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Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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■ .■ . - v:V : r ' -v-V H. .V. ' •-, ' " v : . ■V■• ' ■.; ■ NINETEEN EIGHTY „ ■ ■-.? THE EZ ETTEVILLIAM ' Fayetteville State University is a constituent institution of ■ .THE. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, ' ' ;;7 I p. :;,M ' . {Ji;;:;!: h " ' " ™« ' FAYETTEVILLIAN FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY THEME 2 DEDICATION 3 BOARD OF TRUSTEES 4 FALL CONVOCATION 5 CHANCELLOR AND FAMILY 6 CHANCELLOR ' S CABINET 8 STUDENT LIFE 13 HONOR SOCIETIES 46 FRESHMEN 56 SOPHOMORES 82 JUNIORS 98 SENIORS 112 ORGANIZATIONS 129 LYCEUM EVENTS 158 AIR FORCE ROTC 160 SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES 161 SOCIAL FELLOWSHIPS 171 PRESCHOOL LABORATORY 176 SPORTS 180 ADMINISTRATION STAFF FACULTY 194 CANDIDS 216 YEARBOOK STAFF 217 POEM 220 " The Bronco Spirit Lives On In Quality and Excellence " — Our Theme for the 1986-87 Edition of the Fayettevillian Academic Year 86-87 The Heart of the Students Dear Fayetteville State University, It is with deep anticipation this letter comes to your attention. It is also directed to the administration, faculty, and staff members of this Great University. This letter is our hope, dream, and tomorrow. Our plea is for excellence in achievement. Our main concern, a fruitful matriculation effort within your halls and time honored walls. We have many goals, nevertheless it is evident and we know that " The Bronco Spirit Lives On In Quality and Excellence " . Knowing that without your love, support, guidance and assistance, our career planning is an endless down hill battle. Because of you, Fayetteville State, the molding of our future assures the present community of our excellence in achievement, and knowing that " The Bronco Spirit Lives On In Quality and Excellence " . The guarantee; as your leaders of tomorrow, the goals you have striven for are in good hands. Thanks, FSU The Heart of the Students By Ricardo Morgan Co-Editor-In-Chief Fayettevillian Yearbook n H! smm Studett Therefor worthwhile. p — The dilegence of e ' s $, — The excellence in the iidinplet task. " P — Dedication proven in blood, sweat; and tears. ■, I — The initiative to start it (a task) on your own. 3 — The minor chaos encountered along the way. | j ' A — The grade we hope so hard to make day by day. . T — The time it takes to make it through four (4) hard years. I — The insentive to press on and move forward. — The other things that may have strayed us from our path. N — The now! the present, the beginning of our future. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Dr. William T. Brown, Chairman FALL CONVOCATION Top Middle: (L-R) Dr. Prezell Robinson, Presi- dent. St. Augustine ' s College. Fall Convocation Speaker (1986) and Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr., Chancellor waits for the procession to proceed to the Seabrook Auditorium. Bvttom: Mr. Harold L. Nixon. Vice Chancellor for Student Development leads the procession as they leave the Chestnutt Library enroute to the Seabrook Auditorium. CHANCELLOR CHARLES " A " LYONS, JR. AND FAMILY (Seated) Mrs. Rosa D. Lyons (Standing) L-R Mr. Charles H. Lyons, Dr. Brenda M. Lyons and Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. Dr. Charles " ' A " Lyons, Jr.. and Mr. Charles H. Lvons Mrs. Sheila Stringer, R.N., and husband Mr George Stringer Mrs. Rosa D. Lyons and Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. wmmmvwmmmmBmKM CHANCELLOR ' S MESSAGE The world awaits your knowledge, your sensitivities, and your expertise. You, in turn, must be willing to accept the challenges of the world and live up to the high standards expected of you. I congratulate you. You have established a foundation upon which to build a future of your own choosing. You made the decision to reach for this high plateau. You alone made the decisions regarding what knowledge was most worth learning and you alone must respond to the world that awaits you. On this, your comments, you must now be in charge of yourself and dare to excel in your chosen endeavors. There is no time for complacency or thoughts of having arrived. In these times of technological change and increasing demands for excellence, there will be no place for the mediocre professional or for the faint hearted. Nurture your desires to achieve, build character, and most of all, serve. To serve your fellowman, as was a command- ment of our savior, is most assuredly your aim, and in that fashion you will always serve your Alma Mater. I wish for you, as you leave this place, God ' s choicest blessings and extend to you my prayers that you will, indeed, provide a notable service to humanity. Lives Of Great Men All Remind Us We Can Make Our Lives Sublime, And, Departing, Leave Behind Us Footprints Of The Sands Of Time. — Longfellow, " A Psalm of Life " Provost And Vice Chancellor For Academic Affairs Dr. Valeria P. Fleming IMHLMMIMWI r VICE CHANCELLOR FOR -Si INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Dr. James E. Carson VICE CHANCELLOR FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Mr. Harold L. Nixon B A VICE CHANCELLOR FOR BUSINESS AFFAIRS Dr. J.V. Parham SENIOR ADMINISTRATORS Dr. Denise Mahiine. Director of Administrative Ser Mr. John D. Marshall, Director of Athletics smrj 1987 STUDENT LIFE Top Right: Miss Fayetteville State University, Sonja Pitts Top Left: Gigi Andrews, vocalist and James Whitehead, accompanist Middle Left: Shelia Holmes, Mis Phi Beta Sigma escorted by Eugene Joh Bottom Left: Phyllis Thompson, Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha and First Runner-Up escorted by Carl Hawkins Bottom Right: Walita Simmons, Miss Senior escorted by Oliver Bradley, Jr. • r. ' .|v.,:«i,..«,, ,( «j l|jp ( TRIBUTE TO MISS FSU Bottom Left: The Coronation Ball festivities officially began after Sonja Pitts is escorted to the dance floor by Charles Cleg for " The First Dance. " Bottom Right: (L-R) Dr. Wilma Henry adviser to Miss FSU and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Development and Mr. Harold Nii Vice Chancellor for Student Development : a moment of memories with Miss FSU. Sonja Pitts. Top Middle: Diane Walker, Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center and escort Eric Henry. Top Left: Dianna Cooper, Miss Favetteville State University, 1985-86. Bottom Left: Sharon Jeffers, Miss Pep Club and escort Kevin Evans. Bottom Right: Sharon Olney, Miss Kappa Alpha Psi and escort Thaddeus Latham. " " ■w . ' g S flV i.tjf £ V u M 13 ' V. m ' l ■ Ikwm ■ H Rf I : ■ ' ■: ' • -■ ' w ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' " ' ■ ' ] i B 5 -wM AH ■LI i w t [ Top Le " (; Jackie Jackson, Miss Accounting Association and escort Curtis Jackson. Top Middle: Fostina Jones, Miss Vance Hali and escort Kevin Evans. Top Right: Wanda Haram, Miss Omega Psi Phi and escort John Floyd Bottom Left: Alfreda Morrisey, Miss Sophomore and escort Tracy White. Maxine Dunham -r- »«mjll»,.,(IJlJ(Jtll». Sharon Jeffers Karen Johnson Stephanie Larkin Vicky Mclntyre QUEENS DIRECTORY Darlene Allen Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Senior Escort: James Barnes Valerie Bratts Miss FSU Gospel Choir Senior Escort: Raeford Melton Shell a Brooks Miss Bryant Hall Junior Escort: Kevin Deloach Andrea Cbavis Miss Communications Club Senior Escort: Todd Parker Tammy Conner s Miss Harris Hall Freshman Escort: Leo Barney Tamra Davis Miss Political Science Club Senior Escort: Anthony Townsend Maxine Dunham Miss Criminal Justice Senior Escort: Rodney Barnes Stephanie Gatlin Miss Hood Hall Sophomore Escort: Rodney Bates Wanda Hamm Miss Omega Psi Phi Junior Escort: John Floyd QUEENS DIRECTORY Cassandra Harris Miss Freshman Freshman Escort: Alton McCoy Shell a Holmes Miss Phi Beta Sigma Senior Escort: Eugene Johnson, Jr. Jackie Jackson Miss Accounting Association Senior Escort: Curtis Jackson Sharon Jeffers Miss Pep Club Senior Escort: Kevin Evans Karen Johnson Miss Junior Junior Escort: Eldridge Keith Fostina Jones Miss Vance Hall Freshman Escort: Kevin Evans Stephanie Larkln Miss Pan Hellenic Council Senior Escort: Robbie McMillian Sharon Loftin Miss Psychology Club Senior Escort: Rodney Young Vicky Mclntyre Miss Sociology Club Senior Escort: Lawrence Shamberger Yyonette Rhodes Donyell Robinson Walita Simmons T ? )! ' )f ' !: ' ' ■ ' ■■■ ' ' ' v f ' -fWfi - Sonia Smith Phyllis Thompson Mary Smith QUEENS DIRECTORY Mitcbele Mc White Miss Phi Beta Lambda Senior Escort: Darvin Greene Angela Merritt Miss National Association for Advancement of Colored People Junior Escort: Clarence Proctor Deidre Mims Miss Air Force ROTC Freshman Escort: Cadet Capt. Kevin McCray Terry Moore Miss Joyner Hall Freshman Escort: Christopher King Alfreda Morrisey Miss Sophomore Sophomore Escort: Tracy White Sharon Olney Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Sophomore Escort: Thaddeus Latham Yyonette Rhodes Miss Delta Sigma Theta Junior Escort: Thurman Rhodes Donyell Robinson Miss Collegiate Fellow Freshman Escort: Sherman Baker Walita Simmons Miss Senior Senior Escort: Oliver Bradley, Jr. QUEENS DIRECTORY Sonia Smith Miss Williams Hall Junior Escort: Mark Smith Diane Walker Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center Senior Escort: Eric Henry Teresa Waters Miss New Residence Hall Senior Escort: Phillip CoField Kecia White Miss Baptist Student Union Junior Escort: Judson Mattock Sonia Medley Miss Smith Hall Sophomore Escort: Jesse James Kelly Shipman Miss Gospel Choir Sophomore Escort: Nathaniel Powe Mary Smith Miss Society For The Advancement of Management Senior Escort: Robert Smith Phyllis Thompson Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Senior Escort: Carl Hawkins Sandra Wilson Miss Zeta Phi Beta Senior Escort: Herman Wilson, Jr. HOMECOMING PARADE 1986 Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr., Chancellor and his wife Mrs. Rosa Lyons along with the Grand Marshal, Mr. James " Bonecrusher " Smith World Boxing Associa- tion (WBAI Heavy Weight Champion view the An- nual Homecoming Parade. The beautiful queens and the performances given by the bands were enjoyed by all parade watchers. i » •» ' ft-f:-- • " -■ " - tiSi - Wf " - HOMECOMING PARADE 1986 HOMECOMING PARADE 1986 " • ' ■■- -fiiS -J II To show the BRONCO SPIRIT, the students, faculty and staff gathered together on October 24, 1986 at 7:00 p.m. for a Bon Fire and Pep Rally. The Pep Rally started in H.L. Cook Dining Hall with the cheerleaders and pep club cheering the Broncos to a big victory. The Livingstone Bear was roasted on the Softball Field when members of the Pep Club tossed the bear into the hot flames of fire. HOMECOMING 1986 Despite the brisk temperatures and rain. HOMECOMING was a hi(j success. The host of activities presented made students feel prouri to be a part of these festivities. Homecoming by definition is a time when friends from years past gather to reminisce. The best part of the day was the 21-21 tie score with Livingstone College. n. - •■ f,-.(v.,i.. .-«,| y . i, ISS FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY Sonja Denise Pitts, a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina is the daughter of the late Alice C. Johnson. Sonja is also a graduate of E.E. Smith High School where she received many honors. She joined the FSU family in August 1983. While a student at this university, she has received several honors and awards, and participated in various activities to include: The Dean ' s List, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, the National Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society, Student Government Association, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Grammateus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Lyceum Committee, Miss Junior 1985-1986. and " best dressed, most studious and most ambitious of New Residence Hall 1986 " . Sonja is a senior Business .Administration major with a concentration in Accounting, and is presently employed as a part-time assistant in the accounting department at Shaw Food Service Company in Fayetteville, N.C. Upon graduation in May 1987, Sonja plans to continue her education by pursuing a career in the field of Accounting while obtaining an M.B.A. degree. AND THE BANDS PL A YED ON On October 25, 1986 at 8:00 p.m. after the Homecoming Game, the Student Government Association sponsored a Homecoming Show featuring the Chocolate Buttermilk Band of Fayetteville, North Carolina and the top 10 record- ing artists Cash Flow. Recently Cash Flow toured with Cam- eo on the Word Up Tour. It was an exciting evening and the crowd sat on the edge of their seats as they eagerly awaited " Reach Out and Hold Me. " At the end of the evening the only response from the crowd — Can the Band Plav On? » •.nf ;r •■ - —nSRW-fWWw HOMECOMING SHOW Y . 1986 CONTINUED Top: (L-R) Torette Underwood and Sharon Walker are em- ployed by Websters Men ' s Wear. Bottom Left: Kevin McCray (far right) an employee of Camelot Music assist customers in purchasing albums. Bottom Right: Andrea Chavis works hard for the money in Sears Department Store. " It ' s A Living " Some make their way through school by working, others work to ease the burden of dependence from the family. Many just work to have the extra spending change and independence. Top: Thaddeus Lathan is an employee of Sears De- partment store. Bottom: Gary Brinkley an employee of Hofheimers Shoes assist a customer in purchasing nike tennis H.L. COOK DINING HALL They come from lands both far and near. Day by day and by year, yes year after year. It ' s not like home, but it will do. But if mom were to cook you wouldn ' t eat it now would you? Your eating habits are not that great. But your stomach says you just can ' t wait. The " caf as it is so frequently called. Is daily packed from wall to wall. The lines are long, but no one is turned away. The students complain, and eat their hearts out. Clean every plate, bone, and bowl without a doubt. ■ -« r.-.|V-.t«. -- ...ftigywyjli ijl l lii . A Bewitching Evening As children we anticipate with eager imagina- tions, the Eve of all Hallows. In the middle 1800 ' s Halloween was known as the Eve of all Hallows, and the township ' s peasants believed it to be the night that the dead would rise. The dead rose again on October 31, 1986 in the Women ' s Gym. Dressed in attire from bunnies, baseball players, Cinderella ' s and Fred Cruger of Nightmare on Elm Street to the make-up " especial " of drag queens. It was a memorable occasion. So until the next halloween, if you were there the screams and faces still linger in iiur minds. Top Right: (L-R) Disco Demon congratulates the winners of the Halloween Costume Disco. (L-R) Lisa Simmons, 2nd Place; Elston Mines, 1st Place; Li.sa Harris, 1st Place; Bede- lia .lackscm and Kelly Porter, 3rd Place. Middle Left: (L-R) Tony Rhodes, .Jennifer Heweitt. Mary Blythers, Zelma Mills, Kim Copeland enjoy the treats served at the Halloween Party held in the Student Center Middle Rinht: (LR) Bobbie Shepard, Nathaniel Poe, Tim Woodard and Wilbert Harris Boltnm: (L-R) Wanda Ross, .Jackie Harris, and Roger Pilgrim Hnll„m Rif!ht:The Halloween Disco put a little spunk in all the trick or Ireaters. Top Right: (L-R) Dawn McDowell and Patricia Staley are " Punk Rocking " this Halloween. Bottom: (L-R) Janice Austin, Lisa Ingram. Sharon Cham- bers. Mimi Boyd (Back) L-R Pam Stone. Charles McClen- don. Dava Watson. Dereek Green. Denise Paulin. and Reeta enjoy the treats during the annual Halloween party ponsored by the Student Center. THANKSGIVING PARTY The Annual Student Development Christmas Party was held December 9, 1986 in the Student Center. The university family was invited to enjoy the goodies, sing Christmas Carols, social- ize and witness the first Christmas Tree Light- ing Ceremony held after the Christmas Party in front of Lyons Science Building. Top Left: Re- nee Shields received a gift from Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr., Chancellor after correctly answering the question concerning the name of the Chair- man of the Board of Trustees. Top Right: Ter- rance Booth, Eric Henry, William Fisher and Alton McKoy enjoy the goodies served during the Christmas Party. Middle Right: (L-R) Pam- ela Livingston, Terri Webb and Shawanda Webb partake in the festivities held during the Christmas Party. Middle Left: Wanda Ross and Tomiko Van also enjoy the Christmas Party festivities. Top Right: Shelia Holm sist in serving refreshments and party treats during the Student Development Christ- mas Party. Middle Left: SanU Clause (Deon Bryant) pass out ( canes to students durin party. Middle Right: Staff memh_.. enjoy the relaxation: Phyllis Herring, Gloria Sawyer and Phyllis Standifer. Bottom Left: Dr. Grace Black, Acting Dean, School of Business and Economics share candy treats with students. Bottom Right: Relax ladi- — (L-R) Angela Sneed, Pa tesa Hawkins, Charlene Stegal. I 1 Huod Hall presented their Annual Christmas Party Thursday, December 4, 1986. All the young ladies in Hood Hall were dressed for the occasion. 7 ' iip Right: .Jewel Dawson and (bottom right) Deborah Revis both recited a poem that captivated the audience. Top Left: Elizabeth Flagg and Reti- na Chance open ihe Christmas pro- gram with a Christmas carol. Top Right: Rosilyn Brooker recited a poem that set the mood for a witn- derful evening. Bottom Left: Brenda McRae. dra- matized a skit that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Bottom Right: Theresa Johnson presented a gift to Paula James, the only Senior in Hood Hall this se- mester. Robin Campbell looks on in the back. ii£|4 iD m : r Bf " , vBI 1 ' • ' mr w w isf.mr - James McCallop. Greg Douglas and Tyronne Hinton admire the young ladies as they pass by. Thomas finds relaxation in reading after da The peace and quietness in the Student Center makes it easy for James Branch to concentrate on his class assignment. ■ " ■ ♦-•esiiwr ' " Taking A Break " Valisha Munn takes a lunch break before her next class. Lenard Gresham and Gerald Fordham greets each other after returning from the Christmas Break. Larry Rountree works out on the Turbo video game. John Evans enjoys breaking the record on the Lost World video game. THE TEACHING MOMENT The Director of Student Activities, Irving (Irv) Veazie (2nd from left) malies a point while discussing with students the significance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr ' s Birthday Celebration, KAPPA DELTA PI HONOR SOCIETY fifjn OFFICERS Earl 1st row (L-R) Fred Frindt, President; Dr. C.I. Brown. Counselor; Dr. Cathy Butler-Kosterman, Counselor; Dr Hill, Counselor 2nd row (L-R) Louise Martin. 2nd President; Robyn White, Secretary; Belva VVhitaker. 1st Vice President; Betty .Jackson. Social Committee Chairman; Elsie Botello. Social Committee; Mean Clark. Social Committee UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS 1st row (L-R) Melissa May, William Faircloth, Levie Fowler, -Jackie Jackson. Gretchen Robinson 2nd row (L-R) Constance Woods, Judy Jordan, Margaret Eagle. Diane Wrzosek, Barbara Gerald, Diane Freeman, Larnell Dunkley. Jr. Todd Parker, Linda Powell GRADUATE STUDENTS 1st row (L-R) Carol Page. Betty Polloch. Willeta Monroe, Sylvia Taylor, Lavern Barnes 2nd row (L-R) Ingrid Anderson, Willie Vann. Barbara Thompson 3rd row (L-R) Marion Hale. Angelika Farrar. Valerie Fackler, Gwendolyn Brown, Jacqueline Miller-Gladney, Eugene Bowden, Sabrina Atwater WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ALLEN, Genise Merchel BARBER, Cynthia Bradshaw BAROS, Patricia M. BROWN, Valinda Jean BUSH, Beverly Joyce COX, Narva Jones DAILEY, Katherine K. DAVES, Jennifer L. Hoag DeJESUS, Felicia Maria EAGLE, Margaret A. EATON, Quentin Leon EWING, Edwin A., Jr. GILLIS, Barbara lANNONE-BECK, Anita M. JACOB, Sharline Annette KELLY, Debbie Marie LANCASTER, Peggy June McELHENY, Karen M. MILLER, Sharon Yvonne MOORE, Sharon PANKEY, John A. PARHAM, Tony PETERSON, Charles G. PITTS, Sonja Denise POWELL, Linda H. ROANE, Melanie Patterson ROBERTS, Mary Ann SMITH, Mary M. WHITAKER, Belva Hawley WHITE, Robyn Yvette PHI BETA LAMBDA HONOR SOCIETY Top: (L-R) 1st row — Michelle McWhite, Miss Phi Beta Lambda; Crystal Cooper, Janice Spears, Vice President; 2nd row (L-R) Thomasina Johnson, Secretary, Ane- sha Rogers, Correspondance Secretary; Sonia Smith, Tony Parham, Treasurer; Zina Boyd, Chairman of Planning Committee; Patricia Fonville. President; Charles McLendon, Historian Mrs. Nora McLauchlin. Adviser. Dr. Rose Vaughn. Adviser RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Top: IL-R) Roger Pilgrim, Tonya Lewis, Adriene Kemp. Jesse Adams, Bottom: Adriene Kemp, President Dr. Henry Gardner, Adviser w Bryant Adams Chester Adams James Adams Jesse Adams Paul Adams Sylvia Adams Angela Agee Maria Akles Felicia Allen Kimverlyn Allen Wilma Alston Carolyn Anderson Gregory Anderson Wendy Anderson Pamela Antonelii Darrel! Armstrong Debbie Armstrong Robin Armstrong Selina Armstrong Vickie Armstrong Anthony Ashford honda Attacks Janice Austin Steve Austin Si ma Azani Marian Baggett Kathy Bailey Robert Bailey George Baker Maurice Baker Larry Ballard Patricia BaJlou radford Bannerman Susan Barber Angelas Barnes Geislia Barnes James Barnes Lee Barnes Leo Barney Sylvia Baskin Deborah Bass Peggy Bass Vivian Bates Rodney Batts Katrina Baxley Tonia Beard Pamela Behrend Sharon Bellamy Audrey Belo Cleo Belton Cosandra Best t5 Rita Bethea Timothy Bethea Gary Black Gwendolyn Blaine Steven Blanchard Shirley Blue Lisa Bcfitt-an James Boles Theresa Boone Pamela Borror Ellis Bowden Miriam Bowens Valeria Bowden Angela Boykin Leonard Boykin Quentin Bradley Vitus Bradshaw Wayne Branch Dora Braswell Eddie Breaux Kim Bredell Shawn BrJce Tina Brickhouse Wheeler Bridget Derrick Bridgers Travis Bridges Lisa Briggs Roselyn Brooker An gela Brothers Angela Brown Brigitte Brown Carmen Brown Dorothy Brown Helen Brown Michael Brown Ordia Brown Treva Brown Valerie Brown Kevin Bri Melinda Bruton Christopher Bryant Deirdre Bryant Deon Bryant James Bryant Marian Bryant Marilyn Bryant Seaii Buchner Kenneth Budd Michelle Bullard w Yvimne Bullard Rosalyn Bullock onslance Bunche Jerri Burge Kevin Burgess Michael Burnett William Burnett Jacqueline Burns Chris Burris Tawana Burough Paula Burroughs Walter Burrow Lemont Busch Benita Butler Bernadette Butler Phillip Butler Sonya Butler Tony Byrd Raymond Byrne Stephanie Cagle Angela Cameron Billy Campbell Debra Campbell Wanda Campbell Wendy Campbell Henry Campen Kenneth Caputo Crystal Carlton Nalzone Carmine Sandra Carnes Robin Carnley Tonya Carr Ahmad Carrell Michael Carringon April Carter Joan Carter Maurice Carter Anne Carver Anastatia Cashwell Darlene Cashwell Karen Cessna Toni Cessna Sharon Chambers Latonia Chappeli Donna Chavis Kenneth Cheek Marshal Childress Karon Childs Irene Chiles Arthur Clark, Jr. Felisha Clark I.ashell Clark Monica Clarke Sandra Clark Verna Clark " " " " ■ " ' " ■ " " " " " " " " ' " " " ' Marlie Clay Tammy Clements Liza Clinard Regina Clyde Eric Cobb Regina Cobb Sandra Coevas Phillip CofieM Cbarles CoghiU Margaret Cohen Sharilyn Cokty Clarence Coleman George Coleman Louise Coleman Anlhi.ny Coley Regina Cone Connie Conner Tamniv Conner Elizabeth Cooke Jasper Cooks David Cool Kimberly Copeland Benny Corbert Henrietta Corbett Tonya Corbett Charles Cosby Retonia Cotton Renee Council Tracey Covington Acquenetta Cromatie David Crooras Brian Crupmpler Garry Grumpier Daniel Culbreth. Jr. Miranda Cunningham Dannv Cunningham Karen Curry Dennis Dail Wanda Dail Sherri Dail Sandra D ' Ambrosio Dennis Daniels Gerald Daniel Tina Darnell Johnny David Tyrone David Ant(ela Davis Floricce Davis Richard Davis Rodney Davis Ruth Davis Timothy Davis Pamela Dawes Carolyn Dawson Jo Doundee Dawson Jan Dawson Jewel Dawson Yone Dean Shantel Deans Beverly Deberry Tracy Debaux Katrina Deed Camelia Debnam Larissa Deloach Myra Denny Angel Dent Wilma Devane Lesie Dews Linda Dickens Orin Dix Alison Dixon Diane Dixon Frankie Dixon Warren Dobbins Gina Doggette Marthenina Doty Kim Douglas Angle Dove Richard Drake Angela Dudley Roy Dudley Teresa Dudley Phyllis Dudley Herman Duggins Robert Duhart Sylvia Dukes Bryan Dunham Jasetta Dunham Adele Dyson Tammy Eaddy Stacey Eaton Steven Echols Forest Edwards Matthew Ehinger Crystal Ellen Elsie Elliot onrada Elliott Judy Ellis Patricia Ellis Ethel Embree John English Patricia English Daphne Etheridge Gary Ethridge Charles Everette, Jr. Eric Evans John Evans Wendy Evans Judith Everette Aionzo Eubank Beverly Faison Monty Faison Clayton Farmer Scott Farmer Anthony Fennell Rueben Fenner Cassandra Ferrell Elizabeth Flagg Kimberlv Fletcher Joseph Flood Bruscillia Floyd Diane Folar Alvin Forbes Erica Forbess Robert Foreman Alan Ford Karen Ford Tatia Foxx Lolitha Frazier Oliver Freeman, Jr. Lynne French Catherine Fukkell Craig Fuller Veberlva Fuller Darrvl Fulton Anthon Gadd Kehm Gaine Lleana uarcia Tanya Games Shelia Gentry Danvelle Gerald Kelly Gibbs Yvonne Gill Isabelle Gillespie Shailah Gillespie Murtis Gilliam Valarie Gilmore Deborah Givens Roberto Gonzalez Anthony Goodson Jacqueline Gordan Brian Gore Brian B. Gore Marian Gore Sybil Gourdine Lashara Gloven Barbara Garham Carol Graham Deborah Graham Robert Graham Abram Grant Antho Grant Joy Grant Pamela Grav Roxie Gray Lorene Green Stevon Green Willie Green -Judi Gregory Leonard Greshar Ronita Griffin Marisa Grisselt William Gunn Clifford Haaf Carl Haire Terrence Haire Teresa Haley Rebecca Halford Drusilla Hail Lesa Hall Terrence Hall Rodney Hall Karen Hammer Mildred Hammond Frank Hampton Eliza Handy Amber Hansley William Harding Rhonda Hardi Carmen Hardy Roger Hargrove Theodore Hargis Alexander Harlee Carolyn Harley Ronald Harlev Joseph Harner Cassandra Harris Don Harris Henry Harris Jacqueline Harris Karen Harris Pricilla Harris Sharon Harris Tracy Harris Clarence Harrison Pamela Harrington Darlene Harper Stephanie Harvey George Hatchell Partesar Hawkins ji. © % 2Q ,r ,p,s|v.,,t»r..», RS y,, ..)ijj , rv in 2 J n n f Rumiko Hayes Brian Haygood Tracy Headen Mary Hedgepeth Meliaaa Hegg Joann Hemann Brian Henderson Leonard Hernandez Adam Herring Jennifer Hewett Tim Heywood Beverly Hicks Pamela Higgins Major High Troy HilderBrand Edward Hines Nancy Hines Gienda Flippin Douglas Hobbs Robert Hobby Marty Hogan Patricia Hoianek Cynthia Holiday Nadine Holland Angela Holland Kimberly Holt Owen Honevcutt Jerry Hood James Horton, Jr. Willie Hopkins Richard Hoskins Teena Hosteller Angela Howard Lisa Howe Darius Howell Vanessa Howell Josnell Howington Rebecca Huculak Johnnie Huffin Debra Hunter Shawanda Hunter LaRonda Hurd Eunice Hymes Robin landoli Lisa Ingram Dale Irving Maggie Iverson Bedelia Jackaon Regina Jackson Richard Jackson Sheryl Jackson Sonja Jackson Timothy Jackson Evangeia Jacobs James Jacobs Kenneth Jacobs Rosalyn James Edith Jankovies Lorena Jefferson Anthony Jenkins Clarence Jenkins Maurice Jenkins Robert Jenkins Sean Jenkins Tammye Jenkins Michael Jennings Vernessa Jenrette Lenwood Jett Richard Jewell Pamela Jimerson Elina John Christa Johnson Cindy Johnson Everelte Johnson Felicia Johnson Felicia Johnson Henry Johnson imroy Johnson. 11. Katie Johnson Loretta Johnson Michael Johnson Patty Johnson Rita Johnscm R obert Johnson Rosa .lohnson Stephanie .lohnson " ? $ Tammy Johnson Timothy Johnson Tonya Johnson Valerie Johnson Wendy Johnson Joseph Johnston Luann Johnston Angela Jones Deena Jones Emma Jones Fostina Jones Fratrina Jones Jay Jones Jerry Jones Leroy Jones Linda Jones Marlon Jones Margaret Jones Milton Jones Pamela Jones Paula Jones Timothy Jones Velma Jones Golia Jordan Donna Joyner Mark Kalinoski Thressia Kee Eldridge Keith Anthony Kelly Keesha Kelly Terry Kelley Craig Kellum Eric Kelpatrick Paul Kelton Adriene Kemp Teresa Kemp Andrea Kennedy Eva Kernes Tawny Kilgo Christopher King Terry Kistler Anita Knight Kimberly Knight Daniel Koceja Era Laceweli Randy Ladson Bernadette Lane Press Lane Donna Langiey Ch arlotte Langston Darryl Lassiter Theresa Lawrence Wendy Lawrence Cynthia Leach Yolanda Ledbetter Eric Lee Frances Lee Kevin Lee Ursula Leggett Joey Lennon Barry Leon Mazie Lesane Doris Leslie Larry Leslie, Jr. Aivin Lessane Donnell Lewis Janelle Lewis Kenneth Lewis Oscar Lewis Roderick Lewis Tonya Lewis Youianda Lewis Mavis Lide Katheryn Lisane Janette Little Norman Livingston Kim Lloyd Lisa Locklear Albert Logan Latrenda Logan Judy Long Belinda Lowery Germaine Lowrey Robert Lowery Susan Lovick Payton Lucas Benita Lyons V «-r- ■ ' -fC5« » ?|WW- David Long Terry Luther Helen Lyghts Nathan Mack Scuttie Mack Norma Mahns Carla Mangum Melissa Manley Reginald Manley Sandra Manning Evette Manson Lfrey Marcus Anthony Marshall Calvin Marshall Leon Massey Donnell Maultsby Henry Maxwell Melissa May David Mayes Marian McAllister Stephanie McArtan Alice McBryde Juandalyn McCall Quan McClure Gregory McCormick Lagsil McCormick Yvette McCoy Scarlette McCullough Eloise McDonald Orrin McDonald Robert McDonald Dawn McDowell Tina McDowell Michelle McDuffie Glenn McFadden Lisa McFadden John McFariand Hambric McGlockton Jim Mclver Delmus McKeithan Kenneth McKinney Tondalaire McKinnon Daisy McKoy Sherri McKoy Tammy McKoy James McLain Julie McLamb Veronica McLaurin Beth McLean Carlissa McLean Davey McLean Shelia McLean Martha McLemore James McLeod Melodv McLucas Larry McMilHan Sandra McMiliian Scotty McMiliian Sharon McMiliian Renea McNair Andienne McNeil Deborah McNeil Michelle McNeil Ursula McNeil Gloria McNeill Hazel McNeill Ingrad McNeill Paula McNeill Risa McNeill Sequoia McNeill Thomas McNeill Veima McNeill Teresa McPhaul Charles McQueen Tahitian McQueen Wayne McRae Michelle McWhite Sonia Medley Juanita Meekins Paresh Mehts Kathryn Melvin Joy Miller Roger Miller Carlos Milligan Michael Milton Deirdre Mims Dwight Minter Tommy Mitchell Annie Mitchell Ladford Monley Arthur Monroe Charles Moody Steve Moody Jamus Moore Julian Moore Lou Moore : •» _il |y ,xt.wi;..-«.f5SK . ?-W» " - Mildred Moore Regina Moore Robert Moreno Jerri Morman Alicia Morris Michael Morris Michael Morse Lisa Moss Gregory Moyd Steven Mozena Deboris Munn Valisha Munn Tabitha Murphy Chariene Murray Carlos Murreli Jocelyn Murreli Elizabeth Myers Penny Necaise Kenneth Nelson Lovetta Nelson Marilyn Nepstad Aretha Newkirk Nicholas Newman Angela Newton David Noble Maury North ington Tenia Norris Judith Nunnallv Gilbert Gates, IK Michael Q-Brien Loretta O ' Cain Ramanda O ' Kelly Shirley Okoro Michelle Okrie Gladys Oliver Sharon Olney Claudette Owens Daniel Owens Robin Owens Roderick Owens Rosalyn Owens Vernon Owens Dorothy Packer Nancy Paiano Pricilla Patrick Edward Parker Mitzy Parker Glenn Patterson Michelle Patterson Richard Patterson Teresa Patterson Anthony Pearson Lecia Pearson Lisa Pearson Linda Peebles Stephanie Peedin Madelyn Pellasce Rosland Penix Constance Pennie Kimberiy Perry Dora Peterson Frank Peterson Gerald Peterson Vernon Pettaway Anthony Pettis Karyn Petty Rhea Phillips Robert Phillips Stephanie Phillips Beverly Pickett Carol Pierce Javelin Pigott Roger Pilgrim Hope Pittman Maurice Polk Darnell Ponder Darnell Pope Rita Pope Joan Porter Regina Powell Donna Pressley Gregory Pressley Marvin Price, Jr. Leroy Pridgen, III. Sheryl Pridgen Zoe Priest Clarrie Purcell William Purvis Susan Pyron Ralph Quander Romona Raeford David Ragtand Andreana Ramos Ginger Raynor Rodney Rawls Jesse Reaves Tracey Redd Marjanne Reed Melissa Reed Gregory Reid Donald Revelle Jimmie Revill Deborah Revis Jeth Rey Russell Rhames Vickie Rhoda Norman Rhodes Tony Rhodes Djuan Rich Deirdre Richardsn Samuel Richardso Aretha Ridley Janet Ridley Tonya Ridley James Riggsbee Patricia Riley Natasha Rippy Melissa Ritch Ana Rivera Sharon Rivers John Roark Gregory Roberta Anita Robeson Wanda Robeson Angela Robinson Anthony Robinson Charles Robinson Gwendolyn Robinson Latrieve Robinson Tracey Robinson Dorothy Rogers Tony Rogers Peter Rosa Wanda Ross Larry Rountree Gerald Rouse Darren Rowe Stanley Royal Michael Rubinosky Renea Rush John Russell Stephanie Sampson Sonja Samuels Sterling Samuels Yvette Samuels Craig Sanders Dorothy Sanders Linda Sanders Cheryl Sansberry Sophia Sansbury Karen Satchell Calvin Saunders Theresa Sawyer Symantha Scales Karen Scarborough Tina Scippio Alexander Scott Deborah Scott Roosevelt Seaberry. Jr. Arthur Seaman Alexandria Searles Lashanette Sellers Steven Sellers Thomas Sessoms Veronica Sessoms Shelia Seward Bryan Shakir Jeanine Sharpe Rosa Shawn Renee Shields Mattie Shellon Joseph Shepard Linda Sherrer Iris Sherrod Kelly Shipman Dawn Shropshire Lawrence Shull Dawn Simmons Kimberly Knight, freshman from Bridgeport Connecticut, serves as Jazzercise instructor for the Rudolph Jones Student Center. Jazzercise is held every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:00 to 7:30 pm during the regular school session. Erica Simmons Jansala Simmons Lara Simmons Georganna Simpson Lisa Sirams Muriel Sims Robert Sinodis Sharon Sligh Shelia Smallwood Anthony Smith Benit-a Smith Brenda Smith Curtis Smith Florence Smith Joseph Smith Linda Smith Mary Smith Michelle Smith Rhonda Smith Sandra Smith Tyrone Smith Angela Sneed Bernard Snow Cynthia Southerland Wanda Southerland Lynn Spearman Michael Spell Kenneth Spells Zelda Spencer Tamatha Spivey Sandra Spottsville Leslie Spruill Dawn Stacks Patricia Staley Therese Starnes Charlene St ten Shiri Siarvetsky Anthony Steele Charlene Stegall Idell Steily Carolyn Stevens Craig Stevens Patrick Stevens Tara Stewart Kimberly Stone Sylvia Strawder manda Sturdivant Anna Sued beck Richard Suehr, III. Antoinette Suggs Sharon Surratt Karen Sullivan Kenneth Sumblin Glenn Sutton Lorie Swanson Amy Sweeting Loretta Swiney Candus Swinson Maxine Tabron Barbara Taylor John Taylor Mary Taylor Ronald Taylor Vanessa Taylor Veronica Taylor Teresa Teasiey Debra Tention Deanna Terrell Tammy Terry Eva Thomas James Thompson Katrina Thompson Nora Thompson Patricia Thompson R. hin Thornton James Thorpe Candice Tiilman Angela Timmons n n ' ■ ' »f?iS(W fW!J ' " ' ' Karin Tobias Jerry Tolson Vickey Torrey William Townsend Jennifer Trotman Harry Truesdale Ivey Tucker Helen Turner Gregory Turnland Dabney Tyree Debra Underwood Salrena Underwood Tomiko Vann Janmichael Vanderres Naomi Vaughan Timothy Vaught Leonas Venckus Von Waiters Gregory Walker Jacqueline Walker Sharon Walker Kirby Wallace Donald Walters Kimball Ward Shelia Ward Carla Washington Lisa Washington Vanessa Washington Jeanette Waters Traci Waters Gladys Watkins Angela Watson Gwendolyn Watson Dava Watson Allen Watts, Jr. Kimberly Weeks Michael Weis John Welsh, Jr. Mary West Mildred Westbrook Adrienne Whight Darryl White Deborah White Derrick White Jeanette White June White Alton Whitefield Anglia Whitted Frances Whittemore Erik VVilkerson Angelicar Williams Alice Williams Anthony Williams Candace Williams Cariil Williams Chineta Williams Cynthia Williams Delphine Williams Denise Williams Kenneth Williams Lisa Williams Michael Williams Pamela Williams Robin Williams Stephanye Williams Theldon Williams Troy Williams Yvonne Williams Bobbie Williamson Cathy Williamson Arlethea Wilson Bobby Wilson Nellie Wilson Kuen Chi Wong Edith Wood Angela Woodburn James Workman Eula Wright Geneva Wright David Yarborough Jennifer Trotman FRESHMAN PREVIEW ' 86 The Division of Student Development planned activi- ties for the freshman preview- participants and their families. A picnic was planned for the students and their fam- ilies, jazz programs, talent contest, gamesroom activi- ties such as billiards, video games, bowling, bumper pool, foosball and others. FRESHMAN PREVIEW ' 86 Top: Dr. Wilma Henry, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Development advises Larry Lesley on what to expect when he returns in the fall. Bottom: Alton McKoy. Student Government Association Vice President is ready to answer any questions Regina Butler might have concerning this University. The Freshman Preview ' 86 is a unique summer weekend experience designed especially for students and their parents or guardians to learn about the various aspects of Fayetteville State University. During the weekend of experiential activities opportunity will be provided for you to explore: Residence Hall, Social and Leisure Activities, University Facilities, Financial Aid Procedures, Areas of Student Development and Academic Advisement. -«» •» -..( (; «f».i.i«|ii;v , ,j ,y;j,|,pi». SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Top: (L-R) Freda Morrisey. Miss. Sopho more: Wendy Lawrence, Secretary. Allyi son Mims. President; Mildred Moore, Stu dent Government Association Repre sentative; Monica Clarke. Treasurer; Eri( Tweed, Vice President Bottom: Allyison Mims, President Dr. Glenna Sexton. Adviser Trevine Alfred Genise Alien Judy Alien Michael Alien Anthony Alisbrook Eric Ailsbrook Betty Andrews Chris Armstrong Willow Armstrong Rachel Asbery Perry Ashford Carolyn Atkins Warren Autry Gregory Bailey Gerlean Baker Regina Banner Sherri Barker Rickey Barnes Ronnie Barnes Arthur Barnhill Deanna Bass Monica Beck Charles Beltz. Ill Tammy J. Bennett Jacqueline Bergin Alice Berryhill Doris Bihimyer Darrell Black Mary Bland Meiana Blanks Mary Blthers Bobby Bolden Karmen Boone Theresa Bostick Cynthia Bothwell I ewis Bryan !! f ■ s i,ii ;ifr,5P«Kt »?-- f»isM »(iWh 0, p n t5 n . Regina Bridgeford Leslie Brim Kendle Brinkley Theresa Brooks Nathaniel Brown Robert Brown Sherilyn Brown Alfreda Bryant Bregitte Bryant Kenneth Bryant Tina Bryant Wanda Burke Sheiia Byrd Albert Capers. Jr Denise Carr OIlie Chamers Regina Chance James Chapman Steven Chestnut Miles Clarke Juanita Cobb Samuel Cole Delane Coleman James Collins Melba Conley Michelle Cook Stanley Cook Crystal Cooper Darren Cotton Robert Crawford Sylvia Crisp Willie Cromartie Kevin Crosby Gina Cross Constance Culbreth Carol Davis Felicia Dejesus Kevin Deloach Mark Diggs Corky Dismute Mary DoUster Gloria Douglas John Dowdy Larnell Dunkley Charles Ervin, ill Carolyn Everette Aaron Faircloth William Faircloth Kevin Farmer Marie Farmer Kurt Fehlman Kriaty Feiffer Jennifer Fields Mark Fisher ynne Fleetwood George Franklin Diane Freeman ; Gloria Ford Gerald Fordham Kanetha Fowler Vincent Fuller Charles Fu Steven Galloway Jonas Garland Young-Ja Garrett Stephanie Gatlin Brenda Gautier Meretta Gerald Sharon Glast Delia Greene Kimbereiy Green , Reginald Grimes " Maurice Grubb Connie Guadagno Fred Hall, Jr. Alfreda Hagans Wanda Hamm Teresa Hardee Milton Hardiman Vincent Harris Lisa Harley Carol Harrison Joe Harrison Robert Helms W .% " - m-«r » !H:fg,i» ' w. fp--«»gyrw y»- Sonja Herring Gwendolvn Hickerson ShirleneHillard Stephonia Hilton Angela Hinson Najma Hogan Celeste Holland Reuben Holmes Alicia Hughes Gregory Jackson Kathy James Joel Jenkins Lawrence Jenkins Ina Johnson Nina Johnson Theresa Johnson Angela Jones Kimberely Jones Tammy Jones Jonathan Jordan Judy Jordan Angela King Peggy King Ronnie King Beverly KiUian Chavivan Kosupara Michael Lawson Patricia Leach Michelle Lee Tajuana Leemore John Legette Sonya Lennon Aaron Lewis Alan Lineberger Cherrise Long Michael Lykes Martha Lyrch Michael Lunsford Michael Marsalis Sharon McCauIey Tina McCauIey Margaret McCabe Derrick McCain Jaime McCallop Linda McCov Michelle McCoy Jacqueline McDowf Warren McDowell Esmeralda McEachin Denise McElvoy Audrey Mdntyre William McKay Tammy McKeithan Thomasina McKenzie Tracey McKethan Thomas McKnight Joyce McKoy Pamela McLean Charles McLendon Jeffrey McLeod Joann McLucas Gregory McMillan Dennis McNair Dorothy McNair Richard McNeill Julia McQueen Brenda McRae David Mitchell Donna Mitchell Clarissa Monley Alfreda Morrisey Karen Mosley Greta Moye Vickie Neely Baron Nelson Ute Newell Cathy Nichols Michael Orsini Maggie Patrick Todd Parker Denise Paulin William R. Pavne Crystal Pearson Mary Peel Valerie D. Pender Mary Perry Stephanie Perry Angela Peterson Shirley Peterson Alexander Pettaway Angela Pettaway Lisa Pickett Angela Pittman Shelia Pittman Larry Portee Jacqueline Prayer Andrea Pullen Kathy Randall Millie Ray James Raynor, Jr. Leticia Reed Dunna Reidyoder ! ( mnie Ridley Joseph Ricks James Roberts, III Veronica Roberts Donyeil Robinson Tyrone Robinson Tammy Rogers Yolanda Ross Regina Royal Robert Salazar Sidney Samuel Temesia Sansbury Angela Sawyer Pamela Searle Lizzie Sears Stephanie Sellers WendeUne ScatUng Camelia Sherard Gary Shockey Ricardo Silva EO Charlita Slade Kirby Smith Sonia Smith Terry Smith Tangee Smotjtt Milton Speight Vivian Spraggins Kathleen Staton Prince Stewart Hope Sutton Reginald Swann Barbara Tavlor Orlando Tavlo Shinila L. Taylo Ricky Teachei Sandra Tev David Th Reginald Thompson Johnny Th Luis Tirado Mary A. Tomoney Mary Toon Dana Wadde Carol Warren Gwendalyn Washington Charita Watson Sandra Wells Tawanna Wells Clarence Whitaker Kecia White Emily Whitted Owen William Andrea Williams Dayton Williams Pamela Williams Shanda W Terry Willis Linda Wood Sharon Wood Constance Woods Una Whitfield John Whitehead George Wright Tillie Wright Diane Wrzosek Vicliie Wvnn SOPHOMORES 1st Row Tammy McKoy, Kevin Cooper. Jr., Partesar Hawkins, Angela Sneed. Shawand Webb, Zelma Mills. Stacy Eaton, Benny Corbett Back Row Randy Davis, Delia Green, Paul Joyner, Jimmy Johnson, Deon Bryant. «».«,;.; r. r p,vs■rx■•-«TO?• H««W» ' SS-T -- JUNIOR CLASS S " OFFICERS ' 5t row (L-R) Karen Johnson, Miss Junior; David Mccullough, President; Sherri Johnson, tudent Government Association Representative nd row (L-R) Tony Parham. Vice President; Joseph Proctor. Parliamentarian; Timothy Rog- rs. Treasurer rls. Theolo Swinson. Adviser .,m.-. r -i f Jl C: m .M. H ' -y Wm Tyrone Hintoi Samuel Hodg .• " •-• -waii jiwwM- Joseph Howard Carol Kaplan-H Wiley Hunnicut Wilma Hunter Curtis Jackson Reginald Jamisc Victor Jenrette Antoinette Johns ' Cynthia Johnson Dwight Johnson Karen Johnson Michelle Johnsor Nelson Johnson Phillip Johnson Shari Johnson Bernard Jones Tunothy Rogers Christopher Royal Todd Royster Larry Russell Neil Salmon Karon Sellers imie SharpJess Derrick Sheffield Bobbie Shepard Alban Small Barbara Smith Claudette Smith Inette Smith Janice Spears Tap: (L-R) Joyner Hall Crew — 1st row Renee Shields. Kimberly Knight. Angela Br. (L-R) Sherry Johnson, Tracey Covington, Renee Myers Middle Left: David Hodges finds that the Rudolph Jones Student Center is not just i place to call our home away from home, it is also a place to study hefore the next class. Bottom Right: Pamela Stone relax after donating a pint of blood during the Blood dr sponsored by Student Activities, September 24, 1986. . _ — BS tf P ' 1 ' 1 ? 3 ft m William Fisher finds the peace and quietness of the outdoors helpful while studing class assignments. ACADEMICS d 1 L B HIRaii ' i ' " - ... Im t d£ ■ ' ' ' H t H Bl SI r L ' ' 1 Ih HJ H H P 1 1 LV SI S SB S l KB 1 1 » I ■ H r ACADEMICS Dr. Assad Tavakoli assist students who use the Reading Center located in the Butler Building. Dr. Harriette Howard-Lee and the students in her Biology class take a break from class to pose for the photographer. ACADEMICS J. Jones and James Washington use the resources in the Chestnutt Li- brary to complete a class assign- ment. Stanley Royal does his Work Study in the Periodical Section of the Li- brary. ACADEMICS Ceramics 430 1 Instructor: Mr. Syed Yunus Q ACADEMICS Physical Science Instructor: Dr. Ronald Johnston Zooliogy 110 Instructor: Dr. Defield Holmes ACADEMICS Mathematics Computer Laboratory Ms. Beverly Sutton, Laboratory Clerk ACADEMICS Physical Science II Instructor: Professor Richard Robinson ACADEMICS Ms. Linda Gravitt. an instructor in the School of Business uses the Mathematics Computer Laboratory during her free time. Dr. Victor Hebert. instructor in the College of Arts And Sciences gives James Howard some helpful tips about the Saxopho - r,.fyr v«n- " fWSKj.Wi- wiw SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Top (L-R) Oliver Bradley, President; Walita Sim- mons. Ms. Senior; Sheila Kornegay, Student Govern- lent Association Representative; Greg Jacksion, Vice President and Treasurer Mrs. James Scurry, Adviser Victor Augusi Business Administration Asaba, Nigeria Francis Albert Geography Lagos. Nigeria Deidra Alston Speech And Theatre Henderson, NC Russel Amos Business Administration Nashville. TN Mary Bailey John Barlow Rodney Barnes Patricia Baros Chemistry Economics Criminal Justice Sociology Fayette ville. NC Fayetteville, NC New Bern, NC Eastern, PA Antboay Bell Tonia Bennett Carol Bowden Elaine Bowser Business Administration Mathematics English Political Science Fayetteville, NC Charlotte. NC Rosehill, NC Fayetteville, NC Zina Boyd Business Administration Aurora, NC Alesia Bradsba Psychology Chapel Hill, NC Valerie Bratts Psychology Plymouth, " NC Lorain Brewer Economics St. Louis, MI Kevin Brooker Business Administration Fayetteville. NC Valinda Brov Psychology Raeford, NC Sbinese Bryant Business Administration Spring Lake, NC Steve Bryant Political Science Engelhard, NC Brenda Buchannon Earlv Childhood Education Sanford, NC Judy Bullis Criminal Justice Goldston, NC Bruce Burge Political Scien ce Jacksonville, NC Beverly Bush Political Science Fayetteville. NC James Campbell Economics Oakland, CA Andrea Cbavis Speech And Theatr Fayetteville, NC Alean Clark Early Childhood Education Roberta. GA Duane Clark Political Science Statesville, NC Young Clapton Mathematics Fayetteville, NC Johnnie Cobb Sociology Pinetops, NC James Currie Physical Education Fayetteville, NC Tbyra Currie Mathematics Fairmont, NC Katberine Dailey Psychology Tyler, TX Garrett Davis Speech And Theatre Warrenton, NC Jennifer Da ves Early Childhood Edu Gunthrie, OK Sybil Dial Biology Fayetteville, NC Sydney Dixon Alfred Dokes Gregory Douglas Clinton Do wing History Sociology Business Administration Business Education Havelock, NC Warren, OH Lanham, MD Plymouth, NC Office Administration Scotlandneck, NC Maxine Dunham Quentin Eaton Kelvin Edmonson Criminal Justice Chemistry Business Administration White Oak, NC Greenville. NC Kinston, NC Kevin Evans Chris Fleetwood Business Administration Mathematics Chicago, IL Smithfield, VA FayetteviUe, NC Patricia Fonville Business Administration New Bern. NC Deanna Fordbam Levie Fowler Jerome Frederick Pamela Fulton Business Administration Intermediate Education Business Administration Office Administration Spring Lalie, NC Fayetteville. NC Fayetteville, NC Long Island, NY Mottique Gaines Allison Geddie Barbara Gill is Mathematics Business Administration Business Administration Spring Lake , NC Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville, NC Anniston, AL Antboay Grear Darvin Greene Lisa Green Bryant Graham Business Administration Mathematics Office Administration Business Administration Wilmington, NC Wilmington, NC Newark, NJ Fayetteville, NC Gregory Gunn Jacqueline Hagood Charles Harleston Vaiarie Hawkins Business Administration Sociolog ' Mathematics Political Science Danville, VA FayetteviUe, NC FayetteviUe, NC FayetteviUe, NC Reginald Holmes Sbelia Holmes Patricia Holton Rhonda Hopkins Visual Arts Business Administration Mathematics Mathematics Georgetown, SC Goldsboro. NC Thomasville, GA Eatontown, NJ Chavis Houston Sharon Howard Anita Beck-Ianaone Betty Jackson Business Administration Psychology Business Education Business Administration Huntersville, NC FayetteviUe, NC St. Pauls, NC FayetteviUe, NC iX Gregory Jackson Mathematics Richmond, VA Jackie Jackson Business Administratii St. Petersburg, FL Paula James Sociology Elizabeth City, NC Charlenna Jacobs Early Childhood Education Goldsboro, NC Sharon Jeffers Business Administration Amityville Long Island, NY Cleomise Jones Business Administration Fayetteville, NC Dezella Jones Business Administration Hamilton, NC Myron Jones Business Administration Marlboro, MD Patricia Jones Business Administration Mt. Olive, NC Samuel Jones Sociology Crisfield, MD Tbomasina Johnson Business Administration Fayetteville, NC Joanne Kelly History Elizabethtown, NC Patricia Kendrinek Sheila Kornegay Ppggy Lancaster Stephanie Larkias Business Administration Business English Business Administration Panama Republic Newton Grove, NC Fayetteville. NC Boston, MA Rosetta Lawrence Early Childhood Education Greenville, NC Anthony Lee Political Science Gastonia, NC A ora Lee Sociology Fayetteville, NC Teresa Lennon Biology Fairmont, NC Pamela Livingston Intermediate Education Bolton, NC Sharon Loftin Psychology Fayetteville, NC Sheila Martin Business Administration Winston Salem, NC Brenda McAllister Business Administration Clarkton, NC m Alton McCoy Business Administration Clinton, NC Frankie McDonald Sociology Tar Heei. NC Vicky Mclntyre Sociology Raeford, NC Sbirlene McKoy Business Administration Council, NC Robbie McMillian Business Administration Olivia McNeill Business Administration Fayetteville, NC William McNeill Business Administration Spring Lake, NC Vickie McPbail Early Childhood Education Fayetteville, NC Michele McWbite Business Administration Cheraw, SC Raeford Melton Mathematics Greensboro, NC Mitchell Mittower Mathematics Kokowo, IN Ricardo Morgan Speech And Theatre Fayetteville, NC (■,«!• :» j fi ,■■ ly.v t ■■.«tv« jeg |yt y (j j «m , i f Estherine Mi Sociology Stedman. NC Garrett Moore Physical Education Favetteville, NC Kenneth Moore Business Administration Gibson, NC Trenisha Moore Intermediate Educatic Clarliton, NC Jane Morris Early Childhood Education Perkin, IL Lisa Moses Business Administration Favetteville, NC David Moye, Jr. Business Administration Wilson, NC Debra Nicholson Political Science Whitakers, NC Terrence Norville Business Administrati Kinston, NC John Nwogalanya Economics Nigeria, Africa Jimmy O ' Neil Business Administration Griffin, GA Bernis Pennington Mathematics Sanford, NC Maurice Perry Wesley Person Myra Peterson Barbara Pierce Business Administration Biology Biology Business Administration Norfolk, VA Takoma Park, MD Lumberton, NC Eunice Pierce Early Childhood Education Fayetteville, NC Sonja Pitts Business Administration Fayetteville. NC Fletcher Pollard Business Administration Fayetteville, NC Jessie Purdie Business Administration Fayetteville, NC Virgil Reaves Political Science Calabash, NC Gretcben Robinson Criminal Justice Fayetteville, NC Margaret Scbiefer Early Childhood Education Fayetteville, NC Beverly Simmons Elementary Education Fayetteville, NC Walita Simmons Business Administrati on Wilmington, NC Robert Small Business Administration Plvmouth, NC Harriet Smith Business Administration Elizabethtown, NC Mary Smith Business Administration Favetteville, NC Roderick Smith Business Administration Elizabethtown, NC Stephanie Soloman Sociology Wade, NC Fredrica So well Business Administration Favetteville, NC Tracy Spears Business Administration Bules Creek, NC Valerie Strayhorn Political Science Trenton, NC Mark Strickland Psychology Fayetteville, NC Debbie Sumpter English Fayetteville, NC Robin Tapp Political Science Hillsborough, NC Marilyn Taylor Intermediate Education Hope Mills. NC Benjamin Thomas Physical Education Leiand, NC Willie Thomas Intermediate Educatii Favetteville. NC Phyllis Thompson Business Administratic Mineral Spring, NC John Tyler Diane Walker Teresa Wat ers Lilly White Political Science Earlv Childhood Education Business Administration Business Administration Jacksonville, NC Favetteville, NC Faison, NC Fayetteville, NC Tracy White Melvin Whitehead Norman Whitted David Williams Economics Economics Sociology Albermarle, NC Vienna. GA Fayetteville, NC Pinehurst, NC Terry Williams Business Administration FayetteviUe. NC Sandra Wilson Early Childhood Education Stoneville, NC Angela Yeoman English AS A GRADUATING SENIOR WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU LEAVE THE UNDERCLASSMAN? I would like to leave the students at FayetteviUe State University with these words of advice. When you enroll in this University, have a positive attitude and do not think of FSU as a place of refuge. Always t hink of the University as a place of higher education and a better fu- ture. Despite the obstacles you may meet along the way never give up. Put forth prime efort and you will achieve the ultimate goal — graduation. I am not saying you should not have fun, because your college years should be the best years of your life. However, know where the fun ends and education begins. Make an ef- fort to do well the first two years of college because the last two will be a long hard struggle. Good luck and may each one of you achieve success now and in the future. Teresa Lennon WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATING? After graduation I will seek im- I plan to re-enter Fayetteville mediate employment in the Cum- State University in the fall of 1987 berland County Public School Sys- in pursuit of a Master ' s Degree in tem as a teaacher of Social Studies Education. I will accomplish this and Science in the intermediate goal by attending the weekend and grades. evening classes offered by this university. Emma Jean Thomas AS A GRADUATING SENIOR WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU LEAVE THE UNDERCLASSMAN? My advise to the underclassmen is to carefully with insight select a course of study that will guarantee a future career. We are all competing against one another as well as other institutions of higher education. Keep your head to the sky so that you may one day become an outstanding Fay- etteville State University Alumni. John McKethan WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATING? After graduation, I plan to pursue My ultimate educational goal is career in the field of to one day return to college and ob- Mathematics. tain a Master ' s Mathematics. Degree in Thaddeus Lathan STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICIALS Top Left: Alton McCoy, Student Government Association Vice President Top Right: Quentin Eaton. SGA President Bottom Left: (L-R) Quentin Eaton, Alton McCoy and Miguel Robles Bottom Right: Miguel Robles, SGA Business Manager Top Left: (L-R) Jessie Adaras, Sonja Jackson, Joseph Proctor Bottom Left: (L-R) Joseph Proctor. Dennis McNair. Shawn Price. Sonja Jackson, Charles McClendon, Jessie Adaras Bottom Right: (L-R) Diane Walker, Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center converse with Angela Brown between classes in the Student Center. Top Right: Diane Walker enjoys playing the Star Wars Video game during her leisure time in the Student Center. FELLOWSHIP OF FUTURE SCIENTIST Top Right: James McCreary, President Bottom: (LRI Quentin Eaton. Mary Bailey, Monique Watson, James McCreary Dr. Matthew Edwards. Advisor LIFE SCIENCE CLUB Top (L-R) Michael Whiting. Roger Hargrove, Robi strong, Jocelyn Murrell, Amanda Sturdivant, Raynor, Larry Portee, Tammy Conner. Jennifer Elizabeth Flagg, Sylvia Baskin. Bottom (Officers) ' President — James Raynor Vice President — Larry Portee Secretary — Michael Whiting Assistant Secretary — Sylvia Baskin Advisor — Dr. Harriette Howard-Lee Hewitt, BAND Top Row fL-fi Luvedith Gore, Arletha Wil: Veberlya Fuller. Rhonda Smith, Cleomise Jonesi Quan McClure, Tirzah Steele, Jansala Simmons, Milton Jones, Franklin Williams, Errin Spells, Ordia Brown, Shawn Williams, Ronald Williams, Frank Washington, Frank Peterson, Victor Hebert, III, Benita Butler, Charlene Miles. Denise Williams, Constance East, Gwendolyn Blaine. Jasetta Dunham, Treva Brown, Erica Simmons 2nd Row (L-R) Carlos Murrell, Williams Fisher, Williams Townsend, Elston Hines, Carol Graham, Terence Griffin, James Thompson, William Gunn, Victor McLean, Ronald Hooker, Darrnell Pope. Tracy Redd, Lisa Harris, Don Harris, Irene Chiles, Kendle Brinkley, Maria Akles, Rodin Armstrong, Terry Kelly, Bedelia Jackson, Leslie Spruill, Stephanie Deberry. 3rd Row (L-R) Scotty McMillian. Daniel Culbreth. James Howard, Gary Black, Charita Watson. Angela Bizzell. Earl McRae, Micheal Lawson. Darrel Black. Herman Duggins, Charlene Stegall, Wanda Gordon. Kevin Farmer. Adriene Kemp. Reginald Thompson, Warren Dobbins, Timothy Jackson, Scarlette McCullough, Rumiko Hayes. Deborah Revis, Stephanie Phillips, Barbara Streeter 4th Row (Dancers — Bottom) Regine Campbell. Rhonda Attucks. Francine Grady, Constance Culbreth, Marianetta Thompson, Hope Sutton, Benita Lyons, Katrina Deed, Julie Lockett, Lorena Jefferson. Lashara Glover, Teresa Dudley Drum Majors Christopher Fleetwood. Carry Wooten and Jasper Cooks. FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY BRONCO BAND mimamSSBSma DORMITORY OFFICIALS 1st Row (L-R) Patricia Harden, New Residence Hall; Najma Hogan, New Residence Hall; Theresa Sawyer, New Residence Hall; Teresa Waters, New Residence Hall; Cynthia Bacon, Smith Hall; Greta Moye, Smith Hall; Kathy James, Joyner Hall; Claudette Smith, Joyner Hall; Cynthia Williams, Jovner Hall; Thressia Kee, Hood Hall; 2nd Row (L-R) Nelson Cole, Bryant Hall; Janice Spears. Harris Hall; Donyell Robinson, Harris Hall; Darlene Cashwell, Harris Hall; Kathi Staton, Harris Hall; Tajuana Leemore, Harris Hall; Cynthia Purdie, Smith Hall; Robin Campbell, Hood Hall; Constance Bunche, Hood Hall f j.|y...,yg;- . t i ji j i ji g; . FOREIGN STUDENTS Top Left: John Nwogalanya Top Right: Victor Agusi Bottom: John Nwogalanya, Vice President — Nigeria West Africa and Victor Agusi, President — West Africa Mr. Alphonso McKoy, Adviser ' r UNIVERSITY CHOIR Top: 1st Row (L-R) Mary Blythers. Young Clopton, James Riggsbee. Kelly Shipman. Kenneth Nelson, Karen Ford, Tangee Smoot, Michelle Merse, Eunice Hymes. Raeford Melton. 2nd Row (h-R) Nathaniel Powe, Darren King. Todd Parker. Jennifer Dewett. Lynn Spear- man, Judson Mattocks, Dabney Tyree, Chris Williams. Derrick Green. Tim Rogers. Bottom (L-R) Officers Todd Parker. President; Kelly Shipman, Con- cert Queen; Kenneth Nelson, Parlimentarian. GOSPEL CHOIR Top: (LR) Valerie Bratts, Leslie Brim. Jennifer Hewett, Vivian Swinson, Carletta Jordan, Sylvia Basltin 2nd Row (L-R) Thressia Kee, Jackie Harris, Theresa Johnson, Kelly .Shipman, Kecia While 3rd Row (L-R) Derwin Campbell. Patricia Wilson, LaTrenda Logan, Mitzy Parker 4th Row (L-R) Randolph Miller, Anthony Christian, John Taylor, Perry Ash ford . .5th Row (L-R) Jewel Burt, Camelia Sherard. Jennifer Fields. Tina Ware, Angela Robinson, Lisa Moss Bottom (L-R) Tina Ware, Business Manager; Mitzy Parker. Treasurer; Vivian Swinson, Chaplin; Valerie Bratts, Mi.ss C ospel Choir; Sylvia Baskin, Secretary; Kecia White, Publicity Chairman; Kneeling (L-R) Anthony Christian, Parliamentarian; Randolph Miller M PSYCHOLOGY CLUB ¥ - ' m x •4 Top Ci-fl Felicia DeJesus, Sharon Miller, Tony Hill, Sharon Loftin, Valerie Bratts, Judy Allen, Merchel Allen, Katherine Dailey, Mark Strickland Bottom Right: (L-RI Merchel Allen, Vice Presi- dent; Katherine Dailey, President; Sharon Loftin, Treasurer; Mark Strickland, Secretary Dr. John Chambers, Adviser S • » ••• «4i NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE Top: (L-K) 1st row — Angeline Patterson, Larry Leslie, Karen Harris, David Jackson, Renee Murphy, Ursula Leggett, Lisa Simms, Beverly Pickett. Joy Grant 2nd Row (L-Ri Quinzell McKenzie, Marshall McDuffie. Orlando Taylor, Shawn Williamson, Kelvin Cooper, Anthony Grear, Mi- chael Christian, Yolanda Lewis ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION Top: (L-R) 1st row — Esmeralda McEachin, Narva Cox. Felicia Godette, Jackie Jackson, Fredericka Sowell, Edwina Peaden, Mildred Moore, Alice Berryhill, Mary Smith Back Row (L-R) Anthony Grear. Bryan Gra- ham, Tracy White, Joseph Proctor, Tim Woo- dard, Tim Rogers, Charles McLendon. Law- rence Jenkins Bottom Right: (L-R) Jackie Jackson. Treasur- er; Narva Cox, .Student Senate Representa- tive; Tim Woodard, Assistant Secretary; Mary Smith, President; Edwina Peaden, .Student Senate Representative Ms. Barbara Jones, Adviser MATHEMATICS CLUB Top (L-R) Toni Bennett, Vice President; Alonzo Eubank. Treasurer; James McCreary, Debbie Kelly. Secretary; Lin- da McCoy. Kevin Maxwell. Thyra Currie. Gregory Jackson, President. 2nd Row (L-R) Najma Hogan. Ms. Cassandra Gaddy, Advi- sor; Monique Gaines, Assistant Secretary; Rhonda Hopkins, Susan Barber, Carlos Milligan. Parlimentarian. ART CLUB 7 ' iip. (I.-H) Andre Watts, Milton Manning, Constance Hunche. Sharon Bell, Frederick Frindt, Bobby Bolden, Sr . Dr. Harvev Jenkins. Adviser Haiuim: (I.-RJ Bohhw Bolden. Sr., Presidenl, Andre Waits. Treasurer NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ASSOCIATION FOR SECRETARIES Top: (L-R) Brenda Smith. Angela Pittman. Pam- ela Bridges, Margaret Manning, Tammv McKov, Dr. Beulah Monroe, Adviser. Bottom Left: (L-R) Angela Pittman. Secretary, Pamela Bridges, Vice President; Margaret Man- ning. Treasurer; Mary Toon. President. SPEECH CLUE Middle: Lisa Harris, Renee Harris, Juanita Cobb, Angela Strickland, Teresa Sawyer. Elsie Botello 2nd row (L-R) Cleo Belton, Angela Davis, Quinzell McKenzie, Robert Roberson. Jo- seph Ricks, Dr. Evelyn Burrows Bottom Right; (L-R) Juanita Cobb. Secre- tary; Cleo Belton, Parliamentarian; Elsie Botello. President; Dr. Evelyn Burnws. Adviser SOCIOLOGY CLUB Top: (L-R) Linda Powell, Anita Sutton, Vicky Mclntyre, Jacqueline Hagood, Estherine Moore, Betty McCrae, Regina Royal 2nd Row (L-R) David Williams, Patrice Baros, Jeanette White, Tina Ware, Juanita Cobb, Nora Lee, Samuel Jones Bottom Left: (L-R) Anita Sutton, Secretary; Vicky Mclntyre, Miss Sociology and Treasurer; Linda Powell, President; Regina Royal, Senate Representative; David Williams, Vice President, Dr. Ella Keller, Adviser STUDENT CENTER ADVISORY BOARD Top: (L-R) Daniel Kelly, President; Diane Walker, EbJ ' Anna Suedbeck, Secretary; Claudette Owens. Parlia- mentarian; Robbie McMillian, Vice President; Mr. Jerrv Williams, Adviser FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN STUDENTS op: (L-R) Kneeling — Karon Sellers, Jackie Foye landing (L-R) Cheryl Medley, Deborah White, Karen Sawyer, Sherilyn Brown, ;etha Peterson, Mrs. Yuvonne Robinson, Anthony Bell CRIMINAL JUSTICE SOCIETY Top: IL-R) — 1st row Rodney Barnes, Maxine Dunham, Angela Brothers. Dr. William Reed, Adviser 2nd row (L-R) Judy Bullis. Linda Chaves, Gloria Cobb, LaDonna Leemore, Gretchen Robinson. Yolanda Ross Top (L-R) Anthony Lee. Paula Boyes. Ste- ven Mack Bottom Right: iL-R) Rodney Barnes. Pres- ident; Gretchen Robinson. Vice President: LaDonna Leemore, Parliamentarian; Pau- la Boyes. Treasurer ■ " " « S?TW FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY WRITERS CLUB • ' -■ •■ jCV- ■ t,? Top ILR) Dr. Lonnell Johnson, Adviser; Jo McEwan, Pa -, ■- ' I T . ,. ,-fd! liamentarian; Marva Cox. Business Manager; Larnell Dunkley. President; Norma Mahns, Secretary; Tillie Wright; Assistant Secretary CHEMISTRY CLUB Bottom Right: (L-R) — Theodrick Moore, Chris Munch, Amanda Sturdivant. Melba Smith, Dr. Lee Kleiss. Monique Watson, Mary Bailey Top: (L-R) Melba Smith, Parliamentarian; Chris Munch, Secretary Treasurer; Mary Bailey, Presi- dent; Monique Watson, Vice President; Theo- drick Moore, Student Government Association Representative; Dr. Lee Kleiss, Adviser 1 w 1 i i 1 " ■ »i.i»V ■ J i BRONCO VOICE STAFF k o y. ■■♦ ■ ■-» ' ' ' - Vw ' i ili«i gsr,., r»JK Top (L-R) 1st row — Chris Miller, Sam Cole Thompscin — 2nd row — Dr. Glenna Sexton, Sonia Sutton, Mary Blythers, Lisa McCall, Sylvia Baskin 3rd row — Charline Kinard, Carol Graham, Sharon Bell. Crystal Carl- ton, Retonia Cotton, Judy Allen Bottom Left (L-RI Dr. Glenna Sexton, Adviser; Mary Blythers, Director of Pre-Deadline Production; Sonia Sut- ton, Circulation Manager; Lisa McCall, Office Manager — Back row — (L-R) Reggie Thompson, Business Manager; Sam Cole, Editor; Chris Miller, Managing Editor SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT (SAM) Top (L-Rj 1st row — Angela Newton, Constance Woods, Teresa Brooks, Deanna Fordham, Dr. Kimon Constas. Adviser Back Row (L-R) Betty Jackson. Mary Smith. David Moye Bottom (L-R) Constance Woods and Betty Jackson, President COLLEGIATE FELLOWS Top: (L-R) 1st row — Alton McCoy. Theresa Sawyer, Najma Hogan, Donyell Robinson, Mrs. Olivia Chavis, Adviser; Suzanne McCaulley, Alice Doyle, Mildred Moore Back Row (L-R) Clinton Downing, Quinzell McKenzie, Rubbie McMillian, Jacqueline Harris, Sharon Jeffers. Angie Dove. Rodney Barnes Bottom: (L-R) Sharon Jeffers. Treasurer; Rodney Barnes, President; Jacqueline Harris. Secretary; Mrs. Olivia Chavis, Adviser; Donyell Robinson. Miss Colle- i;late Fellow; Clinton Downing, Parliamentarian BAPTIST STUDENT UNION HI Ui row — Dr. Robert James. James McQueen, Tina Ware, Kecia White, Mitzy Parlter, 2nd row (L-R) Anthony Christian. Jennifer Fields, Regina Royal, Wilbert Harris Bottom Left: (L-R) Mitzy Parker. Vice President; Kecia White, Miss Baptist Student Union; Tina Ware, Secretary; James McQueen, President; Wilbert Harris, Treasurer; Dr. Robert James, Adviser LYCEUM SERIES Curtis Jefferson (Lecturer) September 9. 1986 Seabrook Auditorium 2:00 p.m. Curtis is a 1985 graduate of Fayetteville State University where he served as President of the Student G ' Association and as a member of the Board of Trustees. He is currently employed as a Claims Representative with Liberty Life Insurance Company in Atlanta Georgia. Colonel Ronnie C. Peoples (Lecturer) November 11. 1986 Seabrook Auditorium 2:00 p.m. Colonel Peoples is the Commander of the 317th Tactical Airlift Wing at Pope Air Force Base. He is a graduate of Tennessee State University, The Colonel is a highly decorated Command Pilot that keeps busy with administrative and flying duties. L-R Colonel Ronnie C. Peoples (Lecturer) Lyceum Series and Mr. Harold L. Nixon, Vice Chancellor for Student Development pose for a photograph during a reception held in honor of Colonel Peoples. LYCEUM SERIES A TRIBUTE TO HARRIET TUBMAN A ONE WOMAN SHOW ABOUT THE FAMOUS UNDERGROUND RAILROA ' LEADER . Afler being a slave (Of almost 30 years j Conductcx be ' ofe the Crvil Wi • dr«ams and coufag« ol Hamei Tubman through ■Mult •Mku. ttmtk apMliMlt tfld th ti« e l i»| l ng ptrtormanca al Saundra Di -HATS: A TRIBUTE TO HAMIIET TUBMAN- 1 • llia«le noikig el ItlMtra - wnti 90 yur OK) Mamat Tubman on ilaoawmlnla ci ngibouHlwdMtitMl—nyittol t ltyity and hf—cya;haflrtps to Sauiidra Diinsoii Franks (Tribute to Harriet Tubman) January 15. 1987 Seabrook Auditorium 2:(X) p.m. HATS shares the dreams and courage of Harriet Tubman through the original musical score, visual effects, black spirituals and the electrifying performance of Saundra Dunson Franks! HATS is a magic evening of theatre — with 90 year old Harriet Tubman on stage reminiscing about the starless nights of slavery and her escape; her trips to the South to lead other slaves to freedom; her experience as an Union Army Intelligence Agent; her association with John Brown. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Frederick Douglass and many others. In look, in voice, in gesture, the famed Underground Railroad Conductor lives again! Middle Left: Jubilation Dance Company February 6, 1987 Seabrook Auditorium 2:00 p.m. The Jubilation Dance Company is an eleven member group of young profession- al artists from New York City. Founded in 1979. the troupe and its director-chore- grapher Kevin Jeff strive to encompass the total dance theatre experience. Middle Right: Leon Bates (Pianist) February 10, 1987 Seabrook Auditorium 2:00 p.m. Leon Bates has established himself as one of the leading musicians on the music scene. Recently he has extended his perfor- mances to three in Ireland and four perfor- mances in Zimbabwe. .Africa. Leon Bate ' s busy concert schedule has included ap- pearances at Carnegie Hall. Boston, the Kennedy Center, the Ambassador Hall in Pasadena. Herbst Hall in San Francisco and the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Odomankoma Kyerema Cultural Troupe February 19. 1987 Seabrook Auditx.irium 7:30 p.m. The songs and dances that the Odomankoma Troupe present, celebr: traditional African cultural values. Through movement and music, a si story or an everyday activity with the audience. This dance segment will begin eiiter the lecture demonstration. A narrator will give historical background information and specific functions of each dance in African society, and the dancers will use colorful costumes for each dance. nple OTHER LYCEUM ATTRACTIONS Lou Donaldson February 5, 1987 2:00 p.m. ? » -t«? Art Exhibit February 2-27, 1987 Daily Irving Veazie. Chairman of Lyceum Committee St. John Gospek-tte= February 8, 1987 2:00 p.m. AIR FORCE ROTC DETACHMENT 607 ALPHA FLIGHT (L-R) Jennifer Aberg, Sam Cule. Ronald Landen, Gregory Muyd, Vanessa Washington, Leo Bar ney. Renee Council, Maurice Carter, Glenn McFadden Kneeling — Rumiko Hayes, Myra Denny. Ar- letha Wilson, Maria Akles, James Boles. Tijuana Cacanindin. Veronica Taylor Robert Moreno, Carol Davis. Eric Evans, Mai Hooker, Barry Washingtcm, JoAnn Hemann BRAVO FLIGHT (Kneeling) L-R Adam Herring, Lisa McFadden, Alicia Hughes, Brian Dunham, Roderick Gilbert 1st row (L-R) Alisa Barnes, Salina Bethea, Valer- ie Bowden. Gregory McCormick, Shirl Pridgen, Thomas Knuckles 2nd row (L-R) John Roark, Quentin Bradley, Richard Patterson, Joseph Harner, Felicia Aus- tin, Lushorn Strickland 3rd row (L-R) Tommy Mitchel, William McKoy, Way ne MacAuley, Milton Speight, David Cool, Gary Yount. CHARLIE FLIGHT (Kneeling) L-R Cassandra Whitted, Reginald Manley, Angela Hinson. Sylvia Strawder, James Bryant 1st row (L-R) Cynthia Williams, Anthony Kelly, Teresa Dudley, Deirdre Mims, Shelia McLean, Monica Elliot, Denise McElvoy, Tracy Burnett 2nd row (L-R) Leon Massey, Clayton Spruill. Robert McDonald, Alexander Scott, Thomas McKnight, Eric Kilpatrick, Fredrick Thomas 3rd row (L-R) Maury Northington, Tony Ray, Randy Davis, Richard Davis, Donnell Lewis mm mm ir Professional Officers Corps Standing (L-R) Kevin Brooker, Brian Donahoo, James Starling, Charlie Peterson, Tim Barlow, Kevin McCray Kneeling (L-R) Raymond Ada, William McNeil, Tracy Burnett. Therese Starnes. Joann Hemann. LaShorn Strickland -- tv 1 1 Wr 1 1 1 I SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Top: 1st row (L-R) Michelle McWhite, Terrence Booth, Treni- sha Moore, Kevin Evans 2nd row (L-R) William Fisher, Secretary; Alice Doyle, Presi- dent; Kevin Evans, Narva Cox 3rd row (L-R) Jeff McLeod. Alton McCoy. Cynthia Joh: Sheila Holmes. Treasurer; Robbie McMillian. Gregory Jack- son. Victor Hebert II Bottom: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (L-R) Alice Doyle, Tren- isha Moore, Cynthia Johnson B Top Left: (L-R) Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Jeff McLeod, William Fisher, Terrence Booth Middle Left: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Michelle McWhite Middle Right: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Sheila Holmes Bottom Left: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Robbie McMillian, Victor Hebert, II, Gregory Jackson Bottom Right: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Kevin Evans, Darvin Green Irving Veazie, Adviser OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY Darlene Allen. President Advisers: Ms. Helen Owens Ms. Belinda Coleman ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY K ni Middle Left: (L-R) Sonja Pitts. Grammateus; Shelia Holmes, 1st. Ba sileus; Camelia Sherard, 2nd Anti-Basileus; Ro- setta Lawrence. Epistoleus; Sandra Wilson Tamias Adviser: Mrs. Catherline Thompi PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY John Nwogalanya, Secretary And Treasurer Victor Hebert, III, Vice President Robbie McMillian, President Adviser: Mr. James Florence ■p KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY Middle: (L-R) Michelle McWhite, Assistant Dean of Pledgees; Patricia Holton, Vice Presi- dent and Dean of Pledges. Ms. Delores Hayes, Adviser Ms. Rosia Freeman, Adviser ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY RITY A _ -, 1 m ' 1 IBj H PRrii c Kpl ■■- SOCIAL FELLOWSHIPS GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA SERVICE SORORITY ALPHA PHI OMEGA SERVICE FRATERNITY Top; (L-R) Joey Lennon, Barry Minor. Jeff Dunovant, Vice President; Bruce Surge. President; Bradford Bannerman Bottom: Bruce, President Mr. Walter Johnson. Adviser 1 -: L-R Darryl Shepard, Margaret Phil- lips, and Sylvester Robinson kneel in front of the Omega Psi Phi Fra- ternity ' s display during Greek Week Activities held in the Spring of 1986. Students view exhibits displayed by the fraternities and sororities during Greek Week. Bonita Holland and Michelle Bal- lard display paraphernalias from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Camelia Sherard, Overa Reid, Shel- larnetla Thames and Jackie Autry display paraphernalias from the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Margaret Phillips and Trenisha Moore also display para- phernalias from their sorority. PRE-SCHOOlJ LABORATORY CHANCELLOR ' S ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY Ms. Kirk and Mrs. Sturdavant ' s class performed a dance called Pop Corn. Tup: Dr. Castnn and Mr. Monroe ' s class dramatized Away In The Manger and A Christmas Toy Shop. Bottom: Mrs. Owens and Mrs. McKoy ' s class dramatized a scene from Christmas in Mother Gooseland. % R o t Tm Top: Mrs. Reeves and Ms. Baldwin ' s class are the narratdrs for Christmas in Mother Gooseland. Bottom Left; The old lady in the shoe had so many children she did not know what to do. SPORTS Football, basketball, volleyball, and golf are only a few of the sports played at Fayetteville State University. Our program covers almost every sanctioned college sport. They became involved in the athletic program, either as a supportive fan, manager, cheer- leader or player. The students love the excitement, suspense and action produced by these sports. Excitement is generated by pep rallies during football and basketball seasons. This excitement carried over the games, keep supportive fans setting football attendance records. To achieve their goals, the broncos practice hard everyday. If you stick around for a few minutes after classes, footballs can be seen flying through the air and basketballs can be heard pounding on the gymnasium floor. Overall, it was a good year. Throughout the year, sports brought glory and spirit to the university, community, and alumni. AU-American candidate Aaron Lewis is the major part of the Broncos kicking game. The CIAA Punter averaged 42.5 yards per fiame and was the leading punter in the CIAA and the fourth leading in NCAA Division II. The 1986-87 Athletic Year has been an upside- down, topsy-turny affair in which the unexpected seems to happen with every event. What ' s fair has become foul and what ' s foul has become fair. At press time, the Broncos football, picked to finish third in the Southern Division of the CIAA, ended their season 2-7-1. Top: Randy Ladson, Defensive Back, Scott Farmer, Lineback as- sist as Andre Bowden Quarterback take on a block. Middle Right: At the snap of the ball a host of Broncos go after the quarterbacks. s Name David Allsbrook Eric Allsbrook Russell Amos Chris Armstrong Rickey Barnes Ronnie Barnes Terrance Booth James Branch Deon Bryant Clint Caldwell Billy Campbell Mac Cherry Phillip Cofield George Coleman David Cooper Corky Dismute Frankie Dixon Scott Farmer Anthony Faulcon Moses Ford Craig Fuller Linwood Fulton Steve Callaway Anthony Goodson Gregory Gunn DarrylHill Reginald Holmes Dale living Michael Jennings Bernard Jones Aaron Joyner James Jovner Phillip Julious Daniel Kelly Ronnie King Jeff Knight Benjamin Knox Randy Ladson John Legette Aaron Lewis Reggie Luck Michael Lykes Donnell Maultsby Derrick McCain Wayne McCrae Jeffery McLeod T-.edford Monley Reginald Montgomery Baron Nelson Terrance Norviile James Roberts Michael Rubinasky Sidney Samuels Ted Squires Anthony Steele Thomas Strahaw Wairen Turner Anthony Walton Owen Williams FA-VETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY BRONCOS 1986 FOOTBALL ROSTER Pos High School NG West Montgomery DE West Montgomery OG East WR Pine Forest FB Beddinfield WR Beddinfield QB N.W. Halifax RB Franklinton OT Mattamuskeet QB Lake City WR Red Springs TE N. Edgecombe NG Franklin LB Wilson Hunt WR Andrew Jackson OT Seabreeze WR James Kenan LB Pine Forest WR N.W. Halifax TE Dillon DE Top Sail WR Lake City OT W. Rowan DB Myers Park RB Washington DL Reid Ross DB Howard OG S. Johnson DB Kirkman RB Scotland WR McCall TE McCall LB Lake City DT Seabreeze RB Howard • DE Page RB Howard DB Dillon OT Dillon P Salisbury QB Washington DE LB John F. Kennedy DT Salisbury DT Dillon DE E. North Hampton RB Scotland County DE Eastern DB Augxjst Martin OT E.E. Smith C Dillon C Radford DB Dillon K W. North Hampton OG Kenan LB Jacksonville DB S. Mecklinburg OG North Hampton K Central Hometown Mt. Gilead. NC Mt. Gilead, NC Nashville, TN Fayetteville. NC Wilson, NC Wilson. NC Enfield, NC Franklinton. NC Swan Quarter, NC Lake Citv, NC Red Springs, NC Bethel, NC Franklin, NC Wilson, NC Jacksonville, NC Davtona Beach. FL KenansviUe, NC Fayetteville, NC Littleton, NC Dillon. SC Hamstead, NC Lake City. SC Clevand, NC Charlotte, NC Danville, VA Fayetteville, NC Georgetown, SC Benson, NC Chattanooga. TN Laurinburg, NC McCall, SC McCall, SC Lake City, SC Daytona Beach, FL Chattanooga, TN Greensboro, NC Georgetown, SC Dillon, SC Dillon, SC Salisbury. NC Danville, VA Wilmington, NC Salisbury, NC Dillon, SC Garysburg, NC Laurinburg, NC Washington, DC Brooklyn, NY Fayetteville, NC Dillon, SC Dillon, SC Garysburg, NC KenansviUe. NC Jacksonville, NC Charlotte, NC Garysburg, NC Fayetteville, NC Mr. Robert PuUiam, Head Coach Mr. Tim Clifton, Offensive Coordinator Mr. William Spencer, Offensive Backfield Coach Mr. Melvin Lindsay, Defensive Secondary Coach Mr. Samuel Vaughan, Linebacker Coach Broncos prepare for a free thr ow dur ng the game against St. Paul Tigers. 1986-87 Fayettevill State University BRONCOS TENTATIVE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Opponent Site Time Nov. 28-29 St. Augustine ' s Invitational Raleigh, NC 7:00 pm Dec. 1 Paine College Augusta. GA 8:00 pm 3 St. Paul ' s Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm 5-6 Bull City Tournament Durham, NC 7:00 pm 12 Hampton University Fayetteville, NC 7:30 pm Jan. 10 Shaw University Raleigh, NC 8:00 pm 13 Virginia Union Richmond, VA 8:00 pm 17 North Carolina Central Durham, NC 8:00 pm 19 Winston Salem State Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm 21 Norfolk State Norfolk, VA 8:00 pm 26 Livingstone College Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm 28 .lohnson C. Smith Charlotte, NC 8:00 pm 31 St. Augustine ' s Raleigh, NC 8:00 pm Feb. 2 Winston Salem State Winston Salem, NC 8:00 pm 6 Bowie State Bowie, MD 8:00 pm 7 North Carolina Central Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm 9 Livingstone Salisbury, NC 8:00 pm 11 Paine College Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm 14 Shaw University Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm 16 St. Augustine ' s Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm 21 .lohnson C. Smith Fayetteville, NC 7:30 pm 25-28 CIAA Tournament Richmond, VA : attempt to keep the Trojans from receiving the ball. Derrick Sheiffield aims for two (2) points. FSU BRONCOS DEFEATS VIRGIN- IA STATE TROJANS Miles Clarke hit 12 of 20 field goal attempts and finished with 23 points as Fayetteville State University defeated Virginia State 97-82. Four other Broncos scored in double figures as FSU improved to 3-6 overall and 2-4 in the league. Tyrone Smith scored 16 points, Willie Green had 14, Kenneth McKinnev 13 and Derrick Sheffield 10. influii I iEiiniiiiifllllll t Lisa Green sets the offensive team up for a play against Virginia State. m Dimple White aims for two points at the free throw lii 1986-87 Favetteville State University LADY BRONCOS Tentative Basltetball Schedule Opponent 21 Johnson C. Smith Fayetteville, NC 28-29 UDC Tournament Washington, DC Dec. 1 Paine College Augusta, GA 3 St. Paul ' s Fayetteville, NC 13 Jan. 10 Elizabeth City State Halifax, NC Shaw University Raleigh, NC 13 Virginia Union ' Richmond, VA 15 Virginia State Fayetteville, NC 17 North Carolina Central Durham, NC 19 Winston-Salem State Winston-Salem, NC 21 Norfolk State Norfolk, VA 26 Livingstone College Fayetteville, NC 28 Johnson C. Smith Charlotte, NC 31 St. Augustine ' s College Raleigh, NC Feb. 2 Winston Salem State Winston Salem, NC 5 Bowie State College Bowie, MD 7 North Carolina Central Favetteville, NC 9 Livingstone College Salisbury, NC 11 Paine College Fayetteville, NC 14 Shaw University Fayetteville, NC 16 St. Augustine ' s College Fayetteville, NC 23-28 CIAA Tournament Richmond, VA Head Coach: Dr. Pe ggy Green 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 5:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm TBA INTRAMURAL PROGRAM The purpose of the program of intramural activities is to afford opportunity for all students to take part in a well-organized program. Whether students have little, average, or a high degree of skill, they should be able to develop abilities and attitudes that will enable them to establish habits of physical recreation and continue with one or more of these recreational activities through adult life. Those students who do not ordinarily and voluntarily take part in sports should be encouraged to participate in and enjoy some physical activities. A minimum of instruction in the various sports should be given to each student so that they are prepared to participate, and can practice the game before trying to play on a team. The skills acquired in youth should motivate sports participation in adult years; because education should lay the foundation for lifetime participation in sports. imMimiir»i i tiiiM !ii s v ' ' ' ' W ' Jf l GOLF TEAM Charlie Peterson Phillip Boone Roger Pilgrim Meir.timb ma- tim m mimmm%t ' ,b,,, ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATORS " TOW w Dr. Matthew Edwards, Director of Biomedicai Dr. Henry Gardner, Associate Dean for Devel- Dr. Wilma Henry, Associate Vice Chancellor iKesearch Program Dpmentai Studies And Veterans Affairs for Student Development Dr Robert James, Title III Coordinator Dr. Marye Jeffries, Director of Weekend And Dr. Leonza Loftin, Director of Governmental Evening College And Interim Director of Con- Relations And Alumni Affairs tinuing Education Center li. r nm ' i.iiumiAmmtiimmitmmiiji. ■ ADMINISTRATORS! i I i Mr Eric Moore, Director ol Communications Dr. Marion Gillis Olion, Director of Early Childhood Learning Center Mr. William Pratt, Bookbtore Manager Ms Annette Proctor Supervisor of Ms. Ellen Rohm, Supervisor of Graphics And Switchboard Reproduction M Mr. Joseph Ross, Academic Media Services Dr. Glenna Sexton, Associate Dean for Stu- Mr. James Scurry, Director of Career Pia dent Support Services ning And Placement Irving (Irv) Veazie. Director of Student Activi- Dr. Clarence White. Director of Student ties Student Center Teaching ti. Charles Willis, Director of Computing Ms. Kathy Wright, Director ..i Financial Aid lenter Mr. Carlton Wyatt, Registrar STAFF STAFF A M IBLi -A Mr. Lewis Casev Ms. Eloise Cave Ms. Anna Chao Ms A Luie Chf STAFF i ■% 1; ' - Ms. Rosia Free: Mr Alfred Oadson Ms. Rita Gilling Mr. Andrew Johnson Ms. Patricia Johnson Ms. Phyllis Lenn Ms Dnruiha Lipscml. JJEUIUI STAFF Ms. Kalii rine N ,irubona Ms. Helen Owens Ms. Eunice Pierce Ms. GeraMine Pratt Ms. Carolyn Smith Ms. Marian Smith Ms, Virginia Stinney Mr. Willie Thomas STAFF Mr. Oerard Winfrey Ms. Rdvella Wnmack Mr. Milton Yarboro Ms. Barbara Jones, Cooperative Education Coordinator Assistant Director of Career Planning And Placement introduces one of the speakers for the Cooperative Education Workshop. Ms. Dorothy Lee, of Visual Merchandising J.C. Penney ' s Company talk with Cooperative Education Students on the subject; Appropriate dr. For a Job Interview. FACULTY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS The School of Business and Economics offers undergraduate curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Students may choose a major in one of the following programs: Business Administration, Ac- counting, Economics, Business Education, Marketing and Distributive Education, and Office Administration. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION In support of the mission of Fayetteville State University, the School of Education is committed to educating and preparing individuals at the undergraduate and graduate levels for professional service in teaching, research, and service. The major thrust of the school is to prepare students for professional roles in education in a va- riety of settings including public, private education, business and industry. It is fur- ther committed to providing leadership in teacher education throughout the region, Stat , and nation. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES The College of Arts and Sciences degree programs provide instruction, training and experiences in the broad fields of arts and sciences. The programs are structured to provide the students with the environ- ments. Specifically, students may pursue studies in the behavioral sciences, commu- nication and foreign languages, human- ities and fine arts, life sciences, mathemat- ics and computer science, physical and earth sciences, and social sciences. The College also offers the aerospace studies program. This program does not offer a degree, but does train and prepare students for active duty as Air Force officers. Dr. Grace Black, Chairperson Department of Business Education And Administrative Services Dr. James Boyte, Chairperson, Department of Mathematics And Computer Science Dr. Ralph Burns, Chairperson Dr. Rodney Burrows, Chairperson Dr. Charles Coffman. Director of Dr. Matthew Edwards, Department, of Health, Physical Department of Social Science Graduate Studies Chairperson Department of Earth Education And Human Services And Physical Sciences m Dr. Richard Hadley, Chairperson Department of Humanities And Fine Arts Dr, DeField Holmes. Chairperson Department of Life Sciences U. Col. Walter Howland, Chairperson Department of Military Science Dr. Robert Lemons, Chairperson Department of Reading Education Dr. William McMullin, Chairperson Department of Behavorial Sciences Dr. Sandra Shorter, Chairperson Department of Curriculum And Instruction Dr. Peter Valenti, Chairperson Department of Communications And Foreign Language Di. Booker T. Anthony Department of Coraraunication And Foreign Languages Dr. Goke Ademiluyl Department of Social Science Mr. Thomas Bacote Department of Humanities And Fine Arts Dr. Roy Barrett Department of Earth And Physical Sciences Dr. Morris Blount Department of Mathematics And Computer Science Mr, Earl Jenkins Bobo Department of Reading Education Mr. Sherman Brooks Department of Health, Physical Education And Human Services Dr. Evelyn Burrows Department of Communication And Foreign Languages Dr. Gloria Carson Dr. John Chambers Department of Business Education Department of Behavioral Sciences And Administrative Services Dr. Kimon Constas Department of Business Administration Ms. Barbara Crumpler Department of Business Education And Administrative Services Dr. Virginia Curry Department of Communication And Foreign Languages Dr. Jack Dauner Department of Business Administration Dr. Virginia Dickens Graduate Program Ms. V ' irginia Dix Department of Life Sciences ■MB FACULTY Dr. Leo Edwards Department of Mathematics And Computer Science Dr. Maceo Esquilin Department of Health, Physical Education And Human Services Dr. Wynton Hadley Department of Curricula Methods Instruction Dr. Victor Hebert Department of Humanities And Fine Arts Students listen attentively as Dr. Mostashari Shahriar discuss assignments in his Econo Ms. Ophelia Holmes Department of Communication And Foreign Language Dr. Roosevelt Holmes Department of Health, Physical Education And Human Services Dr. Carl Hughes Department of Life Sciences Dr. Tillman Jackson Department of Business Education And Administrative Services m - •♦•• »--- -♦ » iK jj FACULTY l rvM W meMSi Dr. Janice James Dr. Walter Johnson Ms. Barbara Jones Dr. Richard Jones Department of Humanities And Department of Mathematics and Department of Business Education Department of Humanities And Fine ArLs Computer Science And Administrative Services Fine Arts Ms, Earlyn Jordon Dr. Lee M. Kleiss Department of Reading Education Department of Life Sciences Dr. Joseph Knucltles Department of Life Sciences Students utilize the Texas Computers during their class time. »PR?B»!RWra ?!73TWWW ' ' y Dr. Harriet Howar d-Lee Department of Life Sciences Dr. Jeanne Lewis Department of Business Education And Administrative Services Dr. Shia-ling Liu Department of Social S. Ms. Mary Little Department of Reading Education 1 Mrs. Rosa Lyons Department of Curriculum And Instructions Mr. Raymond McDougal Department of Health, Physical Education And Human Services Dr. Luther McManus Department of Curriculum And Instructions Dr. Frank Merchant, Jr. Department of Health, Physical Education and Human Services Dr. Beulah Monroe Department of Business Educati( And Administrative Services Mr. Dennis Nathaniel Department of Social Science Dr. Elaine Newsome Department of Communication And Foreign Languages lb Ml W.ii Ije rfS . Dr. LaDelle Olion Graduate Program Dr. Robert Owens Department of Humanities And Fine Arts Dr. Augustus Pearson Department of Humanities And Fine Arts Dr. Roosevelt Ratliff Department of Curriculum And Instructions Dr. William Reed Department of Social Sciences FACULTY Major Marion Spurgeon Department of Military Science Mr. Roger Taylor Department of Humanities And Fine Arts Mr. Page Saunders Department of Health, Physical Education And Human Services Ms. Carrie Stokes Department of Business Education And Administrative Services Ms. Theola Swinson Department of Reading Education Mr. Assad Tavokoli Department of Business Administration Ms. Catherlene Thompson Department of Communications And Foreign Languages Dr. Kwadu Twuraasi-Aulerah Department of Behavorial Sciences Dr. Floyd Waddle Department of Life Sciences Mr. Moses Walker Department of Business Administration Dr. Frank Whaley Department of Communication And Foreign Languages Dr. Clarence White Department of Business Education And Administrative Services Dr. Vanilla Wilsoi Department of Cu Instructions ttv-...a;»a j fM «ai » ifa Top: (L-R) Peggy Stubbs, Salutatorian and Debra Artiguez, Valedictorian pose for a photograph as they wait for Commencement Exercises to begin. Bottom: Facial expressions depicts the satisfaction of these graduates as they move in a continuing process of achievement. Graduation 1986 — A day of happiness to know the undergraduate process of education is over and the graduate level Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr., Chancellor presents Rev. Jesse Jackson, commencement speaker (1986) a plaque of appreciation. Rev. Jackson is the president of the National Rainbow Coalition, Incorporated in Washington, D.C. .• Ji,i miAtS»« «v-i: ' ' .• M, iiimmmmm FAYETTEVILLIAN YEARBOOK STAFF C. W. Harrison, Desi Ricardo Morgan. Ct n And Layouts -Editor-in-Chief YEARBOOK STAFF NOT PICTURED Michael Christian. Senior Class Editor Crystal Cooper. Assistant Sophomore Class Editor Charline Kinard. Co Editor-in-Chief (Fall 86) Veronica McLaurin. Freshmen Class Editor Kirhv Wallace, Sports Editor Kim Copeland. Staffer SPECIAL THANKS: — John Hannah for the artwork displayed throughout the class sections of the yearhook. — Cynthia Holiday for her assistance in designs and layouts. Advisers: Rosemary Byrd Yuvonne Robinson Irving Veazie Tony Parham. Staffer Yolanda Ross, Sophomore Class Editor . .jmmmm)immmi-mmm» ' «m mm Our colors so true. Oh Hail, White and Blue To thee our voices ring, Tho ' seasons may roll, and changes unfold Thy praise we ' ll ever sing All Honor and love and loyalty We pledge our hearts anew, Our Alma Mater, F.S.U. We hail thee. Old White and Blue! We cherish each hall, each time honored wall Each bending tree and bower, Tho ' far we may roam. Thy spirit leads on To victory and power With courage and might and majesty March on old colors true, Our Alma Mater, F.S.U. We ' ll stand by Old White and Blue! , — Mrs. Mary T. Eldridge m tarn gn n :i JOSTENS

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