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9? f. x. 'r ,fu rf J! i.U3fU'v'Qyj 5y 2 ,VJ 1 51 TL I1 V ' I I ' gi 7145 I P 4 ,, .W 1 , , 4,5 P, . , ,Lf W l ff .,,u - rf ,f- a ' , ff! si, A TF' Dprlpj W fwfr J I V 1 4 42 ywpyu? 91 RK L M3 J . bf lyf. V? N I ,Sx 3. x H ' J i w R .x VQEPUN, - if .V.-. x w ry in V N5 x,Q,Lff'x ', ,X H 4 ., W K of lf N Xbtaxgfa ' Q. s s' u ,af 'V' If , w ' , fy , ,f X- 5 N My " X N my N Q Q Er l if K , , ' M 5' f Q Q -,, ' x . , 1: I - .D .N XE W A V -af K , V- A k XS X f' 1 , he K 1 , fb ' X EX N- - H 1 iq . N X A k' X ' 1 ' X 4 + x , -1 ,, . mg., , , a 4' R 1.1 , ' ' f ' ,ff 1'4 bf I X JCM? Y , xv, 4, xp A ,Z , XJ it I fr , -f X i A TV Af' gwxvvfg J TP wp 'NWN vi C' 0 24 X , QE? W1 lfffwm We 9 '63 4. Vs 1 I 'yi-L0 iff' sl' ll! ...-faq O "I-5.2 4 'Auf Wie!! 99 6 Ngiga ' f avi'- 4- mt! I ix 1,9 P 6' PM ,W II 0 196 9" el r"+ ' 7: , ',..1-fi?" l M531-1 'fr Q. -- . . J. . 5-:iz .., -it ' . . 9 1 1 "Qs L5-ji ' -qkr,f.1. ' .Fe?.a1af.2'g: 1 Mi? .rn-Y.,"kf,'Q fy: ':"' V 2 -LJ" ' ' :Li-1-.-'iT":.' 33' 'gp ' . -.4i': em12 I,..'ff.1, , ,a .',: - U 7., , 'ff'-.','.j I L 11 ?'h-4 -"' '.'1'2H'. L-'-'Z--Ai-"'11'.:?:' - A AQ I. .. l-ings. 1-'-.LL-11--' .I P, K, . 7' -A "Pl."2Q'QTi':f?f .73 I N237 ff' '5"lf1. 7711: ' ' 54: 51 ,, , 8. .4 Q., ' .- EX LIBHIS s .1 5 41' ff ,ff ,Ts CUURIER 47 3 5 Q sf 9 ? ,. ,YQ -V4 'V rf fx 'R 4,1-' fnf x'I"L' ml fi ,vn- 10 his .-A.. Nb UEDICATIUN r r tfverty tot r ,t ors Wtllrarn C Betcls bas been a tamtttar ttgure around lenae When be arre were tn l9?7 to a b and new butla ng he tauabt matbernattcs and mecltantcal aramu Q A tt tle later tlrns versattle rnan was teachmg pnystcs ana next he was apr otrttel chatrrr to ot the sotence department Tben he won the aarntratton ot all pabtltty o pernops e tt o ft nts note est rn other people or both he as made place men cootnselor tn l94C Be tftes ll'l1S tob he asspmeo the responstbtltty ot the Qtunlent Counml Nttb M13 Blaoltly f nfl was the ortatnator ot our annual College Day Now be lftas oroaressed a step further rn the pla ernent Held tor he was trans terrorl to the ofhce of the Board ot Eolucatrort as Supervtsor ot Work Expertence tor the Clm oago Publtc Scltool Fenger rn1sses lns cheerful srntle and tnendly hello but we are qlaa that be nas the opportunltv to further pursu the held he enjoys WILLIAM C REICH To ' eg eA 1A 'fe . A LA' . ' ' A A' AT. rA l A C. , A , , J ' r ' 'i , , A A s . Q QA f X ' ra A A , of A r -A A A Fenaerifes by Writina the words to our Penger Football Song. Perhaps because ot his oa- 'A , r ls za S, , ' 'A r A ' . , , W - 1 t t A A I sf' . ' ' , 1 A ' A ' ' A e t t A 3' Y A A 5 A Ar A .' ' A . V 1 . A V , . A C :A , ' ' ' ' 4 - - ll V-I , xl o A A 3 A A . CUNTENTS JA my M,cl,,,,,,l A specially posed picture of one ol our stall members to illustrate our theme The Silver Link in a Mlghly Cham" fmk tl Ink 0 my N Jrthy frmnu Ill G1 the flf1H11nQ forcm lf Cllr fOIlL.IlO5 must be Jroufrhl Thuq on Ms Soundmg cm nl shape J Eflph bummcf Jeed and th uqm HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW S e If e C7 ' . The ':3, If M13 iw IE: .cf ' f A , ff Ver The lvfrsen fwu PYTST tfmxghf' 'U ,sz ' J' J , 'gf H2 h . ' Z., .f iv' A e xv, I' . R ' Y ' ' ' if V ' 9 l Q ,' . . I FUHEWUHU o1lver lmks Cham pc-cuhar words' Words whlch carry trad1t1ons of honor knowledge fr1endsh1p lovalty and strength These llnks so hrmlv entrenched had small beg1nn1ngs mlnor athletxc QCtlV1t19S few clubs a meager soclal calendar and few electives ln our curnculum Now at the twenty txfth annlversary of th1s bu1ld1ng the sllver hnks are fxrmly welded 1nto our present day act1v1t1es vaned and numerous All are unlted and true metal tested all a componert part of the whole the s1lversm1th our teachers the hammer our stud1es the llnks the student body all one mtegrated whole on the great anv1l of Fenger. U. . . . . , ... .-. ..- ' . 1 '1 1 A 1 - I A - I 1 1 1 . I ' 1 1 u . 1' A . ' ' . - ' 1 1 1 1 1 I . . . 1 f ,,- ,fl A 1 1111 0 K C1 '1 101111 1 fn, f 111 01 '1 11 'YI f 0 111111011 '10 f' OTGSCI' C01 Q5-' x X, A . 1 , fi 93 THUSE V 1111101 11010111111 11011011 1101 13011301 0111 11111, 0111101 Q11 0111110111 1922 S110 TCIU 1 1L,Y1fI11 11 cmd some 11190101131 D111 115 D11111c:1111v Q1 L011111 If 311 10 1111151 X1 PC1111 T1 w 1110 213011501 O1 1116 Lc:1111f C1111 and 11011101001 H0101 Soc 01 cmd 1 C13 C1110 1 111111 O1 1110 16115311090 d0f111111101'11 101 many 0r11f S110 C 11011 0111ox111G 1110 1 OI'1dQT1L11 A11zo11Q1 VI 0 0 011 11 '11 f'1OG"l1Y W 1 110011011111 0' CT 1021 10 IC1 CIF 16,11 OT 111 111011 0 0110 111 51lICF1K rf' .ng CC 4 C 11 if 101111 1 10 17011 ICT 111 U1 C1 OIWQ U1Cf'l'11"1C 11 C111 5 VCI 0 141951011 1' J GXWQTIP 'F' 10 010 C 10 F0n10 01101011 113s111111mJ 11 Q 1 V110 fod 1 Qo12 S119 011 o,0d 01011 11111. 111 11111100 O1 0 2 11de 11 1 1110 IW 0 nj 'II P- W. I Vw vt . 3 ' ' M ' Q 1,..:l . Q . 1. 11 Q ,' 5, . Q Q11 .e 51 3.1010 1 215110. . F .1 '. .11 .. Q .1 . .' 1 . 'J . .F C11f11YI . . . 1 1. ., . . .3. 1 . 11 . 1' . 'J ' C1TYI1.1G 1131.11 1 11.1. my . T21 . .. 0 fa 111:1:' 11.. 11. 1, C E::1g1 1d '1.'0 14 Q .1 ',' 1111.106 .X F . 1 1 11f0 .511 0.1.. dv 13 ': 11111. D 1- . :rzd .',it1h1', ' f'1lif'.' .QS 12 111 51.111111- lf! ffifufs .d. 1 .1 "11ZlC' 1 , 1729 11010 S1L0 1- 111111 Clff C117 .1 1 . 01- . 'C 1 5'.'.'1HlQ1 SEQS LF G Q. d2.13i0 5f111 U 1. 13' C111 'mlfjf ind 1210 Aff in-11111110 HCT 1Cf1'T111YTTi 1, 1.1 '- 0:11161 0 f0f 1 ' Q 6. L111 11'.11O1fl'ITC1111'1 P1 Q11 S'j11f ... Q. 11 ' 11.0 1:1 211:01 131: f' '1Q..'e: ... '. .. 111, .i1. 3.112 zf 1101.101 1101 1'if'1fC fifllffi 1110130111 1ff' 11211 . W1 . 3-.'1T:. C'f.Qg'I1', LGI 1111 V110 '111 '.'.'1:z:. .'.:.1Q1.'gi-31. .g 11" .r. fly- :gy 1. 0211.0 '111 f f"'-'11-711Yff'1f1?1'r'1111151-1111',11::. 114 . .' 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SERVED 1 T1 f er 1 L1 11 fm Cl 5 11 O 1e 1011 1111 11011 11151011 cmd 1I'1J11u'1 GI 11f1C1fv 161 111d WGUKGJGH 1-11111 S 11061 1'111eyeQ11 103 Mm Bch fe1 came 10 PQWJQT 'O teac 1 h1D191y she 111ced 111e C1ec1'11 nes o OL 01111131 J and 11e exr eve Fl9I'1d11 en cons c1e1Q1 f1 and I"'CG 411111 O 111e i1ude111s 11e1 1u1111e p1c:11 11 e111de 1 c1ve1 '1 wmcif 1111 1e1 1ec1dc1,1c111e-15 111 C1'1CUQO We v1111 1111 and 1e1 1,1 1f fl 11.119 QI' 11 flf 1011 fs JH 1 1 ve c0111o1 ICF Q 1111 1 11f1111 1111131519111 V1 11 Q '1 1 e me C 1 r p e 1 e1 11 e Be 1 e 11 efe'111,,1c11e 1 1c311o 1 e ire S110 Qmce ff e ef IO Fe 5' e f 11vcd 11 2-e111e111 e 5 1950 110111 C1C111e Te 1"1lC 1 Sc 190 'W K 3 ,I y C 0 11 e 1 Q Def c eo O e f GfOI e e 11 .11 TGI" 9 IA , Q , WK 1' f f ,J I 1 I I I 1111511 1,111.11 111311115 ',1ef1'111 1:1 if-f,rQ:1.:1'1fgf,1ree1 1 11',1 1' 11 if fl , Si. 5 1 'Q 1 'sf F1 '11 f- 1 f 'f H Q 1 1 ' 1 fu- 1 'vw-1 1 V 1 , .1. 1 1 ,1- -f, . .1 1191, F L .M A ., 1 A I if . . 1 1 1 1 1 . A , 1 1 -D L 1 ' inf 1. .1., f' hee, i-:i, .1 .1 1" f 1. . ' . .Z Qi, f 1 'md 11' 'j' 1 E., A1 e . , " 5:5 her .. ':.'1sg111. . 11h 1101 1' .1' p11 11!11 W 11. C1 I1 1 r'1.1' IS 11 c51111,f111:'1 115 11e'.'.' 1 ' 13110112 ,c N1 .1j U.. ' 1 11 111C1111Cf 194: The Sf 1110 1: 1 he tiz11g1211 '.-.'e1e :11em1211y 31161 QEIYLSECF This yew, cfte. 951521 .3 tie 13132111611 :f:'3111.n.1.Lo11 he :tide 311221531 ef T11 61,5 Sclzoj Vf gwj ,'1.1l'1' 1111 ' 11112 swecc 13.3 111. . fe 1 ' Q, 1.11: f' f 111,12 is 3 114.-.'f5o:t1e tiger nhe .11- 1 Q. F' ,' 1 , 1 , .1 , . Cf.. 111111211 1. 1 1? her s'1e:1r111f and 11: 1he S11b'CC1 she 111111111 11--re 11 1,1 11:11 1111 C11 if ff '.-3:11 .1 Q11 111 .-26111, 1 1 1111 v1.1.1 111 10 b 5 X11 Q1:i1p1u1r.1 d '.-.1111 1116 time 111111 4 H ik 1 3? Sf' If I Q 77 ifferJn1 ifAJ A 0 org 0 ur L05 fin iw IOHN I. KEHOE 4 V V , Y VJ Kes' T FENEEHS Z- ,J l GUHNNG Q 1' Mp HAND Mlldred Taylor Placement Counselor Fneda Roblnson Adlustment Counselor Branch Helen Landers Adjustment Counselor Esther Lundqulst Coordmator of Engllsh Harry Koedyker 4A Sponsor Claude Smltter Scholarshm Sponsor Ichn Zmngrabe 4B Sponsor Elva Wall 3A 3B Sponsor Elrzaoeth Fnstoe ZA 2B Sponsor Oscar Z Hxgh IA 1B Sponsor Harry Beals Eng1neerCustod1an ATTENDANCE UFFIEE 495 MW' ,- HARRY KOEDYKER BERNARD HARRINGTON FLLEN DeHAAN LDNA HANDALI An eculy mornxnq 'scene Ill the Attendance Office Sl .I . ,W .f H 4 6'2Www I ,,. ,VWWX A rg.-gm, it 'ff V M.: ' 4- iq ' - V I I. Z M S t f ,f 42.3 'V' ,V , U . 1 , . 'Wil " nf .. FENEEH AT EULLEGE BRADLEY Left to right: lames Barton, Royal Britton, Arne Carl- son, Lois Comstock, Barbara Saxer, Wil- bur Fanning, Robert Norling. No! pictured: Pat McAdams Nick Banda Stove Kasza Fred Lang. BLACKBURN Le!! to righl: Patricia Rasmussen, Fred Nickel, Lois Cohs Richard Darling, Carol Baumgart- ner. Helen Iohnson, Virginia Sims, Doris Durinqer. Lorraine Sandstrom, Carol Crockett, Rod Aylmer, Barbara Lawson, Bill Uhlhorn, Alice Cameron, Not pictured: Robert F. Brown, Donald Darling, Marilyn Wedler, Iacqueline Campbell, Roberta Sass. WESTERN MICHIGAN Left to right: Alice Young, Nancy Anderson, Iini Sprietsma, Howard Tornquist, Bob Dion, Roger Allen, Chuck Hoffman, Bob Ellis. Not Pictured: Carolyn Huizencya, Leo Perlot. AY' '- rx IZ-Nl ff LLLINOIS 0 BRADLEY 0 KNOX 0 DENVER What do Fenger students do after graduation? Do they go to workg get married, go into the armed forcesv Not these pictured on this page, Who, with many other Fenger graduates, are attending colleges throughout the country. Many of them have gone on to excell in scholarship, sports, dramatics, or literary work. ln 'Fenger Miss Mildred Taylor, placement counf selor, and Mr. Claude Srnitter, scholarship sponsor, the faculty advisers who influence the student in what he is to do after graduation, stress the idea of going to college, Those who wish to go to college, but do not have the funds available, are of- fered one of the many scholarships available to Fenger stu- dents. Through the efforts of these people, Fenger students are aware of the fact that it they are to be the leaders of tomorrow, they must be the students of today, WESTERN LLIINOIS Front Row: Iim Litwin, Olive Kuhn. Rheta Swanson. Dolores Koblick, Dolores Kuhel, Mary Wilson, Iames Noteboom. Middle Row: Tim Macres. Ed Ghidotti, Iohn Traverso George Dason. Back How: Richard Buttleman, Harry Lehning, Tom Watson, Bill Mitchell, Elwood Frigo, Bill Lehning. Not pictured: Vincent Larocco. Ioe Maladra, Wilbert Rigg, Laurence Rolaff, Delores Ianeczek, George Anderson. o O O :n 2 rf! E2 o -1 'JU 2 -1 '-4 N .LHO MH H3133 9 N D OfJ'tr'OIH H O 'IH .I.IO 2 O sn -a SI! m C-U 2 ti E 9. cn -1 U1 31 O CII ru DJ ua 0 E m cn -1 rd CD 2 E O E Q 3' Z -J ru 3' it tn cn o 'u C2 'JJ U CI rn V" Iflcoukiowl goto oheoe no eofrequenU3 renx ked Yo ol FT orteocher Grd 1U FIT careers lc e tnot1tchoHenoed usto ocuon Beounung os G bobby ourteocherlncxHeersshJNed1n c e tofschol U dupe ond hnoncmd ociforthese sbdenks Today 'nm HNGHYP1 grovrwto ofuH 9ZSd1UGH ond 16 now Hove Q choknsh1p ponsor fldltHU9 oHoMed to con toctcoNeges A senmn menoqroohy QUd9HtGSHHS1H ine kuge avumun ofcomespondence Hun dumng the 'Jost three ears has secured between thlrtv cmd forty cholorQb1ps yoe rnokvng xt pOSS1b1C for these ontnhous and dm emnnq Qenune to conhnue then educouon ROW ONE Row Two 0 Q ROW THREE ROW FOUR ROW FIVE 16 . , ,,w V . y C 4 S, or . V5 9J.i S 1 L 11 .. rv nr- f- ' ' ' ' Q . oo., 4 . . J . , , . Au S - A . . . t F. . . 1 . 4 ' . , , V I - 'WL' Y I 'Ya . . A ,J , . . . S ' 3 . 'J' ' - . , L , . 'V' . 2 . f r yeop .. w. . . . , " dS i x M ' . ' ' ff Row Three Row One: BALLATORE, IUDITH. 10141 S. State Street S150. Blackburn College, Carlinville. Illinois. BAUMGARTNER, CAROL. 544 E. 87th Place. S300. Blackburn College, Carlinville, Illinois. BREFKA, VICTORIA. 11239 Langley Avenue. Four years tuition. Northern Illinois State. DeKalb, Illinois. BURKE, WILLIAM. 44 W, 102nd Street. Sl200. Trinity College, Hartford. Connecticut. Row Two: CALL MARILYN 1012 W 104th Place S480 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago lll CHABALA BERNARD 1031 W 104th Street S200 Iumor Achievement Pullman Bank COMSTOCK LOIS 50 E 103rd Street S300 Bradley Untverstty Peoria Ill S100 Iumor Achievement Pullman Education Fund DURINGER DORIS 10225 Peorla Street S150 Blackburn College Carlmville Illinois DeMEIS NANCY 11404 Wallace Street S250 PTA Scholarship HALL WAYNE 11628 Parnell Avenue Four years tuition Illinois Institute ol Technology Chicago Illinois I "3-5:7 .ff gl, gsghyrl 'Ei' HEINZ ROBERT 9842 Sangamon Street S210 Knox College Galesburg Illinois Pullman Education Fund HOENICKE HENRIETTA 11134 Parnell Avenue S225 Knox College Galesburg Illinois HOLMES GAIL 9629 Dobson Avenue S120 Knox College Galesburg Illinois IoHNsoN HELEN L 748 E 103rd Place S500 Mayors Education Fund KUHEL DOLORES 516 W 115th Street Four years tuition Western Illtnois State Macomb Ill KUHN OLIVE 11946 S Halsted Street Pullman Education Fund Western Illinois State Macomb Illmors Row Four MESSICK GERALD 9916 Forrest Avenue S50 LaVerne Noyes University of Illinois Urbana Illinois MOBERG GWENDOLYN 10030 Lowe Avenue S225 Cornell College Mt Vernon Iowa OLSEN RONALD 27 E 113th Street Pullman Educatton Fund St Olofs College North field Mtnnesota RAGO ALEXANDER 12200 Lalayette Avenue S600 Cornell Universtty Ithaca New York REGNIER IOY ANN 109o7 Wentworth Avenue Pullman Educatlon Fund Tuition Thornton Iunior College Harvey Illinois RUBLE BETTY LOU 9939 Normal Avenue S150 Northwestern Untversxty Evanston Illinois Pullman Education Fund Row Frve SAXER BARBARA 9640 University Avenue S100 Bradley University Peoria Illinois STAAT LOIS 12447 Harvard Avenue Four years tuition Northern Illinois State DeKalb lllrnoxs SIKTBERG RICHARD 11537 Wallace Street S180 Western Michigan College of Education Kalamazoo Michigan TYLICKI ARLENE 12008 Indtana Avenue S180 Western Mrchtgan College of Educatton Kalamazoo Mtchigan UHLHORN WILLIAM 11209 Vernon Avenue S100 Blackburn College Carlmvllle Illrnots WILSON CLIVE 11401 Unron Avenue S480 Foundry Education Fund Illmors Institute of Technology Chtcago Illinois Quinn fo lUe7 llfe fo ealdn SCHOLARSHIPS 17 ir- f V! . . I f . . . . . , . ' 1, A ,. . E . . ' ' . , 1 ' .55 f r, ' ' . rr if 2' v. 2 . . . ' ' ' , R I ' . . ng .5 if . . . . i'3'5r'. 25, 9 1 .52 j A :inev- glxgif' CC 77 I U ' 0 O ADAMS IUANITA All nght ralse your hand rf I go too rapndly Economics BAKER RUTH Perfect example of that Socxal Scxence BARDER DAVID Twenty laps pass and cut' Physrcal Educatxon Iumor and Semor Basketball Coach BECKER HENRY Su' to you' Sales Adver txsmg BLACHLY DORIS Hurry lrkeabunny Science Student Council Co-Sponsor Phorex Sponsor Announcement Commxttee Sponsor BLUMENTHAL MARTHA S1t up strcught and dont chew gum Commercxal BRILL WALTER Hurry Son' Mathematxcs Charrman Program Commxttee Sponsor CALPHA HARRY Shut the door and no copy after Wednesday Iournahsm Penqer News Sponsor Quxll and Scroll Sponsor CAPPOCI PHILAMENA Hey lnds keep qulet' Art guage Enghsh CONNER LOIS Sh watch xt' Enghsh Drama Club Sponsor CONNOR IRENE You old suck xn the mud' Musxc Chaxrman Boys Glee Club Glrls Glee Club Sponsor Semor Smg Drrector CULBERTSON C CARLTON See me hrst perxod Scxence Coordmator of Safety DEAN KENNETH Anytlme you re ready yot down these notes young people Soclal Sclence Admrntstratxve Assxstant Semor Break last Sponsor DEANE NORMA A All nght people Scrence DeGRAFF PETER Dxd you know that? Cxvrcs Del-IAAN ELLEN Brxng your mother up tomorrow mornmg Pubhc Speakxnq Gxrls Sponsor DIAZ GRACE Buenos Dxas Language . eu d . I I .H H I . H... H . . I . I I I CHANCE CONGETTA .'SOkay, sister!" . . I . I 'I ' , . . ul . 1 D . DIXON HARRY Well ah sprmg trarmngs comrng up You guys qurt smokmg Physrcal Educatron Charrman Baseball Coach Assrstant Football Coach DUNKER EDNA Take your pencxl and make your correctrons now' Engllsh EDINGER LILLIAN Whats the matter" Noth1ng"" Hrstory ENGEL ROBERT There I am talkrng to you Accountrng Sales FITZGERALD FRANCES All rrght let s stand ta k FORQUERAN ELSIE Now what do you have agamst thrs bo 'P Home Economrcs Senror Breakfast Sponsor FRISTOE ELIZABETH Dont wrrte on your Atlas but punt on your maps Geography Decoratron Committee Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor GARDNER URSULA Attention' Dress nqht Physrcal Educatron iv' x .Vx 2-0 'Q' 19 GUINAN MICHAEL Red Check for talklng Sclence HALLIDAY SGT RUSSELL All nght men let s thrnk R O T C HANNAN LORETTA Keep your eyes on the chart and keep your feet on the floor Com mercxal Drploma Glft Sponsor HARRINGTON BERNARD D you not? Mathematics Boys Sponsor HIGH OSCAR Go rrght ahead Commer cral Freshmen Sponsor HOFMAN LECNA Is that understood? ts go over xt agam Mathematrcs Dxploma Com mrttee Sponsor HAUGE RUTH Well now what IS rt? Eng rs IACOBSEN GLADYS Well draw a chart to see how hrstory rs drvrded Socral Scrence Chcnrman Cap and Gown Commrttee Sponsor IANOVIC IOHN All nqht you bnrds get busy Mechamcal Drawrng Reelmans Club Sponsor JOHNSON LEONARD All nght boys clean up' Wood Shop IOHNSON MADELINE Hand towel drsh towel dxsh cloth extra cloth pot holders Home Economxcs Charrman Hostess Club Sponsor IOHNSTON WILLARD Put anythmg ln the space but dont leave It blank Science KAVANAUGH ALICE Let s see If our credxts are equal? Commercxal Olhce Accountmg KAY EDITH Leave a place better for your havmg been there Commercial Chalrman Oiixce Secretary Sponsor KETTELHON LUELLA Use I-Ioppalong Use Hoppalong Commercxal KOEDYKER HARRY Young people a lot ol people make a lot ol nolse but they dont say a word Mathematxcs 4A Class Sponsor Boys Counselor KRESGE WILLIAM C Swxm llfty Physical Education Swlmmmg Coach LANDERS HELEN You and you and you go to the board Adlustment Counselor LANE RAY U All nght now what happens? Mathematxcs LUMBRAZO ANDREW Okay gang hlt lt Music Band Sponsor LUNDQUIST ESTHER The assrgnment for the week rs English Chairman Coordmator Announcement Commtttee Sponsor MAIER BERTI-IA Get orgarnzed Commercxal MALATO ITALIA Now we re gettxng oft the sublect a bxt Spamsh Pan Amencan Club Spon sor Grit Comrmttee Sponsor MARLIN EDNA Be sure there rs equal dxstnbutxon ol lx ht and dark Art Cap and Gown Commxttee Sponsor MATTHEWS HELEN M Lme up at the doors Physrcal Educatxon Letter Grrls Sponsor I 20 LANDSMAN. Mosrzs. "You bunch 'ot birds!!!!" Industrial Arts FACULTY , - -. -- I MCCABE, MARY. "What's Dagmar got that I haven't?" History. Social Science MCCLIVE, HELEN. "Vite, vite, mes eniantesf' English McMAI-ION, HELEN. "Speed test today class, get ready." Commercial 0 I MEINHARDT. ELSIE, "Now I'm not going to waste words . . . " Art Chairman, Program Committee Sponsor MEYER. IOHN, "Mister, shut up or there's the door!" Technical Drawing MOONEY, MARIORIE. "Do you see?" History 0 MORONEY, ELIZABETH. "Gir1s and boys' .' English, Prom Committee Sponsor MULLIGAN. IULIA. "Put your feet on the floor and sit up straight." Music, Choir Sponsor MUMFORD, GRAYDON. "Your ten papers are due tomorrow." Mathematics, averages grades MURRAY, FRANK. "A1l right class-clean up!" Print Shop, Geography MUSICK, WILLIAM. "Get to work back there!" Art, Stage Decoration, Color and Motto Commit- tee Sponsor O'CONNELL, IAMES I., IR. "Come on kids, let's go to work." Science Chairman O'HEARN, IOHN D. "Heygpipe down now." Science O'MARA, LESLIE. "Don't fall asleep on the benches!" Electric Shop O'SULLIVAN, HELEN. "Keep your eyes on the book." Commercial PALMER CHARLES and in my day Physical Education Football Coach PETRICK IDA Dont you see? History Eng IS PILLER IACK H Au ngm English PLATT STELLA Quret there' Hrstory POLLYEA GEORGE Man that s bad Automotrve Shop RANDALL EDNA M Please take off your babushaka Co'nmerc1aI Law and Economrcs Grrls Counselor RANKIN GRACE Now I thrnk Bookkeepmg Stenography RICO GEORGE Musrc rs culture but I wrll not pound culture mto you Musrc ROBINSON SGT IST CLASS ROBERT You knuckleheads' R O T C RUPPRECHT EVELYN Attentron' Dress nght' Physrcal Educatron Charrman Water Ballet Sponsor Drxll Team Sponsor mercral SCHMIDT FREDERICK Ten pomts olt' Chemistry Chemistry Club Sponsor SCHROEDER George Remember test every Thursday ls that clear' Mathematics Stamp and Com Club Sponsor Cheer Leaders Sponsor Sl-IEARER MILDRED It you dont watch out youll be headrng for the door rn a few seconds Mathematics SMART RUTH When lm gone-go ahead and annoy yourselves Latxn English SMITTER CLAUDE Good mormng ladies and gentlemen Careers Scholarshlp Sponsor Cour rer Sponsor STARCEVIC LYLE All right that ll do now Englrsh STEVENS KATHERINE Ouret ln the back of the room Science English STUENKEL FRANCELIA Ill see you at elght oclock tomorrow mornmg Language Sponsor German Club Sponsor TOWNE DOROTHY It you get a gcod mark you can have some tomato plants Scrence TRIMBLE WILLIAM Gather around Musrc Orchestra Sponsor Western Ramblers Sponsor 22 , 0 ' N ,W R J J I x lx 1 I SAMPSON, WALTER. "It you don't learn anything else in this class. learn to be honest." Com- 'K --any-f Mrs Rosella Beegan Mrs Mary L'Orange VON HORN BERNICE Would you Ixlre a pass to the study hall? Mathematics Prom Sponsor WALL ELVA Lxsten boys and gxrls rs rt necessary to talk? English Iumor Class Sponsor Mrs Eleanor Campbell Miss Sarah Schmxd Mrs Wmmfred Bourke WALSH MARY Tlme to put your thmgs away No one can leave untxl your machmes are covered Commercxal WERSELLS EDWARD To lxve and let llve Economxcs Sales Mathematxcs YOUNG FRANK Keep pace mentally as well as physlcally Physlcal Education Bowl mg League Sponsor ZINNGRABE IOHN Use the back door to come ln and the front door to go out Shop Chaxrman 4B Class Sponsor Advertisers Club Seatmg and Marc-hmg Commxttee Sponsor fc lflgif L UQI' fw Graduatron nrght wrth a mrllton memorres IS now a realrty Funny to thmlc ol myself as a Freshman How strange Fenger Hrgh School seemed at trrst very large cmd awesome to the eyes of a begrnnrng Fresh1e so many students rushrng about lt took me a long whtle to remember rooms teachers and my complicated program but gradually l made irrends and easzly found my way around the b1g school I was rn the process ot growmg up lts wonderful to be young and just ahve Senrors seemed so remote to me then I was just a Freshre and hardly seemed to be a part of the school All of us went through the lrrendly ktddzng about steam heated lockers and the new elevators to the tourth floor twhtch we could never trndl lt seems funny to me now as I look back a form of zmttatron we must all go through to become a real part of Fenger Trme passed so qurclcly lt was nearly Iune and l confess that often durmg those warm days wrth open wrndows and budimg leaves my mmd would wander from my studres All I could thrnk ot was vacatzon Alter a long wonderful summer school began agam I could hardly wart to see my trrends lt was so good to be baclc I was now a Sophomore S, Cont nued on page 42 24 7 A. . I1 ' , ' ' . . . so . . ,, . In Y A I I I U . . . , 1' SDJ . ' . , ' , ' "3 D I U - , 'lg Q 1 A F Q4 I V A EDMUND IARIS Principal Mount Vernon MUUNT VEHN Early Morning Scene Mount Vernon Branch Incoming students who reside in the northwestern part of the Fenger district spend their first year of high school at the Mount Vernon Branch Approximately 300 students go to the branch located at 10540 Morgan Street The building which also houses Mount Vernon hlementary School has a large auditorium and gymnasuim several laboratories and a library The students are affiliated with the main building yet remain separate They have many of the activities enioyed by the mam such as band orchestra reelmen G A A hall ma shalls student council and student librarians There are ten divisions and each division elects representatives for the News Courier PTA and also two student council members. The student council promotes a social program for the school, sponsoring such things as socials, movies, and parties. Girls with a good scholarship record are chosen to work in the office, doing filing, answering the phone, and acting as general secretaries. Since the bell system of the high school differs from that of the grammar school, boys must be chosen to ring the bell for the high school students. Thru these many activities the freshmen are pref pared to be active students when they come to Fenger in their sophomore year 25 FACULTY MUUNT VEHNUN FLORENCE BERGSTRAND Latin LOIS BUTTLES Home Arts MARY DURKIN Algebra FRANCES FLYNN Science CORINNE HOLCOMB RUTH OLIVER Science Business MILDRED RAY Spanish LAURA VERHOEVEN English HOWARD WESTERVELT Shop Not Pictured NELLE GREEN Art Not Pictured ETHEL MILLER Algebra MR. TRIMBLE and MR. IARIS meet in the hall belween periods ORCHESTRA First Row Ronald Rolfe. Ralph Mc- Bane, Sylvia Wirshels, Margaret Kun- drot. Doris Butt, Ken Miller. Donald Working. Second Row- Dave Sommerville, Bob Zarbell, Myrtle Blaauw, Marilyn Iohn- son, Mary Schreder, Eric Unlander. Mr. Trimble, Alex Kleeman. Guy Lut- trell. RIA. First Row- Diane Dreyer, Nancy Neil, " Virginia Vente, Carol Hahn, George Call, Mary Hitesman. Second Row-Barbara Malcomb, Robert Bender, Bill Kopas, Don Cooper. Mr. Iaris, Ada Land, Donalyn Andersen. BAND First Row-Duane Workman, Richard Sigrit. Donnalyn Anderson, Ann Zel- inski, Carolyn Iohnson, Ronald Skle- nar, Donald Oemick, Matthew Ca- dore. William Rapsevicius, Ronald Goldman. Second Row-Beverly Iohnson, Char- lene Brunk, Norman Ericson, Philip Nicholson, Clarke Iohnson, William Peterson, Ronald De Roos, George Thompson, Eddie Strom, Nancy Koeh- ler, Anita Smith, Frank Hommema, Eugene Bryerton, Iimmy Best, Iack Van Dyke, Ronald Pederson. MUUNT VEHNUN UHEHESTRA - P.T.ll. - BAND MUUNT VEHNUN Darlene Aardema, Nardine Aardema, Merrill Abels, Robert Adameic. Gene Ala, Frank Albano. Phillip Alberts, Irving Allen, Charles Amundsen, Donnalyn Anderson, Kenneth Anderson, Patricia Anderson, William Anderson. Robert Archer, Paul Arvia, Kenneth Aurthur, Barbara Aylmer, Barbara Baiker, Emilia Barsotti, Robert Bender, Ioan Benschop, Shirley Bernard, Iames Best, Milton Bigel, Ioyce Birgstrom, lack Bishop, loan Bishop, Myrtle Blaauw, Ianice Blocker, Ioan Blum, Suzanne Boak, Anna Bobbe, Donald Boersma. FHESHMEN Ronald Boflos Carol Bohne Roy Bosgraft Iacqueline Boustead Edith Boyd George Boyd Ioy Bradford Carol Brady Dolores Brandt Elaine Bright Charlene Brink Ieanette Brinzie Esther Broeker Barbara Brosemer Lyle Brown Stuart Brown Eugene Bryerton Iuamta Burgeson Barbara Burnham Barbara Burnham Barbara Burnson Doris Butt William Byerly Matthew Cadore Richard Calder George Call Robert Campbell Annette Canalice Lorraine Carlson Sharon Causgrove Ronda Chelfer Lucrlle Chmelrna Albert Clapp vb: , 4-I 28 '71 Tap -gr X . ,- 'jg ' fl xx Q , 3 , ,Y , 6 X I: -, A ' ,t ll ' A gf 1 if - l l TV -v 74, 0 B V Qi X - 5 I.g 'Ja . no A 9 1- ' 67 . Y . .A ,b X 5 I l ' K -' I Q , lt A X X ar 1 Ioyce Clayton Iames Conley Fred Cook Donald Cooper Lelghton Darr Iohn Davts Mary DeBreyn Dean Deloaxn Dale Delveaux Ronald DeRoss Louise DeValk Fred Dletrxch Drane Drake Dtana Dreyer Carl Dychang Iudxth Erlers Wayne Eelxot Mxlton Embry Norman Enckson Lenore Enkson Beverly Etschetd Phzllp Evers Ioanne Perm Carol Lynn Feurst Wrllxarn Flrrell Irene Fxtch Tom Frtzgerald Thomas Frank Edward Fremel Sally Gaddy Brum Garzutrs Florence Garczynskr Evelyn Gaudltls Mxchael Grllespre, Carol Golden. Ronald Goldman, Iacquelme Gorman, Anne Graefen, Anita Graves, Iosephme Gullk, Karen Habemcht, Ioyce Hacker, Carol Hahn, Wrllram Halloran, Arlene Hansen, Charles Hams Ioyce Hartman, Gerald Hedberg, Beverly Heerema. Mary Hrtesman. Rxchard Hofilander, Frank Hommema, Patncra Hoppman, Garry Howell, loanne Hubenet, Dorothy Hughes. Barbara Hutton, Wlllxam Hylander, Charlotte Iacobsen, Walter Iacus, Robert Iedmak, Patxence lobe, Robert Iohnsen, Beverly Iohnson, Carolyn Iohnson, Clark Iohnson 29 p H f 0 , fx -V V 'E ,L 'va W Z rrl . XY 'iii . , ' 5. XM if y 4 Tjlyf A , gf! , M U U N T V E H N U N F H E S H M E N Davld Iohnson Gerald Iohnson Manlyn Iohnson Wayne Iohnson Wxllxam Iohnson Barbara Iurek Donald Kaal LaVerne Kezxs Dons Kocolowskz Nancy Koehler Nancy Koemg Earl Koller Robert Koorker Bxll Kopas Iames Kozak Katherme Kramer Iohn Kuchen Margaret Kundrot PGUICIG Lenkey Bntta Lrejeras Wrllxam Lunell Harold Lltberq Paulme Lwxngston Eugene Lofberg LaVarne Lotz Rrchard Lumm Chester Lundberg Guy Lutterell Ardahce Madsen Barbara Malcolm Donald Mallek Manlyn Mamveller Wxlham Mantell Florence Marks Ronald Marsh Wxllram Marston Ronald Matxsek Raphael McBa1n Clxiford McFadden Edmund Mehlau Barbara Merrmgton Anna Mrhallk Earl Mxller Ioyce Mrller Iulre Mxller Karen Mxller Kenneth Mxller Manlyn Modder Mrchael Mofht Laura Money Ronald Moore Charlotte Mornson Iames Morton Laura Mulak Arthur Murer Mary Murray Robert Myland Iohn Myles Nancy Nell Donald Nelson 3 MUUNT VEHNUN FHESHMEN Ioan Lalforrtairre, .Gregory 'Larnbert, Ada,Lang. lean Langenberg. Iames lee, Carol Lehmani 0 Wayne Nelson, Sheila Newlander, Philip Nicholson. Diana Norman, Dorothy O'Connell, Ierome O'Connor, Donald Oemick, Pauline Olietti, Gerald Olinger, Nancy Orwar, Irene Pace, Dolores Panozzo, Bessie Pappas, Barbara Patterson. Robert Pearson, Iames Peter, Evelyn Peters, Frank Peterson, Robert Peterson, Roger Peterson, Donald Peterson, Patricia Phalen, Lois Phillips, Beverly Plankis, Mary Ellen Poole William Raspevicious, David Reed Colleen Reeth Alice Reinert Curtis Repasi Arlene Richards Ieannette Rolla Howard Roob Roy Roselund Donald Rowe Robert Rust Theodore Sachaschik Gerald Sandaker Michael Schaer lack Schofro Mary Schrader Charlene Schreufuague Gertrude Schrikkema Richard Shaifner Richard Sigrist Ronald Sklenar Anita Smith Charles Smith Melvin Soderstrom Bob Soldberg David Somervrlle William Stachmus Robert Steiner Ierry Stoltz David Stortz Edward Stram Shirley Stritter Ethel Strom Darnell Strong Iarret Stuart Gail Stunsultz Sharon Tams Beverly Taylor Iohn Teerlmg William Terns George Thompson I V23 'X QI 3 lvl U U N T ll E R N U N F H E S H M E N V A of 4 1 1 are y , ' l , , , - F Q - he if' , ,A ,,, l P f c D ' ' C ' " Ci 'W' -WA'lW'i" , ' , 5 1, ,,,, V , "Q .Q ', '-- ' ",., ,V 'I Sharon Tisol, Ioanne Tocci, Barbara Tompson, Iames Toner, Bob Toth, Richard Toth, Gary Tyssen, Eric Unander, Cynthia Vandermyde, David Vander Steeg, Ioan Vander Steeg, Karen Vander Woulde. lack Van Dyke, Paul Van Witzenberg. Barbara Van Zandt, Tasia Varsos. Virginia Vente, Lawrence Wallan, Iackie Weitemeyer, Ann Wendt, Carol Wentz, Duane Werkman, Roger Whiting, Iean Whitney, Ioyce Wille, Ianice Williams, Diane Wilson, Sylvia Wirshels, Marvin Witt, Ronald Working, Donald Yanomisky, Ioseph Yoursis, Diane Zape. Ann Zelensly, Dorothy Zerbac, Iohn Zielinski, Robert Zierbel, Marilyn Zuequel. MUUNT VEHNUN FRESHMEN CAMERA SHY - Mount Vemon Freshmen IUDITH ALIMER RAYMOND AULD ADOLPH BALCIAUSKAS PAUL CUNNINGHAM MARION FROSLONE COLLEEN KEITH ALEX KLEEMAN IACOUELINE MCCLAIN HOWARD PARKER FRANK PETERSON RONALD ROLFE ARLENE VASILIS NANCY WEAVER 32 R. O. T. C. Front Row: Leighton Darr, Gerald Sandaker, Ronald Sklenar, Roger Whiting, William Byerly. Second Row: Irvil Allen, Kenneth Arthur, William Kcpas, Charles Smith. Third Row: Gerald Iohnson, David Stortz, Thomas Frank. Fourth Row: Guy Luttrell. Front Row: Guy Luttrell, David Stortz, Gerald Iohn- son, William Kopas, Charles Smith. Second Row: Kenneth Arthur, Ronald Sklenar, Wm. Byerly, Irvil Allen. Third Row: Leighton Darr, Gerald Sandaker, Roger Whiting, Thomas Frank, M!Sqt. Frank Varesche Military Instructor. llT NIUUNT VEHNUN S H O P G. A. A. Smith, Howell, Nelson, Dyrhaug, Arthur, Thompson, Schaer, Front Row: Nancy Niel, Virginia Vente, Dolores Brandt, Ellen Bight, Marion Allen, Ferrel, Auld, Hylander, Erikson, Van Dyke, Albano, Frooslone, Mary Hitesman,, Mr. Westervelt, Pearson, Reed, Olinqer. Second Row: lean Bunge, Beverly Taylor, Ioyce Hartman, Collen Keeth, Ioan La Fantain, Arlene Hansen, Nancy Orwar. NEWS AND COURIER Front Row: Sharon Tanis, Ioan Bishop, Ioyce Bergstrom, Ioan Blum, Ioan Vander Steeq, Florence Garzynski, Ioan Perm. Second Row: Bill Kipas, Iohn Davis, Iames Morton, Gerald Sandaker, Stuart Brown, Ronald Boflo, Wayne Iohnson, Ioe Yoursis. Third Row: Iarrett Stuart, Bill Byerly, David Vander Steeq, Bill Farrell Roy Roseland, Arlene Hansen, Dave Oemick, Miss Verhoeven. LIBRARY, BELL BOYS. OFFICE GIRLS Front Row: Bill Kopas, Edith Boyd, Ioan Blum, Arlene Hansen, Myrtle Blaauw, Barbara Patterson, Ed Mehlen. Sharon Tanis, Iohn Davis. Second Row: Ierry Iohnson, Ardella Madsen, Anita Graves, Laverne Lotz, Barbara Van Zandt, Laura Money. Darlene Aardema, Diane Wilson, Katherine Kramer, Nancy Neil. STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row: Ianice Williams, Gene Ala, Barbara Aylmer, Michael Schaer, Mrs. Ray, Ioan Blum, Paul Cunningham, Mrs. Berqstrand. Philip Nichols, Nancy Orwar, Ed Strom. Second Row: Philip Evers, Ioan Tossi, Walter Iacus, Laura Money, Dorothy O'Connell. Robert Bender, Sally Gaddy, Dave Sommerville, Frank Albano, Ioyce Harker, Ierry Stolz, Ronald Marsh, Patsy Hopman, Ioan Benschop, Iulie Miller, William Rapsevicius, Barbara Burnson, Nancy Koenig, Charles Amundsen. PHOREX Front Row: Mary Hitesman, Ethel Strom. Ann Zelinsky, Charlene Schrauinaqel, Dorothy Hughes, Edith Boyd, Gertrude Schrilckema, Miss Oliver. Second Row: Ioan Blum, Marilyn Iohnson, Barbara Thompson, Dale Delveaux, Ioan Vandersteeq. Pauline Livingston, Maureen Carlson, Richard Sigrist, Anita Graves, William Rapsevicius, Dorothy O'Con- nell. Philip Nichols. ounf urn0nAETlVlTlES gf x s.. 4 FAQ lu f x jlfeif lflflelfl Q 1 : Q Q 1 :Nj ' Q K' C 1 Qi, I 'N ' lf fm af 'UQ WI W WL . ,et Q N V 5 A Q6 'B' 4.1 Ioan Adamecz Thomas Alcott Drane Aldridge Sarah Anderson Andrew Angel Agnes Augustyn Geraldme Ayotte Glona Bacsa Joseph Bacsa lean Bahr Roger Barbero Ruth Barkauskas Barry Barker Claudette Baron Patncla Bartak Margery Baslck Annle Bassett loan Battaglxn lack Battenburg Beverly Bauman Elenor Bauman Carol Bautz Gerry Bawcum Dons Bazzo Robert Belcher Lorrame Bell Nancy Bell Alan Bennema David Bergstrom Charles Bernxcky Kenneth Bernotas Ardrth Bertz Louxse Besancon T7 xX 4 L av. "' if Barbara Bodnar Ianet Bogan Patncra Bogosran Ronald Bohl Hxchard Bohne Rlchard Bolda Irene Bombargettr Manlyn Bombassr Margxe Boomsma Iohn Bosckovrts Dolores Bovmo Mary Bradley Moms Braunstor Fred Brazzale Iudy Bresland Emnly Brrgqs Carol Brunchwrler Lorrame Brzeczek Exleen Buchler Elame Buchler Peter Buckley Carl Busch Glenda Bussart Carole Calzaretto Beverly Campbell Llllxan Carlassara Loretta Carll Moonyean Carlyle Rosahnd Carr Carol Chaney Sven Check Harold Chxolero Robert Chrpala 36 I is-fl " I nnnr I - 1 3. Q 2 I I B A If H 6' I I I X , A my 7' 1 , A 'fe ' K . X 9v,l Q - 'N I X Jia I q ' - 'A I 4' lic . . I I if I , Q I K. .J I , 1 I y . :J I . tj , X 1 yy 2 4 ' -, I Xe figs? JISC I . I , K 'L ' IAH Q I' lf? I IVIIIIN BUILDING Roberta Chnsuan Rrchard Cxecterskx Mary Crrellx Alrce Crsek Ada Clark Edwmor Clark Georgene Cohs Patrrcra Collrns Marry Ann Conway Iames Cooper Rachelle Cowan Charles Crawtord Herbert Cross Carol Crusxus Sandra Culbertson Ioan Cunnmgharn Robert Cytarr Fred Dahl Rlchard Dal Bello Iohn DalSanto Crarg Danlelson Paulme Dargrs Veltra Dawson Dawn Deckman Mmchael DeHaan Iames Dekker Charles Drddens Iohn DOnotno Dale Doty Ronald Dranden Edward Druszlrowskx Eberhardt Ioseph Donald Engle Carl Enckson Armen Ervaman Arlene Extm Lee Falberg Robert Fannxng Peggy Faucet Ellen Faurot Stanley Foniara Ga1l Forsell Denrus Foy Mary Ann Franczyk Marlene Fntz Rtchard Fuller Dons Garvre Wally Gault Robert Gltem Rtchard Goeke Geraldme Goenenwem Iarnes Gorskt Shelby Grant Sandra Gray Soma Gray Gerry Greenway Iosephme Greenway Georgene Grrzzard Raymond Gurgas Margaret Guyton Dons Hamson Ronald Lee Hansen Ioan Harmer Dexter Harnson Gwendolyn Harvy Ernest I-laser i. 37 MAIN BUILDING Ii I'x1,lW I f Carol Hayhurst. Simon Heitmeyer, Ronald Hellenga, Richard Hendrickson, Marie Henshaw, Lawrence Hill, Anna Hines, Winifred I-Ioekstra. Arthur Horton, Wyatt Houston, David Howard. Sydney Hunt Arthur Irvrne Donald Isenhart Burton Iansen Kenneth Ieqen Arcurtrs Iohnson Gwendolyn Iohnson Iacquelyn Iohnson Leshe Iohnson Lots Iohnson Raymond Iohnson Marcra Iohnston Ioanna Iones Leona Iones Donald Iordon Edward Iordon Rrchard Kabat Robert Kadlsak Elizabeth Kamba Sandra Kass Dolores Kenn Arlene Krlewska Bernadme Kryewska Rosemone Kllman Roy Kxlpalrxck Patnck Kung Iacquelyn Kmtzele Frank Klss Chns Knudsen Beverly Koler Wrlham Koller Exleen Kopcznsky Iudy Kopp Ben Kozak Manlyn Kramer Ray Kramer Charles Krenkel Iohn Krrsmamck Loretta Krug Frank Kursh Iean Kubrsak Bernadme Kuxzmas Katherine Kruz Loretta Laxb Bobette Langford Annette Larson Lucy Lavardo Lorrame Lewxckr Thomas Lewns lean Lmd Rose Lrra Carol Lockwood Paul Loparco Gerald Lorek Delores Lowe Q-6 s 'lvl F H15 M- 38 F H E S H M E N M ll I N B U l L Il l N li . , f A 9 A M: M gf ? 1 1 ,,, n A- 1 L k , V , q B :ju . AL", A it Q V ,,., .-,, X' W L V gy lg A x . 1 3' 9 A in .5 f as . ' . I A - Z . 4,3 R N' ' Lf' ., Q V .Q Ly I 1 il '7 ln W ,L f ' 3 4 , 1 ' x 3 ,Xi f,. In 1 I k x f . t gl r - L G- Vw 'Q if 1 i X Drana Lulkowskr Bette Lundqurst Susan Lundqurst Carol Lundstrom Drann MacDonald Dorothy Mack Eleanore Madzrorczyk Henry Magllo Vxrgmra Mahnauskas Barbara Mahszewskr Patncra Manahcm Celeste Manzardo Annette March Marcla Marchello MaryAnn Marcxsz Clarxta Martrn Elizabeth Martrn Susan Martin Kattle Max Iames Mayes MaryAnn McCarthy Delbert McDonald Patncra McKenz1e Erleen McLeod Arlrne McMahon Angelme Meneqal Margaret Merz Edward Messal Shrrley Mrchaelson Diane Mrqlraccro Beta Mrles Connne Mrller Ioseph Mrller Alan Mmtz Ioe Mrstro Delores Mrtchelar Anthony Montana Kenneth Montone Vrrgrma Mook Manan Mora Vlolet Mora Edward Mullemx Rrchard Myblom Kathryn Nelson LaVerne Nelson Thelma Nelson Ernestme Nesb1tt Francrne Nescr Dale Nettum Adele Nxelsen Karen OBr1en Enck Olofsson Regmald Olzewskx Grazlano Orlandr Donna Osborn Robert Osborn Ieannette Osxnskl Denrse Otto Iuanlta Oyervldes Iune Palhegyr Anthony Panozzo Robert Paplauskas Adeline Panse Ernest Parker Carol Pederson Delorrse Perkms 39 . ff- L I, I W Y , , yt? IAII, My . ,I V! in :A ynlf yy Y y I " PM -4 y t, A is :H L tn 1 ' I yr I 5' hiv I , A ' I ' f 41"'- W , I I V .lj y V 5 A V E ey I D 1 .41-fr' 5 Zi t . I' - M v . .V ' I A , , nt , I N A gh , 5 . v I I A' , F R E S H M E N M II I N B U I I. Il I N ll -4, S'3 TQ 1' ,Mg-f lqxb. A 6' 'E' Yvonne Perkxns Herbert Perry lack Persoon Denms Perzely Iohn Petchul Kenneth Peterson Ioann Petrre Emrly Petrusek Margaret Ptrommer Glen Prckens Carol Plant Vlrglma Ponsettr Gall Powell Geraldme Powell Rrchard Powers Srlvro Pozza Robert Prxce Marilyn Proper Ieannre Prosek Frank Qurroz Genny Quony Nancy Raxmo Bernardme Randall Rrta Randez Rxchard Rapka George Reckrodt Mary Iune Reinhardt Darlene Rerpsa Frank Renaldx Lrllran Restarno Donald Rrchards Iacquelme Rugby Donald Rollms ls Steven Roman Nancy Rosser Iohn Roy DeWayne Rublee Edward Ruhlender Paul Rupprecht James Russell Russell Rutke Lawrence Salomon Paula Sansone Geraldrne Santor Gene Sbalacherro Shrrley Scaletta Iean Schauer Wxlham Schouter Drck Schultz lacquelxne Schultz Mary Ann Schultz Mavrs Schultz Ronald Scott Thomas Selrga Helen Sendegas Loursa Semerdlran Barbara Shaeter Ellen Shewmake Leona Simmons Robert Skrrmck Theodore Skrrmck Audrey Slager Ieweldene Smrth Ruby Smrth lack Snoddy lack Sparrow 40 , fx -,wx ,ii P ll Q V x L I A N Y V I 1 Hg , , slr. fi - X Y :fi X 1 hx 4 x ' 'A lxl ilj P yzyl , v b y I , L h I G Vll' 2 Lf ll PM 1' . W X A if, ll kk gem , ' , if fr lv ' 3 ' H ,.,lZl yu A y 4 'I U - . vel l l R Y S- MAIN BUILDING Donna Specha I-'redenck Speon Martha Starczewskr Rosemane Steckr Edward Steevens Norma Stella Frank Steurr Davxd Stonehouse Loretta Sturgeon Fred Swanson Ioan Szltasy Winona Taylor Eugene Thomas Barbara Thomson Frank Thomson Martha Thompson Robert Tobbe Batleast Tracekanor Lorrarne Traverso Darlene Tresko George Trunnelle Marcra Tumldll Ioan Tymuse Wxllram Unyr Deno Valentr George Van Barajos Lowell Vander Mey Ieanne Vanderwall George Vanderschoot Iack Vandenberg lack Vandenberg Robert Van Swerrngen Robert Verkler Dan Wagner Madelame Wagner Lourse Waldeniels Fred WGl91eWSkl Blondenra Walker Mary Walker Moses Walker Rrchard Walter Robert Wardell Amelra Washrngton Audrey Washmgton Mabel Waslungton Kathleen Watson lack Weaver Rrchard Wesolowskr Ioshua Whrte Barbara Whrtman Iames Wlldrnan Donald Wrllxams Ierry Wrlson Wllham Wxlson Paul Wood Carol Yahl Donald Zehme lack Zoetemen Donna Zoromskr Audrey Zazak Dan Zube Carol Zwart ar is 41 bv ll B E S H M E N M ll I N B U I l. IJ l N G r U 3:75 t't -e V to 3195 " - E D 1 J W L J .Y U AV lr: 5 fx I s is V I R rll l' l I J r W rf Y gh' fling L UQI' KCONTINUED FHOM PAGE 74 K-J Sophomores try to be a part ot everythmg glee club chorr dr1ll team and f almost every club Atter the long hours ot practrce tor the assemblres and fs fl J I programs I began to teel that I was tmally a part ot Fenger s l1te As sopho mores we watched the athletic events wrth new interest all the g1rls dreammg ot bemg cheerleaders every boy 1dol1z1ng the athletes and m hrs own mmd ,gm f. playmg every mlnute ot every game My soclal hte really began as a Sopho Vi 5 personl on the Sophomore team Yes bemg a Sophomore was tun but I thznk I lrlced bemg a lunzor best ot all tor I was now an Upper Classman Bezng a Iunror gave me added responsrbrlltles as well as more contrdence rn myselt tor now I really took an active part Jn Fenger s hte I can never of torget the lunch room tor coke and gossrp Otten we took treld excursrons as part ot our studres The tou ot the Ingersoll Steel Company was one trrp Ill never torget Leadmg the tuture Freshmen trom nerghbormq grammar schools through the school on Fenger Day made me teel so important Remember Lrzzre Lou and her column of advrce to the lovelorn rn the Fenger News What tun how helptul rt was CONTIIVUFD ON PAGF 56 42 5 I1 I ' 3 Angel If X xx v,v.r'S 'L . . . . 'tivo MQW: ,sf X 1 xx . I- . . . I . . . I U' ' - . ' - - R., 5.131623 more .... How excited I was to have a date with a V.l.P. tvery important Q 60? I , w gg... ff ' l U I , . . . . :1 li 4 ' 1 K5 '- a 5' C o :fl G l.. ' .... f' Q'-i-S' I 5,04 5 M R we gage ea, Bernardene Abbate Iames Abbeduto Ntck Abramovltz Iacquelyn Achs Iacquelme Adams Ianrs Adams Mrchael Addrson Iames Adduccr Ioe Adduccx Shrrley Agent Ioanne Agnos Davrd Ahner Bette Armone Ioan Akms Ioanne Albert Doranne Allan Elalne Ambrckl Carol Andersen Roger Anderson Roger Anderson Marcra Anderson Donald Anderson Karl Anderson Marshall Ander son Burton Arvla Mary Ann Arvra Gerald Asher Ronald Auld Wrlmer Austin Rosalre Azzolm ff uhm Vrctor Bahr Ieanette Ballard Dolores Barbero Barbara Barczr Rose mary Bartel Robert Battaglm Io Anne Battenburg Charlotte Bauman Lorrarne Baumann Lorrame Bayer Barbara Bedford Margaret Behrxk Eddre Berrrger Henry Bell Betty Bella Ahce Bendrk Ieanette Benedetu Charles Bergstrom Alphonse Bernotas Mrnnre Berolattl Carol Berry Iudxth Betten Kenneth Bmder Ivan Blanchettr Duane Blxnlr Iohn Boekeloo Edna Boersma lnez Boerema Brth Boestche Marcella Boggetto 44 f vv 'XX 7- 6' 1, E ' I I ' . t s B B e 1 X' . R Q' 8, - Q. 61 K ' '1 Q Q -I ' - ' A ' - ' ' 'x :Q 'xl' 1 E If . 6 X, L! , 'D ' N25 is lgf' - . x get -A 5,.: K K. . I . . In . . 5 Llc' 0 c. s.. - - 1 I P 3' is "" R 'K' 1 ' . 1 K i' - .tt ' yy gifxlxsi I a. A L. A lic 1? -3' ' :W CLASS UF 1954 X' ,,,, 2 gkl " - ,, gf.-.G fi' V LT .3 5 A SUPHU U ES...rs"'Et 'O Q ' s ' I ' . 4 : Q 6 , . I Y t AC: I 6 ,L l ' ' ' ' ' 'B af . . ' . 25 5 is We -, 8'w.H3 A A s - A . ti , 3' , as - , ..,, NA I . . -, .X ' - C' G' L -T ,I -3- A 5 x ,' . ' , ' , ', A IN as gl Ot.. gi . 1 'X . 'A ur . I I I x A. v Lxly Bonaparte Iohn Bonanrgo Floyd Bond Katherine Booker Kathleen Borgo Katherine Boscardine Phyllis Bouma Rocco Bovmo Wilbur Brady Shirley Brand Mary Brazinski Edward Bresnyan Robert Breznc Dolores Broadlteld Iames Brock Sharlene Brosemer Nancy Brown Ianet Bruggeman Cha les Bruinmg Adeline Bruttomesso Douglas Buchler Ioyce Budd Arlene Bunna Marlene Bunna Robert Buonomo N-, tv, sv Mark Bunn Carolyn Burkitt Ins Burnson Fred Burton Michael Butcher 'hi' 'EY qs N he I' LX 1 'Q M W: Carol Butler Margaret Butt Rose Marie Caesar Russell Calderone Tom Callan Camille Calpino, William Carlson, Iames Carlson Ioyce Carlson Robert Carlson. Kay Carroll, Graciella Casillas. Albert Castronova, Catherine Celani. lean Cerenzia. William Chabala. Diane Chambers Ioyce Chapman, Harold Cheiier Ioyce Chiolero. Lynn Christiansen Paul Ciabbatini, Theresa Ciecierski Lelita Cini Lynn Cini. Eugene Ciuzio lack Compton, Yetta Cook Iames Cooper Donald Corbett. 45 ' Q" " .2 wq. 5, 2 -. r In is he ,, . . 1 . t . I . I ,,- jg' A fxl' 1 S . .1 I D A I Q54 arg r 52' Y' -- X 1 Q " N + A . . . , 5' 'fi W 'la fl' Q' . V f' ELASSUF1954 Dpi if Q7 QQ, Wy- ' 1 'D SUPHUMUHES X q'-1:.,, .g,. ,X M L . ,x , , ., 1 is ' ' f- W' - 1 . ,--, .yt .K -, I 1 . . 'V jr, my ' T' . Q XA ' D All 5 5 il gf ' ' xxsg L., , 9 - iw w 4 P. 9 X-L 1. AX, E 'xx ,T,',x.s , , , , J D J ' L. 2 I Q f l i. ' it ' ' ' Ann Cornell Lourse Corrado Shxrley Costello Shxrley Cowan Nancy Cnnce Davrd Cumco Arlene Cza1ka Robert Dahl Elarne D Allesandro Isabel D Allesandro Manlyn Dhllesandro Lawrence Danozzo Ronald Dantolan Dorothy Dapkus Iudy Davy Georgra Dean Shrrley Deckman Edllro DeFacc1 Rrchard Dekker Marxlyn Dekoker lack Delveaux Davrd Depperman Charles DeRe Iamce DeHolf Rennetta DeRose Carolyn DeYoung Robert DeYoung Ruth DeYoung Helen Drxon Yvonne Dolby A r QU ind D 1 4.,.,,,, Q 3 46 Six? A Mervyn Dolgm Iames Doll Grosso Domrmce Martm Dommrk Rxchard Donovan Shrrley Dorn Dean DuCharme Donald Durrnger Ioanne Dutkowskr Mary Lou Dykstra Wrllxam Dykstra Alxce Dyrek Rxckte Eble Charlene Edlund Natalie Elams Norman Elder Madelme Elwardt Charles Emery Edward Engle Iames Erickson Robert Erickson Ioan Enckson Arlene Ermler Donald Ermler Davrd Erwxn Dorothy Evans Grlbert Evers Marlorre Ewbank Larry Falberg lean Ann F arns 5 v Qi . Q -I rf . ' lp I Y Q sl S - . 9 I ffyd, rpg-f -v 1? Y ' 2' 6 - ' ,la V, E I 1 V, , . - 1 'D ' N t :X , L' ea lf A U Q - . 4 lg G L M ' ' -2 E ri 1 -S 1 . . , Q , ,Q L . y,yy L -.3 'I "' y, y 4. V I , , Q C 4 D TFQELQDA. W A I snPHn1v1uH12s , X l,' V tx . ,, , - M K .. .0 ra VL x R cyl if X -s Q CLASS UF 1954 K 'A is .Y K A sv Yi - -K - I . , . I 'I ' R. ' ' il ,+E. I, . X 3 WHY ' A Vp h We s' Qns A ' x I s'P ' no Lgtkv . 1 . I . l I . if fl .ay v 'l Q , -' 2 5 T-. - N 2' Vi A 6 tl Genevreve Faron Mary Lou Fath Dorothy Faurot Sandra Fehsel Carol Fennema Glenna Frsher Patty Frsher Iohn Flms Robert Flodm Mary Lou Foster Arelene Franczyk Vernon Federkrng Iune Freudenberq Lorrame Frrar Gene Fngo Iack Frrqo Mary Ann FIIQO Iame Frodm Marranne Fry Edward Furtex Marshall Galbrarth Beverly Gaspan Barbara Gaugush Ioseph Gedmm Gretchen Gerqner Iohn Gertzen Paul Gellmqer Gerald Gentry Charmalne Germain Robert Granottr B 5- Maryone Grbson Norman Grbson Dean Gmtzler Ioseph Glron Edwm Godbout Robert Goelz Ioan Gordon Kenneth Groz Allyn Gothe Margaret Graefen Iohn Graske Iames Gray Rrchard Greene Adelme Greenwood Dennxs Gregory Shrrley Gnffm Iames Gnser Marnanne Gromak Gwen Gross Lrlllan Gurzro Georgette Gyurltza Kenneth Hackbert Barbara Hale Cathenne Hallen Sandra Hallrday Thomas Hamel Nan Hancock Irll Hardy IoAnne Harper Iohn Hartford 1 A WY Cv ,ev Q-1 47 we A A ' . - , 4, . ,. 1 E .1 -M nf S' L ff ' , . . x N . n . - . 5,7 Q fe C. gl ' , ' , s ', ' , " y a ffgff- ' I W s Q L" --f 6 G. - , 3 , 41 'F f 'f -, - . . K ' 7:4 A-3. ' Hx Q-1-, V g xg X, QF' I. . .I ' -. 1 I ' . l. ,willy YV- P M z ' 2' V Q Ei' Q t Q S U P H U Nl U H E S X 'N Noffkw t - U y V' 5 z f Q I... Q. ,, 7 X Q. H Z," n C L ll S S UF 19 5 4 f- ffl ,Eg X r 1 1 'xr X' X V1 . M V y y . ' ' ' ' y J 2,4 - ,J . " LR ha , y, 2 -ff, Q- ryyy y y L H H I N . 'Sy 4-N N V X S tg 5' . ,Rx 'mil M' 1, in 5 . J' fr 'gr . ' ' ' ' e 4 M or s ff 'RQ vs vi J 4 Vi. alia ll I 1409+- 'fs Marcehne Hauge Carolyn Heckman Robert Hedl Margaret Hertmeyer Leonard Henning Barbara Herron Charles Heylrn Ronald Hill Barbara Hrllebold Harry Hills Eleanor Hinton Manellen Hrntz Larry Hxnz Ellen Hoemcke Bxll Hoffman Kenneth Holbrook Bull Homan Eleanor Honkoskr Elaine Horn Marlene Horvath Michael Hovanes Eugene Howard Norma Huddleston Helen Hughes Alberta Hull Lois Hullmger Shirley Huyssen Ioseph Ingala Nancy Ireland Shirley Iachna Q1 Thomas Iackson Edward Iagman Donald Iansen Barbara Iayner Beverly Ieanes Q Priscilla Iensen, Diane Ierit Barbara Iohnson, Beverly Iohnson, Donna - ' n lohnson. Ioan Iohnson, Lois Iohnson, Marie Iohnson, Marilyn Iohnson, Mary Iohn on. Nancy Iohnson, Ronald Iohnson, William Iohnson, Bob Iones, Dolores Iones. Iudith Iones, Rasa Ionynas. Marilyn Iordon, Thomas Iouse. Ned louse. Iohn Iuarez, Henry Iudeikis, Carol Iurek, Betty Kadar, Mary Kallas. 48 za elk? EY I 4x2 . s Iames Kamls Barbara Kasky Brlly Kazen Norma Keck Charles Kelly Mlchael Kelly Beth Kent lean Kenahan Paul Kezns Barbara Kxllen Marylane Kmsley Ianet Kmtzele Ronald Krrk Rxchard Klelst Ioanne Klemp Harnel Klomp Frank Klutchart John Kmckerbocker Irene Kmght Ioan Knox Dean Koch Marilyn Koch Rlta Kolosh Evert Earl Kooyman lean Kopeschka lane! Kopp Shxrley Mae Korodl George Kosmskl Peter Kotchou Iames Kovach 40+ Veronxca Kozlons Theodore Krebs Rrchard Krextlmq Norma Kreml Ioyce Krenkle Barbara Krlsan Edward Knstm 'K hai Q- VP1 v 1 Iulla Kozora Valene Kraclk Wrllram Kratzenberg 'uk' Barbara Krueger Rxchard Kruger Arthur Krumrle Geraldme Kucera Francis Kuhn Patrlcla Kums Ioe Kurcvewskx Lane Kuypers Donald LaBarbara Edward LaCourse Rosemarle Lampe Phyllxs Langham Regema Langhart Iacquelyn Langner Donna Larson lean Larson Rxchard Larson Mane Latko Geraldme LeMaxre Elame Lerch 49 . 1 ' . I 1 ' 1 . Ati-.i,.. ,e I 5 4, ' " Q yy. G-A 'Z L ' ' ' ' ' ' y 1 ll ii , ' 1, "D ' l Q 1 4 W ', , . ' ' ' ' ' 2 ' 'K K 1 K z la H ' Q '- S - - if' -ELM ' K A Q .I ' ' I, M x , ' .Q Q. X. " 5 L V lf , 4,57 r J ! 'V A . -'U X A 75. ' si. " N 7 v-J V CLASSUF1954 -S, f-e lf? N ,I l ,, L m 4 1' , kv! X h with f SUPHUIVIUHES N x ' sl K 12 ' vp .S ,W -in ' Q - ' .I 1 I 1 - . G - 4. V af Ur' jg' ' . I - t h ' I I A .rw--A .' HI ,XV N n . K if . 2 4 1 , D Q Q Q fr I f A V . Dolores Leschyk Ruth Levme Irene Lewandowskr Mary Lewrs Ioe L111o Marlene Lmder Lawrence Lrndsey Donald Lmdskooq Vrolet Llptak Edward Lxsowskl Mrchael Lrzak Patncra Long Ph111p Lorek Shrrley Toucado Ted Lovek Dorothy Lowe Walter Lucarz Walter Lynch Ioe Lyson Mary MacAsk111 Clarre MacK1nday Agnes Macleod Bob Mabery Donna Maddox Larry Magnabosco Munel Mahler Iames Mahlum Marcella Malrnowskl Paul Malum Mary Manelra 'VN 'Rc I 5..- Snr g-v L' vv 50 I Elda Manzarde August Mansr Irene Mar1s1 Raymond Marshall Lmda Martm Maryann Matras Edward Matyszka Bertha Mayer Norma Maynard Anita Mazexka Carole Mazurek Alrce McA11rster Marxlyn McClintock Carol McCotter Carole McEntree Leah McGregory Mary McN1cholas Loretta Mendenhall Iames Messma Roger Messmaker Ioan Metzger Ruth Meyerchxck Vxto Mrlxauskas Larry Mrllard Dennrs Mxllgard Patsy Mmellr lanet Mxstro Lawrence Mxtchell Shxrley Mltchler Roger Modder . . .Ik gy V V 4 C 1 1 - , I ,- 1 A 1 13 K 1? , gl " 2 is ' jg X D 1 "" . at ,Q rv, 1 rtr 1 J - f Lg W '1 . , 1 -1 - ' Y L 42 1 M2 f1 " ELASS UF 1954 , x H1 W -Y. . .sw Xl V1 Y L lx Q A M 52 rs-. l , "1 . . . . HQ vt D S Ts 0, J gf U . f 1 it f, 'Q if 4 '1 ,Q 6- A . .I X tQN 1' t X it Q6 f 'Mr Rxchard Noteboom Helen Novak Norma Nyland Chrxstme ODonnell Matllda Olxvettr Theodore Montgomery Rlchard Mook Barbara Moone Donald Mooth Norman Morns Rudy Morrrson Rlchard Morton Rxta Mosely Edward Mrva Bette Mudxe Ianet Mullen Rrchard Mundo Manlyn MUfCHSk1 Ioan Myers Betty Nall Iullet Nanto Betty Neal lay Nealy Arlene Nelson Elanne Nelson lack Nelson Maureen Nelson Mary Ann Newman Carolyn Nlchols Ronald Nretupskr Ioan Nolan Rosahe Norby Arlene Nerman Helen Norrell Charles Noteboom Iamce Olsen Manlyn Osborn Manlyn Osgood Iohn Ostarello Raymond Ostensen Marlene Oulmet Barbara Overholt Danute Packauskas Lxllran Iames Paglxero John Paglrero Robert Paholke Walter Palhegyr Ann Palkon Pallay Iuacqurn Panozzo Phxlxp Paplauskas Iohn Panse Anthony Dorothy Paul Edwm Pawelczyk Tom Peacock lohn Pearson Odxe Peden Pedersolr Iamce I x Page s. Alvm Passr 51 ' , 9 ,, -,J .I ' ' ' ' 'R g ly, fl ' if x -S AYI G-2 ..' ., , : 4 , 'X V , . , V " iw V " 90, 1 Q ,,,' 1 n. ""' G 4 CLASS UF1954 L v 3, -ilxkrm I V fl' ' . ' I ' ,, 1 . lx t. . I Q Q , I 'lg s.. X I G . I I ,I ' . . zxrg . 6 :qt F S 2 . 1 I ' ' l I . I A L, Ianet Pedler, Shirley Pelerito. Iacqueline Pepin, Mary lane Perlotto, Marian Pescetto. Pat Petrovxch Duane Pllanzer Mananne Phllhps Warren Prke Dons Pxolatto Barbara Plper Iamce Playle Lauretta Pluskxss Richard Pooler Bernardme Potocla Tom Powell Geraldme Pregent Elame Prodoehl Dorothy Prucha Anthony Pustelnxkas Charlene Baby Jeanne Rackauskas Erdxly Anna Rae Charlotte Randall Anne Mane Rascop Iohn Regas Charles Rehlmg Chfiord Repasx lean Reynolds Barbara Rhodes E6 Nancy Rxchmond Charles Rxckert Iosephme Rlecss Dxane Rlgom Tena Rlgom Herbert Rmgquxst Patncxa Rlttmger Tom Rlzzardo Lover Mae Roan Marxanna Rodellx Ronald Roman Ronald Roman Norvell Rosenberg Selma Rosenblait lames Rosle Evelyn Rosko Paul Rasmussen Nancy Ross August Rossx Robert Ross: Ronald Roudez Rorothy Rucker Pat Rugqerx Barbara Ruhl Samuel Russell Carol Rust Ioyce Ruswxck Donald Ryan Walter Sampson 52 gli 6- ? 5 . . . . ? . ,- ,l tk Q"-v . . sei ELASS UF 1954 lv' X t' 3 4 PHUIVIUHESM , 9 tx fx Frank Rigoni. 1 , I A l l . -I Y V' vi'-53' . .I . . t .. .. . - I , 4 ' ' V ' f ' . XJ Q .. - A . Q s . LM sf R 45 to s, x xxx Hb I , Q Q an Q " f 4 " -A . '3 ' f f fl 1 D ' ' ' ' 4' is 1111 LaVerne Sands August Santoro Irene Santorso Ruth Schaat Manlyn Schaefer Raymond Schaefer Ioan Schaller Gerald Schrllrng Ronald Schmxtz Mane Schnepf Roy Schooley Margaret Schulte Ieanne Schwartz Ann Schwetz Carol Scully Marcella Shanto Ray Shapek Mary Lou Shatkus Robert Sherman Evalyn Shrpka Frank Shymkus Darlene Slbbert Marlene Srbbert Albert Srlander Randolph Srmmons Geraldme Sxmom Ioanne Skervvs Alex Sklba Barbara Skold LOUISE Skowronslu .X G 'NA Jill sf eng voqq W7 -Ma C QQQQR Jia. Ioanne Skrbec Kenneth Sloke Iohn Slowxc Albert Smxth Edlth Smrth Otrs Smrth Patncla Smrth Ruth Smrth Sylvta Smxth Vlrgrma Srnxth Ioyce Snoddy Tom Snow Georgra Soos Raymond Spakowslu Rxchard Sprller Suzanne Squrbbs Manlynne Staat Sandra Stalz Rxchard Stankey lack Stearns Alberta Stemer Iohn Stellman Norman Sterchele Mlchael Stevens Martha Stevenson Manan Stewart Patrzcra Stregler Sylvra Streglxtz Mae Stxnnet Mary Stockhch 53 R ' iff, 'Ta' 4 - is , R R, to R at ' Lv, 3'-Tv: -Q 1. Q 4: - . V , Q . ' ' ' ' 3 'RW S ', A sl , fp., R, z R R A R A R A R R te :R ' . R - 'sf '. ' ugf R. ' it 2 A W ' W V P V ' - . Vw' 5 1: L A s s U P 1 9 5 4 fb - S ' R 'V , W 5 4 X V N Y ,,...- ind. . im. W, ' ,' G, S , H? v 55 K' A SUPHUIVIUHES , Xt x RR ,te . i :Title v YA: I x 'sux Q . . .. . . . . . .. . I 7' JM , , .J ' ' ' ' XX4' R 1 he .R wifi . ,f I 2 IQ 4-' V sf' . 5, L , A r-I R ' rx A ' 1 lg Leg eh. S ' Rr fn f f ' Q . V V ss' A. ga 'Q' 'tt If . S all ,S to WM A ' , ' ' ' ' Carol Stockus Vugrnra Stoll Iames Stone Nancy Stone Ralph Stram Ruth Street Ioseoh Strelt Charles Strock Arlene Struthers Karen Suesse Iayne Sulllvan Thomas Sullxvan Gmamae Summers Arlene Swanson Elsa Swanson Marvm Swanson MaryAnn Swanson Kenneth Swlenty Franklm Syl vester Harry Szajek Carol Tade Russell Tammmqa Ruth Tangen Robert Tanzobel Iohn Tenhove Marlene Threle Ianet Thomas Dorothy Thompson lack Thompson Marlene Thompson - if Q 3 1 1 AQK YY 54 I' Robert Thullen Iames Thurman Ronald Tldlund Rxchard Tm Hugh Tobm Betty Toccx Iosephme Tortoncx Wxlham Tulha Katherme Tupycra Shxrley Ulnch Shrrley Urslny Sylvra Valentas Elmore Valente Inez Valente Ioan Valente Barbara Valle, Charles Valois. Sharon VanBoven, Charlene Van Dyke Richard Vanderbilt. Ioyce Vanderhye, Ross Vander Meulen. Paul Van Ekeren Lucille Van Vlymen, Lois Vasilis. Robert Verduin. Dorothy Veurink, Ronald Vezzetti Arlene Vianello Iudy Viano. rt HZ 5. 663 E of Lawrence Vrerro Joan V1t Jack Vrtale Edward Vogel Lours Voltolma Betty Voss MaryAnn Wachala Marlene Wagy Bonme Wahlstrom Elvm Walker Freddre Mae Walker Melvm Walker Janella Wallman Beverly Walters Carol Warput Barrow Washmgton George Weaver Fred Weber Ronald Weber Fred Weeks MaryAnn Weglarz John Werdenaar Sandra Werssman Joann Wene gar Ruth Weselman Betty Lou Wesley Georgia Whrtman Loretta Whltman Evelyn Wrersma Judy Wres rw 5 5 x, Lors Wllder Alecza Wrllxams Davrd Wxllrams Caryl Wrlson Eleanor Wilson Twyla Wllson Delores Wlsmewskl Tamara Wolczek Robert Wood Carole Woodall Florence Wright Nola Wnght Carol Wroblewskr Kenneth Yahl Robert Young Patrlcra Zapala Paul Zekas Lorrame Zelmanskr Justma Zenan Rlchard Zxmmermen Melmda Zottr Gene Zwart Joe Zywrckl Jean Allsopp Gladys Barnhrll Bud Barrow Dolores Barusak Volora Belhs Harold Burgess Mark Bunn James Burns Robert Covoloskre Ann Cross Annette Curley Joseph Demarce Joseph Drungle Darlene Elzmga Anxba Erdely Sylvester Franklm Robert Geelz Joan Gortzen Domrmc Grosse ack Hague Eva Hansel Wrlham Hellman Joan Horvath Gayle Iasmund Jack Johnson Joseph Iucrus James Kelalas Bonme Larson Roger Llva Vlctor Longhxm Ted Lorek Mary Mannmg Raymond Medrano Robert Moberg Joan Morm Florence Mueller Iohn Nelson Arlene Nomxan Ceclle Novak Phrhp Pagona Lawrence Panozza Leon Patarrm A 'WO Thomas Peacock Joseph Petnekrs Ronald Percko Joyce Prkal Barbara Plper Edward Pooler Richard Powers Arnold Preper Janet Ramor Paul Rasmussen Colleen Reynelds Chrlstzne Rlgonr Albert Robson George Rosmskr August Santoro Marlon Schxpma John Schroeder Mary Stackhck Sandra Steltz Joan Suktu James Tetts Dolores Thomas George Vanderschoot Charlene Van Dyke Bernardme Walker Harold Warner Ronald Westberg Ehzabeth Zrmbardo 55 h' 6 V s x , . , , u . , A 4, . . , , , y . , , . , I c C l 3 I u U gig' 5 h -'wr . -Zi igvii I I . I I ' an , ig-, I-far' I ' w In ' ' , I , X l X , p A ,JL SUPHUIVIUHES 4' Q ' an J f , l J of ,M :wi ' ' Q, ' A ,fri ' f X, A , 'ff ' K 'L nfs J ,.. 3 ff-94. xl . " Q A '34 'Z-' J if J , lf ' Q el we .. X 'W' gi eq ri CLASS ur 1954 -Auj, I . . ., I I i ' My . A M - f I ' n ew A- S U P ll U lVl U R E S C ll M E H ll S H Y I u ' fc Lflgil l UBI' ICONTINUED FROM PAGE 421 Homework was prlmg up too Subjects were more advanced and we were ff' always trymg desperately to rarse our class average Frrday N1ght Socrals f7 and Club Sahara Dances occupred our Frrday evenmgs and alter a brg game on Saturday we had hay rrdes cabm partres and weznre roasts Iumors feel so rmportant yet always look forward to that trme when they wxll at last become Semors As I look out of the Wmdow and lrsten to the sounds rn nn wr' the nzght my heart skzps a beat Graduatron Nrght what a magrc Word' f7A lust one year ago I entered Sen1or Hall for the fzrst trme and felt all the thrrlls gm ft C 'N 65 of bemg a Senior Be1ng on the staff of the Courler or the News was really lots of work but so much fun Electrons for class offzcers lookzng forward to ff' Natronal Honor and Qurll and Scroll rmtratzons College Day wrth all rts ex leaf' K' X cztement and plans for the future Bronze mums and white frrlls brmg back WIAJJ the memories of the Homecoming and our team wmnmg the South Sectzon Champronshrp Whrch meant returnrng to Soldrer Freld for the Publrc League qi playoff Mtd term graduatxon was comzng closer the prom and all rts X A .J glorres graduatron rn the snow and to thmk THE DAY was almost here when our class also would graduate' KCONTINUED ON PAGE lUD2 56 fl fl fu S' U , 1 ff A --w, A - - u I l 517, QFD fl if 1 iw- , . . - V .Xtra ' 737 , l aim 1492 7 J ff :IW r. K JA' 'vw- n r .... r r r -f 'fi -H 127, if ef:-PW 'f- , ,' f ivy? . . I . . . . . I . . . . . 1 " ,,f 'X 1 ll 'D .L I , -- ' ' , ' XE' 'yff' , lgr XP gf ' fx ,QL 1 , . fu, J . . , A my MQ fi Q CQ MN x 440 lfmj QQ f 5555! i ff S 3 wwf , gf 4.1 ,Q ,416-f, U, fm Q W N Q? 1 , , A I f l I Q45 ' X 1 W f". fv C Wim , b w g W 1 2 A K il? L 4 A- Ng J ' N, ,J WY """'-" OFFICERS RALPH HINES President PAT HUPP Treasurer SARA SCHMID Secretary DAVE ANDERSON Vice-President CHUIH CHOIR - 7th Hour Front Row: Carol Bautz, Charlotte Baumann, Barbara Maloney, Mary Ann Conway, Clarita Martin, Carole Stackus, Ieanie Vanderwall, Dolores Kenn, Leona Simmons, Jim Seemayer, Iim Frodin. Second Row: Shirley Horton. Betty Smith, Barbara Bedford, Barbara Mrozek, Carol Brunchwiler, Liz Zimbardo, Arlene Ermler, Beverly Ieanes, Dolores Broadfield, Barbara Valle, Isabell D'A1lesandro, Sandra Halliday, IoAnn Gorton, Patricia Basile, Marcia Poledziewski. Audrey Hail, Ross Alexander, Chris DeLeeuw. Third How: Thelma Nelson, Carol Pederson, Agnes MacLeod, Dawn Deckman, Sonia Gray, Anne Bergstrom, Lorraine Zelmanski, Shirley Ullrich, Ann Marie Rascop, Margaret Behrik, Marlene Koller, Ianice Crowther, Carol Schrepfer, Marleen Lund, Bonnie Wahlstrom, Ioan Erickson. Carol Wroblewski, Phil Norris. Fourth How: Ioyce Hellstrom, Evelyn Wiersma, Mae Stinnett, Gwen George, Adeline Greenwood. Florence Wright, Carcl Petersen, Marilyn Rook, Arlene Mleczko, Barbara Lebdo, Pat Langford, Ioan DeBreaux, Carol Wocdall, Dan Zozak. Filth How: Elin Johnson, Marilyn Bergstrom, Shirley Rogicki. loan Smith, Barbara Thompson. Frances Baltrusaitis, Peggy Middleton, Nancy Martins, Pat Ruggeri, Ardith Bertz, Ardis Reiner, Shirley Griiiin, Geraldine Kacera, Irvin Miller, Philip Crowe. 'ide Chex, ignae, the ciLfeii1Qr, of lyiisx as time Cirxstrrias Festival, Sprina Festival, Fenaer 'alia lfzilluan, is one cf the '.-:ell inusfai Day, aradaatians and various programs aratxrzs iri Fenaer, Th" areas f mixed vagces meets e'.'er'1' second land Efliliii oe :de to SITC and aet If 51 Pllpll is C1519 TO Temmfl HT T319 Choi? Ccqgcimed all tvfsee :QSC grim bop-435415 for fear rezrieeters, he may receive either a letier ar eemsclaesfal G F3 lffheri asked TC perfcrzi ear TE1eCi1Cir erijaye smging such compost fernielies the ',.' are af.-.'a'-'s eady and 'piling ic tene ae Trees' The Lost Chard, and The ls Y4'lTf1C1T!TfE Tier' have tartei 'cart .i Iigit, f1Cfl'.'1f.GF lit' TCQITTY'-' 58 The choir still needs tenors" CHUIR Front Row: Ralph Hines, Steven Tahar, Ronald Bridge, Dave Anderson, Betty Iohnson, Vanona Van Quelei, Doris Peterson, Gerry Talco, Nancy Gullans, Sylvia Zilis, Rosemary Bartel, Patri Rieu. Second Row: Oliver Bonet, Ronald Bohl, Don Richard, Bob Rodisak, Teresa Alonso, Elaine Amiot, Bonnie Smitty, Madeline Bozick, Donna Dekeker, Barbara Comstock, Josephine Tartoriei, Loretta Myers, Lillian Holek, Pauline Posey, Ellen Hoenicke, Rosalyn Davis, Mary Ann Rezanka, Beth Boestche. IoAnn DeKlerk. Third Row: George Ienner, Ed Zurek, Dave Erwin, Barbara Rohrer, Barbara Wheatley, Antoinette Boersma, Mary Ann Sipka, Grace Strand, Pat Whalen, Diane Rambler, Lynette Lewis, Shirley Deckman, Barb Masson, Beverly Erickson, Audrey Zozak. Fourth How: Victor Bahr, Tom Lewis, lack Gillono, Iune Tracey, Shirley Larsen, Lois Bruggeman, Marge Sipka, Barbara Krofger, Irene Van Sipma, Mary Dellesandro, Elaine Dallensandro, Alberth Hull, Rose Ionynas, Pat Massey, Barbara Lindstrom, lane Cisek. Fifth Row: Iames Rosie, Conrad Noxon, Bill Miller, Doris Allen, Gloria Loving, Rita Spisak, Audrey Dick, Ingrid Collins, Alma Sampson, Margaret Kril-tau, Marlene Thiele, Pat Hupp, Therese Czyz, Sara Schmid, Dolores Pesavento. FAVORITE SELECTIONS lTrees" 'Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor l'Creatior1" "Lost Chord" llAve Maria" AO Lord Most Holy llPop Goes the Weasel" 'Sanctusu ufiic, ufnc, ufuc . . . 59 GIRLS ELEE CLUB ll wh1le passmg through the corrrdors you hear stralns of melodrous mus1c 1t W1ll surelv be that of the Glrls Glee Club There are approxlmately 150 glrls who meet 1n room 249 durmg e1ther the flfth or e1ghth per1ods to smg under the drrectron of lYl1SS Irene Connor The G1rls Glee Club partlclpates IU such programs as the Chrlstmas Festlval Sprlng Festrval Graduatlon May Festlvol and they even declde upon thelr own programs to g1ve at assembhes Some of thelr lavorlte songs are The Lord s Drayer Cormena The ltahan Street Song Ave Mano and all of the wonderful Chrlstmas carols GIRLS GLEE CLUB Sth Penod Front Row Arlene Swanson Annette Strange Mane Van Keppel Mmom Rxgonl Carolyn Bahr Barbara Hope Mary Iohnson Lots Iagar Barbara Sanders Barbara Cxecrersln Manlyn Kramer Second Row Dons Baggott Rosemary Bartel Adleen Bohmng Barbara Zelmanskx Dorothy La Mane Stosur Paulme Mrglracmo Loretta Carh Bernadrne Abbate Dons Prolatto Iudy Davy Thzrd Row Nancy Brown Iackle Castle Dolores Nescr Yvonne Perkms Drane Kroil Sally Zimmer man Sandy Leach Agnes Planka Ioan Culver Ierry Zozak Beverly Boucaum Ruth Pomp Pat Goggm Ioyce De Malo Barbara Galassrm Dolores Hopkms Mananne Brown Fourth How Iudy Better Sherry Lawson Connie Lara Hermame Bennett Cathy Szlaqa Elame Glbbon Betty Wesley Lols Freelove Peggy Faucltt Darlene Ilresko Pat Pranger Kay Leo Iulra Kachadorxan Arlene Lundquxst Lrlhan Carlx Frith Row Maryellen Kmdberg Carmen Cendljas Rxta Randez Carmelxta Allano Gerry Dykton Mae Cowser Iosephme Beneventl Iohanna Strgter Duane Rrgonl Ieanne Rackauskas Marlene Fntz Iudxth Rona Lynn Johnson Ruth Smrth Ioanne Wemqer Ruth Demkowlcz 60 I I I . , , f , Banco, Ioanne Agnos, Darlene Bohning. lean Yukon, Ioan Schneider, Alice Scriba, Mary Gleim. .E ' 2 K - A ' fs rr sl- 7 I Q! kb Q Q I sl-z. gig ' .pk ' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-8th Period Front How: Beverly Baarsch, Marlene Dwelis, Carol Goettler, Geraldine Belcher. Beverly Engstrom, Leona Churchich, Mary Lou Peretto, Virginia Garczynski, Paula Sims, Ioyce Van Coevorden, Dolores Fisher. Second Row: Shirley Vaccass, Dorothy Kunz, Barbara Zoe, Virjean Waterman. Carmen Bontemps, Norma Iohnson, Loretta Cavallo, Mary Donotrio, Ioan Carli, Norma Peecher, Marlene Cherpak, Pearl Call, Corine Grieanti, Gwen White. Alice Opulskas, Marilynne Staat, Kay Watson. Third Row: Irene Komanski. Marilyn Getz, Sylvia Valentas, lean Larson, Ioanne Skrbec, Dorothy Shipka. Nancy Bloom, Ieanne Miller, Arleta Scharnhorst, Marcie Hauge. Carol Lenart, Marguerite Davis, Eleanor Poenie, Shirley Lerner. Lenore Sikna, Sandra Gray, Carol Hayhurst, Wally Gault, Fourth How: Nancy Myers, Gail Iohnson, Lori Radeke, Barbara Dexter, Donna Kreischer. Diane Erickson. Marie Rumish, Pat Masty, Arlene Whiting, Patricia Wentz, Nancy Stone, Betty Ross. Kristy Hope, Pat Marchiando, Karen Blackburn, Lillian King. Fifth How: Ann Myroup, Carol Shelton, Lynn Iohnson, Ioyce Hottinger, Tena Newburg, Carol Godin, Carol Iacob, Dolores Wilk. Vivian Stamps, Shirley Cook, Geraldine Simone, Carole McEntee. Ruth Meyerchick, Sally Frew, Betty Petrie. lean Gromala. GIRLS' GLEE Standing Lett to Right: Arleta Scharnhorst, Betty Gemeraad, Arlene Whiting, Vivian Stamps, Ioyce Van Covorden, Beverly Engstrom, Mildred Garizas. 61 BUYS' ELEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club, although it organized a tew years ago and is still small in number, plays an important part in Ferigers music department. Under the fine leadership of Miss Irene Connor, these boys learn to appreciate and enjoy good music. They meet every third period and sing such fine songs as Ole K R. ., .. . ., V 4 .Jian iver, Skip to My Lou, and Paiade o. the Wooden Soldiers." The boys participate in such programs as the Christmas and Spring music festivals and are greatly honored when asked to sing at assemblies. Seated at piano: Stuart Hopkins. Standing: Mark Addison, Harry Ashack. Bob Cerulli, David Reid, Clayton Koeh- ler. Bruce Shackter, lim Budd, Gerald Hathaway, Harold Ololsson. Front Row: Erick Olatsson, Tom lager, Harold Shetter, Dave Anderson. Ed Zurek. Frank Burke, Ralph McEntree, Ken Tobias, Roy Paulson. Bob Cerulli, Henry Bult. Second How: Gerald Hathaway. Clayton Koehler, Robert Morgan, Tony Bernal. Don Duringer, Don Walters, Larry Millar. Robert Wood. Burton Iansen, if David Reid. Third How: Bob Battaglin, Harry Spajek, Iim Budd, Richard Vanderbilt, George Ienner, Eugene Hill Harry Ashack, Ralph Hines, Stuart Hopkins, Bruce Shackter, Mark Addison, Andy Nadel. in-ni Front How Ioan Nolan Dorothy Dapkus Norman Herron Melvrn Van Buren Ordell Wrttorp Leo Pesavento Colby Iones Leland Iohnson Phyllxs Mugg Ianellen Wammack Second How Mr Lumbrazo B111 Schultles Theresa Carlascto Helen Lundm Loretta Pluslnss Carol Lee Greene Ehzabeth Hrlls Dons Stromberg Frank Mlllspaw Blanche Porter George Gravemtes Edward Lawrence Thrrd Row Marlone Levy Cathy Hallen Steve McLean Roger Modder Dave Depperman lack Nelson Arlene Nelson Grace Wood George Kar ambls Nan Hancock Fourth Row Ed Mrva Bxll Homan Benlamm Harrxs son Russell Tammmga lack Hardy Audrey Veazle Glona Uttenwexler Ed Sallay Iohn Spuls tra Glenn Schmltz Frfth How Tom Inkley Dale DeWitt Carl Anderson Paul Rupprecht Roger Bovenkerk lohn Otto Chester Hxlls Don Meggmls Dean Koch lay Ketelle THE BAND IOAN NOLAN IANELLEN WAMMACK DOROTHY DAPKUS PHYLLIS MUGG Members of the Senlor Band dressed ln red and tan umforms are always W1ll1ng to parhclpate ln musl cal act1v1t1es Under the able dlrectron of Mr Andrew Lombrazo they play at every one of Fengers football games take part 1n the Var1et1es and play for our assem bhes Besldes these act1v1t1es the Band has also presented llS own assembhes and has always recelved favorable comments on them The Band meets every second and th1rd per1od rn room 206 and prachces untll the puplls are sure the com posmons are rendered satrsfactorrly The Semor Band IS surely a credlt to our school and commumty . 1 1 1 ' I , . .. .. . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 I I I . .. - . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . - C 1 1 Q - 1 1 ' ' I I ' .. . . 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 . . ORCHESTRA Front Row Zelinas Cadore Shirley Stromberg Pat Brandt Glona Sarton Ruth Levine Ed Kapus Pat Carroll Sue Martin Mr Trimble Ioan Harmer Marlene Kleeman Dons Garme Eileen Vanden Burg Ioan Dutkowski Maureen Nelson Twyla Wilson Second Row Lois Iohnson Ianice Playle Ioanne Guljas Barbara Hud son Iovce Watson Barbara Garrett Eileen LaCourse Betty Bessmger Barbara Knsan Barbara Rhodes Louise bemerdpan Steve McLain Marv Lou Foster Dorothy Fargout Hey diddle d1dd1e the Cai and the Third How Dan Vogler Leon Patarmi flddlel Ed Sallay Peqqy Seney Blanche Porter Carol Lee Green Audrey Whttcomb Marge Levy Laurette Plauskrs Millie Nrgg Iudy Vanden burg Fourth Row. Charmaine Germain George Gravenitis, Selma Rosenblatt. U B E H E S T R A Theresa Carlascio, Iohn Spoolstra. Audrey Veazie, Don Bordian. The Senior Orchestra is a vital part ot Fenqers music department. They are a group ol amateur musicians who meet every eighth period to practice under the direction ot Mr. Neil Trimble. This organization has entered many city-wide contests and the results are always good. The group has also sponsored the Varieties for the past few years and performs at school assemblies. For their own enjoyment they have parties and 'gets togethersf' The Orchestra is a credit to our school because of its excellent achievement. 64 Seated Arlene Willette Ruth Laederach Pat Carroll David Manthey Charlene Reich Gwen Hauge Sue Boyd Arlene Oedzes Standing Rose Orban Mary Semple Ann Kantremas F U Y E H S C E N E Edgar Rosen Eleanor Foss Shirley Musick Ioan Kuhn Dan Zozak Barbara Stegenga Ioyce Anderson Our Foyer is the most popular meeting place in school Each morning students gather in groups and talk about all the adventures they ve had since school ended the day before Throughout the day many teachers many different organizations are held here During the Christmas season giant decorated tree invades the routine setup radiating cheer and holiday spirit to all who pass by Several singing groups sing carols around the tree as a final tribute to the Christmas season During the year the foyer is also the setting tor many pictures taken for both the Fenger News and the Courier Above you see a gathering of the l95l 52 Courier staff Fenger wouldnt be complete without the home like atmosphere of our Foyer 65 confer with students and parents in the quiet comfort of this room. Meetings ol . . , A . . ' G llHlllVlll CLUB lt you have any dramatic abilities you would like to develop, the Drama Club is at your service. This club, consisting ot about thirty members under the guidance ot Miss Lois Conner exists lor the very purpose of encouraging dramatic talent, and training the members along the lines related to this field. The tryouts for the Drama Club require all prospective members to demonstrate their skill in acting, pantomine, diction, reading, voice, and staging. lt their eltorts meet with approval, they become otticial members. Along with its meetings every other Wednesday, and several visits to outside altairs concerned with dramatics, the club likes to put on a play every year, As Shakespeare said, "All the world is a staae, and all the men and women merely players." Front How: Stewart Hopkins, Carolyn Bahr, Walter Gault, Audrey Veazie, Corine Grisanti, Nancy Stone, Carol Wroblewski, Ieanne Rackauskas. Second Row: Bill Dykstra, Victor Bahr, Alma Sampson, Barbara Zoe, Nancy Bloom. Barbara Johnson, Loretto Cavallo, Dorothy Kunz, Betty Aardema, Marilyn Getz, Harry Ashack. Third Row: Ingrid Collins, Arlene Lindquist. Mary Black, Iulia Mikaelicin, Nancy Gullans Lero Iohnson Roselyn Davis Charles Nicholls Margaret Boyna. . y i r 1 Fourth Row: Beverly Engstrom, Barbara Montone, Gwen White, Denise Otto, What are you looking for buqs'P' London bridge is tallrnq down' Too bad Fenqer irls arent like that all the time 9 f 66 Iohn Nemeth, Bob Peterson, Tom Mayer Mr. Zinngrabe, Don Beebe, Don Licking Leonard Dudzik, LeRoy I-ludoiski Walter Veazie. ADVERTISERS ln 1935 the Advertisers Club was organized to advertise the footf ball games, but since then it has been expanded to publicize all official school activities, The principle rnethod of advertising is through the use of posters These posters are made by boys chosen for their ability in designing and processing, No officers are elected, but a senior boy is usually appointed shop forernan, ln a span oi eighteen years, over two million items have been printed. W iiiis' iiivi CLUB Front Row: Audrey Whitcomb, Loretta Pluskis, Carol Lee Green. Second How: Shirley Stromberg, Dorothy Mates, Selma Rosenblatt, Audrey Veazie. 1lLEllHlTUS" f QPAN-AMEHIE AN may F'iZi,J33.IffPlZ?3?iifiiiif Jfjffhiiin3?Tf3ZZ'Zh?iLi2, me Second How: Barbara Cooley, Ronald Delgado, Blanche Parter, Esther Quiraz, Miss Italia Malato, Carolina Zertuche, Ioan Valente, Robert Myers. Third How: Sherry Lawson. Hose Orban, Dolores Lesnik, Lillian Yates, Kay Leo, Connie Lira, Carmen Cenaeias, Mary Ellen Kindberq, Carol Danielson, Betty Aardema. "Poco a poco se va leios' fiilsittle by little, one goes far"lg this is what you might hear as you go past a meeting ol the Los Alegritos, sponsored by Miss ltalia Malato, This club meets once a month to plan programs representing the various Spanishe speaking countries. Thus the stuf dents can become acquainted with their culture and way ot lite, thereby promoting greater under- standing of the contributions these countries make to the world. Some ot the club's activities in- cluded a skit tor Parents Night, a program on Pan-American Day, and Spanish Christmas-caroling. "There's no business like show business!" Hoy Martin, Carl Andersen, Tom Wonder, Ed McCullough, lack Boekeloo. STAGE CREW The stage crew plays an important part in almost all Fenger activities. Under the direction of Mr. Beals, these boys handle the technical part of all shows and assemblies They work with lights, 'mikesf backdrops, and scenery, they move pianos, set up bleechers, and chairs, and do many other things. The stage Crew also works at some night performances held in our auditorium. This pop takes much time out of the school day, but Fenger would find it difficult to carry on wititout the stave crew to set the background 68 "What's emerging from the "S1op lar?" CHEMISTRY CLUB 3 - 4 Front How: Beverly Reich, Mar- guerite Pridjian, Betty Nomes, Gail Hansen, Gloria Rigoni, Arlene Demme, Franki Eley. Ardella Stewart, Carol Hilmes, Shirley Musick. Second How: Mr. Frederick Schmidt, Beverly Barz, Betty Flores, Bar- bara Lynd, Nellie DeBildt, Ioanne Snyder, Anne Kantremas, Ruth Laederach, Carol Sims, Carol Brown, Eddie Rosen. Third Row: Ernie Herron, Thomas Sommerville, Frank Knoll, Stephen Clarke, Iames Kinderney, Steve Horvath, Charles Hannema, Stan- ley Gorski. CHEMISTRY CLUB 7- 8 Front Row: Ronald Metz, Phyllis Iohnson, Kathleen Vermeulen, Barbara Davy, Charmaine Van- dermyde, Ieanette Rowley, Mildred Hills, Dolores Kiss, Carol Stromberg. Second Row: Lloyd Alamsha, Mil- ford Hedberg, Eugene Foley, Er- win Iacus, George Behnke, Iames Bauer, Donald Hoiman, Fred Bautz, Mr. Frederick Schmidt. Third How: Ralph Dykstra, Roger Westman, Iames Adams, Ronald Rosie, Emil Benes, Fred Vitale, William Boniiield, Robert Mullen, Frank Hoble, Lowell Grant, Ronald Novotny, Richard Kohl. CHEMISTRY CLUB Hate you ever noticed that pungeii odor .n the corridors of the tnrd floori Also, cornrnenfs Qke ihgs he heard Be careful, dont drop that flask This is ffpical as Chemise-,' Club settles down io The purpose of this irornparoiti'Jel',' club io gain greater knowledge of cornrnercol products by actuall '.,' making these products The clup has produced :ndny iterns, ,suclt as, shoe polish, shaving crearn, stick coloune, etc The rneetinois are held throughout the semester, lout these are not conducted in the conventional style, for the sole purpose oi the members is performing experirnents. To pe eligible, a student must be in his second semester of chemistry, Mr Schmidt is the sponsor of this club 5 , K1 1' 1..- v- 11 . , Q , A"t Aa S, , f l Our librarians at work. Student librarians are always on the iob in our library. This line group ot girls, under tlie direction oi lflr. Karl lenkinson, Mrs, Mary Lyons, and Mrs. Hazel Daniels helps to rnake our library a better and easier place for Fenger students to work Typtnu, stamping cards, slielvin tributina the 'adrnzt' cards to study te a the books, and disf cners are a few ot til , in un Front How: Hose DiSanto, Sue Albright, Carol Bautz, Norma Stella, Geraldine Goenenwein, Marilyn Kramer, Shirley Larson. Alma Sampson, Barbara Sanders, Louise Uhlhor. Second Row: Marlene Castiglia, Betty Aimone, Shirley Mae Korodi, Nancy Raimo. Louise Walden- fels. Nancy Rosser, Susan Lundquist. lune Pal- heghi, Patricia Smith, Lillian Carlassara, Louise Besancon. Third Row: Pat Collins, Carol Chaney, Carmen Cendejas, Mary Ann Weglarz, Marilyn Iordan. Rena Boscardine, Bertha Mayer. Inez Valente, Darlene Sibbert, Laverne Nelson, Beverly Senechal, Marilyn Iohnson. Fourth Row: Margaret Krikau, Eleanore Wilson, Pauline Dargis, Delores Michelar, Vivian Stamps. Elaine Horn. Shirley Mitchelar. Carol Wroblewski. Lois Hullinger. Beverly Bauman, Marlene Fritz. Viena Rains, Carol Summers. STUDENT l.lBlllllllllNS tlte daily jobs of the airls, To be eligible, CT prospective librarian rriust have at least a G' scliolastzc averaae, and a study period every dag' durina '.-:liicli sl1e lS ' .'.' Llllng to work. " Q, l.'.'1ti1out tlieir able help our library could not be run as ' 9 xrziootlzly as it A it ,1..:-I I I 1. I-'aim:i'. x .35 , D 1. 70 UFFIEE SEEHETAHIES Sherry Lu Farin licking stamps Practice makes perfectf This is what the girls in 114, 125, 209 and the Main Office are doing every clay, by filing, being general messengers, and meeting people. llfiss Kay, the sponsor, selects the girls who she believes can do the most capable job of helping in the offices, Don't be surprised to see a smiling face upon entering the offices, for these are just our girlsl Front Row: Shirly Kurgan. Ioan Carli, Gloria Wisnieski, lean Kunieczny, Mary Kracik, Virginia Kracik, Mary Ann Perlinski, Iulia Hanek, Ierry Stephanski, Arlene Lindquist. Second Row: Beverly Dwortz, Frances Cervantes, Sherry Lu Farin, Alice Scriba, Eileen Buchler, Lena Rossi, Carol Wagner, Antonitette Sorci, Margie Lull. Alice Opulskas, Beverly Buis, Beverly Westman, Barbara Sanislo, Carol Cheney, Marilyn Horn. Tihrd Row: Audrey Zozak, Edna Benedetti, Nancy Gehrke, Ioan Schneider, Rose DiSanto, Flo DiNapoli, Ianice Garvie, Phyliss Hierjpe, Beverly Wagner, Dolores Osborn. Dorothy McCombs, Carol Boeringa, Iacquelyn Pierson, Ioan Metzer, Rose Dorn. Fourth Row: Ordell Wittorp, Gloria Sartori, Arlene Whiting, Nancy Carlson, Iacquelyn Long, Felicia Korngoot, Gwen George, Grace Anderson, Dorothy Hritskevich, Gilda Nocera, Rita Spisak, Patricia Helge, Gladys Parrish, Christine Grisatfe. Fifth Row: Louise Evers, Sev Bytnar, Ioan Sporer, Gloria Loving, Doris Allen, Pat Carroll, Ioyce Watson, Betty Bush, Barbara McElheney, IoAnn Hammer- meister, Betty Kruizenga, Dolores Bergman, Claudette Penn. HALL GUARDS 1 5 Front Row Conrad Sundeen Ralph Hxnes Ieamne Vanderwall Leona Srmmons Mary Ann Conway Ardxth Bertz Carol Lockwood Manlyn Proper Gall Powell Gwen Hauge Second Row Rulla DeWape Edwmor Clark Dawn Drckman Iudy Bresland Gerry Ayotte Alxce Scnba Karen Edwards Iulxa Mxkaelxan Thrrd Row Edward Messal Gene Sbachexro Pat Carroll Iudy Wxes Donna Iohnson Ioan Schnexder Barbara Borzx Nancy Gehrlre Carol Crusrus Dale Nettum Carol Lundstrom Arlene Akhnsln Loxs Wrlder Fourth Row Ieanne Rackauskas Betty Ross Dorothy Kunz Gall Forsell Ruth Chnstxan Sue Lundqurst Erleen Kopczynsln Dorothy Hrrtskevxch Annette March Dons Hanson Loretta Laxb Mary Ellen Breault Anna Hmes Frtth Row Don Thoren Ixm Eberhardt Rudy Mornson Larry OBryan Rrch Dal Bello Ierry Carroll Bxll Kramer Ted Lorek Don Kent Ierry McDonnell Sven Check HALL GUARDS 6 9 Bardner Carolyn Hickman Rochelle Cowan Mananne Fry Phylhs Bouma Second Row lerry Goenenwexd Etleen McLeod Dons Garvxe Alrcza Wxllxams Davrd Stonehouse Mxchael DeHaan Kenneth Montone Dolores Pesavento Dolores Mttchelar Thrrd Row Barb Hudson Dxann McDonald, lean Lmd Ioyce Krenkel Helen Novell Irll Hardy Eleanore Mrller Ienme Gtrotto Carol Hxlmes Fourth Row Dolores Osborn Leona lanes Ioyce Snoddy Marvrs Schultz Barbara Whxtman Shelby Grant Dorothy McVeigh Thelma Nelson Dons Bazzo Walter Lynch Frith Row Frank Thompson Art Peterson Robert Myers Alan Mmtz Rxchard Hendncksen George Trunnelle Tom Lewxs George Weaver Norman Mantetto Robert Vaughan Iames Hottmger Q fl! I ll! hill gl Fe-nger IS famous lor tts clean halls thrs we can attrrbute to our fme stall of Hall Guards Some of the dutxes whrch the Hall Guards perform to make our school a better place are to test all locks on the lockers p1Ck up scraps on floors mspect all passes for thetr authentrcrty and rf they are not oll1c1al to act accordmg to the1r lT1SlfUCllOl'lS A guard must have a G or better scholastlc average and must be a resporxslble trustworthy person GUARDS x , . Q D X X r 1 ik , I 4, 'E o 4 Front Row: Ronald Stelter. Iames Ioseph, Bob Poynton. Ken Sloke, Roger Barbero. Carolyn H . ' ' ' ' . ' ' -f' Q n : . . ' .1 . ' ' ' ' ' ' -1- 1 ' - I Y N, up f ' I 1 . l . . . I' . ' . ' , Ov' lv , ' ".' ' l qv v HALLGUARDS - Captains and Lieutenants Front How: Larry Kobitter, Lillian Holck, Morris Brounston, Anita - Erdely, Iim Hofbauer, Marge Boyna, Richard LaCien, Rita Kolosh. Second How: Rudy Morrison, Robert Kabat, Henry Huth, Bill Cooper, Mr. Hollister, lim Hottinqer, Bob Cerulli, Chuck Siqrist. Charles Nicholls, Iames Tisol. Third Row: Beverly Senechal, Zelma Hartman, Arlene Struthers. Suzanne Squibbs, Ianet Pedler, Gilda Nocera, Augie Santoro. The Reelrnen S Club is an organization consisting ot forty-tive boys with a scholaetic averaae of XG ' or better. A total ot 3OCU rnovie show-linac are made each year lf at the end ol tour eernesters of service a boy has shown it certain niirnber of movies, lie is entitled to a letter. A roller skating party if: lif-ld once a 'fear and the money received as income is used for the purchase of letters and other ne:ef:sities REELMEN Front Row: Karl Anderson, Vince Peterson, Ted Valente, Don Tiioeckher, Iohn Parize, Richard Notebocm, Dennis Millqard, Irwin Berman. Second Row: Robert Thullen, Robert Buonomo, Albert Castronora, Ed Iordan, Ianis Adducci, loe Duca, Van Swearinqer, Richard Wall, VVilliam Huber, Paul Gellinaer, David Ahner, Iim Adams. Third Row: Fred Burton, Lane Kuypers, Tom Snow, Leland Iohn- son, Iames Knox, Richard Price, lack Frigo, Rich Tuller, Dom Alcott. M- .1 am, , -W I V ,MH Q, '?' 'x f 1 f' x X lf 4:-, Aff' CUUBIEH REPRESENTATIVES COURIER REPS again for o job well done. CC fy alle yOU yOU!" Ourlero y P7 ou mud rf. 4? 1 Every year one individual from each division is elected to oct 4 33,45 as Courier rep. lt becomes his job to interest the members of his division in E the Fenger Courier, to collect money and deposit it with the financial editors oi the Courier, and to distribute the book to his division members. This hard -Q working group deserves many thanks for its cooperation and fine Work, Thanks ' . ff . sy Front Row: Eugene Hill, Barbara Iohnson, Marilyn Kramer, Bill Miller, Ieweldene Smith, Bob Verdiun, Gloria Loving. Iames Rosie, Rose Mary Prucha, Erick Oloison. Second Row: Lenore Sikma, Mary Lou Path. Ginamae Summers, Esther Quiroz, Louisa Semerdjian, Larry Stoll, Gladys Brown, Mary Ann Marcisz, Arlene Burma, Ioan Valente, Dale Nettum. Doris Garvie. Third Row: Lane Kuypers, Dolores Bovino, Iudy Wies, Iill Hardy, Marilyn Getz, Virginia Stoll, Sherry Lu Farin, Eleanor Wilson, Pat Pedigo, Delores Andrews, Grace Strand, Carol Stewart. Io Ann Hayser, Albert Castronova. Fourth Row: Leland Iohnson, Mary Lou Peretto. Diane Erickson, Iennie Girotto, Beverly Kohler. Jeanette Osinski, Gloria Wisnieski, Ierrie Goeninwein. Geraldine Simoni, Lois Hullinger. Geraldine Vogel, Betty Lou Wesley, Ioan Ericson, Carol Wroblewski, William Norris. Fifth Row: Ierry Kendall, Gus Marisi, Bob Batteglin, Pat Carroll, Gwen Hauge, Don Berner, Frank Benoldi, Beverly Cleveland, Lynn Iohnson, Ronald Roman, Iames Hofbauer, Ted Shackelford. , rn. r ,' -' . ' 3 ' . via-p:'1f' ,a- S., K' I Q 4 I-.X-,wfi Q 'siffv' an .JH ' 1 'J '- A Q ,G-ea., F I 1 vw 7- 1Q"'.r. f ,, -1 -"1fE?j..sZ'EC?'Eg:.5. E - - + V NEWS REPS Front Row: Iim Carlson, Ioseph Sullivan, Charles Bernicky, Gerald Pustz, Anthony Panozzo, Francis Lill, Edward Lawrence, Carl Stenqel, Armen Ervanian, Paul Kezis. Second Row: Dolores Melia, Barbara Masson, Elizabeth Zimbardo, Ioyce Thor, Dolores Zelmanski, Barbara Zelmanski, Pat Bogasian, Elaine Buchler, Carolina Zertuche, loanne Lantero. Third Row: Carol Lundstrom, Denise Otto. Barbara Valle, Sandra Halliday, Ioyce Carlson, Shirley Dorn, Hugh Horn, Helen Norrell, Ioan Schaller, Zoe Skalituris, Margaret Lull, Ioan Sember, Priscilla Toth. Fourth Row: Sandra Gray, Barbara Kasky, Iudy Wies, Carol Iurek, Ioan Dickey, Barbara Lind- strom, Carmen Cendejas, Edythe Early, Susie Martin, Ioanne Skrbec, Pat Kunis, Marlene Sibbert, Geraldine Powell. Fitth Row: Carol Carraro, Sandra Fehsel, Gail Powell, Ioyce Fernlund, Ardis Reiner, Sara Schmid, Nola Wright, Norma Stella, Phyllis Hjerpe, Bill Kazen, Tom Rizzardo. 0 y0ll,l" l0CLl0Ql":f . . . Every Thursday mornina the News rooin in l3U is bursting with activity, as the reps make their weekly ape pearance to get the Fenger News in order to distribute the papers among the members of their divisions. lt is their duty to keep a record of all subscriptions, collect the money, bring it to the News office, and last of all, deliver their copies ot the Fenger News Being faithful, dependable, and responsible are the requirements of these loyal students. They deserve many thanks for bringing us our papers on time NEWS REPRESENTATIVES 75 AIDS Front Row: Shirley Serig, Betty Nomes. Patricia Spevak, Barbara Cranston, Beatrice Silvage, Ieanette Rowley, Eileen Mugg, Gwen Hauge, Barbara Kriss. Charmaine Vandermyde. Second Row: Ruth Laederach, Gail Han- sen, Doiores Kiss, Eleanor Foss, Marguerite Pridjian, Charlene Reich, Elaine Paxinos, loan Kuhn, Shirley Musick, Carol Sims, Gloria Rigoni. All this and iood too' COLLEGE DAY Busy as bees are words tl at well descrioe the College Day A d it take eek ot preparation to rnake one da, a success First all senior students intere ted in turtherina their educatlon are a ked to indi ate tieir Lre erence o school and sub ects The schools receiti the rno t requests are invited to he present on Colleae Day Each ara is assianed one or mo e schools and 'nust learn which s ade t are inte e ted n er s oo their ass ranlf and choice ' tn ies vie l e an ers tv re esentatives are :wen a lancheori i t e dia rere xe o cr toren o ri 6 tcrt ci na d or his occa on nr FY ii o r Deich and Mis Ta or 76 1 s, for ' . ' ' - " . , I A l A . M VIA. S i A . . , , 'C l ' s f . f ., . i , , , ' Q ,fi K .A ., . r . F . ' .t" ns i r-s i h sch l, ' cl r ., .. , Q 2, s id' lzte Collefie Day Aid then sets up a schedule of 1ntervge'.f.'s Tl cclfa c nd ',lY1ll.'- .,1' :Cr .. . Q' ' ' . ard Ei Q It 3 1' fl sz as sr 'z f :rant d A P14 r ' ,r lc Tp.. c .. was rd: the eporrfrsz in f ff 's . y yl SUE BOYD ANN KANTREMAS BETTY RUSS 5 MARLENE CASTIGLIA IUNE TRACEY 13 IOYCE ANDERSON DAVE MANTHEY ROSEMARY GWADZ 14 SHIRLEY ERICKSON ALICE SCRIBA MARY BLACK f!.mL 51 foam! He fl. 1. . 9. . 2. 6. 10. . 3. NANCY GULLANS 7. MARY SEMPLE 11. ALMA SAMPSON 15. GWEN HAUGE 4. 8. . 12. c n 9 I1 0 L L5 . . . 'W' V Front How Amtcx Gxbertml Lucnlle Men! Ruth Pomp Ioyce DeMcno Roberto Bludholm Vlrglmu Van Treese Second How Grace Strand Nancy Horvoth Lorrume Coppe Arlene Aklmskl Pcxtncxa Marchlcmdo Thzrd Row Iclcquelme Pxerson Ioan Ccrh MAY FESTIVAL ln the sprlng Fenger gtrls become foncy and put on ci gold Moy Festlvol The h1qhl1ght of thts event IS the CYOVJDIDQ of the Moy Queen Her h1ghness IS elected by the sen1or gtrls and her ourt IS composed of the runners up ond Ofl1C6fS of the G A A Thts yeo the theme Wos or cxrcus All the thrllls of the Bxg Top except for elephants and cotton condv were brought r1oht mto our oud1tor1um 1n the form of ocrobots snoke chorrners ond clowns Then come the crowmng ceremony w1th whfte dresses and bououets of flowers herorldlng the commg of our lovely queen cmd her attendants The Moy F6Sl1VCIl reflects the true Splfll of sprmg ond IS on event long owcuted ond remembered by all Fenger glrls 79 Q t ' 5' f 6 X ' Y 1 Q , x xx' 3 , , ' 5 it , yf' 4 ,, ' Y ,, if . 5 2 If ff 2 , l 4 Q 5 tg -4 Os Xxlxli FALL SEMESTER Seated: Iune Tracey, Barbara Comstock, Ioyce DcMaio, Charmame Vandermyde Betty Ross. Lorette Kezis. Standing: Ingrid Collins, Donna Davy, Carol Sims. Seated: Iune Soqhiqian Ruth Pomp Nancy Horvath Ioyce DeMa1o Roberta Bladholm IoAnn g' Al AI Standing: Tena Newburq Barbara Comstock Sherry Lu Fcmn Barbara Masson Iune Tracey Lorette Kezis, Betty Ross Donna Davy CALLING ALL GIRLS! Any girl may become a member Oi the G A A by rnaltmgi aripllcatlort through lzer Cllvtslon roam representatlve and paying her membership ities Mernbershije entitles all girls to earn a G A A .after and te parttcipate in tue many aCt1'.'1tLe5 IUNIORS AND SENIORS Front Row Gladys Brown Karen Blackburn Mary Ann Perhnskr Barbara Crecxerskl Dlane Peterson Gwen Hauge Pat Carroll lem Zozak Vlrgxma Garczynskl Agnes Planka Second Row Dolores Pesavento Sherry Lu Farm Drane Kraft Gerry Stahlak Eleanore Scrutchxons Gerry Davy Rose D1Santo Bea Carh Phyllss Barney Carol Schrepfer Carole Zottr Iennre Gxrotto lean Favre Thud Row Carol Raffm Nancy Bloom Loxs Freelove Ruth Pcmp Roberta Carr Vrvran Stamps Vlrgmra Cooper Chrxstme Kllest Barbara Musrck Barbara Lebda Aldona Gudamb Audrey Veazre Iacquelme Trsol I-'RESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES Front Row Ieanxne Vanderwall Carol Bautz Carol Warput Annette Curley Ruth Levrne Iudy Betten Cecrle Novak Ruth Meyerchxck Nancy Stone Carol Wroblewsln Second How Mary Lou Shatkus Lory Carlx Ierne Pal IOYCE DE MAIO Presrdent ROBERTA BLADHOLM Vrce Preszdent RUTH POMP Secretary NANCY HORVATH Treasurer heqyl Ianlce DeRolf Elleen Kopczynskr Barbara Schaefer Drana Mrghzccro Loretta Sturgem Georqene Cohs Franclne Nescl Madelene Wagner Third How Adelme Bruttomesso Ianet Kmtzele Ianet Mullen Anna Hmes Iudy Vxano Norma Nyland Darlene Srbbert Charmaine Germam Ann Palkon Marcre Hauge Lorralne Bayer Ellzabeth St Angelo Carol Andersen Marcella Boggetto I. .Jk L lN...fl2..J1L 1 ol the pool." . Wg.- wJ "Cooling off on the K edge 1 J r i LETTER GIRLS Front How: Betty Ross, Gwen Gurqel, Phyllis lohn- son, Barbara Blodholm, Barbara Musson, Mary Voss, Ioan Dcxvis. Second How' Lorette Kezis, Patricia Hupp, Iune Trcrcey, Borborcr Comstock, Beverly Bcrrz, Vivicrn It ,WON L Av I Stamps, Adele lVlurr. D '.-:ear U G A girl Gt Fenger is to Third How: Chormoine Vcndermyde, Borbcro THIS pOll'1lS, Hurvey, Ingrid Collins, Ieclnette Heusler, Rose wittioiit f1U'Av'l Eiicli ore ov: A oi r tlicit the ombitiori of every ll fl A letter The requirerrierit for ded for service, scholarship, E and athletic ochieverrient these me only the esseritiol ffietorf' Nluscrcchio, Q E 1:1 obtaining the letter 5.15 I irfi 1-rf f f 'Ti A A r f Qfivifif '16, if V 'irfj Qri' 'lil QY11'i"' 3.1, f tl. Cllll i f':'l ii- rf' ' ,tg t:.e :r ':Q.y .1'.fA .157 , ' 'f-Ct: A rffirp' 71125-' f,r tif-f 'f It lfg: 'iid rf ff 'f,: 3 -f if tzge ieedy' :ie lf-T Af 3.2. Ctlf ' G I R I-I S ,:'.fQClEY,"'C C :iii 'z :ister '.: f-A 82 WATER Front How: Ingrid Collins. Barbara Bladholm, Donna Davy, Charlene Reich, Ann Kantre- mas, Barbara Dexter. Second Row: Alice Scriba, lanice Playle, Eleanore Wilson, Doris Baggolt, Annabelle Bresland. T Third How: Barbara Masson, Carol Bennema, Iune Sohjeqian, Ierry Falco, ludith Iones, ' 'l Diane Working. Synchronized swimming, difficult stunts, colored suits, spotlights, graceful girls, and in the background the lilting rhythm of some stirring melody, all blend together to form a lovely picture, lt sounds wonderful, and it is. The Water ballet is composed of girls who enjoy swimming and have passed all their swimming tests. They practice during their swimming class each week, and do much planning, work, and extra swimming outside of class, They learn many stunts, including lcatalinaf summeresubf' lltorpedof' Mwalkfoverf' llsubrnarinef' l'dolphin" and kip " The girls divide into smaller groups, each group selecting a record .42 or two and planning a ballet to it. When these are perfected, a program is .A W , ,. 2 If ready. Each year they swim for an all-girl assembly, Fenger Day, and then 2 ' put on a niaht performance in the late spring. , 1 ' I I ' Tryouts tor the Water Ballet are held each semester, so come on, f?l'T5+ii 'L , '. , ' ' 4" gl, sw C irls, lets get in the swim. zS.gggs:2B.t , X ff Front How: Shirley May, Carol Carraro. Sue Boyd, Lorelle Lotz, Audrey Veazie. Ieanette Heisler, Kay Carroll, Phyllis Iohnson. Second Row: Nancy Carlson, Marlene Dwellis, Elizabeth Cox, Rose Marie Rarmo, Marian Phillips, Nancy Horvath. Third How: Ioyce DeMaio, Agnes Planka, Lynn Iohnson. Gail Iohnson. Marcie Hauge, Barb- ara Hope, Audrey Whitcomb, Sandra Ste- wart. THE STUDENT COUNCIL MARK ADDISON Presrdent IOH FAVEHO Vrce Presrdent SUE BOYD Secr tary DAN LOZAK Treasurer ENT CHU General meettng of the Student Counctl th1rd perrod today 1n roorn ll7 Th1s not1ce ID the da1ly bulletm rernxnds one hundred Penger students ol a Counc1l n'1eet1na Sponsored lo: lflrss Dorrs Blachly and lfhss Mrldred Tavlor the Student Councrl IS a truly democrahc organ1 atton composed of a prestdent trom every d1v1s1on one member from every school sponsored club and act1v1tv and former oltrcers Its arm IS to promote the general welfare of the school 'Wl'1lCll 1s ach1eved through drlterent comrmttees such as the Lunch roorn Assembly Bu1ld1ng and Grounds and Drsplav Case cornrrnttees The Student Counc1l plans Fenger Day and the l-lomecormna and last tall sold decal wrth the Fenger seal on ther? 84 STUD NEIL J NX iq! x V 3 ' ' OFFICERS Ianuary. 1952 to Iune, 1952 RONALD SEMERDIIAN l President C F Qs LEO NELSON YT Vice-President , , j Y I' I X SHIRLEY ERICKSEN I Secretary Q HXCQUELINE TISOL A Treasurer , A if i li wx Q! X " X mx! I Building and Grounds Committee meets with Miss Blochly, Mr. Fowler, and Mr. Seney. Executive Council meets to discuss plans for "Sock Hop." Standing: Gail Hansen. Front Row: Charmaine Vandermyde, Patricia Spevak, Carol Sims, Shirley Musick, Eileen Mugg, Ruth Laederach, Ioan Kuhn, Phyllis Iohnson, Agnes Hoekstra, Leonard Dudzik, Patricia Dodson, Iames Bauer, Shirley Serig, Rose Musacchio, Emil Benes. Second How: Rose Olsar, Kenneth Peterson, Marguerite Pridjian, Ieanette How- ley, LeRoy Rudofski, Roger Westman, Mark Addison, Ioyce Anderson, Iames Budd, Ioan Carli, Patricia Carroll, Dan Zozak. Third How: Donald Novotny, Gwen Hauge, Patricia Hupp, Iay Ketelle, Margaret Krikau, Arlene Lindquist, Lucille Ment, Susan Boyd. Fourt Row: Robert Cerulli, Beverly Barr, Bruce Shackter, Vivian Stamps, Mary Steinhauer, Barbara Voigts, Arlene Oedzes, Rose Orban, Elaine Paxinos, Scholarship, service character, and leadership are the chief requirements tor mernloerslnp in the National Honor Society. To be eliaiole, a senior must be in the upper one-third of his class, and must have received points from his class teachers, d:vis1en teacher, counselors, or actixtty sponsors lor work in activities or school service lfr. Seney and a special faculty come mittee elect members from students recegvina the highest number of points The Society is' F'fWC!'if'CfQCl ry lfr C'l':renf'e liillivter and merzibershzp lf tins firaanization is one of the ltr f if non' to rr! 'relieved at Penwer NATIUNAL HUNUH SUCIETY THE PHUHEX SUEIETY When you graduate frorn Fenger, '.'.' ould you like to be the proud owner of a gold Plriorex pin? To get one oi these, your final grades rnust be WE" or better in your majors, and 'G' or better in your minors. Then you are entitled to weor o tiny pin, shaped like Aladdins lornp, for the following semester. lt you belong to the Pborex Society for seven and tlireefquarter, semesters, Miss Blaclily, the sponsor, will present you with a jeweled pin which is yours forever. Gail Hansen, Patricia Spevak. Marguerite Pridjian, Carol Sims, Agnes Hoekstra Charmaine Vandermyde. 'EDEN L' ' 0 f'f Front Row: Marguerite Pridjian, Lucille Ment, Eleanor Foss. Ruth Laederach, Barbara Sten- genga, Ioan Kuhn, Shirley Kurgan. Shirley Musick. Second Row: Rose Marie Piazza, Gail Hansen, Agnes Hoekstra, Carol Sims, Eileen Mugg, Charmaine Vandermyde. Gordon Kendall. Elaine Paxinos, Barbara Harvey. UUILL AND SEHULL The ultimate goal which members of the Fenger News or Courier staffs Wish to attain is membership in the Quill and Scroll Society To be eligible, one must be in the upper one-third of his class, and shox-.' above average initiative and ability. Alter receiving the approval of the publications sponsor, the applicant must also be approved by the National Organization of Quill and Scroll. Although some detailed requirements vary for the diiierent staffs, the main requirement is outs standing work. 88 Sf "'- ':kv'w-4:1-Q 5 Where is everybody?" Square-table discussion?" Typical meeting - no chairs!" HUSTESS CLUB The Hostess Club, sponsored by lfliss lladeline lOl1I'1SCR, consists of about forty girls The rnain purpose of this club is to learn how to be a gracious hostess. The girls learn how to plan parties and how to set an attractive table for many different occasions. They meet every other Wednesday, and besides the regular business meetings, they have a fudge party, a mothers' tea, and a final farewell party at the end of each semester. The girls also serve for many social functions of the school, such as, Faculty teas, senior breakfast, Homecoming Dance, College Day luncheon, l3',T.A. functions, and the Student Council banquet. To become a member of this club, a girl must have a scholastic average of "G" or better. Front Row: Audrey Veazie, Beverly Barsch, Elsie Mantia, Barbara Kriss, Dorothy Snead, Charlene Reich. Barbara Comstock, Iune Tracey, Ieanette Heusler. Second Row: Geraldine Belcher, Mary Steinhauer, Lucille Ment. Arlene Lundquist, Carol Sims, Charmaine Vandermyde, Eileen Mugg. Alice Planka, Marilyn Korpas, Emily Paw, Patricia LaParco, Roberta Bladholm, Donna Davy, Ioan Kuhn, lean Hoqberg, Beverly Barr, Marilyn Van Proyen. Third Row: Gwen Hauge, Ruth Laederach. Elaine Paxinos, Susan Boyd, Phyllis Dahlberg, Madeline Brazzale. Tra1n1ng the youth ot Amertca IS one ot hte s b1ggest tasks B Prepared should be the motto of everyone and slnce the terrxble days of World War 11 th1s especlally has been felt Part of the tralnlnq our young men need has been eflectlvely carmed out by the natlon s R O T C courses 1n the schools Young boys of today are more apt to become better men of the future because of thexr hrgh school R O T C trarnlng Fengers ROTC under M!Sgt Robert 1-lalllday IS constantly progressmg Thls group of 197 eaaer to learn students IS IDCFSCISITIQ every semester The datly schedule of these cadets IS by no means an easy one Federal mspectton IS held annually every May for all hlgh school RO T C umts Our group placed econd ln 1947 1949 and ln 1951 Ofhcer promohons are based str1ctly on a cadets elllclency and tests 'vas Aft A ffl ff!! 0 f WIKI I ff,f9 , M ,XZ f " 'W"' fW12f"' f zfff DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Front Row Edward Lawrence Second Row Donald Iansen Harry Ashack Iohn Connoly Sven Check Third Row Robert Stermng Phxlhp Paqona Kenneth Sloke Eugene Kent Fourth Row Kenneth Kexth Robert Stermck Donald Putz Ronald Merrxck Frith Row Iohn Bocskovlts Robert Modelskl Cralg Damelson Marvm Swanson Srxth Row Wxllxam Ratt Thomas Inkley 90 H. . T. C. ll T F E N ll E xx 'K 1911 ,NR 1 1 N 1 'J 3 'DEI' 1' 'I N 1 1' llngl fr , 7x It -fd 'H N4 mf ' ' f. 1, V , jr OFFICERS Fzrst Row Eddre Lawrence Walter Mrlner Rxchard Ble hschmldt Chester Hrlls Eugene H111 Bob Arman Secord Row Leland Iohnson Charles Paddock Frank Burke hm Perry Donald Beebe RIFLE TEAM Front Carl Stengel Chester Hrlls Ftlchard Kuck Standmg Ronald Rosle LeRoy Rudollskl Iames Petrxe MfSqt Halhdcy NW ,NNN A X f , 91 1 C"J i T 'E T l Q . qv, ar IL? :U 7 f! Lf'-x 6-,,.--.A su, rlllll U -. - X P UN, Xa X . X ' f lx xv l vj. H U. T. U. H. U. T. U. ll. U. T. C. H. U. T. U. R.O.T.C. ACTION Left to Right: Walter Milner, Iames Petrie, LeRoy Rudofski, Chester Hills, Robert Armin. FIRST PLATOON-CO. A First Row: David Iohnson, Walter Milner. Second Row: Charles Nichols, Louis Coneen. Donald Williams, Rudolph Perkins, lack Thomson. Sidney Blakeman, Ronald Blouin. George DuCharm, Paul Wood, Richard Wall. Third Row: Arthur Bell, Walter Sampson, Harry Szajek, Thomas Powell, Charles Geeding, Maurice Braunston, William Brady, William Koller, David Williams. Burton Arvia, Max Kahle. Fourth Row: Richard Kuck, Thomas Iackson, Robert Gremp, Harold Burgess, Iames Thurman, Lawrence Panozzo, Robert Carlisle, Floyd Bond, Albert Roepke, Anthony Pustelnikas, Robert Bethal, SECOND PLATOON-CO. A First Row: Frank Burke, Walter Milner, David Iohnson. Second Row: Dino Konstance, Robert Foote, Gene Zwart, Melvin Walker, Richard Bethal, Robert Richards, Stanley Bilinski, Robert Toobe, Paul Loparco, Richard Iohnson. Third Row: Melvin Van Buren, Hadley Marshall, James Ioseph, Norman Sterchele, Armen Eruanien, Melvin Hill, Mark Buren. Edward Beiriger, Lane Kuypers, loseph Lello, Dave Stanger. Fourth How: Iohn Sundeen, Iames Knox, Arthur Grindler, Robert Van Swearinger, Theodore Montgomery, Andrew Angel, Elvin Walker, Robert Osborn, George Rcsinski, Albert Arnett. qi 4 C . u -J fix 'y bl, I vi. A -'H-I H. U. T C MONKEY TEAM Leif to Flight: Iames Rosie. Edward Chevaux. Steven Fahar, Eugene Hill, Stephen MacLean. Richard Blechschmidt, George Weaver. x X X FIRST PLATOON-CO. B First How: Leroy Iohnson, Robert Morgan', Richard Gogola, Robert Covolskie, Frank Swanson. Eugene Kinley, Frank Tomson. Larry Hinz, Iack Weidenaar, Gerald Bawcum, William Raft, Charles Paddock. Second Row: Robert Peting, Donald Lind- skoog. George Bringman, Washington Barrow. Ernest Parker, Charles Craw- ford, Herbert Ringquist, George Reck- rodt, lack Norrel, George Weaver, Eugene Hill. Third Row: Donald Walters, Ioe Sullivan, Theodore Krebs. Donald Swigart, Wil- liam Dwyer, Theodore Karidis, Dennis Iohnson, Carl Stengel, Edward Chevaux, lack Younger, Harold Iackson. Far Rear: Edward Spiegel. SECOND PLATOON-CO. B First Row: Robert Poole, Iames Lotz. Ronald Roundez, Samuel Russell. lack Iohnson, Phillip Pagoria, Charles Bruin- ing, Edward Druszkowski, Kenneth Keith. Melvin Tolliver, Charles Paddock. Second Row: Stephen MacLean, Clifford Repasi. David Howard, Edward Bres- nyan, Charles Rehling, Conrad Cairns, Lawrence Hill, DeWayne Rublee, Iohn Conolly, Leland Johnson. Third Row: Donald Meyer, Paul Shympkus, Donald Mooth, William Wilson, Arthur Horton, Graziano Orlandi, Herbert Cross, Iames Erickson. Kenneth Gorz, Roy Paulson. Far Rear: Edward Spiegel. f f fc '77 f 1 -- g ,V f I -9 1 u lL,E, -Q 1' Gcllnl 93 1? '- USHERS Front and Center: Donald Beebe. First How: Richard Kuck. Donald Meyer, Melvin Van Buren, Dino Konstance. Mark Buren, lack Younger, Robert Armin, George Weaver, James Lotz, Kenneth Korz, Richard VVall. Second How: Walter Sampson. Frank Burke, Walter Milner. Steven Fahar, Thomas Inl-zley, David Stanger, Har- old Iackson, Carl Stengel, Stephen MacLean, Iames Rosie. ig 'K I I fd! V 6' E: 2 , rr' ' X 9? I Xiu .5 lflm 21 W u If l ll dr MMV' ,ff Il A I in If 'I COLOR GUARD Le!! to Rtqht' Edward Chevaux, Richard Wall. Thomas Inkley, Louis Coneen, Steven Fahar, James Rosie, George Weaver. 94 VWW 1 l Q 'llll llll llllk - ll ll llllll -llllll llllll -llllll 'llllll :llllll u:"""m I uni., , QQQW' QR lyug LC6lfLOIfl6 K 5 , ,-XX J N AW! HU F 4NUW Lf -'ll 51" X CERH f . f f' g Ff fm' - ,V 'pf "Li,-.3 u ax , 63 ,J V is . V X ' :wtf N 6249 A ff f?7ff5ff --' XR' y , ' 41 fl! M S ' J . f ' ,ga m 1'2Q G? Q x 1 ' g ' ' . av l A " IT C , V x ' E V ' if t .' 'HQm, X . A qx 411 ' ' N X kr E w x , S. ,M + ll Ulu? 1 " N ,NU X I E ,y 4- D " ' , ,, L f N-H J - .95 t :Y X X X I . al 2 ' N 1 --'hd 2 SHIRLEY MUSICK Co-Editor GWEN HAUGE Co-Editor IOAN KUHN Assistant Editor CHARLENE REICH Assistant Editor CLAUDE SMITTER Sponsor CUUHIEH STAFF The Courier Staff is a bee- hive of activity two periods every day in order to bring you, the students and friends of Fenger, a successful and in- teresting yearbook. Hours ot writing, planning, and art Work are behind each annual, so in later years it can bring back fond memories of your high school days. The success of our book would not be corn- plete Without the aid and cooperation of our many sup- porters. To name a few, our principal, Iohn E. Seney, our assistant principal, Iohn l. Kehoe, Mr. Edmund Iaris of the Mount Vernon Branchq our entire faculty and student body, our engineer, Mr. l-larry Beals, Mr. Fred Banks, our photographer, Mr. Claude Smitter, the faculty sponsor of our bookg our advertisers, and our many friends in and about Roseland. To all of them We express our appreciation and thanks. A special word of thanks is due to our apprentice staff consisting of Mary Black, Marlene Cas- tiglia, Shirley Ericksen, Nancy Gullans, Rosemary Gwadz, Guy Pierson, Elizabeth Russ, Alma Sampson, and Iune Tracey. We wish them the joy, success, and satisfaction of producing an outstanding yearbook next year. Here it is then, the 1952 Fenger Courier, recording our school activities for another year. 96 I I FENGEH NEWS STAFF Ianuary, 1952 Editor-in-Chief , Managing Editor Publicity Manager Business Manager News Editor .. Feature Editor Column Editor Sports Editor , Supplementary Editors ,, Rose Ma Advertising Manager , Circulation Manager . Exchange Manager . , Photographer , Iune. Dolores Kiss Charmaine Vandermyde . .Marguerite Pridjian Patricia Dodson Gail Hansen Gordon Kendall Agnes Hoekstra Gloria Riqoni rie Piazza, Shirley Serig Carol Sims Eileen Mugg Patricia Spevak Bill Schulthies 1952 Editor-in-Chief .,,, .. , Arlene Lindquist Managing Editor , Publicity Manager ,, Assistant ,.., A .. Business Manager , News Editor , , ,. Assistant .. ,,,.... ,, . Feature ,Elaine Paxinos . Beatrice Silvage , ..Mary Steinhauer Nancy Norling , ,, Lucille Ment ,, ,, ,Barbara Harvey Editors . Shirley Kurgan, Dolores Zelmanski Column Editor .. ..,., ,, ,.., ,Barbara Voigts Assistant ., Sports Editor Assistant , Supplementary Editors , .Iohanna Baldas .. .,,Mark Addison Charles Swatek Ieanne Miller, Caroline Lenart, Lorraine Coppe, loyce VanCoevorden Photographer ,, Assistant ,,,. , .. , ,, , Bill Schulthies , .,.... Frank Kiss Advertising Manager ,. ,, , ,, ,,,Carol Wagner Assistant .,,,,,,. .. , Circulation Manager , , . ..Ioyce Sullivan , Ioan Carli Assistant , ,, , Marion Nelson Exchange Managers Pat Hupp, leanne Bianchini Financial Manager , ,,,, ,. Barbara Horwitz Art Editor ,Virginia Van Treese Sponsor H. B. Calpha is L "The lecture was interesting!?" DOLORES KISS CHARMAINE VANDERMYDE ARLENE LINDQUIST ELAINE PAXINOS The Fenger News has won high scholastic ratings during its many years of publication because of its ability to present an all-around news coverage. The main object of this busy organization is to reflect the ideas, interests, and activities of Fenger students in the most effective way. One of the driving forces which keeps these budding journalists on their toes is the chance and hope that they might someday become members of the Quill and Scroll Society. Such terms as llGet the copy for this space," ltHere, proofread this," "Whos going to stuff this week? and 'iWhere's my story?" are heard from room l3O every day during eighth and ninth periods, Keeping an eye on this hard working team is lflr. Harry Calpha, the sponsor. "Mad Monday - page layout." MR. HARRY CALPHA i t s 1 Sponsor First How: Carol Sims. Eileen Mugg. Patricia Spevak, William Schulthies. Second How: Lillian Levri, Lorraine LaLond, Beatrice Silvage, Mary Steinhauer. Third Row: Nancy Norling, Lucille Ment. Barbara Harvey, Shirley Kurgan. Fourth Row: Dolores Zelmanski, Barbara Voigts, Iohanna Baldes. Mark Addison. First How: Marguerite Pridjian, Patricia Dobson, Gail Hansen. Gordon Kendall. Second Row: Agnes Hoekstra, Gloria Rigoni, Rose Piazza, Shirley Serig. First Row: Charles Swatek, Ieanne Miller, Carol Lenart, Lorraine Coppe. Second Row: Ioyce Van Coeverdan, Carol Wagner, Ioyce Sullivan, Ioan Carli. Third Row: Marian Nelson, Patricia Hupp, lean Bianchini, Barbara Horwitz. Fourth Row: Virginia Van Treese, Harry Ashack, Geraldine Davy. Lucille Zaqalia. 99 fc lflgd L UQI' f 0 fx ICONTINUED FROM PAGE 56 Senror commrttees and ofltcers were chosen We were begrnnmg to thmk college and otten talked wrth Mrss Taylor and Mr Smrtter about our tuture plans Spring was tn the arr grvmg an urgency to everythmg we drd A A spurrtng us on to a grand clrmax The Sprrnq Festrval the Water Ballet and Varretres were now just memorles Each day everythrng we dzd was 3347 an rmportant mzlestone tn our growing hves The Prom the most expensrve Jr -'-T P1 F3 V, rt not most wonderful mght of the year wzth tts Irghts mustc and dancmg f 6 lg t1I the early mornmg hours ended all too soon The Semor Srng our vorces and thoughts blendrng rn a trrbute to our school made us so sad And tonzght Graduatronf Wartmg for my name to be called gorng up to L recezve my drploma and shalcmg hands Wlth Mr Seney four years Ive warted for thts moment now rt IS here My Irie has grown out rn ever wzdenmg circles from the spot where I seemed to be back there as a Freshre I Offs 754.11-ff nw! VA ff-,fe 19 avord mzstakes I should ltke to try rt agarn but that rs your job you who 'X Z? 5 Saba Lrvmg rs what counts Day by day worlcmg together and learmng to w1II soon be domg everythmg and even more of the thmgs that I dzd Your Vxfx 'S lrvmg and the course of actzon you take are the zmportant thmgs now ,gif I X 100 Cf? A' fl Cin I Qfr I Q it ., L Ak . . 1 W ' ' . ' ' ' ot . . . . , ' I -' '-' V .,,,- ,4 ,ex - - - - - ,,,, 1 ' I ,Lf'.5 X fy 'S 1 - . . 1 - Q . -' A A 1 1 1 gy A .I fJ!1X.t f f ' :ff , . . . . . f K 1 N. f, , , A . . . . , A I N sn' 'N I . I .... I 3 5 Mft! I I I - I ' I. I .... ' L' 5 FW I V . . . 11 - .H xg,-'I .gifs .. . . RJ-. 1 " 'oe- -- - . , ' , 4, , I R gf'A,tf"T2e . . . . . . . A71 'wifi 'KV ,fat w ' r 'FII t -. A .3 I ' s 165 I" O wb 5.7 af? 'A 7 ' J X AQ S I J fm fx f 4345 4' '-ff ii,1 by gg.-3-4-x fl 1 f X 101 ff! lfU'll0l"5 71 'P ' .r c " f P ,F . 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XA., S 1 I j 1 XXX, f V f XX 5, ' , IH' mf X 'Xxx f -V R E f Z' 1, ' f ,Q I inf - X , X ' WX x iff V ll I, -X X X f m R' X X I , X f , ,fy Q , , I x-J X W, f ww 4 I f 1' kr "-' : , ' ,- 1,1 7 J 5 I V f x X M nw f O Betty Aardema Genevxeve Abate Ross Alexander Varlsty Alexander Carmelrta Allano Teresa Alionso Elame Amlot Davxd Anderson Ronald Anderson Robert Andryske Robert Armm Albert Arnett Carmel Arvxa Grant Atkmson Rxchard Balla Don Baqgott Carolyn Bahr Dons Barbero Phyllls Barney Beverly Barsch Lou1e1ean Basxck Patncla Baslle Iosephme Beneventl Hermma Bennett Anne Rlchard Bethel Merrntt Betluq Iames Bxallas Iames Branclfnn Shxrley Brrge Martha Black Sldney Blakeman Nancy Bloom lack Bock Nancy Bodnar Marlene Boekeloo Robert Boersma Darlene Bohmnq Ioseoh Bolda Wlllxam Bollenbach Olrver Bonet Carmen Bontemps Nancy Boone Carolyn Bordner Gerald Boskey Irene Bossr Bomta Boucon Madehne Bourne Roger Bovenkerk Iune Bowman Madelme Bozxck Ahce Bregm George Brxngman Margret Broeker Guy Broekstra Curt Brooks Yvonne Brown Lots Bruqqeman Manlyn Brumxng Rmagaye Brunettx Beverly Buxs Florence Burgeson Henrxetta Busch Carol Busm Zelxnda Cadore Conrad Caxrns Pearl Call Theresa Carlascxo B111 Carle Beatrxce Carlr Lxlhan Carlx Bob Carlxsle Roberta Carr Damel Casas JUNIURS 99 'vi fl 102 me I ,-rl' N 5, , ' R nz ' I . . ' Le t " vw., S ' . xg If ' C on Ik I L - 4 W , 5 A-gs R' . l .. . h , f., Bergstrom, Marilyn Bergstrom, Tony Bernal, Betty Bessinger. N 2 Xi ' J ' V . Y A 15' A X A R as R, ,lx y fy ,F ' , ' ' , ' , . ' . 3 I l I v I ,T y gi, , y , i Q ,, 4' V y . , A , 5 . . . , , ,. , , , . L M I 4 Wy! . , Y I ull R I 1 , . ' . . - l . ' b V Y QSYA ' . " . ' . - 4 X 'N I 4' ' I I A' 1' V Xxx 'I t . K y Y K ' .1 . 1 . X lang Y! 095 vu. C. X 103 Iacquelme Castle Loretta Cavallo Tom Cazel Carmen Cendel as Marelee Cervo Marlene Cherpak Edward Chevaux Leona Churchlck Barbara Crecrerskl Dlck Clauson Louxs Coneen Nancy Conley Iohn Connolly Shlrley Cook Vrrglma Cooper Anna May Covolo Mae Cowser Donald Cox Geraldme Crabbe Don Cranhll Wnlham Crean Herbert Cnley Phlhp Crowe Iean Crowder Iamce Crowther Ioan Culver Therese Czyz Loretta Dahm Florence DAngelo Iohn Danxels Carol Damelson Helen Darcy Clayton Davls Mlckey Davls Ioe Davltto Allan Deatherage Ioan Debreaux IoAnn DeKlerk Bull DeKoker Donna DeKoker Chns DeLeeuw Ioyce DeMalo Ruth Demkowlcz Marllyn Demokowskx Rrchard Dentmo Dale DeW1tt Barbara Dexter Ioan DeYoung lVlaryAnn Donolrxo Ronald Drake Mxchael Dreyer Theresa Dryzga Edwlma Dumbrowskl Geraldme Dugunl Sandra Dwens Bull Dwyer Geraldxne Dykton Edythe Early Gladys Easton Katre Edwards George Elerdam Allen Elsey Gerhardt Engle mann Beverly Engstrom Drane Erxckson Lorrame Erickson Ioan Erxcsson Shrrley Essenberqn Gerald Evans Steve Fahar Gerry Falco Ioan Fannxng Sherry Lou Farm Leonard Farnesl Thomas Farr lean Favre Carole Feltenherg 7 z H n V jf V , 1 7 'g' ' l I ' .az C Q be C so l' ' A f-4. "" ' 4 ,- ' 5 A we T , " ' 1 ' "' 3 ' 2 ' ' V V "' , , I W ,W -N ' , ' ' ', ' 1 ' X A X , I X , gr . . . ' 1 h I F -be - gl . .. ' if 0 l ' el. I I I I S 'T Q f Q .' ev 'gl V E if "f ' ' '. ,x .zu ,:?."- f . l' I 237 Tx. cl Q Q . Ns' sg.. l tb I U I I ll 3 A lf Ts Q , H 5 la Q4 by ' . . , 5 . D 1 W 3 -if E ' 4 . .. V ,M 2 5, - 1 ' lt 4 br... 1 I. ' U' l l' ' A ' x Q l - -I 1 , , . XX V I Fl ll: A3 T 5 5 '. ' 1 ' T ' '- 1 il A fr, 'Y t .V ,I . ld I T . I , ' l . 2 l 1 I -hf 9 5 T - in C I n G l l U l p tr -. ANR - 7? i 1 I Q ' Q l , - , I . Tl 7 " Eu '- r r - x..s-f V 4 lll '. by "1 X IoAnne Ferrero Kenneth Ferns Marlon Ferns George Fxck Nancy Fzorenze Don Floeckher Sally Frew Henry Frledl Irm Frredman Allce Gaghagen Barbara Gallassmx Martm Gallassml Raymond Galloy lack Ganz Martxn Ganzel Vxrgmxa Garczyndkx Ianrce Garule Ioan Gasper Charles Geedmg Ted Gendelmen Marllyn Getz Elame Grbbon Crro Gxordano Ienme Glrotto Manlyn Glelm Carol Godm Marvm Goeke Pat Goggm Wxlham Goltz Marlene Gompert Michael Gorman Ray mond Gorskx Rlchard Gorskl Ralph Grandle Carol Green Helen Greenwook Arthur Gnndler Iean Gromala Margaret Gryczewsln Armond Gurmont Ioanne Gullas Iams Gumpel Donald Gustafson Gerry Haase Eltzabeth Haesslx Audrey Hafk lack Hardy Benyamm Harrxson Wxltred Harrrson Zelma Hartman Dave Heftron Barbara Hellenga Ioyce Hellstrom Sherla Henderson Marjorxe Henke Norman Herron Gary Hratt Ronnie Hrghland Melvm Hrll Carol Hrlls Elxzabeth Hxlls Lawrence Hochberg Lrlllan Holck Gaxl Holland Kenneth Hommema Thomas Hommema Delores Hoplrms Shrrley Horton Nancy Horvath Ioyce Hottxnger Hope Hawley Barbara Hudson Nancy Hunt Henry Huth Thomas Inlrley Harold Iackson Carol Iacob E QW NA 104 L..rA P651 - al K1 Q E Q6 - VK 'O N '56 Yv - ' - - 3 4 Q - h Ll 4. . "" te. I , A . , L , ' I ' sr , fs, T X ' 'Tk 7- r 5 .Q . I , , I . ' x 5 5 -V 'J 'z' . Q KI cf' if ' "' Z . I ' . , ' , ' I . if ,A I- Q' ' 'B H it X XX , - . . I . . I . . ' - 6 A I Ku 2. Q. r -Lf V ' ' . ' , ' . ' . ii . M lr' Q- " -J' I tm . X K3 ' y 411' g l . . I I I . 1 , ,,l. T 6 i 2 3, V 5 .I . .' I l A A 'QX J 4 . I V V I B H' B ' . ' ' " A if A A 5' A Q A .I . I . I . . - , A V r cgi my XX 1 X x NIV! i . , l '. Q., 'J ' Q- 4 7'5" 1 Q, , . ' ' ' , ' ' . it 3' , ' 321 -Q- sf f ' ' A ll rx 6 if fx . . . 3 5 . . . 4' A A e. l XA X sv . ' 1 ' ' 1 1 , ' A ' ' A -f 1: . , ' 1 ' ' 5' V ' ,A V- y . 1 ll 5 . t . 1 V I n , . ' . I I 55 xy mic . X X L: Ak Na., B . 151 l I I I I - -.! A A . 4 . , . . ,W ,LL I G' X X' Nr ,K JT Tom Iager Faye larrett Gall Iasmund Robert Ienkms George Ienner Ronald Ienmngs Barbara Iohnson David Iohnson Elin Iohnson Gall Iohnson Helen Iohnson Iarnes Iohnson Lawrence Iohnson LeeAnn Iohnson Leland Iohnson LeRoy Iohnson Lynn Iohnson Lynn lohn son Mary Carol Iohnson Norma Iohnson Richard Iohnson Roberta Iohnson Ronald Iohnson Russell Iohnson Robert Iohnston Brenda Iones Colby Iones lack Iucnk Iulia Kachadorxan Lawrence Kale Mary Kaptur Ed Kapusciarz George Karambls Kenneth Keith Ierry Kendall Howard Kerr Lorette Kezis Mary Ellen Kmdberg Lillian Arthur Klelst Christlne Klexst Dick Klychenck Ixm Knez Gerald Knoll James Knox Ronald Kobllck Ianet Koehler Hilmar Koeblke lames Koldash Ierry Koldash Marlene Koller Irene Komanskl Dino Konstans Sam Kooxstra Theresa Koronluewicz Marilyn Korpas Martha Korpas Dorothy Kurz Marcella Kowalczyk Diane Kraft Donna Kreischer Donna Krieps Dorothy Krol Arlene Kruslak Richard Kuck Angeline Kulig lack Kums Dorothy Kunz Dorothy LaBanco Elleene LaCourse William Lancaster William Lang Ioanne Lantero Shirley Larson King, Shirley King, Marilyn Kirkland, Charles Kittle. Iuha Latko Will Lavaille Sherry Lawson Edward Lazrnslu Sandy Leach Barbara Lebda Shirley Lerber Dolores Lesnlk Maryone Levy Lynette Lewis Richard Lewis DeVan Lrndelius Allen Link George Lolret Connie Lira Peter Lira William Little Betty Lodewegen Patricia Loparco lim Lotz Iessre Louy Berglt Lundberg Helen Lundin Arlene Lungqurst Anna Marie Lupe Marlene Lynd Annette Machrarelll Florence Mack Steve MacLean Nancy Madsen Walter Magnos Iudy Malcolm Delores Mallkowskl Barbara Maloney Robert Mansen Hadley Marshall Marman Martello William Marzewdki Patricia Massey Barbara Masson Patricia Mastej Iulia Matras Norma Matt Shirley May Rita Mazzochr Eddie McCullough Luella McElroy Ralph McEntree Gilbert McLendon Dolores McReaken Donald Megmms Elizabeth Meredith Roland Merrick Gerald Merz Ronert Metzger Don Meyer Stephanie Mrchas Paulma Mrglraccio Eleanor Miller Irvin Miller Muriel Miller Roger Miller William Miller Frank Millspaugh, Walter Milner, Walter Mioduszewski, Paul Mizevitz, Arlene Mleczko, Bob Morgan, Richard Morgan. Barbara Mrozek, Richard Mullen, Ioan Muller, Iames Mullin, Barbara Musick, Nancy Myers, Robert Myers. JUNIUHS 106 u1il"w l-XX Sax AAL , it , kv I ,, 3-QZQS I 'bf A V x 69? f 'IO7 Ann Myroup Wrlma Navxgato Davxd Nelson Paul Nero Dolores Nescr Beverly Nolan Brll Norrrs Tom Norn Ronald Novak Conrad Noxon Larry OBryan Henrx Obuyant Blanche Ogren Iune Ohettr Thomas Ores Mary Ann Orr Ernest Orshonsky Phrl Pagava Vmce Panozzo Emxly Paw Irene Panwell Betty Pansh Mxllxcent Parks Thelma Parker Pauline Pasey Edward Pate Gordon Patrlarco Robert Patterson Ilm Patton Francls Payette Norma Peecher Mary Lou Peretto Dolores Pesavento Leo Pessavento Carol Peterson Gall Peterson Ruth Peterson Robert Petmg Betty Lou Petrle Duane Phrllabaum Betty Pxller Rosemary Prskach Agnes Planka Alrce Planka Robert Pocmnskas Eleanor Poeme Marcia Poledzresdkl Ruth Pomp Robert Polle Blanche Porter Patncla Pranger Iames Pullas Gerald Pustz Esther Qurroz Frank Rachxek Lors Radeke Wrlllam Raft Robert Randolph Florence Ravetto Glorra Ray Ardrs Rerner Mary Ann Rezanka Robert Rxchards Mmam Rrgonr Shrrley Rogrckl Barbara Rohrer Geraldme Roman Marllyn Rook Donald Ross Dale Rowe Sandra Rowland Pat Rowley Dolores Rxccro Vxctor Rutfettl OraMae Rhule Mane Rumxsh Rxcky Sabell i D L ' . 1 ' . ' ' ' A V L2 2 I 2 ' G' C? 2' 1 , 's, , , ' , . .. ' gk - ' ' l .' 1 B V- MK ar ,f L V , C A ' I I . 1 3 A B , , f' l R , B -2 - , - - , , ' ef 4' X , ' I I ' I . . .M . !' ll 2 . . ' Q R . S, be V V 1? P ' Y Y 4.4 y 535 . I . I I h 'XL A ,I 713,25 y , 4 ff ,, ,QI , I I I . ' 1 - R' 5 . l 7 2 Q P ' ' A 51, Y, , t . . VN ' -3 Iv , va Nm V' w , U I , , , . 5 f 2 A A xx? ' , 'Kg' 1? 0 4 2 Q R -J . . X x it X L. ' y l ft Q , fs- , L , , , , 51 9. V 1 V , ,Y . I K A U U ft W wif ,' f ' f I I I . A R - , 4 E, Y' . 4' I - - ' ' V ' ' A, . ' . . . 1 ' X I, V ' tx. A Q V 'Q Iohn Sabo Granmcco Salvatorr George Samuels Clxilord Sandberg Barbara Sanders Pete Sanders Anthony Sartorr Margaret Satnano Ierl Sawyer Edgar Schenk Sara Ann Schmrd Marjorre Schouten Carol Schreplor Ken Schueman Rrta S hulte Carol Scot Eleanor Scrutcluans Ross Seeman Iames Seemayer Dolores Sellers Beverly Senechal Peggy Seney Davld Serrato Gloria Shaw Carol Shelton Lenore Srkma Paul Srlvage Rrta Srmandl Olrve Szms Paula Sxms Margaret Slpka Sandra Sklba Wrllram Skmner Albert Slesser Davrd Slesur Glenn Shter Bonnre Smrth Ethan Smrth Gene Smrth Iames Smrth LaRoy Spandom Edward Splegel Ioe Spxezxo Iohn Spoolstra Bernlce Staal Geraldme Stahlak Dave Stanger Carol Stark Carl Stengle Donna Stephenson Betty Stevens Roger Stevenson Iames Stewart Iohanna Stxgter Larry Stoll Frank Stone Mane Stosur Tom Stotereau Annette Strange Sandra Stuart Wally Suba Ioan Sukta Ioe Sullxvan Iohn Sundeen Barbara Swanson Kenneth Swart Don Swrgart Cathenne Szlaga Domemc Tessarr August Thomas Ken Tobras Robert Tomrello Rxchard Tomask Phyllrp Toppen Phyllrs Toupen Pnscxlla Toth Ronald Trrllmg JN W7 'K V P X 08 . . . 1 1' t f- , X" . tx '- .ui "L , .....l..,.....gY . Q - I ' I Q, C., Q 6 1 , A' IK, , ' M.. rx. f gk , I I . -E, Y 4 nv KA . - , X X M at Q yy r - ' 'L '- 1 I ' ri ,J y .if t ' A' V K Q? . . . . ' I . Q I K I uv, yi g yy tl , .r,. My ' t'Aet' r iw H We an X . r . I' 1 ' ' J N. e T g gt me - Y fit T? XX X , L Ili, X N 1 1 Q ' y ' f A ' 'f fri: em ' W' K X, -K Q ,xx D rr, Ni it X N . . ' N B V I I 1 5 Q- y are VF , S ,., V .- V .- . . , , , In Q i L K J 4 A sl .W xv ' Y' a . ' . ', ' . I ' t 5' L in L t L I la. v- E -N 'F r X , "X l ' ' 1 ' h I ' wJ V gl G 5. , , . 21 L. y l i v 5 A w . I . I . ' . A A: wx in I F t 3 Q at ' ' 99 ti 91 Q 7- In lkw' by 65, 5 JUNI ROBERT ADAMS SHIRLEY ARNOLD IAMES BAKER MONTE BALES ADLEEN BOHNING BOB BOYER THEODORE BOZACKI SAM CARAPEZZA WARREN DAVIS RONALD DELGADO LORETTA DOBIN YVONNE DOUGLAS JEAN FRANCISSEN LOUISE GALBERTH SALVATORE GIANNICO RAY GOUDEAU CORINNA GRISANTE 'lf Q0 iv we-- Q, wg LOIS HAMMAR DEXTER HARRISON THOMAS IONES CHARLES KAZIN CHARLYN KEMPER CLARA KENZALL RICHARD KOPCZYNSKI DONNA KREISCHER MAREEN KULIO DON LA MORTE EVELYN LANG IOAN LEITZAU KATHERYN LEO NARIMANTAS MACEVICUIS CHARLES MACKENZIE DONALD MARTIN IOE MASKOLIUNAS 'I09 Louzse Turtunllo Louxse Ulhorn Glona Untenwerler Ioan Unyr Shrrley Vacaro Iean Valente Melvm Van Buren Iudy Vandenberg Arlene Vanden Brrnk Sandra Vander knoop Drck Vanderkooy Davrd Van Dempema Vanona Van Quelof Irene Van Srpma Carl Vanwrtzenberg Dorothy Veneklasen Eugene Vezma Geraldme Vogel Donald Vogeler Wrllram Vogt Frank Voltolma Rlchard Wall Don Walters Ianellen Wammack Iames Waramus Katherine Warner Walter Watroba Iudy Weldner Raymond Werss Dale Westberg Patrrcra Whalen Roselmd Whrte Raymond Wrck Charles Wrlber Delores Wllk Lawrence Wrllrams Herbert Wrsnrewskr Grace Wood Ronald Woods Alex Yanowsky Iack Younger Iean Yukon Lors Zagar Ehzabeth Zapach Ernest Zekely Barbara Zelmanskr Ronald Zempke Ray Zenner Carolina Zertucke Sally Zrmmerman Barbara Zoe Carole Zottr Dmo Zottr Geraldrne Zozak Robert Zulker Ed Zurek GERRY MCDONELL KEN MEDLAND MARTIN NAPOLI TENA NEWBURGH MILLIE NIGG IACK NORRELL CASIMIR NOVAK RONALD NOVAK SHIRLEY NOWAKOWSKI IOANNE OHMANS SANDRA OWENS WAYNE PARKER IAMES PERRY PAULINE POSEY CLARICE PROUSDFOOR DELORES RICCIO KEN SCHLEUTER ALBERT SCHUSTER IOE SPEZIE CAROL STAAT EUGENE STAPLES IOHN SUNDEEN ERNEST SZEKELY ALAN TERRILL DON TOMIELLO ALAN TRUSSLER RICHARD VANDERCAY WILLIAM WARREN BARBARA WHEATLEY GERRITT WIERSMA ALAN WITSKY RICHARD WODKA CARL WOODS FLORENCE WRIGHT IANET WRIGHT g3JUNlURS I ,.., ......, ,, I- V . , Brix, xx' i , f . . I I' U xl T . ' . - , I K. ' U f I ' :J , g- Av- 5 - ,M 6 , l I ,V 5 g x gr 'f- -5 t. .1 ' A yn- I - I ' l .rl I -4 v.' I ay! ' ., 6 ' 3 A . y' I K 1- ' , f . - f I A :gl 6 'V g . . I A lx' .. gh ffl . X 'lf ' ' ' ' I- I I I5 E if I -' I ' -' . l l E . :V tvs, B V S I I 'sifj' - I - , ' I X ,ni N g , fi. U R S C ll M E R A S H Y BUSINESS EUNTEST NE' G SS C19 IF G C16 F F C ea 'I t e Cara c H101 Fla 'S Stdae Ierence at Wrtaht Itmto Colleae or Ifla Q8 IOL7 n rtx 'une c ah a IIC nate1 eeotnd Be n na wne wr t nr A vanf Sho thand Adwanfed Shorthand Saleelnarshtp new Per onahty gre FIIYII'I"II .fard fere awen to he lree cp Inner In exeru GXGIIIITIOIIOYI a medal to the htaheet and pcctal ert' atee to the second and th1rd place Nrnnere Irenger recetved the h1gheet number at a Wards MaraaretKr1kau the aeographx candldate wa awarded a medal for hrst olace AI1ce Scuba placed second IU the Busrne-se Personahty contest and Lowse Evers placed thlrd In Advanced Short hand Others part1c1pat1nq vere Shtrlev Aaent Carol Boerlnga Carol Shelton Ioyce Sullrvan ARLENE LINDQUIST ELAINE PAXINOS IOYCE ANDERSON GWEN HAUGE ARLENE OEDZES ROSE ORBAN CHARLENE REICH SUSAN BOYD LOUISE EVERS IOSEPH GANZEL JUNE 1952 MARY STEINHAUR MARGARET KRIKAU ROSE DI SANTO DONINA DOTY IAY KETELLE RICHARD MENKE BRUCE SHACKTER 'IHERESA GEIL LILLIAN HERDINA DAVID MANTHEY 'IIO FRANCIS LILL IIM BUDD THOMAS VANDEZANDE PATRICIA CAROLL BOB CERULLI PAT HUPP VIVIAN STAMPS ARLENE AKLINSKI CAROL GOUWENS ALICE SCRIBA ALI RED HUDSON JOAN CARLI BENNY BLAAUW MARIE VAN KEPPEL .ARLETA SCHARNHORSI' IOHN FAVERO NANCY NORLING RICHARD BLECHSCHMIDT STANLEY GORSKI MARY SEMPLE C V nasne-. 2111, nts fro . E nd r Ihgf S hcol corn pet I 1. IQ at E' A I.c I dh Schccl c 1' Qnts C .ltcet and Con' ' v f fx , 1- I' 'IQ1 .. I.: ' schools oar. i. 1' Exarntnattons were friven In Ccrnrnercaai Geodraphy, Book If . 7, 'Ln 1 f A, r. 11.f, , d . ged II1'g'f'?'.'.'I1Il!7f'I, Ry 4 r. , ' ' - , .' ,. I C'aI"t1lat,:'.Lz, and Ban S Au' ri f , t. tl , t .-:Q ' 4' , I I . I fi c pic , . , X ' , S ' ' 1 If f 7 'N Q f , Q f-:Q 'A , l 1'21 ':11'1 ff' X X X f' If gg, ,i 1 1 ff ,H f' , J! fi Rf' iff . f , 3- 4' 2-.Mx U f g ff fl A 5, MM f I 1 qi Q I 1 --v If 'TZ' ' 4 1, ,if S lv 4 fq 44-149 xX .1 K X w WMM 5 f ix x XX bl ND H13 3 AMX 1 X, N. X WJIIMIW W XQQE 'Q W k Ql'lLOI":f M A Wa f If X ' 1 x I X X XXX Xl XE: x A 'NX Vx i x f 2 X X X NX ' , f My , N s 'ef 14' 5 f N x N -A i Q ' X' xr . r " A - an ' f Q? - l XIX sf! f f X 5 NN W 4' ..1,:: x ,J xx x? 1 .ss'.4Ql Frank Burke Rudy Cameo Patrrcra Carr Carol Carraro Ierry Caroll Iohn Casa Marlene Castrglxa Wayne Castle Ann Cavaretta Theresa Chaney Exleen Chrarello Beverly Cleveland Ingnd Collms Barbara Comstock Ieanette Coppage Rose Mane Covelll Robert Cubalchxnr Donald Cunnmgham Walter Cwran Phyllrs Dahlberg Rosalyn Davxs Donna Davy Iames Dean Arlene Demme Ronald Demurl 112 Q6 Frank Adamxec James Adams Bruce Anderson Delores Andrews Betty Arnold Hrchard Auld Frances Baltrusams Donald Beebe Edna Benedettx Dolores Bergman lrwln Berman Donald Bernex Mary Black Karen Blackburn Roberta Bladhold Hugo Blakeman Carol Boermga Russel Boersma Esther Boeschel Donald BOXOIGD Kay Bradford Marguerxte Brandt Iamce Brntton Kinsey Brown Henry Bult flf S2 C 6 , If 1' I' ,t Q ,M L. urn y J YL U xy, ' il iv fl 1, 41 D y ' 9- 4 N -4 . h t N I Q . , I A J ,.f-4' A 0 I J. 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L' ' - - xi fi l 1 Ronald Edmonson Shrrley Encksen Delores Flsher LeRoy Flowers Robert Foote Marllyn Franzen Lo1s Freelove Earl Fnschkorn lean Gaber Sylvla Genovese Gwen George Robert Gerat Iohn Grllono Warren Glupker Rxchard Gogola Ray Goudeau Paul Gragg lack Gross Allen Grubba Edward Guerrero Charles Gumzno Nancy Gullans Nancy Guderyahn Rosemary Gwadz Harold Harder -s- 'C' fx-w nrt"- it 'su Q- Patucxa 1-Ielge Rrchard Hesselieldt Ieanette Heusler Eugene H111 Phyllls Hperpe Murxel Horrtsma Ida Holmes Krrsty Hope Arthur Horn Shrrley Housman Wxllxam Huber Phyllra Ienkms Allce Iean Iohnson Betty Iohnson Davrd Iohnson Edward Iohnson Hazel Iohnson Conrad lordon Theodore Kandxs Dan Kent Albert Kmg Eugene Kmley Robert Kocolowskx Felrcra Korn goot Betty Krulzenga SENIUHS I or . . gi rf 1+ 4? v :- to tl E X 1 xl l A q ' M A an WA I H V vI,A',x.X4A. I R J , Q- A' R ' u, ,-,... 'K E . f .J ,N I 'ltl Af ly J! ' . x . , I I I Q' A N . . . Qf A if 4 Ml it A . 1 X KM L 4.2 'ET G 3, ...rt Li Y, it , R ,. X' x rx ' I t rf f All V 4: 'V . . I ' . I I . Ht' X4 1, P f'.l:"T5 K , . F G- G Q , . -'I N ' X" 1 V f 'gf Y I , 'rt' lf fi N A -1 Q . I 1 R 4' , 'Y X, VK, X, Q' I N' 1 ,Q A . . .. J 1 . . I - . 1 ' - at S- :, R Y' P iq. Iames Lang Davxd La on Rayrrond Larson Vernette Larson Donald Lnckrnq Ronald Lmdelrus Barbara Lmdstrom Iohn Lohnsteln Nancy Lorrmer B111 Luna Karen Lusha Irm McCombs Norman Macevrcrous Pat Mar chrando Ianxce Martmka Iames Marzullo Dorothy Mates Tom Mayer Dolores Mella Bob Meyer Peggy Mrddleton Iulra Mlkaelran Peter Molsan Mary Montana Wrlma Mooth N. 1r- X l 114 5 5 ,Q Q , A ' 'Y ,I . y , h I Lu mv , A ' - . ' . - ' vi V V ., .. E h ' - ' . V .... I ' 1 , X 0,4 I A . , 55 , I V I F I ' . - X ix 8, Q ng! L 1-, y , - A 'Y 6 M V I - I 1-5 K .,,,v f fi - - .fif L , E, 3 L 4 A Luz. M N T x "1 lb I , h l I . n - ' V I Q ' ' , . I Q - I, J ' L N ' - I 12.134 E- - - - ' L. ' 1 I x EK nd ' ' 'O . .A L. . . . - 2 vwyx I 4 ' Z . . T ' V 1 1' 4, ' - N ' Q " - ' A ,ff f I 94 ' Q n L ' 1 A '..f If M 1- L 1 :LQ s AA M 76. Zenous Morgan Lloyd Mulak Robert Muller Loretta Myers Nancy Myles Andrew Nadel Leo Nelson Iohn Nemeth Ioyce Nxxon Robert Norman Shxrley Norman Glenn Ogren Beverlee Olstrom Alrce Opul skas Hoy Paulson Patncxa Pedxgo Donna Lee Petersen Arthur Peterson Vmcent Peterson Wrllram Petrowrch Guy Prerson Iacquelyn Pnerson Robert Podgorskr Angelme Polrgnone Carol Rafhn SENIURS 4. 1 QW Qkt Dons Stromberg Shxrley Stromberg Ronald Sund trom Shlrley Sutken Harry Sutton Gerald Swanson Allan Terr1ll Iackle 'Ihomas Ioyce Thor Iacquelme Tlsol Iune Tracey Elame Tyssen Ted Valentt Marilyn Van Coevorden Ioan Van Ekeren Patrxcla Vandenberg Iohn Vandermev Audrey Veazxe Wally Veazle Nelma VerHaar Ioan Verhoek Mane Wahlstrom Vxryean Waterman Audrey Whxtcomb Gwen Whxte Tom Woodall Q- Vxena Rams Frank Ravetto Robert Reynolds Ioan Klckert Iohn Rxecss Betty Ross Dorothy Ruby Elizabeth Russ Vxrqrma Sagert Edward Sallay Alma Sampson IaAnne Schlllmg Raymond Schnell Dons Seaquxst Ronald Semerdytan Harold Shellberg Dorothy Shlpka Paul Shymkus Charles Slgrxst Iune Soghxgxan Geraldlne Soos Wxllzam SpQkOWSk1 Beatnce Stack Sharon Stephenson Robert Sternmg L 'I15 , J ,, .Q , S E N I U H S Ffh A . .I 1 , I 'Q 2 -el g . 4 X fi,-. U I 1 U . 1 1 l r 4' 6 0 . l ' 1 -H l f' 1 y y y .av Q, he R l -- 1 -, - l A ., I In - ,P , - tw G. X l E ,- -R v R 1 .. ' , A . ' . . el gf! -' gf .fl - - g t , At? V o I . . 1 U . I J 'fu l ,Xl , 2 lf ., U ' ' U I I . I 1 ll ' fy y . I I S ENI LYNN BAND CAROL COLE DON COMPTON WILLIAM COOPER CAROL COWAN MARIE D'ALLESANDRO GEORGE DU CHARM IOHN HEDMAN URSUAM WARREN HILLSTROM RONALD IENSEN IACOB MIKAELIAN RONALD MUNN CHARLES PADDOCK RUDOLPH PERKINS GAYLE RICE GRACE ROSS of Me EHA SHY IIM SMITH RONALD STELTER ROBERT STELLA BARBARA STUART MERLE TOLLIVER ARTHUR VALLIERE FRANCINE VALT IOHN WESSELIUS 'l'l6 rf' 2' 7 75, lm 'X fx. X X 1 f I ff X Ax l f XX jf gff' fig 'GQ ff, jf fl! 'MA' A lv ', 17.3-7, gf If lv SSZOPB , V V .fj,,V: V, 1- ll ' V , if fi- V ff' ff ' " , f 5 gf? 1 , 1 ,Q i Q ' f Yr-1 6 f' f f Ef f ' fQ'fZ ff ff, X ' 11 M V. V V , ,gp , ,Y 1 VV, . ' X 'A t f , ,V fl , ,"o X 7"' , nw fl ff ' A X QI . . rl - 1 Iiy .,1 ff V, , V S VA V XX V V V' V j V V H L2 V, J x X. X I V ' 7' 'I I, 1 All r V ,SV , fy , VVVX , 1 V V 7 X VV ,, 1 X V 'I A , lx x ' Aix V 'l ,"f' ' . ix tl 'Z ak' A ft f " rl XX l VV , ' ' 44 XX , yt I X II 'I KX X rf' iv rlnr gf X M Z J! lx A 1 f ,V WVU f i1 X? x i f' ki f' . ! W, A , ' fb 11V AV VV1 VVV V V V 'V If V, s ji I 5' ' 1 ,V ' V f if V, ,f VV ,ff ' V MX ff fl V5-VV I ,af V ,, QVVV IV . ' f 1 , K '+A f Q f , if b, r .V ,V 'f f VV V V V ,f VI X Vg' f V V v f , 7 X H I ' , " - Y y Vx A Z3 k , f ff X ff, + f 1 M X X 4 ff ' ' ' j ., V 4 ff , f 4 V9- V V x H x V fu, 1 V , V 1 .Q V MV - 2 X, QM 1 ff 1, -- , f VV xx N f ,VV !V I ,fL , VV 'J ff? , f I A i' V , Z VVV g ' xi f I ,If fy X, If V- , ffff V1 'VZ ' V is Q if , V V W A V V .V VV? V f-,144 H V V , T" , -,rg ' W ffff ' I M 1 xv, f ""'2ff'1, ff V 4, fy , LARRY KOBITTER CARRIES THE BALL FOR FENGER 'UV l? n We want cr touchdown! We want a touchdown! 44 f f , -.utr Front Row: Tom Ores, Wally Suba, Albert King, Lenny Farnesi, Ron Munn, George Cahill, Gene Vezina, Gordon Patriarca. Second Row: Coach Charles Palmer, Pete Panozzo, Wally Veazie, Iim Marzullo, Mike Malicziczyn, Lester Kun, Larry Kobitter, Bill Phillips, Tom Kelly, Ioe Quiroz, Leo Moynihan, Coach Harry Dixon. Third Row: Ted Shackellord, Lloyd Alamsha, Rudy Wolchina, Doug Pallay, Ron Merz, Don Cunningham, Fred Vitale, Chuck Gurqel, Alex Yanousky. Conrad Iordan, Keith Matyas, Tom Flannery. Fourth Row: Ierry Surius. Walter Petrie, Bob Andryske, Henry Bult, lim Biallas, Iim Knez, Frank Knoll, Bob Gerat, Vernon Cohs, Bob Stella. VARSITY F ll U T B ll L L 119 FUUTBALL..-VARSITY .mmf ,c,.,,,,, ci,,,,.,,, Fenger again this season was one of the strongest teams, not only in the South Section, but in all Chicago, Unlike most high school football squads, were benefitted greatly by the depth of our bench, lt was a bitter ending for a possibly great season when we met Lindblom in the finals. After a bruising O-O game, we were eliminated by the mere flip of a coin. Though excluded from any future playing due to this flip, we were still recognized as Cofpublic Champs by virtue of Lindbloms victory over Lane. As usual, much credit must be given to coaches Charles "Chuck" Palmer and Harry "Dimrnie" Dixon for building such a fine tearn. Without the brilliant guidance of these two men, the season might have ended quite differently, As it was, our final record was eight wins, one loss, and one tie. The season began as roughly as it ended. ln our first pre-season game, also against Lindblom, We were beaten 12-O. An amazing eight-game, Titan Winning streak followed, with West Rock- ford, Morgan Park, Parker, Hyde Park, Calumet, Hirsch, South Shore, and Tilden falling to one-sided Titan victories. The season, besides being very successful for the team, provided thrills galore for the rnany ardent and sportsmanlike fans attending each game. "Where's the ba11?" "Easy, Greasy!" Block that pass' Q., Q 5'4" fm 'W 7 Wifi A V 57' "Li L.'1' iii, is w'J'w B? wk A f 5 . 7 Q, 411 lk, . 4452 3 fu. "1 1:9 4 nm L24 Eg WM-1 ww BASKETBALL "Oh t be ' e feett I1! 3 if iff, Circle Kclockwisel: Douglas Kassay, Ron Munn, Iim Biallas, Hank Bult. Gerald Evans, Conrad Iordan, Robert Vaughn, Iames Embry, lack Donovan, Iohnny Suba, Doug Pallay. Ioe Giacomelli, Iim Hottinger. Standing: Ed McCullough mmttmst Qach BASKET BALL I X l::l lllliz AX 'A 0 .lt t si! Swish! Two more points for us and another thrilling game comes to a close. Basketball has long been a favorite sport at Fenger, lts speedy action and need for perfect coordination always kept it a favorite in the sport fans eye. lt's a difficult task to construct a team year after year capa- ble enough to stand up under pressure throughout a long season. Coach David Barder has had this job for a number of years and through his diligent training of the team, our cagers have built up the reputation of being a tough and spirit-filled squad. Two weeks before the regular seasons beginning, Fenger entered the annual lllinois Tech Tourney at the lnternational Amphis theater. Following a first round l'bye," we were matched against Harrison in the next round. Though we were ahead at halftime, l-larrison's late flurry beat our boys in one of those ' thrill-a-minute" frames When the reaular seasons final tally was made it turned out that the Iuniors had reached the playoffs They lost to Phillips and finished with ten victo ies and eleven losses for the season The Seniors captured three of their twenty contests 123 BASKETBALL "Here's hoping . . . "S-t-r-e-tefc-h" Front Row: Gene Vezina, Tom Snow, Kinsey Brown, Richard Hill. Second How: Robert Vaughn, Ray Ostensen, Tom louse, Leonard Dudzik, Stan Gorski. Ioe Mistro. Third Row: Coach David Barder, Clayton Davis, Bill Luna, Chuck Sigrist, Ioe Gawron, Kenny Schuemann. 'I i' Q Q 'I' i 'A' a Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger DENOTES PRACTICE GAMES Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger 'Fen er 9 Fenger Fenger Fenger 'Fenger Fenger 41 DENOTES PRACTICE GAMES. 'Get that rebound!" 'You tell 'em, Coach." Iohet Catholic Bxshop Noll Mt Carmel Gage Park Mamuon St Rita Lmdblom Harrison Morgan Park Parker Harper Hirsch Hyde Park South Shore Calumet De LaSalle Chicago Vocational 46 Bowen Carver Thomton Fractional 48 Ioliet Catholic Bishop Noll Mt. Carmel Gage Park Wescott St. Rita Lindblom Wescott Morgan Park Parker Harper Hirsch Hyde Park South Shore Calumet De LaSalle Chicago Vocational 68 Bowen Carver Thomton Fractional 27 Phillips BASEBALL i i BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: Dick Clausen, Iohn Pagliero, Ronald Semerdjian, Larry Kobitter, Pete Kotchou, Sam Getta, Edward Danko, Iimmy Iohnson. Chuck Gurgel, Paul Van Eekeren, Douglas Kuester, Second Row: Whitey Wood. Wally Magnus, Pete Reitz, Don Martin, Gene Weglarz, Mike Dreyer, Iohn Delveaux, lack Sparrow, Iames Hottinger, Glen Sliter, Don Miller, Alan Brown, Mike Lizak, Richard Wodka, Coach Harry Dixon. Gene Weqlarz tosses cr fast one. 7 !X R g ,. 'Q gg-AP' 'D wp ' . A " t 5 S4 4. ' .A K,-f ' ' , . K-f fa--v 'wand .-psf' t ' vt- With most of the 'Sl group having grad- uated, our baseball team had a long and hard struggle in the '52 race. Coach Harry Dixon had to till many gaps before he was able to get a well-balanced squad on the field. Never considered to be too great a threat in the South Section, this years team surprised a countless number of fans. By mid-season the club had won eight of nine league games. ln fact, by beating Schurz 3 to 2 and Wells 5 to l in two playoff games, Fenger qualified to represent the Public l-ligh School League in the state finals in Peoria. Timely hitting and clutch pitching were the keynotes of success this year, A never-ceasing will to win made the going much easier, Captain this year was hard-hitting catcher Ed Danlco, 126 Fenger 7-8 Fenger 4 Fenger 2 Fenger 8 Fenger 7 Fenger 4 Fenger 4 Fenger 9 BASEBALL SCUHES PUB 1952 Chicago Heights l-3 Blue Island 2 Lindblom 0 Argo 12 Hirsch 8 Calumet 0 Chicago Vocational 3 Harper 0 GAMES TO BE PLAYED Bowen at Fenger Hirsch at Fenger 4 fil I have Coach l Fenger 6 vs. Fenger 5 vs. Fenger 2 vs. Fenger 5 vs. South Shore 0 Parker 4 Hyde Park 0 Morgan Park 1 l Calumet l Schurz 2 Wells 1 Fenger at Chicago Vocational Harper at Fenger South Shore at Fenger Gene slides into second base Fenger 2 vs. 'I'Fenger 3 vs. 'I'Fenger 5 vs. 'Denotes Practice Games 'fDenotes Stale Playoffs M" ff ov-rf "I didn't even see that one!" "Boy that was c1ose!" "Swimmers ready! On your mark! Go!" This familiar cry becomes quite popu- lar around Fenger every fall when the swimming meets begin. Nearly every week cheers can be heard coming from the pool, showing the intense enthusiasm given out by the fans at a swimming meet. These meets are free to all who wish to have an exciting and enjoyable afternoon. lt was only the second year under the leadership of Coach William Kresge, but not since l948 have our mermen been so successful, Ten league meets were held during the regular season, with extra meets for practice, The seniors, who won 14 and lost 5, were captained by Ralph Hines The yuniors, coecaptained by Chuck Wilbur and faclc Delveaux, won 10, lost 8, and tied l. ln a post season, all-city meet, the Juniors placed second while the senior team captured fifth place. Practice must pay dividends, for Coach Kresge has the boys swimmina everyday after school and twice a week during the ninth period. 28 SWIMMING "This one's easy!" This one's cr little harder!" 1 Q SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM Standing: Dave Van Kempema, Chester Hills. Ron Hyland, Harry Sutton, Chuck Swatek, Stewart Hopkins. Ralph Hines, Coach William Kresge. In Water: Ray Weiss. Iack Sparrow, Robert Dahl, Paul Silvage, Henry Huth. IUNIOR SWIMIVIING TEAM First Row: lack Battenburg, William Chabala, Donald Rollins, Iohn Pag- liero, Ralph Stram, Roger Andersen, Michael DeHann, Iames Waranius. Second How: Garry Greenway, Charles Wilber, lack Delveaux, William Dyk stra, Donald Ryan, Paul Rupprecht, lack Stellman, Mike Butcher. Fenger 'Fenger Fenger 'Fenger 'Fenger Fenger Fenger 'Fenger Fenger 'Fenger Fenger Fenger F enger F enger Fenger 'Fenger Fenger F enger 'Fenger 'Denotes 5. -A SWIMMING SCORES Seniors 43 vs. South Shore 31 38 vs. Thornton Fractional 37 31 vs. Harrison 34 401!2 vs. Thornton Fractional 251!2 53 vs. Argo 13 27 vs. Lindblom 39 48 vs. Hyde Park 17 55 vs. University High 21 47 vs. Morgan Park 19 45 vs. Chicago Vocational 20 48 vs. Gage Park 16 28 vs. Thomton Fractional 38 28 vs. Tilden 38 defeated Parker by Forfeit 45 vs. Argo 20 37 vs. Hirsch 29 45 vs. Chicago Vocational 20 40 vs. Dusable 25 29 vs. Hirsch 36 Practice Games F OR 1951-52 Iuniors Fenger 20 vs. South Shore 48 'Fenger 33 vs Thornton Fractional 40 Fenger 22 vs. Harrison 24 'Fenger 28 vs. Thornton Fractional 28 'Fenger 37 vs. Argo 18 Fenger 22 vs. Lindblom 33 Fenger 17 vs. Hyde Park 35 Fenger 31 vs. Morgan Park 26 'Fenger 28 vs. Chicago Vocational 25 Fenger 28 vs. Gage Park 28 'Fenger 21 vs. Thornton Fractional 36 Fenger 24 vs. Tilden 32 Fenger 3l1,'2 vs. Parker ZSVZ 'Fenger 49 vs. Argo 8 'Fenger 40 vs. Hirsch I7 Fenger 45 vs. Chicago Vocational 12 Fenger 44 vs. DuSable 13 Fenger 38V2 vs. Hirsch 181!2 'Fenger 29 vs. Tilden I9 'Denotes Practice Games 'I29 SWIMMING BUYS INTHIHVIUR An annual event here 1S the boys mtramural tournament lts usually a dog eat dog attarr wrth the trttest squad survrvmg the long struggle All Fenger boys except those earnmg a letter from the regular basketball teams are elrgrble to play Thls gruelmg event comes wrth th close ol the basketball season and usually has a large tollowma Naturally 1l a d1v1s1on 1snt able to enter at least frve boys 1t cannot part1c1pate The wrnners ol each grade level el1m1nate each other unt1l there 1S but one rernamlng champlon Th1s hrst ranklng team then meets the faculty team ln a battle Wh1ch combmes both W1t and talent Thls year d1v1s1on 250 became all school champlons by beatlng the faculty 36 to 34 Dav1d Barder the regular basketball coach has charge ot thls event Well dont just stand there' Maybe hell be a famous ballet dancer someday First Row Don LcMorte Marty Napoll Henry Huth Second Row August Thomas Ixm Pullos Kenny Schuemann, Wally Suba 130 . , . , 1. 11 . . , . . 1 , . G , . . . . . . , , J- 1 , . . 4 I , . 11 1 - 11 , . 11 1 11 . 1 1 TENNIS With tennis absent from our sports for the last two years, Mr. Walter Sampson took the job of organizing a team. This task was begun very early, tor Coach Sampson had some boys out tor practice as early as September. All this extra practice lasted for only a few weeks because, with the coming of tall, bad weather put an end to all thoughts of practice. Naturally the team was inex- perienced and any extra practice they could acquire was very helpful. 'Fenger 'Fenger 'Fenger 'Fenger 'Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Hank Maglio, David Cunico, Chris DeLeeuw, Paul Rupprecht. Second Row: Phil Crowe, Ron Novak, Gary Metzger, Walter Sampson, Ir., Coach Walter Sampson. 0 0 0 5 2 4 1 2 5 TENNIS SCORES University oi Chicago High 5 5 Blue Island Blue Island 5 Thomton Township 3 Thornton Township 4 Austin 1 Hyde Park 4 Calumet 3 Lindblom 0 ' Denotes Practice Games TO BE PLAYED Harrison at Fenger ln spring the squad was in a regular league and the boys were matched against many different opponents. Though the outcome was not always victorious, that important and much-needed experience was gained. We're looking for you to come thru next season. "I thought you used a racket in tennis!" "Going after a hot one." Front How: Gerry Zozak, Virginia Garczynski, Phyllis Iohnson, Gail Iohnson, Ioyce DeMaio. Second Row: Rita Schulte, Lillian Levri, Lynn Iohnson, Ioan Sember, Carol Zotti. CHEERLEADERS Phyllis Iohnson 1951 captain and Rita Schulte captain for 1952 "Nothing can stop us, and nothing ever doesfm These are the words of our peppy cheerleaders, who practice twice a week in the quadrangle. Their sponsor, Mr. George Schroeder, and captain Phyllis Iohn- son are always up to par on the newest cheers. Those returning from last year are: Phyllis Iohnson, Lillian Levri, loan Sember. The new girls who will return next year are: loyce Deliaio, Virginia Garczynski, Gail Iohnson, Lynn Iohnson, Rita Schulte, Carol Zotti, Gerry Zozak, KLM? Cldyfi t jen? Y SCHOOL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Front Row: Roberto Blodholm, Ioan Von Eekercn. Second How: Shirley Ericksen, Rosemary Gwcxdz, Karen Blackburn. "Championship form!?" "Get it over!" GIRLS' INTRAIVIUHALS GIHLY WL AEUE Fenaer airls. under the sponsorship of llr Youna, bowl approxiniaiely inlay weeks during the school year on Friday afternoons When the leaaue closes May, an annual finale banquet held at trophies are presented to the winning teams. All girls are invited to participate in this enjoy- able pastirne. Top Picture: Mr, Young checks team records. Second Picture: lol-Xnn DeK1erk, Grace Strand, Pat Hupp, Ruth Pomp, Iackie Smith, Pat Pedigo. Sharon Stephenson. Third Picture: Ioan Erickson, Pat Helqe. Bottom Picture: Phyllis Barney. Carol Zotti, Barbara Dexter, Gerry Falco, Ioan Erickson. One for the money . . . Two for the show Light as a feather . . . I hope that water's soft . . . GIRLS' SWIMMING MEETS Since Fenger girls do not have an organized, competitive swimming team, regular meets cannot be held. I-Iowever, a few times each year, the girls can vie for individual honors at an all-girl swimming meet. Many different events are held, thus giving the girls the thrill of racing and also lots of fun. 136 W, fb qvggf 4 W f ? W ..A 2. fo, "' 12 I f f f ,C if V' 'I37 v 'I :MEM I4 I 'ln X "ll: x 'Hin' f W M ocia f' 15 X -E7 lf ' . J x , G tl , -. xx X 1 V Q : --f' J if f' W xxf ,X "' , 3? I 4, ,f X xx Q , V ! X J A VJY Ii? ff, b, X . , X v 4 4, W Iwfx , 1: A VV ., I :ISI .' lj j ,17 f, fm xr ,W 'if ' - ' ff' 5 fff f7"f4 A , Jiffy, I iipf X t .tif f -. P HUM Kobitter. MARGUERITE APGAR ECUIVIING Boys: Lester Kun, Douglas Pallay, Peter Panazzo, Thomas Flannery, Emil Benes. Larry Girls: Marguerite Apgar, Phyllis Iohnson. Ieanette Rowley, Virginia Garbarz, Barbara Cranston, Ann Stevens. Every year alter the football season, Fenger holds a homecoming dance to raise money tor various school purposes. The dance is held in both the boys' and girls' gym and gives the alumni as well as current students an opportunity to attend. This year the King and Queen were Marguerite Apgar and Lester Kun, who were crowned by last years royalty, Elwood Frigo and Dolores Kuhel. This gala event is an important event on Fenaers calendar. 138 omecoming Commrllee THE QUEEN AND HER COURT Seated Queen Marguerrte Apgar Fron! Row Barbara Cranston Ieanette Rowley Second How Anne Stevens Phylrss Iohnson Vrrgmxa Garbarz Front Row Rose Muscrcchxo lean Hoqberg Eleanor Foss Phyllrs Iohnson Llllran Levrx Vnrgmla Garbarz Emrl Benes Ierry Surfus Thrrd Row Dawsxe McNaugh1on Leo Moynrhan Gordon Reese Ronald Merz Douglas Pallay Ixm Kamrcar 139 H U M E E U M I N E Second How: Barbara Stegenqa, Virqinra Schlueter, ff? "Uv-u rtfil JANUARY PHUM - Q N H' L , -ff 8 v . 59 A63 i X . 'l "Dancing until midnight . . ' 'The night of our prom is the loveliest night of the year. We all seem so gay, but each eye tends to glisten with tears As we glide along, and the perfume of flowers fills the air. "lr We treasure this nialit as the loveliest night of the year." Waltzing along in the blue, as the band plays our favorite song, We tliink of friendships so true and tlie ones that will never go W ?' if But our hearts start to beat for we know that the endina is near, And our prorn, iny sweet, is the loveliest night of the year ' The Senior Sig Committee prouaht forth its version of T lpvelzest lligiit of tlie Year It sung by all graduates the nigiit of larva lf? 1952, at the Prom, '.'.'i1iCfi held at the Slioreland Hotel in the Cry Bailrooin Waltzing to the music of Al Peters orciieitra, Can sag' time ' truly the Prom of 'Proms' 140 lt was in an Orchid Mood, My , came to call, We drifted on a cloud to And were greeted by one and all. The dance was smooth and dreamy, And as we hummed each sweet refrain, Our hearts were gay and happy, We danced again and again, Then oil to .T 7 T ,, To talk over the evenings delight, Then home at ,ca am , ,, o'clock, And we reluctantly said, ' Good night. T Date was: ,,c-a,aaca ,W , was a UHEHID HEFLEETIUNS THE PHUM SOCIAL COMMITTEE Front How: Ieanette Rowley, Virginia Gar barz, Ioyce Ccmdlin, Peggy Apgar Gwen Hauqe, Ioan Sember, Ruth Lcxede rach. Second How: Mike Malicziczn, lim Kamicor Larry Kobitter, William Phillips, Ierry Surlus. Having an average of 653 students at tending the Friday' Evening Saaals, Fengers Sccla Center rates as one of the tcp in all Chicago Publi High Schools Dancing instruction LS azven from 730 To TGC oy a professional danc1ng teacher After this the regular dancing begins and lass 'antil lllldillit A very capable comrxttee, consisting cf a group of upper classrnen, plan entertainrnent and heir 'sfrtn the sp1perv1s1on of the socials They plan sail activities as, crazy auctions, spotlight dances, talen revues and crowning a king and aueen of the social The committee meets with similar cornrnittees fron other public high schools several times a year to ex change ideas and listen to bands tor the dances, These social dances provide new friends and enioyable evenings for all who attend. 'fls he tickling her?" "What a crowd!" "Can't you get closer to the woll?' FRIDAY EVENING SUEIALS -.- :-.-:9-f.c-:-:b.y'- .- 51, ,-. J A. 1. 4.0 01 43, J-3' -f ' -.F H- X .' ..1!:--:-A-Z5 4 ,.:.,f:y:5'.o:::g,.., 4,!g,:2:?,:fgfE:E?E:I:2:f:-: f J ---- N -- .-v- 4- -:'.-:nc-':.y,-.g., cg P' '5"":' '3?!"!"ZY'-'-'-'-'-'5.-.-z-.-.-:-f.5.5.5g.,:-:::::,5:5:3:::2:52:1 1ff:i5i:3z3:1:f:b.,.-f.c-,-.-.-:-, .5-. . . .,, ., , , , ' ' ' '-'5'5'5'5'3'5'5'5'7S'7f1:3:-55513:11-Z-:':-:-:':-2-iI'2'24:5:5:55:125:3:-:v:-:-:4:-:-:-:-:-. '127515:-:-i:-:-:-:-:-:+:-:-:-.-:-:'.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-. . . . . . . , . . . . . . " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' --'-'-'-'.-f--'-'A--1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:1:3:::5:::5:g.,.,.-.,.-.-.,, ' : -:J -1 , 'L , W - I 7 I ! ggmcluaiw K . f ifwjkv if Q M? If " A - ifvllf, "S f A f 7 Ehnga x Sqlxwx '31 fr? ,F 1 1 ' J s I I' , S Tv Lx tl V A - 55555253ggggggagzgsggsgsgig ::,:,:,,...,,. :,:.1,:.:.:.: .:.:.1.:.:,:.1.,1::111 5 1 i Z Eg 'Wx X -2, .awry-5' 'Ml UFFIUEHS JANUARY 1952 PETER PANOZZO Pres1den! IOSEPH SENECZKO Vzce Ptes1dent BARBARA CRANSTON Secretary GLORIA RIGONI Treasurer PROGRAM PROCESSIONAL Land ol Hope and Glory Elgar lo a11a 1 ma IJ e or STAR SPANGLED BAINNER Key IIJXOFAIIOI Very Rev lOllI'll Seary OSA C o1c. F191 c:1oo X LLCOI II Ive e Pano o Class Pres dem C VI l E YOL R TIR l YOUR POOR Berlm La7arus C a EMYE 'lfG'l I SALUTATORY ADDRESS 1am 1 e xfandermyde PRESENTATION OE CLASS GIFT Flo 1a R QOT11 Tea SANCTUS Gourmod 'I44 VALEDICTORY ADDRESS Carol S1111 ADDRESS Dr Harry llalcome Hedae 'mm d1ate Pa t Pre ment The Ill11"IOlS Stale Medlcal SOC1 ty MAY 'IRL GOOD LORD BLESQ AND KEEP YOU WIISON St1ckle C101 A 1 1a'1t Pr 'ICIYGI PRESENTATION OE DIPLOl'AS llr lol 1'1 E Serey Prm mal LASS SONG EENGER HIG'-I BENEDICTION Rev Alexander Alarnsha RECECSION L 'J A cc IPQDI Rosseter Cole L1 Slolc Hi A I or 1fLM1.55111' M1 11'k f1, ir ct All U PM H l V 1 If . . .... . . . . P U Z 1 . . . , .,... , . . . A Q S 3 Enfler 1hle ' - ' 'Q' I' Q". .... 1 . L. ' ' ' ' ' If . H Pr1rr11al,lr!lf,nfiel ull: l ' 1 I S l l '. . ' 55 'fl 'MAT Dir zzi, .. .1 If ,E ,,,, , , , , 1, , , . ID"RESEN'I'ATlON OE CLASS , . .lVlr. Iol1r1 I. Kelloe 1' A ' " " , V ' A ' ' .::s'.s 1 1. 1 M'1r:lyr1Rf-r1.'f:o::. rid lf 1 Roltre' Accor. 1 .15 .1 ,A 1 , I 3 E A , T, 1j.n v A l C' O. 1 .. A H v I M X A J Y. , Q , . .... . , - Claxs 7 sure? , Q , v 1 F f . . . , . ILJ . .'1 Cgcir Organ C it 1 Isl-Kennet. e AIELLO WILMA 157 E 115 St News Rep Oll1C9 Se y GAA Mlx d Chorus May Feslval Colors CS Motto Corral ALA FRANK 2834 E ld A Adfertl mg Club Soclal Or 1' ta T I7 I-Il Y Ma 'l 11 Industrlal Arts A.-J A ALAMSHA LLOYD 1 336 ror t Ale Football Team Mlvea Cho us Cholr Ens rrlbl Trlx Hl Y A'nateur Show Ma hall Olll r Debatlng Club Drama Club r a ure PT p Varletl s C 1rP lent ANDERSON BETTY 10953 lorrral Ave May Queen out May F 'lla Glrl Gle Gamma Trl H Y Trea .l r Courl r R p Ro m Secy Room aue GAA Rep PTA Rep Style Sow Sprlng Fe tlval ANDERSON IANE 612 E 88 Place OlllC6 Secy Western Pam le GA A Marshall Otllcer Varle tles Marshal APGAR MARGUERITE 11143 Lore A e Phorex Glrls Glee Club Pre ldent Glee Club Llbrarlan May Court Beta Trl H1 Y Soclal Dance Comm Co Chalrrran Room Treasurer G A A G A A Rep Intramural Bask tball Bowllng Club Chrlstma F6311 val Sprlng Festlval Glee Club Ensemble Homecom na Oue ARVAY ESTHER 9319 Lyons Ale Phorex Room Comm Orneaa Trl Hl Y G A A Rep G A A Mlxed Chorus Drlll Club Intramurals Chrlstmas Festlval S yle Show AZZOLIN DIANE 11308 Champlaln Ave Marshall Orchestra Oftlce Secy GAA BAILIE IOAN 10350 S Unlon Ave Senlor Slng Comm Water Balle Glee Club News Rep 2 letters GA A Rep Zeta Trl Hl Y Fenger Day Sprlng Fe tlval Chrl tmas Festlval GA A Marshall BARR BEVERLY 655 E 87th St Graduatlon Monltor Hostess Club Presldent Beta Trl HlY Treasurer Room Presldent Courler Rep News Rep Phorex GAA Board Mlxed Chorus 1 letter OlllCe Secy Student Councll Senlor Slng Comm Marshall May festlval Chrlstmas Festlval Sprlng Festlval Intro mural Basketball Ways 61 Means Comm Drlll Team Natlonal Honor Soclety BARZ BEVERLY 11752 Parnell Ave Phorex Room Presldent Room Secy News Rep GAA GAA Rep 1 letter GAA Board Letter Glrls Club Senlor Ba ketball lNllXed Chorus May Festlval Chrlstmas Festlval Sprmg Festlval GI"GdLlC1llOhlVlOl'l1lOT Hostess Club DlllC1,1b Intramurals Styl Show BAUER IAMES 11400 Normal Ave Na lonal Honor oo l t, Phorex Announcement Comm Boys Glee Club MlX6d Chorus Varletles German Club Chem lstry Club Boys Glee Club Presldent ROTC Non Comm Oll1C9TS ROTC Band Drum 6 Bugle Corps Drama Club lane Eyre Our Hearts Were Young ana Gay P lde and Preludlce Marshall Offlcer Sprlrlg Festlval Chrlstmas Festlval BAUTZ FRED 17009 LaSalle St Swlmmlng 4 letters Marshall Ofllcer Marshal Phorex BEDDOW DAVE 11945 S Prlncetorl Ave Class Rlng Comm Reel rnen Int amural Basketball BEHNKE GEORGE 11145 S Parnell Ave Chemlstry Club Phorex German Club 'lon Comm Olflcer ROTC BENES EMIL 12093 Fqgl ton Ave Natlonal Honor SOCISIY Ba ball Team Basketball Team Advertls lng Club Fenger Day Comrrl Homecomlng Comm Intramural Ba ketball Student Councll Class Ol lcer Room Preslde t Room Treasurer Boys Glee Club Cla s Rlng Co'nr'1 Knlghts l'llY Industrlal Arts Award BESHUR.ESTHER 8700 Indlana Ave GAA Drlll Team Chemlstry Club Intramural Basketball BILKIS. LAWRENCE 11748 S Peorta Ave 'I45 V' 1 c' , . . ., ' e , t' , . . 1 -mera 'fe ' 'sl . ' cues r , r' . - , rsl a , ' ' ar, , . 1 T es ' . , Q ' r ., ' e.. e, ' '- , . ' , rs . 'ce , ' , , News Rep, Room T e s r, A Re ., ' 'e , 'ho' res d . . . I .1 ' C lr? ' esj' 1, ' s e Club, '- l- s' re , 'e e ., o . ' , Tresrr, , ., ' h', I 1 . . I l r . .b rs, . , , . ' , ' - ' l , ,. l Q I- -- l , 1 l , , , . ., . . , ., . 9 , ' , ' s - l 1 en 1 I -1 V 1 President, QlllC9 Sec'y, Room Sec'y, News Rep., Prom I . b . Q , . Y A I-f lf t -1 1 ,, .. .P . S. I .S . I I I IV I . , , A 1 , 1 - l 1 - I 'A I f. . . . . . ' I -1 - I S V . I . I . , F' ' , ' e 1 . . 14 " c'e A , ., 4 1 l r T I Q 44 9 1 1 I V , Al . 1 1 , . . es ' ' , se ., 1 , ' - 1 A A -, 1 . ' s , ' , f' , BLESSING. DARLENE. 10449 S Morgan St Room President, Office Sec'y, Room Treasurer, Room Vice' President, GA.A., G.A.A Rep, Drama Club, May Festival, Mixed Chorus, Choir Ensemble, l letter, Marshall, Style Show, Intramural Basketball, Christ' mas Festival, Spring Festival BOERSMA, IUNE. 11228 llormal Ave Office Sec y, Mixed Chorus, Spring Festival, Christmas Festival Announcement Comm, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, GA A, ln- tramural Basketball BONIFIELD, BILL. 9840 Morgan St Senior Breakfast Comm, Phorex, Intramural Basketball, Marshall, Stags Hi-Y, Room President, Orchestra, Chemistry Club BOSE, GEORGE. 10220 Green St Room President Boys Glee Club, Prom Comm, Pan.American Club Marshall, BAA, News Rep, Christmas Festival BOUMA BRUCE 11121 Emerald Ave Drama Cllb BA A Trix Hi Y BOWMAN ROBERT 341 E 116th S BRADLEY GERALDINE 10145 Princeton Ave Epsilon Tri Ht Y Phorex Girls Glee Club PTA Rep Office Secy Room Treasurer Marshall Room Secy Ros tess Club Drama Club Drill Team May Festival GAA GAA Rep Intramurals Christmas Festival Sprlng Festival BRAZZALE MADELINE 11604 State St Gamma Trl H1Y Secy Phorex GAA May Festival Senior Breakfast Comm Hostess Club Intramural Basket ball Intramural Volleyball BREUNIG ERIC 10101 Indiana Ave Concert Band Varieties Chemistry Club BROWN CAROL 12233 Princeton Ave Girls Glee Club Omega 'l'r1l'I1Y Senior Sing Comm Chemis try Club Phorex Spring Festival Room Vice Presl dent Room Treasurer Room Secy GAA GAA Rep Drill Team Debating Club Christmas Festival BURKE TOM 12225 Carp 'iter St Intramural Basket ba CAMPANA ROSE 1 232 Langley Ave GAA CANDLIN IOYCE 9059 East 84th St Room Treasurer Courier Rep New Rep Room Vice President G A A l letter Seating and Marching Comm Mixed Chorus Girls Glee Club Alpha Trl I-I1 Y Treasure Christmas Festival Spring Festival SOCIGI Cert-e Planning Comm Intramural Volleyball nramural Basketball Drop in the Bucket Court CARAPEZZA GLORIA IEAN 11525 Stewart Ave Of flce Se y Lambaa Chi Tri H1 Y Marshall GAA l"lI amural Basketball CARROLL IOANNE 1 a e A Pho x T easurer Courier Rep 1 ew D O ice S P 'I' A Rep Pride a d Preludl C A A G A algrra Trl H1 Y Vice President cl C apl n 4B 1 rlnatina Co rn Spina Fet a s Cl P o ex Rep Ch is 'nas Fe lwal CHENOWETH IOAN 7458 Exa Ma sna R o re ulrer o Re O I e G A I- Q A Rep D ll T arn O ega D op Roo ice e l CLARK STEPHEN 00 S Pa lc A COHS VERNON D09 N l2 th St oo ba V nas Fl Y Ma ll Off 146 1 - l 1 . . . 1 . . . - I I I e 1 . . . , . el . ' - ll T . I 0 L . . ,... .,V. .J , '-.f-Aj, ' I ' r l F, . . . - ,- Y . . 1164 Y 1 're . re , Room r , , .I ' s Re, fi ecy, . ' n ce, J , A Rep Senior Sing Comm, Mixed Chorus, Ensemble, E .. E - , - . . , an l , . llo .1 V m .,, . rl s IV 1 Hostes. 'xii r , . , , l r .Ll . st ' . . ' ns Ave YI, ll ..c T asv , C :tier p, fic Secy, S . C A , rl' e 7:1 Trl-I-ll-Y br -Ln- the-Buckef l. V' -Pr saent . . l 08 r' 're . . A ' ' ' 0 . F I ll Team, ikl 4' . - , rsha nicer, 4 letters COLTELLA IACK l2024 Pe If AJ Ma shall Otfrcer COOK CLARENCE 9250 Cal 'ne Ave Marshall rc r N Re ana B1.,le C rp Co'n"l Otftcer R O T C M snall CRAMER RUSSELL N ll3t Pla e Ma sna lffw d Cho on C CRANE PHYLLIS 10400 Em ala A Mrxed Croru May Festrval Chorr Erse ble Z ta IHI Y rr and Pretudlce CRANSTON BARBARA 9917 S Ge t B ta 1 r-l1Y Secy V1cePres1dent Cla s Othcer Wate Balle Drop rn the Bucket Que '1 College Day Aqua Frolrcs Room Presrdent Bowlr g Club Venger Day Intramurals OIIICB Secy ears Rep GAA Rep GA A Hom corrung Court CRESTO LAVONNE 148 E 190th St Phorex S uden Lrbrarran Marshall Glee Club Glee Club Ensemble Presrdent Lambda Chr Trl H1Y Prestdent Stamp Club GAA Pan Am rlcan Club CUNICO PHYLLIS 22 E 118th St Phorex Ottrce Secy GA A Intramural Voll yball Intramural Bas ketbatl DAVIS IOAN A ll754 Wallace St Concert Band Stage and Decoratron Comm Band Letter Van tres May Iestwal Student Lrbranan GAA Rep CAA Dr1ll Team Stamp Club Colors and Motto Comm Intramural Vollevball Fenger Day DAVIS JOAN C 845 E 89th St Phorex Otftce Secy Room Secy Lette Grrls Club Secy l letter Mar shall Courrer Rep Room Treasurer News Rep GAA Rep GAA May Festwal Dr1ll Team ro gram Comm lvommatmg Comm DE FACCI CLAUDE l0007 S Low Ave Intramural Basketball DELVEAUX ARNOLD ll4l7 Walla e St Marshall Marshall Otlvcer Room Presldent Room Treasurer New R p 2 letters Swrmmlna Intramural Basket ba DE MAIO ARLENE 336 W ll7th S Srgma Trl H1 Y Room Presldent Marshall News R p Glrls Gl e Cub CAA Ch1masFstwI DODSON PATSY l0003 Moraan St Fenaer N ws Staff Natronal Honor SOCIGIY Phorex Grrls Glee Club Ensemble Sormg Festlval May Festlval Room Treasu er Room Secy S ud nt Itbra ran Debatma Club CAA Intramural Ba ketball Chrlstmas Pestr VO: DOMBROWSKI GERALDINE lZO25 Lafayette Ave Room Tr asurer Courrer Rep I ws Rep Offl Secy GAA R p Omega Tr1H1 Y GAA Bowlrng Club DONOVAN DONNA RAE l0530 Latayett Ave B ta Trl I-I1 Y Mlxed Chorus Bo Nlrng Club G A A G A A Rep Courrer Rep News Rep May Pestrval Prom Comrn Intrarnural Voll yball Int amural Basrcetball DRAY EARL C l0200 St Lawrence Ave l l tt Swrmnung Team M1X6d Chorus DRITSAS PEGGY lll34 lndrana Ave G A A DUDZIK LEONARD 10740 Langley Ave Natlonal Honor Soctety Basketball Phorex 4B Class Pres1dent Room Presrclent Kmghts Hr Y Advertlsrng Club 'I47 . . r ' ' e r r . un 1 Off' e , lie' s p, Drum . ' ' at o s, lion ,, ,, ' , , . , ar Q , . 28 ' . h c r 1 ll, Xe . rus, fl . ornrri Officer , . o .. er ' ve 'r s, 1 ' , ' .. , e Tr - '- , P 'de ' " ' l letter . . ' . r en S e Tr'- ' - ' , ' - ' , s ' , r 1, ll -4 ' ' H 91 , , ' Q ' V' Q 0 0 , . . - , . . , . e ' 1 1 . . , I , . ,, , 'ee I . . 4 I , . . , , ' I ,, , . . . . ' e , . ' C , , - s e ., , ,, . ' ' 4, - ll . . 4 2 ' '- 4- , .' . . I , . e , ' . e, l , J , rs' . e. a n . A I D , l r I , -I L. D . V. I ' . , J , . 1 , '. . 4- Y e , ' , ie , 'ce t . . ' e e ...., . . e , r ' ' . . ' e er, DYKSTRA. RALPH. 11427 Yale Ave. Chemistry Club EBENS, MARTHA. 223 W lO3rd St Office Sec",'. GAA., May Festival ELBEY. FRANKIE. 9411 S Michigan Ave G A A. Chemistry Club ETTEMA, ALYCE. 41 W 113th St GA A Senior Sing Comm Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club May Festival Delta Tri-Hi-Y EZOP, ALBERTA. 12442 Princeton Ave. Phorex, Room President, News Rep, Office Sec'y, PTA Rep GA.A., Ring Cornrn, Marching and Seating Cornrn, Concert Band, Girls Glee Club, May Festival, Ornega Tri-I-li-Y, Debating Club, Drill Team, 4B Program Comm Cnristrnas Festival FLORES, BETTY. 11156 S Emerald Ave Room Presi- dent, Delta Tri-Hi-Y Sec Posture Queen, Graduation Monitor, Varieties, Ring Comm, Student Council. Drama Club, Girls Glee Club, May Festival, Mixed Chorus, Debating Club, Courier Rep, News Rep. Student Librarian, Spring Festival, 'Pride and Prelu- dicef' Chemistry Club, GAA., Bowling Club, Glee Club Ensemble Choir Ensemble FOLEY EUGENE 10436 Rhodes Ave Pro ex C ierui try Club Drama Club Intramural Basketball Con cert Band Marshall FOSS ELEANOR 9919 S Prairie Ave Courier Staff Beta Tri Hi Y Secy Homecoming Comm Student Council Room President Room Treasurer Office Secy GAA Ring Comm Orchestra May Festival Bowling Club Fenger Day College Day Intramural Basketball Diploma and Gift Comm D op in the Bucket Queen Quill and Scroll Society FRAZEE GLENN 342W 115th St Feriger N if Stalf Marshall Marshall Officer News Rep BAA Foot ball Team Vikings Hi Y FRIGO CATHERINE 11228 Champlain Axe Room President Room Treasu er Office Secy GAA Cap and Gown Comm Choir Intramural Basketball Style Show Christmas Festival GARBRAZ VIRGINIA 10456 Corliss Ave Phorex Stu dent Council Class Treasurer Room President Room Secy GAA Announcements Comrr' Girls G1 e Club Treasurer Vice President Bowling Club Drama Club Beta Tri I-IiY Secy Pan Arn rica Club Spring Festival Christmas Fe tual Social Comm Homecoming Comm Intramural Voll yball Intramural Basketball 4B Nominating Com Home coming Couir GIACOMELLI AUGUST 66 E K ri 1 a n A Room Treasurer Basketball Team Mar hall BAA Intramural Basketball GIFFNEY ROGER 10324 S Rhoa s A ea urer Mar hall Int am iral Bask tbal GONZALES FREDERICK 121 a GRAGER BARBARA 0856 Co aae G e a Tri rli Y S GRANT LOWELI. l Fl R Choir PTA R 1 Club GREB LORRAINE 830 E 69 i P om N3 'i C A p i a O ce GREGGA BRUCE St w e mina Ma ll arriui a Secy Choi Sea a Na c Hi Y 148 7 Y . . . li r , E fs- ' . . I A I I , , . , 1 e-'rs , I , A E , - I ,V . ., 1 - I . , - V .- ,- , VV ue . E A -, - ' ., e . Y 1 , , . 1 er sngto ve , , , s , , . . 'e. ve Roorn T7 4'- , s. , . .r ..i . ef 1 , . ' E 117th St llarfn 11 . . 2 O ft g rave Ave G A A D It -' -. ecy , . 1.3. i.afa'fefte A'.'e Cheng. Tru' Club, Football Manaaer, Rcorft Treasurer Marriall ' . , ep Phorex 'led Crofr Rep, Bcwlznfz . . 2 if lace .Announcezriffri C . :sl all 1 A, E .2 lon Tri-I-11-Y Df:11Cl'gb lntr rnural Volleyball off: Sec 3' Courier Rep . . 11228 La' 'rence Av Swztti- .' 4 rsha . Int? .. ' r ls Room Presxdent Rtcn' ' . r, ting an' . r ning Ccrnrn Vzkznjzx GURGEI. GWEN 9618 Forest Ave Phorex Room Treasurer GAA GAA Rep l letter Glee Club May Fest1va1 Dr1ll Team Letter G1rls Club Beta Tr1 I-I1Y Intramural Basketball Sprtng Festtval HAMMERLEE KAY 720 E 93rd St Marshall Room Trea u r Basketball Manage lntrarrtural Basket oa IIANNEMA CHARLES 49 W l08th S Marshall Cne'r11 t y Club HANSEN GAIL 11356 Stewart Ave PvlUllOnGl Honor Soc1ety 8 semester Phorex Fenger News Stall Cla s Olhcer Room Secy Sen1or S1ng Comm Col lege Day Graduat1o'1 Orgamst Student Counc1l Phorex Rep G1rls Glee Club Chr1stmas F SllVGl Larroda Ch1 Tr1 I-I1 Y PTA Rep Room Secy May restzval Chem1stry Club Sprlnq Festwal GAA GAA Rep Intramural Basketball lntramura1Vol1ey ball Qu11l and Scroll Soc1ety HARRISON IOYCE 9431 M1ch1gan Ave Marshal G A A G A A Rep Intramural Basketball May Festlval Debatlng Club Dr1ll Team Latin Club HEDBERG MILFORD 10500 Perry Ave Marshall Olhcer Concert Band Orchestra VOYISIIGS Chem1s try Club HERRON ERNIE 9243 S LaSalle St 1 letter Orches tra Reelmen Chem1stry Club HILLS MILDRED 20 W l08th Place Marshall Room Treasurer Room Secy News Rep Student Llbra rtan GAA GAA Rep Intramural Basketball In tramural Volleyball Orchestra Cho1r May Fest1val H1 Y Water Ballet L1te SGVIHQ Ch9mISlIY Club HOBEI. FRANK 701 E 91st St Student Counc1l Marshall Phorex Chem1stry Club DeCOfGlIOn Comm Lat1n Club Intramural Basketball VICE Pres1dent Cho1r Drama Club HOEKSTRA AGNES 11207 S Wallace St Nat1onal Honor Socxety 8 semesters Phorex Fenger News Stall Gtrls Glee Club News Rep Lambda Chl Tr1 I-I1 Y Phorex Rep May Fest1val l letter Intramural Basketball Intramural Volleyball Sprlng Festtval Chrlstmas Festlval Quxll and Scroll SOCIElY HOGBERG IEAN 10234 Rhodes Ave Student Coun c1l Marshall Room Pres1dent Room Treasurer GA A May Fe ttval Beta Trl H1 Y Treasurer V1ce Pres1dent Intramural Volleyball Intramural Basket ball PTA Rep Hostess Club HORVATH STEPHAN 9737 Woodlawn Ave Room Treasurer Chem1stry Club G1ft and Dlploma Comm Red Cross Rep News Rep Intramural Basketball HOTZFELD PHYLLIS 12432 Parnell Ave GAA Concert Band HULSEY BARBARA 600 W 120th St Sen1or Break fast Comm Cour1er Rep News Rep GA A GA A Rep Basketball IACOBS GRACE 10343 Pra1r1e Ave Phorex Eps1lon Tr1I-I1Y Pres1dent G1 ls Glee Club May Fest1val Marshall Ofhcer G A A Sprmg Fest1val 4B Prograrr Comm Posture Fmals PTA Rep Dr1ll Club Pan Ame 1can Club lACUS ERWIN 32 E l02nd St Phorex Mar hall Room Treasurer Intramural Basketball IAPENGA RONALD ketball IENRICH orat1on Olhcer 10903 State St Intramural Bas BAA Room Pres1dent Marshall KENNETH 10114 Wallace St Stage Dec Comrn Color and Motto Comm Mar hall Marshall Red Cross Rep 149 s re , - Y, - ' ' ll , . ' t . , A , s , , C . 1 -, ' 1 A -I ' ' I , ' , 9 . I 11 1 I- l- , . , , , I -, I I 'I 1 V - 1 Varieties, Bowling Team, Drama Club, Epsilon Tri- r I 'I - I I , , A - I 1 1 , s IOHNSON. HAROLD. 11249 Normal Ave. Phorex, Mar- shall, Reelmen, Intramural Basketball IOHNSON. PHYLISS. 44 E. l0lst Place. National Honor Society, Cheer Leader, Water Ballet, Student Coun- cil, Beta Tri-Hi-Y Vice-President, Girls Glee Club Prom Comm., Hostess Club, Class Officer, Room Pres- ident, Room Treasurer, Courier Rep, G.A A., 5 letters Letter Girls Club, May Festival, Fertger Day, Home- coming Court KAMICAR, IAMES. 9338 Kimbark Ave Student Coun- cil, Football Team, Baseball Team, Basketball Team Vikings Hi-Y, Bowling Club, Room President, Room Treasurer, Marshall, Assembly Comm, 4 letters, 4B Program Comm KAPUSTA MARIE 1.540 Z1 Q r arex Office Secy Cap and Gown Cornvrt Marshall New Rep PTA Rep GAA Intrarriural Basketball Intramural Volleyball KATZEN LEON 11328 Wallace St Room Presidert Room Treasurer Marshall Officer Reelmer Gift Corrm Marshall News Rep Band KEMPER CONSTANCE 625 W 129 Place Drama Club Adpustment Office GAA Phorex KENDALL GORDON 10326 Wallace St Phorex Fen ger News Staff Marshall Room President Room Treasurer Courier Rep News Rep Boys Glee Club Debating Club Drama Club Pan American Club KINDERNAY IAMES 10017 Prairie Ave Courier Rep Boys Glee Club Chemistry Club 4B Program Comm KISS DOLORES 12136 Princeton Ave Fenger News Staff Phorex Student Council Girls Glee Club En semble Lambda Chi Tri H1 Y President Graduation Monitor College Day Phorex Rep Intramurals GAA Ouill and Scroll Society KNOLL FRANK 12107 Harvard Ave Football Class Officer Intramural Basketball Marshall Officer Mar shall Cnorr Courier Rep KOBLICK PHYLISS 9831 University Ave Student Librarian GAA Lambda Chi lriHiY KOHI. RICHARD 719 E 91st St Phorex Room Presi dent Chemistry Club Intramural Basketball Drama Club Latin Club Choir KOSTIUK BARBARA 12251 Sangamori Ave Student Librarian Intramural Basketball SS BARBARA 3' 'I '2 h S Mars Rep Office Secy GAA GAA Rep Concert Band May Festival Debatina Club Drill Club KUHN IOAN 11946 S Halsted St National Honor Society Phorex Courier Staff Student Council Room President Courier Rep Alpha Tri Hi Y Hos ess Club College Day GAA GAA Rep Gym As i tan l letter Intramural Basketball lntrarriu al Volleyball May Festival Spring Festival Christmas Festival Pan American Club Fenge Day Quill and Scroll giclety Parents Night Display Case Corn i Mixed o L. KUKULA IOSEPHINE 34 E 118th Pla Corte Band GAA KULIG ROSE 11648 S Sangamon Axe Pro C rr Roo President C cert Band Roorn Sec J levi e Lelta Zeta T i Hi Y May Fes txal N Club KUN LESTER 616 E 93 C e Fo tnall Tea ball Tea Ba ke ball Tearrt Wre ling Tea l 150 mm- n M ,. N A- , 1 L J l Ii , . ' I I I 1 r 1 I r A Ar AA 1 r 1 . . 1 1 1 A - 1 - - 1 I A . , N I a - U 1 -' 1 I , . . . IA Avi. A 4t I. hGl1, NGTNS Omega Tri-Hi-Y, College Day' I u . , I . ' I ' .- .5 t ML ' , , . . , . ss 3, . Y ' , A 1 . CE . Q.. , . . ' om .2 , rn . , on . . , l 1 I '.1 R p . r - '- s, . 'tr Bo' lin: . . .tr -ef 3' - rtl Base- s t l .. st Vik- ings I-I'-Y LAEDERACH RUTH 4 one ISI O'1CI ,1 er ll 51 Sc R r1 S g C Cho1 YPed 'eS'sClbSecy C :L C ll we D 1 C on Graduat1o 'tt a C C C GI b XJ LA LOND LORRAINE 9 v q l1 p C rp LARSON IUNE 3F b ep J C F' 5 F 1 F ,1 al Bo lcetbdll LE RI LILLIAN e J Alp Pe1 Goda 413 Prora o e J Re St en Ltbrar an G A A G A A Rep In drnural Basketball Jrtf-e ,I Fe tw l Qt1 e Se C 1 trrtc F wo e ge af LEWIS DONALD W 120 H S PH r LITTLE MARILYN 0134 Cold ve T .1 G A A e N ep LOREK ANDREW 2040 Eme old Ave LYND BARBARA 0853 E br olce Ave Plro x Roo Ma srtall CA A GAA Rep lett r Q c es J Ma F itwol Band and Orchestra Va 1 t1e Bowlmg Club Sernor S1ng Comm Epmlon T 1 H1 Y VICE Pr stden and Treasurer Pan Arnencan Club C errt it J Cl1b D e 1dent D op 1n tl'1e Bucket l trorrtu ol Bd xetball Sprma Feettlol Chr1st'r1a Fee' :ol Glee Club Er1se ble MANTIA ELSIE MAE B950 S Dauplun Ale Phorex Chou bprtno Fest1val CIIIISTIUGS Fest1vol May FQSII al Roorn Secy Ccur1er Rep Omega Tr1H1Y -l Club JI ePres1dent OIIICQ Secy S9'I1OI Beokl A Rep GAA D1llCub .J c: Coup MANZARDO THERESA l253 F 130th S Phorey lvorshall O ICE Sec y GAA GA A Rep Cap 6 Goan C rrrn Drtll Tea'n P n A er1car1 ub Pnorey R 'o MARTELLO RICHARD 20" W lldth St lntramdrdl Basnetball MC NAUGHTON DAWSIE l0055 S S ote St Phorey Roo Pee1d n Glee Club a Amer1Can Club Alpbz T H1 Y S cy Rovnlmg Club Mo elrall Room Treo ure Cou 1er Rep G A A Rep Sen1or S1na Con If a Fe t1val 4R ommatlna Comm MERZ RONALD 77l2 Greenwood Ave Football RW k ball Teorn Roon Preeldent Phore A all len Rep Bo Nl1nq C u F oaram C 3 lette D oma Club 4A ro a T b re Awa d MUGG EILEEN l0854 Normal Ave lvauonal Honor Some f Phor X Fertoer lews Stall Student Counc1l Roo Pre dent Tbe c Tr I-I1 Y Preslaent G1rls Glee C db V ce P d r1 and Secy College Day Hoste Clotb Se IO S1ng Comn' Moy Festtvdl Cl'1r1stma t ett l 'vldr ol Q 1 5 Scro S c1etv' MULLEN THOMAS 79 Steno Ave Phorey C06 Pl n J al Basket atl C1a p MUSSACCHIO ROSE 60l F 8701 St ot1onal Hono Phorey Sudent Counc1l Roo e R o Secl COUTI6 Rep Homecommg 1 Se 1 GAA Treasurer 2 letter A Bead Dplo QGGIICO rn Cho1 Pre-s1de'1 S llay Fe 1val Va Queen Cou' Cl'1r1st1'r1r F951 al Spr1n Fes lVQl Let er G1 ls Club Pre 1dent G ad at1o Mont 4B Progra Cornrrt MUSICK SHIRLEY 12007 fdle A e NlGl'OI'1Gl Honor S LJ Pho ex Couner S'o' GAA Rep May Fe '1 al PTA Rep Pborey Rep lntrarn1,ralBasket boll Gao a1o1 Mon tor College Roy Cltermetry Club Fenge Dal Qu1ll 61 Scroll Socmty Student Co 1nc1l Roo Trea urer NAGELA. DENNIS 05l7 Co hee Ave Bdeke'ball Tea lfdwrall Q' ce Room Pre tde t lr'tra'1 1r1l Br' Ire hall 'l5'I . . H35 S. L ' - Ave 'C ti 1 l Honor Society, Pnorex, Co' ri Staff Qui roll Soc:-ety Claes 1.g Comrn , Senior in 'r Sec? Alpha Tr:-HL r FI ent, Hes-.. u " Gberr.:5fr'f lu' , o e, Raj bazrm . , A ri Monitor Social Ce. er I3l'.lf7Ii1I'1A ,anim o- 'rrnan Fenter flzv, lr.trar:xr':l 'follevball and Basket' all C A A . . l19l2 Stewart Ave Feiger 'I-ew: Staff, Frnde and PY'?j'.jd1CE,H Phor x S,u':er.f Librarian, Drarr.: Club, Debounx Cx b, Stom lu' G A A 1 . 2 0 W. 110th Plate Be'c Tri-H1-Y, Girl: G.-ee GQQ , Marshall, Roof: Seey, News R 'Jffife Sec1 J A A Drarra old' , .,r1.l Team, Christ' :ici Festival, Sprzng 1est1'.'al I:1trar:1 r 5 V . . 232 HV ll9tr. St C21 erina Club Gxle Clee Club Student Council ha TY!-H1-Y 'fxce r eden? r 'Ll tion Monitor, g Corgirn., Ferfqer News St ff, ll v 5 p, ud 3 1 , . , . trf . 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J I . , ' , . si , 1,-f 1- 1'- ." , ' - I' 1 -- res: 'e.t ' ' , 1 ' , ,n r ' 1 ., ' ., ' .2 Fes ivdl, Spring Fei va, 1 Sh , ull ll o' 1 . . ll2cf' . rt , l misfry Club, Se .Cr l tram' r' :' b ' ., . . . . 11 r SDCISIY Treasurer, e ., i 1 , Ill Rr rudeni o ' r , 1 ' Cornrn, Qffce C1, , S, GA '. r , A, 'i , 'r ' .1 ecy, .' , .1 3' . r., ' . s 1, o t' 1, t 'r . , r du ' n . lor, .. .. , . ' ' v . I . 1 NARDONI RENALDO 114 W l09t'1 Pla Phorey BAA NELSON CONWAY 10731 Calu e A e Sm rnirg lntrarnu al Ba ke ball Ma shall ROOW1 Se y NOMES BETTY 457 W 115th St O 1 e Secy GAA Basketball Choir Grls Glee C1 b May Festival Deba irig Club Lambda Chi T 1 H1 Y Che t y Club College Day Chri tma Fe tival NOVOTNY DONALD 710 E 93ra St Pho ew Room President Roo Treas.1re R elrrie Bowling Clab Chemist y Club Drama Club T am ral Ba ketbau OLSAR ROSE 12053 Princetor Axe Phorex Office Secy G A A Girls Glee Club En emble Vice P e 1 dent Pride 5 P eiudicp a o al H ri PALHEGYI GLORIA 140 E Ken ngton Ave Phorex Marshall O flC6 Sec y G A A G A A Rep Phorey Rep PALLAY DOUGLAS l52 W 03rd Place Phorex Student Council Marshall Class Officer Room President BAA BAA Rep Ba eball Team Foot ball Team Basketball Team Prom Comm Bowlina Club Vikings H1 Y Homecoming Comm Homecom ing Court PALMER CHARLOTTE 3 9 W 112th St Phorex Room Secy G A A Cap G Gown Comm Girls Glee Club Sigma Tr1H1Y Pan American Club lntra mural Basketball PANOZZO PETER 741 E lO3rd Place Class Officer Room President Football Team Pan American Club Prom Comm Luncheon Guard Vikings H1 Y PATTON CHARLENE 10523 Sangamon Ave Girls Glee Club Girls Glee Club Ensemble News Rep Marshall GA A GAA Rep Cap 6. Gown Comm May Festival Epsllon Tri H1Y Spring Festival Christmas Festival PAXINOS GEORGE Marshall Room Treasurer Intramural Basketball 10 E 112th St Marshall Officer PENN ADELYN 930 State St Intramural Basketball G A A PETERSON KENNETH 10214 Michigan Ave Phorex Choir Music Festival Christmas Festival Intramural Basketball Diploma 6- Gift Comm Room Treasurer Marshall National Honor Society PETRIE IAMES. 12042 Stewart Ave Rifle Team, Officers Club, Non Comm Officers, Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, Fenger Day, 3 letters, Marshall Officer, Marshall, News Rep, Amateur Show PIAZZA ROSE MARIE. 11355 Parnell Ave Perge. News Staff, Phorex, Girls Giee Club, Pan American Club, Intramural Basketball, 1 letter, Spring Pextivfzl Christmas Festival, G A A PONSETTI, MARLENE. 257 W 110211 St Room Pregr- dent, Room Sec'y, Courier lt:-p, News Rep, Pride 6 Preiuaice, GAA, GAA Rep, Girls Glee Club May Festival, Drama Club Sigma Tri-H1-Y, Spriniz Festival, Christmas Festival POWERS. RITA. 11429 S Colurrxet Ave Office Secy G A A G A A Rep, Social Orchestra, Girls Glen Club, Theta Tri-H1-Y, Style Show PRIDIIAN, MARGUERITE. 547 W 115th St Fenqf,-r New: Staff Phorex, 8 fzerneiters, College Day Pr:- aram Comm, Christmas Festival, Choir, Girls Glee Club May Festival, Courier Rep Room Secy 43 llorninating Comm, Talent Rev.1e, Chertzistry Club Quill 5 Scroll Society ffairgral Honor Scwxety 152 .77 I' 1 'fa QUIROZ IOE REESE GORDON REICH BEVERLY A RICHARDS BARBARA RIGONI GLORIA ROGERS WALDINE bn ROMANO WILLIAM 9 1 ROSEN EDGAR Q U M r null Ol IT C r ROSIE RONALD 6 H Tl Pm 1d rt Room Tr ex 1 h f J A O 1 C 1 1 D or f 11 1 1 ROWLEY IEANETTE U3 9 la o W e-cs r 6 Q A P "1 Cc IT ep ub e Vip 1 A"1s' 1- :xl I1 ol A Q l'1 IH C 1113 Nate cw e' Clwrmtrwzr Fe 'wal Co V1 Fenge Day Drop I"1 the Bu llOVf11"'1C11l Q Cormw mf lc 1: IYIIICI rr uml l'1"'1J 1 rrul 9 I-Ior' ocor' rw C RUDOFSKI LEROY 12223 131 YI A L1 1 9 UL U 1 D 1 12 1 1 D ow uc T nt Rc ue P clc d P131 O"I A I T Day 3 letter 1Q11OI1C1l Horor S e 1 SALAMON BETTY 11581 In fx 1 1 oc S oo I1 Pm 1dQ'1' Hoff Co mpqrx T11 H1 Y C1111 C1115 Bow 1I'1g Club 1C0 Sec y May Fe wal Fl CI no JI1I'1Q F 1101 e 1b C f AA .p SANCHEZ, ALFONSO. 114011 ' ' 5 rr r1:1' .. A 1 '17, 331' 'zl ':::p 'l.'1.:fA 1' TeQrf1,J11c1:4,s -' P7151 1r1.,.':i',' SANDERS NANCY. EU I S ' rL: " C 11 " - :nfl .-r,, . A 11., Kitt ,,:1.::3, 175111117 ' A C A A Rep, 1. C., ny i1t".'z, :xr 1r e 1, If ' C , .rx ..f,f ., Slifi' 1-yhC1ll, CD.11,e- 1 T-T.1.r 121, ct: 13" SANDERSON. IOAN. 500 E 59.5 C ff1:, T ff' 1 3:5110 , CAA, AA ei, .A 515: r:-,..- D11 J, Tiff? ...' x11 ',ll:f' C111 SCALET. CAROLE. IG' 'E .Fauna 're Delta Tri- l'- Trccrnrn Citi, hair C5159 Ce: Stgieztt '1IZY'IT1C1I'I, irzstrxcs . egtzx' -GSI et' all C1 A . .,e ep, .ur-2:15 ..1g:t tyxe .1531-.' SCALETTA, ROSEMARY. l2l E ll7th Place Phare:-: Choir, May Festivcxl G A A, Cv A A Ref: Fzcri Se: y C5'.1r1er Rep 1Ie'.-.ia Rep, 1v111.'zf: Fe,f1t1'.'3'l CI.Y1."fII.3.' F'e,z11v'1l lr11rcr1iurcl Vclleyfxzll SCHLUETER, VIRGINIA. 111940 florztial Hotte- commq Comm Alpha Tr1-H11Y, E lf11'er Senor S1113 Comm, C1115 Glee Club, EfT:T9IIlilL, 43 ff:t:.1r.3t1r1g Cczgrzz, 011101 S-9:11 Sprznd Ff1."z'.'3l, 13557. Sedy Cl'1r1.s1::1C1:f I'e.S1:vcl, litrixftpigrfll VQl1f:yb'11l l.fl3',' FQ--fl, viii, GAA, GAA Hep I1C'.'J11T.1 C11 FTLQHTJ L1:1r':r.f1:1 lk-'.x'.f F011 f,r'1:'.: Cl 1: 153 SELDEN ROBERT h I HOT SENECZKO IOSEPH SERIG SHIRLEY n 'I SHAPEK ALICE I' L I3 :1 sn lc II SIBBERT WAYNE Cne Cnr, I SIMS CAROL U33z C11 C II Tl Club Im Q r t Fe two 1 Prlde 5 PrP1ud1cfJ IJ LQ1 1 Cl Jil S001-ety SNEADE DOROTHY TIHIYSQCY Ho Ie ebt vol oo c ,f Mo hall C e C y G A A G A A Rep 15 Room V1ce Prewdewt mtw 1 ml SNYDER IO ANNE 7779 9 M C1 A ee Club Wilt 1 BQIIQ C f CI SOMERVILLE TOM U423 Socml Orchewro C e x I-I Y we e R Rxrff Pre 1C19'II Courwr Rep O Fe SORGANI RONALD E Boys Glee Club SOROKA LILLIAN ANN O38 F 92 1 'LI edt Cou1'1c1I Of'ce Q 3 Q uk Mov F Q eo 1ew R ec V 2 e'ter +2 Qrl "1 eSI SPEVAK PATRICIA 127 5 'Ya o lety Phore-Y 8 N o 1 Room Preildpnt Roo Cvmenf Couwul COJTI r Rep Studewt Co en CIIIGITTHGW Glec Chb Se 1 ov .fm 'I' 1 I-I Y S 1 e Treobq e G ..c1, o.1 oz, Cue- Clj. fr- 111, ow ri.. ...mrr:. .,'l.'I.,'If'I ..A Ofhoe oof' .,-,,ix':' ".'11'.1fx' ' I A , 1 P .. NVQ! . ,. . , STAAT SYLVIA. IA-147 Harvzr ' " - 1 -A :It Com.. .ore-x, H Qin - .-TCI.. In, ::.'1,'1 'zif A STEGRNOA BARBARA. Qlff' GAA ' -Q 1,-fo' 1 . X, 1.,, ,.,,. r..j:7i: HH-Y Phtrf-' if 1" ' Q,,.,.,, ':-... f- ,-, ,,.,,- C'.,- I 'Of-.Y 'N-..,. T . . , ' Vo ...,.. -,Q J Jon.. . ,.. STEWART, ARIJELLA. 3' ' ' ' VKMYVHYU nv - fx . . C11-:..... H5 .,. .L -1 .-1 .-. STROMBERG, CAROL. ff QQ't:1 'SA A P?-i-gi Cy.: 'Sl'--2 CQ .E Q "' ' 7 ' ,.,. . ,.. flfr. C111 1,,..f.' f','Z' ,....... ' " STUART, PATRICIA. 95:3 " " I C, Nw r-r. fx. Tv- ll, " ' ' I - - I I. . , . I-.. . -1 Ti-T I: Zlfff' SWART, MARTIN. 1.-Q 1."J, f' 1' f,1.. Hin , i.. 2 . , . 1 .fr 'lifmffl iff 1. Cf 'rz F' zz.: r5.1 ' ,'1:' V1.1 154 1. '...:..s..kx SCHROEDER FRANK ll759 N lla St Mar hall t' L ll Tea Smrr' a R bl S at THELEEN DONALD V7q L r a THOMAS RICHARD THOMSON HELEN fl 1-AAP VALENTAS HELEN IEAN LL lf a P ut " C A R Ba retball O Ma J' TA p VANDERMEY IOYCE 3ll V I1 S a 1 a VANDERMYDE CHARMAINE H1843 Eygle tor Ave 'ta l-lonor S Ctetl ho me te Qu1ll 'Z S lt SOC16lf F ny-r New Ste StuaentCo,1r'C1l V ePr tdent GAA Prestd n Room Pre1 ent Ga l.JICI"1 Vlorntor Gtrls Gl Club Glee Club bl Sen1 S1'1a Comm Letter G1 ls Club H Club Trea ur r News R p Grade Averages Cnerrtt t 1 Club Fertger Day College Day lntrarnural ball lrtt arrural Volleyball May Fe twal GAA etter C'lT1 'ta Fesnva VAN PROYEN MARILYN ll925 I rmal Ave Plrtorex t 1C ec f Cp a Carnrna Tr1H1Y S C Pres1:te ' Pog an' Comm ta u :xl Ba rf tball lntramu a' Volleyball ho Club VERMEULEN KATHLEEN ll854 Lorie Ave Prto ex C ,I GA A Pr1de 6 Pr lUdlC9 The a Il l'l1Y D tatmg Club Drama Club Pan Ame-r1Can Club Clterrustrv ClJlD In ramural Basketball C A A a II S VIANELLO LOUISE ll5 E 103 d Place Pnorex Lambda Clf11 Tr1 I-11 Y G A A May Fe trval lntra mural Basketball VINCIGUERRA IIM ll5l9 Yale A e l letter Cor ert Ha a J hfstra SCC1alOrCl1e t a Va 1et1e Nest rn bl r VITALE FRED ll24V S U'llO'l A Pl'1oreY Room a nt Roorn ea J r P oball Team Krug F1 Y Cnermstry Club lrtt amural Ba tcetball VOLEK FRANK F 0 th Marsha O ll er Roorn Pr sldent C011 r Rep Clas Rlng Comm P o Comm lnt ar' ral Basketball VOSS MARY 7A7 E 92n'4 Pla R om Tr le te Drt e Gtrls Clul, Eps1lo'1 T 1 ,Q Q WESTIVAN ROGER 1l4ll Parnell Ave Pl1ore Boy Glee Club Var tes Debattr Club Dra a Club Sl"lG r lla sball Va ll Ott C our e Ns ep orn ref' f C 11 WHALEN, ADWARD 12329 State S' Roo Pre td 1' rCC'b"l 1ear1 ln ural Ba -fetnall WHITE. PATRICIA 9600 Merr1on A e Pborex Delta T H' Y VICE Pre 'dent Clas R 3 Comm Cap G Gu. n Corn 1 Cnet' May Pe11.al Roof' Secy Mar ball Oltlcer G A A Rep G A A Bowl11 g Club t.e Rep Cl' 1 ' '1 Festt' al S,.f'l'lQ Fe tval Ma Hall WIBERG. WERNER 500 F lU2nt St Mir hall 'I55 . . ' 3 ce s ' , Class O..1cer, Room Prestdent Foot' a1 " 1 1- rxng Tear: Choir, St aj: l-fi-Y Western ers, Ct ge Crew , . lu 115 lberrcrt Ave Boy: Glee Cixi, 3'f,'JJllIi'Q Club, Cha:-rrnz: Fegttvzl, Spr11g l'e3'1'.'al lvl rshall . . Ad'i:e.5:7 l.1'1r:n':ll, R551 Trezzurer Sara: lrzve 'E A A l Miter Base- r.':Ql Texrr., Easfefball Tear: , ' . 34 E 1113, Pl Ce fnir:m'gr:l Eaiketball lnirorrixral Volleyball May Festrral Off1:e Sway, Room Se:",' Roof: Treapgrer, Marshall, Phorex Phorex Rep G A A 'S '1 Girlf Glee Club, P T A Rep , . lm E 1Q41n Pl Ce Mar- .g:1:Q. Ofiizer, Marshall, Roo: Secy, Courier Rep, fIev.'1 Pep, Oif1Ce Sef: y, ,e" Cross Rep, S A A, .1 A ep, , rchegtra, y Festzval, I :liz Tri-H1eY, P Re , Sprgng Festival . . ' J 2121. Place Profex, Courier Rep, Gamma Trt-H1-Y, May Feqtival, 'S A A, lQr1gl1.1r1 .,eC",', lntr r l.s Tfat1o1 l C Q 1, P rex 8 :se 53 rs, '1 Cro' ', e f- 1' ts aff, ' 1 '1 ' IC - ES' , , 1 e t, yd , 1 r fi 'f 3' l 1 ' , ' x ee , - Ensern e, or '1 4 1 1 , r 1 , ofstegs S e , ' 1 e , C F, Raulfei , . r 11 , ' -11 ' , 1 , I l , I 'st:1 s CF' ul O1l' e S, ", G A A, G A A R A 1, M y Festival, J '- '- oejy, " n., r r 1 1 , lnr r 1 s'.e , r11 l ' , ' stess Roori Se , ' ' e' t T '- A I W el . I ' 1 1' C, , .I , 1' , l 1 , J , Arn Tex .how . . 1 v ' , .C R' ' rc :1 ' 1: r r' ,fa l' 5 :- Ram e ff 1 . 1 J 1 ' 1 ve. 1, Presi 'e 1, 11 Tr- re, 'C 1 , 1' kts 1 - , 1 1 ' , 1 r S' , . 560 ... l 5 St r ll i"C , 11 ei' , 'rxe ,, 1s ' 1 1, r 1 , r 11u 1' , . F u Ce o 1 e':1aurer, llews Rep , Office SeC",', G A A, G A A. Rep, l t1 r I 'll Club L-iter C" 1 C 1 .' 1 r1-lrl -Y, Style Show' A . . Q 1 l X 3 , ietl , ' 11 , m , Senior '1 A CC . ' , .1 rsha1 1.1 er, C - :er R p, Ile' 1' R- , Ro 1 T s.1i1rer, Cnemistr' l 'lo WILLETTE ARLENE 201 W lllth St Courrer Stalt Alpha Tr1Hr Y Stage 6 Decoratxon Comm Program Comm Bowlrng Club News Rep Room Secy May Festrval GAA Rep GAA Room Vrce Presldent Style Show WILLIAMS ROBERT 540 L 88th Place Drama Club Courrer Rep WILMOT GERALD ll425 S Prame Ave Swrrrtmlna l letter Bowlrrtg Team Mar hall Boys Glee Club WILSON IOAN 217 VV ll3th St Phorex Phorex Rep Courrer Rep PT A Rep Ofuce Sec y Hostess Club Bowlrng Club Lamoaa Cm 1r1n1 1 41: norm lah a Comm Intramural Ba lcetball Intramural Volleyball G A A YONKER RONALD llo4O Harvard Ave Chorr Boy Clee Club Room Treasurer Marshall Ollrcer Amateur Show YORK GERALDINE 26 l0lst St Semor Stnq Comm Grrls Glee L,lub Phorex 4B Nomrnatmg Comrr Courrer Rep Room Secy Glee Club Pro aram L,ha1rman hrrstmas Festlval Office Secy GAA YOUNG BETTY 10135 Emerald Ave G1rls Glee Club Bowlrng Club Phorex Marshall Courrer Rep OIf1ce Secy GAA l letter Dr1ll Team Sprmg Festlval Chrlstmas Festrval Fenger Day Intramural Volleyball Intramural Basketball ZONTA ELSIE H432 St Lawrence Ave News Rep G A A G A A Rep Grrls Glee Club Sprmg Festlval Chrrstmas Festival PTA Rep Intramural Basket ball Intramural Volleyball ZUBIK ROBERT 711 E 87th St Football Team In tramural Basketball Class Rlng Comm 4B Nommat mg Comm Knrahts H1 Y Room Treasurer Marshall ROWLAND IOANNE lUU38 Emerald Ave Marshall GAA GAA Rep May Festrval Delta Trl H1 Y Water Ballet Style Show AUTUGRAPHS 156 "s EHAUUATIUN IVIUNITUHS Arlene Aklinski, Lucille Merit, Arlene Oedzes, Rose DiSanto, Elaine Pcrxinos, Louise Eenigenburgh, Nellie DeVilt, Sue Boyd. Gwen Hauge. Bea Silvaqe, Charlene Reich, Ioan Carli, Ann Stevens. Who wouldn't want to follow Thirteen may be called an unlucky number, but each semester these girls down the aisle?" thirteen 4B girls consider themselves quite lucky. lt seems that the 4A's arent 2 the only ones that wall: down the aisle to "Land of Hope and Glory," for they are honored with thirteen lovely escorts in lacy white formals, These girls are chosen because ot their high scholastic standing, participation in school activities, good grooming, and good posture. They practice with the graduates and are coached to keep the processional, award! ing ol diplomas, and recessional, running smoothly. This is a true honor and all the girls will treasure the memory of the night they were graduation monitors EUIVIIVIITTEES W PROM COMMITTEE Front How Nancy Sanders Iea nette Rowley Second Row Frank Volek A lene Alclrnskr Elame Paxmos Rose Kuhg LaVonne Cresto Esther Arvay Phrllls Iohnson Thrrd How Alfonso Sanchez George Bose Peter Panazzo Donald Holman Iames Kam rcar Dan Zozak LeRoy Rud ofskx Douglas Pallay Donna ald Merz CAP AND GOWN Barbara Stegenga Mane Ka pusta Theresa Manzardo Cath rme Frrgo Charlene Patton Charlotte Palmer SENIOR SING Seated Charmarne Vandermyde Garl Hansen Front Row Dawsxe McNaughton Vxrgrnxa Schlueter Lrllran Soroka Beverly Barr Ioan Barley Barbara Lynd Ioanne Carroll Ioan Davrs Second How Ruth Laederach Ceraldme York Alrce Ettema lames Bauer Robert Selden Exleen Mugq Roger Westman Carole Brown Kathleen Vermeulen SEATING AND MARCHING rom 11 w Fonala H0519 Ioyce Canalm Second Row Alrce Shapek Bruce Gregga Robert Mar quardt Alberta Ezop 158 I JAN U , 1 9 5 2 o f ' ' ' : , r- Donovan, Chester Hills, Ron- ! ' 3 A V1 Q 3 ,I 2 - 43 S DIPLOMA - GIFT STAGE DECORATIONS- COLOR AND MOTTO chio, Eleanor Foss, Steve Horvath. EUIVIIVIITTEES ANNOUNCEMENTS Geraldine York, Lillian Levri, Barbara Richards. Iune Boersma. lames Bauer. Leon Katzen, Kenneth Petersen, Rose Musac- Frank Hobie, Ioan A. Davis, Wilma Aiello. Kenneth Ienrich, Donald Lewis. GRADUATION PROGRAM COMMITTEE Leonard Dudzilc, Carole Scalet, Marilyn Van Proyen, Marguerite Pridjian, Iames Petrie. 159 SENIOR BREAKFAST William Boniiield, Beverly Barz, Elsie Mantia. Barbara Hulsey, Betty Solomon, Madeline Brazzale. UFFIEEHS JUNE . 1952 IOHN FAVERO President THOMAS KELLY Vice-Presi dent ARLENE AKLINSKI Secretory GWEN HAUGE Treasurer Processlonol Lond of Hope ond Glory Elgor Voledlctory Address Arlene L1ndqu1st Glee Club MISS lrene M Connor D1rector Address Mr Edword E Keener Stgr Spgngled Banner Key Ass1stont Supermtendenl of Publlc S Hool You ll N ve Wolk Alone Rodgers Rem cl: lnvocotlon Rev M E l'1ouge Glee Club Nelcorrve Iohn Fovero Closs Presmdent Presentotxon ol Closs Glee Club Ko 1 Leo Acfompomst Presemcmon of Dlplomcs Qolutotory Address Eloxne Poxrnos C1035 SONG FGUQGY High Preservtouon ol Closs Gut Gwen Houge Benedlctwon Clos Treo u -: Tne Lord D o e Molotte Recess onol lflr Iohnj Kehoe lflr lohn E Senex Prmcrr Rossetter Cole loy Ketelle Glee Clue O gon A compomst l'orce ne Rouge 'I60 P ll ll ll ll ll lVl V " .,., , . .A , M I 9 Y - ' H ' P 'i CA i 'S X l I u I 1 . God of All Noture ' Tschoikowsky, Rernick V g ASSiSmfPfif1C1P21 'l 's.ryr ,S :ITT .i . ' r C Q f fl lx ADDISON MARK ll432 Uftlon Ave la1oral Hono tl P'1orex S ud 'tt Counc1l Pres1d nt Fenge Staff B 1 Club V1 e Pr s1dent Trea Re lrre S6010 S1 g Corrrrt Roo Pr 1aen '1 Day Ch m t 1 Club Parent 1 ht C ean 1 p Cnatr cm l'1tra l Ba ketball Sprmg Fe twa Ch 1 'nas F' t1val AHLSTRAND IOAN l0550 May St Alpha T 1 H1 Y ho o Esmbl r1ta sua S 1n va A ,' F a a F t1 al AIGNER ANTOINETTE V656 Sartgarr n St GAA AKLINSKI ARLENE l 19h S Cla O'l1ce Ph x Ga:l.1a1cn Voruto Prom Co rn Garnrna Room Se y May F9SI1VC1l Marshall Intramural Volleyball Sprmq Eest1val Chrlstrnas Fest1val lntra mural Baske ball GA A May Queen Court ALBRIGHT SUE l06l2 Eagleston Ave Fenger H1 C rS'ude t l.1brar1an Phorex SGFIOI' Smg Comm A A ALBERTS EDWARD l0l3o S Stat St SN11nm1na Team Intramural Ba ketball Cho1r Chrlstmas Fest1 val Sprtng Festtval ALEMAN DON l07l3 Cottag Grove Av S1v1mm1na Team ALLEN DORIS 9514 S lncltana Ave Phorex Room Prestdent Room Treasurer COUTIST Representatwe Cho1r Sprxng Festlval Chr1stmas Eest1val Delta Tr1 H1 Y GAA Offrce S cy ALM DALE l0509 Wallace St G r'r1an Club Chem 1-stry Club CIIOIF May Festtval Marshall ANDERSON GRACE l0209 Parnell Ave Bowhna Club G1rl Glee Club Sprmg Fest1val Chnstmas Fest1val 4B lomtnattna Comm Intramu al Jolley ball GA A lntrarrtural Basketball Gamma Tr1 H1 Y GAA Rep Marshall ANDERSON IANICE 47 W lllth Place Room Pres1 dent OIAICQ Secy Or hestra Socral Orchestra Chorr Zeta Tr1 H1 Y Pres1dent Chnstrnas Fest1val GAA Rep GA A Room Secf News Rep Var1et1 ANDERSON IOYCE l19l3 Yale Ave llattonal Honor Socr ty Phorex 8 sernest rs COIIFIQY Stall Program Comm 48 Nomrnatrnq Comm Ofhce Secy lntra mural Basketball COUTIGT Rep Room Secy Parents N1ant Marshall GAA Chem1stry Club Ou1ll 6 Scroll ANDERSON PHYLLIS l24 W l08th Plac GAA Rep GAA ARRINGTON ARDELLA ol l4 Lafayette Ave Orches tra VGTIEIIGS CAA l'1tra'nural Ba lcetball lntra 'tural Volleyball ASHACK HARRY l0934 FGOYIQ St Fertger News Stat' Bovs Glee Club May Festwal Chrrs mas Fest1 val Tr1x H1 Y ROTC Drum 61 Bugle Corps Drama lab Che ISIYV Club lla Comm Othcers SSDIOY S1 a Comm 2 letter BADER. CHRISTINE llll7 St Lawrence Ave Mar shall GA A GA A Rep Cho1r Bowlma Club lntrarnural Volleyball Intramural Basketball Chrtst mas Fe-st1val Spnng Festrval BAFFA, DONALD 207 E ll6th St Bow'l1na Club BALDES, IOHANNA Fenger News Staff Room PFQSI dent Phorex Cour1er Rep Ofhce Secy Student l.1brar1an, G A A G A A Rep l letter May Festwal PTA Rep 161 . . 1 ' I t' 1 r Sooie 1, l t I e1 ' ' e r News , O' s Glee , 'C - e ' 1, s- urer, e 1 n, 1' r n 11.1 , es" t Fe1 get ', 1 e . is1rj V, s' lI'g 1 l 1 Y A ' ' rn 1 1 rnura s , '1 s " l, 1 r'st11 es ' . , . ' .1 r'- F , C11 ir, Ch If e1 e, Ch 's rn s Fe. l, pr' g Festi' l, GA. ,, Ma' estival, Marsh ll, l letter Christm s es 'v 1 . . A 1 10 , . . l 4 E l' t t ss .' r, 1ore, r 1 r, 1 Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, Rocm President, Room Treasurer F, . r I4 5 I r U 4 r - f . 4 . . 4- , I' ,Yi - , , 1' ' 1 1 1, .7 , 1 . . S e ' ' ' . . e e ' ' ' . . , e 1 , - I 1 A , - -A ' , I ' ' 4 . ., r ' - I 1 . Y' : u I . N 4 -1 1 -1 1 ' , . e . 1 'n 1 , s BAMBIK. BERNICE. IZOIQ Wallace St, Drama Club, G A A, Girls Glee Club BASILE, MARGUERITE. Il725 Prniceton Ave. Senior Sing Cornrn, Choir. News Rep, Marshall, Spring Festival, Christmas Festival, GAA, Theta Tri-I-Ii-Y BELCHER. GERALDINE. li8l9 Sangamon St Prorex Room Seay, Roorn Treasurer, Courier Rep Glee Club Ensemble, Hostess Club, Girls Glee Club, I letter, Delta Tri-I-Ii-Y President GAA Reb, GAA Gift Cornrn May Fes.i'.'al, Varieties Sprina Fe:ti'.'al, Christrna.: Festival In rarnuraix, Parents flight BELL. ARTHUR. 9424 S Sta'e St Marshall, ll-ew:- Rep, Non Comrn Officers, ROTC, Drurn 5 Bugle Corps Piskefi Platoon Latin Club, Chemistry Club BENNEMA,CAROLE. 333 I-'J iilth Place Water Ballet, l letter, Senior Sina Cornrn GAA, GAA Rep, Glee Club, Christmas Festival, Spring Festival, Amateur Show May Festival Drama Club, Sfyle Show BERESH. FRANK. lIl57 Eggleston Ave. Trix Hi-Y, Marshall, Intramural Basketball BERG, IOHN. IOII3 Princeton Ave Svviinrnina Team, Band, Varieties, Intramural Basketball, Marshall, I letter BERG, PAUL, IUII3 Princeton Avo. News Rep., Intra- mural Basketball, Band, Varieties BIANCHINI. IEANNE. 556 E. ll5th St. Fenger News Staff, Room Sec'v, Courier Rep., Announcements Comm., Choir, May Festival, Lambda Chi Tri-I-Ii-Y Vice President, Sec'y, Western Ramblers, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, Varieties, GAA. Show, G.A.A. BILINSKI, STANLEY. l234O Union Ave, Room Treas- urer, Seating QS Marching Comm. BLAAUW. BENNY. lO03U Perry Ave. Chemistry Club Phorex, Phorex Rep. BLACK, PATRICIA. lO954 State St. Room Seoy, Ctmega Tri-Hi-Y President, Basketball, Volleyball, G.A.A,, Marshall, Office Seoy BLACKFORD. RONALD. 33 E. IUlst St Phorex, Mar- shall, Football Band, Intrarnurol Basketball, I-Ii-C Club, Chemistry Club, Latin Club BLOUIN. RONALD. lll54 Langley Ave Concert Band, ROTC., Marshall BOERSMA, ANTIONETTE. lU8U6 Eggleston Ave Senior Sing Comm, Choir, Choir Fnsernble, Varieties, Chemistry Club Latin Clur, G A A, lntrartiurals. Girls Glee Club, Grchestra, Sprlna Festival, Cnrixt- :nas Festival BOERSMA, MARLENE. 238 W lO4tli Place GAA Strap Drive, Parents' lfight BOVENKERK, CARROL. 9927 Peoria St Baton Tv.'1rler Zeta Tri-I-Ii-Y Baton Club May Festival, Varieves lntrarnural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, GAA BOYD, BETTY. 93ll Cottage Grove Marerall G A A Drarria Club Seav 162 BOYD SUSAN l0600 Wallace St Student Counc1l S cy COUTIQ Staff Phorex 8 erne ter Nat1onal I-to or So 1ety V1ce Pres1dent G aduat1o'1 Momtor Room Pres1dert Fe'1a r Day 4A G1' Comm Ho tes I b Beta Tr1 H1 Y Stude t I.1b a 1a Wa e Ballet Che xstrf Club Se I Intramural Ba K tball Intra ura Volleyb ll I Vtce P e 1d nt 1reYRp GAA MayFet1.fl H11 anRla1on A sernbly C rn 1n Club Fe a r I A IO'I F BOYNA MARGE 456 W II7 rt S I! r hall Othc S ud rt Lbra1ar1 C AA Drarna Cl b Ch m1 try Club 4A Seat rg 5 Mar rung C BRANDT DARLENE 8909 S Lo .ve AJ Room Trea 1 e Eos rrtnl Chou G1 I Glee Clutb Drama Club G A A May F twal Ch1 tmas F t1val dent Student I.brar1a'1 Orcne tra Var1et1e CAA Roorn Secy Che'r11str1 Club Intramural Basketball Intramural Volleyball Saddle Club BRASCHLER BETTY IANE 7 W lllth Pa e Cho1r G A A Chrtstmas Festtval May F st Jal BREAULT MARY ELLEN ll766 Walla St Mar hall Cne'n1 try Club Student Ltbra 1an PTA Rep G A A BRESLAND ANNABELLE I2Z05 llormal Ave Water Ballet Program Comm Mar hall Ott1cer Othce Secy May Festwal GAA Rep GAA Intramural Volleyball SN1mm1ng Meet BRIDGE RONALD 10535 Forest Ale Intramural Basketball Champ1or1s Cholr Chrlstma Fest1val Spr1ng Fe t1val BROADFIELD WILLIAM I09 W ll3th Place Basket ball Team Smmmtnq Team l letter BAA Intra mural Basketball BROWN ALLAN 9753 S Pra1r1e Ave Cour1er Rep Baseball Team BROWN CHARLES 9412 Fore t Ave Mar hall BROWN GLADYS ll722 lnd1ana Ave Room Treas urer Room Secy Courter Rep Scrap DTIVS Othce Secy GAA GAA Rep S1gma Tr1H1Y Secy Posture Pmals Intramural Basketball Intramural Volleyball Sprmg Festlval Chr1stmas Festtval Gtrls lee Club May FSSIIVGI Glee Club Program Chaufman BROWN MARIANNE 9426 Rhodes Ave Room Secy G1rls Glee Club Marshall Red Cross Rep GAA Lhmstmas Fest1val Sprtng Festtval Debatmq Club lun1or Ach1ever11ent Intramural Basketball BUDD IIM 644 W ll7th Pl c Phorex Natlonal Honor Souety Sw1mrn1ng Team l letter Boys State Rep Trtx H1 Y Bovs Glee Club Ways 5 Mean Comm Student Counc1l Intramural Ba ketball May Fest1val Che-mtstrv Club Room Pre 1dent I letter BAA BUSCH WILLIAM 302 E I3-lth St Marshall Intra mural Basketball BUSH, BETTY ll20l Vernon Ave Ofttce Secy GAA Cap CS Gown Comm Orchestra Intramural Basketball Intramural Volloyball 1 letter BUSHONG, DONNA ll9l9 Emerald Ave G A A Beta Tr1 H1 Y BYTNAR, SEVERINE l2600 Umon Ave Room PTESI dent Room Secy Othce Secy GAA Class R1ng Comm Phorex Delta Tr1 H1 Y Pan Arnencan Club 4B lNom1nat1ng Comm Student Counctl Posture Fmals, Lunchroom Comm 163 1 . -, 1 ' 9 , -Y , , s 11 s s ' ' . . . 1 . . . H C , - 1 f , I - A -f A , V- ,9 ', '11 1 1 ., S 5 Cu 1 - - , YI ' r r' n, ' t r , C1 ' cf, 1 1' s' e , - m l a , letter, Room ' - 1' s' e PM -. 9 -, -, ' s"a, e t' s s -11 o ' o11 Lat' . nge n ct' 1, Quill .J Scroll . . tl t .a 31 1' er, t e 1 1 r' 1, J. , 11 u , e 's ' , cl '1 ornm. , . . ' ' e. f- 1 s- 1 r T, 1 911 ' e, 1 ' , 'Y 5 1 '. , es " , r's es ' BRANDT, PATRICIA. l0604 Bensley Ave, Room Prest- 1 , ,1 I ' 1, s , ' ' s, 1. 1 ., , . , C, ' , 1 ., ' 1 . ' , e. i' . . ce s , I V- v' - D I V - , 1 I , , , . . ,, . . ., , ' 1 s, 1 u . I . . Q. . , . - , 5-.I A I A , .. I 1 . , ' , , ,s , s I u . 14' , , u ., , G , I , , . . a.,e. , ' I I . I 1 - CAlVIERON,VIVIAN. 93QU Prairie Ave Marshall, Lews Ret: Student Librarian, GAA Intramural.: CAMPANA, MARY. H324 Langley Ave Roor: Pre:- ident, ffews Rep, Office Seov, Basketball lntra- niurals Volleyball lntrarnuralg, GAA Human Re- lation: Proararri CARLI, IOAN. 5lO E ll5tn Sf ffational Honor Socieiy Phorex, Fenfzer llewgs S'aff, Class Officer Student Council, Social Cornrn Chairtnan Girls Glee Club Vice-President, Aooornpanirt Graduation Monitor Girls Glee Club Erzseznnle Acoornpanisi Lambda Chi Tri-H1-Y Treas , Pan Arnericar. Club, Fenger Day Chrzstrnas Festival Spina Festival, Western Ratn- blers Rccm President Room Treasurer, Room Seoy' Office Seoy, GAA, lntrarnural Volleyball, lntrae mural Basketball, May Oueen Court CARLSON, NANCY. 444 '-'J 18015 Sz O:..,e Sec ,. G A A Ref, G A A Wa'er Ballet, lnfrarnural Basie'- ball, lntramural Volleyball Bawlirta Clit I letter Fenaer Day, Alpha Tri-H1-Y Parent: ffiaht CAROLLO. TOM. ll303 St Lax-rrencf' Ave CARROLL, PATRICIA. H936 Farilestori Ave National Honor Society, Courier Staff, Phorex, Orchestra, Social Orchestra, Varieties, Arnateur Show, May Festival, Seating G Marching Comm, Western Ramblers, Pan American Club, Marshall Officer, Marshall, Courier Rep, Office Sec'y, GAA, GAA Rep, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball Bowling Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Fenger Day Ouil G Scroll CARY. ALICE. lUl53 S Lowe Ave Room Sec'y, G A A, G A A Assembly, Red Cross Rep, Student Librarian, Parents Night CERULLI, ROBERT. ll5-10 Yale Ave National Honor Society, Phorex, Trix Hi-Y, Boys Glee Club, Room President, Courier Rep., Marshall Officer, Marshall Reelmen, Intramural Basketball, Bowling Club, Christmas Festival, Spring Festival CERVANTES, FRANCES. 323 E. Kensington Ave. Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, G.A.A, Drill Club, Intra- mural Basketball, Drama Club CHECHAR, IEAN. lU77l Champlain Ave G A A , Alpha TrifHifY, Girls Glee Club, May Festival, Christmas Festival, Roorn Sec'y, Marshall, Bowlinji Club CHENEY, CAROL. 551 W ll5th St Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain, Graduation Proarazn Office Secy, Mars .:hall, May Festival, Room Sec y, Posture Finals, lntramural Volleyball, Style Show, GAA, GAA Rep CHRABASZ. CHESTER. ll9l5 Harvard Ave COOLEY, BARBARA. H948 Parnell Ave Marshall Officer, Marshall, Office Seov, Student Librarian GA.A., Orchestra, Pan American Club, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, Senior Breakfast Comm COPPE. LORRAINE. H1245 St Lau-.'rer.':e Ave Fenjcr lfez-.'.: Staff, Student Council Mar.'r.ail, Rootr: Pre:- denf Room Secy, llewi Rep, 'SAA May Ou-ef-rr lntrarriural Ranliefball, fnttarriiral Volleyball Pertu. Fpnalr Parent., Night Scrap fa1f:Tr1HiY COX. ELIZABETH. 9100 Gref-r.'.'.'ood Aw- '.'."" Ixliibf ln':"iIt,'iral lfolieyzail Ir.1r:rt.'.raI R L' ti fi A G A A Reg frazta Ci .1 CRAMER, WILLIAM. 13527 S " -. 'e lvf zr- CZARNECKI, KENN. 253 'ff 1iUtn Plame Tri:-. li:-Y Sc-nzor Sing Cornzrz Intrarngral Rizxlcetbaii DANAHEY. ROY. 4 E 213th Plate Arrvzteur Snow Talent Revue Chicago Board oi Education Sooza' Talent Troop Staaf H:-Y '-'.'e.'fern Raznrjers ' S-i-r. r Sina Cornni QB Proararr. Coitrzi Cnairz: f. r 1:1 the Buok IIC if Kind In1r'1:r.'gr':1 Bzpiif 1. all lxf'rr.'riall flex-.if Ref: Roo: Tri-oz. gre: 51:11, Cl it Parser Caper: Ivfirfrall Cf.--erin: Cixi R .A A 'I64 DANKO EDWARD 1 Q 4 lv Q fv Lal IK amd Ba 1: DAVY BARBARA 1942 J1 o r: r o AA Re ball 1 g C db 1 Cl,1r P a DAVY GERALDINE 0 S eu a' G t C1111 er 11r, an CAA p un MJ at C A an rn ral a 1' Club L a Ba re ba DEBILDT NELLIE 10207 La ar t e Pho ez' ew R p .ta 1 G rls Glee u 11r 1 C ub xb a 1 t11al C111 t 1' 'wal C'1em1 try' Cl,1b G a Tr11-11Y P e 1de'1t '1 e P es1 9'1l ay F IJ 1 Mc hall Room Sec 1 O ttce Sec y Red Cros, Rep G A A G A A ep Parent ngnt lrttramural Volleyball lnt amural Bas etball Var1 tles DEKKER RICHARD 12039 laSJl1 S Ch ml try Club lntramural Ba lc tball DELAZARO DOLORES 1144 E 93rd St C A A G11t Comm 1'neta Tr11'11 Y DEMARCO DELMIRA 12484 S Waba 11 Ave Ot'1ce Sec y G A A News Rep Amateur Show Nay Fe t1 xal Bovvlma Club We t rt Ramble DERKACY LARRY 323 NV 1l2tb St Mar ball Room Pre ldent DICK AUDREY 8748 S M chtaan Ave Program Comm May Festlval Cho r Style Show Sprmg Festlval Delta Tn 1-11 Y Drama Club G A A DICKEY IOAN 35 W 103rd Place Cholr GAA Colors S Motto Comm May Festwal Spnna Festwal C1'1r1stma Fesuval Gamma Tr1 1-11Y News Rep Intramural Basketball Intramural 'Volleyball DINAPOLI FLORENCE 11534 Stewart Ave Slgma Tr11n11 Y Presldent Room Prestdent 4B Nommatlng Comm Clas Rlng Comm Colors 5 Motto Comm Room Treasurer Room Sec! lews Rep GAA Ollce Sec y Student 1.1brar1an lntramural Ba ket lall Intramural Volleyball Stud nt Councll Assem bly Comm Parents 1 1ght DISANTO ROSE 49 W ll-.tb Place Phorex Courter Rep Room Secy 0111 e Secy Student 1.1brar1an Graduatlon Mon1to Seatmg 61 Marclmnq Comm C A A GA A Rep lntrarrural Ba ketball lntra m1ra1 Voll vball Lotm C1110 Parent lltaht DONOVAN IACK 10039 Fore t Ave Ba lcetball Team DORN ROSE MARY 1 822 Sartaamon Ave Room Trea urer Ott1ce Secy Student l.1bra tan G1 ls Gle Club Delta Tr11-11 Y GA A 1 tramt ral Basketball ln' amural Volleyball Stwle Snow' D111 Club 2 let 'e Mal Fe tual Scrap Drwe DOTY, DONNA 9847 S Dobson Axe Phorey 8 Se mesterj Student Court 11 Room Prestdent Room Treasurer Room Secy Phorey Rep Sen1or Break last Comm Red Cross Rep Cbemlstry Club G A A Intramural Basketball, lntramural Volleyball Drlll Team DUNHAM PAT 321 W 102r'd St Bovvlmg Club G A A Intramurals DWELIS MARLENE 11819 Sartaamon Ave Glflu Glee Club Del'a Tr11'11Y G A A May Festtval Dr111Team Glee Club Ense wble Water Ballet Chrtstmas Fest1 ual Intramural Volleyball 2 letters Style Show 4B lvomlnatmg Comm Color CS Motto Cor'm Parent 1 raht Scrap Drtve 165 . . 'LQ lichigan Av, lfe' s Rep oase 1 Team, V znge H1-Y, lntr 1.'ral setbali . . 1' 1 icnigan Ave. Offtce Secy, Rea Cr ee Rey , Clear.-Up We-el C , G A A, G 1 ,: , lntrarnural Baenetball lntramural Volley- ' 1, Prozn Cornrn Parents fight, fr :na Club lio3'e,::: 1' , Lnll Tear: C1'.Efi13fY'A ' Q, Plurnan .el t1on:: Arzrzernbly , . 11-48 Union Ave 1"er.ger Y. ' za St f1, 11 Comrn, Bowling ' , Stud- .Z rari , J 1 Re , Gzrls Glee Cl" , f rar. '1 Offtcer, JA , Spring Fezatival lnfr 1. ural Volley- ball, 1ntra1. u B rslefball Bull Club, Orcneqttra, Cnerr11,ttry vf- Paper Cay er.a DEAM, DON. 643 E 88th St Pnorez, Room Preftdent, lntrarnur 1 1 1 11 . . 1 f 1ete Av r 1, Phor 1 e , Grad' tion flonitor, i . C1 lo C' ls G ee 1 ' 1.3 r r'an, Spring Fee " , re mas 'eel' , 1 1 1 , '- '- r 3' ,1 , 11 co- r jd 1 , M ' est"a, 11rs , 'L 1 ,- ' , 5 0 1, , . . R , ,vt 1 .s 1 1 , 1 1 ' , 1 r 1. ,k , 'e A-. 1 . - f e t C e ,fi , 1 s e I . V J , ' , . . S 1Q ' , , ., ' . o , , 1 is '- ' , , " A , -s.er1 . Q . , . N . , . ,A 3 . I .- .- I ' 5 I ,Q X, 4 1 1'l A t 1 1 l H I ' ' I S A , , " , le. ' , - , I , -5- , . 1 , , . 1: , - 1 1 el , '1 1 ' , .1 15 ' '1 - zz , 1 ' 1 . ' r' 'r, e EVERTS GENE 11612 Y EYBER NORMAN 10 FAVERO IOHN 11016 lfdbraolce Ave Cl Stu ert C IOYV Board at1r1a 6 Marchma Comm Boar' Pes1dent Phorex Cle 1 v Club Sa p Club Cor' et Band Football La Club P e1de"1t BAA FERNLUND IOYCE 96 2 Calumet Ave Boom Secy Delta Tr1 H1 Y Secy G1rls Glee Club 1 letter Mar hall Announcements Corrtrn lew Rep M s Rep G A A ay Fe Il al Spr11'g Fest1 l V wal 1: EENIG DWORTZ BEVERLY 11942 S M1ch1gan Ave Phorex G1ft Comm Ol'1ce Secy GAA Cho1r Dr1ll Team Intramural Volleyball Parents N1ght Chr1stmas Fes t1val May F st1val DYREK VIOLET 11754 S Morgan St Phorex Ofl1ce Sec y Colors G Motto Comm G A A Cho1r Bowllna Club Sprmg Festxval EDBORG DONALD 11832 Yale Ave Class Off1cer Swtmmmg Team 1 letter Fenger llews Stall Boys Glee Club May F9SI1VGl Aclvert1s1ng Club Kn1gl'1t H1 Y Reelmen BAA lnt aruural Basketball Ch1st mas Festual Marshall O'f1cer Mar hall 1 ew Rep ENBURG LOUISE 850 W lllth S Phorex uraauat1or1lv1or111or r A uu1ae rnorey rtep nos! ess Club Orche tra Soc1al Orchestra Talent Revue VQYISIISS Off1ce Secy GAA GAA Rep l-11 C Club Intramurals Orchestra Conte st EMBRY IAMES 10448 Maryland Ave Ba ketball Team Boom Pres1dent ENGELKE SHIR LEY 323 W l02r1d St May Fe t1val GAA Basketball Intramurals EVERS LOUISE 443 W l FARIN RICHARD 12258 Peoria St lntram ba ERICKSON BEVERLY 9821 Peor1a St Lambda Ch1 Tr1Y Presldent Cholr l letter CAA Sprmg Fest1 val Chr1stmas Fest1val Volleyball Intramurals ketball Intramurals ERICKSON IACK 10101 Emerald Ave Marshall Orchestra VGYISIIGS Bowlmg Club Orchestra letter Chem1stry Club ERIKSEN IRMA 200 W 110th St GAA Announce ments Comm H1 C Club Pan Amer1can Club Bas ERMLER DAVE ETTEMA FLOREN CE 41 W ll3tl'1 St G1rls Glee Club Seatmg QS Marchmg Comm M R ay Festwal GAA ep GAA Bed Cross Rep Intramural Volleyball Style Show 10040 Wallace St 03rd St Phorex Phorex Rep Proaram Comm GAA Fash1on Show ale Ave Marshall Scr Dr1ve Intramural B OP asketball Stage Decorauons Comm Concert Dana 628 S Peor1a St Boom Treasurer Marshall ural Ba e a P 1d t ou'1c1l Vtce Pres1den Saletv Comm Chal S Aden' Cou 11 Adv 1 va C 1 tma Fe t1 enaer ln A 'IO GAA FILXINS SHIRLEY 11438 l'1d1 G ana Ave Oll1ce Src A lntra ural Ba k b e all O fhf tr l1t Volleyball PTA R 'I66 ra llll 11 PD i FORSELL SANDRA 128 O S V' alla e St GAA We e n Rambl r l"lll'l"'1 YG1 FULFORD DENNIS 338 N 1OUl'1 St Ma "1allOfl1ce ahalllta aB re all GALASSINI GENE O5 S ANZEL IOE O 1 a 1 1 Q GARIZAS MILLIE 99 L S S a S x Va a lo Se j b F ,f e B a Ar' 1 C b a a CI .rl all r F 1 GARRETT BARBARA lll49 Cl'ampla1n Ave Roorn lefball Orche tra Band and O cnes a Var1et1e Orn qa Tr1 H1 Y Pan Ame1 an Club C A A O cl'1e trr Se If GAWRON IOE lll26 Langley A e R on T ea urer orr1 Sec y l ew Rep Ra K6 bal Teant a H1 Y 4B Prograrn Connrn GEHRKE NANCY ll4'52 Ind a a Ave Cr1o1r Omeja Tr1 H1 Y Bofvlmg Club O't1c Se ,f S de tl.1brar zan Phorex Courter Rep lews Rep Room Secy Prom Comm GA A Chrr t"1a Fest :al Sp mg P trval May Feihval GEIL THERESA 6l2 E 92'1d Pl Phorex Roorr' Pre dent New Rep Otftce Secv GAA GERLOCK MARY LOU lU8Ol S Sanqarnon Ave Delta Tr1 H1 Y l ew Rep Pborex GAA Red Cross Rep Style Show lntramurals 4B lNom1nat1r1g Comm May Pe t1val Scrap DYIVS GERMERAAD BETTY 'l5l6 Lowe Ave G A A Gtr Glee Club Bowlmq Club PT A Rep Sp 1na Fe t1val Chr1 tmae Feetwal GETTA SAM l?l37 Perry Ave Mar 'tall Oftlcer Mar l1all Cla Ofncer Room Pre tdent Room Treae urer Room Secy Courter Rep llews Rep BAA Ba eball Team Basketball Tear' S age Decorat1on Cor11 Il Rand Kruabt H Y ln ranturfl Baek tball GIBERTINI ANITA 10743 S Green St Room Preit lent Pnorex llew Rep GAA Rep Baeketball In t amural Motto Comm Gtrle Glee Club VlC9 Pre 1 flent Boavlmq Club Lambda Ch1 Tr1H Y We tern Rambler Spr1ng Pe val Cl'1r1Qtma': Feettxal May Queen Court GILLESPIE CARYL 245 W lU3rd St Clteerma Club Ratot Tvnrler Sprmq Fe t1val Zeta T 1 H Y Mar 'tall GA A lntramural Ba ketball GIRON GEORGE l145S So11tl' Park Av Marehal GOETTLER CAROL 22l5 Harwa cl A e G ls Glee Club oelta Tr H1 Y T ea u er GA A May Fe trval Coat er Rep D1llTea l1t arfu al Voll yball Style SH .' MUSIC Festwal Cbrrstma Fe t1 al l le 'er Ba fi S ap Dr1xe Fenae 1 Ac GORANSON, ROMAYNE lOl33 S Per y Awe Pnorey Delta Tr1 H1 Y Premdent Seattrta 5 Marclnng Cornm Chemmtry Club News Rep GAA Rep GA A GORSKI, STANLEY lU756 Langley Ave Phorex Stu dent Counctl Claes Offlcer Roorn Pre 1de'1t Room Secy 2 lettere Basketball Team Program Comn' Kmahta H1Y Se-by CV1em1'ft1y Club A eembly Comfrt Cha1rrnan 167 . . ' l 'J C- . , ' at r e 3, 1 1 11 u ls , , . . 1 . I 1, rs. or M rx , rtr mu: l 'lik tb 1 . 327 XV I tn 1 1 lntramurals Reelrnen G . . 50 'E Q 1:11 S1 Pnorei, M tnernatrcs Cl L Chemgzztry Cl' L, Room Treasurer, Prof: Comm IntramuralEa1:ketr.all,- A A 1 . lf 1, 1 ie .ot Phofex, 1 1 rsball Offzoer, M Yf11Cll, Roorr. "J: ' flew: Rep, G A A, Gzrlq Glee Cla' , MJ' P gtival, an' aid Ortheztra Var1et1e1:, Lambda Ch Tr:-H1-Y, Pan- 1.er :art lu Spnng Fesnval, Chnstrnas Festw l, lntrarxur l B S- keibf l and Volleyb , Pasta e 1na's President, News Rep, Intramural Basketball and Vol- -' , , r 1 , tr ' 1' S, 1 1 er P '- , - fc , 11 1 r J 1 ,ar . . ' o 11 re 5 - Ro - " , I, 5 , 5' t l - St qs 1 . . 1 1 n , ,1 ', 1 " '- '- , ' ' . 1A e C" , tu n ' - 1 . , . 1 1 4 1 -1 1- 1 11 1, 1 , 'S 11 3 11' , r'1 1 es- - C ' ' '-1 '- , rl S , .1 , . ,, , , 1 1 1 . 1. 1 1 , ' lss , ' , . , 1, r 1: ' , ':s 1 1 A I2 , :ss " a , S' , 1 1- . I , , 4 1 . , , 111, , , 1' 11, t C ' : , , 1 ' 1 .1 1- 1 1 1 1 1 e ' , , ' , 4 S , . 1 , 1 , 1 - r 1 Qs, 1 ,, ' 3 , v 1: ' st: I 1 ,. ' ' , 1 q - 4 U 1 Y ' , , S ' S ' , r? i- , - :Q ' , S , . ' u 1 11 e 1 l , 1 , . 1 ' r v 1 If , 'l 1- A- , r S r ' 5 ' 1 'E r r r 11 r 1, r' 1 Q' , 11 A 1 S as , t1, n , cr ' , 4 r 'rt tion GOUWENS, CAROL. 12326 Yale Ave Phorex, Room President, Scrap Drive, Office Sec'y, G.A A., Intra- fl mural Volleyball and Basketball, Bowling Club, 4A Nominating Comm. GRABSKI, KATHLEEN. i2Ol7 Yates Ave. News Rep Student Librarian, G AA , Orchestra, Girls Glee Club, t Amateur Show, May Fefttival Sigma Tri-I-Ii-Y, Secy Q GRAVENITES, GEORGE. ll7l7 Indiana Ave Iarn Club Band and Orchestra Varieties Talent Revue, Amae teur Show, Concert Band, Orchestra Western Rams blers, Band and Orchestra Concert, News Rep, Fenger In Action ' l GRECHESKI, RICHARD. lO2I7 S Morgan St GREMP, ROBERT. 255 W. lQSth St Sz-:irnrning Team, Announcements Comm, lforn Comm Officers GRISAFFE, CHRISTINE. ll4l6 Prairie Ave, Office Sec'y, Marching ri Seating Comm, Drill Team, Varieties Drama Club GAA GAA Show lntra mu al Volleyball Choir Haste Club Paren Night GUDAITIS ALDONA lUi49 Wentworth Ave GAA CAA Rep GURGEL CHARLES lO253 Elizabeth St Football Team Baseball Team Class Offic r Marshall HABERICHTER RAY 9lOO Dauphin Ave HAGUE DICK llZl8 Vernon Ave Marshall Courier Rep Football Team Basketball Team Knights Hi Y HANEK IULIA l2425 Parnell Ave Phorex Room Treasurer Scrap Drive Office Secy Student Librarian GAA GAA Rep Seating 6 Marching Comm Intramural Volleyball Style Show HAMMERMEISTER IOANN 303 E 136th Place Office Secy Room Secy Cap 61 Gown Comm Pan Ameri can Club G A A HARVEY BARBARA 9425 Wentworth Ave Pnorex Quill 61 Scroll Society Fenger News Staff Ne s Rcp Room Treasurer Room Secy Student 'ibra ian Firl Glee Club Glee Club Ensembl Int ar u al Volleyball Intramural Basketball 2 letters GAA Rep GAA Lette Girls Club Drill Club Drama Club Debating Club Talent Revue lv ay Fest val HATHAWAY GERALD 9737 Emerald Axe Mar nall News Rep Intramural Basketball Boys Glee Clio HAUGE GWEN B49 W ll3rd St National Honor Soci ety Class Officer Courier Staff Illini Girls State Craduation Monitor Colleae Day Aid Senior Sina Comm Phorex 8 semesters Student Council Room President Room Treasurer 4B Program Comm Social Center Comm Co chairman Phorex Rep 4B Nom inating Comm Marshall Officer News Rep G A A Mar hall GAA Rep Choir Amateur Show May Fe ival Talent Revue lntrarnural Ba ketball Int a r u al Volleyball PT A Rep Pa e ts l ight I-Io te Club Hunan Relations Com Al na Ti I-IiY R d P x Ch a ti r- e al O C HAUPT ANDY C lei Piorey I al Ba ketball HEINTZ ROBERT 555 E 88h R orn P e J al Ba ke ba HERDINA LILLIAN IOO 3 Ya e Aw. io ex e AA C at Ba kenaf Spin ival Chri tma F mal Pae li 'I68 ,.f r ' I, ss . I , fa' xl . . , ' , if r' ., J' s , e, r iv r , ' , , f , i , Y I u - 'ZF' 1 J . . I 4 . I . . , , ', , ' 2 - Cros: Re Gym I-lelper Posture Finals, Sprina Fe:- fl 'al riftrn s Ee: v .l Fenix D 1 Jill 5 .frfll W . . l0232 a' met Ave 3 , ntra' mur s' . . t.. St o .. r iziderpt Intram' r s Z' ll . . ' I I 'e P3 r , News R p, G , hair, lntrarnur ' 2' l', r' .a Fest' s es." , r nts Iaht HETT. ROBERT. 10505 Wood St Intramural Basket- ball, B A A, Trix I'Ii-Y HILL, RICHARD. 10942 Eggleston Ave Basketbal. Tecrn, Intramurals, Marshall Officer HILLS. CHESTER. H339 Lowe Ave. Phorex, Marshall Room President, Room Treasurer, Room Sec'y, B A A 2 letters, Baseball Team, Swimming Team, Prom Comm, Band, R.O.TC, Choir, Varieties, Trix I-Ii-Y Rifle Team, Officers Club, Non Comm. Officers Picked Platoon, Fenger Day Aid, Intramural Ba:- ketball M. M, HILMES, CAROL. H340 Champlain Ave Epsilon Tri I-I:-Y President, Chemistry Club, Intramural Volley- ball, Choir, G.A A , Marshall HILTON. EMMA. 9 W 95th Sf Red Cross Rep Drill Team, G,A.A. HINES. MAUREEN. 9434 St Lawrence Ave Drill Team Band, G A A, Chemistry Club HINES. RALPH. l033B S. Emerald Ave Courier Staff, Phorex, Phorex Rep, Swimming Team Captain, 3 letters Boys Glee Cldb, Vice-President, Librarian I letter Choir President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Student Council Rep, Choir Ensemble, Spring Festi- val Christmas Festival, Varieties, Chemistry Club, Latin Club, Senior Sing Comm, Student Council, Ways 61 Means Comm., Marshall Officer, Marshall, BA A, I-Ii-C Club, Fenger Day Guide, Open I-Iouse, Non. Comm, Officers, Assembly Comm., Intramural Basketball HOFBAUER, IAMES. 2539 W. l03rd St. Student Coun- cil Marshall Officer, Marshall, Courier Rep, News Rep., Intramural Basketball, Stags Hi-Y Vice-Presi- dent, Building 6 Grounds Comm, Fenger Day Guide HOPE, BARBARA. lOl55 S Emerald Ave. Phorex, Water Ballet, Girls Glee Club, l letter, News Rep, G,A.A, G.A.A., Rep., Intramurals, Christmas Festival, Spring Festival, May Festival, Bowling Club, Senior Sing. Comm., Program Comm. HOPKINS. STUART. ll73l S. Normal Ave, Phorex, Student Council, Room President, Marshall Officer, Swimming Team, 73 letters, Intramurals, Drama Club, Boys Glee Club President, Amateur Show, Christ- mas Festival, Spring Festival, Fenger Day, Trix I-Ii-Y Vice-President, Western Ramblers, Reelmen, Chem- istry Club, Human Relations Comm HORN. MARILYN. 214 E, 134th St, Office Sec'y., Room President, G.A.A. Rep., Western Ramblers, Lunch Room Comms Room Treasurer, Red Cross Rep., Mar- shall, Orchestra, May Festival, Amateur Show, G.A.A HORWITZ. BARBARA. 237 E. ll3th St. Phorex, Fenger News Staff, Marshall, Courier Rep., G.A.A., Chemistry Club, Senior Breakfast Comm, Quill G Scroll HOTTINGER, IAMES. H738 Parnell Ave Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Student Council, Knights Hi-Y, Class Ring Comm, 3 letters, Room President, Marshall Officer, Marshall, Chemistry Club, Safety Comm., Room Treasurer HRITSKEVICH, BORIS. 9204 Ellis Ave, Phorex HRITSKEVICH, DOROTHY. 9204 Ellis Ave. Phorex, Marshall, Room President, Office Sec'y., Gift Comm, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, Bowl- ing Club, G.A.A. HUDSON, ALFRED. l2322 Parnell Ave. Phorex, Roorn President Prom Comm, Class Ring Comm., 4B Nom- inating Comm., News Rep., Room Treasurer, Intra- mural Basketball, Red Cross Rep. HUPP. PAT. l0l27 Lafayette Ave National Honor Soci- ety, Letter Girls Club, Fenger News Staff, Quill 6- Scroll Society, Choir, Choir Ensemble, Hostess Club, Senior Sing Comm., Bowling Club, Lambda Chi Tri- I-Ii-Y, Intramurals, Spring Festival, Christmas Festival, GAA, G.A.A. Rep., l letter, Room President, Room Treasurer, Courier Rep, News Rep, Student Librarian IEMIOLA, NORBERT. H336 Calumet Ave Swimming Team, BAA, Marshall, Intramural Basketball 169 IOHNSON, EDWIN. 643 E. 89th St. Cap G Gown Comm., Knights Hi-Y, lntramural Basketball, BAA. Baseball Team, Marshall, Room Treasurer, Red Cross Rep, 4B Program Comm., Chemistry Club IOHNSON, NANCY. lll36 Edbrooke Ave. G A A., Phorex, Senior Breakfast Comm IAMES, IOSEPH. 9434 S. Wabash Ave R O TC, Rifle Team, Drum 15 Bugle Corps, Marshall, Picked Platoon Intramural Baseball, Drill Club KANTREMAS, ANN. 444 W. 98th St. Courier Staff Phorex, Stage Decoration Comm, Water Ballet, Room Sec'y., l letter, May Festival, Chemistry Club, Orches- tra, Courier Rep., GA A., GAA. Rep., lntrarnural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball Fenger Day Par- ents Night KASSAY, DOUGLAS. l24l4 State St. Basketball Team KELLY, TOM. lU6UU Lafayette Ave Class Officer Football Team, Vikings Hi-Y KEMETICK DONALD 9214 Avalon Ave Bowling Club Marshall B A A Swimming Team KENT EUGENE 9354 La Salle St Rifle Team Drum and Bugle Corps R O T C Marshall Picked Platoon Room Presldent Baseball Team Basketball Team KERCZEWSKI ARTHUR ll2l W 104th St Marshall Marshall Officer KETELLE IAY l0l42 Yale Ave Band National Honor Society Varieties Phorex Student Council Hi C Club Starlight Band Concert Spring Concert City Solo Contest Orchestra Marshall Officer Marshall Drama Club PTA Rep Student Librarian BAA KINTZELE DARLENE 738 W ll8th St Room Secy Room Treasurer Sigma Tri Hi Y Secy PTA Rep News Rep Red Cross Rep Student Librarian G A A GA A Rep May Festival Marshall Officer Marshall Lunch Room Comm Posture Ftnals KIMBALL VIRGINIA ll937 Perry Ave Scrap Drive Office Secy GAA l letter Color G Motto Comm Orchestra Orchestra Varieties Omega Tri Hi Y Style Show Orchestra Contest Intramural Volleyball KLEEMANN MARLENE 25 E lUlst Pl Phorex Student Council Orchestra Rep GAA GAA Rep Orclres tra Band and Orchestra Varieties 1 letter Style Show Drama Club KNOLL RICHARD lO9 W 104th Pl Marshall Nev. Rep BAA Basketball Tearn lntramurai Basketball Champs KOBITTER LAWRENCE lUll9 St Lawrence Axe Marshall Room President Room Secy BAA 5 letters Baseball Team Football Team Basketball Team Prom Comm Social Comm KOEHLER CLAYTON l 43 lO3 d Pl Ma hall ce r 'tail s ee .1 a a Fe ti al Cn as Fest val KOHI. BETTY LOU Gl3'7 Yale A G A Gil Glee Club Mal Fe t al Ch is as Festival Syle S ov- Spri g Fesixal Rea Cross Rep Na all KONIECZNY GENEVIEVE 2l Vv ll9th St B ub Choi C is Fe t al S, ina Festixa ay e tval Ga G .i al Ba ke all O i e e oo ea 'I70 . . l XV r rs . Offi r, Ma sl ' , Boy Gl Cl' b, Dr Club Mathematics Club, lntramural Basketball, Spring s V , l risfrn S i . . l .. ve. A , r 1: . 1 , 1 s rv , ' r ' t h ', ri 't ' , ' 1 , . . . ' , cwlirio Cl , 'r, hr 'trnas . 1: or 1 ' l, M F s 1' , ::1::,a Tri-Hi-Y GAA, "AA,Rep, lntra- rn' r s tb rf c. S.c 'f R rr. Tr surer KRACIK MARY 618 I l23rd St O Se y GAA In a uralVo1e1ba1l KRACIK VIRGINIA 2 O '1 Sec y C o s Rep GAA GAA Rep .A ated Sh al Vollel a KRENKEL SHIRLEY 1 30 S S e w Ave P T A p G A A In a al Jol ybal a bda Chr Trl a y Fe 1 KRIKAU MARGARET 236 E 130th Pla e latlona I-I 'tor S cz P1 r Y S uden I.1b arlan O1 Ula shall Oftxc r Room Prestden' GAA Cap CS C rn A p C r1s a re rval Spl Phorez' Rep KRUEGER BARBARA 10239 S Sa garron Ave Chorr Phorex Phorex Rep Semor Breaktas Comm Chem tstry Club G A A Intramural Volleyball KUESTER DOUGLAS 348 E 108th St Phorex News Rep Marshall Ofllcer Baseball Manage Basketball Manager Marshall Stamp Club Drana Club Intro 'nural Basketball BAA KURGAN SHIRLEY 12141 S Green St Outll 6 Scroll DOCIGIY Fenger News Staff Phorex Phorex Rep Color G Motto Comm Band and Orchestra Varrettes Western Ramblers Presrdent Prom Hostess Talent Revue Room Secy Cour1er Rep News Rep Orches ra PTA Rep Offrce Secy Intramural Basketball GAA Bowlmg Club KURZ SONYA 12337 La Salle St G A A G A A Rep Intramural Volleyball LA CIEN RICHARD 1140 Indlana Ave Room Prest dent Student Councrl Marshall Otncer Marshall Intramural Basketball LAKER BEVERLY 12744 S Lowe Ave OIIICS Secy Student Llbrarlan Drtll Team Drama Club Marshall Room Secy Courrer Rep GA A Red Cross Rep LANG IEAN 9919 S Normal Ave GAA Bowlrng Club Basketbal and Volleyball Intramurals LANFORD DOUGLAS 10036 S Pralrte Ave Basket ball Team BAA Intramural Basketball LANGENBERG ROBERT 10223 Morgan St LAWRENCE EDWARD 606 91 t St Orchestra Var1et1es Accordlan Club Drum 6 Bugle Corps ROTC Mar hall OAIICGI Amateu Show Phorex 1 ews Rep Iam Club SOCIGI Orchestra Talent Revue Concert Band OIIICSYS Club Non Comm OIIICEYS Color Guard Marshall Stamp Club LEMAIRE BETTY 11330 Forest Ave Marshall Room Se v GAA GAA Rep Intramural Volleyball P T A Rep LENARD, NORBERTA 11929 Indtana Ave GA A LENART. CAROLINE 12315 Eltzabeth St Fenger News Staff Grrls Glee Club May Festtval Chrrstmas Festrval Sprrng Festtval GAA Int amural Volley ball Intramural Basketball Roar' Pre dent Colors G Motto Comm Pncrex LEROSE. IOSEPH 28 E 119th Place Class Of'1Cer News Rep Baseball team, Vumg, H1Y, Intramural Basketball Soctal Center Plarmng Comm 171 . . . It I. . ffice c" , . , ir 1 ' . . 618 W. 1 3rd Sf fjce ' , Red r s , . . , . , ' r ow, Intramur 'hb ll . . 11 t ' 'art . , . Ren, . ., . tr :tur ' le l 1. Q '- 1-Ii-Y, M rsball, Ma' -st'val . , A I . Y o. o 'ety, 1 o e ., t It ' r ' ., Ch 'r, . I r . Q e , . ' ., , Gown om , , PT Re , 11' s T st , r'ng Festival, Human Relations Assembly Hi-C Club, ,A I , 0 1 1 I I 1 'I - , 1 . , . E. S . , I , I , - . . A I , LILL. FRANCIS. l2027 Pr1:'5ff1:: Ave Prem Comm, Reelmer. Phys! Cherigstrv Club Ccxrier Rep, "ow" Hap 11- J , LINDEMAN, IOANNE. 10521 f"2:Q1"Z',CT1 Ave Phorex Courier Rep Office fe: Q' QCII 'l'r1-H1-Y, G.rls Glee Club, May Festvlal Reef: Treamfer lfarshall, GAA Red Cross Rep, Chriftriv' F-,,11i'.":.l, Style Sh:w,Spr1:a Festival LINDQUIST, ARLENE. 10229 EI1-Yf.'lYf Ave fiatgezai Hamer Scfxety, Phcrex S :.rr..:1ers1 OQLQ1 Z 227:11 S:::et',' Fehger flew? Staff STQCGYII Czqttizl '1r'::'.': ,N.1 .. K. ME H--.L.h fr., ,, ,,,,, C-,,,,,Y Q. ,,. 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MARVEN GEORGE 121 rrral A ap D we u al Ba K9 ball MATYAS KEITH 1539 o 1: aa Ve o a r a 1 Y MCCLELLAND IANE 0 2 a 1-I v a CAP MCCOMIS DOROTHY 2 5 1 5 a a C McELHENEY BARBARA 9809 U lV6 c ROOWI Se ,f Mar hall CAA MCVEIGH DOROTHY 9349 Cottage G ov Ave M '1a1l Drarra Club R Secy R om Tre CAA MCWILLIAMS HAZEL 9330 La'avet e A G A A IVIENKE RICHARD 12148 Ha vard Ave Corn Band Sprmg Cor ert Ba d and Or he t a Var1et1e Pro'n Corrtrr' Or hestra Comm Pnorex Cnermstry C ,tb Matn "1at1cs Club R om P 1de'1t Stuaen Co1.nc1l no 1al Comm BA A MENT LUCILLE 10542 M1ch1gan Ave llcmonal honor SOCIETY Qu1ll 51 Scroll Soclety Phorex Fenger llGWS Stal' Student Courc1l Room Pres1dent Semo Clng Comm G1rls Glee Club Letter G1rls Club May F9SI1VOl S1gma Tr1l-11 Y Preslclent News Rep GAA 1 letter lrtramu al Volleyball and Ba lcet ball German Club Hostess Club Gracluatrorl Mon1 tor Prom Hostess Posture Fmals Spnng Fesuval Chr1stmas F6SllVQl May Qu en Court MENUE BERNARDINE 418 E 107th St Band and Orche tra lfa 191193 S dent L1brar1an Marshall G A A MEYER HAROLD 114 W 112111 St Football Team Trtx 1-11 Y Cho1r Room Pres1dent Intramurals Chou Eas mble Marshall Bowlmg Club MILLER DONALD 9709 Q lrdtana Ave lntrannural Ba lfetball Baseball Tearn 2 letters MILLER IEANNE 11331 Eggleston Ave Phorex Roo'n Pres1d nt G A A Program Comm G1r1s Glee Club Bo v11ng Club Stgma Tn H1 Y Student Counctl Spnng Festwal Chmstmas Festtval Fenger NS all MISSAGIA ROSE MARIE 11600 Lafaye e Ave G1rl Glee Club Mus1 restlval May FQSIIVG1 GAA MOFFITT IACK 441 W 102 d Plac Tr1x H1 Y Mar hall O'1 cer Marsh ll Ro Treas er News R p BA A Basketball '1' a lnt a at al Baslcetbal MONTONE, BARBARA 338 N 1161 at De-l'a Tr H1Y Drana Club Che 'sty Club Student l.' b a 1a Ma shall l'1trf' 1. al Vollevoall lnt arrura Basne ball G A A MORTON, DONALD 100 3 Lowe Awe Cap 51 Go: Comm Roo"1 Presdent Class Rlna Conor' MOYNII-IAN, LEO Marshall Omcer Room Prendent 3 letters Football Team Basketball 'learn Stage DQCOFOIIOH Comm Vl1'll"Qi H1 Y 173 , . 11 lfo 11 ve, Marshall Sat r" -, lntrarn r s' t , . lf '-'fallace St, Fo 112111 Teari St Ae 1, C r t1o1 Coram M rshall Offset, Marsxall '.'1k1ngs H1 , 3 letters . . 1 01 C luriet Ave Szafia T71-1.1-1, Conner Rep flews Rep Orchestra Intra- mural B skefball, .1 1 1 , . 0 'Jr' 1 th St Announte- men' Conti, Offlte Se: 3' Room Treasurer, lfgfxs Rep, M rcn fl, JAA . . n' rsity Ave. O51 e Seoy, Cap 5 Gown Coriri., Phorex, Tneta Trlelfli-Y, 1. 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ADELE. 7107 Vincennes Ave l.et'er Girls Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Choir Marshall, GAA 1 letter Choir Ensemble, Spring Festival, Cnrzrstmax Festival, Priae 5 Prejudice Szgrna Style Snow, flee bating Club, Drama Club, Drill Club GA A Board lunior Achievement NEAL, WANDA. 10440 S Eggleston Ave Bowling Club Announcements Comm 4B Program Comm G A A, GA A Rep, lntramural Volleyball, lntra- mural Basketball, Phorex Courier Rep, News Rep, NELSON, MARIAN. 10921 Parnell Ave. Fenger ffe:-fr: Staff, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Room President, Orchestra Varieties, Senior Sina Comrn, GAA, GAA Rep, News Rep, Latin Club NELSON, MARY IANE. 326 E 69th St Studen' Council Room President Phorex, Girls Glee Club, May Festival, Chemistry Club, Phorex Rep, 4B Nominating omm GAA GAA Rep lntramural Vollevball lntramural Basketball Spring F tival Christmas Festival Marshall NICHELE GRACE MARY 10605 Champlain Ave Alpha Tri 1-l1Y Vice President Student Council Roono President Senior Breakfast Comm New Rep Girls Glee Club Christmas Festival Office Secy Bowling Club lntramural Volleyball lntramural Basketball GAA GAA Rep Mar hall NICHELE ROGER 10605 Champlain Ave NICHOLLS CHARLES 10742 S Drake Ave Phorex Fenger News Staff Triv H1 Y ROTC Non Comm Officers Drama Club Chemistry Club Iournali m Club Stage Decoration Comm Marshall Office Marshall Parents Night Guide Latin Club Orche tra NOCERA GILDA 9222 Dobson Ave Marshall Room Treasurer News Rep Office Seoy GAA Bov ling Club PT A Rep Marshall Officer NORLING NANCY 10731 Forest Ave Phorex Fena r News Staff Marshall Office Secy GAA Choir Gift Comm Student Council Rep Spring Festival Christmas Festival Quill 5 Scroll NOVAK RONALD 12231 Parnell Av Football Team Class Ring Comm Track Team OCONNELL ROSEMARY 426 W 104th St Phorex Scrap Drive G A A Zeta Tri Hi Y OEDZES ARLENE 11235 South Park Ave lational lslonor Society Courier Staff Phorex 8 emesters Student Council Prom Comm Trea ure Room President Room Secy Girls Glee Club Chr stmas Festival Spring Festival May Festival Fenaer Day Guide G A A Library Comm Chairman Graauatior- on to Che ist y C1 b Ou 11 5 S OLOFSSON HAROLD 12211 Egalestori Axe Footbal earn 1 letter B A A oo easu er 1 A ikin Hi Y Boys Glee Club Mal F 1 'i t ma Festixal l t arnu al Ba ke oall e st Club OLSON GERALD 10224 Fo e A Cou e er ui a B et all ar hall r OR AN ROSE S K .-ooa Q udp, 1 G 44 ra C t G C lla: Fe Pa A C b S D f '1 re L1 OSBORN DOLORES Q1 a a G A A Rep A A OSGOOD DOROTHY A CAA a 1 ra V 'ev oil 'I74 1 - f- V , ., , . . , , . , S es' , ' , ' ,, F is , ' . , ., r. . , , V 1 , . . ., ry 1 . . . , , Ve . . e , . . o. 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Comm Chairman A A Girls Glee Club . 1 stival, n- rnerioan olul Spring Festival lcarnalisrn Cla' lntramural Vollej-'ball Christmas Festival P1 orex Ren, Quill 5 Scroll Mar- ihall Fenaer Tay . . 11,10 Union Ave lvfaniiiall Stuaent Libr ri n, H:-C Club Senior Breakfast Comm, . - G ' , Orchestra , . 10102 Vernon Ave Room Treagirer 1'.ews Ref: G A .1 Rep Bowlinj: C1115 barnba Ch Tri-H:-Y lntramural Basketball, lntrarztu 1 :E.1'b OSHEA ARLENE 10104 S E erald Ale Gl1S Gle Club May F st1val Intra'r1ural Jolleyball Chr1str'1a Fest1val Spr1'1a Fe t1val G rn'an Cub GAA Ma shall PARKS ALICE 9309 Cot age Grofe A Cor'1"1 V 1 es ay e 11:1 A R p A 11ral B k t 1 oo V1 e Pres1de"1t PARRISH GLADYS 9531 e ry Aie O 1 e Sec 'ta oor' S I"'l,1 t PAXINOS ELAINE 10 E 112th St Nat1onal Hono Soc ety Secretay Qu1ll G Scroll SOCISIY Fenger evs Staff Phorex Craduat1on l'v'on1t Co lege Day A1de Eps1lon Tr1 H1 Y VICE Pres1dent Prom omrn Hostess Cldb Cho1r Cho1 Ersentble Student Counc1l Room Pres1dent Phorex Rep Student l.1brar1an Chr1stmas Fest1val Sp mg Fest1val Lat1n Club C A A Intramural Ba ketball Chem1stry Club PENN CLAUDETTE 9302 Stat St Marshall GAA An ounc ments Comm Olhce Sec y Intrarnural Baslf tball PERKINS RUDOLPH 9127 S LaSall St POYNTON BOB 9016 Dauphm Ave Boys Glee Club l ews Rev Marshall Drama Club PEACOCK FRED 10344 S Peor1a St Cho1r Prom Comm Room Pres1dent Intramural Basketball Lat1n Club Scrap Dr1ve PELERITO THERESA 9315 S l'Ialsted St Room Treasurer Student l.1brar1an Ofhce Secy Delta Tr1 I-'1Y GAA Marshall PERLINSKI MARYANN 12421 Parnell Ave Scrap DTIVG OIIICB Sec y Student L1brar1an G A A G A A Rep Style Show PETERMAN DONALD 11619 MlChlQGn Ave Intra mural Basketball PETERSEN DIANE 62 E 98th Place Phorex Student Counc1l Room Pres1dent GAA Rep Class R1nq omm Program Comm Sen1or S1na Comm Bowl 1ng Club GAA Lambda Ch1 Tr1 H1 Y Intramural 'volleyball and Basketball PETERSON DORIS 28 W 109th St OIIICS Secy G A A Orchestra Cho1r Color 61 Motto Comm Intra mural Basketball and Volleyball Band and Orchestra VGTIEIIQS Room Secy Posture Queen PETERSON ROBERT 11340 Calumet Ave PETRIE WALTER 412 W ll7th St Football Team 2 letters Room Pres1dent BAA Room Secy Chem 1.stry Club Pres1dent Boys Glee Club Intramural Basketball Chermstry Club Spr1ng Festrval Chr1st mas Fest1va1 PETTIT, RALPH 8818 Dauphm Ave Intramural Basketball, Room Treasurer Room Sec y BAA PEUVION, EVELEEN 323 W 99th Place Marshall Ofhce Sec y G A A Glee Club Beta Tr1 H1 Y Intra rrural Volleyball Intramural Basketball Style Shaw Posture F1nals PHILLIPS, CAROLE 10058 Lafayette Ave Cap 61 Gown Comm G1rls Glee Club Roorn Pres1dent Chr1stmas Festwal Sprmg Fest1val Intramurals l letter Gamma T-'1 I-I1 Y 'I75 ' , . ' , ' 'r1 e ' , e ' , 11 ' I , .1 ' 11 s ' , '1 J s ' , e 1 1 , , r , . t ' ve Prom 1.11 , ar'et1 Pnorex, M F st" l, Cho1r, G.A e , GA , lntrarn' as e1ba'l, R 1 , P r 1 ff: 'y, Mars1 ll, R 11 ec y, G.A A., Intra 11 ral Baske ball , . . ' r 1 - r , ' , II ' 1 , , J ' 1 ' or, l- C 11 ,, I 1 , ' , 'r 1 1. , I , 1. . ., s , ' , . e , . . , n e ,, ' 'f , 1 1e . , . . e I I I , .5 I fn I V I. A I 1 V P C ., ., ,, 7 1 r - lf ' ' f , . . . , . . PHILLIPS, BILL. 10705 Cottage Grove Ave Football Team Svnrnmzria Tearn, Vikings I-Il-Y Boom Presl- aent, Marshall, Stuaent Council, Intramural Basket- ball Social Center Comm PHILLIPPE, DEWEY. lll22 M:ch1gan Ave Football Team S'.Vll'ftYXl2fj Team, Cour1er Rep, Marshall Marshall Ofttcer Western Ramblers, 'Jrklnaxr H1-Y PHUCHA, HOSE MARY. 9515 Un1vers1ty Ave Courrer Hep, Bed Cross Rep, Ortega Trl-I-lx-Y, Announces ments Comm, Bowling Club, Style Show, Western Ramblers May Festrval, Drtll Club Drama Club G A A PUDLEWSKI, ROBERT. l06l8 LaSalle Marshall FM' ball Team Stage Decoraton Comm Intramural Baskvball PUSATERI, IOSEPHINE. l2026 Perry Ave Scrap Drive GAA Orchestra, Omega Tr1-H1-Y, Breakfaft Cornrn, Intramural Volleyball, Style Show RAIMO, ROSEMARIE. 11747 Lafayette Ave Water Ballet Office Secy, G A A, Orchestra RALPH SHEILA l2l00 Normal Ave O 1 0 Secf GAA Drama Club Cholr HAMBLEH DIANE 8804 S Wabash Ave Se-nror Sm, Corrm Student Co 1nc1l Bo rn Pres1dent Chotr May Festlval Chrtstmas Festwal Chotr Ensemble In'ra murals Rcom Treasurer Room Sec y G A A Student L1brar1an REGH IOAN ll92!- W ntwortn Av Orchest a G A A REICH CHAHLENE lll4l UNION Ave Courler Statt Graduahon Monttor Phorex Sentor Stng Cha1rman Water Ballet Chotr Secy Ltbrary Comm Cha rman Hostess Club Treasurer College Day Atde Boom Prestdent Beta Tr1 H1 Y Class Blng Comm GA A Drop 1n the Bucket Amateur Show May Fest1val Talent Revue Vartetles Cl'OlT Ensemble 4B Nom 1nat1nq Comm Sprlng Festtval Soc1al Center Comm Chr1stnnas Festtval Qulll :S Scroll Student Counc1l Rep REID DAVE l22l5 Stewar Ave Roorn Pre td '1' Boom Treasurer Marshall Othcer Marshall New Rep Announcements Comm Football Tearn Concert Band Boys Glee Club Fenger Day Sprlna Festwal Ch 1stmas Festwal Intramural Basketball Parents ltght l letter Safety Comm Phorex REITZ PETE 13744 Leyden Ave Marslsall Oll1C9 letter Baseball Tearn Basketball Team Krughts I-I1 Y Int arnatral Basketball G1tt C mrn RIEU PAT H372 Edbrooke Ave Phorex Cho1r Stgrna Trtl-I1Y May Festtxal Chrtstrna Festtval Sprtng Festlval Irtramural Basketball Cno1r E GAA ROCCO IERRY 042 P a f- A r 1 oo nae ID 1 a 1 1 CG ROLFE DONNA LE 0004 V A a :ball C 1 F' a fl 9 J ROSENBLOOM N 8 9 S M J e ab T 1 a Jo l ROSS! LENA A I4 I a 'J I lPa Lal 176 , . c llc, - ', . . . . r l semble, l letter! A I I . . 1 4 r 1r1e Av, Bo"ll1i Club, B pffE.Sl'i9T1f Fe V r . aj L1 t n Cli b, Intramural Dine" ll . E. I o frazrre Ave Boom Prep: aent Boom Treasurer, Room Secy BO"l1Yif Club Basketball ln'rart1ural:t, lrtfrarttural Volfej' , J I A GAA ,er Amateur Show' L ribda Ch: Trxfl-l:fY Latin Club RONA. IUDITH. 13327 Eaaleyon Avo Gtrlts Glee Club Sprzna l7Q.TflV'1l Chrlstrnas Festlv l, Ch r':1.:trj Club .IOA . ll 0 S 1ch1aan Ave Mar- shall GAA, CDOET Girls Cl e Cl' Zeta r -HLVY lntrarttural Basketball, lntrariur l I Qevlzall . . 9525 .Avalcrt Ave Bocrrg Prefzden' Bccrri Se-cy, Pficrex Oince Secy, G ' A G "1 A Beg Staae ffccraticn Ccrrirti Girl: GQ-me Cltr May Fi-,'t:'.'al CfIf1ftI'Ti'J,' f7e,2ti':':l Srfriria I7-1ft1'.'al RYAN FRED 34 RYDER SHIRLEY 04041 a 1: G A A RYLANDER JULIA ANN SACKOL ALICE 9 20 SADOCK FRED 27 ar SARTORI GLORIA 654 '1 1 r1 P b La 1- Ja 1 EQ 1 SAUER SHIRLEY 12140 Ya A a a O Se A A 1 Armour a 1 a SCHARNHORST ARLETA 121 o a rt Var ha C A G Cl1p C 'no r1rn S 1 Sep PTA R ot1 SCHMITZ GLENN 10007 S Em a Rand Van t1e ent R B ill Club 1 10 Co1r1 a e a a o on SCHNEIDER IOAN 610 E l02'1d St Mar ha1l 1 eo Oth S C y G A G A A Rep lnt amural Baelcetball Se 1or Sma Comm G1rl's Gle Club Maj Fest1Val Gamma 'lr1 1-11Y Sprmg F t1J 1 C11r1 tma Feetnal Intramural Volleyball SCHULTHIES WILLIAM 12019 Eagle ton Ave Feng ws Stall Seatmg ff Marclnrng Cornrr Cor ert Band Val t1e Marshall Room Treasurer Roorn Secy Cour1 r Rep New R p Reelrnen SCRIBA ALICE 9366 B1rr1s1de Ave Phorey Cour1er Sta' Wat r Ballet Semo S1ng Co Progra Comm Horn comma Coram G1rls Glee Club Ea emble Postur Queen Chem1stry Club PTA Rep Crtnetrrae Feat val Sp mg Feeuval May Fe t1 al Va1 t1ei Tale tRe ue Othce Sec ,f GAA l ette Z ta Tr1 1-l1Y lrttramural Ba lcetball 1 tramural Vo' 1 :ball Drop 1 The BJ rcet Qu1ll 6 Scroll SEMBER IOAN 11241 So 1tr1 POIK Axe Cheerleader Senor S1na Cornrr Water Ballet Po tur Queen Roorn Treo r Roo Sec ,I lew Rep Mars all 11 Secf Stuaert 1.1brar1an GAA le e O cheetra Cl'o1 G l G1 e Club May F6-S11 al C mtrnc Fe txal lr ra urol Basra ball Larrbda 1 Tr1l-'1Y Se b o a C Comm SEMPLE MARY 205 W 110th Place Cour1e Sat Pho ex 0111 e Secy Ma hall 413 Program Co ramurol Ba lcetball In' amural Voll yball P11 R p CAA GAA Rep Fermaer ln At1or1 Fe a SERPLESS MARILYN 10050 Stat S ntro a netball amura lley al GAA ep e a II 1 a Treaea o C Cl S Ile Shown Po ure F1 a SHACKELFORD TED l00S3 St Law e e Ave F o ball Team In ramural Ba lcetball Cha Che Cup Cou11 r Rep eu Re R ora Tre S Ma ehall SHACKTER BRUCE l 403 1nd1ana A Boys Gle C 1b lata al Honor SOCle1Y Pho ex t1ae rn 11 R 1 Mer Rep Marsaall O1tcer Ma s M Shall Rep Tw H1 Y Co1r1er R p Room Trea 1PGGCJI3CAl6'W1lfC1JDI:2 nA Raao Co P Fera a B A at a Rae-'etbal Ocheutra Ma, Fe 'al Cnrwt a l'e,t1Jal SILVAGE BEATRICE 340 N 124 11 S Pho ex Fe ae Ve 1 Stat' Ma ,hall Roo Treat e K9-NS Rep G A A 1v1afFe,1val Aloha Tr1 H1 Y P e21der1t P orn Co 1 See J Colleae ual A1ae PTA Rep Pho ev Rep Grod1at1ar1 Moruto Cherm rf Club Poetute Fmalu lntrama al Volle pall lrutramox al Baercetball Qutll 5- Sn ol. 'I77 . . E l0let Pace Football Tearn . . I .nazan Ave Girls Glee Cla' May' Festzztaf, Offzoe Seojr, fIe'.-.ts Rep, 1 Dnll Tearn, Drarna Club A , . 10631 S Sangarnon Ave E-eta Tri-lf:-Y Cbernirstru' Club l.'.1flT, Club Marigrall G A A lntrarnural Vofleybail ana Eaeketball , . 1 1 '.'f'oo'ilaw: Ave Room Prea- aen, Roorn Seo 11 G A A , . 101, Yale Ante Conoert Band Hoorn PreF:aenf Talen' Re'."1e, B ,d and Orchestra 1fC'f1GflfE?E larn Club . . E 092 St Phorez Roorn Pres de. t, G1ft Cornrn Oronestra, 1 letter Student Council Sea 'f . an-Arner1oan Cla' Seo ty, Office Seo y, rnbaa Ch: Tr1-,11eY, G A A, May' Festival, Band ana Ororteetra 1 retzes, Orchestra Concert fnstrurnerttaf Conoert, Intramural Basket' ll ana Yollej ball , . , fe 'Je M ll fftoe Cody, G lntramural Basketbal Girls Glee Club, .. . .cemertts Cornrn, 1ntrarn'1ra1 Volleyball, Sprin, Fest? 1 , . SE 'JJ 'rd St Phorex Ro Prefl e .t 1 Ja.. ll, J A , Girls lee " Rot.-:l1na lub, Se. 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R , G A A , Bot T -H'-Y, M rshall, Room A rer, Ro Se y l.at1n ub, tj st 'n ls , . u t r no o Z- ' , .t . s . rnps, rnistry pl 1, -' re , 1-I t 3 p, o .1 a urer, , . I . ' ve ' e 11 I 1 n ' r '. S' 'ont Com. of ee. . , 1 .1 , r hall, . ar., , ' r' . '- , ' ' E , . S- arer, xr rn 1' , . .. A r' t' , enger 1. :tion 'i '1 .otl .der D y, A , l. r rnaral SIPKA, MARY ANN. 10637 'Nollofe Ave Phorex Rep GAA M3r3holl, Roo: Seo? Senior SIIZQ' Comm, Chop? Chxsfrios Fe:t:'.'3l Spnrig Festrscl, Cnermsfry Club lI'.fY'.ZI'i'QT'll lvf3ll':1-'Sill 3:3 Eizrsketboll SKALAFURIS, ZOE. lf57E South Pork Ave M3r:holl S1353 Tr:-li1fY Rep PTP. Rep Choir, lflffl' Virol R3.'::efLoll lffffflffll 'f:lle','h3ll GAA SKOLDQIOSERH, lOlCfM l73S':lle ST fnoret-t Rczrti SMITH, IAMES. OVW Vo? 'W' -Mo T 31. SMITH. RONALD. 87.5 S -'vlf:Lo.f:'. Ave S1335 l'l1-Y l .Apomo Ccrirtt Ro.-netnoll Teorri Rozgi Presnent ' ll lfl3r.:n3.l flevfqs Rep EAA Rep SOLFISBURG, BARBARA. .l5-14 Fzrnell Ate SZQYKI TTL-l'l1-Y Pnorex, lIe'.','.' Rep GAA G13 Tfflfff SORCI ANTOINETTE P5 S F ore! 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M3r.fholl O.f1:e , Monsndll Room sure-r, lnce See jf, Re' ross Rep G A A on C .1 , C1rl.s Gl . 3 , C'NllIi'7 ,' 1, 1731. lo. l . . l l Rl1o'e1a Ave 1 nz- litry Club G A A, Stu e. lnlzr ro., Ch IT , . ' . ' ' 1 1 Clx , 1 pnaseilil, rx .11 , . 3. n lf l ll 'V lo ll, 'ssl 1 1: Flesstiv l, ' r .V ss' , AA T1 1, ,U , A' ,, ' Z1 1, ' , ' ' l, me 1 . . 2 ' J , ., , Y . L ' , ' r ., . ol ' ' ., ', ss , er ' ss , ' , 'R' I I D 1 ' v I . . Y ' Cn , 'ns 1 5 . sf' , s , . R p , - ' ,S e . . ' , G1 , . , l ,ste . T. f , . l f r " J ' . l o, ' , 1 if, el .-I ' . , S l' , 1 re F er, R C", .1 Vl - r .s ' 1 , rr. I , r , n r 'll' lY1lAllG Q., "C cy p- rglo . r - - ss r r, 1 r . . , 1 e..1.ar1 1' , Quill 5 Scroll . . A A .fluniet Ave Phcret, .tr - '1i'1r3l R'1:1l-cefboll . . l lf S Pe :1 St B Clzs., Vzte- Prexzient Posture Queen, Be'3 Tn- .1-Y President 3?.3 Tre-3.'.1rer l'-lomet:ni:n': Cox' Gr':fi'13'15iI.ffy1g. t" .1 3' Court Prczram Cornrri J . G A .. Ref: 3 A Se: 3' lntroifiqrfzl V:lleyb':ll, litr3:Tiur3i F3 fiefhfzll Stvle Shin-J Ariifegr SF.:'.f.' Stilent f':.7."1l l,r3"i3 Cf-:ky Retry S.C',' ffevfs Rep M3Y- .:f:.Q Ctizie Sc-C l.31:: Club EZ'-'.'llT.'1 Cluh RT A , . Qlllo S Pf-713 S1 C:1.r:,: Rx. l Lyliii Q1 Czriiiti C21 -:t'.1.11r',' Clk 'E A A . . ff. H .342 S' Seiizr E122 Gy: ':. Cooper Ret Roiiti miie-Fff-.113,T.t Roo? 1. lf,-r j1f."'Yf R313 R3ri3 222 GrC?if.'i:3 l-l'1f1' A. K hip, fi. , tx c,-.f. ':. --..- 4 MLN.. ,.' A C5 1 'bf Af . 1 3. 1. J A ...gy .. 1. .r..71.r. .r3. :.- . - 11 fs: Il."--l5r'-31 1' r.t lf Q34-ef. STREIT DOLORES 1525 1"'1C ef P f' A A SUBA IOHN SULLIVAN IOYCE SUMMERS CAROL L SURI-'US GERALD :1 Q JV I 1,3 J SWATEK CHARLES 1 A f J c ec PTAR C TASKER IIM 245 JJ fx THIELGES SANDRA 10 8 T cm Pre 1 dent BON11'1g C1415 'rs C1 '11 Tr 1-111 1 C1 urn o eybo11 Sty Show C11 ,I C 4 1rtC:1 u cz tbu11 G 81, O61PSCfAW1' ow O 1-1 f' Q T1 1 I1 t.1re Fm Tefvs Rep THOMAS LEO 12000 Pro A R001 Tr C1 urer Mor 11011 4B P og cm C 1r1rc1muru1 Bu 1: tbc111 THOMAS L ILLE M11 Ph ey Student L1Drc1r1f1r1 Mar 11011 Color G Moto Comm G A A Rambler C71 V1 Club THOREN DON 10159 Per 1' A rx' CIPA BCI tc U' MCI 1'1o11 Off cer M21 1 C1111 Co 'r1 A e 1 1 wht OL IAMES 7 J tw Bu 1: IDQ1 T cm M21 F1111 OlfC91' MC: '1 11 1r11rc1r4u 1 34:15-c t biz Fe J P e 'Q A 1 TOIGO COLLEEN 253 J e GAA GAA R p ULLRICH DONALD 0 01 S M S R P 21 r LJOUTI r R p Nfl Tn fl urcl B21 e D 11 UILDRIKS IOAN 112 VV 150t'1 S Ze cr T 1 H1 7 G1r1 Gee C1115 GAA G1e C1 1: EY1 err1b1e CL11 rr1:1 1vc11 GAA Show J Q Vo11eybc111 Snr rq 7 VALLIERE1 ARTHUR 8737 1' ana S1 A VAN BOVEN, WAYNE 148 Jw 74 r S' R 5 P Q-bv der' Mo H2111 PVIOYP' P 5 Cc rr ' .1 41:11 Bae-cetncm' E A A VAN COEVORDEN1 IOYCE J 0 E 103 d S Q '11 Cr S1. 11 Se ey Pe'ce1 he Sa Ph rev Pro ey Hep G ' Gee C1513 Gee C11'b Sec Spr1 g pSS'1VG1 C' 15 ct, Fe 'ua P1 M Corrvr St,1C1er1 Co1.1r1c11 R om P esvje 1 S'UrrfY T1 1-'1Y GA A GAA Ren 1r'C1rrurQ1 BcD1ce'::f'11 CHM' 1 C1111n 'I79 1 . 10' ' LcSaQ1e S: Offzce Secy, '71 r '. rep, Zip1:r:c Gcrirr Marshall Phzrex, J 1 . 1 . l051Q Fcrefr' Ave !.lzrsi'11Q ffevrg Ren 1 letter, Ezsnetbzll, 1ifY3fT'Q1'Z1 Izeketbzll 1 1 11543 S ffltrggci Ave Phcrex Fexger fiews Stiff Chcir GAA Rep, GA 131 Dril1 Tecrr, Marshal' 11311' 1"er't1:'31 Chriftrris Fe:t'.'1a1 Spin: 17e:'ti'.'f:1 1 1 13412 Irdicnx Ave Si:,1-11t LQ' rzrizxrt G A A 1 . E751 S. 'ff b Ave F:c1bc11, Swimrning, -JITCRQE H1-Y Student C::r1211 Stage Crev, S0631 Ccrrri, Feriger P Q Gurie Hcrieicri- ing Ccrxri, Pcs: President Ream Treasurer, 3 1etter3, Iitrcrixrfxl Bczeketbcll 1ff3r:hc.11 1 . Q334 Unis: Ave Svfirtixxig, 2 1ettere, BA 1, T711 Hi-Y, Ferjler 1:6303 Stiff, Cheri- zetrj C132 Pr rr1 Cami, P1L1:C:t',' Ccrnrr, Irnrzxural B3s1cetba11, Choir, Choa: Exxserilzle Mzy Fextxval Cr 1ie:s'r':, ep, S':dd1e lub 1 . ' ' 11381 Kr11,ht.s 1-11-Y 1 . 1 05 :1rr1 Ave, Heart ,, ' '1 11',1.c11.'d CI 1' 1 ', :fr K 1 V 11 1 '1e ' , eriietrr 1113, 11r r 1 Bose , GAA, A.A fer, fjc, e 11cf,eur S11 , rf: esta, 1. ti Cd, Pcs' ' c11s, 11 ' 1 . 1 1r1e Ve 11 e 5 , 5 , r r orrrn, 1 5 e . UC . 9801 1 rvlcmd Ave lor 1, A- r+ r- 0 . . , Dr111 Team, Wezrtern 1 5, Jleystry' 1 . 1 rj 'Je 1 ,r .mel Set- h 11, ri 11 , rshfxl' H , News 11ep,BA ,PTA Hr,Pcrent:s YV TIS 1 . 1021 V e:t'.r:':1r 1 Ave si e ' 1 e , rs11 11-, re1f1,'1 .1 rc le.- 11, nger Day or-n,1 fhght, BA , 1 1e:ter , . 11' 115th S: 11,713 H p, . , e . 1 . 1 2 1 .cy t ocri resi'e1t, T 'e e , 1. rshc111, B A A, 1 tr rm sk t' C1111 Chemisrty Cf '13, Ge-rriilri C1312 1 . 1 1 Z. Z r - 31, 5 1 , e L1 1r's!1 5 Fest , . ' , 1r1tr:1'rt1'r I ' " , 11 Fe-st1vc11, 1Jfcy Fes11va1 . '1' ' 31 'Je VANDERLEE, ARLENE. l0805 Eggleston Ave Office Sec'y, G A A, Intramural Basketball VAN KEPPEL, MARIE. l09l5 S Wentworth Ave Phcrex, Girls Glee Club, Room Treasurer, Senior Sing Comm, Marshall, G A A., Student Librarian, Student Council, Spring Festival, Christmas Festival, Phorex Rep, Fenger Day Guide, Room Secy PTA Rep, Parents fliaht VAN SLOBIG. MARGIE. ll806 Parnell Ave Marshall Officer, Marshall, Student Librarian, Office Secy May Festival, Drama Club, GA A VAN TREESE. VIRGINIA. 738 F l05th St Fenger News Staff, May Festival, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Girls Glee Climb Stage Decoration Comm Christmas Festival, Intramural Volleyball, Phorex, Room Sec Y, Courier Rep, Pan American Club, GAA, Marshall, Band, Intramural Basketball, May Queen Court VANDEZANDE, TOM. l2l56 S Princeton Ave Phorex, Diploma Comm., Bowling Club, Chemistry Club, Red Cross Rep, Phorex Rep, Latin Club VAN VLYMEN. RAE MARIE. 14646 Chicago Road GAA May Festival Drill Team VAUGHN ROBERT l24l2 Stewart Ave Marshall BAA Basketball Manager l letter Concert Band Varieties Knights I-Ii Y VIRKAU HENRIETTA 49 E lO2nd Place GAA VITTORELLI ADA I3 W ll5h S GAA Style Show VOIGTS BARBARA ANNE l0004 Lafayette Ave Na tional Honor Society Phorex Fenger News Staff Room President Student Librarian Choir Omega Tri I-IiY Treasurer German Club Senior Breakfast Comm GAA GAA Rep Bowling Club Spring Festival Christmas Festival Intramural Basketball Intramural Volleyball VON WAHLDE ELIZABETH 9933 S Lowe Ave Mar shall GAA Drill Team WAGNER BETTY 10039 Princeton Ave Marshall Red Cross Rep G A A G A A Rep Gi ls Glee Club Style Show WAGNER BEVERLY l0l2l Morgan St Girls Glee Club Lambda Chi Tri I-Ii Y G A A Marshall Phorex Office Secy Red Cross Rep WAGNER CAROL 12445 Harvard Ave Room Presi dent Room Treasurer Fenger News Staff News Rep Alpha Tri H1 Y Treasurer Student Council Cl' istmas Festival Spring Fe tival GAA GAA Rep Mar Fes ival Choir Girls Glee Club Intramural Valley ba WATSON IOYCE 562 F l05th St Roorn Trea J GAA Pa Arneri an Club lntramu GI Basketball R om S Or restra Int amural Volleyball r e iva Ia ie ta C i WAY WILLIS l06 9 Fda e hall O o p Roo T a Ba k all WENTZ PATRICIA 9 S l e S G at 5 Gow crri i g C A GAA R p I DG Na 'ia WESTMAN BEVERLY C er' S O ce C A M swall 180 . . t i. . , , I ' 4 I - ' .5 ' I A f I lr. ' i fl I . .i ' - ll , . D i si rer , F n .. c ' ', ' r ' ' 4 o . ecy ch . , . r . ', I lette, May F st' l, J riet s, Instrumen l onfest Prom Comm, Otfce Seav . . I K vleston Av Mars fficer Bax-:lima Clu' Courier Rep, News Re . reas- urer, Intramur l . s' etb . . 9 Qi 'l.'JaI ac 1 irls Glee Club, C A I "2 C Spr ri" Festival, Christ- mas Festival Q A, . e , Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Jolley' ll, i rsi ll . . l0205 are i t iii Sec 3' .1 A ar.1 T 'R ll WHITING ARLENE l0l45 Pe ry Ave Pho ey O 1 Secy G1l Glee Club May Festwal Gle Club r.'1se'r1ble Dploma Co CAA lntra ley all lletter PTA Hp BeaT1I-11Y h I"es1val SH1 g P rval WILSON IAMES E rf Basketball D a a Club WILSON SANDRA 9958 S LaS e St cv GAA a WISNIESKI GLORIA R e e ep Of' 1 n al Ba netball C A WITT ROBERT 0330 Pe a S Marshall BCNl1 3 LD BAA Roo a B lc tool WOLCHINA RUDY I 236 L A C omm Dpl obllT nr Cho1r BAA WONDER TOM 10737 I'1d1a A Fenge a' IIGNS Rep Stage CPN Stage De at1o Comm Va ete T 1 H Y am Club 1 Basketball WOOD VERNETTE 9753 'vlarllard Ave D l T G May Festlval G A A S rap D we WORKING DIANE l0l35 Ebe hart Ave Wate Ballet Breakfast Comm Zeta Trl H1 Y Var1et1e Int amural Basketball OIIICQ Secy GAA Rep GAA New Rep Marshall May Festtval YATES LILLIE MAE 9353 Vernon Ave Phorex Student L1brar1an l letter G A A Pan Amer1can Club Drama Club Intramural Basketball ZELMANSKI DOLORES ll704 Wallace St Fenger News Staff News Rep GAA Semor Smg Comm Eps1lon Tr1 H1 Y Chem1stry Club Intramural lfolley ba ZAGALIA LUCILLE 92ll Ellls Ave Phorex Penger News Staff Chemlstry Club Ser11or Breakfast Comm Bowlmg Club Marshall Otl1cer Marshall GAA Drama Club Intramural Basketball Iournalrsm Club ZAGOTTA ALBERT l2240 Yale Ave New Rep Kmghts H1 Y VICE Pres1dent ZILIS SYLVIA 10731 Wabash Ave GAA Intra mural Basketball Intramural Volleyball Cho1r Chr1stmas Fest1val Chem1stry Club Sprrng Festrval l.at1n Club ZERLANG GRETA 12033 Parnell Ave Phorex Delta Tr1 H1 Y Treasurer GAA Intramural Basketball Student L.1Drar1an Room vl e Pre der' Stage Decoratron Comm l letter May Fe t1 al Scrap Drrvp ZOZAK DANIEL l2450 Parrell Ave Nat1o'1al Hono SOCIETY Pres1dent Student Cou'1c1l Treasu e Phorex Cour1er Stat' Prom Comm Cha1rman Cho1 Pres1 dent Treasurer Cho1r Erserrble Knlgh s H1 Y Pres1 dent VICE P es1dent Treasurer Fenger Day Gu1de Human Relatrons Comm Chr1stmas I:6Sl1VGl Sprmq Festwal Intramural Basketball Marshall Olhce Marshall Room Treasurer Cou ter Rep Chemnstry Club Fenger In ACTION Ou1ll 5 Scroll CAMERA SHY ADOLPH, IAMES HOELLER HAROLD BLECHSCHMIDT, DICK NOVAK, IRENE DILLMAN, KENNETH OTTO IOHN DIXON. DOUGLAS WARDEN AUGUSTINE GATTO GLORIA WEGLARZ. EUGENE GRIFFITH, ALBERT WITTORP, ORDELL 181 CUlVllVlITTEES-lUii, 1952 PROGRAM Left to Right: Audrey Dick, Alice Scriba. Ioyce Anderson, Louise Evers, Carol Cheney, Barbara Hope, Ieanne Miller, SENIOR BREAKFAST Front Row: Barbara Krueger, Mary Ann Per- linski, Barbara Cooley, Nancy Iohnson, Diane Working, Barbara Voiqhts, Lucille Zagalia, Dolores Osborn. Back Row: Barbara Horwitz, Donna Doty, PROM Front Row: Phyllis Mugq, Ioyce Watson, Barbara Davy, Beatrice Silvage, Arlene Oedzes, Elaine Paxinos. Second Row: Rita Spisak, Fred Peacock, Ioe Ganzel, Dan Zozak, Richard Menke, Chester Hills. Third Row: Charles Nicholls, Charles Swatek, Larry Kobbitter, Arthur Malacky ,f CAP AND GOWN Front Row: Barbara McElheney, Margaret Krikau, Don Morton. Second Row: Edwin Iohnson, Betty Bush, Ioan Hammermeister, Carol Phillips. up GIFT Fronr Row: Geraldine Belcher, Miss Italia Malato, Gloria Sartori, Geraldine Davy, Dorothy Hritskevich, Nancy Norlinq. Back Row: Rose Orban, Sue Boyd, Barbara Solisburq, Donald Thoren, Dolores Delazaro. -L. SENIOR SING Front How: Pat Hupp, Gwen Hauqe, Charlene Reich, Alice Scriba, Marqarite Basile, Mark Addison, Dolores Zelmanski, Arleta Scharn- horst, Sue Albright, Antoinette Boersma. Back Row: Grace Strand, Diane Rambler, Marie VanKeppel, Barbara Hope, Ralph Czarnecki, Roy Danahey. STAGE DECORATION Lett to Right: Ed McCullough, Tom Wonder, Ann Kantremas, Roy Martin, Greta Zerlanq, Gene COMMITTEE 'v Hines, Ken ANNOUNCEMENT Front How: Ioyce Fernlund, Shirley Sauer, Rose- mary Prucka, Claudette Penn. Second Row: Irma Erickson, Robert Gremp. David Ried, Wanda Neal, Dorothy McComis. DIPLOMA Front Row: Dolores Streit, Arlene Whiting, Arlene Lindquist, Vivian Stamps. Second Row: Charles Gurqel, Rudy Wolchina. Tom Vandezande, Ronald Smith, Carol Stewart. JUN 1 52 . 1 ' SEATING AND MARCHING Front Row: Stanley Belinski, Pat Carroll, Romayne Goranson, Iulia Hanek. Second Row: Florence Ettema, Margaret Boyna, Iohn Favero. COLOR AND MOTTO Let! to Right: Pat Brandt, Doris Peterson, Ioan Dickey, Iim Adolph, Marlene Dwelis, Lucille Thomas. PHYSICIANS CO 4 OOO1 HERMAN L. HORWITZ, M.D. 111065 MICHIGAN AVENUE JOSEPH M. A. PAPE. M.D. 131 EAST 111 STREET PU 5 0452 MORRIS D. YAMPOLSKY, M.D. 11131 S MICHIGAN AVENUE 5 4949 V. E. ENGELMAN. M.D. 30 EAST 111 STREET PU 50819 ROLAND C. O. OLSSON, M.D. 29 WEST 111 STREET 5 0608 A. L. KARABIN. M.D. 42 EAST 112 STREET WATERFA 8 1500 STEWART MCCORMICK. M.D. ROSELAND MEDICAL CENTER 1 E 111 P 5 7120 EDGAR O. BREAKSTONE. M.D. 11200 S MICHIGAN AVENUE DENTISTS CO 44242 CO O 41013 C. A. SINARD. D.D.S. 10957 S MICHIGAN AVENUE LOUIS H. SASSO, D.D.S. 109575 MICHIGAN AVENUE CO A4151 JOHN S. BOERSMA. D.D.S. WENTWNOJISIPH AVE 5 IO7 ST PU 5 1477 WILLIAM FANIZZO. D.D.S. 109005 MICHIGAN AVENUE BE 89313 T. H. VERMEULEN. D.D.S. 10316 BELL AVENUE WATERF B 1919 J. A. PROPATI. D.D.S. 110065 MICHIGAN AVENUE CO 4 0375 GEORGE H. BERNING, D.D.S. IIO55 S MICHIGAN AVENUE A. W. JACOBS, D.D.S. DENTISTS PU 5 6538 PU 5 0444 HARRY E. WAALKES, D.D.S. ERNEST GOLDHORN, D.D.S. E III E ITEET IICEE E MICHIGAN AVENUE PU E 5 5147 PU E 4488 R. M. FISHER, D.D.S. R. C. VAN DAM, D.D.S. IIIIE C MICHIGAN AVENUE 42 EAST Il2 STREET PU LM 5 9426 PU 51133 ROBERT J. THARP, D.D.S. EMIL J. OLIVI, D.D.S. IIIIE s MICHIGAN AVENUE IIUEE E MICHIGAN AVENUE comprfmenrs TCJAR pick P. P. ZALLYS, D.D.S. Fenger'26 HARRY Q7 .14 A i9 f 7774 CD Z? L FINANCIAL SUCCESS PATIIIINIZE IIIIII ADVERTISERS E Awe re f e eoly e Mo xjlcwe .iwlegaecl Cl Q ur 00 a 0 Auromosluss and Accesonles SOUTH SIDE CAB CO A Local Organization RADIO DISPATCHED PU 5 8000 East IIIth Street 'I542 West 95th Street Phone WAterfaII 8 5600 UNIVERSAL TIRE 81 AUTO SUPPLY CO SEAT COVERS 0 PARTS 0 TIRES 0 BATTERIES 0 AUTO SUPPLIES I0846 South Mlchlgan Avenue SPEED EQUIPMENT o PAINTS 0 LACOUERS o ENAMELS Phone COmmodore 4 9332 WALT FRICKE SHELL SERVICE C O M P L L M E N T S mass BATTERIES Ano ACCESSORIES O F A sHsu.uamcAnoN M 1 o R r u N E u P F R I E N D WALTER G nzlcxs 107th and South Halsted Streets Phone PUIIman 5 7257 ROSELAND AUTO TRIM and GLASS SHOP AUTO SAFETY GLASS 0 UPHOLSTERING 7 East 'IIIth Street Chicago 28 Illmons 'I88 O O Chicago 28, IIIinois Q . AUTOMOBILES and ACCESORIES CALEY BROTHERS AUTHORIZED CHEVROLET DEALERS Bears for Service 10524 South Mlchngon TRUCKS ALL SIZES Phone PUIImon 5 7317 Phones VVAtedcH s 1413 14 15 Phone CE 3 9720 Reporrng and Towing Ser on e T Incorporated Soles and Servuce B R U N O S Emerald Servlce Sfahon 10557 South Mlchugon Avenue 0 Chlcogo 28 III1no1s COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE LOU KIEKEN WILLIAM KIEKEN 721 West 103rd Street Chlcogo 28 III1no1s Cars Trucks FORD H 81 H MOTOR SALES AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER 24 years some locotron 10131 South Mlchugon Avenue Phone PUIImon 5 3136 189 REuAn1.E SPRING coMPANY ' ' GAS 0 IRES AUTOMOBILES and ACCESSORIES B T RIDE MOST RO SAFEST if -L-, ,4"""" 8' X Mmggfwf www my .f""""'x ammusrcrv ...I HUDSON PACEMAKERS WASP HORNET ART JOHNSON MOTORS Inc 34 W I03rd Street, Phone WAtertoll 8 2020 A Drrve Behmd the Wheel Wrll Convlnce You" Axles and Frames Stralghtened Cold on Cars Phone PUllman 5 2520 Shimmy and Tire Wear Stopped Wheels Balanced Brakes Rel ned and Adlusted ROSELAND LAWRENCE AUTO SCIEIITITIC Brake Service SUPPLY 'I23 EAST Illth STREET COmmodo e 4 3400 I043I South Much gon Avenue w vALLow GLEN E VALLOW Chncago 28 Ilhnons ALPHA TRI HI Y 'I90 Q -4-1 eh fr .ff p ,1 1 x I .A X f la KX ' ..... .... 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' 5 5 I O 9 - . . H . . . . i ' 9 . . . . 0 , . a M. . , AUTOMOBILES and ACCESSORIES ROSELAND MOTOR SALES 1 1200 Halsted Street Phone WAterfaIl 8 5100 P 5 2700 ROSELAND 10220 South Muchlgan Avenue Chicago Illlnols G W FLEISCHMANN SALES AND SERVICE PACKARD E J LEWIS MOTOR SALES 741 West 115th St eet Kenrose Automohve 120 East 111th Street NOVAK BROS Eleven 500 Service Station 11500 So th Halsted St eet 9 1 Ullman - r Phone: PUllman 5-3103 u r 1 AUTOMOBILES and ACCESSORIES THE NEW BUICK SPECIAL FOR 'I952 "A big car built to tit the modest family garage and modest fami y budget" I ROSELAND BUICK SALES and SERVICE IO432 S Michigan Avenue Phone PUIIman 5 I900 BETA TRI HI Y Phone WAterfaII 8 4300 NORTH ROSELAND MOTOR SALES. Inc IO56O S MICHIGAN AVE CHICAGO ILLINOIS Established 1921 OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE 192 . . . . - 0 O 1 BANKS HOME OF ALL DAY DRIVE IN BANKING PULLMAN TRUST and SAVINGS BANK OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY EVENINGS Member of Federal Deposrf Insurance Corporohon LAMBDA CHI TRI HI Y Phone WAferfc1II 8 3637 of CHICAGO CONVENIENT ond ACCOMMODATING ALL DEPOSITS ARE INSURED UP TO 510000 Hours Monday Through Fruday 9 A M fo 2 P M Safurdoy fo Noon Open Thursday Evemng Mlchugcln Avenue of I'IIth Street 193 UNION NATIONAL BANK BUILDING MATERIALS LEROSE COAL 81 OIL CO 12315 Lowe Avenue SALES o SERVICE INSTALLATION OIL BURNERS and STOKERS Day Calls PUllman 5 2140 Nlght Calls COmmodore 4 4682 LHAIHAM LUAL 81 CUKI: CU QUALITY COAL 81 FUEL OILS 356 West Illth Street TIMKEN STOKERS AND OIL BURNERS Telephone COmmodore 4 0014 WEST PULLMAN COAL COMPANY Superior Quality Stoker Coal 12054 South I-Ialsted Street Chicago 28 Ilhnols Phones PUlImon 5 0536 2575 Over Half a Century of Satisfied Customers VAN DER MEER 81 SONS C0 INC COAL FUEL ou Charcoal Wood Lawn Fertuluzer Feed Hay Gran Grass Seed STOKERS AND OIL BURNERS Phones BEverly 8 5400 403 West 'l03rd Street STERLING LUMBER 8a SUPPLY CO LUMBER AND LUMBER FABRICATION H900 South Halsted Street Chlcago 28 Illmols Office and Yard Telephones IO30 West Illth Street BEverly 8 I824 Hllltop 5 otoo STANDARD FUEL AND SUPPLY COMPANY COAL ' FUEL OIL ' BUILDING MATERIAL Chlcago 43, Illlnols Slebern Vander Wagen 194 O B. ., . COAL Q COKE o WOOD . 4 . . I . . : - - : - . o BUILDING MATERIALS Phone I-lllltop 5 5600 There ls No Subshtute for Real Clay Trle NATIONAL TILING COMPANY C O N T R A C T O R S 617 West 103rd Street Chicago 28 III Phone WAterfaII 8 4131 John L PATRICK COMPANY FLOOR and WALL COVERING CONTRACTORS 10856 8 S Halsted Street Chicago 28 III WHOLESALE and RETAIL WA! fall 8-8988 ree s ILLINOIS CARPET COMPANY CERTIFIED FLOOR oor overn Serv ce Inc' unomsum me cunts UNQLEUM' mi """ d BUGS CARPETING CONTRACTORS 11324 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENU 9 Sout ihg d 465 6 ica 2 HINES CONSTRUCTION CO 411 W. 107th Street - WAterfaII 8-1100 GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAsoN:RY Q coucners Q cARPeN1nY 195 BUILDING MATERIAL FREE - ESTIMATES - FREE MONARCH ROOFING CO. "We SoId Your Grandfather" ROOFING O SIDING 0 INSULATION SoIe Appliers of B cl r r e I' t Everlox Shingles EASY TERMS 3 YEARS TO PAY CALL MONARCH 1ooAY 239 West 'I15th Street Telephone COmmodore 4 0800 SMITTY'S HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING 412 West 107th Street COmmodore 4-6927 GAS AND OIL CONVERSIONS BOILERS AND FURNACES CLEANED REPAIRED INSTALLED A y S D M DYKSTRA CO DAVE M DYKSTRA AII Our Workmen Ar C d B e o ere y L ab I ty Insurance 10934 Michigan Avenue Phone PU 5 7706 RELIABLE ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ROOFING O SIDING O INSULATION REMODELING O GUTTERS O CONCRETE WORK 10951 Mlchlgon Avenue PUII mon 5 7700 LUMBER Y GARAGE PORCH SHELVING FLOORING MOULDING LUMB MILLWORK sAsn runes ENTRANCES CORNER CABINET STORM SASH I XWIISEKEM X ..J'..L"" '66 KNOTTY PINE FENCE PICKETS Ope Th SCREENS WOOD PANELING 5 PII neWAf fII88383 W DI I 'I 'I96 o O F'It - ' Fire Pots and Grates v i if ' I Eas Payment Plan - for remodeling Q 4, material and quantity purchases. I TY, -, -,fe .Y I o A 9 H , 1:5 YI!-A gi -I sn-rice lasan DOORS ' WIN I' f A 1' x i , ,' I 4I0 es In St. 5 Betwec ic i an and Ha sted ll urs. Eves.-Saturdays - ein r. M. 'Hua - - nl Ii o er a - - e eivcr I! UQ, n - CLOTHING For Bridal Beauty Phone WA1erfaIl 8 6824 jHE BRIDAL .EELLE 11359 MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO 28 ILLINOIS X5 Our Selechon of FormaIs Assures lndnndual Sfylmg for Each and Everyone CMO! if yOU LUQ6lI" ,OFDM fy THE STORE FOR MEN 340 K g A COmmod Q 4-4800 Jifnown fo malkono Jkfwuykoul Jfmeuva LOGAN S TUXEDO RENTAL Tuxedos Full Dress Mormng Coats Summer FormaIs and Boys Formals 'l'I42'I S Michigan Ave WAterfaII 8 1727 197 , vb ,f K 3 f 'I I , I A 7 Q J I O I ? 0 ensin Ion venue 0 or 6 I CLOTHING A STEP 5 Avll C5 111065 MchganA enu THE NABOR LEE SHOPPE LADIES CHILDRENS AND INFANTS APPAREL 415 East 103rd St eet Ch :ago 28 III no s ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN SHOES e 44 East 11 1th Street h 9 STYLE ART suns Ponns HATS Our Best Ads Aren t Written They re Worn 4 BENSON 81 RIXON 11140 S Michigan Avenue MORE FOR YOUR CLOTHING DOLLAR - - - ALWAYS 198 O I . Q Costume Jewelry .Jg X r i , i i To S77 J IIC PANTS-SWEAYERS- A- . i i v One door west of Mic i an Avenue -M Il 7 ' - - - 1 1, 3' Q1 -r' L CLOTHING 01' Women s Apparel 11113 South Mlchngan Avenue Chicago 28 lllmous Complete Selection of Clothes for the Teen Age Crowd J. C PENNEY CO INC I 12th Place and South Mlchugan R O S E LA N D 199 - The Store of Youth and Fashion - 0 o ll o DRUGGISTS For Your Drug Wants Prescriptions called for and oleluvered PARNELL PHARMACY Medlcal Supplnes o Baby Needs A J Nw god sk R Ph KAPLAN PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY S A Kaplan RPh WAterfaII 8 3630 725 West 111th Street 525 West 123rd Sreet g Chicago 5 6371 HEINZ DRUGS 559 W 103rd Street at Wallace Street Open 7 days a week From 9 A M to 11 30 PM Brmg or have all your prescriptions phoned rn to PRESKUS PHARMACY J Preskus RPh PhC Your Rexall Store 11012 S Michigan Ave PUllmon 5 4626 COMPLIMENTS BAKKERS DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists Srnce 7908 Phone PUlImon 5 0167 11500 Michigan Avenue PUllman 5 0107 Schmid-Lofgren Prescrlptlon Laboratory 30 East 111th Street Exclusively Prescrrptron and Srck Room Supplies Free Delivery H H Schmud R Ph D A Lofgren R Ph 200 l l I l I Phone: PU - . . . . US. Phone: BEverly 8-8680 Free Delivery OF C Q Q EMPLOYMENT Technlcal Trades Employment Agency IN THE WORLDS GREAIEST MANUFACTURING AREA FOR ALL TRADES AND PROFESSIONS 11106 South Mrchugan Avenue Suute 14 15 16 17 Chncago 28 Ilhnors WAterfalI 8 6500 SUGGESTIONS FROM OUR STAFF Your fnrst posmon after graduatuon as umportant to you because at may set a pattern for others that follow If you look only at the paycheck you may get nn a rut that leads away from your chosen goal If you take the flrst 'ob offered lust because It comes easily you may be off to a wrong start and lose the time spent on It Make a lust of the types of work that you would luke to do Then strnke out the actnvmes that can be carried on as hobbies or avocatlons Next consuder the preparahon you have chosen to do You should luke to study and should have done top notch work thus far If you are to succeed nn the dnfhcult preparahon for a professuon So' You want a lob now' What IS next? We urge you not to pound the pavements aumlessly pushmg door bells We suggest that you consult an employment agency that us conducted on clean honest prmcnples by experienced people You cannot conceive the amount of preparatory work the agency has already done for you by telephone advertnslng mall campalgns and personal contacts sn locating suitable posmons for the right reople Electrncuans Foremen Dnemakers Machmrsts Lay out men Inspectors Mach Tramees Assembly Shnppmg Clerk Statuonary Eng Boys who wlsh GIRLS Secretarues Stenographers Typlsts Clerks Bookkeepers Receptronrsts Machme Bkps Frle Clerks Trainees Factory Help to tram for offlce posltrons, see MEN Engmeers Chemusts Prod Managers Metallurgrsts Desugners Draftsmen Accountants Salesmen Clerncal Crednt Men Mr Matson OFFICE AND FACTORY MALE AND FEMALE 201 O QC nfifa we gl"ClJlfl,CliQif provided by your school days. Is it adequate? That depends on the character of the work FLORISTS Phone PUIIman 5 0928 Phone WAterfalI 8 6800 or 8 6801 MAT SUMMERS FLOWER STORE BERNARD ARRIVO nonlsr Just a Peal Nice Place To Trade bl I Unusual Weddmg Designs 1 1405 S Muchngan Avenue Chlcago Ilhnols 236 E 115th Street Chicago 28 YOUR ALUMNI FLORIST WALTER ANDREWS Florlst JULIUS ZSCHAU FlneFIowers T900 Our 52nd Year 1952 10953 South Mlchlgan Avenue Chicago 28 Illlnols FLOWERS OF QUALITY AND DISTINCTION PUIIman 5 0988 WE CANT SAY IT WITH FLOWERS u WE RE STILL LOYAL TO FENGER GRIES For the Best In Flowers O HOME OF BRAZILIAN SHOWER PLANT Former Cheer Leaders 1 1 1 10 Wallace Street COmmodore 4 0187 202 Esta Ished in 929 ' , ' ' . ' , , III. O ' 459 WEST 119TH STREET Phone: PUIII'nal'l 5-2829 - - 4,51 ' LX? I . . X. B r... X -I FOODS COOPER'S FOOD STORE FANCY PARTY DELICACIES - BlRD'S EYE FROZEN FOODS HIGH SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS AND SUPPLIES 550 West Illth Street SEALTEST ICE CREAM COmmodore 4-5827 ONEY'S EAL ICH IO3rd and Wallace ICE CREAM AfAu HIGH LOW FOODS NOTEBOOM'S FOOD STORE N. W. 1 1 1th St. and Wentworth ADAM OQMS me FINEST IN Mens O Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Q G es d F F d O WE DELIVER "Quality Foods Since 1886" Commodore 4'592o ' E S P O S IT O ' S DELICATESSEN 146 West 1 1 1th Street . Chicago 28, Illinois Phone: PUIImon 5-9700 9909 S. State Street Phone: COmmodore 4-1598 FURNITURE PUIlman 5-9622 D A R V I N FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 555-557 West 120th Street Chicago 28, Illinois Roseland's Oldesf and Largesi Furmfure Sfore Qualify Leadership for Over 50 Yeors "Where Qualify and Price are Always Right' Phone: PUIIman 5-0966 Free Parking I 1034 S. Michigan Avenue In Rear of Store Chicago 28, Illinois Turn North at 1 'I 1th Y QUALITY and SERVICE ALWAYS HTLQ 11232-38 Michigan Avenue COmmodore 4 1322 FOR YOUR HEALTH S SAKE ROSELAND COMMUNITY HOSPITAL scHooL or NURSING IIIth Street and Perry Avenue Chncago PUlIman 5 7800 The Roseland Communuty Hospntal School of Nursmg was established un 1924 The school us accredlted by the Illmors State Board of Nurse Examiners and has affllrahon wlth Children s Memorial Hospltal and the Illrnols School of Psychlatrlc Nursmg Chicago Illlnols In psychlatrnc nursing commumcable dlseases and pediatrics Roseland Communlty Hospital admlts classes In September of each year SIGMA TRI HI Y 'I 'I 1 I' h S T Y M C A FOR HEALTH AND FUN Classes for Gurls and Boys GYM SWIMMING SPORTS TRI I-uv and I-nvcluss 205 l . . . , . . . . . . . . I I I I ' - .r.- -. . .1 -,., . 1 , O a O O 1 I IRON and METAL INGERSOLL PRODUCTS DIVISION BORG WARNER CORPORATION I000 WEST 120th STREET CHICAGO 43 ILLINOIS TRIX HI Y ASHLAND IRON AND METAL 'I 1954 Peoria Avenue A N D Chicago Illmons STEEL COMPANY Ph PUI 50534 206 C0mP'imef1fS Of WEST PULLMAN IRON one: Iman - Presenting the new PUllmdn 5 3575 .J siss - I 'vnl Diamond Watch 19 Jewel LADY ELGIN Movement ROSELAND JEWELERS For 52 Years Quality Jewelry Van Slpma Bros 11114 Michigan Avenue CHICAGO S COUSINS INC Credit Jewelers 11147 S Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois Phone WAterfalI 8 5374 EMERALD JEWELERS Authorized Hamilton Dealer Religious Goods Jewelry Watch Repairs Gift Items 723 West 123rd Street Chicago 28 Illmols ED A SZCZEPANSKI Good Luck Seniors GEORGE SPIES INDUSTRIES INC Manufacturing School Jewelers Class Rings and Pins Commencement Announcements Diplomas Service Pins All Phones 3729 W. Belmont Ave KEYsfone 9-1045 Chicago 41, Illinois 207 J E W E L E R S ' Q -X- E I - S , .. : 1. E . - l I 0 MORTICIANS A E Phillips R N Peterson Res COmmodore 4 3334 COmmodore 4 0875 The PHILLIPS FUNERAL HOME Phones PUllman 52444 45 10234 South Michigan Avenue O Chicago 28 Illinois CARLSON FUNERAL HOME 304 306 W 119th Street PUllman 5 0184 5 0185 Chicago Illinois PANOZZO BROS FUNERAL HOME :Nc e S 252 East 115th Street g Chicago PUI 5 9661 AMBULANCE BUKAUSKAS Funeral Home LEONARDF BUKAUSKAS F 10821 South Michigan Avenue Chicago 28 Illinois Phone PUlIman 5 3086 87 PISARSKI and SON Funeral Home OAI CHAPE 11739 41 South Michigan Avenue CHICAGO 28 A Better Service Yes But Not More Costly Butg LIHIIIIPFZII 'IQUIIIP FRED DOTY 81 SONS Est bl h d 1902 214 East 115th Street PUlIman 5 0119 208 I ' - Distinctive Fun ral ervice I . Phone PUIlman 5-2030 Iman - - - A ,unemlbiredor TW RCONDITIONED LS . I . . ' I Q 1 1 a is e NEWSPAPERS Uhr QZz1l11nwi Inhrx FIRST rn cIassrfIed advertrsrng FIRST rn display advertrsrng FIRST ln paid subscribers FIRST rn news coverage SOUTH END REPORTER LARGEST CIRCULATION IN SOUTH END DISTRICT 32000 CERTIFIED HOME DELIVERY 'H Office and Prlntmg Establishment 105 East 115th Street 209 I I OPTOMETRISTS 5 0463 WA B 0100 ELLEN L COLLEY OD E OSSELO OD 11055 S MICHIGAN AVENUE 10831 S MICHIGAN AVENUE OMEGA TRI HI Y WAT B B722 W 8 4000 R J HOFSTRA OD R TIM DESLER OD 11005 S MICHIGAN AVENUE 11006 S MICHIGAN AVENUE PU L 5 2749 W T STEVESSON OD GRACE STEVESSON O D 111315 MICHIGAN AVENUE Greehngs from fhe Fengerlfes of BLACKBURN COLLEGE 210 1 PU - TERF . ' Q - - . , . . H Q 4 J! 1 I .iixt - ix ERF . ATERF - . . 9 . - 0 g . . . . . , . . - H I 'nw eh . , 2 22. Q, 1,, 7 . 3 ...v - 4 .., -, ,,.- L 'ff z I if-if ' , 9 ' ff we , f ,.' 'K 5... , 1 ' Q My 'H . A K Q A R -Q 2 if P.T.A. FENGER P T A 1951 1952 Mrs. Alex Alomsha President T H E M E Todays World A Challenge to Youth A I M and Splntually to Meet the Challenge JOIN FENGER P.T A NOW 212 I I - I ll 1 I .ll I "To Strengthen Youth, Physically, Mentally, C o o REAL ESTATE Phone: PU Ilman 5-5000 TENINGA BROTHERS INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance In All lfs Branches ALFRED J. TENINGA 'IO837 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE RICHARD A. TENINGA ROSELAND, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Insured Savings Home Loans Congrafulafions Io fhe Graduafing Classes A. J. SMITH FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION I 2000 South I-Ialsfed Street PUIlman 5-0240 F.H.A. LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS Phone: PUIIman 5-9000 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE F.H.A. LOANS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CHAS, H. BRANDT 81 CO., Inc. 'I34 E. 'I'III'I'1 Sfreef Chicago, Illinois 2I3 REAL ESTATE Buy or Sell Your Home Through BAUER 81 TANIS REALTY CO. ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE For Prompt and Courteous Service Call . . . COmmodore 4-6500 'IHI9 South Holsted Street PUIIman 5-0088 WAterfalI 8-I 'I 13 NOVAK REALTY CO. CHARLES C. BANKO 81 CO. Real Estate - Loans - Insurance Real Estate - Insurance I I 709 West 'I20th Street 617 West 120th Street Thousands Recommend REAL ESTATE INSURANCE WM. A. CHAPMAN 81 Co. WESLEY SHQNKWILER 8: CO. BUILDERS For . . . Real Estate - Loans - Insurance O I 10637 South iiaisied Street Michigan Avenue at 107th Street WAfeI'fl-Ill 8-4100 WAterfaII 8-8500 BURNSIDE CONSTRUCTION CO. "Builder of Better Homes" 10926 South Halsted Street Chicago 28, Illinois RESTAURANTS Phone COmmodore 4 3135 D ' e e Y For That Przza Taste M CH GAN AV alla N I N 0 S The Pizza Pre On The Hrll I I Ith STREET Q C11 I'I'I Q U, -o- I -'Z' 3' U7 -0- 1 CD ID -0- Q E- C5 Q CQ O NJ T 5 Q El. INGLENOOK LOG CABIN RESTAURANT LUNCHEON II AM to 3 PM DINNER 5 PM to9PM 11507 South Halsted Street Open Untll 2 a m Closed All Day Sunday H050 South Mlchlgan Avenue Phone PU 5 6565 ROSELAND RESTAURANT NE FOOD SEA FOOD FRIED CHICKEN SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS Phone COmmodore 4 9500 PARISE S I 1544 FRONT STREET Clean Sanitary SHELDON HEIGHTS SANDWICH SHOPPE Corner 1 11th and Wallace St For Better Hamburgers French Frles For a Thlck Rich Malt Shake or a Sundae topped wuth a generous porhon of Whnpped Cream and Crushed Nuts Borden s Ice Cream Also a full lrne of High School SUPPIIGS OLYMPIC CANDY KITCHEN We Make Our Own Ice Cream 'II055 Nhchlgan Avenue COmmodore 4 0775 215 - 1 4-11- I I E. " ' i - s I c . 1 . . H I N . 1 . ' o I . I U E. Ui - 112. 3 4 , LQ 0 -AUT SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS FENEEH HIGH SCHUUL FIITHEHS CLUB When the football season at Fenger starts the Fathers Club starts Its campaign for membership Wlth the funds thus acquired the club buys lackets tor the boys In recogmtlon of thelr Interest In the team each member receives a reserved section consideration at the games Last season s officers were Mr Alphonse Gerat Mr Henry Bult and Mr Harry Beals as president vice president and secretary treasurer respectively 216 1 1 , . I , . ' , 1 - A - 1 ' 1 - I I UNCLASSIFIED ROSELAND MUSIC SHOP TELEVISION . RADIOS . SOUND sYsrEMs rsnc-:rs nsconn ROSELAND RADIO LABORATORY CENTER 10814 Michigan Ave. o PUllman 5-9495 11146 S. Michigan Ave. PU 5-0947 SALES o INSTALLATIONS o SERVICE EPSILON TRI HI Y YOUR FIRST POSITION Means a great deal We are here to help you select your future 'ob as to location, interests and good futures ADVISORY PERSONNEL 30 East I1'Ith Street Above Schmid Lofgren Pharmacy See Miss Jones WAterfall 8 6450 ROSELAND HARDWARE MASTER COMBINATION LOCKS 1 1 138 S Michigan Ave WA 8 4700 ITS A COMPLETE ONE STOP SERVICE Theres Nothing Like It an Chicago For SOCIAL and BUSINESS AFFAIRS We can relieve you of all the details IH arranging Y O U R P A R T Y o AllO s s Wedd g A n esares quets che s Pa es O Serv ces P des Fo A place of Recept n Cater C d d ot Photog Alfa r H Occ o At NO EXTRA COST to you J O S E P H S Co pl te Pa ty a d Cate g Servc 1 1005 South Michigan Avenue Phone PUIIman 5 9636 DaiIy100pm to530pm Eves 7pm to900pm F e s Mus c E te to n me t Etc 217 T . . . -.- . . . O - I ll II ll I ' ' ' ' ll ur i rovi rr F r cca ion : io 0 - in s 0 n iv r i ing 0 an i Sh s ' - Ban ' Lun on 0 rti raphy U Party cake 0 Invitations Showers 0 Civic G. Industrial low r 0 i U n r i - is 0 Picnics 0 All ome n ' . asi ns. I 0 . , . . - m e r n . D nn 1 e g - : . . : . . ' . . . 2 . . - - H - I - UNCLASSIFIED dx IX Qn?:.feZfzJ ron Youn E " KD RECENTLY MICHIGAN at lI8th Phone PUlImc1n 5 3552 Phone COmmodore 4 1771 VAN HATTEM MOTOR SALES 10940 Mlchngon Avenue The Low Pnced IQLISER mf? FRHZER I. E s a n S E R v I Body Work and Pamhng on ALL MAKES COMPLIMENTS OF I A FRIEND 218 1 'D' ' smci loo: .W J in-vigil!!!-I! ' .gs-gr, ,. A ""'I:ql f E- ' : HOME NEEDS .llll ESM! ll REMOEEEEE 52.1 S A d C E UNCLASSIFIED BEST WISHES and GOOD LUCK ALLIANCE THEATRE CORPORATION Operators of STATE and PARKWAY THEATRES 11020 South MIcI1Igan 11053 South MIchIgon Compliments TYPE Add 9 M0 I1 he HENRY JOSTES eSppe 8-St MONTGOMERY wARD S ,ng G d COMPANY Telephone PUIIman 5 0627 1 1301 Michigan Avenue 1 1325 Michigan Ave Chmago IIIInoIs 0 C0 CI '64 652 APPI RSP STOCKTON SMITH HARDWARE 81 SUPPLY COMPANY CHUTR0 HARDWARE BUILDERS HARDWARE HARDWARE HOUSE FURNISHINGS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES II 0 u s E w A R E We Dehver WAterfaII 8 5353 10733 S Mch go A e c go 28 III 10910 12 S Halsted Street ChIcago 28 MICHAELS WORLD CAMERA SHOP FIne PhotofInIshIng Album PrInts 5 G 0 Y U' FM 9 11509 MIchIgcIn Avenue P' We Opeate O r Ow t p S II Mo e Photof I1 gPI t PUIII'T1GY1 5 dSI de Eq p ent KODAK 9 ANSCO GRAFLEX VIEWMASTER BELL 81 HOWELL 219 ' writers in ci s of Offic u Ii s ationery 8' pori oo s . . I . . Ph ne: mmo o -2 ionces aired . ' o o P ln! 0 Glass ' Plumbing 0 Eleelri I . i i n v. Chia , inois - . ' I . . . . ' . av n o i ihin ' ' Com ete Lines of r u n Phoo Su plies - ti , vi inis in on ' cn i ui m , O O O UNCLASSIFIED Phones PUIImcn 5-9024 or 5-9025 RETAIL FURNITURE 0 INSURED CARRIERS JENSEN MOVERS MARVIN JENSEN I 1636 South Holsted Street Chucogo 28, Illunoas wo enero ions in t e lndu ry THE DAPKUS PRESS AMERICAN IDEAL CLEANING CO PUIIman 5 0670 10347 5'I Mlchlgan Avenue 'I0728 Mlchlgan Avenue chmago mmois All Phones PUIIman 5 0587 PUIImcm 5 3800 Overnight Service CISZAR CARTAGE Super Service Transportation CHICAGO 0 MOLINE 0 ROCK ISLAND II720 South Holsted Street Chlcogo 28 Illmols THETA TRI HI Y 220 2 Tl - 9. 3 I0 9. 'u ' I. I 1 ' : eo ' o : Q. rn 3 'Q Q I 5. :a rn .. , I . . , 'U UI 'S N . 5 0 - s 5' -. . 1 I s 5' , 0 o , o . W '1 :- I 2 0 I Q X . I 1 . l 5 Q I N t , ' I . O I I - - - - - - - - - - - - - I I UNCLASSIFIED Pop Ia Class cal and Fore gn ec ds on 78 45 and LP peeds Amp o Tape Reco de s RECORDS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ZORDAN QUVIUSIC HOUSE PU S 7920 ll4Il MICHIGAN AVE K ball P anos Mart n Band Inst u ents G bso Nat onal Gu to Sheet M I portedAccordlons Lessons Gwen On All Musical Instruments C0 PI 'el eof BEEMSTER S TRAVEL BUREAU 0ffCeFUff1' fe Desks Cha' 5 11443 S Mlchlgan Ave Chlcago 28 III FI g Cab nets Safes Off ceV ults phone CQ,-nmodo,-e 4 0153 Type r te s and Add ng Mach nes e I Re U Bus Steam h p Tickets T Vacations Resorts EVERS OFFICE SUPPLY CO PUIIman 5 7820 10920 Mlchngan Ave No Addt IC tt ou DELTA TRI HI Y THE RQSELAND PRESS 11541 South Mnchlgan Avenue CHICAGO ILLINOIS All Forms of Prmfmg CALENDARS 0 NOVELTIES 0 SALESBOOKS Phone: PUIIman 5 8749 221 o u r, I im i i r or , Q , S . i rm o o r r r i n i i rs o , o Q usic , m ' . . m e in .. ' i iu , , 'r, . ' ' . ' I iin i , , i a 3 - wi r i I Sals-Rentas- pirs Air- - si ' ours- ' - O - ' ' . iiona os oY . . . l O O UNCLASSIFIED : 4- STANDARD REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR ALL CARS ROSELAND F R I R U N TU E MART KAS FURNITURE 1 REFRIGERATORS 1 STOVES TELEVISION SETS - RADIOS 1 APPLIANCES S BROTHERS Auro nuns 12832 S. WESTERN AVE 11420 S. MICHIGAN AVE -43 E , - l I I 113740 PU 5-1348 LEX ENDITTI BLUE ISLAND ILLINOIS CHICAGO ILLINOIS you,-YEIIHBUUK PH NTEH am! ENGR EH CARL GORR WALLACE PRINTING COMPANY e Complete Prmtmg Service 1801 West Byron Street CHICAGO 13 ILLINOIS A Phone: Blttersweet 8 1331 M I L L E R CO PHOTO ENGRAVERS 466 W Superior Street CHICAGO 10 ILLINOIS All Phones SUperior 7-7440 A Come to us with your yearbook problems 222 Phone COmmodore 8273 Complete Lme ol 341 ost 115th S reet, Chicago 28, III PI' ' 'IW ' "' PI' """" A v I 1 o A A O O I I A A I . 24 uerfcderfi .9l'l6!QX Name Page Adelman Furmture Co Alhance Theatre Corp Amerlcan Ideal Cleanlng Andrews Walter Florlst Arrrvo Mernard Florrst Ashland lron :S Steel Co Bakker s Drug Store Bank s Studro Banko Charles C 6- Co Bauer CS Tanls Realty Beemster Travel Bureau Benson Rrxon Bovenkerk Clothmg Brandt Charles H Brrdal Belle Bruno s Emerald Serv1ce Stat1on Bukauskas Funeral Home Burnstde Construct1on Co Caley Brothers Calumet Index Carlson Funeral Home Certxfled Floor Covermg Chapman W1ll1am A 6- Co Chatham Coal Co Chutro Hardware Clszar Carthage Colley Ellen L OD Cooper s Food Store Couslns lnc Dapkus Press Darvm Furnlture Desler R Ttm OD Dykstra D M Co Emerald Iewelers Espos1to Food Store Evers Otfrce Supply Father s Club Frlcke Walter Shell Serv1ce Gordan s Cloth1ng GFISS Florlst Hatton Furn1ture H and H Motor Sales Helnz Drugs Hlnes Constructron Hofstra R I OD Home Store Howard Clothes lll1no1s Carpetlng Co Ingersoll Steel lnglenook Restaurant Iansen Furn1ture Iensen Movers Iohnson Motors Iones O Employment Ioseph s Party Serv1ce Iostes Henry Kaplan Drugs Kass Brothers Auto Parts Kenrose Automottve Lawrence Auto Supply Le Rose Coal Co Lev1ne Raymond Lewls E I Motors 0 191 223 Name Logan s Tuxedo Rental Monarch Roofmg Co Montgomery Ward ci Co Nabor Lee Shoppe Nat1onal T1l1ng Co Nrno s Przza House North Roseland Motors Notebooms Food Store Novak Realty Olymplc Candy Krtchen Ooms Adam Ossello E O D Panazzo Brother Funeral P T A Parrse s Restaurant Parnell Pharmacy Patnck Iohn L Co Penneys I C ci Co Ph1ll1p s Funeral Home P1sassk1 G Sons Funeral Home Preskus Pharmacy Pullman Trust G Savmgs Bank Rel1able Roohng Co Rellable Sprmg Co R1ttenhouse CS Embree Roney s lce Cream Roseland Auto Tnm 61 Glass Roseland Bulck Roseland Commun1ty Hosprtal Roseland Furnlture Mart Roseland Hardware Roseland Motor Sales Roseland Nash Sales Roseland Press Roseland Rad1o Laboratory Roseland Restaurant Roseland Sc1ent1l1c Brake Schmtd Lofgren Sheldon Herghts Sweet Shop Sm1th A I Sav1ng QS Loan Smrtty s Heattng and Alr Cond1t1on1ng South End Reporter South Srde Cab Co Standard Fuel and Supply Sterllng Lumber ci Supply Stevesson W T OD Stock on Smrth Hardware Summers Mat Flor1st Techmcal Trades Employment Tenmga Brothers Insurance Two Legs Unron Nat1onal Bank Umversal T1re G Auto Supply Vander Meer ci Sons Co Van Hattem Motor Sales Van S1pma Charles Wesley Shonkwrler G Co West Pullman Coal Co West Pullman lron CS Metal World Camera Shop Y M C A Zordan Mustc House Zschau Iul1us Florlst Page ' . ....4...........,.. .. 204 ' ' .... .,.. ,...... ,... 197 ' . ,.....,..,,........ , 219 ' . .......,.,....,....,.,. 196 ' ' .,,..,...,,.....,.. 220 ,... ,...... ....,.,. 219 , - ' ...., .....,... .. 202 - .,............,.....,.... 198 ' , - ' ., ........,..,..... 202 ' " . ..,................ ,... 195 .. ...,...,.,,,. .. 206 ' ' ' ..... ...,........... ,... 215 ' ...,,....,,.,.,. ,.. ... 200 .............,.,. ,.... 192 ' ' .....,.,. ....,.,...,.,, ..... 211 ... ....,,.... .... ... 203 , . ,. ...,.. ...,,.,... 214 ..,.....,....,..........,..., . 214 ' .., ..,., .........,., 214 ' ' , ,.........,. . ,.,. 215 . ..,.... .....,.., 221 , ...,,...,.,,..,..........,.... 203 - ' .,.....,..... .. ..., ,..,.. 198 , .s- . . ,,.....,,.... ....... ... . 210 ' ..... 4. ,......., ..., 198 s ...............,.., 208 , . . ,....,. ,.........,.r. 213 1 . . ..,,............,.,.,.,..,... ..., . 212 ' .,....,..,...... ,... ..., ...r, l 9 7 ' ' ,,---4------ ---t-t.. I - A 215 ' ' ' ,,,,, y,,,,,, 1 89 .r.,...,.r..,. ,.,,,...t., 2 O0 llllullyyu ...,I 208 ' , . . ...M.......,.,,.. ..H.. 195 ' ' ...I IIII In .V,,,, 214 ', . , , ..,......t.., .. t..U.,. 199 .........,,.,.. 4.,.,,..,.,., 189 I -1 A-A4-41.4-A44-------A, 208 . ....,..... l.......,.,. . . . 209 ' ' --.v-4-----t A A I 208 l I I y,,,,,,,,,,W,44,IV 208 ......,,.t...,.,.,..t., I . 200 ' ' ' rt.,.,... .,.t....,, l 95 ' ' -,--- -----'l A I 193 , ' ' , . ............. .. 214 ' ' . ,4..,,.....,.. . ..,.. 198 . ....,,,....,.,..........., 194 ' A . .....,.................. 189 C ....,.. ...,....,.,......, 2 19 1 Co. ...,...,..,....... 198 ' ,......,,...,.......,,...... 220 ' ......................... 203 , .- .. ....,.,.,.,....,.,.,., 210 ' .,......,.,... .. 188 ' .,..........,.........,. 203 ' .,....,,.,,.....,.,,....,,.. 192 ' . ...,....,.4......,...,......... 202 ' 1 -4- ...A.- ---. 205 ,.......,.............. ....,. 220 ' ..,........ ......,. 222 ' ' ........,,,..,,,......,,,.. 204 .......,.... ,..... .... 217 , . 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