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 - Class of 1953

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.M .L 3 1 i E .... 1 I 1 2 Q QI Q,.QC.16 W C EW -can E X X X XX f pf? f-7 fx XX X X s fl MW 053951520 2 FEIISIIANS mon SCH00l !Pl2INGl'IIIlD, rumour 0l"QlfU0l' Your xfhool zfayx xvwrrz 11 rainlfou' gay Of z'z11'ir'.qalwf lmvx, Aspiring .!1l'l'l'll.Y amfr11'1f1'11f rmfx, Goffl yvlfoug XlI'!ltl'fllXf lfllnzr. Tlu' inlvnxf' orauxqr, fool riolrl Mvrgr ux your zray is sfml Tlrroulqlr lzfzvifafizzg 4fl'l'.Yl7IIIl1ll xlwbv To I1 x4'nior'x xfufrfj' lrwul. Ax flu' Nom' gods r'ul1'r1'ff lN'KIl'I'lI By rlinzfzing rainlzouhv lzolff, You, in four wurx, rvarlr ruiul1ou"x wld, Tlw falllml poi of lqolzlg You rulrr in alioflrrr zvorlrl, Srbool Jays arf' Ifff fu-lrimf. To .QOIIIFU mzfmorivx you fling . Your jlasf joys fo Vflllillll. Tbix yz'arlmok xlriwx lo rafrlr lbw glvauz. Of IlI1lIfil'0I07'l'lf fbrills, To lzrtfflgf fzaf,-5 bahllnvy w'xlrr'Ju1'x, To bofzr lflaf Iiff' fulfflfx Your lzriglrfvxl. moxf amlzifioux flrvams, Roxv-rolorrJ, br'1iofrofu'. May varfv fomorrou' fn' for you A l'K1fl1!701L' lqlrrzzu of lropr. Sfaf of 1953 og rmmqnfq liflilor: DON FENSTISRMAKER I'of-lm' Iiflffw-X: SHARON WILSON, ARLINE JANOFF , . . , H I AR 1 Sflflffi Ealflflfi ""'fMPiQ'ffXQQ'A QQHYQHIQQRC IS' MMM C Arffmf RAWLAND FAGG, FRED GATES, MARTHA ' " ' ' ' W R DICK SEDLAK, MARDELL WARNER ffldllfjlll Ifwr'1lfi1'v: HIQRBERT KOBIALKA HA KINS' Aflziwrf: EDITORIAL, MISS KATHERINE POWELL llSjlIl'XS Malmgrr: OTHELLA BROVVN FINANCIAL, MISS HELEN PEIFER ajfolll Ifflnm: EMU, GROTH, DON 0G1-EsBY PHOTOGRAPI-IIC, MR. MELVIN MCCOY -.... .. . was-an-...., ....- ,. v 4- . .1 .1 , N..-, A um.. .. V , A. . , .M .M E X.xw1. in-nu,,m qw K. X, wv' J Q A mix -.ff , .X Q . , -- HW..-1 2 '-t,.,5w K an A ,saw W QW, ,Ai 'f 'fi PK , -w L Q ...Q Me- . . ,. ,,,,,A 'M " Y, M.. l AMI.. , ,. X v : 'A 4' ,..,. .f ' .A -ygwi -M .M . IT. . , ,K N 1- Q W 1 .. 1 m.,'..fCJ',.... W. W, vw. ,,, N awk 'WP I+ x . " ffl' 1 W .N . A H.-,. up W , K ,W . ,VW i 4 H .AAA Ink- do aw- w M-1 . .v Q 1- s-V+ M.. .A M . . n , . .4 I., su M. . V 1 V. . - 5 S 0 .' v A ' ' .. - f fm K ' 04 Q M ...mo ,n 4 .Q f . may . M. , . -. - Q 1 W y N I. W . aw . .. .. Q N J -1 , . 'X L. 1 1 I l J' A .,,, fa' 1' . V 79' , -If W v .jmgmhxd fag-, wx- ,f. 5 1'f'w?e.1i 1 ,Qnj 5, ,Wt jf.. , W, L wif, Q ., , Q Q- 1 'dw . -0- f W . .4-wmvm .. .mm f r am vmwf , J n- x - rw!! ,nw X L3 f, r 'Q .ww ww" ,Wg .Mmx vw 2.1 I "" V' .'Y'M . 1 .M f ,A ,, ,W . , ff W. , 'iv QM, 8' ' --. it D. 0 M. Af ' I A. s Q K F , XR, SV + .11 w-ww-mf'-"W ' " f F N f,es'2afx5gQ1 M... 'Nuff' f N --AA wg. , , f . Aff -ff nv 1 1 x 1. -. .,...- .L , . ..4..,.--. ,,.v, an ,M W fmpm hw . -n-f an -ff N ...no f ff..-uw M g ,,. .Q 5 id , . . v ,.f.... , ?-N ,. ... . , .. . .. 5 . . ,U .., 1 W 1. , gm .f 1 f, , , ...y I , , ' , , M f 1 ... -, , . V .., 5 "' . . ,. 52.41 an V., , C . .. .., A . 3. 'W , .. rg 1 H 0 ,, , , . , . W , .-Q, A A , N.. 4 A uf T- I 41 ' .Q a 1 r :K m v wx . nr Er M ,, .6 4 . , It ?" uw 41 Mulekafecf Champions DEDICATION We dedicate this book with pride To our mighty football heroes Who'z'c won the city, central crowns All with perfect scores, no zeroes. We honor for sportsmanship and pluck These courageous "do-or-dic'ers" Who svt perfection as a goal For all future.Feitshans' Flyers FEITSHANS FLYERS Back row: Coach Schultz, joe Scoiinger, Bob Evans, Charles Knox, Bob Johnson, Charles Hunter, Ernie Lamken, john Seketa, Assistant Coach Bar- niskis. Fourth row: joe Flynn, John Cessna, Farmer Householder, Curtis Mil- burn, Ronald Dennis, Loren Davidage, Don Burgess, Joe Roth, George Wilson. Third row: jim Hurst, Ronnie Dupont, Augie Butcher, Bob Knox, john Nicks, Kenley Wade, Bill Leatherwood, Dave Cox, Manager Chuck Nation. Second row: Manager Herb Kobialka, Paul Dickerson, Bob Neeley, john Galloway, Christ Homeier, Ed McHenry, Otis Farris, Charles Brandon, Rick Turner. Front row: Jack Pfeiffer, jerry Meidel, john Homeier, Ray Wallace, Eugene Bates, Dick Taylor, Emil Groth. MEMBERS of ALL CITY and ALL CONFERENCE TEAMS john Galloway, Most Valuable Player: F. Evashev- ski, University of Iowa Football Coachg Christ Ho- Bob Knox, Christ Homeier, jerry Meidel, Otis Farris, john Galloway. mener, Honorary Ca ptann. All State Team: Christ Homeier I4 I -48 I? Foluawonn ...., . DED1caT1oN ..A....,. Anc ONE Axc Two Akc THREE Classes .,................-..,........,.... Remembering the Seniors ..... ...... Presenting the juniors .............,..... Introducing the Sophomores ..,...... Welcoming the Freshmen. ............... Administration .,,.....,.....,...... ..,. . . Saluting the Faculty .................. Greeting the School Helpers. ......... Activities ,,..,......... ..- ,........,,,....,,.,., .. Log Staffs ,..................................... Honoring the Editorial Staff Appreciating the Photographic Staff Congratulating the Financial Staff Red Letter Days ,,,....,................... Unveiling Miss Rainbow and Mr. Rainbeau ...,........e.,,....... Enjoying the Carnival ,........ ..... Reviewing the Plays ..,.............. Glorying in Our Vocal Music. Depicting the Clubs ................. Golden Days ................. ....... Studying in Classes ........ .... . ,... . .. Re-Dreaming the Promenades Exulting in Our Band. ............ aingow euiew gobfion o fhe 1953 0 ? 2 4 9 10 25 31 37 44 45 49 52 S3 S4 SS 56- 60 62 64 69 70 88 90 -24 -30 -36 -43 -51 S9 61 63 68 87 89 S ARC Foun In Memoriam . ,.,..a - .... -. Applauding the Winners ..........., Recalling Graduation Days ....... Reliving the School Calendar ...... Rainbow Reminiscences Reviving Rose-Colored Moments Recollecting Orchid Memories... Admiring Deep Purple Dreams .. Rejoicing in True Blue Donors . ARC Five Athletics ...................... . ................. 101 100 Acclaiming the Football Cham- pions .. ........................ Cheering the Basketball Teams.- Praising the Baseball Teams ....... Complimenting the Track Team Approving the Golf Team ......... Anc Six Eyes, Ayes and I's .... Crimson Seconds Green Antics Gray Hours Yellow Actions Midnight Blue Moments Colorful Assemblies Multicolored Events 102-108 109-112 113-115 114-115 115 116-121 Rainbow's End .............................. 122-128 Naming the Members in Our Group Pictures 'Thanking Our Patrons Acknowledging Cooperation .M pp qLefrj PRINCIPAL WAX'S OFFICE mighty MAIN OFFICE DEAN McQUEEN'S OFFICE qLeffy MAIN HALL QRightQ SHOW' CASE WITH TROPHIES 6 COOKING ROOM PRINT SHOP 8 "' 1 UPSTAIRS HALL MIZCI IANICAI. DRAWING ROOM DEAN COGSWELUS OFFICE MUSIC ROOM gum AUDITORIUM AND STAGE Irugm scrmcn Room BOOK ROOM SEWING ROOM BOOKKEEPING ROOM WOOD SHOP TYPING ROOM w' Q I awww - ul-t In 5 flffrj STUDY HALL qRighrp ART ROOM BASPQMIENT CAFETERIA COUNTER gmt, ART KILN qliighrj GYMNASIUM 3 . fgxgsif X 'umm' N 4 A A A 3""44'x 1 ' 'Q qLefrp LIBRARY qRighrj ENTRANCE TO AUDITORIUM AUDITORIUM N 9 ,N ii' I 4 N I I ,ff s. 0 N A , 3530 2 s X -Q 4 J, ' - X . xy! K , Z Rainbow-tinted bubbles, mirroring carb fave, A, Vanixb like the rainbow, leaving no! a trace. fo Cn' '- 'Q In -en , u,.h-- - ,if- li Z""""f- Lest you abould forget those friends no longer near ' In these page: alwuys their lilcenexses appear. ,,....-- , ..., -T ,,-- "' ,,. -"',,....-L--1:-i -".5' WMINBIRING swans X' f x A , Q fs 414.8UQmJf0fWM:m www' anuarg eniora I.AIlVIA ABRAMIKAS We Ibinlz slJe's lufky io be in Ike U.S.A. And ufe're lnelzy bauing ber. Sbc"s fine in every way. National Honor Society 4. ED AUSMUS His staunch rouragr we commenrl. E11 is e1'rryborly'x friend. Boys' Choir 2, 3: Financial 'Log Staff 43 Home Room Leader 23 Key Club 4: Sec- ond A Cappella 2, 3. CINDY LOU BALDOCK Wolfisb boys whisfleg romanlrr ones swoon When rafrliiurfing Cindy starts to rroon. A Cappella 3, 4: Amateur Show l, 2, 3, 4: Fnscmblc 43 Future Hnmemakers nf Amer- ica I3 Girls' Athletic Association I, 2: Girls' Choir Ig library Assistant I, 23 Variety Show I, 2, 3, 4. ITUGITNI? BATES On Gene, srboolgirls lmir mail rruxbes. Does be run? Nair, be ins! blushrs. Football I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3. 43 Key Club 3, 43 I.ettermen's Club 3, 43 Student Council 13 Track 1. I'SII.I. BFARD Curly hair, you notice. Liglsi red is ils color. Without fbis red-bead, girls' lives would be rfullrr. A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Variety Show 4. NICK BENINATO Srarrlsiug for Nirlzrv? Hz' can be found Whrre1'er ilu- fnllesf girls alrouml. Student Council l. .IOI-IN BRETZ His bluxhes uhirb xo easily slart Help Io ensnare Ihr feminine bmrl. Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Letter- men's Club 43 Track 1. PATRICIA CASEY Always so calm, never IYIIISPS trouble, Around her, llJere'x never bubble-bubble. Band 1, 2, 33 Carnival Queen's Court 23 Editorial Log Staff 43 Rifle Club 3. JEAN CHAMBERS Lovely disposition, never picks a fgbt, Never prone lo gossip, always so polite. Future Homemakers 13 Girls' Athletic Association 43 Girls' Choir 23 Second A Cappella 3g Y Teens 2. MARY CHAPMAN Such beauty is a miracle. No wonder lads wax lyriral. A Cappella 2,33 Blue and White 33 Cheerleader 2,33 Editorial Log Staff 33 Ensemble 33 Faculty Assistant 2,33 F.H.A. 23 Girls' Choir 23 Home Room Leader 23 Second A Cappellag Student Council 13 Tumbling Team 33 Y Teens 3. E111 F BARBARA GALLAGHER Quilt' rormmtie looking, aml grareful as a Joe, Whiz! a lnliel for some Rrnueol A Cappella 3,45 Assistant Editor of Log 45 F.H.A 35 G.A..A. 1,25 Girls' Choir I5 junior Play Committee 35 Library Assist- ant 2,35 Second A Cappella 25 Y Teens 3. WANDA GRUBB To Wnmlu, an aeeolutle, u salaam Never angry, upsel, buf always calm. l7.l'i. Club Secretary 4. anuary eniom IOHN CIANFERRI Will some wise someone fell us why Boys rule as Iolsn should be so shy? FDNA DYER Liffle aml mild but with fire in her eye, If anyone bosses ber, bow lbe sparks fly! Faculty Assistant 3. 4: Futuie Teachers I, 25 Girls' Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN ANN ENGLAND A ve Wills ry alfruclire dark-haired lass beautiful eyes fha! stars surpass. A Cappella 3, 4. RAWLAND FAGG Capable, modest, 1u'z'er known lo brag, For all trenls, everyone wants a Fagg! Band 1, 2: Concession Stand 45 Financial Log Staff 45 Junior Play Committee 35 junior-Senior Banquet Committee 35 Let- tering of Log 45 Senior Play Committee 45 Student Council 4. BOB FELBFIR ll's always music, always fun When Bob plays his arrorrlion. A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Amateur Show I, 2, 3, 45 Faculty Assistant 4: Financial Log Staff 4: Football 2, 35 Golf 1, 2, 3, 45 junior Play Committee 3: ,Iunior-Senior Banquet Committee 35 Key Club 2, 35 Variety Show 2, 3 BARBARA FORD Sl1e's sweet aml fair .1s spring's first erm-us. On ber fhe boys' eyes seem lo focus. Allied Youth lg Carnival Queen's Court Z: Faculty Assistant 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. I, 21 Junior-Senior Banquet Committee 25 Li- brary Assistant 25 Office Assistant 35 Tumbling Team 2, 35 Uslaerettes 1. DAVE FRANK Good looks, rlererness, elmrm, nml rim, Goorl forluru' reall-v heameil on him. Amateur Show 45 Band l,2,3,45 Senior Vice President 45 Financial Log Staff 45 Foot- ball l,2,35 Home Room Leader 2: Iunior- Senior Banquet Committee 35 Key Club 3, President 45 Student Council 3, President 4. MARY JANE FRITZ Her mrefree manner and ronmnlir looks Reveal Ibuf she basn'l much lor: for banks. A Cappella 3, 45 Girls' Choir 15 Second A Cappella 2. aa o 193 DONNA HARGIS Noted for scholarship, cxrclling in morals, Co-editing this yearbook adds to her laurels. A Cappella 45 Editor of Log 45 Faculty Assistant 3,45 G.A.A. 35 Girls' Choir 35 Junior Play Committee 35 Junior-Senior Banquet Committee 35 Senior Play 4. CURT HAYES He's bright as a daisy But incredibly lazy. Football 15 Junior Play Committee 35 Sec- ond A Cappella l,2. CHRIST HOMEIER His ready smile and laughter jolly Keep all from being melancholy. All City Football Team 45 All Conference Football Team 45 All State Football Team 45 Baseball 45 Class Officer 35 Faculty As- sistant 3,45 Financial Log Staff 45 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 Honorary Football Captain 45 Junior Play 35 Key Club 3, Vice President 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Office Assistant 45 Senior Play 45 Student Council 45 Track 2,35 Tumbling Team 2. NORMA JEAN JACAXVAY A person on whom you can rely, Norma is winsome but rather shy. BOB KNOX Not a worrier, never a frelter, But a handsome, likeable go-getter. A Cappella 2,35 All City Football Team 45 All Conference Football Team 45 Cafeteria Staff l,2,3,45 Basketball 25 Class President 45 Ensemble 25 Football l,2,3,45 Letter- men's Club 45 Second A Cappella I5 Stu- dent Council l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,4. BILL KRAUS Billy has an infectious grin Enabling him hard hearts to win. GERALD C. LASLEY In Shorthand, bright ones worry, sweat, and pray, While Gerald ralmly works and rates an A. HERMAN LOKAITIS You'll mwer find a better guy Than Herm no matter how you try. Baseball 45 Football I. 13 4' JERRY MEIDEL Nearvr and still closer, girls sidle To this basketball, golf slar idol. A Cappella 2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Blue and White Editor 45 Carnival Queen's Court 45 Class Officer 35 Faculty Assistant 25 Financial Log Staff 45 Football 3,45 Golf 3,45 Key Club 3,4, Secretary 45 Lettermen's Club 4: National Athletic Scholarship Society 3,45 National Honor Society 45 Second A Cappella I5 Student Council Vice President 45 Track Manager 3. JIM OGLESBY Girls sigh aml oglz' at the Oglcsby lad, But his utter indiferenre drives them mail. Faculty Assistant 45 National Honor Society 4. XX I 5 M, f IAM.. ANDREW VOLLMER Anfly is om- of tba nirrst of cute boys. Wr ll.'0ItlllPl'f rhangr fren bi: avoinlupoix, Band l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,25 Cafeteria Staff 2,3g Football lg Football Manager 2,35 Golf 43 Student Council 3 IJOROTHY ANN WILKINS Hrr stiulious, pleasant wayx, ana' mr-llou' Voice Maki' all of hrr rlasrmatrs anal fvarlarrs rcjoirr. Girls' Club I. 4 6l,I'lll,Cl,l"g 0I'll0l':5 WILMA OWENS Totally unafrainfxalwayr gay Nothing this girl will cifrr dismay. Girls' Athletic Association Ig Girls' Club lg Las Amigas 3, 4. FRANK PERKINS A real musician who looks like mumps Wbm bc is blowing thosr' umpab-umps. Band I,2,3,4g Faculty Assistant 2,3,4g junior-Senior Banquet Committee 3. DON POWER Hr' dislikes lil. Worki of Scot! or Cooprr For bim bring on somnolrnre and sfupor. Band l,2,3,4g Clown Band 2,3,4g Variety Show 3,4. ART REICH Ht' and bis girl tlrirc' to xrhool carb :lay In a Sammy Kaya bot-rml-swing anal sway. Faculty Assistant 4. DICK SIEDLAK A talrnlril nrtixt hr xuvnir to us. Wow! what glamor, personality plus! Baseball 1,23 Cartoonist for Tlic Log, Football l,2g Blue and White 3,45 junior- Senior Banquet Committee 35 Scenic Paint- er for Plays l,2,3,4. MARVIN SOUTH We fmrfxrnt onr' boy witlmut conceit. Hr' it a granil guy. Hf"x really suwt! A Cappella 2,3,4g Concession Stand 45 Faculty Assistant 4. ROBERT TATE One of Ihr nirrst, in rirry way xwrll, Thi' only thing br run't do u'rll is- rpi-II. Football I,2. NORMA JEAN USHMAN Pretty to look at, rlelightful to know, Ratliantly smiling, with dark ryrs agloux Faculty Assistant 4, Girls' Athletic As- sociation Zg Y Teens 3. K' Cfaoa o I9 3 GORDON WILSON Liked by everyone for his sunniness, Entertaining all with his funnincss. Band l,Z,3,4g Clown Band 2,3,4g Junior Play Committee 2,3,4g Variety Show 3,4. DELMAR WOODRUM Takes life easily, never feels hertic. Thinks studying might make him apopleetir. MINNIE JEAN WRIGHT Minnie's twinkling eyes, and smile quirk and sunny Make her witty remarks seem lwire as funny. A Cappella 3,45 Girls' Athletic Association 2, Girls' Choir lg Girls' Club 2, Las Amigas 1,23 Second A Cappella 2. MARY WUNDERLICH Never impatient, never annoyed, Always serene, sweetness unalloyexl. Future Homemakers of America 2, Girls' Club 2. CLASS OFFICERS Dave Frank, vice president: Cindy Baldock, secretary-treasurerg Bob Knox, president. I IANUARY SENIORS All the Ianuary seniors Participated well In study, sports, activities, In drama did exrcl. The fairinating "Tiger House" tTheir eerie junior play,j A perfert "Pride and Prejudireu Earned earh verbal bouquet. Many worked in Student Countil, Or wrote the BLUE AND WHITE, Many starred in all athletirs With sportsmanship and might. A fine junior-senior banquet With aviation theme, A senior prom of rare delight Won e1'eryone's esteem. The A Cappella Choir, the Band Attested skill with notes and rhords, THE RAINBOW' RFVIEW, D.A.R., Departmental awards. You'll see other senior honors As this yearbook you sean While now, with rays of glory, ends Their four-year rainbow span. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIFTY James Oglesby, jerry Meidel, Laima Abramikss I: 1 Christ Homeier, Kenley Wade, Jerry Meidel I 5 'list- tz I WARREN BROWN In our m4'm'ry Wfarren will alzidv, Truly flolitr anal dignifml. Band 2,J,4g Second Band lg Variety Show 3. PAT BURKE AI baseball, the has a miglaly ufallop, For snrial again, bow :br can doll up! Blue and White 45 Faculty Assistant 4g Oflice Assistant 3,4. ay el'll0l":5 PAT BEARDSLEY Her manners are so glamorous N0 wondrr lads feel amorous. Carnival Queen's Court 43 Cheerleader 45 Class Officer 25 G.A.A. 1,25 Student Coun- cil I PATSY BELCHER Pal has good frirmlx rifarywlarrr. Girls Iikf ber are wry rare. A Cappella 45 Band 1,25 Girls' Choir 3. THOMAS BRADY lux! anofbcr of fbr Braclys With appeal for all lbr ladies. Financial Log Staff 4. BARBARA BRAMMER Anolbrr rad-bead, adiw' and ufiry, Always su-cel-lenffwred, nal ai all fiery. PAT BREGOWY A girl y0u'll always with joy recall. Shr"s prrflbv and rural, a friend lo all. Faculty Assistant 2,35 G.A.A. lg Girls' Choir lg Girls' Club l,2,3g Home Room Leader 25 Office Assistant 3,43 Blue and White 43 Ushercttes 2,3g Secretary 4. THERESA BRFNNAN SlJc"x nice. Tbougls xlu"s namm' for a saint fPl1'a.rr pardon our grammarl-the ain'!. Future Homemaltcrs 23 Girls' Athletic As- sociation Zg Library Assistant l. OTHFLLA BROWN Ax biuinrsx manager, vl1r's u'on rrnousn. Tbafs what uv' mann by "doing things up Brown." Editor Blue and White 4: Carnival Que-en's Cnurt 3,45 Supervisor Concession Stand 43 Faculty Assistant 3: Business Manager Log Staff 45 Vice President F.H.A. 1.2, Presi- dent F.H.A. 3: Girls' Choir 25 Girls' Club lg Home Room Leader 1: junior Play Committee 33 junior-Senior Banquet Com- mittee 3g Ofrice Assistant 25 Student Coun- cil l,Z,3g Y Teens 3,4. SHIRLEY JEAN BROWN SlJr'.v alufayx willing fo :lo her burr, Complies rraflily will: any n'qm'.rf. n ' Girls' Club 1,z. .,i A Q" if il- " .l -QE. ' Y we Q ,zz- J' E R 39 4 if o 5 , ' - T . ff aa o 793 AUGIE BUTCHER A grand boy who really rates in sports, Always smiling, never out of sorts. Baseball 15 Basketball 15 Boys' Choir 15- Cafeteria Staff 15 Football l,2,3,45 Home Room Leader 1,25 Lettermen's Club 45 Track l,2,3,4. DICK CHURCH A gooa' reviewer of a football game, But he isn't so saintly as bis name. Blue and White 45 Concession Stand 45 Sports Editor of Log 45 Faculty Assistant 3,45 Key Club 45 Second A Cappella 25 Student Council 45 Track 15 Track Man- ager 4. REUBEN COTTINGHAM Serious yet with humor blent, Reuben's time is not misspent. Band 15 Distributive Education Club Presi- dent 45 Faculty Assistant 35 Football 25 Key Club 3,4 ROSALINE CRABB Immaeulate and never sloucby, Despite ber name, slJe's never groueby. A Cappella 2,3,45 Ensemble 2,35 Girls' Choir 15 Senior Play Committee 25 Usher- ettes 1. PAT DAY Fancy free and f1lll of fun, Si.1e's a friend to everyone. A Cappella 2,3,45 Ensemble 2,35 Girls' Choir 25 Las Amigas l,2,3,4. WELLINGTON ELLIS Wellington has a noble name, Ami his life should rertainly prove the same. Amateur Show I5 Band l,2,3,45 Football 15 Latin Club 15 Second Band I5 Spanish Club 1. CLARICE FOBBS In sewing and drawing sbe makes a fine Xl70Il'l7l,Q. Anyone Ibis pretty will soon be trousseauing. - 5, 14 .5 ye,- Girls' Athletic Association 1,25 Girls' Club 15 Las Amigas l,2,3,45 Tumbling Team l. JUDY FOX A most attractive person, rliifinely tall, Anil just as elrzfer as ber name, we rerall. Carnival Queen's Court 25 Girls' Athletic Association l,25 Home Room Leader 25 Senior Play Committee 25 Tumbling Team 35 Ushercttes 15 Y Teens l,2. 'fs i '5 5 ll . JOHN GALLOWAY As a football player, Ioelzo is quite famous, Aml, in his classes, be's not an ignoramus. Amateur Show 35 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Basketball Manager 3,45 junior Play Committee 35 Key Club 35 Letter- men's Club 45 Most Valuable Football Player, 45 All City Foot- ball Team 45 All Conference Football Team 45 Second A Cap- pella 25 Track 4. MIRIAM GENACK Everyone notice! Be sure to take a elear look Here's our banluxorking editor of this yearbook. A Cappella l,2,3,45 Amateur Show 25 Candy Store Manager 45 Editor of Log 45 Ensemble 45 Library Assistant. uc tw A C CA ROLYN HOFFMAN Perfrrf fan' uml fgurv, lun. With I lrmkvil like her. DIIIIV you? Blue and Wliite 3: Y Teens 5. FLIZANOR HOUSTON Nvwr lmrrirv, m'1'r'r frrh, Sln"t flu' lyflz' im om' forgeix. Girls' Choir 2,'g Girls' Club 1,2. Q? BOB GRAHAM Om' of Ihr mos! lmnoralzlv laili in school. Hr' has lolx of fun, lm! br i.vn'! a fool. Amateur Show 2,33 Band 3,45 Cafeteria Staff l,2,3g Second Band 1,25 Variety Show 2,3,4. FRNFST GROTH Sump lmyv are juxf fwrxlxg some lmys annoy. Ifrurxl is om' whom all run rnjoy. Baseball Manager l,2,3, Faculty Assistant 4, Football l,2,3g Second A Cappella 2. BILL GUSHES Ili' fbirlkx 1'lax.vr'x were marle for xlerfr. In curb you'll fiml him in a heap. Basketball l,2,4: Junior Play Committee 3: I.ettermen's Club 4. LAXVRFNCE O. HALF llc ran'f lu- frighlrnrrl nr ilixmayrrl. ll1"s a senior who mailr flu' grarlr. A Cappella 23,45 Second A Cappella lg Variety Show I. FVFLYN HANVEY like lump sugar, sbf"x xlrrrf, Comjzarf, rluinly, frrlifr. Amateur Show 23 Class Officer lg Home Room I.cadcr Z5 Variety Show 2. MARLFNE HARRIS Brilliant at any mugr or xrrrr, Sb1"x gnnluuting in lhrn' years. Future Homcmakers of America 3,45 Girls' Athletic Association 1,24 Girls' Club 2, Y Teens 2,3.4. LELA HENDRIX Ax an all-urouml girl, xlJz"s really jirxl class. Om' m'1'rr !'01Iltl fiml a mnrr rujmlvlr lass. Concession Stand 4, Financial Log Staff 43 Girls' Choir 2. ROSFMARY HFRTFR A lorrlv xmilv, rbz"x no ilixlrmrtriirr. Sb1"ll niaki' mam' man u xplvmliil parl- nrr. A Cappella 2,3,4: Fnsemble lg Girls' Ath- letic Association 25 Girls' Choir 2. en iorfi XE r 1 -'U aaa 0 793 ,UM HOWARD No! foo ltrrn for lessons or xluflying as a rule. IVr'z'r'rflJr'lrxx, he mfnls fo have lolx of fun in school. JERAL DEAN HUNTER feral Drunk lrmpcr ix always even, Noi Ihr tyfu' fo rhral or be r11'rel'ir1'. Girls' Athletic Association l,2,3,4Q Girls' Club lg Las Amigas 132. JUNE JONES Sbf"x wry good ul rrparlrv, Amusing all brr rolrrir. A Cappella 3,43 Cafeteria Staff 21 Faculty Assistant 33 Girls' Club 23 Office Assist- ant 2,43 Blue and White 4. DONNA KARNFS Alzvnyx rrmf-y ami willing I0 :fo her puff. Her fm- cooperation xefs bn aparl. Girls' Choir I3 junior Play Committee 3. MARGARET KFSPFLHER A Vlfllllfl' I7l'll!'l'0lt'7lf ami benign, Crmlrnf will: ber lol, sbr'll wrfr rrfzinr. A Cappella 2,5,43 Ensemble 2,33 G.A.A. 2,J,43 Girls' Clioir l,2Q Girls' Club 13 Library Assistant l,2,33 Majorette l. l'lliRl3liRT KOBIALKA Hr'x ,eooil nl fvilrlzing, lmlfiug, loo, Anil bi' rvrvlx in frilrbing 11100. Baseball 3,43 Faculty Assistant 43 Finan- cial Log Staff 43 Football Managerg junior- Senior Banquet Committee 33 Key Club 3,43 I.ettermen's Club 43 Second A Ca- pella 2. RFNA KUEPER Her numlfrr of friemlx will uewr lr'xxi'11 Beruuxr her fhurrns will keep lhem guc'xsin'. Future Homemalcers of America l,2Q Girls' Athletic Association 3, Vice President 1. BARBARA LINK ll's easy for her Io ronqucr a book Sbr'I1 noi be ronlfnl jus! io Sffllb amf roolz. Band l,2,3,43 Girls' Athletic Association 13 Senior Play Committee 2. 'N JAMES LUCAS The wife flying abou! xrbool, hr- xnys will: vlalion, ls flml f'l'!'Y1'0Yll' gels tr fl1r'1'rf1rl011Ib Vrlnlfiovl. CAROL l.UKFSCl'l Morin .vfar 1'-yflnvlwrw frnmr' Xkj'-llllll' eww, Anrl 11 ,QYIH'i0IlY IN1llll1t'Y as u'r'll lu'u11lifirx. Girls' Athletic Association 13 Girls' Club l. lwl JOHN OSHESKY To lu- lrulhful, Iohnnir's only pasfime ls alaling a iliferenl girl from las! lime. Band l,2,3,4, Second Band 2. MARY LOU PARKS Her zoiee in singing is n glorious lhing, But ber louil talking makes the rorrizlors ring. A Cappella 35 Amateur Show 2,33 G.A.A. 33 Las Amigas 2,3. f20l Cty 2111015 MARIAENE MART This romplimenfs a plalilucle. We admire her fine nlfihnle. Girls' Athletic Association 1,23 Girls' Club 1,23 junior Play Committcv 3: Y Teens 2,3. PAULA MAYNARD An inlelligenl girl ufilh l71l?lllff'I1'1l'Uff smiling, Nire ilisfrosifion and manners beguiling. Girls' Choir lg Girls' Club 1, Usherettes l. SHARON McFARLAND So frrelly ami sfmlious, all prefer. We're sorry 1ue're losing a girl like her. A Cappella 2,33 Assembly Committee 2, Class Officers l,2,3g Future Homemalters of America l,2g Future Teachers 2: Home Room Leader l,2,3g Ofhcc Assistant 2,33 Blue and Wfhite 2.3: Second A Cappella lg Senior Play 4, Student Council 1,253 Ush- erettes 1,25 Y Teens l,2. Sl'llRl.liY MCFARLAND Shirley is nolerl for gayefy aml humor. Tlraf she is quile willy is nn! a false 774771072 Library Assistant 4. SYLVIA MCNULTY Pm-ls rare about girls raven-lress'1l. Sylvia with such huir was blessetl. junior Play Committee 3, Senior Play Committee 2. PATRICIA MURPHY Sure, aml sh:-'s Irish, jus! look al her mmm Look in her blue eyes. This colleen you'1l claim. junior Play Cast 3. NANCY NEUBER She's a pin-up for your wall. Her sweelness will surpass Ihem all. Editorial Log Staff 4, Faculty Assistant 2.3, Girls' Choir 25 Girls' Club 2, Ush- erettes 4, Y Teens 4. FRED O'CONNOR Ilis arlless grin is so sufeet aml ilisarm- ing. Girls just ailorr Ihivshy Prinrr ing. Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 1,35 Faculty sistant 33 Junior Play Committee 3, termcn's Club 4, Office Assistant 3,4. aaa 019 3 FRED PERKO He likes blonde rulies, buf lhaI'x noi a sin. Onee in a wbile be bands a lesson in. Basketball 23 Track 3. AIO ANN PHILLIPS ln every way xlJe'x quirk and knowing, Qnile an experl in eooking and sewing. Candy Store 45 Concession Stand 45 Finan- cial Log Staff 3: F.H.A. l,2: G.A.A. Secre- tary l,3g Girls' Choir l,2g Blue and White 43 Student Council 4: Tumbling Team 2,3. RONALD PIERCE A litlle like Van Iohnson, xomewhal i W like Charles Boyer. " Alfbougb playing hard-lo-get, ihe girls N ean'! keep away. it Y A Cappella l,2,3,4g Concession Stand 33 My I K junior Play Committee 39 Second A Ca- 'ij' pella 2. DARLENE PREHODA Happy, healthy, energeiir, Dixpoxition not rirrlie. Vice President of Class 25 Editorial Log Staff 3: Girls' Choir 1. FRANK PROSKA We are glml Frank to F.H.S. wax srnl. Ile'x our idea of a ufell-behaved genl. BILL REMACK Al lmxkelllall, Bill ix Il wbizg An! romanre? All lbe girls are hir. Carnival Queen's Court 33 Editorial Log Staff 43 Basketball Team l,2,3,4g Junior Play Committee 3: junior-Senior Banquet Committee 3: Key Club 3: Latin Club 1,25 Prom Queen's Court 35 Second A Cappella 25 Tumbling Team 2. RICHARD RHINE Many girls will surely sigh When they birl lhix lad gooil-bye. Future Farmers of America l,2,3. JOHN RIGDON Iolm ix a lail you ran'f rexisf. He's "init a darling" girls insist. Second Band 1,2. x x . . l li" w Qi' l A 1 L RAYMOND RIGGS Nature azliled io rnrly bair A handsome fare. Fair' isn'f fair! A Cappella 23 Editorial Log Staff 45 Rifle Club 2,35 Second A Cappella l,2. MARGIE RUCH She? xo nite and xweet in every elaxx. We eonsiiler Marge a charming lass. A Cappella 2,43 Girls' Choir lg Girls' Club 1,25 Home Room Leader 1,3. E211 'wi K RICK TURNER When he rlrirrs hir rar like a ie! or rocket, Hr'x apf to he booked on the rourfhouxe dorkrl. Baseball 33 Basketball 35 Editorial Log Staff 4: Football 3,4 K Rifle Club 3. IRANK TUCKER Two ilemx only hr never forxookg Hix girl-frieml, Nadine, ami a romir book. Second A Cappella 2. l22 Cty en! 0I'fI MARIE RYAN Prfzfry ax an alhlrrr, mlainly ur a xprilr, Take a look al fhix girl. Sl1e'x blonilr Jynamilr! Assembly Committee 4: Band l,2: Carni- val Queen 43 Concession Stand 45 Finan- cial Log Staff 4g G.A.A l,2,3g Student Council 3,43 Tumbling Team 2,3,4g Vari- ety Show 43 Y Teens 3,4. RICHARD SERENA For frlraxanf ways all rio arrlaim Dirk ralm anrl prarrful ar his name. Faculty Assistant 4. RONALD SINGLETON We'i'r never known him angry or any way but gay, Anil ufz' hope fha! life will always let him slay this way. Football lg Second Band Ig Track l,2,3. OSHIA KIUANITA SMITH Cufr ann' happy u'iIh a gleam in her evrx, Oshia xprmls her lime flirting with guys. Amateur Show lg G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Girls' Club l,2: Home Room Leader lg Las Amigas I,2,3,4: Student Council lg Tum- bling Team 1,25 Variety Show l. HOWARD SPAIN Sn mare aml rnmanfic Hr drives the girls franfir. Basketball 1.2: Class Officer 3: Football lg Home Room Leader 23 Track I. IIUANITA STAPLES She ix rheerful rr-ery minute, For xhr fmls her hear! right in if. Carnival Que:-n's Court 23 Student Coun- cil 2. FRED STONE A likeable larl uiilh a mrrry grin: Wwll ufixh for surfers and pleasure for him. Band I,2,3,4. JOHN TROUTMANN Pfrrhml high on a hannixlrr, daily ran hr rem ' Iohn, ignoring girl-frirnds, reading a magazine. A Cappella 3,41 Boys' Choir lg junior Play Committee J: Rifle Club 3,45 Second A Cappella 25 Student Council 2. . an o 793 MARY VANDRF One of tborf rule aml happy misses Wbo'll get her xbarc of joy and kisser. Amateur Show 43 Blue ancl White 41 jun- ior Play Cast 33 Maiorette 2,3,4g Senior Play 4, Variety Show 3. KENLEY WADE A xeroml Grero, or a Titian, Even u Goya is hir ambition. Amateur Show 2: Band 1,23 Editorial Log Staff 33 Financial Log Staff 45 Basketball 1,23 Football 1,2,3,4g Home Room Leader 4: Junior Play Cast 3: Key Club 35 Presi- dent 4: Lettcrmen's Club 4: Student Coun- cil 3g National Athletic Scholarship Asso- ciation 4: Track 1,2,3,4. DON WALKER Nalure with great charm zliil Don cmlur. We 1-mild learn to lou' that boy. Cnulil you? KILBFRT WALKER Al our .rrbool he ix a pillar Tlinugh Kil ir ri lmly-killer. Baseball 2,3,4: Football 1. MILDRITD WASHKO Slit- is frivmlly with ri'i'ry0m'. Sbf nrrrr lvarvs ber work umlnm. GLENN WATTS Daxhing, KQIIIHIOYOIIY, aml ilrlmmiir Nom' can resist this tlr'i'il-may-rare, Faculty Assistant 4. EMILY VUI-IITIT She really likvx fn tulle. llrr nutstuml- ing trail lx rrigagirig nnyom' in ilelvatr. A Cappella 21 Band 3,49 Faculty Assistant 45 G.A.A. 1: Girls' Choir 23 junior Play Committee lg Variety Show 3,4. BETTY WII,KFY W'itlJ all her loyalty, rim, imil :ext Ax junior xalvxgirl the was the best. Iland 2,3,-1, Cafeteria Staff 4, Faculty As- sistant 4, Financial Log Staff 4g G.A.A. 2,1,4g Girls' Club 1,2,3g junior Play Com- mittee 3: Rifle Club 3,44 Second Band 15 Y Teens 2,3,4. I S J ' x ' ' I I i 1 1 T GLADYS WILSON Out for fun, believes in frolir, Study malzcx one mclaurlaolir. MARLENE WILSON Ax on ber sflaoolwunl way xbr wt-mlx She spemlr rnurb time in making frivmlx. 'ln Cafeteria Staff 1,2g Faculty Assistant 33 G.A.A. 1,25 Girls' Club 2,35 junior Play Committee 35 Rifle Club 3,41 Usherettes 1. 231 ay eniora ' PEGGY .IO YFAMAN Af flirting a mailer, no! a layman. Don? you lhink shr's rule, our Peggy Yr-afnan? A Cappella 2: Assembly Committee 2: Carnival Quecn's Court 1: Class Officer 1.2: Financial Log Staff 43 F.H A. 1,2,3: G.A.A. 1.2: Girls' Club 1,25 Home Room Leader 1,2.J: junior Play Committee 3: Office Assistant 1.2.35 Second A Cappella 2: Student Council 1,23 Usherettes 1,23 Y Teens 3. WAYNE YOUNG Somelimrx In misrhiff lhis hm"x inrlinrrl, Bill, nrt'rrfhrlrss, his heart is kiml. Distrihutive Education Cluh 4. .mf . f ffl ' .XIX I!!-ji i i , z MAY SENIORS May seniors, foo, mid glory rays Spenl husy, arliifr 'wars Enjoying rainhow fun and thrills, Preparing for careers. They had ,ereaf fun with rarnirals, Willa frarfies, fzicnirs, foo, Played many roles in "Tiger H mise" From heroine fo Hindu: Or on rommiflees, frainling srmfes, Helping in furry way, Making "Sun Uh" a jim' surr'r'ss, An inspiring senior play. Their junior-senior hanquef fhrme Was hasml on May-:lay lore, Shrine flowers. rihhons r'1'eryu'hf're, And mayfzolrs as of yorr. Their senior frrom was lu-aufiful Causing grraf rlafion As their lorrly rrsbrr service Ami honorerl qraduafion. They, laurelx won in scholarship. In shorfs. yearbook and Choir, In hand and rlulfs. These pages show Awards lhey did acquire. NATIONAL HONORSHIP SOCIETY Lrarlershifr, rhararfrr, and sr'r1fic'e Are combined with high scholarship, foo, As a hasis for choosing members For fhis much rozfrlerl lwrain-lrusf queue. Iusf B averages are considered, With three A's, three B's in a major, Plus approval of feathers and' sponsor. fMore girls than boys win, you ran wagerfl To fhf' ofhers who'll ralc fhis honor, But no! fill afffr we go lo press, lVr"rr' sorry we can? have your fzirlures, For wrfre proud of the frail: you possess. fTopJ Class Officers: Kenlev Wade. president: Pat Bregowy, secretary: Bill Gushcs, vice president: Richard Serena, treasurer. CMiddleJ Miriam Genaclt, D.A.R. Citizenship Award Win- ner. fBottomJ National Honor Society: Herbert Kobiallta, Mi- tiam Genaclt. Richard Rhine. Miss Cogswell sponsorg Pat Beards- lcy. Barbara Link, Marlene Harris, Margie Ruch, Nancy Neuber. l24l 4? Q ,' " if ,x Xxx ,K W 1 H L W 'XX v ' I X L ,f I-1 1 I I 1 V Y Q 1 Y ' ' lf . 'awww Cfpfealf R. ADAMS W. ALWARDT XV. APPLEGATF S. BACON D. BALLXVITG S. BARGER J. BIENDIIR V. BITNIIDICT N. BORIQN Mn-1 B. BFRKLFR B. BLACKWELL F. BLACKWELL B. BOBELL P. BRFTZ S. BROWN D. BURGFSS L. BUSTER E. CHANDLER K' 1. - AW' "L, 'My I N. CONNOR w . L Y. R. CONRAD -I. CONWAY N. COTTINGHAM E. COVFNTRY B. COWLES 4-ls ... A D, CTRFVISTONI C. CROUCH C. CURRY S. CURTIS D. CUTLIZR unions P. DANNFR M. DFCKER BARBARA DE CROIX BETTY DE CROIX W. DOWIS H. DOWNS 5 J. FLECK M. FRANKLIN lil sy. r J. A. DYER D. ENGLAND B. FAITH D. FENSTERMAKER 49" 1... D. FRITZ S. FRY N. GAINES B. GARECHT lx N, F. GASPERI M. GOUGH A. GRAMLICH J. A. GRISWOLD E. GROTH B. HAINES H, HARMONY J. HARNEY E. HARPER M. HAWKINS B. HUGHES P. HUNT S. HUSTON L . ' X. . 1 . W. JAMES B. JOHNSON S. JONES W. JONES 06:5 0 194 R. KANE J. KITTELL M. KLEMME L. KRUEGER A 5' . -.. lfllfll 0I':5 I Jhavw P. KUBLICK F. LAMKIQN F. LANDRETI-I L. LEHMANN . QW, Y 1 I.IfVINIf LEWIS LOCKHART F. MCHFNRY F. NICLAUGI'II.IN S. McI.AUGHI.IN C. MEITK V. MEIRON J. MEYFRS L. MILLER I. MINSFR Iv 'Q I-L ir: V. ...XX Q. 5 , .. j. MOIIN J. MROSKO I.. MYERS M. MYFRS C. NATION V. NATION I sl I , ' - I 1 , I .-'- 2 . ' . -J .V H Zg. I, 2 L., n. NIIFLIIY c. Nm.soN R. NxcHo1.s J. Nrcrcs G. oTTo M. PERKINS an 6- P. PILCHER D. PREHODA M. RIGDON J A. RITZ F. RITZ D. ROBINSON I za S. SMITH add II' .W ip 194 A D. ROTH J. RYCHFL I ,lk R. SCOTT M. L. SPENCER j. STEINMACHER J. SEKETA R. SINGLETON S. SINGLITTON H. SABLOTNY W. SABLOTNY ls,,7?3 . X yi? C. SMITH 'W E. STITES B. STOCKTON B. TENGLER D. TIZRRILL J. THOMAS C. THOMPSON T. THOMPSON S. TURNER L. ULM C. UZGIRIS C. XVILLIAMS R. WALLACE B. NVALKER M. WARNER P. WEISS P. WII.LIAMS NWILLIS A. WILSON R. WILSON I 29 I R. WHARRY Eli 'hz' T 4. I LM R. WINSTON uniom-Cami 0 I9 4 S. WISIZMAN R. WOOD IUNIORS Iubilant lu-wwsr' of Ihr class rings they wear. Unusually prvlly girlsg boys, dfbonair. Nrilalrlv in many ways: art, music, sports, Inlflligent in talking, gay in retorfs. O1'1'a.sir1nall-y lore-lnrn, always romaulir, Responsive to misrbirf, any gay antic, Surcrssful aml jovial as onward ilncy wend Till mfxt yvar, as svniors, they reach rainboufs end. ,K-P junior Play Committee QNamcs listed in appendixj 30 l.J fs as x Q Qglwf Junior Officers-Il": Delores Terrill, secretary-treasurerq Don Fenstermakcr, vice-presidentg Ralph Adams, president. l T Chief Junior Play Promoters: Don Fenstermaker, Betty Wilkey. R' 5 wi Y V in junior Oicers-ll': Sharon Smith, rreasurerg Willa Dowis, sec- retaryg Carl Uzgiris, vice-presidentg John Nicks, president. ll T H I2 69 fo 3 0 Q: 6 F 9 Z Z P' mi 99 H2 I 4'-5 ff f 'mf Mm " 5 ' lg 5 Y WNW! ffzeaeuqofddb Z, ,, 1' 5' I 'D ' 3 fy - ' 'I' M. M S if ,V W Q ,C , ,V,i ij I , 'QJLL wi , ' I A ii A 3. , H nf 3 Ah 3 N want In N , y ' 4 If -rf J W IIII w iv" PM If 1 0,9 0171, 0F85 -for ss- ff 1. C. ff ff' f' "" ' -.9 xx A , ws 'N17' F 'Qu 1 vii. E wx s-Q x X ,-W: 3 X M U F' lxzl Q MARILYN AARUP ALVIN ADAMS BARBARA AIDICH LINDA ALBRIGHT JIM ARKEBAUER TOM ARMOUR DONALD ARMSTRONG NANCY ATTITRBFRRY LARRY BARRFGARYE DONNITA BARTON PAT BELL PAT BITST ALICE BISBY SHIRLEY BLANKITNSHIP BARBARA BRAHAM KAY ISROXVN FRIED CAIN JOYCE CANHAM RICHARD CARTER JOAN CAWICEY JOHN CIZSSNA TED CHAMBERS RALPH CLANNIQY ROSII COLVIN BILLY CONNOR MARJORIF COOK GIIORGI5 Cox NANCY CRABB JOHN CRAIG LORIZN DAVIDAGIS DONALD DAVIS DIAN DELI' RONALD DENNIS PAUL DICKERSON ALLENE DOBY BOB DORLAND DAVE DRURY RONALD DUPONT ROBERT DUPONT BILL EARL BILL EDSON BOB EVANS NANCY EWING DOREEN FIELD BARBARA FINN HARVEY GARECHT GENE GASPARIN CLARA GATSCHENBERGER NORITA GRADY MARY JANE GRISWOLD MARY GUSHES PAT HADLEY DON HANVEY jERRY HEDERICK YVONNE HENRY GEORGE HENSEY PAT HICKMAN GEORGE HINDS JANET HOFFMAN HELEN HOMEIER DONNA HOOVER BARBARA HOSTICK FARMER HOUSEHOLDER MARLENE HOWARD BOB HUBBARD EDGAR HUGHES -IIM HUGHES JIM HURST WANDA HYATT HILMA IVEY FQ Q 5 A ' 'I if If f Q gms, MM " x U 9435 A x 1 X .5 A ,,.N..4', 1 :.L gi X I I AP Quaid 8 I 4 R NY Y E I 66444 of I9 5 fl X ' -W -X 535V fx ,I wifi we.: :ff y A? ' 9 "gi x vxe ,is -V K . , V, M33 Q A fm. 4'2" A 591 . Q x . , 4 wg' 2 'S f it x I 95 N. I .1 - -v.-.. A i E Q fe: , Q . '-"" Q Q A 4, I ,.,,., A is v T331 . Que I I' Aa, QL m l I Q? I WM I f ,J 'WF M Mmm? LII. I ' I I HF I 1 I I ,I I -'il -A K, J f I' L. ' J am v M 'A' H. I , J M 0 in ,J V 1' 'Q Lf L hx iv I pg L4 1 A-A In :HI E Q y Q , l Q' VW .XO . I E S I . Q: ' GEORGE JACKSON 'Q V, .IACK JACKSON 3 W M " W n ARLINE JANOEE ,ug I ' , J- f JEANNE JANSSEN -agp f I DONNA JANUCHOwSKL I f ww' H' 'Sf vs ' vt I Wk l. g T' A CLARETTA KANE . LARRY KEELEY . , . EDGAR KELLEY .,' -' S CECII. KENNEDY ' I EARLENE KESSEL .JJJ,:,J. I PAT KILLDOO ALBERT KRUG DOROTHY I,A MOTTE SHIRLEY LANDRETI-I TED LEIGH SOFA 0l'l'L 0I'2:5 PAT MAISENBACHER LOUIS MANCI q , MARY LOU MANSFIELD A ' TONY MATAYA SHARON MAXWELL fs 4 W Q 'I A S2 I Q L LAVVRENCE MAYES Q mf CHARLOTTE MAZE WILLIAM MCCLAIN DONNA MCCLOUD 5 i I.. A at lv NADINE MEREDITH 5.1 AIA 71' 'S -...'vg. Af? CURTIS MILBURN IOAN MONTGOMERY RICHARD MORROW DOROTHY NAVE MARILYN NELSON Ti 5 J I ' EUGENE NICKELSON , ,J J A DON OGLESBY 1 A -A J if MARGARET O'MEARA A .J A BRYCE OWENS ' "D A DAVE PAONL iv , vi s' E141 DONALD PARKER ED PATTERSON GLENDA PATTERSON ,IANICE PAVLETICH MARLENE PERRINE BOB PERKINS DOLORES PERRY FRED PERSHING RUTH PETERS JACK PFEIFFER CARL PICKETT BOB PLOUVIEZ ROBERT REAZER CAROL REDDING ROBERT REED SHIRLEY REGISTER BARBARA REMACK SANDRA REYNOLDS RUSSELL RIGDON GEORGE RIGGS EDWIN ROBERTS HELEN ROBINSON BETTY ROBSON .IOANNE ROSS JOE ROTH ROSALIND RULE DONNA RYAN WILLIAM SCHNEIDER DON SCOTT GEORGE SCOTT EVELYN SHULL CAROL SMITH BILL SOMMER SHIRLEY SPAIN CHARLES SPOONAMORE W , , A iw is ,wi S gl N 5533- "" ., , .., if Q K .L I v . . is . v . ,. " 4 . .:-" 'Nm Q ,QQ 3 J K . 'v x W XM, ' QM xi I . .,,.,.: 3 "'k' Q 'iw 5 I - X . -.1 35 " nO - 64155 o I9 l uqgfx 'lip S R ':, 5 1 A S ' I ., 7.x S, W I ., 1 W., .AL - , I K x S 1 U sh fl? Wm ISSJ Q 'Q ,L I I . 5' v.-..,.Hz' . "" 4., '1 A x iq 'fa-' Ss ., -' - L ' h ff ,MN , 5 Sw ,,.. . A - Q ,,, 2 ., S n V "' s , wg Elm-ff ' I Y, I .af " .4 BF' xr 'IL I W I f Q ek if -I ix 'iii 45,149 I l ii ij Wm M 4 J' ,ME ii. 'J .I V, ., J 3 kk J . :HL i 2' nr -nba ' if? "Wi ' , :- SOPH OM ORES Having reached the rainbow? midway And showing great matureness, Thr' .vophomores lose their shyness, Uncertainty, dcrnureness, Taking lively parts in school life, Giving juniors compvtition, Upward they climb till two years bri Graduation-their ambition ,I W '18 45119 . fi' . 23 + N 3 fm sw f-.Q at ggi asf. ' N0 X I Mis 1' vs , we . Max ,L, JANET STACK BETTIE SUTTILL RAY TATE RICHARD TAYLOR JEAN THOM SHARON TRAUTMANN EARLENE TURNER PAT ULM JANICE VAN BUREN DOROTHY VOGES FADRA WAGGONER BARBARA WALKER MARGARET WALKER GEORGE WILSON PAT WILSON SHARON WILSON DALLAS WITT WILLIAM WOODRUM SHARON YEAMAN SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ssl Bob Evans, presidcntg Don Oglesby, secretary- treasurerg George Riggs, vice president. WIICUVIINC Il-ll ! . IN A FEITSHAN Q f-. I A J fx A fm X 's fs?-5 ' ff fv:':1f-f- v " f- -1, ' ' 1-a-s ? ,... A-, v Qccuc N '92 'S Q mV! X N A X x ! U2 xl Qfjwymcqfbqzmwf jl"8.'5Al'l'l2l'l 4 M 4' ii' .W K vu., if A QQ 'J . .lv,. - - in K f -ff' nf.: , ' 2: N' fi .,. H? K . 'Zn-3321. 4: .. --. ' 'I' . 4 Q T. . 122::-Inga.: u I , J- B. ADAMS T. ALLEN V. ALLMON P. ANANIOS A. ANDERSON A. ANGELI P. APPLEGATE A , 'Q M .M I, wr' , 5 W. BACON L. BART D. BECK B. BELCHER W. BENNETT W. BERNSTEIN D. BETTS -, fr: Ur W A m y , . A aff' " .nf V V.. -U - . 1 ,. u 1. l Nt T. BIBB L. BLAIR G. BLESSING L. BOBELL. G. BOGGS D. BOGGS G. BOLLINGER Nw., Yaxfv-1 Q 'VUAQ' vw- Www. 1 -' . WP-'5 -up 3 W, H3 K A 'A 'R ,ff s I .1 A j. BOREN L. BOUNDS D. BRADLEY G. BRANHAM QI. BRENTS E. BROWN F. BROWN Q1 3 4 ig, i 4 -"' lf 7 xg lr, we-J! NX j. CANHAM C. CARTER D. CARVER J. CASPER P. CASPER J. CASSADY W. CHARLES I 38 J CL... 0 I9 6 ,ii .- -lli ,- igpgl A ' . -.U I ' ... wf' VV. CHURCH L. CIKAS R. CLIFFORD R. CLINK R. COLEMAN P. COLLINS C. CONNOR D. CONNOR E. CONNOR O. COOK B. CRABB S. CRONISTER A. CROPP E. DANNER L. DAUGHERTY L. DAUGHERTY L. DAVIS B. DFCKER M. DeGRAFF A. DELATTRE H. DELONG P. DOGGETT S. DOWNS A. DUNCAN T. DYER R. EASLEY B. FDMUNDSON R. EILERS L O X D. FATHAUER C. FIZNSTERMAKER R. FLEER J. FOBBS N. FOREMAN J. FOSTER L.FRAIM L 39 1 jl'26Al'l'l2l'l ,KR .4 J www .... .2 . ? 5 . Q V X 31 Sf. R mf B. FRANTZ C. GANTT J. GIBHS N. GOOD L. GOUGH C. GOWIN K. GRANT S. GUIMARD W. HARMON M. HARRIS V. HARVFLL J. HAUVERSBURK W. HEDERICK D. HENRY 5 1 .M s. J. HOLLY J. HOMEIER D. HURST D. JACOBS J. JACOBS J. JANSSEN B. JARRELL wiv ' A ..xiA72 A S. JONES M. KELLEY R. KELLEY L. KUFPER R. LEATHERWOOD D. LEFFVER L. LEWIS rm. LOSEY T. LYoNs P. rQX1.or2m c. MANN J. MASLOUSKI M. MATAYA M. LIATERND E401 Cfaaa o I9 6 M. MCANULTY T. MCGARRITY P. MCMURRAY C. MEEK L. MEEK C. MELKUSH M. MERRILL B. MILLER D. MILLER J. MILLER R. MILLER K. MINSER D. MOLNAR R. MOORE E. MORESCHI j. MURRAY E. NELSON R. NEUBER B. NEWTON R. NICHOLS C. OGDEN -4' 2 I S. OTTO W. OWENS A. PADGETT C. PAGE J. PARKER L. PEACHER P. PENNINGTON R. PENNY R. PETERS C. PETERSON W. PHILLIPS E. PINN K. POTTER K. RAMSAY L41I j PQZIAHIQI1 I X QQ C. RAMSHAW J. RASAR J. REAM J. REED R. REED J. REID T. ROBERTSON C. ROBINSON H. ROBINSON R. RODEMS A. ROLLIET S. ROSE N. SCHMELTER C. SCHUCH X M!! fra .II wr Q in gf.. I npr, 'ix K XII JW? sa NIJ' II. SCHULZ Y. SEKETA E. SHELEY B. SI-IEPARD R. SHIPLEY I.. SINGLETON D. SIMARGIASSI Tn" BC" S. SMITH L. SMITH C. SOMMERS T. SORENSON C. SPEARS E. SPENCE R. STOCKTON - M. STONE- W. STONE M. STRASBAUGH R. STULTS J. TALLEY R. TEGA I.. THOMPSON I-+21 Cfaaa o I9 6 .X ' "" 'f:"' I L on L. THOMPSON G. TODD E. TOWNSDIN G. TURLEY R. TUTT B. USHMAN R. VAN DYKE IK' L. VAN HOUTEN N. VAN I-IOUTEN R. VINCENT R. VOGEI. I. WARE D. WAX L. WHITE af'- at .,-of Ui 3 A 1 ' V ' I I 'A ' ' 1, Q ' . :gg liogfqi H - E' .. .gg .- X P. WHITE R. WHITE P. WILKEY W. WILKINS D. WILLIAMS J. WILLIAMS E. WILSON AN M. WOODSON C. WOOLARY M. YOUNG M. YOWELL B. ZICK FRESHMAN OFFICERS FRESH MEN . -.,...n B1-wildvrrfdly from grade schools The shy freshmen start their climbs, Al first unsure of srhoolwork, Trascd by sophies oftrntimesg But, soon, they grow arcustomed To srhool's frrartical routineg A short timr till promotion Then sophs-no longer green! John Homcicr, president: Shnrlene Rose, sccrctary-treasurer: John Gantt, vice pres- idcnt. E431 .xdclminidfrafion if Y" I in IW I Jx M cs Q ff I ' V 4 0 4 -- A- --,....7 -- ' .. K-' PRINCIPAL -..za DEAN S DEAN of GIRLS EARL WAX, B.S., M.A. The principal af Feilsbans, A genial, well-liked -man, Has helped insure our progress By each well-executed plan. We know lbal in lbe fuiure His r-forls will not grow lax. We can all be proud of Feitsbans Anil our principal, Earl Wax. CLYDE MCQUEEN B.S., M.A. Devoted to studenls' welfare, Eficicnt in all routines, Afablc in planning programs, N eulral in bickering scenes Sincere in helping win success And improvement af F.H.S. DEAN of BOYS I 44 1 . C ELIZABETH COGSWELL A.B., M.A. Safufing fhe jacuhy FACULTY "If you lick 'em, then you'll larn 'em" Used to he the olden way Of teaching school, and aren't we glad That procedure's now passe? Now, psychology and guidance, Tolerance, understanding, trust, Greater knowledge, modern methods Help each pupil to adjust. We're proud of the teachers pictured, The administrative force. This enterprising faculty Students heartily endorse. HELEN AYERS, B.S. LEALAND BARCLAY WALTER BARNISKIS, A.B. Q-if VERNON BEIER, M.S. LOUISE BLAEUER, M.A. INES BRESSAN, M.S. Z ALICE CARPENTER, B.S. ROBERT CARPENTER, Rs. HAZELLE COEEMAN, B.A. Us J P ,S2l!u fif1 gq MfAe jacuag M ,a an x " X was 'P 5 X if , fc 5,9 I I WALTER CONAVAY, B.S. CATHRYN COTHREN, M.S. CLELLA DALY, M.S. ll .. VQ 'lil- rf' n XYlfXI CT TNIYIIAC ll A PG H .. pin 1' .EL V . hx ig .. e' 5 W: g 36 QNX , xx aizvm , X sei v5' BESS KASISKE, BS. CHAS. KENNEY, M.A., L.I..B. ROY LESSLY, M.A. Safufing Me jacuhy A' ' " ' ' ' T' MELVIN MCCOY, M.M. HELEN PEIFER. M.A. GRACE POTTER, B.S. KATHERINE POWELL, M.A. REBEKAH PRATT, M.A. CLARA ROELLIG, A.B. ROBERT ROWE, M.A. CLARENCE RUFF, M.S. I MARVIN SCHULTZ, B.S. SHIRLEY STARKE, B.S. EDITH SUTTON, B.E. XD I ko,,10I-If ,Q G a-9' 11. LQ' I 1 und' ,:- Q74 'ax W Safufing fAe jacuhy my ,Q 5 9 v A Q Q QS? K Q? l4sl , reeling flue Shoo! .jslegoerei OFFICE FORCE lust as essential as A B C's Afable, attractive workers are these, Busy at all times with record or sum Competent, capable, making work hum. They answer all questions, give much advice. Such work plus much glamour seems extra nice! l 4 Alice Bowman, Rita Devlin, Mardell Moffett, Clara Krug, Bertha Miller Clitfordine Mounts, Doris Helphinstine CAFETERIA STAFF With pleasure we picture now And to their services bow. From good pastry to soup Miss Devlin and her group Are adept at serving us chow. O L CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS Christmas and Easter breakfasts, And gifts make a worthwhile reward, Plus fun enjoyed while working, And free, plenteous noon-time board. E49 Jo Ann Phillips, Miriam Genaclt, manager CANDY STORE WORKERS Sweets to the sweet" once Will Shakespeare wrote. Sweets from the sweet" is a better quote. Sweet describes the candy workers wholly. Too much sweet makes 'em roly-poly. reefing fhe Shoo! tilegaerd PARENTS-TEACHERS ORGANIZATION The P.T.A. does many fine things for all, Buying items ranging from sofas to globes, Giving freely of money for yearbook debts, And buying the choir and graduation robes. MEN'S CLUB An excellent philanthropic group Noted for good deeds, not for boners, All are members of our large Men's Club Who are always generous donors. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Might the reason they issue so many books To the boys be because of their good looks? Betty De Croix, Mrs. Carpenter, librar- iang Kay Ramsey, Carole Crouch, Kay Brown, Nadine Meredith, Margaret Kes- pelher, Nancy Connor. August Nilta, James Wolf, head custodian, Leonard Pol- lctt, Tony Achas, Merritt Brumfield. EXPLANATION for CLUB-MEMBERS We want clubs to have many pictures, And receive a lause and acclaim, MAINTENANCE STAFF But we must economigg on space, Our five janitors are likeable men So an appendix lists your name. Who do willingly the good work of ten. And, therefore, like a cross-word puzzle, On them we rely. You can determine each foe or friend. Their talents they ply. When you are "stumped" by some charmer, Ejicieney experts they are and have been. Consult the appendix at the end. i- Iso reeling fha Shoo! .jfle laera TEACHERS' ASSISTANTS These students eheek papers, run errands, Or help on all matters fore- seen. They are capable, willing, re- soureeful, Helping greatly with sehool routine. KEY CLUB When there's paper in the halls, Get the Key Club! When a doorway number falls Yell for Key Club! When more trees should be planted, Or pep talks should be ranted, Or pretty girls enehanted, Send for Key Club! lt,s a junior eirie group 'Ray for Key Club! Thai'll never deeline or droop, Not our Key Club! Always there to help the sehool, Always willing, ealm, and cool, Praetieing the Golden Rule. Love that Key Club! 1 STUDENT COUNCIL To work harmoniously with all groups, To help solve problems in the school, To help rarry-out worthwhile school projeets, To suggest rather than to rule, To sponsor danees after sport eontests, Produce rleuer amateur shfnus, Sell peneils with athletir sehedules Are the aims its members propose. Each home room eleets one eouneil member. Four appointees also convene. Meetings are held before sehool on Tuesdays Ably sponsored by Mr. MFQ1ICPl1. OFFICE ASSISTANTS The offire staff pieks them rourteous and strong, For these students run errands all day long. They have no time round "IR" to hover, For ofiee assistants have miles to rover. Q E9 'Ea Q?-1 N R'L"d KW 5 17 W1 CW' 'Q 91' N iii'-4 si 4 6343 . " s I I onoring fire gckforiaf .SZW We hope you'll feel our rainbow book Is F5-the beam" and "elover." How do we feel now that it's done? 115 dog-goned glad it's over! APPRECIATING the PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Not only does Mae have the best band in town, And the finest, best-trained nujorettes, He has also mueh skill in photography As shown by pietures and silhouettes Which you are now seeing in this, our yearbook, And we hope you'll approve and enjoy The laborious work of Mae and his staf Three eheers for them and "the real McCoy! CONGRATULATING the FINANCIAL STAFF Regard this picture carefully, They worked at stands, sold business ads, Give everyone a elear look. Learned to persuade and cipher, Without these wizards of finance From all of us to all of them There wouldn't be a yearbook. Many thanks, staf, and Miss Peifer! I ss J I RID UTTU2 DAYS if' Yea bi I-15 Sf' f. Q, 2' 4,x ,QQ 51 I af x f I Qaingow poyahy: Wm pain eau anal ma paingow SENIORS: JERRY MEIDEL, AND MARY VANDRE JUNIORS: RAMONA SCOTT. AND RALPH ADA GgOYjY,Yg,S Ov-E51 v PS SOVYXONKGLEND A E GS BSD F R ESHMEN G ' : GE RXOS CA R S5 OLE HCM S0MME:5fl-IR' AND nfoying fhe Carniua J' Nfl My 5' 'Q R CAROLE SOMMERS CARNIVAL coulvr hw- A l9H Queen, Donna Ben: Bridgewater: 1912 Queen, Marie Ryan: Rawland Fagg: :" 5 flower girls qfrnnr row, lefty jane: Baker, Linda Lowry. if f UST! V - - f H .TL QUEEN MARIE RYAN Though we've spcnt our han!-earned money O7- so - To elect hrr, shc's a honey, 'QA Bk Q But wc"rc glad fo bv so duliful OWN 'Cause our high school queen is beautiful. we l MARILYN KLEMME CAROLE CROUCH JACKIE RYCHEI. E561 MA R Y Lo l.arry Barregarve, Shirley Landreth: George Shaw, Jackie Rychelg Jerry Meidel, Glenda Pattersong Kay Muller, Marina uecxer: Bill Westwood, Othella Browng Marilyn Klemme. Don Maakesg Mary Lou Spencer, Fred Wright: Carole Summers, Ray Riggs: Pal Bcardsley, Marvin Southg Carole Crouch, Ron Fernandes. W x K r,, . gf ER U 3 .Q DY-Cx PENCER S yLA?5BA PAT BEARDSLEY SHIRLEY LANDRETH GLENDA PATTERSON I S7 J C A R N I V A L uite a feat with bare feet. A Q d cm id picture with ramliml pin-ups. No wide open spaces, just wide-open faces. "Looking or buying, SCHOOL CARNIVAL Wasn't it fun at the school carnival? Remember how giggly we were? The shows were superb, and those hula guys, And the queen! XVh0 could forget her? The concessions and food were extra swell, The hand-music peppy and fine. I hope we'll keep having them every year. Gee, nren't Carnivals just divine? I Don? Attention, or intention?" ISSJ hw" .Q f 'F .s ' S ii W? is Q -is Slit Gizzard Bill cutting up in the Fun House. ' Y puvvvu C ooooao aooaoo 6 -AI Q I A , X R N I V A L l Tunptwiddling, A round of playing while playing around. "I see 11 blonde in your life, and what she sees in you Exercising the right of frcc scrccch. I don't know." e K, F591 Prctt " acka es" wra cd to take out! Y P g PP euiewing fAe yunior may Philip Bretz, Miss Helen Ayers, Betty Wilkey. Q t xg S ieol NINE GIRLS lu' W'iIfred Pettitt CAST Jane , , , Delores Terrell Frieda jean Mrosko Alice Phyllis Webb Eve Joan Bender Sharon Peggy Pilcher Shirley , Carole Crouch Betty Nancy Cottingham Stella XVilla Dowis Mary joan Griswold Phyllis Marilyn Klemmc Nine fascinating girls, a tense plot. clever lines revealing feminine fun and fury made "Nine Girls" a frolicsome comedy as well as an exciting mystery drama. Long hours of work put -in by the junior cast, committees, Miss Helen Ayers, capable dramatics direc- tor, and Phil Bretz and Betty Wilkey, student directors, accounted for the success of the play. euiewing flte .gznior pfay SUN-UP by Lula Vollmcr CAST Widow Cagle .,.7 7, W Patricia Murphy Pad Todd ,,,,7..i ., ..,,i... Ernest Lamken . Ramona Scott Emmy Bud ,,Y,,i.i,,,,.v7ii.. Robert Johnson Sheriff Weeks, ,i,, ,. Richard Church Rufe Cagle, ,,,. Y ,,7, .,,v,.... P hilip Bretz Preacher H i,,,,7,.,7,,,, Robert Applegate The Stranger ,,,,,Don Fenstermaker Bob M ,t,,, , ,,.. , V Ralph Adams "Sun-Up" was a powerful dramatic play of the Southern mountains, abounding in humor as well as in scenes of stark tension, and having as its theme the sound philosophy that hatred is the "sundown" of life while love of mankind is the "sun-up." The senior cast, ably directed by Miss Helen Ayers, and student directors, Darlene Prehoda and Betty Wilkey, gave an excellent performance. The stagecraft was competently handled by Mrs. Roellig's art classes and vari- ous scnior committees. Darlene Prchoda, Miss Helen Ayers Betty Wilkey. gforying in -ur udic GIRLS' CHOIR Pretty girls singing with pretty voices A sight in which the whole school rejoices, Knowing that they in the future will be Valuable songsters in the ehoir's coterie. BOYS' CHOIR nother selective vocal group With singers of talent and skill taught note-reading and part-singing, too, In orrler that each one may fill future role in A Cappella Choir n honor all high school students desire. i i 63 ENSEMBLE Seven lovely voices, singing in unison Classical, popular, folk songs, or rounds, Trainea' to perfection, blending in harmony, Filling the air with celestial sounrls. Miss Matlack, Laura Myers, Sharon Wilson, Barbara Aidich, Miriam Genack, Cindy Baldock, Shirley Register, joan Bender. MAIORETTES Attired in brief skirts and high eoekazle, They hlithely march in each hanrl parade In step with march or sweet serenarle, The rnajorettest Their charm oft causes boys to stamrner, Start to whistle, forget their grammar Wherl they strut by with all their glamour! The majnrettes! Mary Vandrc, Glenda Patterson, Virginia Benedict. eloicfing fAe USIIERETTES Plrasr notin' our fvrrfly uslwrs. You'll sm' tlrvm at rarb srbool z'vc'nt, Af r'om'r'rls, dramas, zonwntions, Working toward srbool brltarmrnt. Always c'0'iri1'nt and grarious, Blending fun anrl work., winning famv. Thr' Janis of flu- rlozrn mrmlu'rs Prozfr' "Sr'r1'ic'z' to OflJrrs" their aim. FUTURE NURSES The nawrst rlub at F.H.S. Is baring rity-widr' success. Its plan to train, to rrrruit uursrs W0 bofrr will banish ills and bfarsrs. POT of GOLD HOME ROOM TlJr'y'rr rrally "big wbarlsf' important cogs. Tbr'y'n' onr' lninclrrrl pvr cant in buying Logs. I64 HOME ROOM LEADERS Early bomr' room clvrts a laadcr To ronlrol the studrnts' cbattrr group, To m'plain important mattvr. FRESHMAN RAINBOWERS Doormcn, decorators, too, Runnr-rs, do-rrs, and know-rrs, Hunrlrad par rant in loyalty Ware tbasc "frz'shic" rainbowersf To promotr' tba businfss of the Q eloicfing flue Cfuhd PEP CLUB Blorlz lhal kirk! Hwy, malu' fha! haskvil Crt your xlmm up! Blow a gas- hr!! Ch1'1'rin', plr'aalin', raz:!n', fmsin' Such ppp hrlps in mrh sport- xvaxon. FOOTBALL USHERS Important are thc football ushers Wlmn direct the crowds of headlong ruslwrs. les LETTERM EN If you arc' a live go-geffcr Who has earned a Feilshans' letter You hflong. But wc"ll wager that you lrt HER Kvf-p the letter and Ihr- swcalrr Right or wrong. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Sinn' '41 fha' G.A.A. Has had a vary wirfc' appral, Providing sporlsmanship and fun, Enrouraging alhlrfic zeal. Prcxrnfing lrlfrrs for Imskrfhall, Volleyball, soffhall, fumbling, foo. Many girls ml'r'l wilh Miss Daly For an aflrr-xrhool rr'nzlr:1'oux. RIFLE CLUB Bclivvc us, wz"rc' all slrong roofvrs For thaw sharp ones who'rc' all sharp shoot- ers. Thcy'rc so quirk on the draw Even gangslrrs lhf'y'4l awc, Thanks fo Dixon's good work as lhrir Iufor. elaicfing fha BLUE and WHITE In the halls best watch your chatter Lest it should be subjert-matter For the paper! Better not he too romantic Too indignant, or too frantie. Any caper Will he flashed for all to snieker fTelegraphs could be no quieker Than that gaper. I Though at times the razzing frrielzles Reading it is worth your niekels And your afright, For news next week may be shoelcing. It will set the whole sehool rorking. For your delight, For it's great fun when the teller Rirlirules the other feller In Blue and White. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS A voeational training program To fit students into industry, Ai whieh they work I5 hours per week In welrling, lvaking, eleetrieity. Some are X-ray or dental teehnirians, Meat eutters, repairers of maehines, Rurlio uml television workers, Beginning training while in their teens. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Classroom retailing insirueiion, Artual work at a store Prepare seniors for the future, Show what they are suited for. To take part one must be sixteen, With math. ami eommer- vial lore. The rlulf has banquets, assem- lilies, St. Louis trips, fun galore. Iss FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA Toward New Horizons" is the clulfs motto, To make happy homes the aim. Its style shows, assemblies, dances, fasts Have won for ihe club aeclaim. There are twenty active members Whose willingness and aitentions Win them the joy of many trips And all Home Et. eonvenlions. ff Q elaicfing flee Kfugd FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA Choosing a future profession Preparing for it wisely and well, Studying new methods, proeedures Are faetors that someday will tell In helping tbe sebools of our nation By supplying a good personnel. Thus tbese u'ise girls plan worthy futures In whieb early one will surely exrel. QUO VADIS A social and instructive group Quo Vadis claims to be. 'I ,X Y v Y - 1 ffl f-i mul. A Shirley Blankenship, Arline jmnoff, Donna Januchowski, Donna Hoover: Sharon Wilson, winner of City Future Teachers' Essay Contest. LAS AMIGAS Y TEENS Sineere friendliness is the ehief sorial aim Of Las Amigas as shown by the name. A11 their meetings stress order and elarity. Leisure time is rleroted to ebarity. Tbeir banquets and fun-fests are planned with a flair. Therefore, earb party is a gala affair. Costumes, speeches, rites, and songs In Latin lend gayety. L67 IUNIOR-SENIOR Y TEENS Like to dance? rumlia, heguine? Enjoy delirious cuisine? Admire wholesome mien? Clmraeter you esteem? Then, you should lzeeome a Y Teen. 9 I Hp, 2l0lCfU'Lg iAe UN4,f,.1 in ' 1 W 1 ' , 57 J' ' ' f S ., ff L u ev- in - in 1 , 1, , Q Z 4115 5 . : V r 1 1 w .- sri FRESHMA N-SOPHOMORE Y TEENS Ewrymn' admirvx lhfs Y Tran group Wh' ajzfzrvfialr' lbw rash, of course, Whom' idrax wan' original and zfamly, Aml fbfir loyally, xlrazlfaxl and zwixqlrfy. For Ihr'-y mazlr vast sums for fhix -yfarlzook Many lbanks, Mrx. Cburrb, lo you and your group By srlling om' tlrouxann' lmrvx of randy! Of sfzlarirlid girlx 71lHlIl1l'fill.Q cigbfy. SENIOR SUPERSALIESMEN SUPERSALESMEN of ALL CLASSES Dave Frank, Christ Homcicr, jcrry Mcidcl. Names listed in appendix, Concession Stand at football games in chargc of Financial Staff of 1953 Log Issl f' ll0lDlN DAYS ' 72 :gh "wav M!-Aizif fwf l' Q, X NN X 2 w 4' ' f X' - f C7 .7 ' XX J , w x 4 f lg., I j I .zz J I I 1"'QT-Jxzsx X QT: Wcuurwk- El E ir Yi M D ffm" A , . ,Es ,ami , wg Mjyglk '12 xhk' Tx I X1 1 vi? 0 . s . -' f ' f1." '? -ff - 'X J 'tg 2 . QW AF MW wr ,Y M mx 'Iwi 3 'sffrg Qgffww 3i QW i , we K4 Q fx. ,Wuxi S, -va- 3 if' Q " 1 if sf, mv .. , 35' F .4 fm 'Rv' lk V1 K .Wit G 4 K r f i -5155 'RX Q . M H' f vfzgfs ik -' nf ln. QOKJQIQ jaw N-SM: MR. RUFPS CHEMISTRY CLASS Tn,- 4 MISS SUTTON'S GENERAL SCIENCE CLASS f 76 1 Qyofcfen lflgif if llfl--4-'- x MRS. ROELI.IG'S ART CLASSES I , X B J R 'iii- W ti' 781 W H I 14 g0!6!eI'L mayb MR. CONAVAY'S WOOD SHOP 'Y' MR. NEWELL'S VOCATIONAL MACHINE SHOP I Bl J 4 N Hui A ' 4 3 A .J 'io -li has 'N-Q--..-..,,,,,, ,gf-new QOAJQI1 Iago S X2 w.,..1f'-M, MISS BRESSAN'S VOCATIONAL HOME ECONOMICS CLASS MISS COFFMAN'S SEWING CLASS I ss J g0!6!8l'l Ctgrf u MRS. POTTER'S BOYS' COOKING CLASS q'f' ' FEITSHANS HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA Iscl xS?CLI"JU:5t M'0l'l'LQIflCt6!Q-ybtfle, jg gay, If f-:ZW .f K A D QUEEN LORRAINE LUFKIN lax! ,gfaifwdy fo tke .SQCUYS pl"0l'l'lel'l6L6!67 6LI'llfl6ll"g, QUEEN BARBARA FORD, and DICK SEDLAK, escort i I A U91 .fdlolafauoling flue 'ifiinnem STATE and DISTRICT BAND CONTESTANTS Art Winners Tity Award for Sportsmanship in Athletic Contests 'XN5 Mawr iarsivixcom, SHARON WILSON Cir CHARLES TIM M Y or Doviat Award Essay Winner piony Hfavyweight MS Wkyfke Y Y In G Q im3VY Genie Tou olden Gloam T0 rnamenr Veg i911 wwgt ....,u4 N., 4 'Mm 1-ws. F R- iuing fAe Cakrwlar September: Registration Day -n , , September: Staffs at Work December: junior Play Practice I94 January. Noonday Dancing October: jean Day December: Practicing for The Messiah February: Rainbow Review February Frolic january: Graduating Seniors, Kathryn England, Cindy Baldock, Curt Hayes 1 October: Key Club Initiation xf"a IQ- ff fd November: Carnival iuing fine Cadnclar February: F.I-I.A. Installation ll .I November: F.I-I.A. Initiation March: Senior Play Rehearsal Spring Band Concert May: Graduating Seniors, Carol Lukescli, Caro- lyn Hoffman, Kenley Wade IQSI April: Practicing for the june: Close of School euiuing ode- CJOAMJ momenfd : '-H" 'mu-MT, Band Parade, December 1951 F.H.A. Style Show Snakes Alive! D.E. Show I A La., Sharp Notes Pep Assembly F961 The Music Makers mea! ecfing Dreadful Wemoriea F.H.S. Sextette Reverend F. Powell's Assembly f ' Y '90 .T if J + ? C A T if Q is 4 Q? ' .. rig .'.-5-.aiT""'e"'.n-u.. Mock Wedding in Home Management Y Teen Hanging of the Greens Majorettes Home Economics Childrens Party Tuberculin Testing I J Band Parade, December, 1952 97 - .xdclmiring eela UPIQA reamri fChosen by Student Votej MARY LOU SPENCER PAT KILLDOO BEVERLY STOCKTON foal PAT BELL ELIZA BE TH SPENCE ejoicing in rue-gfue onom . L ,Eg , 5 , v Key Club Oflicers and Sponsor, IVIISS Dl'Cb5iiIl NIT. McQueen Blue ami Whifr Officers and Sponsor, Mrs. Erickson A X Mrs. Elton Church, Y Teen Sponsor and P.T.A. President Freshman-Sophomore Y-Teen Officers QUO VADIS OFFICERS ,M .D . , ENGLISH FACULTY fSp0nsor rs um1s not presentj FACULTY HELPERS fMiss Ferreira not presentj fMr. Barniskis, Mr. NVolf, and l99Ql Mr. Schultz not presentj ' ,911 Wemoriam CHARLES ANDREW' BRANDON C1937-19531 "Ah, broken is the golden bowl, the spirit flown forever. Let the bell toll-a saintly soul floats on the Stygian river. Pb if if Come, let the burial rite be read-the funeral song be sung, An anthem for the kingliest dead that ever died so young, A zlirge for him the doubly dead in that he died so young." -Poe. Charles Brandon, a well-liked, unusually intelligent and gifted sophomore at Feitshans, died January, 1953. He was an all-around athlete, being a member of the championship football team, a member of the junior varsity basketball team, and a participant in track and baseball. He was an honor student, and a member of the A Cappella Choir, Quo Vadis, the Key Club, and the Studenu: Council. Forget him? No! For of pleasant thoughts his mem'ry is the shrine, Soft and pervasirfe as the scent of flowers, Calm as on windless eve the sun's decline, Sweet as the song of birds among the bowers, Rich as a rainbow with its hues of light, Pure as the moonshine of an autumn night, Thus, we remember him, and auld lang syne. IIOOJ C Cimaqzmawxwmw .fund L 43 G x sg' 3 ,, I Aw Q iwllb 15 .2 . ..,Qf1'El Feitrlaam Fbferr Take T heir Place Among Ciqfr Greatert Football T eamr Of All T imer By DAVE WITTHANS. There's plenty to cheer about on Springfield's south side these days. Feitshans High just completed its greatest football season. It was the first perfect slate in its history, the first city crown since 1946 and the first Central title since 1948. Coach Marv Schultz' fourth year at the helm produced all these firsts for himself, too. In romping through their nine game schedule, the Flyers finished the year as one of the dozen all-victorious teams in the state. They also have one of the longest strings, 12, which includes three wins last fall. Feitshans experienced many uncomfortable moments during the year. Five con- tests were annexed by a single touchdown or less. Only-once was the margin by three touchdowns. A quick recap of the year brings to light two big games for the Flyers, the Spring- field and Jacksonville tilts. After the senior laden team started off by whipping Bloomington, 21-0, for its biggest score of the season, the Flyers were faced with the task of downing the Solons. Springfield had nearly always dominated Feitshans and the contest was rated a tossup. Bobby Knox scored the only touchdown of the game in the third period and the Flyers were on their way. Knox scored both times against Lanphier, winning 13-6, and then the Flyers broke loose in the last quarter against Cathedral for two touchdowns to capture the city crown, 19-7. Beardstown fell, 12-0, and then came the title contest for the Central loop with Jack- sonville. johnny Nicks, Otie Farris, Bill Leatherwood and Knox plus the great line stopped the Jacks, 13-12. After much sweating, Litchfield, 20-12, Clinton, 12-0, and Carlinville, 13-6, finally succumbed for the perfect season. Feitshans' defensive average of 4.1 was one of the best in the state. The forward wall was tough and fairly big and opened many holes for the half dozen backs who pro- duced the offensive average of 14.1. It was a great team and well deserves its top spot among the all-time city champs. Shown below is the first football team in Feitshans' history to go through a sea- son undefentcd and untied. In rolling over nine foes, the Flyers, coached by Marv Schultz and Walt Barniskis, annexed both city and Central conference titles. -Editorial, Illinois State Journal. V FEITSHANS FLYERS' Unalfeated City and Central Con erence Champions jerry Meidel, Left End Ray Wallace, Left Tackle Ed McHenry, Left Guard HAIL THE FLYERS Perfection is difficult to attain in any field of endeavor. To com- plete a season's football schedule without a. loss is an achievement worthy off especial notice. This is particularly true in Illinois high school competition. As a resu t, athletes of Feitshans High are re- ceiving tlie commendation of the entire city as well as their own followers. Coachecl by Marvin Schultz, who starred on former Flyer teams and later at Bradley, the 1952 squad has given its school its first unde- feated ancl untied team. Playing its usual schedule, which includes the annual city championship pro- gram as well as its quota of Cen- tral conference games, the Flyers did not encounter a single "breath- er" among their nine opponents. Their triumphant march through Bloomington, Springfield High, Ca- thedral, Lanphier, Jacksonville, Clinton, Bcardstown, Litchfield and Carlinville was entirely a team af- fair, the result of hours of hard work by every member of the squad as well as the coaching staff. This triumph becomes even more pleasing when one considers that only three teams in the entire cen- tral Illinois sector escaped without at least one defeat. To Coach Schultz and every member of his squad and to the school they rep- resent go heartiest congratulations of the entire community. -Editorial, Illinois State Register. Christ- Homeier, Honorary Captain E1o4I Eugene Bates, Right End Bob Neely, Right Tackle John Galloway, Guardg Moat Valuable Player Rated Second in State by the Chicago Daily News Feitshans Feitshans Feitshans Feitshans Feitshans 1 . r .ft Feitshnns ..., Feitshans .... Feitshans .... Feitshans ..., Total ,,,, 129, Total ,e.,e,,. 43, or 14.3 pts. PERFECT RECORD of VARSITY, 195 2 21 Bloomington 0 6 Springfield .... 0 13 Lanphier ,. 6 19 Cathedral .,.. 7 12 Beardstown 1... 0 13 jacksonville, 12 2 0 Litchfield .... 12 12 Clinton ...,.... 0 13 Carlinville ,tt. 6 or 4.7 pts. 4, John Nicks, Quarterback joe Flynn, Guard Kenley Wade, Halfback Otis Farris, .Fullbnck Emil Groth, Defensive Fullback Dick Leatherwood. HllfblCk Bob Knox, Halfback August Butcher, Halfback I1osJ ,B sr S5 D fi 2 aw' " w 5 I X ,- J K r 54 W 3 t ' 12 N5 P1123-a 6 4 X' J P 'ig w O 5 Z . V . , 3 951 ifgkfe ' 'Q' mf AQ' Q'! W 9 jrefihman joofha! jam Back row: Gene Todd, james Jacobs, Dick Rodcms, Bill Hewitt, Paul Ananias, john Blahofski, Robert Car- penter, coach. Third row: Lyndcll McAuley, manager: Don Henry, Gene Morescki, Henry Robinson, Don Milburn, Dixon Fathauer, Bill Ragland, Ted Leigh, manager. Second row: Lawrence Dougherty, Tom Robertson, Darrell Miller, Norman Van Houten, Frank Harris, Dick Neuber. Front row: Charles Gantt, Ronald Moore, jim Talley, Ronald Peters, Lucious Lewis, Bill Church, Bob Shipley. This team was a persevering group of hard hitting, hard fighting boys whose coordinated blocking, tackling, and ball carrying combined with Mr. Carpenter's coaching formed an up and coming ball team. The scoreboard showed a total of 3 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. The team won second place in City Competition. Nancy Connor, Helen Homeier, Donna Wax, janet Fleck, Pat Beardslcy. CHEERLEADERS Five pretty rheerlraders with glamour galore Add to morale to help run up the score. With them as incentives no wonder each team Rated so highly, and was right on the beam! liorl 'fl' THE DUMMY END RUN I ws 1 ardify gcwlfefgaf 1' 1' H if . Q' 4. fr 'e,,.4. e ' A A-2 V Q-rf . M: f N' if. Left to right: john Galloway, managerg Don Shipp, John Nicks, Bob Evans, Par Teubncr, Dick Taylor, Bill Cowles, Bill Gushes, john Bretz, john Homeier, Don Ballweg, jerry Meidel, Gene Bates, Bill Remack, Oris Farris, Christ Homeier, Leroy Halberg, coach. JUNIOR VARSITY jack Pfeiffer, Robert Carpenter, coach. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD Left to right: Marvin Schultz, coach, Gene Morescki, Larry Thomp- son, Virgil Harvell, Charles Gantt, Dick Rodems, Don Henry, Tom Rob- ertson. Second row: john Maslouski, Frank Harris, Bob Carnduff, Dick White, Errol Nelson, Dick Nichols. ll09J Left to right: Billy Connor, manager: George Wilson, Charles Gantt, Bob Hughes, Wayne Apple- gate, Bob Hubbard, Richard Conrad, Bob Perkins, ES! Zgaalfefgaf JUNIOR VARSITY, and FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Under the coaching of Mr. Carpen- tcr, the Junior Varsity participated in 21 games this year, totalling 12 games won and 9 games lost. Mr. Schultz guided the Freshman Squad through 6 games, winning 2 but losing 4. Boch teams displayed skill and ever-increasing good sportsmanship as did all athletic groups and their fans, a fact attested by Feitshans' receiving the city's Good Sportsmanship Award. John Nicks Guard john Homcicr, Center, Bll Cowles Forward Pat Teubncr Guard ALI. CITY TEAM CHOICE Don Shlpp Guard Don Ballweg Forward Dick Taylor, Forward Bob Evans Guard Illll J x s iw X ' 18x l 1, X nf-'Fi 'fp ...M-.-W F 9 I S 'K M ik I A F Hi P 0 , I ,vs , Www Al . "'N 'WL , n ,QQ fl t mir-"'u' " 'sw -sf' M '-A Z' parficipafing in laring loorfa .ie"" fllf: l lg The golf team, coached by Mr. McQueen, gave promise of equalling last year's fine achievement. Left to right: Mr. McQueen, George Hinds, Dick Church, Bob Applegate, Bob Hughes. Vince Meiron, George Cox, Dave Paoni. . ffi ' Xl ...af Spring sports were just beginning to get into stride when this book went to prcss. The track team, under the tutelage of Mr. Barniskis and Mr. Schultz, promised to show up favor- ably in meets all through the season. Back row: Mr. Schultz, Mr. Barniskis. Fourth row: Dick Nichols, Dick Rod- ems, Tom Robertson, Errol Nelson, Tom Bibb. Third row: joe Roth, Ru- pert Winston, Edgar Kelley, Bill Jones, Virgil Harvill. Second row: jim Lockhart, Elmer Lauterbach, Charles Meek, Dave Cox, Augie Butcher, Frank Harris. Front row: Dick Church, john Nicks, Gene Morescki, Ben Berk- ler, Kenley Wade, Paul Dickerson, George Wilson. l114J Coached by Mr. Halberg, the bas:ball team gave every indication of making a splendid record. Back row: Lucious Lewis, Lonnie Gough, john Blahofski, Ronald Clifford, Bill Forthman, Edgar Kelly, Rus- sell Fleer, Mr. Halberg. Fourth row: Bob Carnduff, Bill james, Ray Wallace, john Cassady, Raymond Sidener, George Hinds, John Craig, Curtis Milburn. Third row: Chuck Nation. Bob Hubbard, Bill Edson, Larry Barrcgarye, Bob Hughes, Bob Neely, Bill Cowles, Ed McHenry. Second row: Richard Conrad, Bob Evans, Ed Landreth, Otis Farris, Don Burgess, Wayne Apple- gate, joe Harney. Front row: Billy Con- nor, managerg Herb Kobialka, Jack Pfeif- fer, john Galloway, Kilbert Walker, Charles Gantt, john Homeier, Harry Mc- Kenzie, manager. aw: - ws " at 4 fy X N Me... Q . M .Lf iitgyszv Q ., nm ww' B frm. wrffgf 'ver QQ 1 ,Aff 1' nf- ,. -M., N 'Z Wa' 1 I ,J ,a A I.- JV ..a' an 1 .+- FS, ,,-cv v, X.,- ' 4' M? Q5 .wan A, 4 , R F , ,X jf' ffl' , ' My If lla- 'Y1 -' m ', J QQ sg ,K J' .Hd . . -1 . .. . ,:"" '-53' ,Win " . W, .' J .' ' xg.n.4 rp 0: "1-of. "1" . .ff .y 'T 'C gf? di' 'y.lf.'X5""7F'1 fkibw ,uw M. QL lc Q "f.,z?'H-1 1536133 Q my Maw -. MQW' - S pang laorfa 'X . lllfl .A--an f ,Q 1 'Y fx .. Liv ,gk X ty A B' . Q! Q53 KW! K A ff,-:S s. Q AA fm? ! mx " ff in X , an W 45 8. Y if YS f .Q 9 L :M 6 x W K G 5 5-, arm Q A5 gy 1 "1" I , QV 5' b", By 'm-uid! ulumuu c -1 Q, s . Nzfk I M H S , 'Vw , A, . I v ,' A.. f , fe .A U v- 4 fi , RM Q5 ,,,,,, 3 5 i M n . 4, JI 31, 4 ,'a X :r GN ,, ,jg ,fi ' I 1 M? 5 r z b -3 Ib- .ai 1' W-Wi Oh, thay, lct's not be thilly! i E X, .. '- - ye s i VW, K I ,, o 1, ,li FL '1 Dress-Up-Day G W "There's a Rainbow 'round My Shoulder" "You may be a 4 letterman, bur you'll still have o learn the 26 in the alphabet!" -..-,., ..- They'd rather bc seen than burr. ...J-fx -- Duck, Willie, or Dead-Duck-W'illie! jamming and jellying. "Wolf-Cub" captured! x ' , Mi -A ii fi, K iw i. egt' 3 5 , Time for reflection Senior pastime Key Klub Kuties -as Co il!! 552711 58:5 Student Council Assembly EE 5,6150 F ,om al "More bounce to the ounce" Sharon Wilson " , Gordon Wilson, electrician Mock Pep Assembly Aidich Sisters Cindy Baldock Our heroes Qvauhicoforecl if! Easter Breakfast for Cafeteria Assistants March Snowstorm "A Trip to Mars" Assembly Emily White Mr. Bruce Wheeler "The Bouncing Pattersonsn puen la 1 Q s ,. i 5 '53 . i Y Teen Committee for March Dane Unicycle Assembly F.H.S. Tumbling Show Student Council Assembly Assembly "The First Snowfall" ,f 1 ' 5 a 0 'Q I "fx-v-' IN.: xp RAINBOW'S END We would frame your skies with rainbows We'd fulfill your golden dreams, We would paint your lives rose-tinted, Gay, with multicolored gleamsg But, alas, we have no magic To curb sorrow, pain, or tears. We ean only say, "God bless you And God keep you through the years." lalaen ix Junior Play Committee, page 30: Back row: Don Fenstermaker, Bob Singleton, Phil Bretz, Don Burgess, Bob Johnson, Carrie Williams, Ernie Lamken. Second row: Miss Ayers, sponsor: Marlene Mari, Marlene Har- ris, Margie Ruch, Nancy Connor, Myra Gough. Front row: Betty Wilkey, Arlene Wilson, Shirley Bacon, Nancy Neuber, Audrey Ritz, Beverly Stockton. Cafeteria Assistants, page 149: Back row: Farmer Householder, Bob Perkins, Dave Paoni, Bill Copp, Curtis Milburn, Fred Cain, Richard Neuber, Ernie Lamken, John Maslouski, Jerry Hederick, Tom Armour, Bob Plouviez, Carol Redding, Dolores Perry, Janet Canham, Betty Willtey. Student Council, page 51: Back row: Henry Robinson, John Homeier, Frank Gasperi, Delores Terrell, Joann Phillips, Helen Homeier, Pat Kublick, Sharon Yeaman, Donna Wax, Bob Knox, Ray Wallace, Bill Ed- son. Third row: Ben Berkler, Ronald Dupont, Mary L. Spen- cer, Glenda Patterson, Shirley Register, Marie Ryan, Margie Cook, Lawrence Dougherty, Ernie Lamken. Second row: Ralph Adams, Carl Uzgiris, Carol Connor, Sue Otto, Kay Potter, Barbara Aidich, Arline Janoff, Carole Sommers, Charles Knox, Paul Hunt. First row: Dick Church, Eloise Chandler, Bill Ben- nett, Patsy Wilkey, Beverly Stockton, Jim-Talley, Reta Tutt, Charles Brandon. At table: Jerry Meidel, Dave Frank, Christ Homeier. Dave Frank, president first semester: Delores Terrell, president second semester. Office Assistants, page Sl: Christ Homeier, Fred O'Connor, Sharon Yeaman,'Pat Weiss, Pat Bregowy, Delores Terrell, Mrs. Helphinstine, attendance clerk: Pat Kublick, Miss Mountz, secretary: Pat Burke, Jackie Rychel, June Jones, Sharon Smith. Teachers' Assistants, page Sl: Back row: Jack Meyers, Walt Sablotny, Don Fenstermaker, Max Rigdon, Jack Pfeiffer, Otis Farris, Harry Sablotny, Alfie Anderson, Herbert Kobialka, Phil Bretz. Third row: Maxine Yowell, Pat Best, Nancy Cottingham, Wilma Alwardt, Ruth Penny, Betty Wilkey, Margie Ruch, Kenley Wade, Bob Dupont. Second row: Dick Church, Delores Terrell, Sue Otto, Mary L. Spencer, Carol Connor, Edna Connor, Linda Bounds, Shirley McFarland, Willa Dowis. First row: Pat Killdoo, Mardell Warner, Jackie Gibbs, Joan Bender, Beverly Walker, Donnita Barton, Marjorie Cook, Reta Tutt, Janice Van Buren, Shirley Timms, Priscilla Williams. Key Club, page Sl: Back row: Jerry Meidel, Ed Landreth, Ronnie Kane, Gene Bates, Dick Church. Second row: Christ Homeier, Frank Gas- peri, Don Burgess. First row, standing: Siebert McLaughlin, Herbert Kobialka, Ernie Lamken, Ed Ausmus, Mr. McQueen, sponsor. Seated: Dave Frank, president first semester: Kenley Wade, president second semester. Editorial Staff of Log, page 53: Left to right: Beverly Walker, Nancy Neuber, Ramona Scott, Dona Jacobs, Dorothy Betts, Farmer Householder, Shir- ley Register, George Hinds, Alvin Adams, Dick Sedlak, Earl Stites, Emil Groth, Martha Hawkins, Martha Decker, Bill Remack, Donna Hargis, Miss Powell, editorial adviser: Miriam Genack, Sharon Wilson, Barbara Walker, Barbara Aidich, Ar- line Janoff, Mardell Warner, Beverly Stockton, Mary Lou Spen- cer, Irene Minser. Members not present: Jack Pfeiffer, Kay Emil Brown, Don Oglesby, Juanita Thomas, Edna Connor, Sally Smith, Don Hanvey, Fred Gates, Nancy Connor, Pat Killdoo, Ray Riggs, Rick Turner, Ronald Pierce. Photographic Staff, page S 3: Wayne Applegate, Don Fenstermaker, Mr. McCoy, photo- graphic adviserg Dick Church, Nancy Ewing. Not present, Joe Kenner. Financial Staff, page 53: Left to right: Rawland Fagg, Bill James, Bob Felber, Ronnie Kane, John Homeier, Don Ballweg, Jerry Meidel, Christ Ho- meier, Don Burgess, Ray Wallace, Don Scott, Dick White, Kenley Wade, Sharon Yeaman, Lela Hendricks, Willa Dowis, Margie Ruch, Beverly Tengler, Herb Kobialka, Bob Singleton, Pat Beardsley, Lois Smith, Marilyn Klemme, Othella Brown, Delores Terrell, Marlene Mari, Glenda Patterson, Sharon Smith, Betty Wilkey, Miss Peifer, financial adviser. Girls' Choir, page 63: Back row: Dorine Field, Donna McCloud, Nancy Crabb, Helen Homeier, Dorothy LaMotte, Pat Wilson, Shirley Spain, Marlene Howard, Fadra Waggoner, Janice Pavletich, Wanda Hyatt, Janet Stack, Dolores Perry. Third row: Betty Robson, Sharon Yeaman, Jean Thom, Joan Griswold, Nadine Meredith, Pat Best, Donna Ryan, Pat Ulm, Nancy Ewing, Shirley Timms. Second row: Nancy Cottingham, Nancy Atterberry, Mary L. Mansield, Barbara Haines, Barbara Remack, Barbara Hostick, Margie O'Meara, Barbara Walker, Jo Anne Ross, Barbara Rob- inson, Allene Doby, Miss Matlack, director. Front row: Helen Robinson, Joan Montgomery, Shirley Landreth, Marilyn Nelson, Carol Redding, Glenda Patterson, Dian Delp, Marlene Perrine, Evelyn Shull, Dorothy Nave, Peggy -Hill. Boys' Choir, page 63: Back row: Bob Wood, Charles Hunter, Bill Schneider, Dave Drury, Bob Dupont, Larry Mayes, Bob Hubbard, Walt Sablotny, Ted Chambers, Bob Plouviez, Curtis Milburn. Sec- ond row: Russell Rigdon, Dan Begga, Don Hanvey, Tony Mataya, Ed Patterson, Tom Armour, Fred Cain, Bob Reazer, John Cessna, Paul Dickerson, Jerry Hederick, Miss Matlack, director. Usherettes, page 64: Left to right: Ramona Scott, Delores Terrell, Nancy Neu- ber, Barbara Haines, Mary L. Spencer, Nancy Cottingham, Sharon Smith, Pat Kublick, Norma Boren, Beverly Tengler, Willa Dowis. Future Nurses, page 64: Back row: Mary Lou Parks, Janice Van Buren, Emily White, June Jones, Pat Hickman, Donnita Barton, Corletta Meek, Miriam Genack, Myra Gough, Marlene Mari. Third row: Kay Brown, Sharon Maxwell, Margie Ruch, Carol Connor, Dian Delp, Shirley Downs, Sharlene Rose, Mary L. Spencer, Betty Wilkey. Second row: Maxine Yowell, Dorine Field, Donna Mc- Cloud, Kay Ramsey, Elizabeth Spence, Pat Hadley, Eloise Chandler, Joyce Miller. Front row: Carrie Williams, Rose Tega, Pat Best, Pat Maisenbacher, Loretta Meek, Dixie Bradley, Edna Connor, Sharon Trautmann. Home Room Leaders, page 64: Back row: Bob Shipley, Giuck Gantt, Sam Jones, John Ho- meier, Bob Johnson, Farmer Householder, George Hinds. Front row: Kenley Wade, Pat Kublick, Irene Minser, Martha Decker, Shirley Landreth, Dorine Field, Alvin Adams. ,open ix Pot of Gold Home Room, page 64: Back row: Ralph Meriweather, Bob Singleton, Rupert Win- ston, jim Lockhart, Don Burgess, Ronnie Nichols, Martha Decker. Second row: janet Fleck, Nancy Neuber, Ramona Scott, Betty Wilkey, Arline Wilson, Mary jane Blackwell, Mar- gie Ruch. Front row: Delores Terrellg Mrs. Erickson, sponsorg Ralph Adams. Freshman Rainbowers, page 64: Back row: Richard Easley, Arnold Delattre, Phil Casper, Dixon Fathauer, Fred Brown. First row: Mike Mataya, Kenny Minser, Bob Shipley, Edna Connor, Bill Bernstein, Pat Sullivan. Lettermcn, page 65: Back row: Bill Cowles, Fred O'Connor, jerry Meidel, john Homeicr, john Bretz, Gene Bates, Ed McHenry, Otis Farris. Third row: Herman Lokaitis, Bob Knox, Bill Leatherwood, Ray Wallace, Ernie Groth, Bob Hughes. Second row: joe Flynn, Christ Homeicr, Bob Neely, Augie Butcher, jim Lockhart, Don Burgess, Emil Groth. Front row: Dave Paoni, john Nicks, Andy Vollmer, john Galloway, Kenley Wade, Ronnie Dupont, Charles Brandon, George Cox. Girls' Athletic Association, page 65: Back row: janice Van Buren, Roslyn Wharry, Corletta Meek, Margaret Walker, Hilma Ivey, Florene Webster, Miss Daly, sponsorg Rosalind Rule, janice Brents, jeral Dean Hunter, Shirley Barger. Third row: Donna McCloud, Rose Tega, Betty Belclnr, l.ois Smith, Donna lloover, Oshia Smith, Priscilla Williams, Dixie Bradley, Carolyn Perkins, Shirley Singleton. Second row: jean Thom, Betty Wilkey, Annetta Cropp, Donna llurst, Peggy llill, Mary Harris, LaVonne Daugherty. Front row: Dorine liield, Marlene Mari, Donnita Barton, Carol Rob- inson, Martha llawkins, Linda Bounds, Rose Leatherwood, Ce- cilia Stapleton, Pat Maisenhacher. Pep Club, page 65: Back row: Carol Spears, Margie Cook, Beverly Decker, Hilma lvey, Fred Cain, Farmer Householder, George Hinds, Phil Bretz, Miss Pratt, sponsorg Sharon Yeaman. Second row: Ruth Penny, Emily White, Donna Hoover, Sarah jones, Carole Sommerx, Sharon Cronister, Phyllis Applegate, Donna Hurst, joan Griswold. Front row: Othella Brown, Delores Terrell, Sue Otto, Wilma Alwardt, Barbara Haines, Kay Ramsey, Thelma Thompson, Miriam Gcnack, Dick Church, Sharlenc Rose. Kneeling: Cheerleaders, Helen Homeicr, Pat Beardsley, Donna Wax, Nancy Connor. Rifle Club, page 65: Back row: john Trautmann, Bob johnson, Ray Eilers, George Hinds, Ralph Adams. Second row: Sharon Trautmann, Betty Wilkey, Carl Uzgiris, Patsy Wilkey, Bill james, Marlene Wil- son, john Canham. Front row: Bob Reazer, Ernie Lamken, Donna Hoover. Football Ushers, page 65: Back row: Allen Duncan, john Craig, Phil Casper, Ed Kel- ley, Ray Eilers, Kenny Minser, Billy Connor. Front row: Marilyn Nelson, Carol Redding, Claretta Kane, judy Hauvers- burk, Diane Williams, Donna Hurst, Ruth Penny. Diversified Occupations Club, page 66: jay Kittell, Byron Witt, Tom Turner, Vince Meiron, Bob Folder, Siebert McLaughlin, jim Davis, Mr. Holtman, sponsor. I1z4J Front row: Don Chandler, Earl Ritz, Donna Higgins, Fred Gates, jack Meier, Tom Crawford, Leslie Smith. Distributive Education Club, page 66: Back row: Frank Tucker, Wayne Young, Shirley McFar- land, Miss White, sponsorg Rosaline Crabb, judy Fox, Don Cut- ler, Ernest Groth. Seated: Bob Felber, Barbara Ford, Reuben Cottingham, Rena Kueper, Wanda Grubbs. Blue and White, page 66: Back row: Dick Church, june jones, jo Ann Phillips, Pat Bregowy, Sharon Yeaman, Dick Sedlak. Second row: Glenda Patterson, Shirley Register, Pat Kubliclt, Pat Burke, Delores Terrell, Beverly Walker, Arline janotf. Front row: Beverly Stockton, Sharon Wilson, Barbara Aidich, Elizabeth Spence, Shirley Downs. Seated: Mrs. Erickson, adviser: Othella Brown, and jerry Meidel, co-editors. Future Homemakers of America, page 66: Back row: Pat Best, Shirley Spain, Maxine Yowell, Char- lotte Maze, Barbara Walker. Third row: Barbara Hostick, jackie Gibbs, Diane Williams, Donna Wax, Pat Ulm. Second row: Ramona Scott, Nancy Ewing, Othella Brown, Glenda Patterson. Miss Bressan, sponsor: First row: Norma Boren, Dian Delp. Seated: Sharon Yeaman, treasurerg Pat Kublick, vice president: Delores Terrell, president: jean Mrosko, secre- tary. fSeeond semester, Ramona Scott, vice president, and Nancy Ewing, secretary.J Las Amigas, page 67: janicc Van Buren, Wilma Owens, Mary Lou Parks, Shirley Barger, Shirley Singleton, Sylvia Brown. Third row: Barbara Robinson, Donnita Barton, Shirley Taylor, Marilyn Perkins, Carolyn Perkins, Allene Doby. Second row: LaVonne Dough- erty, Betty Newton, Shirley Timms, Carrie Williams, Loretta Singleton, Priscilla Williams, Oshia Smith. Front row: Shirley Curtis, Pat Day, Eloise Chandler, Wanda Owens, Cecilia Staple- ton, Carol Smith, Roberta Pinn, Clarice Fobbs, Martha Hawk- ins, Darnice Adams. junior-Senior Y Teens, page 67: Back row: Lovetta Miller, Beverly Walker, Delores Terrell, Barbara Haines, Barbara DeCroix, Wilma Alwardt, Virginia Nation, Marlene Mari, Nancy Connor. Third row: Thelma Thompson, Nancy Neuber, Delores Fritz, Ramona Scott, Beverly Stockton, Evelyn Harper, jane Stults, Lillian Buster. Second row: Betty Wilkey, Marlene Harris, Marie Ryan. First row: Myra Gough, janet Fleck, Othella Brown, jo Ann Dyer, Donna Robinson, Sarah jones. Quo Vadis, page 67: Back row: Sharon Trautmann, Sharon Maxwell, Rose Tega, Hilma Ivey, Dari England, Charles Meek, Rupert Winston, jim Lockhart, janice Van Buren, Marian Young, Nancy Foreman, Donna Hurst. Third row: Reta Tutt, Edna Connor, Shirley Register, Bill Edson, Charles Nelson, Richard Carter, Charles Brandon, Bob Evans, Donnita Barton, Dorothy LaMotte, Sharon Wilson, president. Second row: Kay Ramsey, Arline janolf, Barbara Aidich, secretary, jim Hughes, Farmer Householder, Fred Cain, George Hinds, vice president: Algie Abramikas, Yvonne Henry, Kay Brown, Marlene Perrine. First row: janet Canham, Elizabeth Spence, treasurer: joan Foster, Ted Leigh, Carl Pickett, Tom Armour, Charles Helms, Frank Harris, Roslyn Wharry, Allene Doby, Mrs. Dumas, sponsor. ,open ix Freshman-Sophomore Y Teens, page 68: Back row: Edna Connor, Janet Canham, Wanda Hyatt, Pat Best, Helen Homeier, Donna McCloud, Dorine Field, Betty Edmundson, Marian Young, Anna Rollet, Maxine Yowell, Lo- retta Davis, Pat Wilson, Shirley Blankenship, Carol Spears, Sharlene Rose, Beverly Decker, Carol Ramshaw, Hilma Ivey, Yvonne Henry, Valeria Allmon, Donna Ryan, Clara Gatschen- berger. Third row: Donna Hurst, Dolores Perry, Olive Cooke, Roberta Coleman, Joyce Canham, Carole Sommers, Sue Otto, Diane Miller, Jackie Parker, Carol Woolary, Carol Connor, Gena Turley, Roberta Miller, Margaret Stone, Sharon Yeaman, Theresa Lyons, Carol Melkush, Becky Schulz, Jackie Gibbs, Barbara Walker, Claretta Kane, Barbara Remack. Second row: Betty Robson, Helen Robinson, Rosalind Rule, Reta Tutt, Marilyn De Graff, Evelyn Danner, Donna Hoover, Arline Janoff, assistant adviserg Marlene Howard, Janet Hoffman, Dian Delp, Shirley Downs, Ruth Penny, Pat Maisenbacher, Sharon Cronister, Dorothy LaMotte, Jo Ann Ross, Dorothy Betts. Front row: Norita Grady, Dorothy Voges, Barbara Finn, Anna- lee Padgett, Shirley Register, Linda Bounds, Kay Ramsey, Eliza- beth Spence, Donna Januchowski, Donna Wax, Glenda Patter- son, vice-presidentg Marilyn Nelson, Carol Redding, Mary Lou Mansfield, Shirley Landreth, Joan Cawley, Betty Suttill, Sharon Trautmann, Barbara Aidich, secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Church, sponsor. Supersalesmen of All Classes, page 68: Back row: Ray Wallace, Loren Davidage, Herbert Kobialka, Tom Brady, Bill James, Don Burgess. Second row: Dixon Fathauer, Bob Shipley, Don Fenstermaker, Dick Church, Ron- ald Pierce, Sharon Smith. Front row: Mike Mataya, Ronnie Cain, Delores Terrell, Othella Brown, Pat Beardsley, Betty Wilkey, Willa Dowis. State and District Contestants, page 91: Back row: Carl Pickett, Hilma Ivey, Joe Kenner, Bob Single- ton. Front row: Dorothy Betts, Glenda Patterson, Pat Killdoo. QZJ Back row: Charles Spoonamore, Charles Meek, Fred Stone, Wellington Ellis, Warren Brown. Second row: Don Davis, Sharon Turner, Betty Edmundson, Donnita Barton, Donna Hoover, Gloria Gerike, Arline Janoff. Front row: Barbara Link, Marjorie Cook, Janet Canham. Absentees: Emily White, Jeanne Janssen, Lamar Krueger. Art Winners, page 91: Left to right: Sylvia McNulty, Kay Potter, Harry Sablotny, Kenley Wade, Joyce Canham, Philip Pennington, Mrs. Roellig, art instructor: Roberta Coleman, Carol Gowin, Siebert Mc- Laughlin, Ben Berkler, Fred Kane, Loretta Meek, Betty Robson. Gold Key Winners: Rawland Fagg, Joyce Canham. Betty Rob- son, Roberta Coleman, Don Shipp, Philip Pennington. ulograla A lizsl pd fl'0l'l.4 The Editorial, Financial, and Photographic Staffs wish to acknowledge the liberal support of the following organizations, firms, and individuals who have helped to sponsor the 1953 Log: Ackerman Music Company A. Dirksen 86 Son Alexancler's Dry Goods Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. Alvin Krell Company Amrhein Bakery Arch Wilson, Inc. Autocraft Axtell-Kramer Company Bachmann 8C Kumle, Druggists Bar-B-Que Drive In BARKER-LUBIN COMPANY The Builder's Department Store 300 North Ninth Dial 2-8881 Barlow Jewelry Store Black Sl Co., Hardware Blalock's Sc to 51.00 Store Blue Nook Restaurant The Bowl Bridge jewelry Co., Inc. Broadwell's Drug Store Brown's Business College Bud and Helen's Floral Shop BURCHETT STUDIO, INC. Buy Hardware from Your Hardw Capital City Paper Company Capital Glass Co., Inc. Central Illinois Light Co. Claus Inc., Grocery and Feed COE BROTHERS INC. J. Glenn McFarland are Store Robert L. Conn, jr., Appellate Court C0utrakon's Curtis Jewelry Company Dave's Cut Rate Drugs The Den Dunbar BL Company Eat Tom's Toasted Peanuts Iizsjl Electric Motor Shop Elks Club Estate of Fred W. Wanless Everley's Drug Store Factor's Greenhouse Farrell BL Lamb Service Station FEITSHANS H. S. CAFETERIA First National Bank Fishman Sporting Goods Company Flowers by Mary Lou Floyd's-The Store for juniors Flynn-Hippard Drug Store Ike D. Follis, Insurance FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY FRIENDS FRISINA AMUSEMENT COMPANY Frank Geist The Georgian Goody-Goody Drive In GORDEN'S EAST SIDE AUTO PARTS Twelfth and jefferson New and Used Cars-Parts Gray's Confectionery Wm. Griflin Insurance G. W. Horsley JAMES M. HARVEY 1829-1831 East South Grand HENRY'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE Repair All Makes of Typewriters and Adding Machines 1062 E. Ash Dial S601 Henson Robinson Company Herter's Drug Store Holland-Your Jeweler I-Iomeier Dairy The Illinois National Bank of Springfield Illinois National Casualty Company Illinois State journal and Register Irvine Optometrists palrona The Editorial, Financial, and Photographic Staffs following organizations, firms, and individuals Jonny's Rexall Drugs, Inc. Kelly's Texaco Service Kerst Brothers, Furnaces, Hardware, Tinwork, Toys LaBonte's Luggage Shop Lenz Eye Service Lincoln Candy Company Link Seed and China Store Mae's Card Shop Majestic Shoppe MERCURY STUDIOS Mel-O-Cream Donut Company Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois Minit-Man Car Wash Modern Business Machines Company Morgan Paint Company Morton's GEORGE A. MUELLER 85 COMPANY Milk Duds-Chocolate Covered Caramels 5 c McDermand Woodworks McDonald Art and Book Store Henry Nelch 8r Son Company Neumode Hosiery Shop O'Brien Glass Company Dwight O'Keefe 86 Company Orr Insurance Agency, Inc. PANTRY DRIVE IN PARIS CLEANERS-FURRIERS Carl D. Franke, Jr. PATTERSON BROTHERS, INC. For Custom Made Floors 822 E. Adams Free Estimates 8-5931 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Pfile's Camera Shop The Platter Record Shop Public Food Market RADIO STATION WMAY Ray's Brand Products Burton M. Reid Sons, Inc. l127I wish to acknowledge the .liberal support of who have helped to sponsor the 1953 Log: Rovane Dental Supply Company SANGAMON DAIRY Sangamo Electric Company Scherf Boiler Company Schmidt Brothers, Inc. Schnirring's Grocery Sears, Roebuck and Company Security Federal Savings and Loan Association Sherwin-Williams Paints Southtown Grill Springfield Cup and Specialty Company Springfield Coca-Cola Company SPRINGFIELD HOTEL ASSOCIATION Springfield Marine Bank Springfield Transportation Company Paul Stolleis Grocery Market STOUT JEWELERS Sullivan's Barber Shop Sweet 8: Canterbury Seed Company Swinney's Standard Service THE CAMERA SHOP, INC. Thrifty Grocery, 2160 E. Capitol Ave. Tom Thumb Market, 1306 S. MacArthur Typewriter Service Company Underwood Corporation Universal Optical Company Vincent's Beauty Shop WATT BROTHERS PHARMACY llth and Ash Streets 3-7460 Your Neighborhood Prescription Store Walsh Super Service C. R. Ware Oil Company J. F. WEISKOPF at soN Plumbing and Heating 913 E. Monroe Phone 2-S813 White Loan Company Winch Floral Shop YOUR CITY WATER, LIGHT, and POWER DEPT. the .!4CLI'l0lfUL6!gl'l'leI'lf5 The students and sponsor of the Editorial Staff wish to express sincere appreciation to the follow- ing individuals and organizations who contributed inestimable service toward production of the Rainbow Edition of the 1953 Log: Miss Helen Peifer, financial adviser, Whose efficiency and effort beyond the call of duty kept the book on the black side of the ledger instead of the red. Mr. Melvin McCoy, photographic adviser, whose counsel, unlimited patience, and work changed gray times to rose-rolored ones. Miss Ines Bressan, Miss Helen Ayers, and Mr. Clarence Ruff, whose money-raising schemes, cooperation, and suggestions were lruc'-blue, and those groups, the F.H.A., Mrs. Church's Y Teens, the Speech Classes, and, of course, the Financial Staff, who worked incessantly to bring in the "green stuff." Miss Elizabeth Brown, whose corsages for the staff were 1ll11ltfC'0l0'ff'l, beauties. Mr. Minor Smith, and Mr. Bob Hahn of W'illiamson Press, whose endless patience and sound advice smoothed the way for a "green" sponsor and staff. To all the students for their warm-hearted support, and to the adults in F.H.S., whose coopera- tion made this book possible, we extend our hearty thanks. 1953 Log Staff Printing and Binding by Williamson Press. Commercial Photography by Anker, Burchetr, Coble, Georg, Mercury Studios, and Illinois State Jour- nal and Register. Chief F.H.S. Photographers: Melvin McCoy, and Don Fenstermaker, with several pictures by Dick Church. 5 Art Work: Cover, pages 9, 10, 37, 44, 54, 69, 116, 122 by Mardell Warner. Pages 45, 46, 47, 48, 52, 101, 103, 113 by Dick Sedlak. Pages 25, 31 by Martha Hawkins. End Papers by Fred Gates. Lettering by Rawland Fagg. 11281 H, 191 J 1-' "'--', ' Z: "ow sf JI y"':9ff-I 4, a 'IQ , ,,,4 5. -' .--I -wb " 'Q-f 1 UI las-. I I I - hr ..- 1 I . 'U-' ' J A. 'W -1.54 QI: - N nr ,f -f f"f'Q--GVQ'-'-"' .'-1 ""'--""f1' ' .4-..:',45-3-.rt .fiifgsl-tfaig: 4,5-frizpt. il:'.-.fi4,12:.- 6',"Fh-:kg,-r' .H-. V ,k.v 4 1 y,. - ',, ,, ' ' , ' P qv f ' " - A nf W r M-A--'.u-1-..!-:1,f, -pdffqxv:,6',Jfat.,l"'1,f1iV1'0lyv Jr if fm -,.f"J-'55 ,"-"'j 'nv ,' .'- ' ,ffb'4v I A ,I 'f .fry- ,9., , -"',,-xv --sqm a ndfff'-,Q' , ' Qifjl-',q4 wg ,""f' 7 uw A .1,,I,'?' ' .5:,7-M? "L .G.L',.3r,Q9f..o"'f"-W- .1 1 .. lj-6 ' , ' . ,gf , ,,,, Wlxxmfxhxw N - T.-A ,N MJ," 'N' 'A , 1, .FQ f,j1.Nuof.4f'..qf.,-4 Ihr ff f ' ... mx, .W -'-' 4' "x,-H' "nv "' v ' ml' Va- ' O '-fl-"' M ' " 9'1" r ',v +" 'IJ fi :px ' ' ""'Ff,v r' ""' 'H ' , 4, 2 ff' 1 .WI .N ' Q.. v M" v . lg, Y- .,-', - 2 4:,"'2"T-J' .T-ffm? :g,f"' ,,-f' if-M'A,:-:,QZ."'f-,-:"T1"""7r'-?1,f,-1,':?:Af.gf 1.f,5-.1-N ,1 .' , "TMLf,1i'-"11f'F"T-fd? V'-W 3""am'm1fN i5,.'.WfT'W.f- 1q,w"M"" 'Wm' M -J' , "LV " "W ' ' -N " - 1 n.,,, .vm W. -H+ -MM, -M W ,,,,,,,m M, . "'1'11Lxxw-N1 ,W.1-wxunMw1,,,,RL11I,,,,,1mmmnuHwnmMM1WWMYW1wxnw,MwwnunMM,,,.M,.W.-,,.,,, ,,,. MMwwmmnrms,u-"WfNNMMH1NlIxxPW'11 ,lfw,,1MNim1wfIwwHlW WHWWm ,, ,ww 4 Mwummummm, MST' I lwwmmifi ES E W Ii I Eiiiiia if Hill IIE 51 -A. U! 1' 5171, Cf fill, ff 1 W1 ,111 f 1 1' I W, 11f 1111 l1,f' Yi .,'i- ,A , ,, - . , . -.11 1,, 1 1 -. 5- ., l I 1 F' K , 11 ... '. ,1" F " ,'3,' ' ,,1 A ,M . , V., ,A ,L , . ..1 -.1 , V , . . V 1111 , 1175.7 ' 4 1 1 lvxx ,V 1, .11 1, ,1,1 ,,1. ,.N ,, ,11 1,, 1' . ,1 . ,L ,X 1 , R. WWA ,,,7 1 V . 1 - . , 1 11W,,,,,,- ,1 1 ,,11., 1, '1 'lui ,,11 , 1,,,, -11 1 if 521 1:5 ' , 15,11 1, '. 1 111, ,' 11.1, 1' ' " " 1',111, ' 111 - - - 1111.1 Vw-3:1 ,'11fN,.,11- .IM ,N X ,rig 1, V31 1 1,1 ' 11 1- " 1' ., ,,IN-1,1' ' , .,1 . 1 1 ,f 11. 111,11 111 1 ,1 A 11, ,I1 VY 1 1'1 1' ' 11' N , , 1 , 1 . , 1, 1.1, , ,1 L . 11,1 ,J 5 1 , ,. ,11,,,'.1!1, ,, 1,11 .. 111 , 11- 1 111 '14 1 11,.,.,'1'.p ""! H1 S"l , 11 1 1 1 1 1' 1 ,L.A!lL!,1,'11L,j1,1.11! V H12 11,,'1V11.Y111,,.i1fN.,E1,511 f'1,c'L3',,-Q 'N 1 1141?li2: 1: 1,1 ' 71" 312 11' ' ,11 1'- -111, 11 1 1 : 111' 1 1'11 5 ff,

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