Feitshans High School - Log Yearbook (Springfield, IL)

 - Class of 1956

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Wg ,. ,Ax, W., gz- 3 We 7 N 'A -V ,,.., - 4f,,,y P s fax' W Q 2' if 1. Q if no - 'I ? W 3 5-3523 bf g' 4 .X , My .Q Wi we A, tw Q f M H fs if wa se ff.. ,gi ,P .-..--iw MWWUQ7' W W2 M W W 7 ff? 5 1.4 '. 3339. in dfcy jgjpdg if WRX: g NN xg., Jw W 'S ffm' ,plug-' fo' 'Q Q0 1 ' I ' Z LPM? - 0, CG Ep M RWQMAE fu Q FM W, W gy f M XM fjdfdxw f.ff ,W U '7 1 'Q i - lf V 8 1f9k'7777 777745 'Y1'i2,6x4fQyI afQ Wbwflanicfgcn ff g8if6A6tifLkZ5 la .Szlzoof A" 4 D I 1 517 J CL! M A ff' Qj QW f M5141 ff A QU A vw ,Q W ff ,,,,,,7,fA K7 zz f f M by W V M Q If K AW 46' I ' A ff' A kM"d,yxO9i3 ,X I X 1' ' '-42,44-ZA! 1 W ., 'fy 'L S K ,f I V UM V Qi tf A I L ' ,Q K5 1 QMMMX iff WH Sisiswf gb 9 MUS 5 3353? Sfmgiff C iff, B 'X k,QfY'zcbQ W fi Qfpyfx Q ,J X 12 lx fa f'7fW, "'N4f1Z1 5 W ,-3 aww. Wm. 2 , 1 2 Hi 4 ' 3 EF, , f ju w 5, 1 ' ' ' if 1 M 5 'A ii 9 .:. S f 3 W ' -1 gi N is Q I .- .- if . .,..... . . ' if- Y 4 an 4. 1: ,QW ' . x - xv , X , W ' 2:1 Kiki? X l 1 , . X x, - X Xjk 'X . ..,.. . . " ii x, S .. .. X X xg . X t S 55? x W i V Q 3 s fb wx , . 3 1 ,- 'z vw' X S W kv ws X, sg A A xx Q V fl X. .X x 5 fa P 3 no Es s' J , X: , 5 ' V 5 --F . ?f"Wi? Q J 4 ' 'Qi ' :yi 1 Wg bv ,, j LLLSLC P25 .wg of l , W all lvjl ll 1 it l Ji fp bij will ll wh Nfl, 69 me JJ A song is born as the 1956 Log takes you on a musical journey to platter land. The all-time great hits are brought back for you to sing and enjoy once more. Music is everywhere as the Log revives such tunes as "Cry," "Moments To Remember," and "Sweet and Lovely," to name only a few. Whistle while you work, but stop your work long enough to reminisce a few of the tunes and enjoy the musical Log. We hope that you will thrill to the Log as much as we are thrilled in bring- ing it to you. Compiled and edited by Donna Wax, Dan Smargiassi and Roberta Coleman. Assisted by jackie Gibbs, Bill Bernstein, Nancy Hazlett, Kaya Ramsay, Loretta Davis, Carol Mel- kush, Annaijljlfilligjt, lN' ' e Yowell and Marilyn Mateyrrjj jjf J SX JDJ fl wiv bil W J' 5' W jwef 'lr if if . A di We W JJ W 5 gel llllj 9 j 1 jg Cljflrlfgdfx f dj NU XX' J rx I w New 'Y -,135 Nl We Why els' ,lay Q35 Q5 cbcafion MR. CLARENCE RUFF ,QW fl ,f lliding high on the top of the lieitshans Hit Parade is Mr. Clarence lluff, instructor in General Science and Biology. Patient, interested, kind, and wise, Nr. llufl' can truly he called the students' friend. lklr. llufl' came to lfeitshans in 1929, having taught the previous year at Springfield High. During his twenty-six years at our school, Nr. Huff has accomplished much in addition to teaching a full class load with a rare minimum of sick leave. llc was instrumental in acquiring and installing the public address systems in the gymnasium and auditorium. He has headed the visual aids pro- gram at Feitshans since its inception several years ago, and he has consistently acted as chief timer for the home haskethall teams. lfngage hlr. lluff in conversation after class and you will soon learn that he is one of the most avid outdoorsmen you've inet. The love for hunting and fishing apparently was instilled in him as a youth growing up in the sportsman's paradise, the "land o' lakes," XX'isconsin. This man's fish stories are llelievalzle ones as he tells them with the rapture and enthusiasm of one who knows his topic well. For his long years of service to our school, for the lasting contributions he has made to the lives of countless students, for his devotion to duty and for his loyalty, we, the students of F. H. S. take this medium for honoring Mr. Ruff. Our fervent wish as he hegins his well-deserved retirement is that the years ahead hold for Mr. lluff the fullness and happiness he so richly deserves. 1 Lllll ilirmnriam MRS. LOUISE BLAEUER Mrs. Blaeuer joined the staff of Feitshans High School as a member of the mathe- matics department in the fall of 1941. During the years that she was part of our school family she endeared herself to faculty and students alike for her many admirable qualities. lntensely loyal to the school, she always cheerfully assumed responsibility for extra- curricular activities. Her versatility enabled her to serve as accompanist for music con- testants, direct class plays, or sponsor the year book with equal competence. XVithin the class room she was a consci- entious and capable teacher. She was de- voted to her profession and had a sincere interest in the problems of each individual pupil. Possessed of much personal charm and vivacity, Mrs. Blaeuer was a delightful asset to any group of which she was a part. Because of her rare gift for laughter and her ability to conceal her own problems, many people were unaware of the serious- ness of her physical condition. Always she put the welfare of others before her own. She will be missed in our school, but the memory of her graciousness and courage will long remain with all who were privileged to know her. Miz EL .fdufograpkd 4 Q,4M.eQ4, Mm' WQLJQAQJMQL67 Q' vm? TZCAAEIZ 5 WW wwffw an 33 Q RWE Se 3539551 Qfigi x XX X f fs fagv X 4:-B25 g igfggw RH Kass 5 5 W ff Q? pf , , EWS Qlkf 53337 2 23 59 Q53 JVM! ZZ! if xr Y , f v, f, o , - N K1 5 X X f' ff, f U K - lg f f my Ah ' W' J .ff ,i X ' Q3, 5 j! X' Xljm C OJQ-CO ,s-UQ, kE X . - AX Ei 'if ,104 , env FTW M 4 ,X ,, 5' 8 ,Y MVN K u Mi? X L ,I ' I , ,. Oj 1 Mk N K ,f.' ?f' rf V U 'Q J I Q f I 5 , xp-' . C 1,600 x w W A gwx ., 0 SM- LQ :2 X Q1 in -XX! Xxx, K KJXSN CT Q is '5 V I fel Q, A J fix X ,- N X , , l 1 x E h J.: ' C ' Q f- Q EA 'N - , ' ,4 0 I al is if kia V- foauo U , , , A, S Q N ff wf 4 N xr i " G. 4, , '15, ,fl I ' an .. A f X 2 'vi 1 ' ff 44 fzfff' MCLW- . E X 'T 5- ff 4 I 2'-'- ' fa 51,4 .X x , X W 1 www- J EM ggi K5 Mig, wk' fx 6 b,f,o,LU MPVQKB wg? H VUL' ?L LVLMM, Q11 al AQ, ' A"' L' Aj W f ff A J, ,ffw Ofllelflfff 30 mnienfl QI" P. K.-. 5 V 1 if 4 1 , .Q .2 1 nl. h L:-X3 nmve same big they stand r if 'Q bud home - ya' long 'here Z-X Dutton: -8 Oh what Shu said! The 55's had it. Huh-u-clulm-club Ooooouoooooo! llclulczvomls in thc ccllcl Ccl rczuly --sct Slw gut hcl' num Kickapoo joy .luirc I 8 I arniua alaerd 5 N, NX 1: Lg Y nm, 21:4 fi i P ' Babes in Toylancl Beauty on puruclc Aloha: Gcorgcuus Gcorgr: Swing and Sway lim-ly Pllplwls IU! 0lfUI'l Qlflfl OP? Cine ,.- l l F If ,Q -Q HM iha unc!- A if-.f ij Rimsky K. air. 4 Dm'tur's l.ittlc Hclpcr ,-Xin'l wc swcct? Kiclcliu Iinpurs-4 llonorf cryj Study llull Steady lY"UllI'SUll'lL Mc amd Nh SIIUXYIHRIII lfnglish ,Xlmgcls Wlml chu doing, DUO! Unch!! l IU I X mai if Coohng S ...Q X .,:-' M X . 122' 48 R , ,- , - v..,,i.fQ,. lfi'f "--fi'f'i Xml Tlmfs Pzmcukes? School Visitors 'lieu For Miss Cher Looks Good, huh, Miss Lfhl'iSlll1ilS 511-11 Box and his Buddy llll , X Ddoogeadhuss C? Jufagy .geiffiizanzi 2 r' -v V CRY 'jg l-,nm 232 think ifs bil bye, G m false e 1224? 1. 'lknnmy 2. Maxine 3. Russell -1. larry 5. 'luekie lhmlmertson Yowell Fleer Van Ilouten Gibbs 6. ,Indy 7. Margaret 8. Shirley 9. Paul 10. Anim 11'i11inms Stone 6111111121111 1X'11ite 11o11et 1 1. Donna ll. lloberlu 13 Carol 14. 11ut11 Ann 15. Kay XYQIX Clulemam Connor Penny 11zm1sex 16. Nancy 17. Donn 18. Slmrlene 19. lflsie lluflett ,lneuhs Hose Brown 11.21 X -VI 1 I' x , M mf, , -f-' Q1 Q MRL! ' ' Nl' J, X fi 1, 3 1..,l X X ' V K X X. . . X XJ V N t X X f ' U I X XX L s Q X r Q! yt? N 4 N if ' , X Qgw W I N Q 1. en. for CALM cam Gym- Morcscki, l'icc-l'rt'xitlcntg Carol Mt-lkuslm, 'l'rcus1u't'r: ,lohn Cassadi, l'rt'vitlz'1lI: Donna Wax, Sccruturp. NX c ol' thc Scnior Cflass ol' 1956 arc proud ol' our achicxcmcnts whilc attcnd- ing I". ll. S. lt sccms only ycstcrday that wc rcgistcrcd as lrcslmicn. XYc arc happy to hc graduating, hut wc arc sad at thc thought that lil'c at licitshans is ovcr for us. XYc arc proud ol' our cxtra-curricular activitics. NVQ havc takcn part in thc activitics of such clubs as Kcy Cluh, ili Y. Y-lccns. li. ll. A. and othcr organizations. XVU hclpcd to govcrn ourschcs in Studcnt Council. ln choir and hand wc cultivatcd our musical talcnts. 'l'hc "l"hcrs" wcrcn't to hc outdonc athlclically. Many ol' our class mcmhcrs wcrc honorcd individually, lacing namcd to all-city and all-conl'crcncc tcams. Social lil'c is anothcr lcsson taught in thc chapter ol' lil'c tcrmcd lligh School. Our mcmorics will always hold high thc thought ol' thc altcr gamc danccs, and our lirst datc. Our social lil'c was toppcd oil' hy our prom, "l'fnchantcd lfx'cning." Most important ol' all, wc arc proud ol' our scholastic achicvcmcnts. Many ol o I class mcmhus will lmthu thur cduc u' X " " " " ' 'ation hy attcnding collcgc. Othcrs will go into thc world of husincss, or military scrvicc. During our four ycars at lfcitshans wc dcrclopcd mcntalh, phxsicalh and Socialh. IHI GARY AIXIBUICIII, "l'111 Sitting 1111 Top of the World" PAUL ANANIAS HxVlIL'l'L' is that SOIIIUUIIL' for Mu" l'HYl,I.lS APl'l,lCGATI uu'jUl1l1t'I'flIl One" lSll,l, BACON "Man with KI DVUIIIIIH BILL BICRNSTICIN "'l'l1v Happy uflllIlIL'l'L'l" DOROTHY BICTTS "C'1111't Help l,u1'i11g that Alllll of Milla" TOM BIBB 0110117 Fvizm' Mc In" FRANK BLANKICNSHIP "Tl1crc's CIUUI1 for ElTi'j'l7lJlIj'H GICOIIGIC BLICSSING "'Ii'l11' livsi Tlziugs i11 lifu are Fi'L'L'H I,l'fO BOBICLI, HulIlL'fL' Dir! You Cvt 'lwlioxv lfyc's" 1 cslioucli 1sol.1Nc:1c11 E' "A Good M1111 is Hard to Find" b Ii, "b' ".ib v." I . Jovclc uonlcm "'l'l1v fiUI!Il'lI 'l'r1111'l1" X 1 X IIS X A 1 eniom wif fl. i I en iam II6I ,IANIQS BOWICNS "All thc 'IIIlIIlgS You Arc" ICLSIIC BROWN USll'L'L'fIIL'SSH lflllill BROWN "I Want u Girl" ICl.IZABIiTII CANDAGU "I'rvtty I,ittIv Missyn IANICT CANHAM "I'l'v Bl.'L'Il IIIIIIIIICIIIQU BOB CAIINDUFIT HCM' IVittiIcc'rs" ClIABl.I'fS CTAll'l'I'fIl "Slow I'0I:c"' 'ION CASPICII "Aiu't lun' CINIIIIIH .IOIIN CIASSAIJY "'I'uIa' Mc Out to thu Ball Umm' 'I'ICD CIIAIXIBICBS "I Lila' 'I'Iu'm All" XX'II,I,IAIXI CIIABIJQS "Sonzvtiuws I'm Hzzppyu BILL CHURCH "Aw You Satisfivzln sk 1 N. I Ili ' X fx - ' X 'L , 'f' 1 .QI f 1+ 5 ! 4' LINDA CIKAS "A Maiden Fair" IAMICS CLARK "Young at Heart" RONALD CLIFFORD Nlllll' Man that Cot Away" RICHARD CLINK "Hard to Get" ROBERTA COLEMAN "California Here l Come" PAUL COLLINS "You're An Old Smoothie" CAROL CONNOR "Girl of my Dreams" OLIVE COOKE "Miss You" BARBARA CRABB "Time Ou My Hands" ANNIITTA CROPI' "Too Marvelous for IVorils" IYVELY N DAN NER "l'm Always Chasing Rainl1on's" LORETTA DAVIS "My Heal" eniom -ni ,Q-Y I7 en iam Xb ' ,f "?"""7 8 I S ' fl ix ,I ?Sw IS x X X3 If J BICVIQRLY DIQCKIQR "Dancing in tlzc Dark" MARILYN Dc-GRAFF "Yrm'Il Never Walk Alone" ARNOLD Dol ,ATTR If "Ha u'lu'yv" SIllRLliY DOXYNS "A Pretty Girl is like I1 Mvlml RUTH ANN DRAKIQ mIllII'L'L' ljttlu IVm'zls" TICD DYER "l'n1 Innm'cut" NANCY IQARLS "How Do You Sym: to am Au RICHARD IfASI,I'fY " Bun'uru" BICTTY HDIXIUNDSON 'Tulsa ilu' 'A' Train" SHARON ICVANS NII,I.IfR "Yrm'rv Azlornlrlvl' DIXON FATIIAURR "My Roy Flat Top" JIM FLIQCK "l'll Kumi' My l,m'v" J' ev RUSSELL FLICICR "My Silent Lore" NANCY FORIHMAN "Pretty Babyn Bll,l. FORTHNAN "As Time Cues H-V" IOAN FOSTER "Kitten on the Keys" CHARLIQS GANTT "Charlie My Boy" IIACKIIC GIBBS "Street and Gentle" TON GIAZIC "The Best is yet to Crnne NORMA GOOD "A Satisfied Mind" CAROL GOWIN "When my Dreamlniat C SIHRLIZY GUIMARD "Dnngaree Doll" VIRGIL HARVFLL "Stranger in Paradise" YI U DY H A U V ICRSBU R Ii "When I Stop lJl'L'I1HlilIgU Q ' W I , i 4 MI -, , , fm wg LI.. M 'Z'-.:.'?.L ge, ,. Tcnnes Horne" Hvm, JDK 3 f XM J t 'N fl91 t eniom 0 O N Qlfl l 0I"f5 IZOI Ns N! I ff , -Q K f J I X: P X? f 1 NANCY HAZLFTT "Sentimental Me" BILL HIQDIIICK "Young at Heart" JIM HIZNDERSON Hl,Il'ilI' Livin' l,iri11' " BOB IIHNDIIICKIIII "lt's I,m'e" DON HENRY "ML Cupid" JIM HOLLIS "Dream" JOHN HOMIQIFR "The High and the Mighty" DONNA HURST "Aiu't She Sweet" DONA JACOBS "Just Wonderful" JAMIVIS JACOBS "I lJou't Wan! to Set the IV0rl1I on Fire" RICHARD JOHNSON "A Little Bit Imlependentu BILL JONES "ru cm ny' RONNIIQ KICLLY "l,et ,Ill1L'l'U lie Love" CAROLYN KING "Beautiful Brown Eyes" NORMAN KOLESKIQ "No Sad Songs for Me" CORNIQLL LICXVIS "l'1n Never Satisfied" LUCIOUS LEXVIS "For He's a jolly Good Fellow" VIRGINIA MARTIN "liver So Sweet" jOHN MASLOUSKI "Sugar lump" MIKE MATAYA "Girls Were Made to Kiss" MARILYN MATHRN "Some Day My Prince VVill Come" MARTHA MCANULTY "Mostly Martha" RANDALL MCCOY "Yon Must Hare Been a Beautiful Baby" CAROL MELKUSH "Love and Marriage" x F A25 5 N by 1' iff, 6 , I A XA , M, en iam ' 1 2I'lL0l"5 5 , wi. I I A Qu.. ZZ. 1 1 -I' ,Q N P 4 - X X W nl' xg ki x X I rr , ' w v I IXIYIIA IXIICRRILI, "Fira Foot Tivo" DON IXIILBURN "Trying" BHVIICRLY MILLER "'l'l1v Olljuct of my Affection" IJAIIIIICLL IXIILLICII "If l Ever Fall in Lore" UIOIIN IXIILLICII "l'n1 Tired of Being Singlcu IIOYCIC IXIILLIYII "A Pretty Cirl is ljlev a lIlc'lofly' DON IXIULNAII "Young Man with u Horn" HAROLD IXIONIIOIC "Don't Offer Me the Stars" CLINIC MOIIICSCKI HYUll,l'L' Got to bc a Football Hero IJIIIIOL Niclisow "Au Right" DICK NICHOLS "lt's a IVUH1l1lI'S I-Vorl1l" IiUGI-INIC NICKICLSON "A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way" SUE OTTO "Sweet Sue-Inst You" ANNALEE PADGETT "I Get So Lonely" IACKIE PARKER "Dream Baby" PATRICIA PASSINI "Adorable" RUTHANN PENNY "Pennies from Heaven" CHARLES PETERS N O "I'm Gonna Live! Lire! Lire till I Die" EDWARD PINN "Be What You VVant To Re" KAY POTTER "Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine" KAY RANSEY "Sweet and Lovely" CAROL RAMSHAW "My Lady Loves to Dance" DON REFINE "Give Me One More Kiss" IAMES REUN "One Fine Day" I 0 9.1, ,D VR ae 2 5 el'll0l"5 2. es QIfll0I"5 I241 NX In V I ,I NPN I MX N LARRY RHOADIIS "Roll, Hot Rod, Roll" IICAN RICE "Lovely to Look At, Delightful to Knon"' TOM ROBERTSON "Mr. Touel1zlo1a'n" CAROL ROBINSON "Dizzy Fingers" DICK RODIQIXIS "Answer to n Teenagers Prayer" A N N A ROLLFT "Earth Angel" SIIARIJIINIC ROS!-1 "I'.S. I Lore You" RONNIE RUSSIILI, "let a Smile be your Un1ln'ella" NANCY SCHINIIYLTIVIII "Friends I Knon"' BICCKY SCIIULTZ. "Talkin' Tnlkin' Talkin' " Y VON N I2 SIQKIVITA "l,iftle Girl" MARY SFINGIYR "Young Ideas" BEVERLY SHEPARD "Beautiful 13101111 from Bashful Bend" STEVE SHEPHERD "What Am I Gonna Do" LORETTA SIN GLETON "Lore is the Sweetest Thing" DON SMARGIASSI "The Hreezeu LOIS SMITH "Stay as Sweet as You Are" SALLY SMITH "lm Gaz sal" CAROLE SOMIXIERS "Lovely to Look At" CAROL SPEARS "My Love and I.JL'1'0iiUllH ELIZABETH SPENCE "Band of Gold" CECELIA STAPLETON "Gal of Mine" BILL STONE "just My Bill" MARGARET STONE "I Never See Maggie Alon Im, eu eniom en iam u 1 ' x 4 MAX STRASBAUGII "Young at Heart" jAMlCS TALLY "'I1i111v on my Hands" SHIRLICY TAYLOR A-11111 111-my cm-1" 1105114 '1'1cc:,1 t'Hll17jlilIl'XS is a 'I'l1i11g Called ,Im LARRY THOMPSON HSillIj7lL'Sffjf'U I'fl,lZAl3l'f'I'll 'IAOWNSIQND "SiIlL'L'l'L'l'l'H Rl'1'l'A TUTT "I Hear 'lwllosc Bells" DON USHMAN "H1'crytl1ing is S0111ctl1i11g" LARRY VAN HOUTIQN "Happy ix the Man" NORMAN VAN IIOUTIQN HC:UlllH.'UL'H RICHARD VINCENT "You and Your Womlvrful liyvs RUTHIC VOGICI. "S111ilc" DONNA XYAX HSIl'L'L'flIL'tl7'f of Sigma Chi" DICK WHITE "Mix IVcnulerfuI" I.I'ISI,III WIIITII "You T00 Can He a Dreamer" PAUL WH ITIC "Wanted " PATSY XVILKIIY "Beautiful Dreamer DIAN WILLIAMS :- "Dia1n0nds Are a Girls Best Friend" JUDY WILLIAIXIS "Inst in l,Ul'ClllIL'SSH MARY WIILIAINIS "I'm just Wild About Mary" MARILYN WITHAM "In My Own Quiet Way" CAIIOI, WUOLAIIY "l,UI'L' Walked In" IXIAXINIC YOWILLI, "Bright Eyes" B EVER LY ZICK "IVitl1 a Song in my Heart' R54 N Q , I 271 eniorzi ga K ana! Clzain f'm7 F7 hw, Lvmf- lim hdun U2 D7 I It your tu h mg .sh round ,,,.,:,. mi Wg' , , Amiyuur hluvr- kvvp e. n 2 i '-x M' rims if f, F5 G7 F57 in C-U1 ' ' Hnatlw - hind .aclourty ' We-L your A9 H I Bb b . 3. r , 5 ' LQ 5 - ' " IJ' - ' J nas K . 1 i ' T If 3 M FRY-2 4 A lmn Hulxcrtscm, Ilcvcrly lanvrcncn' -lcrry Cll0tfm'hh'1', BL-wrly Zick Carol M1-Ikuslm, Dano NViclund ,lim Fleck, Doris Crouch Shirley l,umlr1-th, john llmlwivl' Nancy I"Ul'K'IIlilI1, lid Snurs Chuck Gantt, Sue Otto -l2IL'ki1' Gilmlms, UL-nn Ulm Mick l'L'tr0ski, Kay' Potter Carol Ilznnslmaln, Dick CTunm'cr SI11lI'll'I1l' llusv, lhmnic Dennis Donna xvilfx, 'Iirny nllkillll I28I M Jw x .,x ff kwj' f, fl . bk JK Lx 'Tl y, f N f , P X XP' f Agia jf X O nc' VOM CN vw ' Nb ' ' if JQ nil.,-L7 J gy fi '7'2ff2'f ' SJ ' U sw M X filewyf JD H ,wo Q ' sfy + Q W f, M Bwiijp W, , WM W 17 we ' j J X gig? f-X v A 4' 6 v' W Aiwgw fffjf x VSWMQJWM QQQQXQ Q WM JG X Wx ' ,p . Ci X WW M 'N 080 4 ' . 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'l'l1cl'0i'ul'L' ilu' slumln :mv xxImAI1 XII' XX 'lx Ins vlwn L'HI1lI'IIJlIIL I ISU! 4 nxt, . 62,132 UML iff OW '9 MISS ELIZABETH COGSWELL Helping us solve our problems, aiding in planning our future, arranging our programs, and advising us on the right move are only a few duties of our capable deans, Feitshans should be proud to have the advice and wisdom of two such capable personalities. Their kindness and willingness are appreciated by everyone. Future students will he sure to start out on the right foot with the assistance of these counselors. wif Xe E0-QNX Z au kv! f me N, MR. CLYDE MCQUEEN l 51 1 C X I IIIIYY i'O'I'lII"lIX C'l.lfl,I.,X D,fXl,Y VlOl.If'l Social S4'fL'I1l'l' Plnsiwzl l'4f1lll'l1fiU!I FII'lf4I sf ' X13 an I.-gk 3. ix ' x ! mf .A Ol" Xl,XI1li, XNWI'IlONY II",Xl.,fXNIJ IMIKTIJXY VVIKNUN lilfllfll XYll.l,lAM IIILXIJIX ,Sl'il'll4'l' ll11ln.striul ,-his Sl'iL'lll'L' lJi1'4'rsifiml f,C'l'llI7llfiO!lS JCI! , .X xX,g.,. ,QRS X W X XX X .W x xx X N ,f 5 . , X . s ' ', v I- NI K NS X X QNX Ni X u X N X XX XXX x AM mfixgjk Q5 as Q .- my W xii NVXX X QW INICS l3llI'fSS.'XN llOI3Ifl1'l' C'Mll'lfN'I'l'fll llAZI'fI4l.If CTUIJFMAN XX',Xl,'l'I'flI C'ONXX",-XX IIUHIL' lfwlzrnlliw lfnglisll Ilmm' l'TC'0I10llIiL'S l11fl1:st1'im' ,Xrts EJ ' mx ,gn SX 'QS' V 33 was W' f Er ,, A---A - .: vg a- : W V- w.,: 5 , is , ,L XS YIIIGINI,-X IQHICIQS Fl'L'lIC'll cf!IlIlHIL'l'l'1' ON tAQ jeclc 1Ql"5 X l.L'CTIIiI-' FICIIIIIITIIA GIQOIIGIA GIIICII IIICIIOY I'I,fXI.l3IfIIG CAIII. IIIQIDIQX lfnglislz Music' Social Sciviivv lmliistriul ,-Iris I'III"S'I"ON IIUTT ISIQSS IQASISIQII CI'IfXIII,.I31S IQIINNIIY IIOY IIISSIX l7i1"lislz CUlllHlL'I'l'L' Social SL'iL'l1l'L' ,f7 lfilglisli ' ff ,, , . ,RM R. X, I, .IOIIN MCCOY XIIfI,VIN MQCTUY IIICLIQN I'lfII5IfII ILXI 'l'YIf l'II'flISI I lJri1'crs VIIHIIIIIIILQ 13111111 IIIIIIllL'lI1lllfC'S IIIlIfllL'HIlIliI.'S I'i,II CIIIfXC'If I'O'I"I'I'I' Ii X'I'III'I'IYI' I'OXX'I'I I I'I'I3I'Ii XII PII XII CI XI' X IIOI7I I IC llwm' l'Il'Ul1UllIIl'S Ifllglislz Social Sl'IL'Ill'c' ,- Xrt 'Sf IIOISIVIII' IIOXXI CI XI I NCI I LII XI XI XIX SC IIL I.IL X IIICIINIX SPI XIXI I Srivlzu' St'fL'lll'I.' Cfmn llIl'I'l'L' lfu vllsll IDIHXN 'I'II.I XI,'XN I1IfIINIC'If XX III'I'If .XIII-NI' XX'IfIMIfIIS CUXIII XXII S I'I1X.xi4'1ll I'IllllC'1lIiUlI llistrilrnlilm' IIIIIIKYIIIIIII lil1m1'iull IIrlfI1r'H1zlf1c X NOIIXIX Il'.XN ,xNl1lfl:SoN fIUlllllIl'I't'L' HIVIII IIl'lll'llt'l' ILI. uf I.J V95 XXI IIVSL' W Q wT1L!'S YLZIE X P4 T : jx Ubi'-! c V0 D C X 1, 'A 'VY I GJ 1, 'lf Y OJ f fl J! fl NL qw! JLUVJ, fig, 7 Lx, .W x . ' xg V XJ 4, V1 I X 1 A F U mf W My W f7 my -f W Q V IL Tm, U L 4 f Q f,l 'fi M V' 3 I EMDA1 Av' LQVL' W fx 0 HV A , N! 1 1 5 ,xy U LC ALL U W .I 'JD Mlw lj . L af W WWE ,lr ia K f u M x QQ K gg Q, J X' Q egixi X M6 X QX V 0 'I fx M Au W3 , , v mv Wwll X MMM MSL fx vb , w X . f po ,C DON MILBURN LINCOLN BI,ACKWIiI,I CHUCK GANTT CCcntcr PicturcD DICK IIODICMS GIHNIY INIOIIIISCKI I 50 I KENNY A'I"I'lfIIII3IiIIIIY Ollllfl RUSSELL FLEFR NORMAN VAN IIOUTIRZN L 57 I DENNIS LINDSICY TOM ROBERTSON C Center Picturcl DON H EN RY Mcfory GUACA 'l'he Flyer team started off the season like a lion and ended it like a lamb. Coach Schultfs boys won the City Title by tieing Cathedral in the final city game. Against non-city opponents the Flyers managed to win only one game while dropping five. Feitshans finished the season with a 3-5-l mark. 'fiom llobertson was voted back of the year, while Chuck Gantt grabbed in the lineman of' the year prize. The Flyers placed four players on the All-City Team and two on the second team. llobertson won the scoring title by scoring 57 points. His teammate, Chuck Gantt, finished second with 43, Together these two greats scored 100 of the 127 points that the team managed to get. First Row: ll. Miller, R. Bounds, Mgr., K. Atterberry, T. Robertson, D. Henry, D. Rodems, G. Morescki, D. Lindsey, N. Van Houten, D. Fathauer, R. McLaughlin, C. Gantt, H. jamerson. Seenml Row: Asst. Coach, j. McCoy, l.. Webster, D. Milburn, D. Galloway, D. Faulkner, I. Stites, R. McCoy, G. Patterson, ll. Fleer, F. Morieoni, ll. Hollis, L. Blackwell, M. Schultz, Coach. Thirfl Row: Asst. Coach, D. Tillman, B. Volk, I. Carver, M. Webster, R. Lutes, N. McHenry, C. Shepard, ll. Meierhans, 1. Gray, 1. Gardner, 1. Knox, ll. Carpenter, Asst. Coach. Feitshans dropped its opener to llushville by a 14 to 7 score. However, the Flyers bounced back to whip Springfield, Lanphier, and the tie with Cathedral brought the city trophy to the south- side. After whipping Beardstown, the Flyers finished the season by losing its final four games. lfeitshans should be proud of its team, not only for winning the city, but for showing good sportsmanship at all times. l'58l lol 5 i ': '. l als, Mgr.: N. Kerr, ll. Lewis, 1. Carver. l,. Sintay, T. Foster, Natheis. A ' ' ' 'Xl ' 'Couelr lust lou li Bot n 'onli Hou: -I. Gihhons, K. NVeiss, I. Czirclner, B. Volk, XV. lwiulkner, C.. Downing, D. Nates, nl. . 11.05, ini Rout K. Dzniglierty, M. NVL-luster, G. Quigley, 1. Kelley. C. Shepard, li. Hollis, ll. Bogurtlus, -I. Gray. frtlz Rout N. Meilenry, j. Knox, I.. Spain, NV. Truax, lf. Nlorieoni, 1. Stites, ll. Taylor, ll. l.utes. Cluunpions ure mucle uncl not horn. 'lihis statement was proved to he true when the freshman team of il yezu' ago clicln't win il game, but the same huneh ol' hois went undefeated during this, their sophomore year. Under the sible coaching ol' Mr. 'lillmun and lXlr. McCoy these boys are prepared to play varsity hull. The lreslnnam team this year haul ti fair season as Couch 'Iiillman taught il hunch ol' greenhorns the fllI1llil111Cl1tillS of the game. A lot of hurcl work, long drills, uncl the desire to play along, with the aihle eoucliing, of hir. Tillman uncl Nr. Mciioi should result with these freshmen and sophomore boys playing ll lot of varsity hall in the future. Hrs! Hour ll. NVilkerson, -I. Vono, IJ. Vieru, J. lieenl, AI. lferguson. U Piclieroll, ul. XVouclrum, ll. lizunelow, A. Moore. Sccoml Rout li. NlcNultv, ll. Dressemlorfer, D. Irvin. S. Porter. C. Taylor 1. Porter, I. Gardner, F. Gerger, D. Blair. Third Huw: NV. NVhitaker, B. Denton, 1. rilhL'0tlO1', A. Chznnhers, D. Nester C. Clarke. li. Henry, lf. Iohnson. Fourth Rout ll. Wlright, li. Cunningham, Nl. Leeltrone. lf. Mziylieltl, IJ Tillman, Couch, ll. l'ziveliel4, li. l,utes, li. XVilson, W. Iliuniltun tw! nwarc! .geifriand Vim, vigor, and vitality are three words often used to describe the Feitshans' cheerleaders. Our eheer- leaders help build up the school spirit and bolster the morale of the Feitshans teams. They were watched by all as they turned their eartwheels and Hips, did the splits, and performed their aetions with precision. v 5 Ll It 1 O T T 0 Donna Wax and Sue Otto are our two graduating cheerleaders. Sue has been a eheerleader for three years. Donna has been a member of the squad for four years and has served as eaptain for three of these years. l 110 l 001015191 ell Top, Left to Right: R. Iohnson, D. White, I. Homcicr, D. Henry, C. Gantt. Center: L. Halbcrg, Coach. Bottom, Left to Right: I. Maslouski, J. Blackwell, R. McLaughlin, K. Attcrbcrry, D. Lindsey I 61 1 Mefiaff SW Inf! Io llighlf ll. Yolly, ll. linclseyg l. xVL'llSlL'I', ly. iytterherry, ll. -lsnnerson. ll. llonieiei l llallserg, lfoaeh, ll. Nlel antglilin, ll, -Iohnson, ll. lllaleltyyell, D. llenry, Cf. fiantt, li. XYhiIt Klleelillgi: Cl. Nlatheis, VI. lawson. .X good seoring puneh was enough to get the lllyers through their sehetlult this year. lhe lflyers wountl the season up hy winning 20 antl dropping 4 tilts llns was one ol' the hest reeorcls eyer to he reeorcletl hy a lflyer team. 'llhey also an the C entral Conlerenee. anal they also seorecl the 100 mark twiee this year l"ieecl hy 'Iohnny llonieier, who seoretl 475 points, ancl his aggressire team unite, CllllIL'li Gantt. the lilyers nianagetl to win till their clelense l'ell apart in llit IL - '-gional tournament. lloineier wouncl up his haslxethall eareer at lleitshans hy storing 1856 points in 4 years, for an ayerage ol' 19.5 points per game. 'llu lnilli int outshoolln ' " 'z q ' g ol' llieh .lohnson was the only thing that kept tht llyers in eontention in their linal Haines. When the mressure was hiwh, ohnson 5 I5 , yy is the eoolest player on the lloor. 'Ili e hall-liawking ol' lliela White anal the rehouncling ol' Don llenry will hc ssetl next year. Coaeh llalherg anal lfeitshans will niiss this great huneh ol pl uyers llns year l'e1tshans haul a team it will long renieinher, anal everyone shoulcl he proutl to he a lollow er ol sneh a great teani. loll 9 U3 54... c,...p,.1..... First Role: R. Smith, T. Smith, C. Shelton, B. Volk. Seeoml lime: . Gutherie, C. Sullivan, 1. Lamotte, ll. Bogardus, K. Daugherty, 1. Carver, H ll. jaeohs. Third Row: D. Faulkner, 1. Knox, D. Fclwards, H. Jamerson, XV. Truax, Mohr, ll. liraham, N. Houston, li. Carpenter, Coach. Coaehcd by Robert Carpenter, the junior Varsity Basketball Team compiled a 13-6 record. Not only did this team show some good basketball talent but also good sportsmanship, and they gained more eonlidence as each game was played. Bob Volk did most of the scoring and along with some tall boys, who pulled down many rebounds, these boys looked impressive in many of their games. These boys will surely play plenty of basketball for future Flyer teams. jl"ef5Al'l'lCl,l'l CAQQPLJJQPJ Throughout the years freshman cheer- leading has proved to be more or less a train- ing ground for future varsity cheerleaders. The freshman cheerleaders often have not had past cheerleading experience, but under the guidance of Miss Daly they have become a great asset to the freshman and junior varsity teams. i631 In S4 510044 gwlfefeem i "wt linux' C. 'l':n'lrn', ll. lfnglzmcl, Nl. Mrwriscm, M. l,cckrom', -I. Davis, XV. llnmilton, li. Wlcif-ss, ll. lllzlir, Mgr. 'vrnnl lluir: N. livrr, ll. l,l'l'SSL'I1llUl'l.l'l', .L Kirk, C. Stiiplus, li. XVilsr1n, M. Dan, ll. Irvin, ll, lllllllilll , ciUilL'l1. I lhinl llrmz' G. Pickc-roll, S. l'orlvr, l.. Aclcock. lf. Mzzyliclcl, IT. VlL'l'il, -I. Gaircliwr, D. lfislm- lmurn. ,l. llccml. lliis was one ol' thc lincst l'rcsl1inz1n tn-inns cvcr couclical by llczln 'l'illn ,lil winning 8 and losing 3 thc tcum slmwcnl llml they would bc rough in tlic lllltlllt I his gr cut tcaim won thc city tltlc, :incl in an couplc of ycurs boys like Morris l,cckrum', amd lJi'csscmlm'l'cr will hc seeing plcnty of x'u1'sity action. Krwuliiig: Il. XVl1itc, jzlnssvn. Slumlinlig: IJ. lillmiin, Cmicli, D. lluuglils, j. SUIIIIIIUI' czlslcr, ll. Smith. li. ll0l'llllllilI1, I . White, l fx-l l row - Counir eam G. liclwnrmls. llll I"6LC QGLIWL Ilona' Ron' Ron' Row lion' 455814 " c 1331449 D. Faulkner, ll. Fleer, N. Vanl-louten, B. lN'lel.aughlin, T.l Laucluski, C. Shepard, J. Gibbons, L Webster. N. Kerr, XV. Harris, I. Vincent, j. Stitcs, J. lacobs, NV. Faulkner, I.. Larson, XV. Hamilton. ll. YVilliams, D. Blair, G. Staples, C. Braneato, F. Moriconi, ll. Payeliek, B. Denton, j. Sommers M. Leekronc. ll. Janssen, G. Sullivan, P. Andruczk, K. l.utes, K. Garda. Mr. Tillman, K. VVilson, B. Lawson, D. Fishburn, H. Trainor, Mr. Schultz. A promising future is the only thing to which Coach Schultz and his track men can look forward. The only thing Slfllllltl has to work with is a few senior lettermen and a handful of juniors who earned letters last year. NVith the freshmen comprising most of the team, the only thing that can be accomplished is a rebuilding of the team for future years. Half way throuvh A uril the cindermen have yet to win a meet and failed to , 5 , place a single boy in the big llana open. Promising youngsters include Mester in the 880 and Lancaster in the Hole vault, with Kerr eoming through in the broad jump. lXlcl.aughlin, Blackwell, and XVhite are carrying much of the burden. lf the umlcrclassmen can improve and come through next year, the team will be in good shape. The outlook isn't too bright this year, but all we can say is wait till next season and the prospects will brighten immensely. l65l may 420,111 .iii :W Ron' I: l.. Whitt-, ll. Volk, ul. fi1ll'tlIiL'l', G. hlatheis. Ron' 2: 'l'. Smith, il. Gzilloway, ll. llollis, ll. Smith, ll. llirsehle. llou' 3: I". Brown, tl. flassatlv, ul. AlllSlUllSlil, IZ. l"orth1nan, li. .Xtteherry, D. llenry. Run' 4: ul. llhoacles, Cf. Cantt, ll. jolinson, -I. llomeier, ll. CTass:1cly,Ci. lj2lllCl'Sttl'l, Mr. llallmerg 'l'he lighting lieitshans ifliers seem to he oll' to a successful seaso11 in "56". Hx tl1e mitlclle of April, the lflyers hacl won 4 Ulll ol' 5 hall games, anal the out- eoine looks even hrigliter. 1-X tea111 eonsisting ol' mostly vettrans anal spots ol' sophomores, the lflyers startecl oll' the hasehall season with a hang. 'l'he veteran hoys earrietl most ol' tht loacl as experience pays oil, hut to make the team as a sophomore is an aeeomplish- ment in itself. XX'ith john Cassacly whipping in the strikes and his brother Dane blasting llXV'lY in tl1e hitting clepartment, the h'1ll is reallx rolling. 'lihe onli v'11ne . '. - ' . , 1-1' to clate that the Pliers have tlroppecl was the eontest with the Clinton boy s. 'lihe Flyers look even 111ore iinpressive on paper. At this writing seven out ol' the lirst nine are batting over 300, and two players are batting over 500 to holtl down hoth lirst and seeoncl plaees in the batting clepartment. 'l his impressive anal experienced team has hlastecl out 50 runs while the pitchers have clone a great joh in limiting the opponents to 30 runs. 'l'he team is now leading in team stantlings with an 800 percentage niark. Coach llalherg's hasehall team is starting oil' fast and furious as l1is hasltethall lL'1lll1 tlitl. xxlllll any luek at all this team eoulcl go a long way. Malte way for l"eitsha1ns, tl1e big hops are eoniing tlirougli. 1661 STUDENT COUNCIL ,SEB em 0 lfrmzl Rout Xliss l't'il't'r, Il. Mt'Ginlt'y, Nl. Sarltu. l. liaugh, l . Dznis, ll. XVax, ll. Volk, S. Singleton, l'. llarwll, IS. 'l'urnt'r. Stwuitl Hun: S. Snxtlvr, S. l"t'llt'i', l'. Snytlcr, ll. llzn'Xt'll, li. llt'rnstt'in, ll. hltmlnar, XV. Nlt't'lt, S. llnstg Q. -laculvs, X. llrlhal, lx. llainsvy. 'l'l1iitl Hun: VI. lllavltstun, li. hlblqilll,.x.fiiIlll1liIll.Al.sIiIl1tllSl1, ll. lit'llt'y, -I. XVt'lltt'r, D. Nlanintti, IJ. Gtwlmuximir, M. Stacy, lu Salatlinu, j. lunvs, 'l. Strutlt: i 1 lfnurlli Hunt I. lirutnr, ll. liully, l'. llrtmn, U. lintlsuy, D. Ciassatly, -I. llun1t'it'r, ul. fasszitly, lt. 'laxlrng I. lluust'lmltlt'r, Ci. lattt'r- sun. IJ. hxvllllillllkl. li. Nlilsun, -I. IaXluttt'. l'ht' l"t'itshans Ytutlcnt C'nunt'il has prtnctl tn ht' zu lcatling organization again this year. Stutlcnt Council, tht gtntwning hotly ol' l"t'itshzins, is t'tunpt1st'tl of 1't'prt'st'ntatixt's froln all tht' htunt' rouins. Miss llt'lt'n l't'il't'r. tht- xt'rx t'll'it'it'nt antl intt'rt'stt'tl ath'ism', has playctl a hig part in making tht' Council as sut't't'ssl'ul as it was this war. 'I'Imt- C uuncil has sponsnrtml various st'hunl at'tix'itit's. 'liht' annual llointtmning llzint't', tht' supt'rxist'tl stuth hall lJL'l'0l'L'St'l1tJ0l, tht' "l7itl You liimuu cartls, -lt'an Day, antl Satlit' llawkins Day art' just a low of tht' Council- spnnsurutl at'tix'itit's. 'lht' Council untlcrtnok soiling F. ll. S. nt't'klat't's. stutlt'nt tlirt't'turit's, antl tht' lluniliar hlut antl xshitt' shaltcrs. llclpintx to int'rt'ast' tht' ntunht'r of stutlt'nts who takt' tht' 'l'.l3. tcsts, urging stutlt'nts tu kt't'p ull' ol' tht' sclmul l'nx'n 'intl tn tw'ntlut't tht'inst'lx't's propcrlx in antl out ul school art' a len' mort' at'lnt'x't'int'nts ul tht . t 1 . . . l"t'itshans Stutlcnt Council. Dunna XX ax st'rx't'tl as tht' 19554956 prt'sitlt'nt. lioh Yollt as x'it't'-prt'sitlt'nt, lurctta llaxis as st't'rt'lnrx', antl ,lutlx llaugh as trt'astn't'r ruuntlctl nut tht' slatt' ul ullit't'rs. l67l .4 CHU KEY CLUB J eepfi fAaf Wu5z'ca Maf which is un zllliliule of the well-known liiwunis Cluh. lnitiwtion ol' new menihers sturtecl things rolling. uncl so ol their other projeets were: the purehusing ol' ai stronghox lor the sehool gymnasium, selling un uetixily eulenclur with at picture of the queen, who wus lovely cl1ll'0lclOl1Il0l', the purehns- . ing ol' shruhs uncl trees, running the Spook Show ut l'. 'lf A. Cfalrnirul, sponsoring u serious Christnms assembly, installing n suggestion hox ut the olliee door, han ing noonnliu movies, selling "ets uncl ushering ul lfreslunnn huskethull games. Our lllill Chili supper Cproeeecls whieh helped the yenrhook lunnlsD wus another one ol' our projects. L lxey Club helps lfeitshuns where help is neeclecl. Lllltl they are now working with the Stuclent Couneil on ai piano project. Ollieers ol' the eluh ure: Presiclent. -Iohn Cnssucly: Viee lresiclent, john llomeierg Secretary, Don Nlolnur: vl'l'L'ilSlll'l'I', lion lielh. IUI. CIONNUII Ixll ll,L'li CTM I'NIJ,Xll Ql,'l'l"N gl'Illl'4I.' l'iVxl linux' Sreoml lluu, 'lllliril Hunt ll. Kelly, D. Nlolnaug l. Cussumh, rl. lloineler. Mr. McQueen, l. Cr:iwl'orcl, ll. Cnssnclx, C' l'eIerson, bl. llllocles, Al. llouseholcler, ll. Smith, ll. lalhlotte. nl. lVl'illlL'l'. ll. Stone. ll. llt-er, ll. lfclwnrcls, l. Lllj.LlI'lS. ll. llognrtlus, YI. Vineenl. XV. Nleelx, ll. Nleierhuns, lf. llrown, Cl. Moreselti, ll. lintlsey, Il. l'ntterson, li. Downing, ll. llern- slein, VI. llomer. f . V Q f 5 7 2 NF L L 8 One ol' the lending eluhs in lfeitshains is the liex' Cluh, 5 Ron' I: 1. Horen, S. Doty, S. Feller, B. Grady, I. Guzzardo. Ron' 2: l. llressan, H. Guenther, j. Shipp, ll Matern, A. Layton, P. Snyder. Hou' 3: M. Layton, M. Mclienncdv, ll. Lewis, j. I-larvell, S. Shutt, -I. Smith, C. l.e Veque. Ron' 4: ll. .-Xarup, S. lilielma, N. Sehmelter, M. Miller, P. 'l'odd, S. Marx, C. NVeidl1uner, C. l"lood. F. H. A. Whistle While They Work 'llhe liuture llomemakers of America is a club created for the Home lfconomics students. Besides studying different home economic problems, they have such other projects as giving Christmas gifts to polio victims, presenting stvle shows, and conducting a fix-it shop for students who have mishaps such as a torn skirt or a loose button. Thev also feature teas, dances, and parties. An annual event is honoring a senior member of the chapter with a dinner meeting held at the Y.W.C.A. Also featured at this meeting is a Miss F.ll.A. whose identity is unknown until the dinner held late in May. Miss Ines Bressan has sponsored the group since its organilation at F.H.S. Y-TEENS Exalt Lofty Ideals Y-Teens, a group of girls working together to ad- vance in social and charitable activities, is a popular organization of Feitshans lligh School. Members of this organization have taken part in various activities as hav-rack rides, dances. record- round-ups and social meetings. llovvever, the Y-Teens take part in different charitable activities as taking projects to the crippled childrens home. An important project of the Y-Teens is the Potato Chip Drive in the spring. The meetings consist of business sessions, outside work, the planning of different activities, social activi- ties, and planned programs. The members are proud of their accomplishments and hope to do as well in the future. Ron' I: M. Aidich, vl. llouston, M. Mogle, il. lftter, M. Melton, N. Nation, ll. Dieenso. Ron' 2: j. Houston, C. lfoster, N. Nation, S. De- lattre, S. Lindernian, nl. lloner, B. McCall. Ron' 3: M. Sarko, Y. Spainhour, S. lfathaucr, DI. Rudolph, C. Bozarth. Ron' 4: j. Standish, -I. Coleman, 1. XVell4cr, l'. lodd, N. Gibbs, A. llamev, 1. jones. i691 4 llnu' I: A. Padget, S. Otto, ll VVax, C. Dixon, ll. lgmdreth, 1. Bennett. llou' 2: S. Snyder, ll. Grady, ll. Matern, lf. Dickerson, -l. Harrell, ll. Morgan, K. Hampton. Ilou' 3: M. Meliennedy, lf. 'l'hompson, j. NVilliams, C. VVoods, S. lieller, S. Singleton, J. llogan liek. Ron' 4: N. llahn, l'. Snyder, ll. llossi, ll. Owens, j. Shipp, l'. Harrell, nl. Blake. lluu' 5: M. Miller, S. Marx, C. lilood, S. Klielma, ll. llopltins, V. Carter, ll. Daugherty. PEP CLUB LAS AMIGAS Q 4 ll. Kub Paces F.H.S. Fans Binds the Friendship Tie 'l'he Pep Club, a eomparatively new organization, l,as Amigas is a Y.W.C..'X. sponsored gro I ns proved to he essential to the ll. ll. S. cheering seetion. is one of the largest Y.XY.C.fX. groups and om o 'l'he girls met after sehool with Miss Daly and the most fun-loving. varsity cheerleaders to learn all the new eheers. They Meetings of these Y-'l'eens eonsists ot bustn ss did i swell ioh and l". ll. S. is looking forward to an sessions, eivie work, activities, and outside prov: is even more successful Pep Club next year. Row lime llnu lluu Ilou I.. Singleton, S. laylor, ll. Smith, D. C. Dixon, ll. -Iohnson, M. Singleton, S. M. VVilliams, ll. llose, ll. l'inn, C. XVeaver. ll. McClain, -I. Taylor, j. llarvell, j. Shipp, ll. Dickerson, ll. Barbour, M. Carter, C. Morgan. Singleton, li. Dickerson, ll. Turner. ll. McClain. M. Carter, j. lVebster. Stapleton, M. llerrington, V. Carter, A. Daugherty. .1 1? s 1' t X SE 5 Z Ron' I: li. Hollis, T. XVilliams, I. lihoades, N. Van Houten, 'lf Smith. Ron' 2: ll. Buster, G. Sullivan, li. Miller, I.. Sintav, 1. hlathcis, G. Mathcis. Hou' 3: li. jansscn, K. Kraup, ll. Staber, VI. Roberts, D. VVilliams, G. Sprinkle, j. Hoover. Ron' -I: ll. l.utes, C. Carter, A. Cavcnailc, C. Shepard, C. Yokcm, C. Braneato, lf. Marconi. H11 cjwleacld jowar Mffer iuing The Ili-Y, a ncivlv organized boys' club at Feitshans, is an affiliate of the Y.Nl.C.A. Although this is the lirst year of existence of this club at Feitshans, thcx have had many activities. The lli-Y meets on "lihursdav evenings at the Y.lXl. and sometimes at Iieit- shans. 'l'hev have had some verx interesting speakers who talked about sports. which is the 'main interest of the Ili-Y. Basketball, swimming, and softball teams have been organized bv this club. The president is -lim ilhoades and Dick XYilliams is the vice-president, and Tome Murphy is the secrctarv-treasurcr. is quite interested in youth, is thc advisor. FUTURE NURSES l Face Inspiring Career The Future Teachers of America is an organization created for the purpose of pre- paring teenagers who are interested in teach- ing as a possible career. The li. 'lf A. program includes classroom demonstrations bv various Springfield grade school teachers, guidance in selecting a future. student observation and participation, and talks bv school board members and teachers on the pros and cons of teaching. The F. alfairs such discussions, T. A. members also have social as parties, banquets, plays, panel and social meetings. i7ll Nr. Braddock, a wonderful man who SL'llYL'liS N. lfarls, W. Blankenship, j. llarvell Stumling: Miss Cogsxvcll, li. Kelley, C. Smith V. Spainhour, S. lklcffraran, vl. llicc, D. Matern LIBRARY ASSISTANTS OQIQLJ J4 .Hall Scvcrzil girls who Imw "II" aircr- ugcs uncl wish to :assist in thc Iihrury arc as wc clcswilw UIICIISIIQIIIS Iligh Scliools faithful Iihrury assistants." During their stuch puriml, thc girls assist in thu Iihrairy to scrxc thc stu- tlcnt hotly, and to do such things as Iiling, cliccking, numhcring, anal Iimling hooks. Run' I: Il. Shull, XI. Ilrmin, I'. Izninc, S. Singleton, II. Iliccnsu, M. Xlvrrill, Il. Ilurst. ua' 2: Miss xvt'IllH'l'5, M. Cluiamun. X. Imircy, C. IJIIVSUII, N. Uoml, I. fl0Il'IIIiIl1. OFFICE ASSISTANTS JM 41. ga... Ont' ol' thu husivsl parts ul' r scliool is thc rvII'icc stzillf Without thc unnpult'nt iwrlt ol' Mrs. SL'IIllIIl nml Mrs. Iwclcls, our sclwol uuulcl not run us snmothlx and cllicicntlx :is it cluvs. Ihc- nlllu' stall is QISSISICLI hx stu ulcnts clmscn hx the IDL-ans. Ihc SISSISIUIIIS I'lII1 L'I'I'kIIIlIS, CEIITI hullctins, nml L'0IICL'l thc zlttcmlulicc slips. nu the Ron' I: S. Ottu, Ii. Ilailnscy, S. I'I2IlII0llK'l', S. Duty, S. Uslwr. DI. hlcllcnry. IJ. Ifrzmk, S. Ilosc, S. Ifums, I . Ilnrris, IJ. -Inculms, II. Ilaullcy. limi' 2: Mrs. SCIIIIIIV, Mrs. I5icIcIs, VI. XVz1IIu'r, Cf. Ilaimslmw. ITJI The Feitshans ln- dustrial Club is eom- posed of members of the Diversified Oeeu- pation Class. This elub helps to establish better relationships between th e p u bl i C and students on-the- job. Parties, pep meet- ings, trips, and tours help to round out the elub's program. F. H. S. INDUSTRIAL CLUB ef gmail? gufiinedfi raining' Ifirxt Row: lfvelyn llanner, Shir- ley Downs, Keo llobell, Judy Hauversbuck. Sur-mul flow: M rs. XV h ite, Velma Adams. Doris Me- Laughlin, Reta Tutt. joan Foster, Pat Wil- key. Third Row: Iflan Philips, Paul Ananias, lohn Miller, llonald Clifford, Paul XVhite. l73l First Row: I. Strayer, N. Liner. Seermzl flow: j. Casper, ll. Penny, L. Van Houten. Third flow: C. Senningsg Il. Cun- ningham, I. Holly. Fourth Row: L. Crawford. L. Ilhoades. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB cw Un - we -gag Experience The Feitshans' Dis- tributive lldueation Club offers a well- rounded program for many Feitshans stu- dents. The elass is a eombination of elass- room instruction and on-the-job training in the Distributive field -retail, wholesale, and serviee establish- ments. The social portion of the elub's program is filled with parties, pienies, ex- ehange meetings, em- ployer-employee din- ners, and a State eon- vention. 'X 3 .Q I FUTURE NURSES I 1 0 HC? pl"0AZfZ5l Olfl Cl flaw . lL'ilI'l1 Zllllllll the nursing profession. W-:E-.jtgx tours through the hospitals: llncl lielcl trips- liuilcling through the Department of Puhlin Ilezllth. li2lllRll'llL Vice President, 'loyee Volk: Seere- ml' I: P. ll1f'2lI'i, D. Ill'l1Cll'Y'.QUl1, ll. Bzlllzlrnl, S I3 lll llcl Hull' 2: nl. llllllllrcl, M. llinse, ll. liilhliek, DI. llillilllll, vl. Volk , tary, -ln Ann Iilalieg 'l'reusurer, Shirley lluvey. nursej, hlrs. l.ill1llOilI1ll Mrs. Weiss. limi' 3: If. IJlnenpul't, Shirley Ilnvey, A. xVillli1'l', S. Kliellnal, If. Kirk, AI. lilallae. 'Ill -USHERS P pefgrni .SQPULCQ e ushers, uncler the lL'illlCl'Sl1ll7 of Mr. llallherg, halve been il hig zlsset tn our lmlthalll g2llllCS alt lXlCIl10l'iill Field. The ushers servell alt alll ol' the lflvers home g1llllCS illltl ure 2llN2IyS willing to give il helping l1illNl. Hull' limi Hull Rall I: I-. linkin, M. llinse, ll. litilll, M. Surlm, G. lllIll'llYl1l't'y, IJ. Morgan, ll. illlll'I1L'I'. 2: ul. lilL'l11il'llS0l1, ff. xvlltlil, Cf. l'l0l'll1lIlilI'l, P. Vlennings, S. Singleton, lf. DlL'liL'I'S0lI, Cf. xVl'ilXl'l', C. Simmons. fl: S. Ii0l!l'l'iS, Alice liiilIlL'y, .I. Shias, VI. llurvell, If. Kirk, M. NVeir, li. lxlkfiltiill. l I 4: li. Dyer, U. Hopkins, Nl. Carter, C. jzleolms, C. Newtnll, M. VVillizlms, IJ. Meiflllin. A group ol' girls meet twiee il month tn Projects this yL'tll' ennsistecl of: lectures In student nurses from both eiti hospitals: to AlliS'flll2llll1Cl'S illltl the new Stalte Office Officers nl' the eluh ure President, -loyee Aclvisor and sponsors ure Mrs. lluenig Csehool CT,'XlfIf'l'l'Qlll,'X WOHIQICIIS Xlany arc cnxious nf thc stuclcnts who arc cxcusccl liltccn niinutcs hc- fnrc thc thirnl pcriml is complctctl. 'lhcsc stuclcnts spcml that liftccn minutcs and must ol' thc mimi hour hclping thc cafctcria stall. 'llhis group hclps scric thc wliolcsmnc mcals prcparctl for thc lfcitshans stutlcnts. t it Firxl llmc, SL'lIlL'4lI XY. l5.rr, lf. .xlillllillll IJ. Schull, l. l.aix'sun. Sccfrllfl llfnr: ll. NcC"mncll, .X. lnucri, Y. Xtlalns, C' Ilich :als it .. llzirtl limit ll. xvllllilllli ll. lailur, -I, linux, l . Ilucs, lx. lJllXYI1ll1g,lv.vlil'llR:X,ci.SlVl'll1lxlL'. Kimi, ' .fig 32248 .,,. 5 1. W , 1.4 li X M' if V, V N . iff! tu right: C. Krug, M. Mc,Xicn', Nl. Prcnticc, lf. llitc. MAlN'l'lf,N,'XNCIi S'lH-Xlfl-' 'l'hc inaintcnancc stall' is a part of thc school family that wc could not do without. l'hc stall' is rcspunsihlc for taking carc of thc schoul hcating. thc lavatorics, thc clcctric lixturcs, and thc watcr facilitics. 'lhci arc continuously working for a hcttcr anal clcancr Fcitshans and arc always willing to hclp thc laculti anal stuclcnts in cvcry way possihlc. llc arc gratcful to thcni for their hclp in proiimling us with a school of which wc can hc proud. l75l lffl CAlfl"Tl-'lllit sul-all f , J i c illhc calictcria stall has prcparcal ulwlt-so lm' thc l'c1tshans stutlcnts anal taculti. lt has oftcn hccn prmctl that hcalthicr hmlics huiltl hcalthicr mincls, and hcalthicr niii aclxancc and huiltl a nmrc succcsslul sch: l'hc calctcria stall' clcscrics a Int nl' crc lor thclr part lll producing a hcalthlcr anal happicr school. , , . . , tn l'l"lIlJ l. lullctt. Xl. lll'llllIllL'lil, ll. liacc, li 1. wall, 'l. .xt-lm. V ll-in-in-ml Snicll that llllllilllllllg lnml, nic and 2ll5l7L'llllllg mcals tliruugliuut thc it-'nr llll. Q. Run' I: ,I. Gunalrdu, li. VVils0n, I". Scott. l'. Jennings, S. Clruueh. Run' 2: Mr. Lessles, li. lfmrieh, -I. Green. S. X'Vzinless, IJ. lioleske, ll. frnelter, H. Bernstein. Run' 3: ,I. Clalrk, lu Hull, I". Cfrueker, lf. lilunkenship, G. Shelton. i F. H. S. 344 CAA The liihle Cluh, new to Feitshams this year, wus organized solefy for the purpose of bringing together those students inter- ested in gaining il wider experience from Bible reading. Much of the emphasis is plueed on seripture reading and memorimtion. Ani interested Feitshuns student is invited to attend the meetings whieh ure held eueh week on XVednesdzn's in rooni 21 at 8 al.n1. Mr. Lesley is the eluh sponsor. 0 0lfLIflCl s. Gallant, Mrs. Grady, Mrs. Stites, Mrs. Meifonnell, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Sehlulmlnn, Miss Bresszln. I". cZiIllil1'USS1l, M. .AXuh1'ey, NV. Dennis, H. XVeleh, I". Clrnth ure shmvn reeeivim.: the non-profit ehzzrter for the l".ll.S. Men's Cfluh irum -Iustiee of the Pence ll. Maddox. F. H. S. enfd I i761 I .1 ...- sm xi www ' W ' V V 7 l I ,lining-aunlF'iu'sg' Visiting Talent From S.H.A. Sing On! Cl0wnsC PD Christmas Inspiration The Singing Six Quartet Practice i771 A CAPPELLA CHOIR ZA OZIOIWOJ 65 Inu I' N. Sm-Iwln, NI. Xml. IJ. luck, NI. .XlmIu'I1. II. I ttcr I Slwpml C' I,'IXL'l1' I .. 1 . I. . pmt, I. Ilnxls. C. II4nnxImxx, -I, XXcIIwr. S. IIIQIIUII, Il. Xlnglv. X. Cluml, s,, n'.,,. .,. ' ' II. XIILIII, II. C lrvcIx41, S. Ishu, ID. SIIUII, I. II1lIxL'l. Miss C.Iu'r. , , . . . , . Ill .2 II. C-rgulx. X. Sprnnlxlc, II. Icxxls, NI. XIIIIcr. X. Ilmls, II. IIurnslcin. C. Xulwm, IJ. Iimlsvx, I. Slilvs. X. Kun Iluulcn, CQ. XIm'a'scI4i, II. XIiIIm'l'. XI. IIins1'. II. Xlilvs. 3. Spain, XI. XIurriII, Y. IIglfIvlt. I. II4nugI1. , , . - , I III wx I. Ixlrlx, S. Iluwx. II. .Xpplvgnlnx C.. Slwllon, I. XIIIILT, I'. Mmlmiqls. -I. C'.nss1uIx, I. XIiIIc'r, JI. lllmmlcs, II. IIQIXIUF, XI. Xllmun. II. Ilugqmlus, II. XXiIIinms. NI. Mmvll,-I.CIiIJI1s, I. II4lrxc'II, C. XXnIIinms. S, Smith. , . . Inu -If I. Irmnsmlln. X. SCIIQUII -I. III4lcIIslcm, X. Iinvr, -I. SIJIILIISII, NI. ,M I . . , - I . . In.unI1.um, I. XX1IImms, I. C-nllnnl, I'. Immun, IJ. XXInln'. C. xx.lIIxL'I'. I. C Imnmlu-m, II. XIm'ln'rIml1s, II. IxL'IIx. IX. Iiulu-II, I. SIrmIc'. N. IInxI4rl'. I. XIIIIVV. X. IIQILIQVI. II. II4'L'Iwr. ITHI Olfl Ollfl JJ? Olfl 1 ' lac NL'lL'L'lCll 'lllL'rwn'ml1n-' lu ln' il l11cmlx'r IH llmc AX c1llWl1L'llLlcllUll om In IX I 'll lmwwl mmm' SL'lllL'NIt'l' Ill ilu' lllllltbl' C llHll'. Un 1 1 . 1' must lu' ulmmc JIXUIYIQL' in grmlcx nml lmw l'L'glllLll' gltlcllnlzxmv. ,X lllL'II1l7L'I' must lmw illl glililunlc ul' intvrcsl :mal l'llIllTL'l'1lll0ll. 'l lu- .X Cnppcllu Clmir lms giwn mum pmgrznns lu llw L'll,lUNlIll'Ill ul' ilu sluclcnls, ll2lL'lIllX. :mal pulmlic. llwy unmsislul ul' "lAl1c Yulctinlc C'lmmlc," lfrlslm man .Xsscmlulx, L ppm' Clzlsslncn ,Xsscmlmlx uml tlw 'Npring Ckmlmcn-rt." llllu' L'lllJll WHS 1 f 'A l m xr -is . imilml lux Clmurmn' Sllullllbll lu wmv 'lt ilu Xl.mslcm on Nan lun. lP.1x . 1 . 5 1 llmc vmup also sung at tllc xwpur SL'l'XlL'L' lm' Iunc grmlmmtus. h 'x llu' clwir lI1L'll1lILll'S xxcnl Lllll'lSfIl11lS L'2ll'Ulll1Q all tlw lmspilglls nml lllll.lll" lummvs 'lltcr xslnclm ilu' Llwlstnmals purtx was lwl1l. llmix XL"lI' our vlmir lms lmccn nlmlx 1Inr1-1-11-1I ln Nliss Georgia Ulwr. L mln . 1 .,, . ,.'. ,' l 1 lwruulwx-m1Ii11-' supurxisiun llu' clmir Ims1l1lx.m111I .aml youu tu Sllllllllbl qu nlllx 1 F ITQI 80 1 r ,J ,W ei- Y I A l Q i 3 , i xi ., . 2 y 1'--ndys , V 'M , Q' r lion' I: -Iucly' lianigh, lleyerly' liek. llnu' 2: Mury l.ou .Xtlieh, llitn Iztter, Xlyru Merrill, Miss Cher, Sharon l"y':ms. MIXED ENSEMBLES lLQ geifAAan5 uriica mnrfecl The inost yyell-knoyyn niusiezil group, seeontl only to the A Cappella Choir, is the lfeitshiins Mixecl lfnsemhle. They :ire newly organized this year, hut heeaiuse ol' their splentlicl work nt Christiniis, singing for the Cferinnies Cluh, aincl ai teziehers sorority, they hane heeoine quite yy'ell-knoyyn. Beeuuse ol' this, ai group so 2ll'l'lll1gCll, ezin aiequire extreme versaltility. This has put thein not only in the eyes of the general puhlie, hut those seeking the services ol' sueh in group. This group is also hroken tloyy n into separate mule annul female sextets. 'l'he lelloyys stiirtetl originally with ai quartet nloing harher shop hut haiye progressetl to ll sextet leiiturecl ut the lxiwiinis Key Cluh Din and entered the Distriet lfnsenihle Contest its ii single. 'l'he Girls Sextet hine been well-ltnoyy n hefore this yeiir, sinee they yy'ei'e orgnnifetl seyeriil yeurs QIQO. lihey have piii'tieipzitetl in inuny sehool lunetions sueh ins l'. 'l. fy., noon henelits, :incl the eiu'niy'iil. S'ufr!eil.' lloh Meierhains. Shimliligx Uh-n Shelton, Ilill llernstein, llon lxelly. V ,L st, ' it :XV Ron Ron Hou Ron' l t u 1 I C. Francis, U. liishburn, C. Peterson, A. Cavcnillc, -I. Finn, J. l.alXlottc, D. Vicra. 7 D. hlolnar, ll. Smith, ll. Janssen, li. Mayfield, YV. Meek, N. Branham, ll. Taylor. 3. li. Davenport, M. Stone, 1. Blake, N. lfarls, 1. llice, li. i'l,ilI'l1lll1llSOIl, Nl. Miller, ll. litter, M. Merrill, M Aidich. 4. lf. Nuncst, A. Kirk, ll. Hoover, C. Shelton, ll. Kelly, I. llaugh, B, Yick, Mr. McCoy, Miss Cher. 2 uziic Confezffzi liach year, as February lst nears, a number of worried faces are seen to appear about the band and choir rooms. This is the mark of a con- testant in the Illinois State lligh School Associa- tion contests. The contests are usually held about the middle of March, and there are solos to be learned and ensembles to be practiced. This year, the district contest was held on March 24th at Morrisonville, and Feitshans was represented by 43 contestants. These 43 con- testants were entered in a total of nine ensemble events and ten solo events. XVc made the trip to lklorrisonvillc on a school bus which was very kindly furnished to us by lklr. Bruce XVheeler, Ass't. Supt. of Schools. The results of this day were most gratifying as our contestants received ten lirsts and nine seconds. The contestants who won lirsts will advance to the state contest to be held at Mount Vernon. QCOIQLJ gan A small group of future concert band members meet during second hour to gain experience in organization playing. This group is called the second band. The members of this organization not only gain experience in organization playing, but also they become more skillful on their instruments at the same time. The second band is the pool from which we draw our future concert band members. These students, when they are admitted to the concert band, make excellent members because of their training and background. By having this training program, we are assured of good concert bands in future years at Fcitshans. Roll' I' M. Monahan, l. Mohn, l'. Thrasher, Yl. Cook, ll. Burt, C. Harris, li. llaugherty, I. i Matheis. A. Chambers, ll. Brown, N. Harning, VV. Wlhittakcr, li. l.awson. Row 2 ' B VVilkerson li. Larson, A. Bart, dl. Porter, bl. llarrington, lf. johnson, NV. Harris, Q M. lXlorrisAon,iC. Taylor, ll. Armstrong, N. Kerr, ll. Claybornc, ll. McNulty. Ron' 3: P. Brown, A. Layton, lXl. lfarl, N. Houston, I. Birclscll, M. llickman, U. Hopkins, T. Green, ll. -lansen, ll. Lawson, D. lohnson, Kelly, Pershing, llced. Hou' 4: XVoodrum, A. Cavcnaile, B. Hallman. M4 U! 3A gand I I lion' I: II. hlansscn, M. Straushaugli, Il. I'c'1'kins, II. Iacohs, Ii. NViIson, C. IIAIIIISUY. .-X. Milton, D. Ilctts. llnu 2: II. Ifclmunclson. N. Ik-Grail, IJ. Vit-ra, I". fl4'l'QlL'l', -I. Iloncr, Il. Molnar. lion' 3: Il. Ilclinc, U. I'altL'rson, C. Iiostvr, I. Ilia-. Hou' 4: N. Simpson, II. lit-Ilcy, Y. Spainhour, III. 'IIlmm, C. Clark, M. Stonc. llou 5: V. Martin, I. Lawson, Il. lXIcConnt-II, II. Shultz, N. Ifarls, XV. Illanlwnship. llou' 6: I. CIIIIIEITLIO, I". Ilawnport. Al. Illaltc, I.. Illaclawull, G. Sprinkle, bl. hlcifonm-ll. This has hcun a yvar ol' improvcincnts and ncw iclcas for the Ifcitshans Iligh School Iiancl, with innovations in music anal Ioothall shows. 'llhrough tht' tirclcss cllorts ol' Mr. Mclvin McCoy, wc haw hcvn ahlc to lay asinlc our trouhlcs anal hring forth thc talent which has hccn crcatccl licrc at Iicitshans. IIC participatc in many civic anal school affairs in aclclition to promoting our annual conccrt and prt-paring for thc Illinois Iligh School Association contcsts. This ycafs football shows wcrc timch, topical, aml wcll wcciwcl In the auclicncc. Marcliing briskly, with Iicacls hclcl high, thc haml cxcculcs spirals, wagon'wl1ccls. anal nuim'rous othcr formations whilc playing rousing marulmcs. I82l Row 1: S. Cullers, C. Linclcrman, G. hlatheis, Hoover, VV. Neck, C. l'eterson. Ron' 2: S. l.imlerman, C. lfrancis, l.. Sintay, ll. liishman. RON' 3: A. Gipson, A. julius, A. Kirk, Director Melvin McCoy. 4 , Hou' ' S. Myers, D. lfostcr, li. Graham, lf.. Mayfield, ll. Smith. Ron' 5: .-X. Cavcnilc, U. Krug, tl. Clark, 1. Lalklotte. Ron' 6' I. lloberts, 1. Finn, F. Nunes, C. Blackwell, N. Jones, C. Buster. Not to be forgotten are the parades in which our band participated this year. Foremost among these is the Christmas Parade which the bancl always looks for- warcl to with much anticipation. One of the most enjoyable affairs is our annual three mile trek to l,incoln's tomb in the Scout Parade. XVe feel a great burst oi pride in the fact that we are almost always representecl in civic affairs. The culmination of our efforts comes with the presentation of our annual concert. This concert represents many hours of patient practice and work by the band members and hir. lNlcCoy. lt was helcl on the 10th of April this year. and a wicle variety of selections was olferccl. The baml also plays at the P.'ll.A. ice cream social in early May. i831 enior Cjfarizi refienfd Our IM Hoo 6 Confusion llcigns But l.et Me lixplain Ifntire Cast S 1 l84l The combined efforts of Miss Mary Vir- ginia Speaker and the senior class resulted in a light, amusing drama, entitled "Our Miss Brooks." The play was a humorous inter- pretation of an English teachers trials and tribulations which occurred during the direc- tion of a school play. ln the leading role, lililabeth Spence de- picted Miss Brooks. She was supported by Fred Brown in the role of Coach Longacre. Other personalities in the play were por- trayed by Roberta Coleman, Dona Jacobs, Don Molnar, Ruth Ann Penny, Dick Rodems, Tom Robertson, Gene Morescki, Nancy Hal- lett, Nancy lfarls, Shirley Guimard, Annalee Padget, Carol XVoolary, Sharon Evans, Carol Spears, Sharlene Rose, Norman Van Houten, Hon Kelly, and Russell Fleer. Assisting Miss Speaker in the direction of the production were Anna Rollet, Loretta Davis, Iackie Gibbs, and Carol Connor. EZ mais lucy .Ai Annum! CZ,-wa pfag Through the unsurpassable directing of Miss Virginia Speaker, the production of "I Love Lucy," depicted by students of the junior Class, was of professional quality. This three- act comedy gave a general idea of how Lucy, portrayed by Sheryle Lucas, was constantly getting herself into predicaments to the dismay of her husband Ricky, played by Dave Cassady. Other members of the cast who added extra spice to the play were: Ann Denny, john Miller, jay Householder, joyce Ballard, Dennis Lindsey, Mary Baptist, Linda Harris and Charles XVinterbauer. Assisting the director were Vicki Hribal, Pat Harvell, and Donna Chiola. H551 Oh No! More Meat! Dare ya, Daxe! Cast portrait P. T. A. CARNIVAL iueef JOUQQ gb I 2 'f-9, A Hvr Majesty, Quccn Donna ' 5 . +2 E861 Annually sponsored hy the l'. 'lf ,-X., thc Cnrniuil was once again ll hung-up success in 1955 with thc huhy show, hula clzlncc, und spook housc. Thu C4n'nix'ul was enjoyed hy ull who ut- tcntlctl. 'l'hc crowning of thc quccn clinmxcnl thc cicning. Creating il picturcsquc scunc, thc queen, vivncious Donna NYM, and hor court t'urthcrccl thc splcndor of thc night for alll spuctutors pruscnt. 'l'hc quccn curriccl at houquct of rod roses :intl was attirucl in il hillowing, ClIlL'l'iliti grccn forniul. llcr tcn alttcnci- ants Curried l'l0SL'gilf'S of mums und rc- scmhlccl an mass of soft paistul colorcnl clouds. The l'. 'lf A. uscs profits from thc curliivnl uclvaliitugcouslx' in assisting lf. Il. S. in 'N-f 2 ' ,nf ' .- CIYIWII-iJL'1ll'Cl', ,loc Schultz A Iflowcl' girl, Pmnclu Grady Y if 2 1 H 41 i ff' . R vi 5 , Fw 'fa S if Q fi, A , 1, JMX? 570 012,04 Af 152 , 2 Q 2 n 3 Q . 41 ,-::E. sea, . A Q ,. .. .U - J' W: il b Qi:'- ' f: 3 , in x ww ,fgQf:1. 4. "WAY ' Ease X ' -"' , ibeggkffuf 30 J now new! . N, E ,4 19 any M KET' M fl ,-- f 11:2 Qi ,Wt iam, L- - . 5 31 2 X 2 3 . mi,Lf.LJ5'f-5j.w'2f5f sv-QFxS?i'5f5'Si'R .l N M 1 1 H. .s, 4 Jn 'L..L J,I i Q Q i 3 1 '55 .2 5 :if ,Z ' Af .35 Y mltuuz nu . x l 1 L unlx x g. 44 one Wendy wi Q X wg fhxi"""'x' ' ' X At Bottom Mi At Top-Clmrlcs Bruncutu, 'lucly Ambuehlg Dcnnis Limlscy, ,Iuckic Misplux Bill Church. Sumlru Limlcrmun. l,zu'ry C,ruwl0rcl Shnon AlCl1LlLI1lllH Clifford licllcdict, lfrun Suludinug john Stiles, juckic CUICIIIRIII. 89 vel tml NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ae .fdncl .we WWi9Afg I Hou' 1: J. Foster, Iloren, B. liek. Ron' 2: II. Penny, I,. Smith, I.. Singleton, M. Stone. Hou' 3: N. Ifiirls, IJ. XVaix, DI. Iiiee, Ii. Ifdmundson, INI. You'eII, I. Davis, M. IleGrziII'. Hou' 4: Il. Snmrginssi, If. Brown, II. Ilendrieker, ul. Ilomeier, I. Czissucly, II. lit-Ily, IP. IXIoInnr. I7eitshzins Iligh School is indeed proud to Iizive il ehzipter of the National Ilonor Soeiety, ai nzition-wide honorary orgunixution of senior students who excel in scholarship und eitifenship. Only fourteen per eent of the graduaiting ehlss ezin heeolne memhers of N.II.S., and this year it was very difficult to narrow it down lo the quotu. All members of N.II.S. must Imve at Ieaist 9 units of credit in ZICQILICIIIIL' suh- jeets. ai 4.5 average in their major field, und an 4.0 over-ziII aivernge. In addition to these quuliiieaitions. :III candidates must show evidence of Iine ehzu'zleler. 'I'hese outstanding students :nay he readily identiiied hy their glittering Niitionnl Ilonor pin which is the symhol of their ziehievements in high sehool. 'Iihe Niitionul IIonor Society has as its advisor the very eaipzihle Miss Iflimhetli Cogsuell. E901 ww SQ! .746 I9 6 09 sw The Log staff takes a moment from their labors to pose for the camera and posterity. Seated are Donna VVax and Roberta Coleman. Standing from left to right are Kay Ramsay, Bill Bernstein, Nancy Hallett, Don Smargiassi and lackie Gibbs. 'l'he task of editing and compiling material, of checking infinite details, and of fighting the financial battle encountered in yearbook production fell this year into the hands of a few diligent seniors who willingly sacrificed valuable free time so that the dream of the 1956 Log could become a reality. Donna Wax, Don Smargiassi and Roberta Coleman met each day in room nine during sixth period and waged the Log battle, with jackie Gibbs, Nancy llallctt, Bill Bernstein, and Iiay llam- say sacrificing free periods every other day to join in the cause. These people were assisted during the first semester by I.oretta Davis, Carol Melkush, Maxine Yowell, Anna llollett, Ruth Ann Penny and Spud Brown. Soliciting advertising, taking subscriptions, checking names, mounting pictures, writing articles and typing, typing, typing, are only a few of the activities the yearbook staff' managed to accomplish. They also supervised and ran the concession stand at Lanphier Park, the af'ter-the- game dances and the spring dance, Holiday in Stardom. The staff accomplished all of these tasks in a cooperative spirit, guided constantly by the belief' that our school yearbook plays a vitally important role in student life at F.ll.S. X . is s yesfw. . A ' 3 , :api . -A Key Club prexy john Cassady presents Log staflier Uon Smargiassi with a check for 5100, the Key Club! contribution to the yearbook fund. looking on are Key Clubbers Hill Hern- Loretta Davis cheeks final art sketches for the 1956 Log as Cleft to rightD Marilyn Matern, Carol Melkush, Anna llollett and Maxine Yowell look on. 1911 stein, john llomeier, and .lay Householder. W A Etiffhftfgfftclllffdjwlud-Qfn ACME RADIO sl TVQ 1413 South 11th St. G SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 'KW' DIAL 3-4721 AMRHEIN BAKERY Baker of delicious HOLSUM BREAD "B EST WISHESS Seniors BATES CHEVROLET Everything Photographic' Since 1915 at THE CAMERA SHOP, INC. I Y SOUTH FIFTH STREET 'Ei . iii' 0 :?O01imiTORE an s Street fx- - S fb QQ X' , 1 fi, f 5326 guise,-7:l'?'-SPESSQT I ll 7110-11. ood Lurk to the S ENIQIO S - 'H-S?Em?EA?E MFG. CO. BACHMAN N -KUMLE Prescriptions SIXTH 81 CAPITOL PHONE 3-2431 BUNN CAPITOL GROCERY Distributional Foods and Supplies SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS CLEAR LAKE SUPER WAY Trim Rite M eats-Our Specialty Open Week Days 81 Sunday 2520 CLEAR LAKE AVENUE DIAL 4-9232 COLUMBIA STUDIO Senior Class Photographers 5 195. - 1956 410 EAST ADAMS F. H. S. CAFETERIA FINE Foon - Low PRICES Congratulations to 1956 Graduates FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE C ongratulates 1956 LOC STAFF H. 81 V. MOTEL 441 North 66t11 By-Pass SPRINGFIELD. ILLINOIS IOE'S AUTO RADIATOR SHOP 900 S. PASFIELD ST. DIAL 8-1613 LINCOLN CANDY CO. Wholesale Con feotions Ee f 1 I I.. Xjvk - Auf, ,af - fxjs 11W-741V7 8 U xx I dx cmzopffvs Wm? 1322 S0. lllh, SPIIINGFIEID. ILI.. PIIONE 42800 FRAN KING RAY KING HOMEIER DAIRY 808 East Stanford Ave. PHONE! 2-0436 T II E HUB CLOTHIERS CLOTHING AND SHOES for MEN AND BOYS 623-625-627 E. Washingtcmn St. OPEN SUNDAYS 81 HOLIDAYS 7 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. KERST BROTHERS Hardware - Toys - Sheetmetal Wleek Days 1416 So. 11th St 7 A.M. - 9 P.M. Phone: 7315 Th c IVI IL I. DII..IcIoUs Foon I5t11 and Matheny 901-903 E. ADAMS ST. SPRINGFIELD. ILLINOIS PHONE: 2-8826 I931 MQDERMAND WOODWORKS C-Thru Aluminum Awnings ALUMINUM COMBINATION SCREEN AND STORM WINDOWS I839 So. I ItI1 St. Phone 8-8447 The I Light ' Rl'ff1'Shll1l'l1l X I I' 'N-x"" Compliments of SA NGAMON DAIRY TRY OUR DELICIOUS "NEW FREEZE" YOIVLL LIKE IT SPRINGFIELD MA RIN E B AN K Oldest Bunk in Illinois EAST SIDE OF THE SQUARE Member Federal Deposit Insuranve Corporation TOLLY'S MARKETS, INC. "BETTER Foons PRICED RIGHT, Throw Stores To Serve You In SPRINGFIELD E941 PATTERSON BROS., INC. For Custom Made Floors 822 EAST ADAMS STREET FREE ESTIMATES PHONE 8-5931 RUSSELL'S PIZZA DRIVE-INN Finest Foozl Svrvvrl Anywhvre BY-PASS 66 - IBLOCK NORTH OF BERGEN PARK SOUTHTOWN RADIO St ELECTRIC COMPANY II I3 South Grand Ave., East TV SALES Sc SERVICE 4-3-1-II SPRINGFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOL LUN CHROOMS CONCRATULATES 1956 SENIOR CLASS WATT BROTHERS IITH AND ASH STREETS DIAL 3-7460 Your Nvighborhood Prvsrription Store WILLIS MEYERS J. F. WEISKOPF 81 SON f10RPORATION PLUMBING AND HEATING 909-11 E- Adams Sr- S ' fi ld, Ill' ' 913 E. Monroe St. Dial 2-5813 prmg e mms , Manufacturers SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS FURNITURE - CANVAS PRODUCTS SINCERE GOOD WISHES NBC RADIO NETWORK BEST WISHES TO THE moo" STAFF FEITSHAIVS .IVIEN'S CLUB WE WELCOME YOUR MEMBERSHIP From W M A Y 970 ON YOUR DIAL Compliments of FEITSHANS HIGH SCHOOL P.T.A. BE A BOOSTER FOR YOUR SCHOOL The 1956 Log staff wishes to express their sincere tlmnks to the following people who helped to make the yearbook a success: MR MR. M R MR. OXVEN MARSH of Capitol Engraving and Electrotype Company, for his invaluable advice and aid during yearbook planning. BOYLE of Columbia Studios, for his fine photography work. EARL YVAX, principal, for his assistance and cooperation. MINOR L. SMITH of Williamson Press, Inc., for his help and understanding of the yearbook problems. AND TO THE MANY STUDENTS who gave their whole-hearted support toward the production of this yearbook, we are indeed appreciative. I 95 1 Q A X ix 1 A I . .g,5N!,,1 aus by if T 3 N Ag WTR ,R A VAT REM rf- 'S I - wa erin i eo rom ea uen Without finaneial assistance from the follow- N ing patrons, the production of this 1956 Year- book would have been impossible to aehieve. To them we are indeed grateful. 0.11 ATCHASUN AUTOCRAFT WHEEL ALIGNMENT X AXTELLKRAMER ER BARKER LUBIN PHYLLIS BARNES DANCING SCHOOL W5 NXBISCH sl SON 5 B' LOCK'S Sc 81 351.00 W I :S fx THE BOWL '5 .X XDXSBRIDGE JEWELRY CO., INC. F BROADWELUS DRUG STORE 3 EXW Q BROWN'S 1. C. A. MARKET N A. 5 ' CENTURY LOAN COMPANY U, COU'I'RAKON'S CONFECTIONERY E .BQXQCOCA COLA BOTTLING CO. x I X sa if 3 QT .U LI QTHE DEN DURAKU, ELLA sl JCR ELKS CLUB EVERLEY'S DRUG STORE . QFALCONER REFRICERATIUN N. TS C W. R. CURTIS JEWELRY 39 - TS CR Q FISHMANS SPORTING GOODS I' OWERS BY MARY LOU FLOYD'S FRYE PRINTING CO. GIFT HAVEN GUIFFRE BUICK, INC. HERTER'S DRUG STORE HOBB'S ELECTRIC 96 HOLLAND .IEWELERS ILLINOIS NATIONAL CASUALTY ILLINOIS STATE JOURNAL 81 REGISTER LaBONTE'S LUGGAGE LACH, STEVE LINK'S SEED Sz CHINA STORE MEADOW GOLD DAIRY MEL-O-CREAM DONUT SHOP MELODY LANE METAL AIR MORGAN PAINT COMPANY MORTON'S DRESS SHOP MCCOY LAUNDRY COMPANY NEUMODE HOSIERY DWIGHT O'KEEFE ORR INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. PAUL STEELE LUMBER CO. REISCH SHOES SEARS SHARP'S TELEVISION C. LEO SHAUGHNESSY SOUTHTOWN GRILL SPRINGFIELD TRANSPORTATION STOVER INSURANCE CO. THRIFTY MARKET ARCH WILSON ERNEST WILSON INSURANCE WTAX RADIO STATION f W' 47767 M KLM Y' W M' WJ' awk iw OJ M Wdfffvbw i M J V ,W df? 321 W,W W WW ?QVf2gQdgf0Sa 1 Z gl-GE 725 0 My 1 ' , . If WffMMf5fQifW Gaim My G' M 2 M xi .. I .Hp Eg ,Q L,,,x X 'A gs. , ,L ff V v . . . , f v Q if 1 5 5 R 'L W 5 gi M I , Be L gr 5 I M xg W 'Q f J if gig i S y 5 M, , A , ' Eg i? 9' n 4 ef- - x E51 k. u K u XF! K, 1 ' If W, . S. -A k dx s of V Q Q 'bl 1 In H .v M , X Q5 S 9' 4, A I E ,W Qi y F I FN! mix 5, , ' EM as fi If s 3 EW f s3 J QF: I N Qu' W' -154 WS? 15555 43 M ummm H4 w ,ZQ .' i 5 iii? ,Nav ,F if V Xt 1 X1 5 W I .,,, my www WVR uksg 7 5. f s 2 fy ' ' 5 Wei .4533 S

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