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Text from Pages 1 - 54 of the 1947 volume:

THE 1947 CR wiv Q' fm! , E THE IDEAL WOMAN She would be perTecTly True. . There would loe no decepTion or insinceriTy in her. ln every rela- Tion OT liTe she would be Tound TaiThTul. She would puT herselT lasT. ln her hearT ChrisT would be on The Throne and selT on The cross. SelTfconTrol would Take The place oT selT-w'l'. She would be serviceable. l-ler hands would reach ouT in loving helpTu'noss To every suTTor- ing, needy creaTure wiTh whom she comes in Touch, and no service would be Too slighT. She would loe cloThed wiTh humaniTy, No pride or selT-conceiT would mar The beauTy oT The Things she did. She would be genTle in speech. l From her lips would come no harsh words To wound The hearTs ThaT were nearesT and dearesT To her. She would loe personally aTTracTivge. She would gloriTy her MasTer by proving ThaT He can malce l-Tis Tollowers beauTiTul wiTh a more Than earThly Tairness. She would be popular. , BuT The hosT oT Tr-iends whom she would draw would noT sTand loeTween her and her Lord. RaTher, she would draw Them nearer l-lim. V She would love pleasure, knowing ThaT ChrisT would wanT her To .be happy. y BuT her good Times would be oT suchia characTer ThaT ChrisT would be a sharer in Them. ' . - More Than all, she would be consisTenT.- I T T l-ler liTe would square wiTh her worlc. - So she would wallc TriumphanTly The way oT The l-loly Cross, glorious in her discipleship, and crowned wi,Th The more Than royal crown ThaT l-le will give To Those who overcome. .4 MM eg WQQ, Tis 'Q In appreciedion Jro His Eminence, EDWARD CARDINAL IVIOONEY, for his effort in be- hahf of us. The youirh of foday and The cifizens of fomorrow. To our recenfly-appoinfed Iv1o+her Provincial, MOTHER MARY JANUARIA, we deolicahe Hwis I9-47 Cresf. We, Ihe class ol I'-747, wish Io express our deep apprecialion Io Ihe members ol Ihe FACULTY for Iheir loving elllorls in behalf ol our welfare. SISTER MARY LILIOSE Principal REV. FRANCIS WAHOWIAK Religion SISTER MARY AMABILIS F. A. Choir, Music SISTER MARY CLAVER English, Lafin SISTER MARY JOSEPI-IINE Polish, General Science SISTER MARY MARCELLINE Commercial SISTER MARY PONCIANA English, Religion SISTER MARY SYLVIA Social Science SISTER MARY VALENCIA Malhemalics, Science SISTER MARY VITOLDA Religion, Library MISS GOLDIE LEIDER Physical Educalion MR. JAMES PAGONAS Dancing Inslruclor fx MLASSEQ fslandingj Dolores Yefke, lreasurerg Dolores Buclnilc, secrefary. lsealedj Josephine Slawsld, president Anne Gozdowski, vice-presiclenl. Palron Moflo Flower Colors Song Game SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - lmmaculale Concepfion 3 "To Jesus lhrouqlw Mary" - Tea rose - Blue and while Under Lile's Banner - "Coke-Ole" IRENE GAWLIKOWSKI Sf. Alberfus Parish Newslel I, 2, 3, 4: Library 2, 31 Honor Sfudenl I, 27 Commillee 3, Commercial 4: Cresf Slafl 4. MARCELINE GOLOCHOWICZ S+. Hyacin+h Parish Choral 2, Library 3, Commifree 3: Public Affairs 4. ANNE GOZDOWSKI Sf. Josepha+ Parish Newslel 2: Dramalic 2, 3: Thespian 31 Typing I Award 3: Vice-Presidenf 3, 4: Commilfee 3, 41 Commercial 4, Loyally Award 41 Honor Sfuclenr 4. LUCILLE ,JAKUBOWSKI S+. Hyacin+h Parish Sfudenl' Council 2: Honor Sfudenl 25 Choral 2: Library 3: Public Affairs 47 Commillee 43 Newslef 4. X b MARY BACZKOWSKI S+. Hyacinfh Parish Choral 25 Cifizenship 35 Commercial 4: Commillee 3, 4. EUGENIA BORAWSKI Immaculafe Concepricn Parish Commiifee 2, 3, 4, Dramalics 2, 3, Vice- Presidern' 47 Thespian 3, 4: Sodalify 3: Usher 3: Palro-n Drive Award 47 Loyalfy Award 4. PATRICIA BOZYNSKI S+. AIber'rus Parish Honor Srudenl I, 2, 37 Presidenl CSMC I, 2, 3, Library 2, 3, Secrelary 4: Harvesl Frolic Chairman 4: Typing I Award 3: Newsler 4. DOLORES BUDNIK S+. Alber+us Parish Class Manager Ig Choral 2: Honor Sludenl 37 Typing I Award 3: Class Treasurer 2, 3: Secrefary 4, Library Secrelary 3, Presi- denf 4. JOAN MAKOWSKI S.S. Cyril and Melhoclius Parish Cifizenship 2, 3: Shorlhand Award 3: Com- mercial 4: Holly l-lop Co-Chairman 4. VIRGINIA MAKULSKI S+. Alberfus Parish Library 2, 3: Commillee 3, 4: Commercial 4: Palron Drive Award 4: Loyally Award 4. CHRISTINE MARUT S+. John Canlius Parish Honor Sludenl I, 3: Choral 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-Presidenl 4: Polish 2: Newslel 3: Dramalic 3: F. A. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Palron Drive Award 4. DOLORES MAZUR S+. Louis fhe King Parish Honor Sludenl 2, 4: Public Affairs 2, 3, 4: Typing I Award 3, ll 4: CSMC 4: Loyally Award 4. THERESA JANKIEWICZ S+. Alberlus Parish CSMC l, 3, 4: Library 2, 3: Commercial 4: Newslel' 3, 4: Loyally Award 4. CELINE LESINSKI Sl. Francis of Assisi Parish Scholarship I: Presidenl l: Newslel' I, 3, 4: Choral 2: Dramalic 3: Presidenl 4:Thespian 3, 4: Dramalic Award 3: Usher 3: Sludenl Council 4: Receplion Commillee 4: Loy- ally Award 4: Typing l Award 4. REGINA LEWANDOWSKI Sl. Hyacinlh Parish Library 2, Treasurer 3: Commillee 3: Commercial 4. MARIANNE LUBINSKI Immaculale Conceplion Parish Newsler l: Class Manager l, Secrelary 3: Dramalic 2, Treasurer 4: Commillee 2, 3: Sodalily 3. Wia- FLORENCE OLEJNICZAK Sf. Alberius Parish Honor Siudenf I, 2, 4: Choral 2, 3: Typing Award 3: Newslef 4: Sludenf Council Vice- Presidem' 3: Sodalify Secrelary 4: Come mercial 4: Loyaliy Award 4. SYLVIA PIPER S+. Alberfus Parish Honor Siudenl I, 2, 3: Choral 2, 3: CSMC 3: Typing I, Award 3, II, 4: Commercial Presidenl 4: Newsler 43 Cresr Sfafl 4. MARY ANN PUDLO S+. Sranislaus Parish Choral I, 2, 3, 4: F. A. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Polish 3: Pairon Drive Award 4. THERESA RACZKOWSKI SI. Hyacinih Parish Class Librarian I: Public Affairs 2, 3, 4: Typing Award 3: CSMC 3: Commiffee 3. GERALDINE MORIN S+. Alberrus Parish Choral 2: Ciflzenship Secrelary 3: Commif- Iee 3, 4: Commercial 4. HELEN NAWROCKI SI. .John Canfius Parish I-Ionor Sfudenl I, 2, 3, 4: Library Treasurer 2: Newslel 3, 4: Polish Secrelary 3, 4: Loyalry Award 4. DOLORES NOWAKOWSKI S+. Florian Parish Polish 3: Dramalic 3: Choral 3, 4: F, A. Choir 3, 4: Pafrol Drive Award 4. CECILIA OBUCHOWSKI Corpus Chrisfi Parish Vicrory 2: Commilree 3: Dramalic 3: Thes- pian 3: Dramaric Award 3: Science 4. DIANE SCHix1lDT S+. Thomas Apos+le Parish Choral 2, 3: Commi+iee 3: Holly l-lop Chairman 4: Commercial 4. THERESA SCHORNACK S+. Alberius Parish Library 2, 3: Siudeni Council 3: Newslei 3, 4: Cresl' 2, 3, 4: Con-imiiiee 3: Pairon Drive Chairman 4: Commercial Treasurer 4: Loyal+y 4: Pairon Drive Award 4. JOSEPHINE SLAWSKI S+. Francis of Assisi Parish Choral 2: Presiden+ 2, 4: Dramaiic Treas- uror 3: Thespfan 3: Dramaiic Award 3: CSMC Secr-efary 3: Usher 3: Typing l, Award 3: Recepiion Commiiiee 4: Pa+ron Drive Award 4: Loyal+y Award 4: l'-lonor S+uden+ 4. JOANNE STEFANOWSKI S+. Alberfus Parish Scholarship I: Choral 2: Library 3: Typing l, Award 3, ll, 4: l-lc-nor Sludeni 3: News- le+ 3: Commi++ee 3: Commercial 4. DOROTHY RADWAN S+. John Can+ius.Parish Choral 2: Siudeni Council 3: Secreiary 3: Typing I Award 3: Commercial Secreiary 4: Newslei 4: Cresi Siafi 4: Loyaliy Award 4. MARIAN RADZIALOWSKI S+. Alber+us Parish Choral 2, 3: Cornmi++ee 3, 4: Commercial 4: Loyal+y Award 4. GENE RAKOCZY S+. John Can+ius Parish Choral I, 2, 3, 4: F. A. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Dramaiic 3: Dramaiic Award 3: Thespian 3, 4: Polish 3: Pairon Drive Award 4: Honor s+udeni 4. LORRAINE RENKOWSKI S+. Alberfus Parish Scholarship I: l-lonor Siudeni I, 2, 3, 4: Library 2: Nowslei Award 3: Dramaiic 4, Secrefary 3: Thespian 3, 4: Drama+ic Award 3: Newsle+ Ediior 3 ,4: Cres+ Edi+c-r 4: S+uden+ Council Secreiary 4: Assembly Chairman 4: Pa+ron Drive Award 4. Typinq l, Award 4. CUM-LAUDE DOLORES YETKE S+. Hyacin+h Parish Honor S+uden+ 2: Choral 2: Library 3: Typ- ing Award 3: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Public Aflairs 4: Cornmi+Iee 4: LoyaI+y Award 4. DOLORES ZAUSKI S+. Hyacin+h Parish Choral 2: Library 3: Commi++ee 3: S+uden+ Council 3: Public Affairs Presidenf 4: Prom Chairman 4: Loyally Award 4. HENRIETTA ZAPYTOWSKI S+. Hyacin+h Parish Scholarship I: Honor S+udenI I, 2, 3, 4: Newslel I: Ass'I' Edilor 3, 4: CSMC Treas- urer I, 2, 3: Choral Secre+ary 2: Dramahc 3, 4: Thespian 3, 4: Drama+ic Award 3: Cresl SI'al:I 4: SIuden+ Council Presiclenl 4: Typing I, Award 4. CUM LAUDE EVELYN ZIELINSKI i Our Lady Queen of Heaven Parish I Library I, 2, 3: Commillee 3: Parly Chair- man 4: Public Affairs 4. I... , 7 ,,,, ,, THERESE SZALASZEWICZ si. Hyacin+h Parish Choral 2, 3: Newslel 2, 4: Receplion Com- mi++ee 4: Science Secre+ary 4: Cornrni++ee 3, 4: Sodalily Vice-Presidenl 4: CSMC 3, 4: Palron Drive Award 4. DOLORES SZCZYGIELSKI S+. Florian Parish Choral I, 2, 3, 4: F. A. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Sludenl I, 4: Sfudeni Council 2: Dramahc 3: Thespian 3, 4: Polish 3: Palrc-n Drive Award 4. HELEN WANAT Sf. ,John Canfius Parish Choral I, 3, 4, Manager 2: F. A. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council 2: Polish Presidenl 3: Dramafic 3: The-spian 3, 4: Palron Drive Award 4. AGNES WELLS S+. Hyacinih Parish Choral 2: Library 3: Con'1miIIee 3: Typing l, Award 3: Public Affairs 4. Ileff Io riqI11I VIRGINIA TUREK. secre Iary: JANET KURZYNIEC, presIdenI PATRICIA JAKUBOWSKA, Treasurer. boffom row: R. Zaglaniczna, C. Danielska, D. Weiss, V. Swiderske, D. Younger+, C. Milewska, C. Ki+Ias, D. Kubiclra, S. Dammer. middle row: T. Herman, R. Goslc, T. Bikowska, J. Kurzyniec, V. Turek, P. Jakubowska, I. Wroniak, H. Gola, I. Szynkowska. Top row: F. Reder, M. Nosakowska, R. Mazur, J. Kuzera, P. Miller, T. Woicicka, D. Hommel, D. Rapczynska, L. Lachaiewska. SOPHOMCDRES Cfrom Ieff, clockwisej SYLVIA CHRUSTOWSKA, Treasurer: FRANCES PIZZIMENTI, vice-presh dent PATRICIA JAROSZ, secrefary IRENE STRZALKOWSKA, presIcIenI'. boH'om row: P. Kryze, M. Swia+eI:, S. Borkowska, H. MacI1i'rIca, P. Jarosz, I. Sfrzalkowska, F. Pizzimenii S. Chrusfowska, B. Opalewslra, T. Opalewska, L. Jurczyk, D. Iwankowska. second row: S. Knopp, M.1J. Pofas, V. Shovek, C. SeroIra, L. Konieczna, D. Horefska, C. BIocIta J. Pecherska, F. Barzyk, J. Rogoszewska, D. Graiowska, F. Kazul. II'lIrd row: T. Jaworska, B. Rudnicka, G. MiIIer, P. Nowak, L. RiHer, B. M. Rodgers, H. Fuiawa, P. Wygocka S. Dzienis, R. Szczepaniak, M. Kedziorska, P. lgnasiak. Top row: C. S+e'FanIaIc, C. Radzialowska, T. Pielechowska, I. Piofrowska, D. Pawlowska, G. Boik, M Zaikowska, D. Plucinska, R. Jakubowska, J. Balicka, L. Kapa, S. Okonkowska. ROOM136 men To .sqm JOAN SIERMINSKA, k Secf.-nary. BETTY QZDYCH, pfeszdenn DOROTHY SHEROSKY, frefisurer. bc-Hom row: R. A. Karas, D. Rendzio, M. Shirilla, J. Sierminska, B. Ozdych, D. Sheroslcy, D. Proben, E. Sierocinska, V. Bielecka. middle row: B. Bryson, P. Horeiska, J. Szemrai, J. Zgliczynska, J. Goluda, W. Grzelak, L. Gaclzinska. Top row: D. Zalcoscielny, D. Sfrzyzewska, T. Bieszke, V. Rozek. FRESHMEN ROOM 138 GLORIA PAWLUK, presidenh CON- STANCE WEISS, secrefaryg HALINA NAPIERAJ, 'rreasurer bo++om row: V. Skurka, E. Opalewska, N. Cerin, C. Weiss, G. Pawluk, H. Napierai, E. Ulafowska, E. Czaika, D. Wislx. Top row: I. Cuffing, B. Borkowska, R. Woiciak, M. A. Osfrowiecka, A. Szalaszewicz, J. Scl'1ul+z, M. L. Popielarz, L. Nowa k. .,gil""v , Fifi' J. S E 45-faxfmj MQW. i 2 ,,f fa E HW 'N ' ' v 'flaw' il 4 ,W 1 VX4 -V HI .W , nr , Q5 Q my 9 , A E I V wg ,,,, 1 1, WN- X W Q d P Qk.a wfffv , Y Q V E , f ' Mggfv, - ,W- k M., as K' A1 Q is if is QQ is J,wi5.,. A ' KVWQW W, , M A 2 5 1 n. eg 'f as ,Q wfffi G if -'--'1:1 ,Mm - , N, mmm, fx' gJ:LQf35:,5:333y ,gm ?Ka1Tlf. ,xyfzbzv MSW Q ii g ,Z 4 Q wif f M as if ,J 5 ,M 2, 3 E WT 'f 'f Wm I - as 1 2 Our Science Club devoled Hs lime +0 many dililerenl fielcls of scienlillc sfudy. Lalin sludenls learn of ancienl Rome by means of Jrhe opaque proleclor. Mirrors come in handy 'lor Speech class sluclenls, lo correclr Their delecls. Playing volley ball in Jrhe garden is a favoriie pasiime during our noon periods. Miss Leider, our gym Teacher, gives us aa few poiniers on archery. The Conga line is long and cheerful. More things are wrought by prayer than this World dreams off,-TENNYSON "Joke rnodlitwcr, Tokie iycie, Jokie iycie, 'roko smierci, Joko srnierci, 'roko wiecznosdf' A visif To Hue chapel ar noon is rhe cenfer of aflrracjrion In our day. I+ is a period of peace, a Hrne for us +o Jre1l Jesus abour our joys and our sorrows. We need I-lis help in every- rning we do. "Dear God, Hfmank You for lerring us spend rhese pleas- anr hours of prayer, sfudy, and play af Felician Academy." W' W ' "Y""'1 nfl J U IWWES w w- ,.. . :I X J f Z r M f A ,Wm 5 2 if 'W f wwf if fi Soolalilry candidalcs are received by Fallicf Helen and Mary Ann make llieir daily Krawczalc in a formal ceremony. visil lo Jrlwe Chapel. Fallwer Arlliur Krawczalq spealcs willi Sodalily ol-licers on Clara visirs Jrlwe garden Receplion Day. grolrlo. ,.,...4...... , ,.. ,, .......-,.,...,.,,,,.,,, .. Aa. . PUBLICATICDNS l CREST STAFF Lorraine Renlqowslci l-lenriella Za pylowslci Clara Killas Theresa Scliornaclf Dorollwy Radwan , Sylvia Piper Palricia Bozynslci l-lelen Nawroclci Edilor Renkowslci poinls oul a few llwings. flell lo riglwlj Rila Mazur, Theresa Herman, Henriella Zapyfowslxi, Tlweresa Schornaclc, Lorraine Renkowslxi, Irene Gawlikowski, Irene Szynkowslci. Qnol' in piclurej Dorolhy Radwan Sylvia Piper Florence Oleiniczalr Celine Lesinslci Pafricia Bozynslri, AT Therese Szalaszewicz, Theresa' Janlciewicz, blame Rapczynslca, Helen Nawroclxi, Liicille Jalxubowslci. i l.. STUDENT CGUNCIL Certihtate of Membership . A , . , Natinnal Ananriatinn nf Siuhrni Qluunriln hon of Sludenl Councils is To and and M. National Associative of Secondary-Sl-haul Principals APn1vholJk Kllhll Iiuaia An-adam The obiecrive ol The Nalional Associa- no1S6n4ohhRfnz,N.vl. encoura e berrer hi h school councils. we-we-wg, Q Q A ,,', i, -figs? The Felician Academy Srudenr Coune , A igf' Cfihrn Qlvrtifirs ilyat of i'5'rQr'1'f. azxcsxsm. is a duly accredited member of the National Association of Student Councils of oil is a very recenl member of The the National Association of Secondary-School Principals ancl is entitled to all the privileges therein contained. IAXSSOCIG-hon bul hopes +0 be 6 pe' ma- Membership for the school year endingjune 3o,1Qa4g, nenl one. ' Henrielfa Zapyfowslri, Presiclenly Rosemary Zaglaniczna, Vice-Presidenly Lorraine Renlrowslri, S-ecrelaryy COUNCH. Celine Lesinslci, Senior Represenfalivei Cecilia Milewslca, Junior Represenlaiiveg Phyllis Bloclra, Cecilia Seroka, Sophomores: Marie Shirilla, Virginia Skursld, Freshmen. u XYJFXN DA czyli DUCH POLSKIEJ HOElE'f"Y' na tic zwyczaju i hisrorii miasm Krakmxfa VunifJrmL:?. in prudmn, E9-5:5 AHJXDELF-iEA SQSCYYIR FEk:i.IC'IifX?'SVKu DSETRGIT, MICHIGAN upper leH?V-Jarzdzia and Ja: dance wiih 1heIr wedding guesfs. IGH C6H+9V-VV-ifida M9675 H13 l'iVef CGIZIHQ- upper rigI1+--The Choral Club, direcied by Sisfer Amabilis, sing VIQIWJV C9n+9"EHDeaf God- SPGVS Poland-" 'Phe Cl05if1Q SOHQ. "N0wy ROI!-" Io-wer cenfer-A saluie +o Our Lady of Czesfochowa. upper lei+fTl'ie bride and groom parialce of bread and sali, an old Polish cusfom. upper righr-Wanda sacrifices her life for her couniry. leil and riglwl' cenler-The mermaids dance and reioice Over flieir viclory. cenlerflflolores Szczygielslra gives flue background of lhe sfory concerning Wanda. bollom-The familiar "organis'i'a" sings l1is good wishes and blessing lo llwe bride and groom. The Seniors love To clance. They sponsor many such aTTairs during The school year, boTh Tormal ancl inTormal. Dances which Toolc place This year include The T-larvesT Frolic, November I6, aT KnighTs oT Columbus l-lall, anol The l-lolly l-lop aT Dom Polski, January 5. The mosT imporTanT evenT was, oT course, The Senior Prom, on May 3, aT The League oT CaTholic Women l-lall. l , All work anol no play makes a clull Jill ou? ol a girl. Our play lakes very many forms. The Juniors sponsor several "l-lol Dog Sales" oluring school lime. We also have our annual inilialion and l-lal- loween parly wilh Jrhe Sophomores as our hoslesses. Mx? SPEEC RT boffom row: L. Renkowska, V. Bielecka, C. Seroka, E. Bryson, M. Shirilla. second row: H. Zapy+owska, T. Jaworska, E. Borawska, C. Lesinska, M. Lubinska, J. Goluda, D. Pawlowska. Third row: D. Grafowska, N. Cerin, L. Nowak, V. Skurska, D. Sheroslcey, W. Grzelak, J. Szemrai. fourfh row: M. Pofas, V. Turek, T. Herman, V. Shovek, A. Szalaszewicz, C. Milewska, D. Zakoscielna. USHERS . i J. Kurzyniec, T. Herman, R. Zaglaniczna, C. Kiflas UENIUQ CLHWAX A, ' ' , PL fx - 5. ' Y' S 27 Q14 fm - rw 'X X l X x N .M lg I GRADUATION' I I I 1DAY-JUNE 8,1947 I CLAS We, The class oT l947, being oT sound mind and body do hereby declare The Tollowing To be our lasT will and TesTamenT: To all our beloved Teachers we will our sweeT and cheerTul disposiTions. May They Tind Them unused. To The class oT l948, we begueaTh all our A's hop- ing ThaT They will noT misTreaT Them. To all The girls oT The Felician Academy we will The panes in our new corridor doors. lvlay They Tind Them more convenienT Than Their poclceT mirrors. We, The I2A's, bequeaTh The following: Josephine Slawslci leaves To JaneT Kurzyniec a smile. May she wear iT To The besT oT her abiliTy. Ann Gozdowslfi bequeaThs To her beloved Teach- ers all her pasT TesT papers including The good ones Dolores Budnik, The Senior librarian, bequeaThs To The Junior librarian This annual, To aid in holding her inTeresT during a lull in her boolc checlcing. Dolores YeTl4e bequeaThs her "solid" sporTsman- ship To The TuTure acTive Seniors. Lorraine Renlcowslci hereby leaves her abiliTy, apTiTude, and liTTle sTubby pencil To The TuTure ediTor oT The CresT. Sylvia Piper begueaThs To Dolores Weiss, a TuTure secreTary, her Typing eraser hoping she will noT have To use iT as TreguenTly as she did. S WIL l-lenrieTTa ZapyTowsl4i being oT sound mind wills her old saddle shoes and a Tull boTTle oT whiTe shoe polish To an enThusiasTic sTudenT, who will Tollow her TooTsTeps. Theresa Schornaclc wills her TounTain pen UT leaksl To some deserving Freshie. Dolores lvlazur passes on her abiliTy To remember hisTory To Theresa Bilcowslqi. lrene Gawlilcowslci wills all The blaclcboards To Irene Szynlcowslci who is arTisTically inclined. Virginia Makulslci wills her school girl's complexion To Cecilia lvlilewslci, providing she will use only Palm- olive soap. Joanne STeTanowslci bequeaThs her power oT bor- rowing pencils, loose leaT sheeTs, eTc., To Fabiola Reder. Joan Malcowslci wills her amazing Typing speed UQ To Theresa Woiciclci, a TuTure secreTary. lvlarian Radzialowslxi wills her abiliTy To wriTe shorThand To any "shorT-handed" Junior, possibly Diane Rapczynski. l-lelen Nawroclqi bequeaThs page 5 OT The F. A. NewsleT To Rosemary Zaglaniczna, a TuTure lucky TypisT. PaTricia Bozynslci bequeaThs her "Pan Tadeusz" To l-lelen Gola so she can sTudy all oT iT TluenTly. T DoroThy Radwan bequeaThs Two saTeTy pins To Virginia Turelc To lceep her Trom "slipping," Regina Lewandowski leaves her empTy loclcer To Doris l-lommel, a luclcy Junior. .A i l I i l. N T Dolores Nowalcowslci bequeaThs her shy disposi- Tion and her blue eyes To MargareT Nosakowslxi. Dolores Zauslca wills her useTul, brighT ideas To PaTricia Jalcubowslci. Marianne Lubinslci bequeaThs her speedy Tech- nique of sTudying LaTin To any LaTin sTudenT. Mary Baczlcowslci and Geraldine Morin will Their abiliTy oT arriving To school a Tew seconds beTore The second bell To any TuTure Senior. 1 Theresa Raczlcowski leaves To Virginia Swiderslqi her "carefree" dispos-iTion and her iolly songs Tor some melancholy day. Diane SchmidT bequeaThs her TavoriTe piano piece, "Tico-Tico," To any girl musically inclined. Florence Oleiniczalc bequeaThs To DoroThy Kopec a shorThand pad wiTh one sheeT, iusT in case she is in need OT iT. Evelyn Zielinslci leaves her Religion noTes To RiTa Gosk, who mighT malce use OT Them. Lucille Jalcubowslci leaves her "speech-conscious- ness" To RiTa Mazur, who is inTeresTed in Speech ArTs. Marcelline Golochowicz wills her dancing abiliTy To lighT-TooTed JaneT Kuzera. Agnes Wells beguealrhs her English vocabulary noTe book To Lorraine Lachaiewslci who mighT possibly use iT some Tine day. D TESTAMENT Therese Szalaszewicz leaves her apTiTude Tor per- Torming chemisTry experimenTs successfully To any chemisTry sTudenT who is inTeresTed. CWARNING: l-ll: burns Tingers, Tooj ChrisTine MaruT wills her abiliTy To laugh louder Than The resT OT The class To STella Dammer. Mary Ann Pudlo wills The pleasure OT siTTing in The bacla seaT oT The class To Delphine YoungerT. Eugenia Borawski bequeafhs To Theresa l-lerman an inTense inTeresT in dramaTics. Cecilia Obuchowski leaves To Clara KiTlas The privilege of being in charge OT The F. A. LosT and Found DeparTmenT. Gene Ralqoczy leaves To DoroThy Kubicki her famous moTTo, "Grin and bear iT." l-lelen WanaT bequeaThs To Jean Jeziolkowslci all her red hair ribbons. Dolores Szczygielski bequeaThs her chemisTry loclcer To any sTudenT who is inTeresTed in ChemisTry. Theresa Janlciewicz leaves The honor ThaT her cele- braTed name demands To Those privileged girls bear- ing The name OT Theresa. Celine Lesinslci leaves her passion Tor coIlecTing news arTicles To any sTudenT who wanTs iT. Signed and sealed on This TourTh day OT March in The year oT Our Lord, one Thousand nine hundred and TorTy-seven. Signed - Class OT l947. W 4 SENICDR DIRECTORY Baczkowski, Mary .... Borawski, Eugenia. Bozynski, Pairicia. . Budnik, Dolores ..... Gawlikowski, Irene ..... Golochowicz, Ma rcelline , . Gozdowski, Anne ....., Jakubowski, Lucille .... Jankiewicz, Theresa. . . Lesinski, Celine .,... Lewandowski, Regina . . Lubinski, Marianne .... Makowski, Joan ...,. Makulski, Virginia ..... Marul', Chrisfine ,... Mazur, Dolores ...., Morin, Geraldine .,.. Nawrocki, Helen .... Nowakowski, Dolores. . . Obuchowski, Cecelia . . , Oleiniczak, Florence .,.. Piper, Sylvia ......,. Pudlo, Mary Ann ,... Raczkowski, Theresa . . Radwan, Dorolhy. . . Radzialowski, Marian Rakoczy, Gene .... Renkowski, Lorraine , Schornack, Theresa . . , Slawski, Josephine ..,. Slefanowski, Joanne . . Szalaszewicz, Therese. . . Szczygielski, Dolores .,.. Wanaf, Helen ,..,.. Wells, Agnes ....,... Yelke, Dolores ........ Za pylowski, HenrieH'a- .... Zauski, Dolores .... . . . Zielinski, Evelyn .... ...U3348 E. Warren ...,3I78 Kanler . . . .4187 Chene . . . .2142 E. Foresl . . . .2695 Garfield . . . .3554 Frederick .. . . .4644 Riopelle ...,57l6 McDougall . . , .2249 E. Hancock . . . .8546 Sorrenlo ...,,5l45 Milchell ....3l77 Kanler .. . .922l Winfield . . . .2256 E. Warren ... .2220 Schaefer Rd. .......l866l Dwyer 4765 Jos. Carnpau ......9l43 Keller Roule No. 2, Box 2l7, Slanclish, Mich. ...l8I02 lVlil'Cl1ell . . . . .2130 Garfield ....3330 E. Canfield ......6032 Ellery ..............5338 Elmwood . . .5900 Neckel, Dearborn, Mich. 4427 Dubois .. . . .266 Riller, River Rouge 2275 Willis .,..2l37 Superior . . . . .8650 Elmira ...M4246 Chene .. .3567 E. Warren ....388l Holbrook ....9026 Pulaski ...36l3 Easl Kirby . . . 14808 Tacoma .......52I6 Milchell ....6006 Jos. Carnpau . . . .8085 Brenlwoocl PATRON DRIVE WINNERS bollom row: Theresa Opalewslci, Dolores Szczygielslra, Virginia Malrulslni. second row: Cecilia Sfefanialc, Eugenia Borawslri, Genevieve Ralcoczy, Mary Ann Pudlo, Chrisline Maruf. 'rhird row: Dolores Nowalcowslui, Helen Wanaf, Theresa Szalaszewicz, Josephine Slawski, Theresa Schornacli, Sylvia Piper. no-I in piclure: Clara Killas, Lorraine Renlcowslri. SILVER CUP we llfllzrfclg jinedf Ewa 2303 VERNOR HIGHWAY DETROIT 7, MICHIGAN SP Adamaszek, Martin J., 2040 E. Grand Blvd., PL. 1878 American Plumbing and Heating Co., 7217 E. Seven Mile Road, TW. 2-8830 Aras, Adeline F. Assistants of St. Hyacinth Parish Assumption School, Lovett Babinski, Mr. and Mrs. 3194 Jacob Baczkowski, Mr. and Mrs. S., 3348 E. Warren Ave. Bikowski, Mrs. L., South Bend, Ind. Blaine, Atty. Albert, 7105 W. Warren, TY. 4-8181 Boik, Mrs. Frances Bonkowski Pharmacy, 5623 Michi- gan Ave., LA. 9497 Borkowicz, Rev. Vincent, 5818 Dubois Bowski, Dr. Z. J., 2325 E. Grand Blvd., TR. 2-2690 Bozynski, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 4187 Chene, TE. 1-4383 Brodacki, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 4733 Grandy Brzezinski, A. F., and Son, 4819 McGraw Ave., TY. 6-4634 Budnik, Mr. John Budnik, Miss Sylvia Budnik, Mrs. Victoria Budnik, Miss Virginia Bukowski, Mr. and Mrs. Cendrowski, Rev. A. A. Choral Club Chrustowski, Mr. and Mrs. John Chrzanowski, I. V., 3373 Trombly Ciesielski, Rev. Bernard Ciockon, Stephen, 1958 S. Electric Clara's Gift Shoppe, 6016 E. 7 Mile Road Commercial Club Compliments of a Friend Corpus Christi School Berry Czajka, Stanley, Prop. Scenic Inn, 2237 S. Fort Czajka, Walter, 25727 W. Outer Drive Dingell, John D., 15th Dist., Mich. Dolot, Rev. Francis J. Dolot, John F., 2308 Burger Dolot, Stanley and Rosalie, 2308 Burger Dolot, Ted and Walter, 2308 Burger Dolot, Mr. Wojciech Dombrowski, Atty. Chris., 7105 W. Warren, TY. 4-8181 Dombrowski, Atty. Stanley B., 2441 E. Milwaukee Ave., MA. 7741 Dzienis, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ferrant, Pete, Groceries, 3184 E. Canfield 3 l ONSO F. A. Sodality Fenton, Dr. P. H., 4666 Grandy, Dl. 9116 Frederick, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Freshmen, Room 136 Fron, Rev. Stanislaus Garstecki, Miss Delphine, 8733 Traverse Gielniak, Miss Joanne, 2238 E. Forest Glowacki, B. F., M.D., 1144 Macca- bees Bldg., TE. 1-4548 Gola, Helen Golabiewski, Mr. and Mrs. John Golochowicz, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gozdowski, Mr. and Mrs. B., 4644 Riopelle, TE. 2-1427 Guardian Angel Home, 4232 St. Aubin Ave. Guzik, Mr. and Mrs. S., 4920 Lovett Harper Canton Florists, 6846 Harper, PL. 4068 Heidloff, Mrs. M., 5939 Seneca, IV. 3713 Henry's Market, 8614 Van Dyke, PL. 3839 Hojnacki, Leo Hojnacki, Mr. and Mrs. J. Horodko, Mr. Paul,14634 Eastburn, PR. 1470 Hudson Products Co., Inc. Canfield and St. Aubin Immaculate Conception School, Trombly Inter-State Vending Co., 3657 E. Kirby, OL. 5569 Irene"s Beauty Salon, 3111 E. Kirby, PL. 0202 Jablonski, Dr. Joseph, 6203 Chene Jakubowski, Mr. and Mrs. John Jarosz, Mr. and Mrs. T. Jasionowicz, Rev. Walter Jaskula, Henry, 18633 Dwyer, TW. 1-6075 Jaworski, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jedro, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1922 Annabel, EM. 2888 Jenich Radiator Service, 2929 Harper Ave., IV. 6269 Joe's Market, 5426 McDougall, OL. 2818 Joe's Standard Service, Charlevoix Julius Knack Coal Co., 3343 Gratiot Ave., FO. 6175 Junior Class '48 Katanski, Frank, Grocery and Meat Market, 301 Dey St. Kazul, Mr. and Mrs. C. Kennan, Dr. J. J., 19208 W. Warren Klangs' Flowers, 2653 E. Forest RS Kokowicz, Rev. E. J., 9850 Falcon, Hamtramck, MA. 1459 Kobylinski, Anthony and Rose, 4444 St. Aubin Kornas, Mike, 18477 Mt. Elliott, TW. 1-0416 Koziel, John, 9029 Home St. Kramarczyk, Miss Darlene, 9044 Pulaski Krawczak, Rev. Arthur Krot, Alexander A., 2687 Caniff, TO. 8-2060 Kubicki, Mr. and Mrs. K. Kukawski's Fashion Shoppe, 5470 Chene St. Kulpinski, Clare A. Langlois, Henry Lemanski, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, 228 Clark, 2874-.I Lemke Hdwe. Co., 4197 St. Aubin Ave., TE. 2-6678 Lewandowski, Mrs. Jacob, 5145 Mitchell, IV. 7260 Library Club Lipinski, Alex R., 3406 Medbury Ave., PL. 4577 Lisinski, Joe, Jr., TE. 1-0772 Lubinski, Mr. and Mrs. P., 3177 Kanter Marut, Miss Julia, 2220 Schaefer, EM. 2886 Marut, Mr. and Mrs. Lucian, 1117 17th St., Wyandotte Marut, Mr. and Mrs. Victor, 2220 Schaefer, EM. 2886 Mateja, Antoni, Church Goods, 7844 Michigan, OR. 1611 Matuszynska, Rita, Toledo, Ohio Max's Jewelry Co., 5553 Chene St. Mazzola, Robert, 5503 Talbot, TW. 1-0803 Mikulewicz, Victor, 5139 Chene St., IV. 5900 Milewski, Mr. and Mrs. E. Mirus, Stan J., 8575 W. Jefferson, VI. 2-3360 Mistelle Cleaners, 5965 Jos. Campau, PL. 4440 Mitchell-Forest Pharmacy, 2938 E. Forest Ave., IV. 9362-9686 Morin, Mr. Joseph E., 4765 Jos. Campau, DI. 8893 Moscicki, Jennie, 5016 Chene, AL. 3733 Nadolny, Mr. and Mrs. A., 812 Michigan Ave. Nawrocki, Mr. and Mrs. J., 9141 Keller St. Nieckarz, Rev. Andrew, 5818 Dubois Niedziela, John, 3178 Piquette PL. 3632 Nowosatko, Mildred, 25th Street Nowakowski, Mr. and Mrs. Casimir, 3955 South U. S. 23 Nowakowski, Rev. S., Jackson Opala, Mr. and Mrs. W. 4700 Dubois Obuchowski, Mr. and Mrs. M. Okonkowski, Mr. C. Orecklin, Leo, M.D., 914 Maccabees Building, TE. 1-2467 Osmialowski, Rev. Zygmund Ozdych, Mr. and Mrs. Casimier, Manistee Palmer Printing Co., 61 W. Palmer, TE. 1-3216 Patalan, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, 1117 Third Street Perkowski Furniture Co., 4739 Chene St., TE. 2-6448 Piorkowski, A. M., 6051 E. 7 Mile Road Piper, Mrs. E., 3330 E. Canfield, IV. 7951 Pizzimenti, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pokrywka, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent, 4747 Schaff Pokrywka, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 4935 Neckel Popielarz, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, Manistee Potwardowski, Mr. Frank, 4500 E. McNichols Rd., TW. 2-1692 Poznanski, Mr. Anton, 25 W. Columbia Proctor Liberty Dairy, 6212 Crandy Public Affairs Club Raczkowski, Mrs. M.,5338 Elmwood Raczynski, Rev. J. V., 3414 Trombly Radwan, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent, 5900 Neckel, OR. 1679 Radzialowski, Mr. and Mrs. J., 4427 Dubois St., TE. 2-7014 Radzienda, Bernice, 2659 Belmont St., TR. 1-4759 Rakoczy, Andrew, 266 Richter St. Rakoczy, Frank, 566 East Channel Rd., Santa Monica, California Rathnaw, A. J. Clothing, 4701 Chene, TE. 1-5100 Resztak, Cecilia, 4401 Dubois, TE. 2-8486 Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rogoszewski, Mr. and Mrs. John, Saginaw Rose and Mike's, 2685 Forest Rozek, Mrs. Clara, Bay City Rudnicki, Mr. Casimir, Toledo S. A. Y., 5714 Moran, OL. 9846 Sadowski, Dr. R. J., 5632 W. Warren, TY. 5-2090 Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. A., 8551 Concord Ave. Schornack, Mr. and Mrs. Felix J., 2137 Superior Street Science Club 6'Curriettes-47,5 Seefelt, Constance, 4214 Chene Seefelt, Josephine, 4214 Chene Senior Class '47 Sielski, Rev. Joseph M. l. C., Eden Hill Stockbridge, Mass. Sierminski, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 2014 Chapin Street Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. N. Skalski, Mr. and Mrs. Steve, 6202 Horatio, LA. 9463 Skipper, Mr. Fred Slawski, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 8650 Elmira, DA. 8111 Slavsky, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 4730 Dow Ridge, Pontiac 2-6828 Slazinski, Dr. W. A., 7305 Jos. Campau, MA. 6274 Sobczynski, Stanley Sobocinski, L. T., 5144 McDougall, IV. 4480 Socka, Mr. and Mrs. John, 5129 South Eugene Sophomores fClass '49D Speech Club Sryniawski Family, 8730 Witt St. Albertus School, Canfield St. Hyacinth School, 3146 Frederick Street St. John Cantius School, Pulaski Stawiarski, Mr. and Mrs. S., 331 Woodmere Stefaniak, Mr. and Mrs. M., 3164 Sargent Stefanowski, Mrs. Anna, 4246 Chene Street Student Council Sullivan, Miss M., 1460 E. Jefferson, RA. 0758 Swiatek, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sypitkowski Bros., 4103 St. Aubin Szczygielski, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, 3556 Medbury Szczygielski,Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A., 388 Holbrook, TR. 2-7990 Szczygielska, Mary A., 3556 Medbury Swieczkowska, Miss Clara, 2124 E. Forest, TE. 1-6347 Szczesny, Mr. P. Szwapa, Mr. and Mrs. J., 3311 Junction Ave. Szynkowski. Mrs. H., 3127 E. Kirby, IV. 5942 Szczypinska, Miss Lorraine, - 1333 Hancock Tomczak, Mr. John. 1979 Medbury Tompor, Rev. Joseph, 13534 Colson, OR. 4864 Townsend-Palmer Market. 5709 Townsend, OL. 9820 Walifzorski. Mrs. A., 7519 Hartwell, CE. 2503 W'alkowiak, Rev. Peter, 2676 Poland, TR. 2-4-516 Wanat, Mrs. Anna, 820 S. Harbaugh Wfanat, Miss Florence, 820 South Harbaugh Wanat, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1247 Spruce Street Wardowski, Sophia Wawrenlty, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Witkowski, Rev., 4500 Wesson, LA. 4725 Wojcik, S. J., Typewriter Service 4419 Chene Wozniak, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, 2721 Holbrook Wujek, Edward, 1432 E. Canfield, TE. 2-7505 Yetke, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zack, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 1926 S. Electric, EM. 1865 Zajdel, W. J. Creamery, 4381 Central, Vl. 1-3698 Renkowski, Anna Aben, Mrs. Mary Adamaitis, Melvin Allard, Mr. and Mrs. J. Angeline's Beauty Shop Annis Confectionery Anticura, Helen Baczewski, Mr. B. Baczkowski, Miss Cassie Baczkowski, Mr. Steve Bahorski, Dr. C. A. Balicki, Mr. and Mrs, Frank Barczak, Helen Strzalkowski, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony PATRONS Barzyk, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bawol, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bejgier, Miss Dorothy, 545 Biedrzycki, Gustaw Bieszke, Clara Belbofs Flowers Berels, Mr. and Mrs. A. Blinky, Felix Blocki, Phyllis Bogdan, Mr. Henry S. Boguski, Delphine Borkowski Family Bowen, Mr. 81 Mrs. John A. Brataniec, Mrs. Catherine Bunny's Bungalow Burnstmer, Al. E. Burdzy, Mr. Sz Mrs. Andrew Cain's Confectionery Cendrowski, Edmund J. Cendrowski, Mr. and Mrs. J. Cerin, Mrs. Chamski, Barney F., Atty. Ciborowski, Stella Cieslinski, Julianna Zajkowski, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Czapran, Joseph Czelusniak, Mrs. Eva Dammer, Mr. and Mrs. Alex D'Andrea, Mr. and Mrs. W. Dembowski, Mr. T. Dolney, Sophie Dolney, Sue Domhkowski, Mrs. M. and Son Dombrowski, Miss Florence Dopke, Mrs. Augusta Dopke, Mr. and Mrs. John Peca, Mr. J. Drozd, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dyrka, Mr. and Mrs. J. Edyna, Sister Mary Ertman, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Filip, Rose Fiolek, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Fiolek, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forest Shoe Repairing Forish, Rev. Andrew J. Forman, Mr. and Mrs. A. Frattarelli, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Freshmen, Room 138 Friend Fujawa, Mr. and Mrs. C. Gaffke, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Gamble, Parker B., M.D. Garan, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Garstecki, Mrs. Frances Garstecki, Mr. and Mrs. S. Gawlikowski, lrene Gawlikowski, Mrs. Rose Galas, Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Goluda, Mr. and Mrs. John Gomulinski, Mr. and Mrs. C. Gomulinski, Mr. and Mrs. S. Grabowski, Mr. and Mrs. E. Grabowski, Walter Gratowski, Mrs. E. Grenewicki, Mr. and Mrs. E. Grewe's Drug Store Guzik, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harasiemowicz, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hatch, Dr. E. S. Herman, Mr. and Mrs. John Hinski, Mrs. Helen Hojnacki, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hojnacki, Steve Hommel, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hoppe Cleaners Horetski, Mrs. E. Harmony Beauty Salon Hudson Products Co. lciejewski, Mr. and Mrs. Robert lgnasiak, Mrs. W. Iwankowski, Mr. and Mrs. S. J ablonowski, Angela Jagodzinski, Victoria Jakubowski, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jakubowski, Mr. and Mrs. S. J amroz, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Janiga, Rev. L. J ankiewicz, Theresa J arosz, Stanley J aworski, H. J eziolkowski, Mr. and Mrs. S. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Julius and Family Jordan, R. G., M.D. Jurski, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kaczmarczyk, Dolores Kaminski, W. A. Kapa, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Karas, Mrs. Stella Kardas, John Karniewski, Mr. and Mrs. C. Kazanecki, Mr. and Mrs. V. Kendzorski, Mr. and Mrs. W. Kloss, F. M. Kniga, Anna Knopp, Frances Koltuniak, Rev. Michael Koprowski, Rev. Adam Koss, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kozlowski, Mr. and Mrs. C. Kozlowski, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krarnarczyk, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kropidlowski, Henry W. Kryza, Mr. and Mrs. Al Krzych, Miss Helen Kubanek, Miss Genevieve Kubik, Rev. Joseph Kuczera, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kulesa. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kuma, Stanley Kurzyniec, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kurzyniec, Mrs. Mary Kuzera, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lachajewski, Mr. and Mrs. S. Lang, Joseph H. Laptos, Charlotte Lemanski, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lesinski, Celine Levillier, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lewandowski, Mr. and Mrs. B. Litkey, Sam Little Wonder Shop Lis, Miss Louise Lubinski, Therese, '45 Lubinski, Henrietta, '46 Luchewski, Louis F. Luszczewski, Mrs. Dorothy Luzynski, Mr. and Mrs. H. Lys, Mr. and Mrs. John Mack, Mr. John Machitka, Emily and Harry Kaczmarek Makowski, Miss Lorraine Makulski, Mr. and Mrs. E. Makulski, Mr. F. Malachowski, Dr. B. T. Malicki, Mrs. F. G. Maliszewski, P. Malrewicz, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mand W. Cafe Marhefka, Adolph S. Marut, Carl Marut, John Mazur, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mazur, Mr. and Mrs. John McDevitt, The E. J. Co. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Miller, Mrs. B. J. Miotke, Mr. Clifford Miotke, Rev. Edward J. Miotke, Joseph Mix, Mrs. Helen Mrowiec, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mulawa Sons Funeral Home Nabozna, Miss Josephine Nadolny, Lorraine Natchke, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nemerski, Rose Marie Nosakowski, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Novak, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nowak, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nowak, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nowakowski, Mr. and Mrs. A. Nowakowski, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nowakowski, Mr. Joseph Nowakowski, Mr. and Mrs. H. Nowakowski, Mr. Lawrence Nowicki, Mr. Nowicki, Mr. and Mrs. M. Robert Obuchowski, Mr. and Mrs. A. Obuchowski, Miss Mary Okraj, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Olejniczak, Kathryn. '46 Olejniczak, Mr. and Mrs. W. Opalewski, Mr. and Mrs. William Opalewska, Miss Bernadine Ososki, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pannecouk, Cyril L. Papciak, Frances Paulana, Sister Mary Pawluk, Mrs. J. Pecherski, Mr. and Mrs. J. Perinoil, Mrs. Clara Pierzynowski, Mr. Stanley Plewo, C. A. Plucinski, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Pokrywka, Mrs. Caroline Polonaise Cleaners Poniatowski, Miss Lucille Proben, Mrs. A. Przylubski, John Pudlo, Mr. Joseph Pudlo, Mary Ann Radwan, Dorothy Radzialowski, Edward Radzialowski, Esther Radzialowski, Julian Radzialowski, Marian Radzialowski, Virginia Rafe, Mr. and Mrs. St. Rakoczy, Edward Rakoczy, Gene Rakoczy, Pfc. Harry Rakoczy, Henry Rakoczy, John Rakoczy, Richard Rakoczy, Stella Rakoczy, Viola Rakoczy, Walter Rapczynski, Mr. and Mrs. 'Thomas Rathnaw, Mr. and Mrs. P. Reder, Mr. and Mrs. John Rembelski, Rev. Benedict Rendzio, Mr. and Mrs. J. Renkowski, Mr. and Mrs. William Ritchy, Mary Rose Ro dak Bar Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. L. Romanowski, Rose Jewelry Miss Dorothy Co. Rozanski, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Rozek, Clara Ruth, Mr. Clarence Sadon, Jeanette M. Sadon, Mrs. Jennie Schafke, Mr. and Mrs. F. Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. E. Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Seechoffer, Mr. Carl Shipan, Theresa Shirilla, Marie . Sica Shoe Store Siemion, Mr. and Mrs. W. Sierocinska, Eleanor Sierzputowski, Helen Skarbinska, Dr. A. Skelnik, Frank A. Skowronek, Mr. and Mrs. A. Skrocki, Rev. Edward Skurski, Mr. and Mrs. Sniadecka, Alice Soboslay, J. E. Stefaniak, Celia B. S. T. M. Strzalkowska, Irene Sudol, Mr. Stanley, Sr. Sudomier, Bernard A. Swantek, John L. Swiderski, Mr. and Mrs. Lillian Szalaszewicz, Mrs. H. Szok, Rev. L. Szczepaniak, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Szczesny, Charles, Chaplian. U. S. N. R. Sztark, Mr. and Mrs. F. Szemraj, Mrs. J. Szymanska, Miss Lottie Szymanski, Mr. and Mrs. M. Temrowski, L. A., Jr. Turek, Mr. and Mrs. T. Tyrka, Jane and Chris Tyrna, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ulatowski, Mr. and Mrs. Z. Uroda, Mr. and Mrs. A. Vargo, Mr. and Mrs. G. Victoria Beauty Shoppe Walczyk, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Waligorski, Joseph M. Walschon, Rev. Edward Walus, Mrs. Anna Wanat, Miss Dorothy Wanat, Miss Theresa Wanat, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Warren and Grandy Market Wells, Mr. and Mrs. H. Willmowitz, Miss Gene, '42 Wisk, Mrs. Wojciak, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wojcicka, Miss Josephine Wroniak, Mr. and Mrs. A. Wujcikowski, Edward Wysoglad, Mrs. Sophia Youngert, Mr. and Mrs. G. Zacny, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zaglaniczny, Rev. B. J. Zaglaniczyny, Mr. and Mrs. A. Zapytowski, Mr. and Mrs. l. Zaremba, Miss Edna Zauski, Mr. and Mrs. P. Zgliczynski, Mr. and Mrs. V. Zielinski, Mr. and Mrs. J. Zielinski, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Zowkower, H. Zurawski, Dr. R. T. :'Success to the Future Alumnae" JOS. CAMPAU MEAT MARKET 9629 Jos. CAMPAU S. SOSINSKI, Prop. Phone TRiniTy 1-0773 Compliments of . M O R A N M A R K E T CASS WAWRZYNKIEWICZ, Prop. 5245 Moron Avenue Tel. PLoza 0553 Detroit, Michigan Phone HOgorth 4636-7 Ctgfi Smart Ladies Apparel and Bridal Shop 10909 GRAND RIVER of Ookmon Blvd. Compliments of . . MR. and MRS. ROBERT SLAVSKY Compliments of . . BORAWSKI GROCERY STORE GROCERIES ond MEMS 3178 Konter Phone lVonhoe 9430 Compliments of . . FELICIAN SISTERS AUXILIARY DETROIT, MICHIGAN Mfxdisoia 6927 EDWIN BEEF COMPANY 5140 EDWIN STREET Hamtramck I2, Michigan Phone TEn'Iple 2-4349 PLaza 6200 SPIEWAK STUDIO Pictures F or All Occasions Weddings Our Specialty Also Color and Canclicl Photography 463I Chene, Near E. Forest Detroit 7, Michigan DR. B. LISOWSKI, DENTIST 5 8 6 8 C H E N E V Detroit, Michigan Tel. PLaza 7520 Compliments of . . MR. and MRS. PETER KITLAS and FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHERS T0 TI-IE SENIOPS AGDAN PHOTOGRAPHIC 8327 Von Dyke Tel. PLczc1 7080 Tel. PLozo 5100 Compliments of . . JOSEPH F. ROSEBUD TEMROWSKI CREAMERY REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE C O M P A N Y Complete Real Estate Service 5039 McDougall Avenue 2815 East Willis Avenue Phone Dlxon 9600

Suggestions in the Felician Academy - Crest Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

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1947, pg 39

Felician Academy - Crest Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 53

1947, pg 53

Felician Academy - Crest Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 50

1947, pg 50

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