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.rm , V 'i"'rr"f'a1mff -f"""A . I-Nj, R!-Hy, f MM- 'L-spy' '- 'f Vg- K.. ' ... iw , ,.,, V .H V w f w , - .3 I ' -' Y. ' HQ , in .sx ' 5 w si j - H 1 53 ,. J r 4 5, 74 .ag T : F :TQYQ QV. 1 ' ,wwf -M.. ,' , z ., f X . X P-.4 P 1 gm D y I X w isp l ' wfgq 5 A 4 :23:31 5 1 71' 0 109 Ed t f 1949 i 3 E r,.u..,,, tilt' ik 'Sw his ,af X + N .i WX Ni 1? 4 fir: X ZF if Av N sux e 9- ,Q bi Q in -E Q35 . log Feitshcm's High School SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS Dear Diary: Here it is Septembervagain and time to start the 1949 edition of the Log. Wonder what this year will bringf? We hope a good football sea- son, plenty of basketball victories, lots of good runners for track, loads of fun, and not too much Work. I am looking forward to graduation in June, I hope, I hope! I can hardly Wait to see all that will happen. ' ' ' . Susie. L'4.l,Q X 6594543 Btwn? awww hcfkliaqb we Mmbjva C-so D ,YW S 9' , Q a X lox I 5 a E sw i E F 5 5 S 5 i S E 5 .K 7 YYY, DEDICATION Dear Diary: The P.T.A. has really done a lot helping the school inthe last couple ot years. They bought beautiful new curtains hanging in the auditorium, they redecorated the teachers rest room, and helped the Log by giving us money. This year they asked the Board of Education to buy us a new piano for the first floor, or an amplifier for the gym. The Board bought the piano so the P.T.A. bought the amplifier. Each year they give the football and basketball team a big banquet, which l've heard has been mighty good. The Whole school really wishes to thank this splendid organization. In appre- ciation we dedicate this 1949 edition of the Log to the PTA. Susie and Archie. PTA OFFICERS President ................ Mrs. Harold Klaus First Vice-Pres ............. Mrs. Earl Wax Second Vice-Pres ..... Mr. Carl Heiden wi? Secretary .............. Mrs. Arthur Marcy 'EEL Treasurer .............. Mrs. Charles Riley at Cv fy f Y f 7 MV ZZ Qf pf ap nk, ? 1 X R ,D 4 -ina J J X: aff? .4 "'-A '- 1-H.. ff 7' 'W ' ff. .,g, T " lg ff- mf 2 A uf R-3. f .. ...,. . t,..., .... . .,.. . , A N K JI' L7 K 1 VXVY 1 jf . mkxxx 'X . A TRIBUTE TO TWEN Mr. Fred C. Nichols graduated from Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana in 1916. ln college he played football two years, baseball four years. His best batting average was .42l. During his Senior year he was captain of the baseball team as well as instructor in Mathe- matics. He was in th e Navy during World War I. He then taught in Indian t a wo years before coming to Springfield High School. For four years he was in charge of the Freshmen -in the old Central Building. He was principal of Du- bois school for two years. In the fall of 192 he was call d 9 e upon to organize Feitshans High School. He became principal h 1. . ere and con- inued in that position for 20 years. Mr. Nichols worked very hard during the depression years to have Feitshans take a place of prominence in Springfield. l - n 1936 37 the F R E D C. N I TY YEARS OF SERVICE science laboratories, the Home Economics Dept. Typing Art Me h ' , , c anical Drawing the h I educati f , p ysical on acilities were accommodated in the remodelled building and the following year Feitshans High was accredited by the North Central Association. Under Mr. Nichols' direction the student council was sta t d r e , the rental book system was instituted, the band and choir w ere organized and equipped. The music dept. and athletics have a recognized part in the community. We now have a course in preparation for marriage, in office practice, the only aeronautics class and only kiln in an f y o the schools of the city. We are losing an excellent principal and friend by his resignation this year. We give high tribute to Mr. Nichols and hope he has much success in whatever he under- takes. I The LOG Staff. ADMINISTRATION EARL WAX Assistant Principal Dear Diary: Golly! Was I Worried today! l got an office call from Mr. Wax. l wondered what l had done now. but all my Wor- rying was wasted though, because he just wanted to make out my next semes- ter schedule. Mr. Wax is really helpful to us boys. l understand the girls like him pretty Well, too. l guess he has to keep an eagle eye on us to see why we weren't in school, or we would all be skipping. Archie. ELIZABETH COGSWELL Dean of Girls Dear Diary: . Ieepers! Miss Cogswell really straightened me out today. I had no idea What subjects were required for graduation from high school. lf she hadn't called me in for a little chat l Would probably have had all minors and no majors in my subjects. She also gave me' some helpful advice on how to choose my vocation when l graduate. Everyone is grateful for her interest in us. Shereally understands all the girls' problems. Miss Cogswell also teaches two classes in English. Susie. f S f SQXXY K iv Qx 42 375' x ,-,Q 1 9 . we 8, X .QSX9 THE WRITERS The diary writers lor our '49 Log are the students and Iaculiy Writing daily in their class rooms. ln the following pages the faculty are listed with iheir schools and degrees. The siudents from Seniors to Freshmen are shown in various classrooms working in each depart- ment. W3 Vw? fix! ff, 'ff AQ ff as f z,a,! f AY X ,D jr ,gk J W.. ff 7. fx- I " X.. .'lV' ' 1--L ' ' 1 :.' uf. fran., my k- is 7- 5 K Ynvhfl , 'Wt C- Z . C27 W ! "fn, 11,0 vv j ,, L xl lv' i X F A C U . L MR. LEALAND BARCLAY MR. WALTER BARNISKIS. The Stout Institute I-LB. Printinq, Gen. Shop Bradley University Physical Education MR. VERNON BEIER. B. Ed. MISS LOIS BODY, M.A. MISS INES BRESSAN. Illinois Normal University of Illinois B. Ed., B.S. University of Illinois English . . MacMurray College Physics, Chemistry, Home Economics Gen. Science i i i MRS. GLADYS BUSCH. MR. WALTER CONAVAY. B.S. B.S. i University oi Illinois Bradley University , English Woodwork i i 1 MISS CATHRYN COTHREN MISS CLELLA DALY. M.S. - MRS. VIRGINIA ERICKSON. F B.Ed., M.S. University of Wisconsin B. Ed. I University of Wisconsin Physical Education Illinois State Normal f Social Studies, Soc. Prob. University 5 Shorthand, Typewritinq, I Office Practice, Bookkeepinq F A C U L MRS. LOLA HAGMAN, B.S. MR. LE ROY HALBERG. B.S. Warrensburg Missouri University of Illinois State College Citizenship Home Economics MR. CARL HEIDEN, B.A. MISS BESS KASISKE. MR. CHARLES KENNEY. Iowa State Teachers College B.S., Education BA. Mechanical Drawing State Teachers College, Iarnes Millikin University Kirksville, Missouri ' MJ-X. Typewriting, Shorthand University of Colorado, L.L.B. Lincoln College, American Government Business Law American History A C U L T Y MISS ALICE MATLACK. MR. MELVIN MCCOY. M.A. B.M. University of Illinois American Conservatory of Band, Music Theory Music, Chicago, Illinois Graduate Work, Iuilliard, New York City Music MISS HELEN PEIFER. A.B. MRS. GRACE POTTER. B.S. MISS KATHERINE POWELL, College of St. Teresa, MA. Millikin University B.S. University of Illinois Foods State Teachers College, Mathematics, Aeronautics Kirksville, Missouri, M.A. University of Missouri English MISS REBEKAH PRATT. B.A. MRS. VIOLET PRUGGER. University of Illinois, MA. B.A., M.A. University oi Wisconsin Northwestern University American Government Latin, Spanish, English American History F A , C U L T MRS. CLARA ROELLIG. B.A. MR. ROBERT ROWE. B.E. MR. CLARENCE RUFF. . Chicago Art Institute Ill. State Normal University, A B.S., M.S. Art M.A. University of Wisconsin University of Illinois Science Science, Biology U ll xg -3. L T Y , MISS LOUISE E. SADLER. MISS EDITH SUTTON. B.E. B.S.. M.A. University of Colorado University of Illinois Ill. State Normal University Algebra, Geometry, Triq. Biology, Science WILSON Bus' MISS LUCILE FERREIRA. f m. . Ph.B. . o moms . . . . University oi Chicago Mathematics English OFFICE STAFF MISS CLIFFORDINE MOUNTZ MRS. DORIS HELPHINSTINE Dear Diary: I met our attendance clerk, Mrs. Helphinstine, today. She Watches our absences and tardiness. How that telephone helps her check our excuses! Miss Cliffordine Mountz is Mr. Nichols' secretary. She keeps records, handles all the money, and checks all the accounts. These two make the office run smoothly and efficiently. Susie. Dear Diary: When one has been sick our school nurse, Mrs. Betty Westwood, sees that We are Well enough to attend classes again. She's a busy person as she is responsible for several schools and visits them every week. V i Archie. Dear Diary: il must return that library book l took out last week from Mrs. Haynes in the library. I have to pay S0.0l a day for every day I forget to take it back. It was a book on economics but it doesn't MRS. BETTY WESTWOOD do me much good. lt's supposed to save me money and here it's costing me a whole cent a day. The library serves a double purpose as it is also used for girl's study hall. Archie. MRS. WILMA HAYNES C161 . Q5 1 x s 5333. 51 . N' ,529 f ss - 51, :XR AIT.. X, Wag S 'N na :ww , . , . M X1 up TQNZF ,Q KNM--,.X:.X-5.-if XX xi - Q3 S. N X , N . v , I I 1 ,ar his Se-115311 MLS' -N, Q g +,. 5 V 5 If kk F' 35 I 1 wx.. ' 4 .x - . ff -m?'5'd2-5+ 5 - R k'I K -Q . gc gn! 1 9 V ' , .4.. 'X ' ' ,- 1 gn fm -1 w ,, ' Fr gn , , P I , Q Qt ' 'il'-gfif -. :Vi ' if ' N 1 -Y is! in x YQ 4 , l X K K NN As, N " - ' x Q x x 33 'X ' ggi! 3-1-MM ., Wm? Q, N Z Q r 'XA X FQ. fs- ' 9:51 515 A 'Sv QQ Q- X g..,,,:. x. QQ xii' . Q N ' X QQ 'S 5 Q f QQx.,,,.E S? 5 'bf lx' M Q .Q ..... . X , Q, .Q X Q , A N lhll Q . N Q Q .Q - Sf, N Sf Q ? -Nixgi . V Hg. K 5, t I gf X ' . .V .:,.. ' Q Q C QQ QQ S Q M fi: - ,- :MS X .Q -- A 3 '1.,f5:,i,.w xg W NQQQXQ ' ' H-,' : ge ?x' . 1 i Q-id N . i N ' IM ' . w.-ggggi-gg ' ' gi , - X-MQ v -. . ,Q -"5:Q,.gf ' 5' fy Q' MXVS, Q Q , Qwi rg, v-Q W- " ' .,::Xg2,fsgQ ,Q .. EKSQWXLKQ-A-Q - Q. . f:g.wzN1SQ:1x.w1.1- X Q .IQTNSQQSNQNQ X T-I ' S . t v 1 Q - '- X fi xg X' :X gf'-...... x XM ' in Ml A ex Q v ,X x ' . Q f-QS' 1.5 '-- 1' - A:--xx ' 5 J Q-wing ON f S A AKNRQ. Q DEPARTMENTS CHORUS ' Dear Diary: Gee, was I scared today! I had to sing a solo in chorus and my knees trembled like a leaf. I think I made a passing grade, though. I hope I did any Way. After I have completed a year of freshman chorus and a year of Second A Cappella, I'll be eligible to take A Cappella. Golly I can't wait-Miss Matlock does a swell job making all those voices har- monize. Susie. MUSIC THEORY Dear Diary: You should hear that piece I composed in Music Theory today! I might decide to become a song writer some day. ll-Ia Hal. Anyone wishing to major in .mu- sic has to take Music Theory, but it is really fun. All those notes and keys mix me up some but I 'think I'm beginning to learn. ll hopel. Music theory is taught by Mr. MC- Coy. Archie. HOME ECONOMICS Dear Diary: I don't think l'll ever get :ny dress done. It takes so much time to baste, fit and sew all those seams. Making my own clothes is tun and saves money, too. Next semester I'm going to take foods. I hope We don't have to eat everything we cook. I can'l Wait till I'm a Senior so I can take Home Management. Home Eco- nomics helps out a lot when girls plan to get married. Miss Bressan, Mrs. Hagman, and Mrs. Potter really teach us something in these subjects. ' Susie. IIQI DEPARTMENTS FOREIGN LANGUAGE Dear Diary: Today we started a Latin Club to promote a better understanding of the way the ancient Romans lived. The club will meet every other Friday and should be great fun. Maybe it will help me in my Caesar. Oh boy! We have food, too. Mrs. Prugger has more energy than I have to teach two Spanish and two Latin classes, and then organizing a Latin Club and a Spanish Club. She really knows her Spanish, too. She frequently spends her summers in Mexico so that she can use her Spanish and obtain interesting material for her classes. Susie. PRINTING Dear Diary: Today I finished setting up the type for my last assignment in printing. l really hate to leave that printing class because I really learned a lot about the printing industry. Our printing class does all the printing for school activities such as programs and tickets for dances and concerts. Mr. Barclay really knows what he's talking about when he teaches us about printing. Archie. ART Dear Diary: l've been burning the midnight oil again. Every term I make a resolution to finish my Art report but never get at it until the last night before it is due. We do many different and interesting things in art. Posters of all kinds, finger painting, party favors, Christmas cards, books, figures and vases in clay. I have many different fields of art to take. They are Painting, Art I 6: ll, Design, and Ceramics. Mrs. Roellig teaches all these subjects. Susie. l20l 5' : -, A I ..,., I ix 1, Xf .-fmnmti, 'X 1: F as nf-. My xx. gg :AQSDY ..: -' k W- W QwSx i 5 Y f ' x ,- gQaQgP-1?IN3Q,'X'5' grip K Q xs- S if 5 . T , is xg, . xx ,. l n 5 NNW X, , N Nm h Q N Miwfw is ' X Q 3 x ., s X f , X sf' X bg ' 95 "' ?e N X XQQQR! K 55 ix JANUARY SENIOR CLASS CFFICERS President .......... ........... N OHMAN ARNOLD Vice-President ................ IAMES MCLAUGHLIN Treasurer .... ......... S HERILYN SORENSON Secretary .......... ............ W ANDA WATKINS IANUARY SENIORS. 1949 Dear Diary: The January Seniors have said good-bye to F.H.S., having completed tour years, some 'three and a half, they all received their diploma ot Graduation. Some were happy While others were sad as they said good-bye to high school days. - V I These Seniors gave a Ir. Sr. banquet in l947 and gave the "Winter Wonderland" Prom in l949. Everyone enjoyed both of these affairs. They sold coke at the football games and basketball games and with money secured from these sales bought a case to store records for the amplifier in. We wish you all good health, enough Work, and much happiness. Susie and Archie. NORMAN ARNOLD "Our Senior Class Presiulvnlv -.-l shining light, 'Dorff rush girls-'Lina forms at thu right." Student Council, National Honor Sn- ciety, President ol Senior Class. HAROLD BURNS "Alumys lrntglting aml always joking, .-It playing tricks he needs no max- ing." Band. JOAN CUNNlNGHAM "Her eyes are such a lovely' l:lnr'. What say, boys? Thenfs your me." CAROL BAUGH i'Fnr getting things alone well, slufs one af thc best, Egicivnt-yes'-just put her to the test." Cheerleader, Y Teens, From Commit- tee., G.A.A., Band, Usllercllc, Home Room Lender, Allied Youth. KARL CHAMBERS ".-lllvays so smart in rhcntislry, H1-'ll go plm-es, wait and sec." A Cappella, Prom Committee, Nu- tional Honor Society. EDWARD DI BART "He doesn't say much but tlmfs 0.K.. lT'e'll remember llinl for many tt clay." '4 JANUARY SENIORS ELLEN BEST "She's knmrn as 'Dully' to all ber friends. h Thr'ru's mischief llreuvin' nrltcnevvr sho grins." Student Connril, A Cappella, G.A.A., Y Tcens,AAllied Youth, Girls Ensem- ble. LOREBA CHAVIS "Always friendly with a smile for yon, Anrl when it rains sl1.c'll be smilin' thru." Girls Choir, 2nd A Cappella. MARION DONNELLY "She clirln'l believe in much, But was always rearly for fun and xnr-ll." sttulyin' MARJORIE BROWN "Serene she goes in her nntroulnlutl 'll'l1:Y, Friendly and happy and always guy." NORMA COPI "Very active in all kinds of sports, Cuts quite a 'Egger' in her blouse and shorts." National Honor Society. A Cappella, G.A.A., Allied Youth, Prom Commit- tee, Y Teens. Usherelles, Yeurlmok Stall, Home Room Leader, Girls En- Semhle. RODNEY ENGLAND "He's so smart-Gosh-Gee-Whiz! Wish I had a brain like bis." Band, Home Room Lender, Yearbook Stuff, National Honor Society. E231 JANUARY SENIORS WILLIAM GILBERT "Easy going and always carefree, We should all be as happy ns hc." Track, Football, Basketball, Varsity Club. BONNIE JOHNSON "Has one of the prettiest smiles. And so needs work no other styles." Y Teens, G.A.A. BETTY MCCALL "Has a knack for managing people and trouble, She's to trouble as a pin is to o bubble." Assembly Committee, Graduation Com- mittee, Allied Youtli, Girls Choir, Yearbook Stall, National Honor Sn- ciety. CATHERINE HACKER "Gosh she can really harmonize. Who knou-s to what heights she: may rise." Student Couuril, G.A.A,. A Cappella, Allied Youth, Y Teens, Yearbook Stall, Girls Ensemble. MARY KLESPITZ "Mary's life is quite sublime, But she scams to hare a wonrlc-rful time." C.A.A., Prom Committee. CHARLOTTE MCDONALD "fl charming miss one must mlruit, With evurynm- she makes a hit." v BARBARA HOLT "Intelligcnl,' pretty, what more run I soy, Wayne thinks Barb is really 0.K." Girls Ensemble, A Cappella, Stuileul Council, Usherelles, Allied Youlli. Y Teens., Yearbook Slalf, National Hun- ur Society, Prom Committee. BETTY KOOPMAN "My shining star in Latin class, W'ithouL her I'll hardly think I'1l pass." Student Council, A Cappella, Year- book Stall, Allied Youth, Vesper Serv- ice Committee, National Honor Society. JIM MCLAUGHLIN "Here's n boy that 1-fm't be lwut, He rclusetl to admit dt-fear." Rand. Football, Track. Hi Y, Varsity Club. Harmuuelte Quartette. MARGARET HUGHES "The cutest grin I'1'e ever sa-un. She'll make some boy a little queen." Spauisli Club, C.A.A., Y Teens. DONALD LEE "Full of fun and misrlxief. lung Ofcr u dare, thafs his ruc."' Football, Track, A Cappella. HOWARD NATION "Modest, of course. but always reruly To show that lift-'s jim- and slNuly.' Student Council. Varsity Club. Foul- bnll, Baseball. E243 JACK PENDLETON "A papulnr fgun- al Fc-ilshrms High, Hu brnuglll from many girls a sigh." Allied Yuulll, Hi Y. Football, Basket- ball. Track. A Cappella, Varsily Club, National Athletic Scholarship Society. Harmonelte Quarletle. Yearbook Stall. Pram Committee. EVELYN TURNER "0nrc Evvlyn gels llvr slarl. Shefll do great Ihings in lho field of .flrl." A Cappella. Y Teens, G.A.A.. Allied Youth. National Honor Suri:-ly. JUNE WALKER "Really fur work. ramlj' lor fun: Ready lo help 'til lhe wnrk is done." A Cappella. G.A.A., Allied Youth. Y Teens, Ushereltes, Yearbuok Stai, Prom Committee. Girls Ensemble, Treasurer of Freshman Class. ELLEN RAMEY ".-I quicl girl you nuns! anlrnil. llul slill slw always mnkrx u Init." Laliu Club. Y Teen, National Honor Sorirly. PETE URBAS "Pieter David is quite ilu- lacl. A devil with the girls. is llml had?" llaskelball, Baseball, A Cappella, Hi Y, Student Council. Varsity Club. Prom Committee, Allied Ynuth, Na- liuunl Athletic Schnlarsllip Society. Yearbook Stall, National Honor Su- ciely. WANDA WATKINS "Happy and gay, Works vt-cry day- Why hurry?" A Cappella, Yearbook Staff. Slurlvnt Council. G.A.A.. Dance: Coluluitter. Allied Ynulli, Home Room Leader. Y Teens. Vice-President ol Senior Class. Pram Cmnmiltcr. National Honor Stn-ie-lg. PAULINE REASNO p "She n'asn'1 wilh us rvry lung. llut she marie hvr pr4'xmu'1- lumufn rmrl rvspm-tml." Spanish Club, Y Toons. MARILYN UTINS KE "Hale to law ha-r, .1hc's so granulg She is always in demand." C.A.A., A Cappella. Y Ta-cus, Allied Youth, Girls Ensemble. GEORGE WINSTON "A jay iv U lonlball nr basketball lan. He'll go plaves if anyone van." Band, Foothnll. Track, Basketball. A Cappella, I-larmonettv Qnartette. Var- sity Club. National Alhletir Soriety, l'rnnt Cnlnnlillvv. Allied Yunlb. SHEBILYN SORENSON "l'on'll never find a marc willing girl. For giving other peuplt-'s llrlppim-ss a whirl." Yearbook SMH, Prom Colnlniller, Y Tvs-us. Allied Youth. DICK WAGONEH "One of the nirvsl yan'll ngrvv, .lusl the lmy far yan or mv." A Cappella. SENIOHS WITHOUT PICTURES BILL CAPELLA CLYDE DRURY BILL HAMENDE DLIVER MABIE EARL WHITE DAISY WALKER JANUARY SEN IORS E251 JUNE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .,...... ........... D OROTHY COX Secretary ....... ............ S UE PATTERSON Treasurer .......... GEORGE DOERFLER IUNE SENIORS, 1949 Dear Diary: . Time has come for another class of seniors to put away their books and say good-bye to F.H.S. Everyone is sad to leave high school, but many have exciting plans for continued Work and study. This class gave the Ir.-Senior banquet in 1948 with their theme as the "Chuck Wagon". They gave the play, "I Wouldn't Know" in May, 1949 and the successful "Sweetheart Promenade" on June ll. We are sorry this class is leaving F.H.S. because with it goes many of our athletes and talented students. Good luck! , Susie. DORIS ADELMAN "So light and fair, lfilh lm-ely blond hnir.' WILBUR BRANHAM "We see him scouting here a there. Docs he ever pause for air." RUTH CLAYCOMB "Our Rulhie is always sn gay, n ll She giggles and laughs all day." .K Cappella Choir, C.A.A. JOANNE AIELLO "This gal will nv:-cr lirc, Trying to set the worlrl on fire." FHANCESCA BROWN "A popular girl around the town." Band, C.A.A. MARIE COLE "Her fc-a!u.res all so swcvl anal rule, And pleasing m'lionsAlo boot." G.A.A., Sludcnl Council, Hume Room Lender. JUNE SENIORS MARGARET BLESSING "Our gal who rimles a nlolorvyrle. Y Teens, 'lml A Cappella, G.A.A., Girls Choir. ARLENE CARTER "This gal is really an acc, Always with a smile on her face." Y Teens, C.A.A. LOIS COOK "In all har slurlies she is oh so gnorl, Making grades we wish we 4-onlflf' G.A.A., National Honur Society. MARGARETTE BOWLES "This girl will surely make- a gain, W'ilh such a very clever brain." Y Teens. RAY CUIFETELLI "une must remember the olfl mlagc. Dynamite comes in a lillle package." DOROTHY COX "In rhythm and rhyme, She is always in lime." Girls Ensemble. A Cappella Choir, G.A.A., Usherelle Club, Log Stall, Vine-President Senior Class, Home Room Leader, Senior Class Play, Prom Comrninee, National Honor Society. x vs., 3 "3s v E271 JUNE SENIORS JOHANN' DAVIS "Sa lvinsunue nm! bright. Slu"s rvnlly all righl." BILL I-'ENSTERMAKEH "Why :curry nhnul lotllly- Tonmrrlm: will flu." Sz-niur Class Play. JAMES FOX "We ull um Inns Of this muscle man." lfoolball. Bnskellmll, Truck. Hi Y Yarsfly Club. Slmlenl Counril. Na- linnal Allilelic Society, Allied Youth. RAY DEXHEIMER "Hc's nn! only good in juullmll. Yrm'Il find lhnl he un-referls in all." lfuutlzall, lhlskcllmll. Trark. Sluclen! Council, Hi Y. Varsity Club. National Athletic Sociely, A Capp:-lla Chuir. National Honor Sncirly. BILL I-'LEER "Hel rid:-s uboul un his rmrlorryrlln Wilh Iitllv vrlrc of sa-hnnl. .vu lrilIr'." DENNIS GANZKOW "Hu smnurlirnvs silx mul Ihinks. llul umslly juxl SITSI' GEORGE DOERFI-ER "The good div young-A I feel fine." Hi Y. Baseball. Baud. Prum Committee. lhifkr-lluall. CAROL FOLLIS "A gn! so xweel and kilul. With naught but guod in mind." A Cappella, G.A.A.. Y Teens, Allied Youlh, Home Room Leader, Sluulnnl Council, Girls Chair, 2nd A Cappella Chair. DELORES GOOCH "Sn lrie-mlly mul guy. :Ill Ihrnugh lhv day." NORMA DONNIGAN' "Sn spurly nnrl wlsv. This gall of xmnll sim-." G.A.A. MAMIE FOSTER "Mamie likvx In laugh mul smilv. Sha- slmlius loo-nn:-1' in u lrhilvf' BOB GRIFFITH "Strung und mighly - .'l'Ii.!h!y fine. Ihnl is." lfunlball, lluskelllall, Trark. Varsity Club. E281 JOHN GRONEWALD "One lhing ymfll find hz-'ll ru-I-rr xhirlr. And that mu' lhing is work." Hi Y. JUANITA HOPPIN "Her molto lrue, The' Colden RnIv." A Cappella. JACK KINCAID "With all his fanlls uw grill'- Tlu- slillvr lha b4'lIPr." lun' llim JAMES HAMRICK "fl guy mf:-er xml. ls lhis liar' lad." A Cappella. LENA HOUSTON "Her lllnglling fare' will xv! a pure. l"nr all nl us to follow." A Cnpprlla, G.A.A. ROSEMARY KLAUS "Su good and airv. She- runs! be nxmlu ul sugar and spurs." Y Teens, G.A.A., Band, Allied Yamila. Ksllerflle, Yearbook Stall, Lulin Club. Home Room Leader, Senior Class Play, Prom Conumiller. Nllinnal Hun- nr Sm-irtv. GEORGE HARWOOD PAT HOGAN "To win a lalenl rnnlesl is quilv n "Sim lvmls our flu-vrs fear, ' Anal ix vary dear." Our rrn0rwr'1 loin- is lmrfl In Ianni." Cheerleadvr. G.A.,-X., Y 'IR-1-nu, Hunn- A Cuppellax. BILL HUBBARD 'Z-llnhiliuus plus -- Rules high wilh ns." Track, Varsily Club. lhnnl. GLORIA LEE ".-I xmiliag lan' will: Laughing vyvsf liaml. Ronin SPC.. Girls Choir. 2nd A Cup- pella. , JOHN KARLICHEK "Tall, lrlnml with blue 1-yrs. Raliag all the girls' sighs." MARJORIE LEHNER "In lyping she has grvnl skill. In an nfire shefll jill lhv hill." GAA.. Senior Class Play. JUNE SENIORS E291 JUNE SENIORS DELORES LEHR '24 golfer sim is nl hr-nrt. ll"ilh skill from whirl: shafll m'l'r'r pnrf." G.A.A. CHARLES MATUSZKI "Hu lm.: a wonderful vnire, To 4-house 11 rumlinn hv has a gnml rhniccf' A' Cappella. Hi Y, Sluilenl Coum-il, lfuollmll, Varsity Club, Trurk. Bas- kellxall flllanagerl. Allie-il Ynulll. Presirlenl Seninr Class. BILL MILLER i'One must Im sill-nl In Think rl lol." A Cappella. V IRGINIA LINK ' 'Th rm- hig hrnwn vyvs. Cnusv Ihr- If-Ilvwx In sigh." C.A.A. MARLENE MEIDEL "The way she slurliex :xml rerilcs. Civvs the jlunlrers furly frights." Sluflz-nl Council, Yearbook Staff, C.A.A.. Allied Ynnlll, Uslxoretles, A Cappella, Seniur Class Play, Nalinuul Hnnor Snriely. JOHN MOFFETT "Hr!rn11sv a man fInesn't say lnnvhl lx no sign hr' has nulhing I0 say." SHIRLEY MCDONALD "I.if4- ix short- ,-lml sn is she-." JOHN MICKO "Ii-Icssed is Ihr man having nnlh- ing lo my. Hv ks-:fps slilI." liaml . GRACE MONKMAN "Sim laughs nm! mnkvs lifv full nf fun, Alxmys ready ncilh a pun." G.A.A., A Cappella, Cafeteria. RE GINALD MAR! 'His lung ns lm has his pipv. l'nl sun- 1vv'Il m're'r xw' him grip:-." ARLENE MILLER "Her work has nnl Irvvn in vain. She has drevvloyuzrl an enormous brain." Student Council, C.A.A.. Usllerellos. Allied Yuulll, Nzlliignul Hmmm' Sm-iely. TOM MURRAY "He's 41 1-nlv mul frislfy lrnl. Smnvlimvs gum! mul snnwlinn-s h1ul." Band, Cafeteria. i301 MARY ANN' NESCH "Hur friendship is pnrlmgv lmuml. Tlmfll go lllis wnrlrl llrmmrlf' C.A.:X., A Cappella, .Allie-ll Youllx. GWEN 0'BRIEN "A girl behind llm team, She keeps our rlwfering nu Ihr lwam." llllefrleanler. C.A.A., Yearlmnk Slnll' Prvside-nl Fr:-sllnmn Class. Y Turns. KENNETH POOLE ' "Hu nvrcr said ll foolish lhiup. l'vl nluwrs rlizl u wixn nu1'?."' BERNICE Nrcxs ' "A trim lilllc girl rrilh plruly uf style. .flufl upnn her fare' rher4"s nllmys a smile." JOE 0'CONNOR - "lf's nirv In gc-I up iu llm umruiug. Hui il's ni:-r-r In Iiv iu ln-llf' llnse-hull. . PEGGY RILEY "Shu has music in lu-r honrl. lu rhnir shi- sings lhn ulln pun." A linnlu-lln, G.A.A.. liulvlm-rin. ANN NOHE 'RA swear mul nnblv girl is slu-. i.4n1l knows-Ill what is zliguilyf' A llnppelln. C.A,A., Y Teens, Prom Conmlillce, Nallonal Honor Suvh-ly. SUE PATTERSON '4Snulyiug :Ines nat take all In-r lllllth She drms have n few lxvnus' nn lhu lima." Allied Ynntlu. G.A.A., Lnlin Club. Snr. uf Senior Class, Seninr Class Play. Aaliunal Hunnr Socicly. GLORIA SANTINI "SIm's as prelly as she is sum:-I, ll"'irlL rl pursormlily lhul's hurrl In bent." A Cnppvllzl, C.A.A., Y Teens. ROBERT CAKES ".4rgue. Argus. curly null lulv, ll rx Iiue were rmolwzl 'hv'1l urgul' ir srmigluf' Seninr Class Play. National Hnnnr Society. MAXINE PEMBERTON "Of all ilu- treasures fair I6 awe. .-I liuy ring is lhv lhing for nw." A lfappvlla, G.A.A. CLARA SAUER ".-Incl slill lhe wnnzler gn-rr. Tllul um- smull lwrul vouhl hold all she km-u-." C.A.A.. Allir-ll Yonlh, Nulinnal Honnr Snciuly. JUNE SENIORS X E311 JUNE SENIORS DON SCHAFI-'NEB "Short bu! mighty. We should look npnn him highly." A Cappella. PEGGY SKAGGS "Sha rouldrft be good if she would. And she woulrllfl br- gonri il she 4'ouI1l." Y Teens. BARBARA STREETER "She likes lhv worlvl. The world likes he-r." G.A.A. BOB SCHILLING 'Elly only books were u'nmen's lonlcs. .-lnfl f0lly's all lhvy taught mv." Student Counvil. Band. Hi Y, Allied Youth, Prom Cmnmittee. ELSIE SMITH "Life's a jest und nll Ihings show il. I thought so once and now I know il." Allied urillllll, A Cappella, C..-LA., Ushereltes, Cafeteria Council, Seninr Class Play. National Hnnor Society. BOB THOMAS "Not that he likm study lr-ss: Bu! he likes lun more." A Cappella, Trnrk. NOEL SETTLE "ll's love llllll makes this n-nrlal gn round, Gush!-how fast il's spinning." A Cappella. MARILYN SMITH "She's not ,lrnm above, bm she's great on the smile, Her profession is lore and she jlirls all the crhilr-." Y Teens. ELLEN THOMAS "Marks-nal rnrn, were nl'n-nys nn aim." Usllerolles, National Honor Society. BILL SINKUS "A lilrlv lrurning is n dangerous lhing - Or sn ha thinks." MARY E. SMITH "My nrnne is aronxnmll. But my ambition grant." Allied Youth. VIRGINIA TUTT "Jun as frivnrlly as can be. The kind nf pf-rsuu wx' ull likv In see." Student Council. Cafeteria Council. G.A.A., National Honnr Society. E321 MADELINE VONO "Sn xmnrl and swvvf. Trails that mn'I be In-nl." Student Council. C.A.A,, Uslxerm-!leSv Nulinnnl Honor Sofia-ly. MARY JO WOLFE "Knows rr Iillle of eroryllling, But will try anylllingf' tiayteria. A Cappella, G.A.A. PAT CHAMBERS "Wink is easy. she is jun, When 11 sang is nn the lnnguc-." National Honor Soriely. ARLENE WATK INS "He's good enough for me, So I'Il hang him rm my family lrvc." C.A.A.. A Cappella, Slndenl Council. DENA WOOD "Saver tempered, full of jun and squnreg A friend thnl's hard In ind just nnylvheref' Nuliunal Honor Sucivly. VERNEALURE SIDDALL "She is so very gay, Sings a song every day." A Cappella. Nalional Honor Society. i SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES BETTY BLACKWELL Bon BLACKWELL SHIRLEY clans BETTY WEBER "Happy and gay, All lhrough Ihe filly." G.A.A.. A Capps-lla, National Hnnnr Sovirly. . RO SE MARIE WUNDERLICK "I mighl be in-'llvr bn! il I zroulrl, lI's awful lone-xrmu' living good." MARY DODD BOB KEARNS - DONOVAN MAIN . CARRIE WILKEY "Naming so Ima-nm:-s n girl ml Mmiesly, slillnnxx mul humility." l'sl1s-relies. Naliunnl Hmmr Sm-ic-ly. JAMES 'YOUNG "A Iillle nonsense now mul lhnn, Is relished by lhe lies! nf men." Hi Y, A Cappella. JUNE .SENIORS E331 N MEMORIAM, PAULINE ARBURY REASNO Pauline, who died February lO, 1949, was a January graduate of superior scholarship. She will be' remembered particularly for her sweet, unassuming nature. Active in the F.H.S. Girls Chorus, the Y Teens, the Marian Anderson Chorus, and various corn- munity orqanizations, Pauline showed defi- nite abilities. She has left a place that Will, indeed, be hard to fill. OLLIE MARGRETTE BOWLES Marqrette, who died April 7, 1949, en- tered St. Iohn's Sanitariurn Feb. 10, 1949. Marqrette would have graduated this Iune. She was an excellent, ambitious student and had a pleasing personality. She was very Well liked and leaves a Wide circle ot friends. JUN IORS Edward Bacon Charles Besial: Lester Blankenship Rita Chambers Cozy Cole Hoberla Gene Coe Connor Palsy Copp Gerald Coventry Mary Cox Eugene Crawford Iohn Croenne Richard Ianice Davis Dowis Kennelh Dowling Kalhlyn Fancher Anna Marie Felber Frank Giese Maxine Hayes Robert Hodqen Leonard Hubbard Donna Iannazzo Richard Xeltner Beverly Killen Ioyce Lynard June Maynard Wayman Mickens Bill Miller Thelma Minser 'Iudilh Moals Carolyn Myers Donald Myers Frances Pell Charles Ream Bob Slark Marilyn Raymond Sillrl Slephens Arlene Talley Norma lean Tipps Nancy Toslberq Belly Turner lim Vidarnour Carlos Wade. Barbara Welsenbacher Barbara Williams Bill Williams Iuliel Woodson E351 JUN IORS Elna Aarup Edward Alewelt Marge Alsop Donald Bastin Ruth Bibb Earl Bice Bill Buhrman Walter Brockschrnidt Barbara Burton Louis Canaday Tony Caruso Norma Canharn Pat Chambers Rosalie Cianierri Robert Corsen Tim Cottingham Iohn Courtney Harold Cox Suezann Crlrn ' Wilma Cross Hoy Curtis Dick Davldaqe Bill Devault Mary Dietrich Nancy Dietrich Pete Donnelly Ronnie Ellis Ray I-'iclras Bob Fortner Vance Franklin Florence Gedarninski Marilyn Gibbs Edna Gramlich Florence Gramlich Lillian Gushes Ieanette Harris Mary Henson Mary Holland Anna Hryhorysak Thomas Hughes Melba Irwin Errol Iohnson Louis Keach Barbara Keller Don Kelly Kenneth Kern Iosephine Karrick Rhea Kidd E361 J UNIORS Dolores Kuznicl: Doris Lee lane Markwell Bill Matlack Lois Mayberry Jean M'cClernon Lenora McGlolhlin Edward McNulty Wayne Meierhans Marcella Merrill Phyllis Miller Lucille Nave Bernadine Newquist Bertie Owens Mary Palmisano Floyd Pettit Ioan Pilcher Bill Polk Shirley Potterbush lim Power Delbert Pruitt Barbara Pusch Donna Reeves Wilbert Rehwald Ted Rehwaldt Margaret Rhoades Betty Rowe Marlene Ryder Antonia Schmidt Barbara Schneider Pat Schneider Norma Shelton Dick Snyder Robenetle Sorenson lack Spence Io Anne Stevens Nola Stuttlebeam Bob Taylor Edwin Terry Betty Thompson Carla Thompson ' Helen Watkins Ruth Whyte Barbara Williams Dolores Wilkins Iames Willis Mary-Zara I Don Squires E371 T ii W L Ng. - 15' Q . X F QQ X Wx' is W .fx X X Q E Q x x Sn 15 3 M , is 1 53.11 1514 xi -S -a S? Zhi . I wfiiigx. ,jv ij' 2:55 gi Q 1 'ifiuziix u, Y- ,1 Mmm X N E -, X R NS , + X W3 wk X fx X W x w . Xi -lifsi . , Q xx ,. W-M X x is ..., . X 55:3:1:- 3 V5 R N s 1 xield' x Rus i, . sm - ,QF V. Q I!!! 'H "" K 95' .ie Q S' -as " , - .1 X' slnlvg , ms QQ X QW iw wr W. X 76 " VI Z Mg filafifef' 'W .... jf- A V, , .2 ,. , ,, 7 . ,. ,I 5' ' . , A-ywy, ,, 4 J 'T W. 1 ,, "1 ,,,. gif' "" V M 4' -g:f,jg51.:i,:..:v ,- , - M A , A , W if U - ,1,v , ggi? ,jg . 2 ,Z . ff , .. ,,, ,, A - Y Q, M 3, ,. X , gmigsss gk W X X Y 4 Nw Wx X X nw f- is' X s f we xi ,S AN , . 2:21:25 Q3 ff-E cs.- wx S E xi E 3 ik fi Xb ii xxx Si W in XM . N 353' ' S X? gg i X. . .1 we WSW H i ' .,, . 'L x 'S N it i wx ig W 'B ' Nw we Hx' H 4 ' V Q S s . 4 9' as M + 'F ig ft if 2 A 'S , A ir' R HOME ROOM 22-10 1's BACK ROW: Leslie Cullers, Marilyn Huff- man, Mitzi Nemeth, Frank Allmon, Don Kolaz, Don Mayol, Clarence Snyder, Larry Dougherty, lim Dunavon, Lee Buhrman, Bob Maxwell. MIDDLE ROW: Catherine Best, Marilyn McLaughlin, Willie Rembert, Donnah Fox, Barbara Drury, Rose Marie Gourley, Betty Nesch, Shirle Usher, Alice Nave, Angeli Iosiph. FRONT ROW: Osmond Guy, Gene Dree- lan, Barbara Smith, Charles Thompson, Leslie Peart, Donna Hayes, Betty Io Lame, Dolores Vtfeisenbacher, Bonnie Pusch, Mrs. Prugqer. HOME ROOM 29-93's BACK ROW: Kenneth Thompson, Sam Myers, Faye Harlan, Bernard Bennett, Charles Iones, Leonard Parks, lohn Black- well, Art Kelley, Ronald Carter, Pat Davis. MIDDLE ROW: Gerald Bly, Connie Cline, Dick Usher, Amy Kelley, Melvin Williams, Don Fraim, Iuanita Dodd, Margy Bly, La Don Wright. FRONT ROW: Miss Matlack, Glenda Miller, Henrietta Haws, Peggy Harwood, Dick Pendleton, Ray Moats, Joe C. Vono, George Iackson. HOME ROOM 2-93's BACK ROW: Larry Riley, Cletus Vas- Concellos, Robert Work, Joe Iones, Stuart Hunt, Clarence Hartley, Odell Owens. MIDDLE ROVV: Miss Pratt, Betty Atkin- son, Thomas Humphrey, Carol Scott, Euleta Webster, Patty lo McCloud, Betty Hamrick, Ianet Lockhart. FRONT ROVV: Donald Blissett, Robert Denning, Ronnie Lovelace, Gilbert Bennett, Viola Bredemeyer, Barbara Miller, Mary Lou Elmer, Pat Kane. l40l ilu 32 RES FK 1' QQ sk ' 5 msg? 5 F Q 1 --5? 16 M if I dl W wi QE 2 . 5 ig ff W 3, v. 5?-A -x , . X H A S' - 'Q -i Qi'- ii ll x Qs X .V Q msggj-1.4 a x ij? 5 Q-gm N ,bl K 'E Q , Xiu, N Q i ' 5 5 as aaiiwn vs Q1 if Q A ,Q A SK . S55 -X n , S9 'W' 9 Q ins R f 2 sg f ' Ss . 4 N .X gg 3 ki: ,,, , . , 5 , H it :F - sk Q ix . X 'lf' W -. Rui? WY Q M. . xy ak -mv f if " W ix x S' 5' S-f 'Ag if ,x as ww .A N 55 95 XS age iggf' x K :i,:3x???r ,, tx qw' X . .mi X, Sf at Q. sg? XS gig : ,W fgk- Sa. if Q soy xx: Q 5.. ,Q gk gf if X wi Q .. I S . K - aw ' , W F r " S T K x tl ' s mx Sm Q sig . ,xr W we HOME ROOM 15-9 I 's BACK ROW: Rawland Fagg, Don Felber, Don England, Billy Davis, Harry Sokolis, Robert lones, David Kincaid, Henry Steam- er, Harold Elliot, Robert Mohn. MIDDLE ROW: Don Bringle, Lavita Black, lean Chambers, Grover Cleveland, Charles Newton, Marvin South, Arthur Reich, Dale Gray, Bob Knox. FRONT ROW: Barbara Harding, Mary Wunderlick, Mary Chapman, Wanda Grubb, Betty Smith, Dorothy Wilkins, De- lilah Perkins, Gladys Bee, Harriet Hawkins. HOME ROOM 9-91's BACK ROW: Richard Morris, Gordon Wilson, Charles Painter, Lawrence Iohnson, Robert Tate, lohn Bretz, Don Power, lim Oglesby, Bill Foraker, Herman Lokaitis. MIDDLE ROW: Mary lane Fritz, Gladys Wilson, Doris De Rose, Ray Keltner, Cindy Baldock, Kenneth Norman, Charles Kelly, Jerald Lassley, George Myers. FRONT ROW: Edward Ausmus, Nicky Beninato, Eleanor Hadley, Betty Henson, Shirley Burt, Minnie lean Wright, Nianna Cleveland, Normaflj-gurxnan, Sally Io Iones. HOME ROOM 27-91's BACK ROW: Harry Morris, Bill Cato, William Heredith, Harvey Washington, Eugene Bates, Eugene Taylor, Clifford Wil- liams, Marvin Scattergood, Deen Cox, Bill Davis. MIDDLE ROW: Rosetta Iohnson, Kath- ryn England, Wilma Owens, Donna Hargis, Charles Knox, Donald Dodd, Ierry Meidel, Betiy lean Cook, Edna Dyer, Donna Miller. FRONT ROW: Veda Kidd, Mae Ruth Ayers, Patsy Howard, Florentine Gamby, Barbara Gallagher, Marlyle Ouigley, An- drew Vollmer, Bill Beard. I43l - 1 5 5 1 l Q THE ATHLETICS Dear Diary: We1l,' the baseball bats and track spikes, have been hung up for another year. The boys are looking forward to football season next fall and basketball after that. Feitshans had a very successful year in athletics, of course: Feit- shans always has been successful in athletics because the true purpose of athletics is to pro- mote sportsmanship and good relations with other high schools. We at Feitshans try our best to live up to those principles. Long may the true athletic spirit reign high at Feitshcms. ln the following pages we are taking you back over the school year and showing the high lights of our athletic campaigns from football to baseball. Archie. 43,1 J kifxll NN Yixm """" wikwzw fgffmwv.. K 7cf A51 K fav 1, i X ,D QT? fb .-7 1 DW, ' X f R I b 1-qu. zfl' 7: .' Hr. I! M f "W f fi 1' ,, 4- . ,, ... 41 .V I g 0 f -T--sua... ' " I 'irrr i rrrrrr t. K" Z, . A '--f NM sr VVVVVY ll ,jf ZZ , I L' 1 Jn K 7 f Y ' ay L V7 fa FOURTH ROW: Tom Iohnson, Otto Fafoqlia, Bob Atterberry, Wayne Meierhans, Fred Richards, Frank Blahofski, Bill Matlack, Ronnie Ellis, Clyde Drury, Herbert De-Frates, John Croenne. THIRD ROW: lack Pendleton, Norval Melton, Bill Hamerlde, Floyd Pettit, George Winston, Don Squires, Ray Dexheimer, lim Fox, Bob Griffith, Gene Coe. SECOND ROW: Charles Matuszki, lim Skufca, George McLaughlin, Ronald South, Leonard Hubbard, Errol Iohnson, Fred Kincaid, Harold Cox, Bob Cappelli, Marvin Hamende, Bill Meyers, Melvin Spence. FIRST ROW: Bill M'lle R S b i r, ay a o, lim McLaughlin, lack Spence, Frank Giese, Wilbert Rehwald, Ierry Hayes, Ierry Gifford, Pete Donnelly, Louis Dentino. VARSITY WINS SECOND PLACE IN CONFERENCE! THREE CHEERS The 1948 Feitshans football team did more than We expected this year. By Winning five out of nine games they took second place in the Central Conference. The Flyers will have fourteen lettermen re- turning next year so We expect to see plenty of action, especially in that strong backfield. We are sorry to lose such fine lettermen as Winston, I. McLaughlin, Fox, Griffith, Hamende, Dexheimer, Drury, Pendleton, Hubbard, and Matuszki, but we wish them good luck in their after high school days. We also wish good luck to the Flyers of next year and hope they make that year as suc- cessful as this one. Let's keep the good sports- manship, pep and plenty of action to do justice to our swell coaches, Earl Wax and Walter Barniskis. Archie and Susie. COACH EARL WAX Coach Earl Wax did a fine job of coaching football this fall. After win- ning first place in Conference last year, we Won second place in the Conference this year. We're rooting for another first next fall! 'Yau-n. LINING UP! Feitshans ....... Feitshans ....... Feitshans ....... Feitshans ...... Feitshans ....... Feitshans ....... Feitshans ....... Feitshans ...... Peitshans -.....- SEASON'S RECORD ......l2 Taylorville O O Springfield 6 6 Lanphier .......l2 .......l2 Cathedral O 6 Gillespie . .......35 .......40 Iacksonville O 7 Beardstown U .......12 Clinton .......27 .......l2 Carlinville 6 1-'n5sHMAN sqimn BACK ROW: Coach Rowe, Don Chrans, Don Carraro, Gene Green, Leonard Urbas, Ted Bot- toms, Lyman White, Harold Moats, Howard Walker, Iohn Blackwell. MIDDLE ROW: Manaqer Tom Hughes, Enos Brents Kbehind Hughesl, Clarence Spence, Robert Work, Edward Sauer, Dick Pen- dleton, 'William Wade, Otis Wil- liams, Merlin Aubrey, Kenneth Thompson. ' I FRONT ROW: Louis 'Thomp- son, Kurt Schoenfeldt, Ray Moats, Iohn Smith, Don Frame, Clarence Hartley, Bernard Bennett, Emmett Streeter, lohn White. lI47l CLYDE DRURY GEORGE WINSTON LOUIE DENTINO BOB GRIFFITH PETE DONNELLY Tackle, 58 Back, 53 End, 70 Tackle, 61 Back, 52 LEONARD HUBBARD End, 64 JACK SPENCE Guard, 68 MELVIN SPENCE FRED RICHARDS RAY DEXHEIMER JACK PENDLETON IOHN CROENNE Back, 80 Guard, 84 Guard, 74 Back, 55 Tackle, 56 wx? X ,gp ik 2 . .A N . MX - A T Q an . wvvfxbxw , if. 'M N N -.Q A " W Q 'FY -. -9. -:-.".3I'P - 'Xxx In :., I , x W Nix- if-wz:.:' EF v mv ww X QS. Qxi: as ix Qs 'E ,xiii , x se X335 up x X xx X x X . FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Don Anderson, Ronnie Ellis, Ed Alewelt, George Doerfler, AR S 'Walter Ushman, Iohn Blackwell, Dick Davidage, John Locker, Harry Daugherty. V I TOP ROW: Gene Coe, Bill Matlack, Louis Dentino, Paul Robinson, Norval Melton, Iim Iones, lim Fox, Bob Griffith, Melvin Spence, Leonard Urbas, Mr. Halberg. BASKETBALL . Dear Diary: The beginning of this season showed that the Flyers would probably be slow. We lost most 'ot' our first games, but as the season got underway We showed great improvement. We were unfortunate to lose four great lettermen, Ufbcts, Hamende, Winston, and Pendleton at the Amid-year' graduation. After the mid-year graduationtwe thought that our winning streak would decrease, but our team turned out ton ...tw L.-. ,A straight Wins. Our team was eliminated in the second game of the Regionals, by losing to Lincoln. We will be very sorry to lose this year, such great letterrnen as Fox, Griffith, and Doer- fler. We will be fortunate to have with us such good players as Ellis, Alewelt, Dentino, Mat- lack, Iones, and Melton, next year. Our hats are off to Mr. l-lalberg for leading us in this very successful season. Archie. COACH LE ROY HALBERG Dear Diary: - Mr. LeRoy Halberg has been our basketball coach at F.H.S. for the last three years. This year he piloted the Flyers through a very successful season., We are a very fortunate school to have such a Wonderful coach. Our hats are off to Mr. Hal- berg for his great Work as the Feit- shans High School basketball coach. t P Archie. RESUME or THE sEAsoN Dear Diary: Feitshans started the season off by defeat- ing Riverton 27 to 2l. Everyone was happy that we had Won our first game of the new '48 schedule. Our second game was close. We beat Lincoln just in the last few minutes of play by one little point. Our first defeat came the next Week with Iacksonville's victory over us. The boys did not let this one game bother them. They came back the next game to beat Mt. Pulaski. However, traveling to Beardstown gave us another defeat, making the total then 3 won and 2 lost. The next two games were also vic- tories for Clinton and Athens respectively. Clinton took that game in the last 10 seconds with a field goal from the center of the court. The Athens game was close but our team just couldn't make those winning baskets. School closed for the Christmas Holidays, but the team continued to work. The city tournament, something new for the Springfield schools, was held during this holiday week. ln the first game of the tournament We defeated Lanphier, but Cathedral and Springfield defeated us the we lost three of our first five players to mid- year graduation. Mr. Halberg filled in these vacant spots with substitutes and they contin- ued the Winning streak by beating Petersburg, St. Iames, Kincaid, Mason City, Virginia, and Clinton. The last game of the year was really a thrill. As a sort of revenge, the team beat Clinton in the last few seconds of the game, just as they had beaten us before Christmas. Although our schedule was completed we still had the regional tournament to play. We met Atlanta in the first game and defeated them 51 to 35. We were then scheduled to meet Lincoln and this was our down fall. Our first defeat in the last eleven starts. Basketball ended for F.H.S. and the three graduating seniors. Next year we hope the team will be as good and even better than this one. ' Archie. next two nights. Springfield won the tournament, and F.H.S. came in third. After the tournament the team travelled to Mt. Pulaski to defeat them by four points. Then we met Williamsville and sent them away with another victory to our credit. Beardstown came to Springfield and this time we defeated them. We then traveled to Gillespie to be defeated by the Miners 62 to 57. This was our last defeat 'till the regional tournament. We had victories over Carlinville, Virden, and Iacksonville before BASKETBALL LETTERMEN CHEERLEADERS RONNIE ELLIS PAT HQGAN GEORGE DOERFLER FLORENCE GEDAMINSKI BILL MATLACK GWEN QBRIEN GEORGE WINSTON PETE URBAS HM IONES BASKETBALL SCHEDULE They VVe Thev Riverton ..... 21 Lanphier ....... ........ 4 3 34 Lincoln ........... ........ 3 5 Cathedral ...... ........ 3 4 38 Iacksonville 35 Springfield ....... ........ 3 4 41 Mt. Pulaski 34 Mt. Pulaski ....... ........ 5 4 50 Beardstown 44 Williamsville ....... ........ 4 7 25 Clinton ....... 39 Beardstown ....... ........ 5 5 45 Athens ....... 35 , l52l ' CHEERLEADERS DONNA IANNAZZO BERTIE OWENS Gillespie ....... Carlinville ......... ........ Virden ........... Iacksonville ..... ........ Petersburg ....... ........ St. Iames ....... Kincaid ..... We 57 55 66 58 68 54 69 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE They 62 30 57 37 43 39 34 BASKETBALL LETTERMEN PAUL ROBINSON ED. ALEWELT LOUIS DENTINO HM FOX NORVAL MELTON JACK PENDLETON We They Mason City ...... ......... 3 6 33 Virginia ......... ...... L ...44 41 Clinton ....... ....... ..... . . .53 52 Regional Tourney Atlanta ....... ..................................... 5 1 35 Lincoln ....... ........ 4 0 43 E531 BACK ROW: Don Anderson, Norval Melton, Bob Griffith, Wayne Meierhans, Iohn Bretz, Floyd Pettit, lack Spence, Fred Kincaid, Bill Williams, Eugene Bates, Fred Richards, lim Fox, Ray Dexheimer. FOURTH ROW: Robert Work, Cozy Cole, Leonard Hubbard, Emmett Streeter, Wayman Mickens, Errol Iohnson, Melvin Spence, Albert Inkster, Gene Green, Robert Tate, Bob Cappella, Gene Coe, Harold Cox. THIRD ROW: Martin Aubrey, Ted Bottoms, Bob Thomas, Wayne Wood, Ierry Hayes, George McLaughlin, lim Young, Clarence Hartley, Richard Hull, Ierry Gifford, George Hughes. SECOND ROW: lim Moffet, lohn Smith, Billy Wade. FRONT ROW: Marvin Franklin, Charles Thompson, Harry Morris, Bob Denny, Jerry Meidel, Edwin Terry, Bob Kuznick, Bob Knox. Dear Diary: At the beginning of the season 70 boys turned out for track. After the season got un- derway we were hampered by injuries, sick- ness, and cold weather. Our team is not an outstanding team but shows promise. The freshman team showed very little promise this year because of the small turnout. The track team won the Central conference championship for the second time by taking 63 points at Iacksonville, April 30. April 7-8 " 13 " 22 " 23 " T30 May 3 " 6 " 7 ' 10 ' 13 " 20-21 " 25 Dear Interclass meet 6 way Under meet Virden triangular meet Annual Frosh.-Soph. meet Central Conference at lacksonville City meet at Springfield Lincoln Relays Iacksonville Annual meet Dual meet at Taylorville District meet at Pana State meet Frosh City meet at Springfield Archie. TRACK COACH WALTER BARNISKIS Diary: Our track coach, Mr. Barniskis, de- fended our central conference cham- pionship of last year. He has suc- cessfully coached our team for five years. Good luck! Archie. BACK ROW: Frank Blahofski, Louis Dentino, Bill Sinkus, Paul Robinson, lim lones, Walt Ushman, Bill Matlock, Mr. Halberg. BOTTOM ROW: Harry Daugherty, Ice O'Connor, Ed Alewell, George Doerfler, Bernard Bennett, Ronald Ellis, Robert Fortner. -BASEBALL Dear Diary: This year we have live returning lettermen. Among the veterans are Ioe O'Conner, catcher: George Doerfler, 2nd base: Walter Ushman, left field: Bernard Bennett, pitcher: Ed Alewelt, in- field. The one thing We lack most is experienced pitching. We are depending mostly on Bernard Bennett, a sophomore on the mound, who pitched several games last year as a freshman and a BASEBALL COACH LE ROY HALBERG Dear Diary: Mr. Halberg has been coaching the flyers for the last three years. The years that Mr. Halberg has been here he has brought the Flyers up to a 5002 average of games won. Last year Mr. Halberg brought the Flyers through to a second in the city. We are fortunate to have such an experienced coach to pilot the Flyers through this season of base- ball. Archie. newcomer Paul Robinson, also a sophomore. The remainder of the squad will be made up of boys Who participated in the freshman- sophomore games last season. So far this season has been favorable but there is more room for improvement in hitting. Keep going boys and let's Win the tournament. Archie. 1 i ACTIVITIES Dear Diary: Q Oh, my heavy feet! We have many activi- ties besides football, basketball, track, and baseball. Student council meets all year, dances D keep me busy about once a month, I have to work on pep assemblies, amateur show, play in band, and sing in A Cappella. Of course I study for tryll to Work for National Honor So- ciety and our letter F! Here's to a strong back! Archie and Susie. 4,409 WISH JZ! ik! ,' '31-1, X bowl, .tct ttttt wc. V f4 f X WM pf X X- ,D ' Q39 if W ' m 71, L. rs, I " Zia c cc.- f. , flf: - 7""iv C, Z . 4 rg' f -,G .7 fam, v mf , V 'haw . XX BACK ROW: Howard Nation, Bill Matlock, Ray Dexheimer, Albert lnkster, Iirn Fox, Bernard Bennett, Charles Ream, Bill Veter, lohn Courtney. MIDDLE ROW: Dorothy Dietrich, Marcella Merrill, Barbara Patsche, George Hughes, Marlene Meidel, Enos Brentz, Nola Stuiflebeam, Donna Iannazzo. FRONT ROW: Miss Peifer, Osmond Guy, Peggy Neal, Pat Kane, John Spoonamore, Pat Baldoni, Edward Smith. Gloria Dexheimer. ' rw STUDENT CCUNCIL Dear Diary: The Student Council is an organization that helps to govern the school and solves some of its problems. The members oi the Student Council are, elected in their home rooms and must have a "C" average, four members are appointed by Mr. Nichols. This group meets once a week under the able direction oi Miss Peiter. lim Fox was elected as Presidentg Ray Dex- heimer, Vice-President: Donna Iannazzo, Secre- tary: and Charles Ream, Treasurer. The Student Council put out the student directory, held the Windy Hop Dance, put on the amateur show called "The Log Rollers As- sembly" to help the Yearbook, secured the approval of an honor roll and inaugurated the need for the amplifier which the P.T.A. bought for the school. Several members Went to Chi- cago to the State convention. Here is to more and bigger conventions! Keep up the good work! Archie and Susie. I ANUARY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY TOP ROW: Norma Copi, Karl Chambers, Pete Urbas, Norman Arnold, Rodney England, Betty McCall. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Holt, Evelyn Turner, Betty Koopmon, VVanda Watkins, Ellen Ramey. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Dear Diary: The National Honor Society is a national tain a general average of "B" durinq his entire scholarship orqanization with which Feitshans high school course, earn the equivalent of 3 High School has been affiliated since 1938. To semester "A's" and 3 semester "B's" in a qualify for membership a student must main- major subject and be approved by the faculty. Archie and Susie. IUNE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY TOP ROW: Vearneature Siddall, Rosemary Klaus, Marlene Meidel, Robert Oakes, Virginia Tult, Betty Weber. MIDDLE ROW: Deena Wood. Clara Sauer, Arlene Miller, Pat Chambers, Sue Patterson, Dorothy Cox. BOTTOM ROW: Ellen Thomas, Carrie Wilkey, Elsie Smith, Ann Nohe, Lois Cook. Madeline Vono and Ray Dexheimer were unable to be in picture. CLARINET Francesca Brown, Connie Cline, Betty Cook, lackie Foster, Vance Franklin, Nedra Harqis, Bob Hodqen, Gloria Lee, Ford Mastick, George Meidel, Walter Petrosky, Iirn Powers, Donna Reeves, lack Spence, Iohn Stone, Nancy Tost- berq, Ben Williams, Bill Wade. ALTO CLARINET Kay Dower. BASS CLARINET Don Bastin, Pat Smith. SAXOPHONES Glen Anderson, Ronald Carter, Georqe Doerfler, Emmit Gleqhorn, Henrietta Haws, Iohn Spoonarnore, Bob Taylor. FRENCH HORNS Leo Andruczk, Shirley Burt, Tim Cottinqham, Roy Curtis. BASSOON Delores Bastin. FEITSHAN S HIGH CORNETS Louis Canaday, Sam Dodd, Bob Leach, Wayman Mickens, Virqil Rath, Alnita Seely, George Winston. BASS Don Chrans, Bill Deavault, Ierry Gifford, Bob Cappelli. FLUTE Ed Cline, Norma Keller. TROMBONE Bob Culp, Harold Elliott, Pete Lauterbach, Richard Iohnson, Iohn Micko, Ed Sauer. BARITONE Don Cook, Donna Curry. DRUMS Bob Crowder, Bill Hubbard, Bob Stark, Car- roll Murray. OBOE Ted Rehwaldt, Bill Williams. SCHOOL BAND Dear Diary: The Feitshans High School Band is under the direction of Mr. Melvin McCoy. The baud plays for many ot our school activities such as pep assemblies and football games. They march in many ot the city parades. Each tall and spring you can see the band out marching up and down the streets practicing for those parades and football games. It really takes lots oi Work to get those lines straight and Work out those tricky formations. The band played at the city basketball tournament, the Army Day Parade, and several concerts at the Grade Schools as well as the annual spring concert. Each sixth period you can hear the band blowing on their little horns but they really add a loving spot in everyone's heart because they are a part of F.H.S. that will always be remembered. Archie and Susie. BACK ROW: Marlene Meidel, Betty Weber, Betty Koopman, Bob Fortner, Noel Settle, lames Young, Wayne Meierhans, Bill Miller, George Harwood, Iohn Croenne, Bill Cappella, Pete Urbas, Ray Dexheimer, Evelyn Turner, Ellen Best, Catherine Hacker, Marilyn Utinske. THIRD ROW: Chares Matuzski, Nola Stutflebeam, Barbara Schneider, Dorothy Cox, Darrel Denton, Dick Snyder, Richard Davidage, Iames Hamrick, Dick Wagner, Charles Besjak, Floyd Petit, Fred Kincaid, Bill Matlack, George Hughes, Iuliet Woodson, Maxine Pemberton, Peggy Riley. SECOND ROW: Bertie Owens, Mary Ann Nesch, Iuanita Hoppin, Carol Follis, Grace Monkman, Mary Io Wolf. Wilbur Rehwald, Iohn Courtney, lack Pendleton, George Winston, Karl Chambers, Wanda Watkins, Norma Shelton, Lena Houston, Gloria Santini. FRONT ROW: Elsie Smith, Mary Cox, lune Walker, Arlene Watkins, Marilyn Gibbs, Florence Gedaminski, Norma Copi, Barbara Holt, Miss Matlack, Marcella Merrill, Ruth Bibb, Patsy Copp, Donna lannazzo, Shirley Gibbs, Ann Nohe, Ruth Claycomb. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The F.H.S. A Cappella Choir is one of the leading and most important of the school or- ganizations. Under the capable direction of Miss Alice Matlack the group's specialty is sacred music. The Choir never fails to thrill theiraudience when they sing their lovely theme song, "The Lord Bless You and Keep You'-'. Probably you can remember hearing them .sing "Sympathy", "Steal Away", "You and the Night and the Music", and many, many others. The'Choir made many appearances, among Which were, Graduations, The Noon Day Lunch- eon Club, Matheny P.T.A., Sangamon County Teachers Association. ln addition they gave their annual Christmas Vespers, "Handel's Messiah", and a Spring Concert. The Choir had an entirely new experience of participating in a combined concert with Lanphier and Spring- field Choirs for the Noon Day Luncheon Club. Rather a busy group, yes? The Board of Edu- cation gave the school a tape recording ma- chine Which Miss Matlack and the Choir have found very useful. By hearing themselves, they are able to weed out mistakes, improve tone quality and pitch and have a lot of fun While doing it. The Choir Wishes to' thank Miss Matlack for her patience and appreciated guidance, Heres to Miss Matlack and our Choir! I H W A Elsie Smith, Reporter. BACK Row: Lois Adams, Rose Growley, Dolores Wei- senbacher, Betty 'Lou Nesch, Barbara Drury, Barbara-Smith, Marilyn Huffman, Donna Fox, Betty McCall. MIDDLE ROW: Ruby lames, Ruth Richie, lune Maynard, Donna Broclcschmidt, Pat At- Ieberry, Louise Gallagher, lackie Ragland, Betty Vifables, Ruth Holman. W FRONT ROW: Marilyn Cross, Vivian Nation, Barbara Poole. instructor: Miss Matlarfk. GIRL'S CHOIR These are the girls whose voices sound forth every other day, sixth hour. Under the capable direction ot Miss Alice Matlack, the Girls' Choir has become well known at Feit- shans and each girl is holding high the hope of entering First Choir in the near future. Here's to the lovely voices that will some day enhance the A Cappella Choir. SECOND CHOIR This is the Choir Where boys and girls learn to sing in tour part harmony. This Well directed Choir, whose director is Miss Alice Matlack, will some day be the First Choir of Feitshans. Each inember is hoping to achieve this goal and We cheer them onward. BACK ROVV: Marilyn Eddington, Georqinia Bruckner, Lael McFarland, Helen Klemaier, Vivian Kincaid, Carl Hutchinson, William McCombs, George McLaughlin, George lohnson, Paul Robinson, Margaret Blessing, Willie Re-mbert, Mary Lock, Eileen Kublick. MIDDLE ROW: Eloise Marcy, Helen Vtfatkins, Ioan MacKay, Carmella Dentino, lerry Ford, Harold Dixon, lames lones, Tom Johnson, Rolle Krushall, Bill Buhrman, Rita Follis, Geraldine Page, Frances Pell. t .Z""ZT FRONT ROW: leanelie Harris, Gloria Dexheimer, Barbara Baldoni, Howard lanet, Leslie Peart, Miss Matlack, lames Moffett, Ioe Markovics, Andrew Taborn, Shirley lones, Dorothy Cooke. BACK ROW: Barbara Schneider, Nola Stufflebeam, George Hughes, Marlene Meidel, Bob Fortner, lim Viaamoo Virgil Rath Ioanne Stevens, Mary Henson, Margaret Rhodes, Lucille Nave. MIDDLE ROW: Barbara Clark, Dorothy Dietrich, Mary Ann Nesch, Wanda Watkins, Rosemary Klaus, Bob Maxwell Donna Reeves, Arlene Miller, Connie Cline, Sam Dodd. FRONT HOW: Elsie Smith, Bonnie Malcor, Ruth Bibb, Norma Copi, lune Walker, Mary Zara, Norma Canham Betty Dodd Marilyn Peter, Nancy Dietrich, Mary Dietrich. ALLIED YOUTH Dear Diary: HBEWABE OF THE DROP THAT MAKES ONE HIGH," is the slogan of our up and coming Allied Youth Organization. To become a member of this organization you must be a High School Student and take an oath vowing complete voluntary abstinence from alcoholic beverages. lt is not so bad as it may seem because We do indulge in some kinds of corn. Our meetings are held at the school every otherweek on Mondays or Thursdays. After a short business meeting We dance, play cards, and have games. All good things must come to an end iwith something to eat, of coursel, so We have refreshments to top oft our evening of fun. Last year Allied Youth sponsored the amateur show. Everyone agreed it,Was a huge success but We hope the showftthis year will be even bigger and better. Archie and Susie. V- ,-fi-vs -- - -, MAIOHETTES Helen Wanless, Nancy Dietrich. MAJORETTES Dear Diary: Twisting and twirling their shiny batons, our majorettes, in their cute blue and White uniforms, led our Wonderful band through the season with the style and grace traditional to F.H.S. Susie. USHERETTES Dear Diary: The Usherettes are organized from the lun- ior class to usher at all games and programs sponsored by the school. They have volun- teered their services and have been approved ot by the Dean oi Girls and the club advisor. These girls are dependable, courteous, helpful and charming at all the school functions. Susie. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosemary Klaus, Dorothy Albright, Carolyn Myers, Nola Stufflebeam, Bertie Owens, Donna Reeves, Barbara Schneider, Barbara Williams, Norma Canham, Mary Zara, Lucille Nave, Mrs. Haynes. ' BACK ROW: Gwen O'Brien, Nancy Dietrich, Wanda Watkins, Barbara Schniecler, JoAnne Stevens, Bob Fortner, Kath- erine Hacker, Miss Sadler, Norma Copi, Sherilyn Sorenson, Donna Iannazzo. FRONT ROW: Barbara Holt, Iune Walker, George Hughes, Dorothy Cox, Betty Koopman, Iohann Davis, Rosemary Klaus, Rita Chambers, Carole Scott, Betty McCall. BETTY KOOPMAN ......... ROSEMARY KLAUS ....... BETTY MCCALL ............ RITA CHAMBERS ......... WANDA WATKINS ......... DOROTHY COX ........ IUNE WALKER ........... GEORGE HUGHES ....... ALBERT INKSTER ........ GWEN O'BRIEN ............... IULIETTE WOODSON ........ SHERILYN SORENSON ........ NANCY DIETRICH ............. I BARBARA SCHNEIDER .....,... IO ANN'E STEVENS ........... NORMA COPI .................. CAROLE SCOTT .......... IOHANN DAVIS .......... DONNA IANAZZO .,........ , BARBARA HOLT .............. ' MARIORIE LEHNER ........ HM VIDAMOUR .......... BOB FORTNER ................ NORMA CANHAM ........ CATHERINE HACKER ........ Miss SADLER ...... , ........ IGSI ' LOG STAFF ....................Co-Editor .............................Co-Editor . ................... Business Manager Asst. Business Manager ...January Senior Editor ..........Iune Senior Editor .................Iunior Editor .............Sports Editor ..........Departments .......Snapshots .......Snapshots ........Advertising ........Advertising ........Advertising ........Advertisinq ........Club Editor .........Calendar ............Calendar .........Photographer ..............Sports .......Typist .......Typistr ........Adviser Dear Diary: The Log staff has Worked hard all year to have the '49 Log tin- ished in Iune. Under the able di- rection oi Mrs. Erickson, the stu- dents raised one-third the cost oi the book by securing advertising. Miss Petter, with the Student Coun- cil, put on the Log Rollers assem- bly in December for those who had subscribed. lim Vidamour spent much time taking the pic- tures, Marjorie Lehner has helped with typing as Well as the calen- dar. All the students helped by attending the movies in the audi- torium. lvliss Louise Sadler is ad- viser tor the Log. We wish to thank everyone who helped make the Log a success. The Log Staff. Q . . I Y TEEN BACK ROW: Carol Baugh. Buzzy Blessing, Rose Marie Wunclerlich, Rosemary Klaus, Evelyn Turner, Peggy Skaggs. THIRD ROW: Io Ann Davis, Mary Henson, Pat Hogan, Marilyn Smith, Shirley Gibbs. SECOND ROW: Wanda Watkins, Bonnie Iohnson, Marilyn Gibbs, Sherilyn Sor- enson. FRONT ROW: Iune Walker, Ellen Best, Catherine Hacker, Norma Copi. Y TEENS Dear Diary: lust came home from our Y Teen meeting down at Sky Ranch. Golly, We really have fun at those meetings. Next week we're going to have a coke party. I wonder whom I should invite as my guest. This club is sponsored for Iuniors and Sen- iors frorn F.H.S. by the Y.W.C.A. We not only have fun and parties but learn many interesting things about future Vocations. We've even had a few sessions on dates and such. This is a swell club and all Iuniors and Seniors should join because they would really enjoy it. The officers are: Marilyn Smith, President: Shirley Gibbs, Vice-President: Florence Geda- minski, Secretary, and Gwen O'Brien, Treasurer. Susie. The Hi Y Club at Feitshans was organized Dear Diary: several years ago for Iuniors and Seniors from school. Mr. Kenny is the adviser and meetings are held at the Y.M.C.A. The club sent their President, lim Fox, to a convention in Chicago and four of the members went to Bloomington to a state convention. The club sponsored a dance in the gym in May. Everyone enjoys the work of the Hi Y so keep up the good work. Archie. BACK ROW: Chuck Matuszki, Bob Former, Bob Shilling, Gene Coe, Iohn Croenne, Pete Donnelly, Frank Giese, Ray Dexheimer. MIDDLE ROW: Wilber Rehwalcl, George Doerfler, Iames Young, Earl Bice, Iames McLaughlin, lack Pendleton, Pete Urbas, Bill Matlack. FRONT ROW: Ronny Ellis, Norval Melton, Iim Fox, Bill Hamende, Mr. Kenny. BACK BOW: Albert lnkster. lim Fox. Floyd Pettit, Errol lohnson. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Ellis, Ray Dexheimer, George Hughes NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Dear Diary: This year we are very honored to have in our organization tive newcomers. These boys not only Won their varsity letter in one of our four major sports, but also made a 3.5 average 1 to be eligible for this organization. The mem- bers received their Society pins and will be honored in a special assembly at the close oi the school year. Archie . VARSITY CLUB Dear Diary: Every year the Varsity Club is growing. This year the Varsity Club is going to have a lot ot new members. Most of the new members are Sophomores who earned their varsity let- ter in one of our tour major sports, football, basketball, track or baseball. At the present our club has 29 members. This year the one thing that all the old members are waiting for and that is the initiation of the new little mem- bers. This should really be something. I feel sorry tor those new prospects. H Archie. HOME ROOM LEADERS BACK ROW: Lee Bulirman, Leonard Urbas, Fred Kincaid, lohn Croenne, Don Chrans, Floyd Pettit, Bob Leach, Nor- man Arnold. MIDDLE ROW: Zada Kill- doo, Mary Lock, lack Locker, Carol Scott, lo Ann'e Stevens, Donna Reeves, Margie Bly. FRONT ROW: Harold Rlioades, Herschel Otto, Chuck Matuzski, Ronald South, Mar- tin Aubrey. HOME ROOM LEADERS Dear Diary: The Home Room Leaders are elected by each Home Rodm and they act as chairman in conducting the business meeting in home- room. They do a swell job in keeping home rooms quiet and business like. We really ap- preciate them ior this swell work. Susie and Archie. PROM COMMITTEE Dear Diary: 1 The lanuary Seniors planned and sponsored the Ianuary Prom "Winter Wonderland". The gym was decorated beautifully by the class themselves and everyone had a Wonderful time. Thanks for the swell prom. Susie and Archie. IANUARY PROM COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Bonnie Iohnson, Evelyn Turner, john DiBart, lack Pendleton, Pete Urbas, George Winston, Karl Chambers, Catherine Hacker, Carol Bauqh. FRONT ROW: Betty McCall, Barbara Holt, Marilyn Utinski, Sherilyn Sorenson, Wanda Watkins, Ellen Best, Norma Copi, Iune Walker. GIRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Dear Diary: Who said girls know nothing about sports? You should see them down in the gym playing volleyball and basketball. Also down at the Bowl throwing those heavy balls!! They even make a few strikes now and then. This year we had a tumbling team in which the girls could really turn themselves upside down. Over a hundred girls take part in these G.A.A. activities and atter completing all requirements, they are eligible for letters in the spring. I Susie. G.A.A. I ence Gedaminski. Sherilyn Sorenson. Y Nohe, Gloria Santini. G.A.A. II qinia Pilcher. Marilyn Roth. Betty Oger, Dolores Weisenbacher. Allsop, lane Markwell, Norma Canham. G.A.A. III Richardson, Irene Harlan, Willie Rember Shelton, Barbara Williams. ' Wright. BACK ROW: Evelyn Turner, Barbara Schneider, Nola Stuttlebeam, Geraldine Blankenship, Carol Scott, Ioyce Baker Nancy Tostberg, Grace Monkman, Cath erine Hacker, Ellen Best, Pat Tally, Flor MIDDLE ROW: Wilma Krimmel, Pat Hogan, Wanda Watkins, ludy Moats, Bev erly Killen, Lael McFarland, Rosemary Klaus, Kathlyn Fancher, Rita Follis, Beverly Thompson, Gwen O'Brien, Maxine Hayes FRONT ROW: Pat Kane, Gloria Dexheim er, Lois Adams, Bonnie Malcor, Mary Ann Nesch, Dorothy Cox, Marlene Meidel, Ioan MacKay, Marie Cole, Barbara Baldoni, Ann BACK ROW: Carol Cain, Carol Smith Donna Brockschmidt, Patricia Atteberry Betty Wables, Shirley Woodly, Margaret Goldesberry, Mary Micko, Lois Mayberry Ianet Lockhart, Gwen Thompson, Mary Robinson, Ida Hunt, Betty Tengler, Vir THIRD ROW: Betty Dodd, Donna I-Iuckel berry, Marilyn Eddington, Carmella Den tino, Barbara Patsche, Louise Evans, Io Ann'e Stevens, Betty Lou Nesch, Ruth Hamilton, Marilyn McLaughlin, Louise Gal lagher, Francesca Brown, Margaret Hughes SECOND ROW: Betty Guimard, Sharlene Grove, Doris Homer, Eloise Marcy, Dorothy Taylor, Shirley Potterbush, Ianet Speers Catherine Best, Donna Reeves, Betty Bunch FRONT ROW: Geraldine Murray, Iune Walker. Norma Copi, PaLBaldoQ Marge BACK ROW: Rita Aplin, Donna Curry Lorraine Lutkin, loyce Patterson, Ilene Miles, Marilyn Welker, Betty Weber, Ruth Holman, Iuanita Dodd, Amy Kelley, Bar bara Kittrell, Lena Houston, Melba Irwin MIDDLE ROW: Norma Keller, Edris Grab ner, Connie Cline, Nedra Hargis, Iudith Lois Ann Smith, Mary Holland, Norma FRONT ROW: Arlene Carter, Lois Cook Marcella Merrill, Margie Bly, Rita Cham bers, Henrietta I-laws, Mary Henson, Donna lannazzo, Mary Nelson, Susan George Anita Freeman, Clara Sauer, La Don CAFETERIA STAFF Dear Diary: Am I hungry? Am I glad to hear the 11:30 bell? Thanks to the fine cafeteria staff and stu- dent help: that excellent food is making me gain Weight. Here's to more and better food- Susie. Iohn Green, Mary Sanks, Iames Wolf, Frank Steele, John O'Neil. Mrs. Clara Krug, Rita Devlin, Mrs. Bertha Miller. MAIN- TENANCE STAFF Dear Diary: We owe a great deal to the fine men and Wo- men who take care of the grounds and build- ing. They put in many extra hours to help make life more pleas- ant. - Archie. Grace Monkman, Elsie -Smith, Ernest Neuber, Wayne Meierhans, Wilbert Rehwald Don Bastin Gene Dreelan Carol Scott Wilma Krimmel Peggy Vetter, Peggy Riley, Virginia Tutt, Cozy Cole, Ed McNulty, Osmond Gdy. ummm: smwamxwssaswsq mt..-N 0,1 ,Q Q .-We-1. 1. w .Neem Q Mmnwff :,wmimmmsm,:ssw.'smx.mxmn 1 l X2 f 'N XX se V ' Q15 iq Q N SQ . El it 944' Vx u ,.M.,L- 5 X X f' il It Xxx. 721 16- DIARY - SEPTEMBER 7 to JUNE 17 Dear Diary: September 7-Everyone came mournfully back to school, faced with the prospect of a long ses- sion until Iune 17, 1949. 9-We had a pep assembly in the auditorium tor our first football game of the season which was with Taylorville. ll-Our first home game of the season. We beat Taylor- ville 18-7. Pep assembly for the Springfield-Peitshans game. 30-A Gwen O'Brien, Donna Ian- nazzo, Bertie Owens, Nan- cy Dietrich, and Pat Hogan were chosen as this year's cheerleaders. 17-Our game with Springfield. Even if We did lose 6-O it was still a very good game. 24-We played Lanphier and lost again by one touch- down 12-6. We had a pep assembly for our game with Cathedral. Susie. wi! 4 ' hr ti e 5 ' "V .s 4, x 'ff-li? Dear Diary: October 1-We played Cathedral and Won 7-8 12-O. Nice going boys. -Those two days we all look tor- ward to, when the tables are turned and the teachers go to school. Our A Cappella Choir sang for the institute on Friday morning. 8-We played at Gillespie and lost 35-6, oh, what a game! 15--Iacksonville came here, but as usual we beat them. 40-U. 18-Harold Russell, handless veteran who starred in "Best Years of Our Lives", spoke on Racial and Religious Discrimination. 18-Mr. Roy Dickerson spoke on "Preparation for Marriage." 21-We played Beardstown here and Won 7-U. Nice work boys. 28-Mr. Walter Everman demon- strated the Wonders of Liquid Air. 29-We traveled to Clinton but lost 27-l7. Guess we should have stayed home. Archie. Mat BM " 1 N i , 'X I xiii V' QQ' W lil Rgf, November The Lewis Players present- of the F. B. l. Two of our own boys even took to the stage and helped them out. -Mr. W. Clark Ellzey, spon- sored by the Springfield Council of Churches, spoke on "Preparation for Mar- riage." A Dear Diary: 4- W ed a play on the workings 5 4 ,- 'V in 5 3 MM. 5-At night we travel again, this time to Carlinville and we won 12-6. 17-A Vagabond trio enter- tained us by taking us on a musical trip through Eu- rope. l9-We played Riverton in our Gym. This is our first game of the season and We won 27-21. Howard Skinner and Dr. Mervin Rosell, who ap- peared this week at our school with the Youth for Christ rally, entertained us -Dr. Rosell on the saxo- phone and Mr. Skinner on the Hammond Organ. 23-Bertrand Shurtleff, with the help of Bob Griffith, lim Fox, Norval Melton, and Clyde Drury, showed us some of the techniques of Wrestling. 24-Rev. Tupper from the First Christian Church gave us the Address at our Thanks- giving Assembly and the A Cappella Choir sang four numbers. 30-We traveled to Lincoln and came home with a 36-35 victory. Susie. 0 4h"t' cms ., 55. L Dear Diary: December 3-Bernard Kruger from the Depart- ment of Conservation of the State of Illinois showed two movies based on Conservation. Tonight We played Jacksonville in our gym but lost 31-35. 7-We played Mt. Pulaski and won 38-34. Really an exciting game. 10-We traveled to Beardstown only to come home with a loss 44-24. 14-We played at Clinton tonight and lost again 39-38. Oh did that hurtll 17-Clinton came here and beat us 31-35. Where is our Luck?? 20-"Log" Rollers assembly-Paul Bunyon talias lack Pendletonl and his Log Rollers told of things they had seen in the "big city". lWe saw them too, as they told about them.l 22-Last day of school before Christ- mas vacation. We had an as- sembly the last thing. The A Cappella Choir sang two num- bers and We heard the Christ- mas Story. 28-31-The City Basketball tourna- ment Was held at the Armory. We beat Lanphier 34-41, but lost to Cathedral 38-34 and to Spring- field 41-34. It was liked by all and we hope that we continue to have these holiday tourna- ments. Archie. tx 1 40" 358+ ' M' f s , . . W ' L- 4 E 1 2 ma" fe"""' QP YW HEAR Dear Diary: 18- I anucxry 3-Back to the old grind again, but the seniors didn't mind too much, as they are counting the days until graduation on the 27th. ' 4-We Went to Mt. Pulaski and 1 ' s came home with a well earned victory ot 54-50. You really played a good game boys!! 6 7-We played Williamsville Svlvt Wulf. l75l in our Gymn and Won 47- 25. ll-Mr. Frederick Sjokiarn en- tertained us on the piano. His performance was great- ly enjoyed by everyone, not only because oi his great talent on the piano, but also because ot his ability to put it across to the students. 21- We went to Gillespie only to come home with a loss of 62-57. Oh well I guess We can't win all the time. Wish We could. Recognition assembly - Miss Cogswell presented the Awards to the National Honor Society members. Rev. Richard Newhall, asst. pastor of the First Metho- dist Church spoke and Mr. Nichols read the names of those having had perfect attendance this semester. Tonight We played Carlin- ville in our gym and beat them 55-30. Nice Work, boys. 22-Iunior-Senior Prom-Every- one who came had a Won- derful time dancing te the music of Charlie Rodgers orchestra. Everything was lovely. 25 25 "'7 28 ,I I , U15 f s", JI, ' :aww f Y Dear Diary: Ianucxry lContinuedl 23-Vesper services for the qradu ates at the First Methodist Church. An ensemble of the qraduates sana two numbers and Rev. Gilbert A. Sasthoif ot the Lutheran Memorial Church delivered the address. -Last day for graduating seniors -that is-it is the last day for those who have their Work in. home with a 66-57 victory. delivered the address and Mr Paul Wilson presented the di plomas. -No school for the students due to Weather conditions-Why doesn't this happen more often?? Poor teachers! ! l At night we played at Iackson- ville and won again, 58-37. Last Q'CII'l'1G lOl' gI'C1dl.1CIflI1Q' SGI1iOI'S Good season boys, sorry to see you leave. 31-First day of second semester Now We can count the hours un- til Iune 17th. Archie. J ,JW -wi , f A! in:-5:71, -J JYY,,,w - '-'N' V' Quota' -We Went to Virden and came -GRADUATION! The A Cappella Choir sang. Mr. Bruce Wheeler Z P 5 x 'gf cf Dear Diary: 24-Movie during 4th and 5th Februcny sfe 2-The nlmois Ben Teiephone L 19,1 0.00 0 . I 6 :- sluts p X 4 l78l ..Q...................,.-, . , -LJ -.. Company' put on a very in- teresting act about tele- phones and the correct Way to use them. At night' we played Peters- burg in our gym. We won 68-43. -Movie "Sweet Rosie O'- Gradyu. Proceeds Went to our '49 LOG. Everyone en- joyed it very much. . . -We played St. Iames there and Won 54-37. -Luck still with us. We played Kincaid there and Won 69-34. -We played Mason City in our gym and won 36-33. Good Work boys. - -We played at Virginia and won again 44-41. periods. "Buffalo Bi11". Ev- eryone seemed to enjoy it. Proceeds went to the LOG. 25-Home Room and Pep As- 8 sembly. Mr. Halberg and Mr. Wax talked about the Regional Tournament. No third hourl Game at night with Clinton in our gym. We won 53-52. Last game this season ex- cept for the tournament which begins next Week. Swell game boys. -"lack O'Nea1 Day". Took up collection for a farewell gift for lack. We Will all miss him here at F.H.S. Tonight We played our first game in the regional tour- nament at Lincoln. We won 55-35 from Atlanta. Oh my tired throatl . Susie. Ol 5 rngefiddff 2.'-'iff Dear Diary: March 1-Assembly-we were entertained by the Gibson-Schwerky Duo. Every one seemed to enjoy it very much. 2-We played against Lincoln in the semi-finals of the tournament held thereg We lost 43-40. Nice work boys, even it yve did lose, f you know We can't always be winners. 8-Movie-"Four Iills in a lee-p". Musical Hit. Large attendance, and they seemed to like it-very much. ' ' 16-Movie on T.B. Drive to get more ' students to take the 'l'.B. test. Did you?? 184-Bradley Choir entertained us again this year. We hope that they Will come back again real soon. s End of first term this semester. Think you are passing? School Dance-Windy Hop- sponsored by the Student Coun- cil. Music was by recording. Very well supported and en- joyed by all. 23-Home Room-grades were dis- tributed, how Were yours?? 25, 26, 27-Student Council Conven- tion held in Chicago. Everyone who Went reported a grand tirne. 30-Home Room - Assembly - Dr. Millar spoke on "Good Citizen- ship". We also had another guest tunexpectedl a mouse. All the girls seemed to be on the chairs for some reason, Wonder why. Surely they are not afraid of a little mouse. Yours for bigger mice! Archie. 1 x.mvE WEE xx! ap K -7 Ewan, m A I l - .asa-.:e ,- ,X s. If ., 5 2-M--'s . stil D Dear Diary: 4 61 April Movie-"Do You Love Me" -Musical Comedy. Last movie of the year. Every- one enjoyed it very much. The yearbook thanks all of you for your cooperation in supporting it by your large attendance. lnterclass Track Meet here. 7-lnterclass Track Meet here. Baseball qame with Easton at Iles Park. Feitshans 15, Easton 1. 3, 11- lnterclass Track Meet here. Baseball game at Beards- town. Beardstown 3, Felt- shans 1. 13-Varsity Duel Track Meet held at Virden. 14-Assembly put on by the Allied Youth. Baseball game with Tay- lorville at Iles Park. -Freshman - Sophomore Track Meet held at Kincaid. -Open Track Meet at De- catur. 3 Woodivnl Dear Diary: April lContinuedl -Baseball game with Clinton at Iles Park. -Baseball game with Carlinviile at Iles Park. Feitshans 7, Carlin- ville 4. Wheel -Pay Assembly-We were enter- tained by Albert Franklin Stew- art of the Chickasaw Nation- Bass Baritone. Baseball game with Beardstown at Iles Park. Feitshans 10, Beards- town 1. -Open Track Meet was held at Pana. -School Dance-Rain Beau Cap- ers-sponsored by the Social Problems Class. Music was by recording. Large crowd and ev- eryone seemed to enjoy it very much. Baseball game with Clinton there. -Baseball game with Cathedral at Iles Park. Feitshans 5, Ca- thedral 4. Close! -Baseball game at Lanphier. Lan- phier 5, Feitshans 0. Better luck next time. -Central Conference Track Meet held at Iacksonville. We won FIRST with 63 points, Carlinville 35. Whoopeel Three cheers! Archie. Slu xi NN? is . XQ do C Q Q V 52 '1 . r f 1 0 Dear Diary: P 1 May ' l-Movie on Conservation. Oxt I 3-City Track Meet at Spring- . .Wil I field field. ' ,glpfi-f' 2' 4-Baseball game at St. Iames. IZVQ-"N 'S 6-Baseball game with Spring- - 5 O field at Iles Park. 1 7-Track Meet at Iacksonville ' -Relays-Baseball game A with Mt. Pulaski at Iles ,A ' . Park. N w ' V 9-Baseball game at Taylor- ! ' u,'IJ5'N , ville. tk A 1 1 'ff ' IU-Duel Track Meet at Taylor- . ville. ' l3-District Track Meet at Kin- caid. I82I Senior Play, "I Wouldn't Know". Great comedy. Mrs. Erickson directed it. Every- one seemed to like it very much. I4-Baseball game with lack- sonville at Iles Park-Dou- ble Header. 20-21-State Track Meet at Champaign. 23-Baseball game With St. Iames at Iles Park. Choir Concert-The A Cap- pella Choir put on a won- derful concert as usual. We always look forward to this spring concert of theirs. 25-City Freshman Track Meet at Springfield field. 31-Baseball game with Lan- phier at Iles Park. ' Susie. "'Xx?XvNb sa Ear 7 1-M415 -vw . xy il st Dear Diary: - Iune -Amateur Show- sponsored by the Allied Youth. This is always a great event, we look forward to every year. lunior-Senior Banquet. It was held in the school cafeteria. The Theme of the Mardi Gras was carried out through the program. A wonderful time was' had by all. ' -Baseball game with Soringfield at their field. - -Prom - "Sweetheart Promen- ade". Music was furnished by Charlie Rodgers Orchestra. Ev- erything looked lovely. Wonder- ful time was had by all. Won't be home until morning. . . -Baccalaureate Services were held for the Graduating Seniors at the First Methodist Church. -It Won't be long now. -Graduating Seniors get to turn in their books, aren't they the lucky ones! -Seniors had their pictures taken and practiced for that big day- GRADUATION. -All other students turn in their books and can heave a big sigh of relief. Tonight the Graduation was held in the school auditorium. Dr. Iohn I. Haramy of Indianapolis, Indiana, delivered the address. -The end of another school year. This is the day that we have been looking forward to for a long time. So "so long" until next year. Susie and Archie. ' WIHIEIFT5 QM 'IP a ,, AT, Ilnlilll Q ' haw N ,Q J xl 'N Q Q53 AUTOGRAPHS Q1 . Lf' Vs? W , 'N x., x ,Aix F uv 'N , QQ' A fi 6 A AUTOGRAPHS Am -N f f I , f L ' '- ff lx - H ,I J F15 1 l I MPATROQNS Allis-Chalmers Mtg. Co. Axtell-Kramer Co. Armbruster Mtg. Co. Amrhein's Bakery A. Dirksen or Sons Abraham Lincoln Hotel Alexander's Atlman's Inc. Arch Wilson Inc. Barker-Goldman-Lubin Co. Broadwe1l's Drug Store A Barlow Iewelry Store BEST WISHES FROM BURTON M. REID SONS, INC. BRUNK 6. SAPP YOUR FARM 6: HOME STORE Bob's Market Bud G Helen's Floral Shop Baker Manufacturing Co. Bachman ci Kumle, Prescription Druggists Brown's Business College I Bridge Iewelry Co., Inc. Bachman Sinclair Service Campbell Candy Co., Inc. Carl F. Schnirrinq Grocery Central Illinois Tractor 6. Equipment Co. CITY WATER LIGHT 6: POWER DEPT. Coe's Book Store Chaprnarfs Castors Super Market Central Illinois Light Co. Clayton-Iones-Bernard Inc Compliments of I. W. Curren State s Attorney Compliments of M. B. Overaker Compliments oi Paul L Werdenbacher Drach's Restaurant Diss Texaco Service Dunbar Service Station Elks Club Eddie Wattling, Inc. Everley Drug Store FRIDEN CALCULATING MACHINE AGENCY Flowers by Mary Lou Franklin Life Insurance Company First National Bank Fred C. Brown Meat Market Factory Outlet Shoe Store F1oyd's Gietl Bros. George W. Melton, Ir. Gray's Confectionery Goody-Goody Drive In BEST WISHES GEORGE A. MUELLER :St CO Henson Robinson Co. Herndon's HENRY NELCH 6. SON CO BUILDING MATERIAL, READY MIXED CEMENT Harry S. Clayton Furniture Co Holland-Your Ieweler Herb's Shoe Repair Shop Herter's Drug Store I I I 4 I I I t ' PATRRONS I Iliarold Prehn, Inc. lllinois Iournal :S Register Allames M. Walsh, County Treasurer flohn D. Tomlinson Service Station llunior Deputy Sheriffs' League fLenz Eye Service IJ Laundromat-Half-Hour Laundry L es. L suies IRC. ! Lloyd's Cleaners I r l Leland Hotel fl Mae's Card Shop Madison Furniture Store I I McCoy Hardware Company I Morgan Paint Company MAYOR HARRY A. R1ELsoN. fs. FAMILYI i McDonald Art G Book Store y Myers Brothers L I MERCURY STUDIO Modern Business Machine Co. Mel-O-Cream Donut Company Majestic Shoppe Montgomery Ward Co. Neumode Hosiery Shop Oriental Cafe Office of Public Instruction Plain's Food Service Producers Dairy Company Pfile's Camera Shop Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Roberts Brothers Reisch Shoe Shop Roxy Theater S. Ackerman Southtown Grill Springfield Transportation Co. Springfield Coca-Cola Bottling C Sweet 5: Canterbury Seed Co. Sangamon Dairy Products S G L Department Store Springfield Dry Goods Store Schlitt Hardware SulIiVan's Barber Shop Swinney Service Station Simmons Office Supply Co. SPRINGFIELD MARINE BANK S. A. Barker Co. ' The Georgian The Californian-Super Market The Den I The Iohn Bressmer Co. Thrifty Drug Store TYPEWRITER SERVICE CO. The Bootery THE CAMERA SHOP Underwood Corporation WoIfson's Furniture Company Walsh Super Service Ware Oil Co.-18th ri Cook W. H. Roland White Way Food Market Winch Floral Shop White Loan Company WATT BROS. PHARMACY W. R. Curtis, Ieweler O o ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Once cxqoin we extend our most thanks to the following Springfield business firms for their contribution to the founih edition of "The Log." CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY MERCURY STUDIOS WILLIAMSON PRESS, INC. '-sir 4, UA,-v ,f my . , - ,.'. L wi 4" K ,J fi .AL , it ., ' 1 "L , . ,Y ,H :ln It "BN ax fag, v

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