Fayetteville Technical Community College - Technikos Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC)

 - Class of 1975

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Fayetteville Technical Community College - Technikos Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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-1 -.-.J I 3 , ul ' , w X , :-'t- :aux-1-.-..--.V .. - , ..- Q... ,.n.. . s ,V .pt-1, f ff. fi-ff" Kg? - 2 !,,.- f v TECHNIKUS '75 X7 RX I , A MASTER PI-AN ET0 CONTAIN A F kgflgw f fplsii-1 A' AND DIRECT THE PHYSICAL GROWTH OF mg 73 N"--T H' FAYETTEVILLE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE V. 3 may I x 1 uomvcun nu IAYITYIVIIJI. non Am, ,L ,,,, MG YF-fffm I rigs Q I-. 'X X :csv ro uuwmcs Kev TO aunmwcs xev ro AREAS ., D 1 ""':' -I I . , 51B1l,DllVB.N0 MIKNG Mus I luavlrtl, Nui. A unto: vuxnu: " We A I 1- 'M Aw '--'af :f:::'1':' .,.,.m:.... M 2 :fm "1:"' ,' I, MU! U N55 4 .mmm u s noir nuI:vI:: , '36, e ., , N, , irmzgrdggaxammwmm 1 uv-c n ,' Q W - I ,., , .- I rnguvmn ,mum ummm I I, NAA - -'-"'-LILEX ummm :mmm I Sig? I f- 5 ' .,i .. I, "Q, , p X, I E535 N? - 1 N. ' L 9' , . Jim. I 9 -, ,X I2 , 'V ' I . 1 Q ig , 9 xv .,. ' - E ". , "wx H' suleqvwo' I V I Q in Hen E'3T TYNx Ji 'V O. NVE- Q0 'Nw ' mmf .R T ' . I ' v- - . x r-fn, ' . I H x,I 'ji-JIX t E ' H I - f'x""'w,XE.,, E , yf ' 'P F I fi ,,' . 0 4: V s It A - X' J' .' f, f - Q53 I una lmoonm mmco f' ' ' ' ,. F6 C X f 'ew I ' c . - 6 I " , I I ' I iQ'30 I ,iff 1: '- , 'b.-,gn. Gi , 1 . I, F , 'rniaava 5 QUIT 'I A 9 -. qi". ' THE RECGRD GF E TI THE MOVE H0 .4 , ' 'ey ' ., R . I . . wvffia 4. mg- v ' M, Nw3.Qq , , V 1 fp 4 A t 5 " ,. 4 L' La W ? ' K TR ,- yu Nam' N '4 ' 4 f,'f.5-M47 'f " ' nk U ffqvgl .4 .-, 44, v . Q I A -,Q L f N' 1 FS W , n 1 ,f , V U 4 - 41" , ff' -W 'M ' 39 L' '1Ig"'1rf-3-74 ., "' , ' ' ,. I 7 g' J - -'ff .-2 wr- r 1 ' " LJZY ,Im 7 . 1 '. f 'QQ..f.k 4" W -' f . ' V , . . ".g'e'. 'Q 'F : .V R - 5 - , 1 1 5 1 . 'ffi-A54VW 4 A hm q ' ,. 4 1:5 .. 44, f , , - 'H , 1- 1,-T J' , 'DI V.. ,,,4.-aevr . .. 5 I, . - "' WH:-A ' A 2 - wmomgm Nf:?M!- fl ua 5 Lh- 1 .5-ww A 6 '-3-hw. IA 4 .4 '-Y ,x--- 4 .A Ill, X A I " - .' '. .-Rfk . ' .' V wr'-5 ,rx,2. -f:1:4:,1f':: F 44 I 4 k s . igkxq, x " ' 4Lf.'1'?T'Ef. 'f 'bt . , ,-5 499 Sf vi I-.r'4:A"' . . 1, 14 -,if 3 T- - . Ji: 4-ff' . . 1. vi- :fb 47' A ff. . , -L ,f , ' 2.- Fm ff A 41, f 4, - Q ww ,,,..mM.- -W , , , . 4 fe ti A- -dugg.-5' ......,-L' - tu an i 4 x t - ,it ,w"'1,L,-uf l'4""'1.'3,- F ""' ' 5 Y .-L"i., 5 A y I z 9 ' ll ml' , 4 N! ii.. 4 J? , 4g,g,M - .. --.......-:.....,.., an 4 , 2 ,-,aw thu L-. n K: Y- l t X J L-nr. 1 . . Q-4.31'f.. :seg-4,4 4 - , W V Wa ,-' H' . If , 4 Q iff 1 , . .. f f F' 'J' A 1 '-2 A I ,M , W N A 4 M , V kggyrm- 4 '4,'2ZQ?-1 -L-' X' 5-b -- I W M 4' ' ' 4.M'muwJ:Jjf3W Lum.-fr AM , W f. X -:Yin 774 -an-.Ml 5 ljliumr 1' I , gli. .lim ' 1 ' , .,.. 9 , -' ' 4 , 44 , H ,w 4 I v: WL A S .34 ,,., 4 '. ',. N , 1 4 ' ' ' 44 , ' N 4 v -gf 41, 4 H ' W , , Um 4 , ,',,, f. . 4 4 ,- ' ' -ff' I1 ' -' ' ,, ., . ' , . ' 4, wW,Qf3,f.."Cwa-:vs 'gm W M '- 'Wy' ww ' ' " ,. 2f'r'T fx' " V-'F' . la, zgvffjf I4- -QW I -'X H ,f.- 1 " .- "--us...--5 1' H 1' Nz: '- 1 .I f I J 17 W . , .. h Q I '- 'XL .4 - ffff' 'FA Q 4? Qi ,jx gY-L ?,gff'11-K 4,1vpEL,,,v.':1bQi, 41 V.4 ' aa m u uf-K 4, P -"M" ' ' V --14-:...f " I - N-'51 ,' .321 L , . .- ,, W . -. l X 47 - Ik . E, .R I- n , 4 ' V x NW YWOYYNQ ss Que Sckmediove and I KAOU-B 'Hpe Wnoua STDRVI U . .. louve. QOME Cl I omg mag loobg. l Y , , I 5 CAMP LIS LIFE ff. 4 1A V! .r"?'e fl-q -A --Q- Y . -v Y 1 I y ., a ass, 8 FP rea 045k OF-W X gb' 19,8- 15-ii , I , J. T, ' 1 .ag T , W, . if fi!! ,, . v Y: E.. WST 12 '5 W mu5+ co me do mn UJha+ goes up f AM O 96600 Q15 M15 Mind ulflrxoxcar, 'Hfxf-10 Npollowfa I+ in HOOL9: when STOPU 14,5 E X2 em' C F- V M.. J X . KV H.--1,1-f rv?-wvs1e-' " 'mir 'ELL 'HW " ' in 95 Y f- wma . -, A-4- ,- 9.11. 18597. VASSES WND swans QQ' X emi? 76?-Pf fl f9'1+u:::l3!i! ' 6 Y, UQ Students volunteer their time to assist in the F.T.I. Bond Fleferendum. The local voters sup ported this Bond Issue almost two to one. CURRICULA I+: more -I-ivan Jus? Wigs! rs? RH- ns 3 A 'Q WMCHC 1 . I . 3 O S , O 3 n n A A , R l Business Education Division 633 Accounting Agricultural Business Technology Banking St Finance Business Administration Electronic Data Processing General Gffice Technology Horticulture Business Technology Industrial Management Marketing 8t Retailing Real Estate Secretarial Science Legal Medical Executive Technical fb T T ' 0 U Y Vow+-bm hide 126+ lndi C0-TCS +h6+ Int. ma-Pteld where yr' 'fohwir holds on .t.urLue N 1'iAl.'P05f"""'5 H Y . . . . F' qour 0ppu'lbni-l-its -n , . . 5 . J --Tug Engineering Technology Division Air Conditioning Engineering Technology Civil Engineering Technology Electronics Engineering Technology Environmental Engineering Technology Mechanical Engineering Technology 114 E osx' if T T 2 , 5WQ+H1. 9-4 monthziogo I liucln even ?,pE.Il my meer on' now l GRE WW' ' F... ' .Jr -pn- ,xgf -. ','v . -N ' Ev-. A. -f . 'fAg,?5"',1P:' .5-,yfxu ,i 'ff 1- r"'4" Q. .',. H1 J. ,px 1 gf A 1 X ' 1 fl- J.. f ,ng 1 Hi ' k r '57 4 A 1 -" 'zsif I xYI"' f . 4 ,Q um 52? ,aft .-L 1 5 lbfh .. ,X if "F -Clan' gg.: Q s,:, WS A' Yi , l 4 ..!' '54 N .5 vi' ' M KV, 4-.' uh xp ., N- '2 1- ,VY - n fx. ,I Al, . 1'-.'x . A?a,J .h lm. ,ff gk, 1.14 R .-Q4 03,1 ,C'l' ' 13. fs-- are Q 2-EJ Health Gccupations Division A t D g Nursing KRNJ P t I N Education D tIHyg D tlA t t N QA tt Op tgR T h ' EASE Wm do ou mean WGN Nurse, qou See VY lk Onhj N MRT have Mme Spk mer m .QD -M LAR-I6 vf E FRI-i,UkA,0HH GX walk ou Kuoug. . . i u Hi L, N nv e va. in 1 f X . P..-1 dl ,W , ., Q LJ as-4 , av!" f ,..'f-"-'5-f 4 102. qavlPUW'f 5? -1 Xxj 1 4 ,J . .- , Public Service F IS Ed t PI S Ed t P Ig IT n I gy JI I if You pm 'EM NEAR Pxag HSM. H 0 KOXL15 CM 0 dy u '- QW M ack Ljcb DQS3 ,f Q . ,-45 ' '1'..':' r v 1 PM Vocational Education Division Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration Mechanics Architectural D ft' ra ing Automotive Mechanics Carpentry C t I osme o ogy Electrical Installation 8t Maintenance Machinist Masonry Mechanical Drafting Pl mb'n u I g Tool 8t Die Making Water 8t Wastewater Plant Operators Welding ' D 'Ill if if conf' 53.00 tor curls R sa ond how nada '50, You 3+1llf3 bor INFXBDE? 1: S b'f0LOS. 30 .. f 4.. ' .A , '40 . -wS': 1 s I, , .I , . ,A-D ,P i 31 General Education The General Education Curriculum is a liberal arts program offered to FTl's students. lt is designed to ful- fill most of the first two years' requirements of four year univer- slties. ll! E .2 lm' Gene fd EJNCOJV Generali E5-J-l-COCHDA' ff 33 SECOND YEAR STUDENTS dn 'Elly '- A "-:1 4"""""' Q4 lr at A Charles Acker Business Administration Allyson Kim Dental Hygiene Mike Anders Industrial Management Linda Arbeit Business Administration V Angie Arrellano Agricultural Business Jimmy Barbour Civil Engineering David Barefoot Civil Engineering Mark Bagley Electrical Engineering Wanda Baker Dental Hygiene William Barthlow General Education Joel Bergkuist Environmental Engineering Doug Bickel Automotive Mechanics 36 Second Year Students X' i f.,h'5f 'VD w- 7-.. f"x 'Y' ,. 1 .f"N. S17 A ,o 11737 Virginia Billingsley Accounting Beverly Bishop Secretarial Science Marty Blackman Machinist Steve Blackburn Banking 8t Finance Vicki Boggess Associate Degree Nursing Mary Bormet Dental Hygiene Norman Branch Civil Engineering Gordon Broddie Business Administration Joan Brown Secretarial Science Clifton E. Brown Business Administration Jim Buckner Electronic Data Processing Gary Burton Civil Engineering 37 Frederick Byrom Accounting James Cain Architectural Drafting Jason Caldwell Automotive Mechanics Roy Campbell Electrical Engineering Cynthia Carleton Dental Hygiene Jim Carpenter General Education Robert Carter Machinist Thomas Carter X Machinist Jeanne Coalson Dental Hygiene John Coats Automotive Mechanics Q: George K. Cobb T1 Agricultural Business ffylhp--sling , Joan Coffey Associate Degree Nursing ' -.F -gy ' . ,X Q.-,-,K , . ,.,,. ' -' -as ' . .M Al P 'I-.. - 'Q A- f 2 . ' ' ', 1 3 In - -if-i.ir.g -'S-. :ji . Y 1 A - . ' ' .15 ' 4 A . - ..'.,.,, , Y I s 'Y' I- V 1 ' .. F w ..7 ' . E .. "' -.U I , -fi'-':V ' "" , -,'...i-gi 'lgglfifl Q , 5 f '.g5f'e7i-,:'5' 1-'ii'-,4'-F-:.'fl '-xv. 4 5 T . 'i?f7"L " - , i ' A , ,4-- ,v -9' 7 -" .',:w,lEe,.-,.-Q'-,R-V ..555fe, , fqfyggl.-Y .gs A' ' ff ' ., '4 , , , " . wwf-4 X. ve-'f f-wi .-1 A ' - i 'f7:gQ'i-'f' 'I 1, , . ,, ,.. 1- Stl,-.1 -,'- 1- ,Q . .14 , . nuvf , -3, . '- . , , " bw, . - ,-mai'-Q, .-Q.---' ' P' .. J J ff 1' 'rffzzrg-f Jr-N' 'mxf . 4-Wi , , :arf -.X - ' ,. f ' ,hi 4431 ,. ,wljqig-5-3.4 4,.-35,-:re 595. .- ,- 'fig' 4115- fe v , 'Ig V .- ' , - -- 1,55-4,p,,: fat. Y , -,htavi-5, . , N , . ,P . f, it '- Y , Y" :'f"-Q4193-f'fN-'fl V7--' 353522, ffl. if , l ..A..A,, . . , ,ig , , 1 A f t T 11 ny-'-g,.'..Qx ' , ' 4 ,, I ,. i Af- 1 554' .....v v, gg. 1 X r' II' '- 39 Carol Coilleland Dental Hygiene Jimmie Conoly Second Year Students .f Agricultural Business if Charles V. Cooper " A Automotive Mechanics , D' Q rw- ' ' .lt . I '.ff1d, 51 ? I I - . Gloria Cooper Accounting Paul Cotton Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration Mary Anne Cox Business Administration gas William Cox Civil Engineering .IYXHPM Frank Crawford Architectural Drafting Gerald Cross Electronic Data Processing Willie Cummings Business Administration Susan Cziprusz Business Administration Marvin Dalke Electrical Engineering 40 48-S wi 1' uesllon QQ ++le Of wh 9 rg loll can Slrllfjlv -l3reQ M0535 when lllevehs no place il-o o iz-' Ronie Davis Air Conditioning 6 Refrigeration Donald Deane Air Conditioning 8. Refrigeration Rickey Delaney Machinist Hosan Dogral Environmental Engineering 41 Stephen Drake Civil Engineering Steven Elliott Architectural Drafting lrene Embry Associate Degree Nursing Lee Eubanks Industrial Management John Faircloth Automotive Mechanics Inge Faulkner Business Administration Charles Fleck, Jr. Machinist Mike Fowler Mechanical Drafting Noah L. Frazier Electrical Engineering John Gales Accounting Second Year Students , i M763 if I Y, I 1 ,V ' 4 F""i ' l 455' f 723' 5 ,lli m l -4-av-4,-it-,a,-,.-. - -xi' a- .. .fir . A augur Y 'q igiii ' ., .M , .. - .. ' - fe 4 ,Ilan-:. 'ith ,,. nNi '?""'-wr ' it 49 tv V li. 'Q' Robert Garcia Accounting Maria B. Gibbons Dental Hygiene Jerry Godwin Environmental Engineering Linda Godwin General Education Ronald Graves Machinist Leland Griffin Masonry Debra Gunter Dental Hygiene Lori Haefner Civil Engineering Cheryl Haggerty Dental Hygiene Ann Hales Business Administration 43 I Eddie Hall Air Conditioning A Refrigeration I Gregory Hall Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration Thomas Hall Tool and Die Kathy Hamilton Secretarial Science Thomas Hanna Electrical Engineering Patricia Hedgepeth Industrial Management Linda Holt Associate Degree Nursing Keneth Horne Civil Engineering Elizabeth Howard Accounting Debra Hughes Associate Degree Nursing Pearl Ingram Secretarial Science Sharon Jarrett Associate Degree Nursing 44 Second Year Students Kar d AEA, . 19' is tl aj-1' i 1. NI., Viri- -J ...-...lb N Butch Jasper Civil Engineering William Jobes, Jr. Automotive Mechanics Charles E. Johnson Electrical Engineering Susan Johnson Secretarial Science Andy Jones General Education John Jones Air Conditioning 81 Fiefrigerati Obadiah Jones Automotive Mechanics Ralph B. JOnes Agricultural Business 45 Willie Jones lndustrial Management Francisco Juarez Industrial Management Shirley Kartak Accounting Eckel King Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration Eckel King, Jr. Air Conditioning Bt Refrigeration Adock Kingsberry Automotive Mechanics Clyde Knox Agricultural Business Joe Kulwicki Electronic Data Processing Karen Kyle Electronic Data Processing Karen Laird Electronic Data Processing Donnie Lee Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration Dong Lee Architectural Drafting 47 Clyde Lewis Agricultural Business Tony Lewis Civil Engineering Virginia Little General Education Debbie Lucas Accounting Brenda Martin Dental Hygiene Gilbert Masaki Accounting Frances Mason General Education Graham Matthews Machinist Albert D. Mayhall Electrical Engineering Larry McCallum Industrial Management Dorothy McCoy . Electronic Data Processing Robert McCurley Accounting 46 Lula McDonald Operating Room Assistant Gudrun NlcDuffie Associate Degree Nursing John McKore Electrical Engineering Sandra McMillan Secretarial Science Frank Melvin Electrical Engineering Michael Miller Industrial Management Second Year Students A " xr! 1' d,,.r"' Morris Miller Accounting Arthur Mitchell, Jr. Business Administration Gene Moses Business Administration Dina Moutos Paralegal Technology Raymond Murray Civil Engineering Smitty Musselwhite Machinist Flay Nichols Business Administration Emily Norris Dental Hygiene Marvin Norris Business Administration Martha Painter Business Administration Connie Pankey General Education Marilyn Payne General Education Cecelia Peoples Operating Ftoom Assistant Frank Petty Automotive Mechanics 50 Second Year Students x Vi l ,Iii F" if r"iJ"' semrf-f F"-f-l .M-ffl VJ d'f"'7' TWU' 77:15 5.f"" 'Ui 9 fs Mike Pickard Air Conditioning St Refrigeration Sim Pollhill, Jr. Business Administration Karen Pond Banking 8t Finance Douglas Queen General Education Deborah Ray Dental Hygiene Jeanne Remy Accounting Eimly Robinson General Education Truett Rodgers Air Conditioning A Refrigeration Jerry Rogers Architectural Drafting Rudy Salas Electrical Engineering Michelle Sasser Associate Degree Nursing Cynthia Scott Dental Hygiene 52 Second Year Students ii 1 I- ixi gi R gl -Q-Q-- -... -.,-- U 'A' 5 xv -.Q-.A -- . . -..,..-.Q . s-1-0 t Qty t XL ...A 'O-:' ' ,-A .4 725 K '- 1. ,, 15. l'l li, 'Cw. Y 4 K 'wx tix ' A 4- ft:-2' George Scott Business Administration James Seag roves Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration Jane Shipman Secretarial Science Amos Smith Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration 53 Marsha Smith Electronic Data Processing Robert Smith Machinist Franklin Smothers Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration Ray Squires Accounting Sandra J. Stair Banking 8. Finance Jesse Stephens Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration Margaret Strassenbu rg Associate Degree Nursing Jewell Stribling Business Administration 54 452 'ini' Second Year Students X 'N Nxv. ,Q Sylvia Strickland Business Administration Steven Stopher Automotive Mechanics Pauline Stroud Associate Degree Nursing Sherrie Suggs Secretarial Science Susan Swerdon Secretarial Science John Ten Automotive Mechanics A Rebecca Tifcomb V Associate Degree Nursing Elizabeth Tinnell Associate Degree Nursing I 55 Cathy Thompson Dental Hygiene Mai Thompson Banking 8t Finance Ronald Thompson Industrial Management Landis Toole Civil Engineering Shirley Trogdon Associate Degree Nursing Jeannette Twitty Accounting Barbara Valverde Architectural Drafting Jane Vann Banking 8t Finance Mike Vincoli Automotive Mechanics Robert Waddell Electrical Engineering George Walker Air Condtioning Bt Refrigeration Roy Walker Civil Engineering Second Year Students Al YF' f 'S 5 Y 'X James Wall Electrical Engineering lsiah Washington Carpentry Rosaeila Watson Banking 81 Finance Valerie Wauford Secretarial Science 57 Homer Waybright Air Conditioning 8. Refrigeration Terry Weldon Architectural Drafting Kathie Wheeler Industrial Management Maretha White General Education Jean Wholters Agricultural Business Aleta Wiggs Secretarial Science Karen Willette Dental Hygiene Clark Williams Electrical Maintenance Sandra Williams Secretarial Science Danny Wood Machinist Mary Wood Dental Hygiene Judy Woodall Associate Degree Nursing Love. is J oe Sdwmed 'OV UD ii- fW .N 2 L T J tW d B Ad TyW ldtlMgt HYWY Elt IE it If FIRST YEAR STUDENTS rl' f-'J 7' 1. ' Ji u-?-5 HH Hdfeb how +0 V86 ace NlfYNb8r" 150151611 61+ Wwe Io+e O ol ICZOVG Gilrl haf. Sou ma lie 21+ Sdfxool First Year Students Cecil Adkins Business Administration Darla Adkins General Education Debi Alexander General Education Terry Alexander Dental Assistant Ted Allred Automotive Mechanics 7' Stuart Andrews Business Administration Greg Anspach Automotive Mechanics l George Arno Architectural Drafting A A Sue Ashwell - Practical Nurse Education I ,J ' :fi . fl Xi A 5 V b 1 : , I .' r -if ' ' .-E, - fi: - i-Q-F':'-r:'-'f'f f'fr'f:fiZ -f ' .if-sw.-ff-H131 5.237-fig' .1 , xv P Mfr,-5.-gg,-,-.:'ff1,1 I-f., 75 5. : az- 3.5: -., , V Lg'-fzfgitr 5, 1 ag.-.1-tu ,fm-jnT::,q-,:-fr,wJ Marshall Ashworth "1fZ":v+" " 14 f Pwm-. if-.-2'-'-i'L'L17 B ' Ad ' ' t Q' 'h-live! is -' - .w.f.a'2:'J:!-3?1LM,f.,.- usmess mmls fa 'On First Year Students e 6,1 John Atkins Automotive Mechanics , 5 l Pam Autry Secretarial Science , 1 Horace Ayres Machinist Edwin Baez Accounting Virginia Baggett Practical Nurse Education Donald Bain Business Administration Frieda Baker Accounting Karen Baker Paralegal Technology Orville Ballenger Machinist Katherine Banko Architectural Drafting tif? MILE' Alice Banks Paralegal Technology David Baran Architectural Drafting Melba Barbour General Office Technology Wanda Barry Accounting Susan Bawden Paralegal Technology James Beal General Education Denis Bergeron Automotive Mechanics Cindy Bittner Secretarial Science Debra Bizzell Accounting Eddie Blackman Machinist First Year Students Virginia Blakely General Education Maria Blalock General Education Tamara Blomberg General Education Raymond Blondin Accounting Philip Bonen Air Conditioning 8 Refrigeration Richard Boswell Industrial Management Kenyon Bounds Automotive Mechanics Brenda Boyd General Office Technology Ivory Boykin Plumbing William Bradley Business Administration Keith Bradshaw Mechanical Drafting Bernice Branch Associate Degree Nursing Sandra Brenes Business Administration William Brent Industrial Management Kathy Brinson Dental Assistant bla is fue' l -- . v IRQ 7 Wax .w.o5S'5f5 . ' ,.' 4' ' l,-,. ' V Q lf?-1 If .ff f , ,. -- .ng lr., ,. F ' :din 1,'f- ."FF- ft fiifv: iii - lit-1'f!,' 3324.1 ig if ,. it P I X ' X'-. - N . - - xX -' f ,P 'lf 'Xb 1' f I' 'S .-' Z' Zh- fa' :- John Brisson Masonry James Brock Architectural Drafting Carmen Brown Dental Assistant Carolyn Brown Accounting Connie Brooks Secretarial Science Leonard Brooks Industrial Management Barbara Bruiles Practical Nurse Education Herman Brunswick Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration Charley Bryant lll Associate Degree Nursing William Bryant Civil Engineering Betsy Bullard Associate Degree Nursing Terry Bullins Tool 8t Die Betty Ann Bumgardner Architectural Drafting Lee Bunting Funeral Service Education Steve Bunting Funeral Service Education First Year Students Vickie Bunting Secretarial Science F.D. Bu rchett Accounting Frederick Burns Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration Bobbie Butler Associate Degree Nursing Debbie Byrd Associate Degree Nursing Renee Calder General Education Lindsey Caldwell Associate Degree Nursing Ella Callaway Practical Nurse Education Nancy Campbell Paralegal Technology Clotilde Cardona Mechanical Drafting Nancy Carite General Education Margaret Carroll Associate Degree Nursing Mitchell Carter Machinist Jose Castillo Agricultural Business Donald Ch avis Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration lv, .. N , , 93' Linh? igffif. Robert Cherry Mechanical Drafting Pamela Ching Secretarial Science Peggy Clarke Paralegal Technology Thom as Clements General Education Margaret Cole General Education Candy Collins Accounting Kimberley Coltrane Operating Floom Assistant Vincent Cook Air Conditioning 8 Refrigeration Wanda Costin Secretarial Science Gay Couch Secretarial Science Donald Cox Tool 8t Die Susan Crumpler Accounting Cheryl Culbreth General Education Wendy Culbreth Paralegal Technology Frank Cunningham Automotive Mechanics First Year Students Riley Curry Air Conditioning 8 Refrigeration Betty Czarnecki Accounting James Daigle Architectural Drafting - ,if Jam es Daniels Electrical Engineering James E. Daniels Electrical Engineering John Davis Electrical Engineering Kathleen Davis Horticultural Technology Pamela Deal General Education Terry Dean Plumbing 'X -4 . 1-F32 Z Fred Deem Accounting Paul DeGrasse General Education Daniel Demay Plumbing Debbie Dennis Secretarial Science Nancy Derocher Practical Nurse Education Mary Dickey Associate Degree Nursing David Dix Electrical Engineering Betty Dixon Practical Nurse Education Frankie Donald Agricultural Business First Year Students Freddie Doss Paralegal Technology Elaine Driver Accounting Nanette Drummond Paralegal Technology Edmund Dubreuil Electrical M ainten ance Alana Duesbury General Education Diane Dumont Dental Hygiene John Duncan Electrical Engineering Susan Duncan Electrical Engineering Alma Durant Secretarial Science Charlene Durst Practical Nurse Education Chas Easley Electrical Engineering Earl Edwards Associate Degree Nursing Hobert Edwards Welding Nancy Edwards Practical Nurse Education Donnie Egan Automotive Mechanics Y-2.7 ,I . STP' Jane Elkins Paralegal Technology George Euler Carpentry Anita Evans General Education Walker Evans Civil Engineering Judy Faulk General Education Gary Faw Environmental Engineering Albert Felton Business Administration Pamela Fiscus Associate Degree Nursing Earl Fisher Masonry James Flood Business Administration George Fodell General Education Janet Fonke Paralegal Technology Janice Forbes Associate Degree Nursing Edgar Ford Police Science Larry Ford Electrical Maintenance First Year Students Bruce Fortenberry Welding Gloria Fortson Associate Degree Nursing Kristin Frahm Accounting Elinda Fuller Operating Room Assistant Debi Garrison Funeral Service Education Linda Garrison Paralegal Technology Edith Garza Practical Nurse Education Grace Gibbons Practical Nurse Education Rick Gibson Masonry Willie Gilbert General Education Charles Gillen Automotive Mechanics as l if 'iii r Q l i Q-,...,' ga... .4 " Y'-'P Betty Glass Accounting Walter Glaze 4, Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration Wayne Godwin Electronic Data Processing Harold Grace Business Administration James Gray Automotive Mechanics Tonia Lee Gray Marketing 8t Retailing Mireille Green Architectural Drafting Robert Green Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration Janet Greene D Architectural Drafting Faye Grencik Accounting Adelaide Griffin Practical Nurse Education First Year Students Willard Griffin Automotive Mechanics Margaret Haigh General Education Carlton Hall Accounting Andrea Hallbauer Associate Degree Nursing Robert Hamilton Masonry Ervin Hammonds Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration Leonard Hampton Mechanical Drafting Terilyn Haney Secretarial Science Le TuyetHanI'1 Banking St Finance xr Q , - -- , -. ' t"v ' J- ', ,N-.LN --. , - -v , . W' -A . ' 'xi 'fs' -. ...g..gg-w.iA --.ggtgf ' ' 4. P' 'W' ,. ei-iff' gccsugl rf' f' . ""f?"'Tl2 -.:E.f,,,-,,f"- I ., .NL .Ji ,' .' - Alvin Hansen Electrical Engineering Billy Hardison Automotive Machanics Martha Harris D Associate Degree Nursing Mary F. Harris Banking 8. Finance Lloyd Harrison Marketing 8. Retailing Charles Harvey Automotive Mechanics Patricia Harwood Practical Nurse Education M. Jay Hatranft Plumbing Dexter Hawley Electrical Engineering Sinn er 5-l-EQLQW. I Gnd Dr gr oi insi- Qpobl-lm 77 First Year Students William Hayes Accounting Cynthia Haynes Electronic Data Processing Dianne Headley Operating Floom Assistant David Henderson Civil Engineering Louvonia Henderson Accounting Charles Hicks Architectural Drafting Richard Higgins Accounting Anita Hill Associate Degree Nursing George Hill Business Administration Fiobert Hill, Jr. Electrical Engineering Connie Hinson Dental Assistant "'--Xp' Gb "J-is "iz ik M its 'LV s,,...e-f Tim Hinton Accounting Veeng Hoke Associate Degree Nursing Sheila Holder General Education Debbie Hollingsworth Secretarial Science Benjamin Hollinishead Electronic Maintenance Gary Holmes Civil Engineering Tommy Holmes Electronic Data Processing Darlene Homoleski General Education Karl H-oover Electrical Maintenance Donald Hough Automotive Mechanics Leon Hough Electrical Maintenance First Year Students Joseph Hudson Electrical Engineering Ivy Huffman Dental Assistant Pam H ugh es Secretarial Science Tommy Hughes Business Administration Dayna Hursey General Education Vivian Israel Secretarial Science Barbara Jackson General Education Debi Jackson Dental Assistant Clifford Jeanes Air Conditioning 8. Refrigeration Douglas Jenkins Civil Engineering James Jennings Mechanical Drafting Rabbi Abruchum Jernigan Electrical Installation James Jones Welding Kay Jones Dental Assistant Reuben Jones Tool 8 Die Wx f"X l,,..x . a ' 1 .f 32. Roy Jones Architectural Drafting Yvonne Jones Business Administration Clay Johnson Electrical Engineering Cleo Johnson Masonry David Johnson Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration Debra Johnson Accounting Hampton Johnson Accounting Helen Johnson Practical Nurse Education Nancy Johnson Practical Nurse Education Bob Jordan Industrial Management Bruce Justice Plumbing First Year Students Martha Keasler Secretarial Science Marie Kelly Dental Hygiene Theresa Kemmer Operating Room Assistant Charles Kennedy Electrical Engineering Robert Kestner Electrical Mainten ance Mary Kibler Electronic Data Processing Soon Jerng Kim General Education Fioger Kluckman Electrical Engineering Janet Koonce Paralegal Technology J 'il L v ,nfvf -'I .-Z1 I 'U , ,.,,f, . u Gr-54? qu.. ,A-..- l Antoinette Korba U Associate Degree Nursing Theresa Korbel I Practical Nurse Education Dorothy LaDuke D Practical Nurse Education Carol Lanier I Associate Degree Nrusing Peggy Lawler Associate Degree Nursing Bonnie Layne Associate Degree Nursing Bobby Lee Civil Engineering Judy Lee Associate Degree Nursing Robert Leebill' Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration First Year Students Ronald Leveille Welding Claudette Lewis Funeral Service Education William Lewis Carpentery Lori Libishic Mechanical Drafting John Livingston Accounting Laura Lloyd Practical Nurse Education Regina Locklear Associate Deo ree Nurse Debra Long Environmental Engineering Clarence Loucks Welding Larry Lucas Architectural Drafting Steve Mackroy Architectural Drafting Ender Malloy Business Administration Marva Malloy Practical Nurse Education Nancy Mann Accounting Douglas Manning Electrical Engineering gk in a , " -mul. i" an -. 'lfhnhr' . f . Iv Q - -. , "nf: : :'.f'.J".. .,,i.: .fha A Sf? Herbert Manuel Mechanical Drafting Beverly Rowlee Paralegal Technology Tom Masuda Paralegal Technology Connie L. Maury Practical Nurse Education John May Welding Barbara McAllister General Education Marcia McBennett Secretarial Science Gail McCall Architectural Drafting Fiayvon McCall Electrical Maintenance Agnes McCrae Accounting Theresa McCraney Secretarial Science Walter McCray Banking 8 Finance David McDaniel Civil Engineering Gina McDaniel Associate Degree Nurs Danny McDonald Automotive Mechanics ing First Year Students Annie Mclver Business Administration Steven McKinght Electrical Maintenance William McLamb Civil Engineering Eston McLaurin Architectural Drafting James McLean Automotive Mechanics Katherine McLean Banking 8t Finance l William McLean Automotive Mechanics Grady McMurren Automotive Mechanics Shirley McNeill Marketing 81 Retailing Donnie McPhail Welding Danny McPhaul Electrical Engineering S. Diane Meacham Associate Degree Nursing LQYNCYN guy- fJOS't' t5 O, 'l' I 1 I . A K . " lYlicicjlQ- QQBGJ. J t j 'tr-V iftltr' ,gk F l Wendell Melvin Electrical Maintenance Wanda Mercer Electronic Data Processing Thomas Meyers Electrical Maintenance Linda Mickley Agricultural Business John Midwood Horticultural Technology Frank Miller Funeral Service Education George Miller . Automotive Mechanics Max Miller Carpentry Pamela Miller Architectural Drafting Karen Minton Accounting Orlen Moffett Industrial Management Edith Monore Dental Assistant First Year Students Bruce Montgomery Automotive Mechanics Dinah Moore Dental Hygiene Thomas D. Moore Electrical Engineering Clifton Morgan Accounting Samuel Nlorring Air Conditioning 8. Refrigeration Kirk Morris Electrical Engineering l Frances Morrison Practical Nurse Education Dick Morse Carpentry Harry Moser Electrical Engineering James W. Moses Accounting Beverly Munday Accounting Tearry Nath ani el Accounting Bruce Neilson General Education Louis Nester Agricultural Business James Nicholas Carpentry Heinke Nielsen General Education Earl Nobles Architectural Drafting David Norton Automotive Mechanics Albert Nunnery Agricultural Business Anna Oakley Dental Assistant Wayne Oakley General Education Julia O'Brien Associate Degree Nursing Mike O'Donnell Electrical Engineering Patricia Oerding Secretarial Science Linda Orr Associate Degree Nursing Eduardo Ortega Electrical Maintenance Christopher Orerfelt Carpentry Charles Oxendine Civil Engineering Tom Packard Masonry Kenneth Page Electrical Engineering First Year Students Lynn Page Associate Degree Nursing Francisco Pagan Carpentry Michael Pahl Business Administration Brenda Parrish Secretarial Science Charles Patrode Electrical Engineering Nancy Payne Associate Degree Nursing Terri Pelaez General Education Bunny Pere Accounting 31 Kendle Phillips Accounting L.J. Phillips Banking 81 Finance Michael Phillips Civil Engineering Glenn Pinar Dental Assistant Debra Sue Perkins Practical Nurse Education George Perkins Business Administration Claus Petty Automotive Mechanics First Year Students Debbie Pittman Accounting Lwyla Plyler Associate Degree Nursing Patsy Plyler Associate Degree Nursing Kent Poole Accounting Mary Poulos Dental Hygiene Sherrie Powell General Education Judith Preston Associate Degree Nursing Barr P Iant Y Y Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration Rita Rankin Practical Nurse Education Francis Racine, Jr, Masonry Dale Raper Electrical Engineering Jam es Raper Carpentry Einer Rasmussen Automotive Mechanics Nancy Rea Marketing 8 Retailing Barbara Reel Associate Degree Nursing ik:- fo John Redd Banking 8t Finance Julia Redding I Practical Nurse Education Walter Redding Associate Degree Nursing Frank Reed Electrical Maintenance Mickey Remmel Associate Degree Nursing Jerry Riley Civil Engineering Clifford Ring Automotive Mechanics Charles Rising, Jr. Air Conditioning 8t Refrigeration Olivia Rivas Dental Assistant Debra Roberson Paralegal Technology Floyd Roberts Mechanical Drafting Gail Roberts Electronic Data Processing Rebecca Roberts General Education Jesse Rodgers Business Administration Miguel Rodriguez Business Administration First Year Students Wade Rogers Funeral Service Education Mauriello Rose Electronic Data Processing l Ronnie Ross Busmesss Administration Milan Rowe Funeral Service Education Donna Marbert Paralegal Technology Robert Rozzell Accounting Catherine Sakell Dental Hygiene Bunny Salak Secretarial Science Jean Scott Associate Degree Nursing WSI? NZM i Si' inf EY -gr J 'Talk Bxoocck 51-S,g-iS, YOU?Q 3 c5oSSi 3 'Falk Bbouf yoursel-P Yoqfre A bore, L Wt--fr A ..- x , .vi--It , ,W ,.. , N I. .s, 1. ll , ,, W. . I' Sonia Sekerak Accounting Roy Shelnut Civil Engineering Opal Shelton General Education Steve Sherrill Carpentry Paula Shoemaker Associate Degree Nursing Vickie Shroat Secretarial Science David Shupe Machinist George Shuping Welding Frank Sias Industrial Management First Year Students James Sides Tool and Die Tracy Sidle Practical Nurse Education Rodney Simmons Business Administration Barry Smith Tool and Die Chuck Smith Electrical Engineering Daniela G. Smith Secretarial Science I .Edward Smith Civil Engineering James Smith Carpentry James Smith Welding Joey Smith Dental Assistant Raymond Smith, Jr. Welding Terry Smith Masonry Thomas Smith Machinist Patricia Sowders Associate Degree Nursing James Spruill Machinist X X 'i Wai, ff 'Y2"i'T2' ,,.-.4--. ffrxkxxx' , '9 5 ,, Christine Stahl Practical Nurse Education William Stalvey Plumbing Steven Kushner Agricultural Businesss ' ,W Nora Stevens J- r " . Aivu V, E' E' 'W-VX Dental Assistant Patricia Stevens Practical Nurse Education Eugene Stevenson Plumbing William Stiff Electrical Maintenance Stanley Stockdreger Electronic Data Processing Toni Strickland Accounting Pam Strong Marketing 8t Retailing Fred Sued beck Paralegal Technology Robert Tart Civil Engineering Charles Taylor General Education Richard Taylor Tool 8 Die Susan Taylor Operating Room Assist First Year Students Ronnie Tew Mechanical Drafting Danny Hess Accounting Frances Hill Secretarial Science Congo Thom as Electrical Mainten ance David Thompson Accounting Ronnie Thompson Automotive Mechanics Vincent Townsend Electrical Mainten ance Stuart Traylor Civil Engineering Tracy Troutman Welding '55 6 ,i f -. t. frnff. U """ W Pom Fl uxnfcicvfful 5 P ccmmsm +int vp m nuic out onlne S Cp Uirvl-nl jou Q. 40 SCI-ool i 'i f - , ' , f' . ' V cr 34' +ov'lsV und-iuri I +P- ' 95, 000 Gillian'-l + 1"b f xi .:f'-ww I 'Q A -:"f"f' ' f-'fri' ' " " s2?Zll.13f S-ue..-,fx jf.. Nickie Trudell Civil Engineering Herbert Turner Civil Engineering Marie Tuttle Accounting Cathy Uhrin Associate Degree Nursing Joseph Untermeyer Environmental Engineering Johanna Vanderweg Agricultural Business Julius Vanner I Business Administration Debbie Vidrine Secretarial Science Dianne Vittoe Operating Room Assistant Donald Vlasko Carpentry Wesley Walker Automotive Mechanics Ethel Walsh Practical Nurse Education Raymond Walsh Architectural Drafting Katherine Ward Operating Room Assistant First Year Students Wanda Ward Dental Hygiene Jervey Washington Electrical Engineering Robert Watson Automotive Mechanics Jack Wenker Civil Engineering Donna West Operating Room Assistant Kenneth West General Education Rickie West Marketing 8. Retailing Nancy Whaley Secretarial Science Barbara Whitcomb Accounting Ernestine White Practical Nurse Education Wilfred White Masonry Arthur Whitted Agricultural Business Warner Whitten Business Administration '15 iff' ,f" 7fs':wfwia-km' . VL... ...Q .1 'Q-ma. ff.- .,, ': 'QV '.'- f'- I-Q, Thomas Widdows Electronic Data Processing John Wilcox Horticultural Technology Ira Williams General Education Janet Williams Associate Degree Nursing Jennie Williams Secretarial Science Kathleen Williams Practical Nurse Education Marilyn Williams General Office Technology Deborah Wilson General Education Gary Wilson Accounting S-v ..---.-Q pg., A,-H, V . First Year Students Susan Windsor Architectural Drafting Doug Wolfe Automotive Mechanics James Womack Electrical Engineering Patricia Womack Secretarial Science Carolyn Womble Dental Assistant Ben Woods Businesss Administration Jill wright Associate Degree Nursing James Wyant Electronic Data Processing Denise Yarborough Architectural Drafting Phil Young Funeral Service Education Thom as Young Business Administration Phyllis Yusko Associate Degree Nursing Robert Zeiber Carpentry James Zetterland Electrical Maintenance Air-fi Alf' "I 1 104 LL First Year Students Verdell Albert l Mary Alston Shirley Aguinaga Varonna Armstrong David Ashford Jerome Askew Sr. Melinda Atherley Jan Argentino William Bailey Barbara Baizer Margaret Barefoot Sherri Barfield Gayle Barnett Daniel Beasley Larry Beatty , ' "--.J Kirk Beringer Nancy Bernard Sharon Blue Isabella Bransofrd Reginald Brewington Edward Britt Evelyn Broom Jefferson Bryant Ruth Brown First Year Students Pauline Carter Ottis Cato Robert Chavis Annie Corley Sean Davidson Debbie Davis Evelyn Dean Peter Dial Dan Dimmick James Dobbins Barbara Edwards Vivian Esquible Louis Ethridge Thurman Everitte Tina Fitzgerald YL? f 117' fy 9-s, Bob Fleming Joann Flickinger Albert Forster Virgil Free Sherry Freeman Jacquline Goldston Marcia Gurganious Sylvia Guy Iris Graham Elizabeth Greene Linda Griffin Mary Halfast Robert Handshum aker Robert Hawley Rachel Heath First Year Students Carlin Hensen Maria Hernandez John Hutcheson Alice Jackson Antonette Johnson Linda Johnson Joel Jones Brian Knight Susan Lambert Lenard Latimer Glenda Lee Arcelia Looney Annie Mack Alma Mathewson Harvey Massey 'Q'-"1 111 .-' ll! 'Lib Thomas Maultsby Neil McAllister Bernadette McArthur Sandra McCurry Brenda McDougal Charles McKay Jerry lVlcLaurin Alfonso McMlllian Phyllis McNeil Earl McQueen Thomas McQueen Gladys McRae First Year Students Charles Meeks Patricia Melvin Regina Monroe Camille Moore Richard Morketter Emma Morris Jennie Myatt Ivery Nittles William Osborne Mildred Overfield Bobby Page Marvin Parker B. Pl, - H LLNIW l ch xltwa-X WC, Mo slered 'two IG Hczrg Olplrso 'GEA- FG , Qlegrf-Q1 in KCCACS XOKQV S C Q wif? looclcioavds ET-'IPX Edith Peterson Zelda Pope Lori Procter Aranya Punchavisuthi Sandra Quick Betty Fiaeford Fletcher Fieid Jan Ridgen First Year Students Quentin Robinson Carl Rochelle Carolyn Ross Jimmy Salyer Cassandra Sinclair Vivian Sinclair Jesse Singleton Roy Sloan Lillian Smith Susan Smith James Smith Jr. Alfred Smyntek Ester Spears Patricia Spears J.T, Spruill AZWFJU 'X il ' cp, -:S x gs 4 ,, xx :, 'Tx :Xl ff 1 1: 513 7 ' Aft. . lx 1? lm' 1 F25 Phyllis Stevens Mary Stopher Laila Sunderland Evangeline Swinson Susan Syfrett Bennie Taylor Oliver Thompson Linda Hurley Thanh Tran Saundra Treadwell Oliver Underwood Nancy Veda Gislind Vercher John Vereen Linda Wallace First Year Students Frank Ware Alfrieda Watson Trudi Watts C melita Wesley Deborah Wesley John Wesley Cindy Whitner 'fx ell! If qoo lninkc ou HCNQ uI+5 + + HUIQCS Qnotlwev one vslCl'D3 LOT D FlHerwoUn'l': ro essloq D? pfoixessionol ride kfndelf Christine Williams Helen Williams Regina Williams William Williford Bertha Willis Charles Wills Hezikiah Young Mary Young SPECIAL EVENTS - 4 ' lk , X.v, ..- A ' y Wnsh -L Qoufol. ae? a dad-e ff-D Field Day 7. ' 'mf ' . ' 17 -. 1 , K L., fu, ' o I - ', 118 nt A I , V' fm, M rna :SJSU AYTUS1' an 'Reeudcntt A i TAMARA BLOMBERG . FTI ,B ., , , 1 1 EL 'fd me ffl. 1 .- ., , my 1: ' ,s' J, 1 .V-if L' I f 1: E-M , ' 11' Eff' .555 gf H v 131' 'fI'.4r:5!f 'LMAETQY' . W 1 1v1Phf Fly inf, 1 LRE ,,fJ'h?-' -Pir- . 'p'l,HEfH. Q! . - Q-4 " - " ..,,y - ,-,t : ,,d 5, -,.,- ,Q 0 ' !'a4, ,PWA 3 lr ,Jx ,,J fag ' I .. 1, X, uv+T' ,A -1 ff 5. : 'Y' :"'lllir F iq! O S A L BMI ' 3 I VJYSN1 Skezl Smit! 5+ Yne kke, 4-XBJT Q if gl' 1 Ms. F.T.I. 1974-1975 and Her Court Aleta Wiggs Sonia Sekerak First Runner-up Second Runner-up EveI1yn DeProspero Dorothy Huffham hird Runner-up Fourth Runner-up FIELD DAY 1973-74 Hu moi Emokhorwal khfol IW Vxfimf,-Em be UL H143 .An Q., 4 'lik ws 4-u i gi 5.-. . CL use 0 EGHNQZHTIONS DLL 'ffmr S7'uFF URGANIZATI ONS : Student Government Association Civil Engineering Technician Society American Institute of Design and Drafting Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Nurses' Association of F.T.l.'s ADN Program Agricultural Business Technology Club American Dental Assistants Association North Carolina Association of Architectural Draftsmen National Association of Accountants Data Processing Management Association Junior Dental Hygienists Association ACTIVITIES Billiards Chess Karate Cards Choral Music Basketball Bowling Swimming Tennis Softball Flag Football cg 'Ill L A HDI To Do No Seen Mr Pierce I ,Q 5? at , A I 4. I HND you 3 507 , I -' nvEN.'f Student Government Association I N . .a .j . if '-.. Joan Coffey, Secretary Patti Hedgepeth, Treasurer Front row: Mike Phillipsg Everett Jasperg Victor Weisenmillerg David Barefootg Niles Compton, Jr.g Lori Haefnerg David McDanieIg Herbert Turnerg Jerry Riley. Back row: Bethel H. Davis, Advisory Raymond Caudleg Jerry Davisp Junior Bryantg Robert Tartg Gary Barefoot: Steve Drake: Ken Horneg Tony Lewis: Gary Holmes. CIVILE GI EERI GTECHNICIA SOCIETY Raymond Caudle, Presidentg Steve Drake, Vice-President. QF- ', U73 Front row: John S. Jamison, Jr., Advisorg Tom Hanna: Tom Mooreg Noah Frazierg Carroll Scarbow. Back row: Charles Patterson: Marvin Dalkeg Johnny Smilhg John McKaneg Mark Bagley. ASSOCIATE STLIDE T BRANCH CDE ELECTRICAL A D ELECTRONICS E C11 EERS -4. R Q sg: 3 Tom Hanna, Treasurerg Marvin Dalke, Chairman: Noah Frazier, Vice-chairmang Carroll Scarbow, Secretary. 133 ' Q Front row: Floyd Roberts: Henry Smithg Clotilde C. Cardoneg Lora Libischg Barry Taylor: Keith Bradshawg Mike Fowler. Back row: Valle Lewisg Ronnie Tewg James Fl. Brockg Governor Hartfieldg Leonard Hamptong Herbert ManuelgAr1istAlslorg Phillip Deese, Advisor. Not Pictured: James Jenningsg Laniel Gaylordg Barry Pylant. STUDE T CHAPTER OE THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE GE DESIG D DRAETI ?.,r Clotilde C. Cardone, Vice-president: Lora Libisch, Secretaryg Leonard Hampton, President. rl, av 'ag J? we Front Flow: Phyllis Jones: Doug Smith: Barbara Valverde, Back Row: Tommy Hallg Jim Crawfordg Mike Cain. Not Pictured: Bretta McMahanp Albert Nunneryg Terry Weldon. ORTH CAROLI AASSOCIATIU OP ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTSME 7 1.7, mi, 1 Phyllis Jones, Vice-presidentg Tommy Hall, Presidentg Barbara Valverde, Treasurerg Joe Ezzel, Secretary fNot Picturedl. 135 Front Row: H.A. Dennis, Advisor, Marsha Smith, Gayle Roberts, Wanda Mercer: Lyn MacEacarong Richard Merritt: Henry Baran. 2nd Row: Debbie Dennis: Dorothy McCoy, Karen Laird, Jose Hernandez. 3rd Row: Jerry Cross, Ross Mechamg James Wyant. 4th Row: Jim Lambert. DATA PRQCESSING MA AGEME ASSOCIATIO Jerry Cross, Presidentg Marsha Smith, Vice- president, Dorothy McCoy, Secretary-Treasurer, Jose Hernandez, ublic Relations. , lk ..'- , Front Row: George Cobleg Clyde Knox: Joanne Vandenwegg Angie Arrellanog Kathy Davisg Linda Mickleyg Arthur Whittedg Charles Stallings. Back Flow: James Taylor: Louis Nesterg Jim Conolyg Collon Godwin, Jr.g Donald Billy Henry Adkinsg Dale Gore: Robert McCormickg Ben Nunnery. AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS TE CHN OLGGY Jim Conoly, Presidentg Angie Arrellano, Public Flelationsg Kathy Davis, Secretary-Treasurerg Donald Bill, Vice-president. Front Flow: Richard Jarvies, Advisorg Virginia Billingslyg Faye Grencikg Elizabeth Howardg Jeanette Twitty. 2nd Row: Gloria Cooperg Christa Rizzo: Agnes NlcCraeg Betty Czarneckig Debbie Lucas. 3rd Row: Bob Garciag John Livingstong Ray Squiresg Fred Byrom. Top Flow: David Thompsong John Galesg Bob McCurly. ATIO AL ASSOCIATIO QP ACCCJU TANTS Virginia Billingsly, Vice-President: Thomas Phillips, President: Jeanette Twitty, Secretary- Treasurer. AMERICAN DE TAL ASSISTAN S ASSUCIATIO Front Row: Kathy Brinsong Carolyn Wombieg Terry Alexanderg Connie Henson. 2nd Row: Olivia Fiivasg Debi Jacksong Edith Monroe: Kay Jones. 3rd Row: Iva Hoffman, Glen Pinar, Anna Oakley. 4th Row: Carmen Brown, Nora Stevens. L to R: Nora Stevens, President, Carmen Brown, SGA Repre- sentativeg Gien Pinar, Secretary, Debi Jackson, Vice-President. TI-IE ATIO AL ASSUCIATIO UP PU ERAL DIRECTORS i Front Row: Claudette Lewis, Carey Barfield, Phil Young, Debi Garrison, Milan Rowe, Steve Bunting. Back Flow: Mike Pepper, Frank Miller, Gary Wilkes, Tony Morgan, Aleonder Reed, Mr. Walter Crox, Advisor. L to R: Lee Bunting, President: Steve Bunting, Vice-President, Gary Wilkes, Treasurer, Debi Garrison, Secretary. Ill IOR DE TAL I-IYGIE ISTS ASSUCIATIU 'xii , L to Fl: Cheryl Haggerty, Wanda Baker, Mary Wood, Cynthia Scott, Karen Willette, Deborah Flay, Emily Norris, Cynthia Carleton, Allyson Kim, Jeanne Coalson, Carol Gilleland, Debra Gunter, Maria Gibbons, Cathy Thompson, Susan Morakon, Brenda Martin, Mary Bormet. Officers not pictured. WI-IQ'S WHO IN AMERICAN IUNIOR COLLEGES "Who's Who in American Junior Colleges" recognizes outstanding scholastic and citizenship accomplish- ments by graduating students across the nation. We at FTI would like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations and acknowledge FTI's repre- sentatives. P David B. Barefoot Virginia Billingsley Civil Engineering Accounting " 'Xf' -if fwjf' .18 'a:. Fiaymon Caudle Stephen G. Drake Civil Engineering Civil Engineering ,lx , ftua Irene Embry Robert Garcia Associate Deg ree Nursing Accounting M5-1, .-V" Kathleen Hamilton Karen Kyle ' Secretarial Science Electronic Data Processing if if... ish, f Ki Deborah Lucas Margaret Moore Accounting Associate Degree Nursing :yn W 4,0 Dr' Raymond D. Murray Thomas Phillips Civil Engineering Accounting 145 I 1 Fw 'lu ae' N.. A , , 'Wu .,,! Sandra Williams Secretarial Science Julia Willis Associate Degree Nursing ffriff 'I dx, 4 L A wi 7 Danny Wood Machinist P. ,. Judy Woodall Associate Degree Nursing Anne Dwiggins Secretarial Science Not Pictured , 1 1 , f r i ' . ,' V ,f A? ITIS Nov' How ' you PLAY 7795 Gnms, ITS wuefflfl you ww on 1.osE f IN TRAMURALS m , lirxk J wx X U fl I Ml xii- . my N-.N li 1 R4 -' -X ' P+-v-' 1 ' , by . 'kv' VW ? N d 1 1 ' "!- .4 W1 ' 'S P9917 ' X 'X gf . '-" 1 A 'A t -XX X X. M, ,, R PUOTBALL Football Champions: General Education BASKETBALL Tournament Champions - General Education 150 5391 6, Two Fefe rmwwsl av I My ,wr Mm any .1 br b-Nw., 1-N W1 S OPTBALL A0 Q1 HEY UMP u. Uvmvr m 7' C-Lnss EJ P Abi!! L. fi !l, - C 152 lil r'q-.ff A ' 5 u DT F HN xv-. 1 .e .U 'Q 4 5,3 ,-:Li Q. 'fu' N1 ! - !,4',1' ' f'-if-ww 1. Y' 4 5 1 . u ,- ji . 1 4 H 1-Orr l",1 A -r .',. , J . rf '.1n,mv vu- ' fp, f .ff-. 1 , 1 4 vu. FH? 9' 4 153 BOWLING 154 SWIMMING .ffm - 1' ,Mflff1E??' If OTHER, He-nu ITIES ' I K XJ Q4 A01 Y 1 ?", -fl campus BLLLL .11 1 . J' f"r .4-of I A .K I 'mg .nl ' 1 1-??"'5 I.. ..-n ., 6854: ,px .iiiid "Q-ggi i, 445 'lr' f Q. N J 5 fi , x f 3 ' .N-A Y 1 y X A! Liv-.'-to-1-..... A Q 7 x LL' " 'Mrk Q JE 162 .-4 STAFF ALL QF THOSE' N Ee E55 A EY 'PEOPLE N some-H mes 'MKG- Q Qov 0 YaYN't'QCl GAMEROOM Pu K , ,img f' xr"'f,,, v. rf f Ken Stevens B O OKS TGRE K Mary Blackburn My as 4 E' A Dan Rogers Eva Slmoneau Manager CAF E TERIA Ai U A ,.-K,-AL wifi iz, V. ii Jae N ,-'1 'Ihr '1 Cafetefia Staffl L to R5 Mag Temple, Marjorie Woods, Evonia King, Sadie Peavy, Janie Morris, Myrtrie Jones, Theresa Bell. MKQEYA 7 lri4f QF? Sofibea 'X f a r es ga REPRODUCTION RUOM V1 ,af 0 J V. i i Q 0 ' 4 M 1251" Q 0 , QA M r M Donald Hutchinson Tommy Byrd TOFDFTIY OWGI1 Machine Operator Supervisor Machine OPGYHTOY 166 SECURITY GUARDS Luther Brewer Charles Johnson MAINTENANCE GSWQFS O9 'l'lQK6Jl'S 691 Kee pears al Rage . -1 , -, 1. vw- - . v-9,73-r'??55?... z :aa ffapw 1. Orville Gravely Richard Payne 167 F CULTY ,.......-...1. V . .1-..-........-.1 .. .,. , . Y 1 ......-...-.i ..,-... - .. 1' '. . 11 ' - 1 , .L-, .,a. 2235155 . J. iw '1vfz'.t:1f1 -' Firvkitf-'Qi' - i -. t- , lo.- ,,...n-":-u 5 w ' Geraldine Arnold ChemistrylBiology Ann Ashford English Henry Baran Data Processing Dewey N. Bass Sciences Charles A. Bell Architectural Draft Doris Bell Nursing Assistant Noni Bohonak Mathematics James Boyte Mathematics Granville C. Byrd ing Electronics Engineering Lloyd Byrd Science Robert M. Cam Civil Engineering Robert L. Carter Accounting Margaret Cheek Practical Nurse Education James H. Christie Welding Walter Groom Agricultural Business Jim New Police Science Fred Culler Psychology Bethel Davis Civil Engineering Betty Davis English Phillip Deese Drafting Howell Dennis Electronic Data Processing David Dunham Dental Hygiene Herman Dunn Air Conditioning 8 Refrigeration Gordon Dwiggins Environmental Engineering Faculty 'WNW .,- .tl - - . . .' V " l,.,ij3l:Ff3?g 1: 2.1. ..,,l l Us-f Earl Esslinger Industrial Management DeWayne Fields Carpentry Joseph Foerch Social Science Sandra Gillikin English Robert S. Gordon Electronics Engineering Joseph Grebner Police Science John R. Guthrie Physics Thomas Hall Business Administration W. T. Hall Business Administration William Hancock Drafting I June Hanley Associate Degree Nursing Sulo Heikkinen Social Science 171 Eileen G. Hoehn Dental Hygiene Kay lrvin Dental Hygiene Forest Jernigan Mathematics Mary James Associate Degree NursinQ John Jamison Electronics Engineering Richard Jarvies Accounting George Jeffreys Electrical Installation 8. Maintenance Wallace Jernigan Mathematics Dwain Joyce Business Administration Dickey Jones Secretarial Science Larry Jones Mathematics Shridhar Joshi Chemistry!Physics W Faculty ' '- wvlivvflxll , i . KJ J, t X ,..--z Eileen Joyner U Associate Degree Nursing Linda Rose Lee Secretarial Science Ada Mae Leonard l Practical Nurse Education Paul Lewis Physics Evelyn Lyons I Associate Degree Nursing Joseph McCulloh Mathematics Frank McDonald Automotive Mechanics Lionel McDonald Business Administration Nancy McHale Associate Degree Nursing Michael McLaurin Mathematics Ronald L. Mace Architectural Drafting Anne Moore Social Science V 173 Edmund E. Nute Automotive Mechanics Susan O'Connor English Mercedes R, O'Hale Associate Degree Nursing Ervin D. Oakes, Jr. Electrical Installation and Maintenance Charles M. Oldham Business Administration Ethelyn Page Operating Room Technician Judith Pearson English Bob Perkins Automotive Mechanics Bernard Pittman Masonry James B. Pittman Machine Shop Margaret Riddle English Fred Salter English ,M Faculty its-' -vQ',, Eugene Shannon Environmental Engineering Paul B. Sharpe, Jr. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Jimmy B. Simpson Business Administration James A. Sinclair Banking and Finance Sue Slaughter Dental Assistant Lonnie Smith English Linda Spruill Dental Hygiene Charles A. Stone, Jr. Machine Shop Lorimer P. Thomas Tool and Die Jesse B. Waters Physics Claude Watson Mathematics Hilda C. Wilson Business Administration Connie Wolfe Associate Degree Nursing Eugene Wood Developmental Studies Eddie Young Business Administration i 4 i 'yr f 2152 1-'ffi Z. . .,.., ,-'ie Sf5.'f-."-...lYx'.:i' . : : :-'xp---..4... 'r.f- 1 ,.- . . X... -.hu ,, .. NR X31 . : :,.-'. 1.-.5'!.- JE 11 i 176 ,...,, ef, ,. S C ADMI IS TRA TI O f ggi? 17 f H ck, 5 4 " -7 25,45 ,W wif F , ,fivf ' 'S ,fp 0 u 4 1 A x i if ,, it 4, 7' 1 Y g uy' A, 1 v, ' 1, .i t V su...-1 . wg . i A 5-gi-YQ. g 'f lv ' - y Q cgi' it 'ff A - ' '-" . 'f' "J"-5? ff ' J i if ' ' KW is P-t U i I ,I , wo ' ' gr.: Q ENN-iff 4 ',-A X ,fy K 'pix S Q, W ., , '11, ,iii QX . X. I , -' ,Nr .X fmwwf HMM -Vfg r . : " " Q V' . ' Q- 'T571 f ,f - - ,xii , - 1-A ' :,':.,N.- W1 . -, was -ff-.1 - fy f -tru-ini, . ,. l V X 433233 'X Viif ii:3jIf:?'?FF,g,, 1 I ffjfr i"gY3,3ji':y:?s, 4 ,. - pau- ,,1. - ..y:L-15, . Qblggfif 'I . 4 - i ' X 'F' - NLM 1'?i3E-2513"-Qbhm ' ' Q 'i , N f A ' 5,1 1 r gi -. .- Q' . i -5-S' 'il ' t it ' Kyla? M- iw-.ww H -, f ,' rw--f -cwQa,r N .pw LK - 'niet-mf " ' ' xr " ' ... 'f Ar5y:.' rg, 1 ,Af-f '12 - wan.: 5 K I 'I I '1' "6ffr':'v-. Q .ng ,ini 5 X E , ig' Q U 1 Dean ot Instruction Dean of Fiscal Affairs fwi ,fQ, ' - I I fa, F-'-5LQf'1 ,X ff f i A 59 ' . , . if f. - 2- ' 1 5: f fi, - 1' 1 .V ,J , X ,i U My A X fi' f I a wk 'r ffff- 1 if r . 'X it - I , ' A . '- 'B' X 1 4561.9 Qi W b RW, ,. , ,W ,N .M l ,. ,. 'Wi - xv! K ' V .X -X. tfm, fm m,w ,f "1 ' ' if in isif . bmw., t , V i- . f 3.-:sag ,I 1. 1 1 f . f 1 1,-P 111- r--1.-43 MJ, X i X . -M , . i . . i X I ' if gsri1"p-wr-.f::-.-I-' ,ekcuia - -,ffl id" ' ' ' I .5 F55-mx ' -lip, 2 M' i - - in it A I ' 'il E'f":'u2"Amir555ia1gqL , ' - -' Q . xzuigu , , P. ,,'.. if- aff- E-3-.:: my , -- WW , j jf- ' iii ' A T A ?z" J- , 7 S25 , NWN i X fiilfi fd? V ' W V ' -ffeff' 5 N ' Gi J if -' fx! A x W- - .4 ' -. ' if-f-7 131512: ir-5 - , my .1 y fq Az . F1 Q: " 5 R f' , ii -, ui!! A gj -g7, Q? , 'xii' :?Ej:3Q,fffi-V i Q fwiar' IW W into i9F"1.' gffpiiali 4ff2 'fL2gi'f . 4 w - 1 1- , 4 - ,iff N wr- , ein .,.,'4kY H.. , . , A .,,, ,.,,ff,,, ,. 3 -. W- , Y- , ,. , 4 i f f -' .zz-A3 X f ggiig- 35 to t init wx g gi , -- ' 'wx - " ,-5' .- 2. ..li3f-,f,I1!- 1. A' V cs," -' 4g T' fl' ' X- :. .-5 ,S-L -' .. 55.12 55' if .1e'i'f,f-air Y -D 2 f- " '-iffjfq., 4 Qty. N ,Qt:f"':- r -. gf .1 if - Q .113 Z 5-x 3 'wif -74',iSsf'ff P ' '. .3 . 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William L. Bryant William P. Standley Dean of Adult Dean of Fiscal Affairs Continuing Education I H ,, Connie Jackson Lynn Bledsoe 3eCl'9fafY Secretary William O. Cameron Associate Dean of Instruction qOccupational Educationl l Betty J. Williamson Associate Dean of Instruction Learnln Resources 184 l Q Centerl , , .gav- ---......4..-..-,.,-. , 3,-...---f A Arthur Cavano Associate Dean of Instruction lGeneraI Educationl Herbert B. Ayers, Jr Associate Dean of Student Affairs ..- - ,. ' A K .. Ivxxlyl' l' . 4' it 9 +I?" . Silk.. J' s6'-B1-- '4"'i -."5"3w-Lag-,, 7- 'n 5 -. . .M f' . ' Eli Anderson, Jr. Associate Dean of Adult Continuing Education Raymond E. Parker Associate Dean of Fiscal Affairs 185 , ,..-ag: 'R 8 iES2'39gg 'l Q' -ffsaqg W ii Thomas R. Linwood W. Gerald Koloalla Powell Fulghum Director of Evening Director of Extension Director of Student Programs Fort Bragg Services, FOVI BYHQQ Joann Charles G. Charles E. lVlaclVlillan Smith Koonce we Public information Director of Extension Director of Occupational Officer Education Extension Education SECRETARIES .. Cathy Barefoot Jill Russell Betty Shackelford Secretary to Dr. Ayers SGCYGTHVYTO MF- Dowel! Secre aryto Mr. Cameron 16-N- Linda Hawley Jean Dobrin Gloria Gray Secretary to Mr. Cavano Secretary to Mr. Koonce Secretary to Mr. Smith Mary Jones Alene Kellly Glynda Lawrence Secretary to Mr. Anderson Secretary to Mr. Fu ghum Secretary to Mr. Smith 187 Martha Brooks Assistant Registrar Audrey Hardy Financial Aid Coordinator Kenneth Hoehn 188 Testing Coordinator F'-.N Sheila Lookiear Registrar Joseph Edwards Director Student Outreach Alvin Pierce Student Activities Coordinator Y f "f 1 r' l Helen Winsteaol Patricia Powell John T. Fernald John Wheelous 'Il' 5 Donald lVlcCaskill Farris Delay SECRETARIES K I J .1 WL.. , ., Doris Butler Wanda Long Secretary to Student Affairs Office Secretary to Mr. Edwards i 7 w 3 Mary Mitchell Brenda Williams Secretary to Veterans Outreach Office Secretary to Registrar 190 Debbie Ratley Secretary to Registrar Marilyn Holmquist Secretaryto Student Affairs Office VE TERA S OUTREACH ., 1' l I - 4. . ' f I n. U ' - -. .1 X A , .fk':"v. ll r I D U I I , . 'w,'?E'ln4 Leonard Shaw Coordinator if NHGS COFTTPTOFI, Jr. Verlinda Doles Recruiter - Counselor Secretary to Veterans Outreach Office BUSINESS GFFICE Linda Jackson Linda Jones Accounting Clerk Accounting Clerk Brenda Byrd Shelia Rhodes Annette Smith Accounting C erk Acrclourgqintg CErk Accounting Clerk ot nc ure 192 'Ii Margie Penny Carolyn Shaw CashierlAccounting Clerk Bookkeeper I Q-el' P ' Dorothy Lawing Audrey Huttner Linda Collins Property Clerk Switchboard Operator Mail Clerk Richard lVlerritt, Jr. Director of Computer Center CUMPLITER CENTER tiff '- 56213 f 14 V ,Qu Carolyn P. Sullivan Claudine Lewis Leola Steele ProgrammerlOperator Computer Programmer Keypunch Operator LIBRARY SERVICES A UDI GVIS UAL 1 David Barnes Betsy Daniel Kymet Smith Coordinator Technician Technician Judy Borchert English Gene Emerson Collin Mathematics A . ve 'V' CSn'2l?5I Calton G. Hall Science Dr. Vijay S. Joshi Physics Lourdes M. Kilbourn Mathematics Bob Reynolds English Keith Smith Science Mary Whatley Englis 196 PORT BRAGG FACULTY TE CHNI CIA ulse ofthe colle es stem we RiChal'd Jarvies Within the restless p g y , U search for meaningful experiences and explana- AdvlS0r tions. ,-"PE , 7" 55.1. - TECHNIKOS Joe Schmedlove Editor in Chief CO-EDITCJRS Karen Laird fLeftl Debbie Lucas fRightl Tom Phillips Graphic Arts Editor Mr. Alvin Pierce Advisor STAFF Gordon Broddie Layout Debbie Dennis Debbie Sanders Cartoonist Typist r X , .-4- if -"..f if 1 -.'1' - Lloyd Lane Asst. Photographer Bobby Rogers Artist 199 f ll! ,E 0 .4 M564 Yay A A Sl I T -.5. 2' ' f N ,R S V-Q.

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1975, pg 153

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Fayetteville Technical Community College - Technikos Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 137

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