- e - 4 , I Im F-N F43 wi 'ff' l N --'-.l K J' L L +1 I Il 'ev .',.J Ez.-:K , Lani' i k+4 " 'grail ' to A L5 M - 4 i Mr. E. Robert Olson and Mrs. Frances Szyman- ski, the sponsors of the Student Council, discuss the financial situation ofthe Council. Members of the Student Council decorate the new Christmas tree, a gift from the Council. .1 XX 23 Charitable feelings ond o willing student pocket- book led to an exceptionally successful Cl1ildren's Aid drive. 183 84 All Bottom Row I: Pat Starczewski, Mary Hinko, Linda Tennicott, Rose King, Debbie De Witt, Marilyn Klelstrom, Charlene Jones, Vivie Ruby, Kathy Feutz. Row 2: Beth Nelson, Pam Velo, Barb Wardell, Rosalyn Withers, Kathy DeBoer, Nikki Crocker, Lauren Lindeman, Debbie DeNardi, Gigi Feutz, Sandra Middleton. Row 3: Joyce Sudmeyer, Cheryl DeVries, Barb Horn, Barb Cavallo, Cheryl Johan- sen, Cindy Borogaard, Rae Anthony, Linda Sapienza, Pat Madden, Mary Jane Bona- guro. Row 4: Laura Maicher, Sherry Made, Louise Havel, Janice Maliska, Judy Del Priore, Jane Bova, Carol Rossi, Lois Lund, Marcia Pontola, Kim Madison, Sharlene Seversen. Lettergirls June Tupycia, Kathy Caschetta, and Rose King spread a little Christmas cheer in the girls gym. fd-fl., I . t'L'tf'flr' iIfAf""' ' li..'f, ,- Lin , 1,7 ,. -1 -- Q 251, :.,,. ,,...., . yr. -V - .ul ' fgvgidji A , . A. ,,Al..,, ,..,-.. 243. -.i.,:,i t- - -"M ., ,, ., .. f.., g -xl .' .: f' .. .-1 -sfia U. 97 - -,.v:J' '-et :,...:.. . 1 , - 'L'- 'wh - 1- .Q , . . ylgf "I, - -Q. , yy ,si ' ' N, v . Q , L Zee. f gg.. ' - ,fn-T. 1 ---"QA I .'- .. .ggi L'.- ' ,QI 1 ' . .01 qi, l iq,-. ,.". .'-'L - , ga V. 505, r ..9- - If , 71' ' ' i i tt. - K' LETTER GIRLS In years gone by people shunned athletic ability in girls, today the Letter Girls encourage it. On meeting days member proudly wears a red vest displaying the school To achieve this honor, a girl must accumulate l,OOO points through participation in gym class and working in gym oftice. The Letter Girls served as guides at Open l- and decorated the gym at Christmas. Mrs. Doubrawa sors the girls who meet Tuesdays, 9th period, in the I son room. l y...15 S2511 -Q ess-..,1 1-2i'g."?t . if h 1 lac. it'- 1'-'ffwxtv i A 1 9,1 L BASSE I ,. v . f , -vu uc., c:1T' Row I: Marilyn Kielstrom, Charlene Jones, Dorothy Nickla, Debbie DeWitt, Tennicott, Kathy Feutz. 2: Linda Chesney, Debbie DeNordi, Laurie Lindeman, Marianne Munz, Joney inner, Gig Feutz, Pat Starczewski. w 3: Marcia Pantola, Carol Rossi, Barb Horn, Rae Anthony, Sharon Beckett, Sandie inko, Brenda Weatherspoon, Shar Seversen. w 4: Linda Bordner, Janice Maliska, Joyce Sussrneyer, Judy Del Priore, Ellen Levy, tMadden, Jayne Bova, Rose King, Kim Madison. t the GAA Rep's Halloween party, GAA Board members portray itches ofthe past, present, and future. The creepy GAA Board mem- rs are ltrom left to rightl: Judy Del Priore, Kim Madison, Janice aliska, Linda Bardner, Char Jones, Sandy l-linko, Carol Rossi and ebby Dewitt. G.A.A. BOARD Activities of the G.A.A. at Fenger are directed by the G.A.A. Board--thirty-one lively girls under the direction ot Mrs. Doornbos. To qualify for this select group, a girl must first have a "C" average, her 500 point pin, and a successful inter- view with the incumbent board. Each Wednesday during the school year, the Board meets to plan such activities as G.A.A. award assemblies and the traditional May Festival. Always tops in entertainment is the Student-Faculty Volleyball game they sponsor, complete with costumes, illegal procedures, and great competitive spirit. tes, 186 If V, ,t ,, -- y? rv 1. 4 , ' t ii' - :yy v. tt vs The Math Club is a very special group of students. This is not the usual social club but involves itself in special math proiects and exams. The only requirements for the club are either to be enrolled in or have completed a Geometry course. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Borger, and meets three days a week. vf ,of Bottom Row I: Sandra Middleton, Bob Puruy, Laurie Lindeman, Ginnie Lowe, Lynn Siegel. Row 2: Ernie Yonkers, Muriel Larson, Michael Frigo, Chuck Luperi, Tadeus Jab- lonski, Joanne Hagers, Ellen Levy. Row 3: Cindy Schultz, Louise Havel, Dennis Ferrini, Phillip Higgins, Keith Peter- son, James Thorp, Debbie Hancock. Bottom Row I: Kathy Pesavento, Miriam Yeltansian, Patricia Pitts, Leland Sprouse, Donna Coleman, Fran Petschinsky, Mrs. Berger lSponsorl. Row 2: Marie Eningenburg, Darlene Senovitz, Jean Sylvester, Jacqueline Cooley, Pam Edwards, Cheryl Hudy. Row 3: Pat Bonessa, Russ Bradley, Robert Allen, Tim Pursell, Keith Peterson, Cliff Peterson, Nancy Rea. , 5-L W it , .X W ki .. ,X xi . t f 1 I l will if Lg , fg . F 4r?.g:Lu.l' YI? ' 1 -L..,3 -11 MMM :im Bottom Row 1: Mrs. Robert Nylen, lst Vice President, Mrs. George Kontos, President, Mrs. Donale Orne, Record- ing Secretaryg Mrs. Edward Szaloi, Treasurer. Row 2: Mrs. Elves Bakkers, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Frederick Pratt, 2nd Vice President. September 27, 1966 "A student's day at Curtis." September 28, 1966 "A student's day at West Pullman." October 4, 1966 "This business of scholarships." October 28, 1966 Open House. December 6, 1966 Christmas Program January 10, 1967 "1 sight into the commercial department." February 7, 1967 Founder's Day March 7, 1967 "Automation comes to the school." April 4, 1967 "Learning a foreign language - l967." May 2, 1967 Girl's physical education department demonstration. June 6, 1967 Fashions and installations of officers. 187 Roseland Buick Soles 10432 soum Micmom Avmus Sk H.E. YOUNG, SR H.E.YOUNG, JR. J.E.FRANK BEAUTY SALON 6 Chicago 28, Illinois PUllman.5-1900 WALINGER STUDIO Phmiwm-4588 37 S. Wabash w' Ewan 5 156 W. 107th Street Chicago 28, Ill. , ' Hams: Tues., Thurs.. Fri. 9-9 ul PM 4 '+4.++'Wed., Sat. 9-6 iv Your Offical School Photographer ADVERTISING . CASTIliZ'iSAND FOLDERS Q Complete Modern HROADSIDES Q s OFFSET U Letterpress STATIONERY I . DISPLAYS Q IIIB4C IVIICHICAN CHICIICII 28 INIiRuniIN 8-3344 BOOKLETS ROSELAND COMMUNITY HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 111th Street and Perry Avenue ' Chicago Pullman 5-7800 Roseland Community Hospital admits classes in September of each year. The Roseland Community Hospital School of Nursing was established in 1924. The school is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Nurse Examiners and has affiliation in pediatrics at Children's Memorial Hospital and in psychiatric nursing at the Illinois School of Psychi- atric Nursing, Chicago, Illinois. PROFERTYI, l,IlfIl?ROIlEllll!ENTflliEENTER See our NEW display rooms-Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, Windows, Panelings, Flooring, Shelving, Hardware, and Dimension Lumber. ..i.. ...........i.. , ,,... . ........ ..,....,., I , .,.,. .. ,.... 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NORTH ROSELAND OLDSMOBILE GOOD USED CARS OUR SPECIALTY lO56O Souih Michigan Ave. WAIerfall 8-4300 PUBLISHED TWICE WEEKLY n il D PEE . ll nd 1 Izhlikll Yllhl fakes: oi Duhon S ,,,,, wnubvhanvzz-'a':.':gg NQIIISSIII ll t Hannon. Q1EIElm55:i.n . suit aqui--0 nldnl M --I swirl "'E""E5""' 1 l QI I A I --M-..::..' 'f......i 1:42 ' 0 o P m n h PX Civic leaders battle l"T",::Inl 0 u gg:-1:2 wr- '-' 1::..vm.:m.-:..::..u..m-,mv ,,,, I0 SWB S4 Illllllon Wu., .. h 'M -nm An ' M' ........ vm... . V..-... mu... ......: i- .--. .. ...M .I I.. ...I .... V.. ...... ,, ,um uw YEAR vm issue .. -.......,... ..... WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARV 5. ,au .-,3Km1,:- ' f1L'f'f.:"fL'fi.'T ",1gL:-w! -M I.. Jil Z.l1.""'..,:' .I .-f I..-.nn-.emu-,...' .. :mu .4 in nv. nr... . pi-I ...in .1 mm nm. ., W., ,,,,,,, ,, .-1 wi., .mi-ul 1-It In pal cuhuxl I na .:z.,--W .. - rc: 5. 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Chicago, Illinois I9 X92 Q CO mmodore 4-6466 Z-X g JOHNSON MOTORS HOMELITE 4-CYCLE James E Messinger 8 Co., Inc. MORTGAGES-REAL ESTATE-APPRAISALS ROSE'-AND UUTBUARD MOTORS, INC. lNSURANCE-MANAGEMENT NEW AND USED BOATS, MOTORS. TRAILERS, HITCHES - MARINE SUPPLIES IO8OO South l-lalsted 468-0345 CWCBQO 29. lll- 11001 S. HALs'1'r:D STREET CLARENCE A. FEDOR CHICAGO, ILL. - sueza the little bazaar , , 10932 south halsted street chicago 28, illinois 0 gifts of distillation 0 ' telephone waterfall 8-4412 adelaide huth 0 Formal Wear Rental and Sales Misfer "G" Printing CO- 11516 S. Michigan Ave. PRI NTI NG COMPANY 332 fm lenmngion Annu Cmugu 18. Imam Yhnne: 154 5158 Illffflf TURN'S MUSIC WORLD Q 11558 50- Mgclhfgchns J GEoRGE's VILLAGE HARDWARE N.W. Corner o t t. - 568-3211 - stereo-radio 12807 S. Home-d 51. organ - piano-color television - Roseland's only complete Home Entertainment Center llwo complete floors of brand name me-rclwanclisel Tomorrow's Ideas . . . Today I Turks tra s MODERNIZING CENTER 10958 SOUTH HALSTED STREET CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS Phone: PUllman 5-0101 SPECIALISTS IN KITCHENS AND BATH ROOMS Compliments of MAPLE PARK MEDICAL CENTER 11509 S. Elizabeth Bowling Balls T R O Bags P MIL-REN sponrs HI Shoes E . S Favorite . Telephone 10906 Halsted Florist 468-6886 cin66g6,nL FAMOUS FOR FLOWERS YE OLDE SWEET SHOPPE - ee 557 West I 15th Street 111 10 South Wallace Street Chicago 28, Illinois Telephone: COmmodore 4-0187 -'88 Old-Fashioned Home-made Candies SODAS-SUNDAES-SHAKES Phone - 264-8954 KLEEN TOWNE CLEANERS 1 1255 So. Halsted Chicago, Illinois 60628 PU5-2127 CO4-9399 INte rocea n 8-55 70 PU11man 5 7820 EIIEIIS IIFFICE SUPPLY CU. Machines Furniture cmd Supplies Royal Typewriter Sales and Service 10940 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago 28. Illinois l93 4 105 W. MADISON RA ndol h 69899 l0623 WALLACE STREET vu Il 5 :mea Funeral Home, Inc. SIIILANDIER 84 SON ESTABLISHED 1906 Disqincfiye Funeral Service LANDSCAPE AND CIVIL ENGINEERS 300 East 115th Street 0 Chicago R. G' SH-ANDER CHICAGO Phone: PUIlman 5-2030 I w. w. YOUNG ak soN, unc. H861 COTI'AGE GROVE AVENUE CHICAGO 28, ILLINO Zmuaad 1390 IS IRREGULAR ROUTE CARRIER S m7 'u?a1A GENERAL COMMODITIES - Chicago Area ond Illinois Points IIA!! IAIM william glaiauul SOUTH SIDE AGENT N- FRED TUCH BUICK 1441 E'AsT 751-H STREET '--' i1-s.1No1s 60619 WRITING AUTO, LIFE 8: HOME INSURA WEST 119 MI 3 6408 SPECIAL LUCILLE BARTELS MILLINERY JENSEN FURNITURE 8. MOVERS Millinery Supplies I I636 I-IGISIed Street Custom mclde hots-Bridols CNCOQO 28. Illinois 11515 So.MicI1igon Avenue cnacngnill, 60628 Phone PU5-5915 INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS Congratulations to the Graduating Class A. J. SMITH FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 12000 SOUTH HALSTED STREET INterocean 8-5570 F.H.A. LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS COmmodore 4-9484 NICK YAKSIC, Prop. 1' Q G WA-rznnu. e-7559 SUNRISE FARM STORES INC. H O M E C E Hl:Al..1'H - Dll1'l:'rlc AND Vzal'rAnlAN ,Foons Charged' Repairing Mohr OII Dollvlrcd I West IU3rd Street Chicago 28, Illinois H-.N 11314 S. MICHIGAN Avz. CHICAGO 28, I I. I95 96 I ,, J! -'. ESICIIQIISIII-11,1 since Im Y COMPLIMENTS Our Specialty 535' w 1 xx: I. I f Drop Forge and I-lot Press Dies ,QI--f H " A: O -. .51 I 5 GILBERT MANUFACTURING CO. 9I3 WEST lI9Ih STREET CHICAGO 43. ILLINOIS PUlImcIn 5-2842 aI. LAYCSAK BAKKERS PHARMACY E. D. Bolckers, R.PI1. PU 5-0167 29 E. II5Ih SI. Phone WAI'erfalI 8-6800 - 8-6801 BERNARD ARRIVO 3A,f.f, Inc. 252 East 115th Sfreef Chicago 28, Illinois PAINTS O'B R I E N SINCE 1575 QUALITY FINISHES FOR HOME 3 INDUSTRY A. NEI-'IRING 84 SONSJCO., INC. I 11246 so. MICHIGAN Ave. CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS F-'U 5-0056 ART SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS OILS AND CANVAS ADDING MACHINES Jostes Stationery anal Sporting Goocls OFFICE SUPPLIES Zllnzxn ne Qllnaners FUR AND GARMENT STORAGE SAME DAY SERVICE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE 207 W. 144th ST. 519 W. 'l03rd ST. TED JOSTES 11325 MICHIGAN AVENUE VI I-0400 BE 8-0550 PULLMAN 5-oezv CI-1IcAGo. ILLINOIS soeze WA TIRFALL 8- 2245 IOOI WEST IIIIh STREET CHICAGO 43, ILL. PHUNE PIJLLMAN 5-B749 ,,,, I 1 l... ...... , o c p .9,!7me?1untmg, 11541 suu1H MICHIGAN AVENUE I.:III1:AsI:I, ILLINDIS enaza 5ik0Lh4!6 '- iii-'ii'-F?'EE? GOCD LUCK " " fEigr e SF BEAUTY - QUALITY - DEPENDABILITY SINCE 1897 ,HLDQL M NWS? Wf MJJ ww kWLU M Q My MQ, BEST WISHES FROM Qeaaqed Sfzoed 113 7 M Img A COmmodoro +6060 THE HOME OF LIFE STRIDE AIR STEP BUSTER BROWN STATE FARM INSURANCE R.A. BOSCARDIN, AGENCY 421 East I I Ith St. 252 Good Student Discount Phone 468-3333 6'nm,tzlim.mfA, nl Ingersoll PRODUCTS DIVISION BORG - WARNER CORPORATION 1000 WEST 120th STREET CHICAGO 43, ILLINOIS jim? ' lam, PUllmon 5-0106 PUllmcxn 5-0107 Schmid - Lofgren Prescription Laboratory 30 EAST 'l'l'I'Ih STREET Prescription and Sick Room Supplies - Free Delivery H. H. Schmid, R.Ph. D- A- I-ofgren, R-Ph. STRATTON BOOK STORE NEW AND USED TEXTBOOKS ENGINEERING AND ART SUPPLIES REFERENCE BOOKS COLLEGE OUTLINES DICTIONARIES 601 WEST 111111 STREET PUllmGn 5-8353 Q41 10554 Sii. Hibhigan, Roseland We Are Now Supplying Two of your Driver Education Cors. Ci-:Rvscz-.cfR -PLVMOUTHQ 20 0 PHONE VVATERFALL. B-5242 LIBERTY BAKERY Ori?inaforJ of Me -f4t0II1l'C 61241- 11932 SOUTH HALSTED STREET CHICAGO. ILLINOIS 60628 Hounsz MONDAY TO SATURDAY 6 A.M. To 6 P.M. SIINDAYS ANU HoI.II:AYs Cnossr AW COMPLIMENTS oF DONALD J. PIERCE THEODORE VV. OLSON Carlson Funeral Home, Inc. A 304-O6 WEST 119TH STREET PHONE PULLMAN 5-0184 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS some TELEPHONE CHICAGO 568-H55 AREACODESIZ SUBURBAN 389'805O I ff, 7111, CERTIFIED Q ' . FINER FOODS aydigggmhf STORE No' '23 Chatham Su 1 Service Inc I 445 East l03'rcl St. of Eberhart Ave. PP y , l ' Chmago' mmms 60628 Wholesalers Roofing 8. Insulation 'IL , I 1 22!7 WEST 135TH PLACE BLUE ISLAND. ILL. 60406 Q U A lr 'l 1 Q C ff' i t K MAPLE PARK NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN Compliments of Open 6:00 am to 7:00 pm THE BIG TOP DRIVE-IN Visit our stuffed ioy 'display-the largest in Chicago 1500 W 119th Street 6444 W. 95th Street Phone 264-5530 Oak Lawn, Illinois THE PANTRY8. BOOKSHELF PUL,-M N 5 D559 NEW AND USED COLLEGE 8. HIGH SCHOOLS TEXT BOOKS AND SUPPLIES NOVAK DEA'-TY ll If TATE- OAN -I UIQAl'lCE ENGINEERING 8. ART SUPPLIES QEAL 5709 W-Egoth 2-fmglg? DRAFTING EQUIPMENT 550 West II I St. 264-4480 ounl ND l:Pon'r1:n '7?05l-'LANDS' FAMIL Y NEWSPAPER " Office and Printing Establishment 105 East 115th Street f'N I E. 201 ACE HARDWARE 1045 WEST 59TH STREET 145-147 E. FIRST STIIIT CHICAGO. ILLINOIS ELMHURST, ILLINOIS WA 5-4412 TE 3-7110 EMORY T HULTGREN CEDARPARK66 NicK's FAT MAN l2535 S. Halsted Phone 568-4266 11 1th Street ancl Normal Home ofthe Original Fat Man Double Deck Burger The Travelers Insurance Co. Super Giant Malts and Shakes LE Rose INSURANCE AGENCY Orders to GO 12315 S. Lowe Avenue Serving Fenger Students Since i927 Chicago, Illinois PULLMAN 5-7677 AL 1 5' I A' Q5 4 Emails. Yf e -g gi.-,Vg-gifi IIOSIS ,R C V- X J Af if , im- ' -' .wal ' . ' - . ROSE'S Service Center 4- if fy my 'Ill Wlll G COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR si-ioP i ' ' 1 1A i 1' V lim' T' 2 " ' . A ' , so , Ill ' l A K '51 1 I :L I-1 Sl, l I- I I I Q 'I A q I GEORGE G. ROSE - OWNER 357 w. 119'rH STREET I - - V -A -acl 1 BEN PLUTA - MANAGER CHICAGO eosze -A-" In A 'ggi -- -T I ' T J fu I . e. A I I' ' g,,. ,. X - .-c. " 1. ' fLi1.1'lQX"'U A PHONES 785-5424 64 5 COMPLIMENTS OF THE OAKWOOD ELECTRIC INC. I I III1 STREET YMCA ' LIGHT AND POWER WIRING Where High School Boys oncl Girls Enioy EAST STREET ANGELO E. CANDREVA CHICAGO ze. ILLINOIS I-Il-Y CLUBS C0-ED SWIMMING TRI-HI-Y CLUBS CO-ED VOLLEYBALL DROP-IN-THE-BUCKET CO-ED GYMNASTICS Two Generations in The lndusiry Reosonoble Membership Roles AMERICAN IDEAL CLEANING CO. Speciolisls in Formols ond Fine Dry Cleaning 4 East -I .I .hh Street T034-SI Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois Tele. NO. 264-8884 AII Phones: PUIImun 5-0587 IOZ Discount Wifh This Ad 1r's K RA Pll'S ron FINER fooos 9454 S. HaIs+ed 0 5I2 W. I03rcI SI. 0 34 E. II3I'I1 S+. CE 3-9625 CE 3-9592 WA 8-0446 BANQUET ROOM AVAILABLE HALL FOR RENT 203 QUALITY AND SERVICE ALWAYS II TTO 5,1 o 1 1232-38 Michigan Avenue COmmodore 4-1322 Phone: IN ferocean 8 -7400 TENINGH BROTHERS INSURANCE AGENCY 10842 S. MICHIGAN AVE. Insurance ln AII Its Branches ALFRED J. TENINGA RICHARD A. TENINGA ROSELAND, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 1 E. 112th ST. CO4-2110 Congraiulaiions SHOP AND SAVE AT SEARS Sears Roebuck and Co. ROSELAND STORE New Quicll Service AI Our Catalogue Desk Where We Lis! Over 150,000 lie-ms. On Mosi Orders Which You Place AI The Desk, You May Picll Up AI The Store On The Following Day. 1 PJ. Pawl, Mgr. N I N 0 , S PIZZA HOUSE 37 Ecisi T TT Place Chicago All Phones WA1erTall 8-2000 Congrafulafions Seniors . . f X covzn THE EARTH 9 5 -K4 .f si Qi F ? sgffifi A Q A The Sherwin-Williams Co. Chicago Factory 11541 South Champlain uckleyh lantatinn E Kentucku Pied 119th and STATE STREET . IN 8-1144 S d Location -3233 W. 1471h S1ree!Midlo1hian 1h d Location - 156th A Dixie High y Markham HOURS: Monday thru Thursday - 4:0010 10:00 p.m. Friday- 3:30 to 11:00 p.m. Saturday - 11:30 io 11:00 p.m. Sunday - 11:00 to 10 p.m. Jhiaken IN'B'l 14 206 Bev-Checks go to college! FREE CHECKING ACCOUNT TO EVERY 17 COLLEG E STU DENT WHOSE PARENTS OPEN OR ALREADY HAVE A REGULAR CHECKING ACCOUNT AT BEVERLY "Personal Economics" will be a snap course for you! You can stretch your allowance or earnings and keep tab on your expenses with your own checking account. Ask any of our tellers or oflicers about it, now. 1357 wuz 103'-4 su-nr Chicago 43 mmol' 5-2200 DEPOSITS INSURED 'IO 510,000 IY Till FEDERAL' DIPQII INSIIIANCI COIPOIATDON '. 'J "' 'f's funfa exchange photos. P RAFFIN Construction Co., Inc.. . . . Contractors Convolimenis of Ernie Banks Cubs Baseball Star Congratulations 4 ROSELAND .IUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT BANKS 8. BROWN PURE SERVICE STATION I IO46 Michigan Ave. I I5Ih Racine Ave. WORLD CAMERA SHOPS I I Com llmenls FURNITURE INTERIORS 4 8 O U R E I C E IIOOI Michigan Ave. WAierIaII 8-5588 Roseland - Il5Il Michigan - PU 5-IO75 Harvey - l22 E. I54fh SI. - ED 3-3639 vi I.. LAROCCA 8: SONS Beal Estate - Loans - Renting - Insurance 11601 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - 60628 207 208 PERSONALIZED PLACEMENT by Patricia Bohn of ARVAN Employment Agency lvl l l2 So. Michigan Ave., Suite 203 -Office-Sales-Beginners High School and College Graduates South Side-Loop-Suburban Member lll. Employment Ass'n Discount for Students Men and Women Chicago, Illinois 60628 Photo Of lAbove Union National Bankl Patricia Bohn IN 8-8022 4 East 'I I lth Street Phone 785-9210 VANDER MEER FUEL CORP. I , 403 West l03rd Str. BE 8-5400 X ' Fuel on Q- Qt ' Keep Full Service-Budget Plan , BORTOLI MUSIC SCHOOL Complete Burner Service V gr! Quality Coal M , I .QQJI Fmkove' 70 Ye""5 "The only school in Roseland I:"e more Logs " that has produced many artists" ' Cannel Coal O B T me G9 Oro on 217 E. 115th si. PU5-2218 ROSELAND MUSIC SHOP FENGER'S RECORD CENTER 'I1146 S. Michigan Avenue PUllman 5-0947 Heinz DRUG STORE Prescription 81 Medical Center B. L. Heinz, R. Ph. "Serving the Community for Good HeaIth" 559 W. l03rd St. at Wallace St. Phone BE 8-8680 Chicago, Ill. Free Delivery Service YOUR ALUMNHILORIST WALTER ANDREWS, Florist 2l I West I l9th Street Phone: PUllman 5-2829 w,, , ,. .. weoome Poarnmrs 14- WEDDING cANolo Albums H nine: I , - . .-E- Gkouvs I ' - S T U D I 0 ISI- Personalized Graduation , , H I I Portraits. Full selection cfm phomgraphy smce 1,939 ' 8 Poses fb rhvvse ffvm 639 w. 120th se. 735-3237 'Black and white or A I ' natural color ' V1-Itterhoon or' evening appointments f ' 9 at your convenience- ' 11.4.4 LL. .,'L Courier Photographers 1959-1965 I - L z A FIR! - Hou-ITA ION - CASUALT COFFEE T. M. STANTON CONIULTANT 'I COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE CONSULTANTS H843 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60628 Fu-con: 758-1648 Renovating Repairing K Kchicugoj Phone fguburbnny phone 582-1250 425-4601 BEST-REST BEDDING CO. MATTRESSES Direct From Factory To You Telephone PUlIman 5-781 8 10927 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago 28, Illinois Engler, Meier 8. Justus, Inc. A 5353 w. 95th srnzsr , oAK LAWN, :Lumens 60453 ,lis t Phone: PUIlman 5-5000 ROSELAND STANDARD SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ALL ACCOUNTS INSURED UP TO Sl 5,000 Bert Von Kempemo I0833 S. Michigan Ave. Secreta ry and Manager Chicago 28, Illinois 1 ni ghhdbkththd I k ii PULLMAN BANK AND TRUST CCDMPANY IIIth ond South Pork Avenue Chicago, IIIinois .. Telephone: 785-IOOO Fed IDp 'TI C p I A s BANK YOUR ILLINOIS BANKCHARGE BANK ' 1 EE Justus Ruta Body 8: Radiator SewIce , EAST 'II5T 25 COmmodore A-3050 man 5-2146 AMBASSADOR FLORAL CO. JOHN'S HAIR FASHIONS For all your flower needs - quality flowers reasonably priced. 501 West I I9th Street Chicago 28' "'mOiS 11045 5. Holsted sf. chicago 28, In tr TENINGA-Blsnesmom 8g co. I 3 Real Estate - Management- Loans -Insurance 5 Michigan Avenue chicago 28 TELEPHONE PUIIman 5-5000 v 4 ,.' Congratulations Graduates and To You Other Fengerites We Have Openings From Time to Time on Newspaper Delivery WEST PULLMAN NEWS 653 W I20th Street George H. Cox T930 I B . I1 PI :' - CHATHAM coAL 8. OIL Us P O 9 7854233 COMPANY Jong 3 gparnlen Cyenfer QUALITY COAL 3, FUEL QIL Complete Garden Supplies Expert Landscaping and Rofofilling 356 West 1'IIth Street SHRUBS Lewis J. Manahan Raymond J. Manalwan EVERGREENS 11226 S. HALSTED ST. Te,ephone:COmmodme 4,0014 ROSE BUSHES CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS phone 928-9565 EDWARD NORKUS HB I SHI D H 'II326 FRONT ST. CHICAGO 28, ILL em S I eep Waterfall 8-1132 1 'J M"""'J 'SfL""!"! HMI? G' hum TRUCK AND Auto Bonv REPAIR GAS AND ELECTRIC WELDING 10904 S. 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SL' Not only practical yearbook knowledge, but interesting memories, came back from the annual trip to the University of Illinois press conference. -My-5 ,, 4 to celebrate dropping 892 alphabetized slippery impossibly tiny ID pictures in a hopeless mix on the floor, a series of Sunday picnics was held, culminating in the annual defeat of Torch at "touch" football. l967 saw the last midyear graduation ban- quet-with miscast angels in the play roast- ing the departing celebrities. New staff members, still to win a permanent position, are eager to man the broom when the office needs cleaning, seasoned staffmem- bers have mastered the artof"instantvanish.Y' And why was it always Richard who locked the key to the office in the office? No matter how often we clean off the bulletin board, back creep the private insults, public iokes, neglected memos, and artwork like "Pray for June." The prize for the greatest frustration goes to the poor iunior staff members who were sent into three-foot freezing drifts with shout- ed instructions ffrom the warmth ofthe third floorl to stamp out the words "The End" in the snow. lt was a great picture . . . but something happened to the darkroom. Hmm. .I E Y ill ,1i'f1S-j ak .u '51 ' ' vi . -.a .5-:-rw' '- aw- '-.21 , A 3:31 P " , ..,?. , , "ttf, 53, M,-t -faf.-N3-. ..,- A -5--,rl I A f x ,J gg: lv G'Z.di"'r1 ?':' " " "" Wil. se- .3 Sv- ' -1 q., af' - "-' . - 5... T1 2 ll as l""-5 aff S51 5 if A ffx S I ' 'FF irl -- if ' 'JI ' :J . ' .- . , ' s u 1" 1 4 X gg' 5' ' '45 kg.-1-x-.1,v ' -1' 215 216 4..a..2 . KT' :- Academic Honors ACTIVITIES Advertising ADMINISTRATION Art Department Baker, Miss Band Baseball Basketball Bowling Casey, Mr. Cheerleaders Christmas Festival Commercial Department Committees, Jan. 8t.Iune Courier Reps Courier Curtis Branch Activities Curtis Branch Drama Club 4 English Department Folk Festival Football French Club F.T.A. G.A.A. Board G.A.A. Reps German Club Girls Chorus Golf GRADUATES Graduates, Jan. Graduates, June Gym Leaders History Club Homecoming 'Hostess Club Household Arts Department Introduction Juniors Key Club Language Department I6 I58 I87 24 44 27 I76 II8 II4 I2I J 27 I23 I2 40 68-70 I62 l60 I46 I 46- I 55 I79 28 I2 I I0 I80 I73 I70 I63 I80 I68 I2I 52 54 7I V78 I72 I0 I74 42 I-9 I26 I72 36 Latin Club, Letter Girls Library Club Mathematics Department Math Club May Festival Military Ball Mixed Chorus Music Department National Honor Society Open House Pan American Club Phorex Physical Education Department Prom P.T.A. Reps Quill 8. Scroll Roberts, Mr. R.O.T.C. Science Department Science Club Social Studies Department Sophomores Special Education Services Special Events SPORTS Stage Crew Student Council Swimming Talent Show Technical Department Tennis Titanettes Titan Torch Torch Reps. Track Triezenberg, Mr. UNDERGRADUATES Water Ballet West Pullman Branch Wrestling - ISI I7I I75 34 I86 23 22 I66 46 66 I7 I8I 67 48 I4 I63 67 27 I84 32 I86 30 I38 50 IO I08 I78 I82 I I6 I8 38 I2I I22 I64 I62 I2O 20 I2A 20 I56- I2O W M MX ymj wb Wy A fiifw Jgimfwgw fm pftfcpufegiignf QW .a,Cd,l YE .,..,. .. ,- ' In-4-'1 -L x -...ue 1 ,V dv . A ' ..A 'S Iuka. I. ---4. -, ., .V . --, , . '.'...,-'suv'-,'-".'A"-,v e1,v't'aj.-,jfg+ .uw 3 .5 . -',',,. A-. - 1 - 4 --- ,,-.v -If .- f-7'-' M ..4:,Y..x. 1-. rr - if - 'Z'-5-L".4j ,- . :rg ff.. - Y g- 'T' W.-w.47w'4-A F L- -.:9..'q""- .- ,' ,,'4- , ..v.,.,-,p ,, -- ffl. 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Q..-- Q, '.L:3 Q--L,r xg.-1 ,, -., AvsA:,,:fA:'-,f1l.1,'- K 1,-Q., if lg.-.-fl-3,4-,,,, , :TU J-Aft.-l ,il -Jv. n s . -.,.....e W, , H.. . X-A "",' '--fn' ,.--1-Q:-4.4,-'--f .1 --'--,. .,.--'N T,4f.'44 -- --- ,'-1-'jx' 1,,- Y..:., -r . - ' - ' - , ,,- - . 4 ,.- - -1 . -'-., ..C'-,41 F., . 1' , -ff-'jj' '--I A: . pf ' ..- EH- "' - f"".2..- -- - - ', " '. .4 V- - - ' ""' ' - " . A x W Iv Q., 4, -4 ,' .,,p. -n1,.,.' L- -Cl, 'avg 7-rl -h ' 'M-Z.: f'.- 'f','.- ' 'j. . h' '.'.1". - r a -5-. vu ,.4"- ' " -.3 ' -' "" -. ,, - - -'.-'4-11'-" -'H'-2-.J ,ff,,:" "'-"-'?::. -.g'i,-'1-a..QL7+'-.A-:..,'f,-f "sv3,j,,g-S-r!4LL3?"ff-1,1 :ILL 951 .Ii ' -' g., ,- .. 5- T, , , , .- '.. .,4.. 'S - ' , --' " -1"4 L 4- ...p-" ' "" .,- ' 7- "',5f,v--.:4hf,.-- ..4f" -.'-LQ" .', '." " fl . ""'4.,'?"5-,- . p.fn"",,s.' 'V ' f 'I . ., . V ' -1 - ' - 'UA ' .Q " ,.- Q,-' ..' , ' f -rs -'A"" 'rf' " . h ,,A- CNVV11--' - Y '- ',-L.1-'.fr:'2f4.'al"' - 'S-sf '--. 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