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XSg can 0 ST T 0 'UWQQ' k Xxx' 599 y I I ' N 'v Q 7 2 Eh 4-ig 1 M4 X4 ,il Q X 'L Lggvxi 'Lffi!f11'9 NN 'gl "OJ x X 2.5.19 1 1 ......QQ.Q. NNxx x QQQLLSS 3: .C . x 5' 0 7' 49 ffkof' 7 1 lf y I 5 fx' 5-L - 4 :L 311- I ,Q "7 . 1 2 gssgiflilfi .t 1 1 . .' 1, 1 'P i- L f' .- 4 I 1. .- .' A. . ,fam-ff! f J4 1 4':,.f ,-,.- Y U 'I 1. 155125.32 m 'I N ffzfff ,.wf, , 5 4 ',-,:- ll . Ji: Z QE' f YQ..-'E . 1 'x X V 4 4.4 4 5 N . . XX 1 C, 44.5, xXNi? A Wise old owl sat on an oak, The more he saw The less he spoke: The less he spoke the more he heard: Why aren't We like that 1 Wise old bird? Edward H. Richards ' f fas. '. V ,f , V . .-1 1 , A x . rf. ' 1,33-ig ' -Ly,-.A , ' ., ' , "' x A Lf 27" 3 ' 'M'3f"N" H. X ' if ,iris ,v hx.. 5 1 1 I K X , ,. bw: J f ,1 - xx . 5 , ,F f ' K4 i f ' K 3 i 4' AA ,vi as ' W 2- ff! J 1-A, ' M, K , N492 . .9 ' W, K ' xfrr fm 'ay 'ff X '. ' ig ,v W Q 'A 7 , R 1" , s. A f 7 '. q . 'P K L rm X M ,xx Mer ff- , g . - , -2- ' if . I 'qzws Q, Q ' -Q' 4 'L S WMV, -A YQ A ' Q.. 'L ,, Q ay, f 3' 1 f 'Q' . . ' 9 " A W 6' S x " .' v fa Q , I. -, , .Q X L ,f -4 . - v- 4 .. . a sv. , 'x R.- -,firg , M, ily 5 , V. W, - ' 4... 46'-, ' ' -A - ' . ' LF,-A w Q " Q v Q... .f ' f 1 ""'1"'- W and 0 "fiwN:ev,..Xu"' as- ,va A H+ an 4, A ,ffm 'Iii' W 1 si' gt'-ffl' vw' ' S J Aww f W f' 9 ,N J ,vw M Q ' lzwfz L. ffl . A g"5:I Q.. , ,W ,f :- . .iq JLNE OF NINETEEN FORTY PPBLISHED BY THE 'COPRIEH STACFI' OF HIGH SCHOOL ' CHICAGO, II,LlNf 3 IIS E wi i f A A J K N aw , , 4 s - , 2 A M , , -ww, Qi , ' - 1 L. ng' 1.x ,H . qi ,vhwmww , A 5 MW., K K -Mmm' Nm :LW ' , www. , . ,M :A- Hwhg, 1091 - :P K Am' 5"3" ,M '2fwM..,wfwQw,: Vw A 4 . ,mx ' W' ww fi. 1' ' U lf In L -a K N . e have chosen as our theme-Illinois. The scenic beauty, thriving industries, and prairie farms of this mid-western state play an outstanding part in the life of our great nation. Illinois may well be considered the manufacturing center of the Middle West due to her advantageous position, waterways, and natural resources. Photographs of the coal mines and oil wells have been placed within these pages to give you some idea of the extent of manufacturing in Illinois. The iertile tarmlands of this prairie state produce rustling green corn and huge fields oi golden wheat, while highly productive orchards, by their symmetry, add beauty to the spacious countryside. The ex- cellent photography oi such rural scenes as fields of grain, orchards, and views of typical farming country have been used to illustrate the agricultural importance of Illinois. Rolling fields, tall trees, and winding rivers are typical ot the tranquil beauty of Illinois scenery. Throughout the book you will find visible evidence of this in pictures of the State Parks, forest preserves, Brookfield Zoo, and Lake Michigan. The theme has been carried to completion through the literature presented in our book. Stories, poems, interviews, and articles all have Illinois as their background. We present this Iune' 1945 Courier with the hope that it will strengthen your pride in this great state. ELAINE HOCKINSON, ROBERT ALLISON. Co-Editorsein-Chief if L .Q inf gc ,- - -0 'L fe ." 4 as 'lg th 'Htl Q.. LL , i- 4 oing to college or going into industry should be just another step in the educational journey through lite. The Work you have done in high school is, or should be, an adequate preparation in either case. You have discovered that school is a place for the important business of preparing for the future: you have knowingly or unknowingly laid the foundation tor success by your record. The attitudes, skills, and appreciations you have developed to such a high degree are important factors in this success. To all of you who have maintained such a splendid record I extend my best wishes. ,614 ully realizing that ornother conflict lies crhecrd of us os cr nation, We hcrve lived through the final months of one. So it is with school days. When the end comes, there's yet cmnother struggle ohecxd for you. May success and vic- tory be yours, resulting from worthy efforts while students. Assistant Principal lin emumam idfi grace array . I To have known her was to have loved her. Her V9 pleasant manner and enchanting Ways will never be forgotten. The beautiful things she did forus will live within our hearts each day and keep her near and dear to us, tho she has passed away. A 8 C Administration Class Sponsors FACULTY The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. -Dioqenes Science Mathematics Social Studies Physical Education faffg ! 30 li'86ll" iAQ fellblelf' fA0lflgAA 0 feachf fha young ilJOCL how fo Jhoof. -I. Thompson , --- - Commercial Shops and Graphic Arts English 5 Music and Home Economics Miss Maud A' Bailey Mr. George C. Schroeder Mr. I. Trimble Boyd ........ ..................Principa1 Mr. George F. Dasher ....,......... ...... A ssistant Principal Miss Winifred A. Gallagher ........ ...... A ssistant Principal Mr. Louis T. Cook ............... Mr. Richard H. Sanders ....... Mrs. Ella M. Burkhart .,...,.....A....,.,, .,..... ......Assistant Principal ............Head Teacher Adjustment Teacher Mrs. Frieda Opal D. Robinson .............. Adjustment Teacher Mr. William C. Reich ,.,,,...,.,...... ,....... P lacement Counselor JUNE FACULTY R 0 S T E R 1945 i CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Claude Smitter, 4A Mrs. Charlotte I. Hoftman, 4B Miss Helen G. Landers. 3A Miss Mary C. Owens, 3B Miss Dorothy F. Roberts, 2A Mr. Peter De Graft, 2B Mr. Ira M. Wagenman, IA I scmqcs . Mr. Emil C. Bennett Miss Doris M. Blachlyf " Miss Norma A. Deane' Mr. Edmund Jqiis Miss Ruth M. Oliver Miss Anna M. Penn Mr. Gorman Pickard Mrs. Marjorie P. Schulz Miss Katherine M. Stevens Mr. Leland R. Thompson Mrs. Dorothy H. Towne Mrs. Ruth M. White Mr. Ira M. Wagenman. Miss Doris M. Blachly Mir. Clyde M. Brown .,,. Miss Ellen De Haan .... Mr. Wallace H. Fristoe ....,. Mr. Iohn I. Kehoe ........ Mr. Harry Koedyker .... Miss Edna M. Randall ....., Program Adjuster ........Counse1or ........Counselor ........Counse1or ..,,..,.Counselor ........Counselor ........Counselor ....,...Counse1or Miss' Stella G. Platt p MATHEMATICS Mr. Harry I. Bourke ISubJ Mr. Walter H. Brill 'Q Mr. Clyde M. Brown Miss Rita M. Cooney ISubI Miss Charlotte V. Fowler Miss Ruth Honor lSubI Mr. Harold L. Hunter Mr. Harry Koedyker Miss Helen G. Landers Miss Mary C. McCu1lagh Mr. Graydon W. Mumford Mr. Claude Smitter Miss Nora B. 5Stevenson Mr, Ira NI... Wagenman j L PHYSICAL EDUCATIQN Mrs, Jessie E. Anderson Mr. Harry T. Dixon Miss Ursula M. Gardner Mrs. Margaret C. Kitzmiller Mr. Frank H. Knight Mr. Francis Mannott CSubl Miss Mildred Taylor P SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Kenneth W. Dean Mr. Peter De Graft Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Lillian Edinqer Margaret S. Hill Charlotte I. Hoffman Marjorie G. Mooney lda B. Petrich 1.1244 Mrs. Helen M. Matthews Mr. Charles W. Palmer Miss Dorothy Wertenburq lSuhl Mr. E. Frank Young K M!Sgt. Ernest B. Simons R.O.T.C P COMMERCIAL Mrs. Irene Azarkiewicz ISubI Miss Sarah I. Cavalli iSubJ Mrs. Madeline M. Craig Mrs. Elizabeth B. Fristoe Mr. Sayrs A. Garlick Mrs. Amy L. Haley 9 Miss Alice R. Ka-vanaugh Miss Edith M. Kayk Miss Dolores L. Kelleher QSubJ Miss Luella E. Kettelhon Mr. Wesley W. Fotch Mr. Ernest E. Lange Mrs. Bertha E. Maier Mrs. Bernice Petterson QSubl Miss Edna M. Randall Mr. Walter W. Sampson Miss Iessie I. Solomon I SHOPS Mr. Leonard Iohnson Mr. Iohn I. Kehoe Mr. Royal P. Kirchner Mr. Moses Landsman Miss Ruth W. Robinson Miss Ruth M. Smart Mrs. Lyle I. Starcevic Miss Laura Z. Verhoeven Mrs, Vera H. Wertheim Miss Elizabeth I. Wilson lSubI Mrs. Ruth M. Wise D HOME ECONOMICS Miss Annabelle Callanan Mrs. Elsie P. Forqueran Miss Mary l. Heagney Mrs. Ioy T. Kyes bSubl P MUSIC Mr. William R. Burnham 5 LIBRARIANS Mr. Karl Ienkinson Librarian Mrs. Elsie S. Blatchford Assistant Librarian Mrs. Catherine A. Smith Assistant Librarian Miss Mary M. Ziegler ....Assistant Librarian P OFFICE CLERKS Mrs. Rosella Beeqan Office Clerk Mrs. Winifred L. Bourke Office Clerk Mr. Leslie I. O'Mara Mr. Iulian I. Sykes Mr. Thomas L. Van Scoyoc Mr. Howard Q. Westervelt P GRAPHIC ARTS Mr. A. Iohn Brinkman Mr. Ernest E. Bryen Miss Nelle B. Green Miss Edna M. Marlin Mr. William E. Musick Miss Verne Sturmer fSubl Mr. Iohn Zinngrabe Miss Irene M. Connor Miss Maude W. McCready Miss Julia A. Mulligan Mr. W. Neil Trimble P FOREIGN LANGUAGES Mrs. Florence C. Atwater Miss Congetta Change Miss Winiired K. McPartlin Miss Mary Ormsby lSubJ Miss Mary C. Owens Miss Dorothy F. Roberts Miss Francelia Stuenkel Mrs. Myra A. Whitworth Mrs. Eleanor G. Campbell Office Clerk Mrs. Florence L. Murphy Office Clerk Mrs. Irene C. O'Donnel1 Office Clerk Miss Sarah E. Schmid Office Clerk Mrs. Anna M. Kelly Matron U TEACHERS ON LEAVE Miss Katherine M. Bulger Miss Dorothea Davis b ENGLISH Mrs. Adrianna G. Boomker lSubl Miss Lois A. Conner Miss Alice Durkin fSubJ Mrs. Cassie Greer fSubI Miss Eugenia A. Harper fSubl Mrs. Edna C. Lewerenz Miss Esther B. Lundquist Miss Mary E. McCabe Mrs. Hazel C. McNamara Mrs. Elizabeth Moroney I P CUSTODIANS Mr. Harry A. Beals ...Engineer Custodian Mr. A. I. Bruen Assistant Engineer P LU NCH ROOM Miss Mary McCabe Manager .1314 Miss Mrs. Madeline Iohnson Agnes R. Maier Miss Isabel McKirdie Mrs. Helen O. McMahon Miss Elsie C. Meinhardt Mrs. Frances A. Mullen Mrs. Clara V. Ojala Miss Helen O'Sullivan Mrs. Gertrude Schuessler Mrs. Edna M. Stephens Miss Genevieve C. Wright f .QI I l So much assistance has come from the many, many people oi Fenger to help in the production of the Courier that all we can say is "Thank you." Our deep gratitude goes to those persons who have given us so much: Mr. I. Trimble Boyd for his loyal support and ardent interest: Mr. Dosher, Mr. Wagenman, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Fristoe, and Mr. Cook and Miss Gallagher for their exetnsive assistance: Mr. Kehoe and his print- ers: Mr. Beals and the stage crew for their help with the Courier Play: Miss Sturmer for her art work: Miss Mildred Taylor and the News Staff for their publicity: Miss Lundquist and the English Department for the literary contributions: Miss Kay tor clerical aid: Coach Dixon and Master Sergeant Simons. by , We are under special obligation to the Division oi Parks at Springfield, Illinois: Illinois State Historical Library: R. I. Nesmith and Associates, New York City: Shell Oil Company, New York City: Sahara Coal Company, Chicago, Illinois: The Chicago Farmers, Chicago, Illinois: Union Stockyards, Chicago, Illinois: and Illinois Central Railroad, Chicago, Illinois, for their many beautiful pictures appear- ing throughout the book. Orchids are due Miss Ruth W. Robinson, who with her great understanding and every necessary advice, has guided us on the path of accomplishment and to her English classes for their club write-ups. Thanks again to all who have come in contact with the Courier or the staff, ROBERT ALLISON, ELAINE HOCKINSON Co-Editors-in-Chief 1,1441 Firs June, 1945 ourier ga!! 'k t Row Robert Allison Co-Editor-in-Chief Robert Asmus Associate Editor lean Barce Business Editor Helen Brak Financial Editor Margaret Brak Financial Editor Second Row Ada Burton Sports Editor Richard Carlson Associate Editor Carmina Dangelo Music Editor Adeline De Biasio Literary Editor lean De Haan Financial Editor Third Row Alex Ervanian Branch Editor Thurman Farrar R.O.T,C. Editor Shirley Ferry Publicity Editor Geraldine Fier Typist Betty Fischer Art Editor Fourth Row Eugenia Gorka Associate Editor I-'ilicita Grinus Typist Elaine Hockinson Co-Editor-in-Chief Henry Hummel Sports Editor Arlene Hutchinson Art Editor Fifth Row Blanch Iones Typist Milton Levin Photographic Editor Barry Levison Interview Editor Sidney Levison Interview Editor Donald Ludwig Art Editor Sixth Row Leonard Lundstrom Business Editor Ostop Mincinsky Photographic Editor Lucille Mudie Typist Charlotte Mueller Associate Editor Carol Nelson Literary Editor Seventh Row Eigh Dorothy Nelson Interview Editor lohn Parker Branch Editor Georgene Skelley Office Manager Ronald Skold Business Editor Eva Susami Business Editor th Row Henry von Meeteren Branch Editor Donald Westerhoft Photoqraphic Editor Richard Winterhoft Literary Editor Donald Yeoman Financial Editor Miss Ruth W. Robinson Sponsor Aiello, Louis P., A.A.C. Aiello, Vincent A., U.S.N. Alexander, John J., U.S.A. Algreene, Fred, A.A.C. Anderson, Ray, U.S.N. Asmus, Fred W., U.S.N. Aurich, Merritt, U.S.C.G. Bankowski, Chester, U.S.N. Bankowski, Raymond, U.S.N. Barisas, John J., U.S.A. Beemsterboer, Edward, U.S.A. Belder, Don, U.S.N. Biolchini, Robert, U.S.C.G. Black, Duncan, U.S.A. Black, Harry, U.S.A. Bolduc, Allen, U.S.N. Bona, Herbert, U.S.N. Bona, Walter, U.S.N. Boone, Harold, N.A.C. Borgard, Arthur, U.S.N. Borger, Jack, U.S.N. Brack, Joseph, U.S.A. Brak, Stephen. A.A.C. Brinkman, Eunice, A.N.C. Brinkman, Herbert, U.S.A. -kBrolick, Emil, A.A.C. Brunderman, Firmin, A.A.C. Burda, Joseph, A.A.C. Cachares, David, U.S.M.C. Campbell, Oregon, A.A.C. Carlson, James, U.S.N. Carpenter, Walker, U.S.N. Cavato, Edward, U.S.N. Fhuizels, Richard, U.S.A. Cittadino, Aldo, U.S.N. Clark, Charles, U.S.N. Costalunga. Reno, U.S.A. Crawford, Burris, U.S.C.G. Dalenberg. John, A.A.C. Danadio, Prosper J., A.M.C. Davison, Bill, U.S.A. Daye, John, U.S.N. Deenik, Nick, U.S.N. De Giacomo, Jos. L., U.S.A. Dorn, Jerry, A.A.C. Downey, Henry, U.S.N. Druktenis, George, U.S.C.G. Dulanev, Albert R., U.S.A. Dulaney, Donald, A.A.C. Eastwood, Marion I., A.M.C. Ebenduhl, Don, U.S.A. Erao, Carl. A.A.C. Eriksson, Elmer, U.S.A. Flower, Donald, U.S.N. Forte, John, A.A.C. Frederick, Ernest, U.S.N. French, Chas. J., Jr., U.S.C.G. Galambus, William, U.S.A. Galbraith, Fred, Paratroops Genzil, Clarence, A.A.C. Gephard, Duane, U.S.A. Gierczak, Edward, U.S.N. Gieson, Ray, U.S.N.C.B. Girotte, Barne , U.S.A. Gloss, Rudy, lllS.N. 'kGoldstein, Ralph, U.S.A. Gray, Jack, Paratroops Greenwood, Warren, U.S.N. Guizdolski, Virginia, WAVES Haas, Russell, U.S.A. Hives, Richard, U.S.N. Hofstra, John, U.S.N. Holzwarth, Louis, U.S.A. Horwitz, lrvnig A., A.A.C. Howard, Roy, U.S.N.C.B. Hutchinson, Ed., Paratroops Hutchinson, Leigh, U.S.N. lrwin, Ray, U.S.N. VICE JohnsonfWrn. A., U.S.A.: Jones, Robert, U.S.A. Jordahl, Irwin, U.S.A. Vane. Robert, A.A.C. Koonga, Charles, U.S.M.C. Korienek. Wesley. U.'.N. Worpns, Joseph, U.S.N. Kulish, Edward T., A.A.C. HUIVGYSOII, SNVB, U-5-N- Jackna, Raymond, U.S.N. Lamberger, Andrew, U.S.N. Hammer, Ramon J.,Jr.,U.S.A. Jenkins, Thomas, U.S.N. Lambos, George, U.S.N.R. Hanegan, Robert K., U.S.A. Johnson, A. S., Jr., U.S.A. 'f' 'bar Nick. U.S.N. Harrington, Robert, U.S.A. Johnson, E. Howard, U.S.A. Leiva, Louis, U.S.N. Harvey, Frank, U.S.A. Johnson, Melvin, U.S.N. Lubert, Alex P., U.S.A. Hathaway, Charles, U.S.N. -kJohnson, Robt. E., U.S.M.C. Helstrom, W. R., U.5.M.C. Johnson, Roy M., U.S.A. Madsen, Todd, U.S.N. Maicack, Paul, A.A.C. Maladra, Anthon , A.A.C. Marschall,- Robt. A., U.S.M.C. Matras,- Ted, A.A.C. Mazil, Frank, U.S.A. McDilI, Roy, U.S.N. McMahon, Dean, U.S.N. Mencinski, Jerry, M.M. Mencinski, Orest, A.A.C. Menning, John, A.A.C. Mercier, Robert, U.S.N. Miller, Jack, Paratroops Moeller, Jack, A.A.C. Mulford, Howard, U.S.N. Myroup, George, U.S.N. Nelson, Louis Edward, U.S.N. Norgord, James, A.A.C. Norgard, Nels, U.S.N. Nyberg, Howard, U.S.N. Panazzo, Geno, U.S.N. Panazzo, Joe U.S.A. Panazzo, Richard, A.A.C. Pastac, John, U.S.N. Paul, Stanley S., U.S.A. Peterson, Carl A., U.S.A. Piazza, Anthony, U.S.N. Placek, Chester, U.S.N. Prince, John, U.S.A. Pritchard, Harold, U.S.A. Rakow, Leo, U.S.C.G. Rehak, Rudolph, U.S.N. Rimmer, Thomas, U.S.N. Roberts, Ray, U.S.A. Robertson, J. V., F.C.A.F.N.C. Robitschek, Glenn, U.S.A. Roeda,,Jack, A.A.C. Rogers, Chas. Paul, U.S.N. Ruby, Edwin, U.S.M.C. Ruhl, Jack, U.S.N. Sartori, Archibald, U.S.N. Sasuta, Michael, U.S.A. Sasuta, Nina, WAVES Satriano, Frank, Paratroops Schouster, Charles, U.S.A. Sexton, Robert, U.S.N. Sharpe, Thomas, U.S.N. Skelley, Robert S., U.S.A. Sparrey, Jack, U.S.A. Spotts, Glenn R., U.S.N. Stenberg, Ralph, U.S.A. Stephens, John A., U.S.N. Stiehler, George F., U.S.M.C. Sullivan, Alonzo E., A.A.C. Sutcliffe, Don, U.S.N. Swartz, Howard, U.S.M.C. Swerdblow, Martin, A.M.C. Szlaga, Eleanor, WAC Thomas, Betty E., U.S.M.C. ' KWomen's Reil Trentacosti, John, A.A.C. Trentacosti, Robt, U.S.N.C.B. .- Troy, Louis, U.S.N. Tuxtord, Robert, U.S.N. '-' Urban, John, A.A.C. Vander Mey, R. R., US.N.R. Veenstro, Richard, U.S.A. Vinello, Louis, U.S.A. Weiler, Verne, U.S.N. Weitman, Marvin, U.S.N. Westerhoff, Alvin, A.A.C. Whipple, Howard, U.S.N. Willis, Eleanor E., WAVES Willis, Lester, U.S.N. Wilson, John, U.S.A. Wintercorn, Ed., A.A.C. Wyma, Arthur J., U.S.A. Zieball, Earl V., U.S.N. 'kGoId Star Men A.A.C.-Army Alr Corps: U.S.N.--United States Navy: U.S.A.-United States Army: U.S.C.G.-United States CMP!! A.N.C.-Army Nurse Corps: U.S.M.C.--United States Marlne Corps: A.M.C.-Army Medical Corps: ara roovi. ' United States Navy C. B.: W.-Waves: U.S.N.R.-United States Naval Reserve: M.M.--Merchant Marlne: F.C.A.F.N.C.--F.C.A.F. Nurse Corps: W.A.C.-Women's Army Corps. Coast Guard: N.A.C.-Navy Alr P.-P t ' l.l.S.N.C B - . . To do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations. v16f. -Abraham Lincoln Tuttedal, Morten A., U.S.A. 9. Turlo, Francis, WAC .. L. 5.. PHOTO BY U. S. ARMY SIGNAL CORPS lbwbmffon fo SERGEANT 1-'LES l To you, Sergeant Robert I. Fles, we, the Staff of the Iune 1945 Courier, dedicate this book in appreciation of your fine work. , 17 .1 WE MARCH, WE MARCH, WE MARCH! In SERGEANT slMoNs -Ns, l Master Sergeant E. B. Simons, who has taken over command of Fenger's R.O.T.C. fol- , ,K lowing Sergeant Fles, is doing his best to help Fenger's unit in every way possible. Our commanding officer has served in the Army for seventeen years before becoming a military instructor. He toured the country with a show called "This Is the Army." The Sergeant also had the job of returning some soldiers who went "over the hi1l." Before coming to Fenger, he was assistant military instructor at Lakeview High School. where he had charge of the R.O.T.C. rifle team. We know that Sergeant Simons will do his best for Fenger, as he did for Lakeview. R Stew ' O. T. art, Iuqrqnqs C. STAFF omcsns CLUB ispengel l The Fenger R.O.T.C. officers now holding H positions as platoon leaders, company com- manders, and staff officers are a group of for- mer cadets who have risen from the ranks. Under the guidance of Sgt. Simons, these offi- cers teach new cadets and future officers the fundamentals of map reading, first aid, manual of arms, combat principles, scouting and patrolling, military courtesy and discipline, military history, and military organization. ' Mczzheso THURMAN FARRAR, 415. R.O.T.C. Editor OFFICERS' CLUB Sponsor-SGT. SIMONS LIEUT. COL. B. STEWART Top Row: Madsen, Ydreo, Lyon, R. Carlson, Hardy, Skoid. Steack, Propati, L. Smith. 2nd How: Kase- berg. Vitale, Von Meeteren, Hall, Farrar, W. Smith, Ervanian, Waqenaar. Bottom Row: Peacock, Mathe- son, Iuranas, Stewart, Sgt. Simons, Spengel, Berg, Siemsen. Aff Om... .f fi. 42... - ' 74 -' ,-',., 9 4 f wi 'mln ' M mt Q .1 ANN 1. ,'kk 53171 1, jig" .f.gA,',?5fWs1 gmffggqgjjxfyxwki gfl l't7'1, 1,13 SGW? Lti""13, sy,:HE'p 5 ' , ' 1 'Sf.Pfl'?f3siie3iF575ifvilailgi5i55i5gggiEWi?g 5Li'fli1eEEi'5Yfrfff3V?Q7ZSQi?fifliifiif. ' ' S" W ' . M A W 4 ffiiisif? 1 , A M' . Q 'W xy JE Vi M , ,L,,,?.g3:ig A,h' , 1 5- 1 ,W .L . Ff ' ,,w ,M AL,L.4 A , ,, ,A x ., 'QL . will + ' A A f M B' , X H W - -'ff will 1 " f Y if gf? .yy -if-, ,y5'.f"5ji,.f, Vim ,ful ,fi fyf. 'Seq Q ' , , me ' - ' E' . in 2, M Q-ei -5' TNQ. Q5 ' if: -if mf.. W- 'f wr ' ff V W v V V3 ' ff ' ask? i ' ig? ' H ii' M af 5 ' 'fa F , . wg" 'ff' W- W' df gl . , W ff ' , 3: .. Y + . ll 35' 2-i '7f- ' Q" xv, pf- wg. . .5 Qi 'W ' 'f' W E ,ff ,AE x, Q K I 'sf , . augur' cg, . ,.- ff' J ' f I in 9,6 I U :RUN 5 1 M .5 A' 9 ' g i "lf" 9 , ' 5""" f - 'ef 'if 2 'f"f r ,, I W H 75 r . 0 K A gy -li ' 4 , '. W , 7' , l A il , . ' k W A .V - ' K tfwij-'Q A kv ' A .fr vii' 'ff ' 7 WN., 'H - - T. '.,h QA ,X flv' ' -' '.- 'V K fl' ' , ' . n ' f . ' . . gm- ry .f "- 1 U 'af .W . R. O. T. C. Co. A Sponsor--SGT. SIMONS CAP'T: R. PEACOCK lST LIEUT: H. VON MEETEREN ZND LIEUT: C. LYQN, A. YDREO Top Row: Kachigian, Hraka, Barce, Wadmar, Van Der Meer, Iacobsma, Nordine, Herbert, Gold- schnikl, Rodick, Olsar, Hahn, Anderson, Staley. 4th How: Bye, Asa, Broekstra, Spartilo, Organ, Dolbeer, Pierce, Schlueter, Small, Boqers, Sharp, Schick, Hoskinson. 3rd Row: Thomas, Olsen, Elliot Wattjes, Nyland, Hurst, Guastalli, Tysson, Korpas, Tracy Lux, Mazzachi. 2nd How: H. Von Meet- eren, Beyer, Mastej, Platt, Vitale, Dunni, Pecora, Musdalien, Kranenburg, Malone, Staley, Horvath Ooms, C, Lyon. Bottom Row: A. Peacock, Day, Hurt, Kramer, Tackes, Lehminq, Sutton, B. Stewart Laslow, Kyler, Verbeed, Yonker, Matesian, Rubin, A. Ydreo. R. O. T. C. B'N. Co. B CAP'T: A, ERVANIAN IST LIEUT: A. VITALE ZND LIEUT: H. MADSEN, R. SKOLD Top Row: Breyiogle, De Klerk, Radtke, Rynberk, Iohnson, Laederack, Maloney, Crantill, Nelson, Marchello, Parker, Miskin, Van Den Handel, R. Asmus, Winterhoft. 4th Row: Arentz, Shaw, Russell, Simons, Dykstra, Zeigler, Hultman, Brown, Cia, Szlaga, Horan, Remington. 3rd How: Nalon, O'Rourke, Zordon, Bartest, Smid, Rosenblatt, Wintercorn, Bouma, Giusto, Iapenga, Haitsma, Erickson, Salchert. 2nd Row: A. Vitale, Browder, Baer, Stupegia, King, Taylor, Erickson, Davies, Grover, Brzostowski, Marcotte, Iohn, Phillipes, Marshall, Blom, H. Madsen. Bottom Row: L, Smith, Kubula, Hanken, Zurek, Watts, Hibbe, Rithaler, L. Juranas, A. Ervanian, Zaylik, Schink, Young, Crusius, Thomas, Kossan, R. Skold. ft 21 f' N. C. O. CLUB I Sponsor: SGT. SIMONS Top Row: Beaudry, Rem- ington, Landis, Flieth, Schneider, Parker, Frere, Peterson, Nordine. 2nd How: Hurst, Tobias, Di- Iulio, Malina, Carlascio, La Piana, Marcotte, Giusto, Vander Meer. Bottom How: Shimkus, Slingerland, Ghi- otto, Stewart, B r o w n, Shackter, Zeigler, Simonai- tis. N. C. 0. CLUB II Sponsor: SGT. SIMONS Top Row: Kranenburq, Olson, Den Besten, Wier- sema, Hard, Baer, Nichols, Sharp, Winterhoit, Boers- ma. 2nd Row: Hoskinson, Staley. Tackes, Anderson, Iacobsma, Petersen, Olsar, Thomas, Brzostowski. Bo!- tom Row: Bye, Horan. Evers, Iuranas, Cia, Ooms, Arentz, Chelinsky. U SH ERS CLU B Sponsor: SGT. SIMONS Pres.: W. SMITH Top How: Guisto, Dalen- berg, Hahn, Randolph, Schlueter, Broekstra, Shak- ter, Ooms, Asa, Lux, Nor- dine, Stupegia, Sinkus. 3rd Row: Dian, Asa, Iacobs- ma, Krahenburq, A. Carl- son, Brzostowski, Thomas, Olsar, Dilulio, Dohner, Ollearis, Mcrrschall. 2nd How: Boroian, Staley, Boersma, Carlascio. Beav- er, Tackes, Sprouse, Sta- ley, Andersen, Cross. Bot- tom Row: Ervanian, Ydreo, Farrar. Smith, Staeck, Lyon, Stewart, Simonaitis. R. O. T. C. BAND Capt. R. Siemsen lst Lieut. G. Hall 2nd Lieut. R. Wright, L. Smith T o p R o W: Nalon, Erickson, Hoenicke, Laederach, Szlaqa, Browder, Den Besten, Sloan, Cia. Wiersema, Norman, Evers, Gray. 2nd Row: Rithaler, Soranovic, Iohnson, Hibbe. Do nner, Watts. Terret, Cautevucci. Shaw, Banks, Ma- loney, Boersma. Nichols. Bottom Row: Bushee Gr , ay, Hard. Hall, Siemsen, Smith. Radtke, Petersen. Blom. RIFLE TEAM Sponsor: Team Captain: SGT. SIMONS T. SPANGEL Top How: Muloney, Schlueter, Berg. Smith. Vi- tale, Hall, Cia. Bottom Row: Peterson. Di Iulio, Hard, Spangel, Salchert, Organ, Cross. COLOR GUARD Sponsor: SGT. SIMONS LIEUT. T. MATHESON From Le!! to Right: Carlascio, Pratt. Hahn, Boersma, Shackter, Iacobsma, ' Schlueter, Kranenburg, Ooms, De Klerk, Morin, Olsar, Staley. McKenzie, Matheson, R. 0. T. C. CAP'T: R. WAGENAAR Co. C lST LIEUT: R. KASEBERG ZND LIEUT: R. HARDY, I. PROPATI Top Row: Brauwer, Youngs, Sharp, Erikson, Backelmann, Iaurez, Robinson. Price, A. Carlson, Fisher, Morin, Charlson, Bush, Gouvis, Den Besten. Nichols, Iohnson, Chelinsky. 4th Row: Black. Simonaitis, Brossean, Gray, Iohnson, Beavs, Sinkus, Beaver. Shackter, Valqlanz, Hutton, Schneider, Schulz, 3rd Row: R. Carlson, Humphrey, Carlasio, La Piana, Mole, Proper, Kishbaugh, Sloan, Nordine, Frere, Slingerland. 2nd Row: R. Kaseberg, H. Van Meeteren. Dian, Fatla, Babcock, Noteboom. Bushee, Wojciuhow- ski, Barisas, Touhy, McCarthy, Billstrand, R. Hardy. Bottom Row: T. Farrar, Ruhl, Penzotli, R. Berg, T. Spengel, R. Wagenaar, Boriarx. Von Scheltema, I. Propati. USHERS CLUB l The Ushers Club under the leadership of Cadet Major William Smith has proved its The Varieties, P.T.A., and assemblies are only worth in all activities sponsored by the school. a few of the well clone jobs characteristic of this fine group. RIFLE TEAM I The Fenger Rifle Team under the leadership of Cadet Captain Ted Spengel, has proved to the members of our R.O.T.C. units, what men on the rifle team can do. By placing seventh in the city R.O.T.C. Rifle Team League, which consists of twenty-nine schools, it shows the very fine training that Fenger R.O.T.C. Cadets get in the care and use of the rifle. COLOR GUARD l This semester, Fenqer's color guard is lead by lst Lieutenant Tom Matheson. Taking part in all assemblies, P.T.A., varieties, and any other job they are asked to do is the job that is cheerfully and willfully done by the color guard. g THURMAN FARRAR, 4A H.O.T.C. Editor R. O. T. C. Co. D MAJOR W. SMITH ZND LIEUT. W. STAEK 1ST LIEUT: T. FARRAR 2ND LIEUT: R. CARLSON. Top Row: Sprouse, Squires, Elliott, Ollearis, Dilulio, Nelson, Beaudry, Evers, E. Asmus, Moore, Iohansson, Jackson, Dahner, Hard, Randolph, Foote, Flieth, Weber, Sharp. 4th Row: Wiersema, Boersma, Dalenberg, Ooms, Selden, Ghiotto, Peterson, Banks, Wal- ker, Norman, Boedeker. Landis. 3rd Row: Suranovic, Terrett, Molina, Asa, Kotik, Mitchell, Kendall, Cross, Taglioli, Tobias, Kerch- ner, Nehring, Pintler. 2nd How: Borden, Ulmer, Dalla, Betta, Stinnett, Zelensky, Healy, Watson, Stannard, Rosenbloom. Glupker, Hockey, Petersen. Bottom Row: Gray, R. Siemsen, G. Hall, R. Carlson, T. Farrar, Sgt. E. Simons, W. Smith, W. Staeck, I-I. Von Meeteren, T. Matheson, Shimkus. The Spotlights on Sports G l "I was robbed." This familiar phrase may be heard every Monday and Friday at the Rose Bowl by some one in the Fenger Bowling leagues, sponsored by Mr. Young. On Monday the King Pins hold the top spot, while the Unknowns lead the eleven other teams to the wire in the mixed league. This league is new here at Fenger, but having just completed a successful season, it seems as though it will continue in the coming years. RESTING AFTER THREE HARD GAMES "STRIKE 'EM OUT" l Last year the Fenger nine went in to quarter finals against Amundsen, but they lost 9-2. This year with all but two regulars returning, the Titans rate as one of the top nines in the city. First bases and catching are the weak spots but leave it to Mr. Dixon to fill them with two capable ball players. The busiest boy on the field is the manager of the team, Iohn Konyar, whose business it is to get all the balls that go out of the park. HENRY HUMMEL. Sports Editor BASEBALL Sponsor: MR. DIXON Top Row: Carlson, Madden, Fisher. 2nd Row: Tudftal, Konyar, Giles, Esposito, Sliter. Bottom Row: Perm. Godshall, Regelsky, Zick, Iohanson, De Lazaro, Mr. Dixon. D 25 if SENIOR BASKETBALL Sponsor: DIXON Standing: Lindsied, Godshcdl, Regelsky, Messmuker. Coughlin, Zick, Dixon. Kneeling: De Hamer, Kolovus, Loqun, Sliter. C O A C H ,NHPF N immg 7, ixon, JU N IOR BASKETBALL Sponsor: DIXON Standing: Dixon, Iohnson, Podiecki, Peterson, Koenig. Schweiz, Tuftedcxl. Kneeling: Booth Hummel, Maurer, Bruce, Esposito. JUNIOR BASKETBALL l This year Fenger's Iunior Basketball team finished in a tie for second place in the South Section. Sixteen victories and four defeats were credited to their record. Playing Hirsch in their first league game, the Iuniors won 34-26. Parker and Calumet fell against Titans 40-26 and 37-31. A practice game was played at Thornton with the Iuniors on the long end of the score 39-22. Bowen was our next league victory, losing to us 44-34. Espos- ito, Bruce and Schwetz scoring 37 out of 44 points. Now and then all good things must come to an end and the Iuniors' victory streak did, Hyde Park being the pitfall, winning 40-33. Esposito scored 14 points, but this wasn't enough to win. Chicago Vocational paid us a visit and met defeat to the tune of 52-ll. lack Mau- rer led the attack with 16 points. South Shore, who was tied with us for second place, defeated us 46-42, Humme1's 17 points was high for the Iuniors. Engle- wood fell 78-30: Tony Esposito scored 66 points for a new record, but it was broken a few days later by two boys who scored 68. In the league finale Harper took it on the chin 49-34. Our Juniors entered the play-offs a few days later against Gage Park and lost 46-34. The only shin- ing light in the defeat was our star guard Andy Booth, who held the West Scoring Champ to three points. Tony Esposito finished his Basketball career here at Fenger with a total of 206 points in 10 games, an average of 20.6 a game. Tony was also named on all of the all-city teams. HENRY HUMMEL. Sports Editor KOENIG PLUCKS IT OUT OF THE AIR +1311 KETBALL SUPERVISED BY THE "BOLT" l l l'lI take it, i+'s mine if Four of the Junior Firehorses 'Ir Rack up two more for Tony -f.T""gH 'fi -. i W it ' 'F I lw""-' X I, X - fel ,i cAP'r. MAUER AND CAPT. DE HAMER CAPTAINS l Fenger basketball teams this year were captained by two able boys. Iohn De Hamer led the Seniors, while lack Maurer had the Iuniors in his command. lack is in his senior year and will graduate in lune while Iohn, a junior, will graduate in February, 1946. Both boys have been regulars for the last two seasons, having earned two letters. ir THE SENIORS I Fenger's senior Basketball team this year was a little on the dreary side. With only one letter man returning, Dimrny had to start from scratch. Englewood C34-275 was the only league victory for our seniors. Mess- maker, Godshall, Logan, Zick, Reglesky, and De Hamer earned letters this year. With all of the seniors returning except Reg- lesky and Zick and with the tour first string luniors moving up, our seniors should have a well balanced team next year. SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM Sponsor: KNIGHT Standin : Kliest Harxz, 9 , Sitting: Clawson, Iohnson Merkesko, Waters, Fisher Aurelius, Miller, Del Cado Serapin. Petrasek, Knight 'A' JUNIOR SWIMMING TEAM Sponsor: KNIGHT Standing: De Young, Gor- don. Sitting: Shew, Carl- son, Anderson, V 1 r i c h, Florek, Hylander, Preik- schat, Allison, Karas, M file SWIMMIN' 1-IoLE F A .R 1 r .Q Y' Q' .ft if COASTING IN 1 E' 1. , FENGER'S MERMEN l Other swimming teams in the city have learned to respect the Fenger Mermen. In the past few years our squads have won every meet except one. They finished third in the state, and second in the city meet. This year was no exception, beaten in the second one of the season by Parker, the seniors came back to win most of the remaining contests on the schedule, including Parker whom they defeated this time to the tune of 59-ll. Marvin Aurelius and Tony Wagner were the leading swimmers this year, winning most of their races. Mr. Knight with a host of lettermen returning from this year's squad should continue to have one of the leading units in the city. HENRY HUMMEL, 4A, Sports Editor D 29 ft LETTER GIRLS CLUB Sponsor: MRS. I. ANDERSON Pres. L. ANDERSON Top Row: Gray. Hockinson. Oviatt, Pirch, Iohnson, Zagar. Wiersema. Giesch. Bottom Row: Sprietsma, Vander Meer, Iacobsma, Anderson. Dangelo. Gustafson, Hoglund. l So this is a man's world, huh? Well, not while there is still the Girls Athletic Association. Many enoyable activities have taken place dur- ing the semester: the first events vgere the Valentine's Dance and the St. Patrick's Dance for you hep-cats, bicycle hikes, splash parties for the mermaids. Another great sport was held at the Rose Bowl: but, oh my, some girls have all the luck. Why must I always get a gutter ball? A semester would not be complete without a G.A.A. assembly, or a May Festival. This is a beautiiul event with the Queen, her court, and f ushers dressed in beautiful formals. , 5 fx., President Iessie Vander Meer called the meet- 5 ' k if I ings to order, then the minutes were read by the secretary, Virginia Sprietsma, and the dues were collected by Phyliss Hoglund. Again this se- mester as other semesters, Mrs. Matthews has been a co-operative sponsor. ADA BURTON, 4A. Sports Editor Secretary President G. A. A. REPS I Sponsor: MRS. MATTHEWS Top Row: Kovack. Frank, Eleanor Kressman, Evelyn Kressman, Strickland. Van Tong- eren, Adam, Ivanovsky, Schreuder. 2nd Row: Schultz, Indicavitch, Rosito, Davis, Todhunter, Szekely, Pfatenhauer, Malikowski. Bottom Row: Faber, Koch. De Muri. Vidal, Eisner, Bradley, Brucer, Teninga. VIRGINIA SPRIETSMA JESSIE VANDER MEER PHYLISS HOGLUND Treasurer .0 . f gs.. LETTER GIRLS 9 l This semester's A ' Letter Girls Club is ' a small but mighty H, 0 W group, consisting of , Sv sixteen members. NW-'iiiif p Ldiiafgg They meet every ' ' other Wednesday in , dw the Anderson Room fda ', . t- 0 with Lauranne An- derson presiding, Laura Vidal serving as secretary, and Evelyn Iacobsma as the treasurer. She was also elected program chairman. This semester's guest speaker was Madeline Iohnson, a Cadet Nurse, who at one time was a Courier editor. Fol- lowing this came the tafty hop, it being a little on the "sticky" side. Next was the bike ride to Palos Park, where a Weenie roast was held. Everyone had a jolly time in spite of the hardship of trying to dig up enough red points to secure the weenies. Other events were the splash party, theater party, and last, the initiation tea. At the tea the girls who earned 1,000 points for serv- ice, scholarship, athletic achievements, received their well deserved red and green Fenger letter. Congratulations, girls: and thank you, Mrs. lessie Ander- son, for your wonderful support as Letter Girls sponsor. PLEASE Each semester our Reps come round to say, "Would you care to join the G.A.A.?" lust one thin dime is the price you pay, To become a member of the G.A.A. The activities of this club we boast, Are what each girl enoys the most. The hikes, the dances will keep you trim, While the pool is there for a nice cool swim. The greatest honor to come our way, Is the chance to compete for the Queen of May The girls at Fenger make it a success, So come on, gals, why not say yes? ADA BURTON, 4A, Sports Editor A. A. REPS Il Sponsor: MRS. MATTHEWS Top Row: Harkness, Iuranas, Kerchner, Fischer, Bednarczyk, Lehnina, Iurek, Godinq, Penn, Grinus, Erickson, Lowe. 2nd How: Cronquist, Loqullo, Baranski, Neidel, Weber. Curatalo, Camblin, Brak, Veenstra. Bottom How: Nord, Forte, Hoqlund, Vander Meer, Sprietsma, Morrison, Pedersen, Erickson. wi' is ,Q 1 S., FE 1 . ' yi Z AW .gif- "' f' f M' i .. J " E , ww' ff , r, M! ia. 2 if , , I , ty K. t.. ABRAHAM LINCOLN Long, lanky, Abe Lincoln rose from a log splitter in Illinois to President of the United States. During the years he did and said many noteworthy things. The greatest thing he ever did, perhaps, was to write the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln at the time he delivered the speech was heavy of heart, fatigued almost beyond human endurance. He certainly had no inten- tions of making his speech elaborate or out- standing. He merely brought forth from the depths of his troubled soul some thoughts, ideas, some things he believed in and wished to have the people believe. But whether he wished it or not, his Gettys- burg Address was a simple, dramatic master' piece of human achievement. He received no applause, no cheers at the close of his address. He probably felt discour- aged, disappointed. But he was far too busy with the affairs of a war-torn nation to be troubled greatly about the apparent lack of understanding the people had shown. The great, kindly man did not realize the people were stunned, awestricken with the beauty and force of his words. Lillian Scheuermann, 4A, Courier Lit. Cont., Ist Pl. HONORABLE MENTION 4A Poetry Arlene Grace Hutchinson Dolores Lull Dorothy Hajicek Norma Schinzel Clementina Munoz v32 t3l2iQl"6ll"g COI'lt86i . . HONORABLE MENTION 4A Prose Louise Arnold Palmyra Markunas Lorraine Iacobs Tony Esposito Gloria Wiersema SOME GREAT EVENT IN HISTORY WHICH I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE WITNESSED If I had been given the privilege of stepping back into history, I should like to have been in Springfield in 1860. I should have liked to walk its streets to the railroad station, and stand on my toes to see over the crowd gath- ered around the end of a train. There were fluttering flags, a band, great confusion and the trainman glancing anxiously at his watch. Then the noise increased as a man appeared and climbed the stairs at the rear of the coach. He gripped the railing as the noise ceased. His face was almost sad, as his rough voice began to speak the thoughts that welled up within him. He was saying goodbye to all his friends-all he loved, and was going away to undertake a great job: a problem that no man could solve. He seemed to have a premonition that he would never see this town again, and as he finished his words of farewell, the train snorted into motion, and pulled away. I should have liked to have been there on that day when that tall, sad man on the end of a railroad train faded from the sight of the cheering crowds. Iean Fiddelke, 4A, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. OUR SCHOOL LIFE As Freshmen and Sophomores our feet were unstable, But our teachers soon taught us that we were able. As Iuniors we thought we were the cream of the crop, But still one step remained to the top. We walk down the hall as proud as can be, For now we are Seniors as all can see. We've worked and we've struggled to gain our success, And on Iune 25th our teachers will rest. Henry Hummel, 4A, Courier Lit. Cont., 3rd Pl. 44 .SENIORS COMMIT THEMSELVES LINCOLN Who is he Who walks the night With a heart so heavy So filled with plight? It must be Abe For he has cause To walk the ways With little pause. The war is on between the States. A better Union some hope to make While others just trying to stir up hate. They are not fighting for the Union's sake. And so it is that old Abe walks The streets and ways with heavy thoughts Of people fighting with little pause To think of the Union that now seemed lost. Margaret Brak, 4A, Courier Lit. Cont., lst Pl. CHIEF BLACK HAWK The name Black Hawk should be familiar, since a war was named after him, one in which Lincoln served as a soldier. The chief, was born in 1767, and his early youth was in- clined to war, going out with raiding parties to burn settlers' cabins and take their scalps. He was strongly opposed to any concessions to the white men. In his later years he became the leader of the Sauk tribe. In 1823 most of the Sauk and Fox tribes re- moved to their reservation beyond the Missis- sippi River, since they agreed to give up to the United States their lands east of the Mis- sissippi. Black Hawk with part of his tribe refused to emigrate and fought what is known as the Black Hawk War. After several en- counters the Indians were defeated and Black Hawk was confined in Fortress Monroe until 1833, and afterward joined the Sauk tribe in the reservation near Fort Des Moines. Near Oregon, Illinois, on the bluff a con- crete statue to this indomitable Indian chief stands-one of the rnost persistent enemies of the white men in their westward progress. Angeline Turacto, 4B, Courier Lit. Cont., lst PI. GOD MADE A MAN He entrusted a boundless love to his heart, A soul and a humorous wit to impart: Eyes to see the suffering of an enslaved race, And an honesty which shown all o'er his face. A patience, a longing to do what was right, He'd maintain the union, even by might: He made him simple-a task well done. And so God made a man, Abraham Lincoln. Shirley Ferry, 4A, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd PI. LINCOLN AND THE BALD-HEADED MAN In 1864 President Lincoln was greatly both- ered by well-meant efforts of certain good northern men to bring about the end of the war. A gentleman from Massachusetts, entire- ly bald, was especially tiresome and trouble- some. Again and again he appeared before the president and was got rid of by one or an- other ingenious method. One day when this gentleman had been boring Mr. Lincoln for half an hour, the President suddenly rose, went to a closet and took out a large bottle. "Did you ever try this remedy for baldness?" he asked. "No," the man said that he never had tried it. Mr. Lincoln called a servant, had the bottle wrapped up and handed it to the bald man. Then Mr. Lincoln said, "Go and rub some of this on your head. They say it will make your hair grow. Come back in about three months and report." Almost before he knew it the man was outside the door with the package under his arm. Lucille Dreznes, 4A, Courier Lit. Cont., 3rd PI. + 4 .IOHN PAUL .IONES In the year of 1779, near the cape off Flam- borough Head, Our navy met their navy: ours by Iohn Paul Iones was led. The Great Bon Homme Richard met the Serapis that night, And from the deck came the cry, "I have not yet begun to fight." As the guns roared forth amid the din of voices and cannon flares, The Serapis surrendered, and the British frigate now was theirs. Then as the dawn was breaking the gallant old Bon Homme sank. For this historic victory, we've Iohn Paul Iones to thank. Betty Richmond, 4B, Courier Lit. Cont., lst Pl. HONORABLE MENTION 4B Prose Marilyn Braun Genevieve Russo Dolores Covert Dorothy Toczylowski 331 SENIORS SCHOOL Oh, school with all its work cmd strife, A thousand cmd one things do Worry my life! Perchance I'll find in these years I seek A resting place for old and weak. But truly, when in the past I wander, Memories clear grow ever fonder: That Latin Class, the conjugations, And Chemistry, its abbreviations, An English teacher at whom I scowled When asked a question which I fouled. What then when these four years are past? Those memories clear shall ever last. Milton Levin, 4B, Courier Lit. Cont., 3rd PI. OPPORTUNITY FOR EDUCATION Why is America known as the land of op- portunity? Because it gives everyone a chance to became educated and to advance. This is why America has become such a great coun- try in only a few years. It gave our forefathers opportunity to work out their ideals in the early centuries, as it is offering our children of today. Education will be necessary in the post-war world ahead of us: it will always be necessary. We know that education is America's founda- tion, and it is only the intelligent people who will succeed. If we are to be the great people of the world we must be well informed in everything. Also if we are to remain the ideal country of the world, we must strive to educate our people for today and tomorrow. Sophie Markunas, 4B. Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. WHAT IF? What if . . . men hadn't been so curious? Columbus had not been born? God hadn't willed it so? men hadn't sailed the seas? the pilgrims hadn't been so bold? the Declaration of Independence wasn't? we were bound to one master? we couldn't speak as we wished? we had to pay taxes without reason? -we didn't have freedom of worship? we didn't have freedom of the press? We didn't have a democracy? people hadn't sought liberty? England hadn't been so rash? the midnight ride of Paul Revere had failed? General Washington hadn't been so per- sistent? Cornwallis hadn't been so confident? the French hadn't come to our aid? we hadn't had men like Iefferson, Frank- lin, Washington, and Adams? What if? . . . Well, it wouldn't be the U. S. A. Eleanor Lamprecht, 4B, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. is JUNIORS COMMIT THEN AND NOW Did you know that elephants once lived in Illinois? ln fact they trod heavily over the little hill where the State capitol now stands. Dr. A. R. Crook dug up bones near Golconda. Illinois, which, when put together, formed the structure of a prehistoric mammoth. You wouldn't think that Illinois was once covered by an ocean, would you? Well, it Was. and in it swam the beginning of invertibrates. Vast forests of tree farms housed giant dragon- flies ten times as big. Ages passed before the mammals came. Musk-oxen, wolves, and enormous beavers lived freely and feared no man, because as yet no man lived in Illinois. The Redskins came first, and although they killed animals they didn't exterminate any of them. The Indians and big animals went away. They didn't belong in a land of speed and power. Today in Illinois there are many varieties of animals, the biggest being the cougars. Al- though there are many wolves of the human gender the last animal wolf was shot in lan- uary 1871. Even if the animals were big then, the animals in Illinois are small now. Carol Kalsbeek, 3A, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd PI. 3A HONORABLE MENTION Prose Dorothy Winchell David Roberts Barbara Hogberg Carl Peterson Norris Mohr THANKS BE TO GOD I God makes the trees to grow as they do: It is He who makes the sky so blue. A sweet small child with a laughing heart,- This, too, is a part of God's fine art. II The sun is setting in the West. The city seems to lie at rest. The sky is bright with moon and stars, Thanks be to God for this land of ours! Mary Wallace, 3A. Courier Lit. Cont., lst Pl. HONORABLE MENTION 3A Poetry Sylvia Burdiak Ioe Wisniewski lane Bakker Helen Grady Barbara Hogberg 1 THEMSELVES o o o ms roc IS comma IN Fog horns blowing with all their might, Shadows only where buildings had been, Air so thick, so moist, so white: The fog is coming in. Quiet have become the noises of the day, No longer is there a roaring din, Friendly sounds are fading away: The fog is coming in. The fog holds menace but for a few, To the cowardly one who remembers a sin, But to the brave, the fog holds wonders for you: The fog is coming in. Marian Magiera, 3A, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. SUNSET The flowers have all closed their petals, The birds are asleep in their nests The work in the fields is over The farmer sits down to rest. He looks up at the flaming heavens, Where the clouds and the sun have met, A wonderful sight to that tired old man Is this peaceful, red, glowing sunset. Madelyn Ufhil, 3A, Courier Lit. Cont., 3rd Pl. HONORABLE MENTION 3B Poetry Dora Stazzabosco Ioyce Iohnson Phyllis Lindell Virginia Sprietsma Iacqueline Puch THE NORTHERN LIGHTS It was late in the evening and the sun had finally vanished behind the tree tops across the lake. The lake was calm and serene and all nature seemed at rest. Suddenly the peacefulness was interrupted. The sky became alive with flashes of light, the northern lights, the aurora-borealis. Those streams of light at times extended across near- ly the whole sky, and at times illuminated only parts of it. The rays were constantly in motion and displayed many shapes and colors. This was the most beautiful exhibition of the won- ders of nature that I have ever seen. It was more alluring than I can hope to picture with words. At this instant I wished with all my heart that I had the talent of an artist to paint a replica of the scene: the talent of a writer to illustrate with words its beauty: or those of a musician to put into music the feeling that swept over me. In those moments I real- ized more fully the overwhelming power of God that could produce such a striking dem- onstration. Anna Klein, 3A, Courier Lit. Cont., 1 st Pl. x VOCABULARY STORY There once went an equivocal, eminent Corinthian man to live in an aromatic jungle by himself, because he thought that people wanted to steal his patrimony of twenty thou- sand dollars. So he decided to anticipate trou- ble. This man of course didn't have any phil- anthropy. He thought himself infallible. Every day he had a look of ennui: he fain would never smile. When Mr. Smith first came to the jungle he thought he had self-reliance, but after a few days he knew that his surroundings lacked the things that were vitally necessary for his exist- ence. , He ate succulent and dry fruits, and drank coconut milk. Many times he ate pungent fruits that were so awful that he nearly jumped to the sky. Then there were other foods whose delectableness he could tell of. Back in Greece where he came from, he had never been a precarious person. Here when he tried to divert his attention by watching ver- satile monkeys run from one to another, preda- tory snakes scared him away. When danger lurked he tried to catch intangible limbs. Neither during day nor night was there ces- sation in the sounds of the jungle. After he had lived there for several days he felt the incongruity of it all. He became so annoyed with himself that he finally jumped off the cliff into chaos. Virginia Hurdle, SA, Courier Lit. Cont., 3rd Pl. HONORABLE MENTION 3B Prose Alice Lee Harbison Pat Maher lennie Zagula Ieanette Bradley Dolores Moline ODE TO ILLINOIS Silhouetted against the morning light Are seen factory, field, and steeple. Illinois has had a peaceful night Free from bombs and homeless people. The whistle blows and furnaces roar For the people clad in blue. But they work hard on the assembly floor To save freedom for people like you. And as the sun rises towards its height Rows of corn can be seen on a hill. The tools are old, and the sun is bright But the farmer labors still. The office hums in a dignified way But soon it's five, and they're through. Leave nothing for tomorrow you can do today For tomorrow you'll have much more to do. Silhouetted against the starry moonlight Are seen factory, field, and steeple. Illinois is ready for another night And so are her weary people. Caryl Waller, 3B, Courier Lit. Cont., lst Pl. 35- AND MORE JUNIORS o o Q. LIFE OF A TROLLEY PILOT Riding home on the trolley, he sees the ad- vertisement, "Be a trolley pilot." The next day he tells his boss where to get off, and he is fired. He applies at Clark Street and enters the building where a nervous wreck asks, "Do you want to be a trolley pilot?" "You do? Swell, come here. Can you see the other wall?" Upon hearing the affinnative the nervous wreck jumps up and yells, "Hey, Mac, fix him up with a uniform." After two days of instruction he is given a dead car line to start with: namely, the Tooner- ville Trolley on lllth Street. He is to report for work at 7 A.M. the next morning which dawns bright and clear. Arriving at the start of the car line at lllth and Cottage Grove, he enters the restaurant and falls asleep. He is awakened by the conductor at 7:30, when the early birds at Fenger transfer to it. He starts up with a jolt, and at lllth and South Park, he meets another street car coming from the West. The motormen flip a coin and he has to go back to the switch. At last on the third try he makes it up to the hill. The street car is filled to the rafters with students as it is now 8:00. He sputters to Wabash Avenue and waits for another street car. When the street car is past, he has to stop at State Street for a red light. He is soon gunning the motor tif pos- siblel up lllth Street, and at 8:15 crosses the tracks. At 8:20 the car pulls into Wallace Street and wastes 10 minutes with a dislodged cable. He finally gets started and the rest of the trip is uneventful. P.S. He quit the next day looking 10 years older and with streaks of gray in his hair. Wesley Ooms, 3B. Courier Lit. Cont., lst Pl. THE LIFE OF A TROLLEY PILOT Oh, for the life of a Trolley Pilot: Oh, for that life of ease. Driving my bright little red trolley. With women and children to tease. With their dimes and nickels and pennies, And transfers, and school cards all torn, To receive them all with a chuckle. Is a very great gift to few born. They talk of the life of a very great man: Or that one of a great movie star, But the life of a trolley pilot, Is better to me by far. So I travel up and down the track, And when my day is done, And I recall the pleasant mem'ries, Then say, "My day was a pleasant one.' Valene Brandt, 3B, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd PI. xv DISHES There are dishes to the left of me, And dishes to the right. Each day I'm washing dishes, And far into the night. I've washed them till my hands are red, Until my face is blue. It seems there is no end to them: lt seems I'll ne'er get thru. I'm just a dish-pan husband. A helping out his wife. I've found out washing dishes, ls one messy job in life. Now listen, all you ladies, If I were in your shoes, I'd get up a petition. And not a moment lose To get a law enacted And put right into force- A law for washing dishes All alone would mean divorce. Beverly Bergman, 3B, Courier Lit. Cont., 3rd Pl. - THE UNSUSPECTING PUBLIC Little does the public suspect the high powered sales talks that convince them they should immediately purchase some article which is not quite what it's talked up to be. I'm speaking in particular of women's dresses. A rather pleasant looking lady comes into the store, wishing to buy a simple, tailored, wash-dress. The clerk shows her something for nine or ten dollars, says it can be washed: but of course how it will look afterwards, she doesn't mention, and suggests she try it on. The lady proceeds to the fitting room, and slips the garment on. After finding it's a little large, the clerk fknowing she has no other like ith tells her how easily it may be fixed. Why all she must do is rip the side seams open and take them in a little. The shoulders are rather large, but that certainly can be fixed. and only eight or ten inches need be taken off the bottom. The clerk then tells her what an exquisite dress it is, and such a reasonable price, too. She has now convinced the customer it's just the dress for her. The customer, little knowing the real facts, happily walks out, thinking she has a real buy. But after all, if you were the clerk, wouldn't you have a guilty conscience? Gloria Martin, 3B, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. 3611 THE SOPHOMORES o o o FENGER'S HALLS Have you ever gone through Fenger's halls during one of the five minute passing periods? It is an experience to be long remembered. During class periods the halls are quiet, with the exception of an occasional messenger treading quietly on his errand. Suddenly the bell rings and bedlam breaks loose. Thou- sands of sweaters, skirts and plaid shirts whirl in the eyes of the onlooker tif it is possible to stand in one place long enough to onlookl. Girls wonder why boys are not more cour- teous about picking up scattered books. Well, no boy, no matter how polite, wants his head bashed and himself kicked half way down the hall for merely stooping over. Teachers scatter to safe hiding places till the end of the passing period with hope that their classes will have settled down by the time they arrive. Then the teacher will have to calm down the excited students who have had an experience equal to that of a three ring C1I'CU.S. Three-thirty comes at last, everyone is glad to leave the loud crescendos of banging lock- ers and seek refuge in the quiet out-of-doors. Edythe Gneier, ZA, Courier Lit. Cont., 1st Pl. HONORABLE MENTION 2A Poetry Iacqueline Schilling Dolores Smith Ivo Gilfillan Valeria Schuster Beverly Ann Iacoby A LIKEABLE NUISANCE Up to the plate with two outs before, Two men on base eagerly leading- One hit needed to tie up the score. Two strikes I make and with heavy heart beat- ing I see the ball coming and am just going to swing When, "Charles, take the dog out," in my ear doth ring. Let's go to the State, a good show is playing. All right, Iohn, I'll be ready at five. Five rolls around, and Iohn is kept waiting 'Cause just while leaving, dear mother did shout, "Charles, Charles, take that dog out." I know that dog is man's best friend: Without him I would be sad: To him my aid I shall always lend. But when'ere I'm busy it makes me mad When from afar down the street mother doth shout, "Charles, Charles, take that dog out." ' Charles I. O'Rourke, ZA, Courier Lit. Cont., lst Pl. THE LITTLE BEETLE I am a little Beetle, My name is Susie Bobs: I live out in the meadow And feed on corny cobs. I am a little Beetle, And as good as good can be. I'll go to Beetle's heaven- You just wait and see. And when I'm up in heaven, I'll look right down at you: And if I think you're worth it I'll invite you up here too. Elsie Heman, ZA, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. .IOYS OF THE OPEN ROAD Hiking is one of the joys of life, if it is done properly: but in this day and age it has de- generated to a mere picnic. Nowadays people ride to the end of the street car line and trans- fer to a bus line, getting off where there is a likely spot for scorched potatoes, overdone weiners, scrambled eggs, scrambled with the shell and rocky biscuits. However, this seems like honey and manna to those "Sunday After- noon Back to Naturists." After this meal Iunior feels so good he tried to go swimming in the river and succeeded in dampening spirits and clothes. Late that night they come in from a day of rest and relaxation to a night of insomnia, in- digestion, bunions, corns, and the "flu". Ah, for the Ioys of the Open Road! Robert Sloan, ZA, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd PI. - A MEMORY I had a memory once, a flash Of gold trimmed cloth and lowered lash. Of castanets and swirling hair On a dark eyed girl at a country fair. A mellow tune played her like a reed In the wind, supple, and new freed! Oh, she danced so like a forest leaf That her beauty there, was past belief. She was pure grace, flowing, free! She was a gypsy, now a memory. Pat Matusek, ZA, A Courier Lit. Cont., 3rd Pl. 1:3711 LAST BUT NOT LEAST o o Q MY FIRST DAY AT THE "MAlN" My first day among Fenger's family I was as scared as I could be. First I was led to the assembly hall And heard speeches I can't recall. Soon I was left on my own To find my way in this new home. Everyone was rushing so I didn't know which way I was to go. I found my first class and was very proud That I found my way in the oncoming crowd. Once I asked for the lunchroom, and was di- rected to the pool, And I certainly felt like a terrible fool. I roamed the halls all that day And had embarrassing moments on the way. I was made to fill out cards this way and that And I think I gave my life's every fact. Now I know most all the gang The teachers and I get along with a bang. And when I'm old, gray, and not so game, I'll think about my very first day at the "Main." Marilyn Katzen, 2B, BLOC K ADE I am a ZB. That's enough to tell you I was a little surprised when I came here, at the way people run, skip, and hop through the halls. One strange thing that happened to me oc- curred when a fellow mistook me for a pretty good friend. He patted me on the shoulder so hard my books went flying in all directions. The other day I was walking down the hall with my girl friends. One dropped her book. When she bent down to pick it up, a boy bumped her, throwing her headlong at her teacher's feet. We need "stop and go "signs! Another thing I must warn the newcomers about. If you're walking down the hall be sure that you don't do what I did. I was walk- ing to a class room at one end of the hall. My girl friend goes half way with me. Well, the first time I missed her was when I heard a girl say, "My goodness, the sophomores are cer- tainly confused. Now they walk down the hall talking to themselves. Too bad." But it's not too bad. Not if you watch your books, girl friend, feet, and people in front and in back of you. Of course, while you're doing this, you might miss your room: but at least you won't look as if you've been in a revolving door and forgotten when to come out. But who cares? Marian Harness, 2B. Courier Lit. Cont., lst P1. 1 2A HONORABLE MENTIONS Prose Lois Memsen Elaine Weiler Beverly lacoby Doris Watson Marilyn Luedeking PHEW! I was slowly walking down Wallace Street on my way to school, one bright, sunny morn- ing. Whistling as I walked along, I was happy to be alive. As I passed by the drug store at lllth Street, I noticed the time, 8:35! I wasn't in a happy mood now! I began to run. My heart began to beat hard and fast. As I neared the entrance, I began thinking frantically where I should go. Would I be hollered at? What should I use as an excuse? I walked up the stairs as if it were "the last mile" tit seemed like it to mel. I reached my division room on the third floor. "Down to l26!" an angry voice yelled. This time my heart wasn't beating at all: it was stuck in my throat. Upon reaching the first floor and 126, I looked in. Three tough looking men were seated around a desk. Timidly I walked in. I was told to sit facing them. Questions shot out at me. "Why were you late?" "Can't you get here on time?" "Shall we call your par- ents?" That's all I can remember. My head was spinning. Someone was tapping me on my back. I looked up, it was my mother. It had all been a bad dream. Phew! Ramon Bonardi, ZB, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. 2B HONORABLE MENTION Prose Lillian Ivanausky Florence De Muri Iacqueline Campbell A CHILD Isn't that child the cutest little devil you ever saw? Such pride, perfection, and so manly in his ways. Why, he's simply bound to get the world's praise. He looks like mamma, and yet more like daddy, "Oh, you cunning, sweet, adorable little fatty." His starry, shining, like heaven-blue eyes, Makes tear drops sparkle, whenever he cries So whenever he runs, sings, laughs, or plays, May God watch over him day by day. Pearl Kulcsar, 2B. 38- E f JUNE 1945 fx. CLASS OFFICERS FRANK TOBAKOS, President RONALD SKOLD, Vice President BETTY GRAY, Secretary JEANNE DE HAAN, Treasurer CHIEF BLACKHAWK First Row-Left fo Right ALBERT, HAROLD-11816 LaSalle St4 Genera1g Mar.g Scrap Dr4 B,A.A4 Baseb'1p Bskb'1. ALLEN, LOTTIE-9246 Perry Ave4 General: News Rep4 St, Libr4 7 G.A.A. Barsg G.A.A. Rep4 Ir. Cit. C1. St'p Cl. ALLISON, ROBERT-411 W. 110 P14 Genera17 Pub, Ed.-Ian., Co Ed.-Iune, Courier Staiig Phor. 7 Sem4 Nat. Hon. Soc4 Mar4 Mar. Ca t4 Rm. Pres.g Courier Rep4 Con't Bandg Amat. Show, Ta? Rev4 Band 6- Orch. Var4 News Rep4 Fen. Forumg Rm. Sec.p B.A.A4 Iam C14 2 Sch. Let'sg Rin Comm4 Regent Hi-Yg Scrap Dr4 Pres, ot Nat. Hon. Soc4 Counn Inner Circle Hi-Y. AMOIT, WILLIAM-241 W. 107 St4 Technicalp B.A.A. ANDERBERG, DONALD-1122 W. 91 S14 Generalg B.A.A4 Mar4 Scrap Dr.g War B. Rep. ANDEREON, DORIS-11400 Lowe Ave4 Commercialg Off. Secq G ANDERSON, LAURANNE, 10423 S. Sangarnon St.g Generalg News Staftg 1 G.A.A. Bar: Let. Gir1s C14 Mix. Chor4 Rm. Sec.g News Rep4 Courier Rep4 War B. Rep4 Math. C14 Ring Cornm4 Let. Girls Pres. Secoitd, Row-Left to Right ANDRICOPULOS, IAMES-44 W, 113 St4 Generalg B.A.A.g 5 B.A.A. Barsg 3 Sch, Let'sg 1"'t1J'1 Tearn. ANDRIN, ALBERT-11922 S. Lowe Ave4 Generalg Pan Arner'n C14 Orch., Rm. Sec4 Scrap Dr4 B.A,A4 Stage Crew, B.A.A. Rep4 Chem. C14 News Rep4 Span. C14 Mar. APGAR, IOAN-11143 S. Lowe Ave., Generalp Nat. Hon. Soc4 Phor4 Phor. Rep4 Dra, Cl. Sec.g Pan Amer'n C14 G.A.A.- Sad. C14 "Moonstone" ARNOLD, LOUISE-10049 S. Lowe Ave4 Commercialp Phor4 Phor Rep., Mix. Chor4 Trav. C14 News Rep4 Z G.A.A. Barsy Fen. Forumg G.A.A. ARVIA, DOLORES-11576 State St4 Generalp Phor.p Phor. Rep.g St. Libr4 Off. Sec.g G.A.A.g Pan Amer'n C14 Mar. ASMUS, EDWARD-11421 Union Ave4 Generalg Phor4 Rm. Pres4 B.A.A4 Regent Hi-Yp Ush. C14 N.C.O, C14 News Rep.- Co1or Gd4 Pick. P1a4 R.O.T.C. ASMUS, ROBERT-11421 Union Ave4 Genera17 Assoc. Ed. Courier Statfg Phor4 Regent Hi-Yg Mar4 Ush. C14 B.A.A.g Var.g Color Gd.: Scrap Dr,7 N.C.O. C14 R.O.T.C.- ic . at. 1 gg fhg river genffy !0LUil'l9, Anoid, Anoid First Row-Left to Right AURELIUS, MAHVINi10737 Forest Aveg Technical, Rm. Pres.- News Re Swim Team F'tb1 Team BAA BAA - P-1 - I '7 5 . . 4 . . . Rep., Stag Hi-Yg Avia. C14 2 Sch. Let's. BAMHICK, IAMES-12129 Yale Ave4 '1'echnica1g Scrap Dr: Mar.p Mix. Chor.p B.A.A4 Avia. C1. BANKOWSKI, GENEVIEVE-11722 Sangamon Ave4 General- Rm. Pres4 Rm. Sec4 Ott. SGCJ Red Cr. Rep4 G.A.A. BARANSKI. GEORGE-536 E. 91 P14 Technical. Rm. Presg Mar. OH4 Mar4 B.A,A4 Mis. Chor4 Avia. C1. BARCE, IEANe-11347 Parnell Ave4 Generalg Phor4 Bus. Ed, Courier Staff: Pan Amer'n C14 Courier Rep.p G.A.A4 Avia. C14 6 G.A.A. Barsg Dra. C14 "The Moonstone"g Glee Cl. BARISH, RICHARD-601 E, 91 St4 Technicalg B.A.A.p F'tb'1g Avia, C14 Mar.p 1 Sch. Let, BARRET, RICHARD-319 W. 111 St4 Technicalg F'tb'1g Swim4 ESCIL Let'sg Spartans Hi-Yg Mar.: B.A.A4 News Rep4 B.A.A. ep. Second Row-Left to Right BARTAK, LILLIAN-10507 Perry Ave4 Generalg Rm. Tres.p St. Libr4 News Repg G.A.A.g 4 G.A.A. Barsg Ch'r C14 Red Cr. Rep. BAUER, WILLIAM-11400 Normal Ave4 Genera1g P1"1OI'.j Rm. Pres4 Scrap Dr.g B.A,A4 1 B.A.A. Bar, Mar. BEAUDRY, RICHARDf10053 Forest Ave4 Generaly Mar. C014 Many Rm. PI'9S.j Rm. Tres4 War B. Rep4 Scrap Dr. B.A.A.g B.A.A, Rep4 Baseb'1g Con't Bandp R.O.T.C.p Trojan Hi-Y. BECK, LAVERNEf16 E. 110 P14 Commercialg Phor4 G.A.A. BERG, RALPH-9948 Parnell Ave4 General, Fen. News Stattp Oii. C14 Rif. Teamg N.C.O. C14 News Rep4 B.A.A.g Scrap Dr4 Regent Hi-Yg Phor4 Mar4 Rm. Tres4 Ush. C1. BERGSTRAND, CI.AUDEf10610 Wallace St4 Technical. Rm. Sec4 R.O.T.C4 Con't Bandy Band G Orch. Var4 Pick. Pla, BIERNAT, HELEN-353 E. 119 St4 Genera1g News Rep., G.A.A. First Row-Left to Right BOBAK, ALEXANDER-9Ul4 Greenwood Ave., General, Phor. 7 Sem., Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Phor. Rep., B.A.A, BAA. Rep., Sc'ne Cl., Fen. Forum, Lai. Cl. BOBROWICZ. BRUNO-l2U29 Union Ave., Technical, Mar' Scrap Dr., B.A.A., F'Ib'l, Bowl. Cl. BOETTGER, MARY-632 E. 87 Pl., General, Phor, Rm. Sec., Oli. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., 5 G.A.A. Bars, Fen. Forum' Epsilon Tri Hi-Y BORAH, LOIS-ll344 Siewari Ave., General, Rm. Pres., Si. Libr., G.A.A., Bowling Cl., Ir. Cii Cl., Trav. Cl., Mar., Gamma Tri Hi-Y, Scrap Sec., Teach. Sec. BORCHARDT, DOROTHYfll257 Egglesion Ave., General, Phor., Courier Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., 5 G.A.A. Bars, Mix. Chor., Tal. Rev., Band G Orch, Var., Alpha Tri Hi-Y. BOSCARDIN, DOLORES-ll525 Prairie Ave., General, Phor: Off. Sec., St. Libr., G.A.A., Phor. Rep., Mar. BOSSI, THERESA-11511 S. Stale Si., General, Phor., Phor. Rep., Courier Re ., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., 4 G.A.A. Bars, Bowl. Cl. Elan f Second Row-Left to Right BOVINO, ANTHONYfll8l6 Lafayetie Ave., Technical, Mar., Mar. Off., B.A.A. BRAK, HELENf1ll4U Wentworth Ave., General, Fin. Ed., Courier Staff, Nat. Hon, Soc., Phor. 4 Sem., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., 2 G.A A. Bars, Mix. Chor., 4B Ring Comm., Scrap Sec., Courier Rep. BRAK, MARGARETflll4U Weniworth Ave., General, Fin. Ed., Courier Staii, Nat. Hon. Soc., Phor., Mix. Chor., Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., 3 G.A.A. Bars, Amat. Show, Phor. Rep., Mar., Teach. Sec., Ring Comm. BRANTINGHAM, IOYCE-9729 Hoxie Ave., General, Rm. Pres., Mix. Cher., Dra. Cl., Dr'l Team, Pan Amer'n Cl., G.A.A., 10 G.A.A. Bars, Fenc. Cl. BROWN, GLENNflO329 Eberhart Ave., General Phor., l Sch. Let., Bskb'l Mgr., Mar. Off., News Rep., B.A.A., St'p Cl., Trojan Hi-Y. BRUCE. DORIS IEAN-942U Indiana Ave., General, G.A.A. BUKOWSKI, IEAN-718 W. ll9th St., General, Glee Cl., Glee Cl. Treas., G.A.A. Ohr lorairiefi uerclanf growing, fgnoifi, fdnoid First Row-Lel! to Right BULT, DONALDi9904 Yale Ave., Technical, Mar. Off., F'1b'l Team. BURKE, ESTHERA9848 Lowe Ave., Commercial, G.A.A., G.A.A XP2epB,18 G.A.A. Bars, Amat. Show, Dr. 6, Bu. Corps., Band, o . BURTON, ADA-834 W. lllth Si., General, Sp'is Ed., Courier Staff, Off. Sec., Delia Tri Hi-Y, Sad, Cl., Volb'l, Pan Amer'n Cl., Span. Cl., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Trav. Cl., Si. Libr., Rm. Tres., Mar., Drl Team. BUSCH, MILDRED-302 E. 134th St., Commercial, Courier Rep., Ofi. Sec., G.A.A., Rem. Sec. BUSH. ROBERT-11007 Homewood Ave., General, Rm. Pres., Mar, Off., Mar., Con't Band, R.O,T.C., N.C.O. Cl., B.A.A., B.A.A. Rep., Tal, Rev., Scrap Dr. CAMBLIN, MARCIAelO635 Parnell Ave., General, Fen. News Staff, Orch., May Fest., Dra. Cl., "And Came The Spring", G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., 3 G.A.A. Bars, Courier Rep., News Rep., Dr'l Team. CAMPBELL, MARIORIEAU635 Wallace Si., Commercial, Mix. Char., G.A.A., Gamma Tri Hi-Y, Pan Amer'n Cl. Second Row-Left to Right CARL, DOROTHY-ll5l5 Kedvale Ave., General, News Rep., War B. Rep., G.A.A., Mix Char., Ch'r Cl., Dra. Cl., Mar., Dr'l Team, Trav. Cl. CARLETON. IAMES-ll3l1 Wallace Si., General, Mar., Courier Rep., News Rep., Scrap Dr., B.A.A., BaSeb'l, F'ib'l, Stage Cr., Regent H1-Y, Ass'i Mgr, CARLSON, CAROL-128 E, lO4ih Si., General, Phor,, Phor. Rep., Fen. News Staff, Trav. Cl., G.A.A., 3 G.A.A. Bars, Dr'l Team, Pan Amer'n Cl., Trav. Cl. Let. CARLSON. CLIFFORD-10535 Edbrooke Ave., Technical, Mar., Scrap Dr., B.A.A, CARLSON, RICHARD-ll438 Lowe Ave., General, Asso. Ed., Courier Staff, Phor., Rm. Pres., Ofi. Cl., NC. O. Cl., Regent Hi-Y, Rm, Tres., Ush, Cl., Courier Rep., Reel Men, News Sep., Mar., Mar. Off., Class Ofi., BAA., Hi-Y Off., R.O.T.C, ar. CAROLLO, DOLORESfll435 Si. Lawrence Ave., Commercial, Si. Libr., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Dr'l Team. CARY, IOHN-10042 S. Halsted Si., Technical, Scrap Dr., Mar, Off., Mar., B.A.A., Reel Men. First Row-Left to Right CAUTERUCCI. VAL-13559 Indiana Ave.y Generaly Iam C1.y Band G Orch. Var.y Con't Bandy R.O.T.C. Bandy Arnat. Showy Tal. Rev. CAVANAUGH, EDWARD-12119 Princeton Ave.y Generaly B.A.A.y 1 Sch. Let.y F'tb'1y Stag Hi-Y. CEDZIDLO, EDWARD-32 E. 120th St.y Technicaly Mar.y Mar. Oti.y B.A.A.y Avia. Cl.y Scrap Dr. CHARLSON, DONe883U So. Michigan Ave.y Generaly Phor.y Rm. Pres.y Conc't Bandy Band 6- Orch. Var.y N. C. O. Sci. Cl.y Sci. Cl. Pres. CHESSMAN. GRANT-11345 Lowe Ave.y Generaly Fen. News Stott Ed.y V. Pres. St. Coun.y 4B Cl. Pres.y Trojan Hi-Yy Courier Rep.y War B. Rep.y Scrap Dr.y B.A.A.y Fen. Forurny Bskb'l. ClgARO, LILLIAN-141 W. l13tl'i Pl.y Commercialy Off. Sec.y .A.A. CIA, RUDY-547 W. 116th Sty Techriicaly War B. Rep.y Scrap Dr.y B.A.A.y l B.A.A. Bary Sch. l..et.y R.O.T.C.y Band G Orch. Var,y Rif. Tearny N.C.O. Cl.y Bowl. Cl.y Con't Band. Second Row-Lelt to Right COOPER, IAMESf340 W. llOth Sty Technicaly Phor. COTTEH. THEHESA-10350 Wallace St.y Commercialy Rm. Pres Rm. Sec.y G.A.A.y May Fest.y Pan Amer'n Cl. COUGHLIN, DONAI.Df9406 Eberhart Avey Generaly Mar.y Mar. Otf.y Scrap Dr.y B.A.A.y Bskb'ly Rm. Pres. COWSER, WALTERfl3779 Leyden Avey Technicaly Mar.y Scrap Dr.y B.A.A.y Baseb'ly Stage Cr. CUNNINGHAM. LUCILLE-12039 State St.: Generaly Phor Rm. Sec.y G.A.A.y Red Cr. Rep.y Mar. DALLE MQLLE. BRUNAA373 Kensington Ave.y Commercialy Rm. Sec.y G.A.A.y Off. Sec.y St. Libr.y Phor.y Pan Amer'n Cl. DANGELO, CRRMINA-9801 Lowe Ave-.y Generaly Mus. Ed., Courier Statfy Lei, Girls Pres.y Sch. Let.y G.A.A.y Dr. 61 Bu. Corps.y 12 G.A.A. Barsy Epsilon Tri Hi-Yy Math. Cl.y Math. Cl. Pres.y Tal. Rev.y G.A.A. Rep.y 3 Chev. 017105 all QC .0 0l'l fA0 Lreeze, plflfifgng fAI"0, Ad y ffeeii First Row-Lett to Right DE BIASIO ADELINE-10757 Edbrooke Ave.y Generaly Lit. Ed., Courier Staffy Phor.y Orch.y Oil. Sec.y G.A.A.y 2 G.A.A. Barsy G.A.A. Repy Amat. Showy Bskb'l. DE HAAN, IEANNE-537 E. 87th Pl.y Generaly Fin. Ed., Courier Stafty Phor.y Cl. Tresy G.A.A.y G.A.A. Repy Rm. Pres.y Fen. Forumy Math. Cl.y Epsilon Tri Hi-Yy Courier Rep.y Rm. Sec.y Rm. Tres. DEN BESTEM, PRESTON-658 W. 117th St.y Generaly Band :S Orch. Var.y Con't Bandy R.O.T.C.y Sch. Let.y Rrn. Pres.y Mar.y Courier Rep,y N.C.O. Cl.y Reel Meny Scrap Dr.y R.O.T.C. Var. DERHICO, DOLORES-10615 Parnell Ave.y Generaly Nat. Hon. Socy Phor.y News Staliy St. Coun.y Rm. Sec.y News Reg.: 1-led Cr. Rep.y G.A.A. Rep.y 3 G.A.A. Barsy Mix. Chor.y G.A. .y Alpha Tri Hi-Y. DEHRICO, IAMES-ll563 Perry Ave.y Technicaly Mar. Off.y Mar.y Rm, Tres.y War B. F1ep.y Scrap Dr.y B.A.A. DI SANTO. GRACE-11207 Edbrooke Ave.y Cornmercialy Rm. gresy News Rep.y Red Cr. Ftepy G.A.A.y 9 G.A.A. Barsy Rm. ec. DITTMAN, MARILYN-9955 Calumet Avey Cornmercialy Phor.y G.A.A.y 3 G.A.A. Barsy Tal. Remy Dra Cly Dr'l Teamy Vol'b'l. Second Row-Left to Right DODSON, SHIRLEY-10003 Morgan Sty Generaly Phor.y G.A.A.y Pan Amer'n Cl. DOLOSKI, HELEN-9130 Woodlawn Ave.y Commercialg G.A.A. DOUGLAS, BEVERLY-11838 Lafayette Ave.: Generaly G.A.A.y G.A.A. Rep.y Pan Aemr'n Cl.: Mar. DREZNES, LUCILLE-10501 Lafayette AVe.y Generaly Phor.y G.A.A.y 4 G.A.A. Barsy Trav. Cl.y Span. Cl.y Phor. Rep. DWYER, SHIRLEY-10546 S. State Sty Commercialy G.A.A.y 5 G.A.A. Barsy Dr'l Team. DYKE, FERN-12054 S. State Sty Comrnercialy G.A.A. EARHART, IOHN-10136 S. Green St,y Technicaly Phor.y News Rep.y Scrap Dig Mar.y Red Cr. Rep.y Avia. Cly Phor. Rep. First Row-Left to Right EBY, VIVIAN-10226 S. Green St.g General Phorg Courier Repg News Rep.g 4 G.A.A. Barsg Span C1.g Dra. Cl.g Pan Amer'n Cl.g Dr'l Teamg Orch.g G.A.A. EDGETT, ANN-9937 S. Peoria St.g Generalp Cl. Tres.g Rm. Pres.g Orch.p War B. Re-p.g News Rep.p Courier Repp Dr. 6: Bu. Corpsg Band G Orch, Var,g Tal. Hevq Mix. Chong Bars. EICHHOLZ, BETTY-11139 S. Park AVe.p Commercialg Rm, Pres.5 Off. Sec.g G.A.A.g 5 G.A,A. Bars. ELLIS. LEO-9415 Prairie Ave.g Generalg Courier Pres.g Phor.g Scrap Dr. ENGHOLM, ROGER-10030 Forrest Ave.g Technicalg Mar.: Mar. Oti.y Scrap Dr.g St, Libr.p Mix. Chor.p Tr'k Team, ERICKSON, IRMA-10019 Wentworth Aveq Generalp Rm. Sec.g News Repq War B. Repy Band :S Orch. Var. Z G.A.A. Barsg G.A.A. Rep.p G.A.A. ESPOSITO, TONY-10100 Lafayette Ave., Generalg Bskb'1p Baseb'lg 3 Sch. Let'sg Reel Meng Marg Mar. Ott.p News Repp B.A.A,g B.A.A, Repq Scrap Dr. 5 G.A.A, Rep.g Rm. Rm. Presq Second Row-Left to Right EVANS, ROSEMARY-9711 Calumet Ave.g Cornrnercialg Fen. News Stattg Phor.p Epsilon Tri H-Yg Mix. Chor.g Pan Arner'n Cl.g G.A.A.g Rm. Pres.: War B. Rep.g News Rep.g Off. Secg 2 G.A.A. Barsg Courier Rep. EVERS, DONALD4lU436 Wabash Ave.p Generalg Mar. Olf.g Rm. Pre-s.g Courier Rep.g B.A.A.y Con't Bandp RO.T.C,g Tal. Rev.g Band G Orch. Var.p Regent Hi-Yg Ush. Cl.g N.C.O. Cl. FABER, LORRAINEfl4'7 W. 108th Sty Commercialg 4 G.A.A. Barsg Dr'l Teamg Trav. Cl. FAGOT, FLARETTAEQISS Langley Avep Generalg ars. G.A.A.g 4 G.A.A. FARRAR. THURMAN-11504 S. Michiganp Generalp F. Courier Statfg Rm, Pres.g Off. Cl.g Ush. Cl.7 Bowl. Reel Men, Dr.g K-Dets Hi-Yg FAVARIO, GIULIO-11560 Prairie Ave.g Generalp Orat. Cont.g Phor.g Rm. Pres. Soc.p Amer'n Leg. Courier Rep.p Marg Math. Cl.g Orch.p May Fest. Band 5. Orch. Var. Oli. Sec,7 LGI. Cl.g .O.T.C. Ed , Cl.g Scrap Nat. Hon. Rm. Sec.y Tal. Rev.g FERRY, SHIRLEY-11722 Perry Ave.p Generalg Pub. Ed., Courier Statig Phor.g War B. Hepq G.A.Ay G.A.A. Repg Mar. ,xdncl iid me ow fonefi are flzefie, fdnob, inoia First Row-Left to Right Second Row-Left to Right FIDDELKE. IEAN MARIE-11439 Normal Ave.g Generalg Phor. 7 FISHER. EVELYNAQSM Woodlawn Ave.g Comrnercialg Phor.g Sem.g Qu. 6: Scr.g Dra. Cl.g "The Moonstoneng Fenc. Cl.g G.A.A.g G.A.A. Rep.g 9 G.A,A. Barsg Bowl. Cl.g Fenc. Cl. Mix Chong Avia. Cl.. G.A.A.g G.A.A. Rep.g 4 G.A.A. Barsg Dr'l Teamp News Staff. PIER. GERALDINE-12021 Wallace St.g General Typist, Courier Staiig Courier Rep.g Oii. Sec.p G.A.A.g 6 G.A.A. Barsg Marg Phor.g Rm. Pres.g Ir. Cit. Cl. FIEEAIVACZ. ERWIN-225 E, 120th P14 Technicalp Marg Mar. Ott.g FlNiIIBWICZ, STELLA-311 E. 120th P14 Commercialp Phor.g Rm, Sec.g Courier Repq G.A.A.y 2 G.A.A. Barsg Ir. Cit. Cl. FIORAVANTI, GLORIA-11633 Princeton AVe.g General: Phor.g Rm. Pres.g Courier Rep.g Phor. Rep.g G.A.A.7 G.A.A, F.ep.g Mar. FISCHER, ALBERT-639 E. 89th Sig Generalg Baseb'lg 3 Sch. Let.g Phor.g Bowl. Cl.p B.A.A.5 B.A.A. Rep.g 2 B.A.A. Earsg Rm. Pres.g Courier Hep.p Mar.p Mar. Ott.g Scrap Dr. FISCHER, BETTYY1l42'7 Wallace St.: Generalg Ari Ed., Courier Stattg Phorq Rm. Pres.g Delta Tri-Hi-Yg G.A.Ag G.A.A. Repg 5 G.A.A. Barsp Mar.p Rm. Secq Ir. Cit. Cl. ROBERT-11622 Stewart Ave.g Technicalg FLIETH, N.C.O. Cl. FLYNN. Trojan Reel Meng Tr'k T'mg DANIEL-11040 Edbroolce Ave.p Generalg Hi-Yg Mar. Otf.g Rm. Pres.p B.A.A.g B.A.A. Repq 2 B.A.A. Barsg Mar.g l"'tlo'lg Baseb'lg Mix, Chor.g Fen. Forum. FOLSOM, HELEN-9754 S. Sangamon Sty Generalg Phor.g Mix Chor.g Pan Amer'n Cl.g Rm. Sec.g Courier Repg G.A.A.g G.A,A, Repg St. Libr.g Mar. FRANK, GENE-238 W. l03rd Pl.g Technicalp Mar. Scrap Dr.g 1 Sch. Let.g Swim. T'm. OIi.g Mar.g FREDRICKSON, WILLARD-8854 Wabashg Technicalg' B.A,A. Rep.g Avia. C14 Bit. Team. GADBOIS, LEONARDAK16 W. 110th Ply Technical. Wres. T'm Bowl. Cl.g Avia. C14 Rm. Pres.p Mar. Oft.g B.A.A. Nm Vs as 534 First Row-Left to Right GEORGE. GLORIA-11806 Eggleston Aveg General Al ha Hi-Yi Pan Amer'n C1.g Bm. Treas.p Phorg News Stallg News Rep.: Off. SeC.g G.A.A.p G.A.A. Rep. GIBBAHD, IOYCE IRENEi1ll43 Emerald Ave.7 Generalg News Staffg Phor.p Rm. Pres.g Gamma Tri-Hi-Yp Sad. Cl.g G.A.A.g Tal. Rev.y Pan Amer'n Cl,g Rm. Sec.g Dra. Cl. Tri- GIBSON, AGNES-10801 S, Michigan Ave.g Gerieralg Rm. Presg Courier Rep.g 4 G.A.A. Barsp GAA. Rep.g G.A.A.g Pan Amer'n C1.g Dr'1 T'm, GILLESPIE, LOISflOOOl Perry Ave.p Generalg G.A.A.g GA A. Rep.p Iob Daughters. GLOSS, HELEN-10213 S. Green St.g Generalg Phor.g G.A A.7 5 G.A.A. Barsg Ch'r. Cl., Dra. Cl.p Dr'l T'm.y Orch.p Pan Amer'n C14 Pan Amer'n Cl. Pres. GODSHALL, CHHRLESf57 E, 100th Pl.g Technicalg Marg Scrap Dr.y 4 Sch. Let.g Baseb'lg F'tb'lg B'sk'tb'lg Bowl. Cl. GOETZ. LOIS E.+lUB43 Forest Ave.g Generalg Bowl. Cl.: Sad. C1.g Ch'r. C1.g Courier Rep.g Beta Tri-Hi-Yg News Rep.p 2 Sch, Let.g G.A.A.p G.A,A. Rep.: 3 G.A.A. Barsg Dra. Cl. 'tiff Y 1 25, . 5 U f Q ffl f Second Row-Left to Right GOODWIN, ROBERTAe-12027 Eggleston Ave.g Generalp Chorq Phor.y Pan American Cl.g G.A Ag G A.A. Bepg 2 G.A.A Barsg Phor. Rep. GORKA, EUGENIA-10548 Corliss Ave., Generalg Asso. Mix Ed. Cl. Tal. Rev.g G.A.A.g 5 GAA. Barsg Ott. Sec. G.A,A.g GAA. Bepg 5 GAA. Barsg Ott. Sec.g Courier Rep. GRANT, DON-9149 Drexel Ave.p Technicalg Mar.g News Bep.g Scrap Dr.g B.A,A.g Avia. Cl.g St'p. Cl.p Reel Men. GHASKE, DOROTHY-10112 Eberhart Ave.g General Dra. Cl.g Dr'1 T'mg Lunch Rm. Ser. GRAY, BETTY LORHAINE-619 E. lU3rd 131.7 Generaly Phor.g Stud. Coun.g Rm. Pres.: Bm. Treas.g Courier Rep.g News Repp G.A.A. Rep.p 2 G.A.A. Barsg l Sch. Let.g Mix. Chor.g May Fest.: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. GRINUS. FELICITAfl0755 Edbrooke Ave.: Commercialg Typist, Courier Stallg Phorg Off. Sec.g G.A.A.g G.A.A. Repq 4 G.A.A. Barsg Bskb'l5 Phor. Rep. Ana! ifzi me ow foneri are fkebe, .9!Anoi5, Arnold First Row-Left to Right GUEHRERO, ECEQUIEL-347 E. 115th Sty Technical, Mar, Otf.g Mar.g Scrap Dr,p B.A.A.g Avia. Cl. GUILD, HELENfl22Ol Normal Aveg Generalg St. Libr.g GA A4 GA A, Rep. GUIZZETTI, MINNIE-12329 State St.p Generalg G.A.A.g 4 GAA. Barsp Mar. GULLO. PAUL-11729 LaSalle St.g General Mar.. Rm. Pres.g War B, Rep.p Scrap Dr.g B.A,A.g 2 Sch. l.et,g F'tlo'l. GURA, HELEN MARIE-133 W. 110th Pl.g Generalg Courier Rep-.7 Ott. Sec.g G.A.A. H1-URS, MYRL-10823 Wabash Ave.g Commercialg Con't Bandg Orch. Var.: Tal. Rev,g GAA. HAIICEK, IOHN-9728 Calumet Ave.g Commercial. Second Row-Left to Right HALL, GLENNfll628 Parnell Avep Generalp Phor.p Mar. Oli.: Mary Rm. Pres.g War B, Bep.g Scrap Dr.g B.A.Ag 1 Sch. Let.g Con't Bandg B.O.T.C.g Glee Cl.p Ta. Rev. HALL. WILLIAM-116 E. 118th P14 Commercialg Phor.g B,A.A., 2 BAA. Barsg Marg Adv. C1.g Scrap Dr. HAMMERMEISTER. RUTH-305 E. 136th P14 Commercialg G.A,A.g Lunch Rm. Serv.g Lost G F'd. HANSON, MAXINE--123 W. 111th P1.p Commercialg G.A,A.g Orch. HANSON, RUSSELL A.-11619 Yale Aveg Technicalp Scrap Dr.g Phor.g B.A.A.g BAA. Rep.g Spartan Hi-Yg Rm. Pres,p Rm. Treas. HANZ, RAYMOND-10751 Perry Ave.g Technicalg Swim. T'mg Courier Rep. HARBISON, ROBERTA121B W. 1UI3d St.. Generalp Trojan Hi-Yg Bowl. Cl.g B,A.A,g 2 BAA. Barsg Marg Scrap Dr. Courier Stallg Nat. Hon. Soc.p Phorp Rm. Presg Math. 7 GOSLEY, LORRAINE-111532 Wabash Ave.g Genercrlg Phor.g 'vo if -WTA 7 an .QN We 'Q-,S First Row-Left to Righf HARDY, ROBERT-825 E. 90th P15 General5 Phozxp Rrn. Pres5 Courier Rep.5 War B. Repp R.O.T.C.5 Mix Chor.5 St'p. C15 Ofi. Cl.5 N.C.O. Cl.5 Sci'nc. Cl. HARTELIUS, DORIS-10421 Corliss Aveg General5 News Repg G.A.A.5 Avia. Cl.5 Mix. Chor. HARTSFIELD. NORMAflO419 State St5 General5 War B. Rep.5 G.A,A.5 Dra C1. HASIUK, STELLAAH844 Lowe Ave5 General Phor' Rm Sec.g Courier Rep: News Rep: GAA HAWKINS. HARRYf922l S. Michiaan AVe5 Technical5 Rm. Pres.5 Scrap Dr.5 B.A.A.5 BA.A. Rep HELMCHEN, DOROTHYflUl4U S Green St: Generalg News Staif5 Courier Rep' G A.A.5 Oli Sec,5 Red Cross Rep HELSON, IOHNfll6l4 Lafayette St5 Technical, Mar, Oit.5 Mar. C1.5 BAA.5 B AA. Rep.5 1 BAA Bar5 1 Sch Let, 'l'r'lc T'm5 Wres. C15 Avia C15 D'b't Cl.5 Reel Men. Second Row-Left to Right HELSTROM, MARIORIE IEANA-12006 Princeton AVe5 General5 Phor.5 Rm. Pres5 War B Re .5 GA,A.5 G.A A. Rep.5 2 GA.A Bars5 Rm. Sec.5 Oli, Sec.5 Bjowl. Cl.5 Ch'r Cl.5 lr. Cit. C15 Sad. Cl. HEUSLER, VERLAINE D.-11946 Eggleston AVe.5 General Phor.5 Rm. Pres.5 Rm. Sec.5 Courier Rep.5 War B. Rep.5 G.A.A.5 Con't Band5 Orch. Var.5 Dr. KS Bu. Corpg Alpha TrifHifY. HILLEGONDS, CLARANNE-311 W. llOth St5 Commercial5 Oli Sec.5 G.A.A.5 2 G.A.A. Bars. HOCKINSON, ELAINEf252 W 115th S55 Generalp Ed.-in-chief, Courier Stall5 Phor.5 Nat. Hon. Soc5 G.AA5 GA.A. Rep5 3 G.A.A. Bars5 GA.A. 'l'reas.5 2 Sch. Let.5 Girls C1.5 Beta Tri- Hi-Y5 D'b't Cl.5 Mix. Chor.5 Math C15 Dra. C1,5 4B Grad Mon.5 Cl. Rina Comm.: Choral Con. HOENKE, DAVE4ll3l2 Wallace St.5 General5 B,A.A5 Reaent Hi-Y5 Mar. HOFBBUER, MARIEfl13l7 S. Michigan Ave5 Comrnercial5 Mix Char: G.A.A. HOFSTRA, DOHIS-125 W. lC7th St5 General5 Phor,5 Oil Secg Epsilon Tri-1-li-Y5 Courier Ree.5 News Rep5 GA,A.5 6 GA A Bars5 Fen. Forum5 Volb'l T'm5 Bskb'l 'l"m. rom a lUiK6!0l'I'l055 0 larairieo, fgnoia, Anoid First Row-Left to Right HOGAN, MAHIORIE-9054 Dauphin Ave.5 Cornmercial5 G.A.A.5 7 G.A A. Bars. HOGAN, PHYLLIS-9009 Dauphin AVe.5 General5 Courier Repg G.A.A.5 G.A A. Rep.5 7 G.A.A. Bars5 Ch'r Cl. HOLMAN, RICHARD-10112 S. Lafayette Ave.5 General5 Mar. Ott.5 Mar. C15 Rm. Vice Pres.5 War B. Repg Scrap Dr.5 Con't Band5 Orch. B.A.A. HORN, GI.ORIAelU238 Calumet AVe.5 General5 News Staff5 Rm. Pres,5 Courier Rep.5 G.A.A.5 G.A.A. Rep.5 5 G.A.A. Bars5 Mix. Chor.5 Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. HORVATH, MARIANflU75B Wentworth AVe.5 Cornrnercia15 St. Libr.5 G.A.A.5 Girls Glee C1. HOSKINSON, PAUI.i439 E. 91st S15 General5 News Rep,5 Scrap Dr.5 N,C.O. HOTTINGER, CARL, IR.-11738 Parnell Ave.5 Generalg Cl. Off.5 News Repf Mar5 Scrap Dr.5 B.A.A.5 2 B.A.A. Bars5 Bowl. Cl.5 B.A.A Rep. Second Row-Left fo Right HUMMEL, HENRY-11113 St. Lawrence Ave.5 General5 Sports Ed., Courier Staffg Bskb'l T'm5 3 Sch. Let.5 Swim, T'm5 Bowl Cl.5 Mar, Olfq Scrap Drg Span. Cl.5 Trojans Hi-Y5 BAA. B.A.A. Rep.5 News Rep.5 Rm. Sec. HURST, ROBERT-652 W. ll6th P15 Technical5 Mar. C15 Scrag' DL5 B.A.A.5 AVlC1. C17 C15 lf. Cii, Cl, HURT, ELAINE-436 W. 115th St.g Genera15 G.A,A.5 G.A A. Rep, 2 G.A.A. Barsg Rm. Sec.5 Courier Repp Oli. Sec.5 Bowl. C15 Dra. Cl.5 Ir. Cit. Cl.5 Delta Tri-Hi-Y5 Trav. Cl.5 Sad. Cl. HUTCHINSON, ARLENE-10350 Peoria SL5 General5 Art. Ed., Courier Stati5 "The Moonstone"5 Dra. Cl.5 Courier Rep5 Pan Amer'n C15 Trav. Cl.5 G.A A.5 Art. C15 H Gd.5 "And Came The Spring"5 Ir. Cit. Cl. IPPOLITO, MICHAEL-12201 Eg leston Ave.5 Technica15 Bowl. Cl.5 B.A.A.g Scrap D115 Mar. C15 Mar. Off. ISHERWOOD, IOAN-11317 Normal Ave.5 Generalg Phorg Rm. Treas.5 G.A.A.5 G.A.A. Repy 5 G.A.A. Bars5 Bowl, C15 Dra Cl.5 Ir. Cit. Cl.5 Frosh Tri-Hi-Y5 Sad. Cl.5 H. Gd. IACOBS, I.ORRAINEflOU23 Wentworth Ave.5 Generalg D'b't' 51.5 Gil-'E.iA.5 4 G.A A. Bars5 St. 1..ibr.5 Rm. Sec.5 Math C15 pan. . Firsf Row--Left to Right IACOBSMA, EVELYN MAE-319 W. 108th P17 Generaly Nat. Hon. Soc,g Phorq Qu. G Scr.p News Staftg GAA4 GAA. Rep., 8 GAA. Barsp 2 Sch. Let.g Fen. Forump Let. Girls Cl,p Math. Cl.g Delta Tri-Hi-Y. IACUS. HELEN VIRGINIA-11224 St, Lawrence Ave.: Generaly Phor.g Rm. Pres.p Off. Sec.g Frosh Tri-Hi-Yg Courier Rep.p War B. Rep.: C1.A.A.y G.A.A. Rep.: 9 G.A.A, Barsy lr. Crt Cl.: H, Gd.: Phor. Rep. IANKOWSKI, FRANCES-12151 Emerald Ave.p Commercialg Phor.p Rm. Pres.y War B. Rep.: GAA. IOHNSON, GEORGE-631 E. 89th 131.7 Technicalg Mar. Oli. Mar. Cl.: Scrap Dr.g B.A.A. IC?HNgqN,CIiIERBERTe-28 E. lO1st Pl.g Generalg Mar. Cl.g B.AA.g r. 1 . . IOHNSON, IOYCEH-10638 Wabash Ave.: Generalp l Sch. Let.g Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Mix. Chor.g GAA.g GAA. Repg News Rep.p War B. Rep.g Fen. Rorum. IOHNSON. LOIS MAE-12201 Normal Ave.g Generali News Statfg Trav. C1.g Pan Amer'n Cl.g Gamma Tri-Hi-Yy Con'! Band: Dra. Cl.g G.A.A.g 2 G.A A. Barsg Rm. Pres.p H. Gd, Courier Rep. Second Row-Left to Right IOHNSON, LOIS MAY-11351 Wallace St.g General Off. Sec.: Mix. Chor.7 G.AA.g H. Gd.g Mix Chor. IOHNSON MARILYN G.-10351 S. Morgan St.g Generalg Stud. Coun.y Rm. Sec.: News Rep.g GA.A.p GAA. Rep.g Mix Chorg Glee Cl.1 Dra. C14 Pres. Span. Cl, IOHNSON, MARILYN I.-11305 Lowe Ave.7 Generalg News Stattq Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Phor.g H. Gd.p Sad. C1.g Trav. Cl.p GAA. GAA. Rep. IOHNSON, RUTH-648 W.lU7th Sig Generali News Staffg News Rep.: G.A.A.g G.A.A. Rep.g 7 G.A.A. Bars: Z Sch. Let.g Mix. Chor.g Orch. Var.: Tumbling: Chr. Lead.g Mix Chor. IONES, ALICE-10531 Corliss Ave.: Commercialg Ott, Secp ghom Rm. Treas.g Courier Rep.g Bowl, Cl.: G.A.A.g 2 GAA. GTS. IONES, BLANCH-712 W. 120th St.y Commercial: Typist, Courier Stall: H. Gd.: Red Cross Repq G.A.A.g Rm. Sec, IORDAHL. GRACE-11305 Eggleston Ave.p Generalp GAA4 GAA. Rep.g 3 GA A. Barsg Beta TriAHi-Yp lr. Cit. Cl. Sfraighf fhg way an never varied, fgnoij, fgnoid First Row-Left to Right IURANAS, I..OUISfll75'7 S. Morgan Ave., Technicalg Courier Rep.g News Rep.g R.C.T.C. Var.7 Off. Cl.7 N.C.O. Cl.7 Ush. glq K-Dets Hi-Yp B.A.A.g 1 B.A.A.p Mar. Olf.g Mar.g Fen. orum, KACHIGIAN, CHARLESfl203O Halsted St.p Technicalg War B. Rep.7 Scrap Dr.: B.A.A.g 3 B,A.A. Bars: R.O.T.C.g lr. Cit, Cl KANE, ROBERT-646 E. 92nd St.7 Technical: Mar. Oitg Rm. Presp Scrap Dr.g BAA.g BAA. Rep., 4 BAA. Barsg F'tb'l. KARRELS, SHIRLEE-821 E. 88th P14 Commercialp Cl Oll.q Courier Rep.: News Rep.p Red Cross Re .p St. Libr.g GA.A.g G.A.A. Rep.p 12 GAA. Barsp Dra. Cl.g Gd. KASEBERG, ROBERT-335 W. 99th P14 Generalg Mar, Olt.p Mar. Scrap Dr.p "The Moonstone"g B.A.A.g Amat, Showp D'lo't C1.p Dra. C14 K.Dets Hi-Yg Ush. C14 Ott. Cl. N.C.O.g Sad. Cl. KASVINSKI, DAVID S.-638 E. 95th St.p Technicalg Phor.g Rm. Presg Stud. Coun.g Phor. Repg Mar. Olly Marg News Repq Scrap Dr.g BAA. KAZAR, BYRON--10048 Calumet Ave.y Techrxicalg l Sch. Let.7 Swim. T'mg Stag. I-Ii-Yg Rm. Pres.7 Marg R.O.T.C.p Ush. Cl.g Reel Meng Scrap Dr,g BAA.g BAA, Rep. Second Row-Left to Right KEARNEY, PHILIP-43841 Calumet Aveg Generalg BA A.g B A A. Repq Wres. Cl.g Rm. Pres.g Rm. Treasg Mar. Oil.p Marg News Rep.g Scrap Dr.g Bowl. Cl.p Trojans Hi-Yg N.C.O. Cl. KERCHNER, DONALD IAMES-10745 Wentworth Ave.g Generalg Marq B.A.A. KERCHNER, DOROTHY-10745 Wentworth Ave.p Generalg Phare Courier Rep.: G.AA.p GAA. Rep. KILDUSKI, DOLORESVQZZO Avalon Ave.: Generaly News Rep.g G.A.A.y Math. Cl. KING, BE'I'TY474U E. 79th St.g Generalf Oli. Sec.g Rm. Presg Courier Repg War B. Rep,g G.A.A.g GA.A. Rep.: Red Cross Rep.p All Sch. Coun. KISI-I, IEAN-lU502 Edbrooke Ave,y Commercialg Rm. Treasg War B. Rep.g Off. Sec.g St. Libr.7 G.A.A.g News Rep.y 3 G.AA. Bars. KNIGHT. CHARLENE-10024 La Salle St.7 Generalg Bowl. Cl.. GAA. 'link 455, 9 if 'T' First Row-Left to KOLOVIS, HARRY-11310 Langley Ave.g Technical, Mar. O1f.p Marg News Rep.g Scrap Dr.g BA.A.g B.A A. Repg 4 BAA. Baskb'l T'mp Avia. C1.g Stag HifY. KONYAR, PETERv9UU W. 119th St.p Technicaly Mar. Cl.g Scrap Dr.g BAA, BA A, Repg 2 B.A.A. Bars, 5 Sch. Let.. Baseb'1 T'mg F'tb'l T'mg Stag Hi-Y. Righ! Barsg 2 Sch. Let,5 KRAMER, PEGGY-10132 Green Street, Commercialg Courier Repg War B. Rep.p G.A.A,7 Rm. Sec. KRAUSE, ELLY MAYflU2Ol S. Peoria Stg Corrirnercialg Phor.g G.A.A.: G.A.A. Repg Off. Sec.g Tal. Rev. KRAUTSAK, ANNA-9425 Langley Ave.p Commercialp Rm. Pres.g Rm. Sec.g War B Rep.. Red Cross Rep.g St. Librg G.A.A.y G.A.A. Rep.: 5 G.A A. Barsg Mix. Chong May Fest.y Bowl, C14 Dr'l T'm. KUEKER, IAMESfll73U Eggleston AVe.p Technicalg BAA. KUREZEWSKI. WANDAilll2l W. 104th St.p Generalg GAA. W6 L' 'haf Second Row-Le!! fo Right KYLER, NORMA-11932 Eggleston Ave.g Generalp Nat. Hon. Soap Qu. G Scr.g Phor,g News Staffg Choir. War E. Rep.g St. Librp Gamma Tri-Hi-Y7 Rm. Treasg Dra. Clg Dr'l T'mg Fen. Forum. LACOTCHE, LORHAINE-8727 S. Michigan Ave.g Commerctalg Rm. Treas.7 Rm. Sec.g Courier Rep.p War B. Remy Red Cross Repg 10 G.A.A. Barsg GAA. Repp GAA4 Sad. C14 Ott. Sec. Rm. Pres. LAFFLIN, IEAN-638 E 89th Stg Commercialg Phorq Marg Treas.g G.A.A.g G.A.A. Rep: 5 G.A.A. Barsp Dr'l Teamg 1-'en Forumg Epsilon Tri 1-li'Yg Lat C1. Pres. Rm. LAKE, EMMA-728 E. 88th Pl.g Generalg GA Ag 4 G.A.A. Bars, Dr'1 Teamg Mar. LA LOND. LAWRENCE-12003 Princeton Ave.g General: Mar. Otf.g Mar.p Rm. Presg Rm. Treasg Rm Sec.g Scrap Dry BAA. LANDAHL, RICHARD-11218 Stewart Ave.g Technicaly Adv Clg Phor.g B.AA. Rep.: Scrap Dry EAA LARSON. CORINNE-10112 Calumet Aveg General News Stall, Dra. Cl.p Fenc. C1.y Pan Amer'n Cl St. Libr.y Orch, GAA 3 upon fA0 inferno! Aea, .Sid nf fAg greaf comrnercia! free. First Row-Left to Right LEBICA, LORETTA-11930 So. Union Ave.g Generalg News Repg St. Libr.: G.A.A.p 7 GAA, Barsg Bowl. Cl. LEESON, HELEN-BOO E. 90th P1.p Commercialg Rm. Treas.. Courier Re .y News Repq St. Libr.p G.A.A.g 10 G.A.A. Barsg Dra. C14 Tliav. C14 H. Gd.: Red Cr. Rep. LESCHYK, RAYMOND-1221 So. Union Ave.g Generalg Mar. O1i.g Mar.: Scrap Dr.7 Dra. Cl. LEVIN, MILTON-11139 Vernon Avey Generalg Photoy Courier Stalfp C1. O1f.g 1 Sch. Let.g Mar. Ca t.g Mar.: "And Came The Springug BA.A.g R.O.T.C.p N.C.O.p l1jsh.Cl.gDra. C14 R.O,T.C. Var.g Scrap Dr.g BAA. Rep. LEVINSON, BARRY-11241 South Parlay Generaly Courier Staffg D'b't Cl.p Fen. Forum: Mar. Off.: Mar. News Rep.: RO.T.C.g B.A A.: Scrap Dr.g lr. Cit. Cl. LEVINSON. SIDNEY-41241 South Parkp Generalp lnt Edq Courier Staff. D'b't Cl.g Fen. Forumg News R?.7 Marg B.AA.g R.O.T.C.p Scrap Dr.: War B. Repq Ir, Cit. 1. LEWICKI. ELEANOHE-11834 So. Peoria St.y Commercialg G.A.A.g 3 GAA. Barsg H. Gd.p Volb'l. bv an NF Kew' K.. fu J." Second Row-Left to Right LINDBERG, BERT-57 W. 104th Plg Technicalg Baselilp Reel Meng F'tb'ly Iam Cl. LINDSTEDT, IVAR-11121 Parnell Ave.g Generalg Phor.g Bskbl 1 Sch. Let.: B.A.A.g 2 BA.A. Barsg Rm. Pres.g News Rep.g Hi-Y Regentg Marg Scrap Dr. LIORET, LOISMQBSS So Uniong 4 GA A. Barsg Dra. Clg Dr'l LOSER, IRMA-324 Kensington News Rep.g G.A.A. Rep.g Red C. Repy St. Libr. Rm. Sec LUDWIG. DONALD-11334 Edbrooke Ave.g General. Art Ed, Courier Statfg F'tb'lg Craig Hi-Y. Mar. Oif. Lieut.7 Mar. Ir. Cit. Cl.g Bowl, Cl.p Reel Meng BAA7 2 BA.A. Barsy Scrap Dr.g Chem. Cl. LUECHT, MARION-131 W. 113 P19 Generalg Delta Tri H1-Yg Mix. Chor.p G.A.A.p Dr'1 T'rn. Generalg P1'ior.g Marg GA.A: T'mp Pan Amer'n C1. Span Cl Ave.: Generalg G.AA.g Phorg LULL, DOLOHES-11922 Stewart Ave.p Generalg Phor.p News Staffg Sacl. Cl.g G,A.A.7 Chr. Cl. f"'. ' 51:92.41 I QN P 4' 1 gs 1 r , 5 .8. .lie .1 'P 7 47 3 .. 'twig VZ W if f, First Row-Left fo Righf LUCgqDQlgFT, DELORESWIMQB Yale Ave.: General: G.A.A.: LUNDSTROM, LEONARD-11849 Wentworth: General: Pub Ed., Courier Staff: Rm. Pres.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: Craig Hi-Y. MADDEN. TIM-8942 Dauphin Ave.: Technical: Basebl: F'tb'l: Mar.: Phor.: Scrap Dr.: 3 B.A A. Bars: B.A.A. Rep.: BA.A.: 5 Sch. Let. MAGNABOSCO, DOLORES, 340 Kensinqton Ave: General: Orch.: Band of Orch. Var.: News Rep.: Red Cr. Rep.: l Sch. Let. 2 G.A.A. Bars: Dr'l. T'm.: l Sch. Let.: Host. Cl. MAGNABOSCO. ELEANOR-e340 Kensington Ave.: Commercial: Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: War B. Rep.: G.A.A.: l G.A.A. Bar: Tal. Rev.: Chr. Cl.: Dra. Cl.: Dr'l T'rn: l Sch. Let.: Host. Cl.: H. Gd. MAGUIRE, IAMES--10959 Vernon Ave.: General: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O.: K-Dets Hi-Y: Mar. Ott.: Mar.: Ush. Cl.: l Sch. Let: Scrap Dr.: Phor.: Courier Rep.: News Rep.: Band. MALADRA. MARIE-10020 Wentworth Ave.: General: Phor.: News Staff: Rm. Treas.: Courier Rep.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: D'b't Cl.: Dra. Cl.: Math. Cl.: Beta-Tri-Hi-Y. Second Row-Lei! to Right MARINI, ADELINE-ll62O S. Prairie Ave.: General: G.A.A. MAHKUNAS, PALMYHA-l3Bl3 La Salle Ave.: Commercial: Phor.: G,A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars. MARTON, IRENE-727 E. 88th St.: Commercial: Rm. Treas.: Rm. EEC.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: Forum: Treas. or. MASCARELLO, IOE-lU353 Wentworth Ave.: Technical: B.A.A.: Scrap Dr.: Mar. MATUSZYK, CAROLYN B.-12021 Lafayette Ave.: Commercial: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Off. Sec.: Red Cr. Re .: St. Libr.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 6 G,A.A. Bars: Ir. Cit. Cl.: Gd. MAURER, IACK-9445 Union Ave.: Technical: Mar.: Bskb'l: Sch Let.: B.A.A. Rep.: B.A.A.: Scrap Dr.: News Rep.: Rm. Sec.: Avia. Cl.: Bowl. Cl. M?IYTgLi MARGARET-11621 So. Green St.: General: G.AA: awning af flze worfvl fo mee, JIM.. ere, Jfhnefl First Row-Left to Right MCCANN, GEORGE-11143 Vernon Ave.: General: Mar. Off.: News Rep.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: Regent Hi-Y. MCFADDEN, DOROTHY-614 E. I87th Pl.: Commercial: Mix. Chor.: Forum: St. Libr.: Courier Rep.: Rm. Sec.: G.A.A. 5 G.A.A. Bars. MCKENZIE, DAN-l24 W. ll4th St.: Technical: Courier Rep. N.C.O.: Avia. Cl.: Ush, Cl.: R.O.T.C.: B.A.A.: Mar.: Col. Gd. R.O.T.C: Scrap Dr. MEAD, MARY IANE-350 W. llflth St.: General: Rin. Pres., News Rep.: Ott. Sec.: St. Libr.: G.A.A.: Con't Band Amat. Tal. Rev.: Band 6 Orch. Var.: D'b"l' Cl.: Dra. Cl: Show: Dr. 6. Bu. Corp. MELISH, 6 G.A.A. Bars. MENEGHETTI, GLORIA-11936 Wentworth Ave.: General: Orch.: Band G Orch. Var.: Dr'l T'm: G.A.A.: Red Cr, Rep.: Tal. Rev. MENKE, SHIRLEY-12046 Princeton Ave.: General Ott.: Sec.: G.A.A:. G.A.A. Rep.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Chr. Cl.: Ir. Cit. Cl.: Trav. Cl.: H. Gd.: Host. Cl. ELEANORE-220 W. lO9th St.: Commercial: G.A.A.: Second Row--Left to Righ! MENTICK, VERA-l22lO Union Ave.: Commercial: D'b't' Cl.: St'p: Cl.: G.A.A. MERKEL, PETER-ll525 Stewart Ave.: General: F'tb'l: Craig Hi-Y: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Mar.: Rm. Pres.: News Rep. Scrap Dr.: Ir. Cit. Cl. METER, MARILYN-233 W. 107th Pl.: General: Chr. Lead.: Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: 2 Sch, Let.: H. Gd.: Tmb'l. MEYERCHICK, IEAN-lO4l7 Calumet Ave.: General: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Phor.: Courier Stott: Rrn. Pres.: Courier Rep.: G.A.A.: War B, Rep.: Off. Sec.: Dr. 6: Bu. Corp: Delta Tri-Hi-Y. MEJIIKAILAK. DOLORES-25 E, ll8th St.: General: Oit. Sec.: Miooiui. E1.oisE-rises Lafayette Ave.: General: off. Sec.: St. Libr.: Host. Cl.: Dr'l T'm: G,A.A.: 3 G.A,A. Bars: War B. Rep. MISKIN, IOHNAlO632 Edbroolce Ave.: General: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O.: Ush. Cl.: Mix Chor.: Scrap Dr.: Math. Cl. Mar.: R.O.T.C. Var.: Avia. Cl.: Tal. Rev.: K-Dets Hi-Y: BAA. 2 At 'JK HE First Row-Left to Right MOHAN, MARY-7l2 E. 95th St.: Commercial: Phor.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars. MOHR, WILLIAMWISSGS Indiana Ave.: General: F'tb'l: Mar. Oli.: B.A,A. Rep.: B.A.A. MOLINE, ELEANOR!l6 W. ll5th St.: General: St. Libr.: G.A.A. MOLINE, HARRY-l38 W, llOth St.: Technical: Rille Tm.: R.O.T.C.: Mar.: Scrap Dr. MONCAHDO, ANTHONY-309 E. Kensington Ave.: Technical: Elgar. Off.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A.: Sch, Let.: F'tb'l: Umbreagos 1- . MONTANA. KATHERINE-11826 Emerald Ave.: General: Con't Band: Band G Orch. Var.: Courier Rep.: War B. Rep.: G.A.A.: Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: Phor.: F'tb'l: Band. MONTGOMERY, LESTER-100 W. lO7th St.: Technical: Reel Men: B.A.A. Rep.: Scrap Dr.: H. Gd. Second Row-Left to Right MOORE, HARRY-9342 Wabash Ave.: General: Mar. Oil.: Mar.: War B. Rep.: Scrap Dr. MOUTOUSSAMY, IOYCE-9422 So. Calumet Ave.: Commercial. MUDIE, LUCILLE-42 W. 108th Pl,-General: Typ'st Ed. Courier Staif: St. Libr.: Dr'l T'm: Host. Cl.: G.A.A. Span. Cl. MUELLER. CHARLOTTE-9839 So. Morgan St.: General: Assoc. Ed. Courier Staff: Rm. Pres.: Courier Rep.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Mix. Chor.: May Fest.: Math. Cl.: l Sch. Let.: Choral Con.: St. Coun.: D'bt'. Cl.: Mar. MUNOZ, CLEMENTINA-152 E, ll6th St.: General: Phor,: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Off. Sec.: St. Libr.: GA.A.: Mix. Chor.: Ir. Cit. Cl.: Volb'l T'm. NEBENDAHL, RICHARD-10419 Eggleston Ave.: Technical: Mar.: Ewa? gr.: BAA.: B.A.A. Rep.: Baseb'l: Bslcb'l: Avia. Cl. ow . . NEGRI, ADONIS-33 E. ll'7 Pl.: Technical: Phor.: B.A.A.: Mar. owning af fha worfc! fo fkee, agfgnoifi, Anoio First Row-Left to Right NEHRING, ANNA MARIE-ll341 Eggleston Ave.: Commercial: G.A.A.: Bowl. Cl, NELSON, CAROL-lO907 State St.: General: Lit. Ed. Courier Staff: Beta Tri Hi Y: Span. Cl.: Courier Rep.: G.A.A. 5 G.A.A. Bars: Bsk'1: Mar. NELSON. DOROTHY-10522 La Salle Ave.: General: Inter. Ed. Courier Staff: Qu. ci Scr.: News Staff: D'b't'. Cl. Rm. Sec.: Courier Rep.: G.A.A. Rep.: G.A.A.: St. Libr.: Mar. NELSON. PAT-lll42 Wallace St.: General: Phor.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: l Sch. Let.: Mix. Chor.: May Fest.: Tal. Rev.: Bowl. Cl.: Dra. Cl.: Alpha Tri Hi Y. Rm. Sec.: Ramb. Cl. NELSON. WILLIAM-407 W. ll6th St.: General: Phor.: Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: Regent Hi Y. NEMET, HELEN-9301 Evans Ave.: General Phor,: Courier Rep.: G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A. Bars. NIGG, GI.ORIAilUl3'7 Carpenter St.: Commercial G.A.A.: l G.A.A. Bar. ,V N. dl' r 'ig' Second Row-Left to Right NIGOHOSIAN. MARGARET-11913 Eg lesion Ave.: Commercial- Phor. 7 sem.: Orch.: War B. Rep.: Rm. Sec.: Off. Sec.: Spanl Cl.: Band 6: Orch. Var.: Tal. Rev.: Amat. Show: Bowl. Cl.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars. NOMES, IOHN-4157 W. ll5th St.: General B.A.A.: Scrap Dr. NORKUS. DON-l254l Wentworth Ave.: Technical: Scrap Dr.: Mar.: B.A.A. NOVAK. PATRICIA-ll83l Lowe Ave.: General: Mar.: G.A.A.: Con't Band: Tal, Rev.: Band 6. Orch. Var. NOWAK, MARY-12238 Normal Ave.: General: St. Libr.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: Dr'l. T'm. Oil. Sec.: Mar. NOWICKI, IOAN-ll8l8 Wentworth Ave.: General: G.A.A. O'DONNEI.L. SHIRLEY-6951 So. Lailin St.: Commercial: Phor. News Rep.: Off. Sec.: Rm. Sec.: Pan Amer'n Cl.: War B Rep. G.A.A.: l G.A.A. Bar. '12 3358: fav First Row-Left to Right ORES. AUDREY JEAN-135 W. 117th Sty Generalg Delta Tri Hi Yg Trav. C1.7 War. B. Rep.g G.A.A.g Dra. C1.g Dr'1. T'm.g H. Gd. OSBORN, ALICE-323 W. 111th St.: Genera1p Phor.g News Stattg G.A.A.p G.A.A. Rep.g 3 G.A.A. Barsg Mix. Char.: Tal. Rev.. Band G Orch. Var.: Dra. Cl.: Beta Tri Hi Yg G.A.A. Xmas Showp Chor. Let.g Chor. Treas. OTTLOENO, IRENE-53 W. 123rc1 S17 Generalg Rm. Sec.g G.A.A.y 3 G.A.A. Barsg H, Gd.: Teach. Sec. OVIATT, MARION-11301 Parne11 Ave.g Genera17 News Staffg 1 Sch. Let. Let. Gir1s C14 Phor.g Mix. Chor. Soc. Commq D'b't'. C14 Bowl. C14 Trav. C1.g Rm. Pres.g News Rep.g G.A.A. PANOZZO, JACK-12352 So. Michigan Ave.g B.A.A.g B.A.A. Rep.g 1 B.A.A. Bar: Craig Hi Y. PAPIEZ, SOPHIE-25 W. 119th St.: Genera1g Ott. Sec.g G.A.A.g 5 G.A.A. Bar: H. Gd.p Teach. Sec. PARISE, CLAIREM159 E. 116th St.7 General: Phor.7 Rm. Pres.g G.A.A.y 4 G.A.A. Barsg Mar.g Pan Amern. C14 Ir. Cit. C1.y Teach. Sec. Second Row-Left to Right PARKER, IOHN H.-10238 Eberhart AVe.7 Generalg Branch Ed. Courier Staftg R.O.T.C.y R.O.T.C. Var.p Mar.g Mar. 011.5 Ush. C1.5 Scrap Dr. N.C.O.p St'p. C1. PARON, CARL-9115 Universitv AVe.g Generalg Marg Scrap Dr.. B.A.A.g B.A.A. Rep.: Avia. C1. PASCAL. ROBERT-B26 E. 91st S14 Technicalg F"tb'1.g Mar. Ott.. News Rep.g 1 Sch. Let. PASSI, PAUL-528 E. 89th Stg General: Mar. Off Marg News Rep.p Scrap Dr.: B.A.A.p B.A A. Repp Wres. C1. 4 B AA. Barsg 1 Sch. Let.g F'tb'1. PAVILANIS, ELEANOR-10339 So. Green St.7 Commercia1g G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars. PAWLIK, EDWARD-11713 So. Morgan St.g Technicalg Mar.g Scrap Dr.y B.A.A. PEACOCK, RUPERT-13403 Indiana Ave.g Generaly Off. C4 Trojan Hi yy N.C.O.g Rm. Pres.: Rm. Treas.g Scrap Dr. 1 B A.A. Barp B.A.A. Wolf wifhouf fhy won rou5 Marg, fgnoid, Afraid First Row-Left to Right PEARSON, ENOCH-11400 Wallace St.: Technicalg Baseb'1g B.A.A.g B.A.A. Rep.g Scrap Dr.7 Mar. PEDEN, INEZ-9331 So. La Salle St.g Generah G.A.A.g 10 G.A.A. Barsg Glee C14 Forumg H. Gd. PESAVENTO, ELIO-11439 So. Park Ave.p Generalp Mar. Otf.p Rm. Pres.p Courier Rep.g Scrap Dr.. B.A.A. Rep. 3 B.A.A.y Barsp Avia. C14 Bow1 C1.p Dra. C14 Fenc. D14 Trojan H Yg Reel Men. PETERSON, DORIE-325 W. 108th St.. Comrnercia17 Courier Rep.g News Rep.: War B. Re .3 Red Cr. Rep.g G.A.A.p G.A.A. Rep.7 3 G.A.A. Barsg Ama. Siowg Dra. C14 Dr'1. T'mg H. Gd. PHILLIPS, LOIS-605 E. 1U3rd P14 Generalg G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Barsg Rm. Treas.g St. Libr.g G.A.A. Rep. PINTLER, CAROL-12019 Eggleston Ave.p Genera1y St. Libr.: B.A.A.g Con't Bandg Band CS, Orch. Var.g Trav. C1.g Pan Amer'n. C14 Iam C14 H. G.. Rm. Sec.g News Rep.g G.A.A. Rep. POCHRON, DOROTHEA-10454 Prairie Ave.: Generalp Pham G.A.A.g H. Gd.g Bskb'1p Teach. Sec.y 1 G.A.A, Bar. Second Row--Left to Right PODLECKI, WALTER-9209 University Ave.g Technica1p Bb1cb'1g Sch. 1..et.p B.A.A. Rep.p B.A.A.p Phor.g Mar. Oily Mar. PORTER, GERALDINE-47 E. 94th St.g Generalp G.A.A. Rep.g St. Libr.p G.A.A. PORTER, VIRGINIA-108 W. 117th S1.p Generalg War. B. Rep.g Phorq Off. Sec.g Dr'1. T'm.g St. 1..itbr.g Marg Dra. C14 G.A.A. POST, HENRY-244 W. 104th 191.7 Technicalg Mar. Ott.. Mar. Rm. Treas. PRATT, BERT-10541 Eberhart Ave.. Genera1g News Staffg Trojan Hi Yg C1ass Off.: Red Cr. Rep.. Rm. Pres. Mar. O114 Stud. Couny R.O.T.C. Var.5 R.O.T.C.g N.C.O.7 Scrap Dr.g Class Ring Comm. PRIDIIAN, FLORENCE-547 W. 115th St.7 Genera1g News Staffg Phor.p Dra. C1.g "And Came the Sprin "7 "The Moonstone"p Mix. Char.: Gamma Tri Hi Yg Band G Orch. Var.g May Fest.g 4A C1's Soc. Comm.g G.A.A.g Rm. Sec. PROPATI, IOE-35 E. 119th P17 Genera17 Courier Rep.7 R.O.T.C.g 5155214 Mar. Otf.p Mar.7 Scrap Dr.g B.A.A. K-Dets Hi Y.: Q'-P.. ,Nbr wa - 'LY' 'QS' Ji rdf me 'Q' First Row-Left to Right PROPER. RONALD-12351 Perry Ave.: General: Mar.: BAA.: Math. Cl. HAIMBAULT. MARION-11454 Front St.: General: Chr. Cl.: 'bi-ng: Zcflch. Let.: Rm. Pres.: G.A.A.: Oil. Sec. Volb'l : ost, . Tum T'm. RAUH, IERRYflU9l9 So. Park Ave.: General: Rm. Pres.: Courier Rep: War B. Rep.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: 4 BAA. Bars: Bowl. Cl.: Trojan Hi Y: N,C.O. REALI, ELSIE-ll5l8 So. La Salle St: General: Stl. Libr.: G.A.A.: 2 GA.A. Bars. REGELSKY. ADOLPHfll833 Eggleston Ave.: Technical: Mar.: B,A,A.: l B.A.A. Bar: 3 Sch. et.: Baseb'l: Bskb'l: Stags Hi Y. REILLY, SHIRLEY--644 E. ll2th St: Commercial: Rm. Sec: News Rep.: Ama. Show: Tal. Rev.: G.A A. REISBICH. HELEN-306 E l34th St.: General: News Staff: Rm. Pres.: Courier Rep.: Oil Sec.: Red Cr. Rep.: G.A A.: 2 G A.A. Ears: Dr. 5: Bu. Corp.: H. Gd it Second Row-Left to Right RICCIO, MARY-l4l W. ll9th St.: Commercial: Phr.: Rm. Sec.: Courier Rep.: G.A.A: GA.A. Rep.: Mix. Chor.: Dr. Cl.: Volb'l: Rm. Treas. RICHARD, ARTHUR-11208 St. Lawrence Ave.: General. RILEY. LOISANNfll3l5 Wallace St.: General: News Staff: Glee Cl.: l Glee Cl. Let: News Rep.: Courier Hep. D'b't. Cl.: Dra. Cl.: Forum: Beta Tri Hi Y: Sacl. Cl.: Sci. Cl. G.A.A. HITHALER, RONALD-ll442 S. Michigan Ave.: Technical: Con'i Band: Orch.: lam Cl.: Soc. Orch.: l:l.O.T.C.: Band G Orch. Var. Tal. Flev.: Ama. Show: Mus. Fest: War B. Rep.: B.A.A.: Sch. Let. RODRIGUES, RAY-445 E. Qlst Pl.: General: Mar, Off. Rm. Treas.: Scrap Dr.: B.A A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars ROLLA, ROBERT-H3648 State St.: Technical: Mar. Off.: Scrap Dr.: Sch. Lei.: Craig H1 Y: Ush. Cl.: Reel Men: R.O.T.C. ROSENBERG. HOWARD-332 E. 103 St: General: News Staff: Mar Off: Mar.: Scrap Dr.: News Rep.: Orch: D'b't Cl. Forum: R O TC.: Bowl. Cl.: lr. Cit. Cl. Can Ae wrif fhe nafionfi g org, Ahab, Anoifi First Row-Left to Right ROSSETTI, ROSE-10053 La Salle St: Commercial: News Rep.: G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: Bskb'1. ROWE, HOWARD-347 W. 108 Sl.: General: Orch.: Band 51 Orch, Var.: Con't Band: Trojan Hi Y: B.A,A. Orch. Let. ROWELL, CHARMAINE-9922 Forest Ave.: General: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: War B. Rep.: "And Came the Spring": G.A.A. Dra. Cl.: Forum. HOYSTHR. RICHARD-10753 'Wallace St.: General: Phor.: Mar.: Mix. Cher.: Reel Men. SANDSTROM, PEARL-9623 Forest Ave.: General: War B. Rep.: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 2 G.A.A. Bars. SATRIANO, IOHN-11575 Perry Ave.: Technical: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Treas.: War B. Rep.: Scrap Dr.: Mar.: Red. Cr. Rep.: B.A.A.: 2 BA.A, Bars: Mar. Off. SAWADSKI, SHIRLEY-125 E. 110th St.: Commercial: Courier Rep.: G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: Ch'r, Cl. S. Nr' li sd' 'vip-1 QC" A av! 4-'-'6,5 Second Row-Left to Right SCHAFFNEH, FRED CHARLES-9144 Greenwood Ave.: Technical: Rm. Pres.: Sparton Hi-Y: Mar.: B.A.A. Scrap Dr.: Ir. Cit. Cl. SCHARNHORST, GEORGE-Sl W. 110th Rep.: B.A.A.: l B.A.A. Bar: Reel Men. SCHEUERMANN, LILLIANflO5O0 S. May Staff: G.A.A.: 2 GA.A. Bars: Dra. Cl. SCHINZEL, NORMAwll45 W. 106th St 4 G.A.A. Bars, St.: Rm. Treas.: News St.: Commercial: News .: Commercial: GAA.: SCHULTZ, MARILYN-H1227 S. Peoria: General: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Phor.: Qu. la Scr.: News Staff: Dr, Mai.: Beta Tri-H1-Y: L'on"t Band: Bana ci Orch. Var.: Rm. Sec. G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: News Rep. SCHUSTER, LAWRENCEflO9U6 indiana Ave.: General: Phor.: Rm. Pres.: Trojan Hi-Y: Orch.: Tal. Rev.: Band 6 Orch Var.: Con't Band: News Rep.: Chem. Cl. Span. Cl, Math Cl.: Baskb'l. SCHWEITZER, ALICE-lll31 Champlain: General: News Staff: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Phor.: Mix, Chor.: Trav. Cl.: SC. Libr.: G.A.A.: Mir. Bk. Cl, '17 ive we-. -on 3 ...of ai fr-1 First Row-Left to Right SEEMAN, ROBERT-303 W. lO7th St.: General: Mar, Off.: Scrap Dr.: N.C.O. Cl.: R.O.T.C. Var. SELLS, BETTY-215 W. ll2 St.: General: Host. Cl.: Oil St, Libr.: G.A.A. SEMENZIN, ROSE-221 E. 116th St.: Commercial: Phor Sec.: G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A. Rep.: Courier Red Cr. Rep.: Ir. Cit. Cl.: Pan Amer'n Cl, SERRA, ANDY-10833 Normal Ave.: Technical: Rm. Pres.: Treas.: lam Cl.: Mar. Off.: Mar.: B.A.A.: Scrap Dr.: Tal l B.A.A. Bar. SEYMOUR. FLORAill403 Prairie Ave.: General: Nat. Soc.: Ed. News Staff: Qu, 5- Scr.: Phor.: Gamma Tri- Choir: Rm. Pres.: Math. Cl.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Mar. Sec. Rm Rep. Rm Rev. Hon. Hi-Y Rep. 7 G.A.A. Bars. SHARP, THOMAS-10144 State St.: General: Phor.: Mar. Off.: Mar.: R.O.T.C.: St'p. Cl.: Ush. Cl.: R.O,T.C. Var. SHELDON, ROBERT-H3634 Eggleston: General: Phor.: News Staff: F'tb'l: Craig Hi-Y: St'g Crew: B.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: 3 Sch. Let.: Bowl Cl.: Orch.: News Rep.: Mar. Off. Second Row-Left to Right SHIMKUS, IOHN-10225 Perry Ave.: General: Mar.: Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: Scracp Dr.: B.A.A.: B.A.A.: Rep.: F'th'l: Bowl Cl.: Ush. Cl.: R.O.T. .: N.C.O. Span. Cl.: R.O.T.C. Var. SHOWALTER, DOROTHY--10333 Rhodes Ave.: General: Phor.: Rm. Sec.: Courier Rep.: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Mix. C or.: Delta Tri-Hi-Y: Pan Amer'n Cl.: Rin Comm. SIDDALL, MARGUERITE-1119 W. 103rd Pl.: General: Rm. Pres.: War B. Rep.: The Moonstone: Dra. Cl.: Phor.: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Sad. Cl.: G.A.A.: Mix Chor.: Pan Amer'n Cl. SIEMSEN, ROY-10036 Lowe Ave.: General: F'tb'l: 2 Sch. Let.: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O, Cl.: Mar. O:.: Mar.: Scrap Dr.: Avia. Cl.: B.A.A. Band 61 Orch, Var.: Ott. Cl. SIMONS, KENNETH-11338 Normal Ave.: Technical: R.O,T.C.: N.C.O.: B.A.A.: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Con't Band: R.O.T.C. Band: Scrap Dr.: Ush. Cl. Reel Men: Mar. SINARD, HENRY-11409 Forest Ave.: Technical: Phor.: B.A.A.: Bowl Cl.: Reel Men: Mar.: B.A.A. Rep.: Scrap Dr.: R.O.T.C, SINKUS, RUTH-10029 Princeton Ave.: General: Nat. Hon. Soc.: News Staff: Phor.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: 5 Sch. Let.: Alpha TriAHi-Y: Orch.: Dr. Maj. Amat. Show: May Pest.: Tal. Rev. Oil fha l"2COI'6! of yl?6ll"5, iI'lC0 nh FLCLWIB IZIHIDQGPJ7 First Row-Left fo Right SKELLEY, GEORGENE-12050 Wallace St.: General: Off. Mgr., Tp'st. Courier Staff: Phor.: Courier Rep.: Rm. Pres.: Gamma Tri-Hi-Y: G.A.A.: Off. Sec. SKOLD, RONALD VERNON-10908 lndiana Ave.: General: Bus. Ed. Courier Staff: Phor.: Rm. Pres.: War B. Rep.: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: l Sch. Let.: Orch.: Band G Orch. Var.: Bowl. Cl.: Regent Hi-Y: Pan Amer'ri Cl.: Math. Cl.: Oli. Cl.: N.C.O. SKYLES, BETTIE-241 l42nd Pl., Dalton, lll.: General: War B. Rep.: G.A.A. SLAVIERO, WILMA C.vll546 Princeton Ave.: General: Grad. Mon.: Phor.: Delta Tri-Hi-Y: Rrn. Treas.: Ch'r. Cl.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 4 G.A.A.: St. Libr.: Red Cr. Rep, SMITH, DOROTHY LOUISE-H239 St. Lawrence Ave.: Commer- cial: Rm. Treas.: Rm. Sec.: Courier Rep.: Off. Sec.: St. Libr.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: Orch.: Ir. Cit. Cl.: Mar. SMITH, EUGENE-12436 Princeton Ave.: Technical: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: Scrap Dr.: Mar. Oli.: Avia. Cl.: Ush. Cl.: R.O.T.C. SMITH, LEDYARD-12254 S. Princeton: General: News Stall: Rm. Pres.: Ring. Comm.: St'g Crew: Oli. Cl.: Trojan Hi-Y: Band QS Orch.. Var.: R.O.T.C.: Band: Con't Band: Mar. Off. Mar. Second Row-Left to Right SMITH, WILLIAM R.-9911 S. Green St.: Technical: Nat. Hon, Soc.: Phor.: Oil, Cl.: N.C.O.: Rit, Team: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Con't Band: K-Dets Hi-Y: Ush. Cl.: Reel Men. SOLBERG, EVELYN-7541 Peoria Ave.: General: Delta Tri-Hi-Y: Fen. Forum: Phor.: Bowl. Cl.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Rm. Treas.: Rm. Sec.: News Rep, SOPPET, IEAN F.-8828 S, lndiana Ave.: Technical: Phor.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A. SPANGLER, NORMA-11759 Wallace St.: General: Phor. Rm. Sec.: G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A. Rep. SPECIUS, AI.BERTf7l6 E. 97th Pl.: Technical: Mar.: Scrap Dr.: Red Cr. Rep.: B.A.A. SPENGEL, TED-825 W. lZ2nd St.: General: Mar. Ott.: Mar.: News Rep.: Scrap Dr.: Sch. Let.: F'tb'l.: R.O.T.C. Band: KfDets Hi-Yy: Rit. Team: Off. Cl.: N.C.O. SPIVAK. FLORENCE-9150 Avalon Ave.: Commercial: Mar.: Rm. Pres.: War B. Rep.: G.A.A. Ch'r. Cl.: D1-'l T'm. an gn.. First Row-Left to Right SPORTIELLO, MARYfll74l La Fayette: General: Rm. Pres: Courier Rep.: G.A.A.: Con't Band. STACEK, WILLIAM-1023 W. 104th Si.: Technical: K-Dets Hi-Y, Off. Cl.: Ush, Cl.: N.C.O.: Phor,: Reel Men.: Avia. Cl.: 2 Sch. Lei. STEINHAUER, WILMA-331 E. 136th Pl.: General: Courier Rep.: G.A.A. STERNA, SOPHIA-12121 S. Parnell Ave.: General: Mar.: G.A,A. STEVENSON. KENflll55 Egglesion Ave.: Technical: Phor.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A. STEWART, BRADLEY A.-28 E. lllth Pl.: General: Phor,: Mar. Oli. Rm, Pres: B,A.A. 8 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Let.: F'tb'1.: Swim, T'm. Ring Comm,: R.O.T,C, Var.: Trojan Hi-Y: Off. Cl, STIEGLER, CLEMENSelU22B Perry Ave.: General: Mar, Off. Mar.: Rm. Sec.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A, Glee Cl.: Reel Men. fX if .1 'Wm fi! Second Row-Left to Right STOHL, EDNA-10028 Yale Ave.: General: Phor: News Stall: Choir: May Fest: Courier Rep: 'l'xav, Cl,: GA,A: GAA, Hep.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Sch. Lei. STREIT. DOROTHY, 10525 La Salle Si: General: Phor,: GA.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Oil. Sec. STUCHEL, THOMAS, 10665 Champlain Ave.: General: Mar.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A,: Avia. Cl. STROINY, VIRGINIA-12041 Indiana Ave: Commercial: Phor.: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: News Rep: Ir. Cit. C1. St. Libr. SURANOVIC, RICHARD-501 W. 123rd St.: General: Mar, Off.: Rm.B Trias.: War B. Rep.: Scrap Dr.: B,A,A.: R,O,T.C: Sr. an. SURMA, MARY-11923 Indiana Ave.: General: Mar.: G.A A. SUSAMI, EVA-11629 Harvard Ave.: General: Bus, Ed.: Courier Staff: Gamma Tri-Hi-Y: Dra. Cl.: The Moonstone: GAA: Si. Libr.: Rm. Sec,: Courier Rep.: Mix. Chor.: Phor. Rep. ranf, ana! ofogan, an our feam, fgnoia, inoid First Row--Left to Right SVECKO. CECILIA-10410 Indiana Ave.: General: St. Libr.: G,A.A. 4 G.A.A. Bars: Dra. Cl.: Mar.: Red Cr. Rep. SWANSON, GAII.-11935 Eggleston: General: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Mar.: War B. Rep.: B,A.A.: Craig Hi-Y: Reel Men: Scrap Dr.: Avia. C1. SWANSTROM. ELEANORA-11400 Lowe Ave.: General: Mar.: Red Cr. Rep.: G,A.A,: 2 G.A,A. Bars: Glee Cl.: Trav. Cl. SWEENEY, TED-415 E. 91st St.: General: Phor.: Orch: Si'p Cl.: Maih. Cl,: News Rep: Band 6- Orch. Var. SZEKELY, STEVE-635 E, 92nd St.: Technical: Reel Men: Scrap Dr.: St'p Cl.: Avia. Cl. Sch. Let. TANIS, CARL-142 VJ. 112th Pi.: General: Mar: Rm. Pres.: Courier Rep.: Scrap Dr.: B,A.A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Bowl. Cl. TEN HOVEN. WINIFRED-346 W. 108th Pl.: Commercial: Off. Sec.: G.A,A: 5 GA.A. Ears: Phor, Second Row-Left to Right TERRETT, CHARLESAIUSS W. 104th Pl.: General: Con't Band: Orch,: lam Cl.: R,O.T.C. Band: Band G Orch. Var.: Tal. Rev,: Arnat. Show: St'p Cl.: Mar.: Sch. Let. THIES, NOHMA-11664 Wallace St.: General: News Staff: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Phor.: "The Moonstone": G.A.A.: D'b't'. C1.: Cl. Fen. Forum. THOMAS, DONALD-25 E. 118th St.: General: Mar.: Scrap Dr.: Dt. Libr.: B.A.A,: 1 B.A.A. Bar: Bowl. Cl.: Pan Amer'n Cl. TOBAKOS, FRANK-11650 Lowe Ave.: Technical: Sch. Let.: Phor.: F'tb'l.: B.A.A.: Adv, C1.: Stags Hi-Y: St'p. C1.: Bowl. Cl, THENTACOSTI, KATHLEEN-117 W. lllth St.: General: Phor.: Mar. Oil,: Off.: Mar.: Courier Re .: News Rep.: Off. Sec.: G,A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: Delta Tri-Hi-'R Host Cl. TRENTON, GLADYS-35 E. 116th St.: Commercial: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: G.A,A: G.A,A. Rep: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Mar. VANDERHEI, IAMES-10135 Siaie Si.: Technical: Tum'g,: Bowl. Cl.: Mar.: Rm. Pres.: Ch'r C1.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A. fel Fa-ov' R! sr. Nd' 'ifrvnv' A 'Nui rlngst ..- First Row-Left to Right VANDERWARF, SHIRLEY-40 E. 104th P14 Generali News Statig Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Rm. Pres.g Courier Repq News Repq G.A.A.p 3 G.A.A. Barsg Chr Cl.: D'b't'. Cl.g Dra, C1.g Phor. VAEILDEH WOUDE. SHIRLEY4246 W. 105th P14 Generalg G.A.Ag . ec. VANSELOW, ALBERTAll83O Princeton Aveg Generalg B.A.A. VAN SWOL. GENEVIEVE-456 W. 103rd Pl.g General Off. Sec.g S.A.A, Repg News Rep.g Trav. Cl.g G.A.A.p 5 G,A.A. Barsg ar. VAUGHN. MARIORIE-9947 Calumet Ave.p Generalg Off. Secy Courier Rep.g News Rep.7 Mix. Chor.g G.A.A.g Ch'r. Cl. Dr'1. T'm. Delta Tri-Hi-Yg 6 G.A.A. Bars. VEIDNIER. RIO RITA-13 E. 115 St.g Generalg G.A.A,g 3 G.A.A. ars. VIDAL, LAURA-10356 Indiana Avep Generalg Nat. Hon. Soc.p Phor.p War B. Re .7 G.A.A.g 3 G.A.A. Barsg 2 Sch. Let,g D'b't'. 'Cl-gHD?l. T'm.g fin. Forumg Let. Girls C14 Math, Cl.g Alpha .rr- 1- . Second Row-Left to Right VIDALE, THERESE, 335 E. 116th St.g Commercialg Off. Sec.g G.A.A.g Dr'l T'm.p Host. Cl.g Mar. VINCENT TERASE-11357 Prairie Ave.g Generalg Mar.p News Rep.p Ott. Sec.g G.A.A.y Mix. Cliorq Dr'1. T'm.g Gamma Tri- Hi-Yp Trav. Cl. VINK, MYRTLE-12721 Wallace St.g Generalg Phoinp Marg Rm. Pres,g Rm. Sec.g G.A.A.7 G.A.A. Rep.y Mix. Chong Dra. C1.g Trav. Cl. VIRANT, AMELIA-739 E. 90th Pig Commercialp Phor.g Off. Sec.g Rm. Treasq Epsilon Trifl'li-Yg Dr'1. T'm.g Ch'r. Cl.g G.A.A.g G.A.A. Rep.g 2 G.A.A. Barsg News Rep. VIS, DOROTHY-10444 Michigan Ave.g Commercialg G.A.A.g G.A.A. Rep.5 4 G.A.A. Barsg Dr'1. T'm. VITALE. ANTHONY-11245 Union AVe.g General: Regents HLY5 Rif, T'm.g Oit. Cl.g N.C.O.7 B.A.A.g B.A,A. Repq War B. Rep.g Scrap Dr, VOLOK, CECELIA-11802 S. State St.g Generaly News Staffp Mar, Oti.y Rm. Pres.g Courier Rep.p News Rep.g St. Libr.g G.A.A, 13 G.A.A. Barsg Dra. C1.5 Delta Tri-Hi-Yg St'p. Cl.g Trav. C . l"6l,l'lf, GHC! o!,0g6ll'l,7 all our fearfi, fgnoid, fgnoid First Row-Left to Right VORRATH, ELMER-339 E. 136th 191.5 Technicalg Rm. Pres.g Courier Regmp News Repg R.O.T.C. Bandy Trojan Hi-Yg Rif. T'm.: N.C. .5 Avia. C14 B.A.A.g 1 B.A.A. Barg Con't Band. WAGENAAR, IACK-310 W. 105th P1.p Generalg Phorq Rm. Treas.g Off. C14 N.C.O.g War B. Rep.p Scrap Dr. WAGNER. EDWARD-10043 S. Perry Ave,g Generalg Mix. Chong Marg Scrap Dr.g B.A.A. WAICIUS, IRENE-12045 Eggleston Ave.g Generalg News Rep.g War B. Rep.g G.A.A.p Mis. Chor. ARLINE-441 W, 102nd St.p Commercialg G.A.A.g 2 G.A.A, ars. WALLER, HAHRY-10036 Wallace St.g Trojan Hi-Yg B.A.A.g Mar. WALTER, FLORENCE-35 E. 1Olst Pl.7 Generalg Phor.g News Staifg G.A,A.p Orch.g Pan Amer'n Cl.p Span Cl. Second Row-Left to Right WARNER, LOIS-645 E. 100th St.g Generalp Phor.g Pan Amer'n C1.p Rm. Sec.5 News Ftep.g Courier Repq G.A.A.g G.A.A. Repq 2 GAA. Barsg Dr'l T'm.g Mar.g Span. Cl. WEBER. EVELYN-12207 Lowe Ave.g General: Sr, Orch.5 Let. WEHLING, SHIRLEYill534 Yale Ave.7 Generalg Rm. Sec,g Courier Rep.g Rm. Treas.p G.A.A. WESTERHOFF. DON-25 E. 110th Pl.g Generalg Pho'ro.g Courier Stattg Mar.g Scrap Dr.g B.A.A.g B,A.A. Repq Wres. Cl.g Con't Bandg R.O.T.C, Bandg Reel Meng Curt, Hr. Cl.g Ach. Cl.y Rit. Teamg News Rep. WHITE, CLARENE-12009 S. Wallace Sty Generalg G.A.A. WIERINGA. BETTY-10550 Perry Ave.p Commercialg Off, Sec.g G.A.A.g 5 G.A.A. Barsg Dr'1. T'm. WIERSEMA, GLORIA IEAN-llO4U Normal Ave.: Generalg News Stali Ed.g DAR. Awardg Nat. Hon. Soc,g Qu. :S Scr,p Phor.y G.A.A, Pres.p Let. Girls Cl.g Grad. Mori.p May Fest.g Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Dra. Cl.g '7 G.A.A, Bars. 'U ,wan- 19' 'Ov First Row-Left to Right WILHITE, IEANNE, 10314 Vernon Ave.: General: News Rep. Off. Sec.: St. Libr.: G.A.A,: G.A.A. Rep.: 8 G,A.A. Bars Teach. Sec. WINTER, HAROLD-11221 S, Washtenaw: General: Con't Band Orch.: Band G Orch. Var.: News Rep. WINTERHOFF. RICHARD-518 W. lO7th St.: General: Lit. Ed. Courier Staff: Courier Rep.: Rm. Pres.: K-Dets Hi-Y: Math Cl.: Tum'g: N. C. O.: B.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: Var.: Mar. Ott.: Mar WISNIEWSKI, GERALDINE-12349 S. Wallace St.: Commercial Rm. Sec.: G.A.A. WOICIECHOWSKI, CATHERINE-12243 Lowe Ave.: Commercial Mar.: Off. Sec.: St. Libr.: G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Dr'l. 'l"m WRIGHT, PAUL-12401 Yale Ave.: General: Mar. Off. Mar. Avia. Cl.: Ush, Cl.: Reel Men. Regent Hi-Y: Glee Cl.: Amat. Show: Tal. Rev.: Band G Orch Xar.: gllgylx Fest.: R.O.T.C. Band: Con't Band: N.C.O,: Tr'k m.: . . . ZAWAD, BARBARA-11040 Indiana Ave.: General: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars. Avia. Cl. I ZIEMBA, BRUNO S.-11935 Emerald Ave.: Technical: Mar.: Rm. V. Pres.: War B. Rep.: Scrap Dr.: Red Cr. Rep.: E.A.A.: Reel Men. ZILINSKIS, RUTH-7839 S. Austin: Commercial: Off. Sec.: G,A.A. ZUBE, THERESA-12022 S. Halsted St.: General: Phor.: Rm Treas.: War B Rep.: G.A.A.: l G.A.A. Bar: Orch.: Trav. Cla Pan Amer'r1 Cl.: Mar. f 1 WRIGHT, RUSSELL K.-lU5 W. lllth Pl.: General: Off. Cl.: ZICK, ROBERT-1219 W. 104th St.: Technical: Mar. Off.: Mar.: Scrap Dr.: B.A.A.: B,A.A. Rep.: 4 Sch. Let.: Baseb'l.: Baskb'l- Second Row-Left to Right WYMA, RICHARD-10210 Lowe Ave.: General: Courier Rep. Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.: Mar. Oli.: Scrap Dr.: News Rep. YJESIC, YVONNE-10131 Lowe Ave.: General: G.A.A.: Glee Cl. ar. YEOMAN, DONALD-10242 S. Green St.: General: Fin. Ed Courier Staff: Mix. Chor.: Tr'k T'm.: R.O.T.C.: Scrap Dr. Orch.: Math. Cl.: B.A.A. Mar. YOUNG, BILLi9907 Parnell Ave.: Technical: F'tb'l.: Sch. Let. Scrap Dr.: Mar.: Avia, Cl.: Reel Men. YOUNGS, RONALD-10728 So. Wabash Ave.: General: Bowl Cl.: B.A.A.: Mar, Off.: Scrap Dr.: Reel Men Cl.: R.O.T,C. Mar. Span. Cl.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Tres. ZAGOTTA, IOE-12212 Yale Ave.: Technical: Adv. Cl.: Phor. Rm. Pres.: War B. Re.: Math. Cl.: B.A.A. Rep.: B.A,A. Mar.: Wres. Cl.: Avia. gl. ZAIAC, GEORGETTE-27 E. 113th St.: Commercial Oli. Sec.: G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars. OUR JOURNEY We're starting on our greatest journey With hearts and hopes aloft so high. We'll take each opportunity, We'll not work just merely to "get by." There's a goal for each who's traveling The winding road of life. A goal for better living In the world now torn with strife. So forth We go, most straight and tall With shining heads towards the sky. We know we'll prove unto them all, The fineness of our Fenger High. ELAINE HOCKINSON, 4A -A' 1 1 UNDER 4111. FOR HEAT 574. 4 B' CLASS OFFICERS WILLARD NYDAM .... ' .. . ,,,,, ,,,.,,, . . .,,.,,,,.,..,. President ROBERT ANDERSON ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, V ice President VIOLA VAITULONIS ,.,...,. ,,,,,,,,,,, S ecretqry GERALDINE NICHOLS .,.. ,...,,, T reasurer Dear 4Bs: We, the graduating class of lune 1945, wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere wishes for your continued success. You have done a fine job thus far, cmd we know you will keep up the good work in your last semester. The majority of your class members are outstanding in every way. Your offi- cers are doing a splendid job of organ- izing the 4B class. Willard Nydam, the president, is also vice president of the Student Council. During the last season of football he played center in the second string team. Robert Anderson, the vice president, is sports editor of the Fenger News. Viola Vaitulonis, the secretary, has served as a class officer for several semesters. Geraldine Nichols, the treas- urer, is an all-round good student. All of Cafclzing ffm gdam of flue gum DIVISION I48-7 Division Teacher: MISS RANDALL Courier Rep: Josephine Kucinskis 'I' o p H o w: Markado, Napoli. Marx, Strickland. Klyn, Boven- kerk, Fagette, Molina, Adduci. Peters. 2nd Row: Kucinskis. Ohlsson, Popovich, S t a h 1 a k, O'Leary, Larsen, Lundqren, Pape. Smith. Bottom Row: DeVries, Arentz, Sharp, von Meeteren, Zeiqler, Bury, Nydam, Anderson. 'A' DIVISION 313-7 Division Teacher: MRS. MAIER Courier Rep: ROBERT SMITH Top How: Iohnson, Skogerberq, Roeda, Ingebretsen, Hulsey, Zan- der, Steinsultz, Walters. Smith. 2nd How: Bross, Sloan. Gustaf- son, Schreck, Wilson, Veenstrcz, Iohnson, Sparrey. Bottom Row: Moline, Ervanian, Russell, Ber- inqer, Olsen, Wilson, Van Etten, Skalka. us remember the exciting football games, and Peggy O'Leary and Vera Iohnson stand out as possessing plenty of vim, vigor and vitality. Peggy not only is a peppy cheerleader, but she also became a member of the National Honor Society and served as a class officer. Vera was president of the C1.A.A. and also became a class officer. Speaking of football, everyone remem- bers Art Frangella, co-captain of the team and center in the first string. He has done a splendid job, and he will do a fine job in the service of his country. Another member who served on the team as half back was Robert Carlson. In the field of music, Andrew Arentz's name stands out. He has been a member of the choir for several semesters and has sung as soloist for choral concerts as well as for outside activities. He not only excels in music but is an efficient mem- ber of the News staff. As an entertainer you have Betty Gustafson. We all know her for her danc- ing, and dramatic ability. She has performed in our Fenger Talent shows and participated in a skit for the G.A.A. Christmas party. Also in the drama department you have Ned Russell who portrayed the part of the suspicious butler in the Drama Club's presentation of the Moonstone. He is a very active member of the club, having served ii 59 .""'Y K THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES as its vice president and program chair- man. Outstanding in the R.O.T.C. are Alex Ervanian and Henry von Meeteren. Alex is captain of Company B and is a candidate for Lt. Colonel next semester. Henry is serving as lst Lieutenant. Also KContinued on next page? DIVISION 323-7 Division Teacher MISS O'SULLIVAN Courier Hep.: IUDY HEATH Top How: Brazzale, Vaitulonis, Heath, Fleischhauer, Rust, Brow, Kasper, Gordon, Keller, Garret. 2nd Row: Hoqlund, Galberth, Fra- ley, Covert, Reed, Houstrup, Hark- ness, Roy. Bottom How: Kluche- nek, Host, Buchman, Schultz, Gas- pari, Hodgetts, Iaza, Young. 'A' DIVISION 315-7 Division Teacher MRS. OIALA Courier Rep.: SOPHIE MARKUNAS Top Row: Hintz, Lupien. Lode- wegen, Todhunter, Toczylowski. Pech, Markunas, Bostram. Kauk, Vander Kooi, Nickalaou. 2nd Row: Skogreen, Nichols, Elias, Patter- son, Miller, Maxey, Roksandick, Matthieson, Barweqcm. B o t to m Row: Petrasek, Booth, Popovich, Nelson, Wessman, Walker, Iohn- , W Y, , son, Brown. DIVISION 328-7 Division Teacher: MR. BRILL Courier Rep.: CLARENCE STEGENGA Top Row: Pappas, Lockrey, Gib- bons. Murphree, Biga, Schooley, Peterson, Adams, Mackey, Koe nig. 2nd Row: La Piano, Rapt- zian, D'Adam, Maqlio, Tomek. Crumley. Seraiine, Dewey, Sid- ener, Braun. Bottom Row: Mur phy, De Hamer, Levin, Steqenga. Wesse, Frere, Belder, Mencinsky, 'lr DIVISION ssc-1 Division Teacher: MR. MUSICK Courier Rep.: GLORIA CHRISTENSEN Top How: De Roos, Bukowski Lamprecht, Christensen, Haiicekl Dunham, Johnson, Plantinga, Nor by, Brogan. 2nd Row: Curaltolo Calhoun, Binter. Biallas, Quistl Hoskinson, Akai, Ciochette, Favre. Bottom How: Olivi, Anderson, Hutton, Miller, Hajicek, Douqlas Matson, Bult. Q6 gs- ,V ea-Q Afmoif af fig f70,0. 5, THE SCULPTOR prominent in the R.O.T.C. is Tom Mathe- son, Who is officer in charge of the Color Guard. Some of the 4Bs are fortunate enough to be on the Courier Staff. These are Ostap Mencinsky, photographer, Alex Ervanian and Henry von Meeteren, branch editors. We could go on to mention other stu- dents who are active in our school pro- gram, but We feel that by this time you have some idea of What We think of your bright class. And so as We come to the end of our short tribute to this small but outstanding class of February 1946, there is not much more that We can say except that we hope that you will enjoy your last semester as much as we have ours. Sincerely yours, The 41-ls of Iune '45 SA. 3 A9 HQ l" fo 0 . . . HERE WE ARE ' There I was, minding n1y own business, when I became involved in a heated argu- ment on lunchroom conduct. The 3A's were discussing the most nonsensical thing a person could do in the lunchroom to attract attention. It's an engrossing sub- l ject, believe me. Carol Pederson thinks handsprings would certainly catch the eye. Florence LaRoche is all for push-ups and leanette Dalton stands up tor cartwheels. Swinging from the light fixtures is Betty Vercolio's idea. Elmer Dahl things the most idiotic thing would be to look under the tables for nickels, but Fred Crawley insists upon looking under the tables for dimes. Dan Schwetz argued that throwing trays against the wall would put a person in the spotlight. Marge Rudosevich said standing up and pointing to something on the ceiling would attract every- one's attention. It Stewart Douglas Wanted to be the D611 3A CLASS OFFICERS DAVE ROBERTS ..,. , , .. .. President CARL PETERSON .. ..Treasurer IESSIE VANDERMEER . Secretary ROBERT FLOWERS.. . .. .Vice President zati. ir Ghiotto, Schuster. DIVISION 331-6 Division Teacher: MRS. FRISTOE Courier Hep.: ALMA CHIAPPORI Tophlitow: Pires, Leech, Golomb, Godmg, McAdams, Puch, Lehman, Jackson, Blahetka, Hackenson, Hurdle, Tobias. 2nd Row: Ran- dazzo, Preikshot, Corrado, Mullen, Gritz, Kopiec, Groboski, Hogberg, Chiappori. Bottom Row: Reming- t G'1 R dtk K t on, res. a e, au man. Pe- tersen, Clawson, Du Jardin, Pez- DIVISION 401-6 Division Teacher: MISS DEANE Courier Rep.: CHARLENE THOMAS Top Row: Niven, Johnson, Slusar- czyk, Lessig, Eskra, Nord, Ullrich. Bellos, Dion. 2nd Row: Fatlcx, Krawczyk, Nesci, Bowers, D t V' h H d . ouq- Bottom as, isc e, crqa us Row: Thomas, Blomquist, Hund- ley, Dralle, Smith, Rademacher, DIVISION 248-6 1 Division Teacher: MRS. FORQUERAN Courier Rep.: B. EVANS Top Row: Kalis, Anderson, Fauser, De Lazaro, V. Carlson, Mohr, I. Giech. D. Giesch, Otten, Boer- sma, Erickson, Niqosian. 2nd How: Apolon, Anderson, Girotto, Evans, Powell, Potaczek, Dexter, Ferris, Fogli, Sachs, Kelliher, Mek- lis. Bottom Row: Erickson, Ergo, Filippo, Rickert, Polley, Gagha- qen, Evans. 'k DIVISION 221-6 Division Teacher: MR. GARLICK Courier Rep.: Top Row: Brzstowski, Grand Pre, Cassano, Kapusta, Eperjesi, Grov- er, Anderson, Iames, Radosevich, Peulon, Van Dyke. 2nd Row: Ruhl, Neidll. Gibson, Wav. Zelin- ka, Epkraim, Sandstrom, Latheco, Phelps. Bottom How: Price, Sal- chert, Kinqma, Peterson, Marcotte, lacobs, Watts, Zemeckis. 'A' DIVISION 204-6 Division Teacher: MISS MCCREADY Courier Rep.: I. WEIDENAAR Top How: Werkman, Winter, Web- er, Vercolio, Rooney, Wiezycki, Younqs. Winchell, Forte, Bona- guro. 2nd How: De Antoni, Wil- ler, Ziebell, Dean, Baker, Wolfen- den, Potaczek, Weidenaar, Kos- salr, Schoustra. Bottom Row: Wit- to 1 sto Zwart Von torp, Capu , G'u . , Kuiken, Hard, Dyke, Burke. center of attraction he'd hit someone in the face with a pie. Les Kilcoyne has tried everything but nothing works. "They'd better not do any of these things," thought I to myself as I moved to another group. George Rademaker stood there chuckling to himself, so I asked him what was so funny. He replied that he was thinking of the time he rode a pig bareback on the farm. Our minds turned to the most enjoyable incident during visits to the farms. Pigs had caught the fancy of several, including Norman Olson, Lonnell Bowers, Leroy Blomquist, Gladys Ekstrom. Eleanor Pregl, Ray Kescioh, Ann Nelson, Bar- bara Braschler, Elaine Martin, and Hal Mad- sen. Hariette Hilmes recalls taking the horse and buggy to a highway restaurant. Chasing an baby ducks was Eleanor Eisner's fondest recol- lection, while Genevieve Schwartz enjoyed swimming in the creek. Cute farmer boys and snakes impressed Iewel Price. Opal Richards liked her grandmother's bread, while Ray Messrnaker said there's nothing like his Aunt Kate's food. George Taches remembered count- ing all his blisters. The farmer boys are a memory of Germaine Leasig, Mary Nesci. Mary Mere, Lois Nord, Patsy Pervions, and Ioanne Berggren. On the other hand, Curt Schleuter, Ioe Wisniewski, Iim Ryan, Eugene Grass, Tony Calabrese, Arne Carlson, and Rob- ert Arentz thought the farm girls were O. K. Lorraine Coles, Helen Billick, and Joanne Pohlo recalled milking the cows. Iack Swayze and Carl Peterson found the peace and quiet very 44 12 'fx 9 'k'k3A i"A"k'k'k'A"k'A'i"k'k . . A Place of Light, of Liberty, and of Learning. VS ez. -Q' G 11 as pleasing. Joanne and Dianne Giesch can't forget sleping in the hayloft. Ray Beluscheck and Don Baer like the hayloft best. Mathilda Kosznt and Clara LaRussa enjoyed looking at cows. Wilma I-Iedland was only five when on nw -Sh akespeare mvlsloN 330-6 Division Teacher: MR. HUNTER Courier Rep.: CAROL KALSBEEK Top Row: Carlascio, Napier, Stan nard, Mathews, Bunyan, Moser Pohlo, Koedyker, Overmyer, Min ion. Znd Row: Milhouse, Olson Biro, Lindsay, Davis, Shipka ncbb, Kalsbeek, Desjardins, ' hi pas, Padgett. Bottom Row: Nor telyn, Horan, Trandel, Wagner 'k DIVISION 410-6 Division Teacher: MISS SMART Courier Rep.: N. ZIMMEHMAN Top Row: Baer, Booth, Bergman, man, La Fontain, Bockelmann. 3rd Row: Gregga, Biewenga, Ander- sik, Klein, Iasulaitis, Callegari, Kook, Ronda, Russ. Bottom How: Nichols, Kohs, Perratto, Iones, Fisher, Asa, Beluscheck, Boedeker. 'A' DIVISION 105-6 Division Teacher: MISS STEVENS Courier Rep.: M. BELO Top Row: Slesur, Kulcsar, Robin- son, Spagnolo, Slaviero, Iane Iurek, Iean Iurek, Burdiak, Nord, Goodwin, Finn. 2nd Row: Belo, Halter. Steinhauk, Samulionis, Gawell, Sieiert, Swanson, Chee linsky, Boroian, Hedlund, Somers, Bottom Row: Schreiber, Hultman, Den Besten, Shackter, Delgado. Grady, Squres, French. a farm so she enjoyed the kittens most. Iust then I remembered I was in the "dog- house" at home because I had not taken the I asked dog out when my Mom told me to. some of the 3A's what their favorite excuse was lContinued on next page? sc din, Lange, Boersma, Schick, Kas: Winter, Billick, Bakker, Zimmer- son, Arko, Reifschneider, Rosen- bauer, Schilling. 2nd Row: Bana- DIVISION 220-6 Division Teacher: MR. MUMFORD Courier Rep.: A. NELSON Top Row: Landis, Zelvis, Young, Sarcrpos, Kreisher. Lulkowski, Swatek, Morr vm. Zoochie, Le Maire, Magnu- "en, Olsen, 2nd Row: Weiss, Inckson, Smith, Glenn, Pal- trey, Mcllwraith, Strahccky. Suba, Vaccaro, Burgcm, Nel- son. Bottom How: Kudukis, Kienaldo, Dahl, Crowley, Meskauskas, Minkema, Ne- mitz, Flowers. ir DIVISION 249-6 Division Teacher: MISS I. CONNOR Courier Rep.: I. LEIBY Top How: DeWinter, Arnold, Carlson, Rimmer, Penn, Lew- in, Allen, Grass, Iapenga, Boinowski, Hibma, Swion- tek, Iohansson. 2nd Row: Todd, Horvath, Marten, Berg- gren, Calabrese, Leiby, Ku- chek, LczMar, Hilmes, Kopi. Braschler. Bottom Row: Fre- qean, Fieldheim, VanLeuven. Soerens, Wisniewski, God- shall, Peterson, Kruizenga. --Y- ior not doing what their mothers wanted them to do. Borian Antranig's excuse is "This isn't my week, Ma." I don't know how Sylvia Burdiak gets away with this one, "I can't Walk." Ss!! 'ML Come BUDDING EINSTEINS Both Hay Polley and Florence Kelliher say they don't feel well. "I have a date," is the excuse of Vilma Vische and Bonnie Powell. Florence Stepanian, Patsy Finegan. Margaret Tanis, xv- w.?.p.. D641 ffJa6t0 3A,44444tf Vernette Carlson, and Florence Fauser always are doing homework. Ross Ettema's answer is "Let Junior do it." "I haven't time" is the favorite alibi of Eleanor Gawell. Carol Boer- sema murmurs, "lust a second," and then for- gets about it. Marie Belo is always too tired. "My system is to play on her sympathy," says lack Papenga. Someone came walking down the hall, and some of us made guesses as to who he was. Most of us guessed right, too. When I ques- tioned my friends as to how they recognized people from a distance I received varied an- swers. Irene Bender recognized them by their waddle: Marian Callegare, lane Bakker, Beryl Reifschneider, Ieanette Schrader, and Donna Anderson recognized them by their walk. Wilma Biewengo usually is able to tell people by their legs. Burt Schrieber knows the girls by their legs and the fellows by their walk. Peggy Negosian and Carolyn Swanson recog- nize people by their clothes. N. Mohr is rather short-sighted because he can only tell by the color of their eyes. Marilyn Halverson yells at them, and if they don't answer she knows it's not the person she thinks it is. Marian Mageira says if you like a person enough you can always recognize him. So after a pleasant chat I must return to the 4A classes where nothing ever happens. Many thanks to 3A's who have made it possible for me to ramble on for pages and pages. CAROL NELSON Literary Editor DIVISION 233-6 Division Teacher: MRS. MOONEY Courier Hep.: M. MAQUIERA Top Row: Ross, Hoffman, Fleminq, Tanis, Cromquist, Anderson, Good- lander, Urquhart, Friberq, Rowe, Osborne. 2nd How: Schmiedl, Ma- qiera, M. Halverson, Stomp, Ew- strom, Finegan, Benda, Stepanian, Leeson, Bottom Row: Broekstra, Schlueter, Kilcoyne, Vander Mey, del, Yoreo. 'A' DIVISION 235-6 Division Teacher: MISS EDINGER Courier Rep.: ROSS ETTEMA Top How: Brennan, Ryan, Cald- well, Eisner, Kulcsar. La Sagna, Pertile, Walsen, Davia, Chiaro. 2nd Row: Loqullo, Henshaw, Wolfe, Adams, Wilmette, Casella, Schrader, Seriq, Zakhar, Gbur, Gall. Bottom Row: Davies, Or- chowski, Stevenson, Schwartz, Ettema, Matheson, Arentz, Kleist. ir DIVISION 203-6 Division Teacher: MISS BAILEY Courier Rep.: ANN KANE Top Row: Branchini, Lisowski, Pepensen, Kracik, Young, Kane, Verellas, Schneider, Roberts. 3rd Row: Presta. Wallace, La Roche, Dalton, Kuzwara, Olsen, Slinger- land, Tackets. 2nd Row: Dmo- chowski, Koszut, Cecil Dmochow- ski, Kranenburg, Kubica, Melia, Lahti. Bottom Row: Yankola, Wier- sema, Wisniewski, Postany, Przy- borowski, Mikula, Fresh, Madsen. ,GSK Vander Meer, Lyon, Van Den Han- DIVISION 316-5 Division Teacher: MRS. CRAIG Courier Rep.: JANET NOBLE Top How: Virene, Thomas, Wojcik, Zagar, Noble, Berg. man, Nelson, Bock, Trook Montgomery. 3rd Row: Bon feldt, Bergstrom, Bishop Clark, Bell, Keaveney, Tracy Skelton. 2nd Row: Conqer Anderson, Eriksen, Swanson Bridge. Bottom Row: Tysl sen, Pierce, Post, Sliter Szlaga, Bogers, Spartin, Bye: ir DIVISION 335-5 Division Teacher: MRS. BOOMKER Courier Rep.: IOYCE IOHNSON Top How: Staley, Vezina, Zagar, Vidal, Zaqula, Wes! tra, Iohnson, Robinson, Mil- ler, Tracy. 2nd Row: Horn- ing, Virene, Maginel, Levitt Stotereau, Galberth, Wester- dahl, Zywicki, Pascarella. Bottom Row: Wasselius, Kra- nenburg, Balsam, Walper Kishbaugh, Eustace, B Thomas, Hoekstra. THE 3B's AHHHHH ---- NEW UPPER CLASSMEN 3B CLASS OFFICERS WAYNE COOPER ,,,,,,,, ,, KEITH BLACKSTONE ELINOR GIBBONS .,,,, IOAN PIRCH .v.. ,ws D661 ,.. ,, ,,,..,,President ,a,,Vice President ,,e,,Secretary ,,,.,Treasurer 3 B f CASTLES CAN YOU IMAGINE: Martin Royce, a waiter in Trinidad? Margaret Bonfeldt and Dolores Moline, as private secretaries? Ioan Keaveney, a student in Ireland? Eileen Bell and Anita Clark, gym teachers? Thomas Owen, a plastic chemist? Earl Mont- gomery, a coal miner? Nadine Bridge, a vocalist with an orchestra in Hawaii? Bill Spartin, hunting in Africa? Corinne Nelson a reporter in the Bahamas Islands? Iacqueline Pirch and Katherine Boot, veternarians in Mexico? Dale Johnson, a navy pilot? Lorraine Sutken. a famous hat designer in Paris? Lois Swanson, a lab- cratory technician in Hawaii? La Verne Norwood, a famous criminal lawyer? Eva Maginel and Barbara Hughes, as pharmacists? Doris De Vries, an army nurse in Iapan? Alice Kittle, an old maid? Robert Gardner, leading a band? Iohn Golclschnikl, a navigator on the Great Lakes? David Geary, a petroleum agent in Brazil? Dolores Yardstrom, on her honeymoon in Sweden? Verna Mae Westerclahl, serving as a foreign news correspondent IN THE AIR in France? Loretta Levitt, a famous singer in Poland? Ierry Maatman, a retired bachelor? Ierry Behrens, a famous ski jumper in Switzerland? Hugh Kranenburg, an electrical engineer in Germany? Pat Paulish and Ioan Nomes, as hairdressers in Mexico? Ora-Lee Harbison, a farmer? Richard Rudnicker, a travel- ing salesmen in Iapan? Rudolph Olson, a civil engineer for a railroad? Ronald Spiller, a celebrated stage and screen comedian? Virginia Sprietsma, an artist in China? Louise Lepsis and Violet Vezina, flying their own planes? Mary Ann Carollo, studying Spanish? Frances Rodella, as a celebrated lawyer? Betty Pankey and Louis Zack, just house-wives? Helen Kulig, a composer of music in Russia? Donald Ross, drafting at Pearl Harbor? Ieanette Bradley, a famous movie actress? Loretta Fjcalkowski, designing clothes for Betty Grable? Violet Evans, an auditor? Mavis Griffin, an outstanding equestrian? Keith Blackstone, an archeologist in Alaska? Virginia Samarjian, as a Physician? leanette Schnoor, a secretary? Helen Luebeck, a teacher? DIVISION I30-5 Division Teacher: MR. WAGENMAN Courier Hep.: FRANCES JOHNSON sick, Groper, Reesor. ir DIVISION 311-5 Division Teacher: MRS. HALEY Courier Rep.: VILMA NAMETH Top Row: Mandarino. Kossan, Wilson, McMa- hon, Anderson, Hankosky, Selby, Young, Nameth, Bancsi, Olson, Padgham. 2nd Row: Fioretti, Hryn, Komar, Barish. Nesci. Mezey, Stack, Castiglia, Henderson, Campisi, Ba- ranski. Bottom Row: Rud- nicki, Sukowicz, Korpas, Soroka, Holsinger, Ko- vacs, Horton, Hiestand. ir DIVISION 332-5 Division Teacher: MR. SCHROEDER Courier Rep.: JERRY MAATMAN Top How: DeVries, Lep- sis, Iacobsma, Beck, O1- learis, Hamby, Bradley, Luebeck, Olsar. 3rd Row: Bednarczyk, Poropat. Strazzabosco, Gonska, Hanegan, Fiialkowski, Murphy, Maatman. 2nd Row: Maher, Van Gron- delle, Powis, Drolen, Ev- ans, Lindell, Stoller.Bot- tom How: Baroner, Mas- tej, Piazza, Griffin, Boat, Dicke, Muys, Freel. Norman Graper, doing missionary work in China? Kenny Tryssen, roaming the forests of Northern U. S.? Silvio Merlo, traveling over the United States on a motorcycle? Iohn Bogers, an R. O. T. C. instructor? Dorothy Statereau. an art teacher? Eugene Kilbough, a geologist in Illinois? Stanley Master, a chicken farmer? Nani Powis, a rancher? Sal Brazza, a hermit in the Belgium Congo? Norman Tuftedal, outstanding as a baseball player? Rosalyn Zagar, married to a millionaire? Ieannette Dailey, a mountain climber in Colorado? Catherine Mezey, an office worker for a pineapple corporation? Violet Banesi, a Brazilian rumba dancer? Lena Castiglia, the proprietor of a dress designing shop? Lillian Balanski, a swimming star? Shirley Komar, secretary to the President of the U. S,? Betty Selby, eating rice in China? Marilyn Zaza. a physiotherapist? Paul Balson, exploring the Sphinx? Doris Westra, sight-seeing in Italy? Harold Wittorp, travel- ing in the United States? Thomas Bruce. being a top tennis player? Mildred Bonfeldt, touring the world? Lenore KContinued on next page? nB'7u Top Row: Nyland, Lind- roth, Rosenquist, M. Bon- felt, Sutken, Peretho, Gib- bon, Lowe, Mullen, Ger- ry. 3rd Row: Gardstrorn. Knapp, Lehning, Ducas, Ruffetti, Ladwin, Gold- schnike, Kittl. 2nd Row: Blackstone, Kreitling, H. Iohnson, F. Iohnson, Pen- rod, De Vries, Hughes. Bottom Row: Carlson, Gardener, Zelinski, Mr. Wagenman, Iohnson, Mis- DIVISION 229-5 Division Teacher: MRS. LEWERENZ Courier Rep.: FRANCES RODELLE Top Row: Phillips, Costa bile, Bethig, M. Anderson Rodelle, Westberg, Tim mann, Martello, Anderson Morton. 2nd How: Veglio Bonato, Rademaker, Rig oni, Schneider, Radeus Violante, Felber, Diluige Bottom Row: Cosaro, Di julio, Radick, Waller, Nor gard, Breyfogle. Kunis Briggs. 'A' DIVISION 214-5 Division Teacher: MISS OWENS Courier Rep.: SAM MINASIAN Top How: Laderach, Leich inger, Fogli, Cooper, Iura nas, Patt, Minasian, Kelge Nalon, Carlson. 3rd Row Iohnson, Freeburn, Pirch Nomes, Strandquist Schnoor, Casson, DeHaan Kcmger. 2nd Row: Samar jian Ashley, Pirch, Zeig ler, Slcripek, Brandt, Mo line, Osborne, Comitts. Bot tom How: DeYounq, Pav lish, Lusha, Ooms, Simon sitis, Spiller, Sprietsma Bury. 'Ir DIVISION 211-5 Division Teacher: MISS MCPARTLIN Courier Rep.: HELEN KULIG Top How: Musdalien, San chez, Zelinski, Leon, Bog ner, Sckroll, Matts, Pan key, Herbert, Hoenicke 2nd How: Kulig, Schouten Zack, Morandi, Iauch, Ca rollo, Iohnson, Lehning, Day. Bottom Row: Sund- strom, Nutt, Kosco, Ross Mueller, Hoier, Worokis Hohmann. 9 443Bf+ffffff+fff Lekning, inspecting the docks of Holland? Ruth Knapp, modeling clothes in Paris? Albert Nyland, studying the customs of South America? Joyce Iohnson, an artist in Rio De Ianerio? Carry Young, visiting the tulip beds in Holland? Walter Soroka, visiting the Maginot Line? Rich- ard Bye, a civil engineer in California? Marshall Vierene. a beach comber in the South Sea Islands? Andy Koseo, most brilliant chemist in the world? Frances Iohnson, traveling through Europe for the pur- pose of education? Eleanor Gibbon, traveling to Sweden to see the mid-night sun? Mary Pc-scarello, getting her homework done on time? Arnold Paul. becoming a sailor? Marion Rognar, going to Virginia? Bob Kunis, a diesel engineer? Eugene Phillips, traveling to the Hawaiian Islands? Loretta Felder, an air stewardess? Ralph Radick, retired? Elsie Bonato, as an elevator girl? Sara Violante. a Spanish instructor? Virginia Aigoni, a magazine illus- trator? Wayne Cooper, a great architect? Ellen De Haan. a historian in a museum? Iune De Young, a great pianist? Robert Foga. a country doctor? Donald Iohnson, United States ambassador to South America? Paul Laederach, a student in Alaska? Lucy Hankosky, getting previews of the latest fashions of Paris? Eliane Morandi. going to India? Verna Johnson, student in Spain. Marilyn Bethig. washing the streets in Holland? Betty Westberg, a cadet nurse? Ernest Dilivlio, winning a major letter for the rifle team? Cornelius Kohman, an aeronautical engineer? Harry Morton, the pilot of cr P-38? Henry Zilineyu, a prom- inent business man? Edward Kownicke, skiing in the Italian Alps? Vivian Vidal, doing charity work in China? Dorothy Tracy, visiting Africa? Robert Cristenson, travel- ing to Cuba? Ruby Osbone, a surf board rider? Sam Minasian, a first class violinist? William Staley, a de- signer of rocket planes? Harry Eustace, a dentist? SIDNEY LEVISON. Interview Editor rG8. mann-mv 1 .- A ' WE'RE ZA' l l7l0l'I' 0lUl?I' Clififfll QI! OFFICERS MARTIN DYKSTRA ,, ,Y President BETTY KOCHER cccc . . S ecretary MAE SAGERS ,, I ,,cVice President IACK ARCHER S, , Treasurer DIVISION 133-4 Division Teacher MRS. HOFFMAN Courier Hep.: CELIA SOKOLOWSKI Top Row: La Banco, Thom as, Kuta. Gneier, Sokolow ski, Ganzi, Mrjenovich Swanson, Pittaway, Burda Mackey, Tharp. 2nd Row Faurot, De Lorenzo, Rin chiuso, Chidichimo, Dietz Wisnewski, Papiese, Pio tenhauer, Satriano. Bot- tom How: Kabat, Smith Baffa, Dykton, Kasmarck Weglarz, Pintler, Manlio 'A' DIVISION 317-4 Division Tearcher: MISS KAY Courier Hep.: LOIS SELVEN Top How: Bushee, Brugge- man, Napoli, Calgaro, Tor- menti, Lynch. Benedetti Bobrowicz, Iurczyk, Sel- ven. 2nd Row: Murphree Aiello, Gryczewska, Miller Palhegyi, Sartori, Adam Sawyers, Madrigal. Bot- tom How: D'OnoIrio, O'- Rourke, Pulaski, King, Mar- tiwotti, Bosch, Bukowski, Waqar. DIVISION 2'I7-4 Division Teacher: MH. BRINKMAN Courier Rep.: VIRGINIA CHRISTOF Top Row: Pawlowski, Ad- duci, Sprouse, Dian, Chris- tof, Hurt, Roberts, Watson. Sneade, Hyde. 2nd Row: Moloney, Indicavitch, Coo- per, Schmal, Zachany, Bul- lock, Blackwell, Tanner. Bottom Row: Watson, Lind- skog, Darnay, Kuzwaro, Maxwell, Erickson, Iohn- son, Marchello. ir DIVISION 206-4 Division Teacher: MR. BRYEN Courier Rep.: NOMA WIKLANDER Top How: Kramer, Koch, Lewis, Latsch, Kingsmill, Mentzer, Maxey, Sterchele, Voigts, La Fontaine, Kelly. 2nd Row: Kauk, Miller. Lenzotti, Rowans, Dispen- sa, Whittenburg, M. Raqo, C, Rago, Lusho. Kuchck, Wiklander. Bottom Row: Kressman, Bonikos, Kotik, Matusek, Luebke. Wattjes. Massa, Koesema. 'A' DIVISION 222-4 Division Teacher: MISS ROBERTS Courier Rep.: BOZZO Top Row: Gryczewska. Kwoko, Tongeren, Bell, Steginga, Gwadz, Kull- man, Erickson, Taylor, Preuss, Quilico, Bozzo. 2nd Row: Hanken, Reali, War- dell, Elosh, Herman, Penz- zo. Price, Zachary, Ma- rese, Iohnston, Collins. Bot- tom Row: Kozuch, Hunt. Tapscott, Balaias, Pent. Brunazzo. Wise, lohnson. 0? my Q ra v,.J -I .90- , 1 - ss 'N II fxhs. WE,1'1-IE ZA' ,ML e 1p.KtNG IT :Sf l As I neared the assembly hall, I could hear a group of 2A's discussing what they are going to do when they re- ceive their matured War Bonds. Marjorie Elosh was sayingg, "When I receive my War Bonds, I intend to spend the money tor a nursing course." "I am going to buy a car," Russel Nyblom, Richard Nehring, Alice Dagen, William Pratt, Helen Busker, and Anna Adam exclaimed. "I intend to see the world," commented Ada Gary, Betty Szekely, and Norman Bytton. Over in a group at one side of the assembly, Leonard Adduce, Aldo Zordan, Iohn Baiia, Iean Kingma, Ieanne Smith, Lenore McDermio, Barbara Burds, and Evelyn Kressman re- vealed that they planned to enter college with the surplus money they will receive. Herbert Zimmerman, Iacques ,,70t Weber, Edward Florex, lack Waters, and Rita McGivin shouted, "We are going to make whoopee!" Leona Mulak, Frank Brantley, Max- ine Ross, Sara Smith, Ann Walter, June Ten, and Jessie Volok answered that they intend to buy beautiful clothes. Eventually the topic of conversation was changed to books. "Seventeenth Summer" was a favorite of Shirley Bruggeman, Noreen Zaks, Leota Zachary, Gloria Martin, and Catherine Roseto. Marguerite Klopner, and Beverly Ann lacoby preferred "lane Eyre" because it was different from the usual type of book, Barbara Swingle, Florence Holmgren, Lois lean Ellis, Thelma Csontos, and lacqueline Sbalchiero re- vealed that their favorite book was "The Robe." A smaller group consisting of Fay Murphree, Stanley Pulaski, Ronald Brass, Philip Wagar, Barbara Swingle, and Eva Manzardo Were in "Seventh Heaven" when they indulged in comic books. Charles O'Rourke and Roslyn Cohen's conception of a good book is "Captain Courageous." Soon the discussion attracted the attention of a group gathered around the piano. They began to relate their ideas of in- teresting books. Neil Gray likes "White Fang", Richard Gajownick's favorite is "Lassie, Come Home." lack Browder likes cowboy stories, such as, "Thunder Mountain." George Vander enjoyed "The Mill in the Woods." Lillian Wis- niewski preferred "Rebecca." "The Turmoil" thrilled Virginia Christof: the same thing hap- pened to Phyllis Strawkas when she read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." Any type of mystery intrigues loan Pittaway, Rose Swanson, Ioan Walters, and Ann Kabat. Elaine Miller, the last of the group, thought the Courier to be an excellent book. fContinued on next page! DlvlsloN 129-4 Division Teacher: MISS ROBINSON Courier Rep.: TED CHERONES Top Row: Dagen, Arbuth- not, Stanius, Panazzo, Billstrand, Gerry, Bouma, May, Goodwin, Domikai- tis, Hines, Grizzle. 2nd How: Gilbertsen, Young, Baudauf, Folsom, Williams, Iacobson, Hylander, Mc- Dermino, Johnson, Spap- pey. Bottom How: Butkus, Rcxklouits, Sourup, Kress- man, Kruizengcx, Malock, Cherones, Wiese. ir DIVISION 250-4 Division Teacher: MISS M. HEAGNEY Courier Rep.: WALLACE IORDEN Top Row: Browder, Trem- bay, Caniqa, Henck, Waq- ner, Kasmoeck, Ioswick, Kopf, Jorden. 2nd Row: Wojciechowski, Szekelz, Bertolone, Yolanda, O'- Keefe, Adduci. Bottom Row: Keller, Twemel, Mar- schal, Zunica, Byttow, Pratt, Malmborg Merkle. ir DIVISION 201-4 Division Teacher: MR. THOMPSON Courier Rep.: ROSEMARY DAYE Top Row: Zagotta, Rosen- bloom, La Greco, Wolfe, Memsen, Fish, Ullsch, Englin, Thompson, Days, Traybsza. 2nd Row: Smith, Calomino, Presto, Twaroq, Musso, Brantley, Carlson, Holland, Strickland. Bot- tom Row: Stupeqia, Forte. Morales, Lind, Czarnecki. Sheu, Holst, Boogko. ,714 A BUNNY ARTIST AT WORK DIVISION 329-4 Division Teacher: MISS KETTLEHON Courier Rep.: LEONA MULAK Top How: Walters, Zeqley, Bovin, Puryear, Hose, Hoff- man, Tomsa, Sbalchiero, Peterson, Latsch, Zilinskis, McDole. 2nd Row: Miede- ma, Passwella, Miller, Na- gelo, O'Brien, Schend, Se- bastian, Mulak, McElroy, Roseto,. Iensen. Bottom Row: Shaw, Taqlioli, Rowe. Martin, Faiter, Moore, Nel- son, Organ. uk DIVISION 223-4 Division Teacher: MISS LUNDQUIST Courier Rep.: ELLEN BURKE Top Row: Smith, Salas, Hritz, Kovach, Cosentino, Szabo, Bruno, De Salvo. 2nd Row: Klopner, Sy- monds, Cittadino, Manda- rino, Cassano. Bottom How: Hockey, Pentek, Wood. Eisner, Burke, Mcftoberts. Logan, Wisnowski. ir DIVISION 333-4 Division Teacher: MISS DURKIN Courier Rep.: PADY-LOU TESTOLIN Top Row: Walter, Stevens. Skinner, Straukas, Lind- berg, Nehrinq, Pope, Smith, M. Peterson, Swingle, Moz- zochi, Vander, Woude. 2nd Row: Sundland, Lyle, S. Peterson, Balls, Smith, Hahn, Rachel, Stinnett, Ze- lensky, Waters, Urquhart, Testolin. Bottom Row: Weber, Merkousko, Zim- merman, Spisak, Teninga, Sloan, Maloney, Hahn. Kenny Rosenbloom suggested that the entire group go out to the field behind the school to enjoy the beneficial rays of the sun. All the 2A's agreed that this was an execellent idea. George Wise changed the topic of conversation when he said, "I felt wonderful when I received my first S." Frances Iohnson replied, "l couldn't believe my eyes." Helen Busker had no emotion at all, but Pat Bardley couldn't believe her because Pat had become weak in the knees, and had felt faint when she had her first Cecile Bomikaitis and Robert Quilico said that they felt the same way when they discovered a "D" in their course book. loanne Randolph remarked, "I can not remember how I felt." Fred Blom, Norma lessen, Arlene Gustaf- son, Marilyn Thompson, Dorothy Carlson, and Betty George could not remember because they had never received an "S" or a When Gerald Wood asked Iune Aurelius how she felt, she only answered, "I won't commit myself." Andrea Bartest felt pretty angry upon receiving a red Agreeing with her were Ierry Erickson, Lelenad Bazzo, Elyse Bertolone, Peggy Goodwin, Virginia Bertolone, and lean Hylander who mumbled, "Quite awful." Although Henry Furot, Olivia Panazzo, r-72 Y.. . 9 44 DIVISION 312-4 Division Teacher: MISS MCCABE Courier Rep.: LOUIS PALMER Top How: Zordan, Guas- talli. Dalle, Molle, Racz. Palmer, Schillingilt, Bly. Randolph, Kemdall. Holck. 2nd Row: Matras, Martello. Bertolone, Sember, Canale. Gustafson, Blackman, Pe- terson, Sztmansky, Mc- Adams. 3rd Row: Moltzan, Mahtesian, Pochron, Ies- sen, Maiewski, Buralto, Dalla Betta. Bottom Row: Kurzeja, Blom, Proper, Mackert, Wass, Balzan, Hynberk, Braao, Norman. 'k DIVISION 319-4 Division Teacher MISS MCMAHON Courier Rep.: CLARENCE ZUREK Top Row: Cendeias, Cru- sius, Murray, Zurek, Par- tridge, Weiler, Klaege, Blais, Milinauskas, Rhodes, Gonzalez. 2nd How: Con- nachio, Tuech Elosh, Beery. Lupo, Maziur, Walter, Gep- hart, Schmal, Granato. Schuster. Bottom How: Bolduc, Rippe, Cohen, Linklater, Brucer, Nespeca, Iohnson, Micona. 'A' DIVISION 'I0'I-4 Division Teacher: MRS. TOWNE Courier Rep.: LOIS ELLIS Top How: De Muri, Gordon Deklerk, Cross, Koza, Zaks Faber. Wilner, Florex Brikson. 2nd Row: Thom as, Erftmeyer, Carter George, Ellis, Baltakis Pelzman E ber atterradt . y ,V . DiSanto. Bottom Row: Eve ers, Barbee, Malhum, Sag ers, Delonqe, Foote, Schulz Dalenberq. Iohn Barbee, Dorothy Dietz, Dolores McEbroy, Gloria Reali, Bill Pames, Beverly Van Tongeren, Iolene Baldouf, Catherine Toc- jylowski, Dorothy Unquhart, and Iohn Bruce never received either one, some day they wish to possess many "S's". Dorothy Hansen began to ask other students how they felt when they received a "D" or "S"p Ellen Bruk just couldn't believe her first Ted Cherones' blood pressure began to rise at first sight of his A "D" did not bother Andrew Batfas. Ton Kendall, Hose Satori, and Theresa Aiello, wouldn't tell anything because they claimed that would be letting the teachers in on a secret. Bob Geller felt pretty burned up at his first and Ianet Lee Price felt pretty important when she received her first while lane Smith was very bewildered. Everybody knew what Robert Stevens got when he said "Course books would make a good bon-fire." Since Orial Allison did not wish to continue that discussion, he asked Margaret Badaukis why she thought Chicago was the tContinued on next page? ,734 DIVISION 405-4 Division Teacher: MR. DEAN Courier Hep.: IACQUELIND BOYD Top Row: Barisas, Burkett Bartest, Gray, Badaukis Nemeth, Holwquist, Schae Iorer, Atchley, Busker Housen. 2nd Row: Borden Anderson, Toth, R. Carl son, D. Carlson, Brucks Dean, Burns, Burnson, Bar tels, Broeker, Aurelius Bottom Row: Gajownik Ramer, Archer, Boyd vak, Brosseau. 'A' DIVISION 'II6-4 Division Teacher: MRS. MCNAMARA Courier Rep.: WILLIAM CLANCY Top Row: Gneiwek, Zilis. Scholz, Hylander, Gernert, Gilfillan, Ketcik, Van Ar- kel, Regan, Clancy. 3rd Row: Kinqma, Hansen, Luedekinq, Iohnson, Kan- tremas, Hemminqer, Kar- noy, Merrmonn. 2nd Row: Jacoby, Mitchell, Haus- mann, Bekr, Shepherd, Kacher, Holland, Gaidam. Bottom How: Haitsma, Devin, Suliano, Hillstrom, Hraka, Hannema, Dykstra, 7 i Iohanson. 9 'A"A"A"A"k'A'i"k'A"A'ir2A1Ir'A"A' WHO IS THE MECHANIC? greatest railroad center. "Because of its population, of course", she replied. Lorraine Gryczewska, Robert Iohnson, and Bob Sawyers were in favor of Margarefs state- ment. Richard Tanich credited Chicago with being the greatest railroad center in the world, be- cause is is a worker on the rail- road. Since the sun had faded from the sky, the 2A's left for home with a thorough knowledge of their classmates viewpoints con- cerning their War Bonds, their attitude toward S's and D's, and about Chicago as a railroad center. BARRY LEVISON Interview Editor Blankman, Bradley, Noe OFFICERS 'lr 9 S535 24010 an-Q55 56,35 P1320 CHU? NF' Z :U-iQU gi wa ve'FU' 5 O ltiz ,sl I8 QSQFE' 1:91252 UDFD'---H 5535 2-Q55 K 0-'L K C2 I Oc ca 9,5 y Q Q tb SE 3. Q N- A Q S 3. 0: ....... X...-., DIVISION 144-3 Division Teacher: MISS STURMER Courier Rep.: IACK SULLIVAN Top Row: Novak, Karam- pelas, Szawala, Tremblay Hinton, Dikos, Gorton Smaga, Anderson, Sorg 3rd Row: Larson, Grolla Malikowski, B o q a a r d Housinger, Volpe, Murphy Kosco, Staley. 2nd Row. Gloude, Manweller, Rubin Stevenson, Steven, Olson Campbell. Bottom Row Arehart, Stive, Beaver Pina, Zylstra, Iuarez, Barce 'Ir DIVISION 212-3 Division Teacher: MR. SAMPSON Courier Rep.: JAMES PEDIGO Top How: Nigohosian, Ball Katzen. Lorek, Borst, So derberq, Humphrey, Nar doni, Osenga. Mikula, Hor vath, Hurt. 2nd How: G Hakalmazian, H. Hakalma zian. Sulton, Mundo, Pa lombo, Galullo, Mercier Yonker, Derrico, Dillmon Bottom Row: Marcisy, Be luschek, Schouten, Grolla B. Anderson, Zapctch, An derson, Pedlqo. Kerchner. DIVISION 215-3 Division Teacher: MR. DeGRAFF Courier Rep.: ETHEL OLSON Top Row: Zerebniak, Burke. Hawkins, Boqner, Such, Klein, Barret, Grotts, Sher- man. 2nd Row: Ware, Nesci, Kovach, Chatlas, Lehning. Bottom Row: Ter meulen, Schaat, Gustav son, Olson, Swick, Mager stadt, Zakarian Griskenas uk DIVISION 320-3 Division Teacher: MH. BENNETT "' Courier Rep.: . PAT KERR lm-sp? Top How: Moe, Vander Meade, Semple, Gorman, Heerema, Kerr, D. Iones, Bell, Schmaliield, McCar- thy. 2nd Row: Lietzau. Voldness, Tuohy, Dewey, Harness. Knapp, Koch, Bergstrom, Frank, Nelson, Cyganek. Bottom Row: Williams, R. Iones, Heck- man, Price, Brouwer, Voit, Marchese, Burns. DIVISION 303-3 Division Teacher: MISS WILSON Courier Rep.: LEONARD RANDALL Top Row: Hamilton, Van- derkooy, Zandstra, Vinke, Rynbeck, Newman, Nieholi, Lendre, Randall, Basiaga 2nd Row: Bonardi, Kranen burg, Todhunter, Wilson, Lantri, Rasmussen, Soder- bawn, Peterson, Lofberq, Snelson, Bottom Row: Bey- er, Greenlee, Elliott, Zinn- 1 grabe, Ganzel, Dunne, Har melling, Andrews. K MY VISIT IN Sopkomore TOWN l The day being lovely, I decided to take a walk through Sophomore Town. My first stop was the corner drug store. As I sat there sipping a coke, I heard a group of 2B's talk- ing. It seems that their topic of discussion was sports. According to Tom Derrico, Ralph Smith. Ann Marie Volpe, Ioanne Murphy, Leonard Anderson, Lillian Benda, Ray Basiaga, Lor- raine Bergstrom, and Edward Switch football was tops on their list. However, the deep blue waters held a special thrill for Donna Lee Kock, Pat Keer, Iohn Griskenas, Robert Brown, Marilyn Katzen, Karl Wadman, Frank Zaylor. Marie Galullo, lean Coughlen, Helen Mellen- dorf, and May Scheai, for swimming was an "okay" sport with them. On the other hand, the shouting of people, the throwing of pop D76 bottles, and the yelling at the umpire at a baseball game seemed to fascinate Harold Browder, Walter Hawkins, Dorothy Spiper, Don Porn, Chester Mass, Mary Palombo, Norman Bretton, and Lloyd Price. "Give me my boots and saddle" chimed in Sally Hayden, Leonore Sleiner, Violet Frank, and Pat Luxford, for they enjoy the wide open spaces and horses. After school fans of basketball were Don Snelson, Anna Mae Heerema, Alice Sturgeon, Pat Mer- ceir, Robert Brow, Fred Bank, and Bell Vander Weide. Finishing my coke, I took a stroll down Sophomore Lane. Approaching me on bicycles, were Patsy Rasmissen, Thelma Sieman, There- sa Bernal, and Marjorie Schruder. A little way on I passed the lake, where the at splashing of water attracted my attention. Sit- ting peacefully under a tree fishing were Mary Lou Lupo, Irma Knapp, Richard Ungaro, and Beverley Kock. lust off the road I noticed the bowling alley. When I entered, I heard the thundering sound of the falling of the pins, and at alley three, stood Yvonne Stelle, lack Million, Ernest I-Ierdt, Elisabeth Bruttomesso, Gertrude Suba, and Dorothy Vanderhooy. Across the way was the roller rink. Skating to sweet music were Stella Towa, Shirley Hui- berger, Lorraine Vink, and Beverly Schonne. In the same building is the ice skating rink. Hitting the ice, I saw Eleanor Levin, Katherine Nohoft, Ethel Olson, May Borgnari, and Iac- quelin Gorton. Leaving the skaters, I trudged along until I reached Maine Street. Here was situated the Amusement Park. Walking through the penny arcade, I heard some of the common nick- names placed on teen-agers. Charles Hawkins answered to Chuck: Alexandra Nickolson. Susie: lack Voot, Bones: Robert Schmalfelf, Shoestring: Francis Kosco, Mouse: Dave Pina, Tubby: Roger Falberg, Swede: Irene Morgen- tale, Chink: Robert Godshall, Butch: Robert Greenlee, Ditto: Marianne Gorshe, Mare: Carol Todhunter, Cat: Ioyce Whitcomb, Iurse: Thomas Brend, Orgi: Lois Holtam, Lo: Ronald Notebloom, Nottee: Patricia Buble, Stinky: Ioyce Ball, Iinz: Beverly Schultz, Pork Chops: Richard Vandermeade, Dode: Ronald McCar- thy, Mac: Geraldine Schaefer, Ierry: Gladys Anderson, Gladiola: Dave Rubin, Fat: Augusta Malikowski, Mor: Ellen La Roche, Bonney: Mary Mikuls, Blondie: Ann Marie Hobscheild, Snooks: Ioan Anderson, Skip: Karole Donahue, Korkie: Anna Cyginet, Skippy: Barbara Stebens, Steve: Anita Zonstra, Toots: and George Kipp, Bud. Moving along, I caught the trolley at Mores Avenue. Having paid my fare, I settled myself intc a comfortable seat. Reaching my ear were some of the expressions used by these versatile sophomores. Stephanie Dedison says, IContinued on next page! DIVISION 244-3 Division Teacher: MISS IOHNSON Courier Hep.: NORMAN BRITTON Too Row: Gonzalez, Ar- nold, Barnett, Didison, Ma- lacky, Day, Schreuder, Fioretti, Reinke, Ham- minga, Falberg. 2nd How: Zaylik, Beshur, Davia, Ol- son, Siemon, Samko, Healy. Hobscheid, Palermo, G. Schuster, H. Schuster, Kulcsar. Bottom How: Porn, Britton, Coughlin, Hartanovich, Noxon, Burk, Moss, Allen. 'A' DIVISION 326-3 Division Teacher: MR. LANGE Courier Rep.: BOB BISHTON Top Row: Smith, Ungaro, Lau, Sibbert, Pavlack, An- derson, Heuberger, Kon- yar, Carriero. 2nd Row: Mogentale, Adams, Kin- drick, Olson, Van Doorn, Schonne, Levin. Bottom Row: Erickson, Nelson, Meter, Bruttomesso, De Muri, Bishton, Gronowski, Kuzanek. 'A' DIVISION 'III-3 Division Teacher: MISS CONNOR Courier Rep.: G. GODSHALL Top Row: Benda, Wisnuw- ski, Tuxtord, Mionske, Pe- terson, Whitcomb, Van Swal, Kruizengo, Zotti, De Young. Znd Row: Verbeek- hery, Curatolc, Spyier, Plapbert, La Roche, Stur- geon, Schulz, Glupker, Brow. Bottom Row: Ander- son, Godshall, Kipp, Ruble, Brandsma, Fornero, Black, Banks. DIVISION 135-3 Division: Teacher: MR. LANDSMAN Courier Rep.: ROBERT ULMER Top Row: Pecora, Kennedy, Grisaita, Berglund, Hill, Franson, Easoz, Koch, Las- low. 2nd Row: Klingerman, Haynes, Foerster, Ulmer, Hylander, Iohnson, Davies. Bottom How: Lund, Van Sipma, Nordine, Sallay, Ulrich, Asa, Zamtuck, Sel- den. 'A' mvlsloN 231-3 Division: Teacher: MRS. FRISTOE Courier Rep.: LOIS HOLTAM Top How: Kyler, Van Schel- tema, Holtam, Felber, Mod- linski, Ivanovsky, Gorske, Thomas. Anderson, Note- boom. 2nd Row: Riqoni, Nickolaow, Day, Bernal, Fahrenback, Subd, Steele, Skogh. Koch. Bottom Row: Gouvis, Iohnson, Brown, Landahl, Vitale, Vander Weide, Iohnson, Gray. 1k B9 4 . ,a my -1 0 .49- 5 an 2 Q -I r -sf Q, QE ev l rl Woo GW' A "Glory be", Shirley Hinton, "I know you", Nick Gouvis, "Well, I'll be": Ramon Bonardi, "That's big time," Iac- queline Campell, "Honest Pete", Richard Albanniese. "Mother Hubbard", Robert Iohnson, "By Gum", Ben Hurt, "Go fly a kite", Marian Harness, "Will you look at that", Doris Iones, "Hubba Hubba", Shirley Anderson, "Don't say those things", Florence De Mure, "Oh, my aching back", Iulia Molnar, "Well, I wouldn't say that", Le Roy Stanley, "Great Guns", Don Lietzan, "Hey man", Carol Mifgerstadt, "Yes, my dear", Ioan Gustavson, "Egads", Rose Mary Arnold, "That's lite", Iames Pedigo, "You're nuts", Francis Kosko, "Holy smokes", Richard Besner, "How about it", lack Sullivan, "Parish forbid", Ierome Novak, "So what", Earl Sutton, "What's cooking", Dorothy Malacky, "Goodness strikes", Geraldine Davia, "Nice one", Betty Nelson, "Oh Fooey": Betty Olsen, "Is that so", Char- lotte Newman, "Holy Ioe", Cecelia Gorman, "Coax me", Leona Borst, "Oh, heck", Dolores Sibbert, "For Iohn's sake", Patricia Adams, "Oh, great", Sylvia Lotberg, "Hey, you", Marianna Lantro. "Oh, golly", Ioan Rynbern, "Keep smiling', Iulia Burns, "That's tough", William Klein, "Good gravy", Daniel Andersen, "Ach Himmel", Dolores Peterson. "Hi hay", Grace Schuster, "Won't do it": Carole Olson, "Gee shiz", lack Ivan, "Umbreago", William Heckman. "You're rude", Roger Ialkberg, "Egad", Anita Housinger, "Not really", Elizabeth Plapbert, "Holy Moses", Leonce Day, "I-lot potatoes", Genevieve Smaga, "Never question the truth", Edward Kuzanes, "Spray it again", Sherman Newman, "Puff oft", George Seniple, "Get away", Ronald Grollo, "One meat ball", and Howard Beyer, "Cheap thrill." I was so taken in by these expressions, that I almost forgot to get oti at my stop. As I stepped off the trolley, I thought what a wonderiul visit I had had in Sophomore Town. ADELINE DE BIASIO, Literary Editor ll 78 it IA DITTIES FROM FENGER CITY Paul Sopko thinks Swiss steak is tops, but Bay Brewer would rather have pork chops. The King of England Charles Cromwell would be, so he could be called "His Majesty." With Al Kopiec chop suey rates high, and MacArthur's the apple of his eye. Another "Frankie" is Earl Blanchette, and all the women he'll surely get. Tom Smith would give a great deal for Spanish rice, his favorite meal. To be a sailor is Ray Koz- ik's ambition, and he may even go on a secret mission. Homework is Don Giusto's pet peeve: in school, his books he would like to leave. Says Don Du Laney, "The world I will see, and maybe drop in at China for tea." Without coaxing, Iohn Kur- zeja eats his carrots. Now don't think you think a gold medal he merits? Here's Glenn Vlivi with an ambition really high-to be a flyer way up in the sky. Bill Loucado will tell you this: that calling him "Sonny" will set things amiss. Geno Lazzarotto, one of those ever hungry old souls, is fond of his chicken and mashed potatoes. "No more homework," says Harold Friewald. "Please. Don't you know that's one of my pet peeves?" An admirer of Henry Ford is Iohn Sportiello, while Iohn Torres considers King George a good fellow. A "Handle" which Bill Morin has acquired, is "Dim- ples", a nickname of which he has tired. To Dennis Wisniewski as- paragus appeals: he'd just as soon have it with all his meals. "You say, what would my pet peeve be? Why, girls," says Louis Sineni. li WHAT'S IT GOING T0 BE They say that draftsmen they will be-that's Al Woy- tas and Dante Zorzi. To join the army is the wish of Matthew Meneghetti. Steak and potatoes, his favorite dish, and not spaghetti. Ioe Koch aspires a mech- anic to be: and, he says, he won't charge a big fee. To lohn Manestar steaks ap- peal, especially if they are of veal. I 'Rr' DIVISION 150-2 ,79u Richard Carranza always sighs when he can't get his French fries. To Ernest Segalla football rates tops, and so do those ever-beloved pork chops. DOROTHY NELSON, Interview Editor P 'LM K THE FOYER ,..,,,,..,,,,,,,w..,Wh., A -H - L P ,. . , Z f 3 g .a-' ,M ,,,..,,.,.a.N. .,,wn+5'k,A,,u. .. , ..,.M,......a. BRA CHE , 4,...5,i RELATIVELY SPEAKING ,8144 BRANCH BURNSIDE FENGER'S GREEN AND RED As I was strolling leisurely Along the other day. On my way to school, of course- As usual you might say- I came across a robin With breast of orange red: He seemed to me quite boastful As he tilted his feathered head. His nest was made of rags and straw: The rags were faded green. I'll bet you can't imagine Why I tell you of this scene. The robin might have known it As he snuggled in his bed That he was quite inspiring In Fenger's green and red. Beverly Bruce, Burnside, Courier Lit. Cont., Ist PI. I'LL NEVER FORGET My father was going to bring an important business man and his wife for dinner and I wanted to make a good impression. Well, I made an impression all right. I was to set the table for my mother. I, forgetting I was left- handed, set the table for left-handed persons. That went by without my comment, but While eating my soup I unconsciously dunked my bread in it. I, seeing what I had been doing, let out a surprising "oh" and attracted more attention. I was eager to get away from the table so I said I thought I heard the telephone ringing. It was a weak excuse, but no one said anything. Everything was all right until des- sert. I was sitting across from this business IContinued on page 1262 WASHINGTON Who was our first President? Who was the general great? Who blazed the trail to freedom? And changed this country's fate? 'Twas Washington who did these deeds. It was he who led the fight That men should never be in need. He always did what's right! We know him today as a great commander Who had strength, courage, and honesty. We know of his feats that couldn't be grander, Because of his truthfulness, quality, and bravery. To Washington, a citation! The Father of Our Nation! Lillian Zakhar, Burnside, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. I T'S COMING The thing I liked least about it was waiting. I stood first on one foot, then on the other: l watched two birds fighting noisily over a scrap of bread. I sat down and opened my book but quickly jumped up for I thought I heard it. No! It was only my imagination. I paced nervous- ly back and forth. Then, suddenly, I saw some- thing in the distance. It wasn't my imagina- tion this time. It was, at last, my street car. Betty Lawrence, Burnside, Courier Lit. Cont., lst PI. Burnside Honorable Mention Prose-Charlotte Hideen, Ursula Iauch. Iames Frank, Ann Harowski. Poetry-Lucille Belo, Genevieve Kale, Ioan Bateau, Gwendolyn Prescott. CURTIS THE SERVICE MAN His hat cocked, his head high, His thoughts drifting in the sky, He dreams of home, so far away, Where he'll be going back some He'll fight for us! He'll win this war! He'll surely even up the score! He'll do all this, all that he can, The American lad, The Service Man. day. Betty Beenes, IB, Curtis, Courier Lit. Cont., 1st PI. v 82 TO MOTHER I've not been tied to your apron strings For mother, that's not your way. Instead, you've taught me to choose myself The right things to do and say. But there have been ties of a different kind, That have kept me close to you They're ties of love and gratitude That will last a life time through! Iune Wayner, IB, Curtis, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd PI. 1 LITERATURE - - - NAVY BLUES The house was in apple pie order. The cen- ter of attention was the clock on the mantle. All nerves were tense, and all ears were strained for the first sound of the Whistle of the train, that would bring our Bud home on his first leave. Mom had cooked his favorite dishes. Pop was restless, wondering how to greet his son who had left a boy and was returning a man. . . . I was proud as punch, thinking of how I IContinued on page 1261 WINDOW SHOPPING There it was! My life long dream displayed before my very eyes. Never before had I longed for anything quite so wholeheartedly, such beauty I had never seen before. If only, if only I could hold it for a moment and caress it with loving hands. Those soulful eyes look- ing at me from the glass case drew tears to my eyes for there before me was the biggest all-day sucker I had ever seen. Anida Louise Fraresso, IA, Curtis, Courier Lit. Cont., lst Pl. Curtis Honorable Mention Poetry-Arlene Pellegrini, Roger Victor, Irene Van Wermeskeriken. Catherine Rigoni, Ioyce Norton. Prose-Marilyn Reinecke, Helen Osborn, George La Cien, Phyllis Lionberg. M T. V E R N O N TRAVEL IN WARTIME I had a week's vacation, Thought l'd visit Auntie lane, So I packed my bags and went to buy A ticket on the train. I stood in line for hours. The line was oh! so long, When I finally reached the head of the line The tickets were all gone. Next I went down to the airport. 'Twas no room left on the plane, I couldn't find any transportation. Guess I'll not see Auntie lane. I'll have to spend my vacation here: And as I unpacked my grip, I happened to think unto myself "lt wasn't a necessary trip!" Elizabeth Merington, Mt. Vernon, Courier Lit. Cont., lst Pl. OUR FUTURE TRANSPOR TA TION In the future people will Be flying all the way, Frorn U.S.A. to China In less than half a day. Rocket ships and flying suits Like in the comic strips Will be everybody's way Of taking rides and trips. We'll all be like Buck Rogers With rockets of great power, That will fly across the ocean In less than half an hour. The traffic cops will probably say With an added frown "Pull over to the curb, you fool You're flying upside down!" Donald Alhrecht, Mt. Vernon, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. Mt. Vernon Honorable Mention Poetry-Henry Smith, Lillian Anderson, Walter Mclntyre, Rita Weibel, Marilyn Sadock. Prose-Doris Schmid, Marilyn Astrom, Gloria Muller, Betty Schultz, Harry Scheuermann. OUR FUTURE TRANSPORTATION In the future we will have so many new things in transportation that it will be hard to keep track of them. We will probably be riding in a car that is practically all glass and be riding next to a railroad track that you can hardly see. We will be looking at the speeding train for only a second and it will be gone. Then when we get home from an afternoon drive to Indiana, we decide to go for a ride in the helocopter after supper. IContinued on page 1261 TRAVEL DURING WAR TIME Oh! Look at those beautiful mountains! As the train moves faster. Watch the houses whiz by. My, what gorgeous flowers! Sit comfort- ably, lie back relaxed, fresh air, lots of room and your dinner is brought directly to you. To think I waited but a day for my ticket, tak- ing me through "God's Country"! There's a porter all ready to be of service to me! My, a nice roomy station. I find my friends directly. Oh, how wonderful it all is. A-h-h-well, time to put this train circular IContinued on page 1261 831 Cb I BURN IDER ff .. W ff ff ' 1 f X 'W al: ll. . f f I I , if ff . X f Q , X 1 rl X. VT A I ,IF ' 1.144-,ds LEARN ABOUT THEMSELVES ' Yesterday in the laboratory of Professor Raymond Cosmic, I found amid a maze of wires, glass, apparatus, and weired looking electrical devices the branchites from Burn- side assembled. They had come to see the strange looking machine which was standing in the corner. The Professor informed us that it was his latest invention and that he called it "The Time Machine." He also told us that this machine of his would show typical scenes of life during the last 300 years. Then he ex- plained the theory behind the machine and how the many complex electrical parts func- tioned. Next the Professor Cosmic picked up a sheaf of papers and said, "These are the papers on which you answered the question 'During what period of our country's history would you rather have lived?' Your answers and reasons were very interesting and I am going to attempt to show you how life really zz was during the day you have picked. lust watch the screen on the wall," said the Pro- fessor, as he turned on the Time Machine and adjusted several knobs on it. "Now first we will see how things were in the 1920's during which Ioe Lasher said he preferred to live." The next stop on our backward march thru our country's history was that of Lincoln's term as president when Betty Lawrence and Theodore Del Ceona said life would be most interesting. Next a few turns of the machine took us back to the early 19th century, this be- ing the time selected by Lydia Delorenzo, Ches- ter Buckley, Arlentria Brown, and Louis Pfaff. Merly McBoberts, said to be in the Revolu- tionary War period was his desire so the Pro- fessor brought into focus Washington's Army crossing the Delaware. The machine next took us back to the days of the great explorers which Donna Thompson, Phyllis Siemon, cc X . Charles Mulford and Ellwood Burkland con- sidered the best time to live in. After seeing what life in the past was like many of the students, including Marcia Ben- ham, Ioe Balys, Edward Hosinger, Algenon Wise, Martha Iudson, William Hartanovick, Vera Popvich, Iune Sproul, Dan Hogan, and Don Thompson, said that they prefer life in the present day and age because of our many modern advantages. Several of the branchites-Genevieve Kale, Gwendolyn Prescott, and Willie May Preton- expressed a desire to see what life in the future would be like, but the Professor said that this completed the exhibition of the Time Machine and asked if there were any questions. The students thanked the Professor and took their leave. On the way back to Burnside, the Branchites seemed thoroughly impressed with the ma- chine and talked about it. After a while the conversation got around to what subjects they looked forward to taking in high school. Char- lette Hideen and Esther Lee Caston wanted to take cooking, while Pat Hogan, lean Hryn, LATIN I Sponsor: MISS C. CHANGE Top Row: Bowman, Schultz, Petro Stahl B' t Mel r Y, III ef, - lendorf, Dust, Baran, Pop- ovich. 2nd Row: Campisi, Damiani, Hill, Prescott, Horning. Bottom Row: Col- lins. Bruce, Lessig, Toth, Iauch, Dorocke, Tawrence, Tambert. 'A' LATIN II Sponsor: MISS C. CHANGE Top Row: Iohnson, Suko- wicz, Blakeman, Heenan, Tennon, Cramer, Frangella, Iones, Tonon, Adams. 2nd Row: Banks, Brown, Os- borne, Stuck, McDonald, Ferdinansen, Abramic, Ko- lozy, Ioza, Illo, Zakhcrr. Bottom Row: Elliott, Belo, Buchvnsky, Grietz, Rhodes Hundley, Bauza, Fitch. ak LATIN III Sponsor: MISS C. CHANGE Top Row: Blake, Siemon. Thompson, Van Ness, Lo- ullo, N l , h H d CJ oon Iosep , u - son, McKeon, Bobak. Doy- chak, Benham, Harowski. 2nd Row: Iohnson, Law- son, Greb, Brown, Castig- lia, Angell, De Lorenzo, Giacchetti, Schaaf, Pfaff, Bloom. Bottom Row: Briggs, Fisher, Dubi, Hideen, Dan- ielly, Lindner, Neighbor, Blalock, Iones. sk SY? 1. Ya H at 1. , Sabelle Dovach, Shirley Van Ness, Shirley Binter, Carmilla Calvano, and Helen Buchyn- sky said they were looking forward to taking typing and shorthand. Bruce Neighbor's at- tention was centered on Civics, but chemistry seemed to hold the interest of Bill Lacotche, Ann Harowski, Catherine Eoychak, Bill Adams, Shirley Dubi, Duebert Cramer, and Ursula Iauch. One of the other sciences-Biologyes held the interest of Elsie Hunan. Mathematics had among its followers Emil George, whose curiosity was aroused by trigometry, and Don Lewin, Shirley Hill, Roland Swett, and Gladys Schultz indicated their interest lay in the study of algebra. The languages claimed Brokie Banks, William Knox, Richard Schuler, and Mary Lonon who expressed a preference for Latin. In the meantime, James Greenwood ex- claimed for his favorite, English, while Martha Elliott spoke in behalf of Spanish. Pauline Baran said she wanted to take sewing so she could make her own clothes: several boys also expressed a desire to make things but in shop. They were Carl Nelson, Richard Kocolowski, lack Sabo, David Hull, Tom Van Ness, Ernest fContinued on next pagej y 1. ' z, lwly ASSEMBLY HALL DIVISION 227-2 Division Teacher: MR. WESTERVELT Courier Rep.: ROSEMARY TOTH Top How: Mulford, Philpott, Ioza, Mellendort, Ander- son, Toth, Buchynsky, To- non, Rhodes, Iauch, Kro- cyka, Anderson. 2nd How: Campise, Horning, Stuck, Zakhar. Frangella, Foezyl. Liccar, Hogan, De Pellars, Hill, Ferdinander, Benter. Bottom Row: Milleqan, Hiz- zuto, Hritskevieh, Taur- ence, Stranq, Bauza. Koco- lowski, Buchley, Kapiesta. 'A' DIVISION 306-2 Division Teacher: MRS. GREER Courier Rep.: PAULINE BAHAN Top Row: Ellison, Mosley. Dust, lones, Preston, Nel- son, Hunt, Popovich, Tes- sig, Stahly, Kovacs, Fio- retti, Kaposta. 2nd How: Prescott, Damiani, Fasel. Sebok, Calvano, Kocsis. Mosley,Hartanovich,Bruce, Banks, Bowman, Illo, Ab- ramic, Baran, Bottom How: Hoshaw, Adams, Dorsett, Hogan, Gerecz, Tambert. Perry, Tasher, Tullos. ir DRAMA CLUB Sponsor: MRS. GREER Top Row: Kolozy, Ander- son, Gerecy, Hogan, Iauch, Bauza. Stranq, Dorocke. Philpott, Muliord, Dorsett, Kroczka, George. 2nd Row: Sebok, Fasel, Hill, Ioza. Elliott, Iohnson, Mosley, Lasson. Di Pillars, Bello. Baran, Popovich, Dust. Tucker, Brown. Bottom How: Hristakevich, Abra- mic, Nash, Kocolowski, Bruno, Kapusta, Buckley, Lasher, Wise, Knox. Mosley and Iames Hollis. Beverly Bruce want- ed to take art, while Ianice loseph said eco- nomics appealed to her. The business courses interested Lorraine Bell, Carmella Genovise. loanne Millendory, Dorothy Davis, Delores Col- lins, and Antionelle Leon the most. Technical drawing held the attention of Adolph Rizzulo, Richard Anderson, Mike Dokewicy, and Rich- ard Kaposta. While all the talk about the different sub- jects in high school was going on, others were talking about what they would like to do after they graduated from high school. Walter Clark, Iarnes Blaloch, Donald Minefie, and Irene Koloziz said they would like to go to college and study medicine in preparation to be doctors, while Berti Lou McKeon, Patricia Greb, Ieanne Schaaf, Bernadine Brown, Vir- ginia Gastiglia, Dorothy Fisher, Irene Ioza. Gloria Clogette, Reita Nundley, Eleanor Sebok, Yvonne Fitch, and Barbara Lamber want to take up nursing. Richard Grant said to have a modern stock farm was his post high school ambition. To Work in an oiiice as secretaries, stenographers, and typists, were the desires of Charlotte Ferency, Betty Osborne, Azelis Hen-- derson, Dorothy Rhodes, Phyliss Fasel, Betty Gerecy, Kathryn Bauza, Ioan Dorocke, Elsie Spauraft, Antionelle Canpisi, Florence Logullo, Kidia Graccketti, Ioan Buteau, and Barbara Angell. To be physical instructors was the arn- bition of Roy Iohnson. The vast field of engi- neering hold promise for George Bogathy, Tedd Dugan, Myron Sorake, Bill Devine, Warren Baker, and Pat Scalzitti. This group at Burnside seems to be very ambitious in that the majority of them want more education after they graduate from high school. They also appreciate a good time as their actions at the Professor's had shown. IOHN PARKER, IIA, Branch Ed. Courier Staff in DIVISION 313-2 Division Teacher: MISS PENN Courier Rep.: EMIL GEORGE Top How: Plese, Hollis, Price, Iohnson, Norwood, Sukowicz, Tucker, Hund- ley, Collins, Frangella, Tennon, Heenan, Blake- man, Cramer, Brown. Pier- son. 2nd Row: Belo, Schriks. Scalzitti, Orne, Mc- Donald, Brown, Osborne, Schultz, Kolozy, Zakhar, Kovach, Petro, Elliott. Bot- tom Row: Nash, George, Bruno, Grietz, Fitch, Do- rocke, Varqo, Tilton, Knox. ir nlvlsloN 312-1 Division Teacher: MISS CHANGE Courier Rep.: ROBERT DICK Top Row: Ioseph Claggette, Blake, Thompson, Hull, I. Truitt, Michalaw, Lewin, Greenwood, D. Thompson, Walsh, McKean, Bobak, Hudson, Castiglia. 2nd Row: Brown, Gulick, La- cotche, Clark, Liva, Burk- land, Fierler, Greb, Caston, Patterson, Petterson, Toth, Demkowicy: De La Cems, Schuler, Johnson. Bottom Row: Schaai, Doychak, Fisher, Hideen, Swett Dan- er, Hideen, Swett, Dan- ielly, Parrish, Blalock, Smith, Wise. DIVISION 310-1 Division Teacher: MISS PETRICI-I Courier Rep.: EDITH BLOOM Top Row: Soroka, Szabo, Nolua, De Lorenzo, Harow- ski, Giachetti, Bloom, Piaf, S. Van Ness, Sproul, Ben- ham, Bogathy, T. Van Ness, Briggs, Dubi, Sabo, Zohn, Loguilo. 2nd How: Cosenti- no. Dugan, Livak, Devine, Gubson, Podlecki, Bell, Sie- man, Genovese, Angell, Hryn, Iohnson, Lawson, Cameron, Brown, Haek- worth. Bottom Row: Mc- Roberts, Holsinqer, Niegh- bor, Lindner, Toth, Grant, lones, Baker, Balazs, Burk. ONE OF OUR ANIMAL FRIENDS L. RTI ,,,,,, -a-Tv.. CURTIS BR I I was very fortunate in getting possession of one of the latest scientific marvels. This complicated machine can read a person's thoughts by means of electrical impulses sent out by the brain. I decided to put this scientific marvel to work testing the Curtis Branch. N w J x AIN WAVES The first question for which the machine gave satisfac- tory answers was this one: "How did you feel on your first day at Curtis?" The impulses were coming in fast and furiously, and I deciphered them just as speedily. I found that on their 188 fi DIVISION 313 Division Teach er: MRS. STARCEVIC Courier Rep.: W. VAN DERAA Top Row: Pesavento, Iones, Lovino, Ientsch, Dekker, Ait- ken, Margeth. Songam, Victor, Bishton. 3rd Row: Blackman, Cox, Riggs, Mahtesian, Skri- pek, Van Wermeskerken, Strickland, Godbout. 2nd Row: Houlihan, Pizzato, Violante, Myslinski, Brandt, Hackenson, Handler. Bottom Row: Brolick, Engelmann, Smitches, Bruno, Beland, Petrauskas, Smith, ik DIVISION 315 Division Teacher: MRS. MAIER Courier Rep.: L. LEHNING Top Row: Bulf, Niedeimeyer, Nelson, Girotto, Schulz, Fitz- patrick, Hartman, Bednarczyk, Roberts, Michas, Lehnig, Omick. 3rd Row: Delgado, Osborn, Nelson, Hull, Prijian, Mills, Matras, Pierce, Friar, Rockicki, Kurz, St. Angelo, Taylor. 2nd Row: Cunning- ham, Hammond, Riemerts, Si- monaitis, Moltzan, Andrin, Lindstand, Galchkas, Rod- ighier, Toth, Dwortz. Bottom Row: Wessilaussir, Vander- bak, Rodd, Jager, Simons, Fer- rero, Evans, Klaeqe. Boomsma. first day at Curtis Ronald Wermser, Gertrude Adducci, Iimmie Bavino, cmd Mary Mahtisian wanted either to go home or to go back to their old school: that Chuck Olson, and Norma Cer- ato were very lonely because they had lost their old friends: that just as happy as some of the others were lonely were Barbara Little, Rodney Grahn, and Stella Gritz: that for some reason Bill Aitken, Frances Stupigia, Elaine Smith, and Antoinette Bovino were hopelessly lost Cwait till they come to Fengerlg that into the category of being confused and at the same time scared were Ethel Rodd, Caroline Maglia, Nancy Anderson. and Ioyce Morton: that ner- vous, highly excitable people were found at Curtis just as well as everywhere else. The machine also said that Irene Wisniewski, Iohn Donofrio, Geraldine Spakowski, Robert Spake, and Billie Radick all should be in the excitable class. Strange feelings were experienced by everyone but more so by Iacquelyn Murray, Ernest Goldhoun, and Marylyn Archart. Too, this marvelous machine gave interesting answers when the following question was asked: "What subject, in your opinion, was the most fun?" In the mathematics field algebra is a fas- cinating subject in which one can have fun as is evidenced by the fact that Bernice Purdy, David Kaminsky, Betty Beenes, Richard Stueb- ing, and Jean Tomasi, have immense pleasure in it as shown by the brain machine. On the other hand it showed that Dorothy Spakowski, Pauline Bruno, Stanley Urbaniak, and Bill Toth have great sport in essential mathematics. The languages have a fascination over everybody, but Spanish and Latin are more capitvating to Barbara Whalen, Carlo Lorenzetti, Betty Iean Prijian, Nicla Carli, TIME OUT FOR PLEASURE Beverly Carlson, Marilyn Reinecke, Albert Riemierts, and Robert Mullen because they have fun in their respective languages. Science is truly delightful. Besides that, it is very interesting. It's not hard to understand why Joseph Lebhardt, Iohn Seneczki, Marie Cods, Bessie Bader, and Lawrence Lehning think it is a source of pleasure. There are always people who have fun in English. Norman KCOHIIUUGK1 on page 922 I DIVISION 309 Division Teacher: MISS O'BRIEN Courier Rep.: RICHARD IEFFERSON Top How: Packiewicz, Thur- man, Boersma, Hall, Wah- Ier, Anderson, Frere, Lund- quist, Iefierson. 3rd How: Bctdaluco, Mortor, Nomady, Carlson, De Haas, Krue- ger, Le Banco, Kachador- ian. 2nd Row: Spakowski, Winehell, Scudellrl, Par- tridge, Levri. Bottom Row: Grigallo, Hamby, Recupu- do, Ronzani, Vandermeer. Stelter, Prond, Dominick. ir DIVISION 311 Division Teacher: MRS. SCHULTZ Courier Hep.: A. PATZIN Top How: Ball, Cycelnas, Cunningham, Clark, Vez- zetti, Gentile, Stephenson, I-Ieitzelman, Patzen, La Cien, Baldes. 3rd How: Krechack, Kreuzinger, Nie- deimeyer, Chew, Farrar, Moncado, Panozzo, Loose, Cerate, Atkinsson. 2nd Row: Ramirez, Berinqer, Purdy, Fatenhauer, Martin, Fritz, Rogers, Fochesato, Lewan- dowski. Bottom Row: Woodwarth, Norman, An- derson, Lindstedt, Bertoia, Captam, Lorenzetti, Le Bhardt. ,894 CU1-:il DIVISION 'I17 Division Teacher: MRS. WHITE Courier Hep.: A. PHILLIPS Top Row: Halverson, Wash- burne, Smith, Atkinson, Olson, Pelc, Carlson, Hajik, Wayner, Gottardo. 3rd How: Amato, Seneczka, Iohnson, Tortorici, Krzeczowski, Doyle, Phillips. 2nd Row: Augustine, Mayhew, Smith, Markunas. Bottom Row: Hul- Iord, Goldhow, Donofrio, Mc- Mann, Hayden, Van Someren, Debak, Urbaniak. 'A' DIVISION 115 Division Teacher: MRS. ATWATER Courier Rep.: GERTRUDE ADDUCCI Top Row: Baird, Van Kempema, Borioli, Bader, Rodeqhier, Hills, Gustafson, Ierzykowski, Miqliac- cio. 3rd Row: Klyn, Benninger, Mahtesian, Sherman, Bresland, Oliosi, Matzke, David. 2nd Row: Ghezzi, Reitz, Pranger, Gentile. Hose, Spcikowski, Carranza, Russ, De Maio, Adducci. lst Row: Wielgos, Fleith, Krue- ger, Gregerson, Abbate, Bolton, Thomas, Limbach. if DIVISION 106 Division Teacher: MRS. HARPER Courier Rep.: R. MUSSATTI Top Row: Starczewski, Pretto, Fischer, Lazinska, Ernst, Malm- quist, Dalle, Iawor, Sapho, Broc- cardo, Vallese. 3rd Row: Reitz, Czajkowski, Garinger, Ciecier- ski, Chelinsky, Hagadus, Wag- ner, Adduci, Laparco. 2nd How: Mussatti, Iohnson, Slager, Mar- turano, Bovino, Melia, Irvine, Pockron. Bottom Row: Iurek, Alexander, MacFarland, Gry- czwski, Dyrek, Fells, Reinecke, Frigo. 'lr DIVISION 105 Division Teacher: MRS. WHITWORTH Courier Rep.: IOE BERTOLINI Top Row: Carli, Willette, Wag- ner, Stankus, Rowlands, lorgen- son, Anderson, Ermoian, De- Vries. 3rd Row: Beenes, Le- Rose, Kasper, Boyajian, God- bout, Iohnson, Myslinski. 2nd Row: Olsen, Mathewson, Bar- nard, Hohinson, Gritz. Bottom Row: Hajik, Alhamante. Pratt, Linholm, Zapach, Bertolini, Ko- vacs, Emrich. -i. i i THE ORIGINAL FENGER DIVISION 'I00 Division Teacher: MISS COONEY Courier Rep.: YVONNE WILLIAMS Top Row: Guizzetti, La Forte, Mook, Wormser, Hoffman, Ferguson, Belcher, Lionberg. Koch, Spanier, Plomann, To- masi, Rust. 3rd Row: Stue- binq, Bult, Kropornicki, Area- art, Zonta, Bilder, Stavros, McFadden, Stupigia, Wis- niewski, Berschinski, Kazi- enski. 2nd Row: Norrell, Sprinqe, Simons, Miller, Hi- qoni, Yniguez, Buqler, Wil- liams, Montressor, Carli. Bottom Row: Schoen, Ander- son, Avila, Kukalis, Iohnson, Fry, Ghidotti, Soderholm. 'A' DIVISION 200 Division Teacher: MISS MULLIGAN Courier Hep.: M. MASTEI Top Row: Erickson, Lclnq, Pozzi, Bcxrtoline, Mastei, Co- da, Redman, Slinqerland, Lindstrom, Stosus, Spake, Novak. 3rd Row: Miller, Pellegrini, Fraresso, Iones, Gritz, Matras, Gryczewski, Youngs, Waitkus. Little, Carl- son, Bonato, Kukula. 2nd Row: Iapenqa, Meyerchick, Batia, Borino, Sperrino, Mo- roz, Cavanauqh, Boucon, Moro, Iohnson. Bottom Row: Giromala, Rudofski, Martuse- vich, Ekert, Smallmanu Ro- vano, Pape, Kaminsky. ir HALLGUARD I Sponsor: MRS. SCHULTZ Top Row: Girotto, Epeke, Ball, Rudoiski, Hoffman, Lehning, Migliaccio, Hamby, Reinecke, Iefierson, Frank, Patzin, Ferraro, Vanderlok. 3rd Row: Dekker, Iohnson, Willetie, Miller, Belder, Ait- ken, Kreciock, Radick, Krzec- zowski, Victor, Novak, Hart- ma, Stephenson. 2nd Row: Moltean, Mathewson, Markienas, Aliosi, Pelleqrini, Iapenga, Kavanaugh, Russ, Kasper. Bottom How: Cap- tain, Boomsma. Woodworth, Abbate, Anderson, Pape Mullen, Klaeqe, 'A' HALLGUARD II Sponsor: MRS. SCHULTZ Top A How: Mastei, Boucon, Williams, H a m b Y , Victor. 2nd Row: Olson, La Banca Marturano, Ferraro, Russ Kasper. Bottom Row: Dono IIIO, MacFarlane, Rust, Ber tolini, Migliaccio, Dominick Fry, Toth. I 1 GUIDANCE SECRETARIES Sponsor: MRS. ROBINSON REMEDIAI.. SECRETARIES Sponsors: MRS. STARCEVIC, MRS. ATWATER LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Sponsor: MRS. ATWATER Top Row: Carli, Rodighier, Waitkus, Ferguson, Kurz, Youngs, Moncado, Taylor, Stankus, Carlson, Myslin- ski. 2nd Row: De Maio, Bodoluco, Robinson, Iones, Gryczewska, Klyn, Riggs, Kachadorian, Willette. Bottom Row: Movsisian, Anderson, Lazinski, Bar- tolini, Tomasi, Krieger, Lionberg, Ghidotti. ir OFFICE SECRETARIES Sponsor: MR. COOK LOST AND FOUND Sponsor: MRS. WHITE Top Row: Clark, Vezzitti, Nelson, Osborn, Wagner, Rowlands, B. Carlson, R. Carlson, Bulf, Farrar. Masty. 2nd Row: Pesa- vento, Hackenson, Prijian. Gotlardo, Gentile, Kukula, Yniguez, Mroz, Iohnson. Bottom Row: Stosur, Ber- toia, Fischer, Smallman, Simons, lager, Fells, Fer- rero. 'A' HONOR CLUB Sponsor: MRS. WHITE Top Row: Piotenhauer, Iones, Kroposuicki, Friar, Nelson, Lozsarco, Taylor, Mastej, Stephenson, Stueb- ing. Bottom Row: Girotto, Bertoia, Lindstedt, Dalte, 'Mu1len, Fells, Simons. Reinecke. Nelson, Michael Zapach, Delores Heuser, Iennie Ronzani, and Fred Mactarlane are among these. Ot course every- body has tun in gym, but we take our hats off to Betty Pratt, Ioseph Gadbout, Robert Halverson, Edwin Rusch, and Marvin Anderson because they enjoy it more than the average person. All this was recorded through our brain impulses. The machine, in fine iettle, was asked another question: "What athletes do you admire most?" It is quite evident, according to this psychological won- der, that there are Cub fans at Curtis tsmart peoplel, be- cause Fred Thomas, Rose Friar, and Leonard Le Rose all admire Bill Nicholson: equally smart is Robert Iohnson who holds Stan Hack in high esteem. Here, too, I dis- if 'A' ir Weismuller whose swimming abilities have won the undy- ing admiration of Edward Novak, and Lawrence Boucon. Since the machine is an intelligent scientific instrument and accustomed to giving sensible answers, it put our Fenger Titans on the list: Ianice Rouland, and Lucille Redman admire lack Gray: Pete Knoyar, who I think is one of our greatest backtield men, was regarded with ad- miration by Paul Russ and Marion Mastej. Professional football was not to be forgotten and consequently it had its share. The greatest passer in football history in my opinion is Sid Luckman, who is high in the tavor of Roger Baird and George Michas, It explained why Iames Ro- vano is fascinated by the best center in pro football, 'Bulldog" Turner. covered the fact that Curtis also has Sox fans. Fred Hills is one of those who think "Luke" Appling is tops, while Walter Rust likes that great pitcher, Ted Lyons. I am sure that every one of you loved the immortal Lou Gehrig just as much as Loretta Stosur and Barbara Van Kempema. At this point the machine broke down so I had to call it quits, but I learned a lot about you, and I hope you learned a lot about your classmates. The machine started giving out impulses that were tar away from baseball, and one of them concerned itself with in ALEX ERVANIAN, 4B Branch Editor K BAND Sponsor: MR. BURNHAM Top Row: Norrell, Wormser Del-Iaan, Bolrsma, Pierce, Mc Mann, Rodeghier, Carlson Van Derra ohnson. 2nd How Fry. Bottom Row: Hills, Evans Slage, Martzan, Wagner, Hoff- man, Lindstrand, Riemeats. utr ORCHESTRA Sponsor: MR. TRIMBLE Top Row: Ross, Rodighier, Wilmot, Limback, Anderson, Derrero, Lorenzetti, Pratt, Mac- Farlane, Migliaccio. 2nd Row: Adducci, Patzin, Yniquez, Iones, Smith, Bafta, Bovino, Gentile, Nelson, Cunningham. Bottom Row: Bugler, Stephen- son, Hagadus, Roberts, Andrin- Boyajian, Skripek, Niedermey- ir LUNCHROOM HOSTESSES AND HELPERS Sponsor: MRS. WHITWORTH Top Row: Hills, Coda, Schooly, Taylor, Mastej, Stosur, Wiel- qos, Dalle, Ehert, Pailla, Slin- gerland, Lianberg, Boucon. 3rd Row: Brandt, Iohnson, Ko- roporuicki, Nicla Miller, Fra- resso, William, Sopko, Gorin- ger, Bugler, Mancado. 2nd How: Iosenkier, Oliosi, Mat- zke, Fotenhauey, Ramirez, Mustceth, De Anqustine, Smith, Barnard, Geprtile. Bottom Row: Bertolini, Zapach, Fisher, Fo- man, Smallman, Simons, Ron- ald, Boomsma. if Council: MRS. SCHULZ Courier Rep.: MRS. B. MAIER G.A.R. Hepa MISS GARDNER Stamp Hep.: MR. COOK Top How: Donofrio, Wayner, Iawar, Fleith, Coda, Kurz, Gi- rotto, Stephenson, Bertoia. Hoffman, Iefterson, Hamby. 3rd Row: B. Carlson, Phillips, Cax Pellegrini, Williams, Mil- ler, Mills, Rowland, Mastew, Recupido. 2nd Row: Mussatti, Iohnson, Adduci, Morton, Van- deran, Iohnson, Bovino. Bot- tom How: Bruno, Patyen, Si- mons, Rienecke, Ross, Ghidat- ti, Abbote, Brolick. ,I f Omick, Iosehans, Anderson. Dwortz, Ermoian, Masbeth, ir . ERNONITE Mn ft v 2 3 3 n E TRAVEL THROUGH ILLINOIS ' Marilyn De Vries, Charles Benes, Walter Schmid, Harry Darling, Eileen Sparrey, and Iames Teerlink were selected to represent the Association of the Highbrows to interview the students of Mt. Vernon and learn whom they would nominate as "Most likely to succeed in the class of l948." This summer most of the pupils are spending their vacation in various parts of Illinois, so the group doing this interviewing also did quite a bit of traveling and saw much of our home state of Illinois. The first stop was Springfield, where they boarded a bus to visit the Lincoln Tomb. Mighty delighted were they to see Carolyn Iohnson, LeRoy Boughan, Marion Braseler, Roger Cou- per, and Arthur Housinger on the same bus. v94 These Mt. Vernonites intended to see the tomb, too. The following day, the representative went to the capital. The guide showed them around the building where they came upon Leon Hurmmel, Roger Hoffman, and Harold Hoff- lander. This was their first chance to start asking the question: i'Who do you think is most likely to succeed in the class of l948?" The answer was unanimous, Edward Liedtke with Robert Howard as runner up. On their final tour of Springfield the repre- sentatives met Elaine Vanderwarf, Sally Zim- merman, and Francine Shaw to whom they put the same question. Sally thought Francine most likely to succed, but Francine preferred to remain silent on the subject. ac THE CHICKS GATHER Q Before going to the train, they stopped at a soda fountain where they met Robert Nelson, Donna Mclntyre, Helen Panwell, Nickolas Dykstra, Donna Dennis, Clenor Thomas, Allan Abedor, Ioseph Belligio. They asked them who, in their opinion, would be most likely to succeed, and Robert Staterean Won out. These representatives received quite a send oft at the station. There to bid them adieu were Lois Artal, Margaret Torstensen, Fred Lochin- ger, Fred Mierke, Iean Lanchert, Iudy Kline, and Bill Kimmey. In all the excitement they forgot to ask "The Question." On the Way south to Mt. Carol they stopped to see Michael Cochetti and Arthur Himke in Taylor Springs. On the representatives Went to Salem where they visited Memorial Park. They just missed Eddie Anderson, Rich Lind- ber, and Rich Bolt. But they did see Pat Flan- fconffnued on next page! DIVISION I I I Division Teacher: MISS WRIGHT Courier Rep.: I. TAMMINGA Top How: Pohlo. Miller, Taylor, Timonen, Stoi-tle, Vander1aaq,Forstner, Lund, Ala, Klusis. 3rd Row: Dra- bek, Anderson, Michel, Fin- egan, Mileham, Weir, Hen- derson, Tanis, Sromek, Verna. 2nd Row: Nelson, Vandermyde, Anderson, Ia- cobson, Muench, Fitch, Scheurman, Wyatt, Ver- meulen. Bottom Row: Tam- minqa, Kristin, Pratke, Mi- Chalik, Swanson, Wiberq, ' I. Anderson, A. Anderson. if DIVISION 301 Division Teacher: MISS VERHOEVAN Courier Rep.: I. REID Top Row: Varnok, Elliott, Ianekos, Iohnson, Fortino, Ioostem, Sanderson, Robin- son, Nordgren, Rickert. 3rd Row: Roberts, Ryon, Reid, , Panwell, Oloisson, Kopt, Born, Nickel. 2nd How: Ol- roth, Parker, Redman, Pat- ricred, Sadock, Niermann, Bottom Row: Rocko, Roy- ster, P y e r s , Ioskowick, Skibbe, Iohnson, Karalius, Schlueter. ,951 1 agan and Pauline Barenderecht. The votes of these three for the most successful of their class went to Clarice Bodaukes and Dale Hath- away. At the most southern part of our state in Cairo, the representatives met Myrle Nickols, Marie Newhoul, Gizella Valvare, and lean Richards who were all waiting to greet them. DIVISION 302 Division Teacher: MISS STEVENSON Courier Rep.: D. ANDERSON Top Row: Carlson, Bengt- son, Bisgardi, Broneau, Clflrk, Wolf, Anderson, I. CGIY, Winterhoit. 3rd Row: Ostrom, Bensinq, Burich, Coats, Calabrese, Bresny- an, Basiaga, Bergstrom. 2nd Row: Kernona, P. Cary, Coburn, Paholke, Flynn. Bottom How: Cramer, Witt, Wicklund, Anderson, Boone, Adduci, Herrmann, i' DIVISION 303 Division Teacher: MR. IARIS Courier Rep.: F. MCLELLAN Top Row: Kline, Shaw, Dockus, Abedor, Boersma, Lindburq, Lyle, Bolka, Krist, Benedetto. 3rd How: DeVries, Anderson, Smy- rock, Vanderwar, Benson, Iohnson, Belliqio, Berolatti, Boekeloo, Maggio, Pappas. 2nd Row: Richards, Ruhl, McLellan, Thomas, Ford, Bryostowski, Kimmey, Kish, Lindburg, Bolt, Bomardi. BottomRow: Kaseberg, Rot, Brunette, Dennis, Kelder- 1 house, Alm, Zimmerman, l Zinkel. Benes. On the next train, sitting on the back platform were Betty Mack, Doris Loren, Dolores Iunst, Fred Matlase, Pauline Marshall, Laura Mack- intosh, and Betty Merrington. They had a short reunion, then asked them "The Question" and Peggy Senechel came out on top. They next started north and passed through Decatur, where standing at the station were A DIVISION 305 Division Teacher: MH. BOURKE Courier Rep.: I. PALFREY Top Row: Rosser, Andrews, ner, Plozzo, Schroeder. Rypstra, Vames. Muller, Merkle. 3rd Row: Wiser, Bearby, Johnson, Rodil. Resco, Young, Zimmerman, Zinkel, Westman, Palfrey. 2nd Row: Rynberk, Ruby, Nylen, Miller, Matushek, Mulligan, Schliemann. Weinstein. Bottom Row: Volo, Skrcxbutenas, Moines, ach, Rowe. 'A' DIVISION 306 Division Teacher: MISS FOWLER Courier Rep.: L. GANZEL Top Row: Himler, Badau- kis, Barendrechi, Borgaard, Cook, Taylor, Corbett, En- right, Holland, lessen, Ci- ochetti, Erickson. 3rd Row: Iohnson, Dumont, Boughan, Snyder, Ganzel, Rempert, Artese, Elizenqa, Hansen, Baumruck. 2nd Row: Hath- away, Houstrup, Cowston- tara, Housman, Cooper, Cobb, Flynn, Freeburn. Bottom Row: Boersma, Hanson, Braschler, F1C1I1CI- gan, Brammeyer, Buli- Black, Ellinghaus. Foldesx, Prystalski, War- Malm, Reesos, Selke, Oviy- Carol Warrington, Richard Iohnson, Iohn Sul- livan, Richard Benson, Donald Housman, and Harry Hanson. There was only a short stop there, and they did not have a chance to ask them for their nominees. On their way to Moline, their train was halted to let a troop train pass by. The repre- fContinued on next page? DIVISION 307 Division Teacher MISS OLIVER Courier Rep.: J. GREENLEE Top Row: Eichwedel, Horn. Southard, Gilbert, Housin- ger, Sroder, Seip, Green- lee, Mischler, Deetz. 3rd Row: Stoner, Hummel, Hol- land, Hafilander, Schmid, Kennedy, Starzyk. 2nd Row: Sloan, Senechal, Spar- rey, Ekstrom, Serrato, Wei- bel. Bottom Row: Fisher, Perm, Hoffman, Fiorenzi, Michler, Mclntyre, Galloy, 'lr DIVISION 308 Division Teacher: MISS STUENKEL Courier Hep.: I. SALCHERT Top Row: Behrendt, Salc- bert, Dykstra, Warrington, Geary, Wahlstrom, Trevi- son, Stutrtch, Van Oost, Money, Vermeuler, De- Vries, 3rd How: Gaspar, Torstensen, Stotereau, Sar- tori, Smith, Stahlak, Schiw- tra, Van Howe, Sudantas. 2nd Row: Chanod, Uiheil, Schmalholz, Teerling. Wil- Iiams, Garner. Bottom Row: Vanderlye, Schieman, Grand, Salley, Slepickn, Sullivan, Walter, Koval. Olsen. Wider - tk W 0 IgQQ"55p,97 QQ 'GI W Wd 70 DIVISION 310 Division Teacher: MRS. MORONEY Courier Rep.: D. SCI-IMID Top Row: Stack, Nelson, McFredries, Maltase, Ward, Little, Schmid, Richards, Laxton, Lambert, Mering- ton. 3rd Row: Neuhold, Loren, Charlos, MacLeod, Matangi, Machintosh, Mc- Intyre, Marshall, DeVries. 2nd How: Maschmeyer, Minke, Nichols, Kunst, Nor- ling, Misiunds. Bottom Row: Morgan, Fontaine, Medland, Smith, Wagner, Larchinger, McCord, Bra- bant. DIVISION 311 Division Teacher: MISS GREEN Courier Rep.: R. BROWN Top How: Brown, Burns. Brazzle, Davis, Pettigrew, Favre, Elcy, Greenwood. Dahlgren, Davis, 3rd Row: Kerr, Dimer, Arkehauer, Bauniann, Flynn, Pehilima. Madsen. 2nd Row: Math- ew, Boyer, Coverick, Elias, Edler. Bottom Row: Ber- trom, Hockstra, Brandsma. Pizzo, Anderson, Amund- sen, Albrecht, Archer. sentatives got off the train to take a walk, and much to their surprise, they met lrrna Treisani. Gordon Scheirnan, Ann Southard, Liein Ganyel, Barbara Cobb, Edna Boersrna and Harold Boersma, who were all Working on a farm. They talked to them a While, and then they heard the train whistle blow. They had to hurry back to the train, and didn't have time to ask them "the question" either. Their next stop was at the great sight-seeing resort of Starved Rock where they met Leroy DIVISION 313 Division Teacher: MISS ORMSBY Courier Hep.: T. IANKOWSKI roos. 3rd Row: Rice, Iones, lohnson, lankowski, cik, Howsinger. 2nd Row: Heim. Antonsen, Kramer. tom Row: Pitts, Blankman, Bonnie, Zoeteman, Maks, Day. Pitrusek, D. Darling, if Greenwood, Robert Bonards, George Kelder- house, and Donald Krist, who were eating in a restaurant. They went to a souvenir store where Stella Pappas, Robert Horn, Grant Hol- land, Sally DeVries, and Helen Charles were buying some souvenirs to take home. At last after a lot of traveling they came back to good old Chicago Where a reception commit- te made up of Rake Smith, Charles Taylor, Robert lessen, and Doris Schmid were waiting to greet the travelers. BAND Sponsor: MR. BURNHAM Top Row: Patts, Becht, Hol- land, Krist, Forlino, lone, kas, Little, Horn. 2nd How: Hummel, Vermevlen, Ek- strom, Richard, Laxton, Parry, Sadork, Wiebel. Bot- tom How: Rowe, Film, Coats, Arkebauer, Waqner, Archer, Andrews, Kase- berg. ir ORCHESTRA Sponsor: MR, TRIMBLE Top Row: Davis, Shaw, Me- fington, Geary, Schrader, lohnson, Pitts, Day. Hol- land, Ward, 3rd Row: Rob- erts, Olofsson, Zinkel, Mer- kle, Misinnos, Serruto, Born, Senechal. 2nd How: Kunst, Patriarca, Williams, Mr. Trimble, Constantara, Gedge. Bottom Row: Skra- buteme, Schiemm, Darling, Zinkel, Grand, Seip, Wal- ter, Lindberg, Top How: Krisic, Van Loon, Rowland, Klein, Knapcik, Philpott, Parry, Peek, Tarn- Hughes, Humphrey, Hoii- Oleksy. Potts, Darling. Bot- BLOWL BUGLERS BLOW? Home again they had one last meeting to Not only had they been able to make this tabulate their notes with the results that Robert report, but it also served as an opportunity McFedries came in first place, and second to acquaint them with their own state of Illi- place was a close tie between Edward Leidtke, nois. HENRY VON MEETEREN and Peggy Scnechel. Branch Editor SERVICE Sponsor: MISS GALLAGHER Top Row: Iackowisk, Ko- val, Bisqard, Biosseau, Ad- duci, Fartino, Kerr, Cio- chetti, Vermelen, Sander- son. 3rd Row: Hones, Rice. Matanyi, Loren, Coburn, Sudpntes, Parker, Neuhold. 2nd Row: Patridrea, Se- nischa, Caustantwin, Pans will, Sparrey, Aichel. Bot- tom Row: Mclntyre, Mc- Edries, Sullivan, Blank- man, Boone, Eiclcwidel. Anderson, Day. 'A' COURIER-G.A.A. NEWS REPS. Sponsor: MRS. KITZMILLER Top Row: Adduci, Ander- son, Michalik, Badaukis, Finegan, Schmid, Flynn, Warrinqtes, Nordgreen. 3rd Row: Iones, MacLeod, Ba- siaga, Iankowski, Ryan. Ganzel, Charloes, Roberts. 2nd How: Palfrey, Cooper. Johnson, Sparrey, Mulli- qan, McLellen, Greenlee. Taminga. OFFICE SECRETARIES I Sponsor: MISS KAY Top How: Virant, Chiaro, Miss Kay. 5th Row: Michalak, Smith, Strojny, Zawad, Lundgren, Ander- son. 4th Row: Munoz, Broqan, Sandstrom, Olson, Melish, Faure. 31d Row: Raimbault, Trentacosti, Van Swol, Fraley, Sawadski. Covert. 2nd Row: Nichols. O'Don- nell, Larson, Gordon. Botom Row: Wehlinq, Skelley. ir OFFICE SECRETARIES II Sponsor: MISS KAY Top How: Brau, Hilligonds, Vin- cent, Fleming. Sth Row: Zajac. Kish, Wojciechowski, Arvia, French. 4th How: Wesse, Weber, Vidale, Fleischhauer. 3rd Row: Meyerchick, Iacus, Spaqno1a,Moss. lanes. 2nd How: Vaughn, Stomp, Bigcx, Tomek, Dewey. Bottom Row: Vander Meer, Maqlio, Eichholz. TYPEWRITER pane em AT FENGER OFFICE SECRETARIES l Do you ever wonder who it is that prepares the daily bulletin or who makes out the absence list? It is the office secretaries. ln addition to these activities, they mimeograph, cut stencils, and file in the main office, the adjustment, the placement, the counselors' offices, and in the bookroom. They do a won- derful job. IOANNE SWATEK, 3A 21001 Activity And Duty Are Not To Be Found By The Roadside. -Mcreterlinck ORGANIZATIONS 2101- FE GER Miss Taylor t Flora Seymour Gloria Wiersema Grant Chessman Bert Pratt FENGER Niws STAFF hat's news? What are the latest styles? Who won the scrap-drive? Who had the last jam-session? The answers to all these questions and many more can be lound in the Fenger News. This paper is put out every week under the guidance and supervision ot Miss Mil- dred Taylor. The members of the Fenger News Staff strive constantly to put into words and pictures just what is happening in and around Fenger City. Iust what does one do to become a reporter? Here is a rough idea oi the procedure. The first thing you need is a recommendation from an English teacher for a journalism class. If you're accepted you spend the first semester learning page make-up, how to gather news, and how to write the diiierent types oi stories. Then it your grades are high enough, you may continue and eventually earn a place on the staff. It is at this time that you begin your career as a writer. In order to become eligible to become an editor, a person has to be on the staff two semesters. Yes, it takes a lot of planning and work to publish a newspaper. Not only does the staff work diligently to produce excellent reading material, but they work whole heartedly to support and publicize all the activities oi Fenger City. ' Following to illustrate the type of work they do, is a feature story written by a member ot the staff, EUGENIA GORKA, 4A Associate Editor ir THE JOYS l?l OF SWIMMING h those wonderful Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fri- days, when the girls have the supreme pleasure of dunking their little curly heads in the refrigerated water. All it takes is a skip, a jump, and a shiver, and there you are paddling endlessly back and forth across the enormous puddle. ' The swimming itself is only secondary to the joy that overcomes you when you look in the mirror at your once curly tresses. Oh, the thrill jot gazing at those lovely locks uncurled and clinging lovingly to the back ot your neck and to your shining, make-up free face. My, what the absence oi make-up can do to a person's morale. Q Then, as you stand there with one shoe on and one shoe off, your favorite sound drifts through the school, the bell. Now starts the race against time. Thoughts like, "Wil1 I make it to my next class?" "How ldo I look?" and many others, trip through your active little brain as you dash madly from the pool to 301 or some other room at the tar end oi the much-too-long building. Finally you reach your destination, and just' in time, for as you reach your seat the bell rings again and another class begins. But wait, what's this? As you glance down at your unlaced shoes, you discover that in your great hurry you snatched one ot your locker partner's green socks instead of your blue one. Ah me, such are the joys ot swimming. ' MARGUERITE WEBER, 3A NEWS REPS. Sponsor: MISS TAYLOR Top Row: Booth, Merkousko, Sigale la, Pent, Liva, Piazza, Peterson. Hoskinson, Marschall, Elliott, Iu- liane, Nelson, Hottinger. 4th Row: Konyar, Selby, Westberq, Strand- quist, Volok, Ferris, Bruno, Berg- gren, Carl, Montgomery, Baer, Hast, 3rd How: Gray, Brak, Sartori, Dall, Johnson, Spyier, Dohores, Sarapos, Specius, Murray, Bonaguro. 2nd Row: Bowian, Iohnson, Mullen, Maxey, Braun, Eby, Johnson, Ger- molic. Bottom Row: Allen, Smith, Matheson, Iacobsma, Kyler, Schulz. Stewart, Allison, Gray. NEWS STAFF Row 1: Seymour, Chessman, Wiersemcz, Pratt, Fiddelke, Schultz, Iacobsrna, Anderson, Vanderwarf. Row 2: Anderson, Derrico. Iohnson, Osborn, Malina, Kyler, Stohl, Gibbard, Zeigler. Row 3: Scheuermann, Horn, Berg, Akai, Camblin, Iohnson, Arentz, Schweitzer. Oviatt. Row 4: Sheldon, Vanstra, Maladra, Vidal, Pridjian, Matson, Richmond, Bury, Riley, Row 5: Sinkus, Russell, Lupien, Braun, Taylor, Miller, Evans, Sparrey, Schneider. Row 6: Swanson, Giesch, Przyborowski, Leiby, Winchell, Patterson, Osborne, Stevenson, Billick. Row 7: Baer, Johnson, Peterson, Cur- atolo, Fleming, Kuchek, Ciochetti, Weber, La Fountain. Row 8: George, Carlson, Smith, Volok, Helmchen, Iohnson, Bakker, Keller, Finegan. Row 9: Phelps, Price, Thies, Larson, Rosenberg, Walter Koedyker, Matheson, Stepanian. w 103 ff "ORDER, I That's the command given by Frank Toba- kos, president of Fenger's All School Council, monthly meetings of this group. The purpose of this organization is to recognize problems that arise in such places as the lunchroom, Washroorns, or assembly hall and plan a satis- factory solution so as to effect a remedy. The All School Council also helps a further stud- STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS FRANK TOBAKOS , ., President WILLIAM NYDAM , , , Vice President BETTY GRAY Secretary 'A' PLEASE!" ents' interest and participation in school activi- ties such as the marshal system, the G.A.A. and the B.A.A. In the membership of this council are the president of each semester and one corres- ponding delegateg also, a representative from each of the schoo1's activities and organiza- tions. ALMA CHIAPPORI, SA ALL SCHOOL COUNCIL Sponsor: MR, FRISTOE President: FRANK TOBAKAS In this picture are: Miedema, Wiersema, Matson, Allison, Berg, Dykstra, Beaudry, Kyler, Bury, Mueller, Farrar, Roberts, Remington, Cooper, Thomas, Derrico, Anderson, Gray, Chessman, Nydam, Mr. Fristoe, Vander Meer, Iohnson. ROOM PRESIDENT I Sponsor: MR. FRISTOE Top Row: Kazan, Davis, Ruduicki, Hesie, Kane, Johnson, Crui- ninte, Kearney. Kudukis, Ghratto. 2nd Row: Giusto. Branting- ham, Gibbons, Swanson, Vartulonis, Zander, Siddal, Beck. Bottom Row: Coughlin, Wiersema. Bush, Farrar, Mueller, Carl son, Baranski, Vanderhie. 00141 PRE SIDENTS ROOM PRESIDENT II Sponsor: MR. FRISTOE President: CHARLES BURY Top How: Hansen, Sueick, Archer, Panlakos, Moss, Smith, Zimmerman, Schultz, Iohnson, De Iulio, Forte, Koesema, Wise. 2nd Row: Miedema, Cittadino. Bridge, Cohen, Blanchette, Gray, L. Anderson, Iacobsma, Day, Lindskog. Bottom How: Kuzamek, Lindroth, Barce, C. Bury, D. Bury, Stewart, Dykstra, Wiese. s you probably know each room president, chosen by an election in every division, plays an important part. He attends all the meetings and brings the news back to his division. Any problems that might have risen in his room, he will relay to the next meeting. Come on, 1et's all help out. BETTY ULLRICH, GA 1 105 ff BOND AND STAMP REPRESENTATIVES Sponsor: MR. DEAN Top How: Satriano, Skogh, Hill, Krautsak, Strotereau, sen, Vanderwari, Eisner, Staley. 2nd Row: Kramer Holland, Kindrick, Raptzicm, Schrader. Bottom Front Price, Morin, Squires, Smith, Luisi, Kosco, Douglas. Matthie Conqer, ' Grizzle, BOND AND STAMP REPRESENTATIVE II Sponsor: MR. DEAN Top Row: Kossan, Phillips, Meyerchick, Blais, Krauk, Boker, Holmgren, Desjardins, Hcxmeetman, Zagotto, Vander Woude. 2nd Row: Curcrtola, Halverson, Kroc, Lathero, Bowers, Ball, Kuchek, Roseto, Maqnabosco. Bottom Row: Vitale, Andrews. Dulardin, Sprietsma, Kuknyo, Sagers, Norman, Brown. WHY THE MINUTEMAN FLAG FLIES l Each day Bond and Stamp salesmen of Fenger are diligently selling their wares in their division rooms. They are trying to make their sales 100 per- cent, because' gold stars and more blue stars are being added to our service flags. Let's all help to keep Fenger's minuteman flag continuously flying. IOAN DU IARDIN, 3A E9 ,Have Qfurne 11 GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR SCRAP DRIVE I Once again Fenger has come through with flying colors in the scrap drive. The plan of the sponsor, Mr. Dean, of five pounds each day for nine days really did the trick. Some students brought twenty-five pounds each in one day, proving that they are doing their best to keep Fenger on top. ARDETH FLEIVIING, 3A REPS WITH A rea! REPUTATION THE BEST OF ALL l Yes, those Courier representatives are the "best ever", for you - will find nobody Working harder than they for the deposits and payments and the success of the book. They may swear vengeance on those who elected them, but they always forgive these students , y after all the money is collected. Then they enjoy the satisfaction of a job Well done. ,om an MARIAN MAGIERA, 3A COURIER REP. I Sponsor: MISS ROBINSON Row Be Palmer ohnson Rodella orden Noble Da e Top : lo, , I , , I , , Y , Selven, Burke, Kerr. 2nd Row: Ellis, Testolin, Kulig, P. Iohnson, Holton, Wiklander, Zurek, Christof, Nelson. Bottom Row: God- shall, Randall, Cherones, Olson, Boyd, Zimmerman, Britton, Stegenga. COURIER REP. ll Sponsor: MISS ROBINSON Top Row: T. Smith, Heath, Kucinskis, McFadden, Ellis, Kane, Kalsbeek, Reisbick, Thomas, Maatman, Den Beston. 2nd Row: Clancy, Lacotche, Marqiera, Montana, Steinhauer, Chiappori. Evans, Hurt. Bottom How: Allison, B. Smith, Winterhoft, Ulmer, Bishton, Lediqo, Crummie, Staeck. w 107 it ? MARSHALS I Sponsor: MR. FRISTOE Colonel: R. BEAUDRY Top How: Lockrey, Schneider, Rim- mer, Podlecki, Slingerland, Hill- strom, Lind, Busch, Caputo. 2nd Row: Herdt, La Banco, La Piana, Benhurt, Skalka, Passi. Bottom Row: Nelson, Pirrotto, Walper, Busta, Novak, Nydam, Malmborg, Ste- genqa. 'A' MARSHALS II Sponsor: MR. FRISTOE Colonel: H. BEAUDRY Top Row: Allison, Favario, McRob- erts, Booth, Holst, Carlson, Greer, Hodgetts, Kluchenek, Derrico. 2nd Row: Ruhl, Kuczwara, Logan. Bot- tom Row: Olivi, Nydam, Wisniew- ski, Krwizenqa, Spartin, Kuzanek, Lindstedt, Post. 'A' MARSHALS III Sponsor: MR. FRISTOE Colonel: R. BEAUDRY Top Row: Jackson, Booth, Surano- vic, Flynn, Brown, Ippolito, Smith. Frank, Celyon. 3rd Row: Gregqa, Douglas. Bush, Zanon, Moore, Zuni- ca, Hanseh, Meklis, Scrtriano. 2nd Row: Waller, Musdalien, Sawyeir, Satriano, Schmidl, Siefesh. Bottom Row: Walker. Vulcano, Schuster, Beaudry, Merkousko, Wagner, Ne- mitz, Du Ionqe. 'A' OFFICERS RICHARD BEAUDRY Colonel GEORGE BARANSKI Lt. Colonel genera! Uralem re . . . "THE KEEPERS OF THE CORRIDORS" l 'Tenger has such a marvelous hallguard system The halls are so quiet and order1y!" With this ex clamation, a very pleased visitor leaves Fenger, boast ing about Fenger's "dream school." This fine organiza tion, under the able direction of Mr. W. H. Fristoe, does D 108 tt f+f+ffff++++44444 its various duties in keeping Fenger's halls respectable and neat. Picking up scraps of waste papers in the halls, turning off burning lights, leading stud- ents to various rooms, and guiding visitors courteously to their prospective places, are some of the obligations a loyal Fenger mar- shal must fill. Under the leadership of the two top marshals, Richard Beaudrey and George Baranski, the various lieutenants, sergeants, corporals, and marshals perform their duties diligently, every day. Remember, Fengerites, we have a won- derful hallguard system, and to keep it that way we must be "courteous and co-operative." BARBARA HOGBERG. SA MARSHALS IV Sponsor: MR. FRISTOE Top How: Kearney, Maurer, Guer- rero, Rodriguez, G. Iohnson, Ran- dolph, Van DenHande1, Kane, Sinare ski, B. Young, Hessick. 3rd Row: Godshall, Burke, Balaio, Rooney, Brickman, Cedzidlo, Podlicki, Geary, Minion, Rolla, Schrieber. 2nd Row: Schwetz, Davice, Skageberq, Skinner, R. Johnson, Ravine, Musdaliew, Schenk, Hansen, Calabrese. Bottom Row: Wright, Fresh, Vanderhei, Grant, Hraka, Harbison, Zick, Gereoz. ir MARSHALS V Sponsor: MR. FRISTOE Top Row: Schwetz. Maurer, Nelson. Rowe, Remington, Cedzidlo, Mahlum, Hannema, Peterson, Nicholou. 3rd Row: Skinner, Giles, Kieraldo, Ross, Butkus, Czarnecki, Hurst. 2nd Row: Such, Cary, Schmalfeld, Schmiedl, Hurt, Krawczyk, Fatla. Bottom How: Olivi, Ziemba, Dalberg, Koloris, Schaffner, Pascal, Merlo, Godshall. 'A' MARSHALS VI Sponsor: MR. FRISTOE Top Row: Morales, Smith, Stevens. Chelinsky, Briggs, Haitsma, Sloan, Daienherg, Nicholaou. 3rd Row: Zu- rek, Burke, Skogreen, Thomas, Row- ans, Kopal, Tuttedal, Newman. 2nd Row: Grummie, Leschyk, Adduci, Musdalien, Matras, Tuohy, Pochron. Bottom Row: Koloris, Rodriguez, Ho:- bison, Beaudry, Baranski, Vanderhel, Zick, Coughlin. 11091 ARIETY THE SHOW MUST GO ON VARIETY ACTS Muriel Smith Spiller Monologue R.O.T.C. Ruth and Ronnie Sinkus Sailor Comedy Akela Ragos Audrey Pearson Katzen, Cfteaderl Western Ramblers Mead Ballet Intermission Orchestra "Cavalier" Giulio F avario Sam Minasian Acrobatic-Phyllis Edwards Marguerite Weber, Soloist Florence Pridjian, CReaderD "Late for the Broadcast" Swingsters Solo Tap Val and his drums A Trip to the Dentist Boogie Woogie by loan Pintler Sinkus Group Skaters Finale Qllfl 0141 QI' Date: February 23, and March 2 1945 CARMINA DANGELO Music Editor L fv , .. A :gk W k V AH 4'1 ' 1 ,, mf :I , , A ..,' 1 ., -- . i ' W4 '--:L . ' 5: fL'!+7" i '- I , M . FK Q Q 2 N Y V k F i , v .51 n v 4 I. 17 t gk W -fu'-nn, 4 It ' f -- ,S ,K 5, .2 . . - ,S i ff' ' 'W HA : .:'as:,Z5i.k-I.'1 ' '3e,"3 -'If ,-Aw - ,V+ , , f 'Y fig, JH' 'Vw QW?--Y-' . Y! K , ,,. .- A 2 .B -P' 23 1, "' 7 sv A -new -Q qw fy- . 'Y Z2 1:f'f'Q'7 fsz I-my V iff 3 'I-"4 5 3 s .M My g, .ff I 83 1 wr' . ft Y' 4, x ik sg if 2 . J my gfim ,Vg i K J vglff zzi 'S' "1 Q: 'K ' vi . NIUSI DEP!-IRT E T GIRLS GLEE CLUB I Sponsor: MISS I. CONNOR President: N. BRIDGE Top How: Holmgren, Pohlo, Lowe Bonieldt, Lepsis, Klyn, Rodella Westberq, Memsen, Fish, Englin 3rd Row: Riley, Nemeth, Gard- strom, Comitts, Ekstrom, Kopf Schncor, Schrader, Casson, Beck. 2nd Row: Iohnson, Moline, Ander son, Drolen, Evans, Kuzwara Hedlund, Lindsay, Stotereau. Boll tom Row: Urquhart, Hibrna, Hyde Jackson, Billick. Boyd, Hast, Bury Timmins. 'lr GIRLS GLEE CLUB II Sponsor: MISS I. CONNOR President: N. BRIDGE Top Row: Kittl, Kasmarck, Hund ley, Thompson, Iuranas, Karbu towski, Keller, Napier, Fagette Johnson. 3rd Row: La Mar, Yak sic, Young, Cronquist, Leiby, Bon- iildt, Hulsey, Fauser, Schooleu, Winter. 2nd Row: Radimacher Calligari, Adam, Wardell, Opul skas, Kranenburg, Du Laney, Pa piese, La Greco. Bottom Row S t e g e n g a , Gibbons, Giesch, Kreischer, Bridge, Bukowski, Giech, Pavlish, Sofrens. O Q Ct! yi ,. GIRLS GLEE CLUB . . he Girls Glee Club was started in February of 1944. After long hours of hard Work, under the guidance of Miss Irene Connor, they have attained the power of singing together in color- ful harmony. The officers in charge of the daily meetings are President Nadine Bridge: Vice President, Dorothy Stotereaug Secretary, Iune Leiby: and Treasurer, lean Bukowski. These gay singers made their first appearence at the G.A.A. Christmas Assembly, and then at the February, 1945, graduation. This semester they participated in the May Festival. Some of the Well know songs they sang are "Green Cathedral," "Ave Maria," "Tales from the Vienna Woods," and "A Wish." CARMINA DANGELO, 4A, Music Editor n ll2 ,C JUNIOR BAND l Practice! Practice! Whoever said practice makes perfect was certainly right. lust ask any member of the Iunior Band, After be- coming perfect the Senior Band is no longer a dream. The members of the lunior Band not BOYS OF l A common question often asked is "What is your Voice: tenor, bass, or baritone?" Any one of these voices can be heard in the Boys Glee Club. After one year of existence these boys made their debut at the ZA Class meeting. only practice hard to become members of this more perfect group, but to participate in the enjoyable events of the Senior Band. Under the able direction of Captain Burnham their dreams of perfection come true. HARMONY The officers elected for this semester are Buss Wright,, President: Ed Petus, Vice Presi- dent: Bob Smith, Secretary: and George Wise, Treasurer. YOUNG MAESTROS l The purpose of the Iunior Orchestra is to to increase their chances for promotion, and prepare the students for participation in the each semester many students take his advice. Senior Orchestra. This year, al- though there is much competition, there will be several promotions in the violin and brass section. Mr. Trimble always encourages mem- . bers to take private lessons in order CARMINA DANGELO, 4A, Music Editor BOYS GLEE CLUB Sponsor: MISS IRENA CONNOR Leader: H. WRIGHT In this picture are: Peters, Hockey, Varellas, Taq! lioli, Hall, Wright, Matheson, Ergo, Ooms, Wise, Osborne, Bytton, Browder, Nyland, Smith. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Sponsor: MR. TRIMBLE In this picture are: Grady, O'Rourke, Hansen, Kramer, Lupi, Karcher, Lusha, Elosh, Schuster, Williams, Hem- minqer, Klaege, Dalle, Molle, Koch, De Klerke, Wesselius, Maiewski, Proc, Zeigler, Connachio, Trenble, Boogko, Lindberg, Grand Pre, Schoe- ninq, Merkle, Adiner. nl' JUNIOR BAND Sponsor: MR. BURNHAM In this picture, reading from left to right, are: Thomas, Elliot, Banks, Hibbe, Rowe, Rosenbloom, Peterson, Ma- iewski, Blackman, Lanclahl, Zotti, Kyler, Erickson, Mr. Burnham, Nehring, Norman, Schual, Di Santo, Healy, Wattjes, Holck. . MR. TRIMBLE SOLOISTS SENIOR SHARPS AN D FLATS l Eleven years ago Mr. Neil Trimble said, "I hope to make the orchestra one of the largest and one of the leading organizations of the schoo1," and he certainly has. Each year un- der his direction Fenger has received an "E" or "S" rating in the schools contest which are held annually. In order to raise funds for the repair of damaged instruments, the members produce a semi-annual musical show. At this time all the talent of the Iunior and Senior Orchestra are used to best advantage. Among some of the students who took part in this years Mus- ical Varieties are Ruth and Ronnie Sinkus, who play musical instruments and dance, Sam Minasian, who makes his violin sing, Val Cau- terucci and his drums, and Guilio Favario at the piano. Marguerite Weber sang a solo ac- companied by the orchestra. The show was a huge success. CARMINA DANGELO, 4A, Music Editor SENIOR ORCHESTRA Sponsor: MR. TRIMBLE President: GUILO FAVARIO In this picture are: Sweeney, Maqnabosco, Szlager, Rowe, Schuster, Knol, Favario, Mr. Trimble, Bruno, Gouvis, Padgett, Bernal, Spiller, Schmaltelp, Boozka, Maloney, Terreo, Rithaler, R. Peterson, Solchert, Cross, Winter, D. Peterson, S. Peterson, Groske, Haneqan, I. Giesch, M. Iohnson, D. Giesch, Neckolaow, Meneghetti, Rigon, R. Johnson, Hakalmaqian, Pavlakos, Cosaro. Pinter, Minasian, Sinkus, Karumpelus, Dexter, Neqohosicm, Sarnariain, Weber. C0 CERT BA ll LETTER MEN Rudolph Cia Preston Den Beston Mryl Haas Glenn Hall Verlaine Heusler Katherine Montana Patricia Novak Carol Pintler Ronald Rithaler Mary Sportello Harold Winter Russell Wright Charles Terrett Robert Allison Val Cauterucci SENIOR BAND Sponsor: MR. BURNHAM Top Row: Gray, Cauterrucci, Hard, Petersen, Bly, Gray, Blom, Willer, Nalon. 3rd Row: Noteboom, Hall, Den Besten, Cia, Rowe, Ziebell, Osborne, Pre-sta, Allison, Winter, Sloan. 2nd Row: Heusler, Pintler, Wilner, Novak, Montana, Mr. Burnham, Smith, Sachs, Strickland, Kalsbeek, Haas. Bottom Row: Radtke, Terrett, Rithaler, Iohnson, Russell, Kotik, Mathews, Vander Woude, Allison, Bronzzo. THEY AIM TO PLEASE ' For music that is sweet or hot, slow or fast just ask the Concert Band: they'll give it to you and it will be good, too. The Senior Band or Concert Band, as it is sometimes called, received an "E" in high school band competition. The Concert Band provides the music for our assemblies. The R.O.T.C. Varieties and lune Music Festival would not have been as great a success as it was if the Band had not participated. Their inspiring numbers aroused the entire audi- ence. This Band is not composed solely of seniors. As soon as any member of the Iunior Band has reached perfection he or she automatically enters the Senior Band. To earn a band letter, one must be a member for at least three semesters, participate in all of its activities, such as con- certs, programs, and assemblies, receive an "E" or "S" for a final mark and come to practice each day. Under the direction of Captain Burnham this Band has be- come an important part of Fenqer High School. CARMINA DANGELO, 4A Music Editor ,115e - i-if CHOIR I Sponsor: MISS MCCREADY President: ROBERT HARDY Top How: Hotbauer, Davis, McFadden, Krautsak, Enqholm, Yeo- man, Carlson, Fiddelke, Carl, Waller. 2nd Row: Vink, Borchardt Scrndstrom, O'Leary, Meskin, Nelson, Ettema, Schweitzer McAdams, Pridjion. Bottom Row: Price, Magnusen, Iohnson. Kastelyn, Bamrick, Stohl, Luecht, Edgett, , 2 I OFFICERS Edna Stohl, Donald Yeornan, Louranne Anderson, Robert Hardy. I CHOIR II Sponsor: MISS MCCREADY President: ROBERT HARDY Top Row: Siddall, Mueller, L. Anderson, Osborne, Lindroth, Ross, Kane, Campbell, Goodwin, Murphree. 2nd Row: Nelson Munoz, Showalter, Kyler, Popovich, Arentz, Wagner, Weber, Vaughn, Riccio. Bottom Row: Young, Lewin, Berggren, Royst, Hardy, Koedyker, Derrico, Du Iardin. ADVANCED CHOIR OF F I C E RS Sponsor: MISS MCCREADY President W A H ,,,,,,, ,, ,WROBERT HARDY Vice President , ,,,,,, DON YEOMAN Secretary , ,, ,, , .,...,, ELAND SKOL Treasurer ,, LAURANNE ANDERSON LI BRARIANS Dorothy Carl Myrtle Vink PIANISTS Dorothy Showalter Don Yeoman Roger Engholm Norma Kyler ATTENDANCE OFFICERS Vernette Carlson Marguerite Weber llG M f A, enmww, F ti dr :Kem .L '! ,lv l yi 4 5 iz 'egg' tit -f 'K" f ' v Q 52 , 1232 ,S ,w g M ft? rfleilt X, YW, -,,, ,.:,E, k 2,2 .,, f -:Fw . :t.. i::,I-f"':,--'if' i s ig, M 'iff' in OFFICERS Gayle Iones, lane Bakkar, Bill Pratt, Dorothy Sparrey ir'k'Ir'k'k'ki't CHORUS I Sponsor: MISS MCCREADY President: G. IONES Top Row: Weissenbach, Nord, Milhouse, Seymour, Iohnson, Iones, Horton, Oviatt, Forte, Maxey, Tehman, Wallace. 2nd Row: Brandt, Levitt, Ciochetti, Murphree, Kossan, Sparrey, Curatolo, Brantingham, McAdams. Bottom Row: Anderson, Domiraitis, Gerry, Pratt, Iohnson, Iohnson, Hackenson, Gag- hagen. fs at ef? BEGINNERS CHORUS Sponsor: MISS MCCREADY OFFICERS President . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,GAYLE IONES Vice President ,, ,,,,,,, .HWBILL PRATT Treasurer , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , .,,, .,,. D OROTHY SPARREY ATTENDANCE OFFICER Marion Oviatt LIBRARIANS Carolyn Swanson Glorv Milhouse Rose Curatolo PIANISTS Lois lean Ellis Thelma Csontos CHORUS II Sponsor: MISS MCCHEADY President: G. IONES Top Row: Roy, Gaidam, Hughes, Folsom, DeVries, Skelton, Csontor, Pertile, Vincent, Waicuis, 2nd Row: Chidechimo, Van Beek, Swanson, lackson, Bakker, Braschler, Vialante, Bruclcs, Ellis. Bottom How: Bogner, Liebeck, Arnold, Buck, Swater, Swanson, Kressman, Swingle. Qui- -..- '57 ... . ""' p 'Q' Q . Q QUILL AND SCROLL Sponsor: MISS TAYLOR President: DON IONES Standing: Otten, Seymour, Cip- rian, Eklot, Bennetti, Kyler, Von Horn, Mule, Gable, Vanderwart. Roger, Schultz, Fiddelke, Wier- sma, Jacobsma. Sitting: Marmor. Karl, Burton, Kiefer, Iones, Malm- borg, Schmied. Orr, Nelson, Pal- mer. ir QUILL AND SCROLL l Again this semester the Quill and Scroll has planned a joint installation with the other Honor societies in Iune. All those who are eligible will be inducted. The Quill and Scroll NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ' In your high-school career the thing to strive for most is admission into the National Honor Society. There are four qualifications neces- sary for membership. They are Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Dependability. Con- stantly rernember, Fengerites, that National Honor is the highest honor that can be awarded to any high-school student. It is above and beyond any other honor. ALEX ARVANIAN, 4B ROBERT ALLISON FLORA SEYMOUR President Secretary ir 'A' 'k 'k 'A' 'k v118. .j6'l0l,UAJge is a National organization, and anyone who meets the four specified requirements is eligible for membership. MARILYN HALVERSON, 3A in ower . . . BACON Sponsor: MRS. C. I. HOFFMAN In this picture are: Niqohosian, Gibbard, han, Bobak, Schultz, Wiersema. Fiddelke, walter, Favario. .PHOREX Allison, Hofstra, Mo- Oviatt, Hardy, Sho- ir CITIZENS OF TOMORROW l The end of gained G's in formal goal of a Phorex member comes at the seven semesters when he or she has at least E's in all major subjects and all minors. Having no president nor meetings this club still maintains its rank of being one of the most important ones in Fenger. MARYANN ROSENBAUER, 3A TUTORING NEEDED? I This semester the National Honor Society is continuing a system of tutoring that was started last semester. Under this system mem- bers of the Society volunteer their services for certain subjects. Any teacher who thinks this tutoring service will benefit some of her pupils can call upon the National Honor for help. Thus far this extra serv- ice has done a great deal for those who received it. ' ALEX ERVANIAN, 4B 'k NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sponsor: MISS W. MCPARTLIN President: R. ALLISON Fiddelke. In this picture are: Gorka, Kyler, Arentz, M. Brak, Fleuschhauer, Wiersemo, Meyerchick, Derrico. Favario, Schweitzer, Ervanian, O'Leary, Smith, Braun, Sinkus, Schultz, Hock- rnson, Allison, Seymour, Iacobsma, H. Brak, THE STAMP CLUB FOR YOU Do you collect stamps? If so, we have a stamp club at Fenger for just that type of work. The members of the Stamp Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Smitter, meets every Wed- nesday tenth period to study and trade stamps of different nations. Why not join next semester and complete your collection? MARY ELLEN NESCI, GA DEBATI NG CLUB Sponsor: MRS. WERTHEIM President: DONALD BAEH STAMP CLUB Sponsor: MR. SMITTER President: W. ZEIGLER L... -1 55-1' ii A 4'-f gn Top How: Mr. Smitter, Iacobsma Shackter, Roksonsick, Wilson Spartin, Baer, A. Zeigler, Ellis Tuohy. Bottom Row: Iackson Casson, Merkle, Smith, W. Zeig ler, Carlascio. DEBATING CLUB ' Liking to argue is only natural to everyone. Well, the Debating Club under the sponsorship of Mrs. V. Wertheim gives you the chance to tell your views on whatever topic the Program Committee chooses. Meeting every Monday in Boom 117 the club runs along smoothly under President Donald Baer. DONALD ROSS. SA In this picture are: Remington, Cohen, Westerdahl, Hankosky, Merkle, D Klerk, Bury, Skold, Katzen, Strazza bosco. Dalenberq, R. Zaqar, Selby Walter, Eyber, Sbalchiero, Vatterrodt Powls, Matusek. May, Lusha, Nelson Oviatt, Maladra, Waller, Spagnola Holtman, Nesci, Levin, Grxeier, Burda Grady, Forte. Iocobs, Ellis, Wilner, Keaveney, Clark, Holmgren, Carlson. Gibbon, M. Zagar, Kramer, Baer. is. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Sponsor: MR. IENKINSON In this picture are: Randolph, Housemann, Behr, Panozzo, Ash- by, Anderson, Cohen, Gneier, Johnson, Peterson, Le Maire, Englin, Bonikos, Kopis, Wolik, Carter, Walter. Nelson, Salas. Reali, Spagnela, Bell, Conger Szekely, Clark, Vandyke, Sut ken, Bontield, Ball, Ulrech, Cit tadina, Stevenson, Walsen, Win ter, Foote, Cooper, Fleminq, Swanson, McMahon, lohnson Nomes. CHARGE! CHECK! COLLECT! ' If you would like to give service to your school, Fengerites, why don't you volunteer for a job as library assistant? Their duties are those of caring for desk, checking books in and out, collecting admits, and keeping shelves in order. It's really simple and lots ot fun. Why not try? ADELE ROBB, 3A Y OUR SPANISH FENGERITES ' "Se abre la sesion!" says President Bill Preikshot as he calls the Pan American Club to order. "We will open with topics of interest on some of our twenty neighbors. After es, and jokes which this we will take part in songs, gam will be in Spanish," concluded Bill. Wouldn't you like to join in their tun? CAROL YOUNG, 3A PAN AMERICAN CLUB Sponsor: MISS OWENS President: BILL PHEIKSHAT Hoqberq, Utheil, Suba. lac so key, Voloke, Chiappori. R Thomas Callegari Kranen- Top ow: , , burq, Tuttle, Murphree, Pregle, Dod- son, Ergo, Miss Owens, Parise, Da vies, Swatek, Simeis, Schilling, Bot tom Row: Hutchinson, Rosenbauer k n, Pan MATH CLUB I Sponsor: MISS LANDERS President: M. WEBER Top Row: Forte, Olsar, Kotik, Ba- risas, Koedyker, Darnay, Iapenga, O'Brien, Pavlakos, Kranenburg. 3rd Row: Murphree, Schuster, Gryczewska, Rynberk, Wilson, Klaege, Kossan, Peterson, Hark- ness, Giesch 2nd Row: Potaczek, Ellis, Murphree, Swanson, Sloan. Lupien, Mahtesian, Miss Lcmders. Bottom Row: Lund, Wise, Jackson, Overmyer, Csontor, Price, Ooms, Seymour. 'A' MATH CLUB Il Sponsor: MISS LANDERS President: M, WEBER Top Row: Houstrup, Easoz, Holm- gren, Winchell, Swatek, Piazza, Rippe, D'Onofrio, Bonardi. 3rd Row: I. Giesch, Rosenbloom, Mur- phy, Reed, Mrienovich, Brugge- man, Kuknyo, Nemeth, Heerema. 2nd Row: Vatterrodt, Eriksen, How: Graper, Marchello, Carlson, Iacobsma, Iackson, Tuech. Bottom Heckman, Walter, Davies, Lange, Schick, Mathews. FIGURES ARE FUN! ' Do you like figures? I mean math figures. learn many useful things that you don't in your If so, there's a place for you in the Math Club. regular classes. The club also gives you a ln addition to helping to edit the Math Star, you chance to meet other people interested in math. CAROL KALSBEEK, 3A THE SADDLE CLUB ' "All right, what IS the difference between handling horses, as our sponsor, Miss De Haan. posting and trotting?" or any Saddle Club member will tell you. "You POST, and the horse TROTS." We Horseback riding is wonderful exercise and learned this and many other facts about loads of fun. Why not join?" ARDETH FLEMING. 3A i' SADDLE CLUB Sponsor: MISS E. DeHAAN President: MARGARET WEBER In this picture are: Fleming, Stein- er, Testolin, Schultz, Frank, Boldue, Lupien, Luedeking, Kocker, Davis, Lundgren, Hurdle, Pregle, Chipas, Walsen, Anderson, Henderson, Whitcomb, Carter, Sundland, Kan- tremas, Martin, Derrico, Goetz. Nichols, Boyd, Goodwin, Gerry, Matson, Gibbard, Frank, Watters. Napier, Weber, Desjardens, Rohlo. Hoqlund, Keir. 2122: me MMM, bX.f N N l .A ' A ,f ,ga 'J X MS xafflw Q , is 3 ' A X .Xl xx- iC"'f'X v .49 7 AW' fx vi Q X h .-fi by W ' 'lx - . ' ---. 5 f .'. TTU' V i 5? x XR T if X VX DRAMA CLUB I sponsor: Miss Lots CONNER President: F. PRIDIIAN Top Row: O'Rourke, Bethiq, Keller, Darnay. Erickson, French, Wilner, Matusek, Swanson, Archer. 3rd Row: May, Zaka. Holland, Apgar, Kuknyo, Kocher, Luedeking, Kantremas, Sara- pos. 2nd Row: Lucha, Spagnolo, Siddall, Gray, Skripek, Magi- nel, Walter, Waller. Bottom How: Biava, Przyborowslci. Foqli. Sinkus, Pridjian, Wise, Maqnusen, Gray. I o!Q9Af5,. .fdcfion . camera . DRAMA CLUB ' Drama everywhere is this club's idea. Each semester a new play! New members may enter most any time. The Drama Club is a hard working group, but they're fun loving too. This you can see at the initiation which really is very mild: sometimes our members are hardly bruised. This is a club for good clean enjoy- ment. B. BRASCHLER, 3A DRAMA CLUB II Sponsor: MISS LOIS CONNEH President: F. PRIDIIAN Top Row: Ellis, Eyber, Zachary, Hutchinson, Fish, Englin, Boni- kos, Lehman, Young, Archer. 3rd Row: Hansen, Vatterrodt. Adams, Riley, Kossan, Csontos, Campbell. 2nd Row: Minion. Sloan, Halter, Price, Schwetz. Bottom How: Stevenson, Boi- nowski. Hackenson, Sinkus, Pridjian, Kane, Grady, Gray, w l23 44 STAGE CREW Sponsor: MR. BEALS In this picture are: Ma- guire, Smith, Norman, Shaw, Sundstrom. 'k FENGER'S REEL MEN ' The lights are out and all eyes are eagerly focused on the screen. Again the "Reel Men" are again making a successful showing of edu- cational films. Their library is fully stocked with films for every subject. We all hail the "Reel Men" who are a vital part of Fenger. DON KASTELYN, SA 'Ir R E ELM E N Sponsor: MR. GARLICK President: R. CARLASCIO In this picture are: Goldschnikl Davies, Reinke, Gouvis, Selden Salley, Graper, Dralle, Norman Ulmer, Holck, Morin, Anderson Carlascio, Pappas, Dykstra, Iacob sma, Stinnett, Zimmerman, Van Sip ma, Bonardi. 3253 BARBERSHOP VIA RAMBLERS ' Strike up the band: here come the Ramblers singing tunes old and new. The Ramblers are a gang of "guys 'n gals" who like to sing under the direction of Mr. Neil Trimble. A Variety show or music festival is not complete without a tune or two by this "hep-cat" crew. ROSS ETTEMA, 3A ir WESTERN RAMBLERS Sponsor: MR. TRIMBLE Top Row: Karampelas, Paraut, Spiller, Matheson, Szlaga. Bottom Row: Weber. Iohnson, Nelson, Osborn. t 'A' AVIATION CLUB Sponsor: MR. SYKES ff I President: R. CARLASCIO In this picture are: Schreiber, Ran dolph, Nelson, Szlaga, Potaczek Fawrot, Iacobsma, Horan, Dralle. Kopal, Babcock, Fatla, Stevens Ydro, Anderson, Peterson, G. Nor dine, H. Nordine. Gajownik, Lusha Overmyer, Belo, Grady, Rowe, D Giesch, I. Giesch, Carlascio. Good win, Olson, Meklis, Humphrus Hoekstra, Stanley, Crummie, Minka Iis. Zelinski, Balsan. THE ADVERTISERS CLUB ' If you have ever considered going into corn- mercial art, designing, or advertising, the Advertisers Club is the organization to join. In addition to learning how to create and produce posters that will be used to advertise events here at Fenger, you will be preparing yourself for a field that will see bigger and better things in the post-war era-and you'll enjoy it too. DAVE ROBERTS, SA AVIATION CLUB ' Since 1928 this club has held a prominent place in the choice of the students. It not only provides pleasure but offers a fine background for a job in a growing industry. Proof of this fact is evident in the records of its ex-members. Prepare for the future! loin now! TONY CALABRESE, 3A ir 'Ir uk' 7 "T f ' 62-4-P" .y I W I , 1 hw' ,. wi gfgjft I N I ,O 7 t A - 1' ,iigQm,:13...-t.. -K A I ' ADVERTISERS CLUB 1 L21 ,buss 5 Q.,-.4...Z"""' .M Sponsor: MR. ZINNGRABE Standing: Schick, Cooper, Dilulio, Breytogle, Pinter, Lindskog, Hoe- nicke, Mr. Zinngrabe, DeLorenzo, D. Zinngrabe. Seated: Mohr, Smith, Tobakos, Landahl, Zoqotta, Dian. ir ART CLUB Sponsor: MISS STURMER President: EUGENE DION Top Row: I. Burns, D. Adams, Gibe bons. Penn, Noble, Pavlish, Zimmer FENGER'S ARTISTS ' Can you draw? Anyone who enjoys drawing and crafts will also like the Art Club sponsored by Miss Sturmer. Although this club began only this semester, it has already become popular because of its numerous and various activities. NANCY ZIMMERMAN, 3A BRANCH LITERATURE. .. I'LL NEVER FORGET IContinuecI from page 821 man's wife. We had sliced peaches which were rather slippery, and I vigorously jabbed my spoon into one. It fled across the table landing right in our guest's lap. I fumbled a feeble apology and ran up to my room. The next morning my mother told me she had been nice about it and was going to come again sometime. But you can be sure I won't be around when she does. Patricia Hogan, Burnside, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. NAVY BLUES IContinued from page 831 was going to show him off to my new gang, and hoping when he saw me, he wouldn't pull my hair and say, "Hi, freckles". I thought Bud had forgotten about the sum- mer evenings we would go down to the corner drug store for ice cream. I had just about given up hoping when Bud called from the front porch, "Come on, slow poke! Bet I can beat you to the front gate". I yelled back with de- light, "Bud Thompson, I am a young lady, and young ladies don't run around like wild In- dians." But I was out there before he could change his mind. Walking down Elm street, I thought of how I had missed his little pranks and his wise cracks. When he left, I thought it would be nice and peaceful without the pest but . . . I have to admit I missed him very much. wr When we walked into Marten's drugstore all eyes were on Bud. You don't know how it feels to have a sailor-brother order two choco- late sundaes the way he used to. Carol Atkinsson, lB, Curtis, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd Pl. OUR FUTURE TRANSPORTATION CContinued from page 831 We all pile into the helicopter and flutter, flutter, up we go. We see a good place to buy some ice cream to take home with us, so we land on the roof of the store. We wait while Pop climbs out and climbs down ct ladder. Into the ice cream parlor he goes. He buys everything we asked for and up the ladder and into the helocopter he comes. Soon we are home on top of the garage. We slide into the garage and go into the house. Elizabeth McCord, Mt. Vernon, Courier Lit. Cont., 2nd PI. TRAVEL DURING WAR TIME IContinued from page 832 away. I'm not pouting because you and I know that there are "G.I. loes" all over America who need that seat in order to see their wives, sweethearts, and friends. So I'll wait until Germany and Iapan are defeated once and for all. Won't you, too? Elaine Vanderbrye, Mt. Vernon, Courier Lit. Cont., lst PI. 126 ff man, Morrison, Stark, Evans, M. Iohn son, Sprietsma. 2nd Row: Timmann, Sirefine, Gonska, Finegan, Patterson, M. lohnson, Cloyes, Runyon, Lulkow- ski, Hackenson, Hutchinson, Zussa. Bottom How: Hoglund, Stahlak, Nor- qarrd, Lehman, Miss Sturmer, Dion. Schwartz, Wilmette, Glenn. ,.f' Tis the fc1rmeI's care that makes the field bear -Fuller 27 FRIENDS OF FENGER 9 Dr. W. L. Allen-11056 So. Michigan Ave. Dr. I. L. Lace-11112 So. Michigan Ave Dr. Myrtle Anderson-11016 So. Michigan Dr. Medsker-37 E. lllth St. Ave- Dr. C. E. Peterson-10900 So. Michigan Ave Dr. F. M. Asma-11133 So. Michigan Ave. Dr. Sasso-11028 So' Michigan Ave Dr- W' C-,BCH-11112 SO- Michigan AVG- Dr. W. T. Stevesson-11131 So. Michigan Dr. G. H. Berning-11055 So. Michigan Ave. Ave. Dr. Fisher-11112 So. Michigan Ave. Dr. H. E. Waalkes-125 E. lllth St Dr. E. Goldhorn-11054 So. Michigan Ave. Dr, M. D. Yampolsky-11131 So. Michigan Dr. S. Goldstein-11054 So. Michigan Ave. Ave. Dr. Iohnson-11112 So. Michigan Ave. Dr. P. Zallys-30 E. lllth St. A1do's Service Station ...,,,...,,.. Al's Meat Market ,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, American Ideal Cleaning Co Bakker's Drugs ....................... Bank's Studio ,.,..,.,,,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,,,, Benedetto and Cook Serv. Sta ..... Berman and Bell .,,,,,,,,,,...,,.,.,..,,,, Berzinsky and Vos ......... ...... Bimrose Furniture ..... . Bix Six ,..,,,,,,..,,,..,., , Bluebird Shop ...............,, , Bovenkerk's Clothiers ....... . Brandt, Chas. .............. . Budd's Men's Dudd's ,,,.,,, ,.,,,, Business Editors ...... ,,,,., Caley Bros. .,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,, , Calumet Index ,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,., ...,,. Carlson Clothrers ,,.,,,.,,,,,.,, ...,,, Carlson Funeral Home ........... Chapman Realty ,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,, . Chatham Coal Co .......... . Christensen's Bakery ....... . Colley, Dr. Ellen L .,..... . Cousins Iewelers ..,..,..,,.,, , Dave's Service Station ....... . Davis, Iohn R ...............,,,,, , Dekker's ................... ,.,.,, Delta Tri-Hi-Y ....... . Doty ..............................,,.........,. Dutch Girl Bakery ................... Eleven-500 Service Station... Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y ..................... Ergo's Bakery ......,.......... . Ever's Office Supply ...,,.. . Feltman and Curme ........, . Fenger Lunchroom ........ . Fenger P.T.A. ......................,.,, , Fernwoocl Service Station .,..... INDEX 0 Freddie's Bakery ...... Gorka .....,....,............ Gries Florists .............. H G H Motor Sales .......... Hatton's Furniture .... Health Spot Shoes ...... Hillegond's Produce ........ Hitchcock's Pharmacy ...... Home Oil Service Station ............ Home Store ........................ Inland Press ...... Iostes ...,.,......... K-Dets H1-Y ............... Kresge, S. S ,.......... ...... Kretzmann, Mary C ....... Kuehn, Nick .................... Kuyper's Drugs ................ La Fountain's Gem Shop ............ Le Rose Coal Co ............... Levison's ................... Lindell. A., Ald ................. Madderom Coal Co ......... Milton Bos Funeral Home ............ Monarch Roofing .......,...... Nelson G Gilden ,..... ........ North Roseland Motor Sal SS ........ Oasis ......... ............................. .... Olympic ......,..............,...... Pearson G Malmstrom ....... .... Phillips Funeral Home ........ .... Pullman Bank ................... .... Rago's Food Mart .......... .... Regent Hi-Y ........... .... Reliable Roofing ..... Reliable Springs ............ Ridge Service Station .......,, ,,,, Ridge Studio .................. Roseland Bakery .......... Roseland Buick Sales .... Roseland Community Hospital Roseland Nash Sales ...... Roseland Radio Lab ....... Rudy's Restaurant ...,..,.,. Ruby's Cards and Gifts Sabo's ................,............. Schmid Loigren ........ Schultz, Paul R ......... Sears Roebuck ............ Sherrnan's Pharmacy .... Smith, A. I ................. Smith, Martin ....... Stag Hi-Y ............... Sterling Lumber Summer's Flowers ..,.,... Tamminga's Hardware .. Theaters .......................... Teninga Bros. ................. . Twietmeyer's Dairy Bar Two Legs ........................ Up-to-Date Laundry ...... Van Der Meer Coal Co... Van Sipma Iewelers ...... Varellas ........................ Venning Real Estate ...... Viking H1-Y .......,.....,.,,. Wallace-Miller ................ Washington Shirt Company Werbner's ....... .............. West Pullman Coal Co... Wunder Beauty ,......... Woolworths .................. World Camera Shop ...... Y.M.C.A. ,.................. . Zschau's Florist ..... flZ8fv MONARCH ROOFING COMPANY ROOFING -- SIDING INSULATION 239 W. 115th St. Phone COMmodore 0800 for Free Estimate TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Compliments HENRY IOSTES of Office Supplies 61 Stationery IOHN R DAVIS Syoorting Goods Attorney at Law Telephone PULLMAN 0627 11325 MICHIGAN AVE CHICAGO, ILL, REGENT HI-Y THE UP-TO-DATE LAUNDRY COMPANY 21 EAST 110th PLACE PULLMAN 8700 129 Roseland Community Hospital SCHOOL OF NURSING 11lTH STREET AND PERRY AVENUE, CHICAGO Pullman 7800 The Roseland Community Hospital School of Nursing was estab- lished in 1924. The School is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Nurse Examiners and has affiliation with Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, in psychiatric nursing, communicable disease and pediatrics. The Roseland Community Hospital, of which the School is a part, is a member of the American Hospital Association, The Amer- ican College of Surgeons and the American Medical Association. The Nursing School prepares young women through their train- ing to meet the ever-increasing demands made upon the Professional Nurse of today: it maintains a high morale by a broad program of extra curricular activities, and graduates of the Roseland Community Hospital School of Nursing are eligible for membership in the Red Cross Nursing Service and the American Nurses Association. Our country has greater need than ever before for competent well trained nurses, in the military service to care for the health of our fighting men and on the home front to care for the health of its citizens to maintain the health of the nation. The fields for service, achievement and interesting employment are many. Roseland Community Hospital admits classes in September and February of each year. Students may register either as members of the U. S. Cadet Corps or as regular students. 21301 PHONE PULLMAN 7317-B CALEY BROTHERS Authorized Chevrolet Dealers 10524-30 So. Michigan Ave. LET US TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR IN OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT PULlman 8365 "Wonderful" Shoes FSC "COAST TO COAST" The Feltman 61 Curme Shoe Stores Company Incorporated 11133 S. Michigan Ave. CHICAGO, ILL. Compliments of the S. S. KRESGE CO. 5C to S100 Store 11221-29 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE "The Store of Friendly Service" 'PM W WM. A. CHAPMAN 6 CO. REAL ESTATE, LOANS, INSURANCE 11306 S. Michigan Ave. CHICAGO, ILL. Telephone COMmodore 1000 In l' 801Z PHONE BEVERLY 5400 ' ' Over One-Half Century of Satisfied Customers B. VAN DER MEEB 644 51 SONS CO. W INC. 1 C O A L 11106 S' MICHIGAN AVE' 403 WEST 103RD STREET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS , 131 If Pullman 7323 PULLMAN 3136 FORD-MERCURY 8 LA FQUNT A1N'5 LINCOLN ZEPHYB G E M S H O P H. ci H. MOTOR SALES, INC. 10131-35 S. Michigan Avenue IEWELERS AND OPTOMETRIST CHICAGO 11208 S. MICHIGAN AVE. CHICAGO uri- it, I ... - Q ' Modern civilization - ' means eye strain- ' ' far for comfort, safety ' C L E H R and alert vision con- . VISION It th y ' .-ComFoRT , su e optometnst. ' Q 9 Q - ICH-FIRLES VeFIf'I SIPITIFI I REGISTERED 0,PTOmE'TRISTOF VFII1 SIPmR BROS. llll4 SOUTH fl1lCH IGFI Fl FIVE. TEL. PULLmFll'I 0309 ' Q 9 3 3 "OUR 37th YEAH" BERMAN'S OLYMPIC MENS AND WOMEN'S WEAR CANDY KITCHEN 10757-59-61 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE Home Made Candy 6. Ice Cream THE BELL MENS AND BOYS, WEAR 11055 S. Michigan Ave. Ph. Pullman 1080 11158 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE 11321 For Highest Quality Fuels and Dependable Service CALL KUYPER DRUG STORE C. VAN KEMPEMA. Mgr. A. F. BECK, R. Ph. 10300 Michigan Ave. Prone Pullman 8280 CHICAGO, ILL. 11132 Miohigon I 1 '2'l ' COM. 2367 CHATHAM Compliments COAL AND COKE COMPANY f O LINK BELT STOKER SALES FUEL o1Ls WASHINGTON Phone Commodore 0014. 356 Woo1 111111 sf. SHIRT CO. o Low Cost Checking Account o Mortgage Loans No Minimum Balance o Personal Loans 0 Collateral Loans PULLMAN TRUST 61 SAVINGS BANK lllth STREET AND SOUTH PARK AVENUE OPEN WEDNESDAY EVENINGS - 7 TO 8 P. M. Member-Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HOME OIL SERVICE For SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREASING AND TIRE SERVICE Come to HlTCHCOCK'S . PHARMACY FOUNTAIN SERVICE l03rd ond sroto sto. NICK YAKs1c, 111th Street at Wallace Pu1"m 7619 P"'P' Phone Pullman 0393 IN MEMORIAM 'A' FORMER Cialumet Zinhex CARRIERS WHO HAVE DIED IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY LIEUTENANT KENNETH M. GREEAR 'A' SERGEANT HARRY GULLANS 'A' SERGEANT WILLIS HILLEGONDS 'A' ENSIGN HARRY F. HOUSMAN 'A' PRIVATE ROBERT KIRNER 134 NICHOLAS DEKKER B U D Y ' S 555 W. 115111 STREET RESTAURANT GROCERY 5: MARKET 11-13 East 119111 Street FRESH PRUITS G VEGETABLES Rudy von Meeteren Pullman 9121 PULLMAN 2140 PROMPT DELIVERY Compliments of the LEROSE COAL CO. ROSELAND BAKERY "Quality Coal" 11319 SO. MICHIGAN AVE. 12315 SO. LOWE AVE. CHICAGO V. Rithcderl Prop' WORLD CAMERA SHOP Compliments 11509 MICHIGAN AVENUE of the Phone Pullman 1075 Chicago 28, Ill. EPSILON EXPERT PRINTING AND DEVELOPING TRI-HI-Y KODAK SUPPLIES ay I express my Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students about to leave Fenger better equipped to meet the problems of life. May Opportunity make way for you and may Success crown your effort. ALDERMAN ARTHUR G. LINDELL 21351 111 T1-1 STREET H. I. HILLEGONDS Sf SONS WHOLESALE PRODUCE Y ! C A Apples, Tropical Fruits v- Potatoes a Specialty I I I 10648 So. Michigan Avenue YOUR YOUTH CENTER" Hi-Y l. C. BOVENKEBK TI1,H1,Y CLOTHIERS Club Sahara ' Basketball 44 EAST 111TH STREET Volleyball IOHN BENEDETTO H. s. COOK Badminton Phone Pullman 7198 Swimming BENEDETTO 6 COOK 1 AUTO BODY is FENDER REPAIRS Camping PAINTING - WELDING Outings 10546-56 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago 28, Ill. Fellowship WERBNEITS A' GOOD CLOTHES o Substantially Reduced Bates io Members of HI Y AND TRI HIY MICHIGAN AVE. AT 113TH ST. Pullman 4167 CHICAGO, ILL. PULLMAN 7737 HARRY E. CARLSON "MEN's WEAR" 11056 S. MICHIGAN AVE. CHICAGO CHAS. H. BRANDT 6 CO. REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE First Mortgage Loans F. H. A. Loans Checks Cashed Money Orders 11108 South Michigan Avenue E. PHILLIPS G. V. PHILLIPS PHILLIPS FUNERAL HOME 10234 S. Michigan Avenue CHICAGO, ILL. PHONE PULLMAN 2444 F. T. TUCH H. E. YOUNG ROSELAND BUICK SALES SALES AND SERVICE Telephone PULLMAN 1900 "BETTER BUY BUICK: BUT 1st BUY MORE WAR BONDS" 10432 SO. MICHIGAN AVENUE A CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS Telephone Pullman 3535 MILTON BOS FUNERAL HOME 10834 Michigan Avenue Chicago 28 FOOT COMFORT DEPENDS ON FOOT BALANCE HEALTH SPOT SHOE SHOP HAROLD ERICKSON, Mgr. 11138 So. Michigan Avenue Phone Pullman 1929 Greetings Cards for All Occasions at Compliments S A B O ' S of the W. 119th St. Commodore 4475 B I G S I X SCHOOL SUPPLIES f SPORTING GOODS "Bud" Parker "Sonny" Farrar "Pop" Ludwig "Hootch" Von Meeteren Everyfhing for the Model Airplane Builder "Bolt" Hummel HEYeSH Ervunicm l . 1 Y ' ' l 3 C is ' C I ff ' ' 4- 9 K J Q 7 . NH' s"'--- 55' J-f vrf v I X f gf MJ X Ib' VI I ' " W, x . 1 X K ' f ' X W4 - X C1 I f . 1 J LQ - ,C I -- D . Q ,K - C5 X P 3 'D C 7 L. ' . , 4 Y y A Xgrf t ww, I xjq I A r I N X ' JD Xxll I X M , lf. s"'-' I sn, . XX Xu V I' 4 y 1 1' Y I v .1 x V I ' li 1 x 1 I- DUNN ANDREW GORKA H ome-M ade Sausage 10548 Corliss Avenue Phone Pullman 9792 COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 11139 s. MICHIGAN PHONE PULLMAN 2600 FOR AI..DO'S SERVICE STATION THAT SPORTY TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE L O OK! TOWING AND TUNE UP WASHING Q 10400 S. Michigan Avenue 1 , ALDO VIANO CHICAGO za, ILL. UUALITY All fi, 112111. ALWAYS " ,I MIEII. PULLMAN 2700 ROSELAND NASH SALES 10220 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois O9 055 9 Y99 G IL DI N I N C , G. W. FLEISCHMANN SALES and SERVICE OLDSMOBILE SIX AND EIGHT Telephone Pullman 7000 Yards-355 W. 112th st. C. K. MADDEBOM CO- COKE-COAL-WOOD "Dustless Fuel" 10942 S. MICHIGAN AVE. PRODUCTS OF GENERAL MOTORS NORTH ROSELAND MOTOR SALES, INC. 10558-60 so. MICHIGAN AVE. CHICAGO FRANK KUCINSKIS President PHONE PULLMAN 6259 QUALITY and SERVICE HATTON FURNITURE CO. 11232-38 MICHIGAN 21390: SHERMANS PHARMACY "ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE" PHONE PULLMAN 3287 RIDGE STUDIO WEDDING - PORTRAITURE Delivery Service Phone Pull. 10446 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 639 W. 120th Street 557 W. 115th St. Chlcago, I11. R. FELDMAN CHICAGO' ILL BEST WISHES FROM M our crecbf id goocl wifA uriv llllll R0 ll 82 0 Better Furniture- Since 197 4 11343-5-7 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE REUPHOLSTERING AND CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE TWIETMEYER'S DAIRY BAR MILK 6 CREAM FOUNTAIN SERVICE - GROCERIES 12312 So. Halsted St. Phone Blue Island 5148 HOME STORE MICHIGAN AVENUE AT 118TH PLACE Congratulations to the Graduating Class from the A. I. SMITH FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 12000 South Halsted Street Pullman 0240 We appreciate the privilege of making the photographs for your courier. BANKS STUDIO 11409 S. Michigan Avenue Pullman 1016 R E L I A B L E ROOFING cmd INSULATING CO. Only the Best in Workmanship and Material 10951 MICHIGAN AVENUE PULLMAN 7700 Compliments to THE IUNE GRADUATION CLASS from RAY WEIDENAAR PHONE PULLMAN 0928 MAT SUMMERS FLOWER STORE "lust A Real Nice Place To Trade" 11405 so. MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILL. Compliments of RAGO'S FOOD MART 11803 S. Michigan Ave. COMmodore 2069 Owned by Dominic Rago, Iune '32 BERZINSKY 6. VOS GPIOCEEY AND MARKET 0 401 West 117th Street Phones: Pullman 0650-0651 AMERICAN IDEAL CLEANING CO. CLEANERS AND DYERS O 10347-51 MICHIGAN AVE., CHICAGO A11 Phones- 'Pullman 0687 10841 Michigan Ave. PUL1man 9495 ROSELAND RADIO LABORATORY ESTABLISHED SINCE 1928 RENT SCHMID - LOFGREN A 30 E. 111th Street TYPEWRITER Pullman 0107 , SUNDAYS 'YHOUDAYS EVERS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Hours: 10 AM, to 1 PM, PULL. 7820 10920 MICHIGAN Once Again Your Local T H E A T R E S Extend Greetings STATE MICHIGAN AVE. AT IIIITI-I PLACE ROSELAND MICHIGAN AVE. AT 11s'rH PLACE PARKWAY MICHIGAN AV. NEAR 111TH STREET WM. I. KIEKEN LOUIS KIEKEN 10816 so. MICHIGAN AVE. RELIABLE SPRING CO. BOSELAND Complete Brake Service, Wheel Alignment and Drum Tzuing CHICAGO 28' ILL- Phone PUL11nnn 0495 PULLMAN 0600 10557 se. Michigan Avenue, Chienge 28, 111. r143-I QQ .dw 3,696 0 of 0' w 42 'X 26. is THE INLAND PRESS, INC. 328 SOUTH JEFFERSON STREET, CHICAGO .Ebay ana! Service Call upon us for: CATALOGS . . . BOOKS . . . BOOKLETS . . . TARIFFS YEAR BOOKS . . . DIRECTORIES . . . PUBIQICATIONS . . . ADVERTISING TAITEHATURE O .N 06 fi, cznmn 0762 GN Q 0005 24 V 'L Q9 144 PULLMAN 0483 ALIS MEAT MARKET DPI. ELLEN L. COLLEY OPTOMETRIST 333 WEST 115th STREET P kwqy Th I mag. 111th SI. fs Michigan CHICAGO We Wish A11 the Graduates. of the PHONE PULLMAN 0536 June, 1945 Clcrss Much Success West Pullman Coal CO., Inc COAL, COKE, and WOOD William I. Venning Realty CO. INSURANCE - LOANS Qwmy rue: Honest Weight-A-Chee I 1 s WM. I. VENNING, 40 E. 112th s1. Icof. Michigan Ave.D 12054 S Hdsted St C H I C A G O CHICAGO, ILLINOIS t f . gxx AG I G5 -50 95 ' . ' V03 ' li K ' C' - X --I '- if , f' 1 I A5 CEEYISXJ I ' -3-37 I Q - f f x Q IO , sn., ' XO 'A H, ' jf T D+. Compliments of FENGER LUNCH ROOM 145 ...-p 'llc-L-e!x.i. DEPENDA BI!..I'l'Y Every assignment here at Wallace-llliller Company is an important one. From the largest four-color process jobs down to a minimum zinc, care and constant attention to every detail is apparent. Day after day and year after year we continue to give the same dependable high quality in our plate work. Telephone Superior 7440 for a Wallace-Miller representative to estimate your next important job. We are always in . . day and night. WIVALLA CE'Illll LLER CO. fffxola-gnyauand 465 W. SUPERIUR STREET Chicago PIlUl0-EIIGRIVINGS IN EVERY KNUWN MEDIUM D1461 Freddies' MARKET HALL BAKERY 9 627 East ll2th Street Pullman 3689 PAUL R. SCHULTZ GROCERY AND MARKET 11800 LA FAYETTE AVE. Phones Pullman 0375-0376 WE DELIVER D O T Y FUNERAL HOME O "ONE LOCATION" 'TWO COMPLETE CHAPELS' Q 214-216-218 East 115th St. Pullman 0119 FRED D DOTY GEORGE D. DOTY ELEVEN - 500 SERVICE STATION GASOLINE-OILS-TIRES - GREASING - 11500 S. Halsted Street PHONE PULLMAN 4100 COMPLIMEN TS OF The DELTA TRI-HI-Y Compliments of BAKKERS DRUG STORE 11500 MICHIGAN AVE. Phone Pullman 0167 Prescription Specialists Since 1908 BUY WAR BONDS Towing Service-Batteries---Tires---Washing-Greasinq Hecappinq - Vulcanizing Motor Internally Cleaned with Motor Energizer FERNWOOD SERVICE STATION JOHNSON and LIND, Props. 103rd and Normal Avenue Bus. Cedarcrest 9574 Res. Com. 5812 - Bev. 4382 DUTCH GIRL BAKERY . FOR APPETIZING PASTRIES . 204 West 103rd Street RUBY'S CARDS 5. GIFTS O 603 W. lllth STREET Around the Corner at Wallace and llllh OPEN EVENINGS DAVE'S SERVICE STATION D. I. GEARY, Prop. TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE ACCESSORIES LUBRICATING, WASHING Cedarcrest 9494 921 W. l03rd St BUDDS gauwwgwlpg MEN 'S DUDS SHOES fs. FURNISHINGS 623 West 120th Street Office: Pullman 4787 Residence: Pullman 2488 MARY C. KRETZMANN Real Estate-eLoans-Insurance 10654 SO. MICHIGAN AVENUE Resident Over 50 Years CHICAGO ILLINOIS 4 P v148II Phone Pullman 1948 Expert Lubrication RIDGE SERVICE STATION Tires, Tubes, and Accessories Tire Repairing and Battery Recharging "CHUCK" SCHMIED, Prop. Cor. 119th St. cmd Harvard Ave, Chicago IULIUS ZSCHAU FINE FLOWERS 10953 s. MICHIGAN, CHICAGO PULLMAN 0988 Phone Pullman 0904 NICK KUEHN'S AUTO RADIATOR AND PAINT SHOP Auto Body, Fenders Repaired 131 East l 15th Street COMPLIMENTS OF THE STAGS HI--Y YOUTH in his Physical, Mental, Moral and Spiritual Development is Our Vital Concern. THAT it should learn firsthand all school conditions and town conditions affecting the child. THAT a parent-teacher association should be concerned with all problems that relate to the welfare of the child, in home, school, and community. THAT its great object should be to inter- est all people in all children and to link in common purpose the home, the school, and all other educative forces in the life of the child, to work for his highest good. Compliments of the Fenger Parent-Teachers' Association THAT it should work actively to supply the school and community needs by creating a public sentiment which shall favor and provide good teachers, good school equipment, and adequate recreation for leisure time. THAT it should not be a means of entertainment, or charity, or criticism of school authority, but a cooperative, nonpolitical, noncommercial effort to produce American citizens who shall be strong in body, alert in mind, and sound in character, capable of perpetuating the best which has been developed in our national life. WE BELIEVE THAT the principles which guide the parent-teacher association are the embodiment of social service, civic virtue, and patriotism. IF YOU BELIEVE in OUR CREED, we invite you to join our association. Compliments of the VIKING HI-Y L E V I S O N ' S GENERAL MERCHANDISE 338-340 East 115th Street Phone Pullman 3653 MEN'S, WOMEN'S, CHILDREN'S WEAR SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ERGO'S FOR THE BEST IN BAKERY GOODS 11239 SO. MICHIGAN AVE. PULLMAN 1774-75 Phone Pullman 4154 MARTIN SMITH Modes 11029 South Michigan Avenue CHICAGO DRESSES, SUITS, SKIRTS, SWEATERS, BLOUSES KICKERNICK LINGERIE AND ACCESSORIES BLUE BIRD SHOP Rheba Wolfgram, Prop. 505 WEST 119TH STREET Cor. Normal Pullman 8137 WUNDER BEAUTY SHOPPE We specialize in all lines of beauty culture-and ladies' and chi1dxen's hcircutting. 0 I6 East 112th Street Pull. 10132 OASIS WE MAKE OUR OWN ICE CREAM - CANDY 401 East 111th Street THE "K - DETS" Pearson and Malmstrom ERNEST A. MALMSTROM, Prop. TEWELERS and OPTOMETRIST EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING BEST WISHES From the Business Editors of THE FENGER COUBIER Q EVA SUSAMI JEAN BARCE "RONNY" SKOLD LEN LUNDSTROM FOR GOOD THINGS TO EAT CHRISTENSEN BAKERY 11340 SO- Michigan Ave- 443 W. 11sTH ST. Ph. coM. 1730 Established 1898 Pullman 1541 151 W COMPLIMENTS STERLING LUMBER CF cmd SUPPLY CO. SEARS, BOEBUCK Sf CO. Lumber 6: Millwork Ave. ROSELAND Roofing Wall Board CARLSON FUNERAL HOME AFTER THE WAR 304-406 W. 119th STREET Remodeling New Homes Q .iii Pullman 0184-0185 119th 61 Hctlsted St. CHICAGO, ILL. Phone PULlmcm 0222 PHONE PULLMAN 5000 TENINGA BROS. INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES ALFRED I. TENINGA ROSELAND, CHICAGO, ILL. MANAGER 10833 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE FOODS ICE CREAM CANDIES PULL. asvs GEORGE VARELLAS COUSINS' INC. DELICATESSEN CREDIT IEWELERS ' 11147 SO. MICHIGAN AVE. w1521 x'xXKXxgx .?'sx 0 XXX X -uw' - - 0 , M '11 H mnlimmhll im M ' i' 'IP Qegnr, Q, L , ,, , .111 ,Him 3 9 g ,V f., O,lM,l1I, .'i g Xu P YM L H f V, I' 5' T2 f WM ' ' 1- , Mff 5 1 -'J -I if,f'f :I Q. 0 un I gif Ib ff rw.. N :A :jig 'lxxxf " 'L-44' ' XXXXXXXXNX xx Q A X X yxx gncnooq, X T T ""' N 5,,,,..,,,,E x, Gl q f f ' 11 ... NW I Q an .Q lb 1 Q Q V o 9 ' -Q - ,-4f". 1.3-,.lll 1 4 4 Lg ' N, is ' NX Grionioie --24... Ny 6 N Q XXX ,xx

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