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Fayetteville Street Christian School - Patriot Crier Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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ofkmg A MK ark f Qmiflu, ' ad vw ww X fd ww Q0 'ms tid Tfo, who 'V 09135 HMB 'MW can vw Qovifwui Q ' Mad oixku Ntgfsfx L WY NBL cm . 0 Roms ivx 'Liv tk jc ML QJJ OV KWH W1 Uvvd . xfvU?,S gwlkw Glllllfiif franks 1984 Patriot Crier A Step Ahead Introduction Individuals Student Life Sports Business Conclusion Fayetteville , ---- Y E 4429 Laurie Sweat and Brandy Ridge count to III in Mrs. Phipps' 4k-5k combination c ass. Mr. Blice leads the "Marching Patriots" in the Asheboro Fall Festival Parade. The Band makes history as thc first Christian school marching band. , 61.4, 'JE -V-.11-P-A-: ff '- 'T 10' f'To God Be the Glory . . . Great Things He Hath Done" l A Step Ahead II Peter 3: I8 instructs, "But grow in grace. and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." Fayetteville Street Christian School has indeed been growing. Almost every area in the school has been stepping ahead. There has been an increase in enrollment every year. New faces appeared among the fac- ulty, staff, and students. This year was very special because the school had its first graduating class. Early in the year, senior portraits were taken and caps and gowns were ordered. Graduation was set for May 28. Juniors ordered class rings in October: and, for the first time, had them formally presented by the Josten's representative later in the year. Curriculum offerings have also stepped ahead. Second semester, the senior class studied a new histo- ry course on communism. High ,,. QFQMQMQ- f.1?lW U1 . W ., i"m....:f...,a it school Bible classes tried using SPECS - a novel form of studying a passage of scripture. For the first time in Fayetteville Street's history, juniors and seniors were offered classes in trigonometry,journalism, and speech. Another academic first included the addition of a combina- tion class for four and five year olds. In the athletic department, many things have leaped ahead. A new gymnasium floor was installed by Varsity Cheerleaders Starsha Tuggle, Darla Butler, Amy Byrd, and Angela Lawson model their new uniforms while yelling "Let's get tired up!" Mrs. Snow sets out snaclc items on the new concession stand which is handy at lunch. 3 New Gym Floor, Graduation: ANT STEP faithful 'fPatriots" before the start of basketball season. The new floor greatly enhanced the beauty of the gym. A new concession stand in the foyer of the gym not only provided a quick way to get snacks at ball- games, but also served efficiently as a lunch counter during school hours for grades five through twelve. FSCS also moved ahead by joining the Piedmont Association of Chris- tian Schools' Athletic Conference. FSCS was honored to be the host of the NCCAA District Ill basketball championship in February. Mem- bers of the soccer and basketball teams and cheerleading squad were outfitted in new uniforms at the start ofthe season. The 1983-84 year also brought the formation of a junior varsity basketball team and JV cheerleading squad. ln the area of music, the band made history. They took a giant step by becoming the first Christian school in North Carolina to have a marching band. New uniforms were purchased and long hours were spent preparing to march in the Asheboro Fall Festival and Christ- mas Parades. In November, the band traveled to Sheets Memorial Christian School in Lexington for a new all-state band competition for Christian schools in North Caro- lina. In conclusion, FSCS has been stepping ahead in every way possi- ble this year. II Peter 3:18 states something else which the school de- sires: "To Him be glory both now and forever." No matter how large FSCS grows or how many steps for- ward are taken, it is the goal of everyone to give Christ the honor and glory. lt is He who blesses the school from day to day. After the heat of the game, Jonathan Britt, Brett Thompson, and Senior Jeff Myers enjoy the thrill of victory over Level Cross. 4 Reaching the top of the jungle gym first graders Jonathan Cox, Andy Reeder, and Lee Anne Woodall beeome Kings of the Mountain." Joe Henson and Travis Baynes staple the plywood foundation for the new basketball Mrs. Harlos discusses the adjustment of moving from fourth to fifth grade with former students Juliana Cox, Renee Criscoe, Emily McNeil, and Julie DeBari. Patriots ure- "moving' on up to the top!" shouts Varsity Cheerleader Karen Hall at the fall soccer tourney. 5 M59 Individuals 'N-s..... wr ,,,. gg 2 - : Prayer and Teachers from both buildings met on Friday mornings for a combined time of prayer. Many new faces were added to the staff this year. Karen Allen and Sue Griffith both taught fifth grade. Laura Gillispie in- structed four year olds while Patsy Comer ran the cafeteria. Blanche Coll taught third and Ron Coleman taught high school Bible. School board members volunteered time and muscle power to help put down the new gym floor. A new little face appeared in a faculty home - Jor- don Coy Nance. Coy arrived pre- maturely and much prayer was given during his early months. Dr. John Gamble, Pastor and Principal Bruce Phipps lead FSCS. Teresa Brown, Three K Joyce Mangum, Three K Laura Gillispie, Four K Bett Loflin Four K K . Y Wanda Phipps, Four 82 Five Clara Brooks, Five K i Peggy Cox, Five K Fonda Caviness, First Grade June Ward, First Grade Anita Byrd, Second Grade Jan Ritter, Second Grade g Blanche Coll, Third Grade X Steve Harlos, Third Grade Dawn Harlow, Fourth Grade Karen Allen, Fifth Grade Sue Griffith, Fifth Grade Lois Ward, Sixth Grade Ron Coleman, Seventh Grade Lauren Shelor, Eighth Grade Chris Blice, Freshmen Mike Brown, Sophomores Keith Nance, Juniors Randle Brim, Seniors Patsy Comer, Cook, Day Care 8 Teaching Go Hand in Hand X R l . gil. Dianna Wigington, Day Care Mildred Snow, Office, Aide Mrs. Nancy Cranford, the school secretary. discusses the school calendar with the church secretary. Mrs. Annie Ruth Frazier. FSCS School Board members include Tommy Sellers, Nelson Combs, ,I.C. Lewis, Roy Smith, Ed LaVelle, and Junior Snow. Not pictured: ,lim Johnston, Don Routh. Fail if i xx Us A sg Tj .Q A , multi: S S, . Mrs. Wigington, Mr. 81 Mrs. Harlos, Mrs. Carrico, and Roger Carrico enjoy watching the FSCS Marching Band at the Asheboro Fall Festival. 9 x Sw W 1? A-aff S L, X 33396 SE ICR SPOTLIGHT By Renee Britt After selling papers, Terry prepares to leave in his VW. Terry Agnor Three days per week Terry Agnor, senior class clown, folds his lanky 6'4" frame into his yellow '71 VW bug which takes him to his job at Cattleman. Terry sometimes fills in as organist at Level Cross Baptist Church where his father serves as pastor. Terry also sings, and his unique personality has won him many friends while his long legs and goalie uniform have earned him the nickname "Spiderman" Susanne White Susanne White, who is a native of Elgin, Illinois, first came to FSCS during herjunior year. She posses- ses the initiative of a good student. Susanne took a five-week summer biology course at Davidson Co. Community College, earning four credits. She enjoys cross stitching, playing the clarinet, and working with telescopes and microscopes. Susanne writes a report on a biology experi- ment. 12 Starsha Tuggle Since Starsha Tuggle isa big tal- ker, her favorite hobby is talking over the phone. As head cheerlead- er at FSCS, she spends almost two hours a day reviewing rhymes, rhythms, and stances. Starsha likes to collect dolls and Mickey Mouse items and has one baby who leads a life of luxury. She also devotes her time as chief babysitter to her five year old brother Benjamin. Starsha gabs to Travis while her baby doll listens. Renee Britt Renee Britt is a born collector. She has a six foot high bookcase filled with her favorites: a pair of stuffed monkeys, two dolls from Korea, and a mailbox in which she stores important letters. Renee- en- joys reading, writing essays and po- etry, and making new friends. She also does beautiful calligraphy for the FSCS Patriot Herald. Renee tries out a new calligraphy pen. Steve Caudill Steve Caudill is an active member of the Asheboro Friends Church and is president of his youth group. He devoted some of his extra time At the Fall Festival, Steve stirs chili for hotdogs. Tammy Workman Tammy Workman has been a stu- dent at FSCS for three years. Tam- my is quiet and subdued, but when one gets to know her, she overflows with words and giggles. Tammy's hobbies are cross stitching, appli- que, and woodwork. "I like making beautiful things," she says with a grin. Tammy displays a sample of her hobby, applique. Jeff Myers Jeff Myers, oldest son of former missionaries, spent much of his childhood in the Carribean. Born in Winston Salem, he was two when his family moved to Bonaire. He re- turned to Asheboro when he was ten. He attends Health World to de- velop muscles needed for a starting berth on the soccer and basketball teams. Jeff enjoys programming his own home computer also. During a soccer game, Jeff takes a quick breather. Neal Comer Transfer student Neal Comer is happy to be back at F SCS. A former Cedar Forest student, he lives in Winston Salem and commutes 65 miles to Asheboro daily with his mother, brother, and sister. Neal played center on the basketball team at Cedar Forest and is a wel- come addition to our team. He also performed well on the soccer team, averaging one goal each game. He is an avid Carolina fan and has col- lected UNC items since he was ten. Loading a heavy chalkboard is a cinch for muscular Neal. behind a booth at the Fall Festival. Steve drives a '66 blue Mustang which has replaced his former light blue VW. Because he is one of two "Steves" at FSCS, students just call him "Caudill" or "Cluck." U!! e--il At RTC. E'dreen programs the Apple II computer. E'dreen Jones E'dreen Jones is a Daddy's girl, his last ball player. Because of a knee injury last year, she has settled for a less strenuous job of Patriot mascot. What she is now unable to do in sports, she makes up for in lung power. She is interested in data processing, in which she took a summer course at RTC. E'dreen has tive brothers and sisters and is the proud aunt of her only nephew, "Little Tony." 13 14 800 Late. IL Bon 358. Crystal 2 '1 'a in 'J 'L' Z: 'll Seliior Steve Caudill enjoys Fall Festival acti- vxtles. The Senior Girls appreciate an exotic view of the Aviary at the N.C. Zoo. div.. ,.......- aff ....-'Mt y 4-, l Hi " JS -Gov, I S7 4 if x. Even though they don't have a teacher for this class, Susanne, Neal, and Jeff work on their own to solve trigonometry problems. Susanne puts a foot in the right direction at the Annual Staff Convention in Winston. Z Anna DeBari prepares for her afternoon typing class. Travis Baynes Johnathan Britt Darla Butler Amy Byrd Anna DeBari Penny Farlow Bryan Thomas Delane Thomas Steve Tysinger Amy Byrd, Penny Farlow, and Travis Baynes discuss their orders for class rings from Josten's. 16 i lcRi?iiN!NHmx0+wamaNmv.N.,t...,... ,, , ...V .. - Jeff Luther dutifully empties the trash for Mr. Brown. Sophomores: Caught in the Middle Left: Lynn and Lori share a laugh over a good joke. Right: Joy counts bakesule money for the annual. 31 Joy Branning Sheryl Brooks Kristy Byrd Lori Coll Alan Comer Jennifer Franks Lyn Hallock Jenny Johnson Shawn Kellam Jeff Luther Kristain Nichols Melanie Snow Pam Wigington Not Pictured: Stacy Crutchfield 17 Left: Loaded down with books. etc., Darren Willijaigs lz1ndh:lh3lndaiF3ye prepare , , . . i : en ones races 0 go ?hrough agdaily math speed drill. S a -ia Q Lisa Badgett Sharon Brown Melodi Causey Bryan Cox Darren Hackett Kim Hughes Wendy Jones Bryan Kennedy Angela Lawson Tim Mangum Quenda Miller Wendy Neal Karmen Nichols David Schwartz Sharon Smith Keith Spivey Sean Spivey Kim Stephenson Brett Thompson Jimmy Workman Not Pictured: Tracie Allen Danny Anderson Rhonda Frye Lorraine Taylor Stephen Trogdon 18 98, , ., iff' , f' Q Q-w?'g gi Different Strokes for Different Folks David Adkins Scott Badgett Jerri Coleman Valerie Coll Junior Davis Michael Davis Karen Hall Louise Hill Mike Leonard Sharon Linthicum Derek Lucas Brian Lyman Tommy Morton Stephen Myers fx , I, Misty Phipps Cheryl Slone Ivan Strayhorne Suzan Thompson Brian Turner Kevin Turner Not Pictured: Kristel Auman Left: Suzan Thompson paces herself during a math speed drill. Right: Marching Band members Tommy Morton and Cheryl Slone show a good profile as they prepareto play "Shenandoah" in the Fall Festival Parade. 19 Brian Baynes David Blackburn Brent Cagle Susan Comer Preston Cox Shannon Criscoe Shawn Dunlap Louisa Dunn Tammy Johnston Melynda Miller Wendy Phillips Dana Robbins Crystal Sell Jeff Shackelford Brigette Strider Tammy Taylor Kevin Wright Todd Wright Not Pictured: Shancy Auman Seventh Grade: Movin' On Up 1 . NN ,ai-as Left: Shawn Dunlap eagerly searches for a verse to Work on his 79 Specs. Right: Crystal Sell goes all out for hair and sock day. Bottom: Dana Robbins, Preston Cox, and Shawn Dunlap work diligently on their history assignment. V' 1 Q , I 3 ,gk Sixth Grade: Research Papers 0,434 Qs 2. ...N ,- ...M f ,,- ill: , 'Y sggb . N Bridget Ashley Chris Brown Landon Brown Tammy Carrico fi. Mandee Cook N v Tony Hamlett Jennifer Hammer of it Danny Highfill Eric Hill Tanya Hill Murray Jones Felissa Kennedy Travie Latham Ren LaVelle I . - 'MQ e s v.,..s Lisa Linthicum Lisa Myers Kurt Nichols Chante Norris Christopher Phipps Jeremy Schwartz Shannon Spivey , Not Pictured: Jason Auman Q mis-x4 -IN Center: Mandee, Jennifer, Tanya, and Chante "picnic" at the front steps of the gym. Right: Felissa Kennedy absorbs an interesting Bible lesson. Bottom: Miss L. Ward's sixth graders listen well during Bible class. Fifth Grade Taking an Interest Wendy Blackburn Renee Criscoe Catina Daniels Kevin Dickens Phillip Fowler Tammy Harwell Holly Hubbard Anthony Humble Karen Johnson Brian Lanier Emily McNeill Billy Nelson Karen Owens Steven Owens Billie Jo Rogers Steven Shackelford Kristie Smith Kevin Strayhorne Left: Miss Allen asks her class what they want for Thanksgiving dinner. Center Tanya Trogdon eagerly volunteers to answer a question. Right Deanna Tarlton, Holly Hubbard, and Christi Cross 22 Fifth Grade : New Places, Different Faces '53 w s K t s L! if i fl' , l' its , -BQ.:-vi 3, -Q53 , Left: During chapel, Mrs. Griffith and her very special friend, Lemmie, provide lots of laughs as well as a Bible lesson. Right: Busy fifth graders, Kevin Dickens, Billie Jo Rogers, and Karen Johnson try to complete an English assignment for Mrs. Griffith. Bottom: On "Bible Character Day" during Spirit Week, Shannon Satterfield and Phillip Fowler pose as shepherds for the photographer. They were chosen as "Best Dressed" for the day. Layla Carter Sherry Cockman Juliana Cox Christi Cross Julie DeBari Jonathan Gooch Michelle Heath Crystal Hill Lyle Loflin Darin Lucas Chris Myers Shane Pugh ,A s. A 5? as is ggi fffffff .Jeff , -N--cg L Kevin Scott Deanna Tarlton Tanya Trogdon Cory Vuncannon Stephen Williams 23 Shannon Satterfield Bryan Stephenson New Faces in the Crowd Several new faces joined the stu- dent body at FSCS this year. The Patriot Crier Staff interviewed some of these new students to find out their reasons for coming to FSCS. Weekends are pretty special for FSCS students also. The student body was polled to find out what students like to do on weekends. The majority's favorite was to go shopping at Randolph Mall. What do you like about FSCS? Slianey Auman: I like friendly peo- p e. Michelle Heath: I like it 'cause it's a nice Christian school. Stacy Crutchfield: The new gym. Neal Comer: Everything. Jennifer Franks: I like all the friend- ly people. Keith Spivey: It's better than a pub- lic school. Shawn Dunlap: It's a really nice school and has nice people. Susan Comer: I like being with all of my friends again. Tanya Trogdon: I like how they do their assignments and the friends here and teachers. Tracy Allen: Everybody's friendly. What do you like to do on weekends? Kristyl Auman: Sleep in. Lori Coll: Go shopping at the mall. Alan Comer: Go hunting in the woods. Lynn Hallock: I like to go shopping and ride my bike. Suzan Thompson: I like hunting, fishing, and having fun. Kevin Wright: Go to the mall. Jason Auman: Ride my go-cart and play. cw. M Wyman Steve Williams: I like going hunting. Lorraine Taylor: Watch TV and go to the mall. Rhonda Frye: Ride around with Wendy Jones. Slifaron Brown: Go the mall and goof o . Krgstain Nichols: Go shopping at the ma . Karen Hall: Ride a three Wheeler. Shannon Satterfield: Watch TV and go places. Karen Owens: Play on a trampoline. Tammy Johnston: Go shopping at the mall. Melanie Snow: Have John Trott come down. Jeff Luther: Go to the mall. Pam Wigington: Go shopping. X W f k 1 J' Ng . y fi . . A ta ji' w 'L 1 ? E '. if 'i lin I v to ll st t . .... lil' , . 4 i ,. I ,. - iiii - . K g kklr , It xkxzk K E. Q . . S 'itii 5' Mwhg iy.gy y S g tg, X .t. . .ggi .. l' W- . .itt i if .ff E I . 'T ..,: r a A r N A 1 , K I if Grade 4: NC otebook Left: Jason Robbins enjoys a Hardee's lunch on a May field trip. Right: Chris Beane shows Jennifer Neal how to catch a snowflake. i l E E ! gH,,5f1,9 7' 'fa W ,..,,., Jason Robbins Marlin Schlein Robbie Schweigert Tammy Skeen Stephen White Anthony Auman Amy Bean Christopher Beane Thad Farlow Kim Haltom Christian Hammer Sharon Hammett Brent Hartis Kent Hartis Shelly Hedgecock Scott Lanier Brian Lewis Danielle McPherson Samantha Morgan Jimmy Nance Jennifer Neal Bradley Nelson Candace Nixon Eric Ocheltree Randy Parks John Redding 25 Third Grade: No More Reading Circles Dax Allen Wendy Burgess Tammy Cox Nikki Greeson Jill Hussey Bonnie Jean Howell Kara Lanier Mechelle LaVelle Nancy Owens Brent Parnell Garry Reeder John Savchak Andrew Schweigert Karen Smith Anna Tesh Doug Vuncannon Ben Wyatt Jason York E J Left: Garry Reeder waits at first base for his teammate to kick the ball. Right: Anna Tesh shows her reading skill while Ben Wyatt and classmates listen. 26 Third Grade: Multipl ,"' " -, Q 1 R S ,,,, Q so J L i s is K ' K 1 " V . 5 Top: Renee Humble and Tammy Cox relax at the top H of the slide. Bottom: Chad Cranford kicks the ball and runs to first base during an exciting kickball game. ii w E 9,55 P -- ,A ing, Dividing Dee Ann Bowman Darrin Carter Chad Cranford Tina Hammond Renee Humble Leigh Ann Lane Keisha Lawson Shane Lowe Joy Mangum Melinda Phillips Jennifer Presnell Jason Sams Jamie Skeen Kevin Smith Brian Spivey Tanya Trogdon Robert Wright, Jr Misty Yow 27 Second Grade: Busy With the Basics Angel Cavender Jamie Coble Daphne Collins Marla Frazier Kelli Hill Paige Hudson Shannon Hunt Paul Kilby Bobbie King Todd Lineberry Virginia McPherson Beau Mead Brooke Parnell Lane Pugh Mollie Salley Jennifer Smith Sarah Sisk Jamie Wilkerson 28 ., , AA ' ' 1 3,2 "S N-Eff? - x-s,..,x ' E-E 1-ii. is Q? seth: X -f'-" -i - it veil: JM W i .., r 1 ,4ff.,..,, .-. 'Fd S X ' is A K , M N4 ny, . 1' ,, f, Q, . I W 5 , we I - f -A -i i.f...! F' J? e Q " 34 'UN Q gi if f N 1 i 9 ' E 'lb f ' ii gosogsi .QSQQ ,,....,,.. Q ai QQ. A X 2 'a'ass . 1 ' if ,E s 4' H M gli 5, 'ff Top: Second graders enjoy reading Aes0p's Fables for Miss Ritter. gm :ya ,U V .L . .xx you Second Grade Studying About Moses Don Ashley Dana Brown Roger Carrico Season Coleman Angela Hames Rachel Hammer Leland Laughlin Laura Maness Anissea Nelson Roger Norris Terry Owens Angela Parrish Kristy Pyrtle Emily Swaney Leslie Sikes Crystal Taylor Sally Thomas Bryan Waugh Center In reading circle Don Ashley exhibits his reading prowess as Angela Hames and Season Coleman pay attention Right: During recess 29 First Grade: Reading and Remembering Chad Allred 1 Monica Black .Eff Danny Burrow . Audra Caulder . 'S Jason Cox " Jonathan Cox "- ' -4- Derek Cranford X . Erin Frazier Bradley Lanier Stephanie Laughlin Crissy Linthicum Aaron Miller Dustin Morris Jeremy Sams egg' x ee 'UU- S-I Laura Skeen Della Jean Spivey Melissa Tatum , A . i Jeremy Thompson i f ., A - Trenda Trogdon t Stephanie Walker Lee Anne Woodall 1 g g - A--1 'T' 1 u i l' 'rs-qw .N flaw.. ., ,MMM QA.: .. .Mx Left: Stephanie Walker and Sarah Stafford enjoy doing cheers at recess. Right: Bradley Lanier and Erin Frazier use their time wisely as they enjoy reading in the Children's Room at the Asheboro Public Library. First graders visit the library once a month to check out library books and to have story time. 30 au- is ,""-fjix J .X L ..-, .ff M. at 3 .. K ig 0 .t if N 1 L XF k T if' d , is Q 5 .. 5 , 1 1 - , X W.-. f 11. ,M f 'e f N Q f" ,xo E . s Q R .ii "" X I I A "'x i t t Q e e E .... sv if be J' fsguillllf .Z ,--r Vt Chris Allred Matthew Auman Ashley Biggers Rebecca Brim Luke Brown Kelly Canoy Shannon Frazier Del Holston Jeffery McNeill Julie Morgan Shane Oates Ricky Patton Andy Reeder Jenna Sauls Matthew Schwartz Donny Vuncannon Paula Vuncannon Not pictured: Scotty Absher Johnathan Simmons Sarah Stafford Cecilia Tate I Man's Best Friend? For Michelle Heath, her special pet, a cat named Goliath, is "love- able, beautiful, cuddly, and cute." Certainly pets are indeed our spe- cial friends and companions. A pet can be loving, gentle, and kind -- qualities which some people wish they possessed. But there are other necessities that a pet must have to insure its survival and Well- being. According to Eric Hill, he "must feed and water his dog, Bandit." Some pets even get to live in the house, a luxury indeed. Julie DeBari keeps her cats and dogs clean by "giving them baths and always let- ting them out for fresh air." "I must change the cage for my guinea pig Aster," insists Season Coleman. Also, pets, mainly the canine type, can offer some means of pro- tection. According to Anna DeBari, her pet makes a great "guard dog". Pets can be so special that the loss of one can be heartbreaking. "I missed my two fish, Jerry and Terry, and Ijust found them dead in the fish pot. I was sad and had to throw them away," relates Bryan Stephen- son. Losing a pet Chinese bob-tail cat was a tragedy for Chris Phipps: "It got sick and we took it to the vet. Then it went away in the woods and died. I felt really bad. and 1 cried." Sometimes the death of a pet is like losing one ofthe family. "I had Tabby fa Cath for a long, long time, and I was so close to her because she was so old," remarks Misty Yow. According to Garry Reeder, he was so sad that his cat Midnight ran away because "I loved her, and I couldnit get another one." Layla Carter remembers when Bootsie, her baby kitten died. "I was close to it and played with it a lot. I even slept with it." There is an emotional attachment between a pet owner and his pet. Anna Tesh relates an experience she will not soon forget. "My dog Nikki had a disease, and we had to take it to a vet to be put to sleep. We brought it back and buried it in our back yard. I felt so bad, and I missed Nikki for about a month. l brought it up to like me, and it guarded me at night and wouldn't let Daddy spank me. I really loved Nikki." 'lwnnxagui F' ,ff .mis f' 1 J. as I K ......., A K I ad .-f. .... . . 4 .. ,,'. " 'X .g sg F, . K: The Fundamentals i .5 s... Bradley Acquilin Lane Allmon Rebecca Britt Tiffanie Burgess Dale Conville O ,sv- JQ 3 " as-X 5. 3' Ginger Farlow Lee Howell Dawn Ingle R Keith Johnson Jeffery Mitchell Laurin Owens Missy Parks R - ' R 253 f Danny Presnell Amanda Robbins David Saunders Ginny Schwartz David Thomas Davie Wood Left: Senior Renee Britt fixes her sister Rebecca's pigtails as Ginger Farlow waits her turn. Right: Mrs. Brook's five year olds find reading fun. 33 Left Lee M ltitens in class Right Jittens at thekindergarten ay qv ,, ,,gnv-U.. W ,. VZVLL if Q, ,ri gf 'MW J B '1' ff - 3 x , and Brent Allen Jamie Boyd Celeste Brown Matthew Coleman Brandon Cox Matthew Criscoe Jamie Davis . what-:N Q sq. .16 e 'J " W4 , levi-Qtr BQ f s ,M X X 3-grew 'fs VX' f1fI1'Qr-wx gi -few --+- X N ,X 5' wr ' ,I Q -I 1 K ww, Tina Heaton . - - ,'l:" f ..., "' "" . ,, .. LOU Hflokef f J I 17 ff' C me X Crystal Lambe L nf ttei 95 5:55 J , K ' Matthew. Lane I " ,C J - l""'iTi 44" " -V ijfi J' ' hi mmmm wfrf ffm 'true EYE QQ . - -7-. J, , it ' A I 'kj X . , ,, ws nf Y' v A . 1 , , J J N + B l ty, e e .'.' - 4, ', H 3 x N V sf' Joey McCurry Scottie Owens Heather Robbins Benjamin Tuggle Kelley Vaughn 34 S. if B fx: .T X :-- - is 'S y 1 i it 53. 1 1: Qt Y ' Swv l K-5K1 Blending X ei s 5 X s s M re, E s 'S . N. X It as mix ,.... ,,,f. .. A 515: Q Q. ew., Tw w SSS rl ir s F W 2 if 'Q T 'H Wk X i s as 'ig N 2 Sf ski :mrs rr, . . X 1 A "'L " ',.. ,L,'- 'F ' C. ,,,,. mm. , -. g W5-We i Sf -... , f ,'..- v ii 5 ii z 1 "' - t 43 W'-- G ' f L -,'L H V C , ,L,. m-'L f , --L- . s?'S.S93e 4 ,- hL . m,,,, C. it si 3..,,. -f , N Center, p. 34: On her birthday. Mrs. Cox answers a question from Crystal Lambe. Center, p. 35: Sonja Atwell busily completes her seatwork, Bottom: Several students in Mrs. Phipps' class recite the C blend chart. ij ,. ,, . 3 I D C. ' ,,,Lb up jsfrffj' :I5t,:2'ff'5:- "eg, -f' 'tl' " "" W ":i . fswsf4S.1!f:1f- f .. A : k " Q2 mf- K Q' JG' ' H" K' , lg in K E . I .. .. 1 iw- 5 , M C 't'r P. --,. , , -- f wt N, 1 ,S ""' 'rw 1 '-'. is ,fi Ex 'ff' 1 5 sit' , i 1. ' 1. if 1, t - 5 I Darrin Allen Sonja Atwell Shaunna Biggers Blake Bost Alena Gordon Jeremy Gordon Krystal Greene Missy Green Jason Hayden Danny Heath Melissa Hoover Eric Lane Brandy Ridge Lyndon Shaw Derek Singletary Benjamin Spencer Laury Sweat Tonya Whittington 35 Shane Chriscoe i Q5 Lori Embief 6 ' QV Kim Greene L L Brandon Hodge L as i Sabrina Keams its A Jonathan Linthicum 4K: ABC's of Adjustment M 'X JW by ,. Q- 'nur' S Q' B '19 E' Cassy Miller Johnny Monck Jennifer Moran Lynsey Oates Lisa Parks Lisa Redding W. K .,,. Q Crystal Routh Ryan Smith Vicki Smith Michael Teague Samuel Trogdon I 5 Q ,kia X ,yy Jason White Li +1 Kristan Woodell Not pictured: Chad Thompson i Hi . , at x .sf ln Miss Gillispie's class, Lori Embler and Jonathan Linthicum learn how to write the vowels and consonants and to two-finger space. 36 ft 4 A 1 4K: Une, Two, Tie My Shoe sv F 2? .m Q xi P ,t wh Z L at ,Vp Q, ff? S as ,r lr l 'iff' zz C-, my 1 fg g b : V 4 t V f w ' J l2 ea y r .,,, , . we t kg . to Q Paul Barnes Shanna Barnes Chad Conville Seth Cranford Melissa Czencz Kevin Davis Ryan Deaton Meredith Frazier Aaron Hunt Miranda Marion Ashley Morgan Nicholas Nance Brandon Nixon Alex Peslak Morgan Powell Timmy Ratliff Tabby Runge Jason Shehan 5-0 .wef uw, ur' i Center: Pretty Vicki Smith sports her Dress Up Day outfit. Left: "Please tie my tennis shoes, Mrs. Comer," demands little Meredith Frazier. Right: During the summer, Seth Cranford feeds Sugar some of his own crackers before jumping in the pool. 37 Jamie Allred Nicholas Allred Katie Cavender Michael Denton .lon Hall Michael Hancock Allison Jordon Kelly Kzist Keysha McGrady Kelly Meissner Brandon Dale Routh Kim Scott Alex Thurston Joey Trogdon Top: Even three year olds. Dallas and Kim, like to "read" Left: Little Kim Scott daydreams at the swings. Center: "Should I go down?" thinks Michael Hancock. 38 3K2 Slipping and Sliding A , ' , ' .eeli A A W , im .L h,,, VM D H A iei. Q 3 M , M 'W' 1 X ew! ' L ' A is f' . YO E A .I Rf I ' Oh 5 fS'Q.T!fI rx , ',,' H-f 1' f- 'Q ...ig 'E3l5ff'1ff:7if'f 'fu A "'- 'sl' A :fi i ""' "' 4i 'Q--f .'.1'. , 1'1 I W ' f nz Z iili fy. 1 , f-'fi V ., f I 'W-fwww, 7 , 'i1:.:1: -' ., - w 35 x as N5 Q . 5 " ir 'Xb qv' Q 'fl l "i- , I Q rk-,,,V 1 l i l 1 N 5 J: fl' 3, QQ if osh Betth iuser up "'1- ' Matthew Britt y L I ennifer Brooks lv we A Q' A 5 . - 'M Jason Davis in y . Misty Andrews W2 "NLL 1 we J V 2 - J C Q t sf A , f ' q 11.,. . t U' S 5' A W Amber Farlow f Heather-Johnson Jason Kivett L 3 j Sandy luambe ,ILA -rl'-A, Katherine Lucas ,sv g' ' - - Dallas McPherson v Beth Norris -H Jessica Spencer Amy Tesh 1 Not pictured: ' Justin Lee S Left: The tunnel is fun and cool for little Amy Tesh. Right: Heather Johnson remarks. l'I'll do it myself." Bottom: Jessica Spencer is the proud owner of one of the very popular hard-to-get. huggable, Cabbage Patch dolls. When I Grow Up What is your favorite subject? Why? Misty Andrews t3KJ: I like to write my ABC'S. Benjamin Toggle CSKJ: I like to play. Meredith Frazier t4KJ: I like to read 'cause it's fun. Joey Trogdon t3KJ: I like to draw ,cause I like it. Brent Allen CSKJ: I like playing games ,cause it's fun. Scotty Owens CSKJ: I like writing. Josh Betthauser CBKJ: I don't know what I like to do in school. What do you iike best about your teacher? Benjamin Tuggie QSKJ: Mrs. Cox loves me. Meredith Frazier 1410: Mrs. Loflin is nice. Tiffanie Burgess ISKJ: Mrs. Brooks is kind of sweet. h-, WWW Joey Trogdon CSKJ: Mrs. Brown gives me a spanking all the time. Ginger Farlow KSKD: Mrs. Brooks gives us things when welre good. Katherine Lucas t3Ki: Mrs. Man- gum is silly! Vicki Smith t4KJ: Miss Gillispie is funny. Brandon Cox QSKJ: Mrs. Cox is pretty. Melissa Hoover QSKJ: Mrs. Phipps gives us pretty things when we be good. Heather Johnson t4KJ: Mrs. Man- gum tells us about Jesus. What do you want to do when you grow up? Josh Betthauser t3KJ: I want to be a fireman. Heather Johnson MKJ: I want to be a doctor. Allison Jordan t4Kl: I want to be a clown. Seth Cranford t4KJ: I want to be a farmer. Melissa Hoover ISKJ: I want to be a nurse. Brent Alien QSKJ: I want to be a dirt bike racer. Darrin Allen QSKJ: I'd like to be a policeman. Misty Andrews CSKJ: I want to be a policewoman. Tiffanie Burgess CSKJ: I want to work in McDonalds. Joey Tro don CBKJ: I want to be what Gofwants me to bel Brad Acquilin CSKJ: I want to be an ambulance driver because they can pick up sick people and get them out of wrecks. ' I I 4' if -"" ' 'W'ff N Mfr 4.5 "Wann-xg..-3 -dllmamm Student Life Media polls reporting 5 52109 99119 ,fn 5 'alsnw Ol Reagan'5 popularity 6022 15.99 elf,-,,' C u Z C cs 5 Q E. 5 0 C in Z O . , 1 Cntr s escapes freeze,7'n Q 5,9H .,,h Q .1 C, more QQQQ on the waylli 1- -5- gm ,S BH ' -Q, fe 'fQ,'s uf, r Q 1- m '.'L". :- 6, rg Q Z, 1 o Q -4 00, 'O in C500 9 U0 B Q Q ' 3,5910 'mo tr Jf4!.Q .QI Sv 3 Q W J :- G gzpaq ,fo Q! go 11 Q 05. : G : -h I1 3 Q: -M950 3 2 Q. S- Q72 or G . if ' -3 H 5 2!tpO0O!Q?Q4? lg C n QV o I 4 'Q 55 1 r- am wfa'f55.ri vie' uf x 'pax 3 2 xv, 2 U W U 2 fs- ,Q-. Q 9 2- 2 .. 'DOC i O .-'- E-O ,'O r,r-r p ,rf X O gi. ffeo U3 i Q 2-X Chlwz X I-0 AqJsA D 5 2 5 'siren ' 2 OQOQNA. 5' . Q: gp j at 'Z 3 N? bi :Li mi 4 g 42 if mf D'Pi xg Soviets kiiie . 4 Us f i fg. ' -K Q3 """ Cx Qu nishment Und augmw sppq 2 ig- f5,gsbxf?EgS.'?fl 3 fo ' ssa.l3uoJ 'swlgmq 27, ,1.f3,IU,l pfil wpqmg UQLU We know our school is Fayette- l ville St. Christian School. Our col- ors are Columbia blue and white, and our mascot is a Patriot. But what do we know about the people with whom we spend much of our day? To acquaint you with the peo- ple in your classes, we have a poll of your most and least favorite things. In the News By Susanne White To keep up-to-dale on world events, Susanne White reads the Courier Tribune. Basketball ........ Favorite ........ 1 ........... UNC 2 ........... State 3 .......... FSCS Least Favorite ........ 1 ............. Virginia 2 ......... Wake Forest ....... Redskins 2 .......... Dallas i Subject ........... Favorite. 1 ........ Science . .Math 3 ......... History 2 ......... 4 ..... . . English Unfavorite ....... 1 .......... Math 2 ........ History 3 ........ English 4 ..... ....... .... S c ience Food ............... Favorite ........ 1 ........... Pizza 2 .......... Steak 3 ........ Burgers Unfavorite. I ........... Okra 2 ........ Potatoes 3 ........ Balogna Television ......... Favorite ........ 1 ........ A-Team 2 ........ Webster 3 ....... Cartoons 4 ....................... Smurfs Unfavorite ....... 1 ......... Dallas 2 ..... Whiz Kids 3 ..... .............. B iscuit 4 ..... ........ S esame St. 43 e K -Sl Lower Left: Jeremy and .Jason Sams dress us shepherds on Bible Day. Center: Murray and Kurt show off their hairstyles. Lower Right: Jamie and Samuel model their hats on Hat Day. Bottom: Tanya Hill models a Hollywood fad. 44 Top Left: Cowgirl Jessica Spencers poses for the photographer on Occupation Day. Top Right: Mrs. Byrd, Miss Ward, and Miss Ritter Share some thoughts at devotions. Klang., - .Az K .N--alll' 5 I w Q 1 .aliq- X.,-f" Left: Mailman Kevin T. carries the "news." Right: Can Brook, Leslie, and Tammy keep a secret? Bottom: Joy models a pretty dress. X ,,k: , ,teee T'-I ' A o.' 'I , Smile - it'S SPIRIT WEEK! Since Spirit Week was changed to the week before the first Homecom- ing, students of both campuses out- did themselves to exhibit Patriot spirit. Cheerleaders kicked it off with the sale of Patriot pins - those flashy blue and white ribbons flow- ing from a spirit pendant. Monday was interesting as people "got off on the right foot" with Hair and Sock Day. Tuesday, students de- monstrated spirit in living color as they dressed in blue and white along with a special hat. Wednesday, one could confess to a priest, call a plumber, or converse with a nurse - right at FSCS on Occupation Day. Bible Character Day brought some "saintly" behavior while Moses. Jezebel, shepherds, and Queen Esther roamed the halls. Awesome described the look on Friday's Dress Up Day. At the ringing of the bell, great exclamation of spirit were heard as "Go Patriots" rang through the school. 45 Elementar Fine Arts Hours of long, hard practice paid off for the contestants in Elementary Fine Arts. First place finishes in sword drill, spelling. band, and ensemble brought roars of applause from Patriot fans who attended the competition held at Alamance Christian School. FSCS came in second in overall standings, losing only to Alamance. Congratulations to all contestants and to all winners! FSCS Elementary Fine Arts District Ill Winners Spelling: Grade 1: Marla Frazier, First Place Grade 2: Misty Yow, First Place Grade 6: Brian Baynes, First Place Poetry: Grade l: Sally Thomas, Third Place Grade 4: Emily McNeill, Third Place 46 Grade 6: Melynda Miller, Third Place Art: Grade l: Bryan Waugh, Third Place: Grade 3: Nikki Greeson, Third Place: Grade l: Paul Kilby, Third Place: Fourth Grade: Jonathan Gooch, First Place: Sixth Grade: Shannon Criscoe, Third Place Music: Instrumental Special Group: Second Place: Chorale, Second Place: Vocal Ensemble, First Place: Vocal Special Group: Second Place: Brass Soloist: Preston Cox, First Place: Wood- winds' Soloist: Tammy Johnston, First Place: Piano Soloist: Chris Phipps, First Place: Vocal Solo: Third Grade: Matthew Rhoads, Third Place: Vocal Solo: Fourth Grade: Juliana Cox, First Place Band: First Place Sword Drill: Primary: Sharon Hamilton, .lill Hussey: First Place: Elementary: Samantha Mor- gan, Lorie Thomas: First Place: Intermediate: Lisa Myers, Shannon Criscoe: First Place , Left: Mr. Blice happily receives the first place trophy for the Elementary Band. Right: Waiting for the results of Chorus competi- tion, Deanna Tarlton and Miss Shelor sit pa- tiently. Above: Mrs. Phipps and Candy Nixon await the start of the Sword Drill Contest. J unior-Senior High Fine Arts ,sf i Top: Renee Britt, Amy Byrd, and Misty Phipps nervously wait for piano solo com- petition to begin. Left: The girls' triojovially discuss their performance. Right: Misty waits to play her piano solo. Only in their second year of com- petition, Junior-Senior High contes- tants brought home several honors. The Senior High Band won second place as well as Junior High Chorus. Congratulations! F SCS Junior-Senior Fine Arts District III Winners Senior High Band: Second Placeg Junior High Brass Solo: Cheryl Slone: First Placeg Junior High Woodwind Solo: Kristy Byrd: Sec- ond Placeg Junior High Chorus: Sec- ond Placeg Junior High Ensemble: Second Placeg Senior High Piano Solo: Amy Byrd: Second Placeg Se- nior High Spelling: Amy Byrd: First Placeg Senior High Trio: Third Place 47 When the Band Goes Marching In I983-84 was a big year for the FSCS Band program. The Elementary Band won the District Ill Band Award, and the Jr.-Sr. Band placed second in NCAA State Senior Band. The Jr.-Sr. Band be- came the first Christian School Band to compete in the NC State FSCS Band Officers: Amy Byrd, Kristy Byrd - Drum Major, Sharon Smith, Tim Man- gum, Kevin Turner, Shawn Kellam, Bryan Thomas. Below: Band members march in the parade. FSCS Senior Band: Row l: Kristy Byrd, Amy Byrd, Wendy Neal, Jerry Coleman, Sharon Brown. Melynda Miller, Susan Comer, Lisa Badgett. Row 2: Susanne White, Shawn Kel- lam. Misty Phipps, Tammy Johnston, Quen- da Miller, Karen Hall. Shannon Chriscoe, Brigette Strider, Sharon Linthicum. Sharon Smith. lvan Strayhorne, Derek Lucas. Row 3: Director, Mr, Blice, Alan Comer, Kevin Turner, Brett Thompson, Dana Robbins, Jon Britt, Travis Baynes, Preston Cox, Tim Man- gum, Melanie Snow, Sean Spivey, Mike Leonard. Todd Wright. Tammy Taylor, Brian Baynes, Brian Turner, Cheryl Slone, Bryan Thomas, Penny Farlow, Steve Tysin- ger, Tommy Morton. FSCS Elementary Band: Row l: Lisa Myers, Tanya Hill, Emily McNeil. Row 2: Chante Norris, Lori Thomas, Renee Chriscoe, Juliana Cox, Kristy Smith, Holly Hubbard, Brian Lanier. Row 3: Ren LaVelle, Chris Phipps, Lyle Loflin, Landon Brown, Jeremy Schwartz, Kurt Nichols, Shannon Satter- field, Kevin Strayhorne, Chris Brown, Steven Owens. Row 4: Eric Hill, Director, Mr. Blice, Lisa Linthicum. Not pictured: Cory Vuncannon, Darin Lucas, Murray Jones. 48 Central District Concert Festival and received a rating of "Good," The Outstanding Band Student Award for 1983 went to Kristy Byrd and the Most Improved Section Award went to the Lower brass. FSCS Jr.-Sr. Band also became the first and only NC Christian school to have a marching band pro- gram. New band uniforms, a week at band camp, and two parade per- formances were the highlights of the marching season. "Praise ye the Lord." Ps. l50:l 3 - ,. f . .B - , ,. YY Ya MQ qnnwmw-W FAYETTEVILLE STREET CHRISTIAN SCHOOL ASHEBQRQ, rsJ.c:. Left: ,Ion Britt flashes a smile after the Asheboro Fall Festival Parade. Top Right: Several band members celebrate after a successful march in their first parade, Above: Amy Byrd congratulates Drum Major. Kristy Byrd, for a job well done. Left: The marching band kturns the street corner in the Fall Festival Parade. 49 -mil 4 . , 42 nw, has Junior-Senior High Chorus: Front Row: Amy Byrd. Director. Miss Shelor. Preston Cox. Kevin Wright. David Adkins. Cheryl Slone. Melanie Snow. Renee Britt. Penny Farlow. Kristy Byrd. Row 2: Alan Comer. Brent Cagle. Mike Leonard. Tommy Morton. Brian Turner. Melynda Miller. Susan Com- er, Misty Phipps, Karen Hall. Louisa Dunn, Jerri Coleman. Row 3: Jeff Luther. Tim Man- gum. Delane Thomas. Pam Wigington, Wen- dy Neal. Tammy Johnston, Brigette Strider. Wendy Phillips. Jenny Johnson. Darla But- ler. Back Row: Steve Caudill. Shawn Kel- lam. Neal Comer, Travis Baynes, Starsha Tuggle. Joy Branning. Sheryl Brooks. Quen- da Miller. Stacy Crutchfield. Sharon Linth- icum. During warm-ups, Cheryl, Jerri, and Susan hold the final note very well. .g I f, ... . . . 15 3 A N 51 Patriot Crier Staff Works Overtime 4 X ffv' by ,t,. A -- Bb l Selling ads, writing copy, taking pictures, and forming layouts has been thejob ofthe Annual Staff. As FSCS grew, the yearbook added more pages, and the staff had more work to do. First-time additions to this book included four-color pic- tures, new staffmembers, and inter- views. Even with the gritting of teeth, the late assignments, and all the hard work, the yearbook staff was a lot of fun. Susanne White finished the year as top ad salesman. i' ,Q Top Left: To dravs a Student Life layout. Tim Mangum gets ideas from anotheryearhook. lop Right: "Who's picture is missing?" Amy Byrd asks fcllovt stafl'mcit1bcl's Wendy Neal and Tim Mangum. Lower Left: Wendy, Joy. and Kristy look at carpet samples before selling an ad, Lower Right: After touring Hunter Publishing Co, this summer, Advisor Miss faviness. Susanne White. and Wendy Neal look through yearhooks tx hile they xx ait for a van to take them back to the Hyatt House to attend yearbook workshops, Counting the Cost Publishing a school newspaper was no easy task for the Patriot Herald Staff. Several issues were printed, but production costs forced the Staffto fold at the end ofthe first semester - maybe next year! far I 52-el Top: 1983-84 Patriot Crier Staff: Amy Byrd. Kristy Byrd. Susanne White. Wendy Neal. Tim Mangum. Joy Brzinning. Right: l983 Pat- riot Herald Staff: Sturshn Tuggle. Renee Britt. Terry Agnor. Steve Cnudill. Advisor Mr. Brim. Not pictured: E'dreen Jones, Center: Decisions. decisions! Amy Byrd selects the best cheerleading pictures to use in the yearbook. 53 New Tradition at FSCS E'dreen Jones First Homecoming WT Queen E'dreen gets a victory hug fr h "I couldn't believe he called my name out!" There's a new tradition at FSCS! The honor's reserved for the great senior class. The choices were many and then there were few, the field of selection has now become two. The day is Friday, sixteenth day of Decemberg twill be an occasion that all will remember. The results of a contest tonight will be seen, when one special girl is crowned Home- coming Queen. Everyone's waiting for they had a part, in choosing the one who is close to their heart. Her hair is dark brown and her eyes are of blue. The description thus far could be either ofthe two. She has a bright smile as all will agree. She's full of school spirit -1t's so plain to see. Up to this point, the descrip- tionls the same. So I guess I should go on to giving her name. For a year she will reigng it's a spe- cial reward, for one who desires to honor the Lord. Nineteen eighty- three and four will be a special year, to look back on with a smile and maybe with a tear. And so l give you our Homecoming Queen, our first school mascot - E'dreen! For FSCS, a Homecoming tradi- tion was begun this year. Excite- ment mounted when two girls were nominated from the Senior Class, one of whom would be crowned the Queen: E'dreen Jones and Starsha Tuggle, escorted by Neal Comer and Travis Baynes. Three attendants were chosen to complete the Court. The Junior Attendant was Darla Butler, escorted by Shawn Kellam. Escorted by Alan Comer, Lori Coll was the Sophmore Attendant while Freshman Attendant. Sharon Brown, escorted by Brett Thomp- son, completed the list. Mr. Phipps began the climactic ceremony by reading a poem writ- ten by Mr. Harlos to announce the name of the new Queen. Friday, Dec. 16, 1983, will long be re- membered, for E'dreen Jones be- came the first Homecoming Queen in the history of FSCS. "1 couldn't believe he called my name out," recalled E'dreen during an interview afterward. 'tl thought -there is even more responsibility for me to set an example before the students of FSCS. I thank the Lord for allowing me to be the first Queen, and I realize I must show Christ forth in my life. To the stu- dents at FSCS: 'Thank you for electing me - l will miss you all next year!"' First Runner-up Starsha Tuggle, escorted by Travis Baynes Darla Butler, escorted by Shawn Kellam Lori Coll, escorted by Alan Comer Sharon Brown, escorted by Brett Thompson 5 5 srigm SCHOOL PAY TT tsmgiwgyplfg Sf BAWST GWWA4 People Involved Q Top Left: FSCS Bus Drivers make sure stu- dents get to school safely. They are Mrs. Mangum, Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Loflin, Mr. Har- los, and Mr. Coleman. Top Right: Every afternoon, Mr. Owens, Custodian, takes out the trash. Left: Teaching piano. Mrs. Blice instructs Mechelle LaVelle. Middle: Mrs. Ward volunteers her time to help out during lunch. Right: Friday is "hot dog day" at FSCS. Mrs. Comer and Mrs. Wigington pre- pare those yummy dogs. Lower Right: Miss Johnson, a newcomer at FSCS. works after- noon daycare and substitute teaches. 56 ff' Sports H 5 Right: Neal Comer waves to an opponent saying, "Good game." Below: 1983 Varsity Soccer Team: Captains Bryan Thomas. Shawn Kellam. Preston Cox. Tommy Morton. Kevin Wright. Brian Baynes. Brett Thompson. Travis Baynes, Coach Nance, Mike Davis, Neal Comer, Bryan Lyman, Terry Agnor, David Schwartz, Jeff Myers, Steve Caudill. Alan Comer. Lower Right: Neal Comer prepares to pass to Bryan Thomas for a score while Travis Baynes and Kevin Wright look on with approval. FSCS booters began their season at the Big Oak Invitational Tourna- ment, barely losing in the last mi- nute, 5-4. The team's best half of soccer came against Gospel-Light. The guys took a 4-0 lead into halftime, thanks to the reliable foot of Bryan Thomas. The Lions retaliated with 7 goals in the second half, spoiling the Patriot bid to defeat a Piedmont Conference team for the first time. Shawn Kellam's injury was a blow, but Neal Comer helped to take up the slack. Travis Baynes kept the ball moving and Jon Britt excelled on defense. Four Seniors graduate. 58 J, wvQ?5 .pm Q, ,L ,Q . W lip 1, V , . 1, 121 ,V A f q , I if 1, A f ga ,,,. T ' 2 ' i ' Q, HQ .QW , W' ., XR A ' K' v 4 i ,V . in Wi Q -sw k7iT1'1WFFE'f:-, ,. 4' "wwf fx. .:.r in ' ,L ww A ,Q ' ww ,,,. if A v ..,, r," A 'I inks W' 5' J 'K -1 'A , - ,QA H RX i VW., i Q.gM" , wx.: N- ,ZS ,Qi Afjj-fgf1',,fj54.i 1 ,:qQf,.,!fQ ' , W, L. A :24f'g f 2 13541, A f jf Sal ' e A z-'73 P H jlfi' N., Iii' 1 if I , K . I Ar 1 - . if Q J yy m K P YQ mf x Q x Y' j .8 4 ' in W' . ii 4- ,SKA vi. 5 14 WZ' ' Q..- -A My W f f f ,1-mt, , aw bwwf umm... Re N X s t ,NN X . twigs. 'sir N. , , se ., Y' :ml x X wg X f s N K x , -S5 i --flf rf E- Q Top Left: Suzan Thompson and Sheryl Brooks anxiously watch as Kristy Byrd prepares to hit the volleyball back over the net against Rockwell, Ahove: Tammy Taylor positions to knock the ball out the backdoor against Big Oak. Left: Anna Dellari is jubilant after scoring a decisive point over Level Cross. new arsity olleyball Gains Experience With only four players return- ing from last year's team, the sec- ond year in Varsity Volleyball provided plenty of experience. With twice as many matches as last year, the girls won two more than last year, finishing the year 3-16. The team had several close games that could have gone ei- ther way. Starters included Renee Britt, Anna DeBari, Jenny Johnson, Melanie Snow, Kristy Byrd, and Suzan Thompson. Sheryl Brooks and Jennifer Franks gave good support as substitutes. Joy Bran- ning, Wendy Phillips, and Tam- my Taylor gained valuable expe- rience. Defensive standouts were Anna DeBari and Melanie Snow while Jenny Johnson and Suzan Thompson were outstand- ing servers. Sh 1 Top: 1983 Volleyball Team: Front Row: Tammy Taylor, Joy Branning. Melanie Snow. Cheryl Slone. Jennifer Franks, Kristy Byrd. Back Row: Wendy Phillips, Suzan Thom- son, Renee Britt, Sheryl Brooks, Jenny Johnson, Coach Brown. Not pictured: Anna DeBari. Above: Joy, Suzan, Tammy, and Jennifer share a laugh after winning a game against Level Cross. w!wzw'vM1-fl 1983 Volleyball Scores Southview 0-15, 11-15 Gospel Light UVJ 16-14, 1-15, 12-15 Gospel Light tVJ 7-15, 2-15 Brightwood 12-15, 3-15, 12-15, 1-15 Sheets Memorial 1-15, 13-15, 5-15, 15-8, 10-15 Level Cross 14-16, 1-15, 8-15, 15-2, 5-15, 16-14, 6-15, 6-15 Big Oak 4-15, 0-15,4-15, 3-15 Faith 6-15. 19-17,1-15,8-15, I3-15 Tabernacle 13-15, 15-10, 9-15 Rockwell 15-11, 15-3, 15-9, 15-12, 15-12, 15-5, 14-16, 16-14, 13-15 61 Varsity Cheerleaders Shout it out! . Aga: X 1 .Q ,f . it W Left: Chief Starsha T uggle yells "We're num- ber one!" Right: 1983-84 Varsity Cheerlead- ers: Karen Hall. Sharon Brown. Misty Phipps. Amy Byrd. Shannon Chriscoe. Star- sha Tuggle. and Darla Butler. Mrs. Phipps. Advisor. After much practice. eight Varsi- ty Cheerleaders were chosen at the end of the 82-83 school year. They chose Col. 3:17 as a theme verse. Leading the squad for the third con- secutive year was Captain Starsha Tuggle. Amy Byrd and Darla Butler served as Co-Captains. Chosen to the first Patriot mas- cot, E,dreen Jones, stimulated fan interest and applause, The girls practiced during the summer on new cheers and mounts. The squad attended the Holly Boyd cheering clinic in Lexington, win- ning the "Most Enthusiastic Tro- phyf' The cheerleaders entered routines both in the District and State Basketball Tournaments in February and March, winning first place in the State. FSCS also won the Sportsmanship trophy. 62 ,l 'wr' Patriot Mascot E'dreen Jones shouts with the me ax hone. "Were S P number l!" Vkiiki . , YA: Xml' 4 WL-5 , til? A M ' - ,,,, wsniijtzst-,--. ., "' Top: "We're number one, not two, not three, not four , . yell the Cheerleaders at a soccer game against Level Cross. Center: To perfect this mount, the Varsity Cheerleaders worked very hard. Right: Confident Cheerleaders amaze the student body at a pep rally with a difficult mount on the new gym floor. Left: Performing a skit to encourage students to come to soccer games are Amy, Angela, Sharon, Darla, and Starsha. 63 Varsity Girls, Basketball Team: Penny Farlow, Jenny Johnson, Kim Hughes, Sheryl Brooks, Jerri Coleman. Susan Comer, Stacy Crutchfield, Lisa Myers. Crystal Auman. Coach Brown. Not pictured: June Ward, Assistant. acsac Above: Sheryl and Stacy provide some sticky defense against Faith. Right: Point guard Jenny Johnson does some fancy footwork to set up a play at an away game at Faith. 1983-84 Girls' Basketball Scores Tabernacle Gospel-Light Vandalia Faith Brightwood Rockwell Alamance Sheets Big Oak FSCS Scores First 64 19-56 21-62 36-44, 23-50 8-43, 24-51 16-41 13-39. 34-38 1 1-48 10-49, 22-37 20-37, 23-40 iff is arsity Girls Hopeful ' -Riff 15 1+-6 .. 1 W L, -2 Y .1 if A i .1 V .."" 'x L. . YW? di Since the girls' team was com- posed mainly of first year players. scores were not encouraging. The girls were led by three returning players from last year's team and a transfer student. Offensive punch was provided by Stacy Crutchfield and Penny F arlow while Sheryl Brooks and Jenny Johnson provided good shots and ball handling. Stacy, Sheryl, Penny, and Jerri Coleman were the main rebounders. Outside hustlers were Penny, Jenny, and Susan Comer. Overall, this season was one of learning the plays and gaining expe- rience on the court. V F. . . .s.,,i., . ... ..,..,,. ...,. Q.. . I Top: On defense, Stacy Crutchfield breaks away with a steal. Above: Three girls dedicate their time to help the Lady Patriots: Melanie Snow, scorekeeperg Shaney Auman, manager: and Cheryl Slone, statistician. Bottom: Stacy Crutchfield concentrates on the basket for a free throw against Faith. 65 , i Q I i 'f""This year, Varsity jB0ys' Basket- l had its--most successful seasorr FSQ ,sCorcd Hrs!-time victor-is riesioiferi' th and Alamiiilsle Bryan Thom 4 A1'ff 'ngfcorer in the-EAC 1 - ce, with the helprof Seriiors Jeff Myers and Neal Comer, provided most of thevsgglr ing punch for thc team. However. Alan, Travis, and Shawn put points onthe hoard in several key games. All players gave IOOW effort to defend the newly budid home Court that was given by the Lord. FSCS ranked second in the state IA tour- nament. 66 so if M 1983-84 varsny Edys' Baslqnball l - - -2 Tabei'nacle,lM,onroepg' ,QW QQ?-60 ,.,,,,ff.QCOrnerslone CLA. " , 7233? i W 1' I g ospel-Light iw ' if I Calvary j , S4-41 I Southviev- ' 32-43 wndiilia 5 50-64 Grace i i" ' V 76-34 I Faith - 50-56. 57-474' Brightwood ..,, 55-49. S0-58 Rockwell xo-34. xv-38 Alamanee ' , 62-5'7" , ' Sheets ox-45. 63-so Big oak 49-47, 43-42 ' FSCS Suomi First j H , I -Q ,,...,.., 5 hi, if H91 Bryan Thomas sets up the play for two againsi Vandalia. -Q V .Q First Wins over Faith, Alamance rxx Left: Varsity Boys' Team: Bryan Cox. Coach Nance. Brett Thompson. Bryan Thomas. Shawn Kellam. Alan Comer. Travis Baynes, Neal Comer. Jeff Myers. Not shown: Phil Cox, Asst. 3351,-X s 5. 33: ia. '- i f 1 , we Q' wi i av i Q as - '-as 'TDUIQ-..".f ' T. .st ! 2 me 1, 5 fu' 2- A s W Middle: Against Vandalia. Alan Comer sinks an easy two. Right: Neal Comer breaks K K' 1 5 - a N t X A. through the Cheerleaders' banner to lead the Varsity guys onto the court for warmups. N ' , ss Left: Jeff Myers scores between two Faith defenders. Above: Coach Nance sets up an .pm ,K important screen play against Faith while the Varsity guys listen attentively. fx , , X if .5 H fine it 67 ' Iguefta Igaligren Williams snares a rebound as avi Sc wartz watches. Right: Bryan Cox S J B k unloads a bomb for two. S e a 1 l l983-84 .IV Bryan C.. Coach Nanc lv 40 ww. 2' m Q: at if 3 . f , .. V H raw I ,. f 46 Boys' Basketball Team: Mike L.. Kevin W.. Preston C.. Bryan B.. Mike D.. Steve M.. Brian L.. e. Brett T.. Ivan David I983-84 JV Boys' Basketball Sen Big Oak Tabernacle tMonroeI l-'alt h Brightwood Alamance Sheets Grace l-'SCS Score s First tres 2l-35 25-33 2l-40 3l-35, 29-36. 25-35 42-24 44-42 I6-39 27-57 25-3-1 41-23 68 Seventh-ninth grade boys played their first ever JV schedule this year. Twelve players made up a team of inexperienced players. but as the season climaxed. the guys im- proved greatly. Although the guys only won two games, they won to themselves the hearts of all those who saw them struggle against larger. more experi- enced ballplayers. With hard work. perhaps FSCS holds a future cham- pion. . - my V .9 3 Q 5. it Brian Lyman shoots a lay-up against Faith V Squad Organized o if f . f ' 1f it f i r ... Above: "Get tired up!" shout Dana, Brigette, and Kim at a home basketball game against Vandalia. Right: 1983-84 .IV Cheerleaders: Crystal Sell, Kim Stephenson, Brigette Strider, Dana Robbins. Lower Right: During a pep rally. ,IV Cheerleaders finish a good mount. For the first time. a JV Cheerlead- ing program was begun at FSCS. Junior high girls tried out. and four were chosen for the squad. Brigette Strider was chosen as Captain and Kim Stephenson. Co- Captain. Starsha Tuggle served as JV Sponsor. ,af 3 Sui' "" i x Av A '- '.zi,,, M fs... f I , H., 69 " Below: Boosters support soccer games. Right: The Band thanks the Mangums for donating their banner. Lower Left: Boosters show support at concessions. Lower Right: Patriot Boosters jump and yell at the excellent play of the Patriot guys algaingt ant . Yelling, screaming, clapping, stomping, even biting nails high- lighted the typical duties of an avid Patriot Booster. The Booster Club was first organized this year. Mem- bers voted Paul Thomas, President and Alan Lanier, Vice-President. Parents devoted two nights a week during basketball season to come out and support the Patriots. Much thanks cannot express the gratitude FSCS owes to Garland Lawson for his leadership in the completion of the new gym floor. 70 Patriot Boosters at I gf? L is Business FAYETTEVILLE STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 901 North Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina 27203 "The Church in the Heart of and with aHe rtforA h b " a s e oro Pastor John Gamble XX ,..fA"""M I NEEDHAM'S GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH Route 2. Box 580 Seagrove. NC 27341 Church Phone: 464-2121 Parsonage Phone: 464-3836 Pastor Tim White "Holding forth the Word of Life" Phil. 2:16 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH tlndependentj Corner of Ridge 84 Church Streets Ramseur, NC 27316 Pastor: Rev. Adrian Pugh Asst. Pastor: Rev. Dwane Pugh Bus Ministry: 824-4066 SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH 4'Committed to building a New Testament Church, the New Testament Way" Route 1, Box 451 Ramseur, NC 27316 UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION Battery Products Division Asheboro Plants I 84 II 73 Thank God for our little miracle girl! Congratulations, E'dreen! We are very proud of you. 'UV Love, Mom and Dad Matthew 5:14 CHISHOLM'S RESTAURANT 2202 N. Fayetteville St., Asheboro, NC CANDLEW " ' KEFIOSENE HEATERS CRAFT SUPPLIES ---,. wooo sTovEs cnoss STITCH mm , CEILING FANS ICKING E SALES st SERVICE ASHEBORO SEWING CENTER 230 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, North Carolina 27203 Phone 19191625-6805 Congratulations Steve, We're proud of you in so many ways. May your goals, dreams, and ambitions bring you the happiness and success you deserve. You are, indeed, our Sunshine. May God bless and be with you always. We love you, Prov. 3:5, 6 Mom and Dad At GE Asheboro We bring good things to life! SOLAR FIRST Rt. 2, Box 463, Ramseur, NC 824-8334 ETHEL'S UNIFORM SHOP 2012 S. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, NC 27203 S.E. HAUSER, INC. The Best in Quality Food Service Products High Point, NC Phone: 883-7524 GO, PATRIOTS, GO! BIC DEAL, INC. 13342 N, Fayvttcvillr- St. Asllclmoro, NC 272053 Phone 672-03-17 uSliot-s for the Fainilyn HUFFMAN OIL CO. OF ASHEBORO. INC. Texaco Distributors 724 S. Fayetteville St. P.O. Box 578 Asheboro, NC. 27203 Phone: 625-3124 C9163 625-1988 COMPLETE SAW SUPPLIES AND SERVICE MID STATE REPAIR SHOP 2445 South Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina 27203 Poulan Chain Saws Eugene Hurly: Owner Repair Welding Triad Plumbing Supply of Asheboro, Inc. 560 W. Walker Ave. Asheboro, NC 27203 DICK WEEKS CONSTRUCTION CO. P.O. Box I Asheboro NC 27203 Power Line Construction Yearbook Donors and Boosters: Trans-World Liquidators, Grimes Jewelry. Hollingsworth Jewelry, Phyllis Neal, Shane Lowe, Steve Caudill Starsha: I'm glad God gave you a little brother! 75 THE RENTAL MART Asheboro, NC 27203 t PHONE r919J 6294666 '4 O JE IN ASHEBORO lT'S EVANS MUSIC CENTER 'IYOLJR FAMILY NILJSIC STOREM SALES I SERVICE I STRIJCTION HEDGECOCK BUILDERS SUPPLY, CO RIQHARD 1. E ANS. OWNER S ABOSLSNS C 272 JUNIOR LUTHER, SALES I-IEE R . N. O3 GUITAREBAS RLJCTION KEN CORNWELL PRESJGENERAL MANAGER as but I YYEE I Fo Q eilienotbl -My lo of asheboro, inc. Pmpuiomf 2013 s. FAYETTEVILLE sr TELEPHONE 49191 629 ZI48 ,lm,,-ali,,9 ASHEBORO NC 27203 MONROE'S MUSIC 8: JEWELRY CO. "The Mark of Quality" FAITH BOOK NOOK AND GIFT SHOP Your Gospel Book Store COMPLIMENTS OF ASHEBORO ANIMAL HOSPITAL COMPLIMENTS OF RANDOLPH ANIMAL HOSPITAL C9195 625-3302 Zen if Cutoff: Yzambzg YOUR COLLECTOR PRINT GALLERY KENNETH HICKS 660 N FAYETTEVILLE ST Owner ASHEBORO. NC 27203 Q4!aebof'0Dr2 DRUGS OF ' ALITY 200 Foust Street Asheboro, NC Phone: 625-2167 Yates Country Ham, Inc. P.O. Box 61, Asheboro, NC MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS 305 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, NC 27203 Phone: 625-3811 76 MATLAB, INC. P.0. BOX 2046 Asheboro, North Carolina 27203 The Trophy Shop 1009 S. Park St., Asheboro, NC L And L One Hour Cleaners 1529 N. Fayetteville St., Asheboro, NC Sew Special GARNER FLORIST AND GREENHOUSES Becky's of Asheboro Asheboro, NC 27203 larval usvmc SGIVXX O nj. zhn REAL ESTATE - SALES - MANAGEMENT LURENE WALKER Rill ESTATE DU., INC aus 625-2687 szsaiis 115 N mvsrrevitts smear Home 6252637 Asiisaono, N c 27203 0 0 I xii! 221 S. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, N.C. 27203 'A l -lf W, .1 This year's Patriot Crier Staff wishes to thank several people who helped to make this year's annual a success. Thank you. Mrs. Nance. for drawing several layouts, etc. Mr. Harlos and faculty, thanks for helping with copy. For photography, we thank Miss Caviness and the NC Zoo for allowing Senior pictures to be made there. Finally. we are grateful to our advertisers, Hunter Publishing Co., Dick QE. and Tom Adams for the publication of our book. 77 Compliments of Asheboro New Car 84 Truck Dealers BRADY DODGE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH ED HYDER DATSUN MID STATE TOYOTA NANCE CHEVROLET Elliott Office Equipment Co., Inc. 124 West Academy Street Asheboro, NC 27203 Phone: IQIQD 629-9106 DAN THOMAS PONTIAC STUART BOWMAN OLDS, CAD, Ponta TS CAME Asasu PL ES LINED Enron AMC, RENAULT PRAM NG PRINTS VESTAI., FORD, LINCOLN MERCURY cmfwz 2-siazto HAYWORTH WALKER BUICK, 211 NORTH DOGWOOD AVE PEUGEOT, siren CITY, N C 27344 JIMMY CRANFOFID MEMgIglllc iNC Pao ess ONAI oroom Hen I919I 742-2713 NEELY 84 LISK INSURANCE AGENCY, INC isrqj vou ndependenf General Insurance ik, illvll YDU HIP' POST OFFICE BOX IO 236-38 NORTH COX STREET ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA 27203 Phone: 629-1458 HALL'S TRANSFER Moving 8L Storage Services You Can Have Confidence In! Authorized Agent For B 8: H Van Lines ICC No. MC 87113 Phone: 625-3776 ASHEBORO KEY 81 LOCK Keys, Locks, Burglar Alarms 155 N. Park St. Randolph Mall Asheboro, NC 27203 A special place for special friends rf If ,. 'fp' pffj. K 190 ,.' ,f f ,G+ fliif' 1,15 ,Qi A00 ,ff ,H X . ,bn Ll?-1 x A K ' if , I ' ,.qFr1"..foafN ,., I . ,..-1,gi'f.nTl .4 , 5,41 . 1-,ir 441-i' nw 2 " .2Tg"'EEa1ii'icATQ-0,,,., . ' .--ff ' Y ..f- - I gi SHAW FURNITURE GALLERIES P.O. Box 576, Randleman, NC 27317 Telephone 498-2628 TOLL FREE OUTSIDE NC 1-800-334-6799 ' 9 I FURNITURE HOUSE p. 0. box 986 - 2404 n. fayetteville st telephone 672-0344 asheboro, north carolina 27203 Asheboro Plumbing and Heating, Co Inc. 1029 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, NC Phone: 625-6141 ASHEBORO CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. South Fayetteville St. Asheboro, NC 27203 Blocks - Building Material - Lumber - Brick - Hardware - Appliances - Paint - Wall Paper - Carpet - Lighting Fixtures -a qfcmcucdez PRINTING CO., lNC. Phone: 629-9125 522 N. Fayetteville St. P.O. Drawer 219 Asheboro, North Carolina 27203 79 3 TEXACO South End Texaco Day 529-5565 Night 873-1806 24-Hour Wrecker Service 1647 South Fayetteville St. Asheboro, NC STED CORDDRATION Q SPORTSWEARXUNDERWEARIFABRICSXELASTICS ASHEBORO, N.C. 0 NEW YORK 0 CHICAGO 0 LOS ANGELES 0 HONOLULU S R9 9 Beauty Salon 101 W. Kivett St. Asheboro, NC 27203 By Appointment Only Phone: 625-1170 Lynda Hurley Walker Shoe Company Drawer 1167, Asheboro, North Carolina 27203 Telephone 19191 625-1380 Telex 5109231204 80 Phone C9195 625-l547 MADE RITE FOODS INC. Greensboro, NC 27408 SAMSON and -I-HE LION Producers of: NATURAL FOODS Made Rite Sandwiches, Sedgefield Sandwiches, Jubilee Salads 8L Mario's Pizza 1311 N- F21YCUCV111C Sffflei Susan 8a Tiffany Jones Asheboro NC North Gate Plaza Hours: Mon.-Sat.: 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Sunday: I P.M. to 6 P.M. Today Stevens is one of the largest textile operations in the world, supplying fabrics to the apparel industry and finished products from the home furnishings market. Stevens needs intelligent people who welcome the challenge of progress. If you wish to know more about career opportunities with Stevens, come by and see us or talk to your guidance counselor. JP. STEVENS S CO., INC. Synthetics Division Randleman Plant Randleman, NC. 72+ 'jpelLjeffex7LlLe Street H fccroii flee ,street jfom jam' ,selwcfm Qjining Kgom or farrgfouf Ovderfu, 'Wiener 629-f910l PHILLIPS BROS. COUNTRY HAM, INC. P.O. Box 1599 1523 S. Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina 27203 Wholesale S Retail Country Hams C. Parker Phllllps B. Talmage Phllllps , V, 9 Q14 4 ,,, I. U2 W ,Q ,rf I I I' 0 I 'Q ,TL Q 19 ' ii cgalsi XZ' gazutcs 1661 N. Fayetteville sr. Route 1 ,?Q. lIjI:1j -3 Asheboro, NC Franklinville, NC Phone: 672-1196 Phone: 824-4041 ff-fl .1 A. are Snapper Mowers McCulloch Chain Saws Bill Flinchum, Owner CAROLINA PRINTING SERVICE, INC. OE ASHEBORO 204 West Ward Street P.O. Box 1845 Asheboro, N.C. 27203 LEONARD ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR, INC. 531 N. Fayetteville Street Asheboro, NC 27203 Shop Phone: 625-2375 Phone: 19191 625-2359 DOUBLE EAGLE COIN EXCHANGE Color T.V. 81 Stereos Craig CB 81 Tape Players 1213 N. Fayetteville Street P.O. Box 85 ZINIIQ Asheboro, NC 27203 ELECTRONIC SERVICE COMPANY 160 N. PARK STREET PHONE 629-1670 Phone: 629-5580 David Blackburn T.V. SALES 81 SERVICE ASHEBORO, N.C. 27203 SPRING WOOD BARBER SHOP Channel Master 2030 South Fayetteville St. GENE BUMGARNER Antennas and Rotors Asheboro, NC 27203 Planters Bank We,re Growing Strongeflogether. Since 1899. CENTRAL CAROLINA BANK 272 N. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, NC 27203 Phone: 625-1160 FIRSI' NATIONAL GOOD BANKING, NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR The First National Bank of Randolph County Member FDIC Box 1328, Asheboro, N.C. 27203 x ,593 A Congratulations, Tammy! We're very W i X ,K proud of your 4 I Q achievements. May A l, i the Lord bless you in 3 always! Love, Mom 84 Dad Prov. 3:6 'lln all thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct Thy paths." Compliments of William M. Hendricks, M.D. SL Staff Asheboro Dermatology Clinic, PA 'inet AMERICAN .. H 1. nie: f -0: A 5230 ftiqiii' Vo- X 5 I 3- 0 P Q 'Nl Looking Forward Together Asheboro Office: 625- 1370 Ramseur Office: 824-2361 SUIT OUTLET OF ASHEBOR0 1334 N. Fayetteville St. A h b NC 27203 Ph C9195 672 2899 RAMSEUR INTER-LOCK KNITTING COMPANY P.O. Box 337 R seur, NC 27316 Phone: C9191 824-2375 J Funuure lndustnes hc P. O. BOX 220 Asheboro. N C. 27203 19191 625-6174 PREVO DRUGS, INC. 510 Sunset Avenue Open Monday Thru Saturday 8:30 A.M.-11:00 P.M. Bk ivq 3153231116 Controls D D E C Q . Installation COINITlCI'Ci21i Repair Residential 707 East Dixie Drive Ashcinoro. NC. Phone: 629-1041 Owner: Roby C. Kidd, Ir. W 1 2 az ,, ug' , Nab as W' we 1.1. 84 SONS, INC. Route 2, Box 2588, Heath Dairy Road Randleman, N.C. 27317 "For the Finest in Truck Washing" Serving Central North Carolina I j, 1. 1 f . bf i - , . . , .. .. .,, , ,Y 1 .,.. , N ' 3 ,, -wf , .. ,,,Egl,ggqM . . ,E ,g.,,,...L 'QQ A . it 3a',f77W ,"7 ,,"7 f LV .W-fi, My . f.-7: M5771 -7 Q .A f af, 7, N - - -F'W'Wn-09 'f,,,.,, -, f. .v,4,,.,.,.,4,,,.lSqi'SV'1Yr1qffrg- ,f-,..,, -,,1,1,q,, M M A I . I , Hg, ,QM ,M A , . 1. V, M- Arif' ' ,A . . , - , , , , W, f - ' , . , ' - ' f 'Z r ' ",,, , WW'-Wh-mu. K' ' 4' U- ' "f WM-,Q ,wr WA . ff . A,,,Lg1'A . r W . N H we . L , ,,,f,.,,,. .4 . X ,H ,, f - ax. . mfr. 1 , , w1,.,,,,.,g,,,., , L, M , 7' A Phone: 498-3577 johnny Jones Romans 1019.10 Robbie jones DON SMITH NURSERY AND LANDSCAPING Complete Landscaping Design 8a Maintenance Shrubs, Trees, Seeding, Crossties, Consulting Hwy. 42 East, 3 miles. f9l9l 629-3074 Member N.C. Landscape Contractors No S47 , 5 4 ' I 3 W L .M I erm , I V NORMAN MACHINE 81 SUPPLY CO., INC 300 WEST BAILEY STREET P. O. BOX 1121 ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA 27203 PHON E i919l 672-0116 Specialists in Quality Machine Parts, Stampings and Assemblies for lndustry All EDNEY'S PRODUCE 1713 N. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, NC 27203 "Let Us Help You Make It" The place to be In the 80's RANDOLPH TECHNICAL COLLEGE il 1 ' Q fffigff 1 f -.Z pg.,- -wsi -' ' :- ii 'isl 12112915 -is '--f M' ' Wg?" WOODALL 8a ASSOCIATES Manufacturers Representative Sporting Goods - Fishing - Hunting B.D. CBobJ Woodall, Jr. Phone: 69193 629-5391 P.O. Box 105 Asheboro, NC 27203 We have one of the largest inventories of passenger car tires in Randolph County. Also, we sell many brands of truck tires, farm tires, recaps, and have road service. Y' J.H. ALLE , INC. General Contractors 409 W. Central Ave. "' P.O. Drawer 2809 X Asheboro, NC 27204-2809 96 C9193 672-1035 Commercial X Industrial Y Institutional Us 2 0 . ,ilir . gr . . if 'f N ::.2wi-fkQ1N.vf..-1-fi...-i:lis...s Dear Jeff, I Cor. l5:58 reads "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord." May this verse go with you as you graduate from high school. From your loving mother Starsha, MEMORIES - when yesterday was "tomorrow" - will linger in our mindsg BABYDOLLS, MUDPIES, CHEERLEADERS, FIREFLIES! Suddenly, you are grown up! 'Tomorrow' has become today! We love you, Mom and Dad Mat. 5:16 Congratulations Neal! We are very proud of your achievements. May the Lord bless and keep you always. Love, Mom 8L Dad I Sam. 12: 24 Renee, You have once again caused our hearts to rejoice. May you always find the Word of God to be the only true source of strength, power, and wisdom. Love, Daddy 84 Mama 92 X DIXIE SHEET METAL 826 Albemarle Road Asheboro, NC 27203 Owned and Operated by Tommy and Todd McKenzie Sheet Metal, Air Conditionin Residential, Commercial, Phone: 629-9373 Ep. NW. QQSN xggx wee. Emir T .taoggggi SHYQQQQ ,". KS 1 ii if fgiii fggfg' 2222 : -2 gfggg .4525 Z ga, - -Y.Y.1'4..,,AgiS ' A xx ff u I t etr t w5F."lilMEmllll'-1:3 ',.' Z pi ".E' -I v." leoa. Q Q' X' Zi X g g 84 Heating Industrial J l W Z, GENERAL ELECTRIC Treasure World Gun and Pawn Hwy 64 East Asheboro NC 27203 Leo Hammer Phone: f9l9J 629-6164 gh' Christian, Rachel, and Jennifer Hammer L 81 M FLGOR I COVERING Carpet Sales St Installation Vinyl Floors Counter Tops Wall Paper 465 N. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, N.C. 27203 Phone: 625-8340 Owners: Garland Lawson, larnes Moran Compliments of PUGH FUNERAL HOME 444 Sunset Ave., Asheboro, NC 27203 600 A. Main St., Randleman, NC 27317 Compliments of Ridge Funeral Home, Inc. A 261 N. Fayetteville St. Asheboro. North Carolina 27203 SHAPIRO 84 SHAPIRO Manufacturers of LINGERIE For Appointment . . . PHONE: 625-3871 QS lk? gllllll LADIES - GENTLEMEN LES BROWN 412 N. Fayetteville Sf. Owner Asheboro, N. C. 27203 A .2 lx .an EAST SIDE BAPTIST CHURCH Hwy 64-E fAcross From Randolph Mall! Asheboro, NC Discover The Difference Johnny L. King if The Word Pastor ak The Music it The People PEPSI COLA Hwy. 311 S. 8a Hwy. 220 Randlcman, NC 27317 Phone: 498-7631 yn y y ere SS 96 SENIOR DIRECTORY Agnor, Terry: Football l. Basket- ball l,2,3. Soccer 3.4. Journalism 4. Britt, Renee: Band l,2,3,4. Jazz band 2. Aerospace I l. Volleyball 4. Chorus 4. Journalism 3.4. Caudill, Steve: FFA l. Soccer 2,3,4. Basketball 2.3. Newspaper 4. Cho- rus 4. Comer, Neal: Basketball l,2,3,4. Soccer 1.4. Chorus l.3,4. Jones, E,dreen: Volleyball l,2,3. Basketball 2,3. Chorus 2,3,4. Annu- al Staff 2,3. Mascot 4. Newspaper Staff 3.4. Myers, Jeff: Basketball l,2,3,4. Soccer l,2,3,4. Class Treasurer 3.4. Journalism 3. Tuggle, Starsha: Cheerleading l,2,3,4. Basketball 1.2.3. Class Officer 3.4. Chorus l,2,4. Student Council l,2. White, Susanne: Band l,2,3.4. Jazz Band 3. Newspaper Staff3. Annual Staff 4. Workman, Tammy: Piano l,2,3,4. Journalism 4. Alt... DMV! aww' plgnw :7.wvMfLff7""' Q"i'i""J5'Qr""' 'WM 40M.,.D.i.2wMe LLNOOIYVYXQ, fvrmfwbullmifv 466, gnvzao qa+ulw7iw.eeEm9f Cgtdfldld 7-if-gill fi ' s Vvvww rtrrl MW! Inde Acqtiiiin. Bradley 33 Adkins. David 19 Agnor. Terry 10 Allen. Brent 34 Daniels, Catina 22 Allen. Darrin 35 Allen. Dax Z6 Allen. Karen 8 Allen, Tracie 18 Allred, Chad 30 Allred, Chris 31 Allred. Jamie 38 Allred. Nicholas 38 Allmon. Lane 33 Anderson. Danny 18 Andrews, Misty 39 Ashley, Bridget 21 Ashley. Don 29 Atmell. Sonya 35 Auman. Anthony 25 Auman. Jason 21 Auman. Kristel I9 Auman. Matthew 31 Auman. Shaney 20 Baugeu. Lisa is Badgett. Scott 19 Barnes. Paul 37 Barnes. Shana 38 Barnes, Shannon 37 Baynes, Brian 20 Baynes, Travis 16 Bean. Amy 25 Beane, Christopher 25 Betthauser. Josh 39 Biggers, Ashley 31 Biggers, Shaunna 35 Black, Monica 30 Blackburn. David Z0 Blackburn. Wendy ZZ Blice. Chris 8 Blice, Debbie 56 Bost. Blake 35 Bowman, Dee Ann 27 Boyd. Jamie 34 Branning. Joy 17 Brim. Randle 8 Brim. Rebecca 31 Britt. Jonathan I6 Britt. Matthew 39 Britt. Rebecca 33 Britt, Renee 10 Brooks. Clara 8 Brooks. Jennifer 39 Brooks. Sheryl 17 Brown. Celeste 34 Brown. Chris 21 Brown. Dana 29 Brown, Landon Z1 Brown, Luke 31 Brown. Mike 8 Brown. Sharon 18 Brown. Teressa 8 Butler, Darla 16 Burgess. Titfanie 33 Burgess. Wendy Z6 Burrow, Danny 30 Byrd, Amy 16 Byrd, Anita 8 Byrd, Kristy 17 Cagle, Brent 20 Canoy. Kelly 31 Carrico. Roger 29 Carter, Darrin 27 Carter. Layla 23 Caudill. Steve 10 Caulder. Audra 30 Causcy. Melodi 18 Cavender, Angel 28 Cavender, Katie 38 Caviness, Fonda 8 Criscoc, Shane 36 Coble. Jamie Z8 Cockman. Sherry Z3 Coleman. Jerri 19 Coleman. Matthevi 34 Coleman. Ron 8 Coleman, Season 29 Coll, Blanche 8 Coll. Lori 17 Coll. Valerie I9 Collins, Daphne Z8 Combs, Nelson 9 Comer. Alan I7 Comer. Neal 10 Comer, Patsy 8 Comer. Susan Z0 Conville. Chad 37 Conville. Dale 33 Cook, Mandee 21 Cox. Brandon 34 Cox. Bryan 18 : Enrollment Reaches 410 iii? . Cox, Jason 30 Cox. Juliana 23 Cox. Jonathan 30 Cox, Peggy 8 Cox. Preston 20 Cox. Tammy 26 Crantord. Chad 27 Cranford, Derek 30 Cranford, Nancy 8 Cranford, Seth 37 Criscoe, Matthew 34 Criscoe. Renee 22 Criscoe. Shannon Z0 Cross. Christi 23 Crulchlield, Stacy 17 Czencz, Melissa 37 Davis, Jamie 34 Davis, Jason 39 Davis, Junior 19 Davis. Kevin 37 Davis. Michael 19 Deaton, Michael 38 Deaton, Ryan 37 DeBari. Anna 16 DeBari. Julie Z3 Dickens, Kevin 22 Dunlap. Shawn 20 Dunn, Louisa 20 Embler, Lori 36 Farlow. Amber 39 Farlow. Ginger 33 Farlow, Penny 16 Farlow, Thad Z5 Fowler, Phillip ZZ Franks, Jennifer I7 Frazier, Eric 30 Frazier, Marla Z8 Frazier, Meredith Frazier, Shannon 31 Frye. Rhonda 18 Gillispie, Laura 8 Greene. Kim 37 Greene, Missy 35 Greeson. Nikki Z6 Grittith. Sue 8 Gordon, Alena 35 Gordon, Jeremy 35 Gooch. Jonathan Z3 'li Hackett. Darren I8 Hall. Jon 38 Hall. Karen I9 Hallock, Lyn I7 Hallom, Kim Z5 Hames, Angela 29 Hamlctt, Tony Z1 Hammer. Christian Z5 Hammer. Jennifer 21 Hammer. Rachel 29 Hammett. Sharon Z5 Hammett. Tony Z1 Hammond. Tina 27 Hancock. Michael 38 Harlos. Dawn 8 Harlos. Steve 8 Harris, Michael 37 Hartis. Brent Z5 Hartis. Kent Z5 Harwell. Tammy 22 Hayden, Jason 35 Heath, Danny 35 Heath. Michelle 23 Heaton. Tina 34 Hedgecock. Shelly Z5 Hightill, Danny 21 Hill. Crystal 23 Hill. Eric 21 Hill. Kelli 28 Hill, Louise 19 Hill, Tanya Z1 Hodge. Brandon 36 Holston. Dell 31 Hooker. Lori 34 Hoovert Melissa 35 Howell, Bonnie Jean 26 Howell. Lee 33 Hubbard, Holly 22 Hudson, Paige 28 Hughes, Kim I8 Humble. Anthony Z2 Humble. Renee Z7 Hunt, Aaron 37 Hunt, Shannon 28 Hussey, Jill 26 Ingle, Dawn 33 Johnson, Ginny 56 Johnson, Heather 39 Johnson. Jenny 17 Johnson. Karen 22 Johnson, Keith ,U Johnston. Jim 9 Johnston. Tammy 20 Jones. E'dreen I0 Jones. Murray 21 Jones. Wendy 18 Jordon. Allison 38 Kast. Kelly 38 Kearns. Sabrina 36 Kellam. Shavin I7 Kennedy. Bryan IX Kennedy. Ifelissa Z1 Kilby. Paul 28 King. Bobbie ZX Kivett. Jason 39 Lambe. Crystal 34 Lamhe. Sandy 39 Lane. Eric 35 Lane. Leigh Ann Z7 Lane. Matthew 34 Lanier. Bradley 30 Lanier. Brian ZZ Lanier. Kara Z6 Lanier. Scott Z5 Latham. Travis Z1 Laughlin. Leland 29 Laughlin. Stephanie 30 LaVeIIe, Mechelle Z6 LaVelIe. Ren 21 Lawson. Keisha Z7 Lee. Justin 39 Leonard. Mike 19 Lewis, Brian 25 Lineberry. Todd 224 Linthicum. Crissy 30 Linthicum. Jonathan 36 Linthicum. Lisa Z1 Linthicum. Sharon I9 Lotlin. Betty 8 Lotlin. Lyle 23 Lowe. Shane 27 Lucas. Darin 23 Lucas. Derek I9 Lucas. 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Lane 28 Pugh. Shane 23 Pyrtle. Kristy 29 Raitcliff. Timmy 37 Reeder. Andy 31 Reeder. Gary Z6 Redding. John 25 Redding. Lisa 36 Ridge. Brandy' 35 Ritter. Jan 8 Robbins, Amanda 33 Robbins. Dana 20 Robbins. Heather 34 Rogers. Billie Jo Z2 Roth, Crystal 36 Roth. Brandon Dale 38 Roth. Don 9 Runge, Tabby 37 Salley. Mollie za Sams. Jason 27 Sams. Jeremy 30 Sattertield. Shannon 23 Sauls, Jenna 31 Saunders. David 33 Savchak. John 26 Schlein. Marlin 25 Schwartz, David I8 Schwartz. Ginny 33 Schwartz. Jeremy Z1 Schwar tL. Matthew 31 Spivey. Sean 18 Spivey. Shannon Z1 Stafford. Sarah 31 Stephenson. Bryan 23 Stephenson. Kim IX Strayhorne. Ivan 19 Strayhorne. Kevin ZZ Strider. Brigette Z0 Swaney. Emily 29 Tarllon. Deanna Z3 Tate, Cecilia 31 Tatum. Melissa 30 Taylor. Crystal 29 Taylor. Tammy' 20 Taylor. Lorraine 18 Teague. Michael 36 Tesh. Amy 39 Tesh. Anna 26 Thomas, Bryan 16 Thomas. David 33 Thomas. Delane 16 Thomas. Lorie 22 Thomas. Sally Z9 Thompson. Brett 18 Thompson. Jeremy 30 Thompson. Suzan I9 Thurston. Alex 38 Trogdon. Joey 38 Trogdon. Samuel 36 Trogdon. Stephen 18 Trogdon. Tanya 27 Trogdon. Trenda 30 Tuggle. Benjamin 34 Tuggle. Starsha 11 Turner. Brian 19 Turner. Kevin I9 Tysinger. Steve 16 Vaughn. Kelly 34 Vuncannon. Cory 23 Vuncannon. Donny 31 Vuncannon. Doug 26 Vuncannon. Paula 31 Walker. stephanie 30 Ward. June 8 Ward. Lois 8 Ward. Ruth 56 Waugh, Brian 29 White. Jason 36 White, Stephen 25 White, Susanne ll Whitesell, Christi 34 Whittington. Tonya 35 Wigington. Dianna 8 Wigington. Pam 17 Williams. Darren 18 Williams. Stephen 23 Wilkerson. Jamie 28 Wood. Davie 33 Woodall. Lee Anne 30 Woodell. Kristan 36 Workman. Jimmy 18 Workman. Tammy II Wright. Kevin 20 Wright. Robert Jr. 27 Wright. Todd 20 Wyatt, Ben 26 Ytirk. Jason Z6 Yow. Misty 27 Above: After an exciting pep rally. Brent Hartis relaxes on Shelly Hedgecock's shoulder. Below: "We lost our mittens," recite the three little "kittens" at SK graduation. As another year comes to a close, FSCS gratefully acknowledges the Lord for all that He has done. Psalm l06Il states, "O give thanks unto the Lordg for He is good." Since the gym floor was com- pleted before basketball season, the first home game and Homecoming were held December 16, 1983. Var- sity Boys Basketball team had their first victory over arch rival Faith and Alamance while Varsity Cheer- leaders chose the first school mascot. For concessions, a brand new gas stove was purchased. In May, FSCS graduated its very first class of nine seniors. For all these blessings, FSCS is thankful, and looks forward to Ustepping ahead" to a new year. 100 Taking it in Stride W C' sexi' Left: Senior girls girls take a break before having portraits made at the NC Zoo. :FV V. 4 img g X iiii ' Y - rrro K M,.,,, , K-. s -if KX 5 tg it . ,..,, I , in si Top Right: Fifth grade teachers Mrs. Griffith and Miss Allen discuss a language lesson and team teaching. Center: At halftime, Patriot fans Bradley Lanier and Kevin Dickens enjoy drinks from the new concession stand. Above: Junior Bryan Thomas reaches high for two while Travis Baynes positions. 101 i 4 , Stepping Out - Aiming High Below: Varsity Cheerleaders exhibit a new pompom routine - "We're 9641 !" Above: During art. Michael Davis touches up his woodwork painting project. Right: Homecoming Queen E'dreen Jones receives congratulations from Susan Comer. 102 Left: "Go for it, Shane!" "yew . ,nga ef 1' 'Q- L Q an g M 1 Va W X I 1 Gif' f i if X 'X Xu. i Middle: First graders are climbing high. Bottom: FSCS students cheer up the elderly at Brian's Center. Above: Baby Coy is home! 'Nothing could be finer" for Mr. and Mrs. Nance than to have their son, Jordan Coy, home from Duke Hospital after a three month strug- gle from premature birth complica- tions. Much prayer and God's good- ness brought him "a step ahead." 103 1 f V 'lv 1" 4,4 V-if .Jr .' 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Suggestions in the Fayetteville Street Christian School - Patriot Crier Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) collection:

Fayetteville Street Christian School - Patriot Crier Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 69

1984, pg 69

Fayetteville Street Christian School - Patriot Crier Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 55

1984, pg 55

Fayetteville Street Christian School - Patriot Crier Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 62

1984, pg 62

Fayetteville Street Christian School - Patriot Crier Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 66

1984, pg 66

Fayetteville Street Christian School - Patriot Crier Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 52

1984, pg 52

Fayetteville Street Christian School - Patriot Crier Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 108

1984, pg 108

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