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Q - ,f 500' ' LX 4' I W U I 7 ,gtdbfllcl L-. 5 , L! ' ,L ,f A qh 4 C 0 My R L ,X Ldqgi L44-144, Cl! ' ,XL c.2f.4,.,f..,.. L0M,A-,141 L UNE, 1934,,Ef - . 'nr - 1 'E A , A I ' jj U lf' AQ' 7 b W . MAJ WW 4 Q o 4 0 X E . W' My V 54 L 1 C fx, WV f f A A Cp X I 41 Q1 ' X ' 5 I , 'L vw 1 L :L 'L 5 1 . ' X X - ft? 1 . X -A A- ' X D61 , 1 'asia N .3521 5 PUBLISI-IED ag ' BY 'rule JUN1-1 ' CHIQADUATING CLASS ' . OF 'rl-lla ' -J CIfI12IS'1'IAN FPINGPEIQ L E2 XSIENICJR 1-IIG H SCHOOL EW 11? f I-I 1 C A G 0, I L L I N 0 1 S x L Unljlil 1 Qi as Txxp wi ffifw' if Q - Lv---f ,A 14? ,,,4xlV lp Q LLLLLLL r LLL 4 A FORE ORD I . IN THIS VOLUME WE HAVE STRIVEN ACCURATELY TO I me if IDEALS, AND ACHIEVE- MENTS OF THE SCHOOL. WE HAVE ALSO RECORDED MANY HAPPY AND JOYOUS INCIDENTS WHICH WE HAVE MET WITH DURING i ,ff OUR "ALL-TOO-SHORT" PE- QO RIOD OF ATTENDANCE AT I A FENGER, AND WHICH WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN OUR MEMORIES. Q J . U X I ff' . , A It P li V M' X A . l If 7? gn 4' V Lf JM WL P 0 'KJ J ' X OMIA' NX I 'zfgg J' A A I X Ty I kkxixy I PORTRAY THE SPIRIT, i ,L N W L 474 I 'L QA K ,ff-, A I I I D E D C A T I I KI. I4 In - -J L , If X lx llxrxj I ix" 1 J' 'HR'- L , L? U' - WE, THE JUNE CLASS OF I It XX A Q fur X I hgh 1934, DEDICATE THIS, OUR ,, X COURIER, TO YOU, DEAR I K if PARENTS, WHO LIKE A , , BEACON GUIDING A SHIP , If ON UNKNOWN WATERS, ' f HAVE GLADLY AND CHEERFULLY, AMID HARD- I SHIPS WHICH WE KNOW ' WERE ENDURED FOR OUR Q SAKES ALONE, LIGHTED " OUR WAY AS WE WALKED, M' STRANGERS ON THE q ' ROAD OF LIFE. D ,J L05 lv f-7a-A-f""'4i""' 'zI'L""'i !. J f I .I ' W' 2 1 if 'JW , . f.--"pi . X I V I xt f - N. Ki X, XA fx i !!' , fQS I 'I . Sven Q' Siid SWUWg,W7 JI' .-1. 1 ' -1 W . L, j N '--f A 1 ' . L!! ,,V. -"Q.f'R.fLL4Q ,Z ,Y-1,-Vin". :K ,dir ' ' H E T OUR THEME IS LIKE A TRAIL, WHICH MAY BE FOLLOWED, NOT JUST TO SEE WHAT LIES AT ITS END, BUT TO ENJOY THE SCENES ALONG THE WAY. WITH PICTURES WE HAVE BLAZED THIS TRAIL THROUGH OUR BOOK. WE HAVE TRIED, WITH OUR INEXPERIENCED HANDS, TO PORTRAY COMMU- NICATION AND ITS PROGRESS. MANY YEARS AGO, IN THE SOLITUDE OF OUR WILD AND BEAUTIFUL LAND, THE IN- DIANS SENT SMOKE SIGNALS SPIRALING SKYWARD, AND THE BEAT OF THEIR TOM- TOMS ECHOED THROUGH THE DENSE GREEN FORESTS. TO- DAY, IN THE SWIRL OF A LIVE- LY NATION, THE ROMANCE OF OUR PROSAIC INSTRUMENTS OF COMMUNICATION IS LOST, UNLESS WE 'REMEMBER THE STRUGGLES OF THE MEN WHO GAVE US THESE MODERN CONVENIENCES. ,J x Q34 Y AIN .741- ,nl Q -X' f K L A 1 SN X , CO T 1 f r f R l T T V FOREWORD E-3 DEDICATION THE TRAIL X A WMU ADMTNISTRATION WJ. 4 O, , SENIOR CLASS I UNDERGRADS N BRANCHES M V., 07.0 I ,jf V M IQLQ' , A T H L E T 1 c S 7 TT AJ" 'T C L U B S , PVT S ' AV S E R V 1 c E f X 1, LV V ADVERTISEMENTS M ' " , P offffkf " :DMV CARTOONS X 2 , A H U M O R SNAPSHOTS . ,A ' 6 I N D E X :J ff ' ' 1 Q T ,Y N ' I5 "X W,?'4w OJ! AV.. 3 Q WU 7' A U ,vwflhi ,.,'x,4I- ' - I I ,f , R In ' X 1 X I1 " ,7 'A 'L N E, r' ,- G' XA . , W. , EQVXH N7 T 4 N . xb , yy QRS, F -.J , n 1 .I ix , U v lhnk ADMINISTRATION Frederick W. Schnchc George F- DSSIICI' p,.jm-jimi Assistant PZi1lCi i Wffmdksfs se 1 ii I 'I ' Philip Carlin Julia Mcincrney Assistant Principal Assistant Princifml Science F English Of- Q W I DJ O V L D F i'- E 4 , U , X q.j","ff'f is 4' I, 's ..f ,L Seven Elizabeth Campbell English Eleanor Castle English, Pub. Sflfflklllg Lois A. Connor English, Drama Margaret Dc Vine English Leon De Alarid Spanish Josephine R. Korten Spanish, German Nora M .Carroll Hislory, English Peter De Graff Civics Clara T. Penn History Sayers A. Garlick Coin. Gcog. Walter H. Brill Math., Algebra, Geoin. Ella M. Burlchardt Malh., Geoin., Algebra Maud A. Bailey Physics Emil C. Bennett Chcnzisfry Doris M. Blachly Botany George J. Aiken XVOOILYDOII, Mech. D ra zu. Louis T. Cook Meth. Drawing Eight ADMINISTRATION ENGLISH Esther Lundquist Edna M. Stephens English English Anne L. Milburn Katherine Stevens English, Amer. Lil. English Margaret Robertson Margaret Taylor English English Ruth XV. Robinson English LANGUAGES Wilfred McPartlin Grace G. Murray Loiin, French French Hildcgarde Meisekothen Ruth M. Smart Lalin, English SOCIAL SCIENCE German Heber M. Hays History Margaret S. Hill Hislory Gladys Jacobson Com. Geog. XVlliam Lechtenberg Hisiory, Laiin, German Grace B. Lincoln History Isabel McKirdie History Marion D. Moran English, Hislory lngeborg R. Olson Hislory, Com. Geog., Com. Civics MATHEMATICS Charlotte Fowler Malh., Geoin., Algebra Fanny A. Hall Malh., Geom. Gra don NV. Mumford Y Malh., Alg., Shoji Mrzlh., GFOIII. Gertrude Sehuesslcr Alg., Sho11Malh., Gemn. SCIENCE Norma A. Deane Zoology Harriette Freeman Zoology, English, Gen. Science XVallace H. Fristoe Physics, Gen. Science Dorothy E. Huebner Botany Elsie Meinhardt Science Williani C. Reich Physics, Gen. Scienre TECHNICAL George J. Foster Uda H. Koerner Eleciric Shop Mach. Draw., Arch. Draw. john J. Kehoe XValter Overholzcr Prinling Printing, Merh. Draw Sarah J. Thomas English, Amer. Lit. Laura A. Verhoeven English Vera H. Wertheim English Grace A. Thomas Lalin Charlotte Smith Civics James H. Smith Com. Gcog. Nora B. Stevenson English, I-Iixfory Ira W, Wagcnman Hislory Mildred Taylor Math., Trig., Ionrnalisrn Leland R. Thompson Chrmislry Lena M. Crum Cooking, Alg., H. H. M'grn'! Elsie L. Parsons Sewing Julian J. Sykes Aulo Shop Thomas L. Van Scoyoc Wooilshop T Florence R. Caird Sleu., Typing, English Pearl M. Diggs Tyjiing, English Idah A. Henicksman Stan., Typing Alice Kavanaugh Typing, Conijzl., English Edith Mary Kay Sien., Typing, English Nclle B. Green Freehaurl Ar! Cleopatra M. Wilson Manager, Shoji Mafh., Malh., Lalin, Algebra Congetta Change English, Bus. Tr. Bertha Erickson Bus. Tr. Marjorie Glavin Laliu, Vocalious Beatrice Graham Mathematics Marian F. Brazelton Span., French, Bus. Tr. Alice Eddy Lafin, English, Music Bernard M. Harrington Algebra, Bus. Tr. Willian1 R. Burnham Banil, Music Jessie Anderson Dorothy Bresnahan Harry Beals Engineer, Cuslorlian Madlyn Cassell Lnnchroonz Mgr. 1 ffl g V4 i T 'I 'x ADMINISTRATION ' ' COMMERCIAL Luella Kettlehon Ethel J. Miller Boolzluwlving, Conipl., Slcn., Transcripf BUS- TV- Helen O'Malley May B. Kring Sfen., Typing T3'l'f"8 Helen O'Sullivan Ernest E. Lange Slen., Typing B00klU'1'l'i"8' Marguerite Plummer Marie McCutchenn Baohlleelling Sec. Tr., Transcrilil ART Edna M. Marlin XVilliam E. Musick Frechaml Arl, Major Ari Freehand Ari, Fine Aris BURNSIDE BRANCH jack Landes Ruth Wliite Frwhaml Draw., Mech. Gen. Science Draw., Womlshoji CURTIS BRANCH Madeline johnson Ida B. Petrich H. H. Arts English Frances Mills Frieda Robinson Science, Civics English MT. VERNON BRANCH Eugene C. Hedges Ari., Mechanical DI'Il1UlI7,l,', Gen. Freehand M ary E. Mccabr English Mary G. Lusson Glee Cluhx, Music Frances Mullen Gorman Pickard Science, Shop Malh., Alg Stella Platt English, Algebra MUSIC Williaxii N. Trimble Oraheslra, Music PHYSICAL EDUCATION Malh., Bus. Tr., Algebra Sgt. Carl Christoffersen Douglas A. Fessenden K.O.T.C. Ellen De Haan NVesley Fotch Sufilnniiug, Gym., Mt. Vernon ADMINISTRATIVE AID Irma F. Clark Anna Kelly Librarian Malrou Etta B. Fluke Dorothy Larson Librarian Clerk fl' " . Edna M. Randall Bookkeeping NValter Sampson Boolzeeping, Bus. Org. Bernice M. Shine Typing Claude Smitter Econ., Bookkeeping, Confl Law Jessie Solomon Salcsmanshifn, Adv. Helen Vizard Posler, Courier Art, Gen. Freehand Major Art Mabel Whitney English, Civics Ruth M. Wise German, Alg., Gen. Sci. Marjorie P. Schulz Science Franeclia Stuenkel German, English, French John Zinngrabe Mech. Draw., Shop Malh. John Van de Velde Mech. Drawing, Wooll- shop Alma B. Watson English, Science, German Genevieve C. Wright Freehand Drawing, H. H. Arls . Frank NV. Knight Coach, Gym. E. F. Young Gym. Rosella McKenna Clerk Sarah Schmid Clerk Nine - 1 l l PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION "Ls "cc-"' " 3 3 1 Y, i Mrs. Carl T. Anderson, Music, Mrs. Norman Fraser, Home making, Mrs. Elmer Lane, Delegate, Mrs. Mar- tin Stephan, Library, Mrs. William Wetzell, Ways and Means, Mrs. Eugene Helland, Leisure Time, Mrs. , George Carleton, Membership, Mrs. Guy Avery, Student Aid Mrs. John Caird, Recording Sec'y., Mrs. W. E. I-Iavrkins, Citizenship, Mrs. Victor Beckman, Corresponding .Sec'y., Miss Elizabeth Campbell, and Vice-President, Mr. Frederick Schacht, 3rd Vice-President, Mrs. Peter Buikema, President, Mrs. Ray Main, Treasurer, Mrs. john Woodward, Publicity The National Congress of Parents and Teach- ers was organized on February 17, 1897, in Wash- ington, D. C., nby Mrs. Alice Birney, promoting child welfare in'home, school, church, and com- munity. The National Congress of Parents and Teachers is recognized as the largest group of vol- unteer -workers in the world devoted exclusively to child welfare. Because it is the agent making the contacts be- tween home' and school, the local association is the vital unit in the Congress. The home is the foundation for the child's life, the school builds on' this foundation, and just how effective this building will be depends on how well the founda- tion is-laid. By sympathetic understanding of each other's view point the teachers and parents form a very effective partnership in t.he educa- tion of the child. Because the objectives of edu- cation cannot be achieved by the teachers alone, the parents and students must understand the real purpose of education as interpreted today. The Student Council of Fenger High School felt the need of an organization whereby the parents and teachers could meet on fa social basis. So upon the approval of Thomas C. Hill, principal, Joseph Brack, Mayor iof Fenger, appointed Lawrence Drumheller as chairman of the committee to make arrangements for a 'preliminary meeting to be held Tuesday evening, June 11, 1929, when the Fenger Parent-Teacher Association was formed. At this meeting Mr. Henry Penn was elected temporary chairman, and Mrs. J. E. Taylor, Presi- dent of the Junior and Senior High School Coun- cil, presented and outlined the plans of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. The second meeting was held in the small auditorium on Friday evening, June 21st, to perfect the or- ganization plans. Ar this time the following offi- cers were elected: President, Mrs. E. C. Helland, Tm first Vice-President, Mr. George Dasher, second Vice-President, Mr. J. W. Carnegie, third Vice- President, Mr. Thomas C. Hill, Secretary, Miss Marie McCutcheon, Treasurer, Mrs. C. C. Gault. Evening meetings were held until the following March when it was deemed advisable to hold the meetings in the afternoon. The association has tried to be of service to the school by contributing to the Student Aid Fund, by donations to some of the clubs, and by assisting in the endeavor to secure adequate school relief, and to support three promoting legislative bills. The faculty and stu- dents have assisted the P. T. A. with their month- ly programs, through printing, posters, Fenger News, Courier, sale of tickets, and in the recent minstrel show, making it a real Parent-Teacher Association with student participation. The Fen- ger Parent-Teacher Association solicits the inter- est and support of the whole Fenger community in its desire to be of service to its students, its school, its community. It needs the cooperation of persons interested in the welfare of the students of Fenger High School. The present officers and chairmen are President, Mrs. Peter Buikema, first Vice-President, Miss Marie McCutcheon, second Vice-President, Miss Elizabeth Campbell, third Vice-President, Mr. F. W. Schacht, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Florence Caird, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. B. A. Beck- man, Treasurer, Mrs. Kay Main, Publicity, Mrs. John Woodward, Membership, Mrs. Geo. Carle- ton, Ways and Means, Mrs. Wm. Witzel, Hospi- tality, Mrs. Jacob Shiffman, Student Aid, Mrs. Guy Avery, Music, Mrs. C. T. Anderson, Library, Mrs. Martin Stephan, Leisure Time, Mrs. E. C. Helland, Citizenship and Juvenile Protection, Mrs. W. E. Hawkins, Homemaking, Mrs. N. A. Fraser, and Delegate, Mrs. Elmer Lane. f n u Y Ele uen AN APPRECIATION We, the editors on the Courier staff, wish to express our thanks to the many, many people who have so willingly aided us in the many proj- ects connected with the publication of our book. It is to these kind friends that we owe thanks. With that same humorous twitch on his lips, the wink of an eye, and a clever greeting with which he meets his friends, Mr. Frederick Schacht took time from his daily duties to advise us and to give us his opinions on whatever happened to be the matter of difficulty at the time. We want to express our love and thanks to him. Besides the countless other ways in which he had helped us, Mr. George Dasher always took the pages and pages of proof that we handed him with a rather speculative look, a crooked smile, which we enjoy, and a clever remark, but we know this takes time, and we are indeed grateful to him for his willing- ness to do whatever we asked of him. Miss Eliza- beth Campbell, because of her kindly interest and splendid cooperation, has made us want to thank her, too. Because her charming and gracious manner has so endeared Miss Marie McCutcheon to us, we hope we haven't imposed by asking her to do for us countless things. To Miss Helen Vizard We owe and extend innumerable thanks for her super- vision of the art work which is seen in the book. Without her search for the best talent in the art students, her- advice, and encouragement, we would not have the pictures to beautify our Courier. During the four days of group picture taking, we found Mr. Claude Smitter could usu- ally manage things either with a smile or a com- mand at just the right' time. Miss Charlotte Smitl1's genial 'personality often added to the joys of picture taking. To those in charge of the branches, Miss Julia Mclnerney, Miss Cleopatra Wilson, and Mr. Phillip J. Carlin and their re- spective corps of teachers, we cannot adequately express our gratitude for their giving us all, -and even more than we asked of them in encouraging picture taking, sales, and branch material. In the oflice, Miss Sarah Schmid, Mrs. Dorothy Larson, and Miss Rosella McKenna were most agreeable about necessary checking that we had to do in order to have correct statistics in the Courier. To Mrs. Anderson, for her snapshots for the G.A.A. page, to Miss Mildred Taylor, and the News staff for their helpful publicity each week, and to Mr. Neil Trimble who gladly assisted by rendering music for our Courier assembly, we extend our Twcl uc' appreciation. We also thank Miss Mary Lusson for her willing assistance to us whenever called upon, and her promptness in giving us material for the opera. We want to express our gratitude to Mr. John J. Kehoe, who was cheerfully ready to aid us whenever we needed advice in printing matters. We wish to thank, for their many kind- nesses, Miss Elsie Parsons and Mr. Lewis Cook, who were always ready to assist us, Mr. Uda Koer- ner for his supervision of the cartoons, and Mrs. Cassel and Mrs. Kelly to whom we owe the success of our faculty tea. At this time we would like to tell the entire faculty how much we appreciate their graciously permitting us to speak before their division rooms on pictures and sales. To the E-nglish teachers for asking their classes to contribute to our literary pages, and to the Quill and Scroll for the rights to use the manuscripts entered in the contest, we extend our gratitude. Students, too, have done their part. Edgar Firant, aside from drawing cartoons, desig-ned the cover, but refused to sign his name on it for fear of spoiling the design. We feel that he deserves recognition for his work. Ralph Gault, Jeanette Swanson, and Lorraine Marianelli, who, although they are not on the Courier staff, have done so well in their art classes that we are using their designs in our pages. To Miss Robinson's English class for feature stories on branches and to all those who have contributed their poems or essays, we express our thanks. Three cheers to the Courier representatives! They did beautifully in sales and picture taking, and for their cooperation we extend to them our sin- cerest appreciation. It was our wish to include everyone in this acknowledgment, but if anyone was omitted who .has faithfully served us, it is because his name has not been brought to our attention. Few people know what Miss Ruth Winslow Robinson, our adviser, has done for us. Hours and hours of her time were spent in an effort to make our Courier a success. It is she who encour- aged us when we were low in spirit, she who advised us and helped us to complete our work. Therefore, we give her our most sincere gratitude for her efforts, and hope that we have made our- selves worthy of them. BERNICE KUZIEL CHESTER SLINGERLAND Ezlifors-in-chief COURIER STAFF Bernice Kuziel Ruth Linde Ruth W. Robinson Diana Barich Chester Slingcrland Iiditor'-in-Clsiaf Typist Faculty Adviser Typist Editor-in-Chief XVillian1 Pislcaclm Florence Skold I-Iclen Chester Lebcra Bulf June Zaleski Howard Johnson Asxocirrtc' Editor Finunvinl Suvrvlury Fimzncinl Secretary Financial Srfcrvhiry Financial Sern-tary Branch Manager Ludwig Trozpek Carmen Basilc Mary Wt1li1'1sley Vivian Buikema Laura Zawojski Harry Flora Ernest Halze B.A.A. Editor Pnlzlicity Manager Humor Editor Social Editor G.A.A. Editor R.O.T.C. Editor Circulation Manager Edwin Lieth Edward Pacewicz Helen Nelson Edgar Firant Josephine Zolpe William Torpi Harry Hoogstraal Photography Editor Art Editor Art Editor Cartoonist Art Ediior Art Editor Photography Editor Ruth Vander Mey Myrtle Piehler Virginia Fieldhouse William Dexter Mary Louise Taub Charlotte Lauer Literary Editor I nlvr1fii:w Editor I ntw' view Editor Literary Editor Interview Editor Literary Editor Martin Stephan Harry Vanderbilt Margaret Felkamp Don Smith Henry Vander Schilden Bnxinrxvs Manager Bnximfss Mrnmger Office Manager Business Md11HgL'1' Business Mazinger Thirteen l . Q CLASS HISTORY Our four years of higah school life are over. Wliatever has happened during this span of time is now written on the pages of history. All we have left are our friendships and memories! Happy ones, sad ones, yet I don't believe there is one we would relinquish if we had the opportun- ity to turn back time and live those four years over. No doubt there are some events we might alter somewhat, but since tihat is impossible, 1et's just review our closely written pages entitled, "High School." First we'll turn to our freshman year. We were strange then-but after we became adjusted, oh, -didn't we make things hum? First came the Freshie parties, where we began to know "who's who" in our class. Weren't the boys bashful, and now haven't uhey changed? Most of the girls joined the G.A.A. and participated in all the hikes. What did we care if we earned a blister or two on our heels? The fun was worth it. And then came the G.A.A. Minstrel. All the girls turned "black-face," and the excitement-! To those who had never before lived through a high school entertainment, life was just one dream of bandannas, black wigs, and black paint. It was a gala night, over all too soon. But when that was finished, there was always something else to look foreward to. The school's dramatic talent was displayed in the presentation of Daddies and Martha. The more studious pupils nightly carried home many books in an attempt to make the "Phorex." The Courier and Fenger News were new words to us, but it didn't take us long to become acquainted. However, before we knew it we had to desert our freshman realm and enter into a new field. Our "sophisticated" sophomore year opened in a blaze of excitement. "Fenger Frolics" was on everyone's tongue. Do you remember the "Ballet- Hoo' in which some of our famous football heroes turned premieur-danseuse? And that was only a part, the less serious part, of our sophomore year. It seemed as though we were getting a little more homework, but we didn't mind because of our interest in the honor societies. During this year our class was increased by the addition of the Curtis Junior High graduates. And they cer- tainly were a splendid annexation, for some of the world's future leaders are among them. Our class had become active in the athletic associa- tions, others turned to drama and music to express their feelings. Goodness, here it is summer again, and next September we will be Juniors-. just think! Fourlcen And then came our junior year. We were really a part of the school now. Our girls all joined the Junior Girls Club, and they will never forget the good fellowship enjoyed at these meetings. Our boys were helping Fenger's teams win victories in all fields of sports, and we are sure it was due to them that we broke the Parker and Pullman Tech Jinx. The Drama Club successfully presented Green Stockings and the cast was chosen mainly from our class. The high light of the year was the evening's entertainment of the Glee Clubs. Our girls displayed the latest fashions to the tune of sweet music in The Nifty Shoppe. Next we took a flying trip to Georgia with the Boys' Min- strel Show which brought the evening to a suc- cessful climax. And then we prepared ourselves for the last lap of the race. Now we are happy and ambitious seniors. How different September '33 was from the long-ago September '30, when we timidly stood on the doorsteps waiting permission to enter the magic portals. It seems almost impossible that, at last, we 'have reached our goal. Since that far-a-way day we have grown in stature of mind and in the ability to accomplish things. Wc're sure all of us were a little bit sad as we realized this was to be our last year. Eeveryone seemed more interested in school activities. Our class was orgnnizedg we elected our officers who immediately set to work to make our class a prominent one. Our senior year was filled with all sorts of events. Some of our class became student librarians. One of the dra- matic events of the year was the presentation of the student librarians' plays in order to keep the library functioning in its accustomed manner. At the P.T.A. Minstrel our class was widely repre- sented. But 21 real all Fenger production was Little VVo11zen presented by the Drama Class. And then at the end of our 4B semester ohere was the Prom-a glorious end to a glorious semester. We are now come to the end of our high school career. The Courier Staff was announced and hearty congratulations came from every- where. Then too, many of us have been members of the Phorex and the National Honor Society. We had many good times together at the fre- quent socials. But our school days are drawing to an endg there'll be no more classes, no more heavy books, and no more socials. Our high school life was a great adventure. Though we as friends may part, our memories will not die. The once new pages are fully written. The book is closed, and we aspire to higher things. Bruno Virginia Margaret June Raliin Fieldhouse Fclkamp Zaleski Class Molto Out of School Life into Life's School Class Color Pale Green and Gold Class Flower ' Yellow Tea Rose 4A COMMITTEES Moffo jack Novak Lucas Larocca Venita Thevick Color Flower Peter Broehl Jean Rumbold Grace Nystrom John Barisas Jean Rumbaugh Elsie Angel nnouncement Cap ami Gown Raymond Vogt Everett Eastlund Bruno Raiin Evelyn Walper William Burkhardt: Guido Ceragioli Fifteen SENIORS CARMELLA ADDUCCI 11531 Wentworth Avenue General Laugm Nat'l. Honor Soc.g Phorexg Hall Guarclg Glec Clubg G.A.A. Repr.g Fri Vol. Ballg Basketballg I3 G.A.A. Barsg jr. Girls' Club. MARIE ADDUCCI 11551 Weiatwortli Avenue Commero G.A.A. Reprxg Vol. Ballg Basketballg Jr. Girls' Clubg Ital. Club. JANE AHERN S27 East 90th Street Ca-mmerc Drama Classy Baskctballg Life Saving En1b.g Mermaid: G.A.A.g "Lit: Women"g Glce Clubg Hall Guardg jr. Cit. Club. OLIVER ALDRIDGE l0ll8 Prairie Avenue Gelzcral Stir! Pres. Jr. Hi-Yg B.A.A. PETER ANASTASOPOULOS 11139 Langley Avenue General S0101 Jr. Cit. Clubg Hall Guardg B.A.A.g Baslcetballg Wrestliiigg IO B.A.A. Ba CHARLES ANCTIL 1 1624 State Street Gc'11rrr11ILm1g1z1 B.A.A.g Fcnger Forum. EDXVARD ANDRICH 11367 Stephenson Avenue TL'L'hlli Hall Guardg B.A.A.g "Fcngcr Frolies"g Footballg Basketballg Wrestlir Aviation Clubg Math. Club. HELEN ANDRICI-I 11367 Stephenson Avenue Gerzeral Lnngui Phorexg G.A.A.g to G.A.A. Barsg Frogg Ger. Clubg Drama Classg "Gr Stockings"5 "Little XVomen"g jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Clubg Vol. BJ Basketball. ELSIE ANGEL 1123: Normal Avenue Cownzcr Nat'l. Honor Soc.g Phorexg Rm. Pres.g Rm. Sec'y.g Off. Sec'y.g Stu. Li Mr. Schz1cht's Sec'y.g Pres. Libr. Clubg G.A.A.g Compt. Aw'ds.g Capt. V Ballg Basketballg Flower Comm. WENDELL ANGSTROM mir: Perry Avenue Il'll'L'A7!lIlil'tI1 Druwi. Glee Clubg Aviation Clubg Math. Clubg Hall Guardg B.A.A.g .4 B.A, Barsg jr. Cit. Club. PATRICIA ANTONOPULOS 1:5 East 116th Street Houxebolrl A G.A.A.g jr. Girls' Clubg Vol. Bally Basketball. CARMINE ARVIA 331 East Kensington Avenue Ill'L'lJifL'L'fIIl'd1 Draw B.A.A. Repr.g 1 B.A.A. Barsg Baseball: W'l'CStlll1gQ Hall Guardg jr. G Clubg Aviation Clubg Chess and Checker Club. ALBERT BAJARUNAS tzooi Soutl1 I-Ialstecl Street General Scier- B.A.A. Repr.g Footballg Trackg 3 B.A.A. Barsg Drama Classg Jr. Cit. CIL Math. Clubg Hall Guard. RUTH A. BAKKERS 11943 Stewart Avenue Gc'm'rr1I Langue Rm. Sec'y.g Concert Bandg Oreh.g jr. Cit. Clubg Stu. Librn.g "Chimes Normanclyng "Fenger Frolicsug "Green Stockingsng "Poor Nut"g B: Club. DIANA BARICI-I 733 East 89th Street Commer Courier Typistg Off. Sec'y.g 2 G.A.A. Barsg Jr. Cit. Clubg Ticket Sal' Feb. Promg Vol. Ballg Basketballg G.A.A. JOHN BARISAS IOSIO Edbrooke Avenue Comuzerm Phorexg Hall Guardg- Rm. Sec'y.g ll B.A.A. Barsg 2 School Lettersg Fo ballg Trackg Pub. Speaking Clubg Flower Comm. GERTRUDE BARKOXVSKI 142. East 136th Place Commera Phorex Repr.g G.A.A.g 2 G.A.A. Barsg Jr. Girls' Clubg Jr. Cit. Club. MARIAN BARNUM 11644 Wallace Street Commerce 3 G.A.A. Barsg Frogg jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Club. CARMEN BASILE 335 West 118th Street General S1-ie: Pub. Mgr. Courierg Tumblingg Math. Clubg B.A.A.g Orch.g 7 B.A Bars. IDA BASS 11333 Indiana Avenue Commerm G.A.A.g Phorexg News Staffg Rm. Pres.g Vol. Ballg Jr. Cit. Clubg Girls' Clubg 4 G.A.A. Bars. THELMA BASS I.'!4l7 Weimtivorth Avenue General L.'111gu, Phorexg Glee Clubg G.A.A.g Frogg Basketballg Vol. Ballg Jr. Girls' Cl DENISE BEAUCHAMP 11403 Prairie Avenue C0lll7716fm Pres. G.A.A.g School Letterg 5 G.A.A. Barsg Minstrel Showg "Fen Frolics"g Frog: Vol. Ball Capt.g Basketball Capt.g Phorexg Hall Gua Jr. Girls' Clubg Span. Club. ANNE BENSCHOP 1132.6 Eggleston Avenue G01l0fLZl Lmzgu Phorexg Hall Guardg Glue Clubg "Nifty Shoppeng G.A.A. Repr.g Fr 8 G.A.A. Barsg Capt. Basketballg Capt. Vol. Bally Jr. Cit. Clubg jr. Gi Clubg Half-Year Scholarship at Kendall Col. of Phys. Ed. MARIE BEYEL 11333 Michigan Avenue Commer- Plmrex Repr.q 3 G.A.A. Barsg Vol. Ball. Sixteen SENIORS ENCE BIGELOW Ils West 1o3rd Place Connlmrial t. Club: Hall Guard: B.A.A. Repr.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Aviation Club. Y BOCK 11621 Harvard Avenue Cmnmercial uard: Rm. Sec'y.: G.A.A.: 5 G.A.A, Bars: Vol. Ball: jr. Girls' Jr. Cit. Club: Ger. Club. lAEL BOGOSTAN 7111 NVest 119th Street Cmnifmrcinl Guard Lieur.: Drama Class: "Daddies"g Rm. Pres.g Rm. Sec'y.: .: i B.A.A. Bars. BOI-IMEIER 11515 Wallalce Street Camnlcrcial lub: G.A.A.: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Frog: jr. Cit. Club: Jr. Girls' Club: 1ing Band. AINE BOLDUC 117:11 Perry Avenue C0lllIlH'fEidl Pres.: Rm. See'y.: Mermaid: G.A,A. Repr.: 7 G.A.A. Bars: Jr. lub: Hall Guard: jr, Girls' Club: Vol. Ball: Basketball Capt. MA BOYENS 11536 Parnell Avenue Commercial t. Club: Jr. Girls' Club: Biol. Club: Red Cross Certificate: G.A.A.g ball. R BROEHL 513 West 1o3rd Street General Science rt Band: Sr. Hi-Y: Marconi Club: R.O.T.C. Band: Orcl1.g Glce Hall Guard: N.C.O. Club: Rm. Sec'y.5 Ii.A.A.: Biol. Club: Offs'. Color Comm. E BUCHINSKI 11853 Michigan Avenue Commercial Sec'y.g Hall Guard: Stu. Librn.: Jr. Cit. Club: Jr. Girls' Club: .3 Frog: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Aviation Club: Philatelic Club. INA BUCKLEY 9208 Cottage Grove Avenue Commercial oun.: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: Pres. Drama Club: "Little Vl'omen"g jr. .lubg Sec'y. to Mayor. I'IE BUDGINAS 10754 Perry Avenue GL'll0f'lZlLdfIg1MIgC 5 G.A.A.: Frog: 8 G.A.A. Bars: Basketball: Vol. Ball: Fenger 1: Jr. Girls' Club: Jr. Hist. Club. KN BUIKEMA 9954 Wallace Street Housvbolrl Arlx Ed. Courier: Rm. Pres.g "l-ienger Frolics"g G.A.A.: Mermaid: Frog: Ball: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Jr. Cir. Club: Jr. Girls' Club: Span. Club: Program, Chairman. RA BULF 1.1336 Michigan Avenue Conlmereinl Honor Soc.g Finan. Sec'y., Courier: Phorex Repr.: Typing Aw'dsg 1.5 6 G.A.A. Bars: Vol. Ball: Baskctballg Jr. Cit. Club: jr. Hist. LA BURG 135 XVest IIOIII Street Gommrrrial t.: Glce Clubg "Cotton Pickers": Ger. Club: Jr. Girls' Club: Hall l: Jr. Cit. Club: jr. Hist. Club: Basketball: Vol. Ball. .IAM BURKHARDT 9853 Lowe Avenue General Science Pres.g B.A.A.g 1 School Letter: I0 B.A.A. Barsg Track: Basketball: Guard Lieut.g Hall Guard: jr. Cit. Club: Biol. Club: Literati: e XVomen". E BUROSKY 3oo West 105th Street Conlvlcrrial 1.3 jr. Girls' Club: Basketball: Capt. Vol. Bally 4 G.A.A. Bars: Club. ZDICT E. BUTKUS 9956 South Yale Avenue General Science xg Glce Club: B.A.A.: Ger. Club: Math. Club: Philatelic Club. UA CAGLIS 10538 Wabasl1 Avenue Cowmerrial A.: Jr. Girls' Club: Jr. Cir. Clubg 2 G,A.A. Bars. ALD CARLSON 13 NVest 1o3rd Place Cl7lllllll'VL'llIl t.: Stu. Coun.: Phnrexg Hall Guard: Jr. Cit. Club. VARD CARLSON 67 East 99:11 Place General Seimzcv' Fig Philatelic Club: Fire Marshall: Hall Guard: l3.A.A.g 4 B.A.A. JYS CARLSON 11023 Vernon Avenue Commercial irls' Club: jr. Cir. Club: G.A.A.g Vol. Ball: 4 G.A.A. Bars. THA CARLSON 11606 Yale Avenue Commercial S.: Basketball: Vol. Ball: jr. Girls' Club: Transferred from Florence School, Florence, XVis. R CAROLLO 11619 Prairie Avenue Commercial all: Rm. Pres.: 3 l5.A.A. Barsg B.A.A.: Wrestling: Ital, Club: Jr. Ilub: Swimmingg Track: l-lall Guard: Stu. Coun. AN CASHDOLLAR 145 East llllll Street Commercial 1.5 Transferred from Jackson, Michigan. 'O CERAGIOLI 11433 Princeton Avenue General Lzmgzmge 5 Soc. Orch.: "Matthan: B.A.A.: 2. B.A.A. Bars: "Daddics"g "Green ngs"g "Poor Nut": "Little Won1en": "Marriage of Nannetteng Jr. Ilubg Cap and Gown Comm. Sc uenfeeu SENIORS HELEN CHESTER 7oz West 116th Street Comm Comp. awardy Finan. Sec'y.y Couriery G.A.A.y Ass't Football Tick. 3 G.A.A. Barsy Basltetballg Vol. Bally Jr. Girls' Club. ANNA MAE CHUTRO 10715 Michigan Avenue General Lan G.A.A. Repr.y Jr. Girls' Cluby Glee Cluby 4 G.A.A. Barsy Jr. Hist. Stu. Librn.y Biol. Cluby Ger. Cluby Vol. Bally Basketbally "Nifty Sho Frog. YOLE CIANAINI 1084: Perry Avenue Gc11eraILa11 Nat'l. Honor Soc.y Phorcxg Glee Cluby "Nifty Sh0ppe"y Rm. Pres.g Sec'y.y Hall Guard: "Chimes of Normandyuy Fenger Forumg Jr. Cluby Jr. Girls' Cluby Jr. Hist. Club. SAMUEL CONDES 3I East 113th Place General Lang Latin Club. MARION I. COOK 11645 Parnell Avenue Gmeral Lan Nat'l. Honor Soc.y Phorexy Rm. Sec'y.g G.A.A.y 1 G.A.A. Bary Rm. Jr. Cit. Cluby Fr. Cluby Biol. Club. OLGA CWIAN IZSL East 93rd Street Comm Sr. Basketball Champsy xo G.A.A. Barsy Vol. Bally G.A.A.g Rm. S Gcr. Cluby Jr. Girls' Club. CHESTER CYPLIK 11026 State Street Merbauiral Dra B.A.A.y 4 B.A.A. Barsy Hall Guardy jr. Cit. Club. ERNEST DAI-IL 303 West 113th Street Gt'nc'ra1 Sc Phorexy R.O.T.C.y Sr. Hi-Yy Jr. Cir. Clubg N.C.O. Cluby B.A.A.y 8 A. Barsy 1 School Letterg Basebally Footbally Tennisy Track. LESTER DEACON 10757 Stephenson Avenue Comm Rm. Prcs.y Rm. Sec'y.g Hall Guardy Tracky Glee Clubg B.A.A.g 8 B. Bars. CLARENCE DE HAAN 9935 La Fayette Avenue Comm: B.A.A.y Stu. Coun.g Rm. Sec'y.y Hall Guardy Jr. Cit. Club. MAE DEKKER 11946 Perry Avenue Comm G.A.A. Repr.y Rm. Scc'y.y jr. Cit. Cluby Jr. Girls' Cluby Basket Vol. Bally 3 G.A.A. Bars. MARY DE MARCO 11435 Prairie Avenue Comm Hall Guardy G.A.A.y 6 G.A.A. Barsy Basketbally Vol. Bally Jr. Cit. Jr. Girls' Cluby Jr. Hist. Cluby Ital. Club. MARIO DE SANTIS 11001 Vernon Avenue Arclsileclnral Dr Hall Guardy Rm. Pre.s.y Rm. Scc'y.y B.A.A. CLARENCE DE VALK 307 XVest ruth Place Comm B.A.A.y Basketbally Vol. Bally jr. Cit. Club. WILLIAM DEXTER 34 West I26lIl1 Street General Se Pres. Lireratiy Lit. Ed., Couriery Drama Classy Rm. Pres.y B.A.A. MARJORIE DICKEY 23 West 1o3rd Place Commzl G.A.A.y Transferred from Morgan Park. JOSEPH DOLINYAK V455 West 118th Street General Lrmg Phorexy Rm. Pres.y B.A.A.y Jr. Cit. Cluby Vol. Bally Biol. Club. FRANK DOMARK 10005 Wallace Street Sc: Jr. Cit. Cluby Math. Cluby Fr. Cluby Aviation Cluby Rm. Pres.y Guardy Glee Cluby B.A.A. ,IOSEPHINE DOMBRAUSKAS 10753 South Wabash Avenue Comma Phorexy Nat'l. Honor Soc.y Glec Club: G.A.A.y G.A.A. Repr.y Basketbally Vol. Bally Stu. Librn.g Jr, Girls' Cluby Mixed Chorus. HENRY DORAN 10718 Vernon Avenue Phorexy Hall Guardg Swimmingy Wrestlingy Aviation Cluby Biol. Clu EDWIN DRAINE 9401 St. Lawrence Avenue General SCJ Hall Guardg B.A.A.g Stu. Librn.y Jr. Cit. Cluby Math. Club. JOSEPHINE DRUKTENIS II627 Harvard Avenue Comme G.A.A.y Basketbally Vol. Bally Home Econ. Cluby German Club. SOPHIE DRWIEGA 113 East Izoth Street - Com11u'reiaI Colle Pl1orex Repr.g G.A.A.y I0 G.A.A. Barsy Basketbally Vol. Ball Capt.y ing Aw'ds.y Jr. Cit. Cluby Jr. Girls' Cluby Span. Cluby Math. Cluby S Club. LESTER DU FRENE 1 1738 Wallace Street Architectural Draw jr. Cit. Cluby Stage Handy B.A.A.y Vol. Bally Marconi Club. Eighteen SENIORS 'RETT EASTLUND IIOUI Normal Avenue Geuerirl Seierive chool Letters: Rm. Pres.: Football: Wrestling: Baseball: B.A.A.: 6 A. Bars: Sr. Hi-Y: Span. Club: Hall Guard: Cap and Gown Comm. NELIUS ELZINGA 50 East IOISE Place Gmeral Srienre Guard: Rm. Pres.: Glee Club: "Chimes of N0rmandy"g B.A.A.: A.A. Bars: Vol. Ball: Track: "Little WUl'l1Cl'l,'Q Sr. Hi-Y: Pk. Comm. CE ENQUIST 1 1oo1 Normal Avenue Gl'Ill'flfl Seiemre Hi-Y: Span. Club: Hall Guard: B.A.A.: 5 Bars: Basketball. ARD ERICKSON 109 West 111th Place General Science Pres.: Hall Guard: B.A.A.: 1 B.A.A. Bars: Vol. Ball: jr. Cit. Club: h. Club. GARET ERICKSON 10141 South Michigan Avenue Conmierriul .A.: jr. Girls' Club: Vol. Ball: Compt. Aw'ds.: 2 G.A.A. Bars: Rm. .: jr. Cit. Club: Frog. LMA I. ERICKSON 10456 Erickson Avenue Commercial .A.: Span. Club: jr. Hist. Club: jr. Cit. Club: Basketball: Vol, Ball: .A.A. Bars: jr. Girls' Club. RREN ERICKSON 10603 Perry Avenue A1'1'lJilerlm'1rl Drawing it. Club: B.A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: Hall Guard: Vol. Ball. EN ERICSON 417 East IO9Il'I Street Commercial .A.: Phorex: jr. Girls' Club: jr. Cit. Club: Basketball: Vol. Ball. NNE ETSCHEID 7 East lljfll Place Gellcral Language Guard: G.A.A.: Basketball: Drama Class: jr. Girls' Club: French LIAM EVANS 11726 Eggleston Avenue Geueml Seicllre A.: jr. Cit.: Hall Guard: Concert Band: Aviation Club: Biol. Club: a11 Club: Sr. Hi-Y: Math. Club: Baseball: 1 B.A.A. Bar. JISE FABRIS 10757 Cottage Grove Avenue C0lll'lllFl'L'iHl ,.A.: G.A.A. Repr.: 8 G.A.A. Bars: Basketball: Vol. Ball: jr. Girls' bg Fr. Club: jr. Cit. Club: jr. Hist. Club: Hall Guard. VIUND FALE-ICZYK 11315 Parnell Avenue General Scienfe Cit. Club: jr. Hist. Club: Latin Club: B.A.A.: I0 B.A.A. Bars: Hall rd: Rm. Scc'y. RGE FALKENBERG 11811 State Street G1'm'ral Scienve Guard: B.A.A.: jr. Cit. Club. CENT A. FANIZZO IIIQ6 Parnell Avenue General Srienre l Guard: R.O.T.C.: Rifle Team: N.C.O. Club: Offs'. Club: Glee : jr. Cit. Club: Aviation Club: B.A.A.: "Minstrel Show". GARET FELKAMP 991z Wallace Street Commerrial Mgr., Courier: 4A Class See'y.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y.: All City Stu. n.: Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Drama Class: Off. Sec'y.: jr. Cit. Club: jr. s' Club. RIE FERRINI 10818 Normal Avenue Commercial .A.: Sec'y., jr. Cit. Club: "Fcnger Frolics": Span. Club: Basketball: , Ball: Rm. Sec'y.: Hall Guard: jr. Girls' Club: Sanitary Comm.: ro ,.A. Bars. GINIA B. FIELDHOUSE 10156 La Fayette Avenue General Science rview Ed., Courier: 4A Class Vice-Pres.: Rm. See'y.: G.A.A. Rcpr.: Girls' Club: jr. Cit. Club: Glce Club: Frog: Vol. Ball: Basketball: nger Frolics": Miss Can1pbell's Off. Sec'y. SAR FIRANT 10200 South Union Avenue Al'rlJil'e1'f11ral Druwirig Ed.: Cartoonist, Courier for 1 Sem.: Transferred from Lindblom: el. in 3M Yrs. KTRUDE FISCHER 9911 South State Street General Language .A.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Basketball: Vol, Ball: Frog: Off. Sec'y.g Stu. :n.: jr. Cit. Club: jr. Hist. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Libr. Club: Span. b. RRY FLORA 10645 Prairie Avenue General Scienre I.T.C. and Music Ed., Courier: Nat'l. Honor Soc.: Phorex, Mem. 7 .3 Pres., Marconi Club: Concert Band: Capt. R.O.T.C. Band: Treas. h.: All City Stu. Coun.: Sec'y-Treas., Glec Club: Chaplain of Sr. Y: Offs'. Club: Elected as june Candidate to the Civic Assembly. NNETTE FONTECCHIO 11434 Princeton Avenue Household Arls Ball: Basketball: G.A.A.: Hall Guard. TH H. FOREST 111146 Normal Avenue Commercial .A.: Frog: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Compt. Aw'ds.: Off. Sec'y.: Hall rd: jr. Cit. Club: jr. Girls' Club. BERT FRANSON 111618 Wabasli AVClIUC Conzmercial Guard: B.A.A.: Baseball: Football: jr. Cit. Club: Math. Club. iE BETTY GAETANO 11914 La Fayette Avenue Commercial .A.: jr. Girls' Club: Fengcr News Reporter: jr. Cit. Club: Off. Sec'y. Nimfleerx SENIORS .IESSIE GALLOWAY 10617 Normal Avenue Nat'l. Honor Soc.g Phorexg G.A.A. Repr.g Rm. jr. Cit. Clubg Span. Club. HUGH GAMBLE 6:0 West ruth Street R.O.T.C.g B.A.A.g jr. Hist. Clubg jr. Ital. Club. BERNICE S. GERIAT IOSZX Edbrookc Avenue Compt. Aw'ds.g Off. See'y.g jr. Cit. Clubg G.A.A. ROBERT GIBNEY 907 West 111th Street Comme "Fenger Frol C0111 me C0111 nn' G1'Ilt'I"tIl Sci Pres. Sr. Hi-Yg Rm. Pres.g All City Stu. Coun.g B.A.A.g 4 Barsg ballg Footballg Wrcstliiigg Pub. Speakingg Span. Club. LAWRIENCE GIMBEL II64O Lowe Avenue Tech: B.A.A.9 Transferred from Carl Sehurz High. MYRTLE GODSI-IALI. 11418 Lowe Avenue Commerrial Colle, Repr. G.A.A.g Vol. Ballg Basketballg jr. Girls' Club. ROBERT GOUWIZNS 2 West 1 1 1th Place Comme B.A.A.g Hall Guardg -Ir. Cit. Clubg Philatelic Club. CARRIE GREENXVOOD 913: South La Salle Street General Lang G.A.A. DOROTHY GRIFFITH 233 West 108th Place General Sci Stu. Coun.g Glee Clubg "Chimes of Normandyng G.A.A.g Vol. Ballg kctballg jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Clubg Hall Guardg Mixed Choru G.A.A. Bars. CAROLINE GRINUS 10755 Edbrooke Avenue C0111 me Hall Guardg Rm. P1'CS.Q Rm. Sec'y.g G.A.A.g Vol. Ballg Basketballg Girls' Clubg I-list. Clubg 5 G.A.A. Bars. EDXVYNE GROSS 850 East 104th Street Tcebr Chief of Policeg Stu, Coun.g Hall Guard Lieut.g Rm. Pres.g Basket Concert Bandg R.O.T.C.g All City Stu. Coun.g Aviation Clubg 1 B. Bars: Hall Guard. JOHN GROSZEK I242I Parnell Avenue General Sci 1 School Letterg 5 B.A.A. Barsg 3 B.A.A. Lcttersg Jr. Hist. Clubg jr. Clubg Hall Guardg Rm. Pres.g Rm. See'y.g Basketball. I XVILBERT HAAG 12117 Eggleston Avenue General Soil Sr. Hi-Yg B.A.A.g Rm. Pres.g Hall Guardg jr. Cit. Club. ERNEST S. HALZE Il039 Union Avenue General Sci Circulation Mgr., Couricrg Basketball Mgr.: Stage Elcetrieiang Hall Gul Rm. Sec'y.g B.A.A.g I2 B.A.A. Barsg 1 School Lctterg Ger. Club. STANLEY HANSON 114 NVest 111th Strcete Corunzm- Phorex Repr.g Sr. Hi-Yg Hal,l.Guardg B.A.A. ' MILDRED HARTS 10717 Cottage Grove Avenue Commer G.A.A.g Jr. Girls' Clubg Basketballg Vol. Ballg 4 G.A.A. Barsg jr. Clubg Jr. Hist. Club. JULIA HARVEY 10936 Eggleston Avenue Comme Compt. Aw'ds.g Sec.-Treas. Glee Clubg Capt. Vol. Ballg Capt. Basket Rm. See'y.g "Nifty Shoppeng G.A.A. Repr.g jr. Cit. Clubg jr. Clubg Hist. Club. RUTH HEALY 10708 Langley Avenue Comme:- G.A.A.g Baskctballg Vol. Ballg jr. Cir. Clubg Jr. Girls' Clubg 5 GJ Barsg jr. Hist. Club. CHARLES B. HEATH II457 Furestville Avenue Met'lJir1t'alDr'11-1 Rm. Pres.3 B.A.A.g School Letterg Hall Guardg 2 B.A.A. Barsg Basell Footballg Vol. Ball Champs. WILLIAM HENRICH Il7Z6 Wallace Street ML'ClJGIIft'!ll Dwn- Phorexg Rm. Prcs.g Math. Clubg Hall Guardg Trackg Baskctballg B.A 18 B.A.A. Barsg 1 School Letter. ANITA HERMAN IZII3 Yale Avenue Gvueml Langz Hall Guardg G.A.A.g Basketballq Vol. Ballg Ger. Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubg Girls' Clubg Jr. Hist. Club. HARRY HIGGINS 10814 Eggleston Avenue Rm. See'y.g Jr. Cit. Clubg B.A.A.g R.O.T.C. ORVILLE HINE IOGOO Wabasli Avenue Fcnger Forumg Biol. Clubg Jr. Cit. Club. HELEN HINTON 11106 Parnell Avenue Phorexg G.A.A.g Jr. Cit. Clubg jr. Girls' Clubg General Srii Gmmral Lzmgi Gmvrnl Langi Drama Classg "G Stockingsng Jr. Hist. Clubg Span. Clubg Vol. Ballg Basketballg B Guard. Twenty SENIORS iN HOEKSTRA tozxo South State Street Commerfinl l Guard: Sr. Hi-Y. FPI-I HOEKSTRA roam South State Street Generirl Science : Clubg Jr. Cit. Club: Wlrestlingg Aviation Clubg B.A.A.g Mixed rus. YANDA HOFFMEYER :7 East 113th Place Gmlcral Langzmlqe Exg Glee Clubg "Nifty Sl1oppc"g G.A.A.g 3 G.A.A. Barsg Ger. Club: it. Clubg Jr. Girls' Clubg Biol. Clubg Vol. Ballg Basketball. FRGE HOHMANN 10108 South Union Avenue Gt'm'rnI Sciclme Pres.g 4 School Letters: Hall Guard Lieut.g Hall Guardg Footballg ballg 3 B.A.A. Barsg B.A.A.g Ger. Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubg Math. Clubg Sec'y. PH HOLT IO73I Forest Avenue General Srieure 'laool Letterg Swimming: 3 B.A.A. Barsg Trackg Rm. Pres.q Jr. Cit. 3 Jr. Hi-Yg Sanitary Comm.g Hall Guard. RY HOOGSTRAAL 24 East 1021111 Street Gellerul Lzuzglmgz' 'l. Honor Soc.g Photog. Ed., Courier: Pres. Stamp Clubg Sec.-Treas., iery Clubg Math. Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubg Fcnger Forumg Biol. Clubg A. RTIN' F. HOUSMAN xoo3g South State Street General Lmiglmgv Comm.g B.A.A. Repxzg Rm. Pres.g Hall Guard Lieut.g Jr. Hist. Clubg . Clubg Hall Guard. Y HYLAND 9642 Eggleston Avenue Commerriul ports and Faculty Ed. of Fenger Newsg Mr. Sel1acht's Sec'y.g .A.g Frog: 6 G.A.A. Barsg Glee Clubg Vol. Ball: Basketballg Phorcxg lub: Jr. Cit. Club: Jr. Girls' Club. ' s ' JACKSON IZI44 Wallace Street Gemvrrll Lllllgllllgt' .A.g 1 G.A.A. Barsg Rm. Pres.: Jr. Hist. Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubq Jr. s' Clubg Fr. Clubg Vol. Ballg Hall Guard. KOTHY JAMES l0706 XVabash Avenue C0llHlIl'l'Fi1ll exg Stu. Coun.: Span. Clubg Jr. Girls' Clubg Rm. Sec'y.g G.A.A. .5 7 G.A.A. Barsg Basketball Capt.g 1934 Basketball Cliampsg Sr. Saving lirnb.g Mermaid. BERT JAMES 67 West iiorh Place General Sriefm' Clubg Wrestlingg Hall Guard: B.A.A.g Jr. Cit. Club. Y JANKUN 608 East 88th Street C0nn1u'r'rinI A.g Basketballg Vol. Bally X934 Basketball Champsg Span. Clubg Hist. g Transferred from Bowen H.S. AN JANOTA 10445 XVcntworth Ave. General Scimrc' Club: Wrcstlingg B.A.A.q Jr. I-list. Clubg Biol. Club. IN JELLEMA 3:1 Vfcst ruth Place General Language ,s. Jr. Hist. Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubg Span. Clubg Hall Guardg Math. ig B.A.A.g z B.A.A. Barsg Basketball. ANORE JOHNSON 7403 South Green Street Geneml Sc'iv11n' A.g Vol. Ballg Basketballg Jr. Girls' Club. 'QRIIST JOHNSON IIOI4 Lowe Avenue Commercial .A.g Phorcxg Jr. Girls' Clubg Jr. Hist. Clubg Basketballg 1 G.A.A. 3 Frog. WARD JOHNSON 11341 Parnell Avenue Gelwrnl Science ch Mgr., Courierg R.O.T.C.: Offs'. Clubg N.C.O. Clubg B.A.A.g A.A. Barsg School Lctterg Tennisg Math. Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubg Sr. ILKGARET JOHNSON lo7ot South Waxlmasli Avenue C07llll1EfFid! A. Repr,g Mermaitlg Frogg Basketballg Vol. Ballg Jr. Girls' Clubg Hall 'd NONETTE JOHNSON 119 West 1o8th Place Commercial exg Orcl1.g G.A.A.g Jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Club. ARD JOHNSON 73 East tooth Place Gellrral Scieucz' .3 Glee Clubg Baseball. ARD JOHNSON 60: East 88th Place Technical .g Transferred from Tilden Tech. AN JOHNSON lOf30 La Fayette Avenue Crmzmercial Sec'y.g Compt. Aw'ds.g Rm. Scc'y.g Mermaidg Frogg Vol. Ballg Bas- llg Jr. Girls' Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubg G.A.A. Repr. H JONES 11848 Halstcd Street: General Lllllglltlgl' Spcakingg G.A.A.g Vol. Bally Jr. Cit. Club. Y ANN JULIANO IIOIS Wallace Street Commercial 13 Classg "Green Stockingsng Vol. Ballg Basketballg Jr. Girls' Clubg ist. Clubg Hall Guard. Tluenly-one 3 r'- 1 ,. . I J' ' ,Liv -"' if 1 ,eff i i 6 lliuflk' il rw WJ? A ,g.4,fj' SENIORS NUBAR KABABIAN IIQIS South Lowe Avenue Geuvrul Sci Vice-Pres. Nat'l. Honor Soc.g Treas., Quill and Scroll Clubg Capt. Teamg Olfs'. Club: Aviation Clubg R.O.T.C.g Phorexg B,A.A.g IV Clubg Fenger Newsg N.C.O. Clubg Rm. See'y. GEORGE KARL 147 East llllll Street Comme Hall Guarclg 3 B.A.A. Bars: Baseball: Jr. Cit. Club. ANN KARLSON 10859 State Street Commercial Colle Phorexg G.A.A.g Biol. Clubg jr. Girls' Clubg Fr. Clubg Hall Guard. ALBIN KAVALUNAS 10941 Wfentworth Avenue Comm Phorexg Glee Club: Mixed Chorusg B.A.A.g jr. Cit. Clubg Span. 3 Hall Guard. EDNA KELLER 9153 State Street General Lang Jr. Cit. Club: Arch. Clubg Frogg I G.A.A. Barg Fenger Forumg S Biol. Clubg jr. Hist, Clubg Jr. Girls' Club. GENEVIEVE KENDZERSKI 1 1754 South State Street Com. Colle, I4 G.A.A. Barsg Jr. Girls' Clubg Vol. Ballg Spec. Typing Class. PETER KLARIS 11424 Indiana Avenue Gencrirl Sc NVatcrboy for Football, 3 yrs.g Rifle Teamq R.O.T.C.g N.C.O. Cl "Fenger Frolics"g B.A.A.g Glee Clubg Dramag Rm. Pres. EVELYN KLINGER 54 West l08lll Place Gwiurnl Lang Stu. Librn.g 2 G.A.A. Barsg G.A.A. Repr.g "Green Stockingsng " Nut"g jr. Cit. Club: Drama Classg Jr. Hist. Clubg Jr. Girls' Clubg Fen Forunmg Frogg Vol. Ball. IRENE KNAPP IIQZS Princeton Avenue E General Lan G.A.A.g Hall Guardg Drama Classg Biol. Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Clubg jr. Hist. Clubg Vol. Bally Baskctballg 4 G.A.A. Bars. ARTHUR KNUTSON 11025 Normal Avenue Comm Baseballg Footballg B.A.A.g jr. Cit. Clubg Rm. Basketballg Trackg Clubg Gcr. Clubg Hall Guardg Rm. Scc'y.g 1 B.A.A. Bars. HELEN KONTOS 646 East 113th Street Comm Rm. Sec'y.g Compt. Aw'ds.g Capt. Vol. Bally Jr. Hist. Clubg 6 G. Barsg Hall Guardg jr. Girls' Clubg G.A.A.g Basketball. HENRY KOOPMAN 49 West 110111 Place Gelzeral Lan Phorexg Rm. P1-es.g Mayor of Fengerg B.A.A. Repr.g Hall Guardg German Clubg Sr. Hi-Yg jr. Cit. Clubg Capt. Basltetballg 3 B.A.A. 2 School Letters. JENNIE KOTELES 9341 Lyons Avenue Comm Off. Sec'y.g G.A.A. Repr.g Aviation Clubg Hall Guardg jr. Cit. jr. Girls' Clubg Compt. Aw'Lls.g Vol. Bally Basketballg Rm. Pres. HELEN KOZA 11660 Lowe Avenue Comm Phorexg G.A.A.g Vol. Ballg Basketballg Biol. Clubg jr. Girls' Club Cit. Clubg Span. Club. ANDREW KRASULA 13,9 West 1o8th Street Comm Phorexg Rm. Prcs.g 1 B.A.A. Barsg School Letterg Compt. Aw'cls.g Guardg Jr. Cit. Club. JAMES KRUEGER 11541 South Park Avenue Gelmrirl Sc Basketballg Vice-Pres. jr. Hi-Yg Sr. Hi-YQ Hall Guardg 6 B.A.A. School Lettcrg Vol. Ball. ALBERT KULIG 35 East izoth Street Mecbrmical Dru jr. Cit. Clubg Baseballg Vol. Bally Hall Guardg 2 B.A.A. Barsg S Letter. DON KUYPER IZZII Eggleston Avenue Mec'lJu21ic'al Dm R.O.T.C.g OHS. Clubg B.A.A. BERNICE KUZIEL 10349 Wentwortl1 Avenue General Lan Ed.-in-Chief, Courierg Vice-Pres. and Mag. Sec., Quill and Scrollg T Fenger Newsg Phorexg Span. Clubg G.A.A.g Vol. Bally Mr. Scha Sec'y.g Jr. Hist. Clubg jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Club. MARION KWIATKOWSKI 12158 Normal Avenue General Lan' Phorexg jr. Girls' Clubq jr. Cit. Clubg G.A.A.5 5 G.A.A. Barsg F Club. EDGAR LAMBERT 11921 Harvard Avenue Comm R.O.T.C.g Bandg B.A.A.g Hall Guardg Drama Clubg 1 B.A.A. Barg Coun. LUCAS LAROCCA 11438 Prairie Avenue General Sr Hall Guardg Math. Clubg B.A.A.g 4 B.A.A. Barsg Basketballg Comm. DORIS LARSEN 227 Wfest lO7Cll Place Colnmcrrirrl Coll "Chimes of Normandyng "Nifty Shoppe"g Glee Clubg Rm. Prcs.g ' Nut"g Jr. Hist. Clubg Span. Clubg jr. Girls' Clubg jr. Cit. Clubg Clubg Basketballg Vol. Ball. CASIMIERA LATVENAS 10500 Indiana Avenue Comm Stu. Librn.g Compt, Aw'ds.g G.A.A.g Hall Guardg Jr. Cit. Clubg Ballq Basketball. T we rl ly- 1' 100 SENIORS RLOTTE LAUER 39 Wfesr 1o91h Street GFllPl'dl Lrrngzlagr Ed., Courier: Phorex Repr.: Literati: St. Librn.: Off. Sec'y.: jr. Club: jr. Cit. Club: jr. Girls' Club: G.A.A. ERT NV. LEACH 11656 Wallace Street General Seielire Mgr. and Chief Elee'n.: Drama Class: "Martl1a": "Poor Nut": Guard: Glee Club: Biol. Club: jr. Cit. Club: B.A.A. LEASURE 11719 Princeton Avenue Gl'Ill'l'tI1 Lmlglmgz' x: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: jr. Cit. Club: Fenger Forum. A LEBDA 11949 Lowe Avenue C0lIIIlIOTL'fHI Guard: Glee Club: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: "Nifty Shoppe": .A. Bars: jr. Cir. Club: jr. Girls' Club. IN LEITH 11000 Vernon Avenue Ge1ler'111Scie1l1re xg Photog. Ed., Courier: Sports Ed., Fenger News: Sr. Hi-Y: Quill croll: jr. Cit. Club: Soc. Orch.: jr. Hist. Club: Hall Guard: Track: Club: B.A.A. HERINE LESNIK 11569 Perry Ave11ue Commercial Collegiufe tball: Vol. Ball: G.A.A.: jr. Girls' Club. HUR LIND Illll Normal Avenue Gemwal Srierzre .: jr. Cit. Club: Football: Basketball: Tennis: Vol. Ball: 1 B,A.A. H LINDE 6 West 1o3rd Place Conzmrrcinl st, Courier: OE. Sec'y.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y.: Hall Guard: Frog: get Frolics": jr. Cir. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Basketball: Vol. Ball: ICE LINDGREN 48 West 112th Place Commercial A.: Rm. Sec'y.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: jr. Girls' Club: Hall Guard: srrel Shown: G.A.A. Rcpr. ERT LINDGREN 543 West 119th Street Collmmrcial ion Club: B.A.A.: jr. Cit. Club. IPH LINKUS 124 West 108th 'Place Comfnercirll Guard Lieut.: 11.o.T.C. Band: Concert Band: Orch.: B.A.A.: School r: Swimming: Stu. Cou11.: Rm. Pres.: jr. Cit. Club. ERT LIONBERG 1o756 South State Street Arvbilerfural Dmwilig .A. Bars: jr. Cit. Club. ARD LITAK 11:50 South Green Street Al'L'l1ifL'I'fIll'dl Drmvirlg 'x: Math. Club: lS.A.A.: R.O.T.C.: Rifle Team: N.C.O. OifS'. Club: . Club: Span. Club. ION LOUGHBOROUGH 11317 Forest Avenue Cmumerrinl ex Repr.: G.A.A.: jr. Girls' Club: Vol. Ball. 6 LUDWICK I0737 Prairie Avenue Grnenrl Srienre Sec'y.: B.A.A. Repr.: ll B.A.A. Bars: Football: Basketball: Track: Ball: Tumbling: jr. Hi-Y: Sr. Hi-Y: Checker Club. IIE LUDWIG 1061: South I.a Salle Street General Lrulgmrge ex: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y.: Hall Guard: 7 G.A.A. Bars: German I: Glee Club: jr. Hist. Club: "Cotton Pickersu: "Nifty Sl1oppe": jr. Club: jr. Girls' Club. DEN LUKICH 10775 Stephenson Avenue MecL'auica1Dra1uing ICoun.: Hall Guard Lieut.: Hall Guard: Rm. Pres.: "Marrha": "Chimes ormandy": B.A.A.: ll B.A.A. Bars: 1 School Letter: "Fenger Frolics": mis: Off. Sec'y. BPH MADALA 128 East 1z.3rd Street General Sfifllfl' Pres.: I-Iall Guard: Sanitary Comm.: B.A.A. Repr.: Vol. Ball: Basket- Swimming: Tumbling: 3 B.A.A. Bars: R.O.T.C. Band: Concert : Orcl1. VIS MALNASSY 211 W. 111tl1 Place General Langllage ex: Nat'l. Honor Soc.: All City Stu. Coun.: Chief Elec'n.: Pres., l and Scroll: Assn. and Sports Ed., Fenger News: Sanit'y. Comm.: Coun.: Hall Guard Licut.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y. DRED MARCHETTI 9637 Prairie Avenue Comnierciul A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Ital. Club: jr. Girls' Club. N MARINCIK 248 West 111th Street Commercial Cuun.: jr. Cit. Club: Hall Guard: B.A.A.: Span. Club: 3 B.A.A. 'ERT MARWICK 11256 Eggleston Avenue Gelleral Scienre Club: B.A.A.: Math. Club. CENT MARWICK 11256 Eggleston Avenue Gelzerul Scieurr Ii-Y: Rm. Pres.: Drama Class: B.A.A. .TER MAU 13709 Leyden Avenue Gelzvral Srieuce Pres.: Hall Guard: B.A.A. Repr.: Wrestling: 5 B.A.A. Bars. T zuenly-fbrec 1 SEN IORS ELIZABETH MCGAGHIE 36 East 107th Street Comm Hall Guarclg 8 G.A.A. Barsg Jr. Cit. Clubg jr. Girls' Clubg Span. Cl ELINOR McCAY IIOI4 State Street Comm G.A.A. Repr.g zo G.A.A. Barsg Life Guardg Glee Clubg School L Basketballg Vol. Ball. AGNES MELDRUM 34 East I07Ell Street Comm Pres., Phorcxg Rm. Pres.g G.A.A. Repr.g I3 G.A.A. Barsg Mermaidg Capt. Vol. Ballg Capt. Basketballg Span. Clubg jr. Girls' Club. ELDON MENKE 41 NVest llltll Place G6'llL'7'lIl S1 Hall Guardg B.A.A. MADELINE MENTESTI 419 East 89th Place General Lan Stu. COll11.Q Hall Guardg Rm. Pres.g Rm. Sec'y.: Glee Clubg "Chirr Normandy"g G.A.A.g Basltetballg Vol. liallg ll G.A.A. Barsg F Clubg Finished in 3M Yrs. ANNE R. MESSER 11761 Lowe Avenue Comm Rm. Sec'y.3 G.A.A.g jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Club. WENDEL MEYER 11121 Vernon Avenue Gellcral Lan Transferred from Manual Training High School, Brooklyn, New Yor HELEN MICHALAK 12007 Wcntwivrtli Avenue Comm G.A.A.g Basltetballg Vol. Ballg 3 G.A.A. Barsg Compt. Aw'ds.g Jr. Club. CAMILLA MILEN 9636 Wfallace Street Gellcrnl Lau Glec Clubg "Nifty Shoppeng "Chimes of N0fl1l3l1dj"'Q Span. Clubg G. Jr. Cit. Club. DELIECE MINGO 11117 South Bishop Street General Lan Span. Clubg Phorexg Vol. Bally Basketballg G.A.A.g Jr. Girls' C1 G.A.A. Bars. MILDRED MIRICH 11811 Wallace Street Gl'I1L'l'HI Lan G.A.A.g Vol. Bally Basketballg Drama Classg Hall Guardg Jr. Cit. jr. Girls' Clubg French Clubg jr. Hist. Club. JOSEPH MIX 1231: Lowe Avenue Tet' Hall Guartlg Rm. Sec'y.g I3.A.A.g Aviation Clubg Stamp Clubg Bars. LUCILLE MOHRMAN 10456 Wfabash Avenue Cozlzm G.A.A. Repr.: Stu. Coun.g Compt. Aw'ds.g Hall Guardg 6 G.A.A. Vol. Ballg Basketballg Jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Club. BENEDICT MOLIS S431 South Mozart Street NICL'l7fIIlil'11l Dr Math. Clubg German Clubg B.A.A. GALE MOORE 9526 Vernon Avenue General S Jr. Cir. Clubg B.A.A.g Trausfcrrecl from Calumet High. ANGELYN MORRIE 9912 Yale Avenue Comm "Little Wo111en"g "Green Stocltingshg Typ. Aw'ds.g Off. Sec'y.g G. Jr. Cit. Clubg Hall Guartlg Rm. Sec'y.g Drama Class. AMELIA MRJENOVICH I260S South State Street Com. Coll Phorcxg Rm. Sec'y.g G.A.A.g Vol. Bally Basketballg Off. Sec'y.g Clubg Span. Clubg Stamp Clubg Jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Club. Tl-IADDEUS MULKA 12054 Princeton Avenue General S Jr. Cit. Clubg Biol. Clubg German Clubg Hall Guardg Basketballg ballg B.A.A.g 8 B.A.A. Bars. ALGERT NAGELA 346 West llllll Street General S Capt. Footballg 2 School Lettcrsg Pres. jr. Hi-YQ Hall Guard Lieut Cir. Clubg Rm. Pres.g Hall Guarclg German Clubg Rm. Sec'y.g IS B Barsg Math. Clubg B.A.A. Rcpr. RUSSELL NAHORNIAK 1:09 East 93rd Street General S B.A.A.g Biol. Club. GEORGE NEIDHART II42O Normal Avenue S B.A.A.g Treas. Marconi Clubg Operator Station WQHMXV. AMY NELSON 31g West II4El'l Street General Lan Nat'1. Honor Soc.g Ed., Fengcr Newsg jr. and Sr. Life Saving Emb.g Conf.g Literatig Red Cross Repr.g Phorexg "Fenger Frolics"g Mer Frogg Vol. Bally Basketballg Quill and Scroll. EDWARD NELSON 346 West 113th Street Generrzl S Stu. Coun.g Rm. Pres.g Rm. Sec'y.g Glee Clubg Basketballg Swim B.A.A.g Hall Guarclg Math. Clubg 10 B.A.A. Barsg 3 School Letters HELEN NELSON II34 West 104th Street Art Ed., Couricrg Scholarships at Art Inst. and Acad'y of Fine G.A.A.g Vol. Ballg Art Club. Twenty-four . SENIORS 5 iRNON NELSON ID8I2 Forest Avenue ' A lllvrbuniral Drawing .A.: 3 B.A.A. Bars: 1 Scl1ool Letter. I ' ANK NICHOLS 10446 Eggleston Avenue ' Colnnlercirrl .A.: Band: Glee Club: Hall Guard: jr. Cit. Club: Baseball. CK ROGER NOVAK 11951 Stewart Avenue General Srienre I-Ii-Y: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y.: B.A.A.: Biol. Club: Math. Club: jr. t. Club: Motto Comm. LACE NYSTROM 11346 Wallace Street General LIIIISIHIQG A.A.: Frog: Mixed Chorus: Off. Sec'y.: jr. Hist.: Sec'y. of Libr. Club: r. Schacht's Sec'y.: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Hall Guard: jr. Cit. Club: jr. rls' Club: Span. Club: Color Comm. ' LIVE OLSON 7447 South Park Avenue General Language A.A. Repr.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Fcnger Forum: jr. Cit. Club: jr. rls' Club: jr. I-list.: Pub. Speaking: "Chimes of Normandyng "Nifty oppe": I-lall Guard. ALTER OSTAPKO 11:11 Normal Avenue C0llI1lll'l'l'i!Il I. Cit. Club: B.A.A.: Concert Band: R.O.T.C. Band: Orch. JWARD PACENVICZ 741 East 92nd Place Ar! Cmzrse es. Art Club: Art Ed., Courier: Phorex: B.A.A.: Art Scholarships at wis Inst., Amer. Acacl'y of Fine Arts, Morgan Pk. Mil. Acad'y, Reg. Pub. 'l., Special NVinter Class, World's Fair Sketching class Art Inst. .TITIA PALAZZOLO 1149 East 9ISll Street General Language A.A.: Glee Club: Hall Guarcl: Basketball: Fr. Club: Math. Club: jr. rls' Club: jr. Cit. Club: Vol. Ball. RTIN PANTOLA 1111: Yale Avenue General Scieure ll Guard: 1 B.A.A. Bar: Biol. Club: jr. Cit. Club: Math. Club: jr. st. Club. 1 ICHAEL PASZKIIZWICZ 11841 Eggleston Avenue Comluereial Cit. Club: B.A.A.: Hall Guard. PNY PASS 11557 La Salle Avenue Commercial 11. Sec'y.: B.A.A.: : B.A.A. Bars: School Letter: jr. Cit. Club. ARY LOUISE PATTISON II6I9 Eggleston Avenue Con1.Collegir1le orex: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Fr. Club: Hall Guard. JASIA PAYNE 11437 Harvard Avenue CfIIllIIIL'l'1.'irll orex: Rm. Sec'y.: jr. Ci1. Club: jr. Gi1'ls' Club: Span. Club: jr. 1-list. ub: G.A.A. .IFFORD PEARSON 315 NVest ixoth Place Mt't'll1I!!fL'lll Draiuing -A.A.: 4 B.A.A. Bars: 2 School Letters: Baseball. RA MAY PEARSON 15: XVest 117th Street Commerrial . Sec'y.: G.A.A.: Frog: Biol. Club: jr. Cir. Club: jr. Girls' Club: l. Ball: Basketball: jr. I-list. Club: 3 G.A.A. Bars. ARGARET PETERSON 9949 Perry Avenue C0llllllCl'Cifll .A. Rcpr.: Vol. Ball: Basketl-iall: "Little Wo111en": I-lall Guard. LLIAM PETILRSON 18 liast Iljlll Street General Scienre 1. Pres.: School Letter: Rm. Sec'y.: Basketball: Hall Guard: Ger. Club: .A. Repr. LTER PHILLIPS 50 West I09flI Street Comrllereial ll Guard Lieut.: Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: "Fenger Frolics": e Team: R.O.T.C. Lieut.: jr. Cit. Club: Pres. N.C.O. Club: Sec't. s. Club: Sanitary Comm. RTLE PlEl'lLER 11311 Indiana Avenue General Language erview Ed., Courier: Nat'l. Honor Soc.: Phorex Repr.: Stu. Librn.: e Club: "Nifty Sl1oppe": jr. Cit. Club: jr. Girls' Club Repr.: G.A.A.: 3: Vol. Ball: Basketball. ROLD PIRCI-I 48 West xxzth Street Gwzernl Srielzce ll Guard: Concert Band: R.O.T.C. Band: Social Orch.: B.A.A.: 6 .A. Bars: Aviation Club: jr. Cit. Club: Math. Club. LLIAM PISKACI-I 111139 South Green Street Mechanical Drawing 's. Nat'l. Honor Soc.: Phorex: Associate Ed., Courier: Capt. Football: 1. Sec'y.: jr. Cit. Club: Math. Club: I-lall Guard: Aviation Club: .A.: 7 B.A.A. Bars: 1 School Letters. ELLA POCIUS 111559 South State Street Colunzercirll 1t'l. I-lonor Soc.: Phorex Repr.: Rm. Sec'y.: Life Saving Emb.: G.A.A. pr.: Student Libr.: FcngerlForum: jr. Cit. Club: Glee Club: "Nifty oppe": "Cotton Pickers": Basketball. E PROZINSKI 133 East I04lCl1 Place Comnwrciul ELA.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. See'y.: Glee Club: Orch.: Hall Guard: "Min- el Show": Chess and Checker Club: jr. Cit. Club. 'CILLE PRYSTALSKI 10839 State Street Commercial Jrex: G.A.A.: Frog: 4 G.A.A. Bars: Vol. Ball: Basketball: jr. Cit. Club: Girls' Club: jr. Hist. Club. Twenly-five 1- fre? SENIORS BETTY RACHLITZ 1132.4 Stewart Avenue Hozzxrholrl Phorex Repr.g G.A.A. Rcpr.g Life Saving En1b.g Mermaidg Frogg 4 G.A Barsg Vol. Ballg Basltetballg Prom Comm.g jr. Girls' Club. BRUNO RAFFIN 12341 Yale Avenue General Self' 4A Class Prcs.g jr. Cit. Clubg Math, Club: Baseballg Footballg Tra Wrestlingg B.A.A.g 6 B.A.A. Barsg 4 School Lettersg Hall Guardg Anno Comm. jOSEPH RAGO lf East 114th Place Tevlm Rm. Sec'y.g Glee Clubg B.A.A. Repr.g 1 B.A.A. Barsg 1 School Lett Baseballg Trackg Wrestliimgg "Green Stoekingsng Aviation Clubg Foot Mgr.g Track Mgr. NICK RAGO 166 Kensington Avenue Commer Rm. Prcs.g B.A.A.5 1 B.A.A. Barg jr. I-list. Clubg Ital. Clubg M Clubg Hall Guard. DOROTHY RAILLA 11839 Indiana Avenue Commer G.A.A.g Phorexg Glee Clubg Oreh.g jr. Girls' Clubg Hall Guardg ketballg Vol. Ballg Drama Clubg 3 G.A.A. Bars. BETTY RAPP 56 East Ioznd Place GEIIL'YdI Langu Pres. Girls' Glee Clubg "Nifty Shoppeug Sec'y. Mixed Chorusg "Cot Piekers"g Hall Guard Lieut.g Rm. Sec'y.g Hall Guardg jr. Girls' Cl Fenger Forumg Vol. Ballg Basketball. WILLARD REED 14 West IOSIIT Place Arcfaitecfural Dru' B.A.A.g Transferred from Tilden. ELIZABETH REID 8510 Bennett Avenue General Lzmgu G.A.A.4 Stu. Libr.g Basketballg Vol. Bally jr. Cit. Clubg French Cl jr. Hist. Club. GERTRUDE REISCH 131 West 116th Street General Langu Phorexg Rm. Pres.g Frogg Vol. Bnllg Basketballg Fenger Forumg jr. G' Clubg G.A.A. Repr.g 8 G.A.A. Bars. GLADYS RENNER IIZOQ Eggleston Avenue Commer G.A.A.g jr. Cit. Clubg jr. Girls' Club. DANTE RICCARDINI 10518 Lowe Avenue General Scie B.A.A.g 1 B.A.A. Barg Math. Clubg French Club. MARION E. RICHMOND 404 E. 88th Street Sofia! Sei Glee Clubg Rm. P1'es.g G.A.A.g Vol. Ballg jr. Cit. Clubg Ger. Clubg I' Guarclg 5 G.A.A. Bars. TOM ROBERTS 349 West 115th Street General Scif: Hall Guardg Rm. Pres.g Pres. B.A.A.g 8 B.A.A. Barsg 2 School Lett Footballg Trackg Wrestlingg jr. Cit. Clubg Span. Clubg Aviation Club. WILLIAM ROMANKIEVVICZ 10340 Sangamon Avenue Sciencellf Transferred from Tilclen. VALENTINE ROZGONY 11761 l-Ialsted Street Ari C01 Art Clubg B.A.A. ANNE ROZIC 42.3 East 112th Street Commer G.A.A.g jr. Cir. Clubg Hall Guardg Vol. Ball. jEAN RUMBAUGH 906 West 111th Street GUllL'V'0l Lungu Prom Con1m.g Pres. Mixed Chorusg "Nifty Shoppe"g "Chimes of mancly"g G.A.A.g 6 G.A.A. Barsg Life Saving Emb.g Mermaidg Fr 'Fenger Frolicsug Hall Guardg jr. Cit. Clubg Color Comm. jEAN RUMBOLD 11717 Lowe Avenue General Lflllgl All City Girls' Conferenceg Vice-Pres.g jr. Girls' Clubg Red C Repr.g Hall Guardg Frogg jr. Cit. Clubg "Nifty Shoppe"g Orch.g Clubg G.A.A.g 1 G.A.A. Barg Basketballg Flower Comm. FLORENCE RYPKEMA 10229 Perry Avenue General Lungr Glee Clubg "Chimes of Normandyng "Nifty Sl1oppe"g Phorexg Span. C1 jr. Hist. Clubg Biol. Clubg Hall Guardg G.A.A. ROY RYSCAMP 939 West 111th Street General Scif Hall Guardg Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.g Athletic Commissionerg jr. Cit. C1 Span. Clubg Announ. Comm. WILLIAM SABELIS II24O Stewart Avenue Arrbilevh Hall Guardg B.A.A. Repr.g 1 B.A.A. Barsg Marconi Clubg jr. Cit. Cl Baseball. ALICE SARTORI 530 East 115th Street Commer G.A.A. Reprzg 14 G.A.A. Barsg Frogg School Letterg Capt. Basketb Capt. Vol. Bally Dramag "Green Stockingsng jr. Cit. Clubg jr. GI Clubg jr. Hist. Clubg Stamp Club. ANITA SCHOENWALD 11153 Vernon Avenue Comnzeql Stamp Clubg jr. Hist.g G,A.A. Bnskerballg jr. Cit. Clubg jr. Girls' C GAIL SCOTT 737 East 91st Street h COHIHICY Phorexg G.A.A.g Basketballg Vol. Ballg jr. Cit. Clubg jr. Girls' Clubg Hist. 'Twenty-six SENIORS BERT SELIGMAN 7204 South Shore Drive Grmwal Science ago Instrumental Solo Contest: Phorex: Social Orch.: Mixed Chorus: ma: Span. Club: Concert Band: B.A.A.: Orch.: Band Club. ILLE SEYFFERT 10941 Nllfentworth Avenue C!IIlllllPfl'ldl Club: G.A.A.: Jr. Hist.: Ger. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Vol. Ball: ecball: Hall Guard. A SHEMERDIAK 701 Vlfest Illllll Street COIlllfll'fCilIl Collegiulc Libr.: G.A.A.: X2 G.A.A. Bars: Frog: "Fengcr Frelies": Ger. Club: Cit. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Hall Guard. BEL SHIMKUS 10:15 Perry Avenue General Lrmgnagc gnment Ed.: Managing Ed. of Fenger News: Treas. Nar'l. Honor : Sec'y. Quill and Scroll Honor Soc.: Phorex: 4B Social Comm.: Rm. y.: G.A.A.: Stu. Coun. Repr.: Basketball: Vol. Ball: -Ir. Cit. Club: Girls' Club. N L. SIMMONS 434 East 88th Place Gc11eralSeiencc ers' Club: Rifle Team: R.O.T.C.: Pub. Speaking: B.A.A.: Transferred Englewood. RAINE SIMNER IOIOO La Fayette Avenue General Science l Guard: G.A.A. Rcpr.: Basketball: Vol. Ball: Jr. Girls' Club: Jr. Cit. b. LLA SIPAITIS 1081: Indiana Avenue C0llIlll6fL'iHl rex: G.A.A.: jr. Hist.: Rm. Sec'y.: Jr. Cit. Club: Jr. Girls' Club: etball: Vol. Ball: 5 G.A.A. Bars: I-Iall Guard. RENCE SKOLD 10908 Indiana Avenue Gelleral Science n. Sec'y., Courier: Nat'l. Honor Soc.: Phorex Repr.: Rm. Sec'y.: .A.: Frog: Vol. Ball: jr. Girls' Club. EPH SKUTAS IO4l9 South Stare Street General Science Cit. Club: jr. Hisr. Club: B.A.A.: Transferred from Englewood H.S. 'STER SLINGERLAND 10555 LaSalle Street Mrrcbrmicrrl Drzrwing rex: Ed.-in-Chief, Courier: Swimming Team: 1 School Letters: B.A.A.: B.A.A. Bars: Vice-Pres. Sr. Hi-Y: Tumbling Team: jr. Life Saving .: "Poor Nut." EN SLIVA 1:z51 Yale Avenue General Language y., Nat'l. Honor Soc.: Sec'y.-Treas. G.A.A.: Phorex: Concert Band: ol Letter: Frog: Rm. Pres.: Treas., Vice-Pres., Fcnger Forum: Jr. s' Club: Basketball: Vol. Ball. N SMITH loo West l09lll Place Gcu1'1'alSciencc ness Mgr., Courier: Sr. Hi-Y: jr. Cit. Club: Rm. Sec'y.: Hall Guard: Hist.: B.A.A.: 6 B.A.A. Bars: NVrestling Team: Transferred from mpaign H. S., Champaign, Ill., 315. ERNE SMITH . 11730 Weimtwortlx Avenue Commercial l Guard: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Jr. Cit. Club: Jr. Girls' Club: Hist. IBERT SMITH 11713 Harvard Avenue Commercial l Guard: B.A.A. Repr.: 2 B.A.A. Bars: Baseball: Swimming. -N SMUS 12322 Parnell Avenue Social Science l Guard: 7 G.A.A. Bars: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Jr. Girls' b: -Ir. Cit. Club. .NE SOOSH 1 1601 Yale Avenue Cfmlmercial .A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Hall Guard: Jr. Cit. Club: Jr. Girls' Club. lIN SPYKSMA 12034 Michigan Avenue General Science l Guard: B.A.A.: Jr. Cit. Club: Math. Club. AES STACY 516 East 1 Istll Street General Science .A.: Band: R.O.T.C.: Orch. IZABETH STANKER 10859 Edbrooke Avenue General Language rex: Sec'y. Fengcr Forum: Frog: Vol. Ball: G.A.A. Repr.: jr. Cit. b: jr. Girls' Club: Jr. Hist. Club: 2 G.A.A. Bars. LTER STATKUS IIQIS Lowe Avenue General Science .A.: 1 B.A.A. Bars: Baseball: Swimming: Track: Hall Guard: Jr. Cit. b. A STEFANI IIXOI State Street Commercial Collegiate rex Repr.: G.A.A. Repr.: Pres. Ital. Club: Jr. Cir. Club: Jr. Girls' b: 3 G.A.A. Bars: Vol. Ball: Basketball. RTIN STEPHAN 11:10 Princeton Avenue General .Science iness Mgr., Courier: Plwrex: Vice-Pres. Sr. Hi-Y: R.O.T.C. Band it.: "Little NVomen": 4B Prom Program Com.: Concert Band: B.A.A.: Cit. Club: Marconi Club: Glee Club: Hall Guard: School Letter. TOINETTE STOLFI 11620 BVCI1lSI'0ffll Avenue Commercial ..A.: Vol. Ball: Ital. Club: -Ir. Cit. Club: jr. Girls' Club. SE STOLFI 11610 Wentivortli Avenue C0llIIIlKl'Ci!1l ..A.: Basketball: Vol. Ball: -Ir. Cit. Club: Jr. Girls' Club: Ital. Club. Tzuwlfy-rem-11 I 5 vi 4. v rw-, . - J-.-. -' - --I l 11 YL .a Q V ' x l. T ax ,it L' L 5. j fc Ida .,. , ,. . , SENIORS CHARLES TARBELL 9014 Daupl1in Avenue Arcbilcrllzral Dru Jr. Cit. Club, Hall Guard Lieut., B.A.A., Hall Guard, Philatelic R.O.T.C. MURIEL TARBELL 9014 Dauphin Avenue Calmnt' G.A.A., 1 G.A.A. Bars, Basketball, Rm. Pres., Biol. Club, Jr. Girls' MARY LOUISE TAUB Ilj4I XVatt Avenue Gmzeral Lang Phorex, Interview Ed., Courier, Fengcr Forum, Drama, G.A.A., F Vol. Ball, Basketball. LEWIS TAYLOR. 12030 Lowe Avenue Colrrnlc B.A.A., Mixed Chorus. VENITA THEVICK 209 East 108th Street Gmeral Lang Drama Class, "Poor Nut", "Green Stockings", "Fenger Frolicsu, G. Vol. Ball, G.A.A. Repr., -Ir. Cit. Club, jr. Girls' Club, Sec'y. jr. I Club, Motto Comm, NORMA THORSEN 33 East IOISE Place Comme Nat'l. Honor Soc., G.A.A., School Letter, I9 G.A.A. Bars, Frog, Ball, Basketball, Glee Club, "Nifty Shoppe", "Cotton Pickersn, jr. Club, Phorex. MARION TI-IULLEN 10556 Perry Avenue I COIIIIIIF Phorex, Rm. Sec'y., Off. Sec'y., Biol. Club, Jr. Girls' Club, Span. C G.A.A., Vol. Ball. ANASTASIA TOMASZENVSKI 12317 Parnell Avenue Conzmc G.A.A., Vol. Ball, Basketball, jr. Cit. Club, Jr. Girls' Club, Hall G WILLIAM TORPI 10:55 Perry Avenue MCCblllIi6'I1, Dnn Art Ed., Courier, Hall Guard, B.A.A., Trans. from Pullman Tech. LUDWIG TROZPEK 11646 Lowe Avenue Comme B.A.A. Ed., Courier, Basketball Mgr., B.A.A., School Letter, XVrestl Glce Club, "Cotton Pickers." SUE URBAN 11740 LaSalle Street Comme G.A.A. Repr., Frog, Basketball, Vol. Ball, 8 G.A.A. Bars, Phorex, Club, Jr. Girls' Club, Rm. Pres., jr. Cit. Club, Rm. Sec'y. SOPHIE VALANTIS IOIOG South Michigan Avenue Comme G.A.A., 6 G.A.A. Bars, Vol. Ball, jr. Girls' Club, Hist. Club, Ir. Club, Rm. Pres., Hall Guard, "Poor Nut", Off. Sec'y. CHARLES VALLEE 1:1 West Iljfll Place Gcwrul Sci Vice-Pres. Philatelic Club, jr, Cit. Club, Ital. Club, Chess and Che Club, Aviation Club, Biol. Club, Math. Club, B.A.A., Hall Guard. GEORGE VALLORTIGARA S12 East Ilffll Street Comme Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec'y., Hall Guard, B.A.A., 5 B.A.A. Bars, Foot jr. Cit. Club, Ital. Club. HARRIET VAN BUSKIRK 11:26 Parnell Avenue Gz'11c'1'r1l Lang Lit. Ed., Fenger News, Phorex, Rm. Sec'y., All City Girls' Con., City Stu. Coun., G.A.A., Vol. Ball, Basketball, Jr. Hist. Club, Fr Club, Fenger Forum, Math. Club. LUCILLE VANDENBERG IIO44 State Street Gelirral Lang' Phorex, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Vol. Ball, Fenger Forum, jr. Cit. C Jr. Girls' Club. HARRY VANDERBILT IIS West 113th Street Gerlerul Sci Business Mgr., Courier, R.O.T.C., N.C.O. Club, jr. Cit. Club, I A., Hall Guard, Sgt. of R.O.T.C. FLORENCE VANDER MEULIN 46 East 11otl1 Place Gclzeral Srh Phorex, Hall Guard, Rm. Pres., Glee Club, "Chimes of Normanu G.A.A., 3 G.A.A. Bars, Basketball, Jr. Girls' Club, Fenger News S RUTH VANDER MEY IOZIS La Fayette Avenue Gvllcwal Scii Lit. Ed., Courier, Phorex, Rm. Pres., Glee Club, "Nifty Shop, "Frolics", G.A.A., Fengcr Forum, jr. Girls' Club, Math. Club, Bas ball, Vol. Ball. HENRY VANDER SCHILDEN 255 NVest 1 l0ICl'l Street Merb. Draa Pl1orcx, Business Mgr., Courier, Rm. Pres. "Poor Nut", B.A.A., B.A.A. Bars, School Letter, Swimming, Tumbling Team. ,IACOB VANDER ZANDEN 318 West IO9Cl1 Street ,. Gc'11er11l Soil Hall Guard, B.A.A. Repr., 5 B.A.A. Bars, Football Mgr., Vice-17 B.A.A., Glee Club, "Minstrel," ALBERT VAN DYKE 155 XVest m6tl1 Place Gwmvil Srii Hall Guard, Rm. Sec'y., B.A.A., Math. Club. MOLLY VAVRINEK I40 West I08lCl1 Street Cozumel Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec'y., G.A.A., 10 G.A.A. Bars, Frog, Vol. Ball, Bas. ball, G.A.A. Repr., Jr. Cit. Club, jr. Girls' Club, jr. Hist. Club, Tr ferred from St. Louis Academy. VIOLET M. VERTACH Goo West 119th Street Commeni G.A.A., 2 G.A.A. Bars, Vol. Ball, Basketball, "Frolics." W Twenty-eight SENIORS 'IRA VIZTTERICK 11144 Intliana Avenue Ci0IlIIlll'l'!'illI .A.: .4 G.A.A. Bars: Vol. Ball: Basketball: "Minstrel Shown: jr. Cit. b: jr. Girls' Club. J VICKERS 933.1 Evans Avenue C0llIllll'l'CiHl .A.: Hall Guard: jr. Cit. Club: Compt. Aw'ds. WARD VIETH 11715 Normal Avenue General Sciwlrv l Guard: Rm. See'y.: B.A.A. Repr.: Aviation Club: Biol. Club: Ger- 1 Club: Mixed Chorus. .IA VIGANTS 10755 Edbrooke Avenue C0!IlIlI!'l'L'ill1 l Guard: Rm. Pres.: Rm. See'y.: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: jr. Club: jr. Girls' Club: jr. I-Iist.. Club. WARD VERHOVNICK 10138 Weiitwortli Avenue Tvcbuinrl ball: jr. Cit. Club: Hall Guard: B.A.A. YMOND VOGT 118 West llsfll Street General St'if'l1L'l' Hi-Y: Sr. Hi-Y: Drama: "Little WcJnien": Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y.: ,A.: 4 Bars: Math. Club: Pres. Pub. Speaking Club: Announ. Comm. A VOLARIC 11910 South Union Avenue Covrmiervirll ex: Hall Guard: G.A.A.: 8 G.A.A. Bars: Vol. Ball: Basketball: Typ- Aw'ds.: Compt. Aw'ds.: Oliice See'y.: jr. Cit. Club: jr. Girls' Club: ' Club. 'SSELL NVAGNER 400 East 89th Place G-z'm'1'nl Srivlzrv l Guard Lieut.: Rm. Pres.: Glcc Club: B.A.A.: School Letter: Foot- 1 B.A.A. Repr.: Biol. Club: jr. Cit. Club: Chess and Checker Club. DREXV WALBERT 10901 Eggleston Avenue Tetbniml Guard Lieut.: Hall Guard: B.A.A.: Football: Track Mgr.: jr. Cit. 1: Marconi Club. DMAS XVALKER 132 East 119th Place Arrbihrrlzzrrzl Drawing .T.C.: Rille Team: N.C.O.: Oilieersg Hall Guard: B.A.A. FY NVALMSLEY 154 XVest 119th Street Crmllnerriul Cblllfgidft' l. Honor Soc. Treas.: Humor Ed., Courier: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y.: A.: Stu. Libr.: "Little VVomen": Biol. Club: jr. Cit. Club: jr. Girls' bg Philatelic Club. ILYN NVALPER 1093: Xvabash Avenue G:'m'rnl Lllflglllllqf' ex: Hall Guard: G.A.A. Repr.: 1 G.A.A. Bars: Frog: Mermaid: jr. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Span. Club: Val. Ball: Basketball: Cap and 'n Comm. 'VARD XVARMUS 11053 Lowe Avenue Com111er't'ir1f Guard: Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.: z B.A.A. Bars: Baseball: Football: Ger. n: jr. Cit. Club: Math. Club. INCIS WEIZDEN 116 West llllll Place Gc'nt'ral SL'i1f'lll'!' . B.A.A.: Aviation Club: Hall Guard: Swimming: jr. Cit. Club: A.A. Bars. FINE XVESSELIUS IIjO6 Union Avenue General L1lllg1I0gl' ex: School I.etter: Life Saving limb.: 18 G.A.A. Bars: Mermaid: : G.A.A. Rcpr.: Vol. Ball Capt.: Basketball Capt.: "Fenger Frolics": Pres.: Rm. Sce'y. JREXV XVIESTXVATER 115 West IU8lll'l Street Sz'i1'llc'1' ex: Hall Guard Lieut.: Hall Guard: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y.: B.A.A.: .A.A. Bars: School Letter: Football: Ger. Club: jr. Cit. Club: Math. N XVILHELMSIEN Il420 Prairie Avenue Ilfwrlmuiral Drnu'in,e it. Club: Hall Guard: Rm. Pres.: B.A.A.: 8 B.A.A. Bars: School r: Basketball: jr. Hi-Y. jORIE VVILLE ll'8j4 Wallace Street Co11m1erci11l A.: Frog: Mermaid: Basketball: Vol. Ball: Ger. Club: jr. Girls' : Hall Guard: jr. Cit. Club: I0 G.A.A. Bars. LIE XVILSON 12116 Stewart Avenue General Lllllglltlgl' Pres.: Rm. See'y.: Glee Club: G.A.A.: Frog: Biol. Club: Fengcr na: jr. Cit. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Archery. TIE NVOYCHIEIQSIZ 9407 Calumet Avenue ConzruewiulCollegian' sferrcd from Bowen: jr. Cit. Club: G.A.A. E ZALIISKI IOI37 Morgan Street Comlfrrfrriul Crlllegiale 'x: Fiuan. Sec'y. Courier: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: Basketball: 4A Class .: All City Students' Coun.: jr. Cit. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Phila- Football Ticket Mgr. 'PH ZAMBON 568 Iiast 115th Street COTl11l1L'TCid' Guard Lieut.: Rm. Pres.: Rm. Sec'y.: B.A.A.: 5 B.A.A. Bars: School r: Football: Track: XVrestling: jr. Cit. Club: Ital. Club. AINE ZANVADSKI razor Yale Avenue Gezlcrnl Srienrr r News Staff: Hall Guard: Room Scc'y.: G.A.A.: Rcpr.: Vol. Ball: -tball: Drama Club: "Little XVomen": Fenger Forum: Soc. Chairman: it. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Math. Club. RA ZAXVOjSKI 1143: Lowe Avenue General Scirnrr X: G.A.A. lid., Courier: Hall Guard: Rm. Sec'y.: G.A.A.: Vol. Ball: tball: "Fenger Frolics": Biol. Club: jr. Girls' Club: Il G.A.A. Bars: r, School. , T1ueniy-nine X 'BQ if Q : I . , ri.- l ' " ,V M' Y ,I TLirty Jr. Cit. Clubg Jr. Girls' Clubg Jr. Hist.g News Reporter. ROBERT ZIRCHER 6x1 East 88th Place General Scie B.A.A. JOSEPHINE ZOLPE 11713 Michigan Avenue Art Con Phorexg Art Ed., Courierg G.A.A.g 6 G.A.A. Barsg Frogg Capt. Vol. B, G.A.A. Repr.g Art Club, jr. Girls' Club, Scholarship to Art Institute z Academy of Fine Arts. Phorcxg Oiiicc Sec'y.g G.A.A. Bazaarg 3 G.A.A. Barsg G.A.A. Re Volleyballg Basketballg Hall Guardg Jr. Girls' Clubg Jr. I-list. Club. Returned from Michigan to complete course. A LAD SEES HIS SCHOOL A lad-doubtless this will be true of many a lass-still proud of graduation from his grammar school, entered Fenger in September, 1930. He was astonished at the hugeness of his new school, but when he saw the crystal clearness of the beautiful swimming pool, he knew that his choice had been good. It was hard for him to find his way about in the long light-flecked corridors, but after being chided by Seniors for many long days, he learned to know every nook and cranny in the big building. His being a shy lad made it hard for him to form acquaintances, but Fenger's student body is the most congenial crowd in Chicago, and soon his friends became numerous. For four short years, the happiest in his life, this lad worked, played, worried--sometimes, and enjoyed himself as only a high-school boy can. Then in June, 1934 the Courier came out, the one which contains the pictures and signatures of this fellow's classmates. How often will he take this, HIS Courier out, just to see and to think about his multitude of high- school friendsg to dream about what they are doing in the world? At last commencement day comes, and even though the lad may seem glad, underneath it all there is a tinge of sorrow, a tinge of regret because he knows that his happiest days may be over. CHESTER SLINGERLAND, 4A. CATPIERINE ZIEMBA 11935 Emerald Avenue Commeri H:lll',Guardg Glee Clubg G.A.A.g 7 G.A.A. Barsg Vol. Ballg Basketb: DOROTHY GARINGER 839 East 89th Place Commcra gl' l ,x N' 1 iv Graduates' Farewell Good-bye, Fenger! Our days together ' , Have ended, i And we must part. Four years we've spent In your long halls, Gathering our strengthg But now life calls, And we must answer. Good-bye, Fenger! We must advance To larger schools And harder lessons, To make new friends And fight new fights. Our minds and bodies Are needed For larger tasks. Good-bye, Fenger. WILLIAM DEXTER. Thirty-one CONTRIBUTIONS - DREAMS OF THE NIGHT Our camp-fire glowed faintly, the leaves of the towering trees rustled softly in the breeze. The stars were mirrored in the faintly rippling water. The great yellow harvest moon made soft yellow paths on the lake. The coals of our camp- fire ,tracked and awoke me from my reverie. All around me there was silence, the silence of a sleeping world. I settled myself more firmly on my couch of rocks and lay back to dream. Suddenly, a triumphant chant rose on the air. I sprang up and looked around. Like a great jewel suddenly dropped from the sky, an island in the lake was literally covered with great, blazing fires around which I could see figures moving. And then I remembered-this was the Indian Island and the Indians were celebrating the harvesting of the blueberries, their chief means of support. Only that day, I had heard an interesting story about those people. I lay down again and began to dream. Many 'years ago that tribe of people had been threatened with starvation and death from cold. Tfhe whitesettlers kept coming up farther northg the government kept driving the red men farther up into the barren cold land where nothing would grow. ,This particular winter, there seemed to be no hope of saving that tribe. With their habitual stoicism they awaited death. A great snow storm came and into their pitiful camp staggered a white man--nearly dead from exposion. The In- diansnursed him back to health, and when this man, a wealthy Englishman, made ready to return to his native land, he first presented them with this island and enough provisions to last until summer came. iThe descendants of ,that brave tribe, now greatly di-minishedywere living in poverty on that very island. My mind shifted from that story of dauntless bravery to the life those red people now lived. During the day they were seen as a group of poor, unhappy people, trying hard to make a living. They certainly weren't my idea of a tribe of noble, brave people. But in the night-they were turned to story-book people. The night shed a cover of romance over them that made them different from every other kind of people. At night they reverted to their ancient tribal cus- toms. I believe 'that the only way they get through the day is the realization that the night is beforelthem--a night of happiness and freedom. By straining my eyes I could see their iigures dancing around their blazing fires. Even as I watched, their fires were dimmed and soon all was silent. Silent-yes-but not empty. Slowly up the path of the moon's beams glided an Indian canoe. An Indian, standing in the boat, guided the canoe over the moon-drenched waters, Tlairty-two paddling, as my sleepy mind believed, up to the very moon itself. Our own camp-fire flickers and dies 01111. "Aren7t you ever coming back to camp?" a voice asks. I rose and took one last look at the lake. The Indian canoe was silhouetted against the moon and then boat and Indian disappeared-one of the last of a vanishing race. I turned and moved slowly down the needle-covered path, between the towering pine trees. As I went I thought I saw vanishing around the trees before me-the blanketed and feathered forms of dead and Indians, come back for a night to rejoice their descendants. I fled hurriedly down the gone with path and left the lake-shore to the ghosts of ancient Indians. CHARLOTTE LAUER, 4A. PICTURE-TAKING To me picture-taking seemed to be the busiest and yet the most enjoyable time I have had in years. It was busy for me because I seeme dto fill the role of general utilities man or, perhaps even better, the jack-of-all-trades and the master- of-none, for I was first employed in lining people up, then in helping to get them seated, 'next as electrician, as ticket collector, stage hand, and as a general nuisance. Wliat I enjoyed most, however, was standing off to one side and laughing at my colleagues, the girls especially, who were fretti-ng and fuss- ing like a mother hen over her chicks, trying to get each one in the correct position. They seemed to move slowly and with deep deliberation upon every minute difficulty which confronted t They would stand head propped on one side with a thoughtful, at least so I thought, ex hem. and pres- sion upon their faces calmly discussing the ques- tion of whether Johnny Jones should be two inches or four Now on the whol ' 5 el surely enjoyed ourselves for during sparc mo- raised we ments we joked among ourselves, played the piano and asked the Bankses all sorts of foolish ques- tions as, "Why do the pictures seem up-side down in the glass?" or "Wl1y can't you take more than one picture on a film?', I personally enjoyed greatly the impromptu snap shots that . , . 1 K H Hoogstraal took on the sly especially the one where I-Ia-nk Vander Schilden and Ed Firant arry were sitting, hands on chin, nearly asleep or, perhaps, in deep and profound meditation, although I have my doubts as to the latter. Harry also got an ideal snap of Mr. Schaceht who was caught in the midst of a wide smile which radiated his nature. I'IARRY FLORA, 4 good A . J., Cl, 7165.5 QLACD .ffj gp A L Q USM Thirty- 4B OFFICERS Jack June janet Howard Borchardt Krueger Alexander Va11-Wyiigardcii 4B CLASS POEM We see them gog they seem to say, "We break old friendships on this day." And though we miss the friendly faces With heartfelt prayer we take their places. We' hope that life's rough course they'll steer ' PUPIL TO FENGER Theysay you're just a building. You're just composed of brick and stone of mortar and of wood, Can you tell me how one can tell you stand for all you should? Can you know life and sense the aims of every girl and boy, Who enters your door every day, brimful of life and joy? Can you teach lessons never taught before in any school, The kind that makes a fellow proud to live the Golden Rule? I wonder if you hear and see and know each stu- dent's trials, Can you not sympathize with them when all of nature smiles? Are you a spirit whose sole -work is searching hearts and souls, A And pointing out our big mistakes helps us obtain our goals? What is your standard, set so high, above this busy world, Ca-n anyone of us succeed in getting it unfurled? Have you a heart that loves to meet, new stu- dents, big or small, Who enter, oh! so confident, and sure they'll conquer all? ' And yet-you're just a building. z Tbirly-four With the same high thoughts they fostered here And pray their mem'ries stay alive To light the goal for which we strive. These hopes will all come true, we trust, And Fenger will be proud of us. FRANCIS SMITH, 4B. FENGER'S ANSWER You say I'm just a building. 'Tis true I'm made of steel and stone, of glas and part of wood, How can I teach you 'how to be the sort m student should? This building isn't all of meg I am stronger fa than this, For every year a group of mine go forth fro school-day bliss, And everyone has in his heart a little bit of me, To spread to others my best work of what a ma should be! I know each student's aim and goal, and comforr them each day, If something seems to go amiss in work at sohoo or play. I also know the joys of life and cherish their within, If some one struggles at his books with grit anc spunk, to win! If you would learn then try your best to con- quer lessons hard, And don't forget that life is not a gamble witl one card. I'm here to teach, and if you learn the things i have to tell, I am your friend and proud to say "My Student, you've done well! And yet-I'm just a building. EDNA L. MAY, 4B. 4B'S JJ tl... DIVISION 3,:3g C, Postrna, T. Biagi, G. La Banco, I.. linochian, H. Stihbie, li. Myslirslti, li. Mix, D. Bagley, F. Hallquisr W. Teninga, N. Steginga, Ii. Zwart, -I. Van Ingen, il. Manduzio, M. -lagcn, A. Emnick, E. May B. Pntupa, P. Drozdauskas, W. Wfiggins, A. Roysdan, A. Palango, N. Nichols, I. Kaufman, V. Watson, S. Hyland Teacher: Mr. Lechtenbcrg l Courier Representative: Edna May DIVISION 3,132 G. Todhunter, T. Oberman, j. Iierazza, H. Stasi, J. Smith, IZ. Kjos, J. Kasper, P. Remko, N. Koch, W. Ioniec, j. Strumil G. Vamosi, R. Mclilroy, Ii. Hogan, C. Pfotenlmuer, G. Greek, L. Pcrtile, H. Swierkos, E. Zabel, G. Zeilenga, M. Sieglinger S. Slilagy, R. Scott, R. Reitz, A. Adams, NV. Kiselcwski, R. Lundberg, C. Timmons, D. Ponow, P. Ooms Teacher: Mr. De Grail' Courier Representative: J. Strumil 4B CLASS HISTORY A group of over two hundred and sixty-eight 's enter the portals of Fenger every morning. hey can well boast of a fine group of social as ell as athletic leaders. Many head various clubs: alph Tullgren, Doris Veenstra, Frances Herlihy the Mathematics Club, News Staff and Drama lass respectively. Athletics play an important rt in their "Fenger" life. Francis Smith, a ominent 4B, has been elected captain of next mester's football team. Wesley Morris and ngelo Palango plan to do their best to make this am a success. In swimming also the 4B's stand t prominently, Gilbert Van Schaik, and George hnson having gained honors in this field. On April 16, Howard Van Wyngarden was chosen President of this ine group. To serve with him are Vice President, Jack Borchardtg Secretary, Janet Alexander, and Treasurer, June Krueger. On June 1, the Prom, under the guidance of the ParentTeacher Association and the 4B Prom Com- mittee composed of Ernest Lambrechr, Ralph Tullgren, Corrine Frank and Evelyn Green, was held at the Shoreland Hotel. Down through the pages of this class' history they are leaving their footprints, which perhaps every future class will try to equal. Then, forward march, two hundred and sixty-eight strong, with pep and courage, into the position now held by the 4A's. Thirty-five 4B'S ' ' 4 I D I- L IA , DIVISION 3, 219 'f A M. Maginel, A. Rydelius, XV. Worliolski, G. Oznlns, M. Geier, D. Torstcnsen, B. Venslaxuskns, I. Miehalek, T. Vander Meer A. Brinsky, A. Rolnik, C. Boclnnr, M. WcstI11nn, XV. Thompson, F. Domhrowski, A. Grzxnoto, F. Kuzanik K. Hogcnhuis, E. Kndziolka, J. Marnvolo, D. Perlstein, W. Morris, A. Olsen, Ii. Doran, F. Troughton, R. Bass Teacher: Miss Marlin Courier Represcntnlivcz XV. Thompson DIVISION 3,1 I I D. Meeker, A. Gorcowski, L. Marinnelli, F. Smith, D. Dick, L. Ilenigenburg, J. Swanson, R. Erickson F. Crowthcr N. Fnrncti, R. Gault, B. Kuclobn, H. Jacob, M. Sonsini, S. Spina, R. Harlow, C. Amcndola XV. Brolick, G. XVestIund, H. Misnakewicz, W. Znokopny, C. Drinkwurd, NV. Cronquist, A. Frietng, E. Christian, E. Brown Teacher: Miss Smith Courier Representative: C. Drinkward DIVISION 3,210 F. Herlihy, D. Lemieux, J. Krueger, C. Frank, M. Turturilln, V. Docrr, O. Robbins, M. Less, C. I-Iecrema, I. Glusz, S. Hawkins I ' ' J. Dragan, L. Gonczy, J. M:IcKcrt, C. Tarian, V. Thomas, L. Faustin, A. Mnrnbnin L. Benson, F. Klacznk, A. Bartoli, H. Fnuser, F. Smith, W. Smith, IE. Limanowski, J. Carlson, S. Churilla Teacher: Mr. Smitter Couricr Representative: A. Bartoli 4B'S l . , N - DIVISION ,ms V. Cooke.. G. Clirislenson, M. Knvae, R. Bigler, A. Newton, D. Veenstra, N. Anderson, E. May, Alexander, X S. Rndis ll. Drolen, Al. liorclmrdt, llritz, C. XVlmlen, M. Griffith, E. Nordsrrom, G. Berki, L. Gudas, A. Spokas, G. .lulmson I.. Hollebrnnds, H. Van Wyngzlrden, R. Bergstrom, D. Main, AI. Breem, I. Apcl, J. Vente, F. Lund, H. Gabel Tezxelierz Miss Mildred Taylor Courier Representative: J. Borehardt DIVISION 3,211 H. Nordstrom, If. Lukielm, QI. Grant, H. Fclelai, F. Holland, D. Rosclirnns, V. Peyton, F. Gorka, S. Vasliik S. Mizgnte, A. Van Kioten li. l,Cl'l1'lilll, li. Hiserl, NV. Tanis, QI. Spriestsmrl, R. Knox, A. Swnrd, J. Verlioeven, Tocik, R. Tuck, W. Botsfurd, A. Cross, M. Scplow li. Rovinru, R. Slmrpless, V. Clark, A. Mnrclis, AI. Vander Mey, S. Aliell, R. Tullgren, QI. Laws, F. Grnbert Tenelierz Miss Hall Courier Representative: R. Tuck DIVISION 3,rI3 Il. Christ, Ii. Sodcrsrrom, G. Kcexon, M. Goodrieli, R. Warrington, G. Pnlagi, E. Boyer, W. -Iensen, P. Beckman, L:InIbreclIt, H. Feld O. Clnppur, li. Veon, A. Kzircliuv., QI. Mall, A. Pozapsik, L. Johnson, E.X7Cl'g0l1Cf,E.GI'CCl'1, C. Dnhm, H. N A. Tz1IIInIiII,gn, AI. Schneider, 'l':IlmclI, ll. Grecnlmn, H. Koxvik, C. Van Drenr, W. Engdnll, E. Yeranosian, Kopp Te.1elIer: Miss Randall Courier Representative: I.. Johnson Thi! ty-sexual: 4B RHYTHM A WISH I wish I were a child again To romp And play in the sun and rain, With wagons, Scooter, too, and bikes galore, With blocks, And marbles rolling on the floor. LITTLE I-IUMMING BIRD O, humming bird Of metal green With ruby throat And body lean, Your wee wings hum When in the air You swiftly fly From here to there. Rest, little elf, In sudden flight, On our Clematis, Pray, come, alight! HARRY GABISL, 4B. EVENING AT VENETIAN HALL The music box plays a dreamy waltz As hand in hand the couples slideg O'er the smooth floor of the rink, Bending and swaying, on they glide. A modern jazz song now blares forth- Just so the tempo of the skates, Quickens to a swift and noisy tune And the heart of the crowd elates. ANTOINETTE POTAPCZIK, 4B. TIPPECANOE RIVER BRIDGE Upon the bridge, upheld by beams With bolted joints and welded seams, I watch a haze of rising steam Floating above this country stream, While morning sun and forest breeze Silently touch the dewy trees. FRANCIS E. SMITH, 4B. ARVERELLA, ARKANSAS Dark shadows fall on the village, Dark shadows fall on the idle mill, A small lamp burns in the old general store, Its rays peering into the darkening night. A blanket of quiet has covered Arverella. Her protector, the Ozarks, lie in the background And their peaks pierce into the twiligsht sky. EARL GREENI-IAM, 4B. DOROTHY MAIN, 4B. THE MAN-MADE BIRD With a deafening roar Of the whirling blades Tfhe glimmering shape Cleaves through the sky. Its flight is straight Westward ever away Over the highest hill To the end of day. WESLEY MORRIS, 4B. THE ORGAN GRINDER We children stormed Around the organ grinder's box To hear his wheezy, whining tunes. We stayed, we tapped with our feet, XVe stamped a noisy rude fantastic beat To his pleasant melody. Perhaps some day Amid some crows of merriment I'l1 hear again ring in my ears This far-off organ grinder's tunes, His music full of joy and mirth, Above the ball-room symphony. IRENI3 MICHALIN, 4B. ON HEARING CHOPIN'S WALTZES Beautiful music my soul did lately greet, It came-I heard-'Twas gone, that heavenl strain. Ah, wouldl that those tones again repeat Their melodies to thrill my prosy brain. How delicate, ephemeral, that sound, A concord rare, Cecilia inspired! So richly sad, of beauty quite profound, Thus Chopin's songs, with all the grace desired. Send thou, O Muse of Harmony, his soul To gladden us with rapturous symphony That we may .here today his name extol And love his music in any ecstasy. Musician great, thy spirit lives always, Thy music will keep charms for future days! JoI-IN BoR1'z, 4B. Note: The literary selections in this Courier have been chosen from the Quill and Scroll contest, from special class assignments, from voluntary contributions. Tbirly-right 3A FLASHES I never could understand how Helen Pivorunas ould comb her hair during division period with- ut being caught while some of us can't even pick p a comb without having a guilty conscience. Chuck Klavd forever keeps on telling us that e wishes he would know how to swim. The poor 'fish"!-Does he think we don't know that he is i'shark" at it? While speaki-ng about athletics we can assure ou that Florence Nowak has a "grand" time rying to get the baseball over the first line in the roficiency test. Perhaps Gladys Martwig would elp her by saying a magic word or two because hear she can hit the wall. f"Practice makes erfect," they say.j Boys, here's a girl in a million! Bernice Laepie s not afraid to get her hands dirty, even if she ust mix shoe -polish in chemistry. If it weren't for Francis Roggeveen, who would nswer the questions in history? He seems to be he spokesman for the class. QToo bad we can't ll be bright.j Raisins appear to e a s . . dcline Locht and Lillian Piehler. "Lill" and 'QAdie" eat them while their friends munch away b ubstancial lunch for nt nice, big sandwiches and cake. Henry Schroeder professes to know how to aranslate German quite well. Can you translate every other word or every two words, Henry? Some of us are wondering where Earl Wendt gets some of those rare stamps. Won't you come up and tell us some time, please? Nothing can be put over on Lillian Piconi. She is a true representative of a brilliant student. Where does Anna Federowsak hu1'ry to after chemistry? Even before the bell has finished ring- ing, she is up and away, and one can't see her "for dust." fSome speed, I'll saylj After working in the library for two semesters, Ethel Anderson really should know the "Dewey System." QHOW about it, Ethel?j We wonder whether James Maltman is looking forward to a good summer of tennis again. He certainly made good use of the courts last year. At the rate he was playing, there should be holes worn in them. Feet may have been made before cars, but cars were made before Ethel Heinema'n's feet--so she thinks. Little Ethel rides in luxury while the rest af us must along the dear old sidewalks trudge. Eileen O'Boyle was a treat for the weary minds when she danced those Irish steps at the R.O.T.C. social. Frank Piech enjoys the A.W.O.L. club because ts motto is freedom with capital letters. fFree- iom of speech, press or what?j Dorothy Mullauer fell while playing volleyball with a 'piece of paper. This made Minnie Mutur- mo laugh and laugh. fW'hat fun.j Valeria Minkis thinks it's great sport to act and be some one else besides her own self. Thatis the reason for her interest in the Drama Club. Caroline Wall enjoys the short stories the most of ahll. fWe hope that goes for the interviews, too. Some little bird told me that Florence Brink- man was a budding artist. fThat's tihe girlg we need them badly.j 'Maybe Jack Nelson will be another Professor Picard and go up to take a look at the stars. He really should make use of the toy balloon that he won for completing a crossword puzzle. Joe Mego considers the Glee Club to be a good class to go to. When he is there he can warble to his heart's content without having things thrown at him. If there are any jobs around that no one else wants, give them to Bernard Lurieg he has had experience in taking what no one else wants fSo he saysj. Everyone, and especially Marie Laird, had a good laugh when Florence Blinkiwitz told the typing teacher that the machine had made an error. Evelyn Bonke likes the Junior Citizen's Club because the sponsor is lots of fun fDon'r we all agree with her on that?j. Henry Benash thinks a teacher is never as "dumb" as she may look. Perhaps he has had an experience that has convinced him of this fact. QWas the request a tenth hour?j Can you imagine Gertrude Linde liking the G.A.A. because it's a girI's club? Now we all know that she is just a wee bit interested in boys too. Millie Eichman thinks it's the most fun look- ing at pictures of her friends. I'1l bet her friends don't miss her picture either. Marge Sykes relates the following story. At a meeting of the Art club, pictures of animals that had been drawn by' students were being judged. Gne girl had drawn a picture of 3 bull dog and Stella Spina had drawn one of another kind. The students were to judge between the two, so the president said, "Now it's a cross be- tween Stella and the bull dog! flmagine Stella's embarrassmentj Catherine Hoogstrawl seems to be following in the footsteps of her big brother for she's inter- ested in stamps too. fLike brother, like sister.j Earning a school letter is Florence Barich's ambition. fBelieve me, it is something worth while working for.j Louis Shiffman is frequently embarrassed be- cause some people persist in calling :him "Louisa" CDon't take it so hard, Louis.j If anyone has an extra copy of the "Star Span- gled Banner," George Halligan would be glad rg borrow it. It seems he has forgotten the words, Tbirly-nine DIVISION 3, ly, I. Snbo, M. Anderson, A. Fabri, F. Zlibln, L. Iiilzgilsbons, N. Vande Neue, A. Seline, B.Digley. L. Johnston, G. Mnrtwig, A. Dowiat, D. Gustafson, M. NIHFLZKJIOS, H. Tar, A. Rasinskis. M. McCIurg, ll. Wiszoniatn, J. Puzell, A. Mutnnnsky, S. Norcikis, L. Frigo, B. Pluister. Tezielierz Miss McCnIcIicun Courier Repr.: G. Martwig DIVISION 3, 116 M. Grevc, D. Moore, A. Van Dun, M. Gromak, I-l. I'-lnyduk, L. Backus, L. Waldman, V. Bala- fns. M. Schnnk, I. Pinch, M. Rauch, B. Czyz, S. Pctroeelli, L. Sacks, I-I. Opyt, A. Dzieehiow- ski, O. Hnrlmwny, G. Pnnns, J. Van Howe, XV. Frank, R. Terilaaldi, T. Disz. 'l'e:icIic1': Mrs. XVCYKIIQIIII ' Courier Rcpr.: T. Disz DIVISION 7, :H A. Arnkelian, W. Penn, R. Burger, A. Wfinkler, P. Honlookic, H. johnson, C. Anderson, Mnrgnln. B. Dnnnenhnld, R. Kennedy, W. Czaeh, B. Dnhm, H. Soscty, Kogut, M. Peilil, E. Brohin, I. Rnpnparr. D. Weis, Fernald, L. Tummino, H. Falc- jizyk, Ii. Doubck, F. Vezina, V. Miknis. I-I. Tucch, M. McCI:innl1nn, Ii. Luric, E. NX'end:, J. Reid, D. De Young, J. Mega, L. Henley. 'lIL'2lCIlCl'I Miss INlel':u'tlin Cou1'icrRepr.: II. Lurie DIVISIONS 3, 235 AND 7, 114 R. Vfells, M. Lnwley, C. Moll, Ii. Daldos, M. Arvin, C. Korol, G. Roeder, P. Lukis, L. An- derson, S. Kocnn, M. Eickmann, M. Laird, J. Lcsnik. J. Cubnlchini, D. Keogh, C. Hoogstranl, F. Wnlieslci, E. Bonke, L. Conley, B. Jensen, McKersncker, G. Linde, D. Fnlkcnbcrg, R. Lang, L. Hylander. J. Gustis, R. Boyle, D. Brown, G. Knempf, Munson, L. Pryzyborowski, R. Bolinc, V. Tol- I1utst, R. Kummer, E. Christensen, Govier, F. I'IoiIm:m, M. Vnnderlee, B. Braglin. F. Derby, M. Aalbers, B. Aluukers, I. ,Iohnson, S. Davis, F. Roggcveen, B. Lnpie, R. Teninga, M. Zeller. 'I'c:icI1cr: Mr. Knight Courier Repr.: M. Anlhers Teacher: Miss Cruin Courier Repr.: E. Hunke DIVISION 3, 116 B. Norlcus, S. I'lngcrn1:1n, G. Sloan, V. Ver Valin, ,I. jricobek, E. Teach, F. Nowak, M. Mzllnhowski, If. NIi'ntson. L. Stephan, L. Briss, L. Piconi, R. Ritehel, C. Studckc, D. xVIlllCfS, KI. Branch, A. Locht. J. Aclclucci, hlurlce, I.. Piehlcr, M. Matthew- sun, Ii. Sert, F. Iinrich, H. Pivnrunas, If. NVei- berg, C. Klavd. C. Snbadur, XV. Kobierski, S. Slmtucl-I, R. Hooglnnd, O. Kuclulcis, A. Claus, E. Wliitcsel, C. Hyland. Tcziclierz Bliss Immlquist Four. Repr.: C. Klavd DIVISION 7, Ill I. Pickzird, I.. Wcrodivarnl, AI. MncBr:u.ncy, P. Vyngardcn, I-I. Stcvcnlnmgcn, M. Rcmmcrs, 'I. Cook, O. Irlnrlninskc, M. Nicwnlcl, D. Guy- tt, M. McGIonc. I. Donnbcclinn, Il. Kobe, tl. Grnncsc, L. Peter- :n, R. Graves, XV. -Inlinson, A. Pocius, I.. hiffmrui. . Dckokcr, D. Green, R. Irlzuvkins, M. Hyn- 0, G. 'Dc Adam, H. Gonskn, M. Dnus, D. Icllnnd, M. Vanderbilt. 'enchcrz Mr. Bennett Courier Rcpr.: IJ. lirccu DIVISION 7, :zo .. Bomuk, I.. I.mncc:i, II. Mullaucr. BI. Mur- iruno. J. Mcskuuskis, M. I'ropnti, li. I.uc:ns. I. SIIYIQISIFIII. II. I'ucIIo. 'I'. l7uIn'ic:ly. D. Drin- nn. K. Sclinffcr. . Klein, VV. Zicuxlm, I. Scziuino. ff. Dc Grunt. I. Engel, C. Ihuzh, I.. 'I':ilut, .M. Reid. M. ink. I.. Dorncvitch. I. Suich. .. Furlc, XV. Ilruiniuz. I.. VViniccorn, M. Vain lck. IV. Smith, Ii. Mi:iz1.::x. J. Tlionipson. A. mikailis. J. Iibcrlmrclt. 'enclxcrz Mr. Trimble Courier Rvpr.: J. Tlionipson DIVISIONS 7, :iz AND 3, 21.1 . Price. I.. Roberts. N. Mayne. i,1.fUl'IiIC- icz, I". Kozn. S. Slniekliuut. I.. 'I':l,l:ir, IXI. Mc- llnlmn. V. Hruzais, I. Jnrcclci. I.. Ilnszkicwicz. . Grehy. R. Shziffcr. . Ilcvkcr. j. I':l'llIICI'. A. Morris, S. I':lym'. I.. cifsclmcislcr. R. Dekker, V. Knrzufin. M. IIQII- :m. D. Ilnrlowc, A. f':n'r. M. Zucculn. G. lrioth. . Sclu'ocdcr. I.. Iiwnrt, R. Lyons, C. Dc uuruz. A. 'I':u'i::ircI. Cf. Eriksson. ll. jricolis, A, urulgrcn. A. Iklggin. caichcrz Mr. Gzxrlick Couriur Ra-pr.: II. SK'I'l1'lll'lIC1' euchcr: Miss Fowler Fuuricr Rcpr.: F. Kumi DIVISION 7, 116 I Blinkicwicz, R. XVcbstcr, R. Norman, . Wall, M. Iisscr, II. Kroll, .l. Sicmicnns, Brown, M. Vander Plucg, QI. Novatncy, Dc Nnrdi. Clicreidi, S. Bicdron, A. Adalucci, I-'I. uenyscigu, R. Di Santo, A. joniknitis, A. lmacy, F. Brinkman, B. Prince, B. Sykes. . Frcyer. . Kubickn, li. Dnlilstrom, M. Gcrisbcrg, . Du Frcskc, Al. Stnmcts, L. Brink, L. jamrov, Minnick. -zicliurz Mr. Lange Courier Rcpr.: Ii. Norman DIVISION 3, 213 Grcnicwicki, L. Cameron, I. Klein, A. nsiewicz, M. Iircczc, C. Bccka, W. Koldozyk, Iirunncci, F. NVIIIC, C. Turnbull. Chnrtrand, I-I. Bnnrcvy, C. Arvin, R. Bnsilu, . Zukowskn, -I. Dnbrowski, I-I. I-Iryn. . Sellers, NV. Pncliolik, C. Kubinski, If. Selby, WIIIIlll11S, R. Gustafson. racher: Miss Vqrliocvcu 4'o1u'icr Rcpr.: A. Jnlonck DIVISION 3, :Ir Ekbloni, If. Hcincmalnn, II. Papas, G. xdzinski, Il. Cornelius, II. Cluxtro, L. Foldcsli, . Enquist, -I. Normnnr, R. Marsh, NV. owrhcr. Cliipns, A. Gucssford, O. I'IcIlancl, H. l'0I'l1lJCI'1.j, I.. Ln Banco, W. IifIII1CI1lJlIl',L1, . Van Dun, B. Bnrcclln, B. I-Iockstra, H. .ipus, C. Loch. Torok. G. I'I:ill:lgnn, R. Rcvor, A. Dc lmung, AI. Aldrigc, B. Bocklund, XV. Hrisko, Krcsin. uchcr: Min Kay Couricr Rcpr.: A. Cliipns Party-om' I ,.. .- Forly-I wo . .1 f 91 . HJ J Q h f' 1 X f A 'fi 5 I I ivy is we Ll!! J". if DIVISIONS 6, 213 AND 6, 211 V. Wchling, S. Novotny, M. Schultz, R. Swami' son, A. Frigo, C. Sloan, C. Sehmicdl, Eck man. L. Ellis, I. Smith, S. Der Kncy, E. Maciukc- vice, P. Nesewitz, C. Carlson. IE. Anderson, I. Bubnar, V. Rapp, B. Rnilla, M. Kish, V. Linkus, M. Opulskas. Teaclier: Mrs. Miller Courier Repr.: M. Schultz- Tcaeher: Miss Henieksmzm Courier Repr.: I. Johnson DIVISIONS 6, 218 AND 6, 114 H. jessyl, M. Pnppa, H. Grabaski, M. Millcrj J. Kendzerski, L. Jones, M. Paterson, L. Bair toli, J. Nyland, M. Wicdenaar, M. Auld. W. McKenzie, G. Iiugelli, V. Frcderickscn, M Sudeen, G. Thomas, C. Skripek, L. Stephen son, R. Fleming, G. Orcs, L. Murphy, Ii. Mc Master, D. Swanson, S. Bonaparte, H. Ginto C. Vieth. G. Nordgren, E. Collo, D. Vander Ploeg, B Orlowskis, C. Casckehn, L. Lulkowski, L. N vntny, M. Schnoor, -I. Oplnnd, L. Lofrano, B Butrin, I. Boehnke, C. Lewis, J. Wiersmn. C. Ekblom, R. McCr0nc, H. Rohwer, R. Pihl QI. Bunnn, A. Vickstra, C. Hoehberg, D. Col uugelo, M. Innes, C. Pior. 'I'e11chcr: Miss Parsons Courier Repr.: C. Vietl 'l'eaehcr: Miss Meisekotheu Courier Repr.: I.. Murph DIVISION 6, 113 R. Turnquist, M. Wilson, E. Spiller, A. Feld QI. Gorncy, F. Witte, W. Vnn Howe, M Klocke, R. Samuel. H. Frantz, J. Biedran, Korman, M. jonis T. Dulioix, B. Entin, R. Main, P. Mandros, V Lcschewsky. S. Hess, R. Avery, D. Day, R. DuBois, R Thompson, J. Welsford, W. Whtlhert, S. Mc Lenn. 1 Tciieherc Miss Solonmn Courier Repr.: Ii. NI.CCZll'lI DIVISION 6, :3o AND 6, 219 G. Poceus, I-I. McCracken, M. Schrader, D Ynsdiek, L. Mndclerom, M. Misenko, S Rimutis, M. Bodnnr, Huel. A. Morris, L. Kucker, M. Sloggetr, M. Reid C. Prone, I-I. Dugan, S. Supilowski, I. Han kosky, I'I. Higgens, K. Waildner. E. Murtnugh, F. Hopkins, R. Smith, R. Brcy foglc, O. Ol1Ison, Kolesar, V. Petrie, M Thompson, M. Cnrollo. H. Iizlrdwell, W. Bishton, R. Salvage, W Griflfen, R. Bergstrom, 'P. Kairis, A. Syptkow ski, E. Gasperec. Teacher: Mrs. Cziiril Courier Repr.: E. Nnvigat Teacher: Mrs. Ruhertson , Courier Repr.: G. Pociu W DIVISIONS 6, :ii AND 6, ll6 A. Foranini, N. CIIIZIITIQIIIJS, I'. Mrjenovicli, F. Beckt, A. Dnmick, T. Kubidn, C. Kopp, W. Srosky, W. Wegg. G. Miller, R. Iinri, R. Alerner, H. Kruse, R. Apoiskis, R. Shiruis, B. Mirozck. R. Henry, F. Fisher, S. Sclmllin, C. Maeeiwicz, L. Knudsen, H. Schuzirtzenbernig, D. Coole, C. Nclson. Teacher: Mr. Van Scuyuc l'uurier Reina: D. Vonle Teacher: Miss Ilenicksnmn Courier RIJIHZI ,l'. I. johnson DIVISION 6, 255 I. Iinquisr, If. Port, R. Boomsmn, I.. Vander- van, A. Wlzalieii, M. Iirinc, G. Leary, M. Tornquist, M. Richards. I. Ohmans, W. Wilke, A. Genovese, j. Di Sang, M. Pape, B. Vnnselow, C. Rebroviclm, H. Downct, R. Wliite, Ii. Sorgcr, bl. McCarthy. M. Shields, Wm. Johnson, A. Guinulnuskns, M. Susks, N. jahn, C. Hngelbrook, Ii. Forrest. Ii. Rndnvich. Teacher: Miss Meliirilie Courier Rcpr.: IC. Siirgcr DIVISION 6. In E. johnson, H. RockweII, D. Stump, M. Fer- rcrro, M. Iiiermn, A. Makury, G. Cedar, AI. Thompson, Ii. Page. M. Lustik. I. Dudzik, V. Almcrzmrz, M. Mnxcy, N. Stclz- ky. L. Mnisaxnt, A. Adducei, C. Guetscliow, G. Hufker, Ii. Pike, M. Pollo, A. Vollmnr, K. Vogwill. J. Clarke, IT. Drolen, M. Wiersx11:1, Ii. Iiodnar, H. Gyure, L. Fournier, UI. Jansen, H. I5Ium- quisr. Teacher: Miss O'lIl:iIli-y 4 I'uuricr Iivpr.: Y. Almcrnntz DIVISION 6, :iz B. Vanderbilt, AI. Nnttcrmnn, Verna Dclgur, M. ilolmsrrn, M. Iiillburg, C. XVrobuI, K. Angus, R. Heli, M. Romen. A. Vain Koutin. N. Regrinto, R. Corrndin, P. Mershcr, Ll. Miller, W. Odom. G. Waltliiig, VI. Petrie, I.. I.e:lsure. E. I.eNoblc, D. Wef.1Id, R. Tcningn, N. Lam- bos, A. Goskn, H. johnson, Ii. DeAdun1, Farr. fl cncher: M r. Reich l'mlriL'1'Rcpl'.: IL. De:XiI:nn DIVISIONS 6, :33 AND 6, :3: M. Hnnncy, M. Sosin, O. Knrehut, B. Iloszor- mcnyi, A. Arvin, M. D'Ad:im, A. I.CI1l1Il1g, D. II-Inwkins, Ii. Karrcls. M. Stnnt, A. SI1eIIer, A. Bishop, D. Cunning- ham, H. Koster, M. Anderson, S. Biermn, R. Engstrom. IC. Ronmni, S. Iiadzili, N. Robinson, II. Kundis, R. Schnnck, A. Kalupn, H. Iirzisk, R. Ander- son, j. Creatura. ITe:ieher: Miss ,Iaeulvsen Courier Renr.: IJ. I'I:iwkins Teacher: Miss Stevens Cnurier Renr.: Il. Ihiszormenyi -. Forty-lbree A-ML THE INQUIRING REPORTER 'AMONG THE 3B'S As I was strolling down the hall I met Lois Murphy, who expressed her desire of being a nurse in the near future. Walking by her side carrying a shorthand book was Harriet Koster, the future beauty culturist. After speaking to these two girls I decided that every one will be both healthier and more beautiful in years to come. And then, I met a very talented violinist, Elsie Farr, by name. She told me that she has made many new acquaintances through the social gath- erings Fenger has had during- the past year. An- other girl, Lillian Ellis, who aims hig.h to beat the record of Colonel Lindbergh in future- years, happened to be standing near by. But, fI advise her to get in contact with William Crosby, who will give her a different view of aviation. For, when he saw the Air Races in which many planes crashed, he made a vow that he wouldnot fly in any plane again because they were too dangerous for unskilled aviators. Letis not be pessimistic, but wish Lillian the best of luck. f To be a secretary to some great man, seems to be the aim of several people. Future business men will probably give these capable girls a position in their offices: Violet Fredrickson, Helen Dugan, Evelyn Karrels,,, and, Caryl Ekblom. Later, I met Jaffuture football hero. He is a 3A, I think. His name, as you probably all know, is Anthony Kalupa, who plans to play on Notre Dame's footballteam. Well, good luck to you, and some day probably we'll cheer you on to victoryi ,a - . In this world of leisure f???j :I overheard that a few students planito make life as convenient as possible. Oh, yes, Marge Misenko, and Marie Pape, are these two girls' names. Probably too much leisure will grow very tiresome in a few weeks. Celia Skripek, a charming girl, intends to enter college. fThat's if prosperity comes back!j I thought to myself, "How glad I am that some people aim to further their educationf' Genevieve Thomas, Marie Johnson, Nora Cegenati, June Eckman, and Angelo Genovese also hope that prosperity will come back to make it possible for them to enter college also. Alice Greene explained to me that all clothes will be designed to be more attractive in future years, for she will attend a commercial art school Forly-four of design, and then, yes, then, we'll look more delightful. To be a well-known surgeon are Bruce Bell's and Robert White's chief ambition. I hope that you will make this world healthier, for then we'll be happier. As, yes, I was worried about how we can Hnd jobs for everyone. But, to my surprise I found a future attorney, whose problem it will be to try to straighten this out. Betty Lowry plans to figure this out in about one and one-half years. A little friend who feels sorry for orphan chil- dren told me, "To be the head of an Orphans' Asylum, is my chief dream." Her name is Helen Johnson. " 'Twill be a home for everyone, both rich and poor, and I plan to give them plenty of good timesf' Beautiful pictures will Rose Flemings and Dor- othy Hawkins paint. They plan to study Art. I wish them great success. Please try to picture students' ideals, not with words, but with a little brush and colorful paints. And then again I 'came upon two girls, who plan to make people look daintier and prettier- Madeline Saclis, and Lorraine Vander Veer, by name. If people were all so good looking, a job like this could be done away with. So, it may be a fine idea that we all still can stand a little im- provement. One miss explained that she plans to make life something worth while. A wise choice, Irene Dudzikg keep up your good work and probably in future headlines, we will read about something brave and daring, or kind and thoughtful that you did because you tried to get the most out of your life. Two girl friends, seem to have dreams to find a tall, dark, and handsome man. Did I hear you mention their names? Yes, Betty Keffner, and Mary Schroder. I wish them success. I hope these heroes will be fellow Fengerites. Probably that will be the best, because we want to be loyal to our Alma Mater. And while I was homeward bound, I chanced to meet a charming girl, Dagmar Swanson, who explained to me that as yet she had no ambitions, but in future years she will aim to build them high. g WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU Here are the opinions of your class on the ques- tionnaires that were handed OLIE to you. 1. Which boy has lhe most frie-fully smile in your class? The majority ruled. So, Kenneth Gradle has won this high honor, with Edmund Dooley, Wal- ter Galla, Henry Moore, and Raymond Paine, fol- lowing close beside him. Good luck to you, Ken- neth. Probably your smile will win you higher honors in future years. 2. Which girl has fhe most friendly smile in your class? Ruth Barron, a 'petite brunette has won among the girls. I've heard that Ruth plays the violin. Probably that's what makes her always ready to have a smile for everyone. Tihe other girls are Vivian Johnson, a very jovial person, Audrey Li-nd, whose pastime is chewing gum, Evelyn Prosich, a future swimming expert, and Alice Whitniaii, whose dimples are very outstanding. Success to these people too. I'm glad the girls have smiles for everyone, too, instead of just the boys. 3. Which boy has fhe best sense of humor? Henry Moore has captured first place. You seem to have made a name for yourself, Henry! Following right on his heels were: Charles Hast- ings, who looks forward to his Spanish class, everyday, Williilin Neutout, a future Cub pitcher, and Howard Gross, who is said to be very bash- ful imp. 4. Which girl has the hes! sense of humor? Gertrude Roggeveen surely must have a great deal of wit, for she has won in this section. Be- sides this, Gertrude is athletic. Athletics and humor seem to go well together. At least they do in this case. Pauline Rudnick, an excellent aero- batic dancer, ran a close second. Besides t-hese two, there was Dorothy Buckley, tiny and cute, and Vita Fannizo, a promising soloist of our Glee Club. Good luck to all of these girls. 5. Wlnfif is lhe 'mosf common name in your class? The name of Mary seems to be known by every- one, and in every class there seems to be a Mary. The names of john, Betty, Ruth, and Dorothy, lso are popular. Consider yourself well known if ou are the proud possessor of one of these names. 6. Whnf is the faiforifv lopie of l'07ll'l'l'Xl1flOIl? Sports, seems to be in the minds of everyone. I suppose that's because you all want to be the proud possessors of a school letter. And twhen there were some who are continually talking of the weaker sex. You had better be care- ful. They might hear your words some day. Be- ides all this many people love to talk about food, or they believe that to be the most important hing in their daily life. Don't talk about food too much, for the more you hear about it the more you'll eat, and that would never do. A 7. Wlvfzf was the hardest fest you have ever taken? Geometry! Good old Geometry!! I wonder wlhy this is such -a puzzle? Besides our beloved Geometry, all the languages, Spanish, Latin, Ger- ma-n, and French, seem to be very difficult. Some people are lucky, especially those who don't have any languages, because 'according to this class, in these subjects are the only hard tests. I guess we will have to carry our little green geometry books home oftener, in order to remedy our troubles. 8. What assembly did you like the best? I guess it is true that the older we get the better we like the things of our ohildhood days, for we all seemed to have liked the toyland assembly given by the February Courier Staff. And then there was Dr. Harwood's program, which every- one seemed to have enjoyed. Here's hoping Fenger has more assemblies like these two, which proved to be enjoyable for everyone! 9. Whnl jmpil has done the -most for Fenger? Cur future 4A's are beginning their scwhool service early, for Christine Wojc'ik, Chester Derrico, Con- nie Meyers, and Mildred Stern, have begun already by being Room Presidents, Room Secretaries. Fenger is lucky that we have such loyal members, who believe in serving Fenger to the best of their ability. ' 10. what pupils get away with fhe most? Stella Muak, Frank Kusack, George DeVries, and Harry King seem to be excellent people from whom to get your alibis. For the 2A Class.seems to think that they use other alibis tlhan our old stand bys when they come late, or when asked if they are chewing gum. Be sure and call on these people when help in this field is needed. I 1. Who is the best talker in the class? Alice Phillips has used her ability in talking, by :having her parents promise her a car providing she makes the Phorex. fLet's hope there is one.j Study hard, Alice. Robert Yampolsky will use his ability when he becomes a physician. Another good talker is Susan Steffan who looks very shy and quiet. 12. Who falks fhe most mul says the least? Curtiss Dahl, Frank Broeh, and Emil Rohracker seem to have the habit of talking in circles. Oh, well, I guess they'll overcome this soon! I hope so, don't you? 13. Who rlo you ihivzk is the class chiseler? Herbert Brocher, Lee Adams, and Bob Teane have the habit of borrowing and promising to pay back, but that day never comes. You'll Lhave to watch out for these students when they approach you. So, my advice to you is to be careful. Letis try to aim for the motto of always getting some- thing back for everything you give. I think that would work out fine, don't you? ' Forty-iw Fofiy-six Vw. DIVISION 2, 108 R. Miller, D. Iiuckley, R. Tharp, I. Calabrcse, Schroder, A. Adducci, L. McCormick, V. Townsend, AI. Stewart, Z. Iiruining. I.. Smith, L. Ilarriball, R. Stewart, F. Selden, H. VonHorn, G. Vlasis, ll. Dima, T. Breed, W. Peters. IZ. Wan Iitren, M. Wyrzykowski, j. Vander W'oude, J. VanKooten, Ii. Yampolsky, M. Zanello, L. Spagnola, A. Butkus. Tezielier: Miss Vizarrl I'nIII'ieI' Repr.: M. NVyI'zylc0wski DIVISION 2, II6 W. Opyl, A. Lazanas, F. Leegiwoter, L. Krau- yalis, F. De Young, N. Leetz, -I. Nieh, C. jellcma, S. Lelfman. L. Nunn, A. WlICllICI11,-I. Krasula, L. Illum- mer, Ii. Dexter, P. Talboc. M. Newton, Lisach, M. Flora, NV. Harrison, G. Lykowski, Ii. Henley, A. Truitt, O. Mae- farlane. 'l'e:Icl1eI': Miss I7I'L'L'lIIllll f'ouI'ieI' Repr.: IVI. Flora DIVISION 1, 2.30 II. Meneghini, R. Mrjenuvich, A. Rodella, G. Klinger, R. Barron, F. Cerutti, N. Conkaight, B. Wfoods, A. Szekely, W. Beck. T. Iiasile, B. Iirickson, M. Arquilla, D. Strom, S. Crasko, B. Kwiatt, R. Cadwell, M. Dor- tavio, R. DeVries, A. Seagren. A. Dykstra, M. Brouwer, -I. Gibson, Dooley, F. Greco, L. Alferink, S. Meteisis, C. Podluski, Ii. Parklmurst. 'I'eaeheI': Miss Carroll Four. Repr.: Ruth Barron DIVISION 2,129 N. Condes, NV. Iiinnell, C. Napoli, H. Langolo, D. Moore, A. Marlin, Mazpr, A. Anderson, I' Bock. j. Baker, V. Miazga, I. Maro, D. Markunas, L. Matson, M. Nelson, D. Linde, E. Mark, A. Meekma. IZ. Dubbeldeman, R. Currer, G. DcVries, M. Dykstra, H. Brucker, C. Derrico, F. Mandu- Zio, D. Anderson, C. Dahl. 'l'e:Iel1ex': Miss IAISSOII Courier Rcpr.: C. Derrico DIVISION 1, 114 J. Niedsker, M. Gilmore, I-I. Hendricks, E. Paulsen, M. Truim, M. Champlain, Il. Karc- zewski, H. Toczyl, H. Stumbris. T. Margala, B. Novak, A. johnson, B. Stahu- lak, I. XValper, G. Lossmann, M. Buchholz, C. Stalfi, V. Vervalcn. S. Krajewski, C. Voss, E. Tucch, M. Schmidt, B. Race, B. Muir, A. Pype, X. Tomaszewski, P. Dahlgren. 'IIC2lUl'IUl'I Miss Kira-en Courier Repr.: P. Dahlgren DIVISIONS 1, 133 AND 2, III G. Kuziel, C. Wojeik, T. Gustas, I.. Smith, S. Pavilanis, W. Bcdnasz, V. Fanizzo, J. jenkin- son, M. Kane, L. Benzenberg, M. Chudzkie- wicz, H. Lehman. R. Bodamer, Ii. Grinn, G. Felicicehia, E. Muszynski, M. Zaokopny, A. Lind, S. Stephan, E. Prosieh, J. Karabin, P. Bogosian, R. Wl1erlI:II11. C. Hastings, A. Marianelli, A. Sapkus, L. Michal, F. Rimkus, C. Meyers, R. Fisher, M. Hanson, H. King, W. Bohr, M. Herdecker, L. Hyahian, O. Hoble. E. Piszar, G. Borhwell, K. Gradle, R. Dickin- son, B. Moormann, W. Neutour, H. Gross, H. Moore, J. Bouke. 'I'eaeher: Mr. Wapzenman Cour. Repr.: C. VVojcilr Teacher: Mr. 'Fristoe Courier Repr.: I-I. Flske DIVISIONSl.lI1ANIJ2.l13 Iyn. IJ. hillonu. J. I'lcrI1, J. Iinlln, F. Vziualvu Ilriuk. riuvcll, Ill. Schirutu, I". Ilrnvslc, J. XVrulowic-C, IE. Ku- y. lutkzx. Ill. Stnlculis. V. Ciclc-sz. If. Ilutvilns, Bl. Zullu. ficlcllimisv. Ill. Iluwnlllzx. I.. Spmilrliug. M. Aslicruft. EHIIIIIQCIIIIS. A. Ivuvzllc. J. I'ucIlx'on. ull 'gn J. xVl'SlVVIllK'l'. I.. Alulxrus. NV. lizilla. 'I'. Iliml' R. Miclizllulf. II. Ilitlm-4. II. Ilurkcr. llcr: Mi:-as Stcvcusuu IIUIIFICI' Rcpr.: M. SCIIIHIIU hor: Ilr. Ile Alnrirl l'nu1'icr Rcpr.: J. I'm:lirfm IJIVISIUNS 2. 235 AND 3.113 lI:1Izc. C. I'cAsnlzi. IC. Annslun. M. Klnris. N. NYuIl'. I. puwi. A, Sziplis. Y. I':u'Ilu'i'g. M. Milrlxlvruux. I. SIL'- lld. I'I. Ilutmxul. M. Illlllililllfl. I'Izunmcr. I.. Ailzlnls, J. Ilurslcy, XV. Ilciluzum. R. Vim J. Julmsmi. I.. AI1Il'Iil'WlCZ. I.. Lyuus. A. Dc Young. 'uuz. IV. Iirwiu. I.. IJurl'. A. I'uIc:xrc'ik. N. Ilzmg. intl. N. Krall. A. Krupil. Y. Ili-rr. If. Murlvn. Il. sim. XY. Ilnlcs. J. Nylu-rg. Ii. Ilzmsvn. her: Mrs. Morgan Vuurivr Iicplk: Illinnir Iilnris llL"l'Z Dr. IJO Al:iri1I C'uurivr Rn-pr.: Jusupliinc I'uckrnu IJIYISIUN 2. 2.20 wwe. I. Zylstru. IC. Yau lluskirk. III. SCIIIITIC. J. Sall- R. Riulrick. F. V:unlcl'worf. IC. Pzinnzzi, IJ. Grccliv. allun. ISIIZHIIIIZIS. I'. Srnlmwslrmxl. Y. Nylcn, II. N1-lson. V. igncz. IJ. Yun Iiuist. IC. Wifnlcl. Al. Stern. J. Ilmluclc. Nlucsnry. luffzuzui. C". Slum.-. C. llclmiu. C. Sclmciilcr. J. Smith. sch. Iinrlic. XV. Pluulcis. her: Mr. Mumfurml I'uuriur lh-pr.: IC. Vuu Iluskirk DIVISION J. ZIQI ANI? 2. 228 mule. A. llrnnicki, I.. l"isIiur. S. Stcruvcky. M. Collins. ie Young. M. Ilurrlmi. A. Olsvn. A. f'r:iuSC. A. Gniw M. Kupp. III. Rzlkcr. IV. Kmiislwi. Iukuyu. J. Finn. W. Illurzm. M. Guerrero. G. Kuliu. lluguszcwski. V. Drew. I.. Cooper. M. IICIIYICICSUII. Ii. i. E. Mnlmiff. J. Illzuliul, Ii. Kzxlnlrus-2. J. Zulmwskns. Vnllis. A. Roi. unkcr. Ii. Nzirfrlcll. li. Kuliilis. BI. Atkus. Ii, llnst. .cri, J. Synuuuls, If. Iliclcvll. Ii. IQCFCT. K. Anderson. her: Miss Ilailcy I"uuricr Rcpr.: M. Rupp llCl'2 AIl'.f,VCl'IlllIZUl' Courier Ri-pr.: A. Iiiselc IJIVISIONS 1. 2234 AND 2. 211 10juzu'mvski, Il. fzuncron. 0. lV:irlinlnk. A. Muzuu. U. hunt. Il, Ilonzxlclsuu. I.. Gurkzl. ll. C'zunerun. V. Juliu- L. Magiucl. IE. Ifnylcucu. zllirailli. C. Ostupku, R. Ifuumlukinu, A. Dc-lmrczcni. I. nsmx. A. firlizziiislcus, N. Knysz. D. Anderson, IC. Dc- Q. M. Puliski. I.. lsyclorck. II. Fcrlnr. Knznmrski. M. Ilriggs. I". Rnzmus. S. If'r:ncc:iru. A. s. J. Iwzmcio. Ii. liricksuu. M. Cliutru. D. Phillips. mr: Mr. Sykes Fuuricr Repr.: IC. I7cVrius wr: Miss U'Sulliv:m Vuurier Rqwr.: V. ,IOIIIIFUII DIVISIONS 2. .itll AND 2, III iuuuons. R. Ilulgc. M. Ifumlukizui. II. Kuszui. S. Lus- D. Cruulcl. Il. Gmllmie-1. IC. Iliru, II. Illikusinuc. If. n. VV. Julmsnn, S. Ilnui. sscllu. IC. l.ipkc. II. Ifnrucli. I.. Pucllu. C. Ogcliul. N. e. M. I':lrkcr. S. I.zmriVtun. M. Sznkns. II. Kizmgns. M. iecler. S. Gzullmis. Ii. Grcuicwicki. Ilemcnt. R. Krueger. J, Knrtu, XV. l'e:u'snn. S. Mis- iez. II. Ilnizi. II. Iirugmuuullcr. S. Juhusuu, I.. Ilcziin. ylnn. mer: Mr. 'I'Imm1rsnu Fourier Rcpr.: A. Mnylntli ner: Miss Connor Courier Rcpr.: R. Krucgur IJIVISIONS Z. 216 AND I. 113 ltlielrl. R. Trzicy. M. Rinkncli. M. St. Julien. M. Rich- M. Stcwzlrt. M. Sunnis, D. Sclmut. B. Van Dun, IJ. rs. A. Perliuski. isliergcr IE Rc Voir O. Iunim. C. Ru n T -1 h .H . I. . Q '. . 'x.:. '.Au:in. rlmvuik. M. Tulluncl. A. Stnkcnns. TJ. Smith, G. Ln- I ,. R. Jzmkoski. E. Petronis. J. Guliclmi. I.. Dcmkn. ulirzmsky. Il. Dufln. Iromctz. F. Gaim. F. Mnrixm, A. Lukso. J. Merclmnl. etruvich. L. llnrisvwich. 'I'. Lipkc. E. Frrmson. V. Jskos. G. Ilusz. NV. Sluzns. ner: Miss Murray Courier Repr.: C. Revoir 1er: Mr. Sampson Courier Rcpr.: A. Luksu Forty-seven :qi I, I. ,-l II' Forty-eight DIVISIONS I, 2.19 AND I, 213 L. Block, W. Skirnich, M. Sienicki, M. XVest- herg, P. Panos, A. Zorzankwicz, F. Ricglcr, S. Klntka, G. La Buda, R. McGaghic. M. Hnatusko, P. Elgersma, P. Danadio, E. Lor- ence, Koesema, R. Clousing, XV. Chiuro, S. Steff, R. I-Inatusko. S. Richlik, C. Ronzani, V. Ccsario, J. Kolcszar, D. Renshaw, C. Romanowski, J. Boszormenyz, E. Sirvid, B. Pachisky. Teacher: Mr. Kehoe Courier Renr.: G. Luhuda Teacher: Mr. Kocrner Courier Renr.: XV. Chiaro DIVISION 5, U., A. Schocnwald, B. Lopez, L. Schonten, E Eylandcr, IE. Norhy, V. Bock, L. Johnsoi V. Vinkc, B. Kubiclci, B. Attilio. A. Alcksy, F. Martello, C. Preston, J. Haag M. Larson, D. Meinardi, G. Stephens, ll Pizzato, M. Mnzur, R. Kindrick. V. Kavanaugh, V. Colletr, M. Anderson, , Christensen, R. Ton, N. Hess, J. Diggle, G Larocca, D. johnson. Teacher: Miss Iluelmncr Courier Repr.: J. Christensen DIVISION 5, :zo N. Miller, H. Nilsen, Rior, Simcnson, IN Gaika, V. Rcguly, O. Lcsiow, G. Burnett, Larson, G. Doolittle, M. MacBratncy, R. Peter son, A. Oostnmn. M. Spurlin, I-I. Bondora, Kotiwicki, P Zcmaitis, R. Spoke, Ii. Bender, J. Spickhau M. Swyncnburg, D. Dorn, B. Flagcol, D. Buclf C. Ligtvoct. H. Vander Ploeg, E. Nelson, M. Schultz, Vlfolti, M. Bylanda, F. Elm, T. Koziocas, Hofstra, S. Matuls. 'I'c2IchcI': Miss PILIIIIITICI' Courier Rcpr.: H. Nils DIVISIONS I, 1:9 AND 5, 113 I. Malone, A. Kingma, C. Owak, A. Stojic N. Knrlson, M. Polka, R. Smedman, Stcczo, XV. Zukowski. F. MCNCQS, M. Prekop, D. Danielson, Fourniec, K. Ericson, M. Matyasovich, Kaspen, F. Linltus. R. Le Bovitz, L. Davitlcnas, A. Sekcla, Arrixo, C. Thomson, A. Knudscn, N. Rce li. Cmmlini, H. Ball. 'l'eacllel': Mr. Kehoe Courier Rcpr.: G. Lahuf Teacher: Miss Diggs Courier Rcpr.: F. Roc DIVISION 5, III R. Sartori, C. Napoli, D. Kingma, bl. Fre burn, C. Hiemstra, M. Pocni, B. Brown, Kwiatlcowslci, F. Angelus, M. McGowan, Bcrglund, S. Etcrno. O. Lofstrand, M. Allen, A. Bariscwicz, Pictmwska, E. Strombcrg, V. Falk, G. Butti V. Wlodnrski, -I. Balsan, li. Aring. R. Balsan, L. Spisak, li. Ildelsrein, R. I-larnee man, R. Caldcrwood, F. Malmloff, R. Heatl T. jackson, B. Mulligan. IIQCZLCIICFZ Mr. Smith f'nurier Repr. : j. Frechui DIVISION 5, 228 W. Falknor, A. Lubcrt, I. Rout, B. Bakke M. Baltlassari, R. Rago, G. Bannert, A. Greg I. Mckas, T. Balas, A. Lokas. I. Kauco, N. Lane, E. Devlin, W. Watt, Rolen, J. livans, R. Novak, Riddle, Pound, j. Woodward, R. Wynardcn, N. Zo linger. j. Machnyk, R. Strybis, A. Gustavson, Stuebing, C. Raatjcs, R. Fieldhouse, C. Va den Brink, G. Peterson, R. Nelson. Teacher: Miss Duane Courier Rcpr.: Charles Varg DIVISION 5, :li I. Quillman, NI. Iluchlcr, II. Sandrok, H. Post. Il. Righrcr, II. Coughlin, V. Koreiva, Rolf, S. NViIliamson, il. Robinson. I. Tzyz, QI. ToLIiI, Ii. Hutcliinson, L. VI'ainoi'is, '. Bergman, R. Govis, I. Kautriin, N. Brink, I. Baer, K. Huggins, Ii. Hawkins. I. Balogh, Z. Gyurc, D. Bencventi, j. De iokcr, S. Salay, L. Morrison, V. Iialahon, G. 'IcnsIey, Ii. Plagemann. I'c:iChCi'Z Mrs. Kring: Courier Repr.: Ii. I'I:igi-in:inn DIVISIONS 5, :oil and 5, ixjq W. Salmon, J. Felice, F. Godbout, H. Kana- iieki, C. Iirunacci, K. Nonics, T. Fabric, I. legnicr, M. Carleton, M. Fraser, L. Stawicki, VI. Evans. . Abbate, K. Iiracenro, R. Fendon, Ii. Price, Q. Andrews, L. Akcrman, V. Marcsc, A. Cim- rol, H. Aarslad, A. Sullivan, M. Iiarrell, C. chustcr, C. Mcliroom. I. Montville, R. Isianken, I.. -Iahn, M. La 'arbar:i, Il. Thoren, Ii. Glass, I. Kohn, D. Iiampbell, D. johnson, M. Carlson, M. Aich- cr, L. Palumbo, W. Hansen, R. Perry. L. lirgo, R. Nelson, W. Casson, ,I. Form, QI. iukovitz, J. Burkhardl, W. Hawke, R. I-lill, .. Link, Cm. Laws. 'enchcr: Miss K:ivan:ingIi Courier Repr.: L. Paloinbo 'eacherz Miss Olson l'nnric:r Rr.-pr.: M. Carlclnn DIVISIONS 5. 2:9 AND 5, 11: .. Hucksold, T. Maiorancl, P. Slingzka, D. Ilawson, C. I'Iank0sky, M. Novclln, II. Bukow- ki, A. Kuzanek, L. Davia, D. Ccderholm, . Barich, R. Ifsposito, I7. Tinich. . Radcliff, I. Kolozie, T. Bird, D. Turnbull, Kirner, T. Sahlctny, V. Wicringn, K. Kzirclcs, . Zahn, M. Kelbowski, A. Gbur, H. NVagncr, . Solfri, T. jankun, Ii. Malnassy, R. Pritchett, , Mikcls, -I. Ilirch, Ii. Iiacicwicz, V. Vnllenari, Toth. -ezichcr: M rs. Vaslle I'nnrii-r Repr.: IJ, l'Ian'snn eaclier: Miss Ile Yinc' Uoiirici' Rc-pr.: K. Kzirsles DIVISION Y. 130 Dattoli, A. Skistinias, G. McGinnis, H. hnson, -I. Andrews, C. Slangl, I.. Rraglia, Srielow, Ii. -Iensen, M. Van Heel, H. Hansen, Koncck. . Rago, Ii. Arvia, .I. Gypta, H. Ogden, D. dcncr, R. Szabo, M. Aiken, T. Kahat, A. own, G. Lournier. NVoIowicz, S. Iirak, K. Okcrberg, Mrs. G. Iiuessler, W. Lewis, H. Iluwalcla, R. Lewis Slagcr, C. Proper. mclierz M rs. Selinesslcr Vouricr Rein-.: M. Aiken DIVISION 5, :in Goodrich, l.. johnson, M. Ifriskson, M. ark, AI. Ilcleky, U. Skogluncl, C. Lundgrcn, Nickel, A. Wilson, A. ,Ioi'd:ihl, li. Chipns, Dnlenberg, NV. Ivens. Gcdoud, Ii. Stcrnberg, G. Larson, I.. Kluscs, . Knopman, RI. Kennedy, G. Ilonnenm, A. ehar, II. Cunningham, Il. Rossi, ,I. XVati'ous, . johnson, I-I. Heulnach. Smanioitn, Ii. McNicI1olas, R. Vnmlerbye, Brandsma, S. Badlin, R. Mucha, R. Swan- . R. Buchholz, XV. McGaghic. :icherz Miss Illorain DIVISION 5, H6 T. Stephens, C. Wlestcrveld, E. Blirzcscein, M Nolan, Ii. Stevens, L. Genovese, E. Porulney A. Lang, E. MeG:iw, B. Kuminclehinc, R Falkenchal. R. Drolcn, P. Vander Plocg, M. Tracey, M Simons, L. Skog, M. Surblis, G. Balsuskas, -I Zollis, V. Cooke, C. Arcnds, R. Bicrsmith. M. Kubask, M. Kaulfers, R. Wetzel, M. Dud- ieli. S. Sera, W. Barnes, M. Jennings, S. Foges S. Young. f'onrin'1' RCIHZI R. IUICIIIWIZ 'I'eziehei': Miss Illaehly Vonrier Repr.: L. Alhei' Name Jane Christensen . . Isabelle Kohn ..... Attillio Bosko ..... Frances Hutchinson, . , . Gladys Bonnema. . . Mary Dudlick .,... Rose Fendon. . . john Toth. . . Sam Gadlin ,... Viola Reguly ..,, Frances Barich. , . Catherine Nomes. . 2B IDEALS Ideals Edward McNickolas . . .Frederick March . . . , .Mr. Frank Knight . . . . . . .Santa Claus . . . .Melvin Bonstra . , . . . .Her father . . .Helen Kanapicki . . . .Ghandi of India . . . , .Bruno RaiIin ...,,..."Babe" . . . . .Mr. Fessenclen . . . . , .Alice Eacelli Irene Kantrim ................... Clark Gable 2B GOSSIP COLUMN Read what we've said about you by disregarding spacing. MARIONE RICKS ONSE EMST OHA VE TROUBLEC HANG INGTI RES WO N'TSOM EPROM ISING MECH ANIC COM ETO HERR ESCUE ?' WOR ,KTOW ILLI AMMC GAGHIE ISLI KE WATE RON ADU CK'S BACK. DAN'CINGW ITH ACER TAIN "ROG" Name Martha Surblis, . . Jean Felice ..... Jack Quillman. . . Alta Sullivan ...,, Catherine Brunacci. . . Kathryne Eylander Eva Glass ..,..... Joe Grabaski ..,.. La Verne Skog .... Kathryn Kordis. . . Leno Solfa ......, Martha Jennings.. Ideals . , . .Charlie Chapli , . . ,Harriet I-Ianse ....,,Duane Purv . , . . . ,"A certain boy . . . .Kathryn Hepbur .,.....Mr. Schacl 4 . 4 .Harriet Aarste ......,Edward Nowa . . . . . ,Abraham Lincol' A tall Brunette in 3,21 . . . . . .Claudette Colbe: ,.........,..Charlie Hor "WORK?W HERED ID IHEA RTHA TW+ RD BEF ORE?" ASKSAN7 NA SEKELA. ANO THERA RDENT BING CROS B' FANIS OURK ATH ERINE FRACCERO YI U'LL FIN DHIM IN, OURB OYS'G LE CLUB"KAY". ISHE LEN'BONO,RA'S IDE AOF PERF ECT HARM ONY MAYBEW ECAN AGR EEWIT HYOU HOW AB OUT ANINTRO DUCTION? JEAN DIG GLEIS VERYM UCH INTE RESTEDI NC AMPF IRES PEECHES SHEM AY BEA FAM OUSOR ATORIN THEM AKING. WHERED ID CHA RLES PRO PER GETH ISN'AME WEW ONDER IF ITIS BECAUSEI-I EIS SO PROP ERAS KSO ME ONEW HOK NOWS. ' BE CAUSEFR ANKLIN KUSDOE SN'T TALKMUC HDOESN' TMEANH EHASN'T ANYTH INGTO SAY MUM'S THEWO RDAM IR IGHT,F RANK? HAH AA NOTH ER YO UNG MANBY THEN AMEOF JOHNB AERGO T"ROP ED" IN BYAM EMBEROF THEW EAK ERf??j SEXSO ITS EEMS TOUS. ITW OULD BETO OEASY IFI TOL DYOU RUT HPET ERS ON'S IDEA L-FI ND WH OPLA YED THEPA RT OF MEG'S HUSBAND IN LITTLEW OMEN AN- DYO U,LL KNOW. WH AT'S THISI HEA RAB OUTI RENE KANTU RN STI CKING OUTH ER TON GUE? IST HAT YO UR THER MOM ETER, IR ENE? OHY ESSAM GODLIN COM EST OSCH OOL OCC ASION ALLY-TO KEE PACQ UAIN TED WI THTH EFEL LOWS. WIL LIAMP ENN REA LLY ENJ OYSAN DFIN DSH UMOR INH IS LAT INC LAS SWE' DLIKET OJOIN THA TCLA SSWILL IAM. Fifty DOYO UEVER SUCC EEDI NGE TTI NG! ADTO LETY OUT AKET HEFAMILYB U WELLM ARGA RETAN DERS ONDOE CON GRAD ULATIONS! VIC TORK OREIVA HAST HEB LU BECAUS EHE PAS SEDIA SCIEN CEA DCAN'T BEIN MR.P ICAR D'SCLAS S? WOND ERIFMR. PIC ARD FEELST HES AM VIC TOR? IM AGINE!DO LOR ESBUCK REL AT STH ATS HEH ASN OIDE AL!AR E YOU OLDINGO UTON USDOL ORES? WHENI-I IS MI NDIS SETAR GUEN TWITH ROBER TGORISU NLESSY OU' PREPAR ED FORA BATT LE. INEDW ARDS TERNB ERGWE HAVEN TAR OUGHD IAMONDB UTA DIA MONDI THER OUGH. VIV IAN SKO GLUN. DIS INT ERE STE INA TAL LDA RKA NDH AND SOM EY UNG MANHAI LING FROM TIL DEN TEC WHATA BOUT OURBOYS,V IV? VEN ITA KAV ANA UGH ADOR ESA LIA EAR HART FORH ER BRAV ERY A DCOU RAG EYOU RI DEAL SSUR E FLYH IGH, VENITA. "WHATC ANIDO TOBE FAMO US SAID MILLA RDWEB STER ASHE WAL EDOU TOF THE PENALTYR OOM. THA TOL DHAU NTMR. NIN TH URIS ALWAY STRA ILING R.MUC BUTR. MUCHA AL WAYS MANA GE OELU DEHI MGOO DFOR YO U! ISA BELLE REG NIER'SD EFINI TI OFAR EALT RUE FR IEN DAND PALI EVERLYTH OREN. li- 6 DIVISIONS 1, 208, 1, xi, 1, H6 AND I, :iz Raiczka, ll. Lelnla, Peleknysz, G. l,,ilge, L. nelly, S. Gercz, R. Sclmercler, R. Smiilm, S. utowski. . XValdman, C. Poeplau, S. Iingala, M. Boom ra, S. Slialleross, A. Palme, G. Wiegel. . Wujak, Piccli, I... Slrnlilmang T. Pregent, '. Koppersg G. Missaggia, K. Wood, M. Mad- rom. 'aeI1er: Mr. Musick f.lHI!'IC1' Reina: Mr. NViok rneher: Mr. .Foster Courier Repr.: R. Titzell -richer: Miss 'Tlmmas Fourier Remxz I". Snssu -ueher: Miss Shine Courier Repr.: J. Peeak DIVISION 1, :zo Brink, M. Stakes, -I. Boldt, B. Heidema, Bianca, A. Bisone, N. Gabel, P. Gross, A. 'cenc, L. Dubberlca, L. Gonska. Arvia, D. Boroian, XV. Backus, I. Champlain, Disz, B. Condlin, IZ. Darwin, R. Budd, Bishron. Bradley, T. Chakmak, V. Dart, j. Bonnenm, Freeman, G. Goetiler, G. Herzog, A. nteccliio, R. Albright. acher: Miss Smart Courier Repr.: 15. Zorilen DIVISION 1, 2 I4 Winans, Smaidris, D. Roberton, C. Ilan, L. Tallut, B. Lnuzensky, L. Ross. Sclmratlm, G. Swicrkos, O. Suceola, P. jones, Rutkowski, V. Pielller. Spannarek, If. Ton, Ii. Lisknsk, I. I'Iuilenga, La Porte, S. Shaflncr, j. Regal, G. Sleffan, Kenneth, D. McCarLl1y, J. Siarros. Mattliys, If. Larsen, F. Shirvis, R. Vlfinter- n, D. Weaxier, S. Schullc, G. Sward, G. ifschmeidcr, G. Wclson. icher: Miss Korten Courier Repr.: V. I'icliIer DIVISION 1, 116 Mikolatis, F. Novalny, N. Yurkus, S. itting, L. Vlfcmmcl, M. Zanatosky, C. erson, ll. Mizgata, T. Malros, R. Miller. Mandros, R. Neuswanger, A. Vilalis, D. llet, R. Olson, S. Siakenas, C. Navigate, Vashik, R. Nelson, A. Maiurnuskis. Yagcr, Ruslaick, -I. Pittacora, AI. Mene- -xy, R. Finnell, F. Kommers, J. Propari, Mozcl, D. Repsis. Cher: Miss Kelli:-lion Courier Rcpr.: R. Miller DIVISION 7, II5 Bertolozi, I-I. Andrews, J. Rulkowski, L. ani, H. Goding, T. Buclianic, G. Siegel, M. per, E. Liss, A. jamrog, ,l. Alfano, L. zinga, R. Kukula. unz, A. Anderson, T. Zavack, T. Nevens, Hickman, U. Tomasek, R. Swanbcrg, L. ano, J. Czaja, S. Baranowsky, -I. Iiecmster, ickalck, Adduci. etersun, F. Velo, G. Daum, ll. Vianello, R. oid, F. Arko, F. Martin, W. McClurg, M. sun. her: Mr. Crunk Fourier Rem.: M. Frank I 4194.-1.3 I . - '-l -ll .. ,F DIVISION I . 230 R. Gravander, R. Haag, j. Heaney, C. Higgins, C. Griflitli, E. Lundin, D. Dykstra, G. Foote, K. Jennings, Bruckcr, B. Hackenson. II. Eternd, li. Drwiega, K. Ericson, B. Felice, NV. llalmke, J. Alesanskas, P. Mahler, R. House, A. Lugosi, D. Beck, Gaudio, NV. St. Hilaire, L. jankowski. R. jarecki, M. Groves, L. Kummerer, P. Hursley, L. Lindsay, G. jolmson, M. Haines, E. Howes. II. janccck. 'I'eac'her: Miss Slater Courier Repr.: E. Howes Fifiy-one SIDELIGHTS fDale Peterson-Victor Piehlerj Da1e's h busy boy without a doubtf But never too busy to help "Vic" out. CNote: and char goes for "View too.j Qliaymond Swanbergj Ray's so good natured and ready to grin One naturally thinks his worries are thin. flaucretia Tuscafnoj The vastness of Lucretia's knowledge quite alarms you. . But the sweetness of her manner really charms you. f Glenn Footej Glenn's sometimes happy, and sometimes sad, E'en mischievous, but never bad. fLeola Tallutj Just tall enough to be graceful, Just as l-ight as the coming of day, just dressy enough to be tasteful, ' just merry enougih to be gay. This is Leola. fFrank Martinj . Tall and handsome--a true, blue pal, Frank. is the hero of many a "gal." fRose Vashikj , , Blue of eye and fair of hair, Is little Rose .V-ashik, without a care. fGeorge Siegelj Georgie Siegel is a jolly sort, Full of fun and right good sport. C,Mildred Pearsonj Milly is friendly and jolly too, Jiisticall on her when you're feeling blue. fGeorge Bertolozij With graceful steps George strides rhe street, And smiles at all the maidens sweet. C Theodore Buchanicj At 'last we hear his first -name, Of 'course we think it's fine, But to,all his Fenger High School mates He's Teddy all the time. fEleanor Boakj Surely Fortune ,did confer, 'Wisdo1n and modesty upon her. fGordon Daumj ' Of Gordon Daum I've oft been told, That pep' and humor will ne'er grow old. fParker Jonesj Of Parker many nice things . . Are whispered about, ' But the one we like best is That he's a good scout. fRuth Olsonj A Free from sorrow and free from care, ,With laughing eyes and golden hair, "That3s 'Ruth Olson. fMargaret Zamtoskyj A contagious giggle and a sunny smile, Make you like Margaret in a very short while. Fifly-frm fSophie Raillaj It's not the grace of her queenly air, But the sound of her laughter gay, The warmth and sunshine of her smile That steals your heart away. fDorothy Milletj No matter what it was to be done, Dorothy buckled right in and always won. flidward Lissj Of all the good virtues that we know Good humor stands in the very first rowg For jokes and wit which you sh0uldn't miss, Are often told of Edward Liss. fStanley Baranowskij Stanley's handsome profile would make Barn more cry, True to tell, itis the cause of many a maide sigh. CEdward Howesj "Eddie", a boy who is happy and gay- Tries to play at least one trick a day. fRichard Michalakj Oh, "Dickie," why do you almost burst, Trying to get out of division room first? fGenevieve Swierkosj Genevieve Swierkos, the silver skates champ Excels in all and is not a vamp. CEdith La Portej In class rooms many honors come Edith's W From hour to hour from day to day. ffidmund Drwiegaj Ed is a compound of frolic and fun He likes a joke and delights in a pun. fEdirh Darvinj Edith's very artistic in more ways than one She even a poet's career has begun. fRobert Wiimtercornj Bob's ready to work and ready to play. Ready to do whatever he may. QWillian1 Mellockj Happy am l, from care I'm free, Why aren't they all contented like me? fFelix Petarinij Oft times when joy and duty clash Felix lets duty go to smash. flloman Makoidj Roman Makoid has a drag with the girls We wonder, oh Roma-n, if it's because of yu curls. CDennis Mcflarthyj ' Our old friend Dennis with his Irish wit Is ever ready to pep you up a bit. . fGeorgia Reieschneiderj "Oh, Georgia Reieschneider, whom do you blame For having thirteen letters in your name? fMelvin Wintersj A hit makes he, With all who see His smiling physiognomy. ln 'S Fi fly-lb POEMS FROM THE BRANCHES THE SUNSET When the sun sets in the west And the shadows quickly fall That's the time, I guess, The world is prettiest of all. When you look across the plains And see the hills against the sky, The sun looks down into the lanes With a bright red colored eye. And as the sun goes out of sight The sky turns purple and redg And when the stars are rising bright The sun will be in bed. Lois OSTERBERG, IA, Mt. Vernon. A THOUGHT FOR OTHERS If we would only think at night Before we go to bed, What :have I done to help today? What nice things have I said? If we would only pray at night For those worse off than we, If we would only lend a hand, How happy we would be. For Charity o'er flows the heart It cheers both you and me. Of others think, for others pray And you will 'happy be. LOIIRAINE SABLOTNY, IA, Burnside. AMBITIONS The Van Squillers wanted fortune The La Rulas wanted fame The Smiths, however, wanted A perfectly clean name. The Van Squillers played the marketg f Of course they cheated some However, they got fortune And also had some fun. The La Rulas were in Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. There were however quite a few Who also were in jail. The Smiths worked hard in daytime. At night they went to bed, But before they went to sleep To God they often said: I've lifted pretty heavy thingsg My back it hurts to-day, However, God, I'm awfully glad That only honesty will nay. VIRGINIA HILKEIIT, IA, Mt. Vernon. Fifly-four HOME Whenever I am tired, Whenever I need rest, My footsteps always turn To the place I like the best. Itis there I find real comfort, It's there I seek repose. ' I know that that's where every Homesick person goes. I It,s there I find my true friends, It's there my heart will stay, Even if in body I do drift far away. LORRAINE SABLOTNY, IA, Burnside. - BIRDS OF SPRING The meadow lark with a bib of gold, The robbin redbreast with its scold, The blue jay with his cap of blue, The morning dove comes with its coo. The thrush will then come swooping down' And build his nest way out of town. The Chickadee, you sometimes see Will soon be chasing a poor old bee. But now and then you sometimes meet The humming bird who is so fleet. The sparrow not only come with spring, But he is always here to sing. These birds are what We all should know - To love and not neglect them so. ESTI-IEII BOTTE, IA. Mt. Vernon LAMENTATIONS Oh, hum, a senior I would like to be And freshies, admiring, would see, My bars, my credits, oh-my letter Then I'd feel so much the better. But now I, a freshie, scorned and shunned, Have possed. QThe marks show what I learned And oh, the toil and work I've done Ne'er having time for rest or fun. Gosh, what's the use of all this sighing I'll get there soon and I'm not lying! So Wait for the day when you will see Me coming along fa seniorj so gallantly. VINCENT GRAKALSKES, IB, Mt. Verno. MOTHER When first I knew to answer sound- I heard the voice of Mother! When first in eyes I lovelight found- 'Twas in the eyes of Mother! When first an embrace fond I felt And wondrous peace within me dwelt- 'Twas in the arms of Mother! EDITH PORTER, IB. Mt. Verno: OUR BURNSIDE RECESS AT BURNSIDE SCHOOL It was an afternoon in February, and the blue ky arched above the red, quaint, yet many tow- red structure: the one they call the Burnside ranch. From the thick of the throng ahead came he childish chant rendering "Johnny's got a ur-rul, Johnny's got a gur-rul." Even the side- treets were full of children, young couples, seek- ng sequestered nooks under nearby church eaves, were forced to s.hare them with strangers. Be- .eath the shading walls lonely boys lounged on ead, dry grass by themselves, or sat solitary and 'ilent in the midst of chattering groups. The crowd was cosmopolitan and unhurriedg t was recess. For the most part it was good-na- ured and well-to-do for these times. Young girls n groups of three and four giggled and gossiped. oung men in couples leaned over the fences and 'window sills exchanging opinions. There was a 'general air of geniality gladly displaying itself in the sunshine, and the petty troubles of the classes were left far behind, thrust out of mind. Looming out of this babble, towered the build- ing, a grammar school merged with a high school, where a contrast of new and old is shown. Both wings are in the same style, but one is as crisp and modern as the architect left it, and the other mellowed and softened as time played his hand -modifying and improving with ivy and creep- ing vines, dignifying weather stains and mottling colors--indications of age. Those weathered walls around, many gables, glistening spires, the ivy-covered windows are sedately contrasted with the white curtains and freshly potted plants in windows. Deeply recessed archways shut the in- terior from the street. Yet boys and girls con- tinuously move in and out, this is the Burnside Branch. EDWARD PACEWICZ, 4A. BURNSIDE SCHOOL Upon reaching the fourth floor of the Burnside School the first thing that greeted my eye was a row of doors. Expecting to hear voices of chil- dren and their teachers I was greatly surprised to find the doors tightly closed and a. great silence. Undecided which to try first, I finally selected one of the doors and knocked on it. Finally the -door was opened by a Workman, who was patching the ceiling. The room into which I walked was so dark that I could scarcely see anything, but as my eyes became accustomed to the gloom I could distin- guish a small ladder off in one corner of the room which disappeared through a hole in the ceiling. This ladder lcd to a dome on the top of the school, and a great distance can be seen from it on a clear day. It seemed very easy for anyone to get lost in this large room and to get quite mixed up upon seeing all the doors in the hall. Chester Slinger- land, the Courier Editor, found-this too true while he was visiting Burnside on some work for our semi-annual. He was told that he would find on the fourth floor a teacher for whom he was look- ing. When he entered the room that contained the ladder leading to the dome he decided that the teacher would not be hiding in that small hole in the ceiling, and because he had become quite puzzled with all the different doors and rooms he decided to let well enough alone and look else- where for the teacher. After searching around for a stairway to gain the lower floor, he at last found one, although it was not the same one he had used coming up. Such was Chester's bitter experience high up in Burnside. HELEN NORDSTROM, 4B. MAYOR OF BURNSIDE Quiet, modest, and unassuming. These three words describe James Berki, Lieutenant Mayor of Burnside Branch. He is in the upper half of his class and is a most capable student for the re- sponsibilities of such an important position. james 'is the hardest person to locate, for, if he isn't in school, he is working with his dad, so I had to run over to Burnside before school let out and wait for him. As we were walking home, I asked him what his duties were. He replied, "My duties are to see that the students keep quiet during passing time, and I also had to choose a head of the hall guards." I-Ie is a good student and his favorite studies are mechanical drawing and wood-shop. "What is your hobby?" I asked. "Well," he said, "I am very interested in bird life, and I was a member of the bird club when in grammar school." The lieutenant mayor is also athletically inclined. In the basketball tournament held at Burnside last semester, he played a good game as forward on the team of room 228. "What do you think Fenger is like?" I hurriedly asked again as we were nearing his home. "For one thing," he said, "at Burnside one is never bothered by crowds in the hallways, but I think I shall find it very different at Fengerf' "What do you think of your position as mayor?" I asked. "I find it very interesting," he answered, "but I was surprised and slightly frightened when I was elected mayor of Burnside, and it shall be my aim to do as well as the former mayors of Fenger have donef, When asked what his future career was to be he replied, "After I graduate from Fenger, I intend to be an architect." ANNA BRINSKY, 4B. Fifty-five BURNSIDE BRANCH L , . , ., . ... ,.,.... .., W 'r..11'z. Division Room 3091113 Teacher: Mrs. XVhite Courier Repr,: D McGaw XVanda Ambicki Marjorie Balthazor if Elsie Barich if Margaret Beck Grace Bodamer fi' Helen Boga :P Irene Bright if Julia Danko :P Louis De Roberts ii' Helen lfwanislzn if' Eleanor Falk Florence Falk :G Helen Hanko Myatile Hill Marylialzberger Helen Kondratowicz Wfilliam Lundgren Dorothy McGaw Lorraine McKay 'I' Anna Melczer Wilber Newson Josie Piecczonlca fi' Mary Poszywak 4 Bernice Roman " Jerome Sader :E NVilliam Sanders : Ida Santora julia Slenczka if Fay Starks Grace Stark :IA Steve Stumper if' Charlotte Thompson tl Helen Tipi Edna Truitt :F .Iennie Valco Kathalcse XVarden Division Room 314' Teacher: Mrs. XVise Courier Repr.: Steve Podliclte Folder Boyd :P Charles Caputo " George Cloutier Andy Danko 'P Thcodosia Davis R' :P Those in pictures are starred U5 Fifty-six Loretta Erick 'I' Muriel Filley 'i Ruth Fuehrmeyer ii' Walter Hankoaky 75 Elevina Heiderwrieclt Q Myil Henderson H' Kenneth Herrick 2? Toussaint Johnson Julius Kaposta Edith Krusuger 'i' Alex Kulchas Edward Laekhouse Yi Cora Belle Miller 'F Sylvia Nahorniak :P Harold Nelson Fi' Irene Omiecinski 'P Helen Pallagie W Betty Peach il Theodore Podluski 'P Steve Podlicke ii Andrew Prokop 'f Francis Rodriguez Elda Roman :P .loseph Scott "' Fredric Shoeve 'f joe Sicmienas 'i .lack Stahl Sylvia Supilowski il limre Szajkovics 4 Yvome Tolle 'P Steve Toth Catherine XValker 4 Henning Nwallendar :F Sam Weiss il Division Room 3oB- I A and 1B Teacher: Mr. AI. Landcs Courier Repr.: XVilliam Blitz joseph Altenbach ii Norman Blair 11' XVilli:1n1 Blitz ul' Ralph llodamer 'i' Margaret Burnop "' Roy Cloutier Crowell Dacus "' john Dawney 'P Alice De Haan 'P Troy Fleming Willialni Gore William Greenwood joe Jakulas John Jasinowiez 5' Kenneth Johnson 'P Bernice Kustra lf' Mike Lazurlta 'Z' Robert McGaory :P Roy McGee ii' Andrew Mihalltd :P joseph Nagy if' Hilda 'Prythero if Virginia Renshaw Marie Roeper 'J' Elsie Roetzhein 7? Ruth Rolnik ii' Lorraine Sablotny Francis Siernon H' Adrienne Sarnmalley 4 jane Scales if' David Steward al Frederik Thomas 'l' Thomas Swedie joe Toczul "' il' ll- BURNSIDE BRANCH vision Room 3117-1A acher: Miss C. Wilson urier Rcpr.: Russell Babiali ke Ahurn sscll Babiak A zltcr Bahialc 1' rge Barnes 'i' ve Bartok nes Berlsi 'l . Bogie 'C' ry Brandolino 'P ke Baffoe llinm Delura dy Dugan e Evans 'f drew Hayn jakubas 'P lph Karbutouski n Karlnutouski 'P 1:- ard Kaskiewicz 'F n Kelbowski 4 NVillian1 Keri Louis Kiraly 'l' Carl Kizman Rudolph Kizman " Andrew Iiowalcsi lc 'I' Alex Lelko ii' john Maghink 'P Douglas Majury 'f' Peter Pretkiel 'f' Charles Selcanis joe NVadiali 'P Mike Zailyk Division Room 1.18 IA Teacher: Miss Change Courier Rcpr.: Martha Dcluea Albert Baunigarren 'l' .Iosephinc Berki 'S Alice 13.ll'llCOXViCZl? Martha Deluca 'l Robert Douglas il' Gladys Du Franc Lois Eddy W Marhilda Feges W joe Fekete 'i Gladys Fennell 'l' Leota Fish if' Stephanie George Olga Gizeski 'F Mary Gore 'Z' Kenneth Grant fi' Eileen Hallinan 'F Anna Hnatuslm Andrew Hrametz Catherine ,Iamroz ii ,,. Elizabeth Kohl Ruth Kucli 'I' Rosemary Lcrro 'l' Della Manes Irene Nogrady 'P .loh n Russ 'P Irene Rudnick Marian Russell :F :r Clara Samko 'F Bessie Sera 'P Alice Ustryski :P Agnes Vargo 'l' Mary Vevens 'i Stella Yasius :P Division Room 127-IA Teacher: Miss Whitney Courier Repr.: Mary Petrucei Robert Anderson " Dorothy Arnold :P Catherine Barich Richard Belcher :P Rose Belo il Amelia Chaina Richard Dunn Marcella Emmons Ann Ewaniszyn :P Barbara Gr-nczy 25' Fannie Greenwood 2? Rose Haroski :P Marian Hzlssen 'P Betty Karaszi 'P Irene Kisl1"i Julius Kustra :P Edith MacDonald Elaine Miller 'E Olga Mlakar 'l Helen Molnar il' Mary Ne-meth :P Violet Nonneman Mary Petrueci :P Alphonse Petrosky Margaret Popely 'l Lorraine Reuther 'l Mike szigm Eugene Takats 1' Mary XVeathers 5 Roland Wexelberg Helena Wliite fi' Olga Zlalaes il Fi fty-seven CURTIS BRANCH Fifty-eight CURTIS BRANCH Fifty Division Room-Audi- torium-xA Teacher: Miss Ida Petrieh Courier Repr.: Mary Hawryszkow Elaine Bruggeman 4 Attea Bluf Josephine Daskiewicz Dolores Dstrowski " Rose Marie Florek B Rose Gelsosomo "' Marie Goettler Grace Grobe H' Mary Hawryszkow 'i' Regina Hayes " Josephine Herdt "' Valeria Katavic "' Birdie Kerr 'i Mae Koepke H' Lorraine Kuipelis "' Evelyn Nickoif H' Wanda Noga 'f' Mildred Olszewski 5 Dolores Ostrowski Elizabeth Prymniak "' Janet Pakszhea x' Mary Palagi " Eugene Radavich "' Viola Radtke " Florence Sanders "' Anna Shizos " Alice Showrek " Rose Slowiak M' Josephine Smiescek " Marian Smith "' Rose Smoter 4 Winifred Smus 3' Helen Sowinski "' Marie Spies 'f' Dorothy Starvos Barbara Stotlie " 5 Liberty Tumiata Anna Valk "' Mary Van Donk "' Mary Vargo "' Emma Vertach 'l' Helen Volaric 'f' Lottie Wantuch " Florence Wielgus 'l' Virginia Witcliosky "' Genevieve Wojcieki 'l' Jean Wojtoii Anna Wojc Anna Woloviec Legoria Zabrocki Florence Zavludoski 4 Sixty CURTIS ROSTER Division Room 313-IA Teacher: Miss Freda Robinson Courier Repr.: Helen 'Pappa Delmara Addis Ellen Blomquist " Lorraine Carlson 4 Rena Dal Ponte " Henrietta Dion 4 Stella Druktenis "' Josephine Dykton " Mary Fabric f' Rose Fioretti 'f' Evelyn George Fay Goodyear "' Florence Haas 'i Dorothy Hayden " Lillian Huber Wanda Jarowin 'f Mary Jasica 'T' Alvina Kaiser 4' Eleanor Klima Elsie Kobe Anna Kopischke Florence Kredens "' Angeline Kulig "' Bernice Kulig "' Martha Kullman " Pearl Kierzega " Mary Laarakkers "' Josephine Larson "' Marjorie Laycsola " Mary E. Lesnik Mary L. Lesnik Helene Leugard "' Gertrode Lewoski Irene Medzke Ruby Moisant Eva Moline " Julia Musial Helen Pappa Rose Pesavento 'l' Bernice Pieta Harriet Pivowarczyk Dorothy Pullen 4' Betty Radcliffe 'I' Dorothy Riekhoff "' Anna Sargin " Irene Toth 'P Marie Walter X' Mary Wilhelm "' Division Room-3 1 1-IA Teacher: Mrs. Beulah G. Graham Courier Rcpr.: Jennie Faron Bruno Adzkowski 'l' Berneita Anderson "' John Badali 'f Betty Bayzil Harry Beck " Alice Bergman "' 1' Eleanor Berzinski Joan Cach " Donald Canfield 'l' Tony Comadees " Eugene Cook Lucille Dieck "' Thomas Drobick 'l' Jennie Faron " Albert Germolec "' Joseph Hopkins "' Frances Herman "' Joseph Joniak 5 Arthur Kerr Stephanie Klaczak Walter Klezynski " Leo Laureton 'l' Nick Luisi " Edward Masier "' Catherine Mayne " George Minster "' Virginia Mistro 'I' William Moran " Bruno Novak Sigmund Orcl "' Alfred Paszkuweucz "' Stella Pulaski Russell Revor " Donald Rizzs Mildred Shaffer "' William Steffan " Eleanor Slel ter "' Catherine Stewart "' Richard Strazzabosca "' Helen Sudds " Mary Thurmer Daisy Todd " Joan Tomal Virginia Vinces "' Willard Westerhoff X' John Wheeler " Division Room-r 05-IA Teacher: Miss Madeline Johnson Courier Repr.: Dolores, Sibbert Margueritte Anderson "' Rena Artuso 'l' Emma Bell 'l' Anna Bak "' Agnes Berry "' Irene Bitter "' Helen Bierzychudek "' Wilma Boomgarten " Judy Boros " Dorothy Brinkman "' Johanna Bruce: "' Marian Carrier 4 Myrtle Champlain 'f' Thcl ma Cohs'-"' Phyllis Coles 'f' Bernice Crince 'i' Josephine Cxack " Violet Dahlke i Josephine Dockus Gladys Dunand 4' Lorraine I-Iammermeister " Irene I-Ianney Henrietta Kaczmarski 4' Harriet Kavis Josephine Kumarowski " Eleanore Lenzen " Leda Littner 'l' Clara Mnntai Albina Meteisis " Barbara Michaleborn " Laurie Dell Mills 'i Albina Minkalis 'i' Elaine Moehring " Marie Mundo 'i' Christine Ottoleno Dorothy Payne Elcanorc Raidtke " Marian Reinbolt " Mary Rigoni " Gladys Rhom "' Theresa Roy Millicent Sherwood Dolores Sibbcrt "' Mabel Stavios Myrtle Stegemga Lorraine Thomas "' Division Room-3 09--xB Teacher: Mrs. Marjorie P. Schulz Courier Repr.: Raymond Billburg Willard Baker 'i' Elmo Baldell 2' Bennie Bastianelli " Roy Carlson " Russell Carlson 'l' Nick Corriere ff Leinard Cylc H' Dalton Decker "' Juluis Demko " Henry De Zeew '1' Ownc Eicrdaru " Richard Garicia Walter Gonska Norris Grifiin "' Frank Grucel Edward Hayes Dominick Jalonek "' Elmer Juhasz 'l' George Kranski 'f' Simon Krevis Joe Laycsak 'i Alex Leugaud 'i Vincent Loefller 'P Robert Logan Orville Madderom Albert Minkalis Adam Munz 4 Joe Ostarello " Theodore Pecora Tony Perillo Julius Piech 'i Theodore Rasko 'i' Albert Roviaro "' Henry Schoen 'i' Harold Selby 'l Stanley Serciko Edward Sieiczuk John Skrzynecki Vincent Sola Joe Staxz 'P Willianx Sternberg " Harry Stomp "' Oakleigh Thoren 4 Harold Vetteriek 'i Gene Wfeil 'X' Arthur Yonker Division R0Ol1'lL307-Iii Teacher: Miss Francelia Stuer Courier Repr.: Mary Corkery Charlotte Beluscheck 4 Mildred Borger xi' Dorothy Boze 'P Gwendolyn Buckles 'l' Charles Bult 'i Robert Bult 'i' Steve Burtyk 'P Irma Cohen 'P Adela Conrad 'i Mary Corkery 'i' Mary De Santo " Melvina Dzimidas 'P Edward Dwelis " Jeanelle Dyke 'i Jeanette Eaton 'i June Horton 'f Annabelle Irvine 'f EdwardKarolewski Elizabeth Laslow " CURTIS ROSTER Raymond Lemieux Edith Liptrot 'i Bernice Loughborough " Catherine Marltotan 'Q' Lecia Medici Lucille Miller 'i' Shirley Mullins 'i Alfred Murino Doris Nulty 'i Mary Oling "' Muriel Olsen 'J Norman Ovens Mary Petzely 'l' Evelyn Petuck 'l' Lorraine Philbrick H' Violet Purdy Lhorriane Quedensley " Dorothy Raelitz " lda Regina W Marie Reisch 'l' Dorothy Reinke Elma Roelen 'l' Walter Smaga 'i Bertha Salomon "' Vera Scott ii' Betty Skiller "' Ursula Specht 'l' Dorothy Sprietsma "' Lorraine Thompson " Sophie Tomelt "' Antoinette Wasserman Millicent Worthy " Josephine Wrobel " Division ROOIU'-2091! B Teacher: Miss Bertha Erickson Courier Repr.: Lucille Napoli Mary Abbeduto 'l' Betty Alexander "' Bernice Anderson "' Eleanor Anderson ii Rose Arvia 'i' Shirley Aulwurn " Edna Campbell il' liilamena Cavada W liodell Christensen 'i' Jean Colangelo Margaret Daray 'P Eleanor Ernest Jennie Farro 'l' Marcella Geddes "' Edna Graefen "' Florence Heffron ii Louise Heidema 'i' Lorraine Holland ii Loretta Ippolito 'P Anna Jawor 4' Alice Jocius 'F Loena Kaspen " Doris Keefe 'P Olive King 'i' Sophie Klyn ii Florence Kontas "' Stella Kontas 'l' Bernice Krawczyk Julia Krevis Victoria Kullman ii' Edith Martello " Florence Megaris 'i Gladys Miller "' Helen Meoduszewski Lorraine Moran ii Natalia Munzo 5' Loretta Myskenski '5 Eleanor Napoli 'i Lucille Napoli 'l' Angeline Navigato "' Josephine Novak Gertrude Oblak Rose Odcrio 4 Eleanore Oedzes X' Brunella Panozzo 'i' Elizabeth Pavlowski 4 Mary Ann Petrine 'f' Alice Pirch Shirley Reitz Irene Schneider "' Madonna Stokes Ruth Summers "' Lucille Timmann 'f Mae Wllitman Division Room-I 17"-'IB Teacher: Miss Francis M. Mills Courier Repr.: Albin Romba Phylis Andrews 4 James Angie 'P Jack Barrett 'f Ronald Bennett W Peter Boksha ii Glenn Conley "' Alice Mae Duncan 'i' Williaiii Fedorowczak 4 Alfred Feleky 'S' Roy Fisher Russell Fiske M' Allen Foster x' Elmer Garrett 'i' Clara Gloor James Holcombe Howard Huber 'i Jane Janac "' Clifford Johnson Thomas Kennedy " Jack La Fountain " John Le Noble 4' John Marten " Patrick McNamara George Medrano "' Rita Miller 'F Virgil Panozza 'I' George Peterson "' Walter Pokatiloif 4 Joseph Propate 4 Albin Romba 'f Evangeline Samuels 4' Gloria Sarkisian Howard Schmidt S Shirley Schneider H' Viola Schopield 4' Edward Schould Herbert Schumann William Schultz Wanda Siniarski "' Maxine Sivak "' Erina Sofoklopulos Ray Sowadski "' Evelyn Stenbock Vernie Mae Stovall A Teoliila Syomel " Donald Sutsh 4' Eugene Taltaeh Z' Marian Todd Mae Volkel "' Lottie Wandolouski Tim Wilson 4' Rollin Young 'i' Martha Zachacz Emily Zondervan S , lf if ll- X' Stacia Zwolak Division Room-106-IB Teacher: Mr. John Zinngrabe Courier Repr.: Joe Gillette Paul Almon Joseph Bartcst 4 Edward Berger 4' Frank Berger Ti John Bonotto 'P Steve Bregin Jack Butowski 'P XValter Cedergren Harold Copenhauer John Costanzu Ralph Czyzkowski John Dobda "' Walter Domagela 'P Edward Franczak 1' Raymond Gerez Sixty-one Frank Germolee "' Joe Gillette x' Theodore Goodyear George Idell Richard jemiola Alex Kogut 'i Edward Krawisz Edwin Kulcher 'P Emil Lafrano Peter Maicach Arthur Margis Martin Marcisz ii Nickolas Mayer :P john Milltintas ii Raymond Miskowic :F Rudolph Mrva Frank Oblak Alfred Paginni Casimer Raila 'P Paul Rebrovich "' Chester Ronczka W Venezio Simonim Edward Spytek Sixty two .CURTIS ROSTER Peter Stogler Bruno Tyburski H' George Van Pelt if George Van Pelt si Alex Varga 'P Walter Wettcrgren 'P John Wlmite if John Willis Russell Wirzbick 'P Stanly Zcbrauski ,S Cornelius Zeephat Y' Ted Zylstra il Division Room-I I 5-x B Teacher: Miss Marjorie Galvin Courier Repr.: Jewell Keesen Hazel Adams Wayne Allen H' Bernice Barshes 'P Edith Borchardt 'l Franklin Braccolino Mildred Dart 4' Mary Diluigi Theresa De Vries 4 Dorothy Estabrook 'P Pearl Farrar 'i Reno Frigo ll Andrew Fath A Simon Garcia Lucille Genovese 4 Isabel Gotlo 7? George Harrison 'l' Phyllis Hanson Julia Hawryszkow jewel Keessen 3' George Kontos " Alfreda Lawviski Anita Loskill 'P Elise Mathieu " William McKay 4 Edward Mesnorowski 2' Florence Mulka "' Albert Munto :P FOR BRANCH AUTOGRAPHS joseph Pacholils 'i' Eugenia Pincanski 'X' Katherine Propati 'P Marcella Plzuborowski Robert Radkcy 'P jean Robertson 'P Anthony Ruperka 'i' David Scheller fl Jeanette Schmidt 'f' Fred Schnoor W Vera Scorza 'l Helen Scott 'C' Helen Smith 'i XVilliam Sallay 'i Gaspar Takach "' jean Turnbull 'Q Irene Udvare A Helen Wagner "' jean Walker "' Francis Wenot "' Shirley Wheeler "' Edward Wisniowcki Henry Yonker "' I E .i COMMENTS ON CURTIS ' CURTIS HAS PENALTY HOURS TOO! Brr-rr! Brr-rr! Thus rang the bell announc- ng the start of the first hour class at Curtis. As ast as Flin kills insects, or as you may say-"As uick as a wink," the halls were cleared and the um of voices was stilled. A few minutes passed. uddenly the outside door flew open and in popped ohnny Wilson! Pulling and panting, he flew up he stairs with a stride that would do credit to a urdler. "I'm late," he gasped, "I'll get another penalty our, sure." "I-Ie's always late," confided the pretty little all guard to me, "At least three times a week he omes bursting in, all out of wind, anywhere from three to fifteen minutes late." Sprinting down the hall, I soon found that I ad found my equal for sprinting, for Johnny as speedily extending the distance between us. liding to a stop, he busied himself opening a ocker, and within the minute a pile of books slid ut, bouncing off his head, .his shoulders, and the exposed portions of his anatomy, to the floor. He scooped up two or three, grabbed a notebook, kicked the other books onto the floor of the locker and hurried away to his class. Still pulling, I went back to the now laughing hall guard, and began to quiz her on the subject of tardiness. "We have one or two like that who are always late," she said. "They come tardy rain or shine." Upon being asked about the punishment for the offense, she admitted that penalty hours were the rule. Very much enlightened regarding the methods used at Curtis for tardiness, and very much aware of the fact that a future track star was soon to enter Fenger, I proceeded upon my way, leaving a very puzzled hall guard wondering who the "nutty" stranger was, and what his reasons were for being interested in penalty hours,-of all things. VERNON CLARK, 4B. CURTIS LIBRARY A bright sunlit room greeted my eyes, as I trode in the library of Curtis Branch of Fenger igh School. White curtains wafted lazily to and ro along the open windows. A springlike breeze assed through these apertures, and, carrying on t the essence of spring, brought light-heartedness nto the little room. The room was large enough o do away with feeling of being cramped, and 'mall enough to appear cozy. On the shelves sur- ounding the room were the books, big books, ittle books, and medium-sized books-all had ,heir place upon the shelves. The old favorites, uch as, Tom Sawyer, and Robinson Crusoe, Gulli- c'r's Travels, and Little Women, were present and ere evidently still favorites, judging from the ough usage they appeared to have received. Fic- ion books were not many in number. Books on areers, and others of a text-like nature were rep- resented more fully. Three hundred seventy-five of the non-fiction type could be seen on the shelves, the latter being more for reference than for anything else. Dictionaries and encyclopedias were segregated into one corner of the library, where they occupied two or three sections of shelves. Here and there in the room were several plants which added to the coziness of the bright little room. In one corner of the room was an enormous fern which intensified the color of the entire room. The steady tick-rock of the clock upon the wall soothed the tired nerves of the stu- dents and filled the room with its steadiness. Due to the quiet, peaceful, and restful atmos- phere of the room, it is one of the most popular places in the Curtis Branch. Almost any time after school hours, the students may be found congregating around one or other of the study ta- bles. VERNON CLARK, 4B. INTERVIEWING EARL KUPKA "Do Ihave a hobby? Yes, I do, in fact I have two of them," answered Earl Kupka, a student at the Curtis Branch, when that question was asked him. "I have been much interested in radio since 1 time two years ago when we visited a radio show. That had a great deal to do with my deci- sion to become a radio engineer. Between radio md books, quite a bit of my leisure time is taken ,Q up. Although your writer was unable to get much Jut of Earl as to whether or not he had attempted :o assemble any radio devices of his own accord, t was learned that he had made many things vorthy of a more experienced radio man. In answer to the question, "Do you enjoy go- ng to school?" he replied frankly, "I enjoy at- ending school during the cooler months, but when spring comes and the days become warmer, I have a pretty hard time concentrating on my studies." Earl's favorite subjects are mechanical drawing and mathematics. He is well satisfied with the elimination of the Junior I-Iigh schools. His opinion is that it brings the pupils in the branches into closer relationship with the high school which they will atrend in the future. Besides being an outstanding scholar, Earl has been a hall guard and has also been president of his room. I-Ie is interested in sports and when asked what his favorites were, he replied, "My favorite sports are swimming and baseball, but I think I like swimming best since I intend to go out for the swimming team when I get to Fenger. I can hardly Wait until I am able to take my first dive into the clean, pure water of the Fenger pool." Sixly-three FROM MT. VERNON OH! THOSE DRINKING FOUNTAINS! "Look out!"-The shout falls on unheeding ears as the visitor to Mt. Vernon bends over the drink- ing fountain. Up comes the water with a rush, a half into the air and startled bystander with the shower is a boy, and his breath fpossibly not a handkerchief to wipe leaping about a foot and incidently drenching the its spray. The victim of he says something under so politej and pulls out his face. "Oh, yes, you don't need to take your morning shower at home, just go to our fountains at Mt. Vernon and they'll give you a good clrenching and even a drink," laughed a girl, noticing me stand- ing near the fountain during this episode and deriving great amusement from 'my surprised face. "You know," she continued, "the Board of Edu- cation really ought to HX them, but we get a lot of fun from watching an unsuspecting victim get an early morning shower." .More amusingincidents and accidents are cent- A ' . SPIRIT or Mt. Vernoniis before us. Like a symbol, it stands for everything that is good and true. The impressiveness of the large cream-brick structure makes one think of the Mt. Vernon of Washing- ton's time and of all that it stood for long ago. The inside of the building is in keeping with the outside. Its long, beautiful corridors harmonize with-the outer brick of the school. Set in the walls on either side of the corridors are dark. green lockers '-.- that seem to give the entire school a feel- ing of -peace and contentment. Although a feeling of peace and contentment prevails, it does not reign alone. Uppermost is the feeling of joy. The students are a friendly group of fun-loving, peppy boys and girls, who love to sing and dance and to have good times. They love MT. ered around the water fountain than anywhere el to get a drink not only acco succeeded in ge Returning to t and about thr than in the glas in the school. Once a girl, sent water for her English teacher, plished this I-Ierculcan feat, but ting herself quite well sprinkled. classroom with a rueful face times more water on her clothes she furnished a spectacle that caused much laug ter. Another time a girl who had applied ver careful make-up stooped over the fountain an was given a gloriouslv invigorating face wasl The work of fifteen minutes swept away with on- spray! Who wouldnit be angry? just as the Olympic Games tested the strengt of the old Greek Athletes, so the drinking foun- tain tests the endurance, patience, and skill of t Mt. Vernon students. And yet, they don't wa it changed, for they obtain great joy in being abl to shout to someone, "Head up, or water i your eye!" EDNA MAY, 4B. VERNON to participate in sports and are very thankful th they have athletic organizations in their schoo But their love of fun and good times does n interfere with their love for their school. They d all in their power to keep it lovely because thej enjoy coming to it. It is here that they meet an' make many friends. They appreciate all the ad vantages that are given to them, and they ar very willing to co-operate with any suggestioi that they feel will better their school in any way It would be almost impossible not to feel proui of the teachers and students of Mt. Vernon. Thej are good and loyal citizens in their little city, ani they will be a credit to their school wherever the' go. EDNA MAY, 4B. MERELY A FRESHMAN "I ,have no ambition, so I don't know what I'l1 do when I get out of school,', replied Helen Mucahy, a 1A at Mount Vernon. 'AA hobby? Oh, yes, I have two of these things if thatis what you want to call them. A friend of mine travels quite a bit, and after one trip down South he came back with several match boxes from the different hotels and restaurants where he had stayed or eaten. He gave them to me and ever since then he always brings some of them back to me. My other hobby is collecting souvenirs. I have napkins, menus, all sorts of little knick-knacks from the different places where I have beenf' ' "Do I like the public schools? Yes, I do, but after going to a Catholic school ever since first grade it's kind of hard getting used to the dif- Sixfy- four ferent method of teaching they have here a Mount Vernon. Helen is the type of person everyone likes She's a good sport, can take a joke, and will d anything for you that you ask her. She likes t read, and does a lot of this in her spare time. Sh also likes to eat, especially piping hot waffles witl lots of butter and maple syrup. She likes swim ming and dancing and never enjoys herself mor than when she is at a football game. Helen like just to stay home listening to the radio when sh hasnit anything else to do. Among her radii, favorites, Joe Penner and Phil Baker head th list, and as far as orchestras go she thinks there i none better than .Ian Garber. Although Helen is very popular among he class mates and friends, she holds no special ofiic at school. FRANCES I-I13ixLIHY, 4B. IA'S AT MT. VERNON f"f"'T ' , xzjsi, 4- .U V I my 5 ggseyxi S, ,,A.. I I I I W J-WC' . 'if' . - .J : J: x... ,nag , he . - f 1.4" Y-" -fl 'J nf -I' -3. 1, I A-..-I " " . ., -. ' A ' " ' . L . , . N-9, -' 4 I'-15 ,V il -. I .. I Y, SPIRIT OF MOUNT VERNON Oh, my gosh, do the folks have spirit over at school, a lot more than you have at the mighty You should see the turn out we have for B.A.A. games, or the amount of Fenger iouriers and News we use over here-just plain :hool spirit runs out of every one of them. And ae spirit in the girls! why, you know yourself I 'as an honest, upright, and efficient family man, nd coming from a distance I clidn't know many of the girls here. So, well-I walked up to one of the fairest, fair haired maidens in the school and started talking about small, petty inconsequential things, failing to notice the Irish look in her eye. I'm sorry I didn't pay more attention to it. I might have at least known when to duck. But she got me, yea, right on the cheek. If that isn't spirit, I'd hate to see the real thing in action." EDWARD BROWN, 4B. Sixty-fi ve 1B'S AT MT. VERNON Division Room-3 oo-xB Teacher: Mr. William Burnham Courier Rcpr.: Elaine Farr Sixiy-.rix MT. VERNON Eleanor Budas Helen Bloom 79 Robert Brown an Robert Brown P1- ROSTER Gcrtrudc Bytrow ii' Jeanette Holtz Francis Dc Vries Harry Holmstrom Elaine Farr ii Shirley Hood 4 Joscplainc Greving if Josephine jonicc 5 rg-4 ' N IB'S AND '1A'S AT MT. VERNON vloscplm Kardluis 'l Beryl Laird 'P Louis Madison lBruce Matheson MT. VERNON-Continued Mary Moznn Robert McFadden Walrcr Mel-Iugh "' Nancy Nelson ll Edna Nelson rl Martha Noroting 'I' Weiner Olson if .Robert Pederson " Howard Peterson Irene Smith 3' Artlxur Slzirvin Elgin Slmpert :P Sixty seven Roger Stybr Clarence Talbet 'i' Mary Tamminga Jean Teach Edwin Thompson :i josephine Viomr :P Gertrude Walsh 3' Vallance Watt 'f' Division Room 313--IA Teacher: Mr. Van de Velde Courier Repr.: Walter Latvents Howard Boland Frank Boris 'f' Ray Bourret Geno Cappozzo Walter Catvenas 'f' Angelo D'Adam Edward Dapkus Robert Darr Nick Derkacy Melvyn Dykstra Clarence Eckstrom Y Tobe Erickson 'P Francis Fortune Q' Theo. Galiei 'i' Alvar johnson :P Stanly Johnson " Norman Hagemeister Melvin Horn Victor Kezeneskei George Kopchak Stanly Krolikowski Norman Lane Harry Leffring Joe Luheekis Emil Madsion 'i' Paino Massani 'P Joe Miller 'I' Peter Montuilli if Augustus Pianto 'Z' Edwin Preum Tony Saridraco 'P Darwin Schwartz ii William Schooehel John Small 'f ,fl Clarence Stractman 'P Bernard Sytsma 'P Harold Teriwee :P Theo. Thoren 'i' Sixly-eight MT. VERNON-Continued Richard Teggelaar K' Arthur Van Gamernon "' Henry Wessuing Chris Zeilenga Bernard Zulkowski 'f' Division Room 31 z-1 A Teacher: Mr. Eugene Hedges Courier Repr.: john Calvette Harold Bliss if Steve Brngae 'f' james Brveher 'Q John Calvette "' Walter Christionsen "' Matthew Chromizny Edward Clayton Andy Dragan Edward Franscn Carl Emmeloth 'l' Oegc Germeraciu 'I' Milo Givihanetti 'F Peter Herberg 4 Erick Halmsten William Irvine Floyd Jenkins "' Franklin Kicffe :P NVilliarn Livingston ii Wesley Mapes Frank Moneek X' Merle Nylen ii' Edward Page fi Vincent Paikos 'P Walter Peters :F Harry Phillips 'P Edward Rietz if Frank Rose it Jack Sartoni Fredrick Sehwark ii Lerio Stadt 'P August Staeck 'P Joe Stella :P Henry Ulrich if Coscmer Vinckus il' Sidney Wyma 'F Division Room 3 IOLIA Teacher: Mr. Bernard Harrington Courier Repr.: Fern LaMarche Arthur Aylmer 'G Glen Arends Charles Bouch Anthony Cis 'i Peter Cis 'P Chester Domelson W Laverne Dietrich 'P Alice Frednhsen 'P George Gravrnstuk Eda Ghid 'P Geneveen Haaksma "' Grace Haaksma i' Beatrice Hammer 'i' Mildred lwasz Charles Kuhnhofer 'i joseph Kuhasak Anna Karday 'l' Eugene Lethenstrom Fern LaMarche 'Pieter Labzentis Ernest Moffler K' Emily Mitchill 'F John McLaren 'P Rose Nespeca 'F Sylvia Panozzo 'i Bernice Panozzo "' Jacob Pluister W Helen Romankuwicz Millicent Sack 'I' julia Shatkus 'F Lillian stainless, Stefanny Stakulis 'P Marie Voto Henry Verbeek 'P Louis VanderMeer Phillip XViddell W Henry Wfojick Division Room 309'-IA Teacher! Miss Alma Watsoxi Courier Repr.: Barbara Cerovski Anna Bartah 'f Helen Bluml W Lavon Burmerster Anthony Bugas I-lelen Corcoran 'i Mary Chomiczak 'F Marian Chambers Josephine Cotter 'l' Barbara Ceronski Williani Carnes "' Helen Dyrek "' john Farr I-larry Eronsen Jeanette Groustra La Verne Healy John Hylander Z' Catherine Kutzberger 4' Lottie Klatke W Albert Koster Edward Lyon Lawrence Lucas 'F Margaret Mair Emma Movnic 1' Campbell Nelson 'P Carlton Pearson 'l' Claude Penn " Nancy Paterson ll' Richard Parkin 'i Kenneth Stell " Bernice Sistoka jerry Schram "' Harry Saving 'P Charles Schwartzenburg Rose Tumino Josephine Tumminio " John Van Vlymen ai Peter Vander Plaeg 'P Helen Wasik 'P August Yos it Constantine Zappos 'i Dragena Zuzuly 'P Division Room 305-IA. Teaeher: Miss Stella Platt: Courier Repr.: Robert' Smitter Lucille Adams 'f' Conway Bearby 'i' Judith Bleaclon Margaret Bos if Eleanor Bowman :I Olive Butt Evert Clausen W James Cunningham 'i Nella De Kokcr Isabel Dunnett 'P Theresa Dystra Gordon Farr H' Richard Fox 'i' Stella Gasperic 'P George Haitsma E Shirley Jaox 'i Edward johnson 'f Haxel Laird 'l Harry Lucas "' Robert Mastman 'f Archie McDuffey "' Robert Melhom Andrew Musial " Lillian Nelson " Gunnar Ohnian 'i Melvin Olandcr 'P Gerald Peddington Teddy Poaecka 'l james Pitama Eleanor Sandstrorn 'l' Margcrt Simmons " John Skelton Randall Slingcrland 'P Robert Smitter " Ann Sonsine " June Stermmaler 'l Betty Vanderlaag " Marge Vander Myde W Division Room 3OlTlA Teacher: Miss Alice Eddy Courier Repr.: Ann Postma Barbara Archibald " Grace Bardolph Mark Bardolph Marion Bloom 'l' Muriell Bromker H' Celesti Boyle 'l Eleanor Dalton 'P Gail Dertkeck 'l' Ruth De Young 'l jaqun Dixon 'P Charles Fletcher 'i Marjorie Goris " Herbert Gall William Harter 'l Cccili Hand Virginia Hilkert 'l Olga Hockcrt 'P John Keogh 'I' Francis Kucenskus '1' Marcella Marygold Archie Marshall Vestra McClellan Jack Linke 'l' Margie Ohlenkamp 'i' Phylis Parkes 'i Ann Postma 'l MT. VERNON-Continued Edith Poster W Vytold Puckouis Dorothv Mae Sandstrom "' Ursala Sieher "' Ted Schussler "' Lorraine Todd 'l' Marie Tracis 'B Betty Thorsen 'f Ann Van Schiak 'l' Esther Van Ramsliorst :P rl' Counne Wiberg Charles Witte 'l' Division Room IIl1IA Teacher: Miss Genevieve Wright Courier Rcpr.: Valerie Lewis Beverly Beliis 'l Esther Botte 'P Ruth Carlson " jean Dc Young " Gertrude De Young 'l Dorothy Gavil " Florence Lehning " Frances Lehning 'i' Valerie Lewis 5' Marie Lague 'l' Stella Mashas "' Lois Osterberg 'l' Marge Richards 'i Lilly Mac Shivlin R Stella .lonicc "' Sophie Sereska 'P Dolores Smith 'l Phyllis Trouyhton 'F Myal Van Bergan 'i Eileen Vaughn 'P Margaret Vinkc 'f Lillian Vavril 'l' Florence NVestlind if Margaret Wiltliiiaii 'f Rivision Room 306-IB Teacher: Miss Marion Brazelton Courier Repr.: Shirley Nichols Ethel Anderson 'P Francis Banks Charles Borishes 'i Virginia Brehm " :f- Violet Calzarette June Clatiseres Marie Cronquist Joe Dehulski 4' Dorothy Erickson A' Irene Gerretsen tl' Roy Gouclaer Majoric Gropenthicr ii Ruth Haight 'P Britta johnson "' Dorothy Jones :P Ruth Kiefer 3" Caroline Kutsome :P Lorraine Lang :P Louise Leehart 1' Glenn Lindskog il Mary Martinicky x' Margaret Michalek 4 Alfred Mcidma H' james Monil "' Max Muir Shirley Nichols 4 Ray Nnorder Violet Saldudras ii Anne Sayton l' Lorraine Spuik I" Alice Taluis Dorothy Timm Veromia Toomey Annette Van Howe Bernice Wilkin il Richard Volmar x' Eleanor Wolf 3' Division Room 304-IB Teacher: Mr. Gorman Pickard Courier Repr.: Ruth Gross john Adams I' Leonard Anderson Anna Bernarz 'P Mary Bodin 'F Evelyn Bonse Eric Byttow il' Virginia Carlson 4 Vilia Davia If Robert Dc Young 'l' Marguerite Doodeman Olga Duda june Eusele ii Anna Faber ii Dorothy Lee Fredenck' James Galloway " I Anton Geriat H' Florence Goldie 4 Ruth Gross Jack Henderson 4 Elenora Hezeri 'f Richard Higgins "' :Edith Howard it Margaret Kement William Kloorwyk Jeanette Koste Clerance Matthey 4' Elsie Meyer Robert Noble Irwin Pergenaire 5 Bernice Pothover Marie Prince if john Roman Vivian Rylander Devon Schaaf' Lillian Vymda if Mary Wagoner Ethel Wille William Wilner Stella Zilck r:- Division Room 302-'IB Teacher: Miss CcCabe Courier Repr.: joe i Torreano Mary Blantse Arthur Boclmke if' Emil Bonardi if' Gunhild Brolin ii Aduana Cook "' Rita Dal Corobbo 'P joe Dudzik Willard Demick i' Lillian Diasetes if Sophie Gednin y' Elizabeth Gilkinson :P Vinceuta Graltalskis 'P Bertha Griggs Z' Frank Hensenga 4 Marrella Hoffman 4 Jeilie johnson "f Stanley Kavalunas W Stanley Kay Cora Lchning 4' Bernice Lippie 'P Herbert Madrick "' Sixty-nine Britt Mannquist i' Victoria Martisbus Helen Mulcahy 4' Joseph Noverikis :P Stanley Obulshas Lauralie Puizol' 4 Vida Parker 4' Adelle Sannuionis 4' Anna Sosin 2' Ray Stanley 4 ' Estelle Stauts it Clerance Tenhave jim Tenhonc joe Torreano 'F Kathieleen Vandersydc "' Kenneth Wiat 4 V Seventy MT. VE RNON-Continued Division Room 212-1B Teacher: Miss Frances Mullen Courier Repr.: Paul Warrington Violet Anderson 'f' Maris Avegnonc 4 Gorclene Baxter 'C' Rose Biernat X' Edward Brosius W Lily Brown x' Marian Call H' Corinne Carta "' Carl Clauter "' julia Covict 'F Susan Cullip 'P Wimferd Danncnhold 4 Marie Do Daro Lillian Dugan Bernard Gildin 5? Dan Griggs "' Raymond Hofstra 'f Gcraldenc Jordan " Joseph Moll Lila Mattman " Vivian Nelson 34' Victor Norkus Dcno Panazzo " Anna Pctroni "' Frank Pahlkc W Alvinn Rculc W Robert Schultz Dorothy Scholvin 4 Harriet Stcpanoski :F Winfrcd Strcelmnn 'I' Dorothy Tamminga :P Harold Tanis 4' Wilhelmina Van Buardenyt Gertrude Vanlngen 5 Paul Warrington 4' Helen Water Arthur Wicben Eleanor Westburg Francis Wilkins "' Eileen Winibunnir " john Zebraushas 4 1 FOR BRANCH AUTOGRAPHS X X ,'f 1 ,JQQ l I-in aifrvii ,f" - '.",Q"'V qgflfffii .,,i,'J 3-Y' ,, ' 11 -X "7" ri . 1 H n' 'A 'f,. l x 1 ' 1 ,fizzgyl - ::fir"'.' -, I G-gig" ' zfff.?Zfz 1 A r Q' ,Aff fr!"'v, . 'fzfif -- ,1 ,. ,Y ,Q fry. 1. Band-Mt. V.g 2. Council-Mt. V.g 3. Mrs. Mills-Curtisg 4. Sophie and Gunhild-Mt. V.g 5. Don Canfield-Curtisg 6. Ruth Summers-Cub lzisg 7. V. 1-lilkert-Mt. V.g 8. Margaret-Mt. V.g 9. Bernice-Mt. V.g 10. Lt. Mayor-Mt. V.g, ll. Young lady-Mt. V.q 12. Christie-Mt. V.g 13. Signalmen-Mt. V.g 14. Uncle Sam Alfred-Cub tisg 15. Elvinn-Curtisg 16. Miss Novak-Curtisg 17. Ready for Easter-Curtisg 18. Marcella and Frank-Curtisg 19. Fourteen year old-Mt. V.g 20. Lorraine Reuthcr, long ago-Burnsideg 21. Miss Ln France-Mt. V.g 22. Jennings as she wasg 23. Evans Trio-Burnsideg 24. Brothers-Burm sideg 25. Fred-Burnside: 26. Sibbert as she was-5 27, Miss Sneider-g 28. Athletic chief- Mt. V.g 29. Barbara long ago-Burnsideg 30. Athletic chief-Mt. V. Seventy-one FROM THE BRAN CHES Homework! Homework! Homework! It haunts my home and school I'm never really idle, . But can't get it as a rule. I thought I'd go out skating, And have a lot of fun, But then comes back that old refrain , My homework isn't done. Really I'm quite foolish, And Ilknow I'm often wrong, Oh me! Oh my! oh why do I 57.1, Keep hearing the same old song? 'M I went out to a dance last night And had a lot of fun And ohen comes back that old refrain, My homework isn't done. I went to school again next day, And teacher said, "Oh run And hide your headf' because I said my homework wasn't done. HELEN KONDRATOWICZ, IB. BURNSIDE. SPRING iwinter is over now, spring begins. The robin's so happy that he sings. The snow has melted, the grass is seen, Now it.is brown, but soon 'twill be green. The robin sings to his mate in the tree, She answers him in glad ecstasy. And all the other birds gather 'round, To listen to their song, not making a sound. The sun will shine brighter, the stars give more, light, Each day 'will be warmer and so will the night. The farmer will work in the field planting seeds, And dig up the earth, and pull out the weeds. The days will be longer, the nights riot so long. The boys' and girls' hearts will be filled with a song. The flowers will bud, the leaves will turn green. And all around us, spring will be seen. MARGIE OHLENSKAMP, MT. VERNON. Seventy-Iwo BEING A FRESHMAN Oh, I'm really glad I've finished Being a freshman green. Now I'll be a Sophomore Boy! won't that be keen. I'll strut the halls in pleasure, I'll talk to the Senior grand. I'll not be slow to let them know I appreciate their glad hand. If they ask me where I came from I'll shout "Mount Vernon High" My, w0n't that impress them. As then with pride I sigh? But 1,11 tell you one thing I'll ne'er call a freshie "green" I know just how that makes one feel. Because that's what I've been. BERNICE PANOZZO, Div. 310, 1A MT. VERNON IN MY DREAMS I've traveled many miles And many things I've seen. From the temples of China To the Emerald Island green. I've hunted game in Africa Beneath the burning sun. The castles in old Englandg I've seen them one by one. And now that I've seen everything, I have no desire to roam. I've settled in this big city And here I've made my home. With flowers in the garden, Where the robins like to play. And a mocking bird is singing, In the trees at close of day. Isn't this enchanting? Oh, how wonderful it seems! But alas, I soon discover It is only in my dreams. ELSIE MEYEIK, MT. VERNON I Wil Illmllnllp iumm'faammr m ' W ' ' ' + ' nu n .,..,.,iuqali!!!lll5 gym f11a.Mwwl1I:wLwl'wE': Seventy-th G.A.A. Good work, girls! Out of the 1,433 girls at Fenger, only 118 have failed to join our Girls Athletic Association, leaving a total membership of 1,315 girls. Mrs. Anderson and the oilicers are very grateful to the girls and representatives for their willingness to cooperate in securing this re- markable enrollment. Out of eighty division rooms, forty-eight are 1001, and of the remain- ing thirty-two divisions an average of three girls from each have not joined. And, girls-this semester we have some honor- ary members. We are glad to have the interest of these six teachers: Miss Marie McCuteheon, Miss Jessie Solomon, Miss Edna Randall, Miss Mildred Taylor, Miss Hildegard Meisekothen, and Miss Sarah Jane Thomas. Thanks to Miss Dorothy Bresnahan, Mt. Vernon can boast a G.A.A. membership of 100976 f200 girlsj. Curtis, too, has made a splendid record through the earnest efforts of Miss Ellen Del-Iaan. Although this association is new at Curtis, almost half U50 girlsj have joined, which proves that an organization does not have to be old to be well known. Team games, bars, school letters, parties, pic- nics, hikes-it's no wonder everyone wants to join the G.A.A. Tzhese are only some of the ac- tivities that were opened to the girls during this semester. The Hrst social gathering of all of the G.A.A. members was the Baby Doll Party which was attended by about 800 girls. No one was admitted without a special costume and, of course, her G.A.A. membership card. After a short period of dancing to the music of John Frigo and his orchestra, everyone played "The Farmer in the Dell'f or "Af Tisket, a Tasketug then more danc- ing' and more games by individual groups. There was also a grand .march past the Judges, Mrs. Caird, Miss Marie McCutcheon and Miss Jessie Solomon, who picked the two girls who wore the most attractive costumes. They were Margaret Auld, a 3B, and Dorothy Mullauer, a 3A. The gym teachers and the G.A.A. officers had cleverly made up a social calendar which, listed the activities scheduled for the entire semester. Among other things were a "Hard Timel' Party, a splash party, 'a picnic, and a "Last Roundup," which kept the girls well entertained throughout the semester. It was decided, due to the large attendance that at the Baby Doll Part, that all of the other events would be taken in two groupsg the first-upper classmen, and the second-lower classmen. ' The splash party, which was for swimmers only, was a huge success. After a few "dips" a-nd dives, Sruenly-four the intermediate class had two relay races. Thi first was very diflicult-swimming across the poo and carrying an egg on a spoon at the same time The other was surface diving to bring up severa objects from the bottom. The beginners had a tug-o-war and played water volley ball. Aftei that the girls divided into their own small group and played Water tag and stump the leader. Th- girls who at ohis event, offered their services a lifeguards were Florence Blinkiewicz, June Krueg- er, Bernice Kudoba, Betty Rachlitz, Jean Rum baugh, Jean Sprietsma, and Jeanne Wesselius. A the "Hard Time" party everyone said "Goodbye' to the blues. Patches, overalls, ragged sleeveu shirts, made up the costumes that were worn There was a short program under the direction ol the President, Denise Beauchamp, and the remain, ing time was spent dancing. The social orchestr' furnished the music. Baseballs, bats, quoits, an games were some of the things that were take along on the picnic which the G.A.A. had in th forest preserve at 87th and Western Avenue. Th girls went by street car and brought their ow lunches. Every one had a splendid time. Not only does the G.A.A. offer all these pleas ures, but it also teaches good sportsmanshi service and leadership. In fact, those are thre essentials required of a member before she ca get her school letter. She must have had som experience in refereeing team games as well a having played on 'a room team for four semester The games this semester were played on Tuesday and Thursdaysg and due to the great number o rooms that signed up to play volley ball, it wa necessary to eliminate each team after it lost on game instead of after the usual two. The girl who were earning their school letters acted a referees and score keepers. While the volley ball games were going on afte school, the proficiency and posture tests wer taking place in the gym classes. The winners 0 last semester's posture test were: lst, Lois Kueke a 3Bg 2nd, and 3rd, Vivienne Johnson and France Martin, who were graduated in February. To ge a proficiency bar and a grade of "S" was no eas task this semester and there were not very man girls who earned theirs. The last social event of the semester was "Th Last Roundupf, a farewell party for the 4A mem bers of the G.A.A. Each girl invited a 4A bo to come with her. All the girls wore skirits an blouses, and every one wore bandanas. There wer square dances and refreshments. Thus ended glorious semester witih the G.A.A. G.A.A. OFFICERS President Treasurer Secretary Denise Beauchamp Helen Slim Irene Gurney R. Hawkins, A. Mcldrum, M. Sarkisian, J. Novutney, L. Foldesh, B. Buttin, H. Higgins, M. Westmaix, M. Sundecn, M. Johnson, I. Enquisr, A. Van Kootcn, W. Czaeh, L. Fitzgibbons A. Snrtori, F. Witte, H. Swierkas, J. Krueger, J. Thompson, I. Klicn, L. Roberts, M. Johnson, C. Schmcidl, M. Godslmll, G. Rciseh, L. Zawojski, M. Vnvrinek, D. Meeker J. Dombrauskas, I. Apcl, P. King, A. Ohlson, A. Benschop, S. Hyland, A. Tamminga, V. Johnson, J. Van Howe, Chntlos O. Rich, G. Goettlcr, J. Prokop, G. Feliciechia, V. Skoglund, XVoodward, D. Kingma, M. Ashcroft, M. Bolhuis, G. Swierkos, V. Carlburg, I.. Waiinoris, A. Gniewek L. Davin, A. Phillips, P. Rudnick, H. Johnson, C. Napoli, H. Gawlik, R. Vashik, M. Truitt, A. Cimaroli, D. Dykstra, li. Philpotl, 17. Kolwicki. M. Lnliarbnrn, K. llylnnder, M. Collins, M. Brouwer, M. Tiellund, L. Percuo, H. Lehman, A. Mau, D. Mncfnrlane. Sponsor: Mrs. J. Anderson ' Seventy-five ki J Jlsf' Srwnly-six MR. YOUNG AND B.A.A. REPRESENTATIVES If by any chance you don't know Mr. Young, u will find him wearing a white sweater, white irt, and black tie any period in the gym or gym ce. Regardless of what question on a sport or 1 exercise arises, he is always there to answer or monstrate. This does not mean he will answer y question about his life. The motto of "Silence Golden" applies to him. However, this much we d learn. Mr. Young attended school at Wausau, 'isconsin. After graduating from high school n: entered George Williams College and was very uch interested in athletics. Later he specialized gymnastics, as most of you boys know, consist- g of tumbling, working on parallel and horizon- l bars. After receiving his degree he entered the blic school system in 1918 as a physical educa- n teacher and coach at the old Fenger High hool. In 1923 he organized the B.A.A. He spent any summer vacations on the staff of a boys, mp, but this summer, so far as he knows, he has her plans. If, by chance, you are in his office hen he is in the mood, he may tell you of his any experiences in his life. Were it not for Mr. oung's belief in giving every boy a chance for me fun, the B.A.A. would not exist today. For the first time in the history of the B.A.A. e picture of the representatives instead of the cers, is put in the Courier. Were it not for this er co-operating group which Mr. Young con- ers the backbone of the B.A.A., some students uld be missing a lot of good, clean fun. The b of a B.A.A. Representative is not the easy one seems to be. He does not have to be a good hlete but one who is willing to attend all of the eetings and co-operate with the B.A.A. To his vision room he must report the things transacted E. F. Young at the meetings. He must keep his room well in- formed as to when its team plays, hand in all line- ups and all material called for, when it is due, keep his membership drive going to secure all the mem- bers possible. . Therefore, to you representatives of the B.A.A., the Senior Class of June 1934 owes its thanks and appreciation for these wonderful times in our last year at dear old Fenger. ' B.A.A. REPRESENTATIVES W. Hansen, G. Foote, A. Rot, A. Bisone, P. Anastpoulas, R. Luclwiek, L. Trozpek, F. Arvia, N. Farneti, F. Vcld, J. Muehern T. Hnatt, B. Lopez, M. Schmidt, G. Price, B. Coughlin, NV. Hales, H. Stromberg, M. Shields, V. Cubalchini EI. Rago, -I. Maravulo, H. Feld, H. Drugemuller, W. Erickson, W. Neutout, NV. Mau, J. Hiatt, J. Ferm, F. Graber: S. Castelletti, R. Mucha, C. Wfilliams, D. Helland, R. Finnell, F. Lund, W. Henrieh, D. Punow, J. Sirvid Sponsor: M r. You ng Severity-sever: V F B.A.A. RESULTS One of the organizations that expects to make the boys of Fenger clean, hard competitors and sportsmanlike players is the B.A.A. When one joins this organization one must keep this in mind, though your room may not have wa chance to win the championship in Indoor Baseball or Volleyball. Individual awards may be won in such sports as wrestling, swimming, track, and hand ball, horseshoes, tennis, and golf which were played in the current semester. April 11 was set aside as the day for the grunters and groaners to have their say. Wrest- ling is one ofthe up and coming sports of this organization, in fact, of the whole school. Many surprises and thrills were given at this meet. The Hrst- upset of the day was in the 108 pound class bout. The entrants were B. Moran, W. Rudes, and Adducci. Everyone believed that "Bumps" Moran, who was considered one of the best wrest- lers on the Fenger team, was the sure winner. "'Bumps,' had gone through his bracket without a default, but when he matched up with Rudes, an unknown wrestler, who was able to wiggle and squirm out of many tig.ht places he, Moran, was pinned in two minutes. John Mahtesian won the 115 pound class by forfeits. "General," as Mahtesian is known to his friends, sets one of the finest examples of a student who never gives up. This is shown by his willingness to wrestle men over his 'own weight. In the 125 pound class the entrants were Borchardt, P. Anastasopoulos, Farnetti, Westberg, Bertolzi, and Reisbich. Jack Borchardt, known to some of his friends as Paul Revere because he likes to get the "ride,' on his opponents, demonstrated this ability. After the match with Borchardt, P. Anastasopoulos decided to become a farmer since he received a cauliflower as a result of the famous ride. After much spar- ing and rough and tumble Borchardt came out with first place, Farnetti second place, and West- berg, a "dark horsef' receiving third. In the 135 pound class Ver Valin received Hrst place, but not before he took his turn in being bent out of shape and flying through the air. However, he pinned Velo andrreceived time advantage over Jachera. Wally Mau, who walked off with the 145 pound honors last year, repeated this feat. Who wouldn't be able to take these matches if one has been given lessons by Jim McMillian? He can give any heavy- weight a run for his money. Due to an injury "Chuck" Williams, who is famous for the hold called the "Figure Four," was unable to compete in the 155 pound class so J. Nelson was lucky not to have to meet him. The 175 pound bout was Severzfy-eight slow and not very exciting, but F. Smith came ol on top in his six minute bout with Janota. Tl first place winners in all classes received mini letters and old bars. The second lace and thil 1 g I . P lace winners received silver and bronze bars, r P . spectively. Indoor Baseball, the major sport of the summi season, was very successful. In the Sophomo Division, Room 5,216 with such players as Mucl and Gadlin did not have a hard time in takir first place. When Mucha, the six-foot pitch who is the brother of Charles Mucha, former Fe ger football man, is at bat, the bat in his han looks like a toothpick. The other half of the ba tery, S. Gadlin, won many games for this divisio by his timely hitting. In the Senior Divisio Room 7,230 put up a wonderful showing sin many of their players have been together f many semesters. Some of these players are E. Ne son, P. Anastasopolus, E. Warmus, and G. Vall torgara. E. Nelson, the pitcher, seems to have lo of luck which is all bad. For the past two yea he has pitched for this same group of men, a each time this usual luck prevailed in the impcil tant games. The Track Meet, which was held in co-oper tion with "Youth Week" was a classy affa' "Moose" VanderZander, who won last year's sh put honor, had a close competitor in Bill Piskac Van Wyngarden, Borchardt, and Maravelo we again given their chance to show their smo The other sport held in observing this week w swimming. Everyone welcomed this meet, for came in very handy since many came to co themselves off during those hot May days. Wheth students belonged to the B.A.A. or not, uh were allowed to compete, but only those w were members of the B.A.A. received bars if th placed. Handball, Tennis, Horseshoes, and Go were just beginning. The winning of the Han ball Tournament was undecided since many of t better players have graduated. The Tennis ga honors ought to, bc taken either by C. Wolczek H. Johnson. The Horseshoe championship was toss up between H. VanderSchilden and Hawke Harry Stromberg. Unless something .happens, Marwick, Maravalo or S. Szilagyi ought to co out on top of the list. Assisting Mr. Young in the tremendous task officiating at the games and helping in promoti the other sports are William Kiselewski, L. Tm pek, E. Halze, and Andrew Adams. Don't forge if you want the best out of school life join t Boys' Athletic Association. Se venty-nine A. , 4- . ,,., . ... , - A V - SWIMMING TEAM F. Grabert, A. Lundgren, H. Schartzcnberg, R. Apolskis, P. Metsker, C. Slingerland, H. Vander Schilden, D. Coolc, G. VanSchaik, J. VanderMcy, W. Griiiin, R. Shirvis, R. Enri, C. Klavd, Mr. W. Fotch ' ' ' R. Mucha, L. Jachera, C. Johnson, P. jcssyl, J. Ohmans V Coach: Mr. W. XV. Porch BASKETBALL-HEAVIES - J. Bunna, H. Van Wyngarden, C. Williams, H. Koopman, H. Stromberg, F. Roggeveen BASKETBALL-LIGHTS R. Ludwick, G. Todhunter, j. Krueger, R. Apoloskis, J. Borchardt, E. Nelson WRESTLING B. Ruffin, S. Galambos, Arvia, N. Farnetti, xl. Maravolo, W. Morris, R. James, B. Moran C. Klavd, W. Mau, W. Thompson, J. Borchardt, R. Tullgrcn, C. Williams, F. Smith, A. Palango SWIMMING Witlm the extra day of practice each week this semester the team thas been very successful. Their lhard work enabled them to be victorious over Lindblom, Hyde Park, Bowen and St. Leo. The team has grown and improved considerably in the past. When they lose they smile, and when they win they smileg this is the spirit of our swimming teiim. BASKETBALL Fenger's basketball teams coached by Knight were rather successful, both heavy an light weight teams. These teams were Close ti- qualifying for the city meet. Mr. Knight de veloped several men this year for a good tenn- next season and hopes to get the team into uh Finals next season. WRESTLING Fenger's wrestling team this year had a very successful season. Fenger has had a few serious setbacks, these being due to the lack of wrestlers. If Fenger intends to have a good team, more boys must come out and participate in the matches with other schools. Fenger has some mighty fine, husky 'lads that could make good wrestlers for Fenger. Eighty Q X Z' ll - CLUQJ' JUNIOR CITIZENS ' J. Strumil, E. Volaris, J. Smus, H. Falejizyk, L. johnson, M. Sonsini, ll. Felke, G. Tomazuki, C. Ziemba, V. Doerr, I. johnson, A. Gessford, G. Cavanaugh V. Clark, F. Nichols, A. Arakelian, ll. Krueger, L. Bolduc, H. Michalak, M. Erickson, A. Jansiewicz, ' L. Dubricay, A. Krasula, M. Paszkicwicz, V. Fanizzo . W. Cromquist, F. Zabrocki, R. Thompson, W. Thompson, R. Linde, D. Bnrich, A. Gnrrity, L. Bcrzinsky, f R. Wagner, W. Meyer, W. Burkhardt, L. DuFrenc - F. Lund, E. Victh, H. Koopman, G. Hohnmn, Mr. Hayes, T. Roberts, C. Timman, W. Erickson, R. Caldcrwoocl, J. Hiatt M. Malahowiski, G. Nystrom, N. Wilson, A. Van Dunn, L. Fitzgibbons, M. Sarkasian, M. Jackson, E. Angel, H. Feleki, G. Martwig, D. Tortensen, W. Zukowsha, NV. Kolodzjk, A. Chutro L. Tummino, M. Eichmann, Ii. Leon, L. Zawadski, T. Vandermecr, F. Gnrka, S. Opland, G. Barkowski, G. Carlson, V. Miknis, K. Waldner, C. Aclducci M. Goodrich, J. Novak, W. Tanis, G. Fischer, E. Kapp, R.Brcyfogle, A.Benschop, S.Pocius, I.Apel, C. Hazelbrook, E. Lambrecht, D. Keough C.-Vallee, W. Haag, O. Clapper, E. Collins, E. Kuypcr, R. Schrcck, E. Erickson, R. NVeber, F. Smith E. DeWitt JUNIOR CITIZENS' CLUB The Junior Citizens' Club, sponsored by Mr. as the Junior Citizens' Club is associated with Heber Hayes, has 3 meml?ef5h1P of ?50 PCOPIC Drama Club. In connection with their stud from the ranks of the Junior and Senior history, historical Spots and events, an Essay Conte civics and economics classes. This semester small triangular pins with the letters C. inscribed on them have been issued to every member of the club. Having already visited Starved Rock and Tippecanoe, the club intends to go to the cial-aid dance flffef School, W-here CVCFY Indiana Dunes, with Miss Connor for chaperon enjoyed himself as usual. held every semester. The topic this time "The Great Chicago Fire of 1871." The win cssayist received ji10.00. The club had a gay Eigbly-Iwo JUNIOR CITIZENS E. llviucmann. A. Mnrris. V. Vrnnc. M. Mcflluue. li. McKcrr:Lcher, C. XVahl, E. Reid, A. Van Kooten, S. lllizuate, li. May. M. Chevalier, L. Stephan. M. Buckley C. Lauer, E. Holland, I'Z.I,Jint5cl1. A.1'inkarcl. lll. Rilllmrg, H. Leary, S. Drwiegn. S. Backus, T. Roberts. S Payne. IJ.SllClIlCfllI1llC, ll. Mullauer F. llcrliliy, M. Aalhcrs, M. Tornquist, S. McLean. Ill. Dans, M. Thullen, M. Tarbell, C. De Groot, S. Hyland, j. Ilrc-cn. E. AIIIIISUII. j. Rrauch. II. Gonska M. Stephan, A. Fogarty. 'l'. Pass. E. VVenclt. E.lI?alI1l. A. Nagzxrd. XV. Smith, NV. Henrich. E. McNicholas, ' . UilIIS0l'l li. Fc-rnahl. N. Stewart. N. Pichlcr. G. Pacins. R. Iliglcr, R. Ritchcll. C. Studise. N. Vinck, H. Puolo, l'. Luces. L. liireniewiski. M. Vanclerlee F. Nowak. E. Amlvrsnu. Il. llaycluk. M. Lairnl. G. c'lll'lSU.'l'lSClll, M. Hellman, Il. Bmmert, M. Eiser, D. 'FIlllil311llCl'lI. R. llaklcers. R. Dekker M. Zeller, M. Lawlcy, E. Grclmy, J. Eckman, G. Sloan, 17. Hoffman. E. Dahlstrom, L. Molu'n1au, F. Koza. L. Vcrclto. L. Pichlcr. S. Plageman R. Fore-r.t. li. S4-tt. J. Tlimnpsrni. AI. 'Maltman. T. Ilisz. .L Mc-gn. J. Spyksma. R. Teuinga. I. Van Howe. G. Panas j. l'l:u'vey. R. Ucriai, M. Dm-kker, A. Vnllmar. L. Vrystalski. G. Kacnipf. M. W'iersema. T. Payne, O. Robbins, 1 L. Faliris. M. Less. R. Van Prnycn C. Latvmias. V. Thcvick. M. IJcMax'eu. V. Iluikema. E. Stanker. A. Grugett. D. Harlow. M. Ferrini M. M:iral.min. R. Lindgren. 1'. llrmshl, VV. Ostnpku. J. Rnndmlzl. J. Rumhaugh. L. XViu1erco1'n. K. Jacobsen. C. Leith. R. Leach. IE. XV:n'nms C. DeValk, R. I.innhcrL:. 'l'. Carnllu. A. Lind. C. Tjixlnelll. Mk I-lays. A. Nagela. A. Bajnrunas. C. Vallnrtigara, L. 'riuvni' Spmisur: Mr, Il. Ilays Pres.. Lamlrrcelitg Sec., M. Eichmaimg Social Chairman, L. Zawadski Eighty-three CLUBS 1'f ,I :gf--l 'Q L Q STAMP CLUB A. Sartori, I. Enquisr, S. Drwiegas, A. Mrjenovielx, IS. Falk, A. Arnkelinn, Il. Farr, E. LcNnble, B. Czyz, I-I. Andriclm, M. -Iolmson J. Reid, R. Tuck, R. Bergstrom, I.. Hollebrand, Mr. Smitters, Mr. Sclmclxt, Wfendt, C. Vallee, XV. Penn, M. McGagl1ie Pres., L. I-Iollcbrnnds, Vice Pres., C. Vnllecg See.-Treas., J. Rcid FENGER FORUM C. Voss, NV. Peters, M. Dortavio, L. Krauyalis, M. Arquilla, G. Rciseh, AI. Kreuger, R. Van Projen, E. XVntson, C. Wrobel, M. L. Taub, H. Van Horn A. Rndzius, E. Anderson, D. Gustafson, H. Slivn, IZ. Van littun, M. Wyrzykowski, R. Tlmrp, G. Kuzicl, ' V. Docrr, T. Gusrns H. Gpyt, H. Pivorunas, J. Vander Woudu, I-I. Gable, R. Wolfrumski, W. Penn, A. Winkler, R. Tcninga, C. Meyers lst Consul, XV. Penng :nd Consul, J. Kreugcrg Prnctor, R. Teningng Qunestor, A. Wix1klcr MATH CLUB C. Klavd, N. Anderson, I.. Znwndski, C. I-Ioogstrnnl, Ii. May, R. Kummer, S. Krnjcwslci, R. Vander Moy, G. Kaempf, H. Gonskn, Reid I. Rapaport, G. Bnnnert, F. Gorkn, I. Apel, R. Tuck, A. Lundgren, R. Avery, A. Mrjenuviclm, S. Drwicga, M. Eiclmmann, IS. Papas, Il. Bannert H. Jacobs, D. Perlsteing D. DeYoung, M. Seplow, Miss Hall, R. Tullgrcn, R. Bergstrom, S. Klein, V. Clark Sponsor: Miss Hall Pres., R. Tullgrcng Vice Pres., D. Weis, Scc'y-Trens., M. Seplow Eighty- four CLUBS 4 4. I . ' I Q 4. ...,, .. MARCONI CLUB P. Swanson, G. Snianiotlu, R. Pritchett, J. Gypta, R. Nelson, E. Henley, N. Kababian M. Brnndsma, R. Bergstrom, XV9NRDg C. Drallc, XV91CNVg Mr. Bennett, H. Flora, W'9HOY G. Neidhardt, XV9NMOg R. Goris, P. Broehl, W. Smith Sponsor: Mr. li. C. Bennett Pres., H. i:l0l'H,W9IiOYQ Vice Pres., C. Dralle, XV91CXVg See., R. Bergstrom, XVQNRDQ Trcus., G. Neidhardt W9NNlO ART CLUB A. Young, l.. Marianclli, R. lfriekson, R. Wfcbslcr, L. Murphy, H. Nelson, E. McMastcrs, Swanson, F. Brinkman, R. Norman lflemings, AI. lladnek, ll. Zolpe, lf. Minnick, A. Dulfresnc, L. Brink, C. Amendola, AI. Mathcsian, R. Di Santo H. Doran, Glfavanaugh, R.GaulL, D. Meeker, Ii. Pacewicz, S.Spina, W'.Zaokopny, F.Cvrabert, L. Idcll Miss ll. Vizard Pres., li. Pncewiczg Sec., D. Meeker, Trcas., NV. Zaokopnyg Publicity Manager, R. Gaultg Fashion Expert, S. Spina Hi-Y G. Cawanaugh, D. Perlslein, R.Lun1.lberg, li. liastlnnd, C. lflzinga, R. Vogt, NV. Haag, F. Grabert, R. Hoaglziiicl, XV. Thompson, P. Brochl C. Rlnvcl, D. Smith, C. xvrilllllljg, R. Ludwiclt, E. I,:nnlJi'eeht, NV. Morris, 15. Christiansen, S. Hanson, A. Palnngo. sl. Novak IS. Thompson, Ii. DeWitt, ll. Flora, R. Bergstrom, D. Coole, Ii. Dahl, H. johnson, F. Smith, V. Marwick, V. Clark Ii. Roggevcen, H. Van XVyngarden, M. Stephan, R. Tullgren, NW. Scott, B. Gibney, C. Slingerland, J. Laws, ,l. Borclmrdi, Ii. Leith Y. M. C. A. Advisor: Mr. W". Scott Pres., R. Gibncy, Vice Pres., C. Slingerlandg SeC'y, Laws: Treas., R. Tullgreng Chaplain, M. Stcphang Sgt. at Arms, Borchardt Eighty-H vc THE STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club is completing one of its most successful semesters. It has grown in membership and participated in many important philatelic events: Early in the semester two members Won first and third awards in the high school section of one of the flargest adult exhibits ever assembled lin Chicago. The club won the loving cup for the ibest high school display in Cook County. Then threemernbers entered an important junior show and returned with first and second awards. En- couraged by these events and led by the spirited sponsorship of Mr. Schaciht and Mr. Smitters, the club' is'preparing to enter more exhibits. They have 'already 'had an easel made in the woodshop and are working on specialized collections for coming shows. Even though all of the old mem- bers are graduating there is a 'bright future in store for the new members of the club. --i., . ' HFENGER FORUM Founded to supplement the course of study as well as to give'the pupils 'a broader knowledge of the life and customs of the Romans, the Fenger Forum is completing its seventh year of existence with a membership of thirty-four. Meetings are held every two weeks at which some phase of interest concerning the descendants of Romulus is taken up. Thus far this semester the members have covered Roman dress, food, furniture and associated subjects. The ingenuity of the program committee, under' the supervision of Miss McPart- lin, has-'enabled the members to work while they Play- Q l MATHEMATICS CLUB L-Havei you ever been stumped by some mathe- matical problems? If so, you should belong to the Mathematics Club. This Club has increased its membership of last semester to about thirty- five members. The Club holds its 'regular meet- ings every other Monday the tenth period to solve trick problems submitted by the mem- bers. These meetings have proved to be interesting and capably conducted by the pro- gram officers who are: Ralph Tullgren, President, Donald Wfeis, Vice-President and Chairman of the Program Committee, and Morris Seplow, Secre- tary-Treasurer. On the alternate Mondays Miss Fffnhy Hall, the sponsor, instructs the members who wish to study for the University scholarship examinations. Miss Hall has the old examinations from May, 1932 and May, 1933 which have been of-"great help. The annual party was held the latter part of the semester and was again a big success. With these activities the Mathematics Club has had quite a successful year. Eighty-six MARCONI CLUB A While wandering along the third floor corrido one day, I turned the corner and ran into a babbl of talk which to my uneducated ears sounde like Chinese-"And I called CQ and didn't rais Antipodes" or "Say, put about 250 volts on th space charge of the bottle" and "How about som wall paper, old man?" Shaking my head I turne about intending to ask someone what was wrong but a member informed me that that was just sample of radio language. Now if you want t know why your radio works or more likely, why it doesn't work, come and join the Marconi Club The club, whose purpose is to create and furthe interest in amateur radio, is a charter member 0 the Chicago Area Radio Council. Fenger High' radio station W9HMW is in active operatio daily, thus giving the licensed amateurs experience The club members wish to thank Mr. Bennett fo his splendid cooperation. ART CLUB The Art Club organization is made up mostl of Major Art students, who are interested in cre ative activities. Every Friday afternoon a meetin is held, and work is assigned by the president 0 the club to the members. No work done in schoo is accepted. The type of work handed in is land scape painting, portrait drawings, sculpture, an also sketches from still life. Members who do no hand in their assignments are fined ten cents The fines collected are to be used for prizes fo the best pictures. Four students are chosen a critics whose duties are to select the three bes pictures each week. Stella Spina criticizes all th costume designing handed in by the girls of th club. At the end of the semester, the club intend to have an Art Exhibit for the people intereste in Art work. HI-Y During the past semester, the Hi-Y has pro gressed and increased its membership under th sponsorship of Mr. Scott, Y. M. C. A. secretary They have had two combined dances and splasl parties at the Y. M.C. A., and one social at Fen ger. The proceeds went to aid the poor. Thirty six members went to the annual Hi-Y jambore which was held at the Central Y. M. C. A. Here they won the "Royal Red Rag," an award for the best table decoration. All decorations werd handmade and very attractive. They also re-j ceived honorable mention for their wonderful achievements during the past year. They have attended as a group two churches in the com- munity and one on the outside: Holy Rosary and the Roseland Presbyterian, and the Synagogue of Rabbi Mann. They enjoyed the services at all these churches. On April 20 their an-nual dance was held at Ridge Park fieldhouse. This was an- other of the Hi-Y successes. A Good Friday service for the boys of Roseland was sponsored by the Hi-Y. i- Egltg SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Within these pages we wish to portray some views of the social events that have taken place during the past semester. Some will be previews, some will be of the important incidents of the season: our assemblies and frolics. As most of the clubs have been dispensed with because oflthe heavy burden on our teachers' shoulders, there have been several dime dances given in the girl's gymnasium. It is through the kindness of various sponsors of a few of the organizations that we have been able to have these. At the beginning of the semester there was a swimming social. This was given in the girls' gymnasium by the boys' swimming team. The music was furnished by our school dance orcihes- tra, while the social function was sponsored by Mr. Wesley Fotch, who was assisted by some of the teachers. The party was for the purpose of getting a new spring board for the swimming pool. On March 16th, the girls' gymnasium was once again thronged with gay people. As we entered the door, we received a green bow which was worn throughout the program. During the pro- gram we were favored with a tap dance given by Eileen O'Boyle, a talented young member of the Girls' Glee Club. She was assisted at the piano by Marion Lawley. During the rest of the pro- gram there were 'several "girls' robbers" dances, which were much to their feminine delight. Tihis function was sponsored by Miss Mary G. Lusson, director of the Glee Club, with some of the other teachers helping. Left, right! left, right! On that day, March 23, we marched to the tunes of our school dance orchestra. For scenery there were many American flags, as well .as many uniforms worn by our cadets, decorating the girls' gymnasium. We could not help but feel protected with our army only a few inches from us. Helping as protector was Sergeant Christoffersen. On Friday, April 13, Mr. Heber Hays sponsored a social for the members of the Junior Citizens' Club. This social was given, as were the previous ones, in the girls' gymnasium. As a treat the so- cial committee of the club gave out candy bars, which were greatly appreciated by many sweet teeth. However, such a gay time was had that Home Sweet Home came too soon. There were many other socials given during the semester in addition to this one, but as they had not yet oc- curred when the book went to the printers there is no relation of them here. An entertainment was given for the Courier representatives by the Courier Staff. Special in- strumental numbers were given by Marvin Flora, Melvin Burg, and Herbert Seligman with Nellie Wilson assisti-ng at the piano. Readings were Eigbly-eight given by Mary Walmsley and Robert Smitte while a song and dance was rendered by Millice Worthy, a young member of Curtis. Several do prizes were awarded with a joyous time of dan ing following. As a closing function of the social season f last semester, a promenade was given as a far well for the outgoing seniors. They were ente tained at the Windermere East Hotel. We we pleased to have the attendance of many alumni well as our own classmen. This was one of t largest attended proms in the history of Fenge We danced to the tunes of George Moorhou orchestra. I-Iis able musicians provided us wit music for the Grand March, which was not ver long as you who attended will remember. T leaders of the Grand March were Don Sutcliff then mayor of Fenger, the 4A Officers, and nh 4B Officers with their committes following. Sinc the class colors of last semester were blue an silver, the idea was carried out in the sma attractive programs which everyone received.. W wish to extend thanks to the Parent-Teacher As soeiation, who helped by sponsoring and chaperon i-ng the prom, and to the 4B social committee who made the programs and helped combine th entertainment. As no prom had been planne for this semester when the Courier went to th printers, there is no story of it in the book. During the past semesters the Courier has pre sented many dramatizations of the theme of th book. This semester the play was called th "Courier's Kaliedoscopef' which pictured ch theme of the book-Communication. This wa' chosen as it is one of the chief influences in oul lives. The kaliedoscope presented a picture, only to be changed when shaken. In the play no mo tion took place except when, before the eyes of the audience, scenes were changed. Delightfu. variety of costumes both in color and style made- the performance worth while. The scenes in- cluded the Greek runner with his message, Indians with their smoke signals and tom toms, a scen from stage coach days, and the modern day 0 radios. All too soon the drarnatization came to its attractive climax, the presentation of the word "Courier" in illuminated letters. On April 25, the Courier staff gave a tea for the members of t.he faculty. The table was beaul tifully decorated with gold and green, our class colors. As each teacher entered, she or he was presented with a jonquil. Mary Walmsley acted as mistress of ceremony, introducing each number on the program. There was an interesting pro- gram given by some of the more talented people of the staff with the rest of the members helping to make it more enjoyable-the two editors giv- ing short talks. After the program the teachers had a pleasant time sipping tea and visiting. IN OUR AUDITORIUM Henry Koopman, our mayor, presided over the assembly given on February 23. The first number on the program was a composition given by the school orchestra. John Barisas then gave a talk on "What Washington Means to Me," an oration which he gave at the Washington Essay Contest. We were then favored with a saxaphone solo en- titled Tluf Duchess, given by Herbert Seligman. As a concluding number the orchestra played the Black Rose, a piece 'which everyone enjoyed. The Davies Light Opera Company gave an assembly, the proceeds of which went to the Relief Fund. The company consisted of a quartet of the Messrs. William. Davies and Carrol Van Buskirk, and the Misses Winifred Gordon and Virginia hkuyer. They were assisted at the piano by Miss Marie Adolph. The first number was a solo by Mr. Davies entitled I-Ionzr' on ilu' Runge. After he had sung it through once, he had the assembly join him in the chorus. I-le then sang an old avorite, Me and My Little Banjo. The next umber was made up of two solos by Miss Auyer. She sang I Love Life and Sleigbx. We then heard solos by Mr. Van Buskirk, who proved also to be 1 comedian, and Miss Gordon. The ever loved ilgrims' Cborux followed as a quartet number. t this point there was a change of costumes. uring this proceeding Miss Adolph rendered a iano solo. We then .heard selections from No, No, Nanlzelfe, Of Thee I Sing, and Rio Rifa. lfoo, they acted out a few scenes with these songs, ome of which proved humorous. This assembly rvas enjoyed by all and it is one that shall be emembered. During the semester, nickel assemblies were iven to aid the needy pupils of our school. One f the first of these programs was given on March 0. As most of us have pets, we were thrilled hen we heard that Dr. Williani I-Iarwood was to isit us and tell us about his pets and his experi- nces in the wilds of Africa. As a conclusion of is lecture, instead of the roaring of lions and igers, he showed us three of his pets-a dog, a onkey, and a racoon. This monkey was quite a estless little thing as he climbed back and forth imc and again from Dr. Harwood's shoulder to e speakers' table. The dog, which was quite in- ifferent to the thousands of spectators, curled up n the stage for a little nap. .As most racoons ke to climb, this one used Dr. Harwood for a ee. As they left the stage three mischievous pets llowed an amiable master. At the assembly on April 13th the students of enger were entertained at a movie of the Illini rail, the buildings of the University of Illinois, d the different subjects taught there. One ex- citing incident in these pictures was one of their state football games. Besides being an interesting program it was an impressive one given for the juniors and seniors. At an achievement assembly given by the Fenger News, many prominent Fengerites were intro- duced. As an opening number there was a may- pole dance given by members of the Fenger News Staff. The girls lookedplovely in their pastel shaded voil dresses as they danced around the orange and white ribboned maypole. Our mayor, Henry Koopman, gave an opening address afterwhich Amy Nelson introduced many of Fenger's leaders. There then was an instrumental number given by members of the orchestra. Isabel Shimkus then introduced groups of people who had done services for the school. Next, Dorothy Cunningham of the G. A. A. gave a tap dance, one which was greatly appreciated. As a following number, a double quartet from the Glee Clubs sang. This was succeeded by a talk about the Quill and Scroll given by Mr. Schacht. He mentioned that this was a National Honor Society for Writers. Louis Malnassy, the president of this society, then awarded prizes to the winners of the writing con- test which was sponsored by the young people of this society. As a closing number the Fenger High School song was sung by the students on the stage. Another nickel assembly held April 24th was a dramatization of "Dick Whittington and 'His Cat," presented by a Century of Progress Marion- ettes. This play was produced by Mr. Rufus Rose, supervisor of the A 81 P Carnival Marionette show. There were folk dances by the dolls who were dressed in a variety of costumes. Togo, the 'toy clown, was one of the main attractions- at this show as well as in the performances at the World's Fair last summer. Like most clowns he was very funny in his clever acrobatic stunts. Added' to these things were some real rats who did stunts, As in other pay assemblies the receipts earned from this assembly were given to the Fenger Relief Fund. As Clean Up Week approached, we had our reg- ular clean up assembly, only with a little more variety, given April 27. The orchestra first played a processional number which was followed by an address by our orator, John Barisas. This was fol- lowed by some songs from the mixed chorus under the direction of Miss Mary Lusson. The drama club next gave a charming little play entitled "Clean Up." This play was directed by Miss Lois Conner. A recessional number was then played by our school orchestra. Eighty-nine DRAMA , . L.. 2 A i - .4 All -Fl l DRAMA CLUB C Lock V Mikms F Htrlihy Etschtid H Herbert R. Irwin, E.Christensen, L. Stephan, E.Klinger, L Tatar L Zan 1dski M Buckley, M. Chevalier, I. Apel M Xvalmslty Breen R Lneh R Vogt J Prystalski, M. Stephan, A. Olsen, AI. Mego, S. Shntuck, I' Lnnbtrt F Radthffe E. Higgins, T. Disz F Lund V Mnrvuck Dt Adam, M Daus Thompson, Miss L. Connor, j. Ahern, Alexantler, 5 Pl1gem1n NV Smith H. Van Wfyngairdeii ponsor Miss L Conner Prts H Van Wyn51rdei1 V Pres., Aherng Sec., V. Mgirwickg Trens, A. Olsen THE DRAMA CLASS The Drama Class is an organization that migh' well be recommended to all the Fenger students' Not only does it train its members to develop their talents in both vocal and dramatic way but teaches them to produce work that will b a credit to them and to their school. The alas has done wonderful work in the past, an hopes this semester to put on a performance tha will eclipse any production of the past. The cla meets ninth hour every day for one period. De spite the fact that the time is so short and n ce tain amount of work must be Clone, the Class h. shown itself to be capable and cfhcient in ha' clling all work. PUBLIC SPEAKING 1-T-k-.- , - 1-M 0 - PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASS j.Barisas, V. Fanizzo, li. Petrowicz, W. Wuncik, S. Quinlan, AI. Prystalski, C. Wlhalen, D. Wfinters, P. Klaris, E. Del-Iaan li. Thomas, M. Vavirnek, li. Munson, D. Main, J. Wfesselius, M. Iiichmann, E. DeI'lann, R, Wells ,.... .,...-......,, .. lirlgl i .1-1 I 2 'I E G. Karl, R. Thompson, li. Leith, Ii. Drainc, H. Van Wfyngardcn, G. Van Schaik, F. Roggevccn, R. Gibney, V. Marwick, A. Bajarunas, I-I. Jacobs Sponsor: Mrs. Castle Pres., H. Van Wyimgardexig Vice-Pres., M. Eichmanng Sec., D. Maing Treas., J. Wesscliusg Sergeant al: Arms, G. Karl PUBLIC SPEAKING The Public Speaking Club, composed of mem- -vers of the Public Speaking Class, is not just an- ithcr club, but is an advanced class in which stu- ents are taught the practical points of Public peaking. There are thirty student members, who ave donated their services for various programs. Thus, during the past semester the club has ac- omplishecl much. A number of speakers have een on radio broadcasts, boosting the Clean Up Ilampaign, and others of the club have helped out y speaking to the pupils of various grammar chools, of our community on the same subject. ll of this work has only been accomplished rough the efforts of the advisor, Mrs. Castle. N i neiy-one MR. SCI'IACI'IT'S SIECRETARIES C. Pfotenhauer, C. Prone, Fernald, M. Anderson, M. Hyland, B. Lukich, Ii. Heinemann, Angel, L. Backus, A. Mrjcnovich, R. Forest M. Peterson, S. Valanris, R. Ton, A. Gcssford, S. McLean, Mr. Schacht, li. Green, C. Dahm, J. Rumbaugh, G. Fischer SECRETARIAL 'TRAINING P. Jessyl, A. Morrie, B. Geriat, F. Crowther, M. Anderson, M. Johnson, B. Venslauskas, C. Latvenas. E. Volaric, B. Dahm, B. Jankus, K. Hagenhuis, V. Johnson, G. Zeilenga, A. Seline, A. Rozic, B. Kudoba Sponsor: Miss MeCuteheon LIBRARY ASSISTANTS W. Watt, E. Klinger, M. Schroeder, E. Reid, F. Zsiga, A. Locht, B. Hoekstra, D. Winters, J. Dombrauskas, O. Shemerdiak, I.. Nunn B. Lapie, E. Christensen, E. Miazga, Mrs. Clark, Miss Fluke, S. Pocius, G. Sloan, H. Gonska I MR. SCI-IACI-ITIS SECRETARIES Under Mr. Schaeht's pleasant guidance they gain knowledge that will make the path to busi- ness success a surer, easier one. Although Work- ing hard, Mr. Schacht's office help spend many enjoyable hours thus employed. SECRETARIAL TRAINING The earnest workers in the Secretarial Training class are the very backbone of the clerical work of t.he school although they are very seldom men- tioned. Through their unfailing effort the 'Ab- sentee List and Bulletins are made daily. To these girls Fenger owes a- tribute. V A Ninety-Iwo STUDENT LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Applications for library work were so 'num ous this semester that those who had assisted di ing the previous term were given the preferen Many students have taken advantage of the brary's quietness by retiring to it during ch study periods and even after school hours. Houxman Sponworr Mr. Kehoe Mayur See y Chief of Police H. Koopman M. lhickley II. Gross Q Atl1lLIlC COUNCIL ROOM PRESIDENTS Z. Gyurc, J. Vander NVoude, V. johnson, M. Aalbcrs, F. May, E. Le Noble, M. Stern, I. Kohn, K. Karks A. Ludwig, R. Apolskis, M. Flora, C. Drinkwaard G. Cedar, H. jcssyl, R. Lchovitz, M. Mcntcsti, H. Nilson, P. Lukis, M. Chevalier, L. Backus, R. Bodamer G. Banncrt, C. Woicik A. Arvia, L. Akcrman, R. Budd, C. Klnvd, J. XVicrsema, F. Shirvis, M. Kunz, R. Miller, J. Ohmans, R. Barron, D. Croulet S. Suba, O. Muir, F. Smith, R. Tullgrcn, A. Lukas, A. Norgard, N. Kuyk, W. Pearson, H. Anastopulos S. Brak H. Schroeder, D. Green, R. Gibney, J. Carpenter, H. Halsren, R. Bucholz, R. Weber, J. Nelson, W. Smith H. Van Wlyngarden, A. Eisilc B. Backlund, R. NValdman, R. Van Rit, Ii. Lambrccht, W. Haag, W. Thompson, J. Strumil, F. Martin, Ii. Kescr, B. Arrivo, D. Day D. James, Ii. Butuilas, M. Schultz, M. Phillips, A. Gouchcr, O. Lofstrand, P. Horslcy, W. Barnes, Ii. Duhhcldcmang L. Zawadski, R. Norman, D. XVaters A. Nagcla, A. NVestwatcr, G. Hnhman, E. Gross, Mr. Kchoc, M. Buckley, H. Koopman, C. Elzinga, R. Rybcamp, M. Housman, H. Vander Schildcn . ' .L 1 v Q Ninety three G. Hohmann COURIER REPRESENTATIVES AND HALL GUARDS COURIER REPRESENTATIVES M. Vllojalc, G. La Buda, M. Ferrini. G. Pncius. E. Angel. J. Berry. J. Poclmrmi, I. Freclmrn, I.. Johnson. C. Victh. A. Krasulzi. J. Ilorclmrzlt E. Sorger. V. Picliler. L. Palomho. D. I-lziwkins. V. Tlievick, J. Christiansen, M. Schultz. M. VVyi'zykowski, M. Aiken. E. Bunke. L. Murphy. R. Norman. M. Mentcsti. D. Clnwson, P. Vnnrlci' Ploeg. j. Pccak , A. Lukso. M. Flora. I. Strumil, A. Eusilc, J. Thompson. M. Aallicrs, V. Johnson. J. Mcgo, A. Bartoli, Sponsor: Miss R. VV. Robinson R. Thompson HALL GUARDS J. Natterman, V. Dilger, M. Thmnpson. L. Olxerman, R. Gziult. XV. Phillips. C. Dietz, R. Thompson, I. Strumil. E. L3llllIl'CCllI, A. Onrfalinn, E. Mciizigliic. R. Irwin L. Nunn, L. Angstrom, B. X7!1IlIJllll, L. lflenzenlierg, L. Tatar. L. Sacks. K. Names, S. Lenckcs, L. Simmer. M. Ferrini. M. Stokes M. Eichnizmn, M. Frosh. E. O'B0yle. G. Leary. M. Tornquist. D. Xllaters, N. jalm, D. Amlersrm, R. Forest, A. Olsen. E. Kolesar, F. Vnnrlcr Meulcn. L. Akcrmnn . - B. Race, E. Yeranosinn. L. Lindsay. XV. Tliompsnn. A. Nagcla, T. Rulmcrls. C. Vallee. R. Rcitz. I. Prozmski A. Knvalunns C. Lntvenas. V. XVchling, M. Johannes. M. Smut. C. Duhm. M. Azilhers. J. Nylzmal. A. Morris, P. Vnllmar B. lillllilllil. T. Vander Meer. J. Ilrccn 1 h G. Christensen, C. Arlducci, M. Schaak. D. Fcclor. B. Gmllmis, F. Hcrlihy. K. Pirziux, I-l. Tar. A. jnnsiccwicz M. Inlinson. H. Cliipp. I... Vzmzlcnlycrg h V. Cook, E. Eklylom, E. Nelson. M. Bogosian. R. Leach. G Vzillnrtigzira, C. Cyplik. V. Fzmizzn. M. Fnnmzzo, li, Rell, L. Schrmtcn A. Eisele, A. Ilartoli, H. Benash, E. Menkc. A. Pykg. C. Lukich, Cmllin. XV. llurklizumlt, T. VV:ilkcr, . . .cwis Ninety-four y COURIER REPRESENTATIVES AND HALL GUARDS COURIER REPRESENTATIVES XV. Chisio, V. Allncrnntl, H. Nilsen, I. johnson, F. Kola, A. Ludwig, E. May, A. Chipas, P. Dahlgren, F. Nowak, M. Carclton, W. johnson M. Wali11sley, li. Van liuskirk, R. Smcdman, G. Martwig, M. Kopp, E. De Adam, T. Disz, K. Kardes, C. Wrnjcik, M. Klaris, S. Zwitting, D. Croulet B. Luric, -I. Barisas, R. Gihney, R. Bodamer, li. Dooley, C. Drinkward, S. Thompson, R. Krueger, C. Arvia, Sponsor: Miss R. W. Robinson R. Tuck I-IALL GUARDS F. Mezie, R. Bodamer, M. Truiu, M. Malnhowski, T. Zylstra, B. Erickson, H. Toczyl, M. Piehl, j. Jenkinson, S. Young, li. Knrczewski, M. Stewart, A. Whalen, E. Holland, O. James, G. Price ll. Asmus, LI. Alexander, 1i.Srromberg, j. Diggles, QI. Cinak, Dooley, D. Kuyper, J. Carson, S. Hrabinske, Ii. Kardcs, M. Phillips, H. Hinton, M. Briggs, J. Parola j. Puzell, IS. Dickinson, li. Swanson, R. Nelson, M. Kubicka, C. Tnrbell, ll. Bonke, R. Wfeber, H. Koxvik, XV. Marek, Mr. Kehoe W. Erickson, E. Limanawski, C. Drinkwaard, C. Elzinga, j. Bunna, A. Ohlson, A. Benschop, A. Herman, A. Adams, L. Henley, W. Haag, C. Tayan, F. Radcliffe C. Casehclto, C. Podleish, j. Fcbic, L. Murphy, j. Mastakeour, C. Zicmbn, O. Olson, I. Knapp, J. Rumbold, F. Covelli, A. Newton, G. George P. White, M. Cnrollo, XV. Hales, J. Swanton, A. McMnsre, M. Vanderlee, M. Zeller, C. Vieth, G. Warning, j. Zumuskas, N. Robinson ' W. Evans, J. Spyksema, H. I.enhnrdt, ll. Rapp, E. Gross, Mr. Kehoe, M.. Stephan, M. Housman, W. Kiselewski, Advisor: Mr. Kehoe F. Lund Chief-of Police: E. Gross Nirzcty-fire QUILL AND SCROLL HONOR SOCIETY E. Leith, D. Sutcliffe M. Varyu, B. Kuziel, L. Malnassy, I. Shimkus, J. I-Iammer, A. Nelson A Sponsor: Miss Mildred Taylor, Pres., I.. Malnassyg V.-Pres., B. Kuzielg Sec'y, I. Shimkusg Trcas., N.Kabab12ln Quill and Scroll, the international honorary so- ciety for high school journalists, numbers over nine hundred fifty chapters located in each of the forty-eight states, in Hawaii, China, England, British Honduras, and Alaska. More than twelve thousand young journalists wear the badge of the society, signifying that their school publication work is of outstanding quality. For the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achieve- ment in journalism, the society was organized in 1926 by a group of supervisors. The society has always taken an active part in raising Standards and in directing the course of high school jour- nalism. The Quill and Scroll is not connected with any school or university. Its president is a supervisor nominated by the executive board and elected by a vote of the whole society. Because chapters are so widely scattered there are no na- tional conventions held. Each year a book is pub- lished by the Quill and Scroll, called "Best Cre- ative Works in American High Schools," con- taining the best material submitted in the contests sponsored by this society. The oflicial magazine of the society, which the members receive for one year, contains practical information on all phases of newspaper and magazine work. In installing the charter members of the Fenger Chapter, a tea in their honor was held on January 25, 1934. Those who received pins to signify their membership were: George Berger, Gladys Borger, Juanita Hammer, Nubar Kababian, Ber- nice Kuziel, Edwin Leith, Louis Malnassy, Amy Nielson, Isabel Shimkus, Donald Sutcliffe, and Margaret Varyu. At this installation Mr. Fred- erick Schacht, principal, and Mr. George Dasher, assistant principal, read the comments which the national judge passed on the work of these people. The qualifications for membership of the Quill and Scroll are: two hundred inches of news stories, service on the News for at least two semesters, a standing in the upper third of the class, and sub- mission of three different types of Writeups. Be- cause her certificate had not arrived in time for N inefy-six the installation, Ethel Holmberg was not men- tioned at the time. At the beginning of the new semester an important meeting was held during which the following oflicers were elected: Louis Malnassy, prsidentg Bernice Kuziel, vice-presidentg Isabel Shimkus, secretary, and Nubar Kababian, treasurer. Then, true to the purpose of the so- ciety, they began activity in the literary Helds. A contest throughout the school brought such great response that hundreds of manuscripts were en- tered. There were seven divisions: essays, poems, and short stories in both Junior and Senior divi- sions and one group of book reports. Twenty- four members of the faculty in the English de- partment, Who were invited to act as judges, found that they had quite a time in choosing the best of those they rated. At an achievement as- sembly held on April 20, the winners and several honorable mentions were awarded prizes which were donated by the Courier, News, and members of the Quill and Scroll. Thus, the charter mem- bers feel that they have successfully started the work which they .hope will continue through the years to come. Newly elected members of the Fenger Chapter will be installed some time during the last month of the semester and the commit- tees will probably use the method of inviting guests as had been used for the last installation. By the former system the English teachers receive two tickets which they gave to their most promis- ing students. Parents of the Quill and Scroll members, the ofiicers of the various clubs, and those who have been of some service to the school were also invited. Those who become eligible for membership hold an active part in the society only until the end of the school year during which they were admitted to the Quill and Scroll, even though they might graduate soon after their initiation to the honor society. Members are indeed proud of belonging to the Quill and Scroll honorary society, and others are striving with all their might that they, too, might be among those who attain these heights in the coming semesters. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Williana Helen Nubar Isabel Piskach Sliva Knbnbian Shimkus President Secretary Vice-President Treasurer 'NNI Y NUNUN SULIET 7 5- 4A's Cnrmella Adduci Elsie Angel Libera Bulf Yole Ciamani Marion Cook A Josephine Dombrowski Harry Flora Jessie Galloway Harry Hoogstraal Nubnr Kubabian 4B's , Benice' Kudobn Ernest Lambrecht Louis Malnassy Amy Nelson Myrtle Piehler William Piskach Stella Pocius Isabel Shimkus Florence Skolcl Helen Sliva Norma Thorsen Mary Walnlsley Maurice Seplow Ralph Tullgren Sincerely do wc regret that we cannot acknowledge the new members in this volume, as their election had not taken place before the printing of this volume. Their names will be included in the coming Courier. N inety-:wen JOURNALISM CLASS AND NEWS AGENTS JOURNALISM B. Jensen, M. Vink, E. Bonke, A. VanKooten, E. Farr, E. Miazga, E. DeAdams, A. Morris, D. Guyatt, I. Scapino, H. Feleki, M. Niewald, H. Hayduk, G. Jones C. Mocliberg, V. Clark, R. Bergstrom, R. Tcninga, B. Jankus, S. McLean, C. Bach, H. Virt, O. Hine, Sponsor: Miss Mildred Taylor R. Shaffer, W. Myer ' THE FENGER NEWS It's interesting, it's peppyg it's full of fun. On March 29, a branch supplement was publislf What? Wliy, the Fenger News. On Thursday On April 20, an achievement assembly featur morning you may have wondered what the at- those who have appeared in the "News He traction was on the second floor near the southern lines" was staged. Also as usual, a special gr stairway. In answer to your inquiries, you te- uatc issue was published. All these things ceive the unanimous answer, "The News." Duc quired extra work and extra time on the part to changes in division periods, the paper is now the News Staff in an effort to make the Fen being distributed by -news agents during the sec- News as interesting as possible to its readers. ond hour of every Thursday. On the first page rotary staff managed the paper this semester, e the latest news items reign supreme. The second editor serving for four issues. The editors weri page is devoted to the "Just Among Us Column," Shimkus, A. Nelson and N. Kababian. snappy interviews about "foremost Fengeritesn The Journalism class contains thirty-two bi- and that sure cure for the blues, "The Pill Box." ding journalists who learn the principles The leading items to most students on the third journalism. If they attain the average of eigh page are the "Puzzle" and "What is Done." The five, they are permitted to join the News St fourth page contains spicy news concerning sports This semester the beginning journalists have of all sorts. 'Iihis semester a larger News Staff ganized a handbook for the benefit of cub has enabled the paper 16 accomplish new things. porters. L. Madderom, C. Ziemba, L. Fitzgibbons, G. Linde, V. Zahn, B. Rapp, B. Pluister, C. Potoeki, G. Buttin, I. Kantrim, L. Dubrieay, D. Strom, F. Botte E. Gedgoud, J. Todd, B. Proszinski, M. Petrossi, B. Vanselow, M. Truitt, C. Adducci, M. Eichmann, L. Gactano, R. Helge E. Page, E. Frul, M. Fraser, D. Veenstra, I. Piech, L. Greniewicki, M. Tidlund, S. Oguskiwicz, K. Gaetano, H. Andrich, S. Young, D. Tottenscn V. Thevick, F. Velo, D. Coole, V. Marwick, H. Flora, R. Tullgren, J. Mego, H. Von I-Iorn, R. Teninga Sponsor: Miss Mildred Taylor r . f- W V F . , a- ,. . ,i i ' .. .. L .i .4, 1. 'al H N incly-eigh! son alwnlximm llllkllS Tuck , Humor I gr. elrl , City .m'rcsb. nnley Irlilar Botti fdilur knmn Zdilor .insk y Edit or ooke yr. frank ur. allquist TFT. elwr ichnmnn rrr. .cpcr flanrl Sports iffrnan l1.v.r't. latlhewson 'VVLIHI 'rm'n Srcby F caru rcs Znwmlski mf inc rrnon Jflllfll :ss Br. C-l1'TH1 zu skas Bus. 1. 'lt FENGER NEWS STAFF Ruth Teniuga News, F acnll y Ed Lillian Piconi Burrzside, Br. CllITHl'1l Ethel Anderson Publicl! y Bernice Norkus Faculty Ed. Florence Derby Burl1.r1'de Br. Ch'rm'n Martha Sarkisian Publicity Ed. Louise Wintercorn F eatu rcs, N ew.: Lorraine Jacobsen I'ypi.rt Dorothy Gadbois Typist Eleanor McKay Typist Doris Veenst ra Sports Earl Wendt Sports, Humor Caroline XVall P u bl ici! y Orville-Clapper Sports Helen Gonska B us.. A .rs't Page Ed. Aldon:-1 Radzius Publicity Helen Opyt Iuterviezv Ed. Mildred Taylor Faculty Admlver Flo Vander Meulen Lit. Ed. Lucille Backus C11 rtis Br. Cll,1'l1l,7'L Harriet Van Buskirk Lit. Ed. Bernard Drolen Fratufrbs, Cross- word Puzzle Ed. Dorothy Ingehretsen C 11 rl is Br. Clllfillfll N inety-nine MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus of Fenger High School is one of the largest musical organizations in the school. This Chorus is composed mostly of the senior members of both the Boys' and the Girls' Glee Clubs. A few younger members have been taken in but only because of their marked singing ability. The mixed chorus as a group has studied selections from the famous operas and has been able to present them to the public. The Chorus sang for the West Pullman Women's Club at West Pullman and has contributed to a good share of our assemblies, the most important of which were the Clean Up Assembly that closed the school's clean up campaign, and the Courier Assembly for which they sang several selections. Girls who have taken solo parts are jean Kunbeaugh, Betty Rapp, and Vivian Cooke. They have been members since their freshman year. Among the boys Corneliu Elzinga, Edward Nelson, Herbert Seligman, an Henry Moore, have shown outstanding abilit Most of the above mentioned people took princip parts in the musical comedy, Ask tht' Profcfss The president of the organization, Jean Rum baugh, says that she believes the chorus has don more than any other school organization to pro mote interest in good music and at the same tim teach the necessary requirements for good grou singing. Miss Lusson, who is the sponsor of th group, wishes to thank the officers for thei splendid cooperation and at the same time wishe to thank Marion Lawley, Corinne Frank, an Nellie Wilson, the three faithful accompanist who gave up so much of their leisure time to th chorus. MIXED CHORUS D. Lemieux, E. Nelson, L. Trozpck, V. Fanizzo, R. james, M. janota, H. Moore, E. VanProyun, , H. Seligman, G. Nystrom V. Cooke, D. Rosekrnns, A. Ludwig, Y. Cianaini, R. Hoekstra, Victh, B. Butkus, C. Elzinga, A. Nelson, . - ' Z ' E L. Eenigenburg, C. Frank J. Rumbold,'R. Taylor, D. Larsen, C. Burg, A. Benschop, ul. Rumbaugh, L. Seyffert, C. Bodnar, A. Sward Adducci, T. Bass, D. Torcensen, E. Watson, F. Rypkema, H. Downey, O. Olson, D. Griffith, A. Chutro, S. Pocius, M. Stephens, B. Rapp, N. Thorsen, A. Palango, B. Lukieh, V. Martino, E. Kuyper, J. Nezelskis, L. Deacon, N. Anastopulos, A. Mutnansky, A. Kavalunas Advisor: Miss M. Lusson Pres., j. Rumbaughg Sec., B. Rapp, Trans., E. Nelson, Vice-Pres., R. Marwick Om' Hll1ldf6d .ffl if , .M GLEE CLUBS my .,3 ,3. :fax-1 '11 I- ' - 1 'X' T . ,n Y ""' BOYS' GLEE CLUB J. M'ahtesian, R. Harlow, J. Gibson, R. Nelson, P. Broehl, R. DuBois, L. Jachera, M. Vanderbilt, A. Krapil, E. Murtaugh, R. Tuck, R. Apolskis R. Jarccki, E. Kuyper, M. Atkus, J. Mego, J. Wiersema, N. Wilson, D. Hellzmd, M. Stephan, E. Bass, R. Johnson Sponsor: Miss Lusson Pres., J. Wiersemag Vice-Pres., R. Du Bois, Sec.-Treas., J. Mego GIRLS' GLEE CLUB P. Talbot, D. Harlow, V. Fanizo, M. Ericltson, H. Ginto, A. Lawnicki, B. Orlowskis, E. De Young, F. Prince M. Breese, A. Whalen, E. Faykuce Ii. Ollioyle, M. Lawlcy, L. Jacobson, J. Opland, L. Pound, P. Wyngarden, A. Lind, C. Wall, G. Leary. G. Razelt, L. Mndderom, A. Hoffmeyer, B. Topic, G. Bonnema, S. McLean, M. Tornquist, E. Bodnar, R. Smith G. Christenson, L. Dubberka, G. Jellema, R. Boyle, D. Bojnarowski, J. Harvey, L. Kueker, M. Esser, M. Less, R. Bigler, C. Karol, M. Stant, H. Korenek, F. Smith L. Anderson, K. Waldner, C. Ziemba, J. La Chance, J. Sloan, L. Fitzgibbons, E. Dahlstrom, N. Anderson, C. McNamara, A. Gessford, A. Bishop, S. Hawkins S. Urban, P. Mandros, M. Sonsini, O. Robbins, N. Stcgina, B. Sctt, U. Falk, E. Stromberg, G. Buttin Sponsor: Miss M. Lusson Pres., M. Lawleyg V.-Pres., M. Esscrg Treas.-Sec'y, Harvey GIRLS' GLEE CLUB. The Girls' Glee Club, one of our IUOSIZ wide awake and alive group, does much to promote in- terest in music. Under the supervision of Miss Lusson, the club delves into all the mysteries of harmony and arrangement. The members have been greatly benefitted by the opportunity such an organization presented to them and many have become fine singers. The Girls' Glee Club have sung the wide range of classical and semi-popular music of the most modern composers. The mem- bers are thoroughly trained for solo work in school performances. Om' H und rvrl One THE MUSICAL COMEDY W. . 1 ,, ith a musical comedy called Axle fbc I rofexsor the three combined Glee Clubs surpassed their success of the fall semester, Nifty Shoppe. This comedy was presented in the Thomas C. Hill Auditorium May 29. The play was considered by the audience to be the best performance that had been produced at Fenger for some time. The play was built around the experiences of one character, Maryida, during her life at a girls' boarding school. Maryida, the principal feminine role, was well enacted by Jean Rumbaugh, who had been a member of the Glee Club for the entire four years. Other principal parts were those of Professor Breakeasy, Cornelius Elzinga, John, Herbert Selig- mang June, Betty Rapp, Polly, Vivian Cooke, Red, Joe Megog Tommy, Eddie Nelsong and three co-eds: Norma Thorsen, Florence Rypkema, and Yole Cianainig and Mrs. O'Neal, Amy Nelson. The dancers were chosen from the chorus for their ability. The principal dancers were Dorothy Cunningham, June Krueger, Jean Thompson, Anna Ohlsen, Marjorie Esser, Eileen O'Boyle, Lois Murphy, Mildred Breene, Amelia Lawniski, Gene- vieve Razek, Jean Woodward, and Jeanette Felecki. The audience considered the dancing ex- ceptionally well done even though all the pe formers were amateurs. Much of the success o the comedy was due to the excellent accompani ment of the orchestra and the pianists. The or ehestra was selected from the regular concer orchestra and was under the direction of Mr. Ne Trimble. The orchestra played the overture to th comedy and accompanied the chorus during nearl all of its numbers. Special Commendation is due the accompanis who have done more than their share in makin the opera a success. They practiced long an hard, both by themselves and with the chorus an the soloists. They also have been faitihful ac companists for all Glee Club performances durin- the past two years. These hard working accomp anists were Marion Lawley, Corrine Frank an- Nellie Wilson. Special mention should also b given to Florence Rypkema who has managed th ticket sales for all Glee Club performances during the past two years. But one thing moreg withou the leadership of Miss Mary G. Lusson, who h complete charge of all the Glee Clubs. The Boyasl Glee Club, The Girls' Glee Club, and the Mixer Chorus, such a splendid performance could no have been possible. One Hundred Two ASK THE PROFESSCR F .J - r ORCHESTRA he concert orchestra under the direction of . Neil Trimble has made more progress this ester than during any other, due to the com- ed efforts and cooperation of the director and mbers. The orchestra really performs a serv- to the school, playing for assemblies and other herings. Two string quartets which have de- veloped from the orchestra have also played in public. The big event of the semester, however, was the Orchestra Assembly given in May, which was witnessed by the entire student body. The proceeds bought new instruments for the orchestra. THE CONCERT BAND n spite of the many difhculties which have fronted it, the Band has again proved itself rthy of the notice of the school. The enroll- nt of the band has been decreased from sixty- e to about fifty, but what it lacked in quantity has made up for in quality. The band has been engaged this semester in playing the compositions of the best-known composers. The Band certainly has profited by the splendid instructions of Cap- tain Williana Burnham, who again was the director. ORCHESTRA J. Tocik, XV. Chiarn, S. Slilagy, Ii. Pixar, H. Tuech, L. Todd, P. Tanis, C. Hochberg, E. De Witt, - W. Ostapko, H. Vitt, DeKoker li. Sternherg, C. Julian, N. Wilsmrii, G. Pocius, D. Rosecranz, M. Chevalier, W. Frank, B. Chipas, R. Bakkers, A. Piekard, M. Fraser, D. Mullaucr, G. Ccragali, J. Gaudio D. Railla, A. Matalis, W. Hales, W. I-lriszko, Mr. N. Trimble, M. Stephan, H. Flora, P. Broehl, R. Wolfranski, R. Sxako G. Ceragioli, Concert Master CONCERT BAND B. Bell, H. Gross, H. Tuech, L. Todd, J. Madola, R. Main, R. Doerr, P. Tanis, R. Avery, C. Hochberg, i W. Hales, J. DeKoker 1' A. Damick, B. Vanderbilt, R. Tharp, H. Sliva, M,Chevalier, J. Linkus, R.Nylen, R. Baltkers, A. Pickard, D. Mcfarlane, E. Wiefald, D. Mullnner, Ohmans, J. Gaudio J. Cinalt, li. lJeWitL, W. C3SlIlPk0, W. Hriszko, Mr. Burnham, Kuyper, M. Stephan, H. Flora, P. Broehl, ' B. Lurie Sponsor: Mr. XV. Burnham V f i., W4, One Hundred Three R. 0. T. C. i . . .f f f Y -1 - f . mv . -..H..f.,-, . e ' . ,- . , ,A , aa. ..A,.,.i.,.. .. ,- , A, 4 , ., , , ,. A ,,,, 4-aa:r.ir. R. O. T. C. COMPANY B R. Reitz, P. Klaris, K. Gradle, F. Lund E. Swanson, P. Pluskiss, G. Drum, A. Pype, H. Johnson, J. Horseley, J. Berkhardt, W. Turnbull, C. Dahl, E.Pcterson, J. Hir M. Chase, M. Shields, R. Goris, N. Gabcl, J. Slager, H. Andrews, H. Goding, E. Rohrackcr, J. Smaidris, J. Tomasck, P. Horslcy, E. Ergo I. Walters, R. Racrinski, W. McClurg, J. Rutkowski, R. Morrison, J. Birch, R. Hoose, F. Selden F. Wolowicz, C. Julian, D. Robertson, V. Bock, F. Arko, S. Engala E. Higgins, J.Brocker, S. Baranowsky, C. Higgins, E. Ton, T. Stephens, K. Lcbda, E. Bohmeier, C. Hoehberg, W. Falkner, A. Anderson, T. Nevens, G. Fourmer, A. Lubert, A. Rohrackcr, J. Todd, L. Bushman, E. Liskoski D. Aldrich, V. Clark, Mr. Schacht, Sgt. Christoffersen, R. Avery, E. Litak N. C. O. CLUB Organized as a social and educational club for graduation leaves many vacancies, the non-co R.O.T.C. lower or subordinate officers, the N. missioned officers are constantly studying a C.O. Club has been an increasingly important preparing for promotion. Each Thursday aft! part of Fenger's military unit during the past school a meeting is held during which questio semester. The non-commissioned officers assist and answers concerning drill are brought up a. in drill and are always ready, temporarily, to take discussed. The club, under the guiding hand a the place of an oflicer who may be absent. Since Sergeant Christofferson, has done worthy worf NON COM. OFFICERS P. Sandusky, E. Henley, J. Lisack, W. Wegg, E. Higgins, G. Neidhardt, K. Gradlc, P. Klaris H. Johnson, C. Hochberg, W. Amcling, J. Aldridge, S. Klein, E. Kjos W. Bruining, R. Bergstrom, E. Dahl, G. Van Drent, R. Kartzke, F. Lund, E. Liminowski, W. Lewis, H. Vanderbilt as a 1 1 1. R P ...- f A C l r. ,Lia Our Humfrnl Four - R. 0. T. C. - ' ' ' ' " A v . O . L - ' ,.,:Q:z:'aS L . . ,A , ,wt - . 7, ,..zx,.-.zj R. O. T. C. COMPANY A J. Aldridge, R. Reitz, P. Klaris, K. Gradle, F. Lund A. Palmo, M. Winters, P. jones, E. Norden, S. Klein, E. Dahl, P. Sandusky, J. Jariecek W. Amcling, D. Miller, H. Gamble, E. Henley. G. Horomberg, W. Walbert, L. Lindsay, H. VonHorn, R. Bradley, R. Barsotti, W. Ivens, W. Bruining, H. Gabel, G. Tierney, E. Limanowski, K. Wood, H. Vanderbilt, W. Lewis XV Harrison, R. Pritchett, W. Wegg, G. Bondurant, L. Malnassy, F. Mikels, T. Robinson, R. Vanderbye, J. Lisack, W. Kobicrski, W. johnson, H. Frantz, R. Bergstrom, J. Nyberg, G. Neidhardt, J. Miller, E. Kjos, G. Van Drent W. Wilke, V. Fanizzo, H. Johnson, T. Wfalker, Mr. Schacht, N. Kakabian, Sgt. Christoffersen, R. Kartzke, L. Malnassy THE OFFICER'S CLUB "Our purpose is to better the School's R.O.T.C. Unit and to create better working conditions for the officers -and cadets," said Battalion Com- mander, Capt. Nubar Kababian, when asked the purpose of the R.O.T.C. Oihcers' Club. The members have been given extra instruction during the meetings which has been of great value to them in meeting the problems Which, occur in drill. Also, by means of a social which the club sponsored, they were able to buy some office equip- ment which was greatly needed. The club owes one of its most successful semesters to the help of Sgt. Christoiferson. OFFICERS CLUB li. Litak, R. Avery, P. Broehl, M. Stephan, H. Flora, V. Fanizzo I.. Malnassy, D. Aldrich, V. Clark, N. Kababian, T. Walker, R. Kartzke, H. Johnson 1 v Om' Hlmrlrcd Fi ve R. 0. T. C. BAND AND RIFLE TEAM R. O. T. C. BAND J. Korte, E. De Witt, L. Todd, E. Murtaugh, J. Tucch, li. Kuypcr R. Wolfranski, E. Tuech, R. Stewart, I. Kaufman, R. Main, B. Lurie P. Broehl, R. Avery, W. Hriszko, R. Wliite, H. Wagiier, C. julian, M. Schmidt, W. Ostapko, R. Nylcn, M. Stephan, H. Flora Lt. H. Flora, Band Captg Lt. P. Bruchl, Drum Maiorg Lt M. Stephan, Lt R. Avery Although the R. O. T. C. Band is undoubtedly smallest in the history of the R. O. T. C., it is the best band Fenger has presented for an inspection for many years. The cadets have co-operated fully with the officers to make the unit the best dressed and behaved band Fenger has ever possessed. At the Federal inspection held April 24, the band was highly commended by the inspecting ofhcer as to the Hne condition of both the instruments and the members. This is due to the splendid efforts of the officers. RIFLE TEAM P. Klaris, E. Litak, N. Knbabian, C. Hochberg V. Clark, D. Aldrich, T. Walker, D. Aldrich, Captain LI'...' ' A , 2 lg: 1 . A .' One Humirrzl Six Due to the fact that some of the identifications under the pictures were too long, the following ar- ticles had to be put on this page: STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization which ids the school in all 'its activities. It is composed f one representative from each room, the mayor, nd his cabinet. When a meeting is called, all he representatives assemble in :1 group and discuss ertain problems pertaining to the school. After ttending a Student Council meeting, the room epresentatives give to their respective rooms an ral report of all matters discussed. This semester he main subject discussed was the lunchroom roblem, the order, and its appearance after lunch ours. HALL GUARDS Your Hall Guards, here they are-one hundred nd ninety-eight of them have cheerfully given heir time for your school. They have, this se- ester, bettered the system considerably under the upervision of the head man, Edwyne "Red" ross. Edwyne Gross has shown commendable bility in the supervision of this work. With him re fine lieutenants-seven boys and two girls. hese lieutenants are: first hour, Conrad Tim- anng second hour, Michael Bogosiang third hour, uddy Lukichg fourth hour, Walter Phillipsg fifth our, Ernest Lambrechtg sixth hour, Betty Rapp, eventh hour, Henry Lehnhartg eighth hour, Le- Jna Tatorg ninth hour, Charles Tarbell. RIFLE TEAM The rifle team is the smallest organization in he R.O.T.C., but it surely is one of the best. hese cadets certainly are there when it comes to hooting. They are the pick of the rifle shots in he Unit. The rifle team captain, Don Aldrich, as been holder of both Illinois a-nd National hampionship titles while the other members, mong them Captain Kababian, Lieutenant Litak, ieutenant Walker, and Sergeant I-Iochberg have ither won or are shooting for the Sharp Shooter's edal of the National Rifle Association. The ifle team through the fine team work of the embers was able to make a good score at the earst Trophy Match, the only match of im- ortance in which they participated. COMPANY B This semester Company B has added a platoon, which means that the size of the unit has in- creased by about thirty cadets. The members of this company are a snappy group of new cadets, who have passed the requirements for member- ship in the R.O.T.iC. I-n order to meet the mem- bership requirements thelcadets must be above the ordinary in physical and mental ability. The training which they receive in R.O.T.C. greatly helps ehem in achieving the qualities of character, self-reliance, and leadership which are so essential to success. During their four years of training they will be promoted as their military knowledge increases. 7 ' ' COMPANY A The advanced company of the Fenger Unit of the Reserve Officers Training Corp is composed of cadets from last semester's Company B and those of Company A who did not receive promotions. Being the advanced company, they drill with rifles, and have been hard at practice for the Annual Federal inspection which was held April 24, 1934, on the field behind the school. Captain Nubar Kababian, the Battalion Commander, and Lieuten- ant Walter Phillips, the Battalion Adjutant, have the honor of being the first commanding ofiicers to carry sabres. BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club is the group which pro- duced the melodious harmony you hear during the fifth hour around Room 206. This group of jmy, carefree fellows really can sing when they are of a mind to because they have some of the School,s best musicians among their number: John Wiers- ma, Joe Mego, and Ralston Du Bois. From the assemblage several splendid soloists have been chosen, among whom are Eddie Nelson, Cornelius Elzinga, 'and Henry Moore. The Boys' Glee, Club has a male quartet and a double quartet or octet which aids in the foundation of all part singing. Truly an accomplished body they are. One H und red Seven POETIC CONTRIBUTIONS MARGIE Oh, her eyes, how they sparkle with laughter and fun. They twinkle with mischief that,s not left undone. Deep pools of darkness- they match her brown hair, Her skin is like velvet, so smooth and so fair. - Now this dear young lady, I though it's only in fun, Will tease you and tease you 'till you,re ready to run. .She's tall and quite stately, and it's strange to behold, When she really is frightened, she tries to be bold. To sleep, I'll assure you, h is her greatest delight And with her dear brother, she does like to fight. Her ambitions are lovely- a nurse she would be. While sometime, oh-, sometime she'll cross the deep sea. Her cheeks are quite rosy- from out of a box- And her hair is quite curly, though not natural locks. - She's always doing .homework ,but 'tis never complete For this dear sweet young lady , in study likes to sleep. ' I Miss Margie's a darling, though it's a great test To tell when and why Our Marge's at her best. LORRAINE STEPHAN,3A. ' ' ' ARIZONA The mesquite trees grow high, Andlthe ground, is gray and dry, But I love the very sand Of Arizona! Thoug.h the hungry coyotes call . From beyond the cactus tall, Still I love my childhood home In .Arizonal I V . OLIVE ROBBINS, 3A. A DREAM Night is its gliding companion, Into the future and past. Dawn breaks its sweet essence, For a dream cannot forever last. Its beautiful joys while present, Cause the dreamer to leave His cares and sorrows in oblivion, And dwell in make-believe. At the first glow of morning sun-light, The dreamer awakes wit.h a start, And finds his joy has departed: That, which had gladdcned his heart. IKITA KUMMEIK, 3A. THE SHIP OF LIFE Breakers crash upon the rocky shore And wailing winds mingle with the roar, Rain, seemingly condemning every ship, ocean' Lash the ocean as would a mighty whip. The mist, pierced by a glimmering light, Tho not clearly, brings into sight A ship, the tiny lights bravely winking While its crew work to keep it from sinking. There ass many hours of worr , work an d fighj P Y Then, wonder of wonders, the ocean becom quiet, Work and worry are lessened, fears become few, h When, lo, and behold, the sun shines t So it is when sailing on the ship of life, rough With its joys, fears, tears, its work and strife Dark days are storms which make us so fearful 'Til the sun shines to prove life may be cheerful The ship of life may pass through stormy seas, Oceans may roar as loudly as they please, For if we fight hard enough and always keej thinking, We're sure to keep our ship from sinkin g. BEATRICE JANKUS, 3A. AFTER READING CI-IAUCER A chubby child with brown flying locks, Wearing short garments with shorter socks, A good humored twinkle in dark blue eyes, Unlimited energy for her size, Alert and ready for what may come, She captivates people . . . frightens some. Jolly and joyous, though funny and fat, But very sedate in her Sunday hat. One H und ral Eight ETHEL ANDERSON, 3A Om' PIIIIIJVEAI Nine 7- -7 ..: 3 :Y11--11.--.--.-1..1,.1n.-nn- H umlrerl Tm: .1-11,,1, ITIOSGI' 'S' The Business College with the Univer- sity Afmosphere-Famous for the High Type of Employees it Develops ONLY FOUR YEAR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ENROLLED Bulletin Free on Request NO SOLICITORS EMPLOYED 116 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Randolph 4347 in.1.u1..g1..inn1:,..n..-.,in..,n-.nn...n.1ll.-I.- ,1.,i.,1...-.............-lp.. OUR EXPERIENCE IN PICTURE TAKING The week of picture taking may have been a happy week for some people but for us, men of leisure, it was not so. As wc like to sit down to our work, this business of running around and helping line up the students for their pictures did not appeal to us. In spare minutes we did try to sit down, but woe unto us, Miss Robinson, who loves not to see anyone sit and do nothing, would send one or the other of us out looking for some one at the other end of the building. On Thursday while we, gentlemen, scholars, and good judges of soda water, were in one of our important siestas along came Mr. Banks and Boss Slingerland to tell us that we had been assigned to help take a picture of the Fenger Marine Band. We went outside and waited for ten minutes, but no band showed up. Our hearts sank into our shoes. The strain of waiting was beginning to tell on the face of Boss Slingerland and all through his mind went these, "I wonder where they are?" "Why aren't they here?" "What should I do now?" But we heroes relieved the worries of the Boss by finding the Band and bringing them out where they were wanted Qto have their picture taken onlyj. The blessed moment had come, we had them lined up. Mr. Banks, his patience almost gone, was finally ready to "shoot" the picture when a gruff com- mand split the air, "Stewart, you've got your trumpet under the wrong arm." Everyone looked around and there was Sergeant Christoffersen standing behind us. Stewart, his face as red as a beet, realized his mistake and placed his instru- ment where it belonged. Meanwhile Mr. Banks, the members of the Courier Staff that were pres- ent, and the entire band roared with laughter until Sergeant called for order. Mr. Banks tried to "shoot" the picture again, and to his surprise he succeeded. We got a few "shots" of the band and hoped the firing squad which came out later, would take a few more shots at them. Now that's enough said by us, and even if they don't thoroughly know army regulations and positions, w.hen it comes to playing, you have to admit our band ran play. ERNEST I-IALZE, 4A. LUDXVIG TIKOZPEK, 4A. AS WE SEE SOME SENIORS fSee page for explanation of t'oa'e.j EcToGNNc-cEEwEEK-EQNTGU- FGN-TKQ MARIE-ADDUCCI-CLAUDETTE COL- BERT LCPG-CJGTP-LCPGV-IGAPQT ELSIE ANGEL-DELORES DEL RIO QNKXGT-CNFTKFIG-YKNN5-KOCGU PATRICIA-ANTONOPOLOS-LILA LEE EJCTNGU-CPEVKN-UMKGVU- ICNCIJGT ALBERT-BAJARUNAS-VELEZ GFYCTF-CPFTKEJ-ECURGT CARMEN-BASILE-HALF-PINT- JACKSON JGNGP-CPETKEJ-VQQTU DENISE-BEAUCI-IAMiP--GINGER- ROGERS YGPFGN-CPIUVTQO-LCEM-QCMKG MAR1E-BEYEL-EVALYNERENT CARMEN-ARVIA-JUNGLE-JIM TWVJ-DCMMGTU-MGA-HTCPEKU DIANA-BARICH-JUNO LQJP-DcTKUcU-RcvT1cEM- JGPTA BETTY-BOCK-IRENE-DUNNE IGTVTWFG-DCTMQYUMK-LWUV- IGTVTWFG ANN-BOHMIER-FAY-WRAY VJGNOC-BCUU-LQCP-DNQPEGNN IDA-BASS-MAR1E-DREssLER ANNE-BENSCHOP-BETTY ROBIN- soN ENCTGPEG-DKIGNQY-CDTCJCO- NKPEQNP LORRA1NE-BoLDUc-MAY-cLARKE oKEJcGN-DQ1QUKcP-vKo- VANGT THELMA-BOYENS-LITTLE-AUDREY RGVGT-DTQGHN-UQWUC IRENE-BUCHINSKI-LILLIAN- HARVEY xKXKcP-DwKMGoc-DWDDNGU MARTINA-BUCKLEY-KITTY HIG- GINS YKNNKCO-DWTMJCTFV-UVCP- NCWTGN HATTIE-BUDGINAS-RUBINOFF cNKEG-DwTQUMA-VENUs- MIGNONETTE-JOHNSON-MICHAEL- ANGELO FQPCNF-ECTNUQP-HQZZ VIVIAN-JOHNSON-ALICE-WHITE GFYFTE-ECTNUQP-DQQD-oEPWVV MARY-ANN-JULIANO-DOLLY DIM- PLES fContinued on Page 113j One Hundred Eleven ww '-Q,-f 1. Hold oneg 2. Friendsg 3. All ready girlg 5. Fancy costumcg 6. Nice doggy 8. Edd. Cantor Caround the eyesjg 9. Is 10. Six little maidsg 11. One maidg 12 boxerg 13. Pearly teethg 14. Amigosg 15. Om' Hmlzlred T'1w'1z'c' C' g 4. Nice 5 7. Petcg that so?g . Squeeze- Fearherg l 1 16. Cute, el1?g 17. Marcellcg 18. Sheikg 19. Fran- cesg 20. Whcrc's char smilc?g 21. Long, long agog 22. Athleticg 23. Jnnkumg 24. Frances againg 25. Gunnerg 26. Buikema sisters. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.10.-i..1..1 1 .-M.-...1..1..1,.1,.1,.1,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1.11m USEOH!0H! , For All Kinds of Cleaning I -r ! I I I Al Vandlerwarf SL Bro. T- 242 E. IISTPI STREET S15 W. 111TH STREET ' , PAINTS AND HARDWARE AND I WALL PAPER PAINTS I PULL. 0873 COM. 1482 I I. - - - -.--i--.-..-..-..--.-u.-.--.---- ---- - --- ------- ---1.-.---.----..-.--..-a.-..qi - - - - ---.-..---- -..--.-.'-'-- --.1-----1.2, T------ 1 -.,-..-..-..----un-in--H-M----Q-----ng, . ! U l We Call and Deliver Phone Pullman 2829 I Solve Your Cleaning Problem I ! I By Giving Aring A-Ring E Il: I Phone Pullman 9389 5 Florist li : I LANDSCAPE GARDENER : ARING CLEANERS 1 1 h S 5 TMLORShDYERS 459 West 119: r. l 453 W. 118th St. Chicago, Ill. ! CHICAGO, ILL. I I ! I -..-........-...-..-..-..-..-..-..-n.-..-..-..-..f. 4-,-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-1.-......- -......-,....p 'AMOUS SAYINGS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE Adam-It's 21 great life if you don't weaken. -6. RaHin.j Helen of Troy-So this is Paris. ffeanne Wes- ius.j Noah-Hurrah! It floats. QChet Slingerlancl.J Sir Walter Raleigh-Step on it kid. QWally Thompson.j ' ' Methusulah-The first hundred years are the hardest. fHenry Koopman.j r Columbus-I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way. QRuth Forest., A David-The bigger they came the harder they fall. fAlgert Nagelzhj -..-..-.....-..-..-..-,.....-..............-..-..........-..-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..- -- - - -.-..-..,!, ! THURE. W. JOHNSON Sz Co. R e a l t o r s PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INSURANCE 5 11306 MICHIGAN AVENUE i Phone Commodore 1000 I - - - - - -- - - - - - -..-..e....-..-..-..-..-..- - - - - - - - - - -.-,,..-,,1 - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------------- --------- - - - - -- - - - -..1..i, I. CHATH M 1 356 W. 111rh Sr. COAL AND COKE' COMPANY !' Phone Commodore 0014 5 Finest Quality 1 Dependable Service I COAL - COKE - WOOD - ICE - BUILDING MATERIAL 5 I .. ...-.,- - --..-..-..-..-......... -..........- .....................-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.........-..f. One H undred Tbirfeen 4......,,-..-........-........,-..-,..-,...- - - - - - - .. - - - .. - - - - .. ....-........,....... - -Q- l 1 ' Calls Atfcnded to in Phone l All Parts of the City Pullman 0184 I . I 1R. CB, Garrison 8 Son FUNERAL 'DIRECTORS sos-s W. 119th sneer l CHICAGO .i.'!"i'Lll1Il1ll1ll-I-an 111i11111 np1un1nu-un1nn -11-1---11 - 1 1 -- 1 afun-uni-n-nu-uuiniin-11a 1i-i1111 unvn? nf--nn-nu-nn-an-an-nu1nn1 :nn-un-nII1nn-Iunian-n.1 5 I . L Phone Pullman 0463 i I Harold H. Schmid, R.Ph. David A. Lofgren, R.'Ph. 2 SCHMIDT-LOFGREN f Ellen Colley PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY T : T RoselzInd's Only Exclusive T OPTOMETRIST : PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS : V t l il- Phones Pullman OIO7-0106 l 11056 Michigan Avenue l l 30 East 111th Street 5 1 Chicago CHICAGO, ILL. . l l 'ls....-..-......-...-..-I..-......-..-..-...-..-...-..-np -I.-..-..-....,.-..-..-..-..-..-..- - - - .. - MY CITY THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS In our city we can see Let us look into the looking glassg The skyscrapers and our lovely open seas, Now what do we see, Hear the sounds of horns on ears, But the Centuryof Progress, Hear the roar of street-cars, W11ich-we held in 1933? So come once more and look with me, ' just to enable the people to see In the looking glass through which we s The beauty' of my City. The beauty of my City. 13523-I A I MARY SZAKAS, 2A. +I'---u-an-II--ny-nI.--n-----u-u ------ In-I+ juI--n-.n-nn-un--m-IIII-1n-nu-n--nu-in-nn-in-A--un- I Phone Pullman 0444 Phone Pullman 8891 I A i l I Dr. Ernest Goldlwfn 1 I Dr. H. L. Horwitz l DENTISTQ PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON i Parkway Theatre Bldg. g . h, i 11055 S. Michigan Avenue 11119 SO' MIC lgan Ave' : . : 0 I CHICAGO I, 1 CHICAGO l l -i-.....-.....,.... ........ ..-......-..-.qs -iq-.. ........ .. - -..-..-..-..- ufou1un1uu-an-an-nu1 1 -nn1nn --1-11 u1I,!, ?u-nn- 1n--nu-u-uI--Im-u-uu- 1 - - 1 1 . l 1 l Telephone Pullman 0959 I Ofhce Phone Pullman 6700 l ' i 1 1 i l Q f Q Dr. Edward L. McDonald l Dr- L- Bull T l DENTIST l i l I DENTIST T I N. E. Cor. 111th and Michigan Ave. Q 10658 Michigan Ave. Chicago l CHICAGO 1 l l .-..-..-..-..-..-... .. -..-..-.....-..- ....-.43 4-.-.. .-... .....-......-..- ....-..-..... Om' H1llI!!Vt'd Fourfecn DQCZEQESS In SCHOQL I An FI UAL DESIGNING Ann EFIGRAVIFIG VYVV If . A I V, , Lv , K 1' It X iftjx I W X , , I, ,V ye 5 f ' MW t - Q 1 M H ,, ., ., , Honest effort to create and maintain a YQ t-2' v , standard of comparison unequelled In ll' 'Ir the art of photo-engraving ...... THE DATICDHAL EHGRAVIHG COITIPAHY CHICAGO-"ILLINOIS rllf Wg .il xMA0w up -11--.11-u ------- ---n1..--,- - ---1---,P 111n1.-11.,,,,.1. .1 1 1 1 1 1. .1 1 1 1.,11.,,1.,,...,,,,1,..,1 I l I Phone Pullman 0904 T Q l A NICK KUEHN'S AUTO RADIATOR 5 AND PAINT SHOP A Acetylene Welding I l I 131 East 11sfh street CHICAGO i I l au: 1 -un-un--un-n--un-an-nu-nn 1-1-1- wn-lu- -In 11-1---11- an-In-an-11-1.111..1.,f, o!u1n -1-1--1--11--- nn'-ug. 'Qu-1111 -- 1n1 n-un-un -iii up-n-. 1. 1,.1g,!, l 1 1 l L LAFAYETTE NASH 1 1 Magnetlc Battery and Electric 1 l Q l Service A l Q' Roseland Nash Sales, Inc. 1 l A 1 ! 5 1 GENERATOR REPAIRS A SPECIALTY I I 536-44 W. 119rh Street I STARTING-LIGHTING-IGNITION i l l A l : GMD g 2 64,9 , g l l l . 1' l L G. W. Fleischmann Phone 'Pullman 2700 l l 15 E35t 103l'd Sf- Pullman '1238 1 I l l " 'l +.1..1,,1un1n. ----1 -ln- lnllhul l--uu1nof 'fl-inn-m -11--1--11 V 1 1 1,...1,l.f, WAR What do we hear from the battlefields? The clicking and clashing of spears and shields. The rolling of drums, the removing of caps, A salute to the dead, the sounding of taps. j -. .I-. 41.-1- .... - - .-..-1.-.,-...-....-..-,,,-..,. ,.-.1-..-.,-..-.- - .-.,-1-1..-1.A....-1+g,14..-.,. 1 1 1 A l Bl'.I'Tl:R CLlfANlNG ! 1 I i Renew the beauty of your garrnems 'i f V ' Y. 3 Q T 'i Our cleaning methods will do ir! T f GRQCER1155-CQLD NIEATS1BAKERY GOODS i I Community Cleaners i 1 1 2110 W.-119th'Street in Q' T i 556 W. 119th Street Tel. Pullman 7718 A l , T l ClC3l1Cl'S'DQ'CfSil::kll'l'lCl'S-l'lSILfC1'S I l Q I l We Call and Deliver I 1 ' I 1 FOR PRosP1fR1v'1'J any ill 3111111 Oltll FOIIIIIIIIIIHJ' Pull. 7020 Arcl1urWorrl1,Propi- l l 1 Q l fI0n-11u-nl14vn-uniun111n-nu-nn-nu-un --111 1111-up 'Iva-nu-1 n -1--1111 11111 - 1 1 1,,,,1,,f. Melina 1----i1---- 11111nn1-1111111111m11m1-uu-1111-naive-nl--nu-lun -v11 nu-n-m1-11111 1 1,,1,,,,,!. l - l l NVATERBURY-FURNACES-XVONDER T I SHEET METAL AND COPPER XVORK-STEEL CEILING 1 T I Cl'l'fifC'Il W'ar1n Air Heating , i 1 BY A A T l WONDER HEATING and VENTILATING SYSTEMS ' l Incorporated V 1 1 l PULLMAN 9745 , I Q 12011 Union Avenue CHICAGO V A T l ' A l 10.111111 -11------n-1-.U-n----n- - -11.11-11111--11-1 ----- .11--.--u-1-- - 1 - I---1.5.--1----A--ijnsf. Onc Hmzrlred Sevvnfcru Humlrezl Eighlcen The Fenger P, To A, The Fenger Parent Teacher Association is desirous of obtaining an equal educational opportunity for all and advocates a new curriculum to meet the needs of our chang- ing life. A membership in this organiza- tion will be beneficial to you and your child. I HAD A LITTLE PONY I had a little pony, Her name was Eleanor McKay, I lent her to a lady, To ride a mile awayg She whipped her, she slashed her, She rode her through the mireg I would not lend my pony now For all that lady's hire. Bruno Ruffin sat on a wall, Bruno Ruffin had a great fallg Threescore men and threcscore more Cannot place Bruno Ruffin as he was before. Here we go around the Baricb bush, the Baricb bush, the Baricb bush, Here we go around the Baricb bush, So early in the morning. Mcy0r's got a popper gun, A regular one that shoots, And Mc'11kL"s got an engine Witlm a Whistler that roots. But I've got something hner yet- A pair of rubber boots- Oh, it's boots, boots, boots, A pair of rubber boots! I, Sir Dahl, could walk from here to China In a pair of rubber boots. THE FENGER COURIER When you get old, won't it be fun, To show this Courier to your son, And tell him all about your teachers That always talked as loud as preachers? Fenger, the school where you were taught Where you and your girl-friends often fought, The Courier brings that all to mind And to others whose Couriers you have signed. The thoughts you get from your Courier seem nice, And just to think of the very small price! For a treasure that you may always keep, These thoughts come to you like a dream in sleep. You may say to your son, "Look at this, It's a picture of Ma when she got her first kiss." You perhaps may think I'm being bold But save your Courier until you're old. EVERT CLAUSON, MT. VERNON. fCon-tinued from Page lllj NGVGT-EOTQNNQ-1wA-DwUJ NUBARKABABIAN-BENNY RUBIN IWKFQ-EGTCIKQN.K-HTGVB- EJTOKUNIGT O ALBIN-KAVALUNAS-JOHNNY GOODMAN UCOWGN-EQPFOU-URc:'rM-RNw1 PETER-KLARIS-WILL ROGERS OOTKOP-EQQM-PQTOOUJOCTGT IRENE-KNIAPP-MYRNA-LOY EFGUVGT-EARNKM-EJCTNKG- J QUU HENRY-KOOPMAN-RANDOLPH- SOOTT GTPGUV-FCJN-DKI-DGCWVHWN- FQNN JAMES-KRUEGER-WALTER-HAGEN NGUvGT-FGcEQP-TQNNA- JGOUNOA EDGAR-LAMBERT-cL1vE-BROOK OOTKQ-FGUOPVKU-DOTPGA- IQQING LUcAs-LAROOOA-HAROLD-LLOYD YKNNKCOFGZVOT- U JOMEUPGOTO CHARLOTTE-LAUER-KATHARINIEL HEPBURN LQUGRJ-FQNKPACM-LWTIGU ROBERT-LEACH-CHARLIE-CHAP- LIN HTCPM-FQOCTM-HTCPM-FGOCTGG EDWIN-LEITH-"STREAKY" GFYKP-FTCKPG-OCTUJCNN ARTHUR-LIND-"RIGGS'l STEVENSON VQO-TQDGTVU-LKO-NQFPFQU RUTH-LINDE-UNA-MERKEL JGTDGTV-UGNKIOCP-TWFA- XCNNGG ROBERT-LIONBERG-"CHARLIE"- GRIMM GXGTGVV-GCUVNVVPF--RTKOQ- ECTPGTC ROSS-LUDYVICK-"FLASH GORDON" EJGUVGT-UNKPIGTNCPF- YGKOWGNNGT JOSEPH-MADALA-"SWEENEY 8C SONS JGNGP-UNKXC-DCDCL FKFTKEMUQP LOUIS-MALNASSY-HUEY-LONG FQPCNF-UOKVJ-ENCTM-ICDING MILDRED-MARCHETTI-CLARA-BOW LQJP-URAVOC-EJWEN-TWIINGU ROBERT-MARWICK-"HANS" A PQTOC-VJQTUGP-JCTNQY VINCENT-MARWICK-''FRITZH NWFYKI-VTQURGM-HCVVA- CTDWEMNG fC01lffI111l'!IO71 Page I24j One Hundred Nineteen 1. Seriousg 2. Cuteg 3. Pugilistsg 4. Dougg 5. 13. You Clon't sayg 14. A Coupleg 15. Just Kids Drenmin'g 6. joyg 7. just I'g 8. Workin'g 9. Three 16. Almost twinsg 17. Baby Wnltcrg 18. Sitcin lil' maiclsg 10. Hold itg 11. Posin'g 12. Smilingg Prettyg 19. Wnitin'g 20. All aloneg 21. Fay. Om' fIlHl!1I'C'll Twenty ,1.,1,,1.,1 I-1-1.,1..1 1 1 1...-gl.-..1..1,..-.-.1..1.,11n l1..1..1,.1,.1..1 1 1 1.1....1,.1..1 1.,1,g- 'Q' I For school supplies come to' T i ll-ll' la 18 llplm I MLC CUC S I EITHIERCY L FOUNTAIN SERVICE GXDLID T 1 1 lth Street at Wallace Commodore 0893 l U-nic:-nu: -an-u-nu 11:11-1-1 nu-nu-u-un1. 1-nn--nu--au--nu ---1-111 lu-un-u-nfs 1lu1uu-uu- -u--n1.u.1,. 1111 ..1..1..1.n1-,!, gg..-u1u-nu-nu-nu1nn1nu-un--un1nn-un-ll-ulinl1ll-14. ! l l Geo. Avgcrcnos, Prop. Pullman 9414 I E T ' . . l l - : Leglonnalre Cleaners 1 i Yankee Rose Brand C 1 cumin g - Dyeing - Pressivzg A We Repair and Remodel Ladies and Gents Clothing l 5 E WS,'l'- 'R- d'l",Rliin,Cl.' .dl . ' cG1'lllffg'?ul"c0Zl'li1l'l'Z cnfmldind f1l2l'li.f" i 3 203 West 111th Srreec. .- 400 East 115th St. Cor. So. Park Ave. ! Phone Pullman 0915 , v A' Chicago l 1 ' A .f ' -..-..-..-..-..-..-. ........ ..-4 .,..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. ..... --..-...,.-..l -.....-..- - -..-..-......-..-. .... ..-.,f E,.-.u-.-..-..-.,-..-.n-.n-..-..-...-,.4A- LW? . : L I "E I N A R" j L J. C. Bovenkerk, Inc. A if Barber Shop Clvfhier 142 W, 113th Street E 44 East 111th Street i I 1 l "You Furnish flu' Hfzir-We D0 the Rest" I l A I l 1 T Lndies', Mcn's and ClllldfCl1'S Hnircutting L l ROSELAND CHICAGO I I l ' - -..-.,-M-w,- -..-..-,... -,..- - -..-.o,-.., .,.o-..-..-..-.m-.m-..-1 ..... -,.-.u-M,,,g 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - -1-nn-nn-nninn-uu-un-nn-nn--nu-an-In-ulinlinu--lr--uninni 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,1,,,.!. l GREAT SOUTHERN LAUNDRY A Soft Water Lau-mlry l WET WASH -- FLAT WORK 5 ROUGH DRY - FAMILY FINISH l CURTAINS AND BLANKETS A SPECIALTY T GXJLID i Phone Pullman 8941 and 8942 12-14-16 W. 103rcl Street i l I E lCi: '.Q2I12l ZZ II - I Cl ' I2l"'i"1ll1::l121I-T ill11 I2 lllilillik ll Illllill -lliiiliif One Hundred Twenty-one ln-11141 ..-. -un-nun:-nun:-111111111111ntnu-.n11.-nu-.nu.-.nu 4-un-un ...unlun-,,,,1,.1n:n1un1,..,1 1 1,,,.1u,.-.u1n..nn1,...- 1 1.41. SOUTH E D GROCERS' ASS'N I 1 When you need food call a 1 SERV- U - BETTER - STORE HARRY .ABANDSTRA C. O. LARSON 10624 Wentworth Ave. Com. 1060 11301 Edbrooke Ave. Pull. 0317 , PAUL BREEN LEISTRA Sz VANDER WOUDE 11001. State St. Pull. 0558 10501 Wentworth Ave. Pull. 0890-0891 WM. F. BERZINSKY PAUL SHULZE 401 West 117th St. Pull. 0650 11800 LaFayette Ave. Pull. 0375 BIERMA Xz JONKMAN OLTHOFF BROTHERS 10935 Wentworth Ave. Pull. 0200 340 West 113th St. Com. 0200 V BO0MKER'S ADAM o0Ms 147 West 111th St. Pull. 0290 146 West 111th St. Pull. 9700 ' n ' VAN DAHM PETERSON Sz EKSTROM 415 W. 107th St. Pull. 5212 10957 Wentworth Ave. Pull. 6320-6321 P. DeBOER Sz SONS PETERSON 81 JOHNSON 10558 Wentworth Ave. Pull. 9100 10818 Michigan Ave. Pull. 8728 DEKKER Sz DEKKER L. G. STUEBING 8x SON 10700 State St. Corn. 2340 636 West 120th St. Pull. 0777 G. KEESSEN Sz SONS YFF Sz VREE 11734 Princeton Ave. Com. 1700 117 West 111th St. Pull. 9600 YOU PHONE -M--.1-...L-H.,-1...-....--.....-W.-1....-t..-.1:.-...1..-1.,.-1,.- O H11m1rcr1 Tweniy-I i WE'LL DELIVER ..nn--nn-un-nu1111:-nn-nn-un11114-11111uu1un-nu-uni-nn-nu.-4 , m4 WZ! A122 WL QJQND X Om' Humlrcd Tufczzly-I THE STORY OF A LITTLE BOY There was once a little boy named Guido. This little boy had a dog who always sat up on his Him' legs and liked to chase about after the Dickey bircls. One day the little boy went into a candy store and bought a double Dekker ice cream cone. When he came out of the store, he found his girl friend waiting for him. Her name was Angel. Their Hurts began to Gamble while she took n bite from his ice cream cone. Then the two started to walk toward the Heath when they met a Taylor who was walking toward the Greemuoods. The Taylor offered them some candy, but ice cream and candy don't Mix. Soon the little boy felt a Payne in his tummy so he ran to his mother. His mother began to Skold him, and she kept Hinton and Hinton, so soon he took the hint and went to bed. A STORY OF A LITTLE GIRL There was once a little girl whose grandmother was ill and she lived in Harvey. The little gir1's name was Vavrinck. One day she began De Valk through the Forest to her grandmother's house. On the way she stopped to watch some Bass Soosb-ing around in the water and a Cwian swimming about in a stream. A farmer came and offered her a Casio Dollar to go Bock to the road and leave his Burg alone. So the little girl started off again, and she walked ,until she came to a Balakers shop. She looked in the window and saw some Cook-ies and she said, Oh, E-vans, I wish I wish I had a Gross. The little girl walked on and on Cshe was a good Walkerj. After crossing a little bridge which spanned Wesiwafer she reached her grandmother's house. The grandmother was taking a Knapp, so the little girl had her walk for nothing. OLD ENGLISH NURSERY RHYMES joscpb Rag0's gone to sea, With silver buckles on his knees, He'll come back and marry me,- Pretty Ioscpb Rago! Milan It1l10f!l,S fat and fair, Combing out his yellow hair, He's my love for evermore,- Pretty Milan janota! Big Miss cbesfm-, Sat on a high chair, Eating of curds and wheyg There came a great spider, And sat down beside her, And frightened Miss Chester away. Gross be nimble, Gross be quick, Gross jump over the Candlestick. One H uml reel Twenty-four 82 83. 84 85. 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95. 96 97 98 99. 100 101 102. 103 104. 105 106 107. 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115. 116. 117. 118 119 120 121 Want Ads- Wanted: A limb for a tree. A drum for an ear. A pupil for an eye. A cap for a knee. fC0lIfi1lNf'li from Page 1191 WALTER MAU-"WOODY" ENGLISH ELIZANoR-McKAY-RUTHJQDERLE EQTPGNKWU-GNBKPIC-LWUV- EQTPA ELDON-MENKE-UDINGLE HOOFER: OCTICTGV-HGNMCOR-PCPEA ECTTQNN WENDEL-MEYE-NERO JCTTA-HNQTC-RKEEQNQ-RGVG JOSEPH-"MICKEY MOUSE" TQDGTV-IKDPGA-DQD-OQPIOGTA GALE-MOORE-PAT-MALoNE GTPGUV-JCNBG-LQG-RGPPGT THADDEUs-MULKA-POPEYE COCPFCJQHHOGAGT-BCBW- RKVVU ALGERT-NAGELA-CHUCK-KLEIN IGQTIG-JQJOCP-DKPI-ETQUDA AMY-NELSON-ANN-I-IARDING TCNRJ-JQNV-Dw1IFA-TQ1FTU EDWARD-NELSON-LON-WARNEKE JCTTA-JQQIUVTCCN-ECTN- UCPFDGTI JACK-NOVAK-JOE-BROWN ITWPQ-TCHHKP-YCNNCEG-DGGT. GRACE-NYSTROM-BEBE-DANIELS DGVVA-TCEJKVB-PSRF-CRRGLE OLIVE-OLSON-OLIVE-OIL IGTVTWFG-TQKUEJ-IKIINKPI- IGTVKG EDWARD-PACEWICZ-TOM-MCCOY LQUGPJ-Tc1Q-zyzc-JCPKYL ANTHONY-PASS-RED-GRANGE PKEMQNcU-Tc1Q-zYzc-PSRF cL1FFoRD-PEARsoN-CHARLIE CHAPLIN DGVVA-TCRR-ZGJJGC-BMTC LURA-MAE-PEARSON-CLARA-BOW YKNNCTF-TGGF-QRYL-JYSPCJ WALTER-PHILLIPS-cHARL1E-cHAs INCFAU-TQPPGT-KYPA-AYPJGQJC MYRTLE-PIEI-ILER--JANET-GAYNO wYJJYAc-zccPW-PsQQcJJ- LYFMPLGYI HAROLDJIRCH-ED-WYNN FYPPGCR-TYL-ZSQUIGPI-EPYAGC- YJJEL XVILLIAM-PISKACI-I-ROBERT- ARMSTRONG COURIER CI-IIMES A bridge for a nosc. A key for a lock of ha An arm for a chair. A roof for a mouth. A pain for a window. A back for a chair. An elbow for a stove pipe. nin1ln1ln-lu-1nu-...,.1qn-n-.-.uu.-nn... 1:1111 11-11.-.-niun.-..... 1 1 1 1 -. 1 1 -un-. Van Hattem Motor Sales DODGE AND PLYMOUTH 10940 Michigan Ave. Pullman 7947 -...lg--...-..1..1..1,..1..1.,.-..,....,..-....1,.1,, DVANTAGES OF BEING A FRESHMAN You may think it funny, but I like to be called "freshie". Well, I do! Ask me why. I can still E glad there are four more years of happy school ys ahead of me. Pity the seniorsg they can't live the joy of it. Then I have a chance of quainting myself with new friends, teachers, and .i..1..1,,.i..1..-.uniun-.ruinul-1-nulnnlnlln UDA I-I. KOERNER RUDOLF P. BOEHM ARCHITECTS AND INTERIORDECORATORS 'S' I Special Prices to Students I I Qfries Wloml QSIIOIJ , I "Say It Wlth Flowers" i Own Greenhouses Prompt Delivery I 11110 WALLACE STREET PHONE COMMODORE 0188 lillillillillllllllililvl Tl!TilI-illii-'ll""ll'Tlll'lllllll'llTlli'llTllT'i nv? in-qu: -:ni-quim1up-11-1-u-ullnu-nn-un-1:1 1111!--v,!. I I I I 1 Complete Professional Service I i I I 7 g B E T T Y C 0 - E D i I Beauty Shop I E 11108 Wallace St. Pullman 4268 I I . - I I :I Special Rates fo Fengerites I I I I -..-.I. +.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.....-.l...-..-..-...I books, a new kind of life and fun. Then when our first prom and other social whirls come along -well, it's too bad for you seniors. You're going out of the picture, we're in. Now haven't I all the advantages over you? ROSE NESPECA, 1A. ----I? Qu-n -------- n-----..--.- n-----.-+ I I I , I , I 1 ANTHONY JAKSA 1 TAILOR f I F g I CLEANING, PREssING, REPAIRING I 637 W. 120th Street i CHICAGO, ILL. I I I -mv-nfs 'Pl-an 11-11 uu-nn1uu1-nn-nn- -ln1nuiuu1nu1noIo 1- --nv 1- nv!! ivvli ll--lniulvllvln-ni-navlllluvllillvllu? I Pullman 7317-7318-7319 I C LEE BROTHERS I Authorized Chevrolet Dealers A I 10524-30 MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO I 1 .1 .... -.n-lnnig-...nu-.. .1 1 -. 1.11-.uu.1u -..-..-..-..-..- - - - - - - - -..-..-..-..-..-..-.......f. One Hundred Twenty-ji ve m..uliuu HJJT 1, Lining-.nu ILIINIDIEN IDIWINWVIINQ EU., QW fcfnmuwrfnr Jlaslflrssumam mrtmriunr c+++r1uo:,w1iv,n11uLr11wo1mnnJr 5 1 L 'wx !"OC??Q27'ZS . Qfzpevflne zmnnuals EQEW 2 c1tcuw1LlL1E4315f mo mnmgrrn Jm:1ma11woimL IPUIBILIICATFIIUN nPlmlm1r1fnPJ 1 ml fb ' lm-.n...,,.1,.,,-.IIII..-n-I1-IIl..M-....1,,,.1. 1 1 1 1 .. .. 1 1 .- 1.0.1. 4: I Phones Pullman 2927 - 2928 - 2929 T I i i Kennedy Laundry CO.. 7 OFFICE,and WORKS I . l 11234-36-40 Forestvllle Avenue CHICAGO, ILL. - - - - 1 1 - 1 .- - - - - -n-nn-nn-.n-M-nn-.ln- - - 1 - - - - - - 1 - ---III--if 1.,...n,.- 1...-.1 11-111---1 un-nut' il.,-...I1,ll-nh-.nn1I--nium-Im-nu-Inn--nn-nu-ul-un-Ml-'lg l : . . I Pullman 3575 V 7 Q American Ideal Cleaning Co. f l l CLEANERS DYERS i COUSINS, INC. 1 AND I CREDIT .IEWELERS T v : A I1l47.South Michigan Avenue g All Phonesf Pullman 0637 A ' CI-IICAGO, ILL. i 10347-51 Michigan Ave. Chicago T l i 1m iixi uu--Im-IIu-uu-Illainvl-I 111- uuinofo u!ou1n:I-14:11 nvun -uninil-1nII1nn-nil-111 -1 -311:11-ln1Iln1lt!l A SHADOW A shadow is A shadow A distorted mimic, Follows you all day, Like a spirit-swift But a coward, Growing and diminishing. From darkness A flickering image, He runs away, A shadow. That shadow. ELEANOR Rossi, 2A. lui' lHllTll'-SITIUITIHI1UIIITIIITIHMh1IIl1TlIllTIHlIIlliHlTli fllilliilllli ITHIlIilllliilllhilllkiillllnllilllIllllIillTllllTllll'lf STERLING LUMBER I HATS CAPS and CO. i Clothes that Satisfy F LUMBER - MILLWORK - INSULATION : i E and I BUDD'S MEN DUDDS BUILDING SPECIALTIES i 623 Wm 12001 Sffeef i l'l9th and Halsted- 104th and Vincennes E I Pullman 0220-0226 - Beverly 0367 Q T SHOES ' FURNISHINGS Q --i------------------- - ----------------.----Il iI.---l------ ------- I--------I---------J L!! -In-In 111-1-1-- 11:1An-Im--nn-un-uninn-uni-nninninnil 1- 111---111 1 n1uu-11mg I Telephone Pullman 7000 T C. K. MADDEROM CO. I l Dustless COAL and COKE i Office: 10942 S. Michigan Ave. Yards: 355 W. 112th Street T i is-nu 1-111-111111-111 - 1 - -nu-.il L-nh-nu-Q - -nh-nu-limi..ninuinninn-un.-.nf One H und red Twenfy-sewn: q...-..- -..-I..-W-m.-I.-II-..-..-.I-....... ---.-. - I QUALITY WORKMANSHIP 1 REASONABLE PRICES I I 152-140 West 111th St. -i',.-.... -..-..-..-.......-......-..-. ..-.. ..-..-.-.... - - .. o!l1nu1un-nn1nn?nn-nuvln-u ::-1--: nail?- I Phone Pullman 0928 i I Flowers By Wire 1 : 1 Mat Summers Flower Store I 11405 So. Michigan Avenue I Just a Real Nice Place to Trade l CHICAGO, ILL. -i-.-..-..-..-.-,.-..-..-..-..-,.-. .... ..-Wi But up again they rise to fall, Men rush and hasten at the beck and call, Of the horrid wars, of the heroic and brave, Which gives one an honor, and the other a grave. PROMPT SERVICE COURTESY ALWAYS T Monarch Laundry Co. "Ask A Monarch Customer" Phone Pullman 0700 4..-...- .- -........-...-..-...-.... ..........,.- - -...- I I Telephone Pullman 0383 l I Orrin A. Eames i REAL ESTATE, LOANS AND INSURANCE l i 11357 Michigan Avenue 5 CHICAGO, ILL. -I- Peace, love, and friendship, let it be, For all the nations, for you and me. Let not all our heroes to war be led, To be covered with medals, after they're dead. ADELAIDE GREENE, 1A lgnliln 1i1i -- 11-1 --11-1-111111111- .1 Ulm..-uII1uu1nn-nn-nn-nn-. l I IN PLANNING YOUR DAILY MENUS I l make it a point to acquaint yourself with our I high grade MEATS at a moderate cost. I l I l l RELIABLE MARKET CO. i Louis Duringer - A. Le Noble l 31 East 111th Place I Phones Pullman 4571-4572 I We trim our meats, not our cusfomers. I I -1-..-..-........I.-.I..I..--- ------------------- ---- - - - -----I Om' Hundred Tweniy-z'igbt 1 1n..n-1ln1nninn.1nu1un1.ul1 .-un, I-.unlnni 1uu1un-.qninninuiu-.-un-.uni 1 ..- -un- OLD ENGLISH RHYMES LAZY VALLEE Va,-lee and Holt were two pretty meng They lay in bed till the clock struck teng Then up starts Vallee and looks at the sky, Oh, brother Holt, the sun's very high! You go on with the bottle and bag, And I'll come after with Jolly Jack Nag. Eddie Litak lost his pocket, Gertie Fischer found itg There was not a penny in it, But a ribbon round it! Margy Wille has come to town In a yellow petticoat and a green gown. Young Raymond Vogt In a long white overcoat With a red nose The longer he stands The shorter he grows. Nubar Kababian met a pieman Going to the fair Said Nubar Kababian to the picman "Let me taste your ware." Says the pieman to Nubar Kababian "Show me first your money." Said Nubar Kababian to the pieman "Indeed, I have not any." Mirick, Mirirk, nice as Volaric How do your friendships grow. With parties and dances with all of your pals And a string of dates in a row. Fischer, Fischer, in a brook Pocins caught her with a hook Mnlkrz. fried her in a Payne B-zwlelaarllt ate her like a man. Little Olga Cwian Sat upon a seat She is, oh, so pretty And she's also very sweet. Now, now, now, whose friend art thou, Loraine Zawnrlsk.i,s little friend, ow, ow, ow. There was a young woman of Fenger She stormed all the school with her anger And her name as you know Is Racblifz and so This stormy young lady of Fenger. Hee-haw, Walfer Mau He shall have a new mistress. His sister, Adele, must just be a pal, The importance of this'we must stress. Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags fullg One for Miss Nlesser one for Sir Draine And one for the tall boy whose, hair is Like a Mane. QI-Ienry Vander Schi1den.j Sfanley Hanson and Margaret johnson Were walking out one Sunday. Says Sfanley I-lemon to Margaret johnson, "Tomorrow will be Monday." .l THE LITTLE BOY AND THE RAKE Once upon a time there was a little boy whoi Jould pronounce his words as if he were a baby, nd would say doggie or mommy or kiddie and the ike. One day his mother told him to rake the awn and he said, "All right mommy Adrlucci, 'ut don't Bncbinskif' Then he started to rake up e leaves, but he soon got tired and he looked up .to the window where his mommy was sitting nd said .he to himself, "I'll better not Stolfif' When the work was finished, he picked up his ake and began to Marvheffi to put it away when ie heard a noise. He looked up into the sky and w an aeroplane and he said to himself, "It must E Linde." just then a little dog began to Bark- wski, so that he knew that if he stayed outside e would hear Mor-fir, so he went into the house, nd that is the end of the story. LOST AND FOUND Lost: One small dog by a boy with a muzzle that answers to the name of Fido. Lost: An umbrella by a girl with a gold head and steel ribs. Reward. Lost: A pair of shoes by a boy with rubber heels. Notice: If any of these articles are found please notify Loraine Zawadski 86 Co., and you will be told where to throw them. HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE Hey diddle, too fat in the middle Couldn't get thru the door Some pushed from the back. fAndy Westwater.j And some pulled from the front So now there's no door anymore. One H und real Twenty-nine 1,,,,1m,1 1 T he name of Qaizhs is associated with that of good Thotography. The stzideizts of Fenger High School have assistea' us in re- taining this desirable reputation. 11409 Michigan Ave. Pull. 1016 Hundred Thirty 11...-11....1-.11nn1u1,l .-...........-11111...-1111111.-11111...i11. 1 1 inning.-.u1n..l, I I I VVentworth Drug Co. I 200 W. 1 1 lth St., Cor. Wentworth I I Phone Pullmnn 7777-0905 CHICAGO I I nz!!-11:-11:-nn-nu-n 1:-I-un-an-1nn 1--11 1- 1 im- -un --1111-1 IIa1un-un-pu-1 --n'1n!p -ni in -----1----1- nn-15? eiIn1un1ul-uu-lu-un-uu--ul-Il-un-nu-xl-nl1ul1ll1ln1I? I I I I I I I I I ALEX KVETKAS I , I I I FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES I I I ANI: GROCERIES I I I ' I I Pullman S404 609 W. 120th Sr. I I I I I vnlliliillilliih viii lllllilllllillillillvv-'li +l1'll'1llTllilllilllilllillllillllllTlIlTlll'lllill1lll1lllil6 Goodness, girly, so contrary Wliy do you walk so slow, The hall is full of slowpokes and sog Please get ll move on, lct's go. QMartina Buckley.j -------..----.---.-----..-----------.---,.--In-I-I+ C0mpli1ne111fs of WANZEIQ 1:11-.Ii1.1+--11.1,,1,,1.I...-nn.-....1.1.1111111111 1111-111-11-,.111.1.....-.111111......---1,,.-g..-.n.1.,.-nl... THE WELDING SHOP P. Andersen, Prop. Welding - Cutting - Brazing EQUIPMENT - EXPERIENCE - SERVICE Phone Pullman 1305 109 W. 103rd St. I -I- -I- I I I I I I I I ,-Q.-.1-.-.......-..-...-.,-.....,,.-..............-......- -..-H...-..-..-.,..-.....-.,-...........-..-..-..-..-,...,.F One Humlrezl Thirty-one one "" R 1. Radio Bugg 2. June and Maryg 3. Peopleg 4. Sueg 5. Restirfg 6. Ralphg 7. Little Cnesarg 8. just girlsg 9. Idag 10. Shyg 11. Presidentg 12. Water Boyg 13. Stephang 14. Water's fineg 15. A pairg 16. Winter Sceneg 17. Baby dollsg 18. A cyclistg Om' Hundrni Tbirig'-hun 19. Smilin' Tlirug 20. Thelma and Maeg 21. furg 22. Seniorsg 23. Bumps and Martyg 24. prettyg 25. Palsg 26. Little maidsg 27. Helen All set, girlsg 29. Cadctsg 30. Hank. 1..1..1u1n.....,1u,1n1..1..1..1.,1..1 1 1 1 1g.1..1..1..1..1--1.1 1 1..--,,1..1..1..1..1..1.g!. I I ! I I I I I I I Insist on the I I I PRS C0 Genuine I 1 Made in Chicago I I I I I I I . TEPHAN SI CG. COAL, COKE, BUILDING MATERIAL 12 261 Vincennes Ave., Cor. 12 3 rd St. i I I PHONES i Pull. 496 8 Blue Island 3 8 8 -9 i 5 i i 1 1 1.11.1--..1.,1..1..1..1,,1.,1..1 1 1 1 1,.1,.,,1..1,.1p.1uu1nn-qu1n1u1.n1.n1n1.....u....l1ulq One Hundred Thirty-Ihre: 'P'-"I 1----- -------- u n-wg. ' :fu-un ---- n-im-N --1m-- N-ml ----- - I I I I I I . i T M Complain Lim' E : S Zh' A Q ! of L I 0 I I I 0 o I I FINEST GROCERIES I I I AQ I K I I SWANSON FOOD SHOP - I I I I 113th and State Streets ' I I I I G 4 I Pullman 4496 I I I I I I . 5 I I I I I E J E W E L E R S I I I like good food mul Ifinrl il al I I I Siwmxorfx Cohn' Shoppe I : : Signed I I I I to the T i R. XV. ROBINSON I I I I I I ' Q FENGER HIGH SCHOOL I g I 5 Prepared Foods Home Made Bakery Goods - I . ! E '!'wv1nu-nl:-ai.4-unn- - 1- 1u--un--Iu-nu-un-nu-nu--anu-nel I I I 0 I I I I I I I 5 : SOPI-IIELLA I I I CLUB PINS I Once upon a time there was a girl whose nam I i was Sojlhie Drwicga. Sophie had two step sisters 'ii FRATERNITY PINS : These two kept her in the kitchen and would no 2 let her have any nice clothes, nor would they le I ' her meet any of their fine friends. The sisters I names were Helen and Thelma Erickson. i One day a message came to their house tellin3 : . I them that the Prince was going to have a ball si I I that hc might choose a wife from the women whi I I were invited. Of .course Sophie was not allowei I I to go because the sisters were jealous of her pin I i cheeks and clear complexion. fThey didn't kno T i about that school girl complexiomj So Sophie sa g Iofh FI001' : down among the cinders and began to cry. Shi I I cried so hard the tears began to flood the room, bu I 7 W. Madison ... at State Sophie-kept on crying. Soon the room was full oi I i water and poor Sophie was drowned. Anyway shi I CHICAGO i didn't care, because she knew they would be sorry l I some y. E : da I I I I I I qw--n1nnA-lun1nn-un-un1u 1-1-111 nm-uu1nIe One Hundred Thirty-four POETIC CONTRIBUTIONS THE HOUSEKEEPEIVS SPRING SONG WOOD SMOKE AT TWILIGHT The floors must be varnished, The rooms should be aired, They shout, "Spring is here!" As if housckcepers cared. We canit just dream And gaze at the sun, Though nice it may seem, There is work to be done. Our curtains need mending, The chairs need it too, Now who cares about spring When there's so much to do? The old silverware should Be polished like new. The rugs must be beaten And windows washed too. Ah, yes, 'twould be nice To be at your ease And dream as you rest In the spring's cool breeze. But as you are dreaming The whole day through, Remember your work Will be waiting for you. This life is made up Of work and of play So let's dream tomorrow, But let's work today. HELEN Zwmvr, ZB. MY CITY 'Tis fine to go to New York And see the buildings tall, But when it comes to my home town It's-"Chicago leads them alll!" Buffalo upon the lake, With lovely Niagara Falls, Is grand to sec, but as for me, "Chicago leads them all!" My memories of Cleveland Wtl1 pleasure I recallg But first, and last, and always, ' "Chicago leads them alll" Our World's Fair proved this to us, With its glory shown to all, For the cry of those who did attend Was, "Chicago leads them all!" ELEANOR BOAK, 1A Semi-darkness-a camp-ire with smoke drift- ing lazily upward, a well-fed feeling and-quiet. This is our camp at twilight. What pictures those spirals of pure white smoke paint! Here is a lamb, now it's the head of an old, old man, and soon it is a fairy castle with lofty walls and delicately carved spires and pillars. Each fades away into space, until I begin to won- der if they were ever there. Then suddenly a min- iature cyclone stirs up the fire sending billows of smoke upwards with sparks flying in their midst. Then, as suddenly as it came, it subsides and the smoke again continues to rise upward, ever up- ward, as calmly as though nothing had happened to stir up its placid nature. I can sit by the camp-fire watching the smoke at twilight until finally shades of night settle down, and the surrounding countryside is blank- eted with darkness. ' "Farewell! the beauteous sun is sinking fast, The moon lifts up her head, Farwell! mute night o'er earth's wide round at last Her darksome raven-wing has spread." Although only dimly seen now, the smoke still rises and melts right into the moon and the star- lit sky, as if searching for God to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for just being beautiful smoke. A peaceful feeling of solitude and contented joy creeps over me and envelops me in its fold and restful sleep and sweet dreams take possession. CARYL EKBLOM, 3B. BLOCKS As I sit on the sofa, gazing down Upon a little head of golden locks, There sits a boy among his toys - Working, building, stacking his blocks. Alone with himself, lost in his task, Building a tower high, Stacking his blocks upon one another, His goal is the boundless sky. Smiling if his blocks stay firm, Happy as can beg And eagerly seizing another block- He places it carefully. This little child, so young and fair Knows naught of what his life may beg But as surely as he stacks up his blocks Shall he form the steps in his own life's stair From now until eternity. - ROBERT YAMPOLSKY, 2A. One Hundred Tbirly-five LEISUIQE 777 41 if Elf 5 axqsnorkqxg T fb'Q 74,NX O 51" fig! X V QI! QR 9 Cl gg! Q mal i fin YES MAN SURE ITS NOT N ACCEPTED 19912 6 U' 8 ,af af H K K fv . wk 3 iw mum num F g A 2567 JJIWXH2 2 o 'PY xy' QD iZg lN'E'+1?p1?Z!g 1X2 f f f aim., X EL ,k 4 .1: N I X H uml red Tbiriy-six , 9 I O 'LX -0 PM ' X165 Q.. Q s Y xx 'X J r.. 3 W XJ, Al Q BTH? M- I 'A' N V ,f P9 ' V ' 0 jf' ia, V - 'x Q JH Q , 17 - ,fi J ,ix .iq 'X ,' r 5 J wf ' ' 4 , I ,fl , J ff - wflft. VJ C 1 jx J JJ X1 A 41:51 jf 46 me I Y: J, f q' N as I. AA P In ,XL 1 I I fd I X X X A-lii-1Mf'l - XJ I l f ,g-'JI , . Q 1, lx il! . i I fpf ,Q Q ff-X- 9 x ' I I I I f J x aff? 5 J f . f f- 4 I I ., H W' Q59 'fx 7: 4. n6'3 A 5300 X -vxxi emo gag! fix, lf? Q Q 6 at ig! gay 4 ' L , K are ' ig 95 7, 'ggi- ml, .- 4 1. X -5 .ff X f V -X 2 ' - j Y X f- . kj g 1-.n1n1n1n1u1q.1'.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-n.1n1n.1n1n1. 1 1--1.--..,.1..1,.1..1.,7 I " F 'Sv' fs 'RQ INDEN RINTING OMPANY CDesigneTs Zfrinters QBinde1's 517 SOUTH JEFFERSON STREET 1 CHICAGO f HARRISON 9522 -E GE LUNCH ROOM Three times a day Fenger pupils enjoy the finest, cleanest food and opportunities to relax, chat, and have fun generally. The Trices Q-Aire Right ,, 1-11:11.-1.u-111:14-191: One Hundred Thirty .i..,1m,1..I1uu1,,,,1uu1nn1..,,1 1 I E I I 1 1-m.-. 1 1W.- 1 y1.,,.1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,y,1,m1.,m--,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1 1 1.4 2 For Reliable Moving and Sanitary Fireproof Storage 55 W- 109th P11100 T Call Pullman 2921 K' 131-133 W. lllth Street z ' ' Noam on soum - . , H on EAST on wssr- 1 s1onAce , I t ws move WITH CARE If MOWNG 5 ' , 1 -' ' ws TREAT You FAI 1- DACKINC- E ... ,, SHIPPIQAG I I+ na e 'ds 5 131 W. 111th St. Open every day. I Bargains in New, Sample, and Used Household Furnishings at our storage outlet. I il- -.-. - - - ...V - ...: - .... -- .... -II-I..-lr-.....-..,.-.....-ll.-....-...-...-.W-..l-u-..-..,-..-..-..-,.-...-...-.....,-..... - .. .. l?m-un -1--L un-uni 1nn1nu -1--1 nnihg, rfou1uu1 1 11111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 2 I 2 Pullman 9000 SCHLURAFF 1 I 5 I I 1 THE FLORIST I H' Q CO' Out of the High Rent District I Real Esfufe - Loans T I i Same High Standard of Arr at 5 IlIS7lfd71CK i i Greatly Reduced Prices 2 I I BE SURE I'r's ScHr,uRAFF's I 109.56 Michigan Ave. Chicago Pullman 0135 11105 Lowe Ave I , : I 'Pl-IMI-uni -nn-ll-IlII?Ill1II -1111 M1 Iflv -Hn--ni: 301 llvl -.w1un-un--nl: ----- nn-uu--nn--nn-un-nn- fg.......,. .-..... --:...--.,---,,...-.. .... -..... , ----, -:--,..-- I I I 2 Qompliments of I I Roseland 5 I A I Theatre I . . ' Michigan Avenue at 110th Place I I k MATINEE DAILY I I 4..-.n-.n-I..-...-.u-.,r.--.1.,- .. - Om' Hundred Tlsirly-eigb! . Martin Stcphang 2. jamkun Familyg 3. Tom obcrt 4. Marie Fcrrinig 5. Thasia Pnyneg 6. ickcy Family: 7. Charlotte Lauerg 8. Harry lorng 9. Florence Skoldg 10. john Jcllcmag 11. uyper and Pcrchg 12. Ruth Lindeg 13. Martha .rbi ,im-1 Carlsong 14. Camilla Milang 15. Lorraine Simnerg 16. Olive Olsong 17. Jessie Gallowayg 18. Ralph Gaultg 19. Alice Ludwigg 20. Ruth Bakkersg 21. John Barisasg 22. Big Chief Prystalskig 23. Ludwig Trozpekg 24. Jean Rumbolclg 25. Jane Ahern. One H Il url rrrl Tbirly-nine One Hundred Forty MM!!! ' " '--' ' -7 --7 - - -7 - - -7n1l:fn -- ' - rf -lin-swim. Y F7 air, :, L ., n. .. I. n1c. 1.7 , c 1. LW' -7- -.. . --.-. -9----.--n-nga 1 1 1 You will get The Tang that tempts in ' i 1 TRIIAN GDB BJEVIERAGES Q 1 1 Midway 1186 I Demand Them when Buying Soft Drinks and Get the Best . I -..,. ...-- ,,, -H, ------- M- ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, -H,-, ,,,. ,-,,,,- ,,,, - ,,,, -. ,,,, -, ,,,, ----- ' - ,- - 4,,,,E --'- - -'-H- -1- - --'- - '+-! ----- --'- - - -5- +I- '--1 ---------- - - -H-H---if -! E L Pullman 9495 . 1 - . Q fi Cofizplimeizts Of Roseland Radio Laboratory Q T - ' Q "GuurfliuHx uf Your Ruffin lirllz'rlniun1wlI" g i A 5 10841 So. Michigan Chicago, Ill. 1 , ' ? I , - -. 1 it 4,t' A :ff .......-....-,..,-..,........-,.l-....- ... - - -.........-...y-,,..-..,i, Q.,-..,,-.. - - Tll11.i..T-gl11-1-111-Qqiiidulvi-rIilnl1114-Ti-1147.1-17-ililhvwl If It's Sports News you'll find it in T 1E CALUMJE Brozaglaf to Your Home by the Boys of Greater Pullman 11242 Michigan Avenue 1.141 .- 1.n1nn-...--u- .- 1 1 - 1 1 7-1 -- 7- 7-H 1 1..1......1...1.......-. 1..1111111....,,,,1,1 . Q 'E' g JINDEX I I - i I Phone Commodore 1200 E 5 'I' One Hundred Forty-one THIS LIKE A LIVE sCHO0L BRUCE " HERE IS OUR WRITING CLASS WHERE HIGH SPEED I5 ATTAINED " Visit the scliool for ai personal trip ot in- spection. Hen: thc pick of the youth of the middle West are training for leadership in business. Sixteen practical courses includ- ing Business Administration and Executive Secretarial. Convenient coupon below brings you catalogue. ,trirml.v.mi.f :, X2 11 rr ll r I Blgyan 13gStralt0n All livt'1'yi1'1' Scltuol lllSoull1 Miclliguilih r.. 4 fllivilgo. lluml. l573 Please i ' 1 me cmnnlutu cntalnguc: N ame ......... ..... Address .... .., -- .J NAME Administration . . . . Advertisements . . . Appreciation . . , Athletics .. B.A.A. . G.A.A. . Teams . . Branches .. Burnside ., Curtis .... Literature . . . Mt. Vernon . . . Cartoons . . Clubs ......... Art .,....,.... Fenger Forum , . . Hi-Y .......... Jr. Cit. . . . Marconi .. Math. .. Stamp ., Contents .... Courier Staff . . Dedication . . Foreword . . . History . . . 4A ..... 4B ....,..,.... INDEX PAGE .....,7,s,9 . . .110 to 142 12 73 ....77,78,79 ,.,,74,75,76 80 53 ..,.55,56,57 .,,.58to63 ,,..54,72 .,..,,.64to70 116,123,136 81 ,...ss,se ...,84,86 ,...ss,s6 ..,,82,83 ....85,86 ..,,84,86 ..,,s4,s6 S .,.13 .3 . 2 14 35 Humor and Feature. . . , . .110 to 142 Interviews ........ ...... 3A's ... . . . 39 3B's .. . .. . 44 2A's '. . . . . 45 2B,S ... . .. 50 1A's ,. ,. . S2 Literary . . . , . , . 4A ,,... .. . .... 31, 32 4B ............... ...... 3 4, 38 Poetic Contributions . . . .... 108, 135 P. T. A. ,.....,.1.. . Om' Hrmdrrd Forty-four 10 NAME 1 School Views Snapshots . . . . . Seniors . . . Service .....,... Concert Band .,.,.... Courier Representatives Drama ..........,... Glee Clubs . . , Hall Guards . . . journalism .,.,... Library Assistants .. Mixed Chorus ...,.,.. Mr. Schacht's Secretaries National Honor Society News Agents ....,.,. News Staff ,... Opera ......,. Orchestra ,..... Public Speaking . . , Quill and Scroll . . . Room Presidents . . . R. O. T. C ...... Band ,..,..., Company "A" . , Company "Bu .. N. C. O. Club ... Officers' Club . . . Rifle Team .,.... Secretarial Training . . . Student Council .... Social Writeups . , . Theme Story ..... Title Page .... Undergrads . . . 4B's . . . 3A's . . 3B's . . , 2A's . . 2B's . . 1A's . . Variety . . ,71,112,12 PAGH ....6, 141 0,132,133 ..11to3t 8 ....,10 ..,94,9 9 ..101,10 94,95,10 ....9 ....104- ..9' H91 9: .,9! ....10L ....10. .,9 ....9 .....,101 ..10S,10 ..104,10 ......1o ....10 ....10 ...,. 9 .,.93,10 ...ss,s , .... 3 ..34to3 ...40,4 ...42,4 ...46,4 ...48,4 .. S ....10 'Y 1 - . 1,5 , . 1

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