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THE 1951 LCG I "?lqerA of the ?atal-e" Ed I A 11 A Ed G H h V E k Q FEITSHANS HIGH SCHOOL y ,,1, Q, SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS "Th1nkers cmd airmen-all such Friends cmd pilots upon the edge Of the skies of the future--much 13 You require o bu11et's eye of oourcrqe .A ,, . To fly through this crqe "Six studies lox me!" Big-wheel Senior-poor Coolie." SCHOOL LIF Wllcxt o wonderful vocolion AND THEN September 6 School bells ore rinqinq Reqistrotion "Do l have to lolce thot?" E Freshmen qettinq pushed oround cmd saying "Wl1ere is Room 7?" fBrr ll wos so cold ol llme sloolium, but o few rumbos cmd wolltzes qot us oll sleomed up for llmose Swell olter-qnxme dances. l"Swoon - Swoorlf' soys Borboroll Q Q' wavy WE? sf? ,ash 1' ' i 1,3,,. ,Q ,gf se 1 - M-X.. M' ' A Vg" . f 123' Q, ,,. l f fx iw ,uf I jig' :-1 ::" ' QSM W ww Kgifigiiik P egg' ,A 11 6 Qs .gi W SY' if fig? BETTER GRADES WE HOPE! HOW WE LIKED ASSEMBLIES. AND ONE MUST EAT!!! "Gotta biq test tomorrow?" Although we corried on opple ol! the way to school, it wos too little ond too ldte most of the time. Still, We got to go to those swell assemblies even though we hod low grodes ond occosionolly visited the deon for little "chots." We olwoys looked forword to ll:3O when we piled our plotes sky high with "goodies," Driver troining brought heodoches sometimes when we were confronted with such or tdsk ds chonging or tire. "In cx hurry?" "Some eat to live-I live to eat." ln-Q. "That's cx woman for you!!" DRIVER TRAINING BROUGHT HELPFUL EXPERIENCES. NEXT TIME YOU'LL KNOW BETTER! 032' :fy 3 ,. ,wir 4+ ,f .9 A QQ, 'X ' Lgifvfciz-effff'-:Q i ff will you???" It Wi GLIMPSE OF GOOD TIMES AND PREDICAMENTS "l can dream. ccm't I???" "Chivalry is dead - -4 Jw "Bring on the misiletoef' "Isn'i love grand???" WE'LL NEVER FORGET .. ge' up Rosemm-YQ!" "Dream stuff." How often we sat in a classroom or with our best qiritriend for boyfriend? and thouqht about everything except studying. Or, remember the time we decorated the Christmas tree? What tunlill And how about those torrnal affairs Cpromsl We attended? Gee, Weren't they wondertui? A tew stop-and-qo iiqhts at our corners might keep accidents V 45-3 trorn happening!! A - 1' W 'X ramen' Y 6'+i3q 5' , 12 'Mi ,ff , O 1' I . P ' 5, as V f 1: N411-fs.' L tiff Q 61 ,9 '53 Z1 agp? Q , Study! Study! Study! f"t-a-o" spells oat'-Speech class that's what they cali it, but can you imagine me reduomq just to bo the heroine in a play!! I like my Chocolates too welt HIS f What does it mean? Got me! But oh what odors we get in our haltsfG-ads, I wonder what the of boys are oookin' this time?? Columbus system-discover and land!!" Smells lllqe SOmelllln' burrllnh SOMETIMES WE STUDIED Wk 1 xx Q ,Q Q f ,N :M aw ww ,L if 1 We 1 K X Q 5 S f .gg if ,I Y P 5 4 g.. Z.,.N,, ., ., ,li vw ,, 4 gvlgf . X. g . f 3 . 1 X3 'f K X: ' Xs .QP . ,, M 562 . -M -mf 'QI ,fgfff If K E, 2? A y 405 X X N S Nw 6 1 ewasfzfazwyw . if Pai Q17 C'-C39 I' 'ii 4'--.1 ,Lg ...fa E' fr :L v i - 0 if 5.4 if I ! I 1, YF 'J ui: EARL W. WAX, PILOT Durina Mr. Wax's two years as principal of F.H.S., he has made an enviable record in demonstrating how a school can be run efficiently, yet with a minimum of commotion. His friendliness and intense interest in all student problems and student activities has earned for him the respect and loyalty of every F.H.S. student. CO-PILOTS ELIZABETH COGSWELL Dean of Girls CLYDE MCQUEEN Dean of Boys Gee! I really didn't know Miss Cogswell did so much. She helps the girls with all their problems and really puts them "on the beam" in getting the right amount of credits so every- one can take that great step of graduating. She also finds time to act as sponsor for the National Honor Society and Girls' Club. Cliifordine Mounlz. Doris Helphinstine Got a problem boys? Maybe you should see your dean, Mr. McQueen. I-le's swell about helping you solve your hardest problems and is always ready to help on your schedule. Among his other activities, he is our Student Council sponsor, and boy, does he like to go fishing!! COMMUNICATIONS OPERATORS Our office staff plays a very im- portant part in our school of Feit- shans High. Miss Mountz is the schools book- keeper as well as Mr. Wax's secre- tary, and she attends to dozens of other duties. Did you receive a white slip signed "D, I-l."? Guess who? Yes, our attendance clerk, Mrs. l-lelphinstine. We are all grateful for their fine, accurate Work. U31 "What power of concentration!" The high standards of schol- arship that are maintained in Feitshans High School and the ideals oi democratic citizenship that have been so firmly estab- lished are largely due to the caliber ot the teaching statt. Comprising thirty-eight mem- bers, the Feitshans faculty is one oi which the students may well be proud. All members are highly trained in their respec- tive iieldsg many possess grad- uate degreesg most of them have had years oi experience in working with young people. FLIGHT INSTRUCTCRS LEALAND BARCLAY Industrial Arts WALTER BARNISKIS Physical Education VERNON BEIER Science LOUISE BLAEUER Mathematics LOIS BODY English INES BHESSAN llome Ewen Jinics lllll ALICE CARPENTER ROBERT CARPENTER DOROTHY CARTY Librarian CATHRYN COTHREN Socail Science ROSEMARY FLOOD Speech C:O1fGCllOlilSl English CLELLA DALY Physical Education LE ROY HALBERG Social Science Home Economics VIRGINIA ERICKSON Commerce CARL HEIDEN O lncliisirial Arts WALTER CONAVAY Industrial Aris LUCILE I-'ERREIRA English . WALTER HOLTMAN Drivnr' Vlrfzinim, H5 "News cmd Current Events!" Through the deep personal interest that they take in their students, these instructors have succeeded in creating a very happy teacher-pupil relation- ship, a camaraderie so to speak, that is often remarked upon by visitors to our school. As evidence that they want to keep abreast of educational trends in other lands, to be up to date, many of our teachers are continuing their study. Some are enrolled in extension courses: Iune will find others on university campuses for the summer session. Yes, we at Feitshans can point with pride to our teachers. Of them all, we can truly say, "They are our guides, philos- ophers, and friends." FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS BESS KASISKE Commerce CHARLES KENNEY Social Science RALPH MASON Dislributivo Education ALICE MATLACK Music MELVIN MCCOY Music HELEN PEIFER lvllllllti-ITll'1llC'5 GRACE POTTER KATHERINE POWELL REBEKAH PRATT Home Economics English Socicxi Science CLARA ROELLIG ROBERT ROWE CLARENCE RUFF Art Science Science EDITH SUTTON BETTY WESTWOOD CARL WILSON Science Nurse Mathematics VIOLET DUMAS Foreign Lclnqucrqes MARVIN SCHULTZ Commerce CORA IANE YONICK Enqlish Km? '21 M kMdvWX..,.X Q t . . ,'., 1 :rf x ,A', . ..., ,WM t WW, QW " ' ' ' .,,. Q N W' K - ,,:::::f, - -,--- ' i , tx, .,,.. w Q: Li1.llfi"'M,.w-'M' A' 'V as -fi-"9" WW., M A ... Y ,ws ,exif M'::"'., ' ,1-fseffwx ' ., -rv" f - :l:-:l:::--..-. A w V W 'A k...V gm , .J ww.,-X fm! ww" if J ,w mfg' ,W M ,M M, ..,, , Mfr' naullvw A, , V M, ,WW J ,M Nw ' , of !d,.,19" N-qgxf I If . I C, 3491 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is composed ot Senior Class members who have three semester grades of A and three semester grades ol B in their major subject and an A-B average for their tour years of high school Work. Feitshans High School has been affiliated with this organi- zation since l938. lt was organized by a group ot high school principals tor the purpose oi stimulating greater interest in scholarship, the development ot character, leadership, and service. The sponsor ot our National Honor Society at F.H.S. is Miss Cogswell. l2Ol JANUARY CLASS R. South. G. Dexheimer. L. McFarland. B. Patton. E. Kublick. S. Iones. E. Neu- ber. IUNE CLASS Buck Row: L. Peart, I. Capella. I. Gil- ford, L. Wax. R. lohnson. Second Row: L. Smith, M. Bly. D. Hayes. H. Haws. First Row: B. Williams, W. Krimmel. I. Markovics, B. Gilpin. G. Meidel. WHO'S WHO Io Ann Capella Editor, Tho Loci Commercial Award tffo-Vfirinerl Albert lnkster President, lune Senior Class D. A. R. AWARD The DAR. presents o Good Citizenship Aword nnnucriiy to one girl in every hiqh school qrdduotion cidss in the United Stotes. The qiris ore chosen by tocuity members on the bosis of citizenship quoiities. The winners receive o certificate ond o pin. Stdte winners, Chosen by iottery, ore given CI trip to Woshe inqton, D. C. IN THE SENIOR CLASS MARGIE BLY RITA FOLLIS GEORGE HUGHES DONNA HAYES Student Counvii Pi' sifion' Assistant Editor, The Loq Coiriinerciirzi Awqird iCo-Wiiiiiert RONNIE SOUTH GEORGE MCLAUGHLIN FRANK BLAHOFSKI President, Itiniirrry Svnioi Cltiss Footboh Cdptmn-Fleet Most VIIil14'IiTif? Foo'brrii Pifxyor mlmms1m Carniua! Queen yo Jam Capeffa illlfu.-W QUEEN'S CORONATION HIGHLIGHTS CARNIVAL!! Jae! WCI?l4I'flll'Lll pu! mcllfllj yetftll, WPOJAU pdf 6450? ywozicfd of ,f47l0lfL0l" ILIPIIH I Oh! What tun we had at our l95l Carnival fe-popcorn, peanuts, caramel apples, soda pop, and all that stuff that goes with the makings ot a successful carnival. tAnd it Wasll During the evening we saw all the shows-W E "Georgeous George" was George Hughes. tOh, what rnuscles?l We had a Very interesting play which was called "Maker ot Dreams." Included in the cast were: Iackie Ragland, Henrietta l-laws, and Margaret Goldsberry, One roorn was used for our fortune tellers. CGuess who?lfeMrs. Potter and Mrs. Blaeuer. The cards will tell on you! War? Wjprj Elfgdfll sim! jlllftl-ld .SZLPAA mira Qzugd ju!!! ju Lei! to right: Iudy Fox, Iuanita Staples, lean Mrosko. Myra Gough, Sharon Fry. Io Ann Capella, George Hughes, Mary Myers. FUN, EXCITEMENT, AND THRILLS ln the gyrn there were such things ds: tree throwing, ouctioning oi prizes, selling confetti, bcrlloons, ctnd oil other noisernokers. At lU:O0 p.m., the most exciting moment ot dll, our ten lovely rngids ond their escorts, tol- lowed by our chorming queen, lo Ann Copellcr, ond her escort, Ronnie South, mode their debut in the ciuditorium. George Hughes, ull-city stu- dent council president, crowned our queen in cz very impressive ceremony. At ll:3O, the fun ornd merrymcilcing wcis over, dnd oh what C1 Wonderful time we had! ll "Sing it sweetly!!" "Candy will make you fat!" a sik .gf , Q: '- . , ,., ,... 1 ::::: - fvawfyf Q S ' fs ff li , 'fm fs A Gy 'E , Qu x aM 'NX h,.x I dn- yo". ' s'L'k.N J " 'Q M 5 WF if , Kfm, N7'N WH W' wx , Q - My ww , W . Xxx ws,: ,W M Q Q, W A ,. M Qi, ,, Q" ' . 1 . ix S Q. 3 ff' Migiy :sage M .ya Q JUNIO Mrs. Brcrmsori ..... Olivia Grdyne ....... "The Play Cast." Dcm ...... .............. Hubert Ldurie. Mrs. Terence ....... Dora Pdrkoe .... I didn't steal it: I iust borrowed it." Inspector Belsize ......... Nurse Libby ........... Student Director .......... Director ...... ................... R CLASS PLAY "NIGHT MUST FALL" By Emlyn Williams CAST .......Mc1rilyn Peter ............Betty Dodd ..........Iim Dunorvcm .........Tom Worrner .........Irer1e Horrldn Dorthy Dietrich .Bill Shoruqhriessy ..........Billie Drury ..Bdrbdro1 Pdtsche .Cord Iome Yonick "Oh, Miss Grayne. a hund!!!" "So kind, Danny. so kind." SENIOR CLASS PLAY "TWELF TH NlGHT" By wu.L SHAKESPEARE CAST Duke Orsino ......... .............. B ob Leach Sir Toby Belch .................. Dan Andersen Sir Andrew Aquecheek ...... Dick lohnson Sebastian ............................ Albert lnkster Ar - nomo ....... ........ B tu Schneider Sea Captain l Malvolio .......... .....,... T orn Warner Clown ....... ....,...., B arbara Clark Viola ........ ........... B etty Dodd Olivia ....... ....... I ackie Baqland Maria ......., ....... W ilma Krimmel Paqes ........ ........ D orotliy Dietrich Carol Cain Officer ..... ......... B ob Schneider Director ........ ........ C ora lane Yonick "What say you, Good Mistress Mary?" How now' Mulvolxo FEITSHANS HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT AND BAND PERSONNEL CLABINETS: C. Cline, B. Cook, H. Curtis, M. Decker, l. Foster, N. Hoirqis, M. Lduduslci, F. Mosticlc, Cv. Bydn, M. Byotn, C. Srnith, I. Stone, S. Turner, B. Willioms, B. Schneider, B. Winston. COBNETS: B. Leolch, S. Dodd, ll. Morris, V. Both, A. Seeley, A. Vollrner, B. Weiqert. TBGMBONES: B. Culp, H. Elliott, W. Ellis, B. lohnson, P, Loutterbdch, E. Souer, D. Frornlc. BASS CLABINETSZ P. Corsey, D. Nickols, P. Smith. l3Ol BAND PERSONNEL SAXAPHONES: G. Anderson, B. Schneider, W Petroslcy, E. Leqhorn, I. Spoonomore. FBENCH HQBNSZ VV. Brown, S. Burt, F. Per kins, G. Hyde. BABTTONES: D. Curry, B. Curtis. FLUTES: B. Fogq, B. Link, S. lones. BASS HCBNS: l. Iones, F. Stone. DRUMS: B. Crowder, D. Powell, G. Wilson, C Murrdy, C. l-lorrnon. MAIOBETTES: D. Dietrich, C. Coin, B. Dodd D. Betts. DBUM MAIQBZ G. Anderson. MARCHING BAND The tirst thing you notice obout our Wonderful botncl is the tour hiqh-stepping mojorettes. They ore on importont port of the bound personnel. Everyone enjoys seeing them perform ot tootboll qomes ond porocles, tor they certainly look nice in their snotppy blue ond white uniforms. MELVIN MCCOY Ecmcl Director We ore the music-makers, And we ore the clreomers of dreams Wondering by lone seo-breakers, And sitting by desolote streomsy llVOTld-lOS9IS ond world-iorsokers, And whom the pole moon qleoims: Yet We ore the movers onol sholcers Oi the world torever, it seems. C. Cain, D. Betts, B. Dodd. D. Dietrich ,Www 'X 3' ,.,W Q.vw6'9""33"' A' as x KA WW ' M. , ,,,,.,,,. ,V - we f"' V .. V? A VV V- VV 25? 1 V V V ' Q13 Q, '- 'V .- . V - Q . """"" J 1: isgiizfagagsgig5552135g:52'gsg25555s55'Zs,f -' gag: :aq::-,:a5-::-e5:e-.1'-- ' sis-12: 2-"egg ---VE 15:15 E15.1:if:2',5:5V5i-525':s2g25SE:55:1sEsigI: ai:a2a.,:.: -:iia:: :: :sE- 'I V V ' ' , -"' " ' " -"' V, I W ? Q , W sz fb, . W .... , L Sw :wfi3svgs": ' :.Es:::s Ysj:4" ESP ' 'V,:-2 ,::::--V:' M 4:-' ,f,'j ' 'EE'.,., :.g:' w ' X " . qw, ,sn ' I -. V23 - 21 . '2V.- M Q ff? VV ff W Siwi W4 if A , tw W ' x ' ,,., . g ' 'N ' - ' fi, w 1- ar- 5, gg, gp Q, .- . -:-::.- - ,5g:,:z::: .- V -- , . ...., ,. 'V X. :,- Q: 4 V, :,1' 35, ..,. N ., ,A A 5 W, . gl A ., : YS Q? , '- Q 5 -::::::,,V:s-:,5 . ::gV:.,:E5E. if-A , QM , - - wg Q 4 , 5" . V- ff V - Y ..... ...:::. x V...:, if , M ,.,.,. .,,. . , A .. A 1 V A . Q iw? ' ' SQ f A554 N , .V:s:. - 4. if V .V I 1 ' I A' , , 1- jjvzjg,-QS:-Q 3, .K ,. I. -:-5: I - ' . VV , x flux .ff 'if V -jf :V VZgJ3Q,Q ,AV 12-Q 5 me Q 95215 2 fjvf? if ' ' ' S? 'img :Zh 5. -12 "2j'f+ W ,Vi I F Vs 12 , 5 X 2, 5 A '- fi ,mfg N Q MQ C. , ,E5.3Q5,5Qz ,gf I 33.5 Q, Ri g g 23 ' ,vm-.-4 V? '9. , V .gif Q Q fy- 21,41 - V: --W 69 fx-3 fa if Q 5552- 25 9 V af ',f eggs, . 8 652 M Vg-V, 3 Q .- ' .wwggw 'E' is GIRLS' CHOIR Ah, yes! That's the melody strain from the Girls' Choir that you hear every other day in your sixth hour class. In this choir the girls become acquaint- ed with part singing and learn to read notes. lt is usually corn- posed ot Freshmen and Sopho- mores. Under the capable direc- tion of Miss Matlack, the Girls' Choir is very well known in our school. Back Row: P. Maynard, M. Iones, M. Kespelher. E. Huston. S. Wheatley. Front Row: F. Nizzio. I. Grant. E. Watkins, R. Herter, E. White. P. Day. C. Smith, O. Brown, Miss Matlack. Director. The Second A Cappella Choir now consists of a group of boys and girls chosen by Miss Matlack, the choir director. ln Second A Cappella these students will learn to use their voices so that some day they will be part of our fine A Cappella Choir. The training they are receiving will assure us a tiner and better A Cap- pella in the future. SECCND CHOIR Back Row: D. Wilkins. R. Garnett I. Tannehill. I. Lynard, R. Applegate F. Tucker, D. Dodd, R. Moore, I Trautman, R. Riggs. Third Row: B Fitzgerald. F. O'Connor, E. Groth C. Hayes, F. Weitzel, R. Pierce, H Church. L. Hale. H. Kobilaka, N Cleveland. Second Row: D. Curry D. Rehwald. D. Walker, I. Gallo way, R. Iones, G. Errett, I. Young E. Ausmus, H. Beard. First Row: I Chambers. S. McFarland, M. Wright P. Yeaman, M. Chapman, D. Brock schmidt. I. Green. M. Fritz, B. Gal- lagher. lflll l PRESENTING A "TOP-F LIGHT CREW" WITH OUR Immediately after school resumed, so did the work on a bigger and better l95l yearbook. There is a great deal of difficult work in com- posing an annual. Planning the initial layout, choosing the general theme, scheduling, pro- portioning, identifying pictures, writing copy Back Row: I. Smith. E. Cherney, A. Inkster. I. Blackwell. L. Andruczk. l. Harlan. I. Gifford. Fourth Row: B. Felber, M. Roth. P. Atteberry. C. Cain, E. Marcy, S. Iones, B. Patton, L. Evans. Third Row: I. Baker, R. Grove, I. Blackwell, B. Malcor, H. Hows. Second Row: Dodd, B. Pusch, N. Patterson. I. Spencer, M. Eddington, B. Gilpin. Front Row: P. Kane, R. Follis, I. Capella, G. Hughes, D. Hayes. Advisor. for each page, selling advertising, and selling the annuals themselves, are a few of the many problems which confront an annual staff. The publicity campaign was initiated by a comic assembly for the promotion of co-operation be- tween staff and student body in the procure- ment of pictures and sub- scriptions. This was planned by Mrs. Erickson, the faculty sponsor, and carried out by the staff members. A great deal of credit must be given to Mrs. Erickson, as she has contributed many hours of hard work and concentration towards the publication of this book. The Senior Class of l95l, Mrs. Erickson, and the Log staff hope that you will thor- oughly enjoy this book now and find even more pleasure in it in the years to come. G. Dexheimer. E. Kublick. B. Mrs. Erickson, 1951 LOG Editor ..................... .......... I o Ann Capella Assistant Editor ........................ George Hughes Staff Assistants: lo Ann Spencer, Irene Harlan, lohn Smith, Betty Dodd, Carol Cain, Alice Rhoades Business Manager and Staff Donna Hayes: Pat Kane, Reba Beattie, Ioy Blackwell, Rosemary Grove, lohn Black- well, Larry Evans Advertising Manager and Staff Rita Follis: Eileen Kublick, Marilyn Ed- dington, Henrietta Haws, Gloria Dexheirn- er, Marilyn Roth, Pat Atteberry, Eloise Marcy, Shirley Iones, Elaine Cherney Photographers ...................... Sports Editors ......... Senior Class Editor Uanuaryl ............. Senior Class Editor Uunel ......................... ...... Typists ........ . Art Editors ......... Advisor ........ S'Leo Andruzck 2George Hughes SGeorge Meidel 1Albert lnlcster .........Bonnie Malcor ...........Betty Gilpin S' Bonnie Pusch Hoyce Baker Ierry Gifford Nina Patterson Bob Felber .Virginia Erickson "The Bosses "The 1-'inanciersf' "Wanna buy a Log?" "The Speedstersf' WSW 'AJVY 4 We iff ,ye H 'H -s,s.'ky vi ng, 'Ns 'fm 4. we "What u show!" "Our pencils sold like hotcakes!" STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is one ot the most ac- tive organizations at Feitshans. It helps in qove ernina the school with the aid and supervision ot Mr. McQueen and Mr. Wax. Some of its activities this year were: student directory, state and district conventions, pencil-basketball schedule sale, variety show, first-aid equip- ment, building cleanliness campaian, and atter- aame dances. The Student Council consists of members elected from each homeroom and four ap- pointees by Mr. Wax. The group meets requ- larly once a week with Mr. McQueen as their advisor. The Council members elected Rita Follis, president, Otto Fatoqlia, vice-president: Io Ann Capella, secretary, and Larry Evans, treasurer. Back Row: I. VcnBuren. D. Terrell. S. Wheatley, I. Harlan, B. Knox, D. Bianco, I. Trcutman. Fourth Row: B. Cook, D. Hubbs. S. Fry. B Bobell, E. Lamken. Third Row: O. Brown. M. Elmer, I. Bender. P. Harwood. M. Myers, C, Fruzee. Second Row: B. Henson. B. Dodd, B. Putsche, E. Grubner. Firsl Row: C. Uzgiris I. Capella, L. Evans, R. Follis, O. Fafogliu, Mr. McQueen. Advisor. 1 l 1 Back Row: M. Decker. I. Harlan. N. Ensch, E. Webster. M. Buch, L. Miller, M. Powell. Third Row: B. Wilkey, N. Boren. E. Grabner. A. Wilson, M. Wilson. M. Mari. E. Chandler. Second Row: D. Kitsch, P. Kane. B. Brammer. I. Dyer, P. Harwood. A. Rhoades. P. Breqowy, C. Fobbs. First Row: M. Elmer, F. Pell. B. Patsche. B. Bradley. Miss Coqswell. Advisor. GIRLS CLUB The Girls' Club is orqonized for the purpose ot dll school dffoirs, including footbolll qomes, of rendering worth-while services to the school. concerts, plolys, ond qrcrduotion events. The This yeolr the members hove served os ushers club hos CI membership of thirty-five qirls. D.E.CLUB The DE. Club is composed of l6 Seniors from F.H.S. This pro- qrom is mode up of CI combinotion of job experiences ond clcrssroom instructions for those interested in retdilinq. f-liqhliqht of the yeor is the Stote Convention of the Abrohom Lin- coln Hotel when deleqotes from dll over the stczte meet. F.H.S. was in chcrrqe of tours for the con- vention. Back Row: H. Killen, I. Ford, D. Snyder. R. Cianferri. Third Row: I. Pasley, L. Adams. M. Sexton. Second Row: C. Forth. , R. Nemeth, N. Watkins, B. Thompson. First How: H. Ianet. M. Cross, H. Bradley. H. Wilkinson. Mr. Mason. FI-EC CLUB Fi-Ec Home Economics Club Was reorgan- ized in the fall of 1951 under the direction of Miss Coffman and Mrs. Potter of the Home Economics Department. The girls meet once a month in the Home Economics Department. The primary purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in the girl herself, involving such problems as: etiquette, personality, and social life. The officers are: Pat Bregowy, president, Mariann Small, treas- urer, Edith Dowis, secretary. FI-EC CLUB Back Row: P. Breqowy. I. Bur- ker, P. McCloud, P. Davis. E. Dowis, C. Buldock. L. Galla- gher. Third Row: M. Smith. C. Smith, N. Watkins. M. Wil- son. E. Kublick, E. Rollett. H. Ley. Second Row: E. Wat- kins, F. Ley, M. Micko. G. Dexheimer. R. Grove, B. Mil- ler. First Row: F. Nizzio. I. Burris, M. Spain, R. Herter, M. Donner, Miss Coffman, Ad- visor. LAS AMIGAS Y TEENS The Las Amigas is an organization affili- ated with the Y.W.C.A. in which any high school student can belong. Charitable dona- tions and wholesome recreation have been the main features during the year. The officers were Algerine Owens, president, Priscilla Wil- liams, vice president: Euleta Webster, secretary: Carolyn Perkins, treasure-ry Mongolia Bradley, advisory Mrs. Fragier, assistant advisor. LAS AMIGAS Y TEENS Buck Row: A. Owens, W. Owens, E. Webster, P. Cham- bers, L. Smith. Second Row: C. Perkins, F. Miller. D. Hig- qens. M. Perkins. First Row: P. Day, G. Fobbs, O. Smith. f38l Back Row: S. Smith. S. Whitaker. B. Henson. B. Brammer, I. Mitchell. P. Bregowy. M. Wilson. P. Harwood. Fourth Row: R. Colvin. F. Nizzio, H. Herter, M. Chapman. D. Dietrich. I. Dunavan. Third Row: H. I-laws B. Patsche. P. Kublick. C. Cain. Second Row: B. Shaughnessy. I. Brake. I. Lewis. D. Kitsch. M. Peter. G. Hughes A. Taborn. First Row: T. Warner. B. Dodd, I. Harlan. M. Goldsberry. R. Hamilton, Miss Yonick. Advisor DRAMATICS CLUB 1 1 Romeo!-Wherefore art thou??? This is what you might hear if you should visit the Dramatics Club meeting. Oh! Be care- tul not to collide with the student With the book on her headg she is learning to walk. Many people admire an actor or actress without ever realizing the hard Work it takes to become "I wonder what she's building!" one. Walking, expression, poise, and voice are a few of the many things which must be mas- tered to make a play a success. These stu- dents are all amateurs now, but under the guidance ot their advisor, Miss Yonick, who knows! After all, Clark Gable and Lana Turner had to start someplace too, you know! "Let's get on the beam." Back Row: D. Terrell. D. Higqens, W. Dowis, S. Brown, H. Haws. Fourth Row: I. Rychel, P. Pilcher. S. Fry. P. Kublick, P. Cronnister. Third Row: B. DeCroix, S. Smith, M. Chapman, M. Powell. P. Yeaman. Second Row: M. Lewis, Y. Glaze. L. Glaze. E. Harris. First Row: B. Harding. I. Richardson. O. Brown. M. Bly. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Under the direction of Miss Bressan the FHA. chapter of Feitshans High School has worked to gain definite standards by following the club's motto, "Toward New Horizons." The girls in this organization have contribf uted to some share in its growth by partici- pating in radio programs, school assemblies, entertaining at parties, promoting better rela- "Presenting the United Nations flag." tionship in school, cheering, and distributing safety posters for state PHA. and useful pro- grams at football games. Every member is working for a better chapter and greater mem- bership. Qualifications for membership are few. A girl must have one semester of Homemaking with passing grades and a definite interest in promoting the work of the club. "Passing out Football Programs-our specialty." t4Ol ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Did you enjoy that assembly? Guess who planned itfthe Assembly Com- mittee. lt's not as easy as you think to plan an assembly that all the stu- dents will like. lt's really hard work. We would like to express our thanks to the Assembly Committee for the en- tertaining and interesting assemblies for '50 and '5l. Back Row: H. Haws, M. Bly, E. Cherney, B. Pastche, B. Krushall. Front Bow: Miss Cothren, Mr. Heiden, Miss Body, M. Peter. NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY "Pilot to all lettermen. lf you will maintain an average ol 3.5 you will be eligible for the National Athletic Scholarship Society." These boys gain much recognition for their hard work, and their Society pins are presented to them in an assembly at the close ot the year. Back Row: A. lnkster, P. Robinson, L. Urbas, G. Meidel. Front How: H. South, G. Hughes, L. Evans, H. Ianet. BLUE AND WHITE Flash!! "Ioe quit Mary and is now an honorable member of the Bachelor Club." This is the kind of news you get in the Blue and White. There is no reminder of World affairs, just local news which may be referred to as "gos- sip." The stati is headed by the capable direction of Albert lnskter. Back Bow: B. Henson, D. Andersen, I. Dunavan, B. South, V. Benedict. Front Bow: I. Bag- land, M. Chapman, A. Inkster, N. Die- trich, D. Kitsch. i4ll 1lZl Buck Row: B. Spence, F. Blcxholski, T. Iohnson. E. McNulty. I. Smith, G. McLoughlin, I. Skufcu. Second Row: M. Schultz. Couch: G. Meidel, A. Inkster, R. Scxbo. D. Andersen, I. Hayes, M. Spence. First Row: I. Spoone- more, I. Smith. I. Moffett, C. Hartley. L. Evans. R. South. G. Hughes. HI-Y The Hi-Y has been an outstanding oraani- zatton at Feitshans in the past lew years. This year the boys sponsored a dance in December, "The l-lolly Hop". To be eligible you rnust be a Iunior or Senior boy possessina scholastic ability, he an oute "Hi-Y Project Completed." standina citizen ol the school, and be a meme ber ol a church. Mr. Schultz is the advisor and the ollicers are Albert lnksier, president, Melvin Spence, vice president, Ronnie South, secretary, and George Mclsauahlin, treasurer. "Ouch! That hurts!" HOME ROOM LEADERS The home room leaders are elected by each home room and act as chair- men in conducting the business meet- ing in home room. They indeed, de- serve the honor bestowed upon them by the home room members who elect- ed them. Back row: B. Nicks, C. Timms, A. lnkster, E. Luttrell, A. Connor, R. Wal- lace, B. South. Second row: E. Aus- mus, M. Bly, B. Harding, P. Bregowy, I. Fox, I. Spencer, D. Frank. First row: B. Kane, B. Scott, M. Buch, L. Lufkin, D. l-lubbs, M. McClure, F. Wright. CAFETERIA STAFF "Two sandwiches and a bottle of milk." This is the kind of orders the cook's helpers get. These people make the sandwich line more efficient which makes it dissolve faster. The girls have the cooking room at their disposal, while the boys get their noon-day nutrition in Pop Wilson's room. The helpers are: M. Wilson, G. Watts, W. Sprague, H. l-laws, and W. Krimmel. CAF ETERIA STAFF The boys and girls who work in the cafeteria are the chefs of tomorrow. They keep the hat "taters" at the cook's side. Though their work looks easy, they work hard tbut they have fun? to please the patrons of the cafeteria. They are, left to right: D. Rehwald, B. Thompson, E. Lamken, A. Wilson, E. Neuber, E. Sandidge, and I. lanes. f43l Mrs Power, Mrs. Bluuer. Mrs. Trcxutmcm. Mr. Wax, Mrs. Lcuterbuch FEITSHANS P. T. A The P.T.A. is a social organization of parents and teachers. Their object is to promote child welfare in the home, school, church, and community, and to bring in closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the train- ing of the child. The officers are: Mrs. lohn Trautman, president: Mrs. Clar- ence Spence, vice presidenty Mrs. I. T. Power, secretary: Mrs. Emil Lauterbacli, treasurer. The largest project for the year was the carnival, which was held in Novem- ber. After meeting their budget for the year, the proceeds were donated to buy band uniforms. FEITSHANS MEN'S CLUB The Feitshans Men's Club is a non-profit organi- zation that was started in l948. This year they put on their second annual variety show and they donated to the football and band funds. They also appropriated money to buy records for the amplifying system. Though their club is small, but growing, their deeds are large and we cannot thank them enough. The officers are Mr. I. Smith, president: Mr. L. Evans, vice presidentg Mr. H. Mullen, secretary: Mr. E. Coffinbargar, treasurer. Mr. Evans. Mr. Wheeler. Mr. Smith. Mr. Mullen CAFETERIA STAFF When the clatter of pots and pans start reaching the ears of the students in the study hall, they know lunch will soon be ready. On the second floor, the freshmen are playing Sherlock Holmes, try- ing to detect from the many aromas what will be on the menu. We hope we can have our lunches prepared in the same ap- petizing fashion to which we have become accustomed. Back Row: I. Wolf, M. Bromiield. First Row: A. Niko. I.. Pollelt, W. Del-'rates R. Devlin, Director: C. Krug. A. Bowman, M. Moffett, B. Turley M A I N T E N A N C E STAFF We give our thanks to the men who take care of the grounds and buildings. The tasks they per- form are the essentials that bring about a well-organized system, and the work that they do to make the school attractive and to keep it in repair cannot be minimized. We are grateful to them for their help in providing us with a school of which We can be proud. M5 -ir' ,Annu A vn ,. M3 x .4-vw' W W, V Agwxfftgjfjxmxl -.ww WLM Wwwvrig. ff: W i K ,Lf -,.-w wi -MJ," I i,wgNMlwwff'f SFoww0 ' M ' 0 WMV AMW ...MW W ,. ,. Wvwu 1 I Q if 4' iv' 156, M. aff'- Q 5 ..- .,.W'- 'WM nur", FOOTBALL This year's football team had its ups and downs. They showed flashes of brilliance and looked ragged at other times. The hiqhliaht of the season was a 2l-20 loss to our bitterest rival, Springfield, in which the boys fought all the way. The Flyer machine functioned smoothest against St. Theresa in a 46-18 vic- tory. They finished the season with a 6-3 record and held second place in the Central Confer- ence. Pranlc Blahofski, who received honorable rnention on the all-state team and Georqe Mc- Laughlin, a alue-finaered end, were selected rnost valuable player and captain respective- ly by the team. McLaughlin was the peoples choice for "lVfr. Touchdown" of the Springfield area. Coaches: W. Barniskis and M. Schultz SECO VARSITY ND IN CENTRAL CONFERENCE Back Row: I.. Urbas. I. Smith. G. Mclauqhlin. C. Hutchinson, D. Carraro. F. Blahofski. I. Skufca, C. Spence, E. Bates. Third Row: R. Tate. I. White. C. Homeier, M. Spence. D. Dodd. I. Haves, B. Bennett. C. Hartley. G. Meidel. Second How: B. Meyers. A. Butcher. C. Thomp- son. B. Knox, I. Smith, D. Bianco, E. Groth: Marvin Schultz. Coach. First Row: A. Vollmer. Manager: K. Wade. I. Galloway. D. Frank. G. Hughes. R. South, C. Murray. D. England. Manager. Frank Blahoiski George Hughes Back Guard FRESHMEN WIN CITY TITLE FOR SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR! F RESHMEN Back Row: I. Lockhart, W. Iones, W. Comles, D. Burgess. B. Neely. V. Dawson. E. McHenry. C. Timms, I. Nicks. Third Row: W. Winston, S. Mc- Laughlin, R. Wallace. E. Landreth, I. Milburn. O. Farris, W. Iames, B. Nicks. Second Row: R. Singleton, E. Carter. E. Lamken, B. Ichnscn. W. Sablotny. T. Rose. D. Chandler. First Row: C. Knox and D. Fenstermaker. Managers: R. Merriweather. R. Kane. I. Flynn. B. Garecht. E. Groth: Robert Carpenter, Coach. Carl Hutchinson Leonard Urbus End Tackle For the second consecutive year, our Fresh- men football team took the city title. The Fly- ers were handed only one defeat, a 14-13 loss to Springfield which they avenged later in the season with a 2-0 victory. Looks as if some mighty fine material is coming up to the Varsity. Watch out for the Flyers in '52 and '53! The boys had a lot of fight, worked hard at practices, and gave everything they had in every game. They really earned their Freshmen numerals. Mr. Carpenter should be complimented on the way he took a bunch of boys who hardly knew offense from defense into the power house that the team was at the end of the season. it Q1 .ff '58 fm, if ,Q ' A y , X yf gg M Mn , .::::v:. as 38 ML 5 IW A '93 ' 4 in ,,,, f ' My Q. X 1 W' .,,::. ,-,. , 2? Egg? 3 We KM wwf' vm 'X f.,g,,.A,,,,,,g, , ,l mummy., wifi Marvin Hamende Bill Meyers Melvin Spence George McLaughlin Center Guard Back E FRESHMEN SEASON'S RECORD Feitshans ....................,........... l3 Springfield ............... ...,.. l 4 Feitsharis ....... ........ l 3 Lanpliier ...... ...... O Feitsharis ....... ........ Z O Cathedral .... ...... U Feitshans ....,.. ........ 2 5 Springfield O Feiishans ....... ........ l 3 Lanphier ...... ...... O Feitshans ....... ........ l 2 Cathedral .... ...... 6 "1--'1:- I 2 :::'1 fe-2 "Oh, just u little help!" "Bright eyes. Skulccx!" l'l R Back Row: L. Urbus. F. Blahotski. P. Robinson. I. Stone, I. Iones, I. Iones W. Ushmcm. Second Row: I. White. I. Marx. I. Locker. T. Iohnston. First Row LeRoy Hulberg, Coach: I. Anqeli. H. Daugherty. L. Evans. B. Spence, Manager FIRST IN CENTRAL CONFERENCE "With that play. coach. we can't lose!!' The Feitshans Flyers, coached by Le- Roy lrlalberg, recorded one of their best seasons in the history of the school by turn- ing in a record of 20 wins and 5 losses. The Flyers lost to Lincoln in a close game on the Railsplitter's court, but then came back and won 5 out ot their next 6 games, losing to Staunton 5l to 39. The Flyers were again in the Taylorville lnvitational Tourney, but this time took second place after a thrilling hard-fought game, with Taylorville coming out on top 57 to 55. The next week the Flyers entered the city tournament and won 2 games, beating city rivals, Cathedral and Lanphier, be- fore losing to archrival, Springfield, 50 to 45. After city tournament time, the Flyers Won 7 games before lim "Bones" lones graduatedg but Paul Robinson continued to pour the points through the hoop at a torrid pace, scoring 439 points in the regu- lar season. Harry Daugherty played a tremendous floor game and Ioe Angeli did a good job of filling Ushman's shoes. The team won the Central Conference and placed second in the city, and gave every- thing they had in every game! Congratu- lations, boys! IUNIOR VARSITY The junior Varsity, coached by Bob Carpenter, had a winning season, turning in a record of l4 wins and 9 loss- es. They beat such teams as Springfield, Mt. Pulaski, Athens, Clinton, and Lan' phier. The boys will furnish some good varsity material in the coming years. The Freshmen basketball team this year had a pretty tough schedule, but managed to defeat Springfield and Cathedral in their 6-game season. Coach Marvin Schultz's boys were much better than the record indi- cates and should be plenty rough in a few years. CHEERLEADERS "C'mon kids, yelll!" Thats what you will hear at all our games. School spirit is a ma- ior feature in the life of every institution of learning. To pro- mote this spirit, our cheer- leaders have been present at every game to urge our squads onward to victory. Constant practice and expert guidance, under the direction of Miss Daly, have made F.H.S. cheerleaders the best. Cheerleaders are indisf pensable to the morale of any team and our cheerlead- ers did a fine job of boosting our team's morale. Back Row: B. Applegate, G. Bates, B. Schneider. I. Bretz, D. Dodd. Third Row: I. Meidel. B. Gushes, I. Lockhart. O. Farris. H. Spain. Second Row: K. Carter, R. Winston, B. Knox, C. Homeier, T. Warner. First Row: Robert Carpenter, Coach: B. Remcxck, K. Wade. R. Merriweather. A. Vollmer. Manager. M. Chapman. R. Grove. B. Henson, A. Patton FRESHMEN Back Row: B. Cowles, V. Daw son, B. Neeley. C. Timms, I Fisher. Third Row: P. Teubner B. Nicks, E. McHenry, D. Ball weg. I. Nicks. Second Row: A McKinney. K. Fleer, B. Hughes First Row: Marvin Schultz. Coach R. Kane, T. Rose. f l sf ,.,,+ sc., "Suspense!!" Wall Ushman Leonard Urbas Cirllfllil Frirv, VARSITY SEASONS RECORD Feiisiicins St. lfnnes ..,. Feitshans ..........,......... Criiiiedrol ...... .... Feitshans Lincoln ...... Feiishans ........ ......... L anpliier ............... Feiishans lacksonville Feiishcms ......... Sprinqlield Peiisliuiis ...... ....... B eardsicwn Peiisiicns ..... ......... S i. Theresa .... Feiishuns ......... ....... S tuunion ...... ....... F eiishans ..,.. ......... M i. Pulaski .... .... Feiishans ...... ....... C linion ..... Fe-iishcins ......... Beardsiown .. Feiishcrns Athens ..... Fe-iishans ..... ......... B florris ............ ..., Peiishclns Motioon ...... ....... F eiisiicins ......... Ccirlinville .... .... Fefiishcms ......... .....,. T ciylorville Feiishclns ......,. ......... V irden ......... .... lim Iones Frank Blahofski Iohn Stone Larry Evans Clvriicivi' C4 Ill!-WI' Ccrnirii Form i if 541 ,e4 Q-433' My E X may Hurry Daugherty Iohn Locker Paul Robinson loe Iones Iiwrw wi C ll xi i F'fvrw.'m'i Fmitsalifnrizs ,....... ESG Iucksfzrivilie bf? Foitshciris ...,. QQ Peiersburq 56 HC 1 Y d th b no Feitshcms ..... 61 Rfbuii ........... 41 an You m 9 5 ' Fsilslicms ..... 51 Kincaid .. 49 Feitsliciiizs ..... 39 Gillespie 53 Feiifiinms ....... ..... 8 2 Virqinicx ..... 28 Pkiifiifiris ....... ..... f if Ciiiiioii .... 37 B E G I C N A L Fevilsiicmzis ..... 68 Noiihwesierii M Feilgliuiifs ..... 51 Lcjuiphie-r ...... ........ 5 8 lack Marx Ice Angeli x1i.:ri1 1.1.11 N- 'Num f M- f fv April April April April April April Walter Bcrniskis. Couch. Apnl Moy Moy Moy T R A C K MW Moy Moy As this book goes to press, the trock men olre just beginning to work the kinks out of their legs. A rebuilding job is in the process os rnost ot the let- ter winners of lost season have grdd- uoted. Returning letterrnen ore: Au- brey, Butcher, Forris, Knox, McLough- lin, Urbos, 'White dnd Wood. TRACK SCHEDULE 13 14 l7 20 24 25 28 1-2 3,2 eTc1ylorville-Porno CTherel +Fresh-Soph. Annuol Trock Meet Cliincoidl -fFresh-Soph. Lcinphier- Cothedrdl CTherel ---Pond Open fliincdid-Virden CTherel fFresh-Soph. Williamsville- New Berlin Vcrrsity fCentrol Conference Clock- sonvillel --Varsity City Meet Freshmen City Meet -Lonphier-Clinton fTherel 5-flocksonville Reloy tTherel 9---Fresh-Soph. Springfield ll 18- Back Row: L. Urbus. I. Ford. G. McLaughlin. I. Stone, V. Dawson. O. Farris, B. Work. Inkster, B. Iones. G. Meidel, E. McHenry. I. Lockhart, T. Warner. I. White. Third Row: K. Fleer, C. Knox. O. Fcrfoglia, M. Aubrey, H. Dupont. Second Row: I. Lyncrrd, T. Rose. K. Wade. C. Thompson. First Row: I. Iones. R. Kane. E. Gruth. R. Walker. A. Butcher. CThere7 --District l9fStote R. Winston. Fourth Row: A. B. Jones. B. Knox. I. Nicks. B. Nicks. I. Flynn. E. Carter. Back Row: D. Dodd, C. Spence, N. McKenna, P. Robinson, V. Dawson, B. Patterson, 0. Farris, G. Sorenson. Third Row R. Wallace, B. Bennett, I. White, I. Marx, B. Cowles, P. Lauterbach. I. Locker, E. Carter. Second Row: I. Anqeli, T. England F. O'Connor, L. Evans, H. Lokaitis, D. Bianco, R. Meriweather, E. Groth, Manager. First Row: L:-:Roy Hatberg, Ccach: C Murray, B. Knox, K. Carter, R. Moore, I. Galloway, E. Lamken, R. Faqq. BASEBALL The national pastime was revived at Peitshans this year when titty boys turned out for Coach Halberg's call tor players. Among these were tour returning lettermen who are: Paul Robinson, Bernard Bennett, Larry Evans, Iohn Locker. A few oi the boys who show promising signs are: Bob Patterson, Otis Farris, Buddy Spence, Ken- neth Carter, Harry Daugherty and Iack Marx. This year we lacked playing experience and Robinson started the season with an ankle injury, but We have high hopes ot finishing the season Victoriously. GOLF The Feitshans High School golt team, led by their captain, Iohn Skutca, won the all-city golf tournament in the spring ot 1950 by defeating Springfield High by only one stroke. Iohn Skutca shot the lowest score tor the Feitshans team by posting a 70. Congratulations on a city title! This year's team is led by Bob Felber and will compete in the District Tournament in May. I. Skutca, G. Meidel, G. Anderson, B. Felber, G. Lord, B. Matlack. Mr. McQueen, Coach. T571 5 WFWHQ QI-ll'-1lF"!lI."Il-1:13 ZOHHhHOOmmh The definite otims of G.A.A., under the direction of Miss Doly, ore to otdvotnce the stcmdotrd sportsmanship, to promote individuol potrticipotion in oll dctivities, to encouroqe ond further physicol, mentol, ond sociol de- velopment, ond to develop CI unity ot school spirit. ln order to get CI letter the girls must porticipote in ot certoin number ot gctmes in or porticulor sport. These sports ore softboll, looslcetbotll, dnd volleylooll. M- y A ww ww K-.Mm N. - f mppef' -'WMV ,www 'T avi uv' M W I , w' X at W Wir 6 QP' K ,-gf' 5' M HQQWQLMM: .nz 'ma Q, s R. South, R. Grove. L. McFarland. I. DiBart OFFICERS Ronald South .........,.......... President Rosemary Grove ...... Vice President Lael McFarland ...... ..... S ecretary lohn DiBart ...... ....... T reasurer SENIOR FLIGHT CREW IOYCE BAKER "The treasure ot an oyster," RICHARD BALDONI "With this rinq I thee wed." HENRIETTA BEARD "The vory pink of courtesv and c'irCurr1spoction." HOMER BRADLEY "lt you strike tr thorn or rose, keep ttqrwillllw GEORGINA BRUCKNER "Youll stills for Pleasure, Pleasure "fills for Love." DELORIS CARTER "Youth now tiees on feathered fool," MABEL DANNER "Bc1shtulness is an ornament to youth hut tr reproarh to old age." GLORIA DEXHEIMER "All your uvts are queens." IOHN DIBART "Love is wiser than amltitionf' INEZ DYER "I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to he content." PAULINE GRADY "The enthusiastic and pleasina illu- sions of youth." JAMES IONES "One's religion is whatever he is most interested in, and yours is Suc- cess." MARILYN EDDINGTON "You are as wele come as the flowers in May." ROSEMARY GROVE "Love is the salt of life." SHIRLEY IONES "Ah, you flavor everythinqg you are the vanilla of soci- ety." RITA FOLLIS "Her Ways are ways of pleasantnessf' IERRY HAYES "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." TOM IOHNSON "I am a part of all that I have met." CLYDE FORTH "Actions speak loud- er than words." CARL HUTCHINSON "There will be sleep- inq enough in the grave." VIVIAN KINCAID "She left no little things behind, ex' ceptiriq lovinq thoughts and kind." JANUARY GRADS--1951 LOUISE GALLAGHER "I find that absence still increases love." HOWARD IANET "I've qot the time, I'Ve qot the place, :nut it's hard to find the girl." WANDA KLESPITZ "Magnificent spec- tacle of human hap- pinessf' l63l "Wonder If They Fit!!!" As Seniors, many ol us wish we could ao back and relive the enjoyable days we've spent at F.l-l,S. They have been mixed years with Work and play sometimes studyina hard and other times just coastinq along. When we stop to think, We realize haw much l3'.l-l.S. has meant to us. SENIOR FLIGHT CREW EILEEN KUBLICK "Let patienre have her per- fr-wt work." DON KOEHNE "l am the kiririg of Courtesy." FRANCENE LEY "The endearing elegance of female friendship." HELEN LEY Ufiwwr'-t as C1 rose sho is." LEE ANN LUFKIN "l am not Q politician, and my other hcrhits are creed." IOAN MACKAY "The glory and freshness of a dream." BONNIE MALCOR "lhf'y'r0 only truly arent who are truly qoodf' ELOISE MERCY "As merry as the day is long." LAEL MCFARLAND "Beauty is rr qc:-od letter of iritrociurftionf' MARY MICKO "So little done o much to do." FLORENCE SATTERHELD "A good lite keeps away wrinkles." FLORENCE MILLER ERNEST NEUBER BERT PATTON "A kind overflow of "They are rich who "My favorite, I might kindness," have friends." say my only study, is man." RONALD SOUTH MELVIN SPENCE ROBERT STEWART "Ay, every inch a "His opinion was his "Awake my heart king." law." and sing." Senior Pictures Not Taken: Marvin Hamende. Ed McNulty VVe have ernoyed cokes atthe IHana,the exchnmrfoot baH and baskmbaH ganmm,the annualcaUnvaLthe pnmns Cthose were the nights we went high-steppingl, and the ban- quets during our lunior and Senior years. Most of all, We are going to miss the friendly atmosphere of our buddies and classmates. We take everything back that we thought in vah1aboutPfH.S.and Hs wondmhd mudentbody We Wish, above all, to express our thanks to the faculty that has helped us so rnuch to obtain our goal. JANUARY GRADS--1951 BLANCHE TABORN "Few words, but to effect." WALTER USHMAN "Should life all labor be?" f65l G. Hughes. A. Inkster. G. McLaughlin, H. Dupont OFFICERS Albert Inkster .,.............. President Henry Dupont ...... Vice President George Hughes ............ Secretory Georqe McLouqhhn .... Treasurer SENIOR FLIGHT CREW LOIS ADAMS "A faithful frionci is the morh' time of life." DAN ANDERSEN "Let him now speak, or wise hereafter forever hold his peovef' GLEN ANDERSON "Music is the universiil lim- rquixqe of Illtlllkillfili LEO ANDRUCZK Hpolitifs fill me with cioulwt und d12IZiI1EtSS.H IOE ANGELI "The human vomedyf' PAT ATTEBERRY "Youth moons love." HAROLD BEARD "Ii don'i Cost nothin' to he 11 fguntlerriunf' HEBA BEATTIE Hii41UIliI19SS is spuoviiiesssf IEAN BERKLER "Short ond sweet." FRANK BLAHOFSKI Faery why hath 1 wherefore RICHARD CROFT 'The flower ie younq men." FOREST DAUGHERTY "What is past I know, but what is for to come I know not." MARGIE BLY No bubble is so irilescent or floats longer than that blown by the suc- vessful feacherf' MARILYN CROSS "The morning star of flowers." HARRY DAUGHERTY IOE CANAVAN e e you iq man he most essential thing for happiness is the gilt of friendship." BOB CROWDER man of lette , manners, morals." SAM DODD "Boys will be boys." "He must eat ta live and live to eat." IO ANN CAPELLA Xl hmq of beaity a Joy forever LYLE CRUMLY "Education makes the man." GENE DREELAN "The law is qoo , if a man uses it law- fully." JUNE GRADS--1951 BARBARA CHAPMAN Ill speak in a mon strous little lox 0 LESLIE CULLERS "A fresh, a free, friendly man." HENRY DUPONT "The weather is usually fine when people are court- ing." H571 "Sand 'er down-smooth-smooth." 'Q 3 Ah, at last we're "big Wheel" Seniors. lust think-four short years ago, in l947 to be exact, we entered F.H.S. as Freshmen. Our first and second years were spent joinina clubs and other organizations, qettinq to know different faces, and study- ing rather hard. School activi- ties at Feitshans definitely proved to be thrilling to us. SENIOR FLIGHT CREW LARRY EVANS "The swoctcvst roamer is tr boys young heart." LINDO FAFOGLIA "X'Ve find in lite exactly what we out in it." OTTO FAFOGLIA "Nature hfrs qiven me two ears hut only one mouth." IERHY FORD "Por men may come and mon may ao, luut I ao on forever." DONNA FOX "The ideal of courtesy, wit, qroce, and charm." PHINEAS GATES "Let byfgones he byqonesf' GRACE GENTRY "The days that make us happy make us wise." IERRY GIFFORD "Mine honor is my life, both qrow in one Take honor from me, and mv life is done." BETTY GILPIN "Friends are horn, not made." NEDRA HARGIS "There is no duty we underruto so much crs the duty of being lioopyf DONNA HAYES "I Gm ull the dough ters ot my tother's house, grid oll the brothers, too." RICHARD IOHNSON "An athlete ond ti musicion. Yo gods." CHARLES HARMON "The serret of sur'- vess is cronstcmcy to uiurposef' RUTH HOLMAN ZA No wisdom like sil- enref' DA KILLDOO "Nature hos olwuys been stronger thorn oducgtionf' CHARLES HARRIS "One glwuys begins to forgive C1 place :rs soon as it's left l3GlllflCl.M MARILYN HUFFMAN "Silence is more elo' quent thon words." HENRY KILLEN "Young fellows will be young tellowsf' ELIZABETH HARRIS "A rn bi tion has no risk." GEORGE HUGHES "Nothing sugceeris like success." DON KOLAZ "A niun Connot spend gll his lite in frolicf' JUNE GRADS--1951 HENRIETTA HAWS "Eduf'otionnl relu- tions mol-co the strongest tin," ALBERT INKSTER "Lord, what fools these mortals bel" WILMA KRIMMEL "SuctCess,' remember, is the rowurd ot toil." H591 "Gotta get those prom tickets ready." By the time we got to be lun- iors, we had become well known by all the other students. Studying didn't phase us as much as it had during our "younger days." If We had our choice between having a date or studying, we took the date and our studying slipped com- pletely out of sight. SENIOR FLIGHT CREW ROLLE KRUSHALL "lake Care to get what you 4 like or you will be forced to like what you get." BOB LEACH "l will sit down now, but tho time will Come when you will hear me." MARY KATHERINE LOCK "Better late than never." IOE MARKOVICS "Let brotherly love Continue." FORD MASTICK "The years teach much which the days never know." BOB MAXWELL "The roots ot education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." GEORGE MCLAUGHLIN "The word 'impossible' is not in my dictionary." MARILYN MCLAUGHLIN "So little done, so mufh to dot" GEORGE MEIDEL "A king in a hive ot bees." BILL MEYERS "Education is the best provision for old age." MARY KATHERINE NELSON "I want what I want when I want it." LESLIE PEART "An intelligent young gent." SHIRLEY MICKO "As good as gold." ROSE NEMETH "A good egg, sunny side up." BARBARA POOLE "A jewel in a jewelry shop." ROSEMARY MILLER "Human face di- vine." BETTY OGER "Her faults are few and for between." BONNIE PUSCH "The eternal femi- nine." IIM MOFFETT "Such a man, in truth, am l." IERRY PASLEY "The years know more than hooks." ILENE RANGE "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." JUNE GRADS--1951 VIVIAN NATION "A good girl who uttereth little NINA PATTERSON "The fairest flower that ever light." VIRGIL RATH saw the "Once a gentlenign and alwavs F1 gen tloinan. " I7 "Sculptors at work!" After four years of irnproving our minds, we find ourselves coming face to face with grad- uation. We will look upon these past years at F.H.S. as the hap- piest years of our lives -efr years that have been Well spent by most of us in preparation for careers in any chosen field. SENIOR FLIGHT CREW IACKIE RAGLAND "l-ler eyes can say more than words." WILLIE REMBERT "Let me be what l amy seek not to alter me." RUTH RICHIE "Experience is the mother of knowledge." PAUL ROBINSON "Double, double toil and trou- tile," MARILYN ROTH "Rich in good work." RAY SABC "Better to wear out than to iust out." MARY IANE SEXTON "Quiet persons are welcome everywhere." BILL SHAUGHNESSY "My ending is despair." IIM SKUFCA "A man of letters, manners, morals, parts." CHARLOTTE SMITH "The reward ol fx thinq well done, is to have done it." WENDELL SUTTON "There is Q loir he- hoviour in thee." LINDA WAX "The World belongs to the enerqoticf' LOIS ANN SMITH "Wisdom of mony ond the wit oi one." ANDREW TABORN "Why use your broin when God qove you o tongue?" EULETA WEBSTER "ll the end be well, ull is Well." DORIS SNYDER "QQ 44flOOCXn puref CECIL TAYLOR "I olwoys tolk bet- ter lying down." DOLORES WEISENBACHER "The flower of youth." Senior Pictures Not Token: IOHN SPOONAMORE "He is so good thot no one can he VI better mon." BEVERLY THOMPSON "I sort there hord at Work, hopoy os the duy's long." RICHARD WILKINSON "A friend may well be reckoned the mcrsterpieno of no- ture." Frank Allmon, Ned Burqe, Roy Curtis, lim Dunavcm, Dave Harmon, Delbert Pruitt JUNE GRADS--1951 IOHN STONE "There is no rest for cr ntessenqer till the mossoqe is deliv- ered," NANCY WATKINS "Alc1s! They are so younq, so becruti- ful." BEN WILLIAMS "Patience is cr neces- sfrry ingredient of C1 qoniusf' I73l 741 Shirley Wilbert Betty Martin Delores Akers Alwardt Atkinson Aubrey Bastin Iim Bernard Harold Ierald Donnetta Beck Bennett Bly Bly Brockschmidt Donald Kenneth Phyllis Elaine Barbara Carraro Carter Casper Cherney Clark X Hg ak .an 0' , Q1 W5 ,J 'K e- W 'ln' 'W I f xg ' j " N x f I 'LZSH f " C MJ A . 4 X. 5 Dorothy Beard lrene Burris Connie Cline Arthur Conner Donna lean Cronister Reba Beattie Carol Cain Edward Cline Bert Cordier Bob Culp Bill Cunninqham Billie Drury Sharlene Grove Clarence Hartley Ida Mae Hunt Clarence Currie Mary Lou Elmer Belly Iean Guimard Peggy Harwood Ronald Ian et Patricia Dorthy Harold Davis Dietrich Dixon Louise Belly Iacqueline Evans Fitzgerald Foster Ruth Belly Inez Hamilton Hamrick Harbauer Virginia Mary Donna Hayes Hernandez Huckleberry Gwendolyn loe Dorothy I on es I ones Kitsch Betty Dodd Margaret Goldsberry Faye Harlan Carolyn Huffman William Kraus Edith Dowis Edris Grabner Irene Harlan Tom Humphrey Norma Lauterbach in Pete Lauterbach Diane Miller Barbara Patsche L. M ,fr Iohn Charlotte Lorraine Ed Patty Richard Locker Lornitis Lulkin Luttrell McCloud Micko Glenda Richard Caroll Geraldine Barbara Darrell Miller Miller Murray Murray Napier Nichols Ioyce Florene Marilyn Barbara Nancy Barbara Patterson Pell Peter Pierce Polk Purpus Mariorie Dorothy Ram ey Rehwald Norman Alice Renz Rhoades XX!! iw dm .g N lie. ' 7 H' rffvis ST rox H5655 CG --R 1 f :, . - H' I N. ,J ,ISI Iudith Richardson Carol Scott I ohn Smith Willis Thompson Arthur Williams Harry Robinson Lillian Scott Patricia Smith Leonard Urbas William Williams Evelyn Eleanor Robert William Kurt Rollett Sandidgei Schnider Schnider Schoenfeldt Richard Alneita Mariann Carol lack Sedlak Seeley Small Smith Smith Marilyn Clarence Io Ann Evelyn Dorothy Spain Spence Spencer Stone Taylor Ioe William Tom Marilyn Vono Wallace Warner Welker Patricia Wayne Shirley Peqqy Betty Wood Wood Woodley Yeaman White aw' ' . 5:2 W6-WW 12 if 1 ,, ,W :ll W- Laima Robert Edward Cindy Nickey Dominic Barbara Dick Abramikas Applegate Ausmus Baldock Beninato Bianco Brammer Breeding Patricia Iohn Othella Shirley Patricia Iean Mary Richard Bregowy Bretz Brown Burt Casey Chambers Chapman Church Betty lean Donna Harold Robert Patricia Clarice Barbara Donna May Cook Curry Elliott Felber Finney Fobbs Ford Foster Judy David Mary Ray Robert lo Ann Ioyce Wanda Fox Frank Fritz Garnett Graham Grant Green Grubb Barbara Donna Harriett Curt Betty Harding Harqis Hawkins Hayes Henson Rosemary Carolyn Chris Eleanor Dorothy Herter Hoffman Homeier Houston Hubbs Q ff We XX 1 o oo N ,fa . Oo Pm., lL+k 3-3 fl yr - I 1 I , A WW Q -, G L A , ' ' x , X" ,ali I QW -so "bs 1 Ieral Dean Hunter Doris McClain Donna Mae Miller Marnie Quigley Oshia Smith Kenley Wade if GV A Vzlq I, P ...V , ..-'ff-1 Marilyn Sally Io Icnes Iones Shirley Norman McFarland McKenna Mary Fred Minser O'Connor Arthur Gilbert Reich Ritz Harry Marvin Sokolis South Frances Ann Frank Wax Weitzel Donna Mae Margaret Karnes Kespelher Sylvia Harold McNulty Mathews Iames Frank Ogelsby Perkins Berta Marie Robbins Ryan Wayne Robert Sprague Tate Emily Iean Raymond Vllhite Wieqert 1 Mary Ann Paul Carolyn Lauduski Lewis Lukesch Paula Marguerite Ierry Maynard Meftord Meidel Ronald Don Darlene Pierce Power Prehoda Ronald Betty Donald Singleton Smith Smith Barbara Norma Andrew Thompson Ushman Vollmer Gladys Marlene Mary Wilson Wilson Wunderlich ' ,X Darnice Ralph Susie Anna Wilma Ruth Wayne Shirley Donald Adams Adams Akers Alinger Alwardt Applegate Bacon Ballweq Io Ann Virginia Benny Ronald Barbara Fred Betty Norma lean Bender Benedict Berkler Bitschenauer Blackwell Blackwell Bobell Boren Iune Iames Phillip Theresa Donald Robert Lillian Edgar Brake Brammer Bretz Bright Burgess Burke Buster Carter Eloise Rose Nancy Elsie Elaine William Lois Donald Chandler Colvin Connor Cook Coventry Cowles Cox Creviston Nadine Don Phyllis Curtis Cutler Danner Martha Barbara Betty lean Decker Decroix Decroix Willa Harold Io Ann Dowis Downs Dyer ,- 5, JP . .-A Q ,Dre .. sa , , Vi .Bd l 15 , .V 4 3 Q ' QN Slang! William Bateman Barbara Bradley Donald Chandler Carole I ean Crouch Virgil Dawson Shirley Dolan Barbara An Eckler Betty Otis Donald Iack Helen Kenneth Faith Farris Fenstermaker Fisher Fitzgerald Fleer Naomi Freddie Lela Donna Lavonne Yvonne Gaines Gates Gibson Gilford Glaze Glaze Barbara Henry Marlene Iohn Hartha Lela Haines Harmony Harris Hartley Hawkins Hendricks Gene Marcella William Mary Robert Iohn Hyde Iackson Iames Iarrell Iohnson Iones Iay Dee Marilyn Patricia Ernie Iames Ed. Io Ann Kittell Klemme Kublick Lamken Landreth Lawson Augustus Elsie Siebert Marlene Agnes Lovotta McKinney McLaughlin McLaughlin Mari Marr Miller Robert Mary Charles Io Ann Robert Nancy Moore Myers Nation Nation Neely Neuber Charlene Frazee Ewel Goldsberry Patty Holliday Sarah Iones 54 Mary I. Lewis Marilyn Miller Ronald Nichols Delores Fritz Myra Gough Freda Howard Ronny Kane Mariorie McClure Irene Minser Iohn Nicks Sharon Fry Arthur Gramlich Louella Howett loseph Kenner Mary Frances McEvers lanet Mitchell Gerald Otto -4 KSU lb 'Ha . ve. an Peggy Roberta Mary Alma Audrey Marie Pilcher Pinn Powell Rhoades Ritz Iacqueline Harry Walter Ramona John Rychel Sablotny Sablotny Scott Seketa Sharon Donald Mary Lau Helen Wesley Smith Spears Spencer Spires Stine Iuanita Thelma Sharcn Ruth Beverly Thomas Thompson Turner Tuttle Walker AIRPORT GROUN ,- Sv P'-Q Sk fo J s-3, Q Q -.R 3 A 1 K , 37 I W QP 1 -e -ei 2 A4 ENS , - V' ,. " Earl Theodore Ritz Rose Robert Shirley Singleton Singleton lane Beverly Stults Tenqler Raymond Patricia Wallace Weiss Shirley Sally Wheatley Whitaker Carrie Lee lean Williams Williams Rupert Shirley Winston Wiseman Betty Margie Rowland Ruch Catherine Donald Smith Smith Delores Shirley Terrell Teutel Ernest Mary Ann Wells Whalen Iosephine Betty Wilkerson Willrey Priscilla Robert Williams Wilson Robert Fred Wood Wright Back row: C. Kluqe, F. Morse, D. Sheley, C. Whiie, I. Waters, I. VanBuren, E. Kelley, R. Dennis. Third row: E. Shull, P. Ulm, P. Morse, S. Spain, P. Wilson, T. Lawson, D. Burton, R. Followell. Second row: I. Cessna, S. Blankenship, B. Hostick, C. Muze, N. Claycomb, C. Spoonamore, A. Ianofi, A. Adams. Firsl row: D. McKenzie, G. Rhodes, A. Nave, M. Perrine, I. Canham, P. Hadley, R. Reazer. MASCOTS--EIGHTH GRADE Back row: R. Carter, E. Roberts, H. Ketchum, E. Hughes, G. Iackson, G. King, D. Drury, B. Andruczk. Third row: I. Craig, C. Redding, C. Kane, D. Reynolds, I. Harlan, D. LaMotte, I. Ross, C. Davis. Second row: G. Hederick, B. Walker, F. Ware, I. Hewitt, R. Malheis, S. Register, I. Iackson. First row: E. Nickelson, P. Hickman, B. Suttle, B. Aidich, M. Nelson, M. Lane, T. Armour. Pictures of these Seniors will appear on pages indicated by numbers opposite names. IANUARY BAKER, JOYCE--5, 34, 35, 38, 62, 64 G.A.A.- 1, 2: Girls' Choir 2: Usherettes 2, 3: Girls' Club 3: Office Assistant 3, 4: Fi-Ec Club 4: Log Staff 4: Prom Committee 4. BALDONI, RICHARD-5, 26, 62 Home Room Leader 1: Football 1, 2: Prom Commit- tee 4: Track 1. BEARD, HENRIETTA-61, 62 Girls' Choir 3, 4: Second Choir 4: Y-Teens 4. BRADLEY, HOMER-37, 62 President, D. E. Club 4: Football 1, BRUCKNER, GEORGINA-32, 62, 64 G.A.A. 1: Girls' Choir 2: Second A Cappella 2: A Cap- pella 3, 4: Ensemble 4: Teacher's Assistant 4: Prom Committee 4. CARTER, DELORIS-61, 62 Y-Teens 1: G.A.A.: Las Amigas Y-Teens 4. DANNER, MABEL-38, 62, 64 G.A.A. 1, 2: Girls' Choir 2: Girls' Club 3: Fi-Ee Club 4: Prom Committee 4. DEXHEIMER, GLORIA-9. 20. 27. 34, 38, 62 G.A.A. 1, 2: Student Council 2: Girls' Choir 2: Office Assistant 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club 3: Y-Teens 3: Second A Cappella 3: Fi-Ec Club Vice President 4: Log Staff, 4: Blue and White Staff 4: National Honor Society 4: Prom Committee 4: Prom Queen's Court 4. DIBART, JOHN-62 Allied Youth 3: Student Council 2: Home Room Leader 3: Track 3, 4: Senior Class Treas. 4: Prom Committee 4: Basketball 2: Football 3: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. DYER, INEZ-63 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Girls' Club 3: Y-Teens 3: Fi-Ec Club 4: Prom Committee 4. EDDINGTON. MARILYN-32, 34, 63 G.A.A. 1, 2: Girls' Choir 2: Second Choir 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Log Staff 3,4 : Girls' Club 3, 4: Ensemble 4. FOLLIS, RITA-1, 21, 27, 32, 34, 35, 36, 63 Pres., Freshman Class 1: Home Room Leader 1: G.A.A. 1, 2: Girls' Choir 2: Second Choir 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Allied Youth 3: Treas. Y-Teens 3: Girls' Club 3: Blue and White Staff 3: Student Council 3: Pres. Stu- dent Council 4: Log Staff 3: Advertising Manager 4: Prom Committee 4: Prom Queen's Court 4. FORTH, CLYDE-37, 63 Junior Class Play 3: Senior Class Play 4: Dramatics Club 3: Assembly Committee 4: D.E. Club 4. GALLAGHER, LOUISE-32, 38, 63 G.A.A. 1, 2: Girls' Choir 2: Second A Cappella 4: A Cappella 4: F.H.A.: Fi-Ee Club 4: Prom Committee 4. GRADY, PAULINE-63 Operettas: Glee Club 1, 2: Dramatics Club GROVE, ROSEMARY-4, 9, 27. 34, 38. 53, 62. 63. 64 Office Assistant 1, 2: Teacher Assistant 2, 3: Carnival Queen 1: Allied Youth 2: Assembly Committee 2: G.A.A. 2, 3: Y-Teens 3: Girls' Club 3: Usherettes 3: Blue and White Staff 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Fi-Ec Club 4: Log Staff 3, 4: Vice President of Class 4: Prom Com- mittee 4: Prom Queen 4. HAMENDE, MARVIN-51 Football 1, 2, 3, 4. HAYES, JERRY-42, 48, 50, 63 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. HUTCHINSON, CARL-48, 49, 50, 63 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Baseball 1: Second A Cap- pella 2, 3: Prom Committee 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. JANET, HOWARD-37. 41, 63 Football 1, 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Second A Cappella 2: A Cappella 3: D. E. Club 4: National Athletic Scholar- ship Society 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: Allied Youth 3, 4: Spanish Club 1, 2. JOHNSON, TOM-5. 42. 63 Football 4: Baseball 4: A Cappella 3: Hi-Y 3, 4. JONES, JAMES-11, 52, 54, 55, 63 Baskeball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Track 4: Football 1: Second A Cappella 2, 3. JONES, SHIRLEY-20. 27. 32, 34, 35, 63 Home Room Leader 1, 2, 3: Girls' Choir 2: Second Choir 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Usherettes 3: Log Staff 3, 4: Girls' Club 3, 4: Secretary of Class 3: National Honor Soci- ety 4: Prom Committee 4: Prom Quecn's Court 4. KINCAID. VIVIAN-63 Girls' Choir 2: Second Choir 3: Girls' Club 3: Prom Committee 4. KLESPITZ, WANDA-8. 63 Girls' Choir 2: Teacher's Assistant 2: Prom Commit- tee 4. KOEHNE, DON-9. 64 Home Room Leader 3: Track 2: Football 2, 3: Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, KUBLICK, EILEEN-20. 34, 35. 38, 64 G.A.A. 1: Girls' Choir 2: Second Choir 2: A Cappella 3: Girls' Club 3, 4: Home Room Leader 3, 4: Allied Youth 3: Log Staff 3, 4: Fi-Ec Club 4: National Honor Society 4: Prom Committee 4. LEY, FRANCENE-38, 64 G.A.A. 2: Girls' Club 3: Fi-Ec Club 4: Prom Com- mittee 4. LEY, HELEN-38, 64 Fi-Ec Club 4: Prom Committee 4. LUFKIN, LEE ANN-64 G.A.A. 1: Girls' Club 3: Y-Teens 4. E841 MCFARLAND, LAEL-9, 20, 22, 24, 27, 32, 62, 64 Student Council 1: G.A.A. 1, 2: Girls' Choir 2: Second A Cappella 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Secretary of Class 4: National Honor Society 4: Prom Committee 4: Prom Queen's Court 4. McNUL'I'Y, ED-42 Student Cafeteria Staff 2, 3: Hi-Y 4. MACKAY, JOAN-32, 64 G.A.A. 2: Girls' Choir 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Y-Teens 3: Ensemble 4. MALCOR, BONNIE-34, 64 Girls' Choir 2: G.A.A. 2, 3: Allied Youth 2, 3: Office Assistant 2, 3: Log Staff 4: Prom Committee 4. MARCY, ELOISE-32, 34, 35, 64 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Girls' Choir 2: Second A Cappella 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Allied Youth 2, 3: Usherettes 3: Girls' Club 3, 4: Assistant Librarian 3, 4: Ensemble 4: Log Staff 4: Prom Committee 4, MICKO. MARY-38, 65 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Assistant Librarian 1: Girls' Club 3: Allied Youth 3: Fi-Ec Club 4: Prom Committee 4. MILLER, FLORENCE-38. 65 G.A.A.: Y-Teens. NEUBER, ERNEST-20, 27, 32, 43, 65 Log Staff 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 4: Home Room Leader: Second A Cappella: National Honor Society 4: Student Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Ensemble 4: Spanish Club 2. PATTON, ALBERTA-5, 20, 26, 34, 53, 64, 65 Girls' Club 3: Y-Teens 3: Assembly Committee 3: Log Staff 3, 4: Cheerleader 4: National Honor Society 4. SATTERFIELD, FLORENCE-65 Girls' Choir 2: Second Choir 2: G.A.A. 2, 4: Girls' Club 3: Lfherettes 3: Teacher's Assistant 4: Prom Commit- ee . SOUTH, RONNIE-20, 21, 27, 32, 41, 42, 43, 48, 50, 62, 64, 65 A Cappella 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Home Room Leader 2, 4: Blue 84 White Staff 4: Senior Class President 4: National Honor Society 4: National Ath- letic Scholarship Society 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3. SPENCE, MELVIN-8, 42, 48, 50, 51, 65 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: Student Council 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Track 3. STEWART, BOB-32. 65 TABORN, BLANC!-IE-61, 65 G.A.A. 2, 3. USHMAN, WALTER-47, 52, 54, 65 Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Prom Com- IIJIIE ADAMS, LOIS-27. 32, 37. 66 A Cappella 3, 4: Allied Youth 3: D. E. Club 4: G.A.A. 1, 2: Girls' Choir 2: Second A Cappella 2. ALLMON, FRANK-39 ANDERSEN, DAN-29, 39, 41, 42, 66 Band 1, 2: Blue 8: White Staff 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Track 1. ANDERSON. GLENN-25. 30, 57, 61. 66 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 3. ANDRUCZK, LEO-1, 34, 66 Assembly Committee 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Log Staff 4: Track 1, 3. ANGELI. JOE--52. 55, 57. 66 Basketball 3, 4: Track 1, Track Manager 3, 4. ATTEBERRY. PAT-34, 66 G.A.A. 1: Log Staff 4. BEARD, HAROLD-66 BEATTIE. REBA-9, 66 Candy Store 4: Home Room Leader 2: Log Staff 4: mittee 4. Y-Teens 3. BERKLER, JEAN-66 Y-Teens 3. BLAHOFSHI, FRANK-9, 21, 42, 48, 49, 52, 54, 67 Baseball43, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3. . BLY, MARGIE-20, 21, 40, 41, 43. 60, 67 Assembly Committee 4: D.A.R, Award 4: Dramatics Club 3: F.H.A. 3, 4: F.T.A, 4: G.A.A. 1: Girls' Club 2: Home Room Leader 1, 2, 3: Ticket Committee Senior Class Play 4: National Honor Society 4. BURGE. NED CANAVAN, JOE-61. 67 CAPELLA, JO ANN-1, 9, 20, 22, 24, 34, 35, 36, 67 Carnival Queen 4: Editor of Log 4: Log Staff 3: Student Council 1: Secretary of Student Council 4: Teacher's Assistant 2: Ticket Chairman of Senior Class Play 4: National Honor Society 4. CHAPMAN. BARBARA-67 G.A.A. 1. 2. CRO!-'T, RICHARDWG7 CROSS. MARILYN-37, 67 D. E. Club 4: Girls' Club 2. CROWDER, BOB-31, 67 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2: Track 3, 4: Senior Class Play Committee 4. CRUMLY, LYLE-67 CULLERS, LESLIE-67, 72 CURTIS, ROY Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4: Track 1, 2, 3. DAUGHERTY, FORREST-67 DAUGHERTY, HARRY-9, 11, 52. 54. 55. 67 Baseball 1, 2, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Blue 8: White Staff 3: Golf 4: Hi-Y 4. Pictures of ihese Seniors wlll appear on pages indicated by numbers opposite names. DODD, SAM-67 Allied Youth 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. DREELAN. GENE-67 Cafeteria Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4. DUNAVAN, JIM-28, 39, 41 Allied Youth 2: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Football 1: Junior Class Play 3. DUPONT, HENRY--56, 66, 67, 70 Football 4: Teachers' Assistant 4: Track 3, 4: Senior Class Vice Presdent 4. EVANS, LARRY-34, 36, 41, 42, 47, 52, 54, 57, 68 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Student Coun- cil 1, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Log Staff 4. FAFOGLIA, LINDO-68 Assembly Committee 3: Editor of Blue 8: White 3: Student Council 3. FAFOGLIA, OTTO-6, 36. 56, 68 Basketball 4: Football 1, 2: Student Council 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. FORD. JERRY-5, 37. 56. 68 Football 1: Track 1: Second Choir 2, FOX. DONNA-68 Blliie g: White Stal? 3. 4: Girls' Choir 2: Second A Cap- pe a . GATES, PI-IINEAS-68 GENTRY, GRACE-68 Latin Club 2: Y-Teens 3. GILPIN. BETTY-20. 34. 68 Assembly Cmmittee 1: G.A.A. 2: Log Staff 4: Teachers' Assistant 4: Program 8: Publicity Chairman of Senior Class Play 4: National Honor Society 4. GIFFORD, JERRY-20. 34. 68 Band 1, 2: Football 1, 2: Log Staff 4, HARGIS, NEDRA-7, 30, 69 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Cafeteria Staff 1: G.A.A. 2: Teachers' Assistant 3, 4: Y-Teens 3. HARMON, CHARLES-69 Band 3, 4: Track 3. HARMON, DAVE-68 Track 1: Football 2. HARRIS, CHARLES-69 HARRIS, ELIZABETH-69 F.H.A, 3, 4: Fi-Ec 4: G.A.A. 3: Student Council l. HAWS, I-IENRIETTA-20. 34, 39, 40. 41, 43, 69 Assembly Committee 4: Band 1, 2: Dramatics Club 3: F.H.A, 3. 4: G.A.A. 1: Junior Class Play 3: Log Staff 4: Student Council 1, 2: National Honor Society 4. HAYES, DONNA-1, 5, 20. 21, 34. 35, 69 G.A.A. 1: Log Staff 4: Teachers' Assistant 2, 3, 4: Pro- gram 8: Publicity Committee of Senior Class Play 4: National Honor Society 4. HOLMAN, RUTH-59, 69 G.A.A. 2: Girls' Club 3: Second A Cappella 2: Y-Teens 1. 2. HUPFMAN, MARILYN-4. 69 Blue 8: White Staff 3, 4: Program 8: Publicity Commit- tee of Senior Class Play 4. HUGHES, GEORGE-gb 256 24, 26, 32, 34, 35, 39, 41, 42, 48, 49. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: Allied Youth 2, 3: Candy Store 2: Cheerleader 3, 4: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Home Room Leader 1: Junior Banquet Master of Ceremonies: Log Staff l, 2, 3, 4: Assistant Editor of Log 4: National Athletic Scholar- ship Society 2, 3. 4: Pill Roller 3, 4: Second A Cappella 2: Senior Class Secretary 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: Student Council 2, 3: Student Council President 3: Teachers' Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: All City Student Council 3, 4: President of All City Student Council 4. INKSTER, ALBERT-20. 34. 41, 42, 43, 56, 66, 69 Blue 8: Whte Stafl' 3. 4: Log Staff 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, 3: Senior Class President 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Play 4. JOHNSON, DICK-20, 25, 29, 31, 69 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4: Student Council 1: National Honor Society 4. KILLDOO, ZADA-69 G.A.A. 1: Home Room Leader 2. KILLEN, HENRY-37, 69 Vice President of D. E. Club 4. KOLAZ, DON-69 KRIMMEL, WILMA-20, 29, 43, 69 Cafeteria Staff 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Junior Class Play 3: Senior Class Play 4: National Honor Society 4. KRUSI-IALL, ROLLE-39. 41. 70 Football 1: Track 1, 2: Assembly Committee 4, LEACH, BOB-26, 29, 36, 70 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4: Football 1, 2: Home Room Leader 1, 2, 3: Senior Class Play 4. LOCK, MARY--70 G.A.A. 1, 2: Girls' Choir 1, 2: Home Room Leader 2: Latin Club 2. MARKOVICS, JOE-20, 70 A Cappella 2, 3: Second A Cappella 2: National Honor Society 4. MASTICK. FORD-70 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MAXWELL, BOB-70 Allied Youth 2: Blue 8: White Staff 3: Football 1. McLAUGHLIN, GEORGE-21, 32, 42, 48, 51. 56, 66, 70 A Cappella 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Treasurer 4. McLAUGHI.IN, MARILYN-70 G.A.A. 1. MEIDEL, GEORGE-9, 20, 41, 42, 48, 56, 57, 70 Band 1, 2, 3: Football 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Log Staff 4: Track 3, 4: National Athletic Scholarship So- ciety 4: National Honor Society 4. MEYERS. BILL-48, 51, 71 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1. MICKO, SHIRLEY-10. 71 llgfamgtics Club 3: Fi-Ec 4: Girls' Choir 2: Junior Class ay . MILLER, ROSEMARY--71 Y Teens 3. MOFFETT. JIM-26. 42, 71 Golf 43 Hi-Y 4. NATION, VIVIAN-71 A Sapguella 3, 4: G.A.A. 2: Girls' Choir 2: Second A Cap- oe a . NELSON, MARY-71 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Second Band 2: Y Teens 2, 3. NEMETI-l, ROSE-37, 71 D. E. Club 4. OGER, BETTY-71 G.A.A. 1. PASLEY, JERRY-71 President of D. E. Club 4: Track 3. PATTERSON, NINA--32. 34, 58. 71 A Cappella 3, 4: G.A.A. 4: Teachers' Assistant 3, 4. PEART, LESLIE-20, 71 A Cappella 2, 3: National Honor Society 4. POOLE, BARBARA-32, 71 A Capella 3, 4: Dramatics Club 3: G.A.A. 2: Girls' Choir 2: Second A Cappella 2: Senior Class Play Committee 4. PRUITT, DELBERT PUSCH. BONNIE-34, 35, 71 Log Staff 4. RAGLAND, JACKIE-8, 10. 25, 29, 39. 41. 42 A Cappella 3, 4: Blue 8: White Staff 3, 4: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Girls' Choir 2, 3: Junior Class Play 3: Sec- ond A Cappella 2, 3: Senior Class Play 4. RANGE, ILENE-4. 71 G.A.A. 1. BATH, VIHGIL-27. 71 Allied Youth 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. REMBERT, WILLIE-58. 72 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club 3: Second A Cappella 2: Y Teens 3. RICI-IIE, RUTH-72 ROBINSON, PAUL-5, 41. 47. 52, 54, 55, 57, 72 A Cappella 3: Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1: National Athletic Scholarship Society 4: Second Choir 2: Student Council 1. BOTH, MARILYN-7. 34, 59, 72 Log Staff 4: Student Council 2. SABC, RAY-4, 42, 61. 72 SEXTON, MARY JANE-37, 72 D. E. Club 4: Program 8: Publicity Committee of Senior Class Play 4. SHAUGHNESSY, BILL-19, 28. 39. 72 SKUFCA, JIM-42, 48, 50. 51. 57. 72 Baseball 2: Football 3, 4: Golf 4: 1-li-Y 3, 4. SMITH, CHARLOTTE-33, 73 A Cappella 4: Girls' Choir 4. SMITH, LOIS ANN-20, 38, 73 G.A.A, 1, 2. 3: Home Room Leader 1: Y Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4. SNYDER. DORIS-37, 73 D. E. Club 4: Girls' Choir 2. SPOONAMORE, JOHN-9, 42. 61, 73 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2: Hi-Y 3, 4. STONE, JOHN-52, 54. 56. 73 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 4: Track 2, 4: Senior Class Play Committee 4. SUTTON, WENDELL-73 Baseball 2: Home Room Leader 1: Home Room Secre- tary 2, 3: Prom Committee 4: National Honor Society 4. TABORN, ANDREW-32. 39, 73 Track 3: Junior Class Play 3: Football 3: A Cappella 3. TAYLOR, CECIL-72 THOMPSON. BEVERLY-37, 43, 73 Allied Youth 3: G.A.A. 1: Girls' Club 2: Dramatics Club 3: Junior Class Play 3: Reporter of D. E, Club 4. WATKINS, NANCY-37, 38, 73 D. E. Club 4: Fi-Ec 4: G.A.A. 1, 2: Girls' Choir 2. WAX, LINDA-20, 32, 59, 73 A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Candy Store 4: Ensemble 4: Latin Club 2: Y Teens 3: National Honor Society 4. WEBSTER, EULETA-37, 38. 58, 61, 73 G.A.A. 3, 4: Girls' Club 3, 4: Home Room Secretary 3: Y Teens 3, 4. WEISENBACHER, DELORES-59, 72. 73 Allied Youth 1: G.A.A, 1: Girls' Choir 2: Student Coun- ci . WILKERSON, RICHARD-37. 73 Band 3: D. E, Club Secretary 4. WILLIAMS, BEN-20, 30, 73 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4. E851 PATRCNS The Log Statt wishes to acknowledge the generous support ot the following firms and in- dividuals who have helped to sponsor the 1951 Log: Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. COMPLIMENTS OF LLOYD'S CLEANERS G FURRIERS Art's Shoe Repair Shop Compliments A. Dirksen 61 Sons of Iohn E. MacWherter Cozy Dog Stand A Friend Coutrakon's C Altman's tteminine apparell Compliments Axtell-Kramer Co. Compliments Abraham Lincoln Hotel Attorney Amrhein's Bakery Compnmente Brown's Food Market Compliments Bud CS Helen's Floral Shop Compliments Treasurer Brown's Business College Compliments BEST WISHES FROM BURTON M. REID SONS, INC. ontectionery of M. B. Overaker, County Clerk ot George Coutrakon, State's ot I. Harry Happer, Circuit Clerk of Harry Eielson, Mayor of Arthur H. Cross, County of George W. Doyle, Commissioner Dunbar 6. Company-66 By-Pass Brunk and Sapp Drach's Restaurant Bachmann and Kumle, Prescription Druggists Dairy Queen Broadwells Drug Store Durham Electric Co. Barlow Iewelry Store Everley's Drug Store Bridge Iewelry Co., Inc. Elks Club Carl F. Schnirring Grocery COE'S BOOK STORE I. GLENN MCFARLAND, PRES. Flowers by Mary Lou FEITSHANS HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA Frisina Amusement Co. Collins and Company, Iewelers FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Campbell Candy Co. Claus, Inc.-Groceries 5. Feed DISTINGUISHED SERVICE SINCE 1884 Gray's Confectionery Central Iron G Metal Co. Goodyxsoody Drive In Community Service Bakery Holland-Your leweler HENRY NELCH G SON CO. Central Illinois Light Co. BUILDING MATERIALS, Capital City Paper Co. READY MIXED CONCRETE PATRONS Herter's Drug Store HEINEKE ci COMPANY Illinois State Iournal ci Register I. D. "Ike" Follis, Insurance Agent Ideal Drug Stores Illinois National Casualty Co. Ieff's Upholstering I. Layendecker Sons Lenz Eye Service LINCOLN CANDY CO. H. E. MURPHY, REPRESENTATIVE MONTGOMERY WARD AND CO. Mel-O-Cream Donut Co. Morgan Paint Co. Minit-Man Car 'W ash Majestic Shoppe Melody Lane Record Shop McCoy Hardware Co. Moonlight Roller Skating Palace Neurnode Hosiery Shop Paris Cleaners CS Furriers, Inc. Pfile's Camera Shop Plain's Food Service Producer's Dairy Co. Paul Edwards-Hudson Motor Co. Robinson Bros. Barber Shop Re-Nu Furniture CS Appliance Co. Springfield Transportation Co. Schmidt Bros., Inc.w-Roofing CS Sheet Metal Southtown Grill Sears Roebuck and Co. S and L Department Store Springfield Dry Goods Store Stolleis Meat Market SOUTHTOWN RADIO ci ELECTRIC CO. HOTPOINT APPLIANCES-ELECTRIC CO CONTRACTING-RADIO SERVICE Stout's Iewelers Springfield Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Staab Battery Mfg. Co. Sagle Motor Sales Sonrise Donut Shop and Coffee Bar Swinney's Service Station SPRINGFIELD MARINE BANK Sullivan's Barber Shop Sangamon Dairy Products The Baker Mfg. Co. The Den The First National Bank of Springfield The LaRose Shoppe The Bootery The Bowl The Illinois National Bank of Springfield TYPEVVRITER SERVICE CO. The Platter-Records-Radio Phonographs The Georgian Underwood Corporation WATT BROS. PHARMACY Ware Oil Company W. R. Curtis, Ieweler Winch Floral Shop White Loan Company JT X 'N ff X - '25 5 f o X . X Q "' X f g 'X , :s eat dl . C Sq X- 0 Loolflo RHS. For L 'We ot the l95l Loq Statt wish to extend a hearty thank you to the following people: Herbert Georg Studios-Portraits and Commercial Groups Anker Studio-Portraits Burchett's Stuclios--Portraits Columbia Studios-Portraits Mercury StucliosfProm Pictures Vifilliamson Press, lnc., and Mr. Minor L. Smith Capitol Enaravinq Company and Mr. I. L. Scronce The Camera Shop Miss Helen Peiter, tor her many ideas and suqqestions -JFHE l95l LOG STAFF ..!4btt0gI"6l,9A 5

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