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N 1 I L, 3 11 1, .! I 1 W WW5'7"'W'1"'1:" . . , f i l' f ' H Q Vp. , ' 1 I if I -. I ' 1 , VN V f. L. I ' A Sa KW A iffy im X M , 4 , , RQ , X- L Y K My I ,, " ,f ,VE .4,, 3 xx WW X M E .A xf .. , 1 fl"i'A: 1 ' 1 ,I 7 1 ' L' ' ' H , AXQ.-ff, ,.-' '5ffg,f 4 V IVT. 4 ' K fl!! 1 A 4 ,Ag il-U,-"'l!'l,Q 'g"c H V IJ X ' ,5 ,fff'A -il! X KV 51 ' Q XF X ' ' ,' Il A b -I M A-',b 1,-3, f ' ,Q W W iw 'six , -ka ' , , , YL I y A WN, H. V ki an 'K fax Q , fkxit f' 1 V Y Q X KW 4, ja, , ' ,X ' x X ' N KJ 'IVA' HUVL-' VP fv , A 1. 7 ' A ' ' 'VV P .y K Af! 4, , I JL" f I ' " ' K H fs fp , JQ 13 Br fy ,LW fi f L rf' F an ,XV M W. I 5' . fir' ' 5 1 xx . Q.. ,v -I ,A A 5 1 if A dl ,fb , fi u --in dv N 'AA' W' Aa M3 5, fx X , 6,9 in P , fwr h 15 Hs? 7 ,f L J' 5.4 f ,Q J f- 1' , x, ff ,F A f 7 t I . S I a 5 .MWA :cf ,L m x, . .... . M,.-.1....,.,., . . ,,,,.L., M.. . ff 6 1 4 fmffC'f?SK4,c-fLz,f54-...,.,..,,,,,,,C QMWM MW M W M 7w:3': wr? X G, 5x 'TH' go- gk 5 2 QM W W """ "" wwfivuh. SSW! WWW Me, W, i",,4Q:5 3. Wgfgf ass --M452 2 www FENGER HIGH SCHOO-L JUNE 1938 FUHEUJUHD Time-seconds, minutes, hours, days, Weeks, months, years-is something everyone possesses, yet how fleeting it is. Once past, it is gone forever. But time is endless. Nlan in the past kept records of his life and accomplishments on crudely carved tablets. He deemed this necessary because happenings passed on by Word of mouth were swiftly forgotten. Today by the process of printing, We are able to present to you a pictoral record of this period of your life at Fenger High. In time your memory will cease to remember all of these happy moments, but We hope that this Courier of june '38 will roll back the curtains of time and enable you to relive your life at Fenger High School. G CHOO ACULT RADUATH LASSIL RAINCHIC RRVIC L U B THLICTIC IQRSONALITIIC ATRON CUHTEHTS ' - .zu -L. L'2'7fi?Iif . 5 , " . . - - .-.v,V,.5 www-.f,-i iii'-1 xii'-22.11 ' ,, 14.-QIQSQQ.. gm - ., 1 F "5-'Q WV.ff3s3?i5i-Egg Qi.-, . ' V- X ,f""Y V '- Yi! f' R :i ,, . .12i:Nz1za::f:-liiGg3:f,"w,221fy'V'f, fri' . x - ' ff- iff. .-tgqgy: ':-qAf2:- , Q . 5 1: r- -'j,,,4f- "' ' "XM J fiii- ig Q Xfi- Q .f fV 1 xiii' -X - ,,,.f: 196275 if ' ' " 'F ' K 1:4 vi? SM,X1,5N,j5ig4jg 24' QQ -NM-Wiz 9,0 :3ig,f'1k it -, ?' wi' X -F f "Y Y V , f 21 , , ,f ' " A . , Q 'D-,3'i5'f,:,ig,i5gfif.yQ:-V f . , V 1 - f'- , 1 -162,2Q'js,,f V ,- f1'fVf-'.q1fvf.,3f-V my 3--,., - , - 'L , .. - - 'Qzugf :T jifvir' f -1 1" S TV52"f1":--"Ui" .zi ' 1' 1 - f - 1- i ' L "JV-7 .zl ,Q .ref 5 ff - ' F ' -- :.,rg,4r1.5 ' 4, gpg' x.-g..j:j1gr V 4:jQ'i.igL' ' j ' ,gf-X. -' V f - V 1, 1 .j?i,5:j, V, Vi 2,95 I ' 2 F g Y I :L 525 3 S Q .,,-.ZM,.f-E giglix 4 .QL-2 JJ-Q-'S Qggfzzgifzafg af g' ! g 5 : U, ,, sk ' 1 3 5 44, A a+5'Pf?fSfl'? is F' 5 5 ' . 39,14-bfi? 'ff' "5 ? 5 2 32 ,pw A xx K it A--ii.i?.5V 5 Fdff r A D-Y A ,I Y- - . .Z X 5 E: E i V- if ,f f "' ' if '. -' -2 2-QXS2 -. 'X f 5- -1- '?5V,V:- Sig? A ,515 V' X - , ' "VV V 5 , '2 31" 1 63? .U xH,'Tf3"V,l:3 ' e f-5 , 'Q 5 1 552 2 V-11:1 ni-31T.f:" JF 1 ..-5 vs-,W-Wx. 2 ' 5 X s I El 2 N 'iii YV V: f 1 '- ' 2 5 ME 5 2 2 :1'r-Qff - ' . . ' 5, . -my Q - . .. ' x I ,- .- ' 1 5 isa - in 'QV K 5 'ww 2 . 1 ...gif 52' ffzfgni--N 2 if F f 4 HY? f 'if nf '34 S. ,.gLzi.f!'- . , :V -'ef - 1,1-V."-.Ay V913 1- 5 it n 1 nh- ' f- -- ,gf Q .-4, 4. , K g my ,, f-'- . N . Q. -AV. .ff ,fb in V V Vs F ya +V .. . Q 1 ga-'fea2':1aV-A V4 wx -fi bas -V 1-7- J i, S, W ,gg91jja.- ,V 1 ' V' +V 1 , Q , V, " '- " 4-T7':"f"' . , ' 1 :f rigsvgf 'lk ' V, V V glgi?-vlilg . ,Vi HK I Q. 5 Vik , jk. .V , - Bgirgrnlf . .1 .fgifalx gviqsx el' V V - . QilL,,1?'A"""""" V1-V-'ln-N.f"1:'J2f11'.Q'4'--' 'f-- :V -+955 R ' ' ',x-Ef' Z E, .V ' ' :Zi-'rm - 5, in . -- ' , 1 . g , ,. 3- WDA ,jf 'f' 2 - vi' F nuff g . x zzzitqljvq . . , 2 cs? , ' V - is A 1 C- , -any-gg. MF' fir: 5 ri - 5,:3Q fi, 3 N i V 5 , , 1 - .lf if if 2 5 V' -V . af if Ja .1 a f V mg, Q f 2' - - - V S14 .V 1 -1. iff ,ff -,R f3Vg'3?ff'f. is .5 P'-Q ' ., W 3 ff 'ff4?2sifi5fl"'?2w-QPA:1'igei?22:. gi"1s.ff55Q.Q?5- Q H" I1 1 V . . - ,wif 1 ' w g -fx. 219 z - '- 77-wiwg-e V ,V A31 :fi 4 Y . .ww .. V ,Asa-pg, 'jx L.: M. N .g,,.,, Y , 3 ca n -v - za iifglig Q N -E, xl:-:ff Y -- VVV- Mi, , ,:,,i,:5i , ' , A.n3.Q'f:.+:-fV, Lg-,xg 2 S- , fic' -- v V - -vi'-s f'-+-., ..,. 7- N Q ' -. ' V - 1- if ,f Vg y,.,f,f V V w- w.-'W V ., - is, ff w ..f ' ' '- A V,-,gfjx , g K' -N ,gh 1 V V ' ' A .. 'fi if ,rfihzgfxw ' i 'sig V vii .: .-Q W . A, 53:25 vi V . ' 1...:, - 1 j, ' w1" ."".-gil-4' - . .L R 'Wfl,. 4 ff mfg gf -1 . W : B"W"' 'V 2 - Tin K - af A - gift 'WX ,L BS ' 1 .f ksmvfxf - N 4 February . . It is time . . to work . . play . . dream for Opportunities . . imbue knowledge . . make friends in class rooms . . halls . . gym . . social hours . June . . It is time to leave . . showers of beauty in bushes, trees, flowers . . . our friends . . . the place ofiuspiratiou . . achievements . real values of life. 'lilne June Closs of 1938 dedicote tl'1is volume of tl1e Courier to George Fronlclin Doslwer, ossistont principal ot Fenger Higlw Sclwool. His geniol person- olity, unlimited vitolity, ond sincere interest in students ond student octivities lwove endeored lwim to all Fengerites. To THE CERADUATES oi-' THE JUNE CLASS 1938 The Christian Fenger High School and its predecessor, the George William Curtis High School, dates back twenty-one years. Since 1905 your high school has been uninterruptedly on the accredited list of the University of Illinois, of the State Department of Education, and ofthe North Central Association. You have a right to take pride in the fact that you are graduating from a school with such a splendid record. But let your pride be tempered by a becoming modesty. Acknowledge to yourselves that you owe to the State an adequate return for the capital it has invested in you. Yet do not be miserly in keeping an account of debits and credits. It has been Said that if you are paid all you are Worth, you are overpaid. Do not let this indictment lie against you. Deem it a privilege to do each day something you are not paid to do. ADMINISTRATION FREDERICK W. SCHACHT . . Principal GEORGE F. DASHER . Assistant Principal GEORGE AIKEN . Administrative Assistant AIARIE MCCUTCHEON Administrative Assistant ELLA M BVRKHART i - ' P . . FRIEDA O- ROBINSON If ersonncl Counselors OFFICE MRS. CAMPBELL . . . Clerk ANNA KELLY , , , Matron ROSELLA MCKENN.A , . Clerk .AMY REII.I.X' . . . Clerk SARAH SCHMIDT . . . Clerk LUNCHROOM JULIA CORCORAN , . Manager ENGINEERING DEPARTNIENT HARRY BEALS , Chief Engineer Custodian FACULTY ROLAND NORTON . , Assistant Engineer COMMERCIAL :ANNABELLE CALLANAN , . Accounting IDAH A. HENICRSMAN Secretarial .ALICE A. KAVANAIJGH , Commercial EDITH M. KAX ',,. Commercial LUELLA E, KE'1"l'I.EHON , .Accounting TVIAY B. KRING . , Commercial ERNEST E. I,ANGE . . Commercial Law .AGNES R. IVIAIER . Secretarial ETHEL J. NIILLER , Secretarial HELEN IAKTCINTAI-ION , , Commercial HELEN O,SL'I.I.IV'AN , . Secretarial EDNA M. IIANDALL , . Accounting VVALTER VV. SAMPSON .Accounting BERNICE M. SHINE , . Commercial CLAUDE SMITTER . JESSIE SOLOMON . Ad . EconomicsfCourier vertising-Salesmanship ACADEMIC IQATHERIN E CARRO L QJT Lois A. CONNER . ELLEN DE HAAN l'.S'I'I-'IER I.l'NDQL'IS'l msEPHINE R. IQORTENJ English . . English . English English-f-Courier 'ITHADDEUS LURAS . . English HAZEL MCNAMARA . . . English ,ANNE F. MILBURN . . . English RUTH W. ROBINSON English, Sabattical leave JOHN B. RUssEL . . . English RUTH M. SMART . , . English KA'I'HERINE M. STEVENS English EDNA M. STEPHENS . English MARGARET TAYLOR , English SARAH THOMAS . English ATYERA H. AYERTHEIM . English MYRA A. VVHITYVORTI-I , English Rlf'I'H M. VVISE . . English FINE ARTS YYILLIAM BURNHAM .... Band EDNA M. MARLIN ..., Art MAUDE VV. MCCREADX' , MusicfChorus WILLIAM INIUSICK ,... Art YV. NEIL 'ITRIMBLE . . Music+Orchestra HELEN A. VIZARD . . . Art LANGUAGE DR. LEON P. DE .ALARID . , Spanish VVINII-'RED B'ICI.JAR'I'l.IN . . Latin HILDEGARDE lXf1EISEKOTHEN German GRACE G. MURRAY , . . French GRACE A. THOMAS .... Latin MATHEMATICS WALTER H. BRILL , Algebra-Geometry CHARLOTTE V. FOWLER AlgehraAGeometry GRAYDON VV. TVIUMFORD . . Geometry FRANCES H. TATULLEN . . . Geometry CTERTRUDE F. SCI-IITESSLER . . Geometry MII.DRED 'ISAYLOR . Mathematics-Journalism SOCIAL SCIENCE ELIZABETH I. BALHOUSE . . Commercial Geograph y KENNETH VV. DEAN . . . PETER DE LTRAFF . I.,ILl.IAN EDINGER , . CLARA T. FENN . , History . Civics . Civics History SAYERs A. CTARLICK . Commercial Geography M. ATCCJUTCHEUN G. IPASHER F. SCIIACHT G. AIKEN IC. BURKHART IsABELLE MCKIILIJIE . . History INGEBORG OLSON , , Civics STELLA G. PLATT . , History CHARLOTTE J. SMITH , Civics NORA B. STEvENsoN . . History IRA M. VVAGENMAN . History SCIENCE BT.-Xl'D A. BAILEY ,... Physics EMII. C. BENNETT . Chemistry DoRIs M. BLACHLY . NORMA A. DEANE . . General Science . . . Zoology HARRIETTE H. FREEMAN . Physics WALLACE H. FRISTOE . . Physics WILLIAM C. REICH . . Physics LELAND R. 'INHOMPSON . Chemistry DOROTHY H. 'LOWNE . . . Botany HOUSEHOLD ARTS LENA M. CRUM ..,. Cooking ELSIE P. FORQUERAN Household Management MARY I. HEAGNEY . . Household Arts IVIADELINE JoHNsoN . . Household Arts LIENEVIEVE C. AYRIGHT . Household Arts TECHNICAL HEBEIQ M. HAYS .... History MARGAllE'F S. I-IILI ..., History CTLADYS C. JACoIzsoN , , Social Science JOHN BRINRMAN . NELI. B. GREEN . . JOHN J. KEHOE . . U. H. KOERNER . LEsLIE J. OYMARA . JULIAN SYKES . . THoMAs VAN SCOYAC JOHN ZINNGRABE . GIRLS' JEssiE E. :ANDERSON KATHRYN BIILGER . Mechanical Drawing lN'Icchanical Drawing . . Printshop Architectural Drawing . . Electric Shop . , Auto Shop . , VVood Shop Mechanical Drawing GYM . Gym-Swimming . Gym-Swimming BIARGARET C. TQITZMILLER C1ymfSwimming C I'IEl.RN M. lx1AT'I'HEVVS BOYS' AYESLEY FOTCH . . FRANK W. KNIGHT . CHARLES W. PALMER FRANK AVOUNG . VVILLIAM RolIINsON , . Iym+Swimming GYM . Gym Gym-Swimming G','mfEootball Coach i . . . Gym R. O. T. C. Instructor M. .IOIINSOB Ii. IPUIG.-XLQUEHN G. WlcIGH'1' L. CRUM M. IIEAGNX i 2 ini: K ' :Le '1 , ., , R ,j'?N1?' Y . x ' 15,6 Wx WN X . , 3, W rx S mv: ,. 1 2 K ' '- Q I Q , , iyxz 5: ..'x , .QV ' M Y , 5:5 1 1 its- -'iM"'f2'Q' - :fif -i gif if -- A' ' sf.-L7-f -..... N 5 '-1'-Q -L-- ju v - L ,L ' 1 is U f 1 K 9 W-1 5 f ' il t I -' -1"' P . Q1 - 3 - ff - .-N . . V ---i.. - + is 1 A -A V if X, ,K ,V Q ' Q ' ' -L 3 ?"f' ' ii ,k. 2 f . . in . - f ' ' 1- , 'fa gy 4 K U H' W z 1 5 nr Y wg y 'z ff ' .1 H 2:1 1 -' -, - V up ,, , ' L f . K J -'-M-'-f-wwfw-nq1nu0""""" A V ,,..W.. - '- , M ,, -,f' 'zefhrq .- 'F'- 15 Maw: 3 : r 1 f 'cw' ' ,S l Y 'S' if .2 CQ. if? As A V W 5 . 5 59 l ,L 35 1 gf is W ei l mf lf 1 3 1 4 fdlxu :." ' fi',w:1R:"s K f Z we f Zin Memoriam It is with profound regret and sorrow that we record the passing of one of our loved teachers, Miss lWarguerite Plummer, who died at her sisteris home near Knightstown, Indiana, January 23, 1938. In her eight years of service at Fenger, she had endeared herself to pupils and teachers alike. Her kindly counsel, sympathetic understanding and ever ready wit made her much loved. Her merry laugh for everyone in her presence, her sympathetic counsel was based on her desire to hear both sides of any question, and her sense of fair play unerringly guided her. She believed that doing the thing you liked best to do and doing it well was one of the greatest things in life. Fenger faculty and students will not soon forget her happy influence. "I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow being, let me do it now, let me not neglect it or defer it, for I shall not pass this way againf,-DRUMMOND E --a.....,N wn1s""""""0Q"hp,x , . far, mm. ,Www PROGRAKI COKIKIITTEE AIOTTO DIXNIEI, JOHNSON JOSEPH XPAN HAREN The goal of yrfterday will HELEN GILKISON bf the Jtarriug point of iomorrofw. EVELYN BUSHO DORIS PETERSON FLOWER COMMITTEE MOTTO COMMITTEE PAULINETUECH ATARVIN PETERSON RENZO IXIORA DANIEL LUCAS LILLIAN XY,-XLKER ALXRJORIE XL-XLKENBURG CAP AND GOWN COMRIITTEE NICHOLAS XTANDERATEER VVALTER STONE GRACE TXTAGRAM AIALCOLM STEPHENSON TQICHARD XRIEBER AIARJORIE EVANS ALFRED ATARYVICK IXNNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE JAYNE SULLIVAN G. TIUNDAHI, H. TSENWORTHY E. CURTIS A. TOBRO S. SCOTT E. TVEUMANN F. SUTCLIFFE AI. HELLINGA R. TXTONROE VERNON HUPI- Presulent PEARL LUPIEN l Ice-Preszflem GEORGE OLSON Treasurer GRETA OHMAN Secretary Gll"T COMKIITTEE ROBERT DIXHLSTROM lSENNETHXYEBERG GEORGE ZILIS JULIA CZYZ VVILLIAINI DEHAIAN ISVELYN ATATHIESON NANCY SETT COLOR COMMITTEE BETTY .ARCHIBALD SUE CHAMBERS NIXNCY JANE FISHER EMMA COOPER FRANCIS RODRIGUEZ COLORS Maroon and White PLOVVER Lily of ihe Valley GRADUATION PROGRAM JUNE 16, 1938 Prorfffiozzal c'XIarChe Aux Plambeaum SCOTSON-CLARK FENGER HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT ORCHESTRA "Star Spangled Bannerw FENGER ITIGH SCHOOL CONCERT ORCHESTRA Address of XAYClCOI'IfC 4A CLASS PRESIDENT VERNON HUPP Graduate Chorus O Turn Thee From g'Gallia', J CHARLES GOUNOD NORA SABADOR. S0l0-GRADLTATE CHORAL ENSEMBLE Address "Looking Forward" DR. XYILBUR L. BEAUCHAMP UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Presentation of American Legion IXIedal KO-ROBERT INICCONNACHI Presentation of Disabled Veterans, Nfedal tOAHENRY lXilOHR Presentation of Diplomas PRINCIPAL FREDERICK VV. SCHACHT Farewell Song CLASS OF JUNE 1938 DR. G. HERBERT KNIGHT-fdccompanleft Recessional "Marche Pontificalen CHARLES GOUNOD FENGER HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT ORCHESTRA THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1938 Compiled by Vernon Ilupp, Raymond Ellir, Greta Oknzan, P. Lupien From 1934 to 1938, vast changes have altered the course of the world, nation, city, and school. During that period, our class of more than four hundred students have beheld great changes in our school. During the same period the people of the world have seen the map of the world made over, science and transportation advance, and new arts and music appear. Let us consider these in our review of the past four years. Burnside, Curtis, and lyfount Vernon four years ago received the students with whom we are concerned. The IVorld's Fair of 1934 was drawing to a close, but the UI willf' spirit of Chicago as advocated by the Fair was retained by the new "freshies." That this indominatable spirit has lived on is shown by the large honor groups, the many awards gained, the school letters earned, and the outstanding achievements of the 4A student body. During our first semester the Fenger football team fought its way into the City Finals and then was defeated by Lindblom. hfany of those fellows who were spectators at this game were to battle in the semi-finals and finals against Tilden and Austin in '36 and A37. The Curtis branch contributed its bit in the presentation of 'fThe Chimes of Normandyl' with Dr. Knight at the baton. In doing so a musical precedent was established which has been followed annually. The Courier and Quill and Scroll Literary Contests drew many of the new members of the school, who meeting with success, have continued from year to year to carry off many literary awards. In the Courier Literary Contest Robert O'Brien, George Lockwood, Royce Bfunro, lifarie Ryan, Nfalcolm Stephen- son, and Nicholas Vanderhfeer received recognition. A group of earnest musicians began their musical careers in the Nfount Vernon junior band in the fall of 1934. Under Mr. Burnhamis direc- tion, they rapidly advanced in musical ability and, upon entering the main building, joined the Senior Band and Orchestra. Those members graduating from the band who were members of that begin- ning hlount Vernon band are Betty Archibald,Raymond Ellis,Alvin Friedsarn, and Theresa Klaus- ner. In the consequent contests both the orchestra and band were each awarded two excellent rating plaques. In the main building they were soon initiated into the mysteries and life of an actual high school. Sorre entered clubs, a number of the boys joined the R. O. T. C., while those boys especially fitted tried out for the various teams, football, basketball, swimming, and wrestling. The newly formed Girls' Cheering Section received a number of the new sophomores and, as each semester has passed, this club has grown in numbers and importance. In the musical group many students who progressed rapidly later, shyly sought membership in the glee clubs and choruses. Their debut was made November 16 on radio station VV. D. when they sang with the Rfixed Chorus. In 2A the school work took on a new and interesting aspect. New and varied courses were open to them and thus an era of greater enjoyment and achievements began. Extra-curricular activities and recognition of outstanding attainments in scholarship took on a new meaning for many of the sophomores this year. The first annual Amateur Show was given with great success. The Youth Wieek program, with a large representation of sophomores, was a great success. Our football team and junior Basketball Five both captured the South Section Championships for'36 and '37. The junior swimming team also took the section in I35. The year before, second rating in the city was the award won by Coach Palmer's wrestling team, and last year they took second place in the city, and third in the state competition. Thus time rushed on. New clubs were formed and prizes won. The R. O. T. C. unit at Fenger for the first time in its history became an honor school. The debaters met Hirsch, hforgan Park NI. A., Parker, and Lane, sometimes victorious, sometimes defeated, but always undaunted. The Stamp Club carried away all of the stamp awards each semester from the Lion's Hobby Show. Band concerts and Orchestra Varieties shared honors with the 2nd and 3rd annual Amateur Shows. These events became more spectacular and many of their musicians, dancers, singers, and comedians claim membership in the '38 graduating class. The Drama Club contributed its share in the successful presentation of "The Eyes of Tlalocw and "The Youngest." In this same period certain students achieved other honors for themselves and their school. john Ryan won the Lincoln Essay Contest, Charles Kiefer the Washington Essay Contest, and George Olson the William C. Gorgas Essay Contest, Raymond Ellis and Nadia Charydchak in the League of Nations Contest. Four of our group, Patra Bauer, Raymond Ellis, Greta Ohman, and Sam Zafros, have kept the record necessary to retain permanent possession of their Phorex pins, no mark below "E" for seven semesters, while one of these, Greta, is the only tri-honor student graduating with our class. Alvin Friedsam was elected president of the '38 chapter of the National Honor Society, to which eighteen 4A's have been chosen. Robert McConnachie took over the duties of vice-president, Charles Kiefer secretary, and Constance Guyatt those of treasurer. Cffontinued on page 321 fs 7 GE S ag, 1 f BACIEWICZ, FRANK ....., 10616 Michigan Avo. Hall Guard: B..-LA.: OFF. Ser-'Y BAIGR. BETTY ...... 11153 South Park Nut. Hon. Soc.: Phore-xg Quill and Scroll: Nz-ws St 8 G.A,A. Bars: Sr'i4-iirv: Forum. BALACHUWICZ, SUPHIE . . 716 East 90th G A.A.: 3 G.A.A. liars: Hall Guzirll: llIul.I4.N ...... 21.3 W. 107th St. Q Jr. Cit.: G.A..X.: Yolle-ylmll: Basketball. BALAS, Rm, Soc. BARISAS. EL1ZABl'I'I'll . . . . 10810 Hdbrookv Avv. Ulf. Se-1-.: Phorex: G,A.A,: Frog: Volleyball: Chr-f-r BARRIBALI.. MARION . . 11356 Prziiris- HzillGuard:1Z G..-X..-X. Bars: Yolleylmll: BASS. Fl,llRlCNC1i .... . . r 112-117 Wvcntwortli G.A.A.: 2 G.A.A, Bars: X olleyligill: Hnslactliall. l5Al'lCR, PATRA ...,. 150 E. 111th Street NzLt'l Hon. Soc.: Phorvx: Cour. Staff: Debaitii liars: Jr. Cit,: Math. Club: Hull Guard. HECIQ, Dfllilbl ,... 11526 Prim-v toll llnll Guard: Rin. Pres.: 2 G.A.A. liars: Jr, Cit. 11312 Lowe ALLISON. JAAHQS ...,... 9-103 St. l.ziwi'e1im- Avi-. 10146 South Purli Avcnux- A RDICN. RUTH ..,,..,. 10603 South Maw St, 'l'ri-lli-Y-Alpha. ARQlfIl.l.A. IlUl.ORlfS JOAN . . . . 11014 lVullz1l'f- .lr. Cit. AUSTIN, ICLEANCR IRICNIC . . . 10450 So. Corliss Clulg. A 1 , . Cornrm-1'r'i:ll . . , Scivlivc ull. lid.: Jr. Cit.: Frog: . , . Coininercial St. lluekc-tlmll: Yollr-yb:1ll. , Conllnvrm'i:ll . . , Conimr-rr'i:1l . Club: .lr. Cit. Svis-live liueke-tlvall. . . Coinln4'r4-izil . . . l.:uigi1um- ig: Club: Forum: 3 C.A.A. . . . Comnlr-rL'i:il ADAMS, CATHERINE ....... Commercial 109 West 103rd Place Orch. Letter: 5 G.A.A. Hnrs: Frog: Forum: Jr. Cit.: Plectrum. ADALXIS. RICHARD .,., Science V ' 11429 Lowe B.A.A.: Avm. Club: Jr. Cit.: Fencing: Club. ADAMS. NIERLE ...... Technical 11525 Wlxllace Street Hull Guard: 3 Sch. Letters: Baseball: 3 B.A.A. liars. ADDl'CC1, DOATINICK ,... ...., S cience I 11552 Wventwortll llnll Guard: Ahxeil Chorus: B.A.A.: Basketball: Avia. Club: Jr. Cit, ADZGOXVSKI. CIIICSTER . . . Commercial 11801 Morgan H:1l1Guurd: 3 li.A.A. Bars: Swimming: .lr. Cit. AIKEN, ROBERT.-X ..,..,. Science Hull Guard: Mixed Chorus: fi C.A.A. Bars: Frog: Basketball Stud. Libr.: Cheer. Club: Jr. Cit.g Tri-Hi-Y-Alplm, . Science Cour. Rf-p.: 2 B..-X.A. liars: Stamp Club: Jr. Cit.: Hall Guard: Trzxck. ALLISON. LLOYD ...... . '1'eChniral 1212-1 Sh-wart Hall Guard: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit.: Sviviu-v Club. ALAIGREN, VERA . . , . , Colnrnercial 10040 Wabash liull Guard: Cour. Rep.: linske-tlmll: Jr. Cit. ANDICHSUN. DlJ1iU'1'llY . . . . . . Commervial 101 Vlfest 112th l'lm'e 3 C..A.A. Bars: Yolleylmll: Basketball: Jr. Cit. ANDERSON. ATYRTLE ....... Commerciiil 3163 VH-st 108 Pluce 4 Phorex: 3 G..X.A. Bursg Frog: Yulls-ylmll: Basketball: Ulf. SN'-Z JT- CW- .XRCllI1i.Xl.D, BETTY ..... lniligluigc Coml4'rt lizindg 22 C.A,.X. liars: 4 Sc-h. L4-th-rs: Yollvylralll: Tri- Hx-X Alphzi: Avia. Club: .lr. Cit.: Spun. Club. , , SL-if-lice C0'lf'f'ft Bi'UlfiC 10 U.A.A. liars: Alvrinuidp Frog: Yolle-ylmll: lizxslu-Llzullg Jr. Cit.3 . . l.:irigLui,Lu- Nut'l Hon. Soc.: Phorcxg Cour. Stull: Hull Uuxlnl: 4 U.A.A. liars: Furullll . Cuinrnerciaxl Hall Cuurd: 2 G.A.A. IQZIFSQfill.Sl'f'lVQ:AY12l.CllllJ1.lT.Cit.QCi1PCT. BENNETT, RONALD ..... . General Science 12032 1'rinr'et0n Red Cross Rep.: llall Guard: Fenring Club: B.A.A. BELRGER, EDWARD ....... Technical 11238 Champlain Glee Club: B.A.A.: Sr. Life Saxing Emb.: .lr. life Faxing limb.: Avia, Club: Basketball Ball: Swimming: .lr. Cit.: Srience Clulz: BERGSTROM. Ll'C11.I.E ...., Commercial 208 lvest 112th Flam- Stud. Libr.: Hall Guard: 1 G.A.A. liar: liasketball: Volleyball: Jr. Cit.: Drama Club, BERGSTRUB1, RICHARD ,....,. Gem-ral Science 112-I8 Indiana Cour. Staff: Phorc-x: Off. Club: N.C.U.: Sm-ience Club: Math Club: Astrnn. Club: ll..-LA.: R.O.'1'.C.. Capt. BERN1ER, EDVVARU ..... . Cummervial 11567 1Ventworth B.A.A.: 1 B.A.A. Bar: Jr. Cit.: Hall Guard. HERNIER, KATIIRYN ..... Commercial 10851 Yernnn 4 G..-LA. Bars: Mermaid: Frog: Volleyball: Bskt. Ball: Jr. Cit.: Camera Club. BERTUK, NVILLIAM ..... Commercial 527 IC. 87th Plat-e 1i.A.A.: Jr. Cit.: Math. Club. BIEYER. TED ...... Cuxnmerm-ial G31 E. 1ll1st Street B.A.A.: R.0.'1'.C.: Drama Club: N.C.0. HIRO. KATHERINE ..... Curumercial 93123 Evans Au-nue tiff. Sew.: Drama: Jr. Cit.: 10 G.A.A. Bars: Frog: Mermaid: Yol- leyball: liaskt. Ball. BISHTUN, JESSIE MAE . ....... Cfunmerc-ial 11021 llarx ard Avenue Glee Club: G.A.A.: Bskt. Ball: Yolleyl all: Jr. Cit.: Hall Guard. BITHOS. PETER ....,... Cuinmerrial 332 li. Keiisirigtrm Avenue Rm. Pres.: Swiinining: Hall Guard: 2 B.A.A. liars: 1 Sr-11. Letter: Jr. Cit. Ill..-XCK. DFNCAN ...., SOL'ialSCii'i1i'e 10855 State Strz-vt l'all Guard: R 1i.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit.: Jr. Life- Saving: Einb.: Avia. Club: Camera Club: Trax:-l Club. BLITZSTEIN. I-IRWIN .... Commercial 8810 Michigan Hall Guard l.t..: Rin. Secfy.: B.A.A.: Jr. Cit. BLllN1Q1'1ST. ARLINIC ....... Cmniue-rf-ial V 217 W. 112th Hall Guard: 1 G.A.A. liar: lfrug: Yulleylzall: liskt. Ball: OIT. Ser-'y. BUEKELOO. GRACE ..,.. Cmninervial 247 YY. 110th Place Hall Guard: 12 G.A.A. Bars: Bskt. Ball: Volleyball: .lr. Cit. Club. l+lOl.'l'. PEA RL G.A.A.: Jr. Cit.: Chorus: 1 G.A.A. BURNS. ANN HUNGA, DURUTHY BURER. 4 4-n l'un'uaUe E ' ' 115-lW.A108tli I ' A N Hall Guard. BOMBICN, DGREEN ....... Gen. laingllagr' 10748 Indiana Natl Hun. Sm-.: Phorex: Stamp Club: Jr. Cit.: UH. Se-ey.: 11 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyball: Bskt. Ball. IRON.-Xl'AR'l'E. FRANK .... 11440 Furvst Cnur. Rep.: 2 B.A.A. liars: Baseball: Rr-d Crnss Rf-p.: Astron. Club: Avia. Club: Jr. Cit.: Svimic-0 Club. . . . . . . . Gen. Lang: 11008 Normal A liar: llskt. Ball: 1ulleyball:1'rug: Jr. Cxt. l.Il.l.1AN ....,. 18 l-2.1l9th PlL!f'LI'llIll Club: Alllilf. Show: G.A.A. ISURICR. NIARIHN . . . . . 181'l.S?1ltb Rm. Sfev'y.: G..X..X.: Yullvyball. f'omIne . ....... f'ununr- 1120-16 Ylizillace- llall Guard: 2 G.A.A. liars: Volleyball: llskt. Ball: Jr. Cit. BURYCZ, .I1'l.lZ .... . . . C'un1Inv 11611 l'rinc'etun Hall Guard: 2 G.A.A. liars: Voile-ylall: Jr. Cit. HR.'lIDl.1iY. 1'lV1'll,YN ..... Curninc- 11751 Nvalliufo Phorex: Cour. Rep.: 3 G.A.A. liars: Volleyball: Jr. Cit. . f'nu1rn0 ll: rl T1 Tl TL rs lge -ial -ml 'lill -nal -ial BRIGHT, IRENE ...., 94011 C11f1ta.g0 Grove AVP. D91Iilt11lg Club: Jr. C1t.g HH11GlllifdQG.1A.:A. BRISCOIC, MARCELLA ..... 46 1'1. 110t11 Pl. Jr. Citq Drum and Bugle Corps: Amnt. 51111111 Cour. Bskt. Bully 1 G.A.A. Bar. ISROSIFS, EDYV.-111D .,.. 10119 111119111111 Ave. .1r. Cit.g Druma Clubg B.A.A.3 Busebzxll. 1iRUL'I1.1,ETT1C. GFNIEYERE . . . 11332 C:11u111z-1, AV1-. Olive S1-1"y. 11111 pir'111rf-11 BROWN, THOMAS .,.... 10537 Egglm-stf111 Aw-. Cour. Repq Hall G1121I'11Q Jr. Cit.g B1lS1iEt11:ll1Q B..-LA. 1iR1'C1CR. GICURGIC .... . 500 E. 130t1l St. ISEBNAR, IRENE .,.., 101141 51111g511111o11 St. Dfillllilj 011. Secfy. B1'RG1VA1.D. RICHARD . . . . . 251 YV. 10-1th Sf. Art Clubg 13.A.A.g R.U,'1',C,3 141311c1ll21I'i1Q 3019111-v Club. 111'sHr1. EY1-11,YN ......, an 11. 103111 Sf. Stud. 1,1br.g Jr. Cit. BUWALDA. EDWARD . . . 1031-1 11'1111:1r'1' St. l5.A.A,g B:1Sketb:1l1g R U.T.C. CA1'1111.11lNE, 1'1I.l41l'f . . . . . 11802 P:1r111111AYe. Jr. CR.: 112111 Q111il1'4"1Q 2 G.A.A. Bursg Yollz-ykall. CARLSON. ICYELYN ,,,., 96221 Fon-st Av:-. Cuur. R1-11.5 11i111C1ll2lI'I1Q 12 G.A.A. Bursg Bzxslu-tball. CARLSON. I.1'CI1.I,E .... 12051 1'111rYz1r11 AVP. Jr. Cit.g G,A.A.g 12 G.A.A. Bars. CART.-X, CORINNIC . . ....... C11111111v1'f'iz11 Y l Y I 10742 Enlbroolu' AVC. 011. SP1"y,g H1111 Guarfig Jr. C1t.: 2 G.A.A. Bursg Basks-tlmllg Yullvylvull. CHAMBERS, 111A URINE .,..... S1-111111111 .. . , , 11350 1121111109 St. lr1-111-X AB1-tug R111. Prcsq Jr. Citg Syuu. Clubg 111-4-. Club: Clmor. Club 1lI'L'11.Q 3 G.A.A. Burs. CH.-XRD. IRIS ....... C11m1111-1'c'ia1 11810 133!'l1l'11:1YE'. Jr. Cit.g 1'1il11C11l2LI'f1Q 2 G.A,.A. Barsg Yolloyball. C'11ARY17CHAli, NADIA . ,.,... . I.1111g111nge Y 7230 VVc111r1l11w11 Avef. Rvws 3111115 1'11c1rexg 191-110. Clubg 11 G.A.A. Bursg Jr. C1125 '11T1lX'P1Cl1l1JQ f1i!H16T7l Clubg Yulleylnull. CHIARODU, ANDRENY . .,..,. T0c'1111if'f11 10610 S. B114'1l1g'1lI1 AVP. 1"ootl11111g Rm. Pn-s.g S011-111te Clubg 1J:lSQ1JZ11lQ fi Svh. 1,ettvrsg 2 15.A.A. liursg 110151111112 Clubg Jr. Cit, CHIEF. OLGA ....,,. CUI11111:-11-1111 51 VY. 10-1 131. Plmrefxg 011. Ser-'y.g 8 G.A.A. Bars: liskt. 1111113 Yo11ey111111gJ1-, Cit. C1'1I1'1'.-KH, ANTHONY . . . . . . S1'iv11t'e- I 10717 1114112111211 Ave. 111111 Gu11r113 11.x1..-1.2 Avm. Club: Sp-19111-v Club. CHIIDZIKIEVVICZ, STELLA . ..... Cp1111111vrc'i111 4 12043 11'1111:1r'e' Sf. 119,11f1l1Zl1'l1Q 1X11Xf'I1ChCDF.Q8 G..'1..-x.111lFSQ Yr111Pyl11111gBskt.I5z111gO1'1'.Suc'y.g Sturl. I.i1Jr.g Jr. Cin. CLANCY, ANNA MAE . . . . Cl1111Il1lJFC1il1 12030 1,11 Sulls- St. 111111 Guardg 2 G.A.A. Barsg Volle-yb1111g Jr. Cit.g 3010111-cl Cl11b. 111-11.5 111111 6111311111 11111. Prvsg 3 1i.A.A. liars: Teunisg Jr. City l'l1c1rex3 G1ec- Clubg 23 G.A.A. liursg Nolloylrullg 11S11t. CIlIlll11PTl'121l Cl1lYlll1ETl'111l Y1111L-ybnllg Cf1111mL-r1'i111 C111111114-T1-1:11 . C411111111-1'1'1z1l . FL'11'11c'r- Sl'll'Il1'f' Club. . C:1111111er1-1:11 H1111 Guarrlg 2 G.A.A. 1511rsg Iislct. 1311113 Yollvylmllg C11l'l'F. Clubg BULT. CHARLICS ..,.,.... C11111111f2r1'i:11 11638 P:1r111-11Av1-. Eshc-rs C111113 Off. C1u11g N,C.41, Clubg Jr. Cit.g 111111 Q1llilI'l1Q fl B.A.A.B:11'sg 2 F1'1l. 1.vtt1-rs. 131'11'1', 11UB1C11T ........ Cc1111me-!'r'1:11 11638 Farm-11 Aw-. 011. C11111Q I's11vrs Clubg 112 11..-XA. Bursg 3 S1-11. Le-ttersg 111111 Cuzxrfl 1.t.g N.0.C. Clubg .lr. City Axim. Cl11b. BURCII. 1'l11BE11'1' . . . . 5K'141l1l'E' 11208 111111111121 Av!-. B..-X.A. Art . 1411151111129 1111115 1111. Sf-Ny.: . S1'1v11f'Q C111111111-1'1'i:11 . C11111z11v1'1'1:11 C111111111-wial CLARK. IDA MAY .....,,.. I.un,quagr-1 317 XY:-st 108 St. Nat'l Honor Soc.: Cour. Staff: Stamp Club: Forum: D:-lmting Club: 3 G..-MA. Bars: Hall Guard. CLIFFORD. lfli A NCIS ....... Crumnercizxl 108 1V9St 114 St, lim. Se-Q'y,: Hn-lx.: Amat. Hlmw: 3 B.A.A. liars: 2 Sr-lx. I.:-th-rs: Track: Plslvtrum. CUNRAD. ROBEIVI' ..... Commercial 11329 Yvulluve- NK, Ii.0.'I'.C.: I'shPrS Club: N.C.O.: Hull Gunrfl I.t.: li.A.A.: Drama Club. CHNTI. XYILLIABI . .... . Curxxllwrvial 710 I'l:lSt 03 St. Jr. Cit. Club: Hull Guurcl. COOPER. EMMA ........ Comme-rf'iul 42 East 103 I'l. I'lmre-ug: Nc-ws Stull: Debating Club: Astron. Club: 13 G.A.A. liars: Bskt. B:1ll:Xulle-yb:1ll:I- rug. CIIAYVFURD. DOI'Gl.AS ' .,... Kr:-lrite-Oturzxl 2-IS WY-st 104 l'l. Rm. Pre-S.: 2 B.A.A. liars: 2 Fr-lx. l.1-tt:-rs: Swimruiugg Clmum-l Swim: Arr-b. Club. CI'li'l'IS. ELEANUR ,..,. . . Culmllf-rl-iul 1060-1 l.uugle-V Avv. Chorus I.n-ttvr: 15 G.A.A. Bars: FTIJQZQ Cllr-1-r. Club: Drum :mfl Iiuglv Curpsq .Ir. Cir.: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha. CXVIAN, MIl,l.II'I ..... . IAIIIQIIZIQK' 1125 P35103 St, Plmrex: Hall Guurrl: 3 G.A,A. liars: Jr. Cit.: 'l'r:1u-l Club. CZYZ. .II'l.IA I.HI'ISIC ...., CfllllIllPI'L'l2ll 1011 Exist 00 St, Plmrvx: Cour. Re-p.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: lie-ml Cross Help.: Ulf. SPFAYI Fmg. CZIQIUYUNKA. STICYIC , .,.. . Crm 10601 Chzuuplaiu Avo. Cour. II1-p.: Orch.: Amxlt. Show: Ii.A,A.: .It. Cit. DAHLBILRG. l.Il.I.IAN ...... Crm 430 XYe'St 111 St. llnll Gunrfl: G.A.A.: Yullc-yl ull: Dmum Club: .lr. Cit.: Spanish Club. DAIIl.STIIOA1. RUIilClI'I' . . Qzwyw. 1415 sr. Plmrr-x: I"url11n: BIz1tb. Club: Svis-m'vCll1lv. IDAIILSTROM, WICIINICR .... , . 1237 W. 1056 Pl. Hull Clualrcl l.t.: Zi Ii.A,.X. liars: Aviu. Club: Jr. Cir.: X1:u'runi Club: Svivxxvl- DIC BULK. MARY .... . Fun 1Wl'1ust113St. Plmrrfx: lim, Sm-c"y: 1 G..X.A. liur: .lr. Cit.: Sz-ivlwv Club. DI'Ililil1IZIiNI. ANNIC . . . Cum 71912.01 St. Plunre-x: Hull Guzml: C4.ur. Rep.: G.A.A. rmorvial une-rriul Sf-lPur'v Sole-1u'0 Club. lluvrciul une-rr-izll DE HA A N, WI LLIAB1 ...... El-122 V1-rurm AX I-. Hall Guurllg 2 l5.A.A. Bars: X1-ws Staff: .Ir. Cit.: Bowling Club. DICIQKICR. HICXRY ..... I501Y,l117 sf. .Z li.A.A. Bars: Iizlsluftlrull lIg1r.: .lr. C lt, DFIKKICR. WII.BI'Il . . . 4.37 W. 10-1 St. lI1lllGu1ml: U.A.A.: 11.1 l.'l'.f'.: Forum: N.f'.H. Club: DE MARIA. CI JRDICLIA ..... II:1llCl1:nr1l:Cul1l'.IIL'p.:fiG.A.A.Burs:Xnllz-yl.:All:.lr.Ci Urvll. X 11 11210 I.:1uul1-y .XX 1-'. IJICN BIQSTEN. lilCliAl.D .... V 0.7! W, 117 Pl. t. r.: B.A..X.: li.H.I.C.:Ifuruu1:Jr,C1t.: N.f',U.f'lub: DEXNICY. BIYIi'I'I.Il . . . 10740 l-'ure-st Ax 41. Cuur, Stull: Cl.A.A.: Yullwylfalllg Bskt. Iiullg Mzltlx. Club: Stauup Club. DENNIS. WILLIAM ....,. 1062-1 l.nx1:1lvy Au-. llnll Gualrfl: lim. I'rf1s.:2 Svlm. lmttr-rs: I-'fmtlmllg 1Yrestliug1. I71-JYHVNG. liAliliY .... 53 W1-st 107 St. llpnllliu:1rrl:I5.A..X.: ll,1J,'l'.C.:.lr.f'it. DEYHFNC1. .IIZNXIIC . . . .33 W. 110111, Sc-ir-uc? f'm11111mwiul . S:-io-llvv Fhllup Club. Culn11u+rc'i:1l Cfmllllrlvrrizll I"l ' s 11-rs Club. l.:xng1u:xgv Club: Slum. N'u-ur'L' Cuullm-l'4'i:1l Cmnuu-rm-i:ll Phare-x: Hull Guurrl: Rm. Sufy: 4 G.A.A. liars: Yullz-ylmll: UH. SPc'y: Jr. Cit. ERICKSON, DONALD ........ 10141 Michigan Ave. B.A.A.: Channel Swim.: Avia. Club: Fencing Club. ERICKSUN. l'I1'GENE ....... 11337 Yule Ava-. DIGIRULAMO, YALIA ....... Commercial 10501 Edbrooke Ave. lIullGuurc1: Rm. Pres.: G.A.A.: Volleyball: OH. Sec'y: Jr. Cit. DIRKSEN, BENJAMIN 1211 W, 108th'Pl. ' Hi1llGl13fdQ 2 B.A.A. liars: R.O.T.C.: Jr. Cit. DOMAG Technir-u.l DOBDA, JOHN .... 11357 Langley Ave-. Hall Guard: B.A.A.: Avia. Club: Jr. Cit. ALA, GENEYIEVE . . . Y . 12211 Whllace St. G.A.A.: 1 G.A.A. Bar: Bzlsketbnllg Jr. Cit. DUNIIA Technic-ul Commercial DONHAM, MARGARET ..... 11516 Front St. Phorex: lNIixed Chorus: 13 G.A.A. Bars: Sell. Letter: Club: Jr. Cit.: Tri-Hi-Y Beta. DOUGLAS, ANNA LOUISE . . . 9548 SO. L3 Salle St. G.A.A.: Jr. Cit. M. RUTH ...... 321 VV. 102nd St. liztncl: Orch.: G.A A.: 2 Bars: Frog: Jr. Cit. 'l'oelxnicznl Srim-:ire Nat'l Honor Som-.: Cour. Staff: Mayors Cub.: Phorexg 13 B..X.A liars: Basketball: R.l7.'l'.C. Capt.: OFF. Club: N.C.O, Club. I-IRICKSUN, XVALTER ..... Cuinlncrciul 12 li. 113th St. Rin. Pres.: Cour. Rep.: B,A.A.: 4 liars: Swim.: Off. Sec'y EVANS, MARJURIIC ........ 11726 Eggleston Avo. Cu1n1nerui:Ll News Staff: Rm. Svc-'y: C-.A.A.: 2 Bars: Hall Guard: Drznna Club: Astron. Club. FABUR, ANNA ...... . Coxnxns-racial 228 NV 103ml l'l. Hull Guard: Rm. Serfyg OH. Secfy. FARON, EDBIUND ..... 70 I' 118 Pl Cunnnercinl 11.. 5. . Baseball: Bskt. Ball: B.A.A.: G Bars: S Sch. Letter: Jr. Cit.: Rm. Sec'y. FEDOR. GWENDULYN ..... 12021 Stewart Ave. Jr Cit.: G.A.A.: 1 Bar: Volleyball: Bskt. Ball: Astron. Club: HallGu:1rd. FEINSTEIN, FANNIE .... 10226 La Salle St. OH. Socfy: Drunm Club: G.A.A.: Hall Guard. FENNICLL. WILMA . .... 650 E. 70th St Rrn Pres : Jr Cit.: G.A.A.: Volleyball: Bskt. Bull: F FIALKOWSKI, JEANI4I'l'TE . . . 11924 Perry Ave. A Rm. l'res,: G.A.A.: 1 Bur: Jr. Cit.: Feneing Club. FIAMENGHI. RENA . . . . . 120 W. 116th St. G.A.A.: Jr. Cit.: llnll Guard: Volleyball. . FIICLDS, NORRIS . . 11917 Nornml Ave. Swim.: N.C.H. Club: Rrn. Sev'y: Hull Guard: B.A.A. FINNELL, KAY ......... 27 E. 124 St. News Staff: Basketball: Nlnreoni Club: Debnt. Club: .lr. Cit.: Hall Gua Bar: Jr. Life Suv. limb. FISHER. NANCY JANE 505 W. 108th St. Suiumce Commercial Conunerriul rog. Connncrcinl Cc annum-rc'i:1l Cmnxnereizil . Sr-ienre rd: I li.A.A. Phnrex: llull Guard: Glee Club: -1 G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Life Suv. Iiinb.: Mer- maid: Cheer. Club: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha. FIS!-IICR. ROY . .... 1 W. 112th Pl. . Self-live Commercial Stud. Libr.: Cheer. C0lI1I11PI'i'ltll Comrnerriul ELLIS, .RAYMOND ...... 10116 Lowe Ave. . Seienre Nat'l Honor Soc.: Phorox: Orch. Let.: R.O.T.C. l'l2lllllACI7I'D.Q Debat. Club: Sci. Club: N.C.O. Club: Astron. Club. ELSASSER, FRED . . . Sc-ience 11346 Forest Av:-. B.A.A.: -1 B.A.A. Bars. llall Guard: Rm. Pres.: 1 B.A.A. Bur: 1 Sch. Letter: liusvlmnll: Football. L -Y , W V W GOICBIG, JAMES . . . . 226 VVQ-st Jr Cit :N.C.O. Club: BA A.: I1ullGuard. GOI'I'l'Z. ROBERT . . 10825 Bskt. Bull: B..-X..-X.: Svierxcc Club: IX1 1"notlu1ll: Chevron. G1 ULLNICK. ALZADA News Sta . . Connnercial 103 Pl. . .... SK'I6'11L'l' Forest Ave. nth. Club: Jr. Cir.: Fornfert Band? . . . . , H. Arts 0737 Prairie A ve, bturl. 1.1br.: llull Guard: liOS1'OD.-Xlilili. MARIE . , . 618 XVQ-st .lr. Cit.: G.A.A.: 2 G..-XA. liars. GRAICFICN, EDNA .: Jr Cit. liusketball: Yolleybnll: G..-XA . f'o1n1ner1'i:1l 12:4 se. c1UI111I1PI'f'12ll ' 11628-Stat.e.St. ' ' Cour. Rep.: G.A.A.: Volleyball: Hskt. Ball: Hall Guard. GRAVANDI-IR. GEORGE . .... Sr-in-m-e 11208 Indiana Ave. Plmrex: Rm. Pres.: Football: Hal1Gn:1r1l: B..-LA.: Fnruxng Math. Club. GRAVENS'I'l7K, GEORGE ...... . Fuiernw- 225 VV1-st 107 Pl. Hall Guard: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Bowling Team: Astron. Club: Jr. Cit. GR.-XYICF. HEL1-LN .,... , Colnlnerriul 11713 News Stuff: Phorex: Stump Club: G.A.A. liars. GRENII-IWICKI, ROSA 12 Fourier Rep.: G..-LA.: Y. GRIZZ, VIRGINIA .... 129 East Rm. Secretary: 13 G. A .A liars: Volleylm GROSS. CHARLES . . 10052 H11llG1111rd:Rn1. Pres.: Orch.: BA..-X. GRIJZDIS, TED . Normal Ave. Jr. Cit.: Astron. Club: llull Guard: 2 1.11-I , . . . CJKIIIIXIN-'I'l'l11l 136 Emerald Ave. mllr-yball: Buskf-tbanll: Jr, Cit. . . . . . c1OIIll1IE'TI'12!l 104 St. ll: Bskt. Ball: Jr. Cit. . . . Svielnw- Yule :Xve1111+' . 51-ienr-e 1554 East so sm, ' ' S4-l1. Letter: llnll Guard: fi UAA. Bars: .lr. Life Szn'i11g Iimblemg Channel Swirn.: Swimxnin GITDAS. VAl.I4IIiIl-I .... 11. . . . . . Com1ner1'i:1l 10604 Edbrooke Ave. G X X liar Hall C unrml Rm. Pres.: l'l1orc-xg 1 '..' . : S 1 Gl'S'l'AFSON, I1AliOI,1J . : Jr. Cit.: Basketball. . ..... fSeiem-1- A 11917 Lowe Ave, Ilall Guard: Orch. Anmt. Show: 2 13.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit.: Suinxwe Club GL'YA'l"l'. CONSTANCIC . . . General Scienm- Nat'l Hon. Suv.: Cour. Sn-1. Club: lim. Pres.: Ch 10.527 Sangzunon I Stuff: Phorex: OH, S1-Ky: St:1.1np Club: 1-er. Club: Art Club: Jr. Cit. FISKIC, RUSSEL1, ...,...... Sffivlxur 18 East 111th Pl. Y ff: 23 B.A..-MH-ars: 6 Seh. Letters: Baseball: Football: SWVIHIIIIIIIQQ VVrestling. FORSBERG. NVICRNER .... Seierwe 10831 Indiana A ve. Rm. Pres.: Courier Rep.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit. FORTIC, JOHN ..,. COU1111PTl'lill H1231 Dobson Ave. Hall Guard Lt.: BAA. FRIBERG, DORIS . ....... CO1I1lll?'l'1'11LI 250 W1-st 110 St. Phorex: llall Guard: Off. Sem-'y: 2 G.A..-X. Bars: Volleyball: Bskt. Bull. FRIEDMAN. FLORENCE ...... S1-1e1n-1 11041 So. Park Ave. V Amateur Shows: 16 G.A.A. Bars: Sch. Letter: Chevron: Sr. Life Saving 1'1l'Il1ll9II1Q Jr. Life Saving Emblem: Fenger News Staff: 111-'th-r Girls' Club. FRIICDSAKI, ALVIN ....., Self-1n'e 540 1119511 103 St. Nafl Honor Soc.: Phorf-x: News MMT: Ilf1:lCE1".S Club: Mayors Cab- inet: 1i.O.'I'.C. Band: Trurk: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Anmt. Show. GASPERI, ARTHYR ..... Cornmerr-iul 1143-I So. Park .-Xve. Jr. Cit.: 4 H..-LA. Bars: line:-ball. GILKISON. H1'1l.IQN ..,.... Connrxervlaxl 10417 Wabash Ave Amut Show: -I G.A..-X. Bars: Frog: Fencing: Club: Volleyball: Basketball. Fencing GLADSTOXE. MELVIN . . . . S1-iz-nee 13750 1.eVcll-n Ave. Forum: S1-ience Cl11b: li .-LA.: R1n.Sf-vretary. JANIQOVIC. LILLI.-KN ..... JOHNSON. DANUCI A...,.. . . Cn ininerrial 10518 Cnrliss Ave. HnllGn1mig G..-X..-X.: 2 G.A..-X. Bars: Jr. Cit. JIENNINGS. 51.-XRTH.-X .... . . Cuininorvizll 10136 Prosper-t Avi-. Rin. Pre-s.: Rin. Sify: Astrnn. Club: GA..-X.: Oil. S4-1-'y. JOHNSON. BETTY ...,., llaiiigrlmgv 63211 1112 St, Ttllifl. l,ibr.:Jr.Cit.:ll:1llGuz1rrl:1G..X.A. H:1r:Yull1-ylmnll: Ja . Basket- ' Sciemw- 123051 l'rlm'e'trm Avo. 1'lwi'r'x: Hin, Sei-'y: linslu-tlmll: Alunt, Nlmw: Orr-li. 1:1115 Fnotlmll 'l'ic'l.vt Xlgr.: Fr'n1'. Club: l3.A.A. JOHNSON, ll.'XliliY ....... lmiilgliuglse 1105533 llzirnz-ll Avi-. News Stall: Quill 8 Scroll: llzlll Uuurzl: Ulf. Club: N.C.fl. Club: BMX.,-X.: Klvrlill Press Conf. JOHNSON. KENNl'l'l'll ..... Scienve- 116 XV. 110 St. Rm. Pros.: Hall Gunril l.t.: Jr. Cit.g Ji ILA..-X. Bars: linslwtlnall. l0Nll'1C. JOSEPHINIC .,..... l.:m,Qfuage- 105Il3 Corliss AYP. Plurrox: Hall Guard: 1 G,.X..X, Bar: Ynlli-ylrnillg Bzrski-tlmll: Jr. Cit. JONIKAITIS, JULIUS ...,... Cuininercial 1075513 liflbrooke Av:-. Phorex: Marconi Club: B..'X..X.: llzill Guard: D1-bnting Club. JVGIN. HICLICN ...... Cu1ni1u'rf'i:1l 515119 Wlxocllnwn Ave. Phorvx: 15 G.A.A. liars: Volleyball: Iiskt. Ball: FL-n1'in,q Club: Jr. Cit,g lI11llGuarcl. HAN.-XCllI'llQ, HELEN .... ,. . . . CAllllI1l4'Fl'l:1l V I .32 East 11112 sn Phorex: Cnur. Staff: Imttvr Q1lY'lF Club: 1 Sr-li. Le-tts-r: 12 GA..-X. Bars: Buskr-tbrill: Yolleyb:1ll:Jr. Cit. lrl.-XW'KYSZKl'lW'. MICHAEL . . , Crnnnwrcial 122311 Szuigraxinon Ainut. Show: BAA.: Z5 B.A.A. 132ll'SQSWlII1. H.-XYFUR. XYII.l.IABI ...... Svir-:ire UN22 Forvst Avv. Plmre-x: ll.1llGu:1rf1g Rin. l'rc1s,:4 B.A..X, Nurs: Jr. Cit. HFIERICINJA, ICGBERT . . . S1-ir-rice QW, 71'- , 30 10 ll Sf'1.Cl1l1JQ1'l0Y'llITlQ.lI'. Cit.: -l li..,X..-X. Bars: llull Guard. 1llil.l.ING,-X. 31.11111 IN 12 l'l:lS . . . . Cinninvrviiil 1110 Pl. Mix:-1lChorus: I-'11lIGu.m1: Yfmllvylmll: Bskt. Bull: .Xrt Club: Jr. Cit.: .-Xinut. Slwvv1'Uster Conti-st. HENDERSON. BIYHL ..... Cuinnu-rvizil 3'5" J '9s1'l 1 lnust 8.' . Chorus lmttr-r: Debating Club: News R1-p.: Hall Guard: Drzuml Club:J1'. Cit. HIGGINS, KUSSEL ......., Ge-nernl Sriuinmr '32 YY. 1141 Pl. News StulyI':Cl1'11l1 Vp Czunp. Mgr.: Hi-Y: Ur:-li.: Re-rl Cross Rc-p.: HnllG1::1r-:lg Urzxruu Club: B..-X.,-X.: Sri. Club. Avin. Club. IEINTUN. CI.Il7lfIJRD ...... Svic-n1'e 111015 l':1rnc-ll AVP. Cnur. StntT: 2 li..'X..X. Nurs: 1 Sc-li. lvtter: Capt. Clu-4-1'-lf-fnrlerg Nvws Stull: HOFSTR .-X, W A LTER . 41 . V, . . Svivilre- 7 W. 10-1 St. Bzxselmllg l"nutl::lll: Swiin.: Wrestling: 4 Sc-li. I.e-ttcrs: 1211 li..X,A. Bars: Cnur. lic-p. HONKKJSKI, FRANK . . . Sc-i4'nf'P 620 li, NS Phorex: Rin. Pri-S.: Rm. Sc-Ny: .Ir. Cit.: 3 l5,.X..'X. liars. l14JX'I,.-KND. l7II'7Y'1'li li . ht. 11744 l':xrns-ll Avv. Plmrvx: ti GAA. Nurs: Frog: He-rnmillt l-'nrun1: Jr. Cit.: lmll. H1'P1', YICRNUN . Cnnxnu-rr-inl Ynzlleylnllg llamlwt- . H1-ii-tive 10127 l.:1f:1ye'tt1- .Xu-. 4.-X Clnss l'r4'S.: News Nt:1l'l': Quill K' Svroll: lN:it'l llvnur Suv.: Plmrex: X ll.A.A. Bars: l"urun1g Sci. Club: Us-lmtli l l HYLANIJICR. JOHN . , Il.IlxA, JUF . . ' ig C n 1. Svif-luvv 1 .-Xu-. lim. Pre-S.: LZ li..X.A.l31l1'SQ.XX12l.Cll1l'Q-ll'.Cl . 111340 1.1.1131 t:ll:xllC1u:ir1l. . . . . . Sm-ivnse llllrlll Xulv AVE. lfrnotluiill: Tennis: 1Yrr-stlingf: 6 B,A..N. liars: 3 Srli. l,e-tiers: Sr, I.if1- Fav. limb.: Jr. l.if0 Suv. lfinlr.: Dvlrnling Club. JAMIE. GILXCIC . --, v . . Cmnnzvrm-izrl .ni . .Q 111-st 109 ht. Rm. Sm-'y: Tri-l:li-Y l'4-tai: Stiunp Club: Jr. Cit.: Bunk:-tlrull: ' C -X -X Bu Off. Se-Ny: fi I.. .. ll'llASZ. lCI.B11CR ...... Comxm-rr-ial 916 VW-st 119th St. 2 Sm-h. I.:-tt:-rsg B.A.A,g 1 B.A.A. Bur: Bass-lmll. liI'1l.lSl IWSKI. JOHN ..., . KAYECKIS, LOUISE . ...... Comnierciril 10605 lixllxrucmkz- AVO. Pliuri-xg Jr. Cit.g 4 G.A.A. Bnrsg Yullvylziillg liskt. Bzillg Frog. KEKIJT, ID.A ...,... Comiuvrcizil fi-10 l'l. U1 Si. Phorexg Rm. Pre-fs.g 4 G.A.A. liars: Bla-rnmiilg Frogg Yollcylmllg Bskt. Bally Clie-r-r. Clulm. . Ten-lmif-ul 9404 Culliinvt Aw-. .Xx'i:1KiuuClulb. li I l'1l"l'R . C HA ll LES ........, KENNEDY. JEAN ...,. Scie-m'e 91209 luiivvrsity Auf. llnll Guzirmlg Rm. Serfyg 4. G AA. liairsg Jr. Cit. IQENVVORTHY, 1'1AliUl.D ..... SI'iviic'z- 105317 Yvrmm Av:-. Trarkg Nlixc-Ll Chin.: 2 Sch. l.c-tt:-rsg 20 l5.A.A. Bars: Footlmllg Swimming: Drumzx Clubg Hull Guzirnl. Scicilm- 1 1156 Nurmzil Av:-. N2it'l Hon. Sunny Cour. Staff, Soc-. Orvh. 1,4-:ulc-rg Cmim-rt liiuirlg K.O.'l'.C. Bzuulg N.C.U, Clulig Cuur. Rep. li1ICliADI.O, PEART ,....... liiiiglizigzm- 106115 lnmliiinxx Aw-. Auiut. Sliuwg Rm. Sen-'yg 5 G.A.A. linrsg Clu-4-r. Clulmg Jr. Cit.g Hall Guard. KIRSCH, 1Y1l.l.1AK1 ..., Sciviivc IUSIJRS l'rz1iri4- Aw-. B.A.A. lil.Al'SNlCR. THICRIQSA ....... . Cummerf-ixil 66 XY. 10.3 St. f'1ms'vrtl5:mclgUr1'l1.g11 G.A.A.1511rS3 1 Svli. l.e'tt4'r1 lislxt, 1S1ill.g Jr. Cit QH1illC1ll3TCl. KUYACS, ROSE MARIE . . . . Cuimnerc-iul 662 YY. 117 51. Ampellu Choirg Mixed Chung 5 l3..X.A. liars: lf:-Ugg Bznske-tlmllg Cliver. Clulmg Jr. Citg Amat. Show. KUWALESIK, ANDREW .... . 'l'Pc'linimil 1070 lf. UU Si. llnll Guarclg 2 B.A.A. liars: lizxse-lmllg Arm-li. Clubg .lr. Cit. lill.XI.. Jl'l.lA .,..... . Cmiiixiervizil 11711 Pvuriu l'liurs-xg llnll Guqirilg 3 G.A.A. Bursg Yl:ll+-yl:ullg.1r.Fit. KICAXZKY. lfST1'11.l.1Q . . . . General IAIIIHYIAIQI4' 3111.112 l'l. 171-ugzf-r News Stull: Tri-l'li-Y .Xlplmg llaill Cluzuwlg 1 U.A.A. Bur: Yfmllvylmllg liuskvtlmull: Jr. Cit. KRHS. JUHANNA ...... Cnmmvrviail fill! 1Y. 110 lll. Plinrexg 3 G..-X..-X. liursq Ynllz-ylmllg ll:islu-tlinllg UH. 51-1-'yy Jr. Cit. KUBINSKI, Sl ?I'Hll'l ..,..... l'lm1s4-lmlrl Arts 132 XV. 118 St. Sturl. l.ilmr.g llzill Guzmlg .lr. Cit.g 2 G.A.A. Bars: Vollvylmllg lizxslwtlmll. KVCZWAIIA. .Il-INNIl-I .,..... CK!lllIlll'l'l'1Ill 12235 Parnell HIT. Sc-r"y3 G.A..-Lg 12 G.A.A. lhirsg Buske-tballg Jr. Cit. Kl'l.CllAli. Al.l'lX . . . . Cu-in-rail N'le-1111 .319 E. 92 St. li.A.A. llc-pg Avia. Clulvg Jr. City Srfiviiw- Clulwg 171-mx Clulr. KFSTIQA. Jl'l,ll'S 9043 lillis AVL-. H1111 Guurclg B,-X.A.g1Z ILA A. liursg liuselmll. l,AIJISl.AS, I.lll lb ....,.. lm-4'lmlm':il 704 Heist 112 St. AYrr-stliligg Srli. l,m-th-rg 51-14-iivv Club: Aviufirm Clulvg Astron, Clulxg Hull Culrrl' li X X 1: l,ANGl3U. JEAN ...... Cmiiliu-rt-izil llull Guarxlg 4 U.A.A. Bzirsg Noll:-yluullg linskc-tlmllg 011. hm-y Jr. Cit. I1-'1l'l'Il'l, 1YAl.'l'l'lll . .... Sm-, S4-if-mc 1121-15 lmwf-' AVP. B-A.A :Sc-im-111-11 Clulrgl li.A,.X. liar. l.A1Ylil'lNCl'l. Rl"l'll ....... Sm-. Sr-i4-in-+ Tinle-3' Park. lll. llull Guzxrmlg G.A.A,Q lh-fl Cross Rvpg Avia. Clul1g.lr. Cir. l.l'lGG, l5l'lli'l'HN . . . . lim-nvml Sm-ic-nm 7 5348 Su. l.af'lir1 Ave-, N:it'l llrmur Sm-.5 Plirirslxg Rm. Pre-s.g Hr:-li:-strng Alix:-il Clmrus Amzlf.. Slum. LENZEN, BEATRICE ........ Commercial 11140 Vernon Ave. Phorex: Courier Staff: Tri-Hi.Y Beta: Drama Club: 3 G. A. A. Bars: Jr. Cit.: Basket ball: Frog: Orch. LEUR, .IOHANNA ....... Language 33 East 103 St. Stud. Libr.' 12 CA A. Bars' Sr Life Sax' lfmb. ir. Iife S X n ',4 1.., ., . - .4 g. . a'.Emb.:Mer- maid: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: Basketball: Jr. Cit.: Chor. Letter. LIQNBERG, GLADYS ..,,, Commercial 10756 State St. llall Guard Lt.: G.A.A.: Pler. Club: Orch. Varieties. LOCKNVOOD. GEORGE ........ Language 824 E. 88191. Mayors Cab.: Cour. Staff: Quill K Scroll: Nat'l Honor Soc.: Phorcx: Track: Hi-Y Letter: Debating Club: 1 Sch. Letter: News Staff. LOFRANDO ANTHONY ..... , Technical 147 Kensington Avc. 3 B.A A Bars: 1 Sch Letter: Camera Club. LOGULLU, NIARY .... . Commercial K 9243 Ellis Ave. Jr. Cit.: Rm. Serfy: Hall Guard: G.A.A. LOWACK, LEONA ........, commemiai 265 VY. 104 St. Hrll Guard: 5 G. A: A. Bars: Volleyball: Basketball. Drum K Bugle Corps: Cheer Club. LUCAS, DAN .......,. Science 2 B.A.A. Bars: R.O.'l'.C.: Rifle Team: Monkey Drill: N.C.O. Club: Off. Club. LUDVIGSON, RAYMOND AFDREVV . . Commercial 47 17.100 St Hall Guard: 4 B.A.A. Bars: Tennis: Jr. Cit.: Bowling Team. MALACHESEN, BERNICE . LUISI: VERONICA ......... Commercial 11959 Normal Ave. 1 G.A.A. Bar: Basketball: Volleyball: Debating Club: Drama Club. LUND: BARBARA RUTH ....,. Commercial 26 East 84 St. Cour. Staff: Tri'Hi-Y Beta: Cheer. Club: Jr. Cit. Club: 1 G.A.A Bar. LUNDAHL, GRETA ..... Commercial 6 East 112 Pl. Rm. Pres.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyball: Basketball: Off. Sec'y: Fcnc. Club. LUPIEN, PEARL ......... Language 1 1316 Normal Ave. News Staff: Nat'l Honor Soc.: Quill dz Scroll: Phorex: D.A.R, Award: N.S.P.A. Conv.: Forum: Math. Club: Bskt. Ball. LUTES: DONALD ........ Science 11918 La Salle St. Swim.: Jr. Cit.: Jr. Life Sav. Emb.: Rm. Pres.: Hall Guard: Red Cross Rep.: Sei. Club. MADDEROM, HENRI ...... Science 617 E. 88 St. Rm. Pres.: 1 B.A.A. Bar: 1 Sch. Letter: Avia, Club: Jr. Cit.: Science Club: Fenc. Club. MADSEN, LA VERNE ........ Cornmercia. 9307 Eberhart Ave. Orch.: Jr. Cit.: Pleutrum Club: Bskt Ball: Volleyball: 1 G.A.A. Bar: Frog. MAGNABOSCO, VALERIO , . . Commercial 11436 Forestvillc Ave. B A.A.: Debating Club: Hall Guard: Jr, Cit. NTAGRANI, GRACE . . Language 727 89'St, ' Hall Guard: Rm. Sec'y: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Forum: Jr. Cit. . . . Commercial 523 E. S8 Pl. Phorex: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit. Club: Frog. MARWICK, ALFRED ...,.. 11256 Eggleston Ave. 3 Sch. Letters: Baseball: Basketball: News Staff: Hall Guard: B.A.A. . Language MASIER, EDVVARD . .... Commercial 318 WJ. 116 St. Sch. Letter: Baseball: B.A.A.: Hall Guard: Concert Band: Jr. Cit, M.-XSSAR1,Q,PRIlN1O ......... Technical 19 103 St. Hall Guard Lt.: Rm. Pres.: 3 B A.A. Bars: Football: Golf: Avia. Club: Jr. Cit. lNIATHlESON. EVELYN . . . . Commercial 8742 Indiana Ave. Phorex: News Staff: Rm. Pres.: G.A.A.: Frog.: Literati. MAZOR, ROBERT 6617 Drcxel Ave. Plectrum Club: Aviation Club: Jr. Cit.: B.A.A.: Hall Guard. MEHOK, LOIIISIC ..... . . 11511 linu-ralcl Aw-. G..-X..-X.: Yullr-'ylJall: liaslu-ftball: Jr. Cif, MICSKAPSIQIS. YICIIA ..,.. 11515 Stahl St. llall Guard: G.A..fX.: Iflasks-tl1zlll:Ull'. Sf-Ny: Jr. CII. BIICSK.-Xl'Sli.-XS. YIRGINIA . . 10021 Mlabasll Au-. l,llUl'f'XQ G..'X..X.: Yullvylrall: ar. Cit. MICH VIDA. RAYMI DXD ,...... 11223 171915111-Stull Au-2. .lr.C1t,, Sm. Club: Cour. llvp.: Ii li.A.A. liars: Zi l.e-tu-rs: llall Gu MILLER. ICl.lC.-XXIII! ..,.., , 12141 lriuvvtnn AY:-. arml. MCBROUM, ALlilCll'l'A ........ Commercia I 049 NV. 103 St. News Staff: Phorvx: Drama Club: Che-er. Club: 1jl'hH1l1lLZ Club: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Vmlleyball: llaskt. liall. McCAFl"l'Ill'l'Y, ICD ' ' ..,... I l H , Language y 10723 So. I ark Ave. Astrun. Club: .lr. Cit.: Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Fe-uc-ing Club. MUCLANA HAN, Hall G ua IV1rfCAF1"lC1l'1'Y, JOHN , . . 10723 Hu. Park Ave. 'l'rac'k: Rm. Prr-s.: Fvru-ing Club: Jr. Cit.: Sri. Club: A l5.A.A. MA NFK JRD .... . 10030 Champlain A V4-. nl: lim. Pr:-s.: 1 l'l.A.A. liar: Jr. Cit. McCI.l'll.U, WILLIAM .,... Language stron. Club: Commercial Technical 68 W. 113 St. Hall Guard: N.C.U. Club: Tribune Award: OH. Club. MCCRACKICN, Mr:CUNNACl1IIC, IIOISICRT . . 311 W. 111 Pl. Cour. Stall: Y1x59llll1SQ Naffl Honor Suv.: Phurc-x: B,A Club: Sr-i. Club: Ili-Y: Math. Club. W ILSON . . .,... . 217 VV. 104 St. . Science .A.: Astron. Science Hall Guard: 2 Sch. Lf-tters: Sr. Life Suv. 1Cn1b,g .Ir. Life- Nav. limb.: Baseball: Baskt. Ball: Swi m.:17B.A.A.Bars, NICGLUNIC, JACK ........ Svience 12014 l,rim'vtmi Ave. Jr. Cit.: Sc-i. Club: Baseball: 1 S1-h. Lettvr: 3 B.A.A. llars: Hal Cmnaunn-n-il f'IHllllll'I'l'I11l Cuuumfrvial . N'lvlu'4- Cununi-rc'ial Rin. Pres.: Cour, Hep.: Hall Guard: Y1.lle-yball: liaslxviliallgU,.'1..-X.: Jr. Cit. MILLER. M A RCA R ICT ..... Cmnmervial 10010 l'rim'r-ton Ave. Drum and Bu lv Corrs' 1 G A -X Bar: liaslxt. Bill Mmllul All . Q I , .. .. . Chver. Club: llall Guard: Uri-li. Var. MILL1-IR. 1YII.I.IAIX1 ......... Crrnllm-r4'ial 117 W. 109 Pl. Plwrex: 3 li..-MA. Bars: 1 S4-li. Lettf-r: Fuutbull: Wre-stling: .Xstrruunny Club: Jr. Cu.: UH. Club: Vsbers Club. MILLION. SHIRLI-IY ..... . S4-ia-:uw 11148 12515111-Stull Ax 0. l'liurPx: Hall Guarcl: G..-X,.'X.: Mgr, Fuwtball Tim-kv! Sala-s: Yullf-yball: Cluwr. Club: Jr. Cit.: Tri-I-li-Aly ba. MISIVNAS. SHPIIIIG .... 245 W. 108 Pl. Nc-ws Rep.: Iiln. Sf-r-'yg 3 CLA..-X. liars: Jr. Cut. MUIENICII. YIYIAN ....... 1201.3 Prairie Ave. Cmurm-rr-ial Cmuuu-rvial Plum-A: Cle-e Club: T G..-X..-X. liars: Frng: Basketball: Ynllm-ylmll' .Ir. f it. MOI-III. HICNRY ...... 303 li. 1550 St. 1 'l'f-c'bnir'al Kill. Club: N.C.U. Club: lli!'v Tvani: llm. l rvs.: Svluml l.4-ttvr: Avia .Club. MUNSUN. llAlilJl.l7 .... 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JULIA . . . 144 E. 110th St. G..-LA.: Offce Sedy: Jr, Cit. Club. NEBELSTEIQ, HILBERT . . . . . V 723 ig. 90th Sc. News Staff: N.S.P.A. Conv.: Orch.: 3 B.A.A, Bars: Sei. Cl Stamp Club: Phorex. NEBELSIEK, HILDA ...,. 723 E. 90th St. lX'Iath. Club: Baskt. Ball. NELSON, INGRID .... 11749 Union Ave. Jr. Cit.: Baskt. Ball: Yolleyball. 10130 VVentworth AVC. Bars. NEUMANN, EDVVARD .,.. 10231 Emerald Ave. Sei. Club: Hall Guard Lt. NOETH. CLARA .... G.A.A.: Jr. Cit. Club, NORKUS, EDWARD .,... 125-11 NYe-ntworth Ave. Rm.1'res.:B.A.A. CVBRJEN, RUBFRT ..... 303 E, 113th St, O'DONNEl.l.. LESTER . . . 10207 Lnion Ave. B..-X..-X.: Avia. Club: Off. Seuy. OEDZES. ELEANOR ..,. 20 E, 123rfl St. Hall Guard: Jr. Cit.: G..-LA.: Basketball: Volleyliall. OGFRKIEVVICZ, ROMAN .... 12033 So. Perrv Ave. Sr-iencfe Club: 1 B.A.A. Bar: Jr. Cit.: Hall Guard. OHM.-KN, GRETA . . . . Literati. OLSEN, BERNICE .,....... Commercial 10127 VVentwortlx Ave. Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Off. Sec'y: Jr. Cit. OLSEN, MARGARET .,.. , Commercial 21 E. 113th St. Hall Guard: G.A.A.: OFF. Secfy: Jr, Cit. OLSON. GEORGE .,.,... Scicnec 10141 So. State St. News Staff: Hi-Y: R.0.T.C. Lt.: Concert Band: UH. Club: R.O.T.C. Banrl: Sci. Club: Gorgas Essay Contest: Delgat. Club. OUSTICN. ALICE , .,....., Language 17 E. 110th St. 10 G,A.A. Bars: Drama Club: Jr. Cit.: Literati: Amat. Show, USE. HARRY ....,..,, Sf'ie1xc'c V 147 VV. 119th St. Soc, Orch.: Amat. Show: B,A.A.: 1 Sch. Letter: Basketball: Swim.: Avia Club: Jr. Cit,: Hi-Y: Sci. Club. PALFFY. ERMA ...... Commerrial 1455 YV. 120th St. Cour. Rep.: 5 G.A.A. Bars: Hall Guard: Forum: Volleyball: Bskt. Ball. PARKE R. ISABELLE ........ Commercial 46 VV. 107th St, 135 NV. 103rcl St, Phorex: Jr. Cit.: Aviation Club: G.A.A. PAVOLA, JOSEPH ...... Commercial 12157 VValla c St. Bskt. Ball: Baseball: 1 Sch.:Letter: 2 B.A..-X. Bars: Rm. Pres.: Hall Guard Lt,: Jr. Cit. Rm. Pres.: Football: 1 Sch. Letter: Orch.: 5 B..-X 10035 Emlbroolxe Ave Swimrning: 2 Sch. Letters: Hi-Y: 3 B,A.A.Bars: Channel . . Commereial Phorex: Hall Guard: 7 G.A.A. Bars: Basketball: Yolleyball: Jr. Cit.: lN'1ath. Club. . . Technical : 2 B..-LA. Bars:. . Conunereial . , Sr-icnce nb: Ninth. Club: Traelc: . . . Science Quill and Scroll: Cour. Staff: Phorex: N.S.P.A.Conv.: Forum: Sci. Club: . , Commercial Phurex: Jr. and Sr. Life Sav. Emb.: Blerrnaifl: Frog: 4 G..-LA. Bars: NELSON, NIARJORIE , ..,. .... l .anguage Cour. Staff: Plxorex: Debating Club: Basketball: Cour. Rep.: Rm. Sf-r"y: 5 G.A.A. , . . Science .A. Bars: Nlath. Club: . Commercial Tccllanifral . . Commercial Swim: llull Guard, Technical Connnervial l.nng.5llaQfe . . l.angli1Lg1e 10155 Emerald Ave. News Staff: Quill and Scroll: Nat'l Honor Soe.: Phorex: Jr. Life Sav. Emb.: Forum: Math. Club: 10 G.A.A. Bars: Stud. Libr.: PAYNIC, MARGARET ........ f'4munPr0ial 10841 Eggleston .-Xu-. HnllGu:1rclq Cuur, Rvpq 4 G..X..X. liars: Jr, Cit.g Sr-i4-:uw Clulv. IFXZNK PKAS. .IUHN ...,,... Svivucv 10707 S. Mirliigun Av:-. Ulm- Clulmg Mixenl Chorus: 1 TSA..-X. Burg Jr. Cit.g Stzuup Club. PIZCURA. TIIICUIDURE .... ,ll6'i'llIl1C2'll 13315. 11TtliSt. I1:1llGu:u-:lg Rui. l're-sq 2 B..X..X. liursg Axim. Club. 'l'vs'llnif':1l l'I'IRl.INSlil. S'l'l3IPI'!EN . .... . 12138 Lufliu St. Rm. Sm-'ygJr,Cit.gAviz1.Cluhg2 H,.X.A. Barsg 1 Hvlx. 1.4-tts-r. C'ni1i11wr1'iul l'l-IRYICNECKI. ICNIIIA' . . . . 116 12.11591 Rui. SvsfygUrL'h.1G..X.,X.g Yulleylmllg linslu-tl ull. PESAV1CN'I'U, IAPVISE ,... 11421 Frmrc-st Avi-. Phore-xg Urn-l1.g Alllilf, Showg Hull Guurdg UH. Seffyg KD.. l,:iiigiuigr1- LA, PETERS, ICINYARD .... Art 113516 Indizluu .Xwn ILA..-X. l'lC'l'l'IRSUN. DORIS ..,.,.,. Sr-iviivv i 11311 Stflwzlrt .-KW-. Nz-ws St:1l'TgOFl.Se'c"yg.lr.Cit.g 18 G.A.A. li1ursg2 Sch. Le-ttf-rs: M:1th.Clubg liskt, Bullg Orch. Yur. PETERSON. MARVIN ...,. CiUIllI11PI'Cl?.ll 1101Eb1Y1illum-St. Uf'f.ClulDg N.C.U.ClulJg1'slxf-rs Clultg Xumt. Slimxg Hrvlrg 3 I3..1..X. liarsg Avia. Clulrg Tvnnisg Iiskt. Bull, I'lj'1'RIl'1, TUNI ....... . flAlIll1ll9I'l'1kll 11I531lCharupluiu Ax:-. Phore-xg -1 l4.A..X. 1i:1rsgBskt. Hull. l'llIl.l.IPS. HARRY ..,. 'l'1-rlmrxirul 5 WI, 102ml St, llull Guzirnlg Rm. I re-s.3 .4 l3.A.A. Burs. 41 , . I'IDD1NG'l'lPN. GIQRALD ...,. Sn-ience 108-I3 1Y:lll:xr'4- St. tiff. Clubg Nffll. Clulag Spam. C'lul.g Ilmnm Clul 3 Ii..X..X SllKJYN'Q-IF.C1f. .3 Xnmt. PHCIIRHN. XIJISLINFI ....,.. Lamguage 117311Imli:m:1.,Xu-. Y HallGu1ml I,t,gCuur. R1-11.1Sli,.X..X,Ii:1rs: Bskt. Hull: X rlleyliull: fr. Fit. l'Rl7C'l'UR. IAJRINIC .....,. Sm-iviiu 9438 l.u Sulli- St. llull Cluurmlg 4 G..X,.X. lizirsg Bskt. Bnllg Yullx-yl:illg.Ir.Cit.3Sp:1u.Cluli. RACE. .Xl,lil-IRT ..,.,. Crmiine-trial 112046 Nurmul Axe. Rm. Pres.: llull Guurml I.t.: Asia. Clulwg Malrmmi Fluln: .lr. Cit.: B,.'X..X.g Clu-vrwn. 112122 liim-rulnl .Sw-. Cl..-X.A.g0l'l,Sa-1-'yglislit.Bull:llullClu:irrlg.1r.Clt. Clubg Tri-Hi-Y .Xlpliup 15 G..'X..X. Iiursq Mermaid: .lr. Cit. RXIJZINUYYICZ. HICLISN ....... C1JIlllll4'Ft'l11l 11251-I Furc-'Pt Au-. Cuur. Re-pg Urvl1.3 G..-X..-X.: Yulli-yl:1nll:.lr. Cit. RICITZ. SHIRLEY .... fbumufrm-iul 11316 Przzirlv .Xu-. Rm. S1-1"yg Rm.1'rvs.gU..X..-Lg Yulleylmzxll. RICCIO, ,lf 7Sl'fl'll .... hvlc-1101 1121212 lfiux-rulml .hx-, Hull Guurllg li..X..X.: .lr. fit. Clulx, RICCIU. S.Xl.Y.X ...... K'4nnnwr1'i:xl RICH MUND. 1711.-XRI ..... . . . S1-if-m'v 404 I-L. sau. sz. I .Xvaipc-ll:xQ Klixm-'fl Cluntg Vlnnr, 1,6-'ttf-'rp Yullvylmllg Sfunip Clulrg .lik Fit.: G..X..X.g Uh-0 Clulu. RHDIGHIICR. RI'l'.X .... f'uluim-rviaxl 11551 Yvvutwurtli .Msn l1ullGuurnl3Cmnr. R4-p.: 2 GMX..-X. liars. ROIDHIQIIIZ. IVRKNCICF ....... S1-imu-v 115 li, 91st I'l. 11.111 Guurnlg S4 in-lnvv Clulpg Jr. fit.: l"1'm-. Club: Rm. l'r4-24.3 .Xwia1.Cll1l1. RUICPICRS. MADGIC ....... C'ummf-rr-izil 101324 1YeutWurtli .Xwm Cuur. Fluffy Rm. Serfyg .Xm:1t. Slmwg 3 fl..X..X. liurig Bskt. liaillg .lr, City l"r-m',Cl11l13 N1ixeclCh41rus. IKUGGEYICICN, lll'll,l'IN .... l,:u1gl1zmg.I1-' V 11208 Purm-ll .Xvf-. 1 News Stnffg S4-ll. Lx-ttf-rg Jr. Life- Suv. limb.: Phore-xg l.e-ttvr Girls ' . W- - .. . Y Y A RYAN. Phorex: RYLANDER. VIVIAN ........ Commercial 10501 lV1a.y St. Arnat. Show: Glee Club: Ureh. Var.: Plec. Club: Jr. Cit.: OH. See'y: G.A.A.: Volleyball. SABADUH, Nl PRA ....... ClIIIl1lllfTCi1ll 12125 Emerald Ave. Phorex: Jr. and Sr. Life Sav. Emb.: Amat. Show: Chorus Emb.: 7 G.A,.-X. Bars: Basketball: Oreh. Var.: Glee Club. SADER. JEROME ...... Commercial 8755 Michigan Ave. Rm. Pres.: Red Cross Rep.: B.A.A.: Jr. Cit.: Hall Guard. HANIEK, VVALTEH . ..... . Commervial 537 VVest 123rd St. 2 B.A.A. Bars: Hall Guard: li.U.'l'.C.: Jr. Cit. SANDS, RPHY ..... Commercial 11334 Harvard Ave. G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Volleyball: Basketball. SAVUYSKI, ELAINE ..... Commercial 11432 Lowe Ave. Hall Guard: Mixed Chorus: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyball: Basketball: Off. Se-e'y: Jr. Cit. SCHAAF, D'VON .,.,...... Slcienee 10415 Eggleston Ave. Hall Guard Lt.: "Eyes of Tlaloc": Tennis: Mixed Chorus: Clee Club: Basketball: Sch. Letter: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Drama Club. SCHRADER, ELLEN ....... Commereial 12129 Parnell Ave. Hall Guard Lt.: 15 G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit. Club: Astron. Club: Drama Club: Debat. Club: Bskt, Ball: Volleyball: Amat. Show, SCHUG, EDVVARD . , , . Langzuagle 11411 Perry Ave. lim. Pres.: B.A.A. SCHUMANN, HERBERT' ....... Seienee 12037 VVallace St. Cour. Staff: Phorex: Sei. Club: Bowling Team: B,A,A.: Jr, Cit. Club. SCOTT. SADIIC .,..,... Commercial 12 East 112 St, Hall Guard Lt.: 3 G.A.A, Bars: Amat. Show: Clee Club: Cheer. Club: Jr. Cit.: Basketball: Volleyball. SELLERS. NIARGARET . ..,. Commereial 11822 Peoria St. G.A.A.: OlT. Surly: Jr. Cit. Club: Hall Guard: Basketball. SETT, NANCY ...,., . , Seienee 12226 Eggleston Ave. News Staff: Tri-Hi-V Beta.: '4Chimes of Normandy": 1 C.A,A. Bar: Hall Guard: Volleyball: Jr. Cit.: Drama Club. SIDA, GEORGIA ....... Commercial 10852 Indiana Ave. 2 G,A.A. Bars: Ulf. Serfyg Cheer. Club: Jr. Cit. Club: May Festival. SIMAITIS, JENNIE ..,. Conunereial 148 E. 107 St. 1 G.A.A. Har: Frog: Volleyball: Jr. Cit. Club. ROMBA, ADOLPH ...... , Commercial 11219 Langeley Ave. Rm. Pres.: Hall Guard: Orch. Van: B.A.A.: Jr. Cit. ROUT, KATHRYN ....... Language 10730 Prairie Ave. Nat'l Honor Soc.: Phorex: Amat. Show: 2 G.A.A. liars: Ureh. Letter: Frog: Volleyball: Bskt. Ball. RUBBERT, DOROTHY C. , . 11919 VVallave St. Phordx: Hall Guard: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Basketball: Vo Commercial lleyball: Frog. RUKSTELA, ALPHONSE .... . 10704 State St. B.A.A.: Avia. Club: Fisher Body Contest. RUSIN, JANE ...... 12200 Parnell Ave. Phorex: 1 G.A.A. Bar: Basketball: Jr. Cit. Club. RUTHERFORD, PHYLLIS . . 11147 Emerald Ave News Staff: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: Mayors Cab. Club: Jr. Cit.: Volleyball: Basketball: Frog. JOHN ........ 11530 La Salle St. :S G..-LA Technical Commercial . Science . Bars: Cheer. Commercial Rm. Pres.: B..-LA.: Lincoln Essay Winner: Jr, Cit. Club: Camera Club. RYAN, BIARIE ........ Commercial 11539 La Salle St. Cour. Staff: Phorex: Rm. Pres.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyball: Basketball: Jr. Cit.: Debating Club. RYBINSKI, M ARIAN ...... Seienee 12054 State St. Basketball: 3 li,A.A, Bars: Seb. Letters: .lr. Cit.: Sei, Club: Hall Guard Lt. T G,.X.A. Bars: Yulle-ylull: Bus 1-tlmll: Drama Club: Jr. Cit. Sl"l'Cl.IF1"IC. FILXNK ..,., CfJ111HlE'TI'l2ll 10132 Suutli Park Avo. r Swimming: 4 Svli. Letters: Sr. Lifv Sav. Frub.: lim. Pres.: Hull SISSON, ICVICRETT .,...... 0923 Culuuis-t Ave-. SKRIPICK. VVILLIAM . 2651 W. V117 sf. Dobaitiug Club: Jr. Cit.: B..-LA.: Hull Guard. SLAGICR. ANNE . . . 11536 Stewart Auf. Cour. Staff: Mixzld Chur.: Cuur. Rep.: 4 fi.A..1 Hall Guard: Volleyball: Bskt. Bull. SMALL, CATHFIRINFI ..... 9945 Grm-n St. Basketball: Yulleylall: 4 GA..-X. Bars. 12018 Lusulle St. Guard: Rm. Sec'y. SMITH, KATHARINIC .... 10551 S. May St. SIXIITH, MARION ..... 11218 Pziruvll Ave-. G.A.A.: lfurum: Phurex: Jr. Cit. SMITH, BIARTHA , . . . . . , 9900 X inrs-nlles Aw-, SMITTER, DONALD .... 11147 Peoria St. SMUTICR. HFILIGN ........ . CU1UI"5'U'i3l 1517 W. 120 St. Hull Guard: G.A.A.: Yullvybull: Iinska-tluull. SNUYY, SHIRLEY ..... . - - Svllilllifi 27 11:5 sm. V V1 U it Quill and Svrull: B1ayor's Cub.: Jr. Life Suv. lilxui: News Stull: CON- BU-H4 . Tri-Hi-Y Alphu: Chor. L4-ttvr: IX G. A. A. Bars Clie-er Club: SU1'Cl'P. Ylilu .... . . Cvllinwmiul 318 YV. lllitli St. Tri-ni-Y Beta: rm: sl-.411Jr,Cir.:G-AA.:Y-fllf-ylmll: HSM- Ball? , Ilxurex: Feur. Club, SP.-XGNl7l.U, JOHN ...... 147 W. 117th St. li B,A.A. Bars: 1 S1-li. 1,0111-'I'QCji1ll14'1"1I Club. STANKLS. S'l'.-XNLICY .... , . Luliguagzc- 1070 YYf'st 123rcl St. b Cour. Rep.: Hull Guard: lfuutlmll: 3 Sch. I.:-ttm-rs: 3 B.A.A. liars? -lr. Clt.Z Wrestling. Sl'l'Il'll.E. VVILl3l'li ...... Svimivv 11031 S, Park Ave-. 1i:lSli4'tl73llQTF:lK'li1 1 B..X.A.B:1r: Hull Guard Lt.: Jr. Cit. F-'I'I'I1'l-IICNSON. N1 ALCUL11 ..,,.. . Sf'1PIll'P lllli Vlvvf-It 119th St. HullGu:1rrl:4 ILA..-X. liurs: Truvk: Axial. Club: Jr. Cit.: Sri. Club. STONE, YYALTICR . . v .,..., Technical 512508 S,S1AwyPr Xu-, Na.t'1 llrmur Suv.: Hull Guurll: Svi. Club: Cnur, Rep. B.A.A. S'1'liU.INY, ANN ..., Commercial 12041 Iurlizum Avi-. HIT, Sc-1-'y.: Hull Guurml: 3 G.A.A, Nurs. S'1'l'A1i'1'. .IANIS ........., Commercial 12101 Yule- Avv. Rm. Su-11-'y.: Orvh.: May Festival: Jr. Cit.: Bskt. llzill: Yulleyball: Hull Guard. STI'LI'IN.XS. AN'1'0INI'l'l"l'l'l ...... Crumnlerftizil 10356 11211121511 .Xu-, Cuur, Re-p.: 1 G.A.'K, Bur: Yullvylgxll. Sruw. P-EN . .... . , T.xCh..i.-1.1 X828 S. Wulmsli Ave-. llull Guard Lt.: Aiuut. Show: Il.A.A.: Jr. Cit.: Rowling Club. S17LLIY.-KN. .IAYNIC . . ...... 1.3113111121- 10547 S, Maxx' St. lim. Prvs.: Amnt. Show: Hull Guurll: 2 fl.A.A. Bars: 'l'ri-Hi-Y Alpha: Iirumzi Club: Ulf. Se-Wy.: Jr. Cit.:Sp:u1. Club, SLTSIIVIICRS. Rl"l'H .... , , Cummgrqiul ' 1152 Laugrlvy Avv. lt Guard: Jr. Cit. Club: Jr. Lifff Suv, limb. SMITH. BI'RD1-ILLIC . ..... Cour. Stuff: Mayor's Cub.: Cuu.Buml: R.U.'l'.C.:1Rif'e Tc-lun: 1 School Lsettcr: Stamp Club: Sci. Club: 1S.A.A. . . Svil-'fire Hull Guard Lt.: Rm. Pres.: Cuur. Rep.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cit, Club: N.C.0. Club. . Cuuillle-r4'i:1l . Coumu-rcinl . Bars: Ulf. Sm-'y,: Cuuuue-rr'iul . Svie-lu'f+ 'l'ri-Hi-Y Beta: Jr. Cit.: Mixed Chor.: G.A.A.: Yull:-yluill: Bskt. Bull: Hull . . S1-iviirv 1 G.A.A. Bur: Yrzlleyhull: Busketlall: .,r. Cit.: Hull Guurzl. I.:uugu:uLe . Cumuu-rvizil Hull Guard: 1 G.A.A. Bar: Frog: Bzislte-tl:all: Ymzlll-ylmll: VH, Ser-'32 . . S4-ia-uve V.-XI.l'IN'l'I. MARIO ......... Commercial 11307 St. Lawrence .-M e. SJ IBA..-X. liars: 2 Sczlmril Letters: Jr. Cit. Club: Iiaskvtlall. V A l. KICNBURG. BI.-XRJORIE .,.., Cornmcrclal 10536 VVentwru'tb .-XX e. HIT. Sezfy.: Tri-Hi-Y Beta: 13 G..-X..-X. Bars: Jr. l.ife Sav. Emb.: Mermaid: Clic-er. Club: Frog: Stamp Club: Jr. Cit. VAN BUREN, LESTER ..... Cummcrc-ial 27 IC. Eltlth Pl, lim. Secfy.: Hall Guard: B..-X..-X.: Jr, Cit.: News Rep. V.-XNDEII XIARK. BERNARD , llall Guard: 2 B..fX.A. Bars: Stamp Club. V.-XNDIJR MIQISR. NICHOLAS , 10158 Normal Ave, Pliurr-xg lim. Pres.: B..-X..-X. VANDERVLIET. BIORRIS .,.. 218 YV. 108th Pl. Forum: Astron. Club: 3 ISA..-X. Bars: Mixed Clumr.: Hall Guard: Jr. Cit.: Science Club. VANDICR WOUDIC, ROBERT ....... Science 10814 Normal Ave. Rm. Sc-e'y.: Jr. Cit.: Amat. Show: 5 B..-LA. Bars: 3 Sell. Letters: Baseball: Bskt. Ball: Sc-is-zu-e Club: News Staff. VAN HAREN, JOSEPH ....... Teclmical 11346 Iucliaua Axe, lim. Pres.: Rm. Seffy.: Hall Guard: 3 B.A,A. liars: Avia. Club. i VAN RITE, LAVERNE ,,... Commcrc-ial VV. 113th St. Nat'l Hou. Soc.: Phorex: Cour. Stall: Hall Guard: Amat. Show: Basketball: OH. Sec-'y.: Jr. Cit.: Tri-Hi-Y .-Xlplia. SXVANSON, EI.IC.-XNUR . . . 11344 Calumet Ave. Pliorex: Hall Guard: News Rep.: 1 G,.f'x..-X. Bar: Volleyball: B SYVANSON. MICLVIN . 11404 S. State St. Pllorex: 2 B..-LA. Bars: Wresiliug: Off. Sec'y. SYKICS. J I' LIAN . 11126 S, XValla.ce St.. Nat'l lluu. Snr.: .-Xrelx. Club. TATARSZYK. STANIJCY . . 4 126 I+I.i118tlx sr. ' Football: Baseball: TLA..-X.: .lr. Cut. 'l'AYI.OR, IIAIUJLD . . . . Seizuu-0 skt. Ball. . C4uumc-rr-ial Art . Cummerelal . . Seimlee 11701 Lrme Ave. Cou. Baud: Suimmiugx: Sf'l1'l1i'0 Club: Amat. Slmw: B..-X..-X. Tl-IIGIS. IiI.l.I-IN , 11039 liclbrooke Ave. . C4J1l'1Illl'FK'l1ll Drama Club: C..-KA.: Rm. Sm-Ay.: Jr. Cit.: Volleyball: Ureli. TIMBIANN, l.l'CIl.l.lC ..,.. . Cummereial 11133 lirlbruoke Ave. Jr. Cit.: 1 CA..-X. Bar: liasketrall. TUBRO. AGNES ........ Cummereial , 11317 lidbroakrr Ave. Rm. Secfy.: 5 G..-XA. liars: llall Guard: Volleyball: Basketball. TOICO, MIGRCICIFICS 11655 Yale Ax e. . Comruereizll Zv GAA. liars: Drama Club: Off. Seffy.: Jr. Cit.: Hall Guarml: Nolleyltall: liskt. Ball. TOM.-XSZI'M. SUPIIIIC , , . 13420 Iimeralrl Au. 1 G..-X..-X. Bar: Bzlslietball: Jr. Cit. Club. 'I'0RRliXG.-X. MABICI. . 10722 '1Veutivrwrtli. Ave .i GHVA.: V4 ll:-yl all: liaskr-tlnull: Cbeeriug Club. 'l'fJ'l'H. MARY .XNN 2 G.A..X. liars: Jr. Clt. TIQABENDA, JIZNNIS , , . -12052 Imornis St.. Cummereial . Cumnu-reiul . Cmluur-reial Club: Frog: Volleyball: Avia. Club. Ccmiuufreial D214 I'uiVersity Awe. 9 G..-X..-X. Bars: Vrzlleyball: Baskr-tl.:1ll: Hall Guard: Jr. Cit. Club: I"eu4-ing: Club. 'l'RlCNTON, DORIS . . '33 lc. 116th Sm, Pllurex: Sturl. l.ibr.: l'luu'4'x lit-p.: 1 fl..-VA, Bar. 'l'Iil'lCll. P.'Kl'I.INI'I 732 NVest 118th St. Cuur. Rep.: llall Guard lm.: Mixed Char.: 7 G.A..fX, liars: Vollc-ye ball: Baskz-tball: Jr. Cit, Science Seienee Language l.auguag4- . Sei:-:lm Y.-KN VAI.KENB1'llGH. ROLAND ....... Sl'1f'IH'l' I 4 11641 Pzxruoll Ave. Cuur. Staflg H1-YQ 8 B.A.A. Bars: 3 1,1-ttcrsg Si-ivrive Clulvg Jr. Cit. Club. YEl,DHOT'SE. EYELYN ,.... . Cunimewinil 713 E.91st Sr. E 3 G.A.A. Hnrsg Vollr-ybullg Hall Guard l,t.g D'r:unzi Clulwg .lr. Cut. YERBEEK. ALBERT ..,... Sf-iexwv 10557 Normal Avo. Mnyofs Calm Hall Guard T,t.g R.m. Sf-c-'y.g 9 B..-LA. Bars: lifisebullg Bziskvtballq Forum: Jr. Cit. YERBEEK, ELLA ....,. . ClIlll111F'!'1'l2ll 49 W.111thl'l. 3 CLA..-X. Bzirsg Buslif-tlmllg Vullfaylmllg M1-rmuialg Frog. YIGRHOOK, BETTY ..., . . . Laugilalillf 25 VV. 1U3rd Pl. Plzw. Clulu: N4-ws Stullq Urvli. I.:-ttPr3 .Xiuut. Slmwg Foruiug Plxorvxg G..-MA.: .lr. Cit. YUGT, LAVERNE ....., Cmnmercizll 10923 S. Park Ave-. Hull Guzirclg Rm. Sr-1-'y.g Mixf-rl Churusg G..K.,'X.: Yollc-yhullg .lr. Cit. YK PSS. AGNES A , ,,..... Cummerr-iul 317 W. 105th St. Spanish Clulmg 3 GAA. Bars: Yulleylkullg Bskt. Bully Hull Guard. XYAGNER. JANET ..,.... Crmnuerviail 11118 Ellird St. 171-luv. Clulmg Travel Club: Hull Guarrlg .lr. Cit. Cluldg 5 G..-X..-X. Bzirsg Vullvy- lmllg Basic:-tlmll. XY.-XLKER. l.11.1,I.XN ....,, lnlllgllllll' 11342 1"ni'rPsf.xill4- Ax P. Plmre-xg Stull, Librq Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Mr-rnmirlg Frugg Math. Clulmg Yollm-yliallg liskt, Bully fi GAA. Bars. 1Y.Xl,1i0NY1A1i. JE.-XX , ...., - C0HllllPFl'ii1l 538 E. Sllst l'l. GA..-1.5 Hull Gunrrlg 2 G.,-LA. liars. XY.-K LT.. Gl'1RTRl'l1l'l ..... . Cuinnierviqll 12101 1Yull:irt' Ft. 1 C?-..X..-X, Burg .lr. Cit. Clulvg May F4-stixul. XXQXIATONA IQAXR1. . , . . . f'on1ixwr4'iul 10431 Sn. 1Y:1lmsli Xxv. .lr. Cif..g ll..X,.X.3 3 ll..X.A. Nurs. VKXXSSMAN. EDNA ...... - 5f'if'l14"' 10006 Purnell Xu-. film- Clulv: 1511111121 Clulug Stull, l.il3r.3 llniue Evuu. Clulv. WEBER. JE.-NN ..,...... !44'ie-ilw 12110 ligglr-stuu Aux V S CIAA. Rursg Hull Chmrcig liusketlmllg Null:-ylullg .lr. C it. Clulu. YVEIBER .ll-INYEL ..,.... Sf'19Ilf'l' 12123 lY:1ll:1r'4- St. - Hull Guarmlg Rm. Sc-1-'gtg G..X.A.g Iiuslu-tlxullg Yullvylmllg Jr. Cut. if ' 1 WEBER, RICHARD ....,..., Svir-uve 11348 Norulul .-XX 4-. lIl16YglJi1'.Clul1g N.C.O. Cluhg Rillc- Te-mug B..-X..-L3 llull Guzmlg Drum: if'lul1gR.U, NVEBERG, KENNETH .,.... Sr-imm ' 113-112 Indiana .Xu-. Vrvs. Mari-mii Club: Hull Glulrmlg .-Xmat. Slmwg 1-'urulug Jr. f'it.g Svir-nv: Clulvg 1 li.A.A. Bur. WELLS. AGNES . ...,.. Svionm 11349 Fora-st Ave. ll1lllQill2l1'LlQ 5 G.,'X,.fX. Bursg Yolleylmllg Bznslu-tlui WESSE.lCD1'l'll . .,,, Cmnnwrr-inl 135543 Iurliulxu .Xvr-, Plmrexq Ns-ws Stullg OIT. Sm-'y.g Hull Guzirclg G,A..X, WESHEI.1l'S. EARL ........ Svimwc- 11606 l'uimm .-Xvv, Bluvrrrg Plmroxg llnske-tlmllg 2 Svll, Letters: Hall Coin.: H lS..X.A. linrsg llzllhl Gluirxlg Urr'l1.g Glf-v Club. W1-IE'l'STUNE. I1EYERl.l'l . . . Sr-ir-ucv 347 YV. lfllltlx Pl. Coiimkrt Iluurlq R,U,T.C. Bundy Rilli- Tezuug fshvrs Clubg llull Gluirrl. W1-lITE.HARRY ...... . Te-r-lmiml 1 255 W.111tlxll. Rm. Pri-s.g B..-X..X,g Jr. Cir, Cluhg Canine-ru Club. WIERSBIA. 1'ENRY ..... .,.. ' Tef-limi:-:xl 224 XY. 109th St. l'a.A.fx.g llnll Guaml I.t.Q Arvli. Clulrg Nafl llumf' :xml Gurrl. Slmw. WIERZYCKI. .IUHN ...... Te-clinic-:xl 11709 S, Saugzuixrm St. L2 B..-LA. Iiursg Orr-ll.g Jr. Cit.g Aviation Club. WILLIE. ICTHEL EDN.-1 ...... 10510 W'entworth Ave. YYINTERS, ROBERT ..... 10402 WVabash Ave. WOICICK, GENEVIEYE . . . Orch.: Sch. Letter: Orch. Var.: Amat. Show: 17 G.A.A. Bars: Volleyball: Basketball. WOLFE, GEORGE TTA ....., 11304 Lowe Ave. Club: Chorus. YVROBEL: BERNICE ..... 10649 Champlain Ave. YASULAITIS. ARTHUR . . . 10737 Michigan Ave. Hall Guard: I3.A.A.: 2 Sch. Letters: Footba YOUSTRA, HELEN .,.... 10210 Emerald Ave. Hand: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Frog: Cheer. Club. ZACHER, ELIVIER .... 10015 Lowe Ave. Phorex: Hall Guard: B.A.A. ZAFROS, SAIVI ..... 11338 Forestville Ave, Bars: Jr. Cit. Club: OH. Sm-'51 ZAPOLA, HELEN ...... 11843 Green St. G.A.A.: Jr. Cit.: Baslu-tball. ZEBRAUSKAS, DOROTHY .... 47 VV. 125 ZEREBNIAK, HARRY . . . 1147 E.1J3St. Phorex: Rm. Ne-c'y: 1 G.A.A. Bar: Jr. Cit. Club: OH, Swim.: Amat. Show: Rm. Pres.: Jr. Cit.: P . . Commercial Hall Guard: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Frog: Volleyball: Basketball: Cheer. Club: Jr. Cit. . . Commercial Trnek: 2 B..-LA. Bars: Hall Guard: R.O.T.C.: N.C.O. Club. . . Language 10822 1Vabnsh A ve. Chimes of Normandy: . . Commercial Off. Sec'y.: Jr. Cit. Club: G.A.A.: Transfer from Riverside H. S.: Latin Club: Sci. . . Commercial Cour. Rep.: 8 G.A.A, Bars: Jr. Cit. Club: Volleyball: Frog: Basketball. . . Science ll: NYrestling. Commercial Commercial . Cominercia lIayor's Cab.: Phorex: Rm. Pres.: Rin. Setfy: Cour. Rep.: 3 B.A.A. . Commercial . , Comnxerf-ial Setfy. . . Commercial lectrum Club: Phorex: Vlirestling. ZILIS, GEORGE ....... 10731 VVabnsh Ave. ZUBRICKY, EUGENE ....... 225 VV, 109 Pl. Cuur. Staff: Phorex: Cour. Rep.: Sci. Club: Hull Guard: li.A,A. ZVNICA. VINCENT ..,,.. 12459 State St. 3 H.A.A. Bars. DICKE, CLARENCE ....... . Technical 117 XY. 110 St. Tl llgN4GlItlFl1 Lt.: Rm. Pres.: 7 B..-X.A. Bars: 3 Sch. Letters: Basketlinll: Baseball: . r. nt. YANDERLAA N. HA RLI D .,.... T4-1-lmical 10140 Vnion Aw-. i Hull Guard: Arch. Club: Avia. Club: Jr. Cit. Club: Sc-i.Club: Fencing Club. CNN PICTURE? Clfontinzmdfrom page 15D In the field of sports are 11 illiam Dennis, Russell Fiske, William Kliller, Edward Neumann, and Arthur Yasulaitis who each received major letters last fall. For their work as managers Andy Chiarodo and Roy Fisher were awarded manager-letters. These boys were members of the South Section championship football team successfully coached by Coach Charles YY. Palmer in the three years he has been at Fenger. During those three years the Omicron Lambda Sigma trophy which has been eagerly sought in the annual Fenger-Pullman Turkey-Day battles ended its changing of hands, when Pullman was defeated in three successive tilts. In their last semester in school Beatrice Lenzen and Robert XIcConnachie were chosen Courier co-editors, and Betty Baer, Harry Johnson, Pearl Lupien, and Greta Ohman took over the executive positions on the 4'News'7 staff. 'LYou are making history," a saying often quoted to us in our history classes, perhaps made us more conscious of the changes taking place in the world beyond our own microcosm. Since we began our high school careers General Von Hindenberg died in Germany and Chancellor Hitler, then an Qfforztinuzd on pagz I28J Phurex: 1h1LlTf'1Dl11C11ll!Q Hn1lGnnrrl:4 B.A.A. Bars: Sc-i. Club:'Jr. Cit. Club. Science Scif-nee Science Phorex: Hall Guard Lt.: Cour. Rep.: Sci. Club: Forum: Jr. Cit.: Hi Sen-ior welcomes Timothy Patch to Fenger High! ROUND THE CLOCK AT FENGER It was a cold lfebruary morning. The wind howled and shrieked around the corners. and the black limbs of the trees swayed and groaned. Huge twirls of snow rose at every gust and shrouded the stark outlines of the fences, walks, and shrubs. Timothy Patch oblivious to all this, saw nothing but the great door of Fenger. lieyond it lay his destiny for the next four years. Within stood the ushers and hallguards who greeted him. "Here you are at lfengerl 'l'o the auditorium? Yes. yes. there you'll receive your eligibility tickets: then youall register for your classes." Without further ado Timothy was escorted into the auditorium. Realizing that all were seated and a program about to begin, Timothy found a placeg but he kept thinking. "Register Registerflxihy. what can he mean? Do we vote. or does he mean the course l'm to takefl' " - -- fe' bodily strength. mental yigor. moral stability: these are goals toward which we striye in all our school activities, because we believe-- ff-- ff?--f "YYhy, how peculiar," said Tiniothy to himself. "he's talking about clubs and sports. not studies. ls it more im ortant. I wonder?- P , "W-f-f -f -- -f-f -eff' it is, therefore. our hope to help develop good citizens who are honest with themselves, and with others: who know the importance of work- 'mf ff--f --ff ." "There I knew he'd come to that word---fwork. 'l'hat's Principal Schacht who spoke at our school a few weeks ago. Vliell. Nlr. Schacht, here l amg I expect to be here a long time-f-W four-fe f-o-u-r years." All Off! VVallace Avenue Eight o'clock classes draw the crowds much like at magnet. And still they come! VVhat? All gone? Without thesefwhat can you do? X557 lx T S!!! Time waits for no pupil at Fenger! U ----- --has gradually evolved a plan to care for social and economic changes of the past decade. There are three general divisions, the academ- ic, commercial, and technical+-proceed to room designated on your card where youlll meet your division room teacher, who will advise you about your program, all programs are listed in the Fenger News, the school paper---.U An hour later Timothy equipped with program card, eligibility tickets, and a Fenger News was ready for registration. In a very short time he develop- ed neck-itis looking for elevators, the fifth floor, and the steam heated lockers, but was convinced that of the three courses, academic, commercial, and tech- nical, he had chosen that which best suited himg however, he hoped somewhere to find a schedule stating fully the requirements of each. COn the following pages Timothy shall find his material-Editorj. SSSSSSS A. to 2:30 April 8 - c -ry 3 .f ,L A day in Spring ACADEMIC The Academic course embraces two general divisions: The General Science and General Language. Graduates of both of these courses are eligible for college entrance. The General Science course is a very com- prehensive course and emphasizes science and mathematics. lt includes the following sub- jects, lflnglish three and one-half years, a two- year language sequenceg science four yearsg mathematics three yearsg history two years, civics, and three major electives which may be of social sciences. household arts, or technical subjects. Xfincrs include music, art, and physical education. A sound moving picture machine, installed in the physics department this semester, has proven to be of great interest. ln the General Language course a some- what similar sequence is followed, but lang- uages are stressed, English three and one-half years, foreign language two sequences of two years each, mathematics two years, history two years, science two years, and three major electives of social science, household arts, or technical subjects, and minors of music, art and physical education. The choruses, orchestras, the band, and classes in music theory have made as their SENIORS Top Row-H. Ose, De Young, Lures Gallo way, Fellerhouse, De Young, Filley H. De Young, Swanstrom, Tissing, Carr Tkird Raw-Mathewson, Mathewson Awilfrson, Lull, Stackman, Petraitus, Krenli cl, Dc Cook, Kreger, Mzirsh. Serond Row-Salduc, Bruining, Gorka' Wilson, Van Alsburg, Smith Mattice, Cedcrholm, Stubbs, Stewers, Galambos, Bafrom Row-Pond, Shimkus, Yos, Lebin, Hillstrorn, Leibcrg, Vander Meer, Peter- son, Mzlzitmztn. ACAIJHXIIC AND COMMERCI.-XI... VVho Didnlt Read the Picture Schedule? SENIORS Top RowfSadcr, Hill, Halpcnny, Dexon, Alkirs, Vllright, Mancs, Moore, lVIusial, Chow. Third le07,U'IQ2l.llShE3I', Hall, Suslow, Luzak, Boomstrzi, Baturcvich, Frank, Pallagi, Tolhursr, Munson, Janson. Serond RafvfVValdman, Nicwicz, Pered- na,Skrzynski,Rcinhard,lVlillcr,lVIurdock, Lewin, C4-GSH johnson, Garbaczewski, Rithalcr CLIGSD. Bollom Rawffll-GSD Zeigler, CLIGSD Stern- berg, Brooks, CLLGSJ Yampolsky, Johnson, Olson, Dahlbcrg, Budzinski. ACADEMIC objective, the education of a great number of music students in the school period, unlike many schools in which music is an extra- curricular activity. Our beginning, junior, and Senior orchestras, concert band, R.O.T.C. band, the junior and senior choruses, and A capella choir programs are outstanding. All who wish to develop a cultured personality are inspired by these classes. Another cultural subject is art. 'Tine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together" Ruskin says. The main objective of the free hand and architectural drawing is to develop an ability to know good and bad examples of color, pleasing form, and good taste. VVith over 4,000 students enrolled in physical education, this department has had an unusually busy year. Its purpose is to provide pleasant diversion from studies as well as make stronger and healthier bodies. It gives to the students opportunities to get clean, wholesome sports. Volleyball, basket- ball, football, track, wrestling, tennis, baseball, and swimming constitutes the sports program. The G. A. A. and B. A. A. sponsor many of these activities. Do you need help too? JUNIORS Top Raw---Klnzynski, Sanders, Sietsma, Sawodski, Boldt, Yvahlstrom, Woodf ward, Vander Mey, House, Housman. Third Row-Van Sunten, Gradl, Panas' Regal, Spikcr, H. Namon, Fyelanderr Kuhnlien, Bartkus, H. Chapman, 4B Otto, Stephenson. Svrond Row-R. Bartoli, Howell, Barri- ball, 4B Heany, Iohnson. Brodeen. Okcrberg, Machintosh, La Rocco, Irvnm Rollom Row-Clialton 4B, Preston,Feier, Dacus, Lofrano, Fraser, Angelos, Vander- wurf. JUNIORS Tap RowfStarczewski, Wagner, Hyland, Keylon, Van liymen, Hines, Bihl, Liet' Zzlu, Dralle, Lzlllak, Proctor. Tlzird Rare'--Roelle, Andrews, Tunis, Swanberg, Kubacki, Mcliskn, Uieck, Nlartcn, Fnimanuel, Schultz, Backus. Semnd Row -'-' Mason, Hanyzevvski, Caru- S0, Parker, Pcnrson, Trentacosti, VVerten- btrg, Davis, Gardner, Berry, Geziski. Rolfom Raw-Nelson, Mclko, Anderson, Vanderbilt, Norman, Rubbert, VVadc, Vain Wyngardcn, Yorgaurd. and plunts Jcxions Top Rotvffimmerman, Wilson, l'l'n, Hollinger, Tolnai, Ferrini, Hoitsma, Holmes, ,lilFlliOVICl'l, Nelson. Third Raw -Jones, Gray, filis, Klzuxren, Johnson, Brak, Pcrlot, Kopishke, Lucas. S1?f077d7 Raw---Pash, Buckley, Crcatura. Blomquist, Tzulorson, Ykiatrouss, Levin, Groppa, Peterson, Nelson, Gustafson, Bottom Row--Ynger, Kuufmzmn, Cow, Tuch, Kros, Olson, Mullin, Cz1ssidy,VYeil. JUNIORS Top Row' Vancluy, Ciarloek, lfzirr, VVe- berg, Pickurd, SCl'lO2IlWIlld, Urban, John- son, VVhite Northrup. Tlzim' Raw-V-Zicner, Rowe, Bergstrom, Gowbig, Dalling, Dirksen, llc Vries, Winters, Segers, ZA Hopkins. Second Raw--Lasher, Hclstrom, lfmcr, Emmeleloth, Schrowdcr, Ciochctti, Zup- pas, Brand, Pearson, Rademnkcr . Bottom Row --Balinc, Plomzinn, lficldelke, Fisher, lang, Ferguson, Pape, Howes. Frogs m ore plants! Things i Take For Granted Often when sitting scanning the day's news I marvel at the Way people in other parts of the world have to fight Cand often fight vainlyj for the many things which l take for granted. Here is a story of a vast people under the dictatorial rule of a man whose power is absolute. l read of children, many of them much younger than l, forced to shoulder a rifle and march in the ranks of an army. Here is a story of a man high in the affections of his people imprisoned without trial because he voiced his opinion in affairs Hwhich were none of his concernfi Next come stories of people forced to give up their religion, homes, and beliefs because of the whims of the party in power. After perusing these facts, I realize the many ways in which we, the citizens of the United States, are blessed and which we take as a matter of course. However, when We look more closely into the matter We can see that these benefits are only the results of the bitter struggle which our forebears fought in order that we might have the Hblessings of liberty." The fact that We have freedom of speech and religion, that we can secure an education, that we have a voice in our government, that we have the right of trial by jury, and that we do not have to bear arms except in defense of country should make us all thankful and make us realize that they should not just be taken for granted. Gnoiuziz Orson Quill and Scroll Liz. Context Senior Efmy - IJI place. RUTS Rutsl The word that includes romance, history, and a pack of thrills. Delve into the past of a common ordinary rut with a vivid imagination as your tool, and you will lind this same romance, history, and a pack of thrills. The ruts formed by the Indians crawling through the underbrush became paths and later main streets of a giant metropolis seething with human life. VVhat history these ruts could tell usl A few Indians travel toward some distant tribe leaving a trail behind. This path is again traversed by some of their brothers. Soon a rut appears because of the many horses and men who have worn away the sod. An immigrant train of settlers in a covered wagon follow the trail and little do we know the suffering that has been experi- enced by these early pioneers. Attacks by Indians, sickness, death, thirst, tired feet, nothing but a few ruts worn in the soil to guide them to their destiny. As an example I may cite the old path of ruts that led from High Prairie to Chicago as it is so vividly painted from memory by our forefathers. A few wagons loaded with produce labored heavily through the ruts, the driver being jostled up and down, continually, as he followed the trail to market. The next day the same wagons returning, an empty wagon and a few dollars' profit. Today this path, once a trail of ruts, is known Halsted Street, Route I of our State System of High- ways, an artery of Chicago leading into its heart, the "Loop" Not to be forgotten are the ruts of the mind-the condition of our brain, the seat of thought, more commonly known in the terminology of the vernacular as Hdown in the dumpsf' The efhcient business man, the rough laborer, the loving housewife, may all be functioning in mind much as a high powered ear on a broad highway but at sometime or other having tasted the taint or defeat or failure, experience the difliculties of being in the rut. sl. XI.-XN SANTEN Honorable lllzntlovz Quill and Scroll C01z1f.vf SOPHONIORES Top Rowf'l'homas, Piech, Barribzil, Ross, Martinotti, Simons, Nlaclinyk, Gustafson, Boyinzl, Superits, lzinis. Third Row-Larsen, Harder, lordan, Ceragioli, Swing, Hohnston, .-Xlgreene, Price, Yun Tongren. Serond Row fl.ong, Sherman, Gentile, Fisher, O'Brien, Hreene, Yer Hovenv Rucker, Schroeder, Gephart. Balham Row-W hlarsch, iVlacf:irlane, VVz1llis, Bohn, Kilroy, Buckholz, Hoedeker, Ahn- quist, Redford. Concentra- tion in? SOl'l'lONl0Rl'fS Top Row --Sharkey, llesiderio, Ariel, Pulley, Radcliffe, fzindstrn, F. fzindstra, Luedeking, fylstrzi, Nlullaner. Tlzffn' Ro-:CV---Bollnian, Gentile, Gahson, Foss, Geiger, Trenton, Sraitkus, Clapp, Jensen. bulbs! Sefonzl Raza'--King, Canty, Tucker hlinicus, Frew, Legg, Caruso, Green l.:ivr1c. Hollow Rot:-Sturm, De Young, Tullgren l.ovato, Stuebing, .-Xntzinaitis, Bennett Dailey. Lights ind - l.ot atc enger High! B,-X13BC BDI? ii Find Ae! w li' C . THE POPLARS Perliars as you glance at the title you will say to yourself, L'What's so interesting about porlarsf' Nothing especially, for the poplars might as well have been any other kind of tree. What is interesting, at least to me, is the fact that trees-poplar treesfhave been so ever present in niy life. is lar back as l can remember, they were always there across the street. At one tinie they stood tall sentinels over a beautiful garden. Now the garden is gone, but the por- lars still keep their watch. Klany times I have awakened and gone to the hall window, sleepy-eyed, to allirm, perhaps, the weather forecast. There, as always, were the poplars, sometimes as dark and gloomy as the morning itself,and at other times,bathed in the sheen of the gold of the rising sun, and the cast of long dancing shadows on the side-Walk. They stand there in defiance of the ele- ments. On a hot day their cool summer SOPHOMORRS . , . , c Sytsma. Bennett. Suomi Row Krauyalis. Yonlier, Balngh. SOPHOMORES Lewkovich, Hagen . Carlson. wood. Blumon, Gullzzns. Top Row-N. Phillips, S. Diet! M Carr, D. Burgess, M. Grutnthrlar Selby' Gravston Bouqhan, Schillm Third Row-Schroder, Chester Frm oian, Ackerman, Denlglflrich Ciotdl fern, Keesen, Honigcn, Conti lxtlltr Locht, Momocich, Lynch, It cc Hmmm Rowfphillips, Johnson Nur phy, Briggs, Dalenberg, Schubtt Tap Row-Wklsford, Roberts Wtbtr Olsen, NYeir, Hibyma, Beck l Third R015-Schaaphok, 'llhorv ty mour, Schroth, Danncnhold ltttis -Xsboth, Brzn, Bendinclli, cotr Swami Rott'-Dzinwidas, l.udw1L B ll ish, Secondino, hlarten, Spisals l' sc IT raz, Dclves, Nordquist, Pt-itch lshtr Bottom Rowe--Peterson, Shtldon Tabakos, Bere, Vandcrldoeg Hrttlt r SOPHOMORFS Top Row-lVlartin, Jacobson, Jacobson: Neiclhurdt, Johnson, Nelson, Bolhuis, Burgeroski, Thompson, Reimann, Hara- nek. Third Row-'Redm:1n, Goszeyk, Hansen, Vllagner, Burgwald, Russert, Uowiat, Deekerr, Orum, Vlaming, Second Row fljrinie, Lundberg, Harna- day, Christenson, Holsr, Adams, ltriek- son, Boersina, Larsen, Sloan. Bottom R0-zc'fl'il1rin:1n1i, Wood, Hoffman, Pedersen, Anderson, Kinrzele, Kereskes, Becker. SOPHONIOR HS T-up Roirffooli, Ryan, Sietscnia, Stock- man, Boone, Sht-lbt-ck, Bonotro, Hudson, Hutchinson, Dzzeus. TfIil7'!l!lQOT1""l'll'Ll1lTZ, Nluszynski, Hulalwl.-, Ploniann, long, johnson, Nlatthys, Evans, Kane, l.it-lclot, Kuzzintzas, Ner- kinder. Sefwzuf Rui: Sanders, l.ane, White, Jensen, Sehmitv, Sears, Kleliuy, Chiap- poris, Bond, Ht-gglin, lfreidszun, Bt-ll. Bolm211R0-:c- -Sehondell, lfirzgerald, Bond, P. Bond, Laws, l.z1sC:1no, Valenti, Andre- attzl, Paulson. THE POPLARS Qllw1f1'f1 nfvlj dresses stir gently as they stand aloof. but in the fury of a storm they bend low in homage to supremacy. lu the autumn, as they shiver with eoltl, the leaves eonie dancing down like yellow sunbeams in the frosty air. llut they are not left brown and bare for long, for winter comes with its wealth and covers them with diamonds that glint in the sun. Then they move slowly with dignity, with erealts, and groans of old age. They are always beautiful, yet l love them most as, dressed in bright yellow and green, they become the heralds of spring. Perhaps you wouldn't even have noticed them, but to me theyare constant companions, because as I move about the house I can always see them out of a window nearbyg they're never nervous or worried but always calm and unmindful ofthe petty troubles which bother us all. QXNNA PE'rRA1T1s ll4llCI'L' if isl .-Xllghzinistan Xvlllll makes the cost ol living high! News in the rnalcing. Sit-tsma moved! SENIORS Top Row, -ififliingnia, Belohlav, Bonato, Alexander, Zimmer, Grcga, Dobda, Guzzetti, Heath, Frartfay. Third Row, -IB-'CIuzZardo, Tollner, Boze, Dowiat, lVlegaris, Nelson, Ausher- man, Czagany, Peterson, Maltio. Second Roto, JH--Gandolfi, Dykstra, Biava, Klatka, Fngstroni, Boone, Vogel, Charleston, Bult, Ericson, Deiro, Maglioeco, Botlom Row, JB- VVyma, Quaite, Biegcl, Piersma, Gunnard, Henry, Reid, faokopny. SFNlORS Top Row, -il?--Tlionipson, Petersom, Serra, Clausius, Oosten, lfrnst, Proper, Burton, Semple, Vogt. Third Row, -HJ' -Kustra, Antoniazzi, De lVluri, Felix, Peterson, Buttice, Pokray, Gemignani, Hellas, Seromi Row, 411'-Siciarz, Mcfiaghie, Quillman, Corrado, Stcfanik, Golio, Kolozie, Fish. Bollom Row, IB' -Stratinsky, Blitzen, Deltova, Balaishis, Dc Groot, News wanger, Drogemullen, Richards. V "l"" sr- ,gulf COMMERCIAL The first two years of the Commercial course is based on fundamentals. The decision as to what branch a student Wishes to enter when he is graduated is made in his junior year when he is offered the choice of a secre- tarial-stenographic or accounting course. ln the College Commercial course students take subjects which will enable them to enter college. The majors are English three and one-half years, language two yearsg science two years, social science, industrial history, two years of stenography or accounting, United States history, ciyics and commercial electives. Minors are music, drawing, and physical education. SENIORS Top Roto, -IB' Rowe, Davidson, De Lorenzi, Faro, Beaudry, Rowcn, John- son, Heck. Serond Row, lf? f-Geier, Zadnik, Czach, Bauer, Novak, Dearmond. Bottom Ko-w, JH Hclson, Balabon, Vander Lane, Gibson, Paulsen, Nlil- mine, Laird. JUNIORS Top RowfN0vak, Zlabes, Opulkas, Garetto, Galin, Klezynski, Pivorunas, Dodge, Brovet, Gacrtner. Third Row -Corradin, Sullivan, H. Sullivan, Pirch, Frfudcnburg, Bottini, VVarekois, Smitches, Coon, Suchcna. Serond Row-Nedvar, lfalkenthal, James, Sidorovick, Frank, Ergo, Olasis, Teeling, Holm, Covelli, Yasdick. Bottom Rowe-Dahlman, Bccmsterboer, YViekens, Nichols, Cross, Vander- blark, Gccrling, bl. Clark, Vail. CGMMERCIAL 'l'he four year Commercial Revised course dillers from the College Commercial in respect to credits. ln this course the student is not eligihle for college entrance. Students talxing this eourse are not required to take algehra. physics. geometry, or chemistry, hut these may he ehosen as electiyes. lncluded in this course are three and one-half years of lfnglish, one year of science, one-half year of science and household artsg three years of an .Xcademic elective, and three years of a Commercial elective, senior civics, and typewriting. The minors in this course are the same as those in the College Commercial course. Salesman- ship and Advertising are suhjeets of this course and give excellent training in the art of selling. an essential element in the husiness world. JLTXIORS Tap Rai: R, Smith, R. Sorenson, I.. Qstapowiez, H. Schzitliner, E. Reedy, Birch, Ciadhois, Nl. Honeywill, M. Gustman, Ylhlflf Rau' Brancato, Radar, Frigo, Cyack, NY. Cialloy, Xl. Cialloy, Grie bahn, Yiolante, lruitt, Soraoski. Sefand Ra-sc Skripek, Nlerkelis, lslierka, Hence, l.iptol4, liigler, Nloggiotta, Deliartolo, K arazi , .-Xrvia. Hallam Raw Starezewski, Kenny, Rubin, l.irie, YYorholyh, Main, Halder- sen, Keappler, l.owe. Jtixioizs Top Raza' CQ. .-Xngstopolos, S. Balsam, E. Pokarski, l.uios, M. Wlagman Nl. Hillegonds, lf. Benson, DeVries, F. Schoustra, -I. Chiappori, Kluig. x Third Ra-ra' l'. Palango, D. Clauter, l'. Flias, l.. Richards, D. Keehan, M. Biever, Poliski, .'X. Bierma, DiSanto, Kacauskas. Sz'L'0!lr1lRl1iL' D. Schultz, B. Blakemore, Hazkis, l'. Cierth, Keele, Grass mick, li. Yanderlzigg, Y. Gnglis, li. likhlom, .-X. Shereivis, V. Sehouten C. Regiwato. Batlam lcflfl' R. Hass, Nl. Carlson, H. Blom, lf. Reed, S. Hihmzi, .-X. Harm sen, R, johnson, lf. Johnson, N. Rot, ll. Hanson. 1 lntent they arel Masters at the nnmeograph JCNIORS Tap Rafe' nl. Sparrey, lf. lissing, Wlilson, Booth, Kostyk, Saho, .-X. Orlow- ski, l.. Chester, Simon, filius. Tlzrrd Rafe I7. .-Xitchison, l.. Hohalik, AI1dt'I'SOI1,I.. Buikenia, lf. lJOlHilg2llL1, H. Mullican, jorkiewixz, D. Cassidy, .-X. Toth. Second Raw fawadu, l.aBanc0, E. Kapicak, Pahiokos, lf. Newtield, L. Thompson, M. lorstensen, S. Gwizdalsk. Rutfom Ra-w Slingerland, B. Ringcy, R. Schmalfeld, M. Matthcy, A. Guy- att, J. Belgum, Baldue, 'll. Smoter, YY. Sixoo. JUNIORS Tap Raw l.okos, Sosnoslais, Benash, Dion, Reimer, Lofrano, Borcycz, Candi, Munari, Andrews, jackera. 'l'.'11'2'z1'Ro-1a'- Napoli, B. Shourek, Panozlo, Sterning, A. Bryak, M. jliakacs, L. Pregcnt, U. Mairano, Radtke, Todhunter, lf. Banash, l. Bragha. St'L'0I1d Rafe' fukauskis, fullo, Rageck, Orlowski, XXX-zhinski, jawor, Juhasz, lf. Palango, Fialkowski, nl. Thomas. Bottom Rai: Pokornoy, Xlairbyla, Dockus, Smoter, rl. Torrey, Uramer, Jacohsen, Mueller, Krapil. So do wc in Chicago. ulh'1llfll6lTlll- ticians pay a cal," JUNIORS Top RowiAlaimo, Gloriosi, Burbulis, VVeidman, Carlson, Erickson, Mal- grem, Tinder, Turnquist, Etchison. Third Row-Holman, Vertach, Moran, VVolfgram, Gillespie, Voss, Jacob- sm a, Linske, Harts. Second Row-Krasula, Mercier, blundo, Alfano, Kajdi, Gatto, Badali, Reiskich, Krylowicz. Bottom Row-Lindgren, Femer, Meimeyer, Smith, Zeilinge, Butkus, Pierson, VValker, Freel. JUNIORS Top Row-Anderson, Jellema, Grassmer, Frigo, Harn, McCutcheon, Adams, White, Lundin, Christensen, Olson. Third Row-Oostman, Arson, Martin, Heerema, Lang, Barich, Fryes, Reinhard, Swanson. Second RowfDeVries, Dangelo, Lorres, Fllisoe, Torres, Arvia, Keefe, Ksenzulak, Berschinski, Faron. Bottom Rowspoeplar, Yasulaitus, Van Koten, Vander Meer, Back, Barker, Perillo, Jacobs, Berki. COMMERCIALS HOW ADVERTISING BENEFITS THE COIYSUNER Advertising by a reliable concern over radio, through the daily newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and many other popular ways, really does a great deal for the consumer. The con- sumer derives conveuience, satisfaction, pleas- ure, and better values for less money through advertisements. Take for instance the case of Mrs. Trent who finds supreme happiness in the knowledge that a penny saved is a penny earned. She enjoys watching the different competitors in her locality advertise in the local newspaper. She compares their prices. Studiously she uses a pencil and finds out that by purchasing her vegetables and fruits for household con- sumption from the dependable corner store, her groceries and meats from the market in the center of the block, that about hfty cents is saved daily on this section of the budget alone. FRESHMEN Top Row-Johnson, I-Ialdorsen, Streit, Steele, Varellas, Serphin, Vieth Schug, Sybil, Simson, Grithn, Fisher. Third Row-Rago, Starros, Vollmar, Schuster, Pace, Alexander, Rubertsan Biaset, Movsisian, Van Maurik, Chiaro. Second Row-Gibson, Mundo, Canalini, Spangler, Kenney, Petran, VValker Bick, Ippolito, Bergquist, Vree, Laslow, Ippolito, Urban. Bollom RowfMi2evitz, Brolick, Kline, Schiever, Johnson, Fournier JUNIORS Top Row-Gavato, Gasick, Viallancourt, Budd, Ariel, Neutout, Kondrath Sowa, Medema. McLoan, Livermore, Huff. Third Row-Kachigian, Parker, Paldowes, Kustra, Gluszyk, Iwancio, Fors- berg, Brown. Sefond Row-Kasper, Daley, Ernest, Meier, Hull, Danko, Kowalisik, Lucas Jenrich, Bass. Bottom Row-Olsen, Zrnudka, Melish, Rylander, Nightingale, Dyzko, Glad Dykshorn, Kocolowski. a J J COMMERCIALS has accumulated in the Hextraw budget envelope. The weekly downtown 'Lshopping paperl' advertising all sorts of wearing apparel. makes its appearance on the porch, and Mrs. Trent makes a dash for the front door, thrilled inwardly in the anticipation of what the adver- tisements may bring. It takes but a short time for hlrs. Trent to emerge from the bargain basement with her pur- chases. She found a cocky little hat to match her newly purchased dress perfectly, hlrs. Trent has accomplished much in a short time. There has been no running around to do it. She is satisfied in as much as a reliable concern backs the merchandise she has purchased, and honesty on their part, has given her the priv- ilege of partaking ofthe benefit of a fine value without becoming tired out. Friend husband takes pride in her economical endeavors and foresightedness, and this fact creates a spirit of happiness and contentment in the domicile. gall of which traces back to advertising. Jexions Top Row--R. Hazen, A. Furno, F. Olson, Zaremba, G. Scott, Ludvigson Schroth, P. Van.-Xlstvne, Kocolowski, Dudzik. Third Row--l.. Drolcn, B. Peters, A. Bergstrom, C. Shea, R. YYitvaz, F. Sablotnv, R. Forte, D. Olson, P. Bubnar. Setond Rawfli. VanSheltma, S. Anderson, l. lfieldheim, Y. Anderson Rinchiuso, R. Baro, D. Jacobson, Piech, Turtrillo. Bollonl Row- R. Hansen, S. Kabelis, BI. Archer, P. Sharpe, Brandsnm N. Bromberg, Hast, Rossi, Yvessman. SOPHOMOR ES Top Row-Yarellas, Martire, Chuckwins, Reicbech, Higgins, Lowe, Bakkers, Stewart. Third Rate'-Fannizzo, Rornba, Radcliffe, Arvia, Streehnan, Hahn, Second Rota--Duffy, Vilidmer, Artin, Plantinge, Baldassari, Cavanaugh Gritlin. Bollorn Rota'-Tait, Brown, Jasica, Reven, Heacocli, Schaade, Franzen Graefen. A tense moment Adding- adding and more adding. SOPHOMORES Top Rawflvoto, Ringev, Nlelish, Sandstrom, Wheeler, Spielihout, Gaizaus- kas, Gaizauslias, Olsen, Darr. Tfzfm' Row--Hryn, Nlatikonis, Lellrring, Swanson, Dada, W'estwater, Jones Soecke, Houstrup. Second Rota-ee-VVz1lkovviak, Caserio, Jendkyaszek, Nlesliauskas, Karoll Kucinskas, Till, Anderson, Wolfe. Bolfum Row-Kasper, Smith, Ambuul, Bergera, Xlatelis, Wlilliford, Backus Hvnlo, Bond. SOPHONIORES Top Row--Bellas, Huber, l.und, Kurnmelehne, Cherrington, Ryan, Denk Hansen, Andricopulos, Gerlikas. Third Rota'--Sullivan, Blais, Ogorzelec, Contus, Stump, Nlr-ienovich Schoroeder, Sromek, Kenney. Second Row-Ortman, Salamon, Preuss, Lacombe, Danielson, Felliamp Schlieman, Newald, Kipfer. Botfonl R0-ra' -Farnetti, Ringcv, Walpole, Munz, Lees, Coffee, Jurgenson Anderson, Tunis. v Bob O'Brian and Kenworthy, Petri Bithos, Henry Delik. and Norris Field demonstrate their proj ect. SOPHOMORES Top RowgTz1te, Lubert, Schraider, Marmar, Magram, Kelleher, Daria Zsetenyi, Mihalovitz, Engi, Dandy, Lind. Third Row-Cecilio, Paczkowski, Brady, Gugliemi, Lachenberg, Riley, Morgan, Beach, Cook, Redvay, Novello, Lennan. Second Row-Hemperman, Germolec, Hathaway, Nemet, McGill, Borden Gallulo, Malito, Frangella, Paczkowski, Paczkowski, Clifton, Klein. Boftom Row-Holzworthy, Forte, DeBiasio, Peterson, Zikas, Boyd, Rut- kowski, Zacher, Zimmer. SOPHOMORES Top Rowfj. Telegra, H. Ungefug, I. Faron, M. Bitter, D. Derrico, J Hackenson, H. Narodowski, M. Marchiando, E. Nolan, H. Brunette. Third Ro-wfK. Engstrom, M. Gustafson, M. Dittgen, S. Knysz, A. Arvia N. Hull, M. Sparrow, T. Gullox, Second RowfU. Anderson, N. Berg, M. Madderom, VV. Roesing, H. VVilkus M. Bohr, E. Bergquist, C. Hedberg, T. Kurdts. Boliom Row-N, Sempowicz, Vanderwerf, M. Kohnke, M. Michalski L. VanProyen, E. Gaikowski, R. Midderdorf, E. Pavlek, R. Hyland. COMMERCIALS hir. Trent reads the evening paper after a hard day7s work at the oflice. A responsible firm is advertising second hand cars. A penny post card brings the salesman and car to his very front door. It is a good car, a good price, and dependable backing. Negotia- tions are completed at home, and hir. Trent is the satisfied owner of a car that is going to give the whole family much pleasure, with no inconvenience attached to the deal. All in all, advertising does beneht the consumer inasmuch as happiness, health, convenience, finer values, suggestions and and many more assets are the reward of said advertising. BOB Q'BR1EN Loco! roniertont wimiw- in Nationwide Context by Afdwfrtifing Age. SOPHOMORES Top Row-C. Zubc, R. Smith, Fronczyk, DiSanto, Allen, Johnson, Calzia, Ostrovski, Gonz, Gibson, Gradle, Griffith. Serond Row-Greenwood, Raatzes, Braithwaite, Pearson, Phillippe, Krem- erer, Hameetman, Arie, Schornfield, Zaborae, Salamon. Third Row-Baldi, Giammario, Holland, Zakarian, Masier, Mitchel, Latte, Toth, VVolf, Clement, Kubicka, Swanberg. Boftom Rowfjohnson, Koopman, Schmidt, Erickson, Simonelis, Qued- ensley, Fazio, Berger, Gabis. SOPHOMORES Top Row-Brinsky, Markley, Nemesnyik, Zoruon, Bisgard, Pierzga, Ermoian, Dickinson, Kabat, Pelzman. ThirdRo'wfDahltrsom, Dramisino, Holmgren, Pronskus, Cicciereki, Bachta, Milhouse, DcHaas, Paul. Second Row-Barlog, Brignardello, Calzavara, O'Neill, Maritia, Badali, Hudek. Botlom RowfRatke, Schroeder, Bessinger, Pienkoswki, Gimaar, Sakoch Orel, LaRoche, Zachos. -:X A .. 1-r2': ... SOPHOBIORFS Top Rox' l'z1ci11iq1, llJlilllwf7HlIl, Hump, Flcrclur, Blguloxx, Cook, lk-fro, Clnnelimzz .-Xlwrznnf, Uuzmr, 'l'!1mf Rox' lurrurlllo, l.OY21Cli, Dixon, I-Illix, Nlzmrslx, BOL-rfchcr. .Vf'rff21l1' Rug NiJFYllI1,Sf1lIlfH,l.ZlI1dCINL1ll,Xv11lldL'I'lxlLlfLlL', l'L-rrulaie, l'l1lllip4, Nzmrxllcldtr l?o!1m21Kn:n' Kovg1l,flrlHlr1, XYyng11rdcn, Xw11HC'lL'TxlCf,XYUYUYNF, Koriunila, llylaslworn Kupcr, llzlnsun. SOPHONIORIQS Top Ruiz' BL-rmickr, lnlrldiurs, Novak, Murlo, lirzxrnrr, .-Xdornowiug, Gagnon, Siliiro Burn-llo, fullo, Hurroli, Krunlicl, Thim' R015 Srcinlmucr, Culzlnxgclo, Nlcblllo Srrojny, l.k'l3l11lI'LlI, Bigu, Hn,-ndsrson, Punnuzzo, Nlunson, Spillur, Olson, Olcski Sfmfnld Ra-re' W1-is, .-Xllwonmonrc, lfrnnk, Ghidmri, Arvln, Sinlurrzl, Dognsrlno, .-Xdduccl Wlllwur, Marsh, Srornlao. llnflnm Rota" O'l,L-zxry, Clrnlli, Cironski, Kivsul, Gcnls ,-Xndurson, lironvki, W1-gcrlnurg, YunDykL-. SOPHOXIORFS Top lfffzc fzxllcgnri, xlCQilZlI'lfOClx, Vrlmn, Org-l, Olfon, Cin-gon, Booth, l,uplQn fllwl. lllflrmlslisr, 'l'hm! ICM: Carlson, Dlupzll, Sluszxrwyk, SlL1saxr'uy'la, RL-nz, Beck Culp, Booth. Nrm11.flQfffQ' Hood, Kirrlv, Yurlioly, Nixon, liurrnnsrcr, Born, Zurbo, Yischr-, llclclckrucuw. ffnffwrz Rafi: -YVhirc, fQL1Qr41fsor1,Clllvf, Raultlau,CiourZ,fz1lz1liQ Butkus, form-rnun. l'lRFSl'lNl,-XX Hollow No-za' Cunico, lxlyn, V11n'Ycssc', Gurllkns, YlllMlL'Y'BL'Tg, Sclmronrur, Sharps You-llu, Cunlco. .Vwwnzff Raza' Klullnncr, Kllrnlsm, llowiur, NL-lson, lxllazls, Cyucos Ciiordoncllo, lfrlgo, CllLlI7lIT1LlI'Ll, SL-Inlbcninl, Nlazvnli, 'l'h1'nI Nora' Vlxlrowslil, Hellas Loser, Pzmovzo, l.:1 Rocca, A-Xdzuns, Runli, Kloorm-3, Yqznclur Nlucr, Ylrsclw, xv1lI'lf'U Twp Ro-IQ' .-Xrvlu, Alocius, Stull, fwolula, Cullos, Brlslnoir, Splllur, Xlurshnll, Cullin Anderson, johnson, Yicoli. 2' vw SOPHUKIURIQS 'lbw Rox' lDvYounu, xYlLTlI1Sl1l, Hahn, Succolo, Krllwowwkl, .-Xndcrson, Zappos, Will-r1cl111f, Cirolmnkup-Izrcrmlu, Bzlrrlluull. Thin! Roz: lfiQl1, Powprg Yun Swol, Blorrin, Cigml, Conti, Olson, l'oclulc:1, Saniki, A'rrffmf Nm: Hopkins, Hrnnxnvrlu, Hardy, Burdizxli,Xz1x'ur:111Ql4:ls, PUSTITIZI,NlCClCSTONV,NL'lSUI1, Riclu-l, lfnlfffrzz Roz: -'X an Struct, . Johnson, Srclrur, Szaxlugzl, Srnng, Szlvxzl, Blrdnli, llornzumy, Krunwr. SOPHOKIORICS Twp Rox l"ior:u'z1nri, Ylusls, .lxL!lL'IEI'lCfl'l, Brinslq, Rolulnnx, Nlflicl, lnncs, Cirolunlau, Hurnn-ld, -lunsun. Vlwhl'-ffl! Ru-:C Kufc, Kzlpusrzl, Nluxyzmk, l3x.rkclund, Clrzzvsndcr, Clnaxrrllo, Smith, llolmson, lfiorctti, Dudili. .Vwfwnf Nair' Nlzljuwsliy, Swanson, lim-lugs, Duncan, 'll-rris, Yulczxsz, Nlongn, Cirtaulino, Blrdrn, lfclurcn. Rnffwzz lQ6'fC"' Nlzlrclu-sc, Wklkr-r, flrrigrun, lucolvson, Blzllu-s, llulquixt, Carlson, Posuckl, Pudili. FRliSllNlAY Hffllfdfl Roi: N1lXXI'.lf'I11lli, Sryrnlvcrg, Srzlurz, Nhnnnwlumlxmr, X11-lllif, l,:1 Coursc, Nlurix, Koch. Nwfffzfz' Rui: Nlnjcllrmli, Purronllx, Clrnlwrr, Kzlchlgizln, Muses, Nnlson, Blzlsu, Spunglw, Lowrcy. Tlzfni Roi: l'llTl1HlfTlL', Slnwonlun, XY1llTCI'S, God- laonr, lflsrvr, l':1rkyr, Hzlrwivics, Toth, Clark. Top Nm? ,l.LlIJlI'k'ZLiCl1, Sh-srrnun, lfnldrku, l"lllI'Y1lI'k'l, SCl'lilI'!llNJI'Sf, Yermcli, XY:xr1al11xiuxiw, Bucll, F-lmupurr, Uiurz. FRFQSHNIA-XX Twp Nm' iirnvxwk, Clrzmlmslal, Ciosr, Nlcmur, Ciqxfpur, iiinorix, liorzynlio, Dykl, Pugu, Nlorln. 'l'lu'mf 1'Qw-za' Srrojny, Kosyur, lioxxmaan, lfruclu-ld, Ciroszck, Gurccln, Novak, Poliski, Smnrfmxwiw, ,lam-czclc. Nwwllf IQ-Lg' lilmiul, liruugrr, Rosslnslow, N I X'L'I'l!ll-il, lfocluowslm, Nlysrimki, Pofundo, Xrnlvy, Krylowicz, l'lOYZlNljSlLlI1. Hallam Ro-:U Kr-mlull, Konjalr, Rripchncidcr, Skraalumrw, XYo7m'ul4, livrgmr, Brogzm, xvilllfklfll, Clnul. Courier Art Group at work. Pies? or jam? 1 A h COMNIFRCIA-XI. TopvRotc'fl'rendl1ng, Rajf, Dalbu, Buttice, Anderson, Nomes, Pnnnozzo, DeVSolfc, Yvehling. glzird Row---Wardell, Cabbrese, Vllnllese, Crisman, Arvin, .-Xbbeduto, wrzinto. Second RowfSitek, Galullo, Vinciguerru, Thompson, Gniewek, Zachacz, Mechom. Fifi! Row --Pessa, Kadzielawslci, Boro, Filippo, Costanzzi, Klezynslii, lVIatthews. COMMFRCIAI.-TECHNICAL go? Row-Lzxux, Baltrukas, Conrad, De Vries, Den Besten, janac, Jnnac, o man. Third Rowfxvan Donk, Beyer, Mc.-Xrthur, Bishton, Elliot, De Young. Second Row-Faber, Johnston, Comperini, Van Buren, Nelson. fhiotfojfz Row-Postma, Steihler, Heckler, Xveber, Blocker, Barshak, Misl-Qin, , ure ius. TECHNICAL The Technical course, another Very com- jvlete course, includes three and one-half years of linglishg four semesters of mathematics2 shop, six semesters, general science, one year: physics and chemistry one year eachg ciyics one semester, United States history one year, and electives three years. The minor subjects include mechanical drawing, freehand drawing, and physical education. Two other courses included in the technical department are the Household Art, and the Klechanical drawing course. The Household Art course emphasizes subjects concerning the home arts. The sub- jects included are: English three and one-half years, household arts with cooking the first year: setting the second, Household llanage- ment the third year, dietetics in the 4B semester, and textiles in the 41x semester, history or biology one year, electives three years, chemis- try one yearg mathematics, general science, United States history, and senior civics. The minor subjects are music, freehand drawing, and physical education. The four year Nlechanical Drawing course is similar to the four year technical course with such subjects as: three and one half years of THCHNIC.-XI, Top Ro-zvfhlelhouse, Rossi, Leithen, Yvrona, Hnlleran, Dorocke, Banstrzl Shunho, Prince, Tuftedul. Third RowfCulvcr, Komorowslii, .-Xmendolu, Faber, Drolengzl, Krzeczow ski, Schneider, Olsen, Ryan, Hnzlt. Second Row Vilutres, Hittle, Brown, Schwarz, Pzlnozzo, Haalisma, Lindo Jensen, Lewis. First Row-Y-'W'ilbes, Link, Streelmun, Cziginslias, Wlzema, Nespeca, Kapostzl Wlivne. TECHNICAL-COMMFRCIAL Top Rowe'--Halizllmazian, Howard, Matringo, Raymond, Zussu, Nigro Bonoms, Rothcrmich, Schiro, Dale, Gobis, Fxner, Sexson. Thin! R0iL'7SLllllV21I1, Paripzulc, Sykes, Tonial, Birtka, Czaizkzi, Tuss Gronato, Yenturin, Dere, Disanto, Robert, Taron, Levine. Second Row -Haztkantp, Dromisino, Small, Droluk, Lesihivsky, lslvers Paul, Ventus, Bagnarn, Socliis, Miller, Mc-hola, lN'Iiller. Bottom Row--Palms, Salamon, Tackes, Huffman, Haibison, Cirelli, Urolen Bogosian, Mesknusliis, Gniewek. TECHNICAL lfnglishg two years of mathematics, one year of shop: two years of mechanical drawing: one year of general scienceg one year of physics: one semester of ciyicsg lfnited States history one year, and electives eight semesters. The niinors in this course are the same as those in the four year technical course. Since February 1937 a new course has been prescribed for all high school students in Chicago. All students must have three years of linglishg one year of general science or one half year of science and one half year of industrial arts or household arts, one year of lvnited States history or one half year of linited States history and one half year ol ciyics with four years of gym and health. Minors include one year of music and art, except those following the technical sequence who take two years of mechanical drawing. There is a choice of Cal three years of a certain sequence such as languages, social science, or mathematics, with two years of two other sequences, three years each in two sequences. 'l'echnical and Drawing stud- ents must have two years of mathematics and one year of general science. TECHN I C.-XI.--SFX IORS Tap Roi: XYiersina, Yitt, Malo, Hoerncr, Duclzck, Saclauskas, Sukis, Qlsen, Nlizqate. Second Rolf- Rutowski, Radzik, Dicke, Geiger, Laczcwski, Smith, l.eZak, Corricr, Tfzfrd Raza' Walters, Johnson, Wbssling, Bud, Kuhnlcin, Dauginas, lfilley, Yirosvrko. Botiom Ruiz'-Frank, Faleczck, Niall, Kuekcr, Payilanis, Nuaas, Dirksen Erickson, Cox, 'l'HCHNlC.-Xlf -SENIORS-JUNIORS Top Roz: '-f' Paskicwicz, Dapkus, Kuhek, Brandon, Spukhout, lforscythe, Burgess, Yan Nllestrop. Sefonrf Roia'fDuda, Blummcr, Hack Qrcs, Huisinga, Courscr. Tfzfrd Rm: -Mazurick, Dykstra, Hiopocius, Paxikos, .-Xnderson, Chipas, Balas. 80170711 R0-za'-Far, Dcttrnann, Hillegonds, Willis, Petro, Hering, Halleran Line. :X rnlnidex- terous :Kmart-ur Carpenters M... SHNIORS-JUXIORS Top Kara e-.-Xahye, liiskoski, Qpyd, Hide, Szuhryt, lfcddeler, Bergmann Eisenlurandt, Szcdely, Heahcrt, Widelski, Jacobsen, Barrard. SA'L'0?Iff' Rn-:J Slusarczyk, DeYrics, Nlullcn, Rusin, Carkon, liajdi, Dykstra Burn, Onyschuk, Dunand, lon, Smith. Third Knit --fRingcy, Ferguson, NYallin, lalndgren, Geiger, Ferris, Cappozzo Muni, YYestwatcr, Koriened, Wilson, Yettcrick, Fatmnarek, Barttlay. Hollow Ro-za'-Rolm, llida, Potts, Botrfma, Burkland, Tinich, Sorkis Dugan, Bartok, lindsay. SOPHOMORHS Top Rn-za' Holrnquist, Miller, Bchaz, lfitzpatrick, King, Allison, Yan Oyerniin, Herdt, lfrank, Hcrznandez, Hendrickson, Bidrst, Frank. -Vrfomf Ro-14'-Klaclak, Bankowski, Tharncr, Lovato, Knippcr, Rossi Golio, Dughctti, Dzzhlke, Prokop, Broccardo, Alfrand, .-Xhbeduto. T,G:'2'11' Nota'--Yzlrider laitgucn, Hluck, Toczyl, Leo, Witte, Pudlo, Danielson Kendzicrski, Mazzacavalto, Massoglia, lfilzonc, Florck, Wlilson. Bottom Ro-:U Osterhcrg, Wlerner, Pctusa, lfalk, hlorrison, Kirner, hlaltman Mackunas, Pells. C,A,g,!l ldkxs.,-Q: -' 'rf . .1 A 6, up A .. I ' fx? wa'-4L6lr4'i.1i fi Wi' , -fav.. -ids' JH--f 5 if it--1. e,.e.,'1.. f 4 f iL.LJ- Q. , 'T J A , .5 yi!! 4,1 4? 6 . ,,, ,ka 4B CLASS OFFICERS Raymond Brooks, president, Jane Mathewson, vice-president, June Mathewson, secretary and Jean De Cook, treasurer. THE BALLAD OF SNOW-WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS Dedicoted tothe Potron Soint of Cleon Up Week---Snow Whlte Long long ago, in castle grand Was born a baby fair. Her skin was white, her eyes were dark, Like ebony, her hair. Her cheeks were like the reddest rose This lovely little mite. And as she grew so fair was she That she was called Snow-White. But 'ere she passed from infancy, Her kindly mother died. And soon there was another queen By her dear father's side. The lovely queen was young indeed, And she was grand to see. But in her magic mirror she aired Her haughty vanity. "Oh magic mirror upon the wall, Please tell me this right now. Who is fairest in the land?,' The mirror answered, "Thou." When Snow-Wlhite was twelve years of age Her beauty was so great, That, jealous of her pure sweet face, The queen was filled with hate. The queen went to her mirror once more And told the glass her quest. The magic mirror could not lie, "Snow-VVhite is the best." Her face grew green with jealousy, Her heart grew black with hate. She chose her cruelest warrior To seal poor Snow-VVhite's fate, But when the time to kill the girl ln forest deep and wild, The huntsman's hard heart melted and He could not slay this child. He left her in the woods to roam Among the rocks and rills. And after wand'ring long she found A hut among the hills. Snow-VVhite went to the little hut And stepped inside the door. Such filth and squalor, dust and dirt, She neler had seen before! She raised her hands in great dismay, And then took up a broom. Then clean and sweet and shining bright, She made the little room. At last, tired from her wanderings She searched 'round for a bed She found one, up a stairway small And on it laid her head. When she awoke some hours hence, Her brown eyes opened Wide. For seven wrinkled tiny men VVere standing by her side. "How come you here," the first one asked "Now you must go away." But Snow-VVhite pleaded hard and long And was allowed to stay. So Snow-VVhite lived there happily, She'd cook and scrub and mend. 'Till the cruel queen heard this and vowed Hcr life was at an end. The wicked queen disguised herself And went to Snow-VVhite's door. .And twice she vainly tried to end Snow-VVhite's life evcrmore. But next she brought an apple fresh, All round and rosy red. The girl did eat, fell to the ground Alas, Snow-VVhite was dead. "Gazzoksl" she cried. "l've won, l've won! l've played the upper hand. Snow-White is dead and I'm again The fairest in the land." Her lifeless form was borne to rest By the seven little men. And loatli to place her in the earth, They made her bicr of glass. They placed her on a mountain top, And 'round her bier they knelt. The dwarfs, the birds, the beasts did show The sorrow that they felt. A gallant prince rode by one day, And saw the sleeping maid. Was smitten at the sight with love Of her who here was laid. He begged the dwarfs that he might take Her body far away. That in his palace glorious, The fair Snow-VVhite might lay. .At first the dwarfs would not consent, But seeing his sad face, Mournfully they answered, "Yes", and Bore her from the place. But as they bore the bier one tripped, And gave it a hard jolt. The piece of poisoned apple then, Was shaken from her throat. Then SnowiVVhite Opened her great eyes, And heaved a little sigh. With her white arms she ope'd the lid, And said, "Alive am I." The dwarfs and prince were overjoyed, The prince leaped to her side. And tremblingly he took her hand And asked her for his bride. So lovely Snow-Vilhite Wed the prince Yes she became his bride. And they lived happily ever after, Always side by side. e-LUCILLE NEIDHARDI COMMERCIAL and TECHNICAL Tap Row -lkiillcr, Torok, De Puyt,Garetta,W'estfall,VVhite, Cavada, Anderson, Holcombe. .Yemnd Row-Harper, Hanken, Chmielowski, Kozak, Dikos, Fianczak, Bresnahan. ThirffR0tUAFanizzo, Rueck- heim, W'iersma, W'assman, Burke, blurdock, Hint. Rormm RowfAsboth, Zanstra, Hemmer, Hanson, Glackson, Zanica, McBratney, Rodin. HHMIEHQS QI-J 5' 1 Eg, a 912' U ,f ' '- ' +5 ,f as 26, . i .... A G rw 2 if 'E , v 74 5 ,K ff K' 23 ,, fy.. '. N I W E I: A ,. , . W, 33 Wt, Z.. -', 3: .. . BURNSID CLEOPATRA XYILSON CONGETTA CHANGE ETHEL M. Dots . lVlARGARE'l' EX. DEYINE ROBERT L. REINSCH Hs113ERi'Sr.G12RMAIN BRANCH In Charge . English, Latin , General Science . English, Algebra . . Drawing Mechanical Drawing ROOM 137 Top Rawfl. Carroll, Pl. VVall, Antim- aitis, Trongeau, Caruso, D. VVz1ll, Zsetenyi, Robinson, Nlihalko, Ber- gandi. Second Rowel. Kocolowski, George, Crinion, Mcflarvey, Fogcs, Gorchus, O. Kocolowski, Elliot, Trabenda Pallagi. Bottom Rowe-R. Carroll, Kadzir, Salas, Frangclla, Kroc, Strom, Hinko, Holland, Deer. ROOM 314 Top Row4lVlcPhillips, McKee, Chin, Nlorgan, Tunbcrg, Soti, Nagy, Passi, Racz, Siemienus, Osborn. Semnd Rowflalthcrm, VVadiak, Spi- vak, Nlateroh, Spinelli, Zagalia, Con- sratine, Kalwicl, Sush, Kclbowslii. Bozfom Row-Scott, Pore, Lockwood, Earnshaw, Fanzlaw Almcrantz, Rward, Satay, Wlarholyk. ROOM 308 Top Rowfjangen, Rosenfeld, Boyd, Parejko, Barnes, McElvain, Stumper, Swortfiger, Bukovitz, Wise, Jijccek, Tiz, Remo, Braderson. Second Row-Arquilla, Boyle, Bertak, Bodnar,Radzwon,Emery, VanHesscn, Frangclla Cavcrt, Koppelman, VVcek- ley, Butt, Karrcls. Boltom Rowfficnevesc, Pervenecyi, Antal, Sliocypcc, Bowman, Brisin, Gyure, Salavec, Ballcu. LATIN CLUB Top Row-Bnlku, Remo, Rosenfeld, Boyle, Finney, Englin, Henderson, Benton, Stumper, Gabriel, Passi, Barich, Zellinka, Salvac, Chin, VVhite. Sfmmi Row- Broderson, Enmons, Karruls, Johnston, Sites, Arquilla, Earnshaw, Lockwood, McValin, Soti, Racz, Adinamis, Emery, Yarbrough, Stanton. Boftom Row---Schott, Bresin, Rich Ulrich, Carey, Tunhcrg, lWorgan. Lennon, Bowman, Poylyak, Berg? i NW. 1: I 1 Q tflm, Lek, Q-A, nib M ROOM 305 Tap Row-H.johnson, Labus, Iwancis, Zelinlia, BL-nton,A. Iohnson,Adinamis, Cyborski, Bilas, Salvo. Sfmndkoic' -'l'hcis,Rz1dZinowiZ,Blitz- stein, Sims, Bowes, Barich, Gill, Lynch. Hmmm Raw' Fcjcs, Karrr-ls, Gabriel, Gwizdalski, Carey, Finney, Plowak, Kustrzi, Clrod. ROOM 309-3ll7 Top Row Hiirke, Macko, Carlson, jankun, liwaniszyn, Ciardnvr, Amen- dola, Toth, Murphy, Svohocla, Baffo Swotfigcr, Paron. Sffund Rn-za' -Cavato, lllo, Milko, Moron, Hralwr, lfich, Clarritano P Hankowsksi, Novcllo, Frank, I crotta: Zavlik, Chomko, Cassel, fiarhaczew- ski, I-less, Murray. Ballom Roi: Yuhasz, Salas, :Xllison Balji, Chrisingzl, Lake, Bcnuvcnti Doloszycki, Lennon, HQ-gvduis. SERVICE Top Row--Labus, Carcy, Ulrich Barnes, Christcngcr, Toth, Berg Englin, johnson. Serond Row-f jankun, Hcrgandi, Bod- nar, Frank Czyl, Kalwiel, Rosonfeld Bottom Row---Burke, Gbur, Gwizdal- ski, Morgan, Tunbcrg, Zlcnha, Scott Lackey, Frange-lla. ROOM 310 Top K0-zo' Hudstrom, Saxrnonelis Frenczy, Whitt-, Yarbrough, Studer Cittadino, Pt-rrota, Mead, Odom Second Raw- --Scrutchions, Stanton Dc-mkowicz, Slcnczlca, Br-kc, Santora Regina, Johnston, Szlndstrom, Em- IHOHS. Barlow Roi: H-liroll, lvisc, Fnglin Henderson, lvlrich, Bm,-rg, :Xutcnrieth Czyz, Sliulwisz. 'hr 1 v w u BURNSIDE LITERATURE SPRING I"liYIiR On Klarch twenty-first, the first day of spring, at the Burnside Branch everyone came to school with spring coats, and hats. Iiveryone just forced himself to attend to classes that morning. If by chance a visitor had gone into a room, he would have seen the pupils looking, wistfully out of the windows instead of watching the experiments in science Miss Dole was performing. At lunch time we all scurried outside and into the school yard, Coach Palmer and some boys were playing baseball at one end of the yard, and at the other, girls were playing baseball, some pupils took an early spring walk around the school building. I really believe the bell fingers were most reluctant and after the very last second rang the bell. VVhen they did ring the bell, no one heard it, or at least pretended not to for spring fever had really innoculated its germ. Soon all were in classes again, but when ninth period came, the pupils in Kliss Change's Latin were very restless and uneasy, At two-thirty there was such a rush for the door that they almost mobbed each other in getting out. All this in lVIarch-the first day of spring. JEAN KICIQLVAIN 1:1 prize, Courier Context SPRING EVISNTS AT BURNSIDIQ At Burnside, the smallest branch, activities reached a new high-the First club, Qother than the G. A. AJ, was formed-A new Latin Club was created-35 members including five boysehfliss Congetta Change is sponsorfA new wood shop was establishedf Instructor, hlr. Reinschvliola Gabriel in a solo toe dance in Amateur Show and Great Waltz-Carl Labus played several pieces on his hflarimba for the Courier AssemblywLawrence Balku and john Caruso won a trip to Detroit this summer in model airplane building. THIL ADYICNTCRE IN THIL CLUB HOUSE lllhile walking down the street one day, I spied through a window some boys who were having a meet- ing in their club room. The window of the room was open so I stepped close enough to overhear what was being said. I could not see into the window because it was dirty, but anyway they were talking about the Fifth Street Bank. One boy said, "I'll get that money if I have to." Another said, "I'll take the money from the bank." And still another said, "If I get the money from the Boardwalk Grocery Store, I'll be all set.', "VVell, this is enough for me" I said to myself. So I went down to the Police Headquarters, and told them what I had overheard. The policemen went in first and I followed. The policemen began to laugh, and I wondered what was wrong. The policemen then told me they were playing a game of Nlonopoly. JEAN KARREI.S Conner Context 27Ld prize. TRAYEILING THROUGH A FIELD OI" WAR I.ast summer while I was in Xlichigan I saw a practice War maneuver put on by the National Guard. The soldiers were of two different troops. They hid behind locks and tried to shoot down their enemy just as though it were a real battle. One team wanted to get a message to their fellow members so they sent up a balloon to which a message was tied. The enemy tried in vain to get it down. This battle kept on for five days. Each man was given food, clothing and shelter as though it were a real war. They became accustomed to it, and now if we should need some soldiers, we know some are prepared. But I, and everyone I know, hope the United States will never find this necessary. IVIOLA GABRIEL Collrier Conteft CURTIS - LITERATURE MY VISIT TO GETTYSBURG I have visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. As I stood on that field Where the "Battle of Gettysburg" had been fought, I let my mind drift, and what I imagined gave me a strange feeling. Around me were many monuments on which had been carved pictures of men fighting in action, as you might say. I could almost see them moving, fighting, killing, and dying. Being a patriot was their chief faultg their faith, as many lay dying, horribly wounded, per- haps by theit own relations, not knowing what had happened to his loved ones back home. No! VVar is not worth such a sacrifice. I felt it distinctly and vehemently, I did not realize what a spectacle I was making of myself, for I had stamped my foot on the ground with fists clenched in my agitation. I left Gettysburg feeling I had treaded on holy ground. EDITH ELLEN FINNELL Courier Contest In Prize. CURTIS CUT-OUTS FIQBRUARY I5-Newstaff of Ifenger gave first assembly of year for the freshmen-QMARCH 3- Florence Napoli and Claude jones interviewed by Fenger News-Ray Hines won one dollar at Silas Rlarner ShowYEvery boy in division 200 are B. A. A. Xfembers-Ruth Zeigler elected President of Student Council-Kinball Howes-Secretary-Jules Bowland Treasurer-NIARCH 3I1FI'OSl1 Y of Branches elected officers-Ijlaine George-President-AViolet Dowiat- Vice-President-Ruth Zeigler-Secretary and hffary Booth-Treasurer-First Social of year by Lunchroom Service group on INIARCI-I I8-Members of Honor- Roll increased from 37 to 46. THE sm y One thing that shall never be controlled by man is the sea. Those vast stretches of billowing waves, those thundering powerful arms that pull all that they reach into their mysterious depths, shall never be conquered. The sea is free: a siren, romantic, and majestic. Great stories have been written about her and those men who ride on her crests. Nfysteries surround her. To the people of ancient Greece she was a goddess, held in adoration. All know of the fairies thought to dwell thereg mermaids, who entice unsuspecting sailors to their doom, and of Davy Jones's locker where ships contain- ing untold wealth lie at rest. Sweet is the lullaby she hums when the moon climbs the cloudless heaven. Her gentleness inspires awe, and I salute her, ruler of my emotions. ANN LYNCH, 2nd prizf. CAMPING EXPILRIILNCIC VVhile I was camping last summer I learned that it is a risky thing to sit with your back against a stone fence. Once when I read a book after lunch and all was quiet at the camp, one day I heard something rustle behind me. As it sounded like a piece of paper moving to a fro by the wind, I paid no attention to it at first, but it kept on rustling. I looked around. Then I made the champion jump of the world. Not five feet away from where I had been reading, I saw a huge snake gliding smoothly over the loose stones of the fence. I have since been told that black snakes don't like old stone fences,--neither do I, anymore. CHARLOTTE FRYZEI. ROOM 307 Top Row-Hughes, Beadley, Dempsey Gillon, Restain, Carillo, Blais, Huber Carlberg, Hedlund, Broling, Gortaido Gilberteen, Hiner, Erickson. Serond Row-Barnerd, Firth, DiSanto Farino, Arvia, Bross, Brand, Camabech Del Sotto, De Young, Gibney, Casolin Ferguson, Haminsky, Cascrio. Ballom RowfGustafson, Farkas, Hocnke Del Santo, Flekey, Dykstra, Erickson Johnson, Frcil, Allgress. ROOM 309 Top Row-Daehn, Arellio, Copenhaver Dobrinski, Aaby, Lynch, Laurrc, Van Knicken, Panozzo, Verdnin, Propati, lWoravolo, Bidesc, Nlencinsky, Glociski, Kramer, Vargo. Snromz' Row-Van Dom, Koszut, Bresna- hnm, Stewart, Brunetti, Anctil, Ferpotto, George, Sidler, Balzer, Bimrose, Loi- chinger, Pivarunas, Boand, Fulop, Cross Bottom Rowflgradlcy, Brutzman, Mag- Qiorto Rovhill Michalak, Minta, Bruce A 1 . , . D , Land, Krcdens, Algreen, Hulkowich ROOM 313 Top RaweADeAnroni, Simoni, Hassea Snow, Zotti, Jendryaszek, Zanon, Cana- lini, Valente, McNeill, Yonker, Varroni Semple, Gard. x J Second Row-Eichwedel, S tarkey McBeth, Kakvis, Hufkcr, Freeze, Napoli Phillips, Evans, Tiogo, Romba, Biga Tartolano. J y J Boztom Row-Owak, Mandeoc, Gundberg Feuillan, Mrva, lklalekowski, Mackintosh, Vandenburg, Venturelli, Dumont, Gund- berg, Besserr. 1 ROOM 315 Top Row-Miller, Schug, Spoor, Stasey, Dal Santo, Bortalami, Chidichimo, Cia- bottini, Krapil, West, Riegel, Phillippe, Magnusen, lppolete, Herman. Semnrl Raw-Esterhammon, Holzinger, Barney, Chilelli, Bernier, Dc Lorenzo, Dexon, Gonzalez, Blouin,Givens, Booth, Biavardi, Piazza, Dal Dose, Land. Botlom Row-Corwin, Nelson, Barry, Gibson, Kopp, Anderson, Siep, Lenz Callct, Bisbee. ROOM 311 Top Row--Richard, Jemis, Johnson, Klaris, Vanderwarf, Ericks, Devin, Horne, Lc Noble, Chessman, Karig, Anderson, Chard, Hines. Seanad Row-Chris, Tackes, Smith, Johnson, Ferry, Smito, Mark, Miginnis, Meycrchick, Masics, Marten, Rosenh hauer, Kasper, Fischer. Bottom Row-Meyering, Lindgren, Mirkel , Kondrath, Anderson, Goettles, Hoprelien Sonnevely, Libke, Buwalda. J r s 5 a 7 HALLGUARDS ll Top Row-Gundbcrg, Gadlin, Gibson, Vcrduin, Propati, Brady, Friel, Riegel, Stascy, Biavardi, Phillipp-3, Chcssman, Kosing, Elscy, Sarkisian. Second Row -Ziegler, Carlberg, Dixon, DeLorcnzo, Mcyerchick, Maiscr, Gustaf- son, Johnson, Wicgcl, Anderwarf, Horne, Dc-vin, Erickson, Brand. Bottom Row' Flctcllcr, Nlundo, Bisbee, Goctrlur, Faron, Roberts, Hcnis, Bc-ssett, Kudukis, Howss, Mcrkcll. HAIIGUARDS I2 Top Row' Shallcnbergcr, Luric, Stobz, Petrcikis, Brunctti, Dicnnes, Blaine, Nitz, Asdrouori, Smith, Booth, Panozzo, Hornby, Glass, Roscnbaiser, Koszut, Sarrcntios. Sefofld 130:12 Barnard, Cox, Yyitlorp, Burial, Pruss, Bcdnarczyk, .-Xnctil, Brand, Anagnas, Mcginncs, Zurek, George, Dsavoung, Snito, Loicliingcr, Van. Hallam Row- Sn-kcly, ,-Xstuscllo, Dt-Wir, Goodpastnr, Goril, Gortardo, Carlson, Drolvt, Buncu, O'I.avig, Cook. HONOR CLUB 13 Top Raw- Dixon,Kz1iscr,Riordan,I.evin, Dal Santo, Zclglcr, IXIz1sur, lxleycrchlck, -Icmiola, Maroavolo, Vandurwarf. Semnrl' 1f0'lUA'l3lITlI'OSC, Ferry, Brunetti, Ferpatto, Sullivan, Gaotto, fursk, Sidler, Gcorgc. Bottom R0-1c'fBirtcr, Pitt, Roscnliaurcr, Brady, Bidcsu, Peacock, Sicp, Hollinger, Spoor, Nlurkill. SERVICE Top Row' Phillips, Sorkisian, Napoli, Biavardi, Mcycrchick, Maziur, Dal Santo, Aabyc, Roscnbaucr, Diencs, feig- Ier. Strand Row -Vcrdan, Bcllus, Zurck, Gatto, Chilclli, Woicick, Brand, Bound, Stoltz. Boltom RowfPropati, Porte-n, Senory- aszck, VVz1Ils, jcrniola, Klaris, Kimbald, Bcssctt, Kudukis, Bisbcc. SERVICE Top RowACarlson, Kondratli, Hines, Varroni, Bradley, Rumba, Yan VaIBaiA lic-rgcr, Droictt, Glbncr, Kunz, Propati, Gotta rdo, Dumou tcdwa rd, Iulap. Sefmnf Ruiz- Bishton, Kaiser, Iroin, Yan Dom, Barncy, Zurrk, Mantesian, XVo:ciCk, Kazantgas, George, Cook, Capickctyl, Nelson. Bolfom RMC- -Sudt-w, Callntt, Crummil, Palmer, Sidlcr, Hornr, Devine, Snow, Biavardi, Madio, Buwalda, Mundo. CURTIS CURTIS MR, Cook ROOM 105 Top RowfMiddleborn, Kaiser, Petreikis Smith, Hermann, Sehmeider, DeCorte Twardy, Middenarf, Dienes, W'iegel Lohrey, Odom, Steinkauer, Drollei. Serond Row-Gerrling Galloy, Wvalls Dmohoniski, Peters, Zattine, Gatto Woieick, Sullivan, Riordin, Joniak, Gradl Krass, Stark, De VVit, Stump. Bodom Row-eBitter, Potts, Miller, Elsey Sockrider, Elsey, Peacock, Madeal, Kazen Custer. ROOM 117 Top Row-jonc, Crince, VVeber, CoH"man Jahn, Defliacomo, Bellus, Sarkisian Dekker, Allen, Maktesia, Menke. Second Row-Cox, VVittorp, Lerzian Karlsen, Mahtesian, Adduce, Cuielli Van. Bollom Row-Szekely, Goril, Diette Cholewa, Steffan, Godlin, Finnell, Ad: duci, Bishton, Kimball. ROOM 200 Top Rowalourie, Mizgaote, Szabo, Med- rano, Laws, Niemazyk, Ottolino, Johnson Skogh, La Roche, Mareon, Ostarello VVagner, Westerhoff. Semnri Row-Lapiaha, Tanis, Pattison Radcliffe, Tortorici, Wyrkowski, Majew- ski, Rossi, Loveless, Lewin, Projuti Palmer, Stoltz, Vande-ran. Boltom I-?owfSands, Roberts, Poch , Sineni, Rogicki, Visenti, Morehouse, Mitchell, Sieher, Mundo. SERVICE Top Row-Kasper, Holzinger, Hayden, Twardy, Nlasiere, Freeze, Riondan, Del Santo, Biavardi, Phillippe, Johnson, Panozzo, Ceralli, Piette, Feyzet, Jawor, Joniak, Erickson, blantesian, Laws. Sefona' Row---Arello, Van Derba, Blick, Cox, Chris, W'oicick, Ferry, Beyel, Brienetti, De Young, Bideso, Meyerchick, Simon, Peacock, La Roche, Van Dam, Cross. Bottom Row-Tacker, Seeberg, Kramey, Goltardo, Roman, Lynch, Xwiegel, Chidi- chim, Bortolami, Vanderwarf, Riegel, Kondrath, Merkel. CHORUS Top Row-Andrews, Kasper, Kaehn, Bcllus, Barry, Hassen, Chidichim, Zeigler, Dieues, Steinhauer, Klasis, Glass, Nlasier, Verduin, Palmer, Horne, Gibson, lWarva, lX'1ackintosh, Malikowski, Yenticrelli, Si- moni, Snow, Blanche, Gilbersten, Cross. S6'l'07lfl1 Row -George Anagncst, Dekker, Bimrosc, Mauckvin, Stark, Evans, Na- poli, Kakavis, De Lorno, Gotto, Odom, Zanow, Jendryhszek, Nligininizi, Perpotto Gonzalez, Asoorian, Brunetti, Soar, Sarkisiaw, Summers, Piazza, Dal Santo, Holzinger, Vanderaa. Bottom Row'--Lund Market, Kondrath, Gundberg, Brady, Biavardi, Phillippe, Breding, Bidese, Finell, Anderson, Kopp, Goodpaster, Howes, Merkel, Ardcno, Bishton. v x 1 9 1 CURTIS Louis 'lf Cook ,,,., FACUIIVY EDNA DUNKER . MARJORIE M. GIAAVIN HERMAN HOFFMAN BERTHA E. JENKINSON GEORGE KNIGHT , HEl,EN G. LANDERS . F1.s1E C. NIEINHARDT IDA B. PETRICK . FRIEDA O. ROBINSON lVIARJORIE P. Sci-rum . FRANCELIA STUENKEI. RUTH M. WHITE . ILASTIQ R BONN ETS Flowers, buttons, pins or a feather. Decorate hats with a change in the weather. Big bows of ribbon tied under the chin, Silk linings and satin is found within. Red or yellow or maybe blue, It may be brown straw or black satin too. Big brims, small brims or none at all, Xlake you look short, fat, skinny or tall. When the ladies choose their liaster bonnet. HELEN XYOICICK English, .-Xssistan t-Principal , English . . Latin Industrial Arts . Commercial . Music Algebra Drawing , . English Personnel Counsellor General Science . English . Science HTHIC BILLLS OI" CORNlCVll.l.l'I" The Cay! Serpolette QThc Village 'cCut-Upwj Mary Palmer and lflaine George. Germaine CCountess-To-Bej Bonnie Bimrose and Mary Gotto. Gertrude Oiillage Klaidenj Kathleen Phillipi. Manette Oillage Xlaidenj Rose Piazza. Count Henri fCount of CornevilleD james Kondrath. Grenicheux QFishermenj Leonard Merkel and Gene Andrews. Gaspard QA Miserj Kimball Howes. Nlayorw-Alfred Bishton. Town Notary-John Nlerkel. Pierre fHenri,s First Matel Garold Besset. Village BoyfBill Klurphy. Danseuse flfccentric Dancerj Shirley Brand. They certainly make sure there's enough gadgets on it. Danseuse-'Berjery Sarkisian. Drummerfjames Kladoil. Bellsfheonard Dykstra. Yiolinfiieneyieve Wvoicick. DirectorfDr. G. H. Knight. ROOM 100 Top Rowe f Roclutghuro, Chiaro, Trentacosti, Karas, Trclinski, Nitz Summers, Theis, Shollcby, Raffin, Carlson. .Wfddfr Row- Potaczek, H. Bed- narclhk, Ba-ycl, Bass, NI. Bed- narczgk, O. johnson, Ylasis, .-Xskooias, Kunz, Anagnost, Xlaraa saylin, .-Xngustas. Ffaxff Ruiz' Kudukis, Coummie, ing,O'l tary, Crnnnnic, Michcletto, lfaron. ROOM 107 Top Rn-rr' Markcl, Nlunari, Ua- browski, Ciospodarck, Anastarpou- los, Class, Boat, Politylls, feiiglcr Corrado, llufkcr, jawor, lfryzel, faxieski, Cioodpastcr. .W."1l'd.Q' Rn-:C -I. Rago, Pitt, Black, Wvierzbinslli, Baht-ck, Kalantas, Zurek, Levin, Sit-nicks, Mazuir, -Xndrew, Sorrentins, Nlazzacavallo. Kaisbey, Nlnrphy, Cavikowsl-ci. ffotfom Razz' Nloennich, Cullin Subcig, Bcrnar, llainluy, Collins, Kontos, Dyhitus, Kcwandowska Lopez, Cook. Remington, Kayden, Potter, Breda MT. VERNON LITERATURE ALONE The only thing I heard up in my bedroom was the whistling of the wind. Then like a clatter of thunder, the clock in the hall pealed out unearthly gongs which aroused me from a most interesting book. Then a tingle of fear ran through me, to me, the situation was weird and uncanny. The wind and its horrible whistling, alone in a large house, the clock pealing out the twelfth hour, and to add to my dilemma, the blood curdling tale was, "The Insidious Dr. Fu Klan- chu." I shuddered and tried to start reading again, but always I would glance up to see if anyone were really standing next to me. Each little creak aroused an intense fear. I became so frightened that I immedi- ately took all our Chinese Knick Knacks out of my sight. Finally in desperation, I threw down my book and opening our front door I spent the rest of the night out on the front porch waiting for somebody to come home. Next morning my mother asked me if I had been frightened. Aly reply was, Hhle? fourteen years old and scared? Hal Hain ROBERT NYBERG A RAINY DAY When I awake upon a rainy day, It makes me feel so very blue, It really seems to make you pay and pay, For all the sunny days you knew. I know there is a lot to do, And also much there is to say, But little or nothing now appeals to you Indoors upon a rainy day. AMBITI ON Ambition is a wonderful thing. To have an ambition is to have an aim, a goal, an aspiration for life, everyone should have an ambition. All great leaders have had ambitions. VVashington, Lincoln, and Franklin all had ambitions, although perhaps as they grew and developed, their ambitions changed to more suitable and practicable ones. Ambition is not dreaming of castles in the air, and knights and ladies, it is rather an individual's aspiration toward a highest, a best, and noblest ideal, a striving toward a goal. Strength of character develops when the formation and realization of an ambition takes place. We are best fitted for our life work when we have been planning and fulfilling a destiny all our lives. We should have the best and highest aims in order that the fulfillment of them might show the strength and beauty of a well fitted and planned career. Those who have the right kind of ambitions are usually the ones who succeed. TDOROTHY ITARSON Courier Context 2nd prize. A girl could read or cook or sew or draw, A boy could build some model airplanes, Then, too, I know it isn't against the law, To go outdoors in pouring rain. But I-why I just seem to sit and mope, Ifntil the daylight fades and soon is gone, And all the while I fret, believe, and hope, That rain wonft last the whole day long. I"RixNcEs NEWTON Conner Contfft, Poetry Ut prize. VVINI!-'RED A. GALLAGHER Ai.icE C. Epox' . KA'l'HERINE DONAHUE ROYAL P. KIRCHNER HARRY KOEDYKER . A. XY. Nlonkow TSORMAN PIC!-.ARD . I.A1'RA VERHOEVEN . ALMA B. XVATSON . A HEAD-ACHIL lt was out in the Rocky Mountains on a warm .Iuly day. We were driving along in a car on a steep incline a few miles away from listes Park. As we rounded a bend in the road, we saw a huge hill ahead. A few minutes later we began our ascent. As we neared the top, we could see that the road ahead made a sharp hairpin turn. Ilve were about to make the turn when, to our dismay, the motor began to sputter and then--died. In spite of good brakes, we slipped into a roll backwards-down the long hill. Faster and faster we sped, and we were soon approach- ing a place where the road turned. The driver franti- cally and desperately tried to turn,but it seemed that the steering rod had broken. Ile were now within fifty feet of the bend, and, if a miracle did not happen to aid us in the turn, soon we would be off the road- down into a deep one hundred and fifty foot gully. On and on we went, until all of a sudden a crash came, and the car was hurthng into space. A sudden thud, and I woke up with an intense headache-for I had fallen out of bed following a thrilling nightmare. XYILLIAM lYixoi5N11o1.s SPANISH CLUB Top Row-Allen, Hurley, Roe, Piehl, Cottcr, Bonnar, Avignonc, Torrey, l'ott. Second Row-Guettner, Holmquist, Bos- graf, Vander Meer, YYilliam, Sutton, Vander Wall. Bolmm Row-Koopman, Boege, Geary, Carpentar, Reuter, Maurer, Lucas, Bain. MT. VERNON 301 Top Row-Kelly, Rasmussen, Schultz, Koopman, Dalton, Bandstra, O'Kccfc, Fribcrg, Dewinter, Rosser, Trot-dson I-Iubrich. x Second Rota'-DeVi-ies, Lestoein, Vcrbeck Soderstrom, Rolla, hlohrman, Cooke Lclfring, Vanderkleyde, Verhagen. 1 x Bottom Rau'-Thomas, Shea, Hamilton, Adams, Postma, Lang, Suk, Miller. Mclish, Boege. VERNON . Assistant Principal . Commercial . . Latin General Science Industrial Arts . Algebra . Drawing . General Science . . English . Household Arts IYALT DISNliY'S FIRST FICATURIQ-I.l'lNGTH PRODUCTION After working three years, IYalt Disney has com- pleted an animated motion picture in technicolor that will remain in the minds of all who see it. This master- piece is 4'Snow IYhite and the Seven Dwarfs," a story that everybody has heard time and again. This is not an ordinary movie but one in which every detail is drawn by three hundred of the best artists in the world. A camera, costing eight thousand, seven hundred fifty dollars, was used. The faces of the dwarfs were designed from live characters thus prevent- ing the animated look that they might have had. Companies producing real life pictures predicted the picture as very unsuccessful, but Disney would not listen. Now that the film is completed and proven to be a success, these same companies want to buy some of Disney's artists, but it is believed, because of Disncyls kindness to his workers, that few if any will leave him. This picture has opened a new chapter in the story of motion picture Elms. BETTY TQOISINSON ROOM 212 Top RowwSlehos, Stawicki, McBroom Zikas, Mickis, Spikings, Samuelson, Kiefer, smifh. Second Rowe-Leo, Strikulas, Robinson Mueller, Barnes, Phillips, Gudas, Ericks Y Aardsmzl, Kerr. Botlom RowiVan Cum, Riehe, Kekstas Koc, johnson, Roe, Zilis, Merington C 9 Stiehlcr, Peterson, Swanson, Krasc. ROOM 108 Top Row--Thompson, Stulpinus, Castel- ctti, Burns, Pzwck, Fisher, Ulrich, Rance, Winterhofl, Kramer, Bubnar. Second Row-O'Kccfe, Vinke, Torrey, Oviyack, Rynberk, Costalunga, VValdner, Duncan, Staat, Hameetman. Bolfam RawMBoersmu, Bosgraf, Binva, Carlson, Torreano, Nelson, Soukup, Van Liere, Ketdk. ROOM 305 Top Row-Evers, Geary, Anderson, Resk, Meyer, Fckmnn, Kooister, Vllzztt, Bucklen, Panozzo, Engstrom, Dorn, Fmmeloth, jacobsmzl. Second R0wfMiller, Matushek, Vllrona, Gloude, Tobiusv, Bresnyan, Scott, Hoek- stra, Persenaire, Vander Will, Johnson. Bolmm Row-Lyckberg, VViberg, Berg, Augustyn, Basuno, Mzllle, Hickey, Dap- kus, Holy, Anderson. ROOM 308 Top Row--Arends, Tiogoly, Perraitis, Paznrskas, Vassalo, Keogh, Vanvlymen, Tidlnnd, Wlulker, Nlinuth, Jennings, Malone. Snow! Row--Godshnll, Backlund, Buf" fington, Dubherkzl, Hurst, Cromwell, Larson, Teorpc, Garperin, Nichols, Lund- berg, Hclson. Baftom Row--DcValk, Kaufman, Kuyf pc-rs, Pauhk, Anderson, Kruizengzl, Rust. Evans, Cnr. ROOM 310 Tfzfml Row- Ooms, Clausing, 'lie Brake, Henrickson, Cooper, hflnurer, Lucas, Bnrhutas, Kros, Girotc. Sevonzl' R015--Corcoran, Kelliher, Pilar, Chmelinn, Bauer, Van Brussel, Czlndilas, Vander Ploeg, Neil, Torstcnson, Nelson, Blackburn. Bollom Row-Buwulda, Bolt, Bierma, Butkus, Wenzlng, Newton, Lipke, Becker, Turlink. x 1 ROOM 313 'l'o,1i Ruiz' .'X2ll'dSIT1Ll, MCDurH'y, Norlmerg, l'ior, l.t-iliv, Huntur, lfllis, Bain, Bridis, Kinumu, l-slioy, Rogurs, Czxrpunter, Ma- lzidrii, Cot tvr, Hupp. Strand Ruiz' Clmpnizxn, Puvlucku, Avig- nonc, Rickman, Fiorcngi, Yzmdcrlcc, Fzillaunthail, Yun Rzimshorst, Kutshc-, Reis, Cook, Xvillizlms, -lzlzlx, Lum, Castil- If-tri, Burnliztm, luftudztl. Hotfnm Rate' Nichols, Brodcn, Minl-Lu, llzividcnus, Soltysiztk, Jcnscn, Opyt, Volt, Allen, Hurley, Xvxtgricr. ROOM 303 Top Rn-za' Clcttcnburg, BOldLlC,ciCI'Il1l.I'1d, Donovan, .-Xpplt-nizin, lorstcnsnn, Holc- nor, l,L'ci1lSSO, Brown, Clusius, ci2lClbOlS, Rosvnuuist. Sf'l'fJ7lff Roca Hamlin, Dyke, Ncbcncluhl, Carlson, Hoholik, fzxucwdat, Koslnwslii, Vander Mull, Dyke, Houxtrziup, M1-ndell, jncolms. Bnffonz Rn-:C Roof, Mintcrcorn, Wolf Gulluns, lflort-lc, McClellan, Schultz' Mitt, Sclirrurs, RoL'cly'kr". ROOM 307 Top Ra-cc .-Miosius, Douglas, Suvio, F.mricl'x, Koster, Michudzi, Holuluixik, Ulu-rg, johnson, lfill-1'. -Slt'f'll1lIf Ruiz' llinc, -lolinson, Cnppozzo, liucchini, Lotigrun, .-Xnclcrson, Dc Vries, fXird,l'lz1lCl:tss:lri, Millyr, SLll'fOI1,l'li1gCI'l'V, Schulru, l7'Ottuvis, Hanson. lfwffml Ruiz' Hugliw,.-Xlliod,.-XL1sl1c'1'mz1n, Ruutcr, Mltliling, Covich, Rcnworthy, Nydztni, lvzzi. Millur, llumphrcy, limp, plvr, Hvclcinzm, lficliolv, Igllifli, Christo- phcr. ROOM if W Hnlfwu Rn-za' Dyck, B1lY'W'CQfL'Il, Simons, lfcllcrlioH', Omiclg, Mlm-lin, Prolwrt, Prick- son, llnrtur, .-Xdducci. Siffrnnf Rf,-:U Siskat, l.:1wlt-sw, Aulwrurm, Burlug, Noll, NYliittt-nluurg, ROI'lCLlgllOUC', Morriv, lxl1lCI'L'S,fjI'YR', liulmwk, Fcinstcin, Nylicrg, Wlictstonc. 'fwfr Row Minkcmn, Prump, Hull, Vlfst- I lund, hurts, Yinliv Rizzcolo, lN'lcl'lL1gl1, Sand,Mztttow,lflcinstrin,Coopt'r,Godsltzill. ROOM 312 ls'f,f1mm Rnzz' O'l7onm-l, johnson, Yun- Cirondcllv, YL'lSOI1, Shtrrill, Wop, Yun Ylvnu-ri. Nffmzff Nvzp' XY:tgtnlig1lQ, Voss, Mostt-rt, Yulwn, Nt-spa-czl. Top Nffrc lionnztr, Murtgtgzuigh, Pritcli- :1rd,llolm, Vitt, Holmquist, Yztridt-rMt-ur, l'3oxLfr:1Pt', l'it'lil, Scliinliz. MT. VERNON MT. VERNON BAND Top Row--Barwagon, Ausherman, Webl- ing, Tecrlink, Cooper, Koster, Adams, Hamilton, Lucas, Dalton, Johnson. Second RowfBeclccr, Ellis, Nydam Buwalda, Hull, Nyberg, Bowelet, Helson, Bump, Kausrud, Burnham. Bottom R0'weKelliher, Corcoran, Eeller- bolt, Vandermeyde, Rosser, W'agenhals Nichols, Cooper, Van Vlymen. HONOR STUDENTS Top R0'wfGadbois, Hull, Mickus, lWelish, Schutz, Eicholz, Rasmussen, Ausherman, Henrickson, Lang, Barnes, Cooper, Teer- linlc, Krause, Feinstein, Feinstein. Sefond RawfCarlson, Vander Wlall, McHugh, Sand, Beckman, VVestlund, Robinson, Lucas, B:1uer,Lucchini, Maltox DlOttairo, Hughs, Haustrup, Nyberg. Bottom Row-McClellan, Savio, Koster, Newton, Michuda, VVelin, Koopman, Suk, Spilcings, Gernand. SERVICE Top Row-Rasmussen, Hubricli, Larson, Carpenter, Robinson, Anderson, Adams, Lang, Geary, Guettner, Costalunga, Bolt. Third Raw-Lucas, Girote, Anderson, Evans, Kenworthy, Fellerhotl, lVlucller, Phillips, Rolla, Mohrman, Bader, Nelson, Miller. SecondRowfKrause,Duncan,Murtaugh, Tissing, Tiogoly, Godshall, Burnham, Houstrup, Nybcrg, Cooper, Gadbois, Elias, Bowelet. Firtvt RoweDouglas, Stawicki, Wlelin Spilcings, Hoey, Barnes, Becker, Mickas Dc Vail, Wlagner. HALLGUARDS Top R0wfVVenzlaf'f, Te Brake, Rickman, Halubiak, Beckman, Kros, Covich, VVhit- tcnburg, Torstenscn, Barbutos, Rogers, Cooper. Thfml Row-Hine, Voss, Candilas, Black- burn, Ericrs, Verbeek, Cook, Baldassari, Pilot, Hanson, Christopher Chasscur. Sammi RowfGadbois, Pavek, Riebe, Wlehling, Jaax, Becl-ter, Aushcrman, Sutton, Rolla, Mohrman, Wlestlund, Orne, Swanson, Burns. Bottom Row-Stawiclci, Guilons, Qmick, Hoey, Daplius, YV:-lin, Spilcings, Grynd- strom, Diring, VVagner. 1 HALLGUARDS Top Row-Bolduc, VVintercorn, VVolf, Van Vlymen, Maladra, Peterson, VVitt, Douglas, Brauksma, Clettenberg, Bar- wagan. SecondR0w----Siska,Aardsma,Soderstrom, Nleycr Persenaire, Leibey Gudas, Phil- lips, Barnes, Mueller, Lofggren, Hagerty, McMahon, Murtaugh. Third Rawflicrr, Rance, Anderson, Nydam, Hurley, Harts, Reuter, Dalton, Maurer, Lucas, Ooms, Adams, O'Keefe, Johnson. Bottom Row-Bolt, Bierma, Clausing, Miclcus, Postma, McBroom, Michuda, Koster, Savio, Rizzola. r if 5 4 'fluff Vw sf ' I" -fs .n L- W. '34 M 1 f f lf? 'I 'ffiqqihsigaf 4-'14 can-A499 Mud -195621. 'illuif' df V, is ' 5-V A 1914 I L' 4 .V 'iffy V, 75? 'um X f 'iw' 1 , 7 ax 7-! ., z .IMAP " 52197 S swf, V 2,1 I 4 V J ww ' A J- 'J Fwy W 4 JW f,-x , f I W gk fiv- 4' ff VJ 'V ayk rl 2 V 1 4-J xx V 'Wu' RER'-.:,,g .r X. " Q., V aG 7'-FP: 9' , jim 'H vnwm i QV V V ...4 V , . ..-eff Vw , -. 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V 4 ir- .V V V V V V SMVLQ V V W' 521''W5.3,if1,l'W ' 45' V "L " ' I f V ,-Vfliwl - V -fwfezafs V ,- , 1"j,"i?'f n' . 'IN' - E ' ' 3:1-1" 1 ' 9 T 5' ' 'V'.Vn'1i w ' e - 1-fi : -.p1,fVQ ,m V VV , V , ew,-qua, -, V A Magi-QQV' , Z, ' V . Eg . 'Qf'.5,.Tw,l1.V 4 '. V W. i V- - b w x ,,.VV RV. .f-" 31' 'L'5"KS . ' '. 'G' :. V-"'1"fA t N-,f,. L A ,Y fV -. r- L. . . IHV-V ' ,J g '.'r. ' V ' . Q - R V A N N Q 1.2 5 : - I Jn: 1 4, V .Q . V my x , A U , , V ,, 45' dwg, ei V 'L . . k . , i.VM,g,.VV.1 rf? 1-:I .-.,!. ,, . . Q S O o'cIo VIH George Lockwood Earle Wesselius Alvin Friedsam Fire Commifrioner Nffzyor News Repre,venml1'w Sam Zafros Donald Smitter Fugenc Erickson Poficf Cwzmzirimzer Park Commifrionar' Sanitmlv Commirriorzw Shirley Snow Albert Verbeek Phyllis Rutherford P.T.11. Rcpfwerzlative Alhfetir Commissioner 1W:zyor'r Serretrzry STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council promotes, sponsors, and supports the varied activities of the school. The Arbor Day and Clean-Up Campaign were the tyvo major projects. hloney was contributed by the students to pay for trees and bushes ,which were planted around the building and campus at an outdoor program, April 22. The Council is composed of one representative from each division room. This group discusses and acts upon matters that concern the school in general. The mayor, elected by popular vote, and his cabinet which he appoints are in oflice one semester. Principal Frederick Schacht and Mr. John Kehoe are the faculty advisors. "" ' A " STUDENT COUNCIL Top R0wfGriHith, Arie, Nlihalo- vits, Seney, Gaikowski, Narodow- ski, Simonelis, Berg, Fagio. Tlzird Row-Roeda, Edgren, Kach- igizm, Mozga, Bryak, Vanyo. Scfo21dRow- Simonion,Dramisiao, Gniewek, Lackenberg, Palmo, con- tus, Swanson. Holtom Rowe'-Fioravanri, Sexson Tongeren, Ahlstrom, Tobakos, Siomins, GriHin, Laws, Middle- born. r STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row--Krapil, Gibbs, lVIusial I-lillegonds, Hillegonds, Fennisf Doodeman, Srernberg, Kueker, Olson, Schug. Third Row-Legg, Nebelsiek, Cole- man, Chiappori, Buckley, Chiaro, Housman,Garlock,Alfano,Szekely, Tissing. Second' Row---N e l so n, M ali to, Wolfe, Alexander, Munson, Neut- out, Anderson, Brak, Gustavson, Lundahl, VViersema, Niemeyer, Olson. Bntlom RowfVcrbcek, Friedsam, Zafros, Rutherford, VVesseliuc, Kehoe, Snow, Smitrer, Lockwood, Erickson. A FENGER NEWS Firrt Row-Betty Baer, Harry Johnson, Pearl Lupien, Greta Oh Second RowflVIiss Mildred Taylor, Helen Roggeveen, Alberta Broom, Nadia Charydchak. Third RawfCharles Leidberg, Alvin Friedsam, Rrna Dexter, Dar een Novak, Olive Anderson, Marjorie Lewin, Robert Hillstrom, Arthur Yampolsky. Fozfrllz Raw-Robert Carr, Delbert Ziegler, Ruby Brodeen, Jane Ma thtwson, .lure Matthevsson, Jean DeCook, Robert Brown, Russell Fiske, FUN: Raw--Marjorie Gardner, Esther Berry, Evelyn Eylander, Algrid ocius, Raymond Siefsema, Helen Pearson, Anna Petraitis, jean Mattice- Sixlh RowfNaomi Peterson, Doris Clauter, Gloria Matthews, Helen e Yeung, Emma Linsky, Dolores Spiker, Jean Rimmer, Alamg'Marie Jachera. TH15 FENGER NEWS A staff of thirty-eight students is at work every day throughout the semester to put out a six page weekly paper for Fenger City. A total of seventeen issues published this semester, three more than the usual number, proves that this staff has been unusually industrious. The most noticeable change is the streamlining of the paper which was started this semester. Column rules have been cut out, new headlines, Hush to the left, have come into use, and the arrangement of the pages have been revolutionized. Carrying out this work has been the jobs of the page editors, Alvin Friedsam, Erna Dexter, Darleen Novak, Olive Anderson, hlarjorie Lewin, and Robert Hillstrom. An outstanding feature of the paper has been the great number of pictures. Believing that pictures will add interest, the staff photographers, Algird Pocius and Ray Sietsema, have provided splendid news pictures for every issue. Guiding the students in their work have been Betty Baer, the present business manager, Harry Johnson, f Lwhaffww ff . lea! , Euuiijfbl - ff, . .ff .1 managing editor, Pearl Lupien and Greta Ohman, the present assignment editors. A system of rotating has been used this semester in the four executive positions in order to give these four students experience in more than one phase of the work. Ably assisting in the business department during the semester have been Robert Carr and Delbert Zeigler. Helen Roggeveen has served as the feature editor and Alberta MeBroom as editorial editor. Circulation has been in the hands of Ruby Brodeen and Jane hlatthewson. Nadia Charydehak has been the efhcient treasurer. Charles Leidberg as sports' editor has managed this part of the news. Cooperation from all members of the staff has been an important factor in achieving success. Viiith the wish that the ensuing staffs continue in improving the paper and making it one of Chicago's best, the graduates Cwho will be sure to drop in soonj say, "Au revoirn. Undergrads pledge themselves to carry out this wish. GRETA OHMAN-4A. ,l J J f fi 'l 1 K, v" . gr SERVICE lI.fXI,l, CHHXRDS Placed at strategic spots, l"enger's hall guards motto is wllhou shalt not pass until thy pass is shown", and they mean it. Service it isffwith vim and vigor and sometimes with a "Chestert'ieldean" air. A COYRIICR Rl'fPRlCSl'iN'l1,'X'l'lX'lf niust be a salesman in order to obtain subscriptions. He must encourage the students to have their pictures taken and to subscribe for the Courier. Along with these duties comes the duty of collecting payments on the Courier and depositing the sums to the financial department of the Courier Staff. Xlany thanks to these representatives for giving so graciously of their time and ellort in helping the statl to sell the Courier! JOURNJXLI SKI AND NICXYS RIQPRI'ISl'lN'1'A'l'IX'lCS Two groups alhliated with the success ofthe lfenger News are the beginning ,lOl,fRN1Xl.lSKI students and the NILYYS RIQPRICSl'1N'l',fXrl1l'X'l'lS. The members ofthe 15 ,lournalism class are taught the fundamentals of news writing and learn the principles of make-up so that they may till the vacancies which occur in the News Stall at the close of the semester. To keep a record ofthe money from their rooms and to send in news items from their division are the duties of the News representatives. Their enthusiasm and accuracy is greatly appreciated by the ltenger News and so they were the guests ofthe stall at a party given during the semester. l3ia'r'rv l3AliRi4:h. N HWS R H I' R ESFNTATI VPS also, Biava, Spit-khart, lVlarkley Honeywell, l,ucas, Klaaren. Razek, Vertach, Merlet. .Vfrmzd Row-Nlrjenovich, Frigo Tucker, linysz, Sears, Brza, Lund- berg. Hollow Rotvflfellerholf, Galin, Cialin, Hast, lVallis, Vanderveer, Schwarz, Hanson, I.. Hanson, Stauti. N FWS R I-I P R I-ISFN'I'A'I'IVES ski, Spiller, Brogan, Olson, Van San ten, Johnson. Third Row--Lewin, Dagostino Pregent, Hull, Harts, Dikos, Beyer, Kohnke. Serorffi Row-Nelson, Czagany, Cole, Parker, Aurelius, Swanson, Davis. Hollow R0-we Hendrickson, Dzimi- das, Peterson, Johnson, Slcizynski, Kekut, l,ebin, Stratinsky, Van Buren. ,IOURNALISM CLASS Taj: Row -Burton, l.ull, Torrey, Bergstrom, laizak, Galin, Boone, Holcombe, Oosten, Freel, Fertile. 'Iffzmi Rrrw-'Waters, Brand, Phil- lips, l.evin, Charpic r, Rowe, Caru- so, Clvvizdalski, Nedvar. Sarmzfl Raw--De Vine, Meflzzghie, Napoli, Quillman, Yiolante, Deiro, Krenkel, Felix. HollowRow-Dirkson,Coic,Prince, Nelson, Swanson, Wialker, Gibson Siloo, Vlieil. T017 Row Boughan, Pudik, Kier- 1 Third Roi? W Misunas, Pence, Ross seth, Mcfutcheon, Wblfgram, v Top Rn-rc -Allison, Onyschuk, Olis ' u HAH. GUARDS Top Row'-Johnson, Yan YYyn- gardcn,Stu-lc,Fournicr,l-lalvorsen Skizynski, Rcinhard, Tc-ir7, Xvcssc Yan Burt-n, jankovic, Bass. Thfruf Row -Sparrcy, Quillman Brown, Pallagi, Donhzim, Bottini VanclcrlVlcy, McKay, Erickson VValClman, Austin, Arson, lrvinc loczyl. S1'ffl7lli1f0Uf"RlCCl0, Bright, Mull- igan,Emmanuel,Cav:1nz1ugh,BoZe Adams, Mishiiikowotz, laicombe Czach, lk-ahl, Bc-clilcr, Busho, Clash, Schroth, Zafros. Hfflfffnz Roi: Romha, Zunica, Ko vacin, Kcukcr, Vcrhcek, Goetz Bt-rgnsr, NlcClanahan, Buldoch Yalkcnluiirg. HAl.l. GVARDS Tap Rate' Fishcr, Rybinslii, Pered na, Curtis, Briscoc, Carta Digirolamo, Zinamcr, Bloom, Voss Kcylon, W'hctstonc, Nelson. Sf'f071d Row-' Cedcrholm, Dickin- son, Ciudas, Blomquist, Buhnar Archibald, Blomquist, Germolec Martin, Hull, O'Conncl, Zachos Dt-VVolf, Morin, Friedman. Thin! Row' Chard, Alexander Mulholland, Ancy, DcLorcn2i Beyer, Riccio, Nlcgaris, Olson Rcinhard, Henderson, lrlcllinga Civian, Wligm-r, Fiamerighi, Cap- riglionc. lin!fm21Ro-rc - Hi ttlc,Burnop,Hend- rickson,llacL1s,l7icke, Kenworthy worthy, Bruccr, Nladdcrom, Forte Nlagnahoco, Baldri. HAH, GUARDS Twp Ru-tc' Hayford, Slcvipelc, Ad- ducci, Smith, St-tt, lfarncti, Kane Booth, fiat-rtncr, Sullivan, Main Nyicrscina, VVcbcr, Stcrribcrg, Bcn- Iivtt. 'l'f1im' Row Corricrv, Orlowski lolhurst, Chanihcrs, Elliott, Pok- rav, Snslow, Bclohlav, Nlerlo . . lforslwt-rg, latwrcncc, ciIIlYUYUflI'l0, johnson. .N'rwn11fl6nta' Nlichuda, Alexander Kranzlq, Dt-Boer, Bright, Fccslxi . . , Braglia, fullo, Thomas llowt-ll, Sanos, Stoviny, Chiarodo 130110111 Roi: liotrc, Nlcnicycr, Ciullans, Dahlstroni, Dahlstroni ll-rillo, NH-lit-rg, Conrad, Bulr Erickson, filocksarc. Top Rau' -I. Gibson, B. Blummcr, Schultz, H. Gagnon, D. lfriehcrg, L. Aushcrman, V. Sharkcy, l.uZak, L. lWunari, P. lunch, l.oWrcy, C Roeda. Semnd Rm: Al. Smith, H. l.inslcy E. Clravandcr, F. Contus, l Germolic, Nl. Adams, A. Blooms quist, B. Dicck, ll. Nlarsh, M Brown, H. Urcl, l.. -lilY1CCZL'li, K Engstrom. Balham R010 S. Selby, A. Peter- son, L. Ccdcrholm, K. VVcssman VV. Hcring, A, Malonga, I Halleran, l, Cironcki, l.. Bishton A. Czacli, B. Balashis, Dillis Vanderloog, Parker, S. Snow Hcancy, Ryan, Vandermeer Picl-card, F. Carlson. v HONOR CLUBS PHORFX M. Haturvich, Sec'y., G. Ohman, R. Ellis, S. Zafros, P. Bauer, P. Bartliay, Sec'y. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIICTY One ofthe highest honors granted to a Fenger student is to become a member of the National Honor Society. To be considered for membership a pupil must be in the upper third of his class. Election to this society is based on particular merit in scholarship, leader- ship, service, and character. With impressive solemnity the installation ceremony was held in the Hill Auditorium ,lanuary 5, 1938. Prin. Iirederick XV. Schacht gave a short talk on the purpose and history ofthe organization. The guest speaker was Dr. R. C. Puckett, principal ofthe Bloom Township High School. In the candle ceremony Phyllis Hansen, ,lohn Le Noble, Wayne Allen, and Dorothy Racklitz gave short talks, llvarren lVilner then gave the torch to Alvin Ifriedsam, the present president. Kliss Xlargaret Taylor served as sponsor. The spring semester installation takes place Klay. QUILL AND SCROLL SOCIIQTY Seventeen journalistic - minded students are now members of the Fenger chapter of the Quill and Scroll Society having passed the rigid require- ments necessary for membership. To acquire membership in this society a student must be in the upper third of his class, served two semesters on the Iienger News Statl, have held a responsible position, have Written at least two hundred inches of printed material, submitted three types of stories to the National Chapter of the Quill and Scroll Honorary Society, and be recommended by the faculty ad- visor, h'IissA'IildredTaylorandtheoflicers, Greta Ohman, president, Ililda Nebel- siek, vice-president, George Lockwood, second vice-president, Shirley Snow, secretary, Vernon Hupp, treasurerg and Pearl Lupien, program chairman, wish to express their thanks to those teachers who cooperated so kindly and the students who responded so splen- didly to help make their Literary Contest a success. PHORICX Admittance into the Phorex, one of the largest clubs at Iienger, is by scholarship. To be eligible, one niust have li or above in all majors and at least G in all minors. Students meeting the above re- quirements for s e v e 11 consecutive semesters are given permanent pins. Those receiving pins this semester are: Patra Bauer, Ray lfllis, Greta Ohman, and Sam Zafros. QUILL AND SCROLL Seam!-Mary Stamp, Phyllis Hansen, Bruce Matheson, Pres. Alice May Duncan, Virginia Brehm. Smnding-Jack La Fountain, Hilda Nebelsiek, Greta Ohman, Dorothy Ruchlitz, Vernon Hupp, Helen Smith, Pearl Lupien, John Le Noble, Howard Boland, George Lockwood, Lorraine Linnert, Shirley Snow. NATIONAL HONOR Top Row-La Fountaine, Holcombe, Lockwood, Bauer, Baer, Turnbull, Brehm, Sprietsma, Estabrook, Anderson, Duncan, Bucholz, Berger, Aulwurm, Stamp, Chow, Erickson, McConnuchie. Second Row-Le Noble, Legg, Kiefer, Lindskog, Ellis, Guyatt, Petriatis, Peterson, De Young, Rout, Propati, Arquilla, Linnert, Smith, Borchardt, Byttow, Ohman, Thompson, Howes, Hupp, Sternberg. Boflom Row-Clark, Dowiat, Lull, Van Rite, Hansen, Friedsam fjune Presidentj, VVilner fFebruary Presidentl, Lupien, Allen, Rachlitz, Bomben, De Vries, Taminga, Christianson, Campbell. SERVICE STUDENT LIBRARIANS Top RowfBuker, Rodighier, Gollnick, Burton, Goebig, Dahlman, Beemstenboer, Berry, Czach, Bryak. Third Row-Lacombe, Chiarello, Adams, Walker, T. Bergstrom, Blais, Danielson, Fzmizzo, Zuliauskis. Second Raw-Peterson, Allen, Leur, Johnson, Trenton, Nelson, Perraitis, Beck. Bottom Rowffaiken, Honeywell, Deltova, Mrs. Rissler, Bliss Fluke, Balaishis, Oosten, Beaslzind, Andrews. Girlf not in I7f6fl47'8'DC Young, T.. Bergstrom, A. Bergstrom, Barriball. OFFICE SECRETARIES Top Rowffiraefen, Born, Chief, Almgren, Vzillienbcrg, Faber, Kubinski, Bloom, Slager, Meskauskisl Lundahl, Kaveckis, Carta, Olsen. Third Row-Felkamp, Medcll, Savoyski, Guyatt, DeYoung, Borer, Verf-Took, Sidzi, Blcmquist, Eubnzir, Stubbin, Digiralino, Zafros. Second R0'wflVliss McCutcheon, Swanson, Mathewson, Feinstein, Barisis, Riccio, Gwizdalski, Strojny, Langdo, Olsen, Busho, Mr. Schacht. Botlom Row-Baciewicz, VVesse, Carlson, jamie, DcGroot, Kros, Nelson, Marchesu, Soucup, Pasnolcas. PAR ENT-TEACH ISR ASSOCIATIC N STUDENT LIBRARIANS "All work and no playw is not the maxim of this club, for several socials in the gymnasium interspersed the work of the library stalf. These students receive valualtle training in co-operation, seivice, and experience in library work. Their activities in- clude helping prepare books for circula- tiong taking care of reserve shelves, magazines, and study hall slips. SILCRILTARIILS The office assistants gain excellent experience and practical training in office Work, answering telephones, distributing mail, and helping in office routine are their duties. These girls, under the supervision of Kliss hTcCutcheon, receive nuch practical eXperience in Working for Klr, Schacht and Mr. Dasher. 1 P.'l.rX. This competent organization. com- posed of parents and teachers, truly co-operates with school authorities in promoting the best interest of our school and schools in general. The officers of this organization, under the leadership of K rs. l,und are: Klrs. Palner hlagliocco, Mrs. R. Stuart, hir. F. YY. Schacht, hflrs. John Brown, Miss E. Randall, Nlrs. Ray Main and Mrs. J. Vanderbilt ACAPFLLA CHORUS f7fY r ACAPELLA CHOIR Dirfctor Miss KIAUDE KlCCREADY HAROLD IQENVVORTHY Prflidfnt RENZO :XlORA . Vice-Prffidfnz KIARGARET DON1i,-XNI Secretary ELEANOR CURTISS . Trfafwer LEE CARROL . Arrompamfl CHORUSES NIARION HELLINGA . Prerident NORA SABADOR . . Prefidmt NORMA GLACKSON Vicf-Prffident VK ILLIAM STREELMAN . Vice-Prffidfnt CSILBERT Xl EIS Trfafurer XTARY EILEEN CAVANAUGH Treafurfr XYER.-X SHOENFELDT Sfcrflary SYLVIA NEUTOUT . Sefrfiary LIBRARIANS KIYRTLE HENDERSON BERYL RADCLIFFE SYLVIA SIMONALIS l'lll7'5! Row- Kondrzith, Kovacs, Hanson, Rot, lincl, lj0OflCI'D2ll1, Kenworthy, Ahnquist, Nelson, Holcombe, Lees, Boone, Kurnmclehnl Second Row---Blonwquist, J. Mathewson, Mzithewson, Kuchigizin, Anderson, Snbzidor, Quillro, 'l'Oll1urst, Hull, Hansen, VVallis, Kilroy, Lasher Curtis, Snow, Pujkow, Kapicak, Gray, Schroeder, Artin. Third Row--Holm, Tunis, Stephens, Miller, Mattice, Dandy, Wells, Sill, Mora, Leo, Bessinger, Dunham, Pnllagi, Boornker, Felix, Peterson Bonga, Norton. Fllillffh Rowe- Swanson, Hulland, Muzynski, Ariel, Pearson, Desidero, Tolnai, Cavato, Gentile, Paul, Dc Young, Clark, Merlielis, RiCl1mOnC' Bruk, Kcelizm. CHORUSES JUNIOR FSSAY SOUNDS I IAOYIC The soft svvish-swish ofthe water caressiiig the sides of a ship, the water that has perhaps encircled Nelson and borne his ships to victories. 'I he water that roared on far shores now lapping-lapping-lapping, whispering, murmuring, as it says, ':l"ollow me, come with mefa And the water that promises rich adventures. The wind, rustling the shrouds, filling the canvas, gathering itself and bursting with a roar deep and heavy. Then, its force spending itself, it diminishes to a mere breath, low and mellow. The rain falling as cotton on this earth, tip-tip-drip-tip-tip. The rain strengthening and spilling from the heavens, increasing to sheets ol' droning water. The summer sounds, a bark far away, the rapping ofa beak on a rotten stump, the humming of insects, and the background of everyday sound. All these I love. They have been here since the beginning and has not time mellowed and rounded them as it passed? KENNETH l'fNcsTRoM 151 place junior Efray. JUNIOR POICTRY MOON MAGIC The moon is here, the moon is there, It seems to me itls everywhere. :Xnd yet in size it looks so small, It looks not larger than a ball. If I should roam across the sea, l'd see the moon following me. No matter where I want to go, The moon always seems to know. Oh, Xlister Moon, it is so tragic, That you won7t tell me about your magic. For I should really love to know How you get where I want to go. KIABEI. ANDERSON 151 placf, junior 1701775 v OUR ORCHESTRAS BEGINNING ORCHESTRA T071 Row-Pence, Mullaucr, Frank, Clifford, Biegel. Second Row-Raatjes, Thorp, Cittadino, Smith, Laws, OlBricn, Adamowski, VVhite, Berger. Boftom Row-Groncki, Kapusra, Groncki, Postma, Mr. Trimble, Den Besten, Rolands, Chamko. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Top RowfRausher, Rimmer, Swanstrom, Cligord Biegel. Serond RowfSzlaga, Hansen, Antanaitis, Caruso, Pond, Pokorny, Ekstrom. Bottom Row-Edgren, Iurkiewicz, Andreatta, Mr. Trimble, Vander Pole, Phillips, Banlcowslii. SENIOR ORCHESTRA Top Row4Den Besten, Rosetto, Legg, Clifford, Zordan, Ritholer, Badali, Pokorny, Ekstrom, Rausher, Neumann. Snond Row-Ver Hook, Peterson, Dunham, Liskoski, Tucker, Pesavento, Caruso, Biegel, Meneghetti, Rimmer, Pond, Hanson Bottom RowiRout, Jurkiewicz, Frank Peterson, Mr. Trimble, VVoicick, Bakkers, Gruizdzalski, W. Peterson. CONCERT BAND Botzom Row-Sizoo, Testolin, Madderom, Klausner, Peterson, Sozers, Archibald, Builcema, Chow. Second Rowe -Guyatt, Dunham, Anderson, Clauter, Walker, Dilis, Fllis, Berg, Du Puit, Lewin, VValstrum. Top Rafcfhlorrill, Ferrini, Nizro, Keylon, Picliard, Yan Santcn. Phillips, Reed, Vander Slay, Hathaway, Olson, Friedsam SOCIAL ORCHESTRA Bei-ton Legg--really takes music seriously, Harry Ose--a pianist par excellence, Carl Ekstrom-plays a "mean', sliphorng Joe Pokorny-hopes some day to play the "Bee"g Charles Kiefer-biggest "litter Bug" of them all, leader and first sax man: Mario Ferrini, James Morrill, and Robert Rithalcr are in hopes of enlisting the services of Gabriel and making a quartet. The beat beat beat ofthe tom tom, means Wendall Roushcr, drummer supreme. PLECTRUM CLUB Top Row-Nelson, M. Rylander, Medema, Tumey, Berger, Chow, Adams, V. Rylander, Rens, Mullauer. Semnd Row-Bohr, Dowint, Berg, Ppulskas, M. VVhite, Calzin, J. VVhite, Elias. First Row-Dromisino, Rot, Ver Hook, Vander Pole, Raatjes, Andriatti. R. O. T. C. BAND This year the Fenger R. O. T. C. has a total enrollment of 325 cadets, constituting the largest unit ever assembled at Fenger. The unit is divided into five component parts, the band and companies A, B, C, and D. The commanding ohicers are: Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Klohr, Adjutant Captain Klarvin Peterson, Chief of Stall Klajor Charles Bult, Plans and Training Uficer, Captain Richard Bergstrom, Band Commander Charles Kiefer, Company Com- manders, Captains, Adducci, liriekson and Heber. This semester the companies are meeting in individual periods so that Sergeant Robinson is able to personally supervise the instruction hy cadet officers. Training consists of, physical exercise. drill and comniand, rifle marlismanship and theory. It was one year ago that Fenger became. the lirst time in its history an R. O. T. C. Honor Schcol. Wvhen the results of the spring '38 Federal Inspection became known. Fenger not only received again its rating as an Honor School, but placed second to only one other school in the city. For this achievement they were presented with a set of colors at the annual cadet day celebration at Soldiers Field. The R. O. T. C. Band too, made honors on inspec- tion day. 1 CHAR1.Es KIEFER OFFICERS CLUB E my .NX saw-X K i Q2-.5 ,HEUW-RQEN X l 'fam-L 6551 Q fffffqlw-' ,G .f'xV,,?pC9 ' fx Y 4 fi, M ff f S., A wp. Q52-vf-'ff if 3 N., M X x WAN' Q f X X x F flssii-,- ,Z N V 4 A ' ,,....-ff' '-"'- "-"'5"j-+-1-.,. . Y ' , i - 4 I, J , ,f - MEL: 1 1 X 4 5 W1 A V V D f ,A ,. V' ,, . fffff Z L-. - ' - L f F- ' I ' J -1 , gif s. Q- , V -- ' 2 X 1 ,Liz fx ,Q i,,,f J ' - -f ., Jef" ' '. W' :P A 5 ' iii-xii" 1 5 .V 2 : 5:5 L. it y W gg -4-. I ,iff , . 4 ' gg J' -, 1' ff! 4' I ' CW 1 V Q - -fxifffeffw f L A 4 - Q , R, -ff, - . '4-"1--.-w-....wf,H it ug V l - . ,.,, 1 N , 4 ., - Q rg , Jig ' . 7 +' . - - ' x f TV . 1 'v4 uf ' 'rf' 11 T , Q :gm "5 ,,, I ' f Q., - W ff m i E if 1 ,Q V 4 W X ' N J ' ' -ug 25:31 ' - W, ff' ' V , 2 f-fi .. - A' 'L-Q 1WT.r': - L - . v.q,QrVf I ua Q.- -5, f',.,,M -b A-"' ' , 3 '5 ' I V fy ,f,l,.,......ff ,. fi Y Af ' X - ,fp L 1 " feif g M' , E , , , xv-I., gk N-.x,,., E Q 5 :3 ,V,V. ' J: 6 Q ' ' X V ., ,gafrfl sf 2 ,Y iff' 4' X 4 .V . k ,f.. H5353-Lf3.W,14 ff,"fgj"f - ' . 1 'fs -, X i X - 3 . - w-ff'-, age , 1" 21.1 . 5 - 'A f Y . Sq .. -gg' ' ' 'egg-,1,,, : 'I ". f 3 . - ' X ' . ,isa - -f Q' ,,. 'P 2. L, - . XX' Q fi? ' 'Jill' 4 V 7 v -5'9m'L U ' 2' V, . 2 '- 'i-1 . ,: ig. . ,. .4S"?"""'x'f-N, f " 1 ,N 55333 J L. 2:53. inf--Mx.J,wl-:.,Az , l 1' 3, 1 2 i - Q W J-gil A , ,M 'X 15 :ji . ,,'- 1 ,. ,E" i:?y,,,g' Y vig V . - :J J A ' ,X - ,.f . f .x 1 5 R7 ' N 7 .Y , ffm , E xXx k ' X- P -4'- H' in , f SPANISH CLUB YYho?kLouis Plata, Ranirex College, Bo- gota, Columbia g Joao Baio, Ragazzi, Araoguara, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fulton Gorosito, Llstanisloo Zeballos 2744, Rosario, Argentina, and Mario Ahumoda, Liceo Valentin Letelier, Santiago Chili, Noeit is not the members of the Spanish Club-only a few of the numerous names and addresses with whom the members correspond in an endeavor to learn the Spanish language. ART CLUB To create and reproduce beautiful things is the aim of the Art Club sponsored by Miss l'idna AI. Alarlin. The officers of the Club areg Klartilla Holcombe, President, Richard Burgwald, Vice- president, Simon Halenar, and Jeanne Hanson, Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Small notebook pages are rapidly being filled with their sketches made on trips to the Field Aluseum. Art Institute, and Bauhaus, a new modern school of art sponsored by the industries of Chicago. DICBATING CLUB Anyone entering room II6, on Klonday from 2:30 to 4:00 would have heard various vigorous debates being carried on by the members of the Debating Club, on such sub- jects as, HShould the Fenger Prom be Held in the School," '4Should the Anti-Lynching Bill be Passedfl and L'Should Children under Twelve be Spankedn. Fenger's Debating Club also had a number of inter-school debates with Parker, Lane, AIorgan Park Alilitary Academy, and Pullman, all on the country-wide subject for debate, HResolved that the Unicameral System of Legislation should be adopted by the several statesf, Fenger Was victorious over Parker but lost to Lane battling bravely their duel of Words. SPANISH CLUB Top Rott'-Procter, Denney, Ku- backi, Dahlbcrg, Gcrmeraod, Brandsma, Naradowski. Hollow Row-Adams, Archibald, Bomben, Mrs. Wlhitworth, Flem- ing, Petraitis, Erickson. DEBATING Top Row'-Skeipck, Nebelsiek Lnpien, Phillips. x Serond Row-Bright, Schrader, Lockwood, Woodwzxrd, Sherman, Valente,Hering, Magnebosco, O'Brien, Ryan, Schraeder, Mrs. VVcrtheim. Boflom Row--Brand, Clark, Mc- Broom, Ellis, Henderson, Cooper. ART CLUB Top Rota'---Carlson, Ganz, Bus- son, La Course, Fraley, Guyatt, Holcombe, Cook, Brcsna. Second Row---Frmoian, Ganz, Vander Moy, Courscr. Bollom Row-fVVicrsema, Hanson Halener, Pederse, Potts, Lucas, Freel, Bauer. i l CAMERA CLUB If you hear an unexpected click or snap, do not be surprised, for you will find it to be only a member of the newly organized Camera Club doing a little experimenting. Every Wednesday afternoon a large number of students gather with their sponsor, Mr. Uda H. Koerner, eager to learn a little more on the technique of picture-taking and developing. The membership of the club has steadily increased as enthusiasm in amateur photo- graphy has Hcaughtu the imagination of malty students. FENG li R FORUM Although Latin is considered a dead language, it becomes vigorously alive in the Fenger Forum. To encourage students to continue with their Latin work is one of the objectives of the Forum. This club promotes friendship and understanding among the Latin students and assists them to become better acquainted with the Roman life, history, traditions, and literature. With the aid of the sponsor hliss Wilfred hlac Partlin and the officers: Pearl Lupien, Helen De Young, Raymond Ellis, and lflwyn Ahrquist, the Fenger Forum forsees a bright future. W CAMERA CLUB Chimelawski. Parker. CAMERA CLUB Peach, Paskiewicz. lVlCl'!. FENGER FORLNI Sanders. 1 Top Raw-G. Murdock E lxli aren, H. Wblfgrum IL Berrx F. YYilson, Nebelsiek E lxnbit B. Charpier, M. Torah Nliller Holcombe, Marrict N1 Cl irle L. Dahlberg, lf. Olson Third Row-R. Janie l' Com perini, A. Brignardello J H ithl way, L. Baldi, B Brin Guyatt, D. Clauter lx Bernie-r R. Levin, D. Jacobson lx fcidnilx lx C M. Cavanaugh, xeier Suomi Row-Turturillo 71remb1 A. Krenkel, L. Wlallxcr H X e giotto, l. Rigler, l Germotr M. Lipstak, M. Bence l' lx lrdols F. Feinstein, ll. Dickinson Schroeder, S. Seymour M Bile kers, S. Zappas, lf. Yippas B0t!omRf1-iv .l.Hanson L Blshton E. Rossi,L. Grziyston M De-mpei M. Schilling, B. Bouchan Wlatrous, G. Niemeyer S 'N in G. Bot-keloo, G. 'Xfullauer Bottom Rota- Munson l-leer:-mi Boersma, Kirner, Goetz C ru7di Dauzinas, Brown, Nl irtin Y inder Kleer, Burkland, NlcC1l'fertx Second Row-fiirithth Y mY alktn burgh, Wlidner, Wilson H igen Proctor, Ryan, Cleigi r W Geiger Biolchini, Schultz, Chmman gl wadski, VanVVyngarden VY estrop Third Row- Sadauslxis Dodlro Dykstra, fafros, Burnop Seefeldt Mazor, Gibbs, liisenbrindt Otto Ulrich, Sietsema, Czippolfo Snt sema, J. Bowense, H1nt7ele Rus Top IZJZL' llukstela, Hendrickson Lofrano, Wlidelski, lcobsen Bell O'Donnell, Beigrnzin Bieg M id derom, YVhi te, V 1nderY een Gustafson, N1L'Lil21ll1ll1 in Allison Vanderhlziy, llzirtowsx 1 4 B0!mmRvtc l5ailey,Her1n n quist, Lupien, lhhoune Se s Ellis, CiOlJlS,.AHT1lI1JliT1H Row Two Fisher, S L se raz, Tucker, Norton Xlelxix VerHook, Caruso, Schrrtdmr f p hart. Rai: Timm' Nlzigrzun L nnon Caruso, Selby, ixTlISlYIlSlxI Ren! Kohnlie, Dt-sidero, Are-l Clirlx Topkow U'l3rien,Nl1rt1n lucdt king, Vanderhlex ohnson Nluellaur, Dandy, ll urs lohnson STAMP CLCB .Xny stamps to trade? 4'Yes, Yesw arise from all corners of room I3I. The enthusiasm of its sponsor, Kr. Claude Smitter, is con- tageous. Perhaps that accounts for the club carrying off the ribbons at the Lions, Hobby Show for the past two consecutive years. Donald Smitter is our genial president, with Gino Nicoli, vice-presidentg Doreen Bomben, and Nfyrtle Denney serve as secretary and librarian respectively. Principal Schacht is an honorary sponsor and occasionally finds time to take part in club activities. I RAX l1L CLUB Tap R0wfBoonc, Hedberg, Vlihite, Groncki, Simoneli, Narodowski, Fournier, Steele, VVille, Groncki, Hansen. Third Rowflieicr, Toth, Gibson, Hdgrcn, Futon, Morin, Brown, Rowe, CZilCl'l, Czlvato. Srmnd Row-Felix, Lnchenberg, Rout, Busho, Ciryzll-i, Charydchztlc, Heck, Kuyper, Gravander. Boltom Ko-w-Nelson, Peterson, Brown, Johnson, Vieth, hliss Bzilhousc, Quillmzln, Halpenny, Lzxshcr. TRAVEL CLUB Top Row--Cunnlini, Lund, Lecs, White,Ostrowski,Anderson,Czach, Dahlmun, Beemstcrboer. Third Row-lppolito, Laudeman Wcdmer, Smith, Smith, Griffith Frendling, Vander Luitgaren. v 9 Second Row-lppolito, Stavros Larson, Vulsis, Scrphm, Lowe Civiun, VVagner. 1 3 Bottom lfoicifanac, Janac, Rago, Bergstrom, F-yeldheim, Kegenslii Paco, Haldorscn. 1 STAMP CLUB Mr. Smirter, Smitter, Bomben, Clark, Klazynske, Gognon, Guyatt, Melko, Vlzlsis, Emmanuel, Denny, Mr. Schzicht. TRAYEL CLCB HSomething new S something dillfercntv That's the Travel Club, organized February, 1939, under the sponsorship of Xliss Balhouse, with President Eileen Yieth, vice-president Lorraine Johnson, recording secretary livelyn Quillman, and the Hnioney manw Laren Halpenny. Nleetings are held on alternate Thursdays. First comes the business meeting, then the different merrbers of the Club give talks, plays, dances, and songs revealing the activities and custom of interesting places. Several short trips have been planned. The club provides entertainment as Well as educa- tion. S MATH CLUB Tap RawfBluck, Haaksma, Cook, Polley, Mengel, Pace, Hanson, Lupien, Carr, Zandstra, Zandstra, Zacher, Wilson, Jankovic, Alkirt Third Row-Verkender, Sears, Caruso, Jacobsma, Gorka, Dcsidero, Chuckwins, Muszynski, Bregel, Streelman, Selby, Johnson Vander Mcy, Hathaway. Semnd Rowe Mrs. Schuessler, Norton, Wilkus, Blais, Lund, Prcuss, Hedberg, Narodowski, Haldorsen, Zylstra, Hering, Tucker Legg, Fxner, Geoppo, Mrs. Mullens. Bolmm KozvfO'Brien, Leidherg, Yampolsky, Nebelsitk, Zeiglcr, Luedeking, Pape, Goetz, Heumann, Dahlstrom. DRAMA CLUB ln an effort to make possible a wider participation by all the members, the Drama Club was divided this semester into two sections, Hjuniorn for all 2B's, 2A,s, 3B,s, and 4'Senior', for all 3A's, 4B's, 4A's. Under the leadership of the presidents, Russell Drog- muller and hlyrtle Nelson and the other oiiicers this plan was most successful. Nearly all found, in the midst of weekly practice periods and monthly business meetings, some time for what provided and excellent combina- tion for drama training and good fun, theatre parties, and Hconventionsn. Besides the school program the club contributed to a radio contest and to a pageant at Parker High School. DRA MA CLUB i -- Top Raw Lasher, Halenar, Jan- kovic,Hathaway,Burke,Olmstead, Oosten, Cross, Biegel, Bavnai. 7lhI'7'lfR0'lL'7BI'C'SINll'l21I'l,lX1CBI'OOI'H, Bt-rgquisr, Grassner, Frigo, Peter- son, Gorka, Nelson, Stockman, Reisbid. Second Rowilieehan, Kutsche, Richards, Ualey, Elias, Krenkcl, Dykstra, Sett, Dowiat. Bollom Row-ellaulsen, Lang, Ku- baski,Berry,Hine,T:1nis,Swanson, Blom, Drogcmullcr. DRAMA CLUB Top Row--Hall, Sekus, Renz, Madderom, Narodowski, Hedberg, Szlaga, Polly, Lcudeking, Duda, Sietsma. Third Rota'-Dittgen, Anderson, Johnson, Nelson, Oleski, Gubson, Davis, Van Scheltema. Srmnd Row-Skelly, Tucker, ltiscarraz, Hornaday, Cary, Sey- mour, Sears, Arten. Bottom Rowe'-Bocadeker, Bohn Ncutout, Vander lVley, Antanaitis, Boughan, Hanson, Macfarlane, Marsch. x X IQO-PYTHAGOREAN S The hlath Club, made up of students who must have received an MEN or "SH as their last semester's mark, met every two weeks this semester in room 320 on Vlednesdays with the following officers presiding: Betty Higgins, pres, Claisie Luedeberg, vice-pres., Delbert Ziegler, sec., Rita Hubble, treasurer. Programs were planned for each meeting. Various programs were an algebra-down con- sisting of two teams of five girls and five boys, a mystery meeting, and a play, Hhlath- ematicians Pay a Calln, having such great mathematicians as Xewton, Pythorgas, and De Cartes, portraited. FN - Tap Raw-Schmidt, Bergner, Adducci, Olson, Leidberg, Paulsen, Shimkus, Sternberg, Howes, Slingerland, Rubbert, Lcbin, Finnell. Second Row-Gibson, Mullen, Ose, Gustafson, Sietsema, VVagner, Van Santen, Sparrev, Soren! son, VVatkins, Bult, Cravens, Vollmar, Rausher. 1 Tfziffd RawfSizoo, Cappozzo, Galloway, Cross, Zcigler, Yampolsky, Alkire, Preston, Herbert, Hilligonds, Bergmann, Fisenbrandt, Fudge, Thompson. Bottom Row-Higgins, Weber, Biegel, Van Clay, Lockwood, Braak, O'Brien, Johnson, Van Valkenburgh, Tissing. JUNIOR I-ll-Y Tap Row-lWullen, Bennett, Tanis, Long, Stuebing, Tornquist, Bouwense, lNIacFarlcnc. Fzrsl RowiVVallis, Tongeren, Gentile, Mr. Dean, Mr. Braak, Johnston, Schmidt, Kilroy, Bohn. SCIENCE CLUB In order to give scientific minded students an opportunity to cbtain a wider knowledge in this held, the Science Club has been organized. Educational rnotion pictures, iiiteresting lectures by outside speakers and many expcrfments constituted their activities. HI-Y Under the able leadership of George Lockwood, president, Bob O,Brien, vice-president, Harry Johnson, sec- retary, and Stephen Van Clay, treas- urer, the Hi-Y had a very successful year. With the help of both Tri-Hi-Y chapters an entertainment was held at the Lake Bluff Orphanage. The Hi-Y also had an act in the Amateur Show, visited several churches, con- ducted several educational tours and sponsored a Good Friday breakfast to which they invited the Junior Hi-Y and the Thornton Hi-Y. The L'Olde Oaken Bucket" was won at the city Annual Jamboree. They entertained the Beverly Hi-Y, attended an Adap- tion Conference, successfully conducted several social events and, at a great expense, sent Eugene Bergner to the Hi-Y Convention in Berea, Kentucky, and helped make plans for the forma- tion of some new Hi-Y clubs at Fenger next fall. The Fenger Jr. I-Ii-Y a new club was organized in the middle of last semester with a membership of thirty boys. The othcers of the club are as follows: President, John VII. Van Longeren ,vice-president,VVayneVValisg secretary, Ray Schmidt, treasurer, Victor Gentile, chaplin, John Johnston. AVIATION CLUB History repeats itselfl That old adage has come true again. For the second time in its history, the Aviation Club has a girl for president, Nlarilynn Kliller. Under the able supervision of Klr. Sykes, former Lvnited States lWail pilot, the members engage in many interesting activities. SCIENCE CLUB Top RowfDekkcr, Coetz, Brucer, Olson, Boersma, Vander Meer, Dahlstrom, Hering, Lucas, Mic- huda, Dahlstrom, Zilis, Chiarodo, Schumann. Third R0w4Bonaparte, Stone, Allison, Nebelsiek, Guyatt, De Young, Filley, Anderson, Ceder- holm, Barton, Forsberg, Gorka, Czagany, Hull, Ladislas, Rybinski, Van Valkenburgh. Sammi Raw4Hupp, Kirsch, O'Donnell, Mzldderom, Bennett, Phillipi, Finnell Ogurkiewicz, Stephenson, Johnson, Rodriguez, Kulchar, Ellis. Bottom Row4Zunica, Smitter, Ncbelsiek, Verbeek, Mr. Bennett, Heeremu, Neumann, Gustafson, Zubricky. AVIATION CLUB Top Row-Forsythe, Madderom, Lallak, Jonas, Burnop, VVatkins, Hendrickson,VVallin,Munro,Moor, Engel, Rukstela, Dahlstrom. Third Row-Finnell, Ladislas, Stephenson, Ferrini, Adducci, Duda, Gadbois, Ringey, VVright, Bonaparte, Rutowski, Anderson, Kulchur, Johnson. Second Rowfllreger, Snow, Archi- bald, Petraitis, Gorka, Tollner, Jurkiewicz, Fanizzo, Geiger, Tren- ton, Schilling, Boughan, Lawrence, Pauluitis, Kajdi, Zankowski. Bottom Row-Oregon, Adams, Mr, Sykes, Miller, lVIurd0Ck, Austin I I -1 . , Rodriguez, Cox, Iirickson. TR I-HI-Y ALPHA Top Row- De Cook, Curtis, Rimmer, Lupien, Quedensley, Kane, Lucas, Uvass, Pertile, Van Rite, Van Proyen, Novak, Aiken, Olson. Third Row--lNlatthewson, Matthewson, Deckert, Sul- livan, Dexter, Boomker, lNlcG:ighie, Snow, Dittgen, Desideio, Orum, Evans, Xeidhardt, blanac, -lanac. Second Raw-"Ferris, Anderson, Bubnar, Parker, Kranzky, Aurilius, Selby, johnson, Lindgren, Gillespie, Berry, Gardner, Wlaters. Barium Roca'-lirnst, Bauer, Fisher, Johnson, Miss Blachly, Olson, Moran, Main, Rutherford, Friedman. TRI-HLY Bl-ITA Boltnm Row--Carr, Soukup, johnson, Magliocco, Miss Dean, Chambers, Kenny, Simson, Polley, Blom. Second Row--Bizar, Larsen, Hornaday, Norton, Blom- uist Vertach Anderson Btrcelman, hlovsisian, VValkcr, q , , . ,. , , . Jaehera, Yalkenburg, Peterson. Third Row--Brand, Cary, Muszynski, Sharkey, strom, Nelson, Modestow, Lund, Malmgren, Donham, Lull, Sett, Oosten, Ausherman. Top Row---Lenzen, De Young, Dykstra, Beckler, Szlaga, Lowe, Wlertenberg, Andrews, Sturm, Dempsey, Brak, Honeywell. MARCOXI RADIO CLCB Passing the radio room 337 any Wednesday evening one may hear, Hllello eq cql Hello cql This is XYQHXIXY, standing by for a call". At present time this club, spon- sored by Klr. Wesley W. Fotch, is assembling a new ICDO trans- mitter. In order to transmit, a rigid test must be passed to receive a license. Vliollhlkk is now transmitting on 5 and 160 meters. Presiding as president is Kenneth Weberg, with George Zilis, as vice- presidentg .lulius .lohnikaitis Secretary and Wayne Field, treasurer. ASTRONOMY CLUB Top Row- Holst, Honeywell, Maggioto, Davis, Caruso, Czach. Sfmrld Rowflolammerle, Riglcr, Beemsterboer, Dahlman, Feimann, lV1cCaf'ferty, tlurkiewicz, Phillips, Dittgen, Mr. Mumford, Renz. Hallam Row--flVlcKay, De Vries, Ellis, Clash, Caruso, Schrader. M.-XRCONI CllLB Top Rm: Dieke, Sowadski, Wait- kins, -lanikaitis. Sfrmid Ro-it' Ose, Chapman,NYer- berg, Fields, Zilis, Lovato, Van Street, Tanis. Barium Rot: Boline, Roberts, Vander Yeen, Sherman. Wick- Lewin, BETA CHAPTICR TRI lll-Y With a total of fifty-eight members the Beta Chapter draws to a close its second suc- cessful semester. Among the high lights of this sernester's program were the formal and informal initiations, two joint meetings, one with the Hi-Y and the other with the Alpha Chapter, Parents' Night, and Klrs. Palmer hlagliocco, guest speaker on 'fParliamentery Procedure", and finally the Senior Party. The Chapter won a gold trophy as an Efficiency Award to keep for one year, at the annual Tri Hi-Y Spring Banquet of Chicago which attracted a number of the members. OITlCl3tlIlg as president was Gloria Klagliocco with Sue Chambers as vice-president Dolores Kenney filled the secretarial position while Betty Lou Simson filled the office of treasurer. ALPH TRI-HI-Y The Alpha Chapter of the Tri-lli-Y has a very successful semester under the able guid- ance of its officersl ,lackie Alohnson, president, Nancy Fisher, vice-president, Ann Xloran, Secretary, and Dorothy Olson, treasurerg and the efficient sponsorship of Miss Doris Blachly. Both the informal and formal initiations proved to be gala events. Guest speakers were hlrs. Ben Hamiling, and the Rev. Lowell Ditzen. The joint meeting with the Beta Chapter and the parents Party were happy events. An outdoor meeting at the dunes with the Hi-Y was a high light on the calendar. An annual Spring Banquet, for the Tri-Hi-Y's was held at the Lawson Y. Nl. C. A. FENCING CLUB Top Row-I.ink, Ohlstrom, Suslow Blom, Wlagman, Sharpe, Long Bergner, VYhite, VValker, Antanai- tis, Karin, Mullauer, Muellen Second Rawfldlegglin, Capriglione Chard, Vlasis, Pavoninas, Sloan VVeber, Boetteher, Dittgen Richards, Lacombe, Pokray, Hud- SOYI. Third RowfTollner, I,atter, Lachenberg, I-Iammerles, Renz, Gobis, Valenti, Cole, Jacobsen I Jacobson, Brady, Bukiema, Elias. Boflom RowiRedford, Lalfok J Yos, Guyatt, Bergner, Mamovich, Cox, Erickson, Maltnian. , 1 JUNIOR CITIZENS Topkow-lVIehok,Dykstra,Oostcn, Bernier, Lucas, Hall, Kral, Gos- podarek, Barich, Fejes, Lacombe, Bariek, Logullo, Haldorsen, Brom- berg, Heck, Bolt, Boone. Third RowfGreniewicki, Rowe, Goebig, La Banco, McGaghie, Hull, lielbowski, Bauer, Rylander, Vander Mey, Keehan, Lang, Elliot. Seanad Rowfliuczwara, Doma- gola, Artin, Klezynski, Dahlberg, Brandsma, Leur, Quillman, Braion, Pallagi, Forsberg, Basso, Ambuul, Jelley, Jensen, Dixon, Doublas. Bollom Row-Guyatt, Gumeroad, Perlinski, VVhite, Kambesis, Gib- son, Sternberg, Blauw, Van Buren, Ludvigsen, Pertile, Olmstead. JUNIOR CITIZENS Top Row'-Brown, Zilis, Blodt, Klazgnske, Tatarczyk, Vander Mey, Miehuda, Kovacin, Doode- man, Million, Yonder, Dobda, Black. Third Raw-Hendrickson, Bertok, Olsen, Lures, Allison, Bithos, Adducei, Heerema, Mazor, Ryan, Engel, Dekker, Sherman. Second Row-Bernier, Anderson, VanRite,OrloWski,Vail,Kubindki, Curtis, Oosten, Ross, Rutherford, Norgard, Nebelsiek, Rybindke, Conti. Hallam Raw-Steele, Romba, Ver- beek, Sukis, Blitzstein, Stratinsky, Sutcliffe, Westwater, Valirn, Race JUNIOR CITIZENS Top Kowfwhllie, Ryan, Torrey, De Nys, Kreger, Krenkel, Brodeen, W'atrous, Schroeder, Henderson, Hellinga, Caruso, Klimke, Bryak, Selby, Degirolamo, Veldhouse. Third Row--Lackenberg, Bradley, Feinstein, Adams, Conrad, Baltru- kas, Frank, Hurkiewig, Brovet, Esearraz, Caruso, Schrolt, Rich, ards, Langdo, lVIoenich, Kieraldo, Friedman. Sifwnd RawfCarta, Adams, Felix, Heath, Gregs, Whaldman, Guzzelt, Jumac, Dieck, lX'Ieliska, Beyer, Vlasisk, Smith, Arquilla, Em- manuel, De Cook, Snow, Ceder- holm. Boflam Raw'--Carlson, Johnson, Nelson, Bloom, Oedzes, YYrobel, Novak, Jamiec, Steele, Fournier, Olson, Beasland, Niemeyer. JUNIOR CITIZENS Top R0wfBult, Gustafson, Chow, IVIillion, Burnop, Sharkey, Roepers, Austin, lVIusial, Reid, VVeberg, Dahlstrom, Koch. Third Row-Otto, Thompson, Mc- Clanahan, Dieke, Yasdiek, Medell, Slager, Kross, De Young, Emil, Hupp, Main, Briscoe, IVIcCafIery. Scmnd R0wfRiccio, Gray, Ander- son, Kramer, Proctor, Smith, Savoyski, Pivorunas, Reitz, Rich- mond, Ariel, Guyatt, De Young. Hallam RowfDeHaan, Shimkas, Drogemuller, Henry, Duda, Vl'es- selius, Goetz, Millmine, Boersma, Van Valkenburgh. JCNIOR CITIZENS 154.155 ig . 7l0f71f0iL"JOSL'Pl'l, Rodrigot'z,l it-ni, ignani, fafros, Rutowslai, Bernard- Nladderoni, I-Iayt-ord,lryim-,fund stra, Chirodo. Tl1i1'1fRn-Ir --Arson, Qeinit-r,.-Xdanis, Their, Larson, Sida, 'l'iininann, IX1L'SlillLISliIS,fjlSL'I1, Rusin, lcnnas- zun,:XlQerberc,lNIaekirircislijlillitiii. Sfmnalkow--Sinitli,Sett,Canalini, Urban, Rieeo, Maglioeeo, Ilorka, Robertson, Wli l son, M a gra in , Bright, Vllolfgrznn. Hallam Row--Schuinann, Richards, Zunica, Geinnard, Dirksen, Sisson, Kenworthy, Iforsberg, lfinnell, Ringey, Stephenson. JUNIOR CITIZIAZNS Trlpkow -'-- Covelli,I'aulaitis,I.aw-, renee, Booth, Goertner, I.owaek, Pz1rker,Bruining,Ilrickson,CAagny Tuech, Dahlman. Third Rowfliorycz, Iflialknwski, Fyalkowski, Holeome, 'llrt-ntacosli, Xvertenberg, De Boer, Schrader, Pochron, Disanto, Olsen, Dahl- berg, Krunsliy. Second Row Iflosnoski, Nora, Johnson, Archibald, Chambers, Nlruenovich, Bishton, Caprigliona Chard, Rizunenghi, Ifarmeti. Baflom Rota Beemsterboer, Ko- vacs, liarbaczevvslai, llanginas, Stunkus, Miller, Mr. H. Hayes, Preston, Yampolsky, lolliurst, Czztch. JIXIOR L IIIZICXS Ilaye you observed the ycry ztpnrcipriate arm shields being yycirii by I"enger's basltetbzlll cliztnipioiis? They were generously dtinzited to the team by the Junior Citizens' Club. This club. of ciycr three hundred members is under the able superyisimi rwl Xlr. lleber llays and the excel- lent leadership ol the cwflieers Alvin Rtmnibzi, president: Iiverett Sisson, yiee-rvresidentg Ifyelyn Quillman, seeretzlryg Irene Pzilzegfi. treasurer, and Klareella Briscoe, soeizzl eliziirn ang 'l'heir eivie activities for the term may be rrcniczui ted highly Sl1IISf2lCfOI'J'. CSHFRS CI,L'I5 Top Rai: If. Bond, Ci. Cassidy, A. Rohn, R. Halciren, C. lYaunt-r, R. Irlzlldorsen, XY. Nlclfarlane, IJ, Wlhetstone. Semzzd Razr- I.. Ilnuse, P. llvr- bert, Ci. Den Bt-sten, Il. Iilaauw, F. Barnai, J. XYagner, R. Sorren- son. Bottom Razz' A. Nlareli, R. North- rop, P. Sanders, Ind I,t. R. Ilult, Klzti. C. Bult, D. Hoitsnia, S. Fudge, J. Spit-khtnit. 4 7 A . CSHICRS' Cl,l'I3 Jllith courtesy and ecnnfrmrt foremost in their minds the ushers meet yisittirs to entertainments in the Hill ZIIILIIIUFILIITI and always tliciuglitfully guide thein to their seats. In the R. O. 'If C. Club neatness is the byyi'cirdg glossy shoes. shined brass, and white gloves are under the watchful eyes of Klajor Charles liult. Smile, Please! Spring Fever, H aw! Nlargcw- April 6, 'Brrf Swing lt. Attention! Joe, the Cop. How About a Ride? GettingUpintheWorld? Industrious- Snow Birds, Hmm? Birds of a Feather- La, La. Hi There! School Days. Shirl and Xlr. Smitters. CanTheyDig7lfm Out? A Snowlightf FX! Courier Stall! at Dixon. FIRE? Going home, Xliss Shine? Ah, Beautiful Spring. V .. A ..- P " If, T. ' 4' 'E W ? 1- 0 Q 1 in 'f' , 24 A-wvf eif' 6-1 f' 1- . 4: .. Q- aff, rf A X .,,,,N,f-A'---Q-jw " av 2 K, -sf 135 Mff-,fx ,ws22'?2if ,?gw1f'Tg,,1 fi V173 I ., f I 6 , f TQ-' -ff"!"' 'QgL.1f"':-V ,'1 Lf 73, I ji '-g . 'feat gg- ff' ' , M , . .-l'55'2"'yM75"J"?iE' LF f.1J.,,f,':fff,,4 v. ... Zi ,Q fi n., J , S- I ,Q 5, -1.-1 AAA- ' .s- 1.,"f:. , . 'dfjjul Lg, 131 11, , I v V .,',J4Q,f3g g' f fgig, A 'ap ,gg . , i if-K 1zA:1fg- A' is , J.-,.,,.,.-4, ,, .,s Nh Ag., , QQ Wa ,,.,,,..3r, ,. ,..x.,..J3. J., W X " QU"s1+, :,. w i A V-Nuff-H ,N A hW'fKi2?' , Sy:9ifE535- fy " i f 'J?24':q1"'Wh'-"A:'.l?5f'v.,?,N -3353 f'F'tl:V' -A V ' J' T 4 ' W 'F' " 4 -fa,-w'i"3f9f'Awi fi f" f7Tv'WM'Tx ' ffW14-" "'- ' ,F fm - 4- H :fa .. ,,y,f-x f :ri -A V2 -2:5 aw gy 4-Eff.. , -. ww 42-:IM . fmf.:-??"'X"-Zi' 4'?F'Jl'f fm, cf , ' gg -61 .4-f"w,sM,,jH .Q G11 V "5i',f?'fA 41' ,rf 11425 - ig., ,QT ', '.eL',, ,l '?.t3f:f gl ag-.. , . tag , P- .agww - -mwgyfr --1? ggi , ff 'lvl-'-is '1sT:I"'-4-- - F 4 K odffaf. .u f -wr W , I S3552-,.. f.ff2,A?1ni3.'12 ii 4 " 3 -' " 5" "LW" fr . A X ' ff-f' 7 ' ' N 1 V , 59 -' 2-A ,-I -. 1, 2" - . :w r wa 'aw ,ni-..:V - ag-N-: " i..1, f .7"+w+-.wr 31, i ii? '1.'1,,'f :fmw 'mi 1 252? 1 1? fx fyfi 1, -?-,- - -Q J. ,1 '1f. N -1 l 4: Ts. . ,i f Y " f, gf, '1 , N .QM A ,L -Wm., M., -, f W. N , 4-. .5 -ik ,'- . gui ., -. ,J , . .- . Nsfafjsvlfy. 1 -.pgw 5? -. Y, -me 5 1 ,. -n.m ,,f. :E ., ,- fx-fn-rw ww fi' s 1?-.f 'X Jw :ff I' fm.-15.1 f HZ15'N"fff ' 1... 'Mx 'r "Liv 'Y rf' 'I' 336' ,-nf F - I A 7-ISU - ww W-7 vw!-x H 2'T:"'if'b7' - ,,e3m,H .-5' , 4, W'-11 ' 1-sm. 21 1. ww V' , 'f -xi - u f"-' .L-'Jfjs .tr-Q light-QIH, '..f:-L.,g- 1, g NX- .' if A H, V -.Ny 21 '1 '-'f ,. A 1 L s 4 f-'gf:S21'3' '2v9gE i ' , -if fif .331 . vE2i'i -5:2 ,,?:3-56? 2.-' A M m 1' jg fir S44 qf'fyuf. ,f-ww f: ..ff'if,.' 'Q Agvkf cgflg M ffh v fk -4 . 4 Qi? .ifffmiqig we - " ' il Ugg . ' 'E f f!-iilezifgl i f ' A' ' I gif: AH: I spw W. , Q ami, zgsnqii K f- fr : 5 W lv I -'f 1 Xi, gxtf- ' Q ., , . V . ,non Hu .. ,g . ' ' ' V. rfwgg- ' Q lR5r 7 F" f mx -. ,J-'21 Q "MEAT: 1. Q' .,,ag"4. '- 1 -, 44 e'.:w ,f 3 -.,,. " 3 - 'Lf ff' ! ffl . 99" f, 93 - 95 W 'J gc?" .1 , X5 5' If 4 .5 : - WHLHIES After 2:30 Wx LETTER GIRLS Top Row-Aushermnn, Friedman, Malito, Razek, Tolhurst, Lewin, I-Ianacheck. Botlom Row-Oosten, Dykstra, Pallagi, Bauer, Main, De Cook, Ernst. G. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Top RowiMcArthur, I-Iecrema, Valkcnbcrg, Lang, Baker, Tanis, Magliocco, Mackintosh, De Young, Evans. Third Row--Jacobson, Yolanda, VVz1lker, Bubnar, Elias, Napoli, Blomquist, Trentacosti. Second Row-Vlasis, Tissing, Friedmu, Grega, Budd, Bergstrom, Salduc, Dowiat, Bass. Boliom Row-Nlalmgren, Klausner, Mcrkclis, Radzinowicz, Nuswicz, Freudenberg, Kovacs, Swanson, Johnson G. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Top Row-Marshall, Boettcher, Kzibat, Biegel, Lund, Nelson, Schilling, Butricc, Bogosians, Andrews. Third Row-Moses, Adducci, Beck, Baldi, Wieringa, Mittiduro, Beiglc. Suomi Row-Bniewek, Gibson, Chester, Fidelke, Page, Stell, Janac. Bottom Row-Geiger, Faron, Miller, Dandy, Antanaitis, Boege, Bolhuis, VVhccler, Korienek. Esther McGaghic Dorothy Wertenberg Doris Peterson President Secretary Treasurer G.A.A. ACTIYITHQS Our various activities in the C. A. A. tend to cultivate healthy bodies and minds while giving us the unequaled pleasure of sport. Although after-school games were not held this semester because of the crowded curriculum, the girls were compensated by the newly started bowling club to which they responded with enthusiasm. The gala social gatherings included the Freshman and Sophomore Valentine Party, the Junior Barn Dance, and the Senior Round-Up, all of which were successes due to Esther Klcflaghie president, Dorothy Wertenberg Secretary and Doris Peterson, Treasurer. The most spectacular social event was the Klay festival with its portrayal in pantomine of the reigning sport of each month. In a stately ceremony, Nancy Jane Fisher, attended by her all blonde court, Ella Yerbeek, Kladge Roepers, Greta Lundahl, Peggy Dyk- stra, Klarjorie Johnson, and Phyllis Rutherford, was crowned Klay Queen. LETTICR GIRLS Claiming the L'Limelight" again this semester are the Fenger Letter Girls, having lived up to their aim to be a bigger club. In the crowded swimming classes, letter girls assist girls with difficult strokes. They play as well as work: bowling, roller skating, hiking, and splash parties are favorites. They wound- up this term with a farewell spread, and as it was near vacation time this party was especially jovial. Every- one joined in thanking President Peggy Dykstra, Secretary-treasurer Shirley Blain, and Rlrs. Anderson, the sponsor, for their line work and guidance. MAY QUEEN SENIOR TEAM While the Juniors were shining in victory, the Senior team was Hghting what proved to be a losing cause. They lost their league games many times because the other team was taller. These never-say-die men are from left to right as presented: MULKA, plays forward and from all signs should be a future sharpshooter- HOERNILR, a steady guard and a silent star on jumpshotsgSl-TUBERT a handsome,f1ghting star of next year, -BOLDUC, in on every play to last Whistle-YANGIQLDS, a thundering captain who would never give up the shipgFRASER, a forward who made the opposing giants look bad-GOETZ a reliable, happy, hard worker- YANDER YYOUDE, known as speedy a real lover of the game-VVES- SELIUS, CVVhistlej Cnot in picturej a tall rock of Gibraltar, guard of our basket. JUNIOR TEAM Winners of the South Section Championship we present the Junior basketball champs, from left to right of the inner circle. GEIGER, a sparkly-eyed sparking swift forward, a star of next year-lNlULLlLNS, good old silent no. 4, a sweet ball handlerf JOHNSON, jolly, efficient, defensive player - KERNOHAN, fast senior guard, alert dribbler, all around player, and a courageous captainiDlCKli, Clglimpyj led his team in swishing the net with his pet pivot shot-RYBIN- SKE, a short peppy backbone of the team, star of the Farragut game with II points-VERKINDISR, a quiet, smart, scrappy star of tomorrow- MARSH, clever passer and very promising, he has two more years on the team. This team went into the Semi- finals of the city before bowing to the very strong and clever lX'lanley Team. SWIMMING 'I'l-IAM Tap Row-'I'ornquist,I.ucus Wood- ward, Bergman, Wiahlstrom, Dyk- stra. Third Row- Verhoe ven, Schmidt, Cross. Second Raw-Kilroy, jurgenson, Stuebing, S. Wilson, Nelson, Jones, Sparrey, Stefanske, Stern- berg, Dunnand, Olmstead, Bithes, Mgr. Bollom Row-J. Wilson, Fields, Erickson, O'Brien, Capt. TENNIS TEA M Leif! to Right-Mc Connachie, Schud, Turtuvillo, Ludwigson, Pocini, Roelle, Cuzner, H. Stephen- son, Cravens, Boldt, M. Stephen- son, Howes, Mr. Walter Sampson, Sieber, Galloway, llika, O'Bricn. WRESTLING TFA M Tap K0wfHowes, Miller, john- son, lVestwater, Tullgren, Pelle, Forsythe, Yasaulatis. flfliddfe RawfMr. Charles Palmer, Stankus, Corrior, Livermore, S. Halenzlre, Helson, Urban, Cap- pozzo, Corsair, Wlxrren, Petrie, flVIanagcrD. Bollom Row----Stasi, Alfano, Mun- do,Carlson,Halenarc,VanStanten, Duffy, Gibson, Shirvis, Uarlock, Swanson. SWIMMING -ll'lYlU Parker .... ..,. 4 4 Harper .....,. . . II XIorgan Park . .33 Englewood . . . .ZW J Hirsch .... . ,361 Tilden ,. . .....1.7 Calumet ..... ..lj' Hyde Park . . ,,.. 4-3 Hirsch ....,..,t., rg Klorgan Park ..,.. 29 SICXIORS Parker ...... .' ' jj Harper ....,., . . .11 Morgan Park . . .ZN Ifnglewood . . . , .33 Hirsch ...,.. .... 4 S Tilden ... ...Wifi Calumet ...II Hyde Park .. . . .319 Hirsch ....., ...Io NIOFQZIII Park . .-17 SCORES IYRIQS'l'l.INCI RS lg Ijndbloom . . 175 lfenggr .... , JOM . ,, , I?owen . 11912 lfeirger. .. H245 lfenger 2.1, Q lfgpgg-y 7 Morgan Park 16 linger .... . .23 lfenger zo lfenger 43 Tilden . lfertger 17 Fengzer 45 IIQIIQU' 36 Crane . . , lfeiiger. . . . . . . I2 1 Qiglufufff I , fi l'iCllQL'I' . . . .QI l'e1'gcr .ZS lferxger ,SN lfengzer 36 lser ger 3 O lfenger I6 lfenger I6 lfeiigzcr .il licligcr 35 lfenger 42 l'lClIfffI' 27 ., , .i. B. A. A. 'fAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boyi' for so believes the Boys, Athletic Association of Fenger under the guidance of Rfr. Frank XY. Young. This organization endeavors to assist in developing the bodies of the boys as well as their minds. At the start of the term the boys in each division room elected their representative. These forty repre- sentatives in turn elected their officers. Although a change would be necessary later, at the time of writing, Ray Brooks was president, Clarence Dicke, vice- president, George Buckley, secretary and Russell Fiske, sergeant-at-arms. Exciting, well played, close games were character- istic of the volleyball contests held at the start of the semester. Next came the wrestling meet for boys not on the wrestling team. On Friday, April 1, at three o'clock the elimination began, after hours of struggle, the first place winners were declared as follows: in the 105 weight, Dramisino: the 115 pound weight winner was Badalig and Biolchim, first of the I25 poundersg of the 135 pounders, Charles Bult was the winner, in the 145 pound weight, Fiske, Bergman led the I55,S and Griffen won the "Champ,, title for the 165 pound weight. After this the individual events as horseshoes, tennis, handball, and golf were staged, the winners of first, second, and third places received bars. Softball baseball games also claimed attention. All these events and games were referried by members of the Senior Hi-Y. They hope to have swimming and track meets if possible later in the season. The above activities along with a social have been the customary tradition every spring, but this spring they have started something new. B. A. A. Letters will be awarded if a boy earns 25 points. Points may be obtained as follows: 5 points for a gold, first place bar, 3 for a second place silver bar, and I for third place bronze bars. The points are to be earned in one semester. These school letters will be gray with a red border and are 8 inches in height. Another new activity was the bowling league which was a grand success, having 8 games bowling in the league and the Wlolves came out on top with 40 wins and 23 losses. Thus the boys have built up their skill in sports during the Spring of 1938. Gnonoia Lockwoon BAA. R1aPR1as12Ni'A'r1vEs g M , Tap Row-Van Wlestrop, Fcrnatti, Boldt, Moorman, Pederson, Tull- gren, Crawford, Bcrgner, Clifford, Vander Mark. Third Row-Dramisino, Cavato, Schiro, Propari, Madsen, Prince, Johns-on,Livcrmorc,lVlundo,Schra- der, Schoudel. Second Row-Jacobson, King, Eisenbrandt,Black,Johnson,rIorn- quist, Jones, Rizz, Welsword. Bottom Row-Kcnworthy, Goetz, Vander Woude, Dickie, Brooks, Fiske, Drogemuller, Slingerland, Verbeek. FENGER'S FAMOUS FIGHTERS JUNIOR BASliETBAl,L-Bangl There goes the gun ending the game with Fenger's juniors, being the South Section Champs by virtue of defeating Klorgan Park 28-19-Dicke and Ludwig dropping four baskets apiece-this after Bowling over Englewood, llarper, Hyde Park, Parker, Calumet, and Bowen in clean, hard fought games against the second place boys from Hirsch they ended up in a tie-On a misty afternoon- before five hundred wild maroon and white fans seven loyal Fenger fans-yet against these odds Captain Ludwick staved off defeat by sinking a long shot to tie the score with only ten seconds left to play. SENIOR BASKETBALL-Defeated Tilden in practice game-Bowen, Harper games close-Captain "Chris" Angelos led the team and never gave up- Better luck next year-Coach Vliesley Fotch, coached both teams-one to victory, one to defeat. XYRESTLING-Letis go see what that is causing the grunting and groaning-Only the wrestling team- This team went far in the State Kleet down at Urbana- Not as well as last year in the City Finals-Viion all of their inter-school meets except two-Tilden and Crane-Even a good second string team-First string team-"Chcerleader,' 105 pound weight-Fighting Alfano was our 115 regular "Canary Legs" Stacci went into the State finals in the 125 division-He was injured and had to forfeit in the finals-Livermore a tough grappler starred in Calumet meet-defeating Goetz-Chiappori Calso a football starj very strong regular 145 pounds-L'Russian" Stankus a smooth, smart bone twister. BASEBALL-The ball is pitched-crack, over the fence. Another home run for Fenger-At the start of last semester Fenger was weak on offense.-Not this season -In the first practice game with Englewood, Fenger made I4 runs-on I4lll'ES'T1'1 the first two leagues they came out on the low end of the score-Losing to Parker 9-6 and to Nlorgan Park 4-3-Errors were made a little too often-Even after this poor start the team may win out in the end-Last year they made only one hit in the first two games-Yet they went into the quarter-finals of the city-In the opening game the lineup was as follows-L'Bunting" Richel in left field,- "Tony Aurelio, a sweet second baseman.-Xlyrle Adams, a hard hitting first baseman-Cleanup man and star third baseman Hofstra,-a snappy shortstop Faron,-dependable centerfielder Vetteriche and Kenny -Other reserves are Rladison, W'ahlstrom and Van Buren.-Coach Frank Knight guided this team-He also coached the Swimming team. SXYIBIXHNG-Senior team Captain "ob',O7Brien- -Junior team Captain Sam Vlfilson-Very successful year-Senior record 7 wins three-Juniors record eight wins, two losses-Stars, Sutcliffe, Tornquist, The Wiilson Brothers, Lucas, Sparry, Bergman, Jones, Fields, Kilroy, Schmidt, and others. .. ,A , ... 4 l l 1938 Amateur' Show AX P,xR.xDE OF rF.XI.15NT Sxowlm1,1,s,-GRr:,x'1' WA LT7. L rlwllli CBR.-XND FINAL14: il , Staff C. Kiefer P. Bauer ddvertixing Mgr. Bllifflfjf Mr. Smitter A. Slager Faculty Aziviser Bookkeeper Vlie appreciate the kindness of Kliss Klarlin, Kfiss Green, Klr. lioerner, and hir. Reich in judging the Kourier Kandid Kamera Kontest and those who submitted their pictures. We regret that each and every one of the contestants could not receive a prize. Throughout the entire semester Xiiss KlcCutcheon and some of her typing classes lent their Willing hands to lighten the load of typing. Wie thank you very much. Among others who should receive our thanks are Nlr. Kehoe and his printing classes, Kliss lXIarlin's art class, the Courier linglish class, our faithful photographer, Xlr. Banksg Kliss Klildred Taylor for her advice and suggestionsg the gym teachers, Mrs. Anderson, and Xfr. Young. At the branches Bliss Gallagher with Mfrs. Wvatsong Xir. Cook with Kliss Dunkerg lvliss VVilson with Miss DeVine have helped immensely. In soliciting advertisement material, the business members of the staff interviewed over a hundred business men and patrons of our locality. We appreciate the cooperation of merchants and friends and extend our heartfelt thanks to all our patrons. Last but certainly not least are our co-sponsors: Miss Lundquist and Xir. Srnitter. Long shall our memory recall appreciatively the advice and real work they contributed toward the success of our book. The volume is finished. lYe hope this Courier will recall to your memory the happy times you have spent within the portals of Fenger. 4'Good-bye, kind yearg we'll walk no more togetherg But here in great happiness we part." M. Ryan R. Bergstrom E. Zubricky Offs MHUHAKK7' Bzfxinfn Bu.vine.v.f H. Nebelsiek M. Medell H. Hanachek Cailzier Ylvpisl Tvpiyl B. Lund R. Van Valkenburgh Czzrfiifr Auf, Pimp. Erickson Phologrzzplzer M. Roeper 7QVA27I'.ff E I s , 1, ,-,f g. G. Lockwood B.f-1.1. Branch Munugez' l.. Van Rite M. Denncy M. Nelson Litermlv I.ftw'zl1lv G..-X..-X. C. Guyatt C. Hinton D, Arquilla Aff! Art Lfffflllll' H. Schumann Miss Lundquist 1551. Branch illgr. Faculty Advisar Courier Li It is the time for Hour bookl' to go to print. All of the material has been gathered, mulled over, studied, rejected, and then placed into a form of lasting memories for our readers. The rush of Wlwimell is now over, and in our naive Way we believed in an old maxim, HFeW things are impossible to diligence and skill," and confident that We could do something different, we changed the tradition of taking division room pictures to that of courses. How Well we have succeeded We shall know only when We hear your comments. Qiay they be gentlell Identifying pictures, verifying, if possible, the spelling of names, writing club stories, arranging schedules for the seniors as Well as those of the different groups in Fenger, collecting and selling the Courier, arranging assembly programs at the branches and the main building constituted the routine Work of the staff. Later came the seeking of original ideas in make-up and features. This We have accomplished only because of the willing support and cooperation of the faculty at Fenger, and its three branches, Nlount Vernon, Curtis, and Burnside. First, We Wish to extend our gratitude to our principal, hir. Schacht, and to hir. Dasher, our assistant principal, Who have cooperated with us in every possible Way. Nlr. Aiken gave us valuable statistical information about our courses. Wie appreciate Nlr. O. Rogeris suggestions. An important cog in the production of the Courier is the Courier representative. Vivithout his help in pushing sales, taking and caring for money, and various other things, the Courier would have their progress beset with difficulties. For all this, We are grateful. R. lVlcConnachic B. l.enZen C0sEdit01' Ca-Edifor D. Smiter l. Clark .7'.v5or. Edirol' Amor. Editor Roseland Community Hospital and School for Nurses IIItl1 Street and Perry Avenue Phone Pullman 7800 CHICAGO Roseland Community Hospital School of Nursing is an integral part of the hospital and is under the same governing board. Considering that every facility for the scientific care of the patient is provided, and the experienced and well qualified stall of teachers, the school offers excellent opportunity and experience in surgical, medical, obstetrical, gynecological and pediatric nursing. The sole purpose of the school is to prepare young women for the profession of nursingg to develop nurses who will have a broad understanding of human mind and body and apply this knowledge in a Way that will render the best possible service to the patient, the doctor, the community and any institution where they may be later identified. The school is accredited by the Department of liducation and Registration of the State of Illinois. Stu- dents are admitted in February and September. Hrngvriirz Evliher Hunt 1 Glalumvt Jlnhvx D E C I D E Like Many others OE Chevrolet from CALEY BROTHERS 10524-30 Michigan Ave. Pullman 7 AEEE A LARGE SELECTION OF CALEY GUARANTEED UEEE CARS S. S. KRESGE CO. 5 8a 10c Store 11227 Alichigan Ave. 25c-31.00 Store 11221 Michigan Ave, c'The Storf of Friendly Sffrzifcf' We all like milk, don't we fellows? GET IT AT BRUCER'S DAIRY I 11561 IYENTWORT11 AVENUE PULL. 3952 FRESH EGGS BUTTER BUTTERMILA' A For more vim, vigor, and Vitality eat KNAPRS home made IFE CREAM. The best. for the least. String along with the other FENGERITES. "Try a Knapp Special, Fe11as" 1058 VV. 103111 St. Phone BEVERLY 2199 INVITE THIS TRUCK TO YOUR HOME It will bring you comfort and fconomy 4 RELIABLE ROOFING Sz INSULATING OO. 117 li. 11oTH STR1c1fT Pullniau 7700 ,Qs Q Q m WPA -mr' ..rf- wa.. nk Tho uir's got 'em! The four lwullties Our Uv-l'Iflitru1's. Dig! Dig! Mr. llzxslnw. The prim- uf Fvngcr. Threro Studious Girls. Specvhzlt tllc-Svielu-vC'l11b . Planting Shrubs. Mt. Yo1'11o11's Tallvst :md sluwtvst. Alum-Y f'o-Iiclitors of l51':1m'l14-S. Cilllgllt in the au-T, ---- Mr. Smittcrr. Stuclc-nts in vlass. Hzml xvflI'kUl'S in FPIlQ2,'Cl'. 111StI'llI'tiUllS. The Stuff in the Snmv. Posiu' for Arbor Dany. Our st:1iT poses. T110 AIIIZIIQPUI' Show. After Sm-lmol Hours ui' St:1.iT Mvmbers. The' I,ilbI'ill'j'. Tlwir Pvt Pcfvve. YYm'ki11gY O11 su lnzmlf Tlw Drum :xml Bugle C'm'ps. .. Phonee I Pullman 2927-2928-2929 l Kennedy Laundry Co. 11234-36-40 Forrestville AVI i CHICAGO. ILLINOIS Save Your Health 1 Rfprffenlfd by: j0HN S. SONNENIQELD The only exclufiw Photo Store in Rofelaml 20 Years on Michigan Avenue Konfuis 2 FILMS v DICVELOPINC l ' PRINTING - ENLAIIGING - PIIoTo SUPPLIES VVORLD PICTURE CO. 115119 Mivliigan Ave. C'oIIIInv1'r'i:1l Photoggimipliois I I X l ' 4 l ,W ,,,, , K , W., TWO LEGS, Inc. PANTS - SWEATERS - JACKETS FOR EVERY MAN AND BOY 11106 Nlichigan AVG. Sterling ?L umhm: anh Qupplp QED. J Lumber--Millwork--Insulation and Building Specialties l 119lh and Halfrfd 104th and Vincfnnff ' Pullman 0220-0220 Beverly 0367 l A Good Place to Trade-Always Courteous and Eficient Service Rose1and's Largest and Finest Furniture Store HA 11232-38 YNIICHIGAN AVENUE TTONS C'oM. 1322-23 102 X -ei Shirley Snmv, Anne Slngrwr. lillen Sc'ln'zulvr. Marjorie Vzilkonlnnrg. lillvn Thswis. Helen Roggvvs-mi. .loo Yan Hzirvn. lilnine Suvuyski. .loan lYelwr. S ZW. 'E Virginia Grim. Swphio lxIlSll1lItlS. Gcworge lim-kwuml. 21 liillizin -l2lllliUVll'. Cl:ii'c'1im'v llivkv. Gt?1'fl'l1llf' VVz1ll. Virginia lXll'Sli1ll1Sl'i'li '75 Evelyn c'llI'lSHll, John liyzin, l,ziY0r11s- Van Rite. llonnu Ruth Nelson. 30 liluzilmi' Umlzvs. Phyllis lliitlic-i'l'm'tl Mario Hyun. Ninn-y .lzinv lfislwr. .lzinv Stuart. lilu May C'lurk. Ciuiistziiit-4: Guyzitt. :Xllwrtu llvlliwviii. lx'1lll'jlll'lP Mcclvll. ISN. Gwtizi Ohnian. llvnry llekkvr. lic-:mu lNIorz1. Pvzirl Lupicn. lilvziimi' Curtis. linrfls-llv Smith. . .x, lXI2llt'IllIl Stvplivlisuii. 44. l'ilitl1Hmclin4l intl 43 i . L li nil Fraser. QE! i'huc'k :incl Holm llult. Donald SIllllf0I'S. Nancy Sett. llzirry lDOYonng. Betty Baer. Evelyn ziinllmliuy liraclley. .lane-tte l"yzilkmvski. Kl:irjm'iO Nc-Imiu. QW AIN 'fdfi Pictures have always been the only language that persons of all nations and all ages could understand A Jictu 'h T . I T re Wit a brief description is a better presentation of any article than pages of eloquence in type. HSPEMAL ATTENTION T0 XYEDDING PARTIEs" 11409 S. Nlichigan Ave. Phone Pullman 1016 Chicago, Ill. 104 THEA '1' RES EXTEND GREETINGS IXIIVHIGAX AVE. AT 1l0'1'H PLAML MICHIGAN AVE. AT 113'1'H PLACE M1c'H1c:AN AVE. NEAR 111'1'H STREET 645 VVEST IQOTH S'1'm:E'1' 9 V w 105 Res. 9845 W'inc'hf-ster Avo. A PHONE Pl'I.I,XI:XY 0856 TEIJ. BNVICRIIY 3030 A DR. P. P. ZALLYS ORRIN A. EAMES t DENTIST REAL ESTATE, LOANS AND INSURANCE A 30 East 111th Street W . . Hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 33 East 111th Street 11357 M1ch1gan Ave. D - Tel. Pullman 0383 Chicago, HL V Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. Ch1Cag0, I11. .W M, HDI, .- . COMPLIMENTS OF THE PHILLIPS FUNERAL HOME 10232-34 MIKTHIGIAN AVENUE PIILLMAN 2444-5 Organ and Organist Used in All Services "The Car that Has Everything" OLDSMOBILE SIX AND EIGHT Products of General Motors NORTH ROSELAND MOTOR SALES, INC. 10558-60 So. MICHIGAN AVI-:NYE CHICAGO FRANK KUCINSKI, President Phone Pullman 6259 106' 4 I Up-to-Date Laundry Company 21 E. llflth Place A Laundry for Particular People CALL PVLLMAN 8700 GEO'S SWEDISH DEL. LUNCH as SCHOOL SUPPLIES Complete Line of Swedish Delicatessens, Soft Drinks, Ice Cream, Cigars, Candy, Cold Meats I "Tru: Hors ALI. ICU' AT UNCLE GEORGE'S" 550 VV. llltln St. Pull. 6473 Complete Professional Service BETTY CO-ED BEAUTY SHOP 603 W. lllth Street PCLLMAN 4268 Special Rates to Fengerites l STUEBING'S GROCERY AND MARKET Distributors of "Little America" Fresh Frosted Fruits and Vegetables 636 W. 120th St. PULLman 0777 Pullman 3575 CCUSINS, INC. Credit Jewelers H147 South Michigan Avenue CHICAGO, ILL. W. T. STEVESSON, O.D. 4 lP'l'OME'l'RIS'l' 11131 S. hIiC11igg:1n Avo. VHICAGO PVLL 2749 Pullman 10095 PASTEL BEAUTY NOOK A Modern Beauty Home Where Y Y O O U SERVES U T T H H In Up to The Minute Hair Styling and Permanent Waving SYLYIA AND OTTo NOVOTNY, Props. 10123 IVentwo1'th Aw. W5 CHUESLW '1'lllC BICST IN Fl,O1l'l'lRS llomr of Brazilian Shofwr Plant 1111o Wallace St. C'omm.O1S7 1 1 for SCHOOL SUPPLIES come I0 EHTCHCOCKS PHARMACY 1+'o1rNTA1N SEHY1r'E 111th Strvvt Phone :lt Wallace Pullman 0893 Come You Fengerites Visit Your Friendly Neighborhood Store NORMAL SWEET SHOP 531 W. 111th St. For Your SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND LUNCHES l'llONl'l PVLL, 3527 DR. MICHAEL L. LEVIN DENTIST l 11240-1 M l CHIGAN AY ll. 1. 'gljosing 2. c1i111I'f'i1 Win- duws. 3. 'k.Ti111gleI,ifc". 4. Collipiimtecl. 5. 'A Little Man You've Had A Busy Day." 6. Iuspex-fion. T. Ctbllgfilf ulzi- tions. S. Fire! 9. BIISHTOSSBIZIII. 10. A Iieziutiful Day In Spring. 11. Going Honw. 12. Hold It, Son! 13, Tony. 11, C'u11m'c'1iT1'z1- tion. 15. Allglfwzlllli Limos. lli. Puls. IT. Alina Mzitvr. l t fh If icago Coliog 4- x. of Commerce oy orNigi1t oiiooi Offering Courses in Typewriting, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Comptometry Convenient New Location 6309 Yale Avenue Tel. Wentwoyth 0994 Compliments ,lf ,bk 'jx sy., of the n 9 n Fenger Parent Teachers ,, ww' iii V" 'll hi I ,g-'bi nge . . -2 sifgfefgi ASSOCl3tlOH 1 " if GAY-fig, f P N i si,st' r L i e R nf ffylll' 5. -5' , :ll M rl illllfhlhi, YOUTH in his Physical, Mental, M01-al and linj f f fy, I I , , - f " Splrltuzml Development IS Our Vltal Concern. llhf wonderful for rnan to build It'5 wondrrful to writer at boole, With harnrnrr, drill and forge, To paint an arnbrr Jley, A bridge to fpan the' cataract To give the world thofr drathlryf thingy That rufhrf through the gorgr. That nrorr fadr or dirq lt'5 zoondrrful to build it town But ftill rnorr wonderful to build Whrrr moffiw birildingf tozcfrr, Thr women and the rnrn Iflfhrrr giant enginff pull and puj Who build thr citirf, fpon the floodf, And rnotorf .vpin with pozvrr. Or wield the brmh and yarn. lTlOSGl" 'S' The Business College with the Univer- sity Atmosphere-Famous for the High Type of Employees if Develops ONLY FOUR YEAR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ENROLLED Bulletin Free on Request NO SOLICITORS 4EMPLOYED 'll6 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Randolph 4347 HAROLD H. SOHMID, ILPH. IJAVID A. LOFGIQEN, R.PH. Schmid-Lcfgren 1 PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY i Rorzlanfx Only Exclufimf PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS PHONE 30 EAsT 1llTH STREET PITLLMAN 0107 CHICAGO, ILL. PHONE PULLMAN 7000 YIARDS 355 W. 112 ST. Flowers by S U M M E R , S C. K. MADDEROM CO. 1 coke - COAL -Wood PROMPT SERVICE I "Dust1ess Fuel" Pullman 0928 11405 Michigan Avenue 'i 1 10942 S. MICHIGAN AVE. i FINANCIAL l P INDEPENDENCE awaits the WILFRED Trained Beautician E n TURN RIGHT! The Road tO Success and Security in Beauty Culture is the Wilfred Course. Here yOu Learn More and Earn More. Success and Security awaits yOu as a VVilfred Beauty Culturist. Day, Evening Classes. Easy Terrns. Free Placement Bureau. Call Or Request BOOklet. WILFRED ACADEMY OF HAIR AND BEAUTY CULTURE 9 W. Washington Street State 5861 June Class 1938 Life is What We Make It Allow me to express my sincere wishes for a successful future for the students of the Fenger High School, and to offer the suggestion that in building for the future, that you guard well those things in life essential to success, especially your health, for a sound body means a sound mind, and a sound mind will lead eventually to the goal of your ambition. Practice the Golden Rule, for therein lies the foundation of your success. Your life lies before you-make the most of it. SHELDON W. GOVIER PHONE?CjOMlNlODORlC 0375 This book is bound in a DR. GEORGE H. BERNING KOVER KRAFT COVER DENTIST P.a1:KW,n Rhine. INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED COVERS FOR ANNUALS H055 So. MIL'IIIKiAN Avia. CHICAGO Phone Van Buren 4131 For Sketches and Samples No Obligations J. C. BOVENKERK, INC. I CLOTHIER K K ft Y k C 44 EAST lllTH H'l'lilCl4II Over ra earboo overs 1011 So. Califomia Ave. 1 CHICAGO, ILL. E l E ... f 'f THEME ..... FOEEWORD ...... TDI-IDICATION ......,..,. ME. SCHACHT,S REETING. . . G FACULTY ........,..... IN MEMORIAM .... SENIOR SECTION . . . CLASSES ........ Academic Commercial Technical 4B PAGE .... BRANCHES . . . Burnside Curtis Mt. Vernon SERVICE ........ Fenger News Honor Clubs Music R.O.T.C. ULUBS ...... Spanish Debating Art Camera Forum Travel Stamp Math Drama Hi-Y Science Aviation Tri-Hi-Y Astronomy Marconi Junior Citizens Ushers ATHLETICS ...e, FOURIER STAFF ............., ADVERTISEMENTSYPATRGNS Contents 459 Page 2 6 8 9 10 12 13-32 33-49 50 51-60 61 ...79 I ,96 .98 Banks' Studio .......... Berning, Dr. George I-I ....... Betty Co-Ed Beauty Shop. . . Bob's Food Store .......... Boulevard Market ...., Bovenkerk, J. C., Inc. . . . . . Brandt, Charles A. dz Co. . Brucer's Dairy .......... Caley Brothers ..., Calumet Index ...... Chapman Laundry .......... Chesterfield Federal Savings. . Chicago College of Commerce ..... . . Cochrane, Florist ........... Cousins, Inc. ..... . Dempsey's Market ,... Eames, Orrin A .... Ergo's Bakery ..... F enger Lunchroom .......... Fenger Parent Teachers Assn. George's Quality Market ..... Geofs Swedish Delicatessen. . Govier, Sheldon W ........ Gries, Florist ........ Grubb, G. R. dz Co ..... Hatton Furniture ....... Hitchcock's Pharmacy ..... Kennedy Laundry Co .... Knapp's Ice Cream ..... Kover-Kraft Covers .... Kresge Company .... Levin, Dr. Michael L ........ Lindell, Alderman Arthur J. . Madderom Coal Company. . . Metropolitan Business College ..... . . Monarch Roofing Company. . Moser Business College ...... Advertisefs Index Page Page Musical Friends .... Normal Sweet Shop ,....... North Roseland Motor Sales .... Parkway Theatre .......... Pastel Beauty Nook .... Phillips Funeral Home .... Pollock Sz Company .,.....,... Pullman Trust dz Savings Bank. Reliable Market Company ..... Reliable Roofing dz Insulating Co Ridge Theatre ................ Robinson, Dr. George M .... Rogers Printing Company ...... Roseland Community Hospital. . Roseland Music Shop ........ Roseland Theatre ............. R.O.T.C. Commissioned Officers State Theatre .... Schmidt-Lofgren . . . . . . . . Schultz, Paul R ............... Sterling Lumber and Supply Co. Stevesson, Dr. VV. T ........... Stuebingls Grocery and Market. Summerls Florist .............. Theresals Beauty Salon ...., VVilfred Academy ,..... Two Legs, Inc. .....4..... . Up-To-Date Laundry Co. . . 4 Van's Drug Store .......... VVeir Furnace ............ VVentworth Rent-A-Bike ..... Werner, Theodore Company .... World Picture Co ........... Y. e. A., mth st .... Zallys, Dr. P. P ..... Zaokopny, Steve T .... Zimmerman, John A .... AN IDYLL OF KING WORK It was a fresh September morning when the immigrants arrived at the City of Knowledge to participate in a four year tournament which was to begin the following week. It was the law of the land to refuse any person who had I1O't yet been placed in the eight year tourna- ment of the neighboring city. In order to aid the new people to become familiar with the laws of the city and the rules of the tournament, King VVork appointed several knights to do their best to guide the immigrants during trying periods of the tour- nament, and to teach them the importance of obedience to the laws of the city. Numbers of knaves inhabited the city also. These people did their utmost to fill the con- testants with fatigue. They used all their power to urge these contestants to give up, and they played evil parts when doing so. One enthusiastic participant of the tourna- ment was Student who had been successful in winning an honorable reputation from the prev- ious tournament. Unfortunately, however, Student had been pestered constantly by the knaves in this new tournament. While on his way to encounter one of the four most difficult parts of the tournament, Student faced circumstances which tripled that difficulty. He met Mr. Fear who tried to persuade him to give up his hopes and who told him that he would never succeed. Stud- ent, seeing that lyfr. Fear was only a knave trying to bring trouble to him, refused to do what he suggested. After many attempts to persuade Student, Nfr. Fear sought some other Way to inflict more trouble on to Student. Seeing that the eager contestant was on his way toward Latin Lane, which was a short cut to an important destination, Xlr. Fear put up signs saying that the road was closed. Fortun- ately for Student, Sir Courage saw the sign before Student arrived. Sir Courage, being aware of the fact that this was the work of some knave, tore down the signs and kept his eyes open for the trouble-producing knaves. Thus, Student passed through Latin Lane and completed successfully the first quarter of the tournament. But this was not the only incident in which the knaves sought to inflict trouble upon Student. VVhi1e making his way toward Chem- istry Castle in the last quarter of the tourna- ment, he came upon Mr. Laziness who told him of a shorter method of reaching Chemistry Castle. This time Student did not know that this man who was so eager to help him was another knave, for Kfr. Laziness succeeded in his persuasions. But it was not long before Student deeply regretted following the direc- tions given by lVfr. Laziness. After taking the Road of Dishonor, to which he had been directed by the knave and where there was no knave to guide him, Student came upon a dark wood. lt was the Forest of Evil. Before he had realized it, Student was lost in this forest. So, he walked on and on, worried about his whereabouts and where he would be after the expiration of the four years, and to make matters a little worse, he met a man in the forest. Student was glad that he was not the only one in this desperate place. He asked the man if he could help him find his way to Chemistry Castle. The man, known as Blr. Cheat, told him to keep straight ahead, and soon he would be on the road leading to Chemistry Castle. VVhile walking on, he lost footing and he stumbled into Coward Cave. It was a dark place look- ing like a tunnel. W'alking through it he soon found himself struggling in the Dark Pond of Despair. Somehow he managed to come out of the muddy, miry water and out of the tunnel. Looking straight ahead he could see only a scene of darkness and then a faint light. Thinking that perhaps this light might be a way of getting out of this forest, he walked toward it. Dark mountains surrounded him. He walked along a rocky path and soon saw a ravine where horrid little animals laughed and leered at him. Feeling very low, Student trudged on with bowed head filled with fatigue and worry. Suddenly he heard a voice laugh- ing from behind. Turning around he saw Nlr. Fear who was responsible for all his mishap- hapenings. Xlr. Fear, again tried to persuade him toward more trouble but Student had suffered from this persuasion once and was determined not to listen to him again. He kept going ahead toward the light which was getting larger and larger as he walked on. lNlr. Fear still hung on and walked with him. Soon he reached the exit of the forest and beheld a beautiful road called the Road of Hope. Here he met one of the knights who saw the knave hanging around Student and trying yet to persuade him. He immediately seized the knave by the arm and after listening to Studentfs account of his difficulties, brought lN'lr. Laziness before the king who summoned him to hard work in the kitchen of his palace. lyfr. Laziness then paid for his bad deeds and the knight, Sir Faith, was glad to see that Student finally reached Chemistry Castle and placed him in the great tournament. R. O. T. C. CNIT PLACES SECOND IN FEDERAL REVIEW FENGER AIILITARY BAND RECEIIVES HIGH PRAISE IN SIXTH CoRPs ARE.fX School history was made Friday, hfiay 13, by Fenger's R.O.T.C. uIIit when they were placed as the secoIId best organization in the city of Chicago. Not only did the company receive recognition, but a stated fact from Colonel Viiilliam lXf'Iorrison, U. S. Army PALS. aIId T. of tlIe Chicago High Schools said that the Fenger band was the best R.O.T.C. baIId in the city of Chicago. The unit assembled last Friday at IO on tlIe rear campus and went through a short preliminary review of tlIe inspection before the inspecting oiiicers arrived. Wihen the ofiicers, Colonel Viiilliam Klorrison and Kiajor Yancey, IIIspector General of the E. S. Army arrived, Cadet Adjutant lNIarvin Peterson gave the order to sound tlIe adjutants call and the unit swung into action. InspectioII, quiz O11 theory, drill, gym- nastics, and the use of equipment were the things reviewed by the federal officers. A certain number of points were giveII for how well these things were done aIId poiIIts deducted from the total for mistakes com- mitted. TlIe total number of points were summed up and wheII checked with other R.O.T.C. units, proved that Fenger was tlIe second highest in tlIe city of Chi- cago. Klany students wlIo proved outstanding iII this last semester's enrollment received medals at the inspec- tion. They were: Capt. Joe Adducci, Oflicers Effici- ency rnedalg Sgt. Kenneth Filley, N.C.O. Efficiency medal, Staff Sgt. Royce Klonroe, Band Efficiency medal, Cadets Bob Halleran, Gregor Larsen, Robert Hazinger, Neatest Cadet medals, Sgt. Joe Propati, Riiie hfiarksmansliip. Those awarded Tribune medals were: Cadets Joe hflasgolia, Dixon LuIIgren, Chris Hotf- man, and Cadet Corporal Robert Tissing and Cadet Sergeant Richard Sorenson. Sgt. james Ryan re- ceived the medal given yearly by tlIe Spanish American YVar Veterans Auxiliary, First Sgt. Albert Rohn, the Cook County CouIIcil American Legion Auxiliary medal and Corporal Robert Lang, the R.O.T.C. Association medal. The Disabled Veterans of the VVorld XVar awarded Dan Lucas an Ofiicers Efhciency medal, and Cadet Sgt. Nierrick Aabye was also given a medal by the Roseland Post No. 29 of the American LegioII. -Fenger News Compliments of DEMPSEY'S MARKET 1264 VV. 103RD ST. An Appreciation and Interest in BETTER MUSIC RIENDS THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1938 CCOntinuedfr0m page 325 almost unknown man, took over the German rule. VVhile freshmen we noted with sorrow the tragic passing of VVill Rogers, the beloved humorist and philosopher, and VViley Post, the well-known aviator. It was in 1935 that the Normandie was launched and here in the United States the National Recovery Act was declared unconstitutional in hlay of the same year. In September 1935, our sophomore year, we read and discussed Italy's conquest of Ethiopia. Aeronautical history was made when the Von Hindenberg Zepplin crossed to America in 33 hours and 32 minutes in May of 1936. Wihen floods began to ravage the Ohio and lhlississippi valleys, some of our students left to aid in flood relief. Our memory is much clearer on happenings during our junior and senior years in the world as Well as in school events. In fairly quick succession came events in England that saddened and thrilled us. The beloved King George V died and Edward, the much publicized Prince of VVales, succeeded him. Then came the abdication of Edward, when he declared that he could not rule without the presence of the woman he loved. How studiously we followed the details of that romance between English royalty and VVallis Simpson, the American commonerl George VI was crowned King on lhfay 12, 1937 and a romantic chapter was added to English history. Among the notables whose deaths we noted were Amelia Earhart, the famous aviatrix, John D. Rockefeller Sr., the oil magnateg Lorado Taft, the famed Chicago sculptor, Rudyard Kipling, the short story writer and poet, and our respected VVilliam Bogan, superintendent of Chicago schools. VVe were especially saddened when we heard the news of the tragic explosion in the public school of New London, Texas. Vlvars have been raging in the world these last few years. Civil Vviar has caused much destruc- tion and loss of life in Spain. Japan has been waging undeclared war on China. Hitler very recently took over the rule of Austria in a protested war. Even while the ink in our pens is still wet, the Eurpoean map may be changed further. Our years in school have seen the wide spread use of streamlining: in automobiles, in buildings, in furniture and in numerous other things. During these four years we have realized a startling increase of speed in transportation and communication. They have seen the introduction of techni- color in the movies, the popularity of swing music, the age of doodads and doofunies which women call hats, a great era in motion picture history, and the reign of Sulin, the giant panda at the Brook- field zoo. As we end our high school careers we find the world rearming for another war. Huge warships and airplanes are being built, the manufacture of firearms and of ammunitions is being carried on with fervor, and poison gases that cause us anxiety for our future are being developed. We look to the past and see changes made, now we must face the future-Viihat will it bring for each one of us, the graduates of Fenger, June '38? Time alone will tell. May I express my Hezrrtic-st I1Ol1g1'2l1-l1- lations and Best Wishes to the Students about to leave Fenger better equipped to 11101-t the pI'OlJl9lllSOfl1f0. May Opportunity make wary for you and may Success crown your vli'ort.. ALDERMAN ARTHUR CY IIINDELL Theo. Werner Co. MEN'S CLOTHING .AND FURNISHINGS SPECIAL FOR GRADUATION SMART, ALL-WOOL PREP SUITS Sizes 16 to 20. Tailored according to the Same High Standards as Our 318.50 Men's Clothes. Extra Trousers 34. 11204 SOI"I'l'i RIICIIIUAN .-XVIJNVI CHICAGO 'l'l4:l.r1vrIoNI2 PI'I.I,NIAN 17h 242141. 115 ST. 515 W. 111 ST. PIII., 0873 Um. 1182 "It's Clean Up Week Every Week" I at AL VANDERWARF'S PAINTING DECORATING PAUL R. SCHULTZ Grocery and Market 1 1800 LA Fe.YI:'I'rIc Avia. PIIONIQS PVLLMAN l1J4T5-113715 WE DELIVER DJ Zz -- z 3 go -. I-u Z io IRQ 2 14 I LL so 94: I-IJ 4 -l': Sl Q' 43 5... nc? AWEEK SQ g,,:la4 :SEEP-I g ':":ulg .4 ' 25. 3 x? ' it Q OL.- aj sc -I 'ifhi "Hn 25252: o.:x:0- I-Tang Egg gan Em 'DS E4 oss gf mi il 4 .13 LHC WJ Q.: ati -:JV , ' ,' . 1 I 1 Q- ua A y K, f J ir: :E . mfg ' I . " a- -r ::,,, 3' 1 z I 3 - ,N au Q' Q - I In I ac 4 4 -VP Air Conditioning f - Oil Burners Coal Stokers f ff- Ventilating 'l'lil.lCI'l1lJNli PI'I.I.x1Ax 02713 WEIR FURNACE CO. 339-41 West 111th sneer IVl41s1.r:Y il. ll. Rm'NoI,IJs c'liI1'Af1U, ll.I.1xm .Wf wy 1 EDERAI SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF CHICAGO CHAPMAN LAUNDRY OUR QUALITY UNEXCELLED ANYWHERE DRY CLEANING PHON I-IS CHICAGO HAMMOND Pullman 4635 Hammond 5500 Phone Comm. 1993 THERESA'S BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Distinctive Coiffures and Hairdress Designs of Individuality Expert Operators in Attendance Bleaching and Tinting A Specialty 11125 VERNON AVE. RELIABLE MARKET CO. 31 lil. 111 PLACE PHONE PITLL. 4571-4572 WE DELIVER WE TRIM OUR MEATS AND NOT OUR CUSTOMERS GEORGE'S QUALITY MARKET AND GROCERY Clformerly Known as Al's Meat Market? 555 W. 120TH S'I'IcIcIc'r We Carry A Complete Line of Live Poultry and Quality Meat At Prices everyone Can Meet. A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU PHONE PULLMAN 3682-83 GICORGIC FREKE, Prop. New 1938 Knee Action Bicycles WENTWORTH RENT A BIKE 10654 XVENTWORTH .AVE PHONE COMM. 1190 2Sc Per Hour Ask Us For Special Rates on Parties Closed on Sundays BOB'S FOOD STORE Where Quality Prevails GROCERIES AND MEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Poultry and Fish We Deliver Phono Pullman 0558 11001 State Street I 1 .. PHONE TRIANGI,I: 1221 MODERN CHAPEL l 3 JOHN A. ZIMMERMANN FUNERAL DIRECTOR 9108-9110 COTTAGE GROVE AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. PI'LLMAx 9000 Chas. H. Brandt 81 Co. Real Estate-Loans Insurance 10956 MICTIIILLIAN Avia. CIIICAGII Boulevard Market Fresh Salt and Smoked Meats Fish, Poultry, Fruit, Vegetables Compliments of the Cadet Oflicers of the Reserve Oflicer Training Corps- Fenger High School fRoster4 LT. Coll. Hl4JNliX' Mom: Muon CI-rAnLIcs BIILT CAPT. MAIINVIN PETIQIISON CAPT. RICHARD 131-ZRGSTROM CAPT. li.If:HAIm WIQHIIIII CAPT. .loslcvn ADnU4'1'I CAPT. ICUGIQNI-1 lCIIIc'KsoN CAPT. CI-IAIILIQS KIEFER 1sT LT. GIERALD PIDIIINGTON 1sT LT. DANII-:L l.UI'As 1sT LT. WILLIAM MILLIQII lsT LT 1sT LT . IIAIIIIY Jonxsox . ltoBIQIIT BIILT lsT LT. STIIPI-Ilax VAN CLAY ZND LT. Gl4lOItGl'I OLSON ZNII LT. ALVIN IVRIIQDSAII LZND LT. .Lmrlcs DI:MI:'rm' 2ND LT. Rlumoxn Grrssox ZNII LT. IYICNT Cox ZND LT lCx1MI1:'I"I' Fox Zxn L T, WILLIA Bl HIl.lIl'IfiflNlJS 419 li. 111TI-I ST, rlllilr. PITLLMAN 2974-5 WHA U7 gay W I-IW A C 0144 856405 M1 4 5'4,YAPlr' . 7715 V 00777 '- 6' 70? S4415 .. . WW-VF 4410 . 7717? 77fFC'0lY all' Ewa X M1444 ... e V i Jw X ' 9 Good Food SWEDISH BAKERY "For the Best in Bakery Goods" WEDDING AND PARTY CAKES OUR SPECIALTY 11239 Michigan Ave. Pullman 1774 Right Prices Prompt Service is the Motto of the FENGER LUNCH ROOM IQ For those who desire the Compliments of a Best in Prom Corsages Friend ROSELAND'S TELEGRAPH FLORIST 40 EAST 1llTH PI,.u'141 Xuan 1N'I1c'H1Ge-.N AVIQNU-: DR. GEORGE M. ROBINSON N153 So. C0T'I'AGE GROW: AVE. RAD. 3000 1 V 1 A Spend Your Leisure Time At 1 I YOUR 111th STREET Y. M. C. A VAN'S DRUG STORE Roseland Headquarters R. YAN IYEMPEMA, RWPH. and W for soufh End I Boys 7 to 17 S. E. Cor. 103rd and Wentworth Ave. CHICAGO MEMBERSHIP RATES Ages 7-9 Im-. ...., 35.50 Ages 12-14 Inv.. 7.00 Ages 10-ll Im- .... 6.50 Ages 15-17 Inc.. 10,00 phone Pullman 1054 Jr. Young Men 15-17 Inc' ....,.............., 12.75 1 SPORTS--CLUBS-FUN X M ss,, ..-1.-....11. E an an 1 1, D. .. LOW COST CHECKING ACCOUNTS 325.00 Minimum Balance 0 PERSONAL LOANS 0 MORTGAGE LOANS I COLLATERAL LOANS Pullman Trust 81 Savings Bank 111th Street and South Park Avenue Open Wednesday Evenings-7 to 8 P. M. MEMBER-FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PULLMAN 0448 STUDIO AT 900 W. 79TH S1 STEVE T. ZAOKOPNY ACCORDION SCHOOL New and Used Accordions For Sale at Lowest Prices MAIN STI7n1o Easy Terms 32 lCAsT ll9'1'H S'I'liI4il'l'I' CHICAGO Q STUDENT'S STORY Student having left Elementary School Town, where he had studied for eight years, set out to journey to High School City where he hoped to find his place in the world. Saying good-bye to the many friends he had made, Student started bright and early one morning. He chose to walk along Freshman Alley because it led to High School City. After walking a little Way, he met Nfr. Upperclassman, who teased him for being there. However, when Student paid no attention to him, Mr. Upperclassman left him. Continuing along his way, Student was almost run over by Bfr. Lazy who was speeding by in his new, shiny Copy Car. Seeing Student, Klr. Lazy stopped and offered him a ride. Student willingly accepted, for he was very tired. Riding along, Student noticed that friends he had made in Elementary School Town, lN'Ir. Athlete, lvfiss Teacher, and lNfr. Good lX"larks did not acknowledge his cheery greetings. He wondered about their seeming indifference and asked Mr. Lazy. But lWr. Lazy, the speed demon, was busy with the car, driving around a corner on two wheels, and bang! went one of the Unreliable Tires, Mr. Lazy had been using. Student jumped out. Dazed and frightened he began to run. He soon became tired and lay down under a tree to rest. He fell asleep and when he awoke, he found his friends, Xfr. Athlete, Xliss Teacher, and Klr. Good Klarks, standing over him. They offered to take him safely to the end of Freshman Alley and safe on the way to Sophomore Road. He was glad to have company on the way, so they went together. When the time came to part, he was warned not to leave the road and given two cards to use in time of danger. He begged them to go further with him, but was told that they would always be with him if he remained on the Road. Student thanked them, and they departed. Walking a little while longer, Student came to a brook where he sat down to rest. He took the two cards from his pocket and looked at them. On one was written Character and the other Dependability. While sitting there he heard music, and saw a Fair away off in the hills. With no further regard to the warning left him by his friends, he set off for the Fair. When Student finally reached it, he was so tired and thirsty he could hardly stand up. Entering the busy fair grounds he saw a refreshment stand. He quickly bought a bottle of pop and a sandwich. After eating them, he began to feel weak and dizzy. He asked the stand owner what it was that he had bought. The man replied that Student had eaten an Unemployment Sandwich and drunk a bottle of Unintelligence Pop. Student upon hearing this fainted. When he was awakened, he found he was bound by heavy thongs. The crowd in the fair are brandishing sticks and paddles. The stand owner, lNTr. Forgetful, asked him whether he would willingly become a member of Fall-by-the-Wayside or be forced to join. Student said he would not. just as the mob was about to strike, a member of the band shouted that Nfr. Text Books was coming. As if by magic, Student was left there alone. hir. Text Books came chugging up in his old model Homework Car, with his helpers, Klr. Library and hffr. Attendance. hir. Text Books leaped out of the car, raced over to Student, and prepared to hit him. Student cried out telling him who he was. Nfr. Text Books asked for proof. Student told him of his two cards and where to find them. Wlhen the cards were found, he was untied and helped. Mr. Text Books then ordered Student to ride with them, so he would keep out of mischief. On the way once more, Student received scolding and a warning to remain on the road. Wlhen they reached Junior Street, one of the tires became fiat. Xlr. Attendance suggested that Student go right on so as not to lose any more time. Student got out and began walking. After walking a way Student heard a car behind him. joyously he turned around thinking it was Mr. Text Books. However, it turned out to be none other than lX'fr. Lazy in a newer, brighter Copy Car. He stopped and offered Student a ride, but Student having learned his lesson, declined. A little later lkfr. Text Books found him and took him up to Senior Avenue, where they left Student to get to the Gates of Fame alone. As Student walked along he noticed others like himself on the same road. They also looked weary and tired. Soon Student saw the Gates of Fame, through which he must go to get his position. At the Gates of Fame, Student met lXfIr. Principal who gave him a paper, which would show others that he had made the journey and had come out on top. iiiiiiiiSii'ii3 ' Io Win and consistently hold a place as the recognized leader of school annual printing, has been the record of Rogers Printing Company since its beginning in 1908. ' That we have, during a period of 30 years, success- fully produced hundreds oiannuals for schools through- out the country, attests our ability to satisfy completely the most discriminating Year Boolc Stalli. ' New ideas, coupled with the Icnowledge and experi- ence gained through a quarter of a century's service, insure the school that chooses a Rogers printed booI4 of ideal pages "From Start to Finish." ' We are proud that the stahf oi THE CQURIER entrusted its printing to our organization and we herewith present it as an example of our worlc. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY 307-309 First Street 228 N. I.aSaIIe Street DIXON, ILLINOIS O CHICAGO, ILLINOIS I 2 I 5".'-L5-uf. I'fI'7'-4-5. I:f5JfI iz.: .3 JE: :ms :SVR mi: ,R .wjfyv . , Il:-:::I..Y,l.4,jl.,I.I.l,- -U:w..,:5:" fp..-:r.g'..I,.: ,.,q55.'.fsg,Q:..I':I.:i,5m'.': ,,':.-V3'-g.':,',5,'.: -.-5-:1'H:.qI .." '-::.." 'f'.'-,-1' . ,:,.,.,,5 :TAIR-gig-g,g,., .IH ,A - HI.. ---..I . 3 ,I ,,--H, Z'-mgl1:g.::5. ',g..,. -.I..g:5 55 IIII1'gJ-.',- .43 ': -,gg 155 . - 7:25.-5 .555 .5 I, , . - :'IffII'-"'I :E IIfIf:I5f'1 I57"'fi,'-'.'i5V5f" '.:l'.'-'fy I IlZ',I::'511: 359' 'if' IJJ' ff'.'if.':'ff,:'5 ' I,,1,.,.1EQf,'EfIQf' rI ', 52, , .155sg,::5.g.55E:Q5gIQ ,' 13' ' ' ' ' 5- 5l:.5,E::.55.:iE3!5Ee v 1::5- V 5 :ucfgg '."-Tw 'I:: ,-5:15-rw 5:.- H'-' W '- .f,g.,,, "'f- ,.,,.,f .II I -. ,- ,I5 III.. 5 1 :qty-,-5.5 5 55.1,5.5.35:5555g5 j5,,,:- pug- ,I . -55.-1 mf, -I -, .ftwf I I M5559 dgrgizn, I :sry ,, 5. , I, . :-155.'!"..xf., . .- 5 I ul I... ..w,. .lv - - :L I ,.5. ...sys M5 ' .IIQII .- .::' y 5,5 ., ., " ' .555 35555 iff P I' "I ' i E22'Ei5s'!5f5fE 5,f5Yf.Ifi'l"i'Z3if'f'?'741 " ' qc. 5 'iii 5557 3? 'I 1, .55 .5-55 f - 1.-, F . , .... ,. I, - I. 1,-I . 5 H 1. ', fi 5 I f " .' ' " 1 1 ' 555555 f 'I f I pl IIII' I " W'j.,a I gr ff': f! IMI , IIIEI' "' , 5 If? I ' 'pl' lf" I III PHI II' ', p ...f,,,,,,f I I III If f I . r I' f"f I I 5 - ,.. , 5 5:5555 ,,'. ff F III' rl" -' 1 I r! r I I" I:77 FUI 'fly 4 If!! will ",f XII 'F'f ll fI,f WUI' I 'IE I l?rI r' . 5 55: Sf:r5 r wr s N: HH mt: Fir: Nw' F 9.1! fl lf p Ir II I II 'IX I I I I ,H I I-I I III I n I I I., r:: '. .. . , .r"' I' I::E I 5, :: 5'Er I . V' v III ',I: lPII' I I Ill .r rv::II III III II , -.IIIII P' 1'F" ' I 'F pv pfr ' II " Hr' ' ,, F' prr, ,I I .I 'I I: 'sr' ,III.5i I I f I "I V Eg ,IIIIHII "III pg If '. .IIII5 If " I rr 55 III I II I' ' I' 'Iii-5 .II f. 5 'IIE IIB ' FI I Q Ze I, U F Ur X we H -rr , HI' 5, W gf I 5 fn I , f" - If -I II W WI HII ? If 'I rv 'Q f ef : r, III r nv III' Xu-I ,pp fl I-HI X I nr . ri P g I IN kw 6: III- rrl' vr I W IIFI' IF ,- '5 I FII rr I-I H FI III' fl V 'II' P I ' ' K If, II I'I'I I I r Hp ,v n 5 1 . 251 gm., W 4 r A , 15 .1::.: I 51 , 5, 'i f f If 4 I .. . L f . 35515555 55551 ' 1, ' , 55 g:::Q5EE' Z5- 355 5. 5555? "fig " ' I ' ' ,Q 555 25525 r L I , - 5 I f I , '-"NV' ' 555555 , I 1' 5" ' V'-"X ' EEEIII ' V' CI, - III' ' " WI- ' ,.l'f" I 55252 N .f ' '-I ' I 555555 is-5:55-, Jail? 2555552 , I' ' I-I I .I I' I 4 v 5.55---.55 I 5--If, 5555555555 . 5 555515 ..Lr: . Q I 1855. P 5555.1 .,, I 5555552552555 Ek Q. 55555a555f5.'ssa 55322 ' . ' fa ' 5554552221555 255555: :HH 5255! 5 1H2?? PMB SPIE II B 534. IIPTIR 'I E NITE IE B? II:I. .., III 5 SIIIIII W 2 Ehfiijigwi 51AiQgi5f4f'i2i225f 5555 T KS III2III . Dfqis ff. 2i24W46Z2iZ' E 5222 ZZZZ7ZzzzzZQQg5i2zZZ2jfPwr i' I PRIDE I -k 'A' 'k 'K ir Ik PRIDE IN ABILITY, PRIDE IN PROGRESS, PRIDE IN OUR STEADILY INCREASING BUSINESS FRIENDSI-IIPS TYPIFY TI-IE OF TI-IIS ORGANIZATION IN TI-IE YEAR BOOK FIELD ...... G. R. GRUBB CS, COMPANY TI-IIRTY YEARS OF GENUINE SINCERITY I I I I 2-5 J. O. POL 8a LACK CO. JEWELERS FENGER CLUB PINS 7 YY. M to the HIGH SCHOOL FRATERNITY PINS l 10th Floor ADISON-AT S'1'ATE VHICAGO I '.:.:.-lure .! " Fl !i!!E::g..5 - - I n4gsssasg:aai 5:smsea I 2:a.i:"il!-iinif "-sa3i'.iI""" is I'-:'iEi:::a!!?i?5fHiiI I X593 I I f -I gb eiiiiiissaasiiig f , EEEEEE'-f-F5525 Ne Ol ,Q ' gi I f XOR ,K O N we f X f e- f , I In XXX , X-L, - Ipfy f I I I W I 1 . ' l k., 'E'-?g,1i'I1 ' ' -' ,ff 1, Y Y ll, M-'Ta- ' ' - IFHHEFEI.. I ..1....-nm -li., ..- i 3 , CWC. AGAIN WE PULL TOGETHER I We N Our Advertisers E E They D Our Business FENGERITES ze Patronize Our Advertisers and Say HVVQ Saw It In The C 'OURHCR 126' l I D ' A k - BUSI N ESS COLLEGE 66 Mid-Year Term, February 7 BUSINESS NEEDS TRAINED HELP lVIany Fongcr Alumni are now filling fine oiicc positions after having attended this College Secretarial, Accounting, and all Business Courses Cbmptonictcr, Brush-up, Spccd and Review Courses CREDIT GIVEN FOR COMMERCIAL WORK DONE IN HIGH SCHOOL Intcnsivc Instruction and Rapid Progress Modern Methods. Frco Eniployrncnt Service VISITORS WELCOME. BOOKLET ON REQUEST Roseland School, 11324 Michigan Ave. - Phone PullmanI6594 Downtown School, 37 South Wabash Ave. - Phone Randolph 2637 N I 2 S' AUTOGRAPHS vxqyykl scnal 9 ' fl xX fifbsocxhw 44.4

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