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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1979 volume:

£N ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBR 3 1833 01862 6884 • ( 1 ' ' ' GC 971.301 V66FE, 1979 FT FENELON TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOL OFFICE STAFF Principal Mr. J. Wenzel Secretary Mrs. M. Kelly This page sponsorod by Paul Bailey Custom Carpentry. 2 Principal ' s Message This year we are dedicating our School Yearbook to the International Year of the Child. This will be one of the school ' s major IYC projects. We hope it will be a lasting memento of this very special year for all the youngsters in the school. The General Assembly of the United Nations has proclaimed 1979 as the International Year of the Child for the purpose of focusing world attention on the condition of children everywhere. This special year provides us with the opportunity to promote special projects in our schools and communities which will focus on children. Someone has said that the 80 s will be the decade of the child. According to statistics, the child population in this country will form a lesser percentage of the whole population in the future than ever before. This is all the more reason to make sure that this and future generations have the best education society can offer, because they are the citizens of the future who will be called upon to support more of us in our older age. The children of today are our future — let ' s make sure that we do everything we can to help them make the world of tomorrow a better place for all. From The President of the Student Council As president of the student council, and speaking for the rest of the executive, I would like to tell you how honoured I am to represent the students of Fenelon Township Public School. It was a great feeling to know that so many grade seven and eight students would think we were capable of making the best of their year. I think we accomplished this by raising money for films, dances, skating, bus trips, athletic uniforms and a trip to the Lindsay Academy Theatre. Members of the student council are: President: Dennis Patterson Vice President: Kathy Naylor Secretary: Shauna Graham Treasurer: Kim Dichazi Class representatives are: Room 104: Mike Wood, Lori Sullivan Room 105: Linda Callaghan, Tracey Gillis Room 106: Matthew Serdar, Michelle Boadway Mr. Anderson who attended all the meetings as student advisor deserves our thanks. He helped us plan events for the year. He also kept us up to date with the bank and arranged such things as films and dances with Mr. Wenzel. We can also thank Mrs. Duxbury for assisting with gym decorations for dances. Mr. Allen and Mr. Anderson contributed to house league and interschool volleyball and basketball. We are very grateful to the parents who arranged transportation for their children to these events. Mr. Wenzel also played an important role in the school year. He kept the students in line and contented whether it was an indoor activity day because of the weather, or playing ping pong through the winter months. The ' 78-79 year is gone now, but I will always remember what an experience it was. I really enjoyed working with my fellow students and three teachers, and appreciated playing an important part during my last school year at Cameron. de dwdl 3ty Tm % vP . K rV Claris Cook Steven Fox Alana Bell Greg Windebank Janice Edgar Aaron Hoyle Teddy Davidson Jennifer Johnson Sharalynn Kadwell Wendy Walker Kyle Brentnell Nicole Mulock 3 ' ■ • 7 ■ I Matthew Trent Mickael Cleaverdon Leah Hughes Michelle Nicholson This page sponsored by Norma ' s Small Shop, Lindsay, Ont. 6 tyr fy™ ([ ® a h 1 Georgina Robinson Jim Switzer Yanci Lean Dan Murphy Perri Price Jason Heatlie Celina Fischer Mark Raskammer Betty Lou Black Christine Martin Michael Smoke Angela Ludyka Kerrie Bartlett Philip Boston Darren Burbidge Eric Swan son This page sponsored by Lindsay Cameron Taxi, o. a. by Peg Gary Edgson % ly$+ 2 wmtr Qraoc Marcel Theriault John DiGiacomo Sandra Fegan Korrilyn Bell Darlene McShane £ I Hi Marcy Scobbie Kris Jackson Scott Sedgewick Richard Cronkwright Joel Kadwell Brad Belford Danny Burns Jennifer Worsley Barbie Austin Jason Harrison S ' jP A«£ W Trevor Shea Donny Forsyth Leon Perrin Dwayne Patterson Tim Struik David Cooper Raymond Beaudry Robert Cole Ryan Brown Aaron Seaton This page sponsored by Jillico Hair Works, Lindsay, Ont. Mrs- fflnCcu Qvcw t i Jason McNeice Greg Simmons Kassie Demitre Tammy Jones Tracey Kitchen Lori Webster Deri Woodhead Stephen Conner Michelle Lindquist Willie Hoyle Russell Briere Randy Harris Pam Hughes John Johnson Greg Bryan s Tim Ludyka Michael Cooper Trevor Trent Ross Sedgwick Anita Robins Colleen Riches Donna Ferguson Kristy Harrison Sandra Isaac This page sponsored by Cambray General Store, Cambray, Ont, 2 4?$ Jiicfotns QVCL Z L Kelly Briere Debbie Munro Kevin Worsley Cindy Bailey Adam Kelly David Bosley Tanya Holodryzuk Linda Burke Grant Duxbury Cindy Cross Pa trick Murphy Shannon Parsons Jill Simmons Darren Bailey Shelly Bailey Jane McNish Colleen Demoe Steven Jewell Donnie Austin Steven Black Scott Simser Shelley Bartlett Jennifer Gray Kathy Weyermars Tom Cook Colleen Kadwell Jennifer Bell Kathy Mcllvenn This page sponsored by Carl Brentnell Construction, Cambray 45 J 2 10 M?s £a QraSi g Leslie Sullivan Karrilee Ball Tammy Windebank Lisa McGill Tony Fournier Trevor Worsley David Wliitaker Kelly Harrison Thea Marshall Mark Hopper Donna-Marie Murphy Scott Selleck Jackie Perrin Stephanie VanAlstyne Jackie Burns Barbara Ferguson Gregory Wokral Tyson Burgess Debra Johnston Todd Kitchen Patricia Legere Kellie Wellum Scott Abraham Larry Scobbie Ina Bullock Neil Ferguson Tim Isaac Jim Barrett Richard Johnson David Scobbie Leighellen Atkin Tina Davidson This page sponsored by Kennedy Auto Parts, II Mrs- Stt M Qva 3-4 Lee Anne Beaudry Corey Beckett Ricky Bryans Tim Cawker « Paul Duncan is Melanie Belford v Joanne Edgar Tom We Hum Virginia Johnson Bryan Hughes Marie Timms Jim Starrett Kim Hughes Billie Timms Lisa Webster Teddy Trelford Duane Webster 1 4 Lisa Hart t |J Jennifer Simser ■ -1 l mt ' v r mi Diane Roskammer Ross Rodger s Steven Tutty Deanne Spence David Cole Cindy Isaac Anne Marie Simmons Melissa Moore Pam Murray Brent Richmond Tammy Hill Carl Moore This page sponsored by Don ' s Service Centre, Cambray 53 W 1 12 % lx$+ ZAriyy Qva 4 Trevor Moore Shannon Timms •7 H. W Melissa Dixon r s - 4 Cally McNeice [ Greg Arkwright i j, I t Steve Simmons Joe Demoe Ty Daniela Patrick Dewell Kerry Knox Lisa Cooper Eoss Alden £ Heather Alden Glen Harris Mike McGmffin Eon Florence Billy Bob in son Larry McNish Are Veerman | Marty Chick " Jan Moore Stephen Love Trevor Houghton J Bob Fegan Chris Perrin Lisa Green Julie Black Mike Byrne Allan Ferguson Allan Chandler Stacey Norris Kamia Harrison Daniel Theriault This page sponsored by K.C. Vorsley Construction, Cambray phone 74 13 NH.M®mu$ M -2 2 iC Qm 6 Lorie Ann Fournier Shawn Duxbury Kevin Burnett Susan Vance Shawn Abraham Rick Davidson Donna Jewell Cindy Goppins Scott Ledgerwood Anna Jurgens Norm Fegan Nancy Conner Carey Skinner Scott Richmond Cheryl Riches Larry Graham Charlene Boston Angie Callaghan Nadine Marshall Paul Wilson Jeff Forsyth ICV Geraldine Keefe Buffy Seat on Marcel Michaud Bill Chandler Jeff Green This page sponsored by Phil Webster Concrete Construction 14 QraSc $ 6 Jennifer Sullivan fl Tracey Graham Juanita Beckett Melissa Simser Mike Jewell Stewart Coppins Donna Foster Gary Struik Tom Vorsley Robbie Rea Denise Worsley Lesley Evans Jennifer Winsor Karyn Cunningham Kathy Cunningham Stuart Bryan s Darrin Moore Lesley Cronkwright Cindy Moore Isabel Struik fe STracey VanKoughnett t j Penny McNish Daryl Alsop Vicki Cross David Lainsbury Elaine Jarvie Marjorie Bullock Peter Atkin Jamie McLeod John Florence This page sponsored by Bruce ' s Meat Market, Lindsay 324--1614 15 Mr. M ' l cfinU CpaSt Kevin Jubb Troy Vail Mary Saigeon Bobby Ludyka Danny McNish Brian Cunningham Tammy Isaac Barbie Gar ton Rhonda Worsley Beckey Eyres Mike We Hum Kelly Timms Danny Whitaker Hr ... 1 :■ - - j «k. fS ' ' -. m Sandra Bell Craig Taggart Diana Schut Terry Downing Steven Norris Susan Woodhead ; $ Joan Morrow Warren Walker Bobbie Marshall Caroline Johnston Angie Bailey Shelley Henry Hit M: | Tim Holodryzuk Diane Eodgers Grace Webster Cathy Fudge Jeff Bell Anne Welch Marty Michaud This page sponsored by Fenelon Drycleaners and Laundromat 16 Mr. Mm Cpa i t s Frank Hartle Steven Taggart Brad Middleton Joey Blaine Dwaine Al.op Mike Wood Debbie Simmons Lenny Mulock Gary Edgson Olive Mohr Todd Armstrong John Weyermars .1 Mark Struik Dennis Patterson Susan Burnett Peggy Richmond Lissa Scobbie Annette Worsley Kim Black Donna McCuaig Shawn e Timms Susan Isaac Connie Riches Shelley McCombe Steven Demoe Tish Black Ian Simpson Betsy Spro a t Lori Sullivan Lisa Healey Kelly Smith This page sponsored by H.E. (Ted) Munroe Building Contractor 359-1011 17 :2Wr, An$er$on Qrafa 7 Kevin Jurgens Terry Davidson Scott McNish Chris Sinclair Kenton Boston Matthew Serdar Jessy Eyres Pam Cross Kim Dichazi Robbie Wilson John Jenkins Angela Black Bruce Barker Michelle Boadway Kathy Naylor Ronnie Webster Cheryl Selleck Paul Johnston Sheri Murray Lorie Tutty Sharlene Ledgerwood Mary Lou Parson Connie Bate Jill Edwards Carolin McGee Lori Nicholson Trade Van Alstyne Bill Isaac Steve Coy Danny Webster This page sponsored by Lindsay Daily Post - Thursday Post - Post Mercury 18 tyraSi 7 $ Colleen Worsley Lisa Jones Stacey Isaac Tracey Kelly Pat Cook David Hopper fc ' WF Sheila Bell Terrie Van Alstyne Shelley Kennedy Tom McCabe Mike Costello Bonnie Parson Jackie Chahley Shelley Barrett Dave Robinson Pip Parker Diana Lainsbury Mike McGill .t vC A Tracey Green Holly Worsley Kim Randall Joy Cross Mike Toomey Chris Bailey m M Denise Moore Linda Callaghan Shauna Graham Tiago Dixon Brad Campbell Tracey Gillis This page sponsored by K $ W Naylor Metal Fabricating Ltd., Cameron. 19 SCHOOL CHOIRS Junior Senior This page sponsored by Vally Ludyka, B P Farm Agent 20 Bus Patrol Canadian Fitness Award of Excellence Winners This page sponsored by Richard Mc Guff in. Chess Club HBfc Library Club 22 23 SOCCER Junior This page sponsored by Gary Grace Welch 24 JUNIOR FLOOR HOCKEY Boys Girls This page sponsored by Sportsman ' s Restaurant, Rosedale, 25 t M © $ Junior OWLS NEST Senior This page sponsored by Southpark Construction, R.R. 1, Lindsay 324-096? 26 Junior PUBLIC SPEAKING SCIENCE FAIR Senior This page sponsored by Nicholson Carpentry Fireplaces 887-6304 27 Junior Volleyball Senior Volleyball This page sponsored by Lindsay Pontiac Buick Ltd, 28 Gymnastic Club Reg Lukow Award - Gymnastics 29 Senior Tag Football Cross Country Team This page sponsored by Ray Windebank Excavating. 30 Senior Boys Soccer Junior Boys Soccer This page sponsored " by Lyles Cutrate Gas 31 Senior Boys Floorhockey Senior Girls Floorhockey This page sponsored by Miller ' s Place, Rosedale, 32 Ping Pong Champs Relay Racers This page sponsored by De-Lor Auto Sales 33 Track and Field 34 Track and Field 35 Play Day - -y i ' 36 Play Day ' ■ ? - i 2 37 Christmas christhas - . c 38 Special Projects X 55 p r Ik H- " ■ M v J ! 39 40 Candids 41 ■ ■■ ■■■■5555 42 43 When I Vent to the Fair I was on the bumper cars and it came alive. It was spooked but it said " Hang on I " so we did. It said not to be scared so I wasn ' t. It smashed into the games so I said " Slow down so I can get a few things. " So it did. I was glad. It went through all the stores. It was fun. I got candy apples, candy floss, pizza, hot dogs, pop and popcorn. It took me on a tour of the fair. I saw all the animals and the horses. They were really big. The manager was upset. He called the police and the police were after me. Guess where it took me? It took me straight home. Mom and Dad were very happy and they let me keep everything I had. Then the bumper car had to go back to the fair. I said " Bye! " and I was sure glad that was over. It was fun. Pam Murray 3 Once Upon a Time House I would like to have a dinosaur for a house. The mouth is the door, the nose is the chimney, the eyes are the windows. There would be one dining room, two bedrooms. There would be a place where you can play baseball, football, hockey and skateboard. The top of the head is where you sit in the sun. Inside there is a place where you can look up in the sky. Jim Barrett 3 Popcorn Popcorn, popcorn, yum, yum, yum, Tastes so good and smells good too See it pop, see it jump. Now it ' s in my tummy Yummy , yummy ! ! Darrin Moore 5 This page sponsored by Doug and Lois Coy. 44 Vikings Mean, Ship, bang, Ugly, bad. Men hunt battles, Fight, crash, boom, bang. Duck your head and scream, Kill! They ' re all Alike Mean. Nadine Marshall 5 A Tribute to Mother My Mother ' s relationship with me is as good as a car with a mechanic, whenever I ' m down or feeling sick, I get a tune-up, The dyas that I anger easily, she cools down my engine. When I ' m slow and lazy, she gives me some fuel and I go back to the highway. They days when I have worked hard and I ' m tired, my Mom turns off my key and I ' m gone for the night. My Mother is the best garage mechanic there ever was for a car like me. Pat Cook 7 My Pet Once upon a time, my dog and I were in a land far away looking for adventure. While we looked around, a dog catcher saw Misty and grabbed her. I chased him and when I caught up with him , he kicked me in the shin. A while later, a man and a woman jumped out of the closet, grabbed me and tried to tie me up. Fighting, I managed to escape. I finally figured that I was in the house of mysteries. I told Misty that we should get out of there. Just as we were going, something funny happened. Misty began to talk and I began to bark. A few minutes passed and then Misty began to meow like a cat and I began to speak French. Before anything else strange happened, we decided to get out of there as quickly as possible and go home. Scott Richmond 5 On the dark June night the moon made the galleon appear as a shimmering ghost-ship cutting through the blue waves of the sea. The roar of cannons broke the serenity of the scene, and the British man-O ' -war sped into view. The smugglers ' ship returned fire. Battle raged between the two huge vessels. They fired upon one another for several hours until the British ship slipped under the waves and disappeared as if it had never existed. The rum-runners sailed into their secret cove, unloaded their cargo and put out to sea again. Mike Toomey 8 This page sponsored by Wilson-Lorimer, Chev Olds dealer, Fenelon Falls, 45 LE HEROS By ' XesSy E r es C ' est le 5 mai. Charlie Brown est dans un grand magasin. Charlie Brown regarde un chapeau bleu. II adore le chapeau bleu. Ah! Charlie Brown regarde un voleur. II porte une masque, des gants noirs, et il a un grand sac a la main droite. Charlie regard , un telephone. II telephone a la police. L agent de police arrive au magasin. Elle regarde le voleur. " Comment vous appelez-vous? " C ' est Danny Leduc!! Oh-la-laM Danny Leduc vient a la station de police. Charlie Brown, il est un heros. 46 Le voleur visite un grand magaein. II porte uiae jupe et une masque. Le voleur prend son revolver. " Leve les mains! ! ' • BOOM!!! SPLAT!!!! Les agents de police chassent l ' auto. Les agents de police tuent enfin le voleur. 47 I Wish I wish I were a wolf because I could go into the chicken coop and get all the chickens I wanted. I would go back to my cave and eat. When I was dun I would viset my cuson the ciotey. When I was tired I would go back to my cave and rest. And then I would eat. But I wish the hummanse would not kill me. (grade 1 spelling) Anita Robins 1 I Wish I wish I were a dog because I would have a master and I would love him very much. I would run in the fields with him. I would eat birds and I would run after them too. I would scare away other dogs if they came around. I would roll over and get a cookie and I would be very tame. I would do anything my master said I would have to do. I would be a she and have puppies. I would be brown and white so my puppies would be brown and white. That is why I would like to be a dog. Tammy Jones 2 I am a little snowflake. I fell from the sky. I landed on the car. Windshield wipers swept me off. Some one stepped on me. Trevor Shea 1 Springtime The birds are singing in the trees The hives are full of buzzing bees, The crickets are all starting to sing I ' m so happy it ' s almost spring. Ross Aid en 4- I am a little snowflake. I fell from the clouds. I landed on some ice. A girl skated right over me, Then she pushed me off. Barbie Austin 1 Soccer gaining confidence, shot, hit post, losing, play hard, goal! tie. Danny Whitaker 6 Today Today is not yesterday you know. I like today because I got a high mark. I got it on my project. I like today. I don ' t like all todays. I really like this one. Jeff Forsyth 5 48 There was an old bat with a hat, Boy, was she ever fat! She was a riot, so she went on a diet, That poor old " bat with a hat. Cindy Coppins 5 PUPPY Playing, Kipping, Funny, Licking, Jumping, Hopping, Yipping, Tiny, FUPPY! Stacey Norris WAR War Is time, V asted time, It ' s time to fight And not to he killed And try to win, Vin the war! Conquer, War. Kevin Burnett 5 The Eagle It soared, it flew, it filled Without any problems, withour It dived, it climbed, it dove It killed, it rested, without The hunter, he saw it - shot And now that poor eagle can ' t Mike Wood 8 SNOW Snow is whiter than rice Snow is nice Snow is soft But so cold I started to covigh. Leighellen Atkin 3 LAPPS Lapps Live in Snow all year They use the snow- Mobiles to round up Reindeer to eat. They dress in Red, blue, Gold. Angie Callaghan 5 the air any care at the ground making a sound, once and then twice kill any mice. Sadness I had known him as long as I could remember. He showed me how to ride my bike when I was little. As I got older, he got older. We used to go fishing and he would lose all the fish he had on his line, so we usually went home with none. One day he had a heart attack and passed away. Everybody was sorry because he was so nice and so quiet but only I knew he was really noisy. r , -n , . J J Dave Robinson 8 49 HOT DOGS ' Twas the hour before lunch, When all through the school The Odor of hot dogs Made everyone drool. The hot dcgs were stacked In the buckets with care The kids were all hoping They soon would be there. Announcements soon come The Health Hustle was next, It was taking so long Everyone was quite vexed. A knock at the door, A roar and a cheer, It now was apparent The hot dogs were here. On mustard, on ketchup, On relish and all, If you eat them too fast You ' ll throw up in the hall. At least they ' re all finished, Each weiner and bun. They sure were delicious And we had lots of fun. Room 104 - Mr. Allen SNOW As I walked I saw, The soft white snow on the ground Glistening softly. Leslie Cronkwright 5 The Boy There was a young boy on the bus, Who always kicked up a big fuss, The Patrol came along, He ' s singing a song, And threw him out in the slush. Da nny McNish 6 The- Wolf While the wolf hunts, Out comes his howl, Like the hoot of an owl, for his howl means he ' s out on the prowl . Barbie Gar ton 6 50 On Sunday- Dad arid I went to get our Christmas tree. We had trouble getting it into the house so my Dad had to cut the tree and we had trouble getting the star up on top. Jennifer Gray On Sunday Dad and I went to get our Christmas tree. First we had to look around for a good tree. When " we got a good tree, my dad . thought it was so we took it back to the house to decorate it When we finished, it looked nice. " " Cevin Worsley 3 Spring is here Birds are chirping, Grass is growing, Snow is melting, And it ' s stopped snowing! Melissa Dixon 4- The Last Days Crucify him, he ' s a sinner, The hostile crowd mocked this king, He died for us on Calvary. The tomb was dark, the guard stood silent, Jesus Christ has risen on Easter. David Hopper 8 51 52 litho r Friesen feartoooks AITONA MANITOBA 12 24 2008 154296 3 57 00

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