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 - Class of 1988

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V Q J -C I I938-IQSS - NN SQ ik Q52 AQ Uv, iQo fLx Q kg iizS?gg?? 5QN iii XfwWSf S C 6 Q 5 Q .5 5 + .N b S? 5K 2 ?5?giiiX3Y?iES MESH ENWNB 9 Q Www E L 0 x K fsmmiiwi gi Q ixiigwigii X2 Y figs? E Q 3 2255 Egiig gifigix -2133 N Ig Jim? , 'S -'1 . Svv NQw ' fS'if,35f2,,,5REifl?i T 5 Bm Xwfgiriwwiilggg iggag ' 7 , l ! . f , , I fi , l l 1 l l f Feder 3Way School l " QW N 3O6ll-l65thAve. S e Fedeial Wa l. ,f l 5 Washillswn gp g X ie lf 5 Q gg 2 A X is H QQ? ,gf Fifi Years, eOf Excellence Ee 5 1,4 . , L -l A 31 , " jgj -- I egg """'+---Q Federal Way High School l98S When the halls of Federal Way High School are calm, you can still hear the faint laughter of the elementary chil- dren of l928. The echoes of the first seniors graduating in I938 brought forth the history of the eagles. The blue and white colors set the standard for excellence in ' t T" 1,,f,-f at n G. -H V , A vt in 175 W "' , W if 'A . L l ,. First annual of Federal Way High School academics. Then there are the years of the l96O's, when the school expanded by almost doubling in size with each graduating class. Out of this came Thomas Jefferson and Decatur High Schools. Federal Way had now come full circle with its goat farms and trees being replaced with houses and schools. ln the l93O's Federal Way students were being bused to Tacoma and Auburn, from all this came an expansion with a complex bus system and a developed school district to become one of the largest in the State of Washington. With each passing year, more eagles graduate into the future, but later they will come home to Federal Way High School to reflect on the past and look toward the next 50 years! 2 Federal Way High I939 ULY i .SOM SSES Three Generations: John Herr lst class I939 - Marsee Herr Bowen 25th class Viki Bowen 50th class - i988 :" " r ' 4 Q., ' MT:qJ"-.' My-,.. -- Y' , f mf.. A-Q , .g .rf ,,,.,. 'xr' A, l P .gk .Y vi-ik, - 'wk A kv. . 'YEAR-:X X' - A., ,. K . 5 ,, ,, ,,v,g,. A " "wh px.,-7 '.',1- -. J.. ., A ,k Q Muffy KN 521' S 424 D 4 if I . Xi, Q, if '! X-W1 SX' X WAY HM I-l6Ni E K 'BY ' 3 X .4 SENIGRS ar 3 gg!!! Nifli 5 50 Years Gf Graduates IBF'- L: - f:ff2535q"' V ,,Qif?f25. ',q H 9 :AI qxm 4 ws 51' C LL1 First FWHS Senior Officers Eagle Memories The graduating class of l988 had an exciting year. Not only was this their last year of high school, but they were also the 50th graduating class at Federal Way High. The Homecoming theme this year, voted on by the Seniors, was "This is the Time." Their float consisted of a golden eagle spreading its wings. The background was blue and white with a large "SO" in the center. During halftime, an outstanding performance was given by the drill team. marching band, and color guards. After the performance, many' alumni were out on the field representing their year of graduation. At that time, the Homecoming Court was pre- sented. Queen Jeanne and King Joe even brought their own "guns" to protect themselves against the cheering crowd. Near the end of halftime, hundreds of blue and white bal- 'loons filled the sky. Many people showed their eagle pride by putting an effort into this year's Senior Prom. The whole school was excited for this night, and it was a night to remember. Being an eagle has been difficult but rewarding. The memo- ries of sporting events, pep. assemblies, dances, tons of homework and falling asleep in class will be with them forever. ff veit ?5,s..,wQ5.31. Sparklin Senior Officers The gang's all herel R - 1 Iflikfi . 3.4: ,. .. President Robert Thompson Representative Dan Kim ' ' i:.i.t1,,:'3:,5f' m..awM.Hit 4. , .M . A :,.t.!,t,., W, ' 1:5 .3 'M251"Cfm1':tsQgE:f::: : ' " Q-,won epresentative Jeanne Logman - mm, ,M f " ' 1' 1 isizfw. "TfP!f::fr-rwia-:a:'..f..',g"" ii? r7'if5f7'w , H' :::::,.:':Ei . L" W" ' ' 3 i's::',:f:3lfH5f"' K V 11, Ililalillfjwl-, , :ir ""' W-m'a,:aL:ffMM:,,:B::,:'11a::gq:g,w-WQ l'l1'3"'w'3'Vm1liJ?J xii: : v ,IW1112111 ' mggfgil if'5?-w!,'4H'?:"1"f'T? ' - ' 1,u1x::w?'lE',P f,e.,..Qf'..'w-ew-. --+f,f..,,. , -ev 1 -,,.........,, - asf, ' V A ,ig.3L,:0.:L.,.,: :gr f '- ,. - , - :S W A , fBr,'::'.iii7'1' marc: WWW, , , 3 V A,-f 1 hit , V' oi, 'gL,ff5t..x5::g 'W H 1'-'U 1 W ...Swim H H . it1'-v.'::":::Ff-.pssm: :Huw "'!Q'4'L'n::,,.i5'53Evif'.1.,. , .,.n:1:1:" ,W iwfw ii. m,.,J,,w'L- ,:'3,- ' , tile"- WMm:wr55a'iwEM-MWF? ' ' '--Iv - HWJ1Qgg3,5ym15f1s?r1Q,'- ' -' ' p ' - ,, M, ': " .- ::,,I:':'1:l' 453.-., I ffmffiilffi' , , 5372? "3 . fiffrwll' ' o '13, , Q ' 3: ' ,ff , , " aff b V L 3 ' . L . R' r it R. R W, "T - QP F, . v -I ,Q M. A L . . i 'S 1 ,ug T 3 Y 1.11-K ! 4 f 'A Z E l, ,AMG M ' ,f r- V v A 1 ' Q 2' 1 f W.. , ., 3, 4 t 5 L14 -V 1 X Representative Jay Koh Emi A 5 Representative Robyn Neigel xi .ein M :zrlgjxglficiclgiutixymugglf had Kentucky Patty doesn't understand why Christina's chin never gets tired. 2:- Maybe if I just stare at it a while it will make sense. Somehow I just don't believe that. Sunny afternoons make Lisa sleepy. Dave has entered the Mental Twilight Zone. Archie A. Abbott Shawn Marie Albro Jamie B. Anderson Claro P. Austria I .Ion Bain Chathrine Baird - Carl Banfield Steven J. Bardwell Melody C. Barnes Chad Alan Barton Cathie Bassen Danielle Kristen Batten Eric E. Arbuthnot-Stohl lv 'll it fi 'P' 1 . ' Shawna Marie Baker David P. Barnett Julie Renee Beach - J. Bernedette Becker Darren R. Benson Damon Berbert Laura A. Bergen 25 -S I 4 , Ann M. Beurskens Charles Bingham Mark Biren Devon Ray Bivens Daniel Eric Blevens "Salt and Pepper" Nichell A. Bodle 53 Kristina K. Bolam Julie Ann Bonholzer Dean Boswell Tamara J. Bottomley ,FT Becky Lynnette Bonus Victoria Jean Bowen Linus has his blanket, Tanya has her pole. Christopher Lee Bostic Ken Bravo Renee Dawn Brewer Cynthia Bridges I Mark Edward Bright I ' Dale A. Brouer .gil Z' D 1, if Q. 235 y Janna Carol Bushaw Charles Calvert Rodney F. Britten Tony Brown Kim Marie Bussmeir Shay Marie Capitani Angelia Brondstetter Heather Rose Brooke Thomas' H. Bucknam Todd Burson Brian Butler Valentina Calderon Julie Carpenter Bediy Carr R li J l Cathy Cassidy Deborah A. Cassman Charles R. Centers Charlie W. Chae l J Q Bae K. Chang Dennis James Cheramie Randy M. Cheshier Jennifer Y. Choi f 'Q fgg i I i xl F lf? 1' 1 , Soo Kyung Choi David J. Chu Christine J. Chung Tanya Renate Clarke X. David Clement Robert A. Coombes Heather Lynn Cooper Patrice Copeland Francine Courvoisier Tonya D. Couch Dina Lyn Coumont William K. Crammatte Candace Marie Crandall Marc D. Crevling Kimberley Marie Czubin Phuong Dich Dang Phuong-Anh "Baxi" Dang .fi James R. Davidson. Jr. J.W. "Corky" Davis James A. Davis l Jennifer Liza Coveny Kevin Crossen Terresa D. Daniel Mary Louise Daviscourt ...ll "It scares me when he chews on his pen!" says Melanie. Michael G. DeCIerk Joel P. Dellosa Christina Demarbco Mario Diaz Joseph B. Dizon Phat T, D0 Sandra R. Day Pedro V. De Azua William S. Derbes E,-la., , ,M 'QL ' 2 'F Shonda Rae Domagala 'x. -'ll ' 71 3 E " ' - V ei' X fag.: ' I 'X 2 Ap, .:3'j':'-S'- ?'L 1 , 3, 3PQE,::35 gg i. 1 , T ' 5131214 '95 1" , 'Z h HM , v , H Peggy Ann Downing Cari J. Draper Juli M. DuPont Russell H. Edwards Stephanie Marie Eidinger Samuel John Elder Jr. Scott A. Elston Colleen Marie Etzel Kimberly Evert Andrew Jason Eberly Cory A. Ellis Robert Charles Falkey Christine Faucher Julissa E. Favela Kevin R. Ferguson Lisa Ann Ferrieri Bryant Finch Laura C. Frye Glenda Garmey Joshua' Goch Tina Fonseca John Patrick Foster Roger Joseph Frey 1141123 A Kathleen E. Fulcer Patricia A. Fulcer Edurna Garcia - Mari Jennifer Gearhart Nlatt Gogolin Shawn Giese , Jonathan M. Gilreath Olivia Gonzalez David Gosline ' 5 Michelle Graham Paul B. Grilley Cindy Sue Hanson Katrina A. Hartinger Tracy Grant Tom E. Greer Wes Grey Therese Marie Guppy Ha Hoa Daniel Haegele Jean Harridge Dennis Harrington Kristen Harris 1 V! 1 I 551: 4 1 Chad Cameron Hashbarger Christopher Hashbarger Joel Hathaway Julie Rhea Hawkins J' . I 5 1 1' R Shawna M. Heflen Michelle C. Herzog I8 Julie Louise High Laura Ann Hayman Sherene L. Head Bonnie S. Heenan Traci A. Heim Jennifer Hennig Philip Walther Hentzen Glenn P. Heslin A Bret R. Hessler Joseph Damon Hill Stephen James Hill Rex Hewlett Sara E. Hirsch atherine Ashley Hogan Karin Holden Jeff Hopkins Jeffrey John Horan Kenneth Humphrey Timothy Hupperten Heidi Marie Jacobson Ken Jallen I Amy Hollingsworth Kirk Honan Nancy Jo Hosko Debbie Hughes Ryoko Ikeda Angela Jackson Susan Jenkins Dar a Lisa Jerdal Y 19 g Chris Jett Donna Johnson Doug Johnson Eric Todd Johnson Michael Johnson Devin Elizabeth Jowell Margaret Judy Renae M. Kahns ESV' uw ggi QiQa W it aww David Kauer ffitifw "Ed, once I had one this big!" Donavan A. Kaufman Lisa Kavanaugh -.zu y VA. -K ,...'. -mg , , - ., W -QL.. ' Mark B. Ketcham Young Jin Kim? Symone M. Kittelson Staci J. Keene Adrienne F. Kelley Kurtis William Keltner Daniel Kim Kyung S. Kim Son Young Kim ll .if V , l'Ai 7 '- Q 1 Jennifer Kimball Mara Michelle Kinnaman Rosemari L. Kinney -'HY Koh Bill Landers Christopher Lane 2 I W- YE -f . Jenifer Lanman Deborah Mae Latimer Lisa Christine Lawrence Chung S. Lee I 1 YL. Q -o Todd W. Lemke Steve Lepine Andrew A. I-0Ckh3l't Jeanne Elizabeth Logman Denise A. Levitt David C. Liu Jennifer M. Love Tami Rochelle Lumsden Michelle P. Madison David Reio Magel Maria Michelle Mahoney Jonathon L. Mann Tracy R. Mansanarez A Jack J. Martinson Athony M. Matukonis Kimberly A. McDou2alI Rolando O. Mararac Michael Martin Monique LaRue Matheny Stacy Matheson T Tracy McCamIey Danny McCann Jr. Garv S. McDowell Stacev McGlenn Sheila E. Martinez Randel Alan Mattson Erin L. McCarthy Rvan McGraw ' ' I" .aw ' , 'rr 'i' ' Y-2 was ' M J ..,. 1- I , W - ,..,..,,f,-,v,.M,.,4L,.x....W -W ,Q -aww. 2 :J-f..f..-..,.wg -W A 4:::':: ,,1:1F4". ..,,. ,.,m,,.,..,.1. xaasivmees:-:rs-'--'-'P--' :J " ' " ' 10- !?"fFI11 , W"" Q 'Q K i E Michael L. McKenzie Nonnie J. McNew Theresa Marie Mellick Amelia Christine McKie Raquel Lynne McPhillips Christopher Michalson Bridget Leigh McKimmy Denise McLeod Kelly Meadows A Robert E. Mecum John A. Miller Anthony C. Miller K- zs Lvnette R. Miller Susan L. Miller Terri Lvnn Miller Kimberlv Milnor Heather Minish Gina Noelle Mordeaux Jason R. Muir Robyn A. Neigel Kathy Mitchell Holly Lynn Moberg Nicole Lee Montgomery Steven R. Morrison Kari Moss-Roberts Dianna .lean Mounsey xl Akihiro Murakami Kyle G. Murphy Melanie Marie Muscutt. Troy Nelson Brian C. Neuman Trung Nguyen 27 "A little senior hug" 'li A James Milton Nukes Patty Norris Teresa Marie Norris 28 Randal Odenbach Amber Lynn Oedewaldt Derek J. Oliver Renee Danette Nieves Cami Nitzel Carrie O'Brien if -' -Wil., 4, , April Joline Olsoe Steve Olson ' Denise Pac Lynette Passey ristina Marie Peterson Sandra Oono Eddie Park Scott Paust Michael Peterson Christopher B. Osborn Kyung Hwa Park Christopher Payment Sam Peterson Inger Osland Thad W. Parks Renee Leigh Pedranti Line Roaas , A , ,N ' A , s 6 4, - .wg ., a , m"' it it if my 1 W 4 Carl E. Pierce Dyan S. Powell Ramon A. Raspa H-ll - Stacy P. Pinney Sonja M. Pitzer P Chad Allan Podoll , Tarun K. Prasad Penny Lane Preston Sara Purdy Paul M. Reising Angela L. Rhymes Marie-Emmanuelle Ribes sae , .r.- ,Wh -F' 5 Lisa Christine Rice 4 Gina Ann Richards Timothy R. Riha Erin Maura Riley Dennis Rittenhouse Alison Rumel Bryan T. Sakahara my Michelle Sather W im Q 3 if rash, MEF :fi , YQ Q M Karla Felicia Roebuck Swen Rortvedt -Q ' i Jamie R. Running Monica Leigh Rutledge Jennifer Royall Jeffrey Dean Sabado "88" is a classic. Cheryl Lynn Schmidt Travis R. Sims Shannon Lynne Smith Charles Sponberg Scott Schroeder Sean Edward Sehlin i r QM David Singleton Jeremy Taylor Sloane I Don Spaccarotella Ken Spaulding Catharine Marie Starr Grant Steele E Sharolyn Shepherd 30. Kristine Marie Smith Shelly Ann Spence: Ken W. Steinbach :nathan Daniel Stewart 'i - Erik Swanson Robert Thompson Pae Wen Tsai Michael Scott Stewart Takashi Tani Brian C. Touchstone Charlie Turner John David Sugg Marlo Kay Sulpizio Tao Thai Jim Thibeault Scott Trier Son Truong Douglas J. Tynan Roxanne U'R8n Sheila Ulrich Dave Wally VanAuken Sean Vance Cesar Vergara ra Valerie M. Villarreal Erin Leigh Volheim Angela Vysniauskas Kim Waalk Tracy Walker Tina Walters Michelle J. Ward Jonathan P. Waters Scott Weekley Pat Weinman Brian N. Wheeler 1 Elissa Renee Wieneke Travis Wilcox Paul S. Williams Ron Williams Daniel Wilson I Denise Wilson Patricia Marlene Woody Connie Lorraine Woolf Bradley Wright L. Grey Wyman Song Yi Brian C. Yoon Mark C, Zellgrhgff :its-..... Susan Devine Jennifer Hagbom Stacy Hart Diane Powell if 4. X an gy , H4 2 f M Q2 1+ 2 gy. ' 'fum g BEST SENSE OF HUMOR: MQST ATHLETIC: Jeanne Logman and Charlie Chae Jennifer Love and Sean Sehlin BIGGEST FLIRTZ Therese Guppy and Kelly Meadows Xalw viosT E PRETTIEST EYES: 5 Q" Mosr LIKELY TO succEED: Devin Jowell and Bill Landers ' R NICEST SMILE: FRIENDLIESTZ Kim Waalk and Jeremy Sloane Robert Thompson, Mara Kinnaman and Joe Dizon Jeff Sabado and Kim Czubin BEST DRESSED1 Tami Lumsden and Jim Davidson Eagl S Show Their Stuff Wiggle I aaa -we 1 . 11 'ffl 4: iii, X 'bii3 i fi'5iki,i -3 ig: fel 4 mm if W, .def Mr. Cole shows his Eagle Pride. 1 'f'9f:S5ifi???W"ix"w ' , an wh? 5 X1:"fz21w:5lg:"'i3hi?. ,,,,f,, wifi ,A ,, , ivwiw ,ip , H A 4 fi NK wi, JM' 'M ,iw-gms! LV -7 , 21: ,T 3,1 533317 .f -1 if if A. iii' 'Ti5"'q inf WE ii Wifi' New Y , ,M r, aijffi If W0 Jia: 4 "i 1 mr' ,M W 1 , i L . , ' Q we-" 7 -ui I LOVE BLUE AND WHITE DAY! Homecoming Spirit Week I98 E55 "Isn't that special?!" "Hey Michelle, guess what?l , K 321251, ,M X , W M Q?-at I 'wzi' as 47:33 ,QMS Ia ' 9 gk x t? if .ali 3 Rig XSQQ , f ff Www A i 1': ,f 1- x - A f M, n k 35,5 Y , E . V X, 'f 1., ., ' x 1 V, 1 W I gn, 5, B in control of the sh . 3, 'I if . 1447 V N sf -' cvs' P Q,-42' ff e, 1 Q13 ,gelf ,igfr-sf.-1' ?' 'f nf 1 1 -1 E Eg iwmiiffi I z? ' v.-"af P:3'7 f x fb' a-:Q E flu: Princess Darlene Bush Escort Robert Thompson A . : 5' Princess Melody Barnes Escort Steve Bardweli 1 Queen Jeanne Logman AND King Joe Dizon Princess Mari Gearhart Princess Janna Bushaw Escort Dan Kim Escort Dan Biexens B 4 , v.. x ' ' P S u 1 f'1 fa., Q '1 -31.531 ' 117 . ., A , ,, fy" J s M fry 1 g I H 5 00 190 Q . I O Q! Z i3 ge, A A J A ' 4 'iii' "'. if-I 'IAQ 7 1 , 3 3'Ai A fl , ,Eg , , 2fi+Wfmk? En W W' fl -5 l if E ' 1 -ai X This Is The Time! 1 21 X 1' Focusing in on Heidi and Scott. A Say Cheesel nl l als W-1 51 J 5' T aj f "No, really! l am having fun!" "G'Day Mate!" Togetherness! lsn't it great? ,. .vi A He's not taking a picture of us is he?" "Jack, the limo has a flatY", says Darren. 43 Moe, and Larry Heidi-your feet smell! 5, E- t .,.a-W , , What are you lookin at? I'm cool!! like Just smile and pretend we're friends! Eddie and his girls. 1' r ilfsiifgggt, A jet' i Juniors getting ready for battle. What? I don't get it! Huh?! N 15 I 11 Lx' 3 ggi? we r-' . 2 S 'i 51- 2 f' 51, if .Ei P451 iw 'iii Illia ff :H aj V . f 2 ,er v - f f if , mmm . . . school lunches. I. 1' i 1 I give it a thumbs upl A MX I . - wwf? 4':,'.L,F' ...rf f .,,.. ,.,, . , I .. - , C l d J 'h ' b ' . l k l' ' t ll f "" ' v ar an oe exe anging rainwaves now m LU e -L HV N 1 Wu , Fm? ' I --1-3 I .ki-'X I . V I ' rv 17 - J Q',f' V 'D 'A , -X .- '1- I X 'H Q- is , ci E ' q i Yeah were Studsllll I ,I,,, 8 g . IV I lff?5fi V , 1 ge S wg 'Z , , , , Q 1 I shoulda had a V-Sl! Andrea giving a Covergirl look. E'ff'w- f'h, iffy, ,+I ,Mu-1 E s E 33 I 44 ,nal-. Hmm. What else is in here? And then she said . .. I bet you feel stupid. Qi 1 it ii 1 'N B' HW! ,0- 1 . fl' 'M fi yi 4- . vs- e is f '21 it i , in v A iiiix u s i 'W f w I fitwiilif 'I zfgmlww it , iiiiiiiiii , ,1,,'l ,. if 'ir , HW.. .N '- ., M ,M W, ., 1: ,' w A V it Wulf., ' f""1 , 5 qiigiif s i. i. Hi' h M y V siflszifff qi ' ..,, gqfwczwm. l've killed for that! l've got the answers to this one. -1...,. 42 No Sean 2-P2 isn't 5. i ai . W--f A is fi" JE 'Q' She said that about me! Don't stare l'Il sick my friend on mit "' ,, R i fix, tix No one elsefhas to run IO laps. "' 46 To be or not to be, Sandra, do I turn this black thing. WITQFGVS GVGFYOHG gOir1 3 . P' all Just think next year we'll be seniors! Nancy get a life!! f HDR YY K 4 L+? TSW! I lla l ' EEK M I . Q all wg a 1 -I 9 9 ie" M, 5 , hi Q ,lg iv kd -.gn .1 "'L.,,.,, . Q , S Q is HOMECOMING '87 So l wear my hat everyday. Psychology is soo deep l .J 5' ' f , 1 if-1 o ' l 'i ' li I 5 4-" ' - I f ,...-w-M----' . 1ere's no party in here. No Brian it isn't a balloon. Loke 'S 'l ilu. ...- .- .4.--f- 5 I Q i Q f 3 , ii S . 5 5 x , - ' ' ,V ,, ' H , " "WE, f ' ' ' -f,f","W?:l'wffinw, .f . " ."zTJiiT5n?i,?iM,f,ggixfkl , M- -f-' 'F sim Ji mm is -am.: -- . ..., Q ,D ng... L,., - l 'I ,H A . , A.4,,wf'wY. 1 Q 1 ..- ,,,-, f- 1 . ,Q -1 'vi 'E I- 41133 ea ' gg' .l.4g11y1' 11-,.' ni 'J fs 5 W I' ' Q34 K ff! hixi. 'L ' 8 7 14' ,ti 1, Q9 A ' ' ' is. L :gh ' ,If Y Y f vw--Y, ,gg , 4,.,:z gp , Q, A f I 43'3,, S W , Mjifbi. U ik' I ,z ' f , if ag e Q ' ' Ziyi' zlfiif' . V . 4 W 5 ,1 'vfx y ., x f " , at -, 'v -f ' 22 H ' , 1 :L , V wif? ' M A f ' , . , W' ' 7 A 'ws2f fiE::?3- I . . Q:-,Q , 0 535 f A s . . 3 E j gy A Q ,,,Y,i-,ff g f- V ' fg,,Qff5,v f ' A it 4 yi? . Cateh The Volleyball pirit W.. 72 'W wg lx aw x i Mx K. -M Top row: Jennifer Love, Carrie O'brien, Kim Bussmeir, April Olsoe, Terri Miller Middle row: Seyoung Lee, April, stretch!!! Megan Despaln, Kathy Badgley Bottom row: Brooke Edwards, Lakiesha McDonald Q N 0: To.. .d-,,,,,,.......--q Kim's turn to gossip AF 50 Oh please, no more push-ups, Mrs. Harris. 09 OPPONENT SCORE 'EVERGREEN I5-4: I5-41 I5-9 'FOSS I5-IOQ I5-55 I5-8 'HIGHLINE I5-IL l5-IOQ l59-93 I5-I2 AUBURN lOI5: I4-l6p 5-I5 MAZEN Il-l5g 5-l5a I6-l4s I7-I5s l-I5 LEAGUE SCHEDULE ROGERS I3-l55 8-I5f I5-lOs 7-I5 DECATUR I2-I5g IO-IS: I5-Il I5-I3s I4-lb BETHEL I5-llp 6-l5s I5-55 I5-lla ll-I5 'LAKES I2-I5f I7-I5f l5-l3a I5-4 'CURTIS I5-IQ I5-54 I5-5 'SUMNER I5-ll: I5-45 I2-l5s I5-4 'CLOVER PARK I5-lp I5-25 I5-7 "SPANAWAY LAKE 8-I53 I9-I7a 7-l5a 9-I5 "T.J. I5-55 I5-lOa I5-7 PUYALLUP 6-l5g I5-l3a IO-l5f IO-I5 RECORDS 0 : MATCHES Wow SEASON RECORD ..i................, LEAGUE RECORD .................. ,.,,,.J--f-n""""' We ,....aw0"""" af f,,,......--vv- l l WM Look, it's Tom Cruzlll 4,-an-vllil' t ,fi -.ws ,,,,.., Hey, wait for uslll How much longer do we have to be here? This year's Varsity Volleyball team started the season off with a bang, three wins in a row. As time went on, the team had their share of wins and losses, but they never lost that Eagle spirit. Another thing that was never lost was the Eagle fans. At each game, the stands were packed, and the Eagle support was there. Volleyball came out fifth in the SPSL. -if There she blows. We're cool. Eagl Tackle A Victorious Season A.. I 1. 1 1212 .L . front row I to r. J. Hennig. T. Guppy. T. Clarke, J. Bushaw, D. Bennet, C. Lundsgaard, M. Muscutt, M. Dorn, B. Bonus, D. Bush, R. Clark, S. Oono second row I to ri G. Allison, R. Mattson. C. Podoll, T. Lytle, R. McCloud, T. Hupperten, C. Chae, C. Rowe, D. Smith, C. Hall, C. Magel. third row I to ra J. Wagner. C. Klassen, J. Short, M. Stewart, J. Markquart, S. Kinnamin, L. Dawson, D. Conzatti, D. Berbert, C. Banfield, C. Pike. C. Rornelius, E. Klinski,4S. Dison. fourth row I to r: J. Pugerude, S. Paust, C. Pierce, D. Henry, B. Sprague, S. Marsh, J. Vanderhoof, K. Jallen, C. Hashbarger, D. Haegle, T. Sims, J. Mann, E. Park. fifth row I to rf J. Fili, T. Vandenberg, C. Stinehaucker, M. Graff, D. King, S. Bonholzer, B. Derbes, K. Noland, B. Sakahara, J. Bolstead, B. Touchstone, S. Morrison. sixth row I to r. D. Albright, R. Chesier, S. Schroeder, S. Sehlin, E. Miller, K. Crossen, S. Cook, M. Martin, D. Blevens, J. Warren. B. Miller, J. Blanscett. Seventh row I to r. Coach Priest, Coach Cole, Coach, Turcott, Coach Pierce, Coach Patrick, Coach Isernio. W 2 s 4 Travis Sims, Faster than quick setting gel. Coach Priest giving Ed a little sideline advice. Varsity Football FW 7 CURTIS FW 49 LAKES FW 35 INGRAHAM FW 3 ROGERS FW 36 SPANAWAY LAKE FW 25 SUMNER FW 28 PLIYALLLIP FW O DECATUR FW 52 TJ ..........-wvv,,.,...,,Q.f,----ww- ,.,. V .. ....,...wxwv-Q x..- ,,,,,,,,.,,.,....,.'Qu-4-vwvm-'N" ,,,,.,,,.m,.. xx., W.. ..,. . fy li xf 1 . i rg ff U , :r"V , If 1, Gs V I 'A A ' ' .1 1. If if ,. , I 3 I 'If-Q A YI' Jr' " I U ik .A K . I' 23 2 W 1 1 'if .,f x WMM - -K H 3 E1 sq mf f , 'vs 06" 145' we wma ,, A fm E K ' "" "" ' "MM , W., Who s gonna get It now7 Now that we ve got It together . . uwumwmmw ...... X : f "Ent: ,, '-I gf' .gEE-g5f:g,ggiggggg,--- ' K A... -wg 'iififili ' X. Q N " - e - .... I .- t ' 1:2 ' 'I 1:1 355, NQX t - g were xxifgewwgy layxzvmgxvmxxmlillagrlmiwwmwawgx- Wi N Top Andrea Klelpoedogus Krlsten Gjersee, Heather Mllls Jennifer Ev , , 7 Oh please make If Over! ans, Molly McGraw Paula Thomson Bottom Tawnya Riedel, Krystal Where d'd lt go' Help Melll OK Make up your mlnd, Who's gonna get it? Zi Z . . Football iw? Eagles on their way to a touchdown. UUMMMFFII Pro Left, NO, 224 Veer, NO. Middle Screen, NO . . . Hey guys, did you see that cheerleader wink at me? Timeout!!! Who.-o's rho bathroom? Alright- who iumped off Sides? Eagl ' Tenni Top row L to R: Lek Kongatong, Eran Zantovskey, Paul Carpenter, John Sugg, Pat Weinman, Mark Bright, Jon Bain, Coach Collins. Front row L to R: David Lui, Bae Chang, Kwang Park, Roger Grayson, Dan Michalson f -W - . Vw: A 4. .. M ,W W , H ,. V ., , 7' fy 55 L' at , ' V 4 y s ,I 5 if 12 5 aj, riff A 1 Wikia - 1 gf, Q ITV? ' ' ' L2 ' ' fi 53 7 5 wiifygwzzy 'mf ' M an 4 ' 'f W- Streeeeetchll Lek plays 'fore'court V 3 if 1 1 A 5 ,-. fig K Ah- ,, ,,,. , ,, , 1 A sz , 5 Q, K, V 4 3 fwmux , , 1 4" ,J Q f. aw . 4 ,W ff V ' W, . . 56 Preemie Eagles make premier appearance Hey guys, the bus is leaving! ,,,, ng ,,,, , ,, gush, , V F W Q Q 1 ,M-3 Q fi if Y 4 4 -f.....vf Confused, John thinks "it was here it minute ago . . . W .ww ,, 'WZ' M J' H W t,,WW,,,f, J C 4252 ff:1,z14w- 2544 555' '7ffx:.,?iW4' I V 'f A n ,iizyt pig It , farwsm MWA. , H fffi. ' , . . VJ,ZWM5,f"'Eiwi'7i157i2J -'ff T! 'f'f '55 ,,,:"g 'i" fm N ,,,, , V 5- ' my , ,, ,, W 'f f--f msrf 4 ,mm ,,,,... Www rrrl ttir A W , ftttt Chris and John High-Five it in X X W ,ii W M YY A as 3 W ,W mgwlo sf N F C f- ' X f Q 5 3 A X M Q f X ,W M W 5 A nf, X v f C sf Ns V J 2, X .F 3 2 A Y X sm N ' :Q X Q t X X X X X M X :xxx 1 Q ggi? S X . 'Y x ix Q2 xwssig fx 3 Eg 4. Q Q X I X t Qi g M ' Q 3 t X ,Q X V sv , X Qrifsii an . i I it N Ja KX g "ig X s . , .11 i, , -. A ,JM Q Q if ww' ,s 1 f- 1: - N X A C. Q if X M s Q 4 asa-.. X ' , , X .5 4: Si 3. X X Mo. M M X QI N gig V 5 X hs if . if X X Q X . of N N 2 so X S we X mfg . 4 X5 N or-X sim' Q X Ek X., it M 1: S , Q ,fa X 2 S akes A Court Appearance Nice form, but where's the ball? Ready for anythingl Lek hits the books outside the court he Federal Way Eagles tennis eam really showed what they ad this year. The individual rats showed considerable im- rovement for several players. is a whole team, they received ome bad breaks. But that's a art of this high pressured game alled tennis. A few significant dditions to the team this year a ew coach and 2 junior high reshman players. Coach Collins ot quite a change from basket- all so it's uncertain whether or ot he will return. Our 2 fresh- 1en however, are sure to re- urn. They showed a lot of po- ential and will add a lot to the eam as the years go on. SPWWGY Lake TAA11 Thomas siy- - Decatur rrrsfif V ' ffi Clover Park Puyallup gyyyy y Rvsefs Sumner fffilrlf Lakes A Aim high! l:,,fffH W 'lmffllf fffflfy 'll 5 -w,..,..v I Let me out. Cross Countr I987 Girls' Cross Country Team: Back Row: Coach Harris, Sheila Martinez, Kim Czubin. Andrea Anderson. Kelly Czubin, Melanie Muscutt, Kim Waalk. Front Row: Sujata Dev. Kim D'SiIva, Anna George, Sara Dungan, Sara Munson, Kelly McKinney. ,t 3' W A , , A ' fr .W ,A D , ,M ,. 1 ff f 314 'trip' f ,,,, , , . ' 'f Kenny Blevens, sophomore CC st Sujata and Andrea Just taking an easy run on the beach. , 0' The l987 Cross Country Teams had excel- lent seasons. The guys made it to District for the first time in a few years. The girls took the first ever SPSL Sub-District title on their way to taking lOth at state. Both teams shared the Decatur Invitational Champion- ship. I This was the first year each team had sepa- FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW ud. f. 1 Varsity Girls' Stats I5 Lakes I5 SL Forf 20 Clover Park I7 Bethel Il Curtis 30 Rogers I5 Sumner FOl'f 22 Puyallup I5 Decatur 4 I5 TJ Forfe Decatur Invitational Champs SPSL Sub-District Champs Roller Coaster Relays- 3rd West Central District- 5th State- lOth Of course, I'm ready to run at Decatur! 'rf . -r 4, -4. , 'f 47 fu V ,Ma- " I' X rate head coaches. Mr. Harris led the girls' y yy squad and Mr. Minahan focused on the guys' team. Team leaders were Jeff Perry, Sam Elder, Kim Czubin, and Kim Waalk. The l987 Salt Creek Invitational Champs!!! 58 A Winnin Combination ' X- M l r iff: N . . if fs ' w ... .x . , -N. ef - W .A :.. ,. . Q Q b fi' 5 S y " qi s .. gf 'Q' ' 3 . N 5.6532 022' 3.--1 S4 -I .Q - s S S sfwssiii' X X . X 4, Y x all .9 . rise. S 1 . asian: S' 3 , . . Q I ' ' ll I A f . , Q ,.. . F ,, v ,ei X- , N A 'F it xgggi ' Y ' " .vi . Mgr' X if .P Rig, ' ,. Xt' -S-.B f. - + -. uf' .. Xe., ,. is-...Mm , I .aw .st . . s.r'?"x"w f a1w'r'r':" -.W S, yy . 2. : . .., f ,. wifi Q 'fhgfagiley' 'fa et. 'E-3. P ' 5, Q xi if ser 3 4 ,cmlmi X tw! 5 5 1 Q N ix 5 Y fx H X Q Q X Y ,ij . S - SEV o Q. "ss .- x f M .. mu' xl, D .Q . . Af' xx' 1 ug' JW' as .L Q rr - f x . 3 ur Isa if 'v "iw" I I ,I t X .tm ,N W ' ' . f I e I , I A L 4 J' ' T J' 5 f if 'Q ' r N- - A if :gk P i"'3 P R in Zim. Q ., .. ga s . 'F .I 5-. A 'sn ,, itch out Carl Buena' Jews Com' Girl's Cross Country has got "the look" with Puyallup at Port Townsend. Melanie' Sheila and Kim love running at Decatur at 3130 g to get you. am, 4 x t . K ,,.oM, Q la... . . . RCCCSSUI The Guy's Varsity . . . off to another great start. Guy's Varsity Stats W 23 SL 35 W 39 Lakes 20 W 28 Bethel 29 W 40 CP I9 W 27 Curtis 28 W 22 Rogers 33 W I5 Sumner 45 W 4I Puyallup I9 W 27 Decatur 3I W 26 TJ 30 SPSL Sub-District 6th SPSL Dual Meet 4th l987 Guy's Cross Country Team: Back Row: B. Maggiacomo, B. Hill, J. Tripp, R. Biorklund, S. Elder. R. Edwards, Coach Minahan. Middle Row. P. Grilley, T. Kutscha, T. Erickson, J. Perry. T. Moen, J. Stewart, Front Row. E. Johnson. S. Gallagher, B. Sherman, J. Brown, K. Blevens. 59 Eagl 's Girls Swimming eff. it - 9- .1-' l have to swim the 500?l? 'rs 14 y 'f l 4 , M M E557 V , , ii W ' V EV K. W ,, 3 .I V, 'M . l,, , V 5 V "' VV" 'H , gk IIAA ,, A 2 if . 4 1 if-'M .V M ' You mean I have to go down AND back? S . i . 2 1 2 ? fi-59 sz f . I ar 9 rg 7 Top row L to R: Christina DeAustria, Jeneen Oleiarski, Erin Riley, Tanya Kannanalein, Kris Peterson, Amy Nichelle Bodle. 3rd row: Coach Hoppenwrath, Amy Heather, Kristina Kopick, Dana Butts, Sonja Paige, Deanna Bluesette Hoit. 2nd row: Jennifer Banfield. Diane Corey, Shannon Ormsby, Aimee Anderson, Kristy lyall, Jessica 1 Stephanie Fuller, Front row: Michelle Andrews. Gretchen Moberg, Jenna Foster, Denise Butts, Kari VanPooI ,wvwwww WWW ,,,,,,, H, fa W I ,qbp ' V VV ,wail H 'A W WV7' , , ,W ,fft M J 'Q WMV ' wwf 4 f may , , X X My ,, I JV yu 7,9 ,V ,, 4 I V ,,,. WWWW , ,, - a.,w.-mallfnkflv Team unity adds to the Eagles domination 45, 2 60 you think lf,S BHSY, you ShOLIld try Dana dgng her beautiful bathing Cap akes A Great "Fin"nish' The l987 Girls Swim Team was awesome! They almost had it all. By just missing the SPSL championship by lpoints IQVCIOVBI' ihi Bark, they iii s showedfeveryone that they were on the rise. Exceptional and dedicated swimmers made this year great. One to be remembered. Next year should bejust as exciting. Also this year, Federal Way. made quite an impression at State. .lunior Dana Butts placed 3rd in the 50 Free while hersister Denise took Ind in the iw Free. Also, Diane Corey swam her way to 7th place in the 500 Free. The 400 Freestyle relay of Dana Butts, Denise Butts, Diane Corey, and Kristina Kopick took a breathtak- ing 2nd place overall. Clearly something worth shouting about. Others making state appearances were, Amy Heather, Kris Peterson, and Jennifer Banfield. Several others made alternate positions. Next year look out everyonell f 4.-. . s i 1 Q F T ,X , ,X as g f Erin practices her intimidation strategy Kristina's security blanket GU lngalace " iff Jeff ya www it Al HOOVZWIN' R gegys f D catur Puyallup Par A - - nine Sumner wtf SC Wiley: . 3 A, , fs , 5, 1 E ff L. , J Why do you look at me that way? lg Kam 1 i f full' -- N I .. . - at . . .aw sz . ---. -. f - . as 3 Lane line gossip in action Chlorine creature from the deep akazel Golf: They're Not Just Puttin' Around Varsity: Mr. Baldwin. Chris Vance, Rod Britten, Jim Davidson, Travis Wilcox. Robert Christy. Sean Vance This was an exciting year for the Eagle Golf team. They started the season with high expectations. Each match was a challenge but for 8 of those IO matches the Eagle men met the chal- lenge head on with a victory. The sea- son record of 8-2 earned them the title of Co-Champions of the S.P.S.L. This is the second time that a Federal Way Golf Team has finished the season as champions. The varsity was lead by Captain Jim Davidson who was the team leading scorer with a I4.l point average. Other senior leaders were Travis Wilcox with a l3.0 average, Sean Vance with a lI.8 average and Rod Britten with a lO.8 average. The leading Junior was Rob- ert Christy with a I3.I point average which was the 3rd highest junior aver- age in the league. Chris Vance was the only Sophomore with an II.6 average. He was the 3rd leading sophomore in the league. ,, ,. 3, 5 VMf.f,,,W9r - ' Ci'l ' 7 ' ' ' 5 ,-.. y ,,,. ,'., 5 W7 --,,' f 5, '. -- - Q ,..!VV. Q2 - H ' L ' .,.. "WM .- J , J.V.: Romi Clark, Eric Lindbergh, Rod Rashell, Philip Hentzen, Donovan Kaufman, Mr. Mogensen 62 Travis Wilcox improves his stroke '-mf -W, ,W ,N " k " Nf!""Q....e Aw tstso , ? t 'mi tttt X . V it tt . e ,aw QW Romi sums up the competition ,.,,,,- Xxxx Mr. Mogensen lost in thought Rod Britten and another "hoIe in one" Varsity Golf prepares their strategy Sean Vance shows his Eagle pride 63 Fall Sports Review . R1-QS: ,..M.,K x :N Sf 5 'RS' .ff - .- " ak 55 I K .. Q 2 ' X ,S f X X , ..,, S A X R Q X Nw i Q, X I , 'M Sy, Ai N :x x ' f wfgkx .AN ws- 'Q imm- fe: , , Q4f..f ., we - ' , 1 1 . W , ,, 11. Kwik! 1 ' 1, f ,w ' i H 42' 4 3 W ,515 n,,',LfLI, .- , , 1,4 . 1 ya " 5 H W xr- a ,v T' -"' . .. . Xi I K 4.4 p ,,, x jjj b . -.. M 4 " 5- KLL' - ' 'QM -, ' ,Va ' K . 'K -w db L Y Wigvf, V4 "ui ,, A. Q' Q ff .go .., W, SJ ,V . Va H V 1 uh . ' W- . I- KI X sway, 5, ,M MMM w WM.W+.m-QQ,N,sm,f+ X V aff? f rw g .f ,I il: 4 ' .V g ' 1 .2557 V yi . fan? , ,, 1 h Q.. V W, ,.., , m,,, , , X K " ,Af ,. f ' v , Q. f f, ,VW V ,IW ,f ,V AN,, n ,, 44 i, ' 3' Q Qi' A ,I 3 ,XM A mit f , E S ,Mx W A L A L -- ,,' A .:..,.ifyfTN'FTf""'-x-fgpff 1 s 1, khkhrx . :,..I, . ivlirkw V x . U ,-Tiff A 1 A W ' f . .. yy' vj X . :WA , K Q 'xqffjjy , Nikqgtih A S , , 4. - i- if '03, ,4,ax-,E-r-M:-1: gs, 2 5 ,,-vamp., ,Q .W X R, af mksgwkiw 3. 4 Q A . vi? Q K K ggrggiggax . ,m A f ., . J ml V5 'Q ai y ku, , i Q, k 4 ' ' ., Aj , K, Q ' x. 5 4 , Q K V, ' 45 Q k5.V"'L . X S f lv- "-X. V ffkkix 1' :fkfwf 1 ' V F 5, -V 1-,pt A.,q,g.3"1 ' -4, .:,, N, ',,,g.f . . , lk: X. ' - . T 3' is ' 3 r Q3 . my CY' . 'RQLQBS . -Qlx+i' 95 ...H xg, 1,4 --.as-f--' M 45 gym! V .. . F, 44 A. ,s , M M.,N...g.., A, H 'Q ff. ,, .4 4u...., 7 an - - if 2 'K x Wk I x Q x A, 65 FWHS Girls Soccer Top Row: Joann Neil, Donny Carmel, Robyn Neigel. Sharolyn Shepherd, Michelle Hering, Janelle Oakley, Shannon Sehlin. Jennifer Johnson, Lorna Hauge.'Rqgly.n Fry, Maria Heskin Brian Gross, Bottom Row: Chad Jowell, Angie Kimura, Jonica Hogenson, Devin Jowell, Heidi Fisher. Michelle Dines, Kelly Morgan, Mike Loso, Sitting: Krissy Mazzao, Denice Wilson Marla Heskin. ww! X lib X Devin poses for her better half. Q.. xii ' sc, X - -X 5 Xa X' 66 Salon perm? No, Ogilive. Michelle shows her stuff. f ff-,:mWMwwm,w E, ff f f ' 'if' ' H ' I H 1 ,,,,,, 7 W ,rrrii ,,,, fi '4' ' , ' ' W if! 7 ' J' , ' ' " 5 , ff?-iii, 5 ' ,,: r,Q',,f,:.':wffUlE'a'eL2-yan'-Z ' I ' " , I ,,,, f ' s A ,, . - ffify 1 -f f f f. Y .fuewm X ,, i ,,,e,:,, 40' mm, W4 W-W . ,'M,N,,,,,,,,,, I5 But Maria, how do you feel about Raiders and Gators? Gets Carried Away . Y , c g x,..: Q.. . so ll . - Nrsfli j . . t W . . , ih: g . my A SWR 3 S New l987 SENIORSI Fish fakes them out. Q QQ1 .3-l P' .41 ? ,,,,,,...-s--4'-A You go this way, no, I'lI go this way. Robyn, your going the wrong way. And another fantastic save by our keeper, Denise. The Federal Way Girls Soccer Team put out a great show this year. The team stood in the third posi- tion for all SPSL, with a record of 8-2-O. This years stats were as follows: F.W. 5 F.W. 6 F.W. O F.W. I F.W. 8 F.W. 4 F.W. 4 F.W. I F.W. 7 F.W. 6 Curtis Lakes Decatur Puyallup Bethel S.L. Rogers Jefferson C.P. Sumner 67 -A WM w1 W 515 WMMWMMM mmf N L wx m S awww? WMMM WM.. ' N M x Wawmm WN..f'WW" naar? .,., mm A , N,....,,.,.zff:::,w 5 5 3 3 5 I Q------ 5 E Q I 5 " "" N 551255. gs - SEQ 5 ESL I , Met. 5 gg WWA , MLZWTEW W 3 S W WM A gi 5 55? is il Y' 535 55 ig 55 gmml M W' ,.,.,,... ..,..,.,..,.,,.,..,.,,.,..,.,, , .,.,.,.. T W M 1 5 f ' I 1 S -,E f:-:r ...- .- Z 5 ?5 F 92 if Q 5 4 ' . ,,... .,... , uszu . .... ,..,..,.. ,... D 5 5 ' 5 5 E 5 .... M. 5 5' , . ......,..........., N ......h. .. 1 E ,E E .... ,, A f umm. Mm qi 5 5 .,..s 52 R , 2 Q ,.. .:,,. ,.,, Z 5 s x V 15 51 5 5 5 5, Q ,Q ig 5,5 E 555 5 5 55 5 E5 I Q K ::.' x.., A 5 555 i:Q1 I ' 2 2,5 L .:,.,,..:,..,,, . ' 3 .... 3 Xw 5555 K .. Q 5 fx bxm-155 3 I X X NX X E i 2 N w X 1 5 mm.. : ....... -'H '-": Praize: . .... Eg mmm ..,,., -..- .-...... , B ,... :-:z-,wa-f,:. mv.. ...... . -:- ww ,I ,.,.,..,.,.,..,... , .:.::. g E V ,ii A 55 Eff 2 if 5 1 5 1 32 ..,.... 555 5 15 5 E525 S 5 E5 'Q 5 5 J if 5 LN , X, Q N N X X ,X 512 is 5 ef? E 5 5 2 . 5 Z an SN X R! Y XX XS . D25 A i 5 5 5 1 X ,,.....,...,...,...,:..,. ,.:.k:.::.:Q:..3,:. :.i: ,:., g .. W9W '::::::x::z:::,::::::,:aa':4 ::::: sas-fs ,-:--:-::-:m-::-:-5:-:-:-Q-:Q 1. ' 4 2 1 rl mm-:s:IaEaIsi my Nm... Ei ig Z I Q I X 5W"""' v..."M""'V'W 1 " M M W1 M ,-- - ' 5 .::m1:fg1gg1:: V.,,..V , 5 2 M 1'1-252'-Z1-ZEZfEf5555555555212 5 - 11-121.1---1 -:-1 """"' 'rf --:------,--- :-f1m1,:if?-2 " an Wwli-ig? WM E ...,.. E ..i , gem: " Lrtk 555 E 2 5 5 5 'A N. :-- xiiv -Q11 N MNNM QW, Q ---f 5 , . . , k..,. 1 111 vvvxf . 2 5 f K ,,,,, , X S W X 555 Q, 5 .- '- ' X 5 .- 5 5 f 'f "' 'XX-- i 5 " X ,, f xg 5 N X 5 - ' 5 ..,, 5 .5 sf , . ' I? - rw-:M : :L 4 Q ,iii :E .Q ,-1 , , , L QQ . WT H h W L . , WW- K+ ,, , 5 5 - P 5 5 S N 1-' ' ' SXSW ' ..,ffr,5 K X f -A - ., "': 2 i 2 N .sg r . 5 31 . J s 5, .. Q, ' 5 S 5 5 If mg , : m,: ,L , S ,,.. as 2 5 5 K .:..:.:..:.::.:..:..:..:..::.f:.:.w:..:.:.:.::. :.:.:-.:.:.:..:..w,,:5asgsssg:, 'M"'A" H ' ' M :a2:a:fa:asa:ea:!aa: .... ' ' kV'k"vW N' 'M un My Wk 5 M W...fQf'M:3M 2 ...., W MW E 555 ,..,. .,,.,.,.. : 5 X - N M. ' ' ' " 1 ------- - ' ,ij W' ' m' mu W in 1551, E g , 53 ' N ...,.. 3,1523 5 2 1 5 55 Q-was Mwi H QSM W v ' 1 N 5 b :": 2 fIiI'fIf3"':'5:' , ,.............. ' 2 ' . -'-- ..5s5as5:s:a5f::::::::1r- -M . f S .. ..,. , . 155 5 QS? M , mg W H Mm mmmm WWW, gg WM 5, 5 i v ,.,,.,..,.,,., , . ,.,,.,, 5 5 - -S iw WN N W- W W ' M W N L M W jmmsnk fQH-- WM- M - 1 E , 51:0-:zzi U55 N -HM, W- "2":' 5 W M-5 '--- 52 Sm . vs: 2-1 ,mmmmf Q Mm .N H W an--. .. U .1 . "' .. Q- 'f 1' , . 2 . . EV, Q - Q ,Q . Q- , 1 I ' 33, 3 H' SLM ir A ' ' 'rf '41 'Sf vi S 'B :wa 5'9?'O'i'a-54941 Jem-5... is W-wg Z ff LQ., 5 f L.. sw' 'X R. -in f",,,w,aw"m" 7 w, ,, .4 l A., 4 Top row: B. Sterbens, D. Merino, R. Park, C. Klassen, R. Cheshier, S. Cook, J. Davis, P. Reising, J. Marquart, E. Jackson, K. Blevens, D. Lay Bottom row. J. Carr, M. Stabb, N. Vickers, J. Stewart, P. Nichols, V. Stabb, R. Thomas, D. Brouer, P. Dugan X i Wi iggww WS GW' Another takedown Just roll over so I can pin you Chad Barton with another tory A , if .. 3 if 70 Ethan - ready to wrestle I988 State Champ showing his stuff PIN PIN PIN .aw Roll 'em over, lay 'em flat, pin their shoulders to the mat This year the Eagle wrestlers were very young. The team was com- posed of five seniors, four juniors, and thirteen sophomores. Their season had its share of ups and downs, but overall they accom- plished many things. They are sure to be one of the up and coming forces in the SPSL. They sent four to Regionals and one advanced to State. Congratulations to the State Champ Randy Cheshierl I ca. -..P g ,., Here we go Ricky here we go S 3.4 3 YN f .Wmf ll X4 .X 'QW v i 4 if w. There goes nothing M-N., d 9 A If looks could kill Doug, fighting his opponent Don't look up Be aggressive 71 G mnasts Soar With Pride r l i l I987-I988 Gymnastics Team: Top Row: Nancy Jetton, Meredith Mara. Debbie Cassman, Heidi Fisher, Jennifer Banfield, Krystal Rodriguez. Middle Row. Kelly Baker, Aimee Anderson, Stephanie Eidenger, Danielle Batten, Kirsten Skievaski, Becky Bonus. Bottom Row. Manager, Ramon Raspa, Trainers, Paul Pi and Steve Bardwell. Coaches: Tami Ault and Bev McGirvin. Stephanie, soaring like an Eagle. if iii 72 Where's the ground? Aimee Anderson, obse her nails. J-if F1517 Kirsten showing her balance. Becky . . . afraid of heights?l '3fan Meredith and Jen, the injured reserve. , :awning ,, .. A I 41 l f MbNd'-,',,,,..,..- 6 ..,, I P QQ., Kelly Baker - flying through the air. tt- I sf' ,I X .0 lux ,,., ,, ' A -it ax ss s F N l -Ll.-,K i'vLI? - .., F I Q.-I , ,E . at if g .. B . ase let me remember my floor routinell Debbie, hoping to land on the beam. tp 'T Heidi, Federal Way Rogers Federal Way Capital Decatur Federal Way Rogers Federal Way North Kitsap . X Xt' -5 i - ftff s sef-N-wwfs sat. 'L 'J if - X . x. X s x X K N xx 4 B sis Ns Y ' is 2 -. -K as . tsisgwf-igss-t:s,'t' tt . ' 1'v .- . we seams sagvatatf..s:-as sxtssisssgkgg ' 1 posing for the camera. l39.5 46.2 34.8 33.7 26.' I37.6 50.2 I43.75 I4I.85 Federal Way Decatur Sub-Districts: Federal Way Rogers Decatur Puyallup I53.6 I39.4 38.7 I56.00 I5O.5O I37.IO I3O.4O I26.6O 'S dbg -Qs A I , W ,as 1 B Smiling after another victory. Q9 sis? This years gymnastic team led by seniors D Batten B Bonus D Cass man S Eidenger andS Oono wsrked with pride and dedication to earn themselves 2nd place in the SPSL The team pulled together to come out on top of the Rams at the sub district meet Strong leadership great coaching and hard work led the gymnasts to a successful season with two going on to state Becky Bonus finishing with her personal best on vault and Kelly Baker winning the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise As a sophomore breaking the state record of floor All the gymnasts fin :shed with pride and enthusiasm GOGD JOB EAGLES! I TJ I I l I .1 I TJ I. ' 1 0 A 1 4' .L ', 1 0 ' . I . .' .I I ff " F I Iig ' I if I . I . - . 73 FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FFF 63 ...... . 7 '78 F FFW FW FW FW FW FWF FW FW FW FW iggg. FFQFFFFF - M. -NWN 68 F F ii: Sl as F Bellarmine eague Domination Varsity Stags 7 70: FF s1 FWF .7... . F lnglemoor . F 7 FFF Shorecrest D F 46 62 89 7 49 83 D 74 7 Puyallup 62 ':'F 3 F2. 1 K ss 9l 75 lngraham 56 45 77 ss X as my . se 74 J! fa 94 .. FF 83 54 45 72- FFF7 FFFWFF . . 62 70 Bethd? . . , 73 7 . as 83 .. F.. .e Fikijk 7 I s Jefferson 6l Rogers 60 8l .SL 63 70 7 59 SPSL- lst l987-I988 Boys' Basketball Team: Back Row: S. Sehlin, Middle Row. D. K. Meadows, Coach Collins, J. Sloane, R. Thompson, J. Schmidt, B. Neuman Front Row: C. Lee, C. Pierce, J. Flatebo, E. Miller, D. Afework. E 'S---ein... WM' Q43 'NIH . 'R if G.--w-1-N 'f 'ff A ,,.. Another breakaway lay-up for Sloane. .laS0n Schmidt wins the tip, again! An "official" Consultatign, 59 NK Tir. ,I-"'F'H,-FA, ll frx 3 3' if ,,,t,,.,,, X Airball or two points . . . you decide. xx W he ii aske m y J SPSL l .hampgonship with a I7- wassfhe fha history f Fewal Way High gt the giggles have ,yc obert Brian N Sehlirii 1 . A ,, ix, Team prayer. rl Coach Collins asks, "ls this the bus to state? Kelly Meadows dominates the inside game. QE9. .5.. ,all -- The Eagles conquer the Rams at Rogers. l dare you to steal it from mel 'wo Years In A Row 75 Girls' Hoop Shoots For The Top K oooo f okofo 1 i i o Ywoooooo ' "" fffff: o o oofo i n oooooooo oofo 1 F.W. 60 Evergreen 41 F.W. 49 RCFIIOH ,,'L' 55 y ,,,,oo i .,, ,- ,W , 'gf,fw,55f my , . QW, , "'f1L, ,, . ff, f.1 , , FW: y 46 Decatur , ',,, 1 o oofo Fw: 47? r ooo F.W. 'Curtis 46 54 F.W.i 56 Lakes 51 l F.W. 45 Bethel 32 i FW. 55 Clover Park 2' FW. 39d Decatur 53 F.W. 40 Sumner 25 F.W. 52 Puyallup 51 FW. 46 Rogers 21 F.W. 46 TJ. 32 FW. 59 Spanaway Lake 45 Coach Czubin, Janelle Oakeley, Shanon Sehlin, Jennifer Love Cindy Shahan, Kelly Czubin, Kim Czubin, April Olsoe, Kim Waalk, Darlene Bush, Coach Lyden, managers Renae Kahns, Kendra Hogenson. K, !1!""n 'agents f iffjlf -1 i- 5, K I 1 E..FY' ' lf' , . 4 gr yy :5 'rx' so ' a rilr C 3 K: sb . all 2 i L 1 A A W, I VU L Q 7 .,,E 1 1 53" , M A - , l 4., i 6 C , fit . if 5 K ', ., " I A K K RN V Ag '. ' . I 2 wh i L , - 5 W, ll? 1 l A 'fQ,.. lffQ.Qf yyyyi 4 i 3 " X ,122 ,f,v fy , 1 lv M 74 jg 'rrrv 42 'Q 'X' r 6 2V,V - 2- E.. - 'K ff mf 6 'K ,i ' "'f ,.1 ,:Z. 21fi.r,L'l5 .. fie.5- K 1. ll H W llllll N Awllllll iiii ' Up, up and away. Ok ball come to mamall Girls don't fight it's only a game. ,f id.,-ff' ,,,""""M:3v-42 ,y l'll M iii' K ,,,,,yy. is "ii ' Cindy Shahan stuffs an opponent. ig., We 'V 0.-1 ' .W i iii T f M ui:-L ,V . ,,.. ' - K :iw X ' -Qi T - .HxVmAnJjj , AA..,,' , wmv: M homore guard Janelle Oakeley drives to hoop. M l r 4441- M, . r l .J ui'- V -has Kim Czubin ' ve ? a t 4 . l 2 't if 'f' x Q 1 , ,Q 4, if? ii ' S ' fi' E W , my 7 "3 ,1 ' Driving to the hoop IS Darlene BUSH April Olsoe wants for the rebound Please ball go inll s lle. i - - f -:3: . fi ii. .. ms .". -H .v Hi 'NS p Wa iheif Easkefba am- Thev 4th "'2 vith a leagirggbggord d an over i lcor gf I2-8. Tlges g s led by Senior Captain Kim zubiri flvho used lst team all S.P.S.L. The Eagles ig g gwadg iz to west Central gg isgtril Playoff vie Sfd ear i f low 2 comin "':., succesifs , iiil ra e 5 Q l ww!!! O O Basketball! Shooting For The Top flax, .fe FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW FW 2 tgihi fg .... .-.- ,FFFL,, X KLLLL, as --ss..-4 Can't I go yet? Pre-Season Bellevue lnglemoore Shore Crest Ingraham Garfield Season Decatur Sumner Puyallup Rogers Curtis T.J. Lakes Bethel Clover Park Decatur Sumner Puyallup T..l. Rogers Spanaway Lake C' 2 games wonj -,,,,.......-v--are LM 43? ' ninnuurw .BBB . 1 KSLVFK lllrlllrl . o.tf...:vx-i'f lj I didn't know you could do that with a basketball!! .l.V. Members I5 B.J. Miller 20 Chris Bush 22 Greg Richards 23 Rod Janson 30 Brian Hill 32 Rico Ybarra 33 Chris Langston 34 .lon Pugerude 44 Mike Loso 50 Matt Rutter 53 Mike Blanscet ,fxall 4 Fly like an eaglell Willa Dan, this is not the time to need to go to the bathrooml ,y lt slipped, honest. it ., L if 1 L L ,. 3 ,f . . Hoopsters Shoot For The Future ach Lyden, Midori Larson, Line Roaas, Jennifer Evans, Molly McGraw, Fatima aney, Heidi Saheli t ar a ' ' i l 'rrro " it X Kd' ! Qs?-s s I i f . ,. h A ,gs sr . l is H, ' - -N Y ,A Never let them see you sweat, Molly. is i "" 4 f . 4:1 is' P 5 5 S Q' Hs' y ,. ., t my ' Q " it W . N... . 4, y v 5 . i - riff . iz 1 l r s vi ML, + 55 s 1 f' A f F ' if . . 19 1 if' . S s r .-LN-. i a r .et sm i 1- -f giver t . 2, - 1 y ix y JM gs x K Li 7 is Midori vs. Chewbakka. N 'Y ,Q ! k b R nw ...A h 1 A s N V,:, 5 W ,N , t.t.. 4 V H M V , -U ,W Molly goes up for two. Eagles wings are clipped vas enemy sinks one.79 Eagle Swimmers l Top row- J. Medina, B. Kauer, A. Rude, E. Johnson, D. Haegele, J. Dizon, J. Koh, T. Axtell, D. Smith Middle row- Coach Hoopenrath, B. Maggiacomo, S. Galer, J. Tripp, E. Tidwell, J. Pearson, D.Corey, E. Lo, J. Nesler, Bottom row- J. Roper, C. Williams, A. Dang, S. Gallagher, T. Erickson, P. Horsley STROKE But I don't wanna get back in , ,Q iWki'QSWi'f" W .ff WW, " 7W5'3fY:.l-ill, W f Kill the Gatorslll Here we go again 80 When is he gonna get back? Peek-a-boo Swim to Victory Swimmers take your marks... "Maybe I'II be like Dan someday," Jeff wonders. Picture perfect. I ,2,3 BREATHE! Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. A school of guppies. FLY! I'm not gonna do it, you do it! FEDERAL WAY 98 FEDERAL WAY 47 FEDERAL WAY I08 FEDERAL WAY SI FEDERAL WAY 52 FEDERAL WAY 99Vz FEDERAL WAY 44 FEDERAL WAY 49 FEDERAL WAY 3 I FEDERAL WAY 82 FEDERAL WAY 66 FEDERAL WAY 84Vz VARSITY SEASON RECORD WON-5 LOST-6 TIED-0 ROGERS 74 TAHOMA 36 JEFFERSON 64 LAKES 9 I CURTIS I 20 SUMNER 70Vz ABERDEEN 39 KENNEDY 34 MT RAINIER 52 PUYALLUP 90 CLOVER PARK I04 DECATUR 87 V1 The Killer guppies finished off the I 987-88 season with 3 wins and 5 losses. The team, coached by AI Hoppenrath, finished 5th in the SPSL, Dave Corey advanced to State and finished 5th inthe I0O breastand I2thinthe 200 IM, Good Job Eags! , K 5 f .iw ,',,,,, M E 52? -V! Hd' r r I l , l . l 1 , 'J ,vi ,ir 5. 'ff5:"Fi'fsP 'r A lr l 557181 QW , r, 22' rea. l 5 K , MW? aww ,? I if , in 1 , - ,.. ,sf .. Q W 3 ' M ? r 3 5 rf f " 5' ,., ,ff 1 as A lyy c f iii ,V V ch 2 M or 5 T T First FWH5. Baseball Team. Spring wasla successful season for the Girfls Tennis Team. They per- formed at an equal or greater level than all stheiropponents. T The Softball Team competed well this year: The team was led bythe Seniors and first-year coach Mr: Baldwin. r r he T T r The Baseball Team had a very successful season. They were a very ex- Peflmied team Compbsed WOSUY Of Sdilolf-ll f f l csss , or T The Track Team, performed expecially well this The team was dominant whereever they competed. The team many athletm who were compeiative at thestate level. T T s T we - T lt was a building year for the Boys Soccor'Team. They improved with each game.Clver-alltheyhada T T y clly Eagle Domination This year's Eagle Track Teams were led by team leaders Melody Bames, Kim Czubin, Ken Jallen, Ramon Raspa and Kim Waalk. The Eagle Teams were dominant forces wherever they competed. They rose to the top in every effort. ln achiev- ing this domination the teams work- ed together and supported each other Every athlete gave his! her best and often more, both teams possess- ed many outstanding athletes of state caliber Driving and inspiring the teams to excellence were the coachm: Girl's Coach Bill Harris, Boy's Coach Bob France, and Coaches Patrick and Eilertson. l988 Eagle Boys' Track lL to Rl Back Row, Coach France, C. Maples, B. Maggiacomo, T. Erickson, W. Owens, B. Derbes, J. Bolsted, K. Jallen, T Simms, R. BjorklUnd, Third Row: J. Tripp, S. Bonholzer, D. Albright, D. Blevins, J. Warren, S. Cook, J. Schmidt, B. Newman, E. Miller B. Miller B. Sakahara. Second Row: R, Gleason, C. Carver J. Perry, J. Mathews, T Moen, S. Elder R. Rashel, J. Markquardt, L. Galeazzi. Front Row: B. Shem1an, C. Klassen, K. Blevins, R. Raspa, S. Gallagher J. Brown, N. Mather l988 Eagle Girls' Track QL to Rl Back Row: Coach Harris, T. LaMarche, S. Munson, A. George, M. Herring, M. Bames, M. Gearhait, K. Baker, C, Stablein, L. Lawerence, T Bottomly, Second Row: P. Fulcer S. Martinez, L. Roche, K. Waalk, M, McGraw, A. Anderson, K. S K. Czubin. Front Row: Sujata Dev, K. Mazzeo, M. XXXX, A. Bingham, S. Eidiger J. Hodenson, H. Fisher 84 Wonder if he's a sophomore? 5 ..., 5 r f 3 I wr: 'f :. ' ' I1 Q :. V ness" f., 1 V , ,W , A V , , ff J ' ' s o .41 f , ,,-, A' x , 1 QQ, ,,,,, .,,.,.,,-.ff vm,,,,,5g-'Q ' Mandi .m4M""0',d s 'J' -'iv we Y V M 1 1 ! "But, I always wear them this way", insists Sujata. mi' Q "Hey, who moved the pit!?" You know she's a senior! W Q ,,., ,,,, MM, 'Y bei fihvzwf W N A e , , " .,..... h!" Aaar g 85 Softball Swinging to Win L to R Top Row: Coach Cole, M. Matheny, A. Beurskens, E. Aki, S. Sehlin, K. Badgely, D. Coumont. Coach Baldwin, Front Row: E, Pellant, J. Wise, T. Millen H. Saheli. ffl Gosh! My feet stink! When we get to the white line. SPRINT! ms... WHAT NLlMBER?! 'M ff Ughhl I ate a bug! K .f , .:p:.f "--14 -'g -A ' , f f-L- ,,: 2- 1 g a,f"" f' W ig ' " Q : ' H,, 1,3-- n fl' , , gf ' ' A ,. : 14 1 ' ' .,'T1' i1'- .-ESL'- ,.' ' ' ' 11, , .: H . ' ' A, 7 V ,. .. W . 155 I Q .. U pg, , ff gg T , 1 ""' M ' ' 'V ' ' '- ' ' , ' , 4 g A f V , ,weigieg ' ' 5 V ' " ,if ?'- H ' " gjg.':1 gk 'Z ' Wmffllf " " L' U 1 ., A f fa ahw ' ' ' ,im WM'fg22,1M,jw',z151'1y,g'j?Vgfffg,.fE,, ,, M, , " Hi, , Q, " , "1" 0 "' ,. A K -f ,- 1 ,ww'fw' ,Hman ,, , ,. .,,, ' 7 1 if ' . . ,, - -, ' -"l A W "" ' of ' . ' 1 4 , ' yy' f ff ' . - '- ' t, , ' ' mm ' . H fi M Load ..,. Unload! l kI10W lm PFGITY- 1- Dene makes it all betten No Ann, save it for the ball! f' ff ijfz If " lw'l I 79 ,ve 1. Us ' 43 'pl V004 wa., , ' ll..e..auw f 23,3535 Q New neu' ,,,, i +., 901' ,A " ,V 1 2,5914 2 ll Ja , 4 if mf? 4' W wil 547 pieture perfect play by Shannon- When we're laughing, you know they're not! S7 Swing into Spring Top: Mr Morgenson, Stacy Hart, Jeff Hutchens, Mike Stewart, Eddie Park, Robert Thompson, Chad Podoll, Floyd French, Mn Christel ly. Bottom: Katy Hammes, Jeremy Sloane, Marty Mogenson, Mark Crevling, Sean Sehlin, John Sugg, Treig Vandenberg, Steve Crevl ing, Mr Stewart. Z'- Now what do I do? Well I fried! ,fav , .Q- W 72 gh V13 '4 'L I- wi 4 L 2 NH, If M f Z' .4- J, w, , Z Z' 'If Z f v no 151' P. x 1 A 1 P A U My xe ff 0 Wv if . -5 4, P' - pw ,..f , 1 x 1 5 W Jura. 5E'i2.c ff-1 Q53 M 'i'f'5'3?g ffm? K+ W -L., -rf., M ,. ,,, , ,, vb-N475 - 'EYNS ,219 ' 3'zFf33szho.S J: !' 4 -4 ,V E S a S 1 I X 5 K I 41' if dum... m Q-..-.-...,...,4......., ,.., .,,..,..,.N,,, W . .W Qs ,z , 3 F555 M Qual, if fr n WTEL, fyfff . N wp, ' ' vw.a...WMW,.k, ,f If xx, fli J.V's Build For the Future Front Row: Dorothy O Neill, Ginger Hina, Shonda Domagala. Middle Row: Marcy Gardnen Nicole Ellsworth, Brandy Gross, Lorri Dempsey. Back Row: Mark Cole, Sara Alyey, Liz Blazelk, Shannon Golden, Doug Baldwin. Prepare to take the field. 5l10"Id3 l00kS On' Which bat should l use? Shannon and Nicole take some swings. I5 she safe or out? JM Baseball Front Row: Chris Hanlvood, Scott Ingalls, Chris Langstron. Greg Richards, Rod Janson. Dave McCoy. Back Row: Chad Rowe, Allan Hansley, Jeff Wagnen Rob Shemian. Chris Nisco, and Coach Priest. EH l.et's practice one more time! WaY T0 803 Bane' UPU! BOY'S SGCCER l988 Boys Soccer Team. Top Row: Stephen Hill, Sean Peters, Eric Swanson, Kenny Phillips, Dave Parken Paul Carpenter Matt Graff, Rickey Lively, Joe Hill, Coach Mike Minihan. Middle Row: Troy, Tony Brown, Beau Olsen, Brett Jacobson, Scott Zengel, la' Bret Brown, Chris Hamlin, Kelly Noland, Here we come to Save the day Team Captains leading the pack. Uggghhhllll Heads. l'm bad! You know it... Camera shy soccer studs. and a right. left, kick! And the home of the .... EAGLES! Joe's Fancy Footwork. chase 2 W What goes up must come down! Beau, throwing it into action. What are you doing?! What form!!! Ben, talking to the ball. 93 Girls' Tennis Tammy Hagberg, Andrea Kleipoedszus, Lisa Ferrieri, Leslie, Brooke Edwards. Heidi VanderStoep, Julie Hawkins. Coach Jacobus. Front Row: Carrie Lungsgaard, Elaine Davis. Kristin Maddock, Christina Martin, Karen Maddock, Kim DeSalvia. ! QJJKWW B XXSKQXX wsu 0 XL-H S QEXQBQ 3, Qui Qi Qjpq 1 Qggxmgi ' WS Ucwovegf 51 SIQQH IDQQC ' 'ic V VMHWCS i A W AVO XY W CQvsga,Xm ktvixfgn 6x5+OLSSCEC1 5 U'Wg2?gYS M JCLYJUM. W W ENS ,. xx J. A , w , 1, n 'PN 'Tw Alf :"' YWCA X YYWL WYXLMGTH 6 V. fb! 1 CHEM? iid t CWMV X! ' MS? WC Mfr UOQS WMO RANK! ggkgxxxni QCWSV pw Nik f Sw U 92 SQ QQMLQQ GQLDE ATHLETE Sujata Dev, Scott Paust - October Travis Sims, Robyn Neigel - September .... 3... Zu in Eddie QBOLU Park, Andrea Anderson - April Dana Butts, Chad Hashbarger - November W F THE M0 TH HQ? if Z R, -,gf K 3 fflwwg, QW. b 'D Cm Wh I 1: A ,W 4, 1 l' in J, 'L ter:- Randy Cheshien Darlene Bush - December Ed Millen Kim Czubin -March xja V. x W' D f A "LZ We .113 ' , . 4-,lr l 1 tar' jaw ', ,6a,,, , v . 4 , , gr x Q e ' .nh Kelly Baken David Cory -February Becky Bonus, Jeremy Sloane -January M . , . N ,,N.4 7 Ju, .Q 1 fvi www' , 'B 4' x'x v. 1' , uw, , V ..X..xx it 3 , , T i 50 Years of Activities E I f , 4 first FWHS Play The 50th years of Federal Way High School was filled with many events. There was the Homecoming parade and half time show with 50 years of alumni. Towards the begining of the year there was the ringing of the bell for the bicentennial celebration of the Constitution. In the Spring, the 50th year committee held a dance, picnic and golf game, and at Christmas, came the faculty tea pany, The rest of the year was full of drama productions, such as the Senior play "Broadway", choral and in- stnnental concerts, assemblies and many other events, some of which are pictured in the following pages. J s . ,, la- ' U .dm,ut,A'a- - 1 -fi., -4 . , ii., . -,gi e -1 ' 1 , . 1 We 'Sw l it ".- . 'ew 5' 'V T" J' SQ- 7 GY' .- ' ' w , , I Axe iv 1 s l I988 Knowledge Bowl: Jennifer Bottomley, Scott Degnan, Jennifer Foess, Sean Fox Jonica Hogenson, Derrick Jennings, Dan Kim, Dan Lepine, Mike Lewis, Charles Maples Holly Mobergg Amber Oedwaldt. Aaron Snead, Lee Thrush. Cast Sl Sgt. Froggy" Le Sueur ............ Charlie Baker ......,.. Betty Meeks ........., Rev. David Marshall Lee .... Catherine Simms Owen Messer ..., Ellard Simms .... Townspeople , . . . l988 Winter Pla , , . John Ulrigg Adam Houghton Mara Kinnaman . Damon Berbert . . . . Erin Volheim . . Mike Stewert . . . . . .John Foster . . . Eugene Schantz Shawn March Ron Williams "Telling secrets is veiy rude!" IOO "Praise the lord," New cure for headaches? The Foreigner X lllllir 9 57 Ee S "ls this natural?" "lt's not the expressiong it's who wears it." ,e " 5 z J - 2 Q ? it 55 "No it's not a figment of your imagination if in K xpix 5 -X ' 1 4? 1wW"i"'M 1 rx . f I -v nn.. . R551 . Y - , I G ' :X-.g ' Q-.,,.f FWHS Choral Groups lst row- Mr Belz, L. Mitchell, L. Terry, V. Bowen, L. Austria, T. Neigel, E. Anderson, J. Royall, K. Hartingen J. Olejarski, J. Sabado. H. Cooper M. Sulpizio, D. Mounsey, J. Meloy. 2nd row- K. Finley, A. George, J. Ulrigg. D. Butts, J. Talon K. Johnson, J. Smith, L. Chang, P Bardwell, S. Keene, T. Tani, M. Dom, P. Grilley. A. Sathen B. Hill. 3rd row- T. Durbin. H. Brooke, B. Finch, W. Sprague, C. Hanson, N. Horsley, J. Curran, Y. Valdez, P. Weisz, S. Spaden T. DeMille, L. Frye, S. Bardwell, M. Matheny, C. Osbom. 4th row-S. Day, A. Lockheart, H. VanderStoep, J. Tripp, S. Martinez, J. Waters, M. Muskett, S. Epp, S. Miller E. Arbuthnot-Stohl, C. Starr M. McKenzie, K. Bussmein S. Bolingen J. Hagbom. lst row- S. Keene, L. Chang H.Coopen V. Bowen, L. Terry, D l A Mounsey, A. George. 2nd row- L Frye. H. Brooke, K. Hartingei: K Bussmien K. Starr A. Sathen K Finley, N. Horsley, S. Day. Standing- J. Meloy, B. Finch, J. Tripp, T. DeMille, S. Epp, S. Bolingen B. Hill, E. Arbuthnot-Stohl, T. Durbin. Couch- P. Grilley. J. Sabado, M. Mathney, P. Bardwell, C. Osbom, Kneeling- J. Waters, S. Bardwell. Floor- A. Lockhart, J. Ulrigg. AWARD-WINNING H RMO Y and he's on the baseball team. and Back- S. Bolingen N. Horsley, T. DeMllle. C. Stars E. Arbuthnot-stohl, S. Miller B. Finch. Couch- H. Coopen J. Waters. L. Mitchelle. L. Chang, J. Sabado. M. Matheny. Floor- A. Lockhart. S. Bardwell. ight - M. Sweetman. J. Sabado, J. Hupperten, M. Muskett. C. Osborn. H. Cooper A. Lockhart. "Maybe they'Il get it right next time." , :ge . f- fi fl ' . xx qv . Av ? yy ? ,,. J- I If .. .V 1 i 5? L4 V. ... at J' J Wu. A X I A Paino- M. Mathney. lst row- L. Chang, L. Mitchell. P Bardwell. N. Horsley. J. babado Prev. lst VOW' J- Yong- R' TOVQS' K' HOSQUSON- B- HOW- J- HUPPWEH' 5' H. Cooper E. Johnson. 2nd row- C. Osbom. S. Spader J. Taylor. K. Finely. J Waters H. VanderStoep. -lth row- A. Lmkhart. M. Muslcutt. E. Arbuthnot-Stohl. C. Starn J 2nd row- J. Chu. S. Loving, ,l. Rovall, M. Sweetman. Mr Belz. Srd row- R. Blankenship. K. Vanwoerden. S. Willce. S. Petros. Not Pictured- T. Dex- Ulriggv t. Nluscutt. M. Roth. K. laukea. L Veterans Day Assembly NV e A 1 , I i . ,...- I , A , .L 1 A- Excitement at its finest. s I Mlm-W Qi 4 f Do you mind? I was here first. at , lg , ff t i Hey! Your side is crooked. A,.,o-"" ,Eff We are gathered here today . . Hey Charlie did you hear the latest? 105 QQ N sk Eagl Take Qff W., 5 Uh. this is Your basic stud group W . r sg we s L r ' 5 1 fr f ' ' Q, W 9, Q 1, Q ,W 1 1 Please. NO autographsl .f ,Q 3 1 i 3 if 3 1 a circle gang. ,, QF sr M N .:- ws, 3 f s sf X X Q , 1 F 65 8 KX XX X S .ex X O R E ' si X R X wx is X' RSX N O- X is I ,s XX 'kk A W' K V 54 zi. A .V A .kkk I 'Wh x K ff ' Our mommies weren't here to dress us. QS Y if sir 5 f X-f ig To Flight Camp. Anyone? Anyone? -li1"f-ww " me 421 i I ,A 1 I FWHS Chubby Bunniesl 5 -P: iv' ss ' so X Red Rover, Red Rover. send Jason right over. xg Q, S . . X ,B ' Beauty and the Beast! k Q--n...--Q-'st-...ll X - .a.. siwf? .. S A is B ..,A at 'ca 5 P fwiiinl' B , i f 5 E ig? - w- sg , ing-niggas 4 5 yyy - g eizf B .,.,, ,,. .-:- .,,:::, k-:: E , A f-as-I-. - -me X X I, :1.f.fgwx Rx X Q53 as N X 'Q 2 if KlSSabIe Criie Anything for attention. Federal WaY SQUARES? 107 The girls giggle at Jeff Sabado - Fall Concert Centerfold! A Son ln The Night My K N . ,,-,Q Q USDA F iffz ' Q " Oh nol Did my pants rip again?! groups gave several great performances. Fall Concert November 5 Winter Concert December I7 Winter Band Concert February 23 Winter Choral Concerts March I S 3 B'and Festival March 22 I Spring Concert June 2 "All Hall to Alma Mater" XJ .',- gy. 1' Rhapsody in Blue . . . Bow Ties Swing Choir shines again! The choir and band put on a variety of con certs. The audiences were supportive and the i 5 Honor Society .51 ,Q J Front Row. S. Hill, A. Anderson, D. Kim, Second Row. J. Foess, D. Shaw, T. Lornston. D. Andrews, M. Dorn, S. Dev, H. Saheli, M. Thai, Third Row. E. Johnson. L. Kongatong, J. Perry, L. Lawrence, Back Row. T. Dungan, T. Kutscha, L. Thrush, A. Beurskens, C. Nisco Sky Club glgigigggg, Q - Q -P X. ,f ' :Jw I-rom left to right: Mrs. Howard, J. Royall, R. Brewer, L. Frye, T. Neigel, D. O'NeilI 110 Nick Verdis .... Roy Lane .... Lil Rice... .. Katie ...... . . Joe ......... . . . fMazie Smith ..... Ruby ......... . . Grace ..,.A. . . Ann ......... . . Billie Moore . . . . Steve Crandall . . Dolph ........... Porky Thompson Scar Edwards .. Dan McCorn ..... Benny ......... . Larry ...... . . . . . . .Chung Lee . . . . .Mario Diaz .Jeanne Logman . . .Erin Volheim . . . .Jeff Sabado .Melanie Muscutt . . . .Jules Mitchell .Mara Kinnaman Pearl ....... . . . . ..Jenifer Lanman . .Erin McCarthy . .Mari Gearhart . . . . . .John Foster . . . .Mike Stewart . . . .Dan Haegele . . . . . .Scott Paust . . Damon Berbert .......Joe Dizon . . . . .Kyle Murphy Mae . . . ..... Heidi VanderStoep Mike . . . .......... Ron Williams "Broadway" "Give the little girl a big "Anything you say, Steve." "Ma, she's kissin' mel" "I love you-kid." "You been poaching on me . . . and it's hand!" :V5 A5 to stop!" I 2. Y f' ' Y 'K' ,golf 5 s ' w i , ii Q.-.- ,. ML s 5 5 Y 4 V 1 s W fn f-i'f -A W' 'x -.4 x ' K ,WL xv K X 1 "' 1- si , X - ,, f ax A N K 3 fe , 'w X ' '- . A , , , if W .Y I ,qv X . '- ' TY' 4 "" M - ' . :E 7 S E, " kkhk Q x Q JJ 7 i oooor oaa r NH NNv,i T T if Q Q an of 1,0 if t. 2 - ' - as t "Lean On MC" Look, they're taking our picture! Please don't go Oh noi l broke my nail! What did you say? Another day at Federal Way if V, t tr rt,, , qlnv-0' we H 1 1 or" 2 N - tif f ? ke .. ff- , The GQ look Just lounging around They put what in my pants??? 'N 'arm Y ' -ft' The shoulder bone's connected to the arm bone No autographs today girls Oonolll Ali, what's that in your hair? Do you think being a Sophomore makes you buff? , F fvlillnvu Hey dude, we're cool Z Q 'C Typing could make me an executive one day y 1 "hum, What are you looking at me for? 11 QQ dt wuag Jeanne - a Solid Gold dancer I heard it through the grapevine Bad day Carrie? 113 J' The i987-i988 school year proved to be success- ful for the clubs and organizations of Federal Way High School. Students expressed their school spirit and pride with their participation in the many organizations. The clubs and organiza- tions consisted of Drill Team, Cheer Staff, Chess. Annual Staff, Pep Band, Marching Band. Eagle Eye Assembly Committee. and many these IIC The E press Does It With Style 4 wllxls. Wm X Back Row. Y. Kuron, L. Mitchell, L. Wilcox, P. Fulcer, L. Clauson, Jones, K. Fulcer, L. Furtado. Eighth Row: T. Pine, T. Neigel, M. Vess. K. Iwami. B. Bley, T. Mellick. J. Maggiacomo, H. Moberg. Seventh Row: C. Lenway. S. Hill, D. Kim, K. Hartwell, J. Koh. J. Perry, S. Howard, S. Bolinger, K. Pike, R. Gleason, Sixth Row: G, Cole, C. Buena. A. Dang, T. Schubert, D. Boyd, T. Kerns, A. Beurskens, K. Schweitzer, C. Sousa. R, Biorkland, Fifth Row: T. Haggard, E. Willhite, T. Reynolds, D. Studley, J. Matthews. B. McClatchie, B. Batton, B. Matthews, T. Erickson, T. Pierson. Fourth Row: A, Kliskey, S. Head, R. Jenkins, J. Munson, M, Evans, K. Hartwell, H. Kim, R. Brewer. W. Trier. K. Stablein, J. Smith. C, Halon, Third Row. N. Mansfield, D. Masewicz, M. Smith, L. Yukish. K. Osborn, T, Hogan. C. Brume, M. Roth, C. Vaughn, S. Reynolds, M. Valenzuela, C. Erb. Second Row. D. Lumsden. J. Kirtley, A. Oedewaldt, K. Evert. D. LePine. T. Bussmeir, B. Staples, Front Row: S. Epp, D. Wilson. Not Pictured: H. Churchill, D. Mounsey. J, Leonard, C. Osborn, S. Lee. M. Rabbit, T. Bottomley, J. Kay. i is H ' 3: W .X .RJ f A 5' ..... , .... ,AY Band, Ten-Hutl This year, the marching bands from Federal Way and Thomas Jefferson High Schools joined together to make the Federal Way Ex- press. The 87-member marching band performed superbly at both schools' Homecoming games in ad- , dition to other games. R I Great job, Band! The band lines up. ,f I-2-3-41 'Q' ' 'F WT si,isis K if W I Denise directs "Send in the Clowns." W v " 1 if ' , ,,,, iewfmfv f f: ' I thought he said to turn left Yuni and Theresa stop for 3 FESI N NN A ., ,,,.LL,, o ........ : 'A N X b Nqqxqg ,.,,, S M TM lvl x v X ri. iii. . R .. f .::. r, I 1. e-i e,ii .. i.ee . , . . KKVVL xx, , i fr' 5 f Ng ,,.. 5 5 K at f: Qi " ,ia ig 1 Q ez if s as We Q sfo X I if I L. , , gy in 3 .. ' Q Q - Y ' v '55 ' 5 ul, I fl L 1 iii Q si' ' ' Q f . W 3 L: , S . I.. I J A if X .L yu " A .,,, f 'K .I -." ix: 5' 55 , X I S 9 . ...,, - iw V ---: - . L A : . i ' 41 . - is or My 3 if .f e If i gi ll ."' i n W' K I -kkki i-k g '. in W i if Q' a ssee a ,swf 1".i.L ' 2- e,....o. X . i ' i i..ee sse 1, swims eee . ::..', 'ffiifi A i'-i Open Sesame! ASB Officers Takin The Eagle hallen 5 - 1 ,N e...X,. ., e.e,..eeX.A.... ,ac ,Xe, ..,.. X . .eA..,XeX , W... . vA.4.e...N ...Ms "' It 5,t..,,,...,.,.,....W....,.c..,,.,...,.,. W,t,,..t.,c,. .. ,,. B f A Q... ..... M. ..XX.. cy -'is' e L.e -B 'M A ft at A W ' H riEr'i?g2f'f iwfffjlj' . Q 5 'V Va- F' xfK'j!f ""M ff Q y 4 it '.'.'J'6'gfg-1 '51 I i"""fl 1' B. , A i " e K I987 - 88 ASB OFFICERS 'fi ,P . XF Q y ee eeee f Melody Barnes - Secretary KJ If..-, Chung Lee - Treasurer Steve Bardwell - Vice President Ricky Park - Activities Coordinator 118 -'09 Dilon ' President Mary Daviscourt - Historian 5 53 gs .mf 'fs ml,..,gx,g . 5 r Y .Ji X -5 -fl- . nf .E .. .V 5, N gs N X K we lf?" A Q, n Student Athletic Trainers The I987 - 88 Athletic Trainers: E. Aki, D. Andrews, S. Bardwell, J. Bolstad, L. Cramer, K. Crossen, G. Durand, S. Gayler, T. Harrah, G. Hines, C. Jowell, M. Loso, B. Maggiacomo, S. Miller, R. Neigel, C. Nisco, A. Olso, P. Pi, M. Richter, H. Mills, J. Perry, S. Hughes, Mr. France. Q K ' A -f ' ' f' . f ' gmnllltnnlirv - T1 fair we F 491 ' Es Q 4 s X wx Q' rs is S 'af fi if as S P .ff Q fl 5 E -Q Trainers studying hard. Trainers curing the munchies. FN 4 I Q 'QQ X Liv' Dina at work. Eileen closely examining the foot. The Student Athletic Train- ers contribute time and ef- fort to the athletes of Fed- eral Way High School. They are responsible for the Ath- letic Health Care of every student participating in a sport. These responsibil- ities entail the treatment of first aid when an athlete is injured, prehabilitation and rehabilitation. This year, there were 22 Athletic Trainers paired up to cover every sport. As a result of our dedication and effort as a team, we had a very successful year. 119 Under The Big Top l X Look. there's a monkey! xla SAK Hey Mr. lsernio, lets break! l 120 Do you really have to stay 'till twelve? Do you thunk we should dance? How do you do that step ? Freeze .. . Rock S 533539 15. X ,lf df f .1 .4 ,aw Q 27 rf i , - a . New The Eagl 'S Nest v , Q - G Q ,4 , 5 4 Rf ' ' ' ga. mar' Lione- x . :kkk x xnxx K A M G 1 ,, Cesar Vergara, Panama Anja Ammann, Germany Linda Hoyo, Mexico f Ag, . Glenda Garmey. Australia Line Roaas, Norway Andrea Kleipoedszus, Germany 1 4 Qi 6 i - at K .-,xv -Q 1. - . my - , Q- , " . ,, v. v 'V , , Q, a, .4 K D , 1 v .,-D .K- Mika Saeki, Japan Tani Takashi, Japan Marie Ribes, France International Club -mm j 'A.A -'il A H 7' if r' W -' 355' W"+"'-v-.M 4-.bwf International Club meets during Activity Period to discuss with the Exchange Students the many differences cultures around the world. 'lid .ffl- Valentina Calderon, Ecuadorg Edurne G-Borreguero, Spain 1 Akihiro Murakami, Japan ' z Q + -Q ' it S fix? Pedro De Azua, Spain Ryoko Ikeda, Japan 914 l 3 Nw, aa, 42 6 ? 3 ? 4, Q 5 ff if 5, Wo 'ww-Ea ff 4 JW, YL fp .V ,,,, ,, ,um Wg,f ldv' ,.,--v ,Xx 5 ,A x ":-k 'Q 3 aw S MQ' .km "fy NL --0. 50 "-4. vi ,,.,.....--mf QM-J -.. 9 r 'Q 'wa-. K 3,53 '1 FWHS Drill Team Off to see the Wizard A few lost people 'Q' O Cl x an fm! M 'J -s tr my , --' A il- fn: --'- ' Front Row: Colleen Etzel, Molly McMurphy, Danielle Batten, Ali Rumel, Jodie McDonald, Lara Altizer. 2nd Row, Amy McKie, Erin Anderson, Lorna Hauge, Kelly Baker, Elaine Davis, Lisa Walker. 3rd Row, Penny Preston, Alison Muscutt, Gina Stackhouse, Kelley McKinney, Amy Ernsberger, Stephanie Kotchkoe. 4th Rows Karen Maddock, Donna Johnson, Jenny Collins, Heidi Vander Stoep, Angie Vysniauskas, Jody Lehman, Becky Carr. The l987-88 Drill Team is headed by Captain Heidi Vander Stoep, Co-Captain Donna Johnson, Lieutenants Jodie McDonald and Danielle Batten, Advisor Connie Voelker and class instructor Bev Mclrvin. The Star- lettes attended the Sonics, Husky, Lake -u-.....--' ..-.-- Washington and State Drill Team competi- - s,,,i as S tions and came out with excellent ratings. as "1:f - rr rrr f rrr, ' L Football and Basketball games plus the pep assemblies are their main focus with the State Competitions highlighting the season. ,,'r ,,,, gd When asked what their goal for the year 2 was, Bev Mclrvin responded, "To strive for , , perfection in performance and unity within if our team." ...,,.. 126 Our happy little Drill Teamers. Starlettes 87-88 ware., , 'inn ,Ax- , 2 I SOMEONE'S going the wrong way The only way to fly ld ., ,ZF kg. Q Qfsg af 1,5-M! ' -- -' 'ZA' 1 V - tg X, I h , N X S 5 ' ,. 12 51" :Jill -, . 'N A 9' , rlnudlai iasmy, . 4 a n , fs.. X- X Q I A My " , 'X X' '- Carrie's not "sure" stayin' Alive 7 ' ' This one's real original! On the pl-owl gvvi .rg .8 , S 8, Ks 43 ,,,, ,, gf, , " ' ,ww f ' ' Ari: A 8 25 8n Q 1 I Senior Starlettes at their best She'5 gonna drop me, I know it c Speech Team . . Talkin I "k' ' llllmanewwug Together Forever If he doesn't hurry, don't tip him!" We look in all directions before crossing the street The l987-88 Competitive Season has proven to be tl most successful one ever for the Federal Way Hig School Speech Team. The twenty member squad ha competed at twenty high school and college invit tional tournaments in the area, as well as traveling Bellingham, Spokane, Walla Walla, Kelso, and Berk ley, California. The team has won a total of 1 ' ' l u awards, plus four team sweepstakes at the Wes Washington University Gonzaga University man College, and Louler Columbia College tou ments. One of the highlights of the season was q fying twenty-seven berths to the State lndivi Events tournament at UPS. This is a school rec Lincoln Douglas Debate is an addition to the this year with our debators doing an and qualifying for a state berth. "You put what in my popl" mmm' "This mug's for you!" heir Way To The To It S casual. I want my teddy bear! P gif Quick put the tree back up before Ms. Gorne gets here "Look mom I got another one M 41.3 W' 419 "Don't wink at herl!" Mara and Jeff are "speech' less 130 Matthius Cleuenger and Ron Dryer in electronics. Patty, Tanya, Dan, Juli, Bronzell, Ed, Archie, and Kathy in foods. Gccupational Skills Center -ff Dee Dee Leriett in the OSC student store. Binh Ngnyen working in plastics. ...A g IL Stacy Pinney and Julissa Favela working Bill Hash at the drafting board. Chuck and Sandy, medical assistants of hard? future. L"'S""""'F'Q, fr C1 A Step Ahead . X "5 1 7 A . 31 --f - Joshua Goch in the kitchen. Christina Demarco works on visual commu- Paul Williams in electronics. nications. f tngie, Becky, Jeff, Jim, Anthony, Kim and Rich in computer aided Scott, Kart, Todd, and David in Computer technology. lesign. The Occupational Skills Center of- fers twelve exciting courses for those students that want to get a step ahead in the job market. They are trained by experts in the field of their choice. At the end of the pourse. students are qualified for an entry level job. The courses are. Car- pentry, CashierfChecking, Commer- :ial Foods, Computer Aided Design, Computer Technology, Dental Assis- ant, Diesel Mechanics, Electronics, arine Technolgy, Medical Assis- ant Training, Plastics Technology, nd Visual Communications. il 2 Row I Shirley Campbell, Gloria Nicn1an,Tracew lxelrns. Arnie Capps, Claude Relnwald Row 2 Laura Herrick. Reba Cullman. Louis Halko, Nllke Sargent, Ron Sull1xar1.Rovw 3 Sharon lxnutsen, Edward Etherlngton, Bill Nlcnahan. Darrell Anderson Rev, 4 Paul Richter, ,loan Cox. Lauren Rice, Stew Balrazor, Dave Estes, Run Dams 3' The Qnes Whe I987-88 Annual staff Q y Mr. Cannell Lisa Lawrence if W Y Lara Altizer Monique Matheny 5 , J so Jamie Anderson Amie McKie ' il 6 'I J , : A 4 Julie Beach Theresa Mellick s ' y W J fy 5 Viki Bowen Lynette Miller Q xi , to , 'Q T fi Janna Bushaw Nicole Montgomery L I ' L ' Tanya Clarke Dianna Mounsey A Heather Cooper Troy Nelson V N ss M 5 Kim Czubin Sandra Oono l l ff' glf 1 , "L " Jill Dupont Eddie Park is ,X 1 .lt Q, ' if Therese Guppy Robert Thompson A ' - L yllt y Julie High Mickie Tramel 'W' .X V'y ki RHeidi Jacobsoq iTina Walters J lfttl 1 J J wh J at Q "f"'A'f72, Q ,Qevin .lclwdf-75? 1 J t -,MM an y 'Q Mg' we I A Jy,y Z .Sz . S' rf J l I , L . Q is yy as J N NS, M llt' ii f f ' 1 N ,n,, 5,,V ,Vv"" xy., HAVING FUN . . . ............................. IN THE DARKROOMUU!! Jlade lt. . . lick!!!! This years annual staff consisted of 27 dedicated students and our sec- ond year advisor Mr. Cannell. It took long hard hours developing film, printing pictures, drawing layouts. and of course typing to beat those deadlines. The cover was specially ordered because of a 50th year de- sign we chose. lt has been a great success and one we will always re- member. Thank You, The Annual Staff 133 The l98 -88 Federal y. . . Trez gives the seductive look. The differences of opinion. Good morning America ff' ,,,, , ...ff " '--Q-a...,,,,h ,Mr ,v- We pray that we will win, You guys, their watchingl Top row: Becky BOl1uS.MlChf:lle Dorn, Melanie Muscutt. Carrie Lundsgaard, Darlene Bush. Middle row: Janna Bushaw, Trez Guppy. Jennifer Hennig, Debbie Bennett. Bottom row Rom: Clark, Sandra Oono, Tanya Clarke. The i987-88 Federal Way Cheer staff started out last Spring. Su mer was no break, the squa practiced in the cafeteria ever day for about two hours. Going ti- Cheer Camp was a highlight. A Central Washington's annui camp these girls took all Superio ribbons in their events. This years squad was very dif' ferent from the past for severa reasons. New uniforms was on of these differences for exampl During the Spring they designe and ordered new Football swea ers and skirts. The diverse idea and views added a great variet- tothe squad also. One of the biq gest changes was their new adv sor Mr. lsernio. The girls feel tha he has been a great inspiration t the staff. Although there is a lot of har work that goes into planning Pe Assemblies, sending good luc tokens, or making posters ever week, the good times out weig it all! k I Debbie Bennett Becky Bonus Darlene Bush Janna Bushaw Romi Clark Tanya Clarke .N ' N x fi - 3, T4-nina 9 -- ' ' ' .1 .'k' 1 Michelle Dorn Trez Guppy Jennifer Hennig l e e kk 1 L eink , , . . , :. , . 1- N f . . ee e i eee 5-S , - e,ee A Q L -'eLeL W- iz-m keee e 'S 'il ieeel Carrie Lundggaard Melanie Muscutt Sandra Oono . . . heerstaff Helping Naturall . . . ll The Time ww always sharing is Joe Dizgn, Being there is what it's all about. l H K www -waquuns l f ' im n-53,54-" j y of 'W E ..A . - 1. l'll listen if you wantll Michelle and Shannon share Natural Helper secrets. Helping is Jen'S middle name. Q .,...:1,. "",,f' ' ' ir , T ' -J'-1 U . ii Zi - , I . A I liiri 0 new ,L E- Z x T. Axtell, D. Bassen, J. Brown, T. Bussmeir, R. Carlsen, P. Carpenter, J. Chu, S. Chung, S. Cramblit, K. Czubin, L. Dawson, T. DeMille, T. Dexheimer, S. Dixon, Edwards, S. English, T. Erikson, R. Fry, S. Gallagher, K. Gjersee, K. Goslin, K. Hammes. T. Harrah, T. Hart, T. Hashbarger, M. Hering. K. Hester, B. Hill, J. J. Hupperten, B. Kauer, H. Kim, C. King, M. Loso, M. Mara, J. Markquart, M. Mason, E. May, D. Michealson, J. Oakely, J. Oskam. J. Pearson, R. Presti, G. R. Sabourin, A. Scharrelman, C. Shoop, B. Sterbens, P. Thomson, J. Vanderhoof. S. Zengle, A. Ernsberger, E. Aki. D. Albright, S. Bonholzer, J. Burton, R. Clark. Collins, D. Conzatti, S. Dev, M. Dines, M. Dorn, T. Dugan, F. French, G. Hines, R. Jenkins, D. Jennings, N. Jetton, S. Johnston, C. Jowell, C. Lindsgaard, T. Lyders, Marsh, J. McDonnell, B. McG, E. Miller, L. Mitchell, M. Mogenson, C. Nisco, H. Ohrazda, S. Orlando, R. Park, J. Perry, C. Pfliger, J. Pugerude, S. Schenk, C. Shaha J. Sherwood, R. Thomas. L. Thrush, C. Vehove, L. Walker, J. Wise, R. Ybarra. S. Bardwell, M. Barnes, C. Bassen, D. Berbert, B. Bonus, D. Bush. T. Clarke, K. Czubi M. Daviscourt, J. Dixon, S. Elder, B. Finch, M. Gearhart, D. Haegele, V. Hahn, B. Hessler, S. Hill, C. Hogen, K. Holden, J. Horan, H. Jacobson, D. Johnson, D. Kim, Kittelson, J. Koh, J. Lanman, C. Lee, J. Logman, T. Lumsden, R. Neigel, M. Muscutt, D. Magel, M. Madision, J. Mann. E. McCarthy, S. Oono, C. Podoll, E. Riley, Sabado, A. Sather, J. Smith, C. Starr. M. Stewart, R. Thompson, H. Vanderstoep, K. Waalk, M. Zellerhoff. T36 ike always has the time to listen L H X .gy she just loves being a Natural Helper. Teachers will listen tool l'll solve your problems. lt's good to have friends like these. come to me l'll listenl Natural Helpers-Caring and trust- worthy people who will listen and give support to any person who wants to share their thoughts. feelings, or problems. Natural Helpers will be open-minded, not judging, they will give support, not advice. Throughout the year, they review these points and learn new skills at various meetings and weekend retreats. tural Helpers-Caring and trustworthy people Just having a good time. Mrs. G. starts a new 89n9f3T'0n W From left to right: Chol Choi, Sam Elder, Shawn O'Flaherty, Kirk Steinocher, Joe Dellosa, David Liu, Bae Chang. Every morning the stu- dent body anxiously awaits that famous voice's greeting "Good morning, sport's fans!" Mr. Humphrey continues, detailing the previous day's match. As of late January, the team was undefeated, and was ex- pecting to keep this sta- tus. The team will ad- vance to the State Com- petition at the end of February. 138 Just hurry upl J' L 3 if it X N N X N X V f--. Ira A. .2 K' fttE:ifsf?:z:f2. The tension is mounting . . . Af-gr-f-'V' 4 Hey, its my turnl ff -- . ,iss six, ,RA ,, no Q i Qs Congratulations for Chessmatel iw' W x i yiyf 4 i i s s 1, i,:2-'ii 1 i ', T 2 ' i at i ,a,aar nrcc Take my queen and diel Ski Club? zi- 15' A X' Si i if X f 'rv W 5:.:fQ:5gi . : S N 5 is SB wiv ,JJ ., is f i ' at ... Still in Search of an advisor DECA Marketin D. Batten D. Berbert X D. Blevens '. J. u Ni L. Cheeks Rf heshier S. Cook J. Davidson 'iviioavascou S. Degnan . er e K. Doherty A. George K. Holden J. Horan Sowell D. Karpenko S. I eson J. Loomis T. Lumsden M. Mahoney R. Mattson R. McPhillips S. Morrison C. Payment J. Sloane G. Mordeaux D. Mortimore . Sugg C. i rce ,,,,, I f ,,.,.,f 2 M. . Baker G. Bell B. Bonus . Carlsen K. D'SiIva . Domagala T. Guppy J. High C. Hogan A. Huckabay D. Kaufman K. Love . Marsh . McCray . Pedranti T. Sanders C. Schmidt . Warmbo C. Barton D. Bennett B. Burson T. Clarke T. Denzer R. Ellingson T. Hansen J. Hill B. Hoit T. Johnson J. Koh M. Love J. McCaslin H. Minish G. Richards A. Sather D. Van Auken vw" C. Banfield V. Bowen C. Chae K. Crossen R. Edwards S. Elder J. Evans R. Frey D. Haegele T. Hupperten D. Jerdal C. Lee K. McDougall K. Park C. Shahan R. Sherman D. Tynan M. Wilhelm S. Bonholzer J. Bushaw S. Coombes J. Dizon S. Eidinger J. Ellison F. French S. Giese A. Hensley R. Jenkins L. Keath H. Mann S. Oono P. Reising S. Shepherd J. Stewart J. Warfel Dedicated To Achievements K. Caldwell S. Copeman S. Crevling M. Gunderson N. Jetton M. Johnson L. Kavanaugh J. Lehman K. Maddock M. Martin T. McCamley A. McKie J. Ong S. Paust T. Sims G. Wyman D. Cassman J. Coveny M. Gearhart T. Hagberg E. Johnson D. Kauer T. Kerns J. Logman J. Mann S. Matheson J. McDonnell T. Miller E. Park D. Powell T. VandenBerg J ...meg ,.... Ii. ,.., E if . L wr, , ' -,. E Q ,g , gk W. x ,Q xiii . 'Y l i if .....A M y X Q 4 .f Ice Man K- NNN ai 1 E S-as l ll D. Batten D. Blankenship D. Blevens fJL"BonholEF fi cogrt Q L. Ferrieri A. Hardt , S I . Mahoney R. Mararac G. Mordeaux S. Morrison D. M timore Fi? l ll D. lb sfffsyfw., v-.1-,,:::w: 8 his Reps l , Letter Club ,na ,pw . l987-B8 Letter Club. E. Aki. B. Andresan, A. Anderson, K, Badgley, D. Bush, M. Barnes. J. Banlield, J. Bum, D. Butts. B. Bonus, K. Bussmeir, A. Beurskens. K. Czubin, K, Czubin, D. Cassman, D. Coumont. L. Cramer, B. Carr, S. Dev. M. Despain. M. Dines. B. Edwards, S, Fuller. H. Fisher, R. Frey. C, Gaglioli. B. Hoit, A. Heather, M. Hering, M. Heskin, J, Hogenson, T. Hagberg. K. lyall, D. Jowell. D. Karpenko. A. Kimura. K. Kopich, S. Lee, L, Lawrence, J, Love, S. Martinez. C. Mazzeo. M. Matheny, K. Mon. M. Muscutt, K. Maddock, S. Miller, T. Miller, L, Miller, L. Myre, R. Neigel. J, Oakley. C. O'Brien, A, Olsoe. E. Pellanl, K. Peterson, E. Riley, S. Shepard. A. Sather. D. Shaw. R. Ll'Ren. K. Waalk. D. Wilson. J, Wise, T. Drake. M. Komatsu. N. Jetton, D. Butts, D. Corey. S. Sehlin. K, Morgan, J, Johnson, K. Hauge. A. George, K. McKinney, S. Dungan, N. Bodle, A. Anderson, S. Ormbsy, K. VanPooI, J, Foster, S. Oono. D. Albright. G. Anderson, T. Axtel, B. Allen, D, Blevens, J. Bain. M, Bright, K. Blevens, R. Boyce, R. Biorkland, S. Bardwell. C. Banfield, R, Britten. T. Brown, S. Cook, M. Crevlmg. B. Chang, R. Cheshier, D. Conzatti, D. Corey, C. Chae. R, Christy, B. Derbes. J. Dizon. J. Davidson. S. Elder. R. Edwards. C. Ellis, R. Frey, R, Gleason. J. Hulchens, D. Haegele, T. Hupperten. S. Hill, C. Hashbarger, J. Hill. K. Jallen, C, Jowell. E. Johnson, E. Johnson, D. Kim. L. Kongkatong, D. King, E. Lo, D. Lepme, E, Miller. K. Meadows, M. Martin, S. Marsh, M. Mogenson, J. Mann, B. Maggiacomo, S. Morrison, C. Naples, D. McBride, B. Neuman, W. Owens. C. Podoll, J. Perry, E, Park. R. Park. S, Paust, C. Pierce, G. DelRio, A. Rude, P. Reising. R. Raspa. M. Stewart, J. Sloan, S. Sehlin, J. Stewart, J. Sugg. T, Sims. S. Schroeder. J. Speaker. R, Sherman, E. Swanson, B. Sakahara. R. Thopson. T, Wilcox. P. Weinman, B, McGill. B. Olson. K. Harding, K. Noland. S, Dixon, L. Dawson, T. Vandenberg, D. Henry, R. Mattson, J. Vanderhool, S. Bonholzer, K. Crossen. Jr. Fill, C. Magel, D. Berbert, D. King, G. Allison. B. Touchstone, C. Vance, C. Nisco. T. Moen, J. Brown, B. Sureman .iw 5, This year's officers are Secretary Kim Waalk, Vice-President Robert Thompson, and President Jeremy Sloane. Their advisor is Mrs. Kathy Harris. 142 Two fine Letterwomen The F.W.H.S. Letterclub has been in operation since l969 and has become a major part in the lives of Eagle Athletes. This year's Letterclub is composed of many talented and composed athletes. Under the supervision of Mrs. Kathy Harris, the club sponsors such activities as Athlete of the Month, The Daily Sports Report, Blue Letterday, and other school activities. This years Letterclub has dependable students who are an attribute to the Federal Way Ath- letic Program. Sm,-H H... Ln-ff nu-J Preparing for a tough game Hard at work in the ,41- AIIII llllll lllllll Y I . ,X Vxn' 4 if 34 L... ll! QD A -s. C ' Rl ff , I98 - l988 Backpacking Club Mr. Utgaard has been the club advisor for the club's nineteen year his- tory. Their adventures cover the isolated wil- derness throughout the state of Washington. Through the years, Mr. Utgaard has had some very enjoyable exper- eg iences. Q' The I987 Backpacking Club. I ill? , .al L K 1 , t ff, l.,yf-if. yi, , I987 FBLA Members: Jamie Anderson-President, Pae Wen Tsai- Vice President, Kathy Hogan- Treasurer, Amy Hollingsworth- Treasurer, Roxanne U'Ren- Secretary, Tracy Mansanarus- Reporter, Julie Beach- Reporter, Penny Preston- Historian, Connie Wolf- Historian, Kris Bolam- Historian. Kim Ropper, Kristina Gifford, Kristy Dinkle, Heather Bunn, Karla Robuck, Cindy Bridges FBLA is a nation wide organization designed to enhance the business abilities of its members. Everyone in a busi- ness class is a member of FBLA. Many members get in- i volved in other activities such as attending conferences in other cities and even other states. FBLA allows its members to broaden their business abilities and prepare them to become better leaders in whatever career they choose. 143 Music Soothes The Savage Beast Rytwnfw ,... -- Xkik i J J I LgLLL he-,M Front Row- M. Roth, A. Oedewaldt, K. Osborn, D. Mounsey, R. Jenkins, S. Head, S. Lee, D. Powell, K. Hartwell, W. Trier, K. Stablein, R. Brewer. 2nd Row- D. Wilson, D. Boyd, T. Kerns, S. Epp, A. Beurskens, A. Dang, T. Schubert, K. Schmidt, C. Lenway, S. Hill, T. Erickson, R. Bjorkland, B. McClatchie, J. Matthews, B. Matthews, C. Sousa, T. Reynolds, K. Fulcer, H. Kim, A. Kliskey. 3rd Row- K. Evert, D. Lumsden, T. Bussmeir, K. Pike, R. Gleason, S. Bolinger, D. Kim, K. Hartwell, J. Perry, J. Koh, M. Tomson, D. Bolen, S. Howard, T. Haggard, E. Willhite, R. lkeda. 'Goff Front Row- L. Johnson, S. Epp, D. Boyd, S. Head, D. Wilson, A. Dang. 2nd Row- T. Bussmeir, D. Lumsden, J. Koh, J. Perry, D. Kim, S. 144 Bolinger. 3rd Row- T. Greer, R. Ybarra, G. Abraham, T. Erickson, S. Hill, R. Bjorkland, B. Matthews, C. Lenway. vw. E Let's Go Boogie Down, Ll h! G A - T Q . its - - qs.. Q,Q L, .iw 15... kk - . . . s A gg Q J 1853 A A ff J s f ff . s ii 4 A V .r - , .. .1 is A 5 4' . M 4' f 7 f 1' ,ZE ,,Z . - . If B' g g g it V 5 4:1 . its . . f . 1-A ff"s :fit as P gf' S .K l . ' 'Q M' . f "What ever happened to ladies l fi A ,LJ S ,N Us . is A . Q xg M. .... 5 f emu . S 5 W g ' , .t P' 5 sl, 3 il l " 1 ' '- l l, 54 ti I5 "' . . , . J! , -gr tl... in U :ront Row- A. Oedewaldt, D. Lumsden, K. Evert. 2nd Row- W. Trier, K. Stablien, K. Hartwell, H. Kim, R. Brewer, D. Mounsey, A. Kliskey, K. Osborn. 3rd Row- D. Wilson, K. Fulcer, R. Jenkins, D. 3oyd, A. Dang. S. Epp. 4th Row- S. Hill, T. Erickson, R. Bjorkland, B. McCIatchie, J. Matthews, C. Sousa, T. Haggard. 5th Row- J. Perry, J. Koh, D. Kim, K. Hartwell, S. Howard, M. Tomson, D. Bolen, hast 1 -ll first? " Bollnger' R' Gleason' "I can't believe I missed that E-flat Shaun teases "My sax is bigger than your sax!" ....,,,,Mm-Mmm Don't stop waving that baton, Mr. lewis. 145 Juniors wif' lviulnisau-nu, k ,vw f ri 6. ,Eff Q M- Yuma Junior Officers Leading The Way To The Top may U 4' Q fi ,I 6 2' .yy Derrnck Jennings Representative 2 f ,ff Q at if f ,Wk 1 Y jg H 1 M f 'iii Z- 574759 E L f I Q A all ,,,: . "" fl Sem' fm "" M A f .J if 3 gs J rf J, Y an er f. M M ,B M ,,.. ,.... fy ,, fr , J w f K if 4 5 Ulf 1 4' , 2 fe as y rf "f Agw, Q. 3,5 it "V f , s if f ?Qg ,L 4 i x 9 Eli X9 'L 5 Qggfgaf-'tl 'l is S N 4 ,ff E ' HJQW2 ff l 4 'ZXZ5 35 ?3 J5iig2f' wr f f I l rf Q , 'lf 54, 2,63 Debra Blankinship Jeffrey Blanscet Kimberly Blough Clinton Boggess Daniel Bolen Steven Bonholzer Jennifer Bottomley Chadwick Bowen Rob Boyce Angela Brady Todd Bredl Kenneth Brekke Craig Britten Brendan Brown Charlotte Brown Charlotte Brown John Brown Carrie Bucknam Heather Bunn Julie Burton Dana Butts Kevin Caldwell Sandra Calhoun Julie Carpenter Denise Carter Steve Case Jay Chang 4 Nancy's Domain. Eta EEN K X Mr r Q if E 5 if tt at of 1 ., v. r it if ' r Q ,H is V ' S ,S in A Daniel Afework Eileen Aki Darren Albright Brandon Allan Luke Almadean Lara Altizer Brian Anastasiadis Andria Anderson Erin Anderson Jeremy Anderson Dena Andrews Janice Armas Menelea Austria .lr Ted Axtell Katerin Badgley Carrie Baker Deidra Balthazor Suzan Baker Heather Bartlew Heather Bartley Debra Bennett Milt Bennum Brenda Biggs Amy Bingham Andy Bingham Randall Bjorklund Suzan Blaha "l didn't know there were two different kinds of onions!" Q E y 4 if H M 3 45.2 f Fatima Chany Cristina Cheramie Robert Christy Romi Clark Jennifer Collins Stephen Cook Sandra Coombes Sandra Copeman David Corey Deena Cornish Eric Cowen Laura Cramer Stephen Crevling David Crouse Mark Cvendet Thomas Davey Jetawn Davis Petra Davis Christina De Austria Tina Denzer Megan Despain Sujata Dev Christy Diesso Michelle Dines Christy Dinkel Tracy Divers Kimberly Doherty "Don't worry Lorna, it's just Puppy Love." -is M-""" lkli , ta vii , t mx 0 S S awww' as ,iw W v a , H G , 5 A y TT! 4 ' 1 Y 7 L 3 Klx X lf f i' rl JY I at K ,J ' :25?f,f,'fs' F4 -f f ' ,, 7511, 4 " ?411Zg5.,-- . 'G He li' ' W 2 V ' V " 11 da, J it ff 'W , i X- i f ' ff 'J K A 'ff ' 5 WW ll , i' I as '- V- wg fi of-1'vaXx7N K 7 ,Wm ,W Wi 52 ? w 1 ,, , f ei wr . 5 e 11 5 - 'F . J K 1ifQ4llz33f'fnl,zf'9 ,uf , ,- M will f Y ,n, TWH Q' , fe iw, W. ,T f. A ,,,, . ,W 1, ' uf: ,1,,f,,,qk il J F' J J, I . ' -2-- , f so eff? - H f . it E f ' A' cyey gy A J V - ffMig'f'wf Nt' K .:':, .V I L, 'If In 1 T AU' W4 we J' ' T 'V' 't fe asts ,:s7,, .,i,. Ag " , M I I L 4 ' M ' f 1 ,L ,, 4. ff ' ,, , ,, 'A 'i 'ffm K, ' N an 'l ff t, Aj if gtk 35:01 x I 8 Y A, - 52 . . A f e 4 a,-'gn' ' ,. in - eifairfw if J ef' 'fwwscf' T N, ,L .5 tx we we is as ,. A 5 ,.kV ik I qw, J, .. it X .. 1 an :al i ' ff-aR7il4'TlT : M. W tllfuf .514 1 1 'f2e'ltisf'1?Ww Q '1' X" A- t'5 sW',,g??' w?33"3'?VfV:32'551 fl file? s at '3 ,,jlZ?'. .hti " ?wq .i ' 'gsm :WP i-JQAMP9, y,'zg 3a,g?g ou r XW. 1,1 H, ,MW 75, W qff 1gjf,g.,, ,ffm g 'S -V tw-fix, ,elim-'gt2tf:t1? lg , at-if 'V M ,A V , f '- 'ww 'V ' -, seas: -,Q .. ,, . ,K - -if 4 !'.1,?ffL" :Vitae ,, - 'i 'vivzf' a my gg J- ....,. ,K .ga A sf , W W"'3.,..:s' ' suns, .v,.. gge1l1t.5,Z?Tw -F 2' +5 4 k af, ,V f ililflifs JlM'S FRUIT STAND!! 'Z T il Robert N , , ,T li Domzalski Michele Dorn it Y- Jr Fili Jill DuPont Jennifer Dudley Timothy Dungan Greg Durand Melissa Durst Anthony Dyke Tia Elias Scott Engle Kristina Ennesse Shaun Epp Kenneth Fauche Heidi Fisher Jason Flatebo Louie Floyd , Jennifer Foess ' f A JW' W 1 ,. Theresa 1 lr Vg f, l Tavia Ford Sean Fox 1 Floyd French Jim Freyberg Brian Friederich Anthony Frost Fulmer Lorna Furtado Bruce Gabert -1 ,. ,, if "Don't you dare take that picture!! Allen Hensley Ginger Hines Cory Hirschfeld Michael Hodgins Kendra Hogenson Hanh Hong Ninzel Horsley Shawn Howard Alex Hsu Amy Huckabay Kim Hughes Robert Hughes Rachel Jenkins Nancy Jetton Melissa Johannesen Mark Johnson Shannon Johnston Andrew Jolley Chad Jowell Christina Joyner Robert Kahns Dawn Karpenko Jared Kay Leah Keath Heidi Kellar Owen Kelly Kathryn Kenyon '63 or 'lt f ff' in .,.,.-mq.....,-.HV MWNLTQ-.W . -M 61 3 W 3 if , sv W F V 1 z if has " 1 A if AW 'S Luigi Galeaizi Daniel Garber Scott Gayler Anna George Kristina Gifford Richard Gleason Jason Glen Jennifer Goldner Olivia Gonzalez Matthew Graff Monica Green Jeffrey Greenawalt James Grigsby Julianna Guerrero Mara Guyton Tammy Hagberg James Halvorson Leslie Hamilton Todd Hansen Brian Hansen Angela Hardt Kenny Harnden Timothy Hart Andrea Harvey Kristopher Harwood Tracy Hashbarger Amy Heather 4 X E' i lg . 4? ,in fm 7' , ..,,,, ,, .o,,, M, ffff f if tl , LZ W l" Am- ,Www William Kerns Angie Kimura Corey King Dustin King Chad Klassen Andrea Kleipoedszus Amy Klisky Lisa Knobloch Lek Kongkatong Kristina Kopick Stephani Kotchkoe Joseph Krout Christy Kusar Tim Kutscha Kyong Kwon Mark Landry Khamphuk Langsy Khamsouk Langsy Barbara Lantrip Gary Larson Melanie Larson Seyoung Lee Chris Lenway Daniel Lepine Michael Lewis William Liaw .lohn Little W L., 5 ,M is X Viz' A 215 2 ful , ,, ,, ., , W "l, 5 76111: - if r i ' fi ' ,, , 1, ' 2 n i-P3 f.-I K i My K . 53 W 1, 'M '31 za ,IX I y ggfi M llllr rraia 1 HD ,F M all I These are tiny-weenie calories. fm ,MW if 1 3 ifls M 1: - , E 1 if " f " li 4- N WE Q "Mft-N gg, "Why does everybody pick on me?", wonders Bryan Mathews. M , r gg, ' Eddie Lo Anthony Lorig Tonya Lornston Krystal Love Scott Lumbert Darin Lumsden Carrie Lundsgaard Ha Luu Terri Lyders Karen Maddock Bill Maggiacomo Julie Maggiacomo Marc Mahoney Heidi Mann Charles Maples Meredith Mara Shawn Marsh Christina Martin Paul Martin Nicole Martinez Bryan Mathews Robert Mattson Scott Mayer Joseph McCaslin Brian McClatchie David McCoy Sharron McCray -1 -sz. ,... is . . m2211X.x FTEEQIEEQ .. '31-.:: Q.. .- .fski-mi... . , .. - 5 ' - A -- . . . ' - file--3S31fs?.?5ix1k,' riff 2-ei. 'i"'if' SHR' 5-.lk--!3rsE?sffrs.si six ' . 21' "'..i'fl..?E'.s EWR fi- ' ss?-fr.--. ewsgxf- is F5-13.1, 1 ,.Q. AAL. ,.: . k:.X,A . e r - ' .QE-K. .: ,: '2? W' S ' ' ' ' K' O' Y " he it 1 .1 .. .' j - F' r . -' 5 .. X Y lieeghrf gifx Fir Efiir 513531 E .k Q. ' 'f E X' W' s. E. . .L..me.. .g.wigsXg-as . . .. T . ...ss ..s..,s....,..E.-..,,... -. xii- N i s M... . .. ..1 . A KB.. M l .av , X.. .. Fi N... . s.. X .ss 3' N . X . Xilinx N N .L .vw N. . . .. . . . if A., m .. . J., X. my . . s......xm -. it-...s 1e...... . , . .--- . . -. ---f s K. R . sm N X .- -. , s--A---.KRW in - -G . sf Y ' '- 1 i -be-rs ... X . . ..... . .... ,. .. . ... .--. Z f - - -. - , , .X . ,- , XQQX X A - 5-1 1 5 1. ' .. fe ,Q ,. .... Fifi- . NF? '.i'!:'i.fSi.'fi1lSl' if- -s - ' 1 - - or e - - - - fr - - ' . -- - ' . . ' " -- .,. ti -Qz. , .E,. ii.g..-f,,-ge.-- .-r vi. -. -f f k.e.g-..i:- .. --' ---. .- 'Ni' " , .f--. .- ' -Q. E?" ' . "2Sf5....ii,?T- -.FJ - ' 2.5555 X A ' - .. .. , 4 .. if - 1 . , Y Til . X Cyndi Carla Nieves Frank Nisco Shawn O'Flaherty Dorothy O'Neill Elizabeth Oh Hung Oh Heidi Ohrazda Lesley Olecik .leneen Oleiarski Beau Olson Jennifer Olson Stacia Orlando Waylon Owens Sonja Paige Chul Park Ricky Park Erin Parsons Shannon Patterson Daniel Pearson Tracy Pedersen Erin Pellant Joseph Peltola Jeffrey Perry Sean Peters Simon Petros Christine Pfli er A61'5 156 says . "Just smile and act normal." i qw Y , F ..,... E , 74 A E, . ,,,, , - M , , . ,, ,Z My ""' V f' ' A , Eff.. ' . j , 1 ,, ' , ,.,.,,, ,,.., A , --. .., .... , ' , X, ' - , ,. . . 1, ' -f--- ,- f f , - H V ,:V. is 7 We 5? f. in 1. , ,,. . fu in . ,ff ii if Q 'V . N-. , i l 2 I M N M, r ,, sv ali, at 1 'Ml 1, I z l .f H, L 1 fx 4 a t r' an , "3 y ,gf are 3? 3 ...M 6- .V ,c fn W. 35' f , S' Darrin, the ultimate Ozzy , 'W Me? , fan. HJ V Tralaine McDaniel Jodie McDonald Jenny McDonnell Eric McKinley Michelle McKinley Douglas McKinney Ray McLeod Molly McMurphy Miguel Mejia Ovide Mercure lll Brian Messner Mike Miles Bronzell Miller Edward Miller Heather Mills Laura Mitchell Martin Mogensen Mark Moser Scott Murray Natalie Nance Liza Neeshan Thresa Neigel Corey Nerison James Nesler Tai Nguyen Malcolm Nicholas Michelle Nichols tv W 1 ht ew I Q I , 3 ' " ii of , ii,,, . i gm, 7, ' rf' f maj ggi ' ' f in 45 ,flfgm,j',Mi' T" WE nh' ,, -," Qi , f , , " A ,,,,, M, ,, , , , 4 M any 4 as ., ,,,, iff 'f' 5 " Vw ZXJ? V ' '3ffmJZ" ':? ' 741 lm I' ' il fW'iE,fiE5'31,fW25,'WfrfW' W lg fivifkff' g fr f I "4z4ieefJiwa. , ff G My 5 PH YV 4'5" X " PM ff. H ' ,W 9 1 ' ' 511, .5 H Z E y sf fi J if figgilgi V E ' ' 'H , ,W ,Q V 'H '-z, , ,q..,,,- fs fff iffy :-,W S " , - ' 5 ,,,,g,,: . . ' ,.,. 'is ,, " if ' 'X' f '1 5 ' iffgw ff ' qw 1 2-fn ,W , aj yr J I ,, ag, M 5 - MQ I V mg ' rfmwwi it V 42, a J f M., I 2 f E 5 1 ,,,, x ' - " "-- ,, V. , , M rf 1 ' A V , , 6 0' ' ,, - Zig, f'- ""7'f 325' f if' f r"'- 2 ' 2772 51' ' 'V 2' .fb ' fliflvfiiiii ""' -1 1' ' H575 'f'-L'f','1 , U.-V ' ' V ""' ' A? 'QWJN "W K ' f , " M ' "' . 52-,-3?""'f Lf , " " 'L J. ,, ,ws my . v w' 7 , .ww 4. Thuy Linh Pham Paul Pi Holly Pingrey Matthew Pipes Matt Pogue Stephanie Premel Jon Pugerude Charles Quinn Marita Rabbit Kelly Rake Jennifer Rash Travis Rech Todd Reynolds Michelle Richter Vance Rifenberick Russel Riley Katice Robertson Ron Robicheau Kimberly Roper Tina Rortveot Stacy Rosand Martyn Roth Aaron Rude Kevin Rudzinski Matthew Rutter Heidi Saheli Jennifer Salyards N ..m.Q. - , keine life -5 Q ti at at y Q A tttttttttt I e ri 5359 Q ? 5 X N 4 XR ,tg , I - F ta X X X X Nw K A 3 x e S X S: -ee 'hw' s We're cool and we know it, so get off!! if-'Ri time F 'Q X IL Javier Sanchez Trinette Sanders Tim Saunders Eugene Schantz Scott Schenk Brad Scheimer Stacy Schier Crystal Schlaitzer Jason Schmidt Heather Seavers Cynthia Shahan Michelle Shanda Deanna Shaw Rob Sherman Jason Sherwood Jesse Short Scott Simpson Jennifer Slorah James Smith Jason Smith Raymond Smith Dorin Solomon Amy Sonnenfeld Cory Sousa Suzette Spader Nicki Speers Wendy Sprague Jenone Squaglia Vulka Staab Gina Stackhouse Leann Sunick-Conrad James Taylor Brett Templeton Frederic Terwilliger My Lan Thai Lee Thrush Suzanne Tilt Mickie Tramel Curtis Trenary Karen Trentman Jennifer Tripp Jeffery Turner Jon Lllrigg Jennifer Van Dusen Treg Vanden Berg Wendy Vandenberg Cynthia Vehovc Lisa Walker Richard Warden John Warfel James Warren all 92592 Q W ,Wi J fir , .z Efi' w 'TW Holli Waters Kari Weber Jody Wega I'm not doing anything . . . Honestl!!! 2 'S ifz. f , S Av 'W 5 6 Jennifer Wise Jason Woehler Timothy Wunder Rico Ybarra Akiko Yokoyama Philip Young Eran Zantkovsky Somasanouk Chanthavong Paul Weisz Denise Weller Marc Wendfeldt Tessa Westby Paul Wezeman Mark Wilhelm Model Material " iiii W Sophomores!!! Gm Qf ww Mgt x sl , 'W -4 ,"i'f , wwf-,EEV f I ri' " fi -' ' , LZ 3 w' 'wi 1 iafi ,i,,, ,f ff' H V 4!. fi? VME? l98 -88 Sophomore Officers!!! President- Paul Bardwel! S xx S NNW NWN Rep. ifl- Jonica Hogenson . QN A :qi iw MQNN , . ...,. ,,,L, . X 5 NX X M Q - ! m,..r.!-o if - 2, or Q, . or , A oo,,A. . M sigib - k - 1 - R - R -- K ' R . oo.. , X -- 'X . -- ig 3, X :. "". W "ff"--f .. 'E " .3 Fi- fr P' " 52 . - 111:' f---"M "" X ,, A : . ' ,X " M "fSKX"w"'W W- 211- 1 M - 'K " - X. , x - 'KAQRE BS 7 , 'I' L U: :::?!31S:::usHf-' A N,"fff?J. ' - --XQ -L ,-A 2 R --.,- I 'mmxm " mwmww L is ' Rep. 42- Rachei Presti Rep. 1953- Charies Kusar if ,.- w,,,, eft to right- .lonica Hogenson, Charles Kusar, Paul Bardwell, and Shannon Ormsby. Not ed Rachel Prestl. - 41 . , f 1 rf 53- f , f f 9 , W , , ,, ,, ,,...,,,,,. Y ? ,f if 'WS 'V H9 Ae W 5' f 1 2 e Rep. 44- Shannon Ormsby 163 ,Mag w e Jw, 'Wf"":. . i'7Y1:,1 TS C Donna Blakenship Ken Blevens Jason Bolstad David Boyd Melissa Brondstetter Ron Brouer Brandon Brown Bret Brown Ken Brown Steven Brown Mathew Buck Jessica Bunt Chris Bush Troy Bussmeir Michael Butler Ronda Carlsen Paul Carpenter Jason Carr Ray Ceciillo Peter Chang Scott Chang Somsanouk Chanthavong Jamie Chu Sylvia Chung Kellie Clairmont Kimberly Clairmont Keith Collins ff f fl W R ,, ,, V, ra ff 'v JW "Where's the cafeteria?" all ' WWMV ,, 'Ki rf mm si L .mil LM. "lf B , 4, Mft, ,i ,,,,,, 'H ,A - fn :mn f , 5' s ,I- ,, H fi ,l, , fi' w 22 ' , viJ 4- 73 i K, " , i l ' i ,- l yyy My . l QM' S :Kea ' -',' 9 if i M Q it 5 if 4 '11 if my Jr ' wwe H nfl' 4-1-35 .1 'L fi. ,E V' V f I Q 4 ls! l x an . ' .1 Q ff 5 ,., f fr 1,1 my 2? ", H I , if J lf' if L.. e J -1' 'L asf Y at J Y an .. E L all as G.- ,V " K ya 5. fi A A I , llll B f 9 if jf "Hold me back" 5 N. m J A AZ" , if Xa .iz 'T-is Tiffany Acayan Jeff Allen Joi Alley Bryn Alverson Aimee Anderson Greg Anderson Brenda Andreason B.G. Anthis Gina Armas Lisa Arsenault John Aubert Edelweis Austria Tammi Axtell John Bacon Kelly Baker Jenny Banfield Paul Bardwell Julie Barnes Debbie Bassen Andrew Bates Karen Beach Michael Belshaw Stacy Benson Russell Bergen Ryan Billie Erica Bitterman Tina Blake l il l Diane Corey Chadd Cornelius Erika Coveny Stacey Cramblit Joshua Curran Kelly Czubin Anh Viet Dang Elaine Davis Suzanne Davis Lake Dawson Terina Dawson Todd DeMelle Ralph Deaver Lorri Dempsey Trissa Dexheimer Sean Dillon Scott Dixon Muy Ear Buster Eddings Brooke Edwards Christopher Eclund Nicole Ellsworth Christopher Elston Tami Elston Stacy English Trent Erickson Amy Ernsberger is har, That's embarrassing! Www uw' R I .:.. K 1: .s '- is 5: N . f ,.:. : ' She is for mel I V ,, .33 ' Yi , ,. at ' Q H Q ' 1? J , A P 1 4 'll'-Q is N QW it SKY Q 'Mi ' Sli :X X X w "" 2 vii 5 5 ss K kt.. I Jennifer Evans Selena Fanning Novella Fitch William Fonda Ro ly Fr tep anie uller Scott Gallagher Marcy Gardner Kristen Giersee Justin Glen Stephanie Goch Lean Godoy Kristina Gosline Judiann Greco Julia Gregory Jason Guild Tara Gurnard Terry Haggard Amy Hall Julie Hall Kathryn Hammes Raina Hanson Timothy Harrah Kristin Hartwell Kristopher Hartwell Michelle Hering Maria Heskin 1 A if Wil' K it J J , ,u , ,, J 55, Wy, FW we W31, daztffv , W A W1 4, -4 Q E -If ..,, , ,J if 'ts ww ,,f , , 53 , 'L , Y , - ,, .B ...A ggdifswgzfii A , ,w,":':3?Z " ,4e,m,, if , , .L ,. , , . ff- swf ' N I fist' 4 151 ,- Z i l m s,,..,w""ff, H . Eg 7 .. is L J E 7 so QQ,-:ii K , , ,f ,,f,, ev N ,, H wa 3, fw, J K fi J W J ,,,:'L,w,i - at H +- A ,,,, i,,-wf '15, I, Vw 'I' ee5f" zyj,g,, it J elr figf l" ' " K g My l A ,W -.-, f ,, T PIT, -1 yr , - g 4 if A magtiw ,wry pf 1 ,J P. ...limi .. H, ,, -ff, 5 f , L J - - ' kggggae' ' 5 John Vanderhoof would rather be playing football. Rachel Johnson James Johnston Leona Jolley Troy Jorgensen Maciek Jozefowicz Brian Kauer Laura Keen Heidi Kelley Bonghee Kim Hye Mi Kim Kathy Kim Louis Kim Su Kim Cheryl King Scott Kinnaman Joel Kirtley Eric Kliskey Denise Korth Joy Krahner Charles Kusar Yun Kwon Jennifer Lamey Liane Larpenteaur Midori Larson Douglas Lay Minh Le WLM 19 . ,G at X ii. lei Y W:-L fy Qu.. ,V 'L W A. , --. , 11,133 .E 6 Kristi Hester Brian Hicks Brian Hill Kimberley Hitchcock Scott Hitchcock Jonica Hogenson Bluesette Hoit Danielle Holmes Lisa Horton Michael Hoskins Stephen Howard qoJoel Howitt Linda Hoyo Andy Hout Jim Hughes Jennifer Hupperten Jeffrey Hutchens Son Huynh Heather Isaacson Kim Isotalo Kristen lyall Ethan Jackson Bret Jacobson Tammi Jacobson Rodney Janson Cathy Johnson Jennifer Johnson 1' Too cool to move! try 'tv Yoon Lee Eric Lindberg Stephen Lockhart Michael Loso Sunny Loudin Mandee Love Stephanie Loving Deanna Luton Todd Lytle Sonja Maddox Yvonne Maddux Cory Mage! Philip Maland Joel Markquart Michelle Mason Jeffrey Mathews Neerai Mathur Erin May Kristine Mazzeo LaKesha McDonald Benjamin McGill Molly McGraw Kelly McKinney Doyle McPherson Shari Mecum Jason Medina Jason Meloy Another interesting lecture 5 s l l 5 O at Bm? 1 3' if J ir: X , f,', xi 1 is. f , H, X 5 1 t ,ryl ioaeiea ll 1 4 Qt f' H f 4 if V- - H trt' L H, at r 5- " , U , fi il f ta 15 3 8 Q "XY fa' ,QW gl E Sophomores tardy for class .Q C' U as Chad Mergel Daniel Merino Michael Merril Daniel Michalson Chloie Miller Janel Miller Casey Mills Jeffrey Mitchell John Mitchell Kimberly Moe Thomas Moen Michelle Montgomery Sara Munson Allison Muscutt Jennifer Napoli Julianna Nelson Camvan Nguyen Noel Noble Paul Noel Patrick Novak Janelle Oakley Yun Oh Troy Qlsonawski Jennifer Ong Shannon Ormsby Kathleen Gsborn Janet Oskam -4 Sophomores always look surprised. Cari Ann Rodwell Chad Rowe Stephanie Rozycki Renee Sabourin Damien Sawyer Aron Scharrelman Keith Schmidt Timothy Schubert Holly Schwab Shannon Sehlin Marcy Sennott Timothy Shaffer Kenneth Shanda Valerie Shaw Kimberley Shelton William Sherman ll Charles Shoop Jr. Kerstin Silva Kirsten Skievaski Derrick Smith Jeff Smith Vickie Smith Seth Smother Aaron Snead Micheal Solomon Jennifer Sorenson fe .,... ,-es.. te.: ,-segiggeeg ef ,tee W, .L ff X 'eQ.,.2e,,:eee E .. .SKS .l 1 A X -We si x 9 R give S 4 4 1 to .. K i - ? 'S - 2 r ss-11 QP 4 O he t P it XX vi is Q , X S' t t S s tr it At trtti Q X 5X X tg S .... , t E N X . 1 X KI: , 1- ' 1 Q Q n ' ln another year, l'll be a junior Robert Pardo Alan Park David Parker Cari Partlow Jeffrey Pearson Wendy Pearson Josie Peltier Saul Perry Salem Petros Khanh Pham Trang Pham Tien Phan Kenneth Phillips Klayton Pike Tera Pine Troy Pinney Dana Pischel Christina Prather Rachel Presti Ken Rappe Rodney Rashell Rachelle Rich Gregory Richards Tawnya Riedel Niall Riley Maria Robles Krystal Rodriguez NP William Sprague Makoto Staab Jodie Stabilito Keri. Stablein Thomas Stahl Kirk Steinocher Brian Sterbens Heidi Stirling Becky Sundstrom Michelle Sweetman Heidi Swinney Marla Taylor Lisa Terry Ronald Thomas Maile Thomas Angie Thomson Paula Thomson Rebecca Tipper Matthew Tomson Eunice Torres Raquel Toves Wendy Trier Pae Lin Tsai Rustin Tyack Maricela Varela Kara Van Woerden christopher Vance W Being a sophomore is a spectator sport . V fm ,EI H E:,Ef5'5?fltW,4:lij'5 , ,--M ff 5: tw , , '-:X,z5'WHW!6f'fViiI2f- ,,,, fw-'wfwff ,QM !:.JH,,zwfY ' f ,fwww T f' fi ylffrrrtt ac,y,,,, 'ti ,, W ,,,, Y .iyy , w ' , ,, ,, W ..,, , , ,AM M 5 A 44 A , , lg L 1 f VW f Wifi' ,,,ef..',kwws ,1 f W , ,- Q ,g,M4Q,A3 T T L' Nfl !f!i,i""f525UfWlV,-wXH"'i f Zz ww? it T T A Wim .1 :H fn fini f , ,Hi t ,f ,Wim f"' ,- ' T- I' Im WH , 2? mm Wf,,,,, , 'fig ,, ,, , ggi ' ' ' f H 1 Q 'l wb? wg W! In , ' ' - V3 f Wiii' Til: f em ,fff 1 in Gm, L - IIII ' w f ,,t,M:W,,af'- - 'ini -we K ' K- ,, :54 W V' FW if H 35.4 411 7, .il if N A 1' f' Y ' K t " u fag- . if fi . .'af.2e1zia?fSv?if: A Nw f tsvvfsf-mxff ' 3 K--gg-Qs -- fxwg, . ...A X . L, . mg Q..kk J . g . k f e ' if M , :iL - Xi Q . 35.225 - A QRS E Ska. . it Q Q ic Fa w ESS Q , 5 3 W 'x X X tx " 2 X 'N 1 T X X x W 'Y me ,M , It B. ix ft gi X 'Q We're iust glad to be here! g 4 Q, f We I K '1'Z 5, vs I JJJJ is in Jr' xi f 1 ff' QR 446 ,Aff ls. Yun Yong Kim Young Chung Young Lu Ann Yukish Corey Zembruski Scott Zengel Kelly Conzatti if Robin Vanhoose Juan Vasquez Nick Vicars Stacey Volheim Jason Volstad Jeffrey Wagner Trent Walker Penny Wallace Susan Warmbo Lee Ann Warriner Lisa Wellman Stephanie Wilke Raymond Wilkey Elliot Willhite Jean Wilson Heather Wittmier Jenny Wolfer Rebecca Yenne we-3. Q aww my Seniors to the rescue Wow! A New form of communication A115 E 2 gi f 5 iv gi LII Y R , ME-N yi 2 A 4 NSS? ,1 ,igk , hEI :ZZb 5 'QW xx Sopiaomores, studying in the library Looks like it hurts. Q A A f ,E f 5 'xiiggg X Htyylook what i for.knd in here. Wow, l-lbw does she do ihzit? 4 an , ,X xx " X . , ig Q. A 4 rf shes in the twilightzdrie ww , bf ,NN QW A F Q23 gs .X R Q 2 5 Ron Montgomery - Principal Mr Wlwlft fl 1 . Q A fm' ...W 1 Y Robert Nelson - Assistant Principal, Sophomore Class Advisor mpnnlw K' WU? ,,, t if ? ii X " Q .,,3.,2,,,, XXXXXNXXXXXXX t C ani 39 4' ' ,f Ig, H iff: ff? i ,.,,.,: F Anne Westerlin , Main Qffice Secretary Christine Katayama - AssistantPrincipal, Sen- ior Class Advisor ,mrs inn... -qu-sau W l vanff' Richard Allen - Assistant Principal, Junior Class Advisor ws: 5- A s C - t .tskesss -- A - X Mr X . Jan Tisdel - Main Office Secretary, Finance "Make it a great day!" 179 Secretary C ff' Mr, Baldwin - Senior Class Coun- Mrs. Stonebreaker - Junior Class selor - Golf Coach Counselor ,V ' . . f f""k Z.. I -A ' , 2 1 -A i li tary" "We don'l have surfing here!" J mlm P 5' V 5 wife'-he L . -M0100 Mr. Olsen - Sophomore Class Counselor Let's see, 3 down is .. . Mel Gibson" "Mrs. Geschke - Counseling Secre- - ff I Q I' V: ff ' retary "You got Donkey Kong on that computer?l" 3 M I I 1 180 Mrs. Bench - Data Processing Sec- f- .Wx "Ah-ha, another kid for in-house!" f: s s X '15 I t g . ..r, ll , . w ' ' " A :J 1' 5 ' , - Z . , ' ,M .D I 2 4 ,yff , ., Q il? 1 ' 1 f Af. ' ,, ,, ,, . .4 fffif V V' A 'fffff ' "' f Wifmw, H 41'-2 , rf. WW ,Q 'wc -, ,- ,, , :MW . f B ,0- 'mimi 'Mmm Mrs. Butschli - Career Center Sec- Ms. Kinsey - School Nurse retary 5 HE QM, M- 4 Ler' ,V L.: 'W .. ,...-r-,W "Yes, I love my jab!" "You're just going to have to start going to class." . f s t . X Y' 'R .S -i h hh ...X ...C ., 'L g. wi Q' a R 2,. , ze Mrs. Odom-Senior Class Secretary So are my Motley Crue tickets ready yet?" - Student Activities 1.---A-,. .--f-M-w""" . ' '42, M mg-,gi . . Mrs. Foster - Educational Aide. ve been meaning to . 1 . I. l,n to you about going 90 mph in YW? P -y Mrs. Hansen - Educational Aide - Attendance Clerk Mr. Benson - Head Custodian Mrs. Feldt - Copy Center Secre- tary 1' i . Lunch ladies: Wendy Whitney. Anna Marcum, Marsha Prather, Pat Sweeney. Amy Hsu Mrs. Evans - Junior Class Secre- tary - Athletics Secretary f 'lv If ,, .ff 1 Mrs. Sperline - Sophomore Class Secretary 4:5 4, A , Q , , ,,fZi,," ia. 5 A 1 y A M, qs. Q , Q .Q . A- Q V a i'lmw,,,,r "Hmmm . . . I think l'Il have pizza for lunch today." nun A wr 'rv f' L 1dl I4 52 :K fig vs. , .Vt yt, . .V z 4 ' "I think my cheese cake recipe is in here some- I7 where. y V--. my 1 , ,av 1 3 'Nay, Nah, Nah l caught you forging a note!" 181 ""-325' David Sheldon- English, Journal- ism, Eagle Eye Advisor Lois Gorne- Drama, Competitive Speech Sharon Stevens- Fiction, Junior English Darrel Martin- Junior and Senior English, College Writing f M' ' ii' Striving for perfection. ,, i 1 , ,W ,M , I have this little crick in my back. How much longer does this class last? M , 7 ,M- Y , l im Irwin- English aphomore English Composition. as as ii ff Michael Marier- Sophomore Eng- lish, Speed Reading. Reading De- velopment Jean Vaughan- ESL English. ESL SS, John Howell- Sophomore English ESL Reading Deep in Thought Ann Moises- Junior English Grace Berkout- ESL Aide Marilyn Longthorn- English Aide ,...,,,,.ss Xsa... Pete Nickoletta- Junior English Comp. Lab 'O-Q., 2 English Gary Cannell- Physics, AP Physics, Annual Advisor ,i lf 22 '42 , u Another exciting day at FWHS. l , GRRRRI John Utgaard- Biology, Anatomy! Physiology 184 5 ghjri is S sf- so an NLR Rob Brines- Biology, Earth Science S Wendell Wilharm- Consumer Math, Algebra I-2. Biology ilgr. 5C 5: Si fx Ingrid Lyden- Chemistry, Biolog 'f..' ,I ,-m--m- ,N . , 5 E Ish Ed Dorn- Earth Science, of Science Princip till Harris- Trigonometry, Calcu- is. Cross Country Coach :rry Beringer- Geometry, Com- .iter Programming, Algebra 3-4 Cole- Algebra I-2, Geometry awww 'Cv-nb W f a W.E. Chenier- Advanced Algebra Surprise! .rum .i ,Qf f W ,, , .........,...-ed '15- Wayne Sencenbaugh- Avaition, AI- gebra 3-4, Trigonometry, Math Lab Mr. Harris has something up his sleeve! Wmmmf Brunhilde Rogers- Mathematics Aide, German Aide an ,, 5" Mlbpnw WW ,WW WM QQQSXY . Mona Eckhart- Spanish Pat Marshall- German, French L ' X5 H1 Maryalis Frink-Crafts, Drawing and Painting, Pottery Sue Templeton- Photography, Dis trict Elementary Art Coordinatin Teacher Gary Sarver- French, Spanish L35 TD' :ine Green- Living Skills, IEP , Health JI Rockey-Glockner- Interior ign, Child Devel. What's Cook- lne Goss-Aide to Rocky- :kner and Green. Home-ec. Ith. :..zfZ.s.f f ' . Z ...fEEf"f25W .VI ff f.QQW?i V My ,, fsifgfw, J.. 9 311452 ' if y y y y " 2 , Merlin Epp- Dept. Chairman, U.S. History, , A.P. U.S. History, East Coast Tour Director. I Voice of the Eagles F .2 f ii I 1 .4 4 f v I VW' , ,,,, ,W 4. 4,1 W. Sue Hardin- U.S. History, Psychology, Asst. -wltfs Howdy Doody -I-imelf' Volleyball Coach, Special Events Advisor if Y su- ,af . N- . ' kg .tb 1' 188 Now thls, this IS fun. is Bob France- World History, Sports Medic Athletic Trainer. Boys Track John Humphrey- World History. Chess Ken Oswald- U.S. History, Modern Contemporary Problems A aa, X .. .H A Y K Q-.., 4' -.R WNW? X Q' it W -- f ,J X , L3 ...- f k - .Qc eats . A z .Zgf -.m"' l'd rather be playing racquetball. sae-an 4" Beverly Goucher- Librarian, Honor Society Co-advisor 'd White- World History, American y, Driver's Ed li l -l S a 4. lr l if l A A Michael Stefanick- World History is Bob Stewart- World History, U.S. History X , 'I X X . Xi - ' 1 X X A , Il za x W r A- lr ,aft for ' M' - A' " ' A ,first .! 5 ' 1 l X -X f X 'X J, X 5, 5 4 ii L ml' '3 'li 4 ks Q X ky' t y 'iQ .Ji X , u V, gi 3, , iff If y -t Q All K- .gf ' mf . ,g,,t" 4 , Janine deZwager- Library Media Technician L Nadine Howard- Library Secretary :LE - i ki Wanna be my roommate on the East Coast Tour? 189 3 y Jerome Collins- Physical Education Head Boy's Basketball Coach ,f l M Kathy Harris- Physical Education, Head Vol- leyball Coach. Letterclub Advisor Gil Juvinall- Physical Education Traffic Safe- tY S W M 2 ,A A 4, in . ,f 5 ,xy , X 1 l W I Don't Care Why You Were Late, You Still Have To Run Lap yt Doug Patrick- Physical Education, Head Foot- And Stretch, Two, Three, Four' ball Coach, Track Coach. Department Head KNEE +I-1 ae. 1' 190 Get Out Of My Face Chump! Bev Mclrvin- Physical Education, Drill Tea Advisor. Gymnastics V 'ls f21"' ff at r -S' 3 I W ,I gj 1 1 tf ' F ,W g I I WKQ hx IW kk Q . :Fx Richard Keltner- Industrial Arts Whistle While You Work. Stuart Seely- Industrial Arts T ttststt .... ' M W F A sssss R W W W A WW M IAWNM "-----WM ' ' Q WW Wt 1 X as X 2, W t, :WWW .M ,. K sg I Rst I I i S I 'B it I .w?'Y f ' " t I Y WW? W ' 1 W A 5 y we . ' ,Q f Q ie I ' ' 'NN X Ns' W - Er " i I K Ti l f low I Understand The Saying "Garbage In, Garbage Out." Okay Everyone, Huddlel S? - Q R, W as - --sw ,,. W. - ' -'TN 3 ff 15' .W Vi R K, ,, ' J A FP W K 33 Connie Volkner- Vocational Aide Don Jacobus- Industrial Arts, JV Golf Coach, Tod Filbert- Industrial Arts Department Head 191 Jean Theoharis- Study Skills, Math, Sharon Parker- IEP, World History English www-NW.. Valborg Head- IEP Math, English, X. f l Work Experience Q . is t m Skis S 1 , - 3 px t N lg .J is 3 Q3 , is QW., 2 X K wjffiigfw - S Qi 5 . Q.::ss.- - -' -ivfe use S , th V 'V Av , Rick Priest- IEP, Work Exp., Gym, and a very outgoi person. As-34" "No you can't have these Mrs. Little. They're mine." Roberta Beigh- Instructional Aide Barbara Bohney- tutor training: - it-1 g W , if we ,,,,. -ff' - Gary Mogensen- C, D. English, Ed Tays- C, D. English, U.S. Histo- 1 World History, Work Experience ry, Work Experience WNVRQQ 192 "O.K.. JONI l'lI play Patty-Cake with you." The happiness Federal Way brings us. I Jan Falk- Instructional Aide athy Ghiglione- Keyboarding usiness Law. Record Keeping larketing N. Q .QS ...f Bernie Little-Instructional Aide fl X Harry Melby- Keyboarding, Data Processing 1 K 'qi 3 'Nr ' O ' x , I f. 8159 no V Sara Wellman- Instructional Aide Sue Unwin- Accounting. Office Ed., Work Exp. vig: wvwgaewm P S ' Phil Isernio- Marketing, Cheer- 'll think l am going IO be 3 lawyer." leading Advisor, Work Exp. ,go-'ff-""" i is a 3 Q Vi- -41 1 5 S . 1- f - X if A -K 4 l": get ' X 7 LH " .. f' . 1 plc. Wg N iifif. r A ,... . - f'fs . e s fr li 1 : ff-' - K 'i I ,J .wr , - Q- .gi Q K ll l "We have another assignment,?" says Sheila. "l forgot my homework," says Chris. A ' HXFORD if X ' Ulla: K.. "Oh no, Vicki! We got caught!" Typing hard or hardly typing? 193 ,X . e - X Abbott, Archie 8, I30 Abraham, George Acayan, Tiffany I65 Afework. Daniel I48 Bardwell, Steven 8, 36, 38, 40, 4l, IIS, II9 Barker, Suzan l48 Barnes, Julie I65 Barnes. Melody 7, 8, 36. 38, 40, 4l, IIS Barnett, David 8 Bartley. Heather l48 Barton, Chad 8, I40 Bassen, Cathie 8 Bassen, Debbie l48, I65 Bates, Andrew I65 Batten, Danielle 8, 44. I26, I27, I40 Aki, Eileen II9, I48 Alberto, Efren Albright, Darrin 47, 52, I48, l57 Albro, Shawn Allan, Brandon l48 Allen, Jeff "Duffer" I65 Allison, Gregory 52, I3 Almaden, Luke l48 Altizer, Lara 47, l26, I32, I46, l48 Alverson, Bryn I65 Alvey, Sara Amde, Messaye Ammann, Anja I22 Bautista, Paolo Beach, Julie 5, 8. 36, I32, I33, I43 Beach, Karen I65 Becker. Bernadette 9 Belknap, Rhydell Bell, Gwendolyn I40 Belshaw, Michael I65 Benjamin, Darren Bennett, Debra 44. 52, I34, I35, I40, I46 Bennum, Milt l48 Benson, Stacy I65 Berbert, Damon 9, 36, 52, l06, IO7, IIO, Ill, l40 Brady, Jennifer Bravo. Kenneth IO Bredl, Todd I49 Anastasiadis, Brian I48 Bergen, Laura 9 Brondst , Andrea 45, 58, I47, l48 Erin 126, I48 ' Anderson, Aimee 60. l76 Anderson Anderson Anderson, Gregory I65 Anderson, Jamie 9. 58, I32, I33, I43 Andre', Robert Bergen, Russell I65 Beurskens, Ann 9 Biggs, Brenda l48 Billie, Ryan I65 Bingham, Amy l48 Bingham, Andrew I48 Brekke, Kenneth I49 Bresson, Deena Brewer, Renee IO, ll6 Bridges, Cynthia l0, I43 Bright, Mark 7, ll, 48, 56 Britten. Craig I49 Britten, Rod 4, ll, 62, 63 etter, Angelia 7, ll Andreasen, Brenda Brondstetter, Melissa I64 Calderon, Valentina Il, l23 Caldwell, Kevin I49 Calhoun, Sandra I49 Calvert, Charles ll Capitani, Shay ll, 38 Carpenter, Julie I49 Carpenter, Paul Il, 56, I64 Bingham, Charles 9 W i 3 Andrews, Dena ll9, I48, I52 Anthis. William I65 Arbuthnot-Stohl, Erik 8 Armas, Gina I65 Armas, Janice I48 Arsenault, Lisa I65 I Biren, Mark 9 Bitterman, Erica I65 Bivens, Devon 9 Biorklund, Randall 59, ll6, Blaha, Susan I48 Blake, Tina I65 II7, l48 Brooke, Heather II Brouer. Dale ll Brouer, Ronald I64 Brown, Brandon I64 Brown, Brendan I49 Brown, Bret I64 Brown, Charlotte I49 Brown, Charlotte I49 Brown, John 59, I49 Brown, Jonathan Brown, Kenneth I64 Brown, Steven I64 Brown, Tony ll Bruhn, Robert Buck, Mathew I64 Bucknam, Carrie I49 Bucknam, Thomas ll, II4, I24, I25 Bunn, Heather l43, I49 Bunt, Jessica 60, I64 Bur son, Brandon I4O Burson, Todd Burton, Julie I49 Bush, Christop I64, I77 Bush, Darlene 5, 38, 40, 4I, 52, l34, I35 Bushaw, Janna ll, 38, 40, 4I, 46, 52, I32, I33, I34, l35, I4O Bussmeir, Kim Il, 5I Bussmeir, Troy lI6. I64 Carr, Becky ll. l26, I27, l3l Carr, Jason I64 Carver, Charles Carver, Jean Case, Steven I49 Cassidy, Cathy I2 Cassman, Deborah I2, l07 Centers, Charles I2, l3O Chae, Charlie I2, 37, 52. IO7, l40 Chan, Foun Chang, Bae I2, 56. l38 Chang, Jay Wook I49 Chang, Keon Chang, Lila Chang, Peter Kwang I64 Chang, Scott I64 Chang, Se Chanthavong, Somprasong Chanthavong, Somsanouk l6I, I64, I Chanthavong, Somvang Chany. Fatima l50 Cheramie, Cristina l50 Cheramie, Dennis I2 Cheshier, Randy I2, 3I, 52, IO7, I4O Childs, Robert Cho, Eugene Aubert, John I65 Austria Jr, Meneleo I48 Blankenship, Debra I49 Blankenship. Donna I64 Butler, Brian II Austria, Claro 8 Blanscet, Jeffrey I49 Butler, Michael I64 Butts, Dana 60, I49 Choe, Mi-Hui Choi. Chol l38 Choi, Gary Choi, Jennifer I2 Choi, Soo I2 Austria, Edelweis I65 Axtell, Tammi I65 Axtell, Ted 80, l48 Ayers, Luzviminda Bacon, John I65 Badgley, Katherin 50, I48 Bailey. Jason Bain, Jon 4, 8, 48, 56, II4, I24, I25 Baker, Carrie Lee I48 Baker, Kelly l26, I65 Baker, Shawna 8, I4O Balbin. Paul Balthazor, Deidra I48 Banfield, Carl 8, 45, 52, I06, l40 Banfield, Jennifer 46, 60, I65 Bangert, Chris Bardwell, Paul 38, l63. I65 Blanscet, William Blazuk, Elizabeth Blevens, Daniel 9, 36, 40, 4I, 45, 52, I40 Blevens, Kenneth 59, I64 Blough, Kimberly I49 Bodle, Nichell 9, 60 Boggess, Clinton I49 Bolam, Kristina IO, I43 Bolen, Daniel I49 Bolinger, Stan ll6 fBo1stad, Jason 52, II9, I64 Bonholzer, Julie IO, I40 Bonholzer, Steven 47, 52, l40, I49 Bonus, Becky IO, 46, 52, I34, l35, I4O Bostic, Christopher IO Boswell, Dean I0 Bottomley, Jennifer I49 Bottomley, Tamara IO Bowdish, Wayne Bowen, Victoria I0, I32, l33, I4O Bowers, Derek Boyd, David lI6, I64 Bradstreet, Hattie Brady, Angela I49 'WX Ihoi. Soo-Jung fhristy, Robert 62, I5O Zhu, David 7, I2 Zhu. Jamie I64 ihung, Christine I2 ihung. Sylvia l64 Chung, Young ilairmont, Kellie l64 Ilairmont, Kimberli I64 ilark, Romi 44. 49, 52. 62. 63, I34. I5O ilarke, Tanya 4, IO. I2. 52, I32, I33. I34, I35, I4O Ievenger. Matthius ollins, Jennifer 39, I26, l46. I5O ollins. Keith I64 onine, Aaron onzatti. Douglas 52 ook, Stephen 52. I4O, I5O oombes, Robert I2 oombes. Sandra I4O, I5O ooper, Heather I2, I32. I33 opeland. Patrice I2 empsey, Lorri I66 enzer, Tina I4O, I5O erbes, William I4, 52, I4O esimone, John espain, Megan 50, SI, ISO ev, Sujata 58, l46. I47, I5O evine, Susan exheimer. Trissa l66 iaz. Mario I4, IIO, III iesso, Christine I5O illon, Sean l66 ines, Michelle 49, 66, I5O inkel. Christy I43, I5O ivers, Tracy l48, I5O ixon. Scott 52 izon, Joseph 5, I4, 37, 38, 40, 4I, 45, 80. IIO, III, IIS, I37. I4O o, Phat I4 oherty, Kimberly I40, I5O ' r L H sf 1 sn f-,k Domagala, Shonda I4, I4O Domzalski, Robert l5l Dorn, Michele 39. 44. 46. 52, l34, I35 Downing, Peggy I5 Draper. Cari I5 Du Pont, Jill I5l, I32. I33. 202 Du Pont, Juli I5, I3O Du Russel, Keith Dudley. Jennifer I5I Dufresne, Laurie Dugan, James Dungan. Timothy l5I Dunning, Stephanie Durand. Gregory II9, I5I Durbin. Timothy Durst, Melissa I5I Dyke, Antony Antony I5I Ear, Muy I66 Eberly, Andrew I5 Eddings, Buster I66 Edwards, Brooke 38, 39, 44, 5O Edwards, Russell I5, 59, I4O Eklund, Christopher I66 Elder. Samuel I5. 59, II5, l38, I Elias, Tia l5l Ellingson. Raquel I4O Ellis, Cory I5 Ellsworth, Nicole l66 Elston, Christophe I66 Elston, Scott I5 Elston, Tami I66 Engle. Scott I5I English, Stacy I66 Ennesser. Kristina I5I Epp, Shaun II6. II7, I5I Erickson, Trent 59, 80. II6, l66 Ernsberger. Amy I26, l66 Etzel. Colleen 5, I5, 38, I26, I27 Evans, Jennifer 54. I40, I67 Evert. Kimberly I5, II6, II7 Eidinger, Stephanie I5, I40 40 . 5I. Falkey ll, Robert I5 Fanning, Selena I67 Faucher, Christine I5 Faucher, Kenneth l5l Favela, Julissa I5, l3O Ferguson, Kevin I5 Ferrieri, Lisa I5 Figueroa, Hiram Fili, Asoiva 52, I5I Finch, Bryant I6 Finley, Kimberly Fisher. Heidi 66, I5O, I5I Fitch, Novella I67 Flatebo, Jason I5l Foess, Jennifer I5I Fonda, William I67 Fonseca, Tina IG, l24 Ford, Tavia l5l Foster. John I6, 36, IIO, Ill Fox, Sean l5l French. Floyd I4O. l5I Frey. Roger I6. I4O Freyberg, Jim l5l Friederich. Brian I5I Frost, Anthony l5I Fry, Roslyn 43, 66. I67 Frye, Laura I6 Fuiiyama, Eisuka Gomez, Eunice Gomez, Terry Gonzalez, Olivia I6. I53 Gosline, David I6 Gosline. Kristina I67 Gowdy, Bryan Graff, Matthew 52, I53, Grant, Tracy I7 Greco, Judiann I67 Green. Monica I53 Greenawalt, Jeffrey I53 Greer, Tom I7 Gregory, Julia I67 Grey, Richard Grisgsby, James I53 Grilley, Paul I7, 59 Gross, Brandi Guay. Christine Guerrero, Julianna I53 Guild, Jason I67 Gunderson, Michael I56 Guppy. Therese I7, 37, 52, I32 I33 34 I35, I4O Gurnard. Tara I67 Guyton. Mara I53 Ha. Hoa I7 +7-1 d Fulcer. Kathleen I6. II6, I3O Fulcer. Patricia 7, I6. II6 Fuller, Stephanie 60. I67 Furtado, Lorna II6, I5l Furuta, Tanya I3O G-Borreguero, Edurne I23 Gabert, Bruce I5l Galeazzi, Luigi I53 Gallagher. Scott 59. 80, I67 Garber, Daniel I53 Gardner, Marcy I67 Garmey, Glenda l6, I22 Gayler, Scott 80, II9, I53 Gearhart. Mari 4, 5, I6. 38. George, Anna 58, I40, I53 George, Lynn Giese, Shawn I6. I4O Gifford, Kristina I53 Gjersee, Kristen 54, I67 Glavanits, Paul Gleason Jr., Richard II6. I53 Glen, Jason I53 Glen, Justin I67 Goch. Joshua I6. l3l Goch. Stephanie I67 Godoy, Leah I67 Golden. Shannon Goldner, Jennifer I53 4O. 4I. IIO .X 2 fs Haegele, Daniel I7, 52, 80, IM IO7 IIO Ill, I4O Hagberg, Tammy I53 Hagbom, Jennifer Haggard. Terry I67 Hall, Christian Hall, Julie I67 Halliday. Christine Halvorson, James I53 Hamilton, Leslie I53 Ha mmes, Kathryn I67 Hansen, Todd I40, I53 Hanson, Brian I53 Hanson, Cindy I7 Hanson, Raina I67 Hardt, Angela I53 Harnden, Kenny I53 Harrah, Timothy II9, I67 Harrington, Dennis I7 Harris. Kristin I7 Hart, Stacy Stacy Hartinger, Katrina I7 Hartwell, Kristin II6, I67 Hartwell. Kristopher II6, Harvey, Andrea I53 Harwood, Kristopher I53 Hash, William I3O Hashbarger, Chad I7, 3I. Hashbarger, Chris I7 Hashbarger, Tracy I53 Hauge, Lorna 66, I26, I5O Hawkins. Julie 38, I8 Hayman. Laura I8 Head. Sherene I8, II6 I67 5 Heather, Amy 39, 60, l53 Heflen. Shawna I8 Heim, Traci I8 Hennig, Jennifer 5, I8, l34. Henry, Donnis 52 Hensley, Allen I52, I40 Hering, Michelle 66, I67 Herzog, Michelle I8 Heskin, Maria 66. I67 Heslin, Glenn I8 Hessler, Bret I8 Hester, Kristi I68 Hewlett, Rex I8 Hicks, Brian I68 High, Julie I33, I8, l40, I32 Hill. Brian 59, l68 Hill, Joe l40, IS, 43 Hill, Stephen l8, Il6 II5, 52, l35 Hines, Ginger Ginger I52, II9 Hirsch, Sara I8 Hirschfeld, Cory I52 Hitchcock, Kimberle I69 Hitchcock, Scott l69 Hodgins. Michael I52 Hogan, Catherine 38, I43, I Hogenson. Jonica I63, 66 Hogenson, Kendra I52 Hoit, Bluesette 60, I40, I69 Holden, Karin I9, I40 Holland, William Hollingsworth, Amy I43, I9 Holmes, Danielle l69 9, I40 Isotalo, Kim l68 lyall, Kristen 60, l68 Jackson, Angela I9 Jackson, Angela Jackson, Ethan l69, I77 Jacobson, Bret l69 Jacobson, Heidi I9, 43, I32, I33, I94 Jallen, Kenneth I9, 52, 53 Janson, Rodney l69 Jenkins, Rachel Il6, I40, I52, I54 Jenkins. Susan I9 Jennings, Derrick I47 Jensen, Todd Jerdal, Darya 7, I9, I24, I25, l40 Jett, Christophe 20 Jetton, Nancy 47, l46, I49, I52 Johannesen, Melissa Melissa I52 Johnson, Arnold Johnson, Cathy l69 Johnson, Donna Johnson, Doug Johnson, Eric Johnson, Erik Johnson, Jennifer Lou Johnson, Kimberly , Zig: , f L7 Honan, Kirk I9 Hong, Hanh I52 Hopkins, Jeffery I9 Horan, Jeffrey I9, l40 Horsley, Ninzel I52 Horton, Lisa I69 Hoskins, Michael l68 Hosko, Nancy I9 Houghton, Adam Howard, Shawn I52 Howard, Stephen Howitt, Joel l68 Johnson, Lance Johnson, Mark Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Tiffany Johnston, James Johnston, Shannon Jolley, Andrew Jolley, Leona Jorgensen, Troy Jowell, Chad Jowell, Devin Joyner, Christina Hoyo, Linda I22, l69 Hoyt, Andy I69 Hsu, Alex I52 Hughes Debbie I9 Hughes James "Jim" I69 Hughes, Kimberly I52 Hughes, Robert I52 Humphrey, Kenneth I9 Hupperten, Jennifer 5, l69 Hupperten, Timothy I9, '52, I4O Hurley, Shane Hutchens, Jeffrey l69 Huynh. Son I69 Hyde, Michael Ikeda, Ryoko I9, I23 Issacson, Heather l68 196 Jozefowicz, Maciek l68 Judy, Margaret 20 Kahns. Ranae 20 Kahns, Robert I52 Kalirae, Ranbir Kapinos, Jennifer Karpenko, Dawn I40, I52 Kauer, Brian 80, I68 Kauer, David 20 if f Kaufman, Donavan 20, 62, II4, I24, I25, I4O Kavanaugh, Lisa 2I Kay. Jared I52 ,inasm- Keath. Leah l40, I52 Keen, Laura, I69 Keene, Staci 2l Kellar, Heidi I52 Kelly, Adrienne 2l, I24 Kelly, Keonna I69 Kelly, Owen I52 Keltner, Kurtis 2l Kenyon, Kathryn I52 Kerns, Tim II6 Kerns, William I54 Ketcham, Mark 2I Kim, Bonghee I69 Kim, Daniel 6, 2I, 4I, lO6, Il6, l40 Kim, Hye Mi I68 Kim, Kyung 2l Kim, Louis I68 Kim. Mun Suk Kim, Sang Kim, Son 2I Kim, Su l68 Kim, Young Kim, Young 2I Kim, Young Kim, Young Soo Kimball, Jennifer 2l Kimura, Angela 66, I54 King, Cheryl I68 King, Corey I54 King, Dustin 52, I54 Kinnaman, Mara 5, 2l, 37, Il0, Ill Kinnaman, Scott 52, I68 Kinney, Rosemari 2I Kittelson, Symone 2I, 43, I40 Klassen, Chad 52, I54 Kleipoedszus, Andrea 54, I22, I5 Kling, Stuart Kliskey, Amy II6, I54 Kliskey, Eric IG9 Knobloch, , Lisa 43, I54 Koh, Jay 6, 2I, 80, lI6 Kongkatong, Tarasin 56, I54 Kopick, Kristina 60, I54 Kotchkoe, Stephani I26, I54 Krahner, Joy l68 Krause, Michael Krout, Joseph I54 Kurtz, Polly Kusar, Charles I63, I68 QU' 4 'N Kusar, Christy I54 Kutscha. Timothy 59, I54 Kwon, Kyong I54, I68 Kwon, Yun II6, II7 La Marche, Traci I24 Laknas, Michael Lambourne, Jason Lamey, Jennifer I68 Landers, William 2l, 37 Landry, Mark I54 Lane, Christopher 2I Langston, Charles Langsy, Khamphuk I54 Langsy, Khamsouk I54 Lanman, Jenifer 22, 36, Lantrip, Barbara I54 Larimore, Jason Larpenteur, Linae I68 Larson, Gary I54 Larson, Melanie I54 Larson, Midori l68 Larson, Tara Latimer, Debbie 22 38, lI0, Ill Lawerence, Lisa 7, 22. I32, l33 Lay, Douglas I69 Le, Hien Le, Hung Le, Minh Lee, Allen Lee, Chung 22, 45, IO7, I Lee, Jackson Lee Kye Lee Kye Lee, Rachel Lee, Seyoung 50, II7, I54 Lee Yoon I70 Lehman, Jodi 4, Il5, I26 Lemke, Todd 22 Lemley, Chelsea Lenway, Christophe II6. Lepine. Daniel Il6, I54 II, IIS I54 l ine, Steven 22, II7 is, Michael I54 v, William l54 lberg, Eric 62, I70 le, John I54 David 22. 56, l38 Eddie 80, I55 hart. Andrew 22 an. Jeanne 4, 6, 22, 38, 39, 40, 4I , Ill , Russell g. Anthony I55 itson, Tonya I55 J, Michael Il9, l7l, I72 E, Jennifer 22, 37, 50 , Krystal 38, I40, l55 ing. Stephanie l7l ery, Michael ibert, Scott I55 isden, Darin II6, I55 isden, Tami 22, 37, I40 dsgaard, Catherine 52, I07. I34, I46 5 Ha I55 rs, Terri I55 h, Jennifer Mansanarez. Tracy 23, I43 Maples, Charles I55 Mara, Meredith I55 Mararac, Rolando 23 Markquart, Joel 52, l7l Marsh, Shawn 52, l07, I37, I55 Martin, Christina I55 Martin, Michael 23, 52 Martin, Paul I55 Martinez, Nicole I55 Martinez. Sheila 23, 58 Martinson, Jack 24, 43 Mason, Michelle l7l Masuda, David-Paul Masuda, Juston Matheny, Monique 6, 23, 40, I32, I Matheson, Stacy 23 Mathews, Bryan II6, I55 Mathews, Jeffrey II6, l7l Mathur, Neeraj Mattson, Randy 23, 36, 52,l40 Mattson, Robert I55 Matukonis, Tony 23. l3I May. Erin l7l Mayer, Scott I55 Mazzeo, Kristine 66, I70 Mc Leod, Denise Mc Leod, L. Ray 52, I57 Mc Murphy, Molly I26, I57 Mc New, Nonnie Mc Pherson, Doyle l7l Mc Phillips, Raquel 5. I40 Meadows, Kelly 37 Mecum, Robert Mecum, Shari l7l Medina, Jason 80 Mejia Jr., Miguel I57 Mellick. Theresa 9, II6, ll7, I32, I33 Meloy, Jason l7l Mercure Ill, Ovide I56 Meredith, Cory Mergel, Chad I70 Merino, Daniel I70 Napoli. Jennifer l70 Nastasi, Thomas Neeshan, Liza Jane I56 Neigel, Robyn 6, 27, 66, ll9 Neigel. Thresa II6, l57 Nelson,Troy 27, I32. l33 Nelson, Julianna l7l Nerison, Corey l57 Nesler, James 80, l57 Neuman. Brian 27. 47 Nguon. Dara Messner, Brian I56 Mettler. Andrea Meyer, Echo Michalson, Christophe Michalson, Daniel 56, I70 Miles, Mike I56 Miller, A John Miller, Bronzell 52, I30, l57 Miller. Chloie I70 Miller, David Miller, Edward 52, l3O, I57 Miller, Janel l7O Miller, Lisa Miller, Lynnette I32, l33 Miller, Susan Il9 Nguyen Minh, Dang Nguyen, Bihn I30 Nguyen, Camvan l7l Nguyen, Pham Kim l3l Nguyen, Tai l57 Nguyen, Tim Nguyen, Trung 27 Nicholas, Malcolm I57 Nichols, Michelle l57 Nieves, Carla I56 Nieves, Renee 28 Nisco, Frank l47 Nitzel, Cammy 28 Noble, Noel l7l Nokes, Jim 28 CHUCK , Todd 52, l7l kie, Linda ldock, Karen 43, I26, I46, I55 Idox, Sonja I70 Idux, Yvonne I70 Iison. Michelle 22 el. Cory I24, I70 el, David 22, l3l giacomo, Julie 80, II6, I55 giacomo, William 59, lI9. I55 oney, Marc I55 oney, Maria 22, I40 ind, Philip l7l n, Heidi I40, I,55 n, Jonathan 22, 47, 52, 53 Ti i xl' jf A ,5 1 K Camley, Tracy 23 Cann, Danny 23, l30 Carthy. Erin 23, IIO, Ill, I88 Caslin, Joseph l40, I55 Clatchie, Brian II6, l55 Coy, David I55 Cray, Sharron I40, I55 Daniel, Tralaine I56 Donald, Jodie I26, l46, I56 Donald. La Kesha 50 5I, I70 Donnell. Jeanette I56 Dougall, Kimberly 23, I40 Dowell, Gary 23 Gill, Benjamin I70 Glenn, Stacey 23 Graw, Molly 54 Graw, Ryan 23, II4. I24, I25 Kenzie, Michael Kie, Amelia 44, I26, I27, I32 Kimmy, Bridget 38 Kinley, Eric Kinley, Michelle l57 Kinney, Kelly 44, 58. l26 X lenssg,..,,- , Miller, Terri 5, 44. 48, 50, 5I Mills, Casey l7l Mills, Heather 54, I57 Milnor, Kimberly Minish, Heather 27, 40, I24 Mitchell Il, John l7l Mitchell, Jeffrey l7l Mitchell, Julianna IIO, III Mitchell, Kathy 27, l3O Mitchell, Laura II6, l57 Moberg, Holly 27, II6 Moe, Kimberly I70 Moen. Thomas 59, I70 Mogensen, Martin l57 Montague, Lisa Montgomery, Michelle I70 Montgomery, Nicole 27, I32, Moore. Barry Mordeaux, Gina 27, 38, I40 Morgan. Kelly 66 Morrison, Steven 27, 45, 52, I40 Moser. Mark Mounsey, Dianna 27, I32, l33 Muir, R Jason 27, 36 Munson. Sara 58, I70 Murakami, Akihiro 27. I23 Muratalla, Manny Murchison, Joseph Murphy. Kyle 27, ll0, Ill Murray, Scott I56 Noland. Kelly 48, 52 Norris, Patricia 28 Norris, Teresa 28 Novak, Patrick I70 O'Brien, Carrie 28, 36 O' Neill, Dorothy I56 keley, Janelle 66, I7 Odenbach, Randal 2 , Oedewaldt, Amber 28, II6, II7 Oh, Hung I56 Oh, Jung I56 Oh, Yun I70 Ohrazda, Heidi l57 Olecik, Lesley I57 Olejarski, Jeneen l57 Oliver, Derek 28 Olsoe, April 7, 28, 48, 50, 5I, ll9 Olson. Beau L56 Olson, Jennifer l56 Olson, Steven 29 Ong, Jennifer I70 Oono, Sandra 4, 29, 46, 52, II5, I32 l33 , 38, 44, 50 SI so 6 I70 n l . Muscutt, Melanie I4, 27. 36, 58, Il0, B4 I34, I35, I40 Orlando, Stacia I56 Payne, Ormsby, Osborn, Christophe 29 Osborn, Dawn Osborn , Kathleen II6, l7l Oskam, Janet l7l Owens, Waylon l56 Paige, Sonia 60, l56 Pardo, Robert I72 Park. Allan I72 Park. Chul l56 Park, E ddie 4, 29, 36, 44, 5 Shannon 60, l63, l7I 2, 53, IO7, I32, I33 Park. Kyung Hwa 29, 56, I40 Park, Ricky IIS, I57 Park, S eong Park, Soo Parker, David I72 Parks. Parks, Joshua Thad 29 Parsons, Erin I57 Partlow, Cari I72 Passey , Lynette 29 Paust, Scott 29, 52, IIO, I40 Pine, Tera I72 Pingrey, Holly I58 Pinney, Stacy 30, l30 Pinney, Troy I72 Pipes, Matthew I58 Pischel. Dana I72 Pitzer, Sonia 28, 30 Podoll, Chad 30, 36, 45, 47, Pogue, Matthew I58 Powell, Diane 30 Prasad, Tarun 30 Prather, Christina l62, I72 Premel, Stephanie I58 Presnell, Michelle Presti, Rachel l63, I72 52, I37 Preston, Penny 5, 30, 38, l26, l43 Price, Marc Prince, Deshawn Pruesser, Ramona Pugerude, Jon 52, 78, I59 Purdy. Sara 30 Quinn, Charles I59 Payment. Christopher 29, I40 Thomas Pearson, Daniel l56 Pearson, Jeffrey 80, I72 Pearson, Wendy I72 Pease, James Pedersen, Tracy I56 Pedranti, Renee 29, I40 Pellant, Erin l56 Peltier, Josie I72 Peltola, Joseph l56 Perry, Jeffrey 59, II6, l56 Perry, Saul I72 Peters, Sean l46, l56 Peterson, Kristina 29, 60 Peterson, Matthew Peterson, Michael 29 Petlig, Kerry Petros, Salefh I72 Petros, Simon I56 Pfliger, Christine I57 Pham, Dao Pham. Dung Pham, Khanhl72 Pham, Thuy Pham. Thuy Linh I58 Pham, Trang I72 Phan, Tien l72 Phillips, Kenneth I72 Pi, Paul II7, I58 Pierce, Carl 4, 30, 52. I40 Pierce, Shawn Pike, Klayton I72 198 KRW Rabbitt, Marita I59 Raffaell, Neil Rake, J "Kelly" I58 Rappe, Ken I72 Rash, Jennifer l48, I53, I58 Rashell, Rodney 62, I72 Raspa, Ramon 28, 30, 43 Rech, Travis I58 Redwine, Leslie Reed, Shane Reising. Paul 30, I40 Reynolds, Todd II6, ISI, I58 Rhymes, Angela 30 Ribes, Marie 30, I22 Rice, Lisa 30 Rich, Rachelle I72 Richards, Gina 30, I40, I46 Richards, Gregory I72 Richter, Michelle ll9, I58 Riedel, Tawnya 54, I72 Rifenberick, Vance I58 Riha, Timothy 30 Riley. Erin 30, 60, I37 Riley, Niall I72 Riley, Russell I59 Rittenhouse, Dennis 3I Roaas, Line 29. I22 Roberson. Katice I59 v ,. ,W ,,,, F f uw ,,,.,. ,,,.M.,. . ,Ly Roberts. Jason Robles, Maria I72 Rockey, Chad Rodriquez, Krystal 54, I72 Rodwell, Cari Ann I73 Roebuck. Karla 3l, l43 Roper, Kimberly I43, I58 Rortvedt, Swen 3l Rortvedt, Tina I58 Rosand, Stacie l58 Roth. Marty II6, I58 Rowe, Chad 52, I73 Royall, Jennifer 3l Rude, Aaron 80. I46, I58 Rudzinski, Kevin I58 Rumel, Alison 3l, I26, I27 Rutledge, Monica 3l Rutter, Matthew l59 Sabado, Jeffrey 3l, 37, 38, Sabourin, Renee I73 Saeki, Mika I22 Saheli, Heidi I59 Sakahara, Bryan 3l, 52 Salyards, Jennifer I59 Samples, Jason Sanders, Trinette I40, I58 Sather, Amy 3l, 60, I40 Sawyer, Damien I73 Schantz, Eugene I59 Schanzle, Mary Joan Scharrelman, Aaron I73 Scharrelman, Dana Schenk, Scott I59 Schenk. Victor Schiemer, Brad I59 Schier, Stacy I59 Schlaitzer. Crystal Schmidt, Cheryl 32, I40 Schmidt, Jason I37, I59 Schmidt, Keith I73 IIO, Ill Schroeder. Scott 32. 43, 52. 53, l94 Schubert, Timothy II6, I73 Schwab, Holly I73 Scoville, Debbie Seavers, Heather I59 Sehlin, Sean 32, 37, 46, 48. 52, 53 Sehlin, Shannon 66, I73 Sennott. Marcy I73 Shahan, Cynthia I40, l56, I58 Shanda. Kenneth I73 Shanda, Michelle I58 Shaw, Deanna 60. I58 Shaw, Valerie l73 Shelton, Kimberly I73 Shepherd, Sharolyn 32, 36, 66. I40 Sherman ll, William 59 Sherman, Robert I40, I59 Sherwood, Jason I59 Shoop Jr., Charles I73 Short, Jesse 52, I59 Shriner, William Silva, Kerstin I73 Simpkins, Lisa Simpson, Scott I59 Sims. Travis 32, 52 Singleton, David 32 Skievaski, Kirsten 46, I73, I76 Sloane, Jeremy 32, 37, I40, l90 Slorah, Jennifer I59 Smith, Derrick 80, I73 Smith, James 32, l5l, I59 Smith, James I73 Smith, Jason I58 Smith, Jeff I73 Smith, Kristine Smith, Shannon 32 Smith. Vickie I73 Smoter, Seth I73 Snead, Aaron I73 Soennichsen, Christopher Solomon, Dorion l59 Solomon, Micheal I73 Sonnenfeld, Amy I59 Sorenson, Jennifer I73 Sousa, Cory II6, I59 Spaccarotella, Donald 32 Spader, Suzette I59 Spann, Barbara Spaulding, Kenneth 32 Speers, Nicki I59 ,I F' 15 ,I , st- A ai P , , E it 1berg, Charles 32 igue. Wendy I59 igue, William I74, 52 iglia, Jenone I60 b, Mokoto I74 b, Vulka I60 ilito. Jodie I74 lein, Keri I74, II6 khouse, Gina I26, I27, l l, Thomas I74 r, Catharine 32 dman, Brian dman, Kimberly le, Grant 32l iocher, Kirk I38, I74 bens, Brian I75 60 fart, Jon 33, 59 4, l25, I3 X . c ael 33, 52. ing, Heidi I75 1, John 33, 48, 56. I40 zio, Marlo 33 Istrom, Becky I75 :k-Conrad, Leann I60 ison, Erik 33 ztman, Michelle l74 ney, Heidi I74 , Takashi 33, I22 Jr, James I60 Jr, Marla I74 Jle, James I74 Jleton, Brett I60 y, Lisa I74 'illiger, Frederic I6l My Lan I6I Tao 33 zault, James 33 1as Jr, Ronald I74, I76 Ias, Maile I64 ipson, Kimberly ipson. Robert 6, 33, 37. 40, , If fb L ---v' Q , is I? cf 7, l40 4l, I32, Thomson, Angie I75 Thomson, Paula I75, 54 Throop, Anthony Thrush, Lee 39, I6I Tidwell, Edward 80 Tilt, Suzanne 38, I60 Tipper. Rebecca I75 Tomson, Matthew I75 Touchstone, Brian 33. I24. 52 Toves, Raquel I74 Tramel, Mickie I33, I60, l99 Trentman, Karen I60 Trier, Scott 33 Trier, Wendy I74, ll6 Tripp, Jennifer I60 Tripp. Justin 59, 80 Tsai, Pae Lin 33, I74 Tsai, Pae Wen I43 Turner, Charles 33 Turner, Jeffery I60 Tyack, Rustin I74 Tynan, Douglas 33, I40 U'Ren, Roxanne 33, I43 Ulrich, Sheila 34 Ulrigg. Jon l6I Van Auken, David 34, l40 Van Dusen. Jennifer I6I Van Woerden, Kara I75 Vance, Christop I75, 62 Vance, Sean 34, 62, 63 Vanden Berg, Treg 43, 47, 52, l6l Vandenberg, Wendy I60 Vander Stoep, Heidi 44, IIO, I26 Vanderhoof Ill, John 52, I68 air , ,W f ,JA -..W ww' i ,,M,.,,.,.,,W.,,. .,, ,, ,, I' -. A , ,J Q., ,W , f W ,V ,W , Vanhoose, Robin I75 Vasquez, Juan I74 Vehovc, Cynthia I60 Verville, Kristopher Vicars, Nick I74 Villarreal, Valerie 34 Volheim, Erin 34, 36. Volheim, Stacey I74 Volstad, Jason 38, IIO, III Vysniauskas, Angela 34, I26, I3I Waalk, Kim 34, 37, 40, 58 Wagner. Jeffrey 46, 5 Walker. Donald 2, I75 Walker, Lisa II5, I26, I27, I60 Wallace, Penny I75 Walsh, Adam Walters, Tina 34. I32, Ward, Michelle 34 Warden, Richard I60 Warfel, John l40, I60 Warmbo, Susan I40, I7 Warren, James I60 I33 5 Warriner, Lee Ann I75 Waters, Holli l6I Woolf, Connie 35, I43 Wright, Bradley 35, 36 Wright, Tim Wunder. Timothy I60 Wyman, L Grey 35 Ybarra, Rico l6I Yenne. Rebecca I75 Yi, Song 35 Yokoyama, Akiko 39, I60 Yong, Yun I75 Yoon, Brian 35 Young. Philip I60 Yukish, Lu ann lI6 Yutuc, Paula Zaetz, Arlene Zantkovsky, Eran 56, I60 Waters. John 34 Watson, Gina Weber, Eric Weber, Kari I6I Weekley. Scott 34 Wega. Jody l6l Weinman. Patrick 34, 36, 48. 56 Weisz, Paul I60 Weller, Denise I60 Wellman, Lisa I74 Wendfeldt, Marc I60 Westby, Tessa I6I Wezeman, Paul l6l Wheeler, Brian 34 Whigham, Christopher White, Malitka White, Sean Wieneke. Elissa 34, I24 Wilcox. Micheal Wilcox, Travis 35, 62, 63 Wilhelm ll, Mark l40, l6I Wilke, Stephani I74 Wilkey, Raymond I74 Willhite, Eliott Il6, I75 Williams, Paul 35. I3I Williams, Ron 35, IIO, Il Wilson, Jr, Franklin Wilson, Daniel 35 Wilson, Denise 35, 66, Wise, Jennifer I60 Wittmier. Heather I75 Woehler, Jason I60 Woody. Patricia 35 I II7 Zellerhoff, Mark 35 Zembruski, Corey I75 Zengel, Scott I75 fag.. k Angie shows Dana the perplexities of trig. Ufrb W fr H A ' P X ' "Where's everyone going?" asks Leah. N' fi Q, I .ss "HeIpI l'm stuck!" Lorna says. If "Can YOU do this?" Jodie asks JF 1 "' 1 iiii - j Shoot! I forgot what class I have , -"' now! Joe says. x s Q fx Q TX NN Wi y N .X M g 1' -:,: " . f f.. : ga igfk iii Ya- Y . I .... . It i iiis - --, - i 'ts.. sais ' . st.i inass ositss I at . i 1 g ... E s . 5 ss..i j . .. a A -'--- ' '- ..,. Tonia says, "I'II get you for taking my picture!" "Aren't I cute?" asks Kelly. 1 2' 5,....u..M , , -M .M-.'-4-n . A .i,.i ..,, - , -- -'ww www 1 i 'khh 5 -fk. 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