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 - Class of 1947

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I X em dwell! the sicrif of 710 of FEITSHANS HIGH SCHOOL SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS ' jf W Ae ' 12 , as compiled by ! -v I L I L LS 04' m 1:1-12 SPNNG THIS WAY TO GAMES . . . PROMS.. FUN!!!' 4 ? 1 w ,, M nf,-.m,.,,,, ,,.,- , , w.,,,.,.,,.f..,w www i Q A V ,M . Wg,y,fqk5,-X--. A Y "S, 2' ,,r---- . ,bsf--4-. ...v-I .W my , X,W,MM., ,....-wwf M Ax-an fav m..m,.f,wf-yn..--...-.wgq-w4.,,, wvqppqw-pggqgpm md, .Q M WE COME WE SEEK - WE LEARN - WE LEAVE K-.1 .gyg ,-X 5 ?5'iF5O YM 'ZO-43N-2 X' N-f x.A..1g! O JN ,..---J M S . N . A P ffixx X X v L' X' x K kj WV H 1 E -I fx ff f Wx A -f F X ,, N K4 jf H Q ' X X! X2 I!! I 'X kkxy n "'Afx'i f 5 L QI ,d 7 K .ly X g . A"1ii 2 X W5 Xx A 'MR' f 5 sf ' - V , w 1 I M. 2 x Q I All ,D N 5 Ny, X X XT31 :X lx "A, :AX 'll X, Yffxg iff! 3 X X 4 21,f5.jX'f L-f Q I .feij XX!! X H A N 'T W f' " E ,ff X '- :il f I x 6 I ' ' X., W-Y Y 4 WW' '-qi" ' O Dedication EARL W WAX We dedlcate thls 1947 LOG to one swell guy Mr Wax H came to Feltshans ln 1934 and rn the 13 years he has be n wrth us has been one of our most popular teachers he IS Athletlc Dlrector and coach of our Football and Track teams As Football Coach of the Flyers he has qmded our teams to many vrctorles and brought to us Clty and Central Conference Champronshrps HIS track teams have generally been among the top ranklnq teams of thrs area Th s past year he has undertaken the added task ol attendance ofhcer and dlscrplmarlan and proof of h1s outstandlnq tact has been the fact that he has mamtalned the respect and admrratlon of all students We are happy to bestow th1s honor upon Eal W Wax 0 . . u H ' ' . . 9 . . . Q . , C 1 t . . . . i 1 ' v- 1 . . nj 5 Sgml xx Q QNX Cx Wu yfij i Xp LJ HN gh Jw. -5 k if FZ? SH OXUN K,a K N June Senlors . '.f'.f 1 r,, ry 47' '57 LHLL . 1 4 . - -v .r' .x THIIIL. .- A. - 'Yi1lf.l1,'d'fIQ' .r :V- - Q?'1'9f'ip' 'f 1,31 fiff' .A ' f . 3 ' 13' -j-511417 ': 3:2 1 'ecig-its f,I 'grqizmr us ,:. ' 4 1 'z " ':1c1.2'1. '5 , ,f," '." I' f IIC! iv. .k W, fix.. ' 11. if ' :g I Af tllTf1'!f : 1' Q Senlors of 47 June June G I Graduates OFFICERS LLOYD AUERBERRY Vice President BERNARD ZEMAN President IO ANNE BAUGH Secretary Treasurer Front Row: Henry Sexton, Toussunl Anderson, Iohn DeWitt Buck Row: Robert Suter, Eugene Howett, Charles Turrentine LLOYD ATTERBERRY FRANK BLAKE U01 MARGARET BROOKS RUTH BRYANT IMELDA ANDERSON BILL ARMSTRONG ? IOANNE BAUGH BOB BRETZ DONALD CANHAM IEANETTE CARVER RAMONA BUMGARNER GERALD BURNS RICHARD CLARK IEAN COLLINS BETTYE CARR DELORES CLANNEY HOMER DEAVULT IAMES DOERFLER E121 L-.. DON FINLEY RUBY FLEMINGS HELEN CONNOLLY FRANK COPI TACK DICKERSON MAE FENSTERMAKER RAY GEDAMIN SKI CHARLES HARTLEY ALICE FOLDER KATHRYN GARLOCK NORMA HEDRICK IEAN HEISS SARAH GOLDEN WALTER HAWS 13 MAXINE INGRAM RICHARD IOHNSON CLAIRE KING DOROTHY KING IOE HUGHES MARY FRANCES HUGHES I AMES IRWIN ROY IOHNSON HELEN LOCKER FRED MCBRIDE ANDREW KRAUS MARTHA ANN LAUTERBACH BERNITA METCALF MARY GRACE MYERS CHARLES MATLACK HEINZ MEISSN ER E15 6 BETTY ROUNTREE IOSEPH SABO ROBERT SCHULTZ BETTY SCOFFINGER PATRICIA MURPHY DELORES RICHMOND MARTIN RUMBLE THOMAS SCHNIRRING DORIS SMITH BETTY STINE GERALDINE SEDLAK BETTY SHAFFER 'Q' PAT VIDAMOUR HELEN VOGES IRVIN SMITH IOHN VASCONCELLES '7 NOHMA WIKE HAROLD WILLIAMS E181 CECIL WAGNER SHIRLEY WALL SENIORS NOT PICTURED Iacqueline Carter Iesse Curtis Florence Iones BERNARD Nora Otto ZEMAN Wanda Tumer William Stuemke EVELYN WILLIAMS MERLE WILLIAMS Class of January OFFICERS DON MCMULLEN Vtce Presldent EARLENE MOODY Secretary DOROTHY NEWQUIST Treasurer IAMES WHITE Presldent Fertshans Hrah School may well be proud of lts Iarluary 1947 Graduates Its mem bers have submltted very outstandmq talents m thelr tour years ot membershlp takmq act1ve parts m such oraar11zat1or1s as the A Cappella Cholr Band G A A and all our athlet1c act1v1t1es We have rmssed the1r SI'Illl1I'lQ faces smce they left us m mld year but we st1ll know that no matter where they are or what they may be domq they W1ll be makmq good Whether rt be m College or m the busmess World January G I Graduates Fxrst Row Iames Myers Ir Iames Scott Charles Beck Thomas Pxnn Second Row Wxllxmn Fox Robert Campbell Wtllxam Howell Donald Newquxst Iohn Mathers Back How Wxlltam Heaton Orbxe Camtield Charles Adams Elzxe Humphrey Herbert Lauchner Walter Neff Samuel Eddmqton 19 I --- W' Q' 1 1 1 1 . . 1 11 11 . , , . ' 1 , , . . ., . ' 1 A , A I I I 1 11 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 - Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 DELORES DESIGNE MARGARET ANN FORTH 201 ALTHEA HACKER PAUL HAMMONS LEONARD BACON CHARLES BUNCH BERNADEAN DRAUGHON PAULINE GALLOWAY PATRICIA LUFKIN EARLENE MOODY NANCY HATCHER ROBERT ISOM ANN NELSON DOROTHY NEWQUIST DON MCMULLEN DELORES NATION 2 223 LAWRENCE SANDIDGE LAURA SMITH ELZIE HUMPHREY VICTORIA TITONE I AMES WHITE ROBERT PATTERSON RUTH ANN REGISTER MERLE SHAW MARGARET SNYDER Jun1ors 12 CLASS BRUCE THOMPSON Pmsmem RICHARD POLIC V1cePres1dent DORALYN SINGLETON, Secretary. 'X I2 I a W 1l'CLASS PETE URBAS,PreQdenL W. f 3 dmv ! D I 9 W? A FQ 9 BILL HAMENDE, Vice-President. NORMA JEAN BRANDON, Secretary. MARILYN UTINSKE, Treasurer. 1F'CLASS DON WISEMAN, President. IIM SMITH, Vice-President EDWARD WYCOFF, Secretary Qi if 7,5 X 4 My 1 ,z ' fr' if 71 ff f N!! M695 f df 3 A , ,. W if f , ky. 5 in '- wma-: A , . . fi A A 55 Wm 525' Qi 5 m:15I':E-4' if-1 EW ..:,,r'5 . . X Mm VN I9 ,. ff , 2 zhqif W', 'Hi Q "'?Z,gz 5 Q M A I -, 3.1 f , ,226 2 .. ,gg K A A 4 WW V: A . " 4 E , 1 , '25 V. Q , 11 ,, .,,,, ,, A . vga, x ' :ea WM' 1 3 I se.: .ew 1 V. 9 A .1 , .. Q , I:,,.:, 44 i v. val M if "Zia 1 v,,w : M.. 5 W. 4 .f abyss. a 5, :,:'Xi ,V Sx Y Us 0? -df-1 fm 12's Dolores Scot! Wayne Scroggins Pat Sheridan Doralyn Singleton Wendell Singlelon George Sinlrus Edgar Smith Norma Souih I ames Spires Bruce Thompson Phyllis Tomlinson William Walker Bob Wallace lean Wilson E . . .Z xx .vv- 3 'Wi f 1 0 My V2 1' .nv 5 f a' " .,,. .,,, - 1543 X .M ' .,... : ,A ,. Z... H, M L 'Wi' M .MW A59 ,Q Q ' " ff -3 :EW ik: :S ,A 1 f 1 . , , "m f 5.5. . Q W - M , K fi? 954. x , 'ff' ,,, ., Q w 4, , 'rffl' :lz ., WW A: 11 ,,, , " 'A gg 1 ,.A.f w 1 qw, 2 , aff? J 1146. a ' lids ii? 6 L- -. ,W Q 5. 2.1. 2' L...i14i if if .1 :c c G-Q 1- 'ff' f"' li k 51' A . ,X Xffw if 1 Q :J 2. MH - .-1, 9 rl . "iw ,i 2' .1--M ii ,, if 6 ,LT ,,,A, , X in 2 6 5 1' X" 4 1, x- f- , 5. I 9 fig - Sgiflfff !g fx! 3' V l I 'Q 'ii-A ---- -- - 0,5 12 V nv. M., . 4, ,, 2 4 X sw , 'ur fig.. 'K 7 Gu 4 H4 3- E ,, huf 2211 ww Wg MW M I QM, , 41, MLK, ,NSI fy" Q WTA 40" .:..:. ,.,. , B -5, ' Vx:-. ,- ig ,., ,.,.A,.,, . M 13 -K A haw. K ik A, 5. fi 4 Ji , '- .:.f' ' ' x, 'K ' a J-1 9 2 'V 's 1 5' f I it 5 ,A.A rr,-5' '4 f ,Ml Q. H I1 ' I T 4 ., .. N ,,,. 253 li 1Zis'2fF ,Q ' ,fi V ' 'nh . Hd! K ak Q A 4 A N vw Y ai . R' W 1. ,ff 'gix fgi , ff W M1 ff '51 t -Zi , 2 - A : . . .-5 uw ,, 'hui lit . ,,:.: f ,. f M, . 'WS' 0 M Q 1 'W ii .....j 5 ws Manlyn Smxth Mary Smxth Barbara Streeter Frank Stubbs Ellen Thomas Robert Thomas Mcdelme Vono Rose Mane Wanderllck Helen Wcmless Arlene Watkms Betty Weber Erqene Wheat Mary Io Wolf Iames A Young AUTOGRAPHS 3 QV' K E 1, Virginia Tutt 'K M 3 L i pg . 1 ' 1? 4 ' N N, ,, .,.::ag' ,Z . N i QA lg' ' 4-Q19 . ,G H2 ' " ,4 WM , -i: '1 A A si 7 V1 .fm1ZfZi,, ' ' ef, My , ff W ,M n I K 1 ,J ff ze, GQ, I Q 7 V as 1 M, '41, , M I r"" -I R 4.3 in- .J.1 ' Q I 'X , , W .X xxx X V 1 i G. Q x 1 5 -f. f E Xa., K i xxx. fi l:, N I 'Q X Q' X ,A 1, ef 'Hn Q- Q QC my - Agri. Q5 ' X ., 1 -1. W I -rj' 'V WA-fvl T .A K vnu ldv 59920 141 5+ P Q Aw 2 fi 047 gp-45 ,af X A 9 , Z aaa- 7. w ,: f X fi A . WW ,LX v. G 4 F ,,,,. Q , .A ,P J . 52,3 f A -A: 2 Yu mfs Q Q. -if b S ,,,. N, Q, W vfff -Q Q2 4 www gk , w 'ul 'ww 420 J,-f 4 I 5 5? gm xt is 'wdfwy L. Af, fi Q Q25 5' can sw 2, A ,K , 'Q :.,,. sf, x Q is .v1. M WH ' iw Q fi Q 4 ZW A 1 if Www in Q W ' 1 73 C' x QQ S ,Y gp g-auf 55 A M 3' W 'k 3-iv Q, s 'Q if ,ve M Florence Satterfxeld Eugene Scatterqood Iess Schluter Ronald South Melvm Spence Dorothy Stme Robert Stewart Blanche Taborn Ioanne Thomas Walter Ushman Leslxe Valtxlle Ixmmy Wayne Margaret Wells Dale Wxllxs Glona Wxnston AUTOGRAPHS gy ,fx 59.5- X1 ,S S, X 3 N I4 X K -,X xx Mg D Y . x X x 421 Our Principal rf FRED C NICHOLS Mr N1CVlOlS our prmmpdl In h1S hcmds rests tHe Job of ddm1r11ster11'1q our sc'1 CW pr HD IS ever cle-ri to studcnfs Pee-dq dvd does ev rythm DosQ1bTe 1 crd 1 to ment mem Under f11s ddmm slrdmor FQITSWGHS was W r re oqm 1CP 1 amy DVCISGQ of 11s educdt1of1dl cmd eytrf' urr culdr d +1 111 Q ,541 CARL "POP" WILSON Dean of Boys Rave Q: prccierti, CLIE Crtie Hep? Tie te 15 PCL A Y Af- I ,,.. K Filson, ox Deen cl E: fe. na ,.,w- AQ ,. -.-urn f ,+w-,. MCI: . .,, ,.L.-. .llxf :UVMA-JAM end leasing :asses H1 ,Lf :1 pari Cf his duties. MISS ELIZABETH COGSWELL Dean of G1r1s ff unq sf 0 no, C1 een VI P l' QCSQ-QQ SG Ju Le' Cl Img helpfu U vlfe fH fu ure vc cmorms and colleges lgS Coqs Nell plays Cm l"'1pOIlUTll ffl m the .1 'cms of FQllClWCII1S S cpu y C1 5 Sne carry out ler cu Mes tea' L1 so fmds T 'fe to CW ce Qnensol 1 CI 'f we homer 44 MR WAX Decm of Students li this title is rather puzzling its Just another way of say ing attendance officer and disciplinarian Mr Wax has narge classes or absent from school This is a very tough Job but Mr Wax handles the Job in such a way that responsibilities are rnet perhaps riotwith a smile but at least without a grudge of disciplining both boys and girls when they skip, are tardy to l wJ fb fx L, ,A ,X . 9 X ' XR N . Q3 iv, fit' ' K ,Ax -J A f 1 : iv 1 55 H+? A A , i x 1, X Y fgiiff ff , f' , .5 if f' ff. . W. , :g X ,ff , gl '92 , . A Ky gt 4 .wwv XV, if , , . U . P' " I , , V441 ' if ' ' X I '- I y ? I X, I ' , Q 'yy 9X X f . . ol K ' . , .X X A ' ' . 'KQ 3 X . . . - xx- K' X x ,. K x,N.f Q, f y 7"x -., .X, 'x . X X Q ,V--f 7, T VV X, 'U '1 " - I I "I ff I ' ,X 'Z xx If . x , V -Q ' . ' fs ' 3 .fd XJ aw? 5 g xx-JN w,.,L...LliL-x E 1 0 hi MISS POWELL n Q' 1 S M.A. Univ. of MQ. There is a greaf deal more to the study of English than nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs. lffernorizing poetry and reading some of the great English works are also important phases. Outside books and plays are read and reports given, thus increasing experience in speaking betore people. The Readers Digests are always in great demand. The writing of essays, short stories and autobiagraphies, beside providing interesting reading, furnish experience in the means ot clear self-expression. There have been reports of some very lively debates in some of our English classes. Programs both in the classroom and on the assembly stage have enlivened the courses considerably and have permitted a large number of students to pertorrn before their class- mates and the school as a whole. lncidentally, some of them are pretty good actors. All in all our English department is doin? CI pretty nice job in instructing us in meeting present demands in the use ot English. A HOT DEBATE IUST GETTING READY TO START Mbit 'n MRS. WHEELER B.A. Northweslem U 4, MA Umv oi The SCL-EI'1CE Deggczrtftie if classes ir. Gezprrgl Sfll 'md Physics. Chen he yei 5 reqmred graves interes 3:4 Wink the Ofllgf Ciurses xesrs. I'.'fClT1'f cz Szialce sip 5C1Q11Tist cf taniorrcw. W'-9 we qrcxducxtes of our school item C1 qccd start THQ resw E T 1 ua 101 Hur? Schccls. WORLD TRAVEL-VIA CLASSROOM 4, 2 L 4 , 7 'Zf?,wf. nga' f V: uiy, W f 4 V. A,,. J Zvlzy Q 1 , af M- , ai M VA . A ,, 1 , X Q 4 ,, f ' I H 7 , Hmm I , ' , gg may V if gs f 5 ' , im ' " ZZ? Qjf If I f ' ' ga M 'Wi " fy W 2 W g rf f y ' I ' A ,491 1 W A ', f ,W if 1 5 f2fzaa0Qi5i2ifJ15' ' , Q Y Q 5 fn' fswiip 65178290 2 5 A ,fm E ff, , 1, -, haul,- fl , el ,eq 5 " 1 ' Z7 wr 3 v O fb .- 42 l 1' :xr QF. K1 gm X ' ev 2 A YU . X ' Y 0 J H W""f ' M S :: . - 'Q . HM , Envii ' ik M A. ,,:. ' ., W t K i 105' :-: : A: h : 'Q 4 ,. 'Z ,, .av '-Iv 1 W Q '-" ' ' Q i D A Qsh,...m.veug,,x N .. W, x 5 ' ,5 S fm 1 ,. .A f ----Q-, . ."f fg .wif SECOND A CAPPELLA Vocal Music Miss Matlock hos devised o system ot choirs whereby she con be sure oi the quolity ot voices in her A Coppeiio qroup. The Second A Coppelio orid the Girls' Choir ore the trdmmq ground for the future First A Coppeiio members, oil ot which in' sure o better ond firmer Choir of which Feitshoris is very proud. MISS MATLACK B.M. American Conservatory of Music GIRLS' CHOIR 94- 117 '27 SECOND BAND Instrumental Music Our fine Feitshons bond owes port or its success to the excellent development progrozii which Mr. McCoy corries on with his beginners. The individuol instruction ond prootioe, olonq with the opportunity to ploy with the "Second Bond" keeps ihe beginning sfudent on his toes ond eoqer to ledrn. Every znernber oi second bond looks torword to the hfrppy drry when he rndy stove up the lodder to 'The Bond," his cherished gool. A lot of tirne ond o lot niore potience is required to bring these boys ond qirls olonq io the point where they ore oble to reod rnusic ond ploy whot they reod. There is no doubt thot the Feitshons High School Bond is one of the best in this section ot the stote ond dll ot us ore proud whenever we see our bond perform whether it be in our - sernblies or in d porode in sorne civic crotivity. The second bond is the stortinq point of the finished product. tr' MR. MCCOY B.M. Univ. ol Ill. 0 0 . S o c 1 al S c 1 e n C e Mlffsfgfxfflwts. Jews Our social science courses tend to make each student a better American, at the same time offering stiff tests, oodles ot dates, and plenty of headaches. The intricacies ot our American government, and the working ot our democracy provide a very interesting subject. Amer- ican History and World History offer the usual maze ot dates to learn, while teaching us some ot the important events in the background ot our country and the world. Qur Social Problems classes each year take field trips to lackson- ville, thus increasing our understanding ol the conditions under which other people not so fortunate as we, live. This tends to have a very humanizing and sobering etfect on the seniors, with the added realiza- tion that lite is not just a "bowl of cherries." KEEPING UP WITH THIS CHANGING WORLD OF OURS r"?-1" MR. KENNEY MA. Univ. of Colo MRS. PRUGGER MA. Northwestern U. L a n g u a g e Which do you prefer Latin or Spanish? lvlrs. Prugger capaloly leads the study ct Caesar, Cicero, and grartiiar If Lfztn while at sanie tinie our relationships with Latin America are accentuated. The airn is to get the students to read, write, and understand Spanish with emphasis on speaking ability according to present day airns ot Pair Aniericanisrn. lNe've all heard ruriors that Latin is a dead language but don't be fooled, a knowledge ot Latin is a very nice thing to have. Those who talce language courses enioy them, IT COULD BE GREEK I-'OR ALL WE KNOW Jian' lx . fwfr Y W' ,uf is IUST CLAY IN THEIR HANDS Art DC you rrke to zrifzke riecrurrful tlzmqs prcrures fcrvirs, XTCSTQYS, and zgerimizc rzrticfes? Tflfflff be sure ta: ff':P:f1 crdvizrziirge f" 'mr fzrie Url Classes. Mrs. Rielkg rs always sfrrvrrij te cievelep Crit Qzxdersrcmdmg cmd Qrpprecifztifri of dzfieremi Qxrf ?XfiI9SSl'2IIS filing wrrzz ine skrli, :md tecrxrrrques zresessfrry TC Carry them Cui, The required reporfs help is brcudei tie kiewledge ef art wcrk arid Lnsreizse epzr Qzppresictrczr of serie ef the f1XGY tlirigs cf life. Exfizzty ef cur ssrrcd cstivxies are great. ' lfldzlljf? ' is the nv. F. f-,QQQQ .A 5 Q W. sess .X , -..AQ . CH 'QCSf9.S CIITC1 CGCCYCIIICKS. :ey deveted MRS. ROELLIG B.A. Chicago Art Insliiute fv- 5- .- ' 4 8, ,fx 'rv N, 5?Q?n'f x .3 ,.,:z 2 14, ,f , ,., '?ij.ee V23 'I ' 9 X ffyl5ff3 K u, , , , . '35 'aff 1 Q - ' f- f' Q 1 f, ' . - ., fr 'ga ' A - , , Q,f.1Vjyg' , 5, Uv Q G ffm Vx A f.f,:3mW . I fm 6 jg 5 iw Mi, 'P ,M V ' . E9 ' ,4 P50 'A ' . 'Q-we-4 gw EmM-wf 41 J' ,,. vg . Aff dwg? 'TT vt' ft sw Y Xxw. Qu MISS BRESSAN B.S. MacMurrcy College 'N .1 MRS. POTTER B.S. Mimkin Home Economics Horne Economics helps the student to rneet the needs ot every day lite, tor the strength ot CI ndtlon depends on the neulth cl its Citizens. Girls ore qlven trolntnq in Coolclng, IQlClflIllY'lTj it 'fVQll'l'lCllf1NC9d rneol, and how to serve lt attractively. ln tlxe sewlnq Closses we ore taught how to dress well dt low Cost by sewing for ourselves. Child develop- nlent ond tonnly relotionsldps are olso studled tn this depfxrtrrient. Courses such ds these train girls to become better honiernolcers. M-m-m-m-PORK CHOPS! DON'T THEY LOOK GOOD? fu if '79 MISS COI-'FMAN B.A. Univ. of Iowa 5 I 1' i-1 MISS DALY NLS. Univ. of Wis PADDLE BADMINTON-SOME GAME! Physical Education Take your choice of team sports, individual sports, calisthenics, games, posture work, stunts, tumbling, howling or what have you. All these and more are offered in our P. E. courses. A well-rounded program is mapped out for the physical development of the indie vidual boy and girl, Through these activities the physical mental and social integration of each high school student is developed. lntraniural competition enlivens the program and victories won compensate for the tired and aching muscles and the scratches and bruises that often accompany the contests. MR. BARNISKIS A.B. Bradley Tech. FUTURE PUGS Office Staff MRS. DORIS HELPHINSTINE MISS CLIFFORDINE MOUNTZ Attendance Clerk Secretary-Treasurer Want to see how a school ottice operates? Then just spend a day with our otttce statt. Answering telephone calls, checking attendance, signing slips, nzaking out reports, writing letters, calling parents and niany other tasks make up an ordinary day for these two young ladies. Rain or shine, they are on the job, trying to keep both faculty and students in a satisfied mood. They are, indeed, a valuable part of our school. Although most students do not like to be sent slips requesting thern to corne to the office, yet they know that they will receive the most courteous and prompt attention from Miss Mountz and Mrs. Helphinstine. Standing: MRS. FRANK STARK, Treasurer: MRS. EDGAR CALL, President. Sealed: MISS ELIZABETH COGSWELL, Second Vice-President: MRS. ALBERT COLEMAN, Recording Secretary. P.T.A. Officers Feifshans High School has a ParenteTeacher organization which really functions. They work hard all year and do rnany worthwhile things. The Carnval was their mai: ""' . . money rnaicxng prcgect tnis year and it was a huge success. The 4 P.T.I-li. was largely responsible tor ff" cur new stage curtain and the '.'.'1IidC'.'J curtains in the audiior- iuzrz. They are really nice. ILIIBQFTT X PM CN W Mfr X E OWL l64l Student Advisory Committee Front Row Ronny Ellxs Rxla Follrs Paul Claycomb Wanda Watkms Back How Don Wiseman Bruce Thompson Bernard Zeman Pete Urbus Clarence Senor Last year the students thtnlcmq they needed more vo1ce 1D the school government were helped by Mr Nlchols to form the AdV1SOTY Commtttee sometlmes known as the Commtttee at N1ne All school protects are looked over by thls cornrruttee and problems are worked out wtth the cooperatlon ot the students representatlves Mr N1chols and the faculty Th1s commlttee workma wtth the student counc1l should be m a posmon to meet every rea onable hanae ln the act1v1t1es of the school whlch the student body m1qht request Each class ln the school IS represented thus assurlna all students a votce tn thts qovern body We hope that future years w1ll tlnd the comm1ttee workmq toward the aoal tor whtch they were oraamzed A Better Fe1tshans IHQ Mr N1chols who IS the Commntees advts r was absent when the group p1cture was taken 2 1 1 1 a 2 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 - 1 r . , . . , . . 1 1 A Q . . . , . . U C . I . . , H . 11 , . . . . f . . Q - I V 1 ., vention was Student Council 'Ri' Fi-on! Row: Vono, Weisenbacker. Icckson, Wall, Bibb, Gedcminski, Watkins, Cole. Second Row: Brandon, Ross, Scroqqins, Matuszki, Schmidt, Copi, Talley, Copp, Miss Helen Peifer. Back Row:-Sturm, Dexheimer, Schultz. Lcxulerbuch. Dentino, O'Connor, Fortner. The Student Council is one ot the older organizations that helps in governing the school making a success of school projects, and solving problems in the school and working har- moniously with faculty, P. T. A. and student organizations. The nieriibers of the Student Council are chosen by home roorns with tour appointed by Mr. Nichols. They rneet once a week under the direction of Miss Helen Peiter. Robert Schultz is the President through council vote. This year the Student Council con- d in Chicago and many of our members attended. We are glad that we have a Student Council that really functions. 65 'Z , W :mi H K -af W fe www 3 QW SG x vf V5 ,gf J I ik? Mg, gl Hz . alpff ., ,v. , ,, ,., , J' bk wr ,W ,,,, f O ,x if . 8 . .lf f 'Z ' ..,, 2:53 at QE ig .f Wg 5, ,gig 3, ff v w 5 36? :iff Yr 5 I I In 5- 4 1 W P' an ? 3 5 xg 44 W LQ "f fm g' V' '7 ww A National Athletic Scholorship Society I-'ront Row Copl Pendleton Urbas Schultz Doertler Hartley Second Row Mr Earl Wax McBnde Fox Zeman Schmmng Wallace I Smith I Smxth Dexhexmer ln thls orqanlzatlon Mr Wax has not only h1s pr1ze athletes but the schools pnze stu dents s1nce a 3 5 average IS one of the qualltlcatrons besldes earnrnq at least one Varslty letter They have club DIHS and are honored by their space on the staae at Recoanmon As sernblres To any boy that enters the Nanonal Scholorsh1p So xety Conqratulanonslll 67 1'-' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 . , . . . A. , V as . Q v' AQ" 1 fx Q -..N .92 M V . :KN ,' L .2 l lxx 4.35. E , ,sf ' ' Q 's A J ,1 ,z A V1 W ,wg an, f ' ..f ' is 7 " if. ' 'Q A A N ,wg 9 A V3 ,,.,,. 'X M 'Wt 5 5 I ff . J sl X xxx x . , Mi Q gh ,Maggy , - yksied s ' A, ' V U ff Q , 9 Q., ,l I I -D uw fi ff 3 5 ,N - df' X ai X115 if , ,. M :Mg ,--ag...-V fa X. V ,, . xyn. gwm, , . 6 -, V , , I ,fa e Q 3 -.. 5 . 1 im, I 5- ,4 ww-f , . YQ , , 3" VW 3 V1 ff T 0 . 1 , M 45 L V Q 'V ..f V' W l , Q Cf M A j FEL, x 'f? X 'x fx M Y iw fa, 'Q ,Ra ,. X' I 1 2 A I fx N ' ,. -' .,,:g. " N '- IW, A ww 'gy M Usherettes A Cappella Choir "The sopranos are flat-a little more on the alto--that's itenow louder!" shouts Miss Matlaclc at the choir rehearsals, and the sopranos qet on pitch, the alto section swells in volume as the group responds to her directions. These are the people who show a real love for music. Robed in blue, and solemn faced, they make an impressive appearance wherever they perform. Of course you remember their many appearances this year, the fine solos, lovely duets, the newly formed "Rainbeaus," and above all the choral arrangements. The Christmas proqram was wonderful and every member certainly did his best. lt was one of the nicest affairs of the year. 71 Varsity Club 721 ur- 2454 vm-v ufmswf 4""7' Front Row: Fortner, Copi, McCoy, Schultz, Hughes, MacKay, Hamende. Second Row: Sabo, Pendleton, Urbas, Haqaman, Dexheimer, I. Smith, Mr. Wax. Third Row: Glas, Doertler, Merrill, McBride, Matlock, Polic, Wallace, Nation. Back Row: Hartley, Zeman, Schnirrinq, Fox, Gilbert, Drury, Atterberry. Every boy who wiris a rnajor award iri arty sport is thereby eligible tor adziissiori irito this club and has already achieved one of the objects of this oraariizatiori, which are three fold: the promotion cf companionship, the furtherance of athletics, arid the winning of a rziajor athletic award. This group rieets at the school and has Coach Earl Yfax as their adviser. Keep up the aood Work, boys! '3- The "Log" Staff t l74l AF 49 And now it is finished. After innumerable hours of concentrated Work and planning the staff of the i947 "Log" presents you with these highlights of the year as a tangible founda tion for your memories. lt is the staff's sincere hope that this volume will meet with your ao proval. Adviser ............... Editor-in-chief Faculty Editor Senior Editor .......... Iunior Editor ..... Sophomore Edito Freshmen Editor Sports Editor ..... Snapshots ....... Activities ........... Organizations .... Photographer ..... Miscellaneous . Subscriptions .... Roland E. Zook ......,lvTartha Ann Lauterbach T Business lflanager . Art Editor ............ Calendar ..... Patrons ...... ..............T!lary Frances Hughes .........Ierry .............Beulah Danner ...,.....Shirley 'Wall ...........Ruth Bryant ..............Helen Cooley .........Bette Ruth Allen ...............lrwin Smith ...,.......l-ielen Connelly Sedlalc, Pat Vidamcur ............Bernard Zeman ...........Fred McBride .........Bill Armstrong ........Bob Schultz .,..........Bunny Carr .......Maxine lngraiz, .......Betty lean Stine aww -Q? an Q, N Q ,I 5 -,sw r", , Llixiifiiw " " 2 6 ' X mf, 1, Q Q, Lai! '57v41:" -ff f , , af. f, - I ,. ,f Z 2 My f 1 29,"',v f if of w, , Wynn ,M 4. EV' H 3 7 41 5 i 5: -. K Wk M -aus- wtf ,H 'ff ,K ill ,K 35 4 , . ".5,' 'M V mf ..g-,A if 1 QP b .4 N .w 4 ' N ,jj .W wig ,Lg " N 4' , ' iff, 4? ,W ,1 f ' -H 'ii ' f W V. v v 9 N R X MW-Lx Y s , QS Hi-Y Club vi" no-M 'kv l76l dv- TM' F . Front Row: Vasconscelles, Ccxnhum. Polic, I. Smith. Copi, I. Smith. Back Row: Schultz. Doerfler, Mr. Kenney. Zeman, McBride, Glas, Urbas. The Hi-Y Club, which previously had been one of the more outstanding school organiza- tions, came back to lite this year. Under the supervision of Mr. Kenney, the club met twice monthly at the Y.M.C.A. Bob Schultz was elected president for the year. Any Senior or lunior boy who possesses good citizenship, along with the things that that implies is eligible for membership. Clean speech, clean scholarship, clean athletics and clean living are the planks ot the Hi-Y Club. The biggest prciect of the year tor the boys was the Amateur Show in May. This event went over big so the boys decided to send one of their members to a two-week convention at the University ot lowa in lowa City, lowa. The remainder oi the money was used to send some of the members who would return next year to the l-li-Y Camp in Decatur. May the club carry on the fine tradition ot former clubs. Assembly Committee Bock Row: Finley, Zemcn, Mr. Zook. Front Row: Miss Kasis, Miss Pollock, Martha Ann Luuterbach. Yes, those good assemblies you enpoyed this year were the direct responsibility of this group here. At least one as- serribly was held each week and sornetirnes rztore. Variety sure. The conirrrittee telt that this was needed and did a good job in bringing to the stu- dent body some outstanding talent. Sonie ot the programs will be rernernbe-red by the pictures in the assernbly section of the "l.QG." Qthers will not need any help to bring back rziernories of what :vent on in the audi- toriurn during these prograrns. May the ccrnrnittee of next year do as well as this year's did. The students really appreciated it. "We want a dance." This, brought to the attention ot the Dance Cornrnittee, usually re- sulted in sorneone staging a hop ot some kind cr other. The work of this cornniittee was to plan a convenient date for a dance and to shop around tor an organization to sponsor it. The coriitnitte-e itselt did not stage arty dances but only acted as a clearing house for all dances that were held. This is the tirst year tor the Dance Coztirnittee and they have rnade another step toward good student government. Our only hope is that we have rziore and more dances. The proms are Wonderful and these special dances are really enjoyable. They all add so rnuch to our school lite. Dance Committee Back How: Mr. Wilson, Miss Peiier, Miss Ferreira, Miss Body. Front Row: Don Finley, Evelyn Wil- liams, Bob Wallace, T77 Cafeteria Staff When the clatter of pots and pans in the kitchen starts reachina the ears of those students in the study hall they know that food will soon be ready for them. These workers deserve a lot of credit because they make such delicious meals and keep our stomachs filled with the proper thinas. The addition of the eating room in the basement allowed us more freedom at noon for which we are thankful. We hope that we can continue to have our lunches prepared for us in the same appetiz- ina fashion to which we have become accustomed in eating our cafeteria food. Candy Store Delores Clanney and Mary Grace Myers do a rushing business when- ever the candy truck cm-ives. tNote the satisfied look on the cus- tomer's facet -4+f'- GW ff QQ if N926 .E-fl X., X-is Www' llmmfr cnaa 1946 Varsity Squad Co-Champions of Central Conference Polic. Hartley. Merrill, Thomas, White, Wallace, Bradley. Mr. Wax. Haqaman, Griffith, Drury. Humphrey, Gilbert, Atterbury, Bruss. Fox, Mr. Barnisk. Fortner, Matlack, McCoy, Smith, Schultz, Hamende, Pandleton. Dexheimer. Nation, Sabo, Winston, Copi. Smits, Hubbard, Isom Lee, Matuszke. 1946 SCHEDULE Feitshans l3 Peoria Central 2U Feitshans l8 Springfield 32 Fe-itshans 27 Lanphier 7 Feitshans l9 Cathedral l9 Feitshans O Gillespie 2l Mr. Wax has been Director of Athletics, Foot- ball and Track Coach since l933. This beina his thirteenth year he naturally hoped for a bit of luck. Our first aarne was played on Friday the thirteenth, and we lost 20 to l3, addina insult to injury. Mr. Vfax is known throuahout Central illinois for sonie of the fine teams he has turned out. ln her brief history Feitslians has conquered the Central Conference four tirnes and has been City Champions twice. 'Ne wish our coach more suc- cess with his fourteenth and cornina years and naturally expect rnore championship tearns. 801 Feitshans l2 lacksonville Feitshans 38 Lincoln Feitshans 33 Carlinville 159 'E LEADERS OF THE CHAMPS Captain Hartley and Coach Wax Varsity Squad 1950 1946 SCHEDULE Feitshans U Lanphier Feitshans O Lanphier Feitshans l9 St. lames Feitshans l9 St. larnes Feitshans 5 Springfield Feitshans 20 Sprinqfield Feitshans 6 Cathedral Feitshans 6 Cathedral 76 32 These girls really pep up the student body as well as the football and basketball teams. Their routines are cute-and so are they, we might add. Freshman Football has always been popular at Feitshans and from these teams come the best players for the future years. Feitshans has more City Championships than any other City Team. Prior to l944 they held it for Seven consecutive Years. This Year they were edqed by Lanphier twice but We can expect our Freshman to be in there playina with all their spirit. OUR SNAPPY CHEERLEADERS Iohnne Baugh Evelyn Harmony Betty Shaffer Bunny Carr 81 Feitshcxms vs. Springfield. Hartley-Guard. Hageman-Tackle. Humphrey-Tackle. SPRINGFIELD 32 FEITSHANS I8 In our first city game we were very much off form. In the first quarter S. I-I. S. scored three touchdowns. In the second quarter Bradley plunged over for our first counter. The half ended 20 to 6 with Springfield on top. The second half lim White grabbed a pass and hit paydirt. In the last quarter Springfield went over. Al Bradley caught a pass for our last score. Springfield scored again and the game ended with them ahead 32 to 18. White-Quarterback. Pendleton-Fullback. FEITSHANS I9 CATHEDRAL I9 Wallace-Hcxlfback. In the first quarter Merrill broke loose for a 65 yard touchdown run. Matlack proceeded to run back a punt for 65 yards for our second score. In the second quarter Cathedral scored. We were ahead l3 to 6 at the half. The second half Cathedral again hit and the score was I3 all. White caught a pass to put us in the lead but with one minute to play Cathedral scored making it I9 to IQ. FEITSHANS 27 LANPHIER 7 We were definitely up in the Lanphier game. , , , M ' 3 1 W ' In the first half Merrill and Matlack scored. A I if In the second half Merrill again drove over. Lanphier then scored to avoid a shutout. A ,. " My It -' touchdown pass to Atterberry ended the score H AT I ' ing and we won 27 to 7 for our first Conference A 5 . win. 5, Hamende Hclfbcck Bradley Hclfback FEITSI-IANS I2 IACKSONVILLE 7 The laclcsonville game is always good. They have never beaten us but try harder every year. In the second quarter Merrill scored our first touchdown. The third quarter was scoreless but in the fourth Merrill again saw the goal line flash by. With five minutes to play lacksonville scored but the game ended l7 to 7 with F. I-I. S. 43.429515 on top. FEITSHANS 33 CARLINVILLE 7 This determined our Conference champion- ship. In the first quarter Merrill went over. Car- linville then scored. Feitshans bounced back to count with White lugging the ball. The half ended l3 to 7. In the third period I-Iamende broke loose to raise our total. Atterberry caught a pass to help the cause. Bruss scored the last touchdown by a pass from Bill Hamende. The game ended 33 to 7. 3,19 Merrill-Halfbuck. Matlack-Hulfback. Schultz-Center. McCoy-Guard Polic-End. Copi-Guard. Atlerberry-End. Smith-Guard. Feitshcns over Lunphier. FEITSHANS 38 LINCOLN I3 Feitshans had several reasons for wanting to beat Lincoln so did Lloyd At- terberry after alrnost lostng nts teeth last year. In :ne first auarter Atterberry caught a pass for a touchdown. Linoan tnen scored, Atterberry accounted for the sec- ond score, again by a pass. Lincoln scored again and the half ended I3 apiece. The final period saw an inspired group of flyers. Atterberry scored Bradley and Pendleton put on two more while 'White ran a punt over, end1ng ine game 38 to l3. PEORIA CENTRAL 20 FEITSHANS i3 ln the first play of the game Peoria made a touchdown. ln the second quarter they again scored. Feitshans received after a few minutes of the second quarter and Matlaclc went over. In the second half Feitshans received but Peoria held and drove on down the field to score. Feitshans received and after a long series of drives Merrill hit paydirt to end the scoring with Peoria Central winning 20 to l3. GILLESPIE 21 FEITSHANS O ln our game with Gillespie we failed to score. They went over in each of the first three quarters converting each time to make the game end 21 to O. This was our only shutout of the year and after the Gillespie game we won our last three games. 1946 FOOTBALL REVIEW The l946 Flyer Squad, much improved over the l945 team of sophomores and iuniors, were Co-Champions of the Central Conference. With ' 12 lettermen returning we naturally expected a banner year. W Those who will not he with us next year are Bob Schultz, Charlie Matlack, Lloyd Atter- berry, Al Bradley, Tim White, Chuck Hartley, Nmio"'ce"'e" Elzie Humphrey, lrvin Smith, Frank Copi, and s"bo'H'm"'Ck Smith-Gvflfd' Toe Sabo. Although we are losing ten we have Vidamour-M91 Foriner-Mgr, H19 SCITUG Ihlkllflbef YQlLlfI'1lI'lq. Our baclcfield had an average weight of l55 pounds and our line an average weight of l7O pounds with Schultz, Humphrey, and Atterberry furnishing most of the bulk. According to averages it was a light line but the speed made up for it. We greatly outscored many of our opponents which helped our record average. We scored 159 to their l32. As the records show, we were really rolling toward the end of the season. 1947 Basketball Squad Fenshans Fenshans Fenshans Fenshans Fenshans Fenshans Fenshans Fenshans Feushans Fenshans Fenshans Fensnans Fensnans Fenshans Fensnans Fenshans Fensnans Fenshans Fenshans Fenshans Fensnans Fensnans Fenshans Fenshans Fensnans Fensnans Fenshans SEASON'S SCORES Rivterion Lincoln Decanu Petersburg IacksonviHe Lanphwr BAL Pulaski Beardsiown Clunon Athens Cadmvnb kAL Pulaski VJHhCHnsv1He Cknhedral Springfield Beardsiown Si. Ianzes Vnden IackscnviHe Pana Clnlespie Decauu Kincaid Mason Ciiy Vnqnna CHnnon University Hi 4 'i Regional Tournament Feitshans 52 Auburn 48 Feitshans 58 Girard 43 Feitshans 51 Lanphier 53 Coach Leroy Halberq '- ,f,- Q' -fi' wx any Av ., 2 , 2,1225 2 Urbcs Matlock McBride ch CANDID CAMERA CATCHES CAGE CAPERS mf., Ylawuw Ga 'Sw WZ. 4 Basketball 194 6-47 The 1947 Basketball squad was composed mostly of Seniors who will be lost by gradua- tion either in Iune or next Ianuary. Those leaving in Iune are Lloyd Atterberry, Char- Nfefbeffi' lie Matiack, Fred Mcf Bride, Bernard Zeman, Torn Schnirring and Iirn Doerfler. Lloyd Atterberry had the honor of being chosen the most valuable player in the city for the season. He received a beautiful trophy from radio station W.T.A.X. Our team was hindered all year by sickness of two of last year's starting five. Bob Wallace had a football injury and Charlie Matiack developed pneumonia which kept him out most of the season. After he returned our Regional hopes rose but we were edged by Lanphier in the finish. We can expect a fair team next year with Midge Merrill, lack Glas, Bill Hamende, and Pete Urbas carrying our colors. However Glas and Merrill will graduate in Ianuary. We were outscored by our opponents by a little over 200 points. We' scored l,i53 to their 1,380 Lloyd Atterberry was high scorer for the season and was in every game. He had a i4 point average. We entered the Holiday Tournament at Mount Vernon. We lost to University High but the boys had a swell time, so they said. We hope this Tournament will be an annual affair. We know most of the first ten will be composed of this years reserves and they had a fair year and plenty of action and ex- perience, so next year can't be too bad. Here's hoping! CONGRATULATIONS. LLOYD! Q f 2 f ' :WA V. wi 21 1 f ff + 1' A ga " ' ,L f an Q Z 4 --ffl" ' f f 17 , f 4 73122: rf f 5 A, - M , 1 . A ' A' 1.51. L Hagerman Smnh Dexheimer Gnfhth McCoy Hubbard 1 "EQ-GSMQQ9' Drury Matlack S 'Fi ls ill ,sig S ,,..- f x -E x K ig: . 'lx vm vac XV 1 -4.5 sw.:- . . ' v -A f x Q- .,.,::Sf A, , Ai X Gilbert McI.auqhlm Hartley Pendleton .gy : aj 4 WX Y Q' I 58? Q .nga V fag, , f AHL yn a fi ,wgyav , -Inf 15 5 7 w 'z ,- if 1 1 4, ,f.1., , A 1 . ,579 ,. . M, V, P :fm , ,M , YH z ' ,. rc' ., 'Z' I f' , ' 5,0 , , ,rv 1 V .U , N Q A W1 1, 1 , 4 U ' . 4 , . 'vi' '- ' mf- 2, Q ,4 NA K, ' A ,, 1 " in Y . 1f.."': AN: , ,Q ,. V f. x .,-J 4 K 7 Wm.-fl 4. 4? 'grin i ,yr-G' in Q , 50' Q kfgzrwffl -w..fM,, 0 wk, f t hx , New EX: Q4 'sir ,gn pr. w r. s ,Q .,-1.-. xwsi , . -'fn Q ch Y., ' ak f ' 3 3 Q ! 6 -I ., F ,rx M 4 J 21 2 .X ,Q S 5' 'N .vnu -QJZQ-,,,, Q ., -Q., .M 744- , . H Wh v " , ,V 4Q4,fffl.' ,, 'Wa fi' ff' AY A, Em V , , 'wif' x .3 y W, ,, r- :bf ff " 11' gif' 4.511-' 4 -v ,vgwga .7 ,C-ffxggiiffvi ,wifflfff ,yr .ap-as---.1 S T332 If 1490K ' ,Sf Yf,.'5ff,, , 1 ., 1. Wf., W A 4 1 . 1 -, ,,4!"w. , 1? I .,,, ii Ax' H 4 b 'r .-4 A ,fwfffg ,"--1 pp .M- 14' IWW wh .. he , N 1.2 , H . - Q r :A 1.-f1g.+.' 1. Vi .. -V I '58 X.. Q 5 k x ,, ' x .. ,. f- ! X :L .. xii ,:N-Xa .f. h I ,ff ' R .X ,, Tw, X 2 FN ,v-Rf? 'EM ,. ff 'M J - ix, gym ,fi Q' A A 3 ,R .yr-X 'IQ Av ..?,,-Ezxe 'fha ' Dlvot D1ggers Lloyd Atterberry I Charles Matlack Althouqh our qolf team did not win the city high school tournament they did have the medalist ot the event in Char- lie Matlack. The other boys tried hard enough-even tried to break some clubs, but the bunkers and sand traps tinally got them and raised their scores so hiqh that old man par laughed ai them and qave them a third place in the tournament. Pete Urbus Mclllack I-'fgnk CQPI 8 Il! K, ,' .et 31 1 iz . K m-xl X was 3' 43 E wi' l ! i .1 . ,,., ll x 5, I . A 5 is . 7 JQJ A ww ,M uv 20" ' ' , :11,,:V. , WM Qs 3 K If-25 . 3 .N if if 33 i , V g?'i:fV'5 3' 'gy ,A iff 5? if E' ma, w5i',,N 7, , iiifz IW ' eg' , QS 5, Y- in , .,, 'gv4:w35,,,j-1, , V ,v , 2 wi, f,, ' iv 'jg g2igf2fgg ,,:,g g ' ... 4 av - . ,MV f - ' ' UZ ' Q W7 Ji ,I-I X I-jx'Jf1 X WL l ,'AL ,2 X. "QOH L Jaw. g44Q XVN P' I'- 'XUJ "KJ i 'Wh Z A . 1 A 2, ,Af ,236 A v N vi I' ! Q 'Trigg 'ff- QI if , gs- if 4' may wig, r E tv 1:1 Qt K., Qin "S L 417 1'5" ur U ff, 7' 3 C 2, -.px . . . -"-1 Uafi-ik xt , SN W . G Q .- ,ucv if? J. .- ' 1.743 ff ,if y -.Y 1 QW 2 5 QWQQ M 4 If Q -fm. , oncert i YQ -And That Senior Play 1 if ,pA2n.!-"f3.!5- L Z0 -fi. - M ' 1 W ' 35, E222 5 X if-5452. S.. , 3 5 If F 4' Achievement Awards Are Proudly Received Athletic, Choir, Band, G. A. A., Student Council, D. A. R., Chamber of Commerce, Commercial and Magazine Sales Awards and Prizes ao to Many Student in Annual Awards Assembly. 54 Our Christmas Program M 5-Q.. , 3 L-...-....-1' ,. . I v M Q 1 1 .37 f il 1 'H W' 5 W '-1153, W' ,f 3 pi- E " 'F -Q, " 9' " 'L' 1 I W' iff has " -1. I tg . Q, 4 'p f- S2'S"E-6s.. Q Us sw Here's That Band Again! Tins Tmte IYS The .AI'1I'.l1C11 Bmid COTif9Sf. Contestants In We're proud ot their accomplishments. They really were giving Feitshans a good name. the District and State Music Contests vf?4':f,q:., 1 : 41 4.47 f W 5' 1 Vocal Soloists Patricia Rhoads Richard Clark Norma Ramsey Solists Rarnona Schmidt 3, Iack Bumett Betty lean Mahr Brass Sextet Don Finley I. Vasconscelles Bob Capella Iohn Fancher tGeorge Winston not in picturel Brass Trio Virgil Pettus Rhea Kidd Charles Hearn Brass Sextet I. Vasconscelles Don Wiseman Don Cook Lee Green Daisy Walker Ray Iones Sax Quartet Clarinet Quartet SCX SGXYBI Betty Jean Mahr Nancy Tostberg Charles Foster Charles Foster Donna Reeves Robert Taylor Kitty Schneider Gloria Thom Bob Hodqen Rosemary Klaus Rodney England Kitty Schneider George Doerfler Rosemary Klaus H031 Amateurs Perform Nobly In Annual Event AUTOGRAPHS E 104 J 0 'if-4 'N- 1' Q 'Xi 'K Q 1,9 I." 9 Hg s +. A ,EZ 5 . Si ,-X YV .Xu ,ww be MVB Q ,..,. il A -Wg, ' x ff Q v 9 f W ,r f .f,1 ff- X1 -if-I Y,-0,1 -n , .-.f :,,,E .H ' iw .ww -.7- :Qi Wi iff? " an-X Here and There cmd Everywhere 3? fir +1414 fwmemew, ,M -4 ree r W rf 4 E t A ,L ls Ah WQQQ . fe? -. " x 3 2 eng 'MB' mf 'V' , 65,1- 4 W ,YJ JZ 1 -M 'f' ,H HU 'A 34 -04452 -ww Q2 M CQ ww 'W' wr xx .W-W ., W SM NZ pf S., JW Sf- Z-N f uf wr . fx, . X lg' R 2' f ! I X if f ,LX . ' I ,1 X FQ J X? W X .' A Q bx f ' v EXXXV 1 I ' - 1 .W , , ,x,l ,vw Q 1 N ,wfff ua-f .if 4 . W' ' Q- -TZ. ' -515-,.: --gig. 5524 I - , , - gasp W x 1. ,Rl 35 , ,: xl Nz. 1 n- X ,Yi z ' X X Mmm. I R la., K L , .y . , Y , I I , 3 W I 1 lf A' , 12X ,S ff "-'Y at . Calendar of Events September 3 PIIS1 day of school and we sure are glad-or are we? September 13 Had a ktckotf assembly at wh1ch we chose our cheerleaders Bunny Carr lol-Xnne Baugh Betty Shaffer Evelyn Harmony and Paul Claycomb Had a football mov1e too Played Peor1a Central they beat us 20 to 13 Looked good even rn defeat September 20-Had a pep assembly and the band played Played S H S and they beat us tn an GXCIUHQ game of 32 to 18 Gettmg to be a hab1t 1snt mt? September 23 Second and th1rd penods each gave some of the1r txme to Rubmott and HIS V1ol1n he played n1ne dtfferent arrangements of Don t Fence Me ln and many more select1on qurte a guy H thmks so too October 3 The game wlth Cathedral was sang for P T A October 10 Teachers Insntute We play around October 11 The cho1r sang at the lnstltute th1s morn1ng Played G1ll9Sp1G there and they won 21 to O October 15 The 1946 yearbooks came Very nlcel October 16 Had T B tests thls rnornlng and no one tamted tor a change October 17 Free danctng started thls noon Had pep assembly at wh1ch Bernard Ze man was emcee Mr Zook and Mr Wax talked to us Iames Whlte Charlte Mat lack Lloyd Atterberry 1rv1n Sm1th and Bob Schultz a11 gave speeches D Rlch mond G Sedlak B Rountree and H Con nelly sang Game w1th lacksonv1lle post poned untxl Saturday because f bad weather October 18 P T A Fathers n1ght the cho1r sang sweetly' October 19 Saturday n1ght and Iackson v11le came over here to get beat 12 to 7 October 25 lack Ramon from the Rept1le Gardens 1n Kentucky talk cl to us about snakes Dor1s Sm1th and Ruth1e Claycomb each held one We traveled to Llncoln to n1te and the score was 38 to 13 good game-we won November 1 Had an assembly prevlew of the Camlval to be g1ven ton1te There 1S to be a Style Show Puppet Show Plcture Gallery and a House of Horror and much more Helen Wall was crowned queen ln her court were IoAnne Baugh Marllyn F Hughes Bunny Carr leanette Carver Delores R1chmond and elan Schnexder and the1r escorts November 8 Armlstlce Day assembly B111 Berntng as emcee Mr Roberts a lawyer spoke to us Nancy Hatcher and Betty Stme sang Over There Played Car11n v11le there and won also won the Central Conference Champ1onsh1p Hooray tor our teaml'We re so proud November 15 Student Councrl dance Tur key Trot Charlle Rodgers orchestra played and everyone had a swell trme The Charm Ouartet of g1r1s sang to us nfth hour D1d numbers from Oklahoma and Song of Norway November 18 The football team was hon ored at a dmner at the Leland Hotel glven by the Rotary Club Thanks Rotanans ' o 1 1 1 - ' A 9 ' 7 ' . 9 - grand with a score of 19 to 191 The choir Utmskef Norma Wikef Helen COOIQYI MUTY 1 1 01 Calendar of Events November 19-Semor Class party at Ltn coln Pavmhon good ttme had by all November 22 Assembly 1n wh1ch the Style Show of the carntval was repeat ed Mr Wax and Mr Halberg spoke to us and the cheerleaders gave a few yells Had our f1rst basketball game of the sea son ln whlch Rlverton beat us 33 to 31 November 25 Ftfth perlod om1tted and had a assembly by three blmd men from MEXICO who sang for us and played gu1 tars Mr Cooper then showed us how they read and wrrte November 26 Played Lmcoln here and we beat them tn a hot game of 52 to 47 Thxs IS much better November 27 Thanksg1v1ng Assembly Iames Whlte was emcee Betty Strne played the ptano and Nancy Hatcher d1 rected us Rlchard Clark sang The Lords Prayer The Bev Iohn Osborn gave the address and Constant1ne Iohns played three pleces on the vroltn December 3 Played Petersburg and w beat them 42 to 41 ln a very excltlng game December 5 Played Iacksonvtlle here and they beat us 32 to 29 Had a Spamsh as sembly 1n wh1ch there was a bull flght and a lot of smgmg Costumes were very and colorful December 7 Played Lanphter and they beat us 41 to 32 Thts must stop' December 10 P1cture Show second per1od Laurel and Hardy tn Flymq Deuces Played Mt Pulaskx Lost agam but put up a good ftght December 15 Fettshans Cholr gave therr Chr1stmas Vesper Servxce There were a lot of solo and harmony parts Some of the people who took part were Nancy Hatcher Betty Stme Iohn Keehn Frank Copl lack Pendleton and Chuck Matus Zkl Was really a grand performance December 17 Played Clmton there and they won 52 to 21 When ts that worm gonna turn? December 18 Spr1ngf1e1d Hlgh s Symphony Orch came over and serenaded us srxth hour They were very good December 20 Played Athens 1n our own gym they beat us Dance afterward Im gle Iangle lump wrth Chuck W11sons Orch Had school Chr1stmas play Got out slxth hour December 24 N1ght Before Xmas' Had to sew up that hole-darn tt December 27 Played 1n tournament at Mt Vernon We played Normal Untversxty and they won 41 to 32 lanuary 2 Fxrst day of school th1s year Some dldnt remember Ianuary 4 Played Carl1nv1lle we won 33 to 23 Ianuary 7 Played Mt Pulaskt there and they beat us 62 to 26 BAD January 10 Played Wtllxamsvrlle we won 50 to 38 Had a 92 assembly today Patsy Copp announcer Cute wasnt 1t'P Ianuary 11 Played Cathedral they won 40 to 35 Ho hum' V - - 1 . . . . , ,, 11 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . . 1 . , 1 I . 1 l 11 . . ' ' ' - 11 . . 1 i 1 1 . 11 ' 11 , . . . . 1 T 1 . "" . , . . ""' , - 1 1 . . , . . 11 . 11 . . 1 11121 Calendar of Events Ianuary l4 Pep assembly for tonlghts game w1th Sprmgfleld they won 43 to 26 Sure mlss Matlack Ianuary 17 Second A Cappella Cho1r gave a concert sang three songs Played Beardstown they won 41 to 64 Too much Boyer lanuary 23 Graduahon Charles Trrmmer gave the address and the cholr sang Good luck klds We ve got a llttle more t1me to serve lanuary 24 Prom Charlle Rodgers orches tra played Nrce evemng and most of the mornrng Ianuary 25 Played St Iames there and beat them 48 to 32 Played Vlrden there and we we d1d 52 to 43 Two strarght keep gorngl lanuary 28 beat them now team Played lacksonvrlle and they lanuary 31 won 43 to 30 Seems to me Ive heard that song before February 6 Mr Chrttenden came and start ed us on the magazlne sale dr1ve February 8 Played Glllespre there they Won 60 to 42 February ll Played Decatur here and they beat us 85 to 30 the worst 1n our h1story Unhappy day February 19 Played Krncald and they won 52 to 38 February 20 Magazme assembly lots f k1ds pledged to sell the magazmes 1 d1d oo' February 24 Mr Zook announced xn assem bly that we went over our quota rn the magazlne drxve February 25 Played VIIQIDIG there and they beat us 55 to 39 The Soclal Problems class gave another talk over W T A X february 28 Played Clmton here score was 42 to 32 thelr favor natchl March 3 Noth1ng except the bus str1ke1 1 l1ke to walk dont you? March 5 Played Auburn at Vlrden rn the Regronal Tourney and we won The score was 52 to 48 March 6 Played Glrard at Vrrden rn the second game of the tourney and we beat them we d1d' 58 to 43 Had an assembly today 1n whrch we gave a few yells sang the school song and Mr Nlchols spoke Drums Along the Mohawk Good show Played Lanphler ln the fmal game of the tournament and they beat us 53 to 51 Sob sob' Well we wont lose any more th1s season March 14 Funeral of The Log 1D wh1ch the Rarnbeaus sang The Old Rugged Cross and the mrnlster was Paul Clay comb C Matlack L Atterberry B Zeman and R Schultz were pallbearers All the rest of the yearbook staff were dresesd ln black and were rn mournrng m the back ground Betty St1ne played the funeral march March 19 Elsa Moegle harpxst played for us thrs mornlng Wanda Watkms was the M C Mrss Moegle explamed how the harp worked and played many pleces Mr Nlchols spoke and then Myron Wal , , I I ' I ' , . I March 7-Had a show this afternoon, - ' 7 O . . ' ' T . .. ' - Calendar of Events don of WTAX gave Lloyd Atterberry May 6 Band Concert Swell program They a trophy for basketball and all around good sportsmanshlp March 24 Banquet for the lettermen lohn MacWherter spoke to the boys The boys qumtet sang Mr Zook as toastmaster told some good ones March 25 Homeroom The Soc1a1 Problems call had the1r second program over W T AX Roy lohnson Rlchard Mrller Dorothy K1nd and Barbara Lynard spoke Aprll 3 A group from Oberlln College ln Oh1o gave us a program fn classrcal mu src One of thelr pleces was Fhght of the Bumblebee Don Flnley was emcee Apr11 21 Baseball game w1th Cathedral whxch we won ll to 9 We lost the track meet to Lanphler Apr11 23 Robert Schultz was the M C 1n an assembly 1n whlch Mlss Anlta Blalr bhnd lady from Chrcago was the mam feature along w1th her seelng eye dog Fawn Mlss Ross Red Cross Nurse showed us a p1c ture show about Mlss B1a1r and Fawn Fawn dld a few tr1cks In the afternoon an orchestra from M1111k1n played all s1xth perlod for us Emoyed every p1ece Aprll 25 Bradley Cholr from Peorxa came and gave us a grand concert wh1ch we apprec1ated very much They can come back any t1me as far as I am concerned May 2 Second penod omltted for assembly m whrch Don Fmley was emcee B111 Nelms p1an1st around town played for us and also gave us a talk about how dlfferent muslc sounded etc Some of the selectlons were Clarr de Lune Man 1 Love Stardust and Rhapsody 1n Blue Was a very good assembly had a vocal solo by Gerald Burns whlch was the Old Lamphghter Also a clar met solo by Romona Schmxdt Really a successful program whlch was emoyed by everyone there May 8 Amateur Show' F1rst th1ng on the program was a f1ve prece band Then Robert Schultz came out and announced eachperson They were Iames W11l1s p ano who played Chopms Polonarse Rlchard M1ller sang The Thlngs We D1d Last Summer Clalre Klnq sang Make Belleve Malcoma Clark tapdanced Shrrley and Helen Wall duet sang Mamselle 1ack1e Iackson sald a poem Dad Gave My Dog Away the Ram beaus sang Old MacDonald lohn Her ter sang Ill Close My Eyes Gerald Burns sang Thats My Deslre Henry S1ng1eton at the prano played Sonota Tatehque Nancy D1etr1ch danced Ahce Folder and R1chard Clark sang My Hero as a duet That was the ent1re show exceptlng that the band played agaln whlle the Judges were conferrlng Thls IS the way they declded FlfSl was a t1e w1th A11ce Folder and Rlchard Clark and Doralyn S1ng1eton Second place was awarded to Henry DuPont May 15 Ton1ght we gave our annual Spr1ng Concert to qulte a large aud1ence Betty Strne played the p1ano the Ram beaus sang and the Allce Golder and Rlchard Clark duo sang a couple of num bers May 22 Band Concert and Ice Cream So c1a1 Grand trme had by all May 23 Recognltlon Assembly M1ss Cogs well mtroduced all of the persons on the Natronal Honor SOCIGIY Ahce Folder and Rmchard Clark sang Sweet hearts Mr I1131 , . . : , 1- - - , : ' D ll 1 r Il : , , nu- I I I , - - ' " ' H fn . . 5 - 7' ' Il II , 1 : . : , . : WT 1 ll ll I DuPont played In The Moody Doralyn , - 1 - n 1 ' 'I ' 1 1 I I , , , , , , , , 4 1 W 1 T , H141 Calendar of Events Nichols presented the guest speaker Mr Bretscher May 26 Fifth hour omitted or an assent bly Mr Nichols introduced the speaker Dr Young This was a v ry good assem bly the best for quite awhile Was on the Engllsh we speak or should speak I nearly died laugh ng May 29 Awards Assembly Mr Wax spoke ftrst and then Miss Cogsweli gave the DAR award Mr Zook then presented the commercial award and special maga Student Council awards the choir awards were given by Miss Matlack Mr Rowe then read the games oi the band members who were to receive letters at a later date because ot Mr McCoys absence Miss Daly gave cheerleader and G A A awards Mr Halberg handed out the bas ketball and baseball letters Mr Rowe gave the freshman football letters M Wax gave varsity football and track let ters to the managers Then Mr Nichols spoke to us at the close oi the program June l A great day lor the Iune Seniors Baccalaureate Services were held in the First Methodist Church Wcrsnt it hot? Iune 2 Iunior Senior Banquet held in the stuay hall ineie was singing eating reading ot the class will and some speeches Iune 5 Graduation for the roundabouts of about 90 young men and ladies The choir ald Finley gave the Benediction Sure am glad to be graduated Iune 6 Promi' Frankie Leonards Orches tra did the honors for the dancing that was done Swell time was had by all l wont be home until morning' Iune 7 Good bye alli AUTOGRAPHS n 4 I -fil V - A . , , . n i . - I I 1 , ' . ' 1 1 ,N N ' x. . I . ' I zine sales awardsy Miss Petter gave the sang, Leigh Smith spoke and Rev. Don- 7 r. QL, U S f r f ' C1 v 'N K6 Iggy.-:1z1g Lpgszxegsa I1r:t13 'JIIQJ TZ r:Az:.'2 ' ' . . ggggzuez S :VVS jcurrgizi fiflfl RQ'igi:szQr lzr Ijff? fx . ',1f.1r1.g, CCTT1Sfll1'f' ' Brgthf-rs ' 2, WH., H L .-1 ...if ,i.'q:Tff:1.g,1:1',', Ir:r,ii'x:1'15,ffl1.1 lzllff brig, 'Y i3:r,+t115t N. ,-e'::pQ:: . f., . I , up-, , A., Q, x.,"l,A..'i'.. ,44l4,.q':'.".L' 71 X ' ' 'fy-H . V L3 ...x.::.H. v 71"-, "exp, M... 1 5.9. . gram-:',' 2:1 bp, Grgzxg 11:1 "'ZIwf1 C ::,gw1:,',' ',.-'.f,,',,v, J N v.'.7lf.QiL,','.' z::1:i: S-,-r'.'1:e ACKNOWLEDGMENTS O T A AI 4 IX f is TION TG HF S GND FDIKCN QF HIE ICG APILOL ED PIX UNC, fC PMN HURB FT CRAP Q U VVILUAMSOI PRESS INC LCE . G fl Vff HXTSND CU? fx CST APPwIQI,l.f'VfI 'fH.1'Q II N TU THE FOLLOVUING SPRINGFIELD EUSIIESS FIRMS FCP, THE? QCNTRIB T' TP Y . ' 1' A 1.4 ...yw 1 ' ... . f' M . If' K 1 1 X ' ' K1 151 .. v SV n, . . V -1 " G 'TV 'VIC

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