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UWWWKW Q f:ffffi1::5 WWW Ufgf3iiSf3i4,f'j53P WK W Nfsfffefff WU? WQ'f,5fQy WEA Qgwfw jfxffvffyfgjjvfygfj jg . P rw Nffi nfl ily!!! M5552 if 19' 2,SfZ?f Q54V . ji jj w41C"99ff1bf Y' ' W iff P MJCQ04 'fr 3" V ff Q R352 Jig . pf as "Qi, X if N 3F51-?g"5f?f-fj'a ,f gfjff 'O Qfifiggigf , X -situ X U Eg g?.,,15k'mW,bep Q W fx fw-sw Jgf gyi fyj , of ' ,Wifi WWW W, xyfv , ,Z wfwjffjwmigdg. d 2Wf 2 f91 "'fWX, L! , ,,g!,fQi'iMfLJa 'Yr ' 7WD WMQWY WMM' 9 ' Aff!! Sf fy3fW7" f QEW fwygjffzqfg 2 77" QWr53flWf-fZf,.'Jj1g'ff,.ffy.l Q28 w4WJf' W' we -HQ 2 Qwwjfji QW ' 325-Vid W' -'V 1 'if ' A"'f'4' wgwgwylijfgg QAZQ-ff, 6.134 9 .oifpfiff W fjj,O QQ Afff51ff,ff'ii'fmefWM Nfvfif illffwfw QMM, JMZZJTZTQW, . ,W,,,5,3"'?Z '41-ff X J'-Aq,,,8 952' '9 g,JM,,,f7 uglw T l.fVw,1C1 ,LW Q .L D-Mft? I ' If. ' FSI. ,4Q. A , , A f ft LQ 95. . M4123 fadggfvfdmg - . I 5 ' ' if I - bu ' Q Qozdicjv' 4410 4 F f ' Q Q0 5, v, 0 Q, off JY? rf Xpmxodlbwggfgf I J ' E20 00 ' QOCX :ff-PFQ QCD 01- dwwwdi .El w EQ4ijl..,JwLJwM UWVLU .M Sw Www W Qh5Lm.,,e:,f3wj""4 Mya,-iff ' D n O Q v U ,Laffy dffin, ff' ,Wfnjp ff' du C 11951 XX S90 Published by FEDERAL WAY HIGH SCHQQL Y ' REDONDC, WASHINGTON XL ISUXRD UI-' DIRI-1cL'l'n llfnrolfl Vhilkms. Lhnirnmn I , gnu-H X Inhnv I ll rk Hs, ., gf karl K, Brmnue llzurmuw- IJ Slum- l.utle Vifitt . -, 4 54. 4 H, cj- I it ' 'Q-Qxbqmf-F' ' ,q '- 'Lug '33, 'ir 4 1,- 55 j 1 s '5 fy vm Uwfvdfwwgji- f . t exif QD N . M,-g SN W 'i'e?+:g, 'QU xg-, n x V U. Q t "Let there be light" was the first command for the forming of our world. All down through the ages light in its various forms has been the most important factor in every phase of human life. N We, the seniors, have come to understand the need for the light of learning as the basic fundamental for useful living. We are grateful to the facultv and administration for helping us 'to assimilate this light for use in years to come. It is with this thought in mind that we selected light as the theme of the l95l SECOMA. 4 WW iw A ,W W W WM It is with sincere appreciation that we dedicate this annual A to Mr. Henry L. Thorsett, who has been a light of inspiration to the class of 195 I. We have all come to know his democratic ways, good citi- zenship, and excellent judgment in civic affairs. We feel that if we can, in any small way, imitate his qualities citizens. and high ideals, we will become good and successful American ' E With these thoughts in mind we dedicate the pages of this I annual to him. H A i 'inf QA! 1 I 3 0 2 -u F E I -5 X sl 1 I MR. GLENN Mr. T. Glenn, affectionately known to the students as "Skipper," died early on the morning of February 8. Having been a bus driver at Federal Way for ten years, "Skipper" holds a place in the hearts of many students. Besides the students who regularly rode his bus, many others remember this good-natured man as he joined in the fun while driving a bus to and from games. We will remember Mr. Glenn as a kind and friendly person. MISS HOLMSTROM On january l2, the pupils and alumni of Federal Way lost one of their finest friends and teachers, Miss Hanny Holmstrom, , XX. ln her many years of teaching she gave her pupi-ls. agsurance, confidence and love. Her reward was observing the development of her many stwudents into worthy citizens. i The closing of school on the Monday after her death was a small token of the appreciation she deserved. As the memory of her is so strong, she will always linger in our hearts as a part of Federal Way. Sesame Zcdldefza EDITOR-ftop left, : Helen Herr. ADVISER-Mr. Harris. ADVERTISING STAFF-Standing: Adrian Berglund, Eddie Englund, jim Lawson, john Benton, Darwin Davis. Seated: Joan Lindstrand, Naoma Durnell, Diane Siler, Associate Editor, Arlene Parker. ASSISTANT ADVISER-Mrs. Aldridge. LITERARY EDITOR-Davie Joy Adams. TYPISTS and LITERARY STAFF-Standing: Arlene Parker, Niarcellyn Barnett, Dolores Higdon. Seated: Gail Fields, Mary Anne Samuel, Marvis Bauer, Shirley lwasaki. BUSINESS STAFF and PHOTOGRAPHY-Phillip Poppleton, Verla Brin- son, Don Van Volkenburg, Dorothy Chamberlain, Photographers, Shirley Iwasaki, Business Manager, Shirley Houghton, Assistant Business Manager. NOT IN PICTURE-Bob Wehrer, Art Editor and Jo Anne Gronley, Photography. Above from left to right are: Bredl. Valento, Walvoord. Hunter, Demaree, Rniley, Sims. Cizunem shy are Davis, Kuhn, and Warren. Lower, left to right: Crowston, Sherrard, Altman. Nlclnlosh, lfischer. Slmupp, unnl Sdu.mu-rlmrn 464 6024 These bus drivers did a fine job in transporting the many pupils to and from school. Our eleven buses make from 4 to 6 trips daily. They covered approximately 230 miles each day. Their responsibility was greatly increased by the double shifting in the grade school. ' a Under the expert management of Nliss Grace Fischer, our cafeteria served delicious, well-balanced meals to approximately 700 students each day. With the help of 3 cooks, a cashier-bookkeeper and 30 students under lVliss l7ischer's supervision, the lunch was served to the high school for 20 cents. A new feature in the cafeteria this year was the soft ice cream machine. The cafeteria staff is to be congratulated on the excellent job they did this year. ii Jw, If E is 1 5155.6 ff , if . -5 j Ei ' i -1 1 B23 :- A X? Y' NXT 213 YQ ' 1 44555-. 4 Q fx M ' f 'hy X X r if 1 X 1 Xl e 'W f f gf uf M! Q A 969 1 C' X.,-f r Jw, 1 p . .E fd e ln selecting "Light" as a theme for the I95l edition of Secoma, the class of '51 has displayed rare foresight. Light can be thought of in its most common or physical sense, but to a thinking person it has a much deeper implication. From an educational or spiritual point of view it must be con- sidered as understanding, as knowl- edge, as wisdom and as power. All people and races, great and small, in- dividually or in groups, mark their suc- cess and progress in direct proportion to their fund of wisdom and knowl- edge. Such a theme could well be chosen as a guide or aim for the Ameri- can System of Public Education of which this school is a part. What better goal could a graduating class set for itself? To the present class we offer our hearty congratulations and best wishes for a bright future, but we cannot help but regret that their departure upon life's journey must come at a time of such uncertainties, at a time when plans must be made subject to sudden changes. We trust the past twelve years have adequately equipped them to meet the challenges presented by the world of today and that their achievements in school will be dwarfed by their accomplishments of the future. To them we wish life's fullest measure of happiness and success. ' George Rutherford S '4 Wleccage Light in general, the absence of darkness, as a theme for this year's Federal Way Annual gives me an opportunity to dwell on a few subjects which are akin to it. For example: lighthouses and light ships are used as guide posts for ships at sea, beacons are used for the airways and traffic signals are used to guide and direct travel upon the land. These powerful searchlights or illuminations are used as warnings of shoals and reefs, and as guides to indicate safe channels. Education is a form of light or mental enlightenment for those who avail them- selves of the opportunities presented for receiving it. What you have learned and will continue to learn should serve as the light- houses, beacons, and traffic signals along your way. There are still many, many people in the world who do not have mental enlight- enment, as can be seen in the condition of the world today. There is war, threats of war, distress, intrigue, despair, poverty, and hunger. There seems to be a scarcity of good news, bright sports, and encouragement. Confucius once said that to put the world in good order, the nations must be put in good order, which means that we must put our families in good order. To put our families in good order we must cultivate our personal lives. To cultivate our personal lives we must set our hearts and minds aright, use the light of understand- ing and knowledge, and keep our eyes upon the guiding lights of what we have learned. You, graduating students of 1951, will some day be the leaders of commercial, civic, and public affairs in the coming years. Watch for the guiding lights and remem- ber that good citizenship is founded in the spirit of tolerance, kindness, good sports- manship, and of helpfulness to others, Kenneth C. Jones Saferrzdnteucleat and Seozetafcq Shown below is Mr. jones and his secretary, Mrs. Blanche Schwager, who has taken over the duties of his former secretary, Mrs. Bernice Railey. Together Mr. Jones and Mrs. Schwager discuss and solve many problems that are seldom spotlighted to the students. Pziaacyal and Seozezfazq Helping to furnish a guiding light for the students has been the job of Mr. Rutherford and his able secretary, Miss Winnifred Twiss. They are shown at the desk over which pass many problems that concern the high school and its students. nligdlewow MRS. MARIAN ALDRIDGE Typewriting. Office Practice. Shorthand. Assistant Annual Adviser. MISS KATHERINE BRASSE Spanish and English. junior Class Adviser, Senior Play Direcior. MRS. FERN COLES Guidance. Bookkeeping, General Math., Physical Education. C.A.A. Adviser, Freshmen Class Advis! r. f 'ff' "'.,'f ' MR. SAM DUNN Chorus, Band, Clee Club. Drill Team Adviser. MR. CLINTON ERICKSON BiolOgY. Driver Education, General Science, Geometry. Freshmen Class Adviseialrj J A Wd' .jfff ' MRS. LORAINE DONEC-IAN Home Economics, Girls' Club Adviser, junior Class Adviser. MR. BEN HARRIS General Science, Advanced Math., Chemistry. Annual Adviser, Visual Aid. MR PA LHoUs L Phy 1 a I a Pty Patrol. I MR. OTTO HUBBELL Shop, Mechanical Drawing. i 1 ff' MR. -TURNER KUHN Algebra, English. Baseball Coach. Pep Club Adviser, Sophomore Class Adviser. MISS GERTRUDE LEWIS library, journalism, English, Senior Class Adviser, Eagle Eye Adviser. fu y, A V., 'g,i'fTjfLM!V 'Ni V17 MR. FRED ROOT English, Latin, Speech. Senior Class Adviser. MR. JOHN SPARKS World History, Algebra, Washington State History. Football and Basketball Coach Sophomore Class Adviser. MRS. RUTH STEVENS Art. ,3 f AM MILA' QQMWTM MR. HENRY THORSETT Sociology, World Geography. U. S. History. MRS. MARY WILLIAMS Remedial MISS GRACE FISCHER Camera shy. llome Economics, Cafeteria Manager. Above: Back row: Standing, left to right: Wiliiizir Derrick, Richard Houghton. Phillip Poppleton, ,Izunes Lawson, jon Erickson. Second row: Guy Clemons. Murvis Bauer, Shirley Nicholson, Beryl Benton, Dorothy Chamberlain, Myrmx Crnwston. Mr. Rutherford. Seated: Suzunn Schwab. Lyle Kenny, Verla Hrinson. johnny Benton. llu Niue De-Xvsild. Ruth Graves. Lower: Officers, left to right: Lyle Kenny, treusurerg lla Niue Ih-Vfulrl, sec-rr-lnryg Y:-rlu Hrinson vim- president: johnny Benton. pre-sirientg Mr. Rullieiforti, prinrip.il, ' ' 1694: Seeking the guiding light for the student body, the Student Council got underway soon after the opening of school. The class presidents and repre- sentatives from the classes and clubs, the student body officers, Mr. Rutherford, and Mr. Root constituted this governing body. They had a very active year supervising and providing the necessary help for various athletic and social functions ofthe school. I n. 4. . 5 4 m 1 , , in X , , A . , . A ,,f, 41 J'- n '.-L+ 1 J fff, ' X2h Seniors 10,4 '3 Senior Hall of Fame 'N " uniors KWMJ 7 Sophemores M A Freshmen X ,I -Q. Autographs ff fa , Xlbf X ....,! "The more we do, the more we can clog the more busy we are, the more leisure we have." Bob Wehrer, vice-pres.: Mar- gie Wishard, treasurer: Shirley Nicholson, rep., Miss Lewis, adviser, Marvis Bauer, secre- tary: james Lawson, president. W The Federal Way 'Sl Beacon of Light shone brightly for the past four years reveal- ing athletes, artists, musicians, actors, and students. Leading the seniors in their activities this year were james Lawson, president, Robert Wehrer, vice-president: Marvis Bauer, secretary: Margie Wishard, treasurer, and Shirley Nicholson, rep. to the Student Council. Miss Lewis and Mr. Root were their able advisers. Their two major events were "Spring Fever," the senior play, given on November l8, and the Senior Ball, which was held during the spring. The class prophecy and will were read at the senior assembly in May. Many seniors participated in extra-curricular activities. The Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, the Future l-lomemakers of America, Lettermen's ,,,,, Club, Drama Club, Debate, Annual staff, Librarian, .-- .W Pep Club, Drill Team, and our school paper, the Eagle r,'5'-Eg., Eye, were the major interests of the seniors. Many f members of the class helped prepare and promote the I i Carnival. ,V V D I 5- 'F Baccalaureate and graduationwere the highlights f f -lf ? , ,.,. if of the year. On June 5 the seniors, dressed in blue caps 5- ff if' ' '- , and gowns, marched down the aisle to the immortal , , -H . "Pomp and Circumstancef' . 'A in '-'i' . ll f 2 U ,S ,- '-Q' .VQ U Q. i :g '11, i'1,!j " ' A DAVIE ADAMS-"l'll find a way or make one." Girls' Club rep. 31 Student Council 3: Debate Club pres. 4: Eagle Eye Editor 4: SE- COMA Literary Editor 4: Drama Club Librarian 4: Carnival Comm. I-2-3-4: Assembly I-2-3-4: gunior Prom Comm. 3: Senior Play omm. 4: Driver Training 4: Sophomore Hop. Comm. 2: F.H.A. 2: Librarian 3: Christmas Tea Comm. 2: SE- COMA staff 3-4: Senior Ball Comm. 4: Glee Club I. CHARLES BAKER - "How could one appear so blissful and com- fortable and yet be so alert and intelligent." Debate Club 4: Drama Club 4: Senior Play Stage 4: junior Prom Comm. 3: Sophomore Hop Comm, 2: Asserrybly I-2-3-4. fy ,f f L' fn, MARCELLYN BAR ET - "lt's nice to e atural y u're nat- urally n' e CLA. ce-pres. 4: G.A.A. I - 1 . .A. 2-3-4: Pep Club 3- 5 ' r Ball Comm. 4: Senior lay mm. : Dr' eam 2-3-A brarian 3-4 lor m C m-rn. Carniv m. I-2-3-4: ce c ' : C rus 3: Glee ' . nstru r 3: Driver rai : Assembl 2-4: Christ- mas T a Comm. I-2-3: SECOMA Sta 4. MARVIS BAUER -"Good humor is one of the best articles of dress." G.A.A. I-2-3-4: F.H.A. Z-3-4: F.H.A. historian 4: Assembly I-2- 3: Pep Club 2-3: Sophomore Hop Comm. Z: Carnival Comm. I-Z-3-4: junior Prom Comm. 3: Senior Play Comm. 4: Class sec. 4: Student Council 4: Drill Team 3-4: Libra- rian 3-4: SECOMA Staff 4: Tolo Comm. 4: School Patrol 3: Driver Training 3: Ofhce Practice 4: Clee Club I -Z-3-4:Christmas Tea Comm. I-2: G.A.A. Rep. 4. ELRAY BERGQUIST -- "Anyone can talk but it takes brains to be quiet." Entered from Mallallo Un- ion High School 3: Senior Play Comm. 4: Ticket Comm. 4. EVERESTE BLACK-"Why all the toil and trouble ?" Boys' Patrol I-Z-3-4:Track 2-3-4: Driver Train- ing 3: Eagle Eye 3-4. x ff' We 0 Y ANDERSON IUD --"Nothing is mpossible to a willing heart." lA.A. I-2-3-4: Clee Club I-2-3-45 3 . ' . N . D ep Club 4 Senior Play Comm 4 ssembly I-2-4' Carnival Z-3-42 rill Team 2-3-4: Christmas Tea Somm. 4: Driver Training 4. r 3 ' BARNARD-"He had a se for news that pointed toward ?eninsula." Boys' Clee I-2: Chorus l-3-4: Assembly I-Z: Boys' Patrol l: Carnival Comm. 2-3: Track Z-3: football 3-4: Senior Play Comm. I: Boys' Sextet 4: Drama Club 4: -ettermen's Club 4. u !ARBARA BARRETTfWithdrew. IOHN ENTON-"He is the very Zine-apple of politeness." Student ody pres. 4: Lettermens Club 1-4: Football 2-3-4: Basketball '-4: Baseball 2-3-4: Safety Patrol : Class treas. l-3: junior Prom Iomm. 3: Senior Play Cast 4: As- .embly I-Z: Boys' Glee 2: Chorus ': P.E, Instructor 3. ,. LAYMOND BJORKLUND--"To be 'arnest is fine but to have a good ime is better." Drama Club treas. V: Photo Club I-2: Boys' Patrol -2: So homore Hop Comm. Z: unior Prom Comm 3: Carnival Iomm. I-2-3-4: Assembly 3. :ARL BLACKBURN - f-A light . ' ' I .zz , . . . eart lives long Boys Patrol I river Training 2: Drama Club 4: iarnival I-2-3-4. TIM BLANEY-"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it." Chorus I-2-3-45 Boys' Patrol 45 Assembly 2-3. BEBE BUSSELLE-"Here was a pert turned-up nose, a sprinkle of freckles and a smile that made us all happy to be near her." Christ- mas Tea Comm. 2-35 Glee Club I -4: Art I5 Assembly 2-3: Sophomore Hop Comm. 25 Carn'val Comm. 21 Driver Training 35 Eagle Eye 32 junior Prom Comm. 35 Tolo Comm. 45 Senior Play Comm. 4: Librarian 45 Debate Club 45 Pep Club 45 F.H.A. 45 Drama Club pres. 4. 1 'Af M' fri L, DARRELL CREIGHTON - "No man is happy who does not think himself so." Boys' Club pres. 45 Eagle Eye 45 Basketball I-2-3-45 Class pres. 25 Carnival Comm. 25 Chorus 2-3-45 Senior Play Comm. 4-5 Assembly 2-45 Lettermen's Club I-Z-3-45 Student Council 2. ,I . M . Mu. - - . J -Y. JANICE DEJARDINE - "Humor lurked in her eyes while the kind- ness in her -hear erIlowed." Girls' Club vice- r 1 Music De- part ent C ' n 45 Senior Play Cast ' t ent Body vice-pres. 35 Class . 25 Girls' Trio 2-3-45 Clee Club I -3-45 Assembly I-2-3: Stu- dent C ncil 2-35 String Ensemble I-45 C ival Comm. I-2-35 Tolo Comm. 5 Sophomore Hop Comm. 25 junior Prom Comm. 35 Drill Team 25 Christmas Tea Comm. 2-3-4. g RE N DUFFY " 'ce s ev s nd g n . Ch - mas ea C rnm. 2 5 Drill Team 5 C e lu I- 5 Pep Club 1 - '..--. Ball omm. 45 Driver Train g 45 Carnival 4. GAIL FIELDS - "The fewer the words, the greater the profit." G.A.A. I-2-3-45 F.H.A. 2-3-45 F.H.A. treas. 4: Drill Team 3-45 Senior Play Comm. 45 Christmas Tea Comm. 35 SECOIVIA Staff 45 Carnival Comm. 2-3-45 Assembly I-2-35 Driver Training 45 To'lo Comm. 45 Eagle Eye Staff 45 junior Prom Comm. 35 Senior Ball Comm. 45 Drama Club 45 Office Practice 4. A . M U' f f wi? lx, I I -L . 'N ,- -L, f 7, -. 1 ' A f X L . osm tic for beauty like happi ess Christmas Tea Comm 3 4 H 2 3 4 FH A pr s 4 s embly I 2 3 Senior Play Cast 4 'ophomore Hop Comm. Z5 junior rom Comm. 35 Student Body ice-pres. 45 Drama Club vice- res. 45 Debate Club 45 Glee Club -2-45 Librarian 35 Office Girl 4. A Rl I N-'There is nlo 1 if . . 5 f lirls' Club sec. 35 G.A.A. I-2-3-45 7..A.--5...e.5A- I - - : : x I .1 1 IARY COBY-"Life is 'yeryls orb-" I . , .. I ' 5 nd very uncertain let u ape dfit s well asuae can! Baseball 2-3-45 football 3-45'-5 Lettey'men's lub N45 vit:-pres. Lettermen's Club 35 Ihorus 45 P.E. lnstructor 4. .A v A I , . ' U ' 1. .' 1 - 5. .IL . - x Yi . - ' to live where women are scarce ssembly 2 3 SECOMA Staff 4 rack 3-4. JARWIN DAVIS-"My aspiratiori s . ' X - : : l' e I love GAA I 2 Assembly 2 3 4 Sophomore Hop Comm 2 J A DEVEREAUX-"I live the 5 I I I 'enior Ball Comm. 45 Eagle Eye 35 Jep Club 2-3-45 Drama Club 45 :horus 45 Christmas Tea Comm. Z-3-45 Senior Play Comm. 4. K .J xrr J 11: .MJ I' l ll.iA MAE DEWALD-"As sweet as , n p 5 er music. Class sec. l 2, Student :ouncil sec. 3-45 F.H.A. sec. 25 F.H.A. 2-35 G.A.A. I-25 Carnival :omm. I-2-3-45 Christmas Tea Comm. 3-45 Clee Club I-2-3-45 Sophomore Hop Comm. 25 junior Z - 1 ' I-2-35 rom Comm 3 Drill Team ssembly I-2-3-45 Senior Play Cast 45 Drama Club 45 P.E. ln- structor 45 Driver Training 45 Sirls' Trio 2-3-4. I hlng provided It is incredible oys Patrol I Photo Club I As- embly I 2 Track 2 3 4 Carnival omm. 35 Senior Play Cast 45 De- ate Club 4: Drama Club 4. ' gACK FOOTE-"I can believeiany- B " 5 z I S - : - - : ' C b BETTY GRAHAM-"Her crowning glory was a mystery to us." Enter- ed from Roosevelt High School 4. Senior Play Comm. 43 Eagle Eye 43 Driver Training 43 Assembly 43 Senior Ball Comm. 4. ROBERT GRAVES-"l don't care what happens as long as it doesn't happen to me." Carnival Comm. 3-43 Track 3-43 Football 43 As- sembly 2-3. SHIRLEY IWASAKI--"She's tiny, she's spry and, oh! the twinkle in her eyes!" G.A.A. pres. 43 G.A.A. vice-pres. 33 G.A.A. I-2-3-43 SE- COMA Staff 3-43 SECOMA Busi- ness Manager 43 Eagle Eye Staff 43 Senior Play Comm. 43 Assembly 2-43 Drama Club 43 Pep Club 3-4: Oflice Practice 43 junior Prom Comm. 33 Driver Training 33 Cho'- rus 43 Glee Club I 3 Sophomore Hop Comm. 23 Drill Team Z: Tolo Comm. 23 Christmas Tea Comm. I'Z-43 Carnival Comm. I-2-3-4. RONALD JOHNSON-"There is no great genius without some touch of mudnesg' Boys' Glee Z3 Chorus 5-43 Student Council 33 junior Prom Comm. 3: Assembly I-2-43 Sophomore Hop Comm. 23 Senior Play' Cast 43 Senior Ball Comm. 43 Pasketball 33 Boys' Sextet 43 SE- COMA Staff 33 Eagle Eye 3. LYLE KENNY - "The man that lives the first life well lives twice." Entered from Puyallup 23 Assem- bly Z-3' Track Z-3 tett r n's Club 3-43 Carnival Cbnym. g3nEho- ff rus 3-4: Play Comm.,I4' fPfE. lnff 5' struct 43 St d t B tre 43 s...d...?.'c.......'i1iT' ff-if .iv I L, Q R NA D KNOPFF - that blushes is not quite a rute Football I-2-3-4. NYALL GORDON - "Men of few words are sometimes the best." Band I-2-33 Sophomore Hop Comm. 23 Basketball 33 junior Prom Comm. 33 Assembly 2. HELEN HERR-"l have no care why should I worry-not even the bell can make me hurry." Pep Club 33 G.A.A. 2-33 Student Game Pa- trol 43 Drill Team 3-43 Drill Team sec. 33 Class sec. 33 Sophomore Hop Comm. 2: SECOMA Staff 3-43 SECOMA Editor 43 Eagle Eye 33 Librarian 43 Carnival Comm. I-2- 33 P.E. Instructor 43 Assembly I-2-33 Christmas Tea Comm. I-2-43 Tolo Comm. Z3 Driver Trainin 33 Senior Ball Comm. 43 Senior Slay Comm. 4. SHIRLEY HOUGHTON - "When duty and pleasure clash, duty go to smash." Carnival Comm. I-2- 3-43 Christmas Tea 3-43 Pep Club 3-43 G.A.A. 2-33 Office Girl 3-43 Assembly 2-33 Assembly Chairman 33 Senior Play Comm. 43 F.H.A. 23 Eagle Eye 33 SECOMA Staff 4: Driver Training 33 P.E. instructor 33 Tolo Comm. 33 Senior Ball Comm. 4. PAUL JENSEN--"Nothing great was ever achieved without prayer." Glee Club I-23 Boys' Sextet 43 Sen- ior Play Comm. 43 P.E. Instructor 432 lied Cross rep. 33 Assembly l- - -4. KATHLEEN KILCUP 1 "No one knows what he can do until he tries." Red Cross rep. 43 Tolo Comm. 43 Office Girl 43 Driver Training 43 Senior Play Comm. 43 Assembly -I-2-3-43 Glee Club I-2- 3-43 P.E. Instructor 33 F.H.A. 2: Librarian 2: Christmas Tea Comm. I-23 G.A.A. I3 Drill Team I3 Girls' Club sgt.-at-arms I. DONALD KNOPFF--"He did noth- ingil in particular and did it very we ." rf EDWINA KRAMIK J- -'A quick smile, a quick withfliiakes this gal a real hit." C-.A.A.7l-Z-3: Clee Club 1.2.3-4: Tlolo Comm, 4: SECOMA Staff 4: f5Qnior,Play Cast 4: junior Prom Co rn, 3: Carnival Comm. 3-4: gap ore Hop Comm. 2: Drama ub 4: Assembly 2-3: C-irls2',"l'?io Z-3-4: Christmas Tea Cow, 'I-2-3: P.E. Instructor 3: Ch' us 4. WILLIAM LAWSON-"Everything comes to those who wait." Entered from Spokane 3. RAMONA MAGILL - "She who serves well and speaks not merits more." C.A.A. I: Assembly 2: P.E. Instructor Z: Driver Training 3: Chorus 4: Drama Club 4. SHIRLEY NICHOLSON - "l'm little-but I know." Entered from Sumner 2: Class ren. 4: Carnival Comm. 2-3: Debate Club 4: Drama Club 4: Glee Club Z-3-4: Christ- rniassTea Comm. 3-4: Student Coun- ci . PATRICK O'l'lOC.AN-"He meas- ured th y rs in the life cars." ered fro' Sea C rni Comm. ' rom Q- ' : rive Trainin 2. A r Q 4 : 0 . 3. i 4 9 ARLENE PARKER-" A su nier face you'lI never find." G.A.A. I-2- 3-4: Glee Club I-2-3-4: Chris as Tea Comm. 3-4: Senior Play C m. 4:AssembIyZ-3-4: D illTea 3 4: Tolo Comm. 3-4: 'n or rcl Training 4: Librarian 3:' E EK 3: Carnival Comm. I-2 - , Comm, 3: Office Cir :ably 'Vey N .X . X 1'- 3 :Pe Club 3.4: SECOMA sta .N iw X X I X : lx i X e. lsr' iffy I . . JAMES LAIRD -- "He had two speeds-low for the classroom and high for the roads." Football Man- ager 2: Basketball 2-3-4: Baseball 2-3-4: Lettermen's Club 2-3-4: Chorus 4: Carnival Comm. 3. JAMES LAWSON-"All great men are dying, and I 1:Ion't feel so well myself." Entered from Auburn 2: Sophomore Hop Comm. 2: Assem- bly 2-3: Carnival Comm. 2-3: ju- nior Prom Comm. 3: Class vice- pres. 3: Class pres. 4: Senior Play Cast 4: Drama Club 4: Debate Club 4. MAUREEN McCAUGHAN4Trans- ferred to Highline. Ric!-lARj,NEys6i41 - -'A quiet man, h quit a an.L"Class vice- pres. I 'eb lllmn-.lr-3-4: Basket- ball - ' 0 b Manager 2-3: Letter en,s C b 2-3-4: Letter- men's lu-b r . 4. Vw Cys an neat without a trace of con- ." C.A.A. I-2-3-4: C.A.A. treas. 3: Glee Club I-2-3-4: Assembly I-2-3-4: Christmas Tea Comm, 3-4: Librarian 3-4: Senior Play Comm. 4: Drill Team 3-4: Eagle Eye 3: Driver Training 4: Carnival Comm. I-2-3-4: Pep Club 3-4: Senior Ball Comm. 4. SH LMER - "charming ce PHILLIP POPPLETON - "He's quiet, pensive, a little bit shy: but 'cause he's in earnest he'll get by." Senior Play Cast 4: SECOMA Staff 4: Assembly I-2: Sophomore Hop Comm. 2: Boys' Patrol I-2-3-4: Pa- trol Captain 3-4: Patrol rep. 3-4: Debate Club 4: Drama Club 4: Chorus 3-4: P.E. Instructor 4: Track I-Z: Basketball l-2: Letter- men's Club Z-3-4. X ff L! .JC U' 'vq 4,,y,.1l' if-P, l, ,1 3 J. - T I fl 4 All X' LQ i 'rf' Afl F J' K Hy 'wffkgvfi 3 f -J fe Lfiujl f l QM ROL - "Though this be madness, yet there is meth- od in it." Assembly I-23 Chorus 3-43 P.E. Instructor 43 Baseball 3-43 Photo Club I-2. A-2" . -'J Mx fv 1 MARILYN' YNO SON-"Why love one w n her are millions?" Entered fjom ley 2: G.A.A. 2-33 Dgina Club 3 Christmas Tea Comm. 3 Pep b 3-43 Office Girl 3-43 pifiver T ining 33 Eagle Eye S 4' ni lay Comm. 43 Cho- aifs 2. X , xx. - MARY ANNE SAMU A "She had the pep and vim t the class needed." Assembly -3: Assem- y Ch ' man Z: nival Comm. 2-3' opho op Comm. 23 .A. . l-2- .A.A. sec. 33 irl lub -pr s. 33 Girls' Club . 43 I pres. 33 Student ouncil 3 junior Prom Comm. 33 ep Club 2-3-43 Debate Club 43 Drama Club 43 Glee Club I-2-33 Tolo Comm. 2-4: Student Director Senior Play 43 Christmas Tea Comm. 43 String Ensemble I. SALLY HERRA A b 1 " usy bee has no time sorrow." Driv r Traini 4 , .A. I-2-3 3 e Club -2 3 1 ' r Pla C -' Q Car val 7:1 I-2- 43 ris - mas.,Te . Z-33 ra a Cl b 44 Tol Com 4. 1-. bly 3 Q P.E-. - truct . f I R0 RT EH - "Just be- c se I ca dr oesn't mean I an't talk' to ntered fr m Hain , 3 ootball -43 Bask all , Trac 2-3 en- ior y st 4: A ' -3: P.E. I ctor 3 S Staff 4: et n' 1 Sopho- mo e Hop o m. nior Prom Co m. 33 las v' res. 43 Cho- r s 43 Car iv l mm. 3-4. L SHIRLEY TEABO--Transferred to Stadium. H J--W MARLIN REITAN-"I don't enter a room, I raid it." Football 3-4: Basketball 3-4: Assembly 23 Car- nival Comm. I-2-3-43 Lettermen's Club 3-4: Senior Play Comm. 45 Chorus Z-3-45 Bus Patrol I-Z. DARREL RONHOLT - "He never says more than is necessary." Baseball 2-3-43 Boys' Patrol I-33 Band I-2-3-43 Football 43 Assem- blY e If5 3.4. I fl- lvfz- . 1,' If lkwfljmf yi! DONALD SANDERS-"If at first you don't succeed, bluff, bluff again." Assembly 2-33 Band I-2- 3-4. , J . VERNON SPANGLER - "Every- thing happens tn everybody if there is time enough." Bus Patrol I3 Football 2-3-43 Basketball 3-43 Baseball 2-43 Track 33 Instructor 45 Chorus 43 Lettermen's Club 3-43 Senior Play Comm. 43 Art 3-43 Senior Assembly 4. SHIRLEY STREET--Withdraw, ROBERT STELLFOX - "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." Entered from Pennsylvania 4. CTT f V, , fr fi ,f ,3,5Kl6'fA,Q STANLEY WILLIAMSON - "Si- lence is one great art of conversa- tion." Chorus l. MARGIE WISHARD-"Goodby lit- tle books, your duty is done." SE- COMA Staff I: C.A.A. I-2-3-45 Class treas. 2-45 Sophomore Hop Comm. 2: Assembly l-2-3-4: Car- nival Comm. l-2g Drill Team 2-3g junior Prom Comm. 3: Pep Club 3: Librarian 35 Chorus 3: Christ- mas Tea Comm. 2-35 Driver Train- ing 3g Senior Play Cast 4: Senior Ball Comm. 4. GEORGE WOODRUFF-"He has no leisure who uses his !ime." Photo Club lg Carnival Comm. 35 Boys' Patrol I-2-3: Eagle Eye 4. Left to right: Kathleen Kilcup. Janice Dejardine. Maureen Duffy visiting on the steps. . J Lf 1 1 X Liv f I , BIL ILSON 1' I .ff ff F1 ' , LEN WITT-"She has a kwin- ing eye and a blushing cheek that makes us want to know her bet- ier." Glee Club I-2-3-4: G.A.A. I-2-3-43 Assembly I-2: junior Prom Comm. 3: Christmas Tea Comm. l-Z: Senior Play Comm. 43 Drama Club 45 Carnival Comm. I-2-3-41 Came Ticket Comm. 4. A3 flffvff if-a'zL ZA GJ final-ZJZLZ g,,e,M,-LU' ,er Jul -f' rf 1-w .u- gf' .gg F av 349 it DRP aww J' 3 vvwfgm A JW: vi vp F-idk Q Lexx 4? A1 45253 ef 7':5,1Q7G-avi '59 3' 'S' R e Kg' ,X ,gm as rf' -r meg, .fain ,L para gi 'fr Lf' wfigf ggi: J'.f-..e.-Q,-1 hwiav if 5'-'icq 4: 0 22 M J, gf 4 W . ,,sf5bi:fQsafSfggs,,, 'hr ,.z-: s 1. f 1-' , fs- ' ,' 'N 'i' " fe 1, 1.-rw. V, ,1f,I'? Q -, , ffl- ,Lug .,,:.s'1.,-g, ,5 zsgg,-fg,f eg,-.L-z .Lula-r, s ,,:'g'-gs L. y X , V. '.q4j214,x1w1.',,11-,3 . ,f Mliliim-f-'f,?fiUe.. 21- 2' . . 63" "11'w5e'- ':f:u'1-,s.- Q -:'1Eif73iiia:rv:Q.:'r+eWir-4.v:,n.-ev::1'?+L- H51-"Qf''-"'5":'1fs-V:Wy-..,x+U?-QW' ' 'Tit'-5' 1. 'K 'WM' I'-f'1iffWfirr:'I-FSM' + V . f V - - P- if ' s ,mf '-fnysfgf 7 F-'rf T4 ' .ixsimr , fi?-ff . 4-1fe?Ag'-ti. ffg- ,..vglP1S.f: 22.61 1. asm' . ffl f X , w e Y 'hx' Asif 'e J, "1 ' fP:f3ksr1E:?"- 'we Virgin ,,f..: f-f exert, 1-Q., -, . '-1' ve., . A ...:,f., t-m:1 ' A '- av , if 1 , , j.,-zmwsl w : qv. 41 lf 3. -- ff. tr-QW. if-' ws 'A - . .Y- " " vt Nh If, ,' , 'H ""?M" "-T ' tu .. .LL ' . HJ- P-rn l4""""4 ' -'flF'P 5,.':'-Y-,xx 5 4 fef"".':fe WV . ' ' - - v-Sf F- :Y v . - wa- -9vwfesg'efe'- f : if ..-ew ,G - --- if ',,--,s5f,-ss-seas levee-Ru-eQe.a:f,f.g,,.y eu, -A Q- ,W .f-Heifisx a1.L,wQ,v - .fe - 'ef ' f 33.1 'V-ggfrffg ..gs4gf',r ",Lsi:x,f:e:':.'- ,fu 07- any K-' dbxgcgi-.9-3,5-fgsfinlvfik ' -if 4' "-1 ' .1-wwf -1. ,A 5fx'f,,.:,.,r"' ,,,vwA:. e 1 f-f-'f".f'v1,,f-:-X : 'g.,f-1-:f.5ft,f1 ..1 1-,.rrv1.-syfzbsks-g:::sS1wf,,u.'..-. " ' 4 -"row-' , fptpm-:' -'K --f if :J .iv-' a r ,A .1-J-f-"JKT " V , I, .1-H.T'b--5-91: 'J "1 ' Ze' "'- 'flu' ',,-51511. , ni", ,1:Q1.3?f'Ji'Y , 5', . - . . 5 4 q f ",-'L '. , ' 5.,.1-- rr". sg ,,e,,,, , . ,, ., 2 ,-,,. ---:L-.as-... ,, L . .M -. . Q ,. ,, , ,L-Wal, ff A. V . -5' g Y -j2,g,4,mg4:e,uQS:..X:1, I-11, 1145. ,-fi-11v.e,.,i.,fg3352'v:'.-9323's-Ls.-+4 ,' 3: ,Q V lj SffQfpcjt'- -, , N5 , 'fziywifg' -:fm 1.-f - V-1 r ' ' - ' S f.,y- sf, gs , r z ' . so - A X A - , , Seam mea ag 7m n 4 l Most likely to succeed: Lyle Kenny Davie Joy Adams Determination: Raymond Bjorklund Bebe Busselle el Popular: Vernon Spangler Marvis Bauer Pe"50'WllfY3 Charles Baker Shirley Nicholson Actor and Actress: Ronald Johnson Margie Wishard Best Scholar: Elray Bergquist Janice DeJordine l . . L Athletic: Richard Nelson Shirley lwasaki Figure -- Physique: Ronald Knopff Judy Anderson Smile: Jim Laird Shirley Houghton H Dancer: Marlin Reitan Edwino Kravik Eyes: Robert Stellfox Verla Brinson Leader: Jim Lawson Mary Anne Samuel Hai.-5 Donald Knopff Betty Graham All 'Round: Johnny Benton Helen Herr yi Don Van Volkenburg, vice- pres.g Dick Houghton, rep.: Donna Perkins, secretary Ruth Graves, president: David Zuck, treasurerg Mrs. Done- gian, adviser. The three years of experience at Federal Way has qualified the junior class to be the guiding light for the student body next year. Many successful activities were participation in football, basketball, baseball, track and Boys' Patrol for the boys, and G. A. A., F. H. A., Pep Club, Drill Team, and Drama for the girls. ln the spring the beautiful Junior Prom and the junior concession in the P.-T.A. Carnival proved to be outstanding triumphs for the class of l952. With the whole class donating time and materials, the decorati-In the com- mencement exercises added greatly to the festive occasion. ln the spring the beautiful junior Prom and vqi-,3-,A the Junior concession in the P.-T. A. Carnival I l proved to be outstanding triumphs for the l ' class of l952. l Q, v, 'ID W- -' With the whole class donating time and ma- terials, the decoration for the commencement exercises added greatly to the festive occasicn. W -'aj K k,RV 0.5 LJ X c i i l l 1 ,Q e :endow JUANITA BARBER DONNA BEDDOW JERRY BEEBE ADRIAN BERGLUND MERLYN BERGQUIST CHRISTENE BRANNAN ATTLEY BUNDY DON CARLSON VIVIAN CAVANAUGH GAY CLEIVIANS MARCELENE CORDON WALTER CUMMINGS GARY DOXON EDDIE ENGLUND BEVERLEE FERRON BRUCE FIELDS RONALD F IGEL PHILIP FISHER GENE FOWLER GAYLEEN FREDRICKSON MARILYN GAY JERRY GORP' RUTH GRAVES CAROL HAGEN CAROL HANNUM LOIS HEFFERNAN DOLORES HIGDON ED HOIT ' I 66616044 DOROTHY HOPTOWIT DICK HOUGHTON MURIEL HOYT LARRY HUTCHINSON GARY JACOBSON CAROL JARMAN PAUL JOHNSON - KAY JONES X., GOODRYN KLUTH JIM KUECKER HARVEY KYLLONEN CHRISTINE LAMOUREUX JOAN LINDSTRAND DON IVIARINOFF JIM MCCAUGHAN SALLY MORELAND SHARON O'BRIEN JOHN PARIS I.OIs PENTLAND DONNA PERKINS BILL PLEAKE WESLEY POC-UE JOYCE RIEWE " LAEL RONHOLT DARRELL SANDERS DIANE SILER JON STERLING ORAY STEWART mme jAY TEMPLEMAN VIRGINIA THROOP DON VAN VOLKENBURC DARWIN WALTERS CLIFFCRD WESTBY COLLEEN WHITE RONALD WIDENER DAVID ZUCK .. II V g ggpggg , , A ..,.... . ,, IVF.-53 W1 3 "f22 22Q .,.L. , Q Q M uniors discussing Iast year's year book. jon Erickson, president: Beryl Benton. rep.g Bill Taylor, sec.- treas.: Louie Eller, vice-pres: i Mr. Kuhn, adviser. pldftedfflld Guided hy class advisers, Mr. Sparks and Mr. Kuhn, and a group of capable officers, the sophomore class of l950-5l, with great determination went about their business with great success in all of their activities. The first thing that came up was the usual election of class oflicers. The results were as follows: .Ion Erickson, presidentg Louie Eller, vice-presidentg Bill Taylor, secretary- treasurerg Beryl Benton, representative. U , The next thing was their Sophomore Hop which was ' A a huge success. . . Q' J The sophomore class also took an active part in the 'Kas Christmas tea and the annual carnival. . mis' T Their activeness in all sports completes a very progres- sive year. I .2 "+ 5 -in ' , 2 a, Q.. if A , Q 93 'J ilxmx, l l 1 i 4 FIRST GROUP: First row, left to right: Jay Bundy, Robert Coates, Bill Beebe Gary Bell, Gary Endicott, Louie Eller, Gary Burlingham, Richard Carlson. Second row: Dick DeJardine, Jon Erickson, Mary Arndt, Dixie Davis, Dolores Berry, Dorothy Chamberlain, Burl Beck- with, llazel Breirler, Paul Bergen, David Alexander. Third row: Ronda iirlclcson, Pearl Benton, Naomi Evans, Jeannette Bozung, Mary Brinson. K1iyC'r0mb'e P:-t Cavanausgh, Betty Bartleson, Beryl Benton. SECOND GROUP: First row, left to right: Billy Knutsen, Larry Latham, Maurice Patterson, Donald Linderman. Jimmie Fisher, Dick Gilmer, Bob McKinley. Jerry Mcffaughan. Second row: Jo Anne Peterson, Geraldine Marvin, Beverly Pasroe, Delores Fox, Jo Anne Gronley, Eleanor lfrzxnsten, Geralyn Gartner, Virginia Hallenbeck, Bonnie Kress, Jeanette Hofmeister. Third row: Janet Meyer, Patricia Miller, Betty Lou llazen, Dollie Peterson. Jean Johnson, Arlene Kassuhn, Bonnie Hedger, Nancy Matthews, Anna Grey. THIRD GROUP: First row, left to right: Roger Dunn, Joe Wehrer, Bill Taylor, Ed Pulley, Ken Van Volkenburg, Eric Renneau. Second row: Don Valentine, Eddie Wilson. Carol Re'tan, Betty W'ilson, Rita Richter. Jo Anne Warrl, Leila Scott, John Samuel, Al Schulte. Third row: Rose Snfth, Paula 'x'.ilIencler, fhirle-e Rovhester, Dolores Youngchild, Florence Willielrin, Betty Pleake, Violet Ruerl, Gwen Thiederman, Betty Wogsland, treasurerfbu-lr zann Schwab, vice-pres.: Mlf Erickson, adviser: Myrna Crowston, rep.: Wilmar Derg rick, president: Karen Rey!- oldson, secretary. Guiding the way for the freshman class were: Wilmar Derrick, president: Suzann Schwab, vice-presiclentg Karen Reynoldson, secretary: Betty Wogsland, treasurer: Myrna Cowston, representative to the Student Council. Mr. Erickson and Mrs. Coles were their able advisers. Many of the freshmen participated in F. H. A., G. A. A., Drama Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Drill Team fm, .-f:ii""' . ' .,., Acid? and athletics. ln the school carnival they sponsored the 'gf' lem" I Magician show and the dart game. if The "Freshman Frolicn was held in the spring. K 'iii' U K 1 ' A ' ' . .Ag i i W -.1 N l l , LLYT 'yzeaimen Ll FIRST GROUP: First row, left to right: Ronald Brace, Karl Eskridge, Larry Bundy, Warren Bradley, Kenneth Doctor, jim Brock. Second row: Ronald Bielkri, jerry Figel, Mike Altman, Tom Blaney, Betty jean Dunbar, Bonnie Calvert, Gerry Chicker, Fred Chaney, Paul Armatis, Wil ' D ' k. Th' ' ' ' ' ' N mar erric ird row. Margene Forman, jackie Atkins, Barbara Blake, Ramona Eller, Myrna Crowston, Barbara Blackburn, janrce Blaesi, La Vonne Cain, Carol Day. SECOND GROUP: First, row, left to right: Lee Hoyt, Terry lrwin, Tommy Gilmer, jim Freitag, Dick Jarman, Peter Miller, Darreld Kerlin, Roy Fugere, Fred Martin, Walter Cronley. Second row: Arrie Lee, Clifford Harford, Kenneth Hall, Patricia Lucas, Anna Lundstad, Dorothy Nelson, Vffayne Magill, Hans Jensen, Cordon McNabb, Third row: jackie Kerrone, Carol Heffernan, Betsy Harris, Louise McDon' ald, Violet McNary, Ann Jorgensen, jackie Doxon, Charlene Kuse, Gretchen Coehrend. THIRD GROUP: First row: Gary Wilson, Arnold Woodruff, Ernest Sterba, jim Schmidt, Frank Teabo, Donald Morris, Ronald Okano. Denzel Schelff, Daniel Sokolowski. Second row: Robert Smith, Marilyn Richardson, joyce Wishard, Suzann Schwab, Karen Reynoldson, Adrienne Washburn, Sara ,Io Ann Tibbels, Dick Williamson, Cilbert Wilson. Third row: Marlene Woodard, Carolyn Pilant, Marylin Sweeney, Helen Saastn, Ruth Sanford, Betty Wogsland, jacqueline Shay, Shirley Standley, Nancy Osborn, Beverly Okano. IYP ,sf "Q-+45 ,4 4,44 iwfek Wfffj 'Z iififif ,,,r fH9'!,5QfQi ff' , 0'lQff'72Wwy5g2f4f X ff 4 f ,M . , Mfd??WiWfW M PQ MW? Wm j. X lvl- 1 I - - H -ru -1 - f umm . .. -- .1...........da..n.uh....A,.,..........n.Qi -' ,gi'E'!'llf- i. - 4-Vi' f Aflifx . ,'1'iQ.-G. . ,wgf'ff12.2- ',,.f'ff'-525, Q .- '-If ,,fgV,, :Ili 1 l?f15,QL1.',7 ' :, ' " '1373 F' .rf ' .wffy ' 1" J .' ul: Girls' Club Parent Teacher Association Girls' Glee Club Drama Club Girls' Athletic Association Lettermen's Club Boys' Patrol Driver Training Car Debate Club Future l-lomemakers of America Snaps "An assembly of good fellows meeting under certain conditions." ' .faaadea On May 23, l950, the Girls' Club of Federal Way High School met to elect officers for the l950- l 951 school year. Those chosen to light the way for the girls through this year were Mary Anne Samuel, president: Janice Dejar- dine, vice-president, Ruth Graves, secretaryg Betty Bartleson, treasurer, Joyce Wisharcl, sergeant-at-arms, and Chirlee Rochester, representative to the Stu- dent Council. ln October Chirlee, who moved away, was replaced by Dorothy Chamberlain. Mrs. Donegian, the new home economics teacher, was the adviser. Without her fine co-operation and guidance, it probably would have been much harder to make the fine accomplishments which the club made this year. Tolo was the first main project of the year. Preceding tolo was Tolo Week when all girls wore crazy outfits. This yearis tolo consisted of a cabaret dinner which was served in the gym. An orchestra furnished dance music in the back- ground to the beautiful candlelighted tables. Next on the calendar for the girls was the annual Christmas Tea held December 20 in the music room. Teachers and mothers of the boys and girls in high school were invited. With the help of Mrs. Donegian and the Home Economics Department which furnished the refreshments, the club proved its ability to organize and present a social function. With these jobs behind them, the club contributed their share of work in the all-school carnival. Their responsibility was the bake sale. Members of the club baked, donated goods, and sold them with the assistance of Mrs. Kenneth jones and Mrs. Turner Kuhn. Standing, left to right: Ruth Graves, secretary: Betty Bartleson, treas- urer, Janice Dejardine, vice-president. Seated: Joyce Wish- arcl, sergeant-at-arms Dorothy Chamberlain, rep.: Mary Anne Sam- uel, presidentg Mrs. Donegian, adviser. gems: Sappmteu Supervising the splendid work of the P.-T.A. this year were: Mr. Charles Barnard, presidentg Mrs. Chester Miller, secretary: Mrs. A. C. Davisson, vice-presidentg and Mrs. A. C. Kreigle, treasurer. These officers helped in making a success of the many things the Parent-Teacher's Association has done this year which included the Father and Son Banquet, open house, a Foundefs Day program, and chaperoning pep dances. The most outstanding of their achievements was the sponsoring of the annual school carnival. 77iona,e The Father and Son Banquet held on November l, was one of the highlights of the year's P.-T.A. program. Those boys and their fathers who attended had a delicious turkey dinner and all the trimmings. After dinner was served, they enjoyed the delightful entertainment presented under the direction of Mrs. Jackson, chairman. The program included singing and dancing by a group of boys from the Briscoe Memorial School directed by Brother Quinn, a Sumner barber shop quartet, and prizes given for the youngest son, youngest father, father with the most boys and the boy with the most freckles. Mr. Frank Wehrer was master of ceremonies. rl 5' , .ww Top row, left to right: Eddie Englund, Beryl Benton. Betty Pleake. Naomi Evans, Arlene Kassuhn, Betty Wilsori, Janet Meyer. Judy Anderson. lla Mae DeWald, Dolores Higdun, Sally Moreland, Shirley Nicholson, Mr. Dunn, Second row: Marcellyn Barnett, Violet Rued, Betty Bartleson, Jean Johnson, Geralyn Gartner, Bebe- Busselle. Marvis Bauer. Helen Witt, Jeanette Hofmeister, Naoma Durnell. Edwina Kravik, Kathleen Kilcup, Marilyn Gay, Lois Heffernan, Carol Jarman. Third row: Carol Hagen, Leila Colvin. Bonnie lledger. Dixie Davis, Geraldine Marvin. Joan Lind' strand, Dorothy Chamberlain, Beverly Pascoe, Cayleen lfredriclfcson, Coodryn Kluth, Verla Brinson. Arlene Parker, Sharon Palmer, Janice DeJardine. Margie Wishard, farol llannum. add Living up to the superior rating, which they won last spring, the Girls' Glee Club of Federal Way has once more enjoyed a bright season. The group was composed of forty-four attractive and talented young ladies. They appeared in smart, trim, blue and white uniforms. These factors when combined, provided a very pleasant group, not only to see but also to hear. Only under the able direction and guidance of Mr. Samuel Dunn and the help of their accompanist, Eddie Englund, have the girls been able to attain and hold their high standing. To usher in their musical year, the girls appeared on Campus Radio Theater over Station KMC in Tacoma. On December 8, l95 l, they added to this fine performance another success by singing at their annual lVlicl-Winter Fiesta. The girls performed for exchange assemblies at the P.-T.A., and again for their school at the Spring Fantasy. A highlight of the year was their entrance into competition at the Pierce County Music Festival at Fife. The grand climax of the season for the group was the Western Washington Music Festival at Enum- claw. To conclude the year the Clee Club sang for Commencement. fgfngirw Top row: Tom Blaney, Donald Barnard, Phillip Poppleton. Second row: Peter Miller. Donna Beddow, Marilyn Reynoldson, Christine Lamoureaux, Burl Beckwith, lla Mae DeWald, Sally Sherrard, Edwina Kravik, Carl Blackburn, Bonnie lledger, Ed Hoit. jack Foote. Third row: Ronald Widener. Raymond Bjorklund. Mary Anne Samuel, Marilyn Gay, Donna Devereaux. Gail Fields. Anna Lundstad, Violet Rued. Fourth row: Verla Brinson, Arlene Kassuhn, Lois Heffernan, Beverly Pascoe, Geraldine Marvin, Marcelene Cor- don, Patricia Lucas, Dolores lligdon, Nancy Matthews. Fifth row: Miss Brasse, Carol Hagen, Gay Clemans, Davie joy Adams, Shirley lwasal-ci, Betty Pleake, jean john- son. Betty Bartleson, Beryl Benton. D Our newly-organized Drama Club had an excellent start with Miss Brasse, aclviserg Bebe Busselle, president: Verla Brinson, vice-president, Betty Bartleson, secretary, Ray- mond Bjorklund, treasurer, and Davie Adams, librarian. First before the footlights was their Christmas program which included Santa Claus, alias Don Barnard, as master of ceremonies, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Vocal numbers were by Burl Beckwith and a sophomore girls' sextet. A play, "Home for Cl'1ristmas,,' was also given. Stars of the play were: Ronald Widener, Marilyn Gay, X, - Verla Brinson, Geraldine Marvin, Ed Holt, ,, and Phil Fisher. - V ,lm ,K They presented a comedy, "Wilbur's 'SJ ' E. Wild Night," on Wednesday, May l6. A N RX 3F Q ln the cast were Ed l-loit as Wilbur Max- ' af ' ' 'W wellg Bonnie Heclger, Betty l..ou Maxwell, , xl: ,Q Betty Bartleson, Connie Maxwell, Ronald hf., - Widener, John Maxwell, Marcelene Cordon, XB janet Maxwell: Carol Hagen, Miss Turk, ,V 'i,,4"l q i , Philip Poppleton, Mr. Mallaryg and Phillip QT "" f in Gi ii AM ff Fisher as l-leap Chief, Tail Feathers. me U' C' Gail Fields and Christine Lamoureaux were prompters. .r V. f 1 ,wg 5 W' 7 vwz A his MQ ,L U L ' x . "V: 1 ' I'-fm c uw -M K '25:::: 3,55 5-ffgig sfgalfi T? Wi W mmf mf Q 'L 1.1 MSX NYS. 4 M X ,Y ,H 4. xx AW' 1 SAL.: F wh X W 3 A I Sm K E bi K .... ,Ein haw y. X E I r g'v ,Q it . K. Win . ,. MQW, QMW 12 " ' gl i V A .1 M , mr 7 xx U Z .. A A Q EL ve 55? ,M , f 1., w 5--5: W W ,J Q :J M, -:Q A Gifs, -5:64 ' 5 5 W Y 2 ASME 5 Egg- wwxg 2smw f, 4 5.7.5. A ,f,Q5:.f ,A n. 4 , , T D . tlwgygwwtrwf , , XV Q ' ' K wi ' K fbi V 1 A 'hx ", Q 'E 2 - W g.A, W, , W H. M ,M , 'Nw ,' ' , N W mfjaf 5 ' K, Zuzfl am in 3 . wif - Q ,, . , 2 1 ra Xb I .M 1 ,.::::, M ' Mis f Mm U 11,55 ffqxiyglwgifkr 5 warm 'N frwisf WMA, , ' ,gw1Z1D"'H??f, "" we K fj,,3v5,'i3fg: NM ' 'K+ Y fwiff 1' ' ww-2 1i,i'f4fj",:f 5 5 ' , a 1i,'f'.g,!.- Q R -af' vw . .., e A S: Al ' Q fa .ss . N First row, left to right: Cary Doxon, Rolly Probert, jim Laird, Vernon Spangler, Richard Houghton. jon Sterling. David Zuck. Don Nlarinoff. Second row, left to right: Robert Vlfehrer. Kay jones, johnny Benton, Oray Stewart, Don Van Volkenburg, Phillip Poppleton. Ronald Figel., jerry Beebe. Don Barnard. Darrel Ronholt, Lyle Kenny. Third row, left to right: Darwin Davis, Darrell Creighton, Fred Wilhelm, Marlin Reitan, Ronald Knopff, Walt Cummings, Richard Nelson, john Paris. OFFICERS Lelt to right: David Zuck. sec.-treas,g Fred Wilhelm, vice-pres.: Richard Nelson, pres., VValt fumniings, sgt.-at arms: jim Laird, rep. Zag 7046654 The l..ettermen's Club consisted of those boys who had earned at least one letter in a high school sport. This year the club chose the following officers to lead them: Richard Nelson, president: Fred Wilhelm, vice-president: David Zuck, secretary-treas- urerp Walter Cummings, sergeant-at-arms, and jim Laird, representative to the Student Council. lVlr. Turner Kuhn was their adviser. The l..ettermen's Club worked on the school carnival held on Nlarch l0. They did a line job with raffling a dog and patrolling school halls. At the end of the year the l..ettermen's Club awarded the inspirational award to the most outstanding graduating athlete. 1 KU Back row, left to right: Doxon Samuel, Schulte, Gilmer. Blaney son, Valentine, Crube, Westby Third row: Dejardine. Erickson Walters, Burlingham, Wehrer sel, Taylor, Latham, Phelps jarman. Black. Fifth row Bundy, Spangler, jones. Coates Miller, Beebe, Doing their directing work smoothly and efficiently like signal lights, the Boys' Patrol had an active year. They were on the job before school, at noon, and after school directing traffic and assisting students to cross the highway. The group, under the direction of lVlr. l-lousel, also assisted in the parking of cars at all the school functions. ' 2 Learning to drive a car properly is Very important. lt is a great responsibility, as the driver is not only accountable for his own safety but also the safety of his passen- gers and other drivers and pedestrians. This is the third year driver training has been offered at Federal Way. Teaching the correct way to operate a car is the main objective of this course. Under Mr. Erickson's direction, many students learn how to operate a car safely and sanely. Top row, left to right: Naoma Durnell,, Roger Dunn, lVlerlyn liergquist, Sally Sherrard, Christine Lamoureux, Kath- leen Kilcup. Second row: Gay- leen Fredrickson, Joan Lind- strand. Front row: Sally Moreland, Shirley Nicholson, lla Mae DeW'ald, Sharon Pal- mer, Arlene Parker, judy An- derson. Mr. Erickson. Car: Edwina Kravik, Lois Heffer- nan, Marilyn Cay, Poppleton. Second row: Pro- bert. Wilson, Woodruff. Wil- Stanley. Fourth row: lVlr. llou- Standing, left to right: jack Foote, Verla Brinson. jim Lawson, Mr. Root. Seated: Bebe Busselle, Phil Fisher, Davie joy Adams. Charles Baker. wid With brilliant oratory as their aim, the Debate Club was again organized this year, under the advisership of Mr. Root. The officers were president, Davie Adams, vice-president, Shirley Nicholson, and secretary-treasurer, Philip Fisher. The members of the team representing the negative side were jack Foote and Charles Baker. On the aflirmative side were Philip Fisher and Davie Adams. WMM- ge Wwee The Federal Way chapter of the Future l-lomemalcers of America have had a very busy year. Nine members attended the Regional Convention at Vancouver on October 28. They brought back many ideas that helped light the way of this year's activities. Officers elected to extend the light of truth, love, security, and faith promoted by the F. H. A. were Verla Brinson, presidentg Mary Brinson, vice-president, Dorothy Chamberlain, secretary, Gail Fields, treasurer, Dolores l-ligdon, representative, Marvis Bauer, historiang Barbara Blackburn, degree chairman. Mrs. Donegian was adviser. Top row, left to right: Bauer, Fredrickson, Sher- rard, Mrs. Donegian. Second row: Eller. Higdon, Black- burn, Fields. Brinson, Brine son. Chamberlain, Lu n d- stad, Barnett. jorgenson. Third row: Doxon, Crow- Benton, Coehrend, Sweeney. ston, Heffernan, Calver L, .Ni vi N fl il Y F' i N TQ 5 t fi Six Hats and a sharp 5. Ohhhhh! Professor! Looks like they're 6. Good to the last feeling their clrop Cheerios 7. lVlan's best friend?P Sloppy Janes 8. Creighton on the 4 lt's a laay day loose Sound off! Make it? 'Way back when Gone to the dogs Hit 'em hard We're with you team, so f-ight! Sitting on top ofthe world Slap 'im down again, Ma! Vanity, thy name is woman Facts and figures? 1' 4'O E VV, A A ' Eg , N . l 4 X Q K-'gl :ik ff af 1 .1,. W" - f .W l -K weaver' l ,ff re N tk Vi' Q' X F .1 oo X gg il X !,,V.' '-'Y Q-V ' - -l X X X H X X f fx. I - F R -" -e - -- - . 4 ' lx X Z! , x X X fb ff t f Xxx g L f f X, x il q . E t Football ff Basketball X M a , I n V I J lm Baseball l V Junior High Athletics f o ' 'll.b X e , "tt A .,,5 , .l,lt4.l CQ :A u Z: f 3. L K ,V Vllrv V yr , W X xv I F7 6 N Y' in-I at ami , 2 1 33 T5 ' ., -A ' 4 . . : LQ' 1 jiri, 1: ' " ' V, I "cww. .. W2sCV'Q fl' J "lt is a poor sport that is not worth the candle." 1 M in .ef ' '-as: fs .M , ., QL -:ai iw X wx 3 X, 2 M E 35,5 ,fm V , ,zlgj ,,.gQg4g, 4gf,.4g.m., m5w5,g1s4:,:4.M': , U ' A A - J ' wwfwmm,2:-Qdfifwifffw ' f x if iff! W . , L". 211,f.Yl:1m:wg.4 H E: p::,5g:,,,,,j NQ'iwh:-421 15, Q a , N , K5 'K ,f L ! Q5 R M ' ze. -:Q -.... E ..,,... f f...- 'S' M43 -I :rf 1 ggi, 4 K Sm. 5595 a u lf? Q, ,Av A W8 xx v Q-aw W 7 E wiiwgg x mfii E 1 WW: wvwm Mi. uf 5 33' Ev X xx 1 N mf MN X M k 4 Q X X A an ..EHf":f if 5 X fr' X Q, A A C E a Q it I ...CfF....t.fa.F First row, left to right: john Paris, Walt Cummings, Dick Houghton, Marlin Reltan, Fred Wilhelm, jerry Beebe, Eddie Englund, Don Barnard. Second row: Mr. Sparks, Jon Erickson, Darrel Ronholt, Gary Burlingham, Ken Van Volkenburg, Vernon Spangler. Ronald Knopff, jay Templeman, Ronnie johnson, Bob Wehrer, Ronald Figel, Donald Nlarinoff, Louie Eller. Bill Beebe, Nlr. Housel, Lael Ronholt. Third row: Gary Coby, jon jerling, Dick De-Iardine, Bill Taylor, Oray Stewart, Cary Jacobson, Bob Graves, john Phelps, Bob Coates. Fourth row: Leonard Kolstad, Kay jones, Ed Pulley, Pat McCaslin, Gary Doxon, Adrian Berglund, David Zuck, johnny Benton, Ed Hoit. 694664 The Federal Way Eagles took third place in the Pierce County League by chalking up three wins, two losses, and one tie. Allihome games this year were played at night on our newly-lighted field. ln a non-conference game the Eagles upset lssaquah 7-0. They started the league season on home ground by winning over Yelm l3-l2. On October 20 the Eagles traveled to Peninsula where they lost to the Seahawks I9-7. The highlight of the game was when Reitan caught a pass and ran fifty yards to score our only touchdown. The Eagles went on to win over Orting l9-7. They showed best in running and pass interception. Federal Way tangled with Fife under a pouring rain on October 27 for a scoreless tie. The game was strictly defensive with neither team getting closer than twenty yards to the goal line. On November 3 the Eagles set their best defense of the season during the second half of the game and struck back hard at the Eatonville Cruisers to win 20-6. The Federal Way squad closed their campaign on home territory November l0, against Bethel. Although Federal Way lost l4-7, they again showed a good defensive by holding the Bethel Braves three times when they were near scoring. LEAGUE STANDINGS Bethel Eatonville Peninsula Fife Federal Way Orting Yelm Top row left to rlglit Marlin Reitan Duck Houghton Ronalcl Flgel ol'xn Benton Middle row erry Beebe, Bill Wilson Cary Doxon lm Laurel Bottom row Duck Nelson, Coach Sparks Vernon Spangler Darrell Crelghton BASKETBALL LEAGUE STANDINGS Peninsula Eatonville Yelm ....,,,, Orting ,,,.,..,, Fmfe ,,,,,,....,,, Federal Way Bethel , ,,., , Front row, left to right: john Phelps, Kay jones, Lael Ronholt, Louie Eller, Ed Pulley, jerry Cordoh, Bill Beebe. Back row: CaryiBurlingham, Dick Gilmer, Dick Dejardine, Jimmie Fisher, Bill Taylor, Oray Stewart, Jon Erickson, Eddie Wilson, Larry Latham, Joe Wehrer, Coach Sparks. Wendy We 4 Although the Eagles improved greatly at the end of the season, they came out with sixth place in the league standing. League play opened with 3 first-string players being ill. The Eatonville Cruisers topped the Eagle hoopsters with a 56-35 score on December 8. ln non-conference play Federal Way lost their first game with lssaquah by a 39-5l score. A week later Federal Way turned tables and beat them by a margin of ten points, 5 l -4 l . Both games played with the Fife Trojans were close and proved to be very exciting to the fans even though the Trojans came out on top. Two conference victories at Bethel's expense came when the Eagles defeated the Bethel Braves by 44-43 and 4l-25. ln the last two years the Federal Way Eagles showed their ability to com- pete with leaders by hard fighting battles against Eatonville. The most out- standing game of the season played on the Eagles' home floor was against the mighty Cruisers. Baffled by a tight defense, Eatonville won only by a five- point margin, 48-43. Most of the action was furnished by Spangler, Beebe, Reitan, Benton, Nelson, and Laird. Spangler and Beebe showed their best by being top scorers while Reitan, Benton, Laird and Nelson showed their best on defensive play. The first-string with the exception of Jerry Beebe was graduated this year. Showing promise in varsity basketball for next year are several members of the second team. Among those who will produce next year's material are Houghton, Erickson, Taylor, Figel, B. Beebe, Doxon, and Ronholt. ' eel Showing continued improvement over the previous years, our track team entered its fourth year. ln the two meets held before this annual went to press, the Eagles won over Kent and lost to Auburn. They are looking forward to a successful season. Approximately 25 boys turned out to develop skills and set new records for the school. Earl Shaw and Walt Cummings went to the i'State" meet last year and it is hoped that again this year we may send a couple entries. Standing, left to right: Fred Chaney, Dick Williamson, Al Schulte, Dick Dejardine, Walt Cummings, Gordon McNabb, loe Wehrer, Dick Jarman, Mr. Housel. Sitting: Don VanV0lkenburg, Larry Bundy, Billy Beebe, Frank Kimmerly, Boh McKinley, Louis Eller, Dick Gilmer, Jack Foote. Kneeling: Bill Wilson, Stanley Planck, Don Barnard, Phil Fisher, Evereste Black, Eddie Wilson. Walt Cummings, Don Barnard, Don Van Volkenhurg. if .L I I I I A A ... Standing Left to Right: Mr. Kuhn, john Phelps, Dick Houghton, jon Sterling, jack Berglund, Darrell Creighton, Dick Nelson, Darrel Ronholt, Bill Taylor. Seated: -lim Fisher, ,lim Laird, Kay jones, johnny Benton, Oray Stewart, jerry Beebe, Ed Pulley, jon Erickson. I Eagle 4 With a number of the team being lettermen, and under the coaching and supervision of Mr. Kuhn, the Eagles show great promise of rating high in our league baseball standing. Showing in this year's team are: pitchers, Kay jones and john Phelps: catchers, Jon Sterling and jack Bergersong first basemen, Dick Nelson and Darrell Creightong second base, johnny Benton: shortstop, Jerry Beebeg third base, Oray Stewartg left field, jim Lairdg center field, Darrel Ronholtg and right fielders, Ed Pulley and David Zuclc. As this goes to press, the Eagles have played one league game. Tuesday, April l 7, the Eagles were hosts to Peninsula. We won with a score of l I to 0. The Eagles played three non-league games. They beat Kent with the scores of I3 to 3 and 2 to l, and lost to Auburn with a score of 2 to 0. The scores for the league games played at the time the annual went to press were as follows: Federal Federal Federal Federal Federal Federal Federal Federal Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way 0 Auburn 2 ...,...l3 Kent 2 2 Kent.......,.. l .......lI Peninsula 0 3 Yelm 2 .......II Orting 6 5 Fife 6 9 Eatonvillen... 2 Z lc and Coach W p, left to right: Oray Stewart, -lon Sterling, Ed Pulley, John Phelps, Darrel Ronholt jhBtD llC'gh jyBbjkBg K eji Ch Oh, EITC April I7 April 20 April 24 lVlay l . May 8. May l 5. Kuhn. ton, err ee e, ac er erson, ay Jon s, 'm Laird, Dav I 95 I BASEBALL SCHEDULE ..........................................Peninsula at Federal Way ...........Federal Way at Yelm .,....,..Orting at Federal Way .............Federal Way at Fife ......Eatonville at Federal Way .Federal Way at Bethel FOOTBALL. Back row, left to right: johnson, Caudle, Ward, Chaney, VVatkins, Harrison. Stanley, Barnett, Clearman. Second row: Maxwell, Bauer, Wilson, Ecklund, Taylor, Jarman, Williamson, Chicker, co-captain. Freitag. Mr. Crowell, coach, Third row: Taylor, Eskridge, Hafford Gruhe, johnson, Brock, captain: Phillips. Hunter. Fourth row: Spangler, Hall, Bradley, Gilmer, co-captain, McNabb, Pepper, Maxwell. BASKETBALL. Standing, left to right: Jarman, Gilmer, Hatford, johnson, Phillips, Derrick, captain. lillaney, Chicker, McNabb, Brock. Mr, Housel, coach. Seated: Schmidt, Bradley, Miller. Wilson, Fugere, Lengle, . tman. amine spate Many of the freshmen and 8th grade classes took part in the junior high school sports including football, basketball, and baseball. By taking part in these sports they prepared themselves for following high school sports. ln football, the team held their own by refusing to give up territory to their opponents. The 25 players looked very snappy in their new suits. Their opponents for the season were: Auburn, Fife, Foster, Kent, Maple Valley, Mary- mount and Sumner. The junior high basketball teams proved to be "red-hot" by winning all but two of their games. l-lowever, the midget team Won the championship in their division. The regular team schedule was as follows: january 5.. .........,,,..,. Federal Way at Fife january I9 s.... ..., F ederal Way at Parkland January IZ.. .... Marymount at Federal Way January 26 ..... .... D uPont at Federal Way ..-X If Office Girls Librarians Eagle Eye Cheerleaders Band Chorus Pep Club diviiies We have been born to associate with our fel- lowmen, and to join in community with the human race." Back row, standing, left to right: Bill Pleake, Donald Marinoff, Mike Altman, jo Anne Peterson, Mr. Dunn. Second row, seated: Don Van Volkenburg, Richard Carlson, Ken Van Volkenburg, jerry Cordon, jo Anne Cronley, Donald Gammons, jeannette Bozung, Betty Wogsland, Kay jones, Ronald Okano, Peter Miller, Donald Morris, Betsy Harris, Fred Chaney. Third row: Donald Sanders, Larry Bundy, jerry Figel, Rita Richter, Cary Doxon. Fourth row: Lael Ronholt, Darrell Sanders, jackie Kerrone, Ronald Widener, Betty Lou Hazen, Darrel Ronholt, Ronald Brace, Philip Fisher, Clifford Westby. afemfed calore With its thirty-three members, the Federal Way High School Band made a striking picture in snappy blue, white and gold uniforms. Under Mr. Dunn's fine direction, it has become a musical group of which the school can well be proud. The band had added color, pep, and song to many football and basketball games before it began its concert work in December. Playing for the Mid- , Q Winter Fiesta began another successful concert season for this ' 1' 45'-'J - organization. Usually accompanied by the Girls' Glee Club and , I C . gf, 5 ' My f I smaller groups, it traveled to other schools to present exchange hz' ,. Q5 .fi ' assemblies. ,ff , , '., ,. ' Wherever it appeared, the band was always welcomed and , 1 -,-, , tge enjoyed. The chorus was, therefore, proud to perform with . 'Q' R "V . A their talented schoolmates on a Campus Radio Theater pre- xv-'fx' ts A9 ' , . i . . . . We 1 "ff-fi?Qg sentation over Station KMO. The band was at its best and did XL , A . , ' QA? an excellent piece of work. XZ J After another fine performance at the schools' Spring X 1,3 Fantasy, it went on to play at the Pierce County Music Festival. 15' ' Shortly after this, accom anied b the drill team, they played M., X P y X- and marched in the Daffodil Festival Parade. 'XX , To finish a successful year, the group played the tradi- XKITQ, fi? at tional "pomp and Circumstancf-" at the Class of '5 l's Com- Q mencement exercises. 'Z l ig.: H Back row, left to right: Bill Bee-be, Don Sides, joe Wehrer, Eddie Wilson, jon Erickson. Rolly Probert, Darrell Creighton, Bob Graves, Walt Cummings, Wesley Pogue. Phillip Poppleton, Ronald johnson. Philip Fisher. Marlin Reitan, Bill Wilson, Don Knopff, Vernon Spangler, W:iy'ne Magill, Al Schulte, Richard Nelson, john Paris, Adrian Berglund, Larry Hutchinson. Second row: Robert Coates, Stanley Willianison. Dick Dejardine, Don Valentine. john Phelps, Gary Burlingham, ,lim Laird, Bill Lawson, jim Lawson. Ronald Knopff, Jerry Beebe, Cary Coby, Oray Stewart, Don Barnard, Bob Wchrer, Lyle Kenny, johnny Benton, Ed Hoit. Third row: Ronald Widener, Nancy Matthews, Carol Reitan. Marilyn Richardson, Donna Beddow, Paula Vallender, Dolly Young- child. Betty Wilson, Ramona Magill, Betty Graham, Marilyn Reynoldson, Maureen Duffy, Gwen Thiederman, Christine Lamoureux, Muriel Hoyt. Mae White, Donna Devereaux, Pat Miller, jackie Doxon, Violet McNary, Pat Lucas, Ramona Eller, Nancy Osborn, Fourth row: Pat Cavanaugh. Ronda Erickson, Gay Clemans, Florence W'ilhelm, Joyce Wishard, La Vonne Cain, Myrna Crowston, Ann jorgenson, Suzann Schwab, Eleanor Fransten. Mary Arndt, Barbara Blackburn, Edwina Kravik, Mary Anne Samuel, Burl Beckwith, Carol Day, Carol Heffernan, Bonnie Calvert. Betty Hazen, Sara jo Anne Tibbels, janece Blaesi, Shirley lwasaki, Marilyn Sweeney, Shirley Stanley, Mr. Dunn. 6402544674 When it came to music this year, Federal Way High School students certainly showed their enthu- siasm along this line. Aside from band, a C-irls' Cxlee Club and several smaller groups, the school had a chorus of which they were very proud. So large was this group that it was divided into two parts and each of these sections was given a separate class period. However, when they performed for an audience, the group was combined in its entirety-ninety-three 4 A 1' 41- talented members. Their first performance was at the Mid-Winter Fiesta it December 8. This fine performance was so well received that If " they were invited to sing for the P.-T.A. Founders' Day pro- i -' f 'Ht .1 ri J gram, where they were again a credit to their fne director, lVlr. Dunn. - Each year the Federal Way music department is asked to appear on Campus Radio Theater over Station KIVIO in f i Tacoma. Usually the group goes to the studio to perform but this year due to the size of the group the studio came to them. A transcription was made in the music room at the school and 1. i f T' 2 w s Fl X' I rebroadcast a week later to the radio audience. Once more the group did an outstanding piece of work. ln the spring the group Pang for the Spring Fantasy and went into competition at the Pierce County Music Festival. OFFICE GIRLS: Shirley Nicholson, Verla Brinson, Sharon O'Brien, Marilyn Reynoldson. Coodryn Kluth. LIBRARIANS: Bottom, standing, left to right: Betty jean Dunbar, Marvis Bauer, Ruth Graves, llelen Herr. be-be Busselle, jackie Kerrone, Margie W'isharri, Miss Lewis. Seated: Marcellyn Barnett, Rose Hay, Sharon Palmer, Vivian Cavanaugh. Missing: Dolores Higdon. I eau! p This year there were office girls for each class period to help Mr. Rutherfords secretary in doing such things as: collecting attendance slips, taking announcements around, and running errands. They served faithfully in performing their duties. 200661104084 Advised by Miss Lewis, the librarians supervised the care of library books and reference materials. With their help, the way was lighted to find interesting books on subjects which students would like to read. Their duties were to check books in and out, prepare new books for the shelves, read the shelves, keep magazines in order, and prepare a weekly bulletin display. Their meetings were held after school on Wednesdays. REPORTERS Hop leftlz Evereste Black. Darrell Creighton, George VVoor'lruff, Maureen Mcfaughnn. Shirley leabo. PAGE EDITORS Hop rightl: Davie -loy Adams, Gail Fields. Gayle-cn l'rr-flriclcson. Shirley lwzisaki. Miss Lewis, adviser. EDITOR and ADVISER fbottom lefll: Davie joy Adams, Miss l..r-wir. EXCHANGE lcenterl: Betty Graham, Donna Perkins. MIMEOCRAPHING: tbottom riglxtlz Marilyn Reynoldson, Miss Twiez- eazadiigh' Enlightening the student body of Federal Way was the task set before the Eagle Eye staff. They gathered news stories and composed editorials and features that represented and depicted school life. There were four page editors who divided the responsibility of composing the paper. The editors were: Davie Adams, news pageg Gail Fields, editorial page: Shirley lwasaki, feature pageg Gayleen Fredrickson, sports page, first semester and Marilyn Reynoldson, second. The remaining members of the Journalism class were given jobs of typing, mimeographing, assembling, distributing and exchanging papers. lVliss Gertrude Lewis advised this group of hard-working students. f 'z A is 4 F1 -. m a-, ,tn Jig - Q-.2 4 , 4 - ---MW, - V ' 1201 T 1 A ,,m.M.,w O O h 9 . si ' ,-,-1-13, X K ,R Senlgr f j , r A x 21. Q, J 'W-Jw : . ' 22 2 .ff b M gp Chrlstmas Tea Q ,, ,V- 53 Q in 5 K, 1' N I 2 5 .ff 'fir k -if g J 4 f I A ' ' " wt. f 5 XWCLE 5 ' ' ' 53' 5- 'Lx L 'x 3? ,Q-'21-, 4 1 -P 1 1 3 g 2 I i' 5 ., '- V A ' .ffl ? S! df 1. F ' MRS 'E L- A 1. - 3 fx "' i ' ,X .59-1 'xg C fe Eg- , , ,- W? - A f 5 S ' I . Y , W4 gg -2 fa SQ , 1 J WN J ' , , gf? H Q V I ,A r , ' rx l H' xx 5 2 Yx QJ L W Sv ' .fQflfQlil'?,i'i'il'igL7fg.: . ,Q 1 lf-fL----,Q f - k.: f , f h . K . 1 .Q 1, , , brig- - wg iq , - I f , - - -MJ-Dv h I fn- ' 1 '-" Z' f . Y 53 ,N ' ' , ' 5,6 if A 3 1 kgspwwwaj ' ' A is f ' -"Gi x h k ., ' f .2 X. aging 115 My Q, ,X 1 .. -M., nf, .N .K - - J ff 4 :L I. , 2,5 'ri fi, x I, 1 K -VL-14-,ALJ es My Udfuq ' ' Ct , 5111! 1:5 VZ. Y E I in i 5, 'N Q ff-62-gggfgg 'i " 3- L + ' " . X, I X.. u . X 6 K , Ljg,-1,,,k V W ,A - T Kb TD' i 3f 0 ' QL- A f' ' ' XX., "' f- -1 , , . .h ' I A , , ' N' V 'N-A vkf-6-N.w-.1 52,1 - xjv ' l7V.QjUh, M.: -- Qxvi-XlksQy.9..n T IL?-xfx-J 3:4-J N Q h 5 SN X Q . F Ck.frg,,ZpQ, A , AN- my Afxwf- , - rf XJVXJ I , I f X QQQ. B 1 - -4 KX 4If?"xx,,- gxgk-gk, W a gf ociul Life "The real character of a man is found out by his amusementsf' ' z dadmez On November l l, 1950, a bright light was focused on Tolo, the first social event of the year, sponsored by the Girls' Club. It was held in the beautifully- decorated school gymnasium. A Lincoln High Dance Band provided the soft music, while a delicious dinner was being served. Besides a dance team from a Mildred Alley Studio, Burl Beckwith, Don Van Volkenburg and Eddie Englund furnished spotlight entertainment to carry out a cabaret theme. During Tolo week the Federal Way girls wore many odd costumes and hairdos. Upper left: On stage at Anne Purcell's death bed were her parents and boy friend, Howard Brant, surcessfully hiding a grin, Upper right: Behind the scenes two of the make-up crew, Barbara Barrett and Donna Devereaux, giving the finishing touch to Professor Bean. Line up, left to right: jack Foote. Professor Virgil Bean: Janice Dejardine, Maude Corey: lla Mae DeW'ald, Phoebe Purcell, Bob Wehrer, Henry Purcellp jim Lawson, Vic Lewisp Edwina Kravik, Vivian Georgeg Ronnie johnson, Ed Burnsp Verla Brinson, Anne Purcell: johnny Benton, Howard Brantg Shirley Teabo, Lou Herrong Margie Wishard, Mrs. Spanglerp Phil Poppleton, Mir Dixon, The play, .Spring Fever," centered around the difficulties Howard Brant encounters when he tries to graduate from Brookfield College. The comedy by Howard Hughes was directed by Mary Anne Samuel with much guidance from Miss Brasse. This year the students were given increased responsibility in choosing and casting the play and designing the set. ,, 5, 2 AMm,, The Girls' Club of Federal Way held their annual tea on December 20, I 950, in honor of all high school mothers. Each mother was presented with a corsage and welcomed by the women of the faculty and the officers of the Girls' Club. She was then conducted to the attractive serving table where Mrs. Marian Aldridge and Mrs. Henry Samuel were pouring. After being served the delicious refreshments prepared by the home economics department, she visited with other mothers and girls. A very entertaining musical program was given in her honor with Gary Coby playing several electric guitar numbers, Burl Beckwith singing, Bonnie I-ledger dancing, Don Van Volkenburg playing a saxaphone solo accompanied by Eddie Engluncl, Ronald Brace playing a trumpet solo, with Barbara Black- burn as Mistress of Ceremonies. 1 A lr ,ff L o,,f 5 For Oven-Ready Broadbreasted Bronze Turkeys All Year Around CALL JOHNSTON TURKEY FARM 1 Mile East of Highway 99 on Meredith Road Phone Des Moines 7-6651 Congratulations Class of '5I 'om Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner HIWAY WELDING 8: BODY complete ca, service SHOP Hamburgers - Sandwiches 296 S. 3. 99 Jay a. Mrs. Foote Steaks - Chicken Phone Auburn D666-R-2 Located at Auburn Cutoff Sl I-ER 5- CQ. GORDON BROS. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS SERVICE Kem . i . Burien Rt. 2, Box 832 Auburn, Wash. Two Stores to Serve You Phone 1675-J-'I I I Broome s Beautiful Lake Geneva ' Route 3, Box I523 Auburn, Washington Phone-WAverly 8 I 8l Federal wuy vuriefy snu-e VALET C LE A N E RS 'E 'A' Serving the Federal Way . Phone Auburn 1673-J-12 District A or Auburn 1637-.I-'I2 Phone Auburn 0 V Lee Kress Hockmonn Motor Ports "WEE I3 Easf hlgilalnne qailllgglgh, Wash. C UGI NIS FOR FLOWERS N E L S O N Gifi and Jewelry Sfore Auburn Washingion Phone 49-5 Auburn, Wash. Phone 589 DINE AT THE JACK'S MEN'S SHOP Green Parrot Inn On fhe Sea'r'rIe-Tacoma Hiway Sfeak and Chicken Dinners We Caier Io Parfies WA 87I5 Suifs-Topcoais-Hais Sporiswear-Men's Furnishings I2I-I23 Easf Main S+. Auburn, Washingfon '9-'1'u5!f"' 5, inf umm L Q J erry's Drug Store On the Seattle-Tacoma Highway Sundries - Fountain R Prescriptions Filled Undercoafing An AsphaII' - Permanenf - Profecfive Coafing Thai "PUTS A ROOF UNDER YOUR CAR" IT PROTECTS METAL DEADENS and ELIMINATES 0 The FIoor 0 RaH'Ies ' The Chassis 0 Squeaks 0 The Fenders 0 Road Rumble 0 The Trunk 0 Trac+ion Roar 0 The Gas Tank 0 Fume Leaks ' The Joinfs 0 Wafer Leaks ' The Hood 0 Dusi Leaks PAYS FOR ITSELF . . .LASTS THE LIFE OF THE CAR Special Ra+es 'Io Service Sfaiion-Sponsored Work UNIVERSITY UNDERCOATING CENTER 4502 Roosevelf Way SeaHIe, Washingion MEIrose 9633 -1 K' . xy A Q - .im ' HANNASLADIESJXAPRAREL Q KNOLILILUMBERH I A Ye A HARDWARE co. 22l West Meeker Phone 233 ' Fedgial Way , KENT' WASHINGTON H x RQ BoxPIh8onel:k,ubu:1u:7:5n, Wash. ., R I , ,D R FEASTER s INN uk Clwitlcen and Dinners-l H Served Earnily Sfyle Des Moines 7-4434 A I .X SeaHle-Taqema Highyiay E , e. Q M K , NK Sch 35" " d lr A A M9553 . X E ,T-Laing FEDERAL WAY MARKET Guns X" if R. ii Q .Q Delivery oKS5.00 orxOveri' Sqhoffls Sporfinq 'V' fC-Broceries, Fruifs, Vegefaliles and Mears 334 w. Meeker S+. '1.- Kenf weeh. 'Ce Fmn' and FoU""'1i" Sewice 3 ,nphone g5yi'xj 'S 3l'05I Pacific Highvyay Auburn I673-R-3 BLUE jAY INN Q Russm SAGE A R.. J y , ' 'l iw " .N Service Siafion A chicks? a'lg's'eakq'n'Ers 1 210 Mi-Sea++Iee Tacoma-I I Mi. M Seaflle-Tagoma High aylk y K1 X! ry Highway ' 1 Phone Dei, rlioinegfl 33.fX Phgne Dei-Moines 4822 ' . . -'J iefl AV' i kg V ,y Aubiirn Branch ik N I QNAQQNAL BANK OE OMMERCE J ' f 'D HANlBURGERS AMainrqndJDivi idln St." 4 " AubL,f'RkWa5InsPyg+0nf" N, X' Try Our 12JInch Hof Dog XJ iVlemAQS.I' '-'lex I Mile Soufh Auburn Turnoff 'ix ,V tx n . N Z SMITH EBRQS. DAIRY I R5uPRErv1ExQAlRgfu PRCEDUCTS J x . "Quali+y,Fir51eef- Always" i ,, Q TryJCur Homoigenized Milk Ken+, Wa' hingfbn -f ' Phone 8-W , x ,J K wg V V! RX -RSV I ' x ' X Y DX 1 W!v'0"' W' "QF?SP"Rx R Midway Feed Store E, Lumber and1Hardwpre Co. ul , I M XJ M. w Ah A begsx Qualify-Controlled Foods 'noxigfas 'K Ki' 'qifmy' ' 'M Box 2135 Midway, Wash. IHODQXDSS MOFDQQSJ-6F95 f . P one Des Moines 7-6622 I . 1 R , -R: 1 AR-1 A X1 'mD'QnCE'QIERf e f E' ALLEYTIARDWAIQE R9 - Appliasrxes -'qiadio - Television 1- l if , 0APPLlANCE COL, I Wesfinghousei - Sppirion 4LxThekrnoddr 1 V Y R J '4-, Y . - - ' A QAM at if K ., RK i xc usrve . ,Q 3l2 Meeker erK31g+f1WashfigfiR. E' ' 3.1 Frigidaire Sales 8: Service whoewbb-W N XX Join' Reglgrsfxggbp, lKenL Wash. Phone 2I2J ' rf ee I f' W y E, f , wif Ii jfbffif I' , yyyvjv I I - t Federal Way Farm Store AJ I 3I2 I 5 Sea-Tac. Highway I ' ' mb gers ,W 3 yy, I hak s - Malts - lce Cream 'M I South Midway Specializing in Purina Chows - Service Feeds-Garden Store-Seeds Auburn i768-J-I2 DOXON and SON Studebaker Automobiles and Trucks SALES and SERVICE I I7-I I9 C Street Southeast - Phone 5 Auburn C. RALPH FLEMING, Realtor For Mortgage Loans I W4 Mile South of Federal Way Phone Auburn 654 CARL'S Seattle-Tacoma Highway , "ln the Miracle Mile" -Shell Products- ERNIE Clljtl CARL FEDERAL WAY HARDWARE 31250 Pacific Highway South Federal Way Phone: Auburn i863-R-2 We Give S 8: H Green Stamps fFREASE'S MARKET ROSE'S H I-WAY IN N Feature Chicken and Steak Dinners "Since You've Tried the Rest. Now Try the Best" I8 Miles South-Seattle I-Iiway-Tacoma I3 Miles North We Cater to Parties Groceries-Gas and Oil Fresh Meats SUTHERLAND'S GROCERY and I SERVICE STATION Rt. 3, Box I532, Auburn Phone Auburn I697-J-2 North Gaines Lumber Co. BuiIder's Bargain Store "We Hurry" Auburn, Washington Phone I4I 3OI West Main St. HOLMAN FURNITURE AND HARDWARE 'Furniture you enioy living with' I07 West Main Auburn, Wash. Phone Auburn 22 Steele's Apparel Auburn, Washington Suits and Dresses for Graduation Auburn Dairy Products, Inc. Phone Auburn 108 AUBURN WASHINGTON MIDWAY FOOD MART Quality Meats Groceries Phone Des Moines 7-234I 23407 Pacitic I-Iiway So. Midway, Washington . IV V MAQ! A NM ff I I fl is W ,T we if fb MJ' - 3 If , I A , . , 7 ,,f' A M5 -T I '60, ' - 1-I - - 1 tl I ITT ,I-1 'M by VALLEY MoToRsa .I Url DODGE If PLYMOUTH X I I I , "JusT a Good Place To Do Business" Ui' I mf " LWAIST. S. E. - Phone 485, Auburn, Washington I IJ gf 8: Wallpaper Co. 'The n oi Good PainT Since' I887" 2I8 Easi Main - Phone I I I6 Auburn, Washingfon 12' ,Y ,II bu Id aff lbvolgf' I oI-INsoNs if if SHELL BURNER OILS 4 Heisserman Fuel Co. Phone 2035 or 233 Auburn Washingion Geo. H. Williams Barber Shop "Service With or Without Talk" Feed-Hay-Grain-Seeds Valley Feed 81 Farm Store AUBURN, WASHINGTON Auburn Washinq+on CLIFFORD WESTBY INSURANCE Avenue and AGENCY Represeniinq Norihwesiern Muiual Fire Assn., Norihwesl Casually Co. and AUBURN, WASHINGTON Other Reliable Companies Equity Really Oliice I6 C S+. S.E., Auburn, Washingion Phone 678 or I86I-R-3 Clark Transfer 81 Storage MOVING SERVICE 48 Siaies and Canada E. G. FORBES , Office: IO Firsi SI. S.W. Phone 28 FO' Eshmaies Residence: R+. 3, nov I545, Phone I664-J-I Phone Auburn II AUBURN, WASHINGTON Haircuts to Suit the Customer Shop of 100 Cheeses A" S'Y'ef swIsscoNsI-N CHEESE Wee Waldorf Barber MART Sh Fine Cheeses - Irnporled and Domesiic op On Seattle-Tacoma Highway DES MOINES LUMBER CO. Building Maierials Builders' Hardware Sherwin-Williams Painis Coal - Pres?-o-logs Phone Des Moines 7-452I Del Osterhoudl' - Wally Osterhoudl The Des Moines TheaI're 'Where your comfort is our aim' and DeI's Service Eleciric Holpoint Appliances - Sparlon Televisio Phone EL. 6lI Des Moines 7-320I Lundstrom's Shurfine Market 3 I009 Pacific Highway Phone Auburn I673-R-I School Sweaters QUALITY KNITTING co. 737 Sf. Helens Ave. Tacoma, Wash 1 , .N :pn n V9 R-s 'jj ri' fy tj Ml I . V 1 T - - - -- - - --- --- ' A.B.C. AUTO REBUILD sy Y, -' lf' W' A' Newancl Used Parts f-. Th rescription Store Rei illiamgs, Pr prietor , I3 Paci ic- ig ay So. Lubrication - Tires - Batteries Gas - Oil - Accessories 30855 Pacitic I-tiway So. j if 'Jil ,vii ??L El Aj! l 9 ti ," I STERBA'S SELF-SERVICE A J I lfz Mile South ot Webb Center Murroyls 5 and 10 Taylor Furniture G' Appliances l00 Railroad Avenue 226 -ls' Scum Kent Washing+on Kent Phone 93?Nashington C5'J AUTO SALES WARRENHS 226 No. Central Kent, Washington Office Equipment Typewriter Sales and Rentals Phone 620 Auburn, Wash. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '51 SCARFF MOTORS Auburn Washington MATERIALLY YOURS w.l E . t Whlte River L.umber 'son qwpmen International Trucks CO. Tractor and Farm Machinery - Chrysler . . . Plymouth Aubu'gT1gl:2ail6g19'on Phone 45 Auburn, Wash. AUBURN CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. Septic Tanks ' Sewer Pipe Sunset Cleaners Complete Cleaning Service Drain Tile Phone 359 Auburn, Wash Auburn, Washington c""Pll"'e"'s of NEL'S BOAT HOUSE AND White River Feed GRILL Com pa ny REDONDO, WASHINGTON Thomas, Washington Phone 199 Kent Phone Des Moines 7-6374 BOTHELL CHEVROLET COMPANY I Cadillac - Chevrolef -4 Sales and Service Auburn, " jfvlashingfon CONGRATULATIONS I , ii I H. S. BURLINGHAM Blesslngs Jewe ry Redondo, Washington Ken+, Washing+on Phone Des Moines 7-6370 Besl of Luclx +o 'l'he CLASS OF '5I ROLLAND LUTZ STUDIO Feed Seed Grain Redondo G"0Ce"Y KENT Mn.uNe COMPANY Wholesale and Reiail C' A' UNDS1-RfND Cuslom Grinding and Mixing Redondo- W"5l""'9i0"' Meeker and Railroad Slreef Phone Des Moines 1-boil Kent Wash. Phone Kenf 29 JOHNSON FURNITURE BARNEY'S WATCH REPAIR I A Ph 47 Cenha venue one 20l Soufh Cen+raI Ave. Ken+, Washingfon Ken+, Washingion Valley Painf 8: Appliance OBERT 8: GUSTIN Your CROSLEY Dealer Palms and Pape' 229-Isl Ave. So. Phone 958-W KENT, WASHINGTON KENT, WASHINGTON EARL TEDRICK EMERY TEDRICK I TEDRICK BROS. MFG. COMPANY "Qualify Woodwork" ' Sfore Fixfures and Kiichen Cabinefs Our Specialfies 24l6 S+ar Lake Road . . . Phone Des Moines 7-5605 . . . R.F.D. 5, Box l925, Kent Wash. TH EO E. Z UC K CAVANAUGH I J EWELER HAl!.DWAR3Ed CO. I Elgin Waiches 'mmons ,e S 22 Ead Main S+ Fuller Painis Auburn, Washing+on Auburn, Washingion al X. 2 SN, 'I I .X xl ' N Peckenpaugh Drug Co. Auburn, Washinglon Phone I8 "Everything for the Kodak Fan" Complimenrs of BElERLElN'S MEN'S WEAR and BAXTER'S SHOES I I2 East Main Auburn, Washington KENT HARDWARE and FURNITURE ,A "The Store of Friendly Service" PHILCO AII Our Lines Are Nationally Advertised BENDIX Monarch - Kelvinator - RCA Victor - Maytag - Speed Queen - Fuller - Della Tools Ken+'s Largest Hardware and Furniture Store PHONE IZ3 KENT, WASH. NATIONAL BANK of' K A s P E R ' s WASHINGTON "Correct Apparel for Men Auburn Branch and Women" I W. Main Phone 234 Home of Janlzen Swealers Auburn, Washington Member F.D.l.C. 257 East Main St. Auburn, Wash. Phone 37-J PASCOE SERVICE Don and Violef Gasoline - Groceries Des Mdines 7-789I 27202 Seattle-Tacoma Highway MODERN CLEANERS "Wear Clean Clothes" 209 W. Meeker, Kent Phone 255 Il B St. S. E. Auburn Ph. 36l EVAN'S DRUG COMPANY "PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTSH Phone 66 - Auburn, Washington A Weese Jewelry X Q, , ' Expert Watch Repairing ' Diamonds . . . Watches Sterling Silver III East Main Auburn, Wash Auto Repair for All Makes Redondo Heights Garage 27658 Pacific Highway 24-Hour Wrecker Service Phone Des Moines 7-2801 GINGHAM INN Breakfast . . . Lunch . . . Dinners .Catering fo Groups and Special Parties 0. W. PIERSON AGENCY Insurance of AII Kinds Masonic Temple Bldg. Just Across from Federal Way School I Phone Auburn I963-R-2 Auburn' VVGSITIDQIOII MELQDY Rsconn SHOP EVERGREEN + PHOTOGRAPHERS I33 E6S+ Main S+ree+ Distinctive Photography Phone IO47 Auburn, Wash. I,:JQr5+RSfTeV?A2i.E .dr -P '71 , Wd! D 'f"f' .I WS wi WMM M152 VW ami? 41 A X' Q " I, A K' Q ff'-1 jjj dy yilyjgigzfaixk ?W0Z V MMV! ff A J' fkrqwly MQ, fe Vai' Q, Q! Mfg, -5 K ,M X in kfflc - 'Q I PU. ijt' If Aff, ,7.......:Lf6-'JA-9 .IJ R Ml 5 .Ihr W fy:-iM"'w,LfLfl,J?N-Q. jf pe! 5 W .,-fd? 1, 711, ' ' ,J QA' ' AQ' f7if.b"" 4,,7f"x:'J 5Wf Affyffiwl 'Eff 7? hi 'nf-uagyfgv-A533-S ,M , Eiga A- ,J-.ak - A lgmdggf .. kx'22'X,7'iL'gZ 5,2-374 Q Wh . ' 4 ,WWW M yy' gk M634 --9 M W M ff J 19 f5 'I'f5w 2Wf Kim? 'Wgfggflw Mi! My 'f -. 02, ' M W QW 53,332 W? ff W, 5:5222 WWW Wfffiff if N353 MMTQV Mm 49 Nz 5 3 vii? QMVQWEW QM ga gb S is Af Q gl ffH i fix M g , gf Q -Sfgyff - gpm Jzw , Wv 5, ,, of ,WW !,Q,ff 5 C, W5 JQLQJL , A f My fw f7,,q,,,,f,,,5,?.-f ff-!,,gy,,,, i,Qfg,!2j,gWn 232' f'72jjj1if,ffM dhfllfj fy QNEZZZJQEAYI AZQCUVQXL cnfdryflzfw ,ff M Wifwv ' A ff 764 .1 X 1 4 N .. 1Q,7,,,A, f MM'--f'f ,y,.1 gy xaw3aJf3Lw0M M! Wi fmm -Qmlzp ,4,ZfA: zz.. W QAM! A MPM W Wmrjmta 'm '52, H9 Q wwf! SSG Ji5jwfQ1'lf'aw if tmwb ,ig is is ESQ? ms SW W 422 Af i5333f N3fi5gf wfyi Ei Wi 9? M 5333

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