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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1964 volume:

r.. • m CANIS ENGARDtS (CI ENPICKETUS USS FECHTELER DD-870 7 ?c L. L kJ-Lzr BT WESTPAC USS FECHTELER DD870 COVER DESIGN The cover, designed by LT Knight, depicts the themes of FECHTELER ' s July-August patrols. The vigilant Watchdog was FECHTELER. The Vietnamese eyes were her trademark. The palm tree is a reminder of the South China Sea and FECHTELER ' s " boom " of a Palm Tree. Cutting through the cover, as it cut through the middle of the deployment, is the phrase, Condition III. Battle Readiness Con- dition III. FECHTELER and her men know each of these symbols. The cover is theirs. DEDICATION This book, the account of USS FECHTELER ' s 1064 Western Pacific deployment, is dedicated to Admiral William M. Fechteler, USN (Ret), former Chief of Naval Operations. Admiral Fechteler is a son of Admiral Augustus F. Fechteler, and a brother of LT Frank C. Fechteler, for whom the ship is named. SHIP ' S HISTORY Originally the ship was to be named in honor of Rear Admiral Augustus F. Fechteler, USN, who commanded a battleship division in World War I. Prior to commissioning the name was shortened to its present form and honors both the Admiral and his son, LT Frank C. Fechteler, and early naval aviator who was killed in a plane crash in 1922. USS FECHTELER (DD870) was constructed by the Bethlehem Steel Company, Staten Island, N.Y., was commissioned on 2 March 1946, and assigned to duty with the Atlantic Fleet. In January 1947, the ship proceeded to the Pacific area via the Panama Canal and reported for duty with the Pacific Fleet. In 1952 FECHTELER completed her fourth tour in the Western Pacific having operating with Task Forces 95 and 77 as a component of the 7th Fleet. She operated in the San Diego-Long Beach area until April 1953 when she was decommissioned for major overhaul and conversion to a radar picket destroyer. The " new " FECH TELER emerged and was commissioned at Long Beach in December 1953. In May 1954 she headed west on an around-the-world cruise which terminated five months later in Newport, Rhode Island. Enroute she stopped in WestPac long enough to operate with the Seventh Fleet. Upon her arrival at Newport, FECHTELER was assigned to Destroyer Division 102. In May 1956 she was once again assigned to the Paci fic, now sporting the coveted Battle Efficiency " E " awarded for her outstanding performance with DesRon 10 of the Atlantic Fleet. After only a few days in Long Beach FECHTELER deployed to WestPac as a unit of Destroyer Squadron 23, the " Little Beaver " Squadron of World War II fame. In the early spring of 1963 FECHTELER entered the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to undergo a Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization MK1 conversion, which was completed in December, 1963. During the conversion FECHTELER was re- commissioned a DD. Upon completion of her shipyard work, FECHTELER underwent a series of tests, trials, and exercises which were completed satisfactorily in March, 1964. A month later, on 5 May, she deployed for WestPac, a member of Destroyer Squadron 19, a ready unit of the powerful U.S. Pacific Fleet. She is a proud ship; proud of her ability, of her outstanding reputation in both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets, and even more proud of the men who breath life and soul into her steel. EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR Douglas B Robertson, USN, is the ship ' s Executive Officer and Nav- igator. His previous duty stations include Headquarters United Nations Command in Korea, destroyers, a heavy cruiser, an LSM, Fleet Operations Control Center, Pacific and the NROTC Unit at North- western University. The Commander was born in Detroit, Michigan and is a graduate of the Naval Academy. He not only serves the ship in his professional capacities but had added his own personal touch as creator of " Fechdog " . COMMANDING OFFICER Captain Myers reported to FECHTELER from two years duty in the Pentagon. A graduate of the Naval Academy and the U.S. Naval War College, he has spent over nine of his fifteen years com- missioned service in sea billets. Since reporting aboard, Capt. Myers has taken the ship through the final stages of the Fram I conversion, a rigorous Refresher Training, and a distinguished deployment with the 7th Fleet. The Captain and his wife reside in Long Beach with their two children. In his leisure time, he is a member of the ship ' s top-notch bowling team. We present the hirsute members of the Wardroom, as seen in and around Subic Bay after 34 days of Tonkin Patrol. Absent are LTJG ' s Giambattista and Pearson and ENS ' Panepinto and Hultin. CDR Wm. A Myers, 111 c.o. LCDR D.B. Robertson x.o. LT E.A. Hamilton Weapons LT G„W. Plummer Engineering LT D.R. Knight Operations LTJG F.D. Giambattista Engineering LTJG M.F. Graham Communications LTJG S.C. McCluskey ASW LTJG C.J. Bans Gunnery LTJG D.Q. Pearson MP A ENS J.S. Corbett Asst ASW ENS J. A. Panepinto CIC ENS G.A. Nugent Supply ENS F.E. Trani, Jr. 1st LT ENS G.E. Johnston EMO ENS J.E. Faris Asst Communications ENS J.T. Donnelly DC A ENS J.M. Hultin Personnel The CHIEFS The CPO ' s are a difficult group to capture for a photograph. Once posed, however, they look like the salts that they are. Destroyer chiefs are a cut above the average chief. They are the sole masters of their skill, the ship ' s voice on their particular trade, and the men ' s epitome of what a career in the service makes of a man. ZferCgi n -— DIVISIONS Ill D The Deck Division is composed of the Boatswains Mates and their seaman. In the days of sail, these were the men who manned the rigging and fought the guns. Today they have jobs that are more varied, yet still rugged. They man the refueling rigs, the life boat detail, the bridge watches and the gun crews. Performing seaman- ship tasks and maintaining the ship ' s appearance are two of their daily responsibilities. During this WestPac de- ployment, credit for setting two 7th Fleet replenishment- refueling records belongs to the men of the Deck Division. o WG - These are the men who man the gun mounts. Gunner ' s Mates. Fire Control Tech- nicians. FECHTELER ' s two five-inch mounts and fire control system are their workshop and GQ station. During the Condition III watches of August, the mounts and their men were FECHTELER ' s Sunday punch against possible air and surface targets. The FT ' s brag of the only air-conditioned crew ' s " berthing " area, while the Gunner ' s Mates claim to have set a record for field maneuvers in Olongapo. i i Itf A W : v t " $ %: • HP ■ " mJj L U WA Division is a composite of Sonarmen, Torpedomen, and Gunner ' s Mate ' s Missilemen. Their equipment is the ships main armament. As a destroyer, FECHTELER ' s pri- mary task is to locate submarines and dispose of them. Torpedoes and ASROC are her weapons. Sonar is her ear in the sea. With the installment of DASH, drone anti- submarine helicopter, WA and her men will expand to handle this new weapon ' s system. The most diversified division in the Weapons Dept, these men work for a common goal: " Sink Subs " . i. B Boiler Tenders, generating steam for the ship, these men spend their days and nights in the Snipe holes providing power for the FECHTELER, steam for laundry, for hot water, for cooking, for heat and main engines. Long hours of dirty and thankless work are their fate- - the unseen, unsung power behind the ship. I ! M Screwdrivers, taking the raw steam, these wizzards convert it to motion, motion to push the ship, turn the generators, run the pumps, and make the ship habitable. Amid the maze of knobs and piping, in a constant hum of machinery, these men spend the working days and watchful nights providing the power which makes the ship alive. " We fix everything but broken hearts. " The SF ' s, EN ' s, EM ' s, IC ' s, and MM ' s who make up the Repair Division can be seen day and night, replacing, rebuilding and rehabilitating the ship inside and out, top to bottom. Responsible for all auxiliary equipment, the R division is always on the go. From the anchor windlass to the steering motors, from the pit sword to the anemometer, their space is the ship, their job never finished. ii Consisting of cooks, storekeepers, barbers, laundry- men, and disbursing clerks, the Supply Department keeps the ship in chow and change. Supplying an on-duty ship in the Pacific is a difficult job at best, but during extended steaming it is just about impossible. We were low on toilet paper, out of paint, and almost into the laundry bags for cleaning rags. If it hadn ' t been for the hardwork of the Supply ratings out holds would have been empty in June. 18 1 1 They keep your records, mend your wounds, plot your course, and make sure that those letters home have Zip codes. This of course, describes the variety of services provided by the rates of X Division: Yoemen and Personnel- men, Hospital Corpsmen, Quartermasters, and that most important fellow, the Postal Clerk. c Electronic fingers reach out from the ship, making contact with friendly ships, aircraft, and shore stations providing combat information. The use of these important communication links is the job of the ship ' s Radiomen, who must be skilled in the traditional Morse Code as well as modern highspeed teletype systems. The Signalmen add their services to OC by providing short range, secure tactical information using light, semaphore, and flags. 22 I mJjm V Darkness, interrupted only by red and green and the ominous yellow of glowing radar scopes form the vital environment of the Combar Information Center, " the Cave " . It is here that the ships Radarmen do their work, searching out air and surface contacts, enveloping the ship in a protective cloak. The Electronics Techni- cians, also in 01, support the " million dollar " systems aboard that provide both dependable radar and communications. THE CRUISE • ' HO Ho IS6 I ■ — — L - L ffe® 170 26 . ■:- 4 2! i SUBIC BAY On June 6th, the ship entered Subic Bay, Philippine Islands. This base, located 60 miles north of Manila, is the major U.S. Navy facility in the Islands. During our five subsequent visits to Subic we had Captain ' s Inspections, presen- tation of awards, Softball games and a fair share of major and minor repairs. 10 t-x:. . Sf y r il 31 The Fechteler was a loner. For the most part she operated by herself in the far reaches of the Pacific, alone on watch- dog, alone in Hong Kong, alone on Tiawan Patrol Once just once she joined the other ships in the division (191), and then in Subic posed proudly amidst the bustle of ships in port. CARRIER OPS At sea with the Task Group we rode plane guard station, screen station, and " served as distant WATCHDOG. During these weeks we received mail and personnel by helo, chow and movies by highline. 1 - " During UNREP with USS CASTOR (AKS 1) on 9 July 1964, USS FECHTELER (DD 870) received 2.9 short tons of stores at the rate of 145.0 short tons per hour, with a rig unrig time of 6 minutes. This rate of transfer is a new record for AKS-DD in the Seventh Fleet. " Between May 5th and December 9th we took part in 43 separate underway replenishments. 32 of these were refueling, the remaining 11 were stores replenishments. These are dangerous maneuvers and must be carried out with speed, efficiency, and safety. FECHTELER was a record setter in these evolutions, building a team spirit that was known as tops throughout the fleet. • •i ( ) N C At last a " real " port! We sailed into Hong Kong on 27 July expecting to stay a week or more. Sightseeing and relaxing were the main at- tractions, followed closely by the purchasing of gifts and clothes. All of this came to an abrupt halt on 2 August. Liberty was can- celled, we readied for sea. Maddox had been attacked. ' THE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY WASHINGTON The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in commending UNITED STATES NAVAL TASK GROUP 77.6 consisting of U.S.S. CONSTELLATION (CVA-64), U.S.S. GRIDLEY (DLG-21), U.S.S. FECHTELER (DD-870), and U.S.S. PRESTON (DD-795) for service as set forth in the following CITATION: " For exceptionally meritorious service in support of operations in the Gulf of Tonkin during the period 2-5 August 1964. By participating in immediate, determined, and successful air strike counterattack operations against the North Vietnamese tor- pedo boats and supporting facilities, Task Group 77. 6 demonstrated the firm intent of the United States to maintain freedom of the seas and to take all necessary measures in defense of peace inSoutheast Asia. The outstanding professional and technical competence and effective teamwork displayed by all members of Task Group 77. 6 in carrying out this action were in keeping with the highest tra- ditions of the United States Naval Service. " All personnel attached to and serving on board Task Group 77.6 during the above period, including Commander Carrier Division 9. Commander Destroyer Squadron 19, and members of staffs, air groups, squadrons, and detachments actually present and participating in the above action, are hereby authorized to wear the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon. Secretary of the Navy ' ,., While on station we were ordered to steam in Condition III watches, manning a gun mount, the director and providing extra men in CIC around the clock. It was no longer a " cruise " ; it was business. The lookouts were required to wear protective body armor and the topside sleepers (a la the tropics) had to " bunk in the heat below. As the days passed we learned more about the earlier action and our job. We were WATCHDOG, the first to meet the intruder. 37 iw VvM T SMO E $ ?£££N , 6»R I Ti-Ufs OUR. " AR-B Q | A T( t- TS o Rb VVOUUD »M€.Vt« ■ i ' ■ ■ 18 S J K 39 ' ' m£ » dl| a J] I ife . 1 I ■. . ■ ■ ♦ ■WB ' " ° " ' ■■ 1: 4tf«fc ' ' I - » I i . 3l ! ■ - " - _ •■ . ' ,. «.;, • -- r ' Work went on as usual during the Patrol. The boilers had to be manned, repairs required attention, paint work progressed. As our ra- dars scanned the horizons and our mission remained with us, these men off watch worked to keep the ship ready for any possibility. 42 fE HPOG ca |5 EK (yAnvs e ae s ■Wi i ■ ▲ I With the passing of time and an easing of the situation, Con- dition III was relaxed. But the patrol remained. As a result, American ingenuity and sailor know-how created light moments for all. An outdoor barbeque and weekly bingo, a mustache contest and a sixteen-foot palm tree. ui Above, the Captain tries his luck at picking a ConUS arrival dat e. His Beatle wig took 30 seconds off the rig unrig time forward. Mi c 3 5 C i Alj_ e-Vl O O cr C o 2 DOES H 50C _ KKow Mow " To 6fcR- v i ■ k k M - Hl 46 As Condition III eased diversions were sought to ease the strain of long days at sea. A hair growing contest was one way. Not just hair but upper lip hair. You see the better ones here, fame and fortune were aforded the best " hairy lip " 47 After a long at sea period nothing is as nice as liberty, and no liberty is as nice as Hong Kong " Liberty " . No Hong Kong Liberty is as nice as Station Ship liberty, and there we were Station Ship. Three weeks in Hong Kong, often by ourselves. A chance to see and do everything. We had a party that stopped all parties. We saw and did all things. And when it was all over we acquired a mascot: I ' l ' .C ' .HTk ' Ui ' R B. DOG seadog. " FECH " - the saltiest ■iH lAi. MM ' ,(, 4 4 Q % -o ' » 6 ' •7 -too,. « T7 Zr„ g «r o tel • QA02, £n A o °v o f o. %. -ft •o ' A o - •%. V ' ■:■ " hf 53 54 ITT 1 ; " 7 iMKf »», Roster of personnel who were attached to USS FECHTELER (DD 870) during WESTPAC deployment 5 May 1%4 to 9 December 1064. OFFICERS LTJG Charles J. BATTS ENS John T. DONNELLY LT Frank D. GIAMBATTISTA, Jr, LT Edward A. HAMILTON ENS Glen E. JOHNSTON LTJG Stephen C. McCLUSKEY LTJG George A. NUGENT LTJG Joseph A. PANE PINTO LT Grant W. PLUMMER LCDR Douglas B. ROBERTSON LTJG James S. CORBETT ENS Joseph B. FARIS LTJG Michael F. GRAHAM ENS Jerry M. HULTIN LT Dennis R. KNIGHT CDR William A. MYERS, III ENS Patrick M. O ' CONNELL LTJG Dale D. PEARSON LTJG Frederick E„ TRANI, Jr. ENLISTED ABUEG, Roman T., SK2 ADAMS Lyle W., MM2 ALIANO, Joseph (n), SR ANDERSON, Edwin C, FN ANNIS, Kenneth M., RD3 BAKER, John W„, RD1 BARKSDALE, Roland L., EMFN BARR, Michael A., SN BARTOLOMEO, Michael S., SA BETTERS, Webby (n), OM2 BLANK ENSHIP, Gerald D., SKI BLECKLER, Larry M. f SFP2 BONNAR, Carl E., FTG2 BOYD, Gordon W., MR1 BROWN, Gilbert W. Jr., SN BUENVIAJE, Emmanuel G., TN CALHOUN, Roy D., BMC CANFIELD, Terrance W., MM2 CARTER, Wilbert (n), MM1 CASTRO, Theodulo D., SKCA CICHOS, Gerald D., MMFA CLEMENT, Leon R., RD2 COLES, Ceferino (n), CS1 COTEY, Leon A., PN1 CREW, James W., SN ACKERMAN, Robert L., SA ADAMS, Nadro (n), BTC ANDERSON, Burwell (n), SN ANDERSON, Roy H., FTG2 ARMSTRONG, Robert H„, SN BALL, Robert L. Jr., GMM2 BARNETT, William H., BM2 BARRERA, Arthur (n), MM2 BASALLO, Melvin Z., TN BLAIR, Robert H., BT3 BLECHA, Thomas C, MM2 BLOUNT, William F., RD3 BO WEN, Kenneth C., BT1 BROOKS, Leamon (n), CS1 BRUNO, Nicholas P., BM3 CALDWELL, Myron E„, ST1 CAMPBELL, Richard D. f SA CARROLL, Martin J., BTFN CASTLE, Otis M., SA CHRISTENSEN, Dean A., EN3 CLARK, Virgil V., FA COFFMAN, Larry F., RM3 CONNER, William L., BT2 COX, Claude B., BT2 CRUZ, Francisco Q., YN 1 CURRY, John J. JR., SH3 CURFMAN, Douglas M., SA DAUGHERTY, Larry R., RD3 DAYHOFF, James W., RD3 DODSON, Smith A. Jr., BM1 DRESSLER, Richard S., EMFN EDGAR, George C. Jr., RD3 EMMETT, John M., RDCS FAWCETT, Michael G., FN FINCH, John S., SA FLEMING, Edward T. Jr., RD3 FLOYD, Gerald W., SN FORD, Cornelius J. Jr. FOSTER, Loyd E., DC 3 FRITCHER, Gary L., SR GARRISON, Phillip B., MM3 (SS) GATLING, Richard J. Ill, FTG2 GENTRY, James K., FN GILMORE, Ernest (n) Jr., SD3 GONZALES, Arthur P., CS3 GOOD, Charles H., CS1 GORDON, Eugene R., SN GRANT, Thomas J., BTFN GRESS, Steven C, SN GRUBB, Jesse E., MMCA DAVIDGE, Dennis W., RM2 DOBYNS, Leonard R., SMI DONOHO, Ronald J., SN DUNN, Kenneth F., FN ELLIOTT, Robert D., RD2 EVANS, Bobby L., EN3 FEHRMAN, Thomas C, FN FISCHERKELLER, Charles W. Jr., PN3 FLEMING, Shelly H., SN FLYNN, Thomas J., MMFN FORTIER, Ronald R„, EM2 FRAKES, Ralph B., EN1 GALACKE, Gerald F., SN GARVER, Ray L., EMI GAUGER, Robert D., GMM2 GILLETT, Earl W., BM3 GLANDON, Leslie L„ BTC GONZALEZ, Steven C., MM3 GOODWIN, Larry J., SN GRAN, LeRoy C, TM1 GRAY, Dale L., SN GROVES, Edwin D., ETR2 GUMP, John R. f SMI HARTSFIELD, Fort C, STG3 HILL, John P., FN HOLLOWAY, Myrle G., ET1 HOROWITZ, Neil A., ENFA HUMPHREYS, Joseph H. Jr. ETR3 JENKINS, Charles R. f SH2 KASKASKE, Jesse (n), FN KELTZ, Mark L., SN KIDWELL, Benjamin M., SHI KNADLER, Edward (n), MMCS KOHLBECK, Gerald J., RD3 KONOLD, Richard L., RD3 LARSON, Robert B., FN LAWRENCE, Lloyd R. f BT2 LeBLANC, Robert E., RD3 LONG, Ernest C., SN LUGO, Theodore A., SN MAJOWITZ, Michael A., STG2 MALCOLM, Edward (n), GMG3 MARGLOUS, Barry L., SN MARTINEZ, Edward (n), BT3 MAYES, James L., BT3 McKNIGHT, Kenneth R., SN MELTON, Donald (n), FN MILLENBACH, Michael J., ETN3 MILLER, Gary A., FTG3 HAMANN, William F., IC3 HASSLER, William E., SN HIMMELREICH, Barry E„, SN HOLSTEIN, Dennis W., SN HOUGHTALING, Robert L., EM3 JANTZ, Paul E. Jr., SA JULIAN, Russell E., MMCA KASSON, Thomas M., FTG3 KENWORTHY, Ronald C, SN KLEIN, Stephen L., FA KNITTLE, Richard T., SA KOLBECK, Robert C, ETR3 LANDEAU, Joseph D., FN LAWMAN, Larry L., SFM2 LAURIE, Carl M., SN LOFLIN, Gurney, W., SN LOVE, Wayne E., SN MAHONEY, Charles P., SN MAKELY, Arthur K., OM1 MALONE, Carl P., EMFN MARTIN, Phillip E., SA MASSEE, Donald G., SN McCALL, Raymond E., BT1 McRORY, Charles A., BT2 MESSICK, Robert O. Sr., RM1 MILLER, Charles E., PC2 58 MILLER, Jeffery L., SN MITCHELL, Richard A., MM2 MORRISON, James A., FN MYER, John O., RMC NABOR, Eduardo Q., SD2 NYE, James E., MM3 OTTI, John R., S PALMER, LeRoy A., SM2 PARD, George J., RDC PARRY, Joel H., GMG3 PAYNE, Edwin F. Ill, RM2 PERKINS, Harry D., RM2 PICKETT, Jerry J,, RD2 POITRAS, Rodolphe E., FN RADLEY, Lionel A. Jr., MMFN RAWLINGS, Clyde O., FN RECTOR, Paul E., FTG1 REINIER, Rodger A., MM3 ROBINSON, Harry M. Jr., MM2 ROE, Marsden L., IC2 ROSENSTEEL, John T., BT2 RUIZ, Benito (n) Jr., SN SAMPLES, Donald F., IC3 SASSANO, John J., SA SCHOPFER, George H. Jr., MM 3 SCOTT, David R., FTG3 SCRIBNER, Lawrence J., RD3 SHELTON, Billie V., HM1 SIGRIST, John R., SN SIMMS, Frederick A. Jr., TN SLADEK, Rueben J., MM3 SOLANO, Amadeo (n), BT3 SPONSEL, Stanley R., FN STENSGARD, Leonard J., FA STITH, Kenneth W., BT2 SULLIVAN, John P., STS3 SUTTON, John T., RM1 TERRELL, Thomas E., SN TORMANEN, Darryl R., SN VALLERV, Joseph C. Jr., RM3 MILLER, Leslie L., SA MOORE, Ronald W., I- A MOSS, -Harvell (n), FN MYERS, David W., SA NICK, Frank J. Jr., RD1 OUR, Michael W., ETN2 OWENS, Robert E., YN3 PANKEY, Billie F.C., RM3 PARKER, John P., SA PATTERSON, Ronald J., MM2 PERICOZZI, Frank (n), SN PETERSEN, Paul A., QM2 PITCHER, Ralph W.E., BT2 PORANSKI, Peter F., STG2 RAMIREZ, Arturo S., DK2 REA, Jack L. Jr., SN REGALA, Isidoro V., CS2 ROBINSON, Christopher G., SA ROBINSON, Jerral W., GMG3 ROSE, Lepolion L., FN ROWIC, Leonard E., SN SALTER, John T., SN SAPP, George D., GMG1 SAUERS, Richard D., EMFN SCHROEDER, Steve A., SN SCOTT, Peter G., SN SEVLIE, Robert G., MMFN SHIELDS, Chester B., SN SIGRIST, Robert J., SA SKIDGEL, Eugene C, SA SMITH, William H., GMGCA SOTO, Ismael (n), SN STAFFORD, Douglas M., BT3 STERLE, Phillip J., BT3 ST MANE, Bradley E., SN SUKOVSKY, George E., CS3 TATARA, Donald J., STG3 THORNTON, James L., GMG3 TOW, Jack A., MM1 VAN ZEE, Neil E., GMM3 VILLALOBOS, Cristolito M., TN WALLER, Jack L., BT1 WEISENFLUH, Gerald M., CS3 WEYLER, Charles P., SA WHITE, John E., ICFA WHITNEY, Kenneth I., SK3 WITTE, Richard L., EM3 WOOD ALL, Tommy R., BT2 YARBROUGH, Paul L., MM2 YINGLING, David E., EM2 ZAJICEK, John L. Jr., ETN3 WADE, " J " " W " , SF1 WEBER, Lowell M., MMFN WEISS, Gordon N. Ill, FR W HAL EN, John P., EMC WHITRIGHT, Ray C„ MM2 WILSON, Lemuel P., SN WOMBACKER, Robert W., BT3 YACCINO, Roland C, SMSN YAX, John H., STG3 YOUNG, James W., IC2 7 - 1 T T H The W£ft OUcys - ,o poppy p g » AoHot va(° ' This is our cruise book thanks to the cartoons of SAUERS, EMFN, the artwork of LT KNIGHT the planning of ENS TRAM and the hard work of BOW EN, BT1. This was our cruise thanks to the work, sweat, tears, frustrations, and liberties of our crew - SMOOTH SAILING. EDITOR 7f(t n i,. IV •33 SHIP ASCT - V s ' r (.. (,.i 1 l.iihwiiu huJ Bound liy , ■ . Mn,..l,n. Mo U S A

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