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glpsnnm, A A ...M . . .,g: A,,v, Q, 1.AA mwwwwdwmw H V 4 99 1 W V 'ji "' "L A' J, J fy f X 5 :aaem 1 H .ax F s ' I - V 1 I Aga 9151:-W I , , Jisjpyf N ' Q A A '.-1. f Q M ' X -4' A- if" 4 Ig, -X x MV! WJ , ,..,,. ,,.A..,, W ,xi ,,.,i , Q U , , c , MX . x R 1 Aj, 4 fo W V , 1-3 xx , , I . U, fa bl ,hh ' I fg r K, ,A -,x , af , G"'l'w- 4, 46's gr A, 9-1 a ,, Q ' X kii'4initLw 7 Qt Q 4.21. ,, 2,.,.,.. A ' 1 N. 2.9 ' "Us bsylllj , ,,K, 4 . kr NS .-,- 4 A 1 NAGSEQS 0 f 5 N, 35,0 4 9 4 K A ,,,.,.,,...,.,. ,,,, ,, ,, X I , I 1' 'L i 4 ' 3 A 0 5 I I pf 4 ,J- My is A X I A' , M y W , , is rm N- ' f"""""""wM-Q-ww..w,.,., z Hb: .mwah mb ,N W XB'-'A-'xf ,.,, ' V K--Q--W., photos ' PNN Art - F """'W QM! Hgru ,,..w- ' KKK Ran X Time is a stream smoothly on and is we know. Time brings knowledge if it is used fools and students which rolls gone before happiness and wiselyg only waste time! Count the seconclsg school will soon he out. The under-- classman eheersg the grad- uate sighs. 'Both are think- ing of the past year. One remyexnbers how slowly the time passedg the other ques- tions the speed with which Your years have flown. The Worried unflerclassmen and the sophisticated juniors :mel seniors are always the sameg only time moves on. The 1962 Courier is rlefli- eatecl to you, the Fellger student hocly. f J 5 2 1962 CIIICAGO 28, ILL. M1514 f l...-- E5 Mr. Clarence T. Richardson, Principal 1954-1962 Mr. Richardson has left a lasting impression on FAREWELL, MR. RICHARDSON! many of the students and faculty at Fenger. He was not only a devoted principal, lout also a good friend to everyone. He was found at many of our school activities sitting in the bleachers, cheer- ing along with the rest of the crowd. When Mr Richardson was called to represent Fenger, he al- ways did so with much dignity and pride. Even though Mr. Richardson is now relaxing on his farm, we hope he will return to visit us often. Mr. Triezenberg greets the student body. High anticipation preceded the arrival of Fenger's new principal, Mr. George Triezenberg. We were not disappointedp for our new principal has an amiable, yet forceful personality. Mr. Triezenberg received his B.E. at Chicago Teachers College and his M.E. at Northwestern University. He previously was principal of the Mosley School for social adjustment. Mr. Triezenberg has announced his intention to work along with the faculty and students of Fenger High School in the struggle for perfection in education. Mr. George Triezenberg, Principal MR. TRIEZENBERG! 6 Efifw MQ 53TOd GY 1 N X X ,A A in-J vi X h . 7 K ' X WW ff F " K k KN, f rx- I E I ' X Q E msvxxx lk' A If XQ A ,4 X.- 444: 4, - gif , XY ., 1. . A -gg?-55 x ' N -5- ,Q XXX 1' l I el ' 1 K N J ' ' 1 2, figci k M ' 34777 U0 f P x. 'if' I j 'X 'V ir KU 'X N' JZ I ,I 'TS-Q X N x , . ' if N 4 f, JQGTN 131 .M 1 .I X N1 xv :fix CA ' 1: A x I' I " ff fl' ' JH:--' TR - ff' Q-. yiff f K XX -4 1. ' 1 1 X x 'I' 3 K K 'PX xv Xu L xg!! 'ss ks X N ,l N , xy " Q 5 I Q A XC " A ft!! V rg Y f i 5 . A A, A 'fir ' cgi! ' 1 X 'a'g1m Q x 7 'fr " fx - A 1 l' xt 7663.2 ' ff- . 4 "w KW. ., , QL, E, K 'Rx Q ,pf E f A "-' ' '- .I ,fax ,l lc f lzf X935 I , h ' f fxf:-f " ' Y ' is .112 K kNQN I V- '- X M-N! X X x -rf N X fAi- 1, J. X :B 1 A if -2 Xf .5 R -, H K , 1, - XX 1 , , . 'Yi -C4--:si E ' " - - -E438 I' ,W-'tj 1 x ,E :Tix -'ii' X 3 ff' A 1- ff H'f'--f-f:Q-,1f- J-'AL x :P +-Aw ' A , '?N - ---f Q ' 'Y I i'4' 'k:' 2 if gl U l. 5 M T Q, 5 M - -' r g , JT f Y af JOHN J. KEHOE Assistant Principal One of the favorite personalities of Fenger High School is Mr. Kehoe, who is always ready with a ioke or advice. Working hard to educate us, he keeps us on the straight and narrow road. Every student has at one time or another come in contact with Mr. Kehoe and has discovered what a great friend he is to all. Mr. Kehoe frequently stresses the advantage of a high school education and how important it is to each student in the future. He believes that knowledge is received in many ways and as techniques are developed, concepts are learned, coordination is developed, and personalities are improved. As a coordinator of many school activities, Mr. Kehoe has demonstrated to all that he has a thorough knowledge of school procedure. RUTH E. BAKER Assistant Principal Willing to assist the faculty, students, and all those with whom she comes in contact, Miss Ruth E. Baker, our assistant principal, is an essential part of our administrative staff. Though she has many duties they are always performed efficiently. This year Miss Baker was responsible for conducting a complete reorganization of the counseling depart ment. Not only has she served with us, but she has occupied such positions as assistant principal at Harlan and Curtis High Schools and was a member of the curriculum department of the Board of Education Because of her ideals and her emphasis on improving the school, Miss Baker has already contributed a great deal and will also contribute much in the future to make Fenger a truly outstanding school. four years of E N G L I S H Free choice ot contemporary or classic books makes reading assignments a pleasure for these students under the Rutgers Plan. Four years of English! When we first enter high school the thought of English for four years makes us squirm. As we progress through the semesters we learn that Miss Edna Dunker, the head of the department, and her staft make the classes enioyable as well as educational. One of the newest additions to the English curriculum is the experimental Rutgers Reading Plan where you will always find books, books, and more books. When we graduate from Fenger we shall thank these teachers for the interest they have shown every student throughout every year. JEROME BOSCH DARRELL BREWER Sponsor: Stage Crew WILLIAM CARRIGAN LOIS CONNER ELLEN DE HAAN AGNES DISTER EDNA DUNKER Head of the Department FRANK HARTMAN ELIZABETH MORONEY Sponsor: IA and 4A class CATHERINE O'ROURKE VIOLA RAGUSO Sponsor: Titan Torch FRIEDA ROBINSON ELVA WALL Sponsor IA and 2B class NOT PICTURED: BERNICE DOMENICO LEO HENESSEY DAN KLETNICK ANN PARKER 9 SCIENCE The time has come when Science is the chief concern among world powers. Here at Fenger our experienced teachers and well equipped labs furnish us with a building block for the future. Under the direction of Mr. Frank Koranda, general science, biology, physics, and chemistry are offered. Through the efforts of this department, many students may form a foundation for the coming age. NORMA DEANE FRANK KORANDA Head of Department TOM MALONEY Sponsor, Science Fair CAROL ODELL FREDERICK SCHMIDT DOROTHY TOWNE Not Pictured ELMER CASEY ROBERT CARLSON 'IO Science requires time and patience. "Time is itself an element." Goethe SOCIAL STUDIES 1492! 1776! Remember those dates! These are just two of the many important ones Fenger's Social Studies Department is trying to drill into our heads. The curriculum includes: U.S. History, World History, Contemporary American History, Civics, and Commercial Geography. Under the direction ot Miss Gladys Jacobson, the students are kept up-to-date on everything from ancient history to current events and our changing world. RAYMOND CARTY PETER DE GRAFF Sponsor: 2A Class GLENN FISHER OSCAR HIGH Sponsor: 4A Class GLADYS JACOBSON Sponsor: National Honor BERNARD KELLY Sponsor: Key Club MARJORIE MOONEY Head of Department BEN OSTRAR ARTHUR WELLER DONATTA YATES Not Pictured ELAINE GLATT LEONARD LUCAS JOHN MCKENNA DOROTHY STOEHR Who reads the Titan Torch? fix W ian . nlz nag: 7 this A X f ,- Jigga? ig? "' . we E " , f2:': -...,,. Wm. I ,,, LANGUAGES New tape recorders, language clubs, and group i activities all contribute to the goal of "learning through interest." Participation in the Fall Festival and visits to foreign sections of the city high-lighted the extra curricular activities this year. All this was done under the guiding hands of Mrs. Munson, chairman of the department. IRENE MUNSON Head of Department, Sponsor: Pan American Club, Assistant Girls Counselor ESTELLE SETZER Sponsor: Latin Club ERNEST STILLER Sponsor: German Club Not Pictured ANN ALT EMILY VILIMAS 'I2 MATHEMATICS The Math Department ot Fenger has taken to the air. We now have wings provided by "Continental Class- room," a modern Algebra course which is relayed by plane to the entire Midwest. This is one of the new approaches our progressive math department is using to introduce students to new phases of math. Their aim: clear thinking individuals. FREDERICK BELL GRAYDON MUMFORD Sponsor: Newton Club LUCY PERIOLET Head of Department Sponsor: College Day BERNICE POLLYEA JOHN ROBERTS Sponsor: Grade Averaging GEORGE SCHROEDER Not Pictured CHESTER SPEARS In lime, cven teaching techniques clzangc. How about another chozus, girls? Time and accuracy are important in typing. C O M M E RTC IA L Many students who plan to enter the business world take courses offered in our Commercial Department, headed by Mrs. Helen McMahon. A new course which has become quite popular here is Distributive Edu- cation. It is a program designed for students who are interested in retailing and marketing and wish to supplement their class work with outside experi- ence in a retail store or service institution. The remaining curriculum includes Stenography, Geography, Sales, and Bookkeeping. HENRY BECKER CURT HENNECKE Sponsor: Clean-up Campaign DOROTHY JENKINS BERTHA MAIER HELEN MCMAHON Head of Department SARA MORTIMER GRACE RANKIN WALTER SAMPSON-Sponsor: Tennis and Bowling Clubs ANTHONY TOLICZIUS NOT PICTURED MARIE SCHNACKENBURG JOHN TRIBBIA NETTI WALL Sponsor: Cheerleaders, Dist. Ed., Prom Changing times have brought a new tempo to the music department at Fenger Students may now take Band or Mixed Chorus for malor as well as minor credit This may be done by taking the courses for two periods a day for six semesters. Mr. Andrew Lumbrazo head of the department, hopes that this program will and students in gaining a more pro- IRENE CONNOR Head of Department Sponsor: Glee Club ANDREW LUMBRAZO Sponsor: Band, Orchestra and Titanettes GEORGE SCHERER Sponsor: Mixed Chorus Nor Picruneo CAROL SONNENBERG mental in music. ' "Another 7 oclock prcrctxce INDUSTRIAL ARTS Printer? Electrician? Automobile Mechanic? ls one of these professions your goal in life? If so, Fenger offers courses in these fields plus Mechanical and Architectural Drawing. Under the direction of Mr. John Zinngrabe, they offer the boys at Fenger a good technical education and a start on the road to their future lite. FRANCES DOLOWAY JOSEPH GORSKI JAMES JURKA MOSES LANDSMAN Sponsor: Reelmen FRANK MURRAY LESLIE O'MARA In a short tzme zt wzll run hke new JOHN ZINNGRABE Head of Department Sponsor Advertising Club A -we Www , 1 X ,wr Fluup . . . dum-di-dum-di-dum . . . zz-z-zinq , . , This is how apple strudel is made in Fenqefs household arts room. HOUSEHOLD ARTS Decisions: how do you make them, what do you con- sider, what are the alternatives? Special Home Management, a new class in the Household Arts Department, teaches senior girls to make decisions such as family budgeting and buying items for the home. This class was initiated by Miss Heagney, head of the department, to add to courses which teach the specialized skills of balanced meal preparation and clothing construction. FINE ARTS The same problem, with 30 different students, and 30 ditterent answers-all correct? This could only happen in our art classes where we try to develop the flexible and creative thinking needed in today's changing world. Fundamental training in color, form, perspective and design are studied in the basic year required of all students, art work- shop classes do advanced study of design, ceramics, sculpture and painting techniques. DAVID DAVIDSON Head of Department MARY SCHLENTZ NOT PICTURED VICTORIA DUSANEK MARY HEAGNEY Head ot Department Sponsor: Hostess Club MADELINE JOHNSON LOIS WILLIS iwf' A "genuine" Navajo Indian making pottery. I5 Who is the Vic Tanny graduate?" 'I6 Left to right DAVID BARDER HARRY DIXON LEO HENNESSY Sponsor: Basketball Team PAUL LILEK Sponsor: Swim Team FRED RITTSCHOF Sponsor: Football, Athletic Director CHARLES PALMER lCurtisJ NOT PICTURED WILLIAM WOODROW Sponsor: Frosh-Soph Football PHYSICAL EDUCATION "Oh! My aching back!" This is a familiar saying heard through the halls after gym. Under the direction of Mr. Fred Rittschoft, the boys are kept physically fit doing iumping jacks, bur- pies, and group sports. Meanwhile, next door to the boys gym, the girls are kept physically fit by Mrs. Gertrude Lange, head of the depart- ment. President Kennedy's Physical Fitness Program has certainly gone into eftect at Fenger. Lett to right GERTRUDE LANGE Sponsor: G.A.A. Board Head of Department ETHEL NIELSON DOROTHY THARP Sponsor: Water Ballet Sponsor: 4B class NOT PICTURED MARGARET KITZMILLER HELEN NEMISH HELEN SPITZER Seated: Evelyn Rupprecht MBU: Elizabeth Fristoe MAJ: Helen Landers l3B-2BJ, Myrtle Runyan lBr.D. Standing: Samuel Katz CSAJ: Not pic- tured: Estelle C. Murphy CQAJ. ., "'l'si..,l' JJ COUNSELORS Do you have problems? It doesn't matter if they are vocational problems, personal problems, or college plans. The place to go to have these problems ironed out is 112 or T14 where you will find a counselor ready to look at any student's problems obiectively, and then, to the best of the counselor's ability, help him solve these problems. Fenger is very fortunate to have Mrs. Fristoe, Mr. Katz, Miss Landers, Mrs. Murphy, and Mrs. Rupprecht as the counselors who will always be here with a kind word, a smile, and sound advice. R.0.T.C. Sgt. Edward Tobin and Sgt. Robert Neil are the Commanders-in-chief of the ROTC's excellent militia. They teach the boys discipline, respect for senior officers, and bring out the boy's honor and respect for others. SPEECH Once a week our speech teacher, Beverly Miller, comes to Fenger to help a select group of students improve their speech. 17 MOVIE MAGAZINE Miss Landers and Mrs. Hunyan will have plenty of spare time after their retirement this year. Miss Baker, Miss Iacobson, Miss Dunlcer, Miss Landers, and Miss Wall enjoy traveling to tar- away places: Hong Kong, Europe, Hawaii, and even around the world. Mrs. Wall plots her course on a sextant during her spare time on her boat. Miss Yates reads in her spare time to keep up on current events. Mr. Mumford is especially creative: many of his paintings are found in our rooms. Teachers PAINTING ' COINS ' STAMPS ' SPORTS ' COOK flnother Ripleyls 'agelieve it or Notln Teachers enjoy time off from school! ln their spare time Fenger's teachers are seen doing many relaxing and enjoyable things. lf you are ever near a large hill or mountain, look around and you might see Mr. Roberts or Mrs. Pollyea reaching the first plateau. Collecting stamps, not four-cent ones, keeps Mr. Schroeder wide awake and alert. Miss Mortimer and Mr. Mumford paint pictures and not towns red. Gardening, sports, and traveling are also enjoyed by our energetic, fun-loving teachers. Mr. Schroedefs spare time pays oil in cash. During their spare time our faculty does not neglect sports: Mrs. Thorp in the water, MI. Kehoe and Mr. Davidson on the golf course, Mr. Bell by the ping- pong table, and Mr. Sampson in the alleys! Alter Mrs. Pollyea and Mrs. W'iI1is beat the eggs . . enjoy time off from school. The Lunchroom Lunch periods pass quickly for our hungry Fengerites. Behind the scenes working hard to prepare the food and get things ready for them are the many lunchroom workers at Fenger. Officer Balough Carpenter The responsibilities of our carpenter, Mr. Stracinsky are many and varied, from replacing broken windows to repairing broken doors around Fenger. A familiar sight around Fenger is Officer Cole Balough. His friendly face is a sign of kindness as well as the justice we Engineer Most of us agree that household chores seem trivial after becoming familiar with the magnitude of the job of Chief Engineer Custodian Vincent Tansey and his staff. The help to provide a more comfortable atmos- SCHOOL SERVICES Y phere here at Fenger. Matron Did you know that over thirty Fenger students are sent to 226 weekly? And there waiting to greet all our "ill" Fengerites with bandages and wet towels is our nurse and matron, Mrs. Ann Smith. Mrs. Eleanor Campbell ROW 1-Mrs. Mary L'Orange, Mrs. Anne Stacy. ROW 2-Mrs. LaVerne Mulcahy, Mrs. Rosella Beegan. OFFICE PERSONNEL LIBRARY STAFF In Fenger's library we are fortunate to have a capable staff of librarians who are always willing to offer helpful suggestions. These librarians know the tools of the library and are glad to show you how to put these tools to the best use. Fenger's library has 15,000 books and more than a thousand pamphlets, and magazines which serve as useful sources of information. ln the Audio Visual room are films, records, radios, and tape recordings which can provide you with pleasure as well as information. As the works of a watch should be kept in perfect running order, so it is with the office at Fenger. The five women who keep the mechanics of the school running smoothly and efficiently are the "works" of Fenger's office. These women give assistance to our principal, handle permanent records, receive tele- phone calls, take care of C.T.A. passes and notify substitutes. And as time goes by these indispensable parts keep working in perfect coordination. Q- Seateds Betty George and Alice Jones, Librarians. Standing: Evelyn Johnson, Library Clerk. Not pictured: Hazel Daniels, Library Clerk. 21 0 XY' . - "" f Q Eb gsm X, X33 5 ii 5 X 3 L ka Ma 5 5 K it L 1 1.. ,.,. , ..W,,,,B.,,5,. ,. A, ..,....... .- 1 5,9 N., ,.f, ,.,-. 9 , , ,... Se 2,w6Af3f1,64w.f.. .fry ju . 1 ,h f AQJAM-w,w,:,G ,fs ..s.,:, ,ffmfmef -f. - 'NYU' Afro ,ff QW -1 , - -V: f 4 fZ::a:aG2:5:2::z 1' 2521 .- . an . . -ma:-1, .. 1, , 1. f , J if as-,SX 1 f V J 4 9 c ag 4.1 2 we 5 3 C 1 , 6 ' ,gr f , .- u A4 , X '7 1 , 0 Z V I 2,3 fl: 11561 059, f f QV' " ff :rf 4 ! f ff 1 ' ' ' ff V A , H A- m4g,g,w,z?JlG2?w,aww, if ,, -gy M 4 A fi ' Z' W 5 ' 'blx w ip "V W KXNYT , - Tm,- K I I! Q . 'NGN h , gm K' 1 , 4, 7 I I k"'1"x ,pl X r T ' . -f . fx ax Wx, x '41 V 'Rh M- ' X ' 1' " .1 . . u x.- .Ay wk! Vlqmmn ' X S X I' ' v-1 Q5 5:23 V52 ,Nl 1' in Wu , , I E M , V1 fl, w- . rp' v ' Y . 1+-Q - v 1 I NS im' all rf X tml 15 1 fe I 1 5-if P h 1 'I 5 4 W Lf 4' I .1 .9 I ' wi xxmxx-AX xx .xxixlagfw is V. mia lk F511 1 A A . ' V. ' -,, AA ri! 14 K I ll' I , 7' S F if ,' I 2V s.a1 :1 HW 'Wi . ffifgfff W1 'M R 1 ,jf W L ' 1 - . 1' wif me 1 ur i '9 - .59 ' If '?i' if j 'V 5 fflay , -W..-Qf fi' Ak, We tif! if 113"g 1 ., X i NJQTZ Q 'K N. f Vi 251 x rufffgig,-1,sgff9? ...Q -.I MJ la + M12 N fy " JM ,NA if ,llW'1.-in 2 2 5 ?'1:lQ -W1 1 ' . ' 'Nr ' 71 'S figii ww! MN If Q f 'fy f P lw iw? li fiffu 4 ' KL '.-' W' ' I 'f EPSIWQ Mae F' ' ' nf 5 df gf! Jiifpfg + g 5, 5 I 4 M M, 4 A N af f 1 f nw f N 1 a 1, ww we W ,f azhgfl 7,9 h .mil Qt I' 'XA , l : 11:-E., .-N' ' "ff N , I Q I , N 1 IIIMI fx! I X ny bf I .1 11 XQ V GR UATIO - 1. I if -'-: GRADUATING CLASS JANUARY 1962 CLASS OFFICERS CLASS SPONSOR Elizabeth Moroney Keith Krusell Karen Baugher Diane Murphy PROCESSIONAL, "Land of Hope and Gloryn ...,............,.K ..... E lgar Fenger High School Band, Mr. Andrew Lumhrazo, Director "STAR SPANGLED BANNER" ........................................ Key Glee Club, Miss Irene Connor, Director INVOCATION .......................................... Rev. Cecil D. Ewell First Church of Nazarene fAudience is requested to remain standing for lnvoeationl WELCOME ADDRESS ........... .... ............ ....... K e i th Krusell Class President "You,ll Never Walk Alone" . . ..... ........ R odgers 4'Halls of Ivy" .......... ............ ..... R u ssell-Knight Clee Cluh SALUTATORY ADDRESS ................... .. ..... Diane Murphy THE SOUND OF MUSIC .......................... ..... R ichard Rodgers Fenger High School Band PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT ........... . . .... Karen Baugher Class Secretary ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT .... ..... M iss Ruth Baker Assistant Principal ACCORDION SOLO .......... ...... W illiam Witt Espana Cani ................. ........... M arquina VALEDICTORY ADDRESS ....... .... N ancy Pearson '4This Is My Country" ....... .............. ............ I a cobs Clee Club PRESENTATION OF CLASS ................ ........... M r. John J. Kehoe Assistant Principal PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS .... ..... M r. Clarence T. Richardson Principal CLASS SONG HFENGER HIGHH . . . .....,.................. Cole BENEDICTION ..................... .......... R abbi Gershon G. Rosenstock Shomre I-Iaflas Temple fAudience will please rise for Renedictioni RECESSIONAL fAudience is requested to remain seated throughout Reeessionalt 24 To the post, to the friends We knew and the fun we had. To the future, to our new friends and experi- ences, and to the present which is or scrapbook of past and the key to the future. Mike Gellert JANUARY 1962 CAROL ADAMS 257 W. 104th St. Water Ballet, Diploma Comm., COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., Swim Help, Roller Skating Club. JOYCE ADDUCI 12457 Yale COURIER Staff, Phorex, Senior Sing Comm., College Day Aide, Nominating Comm., COURIER Rep., G.A.A., Glee Club, Stud. Coun. Rep., Glee Club Ensemble, Quill 8. Scroll. RICH AHRENST 11402 Forest Swim Team. CAROL ANDERSON 11419 S. Park Off. Sec., Senior Break, Comm G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble. CHARLES ANDERSON 20 W. 125th Pl. Torch Rep., Nominating Comm Baseball Team, Homecoming Court. DOROTHY ANDERSON 11126 Normal G.A.A. PAUL ASHACK 10934 Peoria Hall Guard. GARY AXELSON 11536 Eggleston COURIER Staff, Senior Sing Comm Key Club, Drama Club, German Club, Reelmen, Concert Band, Male Chorus, Science Fair, Tennis Team, Quill 84 Scroll. DIANE BALDELLI 12141 La Salle Nat. Hon. Soc., Stud. Coun. Treasurer, Water Ballet, Phorex, COURIER StatT, Homecoming Court, College Day Aide, Senior Sing Comm., Hostess Club, OFF. Sec., Quill 8r Scroll. CHERYL BARCLAY 11245 Normal Titan Torch StaFf, Prom Comm., F.T.A. Pres., Latin Club Vice-Pres., Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. KAREN BAUGHER 10911 Peoria Class Sec., Phorex, Stud. Coun. Comm., Chairman, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, G.A.A., Senior Sing Comm., Homecoming Comm. SHARON BEILKE 406 W. 118th Si. G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Mixed Chorus, Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus Ensemble. MARGUERITE BELLIS 11747 State COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Stud. Coun. Rep. MELODYE BENASH 10758 Rhodes College Day Aide, Senior Break. Comm., Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A. MARTHA BENSON 327 W. 112th St. Mixed Chorus, Titan Torch Staff, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, College Day Aide, Senior Break. Comm., Hostess Club Vice-Pres., G.A.A. Board, Letter Girls Pres., Off. Sec., Counselor's Aide. ELIZABETH BIEHL 10351 Sangamon Pihorex, Mixed Chorus Pres., Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Latin Club, P.T.A. Rep., F.T.A., G.A.A. SANDY BLACK 11311 Wallace 25 DONNA ARENDS 10428 Peoria Seating 81 Marching Comm., G.A.A. 1 f JANUARY 1962 MARSHA BOAK 10354 Forest Stud. Librarian, Phorex, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Senior Break. Comm., G.A.A., P.T.A. Rep. JOYCE BONAGURO 10527 Leavitt Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Bowling Team, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glee Club. MARINA BOURANIS 10420 Prarie Senior Sing Comm., G.A.A., Glcc Club. MARLENE BOVINO 11427 Prarie G.A.A. JEANNE BROOKS 10010 Lafayette Ott. Sec., Stud. Librarian, G.A.A., Bowling Team, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep. BETH BROWN 12115 Stewart Phorex, Quill 81 Scroll, Titan Torch Staft, Senior Sing Comm., Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Stud. Librarian, Hostess Club, G.A.A. JOHN BUKOWSKI 10616 Langley Hall Guard, General Comm., Football Team, Concert Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus. ROBERT BURGESON 46 Brayton Football Team, Baseball Team, Science Fair. BARBARA CARAPEZZA 11210 Parnell Phorex, Grad. Monitor, Titan- ettes, Water Ballet, Senior Sing Comm., G.A.A., Letter Girls, Hostess Club, Latin Club. LESLIE CARLSON I8 W. 104th St. Hall Guard, Bowling Team. CHARLES CHIDICHIMO 11436 Emerald Senior Sing Comm., COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Coun. Rep., Swim Team, Football Team Mgr., Science Fair, Hall Guard. BOB COCHAND 12458 Harvard Torch Rep., Senior Sing Comm., Key Club, Concert Band, Latin Club, Non. Comm. Ott., Picked Platoon, Science Fair, Off. Sec., Hall Guard. JACQUELYN CRAMER 433 E. 134t'l'1 St. COURIER Staff, Nat. Hon. SOC., Phorex, Grad. Monitor, College Day Aide, Stud. Librarian, OH. Sec., Letter Girls, Prom Comm., Quill 81 Scroll. JACK CULLINIAN 345 W. 114th St. COURIER Rep., Swim Team, Basket- ball Team, Hall Guard, Science Fair. JACQUELINE CULLISON 1152 W. 104th Pl. Phorex, College Day Aide, Off. Sec., Stud. Librarian, F.T.A., Pan American Club, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. Rep. MICHAEL CURLEY 32 W. 104th St. Basketball Team, Stud. Coun. Rep., Jr. Red Cross. HARRY DANTOLAIN 329 E. 116th St. Concert Band, Orchestra, Hall Guard. RONALD DAVIDSON 10337 Prarie Nominating Comm., Concert Band, Orchestra, Stud. Coun. Rep., Chem. Club, Bowling Team, Phorex, Drum 8. Bugle Corps. 26 'Cf' JANUARY 1962 ROBERT DE QUICK 11747 Sangamon Football Team, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard. BARBARA DE WINTER 10818 So. Park Hall Guard, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. DARLENE DIMER 12720 Morgan Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glce Club, Jr. Red Cross. WAYNE DONOVAN 335 W. 116th St. Hall Guard, Golf Team, Swim Team. DAVID EDISON 10727 Eberhart Concert Band, Orchestra, Non. Comm. Ofticers, Picked Platoon. JIM EPPERSON 10500 Vernon Bowling Team, Torch Rep., Hall Guard. CAROL ERDELYI 11348 Normal Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. GINO FALCO 12410 State COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Science Fair. TONI FAORO 11578 Lafayette Phorex, Torch Rep., G.A.A. DAVID FISHER 10811 Calumet Swim Team, Phorex, Homecoming Court, Homecoming Comm., Hall Guard, LYNDA FORSTER 10417 Emerald Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus En- semble, Torch Rep., Stud. Librarian, Off. Sec., Latin Club, G.A.A. INA FOSTER 10623 State Water Ballet, Hostess Club, Letter Girls, Glee Club, G.A.A., o.A.A. Rep., P.1.A. Rep. KATHLEEN FRANCZAK 102 W. 117th St. General Comm., Torch Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A, Rep., Glee Club. GEORGE FREDERRICK 11801 Lowe Baseball Team, Hall Guard. JOHN FROLIN 11247 So. Park COURIER Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Program Comm., Drill Club, Non. Comm. Officers, Picked Platoon, Ushers Club, Fire Marshal. DONNA FRYER 11219'Eggleston G.A.A. Board, Stud. Librarian, May Festival, Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. JOSEPH GALLETO 12765 Emerald Swim Team Co-Capt., Homecoming Comm., Water Ballet, Chem. Club, Hall Guard, Torch Rep. ILENE GANZER 11244 Green OIT. sec., G.A.A. 27 Good-byes are always hard to say, but to me, Graduation is more a "he11o" to the future than a "good-by" to the past. Fenger is a great place, and I'1I always cherish the fond memories of my tour years here. Nancy Pearson JANUARY 1962 MICHAEL GELLERT 10728 Eggleston COURIER Stafl Editor, Bowling Team, Diploma Comm., Quill 81 Scroll. AL GERVASE 11845 Peoria Hall Guard. ROBERT GHIDOTTI 300 W. 104th St. Basketball Team, Phorex, Hall Guard, Reelmen, Football Team, Grad. Comm. WAYNE GODSTED 10600 Wabash Baseball Team, Hall Guard. DOLORES GRABCZYK 10410 Maryland. SALLY GREY 310 W. 115th St. G.A.A. RICHARD HANNEY 10622 Langley KAREN HAWORTH 10417 Morgan Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., F.T.A., Pan American Club, Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep. MARTIN HEIS 10421 Emerald Hall Guard, Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Swim Team, Male Chorus, Color Guard, Drill Club, Non. Comm. Officers, Picked Platoon, Science Fair. RICHARD HENRY 11334 Yale Picked Platoon, Of11cers Club, Drum 81 Bugle Corps, Drill Club, Ushers Club. JOYCE HODGSON 57 W. 103rd St. Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Phorex, Off. Sec., Latin Club, Diploma Comm., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Rollar Skating Club. EARL HOKENS 35 W. 104th Pl. Football Team, Hall Guard. RANDALL HOLETZKY 605 E. 107th St. Torch Rep., Science Fair, Mixed Chorus, Off. Sec., Hall Guard, Senior Break. Comm., Div. Sec. MARY JOHNSON 10405 Corliss May Fest., College Day Aide, COURIER Rep., Senior Sing Comm., G.A.A., G.A,A. Rep., Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Latin Club. DERYLE ANN JOHNSTON 901 W. 107th St. Phorex, COURIER Rep., Pan American Club, College Day Aid, Hall Guard, Off. Sec., F.T.A., G.A.A. Rep., General Comm. CLAUDE JONES 11848 Halsted Picked Platoon, Officers Club, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, Stud. Court. Rep., Phorex, Color Guard, Rifle Team, COURIER Rep., Drill Club. BARBARA KANDL 12012 Normal Phorex, Counselor's Aide, Senior Sing Comm., Letter Girls, Water Ballet, F.T.A. Sec., May Fest., G.A.A. Board, Hostess Club, COURIER Rep. SUSAN KELLY 11031 Morgan Hall Guard, OFI. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glee Club. 28 "Happiest" Karen Bauqher and Larry Lloyd As I leave you Fenger, my eyes fill with tears, for it has been wonderful. Student Council, Water Ballet Shows, and working for Mrs. Murphy, I will long remember. Still, my eyes hold a gleam, tor the future is before me. Fenger I would like to say "Thank You" for tour exciting and rewarding years. Diane Baldelli JANUARY 1962 SHIRLEY KINDER 1045 W. 104th Pl. Concert Band, Phorex, College Day Aide, Counselor's Aide, OH. Sec., Stud. Coun. Rep., Latin Club, G.A.A., Orchestra, Program Comm. JOANNE KLADIS 730 W. 118th St. Phorex, Pan American Club, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Drama Club, G.A.A., Diploma Comm., Bowling Team, Phorex Rep., COURIER Rep. DAVID KOCH 11127 Peoria COURIER Rep., College Day Aide, Hall Guard, Diploma Comm., Basketball Team, Key Club, Homecoming Comm. DOUGLAS KOLB 11147 Lowe Key Club, Nat. Hon. Soc., Non. Comm. Officers, Picked Platoon, Senior Sing Comm., Concert Band, Phorex Rep,, Science Fair, Ushers Club, Drill Club. RICHARD KORTE 10924 Sangamon Rifle Team, Picked Platoon, Swim Team, Officers Club, Drill Club, Reelmen, COURIER Rep., Ushers Club. KEITH KRUSELL 12026 Princeton Class Pres., Phorex, Hall Guard, Stud. Coun. Rep., Reelmen, Key Club. JAMES KUNST 10754 Vernon Baseball Team, Hall Guard. PATRICIA KURTZ 11717 Lafayette Hall Guard, G.A.A. JOHN KUSH 121 W. 113th St. COURIER Staff, Swim Team, Phorex, Advertising Club. RUTH LANG 12122 State Nat. Hon. Soc., Grad. Monitor, Phorex COURIER Staff, Nominating Comm., Counselor's Chief Aide, College Day Aide, OH. Sec., Stud. Coun. Rep., Mixed Chorus, Quill 8. Scroll. PAT LINDGREN 12543 Stewart Phorex, OH. Sec., Nominating Comm., Titanettes, Glee Club. SHARON LINDSTROM 10917 Wabash General Comm., Letter Girls, Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Stud. Coun. Rep., Hall Guard, COURIER Rep., Hostess Club. LARRY LLOYD 10806 Sangamon Swim Team, Hall Guard, Torch Rep. OLIVIA LOPEZ 12249 Green OH. Sec., G.A.A. .IACQUELINE LUNDSTROM 41 W. 112th St. Phorex, Counselor's Aide, Prom. Comm., Hostess Club, Mixed Chorus, Div. Sec., R.O.T.C. Sec., OH. Sec., Hall Guard, G.A.A., Nat. Hon. Soc. NANCY MARTIN 12045 Princeton Phorex, Water Ballet, Senior Sing Comm., Stud. Coun. Comm. Chairman, Mixed Chorus, College Day Aide, Glee Club, Torch Rep., Stud. Librarian, G.A.A. DALE MASSIE 10557 Racine P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, General Comm., Baseball Team, Swim Team, Stud. Coun. Rep., Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Orchestra, Male Chorus. DIANE MAsToN 11318 Wallace couRlER Rep., Off. sec., G,A A, 29 "Best Dressed' Barbara Carapezzo and John Panozzo JANUARY 1962 WILLIAM McINTIRE 10655 Racine Stud. Librarian, Hall Guard. WILLIAM MILLS 10801 Morgan Stud. Coun. Rep., Phorex, Prom Comm., Torch Rep., Latin Club, Swim Team, Hall Guard, Program Comm. RONALD MROZEK 11418 Emerald Swim Team Co-Capt., Prom Comm., Phorex, Hall Guard, Counselor's Aide. DIANE MURPHY 10355 Indiana Class Treasurer, Grad. Monitor, College Day Aide, Phorex, Water Ballet, Senior Sing Comm., Latin Club Pres., Off. Sec., Hall Guard, Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex 73h Sem. LARRY NELSON 36 W. 112th St. Bowling Team, Hall Guard. KEN NIETUPSKI 707 W. 125 Pl. Football Team, Stud. Coun. Rep., Hall Guard. BONNIE NORDER 453 W. 103rd St. G.A.A. LINDA NOVAK 12215 Stewart Titan Torch Staft, Prom Comm. Treas., Water Ballet, College Day Aide, Grad. Monitor, Off Sec., Stud. Librarian, Phorex, Letter Girls, Hostess Club, Quill 8. Scroll., Nat. Hon. Soc. PEGGY NOVAK 11567 La Salle COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard. NANCY NYLEN 11001 Lowe COURIER Rep., Career Day Aide, OFF. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glee Club. FLORENCE OEDZES 12442 La Salle Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, COURIER StafT, Cheerleader Co-Capt., Homecoming Queen, Grad. Monitor, G.A.A. Board, Letter Girls, Hostess Club, Quill 81 Scroll. DONALD O'HAIR 11030 Sangamon Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Basketball Team, Orchestra. JO ANN ORTIGARA 11716 Perry Glee Club, COURIER Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. CAROL OSTENDORF 10530 Lowe Phorex, Titanettes, Stud. Coun. Rep., Stud. Coun. Comm. Co-Chairman, Orchestra, Oft. Sec., Hall Guard, Science Fair, Mixed Chorus. JUDY OSWALD 741 W. 118th Pl. G.A.A., Off. Sec., Mixed Chorus. PHYLLIS OTTO 12245 Harvard Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, Stud. Coun. Rep., Phorex, Div. Sec., OFF. Sec., G.A.A. JOHN PANOZZO 12501 Stewart Swim Team, Hall Guard, Div. Sec. NANCY PEARSON 11155 Edbrooke State Street Queen, Stud. Coun. Vice'Pres., May Fest., Grad. Monitor, Nat. Hon. Soc. Sec'y., COURIER Staff, Concert Band, College Day Aide, Water Ballet, Senior Sing Comm., Quill 81 Scroll, Phorex 7374 Sem. JANUARY 1962 VINCENT PERILLO 25 W. 125th Pl. Concert Band, Orchestra. RICHARD PETERSEN 10540 Calumet Key Club, Key Club Pres., Science Fair, Tennis Team, Latin Club, Reelmen, Program Comm., Hall Guard, Torch Rep. LYNN PETERSON 11515 Wallace Concert Band, Titan Torch Staff, F.T.A. Pres., General Comm., P.T.A. Rep., Torch Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A,A. Rep, MARLENE PETERSON 10905 Normal Phorex, Letter Girls, Hostess Club, Glee Club, Glee Club Vice-Pres., Senior Break. Comm., G.A.A., OH. Sec., COURIER Rep. STUART PETERSON 10919 Longwood Phorex, College Day Aide, Prom Comm., Key Club, Counselor's Aide, Off. Sec., Div. Sec., Stud. Coun. Rep., COURIER Rep., Torch Rep. DENNIS PETTENON 242 W. 115th St. Prom Comm., Hall Guard, Stud. Coun. Rep. EDWARD PROVOST 12154 La Salle Swim Team, Baseball Team. WILLIAM PRYTS 10417 State Football Team, Hall Guard. PATRICIA RADLEY 10904 Green Program Comm., Hall Guard, G.A.A. FRANK RHOBACK 47 W. 104th Pl. Football Team, Swim Team, Baseball Team, Program Comm., Counselor's Aide, Torch Rep., Mixed Chorus, Reelmen, Rif1e Team. BILL RICHARDS 10707 Wentworth Swim Team. JUDY RIDKIEY 131 E. 103rd Pl. G.A.A., Off. Sec., Torch Rep., Hall Guard. PATRICIA RILEY 641 E. 111111 St. Hall Guard, Off. Sec., G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Science Fair. RONALD RIZZS 322 W. 110th St. Non. Comm. Officers, Officers Club, Picked Platoon, Rif1e Team, Ushers Club. CAROL ROCK 10542 Forest Hall Guard, G.A.A, NICK ROSETO 11824 Wentworth COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Football Team. JACK ROSENBERGER 12000 Lafayette Swim Team, Science Fair. JUDY RUSWICK 11137 Green Cheerleader Co-Capt., Homecoming Court, G.A.A. Board, May Fest., Glee Club, Torch Rep., Stud. Librarian, Letter Girls, Stud. Coun. Rep. My four years at Fenger have been great. Looking back I think of many things, some ot which l'd rather forget. But it I had it to do all over again, l know I Wouldn't change a minute of it- not even the time I walked around with green hair as a result of my Cupric sulfate "shampoo," or all those terrifying cheerleading cuts. lt's been a ball!!! Florence Oedzes 31 JANUARY 1962 MARTIN SADD 1008 W. 104th St. Counselor's Aide, Key Club, Swim Team, Baseball Team. DONNA SALLER 12248 Carpenter Hall Guard, G.A.A. KAREN SAMUELSON 10722 Indiana Hall Guard, G.A.A., Glee Club. DAVID SANCHEZ 1435 W. 120th St. P.T.A. Rep., Nominating Comm., Concert Band, Orchestra, Drill Club, Drum 8- Bugle Corps, Officers Club. KATHLEEN SANDAKER 202 W. 111th Pl. COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, Jr., Red Cross, G.A.A. ROBERT SCHLIEMANN 434 W. 111th St, Bowling Team, Reelmen. ROBERT SCHNEIDER 10841 Sangamon Bowling Team, Reelmen. KAREN SEARS 10501 Morgan Phorex, Career Day Aide, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., Hall Guard, Off. Sec. MARY ANN SEIBERT 12228 Union OH. Sec., G.A.A. MELANIE SHADLE 1053 W. 104th Pl. G.A.A., Glee Club. DENNIS STACHMUS 12252 Throop Phorex, Hall Guard, General Comm. EDWARD STAEHLIN 11116 Lowe Advertising Club, Football Team, Reelmen. LANCE STELL 10355 Wallace Tennis Team, Rifle Team, Officers Club, Prom. Comm. PAUL STROMBECK 13421 Vernon Bowling Team, Hall Guard. THOMAS STRONG 535 E. 107th St, Bowling Team, Hall Guard. JUDY SURFUS 11235 Wallace Senior Sing Comm. Chairman, Titanettes, Water Ballet, Homecoming Court, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus En- semble, Stud. Coun. Comm, Chairman, Torch Rep., OIT. Sec., Phorex. GLADYS SWART 247 W. 110th Pl, Stud. Coun. Rep., Career Day Aide, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., P.T.A. Rep., Bowling Team, Hall Guard. JOSEPH SZUBRYT 11819 Wallace Concert Band, Picked Platoon, Officers Club, Counselor's Aide, COURIER Rep. .4 "Most Admired by Classmates" Nancy Pearson and Joe Galetto was "Boy, am I scared, Fenger's so big l'11 probably get lost." "Do you think I'1l get lunch with you?" These thoughts seem so tar back in the pastf soon they Will be reechoed in the minds of the graduates. Graduation is a time for ending and C1 time for beginning: a time for sorrow and a time for laughter, but these times Will never be for- gotten, nor Will the four years that went by so quickly. Ioy Aolduci 33 JANUARY 1962 JACKIE TARADASH 11007 Union Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, College Day Aide, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Prom Comm., COURIER Rep., Stud. Coun. Rep., Latin Club, Quill 8g Scroll. GERRI TESCHKE 10728 Forest COURIER Staff, Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Diploma Comm., College Day Aide, Hostess Club, Counselor's Aide, Ott. Sec., Glee Club, Letter Girls, Quill 81 Scroll. BONNIE THOMAS 10756 Eggleston Div. Sec., COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Nominating Comm., Program Comm., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Stud. Coun. Rep., Counselor's Aide, Off. Sec. HENRIETTA TILDSLEY 10624 Calumet Glee Club, Hall Guard, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. JOAN TILTON 10840 Peoria Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, Stud. Coun. Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. MARILYN TOIGO 11415 Calumet Stud. Librarian, G.A.A. STEVE TOTH 10445 Rhodes Phorex, Torch Rep., Football Team, Hall Guard, Reelmen. ANTHONY TOZZI 11550 Perry Torch Rep., Hall Guard. ARTHUR TRECCANI 11658 Wentworth College Day Aide, Phorex, Stud. Coun. Rep., Div. Sec., Hall Guard. DONNA TURNER 132 W. 113th St, G.A.A. JEANETTE UHLMANN 10638 Lowe Glee Club, Stud. Librarian, Latin Club, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., G.A.A. Rep. ELIZABETH VAICHULIS 10455 Wabash G.A.A. JAMES VANDERHYE 10627 Eberhart COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Seating 81 Marching Comm., Basketball Team, Rm. Pres. VIRGINIA VAN INGEN 342 W. 107th Pl. G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Off. Sec., Hall Guard. WILLIAM VANWERMESKERKEN 753 W. 109th St. Phcrex, Nominating Comm., Stud. Coun. Rep,, General Comm. SUE VAN WINKLE 16 E. 120th Pl. COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A. GERRIE VARGA 11716 La Salle G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Off. Sec. CAROL VIANELLO 125 E. 103rd Pl. Titan Torch Staft, College Day Aide, Off. Sec., Phorex, Stud. Coun. Rep., Div. Treas., Glee Club, G.A.A., Torch Rep. Life is like an open book. One chapter leads to another. My four years at Fenger have been filled with laughter, tears, and the lowly 4B's outnumber- ing the almighty 4A's Kthree to onel. Themes due tomorrow, club meetings, certain cars, and extra- credit for Freddie are all over. The past is behind me, the future straight ahead. With fond memories, I'll close this chapter ot my lite. The best is yet to come!!!!! Gerri Teschke It is with a touch of nostalgia that I look back on my days at Fenger. I remember Ioe and the acid, Hon and the supply room lsay, Mr. Schroeder, do you have a tlashlight?l, but most of all, I remember Gerri Teschke twisting my arm to get this copy done. O.K. Gerri, you can let go now. Gary Axelson "One with Whom You'd Like to Spend All Your Time" Iackie Zechini and Wayne Donovan JANUARY T962 MARSHA WAITEKUS H925 Eggleston Hall Guard, OFI. Sec., G.A.A. LAWRENCE WALLMAN H223 Wallace Phorex, Homecoming Court, Hall Guard, Counselor's Aide, Baseball Team. WALLY WATT l0900 Peoria Hall Guard. JANICE WERKMAN lO7'll Wabash Glee Club Ensemble, Glee Club, Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., P.T.A. Rep. BONNIE WESTBERG H144 Peoria Pan American Club, Orchestra, G.A.A., Seating 81 Marching Comm. KATHRYN WILLIAMS H214 Langley Off. Sec., Glee Club, Stud. Librarian, G.A.A., Hall Guard. PATRICIA WILMOT H425 Prarie Phorex, Torch Rep., Glee Club, Div. Sec., G.A.A, WILLIAM WITT lO626 Parnell Concert Band, Orchestra, Phorex, Science Fair, Program Comm. TOM WOJTAS 10745 Eggleston Football Team, Hall Guard. PEGGY WOODRUFF 535 W. 107th St. COURIER Stag, Nat. Hon. SOC., Phorex, Water Ballet, G.A.A. Board Vice-Pres., College Day Aide, Stud. Coun. Rep., Mixed Chorus, Hostess Club, Senior Break. Comm., Quill 8. Scroll. CAROL WUNDERLICH lO326 Calumet Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard. MARION YATES 139 W, II2th St. Phorex, COURIER Rep., G.A.A., Stud. Coun. Rep., Program Comm., Mixed Chorus, Rollar Skating Club. 34 I think of life as a river. It starts as a tiny creek when life begins. As we grow older the creek becomes a river and when we leave school, we are swept into an ocean of people. As I look back on my years at Fenger, l especially remember the activities and the wonderful friends I made. Though I look forward to graduation, I see it both happily and sadly, as I feel a little afraid of being only an unimportant droplet in a huge ocean of people. Ruth Lang F our years ago, as an entering freshman, gradua- tion seemed far off in the distant future. Today, as a senior, it seems impossible that the four years have passed so quickly. I look forward to graduation and the future with excitement and antici- pationp at the same time I am reluctant to leave these familiar classrooms and friendly faces. What- ever adventures the future may bring the happy times I spent at Fenger will remain in my memory forever. Peggy Woodruff JANUARY 1962 GERALD YOUSTRA 10320 Lowe Phorex, College Day Aide, Nominating Comm., Key Club, Stud. Coun., Reelmen, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Career Day Aide, Hall Guard. TOM ZAGOTTA 12240 Yale Swim Team, Advertising Club, Phorex, Reelmen, Torch Rep. PATRICIA ZAOKOPNY 600 W. 111th St. Letter Girls, Phorex, Stud. Coun. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., General Comm., Stud. Librarian, Jr. Red Cross, Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex 73A Sem. JOHN ZAPF 1259 E. 96th St. Prom Comm., Phorex, Hall Guard, Drum 8t Bugle Corps. .IACKIE ZECHINI 12512 Wallace Phorex, Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Prom Comm., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glee Club, Hostess Club. ARTHUR ZEILENGA 143 W. 104th St. Hall Guard, Bowling Team. TERRY ZEILENGA 143 W. 104th St. Bowling Team, Hall Guard. BRUCE ZEMKE 11034 Wallace Nat. Hon. Soc., Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Football Team, Senior Sing Comm., Male Chorus, German Club, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T,A. Rep. RICHARD ZILIS 13304 Calumet Concert Band, Phorex, Chem. Club. Those first few days of high school over at Curtis were something new and fascinating to me. But coming over to the Main was something even more bewildering. The swim period when we had a "sum meeting" in the pool, the day a chem experiment exploded and ate holes in my new blouse, the fun and work on Staff, Rho Kappa's overnights-all memories that I will cherish for many years after graduation. Iacquie Cramer SUMMER SCHOOL Pamela Brackel 606 West 129th Place 35 mit THIS.. Senior Breakfast, Senior Sing and finally Graduation, these are the faint stars in every Freshman's eye. However, to the graduate it is a day of nervous anticipation, and when it finally arrives it is a day of sorrowful farewells m3.:m tmxsfm-vfs. ,wma vw ,z.m1w MMF- IS THE TIM E WE WAITED FOR W If " 1. fy? 'K Y 1 JANUARY COMMITTEES Every graduate wants his last semester at Fenger to be great. Senior Sing, Prom, Breakfast, Diploma, General Arrangement, Seating, and Marching, and Program Committees are responsible for a successful graduation. But the success of the graduation is also dependent upon the help and advice of Mrs. Moroney and the 4A division teachers. At last the long awaited moment arrives. All past troubles are put aside, while only pleasant memories remain. SENIOR SING ROW I-Diane Baldelli, Maurina Beranus, Barb Carapezza, Joyce Adduci. ROW 2-Nlary Johnson, Beth Brown, Nancy Pearson, Chuck Chitichema, Judy Surfus, Gary Axelson, Karen Baugher, Nancy Martin, Diane Murphy. ROW 3-Douglas Kolb, Bob Cochand, Bruce Zemke, Donald Reitz. PROM ROW I-Linda Novak, Florence Oedzes, Joyce Bonagura. ROW 2-Jackie Zechini, Jackie Lundstrom, Bev Yonker, Cheryl Barclay, Jackie Taradash, Jackie Cramer. ROW 3-Bill Mills, John Zapf, Ron Mrozck, Lance Stell, Stuart Peterson. COMMITTEES NOT PICTURED DIPLOMA Joyce Hodgson, Mike Gellert, Carol Adams, Joanne Kladis, Janice Werkman, Dave Koch, Gerri Teschke. PROGRAM Bonnie Thomas, Jim Vanderhye, Donna Ar- ends, Bill Witt, Joe Szobryt, Frank Rhoback, Richard Peterson, Pat Radliey, Bill Mills, Carol Vinaldo, Marion Yates, John Frolin. SENIOR BREAKFAST Melodye Benash, Martha Benson, Marsha Boak, Randall Koletzky, Marlene Peterson, Sue Kelly, Keith Krussell, Carol Anderson, Peggy Wood- ruff. GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS John Bukowski, Lynda Forster, Kathleen Fran- czak, Robert Ghidotti, Karen Haworth, Sharon Lindstrom, Dale Massie, Phyllis Otto, Lynn Peterson, Dennis Stackmus, William VanWer- meskerken, Pat Zaokopny. SEATING AND MARCHING Betty Biehl, Nancy Nylen, Bonnie Westberg. NOMINATING Bill VanWermeskerken, Karen Baugher, Ruth Lang, Joy Aclduci, Pat Lindgren, Bonnie Thom- as, Dave Koch, Jerry Youstra, Ron Davidson, Dave Sanchez, Karen Haworth, Peggy Wood- ruft, Gerri Teschke, Chuck Anderson. 38 MRS. ESTELLE SETZER Sponsor FALL SEMESTER Nancy Pearson, Diane Murphy, Pat Zaokopny. PHOREX 73 4 Any person who accumulates a total of 14 points on his final semester grade average is entitled to wear the tiny gold pin of the Phorex society. An honors "S" counts five points, a regular "S", four points, no grade below "E" is allowed. The organi- zation, headed by Mrs. Setzer, awards a ieweled Phorex pin to members who maintain this high scholastic averae for 73A semesters. This rec- ognition ranks as the highest scholastic award one can achieve at Fenger. SPRING SEMESTER Betty Brogan, Irene Cielecki, John Grzybowski, Brian Helge, Joseph Hughes, Michele Jahn, Louis Leo, Judith Meyers, Fran Pudlewski, Jean Renstrom, Clara Sipka, Barbara Zeisel, Alan Unander. 39 ROW 1-Jacqueline Cramer, Florence Oedzes, Nancy Pearson, Ruth Lang, Diane Baldelli, Linda Novak. ROW 2-Douglas Kolb, Jackie Taradash, Gerri Teschke, Diane Murphy, Pat Zaokopny, Jacqueline Lundstrom, Peggy Woodruff, Bruce Zembke. GLADYS JACOBSON Sponsor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY During the initiation of new members, lighted candles of scholarship, character, service, and leadership represent the ideals of National Honor Society. To ignite these candles students must have a 3.0 scholastic average and have earned honor points based on character traits, service, and participation in school activities. Each semester new members who have labored to meet these standards of the society are presented to the student body. The student who has developed these qualities is bound to achieve success. The National Honor initiates were depicting various characters, such as: Silas Mamet, Tarzan and lane, and the Gravediggets. NOT PICTURED: Sharon Barton, Lora Bex, Betty Brogan, Joan Buchanan, David Dauer, Marilyn De Bartoli, Scott De Young, Leslie Dieck, Sandra Dikken, Al- fred Ellingson, William Fay, Judy Findortf, Ronald Fischer, Alan Fisher, Brian Helge, Judy Hoftman, Joseph Hughes, Mi- chele Jahn, Alice Jones, Diana Jones, Norma Kester, Janice Klein, Loretta Kowalski, Charles La Buda, Louis Leo, Richard Lindmark, Jean Malkowski, Ju- dith Meyers, Diane Mueller, Joyce Olson, Sybil Orne, Fran Pudlewski, Jean Renstrom, Lau- rel Roberts, Marilyn Schmidt, Avis Shapiro, Clara Sipka, Jan- ice Sipos, William Stall, Carol Stolz, Georgia Todhunter, Paul Vetterick, Gail Westberg. mssws sv amswww. --swam is N- , .3 ,.fAws..,. . -H e we emma nnmcgmn-:mm VIOLA RAGUSO Sponsor Bex, Lora Bosco, Barbara Brogan, Betty Buchanan, Joan DeBartoli, Marilyn Dieck, Leslie Fay, William Findorff, Judy Goettler, Georgia Graff, Ruth QUILL AND SCROLL Meeting deadlines, writing copy, arranging layout- all play an important part in the life ofthe high school journalist. A great deal of time and effort is spent in their completion. The Quill and Scroll Society was established in order to provide a goal for those entering the fielcl as well as an award for those who have served. Members of the Courier Staff and Titan Torch Staff are eligible for the honor. They must, however, be in the upper one- third of their class, meet the requirements of their staff, and have the approval of the National Committee of the Quill and Scroll. JUNE, 1962: Helge, Brian Hoffman, John Hoffman, Judy Hughes, Joe Hyry, Sue Leo, Louis Meyer, Barbara Meyers, Judy Mueller, Diane Orne, Sybil Pudlewski, Frances Renstrom, Jean Roberts, Laurel Ruswick, Janet Schmidt, Marilyn Shapiro, Avis Stall, Bill Todhunter, Jill Vetterick, Paul White, Linda JANUARY 1962: ROW 1-Florence Oedzes, Nancy Pearson, Diane Baldelli, Linda Novak, Jackie Cramer, Peggy Woodruff. ROW 2-Jackie Taradash, Joyce Adduci, Gerri Teschke, Michael Gellert, Ruth Lang, Beth Brown, Gary Axelson. ef ar-iasiiiligiit'-mf' GQRADUATING CLASS JUNE 1962 CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Marilyn Eizenga Bill Stall S CLASS SPONSOR Oscar High Jeanne Nelson Thomas Stewart PROGRAM PROCESSIONAL, uLand of Hope and Gloryn ................... .... E lgar Fenger High School Band. Mr. Andrew Lumhrazo, Director 'CSTAR SPANGLED BANNER" ............................... ..... S mith Mixed Chorus: Mr. George Scherer, Director Vicki Baumgartner, Aecompanist -. 1 INVOCA'l ION ......... .,.............. . .. WELCOME ADDRESS .. . MPFHISC to the Lordw ,,.... ....... ,.... . . . Mixed Chorus SALUTATORY ADDRESS ............... Mldattle Hymn of the Repuhlicw . . . ' Migid' Ciulfus PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT ...... ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT .... Wllhe Lark in the Mornw . . . ........... . . . . Mixed Chorus VALEDICTORY ADDRESS ............... G'The Sound of Music" ......................... Fen PRESENTATION OF CLASS . . . PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS CLASS SONG HFENGER HIGHM BENEDICTION ............. RECESSIONAL 42 ger High School Band . . . .Rev. Fred Erickson . ....... William Stall Class President . . . .Arranged by Christiansen .............Louis Leo . . .Arranged by Wilhovsky . . . .Marilyn Eizenga Class Treasurer . . . .Miss Ruth Baker Assistant Principal . . . .Randall Thompson . . . .Joseph Hughes . . . .Richard Rodgers ....Mr. John J. Kehoe Assistant Principal . . .Mr. George Triezenberg Principal ......................C0le Rev. John L. Timmerman ROBERT ADAMS 310 W, 11Otl't Pl. Football Team, Phorex, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Male Chorus, Student Council Rep., COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard. PAM ADDUCI 10508 Edbrooke Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Spring Festival, Christmas Festival, Glee Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep., Torch Rep., Science Fair. PETER AGNOS 11948 Stewart Phorex, Baseball Team, German Club, Hall Guard, Book Room Aid. JOAN AIKIN 10933 S. Wabash Senior Sing, Orchestra, Concert Band, Cap and Gown Com., Student Librarian, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., P.T.A. Rep. ROBERT ALBRECHT 10926 Peoria Football Team, Hall Guard, Book Room Aid. TOM ALBRIGHT 245 W. 105th Pl. Baseball Team, Swimming Team, Football Team, Mgr., Senior Sing, Chemistry Club, Pan American Club, President. DENNIS ALCOTT 12029 Stewart Prom Comm. BEVERLY ALEXANDER 621 W. 107th St. Water Ballet, Phorex, Seat- ing 8. Marching Com., Concert Band, Letter Girls, Office Secretary, Stu- dent Librarian, COURIER Rep., Counselor's Aide, P.T.A. Rep. CLAUDETTE ALM 11915 S. Lowe Student Librarian, Counselor's Aide, Oftice Sec., Program Com., G.A.A. Rep., Concert Band, All Star High School Band, Latin Club, President. MARTHA ANDERSEN 10554 S. Lafayette Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., Coun- selor's Aide, Hall Guard, Office Sec., G.A.A., Glee Club. CLIFFORD ANDERSON 219 W. 110th Pl. Hall Guard. KEN ANDERSON 10846 Union Football Team, Male Chorus, Hall Guard. ANN MARIE ANTONIO 10616 Edbrooke Latin Club, Sec., Hostess Club, Phorex, Torch Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Student Council Rep., F.T.A., Mixed Chorus, Office Sec., G.A.A. VIOLET ASTOLAS 10717 S. Morgan Phorex, G.A.A., Hall Guard. SHIRLEY ATKINS 10934 indiana COURIER Rep., Senior Sing, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Torch Rep. BEVERLY BACHLI 10758 S. Calumet Bowling Team, Announcement Com., Student Council Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Student Librarian, Library Club, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., Hall Guard. EMILY BAGNARA 458 W. 115th Street P.T.A. Representative, Hall Guard, Diploma Committee, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Homecoming Court, May Festival, Senior Sing. GERALD BALCHI5 11346 Wallace Concert Band, Orchestra, Key Club, Student Council Rep., Science Fair, Cap 81 Gown Com., Bowling League. 43 .IUNE1962 As We leave high school, one question is in our minds. "What have We done tor the last four years, this important part of our lives which can never be duplicated?" One task lies before us. We must get understanding from our knowledge and apply it to our lives: only then will learning be significant. Ioan Buchanan JUNE 1962 JAMES BARCE 10901 Vernon Phorex, Bowling Team, Division Rep., Football Team, Hall Guard, Intramural Basketball. SHARON BARTON 11942 S. Perry Ave. National Honor, Phorex, Division Rep., Counselor's Aide, Phorex Rep., Latin Club President, Cap and Gown Committee, Office Secretary, ROTC Sponsor, G.A.A. VICTORIA BAUMGARTNER 11238 Edbrooke Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Chorus Pianist, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., Office Secretary, Hall Guard, All- Star Volleyball Team. DIANE BEAUDRY 11234 S. Eggleston Hall Guard, Senior Sing, G.A.A., Glee Club, May Festival. NANCY BEEMSTER 115 E. 122nd Place G.A.A. PAT BEKKER 603 W. 129th Place COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Senior Sing, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glee Club, German Club. BOB BENSON 12601 Lowe Ave. Phorex, Hall Guard, Bowling Team, Golf Team. YOLANDA BERNAL 11436 Champlain COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Oflfice Secretary, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. LORA BEX 11001 Parnell National Honor, Phorex, Quill and Scroll, Titan Torch, Prom Committee, Hostess Club, Mixed Chorus, Office Sec- retary, Latin Club, Hall Guard. BRUCE BIGEL 10342 S. Lowe Science Fair, College Day Aide, Coun- selor's Aide, Audio-Visual Room Aide, Division Rep., P.T.A. Rep. CONSTANCE BITTLER 10343 Emerald Ave. COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Office Secretary, Prom Committee, Senior Sing, Bowling Team, G.A.A. MEL BLANK 12217 Normal Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Reelmen. CAROL BLATT 12647 Harvard Phorex, G.A.A. THOMAS BOGUMIL 11950 Yale Hall Guard, Reelmen. DIANA BONAPARTE 47 West 113th St. Student Librarian, Senior Sing, G.A.A., Division Rep. DONNA BONNETT 313 W. 111th St. Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Ottice Secretary. FRANK BORIS 10626 Edbrooke Hall Guard, Cap and Gown Commit- tee, Football Team. BARBARA BOSCO 11426 Eggleston Torch Statof, Quill 84 Scroll, Home- coming Court, Cap and Gown Committee, College Day Aide, Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Hostess Club, Torch Rep., G.A.A. 44 JUNE 1962 ALAN BOURQUE 11200 Parnell Physics Lab. Aid, Drama Club, Non. Comm. Ofticer, Hall Guard, Concert Band. RUDOLPH BRAK 33 E. 125th Place Football Team. LEONARD BRATLIEN 556 W. 126th Place Basketball Team, Science Fair, Hall Guard. PAULETTE BREGIN 12406 S. Lowe Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Senior Sing, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Student Council Rep. THOMAS BRIDGE 3521 W. 127th St. COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Swimming Team, Water Ballet, Senior Sing, Chemistry Club. ELIZABETH BROGAN 109 W. 123rd St. Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, P.T.A. Rep., Student Librarian, OFf1ce Secretary, Quill 8- Scroll. CAROL BROWN 948 W. Vermont Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Omce Secretary, Senior Breakfast Committee, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Jr. Retailers Club, D.E. STEPHANIE BRUZDZIAK 11156 Langley Ave. Glee Club, G.A.A. JOAN BUCHANAN 532 W. 107th St. May Queen, COURIER STAFF, National Honor, Phorex, 126 Secretary, Program Chairman, Hostess Club, Latin Club, Glee Club, Quill 81 Scroll. ROBERT BUCHLER 11419 S. Normal. KAREN BULLOK 10428 S. Eberhart Water Ballet, Bowling Team, Con- cert Band, Glee Club, Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Office Secretary, Hall Guard. JOSEPH BURATTO 36 E. 120th Place P.T.A. Rep., Audio Visual. LORRAINE BURGHOLZER 11821 Sangamon Phorex, Office Secretary, Torch Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard. PATSY BYRD 11015 Michigan G.A.A., OfI1ce Secretary, All-Star Vol- leyball Team, Basketball Team. WILLIAM CAIN 12008 Eggleston Ave. Concert Band, Orchestra, Counselor's Aide, Torch Rep., Basketball Team, General Committee, Hall Guard, Reelmen. MARIE CALDERONE 310 E. 117th St. Phorex, Torch Rep., Senior Sing, Announcements Committee, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glee Club. JOYCE MARIE CAMEO 255 W. 110th Pl. Phorex, Student Council Rep., Senior Sing, COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, Oltice Secretary, Glee Club, Bowling Team, G.A.A. Rep. BONNIE CARLSON 10733 Prairie Hall Guard, Senior Sing, Glee Club, G.A.A. 45 "Best Sense of Humor" Marilyn Similick and Tom Stewart V ?' JUNE 1962 ROBERT CARLSON 621 W. 116th St. Basketball Team, Phorex, Home- coming Court, Homecoming Committee, COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, Prom Comm. RONALD CHEATLE 10411 Forest Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep. JUDY CHINN 127 W. 108th St. G.A.A, KATHY CHRISTIAN 11827 Yale Ave. Oftice Secretary, G.A.A., Senior Sing. IRENE CIELECKI 250 W. 107th St. Phorex, Diploma Comm., COUR- IER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Phorex Rep., Science Fair, Senior Sing, Office Secretary, G.A.A. ROSEMARY CIS 11810 LaFayette Senior Sing, G.A.A., Oltice Secretary. LEONARD COLANGELO 10507 Sangamon Football Team, Division Rep., Hall Guard, Torch Rep. RICHARD COLFER 11945 Eggleston Hall Guard, Football Team, Concert Band. CHARLES COPPEN5 131 W. 113th Place Swimming Team. BONNIE CRAMER 10527 Sangamon Senior Sing, Oftice Secretary, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. RICHARD DAL COROBLO 12521 So. LaSalle Hall Guard, Drill Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, Non. Comm. Ofticers, Picked Platoon. GEORGE DARABARIS 11422 South Park Nominating Committee. DAVE DAUER 12007 Eggleston National Honor, Phorex, Tennis Team, Key Club, Science Club, Science Fair, Concert Band, Orchestra, College Day Aide, Phorex Rep. .IAMES DEAN 12646 So. Harvard Swimming Team, Chemistry Club, Hall Guard. WAYNE DE ANTONI 11553 Lafayette Drill Club, Otticers Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, Picked Platoon, Non. Comm. Officers, Ushers Club, May Festival, Military Ball Court. MARILYN DE BORTOLI 11568 LaSalle National Honor, Quill and Scroll, COURIER STAFF, Phorex, Program Committee, Student Librarian, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A. JANICE DE MARCHE 749 E. 104th Place Office Secretary, G.A.A., Hall Guard, Senior Sing. KATHY DEN DEKKER 107 W. 104th Place Torch Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., Water Ballet, Division Rep., Committee Chairman, Concert Band, Senior Sing, Fall Festival. 46 Senior year was said to be easiest of all, but for myself and many others it was the hardest. Although chemistry, Courier Staff, and lunch at Sheldon's rank high on my list, who can forget first period with Miss Yates? By the Way, if you Want any homework or test papers for C. A. History, look in the yellow pages. I'm Working my Way through college so I've saved all mine. Marilyn DeBortoli "Most Popular" Linnie Schmidt and lim Roberts mln! JUNE 1962 DANIEL DEVERICK 11355 So. Lowe Hall Guard, Swimming Team, Concert Band, Orchestra, Non. Comm. Officers, Picked Platoon, Rifle Team, PAT DEYOUNG 64 W. 114th St. Phorex, Pan American Club, Class Ofiicer, G.A.A., Senior Sing. SCOTT DEYOUNG 11431 Yale Ave. Water Ballet, Swimming Team, Committee Chairman, National Honor, Key Club, Cap 81 Gown Com- mittee, Orchestra, Division Rep., Phorex, Hall Guard. LESLIE DIECK 320 E. 138th St. Student Council Ofiicer, National Honor, Titan Torch, Prom Committee, Homecoming Committee, Phorex, Concert Band, Hostess Club, G.A.A., Quill 8. Scroll. MARYLOU DI FRANCESCO 568 East 104th Place Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep,, Titanettes, Glee Club, Jr. Red Cross. SANDRA DIKKEN 10733 Lowe National Honor, Phorex, College Day Aide, Science Fair, Latin Club, Counselor's Aide, Glee Club, Senior Sing, Torch Staff, F.T.A. CHARLENE DOGGETT 136 East 117th Place Senior Sing, Office Sec- retary, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Jr. Red Cross, Latin Club. BRIAN DOLAN 12336 S. Michigan Phorex, Division Rep., Latin Club. NANCY DONWICZ 10727 Edbrooke Phorex, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Ofiice Secretary, G.A.A. MARY ANN DROBICK 12324 S. Union Ave. BARBARA DUNAY 331 W. 106th Place Phorex, COURIER Rep., Stu- dent Librarian, Counselor's Aide, Program Comm., Student Council Rep., Glee Club, G.A.A. RONALD DYKSTRA 10610 S. LaFayette Basketball Team, Senior Sing, Counselor's Aide, Committee Chairman, Latin Club. JUDITH DYKTON 12144 LaSalle Prom Committee, Division Rep., Glee Club, Spring Festival, Latin Club, Oftice Secretary, G,A.A., G.A.A. Rep., P.T.A. Rep. MARILYN EIZENGA 11359 S. Green Concert Band, Homecoming Court, May Court, Hostess Club, General Committee, Division Rep., Of- fice Secretary, Science Fair, G.A.A. ALFRED ELLINGSEN 11617 Yale National Honor, Phorex, Drill Club, Student Council Rep., Rifie Team, Picked Platoon, Ushers Club, Science Fair, Counselor's Aide, Hall Guard. RUTH ELZINGA 311 W. 107th Place Phorex, Oftice Secretary, Divi- sion Rep., Diploma Committee, G.A.A. VIVIAN ENGLE 12245 Union G.A.A. MARIETTA ERICKSON 10517 LaFayette Homecoming Committee, Committee Chairman, Senior Sing, Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep., Torch Rep., Glee Club, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A. 47 Many will be going on to college: many more will be facing the world. Whatever the future may hold, Fenger has done much to prepare us for our per- plexing society. Besides the many classes and the homework we didn't particularly care for, there were many friends, activities, and unmentionable times We will never forget. One thing that is certain, F enger has cast an image in all our minds that will last forever. Ron Fischer 48 JUNE 1962 LINDA EVANS 738 E. 105th Pl. Senior Sing, OH. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A. CAROL FARKAS 11355 St. Lawrence College Day Aide, Counselor's Aide, Concert Band, Hostess Club, Latin Club, Letter Girls, G.A.A. Rep., Senior Breakfast, Science Fair. GEORGENE FARMENS 10925 Wallace Senior Sing, G.A.A., Concert Band. WILLIAM FAY 12609 Eggleston Quill 81 Scroll, Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex., Torch Staff, Counselor's Aide, Mixed Chorus, Color and Motto Comm., Latin Club, Science Fair, Newton Club. JOYCE FELICICCHIA 11579 La Salle Senior Sing, Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, OFF. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. AL FIAMENGHI 101 W. 116th St. .IOAN FIGURSKI 12625 Eggleston Torch Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. RONALD FISCHER 10757 Peoria Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, COURIER STAFF, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Tennis Team, Senior Sing, COURIER Rep. GERALD FISHER 11760 Wallace Torch Rep., Breakfast Comm., Reel- men, Color Guard, Picked Platoon. WILLIAM FISHER 321 W. 12-'ith St. Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Football Team. ARLENE FOLEY 11024 Emerald Hall Guard, Band, G.A.A. ROBERT FRIEDRICH 33 W. 125th Place Football Team SANDY FUS 11807 Indiana Student Council Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Titanettes, MICHAEL GASPAR 12863 Union Ave. Hall Guard, Senior Sing, Stu- dent Council Rep., Pan American Club. DONALD GHEZZI 131 E. 124th Street Hall Guard, Baseball Team, Reelmen. DONNA GHIOTTO 322 E. 117th Street Counselor's Aide, Announce- ment Comm., Bowling Team, G.A.A. CHARLES GLEIM 258 E. 136th Pl. Phorex, Student Council, Rep., Hall Guard, Announcement Comm. GEORGIA GOETTLER 11941 Normal COURIER STAFF, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Counselor's Aide, Phorex, G.A.A., Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Quill 8- Scroll. Wm? Ng-3,-mf JUNE 1962 PETE GOMBERT 240 W. 112th Place Hall Guard, Seating 81 March- ing Committee, Senior Sing, Bowling Team, Football Team, Male Chorus. JEAN GORDON 12854 S. Peoria COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. RUTH GRAFF 12432 Lowe Ave. Titanettes Captain, Phorex, Senior Sing, Glee Club, Division Rep., Torch Rep., Latin Club, Treasurer, Hall Guard, Quill 8- Scroll. HOWARD GRAVES 12124 Normal COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Coun- selor's Aide, Homecoming Court, Reelmen, Hall Guard. DOLORES GRIFFIN 64 W. 114th St. Hall Guard, OlTice Secretary, Senior Sing, G.A.A. JOHN GRZYBOWSKI 220 W. 104th Place Phorex, Program Commit- tee, Football Team, Male Chorus, Latin Club, Newton Club, Key Club. PAUL GULBRANSEN 12206 Lowe Ave. Seating 81 Marching Commit- tee, Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Bowling Team, Hall Guard. LINDA GUSTAFSON 10901 South Park Mixed Chorus, Choraliers, Christmas Festival, Spring Festival, G.A.A. JANICE HAAG 11450 Parnell Phorex, Committee Chairman, Office Secretary, Student Librarian, Hostess Club, Glee Club, May Festival, G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard Captain. NEILL M. HAAG JR. 11947 S. Normal Key Club, Phorex, Nominating Committee, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard. WARREN HAMILTON 12805 Emerald Ave. Counselor's Aide. TOM HANSEN 12205 S. Princeton Division Rep., Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus, Tennis Team. WILLIAM HECTOR 938 W. 129th Place Hall Guard. BRIAN HELGE 10722 S. State St. National Honor, Phorex 73A1, Quill and Scroll, Torch Stafft, Stage Crew, Orchestra, Program Comm., Latin Club, Physics Lab Aide, Counselor's Aide, Quill 8. Scroll. GAIL HERNANDEZ 11353 S. Forest Hall Guard, Oftice Secretary, Gym Help, Senior Sing, Bowling Team, G.A.A. NANCY HIGGINS 11353 Normal Ave. Phorex, Jr. Red Cross, Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Counselor's Aide, Hall Guard, Office Secretary, Senior Breakfast Committee, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. JAMES HOCH 34 W. 108th place. JUDITH HOFFMAN 11326 So. Harvard Ave. National Honor, Phorex, Torch StafT, May Festival, G.A.A. Board, Hostess Club, Announcement Committee, Letter Girls, Mixed Chorus, Quill 8- Scroll. "Best Dressed" Ieonne Nelson and Steve Perkovich JUNE 1962 VIRGINIA HOUSE 10948 Vernon COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Senior Sing, Bowling Team, May Festival, Glee Club, Student Gouncil Rep., G.A.A. Rep. ELIZABETH HRANKA 11218 Stewart Hall Guard, Announcement Comm., G.A.A. JOSEPH HUGHES 236 E. 109th St. Phorex, National Honor, Titan Torch, Mixed Chorus, Tennis Team, Bowling Team, Senior Sing Comm., Newton Club, Quill 8- Scroll. WALTER HULTSCH 11011 Green Phorex, Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Student Council Rep., Nominating Comm., Football Team, Tennis Team, Bowling Team. SUZANNE HYRY 63 W. 104th Place COURIER STAFF Editor, Water Ballet, Phorex, Prom Comm., Homecoming Comm., Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Latin Club, Bowling Team, Letter Girls, Quill 81 Scroll. JOHN INGALA 10621 Vernon. SYLVESTER IGNOWSKI 105 E. 124th St. HENRY JACOBSMA 45 W. 107th St. Reelmen, Picked Platoon, Color Guard, Ofticers Club, Non-Comm. Ofiicers Club, Ushers Club. MICHELE JAHN 12749 Parnell National Honor, Phorex, Orchestra, Nominating Comm., Latin Club, F.T.A., Science Fair, Counselor's Aide, G.A.A. SHIRLEY JARMOTZ 11415 Emerald Water Ballet, Cap 81 Gown Comm., Student Council Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep., Office Secretary, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. Rep. WILLIAM JENSEN 10436 Prairie Hall Guard. BARBARA JERN 10501 Prairie Office Secretary, May Festival, Science Fair, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard. DAVID JOHNSON 254 E. 136th Place Phorex, Picked Platoon, Rifie Team, Officers Club, Non-Comm. Officers Club, Science Fair, Student Librarian, Audio-Visual Aide. DONNA JOHNSON 10930 Wallace G.A.A., Concert Band. RICHARD JOHNSON 607 W. 129th Place STUART JOHNSON 11139 Edbrooke. DIANA JONES 837 W. 107th St. National Honor, Phorex, Hostess Club, Office Secretary, Diploma Comm., Mixer Chorus, Division Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. BERNARD JUDEIKIS 11608 S. Lowe Drama Club, Library Club, Jr. Red Cross, Male Chorus, Hall Guard, Reelmen, Nominating Comm., Student Librarian, Torch Rep. Of all the experiences in my life, my four years at Fenger will always be among my most enjoyable. They may not have all been good ones, but they have greatly contributed to make me what I am . . . Myself. Sue Hyry 50 ri: ,wvft "Biggest Eaters" joan Buchanan and Randy Shuman JUNE 1962 JEAN JURKOVICH 10519 S. LaSalle Counselor's Aide, G.A.A. CAROL JEAN KARABIN 818 E. 106th St. Office Sec., G.A.A., Senior Sing, Glee Club. SYLVIA SUE KARP 11839 S. Wallace Phorex, Torch Staff, Student Librarian, College Day Aide, Senior Sing, Titanettes, Water Ballet, Glee Club Ensemble, Library Club, Honorary Colonel. PATRICIA KEHOE 248 W. 119th St. Senior Sing, Bowling Team, Office Sec., Hall Guard, G.A.A., Gym Help. DAVID KELSHEIMER 11240 S. Normal Basketball Team, Prom Comm., Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep., Student Council Rep. SANDRA KELSO 129 E. 118th St. Titanettes, Prom Comm., Co-Chair man, May Festival, Student Council Rep., Phorex, COURIER Rep. NORMA KESTER 10623 Forest Ave. National Honor, Phorex, Hostess Club, Mixed Chorus, Student Librarian, Office Secretary, Latin Club, P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard. PAUL KJELSTROM 10839 Parnell Stage Crew, Football Team, Phorex, Prom. Comm. RICHARD KLESC 11340 Forest Baseball Team, Football Team, Break, fast Comm., Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus, German Club. KENNETH KLOMHAUS 10747 Sangamon Office Secretary, Seating and Marching Comm., Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus, Military Ball Comm., ROTC Brigade Staff, Picked Platoon, Color Guard, Key Club, Science Fair. DARLENE KNUREK 139 E. 122nd Place Student Council Rep., Office Sec., Hall Guard, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A. RICHARD KOEHLER 10658 Wentworth Key Club, Prom Comm., Stu dent Librarian, Officers Club, Picked Platoon, Drill Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, Color Guard, Mixed Chorus, Chess Club. GERALDINE KOENIG 10606 S. Aberdeen Phorex, COURlER Rep., Glee Club, Fall Festival, May Festival, Christmas Festival, G.A.A., An- nouncement Comm., Senior Sing, Bowling Team. CAROLE KOLAR 12419 Union D. E. Publicity Chairman, Jr. Retailers, Student Council Rep., Diploma Comm., G.A.A. CATHERINE KOONS 10627 So. Wallace Torch Rep., G.A.A. JUDY KOSCO 11916 S. Princeton Scholastic Art Award, Office Sec., G,A.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., P.T.A. Rep., Senior Sing, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Student Librarian. LORETTA KOWALSKI 12253 Normal National Honor, Phorex, G.A.A. Board, Pres., May Festival, Glee Club, Counselor's Aide, College Day Aide, Office Sec., Latin Club, G.A.A. Rep. NOREEN KRASAWSKI 10554 Wentworth Seating 8- Marching Comm., Bowling Team, Torch Rep., Office Secretary, G.A.A., Hall Guard. ffx, No longer may I procrastincxte, For my hour now is near. The clock has struck, I meet my fate, But I'1I not shed cr tear: F enger, goodbye, times have been Good and bad, yet dear. Georgia Go-ettler JUNE 1962 FRED KRAUSE 12468 Michigan Mixed Chorus, Seating 81 Marching Comm. JIM KRIKAU 254 E. 136th St. Concert Band, Announcements Comm., Football Team, Manager, German Club, Reelmen, Hall Guard, Div. Room Treasurer. WAYNE KROL 12618 Wentworth Bowling Team, Hall Guard. GERTRUDE KRON 448 W. 117th St. Student Council Rep., German Club, G.A.A. Rep., Hostess Club, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Gym Help. THERESA E. KRUMREI 11837 Eggleston Div. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Office Sec., Senior Sing, G.A.A,, Fall Festival, Spring Festival, Christmas Fes- tival, Glee Club. BARBARA KRUPA 535 W. 123rd St. Hall Guard, Office Sec., Senior Sing Comm., G.A.A. DOLORES KRYZAK 745 W. 104th Place COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep., Office Secretary, Student Librarian, Torch Rep., Senior Sing, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. WILLIAM KUBIAK 307 W. 112th Place Basketball Team, Hall Guard. MARIE KUKULA 34 E. 118th Place P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Student Coun- cil Rep. PAMELA KUSAY 11320 S. Emerald Concert Band, Orchestra, Water Ballet, Student Council Rep., Prom Comm., G.A.A., Torch Rep., Stu- dent Librarian, Christmas Festival, Spring Festival. CORINNE KUTSCHKE 10565 Perry Phorex, Student Librarian, College Day Aide, Counselor's Aide, OFHce Sec., Cap 81 Gown Comm., G.A.A., Glee Club Ensemble, Library Club, German Club. ' CHARLES LABUDA 11734 S. Eggleston Picked Platoon, Officers Club, Reelmen, National Honor, Student Council Rep., Counselor's Aide. SANDRA LANASA 10919 S. Sangamon Phorex, Hall Guard, Office Sec., G.A.A. VIVIAN LAPLANTE 152 E. 110th St. Senior Sing, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A., Hall Guard. KAREN LARSON 10509 LaSalle St. Water Ballet, Concert Band, Phor- ex, Office Sec., F.T.A., COURlER Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Science Fair, G.A.A. .IEAN LASHER 11104 S. Normal Student Council Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Student Librarian, Glee Club, G.A.A., Water Ballet,-Letter Girls, Bowl- ing Team, Science Fair, Office Sec. BEVERLY .IO LAWRENCE 12006 Stewart Phorex, Student Librarian, Office Secretary, Program Committee, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, G.A.A. Rep., May Festival, Division Rep., Counselor's Aide. LOUIS LEO 10723 Parnell Ave. Student Council President, National Honor, Phorex, Quill and Scroll, News Staff, Basketball Team, Tennis Team, Prom Comm., Homecoming Court, Homecoming Comm. 52 l Q .fy . JUNE 1962 JULIET LEONHARDI 12323 Princeton Drama Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, G.A.A., Science Fair. MIKE LESTYAN 11332 Calumet Ave. Counselor's Aide, Senior Sing, Tennis Team, Color Guard, Drill Club, Non Comm. Officers, Officers Club, Picked Platoon, Rif1e Team. RICHARD LINDMARK 10844 Eberhart National Honor, Key Club President, Stage Crew, Phorex, Football Team, Mixed Chorus, Reel- men, Gift and Stage Decoration Committee, Torch Rep. TONI LEE LISACK 646 E. 113th St. P.T.A. Rep., Senior Sing, G.A.A., Glee Club, May Festival. DONALD LORENZ 300 East 136th Place Student Council Committee Chairman, Division Rep., Phorex, College Day Aide, Hall Guard, Reel- men, Drama Club. CAROL LUCARZ 12316 Normal Glee Club, COURIER Rep., Coun- selor's Aide, OFfice Secretary, Nominating Comm., Prom Comm., Plan- ning Comm., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls. JEAN MALKOWSKI 11753 Halsted National Honor, Phorex, F.T.A., Senior Sing, Student Librarian, Office Secretary, F.T.A., Counselor's Aide, Hostess Club, G.A.A. PAUL E. MALM 10405 S. Calumet Tennis Team, Mixed Chorus, Divi- sion Rep., COURIER Rep., Bowling Team, Hall Guard. PATRICIA MANDERS 11748 S. Peoria G.A.A. MARYANN MANESTAR 11714 Indiana Hall Guard, Ofiice Secretary, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Division Rep., Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Christmas Festival, Senior Sing, May Festival, RUTH MANSEN 11539 Normal Concert Band, Water Ballet, Hostess Club, Phorex, Counselor's Aide, COURIER Rep., OFfice Secretary, Torch Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Orchestra. BRUCE MANSON 12026 Lafayette Swimming Team, German Club, Concert Band, Phorex, Hall Guard. MARCIA MARCINIAK 841 West 129th Place Phorex, Glee Club, G.A.A., Nlay Festival. BARBARA MARCINKEWICZ 12122 Wallace G.A.A., Senior Sing, Glee Club, Nlay Festival. KAREN MARGGRAF 544 W. 103rd Place Dist. Ed. Club, Jr. Red Cross, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard. MARILYN MARSHALL 423 W. 120th St. Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Oftice Secretary, G.A.A. Rep., Senior Sing. LARRY MARTINEZ 379 E. Kensington Ave. Office Secretary, G.A.A., Mixed Chorus. MICHAELINE MARYANOVICH 383 E. Kensington Oftice Secretary, G.A.A., Mixed Chorus. 53 "One With Whom You'd Like to Spend A11 Your Time Ron Dykstra and Pat Portock. JUNE 1962 DIANNE MATUL 10717 LaSalle Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Bowling Team, G.A.A. KAREN McFARLAND 11256 Parnell Student Council Rep., Water Bal- let, Teacher Secretary, G.A.A. KATHY McFARLAND 12862 Peoria COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Office Secretary, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glee Club, Senior Sing. PATRICIA McGARRY 316 E. 115th St. G.A.A. JAMES McMAHON 11646 S. Wallace. ANITA McPHERON 14 W. 110th Place COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, Office Secretary, G.A.A., Senior Sing. BARBARA MEYER 10207 Vernon Ave. Phorex, COURIER Staff Stu- dent Librarian, Counselor's Aide, Office Secretary, Prom. Comm., Glee Club, Ensemble, FRANK MERTH 228 W. 113th St. DONALD MEYERS 11757 S. Lowe COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, Senior Sing, Bowling Team, Laboratory Aide. JUDY MEYERS 11350 Harvard National Honor, Phorex, Quill and Scroll, Graduation Monitor, May Festival, Torch Staff, G.A.A. Board, Titanettes, Prom Comm., Glee Club Ensemble. RICHARD MEYERS 237 W. 105th Place COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, Prom Comm., Senior Sing, Swimming Team, Student Council Rep., Latin Club. CARLA GAY MICHAELS 403 W. 118th St. Counselcr's Aide, OFf1ce Secretary, Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Diploma Comm., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard. JEANETTE MILEWSKI 702 W. 115th St. Glee Club, G.A.A., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard. DAN MILLER 240 W. 118th St. Phorex, Football Team, Hall Guard, Senior Sing, Male Chorus, Science Fair. .IOHN MILLER 13311 Indiana Prom Comm., Senior Sing, Student Council Rep., Student Council Comm. Chairman, Reelmen, Student Librarian, Homecoming Comm. JACK MONGEAU 245 E. 130th St. ELEANOR MORO 114 E. 120th Place Hall Guard, Senior Sing, G.A.A., Glee Club. PATRICIA MORITTI 23 E. 120th Place Torch Rep., G.A.A., Hall Guard. 54 "Most Admired" Barb Van Rite and Bill Stall JUNE 1962 DAVE MOSKAL 11814 Prairie Hall Guard. PAUL MURAWSKI 11324 Yale Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Senior Sing, Breakfast Comm., Bowling Team, Reelmen, Jr. Red Cross. JIM NECHAY 12242 Sangarnon. FRANK NELSON 12053 Indiana. JOYCE NELSON 135 W. 113th St. Breakfast Comm., Nominating Comm., G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Torch Rep., Counselor's Aide, Student Council Rep. JEANNE NELSON 117 E. 124th St. Class Sec., Phorex, College Day Aide, Senior Sing, G.A.A. Rep., May Festival, Homecoming Court, Pan American Club, Student Council Rep. SANDRA NELSON 10423 Normal COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Student Lib., Hall Guard, G.A.A. Rep., Student Council Rep., Concert Band, Orchestra, Science Fair. JAMES NICHOLS 421 W. 115th St. Football Team, Homecoming Court, Student Council Rep.. Steering Comm. BONNIE NORGARD 11131 Parnell COURIER Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Announcements Comm., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Senior Sing. WILLIAM NOTHOF 342 W. 105th Place. JAMES OBLAK 12319 Union. JEROME OBUCHOWSKI 10346 Union. 55 Happy, happy, happy, all the time happy . . . What a nut. But nows the time to grow up even if what I really want to be is a shoe salesman. I cctn't just throw that idea away like an old gum wrapper. Looking back seeing the snake curled up on the rock in the sun and egg plants growing in the "F" in the quad, all I can say is "Thanlcs." Fran Pudlewski 56 JUNE 1962 BARBARA OCIEPKA 12253 Perry Senior Sing, Student Council Rep., Glee Club, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Student Lib., Hall Guard, Office Sec., German Club. SYBIL ORNE 11245 Emerald Water Ballet, Nat. Hon. Soc., Titan Torch, Quill 8. Scroll, G.A.A. Board, Titanettes, Senior Sing, Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Hostess Club. LOUISE PAGLIERO 11320 Langley G.A.A., Glee Club, Hall Guard. BERNADETTE PALCZAK 15421 Lexington G.A.A., Counselor's Aide, Oftice Sec. ROBERT PARCHEN 12237 Wentworth Baseball Team, Football Team. ALICE PAW 11734 Sangamon Senior Sing, Bowling Team, G.A.A., OfTice Sec., Gym Help, Glee Club, Hall Guard. RUDY PERICH 12226 May COURIER Rep. STEVEN PERKOVICH 12233 Morgan Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Hall Guard. ESTER PERYSIAN 337 W. 110th Place Office Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Bowling Team, Hall Guard. SANDRA PIETROWICZ 11840 LaSalle Phorex, College Day Aide, Titanettes, Prom Comm., Torch Rep., Student Council Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. SHIRLEY PLANKIS 1050 W. 105th St. Phorex, Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Counselor's Aide, Hall Guard, Oftice Sec., Diploma Comm., G.A.A., G.A.A, Rep., Science Fair. JUDY POCHRON 1005 W. 103rd Place Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., Cap and Gown Comm., G.A.A., Glee Club, May Festival, Fall Festival. TERRY PODBIELSKI 12548 Union Phorex, Basketball Team, Golf Team, Hall Guard. JAMES POELSTRA 11225 Emerald Phorex, Male Chorus, Bowling Team. CAROL POMEROY 12116 Harvard Student Council Rep., Phorex, Torch Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., Science Fair, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club. PAT PORTOCK 10549 Edbrooke Titanettes, COURIER Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Oftice Sec., Decorating Comm., G.A.A., Glee Club. LEO POTOCHI 136 E. 119th St. P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard. FRANCES PUDLEWSKI 10618 LaSalle National Honor, Phorex, COUR- IER Staff, G.A.A. Board, Graduation Monitor, Physics Lab. Aide, Coun- selor's Aide, Seating and Marching Comm., Quill 81 Scroll. JUNE 1962 JENNIFER PURSELL 11721 Lowe Cap 8. Gown Committee, Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A. BARBARA QUILLMAN 12125 Normal Office Sec., G.A.A., Glee Club, Torch Rep., Hall Guard. DOUGLAS RADIUS 10726 Green Basketball Team, Senior Sing, Phorex, Hall Guard. LON RAGO 12445 State Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus. STEPHEN RAMBEAUX 10722 Wallace Student Council Rep., Phorex, COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, Diploma Committee. RONALD REATO 11022 Sangamon COURIER Staff, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Prom Comm., Student Council Rep., Room Pres. LANETTE RENALDI 238 W. 113th St. Glee Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard. PATRICIA RENGH 221 W. 109th St. Breakfast Comm., COURIER Rep., Office Sec., G.A.A., Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Science Fair, Senior Sing. JEAN RENSTROM 11250 Union Concert Band, Orchestra, National Honor, Pres., Phorex, Torch Staft, Graduation Monitor, College Day Aide, Counselor's Aide, Science Fair, Quill 8. Scroll. JACQUELINE RESCE 12021 Perry Torch Rep., Counselor's Aide, Hall Guard, Office Sec., G.A.A., Glee Club, Senior Sing. DARLENE RHODERICK 10946 Eberhart. MARGARET RICHARDSON 10732 Emerald Student Council Rep., Color, Stage 8- Motto Comm., COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Bowling Team, G.A.A., G,A.A. Rep. "Smartest" leon Renstrom and loe Hughes JUNE T962 FELICIA RIGONI 28 W. ll2th Place G.A.A., Drama Club, Senior Sing. WILLIAM ROBB lO6Ol Champlain Student Librarian, Science Fair, Non-Comm. Ofticer, ROTC, Student Council Rep., Hall Guard, Picked Platoon, Ushers Club. JAMES ROBERTS II206 St. Lawrence Basketball Team, Prom Com- mittee, College Day Aide, COURIER StaFl, Homecoming King, Mixed Chorus, Water Ballet, Torch Rep., Student Council Comm. LAUREL ROBERTS lO8Ol Millard COURIER StaFf, National Honor, Quill 8. Scroll, Phorex, Pan American Club, Science Fair, Oftice Sec., Coun- selor's Aide, College Day Aide, Student Librarian. WALTER RODZEN 305 W. II7th St. LOUISE ROODING 249 VV. llbth Sl. SANDRA ROSEN IIIIB S. Green Phorex, Letter Girls, Hostess Club, F.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A., Student Council Rep., Student Council Comm. chairman, P.T.A., Oftice Sec. JANICE ROSS l24I5 LaSalle COURIER Rep., Phorex, Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Torch Rep., College Day Aide, Hall Guard, Of- fice Sec., Breakfast Comm. PAT RUBINAS I24l7 State Water Ballet, Titan Torch StaFf, Senior Sing Comm., Glee Club, Student Council Rep., Phorex, Torch Rep., Office Sec. JANET RUSWICK l2038 Lowe Torch StaFF, Phorex, Prom Comm., Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Office Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Quill lk Scroll. DANIEL SABADOS 657 W. Vermont Golf Team, Hall Guard, Concert Band, Orchestra. NANCY SALTER ll532 Parnell Bowling Team, G.A.A., Glee Club. SHARON SANISLO l2508 Harvard Phorex, Cap 81 Gown Comm., G.A.A. Rep., Latin Club, G.A.A., Senior Sing. BERNARD SCHAAF 27 W. ll2th Place Phorex. CAROL SCHEFFLER IIB E. l23rd St. Cap 81 Gown Comm., Senior Sing, G.A.A. JOYCE SCHEUERMANN IO5OO S. May St. Bowling Team, Senior Sing Comm., COURIER Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. MIKE SCHIMANSKI H936 Prairie P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard. MARILYN SCHMIDT IIO37 Union May Court, National Honor, Cheer- leader, Water Ballet, Senior Sing Comm., Titan Torch Staff, G.A.A. Board, Nominating Comm. 1 ig Leaving Fenger is going to be a time of joy and more joy. If asked Why this, a time of usual sadness and recapitulation, is so joyous, I would say a new World is opening and is there for the asking of the eager. But even one as hard as nails cannot forget these passing eons and at some- time recall them in a moment of Weakness. And in conclusion I would like to say that, "Time is a river, so don't go in without a suit on." lim Roberts 58 "Most Mysterious" Barbara lem and Doug Radius JUNE 1962 RICHARD SCHULTZ 11407 Parnell Senior Sing Comm., Mixed Chorus Choraliers, Bowling Team, Christmas Festival, Spring Festival. DORAJEAN SEARLS 11539 LaSalle Phorex, Counselor's Aide, Diploma Comm., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. MARGARET SENDEJAS 834 W. l18tl-n St. P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Ottice Sec., Senior Sing, G.A.A. AVIS SHAPIRO 11302 Union Ave. Water Ballet, Cheerleader, Na, tional Honor, Tiatan Torch, Phorex, Senior Sing, Letter Girls, G.A.A. Rep., Office Sec., Quill 8. Scroll. IRENE SHARP 261 W. 114th St. Div. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Ottice Sec., G.A.A. MARY SHINNICK 11540 Parnell Water Ballet, Glee Club, Phorex, Counselor's Aide, Office Sec., G.A.A. JOHN SIGLER 11352 Lawerence Hall Guard, Football Team. KAREN SIGMUND 12210 Union G.A.A., Oltice Sec., Hall Guard, Torch Rep., Jr. Red Cross, G.A.A. Rep. MICHAEL SIMMONS 215 E. 119th St. Hall Guard. MARILYN SIMULICK 12223 Wentworth Homecoming Court, Water Ballet, Glee Club, General Comm., Glee Club Ensemble, COURIER Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A. RAY SINDE 214 W. 111th St. Student Council, Baseball Team, Foot- ball Team. CLARA SIPKA 10637 Wallace Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Latin Club, P.T.A., United Nations Club, Physics Club Pres., Glee Club, Counselor's Aide, Sec. 126, Program Comm. 59 JUNE 1962 .IANIS SIPO5 10542 Rhodes National Honor Society, Phorex, Torch Staff, Room Sec., Ofifice Sec., Student Librarian, Latin Club, Hostess Club, F.T.A., Mixed Chorus. CORRINE SKINNER 11323 Eggleston Program Committee, Senior Sing, G.A.A. LILLIAN SOBUN 12443 Parnell May Festival, Glee Club, Hall Guard, o.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. FRANK SOJKA 11734 Prairie Diploma Committee, Division Rep., Drill Club, Officers Club, Picked Platoon, Ushers Club. DENNIS SOLIDAY 12429 South LaSalle Golf Team, Concert Band, Hall Guard, Orchestra, Science Fair, Jr. Red Cross, Student Librarian. CHERYL SOMES 10409 Eberhardt Phorex, Office Sec., Hall Guard, Breakfast Comm., Nominating Comm., Division Rep., Glee Club, Hostess Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. RAYMOND SPILLER 4350 Rockwell Concert Band, COURIER Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Hall Guard. WILLIAM STALL 11000 Sangamon Nat. Honor Vice-Pres., Class Presi- dent, Editor, Titan Torch, Prom Comm., Mixed Chorus, Key Club, Tennis Team, Quill 8: Scroll, Office Sec., Male Chorus. PETER STANLEY 12218 May St. Phorex, College Day Aide, Hall Guard, Tennis Team, Newton Club, Drill Club, Officers Club, Picked Platoon, German Club, Science Fair. LORETTA STELLA 11824 Lafayette Ave. Phorex, Phorex Rep., Seat- ing and Marching Comm., G.A.A., Student Council Rep., Hall Guard, OfTice Sec. CAROLE STEVENS 10502 Indiana Student Council Rep., Hall Guard, G.A.A. THOMAS STEWART 10822 Rhodes Class Vice-Pres., Phorex, Basket- ball Team, Prom Comm., Torch Rep., Counselor's Aide, Phorex Rep., Chemistry Club, Senior Sing. ROBERT STONE 130 W. 114th St. Student Council Rep., Hall Guard, Baseball Team, Bowling Team, Senior Sing. GEORGE STRATTON 11117 Emerald Phorex, Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Baseball Team. NEIL STRUMBIS 10755 Indiana. JOSEPH STUART 10500 S. Lowe Swim Team, Water Ballet, Prom Comm., Class Vice-Pres., Key Club, Hall Guard. ROSALIE TANIS 10604 Wallace St. Phorex, COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Oftice Sec., General Comm., Senior Sing, Glee Club, Science Fair, G.A.A. ROSE MARIE TANIS 10604 Wallace St. Glee Club Vice-Pres., P.T.A. Rep., Senior Sing, Hall Guard, G.A.A. 60 l JUNE 1962 MARY ANN TAYLOR 11350 Wentworth Torch Rep., Senior Sing, G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., Glee Club. GIL THOMSON 230 W. 108th Place Hall Guard. .IOHANN THONEY 1043 W. 107th St. Phorex, Concert Band, Orches- tra, Program Comm., Nominating Comm., College Day Aid, Student Librarian, G.A.A., Band. CAROL THORP 10640 Wallace Ave. Torch Rep., Student Librarian, Hall Guard, Bowling Team, Senior Sing, G.A.A. ILONA TOBIA5 663 W. 117th Place Hall Guard, Oftice Sec., Glee Club, G.A.A. JOYCE TOCCI 2 E. 107th St. Student Council Rep., Program Comm., Bowling Team, Senior Sing, G.A.A. GEORGIA TODHUNTER 100 W. 104th St. Cheerleader, National Honor, Phorex, Titan Torch, Glee Club, Hostess Club, Prom Comm., College Day Aide, Latin Club, G.A.A., Quill 8- Scroll. EUGENE TON 51 E. 110th St. Hall Guard, Senior Sing, Concert Band. ROBERT TOON 12211 Loomis Phorex, Swim Team, German Club. KENNETH TOREN 10920 S. Indiana. MEL TROJANOWSKI 12408 Union Phorex, Hall Guard, Baseball Team, Football Team, Homecoming Court. WILLIAM TRUESDALE 12746 Sangamon Hall Guard. 61 V I "Most Feminine cmd Most Masculine" Emilie Bagnczrc cmd Mel Trojanowski JUNE 1962 DORIS TULP 11210 Champlain Program Comm., Bowling Team, Counselor's Aide, Glee Club, Office Sec., Student Librarian, G.A.A., Phorex. ALAN UNANDER 10401 Racine Phorex, Room Secretary, 143 Aides. PETER VAN BREEMAN 244 W, 110th Place Swim Team, Bowling Team, Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep. PHILLIP VAN DAM 11124 Emerald Concert Band, Orchestra, Male Chorus, Drum 81 Bugle Corps. JERRY VANDER WOUDE 16 W. 112th Place Torch Rep., Hall Guard, Seating 8. Marching Comm., Senior Sing, Bowling Team, Tennis Team, Science Fair. GLEN VAN HAREN 119 W. 126th Place COURIER Rep., Hall Guard, Bowling Team, Football Team. ROBERT VAN NESS 145 W. 108th Place Basketball Team. BARBARA VAN RITE 11151 Wallace Military Ball Queen, Phorex, Prom Comm., Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, G.A.A. Rep., COURIER Rep., Student Council Rep., May Festival. BEVERLY VERHAGEN 10815 Normal G.A.A. PAUL VETTERICK 12222 Harvard National Honor, Phorex, COURIER STAFF, Tennis Team, Concert Band, Key Club, College Day Aide, Senior Sing, Science Fair, Quill 81 Scroll. DIANE VIANELLO 115 E. 103rd Place Phorex Rep., COURIER Rep., Announcement Comm. Chairman, F.T.A., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Science Fair. ROBERTA VITORELLI 11419 Forrestville Phorex, Phorex Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Ofhce Sec., G.A.A., Diploma Comm. ELAINE VOGT 658 W. 111th St. Water Ballet, Glee Club, Senior Sing, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Torch Rep., Hall Guard. LEWIS WAGY 262 W. 106th St. Swim Team, Water Ballet, Student Council Rep., Torch Rep. ROBERT WALKER 39 W. 103rd Place Hall Guard, Science Fair. MARY ELLEN WALSH 12558 S, Emerald Program Comm., Glee Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. RADYNE WALSH 946 W. 111th St. Student Council Officer, German Club, G.A.A., Office Sec., Glee Club, Hall Guard, Counselor's Aide. LAWRENCE WANTUCH 12447 Harvard Hall Guard, Basketball Team, Bowling Team. 62 Now that graduation is over, the past four years seem more like four days. Trying to get photographs to Courier Staff on time, and running to school every Friday morning for Senior Sing practice are all memories now. But the best memories are those of the friends I have met. Ron Heato :, Pze.CaM.f.'z:, W.. ..1 .... .. . .... -. .. FJAH .. -rzQs.."mQ. .... "Most Athletic" Frcm Pudlewski ond Bob Carlson JUNE 1962 ANITA WARHOLAK 10705 Cottage Grove Hall Guard, Office Sec., G.A.A., Glee Club, Glee Club Ensemble, Fall Festival, Spring Festival, Christmas Show. PATRICIA WARPUT 36 E. 103rd Place P.T.A. Rep., Mixed Chorus, Senior Sing, G.A.A., Hall Guard. JAMIE WEAVER 11115 Edbrooke Hall Guard, G.A.A., G.A.A, Rep., Science Fair. EMMA WENK 12552 Michigan Seating and Marching Comm., Glee Club, G.A.A. THOMAS WESTWATER 12758 Wallace Football Team, Wrestling Team, Hall Guard. LINDA WHITE 10604 S. Lowe Titanettes, Water Ballet, Titan Torch Staff, Senior Sing Chairman, G.A.A. Board, Letter Girls, College Day Aide, Military Ball Court, Phorex, Glee Club, Quill and Scroll, ELIZABETH WII.I.S 12207 Loomis Of11ce Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Torch Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. JAMES WISE 10547 So. Park Ave. Torch Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Bowling Club, Hall Guard. JAMES WORTEL 10645 Eggleston Swim Team, Water Ballet. JOYCE WURSTER 245 W. 104th St. Water Ballet, DE Treasurer, Jr. Retailer's Club, G.A.A., Letter Girls. JUDITH YATES 139 W. 112th St. COURIER Rep., Torch Rep., Court' selor's Aide, P.T.A. Rep., Student Librarian, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Breakfast Comm. PATRICIA ZABARAC 11117 Emerald Student Council Rep., G.A.A., Diploma Comm., Senior Sing. 63 JUNE 1962 BARBARA ZAJAC 12218 Peoria Student Council Rep., Glee Club Vice Pres., Glee Club Ensemble, Torch Rep., Hall Guard Captain, Ofhce Secre- tary, Senior Sing, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. DENNIS ZAREMBKA 12304 LaSalle EDIE ZARINS 12024 Stewart Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., College Day Aide, Office Secretary, G.A.A., Hostess Club, Latin Club, Science Fair. BARBARA ZEISEL 10538 Corliss College Day Aide, May Festival, Phor' ex, Glee Club, Counselor's Aide, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Science Fair. . LAURIE ZELEK 12054 Lowe Phorex, COURIER Rep., Seating 8- Marching Comm., Oft1ce Secretary, Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Phorex Rep. YVONNE ZMUCKI 12153 Laflin Counselor's Aide, Glee Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard, P.T.A. Rep., Senior Sing. RONALD ZAIO 10726 Perry Hall Guard, Senior Sing. GRADUATES NOT PICTURED BIRT EMERY BAILEY 12254 Carpenter, THOMAS CHARLES HOPMAN 10622 Aberdeen, GEORGE ALAN KLIVICKIS 11843 Morgan, KEITH DOVER LONG 719 W. 129th St., THOMAS HARRY ORCHOWSKI 10404 S. Green, FRANK RODELLI 418 E. 107th St., RICHARD LYNN ROWE 1109 W. 107th St., DONNA MAE SHAFT 1020 W. 104th Pl., CLAUDE THOMAS SHANK- LIN, 10626 Lowe, WARREN ROGER SKOGLUND 12846 Normal, WAYNE EARL TATKUS 1000 W. 129th Pl., DENICE J. VARGA 12148 S. Lowe DENNIS WALKER 525 W. 118th St. The last year for the average senior is without exception a trying one, and in fact, quite conducive to mental despond- ency and physical fatigue. For example, between writing those last minute English and History themes, balancing the Courier financial books and lay- I ing out my section, tennis team Z practice, 7:00 A.M. Band and lnzn llffnn Senior Sing rehearsals, and National Honor and Key Club meetings, one can not help but t1nd himself quite anemic look- ing because of a lack of sleep. But in spite of these minor un- pIeOSC1l1II'1eS, I1 I1C1S been G "My lout years at Fenger are over lm walking P I - k down these fam1l1ar halls for the last time GU Vellerlc I can only remember cz happy blur yet Im sad 64 ROW 1 Nancy Pearson, Linda Novak, Florence Oedzes, Jacqueline Cramer. ROW 2-Pam r-all Redendorp Barbara Carapezza, Diane Murphy, Ruth Lang. GRADUATION MONITORS Each semester a choice group of 4B girls is chosen to be graduation monitors. These girls are ' selected on the basis of class rank cmd average. They are dressed in graduation gowns and perform various duties graduation night. Achieving this goal by any girl can be considered a high honor. Fran Pudlevvski, Clara Sipka, Judy Meyers, Jean Renstrom. 65 SENIOR COMMITTEES JUNE as 5:64 2 25 3 L A is 1:77 4, . t . Q we L Z Qffwifsxfgww is is sersfvrssmaaaazvfiwasaviaafw a - : Y 1 . The rush is on again as graduating seniors scramble to become senior committee members. The eight com- mittees are: Senior Sing, Senior Breakfast, Prom, Program, Diploma, Announcement, Stage and Gift, and Cap and Gown. Mr. High, the class sponsor, and the eleven 4A divi- sion teachers lend their knowledge and experience to these committees whose purpose is to bring about a successfully functioning graduation. SENIOR SING ROW 'I-Theresa Krumrei, Sybil Orne, Ruth Graft, Linda White, Sue Karp, Avis Shapiro. ROW 2-Joe Hughes, Rich Schultz, Douglas Radius, Ron Dykstra. Eugene Ton, Ron Fischer BREAKFAST ROW I-Carol Farkas, Cheryl Somes. ROW 2-Joyce Nelson, Richard Klesc, Patricia Rengh. Janice Ross. DIPLOMA ROW 1-Irene Cielecki, Dora Jean Searls, Barbara Quillman, Diana Jones. ROW 2-Shirley Plankis, Carla Gay Michaels, Michelle Zabarac. PROM ROW I-Leslie Dieck, Lora Bex, Georgia Todhunter, Georgia Goettler, Sue Hyry, Judy Meyers, Pam Kusay, Janet Ruswick, Judy Dykton. ROW 2-Rich Meyers, Lew Wagy, Bill Stall, Dave Kelsheimer, John Miller, Lou Leo, Tom Stuart. ROW 3-Ron Reato, Paul Kiel- strom, Denny Alcott, Jim Roberts, Bob Carlson, Ron Dykstra. 66 CLASS COLOR, GIFT, MOTTO AND STAGE DECORATIONS ROW I-Joyce Tocci, Rosalie Tanis, Marilyn Eizenga, Marilyn Similick, Margaret Richardson. ROW 2-Mi- chele, Jahn, William Fay, Richard Lindmark. PROGRAM - ROW I-Joan Buchanan, Beverly Lawrence, Corrine Skinner, Doris Tulp, Marilyn DeBortoIi. ROW 2- Johann Thoney, Mary Ellen Walsh, Claudelie Alm, Clara Sipka, Barbara Dunay, John Grzybowski, Brian Helge. ANNOUNCEMENT ROW I-Judy Hoffman, Geraldine Koenig, Diane Vianello, Marie Calderone, Beverly Backli, ROW 2- Jim Krikau, William Cain, Charles Gleim. SEATING AND MARCHING ROW 1-Laurie Zelek, Loretta Stella, Noreen Krasaw- ski, Fran Pudlewski. ROW 2-Jerry Vanderwoude, Fred Krause, Mike Lestyan, Pete Gombert, Ken Klom- house. CAP AND GOWN ROW I-Sharon Barton, Barbara Bosco, Scott De- Young, Judy Pochron, Shirley Jarmotz. ROW 2-Corn rine Kutschke, Joan Aiken, Connie Bittler. Jennifer Pursell, Sharon Sanislo. D UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS: ROW I-Robert Aring, Mary Duncan, Elinor Shapiro, Marsha Facktor, Gale Sumner, Judith Silander. ROW 2-Bud Skiba, Ronald Schwarcz, James Betourney, Charles Oppenlander, Ray Good, Ray Polak. ROW 3 -Jerry Pape, Gran Leonhardt, Kenneth Peting, Wally Kurczewski, Jack Grove. ROW 4-Russ Calderwood. James McGhee, Leon Schachter. ZZMLJ 3 X FENGER AT COLLEGE A number of students from each grad- uating class choose to go to college. ln time they may be forgotten, but they never seem to forget Fenger. After four years of hard work in school, scholarships and thoughtful parents aid these former students to achieve their goals. For some it is their first time away from home and it gives them a feeling of independ- ence. For once they are really on their own. All that they now achieve will be the result of their own efforts and without supervision. BRADLEY UNIVERSITY: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT-John Laederach, Chet Chy- linski, Irene Schuster, Judy Weglarz, Jacqueline Klipp, Ronald R. Podgorski, Woodrow Almon, Sandy Dilley -STANDING. THORTON JUNIOR COLLEGE: ROW I-Donna Riley, Beverly Erickson, Lind Jensen, Marilyn Barczi, Pat Renstrom. ROW 2-Edward Pave' lik, John Easton, Kenneth Rago, George Huffman, Rich Nelson. ROW 3-Fred Fiddelke, Vern Anderson, Charles Higgins, Randell Wenig, 68 VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY: William Frietag, Robert Morandi, Luke Larocca, Diane Tumas, Wayne Trainor. HOPE COLLEGE: SEATED ON FLOOR-Carol Kuyper, Carol Turkstra, Sandy Bovenkerk. ROW 2-SEATED-Joyce Elzinga, Gay DeYoung, Elaine VanderWalI, Janet Blom, Gayle Ruisard, Bruce Laverman. STANDING-John Blom, James Boersma, Robert Raaties, Ruth VanWitzenburg, Barry Werkman, John Lobbes, Terry Nagelvoort. BLACKBURN COLLEGE: ROW I-Lynne Hansen, Bev- erly Hansen. ROW 2-Tom Lewis, Rich Minster, Rich Olson, Gary Marrs, Wayne Johnson. 69 5h'I7"'A ' ILLINOIS WESLEYAN: ROW I-Carol Kocan, Kristine Eikedahl, Sharon Caroll, Dorothy Johnson. ROW 2-Barbara Klein, Julie Oehlsen, Kent Richmand, Ken Matson, Natalie Preskus, Sue Cox. VM, TN.. Z, Q, M 70 f X5 A Ax EN' .LL K Y TOP: King Jim Roberts. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Bosco Dave Fisher, Judy Surfus and Carlson, Jeanne Nelson and Mel ianowski, Diane Baldelli and Lou Florence Ocdzes and Joe Galetto. 72 and Bob Tro- Leo, The music softens and the lights are dimmed. The highlight of the T961 Homecoming Dance, "Tea House of the Harvest Moon," is about to begin- The crowning ot the king and queen. The ten couples march under the honor guards' arch of Sabres, remembering the anxious anticipation as they waited for ballots to be counted and the names of the students on the court to be announced. slow they ore ogolin brecithless cis the nclmes of the tudents who received the highest number ot 'otes ore reveoled. The king ond queen dre- im Roberts ond Florence Oedzes. As the couples ecuve the gymnosium they turn bock for one more Jolc out the red ond gold pogodo, rickshciw, ond Ihinese lanterns, which the Student Council sed to corry out the orientol theme. X TOP: Queen Florence Oedzes. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave DeSantis and Marcia Miedcma, Jucly Ruswrck and Jim Roberts, Sandy Fus and Randy Schuman, Emily Bagnara and Chuck Anderson, Marilyn Eizinga and Jim Nichols, Marilyn Simulick and Larry Wallmcn. 73 FALL FESTIVAL Rag dolls, wooden soldiers, and Spanish dancers -these and more went into the making of the Fall Festival. The voices of the Choraliers and Glee Club were heard adding fine music to the show. Organizations such as the Latin Club and R.O.T.C. put on skits to add their talents. The Fall Festival gave moments to remember not only to the performers but also to the audience. Bob Gallagher reveals his hidden talents with the yo-yo. Karen Haworth and Linda Hazecamp are sisters tor one evening. "Coach" Lumbrazo and his fabulous band highlight the festival with their excellent presentation ot popular, classical, and tra, ditional songs. With maraccas and borigos accompanying the members. the Pan American Club adds some atmosphere through Spanish song. These dancing dolls are really our cheerleaders in disguise as they show their agility in the "Rag Doll Dance." German Club, accompanied by a small band, presents its talented "frau- Ieins" and "lcnabes" in a German song and dance. Caesar feeds Bob Crawford to the vicious lions as members of Fenger's Latin Club cheer on, giving the traditional "thumbs down" signal. The Mixed Chorus reveals its true self. Instead of performing in their usual manner, the chorus showed their other side by "letting their hair down." R.O.T.C. sets its seriousness aside for one night and shows the work which goes into making a fine group of cadets. 1 .f Art Workshop gives their impressions of typical Fenger students as We can see by these entrancing pictures. emmmfi .vAv 5' ' The prom has really started. Couples being to arrive. Prom bids are given a smile WW, MBP S owe sam' 9? 1 in ,Q sf, wg' Wi if new of approval. The Prom is the climax to all the wonderful moments, now fondest memories, that the graduates experienced. In one night is celebrated the completion of an education, a farewell to friends and the "alma mater", and a "Bon voyage!" to the fascinating trip into the future the graduates must take. ,Eggs Adding to the list of fond high school memories. E if And lo our sponsor, flowers of gratitude. The climax to cz delightful night. The January Prom, appropriately named "While We're Young," was held in the Louis XIV Ballroom of the 0 0 Shorelancl Hotel. The June Prom, "Moonlight and 9 g Roses," was held in the Grand Ballroom ot the 9 3 . . . - 0 Knickerbocker Hotel. In all this loyful extrava gance lies a touch of sadness that will accompany the graduates in their parting of the woys. lb lla 3 ' Sitting-Jackie Zechini, Jackie Taradash. RCW 0 ' I--Joyce Bonaguro, Linda Novak, Florence Q Q Oedzes, Beverly Yonker, Jackie Cramer. ROW 0 2-Ron Mrozek, Jackie Lundstrom, Cheryl Bar- 0 0 clay, William Mills, Rich Peterson. 0 o 9 o '36 0 o 9 0 Q 0 0 o 9 U X 295 ' , . U 6 o o ' 0 . 9 o O 995123-lsr. .. if 26303 an 'gpg 9536-f . Ing' 'lltglgilgjlg xml? tit' 0 9 Q ci E fix in t NANCY PEARSON M Q Q if 09 562 Wg ex gag CX of M S S reet Star Queenfg DQ Q C2 C93 GY: C3 3 Q ga Q if 359 WDW C3 Q A 03 9 JOAN BUCHA May ll BARBARA VAN RITE Military Bull Queen 428 gg C2 9 gg? C5 82 C' We Q wi W 3 G J 2 I Q' pl EY 0 i', 1 1 .". 5- ib , 'B .g'.' .1 1' 'li' 005 ii! if ' , , -I. .,' 170 ga - Viz! Q U0 so oi 1 . b Lovel iil mdr us, Charming, Talented - OUR QUEENS ! Fenger has been visited by much royalty this year. We have not one, but many queens to add glamor to the school year. Nancy Pearson reigns as State Street Star Queen chosen from all Chicago Public High Schools. Barbara VanRite was chosen to rule over the Military Ball. The sparkling personality of Joan Buchanan found her with the scepter as May Queen. For all, they have a ready smile, and for Fenger they bring pride and honor. I ROW 'I-Judy Hankosky, Sandy Kelso, Marilyn Eizinga, Joan Buchanan, Nancy Fenton, Barbara Zeisel. ROW 2-Diane Muel- ler, Emilie Bagnara, Jeanne Nelson, Marcella Carlson, Marilyn Schmidt, Loretta Kowalski. ,L - .A u T 4. 4' ti 535 if A ,'., . fi, gf 3 i Q 'F' X it 5 Walter Marker displays his prize winning exhibit. str- 2 it FW f""ff, it ?a-'Q s if 3 ' Fila he Libs 7' nel if 1: rx.: :iw mf I fx During the past year many Fengerites have brought honor and prestige to Fenger and themselves. Through hard work both in the classroom and on their own, they have accomplished feats for which they have been duly rewarded. FREEDOM FOUNDATION AWARD: EDITORIAL IN THE TITAN TORCH -"Freedom for Granted" by Barbara CaraPezza STEUBEN SOCIETY GERMAN AWARD-Julie Johnson CIVIC ASSEMBLY CANDIDATE-Diane Murphy JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA AWARD-Vincent Perillo ARIAN AWARD-Nancy Pearson CHICAGO TRIBUNE RECOGNITION AWARD-Nancy Pearson, Louis Leo AMERICAN LEGION MEDAL-Bruce Zemke BAUSCH AND LOMB SCIENCE AWARD-Douglas Kolb JA ROTARY TOP PRESIDENT'5 TRIP TO WASHINGTON, D.C.--Judy Hankosky DRAWING PUBLISHED IN NATIONAL POETRY MAGAZINE-Mike Gallagher SCIENCE FAIR: FIRST PLACE, CITY PHYSICS AWARD-Walter Marker FIRST PLACE, SECTIONAL AWARDS-MATHEMATICS-Jucly Finrlorff, Alice Jones, Beverly Allen CHEMISTRY-David Dauer SCHOLASTIC ART AWARDS-Key Winners-Bill Aabye, Karen Baugh- er, Barbara CaraPezza, Bill Frigo, Reggie Gyuritza, Georgia Goettler, Sue Hyry, Nancy lnglimo, Heidi Lehnhardt, Bruce Martin, Sharon Royer, Beverly Negley, Victoria Stanley, Bonnie Westberg, Marcia Woicik, Sandra Yakubin. Blue Ribbon Finalists-Joyce Adduci, Beverly Negley, Sharon Royer, Bonnie Westberg NATIONAL MERIT CITATIONS-Ron Dykstra, Louis Leo, Douglas Kolb, Linda Novak, Keith Krusell, Jean Renstrorn, Eugene Ton R.0.T.C. CADETS APPOINTED MEMBERS OF THE CITY CADET CORPS STAFF-Cadet Maior Mike Lestyan, Cadet Master Lawrence Woiick CADETS APPOINTED TO BRIGADE STAFF-Brigade Commander Cadet Colonel Alfred Ellingsen, Brigade Executive Cadet Lt. Col. Kenneth Klomhaus DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION STUDENT OF THE YEAR-Nick Roseto BETTY CROCKER AMERICAN HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW-Janice Haag Mr. Thomas Stanton, Manag- ing Editor oi the Daily News awarding Alfred Ellirigsen first place in drill in City Competition for the Marshall Field Ir. Award as Mr. Katz looks on approvinqly. 80 Ian Haag reveals hidden talents in the kitchen. NATIONAL HlGH SCHOOL POETRY AWARD "CHICAGO, l962" O Diogenes, your help is needed. N,,f,,.,..f N Kr as --W ln our city no honest man is found. Here life's laws of truth are not heeded, Even our government has not proved sound. Corruption's price has set our laws astray, And made officials selfish stealing men. Criminals wander free night and day Taking freedom from honest folk again. O noble Greek, we beg, help us today. Let the decent people again take heart, And let your light shine forth to show the way Sterling Spirit, give us new loreath Ancl save Chicago from impending death. Laurel Roberts Nick Roseto receives D.E. Award from lohn Austin, Director of Sears Foundation as Dr. Benja- min Willis applauds. Scholastic Key winners proudly exhibit their works ot art. xx , g 81 5 t if I , it ' fs' if . Q it "Cackling Chickens" Kneeling-Kathy Krimpler, Heidi Lehnhardt, Linda Moniak. Standing-Marilyn Schmidt, Betty Teach. "Square Dance" Seated-Karen Larson, Elaine Vogt, Marcia Zmuda, Joyce Wurster. Standing- Avis Shapiro, Joan Stuart, Bette Konow, Janis Hoglund. "Paris in the Spring" Kneeling-Mary Kerr, Pat Stowell, Nancy Fenton, Pam Kusay. Standing-Beverly Alexander, Shirley Jarmotz. "RusIles of Spring" ROW I-Jean Lasher, Barb Turkstra, Sybil Orne, Lorna McClellan. ROW 2-Cheryl Royer, Connie Bittler, Ginny Hansen, Sharon Royer, Pat Matusek. "April Showers" Standing-Kathy DenDekker, Ruth Mansen, Susy Chambers, Sitting-Judy Bolen, Joyce Alford, Kathy Lepper. 41' ,J 'S WATER BALLET Wet hair three days a week and a mad dash to second period class are just two of the trade- marks of Fenger's water ballet, sponsored by Mrs. Tharp. To achieve membership, a girl must pass advanced swimming and survive the tryouts. These tryouts, which are held each semester, consist of a series of stunts which test the girls' knowledge and ability in synchronized swimming. This group works hard during the year to perfect a special show which is held each spring, a show which seems to improve more and more each year. "Lullaby Of The Leaves" ROW I-Ruth Mansin, Sybil Orne, Avis Shapiro. ROW 2-Marilyn Schmidt, "June Is Busting Out All Over" ROW I-Pat Rubinas, Jan Kriaris, Sue Karp, Regina Gyriritza. ROW 2- Scott DeYoung, Marilyn Simulick, Sue Hyry, Edie Troy, Louise Vinci- guerra, Jim Wortel. ROW 3-Jack Novak, John Germeraad, Joe Stuart, Jim Roberts, Tom Camire, Tom Bridge. 83 Ian Kriaris dances to "lime Is Busting Out A11 Over, Av 544 , 1- :pm S nf 55: ,,,4. . 0- WMV' 2 .fy :iii i'iE3Ei:i'i 12: .,1?w,, gy , iw sm 'liiiaiaiaigiaiaiaf ifiifliii gf 1, 1 - -4 ,,,.. g:e:::,,' ' E 255.1 mfisgsff' Y ggwz 1165215222559 , ,W sl I Haig 3:1 .. 551 5:-W., ,. 'Z 0 Z, at 4 1 9 "egg f ,K Q a 51: 7 4 4?3?5i,2,f2 5 . , , mg, was '51 gif Zk,?w,'u5w,l': 1 ygf,y9g5ml1' 4 ,sf , .22 J' g??22?: : s 4 ff Q W 5 .dm e , I if gigigggw, N, A gf? SWE 1?'i E, .... Q . , . in gv xgi 3,11 E 1' i25,z2f52'?Si 'I' f .555 fs , sin 5 615 My wg? XI: 3 . f ig-,:QgENNQ'g'3l1N ...W .. :Nw ,,g,,2E.. ,, Qui? i wg., M 3 4 X g If s mia' w me 0 ,1 , 1 if! 1 91 ' ' 27 .5 5'5" 2' E., .4 ,.-U 9, if M 513, :Els 1 .-1 y 1,1 ,115 , ,W ,E3QiQz,'fKg1,gq:z:s if :!g2s1'1:s's?g:a!sf1:3: as fiiiiilswisf E',i1'i'i' 1 1321! rw "' , i ,1.L1LiL4 I ff Cx ...,:A . ST- -,., 1211Q X A M .. . In .,,...... ,,,AA, ' . :gf L111 ---- ,..,1 QIQ1 ' ' V ,..' A . .... , f - 1 z.. Q saaaszg g ' skwssis ivi Sm e 3 X, g x Us i E Q3 vt Maw-v.--V -.a.f-w- b 'E K Qvcgigygivhf ,K Q Slang, Mig' Q v Y? . . .- ,wff2,, M 5 , Q 0 Haryvv 4. , UQ , ,Q .,w3.:,JQ22:, 1 42 , 6 mv 7332? Quin -1 " Hur Q, 5. ,ga-fyfg W' ,uJ'xkgz Q32 ,, 8 ,Q fyqvg ,Q 2 f' 'I+ J5"Xy':g ' .vii "' 4 -1 ,vm 5, Km M ws www M ws as xg ei , 34 ez:- .ggejf x A - ' 5 -s,ssf:'f.,. . :eases fx 5f2::5sm:,:-'xy lffim: We-' , " ,z nf-1-255111455ai?2:2:25:w:::'5s5z.,?5M: :ar V ,,,,, , .. -"' 5 f 'A 'ff' U "F , is :N ,. -rm: " " 1 z-ff az.-2 - 1L13 ,L1 E ...,, ..,.. . .-., X, M . , , . - -fix? ' V ' 1, -z,.,a5i -125352252 4-.'::2,.v :- . ,: ew- -' s-1-fr-:sm '- .x.,,f..,y . -an .V Ama ,V ,,,,, M, N .gl :ae-zaigamvhff-a-':v9I' " W nm -:mf-,Q ,-1 -:. --::, 1-.... ,QE-2. ..-we ,as V.. f 5 S S ,-:Ef.f-:c?A:3Q3.'1a,4204-fi' fwrsfrsziziirfr ' -:1'frrv-:V-W A , a DERGR DUATES , xx, I- -. !- Y x 'J ', l,1'. - ' E f ,f ' a xx I x v x U NW ' :X " ' ff gvik ' ilu' , A A ,ii f . ' x - 5 M 'I r' f X X ,K57 ,. ,, pf, M, x N 5 f 1 ,, 1 - ' 5 ' 1 .N ,mxvjw xN ' s 4 2 - X M-,I N Y A p . - N X xy- .?i"f4M x 4 ., Q - N. wsxw- 5-. - ia 44. l S pa:-:iff W X ' Y-v' 4' m"75'V' S A -N X NA - ' 1,410 is .Q V 5 X A gb --- -S qv, vga - Y ,, -- 5 'nit 4, ,- ' -, gg x-1 - 9 Q j -e I 1 ' ' v6 Q., K .1 -4 T ff' 1671" A quick refresher between cheers. ROW I-Harry Albin, Beverly Al- len, Betsy Bailey, Todd Barnes, Don Bartak, Rich Beniamin. ROW 2-Alphonse Bernal, Toby Berry, Wayne Blake, Barb Blocher, Tom Bogmil, Robert Bonzani, Don- na Boyle, Richard Brarhama. ROW 3-Janet Buchan, Sharon Bunt- ing, James Burns, Bev Carlson, Marcella Carlson, Randy Cheffer, Carolyn Clayton, Sally Costello. ROW 4-Carol Cramer, Emil Dal- Bello, Dennis DeHaan, Lyle DeWitt, Ron DeYoung, Sharon DeYoung, Mary Lou DiFrancesco, Donna Dro- lenga. ROW 5-Donna Dugan, Carol Lee Essler, Janis Fabris, Bill Fergason, Judy Findorff, Bobette Fine, Alan Fisher, Bill Frigo. ROW 6-Carol Fustini, Mike Gal- lagher, Bill Galloway, Betty Gate- wood, John Germeraad, Terry Gier- zyniski, Dexter Gorski, NancylGrieve. ROW 7-Lanny Grilly, Elda Grosso, Yvonne Haan, Judy Hankosky, Mar- tha Hasseler, Carol Heim, Dorothy Heisler, Bill Hermes. ROW 8-Raul Hernandez, Judy Hil- debrandt, Bill Hinton, John Hoff- man, Janis Hoglund, John Hous- man, Carol Howles, Clara Huerta. ROW 9-Anna Huff, Joan Jacobs, Henry Januchowski, Herb Janu- chowski, Mario Jobbe, Richard Johnson, Tom Johnson, Tim John- son. 86 CLASS OF JANUARY 1963 Seniors are always eating! ROW I-Alice Jones, Gerry Kamin, Menzo Kap, Norman Kaplan, Peter Kause, Janet Kazen. ROW 2-John Kerr, Donald Kil- patrick, Janice Klein, Sandra Klien, Pat Knezevich, Betty Konow, Rich- ard Kratzenburg, Kathy Krimpler. ROW 3-Tom Kulig, Marvin Kunz, Richard Kush, Wayne LaCrosse, Larry Lambert, Robert Lambert, Jack LaPoint, Barry Laub. ROW 4-Louise Laughren, Hiede Lehnhardt, Ken Lulkowski, Greg Luri, Sherrie Mack, Bob Marsh, Bonnie Martin, Bruce Martin. ROW 5-Katheryn McChrisie, Bar- bara McClean, Tom McEwen, Tom McLaughlin, Sharon Merman, Mary- lin Meyer, Robert Meyer, Donna Mocsary. ROW 6-Joan Moody, Dennis Mour- gelas, Diane Mueller, Ed Mueshler, Marlene NSQY, Lorraine Nardoni, Beverly Negley, Ed Nelson. ROW 7-Gunnar Nilsson, Herb Nor- ris, Charlotte Nyren, Rich Nystrom, Jim O'Brien, Joe Oderio, Mary Oleszczuk, Joyce Olson. ROW B-Richard Ores, Wayne Ores, Barbara Ortiz, Jesse Ortiz, Jack Panozzo, Louise Panozzo, Fran Ples- ek, Mike Paczik. ROW 9-Leo Potocki, Tom Puzell, Polly Riehle, Cheryl Rigg, Ed Rodri- quez, Ed Rokihi, Curt Rosenburg, Roy Rossi. 87 CLASS OF JANUARY 1963 ROW 'I-Teddy Rykiel, Oswald Sar- tori, Louis Sartoris, Ken Schoonveld, Ann Schulte, Bill Schultz. ROW 2-Robert Scott, Joe Sebas- tian, Sandra Severson, Bob Sey- mour, James Siddons, Howard Skin- ner, Lynn Smith, Roy Snoddy. ROW 3-Cynthia Soltes, Carol Spi- nato, Ray Spoerl, Jim Stein, Donald Stitzel, Steve Stout, Pat Stowell, John Subko. ROW 4-James Thompson, Terry Tanis, Ron Tanko, Wayne Tatkus, Betty Teach, Carol Thompson, Vir- ginia Topeka, Dan Trevisan. ROW 5-Robert Wagman, John Wagner, Robert Viviano, Jean War- anius, Gail Westberg, Shirley Whit- lock, Sherry Wiengold, Jan Wilson. ROW 6-Kathy Wilson, Pat Wood, Barbara Young, Lamar York, Nina Zinc, Joe Zullo. Not Pictured Roger Bean, Ron Cerenziu, Dona Doboski, Joanne Dombrowski, Margaret Downing, Mario Fisher, Robert Frigo, James Grieus, Harold Kruger, Melvin McFarland, Jaya McMahon, William Mix- tacke, Patricia Morman, Pat Mulhern, Robert Ooms, Laverne Podedski, Bill Purns, James Stewart, Stan Surowka, Jim Thomp- son, Kathryn Vissel, Richard Wagner, Barbara Wright, Marcia Zmuda. 88 Let's cut out. ROW I-Bill Aabye, Sharon Abbe, Jane Adams, Joyce Adams, Marie Adducci, Jose Aguirre, Rich Ak- linski, Nancy Albert, John Albrecht. ROW 2-Gerald Alexander, Joyce Alford, Ken Alm, Doug Anderson, Glenn Anderson, Pam Anderson, Phyllis Anderson, Pat Andrich, John Antonietti. ROW 3-Gerry Armin, David Ar- quette, Tom Ashby, Danielle Augus- tinak, Sharon Baffa, Eileen Baierl, Robert Banko, John Bankowski, Rose Ann Baranek. ROW 4-Diane Berber, Carol Barce, Peter Baron, Gloria Barrett, Lino Bartoli, George Batson, Sue Batten- burg. 7th Period! I thought this was SU11 5111. ROW 5-Amy Baturevich, Sandy Bawcum, Kathy Beauchamp, Lillian Beauchamp, Lois Beckman, Sharon Belohlav, Barb Benetti. ROW 6-Ruth Benton, Nancy Berry, Yvonne Black, David Blizzard, Janet Blomquist, Vernon Bock, Karen Bodnar, Sharon Bodnar, Larry Bo- kal. ROW 7-Judy Bolen, Bonnie Bon- dora, Nancy Borden, James Borg- man, Bill Bosak, Gerald Bottini, Andrea Boucon, Carol Boulanger, Al Bovenkerk. ROW 8-Lina Bovino, Reba Bow- man, Patricia Boyer, Dave Boyle, Roger Brinkman, Marilyn Brown, William Brown, Karla Browning, Bev Brzeczek. ROW 9--Marsha Buchanan, Chuck Buchler, Bob Bulanda, Tom Bulanda, Valerie Butvilas, Chyrll Cafferata, Judy Caliendo, Martin Carlasare, Ron Carlberg. ROW 'IO-Bob Carlson, Linette Carl- son, Marcia Carlson, Roland Carl- son, Louis Cavelli, .loan Cecer, Cecilia Cedergren, Sue Chambers, Bev Chapman. 89 ROW 1-Paul Cheney, Sue Chides- llunl IQV , QIQQ ""' ' lllllii :aggfgf 'i i ER V ter, Pat Chmufvnskvf David cwest' .. . ..,., ii- S5 "-" . Clark, Nancy Cook, Tim Coffey. Q zzzb , 5 , ,, ,. fi, . n g, N .Q 1 . .,,,, 3 .:,.1 g ...,. E 'V .. i "NN: iii' tr ,l wi:-M iiiiilii .I 1' i lf. . if. :ve ' eaiazaeasasi 3:13 , , Q ..,,5,5g:.., 555 M 1:-Q v,.' vvzz 3 ll , I . vvvv Ay, W , 3-A mi i f. 'N ,.,.,.,.,..- ,Nm ROW 2-Sharon Connelly, Gail ":' if ' ' M Wi ,M Q ' ' X f ----:1' rgifwjw Cotten, John Crawford, Sandie ,Y-pf, ik, J Y- X Cfesiof LOUIS CVOUSSI Melodie J 5 ' C B b C d 'k p 1 C lr. i . . i 'f i ' Z rump' ar ara U Z' ' a sy U I .fy l ffiilf -11,5 ' W .. X Wfirirfirairi: Z ., son, Bruce Cutright. V "' Z " i N ' zzzz 2, 'A X Z, ' t B K .if K :Eg ,i t 1- E I ,T It ....,.. , .,.,. 5 A tirra. J J , r 1' ROW 3-Ed Czerwinski, Paul Dan- f ,il ,,,, Y 'Ta H. zz, f' -, ,.., P P I, 5 ehl, Dan Doodeman, Pam Dapkus, l - -.-.,. . , " """ ,V Don Darr, John Davis, Kathy Daw- lnll i if M " .ill I' 33 il 4 i Q son, Nancy DeArmond, Ellen Del- ' . ., 'i V ,, ji. if 5. f 6 is nr. V 1 rlrl ,,,, 1 1 . l F B , , Row 4-Vince DeMeis, Michalene 525' H i r ' ' . it I rid 1 "9 ix' fl DeNardi, Steve DeNovi, Gerrie Der- i ii 1- 'M :': ,,"'m 'C - E -. 553' ' ' wjlw . X X 7 rico, Lefhia Devriesl Ron Dewey, I E 4 - .1 -5:2 ,. ...::1I::,.,. V .i, XQ :,::g:,:i-3 ,. Mig ,A 'J :ll DeWitt. 2 ., i N" X "P 7 3 g5,5,5,? .,,,, D -. -Q i -E i, J ST 5 ai S all lraaaa N - ' - v. LLL La... -- Lvl 3- .N lf - Jgaf-5 , - 5 ' M1 555 5. ,. .,.. if-."faE: 5 .,,, ,, -152211. ..,,., 2 1:-.:.:-,z,-,. ,. gi N Z 5 - i .. ' . if ' ' '--- - ':::-512-13. . .,.., 351 Y Q -'f 7 ' V ,A -' ""' 3 2 1 ' 3' . n " ' ' ' ' " - ' U , M' f 1 1 - 'iff CW' W i QV , ' 4 J I -'f"fgzi::" ' l , I We A- Q l Iwi ' , ' - r W 2 f" . " fi' -5 -1:1-A J- e, r J- i , ,g.--J .- X J- N 1 ' U 41 A I' 4 4- ul' ' ' , 5 : ' - lin ev --' JLNIOR CLASS " i yvvk ' 1 xi' I ' 9 -ig L-L., - C r. '1"4L"?'!: 1 , Nnl, ' '-mln-N . irq.- , 114 W ., 1 Q-. , X ,fiffli ""' Q ,, ' Q f ffif' ., A ROW 5-Jeanine DeYoung, Perrine DeYoung, Judy Diekon, Terry Disz, Marcy Ditzel, Lorri Divine, Roger Dixon. ROW 6-Eugene Dobkowski, Ben Dominik, Julie Donlon, Ken Dro- bick, Ray Drost, Jim Druetzler, Tim Dugan, Kathy Drungle, Tom Durkin. ROW 7-Jacqueline Dykerna, Bill Edstrom, Phil Elderworth, Sandy Ellinwood, Marianne Ellison, Phyllis Elsinga, Bill Elwart, Wayne Emme, Joel Engel. ROW 8-Bob Ergo, Jett Erskine, Garry Fadale, Tom Fahrenbach, Patrice Fako, Diana Faoro, Marilyn Farrar, Nancy Fenton, Roberta Ferm. ROW 9-Randall Ferrari, Bob Fer- rini, Ron Flatt, Virginia Fleishman, Barbara Flynn, Joh Foley, Darla Forman, Joe Fornero, Dennis For- rest. ROW I0-Jeanne Foster, Bev Fred- rickson, Pat Fredrickson, Ralph Frei- muth, Sharon Freimuth, Carol Friar, Daniela Frigo, Judy Gaetano, Cathi Gartner. 90 Around the world in 80 mmutes with lohn Glenn. ROW 'I-Gloria Garver, Louis Gas- per, Pat Gasperec, Phil Geenen, Joyce Gerber, Laura Giragosian, Carol Giuftre, Bob Goldie, Richard Goode. ROW 2-Edward Gordon, Betty Green, Tom Grossnickle, Carol Gunaka, Sandy Gunder, John Gun- derson, Charlene Gunter, Regina Cyuritza, Violet Halaiian. ROW 3-Kathy Halenar, Thor Han' sen, Virginia Hansen, Judy Harper, Laura Harder, Terri Harris, Bill Hartzell, Rich Hauptman, Linda Hazekamp. ROW 4-Cathy Hedl, Jean Hed- strom, Jan Heenan, Diane Hemey, Ray Hellstrom, Joe Henry, Larry Henry. ROW 5-Marie Hensley, Nancy Hensley, Sharon Hillegonds, Marsha Hinko, Arlene Hoftman, Reinhard Hoffman, Sharon Holmgren. ROW 6-Linda Holmquist, Diane Honsley, Kathy Horan, Barb Hor- vath, Andy Horwath, Donna Howe, Cheryl Howlett, Richard Hucksold, Sharon Hucksold. ROW 7-John Judec, Nancy ln- glimo, Christina lwaniuk, Edward Jacobsma, Marilyn Jacobson, Ron Jager, Regina Jankauskas, Lorene Janotta, William Janzen. ROW B-Larry Jaros, Gerald Jo- hansen, Bonnie Johnson, Gary Johnson, JoAnn Johnson, Julia Johnson, Julie Johnson, Lee John- son, Lee Johnson. ROW 9-Ron Johnson, Rune John- son, Vern Johnson, Eleanor Johns- ton, Karen Jones, Margaret Jones, Phil Jordon, Kent Josephson, Eileen Jurevicz. ROW 10-Jack Jurgenson, Barb Kaftka, Carla Kahme, Jerry Kahsen, Janet Kaidolas, Larry Kamba, Edwin Kampe, Theresa Kapion, Robert Karczkewski. 91 ROW 1-Richard Karp, Edward Kas- ter, Gerald Katzmarek, Michael Kauss, Jeanne Keirman, Mary Kerr, Joan Kiianowski, Ed King, Jamee King, ROW 2-Sandra Kirkpatrick, Mar- garet Klock, Sandra Kiscella, Tom Kiss, Carole Kladis, Cecelia Kladis, Sherry Klauber, Dagmar Kleeblat, Diane Knops. ROW 3-Sallie Koch, Joan Kolar, Linda Kollaritsch, Richard Kooyen- ga, Diane Korte, Steve Kotwicki, Audrey Kowalski, Diane Krafi, Den- nis Kral. ROW 4-Jan Kriaris, Ginny Kreit- ling, Bert Kron, Walter Krueger, Jim Kruger, Evelyn Kubiak, Milan Kucharik. LZ? ROW 5-Carol Kurtz, Joanne Kutschke, Laura Laforte, Jeanna Lambos, Phyllis Laverman, Gary Lawrence, Marilyn Lehning. ROW 6-Philip Leonhardi, Kathy Lepper, Ed Lewandowski, Theresa Lewis, Jan Linnell, Ginny Lipinis, Rose Liptak, Mabel Lis, Bernie Lucarz. ROW 7-Bonnie Lucas, Cindy Luc- say, Nancy Lundemo, Angie Lus- sing, Ken Lyon, Ruth MacAllister, Joyce Madsen, Sue Madsen, George Maglio. ROW 8-Sandra Maicach, Mary Manes, Gene Maravolo, Walter Marker, Nick Maro, George Marosi, Tom Marrs, Karen Marsh, Bev Mar- tin. ROW 9-Marie Maston, Pat Mathias, Pat Matusek, Paul Maxy, Bill Mayer, Brian Mayer, Sharon Mayhew, Judy McAllister, Leslie McCan. ROW I0-Pat McCann, Lorna Mc- Clellan, Alice McClennahan, Jane McCormack, Jim McCotter, Betty McElheney, LeRoy McElroy, Sue Mc- Gaghie, Bob McGraff. 92 ROW 'I-Richard McMahon, Don McMaster, Chuck McMillan, Lois Merchant, Harold Meyer, Janet Miazza, John Michaels, Caroline Michal, Karen Micheals. ROW 2-Leon Milinis, Duwayne Miller, Elaine Miller, Gene Miller, MaryAnn Minderman, Sylvia Min- kalis, Renee Mirkin, Fran Mistro, Bill Mitchell. ROW 3-Jim Mock, Dale Moeller, Sharon Moniak, Don Moravec, Ray Morrison, Bill Moylan, Janet Mshar, Bill Mucha, Romano Murphy. ROW 4-Cheryl Nelson, Jim Nelson, John Nelson, John Nickols, Kathy Normoyle, Dave Noteboom, Jack Novak. That makes the score 50 to U. 'Qin ROW 5-Lauren Oak, Sandra Ohse, George Okleshen, Paul Olander, June Olson, Mai? Olszewski, Walter Opyt. ROW 6-Russel Orwar, Par Osborn, Caroline Ostapoivicz, Maria Padilla, Emil Palewski, John Palis, Shirley Palm, Bob Panazzo, Ed Panazzo. ROW 7-Alan Panozzo, Dan Pan- ozzo, Gordon Pape, Gene Parise, Janice Parker, Sandra Pastor, Louis Patras, Lillian Patronik, Dan Paulik. ROW 8-Pat Pavilonis, Diane Pawel- ski, Gail Peacock, Joe Peterson, Lenore Peterson, Diane Peuvion, Donna Peuvion, Charles Pierce, Allen Pirtle. ROW 9-Joe Pizzato, John Pizzato, William Plankis, Dan Poclus, Ver- laine Podgorski, Karen Pope, Peter Portock, Barb Pranke, Ted Prince. ROW 10-Roger Prokop, Connie Prospolonis, Violet Prylepa, Bev- erly Pustz, Joyce Pygon, Rudy Quanstrom, Ron Quattrin, Lenore Quiroz, Donna Radius. 93 ROW 1-Joe Raklovits Joan Rat tary, Glenn Rawers, Veronica Red ell Pat Rhodes Carole Rhomberg Jane Richards Sue Richards, Bob Riley ROW 2-Ralph Rizzardo, Al Rob erts James Roberts Jeff Roberts Darlene Robinson Deanna Rochon Conception Rodriguez, Karen Roes ner, Dennis Rogers ROW 3-Michele Roman William Roos, Jerry Rosenberg, Roger Rosie Norman Rosinski Jennifer Ross Helen Rosseler, Sandy Rossi, John Roy. ROW 4'-Cheryl Royer, Sharon Royer, Judy Rudd, Doug Rudig, Karen Ruetz, John Ruhl, Vincent Russo xx!" xilb, I os. p JUNIOR CLASS ROW 5-Joe Rutke, Linda Ryder, Jerry Saller, Linda Salvador, Dave Schachter, Agnes Schaperkotter, Sharon Schelinski. ROW 6-Sue Scherzinger, Sharon Scheuler, Mary Schildhouse, Joyce Schipma, James Schmidt, Ron Schneider, Bill Schoerner, Ed Schu- bert, Bob Sciacca. ROW 7-Jim Sciacero, Bernice Sealy, Sue Senf, Glen Seymour, Jean Sharp, Diane Shepard, Jeff Shilling, Robert Shott, Janet Shunko. ROW 8-Bonnie Sibbert, Diane Sig' rist, James Sikma, Robert Silander, Carol Silver, Brigetta Simon, Mike Sims, Rich Sinde, Elaine Skoglund. ROW 9-Robert Sluzas, David Smith, Delores Smith, Ed Smith, Loretta Smith, Sandra Smith, Sharon Smith, Sue Smith, Alan Sodetz. ROW 10-Gail Sosnoski, Frank Spagnola, James Speaker, Rich Spegel, Marcia Spindler, Robert Stachyra, Mario Stella, Andrea Stenavich, Cheryll Stevens. 94 ROW 'I-Jim Stewart, Rose-ann Stiegman, Reginald Stratinsky, Di- ane Stone, Terry Strombeck, Joan Stuart, John Suchy, Stan Surowka, Virginia Swick. ROW 2-Laurie Swiontek, Verna- dine Szaikovics, Connie Tanis, Jim Termanos, Sandra Testolin, Valerie Thanos, Carol Thompson, Jeneal Thompson, Jef? Thope. ROW 3-Don Thorp, Janet Thran, Janet Tilton, Ron Tobias, Richard Tode, Ernie Toigo, Richard Tominov, Sandra Toren, Joyce Towner. ROW 4-John Triantafillo, Joe Tro- ianowski, Edith Troy, Terry Trudeau, Turner. NOT PICTURED James Antonietti, Edmund Bankowski, Joyce Bartholo- mew, Richard Blankenstein, Lino Bortoli, Robert Bunzoni, Patricia Carter, Heather Chalmers, Dennis Cook, Louis Covelli, Phyllis Coyle, Joseph Dangelo, Dominick Dattoli, Wayne DeYoung, Jack Dixon, James Doyle, Natalie Duda, Ronald Frank, Robert Frigo, Michael Gonzales, William Goritz, James Hamilton, Robert Hartman, Randy Hopman, Carol lshnael, Gail Jacoby, Barbara Jenner, Carollese Johnson, Eleanor Johnson, Mary Lou Johnson, Sandra Kaplan, Thomas Kilbride, Susan Kiss, Margaret Klock, Anita Kowalski, Anthony Kowalski, Christopher Larson, Kurt Loewig, Lupe Lopez, James Luduigsen, Janet Mayer, Matt McMahon, Mario Montecinos, Gregory Mustari, Frank Noreikis, Elsie Paluckis, Thomas Piddington, Emil Powelski, Carter Rath, Helen Roessler, Ronald Romanow- ski, Robert Roos, Vincent Sala, JeHi Schilling, Francine Schrepfer, Antonio Sciarez, William Seaquist, Terry Sreom- beck, James Stein, Deborah Strickland, Eleanor Szaika- vicse, Olive Turley, Roberta VanderVern, Larry Van Santen, Jerry Warheld, Phyllis Westerholif, Marcia Woiick, Mike Young, David Zaugh. Barb Turkstra, John Turkstra, Pam ROW 5-Tom Urban, Joe Urnik, Sandra Vaicunas, Jack Valente, Sharon Vance, Shirley VanBolhuis, Larry VanSanten. ROW 6-Marilyn VanderBilt, Nancy VanderLight, Dennis VanderMeer, Linda VanderMyde, John Vander- Weil, Rollie Vetterick, Tony Vinco. ROW 7-Louise Vinciguera, Rich Visona, Dennis Volaric, Tom Wag ner, Joan Walker, Bruce Warden, Jerry Wasilew, Karen Wattman. ROW 8-Ron Weber, Heidi Weis, Douglas Weisman, Philip Weisman, Fred White, Tom White, Chuck Whittington, Joyce Wilk. ROW 9-Beverly Wilkus, Dennis Wilson, Jim Wolframski, Larry Well- heim, Janet Wolsko, Larry Woicik, Henry Wyzinski, Sandra Yakubin. ROW 10-Bob Youstra, Frank Za- nacco, lnara Zarins, Jean Zechini, Craig Zeilinga, Diane Zube, Donna Zuccolo, Dennis Zuiker. 95 1 forgot what I was looking for! A SOPHOMORES ROW 'l-Annette Abate, James Ab- omonte, Judy Adams, Carolyn Ad- ducci, Les Adduci. ROW 2-Steve Adler, Bob Admonls, Lenny Agnos, Christine Albin, Pamela Albrecht. ROW 3-Linda Almasy, Roger Amel- se, Albert Anderson, Carol Ander- son, Eileen Anderson. ROW 4-James Anderson, Janis Anderson, Jeannie Anderson, Linda Anderson, Rich Anderson. ROW 5-Sandra Anderson, Susan Andrews, Joan Aniszewski, Dar- lene Aring, Richard Aring. ROW 6-Jim Ariva, Roy Armin, Arlene Arsinow, Carmen Arvia, James Arvia. ROW 7-Pamela Asmus, Jeanne Atwood, Arlene Auld, Robert Bag- nara, Linda Balas. ROW 8-George Balogh, John Bar- anek, Donna Barnett, Janice Bar- sott, Bob Bassett. ROW 9-Robert Basting, Barbara Batson, Marcia Becka, Joel Bene- gas, Ronald Berkheiser. ROW 'IO-Bernardine Anerud, Pat- ricia Berry, Raymond Besancon, Harolyn Bessett, Valentina Bettini. ROW 'II-Marilyn Bilecki, George Bishton, Gregory Bitout, Virginia Bizotto, Marilyn Blankenstein. 'A yr-V iv if "'f'c"1P I1f'agxN'w 6 xx x """"" WW 4 go ,1'!' p ....-ff "' - ---'f - I--"Q" A 151 3 '1117' .411-1 r - psxxslx -, .-1'3" -f 4 J BQH -"' 'lf' 4? xxx ' fi" "I, 14" N 'IL' 4 ""' f' 4i -, ' Q! :L U C K ir X X " , ,,...-- . "' ' A f- - , no-Y ff ..- , u ' V ,q,,,-W , .....-V .... I 96 ROW I-Arlene Blizniak, James Blocker, Kenneth Bobbe, Jordan Bodenstein, Gregg Boldman, Ed' ward Bolf, Sandra Bondora, Janet Bornecker, Beverly Borucki. ROW 2-Priscilla Boskey, Gene Bouck, Janet Bourque, Frank Boa vino, William Bowman, Michael Boylan, John Braclia, Karen Brat- Ilen, Jeffery Brewer. ROW 3-Terri Brewer, Janet Briss- man, Charles Brogan, Robert Brook, Robert Brooks, Barb Brown, Dennis Brown, Nancy Brown, Carol Brown- field. ROW 4-Janet Browning, Sharon Brucer, Bob Bruczas, Cheryl Bru- nell, Mary Bruzdiak, Aldo Buftone, Gerry Bulanda, Rita Bulanda, Jil Burnet. ROW 5-Gary Burch, Cheryl Button, Karen Bye, John Bylon, Jack Byrd, Richard Caauwe, George Caillo- vette, Frank Calderone, Don Cam- pagna. ROW 6-Charlotte Carlson, Donna Carlson, Mary Louise Carro'l, Tony Caschetta, Robert Casper, Elaine Cassidy, Lois Cengr, Mickie Cha- plinski, Ramon Cheffer. ROW 7-Connie Cherullo, Paul Childers, Elaine Chruschiel, Carc- lyn Chytla, James Cibulski, Robert Ciemny, Ron Clark, Roger Coffman, Bob Cohs. ROW 8-Paul Cokash, Randy Col- lins, Howard Colluzzi, Edward Cook, Joan Cooper, Judy Cocper, Frank Coral, Ruth Cowood, Donna Cresto. ROW 9-Ron Cubalchini, Jamew Cullinan, JoAnne DaCorte, Loretta Dalla Bette, David DalPonte, Jayne Danciu, James Danneck, Jackie Dare, Aileen Darnell. ROW 10-Ken Davidson, Joyce Dean, Robert Decker, Henry De- Graff, Toni DeHaven, Petra Del- gado, Pamela De Marchi, Bill Demko, Tom DeRobertes. ROW 11-'Jerry DeRose, Wayne Desseker, Paul DeVries, Richard Dewar, Joel DeYoung, Shakir Diab, Merle DiNovo, Alex DiSanto, Linda Dixon. 97 ROW I-Ronald Dobro, Donna Don- afrio, Sharon Doornbos, John Dougherty, Linda Douglas, Don Downey, Mario Draiczyk, Karen Drost, Maureen Dunn. ROW 2-Alfred Dykema, Ray Dyr- haug, Nancy Eberhardt, Pamela Eberhardt, Dorinda Edwards, Linda Eggleston, Carol Eide-, Joy Eklin, Frieda Emich. ROW 3-Valerie Engel, Jill Engels, Allen Erickson, Robert Erlich, San- dra Ettema, Diana Evers, Nickolas Falakas, Barbara Farrar, Sheila Fee- ney. ROW 4-Mary Jo Ferazza, Ernes- tine Ferrero, John Field, Margie Fioravanti, Janet Fioretti, Richard Fitzgerald, Dolores Fitzpatrick, James Flaggert, Robert Foster. ROW 5-Wanda Foster, Nancy Frank, Alan Franklauser, Esther Frederick, Fred French, Marianne Friar, Mark Friberg, Carol Friedrich, Dennis Frigo. ROW 6-Fred Frigo, Robert Galla- gher, Ted Gallik, Jack Gamble, Gregory Gawronski, Michelle Geig- ner, Dennis Gemo, Russel Gephart, Vivian Gerdzos. ROW 7-James Geringer, Daniel Gerini, Richard Geringer, Dalores Giacolona, Ruth Gibson, Peter Gi- bulsky, Stephanie Gigante, Karen Gilbertson, Charmaine Gillette. ROW 8-Janet Gleim, Nancy God- sted, Gail Goeke, Verlaine Goett- ler, Margaret Golcher, Richard Goldie, Edward Gomez, Pam Gor- don, Vivian Gorszczyk, ROW 9-Judy Goucher, Evelynn Grant, Kathy Grassl, Joe Gribin, Richard Green, James Gregga, Ger- ald Grens, Jean Gresho, Norm Gricus. ROW 10-Roger Grogan, Michael Groos, Louise Grotto, Robert Gui- clice, Sandy Gunaka, Dale Haag, George Hale, Nicky Haleiian, Jen- nie Haloran. ROW 'Il-Jack Hammermister, Jack Handly, Virginia Hann, Ken Han- sen, Bob Hathaway, Anna Maria Hayden, Peter Hayden, Janis Heil- branner, Gerald Heller. 98 ROW 'I-Janet Herrick, Diane Hess, Charles Hesser, Marilyn Himler, Ed Hinkley. ROW 2-Donna Hoekstra, John Hoekstra, John HoFfman, Carol Holmsten, Karen Holt. ROW 3-John Hoving, Rick How- lett, Diane Hrei, Pat Hullinger, Kermit Hutchinson. ROW 4-Gerry lsraelson, Jerry lvin, Eloise Jacks, Linda Jacobi, Wayne Jacobsrna. ROW 5-David Jacques, James Jan- ness, Susan Janota, Robert Jauch, Angila Jelonek. ROW 6-Keith Jennings, Tony Jobbe, Barb Johnson, Bergita John- son, Carol Johnson. ROW 7-Curtis Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Donna Johnson, Gary Johnson, Janet Johnson. ROW 8-Lynn Johnson, Mary John- son, Terry Johnson, Terry Johnson, Bill Johnson. ROW 9-Lois Jonansen, Linda Jones, Darlene Joniak, Bob Joss, Sandra Judy. ROW 'IO-Rose Jurek, Joy Kamin, Karen Kampe, Don Kandel, Cyn- thia Karp. ROW 'II-Steve Karp, Nancy Kas- parzyk, Lorretta Katula, Rich Keller, Donna Kelly. 'W 'XTX -.,, ' 'rx ,X X, sN:?fY' Qi f'-QQ" , -. mf 15 F' SS P13 li .A Y i K 7 ' ,K , ?1i45x,QNi1, ' .f fieaslll NN 1 GTNMX tix l' l ' 'N Vfsisfrlv illi l ilrilgf 'Xl.l'i"v2ff. ll' ' -' 1 in ., T in l EXE? Xxal ' P 0 .J ,4 ?' Xiefxy - ,' ' f- A' f x"t.:vI f f lx ' ex. if N-' y, xy ' ff KEY, -. ts . W xg, ,l l X,g, as ,ot Q A 4 We ac I '74 ' f XX ! il f JW F X J Y Q i If I W ff" 4 R IiJfAtr is A 7' 4. Ai i it -l ff- . 1 l i - N If l ? r . 5 X is i l, f W V- I I J l, fi fl v fi.: :HL -2: 4 X. 2 f' 1' I X XS 'Q Y Q 3 . K, X '. .I-J? 395'!z.a of -. 4' .1 r?'d 2 ' ofohv- s 0,9eo,0nnm NX, SOPHOMORES Hof core takes time. SOPHOMORES ROW I-Renotu Kicmal, Barbara Kiel, Janell Kienker, Enos Kingsley, Sharon Kirner. ROW 2-Jeanne Klauber, William Klein, Joanne Klimek, Suzanne Knops, Fred Knudsen. ROW 3-Janice Koch, John Koes- ter, Ted Kolias, Wanda Kondraca, Joanne Konya, ROW 4-James Koons, Susan Korie- nek, Robert Kowalski, Christine Koyama, Donald Kozora. ROW 5-Bonnie Kramer, Dorothy Krauel, Jean Krause, Evelyn Kraw- iec, David Kreczmer. ROW 6-Judy Kreczmer, Jerri Kri- aris, Evelyn Krich, David Krusell, Robert Kubis. ROW 7-Claudia Kudelka, Robert Kuiken, Jerry Kurtz, Susan Kutscha, Judy Kuyper. ROW 8-Judy LaBuda, Diane Lake, LaLonnie Lambert, Angela Lambos, Nancy Lang. ROW 9-Janet Langham, Patsy Lan- greder, Eileen LaPointe, Ernest La- Pointe, Christine Laris. ROW 'IO-James Laris, Kathy Lar- sen, George Lauder, Diane Lauletta, Trudy Laurencell. ROW II-Diane Lawson, Darleen Lefko, Wendy Lehnhardt, Diane Lendi, Enid Lerner. Feet-different sizes, different styles but they all serve the some purpose. si I .X . . , j E 1 I Q, T- A x F . 'ht fy X I- " A 0. 3 ' .in i szessgfv 4, Ni X ,fvalgs-...ge.s IQQNQQQ X 'wich' X Qw - are' - sais X gg f f ' ,i 0 X' I j ' 'x , I . U J -,. X V ., . F X-Aix s t il X ' sawes s fx 100 ROW 1-Lillian Lesinki, Susan Leu- goud, Virginia Liebold, Sharon Lindgren, Richard Lindvall, Anna Lira, Leslie Lis, Judy List, Barry Litberg. ROW 2-Floyd Litfles, Bob Lofrano, Marie Long, Hope Lopez, Jean Lo- pin, Rita Lotkowski, James Luchan- sky, Virginia Luczczyk, Sandra Lundberg. ROW 3-Ray Lupori, John Macaitis, Cathy Machinis, Tom Madden, Mary Madson, Marie Malaney, Jane Mal- kowski, Jon Malm, Tim Maloney. ROW 4-Rosemary Manestar, Ted Mann, Larry Manter, Sheila Mara- volo, Loretta Marcel, Aleath Marchi, Judy Marchi, Kurt Marggraf, Chris- tine Marione. ROW 5-Pat Maro, John Marozos, Cynthia Marsch, Tim Marshalek, Daniel Marshall, Margaret Martin, Ken Martinelli, Ceclia Martinez, Carolyn Marzullo. ROW 6-Don Maskowski, Darline Maslovicz, Steve Mason, Sandra Maus, Gloria McCaffrey, Jeff Mca Cans, Wayne McCart, Judy Mc- Mahon, Judy Meadow. ROW 7-Rosemary Mede, Joe Ment, Paul Messal, Sherry Meuzelaar, Marc Michel, Ron Miedema, Carol Mikulis, Barbara Miller, Charlene Miller. ROW 8-Ed Miller, Patrick Miller, Peter Miller, Kayrene Mistro, Ray Misto, Marcia Mizevitz, Carla Moe dolo, Richard Mohr, Pat Moncado. ROW 9-Andrea Moore, Ron Moran, Ralph Morandi, Arlene Moreschi, Alan Morgan, Carol Morgan, John Moritri, Steve Morrel, Marlene Mo- ser. ROW 'IO-Robert Moyar, Dennis Moylan, Jim Muir, Hallums Munson, Anna Mural, Sharon Murowski, Wil- liam Mutnansky, Carole Myroup, Terry Namors. ROW 'l'I-Judy Nanninga, Jim Nap' oli, Veri Narten, Carol Nelson, Ken Nelson, Linda Nelson, Michael Nel- son, Shirley Nelson, Nancy Neu- man. 101 ROW 'I-June Newald, Ken New- gren, Marsha Newlin, Diane Nicho- las, Neal Nickols, Doris Noble, Ar- lene Nordgren, John Novello, Linda Nyberg. ROW 2-Janet Nydarn, Carol O'Boyle, Elaine O'Brien, Mary O'Brien, Dave O'Connor, James O'Connor, Edward Oeclzes, Claire Ohlsson, Ron Oleinik. ROW 3-Gregory Olsen, David Ol- son,' Judy Olson, Janice Omiecinski, Carol Oostman, Florence Opyt, John Ores, William Ores, Paul Osloerg. ROW 4-David Osborn, Terry Os- terloh, Jeanette Ostrowski, Sheryl Overheidt, Gerald Page, Ray Pag- vette, Bruce Palagi, Rosemarie Pa- lerno, Ronald Paliga. ROW 5-Marcia Palmquist, Dominic Panozzo, Gary Panozzo, Lorry Pa- nozzo, Ronald Panozzo, Rosalina Panozzo, Michael Papineau, Marce- Anne Pardikes, John Parker. ROW 6-Mike Parker, MaryAnn Par- tyka, John Pariiczuk, Nellie Paula- cica, Daphne Pearson, Robert Pear- son, Janet Pecora, Elena Pedela, Lucille Perez. ROW 7-Janice Perich, James Per- illo, John Pesavento, Dale Peterson, Kathy Peterson, Janet Peterson, Pat Peterson, Warren Petrie, Lor- raine Pink. . ROW 8-Pat Piotrowski, Steve Pi- stone, Ray Plummer, Diane Pochran, Ed Poledziewski, Nancy Poole, Karen Pratke, Lynn Pratt, Irvin Prauledis. ROW 9-John Prince, Stella Pruitt, Nancy Quillman, Mike Raattes, Bernadette Race, Paul Radclitte, Lois Radley, Sharon Rage, June Rance. ROW I0-Barb Randerson, Robert Raveckas, MaryAnn Ravetto, Greg- ory Rea, Tom Regnier, Carol Rehak, Bonnie Reinbolt, Russell Reinhardt, Christine Reitz. ROW 'll-Renee Aardema, Charles Reusnow, James Reynolds, Luchen Ria, Dan Rice, Robert Richard, David Richards, Bonnie Ried, Candace Roberts, 102 ROW I-George Rock, Judy Rogers, . Gene Roman, Dennis Romeli, Jeanne Rose. A T A ROW 2- Karen Rosendahl, Scott p Rosstedt, Harriet Rothschild, Sana ., dra Ruhlander, Carolyn Rowe. "5 - V," nj 1., ROW 3-Lorry Ruby, Micheal Rus- 7 Q sell, Marsha Ryan, Rene Rylander, 'll John Sable. 3 ,Vi f -Lf ' ' v Row 4-Valeri samian, Barbara 'li .gf Sample, Neil Sartori, Gene Scar- a n ,jeff dini, Cynthia Schaumann. tg ' 1 ,ja - i 'Y lc' vt' if nl? ROW 5-Gloria Schidhouse, Darrell ' SQ Schofro, Phyllis Schuit, Marcella - X Schultz, Sandra Schultz. Q 552. 1' 7 ,Q fi I I ROW 6-Ruth Schwark, Marilyn T, .5 Schwerin, Bob Scott, Nancy Scott, ff' :NZ .J as Beverly Sears. g, -Ed - I I 6' Eg 'Q ROW 7-Linds Seet, Carlo Seiber, fb. gp Jim Seibert, Linda Seip, Anita Sel- ' " gf by 'r A ul . zzz. .33 rg' .iz ROW 8-Kathy Selsky, Joe Sende- gl ias, Kathy Senitz, Marylou Shar- T: zynski, Marylee Shaw. -: ii Ls, .113 Q, Q., g..-. .0- .'- J'- ROW 9-Sharon Sheehy, Barb Sho- Tis strom, Sharon Shunt, Jackie Siedal, 'EY "ig John Sikma. ,Q if 1, 'of . ' FJ Row 10-William sakma, our-,fra '3 Silius, Mary Simko, David Simmons, ' g. Robert Simon. 'J : 5. Q ROW 'I'l-Paul Simonian, Karen ' F Singleton, Barb Sirin, Walter Skar- g 3' '-- H- ' L,-,.,. 9 zynwski, Charles Skinner. S 0 P H 0 M 0 R E S Time passes slowly when you are only cr sophomore. 03 Exhaustin g, isn't it! SOPHOMORES ROW I-Diane Smarsty, Marcia Smith, Pat Smith, Robert Smith, Carol Soika. ROW 2-Geraldine Soltizic, Glen Sosnoski, Diane Sowa, Judy Spiller, John Stachmus. ROW 3hGregory Stall, JoAnn St. Angelo, Loralee Stankus, Ilic Sta- noika, Bill Stark. ROW 4-Teri Staudohar, Joe Staw- ski, Michael Steff, Dave Stegenga, Scott Stell. ROW 5-Lillian Stella, Nancy Stella, John Stepanian, Sandra Sterchie, Hal Steve. ROW 6-Vickie Stevens, Anna Stone, Charles Stone, Bobbi St. Pierre, Shay St. Pierre. ROW 7-Madelynn Strahocky, John Strazzabosco, Mike Strilko, Claudia Stromsted, Susan Strunk. ROW 8-Dale Suess, Carol Sulka, Jack Sundstrom, Ann Sutherland, Bonnie Swacker. ROW 9-Ronald Swanson, Ronald Szczecena, Irene Szklarski, Rose Szostak, Gloria Szott. ROW 'IO-Madeline Szwet, Paul Tackes, Jim Tanko, David Thomas, Jim Thomson. ROW 'II-.Joe Thormann, Pat Tin- nich, Loris Tisocco, Don Toigo, Janis Torreano. 5 I ,BQQZQK I' .4 -txfw N -. " X? 'X ' IQ. D '+R' xz'o'l8 0 ox, W Q ifx vlgsy 049 X -f 0,0 N .0 O 'a N 9' .Q 0 , A Q, '! , ?"0:'Q'QQQ?40x S QC' :Q-.o' 0Rf'Q up 5 '5' s 0 V, 3 ' X ,, 4ve 1 I, If K 1' 'QQQQO 1,5 ,N ,N i - 1 . 3 ,O an X 'Jay A 'X' . -J w'. tgp - l o 1 q t -N 4 - , 9 6 , . 0 9. ff , Q 'I i .9 J . x 4' 5-Jinx l ,f J ' il , 'Q Q f' ' A ii I S ' I " 4 .' at r 3 'L gl I? K, X- ei .O. r . I ' 104 X 5 ohxO'f'ol sf NOT PICTURED Bernasine Aanerud, Fran Adducci, James Allison, James Albamonte, Rich- ard Anderson, Janet Appel, Robert Armagast, Charles Bass, Kenneth Bobbe, John Braglia, Marylin Broholm, Carol Bybee, Vita Carapezza, James Cebulski, Allen Chirstensen, Rose Contreras, Bill Crotty, Tom DeFazio, Sheldon DeLuca, Peter SeMaro, Judy Derrico, Gloria DeYoung, Janet Dor- necker, Joy Eklin, Kengsley Enos, Jim Gerrad, Ray Ghiotto, Joe Gibin, Robert Giudice, Delores Glacolona, James Gozybowski, Rich Gracco, Bar- bara Gramm, Gerald Grems, Lovis Grotto, Anita Guerrero, Cheryl Gunling, Charles Harris, Bill Hempen, Bob Henukson, Tom Hickey, Marcienne Hill, Dennis Hoftlanaler, Veronica Hydo, Lawerence Joger, William Johnston, Robert Kaverkas, Darbi Kendall, Ted Kleinhinz, Rita Kollsy, John Kozocas, tacosti, Louis Truffa, Martin Tumas, Sharen Tumpis, George Uhlman, Roger Ulman. ROW 2-Robert Ungaro, Richard Valentas, Phoebe Vanderbye, Ber- nadett Vanderlught, Doug Vander- ploeg, Gayle Vander Ploeg, Ellen Vander Veir, Sue Vander Werden, Diane VanDyke. ROW 3-Cathy VanKooten, Bonnie VanNugtren, Robert Vanosky, Bob VanSanten, John VanSchaik, Janine VanWitzenburg, Robert VanZeyl, Wayne Veir, Rich Venable. ROW 4-Jim Venoso, Patti Verburg, Gerald Vetterick, John Vetterick, John Villani, Josephine Voegeli, Lynda Wacker, Dorothea Wagner, Howard Waihien. ROW 5-Michael Walker, Bob Was, Teena Wasserman, William Watt, Maureen Weber, Richard Weber, Kenneth Weidenaar, Gayle Wess- ling, Harrit Wessling. ROW 6-Karen Wessman, Norma Whitaker, Harriet White, Larry White, Dennis Will, Dave Williams, Lorretta Williams, Cindy William- son, Joan Willott. ROW 7-Cheryl Wilson, Jeanne Wilson, Peggy Wissing, Corinne Wnukowski, Jan Wodarski, Sharon Woicik, Alida Wolczsk, Sandra Woz- niak, Penny Wurster. ROW 8-Bruce Wyma, Dave Wyro- bek, Dorothy Youstra, Eugene Yukon, Michael Zabara, Walter Zabrewski, Pat Zaikowsky, Phyllis Zapala, Pat Zdanowsky. ROW 9-Cynthia Zebrowski, Donna Zelisko, MaryAnn Ziebert, June Zlatorzynski, Jim Zubersky, Susan Zuiker. Robert Kowalski, Irwin Krayledes, Jim Kruger, Evelyn Krwaiec, Stan Ku- lack, Richard Lacombe, Edward Langdo, James Locklen, Ruta Lorenz, Virginia Luszczyk, Donald Maikowski, Judy Marchmeyer, Bernard Masny, Janet Maywald, Donald McMaster, Linda Meter, Chris Mohr, John Mortel, Mary Lou Nei, Ruth Noren, Diane Panozzo, Loranine Paobzzo, Gordon Pape, Mary Ann Parytka, James Paskeiwicz, Charles Patterson, Nellie Apvlacka, Richard Polley, Nick Pyrlepa, James Reynolds, Mike Roos, Caro- lyn Rowe, Susan Schultz, Bow Semkin, William Simka, Mary Lou Skarynski, Michele Smith, Michale Spinars, Robert Splayt, Dic Sranocka, Victor Susmis, James Szule, Fernando Traveriso, Beverly VanBalier, Kent Vandic, Mickey Vinson, .left Warfield, Peggy Wessing, Ronnie Wilkison, David Wyrobek, Richard Yehmert, John Yniguez. 'I05 ROW 'I-Diane Trecanni, John Trec- cani, John Trentacosti, Susan Tren- ROW 1-Cheryl Aardema, Cheryl Anderson, Kimberly Anderson, Mar- tin Anderson, James Arentz, Eileen August, George Basile, Joseph Bed- narczyk ROW 2-lrma Beer, Michael Behr- ens, Jackie Bell, William Bittler, Paula Blizzard, Katharina Blocher, Genelle Blomquist, Kathy Bodnar ROW 3-Gerald Bois, Nancy Boone, David Borden, Alan Brunell, Linda Buntenbach, John Campa, Micke Campbell, Jack Capolillo ROW 4-Richard Carrier, Mike- Cer- atto, Susan Chess, Robert Chiarello, Darlene Chiaro, Joseph Ciprian, William Cliffton, Margaret Clodfel- ter ROW 5-Charles Conroy, Dennis Cortopassi, Robert Corwin, Thomas Costanza, Donald Cullison, Donald DalSanto, Maryann DeBorde, Charles Degani ROW 6-lrene Devito, Wayne De- Young, Josephine DiMare, Carol Disz, James Durkowski, Carol Fal- sey, Linda Federowski, Sharon Fel- ski ROW 7-Sharon Ferguson, August Fiore, Bruce Fike, Barbara Fisher, Michael Fulaytee, Lawrence Gallik, Marie Garbe, Janice Gentile ROW 8-Victor Gloder, Gary Gor- ski, William Grabinski, Richard Gray, Steven Gulik, Tony Gulzinski, William Haag, Susan Haiman ROW 9-Linda Hanasik, Janet Han- son, Ruth Hays, Nancy Heath, Jacob Hoekstra, Roy Hofmann, Joan Holm- berg, Gordon Hopkinson ROW 'IO-Jerry Husfeldt, David lg- nowski, Maryann Januchowski, Alan Johnson, Karin Johnson, Leonard Kaster FRESHMEN I f I Vfxs w 4 . '29 , fax Q 4 v g fi stwhf-f' . awp XXX fl l l ll ,lf X , ,.:- ll -s - " J' C ' Z, I il l ll l , ' if .aff p ii. C I 4 YQ 0 49. x XX 1 ,C y 5 R :fi as l Ill .' cs , ill lst, 06 ...T ust have to pass that final. ROW 'I-Linda Kavis, Tim Kilbride, Debrah Knauft, Lonnie Knudsen, Robert Korienek, Diane Koszut, Don- ald Kovarik, Sandra Kowalski. ROW 2-John Kraft, Joseph Krisma- nick, John Kruizenga, John Kunz, Robert Kurek, Judy Langer, Antonia Laphen, Morris Laphen, ROW 3-Gregg Larson, Jim Le- mieux, Susan Leonhardt, Joann Lubovich, Joyce Ludwig, Charles Luitgaren, Joseph Luscczyk, Edward Madon ROW 4-Dennis Mansfield, Robert Marlcov, Tom Martinotti, Bonnie Marton, Beverly McLeish, John Means, Russell Melby, Claudette Merrick ROW 5-John Miller, Richard Mil- ler, Sharon Misner, .lohn Moorman, Elizabeth Moro, Marty Morrison, Bernard Mucha, Gerald Mucha ROW 6-John Mucha, Thomas Nar- din, Rita Nelson, Sandra Norby, Patricia Norkus, Lucille Novak, Den- nis Nudo, Russell Nyberg ROW 7-Martin O'Brien, Isabel Or- tis, George Otto, Diane Palheghi, Alice Paquette, Robert Pavlacka, Bernard Pedersoli, Judy Pekny ROW 8-Carol Pelzman, Stanley Pocius, Linda Poderski, Linda Potts, Lin Powers, Darlene Preslicka, Judy Price, James Pusztay ROW 9-Liah Raffin, Mary Rainey, Gail Raklovits, Charles Ravetto, Diane Razmias, Mary Redelsperger, Harvey Retterer, Sharon Rigo ROW 'IO-Veronica Rincon, Robert Rizzs, Peter Rogowski, Theodore Rooding, Phyllis Russo, Mike Sarto wa., ' 1 x f J 4 N If you'1e short. it pays to take woodshop. NOT PICTURED Howard Buchler, Brent Byrd, Irene DeVito, John Douglas, Patricia Farrell, JoAnn Fanning, Eugene Forster, Michael Gbur, Robert Ibana, Diane Johnson, Lonnie Kunderson, Diane Kunst, James LaPointe, Charmain Malesh, James Malesh, Robert Markov, Bonnie Martoni, Gregory Ramey, Dennis Skalman, Victor Stanisiawski, Robert Vanderbye, Thomas Vanderware, Kent Vandis, Donald Woleranski, Robert Worobow, Alan Young, Arthur Zwettler. 108 ROW 'I-Donna Scheft, Ed Schimansk, James Schmidt, Alexis Schneider, Susan Schubert, Gordon Schultz, Michael Schobbie, Donna Seliga. ROW 2-Kathleen Selock, Tim Sinde, Larry Sivic, James Sloat, Vernon Slusarczyk, Linda Smith, John Spiek, Carol Spiller. ROW 3-Victoria Stanley, James Steinhauer, Richard Stromberg, Laurie Tanis, Jack Termanas, Diane Thomas, John Thomas, Michal Thomas. ROW 4-Adrian Ton, Elizabeth Trainor, David Traverso, Dennis Troy, Tom Trus- dale, Carole Tupycia, Karla Turner, Alan Turkstra. ROW 5-Joseph Uildriks, Kathryn Urgo, Judy Valfre, Joseph Vallone, John Van-- derlecq, Kathy VanderPloeg, Donna Van Westrop, Robert Waltrich. ROW 6-Roy Wesolowski, Patrick Whalen, Ruth Wiedeman, Paul Wiegold, Nicholas Wienold, Marcia Wiggins, Paul Williams, Carolyn Winterburn. ROW 7-Don Wolframski, Martin Workman, James Wunderlich, Mary Wyrzykow- ski, Judy Zaio, Darlene Zilius. EDMOND JARIS Assistant Principal CURTIS The Curtis Branch of Fenger welcomes many bewildered freshmen over the threshold of high school life. Many activities which we have at the "main" such as band, orchestra, student librarians, office secretaries, hall guards, division representatives, and student council are enioyed by the Curtis fresh- men. Each year they show their whole-hearted support of the activities at the "main", by the large number of Couriers they purchase each year. CURTIS FACULTY MICHAEL GARRETT Engineer ROW I-Stan Aksenas, German, Emmanuel Broutman, Music, Sam Costanza, Science, Beryl Fenstemacher, English, Thomas Fineberg, Mathematics, Marion Hunter, E.B,T., English, Helen Madigan, English, Spanish. ROW 2-Helen Matthews, Physical Education, Austin McCarty, English, Wilson Peek, Mathematics, Myrtle Runyan, Counselor, Katherine Stevens, Biology, Howard Westervelt, Industrial Arts, Kathleen Willis, Art. 09 C U R T l S ROW 'I-Richard Adams, Robert Adduci, Shirley Adzgowski, Judith Aiken, Joan Ailsworth, Ernest Albiero, David Alford. ROW 2-Dennis Allen, Janet Allison, Donald Anderson, Roger Anderson, Mary Agnes Anton, Nancy Arthur, Madeline Astor. ROW 3-Kathy Baclene, Kathleen Bak, Bruce Baker, Nancy Baker, Robert Baker, Linda Baldelli, Lance Barr. ROW 4-Alfonso Barreda, Beverly Barron, Diane Bass, Carole Battaglin, Ladd Baugher, Terese Bel- ford, Mary Benjamin. ROW 5-Terry Bergunder, Evelyn Bernal, Daniel Bernar, William Bertz, Ronald Beukema, Thomas Beyster, Barbara Biehl. ROW 6-Gayle Blabas, Diane Black, Dorothy Blattner, Wayne Bock, Ruth Ann Bolt, Beth Bon- nema, John Bogumil. ROW 7-Frederick Borghi, Robert Borst, Gerry Bosak, Daniel Boucon, Chris Bowen, Nancy Brodtke, Earline Brandon. ROW 8-Carol Brink, Jack Brown, William Brown, James Bruckee, Nancy Bruner, Douglas Buchan, James Buchanas. ROW 9-Nancy Buckley, Arlene Bukauskas, Den- nis Buriak, Julis Burin, Bernadette Butkus, Vir- ginia Bult, Rita Cahill. ROW 'IO-Donna Jean Calandra, Lorenzina Cal- dana, Marilyn Calderwood, Karen Cole, Robert Camire, Anita Canale, Peter Cannella. ROW 11-Janet Cariberg, Dennis Carlson, Col- leen Cassel, Sharon Cassidy, John Cansgrove, William Chambore, Linda Conner. 110 C U R T I S ROW 1-Rosemary Clark, John Chapin, Thomas Chocholer, James Cocke, Cheryl Cokasih, Linda Collins, Dennis Conners. ROW 2-Connie Conrad, Fred Copenhaver, Torn Copenhaver, Claudia Corriers, Donald Corriero, Rose Mary Costello, Joyce Craddock. ROW 3-Joanne Cunico, Tim Curley, Diane Czai- kowski, Elliott Daldos, Linda Dannenhold, Robert Darkwood, Patricia Dawson. ROW 4-Donna Deats, Martha Dennis, Rosemaria DeSilva, Catherine Desmond, Dominick DeStasion, Barbara DeWitt, Sally Dietz. ROW 5-William Dobrinski, Gerald Donlon, John Douglas, Clara Druzkowski, Donna Dubin, Adele Duncan, Beverly Dybis. ROW 6-Carl Easton, Donna Ebling, Mary Ann Eckberg, Thomas Edison, Gerald Eidson, Connie Epps, Craig Erichson. ROW 7-Marcia Erickson, Sherry Erickson, David Erlick, Alicia Esquivel, Irene Esquivel, William Evans, Susan Falco. ROW 8-Pat Faoro, Ada Mae Farris, Eileen Feeney, John Felkamp, Judy Field, Jim Fikeis, Gerald Finco. ROW 9-Judi Fischer, Land Fleming, Cathryn Fortino, Kathy Fox, Chris Frank, Donald Freeman, Beverly Frew. ROW 'I0-Marge Frigo, Ray Frigo, David Fron- czyk, Darlene Fry, Lynda Gagnon, Tom Gaidow- ski, Terry Gall. ROW 11-Elvira Garcia, Joseph Garcia, Jim Ged- min, Martin Gellert, Ray Genis, Janice George, Elaine Geremia. 111 C U R T I S ROW 'I-Celen Giordano, Sandra Gleason, Sharon Gleason, Patricia Glowacki, Richard Goettler, Pamela Goodrich, Joane Gorel. ROW 2-Carolyn Gorski, Jane Greene, Andrew Grod, Bill Grod, Bob Gulde, John Hagen, Donna Hagge. ROW 3-Patricia Haiden, Linda Halenar, Pat Hal- enar, Diana Hall, Susan Handell, James Hanson, Michael Hanz. ROW 4-Greg Haupymar, Bernadette Hausier, Linda Hawkinson, Phyllis Hettington, Wayne Helge, Mike Hesser, Ralph Heirbach. ROW 5-Sandra Hickey, Jean Hildebrandt, Greg- ory Hillstrom, William Hinkle, Sharon Hinton, Patricia Hlinka, Charlotte Horton. ROW 6-Pat Howard, John Hughes, Gordana llic, James Ingala, George Jack, Susan Jackman, Kenneth Jacobsrna. ROW 7-Clifford Janasky, Ardis Jansen, Karen Jarmotz, Thomas Jennings, Charles Jensen, Ed- ward Johnson, James Johnson. ROW 8-Janis Johnson, Joanne Johnson, William Johnson, Helen Johnston, John Jones, Frank Jur- genson, Lucy Kaesberg. ROW 9-Marian Kaffka, Judy Kainrath, Cheryl Kaleel, Hal Kaplan, Cynthia Karas, Sharon Karko, Tony Kays. ROW 'IO-Sandra Karr, Anthony Katauskas, Char- lotte Katauskas, Karen Katzmarek, Carole Keir- man, Jeanne Kennedy, Kathleen Kerr. ROW l'I-Pat Kerr, Nancy Kesler, Terry King, Michael Kingery, Joan Klikowski, James Klock, Tom Knepper. 1 12 C U R T l S ROW I-Mary Knoll, Lewis Knuclson, Keith Kolzie, Michael Konow, Julius Kortvely, William Kozak, Paul Krauleous. ROW 2-William Krapil, Norman Krasawski, Nancy Kreczmer, Raymond Kubiak, Janice Kuiken, Michael Kukyno, Antoinette Kukula. ROW 3-Diane Kunst, Matthew Kunz, Barbara Kutschke, Arlene LaBuda, Donna Lagro, William Lambert, Ernest Lamm. ROW 4-Diane LaRocke, Richard Larson, Sandra LaRue, Gregory Latiak, JoAnne Lazuka, Luisa Leiva, Steve Lesak. ROW 5-Gregg Lesniewski, Linda Lewis, Beverly Linden, Suzanne Linkus, Judy Lipar, Ralph Locke, Douglas Lofstrom. ROW 6-Jerry Loowell, Nadine Loser, Therese Lueken, Robert Lull, Marilyn Ludwig, Mary Lus- sing, Ronald MacFariane. ROW 7-Earl MacNeill, Linda MacNeil, Shirley Madding, Geraldine Masziarcz, Nicholas Maicach, James Malesh, Lou Cindy Manders. ROW B-Patrick Manola, Janice Margon, Rose- mary Marshall, Peter Martello, Betty Mascarello, Allan Mason, Larry Matushek. ROW 9-Donna Maxwell, Cheryl McArdle, Paul McClean, Bill McClellan, Janice McCormac, Al McCullough, Mariorie McElwain. ROW 'IO-William McGaghie, Joanne McHale, Lorna McLachlan, Maureen McMahon, Pamela Mc- Naughton, Ronald McPhail, Tom Medendoys, ROW 'II-Richard Medrano, Mary Jane Mekeland, Juanita Mendoza, Elizabeth Mens, James Messin- ger, Catherine Meyers, Jean Midema. 113 C U R T l S ROW I-Joan Michel, Kevin Miller, Paulette Mil- ler, Glen Missaggia, Edith Molnar, Robert Mon- cada, Frank Monqardo. ROW 2-Mike Morrin, Sandra Morrison, Maynard Moulton, Gloria Mrozowski, Thomas Muir, Dan Mundo, Jim Munz. ROW 3-Phyllis Murphy, Cheryl Namors, Berna- dine Naples, Nancy Nehring, Sharon Nelson, Dawn Nickla, Linda Norby. ROW 4-Alan Noren, Ruth North, Edward Novak, Fran Novotny, Marcia Novotny, Edward Nowicki, Richard Nowinski. ROW 5-John Nystrom, Linda Oak, Gary Oakes, Sandra Obrenski, Vivian Oldenburg, Gary Olsen, Eugene Olsen. ROW 6-Gayle Olsen, Thomas Omaw, James Ostarello, William Paciski, Ronald Paffi, Joe Pal- cak, Eileen Palermo. ROW 7-Richard Panozzo, Dorothy Pantola, Helen Paraszczak, Jerry Parker, Greg Pasco, Paul Doug- las, Joseph Pavilanas. ROW 8-Diane Pawlak, Gayle Pearson, William Pearson, August Pedela, Jill Pelley, Michael Per- senaire, Judy Perysian. ' ROW 9-Frances Pesevento, George Peterson, John Petrovich, Sandra Peuvion, Kenneth Phil- lips, Jacqueline Pinto, Jennie Piorkowski. ROW 'IO-Terry Pirch, Leon Pluard, Linda Pollitt, Anthony Ponziano, Jan Post, Clay Potter, Chris- tine Powell. ROW 11-Elizabeth Prove, Carol Rance, John Reipsa, Robert Riehle, Paul Rink, Jeanette Risatti, Valencia Roache. 'l'I4 C U R T I S ROW I-Judith Roberts, Angie Rodriquez, Sharon Roeder, Olga Roessler, Michael Romanek, Russell Rosales, Carol Rozanas. ROW 2-Lura Ryder, John Sanders, Paula San- zenbacher, Julie Sayre, Bill Schaumann, Sharon Scheer, Sandra Schmitt. ROW 3-Dennis Schmude, Virginia Schneider, Nancy Schuller, Barbara Schultz, Joanne Scudella, Margaret Sealy, John Seaman. ROW 4-Thomas Seidler, Patricia Seymour, Cath- leen Setty, Dave Sharp, Kathy Shaw, Jan Shep- herd, Ronald Shepherd. ROW 5-Katherine Shott, Carlene Simion, Julie Simmons, Sue Sims, Bruce Simser, Joey Singe, shmay Siska. ROW 6-Carol Slager, Cynthia Slager, Tom Slikas, Carol Smith, Candace Smith, Donna Smith, Linda Smith. ROW 7-Ronald Smith, Jerome Smith, Phillip Smo- linski, Pauline Sobun, Michael Solano, Kathleen Sonmerdyke, Linda Spurlin. ROW 8-Linda Stanley, Judith Stanberry, Nancy Stachurski, Wayne Steele, Charles Stegenga, David Stella, William Stephenson. ROW 9-Mary Stirling, Bob Stitnicky, Margie Sto- sur, John Strangeman, Bill Strotny, Mike Strug, Alan Stuckey. ROW T0-Diane Suarez, Janice Swan, Willard Johnson, Nikki Sweeney, James Swiento, Karen Szitasy, Beverly Tatkus. ROW T1-Randy Terry, Joanne Tessari, Cathy Thesien, Linda Theisen, Robert Thormann, Jerry Tincher, Mike Tobias. 'll5 C U R T l S ROW 'I-Donna Tobias, Bonnie Tode, Larry Tolar, Susan Toon, Phillip Toren, Pat Trudean, Ed Turek. ROW 2-Beverly Turner, Richard Tyssen, Claudia Tyssen, Marcia Vander Meer, Alice Vander Myde, Ernest Vanderwah, Karen Vander Weit. ROW 3-Raphael Vanderwerp, John Van Etten, Gary Van Haren, Bill Vanrite, Roger Van Schaick, John Venske, Jacqueline Veronesi. ROW 4-Robert Vianello, Philip Vinciguerra, Jeffrey Virosztko, Caryn Vis, Joyce Vissel, Elaine Vlamakis, Emmet Vogt. ROW 5-Alan Vredberg, Karen Wade, Cassandra Wadiak, Joe Wagner, Michael Wahlen, Charles Walieski, Bernadette Waller. ROW 6-Madeleine Walston, Linda Waltrich, Chris Watson, Thomas Weise, Barbara Weisseg, .loihn Whennen, Michael Whitt. ROW 7-Peggy Wiezyski, Dorene Winchell, Ray Weptia, Richard Wittosch, Robert Worobow, Chris- tine Wozniak, Mariann Wyre. ROW 8-Lorraine Yates, Alan Young, Kathy Yous- tra, Donna Zabka, Christina Zappas, Ellen Zel- lenga, Robert Zilewicz. ROW 9-Kathleen Zilske. I wish I was back at Curtis 'I'I6 C U R T I S PHOREX ROW I-Bill McClellan, Nancy Krecz- mer, Jeanette Risatti, Barbara Schultz, Joanne Johnson, Gloria Mrozowski, Carol Rozanas. ROW 2-Christine Woz- niak, Nancy Bruner, Joan Ailsworth, Mike Persenaire, Edward Novak, Karen Wade, Linda Norby. STUDENT COUNCIL ROW 'I-Jack Nystrom, Constance Epps, Beverly Barron, Cheryl Kaleel, Janice Marcon, Kathy Fox, Diane La Roche, Colleen Cosseld, Adele Duncan, Charles McCuIIogh. ROW 2-Lorna McLaughlin, Dawn Nickla, John Chapin, Skip Borghi, Linda Norby, Christine Wozniak, Virginia Schneider, Pamela McNaughton, Gail Blabas, Cynthia Kar' as, Tom Giakowski. ROW 3-Tom Maur, Arlene Baukowarkas, Lynda Gagnon, Linda Halenar, David Sharp, John Reipsa, John Seaman, Mike Pen- ensaire, Paul Krauledis, Gary Oakes, Charles Jensen, Ernest Lamb. HALL GUARDS ROW I-John Chapin, Wayne Steele, Philip Smolenski, Earl McNeil, Pay Hayden, David Sharp, Dan Berner, Rob- ert Borst, Joe Wagner. ROW 2-Fred Copenhaven, Williard Swanson, Dennis Beriak, Mike Perenseuaire, Ronald Pat- ti, Don Mundo, Edward Turk, Paul Krauders, Tom Slikas, Rich Derwonski, SPECIAL TEACHERS AIDES ROW 1-Pauline Soburn, Janet Post, Alga Roddeler, Cheryl McArdle, Cheryl Cakosh, Sandy Schmidt, Jcan Mitchel, Carol Rozaras, Arlene LaBuda. ROW 2-Linda Spuilin, Joanne Johnson, Jane Green, Christine Wozuiah, Linda Nor- by, Karen Jarrnots, Jean Hildebrandt, Mary Anton, Linda Baldelli. 117 CURTIS OFFICE AND TEACHERS AIDES ROW 1-Gloria Mrozowski, Janice George, Sharen Karko, Linda Stanley, Joan Mitchell, Pat Daw- son, Diane La Roache, Jean Mie- dema, Cynthia Kaias, Pat Trudeau, Colleen Cassel, Judy Fisher. ROW 2-Gary Van Haren, Sandra Ish- mael, Sheryl Cokash, Barbara Wessing, Nancy Kiezmer, C-hris Watson, Kathy Theisen, Connie Comad, Joan Lazuka, Pam Good- rich, Gayle Pearson, Arlene Bau- kouskas, Claudia Tyssen, Bernie Butkus, Dorene Winchell, Aiclis Jansen, Fred Copenhasen. ROW 3-Linda Halenar, Linda Boldelle, Jane Olson, Karen Jarmotz, Jane Cmith, Sarah Kandinskiy, Pat Hai- den, Janis McCormac, Cynthia Sloger, Linda Norby, Barbara Biel, Christin Wozniak, Lynda Gaynor. COURIER AND TITAN TORCH REPS ROW 'I-Margaret Sealy, Pat Daw- son, Diana Hall, Cheryl McAicIle, Beverly Barrov, Cassy Wadiah, Jean Miedema, Sue Sims, Mariane Erickson, Lou Mandeis, Linda Spinlen, Mary Sterling. ROW 2- Mary Benjamin, Bernadette But- kus, Diane Bals, Donna Dubin, Connie Comrad, Cathy Zilskie, Alice VanderMeu, Nancy Stahin- ski, Cindy Slager, Kathy Youstra, Joyce Vissel, Beverly Tatkus, No- dina Loser. ROW 3-Carl Easton, Ralph Heubach, Ken Jacobsma, John Felhamp, William McClellan, Tadd Baugher, Robert Riley, Mike Perensaue, Jerry Parker, William Van Rite, John Hughes, Roger Van Schaih, Paul McClean. SCIENCE FAIR PARTICIPANTS ROW 'I-Lance Barr, William Mc- Clellan, Pat Heu, Sharon Karko, David Alford, Mike Watt, Dan Bowon, Madeline Walkston, Mar- gie Stosor. ROW 2-Peter Can- nella, William McGaghie, John Hughes, Jean Hildebrandt, Wil- liam Krapil, Antony Katauskas, Peggy Wiezyski, Marianne Eck- bey, Joanne Tessari, Donna La- Gro. G.A.A. ROW 'I-Julie Simmons, Pat Tru- dear, Diane Bass, Cheryl Kaleel, Janis Johnson, Cheryl McArdle, Jeanne Miedema, Jean Kennedy, Marianne Wyre. ROW 2-Mau- reen McMahon, Joan Mitchell, Sharen Karko, Virginia Schneider, Beverly Turner, Joan Scudella, Karen Wade, Christin Zappos, Lorraine Yates, Evelyn Bernal. 'I 'I8 LUCY PERIOLET Head Teacher FRANK HARTMANN ,-amune'9PW WEST PULLMAN The time has come when Fenger must adapt itself to its increasing enrollment. Now the Main and Curtis have proved themselves inadequate, and the West Pullman Branch has been added. A staff headed by Mrs. Lucy Periolet introduced the incom- ing freshmen to the ways of Fenger, and helps to orient them in high school standards of scholarship. Marilyn De Bartoii exhorts, "West Pullmanites Buy a Courier!" West Pullmanites wave hello to a new school and new experience. 4 4 'II9 Miss Baum Div. 307 ROW I-Michael Kocan, Phillip Golotfeliy, David Swenson, Tony Satriana, Jim Wickershim, Terry Rights, Michael Kuyper, Larry Six, Doug Lirtrel. ROW 2-Jim Howlet, Dorlymn Vanovermeyer, Paula Emick, Joan Maries, Gayle Nellie, Noreen McCar1, Mary Sasuia. ROW 3-Beverly Tortolano, Marie Angelus, Nancy Johnson, Marlene Crasko, JoAnn Jarosemich, Terry Burke, Sue Nelson, Darlene Vantwond, Nancy Workman. Mr. Costanza Div. 309 ROW I-Richard Pecleraoli, Rich Brown, Ron Trenfacosti, Kenneth Lee Halaiian, Walter Francyk, Gary Meyers, Jessie Thornien, Conrad Saller, Edward Weliczko, Kenneth Ingles. ROW 2-Mary Rago, Mary Elairne Pickett, Phylis Gregery, Nancy Yriktonis, Rosland Shanklin, Maryann Rossi, Paul Vandersteeg, Judy Johnson, Sally Small, John Newald. ROW 3-Laureen Holum, Gayle Alends, Janice Barce, Janice Liirerell, Laurel Van Winkle, Laura Gibson, Theresa Kachiroubas, Mary Ellen Cronley, Connie Kudukus, 120 WEST PULLMAN 121 Mr. Hartmann: Div. 308 ROW 1-Diane Avignone, Jane Edborg, Vickey Johnson, Peggy Frendenberg, Laura Gibson, Janet Avakian, Carl Michaels, James Vance, Charles Blatt. ROW 2-Gary Schneider, Thomas Stitger, Robert Grilly, Janice Rutkowski, Leslie Mardiroson, Kathleen Korte, Cindy Kabat, Francene Kramer, Sandra Budde, Judy Schroeder, Michael Raffin. ROW 3-Curt Warren, Albert Hollendonner, Robert Fiddelke, Raitis Lablaiks, Marlene Jensen, Albert Beck, Garfield Anderson, Kathleen Panozzo, Nubar Pechekarian, Richard Johnston, Miss Vilimasz Div. 310 ROW 1-Karen Larson, Barbara Argentero, Jo Ellen Browning, Donna Jones, Pat Huerta, Betty Lesnesiske, Maryann Alofason, Jay Porter, Gayle Kozut, Pat Gallagher. ROW 2-Ronnie Burns, Bob Meredith, Arlene Bright, Jann Griften, Linda Douville, Sharon Louis, Johnnie Harris, Irene Terzian, Steve Jarasimich, Paul Renstrom, Chico Giragasian. ROW 3-Pete Ciconni, John Ebbens, Bob Irving, Charles Classens, Gerald Hellinga, John Lobbens, Alfred Larsen, Roger Evers, Armando Almendarez. 122 1 , 499996 X Q X x !X X f X0 Q .wg f Wi. W 7 "QW Q if -. X . Q y N ii 5 if ' Ze Q X .HQI V Q xi M .M 7 ' I 1 5 X f 0 4 X Xt 3 f X Q ,.Q!' ,s X O 'too 000 t8'QQ W I 099 " W'6 Y O' iv va, Q9 x X O Q wma' 0 A f ,f oo f f Q 0095 O 0 Tiff Q fx 1 A , , 2 ' ACTI ITIES 03, 9 Q ,X 1 y 6 1 - X xxx V ' ' " . 9, Q X S4 XX ,.-9 ' N QOQQK. '20 4' Q3 3' gf QS O S: 3 ff e sg ... K .,Nx. Wxy X X217 K 62 52 HQQ FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS-Leslie Dieck, Diane Baldelli, Louis Leo, Nancy Pearson. ,Xl L 1' ""' wp i ' x v yi lf! Q 0 8 D f STUDENT ELAINE GLATT Co-sponsor A democratic voice in Fenger's activities-that's why our Student Council was created. Two Wednesdays each month, the Student Council meets in room 117. to discuss future activities for the students of Fenger. Welfare drives, assemblies, homecoming, orientation day, and student government clay are some of the various activities sponsored by the Council. Every year the students of Fenger elect tour new officers to lead the division representa- tives. ln this way, the students have an indirect vote on the activities of the school. To help guide the Council, Miss Donatta Yates and Mrs. Elaine Glatt, sponsors, are always there. l aj y K an FD cs it W4 f I , X X 125' J ROW 'I-Barbara Blodier, Joyce Tocci, Carolyn Clay- ton, Janet Mshar, Romana Murphy. ROW 2-Sue Zuiken, Sharon Doornbos, Marion Yates, Joyce Toon- er, Cynthia Karp, Donna Dugan. ROW 3-Kathy Den Dekker, Nancy Nylen, Marietta Erickson, Jeanne Klauber, Jean Krause. ROW 4-Scott DeYoung, Jim Muir, Bob Erlich, Ron Miedema, Gene Scardini, Joan Tilton. ROW 5-Thomas Falrenba, Dennis Romeli, Jerry Vetterick, Nicholas Falakos, Verue Johnson. 124 COUNCIL COMMITTEES September 1961 Building 8- Grounds-John Miller Display Case-Marsha Hinko Lunchroom-Sandra Rosen Public Relations-Marietta Erickson Safety-Lou Wagy Social B Orientation-Linnie Schmidt Ways 8- Means-Nancy Martin February 1962 Assembly-Brian Helge Display-Phyllis Anderson Lunchroom-Joel Engel Public Relations-Diane Zube-Bill Aabye Safety-.lim Muir Social-Joyce Wilk Ways 8. Means-Marsha Hinko Building 8. Grounds-Jim Stewart DONATTA YATES Sponsor SPRING SEMESTER OFFICERS-Nancy Cook, Vice President, Garry Fadale, President, Joyce Olsen, Treasurer, Shirley Palm, Secretary. ROW I-Louis Leo, Nancy Pearson, Leslie Dieck, Diane Baldelli, Nancy Cook, Carole Myroup, Diane Van Dyke, Joan Moody, Alice Poquette. ROW 2- Ginny Kreitling, Lynne Johnson, Sharon DeYoung, Pat Gasperec, Diane Zube, Sandra Rosen, Penny Wurster, Susan Andrews, Sandra Sterchie, Marcia Zmuda. ROW 3-Barbara Johnson, Marcia Smith, Beth Brown, Connie Bitler, Cheryl Barclay, Karen Bye, Eugene Roman, Paul Williams, Bill Elwardt, Jean Lopin. ROW 4-Marsha Hinko, Janice Omicinski, Marilyn Schmidt, Judy Rudd, Joan Stuart, Letita De- Vries, Ginny Hansen, Arlene Kubasek, Isabel Ortiz. ROW 5-Jim Barce, Bill Plankis, Ron Olynik, Richard Kratzenberg, Frank Soika, Joseph Dangelo, Bill Aabye, Charles Labucla, Robert Scott, David Boyle, John Miller. 1 'wi ..,,...Special Events Editor It takes time to create your Here it is . . . the end result of a ten months siege, from the of ideas last fall to the checking of the last page proof in t Along with the fun, we have gained valuable experiencf gather and correlate information from many sources, the a writing, and the technical problems of printing, so we cal page lay-outs, photos, and art work for reproduction. ' human problems too, such as tactfully trying to get fifty si line up quietly for group pictures, and the selling of ads, quires special poise and persistence. Collecting and coul scription money keeps the adding machine busy and tl P 9 P P Y bottle empty. Our student hoto ra hers s end man li I . W hours in the darkroom, most of the photos in this Courier and printed by them. From us, the Courier Staft of 1962, ti student body, here is the past year packaged between tv We hope you like it. A pause in the day's activities for a brief well-earned rest. Ron and Gary gain experience in dark-room techniques. Sue Hyry-Editor Clockwise, from top: Laurel Roberts ......... Ron Reato .......,..., Joan Buchanan ...,... Georgia Goettler ...... Jim Roberts .............,.,.,., Marilyn De Bortoli .,...,,, Paul Vetterick .......,. Barbara Meyer ..,..... Ron Fischer ,..,.,.,., Fran Pudlewski ,,.,... Mike Geller!-Editor Clockwise, from top Gerri Teschke ........,,. Jackie Cramer .,,.......,, Peggy Woodruff .,....... Diane Baldellu .......,, Joyce Adduci ..,.,. Nancy Pearson ..,,.... Florence Oedzes ,..... Gary Axelson .,.,..,... Ruth Lange ....,...... We'Il do anything to sell a Courier . . . anything. SPRING SEMESTER FALL SEMESTER .........Administration Editor ....................Photographer ......Senior Section Editor ........................Sports ...........Subscription Editor Editor Business and Advertising .................,....Activities Editor ....................Layout Editor ......Undergraduate Editor ,,Copy Editor ,..,............Business Editor ......Undergraduate Editor .................Pl1oto Editor ................Creative Editor .,,......Senior Section Editor ........Advertising Editor .............Photographer .,....Subscription Editor 'I27 LESLIE DIECK Associate Editor BILL STALL Editor-in-Chief VIOLA RAGUSO Sponsor TITAN TORCH "Copy is due today," is a familiar cry heard from the editor of the newspaper. Every day, a group of ambitious, news seeking young iournalists gathers within the walls of 130. To be accepted into this elite group, one must take journalism tor one se- mester and sell I4 inches of ads. The goal of the Titan Torch is to keep the student body well informed. In order that a student be up-to-date, he must subscribe to the Torch. It is the best way to get all the gossip, short highlights, scholarship news, and general information of school activities. Cheryl Barclay, Page 3 Editor Martha Benson, Senior Assistant Beth Brown, Page 2 Editor Linda Novak, First Assistant Jackie Taradash, Senior Assistant Carol Vianello, Copy Torch Staff whoops it up. , 28 ROW I--Lora Bex, Supplement Editorg Barbara Bosco, Senior Assistantg Betty Bro- gan, Senior Assistant. ROW 2iSandy Dikken, Copyg William Fay, Photographerg Ruth Graff, First Assistant. ROW 3-Brian Helge, First Assistantg Judy Hoftman, Senior Assistantg Joseph Hughes, Page 4 Editor. ROW 4-Sue Karp, Senior Assistantg Louis Leo, Senior Assistantg Judy Meyers, Page 2 Editor, ROW 5wSyloil Orne, Page 3 Editorg Jean Renstrom, Business Editorg Judy Ruswick, Senior Assistant. ROW 6-Pat Rubinas, Senior Assistantg Marilyn Schmidt, First Assistantg Avis Shapiro, First Assistant. ROW 7-Jan Sipos, Senior Assistantg Jill Todlwunler, Page l Editori Linda White, Senior Assistant. Torch's Ianuary staff relaxes. And we asked for an action shot! 29 Mr Scherer and the gang worm up for another recital. MIXED CHORUS and CHORALIERS Radiating outward from room 204 sixth and seventh periods come the glorious strains of the "Last Words ot David." The question: is it our chorus, or simply their Decca recording being played? Fenger's Mixed Chorus has made a superb recording under the direction of Mr. George Scherer. Hard work in daily rehearsals have made this, as well as fine performances in the Spring Festival, Christmas Festival, and graduation possible. SEATED AT PIANO-Vicki Baumgartner. ROW 1-Karen Haworth, Sue Kiss, Sally Koch, Janice Sipos Lynda Forster Betty Biehl, Joyce Hodgson, Sandra Vaicunas, Micki De Nardi, Shirley Van Bolhuis Heidi Lehnhardt Marilyn Meyer. ROW 2-Joanne Kladis, Elaine Skoglund, Marilyn Vanderbilt, Martha Benson Joan Tilton Linda Gustafson, Jean Gordon, Phyllis Otto. ROW 3-Richard Shultz, Joseph Hughes Bruce Zemke Terry Tryzmski, Ken Klomhaus, Bill Aabye, Thomas Johnson, Bob Lambert. ROW I-Gerrie Derrico, Linda Douglas, Betty Biehl, Lynda Forster, Margaret Jones, Wanda Foster, Donna Donofrio, Karen Kampl, Mary Lou Carroll, Karen Haworth. ROW 2-Sandra Ohse, Susan Janota, Diane Koszut, Sandra Ettema, Geraldine Israel- son, Ruth Mac Allister, Jackie Taradash, Fran Mistro, Nancy Vanderlight, Carol Kladis, Marilyn Meyer. ROW 3fKathryn Urgo, Joyce Hodgson, Judy Surfus, Phylis Otto, Beth Brown, Marilyn Vanderbuilt, Phyllis Laverman, Marilyn Lehning, Patrice Falco, Heidi Lehnhardt, Vicki Baumgartner, Sandra Vaicunas, Suzanne Richards. ROW 4-Kenneth Alm, Laverne Poderski, Nancy Martin, Nancy Albert, Karen Baugher, Joan Tilton, Martha Benson, Judy Caliendo, Sue Zuiker, Janice Anderson, Joan Kladis, Rick Howlett, Paul Murawski. ROW 5-Terrance Gierzynski, Lauis Agnos, Thomas Johnson, Dale Massie, George Balogh, Richard Schultz, Richard Klesc, Ken Toren, Fred Krause, Bruce Zemke, Thomas Piddington, Jelzf Erskine, Ronald Ciemny, John Davis, Ed Hinkley. ROW 1-Lenore Peterson, Lois Beckman, Shirley Van Bolhuis, Lynda Forester, Susan Kiss, Karen Haworth, Sallie Koch, Sharon Belohlav, Dagmar Kleeblatt, Lillian Pat- tonik, LaLonnie Lambert. ROW 2-Micki Denardi, Linda Anderson, Elaine Skoglund, Diane Hrej, Terri Brewer, Andrea Boucon, Charlotte Nyren, Jan Sipos, Renee Mirkin, Wendy Lehnhardt, Barbara Sample, Maureen Weber, Mary Wyrzykowski. ROW 3- Janice Parker, Janet Thran, Anna Huff, Beth Brown, Connie Tanis, Janice Omie- cinski, Linda Gustafson, Jackie Lundstrom, Rita Lotkowski, Carol Howles, Chyrll Cafterata, Barbara Sirin, Phyllis Laverman, Lynne Smith. ROW 4-Joseph Hughes, Bill Aabye, Michael Kauss, Paul Malm, Richard Schultz, Craig Zeilenga, lrvin Krau- ledis, Lyle De Witt, Kenneth Klomhaus, Bob Lambert, Glenn Rawers. GIRLS GLEE CLUB Singing merrily in time to the music are the members of the Girls' Glee Club cmd the Ensemble, a select group of approximately 25 girls, di- rected by Miss lrene Connor. These girls work willingly one period every day to practice for the many events in which they perform. The Christmas Festival and the P.T.A. Mother's Tea are highlighted by the cheerful voices of this talented group. IRENE CONNOR Sponsor GLEE CLUB ENSEMBLE ROW I-Karen Marsh, Eleanor Johnston, Nancy Lundemo, Laura Giragosian, Darlee Lefko, Judy Adams. ROW 2-f Diane Matul, Jeanne Kiernan, Linda Hazekamp, Karen Prafke, Patricia McCann, Corinne Kutschke, Anita Warholak, ROW 3-Carla Michaels, Martha Hasseler, Lynn Pratt, Evelyn Kubiak, Sharon Rago, Lynn Bessett, Connie Cherullo. C GIRLS CHORUS ROW I--Jackie Resce, Cathy Hedl, Sharon Mayhew, Karen Maish, Nancy Lundesuo, Diane Peuvion, Perri DeYoung, Karen Michaels, Barb Ociepka, Marie Cedducci, Lillian Sobun, Frieda Emich, Karen Prafke, Juliet Leonhardi, Francine Schrepher, Beverly Yonker. ROW 2-Pat McCann, Joyce Towner, Laura Laforte, Marilynne Schwerin, Joanne Kut- schke, Pat Rhedes, Sharon Moniak, Arlene Hoffman, Lorene Jannotta, Sandra Testolin, Diane Matul, Diane Hemey, Lincla Hazekamp, Joyce Barthalomew, Donna Peuvion, Anita Warholak. ROW 3-JoAnn Johnson, Pamela Dapkus, Amy Baturevich, Jean Sharp, Dianna Faoro, Rose Ann Baranek, Jean Kiernan, Bev Pustz, Linda Vander Myde, Judith Kreczmer, Linette Carlson, Karen Pope, Gail Jacoby, Jean Krause, Barb Schilclrniller, Karen Wattman. ROW 4-Pat Carter, Janet Miazya, Patsy Cullison, Evelyn Kubiak, Doris Tulp, Jeanette Uhlmann, Roseann Stugman, Joan Lasher, Judy Diekon, Henrietta Tinsley, Rosalie Tanis, Rose Marie Tanis, Diane Knops, Cheryl Howlett, lna Foster, Carla Michaels, Clara Sipka, Janet Langham, MaryLou Di Francesco. GLEE CLUB ROW 'I-Lois Congr, Gayl Wessling, Pam Adduci, Sandra Lundberg, Corinne Wnkowski, Darleen Lefko, Pat Wilmot, Joan Cooper, Cheryl Brunell, Gerri Bulanda, Sue Chidester, Connie Chorullo, Angela Jilonik. ROW 2-Laura Giargoa sian, Corinne Kutsachka, Judy Nanninga, Karen Bullok, Marie-Ann Pardikes, JoAnn Ortigara, Diane Lake, Barb Shoestra, Janice Werkman, Jane McMormaclc, Par Gasperic, Betsy Bailey, Sharon Rago, Marcia Zmucla, Veronica Ridell, Harriette White. ROW 3-JoAnn DeGorte, Pat Hullinger, Ellen VanderVeen, Verlaine Goettler, Marsha Newnn, Geri Kraris, Nellie Pavlocka, Ann Sutherland, Darlene Joniak, Marlene Peterson, Betty McElheney, Theresa Krurnrie, Harriet Wessling, Judith Spiller, Marianne Simko. ROW 4fSandra Schultz, Karen Samuelson, Sharon Lind- strom, Judy Hildebrandt, Beverly Borucki, Pam Asrnus, Lynn Bessett, Sylvia Minkulis, Susan Kutscha, Vivian Gore szczyk, Pat Peterson, Letitia DeVries, Diane Sovva, Marcy Ditzel, Lynn Pratt, 133 l. I fi O .D 'O Q li D o li GQ 5 QQ' 0 ov' 5 O 3 x O U Q il QQ , alll Q 34 BAND Have you ever walked by room 206 either 'lst, 2nd, or 3rd periods? If so, perhaps you have heard the gay melodious sounds coming from Fenger's Band. Approximately 70 students are in the band under the direction of Andrew Lumbrazo, commonly called "Coach" by the members. Adding that certain "some thing" to the football games, performing in various assemblies, the Spring festival, Fall festival, and Winter festival are iust a few of the band's many activities. Just last spring, it won another "S" in City Competition. The only requirement for becoming a member of this group is enthusiasm for music and the desire to work. Our band proudly represents Fenger in the annual State Street parade. ANDREW LUMBRAZO Sponsor Gerald "Sousa" Vettericlc ROW 1-Linda Anderson, Lenore Peterson, Joan Anazuski, Linda Hazekamp, Darla Foeman, Kathy Den Dek- ker, Lynn Peterson, Nancy Pierson, Johann Thoney, Rich Colfer, Jim Druetzler, Suzy Chambers, Alice Jones, Marge Jim Krikau, Rollie Vetterick, Jerry Vetterick. ROW 2-Joan Aikin, Sandy Nelson, Jim Subright, John Nestrom, David Sanchez, Jim Urbine, Claudette Aim, Rich Yehnert, Vince Perullo, Jean Renstrom, Bill Witt, Jef? Brewer, David Blizzard. ROW 3-Pat Carter, Loris Tisocco, Paul Vetterick, Jerry Balchis, Peter Gorski, Ruth Manson, Jaquie Derr, Pam Kusay, Marilyn lsingg, Bill Scherner, Bob Youstra. ROW 4 -Lauren Oak, Shirley Kinder, Kathy Drungle, Sue McGagie, Pam Eberhardt, Jordan Bodenstein, David Schacter, Phil Van Dam, Charles Buchler, Joyce Madsen, Cynthia Saltes, Thor Hansen, Dennis Walker, Terry Disz, Dennis Kraul. ROW 5-Bill Goretz, Ray Lupori, Bruce Cutwright, Terry Trudeau, John Vetterick, Louise Panozzo, Ron Carlberg, Harry Bantolan, Ron Davidson, Beverly Allen, Dave Bordon, Ken Lyon, Ken Martinelli, John Gundersen, Bill Cain. ROW 6-Carol Farkes, Nancy Hensley, Marie Hensley, Nancy Borden, Randy Ferrari, Jack Sundstrorn, Dave Dauer, Dave Smalley, Lanny Grilly, Marcia Smith, Dan Tilton, Dan Deverick, Rich Sodetz, Norman Kaplan, Joe Henry, g Meeting with college representatives enables stu- dents to find out entrance requirements, costs, cmd other important factors they must consider before choosing cr school. COLLEGE DAY Long before the awaited day, work had begun with sign-ups, correspondence with the college and university representatives, programming, corrections, chart and poster making, and still more corrections. Our library provided the place, the student the question, and the representative the answer. This was the story of College Day at Fenger. Under the more than capable leader- ship of Mrs. Fristoe and Mrs. Rupprecht as sponsors, and Nancy Pearson and Diane Murphy as chief aides, the day was marked up as a tremendous success. EVELYN RUPPRECHT ponsor ROW I-Deryle-Ann Johnston, Sue Karp, Linda White, Jill Todhunter, Nancy Pearson, Barbara Zeisel, Linda Novak, Jackie Cramer, Edie Zarins, Jean Renstrom. ROW 2-Laurel Roberts, Barb Bosco, Judy Meyers, Jeanne Nelson, Peggy Woodruft, Diane Murphy, Sandra Dikken, Carol Farkas, Melodye Benash, Barbara Meyer. ROW 3-Corinne Kutschke, Loretta Kowalski, Clara Sipka, Johann Thoney, Gerri Teschke, Ruth Lang, Marilyn Schmidt, Jacqueline Cullison, Diane Baldelli, Michele Jahn. ROW 4-Paul Vetterick, Peter Stanley, Jerry Youstra, David Koch, Stuart Peterson, Jim Roberts, Don Lorenz, Carol Vianello, Nancy Martin, Martha Benson, Janice Ross, Shirley Kinder. ROW 1-Bonnie Thomas, Jackie Lundstrom, Judy Diekon, Barb Kandl, Gerri Teschke, Ruth Lang, Sandra Dikken, Sharon Barton, Carol Lee Essler, Peggy Woodruff, Michelle Jahn, Gail Westberg. ROW 2-Vincent De Mies, Thomas Piddington, Michael Sims, Richard Beniamin, Gary Axelson, Randy Ferrari, Michael Fryzel, Rollie Vetterick, Larry Woiik, Joe Szubryt. ROW 3-Bill Aabye, Walter Marker, Bill Moyland, John Germeraad, Larry Wolheim, Paul Moycey, Paul Olander, Robert Viviano, Thomas Wasner, John Nichols. COUNSELOR'S AIDES "Don't forget to read this announcement to your division," is the eternal cry of Mrs. Fristoe, chairman of the Counselors Aides. She is able to inform the entire school of scholarship opportunities, test results, college interviews, and work study opportunities, through the effects of this organization. As a result of the time and work of the Counselors Aides, many Fengerites are helped ELIZABETH FRISTOE in their preparation for the future. Sponsor ROW 'I-Barbara Dunay, Barbara Meyer, Lorna McClellan, Lenore Peterson, Nancy Borden, .lean Renstrom, Marcia Zmuda, Edie Troy, Sue Hyry, Carol Lucarz, Martha Anderson, Donna Drolenga, Perrine De Young, Elaine Skoglund, Diane Zube. ROW 2-Shirley Kinder, Carla Michaels, Sylvia Minkales, Carla Kabuel, Jane McCormick, Mary Oleszczuk, Jan Kriaris, Donna Dugan, Joyce Nelscn, Lorretta Kowalski, Gail Jacoby, Janis Hoglund, Jo Ann Johnson. ROW 3-LaVerne Poderski, Bernadette Lucarz, Barbara Flynn, Corinne Kutschke, Clara Sipke, Doraiean Searls, Cheryl Howlette, Joyce Olson, Mike Lestyan, Louis Leo, Joel Engel, Ron Dykstra, Michael Kauss, Martin Sadd. ROW 1-Ken Alm, John Nelson, Bill Aabye, Michael Fryzel, Doug Weidman, Ken Klomhaus, Rich Lindmark, Bob Lambert, Bob Cochand, Ken Martinelli. ROW 2-Richard Aring, Dcuglas Kolb, Jordan Bodenstein, Harold Meyer, Norman Rosinski, Lawerence Woicik, Edwin Muehsler, John Housman, Thomas Wagner. ROW 3-Dave Dauer, Al Roberts, Scott DeYoung, Chas Buchler, James Siddons, Paul Vetterick, John Vetterick, Bill Galloway, Rick Hauptmann, Dennis Vandermeer. ROW 4-Wal- ter Marker, Bob Wagman, Martin Haag, Ron Tobias, Thor Han- sen, Thomas Ashby, Joe Henry, Richard Koehler, Rich Visona, Alan Fisher. ROW 1-Ken Nelson, Jerry Saller, Robert Banko, Frank Spang- nola. ROW 2vRonald Cubalchini, Rollie Vetterick, John Craw- ford, John Hoffman, ROW 3-Jim Napoli, Joel Engel, Jerry Vetterick, Donald Thorp, Rich Peterson. 138 KEY CLUB The Key Club is a service organization for boys in their tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades here at Fenger and in high schools throughout the United States and Canada. Its aim? The development of initiative, leadership ability, and good citizenship. The club, sponsored by Mr. Kelly in cooperation with the Roseland Kiwanis, has again this year worked hard on "Peanut Day," and in the presen- tation of athletic, scholastic and R.O.T.C. awards. Officers 1961 LINDMARK, RICHARD president FRYZEL, MICHAEL vice-president HOPMAN, RICHARD secretary HENRY, JOSEPH treasurer HANSEN, THOR corresponding-secretary 1962 LINDMARK, RICHARD president HAAG, MARTIN vice-president WAGMAN, ROBERT secretary HOPMAN, RICHARD treasurer HANSEN, THOR corresponding-secretary BERNARD KELLY Sponsor PAN AMERICAN CLUB Eager norteamericanos studying the culture of Spanish-speaking people are busy keeping up with Pan-Am Club's many activities. These include a trip to the Spanish section, pizza parties and participation in the Fall Festival. Under the guidance of Mrs. Irene Munson, the members of the advanced Spanish class are urged to enter oral and written contests displaying their fluency in the Spanish language. Eleanor Johnston won first place in the Board of Education contest which was held in the spring of 1961 tor her ability in understanding and speaking Spanish. Scenes from the Pan-Am Club's "authentic" Spanish outing. The Pan-Am Club puts on an original Spanish dance for the Fall Festival, ROW I-Ruth Benton, Laura Harder, Laurel Roberts, Marcia Zmuda, Mary Manes, Lynne Smith, Francine Schrepfer. ROW 2-Judy Hankosky, Lorene Jannotta, Elsie Paluckis, Gail Jacoby, Sherri Klauber, Janet Mshau, Eleanor Johnston. ROW 3-Pat Carter, Louise Panozzo, Marsha Hinko, Allen Pirtle, Jose Aguirre, Thomas Piddington, Jerry Saller. OFFICERS Fall Semester PI'eSldel1f .......... ......... J oAnn Kladis Vice President ..... ,,,... L aura Roberts Secretary ....... ,,,.,.... M arsha Hinko Treasurer ........... ......... G all Jacoby Spring Semester President ,...,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,, T om Albright Vice President . Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,Y.,,, ........Virginia Kritling Sharon Hucksold Treasurer .....,.,., Alan Pirtle IRENE MUNSON-Sponsor ROW I-Harriet White, Suzy Chambers, Frieda Emich, Bonnie Martin, Cynthia Soltes, Richard Benjamin, Gail Westberg, Sheldon DeLittce, Louis Trufta, William Demka. ROW 2-Loris Tisocco, Elaine Cassidy, Sharon Rego, Kathy Krimpler, Janet Wolsko, Diane Mueller, Jane Adams, Karen Rosendahl, Dorothy Krauel, Suzanne Knops. ROW 3- Charles Harris, Doug Rudig, Darlene Joniak, Steve Mortel, Lauren Oak, Connie Tanis, Jim Zubersky, Sandi Ohse, Terry Disz, Richard Keller. ROW 4-Bill Plankis, Bill Schoerner, Warren Petrie, Rick Mohr, Randall Collins, Barry Laub, Ron Tobias, Bruce Wyma, Mike Parker, Bob Wagman, Bill Gallaway, Richard Fitzgerald, Martin Tumor. if v '19 ." a ,.,,,.- '-,, '.,," ' f 1 .?! - --Q-3: .gif-:.-:1.H,' W. 1 -',' ' -li -. ,Q15.V':4:,,-giajgvn-:ggi i4,t'..,Lw, W -4 'w.3'.'. .- ..-- i.':gg'.,f .fr-Q-ff.. ,. - -. .:- - . - --hz - -. in ,deaf--ST 1-ff-: Hip H55 if- l- .,,.,.,. 5-g -f-f Q .,j. . Q:f','5-,a xii - ':.--L.'.":1---'fefiegm Q" '. .C fig!-' .-nfl" si-If-'11 "'gm3xi.lT1qS..ffQ , i 1553453 " ' '-221211 Lf' il-7.--: lk'-tr .l F.-.-.,-17 , - .4 ,Y K ng- --5 .C-', 4. wh? - Vg v' .:.."'.eQ '--.- r.--A o bi" Y , K - M 1 gg-fa-U53 af - "on, ' ,ryb 1.5. ,,:V.Q'.' .YN , '. .1-5-.' ,- -,,,,q f -'.'- -J.: -. , ' - ff '--A ww- ','- v W'- M. LT--Z T, 1f'-x-E',- - " Vfz F 1. ,O , 1 ',f5:1.1w... -li 1, -f,1f:fe-'.-Sig 2. ni 'Z' li . ,-J. . -16, ..,e,. , A... .- 11 .-.- - '. f. t- -'--t f-ff -1. v" f LI , - , -- z' . V. A- ,5 X A- K V , 5, uv,-V.-5 , , -I, i J, I - 2, fin' :I , , Q E. - - ' ' ' I' ' .J 4 4-Y, fl' , 5, X . J .., Q -. W . s . kg 4 V ,N x A 'lk 1 1 5 . - .rf A ' of 4, ' - .5 ' 5 , ' . 5. ,Q 1 J ., 49'-,, li 1 'wwlfl 4,74 f 5. 1' 'L 2. fr, v -' . ,:" 'A ' it .,,. -,, ,Ch ,UI .vtwrl ixi K ga, A .. 5.4.5 . ',g+,,g. .--1, l., 1 . -es J. iff. - 1 .L 1:g6151.1, r if- XL 5 .3 -ri , f. 5, , 51, .4 L."-r 4 ,r :gg Anita V ef r 'Sw v .-nf 1 53' -191 . 'J , .' ,F V' 1 V 7 35, art-Nj! ,I '54 5 . .L QP: i ,.J1v.6,.f,,,f1.A.v - 5 VV , .if , A .: , A .I ' Q Q i - rl , '. . ' , ,P ,. A- 4' 1 i ",z ' ' A' '57 if -'-, - ,f' . h ::...gf R' Rf , A i . fff,g'3qy"" "" - ' V' 'L ' Rfk, "Lrg jf J-eg N. -:,- ' - J" r . - ,f 'affr '51 - 'f ' I W - . wwf , . A-74 ,...f5,:,. v-,.sA, 1 , 4... r ,--1:NJf"i:-f,i'- 1- - ' 1 . b - 7-EE .1 f- - A fiyafgaaf- B- .1 -f - Q 1: if C1 r ' 5.-me 5 L 'P' 241.5 ' ' " ff :,...::.-Fla ' 'gn- f -.' q A '- ?z?1 wwe' I' 5 - . .- A J ' mi . ' ' - -nf. Ts. s . 55, C . - .4 . A . . X V an if ' . 5 I ' Q 1.0 f"'s, V Fl! ' ' 'gf if 'J-r 'Sgr .EQ-fc:',..1v 'Elf 5- ' ' .1 -'fb j . Q -. 91 ' ,. ,,..., .ef fr .-- .1 4 e- --Msgrff W ' ' . -' ' 140 The Latin Club pays homage to Emperor Merth at the Fall Festival LATIN CLUB S.P.Q.R. "Senatus populusque Romanus" is the symbol of Roman power and influence, and is the motto of the Latin Club. Under the leadership of Mrs. Estelle Setzer, it is composed of fourth semester and advanced students. The main obiective of this organization is to promote an interest in the classics. Their performance in the Fall Festival gave them a chance to explain some of the ancient Roman customs that they have studied. ROW I-Joyce Alford, Lorna McClellan, Elaine Skoglund, Ruth Mac- Allister, Sandra Viacunas, Gary Fadael, Bob Crawford, Jeanne Foster. ROW 2-Carol Farkas, Sandy Testolin, Sue Chidester, Lois Merchant, Thomas Wagner, Sue Hyry, Arlene Hoffman. ROW 3-Cheryl Barclay, Joan Figurski, Jill Todhunter, Valerie Bvtvilas, Judith Diekon, Barbara Jern, Jane McCormack, Frank Merth. ROW 4-Marilyn Vanderbuilt, Janet Shunko, Ken Lyon, Ron Dykstra, Walter Marker, Diane Murphy, Brian Helge. Fall semester President ......... OFFICERS up-..,,,V. -,sm-,1 ,- ..-...... Andrea Boucan Vice President ........ ....,.... B rian Helge Secretary .....,...... ........, C heryl Barclay Treasurer ............ ......... D lane Murphy Spring semester President ......... Vice President, . Secretary ....,....., Treasurer ,,,,, Andrea Boucan ,,Brian Helge , .....,,,, Jill Todhunter .,..,..Barbara Jern ESTELLE SETZER Sponsor ROW 'I-Linda White, Diane Peuvion, Donna Drolenga. ROW 2-Florence Oedzes, Charlotte Nyren, Sybil Orna. ROW 3-Edie Zarins, Lenore Peterson, Jackie Zechini. ROW 4-Fran Plesek, Ina Foster, Jill Todhunter. ROW 5-Diane Mueller, Joyce Olson, Marilyn Schmidt. ROW I-Jackie Lundstrom, Cheryl Somes, Diana Jones, Sandra Rosen. ROW 2-Kathy Horan, Joyce Towner, Janice Haag, Gail Westberg. ROW 3-Jan Sipos, Carol Tarkus, Betty Brogan, Judy Meyers. ROW 4-Peggy Woodruff, Judy Hoffman, HOSTESS CLUB Sparkling white blouses, dark skirts, crisp white aprons and a friendly smile identify members of our Hostess Club. The girls learn to become gracious hostesses, to set an attractive table, and to plan appetizing meals with the guidance of Miss Mary Heagney, the cIub's sponsor. The girls enjoy serving for such events as Senior breakfast, College Day, Student Council banquets, and faculty teas. Any sophomore or junior who has better than average grades should apply for membership at specified times during the school year. FALL SEMESTER President ,,,,,,,,,,,,.., Vice President ......... Secretary .......... Treasurer ...,.. SPRING SEMESTER President ......,,........ Vice President ...... Secretary ............ Treasurer ......... OFFICERS A member of the hostess club cautiously serves the school dignitaries at a luncheon in honor of the R.O.T.C. .....,..Diana Jones ........Jackie Lenstrom ......CheryI Somes ......Sandy Rosen ........Betty Teach Laura Giragosian ........Janice Klein ..Lenore Peterson Barb Kandl. ROW 5-Jean Sharp, Janet Ruswick, Gerri Teschke, Joan Buchanan. Sponsor 142 MARY H EAGN EY Our Future Teachersw -in prep- aration tor things to come . . . "Iohnny, what is this in your pocket . . .? "No, No, NO! Susie. You musn't nail Bobby to the Hoo: again! "Now once again, children, PLEASE! Let's hear A sharp." Future Teachers of America "Please sign my board!" "Only 75 signatures to go!" "This is ridiculous!" These are some of the comments made by new members of the Future Teachers of America concerning their initiation. However, all is not frivolity with this highly important group. Through it, students can become better informed about teaching and all its aspects and are more capable of making an intelligent decision concerning one of the most important steps in a person's life-his career. Barbara Batson, Jeanne Foster, Rose Manestar, Bonnie Martin, Marilyne Schiverin, Carol Lucarz, Geri Kriaris, Marsha Newlin, Joyce Alford, Lorna McClellan, Lynne Peterson, Marcia Carlson, Alida Wolczek, Diane Zube, Joan Cooper, Cathy Machinis. ROW 2-Corinne Kutschke, Amy Baturevich, Lenore Peterson, Jean Malkowski, Clara Sipka, Laurel Roberts, Maree Anne Pardikes, Jane Malkowski, Connie Tanis, Phyllis Anderson, Jane McCormack, Michele Jahn, Andrea Boucon, Pat Gasperec, Betty Brogan, Diane Peuvion. ROW 3-Sue Chidester, Arlene Hoffman, Alice McClenahan, Cindy Lucsay, Sue Karp, Lucille Perez, Pat Zdanowshy, Randy Ferrar, Jane Hoglund, Jean Sharp, Sallie Koch, Marcia Zmuda, Dianna Faoro, Donna Peuvion, Ronald Dervey. ROW 4-Vincent DeMeis, Ray Hellstrom, Paul Danabl, Janet Wolsko, Judy Bolen, Anna Huff, Sybil Menkalis, Sandra Dikken, Joyce Olson, Loretta Kowalski, Lynn Pratt, Sharon Hillegonds, Sherrie Klauber, Norma Kester, Joan Buchanan. ug me miiza',f ROW I-Violet Halaiian, lsabel Ortiz, Mary Johnson, Wanda Foster, Diane Lauletta, Christine Mariani, Marie Maloney, Marcia Carlson, Ruth MacAllister, Cheryl Somes, Marcia Zmuda. ROW 3-Jean Atwood, Lois Merchant, Bev Negley, Martha Hasseler, Esther Perysian. ROW 4-Lorraine Nar- doni, Karen Bollok, Nancy Hensley, Carol Farkas, Bonnie Martin. ROW I-Betty Konow, Carolyn Ostapowiez, Theresa Harris, Linda Salvador, Joyce Felicicehia, Pat Monada. ROW 2-- Sandra Vaicunas, Sallie Koch, Vicki Baumgartner, Marianne Manestar, Renata Kicmal, Nancy Newman. ROW 3-Mary Bruzdziak, Lynn Pratt, Sharon Tumpis, Susan Kutscha, Joy Kamin, Patsy Cullison, Janet Tilton. ROW 4-Marlene Moser, Linda Jones, Pam Asmus, Kathy Bodnar, Carol Belzman, Kathy Blocher. G.A.A. REPS The G. A. A. at Fenger is responsible for the May Festival, Bop Bow Day, and the student-faculty sports events. lt sponsors the girls awards assem- bly and promotes fair play and a more active partic- ipation in sports. ln every organization there is time to add new members. This is the occasion for the G. A. A. Reps for a larger membership than ever before. The G. A. A. owes its existence to these girls, and their valiant efforts in its behalf. ROW I-Sandy Pietrowicz, Sandy Fus, Lorraine Burgholzer, Charlotte Bonet, Karen Sears, Irene De Vite, Susan Van Winkle, Gayle Wessling, Frieda Emich, Linda White, Sue Schezirnga. ROW 2-Yvonne Haan, Diane Lendi, Bonnie Martin, Christine Mariano, Mary Lee Shaw, .loan Jacobs, Sallie Koch, Diane Lau- letta, Judy McMahon, Judy Meadows, Dona Zelisko, Nancy Newman, Linda Ryder, Wanda Foster, Mary Keir, Karen Luina. ROW 3-Carol Brownfield, Geraldine lsraelson, Sandra Testolin, Barbara Brown, Linnette Carlson, Vicki Stevens, Charlene Doggett, Joyce Da Corte, Sue Chidester, Pat Moncado, Linda Hazekamp, Sandra Viacunas, Mary Lou De Francisco. ROW 4-Kathy Den Dekker, Nancy Nylen, June Olson, Bernadette Lucarz, Lynn Pratt, Marsha Ryan, Carol Anderson, Nancy Hensley, Carol Farkas, Marie Hensley, Elsie Paluckis, Violet Halaiian. ROW 5-Marietta Erickson, Pamela Dapkus, Ina Foster, Beverly Alexander, Joyce Cameo, Gladys Swart, Janet Buchan, Dorothy Heisler, Karen Krimpler, Mari- lyn Lehning, Sharon Rigo, Joy Kamin, Marilyn Bilecki, Susan Kutscha, Connie Bittler, Sharon Royer. ROW I-Judy Hankosky, Dolores Fitzpatrick, Gale Vande Ploeg, Joan Cooper, LaLonie Lambert, Richard Keller, Linda Anderson, Marcia Carlson, Lois Radley, Judith Rogers, Sharon Mayhew, Barbara Sample. ROW 2-Sharon Moniak, Karen Wattman, Diana Lake, Loretta Katula, Charlotte Nyren, Cathi Galtnet, Judi McCaIlister, Verlaine Goettler, Jean Lasher, Karen Bullok, Lynne Peterson, Diane Koszut, Donna VanWestrop. ROW 3-Connie Bittler, Susan Lewgoud, Rene Rylander, Sharon Belohlav, Ina Foster, Betty Biehl, Theresa Krumrei, Toni Lee Lisack, Mareitta Erickson, Jduy Dykton, Janet Browning, Bonna Seliga, ROW 4-Kathy DenDekker, Nancy Nylen, Donna Dugan, Joan Nyhann, Anna Huff, Jeffrey Brewer, Lyle DeWitt, Carol Lorenz, Janet Tilton, Judy Rudd, Beverly Fredrickscn, Roseann Sliegman, Kathy Krimpler, Ginny Kretling. P.T.A. REPS Each division has a P.T.A. representative whose duties are to collect tees and pass out member- ship cards and program books. The goal of each rep is to have a 'IOOWJ division. The principal aim of this organization is to establish a close relationship between parent and teacher and to improve school conditions. TORCH REPS In each division sits a poor, unsuspecting individ- ual who will become a "TORCH REP". The lucky per- son is elected by his classmates to fetch their copies of the Titan Torch every Thursday. He must first collect at least lOc for a down payment, then comes the struggle for the remaining sum. After his pleas for money have been ignored for a long period he must now learn to be deaf to the cries of "I want the extra issue," for there is never a single copy to spare. ROW I--Harriet Rothschild, Laura Giragosian, Carol Mikulis, Judy LaBuda, Jeannie Halloran. ROW 2-Judy Langer, Dagmar Klceblatt, Priscilla Boskey, Joyce Gerber, Arlene Moreschi. ROW 3-Linda Anderson, Rose Jurek, Rose Palermo, Beverly Negley, Jim Druetzler. ROW 4-Wayne Emme, Bill Mitchell, Earl Hokens, Jim Stewart, Bill Mills, Tom Zagotta. ROW I-Cheryl Anderson, Alida Wolczk, Joan Jacobs, Cathi Gartina, Rose Manestar. ROW 2-Gregory Olsen, Sandy Fus, Alice McClenahan, MaryLou DiFrancesco, Edie Troy. ROW 3-Carol Tupycia, Janice Linnel, Bobbie Ferm, Joyce Madsen, Lucille Perez, Gene Bouch. ROW 4-Jim Vanderhye, Bob Adams, Robert Sauch, Bob Kubis, Joe Zullo. ROW 5-Ted Mann, Richard Venable, Bill Janzen, Joe Oderio, Bob Ferrini. 145 REELMEN The Fenger Reelmen, under the direction of Mr. Landsman, perform a useful service to Fenger every year in the field of visual education. These boys give up a study period to assume the responsibility of caring for proiectors and listing available movies. Their chief duty, of course, is showing movies at the teachers' request. 146 C O U R I E R R E P S lt's an exciting day at the end of the spring semester when Fenger's yearbook, the COURIER, comes out. Before we can even think of distribution, however, we must be sure of sales. This is the iob of the COURIER Reps. We take our hats oFF to these people for their hard work and enthusiasm. ROW 'I-Sue Hyry, Georgia Goetler, Barbara Meyer, Virginia Haan, Sandra Kiscella, Sandra Kelso. ROW 2 -Charlotte Nyren, Lillian Patronik, Kathy Horan, Dar- lene Lefko, Carol Eide, Jerry Wasyliu. ROW 3- Donna Seliga, Ruth Hays, Marcy Ditzel, Marsha New- lin, Jayne Dancia. ROW 4-Flo Opyt, Susan Kutcha, Evelyn Krich, Sue Battenburg, Tom Bridge. ROW 5- Larry Woicik, Roland Carlson, Don Meyers, Lyle De- Witt, John Stepanian. ROW 6-aMike Lestyan, Joseph Henry. ROW I-Joe Vallone, Judy Hankosky, Nancy Heath, Donna Morsary, Karen Marsh. ROW 2-Terry Trudeau, Jean Sharp, Jane McCormack, Laurie Tanis, Jill En- gels. ROW 3-Mary Ann Januchowski, Karsen Larson, Sandra Wozniak, Pat Norlcus, Janice Linnell. ROW 4 -Tom DeRobertis, Regina Gyuritza, Dennis Johnson, Terry Namors. ROW 5ARudy Perich, Ted Kolias, Don Downey, Bob Kurek. ROW I-Paul Messal, Michael Behrens, Jim Durkowski, John Douglas William Bittler, Joe Vallone, Howard Buchler. ROW 2-Greg Olsen Tom Nardin, Phil Weisman, Kurt Loewig, Steve Adler, Tom Martinotti Bill Bowman. ROW 3-John Morozki, Jim Zubersky, Pete Baron Terry Stombeck, Mike Parker, Doug Weidman, Robert Corwin. AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES A student who wishes to break the everyday routine of schoolwork can do so by going to room 229, the Audio-visual room. This room, a branch of the library, has interesting film strips, tape record- ings, and records that can be used for pleasure as well as for learning. This equipment is not con- fined to use in room 229, but can be used in the classroom at a teacher's request. In today's world this kind of learning, using more than one of your senses to gain knowledge, is an integral part of our modern education. HALLGUARDS Maintaining law and order in the halls of Fenger is the duty of our hallguards. They keep students out of the corridors, and direct visitors to the offices. The students chosen for hallguard posts are those who have "G" averages and are willing to study on their posts. Our Fengerites have done an excellent job of protecting our halls. STAGE CREW Spots on? Props in position? These are familiar questions heard back stage at Fenger. Every day boys give up their free periods to prepare the stage for the many day and night performances. Under the able guidance of Mr. Brewer, these boys make our shows seem quite professional. We ap- preciate the fine work they are doing. 'I47 John Miller, Bruce Bigel, Ed Cook, Donald Kozora, Russell Gep- hart, Bill Ton, Robert Moyer, Rich Koehler. NOT PICTUREDA Roger Beane, Jim Burns, Joe Buratta, Bernard Judeikus, Bernard Kazwich, Charles La Buda, Bill Robb. LEFT TO RIGHT-Jerry Mucha, William Sikma, Joe Stuart, Bette Konow, .lim Roberts. LEFT TO RIGHT-Richard Lindmark, Paul Kielstrom, Mike Sims, Paul Olander, Brian Helge, Mr. Brewer, Jeffery Brewer. BACK ROW-John Housman. ROW 'I-Corinne Kutschke, Judy Goucher, Bonnie Reid, Judy Findorff, Lorna McClellan, Joyce Alford, Karen Maish, Karen Codnar, Jeanne Foster, Caroline Michal, ROW 2-Mrs. Alice Jones, Beverly Allen, Alice Jones, Patt Rhodes, Bev Brzeczek, Jackie Dykema, Edie Troy, Renee Mirkin, Cecilia Cedergren, Joan Jacobs, Marcella Carlson, Carolyn Clayton, Sharon Hucksold, Betty George, Librarian. ROW 3-Pamela Dapkus, Pam Anderson, Bonnie Johnson, Judy Bolen, Ruth MacAllister, Alice McClenahan, .lan Kriaris, Pat McCann, Barbara Sample, Sharon Merman, Nancy Gerve, Janice Haag, Marie Maston. ROW 4-Jean Lasher, Janet Buchan, Carol Stolz, Cindy Lucsay, Sandra Nelson, Janis Hoglund, Marilyn Vanderbilt, Kathy Krimpler, Bev Negley, Phyllis Anderson, Janet Wolsko, Pat Matusek. ROW 5-Marsha Boak, Susan Kutschka, Janice Wodarski, Bill Mclntire, Dan Pocius, Joseph Buratto, Bernard Kazwick, Janet Shunico, William Robb, Louie Sarto, John Miller, Ed Cook, Charles LaBuda, Cheyrll Cafferata. LIBRARY CLUB Shelving books, filing cards-the work in the library never seems to end. These are only two of the many tasks the girls of the Library Club perform, under the sponsorship of Miss Betty George. Students who willingly give one period a day to work in the library, and those who have received library letters for their work, are welcomed as members. At the end ofthe semester these students are rewarded with a party for their fine service to the school. OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER President ....,,..,...,,.. Vice President ......... T Secretary ...........,.... Treasurer ,,......,.. l SPRING SEMESTER President ................... l l Vice President ......... Secretary ........,....... Two efficient student librarians performing one of their many duties. Treasurer ...... 148 ......Pat McCann .........i...Jean Lasher ..Carol Clayton .,.....Janet Wolsko Beverly Negley ,........Susan Kutscha ,Linda Douglas Lorna McCellan BETTY GEORGE Sponsor DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club is one of the busiest organi- zations in Fenger. ln one year they have presented four plays ranging from whimsical comedy to suspenseful melodramatic experiences. Under the di- rection of Mr. Dan Kletnick, the club aims not to turn out aspiring actors and actresses but provide a new and interesting outlet for enioy- ment and self-expression in the student. JANE O'BRlEN Sponsor Some of the active members of the Drama Club are the following: Jo Ann Johnson, Lynne Johnson, Mike Gallagher, Sherrie Klauber, Jeanne Klauber, DAN KLETNIK Sponsor Miller, Dave Johnson. .IUNIOR RED CROSS As anyone who has ever been in the hospital knows, time can pass very slowly. With the help of Fenger's Junior Red Cross, the hours tend to pass more quickly with the games, toys and other gifts made by its members. Under the direction of Mrs. Jane O'Brien, the members meet every other Tuesday to help people not as fortunate as themselves. The children, hospital patients, and disaster victims that have been helped, I know, would like to thank them for a job well done. fxwit fu Joseph Henry, John Germeraad, Anna Huff, Elaine Vogt, Judy Findorff, Roger Bean, Steve Adler, Lucille Novak, Sharon Royer, William Roos, Ronald Tobias, Judy Lauder, Joann Kladis, Michele Jahn, Debrah Knauff, Alan Bourque, John ROW 1-Joyce Dean, Aleath Marchi, Judy Diekan, treasurer, Sharon Mayhew, Vice- President, Sandi Lundberg, Bernard Judei- kis, president. ROW 2-Ernestine Ferrero, secretary, Gary Lawrence, Lucille Novak. NOT PICTURED: Bernardine Aanerud, Kim Anderson, Nancy Albert, Christine Albin, Nancy Boone, Bill Bowman, Susan Chess, Ed Cock, Joan Cooper, Pamela De Marchi, Janet Dorneker, Linda Douglas, Phyllis Elinga, Bob Foster, Bill Hartzell, Angela Jelonek, Darlene Joniak, Suzanne Knops, Susan Korienek, Diane Koszut, Angela Lambos, Judy Langer, Janet Langnam, An- tcnia Laphen, Susan Leonhardt, Rita Lot- kowski, JoAnn Lubovich, Cathy Machinis, Charmain Malesh, Marcia Mizevitz, Nancy Newman, Alan O'Conner, Ed Oedzes, Linda Patts, Pat Pavilanis, Judy Pekny, Lorraine Pink, Jim Reynolds, Judy Rogers, Linda Ryder, Kathy Selcck, Mike Steff, Carol Sulka, Sharon Vance, Gayle Wess- ling, Harriett White. 'I49 ll .,..,.,,,,s,,r.....,,. iris., , ff- -.,- 1 M--v--vi LI C, v r'-'W 5 r A magma , 4-, vH55'QH' f'T 'WU' . rg ,f r , .. Ni it I g i? ' QEQ .rgf5fHHEi ,::: Ini' A" , 1' X52 ..,, W? r 1 M22 , K The Color Guard prepares for Federal Inspection. R.O.T.C. Time and effort on the part of Sgt. Tobin and Sgt. De Young have helped the Fenger ROTC gain recognition for their excellence this year. In the Drill Competition, they won second place in the district, and second place in the city. Ii C' RIFLE TEAM ROW I-Richard Korte, John Housman, Claude Jones, Lance Stell, John Wagner. ROW 2-Eugene Miller, Ron Rizz, Roger Brinkman, Alfred Ellingsen. :WI R.O.T.C. STAFF ROW I-Peter Stanislawski, Charles La Buda, Henry Jacobsma, Frank Merth. ROW 2-William Robb, Thomas Farenbach, Alan Bourque, Robert Viviano. FIRST PLACE City-Wide Federal Inspection 150 One of our cadets, Alfred Ellingsen, took tirst place in the citywide Individual Drill Competition. The ROTC stresses precision, discipline and respect. This will enable the cadets to perform better as commissioned officers later in their army careers. 'VZ' A I ,. if? . " Ls.. N' s .S M . r W , 1-1-Sify. CITY STAFF Kenneth Klomhaus, Alfred Ellingsen, Mike Lestyan, Larry Woicik. R L in Q DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS ROW 1-Robert Youstra, Don Kozora, Phil Elclerworth, Gene Miller, John Marozas, Larry Henry, Wayne De Antoni. ROW 2-Mike Sims, Kingsley Enas, Jim Zuburski, Q Gary Lawrence, Rodger Rosie, Charles Buchler. ROW 3ATerry Trudeau, Shalolon De- Edward Panozzo' Roger Brmkmanr Thomas Luca, Terry Disz, Leon Mullinous, John Gundersen, Daniel Marshall. ROW 4-John Ashby' Ronald Dewey' Dougherty, Dick Caauwe, Pat Miller, Warren Petire, Mike Parker, Doug Rudig. 151 W . -Y,,, ,. , Y 2 CURTIS AND WEST PULLMAN ROW I-Paul Renstrom, Andy Grad, Carl Michaels, James lngala, Kenneth Halaiian, Al McCullough, Joe Abrahamsen. ROW 2-Rich Nowinski, Gerald Finco, John Strangeman, Kevin Miller, Peter Ciccone, William Grod. ROW 3-Julius Kortuely, Ray Genis, Nels Olson, Michael Kocan, Emmett Vogt, Michael Kuyper, Allan Mason. ROW 4-Ronald Pam, Frankie Jurgensen, Dave Erlich, Mike Kuknyo, Edward Weliczko, Richard Tyssen. ROTC. DRILL PLATOON Claude Jones, Miklos Lestyan, Alfred Ellingsen, Thomas Ashby, John Frolin, Ronald Tobias, David Johnson, Ronald Rizzs, Peter Stanley, Richard Koehler, Frank Soika, Richard Dalcorrobbo, Douglas Kolb, Alan Sodetz, Terry Trudeau, Roger Rosie, Edward Cook, Robert Rizzs, Roger Brinkman, Louis Gasper, David Osborn, Joseph Zubryt, Richard Korte, Edward Pan- ozzo, Lawrence Woicik, John Housman, Thomas Johnson, Edwin Muehsler, Robert Viviano, Birt Bailey, Wayne De Antoni, Gerald Fisher, George Klivickis, Charles LaBuda, David Sanchez, Kenneth Klomhaus. A COMPANY ROW I-John Hausman, Frank Merth, Edwin Muehsler, Richard Koeh- ler. ROW 2-Thomas Fahrenbach, Thomas Ashby, Robert Ferrini, David Osborn, Gerald Page, Alan Sodetz, Neal Nichols, Michael Ceratto. ROW 3+Gerald Fisher, Robert Vanderbock, Stanley Pocius, Robert Kurek, James Peterson, Bruce Fike, Merle Di Novo. ROW 4+ Louis Gasper, Morris Laphen, Thomas Grossnickle, Peter Cibulsky, Fer- nando Traverso, Raymond Paquette, Curtis Johnson. B COMPANY ROW 'I-David Johnson, Frank Soika, Alan Bourque. ROW 2-Roland Carlson, Richard Dal Corobbo, Wayne De Young, Thomas Regnier, William Clifton, Paul Cokash, William Demko, Louis Truffa. ROW 3- Alan Johnson, Raymond Besancon, John Parker, Edward Cook, Robert Markov, Gerald Buis, Dennis Mansfield, James McCotter. ROW 4- Patrick Whalen, Ray Morrison, John Kruizenga, Jeffrey Brewer, Robert Jauch, Jack Handley, Paul Wiegold, Ted Kleinhenz. XX 'X V ixgtlfrs. f A ff QT- X XETX-walk ..".'?'q5-'Qs A Ly' s ,bis . Q 05 T go -..-.aw.,'I lgllgb 0 N o,' qywfqgbegy 0 ' X5 N S 'x - QQ'-Ns x ,Os QR Ax Nt X - t 1 6 wi f r 'X xX f f J " 2W'4" X m R X, " W-'bwawav Nh NX fx 1 ' X sfxvyoexvsey 4: Y 1, ' 'XQX ,0 30 T lt l X V 41" fwfr' l' t , 153 54 W My w e fall is the time to cheer for F O 0 T B A L L Every game of the T961 season was a thriller. In the first league game against Calumet, our Titans scored the winning touchdown with less than tive minutes left, final score, 6-O. In a heartloreaker against CVS, the Titans lost T2-6. During the second halt of the Morgan Park game the Mustang offense broke loose to score three touchdowns and give them a 27-20 victory. Winning the Tilden game T3-O Aj earned our team a berth in the public league play- offs, the Blue Devils were no match for the Titans, who had one of those days when everything went right Coach Rittschof and Captain lim Nichols Iooking the situation over. FENGER ......... FARRAGUT ...... FENGER .......,c AUSTIN .,,.s, FENGER ......... CALUMET ..,., FENGER .....Y C.V.S. .......,..... . FENGER ....,......, MORGAN PARK FENGER ............ TILDEN .,........., FENGER ..,...,,,,,, LINDBLOM s,,,,, FENGER .,,,,, KELLY ...... FENGER .,,,s, LANE ...... 156 SCORES Varsity And it's six yards for six points ........2O 6 O 2 6 0 ,,,,....l2 ,,....,,2O c.M....27 ,W...13 0 ....,...'I4 ,,,,c...'I4 8 6 0 ........46 The last league game was against Lindblomp with less than three minutes to go, trailing 14-7, our Titans intercepted a pass that began the final touchdown drive. A successful extra point attempt ended the game with a T4-i4 tie. In the first play-off game Fenger battled to an 8-6 finish over Kelly in a sea of mud, assuring them a berth in the quarter-finals ln the quarter-final game, our Titans met defeat against the mighty Lane lndiansf they outweighed us, but we out-fumbled them. Final score: 46-O. Enthusiastic crowds cheered all our season's games. Herbie Norris has a little trouble staying on his feet. Fenqer's Titans are crowd pleasers. Sorry boy, no openings here. ROW I-Chuck Pierce, Ken Anderson, Ray Drost, Tom Wotias, John Nichols, Herb Norris, Len Colangelo . Bob Adams, Randy Schumann, Ray Sinde. ROW 2-Bruce Zemke, John Bukowski, Frank Rhoback Jim v2ll'Sltv Nichols, Joe Dangelo, Bob Wagner, Earl Hokens, John Michaels, Jim Nelson, Al Roberts, Wally Sluzas T ROW 3-Pat Mulhearn, Dan Miller, Peter Gombert, Ken Niefupski, Robert Silander, Jerry Zilewicz Tom Westwater, Richard Klesc, Jim Stewart. FOOTBALL ROW 'I-Frank Corral, Ronald Cubalchini, Ralph Anderson, Bernard Mazney, Richard Kellar, Robert Guidice, John Villani. ROW 2-Richard Anderson, Jim Reynold, Bill Johnston, Dennis Raitches, Jim Dreutzler, Richard Goldie, Bill Hartzel, David O'Conner, Tom Wagner, Pete Haden. ROW 3-Frank Esposito, George Lauder, Jack Ores, Richard Vilenio, Ken Lyons, Jim Allison, Albert Anderson, Carmen Arvia, Chuck Stone, Terry Johnson, Ron Swanson, Tim Malone, Coach Bill Woodrow. ROW 4-Greg Garoronski, Gregg Bold- man, Randy Ferari, Larry Manter, Mark Michel, Bob Cohs, Ray Dyrhaug, Mike Zabrac, Bob Dekker, Richard Hauptman, Terry Johnson, Ralph Rizzarto. We mm Frosh-Sopln .l ROW I-Julie Johnson, Donna Hoekstra, Jean Lasher, Judy Yates, Sharon Hucksold, Joanne Kladis. ROW 2-Sherri Klauber, Susan Kusha, Diane Pochron, Sharon Tumpis, Cynthia Soltes, Noreen Kra- sawski, Connie Bittler, Beverly Bachli, Janice Parker. ROW 3-Sharon Deyoung, Lorraine Nardoni, June Olson, Karen Marsh, Karen Wattman, Daphne Pearson, Janet Kardolis, Joyce Madsen, Nancy Salter, Linda Oaks, Judy Lauder. ROW 4-Pamela Asmus, Kathy McChristie, Cynthia Schaumann, Janice Wilson, Ester Perysian, Pam Anderson, Rosemarie Lipak, Connie Rodriquez, Joyce Cameo, Shirley Palm, Karen Bullock, Sue Chambers, Ramona Murphey, Ginney Hanson. ROW 5-Joyce Larner, Diane Matul, Judy Chin, Yolonda Bernal, Evelyn Krauviash, Charlotte Nyren, Joyce Tocci, Gail Hernandez, Mr. Sampson. anytime is full to he Everyone knows that time flies, and the pins fly every Tuesday afternoon at Palisades! Here, Fenger's bowling teams meet under the supervision of Mr. JN Walter Sampson. Both boys and girls take part in Bdigfg 159 this widely growing sport. At the end of the season, a banquet is held and trophies are presented to the winning teams. Participation on the team, is for the student's enjoyment as well as relaxation. ROW 'I-Joe Bednarczyk, Paul Rink, Bill Bowman, Gerald Heller, Frank Marshall, Ken Alm, Doug Ruclig, Todd Barnes, Paul Murowski. ROW 2-Gene Miller, Al Bernal, Gene Dobkowski, Doug Wiedman, Joe Hughes, Mike Fryzel, Paul Gubbranson, Roy Armin, Len Kaster. ROW 3-Dale Peterson, Bob Brook, Joe Dangelo, Bob Bassett, Jerry Balchis, Jim Poelstra, Bob Meyer, Jim Koons, Coach Sampson. ROW 4 -Jim Barce, Randy Collins, Peter Kauss, Paul Malm, Rich Schultz, Ed Kaster. ,Q N uni every second counts in B A S K E T B A L L The basketball team this year was really a red hot group. Their months of hard work and Mr. Hennessey's coaching was a winning combination. Although the Titan "gunners" lacked height, this handicap never once threatened their bid for a place in the city playoffs. At every game, whether they were up by twenty or down by two, ancl it was usually the former, the Titans played to the last second. The team ended its season with more wins than any previous squad in Fenger's history and was picked as the outstanding defensive team in the city by Chicago prep sportswriters. ROW 'I-Steve Perkovich, Andy Horwath, Bob Goldie, Louis Leo, Bob Ghidotti, Larry Wantuch, Larry Wolheim, Tom Stewart, Mgr. Bill Galloway, Mgr. Jim Paskiewicz. ROW 2-Mr. Hennessey, Rich Ores, Bill Kubiak, Jim Roberts, Bill Mitchell, Bob Carlson, Doug Radius, Rich Kratzenberg, Ron Schneider, Al Fisher. uw' Frosh-Soph Basketball Team "The difference between mediocrity and greatness is a little extra eFFort." This was typical of our Frosh-Soph this year. Every boy gave that little extra something and although they finished out of the running high expectations are felt by the coach for them in the coming year. ROW l-Coach Hennesey, Charles Walieski, John Malm, Ray Lupori, Ray Kuhiak, Wayne Trudeau, John Stachmus. ROW II-Rich Airing, Dennis Johnson, Henry De-Graff, Chuck Stone, Kurt Margraft, George Balogh, Jeff Roberts, Dave Traverso. Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger SCORES .H ....... 33 Carver .U U. ....,., 71 C.V.S..uu H. ....... 65 So. Shore .U .....,. 60 Cawmet. HHH num53 Hadan W ,uU, ,unn28 Carver .U ,n.n un,n50 C.V.S..n. ,nu, ,NWHSO So. Shore HHH umN48 Cdumet U. ....,.. 51 Hadan H .U ......, 59 Bogan U .,nn Uu.n44 hAarshal Fenqer's all-city candidates, Bob Carlson, and Doug Radius helping out. Tom Bridge doing double one-and-cz-half somerscrult pike in lay out position. heating the clock means Winning in SWIMMING A splash and a cheer are heard in Fenger s pool, another record has been broken by the Mermen. This group of speedy strokers became quite good at breaking records this year, when they really did their stuff at the meets. Some ot the high lights of the season were the capturing of third place in the city and the defeating of our old rival Morgan Park. lt was these same Mustangs who broke Fengers string of 144 straight wins a year ago PAQQQLQLEK All in an, Mr. Lilek and his rugged Mermen had a pretty gratifying year. Stan Surowkcz doing the take-a-bath stroke. JUNIORS Fenger ..58 Leo ...................Y 19 Fenger Fenger ..5O Tilden ................ 24 Fenger .,4O Hyde Park ......,, 34 Fenger ..48 Bowen ...,.......,.. 27 Fenger H53 Calumet .....,....V. 18 Fenger " Fenger ..35 Brother Rice ...... 42 Fenger " Fenger.. 6 Morgan Park .... 70 Fenger -- Fenger ..4O South Shore ....., 32 Fenger -- Fenger ..36 CVS ,......,.......... 31 Fenger Fenger ..24 Fenwick .....,,,.... 53 Fenger University High ..24 Bogan ..,,...,..,,,, 26 Ctriangular meetj Hyde Park ......., 26 Bowen ....,........, 26 Morgan Park .... 42 South Shore ..,... 37 CVS .................. 18 Bogan ............., 25 ROW I-Bob Was, Terry Johnson, Jack Sundstrom, Bill Mucha, Joel De Young, Thomas Hickey, Robert Bob Hathaway Les Adducci CITY CHAMPS 62 Ma., . .2-ua Kaveckas, ROW 2-Dan Rice fManagerJ, Paul Simoniam, Dave Williams, Wayne Steel, Chuck Reusnow Amar-W-f 'iw'-f-111 , . 4 .. ,. W m1P"H' . ul' 4 -I-2" ROW I-Bill Hermes, Edwin Campe, Joe Galetto, Rich Meyers, Tom Bridge, Rune Johnson, Bruce Manson, Jim Dean. ROW 2-Larry Lloyd, Tom Zagofta, Jerry Johanson, Scott De Young, Dan Deverick, Bob Toon, Bob Geenen, John Germeraad, Jim Wortel, Pete Van Breeman. ROW 3-Jack Rosenberger iManagerJ, Jack Novak, Tom Durkin, Stan Surowka, Jim Borgman, Danney Vandermeer, Rich Johnson, Bob Buchler, Ron Mrozek, Wayne Donavan, Coach Paul Lilek. VARSITY Fenger ..54 Leo ..,.,.. 31 Fenger U85 University High 45 Fenger U74 Tilden ,e..,....... Bogan -----,.4,.,,-- 16 Fenger Hyde Park ,Y,v,, ftriangular meetj Fengef Bowen -'4'---f---- Fenger ,.55 Hyde Park ........ 31 Eengef EU1UhmeiR -----'--'- Fenger --62 Bowen YVV.--'--V--'w 19 f ' .... enger ro er 'Ce Fenger ..44V2 Morgan Park ..,. 41V2 Fenger Morgan Park .... Fenger South Shore-um Fenger..47V2 South Shore .... 38M Fenger CVS yvVw,V.--------- Fenger H54 CVS ..............,. 32 Fenger Fenwick ............ Fenger ..75W Bogan ,. .,,,,.. 10Vz I Max mv place team in the city. fm., W' cian Rich Meyers. ..- - lim Dean being Ievitated by magi- lohn Germeraad shows expression oi a third 163 ROW 'I-James Arentz, Chuck MacMillan, James Napoli, Marc Michel, Richard Ander' son, Steve Perkovich, Rollie Vetterick, James Sikma, Henry Januchowski, Wayne Blake, Ray Sinde. ROW 2-William Woodrow CCoachD, George Stratton, Tom Albright, Bob Parchem, Bob Riley, Bill Mitchell, Gene Maravolo, Mel Troianowski, Rich berg, Glen Sosnowski, Bob Stone. Fenger 6 . . . Carver l Fenger 14 . . . Bogan 4 Fenger 7 . . . Morgan Park 5 Fenger O . . . Calumet 6 Fenger 24 . . . Wescott 4 Fenger 19 . . . Wescott 7 Fenger 7 . . . Carver 5 Fenger 2 . . . Bagan 5 Fenger O . . . Calumet 'l Fenger 9 . . . Morgan Park 3 The wind-up . . . the pitch . . Kfaflen- take me out to the BASEBALL game Fast and hard-hitting is the way baseball is played at Fenger. Our team puts everything into each game and its fine record is a testament to each member's skill and sportsmanship. This year our team will certainly be gunning for the City Championship and with Coach Woodrow calling the plays, the team has an excellent chance to attain this goal as they have many times in the past. . and we're now twelve behind. Louie "Pancho Gonzales" Leo has a wicked serve. C IT Y C H A M P S sl Bill Stall returning with a forearm smash. Fenger always wins in T E N N IS With only one defeat, the tennis team has turned in another admirable record. With hard work and able assistance from Coach Sampson many of last year's junior players have improved tremendously this season. Three players qualified this year for the lllinois State High School Tennis Finals held at the University of Illinois at Urbana. Coach Walter Sampson, Paul Vetterick, Joe Hughes, Mike Lestyan, Dave Dauer, Paul Malm, Bill Stall, Dennis Brown. Not pictured: Louis Leo. Qi! n-...- l ROW 'I-Kathy Horan, Judy Hankowsky, Peggy Woodruff, Linda White, Sybil Orne, Barb Turkstra, Arlene Hoffman, Florence Oedzes. ROW 2-Laura Girogosian, Judy Ruswick, Nancy Fenton, Barb Kandl, Lorrie Kowalski, Bernies Lucarz, Linnie Schmidt, Diane Mueller, Carol Thompson, Judy Meyers, Judy Hofiman, G.A.A. BOARD The GAA Board is composed of approximately twenty- tive girls. A member must have a "G" average, a 500 point pin, and be recommended by the gym teachers and the present GAA Board. Their function is to plan GAA activities, which include initiation meeting for new members, a party for the GAA reps, and the gala altair of the year, the May Festival and the election of its reigning queen. 'Gln im... GERTRUDE LANGE Sponsor Spring President .....,.... Lorrie Kowalski Veep ,.............,.,..... Diane Mueller Secretary ..........,,,.., Nancy Fenton Corresponding Secretary Linda White Fall President ..,..............., .Sybil Orne Veep ...............,.. Peggy Woodruff Secretary ...........,.... Barb Turkstra Good eating is what makes them all so healthy. 166 ROW 'I-Arlene Kubasek, Connie Bittler, Carol Essler, Carol Farkus, Gayle Westburg, Linda White. ROW 2 -Joan Jacobs, Nancy Fenton, Peggy Woodruff, Gerri Tesche, Pat Matesuk, Jane McCormick, Avis Shapiro, Florence Oedzes. ROW 3-Sue Chambers, Amy Baturevich, Diane Korte, Sharon Hillagons, Betty Teach, Joyce Olson, Bobbi Ferm, Ina Foster, Linnie Schmidt, Diane Mueller, Jan Kraris, Kathy Horan, Sharon Hucksold. LETTER GIRLS The Fenger Letter Girls form one of our outstand- ing school organizations. To be a member, a girl must earn T000 points through service, leadership, scholarship, and activities both inside and out- side of school. Mrs. Lange, the sponsor, meets with the members twice a month, guiding their efforts to plan and organize proiects. Each year the organization sponsors a volleyball game, pitting the lively Letter Girls against our young- s thinking faculty. This and other activities such President Arlene Kubasek as splash parties and bake sales consume the time Sammy Joyce Olson glven The Lelle' Glrls' Treasurer .,........ ......,... J ane McCormick Cheer! Clap! For the good ole Lette! Girls. Boy! They sure can put ii qwfry! 51" Ffwwsr 441 z'Qa s At every football game these 25 energetic girls prance out onto the football field to entertain the spectators with costumed dance routines and songs. During the Christmas Festival of the Fenger Band, and the Fall Festival they willingly perform. To achieve perfection in dance and rhythm these girls practice at each other's house every day during the entire football season. Attention . . . Forward March . . . Look-at-em-go! ROW I-Joyce Towner, Marcello Carlson, Judy Bolan, Barb Turkstra, Pat Boyer Mary Lou De Francisco, Judy Surfus, Barb Carapezza, Jan Kriaris, Kathy Beau champ Carol Thompson, Judy Meyer, Sandy Pietrowicz, Cindy Karp. ROW 2-Sharon Vance, Pat Portock, Linda White, Carol Ostendorf, Pat Lindgren Sandy Fus, Ruth Graff, Kathy Horan, Sybil Orne, Edith Troy, Sue Karp. r 1 -'--- Q . -. If -z if . CHEERLEADERS At Fenger, team spirit and Cheerleaders really go together. This rip-roarin' gang, sponsored by Mrs. Chevlin, give tons of pep and barn burning enthusiasm to any game or pep assembly. Just name any team tilt and you can bet that these girls in red and green were there spurring on the mighty Titans while leading Fenger's many fans. Any freshman or sophomore with a "G" average and teacher recommendations is eligible. Can- didates are chosen for their interest, ability, and pep. Florence Oedzes, Joyce Adams, Avis Shapiro, Sandy Ellinwood, Linnie Schmidt, Diane Mueller, Janice Klien, Betsy Bailey, Jill Todhunter, Judy Rus' wick. Practice . action . the ends. E 169 l T l i GOLF Fenger's golf Team, coached by Mr. RiTTschof, has broughT many honors To The school. WiTh few bogies, The members of The Team are ofTen aT par or below. Who knows- perhaps anoTher Arnold Palmer or Gary Player will rise from Fenger's ranks. ROW 1-Jimmy Troy, Munson Hallums, Rich YehnerT, Dennis Soliday, Bob Benson. ROW 2-Bob Gallagher, Terry Podbielski, Dan Sabadoes, Tim Marshalek, Gregg Boldman, Ed Maolon. 170 time out for INFORMAL SPORTS Informal sporTs is a Time ouT from The usual academic pursuiTs. Courier-Torch fooTball, faculTy-sTudenT volleyball and baskeTball help To promoTe beTTer relaTions bewveen Teacher and sTudenT. These evenTs aTTracT a maioriTy of fellow sTudenTs. Impressionistic dancing in the Courier Staff rout of The Torch Staff. Notice the nice fingernails I have, Son. One of the casualties of the Faculty-G.A.A. Board, Letter Girls volleyball game. FENGER and the COMMUNITY The Roseland Community of the far south side of Chicago has generated cooperation between students, merchants, parents, and teachers. Hence, there has been formulated unique programs of inter-relationships between them. Among these are the P.T.A. which brings together the parent and teacher for the betterment of the student. Other programs included are those demonstrating cooperation among Roseland merchants and high school stuclents, such as the Distributive Education Program. Students work with the community in the progressive development of Roseland. 7 72 Fenger High School Parent-Teacher Association 1961-1962 Theme cc an 31418 30 w'l6!Ql"6fCl,lfL6! P.T.A. ofncers 1961-62 ROW I-Mrs. Tanis, Recording Secayg Mrs. Leonharrli, Presidenlg Mrs. Gunderson, Treasurerg ROW 2-Mrs. Sample, C0rresp0na'ing Sec'yg Mrs. Noleboorn, 2nd Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Fay, Isp Vice- x President. September 26, 1961 An Orientation For Parents of 9B Students at Curtis Branch October 3, 1961 4'Ticket To Tomorrow"-A Play Presented by The Drama Club Sponsored by Mr. Dan Kletnick November 7, 1961 '5How Fenger Meets The Challenge" Speaker, Clarence T. Richardson December 5, 1961 A Program of Harp Selections and Readings by Mesdames 1. A. Woodruff and Vaughn Avakian January 5, 1962 Prog-ram : "How General Education and Vocational Skills Combine at Fengerm- Presentation By John Zinngrabe February 6, 1962 Skit: "Mrs, Birney Has Her Problems Music: Brenan Mothers Chorus March 6, 1962 Music Contest Winners Presented by A. Lumbrazo, Band Director An Exchange Teacher Shares Her Experiences of Teaching Abroad April 3, l962 A Discussion of Standards And Objectives by Parents. Teachers and Students May I, l962 A Review of New Changes Made In the Counseling Program at Fenger K June 5, 1962 Style Show Presented by Students of Mrs. J. 0. 0,Brien Music: Girls Ensemble A .SW if M DISTRIBUTIVIE EDUCATION AT FENGIER Distributive Education is a uniquely designed program oFFered only to eligible seniors, who are interested in preparing for a career in business. It is in essence, a co-op program combining training in the classroom with on-the-iob experience, usually in the stores of Roseland's local merchants. Mrs. Nettie Wall, D. E. sponsor and teacher coordinator, interviews and supervises all students desiring to participate in the program. George Klivickis is being trained in the proper techniques oi stocking shelves at the Hiteway Certified Super Market. Mr. Elmer luhaz, the owner and manager, is his job supervisor. Iohn Wagner is receiving his on-the-job training at Halsted Shell. Iohn may operate his own gaso- line service station some day. Iames Hoch, seen here with D.E. sponsor N. Wall, has his foot on the first rung of the ladder to success in retailing at Gately's Peoples Store. 173 The Work Study Program is available for seniors who wish to gain business experience be- fore graduation. On-the-job training is oFtered in such areas as: stenography, typing, general office procedure and bookkeep- ing. Students spend at least three hours a day in their places ot employment, and are given one major credit for work study. There were forty-tour students participating in the Work Study Program this year under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Elizabeth Fristoe. A FIRST NATIONAL BANK Marie Calderone, Carol Blatt, Joyce Scheuer' mann. B THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO. OF AMERICA Beverly Alexander. C R. R. DONNELLEY AND SONS COMPANY Nancy Higgins. D FIRST NATIONAL BANK Kathy McFarland, Bonnie Norgard. E CONTINENTAL ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Yvonne Zrnucki and Instructor in B.K.K.G. Division, Linda Brawer. F CONTINENTAL ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Barbara Zaiac, Typist, with Manager of Steno- graphic Division, Marcella Johnson. G R. R. DONNELLEY AND SONS COMPANY Ruth Elzinga. H HARRIS TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK Mary Ellen Walsh, Joyce Nelson, Charlene Doggett, Marcia Marciniak, Roberta Vittorelli, Carol Lucarz, Beverly Ver Hagen, Barbara Dunay. R. R. DONNELLEY AND SONS COMPANY Nancy Beemster. J CONTINENTAL ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Barbara Van Rite, Martha Anderson, and Mar- cella Johnson, Manager of Stenographic Di' vision. K CONTINENTAL ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Jean Jurkovich and instructor Miss Hougesen. 'I74 WAterfaIl 8-'I800 COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. Evelyn Rinello Neufeld T. C. FIAL, M.D. and Family IIIO6 SO. MICHIGAN AVENUE Phone: WAterfoII 8-3891 COmmodore 4-3244 ESsex 5-1900 LESTER D. ODELL, M.D. Practice Limited to Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Andrew J. Chisek Optometrist 11139 so. HALSTED STREET 10304 5- MICIIIQGY1 Ave- Hours by appointment only CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS CLIICGQO 28, Illinois I R U S H PRESCRIPTION COmmodore 4-4477 LABORATORY ROSELAND MEDICAL CENTER J. ARTHUR RUSH, Pharmacist R, WEAVER, I I East 111th Place-Chicago 28, Illinois WA 8-'I500-Through fo Operator PU 5-1569-Direct fo Pharmacy '0809 S' Holsled SI' PUlIman 5-0463 WAterfaII 8-4000 ELLEN L. COLLEY, O.D. R. TIM DESLER, O.D. 'II055 S. Michigan Avenue 11017 S. Michigan Avenue 175 COmmodore 4-4242 CO 4-4151 C. A. SINARD, D.D.S. JOHN BOERSMA, D.D.S. 11106 S. Michigan Avenue 10657 Wentworth PUIIman 5-1133 WAtertoII 8-3636 EMIL J. OLIVI, D.D.S. STANLEY R. TIKUSIS, D.D.S. 14 E. 112th Street 10748 S. Michigan Ave WAterfaII 8-1919 PUIImon 5-1477 J. A. PROPATI, D.D.S. WILLIAM FANIZZO, D.D.S. 11006 S. Michigan Avenue 150 E- 111th Street COmmodore 4-3050 Pullmqn 5-2724 AMBASSADOR FLORAL CO. Flowers of Distinction For AII Occasions CORSAGES 0 BOUQUETS ' PLANTS FUNERALS 0 WEDDINGS ADOLPH W. GUMPEL, D.D.S 11045 So. Hulsted Street Chicago 28, III. 114205. Michigan Avenue 76 PANOZZO BROS. Funeral Home, Inc. Distinctive Funeral Service 300 East 'I15th Street 0 Chicago Phone: PUIIman 5-2030 Telephone 264-0228 Roseland Rubber Stamp Same Day Service 7I'I West I2Oth Street Chicago 28, IIIinois . Q f C U Q GARAGES A SASH-DOORS 2:5-cl:-iss "' X Lumen -N TRIM-FRAMES me , , womc FLOORING and company :aaa y ggi: :gills Moumme 4lo w. um- s+. o wmerfqlla-saaa I I my EX COR. CABINETS QUALITY AND SERVICE ALWAYS ll TTO Sf . ' l 1 1232-38 Michigan Avenue COmmodore 4-1322 ' I ROSELAND QUALITY C0mmocIore 4-0258 DRY CLEANERS PEREZ HAIR FASHIONS COMPLIMENTS OF CALUMET CLEANERS Hours: 9 to 5:30 P.M. Thursday 81 Friday IO:30 to 9 P.M. 11123 S. Halsted Chicago 77 is 5 A , , ..,. . iw 5 Q W '5E51'i33'15V ' ' L W M V s:f:Q:A,.a9f 4 , W, V E ,s"t 'f3xz:Ai2aE2g?f ,W gg gm, ,v gsq , , rf' e rv: ' gsm: :ww LHC f X ogg: ffgfm. ---, N if?ff2d?ii2i52lfL3'ig53,2352 ,.,s1f g3gs5g,sZ3g,x f5iSf??i 3522522-T 25325:ieisiiiifazsgiw .A wwrbglie, fEEE5322f3gfE:22' t wigisgiraiznisziiiarzis? 'fiiffiffiigii355555355 ,I ' " 0323352555 3i5SE35gg,.s1,E?Q'2 Eff? xiffffg- 5. tf'z,"azz1:1i2Qiy '-L-221031113152 iiwvf .,55s52f':f1'z::::5Q5e 3'-1? 'lsgwzi 59565333 wiifailitgzg irq Hiiiff-Q ,ww f Hrgsgu .1 V, s tzfzcwx- z rg ,wigs V :ma ,V A ,sw ,L 1 'Q S. A f - Uggxigz e5f::5'f?::zi2sEi?' A V iliiiirili 5 555-:xzmfflr 1 wi -. 1f53lg2z2,?QQa jfewifx ggyxfag ,g:1:n:',25Q51f f 5 25533550 5 Qf:ggg1sV1igi2Es 55 1 . 2 :Em an wiazszasar 2 issswfiff , 1 .. ff ,. 2 232 ,I 555 15- 1 i35fi 2Li2'?f5g . ' .424 -1 if 821532 ' '- '- .V 5:2 83 4 5' I V 5 ' " 543 YH sag: A Q g .:...ti1gsffSi ' ' ' ,V .gi - s-fuk., ,Y ,gif , V .2 V 'N -1,1552 'klsgli 2 I? VA:f?31. -if 97' it 1 V iw. . sslw l - - 3. gwpzxszgglz wif' .1 mzgffffgxvf.-1 ff: farm, ,.,g5,3E,g?k:.5t'f' W? ,fy 5, Q, Iiiiijiilki Amie' fs ,vis zwltazzm .155gg:f::z::r X Vzjzwgzx ,f5,+ff:,:,,:mf X,-'34 t 3:a.,:fSi'f?f+t ' ' ' 5' 1"ti2E?i1i 3g'L5,1,gg1 fif3if12155iiE , sz , it 1 3 Qfrslifviiiiim, '?iEE?k?2i53 ff':if5!3::::::,.gz .V,Z113'?sfx Iifffififlllf' iillfizfzifi255351'E5?:z::4fl1EEE?14073E1i .w,f4,f,,:::z:.M .H-mwb, f5g,,,y,s:,f ,::::- sm migggr -gi. 'figs gag'-Jxfssz: ,..:W2fsl"'i 1'fZf7vy'Zi5fZ nf-fsizvnwt as , mire -u::z:::z:.V ,gag wwsgzi, s,QW,ViVssfM2 ri zg:rV:11::fwV Sgr ings ,ffgifszg xx: W1Qsriiggsgryqgffligfzygf Q- fffwsiif if ix'5f:3f:3:ii::i:u3311?Q' 1255 -izifwiii iiiiiii 'I Wfiiiiiliiiilfifiif gfvila xiii?'friiir-11Siu:Alfiiiwffz'iiffifsrzzffiiitfl 135 if , 2 ":?5tffEf:::''fsfzixzzzgzg ,:w5" f'f:fL FgiiliigszfgzfggllM1211 5. S'::553mgpfi2 '55 mw izyg f:.:::-vii",:gEtEQflw21g P:ffg::'e'21':es: :nk 1555128 ' -- rg,-:hS:,::::iis+5Qsg,g5, ,.',gV,5. Misayfmggggsw-is.srggfiei 2: 'ivan ms: .ww Wg, s,,.,ZgfQ339,,,gwgmpggig, i55N5gfgQzm.,,.,3,- 5.55, + nr. sfffffff 15TZ11Zi?'f'fiZ5!n wzwsicssffss..wf,f,:::s::.:::1 A: Ez mzzzmsi. . z Yffw.V,a:1:V:::i,Qssf.sf1-M1Y.gf,. mam.zl:z:::::1m.,r?ff1. ROSELAND CO MUNITY HOSPITA SCHOOL or NURSING 'I 1 1th Street and Perry Avenue ' Chicago Pullman 5-7800 Roseland Community Hospital admits classes in September of each year. The Roseland Community Hospital School of Nursing was established in 1924. The school is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Nurse Examiners and has affiliation in pediatrics at Children's Memorial Hospital and in psychiatric nursing at the Illinois School of Psychi- atric Nursing, Chicago, Illinois. 78 Phone WA1erfaII s-6800 -8-6801 Commodme M466 ROSELAND oursomzo morons BERNARD ARRIVO SAM, Inc. Unusual Wedding Designs Sales 81 Service BOATS 0 MARINE SUPPLIES 0 PAINTS BOAT TRAILERS 0 .IABSCO PUMPS E 115 h 252 us' l Sffee' 406 E. 1151h sneer Chicago 28, Illinois CLARENCE A. FEDOR CHICAGO 28, ILL Insurance For Homes For Automobiles For Business Kigllzfllfallfe '- ?!l?Jt2I'Jay 'i '- j0l'YI.0I'l'0l,U v 10956 s. Michigan cl-ucAGo za, ILLINOIS wmerfan s-3901 COMPLIMENTS OF THE 111th Street YMCA WHERE HIGH SCHOOL BOYS AND GIRLS ENJOY HI-Y CLUBS CO-ED SWIMMING TRI-HI-Y CLUBS CO-ED VOLLEYBALL SINCE 1860 DROP-IN-THE-BUCKET CO-ED GYMNASTICS 217 EAST 115th STREET PU 5-2218 4 East 1 'I1th Street PUIIman 5-9210 GAMMA TRI-HI-Y if 2 I Q Q ,. , 1 2 if 5 ? ':':-'.. K ...zz 5 S 561 Q I Em-an LW If Man A ' ..'- 55 ::: x x K X 79 80 Thousands Recomme 1 Q , nd cI-IATHAM COAL s. OIL WM. A. CHAPMAN 8. C0. CQMPANY F r . . . REAL ESTATE-LOANS QUAUTY COAL 8 FUEL OIL INSURANCE see our new homes in 356 West 'IIIfh Street 5"""' H""""d TIMKEN HEATING EQUIPMENT AND INCINERATORS MICHIGAN AVENUE at 'I07th Street Telephone: C0mmodore 4-0014 Phone: lNterocean 8-7400 10842 S. MICHIGAN AVE. Insurance In AII lfs Branches ALFRED J. TENINGA RICHARD A. TENINGA ROSELAND, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS . ulvb z ,..I,: E H ,11..' ::. N ..., b ,: E ,:,'. Q V E I':E:A '- :-- A zzl :,.: " III- Izz- 'I' ' i ...:: I I .III...,. , i K III, ,,,. ..,, PNY E 1'21' iv A Rf, I ' , I ga I a V7 'IIE 1.- I ' i 1 THETA TRI-I-II-Y M WEDDINGS - FORMAL OR CANDID FAMILY GROUPS OR MONTAGE I CHILD STUDIES O COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL O BLACK 81 WHITE OR COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY 0 BY 0 RALPH FELDMAN your gourier l9AofograloAer 0 X of R I D G E S T U D I O 639 WEST 120th STREET PHONE PUIImc1n 5-3287 EL LEBES INSTRUMENTS - ACCESSORIES Exclusive Distributors of ROYAL STANDARD TYPEWRITERS - - E E4 1 Don't ZORDAN MUSIC HOUSE, INC. ll f TINKER! Everything in Mum 1 N' R S , -- . "'. .. E PUllmcln 5.7920 FUlton a-5480 A A CALL N 11411 s. Michigan Ava. 2359 w. Vermont I- o5XEE',E,y A T Blue Island E y 10904 MICHIGAN Ave. 1 A 5 I PU IELMAN 5-7820 L "ROYAL" World's No. I Machine S I ADDING MACHINES Sales, Service and Rentals You TakeyNo CHANCE! L'aJzlAnn, JMKQHHL llama, 9nc,. -10940 Michigan Ave. FACTORY TRAINED MECHANICS 304-306 West 'l'l9fI1 Street SERVICE TESTED TYPEWRITERS Pullman 5-0184-5-0185 529,95 Sn UP Sold On Easy Terms Chicago' Illinois 6 Months Guarantee . . . 6 Months to Pay No Carrying Charge YOUR ALUMNI FI.ORIST F I ' WALTER ANDREWS, orlst 211 WEST 119th STREET Phone: PUIIman 5-2829 82 ADAM OOMS "Quality Foods Since 1886" 146 West 111th Street Chicago 28, Illinois Phone: PUIIman 5-9700 Congratulations LUMBER MILLWORK BELL LUMBER 84 SUPPLY CO. "The House of Service" 1001 West 111th St PHONE: WA 8-2245 Chicago 43 III 9I"lIOI' S . . S ' f X rx i VER THE EARTH P Q i4?11 9 Ab M VH A I , .51' A A QA The Sherwin-Williams Co. Chicago Factory 11541 South Champlain CONGRATULATIONS T O THE GRADUATES UNION NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO 111th MICHIGAN IN 8-6500 83 Phone: WAterfaII 8-4300 North Roseland Oldsmobile Sales, Inc. 10560 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS Congratulations to the Graduating Class A. J. SMITH FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 'I2000 SOUTH HALSTED STREET PUIIman 5-0240 F.H.A. LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS ni Ka! fig, LEM, if ,Z E ..., Ig: 3 I Q .1 -fs' I X C .,.., I -W, 2' ' , v W, 1 X Q 5: r xwj 3 A M by v Y x Q if .hwwaf , Q -1 4 sv I , I 3 OMEGA TRI HI Y 84 :- E1 5 , 1 :gl I . Q . i, A " an : - .,,,. W2 33' if KR ,Y if e ,,,,, My I egg. , -.'- 4 'f I 32-mf: 'W , 1 NA. 3. A J f I Z 1 MAN Adm VL , 1 M... ii ifi ..- N... . RHO KAPPA TRI-HI-Y DELIVERY SERVICE Hours: 4 P.M. Io 12:00 Delivery charge 35: Fri. 8l Sat.: 4 P.M. to 2 A.M. Pizza by GENEO BEEF and SAUSAGE SANDWICHES SPAGHETTI - CHICKEN - RAVIOLI - HAMBURGERS SHRIMP and PERCH DINNERS 11121 S. Halsfed St. PHONE: l Chicago, Illinois IN 8-1155 I I Asphalt Tile Linoleum n - R 0 S e Rubber Tile Plastic Tile Cleaners 8m Dyers l 251 w, 119th 51, Besfever Linoleum Co. I Pullman 5-oooo No' """ Halsled Sfreel ' CIIICGQO 28, IIIIFIOIS I REWEAVING SIZED AND FINISHED Phone Pullman 5-8181 185 BOYER 81 RICHARDS Builders 11123 So. Vernon WAterfall 8- Chicago 28, Illinois 1933-4 TELEVISION 0 RADIOS 0 SOUNDSYSTEMS RIISELANII IIADIU LABURATORY 10814 S. Michigan Avenue PUIIman 5-9495 WAterfaIl 8-7600 SALES ' INSTALLATIONS ' SERVICE Two Generations in the Industry AMERICAN IDEAL CLEANING CO. Specialists in Formals and Fine Dry Cleaning 10341-51 Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois All Phones: PUIIman 5-0587 Renovating Repairing BEST-REST BEDDING CO. MATTRESSES Direct From Factory To You Telephone 10927 S. Michigan Ave. PUIIman 5-7818 Chicago 28, Illinois Pullman s-ooas NOVAK REALTY CO. Real Estate - Loans - Insurance 709 West 120th Street Phone: PUIIman 5-7471 City Wide Delivery PARKHURST FLORIST We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere 408 East 103rcl Street Chicago 28, Ill. 86 Nick's Normal Sweet Shop Home Of The Original Fat Man Double Deck Burger Super Giant Malts And Shakes Orders To Go Serving Fenger Students Since 1927 Phone CO 4-9816 111th Street And Normal SOUTH END BLUE PRINTING AND ENGINEERING SEPIAS - Auroposmves - PHOTOSTATS BUILDING - ELECTRICAL- MECHANICAL DRAWIING DRAFTING SUPPLIES 10920 MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS INlerocean 8-8719 JOHN SCHADDELEE ROSELAND WATCH REPAIR SHOP GRANT WATCHES and GRUEN 106 East 107th Sf. Chicago 28, Illinois ROSELAND BUICK SALES 10432 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE H. E. YOUNG, sn. H. E. YOUNG, Jn. J. E. FRANK Chicago 28, Illinois PUIIman 5-1900 ROSELAND MUSIC SHOP FENGER'S RECORD CENTER 11146 S. Michigan Avenue PUIIman 5-0947 COMPLIMENTS of BAKKERS PHARMACY E. D. Bakkers, R.Ph. PU 5-0167 29 E. 115th Sf. 1 87 SKUNX fiodkiblz. LZUILCAL BEAUTY SALON 10848 So. Halsted Street WAterfalI 8-6854 HEATING GAS CONVERSIONS PIPING BOILER REPLACEMENTS AIR CONDITIONING Harper Gm Barce, Inc. ENGINEERS - CONTRACTORS 11017 SO. MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS PUHman 5-4200 GHIES Your FavurHe Fl onsl FAMOUS FOR FLOWERS 1 1 1 10 South Wallace Street Chicago 28, Illinois Telephone: COmmodore 4-0187 - 88 MONARCH ROOFING CO. ALUMINUM AWNINGS ' STORM WINDOWS "We Sold Your Grandfather" ROOFING 0 SIDING 0 INSULATION Sole Applicators of B A R R E T T Everlox Shingles FREE - ESTIMATES - FREE EASY TERMS 0 3 YEARS TO PAY Call MONARCH Today 239 West 115th Street Telephone C0mmodore 4-0800 All Our Workmen Are Covered By Liability Insurance 88 N I N 0 I S LAKEFRONT WRECKING 81 PIZZA Ios EAST IIIII1 STREET CHICAGO HOU SE ALL PHONES- WAterfaII 8-2000 SUPPLY CO. 11900 DOTY AVENUE CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS WORLD CAMERA SHOP if's fun fo exchange plrofos 48 HOUR SERVICE LERPSE COAL 8' 0'l CO' KENROSE AUTOMOTIVE 12315 Lowe Avenue SALES 0 SERVICE 0 INSTALLATION 120 E' uhh sf' Pu 5-0090 OIL BURNERS and STOKERS TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Day Calls Pullman 5-2,40 REPAIRS ON Au. MAKES or CARS Nigh, CCHS APPLIANCES - RADIO - 1.v. C0mmodore 4-4682 PUlIman 5-2146 hub, HAIR FASHIONS 31 EAST 111th Place CHICAGO 28, ILL. Best Wishes From Your Favorite Neighborhood Theafer STATE THEATER 11020 So. Michigan Ave. HENRY STEVENS, Mgr. 89 11550 Sou1'h Halsfecl ST CO 4-3355 Palisades Bowl Home Cf The FENGER High School League TENINGA Sm CO. C O M P L I M E N T S Loans 0 Insurance G F A F E N D Real Estate 0 Management 10835 Michigan Avenue Chicago 28 ADVERTISING DA PK US PRI N TE RS I . CATALOGS Q Complete Modern BROADHDES STATIONERY Q DISPLAYS x IIISIIB IVIIIIHIGIIN CHICAGO 28 INIERUCIAN 8-3344 Boomers OFFICE FORMS ROSELAND IN 8-3800 II5I6 S. Michigan Ave. SAL SENO HARDWARE 81 SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDER'S HARDWARE 0 HARDWARE HOUSE FURNISHINGS 0 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES and Song inc We Deliver WAterfuII 8-5353 The House of Fo,-mol Wear 10910-12 S. Halsted Street Chicago 28 I 9 Phone: PUIIman 5-0928 0 MANAGEMENT ' INSURANCE 0 LOANS MAT SUMMERS FLOWER STORE "Just a Real Nice Place to Trade" -X4 IQ sgwannm 5, Company Esiablished in 1929 pea! gafafe 'I 1405 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago' Illinois A R swANsoN 604 E 103 a ST . . . r MEMBER OF FTD PUllman 5-3760 Chicago 28, Ill :ug is I M-, I ARTPUST OVER 25 YEARS of TEACHING EXPERIENCE CLASSICAL 1 POPULAR --- JAZZ , Inslrucfion on ALL INSTRUMENTS and VOICE - Free Use of Accordion or Guiiar for I0 Weelrs - Privaie lnsfruciion - Lessons in your home if you desire Ny - Weekly Band Training -- Annual Conceris O - Save Up To 40'M: On All Musical Instruments I - Combo Training RENTALS -1 REPAIR -- SALES .I T 73 EAST l03rd STREET il CO 4-l I I5 H 92 I I W I5 55233 SORELLS I 0 A-4 axe I QT "A:' ff A , E A 6,x ' '49 Rfffifi l 'fi C W 'I ' W ' 'fe , i' ali1g. Y mi' Ast. LAMBDA CI-II PUBLISHED TWICE WEEKLY 3 ef jlnhmi urhflii. .,...... 1 I:I:lImII:I':"I:' 'Im IWIIIW .... ...I servi"9 ""'?fLII:rho.'::'l5o"'Mum an - I Al I A IVIC leaders battle gig? """ "' """"' 1ILT.v1f'i'IIl1Ji''1'Z1l,"JZ.-f.T32'1.2.5lf"3211?IT!!! , um vim vm Issu: -- ---------F-H wzoNssnAv. FEBRUARY 5. ross "n'.:mI'a:g:- -Jfmvm-'ILTMTI'ILII..f'fIIL".f II1f'.ilIf,f.'1T...""".M vu lil - mu :um .I In mv, ...mu . I-mi mn... .I In my ni.. ,,, ,ff .Inv Mn ,,. , 2 1 . I, ,,,,, ,, ....-.e-..... ml ,, , Q . . D , , 0.14:-fi' I A-4 erwuixlu selves , ww:-3 film an pon ronluum I M1-fm, ., I-4. I.. -...A I. Q., nl - .n -uw mm -.. , -.nm ov I-'fl ,Md -4.1 an In 1-nn .-...I :,,..2.I, - .. A. ,... .. 2.1. ,..-Im I.. my v.... Mtn ' , . I. MQ ld 'B itll' Mm- 'f 'fr' Ag: 1... I nu W P ,. c . nw- ' 00 .l v1IIu nl- cu r' 11242 MICHIGAN AVE., CHICAGO 28, co 4-1200 I 14224 INDIANA AVE., DOLTON, Vlking 9-1011 Publishers of The Beverly Review, 1829 West I03rd , First in Display Ads 0 First in Want-Acls 0 First in Subscribers ' First With News ARROW THE FINEST IN BEAUTY CARE FOR THE DISCRIMINATING WOMAN I 49068444 'WM I G IIIPIIS l.l'Pl'l'l 356 West 'I'l9th Street Chicago 28, Illinois COmmodore 4-9'l22 44 East 11'lth Street One door west of Michigan Avenue SPECALISTS IN HAIR SHAPING, STYLING 81 PERMANENT WAVE 'I93 ..... mu.. is A 5 DEBS 6n ng Ingersoll PRODUCTS DIVISION BORG-WARNER CORPORATION 1000 WEST 120th STREET CHICAGO 43, ILLINOIS ffmqfzafulafiona, io jim, Hfzaduafzhq, 616144, 1 Ph COmmodore 4-2228 . C mph n AMBULANCE B U K A U S K A S 94 FUNERAL HOME FURNITURE INTERIORS 10821 South Michigan A chmqgo 28 mine 11001 Michigan A WAferfuII 8 5588 IN ROSELAND - LES JOHNSON'S INGLENOOK LOG CABIN RESTAURANT 11507 SOUTH HALSTED-IROUTE 54 81 II RESERVATION: PUIIman 5-7474 IN HARVEY -LES JOHNSON'S THE GREEN SHINGLE DINE 81 DANCE IN OUR OUTDOOR GARDENS ROUTE 6 AND WESTERN AVE. RESERVATION: ED 1-9715 GEORGE D. DOTY CHARLES E. THERRIEN DIRECTOR DIRECTOR D Q 1' Y ouR BEST wlsl-IES FUNERAL HOME ONE LOCATION TWO COMPLETE CHAPELS N 214-216-218 EAST i'l5Ih STREET PU 5'0"9 12920 s. Halsted 011212, half, a, fwhunq, Private Parking Air Conditioned COOPER'S BOOK STORE NEW AND USED COLLEGE 81 HIGH SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS AND SUPPLIES ENGINEERING 8g ART SUPPLIES DRAFTING EQUIPMENT 550 West IIIth Street COmmodore 4-5827 6 D Q I J 8 Y i'-E i,., 0 , V A, A ja LW Ni I f -S I- Mx 3 3 - . ALPHA TRI-HI-Y 95 Tllll RDSIILHND PRESS H541 South Michigan Avenue ' Chicago, Illinois ALL FORMS OF PRINTING CALENDARS 0 NOVELTIES - SALESBOOKS WEDDING INVITATIONS Phone: PUIIman 5-8749 AR VAN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY IOOW: FREE OFFICE POSITIONS MEN AND WOMEN so-UTH sine AND Loop INterocean 8-8022 IIII2 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago Above Union National Bank SUITE 203 CALEY CHEVROLET AUTHORIZED CHEVROLET DEALERS NEW AND USED CARS SEE THE NEW CORVAIR AMEHICA'S Ist REAR ENGINE CAR 10524 South Michigan SALES AND SERVICE Phone WA 8-7000 GOCD LUCK - SENIORS JOSTEN'S, INC. Tom Vosnos "Your Class Ring Man" I03rd Wallace I S ROBERT'S PRINTING COMPANY 711 West 120th Street Chicago 28, III ICE CREAM At All LETTERPRESS PHOTO OFFSET DIE CUTTING HlGH-LOw F0055 A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE STRATTON BOOK STORE NEW AND USED TEXTBOOKS REFERENCE BOOKS COLLEGE OUTLINES DICTIONARIES ENGINEERING AND ART SUPPLIES 6O'I WEST I'I'ItI'l STREET PUIImc1n 5-8353 KLIX OUTSIDE CLUB 198 Q O 0 l o r D i l ' --zzg Q 1 '.,, "':' 4 , n 1 :zu .iz E ' ""' 'A ,P "" A "':' '---' . lvl ,EQ ' I E ' ig xx , if 1 cicr fps e Ei' SE .,,sf.i 5 is ix 2 NIX The new Phone: PUlIman 5-5000 EHAWK ROSELAND STANDARD sAvlNGs uL"'ku and "Hawk" AND l.oAN AssoclAnoN by STUDEBAKER ALL ACCOUNTS INSURED UP TO 510,000 ROSELAND MOTOR SALES 11200 S. HALSTED ST. WAferfcll 8-5100 en Van Kempoma 10833 S. Michigan A S :rotary and Manage Chicug 28 Ill GUARANTEED USED CARS PUllmon 5-0107 Schmicl-Lofgren Prescription Laboratory 30 EAST 1111'h STREET Exclusively Prescription and Sick Room Supplies - Free Delivery H. H. Schmid, R.Ph. D. A. Lofgren, R.Ph. 99 DG' AL TANNA CHI 1 E. 112th ST. CONGRATULATIONS SHOP AND SAVE AT SEARS SEARS ROEBUCK and CO. ROSELAND STORE OVER 100,000 ADDITIONAL ITEMS LISTED AT OUR CATALOG DESK CO 4-2110 200 ACTIVITIES ........,,....., ADMINISTRATION .,...., ADVERTISING ..,.... Audio visual ...... Band .....,.......... Baseball ,.., Basketball ..,.. Bowling ......,................. Cheerleaders ................,... Class of January 1963 .....,.. College day aides ..,...,..... Counselors aides ...,.,.,.. Courier reps .,.,.. Courier Staft ......... Curtis branch .,.,....,...... Distribution education ..... Drama Club ..........,...,... Fall Festival .................,......... Fenger and the Community ....... Fenger at college ....,,.......... Football ,,,,.......,.,,. Foreword ....,,.,,,. Freshmen , FTA .,,......,.... GAA Board ..... GAA reps ..,.... German Club .... Girls Glee Club .,...... Golf Club ..........,......... Graduation monitors ...,. Hall guard captain ....., Homecoming ..... ......... Honors ........ ...., . . Hostess Club ...... Informal sports .,.,..... January committees ,..,,, January graduates ..., June committees ...,.... INDEX 23-'I 53 9 ,,,,...175-208 .,.,,..,,.,147 34-1 35 ......,....164 1 60-1 61 1 59 ........169 ........86-88 ........136 1 37 .......126-127 .,.,,..109-118 .....,A,...173 ,.......149 ..,,....74-75 71 ......,....68-69 ...,....156-158 ,,,,....106-108 ......,..,.1-13 .,.,.,.,166 ..,,.,,,14-1 ..........,14O ....,...132-133 ,,......,.,170 ........147 ,......,72-73 ,......,80-81 ..,,,,,,142 ...,...,170 ..,.,...24-37 ..,,..,.66-67 June graduates ..... Junior class ...,... Junior Red Cross Key Club .....A...... Latin Club ....... Letter Girls ..... Library aides ....,. Library Stalt ...... Mixed Chorus ..... National Honor ..,.... Office personnel ,...,.. Pan American Club ..... Phorex 7M .......,..... Proms ...,....... PTA .......... PTA reps ............ Queens .................. Quill and Scroll ....... Reelman ..........,...... Richardson, Mr. .... . ROTC . ................... School services ,........ SENIOR SECTION ,..,... Sophomore class ........ SPORTS .....,,..... Stage crew ........ Student council .,.. Swim team ......... ,.., ........,..,.... Tennis ....,.........,......,................... THESE WERE THE MOMENTS ,..,. Titan Torch reps ....................... Titonettes . ,... .......... Triezenberg, Mr. .,., ,,,. Underclassmen .........,..,..,,,. West Pullman branch ....... Water Ballet .......,............ Work Study .,..,... Titan Torch Staff ................... ..,.42-64 ........89-95 .......,149 .,......138 ,,..,.,.141 ,......167 .......148 130-131 . ......... 40 ..,....21 . .,..,.. 139 ....75-76 .......172 ..,...,.'I45 ........78-79 ........146 150-153 ..,.22-69 .........96-105 154-170 .........,.147 124-125 162-163 ...,,,,,,..165 ,.......70-81 ,..,...,..,145 128-129 ,..,,..168 V84-121 119-121 .....,.,82-83 ,,.,,,,174 ,A , :ag .. , Y, H... . - g , 1 , . , A .. . M. W . nf yfli ' 1 f i,fiW,. .. -" W S if r '4 3 I yr 9' 413: ga ff Z x me Q k : 'Q Q" w' 3 1: ! I V ,I 3 8 Q xx 1 , X, :affxf 5, ,X , Q I xl J-.ff QQ? M J" Aix ,A+ ,, ,. . sm .2 C mm, N 4 Q...--f-I --.-0.--,W Ol gh a f X ' K x 'Q 4 1 2 ,f 4 Gy- Nsswa ' ' 34:53 ,,.,,jv""""' 5 75 'W JWM . ln ' 1 an - 'Y' 17? 1. Q, N 3 iii gg 'I ' 1 ,Y , I5 fs H- J ,. x .- :S R ,, w e x S ix X' ' 9 M VJIQD' gb .ff - ' ! 4 I 'pl AX , W W M -Mme' N, 's ,.. A N E' . V 1 In all l We X" , . 2. 5 J ,P , b 'xt 'H riff' , 'n'N X A Own 4 fz. in ff 2 5 X 17 5 5 1 kf r""QMm f'--mu-W-'W X . 1 Pun Stua- I .. x,U.j'a Photos H an ' Ww Tw t --J M..-.-.-+,,.,,,, . Q .WM l..,,,.., ,,,,,,,.,,,,, -N---.-Ai. K iL.......,,,, x ,M , iw.. V I i , ,, ,,?., . 4 , wE K Q-2 Quai 5,1 if i . L" ii ,QQ Sa K -.1 'gig K ,gf-55 -5 5375 pfffsfg QQ - V53 ,x'asi 'Us up. "ff W ' a - Xl 3 E 6 P , ' ,, ' , If Er' ?' x f f f'1',,,, Af ! 'la H ' X 2' -'Q 1 M' few , ' 7 , x ,. 1 Ui I 54 3 if SG' . , ,V fgfmg , Quia: ,Q ,Q 131' Efzfkf' . ggi? 524341 ,imgvf EEE'-1 elif Y 1 Y 1 ., ,ggi . zi . 5 E K, .5 33 4,12 V, :ff,faf , :"':gIf5i-1' fi? 54? 1"iT'ff ,-Tam if, 1 51 if :Elf Ei x i -ff' -f-L y ,. -iiiixgjgl 4' ' . Ts! 4. is ' , I yf'if-.15 - Lf Wiiiixk 'I xiii! H 1 W .,,,, . , .. . x 15 ,L ,, ' I B.. , . v,,.

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