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1 FAYETTEVILLIAN FAYETTEVILE STATE UNIVERSITY DEDICATION 2 THEME 3 CHANCELLOR 4 BOARD OF TRUSTEES 6 CHANCELLORS CABINET 8 CANDIDS .... . . 14 HOMECOMING . . .17 STUDENT LIFE .. .33 CLASSES . . .48 ACADEMICS . .105 . .113 ..123 . .149 . .161 ..174 . .176 ..178 ..184 .201 . .206 . .218 ..220 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION ORGANIZATIONS HONOR SOCIETIES GREEK AND NON GREEK ORGANIZATIONS CHEERLEADERS AIR FORCE ROTC PRESCHOOL LABORATORY SPORTS ADMINISTRATION STAFF FACULTY YEARBOOK STAFF COMMENCEMENT . . . . With deep affection, we the staff of the 1985-86 Fayettevillian Yearbook dedicate this volume of the yearbook to Dr. And Mrs. Walter T. Pace, two very unique people. Mrs. Valeria J. Pace, Postal Clerk, has served the students of Fayetteville State University for 30 years. A native of Fayetteville, North Carolina she received the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Fayetteville State University and did further study at Atlanta University. Ms. Pace began her career as a teacher in the public schools of Georgia where she held positions in the Wayne County School System, Sumter County School System and the Americus City School System. During her tenure at FSU she has served as clerk-in-charge of the Post Office and Bookstore. Ms. Pace presently serves as a member of the State Employees Association of North Carolina and a member of the Fayetteville State University National Alumni Association. Ms. Pace is the mother of a daughter, Jacqueline Pace and a member of the Baptist Union Missionary Church. Dr. Walter T. Pace, Professor of Education, has served the students of Fayetteville State University for 30 years. An outstanding role model for those who strive to enrich their lives, communities and race. Dr. Pace has proven himself to be an exemplary intellectual and educational leader on the contemporary scene. A native of Sumter County, Georgia, he received his B.S. Degree in Agricultural Education from Savannah State College. Subsequently, he acquired the Masters Degree in Elementary Education Administration and Supervision from Atlanta University and the Doctorate of Education from Wayne State University. During his tenure at FSU he has served in many capacities including Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology, Director of Student Teaching, Chairman, Department of Education and Psychology and Director, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Institutional Self-Study. He has also been a Visiting Professor of Education in the Florida A M University Graduate School. Dr. Pace is the father of a daughter, Jacqueline Pace and holds memberships in the North Carolina Teachers Association, the National Teachers Association, and the National Education Association. COMMENTS FROM FORMER STUDENTS Dr. Walter T. Pace is an outstanding teacher; one who is always interested in excellence. He taught us and I agree, that " education is a change in behavior for a desirable end " . Dr. Ella W. Batchelor ' 61. Dr. Pace, " You ' re a definite asset to your profession. Thanks for sharing your wisdom " . Mrs. Kathy Perez, Graduate Student ' 85 r .r , i • • -1 7 V X ' ••-l - ♦- -, ■i f5. 4 ' m ' , -: ' ' S Board Of Trustees Mrs. Maxine OKelley, Vice Mrs. Ashton Fox, Secretary Chairman Mr. M. Grant Batey Mrs. Laurens C. Bondshu Ms. Louise Driver, SCA President Swearing In of Board of Trustee Members Top L-R Mr. Felton Capel, Mrs. Laurens Bondshu, Mr. Grarlt Batey, Mr. Hernian Thompsorr and Dr. Larnie Horton are sworn in by Mr. Tommy Griffin, Clerk of Courts. Bottom Left Distinguished members of the platform, listen attentively while Mr. Curtis Jefferson, Student Government Association President 1984-85 make remarks during the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the FayetteviUe State University new Library on May 6, 198S. Chancellor Charles " K ' Lyons, Jr. Family Top Left: Mrs. Rosa D. Lyons and Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. Middle Right: (Seated) Mrs. Rosa D. Lyons (Standing) L-R Mr. Charles H. Lyons, Dr. Brcnda M. Lyons and Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. Bottom Middle: Dr. Brenda M. Lyons and Mrs. Rosa D. Lyons Bottom Right: L-R Dr. Charles " A " Lyons Jr., and Mr. Charles H. Lyons. Bottom Left: Ms. Shelia R. Lyons, R.N. CHANCELLOR ' S MESSAGE As this institution opened its doors almost six-score years ago, its founders envisioned that it would meet certain basic needs of the black population which was just emerging from slavery as the country was emerging from the Civil War. Today Fayetteville State University is proud to have expanded its goals and aspirations to the point that we strive to meet the needs of all segments of our society. We have indeed recognized that we are a full service university. Our institution has reached yet another milestone this year in reaching the Comprehensive Univer- sity Level I status. We recognize the responsibilities associated with it and commit ourselves and our resources to the task of not only meeting but exceeding the minimum expectations of an institution at this level. Throughout its illustrious history Fayetteville State University has embarked upon many missions and accomplished many feats. The sterling past must not be tarnished by mere mediocrity as we continue to present our achievements in " deeds, not words. " As we go about our day-to-day activities we must constantly endeavor and project the most positive image of our university. The quality that has been a hallmark of this university will loom even brighter in the future if this principle is more consistantly applied. Whatever the pursuit, be it in academics, sports, residence life, or leisure time; excellence should always be our prudent guide. I challenge the faculty, staff and students to remain ever-cognizant of our past and join me in my excitement for the future of Fayetteville State University — " where quality and excellence are our primary goals. " Office Of The Provost And Vice Chancellor For Academic Affairs DR. VALERIA P. FLEMING Office Of The Vice Chancellor For Institutional Development DR. JAMES E. CARSON Office Of The Vice Chancellor For Student Development Office Of The Vice Chancellor For Business Affairs Dr. J.V. Parham ma Senior Administrators Dr. Denise Mahone, Director of Administrative Services Mr. John D. Marshall, Director of Athletics IB Dr. Charles -A " Lyons, Jr., Chancellor chats with the speaker for Founders Day 1985, Dr. Joseph B. Johnso President of Gramblmg State University. iMtiii " ' L-R Dr Marye Jeffries, Director of Weekend . nd Eveing College And Interim Director of Continuing Education Center, Dr. Valeria Fleming, Provost And tce Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Dr. Bessie W. Blake, Dean, School of New Resources. College of New Rochelle in New York; Dr. Charles • A Lyons, Jr., Chancellor. Dr. Bessie Blake, speaks to the faculty, staff and administrators during the Pre-School Conference held in August. FALL CONVOCATION Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons, Jr., in his address at the university ' s 118th Fall Convocation, challenges the school ' s five new deans and its director of graduate studies to use their ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness to endow the schools first academic chair. In addressing the new students. Chancellor Lyons said " pride in oneself and the school is needed, as well as personal integrity. " " We want to see our students take pride in an institution that is serious about providing them with the kind of education that they are entitled to. " BLACK COLLEGE DAY mBim - il BLACK COLLEGE DAY: EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXCUSE Stand up and Cheer! Stand up and cheer for one of the most impressive events of the Bronco ' s school year Black College Day. It is a day when the Broncos join together with other students from predominantly Black Colleges and Universities across North Carolina to emphasize the importance of black college unity. While musicians gather to aid the hungry of the world, students from Fayetteville State University were traveling to Raleigh, North Carolina to display their support to the national leaders who stress the importance of Black Colleges and Universities. 1 ; ... 1 k i Ky mK i Top Left: Dianna Cooper is seated at the headtable during the Pre- Coronation Dinner held in her honor. Top Right. sha Mo Mv M Alpha Kappa Alpha is irted by Garrett Davis. Middle Left: AUyson ms, Miss Day Student is escorted by Mr. Day Student, Sherman Baker, Middle Right: Pamela Dawes, Miss Harris Hall is escorted by Mark Wellman. Bottom Left: Sonja Thomas, one of Miss FSUs attendants is seated with her escort Raeford Melton. Bottom Right: Marcia Varboro, Miss FSU 1984-85, Vikki Watson, Miss Williams Hall and Irish Sledge pose for a photograph )re the Pre-Coronation dinner begins. befi 1 fIF 1 Y i L- m! J bjj m 1 la 3j M « w ' 1 Top le r ' Dianna Cooper, Mi Top Middle: Ashelia Sims, is Robinson, Miss New Residen Middle Left: Thressia Kee, M Conyers. Middle: LaBeatr displays a iov Reid and esco Barbara Willi. FSU, is escorted by Tony Crawford, ittle Miss FSU. Top Right: Demita s Hall, and escort Daniel Kee Dunlap. s Hood Hall, and escort Keith Hemby and Miss Senior. Linda Holden Zeti ■ly smile. Middle Right: Mi t Kenneth Reid. Bottom Left: M ms and escort Roderick Norris. Phi Beta, Overa i Alpha Phi Omega, Coronation Of Miss FSU Top Right Miss Dianna Cooper, Mi s Fayetteville State University, greets the audience with a lovely smile. Middle Lett: Miss FSU receives a warm kiss from her mother. Middle Right: Miss FSU receives a Isiss from Chancellor Charles -A " Lyons, Jr. as his wife, Mrs. Rosa Lyons looks on. Middle: Miss FSU by Tony Crawford and James Starling, who ai Air Force ROTC Cadets Bottom Left: M Harold L. Nixon, Vice Chancellor for Studer ' ilh Miss FSU, Diann Cooper after the Coronation Ceremonies. Botloi Right: Kathi Staton, Crystal Cooper attendant of Miss FSU performs before Miss FSU, ht rt and the audi Homecoming Parade 1985 The participants and dignitaries in the parade makes Fayetteville State University ' s Homecoming truly a Day To Remember. The Residence Hall queens wave to the spectators. Miss Fayetteville State University Marching Band shows the crowd what it is all about. The lovely Miss Fayetteville State University brings out the beauty of her float. The Grand Marshall, Lt. Col. Clarence Willie and family; Dr. Charles " A " Lyons, Jr., Chancellor and wife, Mrs. Rosa Lyons: and other members of the viewing stand watch the parade. The Bronco Marching Band is caught in the act of throwing down. Tribute To The Oueens a 1 Top Left: Rodney Barnes sings a delightful song in tribute to the queens. Top Right: Miss Fayetteville State University, Dianna Cooper captures her audience with a magnificent smile as she gracefully walks toward her court. Middle Bottom: Pamela Dawes, Miss Harris Hall is escorted by Mark Wellman Middle Right: Venita Best, Miss Fellowship of Future Scientist escorted by Lionel Whidbee, Top Ri ht: Demita Robinson, Miss New Residence Hall receives a kiss from her escort Daniel Dunlap. Bottom Left: Chancellor Charles " A Lyons, Jr. and his wife Mrs. Rosa Lyons enjoy a wonderful evening at the Coronation. Top Left: Cynthi Johnson, Miss Joyner Hall is Bottom Right: Little Miss FSU, Ashelia Sims is escorted by Willi B Barfield. Top Middle: Dianna surprised when she receives a lovely rose from Cooper. Mi b Fd eltevillc Slate Univeisitv- her escort ■ " " " " " ■ ■ C " ' " : Shinese Galloway Miss Society for the Adv Management Theresa Graham Miss Collegiate Fello Jacqueline Harris Miss Baptist Student Un Shari Johnson Miss Sophomoi Sheryl Jone. Mis? Sociology Club Thressia Kee Miss Hood Hall BiMlWIillHWimiWMIIIIIIIIIIIIH Top Right: Son]a Pitts, Miss Junior escorted by Charles Clegg, Jr.; Michelle Ballard, Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center escorted by Daniel Graham, Jr. Top Right: Bonita Holland, Miss Delta Sigma Theta receives flowers from her cort Andrew T Campbell Bottom Right: The lovely Miss Fayetteville State University, Dianna Cooper. ' M - " V 1 " 1. u: ' .M : fx jiK n ' f ■v D ' K ■ f ' 9 M i H Top Left: VikUi Watson. Miss Williams Hall is escorted by Rueben Fenner Top Right: Torette Underwood. Miss Vance Hall is escorted by Tommy Hendley. Middle Lett: Jacqueline Harri Miss Baptist Student Union, is escorted by Rodney Barnes. Middle Right: Renee King, Mv Alpha Kappa Mu is escorted by David Moye. Bottom Right: Shervl Jones. Miss Sociology Club is escorted by Lawrence Hart Treni ' .ha Moore Miss Alpha Kappa Alph, Tina Ware Miss FSU Gospel Cho Vikki Watson Miss Williams Hall Baibara Williams Miss Alpha Phi Omega The lovely university queens made a sunny day even bright er as their floats and cars approached the spectators during the Homecoming Parade, 1985. The little baton twirlers marched to the sounds of the bands behind them. Middle Left: Jerome Morgan, Bronco quarterback call the play as he looks for his receiver. Top Right: Benj ■ity Rams s defense attempts to bring him dowi Left: Kim Currie and Miss Alpha Phi Alph McGuire cheer the Broncos on for a touchdi Middle Right: Coach Robert Pullian xt play. Bottom Righ Fayetteville State University Broncos try to block Winston Salem State University Rams from mak « «i, .Jf -, ■ •I ' WI 9 J Mi ' .MitSu-rtMm- Fop Uit Chjno ll.jr Chjrltb to the bronco family Jnd friends during the halftime activities. MiJd e ie : The Marching Broncos show their " stuff " , as they perform to the unds of " Doug E, Fresh " Top Right: The arching Rams pump it up at the halftime activities. Bottom Right: Lt. Col Clarence Willie, Grand Marshall for the Homecoming Parade, speaks before Chancellor Lyons and spectators of the homecoming game. Homecoming Week Wrap-up!! Student Life Halloween Party Top Left: Herman Wilson, IM disguised as tKe Wolfman holds Nlchi Hogan and Claudette Owens as his hostages (but they like it). Middle: L-R juanita Cobb, Wendy Campbell, Betty Tew and Sylvia Dukes enjoy the movie Halloween, II as they munch on the Halloween treats. Bottom Left: Garry Mitchell tries to take a bite out of Pamela Privette ' s neck. Bottom Right: Kathy Rogers, Evette McKoy, Eugene Johnson and Susan Thompson take a break after serving refreshments and treats during the annual Halloween Party sponsored by the Student Center. October 31, 1985. Thanksgiving Party i, Program Director, Student Center Galloway, President of the Advisory Top Left: (L-R) Mr. Jerry Wi refills the punch bowl as Sh: Board prepares to serve punch, Middle: (L-R) Tjuana Wells, Janice Ridley, and Zelma Mills enjoy the Thanksgiving Party treats. The party is sponsored by the Student Center, Bottom Left: Franklin King, Darvin Greene, and Randolph Williams ? after a hardy Thanksgiving Bottom Right Looking at the expression on Yav nda Melvin and Yvette Manson s face, the chicken is finger-licking good. iill Post — Homecoming Show Featuring Atlantic Starr Fresh Air Top Right Barbara Weathers, lead singer of Atlantic Starr and a native of Greensboro, North Carolina Middle: David Lewis and Barbara Weathers lead singers of Atlantic Starr open the concert with " Silver Shadow " Botton Left: Filz and David of Atlantic Starr pause from the concert to show off one of their musical skills Bottom Right: Mark Melvin, staff of WFFS Radio Station pose with Barbara Weathers lead singer of Atlantic Starr. Mark and Barbara are both from Greensboro, NC. Post Homecoming Show Con ' t Top Left Fresh Air Band. (L-R) Donnell Blackmon, Cynthia Evans, David McNeill, Joseph Fordham, Dennis McNeill and Michael Melvin sang a melody of hits as they open up the Post Homecoming Show on December 2, 1985 in the Seabrook Auditorium. Middle. Hands up for Atlantic Starr The crowd really gets up and expr ess their feelings when Atlantic Starr sang Silver Shadow. Bottom Right. Members of the bronco band enjoy the sounds of Atlantic Starr. Bottom Left. It is enjoyable to watch the different facial expressions of the audience as the groups perform. Christmas In The New Residence Hall Top Right Paula Williams and Belinda Lowery pose oulside of their ivinning suite. Suite 301 came in first place for thi Christmas Decoration Competition in New Residence Hall Middle Left Wanda Avant, Kristal Johnson, DeGina Clyde and Janice McKoy pose in front of the Christmas tr their L-R Karia Jackson, Yvefte Doty, Aretha Jones, Cadilia Riggins and Yvonne Raeford gather around the Christmas tree in the lounge area of New Residence Hall. wm. BHI Top Right; Chervl Dates, knows how to pose in front of a camera. Middle Chervl Washington. Dorothy Horton and Shelia Holmes relax before the Christmas Holiday begins Bottom Left: Stephanie Modi takes a break from final exams to pose for a photograph Bottom Right Roscoe KiUelt is a true bronco, and . mt ddh Right: Ta ' earson, and Dwight Mur and ' A ' cndy Jones. , Sonya Williams and Mark ttom teft.Tra 1 Freda Jones. Bottom Right: Sylvester Robinson and Michael Randall. wm nmjm Oliver Bradley Andre ' Branch Lvnne Bunce Freeman Bunch Mathematics English Intermediate Education Psychology Fayetteville, NC Castle Haynes, NC Stedman, NC Newport News, VA Rodolfo Campbell Clyde Can Sharlene Carter Maurice Chance Business Administration Early Childhood Edu ation English Fayetteville, NC Norfolk, VA Fayetteville, NC RobersonviUe, NC Michael Christian Business Administrah Lumberton, NC Barbara Clare Sociologv Robersonville, NC Gloria Cogdell Geography Favetteville. NC 5am my Cole Business Administrati. Fayelteville. NC Angela Collins Dianm Cooper Business Admi lislration Mathematics Raleigh, NC Nesmith, SC Georgette Cooper Business Administration Liberia, West Africa Shirley Cooper Fayetteville, NC Kerwin Cross Kimberlv Currie Mathematics Office Administ Jamesville, NC Fayetteville, NC James Daniels, Jr. Music Education Elizabethtown, NC Public Administ Albemarle, NC Kelvin Edmonton Business Adminislrati Brenda Elliott Business Administratii Stedman, NC Sandra Elliott Intermediate Education Linden, NC Valencia Fields Speech Theatre Kinslon, NC Patricia Fonvillc Administration New Bern, NC Shelby Frazier Business Administration Fayetteville, NC Victoria Fuller ' Administration Greensboro, NC Patricia Cause Business Administratii Shallotte, NC 9m Debra GiUes Horace Graham Mary Graham Sandra Greaves Business Administration Political Science Business Administration Business Administration San Antonio, TX Roseboro, NC Kenansville. NC Long Island, NY Darvi 1 Greene Mark Greer Marvin Hardy Chae Harris Mathe m itics Economics Business Administration Physical Education Wilmi ngton, NC Fayetteville, NC Tampa Bay, FL Dayton, OH Charles Harris Physical Education Wendell, NC osa Haywood Sociology Fayetteville, NC Anthony Hedgepeth Business Administration Rocky Mount, NC La Beatrice Hem by English Jacksonville, NC Twindal Jame Business Administration Williamston, NC Kimberly Jeffri Psychology Linden, NC Janet Jenkins Early Childhood Educatit Leland, NC Rudolph Jenkins Business AdminisI Hope Mills, NC Barbara Johnson Business Administration Roanoke Rapids, NC Dennis John Economics Bronx, NY Eugene Johnson, Jr. Linda Johnson Business Administration Intermediate Educat Fayetteville, NC Elizabethtown, NC Sandra Johnson Speech And Theatre Stamford, CT Sharon Johnson Business Administration Pinetops, NC Sheryl Jones Sociology Fuquay-Varin Vickie Jones Business Administration Fuquay-Varina, NC Roscoe Killett Business Admin Clinton, NC Rene King Bus . Adn Tarheel, NC Ruth King Business Administration Fayetteville, NC Dewayne Kinston Political Science Fayetteville, NC Virginia Leonard Early Childhood Educatii Fayetteville, NC Martha Lockley Business Administration Asbury Park, NJ lindell Lofton Early Childhood Edu Kinston, NC Wanda Lofton Early Childhood Education Leland, NC ■iBBSiVmiV Julius Majekodunmi Business Administration Abeokuta, Nigeria Stephanie Matthews Early Childhood Education Goldsboro, NC Tommy McCutchen Business Administratii Red Springs, NC Tracey McGuire Business Administration Godwin, NC Steve McMillan Music Education Parkton, NC Cerleen McMillian Business Administration Fayetteville, NC £ oise McNamara Business Administration Fayetteville, NC Etta McNeill Early Childhood Education Dunn, NC Vivian McRae Early Childhood Education Sanford, NC Faye Mitchell Psychology Lillington, NC Vivian Mitchener Early Childhood Education Smithfield, NC Mitchell Mittowei Mathematics Spring Lake, NC wsam Jerry Monroe Donna Montgomery Gregory Moore Ja-Net Moore Political Science Political Science Speech Theatre Business Admi nistration Laurinburg, NC FayelteviUe, NC Bessemer, AL Auio.a NC Jerry Moore Namti Musungu John Newkirk Donita Norman Psychology Economics English Political Science Warsaw, NC Nairobi, Kenya Fayetteville, NC Lexington, NC Lvnette Ortiz Steven Ow ens Melvin Parks Margaret Phillips Business Administration Biology Sociology Business Administration Fort Bragg, NC Fayetteville NC Fayetteville, NC Rocky Mount, NC ■■■n ■ipaivi Michael Randall Business Administratii Fayetteville, NC Olis Ran saw Political Science Fayetteville, NC Melody Rawles Business Administratic Suffolk, VA Margaret Raymes Elementary Education Fayetteville, NC Sylvester Robinson Business Administratk Decatur. GA Sylvia Robimon English Literature Martha Ross Intermediate Edu St. Louis, MO Cleo Saffoe History Educatioi Fayetteville, NC Russell Saunders Political Science Danville. VA Ronald Scurry Business Admir Raeford, NC Robin Shaw Speech and Theatre Fayetteville, NC Darryl Shepard Business Administratii Fayetteville. NC Denise Shellcrosslee Intermediate Education Fayetteville. NC Wanda Sin Sociology Fayetteville. NC Kenneth Sims Business Administration Mollis. NY Brenda Smith Business Administratio Fayetteville. NC mmmmmgm Donald Smith Business Administration Williard, NC Tricia Southerland Intermediate Educat Fayettevilie, NC Valeria Strayhorr Political Science Trenton, NC Peggy Stuhbs Elementary Education Lillington, NC Wellington Button, Jr. Elementary Education Lillington, NC Marilyn Taylor Intermediate Educatio Hope Mills, NC Shellarnelta Thames Business Administratio Fayettevilie, NC Son a Tho Mathemati Fayettevilli Karlene Thompkina Business Administration Fayettevilie, NC Regina Tucker Intermediate Education Fayettevilie, NC Denita Underwood Business Administration White Oak, NC meeaa Bonnie W lston Kevin Wardhw Victoria IX ' arre n Angeb IVashington Sociology Speech Business Adm nislralion Sociology Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville, NC Rembert. SC Badin. NC Vickie Watson Robert Wicker Artbo r William 5 Benjamin Williamf Office Administration Business Administration Busine ss Admit listtation Business Administration Fayetteville, NC Atlanta, GA Tar bo o, NC Fayetteville. NC Denife William-, Business Administration Fayetteville, NC bociology FayettevilU Joyce Williamf English Fayetteville, NC Phvllif Williams Office Administrati( KenansviUe, NC Randolph Williams Mathematics Fayetteville. NC Robin Williams Intermediate Edu Plainfield, NJ Stella Williams Sociology Fayetteville, NC Michael Willis Mathematics Fayetteville, NC jefferv Womble English Fayetteville. NC Cynthia Woodson Public Administration Goldsboro, NC Cec;7 Wooten Music Education LaCrange, NC Dehra Wright Bus , Adn Middleton. OH ¥11 i wmm Junior Class Officers Top Right: Eric Henry, President Middle: Shinese Galloway, Treasurer; Alton McCoy, Vice President; Eric Henry, President; and Phyllis Thompson, Secretary Ms. Theola Swinson, Adviser «i IHIittll tammm I A , i MHi Freshmen Class Officers Top Right: Samuel Cole, President Middle: (L-R) Terry Luther, Mr, Freshmen; Donna Mitchell, Secretary; Samuel Cole, President; Mary Blythers, Student Government Association Representative; Mildred Moore, SGA Representative Alternate; Patrick Cannon; Vice President Dr. Robert Lemons, Adviser Jill Alexander Julian Anders Michelle Arce Selby Artis Wanda Avant Maurice Bake Judy Allen Raymond Anderson Robert Arch( Anthony Ashford Maryann Ay Albert Baldw Eric Allsbrook Betty Andrews Christopher Sharon Ba Be Tracy Ballard HB Fresh men " ,ild Barber Mync Battc JiS Kelvin Bell ?u Kevin Bibbs imolhy Bethea Barbartha Chrisl Baugh Allison Bennett Chyllaum Bilal Mary Bland Valerie Bowden Jacqueline E Sabrina Bio Amy Boyd Ronald Bern Cheryl Bivi, Mary BIylhc Leala Boyd Travis Bridges Alonzo Browri Alfreda Bryant Angela Bullock Jewel Burt Kendle Brinkley Anthony Brown Brenda Bryant Barry Bullock Ray Burton Raymond Bradley Lavetta Brinkley Edwin Brown Deon Bryant Ricky Bullock Benita Butler Althenia Brayboy Tony Brokenborough Freshmen Shelia Byrd Patrick Canijor Vickie Carroll Regina Chance Darden Christopher Marlie Clay Tony Byrd Albert Cape April Cartel Charke Felisha Clark Juanita Cobb bimone Carter Donna Chavis LaShell Clark Phillip Coefield Robin Carnley Ronald Caulder Steven Chestnutt Phillip Clark Charles Coghill Wendy Campbell Robert Carr Gloria Cepeda Wendell. Chestnut Treva Clark Samuel Cole Fresh men Collado Jasper Cooks Darran Cotton Sonja Crisp Pamela Dawes Jernara Davis l-rystal eooper Petonia Cotton Sylvia Crisp Sandra Dambrosio Kevin Davis Jantes Collins Deborah Coope Renae Council Kellie Crone William Daniel Margie Davis bean Collins Kelvin Cooper Karen Crump Tyrone David Marvin Davis Melba Conley Tonya Cooper Sheldon Cox Constance Culbreth Keith Conyer Bennie Corbe Tonya Cozart Freshmen Bradley Dent Gina Doggett Syliva Dukes Demetress Day Debraha Diggs Martheina Doty Anthony Dean Faye DeDerr Dennis Diggs Corky Disrr Miranda Angie Dove Douglas Aaron Drye Larnell Dunkley Wylie Ellis Annie Eli Lyndia Fairc Da Di! Ida Dudley Adclc Dy on Wendy Elston William Faircloth Kevin DeLoach Diane Dixon Martha Dudley Margaret Eagle Jane Erickson Monty Faison Kristie Fisher Vlandra Ford Steven Fray Darryl Fulton Stephanie Gearhart John Foster Melody Frazi: Cynthia Gabi Michael Geor Cynthia Gadson David George Galbreath Darlene Geor Freshmen Roderick Gilbert Charlotte Gc Deborah Gts Delia Greene Andre Guild Goii Sharon Glast Deborah Good Pamela Gray Gail Griffin Antonio Gunter Cedric Halyard Freshmen mond John Harper Lisa Harris James Hardiste Lanilla Harper Lynwood Harri David Hawks Troy Hilderbrand Shirlene Milliard Hardne tt Sandra Harpei Tracy Harris Pamela Hayes Dorothy Hill Cheryl Hines Earl Hardy Anthony Bryan Haygood Edward Hill Georee Hintze Doretha Harkley D ' arrell Harri: Carol Harriso Kim Heggins Joan Hill Annie Hobbs Robin Hill Samuel Hodge Freshmen Celeste Holland Toussaii Rosezella Holt Holland Charles Hughes Charles es Theresa Carla Jackson Barbar Jacobs Humphries Lisa Ingram David Jackson Carla James Myron Hollmond Ulyssee Hoc Wiley Hunnicutt Nancy Inne Kerry Jacksi Kathy Jame: Kimbra Holloway Ronald Hooker Dwayne Hunt Lisa Ivery Janice Jackson Patrick James Charles Holmes Kenneth Home Yausi Hunt Raymond Ivey Joseph Jackson Rosalyn James Tyrone Jefferson Angela Johnson Gloria Johnson Melissa Johnson Steven Johnson Angela Jones Johnson Ina Johnson Nina Johnsor Theresa Johnson Aretha Jones Jenkins Christa Johi Jonathan Johnson Phillip John Maurice Jenkins William Everett Johnson Jennette Betty Jones Furman Johnson Deena Jo Ai Michael Jones Shawn Jordan Eldridge Keith Blonda Kclls Beverly Killi, PeKKV Kina Laurie Jones Jonathan Jorda Ronald Knight Freshmen Cindy Lindsey Alan Linebei Lisa Locklear Lee Lockley Tony Lee Katheryn Lisa les Logan John Legette Angela Little Sandra Little Dianna Long Michael Lykes Gwen Manuel Harold Lewis, II Shirley Little Glenn Looper Angela Lynch Pamela Mariblc Freshmen McDougald Urel McGil Michelle McCoy McDoi James Kimber McDougald Mclnto Percy McGiU Tina M Julie McKetrick Tina McCauley Sherri McCoy Jacqueline McAllister Wayne McCauley les McCrae Marshall McDuFfie Gwendolyn Mclntyre Janice McKoy McAuley Quan McClu Karla McCre Bobby McEachern Clara McCollough David McCullough Uaryl McLean Crystal McMillan ramela McLean Gregory McMillan Shelia McLean Janice McMillan Terrie McLean Hedda McMiUian Charles McLendon Larry Deborah McLeod Stephanie Jeffery McLeod Teresa McMillian Michael McLymo Sammie Sharon Renea McNair Tonya McNeil Wanda McNeil McMillian McMillian Jeffery Miller McMinn McMurray Susan McPhail Wayne McRae Virginia McPhattcr Curtis Melvin Julia McQueen Yavanda Melvin Shane Sandra McQueen Sonja Medley Gloria McNeill Earl McRae David Christopher Miller Rita Mil Aneela Merritt John Metcalf Charlene Miles Merriman wr ,Wf w gg=g? ' ' T " , Ifc-. I Mims Chi Tommy Mitchel Undford Monlcy Colic Moore David Mitchell Kelly Monroe Alfreda Morri cy Fresh men Rodney Myrick Sheryl Newkirk Theodore Dates Debbie Parker Welton Patterson .«i ecca Moyer Mary Narron Angela Newton Cecil O ' Brien Linda Parker Katherine Joyce Munn Willie Nash Flania Nibbs Michael OBri Melvin Parke Denise Pawlii Donald Murphy Hazel Murphy Vicky Nr- ' - " - " ' ' William Ni Andrew Oli ' con Maurice ver Northington nley Sharon Olney John Nwogalanya Fresh men f n - - i, 9.9 Shelia Pitt Joseph Powell Byron Pritchar( Sal Rainer Anthony Pe Katherine Pi Jerry Pullum Robert Randle Patricia Petty Darnell Pope Kenneth Price Cynthia Purdi( Donald Ray Angela Peters Kristy Pfeiffe Jimmie Pope Robert Price Willie Purdie Janice Ray Dora Peterson Beverly Pickett Larry Port( Leroy Pridgen, III Ramona Raeford Valerie Ray Freshmen Tony Rhode Janet Rivcrii Robinson Ronnie Rouse Patricia Rice Anita Robers Audrey Robinson Tyrone Robinson Larry Rountr Richardson Lawrence Roberson Brian Robinsi Kalhy Rogers Gloria Royste Marcellus Renwrick Joseph Ricks James Roberts Gina Robinson Defarious Rolle Robert Ruffin Claudia Reynolds Aretha Ridley Robin Roberts Gregory Robinson Wanda Ross Larry Russell Mi, Freshmen Delia Sampson Bobbie Shepard Kelly Shipman Patrick Simon James Simpson Amino Smith Arnold Smith Sidney Samuel Rhonna Schiebe Sharpless Gary Shockey Keith Singleton Bridget Smith Sonja Samuel Elaine Scott Matthew Shai Langdon Sills Sarah Skinnei Gwendolyn Smith Freshmen Lynn Spearman Ted Squire Charlcne Stegall ' inda Smith angee Smoot trrin Spells Diane Stalnake Fred Spencer Kathleen Staton Ronald Smit Lionel Snow William Spit Francis Stell; Anna Suedbeck Kenneth Vivian Swinson Sumblin Edward Syke Sandra Smith Sheryl Solomoi Marshell SpottsviUe Prince Stewart William Surfao Maxine Tabron Southern Kimberly Spriggs Tarsha Stone Hope Sutton Barbara Taylo: Fresh men Nathaniel Orlando Taylor Richard Taylor Shinita Tay Taylor Trease Teasley Luther Terry Betty Tew ames Teasley Anglia Cedric Hetty Wanda Thomas Thompson Thompson Thompson Teresa Anita Tillman Angela Kenneth Tir Thornton Theresa Timmons Donna True Thurlene Taylor j .-,. Sandra Tew David Thon Margaret Tucker Sabrena Underwood Delina Thoma: Reg- •■ Tho mberly Toot !lia Turner Marcus Virgil Freshmen Diane Walker William Walte Dennis Washington Gwendolyn Watson Robert West Mechelle Whil Ed Walker Brenda Walton Dwayne Washington Monique Watson James Whaley Regina White Marible Washington Phyllis Watson Danny Whitaker Emily Whitted Charles Ward Patricia Washington Kara Webb Jeana Whitake Yolanda Whitted Washington Alton Webster Deborah White Alton Whitfield Freshmen Williams Shawn Willi; Anita Willoughby Shirley Wilsi Charles Williams Michael Williams Shawn William Daniel Wilson Gerald Wineate Karen Wilderman Dayton Williams Pamela Williams Sonya Willie Derrick Wil Susan WinsI Alice William- Dexter Williai Pamela Williams Stephen Williams Jeffrey Wilson Douglas Winte Williams Dwight Williams Randy Willi; Tangelia Williams Lamar Wilso Juka Wolfe 6 f 9 R 6 John Tyler Anthony Waltor Vikki Watson Mark Wellman Dimple White Tracy White Valerie White Sallie Whitehead Debra Williams Phyllis Williams Sandra Wilson Charles Wyman Juniors Day Student Association Top: (L-R) Gregory Moore, Vice President; Allvison, lims, Miss Day Student Association; Delia Sampson, sistant Secretary, Anthony Bell, Student Government Usociation Representative, Sherman Baker, President Bottom: Sherman Baker Dr. Loleta Wood Foster, Adv SGA President Louise Driver L-R Mr. Harold L. Nixon, Vice Chancellor for Student Development and Adviser lo Student Government Association; Louise Driver, SGA President; Dianna Cooper, Miss Fayetteville State University; Kevin Evans, SGA Business Manager and Eugene Johnson, SGA Vice President The Reality Of A New Beginning Suddenly, plans became realities and the future becomes the present. The students became involved in aiming to mak.( their year a most memorable one. Casting their vote for the candidate of their choice was a way to end the old year and Smiles that influences. Middle left: Louise Driver, for the Student Government Association President Daniel Dunlap some helpful suggestions prior to casting his vote. Top right: Anthony Alexander, SCA Business Manager 1984, greets Kevin Evans a candidate for SCA Business Maj ' ' Bottom right: Latonya McGuire, Sharon Lumpkin ani Eugenia Losen show their support for Vikki Watson running for Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center I --IW Elected Officials Speak Question; Having achieved a very important goal in life, v ' hat adv their goals? jld you give to your fellow students who i Louise Driver, Student Government Association President Comments . . . Having achieved a very important goal in life, I would advise fellow students who are striving to achieve their goals to always keep in mind that life is a series of individualized choices. It is a historical fact that a minimal number of goals are achieved in the absence of appropriate preparation. Furthermore, one ' s attitude and perception of the goals set, as well as decisions made today will directly or indirectly affect those goals achieved tomorrow. For these reasons alone, each personal choice made today should enhance the possibility of successfully obtaining a specific personal goal and or concerted effort tomorrow. Eugene Johnson, SGA Vice President Comments . . Having achieved such an important goal in life has given me greater confidence in myself, and a better view and understanding of the cognizant demands of our society and economy. Your interest, desires, dedication, motivation, determination, and hard work, are goals you must ascertain for your opposition. You need much more than just the idea of striving to succeed in life. Set no limit to the amount of that quality and some more in order to face the challenges of the future. It is my hope and dream that as each of you graduate, you will work toward gaining as many skills as possible in your chosen profession. Kevin Evans, SGA Business Manager Comments . . . Perseverance is the key!!! within all aspects of life (college or society) the ability to persevere is important. Foresight is also important; being able to plan for the future and stick to those plans, make goals a lot easier to obtain. With a combination of perseverance and foresight success will be the ultimate outcome. Michelle Ballard, Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center Comments After having achieved one of my many goals in life I would advise my fellow BRONCOS to strive very hard even when everything seems to be failing and try to always reach for the stars. It is most important to put all of your trust in God, because he and he alone can help you achieve all of your n 1 1 . SGA Vice President Eugene Johnsorii Theresa Craham, Secretary Eugene Jolinson Student Government Association Vice President and The Graham SGA Business Manager Kevin Evans Kevin Evans, Student Government Association Business Manager itn quest of a vote. Louise Driver, Patrena Sawyer, Michelle Ballard ai d Vikki Watson surround Jerry Monroe as they try to persuade him to cast his vote for them. Bottom Lei Board ask j names off the mTout idate for Miss FayetteviHe Slate Uni- Cooper candidate for Miss FSU pass out iey enter the Student Center. rasBBi Miss Fayetteville State University Dianna Cooper Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center ORGANIZATIONS Gospel Choir Wl r-? fiPM I r?li» ' - " Kneeling (L-R) Darwin Campbell, Quinzell McKenzie, Michael Chase, Robert Brown, Raeford Melton (1st row) L-R — Tammy Bennett, Kristie Fisher, Jewel Burt, Wanda Hamm, Kimberly Currie, Mitzy Parker, Renee Little, Jackie McKnight, Vivian Swinson, Valerie Bratts, Twanda Thompson, Jackie Harris, Rachel Asbery, Theresa Johnson, Demetric Hall (2nd row) L-R Jennifer Fields, Camelia Sherard, Tammy McKoy, James Collins, Roy Dudley, John Foster, Anthony Townsend, Dennis Hogan, Puccine Poseboro, Aegela Newton, Sylvia Baskins, Amenda Sturdivand, Sandra Elliott, Tina Ware, Wanda Crosby, Carletta Jorden, Yvette McCoy (3rd row) L-R Wilbert Harris, Perry Ashford, William Jennette, Anthony Ch ristian, Todd Parker, JoDoundee Dawson, Kecia White, Angela Robinson L-R. Dr. Victor Hchert, Robin Campbell, Joelta Matlhews, Wanda R Smith. Katrina Deed, Julie Lockett, Constance Culbreth, Sophia Sansbury, Blonde Kells, Marainetla Thompson, Djuana Corhett, Jacintia Langslon, Benita Lyons, Jasper Cook. Firft Rciv L-R: Stephonia Hinton, Lynne Fleetwood, Carlos Milligan, Deborah Revis, Lisa Hams, Donald Moreno, Kendle Brinkley, Carrie Turner, Carlotta Harrington, Sharon McMurry. Second Row L-R: Darel McDonald. Cleomise Jones, Henry Bethea, Kevin Farmer, James Howard, Christopher Fleetwood, Paschal Priest, Angela Pettaway, Felicia Johnson. Third Row L-R: Rosalind Harleston, Wendy Campbell, Donald Green, Kimberly Tootle, Monty Faison, DeVon Brown, Antonio Purdie, Franklin Williams, Frank Washington, Crystal Hines, Bonita Butler. Fourth Row L-R: Ce ' Monia Powell, Reginald Tvler, Earl McRae, Wilma Ray, Michael Lawson, William Fisher, Carol Graham, Milton Jones, Kevin Jones, Sean Archer, Darnell Pope, Elston Hines. Fifth Row L-R: Kevin Hooker, Chevalier Hadley, Moses Wright. William Gunn, Bryon Harrison, Vincent McKoy, Darryl Fulton. Sjxth Row L-R: Ronald Williams, Taz Mosley, Errin Spells, Alexton Galbreth. Tubj: Shawn Williams, Dancer: Barbaratha Blackwell, Alescia Jackson. Fhg: Lynette Hill. Charlene Miles, Trombone: Audra Richardson Snare Drum: Kevin Jones Baritone Horn: James Daniels Snare Drum: Clara McCollough, Gerald Rouse, Sharon Sligh Baptist Student Union 1st row (L-R) James Collins, Pua Roseboro, Micheal Chase, Wilber Hams, Bernard Wright 2nd row (L-R) Ms, LaVern Barne Tina Ware, Kristic Fisher, Mitzv Parker, Kecia White fi l L-R Kristie Fisher, Parliamentarian: Wilbert Harris, Chaplin, Mitzy Parker, President, Puccinni Roseboro, Reporter; Kecia White, Vice President Ms, LaVern Barnes, Adviser Foreign Students Organization Top Right: Namti Musungu, President Middle: Namti Musungu, President; John Nwogalanya, Victor Amechi Agusi, Vice President; and Francis Oluwasegun Dr. Loleta Wood Foster, Adviser " ■—, V -- — s m University Choir ■•iiiraaH Top IL-RI Dr Augustus Pearson, Dirt Marion McLaunn. Torretle Underwood, J Barbes. Tina Ware, Todd Parker, Raef. Melton, Krisly Fisher, LaShcll CI lit row Top-Bottom) Dr, Edv Harris, John Fosle (Top-Bottom) A ioseboro, Valerie B (Top-Bottom) Tange Smoot, 5h Mary BIythers, Tammy McKoy iurt 4th row (Top-Botlom) Jennifer ecia White. Mike Chase, V Jennette Bottom (L-R) Rucinada Field Williams, Dabney Tyree, Kelly Shipman Rodney Barnes, Tarsha St SherriU Williams, Lynn Sp. 3rd ro, Rob: J OFFlCtR! Il -l )M. no Wayne Evans, Patlimen Jennette, Assistant Libr ent, Michael Cha elds. Robe Keepe: , Jewel Burt, Secretary ood, Librarian, Willi. Fellowship Of Christian Students BSI H l I " 1 — ' ■ | r! 1 lllB ik 1 ■ " ' ' Isf row (L-R) Tammy Bennett, Bernaidene Peterson, Shirley Richardson, Jacquehne Foye 2nd row (L-R) LaRon McLellan, Suzanne McCauUey. Vivian Mitchener, Tamara Spellman, Angela Newton, Cheryl Medley Bo((om Left: (L-R) Anthony Bell, President; Retha Peterson. Assistant Adviser, Vivian Mitchener, Ms. Fellowship of Christian Students: Jacqueline Foye, Assistant Secretry Mrs, Yuvonne Robinson, Adviser BH Collegiate Fellows Top Left: Theresa Graham, Miss Colle- giate Fellow Middle- 1st row (L-R) Garry Mitchell, Tracey McGuire, Carol Bowdcn, Debbie Sumpter, Alton McCoy, Michael Chase, Euge ne Johnson, 2nd row (L-R) Patrena Sawyer, Herman Wilson, Shinese Gallo- way, Phyllis Thompson, Lisa Watkins, Suzanne McCaulley, Walita Simmons, Sheila Kornegay, LaBeatrice Hemby, Linda Holden, Ms. Dorothy Moore, Ad- viser Bottom Right: 1st row (L-R) Debbie Sumpter, Treasurer; Herman Wilson, Vice President; Sheila Kornegay, Secre- tary 2nd row (L-R) Alton McCoy, Presi- dent: Phyllis Thompson, Assistant Sec- retary, Michael Chase, Parliamentarian ' -9 ■ 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 ■j X g kM ■ " H " " 1 1 i ' 1 l f : J ■ The Pep Club M .S Top Right: Sharon Jeffers, President Middle: 1st row (L-R) Belinda Lowery, Betty Tew, Sonja Samuels — 2nd row (L-R) Melonie Frazier, Charles McLen- don, Lois Peterson, Tangee Smoot 3rd row (LR) Keith Griffin, Sharon Jeffers, Tony Parham Bottom Left: Betty Tew, Vice President; Belinda Lowery, Treasurer; Sharon Jef- fers, President Mr. Milton Yarboro, Adviser L U Psychology Club Seated — Charles Beaver 1ft row - (L-R) Ramon Figueroa, Tony Hill, Tamara Spellman, Sharon Loftin, Felida Dejesus, Jimmic Marbury, Katherine Dailey, Genise Allen, Scottie Vanhook, Dr John Chambers Bottom L-R — OFFICRS — Dr, John Chambers, Adviser; Scotlie Vanhook, Vice Presideni, Jimmie Marbury, President Sociology Club Political Science Club L-R Gloria Sh.pman, John Melvin, Zantra Holton - " 1 L-R Dewayne Kinston, Secretary; Dehra Nicholson, Tr easurer; John Melvin, President and Blair Hamilton, Activities Cha Dr B. Patterson, Adv Fellowship Of Future Scientist Top: (L-R) Quentin Eaton, Franklin D, King, Patricia Petty, Venita Best, Lizette Turner, Louise Driver, Kevii Brown, Wesley Person Bottom: (L-R) Patricia Petty, Secretary; Franklin D. King, Parliamentarian; Lizette Turner; Vice President; Louise Driver, President Dr Matthew Edwards, Adviser Student Center Advisory Board Top Right Shinesc Galloway, President Middle (L-R) Mr. Frederick Young, Advisor, Nina Johnson, Donyell Robin Shari Johnson, Donna Milchell, Shii Galloway, Mr, Jerry Williams, Advi Top (L-R) Wanda Smith, Eugene John Michelle Ballard, David Torrey, Shirley Richardson Botlow Right (L-R) Shinese Galloway President, Donna Mitchell, Secretary; Nina Johnson, Parliamentarian, David Torrey (kneeling) Vice President Physical Education Majors t Advisers: Mr. Raymond McDougal Dr. Peggy Green Accounting Association 1st row (L-R) Timolhv Woodard, Tommy Litlle Ind row (L-R) Bonitd Holland, Allison Geddie and Sandra Gr. Ms, Barbara Jones, Adv Society For The Advancement Of Management V. Top Right: Tommy McKutchen, Presi- dent; Middle: (L-R) Tommy McKutchen, President; Shinese Galloway, Vice Presi- dent; Sandra Greaves, Secretary, Vicki Warren, Treasurer Bottom Left: (L-R) Bonita Holland, Vicki Warren, Shinese Galloway, Sandra Greaves, Tommy McKutchen (Kneeling) Dr. Willile Bailey, Adviser Student Senate Top L R — Eugene Johnson, Presidenl. Jackie Harris, Secretary: Richard Bowden, Sergeant of Arms; Attorney General; Kenneth Sims, Chief Justice; David Moody, Vice President Bottom Lett: Eugene Johnson and David Moody wma Mathematics Computer Science Club Top A n (L-R) Daivin l.,,cc,uv lonn I ' .mkv, Urcg Jjckson, Treasurer, Randolph Williams, Vice President- Franklin King, Prcsidenl; Clayton Spruill Bottom Ron ' (L-V.) Susan Barber, Karen McElheny, Linda McCoy, Rhonda Hopkins, Debbie Kelly. Tonya Bennett, Secretary, Tihyra Currie, Andrea Arnette Advisers. Ms Gloria Tuphah Ms Cassandra Caddy Voice Staff Tcp (L-R) - Kneeling. Samuel Cole, Managing Editor Michael Caddy, Edilor-in-Chief 2nd row i-R; Gregory Freeman; Dr. Loleta W. Foster, Adviser, Wanda Hamm, Assistant Darkroom Technician, Clarence Proctor, Administrative Assistant, Nina Johnson, Phyllis Thompson: Patrick Cannon; Aaron Joynet, Christopher Miller, Photography Editor; Marion Gore, Sports Editor 3rd row (L-R) — Kevin Wardlaw, Jame s Raynor, Teresa Lennon, Copy Editor, Shari Johnson, Darkroom Technician, Anglea Timmons. Secretary; and Torette Underwood, Feature Editor Bottom RigbtTeresa Lennon, Copy Editor; Christopher Miller, Photography Editor; Torette Underwood, Feature Editor; Marian Gore, Sports Editor; Samuel Cole, Managing Editor; Michael Gaddy, Editor-in-Chief and Dr. Loleta Foster, Adviser Veteran ' s Club L-R Dehra Wrighl, Secretary and Sam Cole, President Ms. Lois Miles, Adv Cooperative Education Isl row (L-R) Karia Freeman, Social Security Administralion. Baltimore, MD; Mary Smith, Big Ps Restaurant, Fayetteville, NC Dchora Wright Internal Revenue Service, Fayetteville, NC; Sharline Jacobs, IBM Kingston, NY; Debbie Sumpter, NC, Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, Raleigh, NC; Jackie Autry, Department of the Air Force, Eglin AFB, FL; Deborah Givens, Carolina Power and Light Co., Raleigh. NC 2nd row (L-R) Christopher Fleetwood, Carolina Power and Light Co., Raleigh, NC; Rodney Barnes, Sears, Roebuck and Co., Fayetteville, NC; Dennis Johnson, US. Department of Commerce, Washington. DC. Michelle McAllister, Defense Nuclear Agency, Washington, DC, Carlos Mims, NC Department of Transportation, Raleigh, NC; Franklin King. IBM, Kingston, NY; Debbie Kelly. IBM. Kingston. NY Ms Barbara R, Jones, Cooperative Education Coordinator Cooperative Education is an educational program that integrates on-campus classroom study with off- campus work experience. Students enrolled in the Cooperative Education Program alternate between periods of study at the University and periods of employment with business, government and non- profit organizations. Through the Cooperative Education Program students are placed in jobs which relate to their major area of study. The program is designed to assist students in developing self-confidence, maturity and in making the transportation from campus life to the world of work. Smith Hall Association L-R Tammy Dixon, President. Gwendolyn nuel. Vice President, Susan Thompson, Secretary; Terry Grantham. Assistant Secretary. Laura McMillian, Treasurer Supervisors: Mrs. Annie Burke Joyner Hall Association L-R Valerie Pender, Vice President; Tina Ware, Treasurer, Camelia Sherard, Secretary, Kecia White. President Supervisors: Ms Reatha Lindsay Ms. Janie Nettles Harris Hall Association L-R Ro5etta Lawrence, Secretary; Lisa President; Vicki Warren, Treasur Staton, President- Supervisors; Ms. Flora Anthony Ms. Eunice Pierce Harley, Vic !r; Kathi New Residence Association L-R Taz Mosley, Assistant Secretry and Charlene Miles, Vice President Supervisors: Mrs. Ora Lawrence Ms Belinda Coleman Williams Hall Association R-L Crystal Pearson, President; Nancy Williams, Secretary, Jackie Autry, Assistant Secretary; Tracev McGuire, Vice President, Jacqueline B.lhe, Treasurer; Vikki Kai Watson, M.ss Williams Hall Supervisors: Mrs. Erica MiUigan Mrs, Agatha Jones Hood Hall Association L-R Cathy Jones, President, Pamela Pnvette, Vice President, Theresa Johnson, Treasurer Supervisors: Mrs. Catherine Powell Ms, Linda Nelson I Bryant Hall Association L-R Tony Crawford, President; John Floyd, Vice President; Miguel Robles, Secretary; David Moye, Treasurer Mr. Milton Yarboro, Supervisor Vance Hall Association L-R Sylvester Robinson, President; Ke Wardlaw, Todd Royster, Kelvin Edmoi Mr. Wardell Townsend, Super ' N I N E T E E N HONOR SOCIETIES m Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Officers (L-R) Cleo Saffoe, Archivist; Peggy Stubbs, President, Willie Thomas, Vice President; Margaret Raymes, Pubhc Relations; Wanda Simmons, Archivi Amy Miner, Public Relations Graduate Inductees (L-R) 1st i Simon, Shirley Smith (L-R) 2nd row Nancy Harris, McCallum, Beverly Pringle, E Sylvia Lee, Ela • Henry, Ja Patterson mage Undergraduate Inductees (L-R) 1st row Kathleei Elsie Botello, Valencia Fields, Deborah Hebert (L-R) 2nd row Janice Adams, Sharon Miller, Ti Kelly, Frederick Frindt, Michael Miner, Genise Felicia Dejesus a-R)3rd row Ervin Toles, Roy Choveri, Bradley Griffii John Pankey, John Barlow, Susan Willliams, Yyonete Rhodes Undergraduate Inductees (L-R) 1st i ' Elo McN, Whitak. (L-R) 2nd row Margaret Tuck Juanita Patterson, Remona Br Williams, Pamela Johnson Betty Jackson, Alean Clark, Belvia Romona Webb, I, Sonja Pitts, Joyce (L-R) Jrd row]i Dr. CI Brown, Kenneth McLamb Adv m. J 2. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society f Top Left: Cheryl Richie, President Middle: 1st row (L-R) Eugene Johnson, Phyllis Horton, Tracey McGuire, Ellie McNamard, Patricia Swisshelm, Amy Miner, Hermine Dunk, Co-Adviser 2nd row (L-R) Barbara Lindsay, Debra Wright, Patricia Jones, Kernita Shillingford, Elaine Bowser, Carol Shackleford, Sam Cole 3rd row (L-R) Michael Miner, Blair Hamilton, Cheryl Richie, James Pender, Mary Winfrey, Pegg Stubbs 4th row (L-R) Debra Barton, Jimmy O ' Neal, James Toby, Roy Choveri Officers: (L-R) Hermine Dunk, Co- Adviser; Cheryl Richie. President; Patricia Swisshelm, Vice President; Patricia Jones, Corresponding Secretary; Tracey McGuire, Recording Secretary Delta Mu Delta Honor Society Delta Mu Delta Honor Society was established to recognize and reward superior scholastic achievement by the sudents of Business Administration. The moto of this society is THROUGH KNOWLEDGE POWER. Ms. Wanda Smith, Adviser L-R Tracey McGuire, Debra Wright, Secretary; Sam Cole, President; Gloria Porter, Margaret Phillips Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Top Right: Cheryl Richie, President Middle: (L-R) Joyce Willie Dunbar r Lancaster, Tammy Dixon, Cheryl Rn hie. Dr. Elaine Newsome, Adviser; Fr, Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities Colleges The 1986 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges will include the names of 37 students from Fayetteville State University who have been selected as national outstanding leaders. Campus nominating committees and editors of the annual directory have included the names of the se students based on their academic achievements, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and potential for continued success. DEBRA ARTIGUEZ ELAINE BOWSER ALTON MCCOY MARTHA MCKOY JOHN BARLOW VIVIAN MCRAE LORAIN BREWER AMY MINER LYNNE BUNCE JAMES ALBERT MURRAY RODOLFO CAMPBELL PAMELA NAYLOR ROY CHOUERI GENEVIEVE NORMAND SAMMY LEE COLE JOYCE PARRISH WILLIAM CROWLEY GLORIA PORTER GARRET DAVIS TAMMY DIXON VALENCIA FIELDS JEROME FREDERICK MONIQUE GAINES BLAIR HAMILTON BETTY JACKSON PATRICIA JONES TERESA LAWRENCE SUSAN MATTHEWS Debr3 Artiguez Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Dean ' s List JESSIE PURDIE PEGGY RAYMES YYONETTE RHODES CHERYL RICHIE ' KERNITA SHILLINGFORD FREDERICKA SOWELL BRIAN STOTLER WILLIE THOMAS DEBRA WRIGHT John Barlow Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Air Force ROTC Dean ' s List Lynne Bunce Dean ' s List National Dean ' s List Garret Davis Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Dean ' s List Yearbook Photographer Sports Information Assistant WFS5 Radi Pan Hellenic Council B Monique Gaines Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Veterans Club Tutor Teresa Lawrence Dean ' s List National Dean ' s List Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Dean J.C. Jones Memorial Scholarship Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Psychology Club Amy Miner Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society James Murray Air Force ROTC Arnold Air Society Veterans Club Mathematics Club Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Peggy Raymes Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society National Dean ' s List Dean ' s List Ceed History Tutor National Dean ' s List Delta Mu Delta Honor Society Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Cheryl Richie Dean ' s List National Deans List Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Kermita Shilhngford Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Mathematics Club Resident Assistant Brian Stotler Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Air Force ROTC Dean ' s List Willie Thomas Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society National Dean ' s List Deans List warn S I X GREEK NON GREEK ORGANIZATIONS Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Top Left: Kevin Wardlaw, President Middle: L-R — Tony Crawford, James Starling, Timothy Rhoades, Miguel Rohles, Kevin Wardlaw, Michael Willis, Darvin Greene — Front row — L-R Lee Small, Darryl Shepard, Scottie Vanhook Bottom Right: (Officers) Kevin Wardlaw, Basileus; Micheal Randall, Vice Basileus; Darryl Shepard, Keeper of Records and Seals: Anthony Crawford, Parliamentarian Mr. Moses Walker, Adviser BOnHi Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. n Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Officers: (L-R) Jackie Autry, Treasurer Miss Phi Beta Sigma, Overa Reid, President Miss Zeta Phi Beta; Sonja Pitts — Second Vice President; Shellarnetta Thames — Vice President Dorothy Horton — Secretary imn eta Sigma Fraternity Pan Hellenic Council K ' ' Jackie Tamm row(L Small, Shepar Rohles Bowdi V (L-R) Bonifa Holland, a Sawyer, Valencia Fields, e Thompson, Garrett Davi ' ret Phillips, Darvin Greene Autry, Tracey McGuire, y Di on, Alice Doyle lad -R) Kevin Wardlaw, Lee Michelle Ballard, Darryl d, Kevin Evans, Miguel Shellarnetta Thames, Car, n, Phylhs Thompson ■M I - i OMEGA PSl PHI FRATERNITY L-R Miguel Robles, Chae Harris, Kevin Wardla Randall, Darryl Shepard, Kevin Evans, Lee Sn ,ScottieVanhook, Darvin Gr ZETA PHI BETA SORORI 1 1 L-R Shellainotta Thames, Jackie Autry As its title indicates, the Pan Hel- The major purposes of the Coun- lenic Council is a coordinating cil is to coordinate Greek activities, body which consists of G reek Let- to avoid activity conflicts; to per- tered Sororities and Fraternities, petuate a wholesome cohesiveness The Council was organized in May, between Greek Organizations; and 1930 at Howard University in to serve as a disciplinary and poli- Washington, DC. cy-making body for members of the Greek system. Irving Veazier, Adviser Pan Hellenic Council Con ' t. r7 mmi9S Top Left: DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY L-R Boniia Holland, Louise Drive, Karlene Thompson, Michelle McWhite, Valencia Fields, Michelle Ballard, Patrena Sawyer Top Right: ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY Garrett Davis Middle Left: SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY Darlene Allen Middle Right: PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY Steven Owens, David Moody Bottom Right: ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY Margaret Phillips, Phyllis Thompson, Carol Bowden, Tammy Dixon, Tracey McGuire, Alice Doyle Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Officers: (L-R) Valencia Fields — Vice President Dean of Pledgees, Karlene Thompkins — Recording Secretary, Benita Holland — President Miss Delta Sigma Theta Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Top Left: Tracey McGuire, Carol Bowden, Alice Doyle, Margaret Phil Top Right: Officers, Margaret Phillips - Tamiouchus, Tracey McGuire — Anti-Basileus. Kimberly Currie — Grammateus, Kimberly Jeffries - Basileus, Alice Doyle — Assistant Dean of Pledgees, Dianna Cooper — Dean of Pledgees Top: (L-R) Tracey McGuire, Carol Bowden 1st Row d-R) Margaret Phillips, Stephanie Larkin, Phyllis Th Kimberly Currie, Tammy Dixon, Alice Doyle, Trenish. Moore, Dianna Cooper Kneeling: Teresa Lawrence, Kimberly Jeffries (L-R) LaWanna Carson, Theresa Lennon, Ruth King Advisers: Dr. Marye jeffri Ms. Carrie Stokes Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Ms. Evelyn Durham, Adviser Cocoa Phi Cocoa Social Fellowship Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity Gamma Sigma Sigma Service Sorority Cheerleaders Top Row L-R Mary Robertson, Sponsor: Vickie Neely, Brenda Dove, Vikki Watson, Jackie Billie Middle Row L-R: Sheila Brooks, Vicci Carroll Ladonna Leemore, captain; Bottom Row L-R: Mechelle White, Co-Captain; Barbara Smith, Stephanie McMillian tvvViBWi Stephanie McMilliali Air Force ROTC Detachment 607 Alpha FHght 1st row (L-R) Bradford Bannerman, Reginald Thompson, Cassandra Whitted, Alicia Hughes, Ellarine Burgess, Dawn Anderson, Shinita Taylor, William McNeil, Flight Commander 2nd row (L-R) David Jackson, Joetta Matthews, James Hardister, Tracey Powell, Dwayne Marshall, Michael McCall, Angela Thomas 3rd row (L-R) Gregory Moyd, Rod Gilbert, Tyrone Jefferson, Ramon Parmley, Wallace Ashford, Monty Faison, Tyrone Hinton Bravo FHght 1st row (L-R) Samuel Cole, Trevine Alfred, Joseph Proctor, Curtis Melvin, Shinese Galloway, Henrietta Corbett, Garfield McDonald 2nd row (L-R) Sherri Barker, Dawn Simmons, Willa Johnson, Henry Harris, Alphonso Mosley, James Starling, Flight Commander 3rd row (L-R) Baron Nelson, Deborah Herbert, Selina Armstrong, Dimple White, Mercedes Clarke Charlie Flight 1st row (L-R) Carol Davis, Rodney Myrick, Angela Newton, Yavanda Melvin, Amy Boyd, Ronald Smith, Jacqueline Harris, Lee Lockley, Denise McElvoy 2nd row (L-R) Pamela Gray, Theresa Bostick, Angela Timmons, Doris Bryant, Tony Lee, Joe Harrison, Gloria Shipman, Anthony Crawford, Flight Commander 3rd row (L-R) LaMar Wilson, Sylvia Crisp, Steven Johnson, Kelvin Bell, Kurt Fehlman, Robert Johnson, Bennie Corbett, Charles Peterson Bsra Air Force ROTC Detachment Delta Flight 1st row (L-R) Celeste Holland, Jo- seph Fultz, Gladys Broadnax, Anth- ony Ashford, Maury Northington, Steve Austin, Stephen Pelezo, Geof- frey Newton, Kevin Brooker, Flight Commander 2nd row (L-R) Alfreda Hagans, Chris Bryant, Tammy Rogers, Steven Mon- roe, Keithan Matthews, Shane Middleton, Clayton Spruill 3rd row (L-R) Dennis VVashinton, Mia Cunningham, Gloria Johnson, Chris Miller, Patrick Simon, Curtis Wash- ington, Jr. Professional Officers Corps 1st row (L-R) William McNeil, Ray- mond Ada, Donna Williams, Kevin Brooker, Kevin McCray, Anthony Crawford, Julian Thrash 2nd row (L-R) Mike Gunzenhauser, James Starling, Tim Barlow, James Murray, Brim Stotler, Robert Helms L-R Raymond Ada, Tim Barlow, Ke- vin Brooker, Kevin McCray Capt. Marion Spurgeon, Commandant of Cadets Lyceum Series Calendar Of Events — 1985-86 Attorney Patricia A. Russell, Lecturer September 17, 1985 2:00 p.m. Seabrook Auditorium Honorable Harvey Gantt — Lecturer February 18, 1986 2:00 p.m. (In cooperation with the Department of History) Bill Clary, Magician, Impressionist, Comedian, Hypnotist, Singer, Guitarist and Illusionist October 8, 1985 2:00 p.m. Seabrook Auditorium Dr. Paul Escott — Lecturer February 20, 1986 2:00 p.m. Butler Theatre (In cooperation with the Department of History) The Mighty Wonders — Accompanied by The Napper Sisters and Fayetteville State University Gospel Choir October 13, 1985 2t00 p.m. Seabrook Auditorium Modern Dance Group and Pan Hellenic Collator February 25, 1986 2:00 p.m. Seabrook Auditorium Dr. Huel D. Perkins — Lecturer Art Exhibit By: Warren Froneburger Afro-American Industrial Artist November 4-22, 1985 March 21, 1986 2:00 p.m. Seabrook Auditorium (In cooperation with the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Sociel Dr. Martin Luther King ' s Birthday Celebration Lectures, Movies, Music and Videos January 15, 1986 2:15 p.m. General Sheridan G. Cadoria, Lecturer March 25, 1986 2:00 p.m. Seabrook Auditorium (Women ' s Month) Frieda High — Wasikhongo, Afro-American, Artist Professor BLACK HISTORY MONTH CELEBRATION Art Exhibits — February 1986 Steel Bandits — Concert (Calypso) Georgi Riabikoff, Concert Pianist April 8, 1986 2:00 p.m. Chesnutt Festival February 11, 1986 2:00 p.m. Seabrook Auditorium May S, 1986 June 3, 24, 1986 3 PRE-SCHOOL LABORATORY ■3 Chancellor ' s Annual Christn as Party Top: Ms. Kirk s class represents the green people. The g people believe the true meaning of Christmas is to put gifts under the Christmas tree. Bottom Left Mr. Monroe and Mrs. Sturdavant ' s class march to the beat of the little Drummer Boy. Bottom Right:Us. Robinson and Ms. Hills class represents the orange people. The orange people believe the true meaning of Christmas is to have orange bells. m9 Top: Santa Claus is played by the Studerit Center s Bowling Mechanic, Mr Frederick Young, Santa Claus gives out bags of goodies to each child after the program is Bottom Left: Ms. Franklin and Mrs. Walkers class represents the yellow people. The yellow people believe the true meaning of Christmas is the singing of Christmas carols. BoHom Right: Ms. Reaves and Ms. Baldwin ' s class represents the red people. The red people believe the true meaning of Christmas should be represented by a dance n ATHLETICS FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY BRONCOS " 1985 FOOTBALL ROSTER High School Terry Sanford J-F- Kennedy Howard Olympic Lake City Westover Washington Northwest Halifa Salisbury Northwest Halifa Phelps E E Smith 1 Louis Craft RB 2 Langdon Sills DB 3 Jerome Morgan QB 4 Warren Turner DB 5 Clint Caldwell DB 17 Lawrence Hart QB 18 Reggie Luck QB 19 Terence Booth DB 20 Aaron Lewis P 21 Anthony Faulcon W ' R 23 Martin Ricks DB 24 Gary Moore RB 25 Ronnie King RB 29 Eric Skeen DB 32 Benjamin Knox RB 33 James Hoston RB 34 Danny Ray Whitaker RB Ahoskif 36 Mark Fischer KR East 40 James Branch RB FrankUnton 42 Ricky Barnes FB Beddingfield 43 Chris Armstrong WR Pine Forest 44 Ted Squire LB W. North Ha 45 Reginald Mongtgomery LB Eastern 46 Benjamin Thomas LB South Brunsw 47 Randy Ladson DB Dillion 49 Reggie Holmes DB Howard 51 Scott Farmer LB Pine Forest 52 Clarence Whittaker LB Howard 53 Chae Harris OL Roth 55 lames Roberts OL DiUion Terry Sanford Favetteville, NC Williamaburg, NJ Chattanooga, TN Charlotte, NC Lake City, SC Favetteville, NC Danville, VA Enfield, NC Salisbury, NC Littleton, NC Washington, DC Favetteville, NC Chattanooga, TNK Thomasville, NC Georgetown, SC Favetteville, NC Ahoskie,NC Patterson, NJ FrankUnton, NC Wilson, NC Fayetteville, NC Garysburg, NC Washington, DC Leiand, NC Dillion, SC Chattanooga, TN Fayetteville, NC Chattanooga, TN Dayton, OH Dillion, SC Name Pa High School Hometown Dewayne Kinston LB Seventy-First Fayetteville, NC Wyley Ellis LB Walterboro Walterboro. SC Phillip Julious LB Lake City Lake City, SC Anthony Walton DE North Hampton Garysburg, SC Donnell Maultsby DB J.F. Kennedy Williamburg, NJ Steve Galloway LB West Rowan Cleveland, NC Russell Amos C East Nashville.TN Dale Irving OL S- Johnston Benson, NC Darrvl Hill DL Reid Ross Fayetteville, NC Terrence Norville OL E.E. Smith Fayetteville, NC Danny Kelly DL Seabreeze Daytona Beach, FL Corky Dismute OL Seabreeze Daytona Beach, FL Richard McNeill OL Red Springs Red Springs, NC Phil Wilson OT West Bladen Elizabethtown, NC Anthony Baynard WR Chowan J.C Chesapeake, VA Sidney Samuel TE Dillion Dillion, SC David Henry WR Broughton Raleigh, NC Moses Ford TE Dillion Dillion, SC Linwood Fulton WR Lake City Lake City, SC Jerome Moore WR Howard Chattanooga, TN James Joyner TE McCall McCall, SC David Cooper WR Andrew Jackson Jacksonville, FL Garv Cooper TE Redford Detroit, MI Charles Harris DL East Wake Wendell, NC Phillip Cofield DT Franklin Franklin, NC Ronald Caulder DL Dillion Dillion, SC Anthony Allsbrook DE W, Montgomerv Mt. Gilead, NC Jeff Knight LB Page Greensboro, NC Wayne McRae OT Dillion Dillion, SC Otis Ransaw DL E.E, Smith Fayetteville, NC n n FREEDOM BOWL SELECTION Fayetteville State University ' s senior, Charles Harris was selected as one of nine CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) players to participate in the Second Annual Freedom Bowl. The Freedom Bowl was composed of players from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and the CIAA butted heads with all stars from the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Charles Harris, a 6 ' 3 " , 215 pound defensive tackle from Wendell, North Carolina was the first player to represent the university in the Black College All Star game. Harris lead the Broncos ' defensive team with 80 solo tackles, 20 assisted tackles, 7 quarterback sacks for 56 1 2 yards. He also had two fumble recoveries and five blocked passes. An integral pa Video and Car Davis, Defensi of the Broncos Athletic Departmer ra; Stacy Eaton, Offensive Recorde Recorder. nhers of the Spo ts Info ecorder 1 Statistician Crev n Wood, Dcfensi ' L-R: Sandra Franl lin, Recorder and Garrett f ♦ Broncos — 42 Bulldogs — The Broncos kept Bowie State College Bulldogs continuously off guard and rolled to an easy 42-0 win in the season opener for both teams. The Broncos, led by Jerome Morgan passing and the running of Ronnie King, has a net offensive output of 509 yards, 206 yards in the air and 303 yards on the ground. The net offensive output set a school record for total offensive and the 42 points equal another school record for the most points scored in a single game. The Broncos defensive unit, meanwhile, shut down the Bulldogs, limited them to a total of 121 offensive yards. Defensive standout for the Broncos was Phillip Julious with seven solo tackles, one assisted tackle and one tumble recovery. Broncos — 7 Trojans — 7 The Virginia State University and Fayetteville State University game was predicted to be a defensive struggle and the outcome, a 7-7 tie, proved the prediction. The Broncos employed the basic fundamentals of football — block on offense and tackle on defense. The Trojans scored first with 3:06 left in the first quarter when Anthony Hamilton broke tackles and raced 68 yards for the touchdown. The Broncos took possession with three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Jerome Morgan connected on three straight passes for 73 yards to David Cooper to set up the score. Morgan hit Anthony Faulcon with a two-yard touchdown pass to culminate to a 80 yard drive. The Broncos and Coach Robert Pulliam began a new era at Fayetteville State University as they entered its 31st season in the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA). Last season the Broncos were 4-4-1, the most successful season since 1979. However, prognosticators felt sorry for the Broncos and their first year mentor. Pedications had rated the Broncos no higher than fifth place in the Southern Division of the conference. Not to be out done, their first game of the season, the Broncos unveiled its progressive offensive approach under coach Pulliam and first year offensive coordinator Tim Clifton. With the contribution of Jerome Morgan and the running of Ronnie King, 91 yards on 18 attempts, the Broncos put on an offensive display that netted 509 yards, 206 in the air and 303 yards on the ground. This display set a new school record for total offense. Jerome Morgan, who was instrumental in the team ' s four wins last year, started as quarterback against Bowie State College Bulldogs. In the game, Morgan rushed for 31 yards, threw for 170 yards and two touchdowns in the 42-0 win. That equals a school record for the most points scored in a single game. Morgan was consequently named CIAA player of the week. sed ; rategy ;r5 during the liege Bulldogs game. HHW Date Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. 1985-86 Men Women Basketball Schedule Opponen t Site jr Time 22 Johnson C. Smith Charlotte, NC 7:00 p.m. 29-30 Capital City Tip Off Raleigh, NC 9:00 p.m. 29-30 UDC Invitational Tourn. Washington, DC 4 St. Paul ' s Lawrenceville, VA 5:30 8:00 p.m. 6 East Carolina Univ. Fayetteville, NC 7:00 p.m. 6-7 Bull City Tournament Durham, NC 7:00 p.m. 9 Hampton University Hampton, VA 6:00 8:00 p.m. 12 St. Augustine ' s College Raleigh, NC 7:00 p.m. 14 Elizabeth Ci (Blue Wh ty State te Day) Weldon, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 11 Shaw Unive rsity i, Fayetteville, NC Cumberland Co. Arena 12:30 3:00 p.m 14 Virginia Un ion Fayetteville, NC Petersburg, VA 6:00 8:00 p.m. 16 Virginia Sta te 6:00 8:00 p.m. 18 N.C. Centra Fayetteville, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 20 Winston Salem State Winston Salem, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 27 Livingston College Salisbu ry, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 29 Johnson C. Smith Fayette ville, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 30 Bowie State College Fayette ville, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 3 Winston Salem State Fayette ville, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 5 Norfolk State Univ. Fayette ville, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 8 N.C. Central Durha m, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 10 Livingston College Fayette ville, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 12 St. Augustine ' s College Fayetteville, NC 7:00 p.m. 13 St. Augustine ' s College Fayetteville, NC 8:00 p.m. 15 Shaw University Raleigh, NC 6:00 8:00 p.m. 18 St. Augustine ' s College Raleigh, NC 8:00 p.m. 22 Johnson C. Smith Charlotte, NC 8:00 p.m. 19-22 CIAA Women ' s Tourn. Hampton, VA " T A tm 26-Mar. 1 CIAA Men ' s Tourn. Richmond, VA TB.JI Men Only — Women only m Hm Broncoetts Basketball Team 1085-80 Women ' s Baskelhall Roster Name Pos. CU it ' ication Jan.ce Austin F Freshmen Jacqueline Bergin G Sophomore Mimi Boyd F Freshmen Annetta Faulcon F Sen Lisa Green G Jun Denise Madison F Jun Frankie McDonald G Jun Dimple White C J un Tillie Wright F Sophomore Jane Pollard G Sophomore Dorothy McNair C Freshmen Head Coach Dr. Peggy Gr. Assistant Coach Mr. Leon Mo Athlet.c Director Mr. J.D. Mars! Hometown Washington, DC. St Thomas, V L Concord, N,C. Littleton, NC Ne rk, N,J Norfolk, VA Tarheel N.C. Fayetteville, NC. Richmond, VA lulhern Pines, NC Raeford, NC. Bsaran 1 Fayettcvillc Slate University and Bowie State University defenders wait for a loft basket ball ctts Frankic McDonald (III and Annctla Faulcon battle Bowie Slate for IH a m Travis Adams (20) puts up another sure shot from the corner as the Broncos come fn behind to beat the Bears of Shaw University. BELIEVE IT OR NOr Ronald Caulder (45) puts up the shot, falUng down, which turned out to be a 3 point play. Women ' s Volleyball Team Front Row (L-R): Verne sa Jenrette, Tere a bawyer, Pam Stone, Debra Bowden Second Row(L-R): ]ol n Torrey, Manager; Joyce Vaughn. Assistant Coach; Mimi Boyd. Angela Woodburn. Syble McQueen. Katherine Dailey, Dr. Peggy Green, Head Coach Lady Broncos Display Enthusiasm The Lady Broncos approached the 1985 volleyball season with inexperience, a great deal of enthusiasm, a great deal of determination and a strong will to win as they complied a record of four wins and fourteen losses. The long hours of practice, under the leadership of first year mentor Dr. Peggy Green, proved worthwhile with each game. The only veteran returning from last years squad was sophomore Sandra McGreen, a 5 ' 8 " hitter from Maxton, North Carolina. The squad posted their wins over Shaw University and Norfolk State University. Team Member- Posrr on Pam Stone Setter Sandra McQueen Hitter Angela Woodburn Hitter Kathcrinc Dailey Hitter Syble Jones Hitter Teressa Sawyer Setter Mimi Boyd Hitter Vernessa Jenretle Setter Debra Bowden Hitter Freshn Sophom Freshn Freshn Freshn Freshn mmm Methods Materials Laboratory The primary focus of services provided by the Laboratory will involve activities geared toward pre-professional teaching experience. It is not the intent, however, of the laboratory to exclude any portion of the university popu- lation with interest in discipline related spon- sored activities. It is expected that the labora- tory will be available to undergraduate and graduate students at the university. Assist students in performing well in the classroom during student teaching. Expose students to effective teaching materials for use in the classroom. Conduct workshops on teaching strategies for developing personal re- lationship. Teach students to make teacher- made materials and prepare bulletin boards. Teach students to design appropriate teacher centers for the classroom and develop lesson plans. Provide current strategies in teaching and encourage students to become motivated. Golf Team Kenneth Sims, Captain Timothy Duke Stanley Jackson Allen Warren In the past fourteen years, the Men of Fayetteville State University ' s Golf Team have won thirteen CIAA Championship titles, including a string of 12 straight wins. In 1985 CIAA Champions have three individuals returning to defend their title. This group includes Jeffery Dunovant, Stanley Jackson, Co- Most Valuable Player and Kenneth Sims, the Conference individual champion for 1984 and 1985. The team is anchored by freshmen Timothy Duke, Allen Warren, and Charlie Peterson. All which makes the ingredients for another championship combination. Jeffery Dunovant wm Top Right TUe Christmas party wa enjoyed by the univer-iity fam.ly Middle left: (L-R) Ms, LaVern Barnes and Ms, Anne Rugege Middle Right: Mr, Matthew Jarmond, Jr , Personnel Officer; Dr, Charles " A " Lyons, Jr , Chancellor; and Mr, Harold Nixon, Vice Chancellor for Student Development Bottom Right Refreshments are served along with other party favorites ipg mL m .. ■P l ond, Dr Charle Lyons, Jr , anJ lop Left: Mt Mjllhc Mrs Rosa Lyons Middle Z.e ( Student Center Staff (L-R) Mr Jerry Williams, Mr Yuvonne Robinson and Mr Percy Cotlingham Bottom Left: Door Price Winners: Mr. Frank Barreca, Ms Priscilla Starfield, Ms, Anne Rugege, and Dr Denise Mahone, Top Right: Ms Patricia Marable and Dr. Valeria Fleming, Middle Right: Ms. Carolyn Wilson, Ms. Helen Owens and Ms Debra Rosado. mm Administrators Mr Fr.mk Barreca, Retiistr, Ms Shelia Brown, Director of Financial Aid Mr Ralph Burwell, Director of Security Traf- Mr Charles Darlington. Director of Admis- Dr Matthew Edwards, Director of Biomedical Mr DeNard El-Amin, Director of Plant Oper Di Wilnii H.nrv, Associate Vice Chancello foi Student Development Dr. Robert James, Title 111 Coordu Dr Mavre Jeffries, Director of Weekend Evening College Interim Director of Con tinuing Education Center Administrators Dr. Marion Gillis Olion, Director of Early Ms Annette Proctor, Super ' Childhood Learning Center board 3 fe 1 IB L " rV 1 i Is Mr Joseph Ross, Academic Media Ser Ms, Glenna SeMon, Associate Dean for Student Mr James Scurry, Director of Career Pla Support Services Placement Administrators Mr Jerome Scolt, Associate Dean of Students Mr Robert Torrey, Internal Audil Ms Beverly Warren, Director of Word Pn ing Center Dr. Clarence Wfiite, Director of Student Teach- Mr Charles Willis, Director of Computing Irving (Irv) Veazie, Director of Student Acti ' ing Center tics Student Center " " " -rnMllffW m IHHHHi •-»— (T IjJ W ■ SkM Mf , 1 1 iv T Fayettevillian Yearbook Staff Circtl Dav.s, Ph„l..graphf D .i..thv H..rl..n. DcMKn AnJ La Eugene Johnson, Typist, Managing Editor Yearbook Staff Not Pictured: Mimi Boyd, Assistant Sports Editor Typist Marion Crowe, Jr., Sports Editor Michelle Ballard, Senior Class Editor Carol Bowden, Staffer Advisors Rosemary Byrd Yuvonne Robinson Irving Veazie A.nold Snnlli, IJ. si n And Lay.) Phyllis ThompM.n, Typi-,l,Otgani?ati..ns Editor Fayettevillian Editor-in-Chief 1955- 86 msmummk EDITOR ' MESSAGE After many long, frustrating hours of very hard work, we the Yearbook Staff are proud to present to you the 29th volume of the Fayettevillian. We, the Yearbook Staff are pleased with the outcome of this yearbook and hope that in turn, you are too. A lot of thanks goes to my staff: Mimi Boyd, Marion Crowe, Jr., Garrett Davis, Dorothy Horton, Eugene Johnson, Donyell Robinson, Arnold Smith, Phyllis Thompson, and Dwight Vincent. A special thank-you to Rosemary Byrd, Yuvonne Robinson, Irving Veazie, and especially to my family who encouraged me to do whatever I thought was best. A very special thank-you goes to the Lord, God Almighty; because without him — none of this could have been possible. ' j s _y Susan J. Thompson Editor-in-Chief mam mm JOSYENS HmnHH saAiHouvns?

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