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1 Q5 THE 1976 BULLDOG l Felt ' 'Felt High Oklahoma School Dedication Introduction Bulldog Staff Administration A Service Staff Seniors juniors Sophomores Freshmen Second semester and Foreign Exchange Elementary Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Second Grade First Grade Kindergarten Activities ontents High School Cheerleaders Basketball Homecoming Grade Basketball Rodeo Club Senior 4-H junior 4-H Christmas Program junior and Senior Trip Advertising Conclusion 102 F 'il V4 5 S Miglia time .V,t,,,t jt, sll C F j s lss C , X4 l We Dedicate Uur 1976 Bulldog To The People WhoHelped p Keep Felt High School . . . - 'gi In Greatest Appreciation to the families Whio shared their homes ith many young people Sothey could attend Felt High School. ' ,4 LJQ: - 4 -Q T The Spirit of '76 Is . . for Everyone F.HS. The Spirit of '76 Is . . Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Ilappiness We Must Have Freedom D Of. o Speech Press Religion To Maintain a Good Education Bulldog Staff Billy Boyd, Editor Denise Boydstun, Asst. Editor Kerry Lindly, Sales Mgr. Shari Woosley, Asst. Sales Mgr. Cindy Woosley, Layout Editor Cheryl Ogle, Asst. Layout Editor Alan Schnaufer, Photographer Tammi Myers, Asst. Photographer Elizabeth May, Sponsor sri! Leonard Beason Ronald Murphey Duane Lindly Superintendent Principal Grade School Principal Office Practice K-8 P.E. 5 and 6 Grades Drivers Ed. 84 Safety lr. High and H.S. Coach 2 it Kathy Beason Betty Foreman Elizabeth May Am. History English I, ll, lll land 2 Grades Biology 7 and 8 English Annual Sponsor Okla. History and Civics Speech l, ll Freshman Sponsor if V Otha McDaniel john Montgomery Rickie Ritthaler 3and4Grades AlgebraI,ll Home Ec.I, lI,llI General Science 7 and 8 Social Studies 7 and 8 Science Grade Music 7 and 8 Math 7 and 8 Sponsor Senior Sponsor l 4 Steven Roach Roberta Thorstenberg Margaret Woodard Welding l, Il Business English Reading Drafting l,ll Typing l, ll Library Woodworking l, ll Bookkeeping Kindergarten Arts and Crafts Business Law and Math Study Hall Shorthand lUVIi0V SDOHSOV junior Sponsor sam W -,, 56 2 X 14 Service Staff joanne Wallis, Secretary Marlene Brown, lst Sem. Cook Bus Drivers: Steve Roach Ronald Murphey Duane Lindly Harold Smith Extra Help: Blaine Boydstun Cindy Woosley Mary Sewell, Cook Wanda Smith, Cook Harold Smith, Custodian Mr. Montgomery lVIr. Nlurphey Senior Sponsor Senior Sponsor H.S. Principal If YOU THINK you are beaten, you are. If YOU THINK you dare no you don't. If you like to win but It is almost certain you won't. IF YOU THINK you'lI lose, you,re lost. For out in the world, we find, Success begins with a feIlow'swiIl. lt's all in the STATE OF MIND. Larry Ames june 24,1957 FFA Ig Rodeo Club 2,45 Play 2 16 YOU THINK you can't, Alan Blakely March 10, T958 Basketball 1,2,3,43 4-H 1,2 3 4 FFA 1 Class Off. 1gPIay 3. Billy Boyd Nov. 9,1958 Candidate 3,43 Basketball ,2,3,43 All COl'lf.j Lettermans Club 43 Okla. Honor Society 33 Volleyball ,2,3,43 Track 13 Swimming 23 Rodeo 33 4-H 1,2,33 State Roundup 1,23 Play 33 Annual Staff 3,43 Class 1,2,3 LaWanna Reese April 10,1957 Pep Club 1,2,33 Pep Club Officer 33 Choir 1,23 Class Officer 33 Rodeo Club 2,33 Play 33 Teacher's Aid 4 Mike Duncan Vice-Pres. Aug. 22,1958 Basketball 4, Play 33 Speech Contest 33 4-H 3,43 Class Officer 43 Homecoming King 4 Alan Schnaufer President Sept. 16, 1958 Basketball 13 Volleyball 13 Track 13 4-H 1,2,3,43 4-H Regional 3,43 State 4-H Roundup 1,23 Annual Staff 3,43 Letter- mans Club 3,43 Speech Tournament 3,43 Regional Speech Qualify 3,43 Teacher,s Aid 43 Washington D.C. Citizenship Shortcourse 33 Class Officer 2,3,43 Play 33 Basketball Manager 1,2,3,4 l Kerry Lindly May 1,1958 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Lettermens Club 'l,2,3,4j Class Officer 23 Play 33 Annual Staff 3,43 Valentine Candidate 13 Home- coming Candidate 2,3,43 All Conference 3 Cindy Woosley Secretary lan. 7, 1958 Homecoming Candidate 33 Homecoming Queen 43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Letterman 3,43 Okla. Honor Society 33 Volleyball 2,33 Pep Club 2,33 Track 1,2,33 Swim- ming 13 Rodeo Club 314-H 1,2,33 Cheer- leader 1,2,33 Student Council 13 Speech Tournament 33 lr. Play 33 Annual Staff 3,43 Class Officer 3,4. 17 6-24-57 But Ma . . .I Pose??? 6-24 57 1-7-58 Sure... l'm 21 PFD at if ---- "Ya mean I gotta eat this... ??? 5-1-58 9-16-58 8-22-58 Dol have to Mommy????? Hic! Pop a top Again .... Ohl1B0y am I ever Sick!!! 4-15-57 3-10-58 11-9-58 Ya wanna see my puppy????? A steak with all the trimmings please... Who says l'm too younglllll Senior Class Prophecy As we look at the future of the class of 76, we see Alan S. standing at the podium giving his "Inaugural Address." As we tune in on what he is saying, we hear. . ."Where's your ears Pa? Don't ya ever hear me?" Moving right along, we see Billy making another 2 pts. for the LA Lakers and getting another rebound and ...looking up into the stands, we see his loyal and faithful wife, Cindy cheering him on. As the game ends we hear her say, "Bill jr. you watch your brothers and sisters while I round up the rest of the kids. Mary, Mike, Ruth, jason, Ralph, Ronnie, Patty, joe, Rita, james, you kids get up here right now or you're going to walk homelI!" Moving to the NFR National finals, we see Mike D. riding another bull trying for that championship money. Ouch, Oh, Pain! Ouchl My, there he goes, right on the head this time. My, my Mike has grown up since we last saw him, wait. . .Hey . . .don't cry Mike you can try again, Mike, Mike... Now we see the Twins Tobacco Farms. Owned by none other than Larry and Garry Ames. My have they ever done well in their business! Workers all over the place, and above all this are supervisors. Oh, who could it be behind those Foster Grants? Why its Mr. Garry Ames himself and here comes his brother Larry with a pretty little Dalhart Girl. How times do change! What's that bright red object on the horizon? O dear! look out you tobacco farmers, its Lawanna Reese, lalias Barneyl the Undercover Getting-Rid of Tobacco Chewers Woman. She's a devil in that little red go-getter wagon. When asked what her hobbies are, she always answers, "Taking care of my hubby Bob." Looking in the GUINNES WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS we see Kerry Lindly's name listed as the only man to put his mouth around a four inch water glass. When asked what his next feat would be, he casually replied, "A five-gallon bucket, of course." You'll never believe, Mike Stone is now a General in the Army. When asked what a general does he said, "Well you see, I am the only soldier in the army who has a special job like this one. Every morning at 5:30, I stand on top of the barracks and yell, Troops, fall out!" Yes, Mike I'm sure they fall out when they hear your big mou. . ., I mean your ferocious command. That accounts for all of our great seniors except the one and only Alan Blakely lAlias, Black Bartl. No one will ever forget Bart, but no one will ever be able to figure out what he will ever do!!! Class Will I, Mike D., will my sense of humor to Miss Thorstenberg. Hope she uses it. I, Alan B., will my blue eyes to Eva and Denise. Burn You! I, Billy, will my tennis shoes to Lane. Give him 2 yrs. and they'II fit fine. I, Alan S., will my curly hair to Tammi. Won't that look just great? I, Garry, will my moustache and beard to Cheryl G. I know she'lI just love it. I, LaWanna, will my married life to Cindy. Good luck, You're gonna need it. I, Larry, will Garry to Cheryl Green. Hope she has fun with him. I, Mike S., will my mouth to Cheryl Ogle. I'm tired of it. I, Cindy, will my ability to act like I know what's going on, to Denise. Good luck! I, Kerry, will my history grades to Blaine. lt's about time he had some good grades! Our Senlor Splrzz' Mike Duncan-Vice-Pres. Cindy WoosIeyfSec. Alan Schnaufer-Pres. . g .W - 6 S Q5 V . L. Ii 'ww Q..w.......,,,N.Mm-Mb. , , , A ..,LL , " 20 just being ou rselves-that's what we like best. , ' E I 1 f Q , . ,N l :En ' AE! fe i-A ci 22 i z 21 .Q X 2 , ,,.x 5 6 M: 'an 43 E 5 if was W Vg, - :mfs ,,... ,, H 'Q 21 'ZW' N" W. ,,. , ,. fz Q, , 'M ,S Q., ,ap 'Hia oydstun Daniel etcalf yers The Spirit of 976 . . Looking Forward To Uur Senior Year Cheryl Ogle Mike Stone johnny Walkup Kenny joe Warner Kenny Warner-President Shari Woosley-Secretary Mike Stone-Vice-Pres. Lynn Ram mage Eva Wills Shari Woosl Tommy Ames-Moor IVlan's Feeds Dalhart, Texas , :5Er:ri555i?f?55?55i5fiE5E?E5 I " 5: l 3 A:::,f Ezgzii X :AA J Eziziz giigififiifiifiiii5252215 ff ., ..... -,.':4:4:,z4,-392-2-5 :-5-Mg:-::,.-. ...... H 4.M.-,:A-1...::.,:-:-:-7-.vw-----4 - .. .. .'4' 4.4.A I H ,,,..,... .. . , ..... .,.... ,. 9, .... . . ,, ,., .. - , .-. .v,:,-.-I-IfZ'bI-D-I-I-1--Z"-.'Z'I'!-I-2-2-2-'-,-C-14+ :-:4:42:g2:1::Ezf1:-:1:Zqs-2:55142:af::s3r:2:2s:rss5:2f2:2-'11':r22:51:2f:2:2:k1:r " " " " .... - .---J:-,-mz-,:-:-23Ei1Ei2ErE1E1EfE5E ,-,A+:,:,,4.3.3.gqmczzgzg:5535-','5:5:5125:3:S:??S:f:Q:f:2S:i:5:f:i:'f3::3:Z?:Z1:3:1:3i: 4 ,f.,55E52E5555::,:,g ,,,.,sgagsgsgfgs:sgsgsgsgm :s:s:s:szz ,, ..,f:e:s.:.1.: 1:211135gage5sgsgsgsz:se:ze:::f:f ., , za-:-:4:24:I:l:4 '::QS:2:22-1IEE-ai:ks:rs!IEE2522:5:22E:Sri:5:afbf-5:Q:rE1:rErEr -1-W: ...E:2rE3E1BErErEr,-.-.- 535:gg:gg:1:3125555553515251-1-55152rE5rE:E:Scsi2556:315212515152535515ErE2:E"ZfsEr5:32Ee:1":"E'12f2G-':z""F'Y:2 'iigir-E597 -.-.-:553555E525EiE52555:555:1:3:E 5515555555235 flffifrfii':'5'f'?1'A"'5' """""' ' " " gg4pf4,:5gg:52:5:g:z3g:15:31141:ff6E:af:i?Ezf:1:r:z2::3:E 1515:5535:z5:1:z1:1:1:f:2:2: ':':': 2-1+ 2:12512:s:aizzi2fk2:2:s:z-f-2- :5:z:5:s:z:1 1 f , .,,,, .w.'.A: -' , ,A ,4 22 A ,A , ,,A, ,,.,gpg:33:E1:3:rm5:z1:24r-Pwr:-Fr:I:-:fs-295-'-FszarfszraW-9 "112'f1ZF'f'f'f'2f" , .W ,Wm 44 ' . V ,.,,:i+.-.-.'.-.H-:-1-H "4-'15 ' oi'f37,4P'Af:,gy5 55 444,49 .......,. W I I fy J A .f.5::::::...f:::::-1-22: --'54--m'??gfW U" PM I , ' A ,. .... -.-.,,4.-:-:-:f-:rr-fr' .... f ' 53' ,i ,4on,,.,Ak.,,,4,5g:gf:.-.:s:s:s:f-mais?-1 f fxxs? J rrv oyd Boydstun Burrow The Spirit of 76 Means . . . Another Step Toward the Future W .Lu 5 5 , 6. ,Q 7 f f, 19 -1' X mink M IWW Charles Coble Cheryl Green Dennis Fletcher Terri Koonce 'OW oydstun-Secretaryg Victor Williams-Vice-Presidentg Clint Boyd julie McGill Scott MclVIenamy Lanny McNatt Bobby May , af V f' ,. Scotty Murdock Lori Shumski Ottinger Eric Smith Sandy Thrash Victor Wiliams Trembly s City Drug Cl?1Yt0Vl, New Mexico Clayton, New Mexico 1YLgh Skhool fhuqps 'K' Q l f"""s, 5 , jf ff 1 I it -1 4- ,, -" r :- I , .4 . .. . 5325:2:f:5:2:5:1:':25:I:2:!:Z:1-!-525522:-:::::f:f:tQ:5:2I:I5:1:1:P -:::gg:gg15:5:5255215:5:rs:iEEar3612121243::33Er5E1ErE1ErEfE: ,g:5-If:-I5-55-.51-:-:r:-131513zfiizfaiziif'-:Ii+5:f5'Z'5I-3-2-:5'- ,4452115294-.-I-.42-I-I-:-I-.-'-:f-1-:-I-'4:-'fuk-:l:1:3:f4:l+7:f Z4-I-I-Q-37.47242-:A - ,, . ff. .. Pj, V' .- -, H495- :,. 514,-2' 1553.2 -,,-4.-Q,-cg , Af- f 5 f jgffffwf 535 kFkP dySh Ld f S IyVP 5 x 9 A . tis, , Theresa BHKCY Shirley Cryer Alan F The Spirit of 976 . . A Promise o Tomorrow A ffl TW? QM brrw g David Dunn f2nd Sem.j Mark Funk Lane Lindly 4 E. fe Rodney Lupe uddy Schnaufer Second Semester Sc Foreign Exchange Students Andrea Basil Campos is a Foreign Exchange Student here at Felt School for the last semester. She is living with Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reagan. Andrea is from Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Marta Sanchez's home is in Colombia. She finished her schooling in Colombia, but is now enrolled here at Felt as a Foreign Exchange Student. She is residing in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Murdock. 'ue A- 3 , i v Andrea Campos ..,.. h V,., ,. ,, ...,,.. ! 'Et : Q iw if I : - 1 4:21,-efgeesigze l 'ii sf YR f . Wif e Marta Sanch ez .M -i ,, ,ug guy nite 1--.f,m,,,,f-H , 4 if Mlifffiif1ie1.,.f1.:?m l I if-,,,,f,,i,,-..,1 , w if 4 - 9555 t M5 K 1 T r- . ,, f, f ,w ew A , sszeuazizfa--s ...: - -f ,.,. W , r W' 'R S g " fr!!-4 fe 'J'- .. ff W ,ij as W " 'W' ' 'fl' 1' 1 I js i, 2 4 Q .fn V: V, ls , i . ,,: 3. ,, A , M -H, ,Aa Ag QF W a ,L f gm 'ap' Qandlbi-Q ' gr e.. .ff i T I .ea . 3- .Q if Q? U' 9 , - 8th grade 8th grade 7th grade 6th grade 3rd grade Laura Dunn janet Ventras Diane Dunn jason Smith Misty Dunn at n eg-, ,,.. zfztfef a. 4 ' H 1 f' ' "'r if ' . - V i ,, ,- lif'ff7.9Z-'-':'vk- F Q' i' 1' 'fl 'I g:'f"iff'j15f7r?'t,fflYU Q ,, I I gif ,ff H25 , 5':-'EEF' 'tx 1, , . .t tf 1 2 I ng ff 1 f - 3 .ii '- wir 9' 'i sestlstsigfii-ffifiwwitiffgelite,lizi,,sssExs2zjmtfrQ' '1f2112151:lil5i3lii"fAmQiacgi 1 A 'i r 4 ' 1 -f .. 5 K. . K ,K I K S.: I N ., K f, :f .Stl 1i?J :.5.'5'E,4vh.' f .i " if 1' 1' - t -f 'fflii W Va l' Hill:-i, F if il .i if of - i '- H , ' A i"' I- lst grade 3rd grade 3rd grade ffh grade 5th grade Charri Moore Devia Moore Danetta Bressler Mike BrBSSl6r Mark BFCSSICI' 56 Eigh do th Gro The Spirit of 976 For Us Is the Promise of High School Seventh Grade Cheryl Smith Dara Thrash 3 Troy Baker Wesley Coats Tammi Koonce Lou Anne McNatt Clay Myers Billy May 0. K In Q, ,. W, . li if .L S' 14 'ral '- lsfeil Tracy Coble Marla Lindly Sixth Grade will Duane Smith 'V Shane Thrash Budd Whitney 40 Su"'uu Fifth Grade Rafaela Ramos jeffrey Funk juana Martinez Kelly May Kelley Myers Gloria Olivas Clint Ogle Doug Boyd Valerie Camilli Lloyd Coble Susan Gordon Tracy Kuehler Dajuana Lindly Paula May Danny Messick Raudel Ramos r N Fourth Grade Bradley Schnaufer ' Michelle Werner :NW ! e , RQ mg 5 b,,a lx hird Grade Ann Fain Lynn Fain Donna Messick janita Montgomery Consuelo Olivas Frankie Olivas Rene Ramos Paul Smith Sherri Werner ua Second Grade i f' rra If X A l raeeaaear Denise Boyd Cody Camilli Tally Reagan First Grade r vw, X K x gf Jana Funk Wade Kuehler Deborah Lipe "gk j va .-. in .. 'Nuff 4 A' VLWE W 4 Arlene Perky Raphael Ramos Uriel Ramos Tara Thrash ARNETT MOTORS Clayton New Mexico Kindergarten Dustin Colborn Carolyn Brown john Fain, jr. Brian Foreman Michelle Lindly Christopher May Casey Murdock lsidro Olivas Eric Werner Alinda White COX FARM EQUIPMENT Boise City, Oklahoma Grade Snaps High School Cheerleaders Terri Koonce Cheryl Green Theresa Baker Lori Shu mski CIMIVIARRON LUIVIBER Boise City, Oklahoma Hn., '75 Girls' Basketball 9 Theresa Baker Shirley Cryer Freshman Freshman F Eflfli 5 '2:s15:Q1.l,v. , ,X wfzlfzzgfl, -. , ,sag Cheryl Green Terri Koonce Sophomore Sophomore ARNETT MOTORS Boise City, Oklahoma Fight. ,, 75 J-I . . y -W" ,N Cheryl Ogle Sandy Thrash junior Sophomore Q . Lfnymhm, Eva Wills Cindy Woosley junior Senior ARNETT MOTORS 50 Boise City,OkIahoma 1975- 976' Boys, Basketball 555 , . Q We 9 B bk l ? l ki? lf' Af 'A A , 1 - .A I ,I I 1 : W g l' f W V I , A , I f 'EF' ia! g 1 aw 2 A A ,, X H , " ' A A , ,-mg,f.!l1 lgxl fly QA'Agfsfwwg,Eg, s?lgl,A, glemll QAM, ,,,: 2 - ,,, f ,I 'M 1,f H W5 .way MSMQJV-15235 3. 1 A -f-V f . . V Q..- Alan Blakely Sr. 6'3" B S d my Boyd Clint Boy rt 5,7W' Soph. 6'lM l s 5: l vi l l , u AA A A .,,g,,:gf-ml gmgqffl ,Ali ,,,5z15lli 22511 f?!71'325ff5?5' Slggafvfwnggkffgif,,g:Ag,5,1,5gg5:, .1 9 R .,., ,,, Q, ,,QP.g,5E, W ev any K ,S W 1-1 ,ff . nl. RMEZ 'iifiiwlw ll 2 ,, ,fre Y, M...l..,H J wwf.. ,.. ui 111 ln, ,M , l as lm nm., ,pw I, , f .. Q af. X ua 1 'all wr A A zz -'zu My Vyl MK jf W ,mgy H, ,l , ,H , l Y W 5 V, .luggagszz ' m1,zfg,,zM. Mei, fL'avzafeziffwrf't1+if,12ffsiA:s1:i:1a. Iywzna S 3 El Bl 3 fl l :rw ra , W 45,2-jg-U, J ,L fjlaiwk lvlwjfef 'E 'll Ailfl-Aw-AQAJ W lf mn ,J if myfyn an all lfwxigdmym re ' ,elf E wwrv4g?'Ygj M? mtv' is K gfglfflmg f- H ll if , m.,n.1'Z A fgAgeV5fe.lfm55:gf mb fi? 1 Fl "5l'0+?v'Zg ig ggi Mais Q5 ,l v ,,, l, .3 DL, ,I 1 Q wi W if rw 5 w4l,n1h!w,ff',f5fan'3vlg,,,x ll 'ww N, nn, u uf. ,an u ,Q lf -w ll 2 l 5 l-,ww 4i3':H"'4A5g lb k K 1 -,alfa ,R 'S .lr ,E bww 4 Www ,HN V, , ,K ll. E QQ B, :- MN 41 A mm ,ill X w qw r W. ,W , 1' Hn atmlgp Q 5 ,W uh 9 Z A l 7315-' ml" v- aw l'..1.-H. :sunk ,, f13Sfiw,l3'4LEps:gl :N l v 'gf' H' H W fm lf H,6.?,lsf-,I nm A F 'M wwf i .M Blaine Boydstun Soph. 6'1" 52 Fl-FU' ybyy .1 All-M-""w"Sf'l', 'A' J .my 2 HM lf 5 5 'mf' fy wffffiiHES?!E5!i:i1l'::v5,,.A'2W2 Ef1!2?f2"'l..ffe :ffeE5iiii,lw:1A22,,.'f ' Nw P ,-1' 3. ,. 1 film' wi W"'hh" all I A W Www A Jfif FAAAA-35 bb" AMA U s 2 lv 5 w,.,.,, mf img' ,M gffl A 'P f, ,,,. 5 'I W,,,,f,l l ilgw u ag. ':jff'k?9g,j,'Wiw L"'- wjfl, ll? ' A ,T5 W r 'f"'i,""f ll' fl: A , A LA ,a.wf,,.,' mm 1 l 1 maympawwlpf1'A-::'fAslM.fffN Afu-.fgw ,I ..., , A A A 1 ef ' 1: K A , V-A wM..,.,f2: ' ,, , ,w w Q Qil ixml me Charles Coble Soph. 5'5" Mike Duncan Sr. 5'6" Go Bulldogs. K 1 wa Mi A N .,,N5,.,NN.., ,,,. .NNN ,N..:N,N:,N. , N f,, .,x m, ., , ,.fr--,Ui i f -ff..,.4 -f JH "' . 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K H 3z.,z',yNw 1' 1 ,H T1 g Eu-".:.+fw1' 'K pg, .,-we A 15 21 -:,NyE,w. mar N-mg. ,sigMil52isF550? zN22'L.',tff'v5 KN? i iii 5 i s ,K 'SNifinf'3i5323gffgggf2gg35,yev f um , gs Q Kerry Lindly Lane Lindly Bobby May Sr. 6' Fresh. 5'2W' Soph. 5'9W' M1 I9 . 4 A ,Ngg N , ,,.. W: 'I 5,51 5735 fffgw , r f ,. .W ,..... A V,-, Q N, fm ptr ,f Q . N ff! . 3 ,. 4 , . N, 3 Z f ' if,-N I '. ff' + ,EGR ,Q N eg U 'N, ' fe .' 2' :. W .,, ,-.. -, . :rw L J" gi aa , 'if3' 3l'fff 2 ' ' arf' ,,, N.,i,,fn av, --3,3,li14f m,ffN5flA'ggf'1.9 vmifg- 51zNgg:"a212,A5N,5sQe!4N Ngf2:s-,gfgg smswefsizffie,ff2f22f5r stdin9swraf22,ii,rifiEs5 ,. ,.isf:f2s,Mi,gsfiffiififix?4iIi5!15zfyag NNI 5 w ..fQfW:iQ2i,'1?Hl3kiQfr N NNNNN NNNNN ,r,, ,.,,,., V vw" W - ' ,1g,,,w,i:a,,g2vn, g, r ' rf'f.?i3iELE,'s""a'S ' g.:.js,:,,,g5g Z ' .fmHzrieslieiswp gsm 1, Nsqeeffifeggg flf.ff:ii2:- r f5If2if5g!ErzwNiN.2i.5f15 , r fu? 551,fNNEfgN 135 , 'si fi? l 3,1 52 ' Q - w,f1. 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Q P i 1 1 'fwffiffsg 1' ' 'W 5' -' X i W2 ' A E, 1 - 1 fir, , ,A Uri, 1 . ,f M, 4.1 .1 . 1 w if' V V ,, , - ,,!,,,'., ..f5, ' 'gfmyzffgf1:M,gff.ff , ,sffxf-ww f, rw ,..,., f, ., affw,ff,refieiersmyzielwsWgggffisgfmr3 ff5::f:,:,.gf,,'-1 a2y!v:Pff15,gfqfvzan f,,,,,r,,,,, Zsxmfiy .,,,,,,r.,,M,,kg,,, . ., ,,,W, ,,.,,,,,..,,,M,,.:M,,. .,g,,,,,5,,:.,,,,r,.,,,,, 'ffm,VW,1,m,,f,,M,m,1f,.v Garry Ames Dennis Fletcher P.E. P,E. Alan Floyd P.E. Homecoming 1976 King and ueen fllilce Duncan and Cind Woosley Girls Basketball Candidates Boys Basketball Candidates Lettermans Club Candidates Terri Koonce and KCFFY UYICUY Cindy Woosley and Bill Boyd Cheryl Green and Mike Duncan Rodeo Club Candidates Flower bearer: Sherry Murphey 1975 King: Eva Wills and Buddy Schnaufer Crown bearer: Bryce Boydstun Kenny Warner Junior High Basketball ack Row: Diane Dunn, LuAnn McNatt, Laura Dunn, Tammi Koonce, Sharon Lipe, Tammy McNatt, Nan Foreman, Cynthia Ogle, janet entris. Front Row: Raphaela Ramos, Dara Thrash, Tracey Coble, Gloria Olivas, juana Martinez, Marla Lindly, Cheryl Smith, Kelley Myers, oach Murphey. , Y, . k it i,,l F M T T C 2 1 l C aite - rse he C Q C, . V 2,,, ,y - .,,. .rir - , 5 . 5 7L:WLA K , . W LAX 1, . . 3 . , X I , A it I it ' is of 1 Q- C l so lli F s l N Ig F . .,,, o ..f- o , n , fl 1 r i ' 5 elr C . if 5' LV , I Y ,:,b-, ,A Q K X I 1 .,,, S , K kgitz ,s,a , .. .a..,. l:1. 1 .,..,,. . ...,. . I ENE i i i i 6' at f l . ,nf-Q l K:-I .V Qisbler it 2 .fx s -2'. 'V 5 . tll,s ' T M F l e.,l Q, ,., , f il la,.1 or ' f rif e.,ll Row: Mike Duncan-Aid, Troy Baker, Wesley Coats, Clay Myers, Todd Thrash, Billy May, Coach Murphey, Middle Row: Budd Whitney Smith, jeff Funk, Danny Bass, Brad Thrash, Donny Messick, Front Row: jason Smith, Kelly May, Shane Thrash, Clint Ogle. Grade P. E. and Cheerleaders Back Row: Tracy Kuehler Brad Schnaufer Doug Boyd Paula May Valerie Camilli Raudel Ramos Danny Messick Shelley Werner Daluana Lindly First Row: janita Montgomery Lloyd Coble Ann Fain Lynn Fain Marla Cheryl l Nan F4 lana Funk Tara Thrash Denise Boyd Cody Camilli Udiel Ramos Arlene Perky Debbie Lipe Middle Row: Susie Gordon Frankie Olivas Sherri Werner Misty Dunn Paul Smith Consuelo Olivas Donna Messick Rene Ramos Rodeo Club Senior 4-H wg, iff' Sandy's Demonstration Back Row: Mike Duncan, Kenny Warner, Scotty Murdock, Clint Boyd, Dennis Alan Floyd, Middle Row: Alan Schnaufer, Victor Williams, Theresa Baker, Cheryl Nan Foreman, Sandy Thrash, Clay Myers, Troy Bakery Front Row: D.D. Dunn Dunn, Tam mi Koonce, Wesley Coats, Danny Bass, Brad Thrash, Donnie Messick. Bicentennial skit "Dust" Alan Blakley-Game leader, Kenny Warner-President, At Share-the-Fun By Alan Schnaufer Green-Vice President, Nan Foreman-Secretary, Theresa 60 Song Leader lAlan Schnaufer-Reporteri MR. 84 MRS. CECIL MYERS Felt, Oklahoma Junior 4-H Tracey Kuehler-Reporter Kelley Myers-Vice President Marla Lindly-Game Leader jeff Funk-Secretary Shane Thrash-Song Leader Budd Whitney-President '11 Tracey Kuehler Paula May Kelley Myers Marla Lindly jeff Funk Budd Whitney Duane Smith Valerie Camilli Susie Gordon Doug Boyd Bradley Schnaufer Danny Messick Shane Thrash Left: Ferrell Smith Karen Dewitt Pat Myers B ETTY MAN ESS Felt, Oklahoma . 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"ir 61 fl, Christmas Program TOMMY AMES MOOR MAN'S FEEDS THE FABRIC MART Dalhart, Texas Dalhart, Texas .funior and Senior Trip 1975 Lake Tenlciller Fin and Feather Lodge .-it-migoof. AQ4wa h Ok, A77 My my M , M 31,1 8 x3kYN 'Q S Q9 W If CBM 7 'Q -if ' ' X - fs' WE? QQQ 0 QQ 61 vffwjg , X N X X X E X X wx X Wwxw X ww Wwxxx QxwmwwXxwxk Www BOISE CITY OKLAHOMA I I 5 1 ' eg!! xi" M f is 'W' 10 ' k ,..... S iv . 4 ' 5 I 3 . P 1 n of I all o " - X N y p r . six Q ' A ' ' sN W ' Ns ' ina Q 2 0 X e X' A 6 W f"N . " e Xf' Y , I X Q X. x X ' . , - A ' QL . K. fx ' V ' ' Y f E- I , ' xx S ' J ' X r' V X I Q s - 3 ' x 1 Q ' X X ' wx " x 3 V. qx NN . X . 9 I Q - ' Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 BONNIE D. JAMES HAZEL REED Clayton, New Mexico 88415 MAX DUNCAN R. W. ISAACS HARDWARE SANDY'S PRESS BERNEYE RAUDEL 1x:"' .- A 'sn -F Dalhart, Texas 79022 DAIRY QUEEN HUTTONS T. V. 81 APP. RITA BLANCA STUDIO Felt, Oklahoma 73937 BILL BOYDSTUN BILLY PIT1'MAN J. B. MCMENAMY , if . Q f . .f,',l5 - ' ,T - I Tl ' , .,, I Q WP Ag .K Q "lu-oxvsung. T' - Here Coffzepf olse Cnty Oklahoma 73933 B Bartlett and Co Gram an Fertrllzer Boise Clty Oklahoma Bolse Clty Feed and Gram Dean Wilson Boise Cnty Oklahoma Bolse Cnty Body Shop We appreclate your buslness Bolse Cnty Oklahoma Bourk Hardware llm Bourk Hardware 81 Appliances Boise Cuty Oklahoma TRUCKS ales and erv Bone Cry Okla 73933 405 544 2421 CHARLES HAWKINS Gzmarron cgntzgue Shop P O BOX 492 BOlSE CITY OKLAHOMA 73933 EARL. 8: GLADYS BOVVLUS Clty Auto Parts Phone 544 2594 Boise Crty Oklahoma Compton Photography Gary Compton Boise Cnty Oklahoma Custom Engine Rebulldlng an Weldmg Garland Moore Boise Cnty Oklahoma The Famous D 81 J Drlve Inn 544 2973 Bolse Cnty Oklahoma I I I I I d . . , 1 1 I I I . . I , U ' 'Ce NORTH CIMARRON AVENUE Q 1 I . . , 1 1 I I I I I d ' I I Q - H U - Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 Ellard Oil Company Five States Chev. PHILLIPS and 0ldS. CO. Chevrolet-Olds Sales Phone: 544-2521 Boise City, Oklahoma Boise City, Oklahoma I compii-imnfgi f HBH 0 . N ' Ford-Mercury Tip L- D- EUH19 544-2232 . X-l D. D. S- Boise City, Oklahoma W Bgige City, Oklahoma Looney Drug Co. Love's Country 544-2461 ' " Store f minimum, Your friendly druggist Grcizrles Gasoline JDHLK2 L Boise City, Boise City, Oklahoma Oklahoma ' Microcom Inc. Morrison Florist QCable T. v.y and 544-2424 G Boise City, Oklahoma gcffaehgglg n n Warren B. Berry Northside Mobil Full Service Station wholesale oil-gas-diesel 544-2819 Larry Taylor-Millard Fowler Boise City, Oklahoma Hotel Bo'se City, Oklahoma C y Oki ii 73933 Paul Moses PHIUIPS PHILLIPS B 6 Service C Y Ok' h C y Oki h Red 81 Son s Auto Parts Walker Welding p cyokih cyokih CIMARRON IMPLEMENT CO COLTHARP INSURANCE AGENCY B 5 544 2515 C y ok: h CUSTOM WOODWORKING AND CRAFTS B 4 544 2872 C y oki h Bo' ' I I I ox 99 B ' I Boise it, a oma 5 I Congratulations Seniors of' Sto Anytime U U Boise it, a oma Boise it, a oma l john Deere Sales 84 Service B . . M Jonu uses: Farm Bureau Insurance Life Auto Fire Hail Health etc. 24 Ph : - Boise it, a oma 73 Ph 1 - B . . Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 HANKLA FURNITURE Boise City, Oklahoma HUSTON TIRE SHOP Home Owned and Operated Boise City, Oklahoma 2:1f:1 irl Phone 544 3112 110 N Cimarron Boise City, Oklahoma RON'S TEXACO Phone: 544 3117 Boise City, Oklahoma TEXACO 656 THE STAR LUMBER COMPANY Retail-Lumber-Paint 81 Building Hardware Phone: 544 2212 Boise City, Oklahoma Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 TOWNSMAN MOTEL Box 966 Pl'l0f19-405 544 2506 Boise City Oklahoma 66 TRUCK INN 405 544 9907 Bolse Cnty Oklahoma Wayne 84 Sue s BEN FRANKLIN STORE The Friendly place to shop We Apprecrate your business Borse Crty Oklahoma I - - l I I Boise Cnty, Oklahoma 73933 BOISE CITY FARMER'S COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR Feed-Seed s-G rain N. ise City, Oklah BOISE CITY FARMER'S COOPERATIVE FUEL DIVISION Xl ' I Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 FREEMAN CARPETS IIBY 2 4 Z' eg gan! aw W sl ' Q ll ,K 590 618 Main Street ,Q Phon Boise City, Oklahoma et 405 544 2775 GORE CQNSTRUCTIDN COMPANY Ready Mixed Concrete Sand and Gravel Steel Buildings Boise City, Oklahoma Elkhart, Kansas General Contractor Dirt Moving Road Building 405-544 3101 316-697 2455 Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 Box 578 tiif Z- W 2 , il J ii? ly l llllli i, 1 32223 ki, get xx itil is 5 git .. igfllifllll .i.. 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E , 'iff N J. 1, I-all sw ' 'f ' ii55ll!lEif" 'ffliftf " ,gisgtlixaailx-154 f,1ifli2e:1pi:ii.zi:iS5m ' H J" 405-544-2880 Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 STYLE SHOPPE 405 544 3231 Boise Cnty Oklahoma THE BOISE CITY NEWS FORMERLY THE CIMARRCN NEWS I 'S' ly 41, E 'F ll pg ll l W l ' W -ww l flu 3 may Q 1 'iff 4-1 2 1 f f l ap Q 14514 U, 'lm' , Q ll . 9,512 .wm'v"""" Wellllhllfl 54 'lil fn l'l'1 mn FP .x G RO Q lil Boise Cnty Oklahoma 'Q-M , W ff.: ff'---ees Effie' M fyl- "" .5 me af-, f 4 . aale 3 -f lleo f es-1 . - '-'f ' :ff 512, Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 THOMPSON IMPLEMENT 15 North Munson 405 544 2522 Boise City, Oklahoma 405 544 2777 TOWNSMAN CAFE Operator-Virgil Darby 4 f f , y if ,X I ,. 'sm xx 2 X 'W' 'ct ":- - I-'vi HWY- 64 Boise City, Oklahoma 405 544 3019 B C y okl h 73933 Compliments of BOISE CITY VETERINARY CLINIC Dr. Dicky Hodges FEELIN' LOW ? B Cty oki h f- 3 sX4h Compliments of Q 7 2 J J he I Ls s VINCENT RANCH I I I V Robert Carr Vincent it Iiimtli 1 li ii , UI? iii A "i " "" is ' is Cty oki h B C y Okl h 73933 B 81 J IMPLEMENT CC. Dealer for Allis Chalmers-Ford New Holland Miller Plow 84 Lilliston Cultivator Complete Parts 81 Service Good Luck 405 544 2514 405 544 3216 B C y ok: h Clayton, New Mexico 88415 Compliments of , Cox Farm Cornwall Music Complete Line Equipment Co. of 110 Walnut Street Musical Instruments Phone 374-9123 Cl t , N M ' Eloy Gonzales, owner ay on ew exlco Cummins Rio Grande Deluxe B001 Sales 81 Service and Inc. Saddle Shop Boot and Saddle Repair and Sales- Phone 505-374-8077 120 1!2 Main CLayton, New Mexico Clayton, New Mexico Exxon Service Gmdonls BMV Center Shop 24 hour wrecker service Albuquerque-EI Paso-Clovis 601 S. 1 st. Clayton, New Mexico Clayton, New Mexico Grand Motors I Body 8, Repairs Ivy Nelson Grain eel i n- Shop t Wh mei! 3 Company Wrecker Service Charles Vandervoont Phone 374-2324 Clayton, New Mexico Clayton, New Mexico 5 J. C. Penney's Jean s Beauty Shop The Values are here everyday BEAlllYSll0D ij' '24 Shop our Catalogue Dept. tint 505-374-2523 l - N Clayton, New Mexico ClaYl0"if New Mexico Clayton, New Mexico 88415 Jones 81 Harkins Family Shoes r 0,0 Where the Finest ' itil! Selection of Name Brand .-X . ' 1 Quality Shoes 8: Boots Clayton Propane, Inc. 6 tl are Sold Phone: 278-2821 374-9241 - Des Moines Clayton Clayton, New Mexico Merle Norman Boutique Phone 374-8005 "Where Beauty is our Business Cosmetics-Wigs-Lingerie Clayton, New Mexico Mock Feeders Custom Cattle Feeding Complete Growing 84 Finishing Rations Phone 374-9005 Visitors Welcome Clayton, New Mexico NeIson's Deep Rock Station 81 Cafe Clayton, New Mexico You All Come See Us Palace Beauty Shop 109 South Front and Lois's Fabric Center 107 South Front Clayton, New Mexico Red's Cate Southvafs Finest Drug Shu , , Smiflzsan Dm Stare , Q, I H, The Shore wi F - cll.T:1forllR:sc1Nll4lrlll2o 88415 Clayton, New Mexico Southwestern Electric Cooperative Serving Northwestern N. M. parts of Okla. 84 Texas Clayton, New Mexico Steen's Tots and Teens The Family Store Homer and Minnie joe Steen 12 Main Clayton, New Mexico Clayton, New Mexico 88415 Sunset Motel jerry and loAnn Bowers Phone: 505-374-2589 Clayton, New Mexico vase eg: ' 0 'flflllg 1 ' , oo offtce 222 IS Qlfl'I25tlT1If ,Stuart Clayton, dlldlflzx., gg415 White's Auto Store Tony's Western Wear Clayton, New Mexico Home of Great Value 121 Main Street Dennis Cordova, Mgr. Clayton, New Mexico Wieland Oil Company Clayton, New Mexico Worley Mills, Inc Complete Line of Livestock Ok Feeds Phone 374-2539 Clayton, New Mexico MCCLURE MOTORS AND BIG J PARTS AND SUPPLY Drive Defensively 411 North First Box 206 Clayton, New Mexico We need our customers Phone: 374 9819 N. 0. BRANE CO. INC. Doris Feerer-President N. O. Brane-Vice President Patty Carter-Secretary 14 North 2nd Street Clayton, New Mexico Clayton, New Mexico 88415 THE STAR LUMBER CO. Building Supplies Building Hardware Benjamin Moore Pa t Armstrong Linoleum First and Maple St t Phon 374-2578 Clayton, New Mexico TIMMONS SALES RCA-Whirlpool-Bigelow Furniture, Appliances-Carpet We Trade, Deliver, Service gl Fi a Clayton, New Mexico Phone 505 374 9531 CLAYTON MEDICAL OFFICES Phone 505-374-2533 lllllllllllllllllllfflllllllflllfl A i1 111111 1111 111111111111 1 1111111 81 Clayton, New Mexico 88415 FIRST NATIONAL BANK FREEMAN CARPETS yew ky. . . lf TO GREATER VALUES Clayton, New Mexico 88415 1 THE FARMER'S AND STOCKMEN'S Q BANK OF CLAYTON 4 ! AA, A A AA Member F D. I. C. Box 488 Phone 505 374 2574 Cl yt n, New Mexico D Ih t T S 79022 Albrechfs Becky's Flowers AE Handymart A Top of Underpass jf -U Dalhart, Texas Dalhart, Texas City Drug Store Glover Pharmacy lohnnie Monden, R. Ph., Owner Your Associated Druggist Pharmacy Phone2492121 F Yea'R0Und, S f ty-S ' e-Saving 224 Denrock 301 D rock Dalhartl Texas Dalhart, Texas llllfflfllllffllllflflllllllllllll I K1 1 111 1111 llllllll 1111 1 11111111 Dalhart Texas 79022 Green's Jewelry Ingram FIYIHQ NBII! 05. -5' L I ,f ya avm Bud Green 5-if Dalhart Texas Dalhart Texas Jlm s Shop C, John's Barber Shop KQQMAIUKQ., 314 Denrock Avenue Ph 249 2805 Dalhart Texas lam R Koehler Res Ph 249 5250 BllllBEll SHOP W l Dalhart Texas 141,29 LW,-,f,u,,,4 g,.pg,,.9 Johnsons Ladies Ready To Wear 416 Denrock Dalhart Texas Helen Reese-Dorothy Dewees Phone 249 2196 Klrby Company 406 Denrock Dalhart Texas Ray and Sylvia McAdam McCormick Commodltres Gram and Cattle Futures Dalhart, Texas Mcllroy Furniture nc We appreciate you not only as our customers but also as our Friends and Neighbors Dalhart, Texas Plains Supply Inc. of Dalhart P O Box 961 Dalhart, Texas Porter's Thriftway Highway 87 North Dalhart, Texas I . I 4 - S21- .... -5 ,- , 614' 43: .jay-..A ,l-- .f Y - 4 .1f?gm'lJ! xv. A1 'T ' - , , .r il , , any if asm". ,S 1- ' 9' '5' us 00 -H, . I 1 ' 5 Xi I if ,A X . , vi' I - x . ' - , U . P , I l i , l . I I l I I I I Dal hart, Texas 79022 Rita's Fashions Randy's Surplus City Phone 249-2333 Highway 87 South Dalhart, Texas At Rita's You can always depend on the Latest Fashions. 412 Denrock Dalhart, Texas Service Cleaners 522 Denrock Phone 249-2171 Dalhart, Texas Tague's Texaco Delbert Tague QD Dalhart, Texas Whites Auto Welch Grain Com. Grain Elevators Store Feed Mills 305 Denrock Avenue Box 183 Phone 249-2945 Dalhart, Texas Ph. 249-4517 Dalhart, Texas DAIRY INN Hamburgers, Shakes, Malts 6th and Cherry Dalhart, Texas Dalhart, Texas 79022 Aerial Spraying Q cmd S cl' " Ch rteie mg I BAILEY FLYING SERVICE, INC. Flghtl t A ft R IACK BA LEY BOX 357 -1- PHO- 249-5237 MIKE BAILEY 2451 2952 Municipal Airport 249 5242 DALHART. TEXAS 79022 BARTLETT LUMBER AND HARDWARE Dalhart, Texas BUILDERS SUPPLY Complete Line of Building Materials Phone 249-4647 Dalhart, Texas DALHART ANIMAL HOSPITAL DALHART COCA-COLA BOTTLING CDMPANY Dal hart, Texas I tal Grade Snaps ff ffm Dalhart, Texas 79022 Congratulations Felt High School Seniors DALHART DAILY TEXAN United Press-Leased-Local-Regional-National News Dalhart, Texas DALHART FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN 3,35 AssociATloN In lg I2 immie i m n resi en k g Delnrockpflivinlialeiali 5thdStreet K SY Ivhllllla Daial??TZi2s Dbafgazf JIfIofo'L gina fo. 402 Bsnusz agus. fbafgamf, Usxaa 7 9 O2 2 417 Elm FROSTY DRIVE INN Mr. and Mrs. Brewer All types: Bar-B-Cue, Pizza-Burger Chicken, Shrimp, Cold Drinks Use our Drive-in Window Dalhart, Texas Phone 249-2676 "wasnt vnu Atwnvs suv THE etsr FUR LESS" ' GIISOIPS , . G X , DISCOUNT CENTER Dalhart, Texas Dalhart, Texas 79022 H. W. B. GROCERY COMPANY INC. Wholesale Grocers Phone 806-249 5548 P.O. 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W-A VMJIAQFX A 17 f L i M I V 5 3 M 3fR'Qf5- ' '3 :F P.o. Box seas Phone: f806y 384-2333 .4 T--, - Dalhart, Texas Dalhart Texas 79022 DALHART MACHINE SHOP Welding and General Repair Machine Work-Steel and Pipe Fabrication 401 East Second 806 249 4096 Dalhart, Texas GALLO CONSTRUCTION Good Luck Class of '76 817 Denrock Avenue Dalhart, Texas Dalhart, Texas 79022 JONES FERTILIZER Highway 87 South Dalhart Texas TRIANGLE SUPER MARKET The Friendliest Store In Town We Give Buccaneer Stamps-Double Stamps Wed. Warren Teston and Bob Vogle, Owners Highway 87 South Dalhart, Texas 806 249 5563 Felt, Oklahoma 73937 D. R. BAKER P-A-G Seed Corn Milo D. R Baker Phone 405 426 2452 FELT FEED YARD 3... ani, 4 Box 237 Phone 405 426 2276 Felt, Oklahoma Felt, Oklahoma 73937 PIONEER SEEDS . PIONEERQ Q sEEl5Af:LoRN Hybrid Wheat-H aygrazer 405 426 2466 Felt, Oklahoma Lawrence Funk WHITNEY OIL COMPANY Texnco 65 Maytag Trres 84 Batterles Dayton Trres We Support The Bulldogs Phone: 405-426 2775 Felt, Oklahoma Living Soil Farming This is the most important product, because it brings life to the soil in more abundance, thereby releasing tied-up nutrients that plants have been unable to get from the soil. Due to its catalytic ac- tion it puts life in the spores that have probably been there for years. Where people have been fer- tilizing for years and feel they are not receiving what they should according to the application they are putting on, this helps to make it available to the plants. A Hereford, Texas farmer, with heavily fertilized soil, harvested 70 bu. to the acre as fertilized. Where the activator was applied on ten acres, he averaged 101 bu. per acre. A Lockney, Texas farmer, after applying one gallon to the acre ofMac-T-Vator produced 55 bu. per acre and without the activator he harvested less than 25 bu. per acre, all fertilized the same. A Plains, Kansas farmer, applied Mac-T-Vator to 1f2 circle of corn and none on the other half-cir- cle. He made 187 bu. per acre with the Mac-T-Vator, 144 bu. per acre without. Works equally as well on all crops, depending on what is tied up in the soil. Liquid Humic Acid Humic acids are complex organic molecules that are formed by the breakdown of organic matter. The cells of these humic acids are known as the humates. Humates supply growing plants with food, but they serve in a much more important way to make soils more productive and farming more prof- itable. It increases water holding capacity of solids, soils become more friable. They reduce soil ero- sion. They retain water soluable fertilizers and release them to the growing plants as needed. From the reprint of ECONOMY BOTANY, Vol. 10, No. 2, April-june, 1975: "Use one to two gallons per acre with fertilizers or water, may be applied directly in the row with seed, faster germination and better root systems." A Montrose, Colorado farmer nearly doubled his first cutting of Alfalfa with two gallons per acre. ln Texas, with four gallons per acre an increase of 50 bu. per acre over anhydrous ammonia by itself. NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS McDaniel 81 McDaniel Felt, Oklahoma 73937 Phone: 405-426-2260 Felt, Oklahoma 73937 , Boyd Farm Felt Repair Shop LQ 81 Ranch Earl QFIashj 1 'K Bud Boyd 426-2717 5, Ron Boyd 426-2427 Gordon I ,' Fl,Oklh IIA' et a oma Felt, Oklahoma I Texllne Texas 79087 A8d Parts Center 2i2TZln2OE2?'E5l?J2Lneg Phone: 806-362-4676 You can Bank on A8fl Parts Custom Made Boots Old Bank Building Wayne and Mary Lou Wilson Mike KEY, MSF- Phone: 806-362-4876 Texline, Texas Texline, Texas Dud Ie 's , y I McCarty Grocery a Owner: Carl McCarty Best Buy in Town Dro in to see Office 806-362 4231 US Sometime Res. 806 362 4863 Texlme' Texas Texline, Texas ine Feed Nash Drug Tex'M,H Beauty Salon I S Drugs and Snack-bar leffv Loblelf' Mgr' Lois Nash Custona Grinding Phone: 806-362-4296 M'X"'SFnd Texline, Texas P'jeHet'ng Texlme, Texas 241432 WESTERN HILLS MOTEL Q6- 0 when youu, Texlme Texas G0 WALKER BROTHERS MOBIL GARAGE General Auto Repairs-Gas and Oll Wholesale and Retail Mobil Chemicals Anhydrous Ammonua 84 Llquld Fertlluzer M8rM Well Motors-M8fM Gram Dryers Texllne Texas Phone 806 362 3146 LUMBER AND HARDWARE John Burns Phone 806 362 3330 MHYYHS jones Blair Paint Aermotor Pumps and Windmills Texline, Texas Texline, Texas 79087 CDCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL CO - fu Phone 806-362-3785 Texline, Texas SHERMAN IMPLEMENT CO. TEXLINE SERVICE CENTER I Texlme Texas 79087 TEXLINE GRAIN NC POBox Texlme Texas Perlco Texas 806 362 4502 Coldwater Texas 806 384 2340 Congratulations Sr s 76 OO I . . . 428 806-362-4242 Harper Kansas 67058 ELCO METAL COMPANY Custom Manufacturing of Steel Doors and Frames Hwy. 14 Main Phone 316-896-3931 Harper, Kansas 67058 f --W --, --f .f ,Y N .T. .,..-, ...- , .,-,.....i.-.iv Yes,'The Spirit 0 '76 or s,Was . i a x N 1 2 1 w w O w ' Fun 3 l I w 1 P Serious WQETE? ' . ' , B ' Z R est Hard Work But, Most ofAll Ir Was Uur Spirit 0.4. Tifixvwf- W' i L af? C' i -owl 'll tim 'Y iff 's s "-S 'Q' 'L'

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