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X as Til x" A1l 5 5 gi 'L.Ai'1 : ::,: lA . ,-Ri?' Av , b Y it i i 1 ,, r A v,j A7 3' 'V V , V! .Q ri A v - f . ,-, .A . V ,,g, W 5 Q ff: 1 -4 Q ' 1 7 ! "' H f. ' I f My f j ' Z , , . 555' A, ' Q jj P' I V VL' " I K A f' A if? , ,f ff WJ MU!! f I W ' ,,. ff' f'giQ ffi ,Q,- 49, 1 Y 1 , lb My ' if :it X V i X , .' 1 P' J - X ' 2 f ' ' if a V . V H I ' N x A .,.V Q' W. ' ! Q X f Q95 . E K X 5 , ri X E I xy nb w. lk 4 X .gi is-gf 3 M Qi Sf , ,, K . KP L K f fp 5 4 ' if 3. 4 QQ ,LM " Fm-ST B f- X ' ' . I 5 1 Feneea 2:52213-, 5 ,:7F9 7 Q 0 Q5 P oms' 'f' Hvwfw X 1NY r x .l ' 5 ' A ' :iff QIMR-SCHRCHT ,D 'PNCK WW N vbecomes . , '5 SSQMDI-V 5 Pfj.mc.1PAL , ,433 J it Q, A , E Q 2 L.,...M...., ' , W gb M. WLT 4 ,1.. ---f A Q., A,,1- Q B M? ,W W UMW fw. SWZZSMV 'g7 ' W ffvf Wy V560 ,, ' B than ER 7 , ng.:-Au-Q..-,Q Q .'.M,,, W i VFISWV ' ' ' ..1.2:g.. :1,fi1fg.ms,,,L,i..,..'4- -..:,4.'-fm...-" ,4 1 ,n f , , .. Md ' .1 ,f.,,.,, ., 311,44-'4x'f,, . Q fvif' J U43-4 ,ln-.-C lu-V ff-1-If-'ev M JJ' yo if ,-fvlf ' ,ff 11", ' KJ g,, ,4,ga',,,k.g,.-,4 , 1' L. 'Af' by Sf 'fra if AM.. W... ,ol-J,MA'+"'L'f-Ltw jjgkgfff X!! MAN.-1.15 , U ' 7 ,QI " W7 ""f7"""'f '57 7 ffi',l1f'?fjA' ,f MMT' ' ,J 'M' F if . Q ,. q -PM-49 ' ' M - F7-AU-Wi oumm A ' v Q. 2 i 1 1 4 X E5 Wfge ' ww kj f a wg . X gl 4 Nix 51 A X ' gigs S 4 wx U ' SJ Mfiiiflf WV ' ' . '1 ,. Cyn apprsecialiohn ol Jrheilriendships, expe- rience, and knowledge we have gained Jrhrough The medium of high school educa- lion, we, Jrhe Courier Slaicl of June, l94O, respecllully dedicale Jrhis boolc lo our Fenger l-ligh School on The occasion of Hs Tl-HRTEENTI-I ANNIVERSARY. F 4' E , .-,,J R H N, A YW- --my I- A H1 L -H..-,. n 2 4-. - if my -Q 'I Q i 10- I 4 'W .,,.,w Ye' ' 1 gig, 'H' sk 5 , .M I C' 3' K, 4 W , . ,, aiffsi wngis-A4 T d' 5 ",L7 f, . Q , , 1 1 'L., -L:. A' . is LL ., 2 . l W M .' ' ' H HQ ., v" :A 4, ,L ,. M 1 . f' , , .A., .. if Q 2 I K .. ' - ,kr - , j g t g W , -as f . X . M , '. ' ij ' , E f M , "M :X we - , if , ' -- I L y V W , L' 4 if A . K .. I W , K , .W . W hw Nh X A ,M 11123, . . 4 rr-.m . N-1 THE POOL l5I , --,, ia. , 4 ...Qw- GEORGE HERBERT KNIGHT George HerberT KnighT was The son OT The Reverend George KnighT oT Scarborough, Eng- land. He was The organ pupil oT Dr. Pyne OT ManchesTer CaThedral and a graduaTe oT Vic- Toria UniversiTy in ManchesTer, receiving Trom iT The degree oT Bachelor oT Music. While aT The UniversiTy, he won Tor Three years in succession The prize oTTered To The sTudenT body Tor The besT original musical composiTion. He came To Canada and was a member OT The TaculTy oT The ToronTo ConservaTory oT Music and a member oT The Examining Board oT The UniversiTy oT ToronTo. ln The UniTed STaTes, he was head oT The Organ DeparTrnenT oT The Peabody UniversiTy oT Music in BalTimore and laTer ProTessor oT Organ and ComposiTion aT Grinnell College in Iowa. He received The de- gree oT DocTor oT Music Trom McGill Univer- siTy in MonTreal. For The lasT Ten years oT his IiTe, Dr. KnighT TaughT opera aT The CurTis Branch oT Fenger High School. Dr. KnighT was a giTTed composer oT church music. The lisT oT his published works is long, in- cluding Tour canTaTas and many anThems, canTi- cles, and parT songs. Mrs. George H. KnighT T61 E if? GEORGE HERBERT KNIGHT To lhose who knew Dr. G. I-lerberf Knighr any wriiien Jrribufe will seem inadequaie and incompleie. The real lribufe To his memory lies wilhin The hearls of his friends, his siudenis and his co-workers. For Dr. Knighi loved his world and all who occupied iT, and his world, in Turn loved and respecied him as if is +he privilege of few men +o be loved and revered. Dr. G. l-lerloerl Knighi was a Jreacher, a scholar, a musician and, mosl of all, a genlleman. Never in my long associarion wiih him did I hear him ulfer an unkind word abour any slrudenl. Kindly, willy, sympalhelic and undersfandinq he was a friend To all. To Jrhose of us who knew him he seems wil'h us slill because his memory is one which canno'r die. James Smilh U1 ' FACULTY W -' "Wilmer " ADMINISTRATION LANGUAGE LUNCH ROOM Mr. James H, Smifh Principal Miss Hildegarde Meisekolhen German Mrs, Julie Cereal-an Mr. George F. Dasher I I I MISS Grace G. MurraIy French Assislanl Principal MIss Wilfred McParflin Lafgn QFFICE Mr. Wallace H. Frisloe I I I MIss Rulh M. Smarl Lafln M. S h S h .d Adminislralive ASSISIBHT Miss Mary OwensI Spamsh M155 Rafal' CMmk Migs Ellen DeHaan I I I Mrs. Myra A. Whilworlh Spanish M'55 556 '3 6 Engel' Adminislrahve Asslslanl Flgimig MaIIT5Iye Mrs' Ella M' Burkhari SCIENCE I Mrs. Irene C. O'Donnell Pgrsonnel Counselor Miss Maude A Baile Physics Mr Th as S 1 Mrs. Frieda O. E. Robinson M Emil C Bgnnefty Chemistry Mn Jem Owzllal Personnel Counselor I' ' . ' - '55 une 'ine Mr William C Reich MIss Doris M. Blachly Bolany, Bgology I I I. Placemenf Qounselo' mi? ':i'2l'fi2+i2' rrieaE'fiemf2'OlogY' Bmlogy ENGINEERING DEPT- Dr. Frances MulIin Bureau of Child Sfudy ' Zoology Chemistry MII Harry AI Beals Mr' Royal P' Klmhmlgureau of Curriculum lJIgsvlIgiIIIaC8lIljI2I?l0e Pllyslcs Mr' Roland Norlon Miss Marie McCulcheon Bohm - - y, General Science Bureau of Curriculum lI:IIAr. LBlandIIR.IIIl'hoIImpson Che3mIs'lry M EIII B III 'LIBRARY . of y . owne oany 'ss a . u e ENGLISH Grgifdon W. Mumford I Miss Margarel Bukovifz . h Physics, Mafhemahcs Mr. Michael Cozzi MF- John B' Russell . Ellglls Mr. Richard Sanders I Miss Lorraine McKay MISS L65 ggcgzger Engllsll' Sggiliiz W C II PhYsics. MalheIr?Iahcs '55 F5113 , . Mr. m. . Reic ysics Miss Anne L. Milburn English CURTIS BRANCH M' J h' R. K T English ' ' ' ' Mig iglfglaniivlcicir.-iciflfn English MATHEMATICS MQQSLQIUEITASQZE, AsS'S'fa'll,,f'g:,2l?f,l MESS Eslllel' B' Lundqulsl English Mr. Waller H. Brill Mafhemalics Mr. Ernesf Bryen M'55 Ellen Del'laarl Engllsll Mr. George Schroeder Malhemafics Mechanical Drawing, Malhemafics MISS Rufh W- R0b"'5Q"l . Mr. Harry Koedyker Mafhemalics Miss Mariorie Glavin Vocalions . . . Courlel' Sponsor' EHQIESE Miss Helen G. Landers Malhemalics Mr. Herman Hoffman I MISS Elsle Melnlwrdi Eng I5 Mrs. Gertrude F. Schuessler Mafhemahcs Induslrial Laborafory M'55 Ka'fhef'f1S M- Slevens Engllsll Miss Mildred Taylor Mrs. Berlha Jenkinson Accounfing MVS- Edna M- Siepliens Fngllsll Mafhemafics, Fenger News Sponsor Mrs. Mary McCullagh Mafhemarics Mis' Halel McNamara English Miss Ruth Kefler Mafhemalics Miss lda Pefrich English, Science M'55 M5"95IIeiDTaZ'l0" EPQIISIIII Mrs. Frieda Robinson MESS Edna ' u".el' P915 Adiuslmenl' Adviser Miss Rufh M. Wise English HOUSEHOLD ARTS I MFSI Mariorie Schulz Science mIss Anna hella Callanan CSevI1Ing IMArs. IIEyle Sfarcgyic II I English ss ena . rum oo ing iss ranceia uen e COMMERCIAL I MI's. Elsie P. Forqueran SewIng I German, French, Spanish Miss ldah A. Hemcksman Secrelarlal Miss Mary Heagney Coolqng Mrs. Rufh While Science Miss Alice R. Cavanaugh Secre'l'arIal Miss Madeline Johnson Sewing Mr. Wesley Folch Gymnasium Miss Ediih M. Kay SECVCTBTIGI Miss Genevieve C. Wrighl I I Mrs. Ada Maurer Gymnasium Mrs. Agnes R. Maier I I I A II Sewing, Cooking ecre aria , ccoun ing Mrs. Helen O. McMahon FINE ARTS BURNSIDE BRANCH I II Ijefrerarial, Socisl Science MISS Neme B Green Ar, Miss Cleopafra M. Wilson P I M . Efh . ' er ecre arla . ' . ' ssislanl' r'nc'pa Mil. ciaia v. oisis Secrefarial, Music Mlssvgsilpa ME lffflfnk QQ Miss Ada E. Brown ' ' Miss HeleIn O'Sullivan Secrelaqal mf' EI .'amM .' h ug? AL I Accounling, Science, Majhemafics Miss Bernice M. Shjne Secrelarial M'55W5'e R een BFI Band Mlss Congeffa Change EngIIish, Eafln Mr. Sayers A. Garllck I Ml' Wm' M'Nl'I1nTa.m bl O h I Mgss Margaref A. DeVlne Alge ra, Civics Commercial Geography Mlf' Mm' d cvfl Mllgl ed 'EES la Miss Efhe M. Dole General Science Miss Gladys C. Jacobson I '55 GU e - C 'ea V ollls Mr. H. Freclclefon lnduslrial Arfs Commercial Geography Mrs. Ada Maurer Gymnasium Miss Elizabelh I. galhouseI I G II TECHNICAL Mr. Charles Palmer Gymnasium I ommercia eograp y . I D - Me Lue"a Ee Kellellm Acwunffng Mi' 'lsi2"z'i2S'lZl,. mgfligrililffl 023223 MOUNT VERNON BRANCH Mr. Waller W. Sampson Accounhnq M ' q. . . . Miss Edna M. Randall Accounling "' John A' Brlnllman M'55 Wlmffed A- Gallagher Mr. Paul A. McCaughey Accounfing, Shop Mafhemafics Mrs. Gerfrude S. Mellel Economics Mr. Ernesf E. Lange Economics, Commercial Law Mrs. Jessie I. Solomon Business Mr. Claude Smiller Economics SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr. Heber M. Hays Hisfory Miss Slella C. Plafl Hislory Mrs. Clara T. Fenn Hislory Mrs. Margarer S. Hill Hisfory Miss Mary E. McCabe Hislory Mr. Pefer DeGraf'l Civics Miss lngeborq Olson Civics Mr. Ira M. Waqenman Hislory Miss Lillian Edinger Hisfory Mrs. Charlolle J. Hoffman Hislory, Civics Miss Nora B. Slevenson Hislory Mr. Levon Arpee Malhemafics, English Hislory Mechanical Drawing Mr. Louis E. Dickman Aulo Shop, Mechanical Mr. Herberl Sl. Germain Wood Shop, Mechanical Drawinq Drawing Mr. George J. Aiken Technical Mr. John J. Kehoe Prinl Shop Mr. Leslie J. O'Mara Eleclric Shop Mr. Julian J. Sykes Aulo Shop Mr. Thomas Van Scoyoc Wood Shop GIRLS' GYM Miss Kafheryn Bulger Mrs. Helen M. Malfhews Maroarel C. Kifzmiller Mrs. Miss Ursula Gardener Mrs. Ada Maurer BOYS' GYM Mr. Frank E. Young Mr. Harry Dixon Mr. Frank W. Knighf Mr. Charles Palmer Sql. W. P. Robinson R.o.r.c. l8l Assislanl Principal Mrs. Kalherine Donahue English, General Science Miss Alice C. Eddy Lafin, Music Miss Charlofle Fowler Shop Mafhemalics, Algebra Mr. Edmund Jaris General Science Mrs. Anna D. Jensen Shop Malhemalics, Algebra, Accounring Mr. Max Mullen lndusfrial Arls Laborafory Mrs. Edna C. Lewerenz English, Accounling Mrs. Elizabelh T. Moroney English Mr. Archibald W. Morrow Mechanical Drawing Mr. Gorman Pickard General Science, Algebra Miss Laura Verhoeven English Mrs. Alma B. Walson Household Arls, Accounfing Miss Pearl Hendershol Spanish, Accounling Mr. Wesley Folch Gymnasium Mrs. Ada Maurer Gymnasium OUR PRINCIPAL, JAMES H. SMITH 191 MR. GEORGE DASHER Assisfanf Principal v w ,A W n , .i v. + 0 51:1 . aa- . ,.. As Henry WadsworTh LongTellow was inspired To choose Tor The beauTiTuI sTory oT "I-liawaTha," The subiecT, The American Indian, we, The June Courier STaTT oT I940. also soIecT The American Indian Tor our Theme. Mr. LongTelIow TeIT deeply ThaT This was The righT and only Theme Tor such a sTory, Tor The American Indians were Truly The TirsT dwellers on our vasT conTinenT. In a Time when They were eiTher greaTIy Teared or haTed, Ivlr. LongTeIlow was somewhaT alarmed as To how The people would receive a long poem abouT The American Indians. We, The sTaTT, aT a Time when These braves are largely TorgoTTen, or are mere picTures, have The same Tear clinging in our hearTs. Sfill aTTer careTul reading and research we believe we owe our TirsT people much. They have given INDIAN us vasT weaITh, while we in Turn have given Them liTTle. Though we may laugh aT Their wiTch docTors, The American Indians have conTribuTed enor- mously To our modern medicine. IT has been said ThaT abouT eighTy-six per cenT oT all our Icnowl- edge concerning drugs has been Taken Trom These people. AgriculTurisTs sTood in amazemenT when They learned ThaT sixTy per cenT oT all Toods used ThroughouT The world Today originaTed wiTh The American Indian. Through Their accuraTe knowl- edge oT AsTronomy, Physics, and MaThemaTics, we Today could surely learn many Things which would beneTiT us greaTly. In some oT The arTs and sciences we have reached on one line a poinT which The Indians reached along a parallel line, many, many years ago. Joining These Two lines we shall undoubTedIy advance Tar in These subiecTs since uniTy means progress. Today in CenTral America are highways and bridges builT approxi- maTeIy 8,000 To l0,000 years ago, and many oT These are s+iII in exisTence and in use. So leT us noT Thinlc oT The American Indian as TuTile, buT as a symbol signiTying greaTness. For all Their gracious giving in The Times oT our ToreTaThers, we have noT TreaTed The Indian iusTIy. We have Torced Them from Their lands, Taken Their crops, shoved Them Trom reservaTion To reservaTion as our Tancy Tlamed wiThin us, or I'2I TRADITIONS as Their land proved more TerTile and saTisTying carried on Through governmenT oTTicials who To our greed. We have cheaTed, lied To Them, guard Them as a moTher proTecTs her children. have permiTTed Them To live merely Tor whaT Today The Indian is being educaTed as you and I. Many siTies. be un live a we mighT gain Trom Them. Gradually we have changed: we recognize The Indians noT as wild men, buT as a race oT people who have given us many Things oT vasT worTh which we would never have had wiThouT Their kindly generosiTy. Pro are even sTudying in colleges and univer- Possibly some day These people shall noT der our guidance buT shall be permiTTed To mong us as ciTizens. m "HiawaTha," Trom Their many legends, 6. . , X f . . -5 , The American Indians also have a sTrorTg and and Trom Indian TradiTions we have borrowed Tirm TaiTh in devine POWGFI Their TaiThs vary: each Treelyq and These we have woven inTo The Tabric Tribe has his own inTerpreTaTion oT God: each oT our book. We have applied This To our arT, worships as his ancesTors did in The pasT: and our liTeraTure, our arTiclos on clubs and organiza- each carries ouT his Tribal cusToms wiTh uTmosT Tions, giving The besT ThaT our high school TalenTs aIoiliTy. From Their beauTiTul hymns and prayers can render. We honesTIy hope ThaT Through our we Tind poeTry which we are beginning To real- whole-hearTed eTTorTs we have done iusTice in a iZe will never die because oT iTs CIepTh OT Teeling humble way To The Indian-and To his culTure. and Tine expression. OTTen do Their prayers sug- Viola Sharkeyl Ed5+Or,gn,Qhge1C gesT passages Trom our songs and psalms in The Merle Thomas, Edp,Or,gn,Chief Bible. One oT The prayers chosen Trom The lncas, who worship The Sun God, will serve as an illusTraTion : my f CreaTor oT The world , VA""' ,a"'if" ii I, Maker oT all men. ' ' ':" ' I Lord oT all lords: In My eyes Tail me "fT4 5 For longing To see Thee, if ' '- . .E 4,...1. 2 -.1-sf? Hi- For The sole desire To know Thee. '15 , Today The whiTe man no longer can use his Q ,E keen wiTs againsT The Indians. I-Iis dealings are g iiiii 4 'i i A . .' ' I --f' ., 1 ' --' T f' , -f ff, " W my by ' "f. . s.I:' 'I - -Q -1- if X .:.-4 "1' ,..-if t :Q .gf in 4.17 -. ig. .Ag ' i j.,: 'g 'est T 2: Q I Aff 5.1. I I QWTT f erls T ' I . .. 1 'T . V- . Q gf. wwf' , F . ,f ,, we-' 2. izi il, A -I -' q r g, - . 1 T ' "" 'ii' ' ii ' I I ' i '- ..v-' i 'ir' If . . 1-, i 2 "" 3 "" ' iii - ' Tif - f " 1 T - . .y u . .s '.1..,' gi N2 7 V .-'M' 'i"' 'f ' , 1 . . .f" A g as I 'r s I is.. T . .r' 'th :--: i . ii . H ii"'iAi ""- .ufsr --r v -,Tr '- 4 .. 1 I T T 'si T ' I T vrrs 'T A ' J I I , , T I rs s - .., V '--:g H .ll , vv ll ll u 521 '1-v f i . , ,..., : ,si ,:,. . f.1. 1.33.-h ,,.. Il3l THANK YOU, ALL Do you know ThaT There are sold in a year approximaTel,f 6,400 copies oT The Fenger Courier, which represenTs you? IT is also reporTed To have The largesT circulaTion oT any high school or college book in The UniTed STaTes. A book oT as greaT imporTance as This required much Time and a sTrong sense oT responsi- biliTy on The parT oT all persons concerned. The Courier STaTT Teels ThaT our book would never be a success wiThouT The generous supporT oT The TaculTy, sTudenTs, and The communiTyl Mr. SmiTh and Mr. Dasher, may we aT This Time express our deepesT appreciaTion Tor your sTrong supporT and your inTiniTe undersTanding oT our numerous problems. May we exTend To you, Miss Robinson, our very deepesT apprecialrion Tor your energeTic, seemingly unTiring eTTorTs, and splendid guidance ThroughouT The pasT semesTer. We Teel ThaT wiThouT your mosT whole hearTed cooperaTion and precise iudgmenT, our book could noT be whaT iT is Today. I For your mosT loyal backing, we owe you a large VioIeT Escarraz Edward Pavlak AssociaTe EdiTor AssociaTe EdnTor Merle Thomas EdiTor-infChieT DoroThv Burgess ArT EdiTor GerTrude Preuss OTTice Manager Charles PeTerson InTerview Edifor Thelma NorTon InTerview EdiTor BeTTe Bouqhan PubIiciTv EdiTor 1 VII4-:I J sf r ' i U S i N, is N JL- V, e it voTe oT Thanks, Mr. Cook and Miss Glavin oT CurTis, Miss Gallagher and Miss Fowler oT MT. Vernon, and Miss Wilson oT Burnside. To you, Miss Marlin and your Advanced ArT classes, we owe our mosT graTe- Tul Thanks Tor your greaT inTeresT and The proclucTion oT all The arT in our book. We have been Told' ThaT The drawings in our Couriers Have a proTessional sTyle,-all crediT To you. Also, Mr. Arpee, we are indebTed To your vasT knowledge and aid in our inTerpreTaTions used in our Theme, "The Indians." Miss Fluke,wewouId also like To express our graTiTude To you and your library assisTanTs, who so willingly aided us in 'our search Through books on Indian lore. Andrew Morrison PhoTogra phic EdiTor Mario LovaTo PhoTographic EdiTor Mary Carr Sporfs Edifor ChesTer Piech Branch EdiTor Theodore Bollman ArT EdiTor Nancy Tucker TypisT Naomi Berg TypisT RoberT Buchholz Business Eleanore Gerlofson TypisT Alice CIemenT Typisf Marcella Madderom TypisT Shirley DeYoung Financial --ll---Q --- . , " f v f I V 41 1 -4 ',, , M J L 4' l fi ' 'ig-vi. f 4 I , u . . , V 1 W r, I I - I, U . , ,, . f..,.11.- ,, fl,-, , r, -. V To you, Mr. Koerner and Mr. Zinngrabe, Tor so graciously giving oT your Time and maTerials, Thanks also. We are indebTed To you, Mr. Kehoe, and your prinTing classes, Tor your indusTrious and helpTul conTribuTions oT prinTing and supplies. Mr. Beals, and all your sTage crew, we owe our sinceresT graTiTude Tor your splendid help during picTure Taking week, and innumerable oTher Times. How H F could we geT along wiThouT youl We also wish To RW W' R2,lf,'CfQQ'l E,.f,lQ'Q2Q?a,iClELQ,l?f,Qf express our indebTedness To Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Camp- bell, Miss McKenna, Miss Schmid, and Mrs. O'Don- nell, Tor use OT records, sTaTisTics, supplies, and care oT our money, which has proved invaluable To us Edifof-in-Chief We Thank you, Miss Taylor and The News STGTCT Tor publiciTy and many oTher IiT+Ie Tavors which con- TribuTed To The success oT The book. Again, we owe much To all oT you kind people-Tor noonday announcemenTs by Mr. SmiTTer, Mr. Koe- Viola Sharkey deker, Mr. Wagenman, and Mr. Brill: To The liTerary - sponsors, Mrs. Wise, Miss Dunker, Miss Del-laan, Miss Edinger, Mrs. Donhaue, Miss Mildred Taylor, Carol Lees Office Manager Miss KorTen, Miss Slevens, Miss Jacobson, Mrs. Ruth Kane, McNamara, Miss McCabe, Miss STevenson, Miss Glavin, Miss O'Sullivan, Miss PeTrich, Miss Mar- gareT Taylor, Mrs. MeTTel, Mrs. WhiTworTh, Miss 5fUdef1TCOUnCi' Edifof l-larrieT Narodowski LiTerary Edifor Ar? Edifor Roy Tullqren LundquisT, Miss McKirdie, Miss Milburn, Miss Con- ner. Miss SmarT, Miss Verhoeven, who were iudges David Meme hem , fl . LiTerary EdiTor oT The liTerary conTesTg The resulTs oT your labors appear in secTion oT our book. To all oThers who helped in any way, we wish To exTend our whole hearTed Thanks and mosT graTeTul appreciaTion. We Teel conTidenT ThaT you will enioy This book, especially Those oT you who have con- TribuTed in any way Towards making iT a success. Merle Thomas, EdiTor-in-ChieT Viola Sharkey, EdiTor-in-ChieT I, Ralph Boyens Branch Edifor , PeTer Tanis Sporfs EdiTor Florence Cook Financial ygoberl' Berlger PhoTo aphic Edl'ror ? . I Andrew Marsch Business Shirley Selby Financial Cleliai Desidero Financial Casimer Bierzychudek Ari' EdiTor Jack Kilrov R.O.T.C.f-Business Roberl Ball Business Beffy Higgins Financial Mae Huber Financial U51 Ti THE BLAZED TRAIL As The smoke from The flaring campTire Twisfed slowly To The sTar-sfudded moonliT sky above, Roy Tullgren, presidenT of The STudenT Council, and all The 4A chiefs, Edward Schuberf, Shirley John- son, Walfer Bluck, John Farnefi, Edward MalTman, Paul Syfsma, Casimir Zaikowski, EThel Geiger, Elwyn AhnquisT, Joe Fazio, Bruno Zordan, Roberf Ball, Vollie Flefcher, Raymond Hylander, and John Genis saT wrapped in memories of The pasT. SiTTing by The side of The chief were The members of The council, Roberf Osferberg, DoroThy Polley, Donald Griffin, Alice Sfreelman, Clelia Desidero, KenneTh Engsfrom, Shirley Selby, Wayne Wallis, and Norman Phillips. Presenf aT This ceremony were Viola Sharkey and Merle Thomas, co-ediTors, and all The members of The Courier STaff. InsTead oT news Traveling by smoke signals, Lois Graysfon, Miriam Dempsey, Elaine LochT and Frances Dal- enberg, Through The Fenger News, have kep+ Fen- gerifes informed of all ThaT wenT on in Fenger. The chiefs, as They saT on The shores of The gleaming lake bordered wiTh pine Trees, remem- bered Their firsT days of high school. They were no longer children-They were growing up and had To shoulder responsibiliTies. The old meThods were gone and a new and larger organizafion was working. When These chiefs were buT braves aT The branches, Things had gone aT a rapid pace. AT MT. Vernon and Curfis, amaTeur shows and operas had been held. ln The amaTeur show were Naomi Berg, Marcella Madderom, Shirley De Young, and Aldo Bechaz, and in The opera "The Emerald Isle" were Carol Lees, Evelyn De Boer, PeTer Tanis, BeTTe Boughan, and Denise Behrens. An Honor Club had been organized aT MT. Vernon: and John Wilson, Cornelius Roeda, Lois Hansen, Eloise Lue- deking, and Carol Minicus had been among Those ThaT elecfed Marcia DiTTgen The firsf presidenT. From The Tribe of Burnside had come Virginia AnTanaiTis, winner of The D.A.R. medal, Theodore Bollman, Gloria Magram, and Marie Lennon. SiTTing Tall and sTraighT wiTh sinewy muscles rippling, These braves and maids were examples of The Fenger AThleTic Associafions. When The girls and boys had enTered Fenger, They had begun working for Their G.A.A. and B.A.A. leT- Ters. Rewarded had been Ellen Nolan, Mildred Kohnke, Mary Carr, GerTrude Preuss, VicTor Ver- kinder, Max Mullen, Harry Anderson, VicTor Gen- Tile, Donald Griwffin and a hosT of oThers. The lasT presidenf of The Cv.A.A. was Jennie Fanizzo. Down The river in Their birch canoes The chiefs had paddled inTo Their sophomore year, and driffed inTo The firsf meefing of The Travel Club. Irene and Lucille Groncki, Carol Hedberg, Vic- Toria Lackenberg, and Doris Lund were of The Tribe of charTer members. They had confinued To serve The club, and as a reward, had received Their Travel Club emblems. The chiefs recalled The fame and honor ThaT came To Fenger when Donald Griffin had blazed like a meTeor across The sky inTo The foofball chan- nels of The news. Wayne Wallis, Alfred Bohn, Paul Lucas, and John Genis were among Those who had foughf To bring home The CiTy FooTball Championship in I938. ln l939, These same boys had broughT home The co-championship. Chosen queen To represenT Fenger aT Soldier's Field had been Evelyn Nanfeldf. While sTill in our Third year, our genial princi- pal, Mr. SchachT, had reTired and Mr. SmiTh ably filled his place. Angeline Caruso, Carol Lees, Nancy Tucker, Miriam Dempsey, OTTO Krauyalis, Dina De Vries, Lois Ackerman, Mariorie Briggs, Amos Swanberg, Karin Dandy, Alice ClemenT, WalTer Bluck, and Mildred Pearson, wear The emblem represenTing scholasTic achievemenf. For seven consecuTive semesTers They had had E's or S's in Their maior subiecfs and They had been granTed The privilege of reTaining Their Phorex pins. As The firelighf Threw weird and grofesque shadows on Their bronze glisfening bodies, The chiefs reviewed The R.O.T.C. which had played an imporTanT parT in This proiecf. The braves had learned To obey orders as well as give Them. Among Those who had achieved high honors in The R.O.T.C. had been Gregor Larsen, Jack Kil- roy, Andrew Morrison, Andrew Marsch, Wade Macfarlane, and Roberf Sfeubing. The fire sTill glowing brighfly: and smoking Their pipes, These braves noT only relived Their hunfing and warring expedifionsq buT also recalled how They had enioyed Themselves among Their friends. The sTudenTs of Fenger had noT occupied Their enTire Time wiTh sfudies and sporTs, buT many of Them had spenT much Time and efforT in pre- senfing The Orchesfra VarieTies and AmaTeur Show or TalenT Review. Appearing before The floodlighfs had been Thelma NorTon, Eleanor Legg, Mariorie Bohr, Norma Jean Brady, Wi- nona Roesing, and lsTalena Williford. The choral concerTs and drama plays had also been gala nighfs. In The musical field Sfanley Paul, Wayne Wallis, and Elwyn AhnquisT had held Their own, while in The dramafic field, Eleanor Gerlofson, James Hills, Lois Ackerman, and Roy Boedeker had been puT in The Talenfed class. As The embers of The Tire burn low, The chiefs siT silenTly musing. Thus They reviewed Tour years which had flown by in sTudy, work, and play. The smoke from The dying embers seemed To be a symbol of all The ghosfs of The pasT, and The hopes of The fuTure. Harrief Narodowski-4A RECOLLECTIONS Listen for the beat of the tomtom That recalls Ihe days of yore. The past is but a memory, A flream for cvermore. Watch the smoke of the campfire As it circles through the air, For in the misty haze we see Old friends are pictured there. Watch the Indian arrow, As ifs shot into the shy, As it travels to the future, Where success is sure to lie. GERTRUDE PREUSS, 4A U71 DoroThv Polley Norman Phillips Wayne Wallis Kc-nneTh EngsTrom X lice STreelmans STUDENT COUNCIL Who shall guide you and shall Teach you, Who shall Toll and suiier wiTh you. IT you l1sTen To your councils, You will mulTiply and prosper: All your sTrengTh is in your union." Song of Hiawatha-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW AlThough The greaT Indian councils were prac- Tically suTFicienT unTo Themselves, each adminis- Tering iTs own governmenT, providing iTs own duTies, belieTs, and cusToms, yeT all had many characTerisTics in common and provided har- mony among The Tribes. This is also True oT our STudenT Council wiTh The eighTy-Tour division rooms sending To iT Their represenTaTivos and iTs various deparTmenTs. DoroThy Polley's splendid worlc as secreTary, KenneTh EngsTrom's eTTiciency in handling Tire drills, Norman Phillips improve- menT in our lunchroom, RoberT OsTerberg's liTe saving "losT and Tound" and splendid supervision oT The hallguards, Wayne Wallis' Arbor Day pro- gram, Clelia Desidero's represenTing us in The P.T.A., Donald GriTTin and Shirley Selby's splen- did handling ol: The aThleTic deparTmenT, Alice STreelman's valuable supporT as PubliciTy Rep- resenTaTive have broughT honor To our council. Roberi Osferberg Shirley sells-,f Clelia Dasidero Donald Griffin Roy Tullgren FaiThTully, The room presidenTs have acTed as own school. All This could noT have been possible emissaries Tor boTh The sTudenTs and TaculTy in wiThouT The cooperaTion oT The TaculTy, STudenT The TransacTion oT STudenT Council business. Body, Miss Shine, and Mr. Reich, our sponsors. YouTh reigned during, The weelc oT April 22-27. To Them we are deeply greaTTul Tor a pleasanT, STudenTs enjoyed assemblies, parTicipaTed in aTh- progressive, and successTul semesTer. leTics, and gained experiences in running Their Roy Tullgren-PresidenT STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor: Mr. Reich and Miss Shine Presidenf: Rov Tullgren FIRST ROW: Genis, Kredens, Olson, Bluck, Wallis, Osierberg. SECOND ROW: I-Iylander, Brak, Schilling, Novella, Ducus, Exner, Malesh. THIRD ROW: Fazio, CosTaIungo, Wilson, Meier, Hupp, Rebeschini. FOURTH ROW: Ludwig, Schneider, Racz, Weiss, Hawkenson, Winierhoff, Irwin. FIFTH ROW' Pafarini, FleTcher, Geiger, Selby, Polley, Desidero. BOTTOM ROW: Sfanlon, Evans, Tullgren, RooT, STreelman. STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor: Mr. Reich and Miss Shine PresidenT: Roy Tulilfren TOP ROW: Filippi, WaITer, BenneTT, ........ , Farnefi, alf- man, Ahnquisf. SECOND ROW: Beaudry, Ball, Peach, Hull, Maqnusen, Pefraifis, THIRD ROW: De WiI', Zairos, Dalsanto, TufTedaI, Syfsma, Zordan. FOURTH ROW: Govier, Carlson, Bushee, BandsTra, Gill, Basile. FIFTH ROW: Sunzere, Schulfz, DowiaT, Renz, Wesflund, Gibson. BOTTOM ROW: Drulcienis, Brand, ToTh, Johnson. Cl 'TMFm T': TM E Ula? C Wmwazgad I . mv halo vnwnfzood 0 , mwwmmiwwmagmemmg I I ll' .ii X i I J QN Qward Schuberl Y A 1 4A COMMITTEES Waller Bluck Karin Dandy Evelyn De Boer John Farneli Ray Franzen Wallace Haaksma Genevieve Karol Roberl Miller Vernon Anderson Dorolhy Dickinson James Hills Florence Weslwaler James Bennell Elhel Mi Sialuils Lillian Chuckwins Morris Wesl Roberl Marlin X X 5 . Jack Kilroy-Chairman , June Anderson L. June Schiro I Calherine Biga Eugene Filzparlick ., Malilda Guglielmi Rulh Keller 6' gt Presidenl - X ' Norman Phillips V, Vice Presidenl Gerlrude Den Beslen CAP AND GOWN COMMlTTEE-Mr. Richard Sanders Bealrice Lowe-Chairman Joe Kirner Lorraine Long Conslance Mamovich Charles Pelerson Marion Sparrow Belly Smilh Joe Turlurillo ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE-Miss Blachly Anqeline Caruso-Chairman Slephen Lavric Evelyn Arie La Verne Bishlon Francis Pacine Ellen Dailey Margarel Marchiando Marge Lebhardl GI FT COMM lTTEE--Miss Lundquisl Elhel Geiger-Chairman Ted Bollman Joe Fazio llamae Gibson TICKET COMMITTEE--Mr. Dickman, Mr. Smillers Roberl Fisher Sarah O'Neill Norberl King DIPLOMA COMMlTTEE-Mrs, Forqueran, Miss Wrighl Norma Glockson-Chairman Dorolhy Kummelehne Thelma Norlon Frank Rudolph Agnes Spiekhoul lslalena Willilord , John Wilson GRADUATION COMMITTEE-Mr. Garlick, Mr. Brill Mr. Brinkman. Mr. Knighl xl il Begfgfcrlgllggins Roberl Sluebing-r-Chairman Vicloria Lachenberq ' V Dorolhy Boellcher Willie Frederick Esfelle MUSZYHSH Lucille Woll Viclor Genlile Treasure' Florence Cook Albino Lovalo COLOR AND MOTTO COMMITTEE-Mr, lvlumlord SPECIAL GUEST COMMlTTEE--Miss O'Sullivan Genevieve Biegel-Chairman Julia Mihalko Alice Clemenl-Chairman Ella Mae Jennings Harold Orlineau Leona Oleski Emma Comperini Lillian Roby Harry Cuzner ' Lorraine Bieglow Marcia Dillgen Frances Ryan Lois Hansen MUSIC COMMITTEE-Miss McCready D Elwyn Ahnquisl-Chairman Edward Mallman PROGRAM COMMHTFF-M'55 Balhouse Cleclia Desidero Wayne Wallis Erwin Barllay-Chairman Silvia Slmonelis Millie Kohnke Elaine Lochl Harvey Zimmer FLOWER COMMITTEE-Miss Smarl Lois Ackerman-Chairman Viclor Verkinder Dorolhy Burgess Charles Zube Elizabefh Tolh Raymon Herdl X fx Y, 20 , Aafmif, .Af ..-. ..,-v4.. ., - Ee ., . , --- X 1' I WJ. J. if M! . ROW I QBBEDUTO, VINCENT lI438 Wenfworfh Ave. Technical .A.A. ABRAMS, EDWARD l0635 Edbrooke Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Teach. Sec.: B.A.A.: 6 B.A.A. Bars: Wresf.: Sfamp Cl. ACKERMAN, LOIS l2245 Egglesfon Ave. Commercial Phorex: Orch. Var.: 4A Class Comm.: Con. Band: Drum Maior: "When Siars Shine": Drum X1 Bug. Corps: Drama Cl.: Cour. Rep.: if X N J ,, ROW II ' -' J r' I ALLEN, MARY H256 Indiana Ave. Commercial .f I Rm. Sec.: Sfud. Lib.: G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Cheer Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl. ' , . ALLISON, THOMAS 725 Easl' 88ih SI. H. Guard LI.: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Bars: BaskeIl:i'I: Track Tm.: Jr. Cil. Travel Cl.: Yachl' Cl.: Cam. Cl.: Avia. Life Sav. Emb. Commercial ' News Rep.: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Cl.: Span. Cl.: Sfamp Cl.: ' ' Cl.: Sr. Life Sav. Emb.2 Jr. H. Guard: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Phorex Rep.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A. QMBEJUL, CEBLADEQS, HB6 Union Ag? S G glgmmercial 7 t C -I m.r ec.: our. ep.: ews. Rep.: . ec.: .A. .: 6 . .A. Bars: Q,:f,2gf5C5:.YIg'QQ,'f EjQ,Q?I'Q5.'f.IIA.. ,5 GABA, Ba,5."U'O'il2QQi. Mein ci.: Span. ci.: Jr. cn. ci.: Bewi. ci.: VoIleyb'l: BaskeIb'I. I Baskeib'I: Avia. Cl. ANASTASI, ALESIO, l063I Edbrooke Ave. Commercial AHNOUIST, ELWYN iiaio Foresi Ave. Science H- Guard: B-AAA-1 I6 B-A-A' Bars: Wresfr Tm- Mix. Chor.: Orch. Var.: All Chicago Fesl.: A Cappella: Rm. Pres.: ANDERSON, HARRY H338 Calumef Ave. Commercial I Sch. Lei.: B.A.A.: Gavel CI.: Deb. l.: N.C.O.: Fenger For.: Hi-Y. Baseb-'l: FooIb'I: Sch. Lei.: Phorex: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: H. Guard: ALFANO, CHARLES lI572 webech Ave. Technical Jr- CW Cl-I BOWIE Cl' B.A.A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Avia. Cl.: Archi. Cl.: H. Guard: VoIIeyb'l. gNADiRSOAN,hJlgIIE gl3l8 Lzowe Ave. Commercial I AL-GREENE, JOHN lsz wesf II8+h sf. Science - - -I af -I PGH- - B.A.A. ANDXERSON, VERNON 345 Wesf l09th Sf. Commercial Reel- en: H. Guard: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: Cap 8: Gown Comm.: Hia Jr. Cir. Cl.: Tennis Tm. I I N s Row iii ,,, x . ANDRICOPULOS, SAM 44 wesf iiaih si. Commercial :Q ROW IV Bowl. Cl.: FooTb'l: B.A.A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: H. Guard. 'X BAL , . NA- H337 Yale Ave. Commercial ANTANAITIS, VIRGINIA 545 Easf eaih si. Language -Studi Li -: Lib- Cl-: G-A.A.:I G-.A-A. Rep.: 5 G-AA. Bars: W- : Na+. Hon. Soc.: D.AMR. Aefard: 'N1ewE5Si.:i Phgrex: Slch. Lgk Fenger - R' 35 OVCI1- VSV-I VOIISYDII BGSIYGTIGI- N F .: Amar. Show: ix. hor.: . uar : rch. ar.: . .A.: I0 BAL : K OBERT H406 U ' n A . S ' I GRAA. Bars: Drama ci: Fenc. ci.: Volleyb'l. I wk: ci. Pres.: GavglIoCl.:v?fachi ci.: Cour. siefrg is.A.A,f'eii'.ff i ARIE, EVELYN 6I8 Wesf lI51h S+. ' Science .es- News Rep.: G.A.A,: Volleyb'l: Baske'rb'l: Drama Cl. EALSSZAE, HELEN 759 Easf I04'H'i Pl. CI gfammercial 1 ARVIA, ANGELINE I45 Wes? Hbfh Si. Commerci -Y Grd: Red Cross Rep.: G.A.A.: Drama .: Jr. Cil-. . Iliaskigjllg Volleykyl: G.A.A.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A. Rep.: H. Guam T,BAIgRUgUS, ALICE H928 Egglesfon CAve.CI Commercial rl . ,I ,'Swirn.: .A.A.: 8 .A.A. ars: Jr. il. .: Fenc. CI.: Yachi Cl.: BAKKERS, MARY JANE H945 Sfewarf .A e CommercEl5 f5iUlL I-II?-I Bowl- CIA Orch-1 Balch Cl.: G-A-A.: 5 GAA. Orch. Var.: News Rep. . B KOWSKI, CHESTER II722 Sangamon S+. Technical Amar. Show: Drama Cl.: Deb. Cl.: H.' ard: Cam. CI.: Baskefb'lql ul N W Rep.: Sr. Orch.: Avia. Cl. BALABAN. ALVIN 945i Union Ave. Commerci B RLO RICHARD I2I25 Wallace Sf. C . rc'al Jr. Cif. Cl.: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: via. Cl.: Rm. Pres.: Sxfu . Ji Gush: News Rep.: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: Baseb'I: Jr?InCirI? OI.: Colm-: News Rep- Y A 'Li fqskerkflg R.O.T.C. .1 tx, I H ix! - X. 'R E N 4 i ff ' 4. s X V W I tl 'If' rr. l ROW I IJJJROW II II- BARRIBALL, EARL II6 Wesl II2Ih Sf. Science BERG, NAOMI 23I Wes I07Ih PI. Commercial H. Guard, B.A.A., 2 B.A,A. Bars. ' ICour.i'raH, BarIi,d,IhG.GIA.RlIII ETEIIIHISIGUGEIIII CEIICIW- BARTFAY, ERVIN II7I7 Wallace Sf. Technical arf: mal' Cfwi .5 ' .'7 O 'EV I as E I 'am 'i ec' Rm. Sec., News Rep., Baseb'I, H. Guard, B.A.A., 8 B.A.A. Bars, Cl" Drama CI" MUSC Feslwal' . - . . I BERGER, ROBERT H. I0934 Vernon Ave. Commerclal Jr. Clit CI., Marc. CI., Volleybl. . I I I , Phorex, I-'Il-Y, Orch. Var., Amar. Show, Plec. CI., Cour. Rep., News BECHAZ, ALDO l0556 Indlana Ave. Technlcal RepII gegI O,.ChI H. Guard, B.A.A., 2 Sch. Lellers, FooIb'I, Amar. Show, Avla. CI. BERGERI ROBERT MI mn' Peoria SL Language QEERIIEPOOT, JOHN I2437 Harvard Ave. Science Sour. SEH, 6Phg:rZxA Agia. CI., B.A.A., Jr. Cil. CI., Sci. CI., Orch., .A. . rama ., . . . ars. BEHRENS, DENISE I43 Wes? Ilbfh Sl. Commercial BERGERA. MARY l09l3 Edbrooke Ave. I Icommefdil News Sfalf, Phorex, "The Youngest", G.A.A., 3 G.A.A. Bars, Debal. H- Gllifdi G-A-A.: 5 GAA-A. BGFSI VOIIGYEP II JF- CII- CI-I MI' CI., Rm. Sec., H. Guard Ll., H. Guard, Baskelb'I, VoIIeyb'I. gzkfgauggie IO743 I IIII A C I I - , n lana ve. ornmercla BELLA? GEORGE 'Mis Eo'e?',A'e' . Commemal Phorex, H. Guard Ll., G.A.A., e.A.A. Rep., 9 e-.A.A. Bars: H. B-M-13 B-A-A Bm' EMR" Baskefblr Guard' Jr. cll. cl- BaskeIb'I' VoIIeyb'I' Mala. CI.' Red Cross BENNETT, JAMES Zlfl wear III0fhI Pl. I I science Rem 'mama CII ' ' ' ' Rm. Pres., Reel Men, Sci. CI., Mlx. Chor., Cour. Rep., B.A.A., H. BESSINGERI JOHN 337 Easf BMI, PII Commercial Guard' Red Cross Rep- Jr' Band' Mix. Chor., Amai, Show, H. Guard, Avia. CI., Camera CI., Red Cross Res. BIDESE, CARLO I2S E si' II7fh Sf. Technical E. Guard, News Rep.,a B.A.A., 2 B.A.A. Bars, VoIIeyb'l, Baskel'b'I, ROW lll OH' BIEGEL, eeuevleve Ill34 Michigan Ava. Commercial- ROW IV Phorex, H. Guard, Lei. Girls CI. Pres., Sch. Let., 2 Chevrons, G.A.A., BLUCKI WALTER 812 555, 93rd 5f, Mechanical Drawing Zi G-A-K BGFSI Rm- SSC-I News RSD-I Gavel CI-1 JF- CII- CI-7 Phorex, Rm. Pres., B.A.A., R.O.T.C., Malh. CI., N.C.O. I. Malh. CI., Bowl., Cheer. CI., VoIIeyb'I, Baskelb'I. BOEDEKERI Roy 335 Wesf Han, 5fI Science BIERZYCHUDEK, CASIMIR IZII4 Wallace Ave. Archifecfural "The Lale Chrislopher Bean", "When Slars Shine", Drama CI., Cour. Slaff, Arch. CI., B.A.A,, H. Guard. SCI. CI., H. Guard, News Rep. I II C ' 1 BOETTCHER, DOROTHY II07 Wesl I03rd PI. Commercia EI,SAQeSATIl-lIIElgl:aEd38L:lYeiJ1Ilgzlgrj- Tram CII- Q,IAIAI.05mrEj,E2I:II?,I Rm. Pres,, Rm. Sec., News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A., Bars. Basiqefbq ' ' ' ' I6 G,A.A. Bars, VoIIeyb'I, Baskelb'I, P.T.A. Rep., Cheer CI., Fenc. ' ' . CI. BIGELOW, LORRAINE l25 Wes? I03rd Pl. Commerclal . Phorex, News Sraffg H. Guard, H. Guard Lf., News Rep., N.S.P.A. BOHN' ALFRED IZMS Eggleslorl Ave' .I I Scmncf Conv. Office Sec. Red Cross Rep . 1-,av Cl . Charm Cl . GAA . Slud. Coun., Rm. Pres., B.A.A., Foolb I, Bowl. CI., Jr. Clf. Cl., " I " .I ." ' " " ' ' " Malh. CI: N.G.O. CI: Ol'licers Cla Ushers CI: Wresln R.O.T.C.' I G.A.A. Bar, Volleybl, Baskelbl. H GIIaIId' ' ' ' ' ' URTCgIIIET-I'-EIIIANSD 'I'533II5'LMIf"I1f'1 Ave- Science sol-ln, MARJoRle I0955 Wabash Ava. Commercial 'X' Oh' ' ec" C ' el" B' 'A' Phorex, Orch. Var., Amai. Show, Jr. Cii. CI., Plec. CI., W. Rambler . BISHTON, LA VIERNE II720 Halsfed Sl. Commercial CI., Mafh. CI., Drama CI., G.A.A., 9 G.A.A. Bars, Plec. CI. E BI. Trl Hl-Y, Lal. Girls Cl., Sch. Lal., Mix. Char., News Rep., G.A.A. gol-LMANI THEODORE 5, 642 555+ 95fl1 sf, Sail 3 Sci-ACIB-HFS! FSHC- CI-I Charm CI-I Saddle CI.: COUF- RSP-I gg? glaffg Pies., Adver. CI., B.A.A. I B.A.A. Bar, H. Gila d, V-'-- ....g...ep. Q BLAIS, DOROTHY IIS43 Wallace Sf. Commercial BOND, EARLE 42 Easf 98fh PI. , S e gf Sfud. Coun., Rm. Pres., Siud. Lib., H. Guard, Trav. CI., Malh. R-O-T-C-2 Bail- COVTWW-I lvlalli- CIJ N.C.O. CII RvQaT.CIwf an CI.: Aff CI., G.A.A., 2 G.A.A. Bars, Drama Cl., G.A.A. Rep. Gavel CI., Ushers CI., H. Guard, Officers CI, 'TJ' a ' , 22 4 , ll-ill ., FFL, , , 4, BROCCARDO, ANTON II8I0 Lafayerre Ave. Technical B.A.A., Avia. Cl. BROWN, CHARLES -I Easr II3rh Pl. Technical N.C.O. Cl., Marc. Cl., H. Guard, Cam. Cl. V. Pres. BROWN, WILLIAM, 65 Easr IOIsr PI. Commercial H. Guard, B.A.A., Span. CI. BUCHHOLZ, ROBERT lI328 Calumer Ave. Science Phorex, Cour. Srarf, Srud. Coun., Rm. Pres., Bowl. Cl., R.O.T.C., N.C.O. Cl., Orf. Cl., H. Guard, B.A.A., Jr. Cir. Cl. BUCHUS, LAURA IUSSO Edbrooke Ave. Commercial Phorex, H. Guard, Cour. Rep., G.A.A., I G.A.A. Bar. BURGESS, DOROTHY II434 Sourh Park Ave. Arr Cour. Sraff, Phorex, Mix. Cher., Chor. Insiqniag Rm. Sec., G.A.A., 8 G.A.A. Bars, Baskerb'l, Arr Cl., Cheer. Cl., Jr. Cir. Cl., Cam. Cl. CALZAVARA. GENA II345 Corrage Grove Commercial G.A.A., H. Guard, Jr. Cir. Cl., Charm Cl., Volleyb'l. CALZIA, LA VERNE I46 Wesr llbrh Sr. Commercial Phorex, Rm. Sec., H. Guard, Orr. Sec., Sru. Lib., Lib. CI., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., 7 G.A.A. Bars, W. Ramblers, Orch. Var., Volleyb'l, Baskerb'l, Plecrrum Cl. CAMPBELL, OREGON H306 Eqqlesron Ave. General B.A.A., Avia. Cl., Debar. Cl., Jr. Cir. Cl., Stage Crew. 1 1. - I 9 ,, 1 .B BONGARD, CORINNE 9032 Dauphin Ave. Science H. Guard, Red Cross Rep., Cheer. Cl., Jr. Cir. CI., Trav. Cl. BOUGHAN, BETTE JEAN l2052 Srewarr Ave. Science Cour. Srarr, Sch. Ler., Marh. Cl., Mix. Chor., Drum 8. Bugle Corps, H. Guard Lr., Ler. Girls Cl., Drama Cl., News Rep., Avia. Cl., Cheer. Cl., Camera CI., Volleyb'l, Baskerb'l, Asrron. CI., Charm Cl., Chevron, Clean-up Camp., I7 G.A.A. Bars. BOYD, VIRGINIA 9-4l7 Lyons Ave. Commercial Phorex, H. Guard, G.A.A., 5 G.A.A. Bars, VoIleyb'I, Jr. Cir. Cl., Charm Cl. BOYENS, RALPH II536 Parnell Ave. Science Cour. Srari, H. Guard Lr., B.A.A., I2 B.A.A. Bars, Sch. Ler., Bas- kerbI', Foorb'l, 4B Prom., H. Guard, Cour. Rep., Jr. Cir. CI., Hi-Y. BRADY, NORMA JEAN 652 Wesr lI7rh Pl. Commercial Amar. Show, Orch. Var., G.A.A., 8 G.A.A. Bars, G.A.A. Rep., Phorex, N.S.P.A. Con., H. Guard, Fenc. Cl. BRAITHWAITE, GRAYCE 10927 Michigan Ave. Commercial News Rep., Orr. Sec., G.A.A., 3 G.A.A. Bars, Avia. Cl., Debar. CI., Drama CI., Fenc. CI. BRIGGS. MARJORIE II42l Wallace Sr. Science Phorex, Rm. Pres., Cour. Rap., Drama Cl., 3 G.A.A. Bars, G.A.A., Baskerb'l, VoIIeyb'l, Jr. Cir. Cl., Marh. Cl., Cam. CI., H. Guard. BRIGNARDELLO, ANGELINE 20 Easr I22nd Pl. Commercial Orr. Sec., Cour. Rep., Srud. Lib., H. Guard, G.A.A., I7 G.A.A. Bars, Volleyb'l: BasIcerb'l, Cam. Cl., Fenc. Cl., Jr. Cir. CI. BRINSKY, WILLIAM 74I Easr 92nd Sr. Arr Phorex, Mix. Chor., H. Guard, B.A.A., Choir. x ,fi EZAXNTELE, ANGELO .ll358 Sr. Lawrence Ave. Technical . .A. CAPRIGLIONE, CARMELLA IIB02 Parnell Ave. Science G.A.A., 5 G.A.A. Bars, Jr. Cir. Cl., W. Rambler CI., Orch. Var., Baskerb'l, Volleyl9'l. CARR, MARY I0622 Michigan Ave. Science Cour. Srarf, News Srarr, Phorex, Sch. Ler., Chevron, G.A.A., I5 G.A.A. Bars, 4B Prom, Ler. Girls Cl., Tri Hi-Y-Bera, Rrn. Pres., Cour. Rep., H. Guard Lr., Volleyb'l, Baslcerb'l, Cheer. CI.: H. Guard, Marh. CI. CARI-SO, ANGELINE 9255 Corrage Grove Ave. Science Nar. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill Xi Scroll Soc., News Sraff, Orch., Orch. Var., N.S.P.A. Con., Fenqer For., Mix. Chor., Ori. Sec., Sramp CI., G.A.A., Volleyb'I, Baskerb'l, Cour. Rep., Asrron. Cl. CASSANO, WILLIAM 9l29 Ellis Ave. Science News Rep., B.A.A., Arch. CI., Jr. Cir. CI., Trav. Cl. i CAVADA, LENA 3I9 Easr Ilbrh Sr. Commercial G.A.A., 3 G.A.A. Bars, Baskerb'l, Volleyb'l, Jr. Cir. Cl. CERAGIOLI, ERNEST H329 Harvard Ave. Science Srud. Coun., H. Guard, Rm. Pres., News Rep., B.A.A., 3 B.A.A. Bars, Bowl. CI., Wresr., Mix. Chor. CHMELINA, MARY I0908 Wenrworrh Ave. Commercial H. Guard, G.A.A., 4 G.A.A. Bars, Baskerb'l, Volleyb'l. CHUKWINS, LILLIAN I0835 Wabash Ave. Commercial Phorex, H. Guard Lr., G.A.A., II G.A.A. Bars, Sch. Ler., Ler. Girls CI., Marh. Cl., VoIIeyb'I, Baskerb'l, Bowl. CI. I I I i .I i CZETENYI, MARION 9434 CaIume+ Ave. Commercial G.A.A.: Jr. Ci+. CI. DADO, BETTY I57 Wesf I03rd S+. Commercial G.A,A,: I3 G.AQ.A. Bars: News Rep.: S+u. Lib.: H. Guard: Cheer. Cl.: Volleyb'l: Baske+b'I. DAHLKE, JOHN 237 Eas+ I35fh Pl, Technical H. Guard: B.A.A,: Jr. Ci+. Cl.: Arch. Cl. DAILEY, ELLEN 530 Easf 89fh Pl. Language CNewsCS+aff: Phorex: H. Guard: OH. Sec.: G.A.A.: Fenger For.: Jr. :IJ , DALENBERG, FRANCES I2238 Harvard Ave. Science Nelws S+a++: Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Quill 81 Scroll: Ma+h. Cl.: Cam. Cl.: Jr, Cir. CI.: Baske+b'I. DANDY, KARIN 9255 Coffage Grove Ave. Commercial Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: G,A.A.: 2l G.A.A. Bars: Sch. Le+.: Chevron: Volleyb'I: Bas- Ee+b'I: Mix. Chor.: Amar. Show: Fenger For.: Le+. Girls Cl.: Fenc. D-ANIELSON, MARIAN IZU49 S, La Salle SH Commercial Lib.: News Rep.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: I G.A.A. Bar: Trav. Cl. DANIELSON, SHEPWIN I0843 Edbrooke Ave. Technical Con. Band: R.O.T.C. Band: S+amp CI.: Maih. Cl.: Jr. Cif. Cl.' B.A.A.: Orch. Var. ' :..u-kc. -, 4.......v4...e'.f..+.. 2- -.. CLEMENT, ALICE III29 Langley Ave. Commercial Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Cour. S+aff: Phorex 7 Sem.: Announce. Comm.: OH. Sec.: G.A.A. 4 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Baske+b'l: P.T.A. Rep.: W. Ramblers Cl.: H. Guard: Rm. Sec. CLEMENT, WILLIAM l0l29 Winsion Ave. Commercial B.A.A.: H. Guard. COMPERINI, EMMA l2II8 Edbrooke Ave. Commercial Phorex: H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: G.A.A.: I5 G.A.A. Bars: VolIeyb'l: Baske+b'l: Cheer CI.: Jr. Ci+. Cl.: Fenc. Cl.: Trav. Cl. Camera Cl. CONRAD, FRANCES B59 Wesi I22nd S+. Commercial G.A.A.: Jr. Cif. Cl.: Fenc. Cl.: 4 G.A,A. Bars: S+ud. Lib.: Yachf CI. CONTUS, FLORENCE 33I Kensingfon Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: S+u. Lib.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: VolIeyb'l: Baske+b'l: Fenc. Cl.: Jr. Cii. Cl.: Charm CI. COOK, DOROTHY MAE 524 Wes+ Il8fh S+. Commercial Charm Cl.: Drama Cl.: H. Guard. Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: Mix. Chor.: Orch. Var.: Amaf. Show: Jr. Ci+. Cl.: Red Cross Rep.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Baske+b'l: Trav. Cl.: COOK, FLORENCE l0I20 Perry Ave. Commercial Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Cour. S+a+'l: Off. Sec.: Rm. Sec.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: I0 G.A.A. Bars: Ma+h. Cl.: Ar+ Cl.: Volleyb'l. CUZILE, JULITA l0508 Wabash Ave. Commercial Phorex: Am'a+. Show: Off. Sec.: Orch.: Rm. Sec.: H. Guard: Cheer. Cl.: Jr. Ci+. Cl.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars. CUZNER, HARRY Il202 Normal Ave. Commercial Phorex: S+u. Coun.: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: OH. Sec.: B.A.A.: Jr. Life Sav. Emb.: Tennis: R.O.T.C.: Cam. Cl.: Hi-Y: Ama+. Show: Con. Band: R.O.T.C. Band: Orch. Var. DARIA, PEARL 602 Easf 90lh Pl. H.Guard: Rm. Sec.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Bowl. Cl.: DARR, ELEANOR l07I9 Co++age Grove Ave. News,Rep.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Ci+. Cl.: Volleyb'l. DAVIS, MARILYN 875l Wabash Ave. Commercial Jr. Ci+. Cl. Commercial Cl.: Charm Commercial Jr. Ci+. Cl.:,G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Cheer, Cl.: H. Guard. DE BARTOLO, TED I0542 Maryland Ave. B.A.A.: Archi. Cl.: Jr. Ci+. Cl.: Trav. CI. DE BIASIO, ANITA 926I S+. Lawrence Ave. Rm. Sec.: News -Rep.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: 7 Cl.: Charm CI.: VoIIeyb'l. DE BOER, EVELYN, I8 Eas+ Il3+h S+. Phorex: News Sfaff: H. Guard L+.: H. Guard: Conv.: G.A.A.: I3 G.A.A. Bars: 4B Prom: Jr Technical Commercial G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Ci+. Commercial Cour. Rep.: N.S.P.A. . Ci+. Cl.: Rm. Pres. DELOIAN, ROSS I2029 Sfewarl' Ave. Science H. Guard: B.A.A. DEMPSEY, MIRIAM 7I8 Wesl Il2+h S+. Language Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: News S+a+f: Tri Hi-Y Be+a: Cam.Cl.:G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: N.S.P.A. Conv.: Saddle Cl.: H. Guard: Jr. Ci+. Cl. DEN BESTEN, GERTRUDE 658 Wes? ll7+h Pl. Commercial Orch.: Sr. Orch. Le+,: H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Trav. Cl.: Jr. Cl+. Cl.: G.A.A.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Baske+b'l. DE NYS, LORRAINE I0949 Vernon Ave. Language News Rep.: Jr. Ci+. CI,: G.A.A.: H. Guard: Trav. Cl.: Charm Cl. I wr' 'rr DX, f' . , if. ROW l DESIDERO, CLELIA l0827 Wabash Ave. Language Phorex Rep.: Cour. Slaff: Mayor's Cab.: 4A Mus. Comm.: Orch. Var.: Amar. Show: Choir: Frosh-Y Pres.: Rm. Sec.: G.A.A,: 9 GAA. Bars:-Alpha Tri Hi-Y: News Rep.: Ann. Choral Con.: Fenqer For.: VoIlevb'l: Baskelb'l: Malh. Cl.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: H. Guard: P.T.A. Rep. DE VRIES, DENA 250 Wesl' I27lh Sl. Commercial Phorex: Trav. Cl.: Cour. Rep.: Slud. Lib.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: 9 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Basl1elb'l: Jr. Cil. Cl. DE YOUNG, SHIRLEY Il0l5 Normal Ave. Science Cour. Sl'af'F: H. Guard: G.A.A.: I2 G.A.A. Bars: Piano Cl.: lvlaflw. Cl.: Drama Cl.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Baskelb'l, DICKINSON, DOROTHY lOl2l Lowe Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: 5 G,A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Baskelb'l: Cheer. Cl.: Drama Cl.: Drum, Xi Bugle: Alpha Tri Hi-Y: Cam. Cl.: Jr. Cil. Cl. DIKOS, LILLIAN lII27 Langley Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: Trav. CI. DI LUIGI. ROGER 332 Easl Kensinglon Ave. Commercial Ari Cl,: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: B.A.A. Rep.: Cour. Rep.: Golf: H. Guard L'r,: H. Guard: Jr. Cir. Cl.: News Rep.: Trav. Cl, DI SANTO. GRACE ll442 Prairie Ave. Commercial Phorex: OH. Sec.: Rm. Sec.: Fenger For.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Baskelb'l: VolIeyb'I: H. Guard. ROW lll ENGSTROM, KENNETH 25 Wesf l09+h Pl. Commercial Naf. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Rm. Pres.: lvlavor's Cab.: ,Jr. Cil. CI.: H, Guard: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: 4A Flower Comm.: Falcon Hi-Y. ERICKSON, DORIS Il9l5 Perry Ave. Commercial Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: H. Guard: OFF. Sec.: Slud. Lib.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Baskelb'l. ERLEY, HANS 507 Wesl l07lh Sf. Science Plec. Cl.: Swim.: Amal. Show: H. Guard: B.A.A. ERMOIAN, AGNES JI929 Wallace Sl. ' Commercial Rm. Pres.: OH. Sec.: P.T.A. Rep.: Jr. Cul. Cl.: Plec. Cl.: Baseb'l: Volleyb'l: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars ESCARRAZ, VIOLET 8854 Dauphin Ave. Science Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Cour. Slafl.-Assoc. Ed.: "The Lale Chrislo- pher Bean": "When Slars Shine": Fenger For.: Oli. Sec.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: lvlalh. Cl.: Drama Cl. Treas.-Sec.: Vollevb'l: Rm. Treas.: Cour. Rep. FALK, BEN 7l07 Champlain Ave. Technical Slud, Coun.: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: I' '1 A.: Arrval. Show. lfANlsZZO,rJENNlE I.IIS6hParnellI Ave' H X H IH Language ,Q-fe ' ' ,fr 5' 5 ,. Row ir- of 4 DITTGEN, MARCIA l005l Wenlworlh Ave. Commercial Nair. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: News Slaff: Sch. Lei.: Alpha Tri Hi-Y Pres.: Orch. Var.: "Lale Chrislopher Bean": N.S.P.A. Con.: Lel. Girls Cl.: Gavel Cl.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: H. Guard Ll.: H. Guard: Drama Cl.: Fenger For.: News Rep.: Malh. Cl.: Aslron. CI.: Fenc. Cl.: Volleyb'l: Baskelb'l: 4A Class Comm.: Chevron, Mix. Chor. DIXON, LORRAINE 5729 S. Marshfield Commercial Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Cour. Rep.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: I4 G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cil. Cl.: lvlalh. Cl.: Charm Cl.: Fenger For.: Volleyb'l: Baskelb'l. DRAMISINO, ROSE lI6l7 Perry Ave. Commercial Slud. Coun.: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: I4 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: BaskeTb'l: Debal. Cl.: Drama Cl.: Plec, CI,: Fenc. Cl. DUFFY, PAT H247 S. Park Ave. Commercial Wresl.: B.A.A. Rep.: B.A.A.: 3 BAA. Bars: Bowl. Cl.: Golf: H. Guard: Jr. Cil, Cl.: Hi-Y: Baseb'l: Volleyb'l. DUGGAN, DOROTHY l0l0l Sfale Sf. Commercial G.A.A.: Orch. Var.: Jr. Cir. Cl. ELLIS, BERNITA l073l Collage Grove Ave. Commercial G.A.A.: H. Guard: P.T.A. Rep. ENGI, ELEANOR 722 Easl' 90fl1 Pl. Commercial Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: H. Guard: G.A.A. 3 G.A.A. Bars: Baskel'b'l: Volleyb'l: Jr. Cil. Cl. ROW IV FARNETI, JOHN I20 Wesf II6lh SI. Phorex: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: H. Guard LI.: H. Guard: Baseb'l: Baskalb'l: Jr. Cil'. Cl. FARON, IRENE IOS Wesl lI9!'h Sl. Commercial GAA.: II G.A.A. Bars: Ari. Cl.: Trav. Cl.: P.T.A. Rep.: Volleyb'l: Baskefb'l: Rm. Sec.: H, Guard: News Rep.: G.A,A. Rep. FAZIO, JOE l35 West lllfh Sl. Commercial Rm. Pres.: Hi-Y: H. Guard Lf.: H. Guard: News Rep.: B.A.A. Rep.: B.A.A.: Plec. Cl. FELKAMP, JANE 245 Wesl llllh Pl. Commercial Off. Sec.: H. Guard: Jr, Cir. Cl.: G.A.A.:'3 G.A.A. Bars: Baskelb'l: Volleyl:'l. ' FILZONE, ALEX H346 Harvard Ave. ' Technical Swim. Team: B.A.A. Rep.: B.A.A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Arch. Cl.: Cour. Rep.: H: Guard: Volleyb'l: Avia. Cl. FISHER, ROBERT 4l9 Easf 89'h Pl. Science Phorex: B.A.A.: Cour. Rep.: Fenqer For.: H. Guard. r'r-rnsrnir-v lzrlftkln Lu Mina II7bL DI Commercial - Tar-lnnif-.al F. -4- . .ia..,.s... c Magi. I' X., iv.. ... .. . 1 ROW I FLETCHER, VOLLIE 9628 Normal Ave. Commercial Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: IO G.A.A. Bars: Vol- leyb'l: Basketb'I: Cheer. Cl.: Jr. Cit. Cl. FLOREK, FRANK H930 Perry Ave. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: Bowl. Team: Fenc. Cl. FORTE, JOHN 630 East 92nd Pl. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: VoIleyb'l: Basketb'I: Golf: Jr. Cit. CI.: Span. Cl. FORTUNA, EDWARD I43 West lllth Pl. Commercial H. Guard: Jr. Cit. Cl. FRANCZAK. ELEANOR Ill20 Langley Ave. Commercial G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: H. Guard: G.A.A.: Rep.: Trav. Cl. FRANGELLA. LENA 9l2l Drexel Commercial Rm. Sec.: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: News Rep.: 6 G,A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit. CI.: VolIeyb'l: Basketb'l: H. Guard. FRANK, JOE 706 East 89th St. Technical Reel Men: B.A.A.: Sch. Let. ROW III EQCXAS, STANLEY 3ll East Kensington Ave. Commercial GAIZAUSKAS, ALBENA 203 East l08th St. Commercial Phorex: Type Award: Lib.: H. Guard: Stamp Cl.: Drama CI, G.A.A,: I4 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Charm Cl.: Lib. Cl.: Jr. Cit. Cl. GAIZAUSKAS, ALDONA 203 East l08th St. Phorex: Type Award: Rm. Sec.: Lib.: H. Guard: Stamp Cl.: Drama Ct: g.A.A.: I4 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Charm Cl.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Li . . GANZ, AURORA 9l49 Drexel Ave. Commercial Phorex: G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Art Cl.: Charm Cl. GASPARI, ANTHONY II433 Calumet Ave. Commercial Trav. Cl.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Wrest. Team: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: H. Guard: B.A.A. Rep.: Art Cl. K GEARY, TOM I0205 S. Sangomon St. Art Arch. Cl.: B.A.A.: Jr. Cit. Cl. GEIGER, ETHEL ll35l Parnell Ave. Science Let. Girls Cl.: I Sch. Let.: 3 Chevrons: Zl G,A.A. Bars: Drum 81 Bugle Corps: Avia. Cl.: Bowl. Cl.: Phorex: H. Guard Lt.: Rm. Pres.: Con. Band.: Orch. Var.: G.A.A.: Amat. Show. Commercial ROW ll FRANK, RUDY 706 East 89th St. Technical FRANZEN, RAY l0244 Calumet Ave. Commercial H. Guard: B.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Math. Cl. FREDERIC, WILLIE WAYNE IOB43 Edbrooke Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: Footb'l: Volleyb'l: Basketb'l: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O. Cl.: Ushers Cl. EIQIXDLING, ADOLPH l0940 Vernon Ave. Commercial HELEN JANE ll207 Emerald Ave. Science Nat. Hon. Soc.: News Statl: Mix. Chor.: A Cappella Choir: Chor. Em.: Stud. Coun,: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: H. Guard: Sadd. CI.: Cheer. Cl.: G,A.A.: I5 G.A.A. Bars: Art CI.: Camera Cl: Charm Cl.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Yacht Cl.: Ann. Choral Con. FRIEDSAM, LAWRENCE 540 West l03rd St. Science News Staff: Pres. Cab.: Con. Band: Soc. Orch.: R.O.T.C. Band: Orch.: Orch. Var.: Off. Cl.: 4 B.A.A. Bars. FRONCZYK, FLORENCE I2409 Parnell Ave. Commercial Phorex: Rm. Sec.: H. Guard: G.A,A. ROW IV GENIS, JOHN 2l4 West I07th Pl. Commercial Footb'l: Phorex: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: 6 B.A.A. Bars: I Sch. Let.: I Chevron: Con. Band: Jr. Cit. Cl.: H. Guard: News Rep. GENTILE, VICTOR lll54 Eggleston Ave. Science Stud. Coun.: H. Guard Lt.: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Footb'l: B.A.A.: H:-Y: Jr. Cit. Cl.: 2 Sch. Let.: 2 Chevrons: I0 B.A.A. Bars: Mix. Chor.: R.O.T.C.: 4B Prom. Comm: Bow Tie Cl.: N,C,O.: Art Cl.: Math. Cl. GEPHART, DUANE l2250 Sangamon St. Science H. Guard: News Rep.: B.A.A.: Mix. Chor,: Avia. Cl.: Drama CI.: Fenger For.: A Cappella Choir. GERLIKAS, PETER 225 West l23rd St. Commercial B.A.A.: Volleyb'l. GERLOFSON, ELEANORE l2237 Eggleston Ave. Commercial Cour. Staff: Phorex: "When Stars Shine": Drama Cl.: Sadd. Cl.: H. Guard: 4B Prom. Comm.: Rm.,Sec.: Off. Sec.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Basketb'l: Volleyb'l: Phorex Rep. GIAMMARIO, MARY GRACE H545 La Fayette Ave. Commercial Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: Rm. Sec.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'I: Basketb'l. GIBSON, ILAMAE 642 East 87th Pl. Commercial Phorex: News Rep.: Orch.: I Sch. Let.: Let. Girls Cl.: Baton Cl.: G.A.A.: 22 G.A.A. Bars: Trav. Cl.: Charm Cl.: Volleyb'l: Basketb'l: G.A.A. Rep.: H. Guard. Q . a Phorex Q Ill 8: Scroll H Guard Rm Pres NSPA on.: I Cl.: c e ev Li Cour ep.: .,. ' 'Q GLOCKSON, NORMA JEAN II3 Wesl ll2lh Pl. Science GRANGER MARJORIE IOIHO Rhodes Av Science GRASS ROBERT 58 Wesf llUlh Sl Technical Science G.A.A.: Science N.C.O. Fenqer Science Commercial Marc. Cl.: Commercial B.A.A.: 20 Cl. Science Cl.: N.C.O. Commercial B.A.A. Bars: f av..-. ..: A , uard: G.A.A.: Mix. Chor.: Orch. Var.: Marh. Cl.: Gavel Cl.: . . G Asrron. Cl. GLOFUOSO, DOMINIC IOS36 Green Sl. Commercial H. Guard: B.A.A.: 6 B.A.A. Bars. GOBIS, LEONARD l2037 Normal Ave. Commercial Phorex: Fenger For.: Fenc. Cl.: Arr Cl.: B.A.A.: H. Guard: Mix. Chor. GOLDBERG, SHlRLEY ll04l Soufh Park Ave. Science Lib.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: G.A.A.. GOLDEKAS. IRENE l2Z00 Emerald Ave. Commercial Rm. Sec.: G.A.A.: Volleyb'l. GOLIO, JAMES H936 S. Siafe Sl. Technical IOH. Cl.: N.C.O. Cl.: Cour. Rep.: R.O.T.C. Cap.: Ushers CI.: f H. Guard: Ari. Cl.: Avia. Cl.: B.A.A.: Picked Plal. Dj GOODRICH, FRANK II946 Lowe Ave. Science H. Guard Lf.: H. Guard: Drama Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Fenc. Cl.: Trav. Cl.: Bow Tie Cl.: Cam. Cl.: R.O.T.C. GRAAFSMA. RICHARD 338 Wes? lllfh Sl. Mechanical Drawing B.A.A.: R.O.T.C. Pri.: Cam. Cl.i GRADLE RAYMOND 730 Wesl ll8lh Sf. Commercial Phorex: Guard Ll.: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: B.A.A.: Bowl. Team: Ari Cl.: Fenger For. GRONCKI, IRENE II747 South Union Ave. Commercial Phorex: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: Slud. Lib.: GAA.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Orch.: Trav. Cl.: Charm Cl.: Trav. Cl. Lei. GRONCKI LUCILLE ll747 Soulh Union Ave. Commercial Phorex: Srlud. Coun.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: OH. Sec.: Red Cross Rep.: Srud. Lib.: G.A.A.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: VolIeyb'l: Orch.: Trav. CI.: Charm Cl.: Travel Cl. Let. GRUENTHALER, ANNA MARIE l0020 Indiana Ave. Science H. Guard Li.: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: I2 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Baskelb'l: Cheer Cl. OUBSON. FLORITA 9lll Drexel Ave. Language G.A.A.:CG.A.A. Rep.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Drama Cl.: Span. Cl.: Ari Cl.: Charm GUGLIELML MATILDA 2ll5 Kensingfon Ave. Commercial Phorex: H. Guard Ll.: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: Red Cross Rep.: Siud. Lib.: G.A.A.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Charm Cl.: News Rep.: 4 G.A.A. Bars. GULLO, THERESA H729 La Salle Sl. Commercial Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: I0 G.A.A. Bars: Rm. Sec.: Volleyb'l: Baskeib'l: H. Guard: G.A.A. Rep.: Charm Cl. GUSTAFSON. RAY II444 Michigan Ave. Science Pres. Cam. Cl.: N.C.O. Cl.: H. Guard Ll.: H. Guard: R.O.T.C.: Arr Cl.: Red Cross Rep. HAAKSMA, WALLACE l0524 Soulh Halsfed Sf. Commercial Maih. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Phorex: H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: B.A.A.: Yachf Cl.: Avia. Cl.: Trav. Cl.: Discuss. Cl. HACKENSON, JUNE ll527 Harvard Ave. Commercial Sfud. Lib.: G.A.A.: Volleyb'l: Baskel'b'l. N swf' .-"K HAHN, MAX l024l Sdulh Morgan Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: B,A.A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Jr. Band: Malh. Cl. HAMEETMAN, KATHERINE 323 Wesl' IIOIh Pl. Commercial H. Guard: GAA.: VoIleyIJ'l. HANSEN,"ALBERTlCE 338 Wesl' I06'lh PI. Commercial Rm, Pres.: I4 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: H. Guard Lf.: Cour. Rep.: H. Guard: News Rep.: Orch. Lei.: BasIce'rb'I: Adv. Orch.: Ger. Cl.: Malhl Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Deb. Cl. , ,H2xNsoN, Lois 3:9 wf.-S+ :mn PI. Commercial llflxlfews Siaff: Phorex: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: T iG.A.A. Bars: Orch. Lei.: Vollevb'l: Orch.: Orch. Varieiies: Amar. :N X ow: Drama CI.: Jr. Cir.: Malh. Cl.: Gavel Cl. I X RDER, Leo II324 Indiana Ave. Arf ' , Guard: Bowl. Team: Adver. Cl.: B.A.A.: Ari Cl.: VolIevb'l. I-IARDY, WAYNE 646 Easl' 90I'h Pl. Technical , H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: B.A.A.: Avia. Cl. li HARPER, ROBERT l0232 S. Peoria Technical B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: 6 B.A.A. Bars: Swim. Team, ' XAHATHAWAY, JANE ll848 Slewarl Ave. Commercial H. Guard: G,A.A.: Mix. Chor.: Cam. Cl. HEDBERG, CAROL I05U0 Perry Ave. Commercial I nical I I , , ,, ,, ,., - -.. .. --.-, Cl.: Cam. Cl.: H. Guard. HENDRICKS, MARIE 222 Wesf Il9Ih Sf. Commercial G.A.A.: Vollevb'l: Baskelb'l. HERDT, RAY I07I9 Champlain Ave. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.g FooIb'l: Jr. Cir. Cl. HERNANDEZ, RAYMOND ll353 Edbrooke Technical N.C.O. Cl.: B.A.A.: H. Guard. HIGGINS, BETTY 32 Wesl' ll0lh Pl. Commercial a Tri-Yi-Y: N.S.P.A. Con.: Cour. Staff: News Siaff: Class Sec.: Alph G.A.A.: Jr. Cir. Cl,: Amar. Show: Malh. Cl. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Volleyb'l: BaskeIb'l: Sec. Gavel Cl. HILL, WILLIAM 45I Easl' Illlh SI. Science H. Guard: B.A.A.: Avia. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Marc. CI. HILLS, JAMES 5I2 Wesl II8lh Sf. Science Rm. Treas.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: H. Guard: "When Siars Shune': N.C.O. Cl.: Drama CI.: Cam, Cl.: Jr. Cli. CI.: Marc. Cl.: B.A.A. HOLLENDER, JAMES 2I0 Wesl ll0Ih SI. TGCIHIICBI HOLMGREN, PATRICIA II740 Wenlworlh Ave. Commercial Debal. Cl.: Yachl Cl,: Fenc. Cl.: Drama Cl.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: BaslceIb'l. Q. r Phorex: Cour. Rep.: H. Guard: GJ-MA.: 3 G.A.A. BaskeII::'I: Mix. Chor.: Drama CI.: Mafh. Cl.: Trav. Span. Cl. Bars: Volleyb'l: Cl.: Baron Cl.: X.. HOUSTRUP, CONNIE 26 Easf l00Ih Pl. Commercial Phorex: Phorex Rep.: G.A,A.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: Baskelb'l: VolIeyb'l. HUBER, HILDA 342 Easl l36Ih SI. Commercial Phorex: Cour. Rep.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Bowl. Cl.: BaskeIb'l. HUBER, MAE I28I8 Wallace SI. Science Phorex: Cour. Slaff: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: News Rep.: Phorex Rep.: VoIleyb'l: Bowl. Cl.: G.A.A.: Malh, CI.: P.T.A. Rep.: Drama Cl. HUDEK, JULIA l2048 Lowe Ave. Commercial' Phorex: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: I9 G.A.A. Bars: Sci. Cl. HULFORD, CALVIN l2033 Parnell Ave. Technical Rm. Pres.: Phorex: BAA.: Slud. Coun. HULL, NELLIE H604 Slafe SI. Commercial Rm. Pres.: H. Guard: Trav. Cl.: Treas.: G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: BaskeIb'I: VoIlevb'l. HYLANDER, RAYMOND 1093! S+a'Ie Sf. Commercial Phoregc: Slud. Coun.: Fire Comm. Depr.: Prog. Comm.: Rm. Pres.: Jr. CII. Cl.: Malh. Cl.: Red Cross Rep.: H. Guard: B.A.A. I-IYNKO, JEANETTE 9948 Soufh Slafe Sl. Commercial' Rm. Seo: News Rep.: G.A.A.: 8 G.A.A. Bars: H. Guard: Bowl. Team: VolIeyb'l: Baske1'b'I. JANAC. EDNA RAE I225I Princefon Ave. Commercial Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: VoIleyb'l: Baskelb'l: H.-Guard: Rm. Pres.: G.A.A.: Travel Cl. Lei. ,......- M- M. .... ec. a..-'--I L- A ...W -A -- - - ff , . . v- F, f .N " .f A Nwfr Ng. i 0. x... l. 'Q , is Ao 4. , v. Q H ', ROW l JANAC, ROBBIE Commercial Phorex: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: Trav. Cl.: Basketb'l: Volleyb'l: H. Guard. JASICA, EDMOND l2250 Normal Ave. Commercial Cam. Cl.: Avia. Cl.: B.A.A.: "The Youngest": H. Guard Lt.: H. Guard. JEKONES, ANN I062l Edbrooke Ave. Science Phorex: H. Guard: G.A.A. JENDRYASZIK, JANET ll80l State St. Commercial H. Guard: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Vollevb'l: Basketb'l: Drum 81 Bugle Corps: ,Jr. Cit. Cl. K JENNING, ELLA Il700 South Michigan Ave. Commercial Ott. Sec.: Lib.: Volleyb'l: Basketb'l: H. Guard: Cheer. Cl.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Fenc. Ci.: Charm Cl. JENSEN, FINN I0629 Calumet Ave. Science B.A.A. Rep.: B.A.A.: Wrest. Tm.: R.O.T.C.: Fenc. Cl.: Adver. Cl. Commercial JOHNSON. DAVID 254 East I35th Pl. Phorex: R.O.T.C.: Rifle Tm.: Fenger For.: Art Cl.: News Rep.: H. Guard: B.A.A. ROW Ill JOSEPH, NORMAN 4I4 East Il0th St. b Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: Mix. Chor.: HI-Y: Stud. Lib.: H. Guard: B.A.A.: Esc. Cl.: Stud. Coun. Language JOSEPH, WILLIAM 9535 Forest Ave. Commercial H. Guard Lt.: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: B.A.A. Rep.: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Comm.: Vollevb'l: Jr. Cit. Cl. JURGENSEN, JACK I2I27 Parnell Ave. Science Swim. Tm.: I Sch. Let.: Hi-Y: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: Cam. CI.: B.A.A.: 6 B.A.A. Bars. KABOT, ELIZABETH l20I3 Perrv Ave. Commercial Phorex: H. Guard: Volleyb'l: Basketb'l: Fenc. CI.: G.A.A. KACHIN, ROGER l0640 Prairie Ave. Commercial H. Guard: B.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O. Cl. KAROLL, GENEVIEVE 9927 South Michigan Ave. Commercial Pm Qaf- Fmrr Ren - News Ren: G.A.A.' G.A.A. Ren.: Ott. Sec.: ROW II JOHNSON. LA VERNE IOSZB Eggleston Ave. Commercial VolIevb'I: Basketb'I: Cam. Cl.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: News Rep.: G.A.A. JOHNSON LAWRENCE l02l9 South Union Ave. Commercial Footb'l: Wrest. Tm.: B.A.A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Let.: Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Math. Cl.: Span. Cl.: Stamp CI.: Yacht Cl. JOHNSON, RAY IO4 West l04th St. Science R.O.T.C. - JOHNSON, ROBERT lI922 Eqgleston Ave. Commercial Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: Baseb'l: Rifle Tm.: Social Comm.: Art Cl.: Avia. Cl.: Drama Cl.: N.C.O. Cl.: Ushers CI.: Travel Cl.: Yacht Cl. JOHNSON, SHIRLEY IOI6 Wlest I03rd St. Science Alpha Tri'Hi-Y: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: G.A.A.: Cheer. Cl.: Fenger For.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Math. Cl.: I3 G.A.A. Bars: Basketb'l: Rm. Presz JOHNSTON, JOHN l42 West II2th St. i Science Reel Men: Math. Cl.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: B.A.A.: 7 B.A.A. Bars: Sci. CI.: Art Cl.: Cam. Cl.: Footb'l: Hi-Y: H. Guard. JONES, JENNIE l0832 Wabash Ave. Commercial Cheer. Cl.: G.A.A.: l G.A.A. Bar. ROW IV Art Course KELLER, RUTH lII5I Vernon Ave. Cour. Staff: Mix. Chor.: Phorex: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: Art Cl.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Basketb'l: Charm Cl. KEMMER, KENNETH 70 East l0lst St. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Avia. Cl. KEMPERMAN, DALLAS 26I West l06th St. Commercial H. Guard Lt.: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: B.A.A.: Wrest. Tm.: Trav. Cl. ' KENDZIERSKI, TED II754 State St. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: Volleyb'l: Arch. Cl.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Avia. Cl. KILHEENEY, EDWARD I49 East II7th PI. Trav. Cl.: Avia. Cl.: Bowtie Cl.: Stamp Cl.: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: H. Guard. KILMER, 'BETTE 756 wen 70th sf. Drama Cl.: Stud. Lib.: Volleyb'l: G.A.A.: Charm Cl.: Jr. Crt. Cl. .,....-.. ..-H ...-. . 1. - I. . 1-A, A-,, Technical Commercial A I ..-V ....11. 1...-.s.:.....a....:. - As... . 5 1 N .Nx- - ,Vj fi f. -Y rg.AF4.If,T' i gnu! ' N, . ." ROW I 1. KING, NORBERT H333 Wallace Sr. Science News Srarf: Phorex: Orch.: Soc. Orch.: Orch. Var.: Amar. Show: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Baseb'l: H. Guard: Jr. Cir. Cl.: VoTlevb'l. KIRALY, GEORGE 544 Easr I9'lh PI. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: H. Guard: Jr. Cir. CI.: Avia. Cl.: Cam. CI. r KIRNER, JOSEPH 756 Easr l30lh Sr. ' Technical Srud. Coun.: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: H. Guard: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Avia. Cl.: Cam. Cl. KLACZAK, EDWARD 92I0 Universily Ave. Technical Wresr. Tm.: Avia. CI.: Jr. Cir. CI.: Sramp CI.: B.A.A.: News Rep.: H. Guard. . KLEIN, EDWARD I2345 Emerald Ave. i' . Technical B.A.A. z KLINGENS, DANIEL ll3l2 Eqgleslon Ave. Technical R.O.T.C.: B.A.A.: N.C.O. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: H. Guard: Sraqe Crew. KNIPPER, THOMAS 256 West Illrh PI. Technical Cour. Rep.: Srud. Lib.: Fenger For.: Yachl Cl. C ROW Ill KUCINSKAS. BERNICE I3l Vjesr-.l04lh PI. V C mercial H. Guard: Trav. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: G.A.A.: 20 G.A.A. Bars:-.Vo bil: Cheer. Cl. 3 KUEKER, ROBERT -427 Wesl l02nd Sr. H 'Cclvgc Srud. Coun.: Rm. Pres.: Ushers CI.: N.C.O. CI.: R.O.T.C.: B.A .: H. Guard. ' KUMMELEHNE, nonon-IYMAE mos sim si. cammekisi H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: G.A.A.: News Rep.: I3 G.A.A. Bars: iBa I: Volleyb'l: Mix. Ch'or.: Cheer. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Fenc. CI.: ..A. C l rf ROW II KNYSZ, STELLA IIO Wes? lI9rh Sr. Commercial G.A.Ax: I2 G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Trav. CI.: Charm CI.:VoIIeyb'I: Baslsgibllp H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: News Rep. KOHNKE, MILDRED l05I6'Edbrooke Ave. Commercial Phoreas' Sch Ler' 2 Chevrons' 23 GAA Bars' GAA: Ler. Girls' rv-CH. Gu'arcI IST.: Secl: News Repqilillixi Chor.: Orch.'Var.: Amari SiTowq..Ch:Qr,,Insig.: Fenger For.: Marh. CI.: VoIIeyb'I: Baskerb'l. KOOTPMAN, ROBERT 49 Wesr II0lh PI. Mechanical Avia. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl. KORIENEK, MARGARET 9939 Srale Sf. Commercial Off: Sec.f,G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Baskelb'l: Volleyb'l. KQYAL, ANDREW l0004 Emerald Ave. Commercial I-l'. G-uardflBi.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars. KRAUYALIS, OTTO I0805 Michigan Ave. Science -,Famer-New1s.Sjarr: Nar. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: 4B Prom Comm.: Con. Band: Hi-P7 RvO.T+C. Band: N.S.P.A. Conv.: Red Cross Rep.: News Rep.: Rm. Pres.:.Ccui'FRep.: 2 B.A.A. Bars. ' KUBIC A GEORGIANA 636 Easr 87rh Pl Commercial I e. HT? C R .- G.A.A.' 4 . . . ar- fb'I' H Gilar, ross ep, , GAA B s, Baske , jVoIleyb'l: Jr. Cir. Cl .,- Lis ROW IV LAVRIC, STEPHEN H245 Champlain Ave. Science Fenger News Slarr: Phorex: Cour. Rep.: R.O.T.C.: B.A.A.: Hi-Y. X LAWLEY, MYRTLE l0755 Indiana Ave. Commercial A G.A.A.: 9 G.A.A. Bars: Baseb'l: Mix. Chor.: Choir Ler. 81 Pin.: Orch. Var.: Deb. Cl.: Drama Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Marh. Cl. LEBHARDT, MARGARET IZI43 Normal Ave. Commercial Phorex: Phorex Rep.: G.A.A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Trav. Cl.: H. Guard: Baskerb'l. Rep- Y "H X IEEES, VSAEOL IIISII Share Sg. C St H L T G4 I C-ibn?-fmegcial , .: r. . .: . a : . rs: . ec.: lfS:URCgLrgFdTEEmIliprZZSsiB I,27Lh.sL1a+h Cl. Span Cl commas' lN.y?aBOl9igJrn C3cgln'irTg:a2Z GliA.lg.OEar? OMixb'Chor6T Leg-II frgar. ghogi ' ' ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' . .: . I.: . .: n .: ow. .: ra . KUYPER. LUCILLE wssi wenfwmh Ave. Comme als MnQn.,'?.A.A. rail., sch. LSI offi.. vSi.qO"Emefaia isis--: '-em. GUG6? Q?-AAACIRSEH 5 Bars: VOllevb'l: Mia Ch I - doliers": News Rep.: Posr. Med.: Volleyb'l: Baskerb'l. eer. .' rav. .' arm . . ' . ' '. L W r l04rl1 Pl. C l LACKENBERG, vicroRiA zoo wen II9rh S+. Commerci , l'5'iQff:'.l'?5 6R,Hlf'.EB2a42. Vfjleyb-i. Basmb-I. J. CH: Q,:omme'C'a Sch. Ler.: Rm. Press Phorex: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: News Repr' ' ' ' , ,l ' P.T.A. Rep.: Gavel Cl.: Trav .Cl.: Fenc. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl. A ,Q-EGGL El-EANOIWR 3708'S!Z3Ufh Lgnllfl lsikh L +I C+ d Lb I-HCEQXHEQ LARSEN, GREGOR sos wen iioara si. sei me m'X:-hclgfffg-6OgAAf"5 :gmt OW' 0" 9 " J U ' I " A ' " Rifle rm., Bai. cam, L+. col.: off. ci.: N.C.O. ci.: siua. Co n- 5 ' '- ' ' ' 'E ' , Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: Ushers Cl.: Asrron.fCI.: Amar. S LENNON, JAMES 724 East 92nd Pl. Science B.A.A.: Marh. Cl.: H. Guard. fll Q4 horcx: Rm. Pres.: H. Guard: B.A.A. X L J-- ,ma ..-A A-.. i I fs be V I u xl si Q: RU 1 '-- mfifwlfi LUBERT, LOTTIE ANN II930 Lowe Ave. Commercial Rm. Sec.: Jr. Cit. CI.: G.A.A, Rep.: I4 G.A.A, Bars: VoIIeyb'I: Basketb'l: H. Guard: G.A.A. LUCAS, PAUL I24 West I05th St. Commercial Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: BAA.: 8 B.A.A. Bars: 4 Sch. Letters: I Chev.: Footb'I: Swim.: Jr. Cit. Cl. LUEDEKING, ELOISE IOII7 South Sangamon St. Language Nat. Hon. Soc.: Ouill X1 Scroll: Phorex: News Statt: I Sch. Let.: G.A.A.: I2 G.!X.A. Bars: Let. Girls: Beta Tri Hi-Y: 4B Prom Comm.: N.S.P.A. Cori.: "The Yonqest": Fender For.: VoIIeyb'l: Basketb'I: Jr. Cit. CI.: Math. CI.: H. Guard: Cheer. Cl.: Drama CI. LUND. DORIS I07 West II8th St. Commercial Let. Girls: Sch. Let.: I5 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: Phorex: H. Guards xI7t.':lTrgw1, CI.: BasIrctb'I: Rm. Sec.: H. Guard: Math. Cl.: Bowl. CI.: o. ey . LUNDMARK. DOROTHY II935 La Salle Commercial G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Mix. Chor.: Cheer. CI.: Charm Cl. LYNCH, FRANCES 98I5 Winston Ave. ' Science Cour. Rep.: "The Younqest": G.A.A.: I0 G.A,A. Bars: BasIretI9'l: Cheer. CI.: Deb. CI.: Drama CI.: Fenger For.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Beta Tri-Hi'Y: Math. CI. MacFARLANE. WADE I20I6 Stewart Ave. Science' Off. CI.: N.C.O.: R.O.T.C.: Jr. Cit. CI.: H. Guard: Bowl. CIS Ushers Cl.: Mix, Chor.: Astron. CI: Drama CI.: B.A.A. Q.. s 1 'I 'I XG I .X LENNON, MARIE 724 East 92nd Pl. Commercial Phorex: H. Guard: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: VoIIeyb'l: Drama CI.: Fenger For.: Let. Girls: Stamp Cl.: Deb. CI.: Charm CI. LISACK, EMILY II767 Lowe Ave Science Phorex: G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A. Bars. LOCHT ELAINE II3I9 Edbrooke Ave. Language Nat. Hlon. Soc.: Phorex: News Staff: N.S.P.A. Con.: H. Guard: G,A.A. LOICHINGER. ANTON II946 State St. Phorex: 2 Sch. Let.: Ott. CI.: R.O.T.C. Band: N.C.O.: Orch. Guard: Swim. Mgr.: 4B Prom Commer:ial Var.: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: H. Comm.: Yacht CI.::B.A.A.: Stud. Coun. LONG, ALVIN ICl4II Michigan Ave. Fenqer News Staff: N.S.P.A. Con.: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars :Sch. Let.: Deb. CI.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Hi-Y: N.C.O.: Gavel CI.: Esq. CI.: 4B Prom Comm. LONG, LORRAINE I0225 South Peoria St. Science Cheer CI.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Math. Cl.: Fenc. CI.: VoIley'bI.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A, Bars: H. Guard. LOVATO ALBINO 534 West II7th St. Science Phorex: Rm. Pres.: Reel-Men: Con. Band: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: H. Guard: B.A.A.: 8 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Let.: Baseb'l: Mar. CI.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Reel-Men Mgr. Science LOVATO. MARIO 534 West II7th St. Mechanical Cour. Staff: Reel-Men: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Marc. CI.: Orch.: H. Guard: B.A.A.: 6 B.A.A. Bars: Hi-Y: Avia. CI.: Reel-Men Asst, Mgr. LOWACK, MILDRED 265 West I04th St. Commercial Rm, Sec.: News Rep.: G.A.A. Rep.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: Baseb'I: VoIIeyb'I: Jr. Cit. CI.: G.A.A. LOWE, BEATRICE I7 East I03rd PI. Commercial H. Guard Lt.: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: GAA.: 8 G.A.A. Bars: Sch. Let.: VoIIeyb'I: Basketb'l: Jr, Cit. CI.: Let. Girls: Math. CI.: Tri Hi-Y: Fenc. CI.: Trav. Cl.: Charm CI.: Sad, Cl. x x IH . ' I MACHNYK, WALTER II256 Langley Ave. , Science B.A.A.: I B.A.A. Bar: Hi-Y. MADDEROM, MARCELLA 253 West l07th PI. Commercial Cour. Staff: Con. Band.: H. Guard: Basketb'I: VoIIeyb'l: I2 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: Orch. Var.: Amat. Show: Drama CI.: Jr. Cit. CI. MAGRAM, GLORIA 727 East 89th St. Commercial Fenger For.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Charm Cl.: G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: VoIIeyb'I. MALANGA, ANTHONY II439 South Park Ave, Technical Adver. CI.: Wrest. Tm.: Jr. Lite Sav. Emlo.: Cour. Rep.: Rm. Pres.: Red Cross Rep.: Stud. Lib.: B.A.A,: H. Guard: News Rep.: Fenc. CI. MALCOLM, JOHN II332 Calumet Ave. Technical Travel CI.: Reel-Men: Avia. CI.: H. Guard: B.A.A.: B B.A.A. Bars: Bowtie CI, MALITO, LILLIAN 9II9 Dobson Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Ott. Sec.: Red Cross Rep.: 9 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: VoIleyb'I: BasIretb'I: Jr. Cit. CI. MALTMAN, EDWARD B West II5th St. Mechanical Choir: Adver. CI.: Mix. Chor.: Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: Fer1c.'Cl.: Stud. Coun. MAMOVICH, CONSTANCE I2325 Elizabeth St. Household Arts Phorexg News Staff: Rm. Pres.: Mix. Chor.: Cap 81 Gown Comm.: H. Guard: I0 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A. Rep.: G.A.A.: Phorex Rep.: Basketb'I: Fenc. CI. MANDERSON, REACIL l30 West II2th St. Science News Statf: H, Guard: News Rep.: VoIIeyb'I: Math, Cl. MANTIA, JEAN I49 East Kensington Ave. , Commercial H. Guard: G.A.A.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Charm CI.: G.A.A. Rep. f"'w . L Ad fl . W I' . ! Aj . X I W I rvll : I MARCHIANDO, MARGARET IO444 Indiana Ave. Cdmmercial Rm. Sec.: Mix. Chor.: Deb. CI.: Drama CI.: Slud. Lib.: Malh. Cl.: GAA.: P.TA. Rep.: 7 GAA. Bars: Chor. Lei.: H. Guard: "When Sfars Shine." MARKLEY, VIRGINIA 6938 Soulh Park Ave. Commercial News Rep.: GAA.: H. Guard: VolIeyb'l: BasIceib'l: Jr. CII. Cl.: Fenc. Cl.: Charm Cl. MARKUNAS, PETER 4 Easl I07Ih SI. Technical Adver. Cl.: Phorex: H. Guard: BAA. MARSCH. ANDREW I'2I27 Eggleslon Ave. Science 3 Baskelb'I Lei.: Off, Cl.: Cour. Staff: News Rep.: BAA.: 2 BAA. Bars: R.Q.T.C.: 48 Prom Comm.: Drama Cl.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: N.C.O.: Ushers CI. MARTIN, ROBERT 4 E-Isl ll3lh Pl. Technical Slage Crew Lei.: Rifle Tm.: Off. Cl.: N.C.O.: Reel-Men: B.A.A.: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: Cam. Cl. MARTINOTT, HENRY 339 Kensingfon Ave. Science Rm. Pres.: BAA.: I BAA. Bar. MASIER, IRENE 3l8 Wes? lI6lh Si. Commercial I-I. Guard: News Rep.: Sfud. Lib.: GAA.: 7 G.AA. Bars: Volleyb'l: Baskefb'I: Cheer. Cl.: Drum 81 Bugle Corps. , 4 Technical MASSOGLIA. JOE IIAIS Lafavelle Ave. Phorex: R.O.T.C.: OH, Cl.: N.C.O.: BAAQ: 2,BAA. Bars: Arch. Cl.: Cam. Cl.: News Rep.: H. Guard: Udhervsi.-ACI. I TlKoNis. LITA zo East lI2fh sf. Q " Commercial .AW I GAA. Bar, Vice-Pres.tE-, 1:61. D? A 'A A I X i , . 1 fi. MAZZACAVALLO, GUY II447 SI. Ave. Technical Phorex: News Rep.: H. Guard: BAA. Rep.: BAA.: II BAA. Bars: Baseb'I: BasIcelb'l. MCDONALD. CLARA l0227 Calumef Ave. Commercial Sfud. Lib.: GAA.: I0 GAA. Bars: Volleyb'l: Fenc. Cl. Lei. MCDONALD, ROBERT l2032 Sfewarl Ave. Science , Slud. Coun.: Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.: R.O.T.C. McGlLL, GLORIA 9439 Burnside Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: Off. Sec.: Slud. Lib.: GAA.: 8 A GAA. Bars: VoIlevb'I: Baskelb'I: Drama Cl.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Charm Cl. MELCZER, STEVE 9209 Greenwood Ave. Technical H. Guard:vBAA.: I Sch. Lei.: Baskelb'l. MELILLO, DORIS 225 Easf lI5lh SI. Commercial GAA.: 4 GAA Bars: Trav. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Charm Cl. MELISI-I, JOSEPHINE 220 Wesl l09lh Sl. Commercial ", Jr. CIT. Cl.: GAA. Rep.: GAA.: I5 GAA. Bars: Volleyb'l: BaslceIb'I: Bowl. CI.: Trav. Cl.: News Rep. MENEGHETTI, DAVID II936 Wenlworlh Ave. Language I Cour. Slaff: Phorex: Orch. Lei.: Orch. Var.: Amar. Show: Music Fes.: Orch.: N.C.O.: Tennis Tm.: BAA.: R.O.T.C. xy f in l0930 Indiana Ave. Commercial I5 GAA. Bars: GAA.: H. Guard Ll.: H. Guard: Cl.: Lei. Girls: Bowl. Cl.: Malh. Cl.: Baskelb'l: ' MESKAUSKAS, IRENE l092l South Wabash Ave. Commercial News Rep.: GAA.: 7 GAA. Bars: VolIeyb'I: Bowl. Cl.: BaskeIb'I: Jr. Cii. CI. MICHALSKI, MARGIE 327 Easf l3b+h Pl. Commercial News SI.: Phorex: Rm. Sec.: Off. Sec.: Red Cross Rep.: N.S.PA. Con.: GAA.: 3 GAA. Bars: Trav. Cl. Lei.: Treas. Trav. CI.: Orch.: Jr. Cr. CI.: VoIIeyb'I. MIDDENDORF, RUTH H624 Egqleslon Ave. Commercial GAA.: 5 GA.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Trav. Cl. MIDDLEBORN, AUGUST ZI7 Easl' l34+h S+. Technical Rm. Pres.: H. Guard: Avia. CI.: Red Cross Rep.: Cam. Cl.: Arch. CI.: Volleyb'I: BaskeTb'l: Trav. Cl. MIHALKO, JULIA 9237 Kimber-k Ave. Language HiGuard: GAA.: 8 GAA. Bars: Volleyb'l: Jr. Cil.,Cl. MIHALOVITS, ETHEL 9l35 Dobson Ave. Commercial Rm. Pres.: H. Guard: GAA.: 4 GAA. Bars: Jr. Cii. CI.: Cap 81 Gown Comm. MIKAELIAN, GEORGE ll8I4 Ernerald Ave. Technical Avia. Cl.: BAA. MILLER, ROBERT l3724 Levden Ave. Technical Luni. Rm. Guard: B.AA.: Arch. CI.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Trav. Cl. WLLER, WARREN IOII9 Sangamon Sf. Mechanical BAA: R.O.T.C.' Malh. Cl.' Jr. Cil. CI.: Ushers CI.: N.C.O.: Adver. .: clan. sandy' R.O.T.C. 'Band: soc. Orch.: off. ci. - Q T. J' l "J :ix .. 'H " . , -X, . J , 1 h I , ab.. , ..c..,.,.,. Mascc 'Q fl YT' 1 ll' . 1 -fwffcf . fha. -f f. .ard ROW I MINICUS, CAROL 9906 Normal Ave. Phorex: Mix. Chor. lnsig.: G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: Slud. Lilo.: Jr. Cir. CI.: Malh. Cl.: Span. Cl. Language 'MlRlCH, WALTER ll8ll Wallace Ave. Commercial B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars. MITCHEL, DOROTHY 822 Easf 89th Pl. Commercial G.A.A.: News Rep.: Cheer. Cl.: 4 G.A.A. Bars. MORRISON, ANDREW l09I9 Vernon Ave. Technical R.O.T.C.: OH. Cl.: N.C.O.: Ushers Cl.: Ushers Lei.: B.A.A.: Cour. golf: Guard: Arch. CI.: Jr. Cil. CI.: Malh. Cl.: Bowfie Cl.: GTTI. . MRJENOVICH, DOROTHY l260S Slafe Sl. H. Guard: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'I: Baskefb'l: Jr. Cul. Cl.: Fenc. Cl.: Charm CI. Commercial MULLEN, MAX Il236 Slewarl Ave. Mechanical Baskelb'I: Sch. Lel.: Jr. Hi-Y: B.A.A.: Adver. Cl. MUNSON, SHIRLEY 22 Easf ll8lh Sl. Commercial H. Guard: News Rep.: G.A.A.: VolIeyb'l: Mix. Chor.: Jr. Cnr. Cl.: Charm Cl. ROW III NOLAN ELLEN l0905 Vernon Ave. Commercial Volleyb'l. NORTON, THELMA IOSI6 Wabash Ave. Commercial Cour. Slaff: Na+. I-lon. Soc.: Phorex: Sch. Lel.: Prog. Comm.: I5 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: Pres. Befa Tri-Hi-Y: Mix. Chor. Lel.: Arnal. Show: Cap 81 Gown Comm.: H. Guard L+.: Gavel Cl.: H. Guard: Bowl. Cl.: BaskelI3'l: Volleyb'l: G.A.A. Rep. NOVELLO, CARRIE 9200 Ellis Ave. Commercial Phorex: H. Guard: G.A.A.: I7 G.A.A. Bars: Sch. Lef.: VoIleyb'l: Baslcelb'l: Jr. Cir. CI.: Lei. Girls. O'BRlEN, HARRY ll40l Prairie Ave. Science Quill 81 Scroll: Phorex: Off. Cl.: Red Cross Rep.: News Staff: Bowlie CI.: Tenn. Cl.: Cour. Rep.: B.A.A.: Hi-Y: N.C.O.: Gavel AI. OGORZELEC, ESTELLE 344 Easl ll9lh PI. Corjnmekial Pho:-ex: H. Guard: Slud. Lib.: G.A.A. ,' f :sf OLESKI, LEONA ll524 Perry Ave. c'iCom,m'rcial News Rep.: Teach. Sec.: H. Guard: Srud. Lib.:'G.A.A.: 5 TERAA. Bars: 4A CI. Comm.: Cheer. CI.: Drama Cl.: DeIo.JCl.: Tvav. Cl.: Charrr Cl.: Mix. Chor.: Volleyb'l: Baskefb'l. OLSEN, BERNICE 2l Easl Il3fh Sf. is Commercial fl. A A- vAli-.,L.'i- n:.uc.+i.'l. L.: f:....,4. funn. Fl - 7 r:'A A ny. I I ROW II Q MUNZ, FRANCES ll7l7 Harvard Ave.. Commercial Sch. Lel.: Lef. Girls: 7 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: Ol-F. Sec.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Volleyb'l: Bowl. CI.: H. Guard Lf.: H. Guard. MURPHY, RUTH 338 Wesf ll5fh Sl. Science Malh. Cl.: Baskelb'l: Volleyb'l: Rm. Sec.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: I-I. Guard: Fenger For.: Charm CI. MUSZYNSKI, ESTELLE l0730 Champlain Sl. Science Quill X1 Scroll: News Sraff: Phorex: Sch. Lei.: 3 Chevrons: 35 G.A.A. Bars: V. Pres. Befa Tri HIAY: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: Cheer. CI.: Mafh. Cl. Treas.: Mix. Chor. Treas.: 4B and 4A Treas. NANFELDT, EVELYN 9924 Parnell Ave. Commercial G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Baslcefb'l: Volleyb'l: Sadd. Cl.: Red Cross Rep.: Off. Sec.: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: Cheer. Cl.: News Rep.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Foo'rb'l Queen. NARODOWSKI, HARRIET l0530 Soufh Wabash Ave. Commercial Cour. Slaff: Phorex: Rm. Pres.: G.A,A. Rep.: G.A.A.: 9 G.A.A. Bars: Trav. Cl.: Bowl. CI.: VoIlevb'l: BaskeTb'l: Math. Cl.: Mix. Chor.: Span. CI.: Drama Cl.: H. Guard. NEMET, IRENE 930l Evans Ave. Commercial Phorex: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: VoIleyb'l: Jr. Cir. CI. NEWALD, BETTY 307 Easl l36lh Sf. Commercial Naf. I-lon. Soc.: Phorex: 4B Prom Comm.: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: Bowl. Cl.: Baskelb'l. Phorex: Sch. Lei.: Lei. Girls: News Rep.: G.A.A. Rep.: Rm. Sec.: Mix. Chor.: Choir lnsig.: G.A.A.: I7 G.A.A. Bars: Baske'rb'l: X ROW IV O'NElLL, SARAH THERESE 30 Easl ll2l'h Sl. Commercial Off. Sec.: Rm. Sec.: H. Guard: Mix. Chor.: G.A.A.: Jr. Cul. Cl. ORTINAU, HAROLD l3733 Leyden Ave.. Commercial Tennis: Bowl.: Baseb'l: Bowfie Cl.: Jr. Cul, Cl.: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Lef.: News Rep.: Fenc. Cl.: H. Guard Ll. OSTERBERG, ROBERT 9926 Perry Ave. Mechanical Mayor's Cab.: B.A.A. Rep.: H. Guard Lr.: B.A.A.: 6 B.A.A. Bars: Bowl.: Fenc. Cl. PACINI, FRANCIS 49 Wesl l08lh Pl Commercial H. Guard: B.A.A.: 8 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Lef.: Tennis: Avia. Cl.: Fenc. CI. PACZKOWSKI, IRENE 12322 Parnell Ave. Commercial OH. Sec.: Slamp Cl.: News Rep.: H. Guard: Jr. Cil. Cl.: G.A.A.: I6 G.A.A. Bars: VolIeyb'l: BaskeTb'l. PACZKOWSKI, JAYNE I2322 Parnell Ave. Commercial Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: H. Guard: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Rep.: I2 G.A.A. Bars: P.T.A. Rep.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Volleyb'l: Baske+b'l. oamnizwmv ini-im Vmaa cfihm.-.ua Ava Tar-hah-al I -- vu vv vr , . yy uv . M .L --r-A-'fr V' --me-V ,-f,- -I--A ..-eu A -. A - '.,.u..,...,.- .. . .....c........O--..... ....,. . .- ..... o..... . , .. er......a...........,...,..4... L Nfl ROW I PANOZZO, ELEANOR IIS Wesl llbfh Sf. Commercial G.A.A.: VoIIeyb'I: BaskeIb'I: 3 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A. Rep.: I-l. Guard: Cheer. Cl.: Jr. Cil. CI.: Charm CI. PAUL, KATHRYN I2007 Normal Ave. Commercial G.A.A. PAUL, STANLEY l085I Vernon Ave. Commercial Mix. Chor.: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: Orch. Var.: Amal. Show: Drama CI.: Chor. Lyre: Hi-Y: Gavel Cl.: N.C.O.: R.O.T.C.: Ushers CI.: H. Guard. PAVLAK, ED 307 Wes? lI3lh Sl. Commercial Cour. Slaff: H. Guard: Rm. Treas.: B.A.A.: B B.A.A. Bars: Bowl. CI.: Fenc. CI.: Yachl Cl.: Baske'rb'I: Swim. Tm. PAVLIK, JOE I08I2 Drew Sl. Science News Rep.: B.A.A.7 6 B.A.A. Bars: Baseb'l: Wresl. Tm.: Rifle Tm.Z Soc. Comm.: -Arr CI.: Avia. CI.: Drama Cl.: Ushers Cl.: Trav. Cl. PEARSON, MILDRED H040 Vernon Ave. Commercial Fenger News S+af'f: Phorex: Na+. Hon. Soc.: Off. Sec.: Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Trav. CI.: Fenger For. PEARSON, BOB 2lI Easl II3lh Sl. Social Science Rm. V. Pres.: Swim. Tm.: Hi-Y: Bowl. CI.: B.A.A.: H. Guard Li.: H. Guard. ROW III PHILLIPS, ELAINE 4l5 Wesl I02nd Sl. Commercial e-.A.A.g 5 e-.A.A. Bars. PHILLIPS, LLEWELYN l0023 Yale Ave. Science H. Guard B.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: Jr. CII. Cl.: Lirerale: Malh. CI.: N.C.O.: Sci. CI.: Cam. CI. PHILLIPS, NORMAN 68 Easl I02nd PI. Science 4A Class Vice-Pres.: Mayor's Cab.: Pres. Hi-Y: Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Con. Band: Sen. Orch.: Orch. Var.: Amar. Show: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: 2 Sch. Lei.: Rm. Pres. PIECH, CHESTER l222I Eggleslon Ave. Science Cour. Sfall: Fenqer News Sfaff: Wresl.: Baseb'I: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Rep.: l B.A.A. Bar: Volleyb'l: Avia. Cl.: Jr. Cil. CI.: Fenc. CI.: H. Guard. PIERZGA, MARIE H805 Soulh Peoria Commercial Sec.: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: Trav. CI.: Jr. Cil. CI.: H. Guard: VoIIeyb'l: G.A.A.: I9 G.A.A. Bars. PLANTINGA, DOROTHY 9938 Yale Ave Commercial Bowl.: H. Guard LI.: H. Guard: News Rep.: Malh. Cl.: Mix. Chor.: Charm Cl.: BaskeIb'l: G.A.A.: II G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'I: Jr. Cir. Cl. PODHORSKY. OLIVE I0725 Foresf Ave. Commercial H. Guard: P.T.A. RED.: G.A.A.: Slud. Lib. LJ S ',q5!,.' . ROW II PELK, FRANK 535 Wesf Illlh Sl. Technical Rm. Pres.: Sch. Lei.: Foolb'l: Wresl.: H. Guard: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Avia. CI.: B.A.A. PELZMAN, JOHN 9638 Egglesfon Ave. Commercial B.A'.A.: H. Guard. QESCETTO, FRANK 250 Wesl' ll2+h PI. General .A.A. PETERSEN, CHARLES 507 Easl 9IsI PI. Science Cour. Slal'F: Quill 81 Scroll Award: Carp 81 Gown Comm.: H. Guard Ll.: Swim.: Foolb'l: B.A.A.: Bowl.: Jr. Cir .CI.: H. Guard: Wesl. Ram.: Orch. Var.: Baseb'l: l.S.H.S.P.A. Chonv. PETERSON, ALICE 325 Wei l08Ih SIG Phorex: Rm. Pres.: H. Gua d: Cour. Rep.: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: VoIIeyb'I: G.A.A.: Phorex Rep. PETERSON, JOHN A. Il3II Slewarl Ave. R.O.T.C.: Hi-Y: N.C.O.: Trav. CI.: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: Ush. Cl. Commercial Mechanical PETRO, MARY l23 Wes? l08l'h Sl. Commercial H. Guard: Slud. Lib.: CiA.A.: Baskelb'l. ROW IV POLLEY, DOROTHY IDIOI Lafayelle Ave. Science Mavor's Cab.: 2 Sch. Lei.: Phorex: G.A.A.: I8 G.A.A. Bars:ABowl.: Drama CI.: Jr. CII. Cl.: Lei. Girls: Mafh. CI.: Span. Cl.: T'ri Hi-Y: Rep. on "S?ud. Opin." radio program: Cour. Rep. PRANSKUS, ALICE l2209 Soulh Sfafe Sf. Commercial News Rep.: BaskeIb'I: VoIleyb'l: G.A.A.: Jr. Cir. CI. PREUSS, GERTRUDE lI337 Eggleslon Ave. Commercial Nal. Hon. Soc.: Cour. Slall: Phorex: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: G.A.A. Rep.: Sch. Lei.: I Chev.: I4 G.A.A. Bars: Off. Sec.: Lei. Girls: Malh. CI.: Arf CI.: Bowl. Cl.: Baskelb'l: VoIIevb'I: Red Cross Rep. PRICE, ALBERT II35I Calumel Ave. Science B.A.A. Rep.: B.A.A.: 6 B.A.A. Bars: Tennis: VoIleyb'l: Bowl. Cl.: Jr. CII. CI.: H. Guard. PROKOP, LOUIS 924 Wesl II9Ih SI. Technical H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: News Rep.: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Lei.: Bowl. CI.: Arch. CI.: Jr. Cifr. Cl.: Mafh. CI. PUDLO, STANLEY lI800 Eqglesion Ave. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: Avia. Cl. QUEEDENSLEY, WINIFRED l2042 Slewarf Ave. Commercial Alpha Tri Hi-Y: Sadd. Cl.: H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: News Rep.: Red Cross Rep.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: VoIleyb'l: BaskeIb'l. s .9 . I if Q "' 4'455a9o 1 fi ' v ,, 5 nie s L.. , . 1. 97 I U X .4...... -s. -1 ,'. L fn. ROESING, Amal. Show, 5 G.A.A. Bars: Commercial Vollevb'l: Baske'rb'l: G.A.A.: ' .: Malh. Cl.: Cheer. CI. RONZANI, LOUIS I I Ave. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Bars: Adver. Cl.: Wresl.: Foo+b'l. ROSSI VERNON I200I LaFa elle Ave. Technical . Y N.C.O. CI.: R.O.T.C.: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars.: Arch. Cl.: Avia. CI.: H. Guard: Ushers Cl. RUSIN, FRANK I2223 Emerald Ave. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: 6 B.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cir. Cl. RYAN, FRANCES II539 La Salle Ave. Commercial Phorex: Phorex Rep.: H. Guard: Off. Sec.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Charm Cl.: Losl 81 Found Comm.: Volleyb'l: Cheer. Cl.: Jr. Cir. CI. SALAMON, ANNA 343 Wes? ll5fh Sf. Commercial Malh. Cl.: Charm Cl.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: VolIeyb'I: Off. Sec.: ll-I. Guard. SAMUELSON, HARRY I0200 Soulh Green Archifecfural Baskerb'l: Arch. Cl.: Cam. Cl. SANDERS, DOUGLAS IOI27 Union Ave. Science Phorex: News Slaff: Soc. Orch. Lei.: Con. Band: R.O.T.C. Band: Orch.: Soc. Orch.: Orch.' Var.: B.A.A.: I B.A.A. Bar: Fenqer For.: N.C.O. Cl.: Aslron. Cl.: Marc. Cl.: Amal. Show: Yachl Cl. .5SANDSTROM, ELAINE 739 Easi 9lsf Sf. Commercial J G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: Mix. Chor.: Jr. Cil. Cl. 'T' ,fi RAATJES, JOHN I0920 Wabash Ave. , COMITISFCIGI Phorex: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: B.A.A. Rep.: Orch. Var.: Amar. Show: Beg. Orch.: Jr. Ci'r. Cl.: Plec. CI.: B.A.A. RADCLIFFE, BERYL II948 Harvard Ave. Science Fenger News: A Cappella Choir: Mix. Chor.: H. Guard: 5 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: Volleyb'l: BaskeIb'l: Fenc. Cl.: Cheer. -Cl. RADCLIFFE, BETTY II948 Harvard Ave. Household Arls Phorex: News Sfaff: H. Guard: Slud. Lib.: G.A.A.: Mix. Chor.: A Cappella Choir: Cheer. Cl.: Fenc. Cl. RADTKE, CLARENCE 223 East I34Ih Sf. Commercial B.A.A.: Sch. Lei.: H. Guard. REDFORD, CHESTER l0l53 Eberharf Ave. TeCl'll'1lC-il Cour. Rep.: Fenc. Cl.: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars. REVIN, RICHARD l2Il7 Normal Ave. Technical R.O.T.C. RINGEY, BETTY l2200 Normal Ave. Science H. Guard: P.T.A. Rep.: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Baske'rb'l: Mix. Chor.: A Cappella Choir: Charm Cl.: Sadd. Cl. ROBB, LILLIAN I0808 Indiana Ave. Commercial Phorex: Trav. Cl.: Div. Treas.: Charm Cl.: G.A.A.: I4 G.A.A. Bars: Sadd. Cl.: Cheer. Cl.: Srud. Lib.: Drum 81 Bug. Corps. ROEDA, CORNELIUS 255 Wesl l06lh Sl' Science B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: 2 Sch. Lei.: Foo'rb'l: Baske+b'l: Jr. Band: Malh. Cl.: Gavel Cl.: Cour. Rep. SCHAPENDONK, RAYMOND II4I4 Perry Ave. Technical Trav. Cl.: Avia. Cl.: Bowlie Cl.: Jr. Cil. CI.: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: H. Guard. SCHILLING, MARTHA l2l3I Normal Ave. Science Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Grad. Mon.: News Staff: Sadd. Cl.: Sch. Lei.: Lei. Girls: 7 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: 4B Prom Comm.: H. Guard LI.: Baron CI.: Cheer. Cl.: Gavel Cl. SCHIRO, JUNE l0l25 Wallace Sl. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: G.A.A.: 8 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyb'l: Baske'rb'l: Mix. Chor.: Orch. Var.: Drama Cl.: Span. Cl.: Fenc. Cl.: Balon CI.: Bowl. Cl. SCHMIDT, RAY 226 Wesl' ll2I'h SI. Science H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: B.A.A. Rep.: B.A.A.: 2 Sch. Lei.: Chan. Swim.: BaskeIb'l: Swim. Tm.: R.O.T.C.: Rifle Tm.: 4B Prom Comm.: Mix. Chor.: Amar. Show: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Hi-Y: Malh. Cl.: N.C.O. Cl.: Ushers Cl. SCHROEDER, MARGIE 3l7 Easl l36l'h SI. Commercial Cour. Rep.: G.A.A.: H. Guard: Bowl. CI.: BaskeIb'l: 3 G.A.A. Bars. SCHROEDER, NICK I0424 Wenlworfh Ave. Science E.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: H. Guard: Avia. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Fenger or. SCHUBERT, EDWARD II4 Wes? II3fh Pl. Science Sr. Class Pres.: BaskeIb'l: Cour. Slaff: Slud, Coun.: B.A.A.: Gavel Cl.: H. Guard: Bowl. Tm.: Deb. Cl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Mix. Chor.: 3 Sch. Lelfers: Sr. 81 Jr. Life Sav. Emb. SEBENA, MARGARET I0840 Edbrooke Ave. Commercial G.A.A.: 6 G.A.A. Bars: Baskelb'l. SELBY, SHIRLEY II026 Union Ave. Science Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Cour. Slafl: Quill 81 Scroll: News Sfaff: Stud. Coun.: Pres. Cab.: N.S.P.A. Conv.: 2 Sch. Leliers: 22 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: 2 Chevrons: Grad. Mon.: Alpha Tri Hi-Y: Orch. Var.: Lei. Girls: Pres. Malh. Cl. ' SPARROW, MARION 99l5 Green SI. Commercial Lei. Girls: Sch. Lei.: II GAA. Bars: GAA.: News Rep.: Cour. Rep.: H. Guard: Cheer CI.: VolIeyb'I: Baskelb'l: Amai. Show: 4A Announ. Comm.: GAA. Rep. SPIEKHOUT, AGNES Sl? Wesf l03rd Sl. Commercial H. Guard: News Rep.: Sfud. Lib.: GAA.: GAA. Rep.: I2 GAA. Bars: VoIleyb'l: Baske1b'l: Cheer. Cl. SPILLER, JOSEPHINE 306 Easf Il8fh Sf. Commercial H. Guard: Slud. Lib.: G.AA.: Volleyb'l: Jr. Cil. Cl. STARK, GERARD H646 Wallace Sr. Science H. Guard: BAA.: R.O.T.C.: Jr. Cir. CI. STEINHAUER, WILLIAM 32I Easf I36fh Pl. Commercial BAA.: Jr. Cir. CI. SROMEK, STEPHANIE I0708 Sfafe Sf. Science H. Guard: GAA.: I8 GAA. Bars: Volleyb'l: BaskeIb'l: Mix. Chor.: Cheer. CI.: Rm. Treas. ST. HILAIRE, DON lI248 Princefon Ave. Language H. Guard: BAA.: 5 BAA. Bars: Orch. Avia .Cl.: Hi-Y. STOBBS, JOHN I5 Wesf lIOIh Sr. Science Phorex: H. Guard: Rm. Sec.: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O. Cl. STREELMAN, ALICE 9 Easf l03rd Pl. Commercial Phorex: News Sfaff: Mayor's Cab.: GA.A. Sec.: I7 GAA. Bars: Sch. Lei.: Lei. Girls: Bela Tri Hi-Y: Mix. Chor.: H. Guard Lf.: Malh. CI.: News Rep.: H. Guard: Jr. Cir. CI.: Grad. Monil. SEMPOWICZ, NICK Il828 Sourh Peoria Sf. Commercial BAA.: Baseb'I: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: 4 BAA. Bars: Hi-Y: Trav. CI. SHARKEY, VIOLA l0458 Soufh Sfafe SI. Language Nar. Hon. Soc.: Cour. Siaff: Cour. Ed.-in-Chief: Phorex: News Slaff: GAA. Pres.: GAA.: Drum 8: Bug. Corps: Drum Maiorelfe :Sch. Lei.: I Chev.: 4B Prom Comm.: Lei. Girls: Bela Tri Hi-Y: Amar. ghow: Orch. Var.: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: I7 GAA. ars. SHARPE, RITA MAE l20l3 Yale Ave. General Off. Sec.: GAA.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Trav. Cl.: H. Guard: Red Cross Rep. SHERMAN. RAY I2026 Egqlesfon Ave. Science R.O.T.C.: Deb. Cl.: Lei.: Gavel Cl.: BAA.: Drama Cl.: Marc. Cl.: Pres., Jr. Cir. Cl. SIMONELIS, SYLVIA 7I6 Easr 92nd Pl. Commercial Phorex: Rm. Pres.: GAA.: Mix. Chor.: Orch.: GAA. Rep.: I5 GAA. Bars: Trav. Cl.: Charm Cl. SMITH, BETTY 2l Wesr ll4+h Sl. i Commercial GAA.: 4 GAA. Bars: Volleyb'l: Baskelb'l: Jr. Cir. Cl.: H. Guard. SOBCZYK, HELEN H956 Wenlworrh Ave. Science Phorex: P.TA. Rep.: H. Guard: Jr. Cil. Cl.: GAA.: Cam. Cl. SOMODI, FRANK 9I40 Soufh Avalon Ave. Science H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: BAA.: 6 BAA. Bars: Baseb'l: Jr. Cir. Cl. SOMODI, JULIA 9l40 Soufh Avalon Ave. Science H. Guard: GAA. Y I , ...J ' MLM STROJNY, JESSIE l204I Indiana Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: Lib.: GAA.: I0 GAA. Bars.: Trav. CI. Lef.: Volleyb'l: Trav. Cl.: Jr. CII. CI.: Charm Cl. STUART, BOB H828 Sangamon Sf. Technical Cam. Cl. STUEBING, ROBERT l2ll6 Slewarf Ave. Science Phorex: Rm. Pres.: Swim.: 3 Sch. Lefrers: R.O.T.C. Co. Comdr.: Off. Cl.: N.C.O. Cl.: Ushers Cl.: Sr. Life Sav. Emh.: Hi-Y: San. 81 Fire Depury: 4A Colors Comm.: Orch. Var.: BAA.: 4 BAA. Bars. STUMP, NORMA l3429 Foresf Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Lib.: GAA.: GAA. Rep.: VoIleyb'I: BasIcelb'l: Charm Cl.: Jr. CII. CI. STURM, VIRGINIA H350 Lowe Ave. Language Rm. Pres.: Srud. Comm.: Bela Tri Hi-Y: Mix. Chor.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Drama Cl.: Deb. Cl.: Off. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: H. Guard: GAA.: 2 GAA. Bars: Baskelb'I: Volleyb'I. ' SULLIVAN, MARION l2l49 Sfewarf Ave. Commercial H. Guard: News Rep.: GAA.: 6 GAA. Bars: Volleyb'l: Bowl. Cl.: Baskelb'I: Jr. CII. Ci. SUPERITS, EDWARD Il52l Egglesfon Ave. Science Siu. Coun.: Rm. Pres.: BAA.: 6 BAA. Bars: Sch. Lef.: Baskefb'l. SUTTON, GLENN 3l9 Easf 79+h S+. Mechanical H. Guard: BAA.: Adver. Cl.: 2 BAA. Bars. SVECKO, MARGARET l04l0 Indiana Ave. Commercial H. Guard: GAA.: I8 GAA. Bars: Baslcelb'l: Trav. Cl.: Volleyb'l: Glee CI.: Phorex. . U Il' , ylf .1 . .g , 1' NIRQIWI SWANBERG, AMOS lI6I4 Michigan Ave. Commercial Phorex: Phorex Rep.: News Slat'-f: B.A.A. SWANSON, BETTY l05I8 Lowe Ave. Commercial Rm. Pres.: G.A.A.: I6 G.A.A. Bars: BaskeIb'I: Volleyb'l: Jr. Cir. CI. SWING, GEORGE 527 Easl ll2fh Sf. Science Phorex: H. Guard: Bowl.: R.O.T.C.: Rifle Tm.: Avia. Cl.: N.C.O, CI. SYTSMA, PAUL l0907 Eggleslon Ave. Science Rm. Pres.: Baske'rb'l: H. Guard: B.A.A.: Malh. Cl. TACZYL, STANLEY 9422 Calumef Ave. Arch. Drawing Baseb'l: Arch. CI.: B.A.A.: H. Guard. TANIS, PETER l42 Wes? II2fh Pl. Commercial Cour. Slaff: Phorex: Rm. Sec.: Bowl.: H. Guard: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: Marc. CI.: Jr. Cil. Cl.: Bowfie CI.: "The Emerald lsle." TANIS, RONALD 404 Wesf Il6lh Sr. Science B.A.A.: Hi-Y: Mix. Chor.: 2 B.A.A. Bars. ROW Ill TRAYBSZA, HAROLD 933i Woodlawn Ave. Technical Foolb'l: Sfu. Coun.: Rm. Pres.: Sch. Lel. TRENTON, VIRGINIA 35 East II61h Sf. Language Drum X1 Bugle Corp: Orch. Var.: G.A.A.: 8 G.A.A. Bars: H. Guard: Red Cross Rep.: Bowl.: Volleyb'l: Baskel'p'l: Avia. Cl. TUCKER, NANCY LEE 544 Easf 90Ih Sf. Phorex 7 Sem.: Na+. Hon. Soc.: Cour. Sraff: Sen. Orch. Lvre: Mix. Chor.: Orch. Var.: Amar. Show: News Rep.: Rm. Pres.: Rm, Sec.: G.A.A.: I2 G.A.A. Bars: 4B Prom. Comm.: Phor. Rep.: Firs? Con. Fenger For.: Drama CI.: Marh. Cl.: Treas. Piano CI.: Gavel Cl.: Volleyb'l. TULLGREN, ROY 8802 Carpenler Sf. Phorex: Cour. Sraff: Pres. Slud. COLIN.: Cour. Rep.: B.A.A.: IO B.A.A. Bars: 3 Sch. Lellers: Foo'rb'l: Bowl.: Wresl.: Jr. Cir. Cl.: Malh. Cl.: Span. Cl. TURTURILLO, JOE l08 Wesf l04fh SI. H. Guard: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Lei.: Tenn.: R.O.T.C.: Avia. CI.: N.C.O. CI.: Fenc. Cl. Lang uage Science H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Commercial UNGEFUG, HILDA 223 Easf l35fh PI.' Commercial B.A.A.: I G.A.A. Bar. A ' R URBAN, MIKE ll? Easl I07Ih St. 4' Commercial H. Guard: B.A.A.: R.O.T.C,:,Con. Band. ROW ll TAUB, CHARLES ll34I SI. Lawrence Ave. Phorex: H. Guard: B.A.A. THOLL, DOROTHY 3lI Wesl Il5'rh SI. Commercial Commercial Phorex: Cour. Rep.: G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Baskefb'I: VolIeyb'l: Cheer. Cl.: Charm Cl. THOMAS, FRANKLIN lll50 Vernon Ave. Science Phorex: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Red Cross Rep.: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Soc. Comm.: Fenc. Cl. THOMAS, MERLE II7I4 Wal'ace Sf. Science Cour. Sraff: Ed.-in-Chief Cour. Slaff: Rm. Pres.: Srud. Coun.: Baskerb'I: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: VolIeyb'I: H. Guard: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Jr. CII. Cl. TILL, JUNE 4I8 Wesf 98'fh Pl. G.A.A.: Jr. Cir. CI, TOTH, ELIZABETH 623 Easf 88fh Pl. Na+. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Sch. Lef.: 20 G.A.A. Bars: Lei. Rep.: Volleyb'l: Baskelb'l: Marh. CI.: Trav. Cl.: Charm Rep.: G.A.A. TRAINOR, ROSCOE 737 Wes? Ilblh PI. B.A.A.: Bowl. ROW IV VANDEN BERG, ROY l043I Wabash Ave. Phorex: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars. Commercial Commercial Girls: Cour. CI.: G.A.A. Commercial Science VANDER LUITGAREN, EDWARD l24 Easl Kensingfon Ave. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Avia. CI.: Trav. Cl. VANDER MEY, MADGE I0522 Sfare Sf. Commercial H. Guard Ll'.: H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: 28 G.A.A. Bars: Sch. Lel.: 2 Chev.: Mix. Chor.: Drama Cl.: Lel. Girls: Gavel CI. VANDER MEYDE, MILDRED I0453 Wabash Ave. Commercial G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars. VAN DYKE, EILEEN IOBS4 Eggleslon Ave. Commercial H. Guard: G.A.A.: I0 G.A.A. Bars: Baskerb'l: Volleyb'l: Jr. Cir. Cl. Drama Cl.: VAN PROYEN, LORRAINE 342 Wesl I02nd Sr. Commercial H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: G.A.A.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: Baskelb'I: Vollevb'l: Cheer. Cl.: Tri Hi-Y Alpha. . VAN TONGEREN, JOHN II333 Sfewarl Ave. Science Phorex: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: Red Cross Rep.: B.A.A.: I2 B.A.A. Bars: Bowl.: Track: Orch. Var.: Amar. Show: Deb. Cl.: Hi-Y: Gavel Cl. ,V J.: h I s ROW I VARELLAS, BESSIE III63 Vernon Ave. Commercial G.A.A.: Jr. Cit. CI. VER HAAR, ROBERT Ill40 Vernon Ave. Commercial Guard Lt.: I-l. Guard: B.A.A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: B.A,A. Rep.: Art VERHOEVEN, JACK II404 State St. Science H. Guard: 2 Sch. Let.: Jr. Lite Sav. Emb.: Swim. Tm. VERKINDER, VICTOR l0523 Corliss Ave. Science Basketb'l: 3 Sch. Leters: Cap 81 Gown Comm.: B.A.A.: I2 B,A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit. CI.: Math. Cl.: H. Guard: Baslcetb'I Capt.: B.A.A. Rep. VON OVERMEIR. LEONARD l0500 Wentworth Ave. Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: Footb'l: Con. Band: Avia. CI. VON TOUR, ROBERT 5529 Blackstone Ave. Science Stu. Coun.: I-l. Guard Lt.: H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.: Sch. Let.: Chev. VOTO, FLORENCE 30l West I09th St. Science G.A.A.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Charm Cl. ROW Ill WERSELLS, EDWARD l27 East l07th St. Science Reel-Men Sup.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Marc. Cl.: Math, Cl.: H. Guard: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars. WEST, MORRIS 77l2 Avalon Technical H. Guard: B.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: 4A Gift Comm. WESTWATER, FLORENCE 343 West l05th Pl. Commercial G.A.A. Sec.: Sch. Let.: H. Guard Lt.: G.A.A G.A.A. Rep.: H. Guard: Cheer. CI.: P.T.A..' VoIIeyb'I: Bowl. Cl. WETHERBEE, ROBERT l2206 Princeton Ave. Phorex: News Staff: B.A.A.: Orch.: Fenc. Cl.: I-I WIDMER, JAMES Il23l Langley Ave. H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep. Bars: Volleyb'I: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Trav. CI.: Cam. Cl WILKUS, HELEN 9752 Calumet Ave. Mix. Chor.: Phorex: News Rep.: Lib.: G.A.A. VoIIeyb'I: Basketb'I: Jr. Cit. CI.: Math. CI. WILLIFORD, ISTALENA I04I2 Calumet Ave. I9 G.A.A. Bars: Rep.: Basketb'I: Science . Guard. Commercial B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Commercial I0 G.A.A. Bars: Commercial Phorex: News Staff: Rm. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: G.A.A.: I0 G.A.A. Bars: Beta Tri Hi-Y: H, Guard Lt.: H. Guard: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Charm Cl.: Span. CI.: Math. Cl. X : ROW II WALKOWIAK. CLARA I305 East 93rd St. Commercial G.A.A.: B G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit. CI.: BasIcetb'l. WALLIS, WAYNE 725 West lllth St. Science Nat. Hon. Soc.: Phorex: Mayor's Cab.: Stud. Coun,: Pres. A Cap- pella Choir: Gavel CI. Pres.: Jr. Cit. Cl. Pres.: 4 Sch. Letters: B.A.A.: 2l B.A.A. Bars: Footb'l: Orch. Var.: Amat. Show: 4A Music Comm. WALPOLE, CLAYTON l2237 Harvard Ave. Commercial Hi-Y: Bowl. Cl.: H. Guard Lt.: Cour. Rep.: Bowtie Cl.: Sadd. Cl.: H. Guard: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Let. WEBSTER, ROBERT IZI33 Parnell Ave. . Commercial 4A Social Comm. WEGGEBERG, VIRGINIA ll527 Parnell Ave. Commercial l'l. Guard: Off. Sec.: Lib.: G.A.A.: I0 G.A.A. Bars: VolIeyb'l: Bas- ketb'I: Drama Cl.: Jr. Cit. Cl.: Charm Cl. WEIR, CLAYTON 8l7 East 88th St. Science H. Guard: Rm. Pres.: Bowl. CI.: Rm. Sec.: Jr, Cit. CI.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: B.A.A. WERNER, ARTHUR 8l6 East 86th St. Technical Footb'I: Wrest.: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A, Bars: BoIleyb'I: Math. CI.: H. Guard: B.A.A. Rep. ROW IV WILSON, JOHN IIOI4 South State St. Mechanical Drawing Swim. Tm.: Sch. Let.: Phorex: BAA.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: Yacht CI. WITTE, BIRCH IlI02 Vernon Ave. Mechanical Drawing Footb'l: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec.: Cour. Rep.: News Rep.: Jr. Cit. Cl. WQLF, JEAN IOSl2 Lafayette Ave. Commercial H. Guard: G.A.A.: Deb. T.: Rm. Pres.: Red Cross Rep.: Rm. Sec. QWOLF, LUCILLE l48 West Il3th St. Commercial I-I. Guard: News Rep.: G.A.A.: 7 GAA. Bars: VoIleyb'I Cheer. Cl.: Baslcetb'l. WDLODKA, WALTER C. l2239 Parnell Ave. Commercial H. Guard: Cour. Rep.: N.C.O. Cl.: Ushers Cl.: R.O.T.C. WOODWORTH, WALDO II2I5 South Park Ave. Mech. Drawing I-l. Guard: News Rep.: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: Sch. Let.: Volleyb'l: gasketkfl: Avia. CI.: Jr. Cit. CI.: Adver. Cl.: Let Men's CI.: B.A.A. ep. WUNDER, BOB 52l E-1st Il'Zth St. Technical B.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O. CI. WYNGARDEN, GILBERT 636 EasT 9lsT ST. Commercial Phorexg B.A.A.g 6 B.A.A. Barsy H. Guardg MaTh. CI. gSpan. Cl. YOWAYS. STANLEY l2248 Emerald Ave. Mechanical Drawing H. Guard LT.g H. Guardg Rm. Pres.p News Rep.g B.A.A.7 Chan. Swim.g Trav. Cl. ZACHER, ARTHUR l00l5 Lowe Ave. Commercial H. Guardg Cour. Repq News Rep.g B.A.A.g 4 B.A.A. Barsg Baseb'lg Tennisg VoIleyb'Ip Bowl. Cl.g Golfg MaTh. Cl. zAcHos', LOUIS rosie indiana Ave. Commercial Rm. Pres.g H. Guardg B.A.A.g STucI. Coun. ZAJKOWSKI, CASIMIR 60l WesT l23rd ST. Science B.A.A.g N.C.O. Cl.g OH. Cl.g R.O.T.C. ZAKARIAN. AGNES ll932 Wallace ST. Commercial G QA.: 3 G.A.A. Barsg G.A.A. Rep.g Orch. Var.g Wesf Ramb. ZANDSTRA, EVELYN 10009 Yale Ave. Language Phorexg H. Guardg OTT. Sec.: Volleyb'lg BaskeTb'l3 6 G.A.A. Bars: JgiAxCiT. Cl.: M-:aTh. Cl.g G.A.A. ZANDSTRA, MARILYN l0009 Yale Ave. Language Phorexg G.A.A.7 7 G.A.A. Barsg Volleyb'lg Jr. CiT. Cl.g MaTh. CI.g BaskeTb'l. ZIKAS. JOSEPHINE I0524 SouTh Wabash Ave. Commercial Phorexg Rm. Sec.q G.A.A.g H. Guardg 2 G.A.A. Bars. OUR DESTINIES Our desTinies- Our predeTermined loT. FaTe's dealings, The ineviTable necessiTy. , Shall we be rich'?-- Or poor. Shall we be Tamed?- Or disgraced. Shall we have power?- Or TuTiliTy: Peace or Turbulence: l'lealTl'i or sickness: Long liTe or quick deaTh?- We know noT. We are buT puTTy in The hands oT TaTe. Florence Cook-4A ZIMMER, HARVEY l0046 Parnell Ave. Mechanical Drawing H. Guard LT.g Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.g Bowl. Cl.g R.O.T.C.7 Jr. CiT. Cl.g Adver. Cl. ZORDAN, BRUNO 23 WesT ll2Th ST Science Phorexg Rm. Pres.y Cour. Rep.q H. Guardg Orch.g Con. Band: Orch. Var.: Amai. Show: Sfamp Cl.: Fenc. Cl.g B.A.A.g Tennis. ZORNOW, RUTH 235 EasT l34Th ST. Commercial H. Guardg G.A.A.g Mix. Chor. ZSETENYI, MARY 9339 Woodlawn Ave. Commercial G.A.A.g Jr. CiT. Cl.: H. Guard: b G.A.A. Bars. ZUBE, CHARLES l202Z Souih Halsied ST. Commercial News STaf'fg Phorexj Cour. Rep.g B.A.A.g H. Guard. ZYLSTRA, PEARL l00l0 Soufh STaTe ST. Commercial G.A.A.g 9 G.A.A. Barsg BaskeTb'lg MaTh. Cl. 39 EARLY RISING The mosT beauTiTul Time in The whole day is The momenT when The sun is iusT peeping over a pine-covered hill and shining down on a small, clear lake. This is The Time To geT up early, Take a canoe, and go ouT on The lake To enioy The glorious breaking OT dawn. Or if There doesn'T happen To be a canoe handy, iusT go Tor a walk. The scenT oT The sTaTely pines and The sound of The birds calling To each oTher are enough To make your hearT cry wiTh ioy. The sun breaks inTo brighT rays, shining Through The gossamer spider webs. A Tlash oT red on a whiTe breasT as a Rose-breasTecl Grosbeak glides Trom one Tree To anoTher. Perhaps if you're lucky you'll see a deer. and maybe even a Tawn. Oh! how peaceTul everyThing seems. All your Troubles are TorgoTTen, and you wander on aT peace wiTh The world. These are some oT The glorious sighTs and Teelings oT an early riser. MarTha Schilling-4A Hon. MenT. Sr. Es'y.-Quill 8: Scroll v W. - ,,..,,., M... -'QTL UU H-ff Ir 1' Zum AM? Miami M4 df H01 CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS mf' ROSTER OF CADET OFFICERS Regt Comm. CadeI LI. Col. Gregor Larsen 2nd in command CadeI Mai. Andrew lvlarsch CapI. James Golio CapI. RoI3erI SIuebin'g Capt AlberI Becker ISI LI, AlIred Bohn ISI LI. Wade Ivlacifarlane ISI LI. John PeIerson ISI LI. Joe Massaglia ISI LI. John I-Ialleran ISI LI. RoberI MarIin . Casimer Zaikowski ISI LI 2nd LI. Jaclc Kilroy Zncl LI. GarIield Anderson CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI CadeI HEADQUARTERS COMPANY I4I I CapI. Gino Nicoli Capt AnIon Loichinger CapI. Warren Miller 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd Zncl 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd WalIer Ehrman Lawrence Friedsam William Ulrich RoberI Kuelcer Clarence Lind William Fredriclcs William Murphy Emil Nigro Charles Anderson COMPANY A COMPANY B 655 MIK E, " . if OFHCERS CLUB Sponsor: Sgr. Robinson TOP ROW: Ehrmann, Loichinger, Halleran, Nicoii, Andreaffa MIDDLE ROW: Becker, Peterson, Bohn, Martin, Massoglia BOTTOM ROW: Lind, Friedsam, Miller, Macfarlane, Ulrich T421 TOP ROW: Lind, Johnson Won M.P,M.A Calumel' Du Sable Hirsch RIFLE TEAM Sponsor, Sql. Robinson Lowrey, Swing, Marlin. BOTTOM ROW: Caruso, Crince, Nelson, Cox. RECORDS OF RIFLE TEAM Loss Fenger in Cily Malch received Lane 6lh ou'r of 27 schools parlici- ' palin, whi-le in The Corps Area Meel' fhey received 61h also ou? of lhree Slales. ' l43l COMPANY C COMPANY D swam N. C. O. Sponsor: Sgl. TOP ROW: Slmner, Cox, Merkel, Slobbs, Holzlnqer, Kueker, Bluclf, .Sl'ollz, Hoenlce, Krause, Erickson, Douglas, Sloholrn, Varronr, Buslog, La Plane, Klingens, Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Sanders, Bond, Simonian, Nelson, Tuffedal, Schrader, Crlnce, Dempsey, Krzeczowski, Szekely, Rosenfeld, Hudson, Van Sfreel, Johnson, Bonomo, Johnson, Weslerhoff. THIRD CLUB Robinson ROW: Nigro, lsherwood. Turrurlllo, Fraalz, Murphy, Swing Doehn, Skogh, Wolodka, Kachin, McGill, Boedeker, Phillips Hills, Exner, Brown. BOTTOM ROW: Fisher, Caruso, Lowrey Haaksma, Marforani, Sonneveld, Anderson, Kilroy, Lipke, An derson, Frederic, Gullans, G-uslafson. COMPANY E F COMPANY lfil 1 USHERS CLUB Sponsor: SQT. Robinson TOP ROVV: PeTrila, T-loTiman, Wolodka, Wiley, Till, Lipke. Haaksma, Morrison, Czibinskas. SECOND ROW: Doehn, Piz- an ree 1 s er, o zu, o e e - Zowski, Krause, Weible, Johnson, F. Douglas. BOTTOM ROW: Erickson, Granger, Becker, PeTerson, Nicoli, Halleran, Miller, Frederic. zaTo, Kueker, Garbe, O'KeeTe, Douqlas, Sioholm, Barriball, V ST T. THIRD ROW Fih K s T R s nT ld, Krzec R.O.T.C. This semesTer began wiTh an enrollmenT oT Three hundred and ThirTy-eighT cadeTs in The Fenger uniT, The enrollmenT having been cuT down Trom Tour hundred and TwenTy lasT year in order To provide Tor greaTer eTTiciency in The uniT. Honor School! ThaT which had been almas+ wiThin reach many Times buT always managed To geT away, has Tinally decided To sTay aT Fenger. The old proverb, "IT aT TirsT you don'T succeed, Try, Try, again," TiTs in perTecTly wiTh The sTory oT The Fenger uniT's sTruggles To win This coveTed honor. Our uniT did "Try, Try again" Tor ThirTeen years and in The TourTeenTh, TiTTeenTh, and six- TeenTh Their eTTorTs were rewarded. ln The annual inspecTion Fenger was iudged one oT The besT drilled uniTs in The SixTh Corps Area which in- cludes The sTaTes OT lllinois, Wisconsin, and Mich- igan. As a reward Tor Their eTTorTs, each member oT The uniT is permiTTed To wear The red sTar oT honor above The R.O,T.C. paTch on The sleeve. A Commissioned OTTicers Club was organized soon aTTer The semesTer began. MeeTings are held daily under The supervision oT SgT. William P. Robinson. Problems in drill and oTher miliTary Topics are broughT up and discussed. Also a weelcly TesT is given To lceep The oTTicers on Their Toes. All The oTiicers realize Their responsibiliTies and carry Them ouT in The besT way possible. This, TogeTher wiTh The willingness oT The cadeTs To learn, has earned The uniT a name in The communiTy. The Fenger CadeTs are proud oT The Fenger UniT oT The R.O.T.C., and This is The main reason ThaT This organizaTion is one oT The mosT acTive in The school. lTs ideals oT building True and pa- TrioTic ciTizens are being closely Tollowed. This is The reason ThaT The R.O.T.C. is The Pride oT The School, BAND sam. THIRD ROW: Loichinger, AhnquisT, Nigro, Romba, Sponsor: SgT. Robinson Bond, Simner, Hull, DyksTra, Zafras, Burkelund, Nickols, UI- TOP ROW: Cuzner, BlomquisT, Freburg, Carnegie, Swerdlow, rich. BOTTOM ROW: Sidler, Soukup, Van Vlyrnen, Daniel- Sanders, AndreaTTa. SECOND ROW: Kleinhurzer, Anderson, son, Murphy, FranTzen, Enderlin, Emmas, Darling, Cooper, ReiTman, RunsTen, Gouvis, WyaTT, Gabel, R. Johnson, Fried- Waqenhals. ' i 451 You need a pass-Zlfly pretty lass! Much like The TaiThTul, waTchTul lndians are our hallguards who are placed s+ra+egically Through- ouT The halls and who help To enTorce The school regulaTions wiTh Their Tamiliar quesTion, "Have you a pass?" The duTies oT our "Guardians oT The Halls" are many and varied: such as, direcT- ing a losT Treshman To The lunchroom, picking up a scrap paper, or answering The quesTions oT visiTors. This requires boTh TacT and courTesy. These sTudenTs have volunTeered Their services during Their Tree periods. The sysTem oT having The leTTer girls assisT in supervising The halls was Tound saTisTacTory and has been conTinued. BeTTy Higgins-4A HALL GUARDS TOP ROW: Allison, Haffield, An- derson, Lennon, BraiThwaiTe, De- Biassio, Lowe, Peferson, Zikas, Kramer, Merlo. SECOND ROW: Mosel, KoszuT, Marchiando, Kane, Dilis, Ferris, Kipfer, Redman, Clark. THIRD ROW: Hudson, No- vello, Frangella, MaliTo, Daria, Hanson, Hynko, Brady, Kohnke, Olson, Vander Meer. BOTTOM ROW: Wall, Ver Hoor, Wolodka, VileT, Blumm, Wise, Price, GusTaf- son, Malfman, Lukich. HALL GUARDS TOP ROW: Joseph, PaTronik, Markley, GniTz, Radcliffe, Spiek- houT, Di Sanfo, Van Proyen, Bergera, Liombros, Johnson, ScruTchions. SECOND ROW: Dixon, Givens, Masier, Lambile, Markus, Erickson, Meyerchick, Jensen, Van Dyke, Luedeking, Brangal. THIRD ROW: Gawlik, Marrie, Ellis, Taylor, MaTerak, Chmelina, Seymour, Radcliffe, Hathaway, Spivak, SaTay. BOT- TOM ROW: Dronlengo, Peach, Bond, Luri, O'KeeTe, McGill, Haakema, Ver Hook, Vis, Haaksma. HALL GUARDS TOP ROW: Rayhill, Glorwski, Van- derlee, Bakkers, Dailey, Boyd, Brinsky, Munz, Vander Mey, Gas- dari, Nem, Dacus, Biewengo. SEC- OND ROW: Pearson, ST. Hilaire, Dilugi, Arvia, Roesing, Sparrow, Miller, Spille, Waggeberg, l"lul'cl1- inson, Von Tour. BOTTOM ROW: Makengo, Kopf, Ver l-laar, Haaks- ma, Hoffman, Boedeker, Blumm, Drimidas, Erley, Bell. HALL GUARDS TOP ROW: Heidikaueger, STen- berg, Weber, Nespeca, Van Dyke, Pefro, Kasewicz,'Carey, Adducl, Schmidf, Genfile, Zawada, Mur- Taugh. SECOND ROW: Kracik, Wegans, PizzaTo, Lind, Keefe, Bowes, EasTwood, Podlicke, Sobe- zyk, Carr, Gadbois, Plunges. THIRD ROW: McGill, Hughes, Kelliher, STewarf, Manha, De Vries, Swanson, Cyricos, AnosTan, Bednarczyk, Haffield, Holsf, Leff- ring. BOTTOM ROW: Jacobson, Dzirnidas, Lewovich, Sorensen, Cremones, Dalle Molle, Hoffman, Schwarz, Madison, Lewis. HALL GUARDS TOP ROW: BuTTice, Garinger, Kenworfhy, Klaris, Hameeiman, Thompson, RosseTTi, Chrisinger, Canalini, Konyar, Siep, Busch, Clausing, Fraley,' S'odusTrom, ins, Zur-ba, Goodrich, Johnson, quisT, Cooper, Dinger, DeLorenZo Roefzheim, Johnson, Hanleosky Ter, Haaksma, Schoenau, Bawson Grod, AhnquisT. Genfile, GoeTTler. SECOND ROW! Lynch, McHugh, Roucaglion, Kuc- zwara, Mellenclorf, Drapal, Hawk- MinTa. THIRD ROW: Frank, Bim- rose, Erwich, HnaT, DeVries, Lang- Walker, Bergera. BOTTOM: Brun- eTTe, Greene, Forhma, Hills, BiT- O R CHORAL Directed by A Cappella CHOIR OFFICERS Presldenf .,........... .,..... E Iwyn Aimquusf Vice President .. ............... Luseifa Beck Treasurer ..,...... ...... J ohn Van Tonqeren Secrerary ...............,... Helen Jane Frew AH. Secreiary .....,.........,. Joyce Boornlcer Accompanisfs ..... Luseffa Beck, Clelia Desidero Librarians ..,...... Beryl Radciiffe. Ruflw Keller, Doroflny Kumrnelehne OCT. DEC. DEC. JAN JAN FEB. 'x2'2"Ld CALENDAR I939 W. PULLMAN'S WOMEN'S CLUB I939 THIRD ANNUAL CONCERT I939 ANNUAL CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY I94O CHORAL CONTEST l94O GRADUATE CHORUS I94O ENSEMBLE-DRAMA CLUB SOLOISTS Gerfrude Posfma-Soprano Barbara Birrchei-Soprano Sfanley Paul-Bariione MIXED T491 ORGANIZATIONS MISS MAUDE McCREADY Choir I939-I94O FEB. I6. MAR. 5, l94O SOLOISTS-FENGER P.T.A. l940 SOLOISTS-PULLMAN LIBRARY MAR. l8, l94O SAFETY COUNCIL MAY I4, l94O FENGER P.T.A. JUNE 8, l94O BROADCAST-WMAQ CHORUS OFFICERS 2 l, I I94O Presidenl' ................,...,.. Slanley Paul Vice Presidenf ,,..,.,...,....., Kimball Howes Treasurer ....... Conslance Mamovicli Dorollmy Lundmarlc-Conlrallo H Jesse Campbell-Soprano Wayne Wallis-Tenor CHORUS 3. Secrefary ,.... . . AH. Secrelary. , Accornpanisl ,.,. . .Pearl Omick .,..,. .Elaine George ......,..........Arol Noble Librarians ..,.,. Lorr Belly Iv1cGra+h Jaax, Frances Barbieri, Clelia Desiclero 4A H91 A tuneful little ditty from 204 SENIOR BAND Krauyalis, Danielson, Frantzen, Cuzner, Waqenhals. THIRD Sponsor: Mr. Burnham ROW: Ackerman, Tellerhotf, Runsten, Hull, Bushee, Zordon, TOP ROW: Burkland, Ahnquist, Kausrud, Nigro, Otte, N. Dilis, Sherrill, Wyatt, Nichols, Mr. Burnham. BOTTOM ROW: Phillips, Blomduist, Freburg, Sanders, Seefeldt. SECOND Dykstra, Romba, Ulrich, Berg, Frank, Rickman, Leivin, Kulish, ROW: Sidler, Friedsam, Shiaro, Johnson, A. Phillips, Geiger, Bond, Gratten, Burnham. SENIOR BAND 'Ilvlusic was one ot the greatest pleasures ot the Indians, and was so well developed by them that it could express every phase ot their lives." Imiian. Crafts and Lore--JULIAN HARRIS SALOMON ls music one ot your greatest pleasures? It it is, there is no better way through which you can tind musical enjoyment and develop your instru- mental ability than by becoming a member ot the Senior Band. In its R.O.T.C. uniforms, the Senior Band treguently takes part in the assembly pro- grams by the rendition ot stirring marches and overtures under the baton ot Captain William R. Burnham. Many accomplished players can be claimed by this organization, headed by Law- rence Friedsam, Trombonist: Emil Nigro, Trum- peter: and Norman Phillips, French I-lornist, who Continued on Page i4-I SENIOR ORCHESTRA "A colortul ceremony, a corn dance. The per- tormers move with precision in every gesture with no regard to the audience or outsiders as they dance to the rhythmic throb ot the drum. Beat- Beat-Beat." The Mesa LLZlIlifANNA W. ICKES At the tap ot the baton the musicians quiet down atter making sure they are in tune. This is a common scene in the orchestra room as the Fenger Orchestra begins its daily practice under the direction ot Ivlr. Trimble. Through his asso- ciation in this group Norman Phillips has won high honors playing his French horn in the Solo Instrumental Contest and is eligible tor the National Contest.. Too, Nancy Tucker has been the pianist tor six semesters. Many other out- standing players, over numerous to mention, make Continued on Page l4l SENIOR ORCHESTRA Sanders. SECOND ROW: L. Hanson, Cross, Jones, Koch, Sponsor: Mr. Trimble Sternbero. Hunter Frank, Caruso, Tucker, Brunetti, Bushee, TOP ROW: Westerhoff, Dempsey, Zordan, Hull, Otte, An- Chiaio, King. BOTTOM ROW: Boyaiian, Thorp, Chin, Hip- tanitis, Den Besten, A. Hansen, Phillips, Kausraud, Andreatta, elius, Hedberg, Holm, Bakkers, Holm, Simonian, Meneghinni. SOCIAL ORCH ESTRA Sponsor: Mr. Trimble BOTTOM ROW: Ulrich, Gibson, Bond, Sanders. SECOND ROW: Soulcup, AndreaTTa, Niqro, Fried' sam. TOP ROW: WesTerhoff, Dempsey, King. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA "Music sounds abouT us. We can hear The quieT beaT oT The drum and chanTing OT voices Trom a near by kiva where dancers are pracTising Tor a BuTTerTly Dance." The Mesa Land-ANNA W. TCKES The Junior OrchesTra is a group oT indusTrious young musicians sTriving To be admiTTed inTo The advanced orchesTra. MosT oT iTs TorTy members began playing aT The Fenger Branches wiTh Mr. Trimble as direcTor. A group has been organized aT CurTis under Miss Conners, and MT. Vernon is also a source oT TalenT Tor The TuTure Advanced OrcehsTra. Among The many promising members here aT The main building are Edward Polcorney and Edward l-lonel wiTh Their TrumpeTs, June Long and Sarah Bruno playing The violin, and Marion Levin wiTh The cello, llamae Gibson wiTh The saxophone, and Arnold Hoenlce The viola. We JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Sponsor: Mr. Trimble TOP ROW: Kopf, Abel, Sawadski, Szlaga, Houel, LindsTran RoeTzheim, BergquisT, Carlson. SECOND ROW: Jones, Wol- SOCIAL ORCHESTRA The lndians exhibiTed plen+y oT swing and rhyThm. ln ThaT case The Social OrchesTra would make up an exemplary Tribe oT lndians 'cause They cerTainly do serve ThaT swing sTuTT on a sTeaming hoT plaTTer. The cheTs are as Tollows: Doug Sanders-piano, Larry l:riedsam-Trom- bone, Emil Nigro-TirsT TrumpeT, George Demp- sey-drums, NorberT King-sTring bass, "Gill" WesTerhoTT--guiTar, Livio AndreaTTa and Soulrop -TurmpeTs. ln order To geT a TasTe oT Their pro- ducTion you'll have To come and be served. Mr. Trimble is Their presenT sponsor. Nancy Lee Tuclcer-4A are hoping ThaT in a shorT Time we will be hear- ing more oT This group as members oT The Senior OrchesTra. Shirley De Young-4A ler, Ewaniszyn, Za Fros, Riegel, Levin, Hagen, Passi, RoeTz- he B s a s im, iro, Cru s, L w. BOTTOM ROW: Ermoian, Sygerych, Gollnick, McDonald, Hudy, Long, DanTe, Englin, Bruno, Henderson, Jacobsma, SchulTe. T511 NEWSROOM ACTIVITIES ln The days oT HiawaTha, across The American plain and Through The American ToresT sounded The rhyThmic beaT oT drums carrying news Trom Indian Tribe To Tribe ThroughouT This land. Now as The sTalwarT brave has seemingly vanished, we carry news by paper. LeT us consider The Fenger News as a Tribal drum beaTen by The drummers, or News Repre- senTaTives, who bid The Tribe lend an aTTenTive ear. The News RepresenTaTives bolsTer The sales and do a capable iob in handling money. Com- posed OT eighTy-Tour, This group is Tound one in each division: and all deserve rewards Tor Their cooperahon. Now we come To The sTaTT. LeT us say ThaT They are The counsellors who auThenTicaTe The news relayed by The drums. The execuTives musT NEWS REPRESENTATIVES Sponsor: Miss Taylor TOP ROW: Krus, Failcucy, Kuehl, Phillips, SmiTh, Schroefer, Biegel, Nelson, Bakkers. SECOND ROW: Karampelas, Varholy, Bader, Del Soffo, Dade, Perserneire, Mrozel, De Young. BOT TOM ROW: ScruTchlon, Ewaniszyn, PelTon, Vander Blog, Hagbe Spikings, Ulrich, T-larloclcer, Granger. H O T-off the press JOURNALISM Sponsor: Miss Taylor TOP ROW: Keefe, Evans, R. Ans derson, Gadlin, Akerman, Ar- quilla, BirTcheT, M. Anderson, Vander Mey, Burgwald, Bergner. SECOND ROW: Dekker, Brand, Adams, Hopkins, Lucas, Maurer, Levin, Marfen, Earnshaw, Lock- wood. BOTTOM ROW: Cox, Krause, Simmer, Fennell, Johnson, Maladra, Carlson, I-lupp. acT as The guides To These counsellors. Managing EdiTor, Lois GraysTon: AssignmenT EdiTors, Mir- iam Dempsey and Elaine LochT: and Business Manager, Frances Dalenberg have under Them a capable sTaTT OT TiTTy-seven members. LiTerary EdiTors, Marcia DiTTgen and Mildren Pearson: l:eaTure EdiTors, Margie Michalslri, and Ellen Dailey: lnTerview EdiTors, Helen Jane Frew and Elaine HosT are The only execuTives Thar have noT been menTioned. These sTudenTs, wiTh OTTo Krauyalis, consTiTuTe The head oT The Eenger News. The iournalism class OT ThirTy-six members is preparing To assume The Taslcs OT The presenT sTaTT when iT reTires. Under Miss Taylor's TuTelage This class learns The principles oT ediTorial, news, Tea- Tures, humor, page malce-up, and prooT reading. Charles PeTerson-4-A NEWS REPRESENTATIVES TOP ROW: Merkel, Mogren, Shirnlrus, Jacus, KenworThy, Pranskus, Gadlin, Vinke, Muys, Williforcl, Barlog, Bankowski. SECOND ROW: MeTsker, WorThy, Hawkins, LanquisT, Adams, I-lufker, Kelbowski, Cooper, Perry, DexTer, Maqliocco, Dalen- berg. BOTTOM ROW: Anderson, Widmer, Cassano, STarnas, Vilef, Vlaming, Braschler, W. Andrews, T. Andrews. I 52 on , 1 W" u . U . bl. .- , . lo . 1 . Y L 1 Q' . 'N 4 1, QQ' . 1 51 v' v X: Ig. I 'U' 1 . .- ' ,1 4 va FIRST ROW, L. lo R.: Mariam Dempsey, As- signmenl edilor Elaine Lochl, Assignrnenl Ed- ilorg Ollo Krauyalis, Boys' Sporls Edilor: Frances Dalenberg, Business Manager: Lois Grayslon, Managing Edilor. SECOND ROW. L. lo R.: Eloise Luede- king, Mildred Pearson, Alice Slreelman, Mar- gie Miclwalski, Marcia Dillgen, Arlhur Isher- wood, Angeline Ca- ruso. THIRD ROW, L. lo R.: Lorraine Bigelow, Helen Jane Frew, Wal- ler Ehrmann, Ellen Dailey, Chrisly Valenli, Winifred Deckerl, Joyce Boolmker. FOURTI-I ROW, L. lo R.: Charles Seefelcll, Mariam Or- um, Lois Reimann, Miss Mildred Taylor, Lucille Neidhardl, Merle Han- sen, Elaine Holsl. FIFTH ROW, L. lo R.: Virginia Anlanailis, Ar- lhur Dielz, Diane Big gard, June'Horne, Slephen Lavric, Con- slance Mamoyicl-i, Beryl Radcliffe. SIXTH ROW, L. lo R.: Marlha Schilling, Belly Skelley, Yvonne Spikings, Mary Helen Boolh, Mariorie Van Swol, Belly Robin- son, Islalena Willilord. SEVENTH ROW, L. lo R.: Shirley Seymour, Roberl Peach, Belly Radcliffe, Gloria Cellos, Pal Chessman, Eileen Modeslow, Eva Weber. EIGHTI-I ROW, L. lo R.: Charles Zube, Rulh Zeigler, Lois I-Ianson, Selma Kaiser, Helen I-lornaday, Irene Dun- can, Frances Grohnke. NINTH ROW, L. lo R.: Bessie Innes, Charlolle Lupien, Amos Swan- berg. FENGER NEWS STAFF -nr l5l LIBRARY ASSISTANTS The greal Indian Ieacher, Wisulca, was The one on whom +he Fox and Sacs Iriloes depended. I'Ie helped lhem To decipher piclures, +o wrile and Io devise The "micarn," an aid for easy slory Ielling IAIIIEITCGII Indians by Frederic SIarr.I Conlinued on Page I4l -Q 1 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS 2 - - Sponsor: Miss Fluke TOP ROW: Lambos, Novak, Sherman, Wilkus, McDonald, Vi- senfi, Podhorslcy, Krerenbrink, kisian, Van Swol. SECOND ROW: Vallese, Telega, l-lurl, Conlus, Adams, Lundmark, Trand, Balzer, Van Brussel, Sfroiny, Easlwood, Roesing, Burlceland, Zilis, Vell, Dado, Walker, Cochran. FOURTH ROW: Pielle, G-erow, Vofo, Kil- mer, Miss Fluke, Gibson, Ham- mermeisfer, Finnell, Newfon, Pas- lor. ADVERTISING CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Zinngrabbe TOP ROW: Carli, Wilson, Hous- Ianga, Mr, Zinngrabe. FENGER REELMEN Slill a new and lively organizalion in Fenger is lhal ol Ihe Reelmen. Besides being one of 'rhe mosl aclive clubs in school, il is one of Jrhe mosl imporlanf. This club consisls of lhirly operalors, wilh John Johnslon as Manager, and Mario Lo- valo as Assislanl Manager. Conlinued on Page I4I Reel men give real facts Sponsor: Mr. Reich Leader: John Johnsfon TOP ROW: Kramer, Malcolm, Lovafo, Gullans, Frank, Adensam, Dietz, Appel, Shiffman, Van Valkenberg, Jocius, Sioholm, Siefserna. SECOND ROW: Hagen, Lund, Bennelf, Greenwood, Kruger, Mr. Reich. BOTTOM ROW: Sfone, Rosenfeld, Johnston, Anderson, Veensfra, Lovafo, De Valk. THIRD ROW: Carnfield, Burnham, Swanberg. ., , s t , X Bluck, Fisher, Gasper, Bellus, Sar- Mazzorana, Robb, De Vries, Og- orzelec, Srurnp, Keelev, Harn- merle, Kapin. Tl-IIRD ROW: Irup, Sullon. BOTTOM ROW: Ronzani, Mallman, Markunas, Ma- LOWER COURIER REPRESENTATIVES TOP ROW: Zube, Darling, Bunring, Laws, Simner, Redman. FIFTH ROW: Schmidl, Ingula, Le Noble, Berg, Slaqer. FOURTH ROW: Weiss, Lucas, Hody, Polyalc, Hambv, Clark. THIRD ROW: Franc, Schmiedl, Schroeder, Slewarl, Rilchel, Erickson. SECOND ROW: Zochacz, Groszek, Messer, Anderson, Wienchus. BOTTOM: Garrolik, Gross, Chrisinger, Roncaglion. THE OFFICE SECRETARIES In lhe early days of America, Indian girls sewed, cooked, made pollery, beads, and clolh- ing. No maller whal lheir laslcs were, however, lhey could be depended upon Io do lhem rapidly Conlinued on Paqe I4l "Q 1 Q ii 5 OFFICE SECRETARIES Sponsor: Miss Kay TOP ROW: Cavada, Melillo, Nan- feldl, Lowaclc, Flercher, Ganz, Panozzo, Phillips, Czelenv. Zse- lenyo, Cook, Bigelow, Michalski, Goldikas, Pranslcus. SECOND ROW: Houslrup, Jennings, Lund- rnark, Briqnardello, Varellas, Ger- lofson, Errrioian, Pierzqa, Pacz- lcowski, Luberl, Gullo, Knvsz, Davis. THIRD ROW: Hudek, Baldi, Adducci, Frangella, Malilo, Paczkowslci, O'NeilI, Boellcher, Laclcenberg, Conrad, Balirukus, McDonald, Vander-Meyde, Hull. BOTTOM ROW: Kabal, Slroiny, Spiller, Weggeberg, Den Beslen, Middendorf, Calzia, Groncki, Sharpe, Korienck. LUNCH ROOM Sponsor: Mrs. Corcoran TOP ROW: Smilh, Pusaleri, Wall, Chrisfiansen, D'Adarns, Cheinqer, Nicholas, Freeze. SECOND ROW: Anaslon, Anfaramin, Hahn, Ha- qer, De Younq, Novello. BOT- TOM: Sullon, Zebrauskas, Giles, Krinlzelle, Boone, Gardner, Mal- c us. UPPER COURIER REPRESENTATIVES TOP ROW: Redford, Mencinsky, Fehsel, Zacher, Hills, Lavric. FIFTH ROW: Carnbell, Walfrarn, Rasmussen, Tholl, Grasses. FOURTH ROVV: Faber, Adams, Easiwood, Palmer, Golio, Hawlcenson. THIRD ROW: Noble, Fanizzo, Dal Sanlo, Hubrich, Novello, Hahn, Thompson. SECOND ROW: Thorp, Mickus, Frewdenberq, Rickman, Berqera, Carlson. BOTTOM ROW: Pace, Pierzga, Ralibie, Ferpofli, Nagy. COURIER REPRESENTATIVE Chief Silling Bull of Ihe Sioux Indians gol his name when iusl a boy. While our chasing Bul- Ialo wilh olher lribe members, he was lhrown Irom his pony. Inslead of running, he seized a Conlinued on Paoe l4l f 2 T i I 551 ,...,... l...n Thegfve won their battles PHOREX A liTTle lndian boy OT long ago had Trouble in The evenings Tinding his way To The Land OT Dreams. The moon moTher TransTormed The shooT- ing sTars inTo Tireflies To ligh+ his way. The Phorex ConTinued on Page l4l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY "The Trail of The sun is a bridge as wide as The disTance beTween winTer and summer. Four guard- ians accompany The sun on his course dancing abouT him buT someTimes he drops his Torch and Then an eclipse occurs." Life of the American Indialz-RADIN ConTinued on Page l4l QUILL AND SCROLL Our American Indians painTed a colorTul pic- Ture as They saT around Their campTires smoking Their long pipes or drawing Tigures on birch bark scrolls. Their sTories hold a place OT honor among ConTinued on Page I4I I .fav ., . az'-.L-f'H'2'W Vw 4B COMMITTEES HALL COMMITTEE Sponsor, Miss McCabe Berl Beclcer Edward Hagen Palricia Haifield 2503 6503 l503 Virginia Novella 4503 ORCH ESTRA COM M ITTEE Chris Hoffman William Ulrich Phillip Sidler Winifred Declceri Lucille Neidhardi I503 7503 5503 I503 I503 PU BLICITY COMMITTEE Josephine Morre Eileen Modesirow Clifford Carlson Margarel Slone Marjorie Van Swol TICKET COMMITTEE ,Q 'PROGRAM coMMnTEE Annelie Davis Eleanor Schroih William Jacobson Jack Sieisma Norman Schmiiz Marian Orum Palricia Halfield Suzanne Schroeler Margarel Wierergd Winifred Wagner Mariorie Seney Doroihy Chesler Joyce Boomlcer William Wood 5503 2503 4503 7503 2503 l503 I503 4503 5503 7504 2503 7503 3503 6503 I58I 4B CLASS OFFICERS Ray Ludwig . . V..,.. Presidenl Edward Hagen. . . . , .Vice Presideni Charlolle Pupien . , . , .Secrelary Eva Weber ..,. . .Treasurer 3503 3503 1503 7504 3503 4B FORWARD We, Ihe 4B class, are now approaching Ihe end of our high school day. We should pause here and loolc back upon our pasl' misralces so Ihal we may be beneiiled by Ihem. These mislalces should help us aller our ways so Thai we may gain The highesl possible scholasiic record wilhin our abil- ily when we enler Ihe lasl semesler of high school. II is in our Iasl semesler lhal' we are walched lhe mosl and are supposed +o ser Ihe siandards oi Ihe school. If we make These slandards and 'follow Ihem ourselves Jrhe resl oi Ihe school will follow. II is in our lasi semesler Ihal we are expecled Io sei Ihe siandards oi The school. We will main- Iain +hem ourselves and Iry To be an example for Ihe resl of lhe pupils. Ray Ludwig-4B 4B "OuT oT childhood inTo manhood Now had grown my HiawaTha, I am going. I, Nokomis, On a long and disTanT journey, To The porTals oT The sunseT, To Thy regions-oTHIJne-home-wind, OT The NorThwesT wind Keewaydimf' Song of Hiawatha-HENRY W. LoNcFif:Ll.ow EARLY RISING There oughT To be a law againsT iT! When The alarm rings, you Turn To look aT The clock, and Then wish you were s+iII sleeping. DocTors say iT's heaIThy, and very good Tor you, To arise early buT common sense disagrees. Sleep makes one beauTiTuI, and iT sTands To reason ThaT The longer you sleep, The more beauTiTul you would become. ScienTisTs say ThaT we spend one-Third oT our IiTe in bed, buT we all wish iT could be longer. Why iT all The hours oT sleep IosT by Fenger sTu- denTs ThaT come Tor eighT o'clock classes were laid end To end, They would Torm a veriTable IiTeTime. Few people geT Their proper resT, and aT The end, This will shorTen Their lives. Imagine, missing Tive-To-Ten years oT living because oT eighT o'clock classes, and early working hours. And, Then Too, Think oT The menTaI sTrain early rising puTs us under. When The alarm goes oT-T, we have To sTruggle, menTaIIy, wiTh ourselves To geT up-aT leasT I do. I'laIT-awake and haIT- asleep, I have To persuade myseIT ThaT iT really is Time and ThaT I really have To geT up. BuT I usually lose my argumenT and seTTIe back To con- Tinue my snooze. NOT Tor long, Though, because someone always is There To see ThaT I do geT up. Someday, I believe I will become a hermiT, wiTh no one To poke me and prod me To see ThaT I arise. BuT, Then Too, a hermiT has no reason To arise in The wee hours oT The morning, when The sun is iusT peeking over The disTanT hills and The dew lies on The grass. Some Torward looking poIiTician could easily be elecTed To The IegisIaTure by using a "sleep- laTe" plaTTorm-"My Triends, if I am elecTed, I will abolish eighT o'clock classes: I will abolish all morning working hours: I will puT a chicken in every keTTIe and a human in every bed. We will all sleep Till noon, every noon." This man would surely be elecTed. Yes, sir, There oughT To be a law againsT early rising! Gerald Delves-4B 2nd PI. Sr. Es'y-Quill 84 Scroll I 59 DIVISION 5503 Teacher: Miss Korfen Courier Rep.: LoTTie Kelbowski TOP ROW: Slesser, Vis, BrurieTTe, Hopksma, Czsbinskas. SEC- ONR ROW: RaThrnan, Pudik, Walker, Boone. THIRD ROW Johnson, Podleck, Kramer, Dobzinsky, Hardy, FOURTH ROW.-, Skipek, McKay, Bryak, RoberTs. FIFTH ROW: Evans, GhidoTTim Zappas, DeVaIk, Hopkins. BOTTOM ROW: Anderson, WesTer- dall, Jacob, I-Iarnrnerle, Kelbowski. DIVISION 2503 Teacher: Miss Murray Courier Rep.: Norman SchmiTz TOP ROW: Johnson, Karolich, Komorowski, Linde, Laws, STreelA R W: S hmiTz H rn n oe rnan, Whil' man. SECOND O c , oTT a, Z Te e Madison, Wrona. THIRD ROW: Olsen, Seney, Kramer, Sob czyk, Merlo. FOURTH ROW: Bond. DaITon, Hawkins, Carlson Renz. FIFTH ROW: Slusarczk, Slusarczk, STewarT, Zurba gooper. BOTTOM ROW: Mulholland, ReynhorT, Lucas, Vische rapa . -- DIVISION 7504 Teacher: Miss Heagney Courier Rep,: Virginia Wincher TOP ROW: H. Abel, McCllnIock, J. Slelserna, Seefeldf, E. Kinlzeie, Nordquisl. SECOND ROW: Oosfrnan, Hutchinson, Mallhys, Cuzile, Perrone, Radlke. THIRD ROW: Orel, Wag- ner, Boolh, Urban, Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Zullo, Luplen, Ganz, Boorh, Soderberg, Slone. FIFTH ROW: Plungis, Wincher, Samelak, Busho, Nordhorf. BOTTOM ROW: Varholy, Chiap- pori, Cole, Fish, Frank. DIVISION ISO3 Teacher: Mr. Lange Courier Rep.: Bill Redman TOP ROW: Becker, VanderPlecg, Anderson, Ehrmann, Holl- man, Laws, Campbell. SECOND ROW: Carlson, Sforako, Wyma, Jensen, Vlaming, Vlasis. THIRD ROW: Douglas, Ghornke, Keefe, Johnson, Reirnann, Marchese, Carlson. FOURTH ROW: Fraafz, Halfield, Orum, lsherwood, Kipfer, Redman. FIFTH ROW: Poslrna, Swanson, Duscan, Cyrlcas, Neiclhardf, Holsl, Nelson. BOTTOM ROW: Deckerr, Ferris, Innes, Maiewslcl, Poclccha, DIVISION 4503 Teacher: Miss McCabe Courier Rep.: Vlrginia Novella 60 TOP ROW: Jacobson, DeYoung, Jacius, Bell, Valenll, Paul- son. SECOND ROW: Halleran, Nicoll, Schroeler, Kane, Hud- son, Bonolfo. THIRD ROW: Dacus, Cullin, Hunf, Novella, Heggl.n. FOURTH ROW: Kazanfzas, Lane, Andenson, Pensen, Fredrickson. FIFTH ROW: Bellas, Olson, Nelson, Naver, ixeiongllno. BOTTOM ROW: Moomey, Vandermeer, Lundllng, s of . DIVISION 6503 Teacher: Miss Henicksman Courier Rep.: Donald Helqe TOP ROW: Wood, Schaaphok, Wyma, Lyon, Schwarz, Maiury. SECOND ROW: Chasseur, Hagen, Peach, Hanson, Smog, Jensen. THIRD ROW: G-bur, SzIaga, Gareffo, Wicksfrorn, Kaposfa. FOURTH ROW: Thorn, Jacobson, Brinsky, Peffigrew, BurgwaId. FIFTH ROW: Erickson, Kapusfa, Novak, Burkelund, Sloan. BOTTOM ROW: Johnson, Gawlik, Ciffadino, Prime, Hornaday. DIVISION 3503 Teacher: Mrs. Miller Courier Rep.: Pairicia Mickus TOP ROW: Sorensen, Veensfra, Lewkonich, Maqnusen, SheIdon, Peferson. SECOND ROW: I-IuII, Van Sfreef, Shelbeck, Schneider, Toscano, Biolchin. THIRD ROW: Modesfow, Weber, Dilis, Bisgarcl, Vander PPIoeq, Berg. FOURTH ROW: Mifidiers, Boomker, Dixon, Mickus, PeIz. FIFTH ROW: Giareifa, Smifh, Czfza, Van Swol, DeIves. BOTTOM ROW: Erwich, Schrofh, Powers, Morrie, Dannenhold. DIVISION 7503 Teacher: Miss CaIIanan Courier Rep.: John Faber TOP ROW: HIHIQ, Ulrich, BIumm, Dzimidas, Harms, ZaIoIis. SECOND ROW: Pesceifo, OIsen, Barish, Werner, M. HiHIe. THIRD ROW: Tafe, Ludwiq, Rudy, Rosseffe, Chesfer, Faber. FOURTH ROW: Diefz, Beck, Boersma, Schrader, BoIhuis. FIFTH ROW: Krzeczowski, Adams, PIowrnann, BendineIII, Lamble, Holzinqer. BOTTOM ROW: ReaIi, SkeIIey, Hoinges, Ermoian, Seymour. L:-.1 " ...IS-'I I I6II JUNIOR OBSERVATION-3A The Indians developed fheir power of concen- frafion fo fhe highesf degree. George Douglas, Gordon Kramer, Edo Magiffo, Augusf Under- wall, and Carmella Galullo adopf fhis policy for sfudying. Adelaide Czyz and Roberf Kauk sug- gesf fixing one's mind on how fhe subiecf is wriffen in fhe book. The lure of a quief room by oneself is fhe ideal of James Kondrofh, Doris Ferry, La Rae Ausherrnan, Agnes Corrorna, Marie Da Corfe, Gladys Earnshaw, William Bence, Consfance Rolando, Esfher Johnson, and Roy Krause for preparing fhe nexf day's lesson. Sally Lockwood is guofed as saying, "Over some- body else's shoulder." The solufion Lorraine Me- ginnis, Rufh Rosser, and Louis Aiello, offer is fo read fhe subiecf and fhen fo answer fha guesfions. Oresf Mencinsky doesn'f know much abouf fhe subiecf, or af leasf he won'f commif himself. Redmen were very fond of music and before going ouf on any evenf or doing anyfhinq-of imporfance, fhey soughf inspirafion fhrough fhe fribal music. So wifh Vera Oherg, Bonnie Bim- rose, Frank Reihel, Helen Emery, Mary Kelly, and La Verne Wehling who prefer music wifh fheir sfudyingg while Audrey Sidler, Efhel Sifas, Carol Adams, and Olga Schypc fhink fhaf a liffle snack is needed fo help sfimulafe fhe brain. Alex Adduci would like fo have radios insfalled in all fhe classrooms, buf according fo Shirley Koch fhe radio doesn'f help maffers af all. Emofions and reacfions were nof shown by fhe Redman, buf we have here fhe way differenf people acf when quick fhinking is called for. George Hahn would acf on an impulse, while Gene Andrews, and Eugene Wold would sfop fo fhink. Charles Kasper's idea is fo run, and ask quesfions afferwards. Joe Medo, Ann Verbyla, Wendell Elias, Haffie Schulfz, and George Rosen- feld would acf nafurally, buf Bruno Mazzacovaffo, Cafherine Savio, Eleanor Masier, Kafherine Luc- chin, and Lorraine Brogan would break ouf in a nervous sweaf. Panic seizes Virginia Balzar, Vic- foria Tomaaszerski, Earlene Covenf, and Evelyn Kasfer. According fo Gerald Lynch, Adeline Riz- zolo, Louis Fischer, Jeaneffe Moll, William Mey- ering, John Merkel, George Miller, June Horne, and James Braschler, fheir minds work like a flash. Bruno Baffisfin and Fred Zawada would be rendered speechless, buf Fern Cichhol would pass ouf complefely. A case of sfuffers develops for Olga Baldassar, Esfher Meyerchick and lrene Jemiola. Elizabefh Tofh would become pefrified and lef maffers fake fheir course. Doing fhe wrong fhing is whaf inevifably happens fo Elaine George and Walfer Simons. Larry Balku and Cafherine Boyle fry fo respond in fhe besf pos- sible way. "No mercy would be shown fhe gum," comes from Lillian Swedson. Esfher Wesfhind's mind would be a perfecf blank, and Jane Maffoc 62 would do whafever would come fo her mind. The Indians were very proud of fheir posses- sions and homes and fried fo improve fhem in every possible way, and so we wondered whaf fhe sfudenfs of Fenger fhoughf abouf fheir "Alma Mafer" and ways of beffering if. "lf's perfecf" is fhe expression used by Pafri- cia Chessman, Lucy Bidese, John Miholak, Rose- mary Kienes, Mary Jane Veifch, and Rose Boz- aley. Fenger is fhe besf school in fown in fhe esfimafion of Anna Lynch, Dorofhy Fiddelke, and Arfhur Kapillian. Comes fhe suggesfion of a bef- fer hall sysfem from Jeanne Yarnell, Jacqueline Finney, Margaref Gyare, Wuff, Pearl Omick, Ed Misnialiegicz, Thurman Graffon, Frances Fis- fer, and Edna Kross. Don Berry wanfs a longer fime fo gef fo classes. The improvemenf of fhe locker sysfem comes from Mike Pyk and Ed Sfakenas. Beryl De Winfer's commenf is fhaf fhe bell sysfem should be in line for a change. We have a few lazy people in school, for Arlene Bergner, Frances Barnes, Shirley La Course, Erna Bauer, and June Piolierf wanf elevafors. Soap in fhe washrooms would help everybody keep nice, shining faces is fhe suggesfion of Rufh Fraley. Marilyn Orno, Elsie Roneaglione and Lorraine Harfs wanf fhe cleaning of fhe rooms finished. If fakes much fo gef a member of fhe red race fo falk, buf if is a common pracfice among fhe ofher races fo fell sfrangers fhe "Sfory of Their Lives." Why is fhis so? "They wanf fo be friendly, and falking helps," observes Dorofhy Soodeesfrom, Josephine Woz- niaf, Sylvia Wawrzynak, and Ninalee Haidekrue- ger. Marie Krapil, Alfred Chris, Rose Michuda, Chuck Bolduc, Lois Bandsfra, and Clara Girofi say if's because fhey wanf fo sfarf a conversa- fion, buf Raymond Lipke, Eleanor Kehhiker, Dan- iel Wall, Arlene Rasmussen, Dorofhea Mills, Ed Burke, and Berfil Nelson fhink fhey wanf fo brag. Some people gef lonesome while fraveling, and so fhey furn fo a fellow fraveller. This is fhe fhoughf of Jane Rufschneider and Frances Baskis. No one else will lisfen fo fhem say lrene Keappler, Shirley Klaris, Helen Friberg, and Florence Smifh. Helen Teerlink, Claude Wise, and Rena Leff- rink arne'f sure iusf why people do if, buf Mildred Dal Sanfo, Joe Kredens, Lillian Mcl-Iugh, Vera Sand, Cafherine Daven, and Bill Cook are of fhe opinion fhaf fhey wanf sympafhy. Ann Mafecho and Marian Spinak come fo fhe conclusion fhaf fhey never expecf fo see fhe ofher person again. Popkin Simonian, Sfeven Bonom, John Violef, Donna Rose Parker, and Pefe Buwalda seem fo fhink fhaf some people iusf never sfop falking while Edward Dafronik guesses fhaf fhey are iusf frying fo wasfe somebody's fime. To seffle fhis Marie Marx has fhis philosophy, "Affer all, isn'f life a sfory?" Thelma Norfon lL . . . .. DIVISION l505 Teacher: Mr. Thompson Courier Rep.: Lucilie Le Noble TOP ROW: Johnson, Horne, Le Noble, Kooinga, KKeIbowski. SECOND ROW: Devin, Vanderwarf, Fischer. THIRD ROW: Jemiola, Lipke, Wehlinq, Erickson, FOURTH ROW: Chris, Meqinnis, MiI4oIaifis, Meyerchick, Boros. FIFTH ROW: Ferry, Klaris, Korzenko, Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Thompson, Masier, Marten, Rolando. DIVISION 7505 Teacher: Mr. Sampson Courier Rep.: L. Zaehacz TOP ROW: Sfrom, Suberg, Chrisiian, Razabdowski, Hinko, Pederson. SECOND ROW: Diya, Greir, Tornquisf, Vanderwarf, Eilioff, Caruso. THIRD ROW: Kosiowski, Barnes, Cosfafunqa, Neison, Koczolowski. FOURTH ROW: McCrackIin, Tors+ensen, Anderson, Howard, Maurer. FIFTH ROW: Riordan, Schulie, Zackacy, Moses, Beckman. BOTTOM ROW: Fnfzpafrick, Gnie- wek, D'O'riavio, Pilar, Arvia. 3A "SI4iIIecI was he in sporis and pasrimes, In rhe merry dance of snowshoes, In Ihe play of quoiis and bali-play: SI4iIIecI was he in games of sI4iII and hazard, Pugasain, 'rhe Bowl and Couriers, Kuniasso, Ihe game of Plum-Sionesf' Song of HiawaLlmfHENRY W. LONGFELLOW DIVISION 5505 Teacher: Miss McKirdie Courier Rep.: Isobel Thorpe TOP ROW: Holzinger, Schug, Magnusen, Nelson, George, Corwin. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Salamon, Drolen, Pervenicki, Siep, Luncl. THIRD ROW: Esrerharnmer, Nagy Borfolomi, Rieqel, Hnoi. FOURTH ROW: Booih, Rosemary, Piazza Radzwen, Rocca. FIFTH ROW: Phillipe, Thorp, Velo, Arquilla, Givens. BOTTOM ROW: Michuda, Bernier, ChIIIeIIe, Sfepenski, De Lorenzo. DIVISION 6504 Teacher: Mr. De Graff Courier Rep.: S. Waurzyyiak TOP ROW: Johnson, Misniokiewicz, Neison, Nespeca, ViIeI, Adduci. SECOND ROW: Paironik, Venfurin, WauWrzyyiak, Srernberg, Bonomo, Erickson. THIRD ROW: Sherman, Simonian, Shuperi, Verfach, Waliers, Wozniak. FOURTH ROW: Czaczka, Reihel, Bresnahan, Wandasiewich, La Course, Wolodka, Sorkis. FIFTH ROW: Koch, Fisrer, Marx, Scharn- horsf, Toih, Fiddelke. BOTTOM ROW: Verbyla, Parker, Bauer, Bodnar, Berioch. I 53 M' fr ,1- I 2 i I .A.4... .......4 A, DIVISION 6505 Teacher: Miss Greene Courier Rep.: Jane Hamillon TOP ROW: Brown, Exner, Scoll, Hamillon, Koedyker, Aden- sam. SECOND ROW: Nebendahl, Krueger, Carey, Adams, Clausius, Kopf. THIRD ROW: Anderson, Koopman, Nyolam, Repfer, Suk, Kenworlhy. FOURTH ROW: Hughes, Torslensen, Chasseur, Hubrick, Rosenquisf, Tasker. FIFTH ROW: Jacobs, Volo, Valf, Barnes, Boege, Housfrop. BOTTOM ROW: Vander- myde, Giarnmario, Nickel, Lang, O'Keele. DIVISION 3505 Teacher: Miss McParllin Courier Rep.: Eleanor Ferpollo TOP ROW: Copenhaver, Maggiolli, Bence, Kredens, Minla, Rayhill. SECOND ROW: Holubialc, Brunelli, Balzer, Ferpollo, Bimrose. THIRD ROVV: Morqan, Earnshaw, Lockwood, Mara- volo, Sidler. FOURTH ROW: Fulop, Passi, Yynch, Brady, Boand. FIFTH ROW: Panozzo, Propafi, Bidese, Kosfer, Buwalda. BOTTOM ROW: Tomaszewski, Baldassari, Silas, Boffini, Gallo. DIVISION 2504 Teacher: Mrs. Whilworlh Courier Rep.: Oresl Meveivsky TOP ROW: Meveivslcy, Rosenbauer, Merkel, Kasper, Konclralh, Kaprelian. SECOND ROW: Remo, Newlon, Boll, Bu'l'ruS, Doehn. THIRD ROW: Koznl, Alrncranlz, Finney, Gasper, Gironx, Clausing. FOURTH ROW: Tackes, Ginole, Brake, Corcovan, Salay, Spivak. FIFTH ROW: Kelliher, Brussel, Stewart, Chmeliva, Czyz. BOTTOM ROW: Callahan, Fanzlaw, Foaley, Maleroh. DIVISION 4504 Teacher: Mrs. McNamara Courier Rep.: Marie Da Corle TOP ROW: C-eerling, Nigro, Keaplfer, Peacock, Cunico, Allamese. SECOND ROW: Biller, Parrol, Sockrider, Smilh, DeWill', Arvia. THIRD ROW: Middleborn, Middendorf, Pareilcp, Czaia, Pefrukis. FOURTH ROW: Dmohowski, Diends, Da Corle, Varvo. FIFTH ROW: Kaiser, Slump, Sullivan, McEllvan. BOTTOM ROW: Joniak, Herman, Schnider, Woicick, Gradl. DIVISION 5504 Teacher: Mr. Zinngrabe Courier Rep.: E. Roncaglione TOP ROW: Bagnara, I-larier, Omick, Welin, Kazen, Bezlai. SECOND ROW: Harls, Rizzolo, Gwizdalski, Berqner, Barnes. THIRD ROW: Minkerna, Dere, Graflon, Feinsiein, Feinsfein, Cooper. FOURTH ROW: Sand, Wesflund, Baskis, Vinlce, Bar- weqen. FIFTH ROW: Dramisino, Johnson, Moll, McHugh, Nyberq. BOTTOM ROW: Kubasek, Adams, Maflax, Roncag- lione, Loichinger. K DIVISION I504 Teacher: Miss Kay Courier Rep.: Rufh I-Iannney TOP ROW: Federowski, Zaieski, Munari, Markel, Escarrez, Moenich. SECOND ROW: Van Dan, Gadbois, Rago, PPiII, Evers. THIRD ROW: Chin, Anaslon, Trsar, Collins, Konlos. FOURTH ROW: Gill, Hamby, Verduin, Birlchef, Filzone. FIFTH ROW: Conslanline, Hufker, Dalrowslci, Zeigler, Murphy. BOT- TOM ROW: Kazanfzas, Levin, Zurek, Krylowicz, McMasIer. 65 DIVISION 4506 Teacher: Mr, Russell Courier Rep.: Marlen Grasses TOP ROW: Pocius, Hakalmazian, Kadar, Prince, Zaiac. SEC- OND ROW: Di Santo, Pallagi, Gorchos, Carlson, Carnfield. THIRD ROW: Berqandi, Van Dyke, Gniewek, Groboski, Grasses. FOURTH ROW: Talarczuck, Wighlrnan, Gniewek, Kadzilawski, Diefz. FIFTH ROW: Sworlfiger, Hyicek, Mr. Russell, Mes- Igowskis, Dowial. BOTTOM ROW: Graberl, Laslow, Slroiny, oy- . DIVISION 3504 Teacher: Miss Freeman Courier Rep.: Mildred Dal Sanfo TOP ROW: Sliehler, Kusfa, Feifhen, Slebos, Lewis, Baifislin. SECOND ROW: Krause, McMahon, Kasrud, Masylik, Swanson. THIRD ROW: McBroom, Krapil, Kopp, Spi-kings. FOURTH ROW: Gonzales, Gibson, Robinson, Maloney. FIFTH ROW: Swerdlow, Salayec, DalSanI'o, Aardsma, Lamberf. BOTTOM ROW: Galullo, Vinciquerra, Vallese, Viefch, Rosser. f .,, , ,,. ,. I . .sf V r I DIVISION 3508 ' Teacher: Mrs. Wise Courier Rep.: Georgia Pace TOP ROW: Biskup, Campisi, Madsen, Pierce, Frangella, Daw- son. SECOND ROW: Cook, Wachlor, Hess, Burlorcl, Giesen, Kukno. THIRD ROW: Wagner, Wilson, Schoenleldl, Faikucv, Biro, Oldshue. FOURTH ROW: Waller, Brewer, Lasher, Pal- lagi, Bolokowicz. FIFTH ROW: Bilas, Anderson, Johansson, Pace, Bezie. BOTTOM ROW: Drukrenis, Bruno, Mydam, Rodegliier, Powers. DIVISION 4505 Teacher: Miss Johnson Courier Rep.: Ann Polyak TOP ROW: Lynch, Johnson, Douglas, Collell, Schomers, Cook. SECOND ROW: Hine, Gerqely, Chrislopher, Busch, Mazza- cavallo, Claus. THIRD ROW: Ausherman, Lucchini, Basso, Warholyk, Fellerhoff. FOURTH ROW: Iwancio, Brinkman, Eichholz, Sayio. FIFTH ROW: Polyak, Daeba, Miller, Oberg, Racz. BOTTOM ROW: Bullice, Yarnell, Bader, Wadiak. l66I DIVISION 5506 Teacher: Mr. Koedyker Courier Rep.: J. Clark TOP ROW: Marengo, Siemenas, Shunko, Mineryino, Filippo, Valenlini. SECOND ROW: Clark, Halenar, Basile, Ulrich, Barriball. THIRD ROW: Slell, Schipper, Mowends, Holslra. FOURTH ROW: Loser, Schuelz, Gerlikas. FIFTH ROW: Elsasser, Bucel, Cellos. Barbulas. BOTTOM ROW: Adams, Barsevick, Sembenini, Frigo. DIVISION 2505 Teacher: Miss Kellelhon Courier Rep.: Arlene Rasmussen TOP ROW: Will, Andrews, Wolf, Balku, Slakenas, Simons. SECOND ROW: Dyke, Gerrnolec, Danahy, Wall, Rosenfeld, Zowada. THIRD ROW: Elias, Eeidekruger, Miller, Schullz, Rasmussen, Hahn, I-loHoIik. FOURTH ROW: Vander Wall, Burke, Banclslra, Reirschneid, Brogan, Davin, Sleinhauer. FIFTH ROW: Soderslron, De Winler, Emery, Boyle, Kelly, Skncypee, Troedson. BOTTOM ROW: Lellrinq, Havanesian, George, Krass, Friberg. X x -TY " " P N if ll ' 3B 'lx 'N I ,, . . T I . Skilled in all crall ol hunlers, 1 J Learned in all lhe lore ol old men, g V' In all youlhlul sporls and paslimes, - 'I 1 In all manly arls and labors." I L . , ' :Q ' , R , Song of H iawazha-HENRY W. LONGFELLOVV is F' f 'Q ll 1 I . B -4 . .1 MY LAST BLIND DATE Thanksgiving came early lhal year. Bul lhal didn'l bo+her me. I had a blind dale lor lhal evening. My lirsl, and my lasl: lor who would ever wanl lo go on a blind dale again aller whal hapened. I was ready on lime lor once. In lacl I was ready wilh lime lo spare. Too much lime-Good old Lois had lixed il up, and he was supposed lo be a swell lellow, bul somehow one imporlanl delail aboul lhe lime had been Iell oul. Bul I was palienl: very palienl. My molher seemed more worried lhan I was, so I lcilled a Iillle lime lrying lo reassure her. DIVISION 7506 Teacher: Mrs. Oliver Courier Rep.: Sophie Groszik TOP ROW: Sioholm, Grundslrom, Dering, Pritchard. SECOND ROW: Wagenhals, Argenlero, Avignone. THIRD ROW: John- son, Lyckberg, Wiberg. FOURTH ROW: Gloude, Vander Mey, Personaire. FIFTH ROW: Meyers, Miller, Scoll. BOTTOM ROW: De Vries, Filzpalriclc, Vander Walk, Engslrom. "I-Ie's a swell lellow, Molher. Lois says so." Maybe he was, bul I never lound oul and don'l expecl lo. Lois slepl ralher laler lhan usual lhe nexl morn- ing. Oh! yes, she had a good lime. And whal happened lo him? Why, he had changed his mind. and me? I-lad I wailed lor him very long? Who, me? No, only unlil I wenl lo bed which was ralher Ialer lhan usual lhal nighl. Oh! I'm a very palienl person. June Delclcer-3B I-Ion. Menl. Sr. Narr.-Quill 84 Scroll DIVISION I506 Teacher: Mrs. Fenn Courier Rep.: Mary Palmer TOP ROW: Menke, Franlzen, Goril, Howes, MCG-ill. SECOND ROW: Szekeley, Crinci, Nespeca, Hupp, Nichols. THIRD ROW: Fiarenzi, Sarkision, Rogicki, Finnel. FOURTH ROW: Willorp, Webber, Dekker, Cox, VanVaIkenburgh. FIFTH ROW: Palmer, Maissaglia, Rossi. BOTTOM ROW: DeGiacomo, Mahlesian, Day, Lewin. . ' I67I DIVISION 3507 Teacher: Mrs. Towne Courier Rep.: Lorraine Berg TOP ROW: Ulrich, Bubnar, Smilh, Soucup, Vanliers, Spoolsfra. SECOND ROW: Winlerhoff, Torry, Ossello, O'Kee1'e, Siem- rnelin. THIRD ROW: Jacobsma, Anderson, Bacievecie, Berg, Waldner. FOURTH ROW: Nilz, Mackenlosh, Kunz, Sherrill. FIFTH ROW: Daflcus, Holinquisf, Johnson, VIH. BOTTOM ROW: Eckman, Williams, Bednarczyk, Slewarf, Holm. DIVISION 4507 Teacher: Mr. Sl. Germain Courier Rep.: Edylh Chrisinger TOP ROW: Sworlfigor, Bonnar, Murray, Cassell, Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Amindola, Cavaalo. THIRD ROW: Chris- ,inger, I-leqeclius, Tolh. FOURTH ROW: Surnrnbers, Visenfi, Allison. FIFTH ROW: Hayden, Walker, Hanlcosly, Benevenli. BOTTOM ROW: Noyello, Napoli, Annagnosl, Wall. 4 F' I . A DIVISION 2507 DIVISION 5507 Teacher: Miss Dunker Courier Rep.: Henry Goclshall Teacher: Miss Conner Courier Rep.: Evelyn Leiby TOP ROW: Godshall, Pelrailis, Crumnie, Carr, Godshall, Crumnie. SECOND ROW: Medrano, Anderson, Kuypers, Kauf- man, Jones. THIRD ROW: Pazorskos, Bos, Resk, Hoey, John- son. FOURTH ROW: Minufh, Gasperin, Bawalda, Van Vly- men, Rusl. FIFTH ROW: Harsl, Vanderhyde, Larson, Kreil- Iing, Dubberka. BOTTOM ROW: Collins, Cromwell, Haris- field, Ramshorl. TOP ROW: Schinke, Rigoni, Johnson, O'Donnell, Kekslas, Slewer. SECOND ROW: Falkenlhal, Bain, Leiby, Pielle, Bel- lus. THIRD ROW: Pieiko, Aabye, Kingma, l'lunl'er, Jensen, Srnilh. FOURTH ROW: Tufledal, Pior, Opyl, Sollysialc, lshoy, Sawadski. FIFTH ROW: De Valk, Nelson, Murlhugh, Dexter, Euefi-aio, Allen. BOTTOM ROW: Vlasis, Jaax, Ellis, Richman, iarar I. DIVISION 7507 DIVISION 6506 Teacher: Mrs. Schuessler Courier Rep.: A. Varroni TOP ROW: Weslerhoff, Wagner, Varroni, BesseH', Laws, Mifchell. SECOND ROW: Trenracosfi, Lundberg, Lurie, Ror-nba, Kuzmanick, Laoiana. THIRD ROW: Snow, Pofaczelc, Marrre, Malikowski, Geary, Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Alcerrnan, McBefh, Yonlcer, Fevillan, Biga, Eichwedel. FIFTH ROW: Phillips, Zolli, Anderson, Buclcler, Canalini. BOTTOM ROW: Bass, Nichols, Huflcer, Beyel, Evans. I DIVISION 3505 Teacher: Miss Slevenson Courier Rep.: Bross TOP ROW: Roe, Sfolfz, Ferqueson, Farino, Hines, Burnham. SECOND ROW: Karos, De Augusline, Kamminski, Donovan, Skogh, Tanis. THIRD ROW: Bradly, Farhas, Guslafson, John- son, Ahlgren. FOURTH ROW: Carlbery, De Young, erulli, Blais, Douglas. FIFTH ROW: Mafusk, Johnson, Gillono, Resfaino, Huber. BOTTOM ROW: Gibney, Arvia, Brand, Pair- ferson, Bross. DIVISION 2506 Teacher: Mr. Bennefl Courier Rep.: Dwighf Nelson TOP ROW: Dempsey, Andreolli, Nelson, Keicik, Boersma, De Valk. SECOND ROW: Leo, Howard, Kramer, Reming+on, Tobakas, Luri. THIRD ROW: Sleffan, Larson, Ghidolfi, Mrva, Brangal, Danedenas. FOURTH ROW: Helson, Coslalunga, Szawala, Poller, Shollenberger. FIFTH ROW: Myslinski, Reis, Johnson, Maiewski, Eyber. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Bennelf, Ter- zian, Loveless, Wyrkowski. Teacher: Mrs. McMahon Courier Rep.: Roberl Sinner TOP ROW: Janzer, Serelcheon, Odom, Sinner, Kendall, Gardner. SECOND ROW: Chiaro, Ganske, Gouvis, Sandslrom, Bosgroaf. THIRD ROW: Wood, Cox, Gibbs, Pagels, Lennon. FOURTH ROW: Emmons, Englin, Ulrick, Trilinski, Cilladeno. FIFTH ROW: Henderson, Slenczka, Czyz, Sfanfon. BOTTOM ROW: Cassidy, Dernkowilz, Frangella, Aufenrielh, Wise. l69l A LOOK INTO 3B ACTIVITIES The wiTch docTor was doing a dance To The gods when suddenly There appeared beiore him a vision oT some people, whiTe people. They seemed To be walking abouT in a sTrange brick building, and as he sTopped in amazemenT he heard Them speaking among Themselves. I-Ie moved nearer To one group and heard a girl asking her Tellow beings, "WhaT acTiviTies in school occupy The greaTer parT oT your Time? JusT why are you aTTracTed To These cerTain ones?" "Well," says William I-lelson, "Tor building up The body, wres+Iing does wonders." "Baseball and volleyball is my choice," claims Tom Nelson. Eleanor Dapkus, a regular ouTside girl, likes To play baseball and volleyball. Swimming in The cool agua appeals To mermaid Lucille AuTenrieTh. lnis McCracklin and Reno CosTalunga are bas- kefball Tans because, "iT's rough and Tough." Baseball has Two more supporTers in AnTon Gleir and MaTThew Spagnela. The B.A.A. has as meme bers Benjamin ScreTchions and Frank Gardner. The Redman lisTened in perplexiTy To These sTrange and new Things ThaT The children were discussing. "There are many clubs To ioin," pipes up Joyce Feuillin, "and I Tor one pick The STamp Club." "Ting-aling," sings Mary I-IunTer, and Then she goes on To explain ThaT she is all Tor The Piano Club. The Fenger Forum is chosen by DoroThe3 PoTTer and Marilyn Ellis, who like To puT on plays and learn abouT cusToms oT long ago. Charles Emmour and Joseph Aliosius Think along The pracTicaI lines oT liTe, hence, The Science Club Tor Them. "I like music, and in The band my desire is saTisTied," remarks RoberT Simner. The LeTTer Girls Club aTTracTs Marion Geany. "For acquiring poise, The Fencing Club will help," advised Florence Napoli. WiTh buTTons all ashine, up marches WalTer Black oT The R.O.T.C. The Indian hears peculiar music coming Trom The room across The hall and goes There To in- vesTigaTe. As he approaches he hears discussion going on as To whaT sorT oT music appeals To people in various moods, such as gay, blue, dreamy, happy? Tony Maldara is saying. "When in a gay mood, I like TasT songs," and MargareT McBeTh, WaITer O'KeeTe. and Rebelle Osello nod Their heads in approval. I-le goes on To say, "WalTzes are iusT The Thing when in a dreamy mood: Tor insTance, lisTening To Wayne King, buT EdiTh I-lolm inTerrupTs To say ThaT she likes symphony. When in a blue mood, Olga Davi- denas preTers organ music. Lorraine Buwalda has This idea-she would like someThing gay. "And 70 when I'm happy," La Verne Larson says, "I like To hear The Wedding March." Becoming inTrigued wiTh all The unusual sighTs abouT him, The Indian walked up To anoTher group in which The sTudenTs were voicing Their opinion as To whaT would be Their choice if They had a chance To go eiTher To Alaska or Virgin Islands aTTer They graduaTe. WiTh a sparkle in her eyes DoroThy Englin says, "Virgin Islands Tor me because oT The handsome men." John TrenTa- cosTi, Bill Waldner, and Clarence KeksTa Think ThaT The scenery in The Virgin Islands would be very beauTiTul. CocoanuTs and bananas aTTracT BerTha Wood. Blanche Maiowski's ambiTion is To go To Alaska and see The MounTed Police. The snow could be deIighTTul Tor Mabel Anderson, Sophie OpyT, and DoroThy Wyrkowski, buT The warm weaTher oT The Virgin Islands is iusT To The liking oT BeTTe Bellus, Jerry Hubsheid, DoroThy Walker and Clarence Wagner. "I Think iT would be Tun To live in an igIoo," remarked Doris Ulrich, buT Shirley Nelson replied, "I would raTher live on an island in a grass huT." 'Go To Alaska and geT rich," chorused Joseph Pavek, Paul Kseryulak, and AlberT BeTTo. DoroThy Yonker Thinks ThaT The Virgin Islands has many opporTuniTies, while B. Crummie has The same idea abouT Alaska. Sol- omon Jessen looks up and gives his opinion, "Alaska is a swell place To Trap and hunT," To which George Echmedel reTorTs, "PIenTy oT swim- ming on The Islands." "Alaska sounds preTTy good To me Trom whaT I hear." sTaTes Oris ViTT. "I imagine you will Tind plenTy To wriTe home abouT Trom AIaska," ponders W. Dugan. Then Jean Ackerman comes ouT wiTh, " I would like To go To Alaska because iT is close To The UniTed STaTes, and I could geT back easier." The vision suddenly Taded Trom The wiTch docTor's eyes, and he was leTT To ponder on his view inTo The TuTure world. Thelma NorTon ,wg Q -+7 I I X 'al f x-25, I ff 's r ' f - 2' Senior Literary Quill and Scroll Contest WINDS IN MY HAIR The wild wind, as it without a care, Ruttled and mussed my light, brown hair. It swept across the street so wide, To catch the children who were trying to hide. And, as I telt it blow through my hair, It seemed to say, as it in a dare, "Come with me to the seaside shore, I'Il blow through your hair torever more." James Clark-3A Hon. Ment., Sr. P't'y-Quill 81 Scroll AN OUTING EXERCISE The moon rose, as every good-natured, well behaved moon should rise, over the snow-crested, purple-hued mountains: and the sun set, rather tiredly, tor it had been working hard all day sunburning various ill-natured and good-natured people alike. Yes, the North Woods, invaded by a tew stray mountains lett over trom the last earthquake, is certainly a place to relax. Ot course, clitterent people detine "relaxation" in many ditterent ways. Relaxation may be scrubbing and scraping ott, very industriously, the barnacles ancl stutt which has accumulated on your sail boat since the last wind blew strong enough to give you a whirl tor your money. Or, relaxation may be lounging around doing nothing, thinking nothing las it you had ever thought betorel, and eating everything. I-Iowever, whatever you may do tor relaxation doesn't concern me, tor I like to do detinite things. I had read the book, "Ten Easy Lessons on How to Become a True Wooclsman," sale price 3.50, and had decided to try my hand at making a matchless tire while I was on my camping trip. My results, though,' weren't very encouraging, nor were they in the nature ot what the book had described. June nights are supposed to be very romantic, but I wasn't in that mood, or even near it be- cause as darkness and the damp, murky cold came creeping, as it customarily does in Minne- sota in the early or late spring, I was getting more and more vexed at the tailure ot my etiorts to make a matchless tire. Not only was I cold, but my stomach was about the area ot an under- ted prune. And more than that, "things" were peeping at me through holes in the torest, and I'm a modest person atter all. This went on tor quite a while, tinally not being a tull-blooded or even halt-blooded Indian, I tished in my pocket and brought torth some blessed matches and pro- ceeded to make my tire, using tor paper "Ten Easy Lessons on How to Become a True Woods- man. Winitred Deckert-4B 2nd Pl. Tie, Sr. P't'y-Quill X4 Scroll EARLY RISING Nothing restores my taith in the world so quickly as the rising sun. The night holds terrors tor me-shadows, lurking things, impressed in my mind since time began. It is no wonder that man worshipped the sun, dispeller ot the clouds and eerie winds. The sun, awakening, turns the somber shadows into moving masses ot color: all the cubes ot night become the circles ot day. When the sun pulls himselt over the horizon with his golden ropes ot light, I always greet him with a happy good morning because he is an old triend ot mine. I-le changes my dull ma- crocosm ot gray into a bright universe ot light. I have many to share my good tortune-the tarmer in his tield ,the man whistling his way to town, and the not-so-trampish hobo. All about me the tumbling breeze brings the sounds ot stirring lite, the movements ot the too dead to live. Kenneth Engstrom-4A lst Pl. Sr. E's'y-Quill 81 Scroll BOOTS AND SADDLE Down trom the hills we come riding, Shouting our battle cry Setting the echoes ringing To the pounding ot hoots we're singing Our challenge to the sky. Sabres bare, in the morning air, Spurs that galy twinkle: Eoam tlecked steeds, and noble deeds: Men that tollow their captain's lead. "Boots and Saddle," their cry. Roy Boedecker-4A 2nd PI. Tie, Sr. P't'y-Quill 34 Scroll DAY DREAMING I have heard the question, "Where did yes- terday go?" The answer, I'm sure, I do not know. Thousands have asked, Thousands have wondered: Thousands have guessed, And as many have blundered. Where is the yesterday I met you, my triends? Where is the yesterday our troubles did mencl? Where did it go? Where does it stay? Will it come back Another day Again the question, "Where did yesterday go?" Again the answer, "I do not know." People still wonder, And try to toretell: But only Father Time knows: I'Ie keeps the secret well. Cyril I-lalenar-3A 2nd PI. Tie, Sr. P't'y-Quill 84 Scroll 2A "Give me ol your bark, O loirch-Tree I, a Iighl canoe will build me, OI your yellow barli. O Birch-Tree! Build a swiil cheernaun lor sailing, Growing loy Jrhe rushing river, Thai shall Iloal upon lhe river." Tall and slalely in 'rhe valley! Song 0fHiawatl1,a-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW DIVISION I507 Teacher: Miss Taylor Courier Rep.: Arol Noble TOP ROW: Rudes, Hoonberg, Pefersen, Meliska, Derrico. SEC- OND ROW: Senfesy, Divorscek, Kubacki, lngala, Galloy. THIRD ROW: Augusfyn, Beonik, Biornson, Sfamas. FOURTH ROW: Johnsen, Benard, Fisher, Biffer. FIFTH ROW:.Hahn, De Salno, Paulacka, Lobbes. BOTTOM ROW: Melish, Noble, Casella, Fonlana. DIVISION 5508 Teacher: Mrs. Hoffman Courier Rep.: Shirley Schmid? TOP ROW: Pilfaway, Neofer, Piech, Gabel, Sirader, Ross. SECOND ROW: Waller, Zadnik, O'Kroughey, Wagner, Frei- lag. THIRD ROW: Lundmark, Wardell, E. Givens, DeRous, Lindslrand. FOURTH ROW: Sperruyza, Zilius, C-oelller, B. Givens. FIFTH ROW: Willefle, Hard, Holcombe, King, Snow. BOTTOM ROW: Wilson, Schrnidf, Kachigian, Geiger, Beduar- czy . 72 DIVISION I508 ' Teacher: Miss Deane Courier Rep.: Lorraine Slager TOP ROW: Speier, Yonker, Granalh, Slager, Vander Schilden, Keir. SECOND ROW: Werkman, Wiedamann, Moran, Muys, Berqquisf. THIRD ROW: Radlke, Rienerfson, Will, Melsker, Pedersen. FOURTH ROW: Nees, Bond, Negia, Anderson. FIFTH ROW: De Vries, Paikos, Boand, Yuscavege, Boroian. BOTTOM ROW: I-Iedlund, Dudley, Lorres, Grassmick, Berg- ander. DIVISION 7509 Teacher: Miss Solomon Courier Rep.: Roberf Verlach TOP ROW: Bloornquisl, Tanis, Bergslrom, Freberg, Al-inquisl, Pelrilla. SECOND ROW: Sullivan, Goldslein, Fedor, Wegener, Mulka, Field, Barloli. THIRD ROW: Preqenl, Lupien, Rich- mond, Gullo, Carpenfer, Karampelas, Geoppo. FOURTH ROW: Verrach, Sarlaris, Rubin, Guzzelli, Bagley, Schilling, Wills, ,Marco'H'e. FIFTH ROW: Gollo, Forlini, Sexson, Biedron, C-alverf, Raplzian, Torlcelson, Tolh. BOTTOM ROW: Miss Solo- mon, Sargin, Gaenlano, Dicke, Heimann. I! ATE nib" an DIVISION 55I0 Teacher: Miss Marlin Courier Rep.: Dolores Weiss TOP ROW: Sroel, Krieg, Moddy, Sherman, Brandi, Dowai. SEC- OND ROW: Hogan, Reimer, Ob- bema, Govier, Musial. THIRD ROW: Siemsen, Yousfra, Schous- fra, Anderson, Budzinski. FOURTH ROW: Dellowa, Olson, Hallapy, Smiih. FIFTH ROW: Klernens, Rychly, Marla, Ungaline, Baw- dino. BOTTOM ROW: Weiss, Bell, Ten Hoven, Mugg. DIVISION 4508 Teacher: Mr. Hays Courier Rep.: Marie Fausf TOP ROW: Semenzin, Calzavara, Carli, V. Beck, W. Beck, Gioffo. SECOND ROW: Kasewicz, Olsen, Meisier, Lekavich, Micona. THIRD ROW: Pava, Heleniuac, Fausl' Buck, Dal Sanio. FOURTH ROW: Kapocius, Lind, Kurdis Borchardf Dockusg FIFTH ROW-Guasfalli, Kazlauskas, Schoen, Zaranlenello. BOTTOM ROW: Walovic, San- feriir, Del Soiio, Zagalia, Urlen- rlef . DIVISION 6507 Teacher: Miss PIaH Courier Rep.: Janei Schmiedl TOP ROW: Cerasi, Beemsrerboer, Calabrese, Davis, Brower, Drager SECOND ROW: Piehler, Ander- son, Worokis, I-lulvey, Dal Sanlo, Kaminski. THIRD ROW: Goelller, Blanelka, Meneghin, Kalela, Iburg, Larnbros. FOURTH ROW: Aurelio, Norman, Alfano, Zafros. FIFTH ROW: Ba'II'isIin, Drolen, Schrniedl, Dalba, Dubelis. BOTTOM ROW: Barkowski, Lillian, De Marchi, King, Sadowski. DIVISION 4509 Teacher: Mr. Smiffer Courier Rep.: Lillian Ingala TOP ROW: Schuelre, Corkovy, Sfryk, Gerlzen, Wesse, Venlurini, Bednarczek. SECOND ROW: Sol- ecki, Holmgren, Heisler, Here nandez, Bouck, Wilfeyeen. THIRD ROW: La Palonco, Maggiollo, Friqo, Ingala, Pesseio, Mulhearn, Reilman. FOURTH ROW: Conger, Zebrauskas, Woodruff, Siama, Pafarini, Evans, Muskievicz. FIFTH ROW: Sfronczek, Vander Heyden, Mazzorana, Mr. Smifler, Ford, Conrad, Zarnbon. BOTTOM ROW: Bifhos, Godfryd, Pachron, Papas, Clancy, DIVISION 2509 Teacher Miss Shine Courier Rep.: Anira Slewari TOP ROW: Gundberg, Bechi, Rubines, Gundberg, Olson, Smiih. SECOND ROW: Dahlin, Ellis, Erickson, Hillegonds, Johnson. THIRD ROW: Johnson, La Roche, Kopf, Dahlsfrom. FOURTH ROW: Tracy, Rance, Smirh, Klouse. FIFTH ROW: Buchus, Oberg, Hawkins, Torrenga. BOTTOM ROW: Voldness, Srewarf, George, Magliocco. 2-1 I73I 741 DIVISION 2508 Teacher, Miss K. Sfevens Courier Rep.: Helen Freundenberg TOP ROW: B. Benneil, Sukowicz, Daylowski, Nord, Parnmler, Mal- wichuk. SECOND ROW: Slager, Daily, Lindberq, Garinger, Kuko- virz. THIRD ROW: Srnirh, Cec- coni, Arquilla, Napoli. FOURTH ROW: Surowiec, Amendola, Riz- zufo, Bokowski. FIFTH ROW: Roerzheim, Frendeunberg, Pazar- ski, Jugan, Roelzheirn. BOTTOM ROW: Pozza, Marcec, HnaI', Srnoclc. DIVISION 65I0 Teacher: Miss Randall Courier Rep.: Laura Baflain TOP ROW: Johnson, Carrano, Jas- kowski, Ondriika, Crernonisi, Du- cefl. SECOND ROW: Irwin, Bruci, Ferrn, Deenik, Mogren, Moirano. THIRD ROW: Wesl- Iand, Voss, Pikluzis, Pelerson, Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Gerrit- sen, Dieia, Pediqo, Easlrnan, Siep. FIFTH ROW: Boekeloo, Planfinga, Doloszyski, Kubasik, An- derson. BOTTOM ROW: Za ppas, Horn, Phillabaum, Malahowslci, Hedberg. DIVISION ISO? Teacher: Mrs. Slephens .. Courier Rep.: Evelyn Golomb TOP ROW: Luechl, Gollberq, Baiel, Kasrnierczak, Panozzo, Waf- lcins. SECOND ROW: Andrews, Carnaqie, Feleki, Evans, Jensen. Third Row: Noble, Faronx, Kisiel- ewski, Basile, Davidson, Brak. FOURTH ROW: Berfolelri, Brislol, Rusin, Auron, Williamson. FIFTH ROW: Borfolami, Jasica, Evers, Golomb, Prenkowski. BOTTOM ROW: Bonaparle, Olsen, Honiqes, Martin, Johnson. DIVISION 3509 Teacher: Mr. Brill Courier Rep.: John Heererna TOP ROW: Schroeder, Goebiq, Heererna, Fike, Canla, Till. SEC- OND ROW: Vianello, Wayne, De- ganu, Harnmerisfer, Haggen, Les- sard. THIRD ROW: Zwarl, John- son, Bennelr, Zillis, Lanlz. FOURTH ROW: Kishbaugh, Bulhis, Schelp, Laisberg, Buroslcy. FIFTH ROW: Gusfafson, Haqen, Knipper, Ver- hook, Sygerysh. SIXTH ROW: Splekhouf, Bergquisl, Sanifa, Carl- son, Ely. DIVISION 75I0 Teacher: Miss Landers Courier Rep.: Gloria Piconi TOP ROW: Budzinslci, Kleinhuizin, Sorrilelli, Marfinolli, Pizzo, Nehl. SECOND ROW: De Grool, Piz- zafo, Brown, Senibenini, Triagliani, Sieierf. THIRD ROW: Reisbick, Sabo, Dav, Kransky, Zordan, Ur- ban. FOURTH ROW: Kracih, Mrozelc, Cooper, Miqaris, Kazan?- Zas. FIFTH ROW: Jaivor, Piconi, Bednarczvk, Lewiclci, Cornperini, Farrar. BOTTOM ROW: Kucz- wara, Adams, Gozadzinski, San- Icowski, McGovern. DIVISION 6508 Teacher: Miss Milburn Courier Rep.: Josephine Hudy TOP ROW: Bruinin Klinke R gl V . sinski, Kallas, Pokorny, Pralkg. SECOND ROW: Vander Meer, Gaspar, Kooslra, Willis, Allen THIRD ROW: Zussa, Cook, Brail- lof, Long, Reilly. FOURTH ROW. Jaeus, Johnson, Taylor, Visniew- ski, McNally. FIFTH ROW: Kerno- han, Freeze, Rosselli, Byllow McDonald. BOTTOM ROW: Din ges, Hurl, Evans, Evans, Hudy. DIVISION l5I0 Teacher: Mrs. Oiala Courier Rep.: Arlene Wolfran TOP ROW: Sgirowski, Eenigen- burg, Blornquisl, Malchus, Basavo, Swarl. SECOND ROW: Smifh, Middendorf, Raolernaker, Kaiser. THIRD ROW: Meier, Wolfram, Ryscamp, Reedy. FOURTH ROW: Lalos, Zaiac, Rirrvmer, Kudeia, Waller. FIFTH ROW: Ziga, Lockwood, Zlibin, Mrencso. BOT- TOM ROW: Arnold, Teslolin, Perry, Pierce. DIVISION 5509 Teacher: Miss Burke Courier Rep.: Ferdininda Bergera TOP ROW: Lembos, Dallernolle, Filkins, Parker, Anhorn, De Young. SECOND ROW: Mala- kowski, Chapman, Korienek, Penn, Harroun, Weiss, THIRD ROW: Jacus, Mead, Goelz, Melhorn, Boll. FOURTH ROW: Gollnick, Busolo, Karney, Boersma, Bergera. FIFTH ROW: Melhorn, Cizmaick, Srnuq. Barshack, Maginel. BOT- TOM ROW: McG-rarh, Kick, Kak- lavicius, Kirkus. DIVISION 6509 Teacher: Mr. Koerner Courier Rep.: William Papp TOP ROW: Mikula, Weible, Pabn, Horvalh, Penfek, Bullice. SEC- OND ROW: C. Mellendorf, Mill- wood, While, Anderson, Nardoni. THIRD ROW: Conroy, Slulzrurn, V. Mellendorf, Genovisi, Olsen: FOURTH ROW: Schroeder, Jack- son, Oedzes, Gorski. FIFTH ROW: Richards, Vander Meulen, Michau. Prelkel, Suchena. BOTTOM ROW: Yusko, Sabo, Danko, Mason. DIVISION 7508 Teacher: Miss Jacobson Courier Rep.: Harold Barnard TOP ROW: Johnson, Zillis, Wier- serna, Cox, Sloffle, Willeveen. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Savio. Wier, Srnilh, Nelson. THIRD ROW: Lindborg, Wahlgren, Bil- lick, Crowlher, Schleif. FOURTH ROW: Swynenburg, Toigo, Orne, Barnard. FIFTH ROW: Phillips, Boornslra, Minicus, Barbieri, Es- fock. BOTTOM ROW: Smilh, Anlararnin, Snyder, Anlararnin, Kleinfeder. , X ,,,,.,. ,, .W . E, Q60 75 QPF C39 .CHIEF ZAC-BE HEARS FROM THE 2A's ln The dim Iigh+ oT The campTire siTs ChieT Zac-Be and his counsellors Tour. Upon The Tour winds These braves ride To bring answers To The chieT's quesTion. Silver-Tongue Takes wing on The NorTh wind To Tind, "WhaT kind oT a home would you like To build upon leaving school?" Many and varied are The answers he received. Merlin Olsen and William Popp wanT Old Eng- lish sTyle homes. Joseph Gauguch would have a palace, while GerTrude KurdTs will be saTisTied wiTh halT a palace. KenneTh Madsen sTaTes ThaT a maTch box will be his speed. Angeline De Salvo and William Balis are aiming high Tor They wanT a penT-house up in The sky. AnneTTe Vander- meulen wanTs a small house, as does Vera Mellen- dorT. BuT Vera wanTs hers where she can be alone. Caryle Oedzes Tells Silver-Tongue he would have a Trailer, buT would preTer one ready builT. Wil- liam PiTTaway wishes Tor a log-cabin up norTh, and Helen MasloviTz wanTs a glass house. Roy Wagner is going To build The besT home in The counTry, while Ferdinand SzosTak is going To build The kind his wiTe wanTs. Silver-Tongue meeTs Bar- bara Pierce who will Take a grass huT, and Elaine Waller who wanTs The bedrooms upsTairs and a ping pong Table downsTairs. Marion Garinger wanTs a liTTle whiTe coTTage by The shore. George Tone, Shirley Sexson, Norma TesTolin, and June Noble all are going in Tor The modern Trend in housing. Louis Fedor wanTs a quieT liTTle peace on a baTTleshipg in conTrasT, Ella GaTTo will Take a nice colonial house or coTTage in The counTry, Gliding along wiTh The EasT wind goes EluTe- Reed To learn, "WhaT deTracTs Trom a person making a success oT himselT in high school?" The answers FluTe-Reed gleans are very deTiniTe. He sTops an acTive group. RoberT Wilson and Ed Gobel are claiming girls are The cause, while lrma Werkman, Marie FausT, and RuThe Perry are placing The blame on The boys. "Hello, There, George Carli, and Zygmund Piech. WhaT's your opinion on This subiecT? Oh! You Think iT's lack oT inTeresT in school." "ATTenTion or raTher The lack oT iT is To blame," say Mabel Schroeder and Alma Kochigian. FluTe-Reed Tinds anoTher liTTle group, Dolores WilleTTe, Helen Freudenberg. Jean Hill, Ted NeoTer, and June Lindberg is growling ThaT iT's puppy love. AT a lunchroom Table EluTe-Reed gaThers oTher opinions. RuTh Johansson Teels ThaT iT is The "I don'T care" view. Rose Marie Lasher mediTaTes and Tinally sTaTes "Too many social acTiviTies." "NOT doing home- work is guiTe a TacTor," according To Lorraine Lockwood. Diana Pammler iusT doesn'T know, and BeTTy Givens voices her opinion as being, "You can'T Think Too much oT yourselT." ErnesT Mrencso. l4enneTh FreiTag,. and Lessie Rush seem To Think 76 re-pe+i+i0n QT one's name on The abseniee lisT leads To a sudden downTall. WiTh The abiliTy oT a Zepher, The sTalwarT brave, LiTTle Bear rides The SouTh wind To dis- cover, "Who dislikes or likes whaT, and why?" To This sTrange query he receives odd answers. Gerald WolTer doesn'T like To wash dishes, while Shirley SchmidT enioys music and sporTs. Mable Freeze likes murder sTories and ice-cream. "Hello, ElizabeTh Pedigo. WhaT have you To say?" "Well, l don'T like people who can'T keep secreTs eiTher." Emma Busolo likes boys' cloThes and chewing gum, and Helen Smock dislikes girls who giggle. Helen RoeTzheim and Mildred RoeTz- heim like each oTher, buT neiTher one knows why. Eugene Klimowki says he doesn'T like much oT any Thing, and Harold GoTTler agrees. Sophie Kominski dislikes gym IOTh hour. EsTher Worokis likes baseball and candy, while Edgar HosT is The inTellecTual Type, since he likes reading and Eng- lish. Josephine Holcombe dislikes The sound oT people snapping gum. Marilyn Dudley doesn'T like squash, and Anna Wilk doesn'T care Tor spinach. ElizabeTh Harroun and RuTh Mulhoun dislike To sTay laTe in school. DoroThy DeRoos iusT doesn'T like To be called "Red," Oh, keen-eyed, keen-eared Black Hawk, herald oT The SouTh wind, Tind answers To The chieT's guesTion, "WhaT do you Think oT a person ThaT is always borrowing?" Charline Millwood, Paul l-lorvaTh, and Henry Mardoni Think borrowers are all righT, since They Themselves borrow. Tony lngala wishes The bor- rower was "The LiTTle Man Who Wasn'T There," and BeTTe GeoTTler and Gerry Goodman wish These people would buy Their own Things. Sharon Hord Tells Black Hawk ThaT iT is all righT To swap, while Mike Bruce says, "The borrower is preTTy smarT To geT away wifh someThing Tor noThing." Earl Hess and ElizabeTh Skip don'T mind bor- rowers eiTher. John Pierce and Carl BergsTrom claim They had beTTer noT say anyThing on This subiecT, due To Their sTrong dislike Tor bor- rowers. Georgia Pace says she Teels like reTusing Them, buT she doesn'T. Louis Roi, Sylvia RosseTTi, and Lois Horn believe The borrower should buy his own, and Jane SchoenTeldT sTaTes ThaT iT is all righT if one is paid back. The words oT DanTe Dalle Molle are "There oughT To be a law againsT Them." BeTTy Jane Kicks and Josephine l-ludy say, "The borrower is iusT a plain sponger." EThel Willis and Roy Campisi say They care very liTTle Tor a person who is always borrowing. WiTh The lasT oT The quesTions answered ChieT Zac-Be's wishes have been TulTilled, and he and his Tour counsellors may reTire. Charles PeTersen-4A 2B Make smoolh ils palh, 'Ihal il "I"lO ye Winds. Clouds. Rain. IVIISI May reach The brow ol The second hill!" All ye 'rhal' move in lhe air: I bid you hear mel Consenl ye, I implore. Indian Crafts and Indian Lore, by JULIAN HARRIS lnlo your midsl halh come a nevy lile. SALOMON DIVISION 75Il Teacher: Mrs. Maier Courier Rep.: Rose D'Adam TOP ROW: Dawe, Korlvely, Capulo, Anderson. SECOND ROW: Oliver, Malesh, Augunas. THIRD ROW: Memsen, Janes. FOURTH ROW: Griffin, Chambers, Brandl. FIFTH ROW: Nelson, Chrisliansen, Johnson, Goldberg. BOTTOM ROW: D'Adam, Siemon, Filzpalrick, Adduci. DIVISION 25l0 Teacher: Miss Kavanaugh Courier Rep.: Frank Darling TOP ROW: Darling, Burklind, Radlke, Zunica, Schoode. SEC- OND ROW: Zanzurcki, Ferris, Graves, Olson. THIRD ROW: Pruill, Gregersori, Wiorbeck, Yampolsky. FOURTH ROW: Schuelz, Freelove, Pusaler. FIFTH ROW: Gollarclo, Frezza, Novella, Walker. BOTTOM ROW: Schander, Housman, Dun- can, Melsker. 77 DIVISION 45l2 Teacher: Miss Gardner Courier Rep.: Vilma Nagy TOP ROW: Pellin, Eperieci, Kessler, Fender, Longhi, Gurney. SECOND ROW: Husayku, Fleamer, DeCieco, Ferenc, Oliver. THIRD ROW: Rigo, Sims, Urban, Furelli. FOURTH ROW: McDonald, Glon, Sukowicz, Marlin. FIFTH ROW: Warden, Carlson, Cora, Gbur, Hall. BOTTOM ROW: Sieqlinqer, Dem- lcowicz, Polakowski, Nagy. DIVISION AEI! Teacher: Miss Edinger Courier Rep.: Jessie Campbell TOP ROW: Rulowski, Widgren, Wild, Arvia, Anderson, Rulow- ski. SECOND ROW: Hanachek, Bordner, Wyall, Boyaian, Kingma. THIRD ROW: Lazanes, Bulakowski, Byrne, Konyar, Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Blumrner, Knudson, Kareiva, Weber, Mardirosian. FIFTH ROW: Bushee, Hammerle, Johnl sonl, Bernak, Bell. BOTTOM ROW: Korodi, Wells, Wunslein, Vio anle. li DIVISION 3510 Teacher: Miss Meinhardf Courier Rep.: Frederick Felfsel TOP ROW: Dracis, Thomas, Marpole, Nelson, Fehsel, Faico. SECOND ROW, Memesnyclc, Toporski, Derce, Klaflca, Torna- selc, Wvrkowslci, THIRD ROW: Srnarl, Dylcrnan, Farneli, Phil- Iipe, Efner, Thornpson. FOURTH ROW: Valerie, Midland, Dodqe, Max, Merlo, Slrandquisl, Slenberg, Eslrado. FIFTH ROW: Dudley, Mundo, Moniressor, Errnoian, Pelrone, McKen- zie' Toriorci. BOTTOM ROW: Murer, Teleqa, Siewarl, Srrand, Miligan. DIVISION 45lO Teacher: Mr. Wagerirnan Courier Rep.: Marie Lucas TOP ROW: Burnson, Golden, Graham, Marlin, Seymour, Posrrna. SECOND ROW: Marsh, Ellis, Nelson, Kuyper, Schrnidl. THIRD ROW: Frischkorn, Omiclc, Pflueqer, Panozzo, Klopf. FOIIRTH ROW: Posf, Piehl, Mellini, Carlson. FIFTH ROW: McGlone, Hoffer, Kuhl, Van Alsburg. BOTTOM ROW: Me- derna, Nanni, Rool, Rickard, Lucas. DIVISION I5I2 Teacher: Miss Owens Courier Rep.: Lorraine Carlson TOP ROVII: Callahan Haberichrer, Shallcs, Brandi, Anderson, Vinces. SECOND ROW: Formosa, Jankun, Kosailis, Palrner, Anderson. THIRD ROW: Rosilc, Pedigo, Beclcler, Den'iI'er, Toczyl. FOIIRTH POW: Farris, Valenie, Varady, La Roche, Gibson. FIFTH ROW: Kuch, Douglas, Planlinga, Morales, garlson. BOTTOM ROW: Krivan, Kreiq, Opyd, Worlhy, iunra. DIVISION I5lI Teacher: Miss Olson Courier Rep.: Alberl Bunring TOP POW: Bearly, Johnson, Slesser, Fischer, Johnson, Purdy. SECOND ROW: Jonas, D'Adams, Van I-luis, Basgraal, Buhr- ing, Beaudry. THIRD ROW: Berman, Arnundsen, Carlson, Lonneqren, Boldl, De Roos. FOURTH ROW: De Heer, Drew, Arnell, Hayden, Maqliocco. FIFTH ROW: Engsirom, Willi- Tord, Wioner, Cooper, Danqelo, Yonlcer. BOTTOM ROVV: Johnson, Wilr, Franson, Hellman. I 78 I DIVISION 55II Teacher: Mr. McCauqhey Courier Rep,: Jarnes De Young TOP ROW: Schreurs, Denham, Reid, Coda, Deyoung, De Sanfis. SECOND ROW: Schuster, Bergslrorn, Hipelius, Slokas. THIRD ROW: R. Lind, Schnieder, L. Lind, Lucas, Llnqulsf. FOURTH ROW: Carfer, Sfeele, Jacus, Goetz, Kossau, F'FTH ROW: Scadella, Lipke, Smiih, Christof, Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Johnson, Bonaio, Soius, Der Derian. DIVISION 45II Teacher: Miss O'SuIIivan Courier Rep.: Edward Thompson TOP ROW: Pavlis, Teerlink Vogel, Zander, Roe, Sodersfronw. SECOND ROW: Marino, Polley, Norfh, Shaw, Vanderlee, Van- der Meer. THIRD ROW: Foresfa, Veensrra, Miller, Hilmes, Wessman. FOURTH ROW: Thompson, Perfiqrew, McCIanahan, Lesiow, Williams. FIFTH ROW: Van Swol, Vander Woude, Van Zyl, De Vries, Wesfman. BOTTOM ROW: Verbaere, Lind- rofh, Proberl, Thompson. DIVISION 35II Teacher: Mrs. Hill Courier Rep.: Norrnan Hawkenson TOP ROW: Heidekrueger, Roeda, Cibich, Madse, Becka, Granger. SECOND ROW: Harmon, Madsen, Keafing, Hawk- enson, Wiebenger, Hammer. THIRD ROW: Hurd, Kulish, Engsfrom, Benson, Faure, Kefak. FOURTH ROW: Hutchinson, Jobasan, Hillblom, Borer, Hoifsma. FIFTH ROW: Berquisi, Hine, DeYoung, Barfels, Dyke. BOTTOM ROW: Roncaqlione Daley, Bafernen, Hogan, Anderson. DIVISION 25II Teacher: Mrs. Melfel Courier Rep.: Kaiharen Rifchel TOP ROW: Baker, Lewis, Johnson, Aabye, Jurqensen, Spriefsrna. SECOND ROW: Sporfella, Rebeschini, Hull, Gil- christ, Adducci. THIRD ROW: Anderson, Runsfen, Doychak, Schluraff, Schanclc. FOURTH ROW: Van Swol, Anderson, Adinamis, Hoyer, Grypsfra. FIFTH ROW: Rirchel, Rauscher, Heusler, Lewicki, Regnier. BOTTOM ROW: Barber, Ippo- lifo, French, Rolando. I79I Junior Literary Quill and Scroll Contest HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE "I-low would you like to take the wheel?" the voice next to me said. I looked around. No, there was no other person in the car. It seemed like a dream, lout my brother was talking to me. I-low would I like to take the wheel, was what he wanted to know. My ambition tor years was to drive a real automobile, and here was my chance. I jumped out the door and ran around the car twice betore I could tind the lett side. I didn't care it the rest ot the world wasn't there, just so I had the wheel in tront ot me and a road under the car. Shitting was an art I mastered in a tew min- utes. Then I started the car. I knew how to shitt and also how to use the clutch, but they just didn't seem to work together. I put it in tirstg I wanted to get it all over with in a hurry, so I could just roll along. Quickly I let up the clutch. The car jerked a tew times, and I telt as it the road under me wasn't as stable as I had thought it 'to be. Maybe there was something wrong with the car was my tirst thought: but when I glanced at my brother, I could tell that it wasn't the car. It was I. I had let up on the clutch entirely too tast. Atter this I learned just how to push on the gas peddle, and steer. The road seemed to wave trom side to side in tront ot me. "Turn to the right," came trom my brother, so I turned the wheel to the right. A tree was on the corner, a very beautitul tree, I thought. "Turn tarther," came 'from my brother again, but it came too late. The beautitul tree was coming straight tor me. It was the only tree 'lor blocks around, and it had to be on this corner. My brother quickly grabbed the wheel, and turned it as hard as he could, and the tree sailed right by the side ot the car. "The tree is still beautitul, and so is the car," I said meekly, and my brother gave a weak smile. Geraldine Rubin-2A 2nd PI. Jr. Expo.-Quill X4 Scroll DAY-DREAMING Lying on the grass so green, Then is the time when I day-dream. Gazing up at the clouds in the skies Ditterent dreams pass betore my eyes. I picture castles in those skies ot blue, Knights and horses, with plumes waving too. Where are they going, these knights so brave? ls it some poor one, trom evils to save? But while lying on that grass ot jade, The winds blow and my day-dreams taole. But tomorrow I'II be back again, And my dreams will again have reign. June Barshack-2A From Quill 8: Scroll Contest SPRINGTIME JOYS There's a hush in the early morning When robins begin to sing, And the tender grasses shoot upward To welcome another spring: And my heart is strangely quiet For, I too, am glad to be Alive in this glorious springtime Shedding its tragrance on me. The world is tull ot sadness, And men seem to struggle so For things that are passing and useless, While all around them grow- The beautitul tlowers ot springtime, God's gitt to the children ot earth. It they had the eyes to see them, Their world would have another birth. Ethel Willis-ZA lst Pl. Jr. P't'y-Quill 84 Scroll NEW WORLDS TO CONQUER Names like Balboa, De Soto, Ponce de Leon, even Thomas Edison, and "Teddy" Roosevelt had always inspired me to greater heights-new worlds to conquer. But, because ot some strange quirk inside ot me, these things did not appeal to me, only the names struck a cord in my memory. My only solution was that these men did as they wanted: they explored-hunted-lived in luxury otten. I wanted none ot this--what I wanted was some- thing to keep me busy-a hobby, most tolks call it. Stamps, no: airplanes, nog coins-I tried but tailed. What to do! Then came the inspira- tion. Why not the weather-that mystical thing that is all about us, but so tew ot us know and understand-here was a new world to conquer? I came, I learned, I conquered-my roving spirit moved on once more. I answered its call- a new horizon, the theater. I wrote, directed, acted. Soon it was a dull, dead conceit, as was the weather. So this was also abandoned. I have grown to know how the railroaders teel and live-how they walk and talk. It is a glorious new world I have conquered and will continue to conquer tor it never ends. New locomotives are added-business conditions change-new "hogs" jengineers, to youj have come, the new changes with the old. Everyday it is a new world to conquer. My roaming heart has, is, and will continue to roam-where it takes me the gods ot luck and chance and tate only know. My search tor new worlds has carried me to New York twice, and Canada tour times. We are a nation ever look- ing tor new scenes, new interests. I have tound mine-the railroads. I am content to live the rough lite they Otter-the indescribable thrills. Atter all without some new world to conquer lite would be "pretty" boring-now wouldn't it? Ralph Beaudry-2B lst PI. Jr. E's'y-Quill 8: Scroll ? CHIEF KUTENAS SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE AMONG THE TRIBES OF AMERICA I2B'sI V InTo The NorTh, inTo The SouTh, inTo The EasT, and The WesT The runners oT ChieT KuTenas wenT. Each runner had a quesTion To ask aT every coun- cil Tire oT every village. The courier who wenT inTo The NorTh, TirsT arrived aT The village oT The NorThern BIackTooT Tribe. There aT The Council Tire held in his honor, he asked The quesTion, "WhaT is The reacTion oT The Tribe when hearing new slogans or moTTos lThis is Fengerl? lDo They designaTe a proud Teeling oT The Tribe Tor The lodges and organizaTions?"l One young Indian maid, named Red Rose, lEIoise SmiThl Trom Big Bear Lodge, arose and waiTed Till everyThing was s+ilI, and said, "I like The idea very much, and The only way I can live up To our moTTo is To Tollow The rules and obliga- Tions seT up by The leaders oT our lodge llzenger High Schooll Squaw lLorraine Lucasl agreed wiTh a vioIenT, Ughl Brave Live-Alone, lErwin Frischksinl was oT The opinion ThaT The village lFenger High Schooll was Tar Too big and crowded To live in. BuT LiTTIe- Running-Deer lJessie Campbelll explained To him ThaT Their village had To be large enough To ac- commodaTe The greaT body oT BIackTooT Indians lSTudenTsl. We now leave The seeker oT knowledge in The midsT oT his quesTions, To see whaT advenTure The runner in The WesT is having. In his Travels, he came To The land oT The PicTure Drawers, lPho- Tographyl. While walking Through Their village, he asked The quesTion, "To whaT uses can drawings be puT To oTher Than picTures oT Triends, or animals?" Rippling Brook, lVivian Shawl The TirsT person he asked said, "Why, I Think ThaT if our arTisTs drew picTures oT our medicine men, and men oT learn- ing, aTTer They passed away, we would have prooT such men really lived." One oT The lesser chieTs named HaIT Moon, lErnesT WesTmanl, because oT his inTeresT in The heavenly bodies, agreed wiTh Rippling Brook, and also sTaTed ThaT drawings oT moons and sTars would help TurTher The sTudy oT Them. Knows-All-Laws, lErna Weberl claims ThaT drawing could be used as evidence in Trials oT wrong-doers. And Warrior Long-Lance, lHow- ard Wiebengal replied, "Drawings should be made oT our wars and baTTIes wiTh The enemy, so ThaT TuTure generaTions will know oT our heroes and Their brave deeds." Squaw STrong-Body, llvlildred KIaTkal would like To have The arTisTs picTure The games and all The sporTs in which The men and women oT her Tribe compeTed. LiTTIe-Rock lHoward Hebblingl wanTed rep- resenTaTions oT all The acTiviTies and ceremonies in The village. ChieT-SiTTing-Bear, lO'TooIel agreed, and said ThaT such drawings would be a good way To keep records oT all ThaT wenT on. Believes-In-The HereaTTer, lDominic ForTorial an- swered, "I wanT picTures oT my Triends and rela- Tives ThaT passed on, so, I will have someThing To remember Them by. The resT oT The answers To This quesTion seemed unimporTanT, so Mishe Mokwa, The WesT Wind, will carry us in our search Tor The seeker OT knowl- edge in The EasT. Over mounTain and sTream, des- erT and lake, un+iI Tinally we are seT down in The midsT oT The Mohawk naTion. Here we see a greaT crowd oT Indians siTTing in a circle beTore a greaT roaring council Tire, answering ChieT Ku- Tenas' courier's quesTion. "WhaT is The TirsT home, or hunTing lschooll experience you remember vividly?" Squaw Very-Bad-Cook, lSophie SoTusl who was The TirsT To answer, said, "I remember spilling a boiling poT oT waTer on my arm." AnoTher Squaw named Brave-HearT, llvlarian KozuhoTTzl compli- menTed Very-Bad-Cook on her clumsiness, and also gave her an answer To The quesTion, "I remember sTriking a boy over The head wiTh a war club." lTexT Book.l One-Who-Came-From-ATar lRuTh Karewol couIdn'T speak a word oT Mohikan, lEngIishl when she TirsT came To This village, buT The men and women oT wisdom, lTeachersl TaughT her how To Talk Their language. STealer-oT-BeeTs lNorman Haukensonl sTaTed he had a very unpIeasanT memory oT a bowl oT beeTs Talling on his head, when every one in The Tepee was asleep. BeTore we go back To Tell ChieT KuTenas The answers To his quesTion, we shall go inTo The SouTh To learn whaT TorTune The runner There had. He had come To The village oT The Savage Com- anches. ATTer learning who he was, and Trom where he had come, They TreaTed wim wiTh honour and respecT, Tor ChieT KuTenas was much loved and respecTed among all Tribes. ATTer he had eaTen and resTed, he wenT abouT asking This quesTion, "How do you Teel when you are having your picTure drawn?" Girl-Who-Is-NOT-PaTienT lDoroThy Sheal does noT like To pose Tor a picTure. She said iT Took Too long To draw. Squaw-Who-Is-Too-Busy lGeor- gia Lee Lipkel sighed, and also said There was Too much work To do To have her picTure drawn. Swimming-Fish llfvelyn Vanderleel is always won- dering how her picTure will Turn ouT, and Diving- ConTinued on Page I28 I DIVISION 2512 Teacher: Mr. Schroeder Courier Rep.: Roberf Elsey TOP ROW: Dalenberg, Solamon, Romagnold, Deonik. SEC- OND ROW: Lupo, Leeuw. THIRD ROW: Alrnon, Firfh, Ruswick. FOURTH ROW: Fager, Lohrey. FIFH ROW: Lisack, Rugs. BOTTOM ROW: Den Beslen, Ferry, Samariian, Rich- o . DIVISION 35I2 Teacher: Mr. Musick Courier Rep.: Henry Franc TOP ROW: Boyle, Anderson, Carli, Brucer, Harlacker, Honel. SECOND ROW: Cosfa, Golmm, Gonzolez, Krillenbrink, Fisher, Hanson. THIRD ROW: Keeley, Creafura, Bool, Hakalmazian, Gromala, Brammer. FOURTH ROW: Frigo, Franc, Marlin, Elcendahl, Hesselfieldl, Boras. FIFTH ROW: Hager, Buwolda, Foshee, Garefia, Chesfer. BOTTOM ROW: Gallulo, Cassidy, Brown, Cowan, Pufnam. 82 IA "All people malce open your eyes, arise Become children ol lighl, vigorous, aclive, sprighlly. I-laslen clouds from The Tour quarlers. Come snow in plenly, Thai wafer may be abun- danl when summer comes: Come ice, cover Ihe lielcls, 'rhal 'rhe planling may yield abundance. Lel all hearls be glad, The knowing ones will assemble in Tour days: They will encircle Ihe village dancing, singing Their lays. Thai moislure may come in abundance." North American, Mythology-by ALEXANDER Q- I 'N I I I DIVISION 65I2 Teacher: Miss Bailey Courier Rep.: Norma Poicl TOP ROW: Paslern, Slaviers, Bluck, Skomorski, Pielnik, Se- menzin. SECOND ROW: Sfaller, Sobczyk, Palmo, Thomds, Poid, Fischer. THIRD ROW: Shimkus, Pasquarella,'Pie'rIe, Mager, Rosel, Norgard. FOURTH ROW: Orzehowski, Wis- niewski, Gardner, Wriqhl, Benlon. FIFTH ROW: Paslor, Pochran, Norman, Pillicora, Kapin, Scoff. SIXTH ROW: Srnirh, Pape, Novak, Sunzere. DIVISION 75I2 Teacher: Miss Meisekolhen Courier Rep.: Helen Burdeck TOP ROW: Bolach, Almon, Van Dun, Weqlorz, Wisniewska, Abel. SECOND ROW: Alexander, Fraudenberg, Baslle: THIRD ROW: Wallic, Carlson, Wanlz, Ummel. FOURTH ROW: Slamp, Vecchio, Wasserman, Tosello. FIFTH ROW: Trenla- cosli, Burdiak, Biernol, Tanis. BOTTOM ROW: Kohl, Adducu, Davia, Mulford. DIVISION 55I2 Teacher: Mr. Tamney Courier Rep.: Louise Messer TOP ROW: Kuise, Messer, Masfenbrook, Meisfer, Meyerchick, Joppek. SECOND ROW: Kreciock, Wolfenden, Melia. THIRD ROW: Kuier, Keyakian, Jones, Maurer, Kice. FOURTH ROW: Khinqgerman, Mosel, Koszuf, Meier. FIFTH ROW: Medell, Misniakiewicz, Melillo, Krusel, McDaniel. BOTTOM ROW: Malulauskas, Mifidiero, Manlia, Mafras. MY PAL, JOE Have you ever been so lonely Thar you're hearl' is hanging low When you wish you had a pal Tha+'s as charming as my Joe? l-le can always make you happy l-le can make your burdens lighl' His Twinkling eyes make laughler His wagging 'rail makes lhings all righl. By now, you surely know, my pal ls a puppy, gay and fine. And you also know your hearl Wanls a puppy iusl like mine. So when you're feeling lorlorn And you've nolhing else 'ro do, Come o'er and play wiI'h Joe 'Cause no olher dog will do. There's only one in 'rhis sad world Who can ever be my beau Jusl Ihe puppy for my hearl Jusl Ihal puppy-My pal, Joe. Marian Garinger-ZA PARTY PLEASURES For an hour, now l have conlrolled myself, buf can l go on much longer? Every human inslincl' in me is demanding Ihal l surrender Io 'rhal one consuming desire. A gleaming knife is lying be- side me, launling me I'o end all lhis. However, as l walch Ihe gay parly, l realize l cannol pos- sibly do il yer, bul' The urge grows slronger and slronger wilh each passing momenl. There is nolhing lell lor me bul Ihis. As l look al' The shining blade, nolhing else exisls. The greal momenl has come! l have made my decision! Trembling from head To fool, l pick up The knife, and fiercely plunge if righl inlo I'he hearll There if lies, quivering in all ils golden glory, lhal' moulh-walering wedge ol lemon pie, wilh 'rhe golden-Ioasled, while wave ol meringue Iopping. Whal a pleasure indeed, even if l did sneak our lo Ihe lable before hand! Pearl I-lurl-ZA I 83 , 4.1 Literature from Quill and Scroll Contest FLAMING HEAVENS Flaming I-Ieavens, That e'er do part: Flaming I-Ieavens, Mercitul heart. Flaming Heavens, A ioy divine: Flaming Heavens, That all are mine. Edward Gerley-3A From Quill 8: Scroll Contest ON BEING TALL I wish that I were small. In tact, I know that I would be the happiest person alive it I were tiny. To be able to wear a size "2" shoe would be such a reliet. To be able to look up at the world instead ot down would be nothing short ot heaven. Untortunately tor me I'm not small. I'm tall. Not too tall, perhaps, but too tall tor my own liking. Still, being tall does have its advantages. From my Iotty height I never have trouble seeing over the heads during a Legion parade. My triends can never lose sight ot me in a crowd: that is, ot course, it they don't close their eyes or turn their backs. They don't very otten. I guess I should be happy and content with my lot. I have "lust growed' this way, and that is all there is to it-Gee, how I wish I were small! Lucille Neidhardt-4B From Quill 8: Scroll Contest DREAM BU BBLES I-Iere, alone I sit, With eyelids shut. Alone I blow huge bubbles, From an imaginary pipe, Bubbles that hold the inmost feelings ot My being, And carry me I-Iigh above this world. Bubbles that hold my dreams, My hopes, My ambitions, My desires. Bubbles that till me with various hues, Both warm and cold. Bubbles that tloat me out across lands And seas- Float me out on smooth wings ot clouds. Dream bubbles. Will they burst? Florence Cook--4A 841 WINTER FAIRYLAND Still night, moonlight, The scene is set. Snow tlakes talter Onward bent. Quietly, yet steadily, Falling into dritts They come, the tlurries, Sent us as gitts. Moonbeams streaming Qn the snow As an angel Casting her glow. Still night, moonlight, The snow does cease And all we have- A Fairyland ot peace. Lois Reiman-4B I-Ion. Ment., Sr P't'y.-Quill 84 Scroll MY WAY TO BETTER GRADES Almost everybody wishes to have better grades in his subjects: but, many ot them do not realize that to have better grades, they must work tor them. It seems to me that I have seldom worried about my grades. I have always 'followed a simple rule: that is, learn each point as it is taught. When I begin a new chapter, or exercise, etc., I analyze it: learn the simple points tirst: then take more time to study the ditticult ones. An- other important thing, is to learn each point when it is taught. This will save many a headache atterwards. Another point included in the rule is to do one's homework promptly, regularly, and thoroughly. Many students say, "I haven't time to do it," or "Miss Brown gave us too much." This is the wrong attitude to take. Each one has time to do his homework, and one never receives too much. It one would do more and talk less, he would be much happier. Each person knows he should do his homework, that he should study, that school is a part ot his everyday lite. Why then doesn't he take lite as he should? Qne knows he should balance his lite. The best way to do this is to study and work regularly, so that everything won't pile up on him. In this way the day would be balanced. Make use ot the study periods, tinish your work immediately atter school, and you will have more leisure time. Why not make a resolution today to do your work always, regularly and well. You will be sure to enioy lite. Dorothy Stepenski-3A Ist PI. Sr. Expo.-Quill 84 Scroll ll A RAINY DAY To siT by The window on a rainy day Is more Than merely a Thrill. I Iove To waTch The umbrellas bob As umbrellas and raincoaTs will. The array oT colors Thru The rain Is a lovely IighT To see, The glamour reTIecTs on The window And The window reTIecTs on me. Men wiTh papers on Their heads To keep Them Trom The weT And you hear a moTher call, "GeT ouT OT The rain, my peT." BuT soon iT has all ceased. And you see puddles everyway. People are on The sTreeTs again, And so ends anoTher rainy day. Selma SoITysiak-3B AN OUTING EXPERIENCE IT was a lovely day as iT always is aT The begin- ning oT a Tamily ouTing. The lunch was prepared. Susie's hair was curled Tor The occasion, Tommy's suspenders broke: all in all iT was as previously sTaTed, a lovely day. IT was only a maTTer OT hours unTiI all agreed on a cerTain siTe To piTch The Table cIoTh and proceed To unpack. l've always had a mania Tor being The TirsT To do The job, and so wiTh a song in my hearT and an anT on my hand, I Took The sandwiches Trom Their hiding place. AT This poinT, I wish To give a commercial Tor my moTher whose deTT hands had so capably packed our lunch and had so capably IeTT The sandwiches bare oT any Tilling. BuT we aTe Them and in The company oT hoT rooT beer: our summer aTTernoon snack was as ambrosia oT The gods. ATTer our luncheon, we had a "ioIIy old game" oT baseball. Oh, iT was so deIighTTuI1 we all came Trom The ring looking like lasT year's bouTonnieres. The day would have been Tilled wiTh laughTer and song had iT noT been Tor my sweeT liTTle broTher, who had made a bee-line Tor a green apple Tree The minuTe we landed. ConsequenTIy he enjoyed The clay leasT oT all oT us. On The way home, my sisTer Susie insisTed on having a Lone Ranger ice-cream cone, so Dad puT on The brakes and boughT her one. We all had a TasTe oT iT Tor Susie was nervous and kepT climbing over all OT us, each Time she passed giving us a side swipe on The Tace wiTh The cone. We arrived home saTeIy. Dad IeTT his Tire pump somewhere along The road, I IeTT my "Gone WiTh The Wind" under a spreading chesTnuT Tree, and Tommy IeTT a Tie he had never liked hanging on The limb oT a Tree. IT was a lovely day. Helen I-Ionrnaday-4B Hon. MenT. Sr. Narr.-Quill 8: Scroll 85 FRIENDS Do we ever Think oT Them. Our Triends long moved away? I-low ioyTuIIy we played Then, BuT whaT abouT Today? Today we have new Triends And more will come Tomorrow? There are Triends who share our every ThoughT And sfill oThers who share our sorrow. There are Triends who waiT aT each day's end, And someTimes waiT Torever. Those you really call a Triend, While oThers iusT Think They're clever. Rosabel I-IoImquisT-3B MOON MAGIC A deafh-like silence reigns This nighT O'er The hills and Trees I love so well: NoT a crickeT chirps, noT a Trog does sing, Only The sorrowing chime oT The sTeepIe bell, A PeneTraTes The lonely nighT. Then suddenly The beIaTed cuIpriT comes, From behind some'guiITy cloud. Her arms are Tilled wiTh shining rays Which she casTs upon The ground, and her shining spiriT peneTraTes The lonely nighT. The Trees awaken, The hills resound wiTh The song oT many Trogs, The happy Swish oT some weary Tish, The crickeTs cheery cry, And The IasTing chime oT The sTeepIe bell, PeneTraTes The "Magic NighT." Suzanne SchroeTer-4B ANDREOTTI Your sword is s+iII unsTained, AndreoTTi, STiII unsTainedp and sTiII rules The Medici. WhaT is a sword meanT Tor buT To TighT? A sword well sTained will be Torever brighT. WhaT is The moTTo Then engraved upon The blade? Your sire won iT in AmaITi's bloody glade. Oh, I say IeT Treedom ever rule. Then IeT your rapier be our IiberTy's TirsT Tool. TonighT The Duke goes rambling Through The Town, Shrouded well Trom curious eyes in his sable gown, Shrouded Trom The wraTh oT men and God. IT your sword needs bapTism oT blood Who will seT our ciTy Tree? Do you know, AndreoTTi? Eugene AndreoTTi-3B 4lll IA COUNCIL The fime had come. Big Chief Wanfs-fo-Know All saf up sfurdily in fhe cenfer of fhe lodge lfhe firsf floor foyerl and demanded from his Indian scoufs fhe informafion for which he had senf fhem. Asked fhe chief, "You, Find-Ou'I'-by-Ask- ing, have you succeeded in learning whaf inven- fions our friends mosf acclaim?" The scouf, bowing in respecf, replied. "Oh, Greaf Chief, our fribesmen praise fhe gods of invenfion for fhe work fhey have made possible. Likes-fo-Eaf lJohn Alfanfl acclaims greafly fhe vacuum can which preserves foods. Safefy, fhe goddess of long life, receives all honor from our fellow fribesmen, The Pracfical-Minds. Works of fhis divinify which fhey praise are fhe iron lung- Gladys Freudenberg: pneumafic brakes--Ernesf Black: hydraulic brakes-Harry Mosel: safefy glass-Fred Pieffe: and fraffic rule improvemenfs -Grace Thomas. "l've learned of many who acclaim fhose mys- ferious forces known as elecfricify and efher waves. Raymond Bankowski, Nora Semenzin, Gene Hulsey, Florence Wisniewska, Tom Keya- hian, and Rufh Fischer all fold me fhaf fhey con- siJer improvemenfs in lamps and fhe uses of olecfricify very nofable recenfly. Radio is THE modern invenfion according fo Susan Pape, Dor- ofhy Palmo, Beffy Scoff, Loreffa Sobczyk, lrene Pochron, and Chalice Norman. "Modern-Fashion-lMarilynn Melillol appreci- afes fhe novel way of making clofh ouf of milk, and Common-Name lFrank Jonesl agrees." "Well done, my good servanf, commended fhe chief, and Find-O-V!-Can sfepped forfh fo fell fhe resulfs of his invesfigafions. "l am pleased fo reporf, O Chief, fhaf my search has been successful. Many were pleased fo answer my inquiries as fo how fhey rank afh- lefics in reservafion lhigh schooll life. Anxious Player lJoseph Bachfal fells of his infenfions fo ioin our baseball feam. Julieffa Manfia praises fhe work of our foofball braves. Frank Zioncheck, Richard Maurer, and Lorayne Ruswick rank fhem very high, buf Gladys McDaniels only ranks fhem fhird. Me fhinks an invesfigafion is necessary in fhaf lasf case. "l confinued by asking fhe people how fhey fhink sporfs develop beffer camp lschooll spirif. James Mix, Silvio Pasquarella, lrene Smifh, Car- olyn Den Besfen, Anfhony Bolach, Alex Kosznf, and Donald Joppek of our neighbors, fhe Clear- Consciences are all sure fhaf afhlefics help feach fhe fundamenfals of fair play and provide for a clean fype of living. Dorofhy Pasfern and Ralph Benfon agree fhaf sporfs help fo make parfici- panfs beffer acquainfed. 'Muscular acfivifies pep up one,' said Mary Kapin, Fay Levine, George Hansen, and James Norgard. Dorofhy Pasfor says fhaf every one is inferesfed more in sporfs fhan in school spirif, buf l convinced fhe young 86 maiden fhaf fhe fwo go hand in hand. Josephine Van Dun and Dorofhy Wolfenden realize fhaf sporfs make one sfrong and healfhy, and if one is in fhaf condifion, he can fhink beffer. William Wrighf agreed, saying fhaf a good swim made him feel alerf for classes. Dorofhy Carlson fells me fhaf sporfs help one fo like his reservafion beffer. Resfful lGlenn Wernerl claims fhaf sporfs give one fime fo relax, and The-Reasoner lAlvin Kranskyl relafed fhaf one wanfs fo go fo school because of fhe sporfs, and while one is fhere, he mighf as well do his besf. Thaf was a clever way fo puf if. "And so, I end my revelafions. l hope fhey are of safisfacfionf' said fhe second scouf, and he foo received fhe Chief's approval. Lasfly sfood up Would-Like-fo-Know wifh a p-lacid expression on his rugged face. The chief knew by fhis fhaf he had senf fhe righf man fo learn whaf peoples' main obiecfives are in com- ing fo school. He began, "l was forfunafe in finding a squaw who is expressive of her whole clan. Helen Ras- inskas said, 'One goes fo school fo absorb some of fhe knowledge of fhe presenf so fhaf one can beffer undersfand facfs in fhe fufure as fhey become known.' Squaw Helen Skomorska comes here mainly fo learn English. Brave Roberf Mager believes fhaf one affends school fo learn fo lisfen and become a lady or genfleman. Helen Burdiak affends such an insfifufion fo learn fo work, and Vincenf Orlowski desires fo learn how fo sfudy before complefing his four years here. Joseph Meier, Adeline Weglaiz, Edward Wisniewski, and Macina Novak are learning in order fo become successful. Maferialisfic lDella Fagerl works like a slave for a piece of paper wifh some leffers on if. "Sfrangely enough, l found some people who have obiecfions rafher fhan obiecfives in com- ing here. Chrisfine Sunzere doesn'f like fo climb sfairs. Her friend Wanfs-fo-Ride lDelores Slavi- erol obiecfs fo walking fo school. Florence Piffa- cora doesn'f like fhe idea of having foo much homework af one fime and nof enough af ofhers. Howard Levine complains of having foo much "unfinished business" fo occupy his evening hours. "Sleepy-Head" lMargaref Kohll dislikes having fo gef up in fhe morning, and Almosf-Tardy lMargie Mulfordl finds if hard fo gef here by firsf period. Near sunsef Vilma Sfomp and George Landahl parfcularly obiecf fo fhe fenfh perod. Clock-Wafcher ll.ouise Messerl can'f sfand fhose long periods. Assembly days musf be happy hunfing ground fo her." The scouf complefed his reporf and leff fhe chief in fhe midsf of his medifafion on fhe va- riefy of ideas which fill fhe heads of Fenger Freshmen. Violef Escarraz--4A , ll an vn-p.-...-,-fv-.. V .,,..-.Nw - .,,,,-Q-.mn-1 . , .,.. ,. 'fE2"" .f,:. f VA., 1 i .,v, A V- -1: ..1,f- ' waz, Fifi' ,qffaff . ...f?H'1-, ::5.-L-52' ,. 226111:- f-'.'? ' :-x-'Q' , -51? .'iL'5-. fri- .- , , . - .1212-3:32-59.1, ze.. 1. '.:2.-' -:sv - .1 . : ' -- ' . 'f .1 '. .ei-a 2.1.5-1,a-2:11 .- -1a.:e- ...s- 51.1.1 A-ax. - 5S'5iv'x'-iiifllf :f'11if3" -'fr ial":,:'w1c. 'ffmlihi fr- Jeff: ., '-" " " A S .S "1-..ig':-V' .5 .1:1':"i3- ' ' 'Q ,' 3-' ' 72' "I: 'I'-,' ' ' .S.-.-Pig' .-.F 'aff I -. ,,4f.1,fggEw-faecgw-.::. .,. :f- , .':1,.3-'f- :-Q: -qv.: , my 1..-mp.---f 4 g,gr..,, ' 4 ' i f' " .. ' --"" e-f- , V- '- . . ' - . .. 1. 1 fp? """ . ' .N fi' f 'Fa ' "-' 1. I? ki' Tiff fm-j'1'j'.'::' ik --1:- ' EI' ""1 A za- ,. -,'-gm? ,. :fn-1-"' ,I ,J . 5-pig. . 1' Lf N: ' 11' ., 'f - jg.. x -fwfr:-:f. 'ietjiafv . 2 1. - -- '-I '- .V -1:h'f.s.'-:.1,:1- 4-w:.:.h E. f:25f...f:'1'Afix '1. .:- wf...1g-3, Hg-,.,.- s:!ssfsaaaf:ffIf. - 'f'221s:s:am N.: Y' wuz.-21. , -2- . ' 11:5 ' :ff :uma -Taz'1r"1:-We-Tab'-.wzizn , '11 -.. 1133-:1:25'54:...:...31. -' ' :r"Sff.fi..i: " '4'E:.,... . I ' -5:1334 .51 .:4:'v', .:--5".:'E.f51-5 'E'-:vii-Z f 'I f fp.-Y - w- 3.5-zz: - 'flff hr, ' . . if . '-5.-5215. 'v ' mf: ,ss:1:f2'1E.5425515213555:f4iHi1i:5f,?5ss:ff1?1s1-vzaiwfii-51525: -5 'ff3w:g122.:::.' -b a. 25.1-'I mf. ' g1.Qs'1f4i?'iY?1'W4Qf: . I"" i" " ' " 4" -- :. .-Fifa Wap.:-:. in., 1.3.3 :,3:3f,' : -15.33:4.gf'j- -,,1 ' ,-am.:-g,:,,g. -,., ' .-7 .',f X 1?,g5252::f: 1 2 'g.-a:g,a:":1Zyr ,.', f j'f2 ft::.-'ffi52!55,5'.-1' gag?331:,1: qLqe53'.'i-,gpgsygq ,.jJr""W-,i, q,:g51:gs, '...Q', '11 -' keifafax gain, zu - " -- ' 'A ' Nu' 1--1.1-,:sss:' ':'-:-:rw 2 -f -,.,:..f"' aim.--" I.:".:.-fain'-'n'..-.nv --9 -"'X ,- . , ,qa.r.v.- 2 . ., . . . .4.,. ,. .. R . .s:-.'..a.:Q:f' 94 .1 ' - " 1:-' '. ff 5' x.-4' 1 5. ,,..,. . , -.5 js ' 5 W? 47 liz, fxj kwq Fei... 1, 1-h 25. Eff 1 . '. i 4' 1- -.-G-"4 A I " c ?'5 'x A-. ,yqpkz 33-, E up fir , .I a Q, .. .fr 1 M 'kr -s ga x o il? f mi ,W -, 1 f T-4 -cw, H Irs- ay.. " 'hgh "G gf' ra 'W V -.5 , wwf? ' - - 1.11-A .. ,.. .. 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W f . x 45'-'i3ga5g,:1, as Q -' " 2 J? i g.-22.2 415'-iffif I 'K if .- ,,. .1 J X Uv. , Plxffgiir 1.'.' 5-1'-J-44' ,.a?'1,.j'-,I 1+ ,qglnif-.5552 ' , .Q W i? fff 1 J 1 1 ' 1' -5 : Eau . -Ti.. 5'."?f"T.7",-f 2'.iE..:1'f:?: ti f: 4 Ziziflif .1 ,,.5:Tf'5137-"cl :3 5, ' ':f'j'7Z" 15, f1.2-ffflf +., . y - .j- ,'.s'4,f 2 eg -.L - ,xg-1... 1 1. , .K13p1jg,55'2...g.. 'ff .,J1,j5-124.8 xg. "ee - F , 1. ..5w1fL'::'Q:1:,-.Q-2-Q1-"--:f..,-.-'1vzyi-.-.-'--. me '-215,-w.. A:. vr:4. lrafrlafm' ?sa:e:'1:1: -.:- if .1g.:.4.m:.-m5.,.,-- - r 231. --1-' , '- 'f'. 'H-raw' :gf-fb-1 4 ...N-.. ,W , xr . . ,f , Q... .,,...,.s..--. ,P -g ,- . 37 A3 I-wa,M,.,.A4,..-H ,, . A fwffw M Jim W MM 0 do 'WW M7 H571 12 Cleopafra Wilson MY PAL JOE l have a liTTle Triend His real name l don'T know All you have To do is bend To Touch my pal named Joe. He is iusT a Ii++Ie dog His hair is very grey I Tound him near a big log One Tine summer day. He knows who his besT Triend is l Teed him every day He is always by my side And never runs away. He knows how To guard me well. There was a man inside The dog ran in and grabbed his leg And Oh! How The man cried! l Took him Tor a walk one day He ran ouT in The sTreeT He crossed The sTreeT halT-way And was Trampled by horse's TeeT. ThaT was The lasT oT The dog ThaT l had had so long. His very lasT and painTul cries Were such a sorry song. Bill O'Rourke, Burnside THE FORT DEARBORN MASSACRE AbouT in l8I2, word was senT To WashingTon, D. C., ThaT ForT Dearborn was noT needed. So WashingTon senT word To The commander oT The TorT To vacaTe iT and go To DeTroiT. The commander knew ThaT when he leTT The TorT, The lndians would rush in and kill all The seTTlers. The soldiers Tried To sTop him Trom vacaTing, buT he said orders are orders, and They had To go. One day The soldiers and seTTlers sTarTed To- ward DeTroiT. They hadn'T gone very Tar when a whole Tribe oT lndians swooped down on Them. They sTarTed killing and wounding The whiTe people. BuT a Tew were saved by a Triendly ln- dian named Black ParTridge. When WashingTon goT word oT The massacre, iT quickly senT Troops again To waTch and aid The oTher seTTlers who came. This proved To The oTher people ThaT The lndians OT Chicago were noT Triendly. Olga Yamkeurch, Burnside-IA TH E APACH ES One oT The Tamous American Indian chieTs was Geronimo, oT The Tierce Apaches. The Apaches, madclened by The coming oT The whiTes To The WesT, raided place aTTer place. They would sack a Town, kill all The men, women and children, and Then scalp Them when dead, or even when alive. The Apaches, under The leadership oT Geronimo, would sTop sTage coaches, miliTary ouTposTs, and also oTher Towns. A Tew years laTer The Apaches surrendered To The whiTes and were given a reservaTion in Arizona, where Geronimo died. Ray Wiegele-lA, Burnside DIVISION I37 Teacher: Mr. FreckIeTon Courier Rep.: Richard ST. Pierre TOP ROW: Becze, Beasland, FaIkenThal, Bavish, Grod, Howard, Coleman, KadusTra, Gyure, Cook. SECOND ROW: Berron, ZawisTowski, Shaw, Schneider, McGraw, PerroTTa, Paresko, FeJes. BOTTOM ROW: Serd, Kobiela, Bobel, Sobiene, Flower, Krufis, FekeTe, Bonshire, Baker, Bonshire. DIVISION 308 Teacher: Miss Dole Courier Rep.: RuTh Burk TOP ROW: McKinney, Richel, Piller, Novello, Hawkosky, Fisher, Long, Youn, Karpy, STark, Burk, Gyure. SECOND ROW: Olson, KrolT, Basso, Varga, Amendola, Pearson, Newman, Solfesz, Kuknvo, BinTer, CoverT, Brooks, Miss Done. BOTTOM ROW: Frangell, Shanahan, Jurqensen, Chiamp, Keyes, Badiail, Baker, Malkar, Kindernay, Graves. THE FIVE NATIONS OT all The easTern Indians, The Five NaTions were mosT advanced. They were so imporTanT ThaT They are someTimes called The Iroquois, as if They alone had The righT To The name. The Tribes were known as The Senecas, Cayugas, Onondagas, Oneidas, and Mohawks. They haTed Their kinsmen, The I-lurons, and The Eries, and oTTen ToughT Them. LaTer, when The Tuscaroras 89 DIVISION 309 Teacher: Mr. Long Courier Rep.: DoroThy Hankosky TOP ROW: Durane, Baffoe, Hankosky, Erickson, CurTis, Farley, Joza, Hobscheid, Gulik, Terhish, Maxwell. SECOND ROW: Huf- nagle, Toernowski, Traybsza, Podlecki, Cavaro, Pieczonka, Gas- perick, ConsTanTine, Pafe. BOTTOM ROW: Pernenecki, Polyak, PryThers, Palernio, Busch, Clawson, SarTore, Supilowski, McEl- vain, Caruso, Calvin. DIVISION 3!0 Teacher: Miss Change Courier Rep.: Helen Dugan TOP ROW: PresTon, Billingslea, Kolozie, Thompson, Dugan, Miilwood, Kobler, Racz, Droinej Davidson. SECOND ROW: Tucker, Kelbowski, Thompson, Helms, Fillippo. BOTTOM ROW: Russel, STuilko, LaRussa, Sworifiger, Guenlher, Pore, Wang, Blackwell, Perry, Taylor. in NorTh Carolina, were deTeaTed by The whiTes, The Tribe moved To New York and ioined The Five NaTions, which were aTTerwards known as The Six NaTions. These Tribes had seTTled homes Trom which They did noT move, and culTivaTed more ground Than possibly any oTher Indians. A Tew members oT These Tribes sTill live in Can- ada and New York STaTe. Bill O'Rourke, Burnside-IA DIVISION 3lI Teacher: Miss Brown Courier Rep.: Olga Yankewich TOP ROW: Nelson, Mihalko, Foges, Formosa, Zakhar, Babrocky, Regula, Websfer, Turlo, Verkler. SECOND ROW: Giesen, Sfumper, Mielnik, JohnsTon, Moran, G-ubson, Kulcsar, Yanke- wich. BOTTOM ROW: Banks, Morales, I-Iandibode, Barich, U, Barich, Bova, I-lonchell, Hull, Mays, Chiuzels. DIVISION 3I4 Teacher: Miss Devine Courier Rep.: William O'Rourke TOP ROW: Johnson, Hogan, Lake, STrilko, PrcusinT, Wall, Szaikouics, O'Rourke, Rechel, Chrisinger, SmiTh. SECOND ROW: Yuhasz, Jamuoz, MarTin, Somodi, LuThern, Seliga. BOT- TOM ROW: Neher, Carson, Kroc, Gwigclalski, Nelson, Wunder, Kowalski, Kaffka, LakoTa, Alberfine. LATIN CLUB Sponsor: Miss Change TOP ROW: Chiampo, Long, Sfumper, Nelson, SolTesz, Erick- son, Hankosky, Yankewich, Racz, Wang, SworTfiger, Kroll. SECOND ROW: Johnsfon, Gubson, MarTin, Jamroz, Thompson, Helms, Kelbowski, Davidson, Varqo, Fillippo, Kebler, Tucker, Basso, Miss Change. BOTTOM ROW: Requla, CurTis, Reihel, Karpy, Wunder, Kowalski, Garaues, Turlo, Babroky, Wall. SIX FEET SIX Sam I'IousTon's TaTher was Major I-lousTon. I-le was To TransporT his Tamily To Tennessee buT was Taken ill and died. Sam was now a boy oT Thir- Teen. I-le spenT mosT oT his Time wiTh The Indians. Ol-loo-To-ka, one OT The braves, made Sam his son. LaTer he Toughf in The War againsT Eng- land under General Jackson, who was in com- mand oT The American Army. Sam married, buT unhappily, as he and his wiTe separaTed. Sam Tried To become governor, buT did noT make iT, buT his old general, Jackson, became presiolenT. Then Sam wenT To live wiTh The Indians. The Raven, as he was called by The Indians, kepT The UniTed STaTes Trom going To TighT The Indians. Texas was going To Try To geT iTs Treedom when Mexico goT iTs new presidenT. BuT SanTa Anna senT an army To kill anyone who resisTed. Sam l'lousTon was made Commander-in-chieT oT The Texas Army. I-IousTon gave an order To Travis 9OI To blow up The Alamo and Tall back To ioin I-IousTon's men. BUT Travis held The TorT Tor Ten days, and Then all were killed buT one woman and her child. LaTer Sam I-lousTon deTeaTecI SanTa Anna, and Texas was Tree. Again Sam son Sam, following his TaTher's pro- he grew up, wenT To TighT wiTh The Army in The Civil War, and was killed in IoaTTle. Sam died aT The age oT sevenTy -a greaT loss To The Indians and his counTry. Edward Mlakar, Burnside-IA ma rried. l'l is Tession when ConTederaTe INDIANS Several hundred OT years ago, Indians wan- dered all over The counTry. These are some oT The well-known Indians: Massasois, PohowTan, King Philip, Black Cloud, Red Cloud, LiTTIe Crow, PocohonTas, Thunder Cloud, LiTTle TurTle, Red JackeT, and Geronimo. ConTinued on Page l58 BRIGHT BITS FROM BURNSIDE The Indian youTh oT yesTer-year did noT aTTend schools such as we do Today. I'Ie sTayed around The camp unTiI he reached The age oT seven or eighT. Then he was puT under The supervision oT some chieT or warrior who TaughT him The arT oT warTare. WiTh our modern sysTem oT Teach- ing, The youTh oT Today has many leisure momenTs in which To do ouTside work. AT Burnside, The BranchiTes presenT a picTure oT varied employ- menT. Ralph PerroTTa indulges in The manly arT oT wood chopping. and Eileen Granes Tinds being a waiTress is noT The hardesT iob To do. Richard Chiuzels is The lad aT The I-Ierald American branch oTTice, who's duTy iT is To see ThaT Richard ST. Pierre and Joe Terkesk make Their deliveries and collecTions. The laTTer claims ThaT The iob oT cal- lecTing is "pIenTy Tough." Genevieve Jamioz and I-lelen Richel share The honored TiTIe oT being called "Junior Housewives," because oT Their abil- iTy To do housework. Rose Fisher checks boxes in a dry goods sTore while Andrew Schneider claims he has pIenTy oT working seTTing up pins in a bowling alley. Several BranchiTes were asked Their peT say- ings To which They answered: Frances TurIo"Heav- ens sakes"g Bill Bonshire "Holy sailors" or "Hey, Doc"g Marcus Jorgensen "HoIy smokes", Don Neker "Well, well, imagine ThaT"g HerberT SmiTh "Tell iT To The Marines": Thomas Shanohon's "I ain'T goT my lesson", Irene Szaiovies "Gee." "Use MinuTe Rub. lT's good Tor whaT ails you" or "EaT WheaTies, The BreakTasT oT Champions." You've all heard announcers bIaT ouT some sorT oT adverTisemenT oT This sorT when lisTening To The radio. When asked OT Their reacTion To such announcemenTs The BranchiTes replied: Bob Bon- shire, "I know I've goT The wrong sTaTion"g Louis Chicamps, "The adverTisemenTs on The radio are so long ThaT when The program comes on, iT IasTs abouT Ten minuTes because TwenTy minuTes oT The haIT hour program is adverTising"g Lorraine Basso, "I wonder whaT would happen To me iT I Tried all The Things They Talk abouT": ElizabeTh STark claims she Teels like Throwing someThing aT The radio when a program oT ThaT sorT comes on The air. Elda Amendola, Junior Maxwell, Melvin McElvain, DoroThy I-Ienkosky, George Caruso, LoreTTa Far- ley, Barbara De Vine, Clyde Perry, MaTTie Pres- Ton, Gladys Taylor, Geraldine Johnson, Greda Kebler, Jesse McCracklin, STeve Mesko, PaTricia Millwood, Mike STudko, Audrey Tucker, Clarence Swan, Bessie Pacz, I-Ielen Duggan, and Florence Fillippoz "Talk, Talk, and more Talk." Olga Yanke- wich, Alexander AlberTine, Ralph Carson, Leo I-Iagan, Genevieve Jannoz, Bob Johnson,, Valerie Kowaliski, Mildred Tise, Jessie TakoTa, Andrew LuTheran, Alice Nelson, VicTor Ryoni, James Ryan, Rick Ryan, Mary Subo, Earl Sinis, I-lerb SmiTh, Joe Sonidi, MargareT Sukko, DoroThy Wunder, Ray Kohl, Dick Kroc, Norma MarTin, EsTher Alah, and PeTer Frangella: "Don'T They ever geT Tired oT saying The same Thing over and over again?" Ann La Rue, WaITer Banks, Joe Shaw and AI Barnak claim Thaf iT's "all iusT one big Iie": Genevieve Moran, Gizella Regula, Frances Turlo, Beulah Allen, Joe Barich, Jesse Barnes, Mariorie Boras, Dick Thuizel, Carmen ForesTi, Ramon Gieson, JeaneTTe Mielnek, Eman- uel Moralis, Doris Nelson, DoroThy Nigg, Susan STumper, Marion Verpler, Luella WebsTer, Mary Zaklar, Elda Amendola, Ted Babrak, Gene Baker, Lorraine Basso, ElizabeTh BinTer, ElizabeTh Brooks, RuTh Burk, and Louis Chiampo all sTaTed They didn'T believe in Them unless Their docTors rec- ommended The producT adverTised: Nick Ben- Ton, Roy Baker, Gene Barish, Dan Bobel, Bob Coleman, RoberT Cook, Bill Feges, Don Grod, Fred Gyure, Roy I-Iavard, Edward KruTis, Jack McGraw, John O'Brien, William Doya, Rudy Sa- kol, Andy Schneider, AI Sera, Joe Shaw, Roy Wieggle, WaITer ZavisTowki, BeTTe Babroky, Wal- Ter Banks, AI Barmak, AnThony Bova, Egdidio De Fillipo, Mary Foges, Angeline Formosa, MariTo Gubson, James l'Iandibodi, John I-Ionchell, Norma JohnsTon, Ann La Rue, CaTherine La Rue, and Mildred Mikalko suTTer no reacTion aT all because They say, "The public is iusT being bIuTTed by a IoT oT Talse claims." BuT iT we had inTerviewed some Indians on These same guesTions, Their replies would prob- ably have been, "UghI UghI" Tor Their peT say- ings. Then The one abouT work would be answered, "Me no lazy. Me work all The Time," Then lasT, iT The radio program quesTion were asked of Them, Their reply would probably be someThing like, "Ugh, whaT him This radio?" By ChesTer Piech-4A CHIEF RAIN-IN-THE-FACE Probably one oT The mosT noTed chieTs among The Sioux Indians is Rain-in-The-Face. I-Ie was born near The banks oT The Cheyenne River in The year oT I835. NeiTher his TaTher nor his grandTaTher was a chieT. I'le goT his name when he was abouT Ten years old. One day he goT inTo a TighT wiTh a Cheyenne Indian boy, older Than he. I'le goT The besT oT The TighT, buT was hiT in The Tace several Times, and his Tace was sTreaked wiTh blood. ATTer This, and Tor The resT of his IiTe, he was called Rain-in-The-Face. He died on SepTember I4, l905, when he was sevenTy years old. John Flonchell, Burnside-IA I.lRTl5 Mr. Louis T. Cook HONOR CLUB Sponsor: Miss Whiie TOP ROW: Reynolds, Rimovsky, Noreen, Hanus, Slabe, Hoon- ing, Lewicki, Mogenfhal, Krivan. BOTTOM ROW: Wiegel, Zyisfra, Dreger, Slaier, Selven, Bruggeman, Raddafz, Carlson, Baird. 92 CU RTIS-MIXED-SERVICE TOP ROW: Hoifsma, Kosik, Lapa, Kerkia, Kaprelian, Thomason, Cravens, Bossi, Huber, Romba, Irvin, Schumann, Zylsrra. SEC- OND ROW: Spies, Whyie, Rudy, Bushman, Jacobs, Slabe, Rimorsky, Raguso, Rosso, Reynolds ,Wif:fIi, Sfolfz. BOTTOM ROW:: Giragosian, Johnson, Lisfon, Seven, Noreen, Bushee, Magnusen, Sorri, Carleion, Puck, Baird. I I DIVISION IOO Teacher: Miss Glavin Courier Rep.: Gordon Meiler TOP ROW: Burke, Wall, Van Frichl, Vorralh, Bossi, Boscarclin, Cowser, Wall, Chellar, Buchman, Williamson, Wiegel. SECOND ROW: Orzechawski, Cosla, Vaccoro, Wass, agner, Zabrocki, Briack, Vermeulen. BOTTOM ROW: Wodziak, Caraher, Winlen, tulflfon, Bushee, Brazinskas, Wieler, Tropp, Van Der Wesl, Tinir- O . DIVISION I05 Teacher: Mr. Bryen Courier Rep.: Palricia Walls TOP ROW: Van Dorp, Vargo, Slosur, Thomas, Shuperl, Slaler, Van Sloolen, Skoqlund, Walls, Puhalslci, Pelerson, Skinner. SECOND ROW: Marlillo, Scharnhorsl, Sinarski, Sora, Rosser, Thomas, Simoni, Werkman, Saxen, Loller, Scalella, Spadoni, Mr. Bryan. BOTTOM ROW: Sidener, Freeman, Ehrmann, Ver- duin, Sharps, Schich, Rigoni, Urban, Swimke, Sampson. I DIVISION IO6 Teacher: Mr. Hellman Courier Rep.: Rose Mary Ramincz TOP ROW: Johnsen, Johnson, Greger, Ramslrom, Vander Liden, Romba, Rogers, Raddalz, Reedy, Pishel, Reese. SECOND ROW: Rossi, Schrader, Ramirez, Rimorsky, Reynolds ,Roberls, Raquso, Losso, Leo. BOTTOM ROW: Koller, Ramincz, Klouse, Mad- Iinski, Zukvian, Pridiian, Rudy, Radlke, Guslalson, Push. DIVISION II7 Teacher: Mrs. While Courier Rep.: Deloris Ennis TOP ROW: Mruenovich, Murphy, Doris, Anderson, Felkamp, Dzik, Snacziaczyk, Mickiewicz, Dobrinski, Meneghini, De Wine ler, Faron, Depazynski. SECOND ROW: Malchus, De Haas, Marese, Mikaelian, Miller, Mylinski, Ziebell. BOTTOM ROW: Deelaney, Dyklon, Magnusen, Doras, Drager, Dykslra, Muler, Munz, Malmborg. INDIAN BEADS You've ellen admired old Indian beads In lacl. we mighl lind a hisl'ry complele. Ol beans and seeds and shells: If only lhe beads WGFG alive. They may have been some greal chiel's prize, SO when YOU Q0 PVOUSIIIQ for Old Indian lore Or inloned lhe wilch doclor's spells. Each lolqen we lind on a beaulilul slring In loresls. on mounlains, on dells: Revere lhe slory ol primilive lile: ln beans and seeds and shells. Mighl lell lhe greal deeds ol lhe lribe. Rulh Blom and Palricia l-lills, Curlis-IA 93 94 DIVISION 200 Teacher: Mrs. McCuIlagh Courier Rep.: Jack Nelson TOP ROW: Olson, McCIinTock, An- derspn, MagenTaIe, BrzosTowski, Murano, Knife, WhiTisel, Pilley, Piazza, Piniarski, Tanis, Olsen. SECOND ROW: Gaikowski, Hoon- ing, Geoppo, Allen, MaTras, Be- sainger, Baraski, GosT. BOTTOM Bernier, Thewald, Grzesik, Frigo. ROW:: Beemsferbor, Galan, Hoff- man, Besler, Anderson, Baumonz, DIVISION 250 Teacher: Miss Connor Courier Rep.: Edmund Gaikowski TOP ROW: Goldikas, AiThen, Hanes, TnaTyk, Gryczewski, Gura, HarTwig, Guild, Girouz, Baird, Appel. SECOND ROW: Gaikow- ski ,Hooning, Geoppo, Allen MaT- ras, Besainger, Baraski, GosT. BOTTOM ROW: BeemsTerbor, Ga- Ian, Hoffman, Besler, Anderson, Baumonz, Bernier, Thewald, Grzeski, Frigo. DIVISION 300 Teacher: Miss ATwaTer ET SH CM Courier Rep.: Henry Havel TOP ROW: MahTeran, Havel, Har- mon, Johnson, Kranski, HaiTsma, Ladwein, Karidis, Panozzo, Geno- vese, Lucas, Husar, Miller. SEC- OND ROW: Van Dam, Lewicki, Maravolo, Harmon, Kilcoyne, lr- vine, WhyTe, Nigra, Janallo, Mali- kowski, Karl, Kriran, Lucchini. BOTTOM ROW:: Karidis, Mad- derom, Johnson, Williams, Hul- ford, Lahola, Karomovicz, lppo- IiTo, King, Lucko. DIVISION 307 Teacherzz Miss STuenkeI Courier Rep.: Mary Spevak TOP ROW: Smolek, STolTz, Zyls- Tra, Slabe, Huber, Szczygiel, Kwoka, Sullivan, TaTro, Schumann, Tilmer. SECOND ROW:: R. Sulli- van, Greenleaf, Swanson, Adduci, BeThos, BerToleTTi, Kurescz, Gai- kowski, Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: Sidler, STaTon, Sokolowski, Sperak, Van Heel, Spies, Selven, Brazin- skas, Saifak, Shopas. DIVISION 309 Teacher: Mrs. Schulz Courier Rep.: Marzella Howard TOP ROW:: Korzeniecki, Hursf, Koman, Ziemba, MarTins, Kosik, Wipfli, Livermore, Dzik. SECOND ROW: Lapa, Lindner, Jacobs, How- ard, Kaprelian, KriTzberger. BOT- TOM ROW: Ludwig, LisTon, Kerkla, Limback, LahTi, Liuci, Kumaniak, Krysek, Doesechle, Farellas. DIVISION 3lI Te-acher: Miss PeTrick Courier Rep.: Bruggemann TOP ROW: Chiaro, Cernek, Wi- delski, Bowman, McNeIis, Tim- mann, Bruggemann, Cravens, No- vak, Charpier, Papiez. SECOND ROW: Ssincrcak, Cross, Pierzga, Pavlowski, Noveen, PenT, Buck, Normes, BruneTTi. BOTTOM ROW: Cox, Carlson, CresTi, Fiernier, Panozzo, Pappa, Newman, Pflanzer, Parise, Mowak. THE AMERICAN INDIAN Indians lived in our land long ago, So many Things OT Them do we know. They hunTed and Tished Tor Tood in The wood. They roamed and wandered wherever They could. Their Iirfle TenT homes were called Tepees And nes+Ied by Towering Trees. From skins oT wild animals, They were made, And on Tall,Thin poles The skins were laid. The Indian may have liked his small home, And on The wide prairie Tor To roam, BUT Tor myselT, here is all I can say: l'm glad I am living now-Today. Barbara Bruggemann, CurTis-IA INDIANS No one knows where The Indian has come Trom on This conTinenT, or how long he has lived here. AT TirsT people ThoughT ThaT The Indians were descendanTs oT The I-Iebrews, or OT shipwrecked Euro- peans. This Theory was proved impossible, however, Tor The Indian language is enTirely diTTerenT Trom any oTher in The world. MosT scienTisTs believe ThaT They come Trom The Tribes oT CenTraI and NorTheasTern Asia, and They crossed over To America Trom Asia aT Behring STraiT. Like all primiTive races, The Indians were Tond oT Their personal appearance. On TesTive and oTher occasions They painTed Their Tace and body. In mosT Tribes necklaces, shells, earrings. and someTimes lip and nose iewelry were worn. The main cIoThing Tor men and women in mosT Tribes was shirTs and leggings oT deerskin. The Tribes oT The SouThwesT wove coTTon garmenTs and made robes oT painTed rabbiT, beTore The arrival oT The whiTe people. BIankeTs or robes were worn everywhere Tor warmTh or Tor digniTy. Some OT The paTTerns made by The Indians were very beauTiTul. IT is said ThaT nearly Two hundred languages and TiTTeen hundred dialecTs are known To have been spoken by The Indians. OTher lan- guages may have perished when cerTain Tribes were killed in wars. The Cherokees invenTed an alphabef in l82I, buT The Mayos and The AzTecs are The only Tribes who ever had a sysTem oT wriTing. MosT oT The Indians communicaTed wiTh each oTher by means oT signs and by moving Their hands. They highly developed The sign language. The Indians are oTTen ThoughT oT as being very primiTive, which is parTIy True. I-Iowever, some Things They did were as greaT as deeds done by The people Today. They pracTiced irrigaTion in The WesT and were able To grow many crops. They did noT iusT Tish, hunT, and TighT. They grew many crops which we raise Today. Some oT These were corn, Tobacco, beans, squashes, pumpkins, sweeT poTaToes, pea- nuTs, gourds, and coTTon. They had some oT The sporTs and amusemenTs which we have Today. The boys and girls oTTen played ball. The men and women oTTen gambled. The number oT Indians has been decreasing in The UniTed STaTes during The pasT hundred years, buT is gradually increasing now. In l922 There were 34O,9I7 Tull bloods in The UniTed STaTes. RoberT Baird-IA, CurTis I95l DIVISION 3I3 Teacher: Mrs. Slarceric Courier Rep.: Ken Wyma TOP ROW: Dikos, Eksfrom, Hanson, Granalo, Ezop, LoHer, Gord, Fuller, Dobbins, Gusiafson, Arummic. SECOND ROW: Dalfon, Fanizzo, Danielson, Balozian, Corrado, Ereelore, Hanus, Wyma, Cross, Gergosian. BOTTOM ROW: Dyke, Dal Sanlo, Eraley, Fagen, Gregorowicz, Dremon, De Lionon, Cubalchini, Davis, Danfonio. DIVISION 315 Teacher: Mrs. Jenkinson Courier Rep.: Malcolm Brenan TOP ROW: Miller, Moore, Anderson, Arenfz, Carlelon, Boh- meier, Balla, Billick, Bello, Burkland, Collei, Boedeker, Cacce. SECOND ROW: Exner, Mendel, Adduci, Connachio, Chidi- chimo, Bendenelli, Anderson, Anaslra, Zonfa, Balough, Panozzo, Canale. BOTTOM ROW: Casarofi, Radfke, Belde, Balfrukas, Carmen, Benegas, Allen, Mook, Allen, Brenan. BAND Sponsor: Mr. Trimble TOP ROW: Ramslrom, Bushee, Wyma, Waycheese, Dee Laney Harlwig, Weiler. SECOND ROW: Crummie, Skinner, Dremon Goril, Freeman. BOTTOM ROW: Cox, Appel, Schrader, Lim bach, Lahfi, Marlillo. ORCH ESTRA Sponsor: Mr. Trimble TOP ROW: Walls, Pridiian, Sidler, Meneghini, Berlalelfi Besler, Wass, Shuperf. BOTTOM ROW: Karidis, Chiaro Ramirez, Bells, Murphy, Van Heel, Greqorowicz, Hanus, Hayel THE HERALD OF SPRING A chirp l hear from a 'fall oak Tree, A robin singing wilh grealesr glee, l-le sings a message loucl and clear, "Cheer up, cheer up, lor spring is here." E961 Hear him, hear him, he is nigh, Sweelly singing in I'he sky, Lislen, lislen, lei him sing. Robin Redbreasl, "Herald ol Spring." Wm. Schwarlz, Curlis-IA 1 F' THE AMERICAN INDIAN Hair so coarse and black as nighl, A lall and slalwarl man of mighl, Skin of copper, Ianned by sun, 'Tis lhe American Indian. Huniing berries in The wood, ls how he earned his livelihood, CURTIS LUNCI-IROOM SERVICE GUARDS TOP ROW: Guslafson, Dikes, Lahfi, Uuisi, Widelski, De Winler, Pavlowski, Dremon, Zylslra, Buchman, Brzoslowski, Krivan, Hoilsrna. SECOND ROW: Scharnkorsf, Doras, Giraux, Komen, Sirnoni, Andersen, Karalh, Van Frichl, Slabe, Berloli'l'l'i, Pozzi, Schrader, Sullivan. BOTTOM ROW: Pridiian, Modlinski, Du Lancy, f-Collel, Skoglund, Dreger, Anderson, Sfafon, Malmborg, Tiniako . CURTIS REPRESENTATIVES TOP ROW: Wyma, Havel, Gaikowski, Walls, Luisi, Penl, Romba, Lucas, Anaslon, Irvine, Boscardin, Gold, Carlson. SECOND ROW: Raminiz, Nordhoff, Sperak, Howard, Mariello, Ravaschief, Wiegel, Nelson, Rimonsky, Simoni, Karprelian, Lirermore. BOTTOM ROW: Brenan, Weller, Bruggemann, Schumann, Rhoderick, Meyering, Spies, Buck, Dyksfra, Bau- man, Carmer, Sidler. Trapping, and fishing in 'l'he slrearns, Was anolher way ol gaining means. Living benealh sun and slar, His home was scallerecl near and far, A real Jrrue American, Our Iirsl cilizen-The Indian. Elaine Selven-lA', Curlis CURTIS HALL GUARDS NO. l TOP ROW: Monk, Harlwiq, Bucks, Brugglemann, Spevalc, Slafer, Reedy, Gosl, Sidler, Malmborgxh Brenan, SECOND ROW: Wiegel, Nelson, Murphy, Chiaro, iller, Mikaelian, Doras, Giroux, Swanson, I-Iursl, Burke. BOTTOM ROW: Weiler, Dre- mon, Minerivono, Adduci, Masfman, Slalfz, Tal-Ili, Kosik, Lind- mer, Szczygul, Van Prich, Williams, Sharpe. CURTIS HALL GUARDS NO. Il TOP ROW: Baker, Cox, Koller, Nelson, Buchman, Skoglund, Van I-Ieel, Dyksfra, Appel, Zakarian, Radlke. SECOND ROW: Zubell, Pafros, Malikowslci, Kafh, Nomes, Csincsak, Bilhos, Cross, Pierzga, Raguso, Rimorsky, Scharnhorsf. BOTTOM ROW: Freeman, Danielson, Limbach, Romba, Bowman, Ekslrom, De Lionon, Raddalz, McNelis, Penf, Ramslrom, Nelson. CUTE CRACKS FROM CURTIS - A slrong body and a keen mind are lhe goals sel by young lndian braves and maidens. Many Curlisiles loo have sel similar goals in scholar- ship and alhlelics, which lhey hope lo achieve. Belly Allen seems lo be having a hard lime making lhe honor club: bul never lear, like a lrue warrior, she has nol given up hope. Belly Parle- lon inlends lo mainlain a slraighl "E" average, bul Bob McClinlock has sel his goal in lhe alh- lelic lield and would like someday lo become Fenger's lop ranking wresller. To be a member ol lhe Phorex is lhe ambilion ol Edmund Reedy, Barbara Bruggemann and Bob Hollman, while Adam Munz and Roberl Carlson have sel lheir eyes on becoming members ol lhe swimming and loolball leams: bul lhe lhoughl ol becoming leller girls makes Rila Spies and Eleanor Moore, oh, so happy. Palricia Hills hopes lo graduale in lhe upper lhird ol her class and lhen go on lo Normal College: and gradualing wilh lri- honors is lhe aim ol Gerlrude Noreen. Leisure momenls around lhe lndian camp are nol wasled by any members ol lhe lribe. ,Like lhem, many Branchiles have novel and inler- esling ways ol whiling away lheir spare lime. Y.M.C.A. aclivilies lake up all ol Carole Bau- man's lree lime, while Bill Perry would ralher go horseback riding. The sludy ol lhe microscope has proven lo be a very inleresling paslime lor John Brazinskasq bul Alex Napoli indulges in lhe manly arl ol carrying oul ashes. Sall sprays ol lhe ocean seems lo have Donald Meyering under lheir influence, lor he spends his lime building model boals. Music has manyinleresled lollowers. The ac- cordion lakes up all ol Harry Spadonie's lime. Collecling songs bolh old and new proves lo be a very inleresling pasl lime lor Clara De Haas. bul Harvey Slanlon seems lo lhink lhal playing and saving phonograph records iusl can'l "be beal" as a leisure lime aclivily. - There are also some who do crealive work. Bob Knoeving spends his lime in his home wood- shop making uselul arlicles in lurnilure. while Edward Waychuse ulilizes his lime al a prinl- ing press. Olhers have novel ways ol whiling away lheir lime. Taking her younger brolher oul walking keeps Emily Palras complelely busy, while Margarel'Rogers would ralher sil down and lry lo ligure oul a iig-saw puzzle. Pholog- raphy and lhe collecling ol old coins and arrow heads seems lo inleresl Burlon Cox and Chesler Pukalski, bul Marion Dregar is inleresled in col- lecling I939 pennies. Rulh Murphy enioys col- lecling slamps and designing clolhes. Many a T98 Curlisile has hopes ol becoming a second Glen Cunningham or Pavo Nurmig lhey include Les Line, Arlhur Goreham, John Eurielle, Bill Ereger, and Roberl Hromelz. These boys and olhers have hopes lor reorganizing lhe Fenger lrack leam. There are olhers who would like lo organize a lumbling leam al lhe main building, upon enler- ing. They are Bruno Lucchini, James Madderom, Slephen Svilok, Charles Thomason, John Brazins- kas. and Richard Lucas. Roger Bushee, presenl head ol lhe Curlis Sludenl Council, has hopes ol duplicaling lhis leal al lhe main on a larger scale by lhen becoming presidenl. To be mem- bers ol lhe -Senior or Social Orcheslra are lhe ambilions ol Gusl Karidis, Regina Chiaro, Rose Mary Ramirez, Ara Pridiian, Vernon Sidler, and Margie Beslerg Bob Schrader, Ray Appel, Mary Limback, Charlolle Lanli, Virginia Crummie, Bill Skinner and Helen Dremon have hopes ol some day coming under lhe direclion ol Capl. Wm. Burnham. The lhoughl ol becoming members ol lhe Fenger News or Courier Slalls gives Bill Klyn, Isabel Lahola, Shirley Tanis, lrene Przyborowski, Bill Perrie and Edna Vanderlinden somelhing lo look lorward lo. Up and coming assislanls ol Miss Fluke will be Rila Spies, lsabel Rudy, and Dor- olhy Jacobs: while Jean Rimovsky, Eleanor Cra- vens, Viola Raguso, and Yolanda Rosso are de- lermined lo see lhal lhe ollice dulies are nol neglecled. Many Curlisiles enioy lhe heallhlul recrealion ol bicycle riding. These lans include Jean Whyle, Mary Paul, Joe Rago, Rulh Peder- son, Mary Ann Skoglund, Oral Wanes, and Rob- erl Hollmanq bul il seems lhal George Guslal- son, Bob Adduci, Aurora Bendinelli, Anne Billick, Palricia Hills, and Berl Zanon would ralher spend lheir lime in a movie lhealer: and a quiel day al lhing lor Timman, Karl, and probably home lislening lo lhe radio, is iusl lhe Lucille Maravado, Jack Miller, Elvira Shirley Harwig, Jack Johnson, Kalhleen Bruno Canalo. Those lollowing whal can be classed as lhe mosl unusual way ol spending leisure lime are Elsie Maganlal, Jack Nelson, Shirley Nordholl, Gwendolyn Oslrowski, Belly Giraux, Evelyn Gryczewski, and Edna Boedeker. Believe il or nol, lhey spend lheir lime doing homework. The body ol lhe lndian is an example ol physi- cal perleclions. Their arls and handicralls show lhal lhey were highly developed menlally. They usually accomplished whal lhey sel oul lo do. So wilh all lhe modern conveniences and lacililies ol lhis day, lhere is no reason lhese Curlisiles should nol reach lheir goals. By Chesler Peich-4A 1 i MTNERNIIN LUNCHROOMS lT's only TiTTh period and l'm sTarved: WaiTing Tor sevenTh is awTully hard. I wonder if Mickey will give me some candy, And if she does iT will be iusT dandy. Now iT's sixTh and l'm almosT dying: IT I waiT much longer I'II sTarT crying. Only one more period To go And l'm so hungry, l'm sure you know. l'lurray, iT's sevenTh, buT TirsT To division. To siT There and waiT Tor The Teacher's decision. "Class dismissed," replies The Teacher, "Gosh," yell The pupils, "she's iusT like a preacher." lnTo The' lunchroom They all hurry, And begin To eaT wiTh The leasT biT oT worry. All oT a sudden a muddle oT noise: As you expecTed, oT course, iT's The boys. Gosh! l'm hungry, buT I don'T Teel like eaTing, We girls have To Take an awTul beaTing. All oT a sudden The principal walks in, And all The boys siT There wiTh a grin. The principal leaves and iT's noisy again, IT makes me as angry iusT To lisTen To Them My head is going round and everyThing in a muddle, Then my head goes inTo a huddle. Now, whaT shall we do abouT This noise, We'll have To do someThing To Those noisy boys. "I-lurrahl an idea," shouTs Peggy wiTh ioy, "l.eT's go where There isn'T a single boy." Marcella Mickus, MT. Vernon-IA Q4 'za -f T99 Winifred A, Gallagher A DAY AT THE BEACH One mid-summer's morn brighT and early, my broTher and I rose wiTh a spring ThaT would have puT "Tarzan" To shame and made a mad rush Tor The baThroom. BreakTasT, iT seemed, TasTed exTra delicious. Why? Because we were going To The beach Tor The whole day. My broTher Don and l helped our moTher The besT we could because iT was The TirsT Time Tor us aT The beach ThaT summer. I guess we were more boTher Than help as my moTher Told us To siT down and sTay down. Finally The momenT was aT hand! We hauled The shopping bags loaded wiTh sandwiches and picnic preparaTions. My broTher, The boy nexT door, lin whose Tamily auTo we were goingl, and I, helped load iT inTo The Trunk: and a minuTe laTer we were OTTI The ride seemed exceedingly long: ThaT, no doubT, was caused by happiness resulTing Trom one geTTing whaT he or she has wanTed Tor some Time. The green masses, wiTh brown Tossles Told us we reached our desTinaTion, MargueTTe Park, MarqueTTe, Indiana. ConTinued on.Page l58 i DIVISION 108 Teacher: Mrs. Jensen TOP ROW: Goreham, Jones, Morrison, WenzlaTT, Benson, Clausing, Herrwirk, KoeksTra, GracTe, Jones, Bensinq. SECOND ROW: SchwarTz, Dickinson, Engsfrom, Johnson, HamIeTT, For- nerr, Erickson, Carlson, Hughes, Diefer, FeuTz. BOTTOM ROW: Zylslra, Freyer, Gosses, Chechar, Holsall, Line, Bolhuis, Enri- eTTe, Carlson, Caleca. ' DIVISION III Teacher: Mrs. Wafson Courier Rep.: Doris ViTalis TOP ROW: Bailey, Bomna, Jas. Roviak, Linde, Lamzzi, Mellin, Crosser, ViTaIis, De Vries, Kronberq, Larson, Allen. SECOND ROW: Elias, .Gurchci, Van Bergen, Cieslewcz, SchuITz, Misiunas, Bechaz, Casserly, Bieuer. BOTTOM ROW: Benes, Bluoas, John- scfn, hSchinke, Desidero, Boersma, Hibma, Dorn, Anderson, B ueT ner. DARK NIGHT This nighT was an unusually dark one. The whole neighborhood was asleep: There were no sTreeT IighTs on, and I was walking down an alley. This was even darker Than The sTreeT, iusT The place you wouIdn'T wanT To be walking in on a dark nighT. OT course, I wanTed To geT home quickly. The wind was sTrong, and as iT was blow- ing and howling Through The Trees iT iusT senT Liool DIVISION 212 Teacher: Mrs. Lewerenz Courier Rep.: Rose Arvia TOP ROW: McManoia, STaaT, DaruoTh, DavenporT, Guzzardo, Arvia, Del Pan, Anderson, HarTwick, ConTra. SECOND ROW: Gorski, Knapp, Berman, Boofh, Felix, Volrnar, Kapchak, Jacobs, MacAfee, Malkowski. BOTTOM ROW: Kennedy, Vander Meade, SandsTrom, Goldman, Dugan, Madrick, Hogenbirk, Goerres, Housman, Balas. DIVISION 30I Teacher: Miss Fowler Courier Rep.: Jean D'OTTavio TOP ROW: Anderson, BiernaT, Verkad, Johnson, EIlioTT, Terp- sTra, D. Johnson, RadTke, Hazel, Gawronski, Jordahl, Erickson, Wolf. SECOND ROW: Wood, Dahlberg, Tonn, Elcy, Scali, Van Dine, D'OTTavio, Dorfhey, Lisfon, Hack, LieTzau. BOTTOM ROW: Orgemuller, lnnis, Feufz, SToII, Chambers, Shaw, Bondora, Job, Deenik, Larson. shivers Through me. I TeIT as if someone was Tol- lowing me: shadows could be seen in The dim IighT casT by The moon. Only a haIT block more To go! Each sTep seemed To send a haunTed sound Through The air. Suddenly someThing Tlew ouT oT The weeds. WhaT a reIieT, only a caT and ah, I'm home. You don'T realize how much you appreciaTe your home aT a Time like ThaT. Marilyn Moline, MT. Vernon--IA FIGHT ln This corner we have an eighT by Twelve rug, and in ThaT corner we have a sTrong, husky lad. The bell rings: The lad approaches The Tierce, dirTy-looking rug. A "bang" is heard: The rug sTaggers back as Though sTunned by The blow, buT ouT comes a cloud oT Thick dusT. The boy is blinded and choking buT only Tor a minuTe. Again he approaches The rug. Bang, bang, bang is DIVISION 303 Teacher: Mr. Pickard Courier Rep.: June Vander Meade TOP ROW: Hyberg, Jordan, Reynolds, Eafon, Olson, Noleen, Pfisfer, Riddering, George, McCover, STark. SECOND ROW: Mazrl, Mall, Vander Meade, Johnson, DelToua, Rocka, McCon- nachie, OsTrander, Moormann. BOTTOM ROW: STawicki, Peters, WinTercorn, Masco, Peferson, Vander Mork, Socki, STrader, Vander Meade, Swanson. DIVISION 305 Teacher: Miss Verhoeven Courier Rep.: Charles Weir TOP ROW: Van Hasen, Juby, Den BesTen, Larson, DrenThe, Grober, Ferrn, FuTTer, Weidman, Trencan. SECOND ROW: Vander Meer, Sueclco, Schmidf, Benfon, Charlaes, Reilrer, EuTchins, Oconnor, Poremslci. BOTTOM ROW: STaaT, Towner, Anderson, WaiTches, Zekis, Lehinry, Simble, Villani, Mair, Weir. ING IT OUT heard. The rug has losT: iT can proTecT iTselT no longer Tor The dusT is gone. Then a cry, "MoTher l'm Tinished beaTing The rug. l won, l won!" The moTher inquires whaT her son meanT by saying he won? l-le answered, "Well, MoTher, you see, l make a game ouT oT my cleaning up, and This makes clean-up-week much more Tun." Annella RukaTela, MT. Vernon-IB DIVISION 306 Teacher: Mr. Taris Courier Rep.: Barbara Bohor TOP ROW: Gefz, Malcer, Keessen, Fallus, Wiqnegr, Boland, Bump, Mark, ClayTon, SchmidT, I'-leinTz, Bohor, Janick, Carle, Conrad. SECOND ROW:::: Snyder, SouThard, Marfis, Swanson, lshoy, Brink, Burgwalcl, Nolan, Pelsman, Dahlin, SmiTh. BOT- TOM ROW: SmiTh, SwarT, Van ETTen, SalcherT, I-loehn, Cheva- lier, Crangle, AsTrauskis, Casy, SmiTh. DIVISION 307 Teacher: Mrs. Donahue Courier Rep.: Doralhy Schmid TOP ROW: Puchron, MarquardT, Filkins, Tamminga, Srnifh, Nelson, Vogel, Sfokes, Swanson, Culeca, E. Nelson, SemeTges, Pellows. SECOND ROW: Gravander, SudanTas, Vander Ploeg, WhiTchruch, BenTon, Snyder, McOueary, I-logen, SchousTra. BOTTOM: Sparrey, HamilTon, Turlceslrra, Schmid, HameeTrar, SyTsma, Zeilenga, Miller, Hurley, Wagman. from DIVISION 308 Teaeher: Mr. HendershoT Courier Rep.: Jack Roeda TOP ROW: Schauphik, Anderson, STochel, STeiner, BeThig, Vrqular, Hopkins, Wagne', Sheldon, Ander- son, Roeda, Gawlik. SECOND ROW: Tupa, Dangelo, Marr, Dona- hue, Verhook, SljniTh, SchwarTz, Allen, Robinson, Zack. BOTTOM ROW: Vander Myde, Wong, Wil- ner, Anderson, L. Anderson, WiT- Tenburg, Aureleus, Wilkus, Adler. DIVISION 3l0 Teacher: Mrs. Moroney Courier Rep.: Wanda Zallys TOP ROW: Kelliher, Koreiva, Mu- hus, Duggan, Florek, MaTTox, Gas- per, Rick, PerloT, Penn, Cassidy, Fregeau. SECOND ROW: Czabala, Johnson, Kapicak,Cizmasik,Schmid, Palango, Boomker, MorTimer. BOT- TOM ROW:: Murray, PeTerson, Zallys, Cappozzo, Berghuis, Pava- Iacka, Sells, Moerbeck, Banakis, STewarT. DIVISION 3I2 .Teacher: Mr. Morrow Courier Rep.: Virginia Opulskas TOP. ROW: Kaufman, Oleary Cook, Lebin, Mac Donald, Poaler, Kish, Ooms, Markunas, Maguire. BOT- TOM ROW: Opulskas, Marsiglio, Bonaguro, Philips, Novofny, Lauru- Tan, Rueckheim, Beukema, Sofberg, Rademaker. DIVISION 3I3 Teacher: Miss Eddy Courier Rep.: RuTh Greek TOP ROW: Klaaren, Gloss, STan- kus, Van DrenT, Kalkanfas, Greek, STlnneTT, Jeanes, Dobia, Le Fager, GooshersT, Heckler. S ECON D ROW: GareTTo, L. GareTTo, Mo- line, -Rust, Lrendberg, Denny, Feinsfein, SchulTz. BOTTOM ROW: Robifschek, FogarTy, Vink, EueTT, Sarfher, Piezkoask, Schildmiller, Luklch, STone, Easoz. BAND Teacher: Mr. Burnham TOP ROW: Anderson, Swanson, Aure, Wilkus, Cook, HorvaTh, Tonh, ,SchousTra, Lehning, Parker, Wllner. BOTTOM ROW: Allen, Gareffo, L. G-areffo, Brink, Blake- more, HamilTon, Klaasen, Verhook, Jones, Swanson. ORCH ESTRA Teacher: Mr. Trimble TOP ROW: Mac Afee, losacsow, Eueff, Bechaz, WhiTTenburg, An- derson, Opulskas, BeThig, Van Dine, Vnllan, Socheider, Mr. Trimble. BOTTOM ROW: Nelson, DrenThe, McOueary, D'OTTavio, Fager, Jeanes, Zallys, Larson, Culeca, Wasvlik. "DOTS AND DASHES AND LOTS OF FLASHES FROM MT. VERNON WAY" IT asked The quesTion, "Do you Think a boy should Tollow his FaTher's Trade?", The Indians would have ansewered wiThouT any "ands" or "buTs."' Indians, wiThouT debaTe, Tollow Their TaTher's Trade, and iT There were any obiecTors, These recaIciTranT braves were puT inTo The ToresTs To live or die. Thus, The Indians gladly carry on Their TaTher's. grandTaTher's and greaT-grancITaTher's skills. How diTTerenTly are The MT. Vernon pupils' reply To ThaT same guesTion! I Tom FerinsTein, Ardelle Wigner, LauriTa HoeksTra, Egberi' Bolkuis, Mary Guzzardo, Bernice GalpanTas, JeaneTTe UrquharT: "IT The boy likes The Trade oT his TaTher, he should Tollow iT." Joe Wilkus: "The boy should be able To do The kind oT work he wanTs To do." Harry Jacobs: "IT The boy likes The Trade oT his TaTher, he cerTainIy should Tollow iT." Richard Wood: "IT each boy was To Tollow his grandTaTher's and ancesTors' Trade, The world would Thus be Tashioned, and no one would Tollow The new and modern Trades." Carol Larson: "I believe ThaT The TaTher's Trade is usually good To Tollow because oT The assisTance The TaTher may give To The boy." RuTl1 Greek: "No, The boy's abiliTy mighT be enTireIy diTTerenT Trom ThaT oT his TaTher's." George Verkinder: "IT The TaTher holds a iob ThaT is noT so good, The boy should prepare in some oTher Trade." Vic'l'or Ziekis: "The boy should be allowed To make his own choice, because iT is his own IiTe aT sTake, Tor he mighT noT like his TaTher's occupaTion." Thus in a guesTion oT This sorT we Tound ThaT The Indians and This group OT pupils diTTer in Their answers and opinions as above. This is mosTly due To The progression since The Time oT "The True American" ancl our Times. Jean SmiTh: "l've already goT a good impression oT high school IiTe and l'm very pleased wiTh iT." Bob ChrisTensen: "Yes, I was disappoinTed because iT was very con- Tusing Tor I couldn'T geT used To The bells." Arlyne Van DrenT: "Yes, don'T like The idea oT Three-in-a-locker." Wesley Wilner: "I wish There was dancing." Wilma STokes: "Sure disappoinTed because The periods go so slowly. excepT when lunch comes, and ThaT period really Tlies." Gloria Helps: "I coulcln'T geT used To ThaT 8 o'clock in The morning business." Then sTill anoTher group was asked, "Do you Tollow The IiTe oT any well-known personaliiy, such as a movie-sTar, aThleTe, band leader? The responses were varied. For, while Eliane Bump likes The IiTe oT Judy Garland, Dolores Ivloleer likes The IiTe oT her moTher. Leslie Sparrey: "Leslie Sparrey, Sr." Angelo GarreTTo and Russell Lehning: "The greaTesT band leader, Orin Tucker." Bob Adler: "Like To Tollow The IiTe oT The young buT greaT Don GriTTin." Harold Koons: "Sure like The 'Oh, gosh' IiTe oT Henry Aldrich." Harry De Young: "l like To Tollow The IiTe oT The laTe Jimmy Snider." Paul SmiTh: "The living oT happenings oT Kay Kyserf' Bob Nolan, Jean Har+vick, Bob Gilbedsen, Shirley Schmidt Lucille STinneTT: "Love The IiTe, oT myselT." Il03I i l HALL euARDs NO. 1 Sponsor: Mr. Jaris TOP ROWE: Riebe, Fellows, Marquarelf, Terpalra, Larson Paulacka, Engslrom, Ellioff, Vogel, Gorres, Anderson, Rev nolds. SECOND ROW: Marfis, Lamazzi, Cary, Viralis, Scholfz, VanderMeade, Van Drenl, Ealon, Penn, Lundberg Scali, Larson, Garello. BOTTOM ROW: Glad, Lachslo, Moes beck, Weir, Turkslra, Mr. Jaris, Syfsma, Slone, Czkcz, Hurley, Biernal. HALL GUARDS No. ll TOP ROW: Ferlz, Wailches, Koreiva, McConnache, Smilh Florek, Dugan, Tonn, l-linfz, Madrick, Hoehn, Mair, Villani SECOND ROW: LeFagqer, Malkowski, O'Leary, Wasyl Davenporl, Fuller, GGuzzardo, Benfon, Pochron, Nyberg, Tupa Feinslein. BOTTOM ROW: Sfaal, Towner, Anderson, Benes Pelers, Sekis, Pelerson, Hamillon, Gooshersl, Kenney. HALL GUARDS No. III TOP ROW: Slankus, Genfzle, Hechler, Garello, Johnson, Slinnelf, Nelson, Sudanlas, Mr. Jaris, Beukema, Johnson, Arvia, Gasper, Schullz, Kronberg. SECOND ROW: Smilh, Kapicak, Czabla, Dickinson, Vander Ploeg, McOueary, Cas- serly, Boolh, Malfoz, Culeca, Elcy, Schousfra, Snyder. BOT- TOM ROW: Sparrie, Robilschek, Huink, Sarlher, Benson, Clausing, Crangle, Morrison, Johnson, Gloss. SERVICE ' TOP ROW: A, Gareflo, Lehning, Lazaris, Jordan, Duggan, Wilson, Lisfon, Johnson, Swanson, Terpslra, Wolf, Johnson, Pochron, Schulfz, Bonnar, Fregeau, Aerrlz. SECOND ROW: Regnolds, Jordahl, Slrader, Anderson, Harlwick, Nelson, Schmid, Johnson, Snyder, Vander Mead, Bump, De Vine, Cas- serly, Hagao, Pregmuski, Olson, Chambers, Mac Afee. BOT- TOM ROW: Robilschek, Anderson, Turkslra, Schmid, Gold- Ewan, Slinell, Harfwisk, Peferson, Blovas, Desidero, Swanson, arson. DAY DREAMING I dream ol places l'd like lo see, "Sorry," l say, "no vegelables Today," Of people lhal l'd like lo be, Bur lha+'s noi all l'd like lo say. l see myself in a llowing gown, l sink back inlo my easy chair, And upon my head lhere sils a crown. And inlo space, l sir and glare: The doorbell rings, l iump wilh a slarl: l lhink ol Things l planned l'o do: My visions are broken, and so is my hearlg Wilh day dreaming sadly l'm lhrough. 4 Audrey Van Dine, lv1l.Vernon-IA Mt. Vernon Literature OUR AMERICAN INDIANS Although we people living in this day and age think some European rulers are cruel and heart- less when they step into some small detendless country, we must look back and see what some ot our ancestors did to the Indians who lived in this wondertul land long betore white men knew it existed. Our earliest settlers managed to make triends with these so-called savages and were able to buy the land trom the Indians tor a tew kegs ot rum and some worthless old beads. Naturally the Indians knew no better and thought they were only letting the white men rent the ground to hunt on the same as they had done. As immigration increased the tarther west the Indians were pushed. The Indians knew by this time that the Pale Face, the name Indians knew the white men by, were trying to get their hunt- ing ground and kill all their animals. Many heartless battles took place between the white people and the Indians. The Indians were, ot course, tighting tor what really belonged to them while the white men were tighting to get more land and to immigrate tarther west. While pioneers and the tirst settlers in the West were on their way most ot these gruesome battles took place. The tighting odds were always about three whites to every six Indians. The Indians' method ot killing these people was horritying and heartless tor they used a little hatchet and took the scalps oti. During the Revolutionary War the British Army paid the Indians tor bringing White Men's scalps to the trading posts. These things went on tor many years. Though today our Indians are now peacetul, lwe still see the Indians being transterred trom one reservation to anotherl, many are making very worthwhile citizens in our tair land. Some own rich oil tields in the West, and these tribes are making very large incomes. Still others are educating their people to the best ot their ability. The American Indian, in my estimation, could be one ot our most tavorable United States citizens. Ellen Mc Connachie, Mt. Vernon-IA WILD FOLKS SHOW US UP A robin red, a bluebird blue, I saw trom bedroom window, They looked at me and seemed to say, "Clean-up, clean-up, this lovely day.." A gray-brown squirrel looked out at them From its nest in tall oak tree, l'Ie got a brush and said, "Chee, Cheef' Then cleaned-up merrily. 5 A rabbit turry looked at the tlurry, Ot workers cleaning-up. I'Ie went to work like a terrible Turk And cleaned-up 'stead ot being a shiek. The moral ot this, dear readers all, lI'm sure you see it.l It wild tolk clean-up without a grunt, Why can't we clean-up trom back to tront? William Schwartz, Mt. Vernon-I B MY WAY TO BETTER GRADES When I tirst thought ot attending high school, I began to think ot my older sister's work, which to me, looked very hard. I began to be atraid that I would not be able to do the work, so I decided always to listen to everything the teacher told us and always to do my homework. The tirst tew weeks I never spoke to any ot my classmates while in class tor tear the teacher would lower my mark. When I received my course book, I tound all my marks were high, so I guess the best way to get good marks is to be atraid that you will tail. Betty Hughes, Mt. Vernon-IB AT RIVERVIEW PARK A roaring and a clanging greeted us as we walked into the park. Screams ot tright tilled the air as the bobs tlew down the hill: men, begging the public to buy, shouted the price ot their rides. Our tirst ride was called the Blue Streak: and as we went up the hill, it seemed that everyone had diminished in size down below. Down the hill we tore at a territic speed, our heads went back and torth: then another climb and a still deeper downward iourney. With a gasp we got ott the cars and went in search ot another thrilling ride. In Aladin's castle we walked through a rolling barrel, slid down a tlight ot rollers and bumped into seemingly solid walls. Atter lunch we went on the Greyhound. Time atter time we took this same ride: although it wasn't quite as thrilling, it was resttul. Each time we battled tor a tront seat, and later we tound to our dismay the back was tar better: At about tour in the atternoon we rode in a round car in which as many children as possible were squeezed. Ribbon," back around a turn This ride was called, "The Blue and torth we were ioltedg then and we were iostled out into the waiting crowd. Soon the noise ot the atternoon died down, and some ot the rides had stopped. Reluctantly we walked to the street car with an adventurous atternoon to remain as a memory. Juanita I-Iagenbirg, Mt. Vernon-IA I i if A . 4 E Nik?" A Y 'c ',-' , 'NE 1.12,-1 K M k ,N .tafi ,,.ff'Lf?!,K,, 1 ' X f Q it jlfi, M f ,gy ' V. Ltfffifizh- X 2 . r wig'-'-' 1- . if . w ,T ,Ur Q 155- 1 ...,.f'a' Y 'I x "YQ 7' xg""i f 'Jil' ' - ' 'ST 375 mv ff . 1, ' , If ' - ' Si? SEW55 . . -.4Qi:f- NN K 5 Vg? Lf ,ff 5' ififiii wrkflxx. I5 - Y ,iff ' X ' ,Q R ,X J. '33 -'wg V H . U Sli -V. .I A-,A . -5,5 7,74 'N fr" 3 . 'nfiii' t,.i,1,:'iX, J, K . A 1 ' 2-, . pw!! L.kL I Y 1 ,Af Hg g f 3 , W -1 . gy it 5 3' W' 1 f izlshf wil 4 Af 755324: Q K-, -- 1- M- , L . -vf -:s 1, K--W .P Y, H - A "ww 'gm Bib ' " ' ?' K' 'gf'it:'L if ug- If , . DX 'viii Q ' 'W"'3"w ft 5-54?f-4" - 228' -A A mai , 34 1-s'j? ?4,,g 'Aff ,fi b, Qin? "' 1 , f w AL, Q Ngggfw h-..- 1 V ' f. - . K - ,, , may , . ,, ' L ,hfflggm-A - - ,rw .X7 K ' 7 -LQ Q E?-,?T.:':'-v. 11 f . u . gg, - '74 U ' Q . ,f 1, .vi , I Kit' gffgvagy--' M' -Ny X Q xx ,V- ww "", , QQ 'J' f-'W' V Q 'A Q51 I f7'h"'P1r. ' flf.44.'. 2-1-Sw 1 -flw - TJ . y--J v-' 5 4 wi ,f A ,. 1 ' 7. gg5W?:Ea"""" A ii Jie ' : I "-1, Wijg "WH-gm . R ' 2 . x ' ' , . X 132' U: " if , 1, ,Q Q fi f,1"'gxgTQ?g' fieffrb if-M wg , M wi W ilk' X ,:'E?1A ' ' " .1 4 A ' f S ' " 5 a ,, f , ' . .Q 'X Q, 1 A: -L ff ia? . w V ,gh ' MF iw 1, T l ., , -- X ., -f '- ' ' 1 wh- - M -- K1 ' ' " ' , , " , lf. g I 4 . ' ' - ' gif' . .' ' , -gf,-'J .at ' ' . .,'U1..,. .. 2 -I , . -' f ' : f:".'4 .1 '. .. A 1. :f 1 57, - ,slb ' ' ' ' ' " ' ., , . Eff F fil 1? X H091 "WITH THE SPORTSMEN" The Indian ,boy was a prince oT The wilderness. He believed in physical perTecTion aTTainabIe Through TeaTs oT hunTing, chase, and sporT. All oT These were oT a sTrenuous naTure, which ac- counTed Tor his hardiness and perTecTion oT limb. "Skilled was he in sporTs and pasTimes: In The merry dance oT snowshoes, In The play oT quoiTs and ball play: Skilled was he in games oT hazard, In all games oT skill and hazard." Song of H iawazha-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW Embodied Today in American sporTs and games is The same TundamenTaI ideal oT personal heaITh in which The Indian had TaiTh. Our presenT day public school sysTern oT aThIeTics is an example oT This. Boys AThIeTic AssociaTion Since only a reIaTiveIy small number oT boys in a large school are able To parTicipaTe in The main inTer-schoIasTic sporTs evenTs oT The season, an organizaTion such as The B.A.A. aTTords an excellenT opporTuniTy To The remaining number OT boys in The sTudenT body To parTicipaTe in all games and evenTs iT sTages. Under The guidance OT Mr. Young, soTTbaII, volleyball, baskeTball, and Touch-TooTbaII games are held wiTh The various division room Teams piTTed againsT one anoTher. All These evdTTs are enjoyed and all are looked Torward To by The boys. WresTIing Two oT The Red and Greens maTmen, under The coaching OT Mr. Palmer, enTered The ciTy- wide wresTIing meeT and emerged vicTorious. These boys are John D'AngeIo, who capTured second place in The nineTy-Tive pound division, and Gene Pederson, who became masTer oT The one hundred sevenTy-Tive pound class by deTeaT- ing all comers Tor TirsT place. OT These Two, only D'AngeIo is eligible Tor nexT season's Team. BaskeTbaII The Junior baskeTball Team, Ied by CapTain VicTor Verkinder, ToughT iTs way Through a Tough schedule To close The season wiTh a Tinal counT oT Tour wins and Tour losses. Hard playing on The parT OT such boys as R. Brown, P. Pena, J. Boand, M. Mullen, E. Dobrinski, A. Karas, and H. Richel helped The Team reach The poinT achieved. The graduaTion oT G. Buckley in February was a de- cided blow To The Team. Had he been in There, The Team would have Tinished much higher in sTanding. The ouTlook Tor nexT year is very prom- ising because oT The reTurn oT 6 leTTermen and The Tollowing reserve members: D. Massoglia, R. Ulrich, R. CosTaIunga, C. Mulka, and C. Slager. V. Verkinder and M. Mullen are The only Team members graduaTing in June. 0 Our Senior Team had a greaTer amounT oT suc- cess Than any previous senior guinTeT had aT Fenger Tor The pasT Tiveyears. This season, Though aTTaining buT Three wins and Tive losses, They have been looked upon more as a challenger Than as a mere conTender, because many oT Their losses were by slighT margins. CapTain E. SchuberT, A. Marsch, E. SuperiTs, J. Lyon and R. Kwoka, will noT be wiTh us nexT year, buT wiTh players like J. Kuzmanik, W. Crummie, A. Crum- mie, J. McCIinTock, B. Rayhill, and M. RadTke, reTurning'in SepTember, our prospecTs Tor a s+iII beTTer showing can be looked Torward To. Tennis This season's squad oT "rackeTeers" represenT- ing Fenger are, as previous Teams have been, under The coaching oT Mr. WaITer Sampson. This season sees The reTurn oT such veTerans as Berg- sTrom, Cuzner, and Howes, each of whom was in compeTiTion IasT year. The Tinal Team is composed of Two singles, a double, and a Tew subsTiTuTes. Tennis may noT require The brawn oT TooTbaII and heavyweighT wresTIing, buT iT does combine The speed' and sTamina of baskeTball wiTh The muscular co-ordinaTion oT swimming and The alerT- ness oT baseball. IT is an ideal sporT Tor any aTh- IeTicaIIy inclined boy or girl. Swimming While Fenger's swimmers have seT no records This pasT season, The year has seen The develop- ing and improving oT all The mermen, Thus mak- ing The soIuTion To The puzzle oT nexT year's Team clearer and brighTer. Mr. KnighT has greaT hopes Tor all The boys, some oT whom are Hines, Zilis, Purdy, Krieg, and SmiTh. WiTh The reTurn of boys such as These, plus new maTeriaI, The nexT, Fenger FIeeT should Ii+eraIIy "sweep The seas." Baseball A The baseball Team oT I94-O, wiTh reTurning IeT- Termen like CapTain H. Richel, L. Pelz, J. Kred- ens, R. Kwoka, and T. Chud, give cause To Iook Torward To a successTuI season. WiTh J. Genis, W. Wallis, D. GriTTin, and H. STevenson, oT TooT- ball Tame Tilling The gaps IeTT Through graduaTion IasT year., our Team was TurTher. sTrengThened. Members oT IasT year's sophomore baseball Team -E. Dreger, G. Carli, R. Brown, E. Dobiniski, and The Crummie broThers, have made The compeTi- Tion Tor posiTions on This year's Team very keen. WhaT is known as a home and home schedule was played wiTh The Tollowing Teams in This order- Hirsch, CaIumeT, Hyde Park, Harper, Morgan Park, Bowen, and IasTIy Parker. Theboys are under The supervision oT Mr. Dixon. I PeTer Ta nis-4A BOYS' BOWLING CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Young TOP ROW: Slebos, Lewis, Blurnm, Dzimidas, BreiTzman, Osfer- berg, Tullgren, Pavlak, Bence. SECOND ROW: Trainor, Pro- kop, Van Tongeren, Boand, Allen, Prifchard. BOTTOM ROW: Erickson, Markel, Wallis, Price, Vander Ploeg, Derrico, Sonne- veld, Buchholz. BOYS' BOWLlNG CLUB If you wanT To see some real.acTion and Thrills, go down To The Palace Bowling Alley any Fri- day aTTernoon and waTch Fenger's Bowling Team hiT The old head pin. There are TorTy boys in The clulo making eighT Teams. You'll see The looss, oTherwise known as Mr. Young, walking around coaching The Tellows and adding up Their scores. The boys noT only receive bowling shirTs, l::uT also There are a number oT prizes given each year, aT a large loanqueT held aT The STevens l'loTel, To ouTsTanding bowlers. So drop around some Fri- day and waTch This TascinaTing sporT. B. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Sponsor: Mr. Young Teacher: Mr. Young TOP ROW: Wall, Weidle, SchmidT, Thomas, Osferberg, Bar- wegan, Sfryke, SmiTh, Gardener. SECOND ROW: Douglas, WrighT, Swanson, Filzone, OrTinau, Duorscek, Boyle. BOTTOM ROW: Schubert Johnson, HiTTle, Kereakus, Mineruino, Cor- win, RooTh, Rayhill. 'aes- me S T A ri Oh! What a "racket"! PicTured here are Those Two boys who carried The red and green OT Fenger inTo The ciTy wresTling Tinals: They are John D'Angelo, beTTer known as The BanTam Bruiser-who Tips The scales aT 95 pounds and aT The opposiTe end oT The dial Gene Peder- son, who weighs a mere I75 pounds. D'Angelo will be able To wresTle under Fenger's colors nexT season louT Pederson will noT be qualiTied. The swimming Team was noT phoTographed in Time enough To allow idenTiTicaTion. The Team is shown here in a Tull group and all The swimmers are presenT. They are under Mr. KnighT's direcTion and have shown greaT possibiliTies. The Baseball Team is enjoying a very successTul season. IT is perhaps The sTrongesT Team Fenger has produced in many years. Mr. "Dimmy" Dixon is Coach. fini GIRL Jennie Fanizza Presideni' Connie Lucas Secrefary Lois Reimann Treasurer 6.A.A. Like The Indian Maidens who enjoyed many col- orful social aTlairs, The girls oT The G.A.A. held deIighTTuI social Tunclrions-a ST. PaTricIc's Dance, a Baby Doll ParTy, and a Leap Year Dance which were immensely enioyed by The aTTending G.A.A. members. These dances were arranged by The G.A.A. oTlicers, Jennie Fanizzo, presidenT: Lois Reimann, Treasurer: and Connie Lucas, secreTary: LETTER GIRLS Sponsor: Miss Bulger PresidenT: Madge Vander Mey TOP ROW: Munz, Chukwins, Jacob, Dandy, I-IoIsT, Selby, Lurba, Muszynski, Boughan: SECOND ROW: Norfon, WesT- wafer, SchroTh, Drapal, DiTTgen, Sfreelman, Geiger, Biegel. BOTTOM ROW: Sharkev, Carr, Kohnke, Lees, Lund, Vander Mey, Bolhuis, Mengel, Polley. THLETI ASSOCI T10 under The guidance oT Miss Kaihryn Bulger, spon- sor oi The G.A.A. WiTh The persisTence oT The G.A.A. represenTaTives, The membership drive nearly reached one hundred per cenT. Apprecia- Tion is exTended To Miss Bulger, Mrs. MaTThews, Mrs. KiTzmiIIer, Miss Gardener, and Mrs. Maurer Tor The advice and enThusiasm They have shown This organizaTion of aThIeTic-minded girls. Mary Carr-4A G. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Sponsor: Miss Bulger President Jennie Fanizzo TOP ROW: McDonald, LaRoche, Lockwood, Muskievicz, Men- eghen, Biro, Thompson, Richards, GoeTz, Wahlgren, Boand, GiIchrisT, Zoranfenelfo, Yampolsky. SECOND ROW: Medell, Rickhoff, Piehl, Williford, Sankowski, Bonaparie, Telega, Fon- Tano, Lipke, Torkelson, Keeley, Norman, Vecch. BOTTOM ROW: MaTThews, PieTTe, Rychly, G-Ion, Kachigian, Wagner- Beclc, Cook, SmiTh, Ellis. H141 ' GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB Sponsor: Miss Gardener IOP ROW: Thompson, Raff, PoT- Ter, Marcazlia, Hayden, ShuperT, Gasper, Sidler, Vander Mey, Risk, TrenTon. SECOND ROW: ToTh, Fiddelke, KraTushek, Rolando, Myslinski, AnasTon, Baldi, Macres, Rossi, Devin. THIRD ROW: Her- man, Schroeder, HunTar, Rad- clifTe, MinirTh, Leihy, Vandere warf, Holsf, Dickinson, Erickson. BOTTOM ROW: Geary, VerTach, Anderson, KosTer, Koey, Daphus, Berner, Van Dyke, Calzia, STauTz. LETTER GIRLS Led by Madge Vander Mey, The LeTTer Girls added housework To Their curiculum This semesTer. Having compleTed The TransTormaTion OT The drab healTh room inTo a cheery and colorTul club room, The girls musT now keep iT neaT and clean by Tre- quenTly TlirTing The broom and TeaTher dusTer. The Selby Tamily graciously presenTed a plaque marking The dedicaTion oT This room To Mrs. Jessie Anderson. The Indian devoTed mosT OT his liTe To The ouT-oT-doors and proved To be very healThy. Possibly in unconscious copying OT The Indian, The LeTTers Girls held roller skaTing parTies, weenie roasTs, and hikes To mainTain Their healThy bodies. This semesTer The girls were under The excellenT leadership To Miss KaTherine Bulger. Carol Lees-4A LETTER GIRLS Sponsor: Miss Bulger PresidenT: Madge Vander Mey TOP ROW: Wieringa, Carey, Fanizzo, Preuss, Maurer, Luede- king, Lowe, Nolan, Geary. SECOND ROW: Kelliher, Ausher- man, Novello, ToTh, Sparrow, Hawkins, HaTfield, Dal SanTo. BOTTOM ROW: Weber, Gibson, Reimann, Lund, Vander Mey, Bohuis, Mengel, Bishfon, Shilling. GIRL'S BOWLING CLUB "ln The play oT quoiTs and ball play Skilled was he in games oT hazard." Song of H iawatha-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW The Indians, when They were children, spenT much oT Their Time in playing games. JusT so do The girls oT Fenger who are members oT The Bowling Club. Under The sponsorship oT Miss Gardner These girls learn To bowl correcTly, and aTTer bowling Tive lines They receive Their G.A.A. bars. When The semesTer ends They are so skill- Tul and inTeresTed in The game ThaT They cannoT give iT up. I'IarrieT Narodowski-4A G. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Sponsor: Miss Bulger PresidenT: Jennie Fanizzo TOP ROW: Gwizdalski, Cavada, Dyalen, Beckman, Preuss, Cook, MaTushek, Swanson, Wadiak, Skocypec, Roncagline, Franczak, Rossi, Dramisino, Herman, Omochowski. SECOND ROW: Collins, STomp, Lackenberg, Nelson, Slusarczyk, Grohnke, Gonzalez, SaTay, Ulrich, Parker, Lang, Burgwald, HarTsfield, Markus, Zakarian, Brady. BOTTOM ROW: Fanizzo, Lucas, Reimann, Hynko, Baciewicz, Bisgarcl, Davis, Mrya, Anderson, Viberg, Simonelis, Kilmer. RT U CO ER H AND EEN QU AY M 0. .96 -CJ? '-C TE LD C E: as EU: IL .:'C C Em 'D Cn.. .D may cm un.: .1 SEE fro 41:0 ua fl 2419 .':-E .CD um.: Um .n E2 foo C.- ,UP 4- CL fi.: 20 C .-. may .53 P2 .,u. 0 .EC was .545 E3 fur- . Dy U gc Orc MZ 'llil Im LD: ,xo- OS :Za ILE may ..1n. . E 40 un 0 C U' .2 P Doris French and TIN6 ARE- 'I U7 LU an O I r- YWZMZ mf, Mmm! le H171 Swv? SW ALPHA TRI HI-Y Sponsor: Miss Blachley FIRST ROW: Miss Blachley. SEC- OND ROW: Johnson, Seymour, BooTh, Selby. THIRD ROW: Farris, R. Janac, E. Janac, Knudson. FOURTH ROW: Ermoian, DiTTgen, George, I-leimann, Lewin, Akerman. FIFTH JAM ORCHESTRA "The jim, iam, iump is The iumpin' iive! Come on, gang, in The groove!" These and oTher swing Time exclamaTions, reminding one oT "whooping" Indians, may be heard almosT any day in The weelc when passing The audiTorium or "Jam" room. This new and exTremely enTerTaining or- ganizaTion is made up OT TiTTeen FengeriTe Tune swingsTers. The club also boasTs oT Two girl vo- ConTinued on Page l28 ROW: Gibney, Lucas, Boand, Schmiedl, Schneider, Erickson, De- vin. SIXTH ROW: Huber, Orum. Baornker, NeidhardT, GusTafson, Evans, Bellus, Palmer, Snow, Klaris.. TOP ROW: BishTon, Bergner, Higgins, Wierserna, J. Schilling, Johnson, MeTz- Icer, Horne, M. Schilling, Vanderwarf, Kane, Reirnann. ALPHA TRI-HI-Y BeTore an Indian brave could become a real warrior in his Tribe, he Tound iT necessary To learn To obey, and also To show abiliTy To lead. These gualiTies musT be possessed by each girl oT The Alpha chapTer oT Tri Hi Y Tor she musT prove her abiliTy in boTh capaciTies. ln This organizaTion Shirley Seymour was elecTed To serve as leader and presidenT oT The ConTinued on Page l4l JAM CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Russell Leader: Lee Anderson In This picTure are: Friedsam Sonneweld, Sanders, Van Dyke Skocgh, AndreaTTa, Dempsey King, Nigro, Ulrich, STewarT Pazarskas, Bond, WesTerhof'f, An derson. IH81 BETA TRI-HI Y Sponsor: Miss Deane TOP ROW: Williford, Dempsey, Adams, HamilTon, Beckler, Polley WicksTrom, Naver, Ausherman, Carr Vanderlee, SECOND ROW: Luede king, ModesTow, Lowe, Holsf, Cooper, NorTh, Miller, KenworThy, Wehling Burgwald. THIRD ROW: Horn, Mag liocco, Mead, GoeTz, Graberi, Sid ler, Howard, Allison. FOURTH ROW NorTon, STreeIman, Hawkins, Lucas Brza, Lynch. FIFTH ROW: Sharkey Jaax, Zurek, Hornaday. SIXTH ROW Muszynski, Englin, Zeigler, Weber BOTTOM: Miss Deane. BETA-TRI-Hl-Y. SADDLE CLUB "All your sTrengTh is in your union, "OT all beasTs he learned The language, All your danger is in discord: Learned Their names and all Their secreTs." ThereTore be aT peace henceTorward." Song of Hiawatha-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW Song of H iawarha-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW . . By learning Their secreTs, names, and language Realizing The imporTance oT union The BeTa The Indians came To undersTancl The animals. - Tri-Hi-Y is organized as an naTion-wide league. The members oT The Saddle Club cerTainly are ConTinued on Page I4-l ConTinued on Page l28 SADDLE CLUB Sponsors: Miss De Haan and Mr. Koedyker Boys' President ClayTon WalDP!e Girls' PresidenT: MarTha Schilling In This picfure are: Kramer, Zion- chech, Kilroy, Walpole,.J. .Schil- Iing, VeensTra, Giles, Nicola, De- vine, Selby, VelT, NanTeIdT, Ger- lofson, Robb, Ball, Graffon. O'Brien, Burnham, Erickson, Berg- ner, Newfon, Cox, ModesTow, Seefeldf, Smifh, Snow, MaTushek, Sidler, Frew Boand, M. Schilling. ' YYY, .4 ARCHITECTURAL CLUB The need oT archiTecTure, we musT realize, is greaT. NOT only does iT make homes a saTe and suiTable place To live in, buT iT adds beauTy To everyThing one is inspired To look aT. Some oT our mosT modern buildings oT Today were in The process oT evoluTion cenTuries ago. An example oT This is The similariTy oT The Pueblo sTrucTures To The modern aparTmenT. Any person inTeresTed in archiTecTure has no diTTiculTy in admiring boTh phases oT iT, The pasT and The presenT. This club, sponsored by Mr. Koerner, meeTs ConTinued on Page l28 ARCHITECTURAL CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Koerner TOP ROVV: Rossi, Baffo, C-bur, I-larler, OsTman, Abbedufo, Alfano, Tingala. THIRD ROW: BarTfay, De BarToloTed, Melc- Zer, WeqhTman, Pelzman, Pilzone. SECOND ROW: Miller, Cassano, Frank, Dahlke, Kender, Calabrese. BOTTOM ROW: Toczyl, Morrison, Daring, Masoglia, Golio, Pefrone. TRAVEL CLUB Sponsor: Miss Balhouse President Arlene Rasmussen TOP ROW: Spivak, Wadiak, Skoe- ypec, Podlicke, Pudik, CosTalungo, Clausing, Bierma, Kucinskas, SchulTz, Narodowski. SECOND ROW: Rickman, Ellis, Vander Meer, Olson, Michalski, Chin, Ka- pusTa, I-IaTTield. BOTTOM ROW: Godshall, l-lull, MaTThews, Miss Balhouse, Ellis, Middendorf, Pa- Tronik, Magnuson. TRAVEL CLUB "So he iourneyed wesTward, weslward LeTT The TleeTesT deer behind him." Song of H iawazlza-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW The Travel Club members, like The American Indians, roam near and Tar gaining knowledge and experience. The members have visiTed vari- ous places oT inTeresT in Chicago such as The WGN BroadcasTing STaTion, STeel Mills, Mars Candy FacTory, and ChinaTown. The hay ride and annual picnic are aTTairs ThaT all members do Their besT To aTTend. ConTinued on Page l28 DRAMA CLUB Sponsor: Miss Conners TOP ROW: RosseTTi, STewarT, LanTz, Robinson, Ackerman, Johnson, Gerlofson, Grimm, Meyerchick, Jemiola. SECOND ROW: Lund, Zurek, Vander Meer, Hager, Farris, Johnson, Burnham. BOTTOM ROW: Hansen, Sharpe, Briggs, Bud- zinski, Peacock, Gibson, McGovern, STryk, Reedy. O 4' TRAVEL CLUB Sponsor: Miss Balhouse Presidenl: Arlene Rasmussen TOP ROW: Schuelz, Slroiny, Hull, Lucchine, Hedberg, Canalini, Middenolorl, Den Beslen, Groncki, Groncki. SECOND ROW: Pierzoa, Cilladino, Bauer, Weber, Reis- bich, Kaiser, Robb, De Vries. BOTTOM ROW: Gundberg, Mich- alski, Kemperman, Rasmussen, Malcolm, Burgwald, Johnson, Han- son. DRAMA CLUB FENGER FORUM "Clad in all lheir richesl raimenl Robes ol lur and bells ol wampum, Splendid wilh lheir painl and plumage Beaulilul wilh beads and lassels." Song of H iawathagHENRY W. LONCFELLOW When lhe lndians donned lheir make-up and lheir linery, il meanl lhal a dance or some olher ceremony would lollow. So, loo, wilh our Fenger Drama Club. When ils members apply lhe grease painl and coslumes, il means lhal a new pro- duclion is lo be sel lorlh. Conlinued on Page l28 FENGER FORUM Sponsor: Miss McParllin Presidenl: Edward Hagen TOP ROW: Waqenhals, Mayes, Kondralh, Bennell, Magnusen, Hupp, Simner, Palronik. SECOND ROW: B. Arguilla, Pamm- ler, L. Arquilla, Anderson, Lind, Poller, Hayden, Jankum, Burnham. THIRD ROW: Waller, Raplzian, M. Hagen, Long, Ellis, Chin, Farris, Rolando, Hammerle, Caruso, Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Gepharl, Bimrose, E. Hagen, Van Dyke, Brun- elli, Thorp, Hardy. "Palma non sine Pulvere"-"No Reward wilh- oul an Ellorln is lhe mollo ol l:enger's aclive Lalin Club. This semesler's group has enlorced lhis slogan more lhan ever because ol ils new posilion in lhe Junior Classical Sociely ol llli- nois. Wilh lhe eleclion ol lwo Fengeriles lo nol- able posilions in lhis organizalion, lhe Forum has reached new heighls in lhe promolion ol lhe sludy ol Lalin. During Lalin Week ol lhis semesler, lhe club presenled a real Roman Wedding lo which were Conlinued on Page l28 DRAMA CLUB Sponsor: Miss Conners Presidenl: Thurman Graflon TOP ROW: Sherman, Lockwood, Cox, Conrad, Farrar, Beck, Bolhuis, Finnel, Arquilla, Boedeker, Hills. SECOND ROW: Skelley, Macres, Frew, Heusley, Pillacora, Cooper, Nydam, Dekker, Rickman. BOTTOM ROW: Bimrose, Gepharl, Bellus, Grallon, Jaax, Sidler, Van Swoll, Marchiando, Pielle. 2 l l ASTRONOMY CLUB-Righf Teacher: Mr. Mumford TOP ROW: McNally, Easiwood, Klaris, Dalion, Reifman Loiv. SECOND ROW: Sherrill, Koedyker, Meorano, Will son, Hochberg, Mr. Mumford. THIRD ROW: Pochoan, Claney, Frank, Srryk, Rickman, Thorp. Teacher: Mr. Sykes TOP ROW: Forrnosa, Sykes, Bonomo, Christian, Fischer, DEBATING CLUB-Lefr Teacher: Miss Connor Leader, Audrey Sidler TOP ROW: Hagen, Van Swol, Kaiser, Peach. SECOND ROW: Sfryk, Peacock, Long. THIRD ROW: Levin, Hills, Marchiando, Sidler, Zurek. STAMP CLUB-Lei? Teacher: Mr, Smiiier Pres.: Waller Andrews In This piciure are: Dvorscek, Schoenau, Schneider, Van Dam, Kaprelian, Tackes, Anderson, Vlasis, Feuillan, Heisler, Koedyker, Reifrnan, Zachacz, Andrews, Maffhews. AVIATION CLUB-Riqhf Teerlink, Soclenfion, Thomason. SECOND ROW: Filzone, ,W Czaczka, Schneider, Johnson, Faber, Wise, Cross. THIRD Thompson, Turiurillo, Pacini, Kuciensl-ci, Slorako, i narns. FOR WRITE-UPS ON DEBATING, ASTRONOMY, STAMP, AND AVIATION, SEE PAGE I27 rizzi Teacher: Xchlre are: W S Hunter. H' Errcksorlr DRUM AND BUGLE4Below Teacher: Mr. Burnham TOP ROW: Rosser, Sullivan, Kelliher, Acherman, Dellosa, Siernsen, Robinson, Dalfon. SECOND ROW: Teerlink, Vander Meyde, Rausher, Maieski, Corcoran, Lucas, Bodnar, Berrok. THIRD ROW: Geiger, Trenfon, Ulrich, Vander Mey, Eellerhoff, Grohnke, Kesler, Buwalda. O-UB,g1qh'f Donard l-lull NANO Pres- . l Hu Mrs Olala Noble. Conslallilleglli Flank' nfs P Mal V' 'r'. Ame gckmlanUll?Sl'lldOl2ilnQmG. Plopa l . l 5 igiisllssramofl- lone WESTERN RAM BLERS-Above M r. Trimble GERMAN BAN D-Lefl Serqeanr Robinson I I Leader, Emil Nigro TOP ROW: Bond. Johnson, Nigro. SECOND ROW: Ulrich, Kausrud, Sou' kup, Sanders. Leader, Eleanor Szlaga TOP ROW: Vesinli, Berg, Kasewicz, Szlaga, Calzia. SECOND ROW: Andrealla, Arie, Coverl, Bruno, Thompson. THIRD ROW: Qarello, Bohr, Swanson, Busoid. FOURTH ROW: Dempsey, Zakarian, Rolando, Dannenhold, Baldn, Jones, FOR WRITE-UPS ON DRUM 81 BUGLE. PIANO. GERMAN BAND, AND WESTERN RAMBLERS, SEE PAGE l27 H231 SPANISH CLUB Sponsor: Miss Owens President Virginia Anlanilis BOTTOM ROW: Koedylfer, Cook, Pessefro, Miss Owen, fifllflllli, Weiss, Rosinski, Erickson. SECOND ROW: Hughes, Zam- ban, Bonaparfe, Snow, Srewarl, Kozlowskas, Mihalko, Mala- Icowski, Grax Dempsey. TOP ROW: Dvorscek, Borian, Feifman, Filelci, Mogren, Lochf, Newlon, McGraw, Moody, rainon. FENCING CLUB Only once his pace he slaclcened, Paused lo purchase heads of arrows OI Ihe ancienr arrow-malcer. Song of H iawazha-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW Inslead ol using arrows, Ihe young people ol Fenger use foils: nor for hunling, or war as did Hiawalha, buf in developing a slrong body and heallhy mind. Conlinued on Page I28 MATH CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Schuessler TOP ROW: Marsch, De Young, Thompson, Zullo, Sfone, Clemenl, Schilling, Wagenhals. SECOND ROW: Selby, De- sidero, C-erlofson, Bouqhan, Keller. THIRD ROW: C-Iockson, Palromke, Peach, Murphy, Burgess, Schmidf. MATH CLUB The Maya Indians wilh 'rheir greal ingenuily for marhemalics and greal abiliry ro deal wilh complicaled lracrions ser a good example for all Marh Club members when Ihey hir upon a hard Conlinued on Page IZB EL ESPANOL CLUB Srudenls ol Spanish, loving Ihe "Language ol Romance," meer 'rwico a monlh Io Iurlher lheir inlreresls. These sluclcnls srudy aboul Ihe Mayan Conlinued on Page I28 FENCING CLUB Sponsor: Mr. TOP ROW: Maqioffo, Osferberg, Pacini, Maggiollo, Grafton, McDonald, Sullivan, Siell, Marlcley, Melleni, Kelliher, Chin, Frigo, Benton, Gardner, Turlurillo. SECOND ROW: Bona- parle, Napoli, Ballrukus, Conrad, Czyz, Gerlikas, Kadzi- Young dawski, Frigo, Borfolami, Boriolami, McDonald, Parker, Maqer. BOTTOM ROW: Sreurer, Gergely, Deroos, Oedzes, Barish, Mamovich, Hagen, Eperjesi, Klezynski, Burnham, Re' ordon. JUNIOR CITIZEN Two good Triends had I-IiawaTha, Singled Trom all The oTher, Bound To whom he gave The righT hand OT his hearT, in ioy, and sorrow. Song of H iawazha-HENRY W. LONGFELLOW The Indian Tribes Trom The norTh, souTh, easT, and wesT came To one greaT meeTing place and There heId ceremonies and dances, making Triends wiTh Their TeIIow men. In Fenger we have accom- plished The purpose OT This oId Indian cusTom Through The Junior CiTizens' CIub. This club aTFords an opporTuniTy Tor The sTu- denTs To become greaTer Triends wiTh Their TeIIow sTudenTs. IT has become a TradiTion aT Fenger To be a member oT The Junior CiTizens and enjoy The sTudenT social IiTe iT oTTers under The spon- sorship oT genial Mr. I-Ieloer I-Iays. ConTinued on Page I28 I II25I JUNIOR CITIZENS L-. All- PIANO CLUB AlThough The music rendered by The Piano Club never sounds any+hing like an Indian war- dance, They do have Their moods. The purpose oT The club is To adhere To The musical Teeling and TasTe oT every member so classical numbers are also exquisiTely rendered and each and every member Tries his besT To TransmiT his apprecia- Tion and inTerpreTaTion oT The works oT The greaT composers. The club also enables members To produce dueTs which insures a delighTTul pasT- Time Tor all. Anyone knowing how To play The piano will Tind himselT quiTe aT home in This group. Mrs. Oiala is The cIub's presenT sponsor. Nancy Lee Tucker-4A ASTRONOMY CLUB Seven liTTle Indian boys, who used To dance every nighT around one oT Their singing Triends, were Torbidden To have a big TeasT. ThaT nighT as They danced To TorgeT Their sadness, They Tlew up in The sky and became The seven sTars Torming The dipper. Though we do noT believe The legends, we sTill have an inTeresT in sTars. Mr. MurnTord's asTronomy club oTTers a Tine oppor- TuniTy Tor young asTronomers. Presiding over The group are PresidenT Lucien STryck and SecreTary Dolores Frank. lnTeresTing Topics such as The shape and moTion oT planeTs and sun spoTs are discussed. DoroThy Burgess-4A STAMP CLUB l-lere we have one oT The oldesT and mosT ac- Tive clubs oT Fenger. This semesTer's STamp Club has TwenTy wide awake sTamp enThusiasTs wiTh WalTer Andrews as presidenT. The old Tamiliar quesTion "Any sTamps To Trade" may be heard Trom This lively group any Time aTTer ninTh period in l3l. During The days oT The Indians, signs were used as idenTiTicaTion, while now we have This group showing Their exhibiTs in The Lions Club I-lobby Show. Members wishing To obTain leTTers musT be members Tor Tour consecuTive semesTers. Mr. SmiTTer, a TaculTy sTamp collecTor, is The sponsor. Marcella Madderom-4A THE AVIATION CLUB Today Tew eagles casT Their shadows across The hunTing grounds oT The American Indians. High powered, meTal birds have Taken Their place and Till The air wiTh a deaTening drone. To keep ahead oT The changing Times The AviaTion Club was organized aT Fenger Tor Those sTudenTs who Take an inTeresT in aviaTion. They are given The opporTuniTy oT sTudying diTTerenT Types oT aircraTT by visiTing such places as The I-loward AircraTT Company, The Municipal Air- porT, and The Rosenwald Museum AircraTT Ex- hibiT. This club TuncTions under The able guidance oT Mr. Sykes. RoberT Ball-4A 7 DEBATING CLUB Sign language probably sTarTed wiTh Kiowas, a Tribe oT Plains Indians, who say almosT all They have To say in ThaT manner. ll:rom American Indians, by Fredrick STarr.l The members oT The DebaTing Club probably wouldn'T make very good Indians, because They do love To Talk. This group was askecl To ioin The lnTerscholasTic I-ligh School DebaTing League and has Talked againsT six schools in The league This season. The Topic oT The debaTes ,was, "Resolved ThaT The Gov- ernmenT should conTrol The Railroad!" The league holds meeTings once a monTh. On April 3, Fenger was The hosT. Under Miss Conner's leadership This club has been making splendid progress. RuTh Keller-4A DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS As The Indians celebraTe Their vicTory by The ever beaTing oT The Tom-Toms, so do our Drum and Bugle Corps wiTh The blending oT The blar- ing bugle and The rhyThmaTic beaTing oT The drums. This group is under The capable leadership oT CapTain William Burnham, who has been Teaching The girls new melodies To spring on The crowd This Tall. For The service They have ren- dered To The school The girls have received em- blems which They are more Than proudly wearing. Drilling and marching This spring has been under The guidance oT SergeanT Robinson and R.O.T.C. cadeTs so by This auTumn The girls will be a more TalenTed group Than They have in The pasT. Viola Sharkey-4A WESTERN RAMBLERS "Ride 'em cowboy!-Show 'em how, boy!" is The song we hear as we wend our way To The "Pow-wow" in room 206. Sure enough, The sighT we behold as we enTer, are The groups oT braves and maidens gaThered 'round Their chieTTain, wa- hooing and singing To The sTrumming oT Their sTringed insTrumenTs. This Tribe is The WesTern Ramblers, who wiTh Their chieT, Eleanor Szlaga, and, Medicine Man, Mr. Neil Trimble, liTT Their voices in a lusTy chorus. Yes, sir-ee! IT iTs a wild and wooly WesTern Time you're craving, iusT come on in, and "Ride lem, cowboy! Yippeelu Naomi Berg-4A GERMAN BAND Under The sponsorship oT SergeanT Robinson, The German Band geTs inTo Tull swing. The club is mosTly made up oT boys Trom The R.O.T.C. Be- cause oT Their love Tor German music, These boys Thoroughly enjoy Themselves. The boys play Tor Their own pleasure. ' ff' T'larrieT Narodowski7!V MATH CLUB-Page I24 problem aT one OT Their meeTings. You may see Them every oTher Wednesday aTTernoOn enjoy- ing a lecTure, parTy, or working OuT a problem. Among oTher Things The Rosenwald Museum and The PIaneTarium have proved boTh heIpTuI and inTeresTing To This group. RequiremenTs Tor ad- miTTance To This club are Two semesTers OT maTh and aT IeasT a "G" average. Mr. Arpee is The new sponsor. BeTTe Boughan-4A FENGER FORUM-Page I2I inviTed The Fenger Branch sTudenTs inTeresTed in LaTin. The OTTicers who so successTuIIy presided The eIevenTh hour every Friday were Edward Hagen -FirsT Consul: BOniTa Bimrose-Second Consul: Duane 6epharT-PraeTOr, Rose Marie BruneTTi- Censorg Isabel Thorpe-QuaesTor, and DorOThy Hardy-Club Musician. VioleT Escarraz-4A JUNIOR CITIZENS-Page I25 Through The iniTiaTive OT iTs Tour OTTicers BerT Becker, presidenT: BeTTy Berg, vice presidenT: Viola Renz, secreTary: Leroy Krause, Treasurer: and iTs energeTic members, The Junior CiTizens have enjoyed The largesT membership in recenT years, yeT iT has reTained iTs vim, vigor, and viTaliTy because OT This coOperaTiOn and suppOrT. BeTTy Higgins-4A DRAMA CLUB-Page I2I A major parT OT This semesTer's acTiviTies was The producTiOn OT a "Clean-up Week" program. This is one OT The ways in which The club is OT service To The school. The man behind The gavel This semesTer was Thurman GraTTon. In his absence, Phillip Sidler presided. Lorraine Jaax had charge OT The rec- ords, while BeTTy Bellus ably handled The Tinances. The programs and socials were The ouTcome OT The eTTOrTs OT Marjorie Van Swol and BeTTy Skelly. VioleT Escarraz-4A JAM CLUB-Page II8 caIisTs and a dancer. An inTeresTing acT was pre- senTed in The Fenger TaIenT Revue. Mr. Russell sponsors This group and believes iT has made and will conTinue TO make a "big hiT" wiTh The sTu- denTs. ROIOerT Berger--4A ARCHITECTURAL CLUB-Page I20 every Friday The TenTh hour. AT This Time They discuss The laTesT developmenTs in The buildings Trade. Besides iTs regular members, Boy ScOuTs working Tor meriT badges in archiTecTure also aTTend These meeTings. Casimir Bierzychudek--4A 8 2B INTERVIEW-Page 8I Swan said, "I Teel very selT-conscious." One-WhO- FainTsj Alice M. Bhioj says she TainTs every Time The Tribal arTisT geTs ready TO draw her picTure. And now ,iT is Time Tor The couriers TO go back To ChieT KuTenas and Tell him all They have heard. So we Take leave OT Them as They journey back To The home OT ChieT KuTenas, Seeker-oT-all- Knowledge. Ed Pavlak-4A , FENCING CLUB-Page I24 Under The leadership OT Mr. Young, sponsor, Julius Barish, President Edward Hagen, Vice PresidenT: ConsTance MamoviTch, SecreTary- Treasurer, The Fencing Club meeTs every Wednes- day aTTernoOn To pracTice The arT OT Tencing. Ed Pavlak-4A EL ESPANOL-Page I24 and AzTec lndians as The Spaniards Tound Them years ago, as well as cusToms "TiesTas," and songs OT modern Spanish speaking Americans. The club receives newspapers Trom Mexico and oTher places in which There are news iTems, jokes, and sTories prinTed in Spanish. Any Tilm concern- ing IiTe in Spain or Spanish America are eagerly sOughT. Heading The club is Virginia AnTaniTis as presidenT, AniTa PesseTTO as secreTary, Mary Bon- aparTe, LesTer Mogren and Adeline Zambon make up The program cOmmiTTee. Miss Cwens is The sponsor. Andy Morrison-4A SADDLE CLUB-Page I I9 succeeding in gaining an undersTanding OT The moods and manners OT horses as riding Through The Trails every week is one OT Their greaTesT joys. The Train OT horses is led by lvIarTha Schilling and assisTed by ClayTOn Walpole, WiniTred Quedensley, Jack Kilroy and Fred Giles, who are The capable oTTicers, while Miss De Haan and Mr. Koedyker are The sponsors. Eleanore GerIOTsOn-4A THE FENGER ADVERTISERS Through drawing and diagrams The Indians showed Their many TradiTions and all imporTanT evenTs jusT as do The AdverTisers OT Fenger Today. This arTisTic group was organized Tor The pur- pose OT bringing The numerous acTiviTies OT Fen- ger To The aTTenTion OT The sTudenTs, and To The people OT The cOmmuniTy. They soon inauguraTed The silk screen process OT prinTing This adverTising maTeriaI. Since SepTember, I938 more Than 20,000 iTems have been prinTed. Members spend many hours each day aT This greaT service work, Their reward being pride in accOmpIishmenT and The learning OT a pracTicaI craTT. HonesTIy inTeresTed and ambiTious sTudenTs will be welcomed. Ted Bollman-4A VE!! T ' ,....L.'IIT"1 Hz M4 nwwiivnwyiliz Wzzihwrfibmdzihfiz 7fm5awf2f H291 ,VLXPWMQO 2 7, jd..-.:..L.QQ,-4:14,-A.4.,,,JQ, ' ,dh-,,.,.,5. IUCSGFJLN'-W A7"""7 7m rf M-Q-qf-ff'ZU0SL'LNEES' S M 1' A-12 ,.,.,c.4:t JL?- Mfwilfi WWW ,gl ,.,f-,lv--w-A-512H"M A:2L.,x,a,,,Q2e.4M,,, ZALL, A-64-.Z'Ronde4ph-+3475-v-A-fifn-7l..,L7 fl'z7QfL'AfN JAAA- we yy!! I Q fn--o 5' . . .4.,6A- A-4 I 0 O ! ' It C1 n Q I , . 1 fee. A 5' i 5 Q ., ' 1 I - Cu., I pan-al I f ' l . 1 . . WMA. i .S fur I 0 E K., a I J I . .ligne X . I sify Atmosphere-Famous for The , , ' ' Iops 3 gi -f' J-0-'J-Fvff 426 L """"'d L 9 D E Gd-vi? f -Bulleiin Free on Requesf i -L 7. 6 K c'0'4"'A',:lO SOLICITORS smnoveo A4"'7 ' . ll i. ichigcn ve e X I Chicago Ol--4.1 - e K 1 L. fn,s-L.. 0-'IJ .. -o-JA 7 J., . A-4-4.4 . u.. 4.4. C' O 1 QW THIS IS THE STUDEBAKER YEAR BUSELAND MOT0ll SALES SALES -:- SERVICE 11200 So. Halsted Street Commodore 0325 I I A I I I ' ' - BUSINESS COLLEGE SUMMER TERM OPENS IUNE 24 HOURS 8:30 A. M. TO hoo P. M. SPECIAL RATES Executive, Secretarial. Accounting and other business and oiiice machine courses. Special finishing course for H. S. graduates who have taken Commercial Course. INTENSIVE, INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION. FREE EMPLOY- MENT SERVICE FOR GRADUATES. BOOKLET ON REQUEST ROSELAND SCHOOL . . . 11324 Michigan Ave. PULLIVIAN B594 DOWNTOWN SCHOOL . . . 37 So. Wabash Ave. PULLMAN 2637 ls3r1 K w Roseland's Largest and Finest Furniture Store HATTUNS MICHIGAN AVENUE AT II2TH PLACE Com. 1322-23 NOVAK REALTY co' ELEVEN-500 SERVICE STATION GAsoL1Nf: - OILS - TIRES REAL ESTATE. LOANS AND INSURANCE GREASING 709 West mth Steel 11500 s. Hcrlsted sneer PULLMAN 0088 PULLMAN 4l.UU Roseland Community Hospital and School for Nurses lllth Street and Perry Avenue Phone Pullman 7800 CHICAGO Roseland Community Hospital School of Nursing is an integral part of the hospital and is under the same governing board. Considering that every facility for the scientific care of the patient is provided, and the experienced and well qualified staff of teachers, the school offers excellent opportunity and experience in surgical, medical, obstetrical, gyne- cological and pediatric nursing. The sole purpose of the school is to prepare young women for the profession of nursing, to develop nurses who will render the best possible service to the patient, the doctor, the community and any institution Where they may be later identified. The school is accredited by the Department of Education and Registration of the State of Illinois. Students are admitted in February and September. N321 'glVATl 5 hw . I I Q: ra' 4 i it' ll l "', 'Nd 'l 9 I o o f acfzazlafua 1 iamm O Md, If you are not placed within thirty days after 4 ha M you graduate from our college, all tuition pay- f 0-yi! Wwhqfw mm ments will be refunded in full. 7LlfZ.a"?0f0M MW co-EDUCATIONAL J UW? -YE ' Only Four-Year High School Graduates Enrolled f . 79th SarnEcINl?c?E'teg7ZlIreets 75th and Exgmlange Avenue F 0 X Secrelarialfolleqe Great Southern Laundry 14-16 WEST l03RD ST. Phone Pullman 8941-42 Soft Water Laundry ALL SERVICES Phone Pullman 0904 Nick Kuehn's Auto Radiator cmd Paint Shop Auto Body, Fenders Repaired 131 East 115th Street O HOME MADEICE CREAM 2 D C R E PHILLIPS FUNERAL HOME A R A Organ and Organist Used in A11 Services 'S KNAP P A I- P PULLMAN 2444-5 Y 2 O N R D E L I C A T E S S E N E 10232-34 Michigan Avenue 1058 W. IOBRD ST. BEV. 2199 H331 VERY FINEST LAUNDERING ODORLESS DRY CLEANING Convenient .'-.' Economical Scientific Methods and Conseientious Attention to Your Individual Laundry and Dry Cleaning Requirements Distinguish- KENNEDY SERVICE PULLMAN 2929 Cleaners' K E N N E ll Laundry COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Sherman's Pharmacy "ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE" CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE SODA Our Founiain Special DELIVERY SERVICE 557 W. 1I5TH ST PHONE PULLMAN 10445 AND IO 6 PHONE PULLMAN 4014 HERBERT MEN'S SHOPS Styles of Today With cr Touch of Tomorrow 11247 S. Michigan Avenue HARRY STEINER, Moncxq N341 Unce Again Your Local T I-I E A T R E S Extend Greetings I MICHIGAN AVE. AT IIOTH PL PARKWAY MICHIGAN AVE. NEAR IIITH STREET ROSELAND ' 645 WEST IZOTH STREET 1 X 41 GBIES for THE BEST IN FLOWERS Home of Brazilian Shower Plant 11110 Wo11c1ce St. Comm. 0187 PULLMAN 2417 .meljs .Beaufy Shoppe ssz wzsr nam smsrr MEL LASS cx-ncAGo, 1LL1No1s MALMSTRONFS I. A. STEFFENS, Prop. CREDIT IEWEI.ERS and OPTOMETRISTS ROSELAND THEATRE BLDG. 11335 S. Michigcm Ave. WITT DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY SODA FOUNTAIN 11012 SO. MICHIGAN AVE. For C1othes With Style go to Nell Reeser ' 11037 MICHIGAN AVE. SCHOOL IEWELRY MANUFACTURED IN CHICAGO by the B. J. HESL C0. MANUFACTURERS OF CLASS RINGS. PINS, MEDALS FRATERNITY AND CLUB PINS TROPHIES AND PRIZE CUPS Where you get the best cmd most for your money Why not give us CI tricrl cmd be convinced B. I. KESL CO. Sth Floor Silversmiths Bldg.. 10 S. Wabash Ave. Phones: Central 4652. Decxrbom 9054 H361 Chicago Colle e of Commerce ENTER ANY MONDAY or ight School Offering Courses in Typewriting, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Comptometry Convenient New Location 6309 Yale Avenue Tel. Wentworth 0994 + Compliments FORD HOPKINS DRUG STORE AND J. 0. P0llHCH HIID CU., Inc. TEA ROOM 337 WEST MADISON STREET ESTABLISHED tooo Q . CLASS RINGS EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS-EXCEPTIONAL VALUES UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED BY CH1CAGO'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF SCHOOL IEWELRY 4 11259 S. Michigan Ave. PULLMAN 1250 Pearson and Nlalstrom ERNEST A. MALMSTROM, Prop. IEWELERS Graduate Optician State Registration No. 1100 Expert Watch and Iewelry Repairing 11340 S. Michigan Ave. EST. 1898 PULLMAN 1541 Compliments of 'Zlowt cvtedflt 121 qovrl with ua." I IIII 3111. M BETTER FURNITURE -SINCE l9l4 11343-5-7 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVE. FURNITURE-BUGS-RADIO-REFRIGERATOES Meet Your Friends at PULmcm 8365 "Wonderful" Shoes 9 JACK 85 JILL F ,Qs C ICE CREAM PARLOR .COAST To COAST., HI1I'l'1" invites you to enjoy Chicoqo's Finest The Felfmqn 6, Curme in Sodcrs, Sundoes, Soft Dmks Shoe Stfris ggmpany I HCOI1 OIC9 Stop in and get acquainted 11133 S. Michigan Ave. 11415 SO. MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILL. PULLMAN 0404 . . Fernwood Men's Sho Harris, Vleth and Worth p 556 W. 103rd ST. R E A L E S T A T E INSURANCE BEVJ243 Open Thurs, and Sct. Eve. CHICAGO PHONE PULLMAN 7920 FRANCES SAVICZ oRoCERY ZORDAN MUSIC HOUSE AND EVERYTHING IN MUSIC ACCORDIONS OUR SPECIALTY "A MIDWEST STORE" Lessons Given on A11 Instruments Author of Well-Known Accordion Methods Tewphone Pullman 2350 11411 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, I11. 12258 so. Union Ave. 11381 Life is What We Make It QAIIOW me to express my sincere Wishes for a successful future for the students of the Fenger High School, and to offer the suggestion that in building for the future, that you guard well those things in life essential to success, especially your health, for a sound body means a sound mind, and a sound mind Will lead eventu- ally to the goal of your ambition. Practice the Golden Rule, tor therein lies the foundation of your success. Your life lies hetore you-make the most of it. SHELDON W. GOVIER PHONE PULLMAN 5000 TEIIIIIGH BR05. IIISURHHCE RGEIICV Insurance In All Its Branches ALFRED I. TENINGA ROSELAND, CI-IICAGO, ILL. MANAGER l0833 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE 0 LOW COST CHECKING ACCOUNTS I MORTGAGE LOANS No Minimum Balance 0 PERSONAL LOANS O COILATERAL LOANS Pullman Trust Sz Savings Bank 111th Street and South Park Avenue OPEN WEDNESDAY EVENINGS-7 TO 8 P. M. MEMBER-FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION H391 - PHONE PULLMAN 0536 PANOZZO BROS. FUNERAL HOME, INC. COAL. COKE AND WOOD Distinctive Funeral Service ' Quality Fuel-Honest Weight-Cheeriul Service PHONE PULLMAN 2030 252 E, 115TH ST, CHICAGO' ILL. I 12054 S. Halsted Street CHICAGO, ILL. Compliments of the S. S. KRE CE Sc to 551.00 Store II221-29 S. MICHIGAN AVE. "The Store of Friendly Service" BERNIE'S MARKET PIPE - O'PEACE Qualify Foods I GOLF COURSE 4 13lst and Hcxlsted Street 537 W' uhh Street PHONE RIVERDALE 150 PHONE: COMMODORE 1644-1545 Blue Island, 111., R. R. 2, BOX 52 CALUMET CONSERVATORY of MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART Roseland Theatre Building 11331 MICHIGAN AVENUE Tel. Pullman 2308 Piano, Voice, Violin, Orchestral Instruments, Dramatic Art, Dancing Write or Telephone for Catalog H401 West Pullman Coal Co., Inc. PHOREX-Page 56 in The same way lighTs The way To seIT-conTidence and The abiIiTy To accepT responsibiIiTy. Mrs. HoTTman sponsors The Phorex. STudenTs belong- ing To The club wear pins symbolic oT The club. The repairing oT pins and The purchasing oT new ones are paid Tor Trom The dues. ThirTeen mem- bers oT This year's graduaTing class are keeping Their pins, since They have belonged To The club seven semesTers. DoroThy Burgess-4-A LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-Page 54 The Library AssisTanTs serve our school in much The same way. A person having "book" Trouble may resT assured ThaT a librarian will gladly help him. These sTudenTs under The guidance oT Miss ETTa Fluke, genially perTorm many duTies well known by everyone aT Fenger. Miss Fluke and her assisTanTs are responsible Tor The good order mainTained in The library. Mae Huber-4A FENGER REELMEN-Page 54 These boys, under The supervision oT Mr. Reich, show Tilms To abouT 75 classes a week. A ToTal audience oT I33,75O sTudenTs saw Tilms This se- mesTer. The organizaTion is well equipped and is capable oT rendering service To The school and communiTy. Among The Reelmen who are grad- uaTing are J. JohnsTon, A. LovaTo, M. LovaTo, D. Greenwood, E. Weresells, V. Anderson, J. Frank, J. BenneTT, and J. Malcolm. ' Mario LovaTo-4A OFFICE SECRETARIES-Page 55 and skilTulIy. Like Them in many respecTs are The oTlice girls in our school. Dependable, eTiicienT, and courTeous, They render a valuable service To The TaculTy as well as To The sTudenT body, by Tiling, Typing, answering Telephones, and helping To issue The school's bulleTins. Under The direc- Tion oT Miss Kay, These girls are preparing Them- selves Tor Their TuTure ThaT is soon To come. Alice CIemenT-4A COURIER REPS-Page 55 charging buTTalo by The ears and sTruggled unTil he Torced iT To a siTTing posiTion. lmmediaTely, SiTTing Bull received his name, and Through sTrug- gles and bravery became Chief SiTTing Bull. JusT as chieTs serve Their Tribes, Courier Rep- resenTaTives serve Their division. They deal col- IecTiveIy wiTh The sTaTT, by gaThering "picTure nickels" and selling The Courier. Courier Repre- senTaTives meriT honor Tor Their reIiabiIiTy, and proTound service. Florence Cook--4-A TRAVEL CLUB-Page I I8 Under The spiriTed sponsorship oT Miss Bal- house This club has risen To The poinT where membership is a coveTed honor. HarrieT Narodowski-4A SENIOR BAND-Page 50 recenfly received an "S" raTing in The High School Music ConTesT. These, however, are buT a Tew oT The many capable musicians in This Tine musical organizaTion. David MenegheTTi-4A SENIOR ORCHESTRA-Page 50 up This splendid group oT ThirTy-Tive. The orches- Tra has played Tor many assemblies, all The Va- rieTy and AmaTeur shows, and has played Tor various oTher conTesTs and TesTivaIs. Shirley De Young-4A NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Page 56 The Trail OT The sTudenT as he compleTes his journey Through school is also accompanied by Tour guardians. They are: scholarship, leadership, characTer, and service. Only The sTudenT who excels in These TraiTs is eligible Tor membership in The NaTionaI Honor SocieTy, one oT The high- esT honors Fenger High School has To oTTer. The members oT The TaculTy voTe The pupils inTo This Tine organizaTion, which is sponsored by Miss MargareT Taylor. GerTrude Preuss--4A QUILL 8: SCROLL-Page 56 our American legends, porTraying Their cusToms and beIieTs. To record The happenings aT Fenger, sTudenTs work diligenTly To publish a newspaper each week. The besT oT These wriTers win The coveTed Quill and Scroll honors. To become a member one musT be a member oT The News STaTT Tor Two semesTers. have 200 inches oT prinTed maferial, be in The upper 3rd, have advisers' recommendaTion, and have The maTeriaI accepTed by a naTionaI iudge. The Fenger chapTer was organized by Miss Tay- lor six years ago To encourage young wriTers who are worThy oT recogniTion. RoberT Ball--4A . ALPHA TRI-HI-Y-Page I I8 club. The oTher oTTicers eIecTed were Shirley Selby, vice-presidenT, Mary Helen BooTh, secre- Taryg and Shirley Johnson, Treasurer. Miss Doris Blachly has acTed as adviser since The group was organized in I936. Shirley Selby-4A BETA TRI-HI-Y-Page I I9 WiTh The willing cooperaTion oT iTs members. much is done Tor school and communiTy. Candy is sold aT school TuncTions: poor Tamilies are given assisTance, and moThers have a chance To geT acquainTed Through The MoTher's Tea. Miss Deane and Mrs. Lipke are co-sponsors. TogeTher wiTh Eva Weber, presidenT, and oTher oTTicers,-EsTelle Muszynski, DoroThy Englin, and RuTh Zeigler-The club has gone Through a suc- cessTul semesTer. Thelma NorTon-4A limi H421 l l F 1 I T 1 T W For those who desire the PULLMAN S575 Best in Prom Corsages I Couszhs, Inc. C O C H R A N E I CREDIT IEwE1.E:Rs ROSELAND'S TELEGRAPH FLORIST I 11147 South Michigan Avenue CHICAGO, ILL. 40 EAST 111th PLACE Near Michigan Avenue I HERFF-JONES - Chica 0 OFFICIAL IEWELERS JANUARY AND IUNE 1940 CLASSES MEDALS TROPHIES AWARDS CLASS RINGS INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS 32 W. RANDOLPH STREET PHONE STATE 2378 A Classy Suit and Furnishings for the Young Compliments of Man Graduate RAGO'S FOOD MART NELSON AND GILDEN 11803 S. Michigan Ave. Quality Always Commodore 2069 Northwest Corner of 112th St. and Michigan Owned by Dominic Rego, June '32 I 143 1 H. RUBIN PHONE BEVERLY 5400 47 Years of Satisfied Customers HARDW,ARE B. VAN DER MEER an soNs co. INC. V "The Store with the Goods" C 0 Q L Charcoal, Wood, Cinders, Lawn Fertilizer GLASS WALL PAPER Flour, Feed, I-lay, Grain, Grass Seed 403 WEST l03RD STREET CHICAGO, ILL Authorized Dealer of Allco Insured I Paint Products '- Furniture cmd Woodwork Enamel Outside-House Paint-Interior Carlson Funeral HOIIIC Glass and Flat Varnishes and Stains 304-405 W. lI9tl'1 STREET Our Merchandise Is Unconclitionally Guaranteed I CHICAGO, ILL. PULL. 0184-0185 700 W. 120111 Street Pul. 1009 f The Only Exclusive Photo Store in Roseland Any 6 or 8 Exposure Film 29c KODAKS - FILMS - DEVELOPING PRINTING - ENLARGING PHOTO SUPPLIES WORLD PICTURE CO. COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ' " ' "" I For SCHOOL SUPPLIES I come to H I T C H C O C K ' S I P H A R M A C Y FOUNTAIN SERVICE I lllth Street Phone at Wallace Pullman 0893 H441 UP - TO - DATE LAUNDRY C . 21 E. 110th PLACE 4 A Laundry for Particular People 9 PUL. 8700 OFFICE OPEN UNTIL 8 P. M. CDMZQ in mghigzz Furnrui iwnnrnnniow of every highlight and shadow in the original copy il' honesty in its execution and pride in his art 'A' distinguishes the true craftsman. 'A' Whether it's a simple line copy zinc, halftone, set of process plates, or perhaps a set of hand-cut rubber plates -k every ENGHAVING I'llUDllCEll BY THE WALLACE-MILLER CUMPANY is the best obtainable.'kSkilled artisans trained through a period of upwards of a quarter of a century operate with the most modern ap- proved equipment. i' We would like to discuss the importance of photo-engraving in your business at a time most convenient to you i' and of course without obligation wk Superior 7440 i' day or night. WALLACE-MILLER IITINTPANY 455 WEST SIIPEHIIIIT STREET, IIHIIII-llill PHOT0-ENGRAVINGS IN EVERY,KNOWN MEDIUM ay I express my I-Ieartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students about to leave Fenqer better equrpped to meet the problems of life May Opporumty make way for you and may Success crown your effort ALDERMAN ARTHUR C LINDELL ROOT BROTHERS SUPPLY CO 10307 19 So Mxcluqan Ave PAINTS HARDWARE WALLPAPER ALL MAKES OF RADIOS REFRIGERATORS STOVES COAL STOKERS OIL BURNERS Chrcaqo Ill Pullman 77 C ongratulatzons every member of the class of 40 from THE FRIENDLY FEDERAL SOME DAY YOU TOO w1l1 want to own a home of your omm Our Job 1S to help you do 1t That IS one reason We lrke bemq 1n thrs bus1ness MEANWHILE Dont forget that anythlnq money buys is eas1er to get 1f you have saved some thmq All accounts are msured to S5 000 W1th us A I SMITH FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone Pullman 1948 Expert L bnc ton RIDGE SERVICE STATION TIIGS Tubes and Accessones T e Rep mg nd Battery Recharqmq CHUCK SCI-IMIED P op ll9th St nd Har ard A e Clucago PAUL R SCHULTZ Grocery and Market PHONI S Pl LI MAN 0315 0516 WE DELIVER Best Food In Am' School Lunch Room MODERATE PRICES QUALITY FOOD no FENGER LUNCH ROOM 12000 s Halsted S1 Pur. om Cdfefeffld SGWICQ ' u ' ai -I . I 4 . -Q ir air' a ' , I .. .. , r ' I ' Cor. . a v v . I , . to I H800 LA I".-wx-:T'r1-2 Avrz. 1: u fi. ' , 1' 37.-5' , . - - I . . . L - . . - H461 ry Will f It Bethan. nL!MA'nBv 1. .1 of rw... V ted Ohm'-.1 vi lhe l'nnt". . M.. .nuay ... urcn, mv. ur H... . m,.,...,,,, 'mm an 1... .nomar , une, ar... ' I I llarrier Service Clare A . - g 'MONTH Pa! Ywr Bo! P EI 111112 BX --0 A I ' 11... In Nu cum cm 'Read in Every Greater Pullman Home" V ANO, WEST PULLMAN, BELLEVUE , WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, MT. VEKNDN, CHESTEKYIQLD, IUINBIDK, IVANKOI EIGIITS, NUBTH PULLMAN, NORTH BDSEI-AND, FEBNWOOD GARDEN HOMES, CALUMET PARK, BXVERDALE. ON ' XLVL N... za. CHICAGO, YLL., THURSDAY? NOVEMBER ao, 19:2 'W 'W SlX'l'liliN PAGE Hangs Himself in Deslwndenl because of lll kumlth Mmm mum. sv yem om, 11311 sa uw:-ence avenue, wmmmea suicide fm-may mamma by hnnginz mm- 'lf ln me buemem uf his home 'mm mu newmve: nn sn-.lm 'morn caumuem at r .1 Ken-. g r....., F... me I elk W muon um. he hm mmm-, I i'1...T'5'. -ug i"" h -.. mms to end ms me. -- homes m ugh: ln ---M wner.: I 'fuenm :s , x H :A GER DEFENDS ALL-CITY CROW 100,000 to Watch Fenger-Mt. Carmel Battle Saturday U13 1 humps Will Noted Big Ten Congratulations o our curners who are graduating in this yec1r's clcrss Gano Imprmerw W1 Vlcet Tomorrow Night Thr reilllar mvmlhlv me tm!! ol mv Gm... x........v......... amc........ 1-ull be held xl B P m Fhdhy DL owner x ar mm. r-...mm nan nam and rggxeswn avenue mu. R 1. M . 1. . 5... au... ... ...W 1... . nw... ... 4 . ...f Mm..--'. .-.., -:.. U. ....y" . ...,, .H w,,.L-i,..,.... ..... ... - --".'ii. U... LYS... ...W . nm .5 uosmnxn nm.. Lum Non... an Hn.. amia- .fm v......r'. ..n..., f-nm...-, an win s...n.m - v... ...A s...Y mm... rm. an Urn., 8200.00 rm.. i.. WIN..-.... - ...M-. . -iw. .mf w.4. ...a -wu..m.1 . ..u.... Jar... mu mm. ...Q r ua, mn... cw.-f ..- uo,--'. .n.f.. u....r.z -45.5, 'n.....-:......,. m.....,.. a,. 'n..n.. -, ..-.., r....u mm.. me m.a..m.'- a.. --m...s..y U.. 1-Annwlv .ma v... nm... .-.. 1-W... ...W f M n...-... an ...mn--1 ..,.., ... '-m....l of im vm.-, -wi. Aw... ny vm... Mm.: sn.. s...... ra... I A... ..f of-1 ...Q .M .v...... :...f..xy ... 4-umm. u.u........,-' w..L. 11...... ...Q .mf -n...---41-v... W., vfx.-man n.o.r..,.., x.. -um A..m....... af smlxk nv ' ..n-.-,, wm..... wu...1...g:' s e..w.n ... nm. .1 .. 1.4 .fa G. me ng... Ana.. .. 1..2-?.,...i.i van... ....., m......1 nm... .. .. s........." vmn ' .M s...-......4...ps. sm ... N-.4 q.......-' .il . -1.0, M... sv...-my n.. ...,-n..b.... su..-vm n. fl. -ln. am- lm., 1.. .un -rn...-cm...-1. au.. nr. .u N. mm - rf.. sn.:- Bellevue Civic Group to Hear R. L. I-loekstra Richard Hhekstra, local Yunltor. will 5P47H.k nn wliyn lnd.lneans ul halting dekrlniatlon nl DrDD6l'W values at the meeting of the Bellevue Clvlc lswclatlon tomorrow l1lBhL Bl 8 0'cl0Ck at 10616 Walllte 5Ll'ee!. Beg Your Pardon Prom incorrect Lnlmfmatlnn fur. mm.-1 mu mmf, lm w-S sm-and ln , lm weelvs issue um Lure.: Juveniles mm 1 case ol hm Ana A um ot smeenle from 1. u-ucx nr. um :nn-xv: nf. mm-. street ana Mncnmm umm. The :vw mes were mlm :mm n urlv.-.fe garage mm mhz me.-L.-nf' Tlckets for Game on ' Sale at Index Office -mms mf me nm. www. Fenlei. chnlhhluh of O-he Pllbllc HlKh school league. and KL. Chr. mel. Catholic lhllue Lltlehnlderi. nexl 5lLll.rdlY ll lI30 lt B0ldlelS' Held for the Olly DYEP Cl'0Wn He on sale I0 Che CALUMEI' INDEX Draw. oe.-.mx .damn-.ne uma mr umm ...I sx mn ssuaem anus was was ew. -nw mmm ., .wma by cmmzos own Christmas ummm mmm,- we. naman mu be ma m bw hill, Vllrm Blhlhu ind Lhbd IU! enum.. .11 may cmmw fm, Opens Door of Auto by Mistake: Hurt m Fall Al-kmulihl ID lbver 2. lllrldbil Ind mums by ...num me aw or me nl! In whlch she was Hdl-HK. Mrs Helen Ekickmn, 13 yell! Old. B101 Green street, lu! 'l'hlH'5dly lliKllL lunlhllfd Dllt Df the machine and sustained n ami :nun :mmm .md llterlllnns all her hlnds Bhd Arms The Nwldenl. Dccurrui ln Hllsled Street, behlztn with And IDSLI1 Skeel. The Cklvtr, AUS'-IS! Sand- ACFDUL 47 Yelrl Dm. TU W!!! Efrlh Shred.. wok hu' VD Lb! EU-lklewobd hmmm. my sim-wow, is yea. ma. nm sv. mum-.ee uve:-mg. nur'-mqna mm mr hx. nn- -- Tm vnu- - Reward . The c.1.....f. Ina... will U ,.4y'szoo.oo wma for a mimic.. by, of 1... :..f...f.....aQ.. nada.-.g f.. n.. am.. ...a mvaniq.-. nf me pmy M pina! ws... mx. n.. mp... of- the CALUMET INDEX from H807 Indian: avr mn nmdzy ...mif November Zi. and pay . like ......- infonnation lu :he mu! nr ' of uyrv mr' Expected to 15,000 Here Starting Ffh!!! L FOR YL s gl l'l'I4 ' L I A I U swemsu HomE anxzny H23 9 MICHIGFINAUE. W 'E canes fL, PRSTRIES VER IQENTS ERD C?,'if7EI'U- Home G RFID UHTION CAKES H SPECIALTY HARRY A. LANGE'S PAINT STORE Devoe 6 Rcxynolds-Nu-Enamel 4 Complete Lines HOUSE PAINTING cmd FINANCING 11356 S. MICHIGAN PUT.. 2020 PHILLIPS 61 SON 4Q1 W. 119th Street PHONE PULLMAN 8871 Auto Repairing - Ignition - Gas - Oils I 148 1 RELIABLE MARKET CO. 31 E. IIITH PLACE PHONE PULL. 4571 4572 WE DELIVER WE TRIM OUR MEATS AND NOT OUR CUSTOMERS I. C. BOVENKERK, INC CLOTHIER I 44.EAsT 111TH STREET Flowers by SUMMER'S PROMPT SERVICE Q A Pullmcln 0928 11405 Michigan Avenue UMW V Y A SOMETHING OF INTEREST FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY Badmmton Swlmmmg Basketball Boxlng Gymnastics Squash Table Tennls Volleyball Mixed Partnes Entertainment Dancing Hlklng Handicraft Hobby Clubs Movies Lounge Study Groups Reading Room Llfe SGVII'lg Forums ALL THE ABOVE PLUS MANY OTHER FEATUR AT A MODERATE COST THE 111th STREET 4 Easl Illfh Sfreef Ph re mmm 1305 HAROLD H SCHMID RPQ1 DAVID A LOFGREN Rph SCHMID LOFGREN THE WELDING SHOP PRESCRIPTION l09 West l03rd Street LABORATORY WELDING CUTTING BRAZING Roselanrfs Only Exclusive Equxpmeni Servxce Expenence PRESCRIPTION DRUGCISTS PHONE so EAST 11111-1 srmssr pew, Andqsen PULLMAN 0107 CHICAGO 11.1. Marshall ,Andersen Chlcaqo lll1nO1s WE DELIVER Phone Pullman 7000 Yards 355 W 112th St c K MADDEROM co NEWTON S DRUG coke COAL Wood STORE "Dust1ess Fuel" 10942 S MICHIGAN AVE i .5 ' . - QT Handball - - I Home-cooked Food ll49l 119th and Normal Ave DAHLIN S FOOD STORE LUNCH SCHOOL SUPPLIES Complete Lme of Swedxsh Dehcatessens Soi! Drmks Ice Cream Crqars Candy Cold Meats TI-IE BOYS ALL EAT AT UNCLE GEORGE S 550 W lllth St Pullman B473 E J LEWIS MDTDR SALES PACKARD EA 'r ST EET 3103 .,YY ..,. , , W. .w.,....n ,,., Em.-w IN WEST PULLMAN ITS THE WALLACE SWEET SHOP 119th and Wallace N PAVLAKOS Prop P ONE PULLMAN 9414 WE CALL AND DELIVER CLEANINM2 'ui Cleaners CLEANING D EING PRESSING AND REPAIRING HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED GEORGE AVGERENOS 400 EAST 'l15TH ST life I5 Butternut m a Hash Four Door Sedan wrth Builtm Trunk ROSELAND NASH SALES, Inc. 10220 S MI PULLMAN 2700 G VVCQEHGAN AVE CHICAGO eschmcm Q . Legionnaire la ,A, gf, ' ' mx I MI I ' , Y . 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L 1 CHEVROLET THE NUMBER I CAR EYE IT TRY IT BUY IT 940 CHILE Y BROTHERS 10524 30 MICHIGAN AVE PULLMAN 7317 7318 7319 See Our Large Selectxon of Caley Guaranteed Used Cars ANTONY .IAKSA Tazlor We Handle The Internatloncf' Tcnlormq Custom Made Clothes Excluswely Let Us Clean Your Hats CLEANING PRESSING REPAIRING 547 WEST 120TH STREET Phone Pullman 0168 ROSELAND HARDWARE an SHEET METAL WORKS HARDWARE PAINTS WALL PAPER GLASS 10903 MICHIGAN 11222 MICHIGAN Pullman 5173 Pullman 5176 CHICAGO ILL PAUL TALLUT Prop s DON MURRA 1 Boulevard Market Fresh Salt cmd Smoked Meats 419 E 111TH ST TEL PULLMAN 2975 DE SOTO PLYMOUTH Van HaH'em Motor Sales Authorzzed Sales and Serwce 10940 Mxchxgcm Avenue Pullman 7947 H H ' Fish, Poultry, Fruit. Vegetables Ifl54fI A-,A ,Y A M...........l.......L..- Th. X 7 E dgon f tee. A " X 605 wer-,f 111 sr FOR FINE LUNCHES Complzments of the Wanzer Ice Cream Co zs Ease 114th com, gong Compliments of the Fenger Parent Teachers Assoclahon YOUTH 1n hrs Physrcal Mental Moral and Spmtual Development IS Our Vltal Concern THAT 1t should learn frrsthand all school condxtxons and town condttxons alfectmq the ch1ld THAT cz parent teacher assoc1at1on should be concerned wxth all problems that relate to the welfare of the Chlld 1n home school and commumty THAT common ch1ld to THAT a pubhc and adequat recreatlon for lelsure llffle work for hls htqhest good STEUBING'S "Central" GROCERY and MARKET DAWN rnssr-r rnozm 1-'oons West 120th Qtreet PUL 07770778 Congratulatzons to the June Graduates R and S SHOE STORE 4'-QA 'L 'N Y in Pe- 4 IMI tts qreat oblect should be to mter est all people 1n all ch1ldren and to hnk 1n purpose the home the school and all other educatwe forces IH the llfe of the 1t should Work actlvely to supply the school and cornmunlty needs by creatmq sentxrrient whrch shall favor and pr ov1de qood teachers good school equlpment THAT rt should not be a means of entertainment or charlty or cr1t1c1sm of school authonty but a cooperatlve nonpolltrcal noncommercxal effort to produce Arnertcan c1t1zens who shall be tronq tn body alert 1n m1nd and sound 1n character capable of perpetuatlnq the best whxch has been developed 1n our nat1onal hte WE BELIEVE THAT the p1'lI'1C1pleS wh1ch qulde the parent teacher assoczat1on are the mbodtment of soclal serx 1ce c1v1c vlrtue and patrlotlsm IF YOU BELIEVE 1n OUR CREED we 1nv1te you to Jo1n our assoc1at1on . Q l 0 I l . I . . 7 ' 5' I I , u 1 4 ' 1 1 I ' ' ' ' . ,ln . qf'l,. ' ln . - YI 'ILM W 4 W 5' 2, - x .1 ei ' , ' I Ill ,... j- 'ff lt... . ' ' . ' L tl' I , . 1, 2 ML' 1... In :!'. K .fi 1 V " T . . 1,1 ' -7 1 I 1 I I 1 - ' I 1 D . . . , - .., . A - ' 1 1 I f I S , , ' , S 7 I I I Q - u , ' . A 11551 ....,,..,...L....g.lL............. ,... ,,, ,,, ......, . , , F' r a z 3 7 f .. - V 2 , V K I z L F E s 2 E E I E E A i Z v w L F F L I Y , 1 F 1 I L F L , S C i g, E F I I r e ! I r S f 3 1 5 1 f E F MODERN PORTRAITS WEDDINGS PULLMAN 7718 WE CALL AND DELIVER COMMUNITY CLEANERS AND DYERS TAlLoRs . FURRIERS . HATTERS WE RENT TUXEDOS 543 wnsr 119111 smm PHONE COMMODORE 2284-4622 Roseland Motor Car Service WILLYS SALES Complete Automotive Service FRANK SCHRYNER Prop ssa w um-r srnrzsr um s sum: srnmrr crucnoo En1oy Natzon Wzde Qua11ty Foods PHONE FULLMAN 2024 wifaam 3. Qcgin SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY FITTED BY X - RAY 11210 So. MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO. ILL- Flowers the Ideal Gift from SCHLURAF F S FLOWER SHOP 111th and Mlclngan Ave Pullman 0135 Chxcaqo RIDGE STUDIO 639 W 120th Street Your Nearest Nat1on W1de Servlce Grocer W F BERZINSKY GROCERY and MARKET Featurznq the New Fluorescent Lrghtmq Res Phone or App! Pullman 6 401 Wes' mu' S' com 4024 Pnl 3287 We Delxver It ls Insurance You Want Even Ior the Shack Call or See BE'I'I'Y COED Country New Shop ln Old Place New' Owner Pearl Thomas New Operators Experts Insurance Company I cr resident former Cour er edltor have recently purchased th1s con vement beauty shop I have attrcxctrvely redecorated lt maklnq 1t a brxaht and cheerful place m whxclv to meet your 1 d dtb tlb tldlh tlld m Roseland for years a Fenqer graduate a uen s an o e exper y eaux xe ave msa e new South Mlchlgqn methods and matenals all at the old rates Come Try us Im sure you wlll be happy here PEARL THOMAS Commodore 2235 ' ' ' , Ill. 0 50 . . F . If - New Materials from Ground Up P B. B Lit ' i l N571 if M hi- BRANCH IN TER VIE W-Continued INDIANS-Confinued from Page 90 The Indians had very weird beliefs. They had medicine men who were supposed fo make In- dians well by making signs and noises 'lo fheir gods. Alfhough fhey had foolish beliefs, fhey did beaufiful weaving. Some of fheir weavings were one fo fwo inches fhick. There was one fribe of Indians called fhe "Flaf Heads." From fhe fime fhe Indian was a baby unfil affer he sfopped growing, fwo pieces of wood were placed on eifher side of fhe head, and fied very fighfly. When fhe wood was 'taken off. fhe head was square and flaf, and so, fhus, fhey were called "FIaf Heads." Even fhough fhere were many fierce and war- like fribes, fhere were several friendly ones, among which were some branches of fha Sioux Tribes. Norman Johnsfon, Burnside-IA HOW I EARNED MY FIRST QUARTER If was a breezy March day, when I was abouf 6 years old, Thai' l earned my firsf quarfer. As I walked down 'Phe sfreef, I had fo clufch franfically af my belongings fo keep fhem from blowing away. Jusf as I furned a corner, a man's haf blew by. l furnecl and sfarfed fo chase if, alfhough if had a head srarf. Up one sfreef and down fhe ofher, I raced, fhinking as I wenf, whaf my re- ward would be from fhe owner. Af lasf I caughf up wifh if. If was an expensive looking black derby. As I could see no frace of fhe owner, I decided fo fake if home and consulf my parenfs. When I enfered fhe living room I heard my fafher falking fo mofher. "BuI' fhe worsf parf of if all," he Iamenfed, "if was a brand new haf." This is where I enfered fhe picfure. "Fafher," I venfured, "did you by any chance lose a black derby?" ' "Why. yes," he said, "how did you know?" "WeIl, Dad," I said proudly, "I found if." My, buf he was pleased! "Daughfer," he said, "I 'rhink you deserve a reward." Now, if was my furn fo be pleased! Elaine Selven. Curfis--IA VConfinued from Page 99 In pracfically nofhing flaf we were running across fhe soff, whife sand foward fhe gurgling, refreshing wafer whose waves looked as if fhe wafer was fhrowing ifs arms ouf beckoning us fo come in and frolic abouf in ifs cool wafers. We need no coaxing. We splashed headlong info The surf. I58 Jumping, diving, and sporfs more suifed for fish fhan humans fook up fhe larger parf of 'lhe morning. Af abou? one o'clock we finally were persuaded fo come ouf for lunch. On fha? score. needless fo say, we all agreed. We wenf back fo fhe beach and fhe wafer abouf an hour lafer. We lay beneafh fhe frees and covered our feef and legs wifh warm sand. Frolicking in fhe wafer unfil four-fhirfy o'clock finished fhe day. Relucfanfly plodding across fhe sands, weary buf exceedingly happy, we arrived al' fhe aufo and in half an hour we were again on our way homeward bound. The evening was spenf refelling our adven- fures on fhe porch sfeps of our house. Thaf nighf as my brofher and I were abouf fo refire we expressed an exfreme wish for anofher day such as fhaf, and our dreams were of pounding surf and Palm frees swaying in fhe breeze. Bill Fregeau, Mf. Vernon-IA lsf fie Jr. Nar.-Quill 8: Scroll This Page Has Been Donated to The C0 RIER by The L I N D E N PRINTING COMPANY 4 Thank You Much ,., nn V -V-e4l,,,. W.. ., For Highest Quality Fuels and PA Y ' S eb Dependable Service Q9 CALL 4251 mi" A I Z A eeeeee , , THE D- L- JONES COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS 4 AND FUEL I N 12100 LOWE AVENUE CHICAGO KEESSON'S FOOD MARKET FRESH FROZEN FOODS WANZER ICE CREAM Call Us for All Your Food Needs COAL AND COKE COMPANY UNK BE'-T STOKER SAT-ES 11734 PRINCETON Ava. coM. 1700 Phone Commodore 0014 356 West 111th St. g ,ip ' S0168 wlfll a wlng 9 -' 'fy' . For Alert 7 Young Men , I 1 K '- .ECIE RAYMOND LEVINE I 340 KENSINGTON AVE. 3 Tel. Pullman 9376-1593 X 'P' 'Q od idx . '94 Q-said, 'Lazio Q oe as 3, qzrfgog' ,ji be ao 'sl , FRENCH'S FINE Foons 'Q ,. 9 Ng-',Jg, fix.-J Vo , I rj, 'H 'V' Y exe S' x 4 'fr-'Z3'i" Grocery, Cold Meats. Ice Cream. Candy Gxbjx- :fd 0 we -sa' 3'.1"',3b'1 X +055 Quo' Tobacco and Cigarelies PtLdS,f0sq If at 6 Nw. s wi 594 fab' Q9 ' in 6"!,o x' 0 51 AX' 356 W. 119th Sires! Chicago 5 -Lo XXX Q 11591 ..4...,z.. Chatham Coal Co. ............ . linden fm, Anderson's Welding Shop. . . . . Bank's Studio ......,.......... Barsheak, Paul P., Insurance Co Bernies Market .......... . .............. . . . Berzinsky Market .... ........ Betty Coed Beauty Shop ....... Bimrose and Sons Furniture .... Boulevard Market .......... Bovenkerk Clothier Brandt, Chas. A... Caley Bros. ...... . . ....... . . . . Calumet Conservatory of Music... Calumet Index ........ ....... Carlson Funeral Home ....... Chicago College of Commerce... Cochrane Florist .... . . . . . . . ..... . . . . . Community Cleaners and Dyers .... ..... Compliments of a Friend ...... Cousins, Inc. Dahlin's Food Store.. Eleven-S00 Service Station .... Erqo's Bakery ............... Feltman and Curme Shoe Co.... Fenqer Lunch Room ..... . . . . . . Fenger Parent-Teachers' Assn. . , . . . . . . . Fernwood Men's Shop .......... Ford Hopkins Drug Store ..... Fox Secretarial College .... Frenches Fine Foods .... Govier, Sheldon W. .... Great Southern Laundry .... Gries Floral . ............ Gustafson Iewelry ...... Hardware, Rubin ............. Harris, Vieth, and Worth-Real Estate... Hatton Furniture Co ..... . ....... .. .... Herbert's Mens' Store ..... Herif-Jones-Chicago ..... Hitcficoclds Pharmacy ......... Iack and Iill Ice Cream Parlor. Jacobs, Al.. ................. .. Ioqd's Salon of Beauty .... Iaksa, Antony-Tailor .. lanes, D. L ............. lCeesson's Food Market .... Kennedy Laundry ..... Kesl Co. ............ . lCnapp's Ice Cream .... Kover Kraft cover ........... Kresge's 5c to 31.00 Store .... Kuehn's Auto Shop ........ l.ange's Harry-Paint Store. .. Lebin, William B. .......... . Legionnaire Cleaners Levin, Raymond-Men's Clothes. . . . . . Lindell, Arthur C ............ Linden- Printing Co..... l60 fnmim, Madderom Coal Co ..... Malstrom's ........... Mel's Beauty Shop ....... Monarch Roofing Co ........ . Moser Business College ..... Motor Sales, E. I. Lewis.... Nelson and Gilden ..... Newton's Drug Store .... Novac Realty Co ..... ....... Panozzo Bros. Funeral Home .... Parkway Theater ............... Pearson and Malstrom Iewelers. Phillips and Son ................ Phillips Funeral Home ..... Pipe-O'Peace Golf Course .... . Pollack, I. O. .................. . Pullman Trust and Savings Bank Rago Food Mart ................ . Reliable Market ..... Reeser, Nell ........... Ridge Service Station. . . . Ridge Studio Ridge Theater ................ RootBros. .... Roseland Community Hospital... Roseland Hardware ........... Roseland Motor Sales ......... Roseland Nash Sales .... Roseland Roller Rink .... Roseland Theater ...... Roseland Willys Sales R. and S. Shoes ......... Savicz, Frances-Grocery Schmid-Lofgren ............ Schlurfi Floral Shop .... Schultz's Market ...... Sherman's Pharmacy . . . . . . Smith, A. I.-Real Estate. . . . . State Theater ......... . . . . Steuhing's Grocery . . . Summer's, Mat-Florist . . . . . . . . . Teninga Bros. Insurance Agency Up-To-Date Laundry . .... .. .... . Van Hattem Motor Sales. .... Van Der Meer Coal Co.. . . . Wagon Wheel Restaurant ..... Wallace-Miller Engraving Co.. .. Wallace Sweet Shop ........ Wanzer Ice Cream Co ..... West Pullman Coal ...... Wit! Drug Store .... World Picture Co. .... . YMCA ................ Zordan Music House. . . . . ,,,, , M, 4' .KT k wi- fr .,,. , W ,,.,..V .-A.-h,.. L fl ff-'ifbfafw 7 Q MAWFLWCWMWMQJD M 015- I-1'-Pffq-4 A 'LL-124.17-'Q 0 rw L'k"7S'l'f Z ""' M ! NM 54,0--cf!J-Z gag!- f Qi 4 n 1 , fha, lg.,-,fevll 4, 7,..",1,Q9!LT.,.Jf' A P1-L"'-'Q V MJ W W LQ '1 J A Q QW QCA-QQ., .L..,4,,.,.,,,,,.f wif Qwfw ffm 2 -Z' V5,.QQ..5 W ,Jz1j, LLQQ QQ 1,-1-f--fd, ri, Q' A-QJJJA-f 77,,,T .,,,e,q, ft- 1, Z JJ -UffQfMf+Mf Mfkw. bi ' yu ,-'11 264 1 7, n' 5-.11 L,Q4,L - , 1

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