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TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION 2 THEME 3 BOARD OF TRUSTEES 4 CHANCELLOR 5 CHANCELLOR ' S CABINET 8 CANDIDS 14 HOMECOMING 17 STUDENT LIFE 33 CLASSES 49 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 97 ORGANIZATIONS 108 HONOR SOCIETIES 129 ACADEMICS 145 FRATERNITIES SORORITIES SERVICE FRATERNITIES 161 AIR FORCE ROTC 172 CHEERLEADERS 174 PRE-SCHOOL LABORATORY 176 SPORTS 182 ADMINISTRATION 200 FACULTY STAFF 203 YEARBOOK STAFF 216 ALMA MATER 220 Rudolph Jones Student Center, 1982-83 po ' of his visits to meet Miss Student Center. th Dr. Rudolph Dedicated To Dr. Rudolph Jones Dr. Rudolph Jones, a native of Winton, North CaroHna, received his public school education at the C.S. Brown High School, where he graduated with honor. He attended Shaw University in Raleigh, N.C. and graduated in 1930 as class valedictorian. He earned the Masters and Ph.D degrees in economics at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Most of his working years were spent in education. He served as a high school teacher, a high school principal, a college teacher, a college dean and a college president. He also held positions in state government and in the federal government. In 1956, Dr. Jones became the President of Fayetteville State University, and he almost became a legend because of his biennial appearances before the State Advisory Budget Commission and the Joint Committee on Appropriations of the State Legislature. He also succeeded in securing appropriations to erect two new dormitories, a new library, a fine arts building, a science building and a gymnasium for women, which included a swimming pool, modern dance studio, classrooms and offices for instructors. When he retired as President of Fayetteville State University, a new administration building and a proposal for construction of the Student Center was in its final stages. The Student Center was named in his honor. After resigning from the presidency in 1969, Dr. Jones accepted a position as J Professor of Economics and Business at Elizabeth City State University. In January 1973, he was designated as chairman of the Department of Business. Dr. Jones has served on many important committees and commissions. He has held a number of offices in various professional organizations including the presidency of the North Carolina Teachers Association. At present, he holds membership in many professional organizations and learned societies. Among these are life membership in the National Education Association. He is 33rd Degree Mason, A Shriner and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. A recipient of many awards and honors, he is listed in Who ' s Who in America and Who ' s Who in American Education. While in graduate school, he was elected to Pi Gamma Mu, the National Social Science Honor Society. Because of his outstanding achievements after graduation, Shaw University conferred on him the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law in 1969. In 1973, the students at Elizabeth City State University voted him the Teacher of the Year. A Lecture Series in the Fayetteville State University Department of Business and Economics has been named in Honor of Dr. Jones. At present, he devoted much time and energy to the Dean J.C. Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund, of which he is Chairman of the Board of Directors. He also works with the Agricultural Extension Advisory Council. In addition to this he serves as treasurer of the C.R. Edwards Campaign Fund, and as a Ruling Elder in the College Heights Presbyterian Church. Dr. Jones is a traveler. After traveling throughout the United States and McCr, olph Jonei talks wii about their plans af Middle Right Dr and Mrs. Jones poses for the photographer during c of their visits to the Rudolph Jones Student Center. Canada, he also visited Europe, Mexico, South America and the Orient. He climaxed his travels in 1980 with an eight week trip around the world. Some of the countries visited were China, Egypt, India, Israel, Singapore and Turkey. He is married to Mrs. Mildred Jones. Now retired, she taught English and Library Science at both Fayetteville State and Elizabeth City State Universities. They observed their 59th wedding anniversary February 16, 1985. They have one son, Rudolph B. Jones, a Chemistry Professor at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey. sma sM sm s .; .. . ..... ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AT FSU THE CHOICE The goals, the manifestations, the ultimate and realmless choice is but the success of ourselves as students and the way that we prepare ourselves to meet the challenges of society as we leave Fayetteville State University to further our careers and endeavors in this forever changing world. We have chosen the road and path of excellence as our by laws, our code and our theme to grow by. Academic Excellence is our choice. It represents what Fayetteville State stands for, what it permeates, it reflects a true degree of measure that has superb quality engrossed in the institution, since the beginning of its existence. A superior casting, of which Fayetteville State University has highest esteem. Yet unyielding patience and great care. The most dynamic, qualified and understanding instructors that can be found anywhere. They have made the choice a reality. Upon leaving this grand institution they make sure that academic excellence is what you have been molded into, the essence of our being. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. Charles W Fauley, Chairman Mr Calvin Welk, Vice Cha Dr, William T. M. Ukon Captl Ml AIIilJ Cleveland Mrs Emaretia Felton Mrs Ashton Fo Mrs Maxine H, OLelley Mr Joseph P Riddle, III Mr Aaron L Spaulding Mr Curtis Jefferson, SCA Preside Not pictured Ms Laurens C Bondshu, Secretary . i i! di u l »as» ' , S;K- ; I - " u « Top Lett Dr. John E. Jacob, President and Chief Executive Officer National Urban League, New York, and Dr. Charles ' A ' Lyons. Jr., Chancellor, are enroute to Fayetteville State University ' s U7th Commencement Bottom Left Ms. Jessie Mae Owens, (center) mother of Fayetteville State University ' s Family-of-the-Year, was presented a plaque and flowers by Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons, Jr., Members of the university ' s second annual family of the year award are (left-right) Linda O, Vinson, Pernella Owens, Gilbert Owens, Ms. Jessie Owens, Chancellor Charles A. Lyons, Jr , Mary Owens and Leonard Owens. Bottom Right Dr. Charles A ' Lyons, Jr., Chancellor and Dr. Rudolph Jones, President Emeritus, socialize during the ].C. Jones Scholarship Fund Banquet held in the H.L. Cook Dining Hall. : Chancellor Charles " K Lyons, Jr. And Family Staled; Mrs. Rosa D, Lyons and (Standing) Dr. Charles -A " Lyons, Jr Charles H. Lyons iiii» ,riJ-iS i V»ilji;;.iifisi.,. .r,.vi; imniMHi Chancellor ' s Message " When we raise our sights, strive for excellence, and dedicate ourselves to the highest goals of our society, we are enrolling in an ancient and meaningful cause, the age long struggle of man to realize the best that is in him. " John Gardner This quotation embodies the spirit of my message to the University Family. Antyhing less than a concerted effort on our part to uphold the high standards of integrity, dignity, and cohesiveness, upon which this great institution was founded and is now based, would be unworthy of us. To those of you who are graduating seniors, you have kept the faith and completed the rigorous tasks which were necessary to bring you to this plateau. We have done all we can to prepare you for life ' s new role. Whether you accept it or not, each member of this class is cast in the role of a leader and each of you will be expected to lead. 1 hope the foundation you have built here is firm and secure enough to support any life structure you might build for youself. Commencement Day for you may be likened unto the period of development in the life-cycle of a baby bird. When the parents feel that the baby bird is strong enough to fly, they push it out of the nest so it can try its new wings. As members of the Class of 1985, you will have this experience on Commencement Day. We believe you will fly. You may falter at first and you will probably have a few rough bumps before you are able to soar with the confidence and grace of an eagle, but this will come with constant effort and faith in your own ability, not only to achieve but to excel. Don ' t become complacent and self satisfied and think you have it made. Maintain a burning desire for achievement and service, not just for you, but for what it may mean for your Alma Mater and for your fellowman. As one person has said, " If a man ' s legs should be long enough to reach the ground, so too, should his ambition be long enough to reach the stars. " So I say to you, " keep your feet on the ground, but let your ambition be boundless. " Provost Vice Chancellor For Academic Aff airs Dr. Valeria P. Fleming Acting Vice Chancellor For Institutional Development Dr. James E. Carson Acting Vice Chancellor For Student Development Mr. H arold L. Nixon m Vice Chancellor For Business Affairs Dr. John V. Parham IHH Senior Administrators Mr, William L. Clemenl, Personnel Ollk Mr. Richard Griffin, Director of Library Ser ' Mr John D. Marshall, Director of Athletics Dr. Sydney Reid, Academic Dean (Main Campus) •i ' : ' iiiAii -xmiXiiiaiii- ■ Senior Adrainistrator Dr. John Wolfe, Assistant Academic Dean And Academic Dean (Fort I Campijs) r ' ; iM s J ' W V 1 y ■ s iis BWTC i Imm 1 R - r-i ■ Sh — B L-R Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. congratulates Dr. John Wolfe in receiving honorary membership in the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society as two other members look on. Alumni Day Convocation — 1984 Alumni Association Awards L-R Ms. Ruth Hassell, Ms Dozella Bullock, Ms, Gloria Moore and Dr. Charles " A " Lyo THE SUMMER SCHOOL — " YOUR WAY TO THE TOP " GRADUATE PROGRAMS Leading to Masters of Business Administration Masters of Arts in Education Reading Education Certificate Principal ' s Certificate Supervisors Certificate Special Education Certificate Level G Certification UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Leading to Bachelors of Arts — 33 DEGREES Bachelors of Science Arts and Sciences Medical Technology Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law Pre-Engineering Teacher Certification Air Force Officers Training ENROLL AND ATTEND THE WEEKEND AND EVENING PROGRAM THE FIRST (DAY) SESSION THE SECOND (DAY) SESSION THE INTENSIVE STUDIES PROGRAM THE SHORT SESSION THE CENTER for the ENRICHMENT of EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT EARLY ADMISSIONS PROGRAM SPECIAL SERVICES UPWARD BOUND COOPERATIVE PROGRAMS INTERNSHIPS — PRACTICA ACADEMIC COURSES Short Cou Elementar THE CENTER FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION DR. MARYE JEFFRIES, DIRECTOR ,es — Seminars — Workshops Youth at the I Junior High, High School: Camps, Worksho Anthropology: Art: Astronomy: Biology: Business Administration: Business Education: Chemistry: Communication Studies: Computer Science: Dramatic Art: Economics: Education: English: French: Geography: Geology: General Studies: Health: History: Kinesiology: Literature: Management: Mathematics: Medical Technology: Military Science: Music: Philosophy: Physical Education: Physics: Political Science: Psychology: Recreation: Sociology: Social Work: Spanish: Special Education: Zoology During the Fall Convocation Dr. Charles " A " Lyons Jr. ad- dressed students, faculty and staff. He informed them that the university has made a signifi- cant development in the upgrad- ing of the university ' s academic standards and challenged them to seek unity among the admin- istration. In conclusion he re- minded his audience that al- though the university will con- tinue in its effort to serve the people of the community, the growth and development that the university is seeking is not possible if we do not work to- gether as a family. {■■■uwuminn October 3, 1984 was truly a " Night to Remember " . Marcia Yarboro, Miss Fayetteville State University and other queens of the university were honored at the Pre-Coronation dinner in the Muhi-Purpose Room of the Rudolph Jones Student Center. (Left Top) Louise Driver, Mi ss Fellov ship of Future Scientist and othe queens a nd escorts enter the Multi- Purpose Room for the dinne r. (Left Right) Sheila rnetta Tha nter- me s, Mi KS Zela Phi Beta and escort Gregory Hl (Left Middle) Mis Phi Beta Sig ma, Overa McRae and escort Kenneth Re id (Right Middle) Tracey McGi ire Mis s Collegiate Fellow and escort Herma 1 Wilson (Bottom Right) M ss Omega Ps Phi. Beverly Simmons and escort James Bulla rd. Gracefully she walked down the Royal Carpet for Queens. Surely it was a " Night to Re- member " for Marcia Yarboro, the newly crowned Miss Fay- etteville State University. As she took her seat on the beautifully decorated throne, Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. showed his pleasure by placing a kiss on the cheek of the lovely Miss FSU. Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center, Wanda Smith; Student Government Association Busi- ness Manager, Anthony Alex- ander; Student Government As- sociation Vice President, Bryan Gooding; Former Miss Fayette- ville State University, Wrenn Crowe and Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons Jr., take time to pose for pictures during the Corona- tion festivities. Curtis Jefferson and Marcia Yarboro (right) pose to the cheers and yells of the au- dience. Parade of lovely queens, bands, marching to the beat. Dignitaries and community participation made the 1984-85 Homecoming Parade A Day To Remember. Joni Cue Mi54 Veterans Cluh Angela Collins Miss Phi Beta Lambda Arlene Crawford Miss Senior B V C v%S ■ -H ■f- ' T ' B BP CiJ P 1 1 HT I ' K V I L " ' l Wrenn Crowe Sydney Dixon Louise Driver Betty Dunn Miss FSU 1983-84 Mis s FSU Marching Band Mis s Fellowship of Futur • Scientisl Miss Junior Rhonda Hopkin Miss Williams H, Michele Koily Miss ROTC 23 On October 4, 1984 at 8:00 p.m. in the Seabrook Auditorium everyone had a smile, but the most beautiful smile was that of Miss Fayetteville State University, the lovely Marcia Yarboro. (Above left) Miss FSU, Marcia Yarboro and Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. (Top Right) Miss Marcia Yarboro and her fiance ' Mr, William Coleman. (Bottom right) Miss FSU, 1983 Wrenn Crowe congratulates Marcia Yarboro. (Top Left) Wanda Smith, Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center congratulates Marcia Yarboro, Miss Fayetteville State University. (Middle Right) Curtis Jefferson, Student Government Association President shows Miss FSU that she is a special queen as Miss Fayetteville State University 1983-84 looks on. Felicia Pratt 2t, Mi s Sociology Club Beverly Simmons Miss Omega Psi Phi Brenda Smith Wanda Smith Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center Jackie Southern Venevia Springs Miss Political Science Club Miss Kappa Alpha Psi H H E r w H ■ ' H H m l B A H r l W ' ' ' J B " 1 L B V H B i K B H m t K B H H f H 1 ■ ' Bk I I LaShorn Strickland Miss Joyner Hall Shellavnetta Thames Miss Zeta Phi Beta Carolyn Turner Miss Fellowship of Christian Students Valerie White Miss Sophomore MM " Is it a Good Gosh your mighty mighty Or Is it the Helios and the beautiful smiles . . , Or is it taking a stroll down Murchison Road . . . No, it ' s the Homecoming Parade and all the beautiful people in it doing their thing. The stares, the anxious wait, the excitement, the tackUng and running paid ofl " ' in the end when Fayetteville State University ' s Bucking Broncos defeated Bowie State for a Homecom- ing score of 27-13. Uid i Vi? ' w e« 1 im ILji ii 1 ■ RPH m r ' . - ' i k ' t UT , ' i j tL ' ' 1 (Top Left) Dr Wilma Henry, Adviser to Miss FayetteviUe State University; Curtis Jefferson, Student Government Association President; Marcia Yarboro, M,ss Fayettev.lle State University; Dr, Charles -A- Lyons, Jr., Chancellor and Mr, Charles Stevens, First Vice President National Alumni Association pay tribute while the Bronco Band play the Alma Mater, (Middle Left) The Bronco Band played and moved to the sounds of; She was only Seventeen, You, Me, and He; State of Shock; When Doves Cry; Let ' s get it On, (Top Right) Marcia Yarboro received flowers and a kiss from Dr, Charles " A Lyons Jr,, Chancellor, while Curtis Jefferson, Student Government Association President looks on- " Was it a show, or was it a show . . It most certainly was a show. Like Miss Fayetteville State University ' s theme " A Night to Remember: was exactly what Starpoint put in the minds of the people in the Seabrook Auditorium, Saturday Night October 6, 1984. Student Life Top right; When vou I Sharon McKoy .„jk at Sherry McKoy and ily natural for you to look Middle left: Michael Lunsford and Anthony Baynard sit in front of the Student Center and rate the young ladies passing on a scale of 1 — 10. Middle right: Shelia Holmes lakes time out from her busy schedule to pose for the photographer. Bottom left: Darvin Greene is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and he is very active in other campus organizations. The Spirit Of Halloween Top left: William Green terrified students during the Halloween Party sponsored by the Student Center. Top right: Deatrice Patterson disguised as Cleopatra and Curtis Jefferson turn the ladies on with his Rudolph Valentino disguise. Bottom right Vince Morris disguised as a boxer as two students in the background look on. Thanksgiving Party The students at Fayetteville State University were given a Thanksgiving Party courtesy of Rudolph Jones Student Center Staff. Top Left: Mr. Harold Nixon, Acting Vice Chancellor for Student Development talk with Gregory Moore during the thanksgiving party. Middle left: Tony Sellars, Levette Wilkes, and Melvin Foye relax to the music from the juke box and holiday treats. Middle right: Sharon McDowell, Tyrone Kelley, Sandra Sytes, Kenneth McRae, Shelia Johnson and Shelia Brooks wishes everyone a happy thanksgiving. Bottom left: Marvin Hardy and his angels, Elana Johnson, Eartha Johnson, Rynae Aikens pause for a photograph. Mi Christinas Party What a ball, What Fun — Christmas has truly come, for the students at Fayetteville State University. On December 11, 1984, they celebrated the annual Christmas Party sponsored by the Student Center Staff. For most the fun has just begun. This celebration just starts the trip toward home. goodies served during the Christmas Party. Middle left: Belinda Taylor and lisa Alston are dedicated student Student Center, who helped serve during the party. Middle right Harris Hall Crew — L-R Althea McClure, Shelia Brooks, Sandra McNeill, Wanda McNeill, Blonde Kells, Shelia Johnson, Sandra Franklin and AIk Doyle enjoy tried chicken, potato salad, dy, fruits and other tn served at the party Bottom left: John Melvin says " Ummh thi- chicken is finger licking , Bottom right: Beverly Simmons, Sandr, Pitts and Gloria Townsend take a brea ty treats to pose for the photographer. Top left: Eric Henry always look like a model in the Ebony Magazine. Middle right: Sylvester Robinson and Michael Randall, Students at FayetteviUe State University, have joined the Army ROTC Program at Methodist College. They are displaying their army uniforms and this is a rare sight on our campus because we have the Air Force ROTC program. Middle left: Annette Hilliard, Robin Campbell and Pamela Privette stop to pose for the photographer while enjoying the sights on a lovely fall day. i«a«ii ;i3S siiii».,. Top left: Jenny Ross is enroute to the dinine hall for dii Top right: Patrina Sawyer and Clarence Hicks startled to see the photographer snap their picture. Middle left: Paula James, Gail Farrior and Mary Graham are on their way to the campus dinine hall. Middle right: Warren Turner is a member of our bronco football team, holds the position of defensive back and hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. As the complexities of our society escalate, it is clear that the priority task facing the students are the prep- aration to meet the challenge present- ed by going to school and financing their education. Many students are employed parttime to meet the needs of preparing for school and providing income to stay in school. In many roles, students learn the art and science of relating to the public, the essential elements of exploration, experimentation and openess to chal- lenge. These elements are important in the professional preparation of stu- dents who take the challenge of part- time employment. This too, is part of the educational process. Seeking the added income to fi- nance their education are: Top left — Mary Tomoney works as an office as- sistant in the Student Center; Middle right; Gary Brinkley, salesperson at Hofheimers, Cross Creek Mall; Bot- tom left: Sheryl Hart, salesperson at Belk, Cross Creek Mall; Top Right: Marilyn Dunn, salesperson at Belk, Cross Creek Mall; Bottom left: Tony Sellars, salesperson at Hofheimers, Cross Creek Mall; and Bottom right: Frances Wesley, salesperson at Belk, Cross Creek Mall. i l7jn h " " !u W " Tp ■ " " ' " " ' r ' " ' ° ° ' " « ' ° " ■ °P " 8 ' ' ' SS " ' " ' " ° " " ' - y ' ° ' he dming hall for d„ internship in the Word Processing Center. Bottom: Carol Caple, does he I Top Right: Julia Bentlcy, Patricia Nichols and Theresa Highsmith relax in New Residence after their classes are over. Middle left: Sherri Spencer check her clothes in the dryer. Middle right: It is Vickie Fuller ' s night to wash dishes. ■ ■M SHH r .! BK-: Top left Gregory Gunn and Jerry Monroe cooling out on a lovely fall day Bottom left: Steve Armstrong and Rayford Moore make plans after graduation in May for graduate school. Middle right: Cassandra Cloud will catch the eye of several young men on campus as she models her lovely outfit Audrey Robinson. Cynthia Johnson and Karen Johnson pose for the photographer after their classes. They pl.in t check out the video games Top Left: Wendy Camphell, Charles Culbertson, Patrick Imes, Kim Fai lyames, Kim Farmer, Tracy Mosley and Tonya Brown enjoy their mea hall Middle Left: Byran Gooding. Anthony Alexander, and Curtis Jefferson government officials, discuss business with Darryl Shepard during din Middle right: Renee Williams, Renee Clark and Warren Poindexter fea chicken dinner Bottom right: James McCallop and Jerome Morgan ate the whole thir ner, Patrick in the dining Senior Class Officers Irving (Irv) Veazie, Adv Pam Jones, Secretary Tanya Watson, Parlimentarian : Assistant Sec- retary Seniors Anthony Alexander — Business Admin- istration, Bridgeport, CT; Petronia An- derson — Chen: istry, Dover DE; Steven Armstrong — Business Administration, Richmond, VA. Arlecia Autry — Early Childhood Educa- tion, Elizabethtown, NC; Deborah Ayala — Office Administration, Fayetteville, NC; Jacquelyn Bacote — Psychology, Hartsville, SC How Would You Describe Your Four Years At FSU? I am affectionate, alluring, enthu- siastic, complaisant, honest, devoted, bliss, optimistic, argumentive, ambi- tious, entertaining, independent, cognitive, sporty, sprinky, innova- tive, logical, adventurous, confident, assertive, respectful, majestic, abso- lute, talkative, daring, poetic, daz- zling, musical, demanding, liberal, intricate, democratic, harmonious, sincere, genuine, sumptuous, stub- born, elite, unpredictable, harmoni- ous, precocious, intriguing, authen- tic, down to earth, in love, and loved. Arleen Crawford Benjamin Bailey — Mathematics, Fay- etteville, NC; Kenneth Bailey — Physical Education, Winston Salem, NC; Randall Baker — Political Sci- ence, Fayetteville, NC Sherman Baker — Economics, Fay- etteville, NC; Timothy Baker — Busi- ness Administration, Hope Mills, NC; Jeffery Ballenger — Physical Educa- tion, Greer, SC James Barnhart — Intermediate Edu- cation, Birmingham, AL; Noelia Bar- rera — Business Administration, San Antonio, TX; Steve Bates — Social Studies Education, Fayetteville, NC Eunice Bennett — Intermediate Edu- cation, Clinton, NC; Michael Best — Business Administration, New Bern, NC; Venita Best — Medical Technol- ogy, Whiteville, NC Beverly Bethune, Early Childhood Education, Fayetteville, NC; Marilyn Blackmon — Business Education, Lumberton, NC; Marshal! Blackshear — Business Administration, Pontiac, MI Manargo Boykin — Business Adminis- tration, Mt. Olive, NC; Julius Brackeen, A- — Political Science, Fayetteville, NC; Jeanne Broers — English, Carroll, NC Claudell Brown — Business Administra- tion, Fayetteville, NC; Lisa Brown — So- ciology, Winston Salem, NC; Vanessa Brown —Speech Drama, East Orange NJ ® ' Anna Buie — Early Childhood Educa- tion, Clarkton, NC; James Bullard, Jr. — Business Administration, West Palm Beach, FL; James Butler — Physical Edu- cation, Jersey City, NJ George Cade — Business Administra- tion, Fayetteville, NC; Quincy Cannon — Political Science, Murfreesboro, NC; Carol Caple — Office Administration, Wadesboro, NC What ' s Your Opinion On Capital Punishment? I think that if Capital Punishment is to be enforced as law then it should be voted on by the people of the United States as a whole, not im- plemented state by state. When the moral aspects are vanished Capital Punishment can be an effective de- terrent to the increasing population of homicidal maniacs that are plagu- ing our society. I feel that Capital Punishment should be mandatory for anyone guilty of intentionally murdering more than one person. As it stands now most mass mur- derers are considered insane and are put into mental institutions to be re- searched and rehabilitated, a mere slap on the wrist in comparison to the horrors of their crimes. In es- sence whether or not Capital Pun- ishment is to become an enforced law should be decided by the people. Stanley Singleton Dora Carter — Political Science, Clin- ton, NC; Vivian Clark — Mathemat- ics, Fayetteville, NC; Fred Cook III — English, Fayetteville, NC Clenwood Cooper — Business Ad- ministration, Clinton, NC; Arleen Crawford — Music Education, Tho- masville, GA; Joni Gaines Cue — Ear- ly Childhood Education, Spring Lake, NC Lisa Curry — Business Administra- tion, Fayetteville, NC; Willie Curtis — Sociology, Pittsburgh, PA; Ariel Dan- iels — Biology, Tabor City, NC Rosa Davis — Political Science, Beau- laville, NC; Gloria Dawson — Inter- mediate Education, Fayetteville, NC; Jane Ebron — Intermediate Educa- tion, Fayetteville, NC Gail Farrior — Business Administra- tion, Kenansville, NC; Juliet Fon- buena — Business Administration, Cebu City, Philippines Dorinda Ford — Early Childhood Educa- tion, Concord, NC; Shirley Ford — Busi- ness Administration, Murfreesboro, NC; Manie Fraihi — Business Administra- tion, Saudi, Arabia Grace Frye — Physical Education, Luray, VA; Margaret Ceddie — Early Child- hood Education, Fayetteville, NC; Na- dine Codette — Business Administra- tion, Havelock, NC Bryan Gooding — Biology, Kinston, NC; Mary Gould — Mathematics, St. Peters- burg, FL; J ohn Guions — Business Ad- ministration, Elizabethtown, NC Karen Hanks — Economics, Baltimore, MD; Dianne Hannmond — Business Ad- ministration, Wadesboro, NC; Jennifer Hargrove — Sociology, Clinton, NC What Obstacles Have You Encountered During Your Four Years At F.S.U. I can not say that I have encoun- The professors made learning in- tered many obstacles at Fayetteville teresting, and I think this made my State University. The only problems studies easier. I have encountered are my own fault. The students at this institution As a returning student, I had a and the attitudes of everyone have hard time adjusting to a steady made this an interesting four years ' " ' e- Thank You 1 C % ' | 9 B NibSit i. aw " e 1 r ' i 1 Stephen Bates ■ Wanda Harley — Business Administra- tion, Lumberton, NC; James Harris — Political Science, Clinton, NC; Theresa Highsmith — Business Administration Wallace, NC Alonzo Howard — Business Administra- tion, Roseboro, NC; Kathy Howell — Early Childhood Education, Fayetteville, NC; Delphine Hudson — Business Ad- ministration, Mayesville, SC Earlene Hughey — Physical Education, Brooklyn, NY; Judy Ikard — Psycholo- gy, Hickory, NC; Curtis acois — Politi- cal Science, Maxton, NC Curtis Jefferson — Business Adminis- tration, Jacksonville, FL; Gloria Jenkins — Speech Theatre, Sanford, FL; Janine Johnson — Early Childhood Education, Spring Lake, NC As A Graduating Senior, What Advise Would You Leave The Underclassmen? Underclassmen, striving to suc- ceed in life isn ' t going to happen without the ABILITY and the THE- ORY to do so. The reason behind this statement is that ability -I- the- ory = success. Try not to fall into the category that many others have done and that is " Flunking Out " . Believe me! If I had the chance to attend college all over again, I would make the necessary effective and efficient corrections to enhance my chances of succeeding. Richard Williams Once you develop the best possi- ble THEORY here at Fayetteville State University your ABILITY to succeed will come from your place of employment. Keep in mind my fel- low Broncos that you should not stop attaining your theory after you have graduated. Continue to learn more through higher levels of educa- tion. In conclusion, do your very best to succeed by attaining effective grades (A ' s or B ' s) and efficient grades (thos grades attained through knowledge and not those at- tained through instructors giving them to you). Rena Johnson — Intermediate Educa- tion, Garland, NC; Sharon Johnson — Sociology, Fayetteville, NC; Teresa John- son — Music Education, Boston, GA Cai! Jones — Sociology, Fayetteville, NC; Genevieve Jones — Mathematics, Columbus, GA; Terry Jones — Social Studies Education, Jacksonville, FL Tyrone Kelly — Business Administra- tion, Columbia, SC; Stephen Kntumba, Business Education; Kanipala, Africa; Patricia LeBeau — Psychology, Fayette- ville, NC Cretta Lennon —Office Administration, Evergreen, NC; LeRonee Lewis — Psy- chology, Snowhill, NC; Katherine Mara- ble — Early Childhood Education, Fay- etteville, NC What Is Your Philosophy In Life? A Stoic attempt to be master of his emotions, an Epicurean seeks happi- ness through pleasure, a Rationalist seeks to gain knowledge through reason, while a Christian strives for salvation by way of the teachings and grace of God. As for me, my philosophy in life is but a large sec- tor of all of these. That I might in some way make others happy as life is for me. To aspire to achieve things that I didn ' t think possible, knowl- edge that I felt at times were out of reach. To live my life one day at a time, yet plan for tomorrow and to believe that there is a tomorrow. To be myself and not what others expect me to be, to treat others with the same respect that I would expect. If I can influence but one being to strive for a small part of the vast knowledge of this world. To know in earnest how very important these things really are, and to keep in mind the trials and hardships, but only to use as an asset rather than a liability, to make a better person of themselves so that they might blos- som into the full rounded beings that this world can make them. Be careful, this same world can also BREAK YOU! Vivian Clark Daryl Mason — Physical Education, Ft. Myers, FL; Eleanor McKoy — Business Administration, Elizabeth- town, NC; Robert McKemie — Busi- ness Education, Fayetteville, NC John McLaughlin — Psychology, Red Springs, NC; Marian McLaurin — Music Education, Fayetteville, NC; Michelle McLaurin — Early Child- hood Education, Elizabethtown, NC Dorothy McNair — Business Admin- istration, Fairmont, NC; Maxine McNeill — Office Administration, Fayetteville, NC; Robbie McNeill — Speech Theatre, Spring Lake, NC Ken McRae — Business Administra- tion, Richmond, VA; Alicia Meadows — Business Administration, Hender- son, NC; Cindy Medley — Speech Theatre, Erwin, NC Debbie Meeks — Business Adminis- tration, Tarboro, NC; Ruth Merritt — Political Science, Magnolia, NC; Jacob Mickle — Business Administration, Camden, SC Ginger Miles — English Education, Raleigh, NC; Teresa Mittower — Mu- sic Education, Fayetteville, NC; Greg- ory Moore — Speech Theatre, Bes- semer, AL Marvin Moore — Economics, Hope Mills, NC; Willie Mae Moore — Business Administration, Aurora, NC; Michael Mozingo — English Education, Faison, NC Roza Murchison — Mathematics, Fayetteville, NC; Abigail Murphy — Business Administration, Magnolia NC; John Newkirk — English Educa- tion, Fayetteville, NC Deatrice Patterson — Business Ad- ministration, Palm Beach, FL; Bernai- dene Peterson — Business Adminis- tration, Clinton, NC; Retha Pittman — Early Childhood Education, Wil- mington, NC Veronica Ransaw — Early Childhood Education, Lillington, NC; DeEttra Reeves — Business Administration, Independence, KS; Dallas Riddle — Business Administration, Cincinnati OH Jean Rohman — Elementary Education, Robersonville, NC; Barbara Shaw — Business Administration, Mount Ver- non, NY; Debra Singletary — Compre- hensive Business Education, Lumberton, NC Stanley Singleton, English, Huger, SC; Beverly Smith — Intermediate Educa- tion, Gaston, SC; Darryl Smith — Busi- ness Administration, Brooklyn NY Deborah Smith — Early Childhood Edu- cation, Wilmington, NC; Emma Smith — Business Administration, Elmore, AL; Wanda Smith — Early Childhood Educa- tion, Fayetteville, NC Patricia Starling-Chain — Business Ad- ministration, Fayetteville, NC; Darrell Stewart — Business Administration, High Point, NC; Patricia Stocks — Read- ing Education, Lumberton, NC What Are Your Plans After Graduatior ? It will be the 14th of May nineteen eighty five The morning of a glorious day will have finally arrived, and after nu- merous years of academic prepara- tion I will be awarded a certificate of graduation, at a grand ceremony conferring my degree making me worthy of special opportunities. Thereafter I ' ll return to my native land, with incentive and hope for my future plans — to study acting (for it will be my career in life) and in the mean while I ' ll work from nine to five I ' ll work out a routine to manage my time I ' ll exercise my body and train my mind, I ' ll function and perform always at my best and in my search for inner power I ' ll find my true essence and I ' ll know God. Rosemary Toval Wanda Sutton Political Science, Goldsboro, NC; Alexander Thomas, Jr. — Music Education, Winchester, VA; Rosemary Toval — English, Lone Island NY Anthony Troublefield — Psychology, Faison, NC; Levert Ty er — English, Fay- etteville, NC; Chigbo Umerah — Busi- ness Administration, Nigeria, Africa Alexis Wade — Business Administra- tion, Boston, MA; Carrie Walker — Business Administration, Fayetteville, NC; Charles PVa ier — Business Admin- istration, Fayetteville, NC Jerline Walker — Early Childhood Edu- cation, Fayetteville, NC; Jessie Wall — English, Raeford, NC; Paul Walters — Business Administration, Fayetteville NC Can You Describe Yourself In Fifty Words? am the descendant of African kings — a Afoble representation of " energy " personified . . . ft " " all ... I am the Anmovable object against the ftrces of oppression and depression! I am Truth — a Vouthful incantation of LIFE Wealth and riches Oiented (I am) ?ationally ZItetermined to Strive for educational excellence for all ... Jacqueline Ware — Early Childhood Education, Fayetteville, NC; Debra Wat- son — Psychology, Windsor, NC; Tanya Watson — Music Education, Camden, NJ Claratha West — Business Administra- tion, Jacksonville, NC; Kimberly White — Business Administration, Fayetteville, NC; Athalie Williams — Business Ad- ministration, Fayetteville, NC Marvin Williams — Business Education, Weldon, NC; Myron Williams — Busi- ness Administration, Newport News, VA; Richard Williams — Business Ad- ministration, Rocky Mount, NC Roscoe Williams — Political Science, Hope Mills, NC; Christopher William- son — Political Science, Maxton, NC; Patricia Willis — Business Administra- tion, Raeford, NC How Would You Describe Your Four Years At F.S.U.? I would like to implement the fact that it has been a learning experience that will follow me throughout my entire life. As a member of the cross-country team it was difficult to participate in other activities and be a role model toward my colleagues. I began to mature as the years pro- gressed and it became natural for me to handle situations as they ap- peared. 1 also began to feel good about myself and others. This change I feel will be beneficial in helping me to adjust to the complex society we live in today. Christopher Williamson What Have You Enjoyed Most About Your Stay At FSU? I have enjoyed being a member of the Fayetteville State University Marching Bronco Band. It is very re- laxing, challenging, stimulating, educational, adventurous, outgoing, motivating, creative and dynamic. The FSU Marching Band exper- ience will be beneficial to my career because when dealing with the pub- lic I will know the organizational skills that are necessary for a march- ing band. The marching band also promotes self-discipline to not only music majors, but majors of other fields. It is a honor and I am proud to be a member of the Fayetteville State University Marching Bronco Band. Celette Lusby Carolyn Wilson — Business Admin- istration, Fayetteville, NC; Dwayne Wise — Speech Theater, New Or- leans, LA; Carolyn Worsley — Busi- ness Administration, Tarboro, NC Costella Worley — Early Childhood Education, Tarboro, NC; Anntoniette Wright — Business Administration, Jacksonville, NC; Marcia Yarboro — Business Administration, Fayetteville, NC Tanya Watson Stephanie Larkin New York Homeboys ChilHng — L-R Melvin Foy, Roderick Arbubakrr, Toddy Bri Junior Class Officers L-R Ms. Theola Swinson. Bettv Dunn, Sharon Loftin, Eugene Johnson, Jr., Teresa Lennon, Steven Owens Bottom Right L-R Eugene Johnson, Jr., President; Sharon Loftin, Treasurer: Betty Dunn, Miss Junior; Ms. Theola Swinson, Adviser; Teresa Le Vic President; Steven Owens, Secretary ililllllllllllillWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIII—liHI M—i IIIIW Mmi WI W " " " ■■■ Abdulbasit Al-shibi Charles Anderson, J Derek Anderson Gigi Andrews Debra Artiquez Faiez Athery Jackie Autry Erma Avery Mary Bailey Elba Baker Jeanette Baker Cynthia Barber Elizabeth Bauber Angela Batts Edward Benton Patricia Boney Freeman Bunch Ronald Burnette Teresa Burnette Cheryl Butler Melody Butts Kenneth Campbell Rodolfo Campbell Graddick Cannady Patricia Chavis Michael Christian Gloria Cogdell Susan Comer Shirley Cooper Edna Cummings Kimberly Currie James Curtis Carl Daniels James Daniels Antonio DeLaCern, Jared Dieffenhach Tammy Dixon Louise Driver Betty Dunn Robert Dynes Brenda Elliott Sandra Elliott Carolyn Ellis Deborah Fails Annetta Faulci Lanetta Fauico Ramon Figuer Wanda Forte Karia Fn Victoria Fuller Pamela Fulton Patricia Cause Sandra Greaves Bradley Criffin Karen Hanks Charles Harris Anthony Hedgepeth LaBeatnce Hemby Barbara Hinton Billy Hodges Linda Holden Bonita Holland Kriski Holloway Joseph Howard Dyan Huffin Judy Jkard Jasper James Paula James Kimberly Jeffri ■i Eugene Johns Linda Johnso Priscilla John Sharon Johns Samuel Jones William Jorda Charles King Ruth King David Krueoer Sabrina Leggett Roger Little Sharon Loftin Joyce Malone Mimi Mapp Sandra Maya Norma Malloy Michelle McAllister Pamela McDonald Tracey McGuire William Mcintosh Zina McKeithan Sandra McKenzie Robert McKemie Norman McKindra Etta McNeill Sandra McNeil Overa McRae Michele McWhite Vivian Mitchener Mitchell Mittower Alforaihi Mohammed David Moody Rayford Moore Richard Moore ■■■ i m Joseph Motte Ronald Mudd Karlene Murchiso Namti Musungu Shirley Neal Stephanie Nichols Lynette Ortiz Phaedra Parker James Pender Bernis Pennington Larry Peterson Eunice Pierce Patrice Pippins Margaret Phillips Warren Poindexter Fletcher Pollard Felicia Pratt Wilson Pringle Kimberly Pruczii Barbara Purvis Vernetta Ragin Michael Randall Otis Ransaw Veronica Ransan Kashia Redding Reels ' Ella ?iddick Sylv, a Robinson Sylve ster Robinson Deni e Shellcrosslee Wand a Simmons Sherr Spencer Brian Stotler Welli ngton Sutton Claud e Suggs Marilyn Taylor Tyrone Taylor Benjamin Thomas Thomas Thompson Reg.na Tucker Joyce Vaughn Anna Santago-Vega Vickie Watson Mark Wellman Frances Wesley Cora Whitehead Robert Wicker Denise Williams James Williams Joyce Williams Phyllis Williams Ralph Williams Stella Williams Winifred Williams Michael Willis Terry Wingate Jeffery Womble Franklin Youngs Sophomores Raymond Ada Travis Adams Helayel Al-En,ezi Anita Allen Mamie Allen Heidi Alexander Deidre Alston Roderick Arbubakrr David Bailey Michelle Ballard Diane Barfield John Barlow Shadrach Barrow Ignatius Beard Valerie Blue Dwight Bonds Larry Boney Richard Bowdi Carmen Bowen Oliver Bradley Cara Brewington Kevin Brooker Anthony Broom David Brown Franklin Brown oica Brown an Bryant I Bryant le Bunce e Burge Beverly Bush Darryl Carter Constance Cha Mean Clark Renee Clark Veronica Cohill Sammy Cole Alvin Coley, Jr. Angela Collins Jacqueline Coope Constance Crawford Margaret Daniel Alfred Dokes Alice Doyle .. Cathy Doyle Anthony Duncan I Jeffrey Dunovant Rochelle Ergle Stephanie Eubank Curtis Faison William Fitzgerald John Floyd Terry Frantham Arnold Freeman Shinese Galloway Allison Geddie Cynthia GiUians Valerie Goodlett Mary Gould Cassandra Graha Horace Graham lg i %-J | Charlenna Jacobs Stanley Jackson Twindal James Mary Johnson Regina Johnson Thomasina John Patricia Jordo Dale Kellem Joanne Kelly Virgma Kelly Angelo King Kathy Kinlaw Shelia Kornegay June Lampkins Vanessa Langley Vanetta Langley Teresa Langston Rosetta Lawrence Nora Lee Teresa Lennon Virginia Leonard Sandra Madden Jimmie Marbury Shelia Martin Ronald Maynor Arline McArthur Ricky McCaskill Sophomore Class Officers L-R Andrew Sanford, Parliamentarian, Alice Doyle, Secretary; Kenneth Sims, President; Vice President everly Bush, Treasurer; Rodney Ba: Mr, Earl Bobo, Adv Jean McCormick Alton McCoy ;f McCrearv Frankie McDonald Shirley McGougan Gloria Porter Demaris Powell Lenora Pride Pascal Priest Angela Purdie Margaret Raymes Dane Reid Pamela Reid Yvonette Rhodes PauU Robinson Jennifer Ross Russell Saunders Ronald Scurry Carol Shackelford Anthony Shepard Beverly Simmons Walita Simmons Tim Si ois Barbara Smilh Cherise Smith Harriet Smith Joyce Smith Rca Smith James Starling Eric Streeter Barbara Stevenson Diane Stewart Jacqueline Sutton Ruth Sutton Patricia Swisshelm Billy Taylor Willie Thomas Anthony Thompson Barry Thompson Sharlene Tinsley David Torrey Gloria Townsend Kenneth Townsen Margaret Tucker Lizette Turner John Tyler Terrence Walker Angelia Washington Shelton Watson Vikki Watson Dimple White Valerie White Renee Williams Terry L. Williams Terry M. Williams Sandra Wilson Karmala Worthington Winter Fashions The cold weather brings the winter fashions out. Karen John son models a lovely short coat. This style coat is very fashion able on campus this year. wmt Fresh men Mary Aaron Khalid Al-hitmi Alphenus Allen Cletis Allen Darlene Allen Felicia Allen Genise Allen Kennedy Allen Michael Allen Sheretta Alexande Gloria Alfred Lisa Alston Sylvia Anderson Wendell Anglin Tasha Anthony Carlos Aponte Devodie Arnett Eugene Arnett Andrea Arnette Teresa Arringtor Rachel Asbery Perry Ashford Alma Atkinson Carl Atkinson Elizabeth Aycock Cynthia Bacon Edith Barefoot Sherri Barker Rodney Barnes Sandra Barnes Arthur Barnhii Rebecca Bass Sandra Bass Jeffrey Batcher That hawk is really blowing and Shari Johnson is prepared for it. wmmmmmm Daryl Bazemore Anthony Baynard Christopher Belford Wynee Bell Deborah Belle Margaret Benjamin Demetria Berry Andre Best onathan Bethea Joseph Bishop Darrel Black Mary Bland Melana Blanks Annie Blount Charity Blue Melvin Blue Wendy Bookert Terence Booth Karmen Boone Theresa Bostick Carol Bowden Lawrence Bowers Stephanie Boykin James Bradley Orie Bradshaw Michael Brantley Lorain Brewer George Brewington Regina Bridgeford Mariano Briones Beverly Briscoe jwendolyn Brown Gladys Broadnax Robert Brown Sherilyn Brown Tonya Brown Tracey Brown Valinda Brown Donna Browning Melody Brothers Bregitte Bryant Kenneth Bryant Kimmy Bryant Tammy Bryant Netisha Bullock Sybil Bullock Burge Lawrence Burgess Tracy Burnett William Burnette Tawana Burrough oyce Butler Pauline Caesar Cammie Caldwell Clint Caldwell Eddie Caldwell Robin Campbell Cynthia Caple David Carey Clyde Carr Velda Carr Dora Carter Eugene Carter Simone Carter Thomas Cawley Cynthia Chadwick Rachon Chambers Regina Chance James Chapman Michael Chase Cynthia Chavis Mack Cherry Steven Chestnut Chong U Choi James Chrishon Anthony Christian Yong Ciopton Cassandra Cloud Gloria Cobb Juanita Cobb Lorn a Cockboun Adam Cogdell Warren Cole Delane Coleman Donald Coleman Alvin Coley, Sr. Eugene CoUett Kathryn Collins Cyrstal Coigland David Cooper Gary Cooper Cecilia Copeland Calvin Corley David Cotton Gwendolyn Cox Robert Cox Wilhelmenia Cratch Anthony Crawford Karen Credle Wanda Crosby William Crowley karen Crump Kathleen Crumper Sandra Grumpier Anne Culbreth Constance Culbreth Kenneth Culbreth lla Culbreth Darivs Gulp Chum Cunningham Ghantay Currie Oliver Currie Thyra Currie Charles Culbertson Dennis Dail Scott Damron Earl Davis Edward Davis Mary Davis Robyn Davis Vera Davis Demetress Day Felicia Dejesus Catherine Del Pardo Kevin Deloach |5. Mary DeLorenzo Martin Denning John Dowdy Brenda Dove Hung Duong Karen Durden Roberto Ech Walter Edge Letania Edward- Andria Elliott Elsie Elliott Wytie Ellis Anthony Evans Karen Evans Michelle Evans Terrence Evans Priscilla Everett John Ervin Kevin Farmer Kim Framer Shelia Farrior Anthony Faulcon Jennifer Fields Phillip Finch Mark Fischer Maurice Fitchett Carolyn Flowers Melissa Flynn Shirley Fontaine Moses Ford Twinetta Ford Deanna Ford ham Torrance Foster Bonita Foy Melvin Foy Jacqueline Foye George Franklin Sandra Franklin Shelby Frazier Frederick Frindt Freshmen Class Officers L-R Robert Helms, Parli, Rickey Teachey, Treasurer, Mary Tomoney, Secretary: Robert Bn .ident; Reggie Gr, .idem Dr. Robert L, Lemons, Adv GaberiUa FuUard Wilma Frye Vincent Fuller Linwood Fulton Wendy Furbeck Pamela Gainey Linda Gn Martin Gregorowicz Keith Griffin Reginald Grimes David Grooms Mark Hall Sandra Hall Blair Hamilton Wanda Hamm Sarah Hardy Terence Harding Valerie Hargrove Lisa Harley Vicki Harold Denise Harper Vincent Ha: Lawrence Hart Laura Hawk: Andrea Heath Robert Helms Danny Hend ' Pruitc Hend Lisa Herring Range Herring Doretha Hester ICaren Hester Robbie Hicks Gelonne Hill Charlette Hill Robin Hill Shirlene Hi Annie Hobbs Pamela Hollis Dennis Hogan Reginald Holmes Shelia Hoi Johanne Holt Zantra Holton Ronald Hooker Deborah Home James Horton, J James Howard Raymon Howard Pamela H. Christopher Hudson Sharon Hubbard Janice Hunter Curtis Jack Marcel jack Shelia Jack Rebecca Reginald Jack Sheila Jack ■■■ Tamtnie Jones Wendy Jones Jacqueline Joplin Carleta Jordan Christopher Kelly Teresa Kemp Roscoe Killett Angela King Dale Knowles Benjamin Knox Rod Komlofskc Brenda McAllister Jaime McCailop Suzanne McCaulley Joe McCL.m Arlhea McClure Robin McLauchlin Sheila McCormick James McCrae Helen McCray William McCray Richard McCuller David McCuUough Garfield McDonald Mary McDougal Jacqueline McDowell Esmeralda McEachin Janice McEachin Reeina McFadden Wendy McGili William McKay Patricia McKee Tracey McKethan Thomas McKnight Georgia MclCoy Sharon McKoy Sherry McKoy Wanda McKoy Myra McUurin Walter McEaurin Cynthia McLean Josette McLean Lisa McLean Jennifer McLemore Gregory McMillan Tonya McMillian Eric McMurren Dennis McNair Dorothy McNair Fonda McNeill Pamela McNeill Richard McNeill Wanda McNeill w Vickie McPhail Jennifer McPhaul James McQueen Earl McRae Jeffrey McRae Billy Van Meter Clara Michalek Kathlean MiUiar Gregory Miles Sonja Miles Jiianita Miller Mime Miller Sandra Miller Amy Miller Barry Minor Kellie Mintler Alexis Mitchell Faye Mitchell Garry Mitchell Gwendolyn Mitchell Shilpa Modi Sandeep Modi Steve Mohar Debra Monk Clarissa Monley Janet Monroe Lisa Monroe Pamella Monroe Angela Moore Colie Moore, Jr. David Moore Dorothy Moore Estherine Moore Gwendolyn Moore Hebert Moore Julian Moore Jerome Morgan Juanita Morrisey Joyce Morrison Tracy Mosley Maryl Mounton Aida Moya Tan Phan Phillis Pitt Ruth Pittman Denise Pitts Stephanie Pugh Gwendolyn Purdie Joyce Munn Amanda Murchis Dennis Murphy Vivian Murphy Orolyn Myrick Donnie Nash Ronnie Nash Carl Nelson Gloria Nelson Sheryl Newkirk Gayle Newsome Willie Newsome Geoftrey Newton Nelson Nichols Angela Nixon Michael Nixon Cheryl Oates Bradley Obenour Patrick Olds Jacqueline Osorio Tina Owens John Pankey Gina Parker Henri Parker Reginald Parker Todd Parker Michael Parkin Ramon Parmley Joyce Parrish Susan Paschal MelanJe Patterson juanita Patterson Pamela Peace Edwina Peaden Stephanie Peediri Valarie Pender Stephanie Perry Lisa Pickett 1 nis Pirado Angela Pittman Donna Pittman Margot Pittman illllillllllilillillllillHillWIll Robin Roberts Angela Robinson Brian Robinson Tyrone Robinson Willie Robinson Micuel Robles Michael Rodriguez Miguel Rodriguez Timothy Rogers Alice Rogerson Gregory Ross Alvin Rouse James Rust Regina Royal Stanley Royal Christopher Ryba Neil Salmon Charles Sanders Patricia Sanford Tyrone Satterthwai Margaret Schiefer Angela Scurlock Robm Seabury Frances Sella Ronald Shank Gloria Shannon Derrick Sharp Thomas Sharp Lorna Sharpe Shonda Shaw William Shaw Bobbie Shepard Renee Shields Teresa Shields Gloria Shipman Thadius Shoulan Cynthia Silver Brenda Sims Martha Sisk Alban Small Bettie Smith Claudette Smith Dale Smith JuJy Smith Kenneth Smith K-irby Smith Marv Smith Michael Smith Michael L. Smith Sandra Smith Teresa Smith Terry Smith Gwendolyn Sheed FredericLa Sowell Erick Spalt Renee Spaulding Janice Spears Tracy Spears Suzanne Spitzfaden Cynthia Staton Kathleen Staton Michael Staves Andrew Stiles Pamela Stith Al-ldajaj Sulaim; Sandra Sykes Bill Tackett Karen Talmadge Garda Tatum Belinda Taylor Garrett Taylor Jennifer Taylor Lynn Taylor Ricky Teachey Martha Tenhet Julian Thrash Angela Thomas Darleen Thomas Crystal Thomas Gary Thomas " " .eorge Thomas, Jr. ivlonna Thompson Lionel Thompson Richard Thompson Susan Thompson Twanda Thompson William Thompson Johnny Thornton Deborah Toby Mary Tomoney Mary Toon Regina Tootle Karen Torrey Tera Townsend Esperanza Traino Lisa Tucker Rachel Tucker Debbie Turnage Michael Valletta Robert Vann Jesus Velez-Lugo Valerie Vincent Donald Vinson Connie Walker Ed Walker Regina Walker Victoria Wall Brenda Walton James Waring Cheryl Washington Tony Washington Teresa Water Lisa Watkins Luther Watkins Phyllis Watson Stephen Watson Ramona Webb Terri Webb Sandra Wells Finley White Mario White Robert White Leonard Wiggins Benjamin Williams Lamar Wilson Patricia Wilson Franklin Willi; Mae Williams Margie Williar Nancy WiUian- Octavia Williai Sharon WiUian Sonya Williams Wendy William Lottie Windley Sharon Wood Peggy Wooten David Worley Kimhcrly Wright Phillip Wvatt Vickie Wynn Kenneth Zachary Christy Young Venevia Springs enjoy reading her mail as Gwendolyn Moore peaks on. Gwendolyn is very upset because she did not receive any mail. Student Government Association ra Curtis Jefferson, Student Government Association President discusses the urgency of increasing political awareness throughout the campus with Darvin Greene Curtis Jefferson, SGA President (Top-left) James Bullard, Bryan Gooding, Student Government Association Vice President and Kevin Evans. Anthony Alexander, Sandra McNeil, Wanda McNeil and Bryan Gooding The month of April ?aw the cam- pus being filled with slogans and advertisement to publicize the can- didates running for Student Gov- ernment Association Office. Yes, it was election time again and stu- dents were exercising their consti- tutional right. THE RIGHT TO VOTE! (Top Right) Theresa Highsmith, candidate For Miss Fayetleviile State University, makes sure that Marly Ricks do not forget her name, by giving him a card with her (Bottom Left) Patrina Sawyer helps Beverly Williams, election board member, find hor name on the class roster so that she can use her right — to vote. (Bottom Right) Vanessa Brown, candidate for Student Government Association Presi- dent and her campaign manager Wesley Person seeks to persuade Darryl Shepard and Sheila Covington to cast their votes for her in the SGA elections. (Top-left) Jeanette Baker, a Student Government Assoc: atlon candidate for Vice President and James Solomon campaign manager for Brian Gooding talk while election are being held, (Middle-right) Doretha Washington and Alpheus AUe excerise their right to vote during the student governmer Brian Gooding Comments 1 Question: What aspect of your campaign was most responsible for your being elected? Comments: Bryan Gooding, SGA Vice President Many aspects of my campaign were influential in my get- ting elected. However, the most influential aspect was the effectiveness of the visibility and influence my campaign and I had on the students. The effectiveness was illuminated by my honors, scholastic achievements, and track record as a typical hard working student. These characteristics were developed through ex- perience with various organizations and activities. This valuable experience was gained as a result of my curiosity and desire to diversify myself as much as possible. Again, all praise must go to the cam- paign committee. w m (Top-right) Anthony Alexander, Student Government Association Manager and Warren Poindexter, Campaign Manager (Bottom-right) Bryan Gooding and Anthony Alexander are enroute to the Student Government Association Office. ■IHHIIiHI ■ Student Government Association Staff L-R Byran Gooding, Student Government Association Vice President; Kathi Staton, Secretary. Curtis lefferson. Student Government Associate President; Rachel Asbery, Receptionist; James Bullard, Advisor to the President Rachel Asbery (Top-Right) Marcia Yarboro, campaigning for the position of Miss Fayetteville State University presents one of her cards to Iris Sledge and Jerry Monroe (Top-Left) Candidates and Campaign Managers for Student Government Association positions take a break: Vanessa Brown, candidate for SGA President; Wanda Smith, candidate for Miss Student Center; Marcia Yarboro, candidate for Miss FSU; Liston Mattias, Assistant Campaign Manager for SGA Vice President; Theresa Highsmith, candidate for Miss FSU and Cynthia Gilliam (Middle-Right) Brenda Smith, candidate for Miss Student Center solicites votes from Terrance Miller and Tracey White. Question: What aspect of your campaign was most responsible for your being elected? Comments: Marcia Yarboro, Miss FSU One of the main aspects of my campaign most responsible for my election was the fact that I had a variety of supportive individuals. They helped by informing the students about me in the residence halls, classrooms and cafeteria. The people I selected to work with me had beautiful personalities and outstanding communication skills. It was very fortunate for me to have dependable, trusting individuals working with me who were truly the key to my election. r €= .-is L l%K5 Vlxcf (Top-Left) Curtis. Jefferson, candidate for Student Government Association President talk with Ce- lette Lusby tfie Elections Board Chairman. (Bottom-Left) Richard Bowden greets Anthony Alexander candidate for Student Government As- sociation Business Manager- Question: What aspect of your campaign was most re- sponsible for your being elected? Comment: Curtis Jefferson, Jr., SGA President I think that anytime a per- son runs for public office, communication skills has to be the number one asset. When one seeks election to an elected position it is very hard work and the task must be supported by quality indivi- duals. I was very fortunate to have a very outstanding, dedi- cated, and effective campaign committee. Exposure is the one element that you cannot over do. Capturing the attention of a wide range of students and holding it is an accomplishment within itself. I think that many aspects are involved in an effective campaign for it to be a viable one. Students must be cognizant of what you stand for. I anticipate a very good year for Student Government and my heart goes out to all the stu- dents that supported me. Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center I ' m ' v! " - Veteran ' s Club The purpose of the Veteran ' s Club is to actively pronxote the spirit of fellowship among veteran students enrolled at Fayetteville State University. To coordinate ef- forts in learning programs pro- vided by the university authorities when difficulties are encountered by veteran students, and to further our purpose by socializing and making friends within the univer- sity family so that we may continue to maintain campus recognition. ::::Ik ' -m iJ S m t l2 i—: Sociology Club L R 1 enni er Hargrc ve, Buelah W jllace, H uck s.Ste phanie So omon, (2nd ro w)Wa m ons Luc ille Willia ms, Erma Ave V.Fel M Hi Soc ology Clu b; Stephen B ales, r B rba la H ammonds Faculty Reprt senta The Sociology Club is designed to bring students of Sociology together to discuss trends and ideas in the field of Sociology. Not only does the club serve as a way for students and fac- ulty to meet and exchange beliefs, it serves as a way for students to help stu- dents. For example Seniors, often help new students in sociology with their more difficult studies. Psychology Club L-R (1st row) Jesse Lott, Jimmy Marbury, Vice President; Ramon Figueroa, Pat Chavis, Teresa Lawrence, Kim- berly Jeffries, Scottie Van Hook, Parliamentarian; Garrett Taylor L-R (2nd row) John McLaughlin, Jackie Bacote, Judy Ikard, Secretary; Debra Watson, Treasurer; LaRonee Lewis, President Miss Psy- chology Club; Dr. John Cham- bers The purpose of the psychology club is: (1) To facilitate academic and per- sonal development (2) To help students make career decisions in Psychology and re- ated fields. (3) To expose students to models of professional psychologists Collegiate Fellows i L-R (1 t row) Debor hSrT ith Sheila Kornegay, Reporter Sandra Wilsor . Deatr ce Patters on, P resident: Tracey McGu re, Miss Collegiate Fellovi ; Gigi A tidrews. Treasu rer; LaBeatrice Hem by, Li ida Holde n L-R (2nd row) Micha 1 Chase Tony Cr wford James Starling, Herma n Wilso n, Mr. C Dlleg.a e Fellow Mark Wellm an. Euge ne Johnson , Vice President Collegiate Fellows are a dedicated group of stu- dents who perform various functions at Fayettevilie State University. The qualifications necessary for membership are: (1) must have sophomore status or above (2) possess a 2.0 or better GPA (grade point aver- age) (3) must be personable, co- operative, and LOYAL to FSU! Special emphasis is placed on techniques and procedures to acquaint them with activities in- volving Freshmen Orienta- tion Week, assemblies, registration and other noteworthy programs. Col- legiate Fellows serve as " vi- tal " sources of contact throughout the academic year for freshmen and new students. Being a Colle- giate Fellow is both a privi- lege and responsibility. They truly exemplify a spirit of ' BRONCO " Helpfulness. Cooperative Education M-. L-R (1st row) Marvin Moore. Glenwood Cooper, Willie White — head, Derek Anderio L-R {2nd row) Shirley Brooks, Emma Smith, Jessie Purdie, Deatrice Patterson, Mrs. Barbara R, Jones, Coordinator of Co- operativ Edu Cooperative Education is an educational program that integrates on-campus classroom study with off-campus work experience. Students enrolled in the Cooperative Education Program alternate between periods of study at the University and periods of employment with business, government and non-profit organizations. Through the Cooperative Education Program students are placed in jobs which relate to their major area of study. The program is designed to assist students in developing self- confidence, maturity and in making the transition from campus life to the world of work. University Choir l5t row L-R Lawrence Roherson, Nancy McFadycn, Rodney Barnes, Michelle McLaurin, Terry Sandra Elliott, Jackie Harris, Julian Williams, Rochell Poage. Jewel Burt, Moore, Timothy Rogers, Raeford Melton, Cheryl Oaks, Cheryl Buller, Valerie Alvin Rouse, Michael Chase, Dr, Edward Bratts, Sherrill Williams, Bellina Johnson, J Fisher Dr Harriett Howard, Theordore Timbers, 3rd row (L-R) Carolyn Anderson, Marian McLaurin, Dr Herman Wilson, Joe Bishop, John Janice James Hannah, Donald Hughlev, Cheryl McKoy, 2nd row (L-R) Angela Robinson, David McCollough, Dr- Augustus Pearson, Jr , Claude Suggs, Cannady Craddick, Gary Hair, Rodney Dorothy Moore, Todd Parker, Arleen Tate, Alex Thomas, Donald White, Ada Crawford, Kryslal Pierce, Alicia Autrey, Steele, Madison McLean, Ed Melvin Gospel Choir L-R (lit row Layton Edwa rdsNathar lelP rks Raeford Welbert Hac ris, Tyrone Tayl or, Todd Par chael Chase L-R (2nd rov V) Tinal Ware, Valeria Bratts,K. mC urne, Jac ris, Mitzy P. rker, Rozie Rees e, L sa Edwa Riddick. Su ■.an Barhe , Sa idra Elliott, Haynes L-R (3rd rou ) Janet Moore Andre Ell ott, Thert sa Johns dre BeM, Ter ri Webb, P amela Liv ngston. McKoy, Reg na Royal, Kecia Wh te, Andr Wendy L-R (1st row) Raeford Melton, President, Wendy Haynes, Vice President, Layton Edward Director, Sandra Elliott, Chaplin, Wilbert Harris, Assistant Chaplin; Shirlene McKoy, Secri tary; Michael Chase, Business Manager; Janet Moore. Assistant Secretary, Todd Parke Assistant Business Manager, Susan Barber, Miss Fayetteville State University Gospel Choi Tyrone Taylor, Treasurer Dr. Augustus Pe Political Science Club Dr BC Patterson, Adv Fellowship Of Future Scientist The Fellowship of Future Scien- tists is a student organization re- presentative of all divisions of Physical and Life Sciences. Our pri- mary goals include assistance in the areas of scientific studies and productive research. All endeavors are collectively directed toward the advancement of mankind. Art Club Dr Harvey Jenkins, Adv mm Pre-Medical Club L-R Richard Willis, Sudan Beak. Veronica Cohill, Imogene Ricks, David Hodges, Parlimentarian, Sandra Barnes, Presi- dent, Trenisha Moore, Secretary: Louise Driver, Aida Moya, Charles Richardson, Martin Gregorowicz, Pamela Livingston, The Pre-Medical Club is an orga- nization which provides charisma, guidance and a unique atmosphere of pride and togetherness for each student. It ' s an organization that creates a common bond of Brother- hood and Sisterhood that inspires individuals to compete for excel- lence. The young men and women that have agreed to serve in the ca- pacity as members of the Pre-Medi- cal Club have also agreed to serve the students in their individual roles of life as they go stepping into tomorrow ' s dreams of future professionals. Dr. Pinapaka Murthy, Adv Accounting Association L-R 1st row Shinese Galloway, Lisa Moses. Twindol James, Pamela Fultoi Noey Barrera, President; Rose Smith, Lisa Curry, Treasurer; Renee Clark. Willie Mae Moore L-R 2nd row Warren Poindexter, Parliamentarian; Ralph Blauser. Tommy McCutchen, Kevin Evans. Anthony Alexander, Vice Presiden Mr, Israel Rwejuna, Adv National Collegiate Association For Secretaries Carolyn Caple, a member of the National Collegiate Association for Secretaries dressed as an Easter Bunny last Easter and gave candy to children in the Pre-School Laboratory. Dr. Beulah Monroe, Adviser Dr. Jeanne Lewis, Adviser IHiHHi Bronco Hostesses Chai an Clark, Dcatricf Pallcrsoi an. Pam Jones Tanya Wats The Bronco Hostesses are truly an asset to the university family, bronco guest, and friends. They direct and assist in providing information, services, seating and comfort. They maintain a desired order for our sports presentation. Mr J D Marsha mmmm wm Baptist Student Union John Floyd, Vice President; Dr Robert Jjmes, Adviser, Rodnev Barnes, President; LaVerne Barnes, Adviser, Eleanor McKoy, Treasurer, Michael Chase, Business Hood Hall Association Ms Catherine Powell, Adv Vance Hall Association L-R Kevin Evans, Vice President; Steve An ernment Association Representative V , President; Warren Poindexter, Student Go H I Steve Armstrong, President Mr. James Florence, Adv New R esidence Officer Carolyn Turner, Sec Ms. Ora Lawrence, Assistant Ms. Beverly Jones, Assistant L ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I ■■■■ ■ r i I 111 I ■ ■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■ ' ■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ii ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■I ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■a ■•«■■■■■■■ - _ ■■■■■■■■■■«■•■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■•«■■■■■■ ■ ■ I ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■«■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■«■■■■■■■• ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■•■«■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ I ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■s ■ ■ ■•«■■■■•■■■•■■«■■■■■■■■■■■■■«■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■a « ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■«■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ SB ■■■ I HONOR SOCIETIES Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society L-R (Ut row) Michael Mozingo, Presider Marable, Lisa Macilwinen, Peggy Stubbs, Secretary; ]i L-R (2nd row) Jeanne Broers, Vice Prcs.d. Skelton, Billie Norman t: Kathe Shelia F s Barnhart Judith The purpose of Omicron Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards; to recognize and applaud outstanding contributions to education; to plan relevant professional interaction with academic and social issues; to encourage communication; and to render service through achievement. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Kt row L-R Curtis effer Dn, Dr. E velvn Bur rows, Adviser lame Barnhart Vice Pres dent: Katheri ne M rable, Li a W acilv inen. Treasur er; Pe ggy Stubbs. Glenwood Cooper 2nd roil L-R Richard Dutt inger, Mi chael Mo ingo. Corres OI di g Secre larv LI anor McKov Gregory Jones Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society is a general scholarship honor soci- ety open to junior and senior men and women in all academic areas. It was founded at Tennessee A ; I State College in Nashville on No- vember 26, 1937. Since its inception in 1937, Al- pha Kappa Mu has grown in size, in scope, and in its influence upon the academic excellence of Ameri- can college and university students. Alpha Kappa Mu will seek and welcome the superior college stu- dent with a serious purpose in gen- eral fields on all campuses regard- less of his color, religion, national orgin. Dr. Robert Lemons, Adviser Phi Beta Lambda 9 Ut row L-R 2nd low L-R Pristilla Johnson, Concetta Burns, Angela Collins, Maxine McNeill, Carol Trisha Starling-Chain, Pamela Fullon, Vickie Fuller, Vivian Clark, Caple, Dorothy McNair. Alicia Meadows, Wanda Harlev. Dt Robert Wrisley Kim Currie, Patricia Cause, Renee Clark, Lisa Curry Delphinc Hudson irrf %Uk Angela Collms, Miss Phi Beta Lambda; Alicia Meadow, Treasurer; Concelta Burns, President; Trisha Starling-Chain, Secretary; Kim Currie, His Dr Robert Wrisley, Advi. Mrs Mary Wrisley, Advi. Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society asurer: The purpose of this honor soci- Hatten, ety shall be to confer distinction upon students for high achieve- ment in English language and lit- erature, to provide cultural stimula- tion on college campuses and to promote interest in literature and anguage in the community. The motto is Sincerity, Truth, De- sign Who ' s Who Among Students In America Universities Colleges Anthony Alexander Member of: Student Government Association Accounting Association Society for Advancement of Managen Gigi Andrews Member of: Alpha Kappa Mu Hoi Kappa Delta Pi Mono National Dean ' s List Collegiate Fellows or Society Society Mary Bailey Member of: Alpha Kappa Mu Ho ■ Society f:.f ' ' -.!y%. ,f Timothy Baker Member of: Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Accounting Association National Deans List ■■i Noelia Barrera Member of: Accounting Associati Veteran Club Accounting Association Alpha Kappa M Jeanne Broers Member of: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Society Accounting Associat Phi Beta Lambda He Alpha Kappa Mu H. Richard Diltlmgcr Member of: Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Veteran ' s Club Hugh Euell KarJa Freeman Member of; Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Concert Band Collegiate Fellows Curtis Jefferson, Jr. Member of: Student Government Association Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Delta Mu Delta Honor Society Collegiate Fellows (honorary member) Eugene Johnson Member of: Alpha Kappa Mu Hono Phi Beta Lambda Hono. National Dean ' s List Collegiate Fellows Junior Class President Bronco Marching Band Society Society Palricij LeBeau Member of; National Dean ' s List Cassandra Moa Member of; Alpha Kappa Mu Ho Michael Mozingo Member of: University Choir Kappa Delta Pi Mono r Society Sigma Tau Delta Hon or Society Alpha Kappa Mu Ho r or Society Barbara Shaw Member of: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Accounting Association Cleo Saffoe Member of: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society ■ ■i Peggy Stubhs Member of: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society National Dean ' s List Wellington Sutton, Jr. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society National Dean ' s List Marilyn Taylo Kappa Delta Pi Ho National Dean ' s Li Society Roscoe Williams Member of: Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society National Dean ' s List Kappa Delta Pi Induction Ceremony FACLLT STAFF INDUCTEES L-R Loretla J Atk.ns, Claudette Murphy- Tompkins, Virginia A b. , Roosevelf L Holmes GRADUATE STUDENTS INDUCTEES L-R 1st row — Judith M. Williams. Billie P. Widman, Jean F. Brown, L-R 2nd row — Jacquelrne L Green, Kathy H. Johnson, Veronica R, Acosta, Geneva B, BuUucL fS t , • A k f i B tT I ' - i % h y L y i ■ .Ji i m B ■ Hf , r ■ Wm m R| 1 K ■ i 1 UNGRADUATE STUDENT INDUCTEES L-R Ist row — Debra L. Artiguez, Marilyn S. Taylor, Rodolfo C Campbell, Karla L. Freeman L-R 2nd row — Wanda Simmons, Cleo A, Saffoe, Fred C, Cook, Patricia A, Holton, W,P Sutton, Jr Thanksgiving Blessing Top right Ms Eleanor McKoy, Mr Fred Cook, and Ms. Hermine Dunk Boltom righe: Mrs. Maxine McClain Rico, Roderick, Mekeisha, Carolyn and Sh, Lending a helping hand. This was the goal of the Rho Beta Chi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society at Fayetteville State University. They honored the tradition " it is more blessed to give than to receive. " During the Thanksgiving holidays, the society and Fayetteville ' s Social Service Department co- sponsored a needy family in the Fayetteville area. The members of the society and the Social Service Department adopted the McClain Family and made their Thanksgiving Holidays more thankful by presenting them with a basket of thanksgiving trimmings. The society proved that education emcompasses more than academics. Lending a helping hand can be as rewarding as receiving an " A " on an examination. Il l ■■ . ■ . ■■■ _ Ti " « " rrr«; OIIIIIIIIIIIIIJ ■MMAMkA k bAJJiAJJ AJ JU ACADEMICS ■_■_■_■_■_■_■_• ■■■«■■■«■■■ B. ;:::::v:v:::v:v:y:-:-:-:-af = _■ ■ ■■■■■■ 1 . m 1 o Air Force ROTC Commissioning Ceremony Top left: 2nd Lt Orrin Loflin ' s parents. Mrs Willie E. Loftin and Dr Leonza Loftin pin the gold bars on the shoulders of their son. Middle left: Reviewing participants L-R Lt. Col. Joseph Sessui Capt. Richard Wyman, Capt. Marion Spurgeon, Cpt. Eugene Jones, 2nd Lt. Orrin Loftin and Cadet Lt. Col. Robert Morga) Bottom left Mrs. Willie Loftin. 2nd Lt. Orrin Loftin and Dr. Leonza Loftin express their happiness after the commissionin; ceremony and pose for a photograph. Middle right; 2nd Lt. Orrin Loftin display his Commissionin, Certificate after the Swearing-in Ceremony. Biology Class Top left: Dr. Harriett Howard lectures to her Biology cla the Lymphatic System Defense Mechanism. Ms. Norma McLauchlin s Per Commission lectured the cla I Management class listens attentively as Ms. Gloria Leach from the Equal Employment Opportunity Top left James Starling and Tony Crawford, fiomeboys from Florida, work together in the Computer Ro Bottom left; The students in Mr. Walter Johnsons Mathematic class work on an IV| ' ' Witness For The Prosecution ' ' The Fayetteville State University ' s drama guild presented a three act play entitled " Witness for the Prosecution " written by Agatha Christie. Mr. Elliott Moffitt, Speech and Drama teacher directed this courtroom trial drama mystery. The cast names are written in order of appearance. Carter as Bryan Gooding; Greta as Cassandra Mora; Sir Wilfrid Robarts, Q.C. as Michael F. O ' Donnell; Mr. John Mayhew as Owen Williams; Leonard Vole as Kenyatta Hassan Munir; Inspector Hearne as Gregory Moore; Detective as Terence Harding; Romaine as Linda J. Johnson; Miss Myers, Q.C. as Rose Danielle Toval; Justice Wainwright as R. Arlington Briggs, Jr.; Dr. Wyatt as Vince Morris; Janet Mackenzie as Debbie Boeder; The Other Woman as Cynthia Jones Professor Virginia Dix, Division of Physical and Life Sciences, familiarize her students with the basic facts and problems of life according to the study of Biology. The students learn to study life as a whole and accordingly by interpreting the scope of life as seen through the microbiology world. Hfe. W m ■r ■, fi ' ■ ■ k L vtyiMll 1 Bh A tU V liS k3 M Ik ' ShI b ' ' ; ' ■ ■ Kevir mwood, Paula class in the Top left: L-R Felicia Robir Robinson and David Grah Student Center lounge area- Middle left Mubarak Al-Misnid. Onyeanuna Umerah am Joseph Katumba pose for the photographer during a brea between classes. Bottom left: Shirley Cooper was selected as a Who s Who Student in Universities and Colleges. She is a Weekend College student and works as a full time staffer. Middle left Faye Deberry and David Torrey were all smiles when the photographer snapped their picture. .- ' -•1.-5., The Career Planning and Placement Office under the direction of Mr. James Scurry sponsored Graduate School Day, December 10, 1984 in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Student Center. There were over 25 colleges and universities invited to the Graduate School Day program. The purpose of this program was to help students select a graduate school to attend after their under graduate studies were completed. Society For The Advancement Of Management L-R Curtis Jefferson, Kimberly Grisson, Vice President; Annette Smith, Vivian Clark, President; Anthony Alexander, Shanesse Galloway, Secretary Dr. Willie Bailey, Adv Lyceum Series Schedule 1 984-1 985 i: SEPTEMBER 18, 1984 Hugh Petersen (Caribbean Band) Seabrook Auditorium 2:15 P.M. NOVEMBER 13, 1984 Mr Hy Chris Thomas (Comedian and Impressionist) Seabrook Auditorium 2 15 PM JANUARY 29, 1985 Dr. Gerald Van Dyke And Associate (Lecturer-Demonstrator) Seabrook Auditorium 2.15 PM, FEBRUARY 5, 1985 Shaw Players Company (Droma-Musicols) Seabrook Auditorium 7:30 P M FEBRUARY 14, 1985 Harlem Nocturne (Sing and Dance) Seabrook Auditorium 7:30 PM, FEBRUARY 19, 1985 ShOfOn li Kinrj (Foikiorisl-Hi. ' .tOfian) Seabrook Auditorium 2 16 PM FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT IRV VEAZIE, 486-1166 Foyettovllle Slate Univefsity is a consliluent o( The Unlveisily o( North Cotolina Foreign Students Organization Intramural Football Champions rt, Myron Jones, Anthony The Wrecking Crew Team Members: L-R (Ist row) Donald Smith, Darrell Ste Mott L-R (2nd row) Clarence Hicks, Marvin Hardy, Randolph Robins. James BuUard, captain Fellowship Of Christian Students Kneeling — Elder Michael Christian 1st row L-R — Mary Williams, Carolyn Turner, Cheryl Medley, Vivian Mitchener, Lisa Brown, Karon Sellers, Jackie Foye, Retha Peterson, Bernaidene Peterson, Angeline Patterson, Tamara Spellman Back Row L-R — Donald Smith, Anthony Hedgepeth, James McCreary, Matvm ttilc M.chjrl V ilium-., Mitchell Williams, Steve Hamilton Officers L-R — Mary Williams, Choir Directress; Rethea Peterson, Assistant Adviser; Bernaidene Peterson, President; Jackie Foy Assistant Secretary; Carolyn Turner, Miss Fellowship of Christain Students; Michael Christian, Vice President Mrs, Yuvonne Robinson, Adviser Pan-Hellenic Council L-R kneeling - Ruth Merritt, Jackie Autry L-R 1st row — Deatrice Patterson, Vanessa , Teresa Lawrence, Kevin Evans, Margaret Phillips, Darryl Shepard, Jeanette Shellarnetta Thames, 2nd Semester — President Irving Veazie, Advis Greek Fraternities Sororities Omega Pm Phi Fraternity Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Alpha Phi Alpha Fratc Zeta Phi Beta Sorority DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY ik ' • : ' i: Sharon Fov , Anntoinelte Wright, Theresa Highsmith, Carolyn Paige Mi- RoMa Fri ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY L-R Concetta Burns, Kimberly Jeffries, LaRo McGuire, Deatrice Patterson 2nd row L-R Grace Frye, Ruth Merritt Lewis, Eleanor McKoy, Alicia Meadows, Tracey Dr. Grace Black Dr. Marye Jeffrie Ms- Carrie Stoke Omega Psi Phi Fraternity ' A Top L-R Stevan Godette, Mike Willis, Chae Harris. Kevin Evans, Myr. Williams, Kevin Wardlaw, Darryl Shepard Bottom L-R Michael Randall, Darvin Greene, Jerry Mo Williams, Steve Gilliam Bullard, Ralph . m e mum bi«! vt rntMn Michael Randall, Chaplain, Chae Harris, Parliamentarian; James Bullard, Vic leus, Darvin Greene, Basileus; Steve Gilliam, Keeper of Finance; Myron Wil Keeper of Record and Seal Mr. Moses Walker, Adv Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity L-R Eric Majette, President Johnny Richards, Vice President Mr. C.C. Cottom, Adviser ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY rbara Shaw, Basile Jeanette Baker, Ul Anti-Basilcu!. Overa McRae, 2nd Anti-Basileus Vivian Clark, Grammateus Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Top Left L-R David Moody, President, Joseph McCalop, Parliamentarian: Michael Best, Treasurer; Jasper James, Secretary Middle Right: Overa McRae, Miss Phi Beta Sigma E S . H 1 1 ■ t ' v . H kk r f k k m J [k. I jB Mr. James Florence, Adviser 1st Row Gwen Cox, Sonja Smith, Tammy Jones, CameUia Sherard Deni- Hassell 2nd Row Yolanda Johnson, Tonya Miller, Phyllis Pitt, Lisa Als Angela Nixon, Lasandra Shaw, Bobbie Shepard SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY Ms Evelyn Durham , Advisor Cocoa Phi Cocoa Social Fellowship •i5SSs5l? Luther Robinson, President S H Mr. Jerry L. Williams, Adviser Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity L-R Reggie Wooten, Bo Townse Richard Henries, Cecil Wooten, Levonne Coe, Roderick Norris, 1 Burge, Walter Troy L-R Cecil Wooten, President Roderick Norris, Secretary; m Mr Walter Johnson, Adv Gamma Sigma Sigma Service Sorority Ms. Retha Lindsay, Adv Air Force ROTC Alpha Flight Brian Stotler, Cadet 2nd Lt. Bravo FUght Deborah Fails, Cadet 2nd Lt. Charlie Flight James Murray, Cadet 2nd Lt. Delta Flight Julian Thrash, Cadet 2nd Lt. Professional Officers Corp Roza Murchison, Cadet Col. Patrick Olds carry the United States Flag during the Convocation Ceremonies held in the Seabrook Auditorium. Cheerleaders top to bottom Row 1 Cynthia Stat Brenda Dove Row 2 Sheila Brook Jackie Billie astfyig aaee ' Mf- ' r 2-3 Year Olds Ms. Irene Kirk Ms Sandra Green Pre-School Laboratory 1 1 Row L-R Nikki Kirk, Stephen Morgan. Steven Hedgepeth. William Redmond, Rachella Saunders. 2nd Row L-R Edward Cromatie, Kwanda Hommond. Victoria McNaire, Jason Jackson 3 Row L-R Ms. Sandra Green, Teacher. Ricardo Malloy. Ivory Harris. Ashley Taylor. David Dantzler- Wolfe 3 Year Olds Ms. Evelyn Reeves Mr. Don Monroe Top Row L-R Lemar McNeill. Kechele G entry, Phillip Lewis Tanisha Reynolds. Shira McDonald, Renada Brinkley. Petina Cloud Middle Row L-R John Dantzler Wolfe. Tim othy Norwood, De- trich Williams, Nile Johnsor , Marcus Shaw, Des Custard First Row L-R Jacqueline Ferguson, Pras ana Kmg, Damana McMillan, April McEacher n, Tra chaun Wells Krystal Byrd 3 4 Year Olds Ms. Sandra Franklin Mrs. Andrea Hill 1st Row L-R Lakeisha Chance, Marcus Smith, Robert Graham, Sabrina Ellington, Carl Griffin, Rico McDougald, Ligeia Chance, Steven King, Jerren Davis 2nd Row L-R Ivan Brooks, Dennis Best, Marcy Williams, Draper Newbill, Greg Hines, Jasun Thompson, Jason Bookhart 3rd Row L-R Morris Bishop, Valerie Douglas, Geralde Cope- land, Mark Thompson, Ishmail Middleton Ra- shema Freeman 4th Row LR Robyn James, Tameka Kennedy, Romney Mar- tin, Michelle Taylor, Aaron Pierce M •§ f 4-5 Year Olds Mrs. Rosa D. Lyons Ms. Joyce Baldwin Mr Irene Kirk Mrs Sandra Gr. pose for a Halloween photograph L: r The four year olds in Ms. Sandra Franklin ' s class decorated Mr. Snowman during the Chancellor ' s Christmas Party. 1-2 Year Olds, Ms. Linda Robinson, Teacher Lalova Bell John Brown Ricardo Ferrell Anthony Grant fit 4 Airelle Hall Ronald Michaex Kevin Pickett Heather Robinso Darryl Sawyer Daryl Webb Priamas Willia Corey Wilson 1-2 Year Olds, Ms. Sandra Morrisey, Teachers Darcelle Bell Brandr-, Davis Anthon, McKii Andrea Malloy Sport! 1: BODIES FLYING — In the sea of humanity called football, bodies appear to be going in every direction. In this contest, the Broncos fell to the Quakers 17-7 in Greensboro, North Carolina 5|» l S : .? Ken McRae (58) lead the Bk with o2 solo tackles, 47 assisted tackles and 17 Quarterback sicks for a total of 107 yards of oppo- nents quarterbacks. Dwayne Parker (34) is off to the , he alludes Gilford College pursurer. The Quake • the Broncos offensive sho Touch Down • Siiififi An intergal part of the foot- ball program is the student assistants and trainers. The student assistants provide the coaching staff with informa- tion on key players, plays, and scouting information on opponent ' s players. The trainer is the team doctor. Top-William Thomas, train- er; bottom-Tyrone Kelley, student assistant and former CIAA offensive guard. This is the year coach Wil- liam Head has been working toward since he became the head football coach for Fay- etteville State University in 1981. The coaching staff and the players expected the team to be competitive. The team looked more like the broncos of the 70 ' s. Coach Head said, " this is our year; this is the one we have been waiting for. " The broncos coaching staff (L-R) Leon Moore, offensive coordinator; William Spencer, linebacker coach; Robert Pul- liam, defensive coordinator; William Head, head coach; Marshall Blackshear, student assistant; Joseph Byrd, stu- dent assistant. -bs- i-t- S t The offensive line provided blocking and holes that enabled the bronco runners to rush for 1612 yards against their opponents defense. Front row: L-R Terrence Norville, Chae Harris, Walter Wallace, Steve Armstrong, Melvin McNeill, and Charles Lovelace Second row: L-R David Pickens, Russell Amos, Corky Dismuke, Chal Smith, James Robert, III, and Richard McNeill u M t«i«iS 4- i ::l lu;ii.,. • J lt:l ; ■-[•-•■A. : ! . J j; 1 J M ' - J iM 1 . 11 1- 1 - ' liui is f Or 75 yards are liont (L-R) Reggie Holmes, Wairen Turner, and Marty Ricks. Second Rov (L-R) Earnest Hawk, Angelo King, and Clint Caldwell. Marty Ricks lead th. defensive backs with four thefts. This years bronco football team was saddled with misfortune and a team with examples of how misleading statics can be. Early in the season the broncos lead the CIAA in total offense with a 310 yard per game average, second in the league in rushing offense with a 246 yard per game tally Broncoettes Basketball Team rginia State Univ. N.C. Central Univ. Winston-Salem St. Un Elizabeth City State Frances Marion Tu. Livingstone College Johnson C. Smith U. Winston Salem St. U. Elon College Norfolk St. Univ. N.C. Central Univ. Livingstone College St. Augustine ' s College Shaw University ClAA Women ' s Tour. Fayetteville, NC Greenville, NC Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville, NC Raleigh, NC MD Richr Fayetteville, NC Durham, NC Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville, NC Florence, SC Salisbury, NC Charlotte, NC Winston Salem, NC Fayetteville, NC Norfolk VA Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville, NC Raleigh, NC Fayetteville, NC 6:00 5:30 5:30 6:30 pm 6:00 pm Lady Bronco ' s Lisa Green (5) and Sabrina Barnes (25) put pri !l vi| fl Kk. M H Br - t H I B 1 N ■r i mH H HI r w 1 Joyce Vaughn All Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association candidate Sabrina Barnes, candidate for All Central Intercollegiate Athletic Asi at guard. ciation at forward. Top left: Li a Green, forward guard f; drives toward the basket. Bottom right: Sandra McQueen, guard from Maxton, NC for two points. Middle right: Giving it her best. Joyce Vaughn, (4) All CIAA candidate and junior point guard attempts to prevent Virgi nia State University from making a basket against the Lady Broncos. Top right: Annetta Faulcon forward, co- captain and leading scorer for the Broncoettes. Bottom right: Earlene Hughey, Broncoettes trainer and manager, provides assistance to Coach Mary Lamb and statistical date to the Sports Information Director. Bronco Basketball Team 1st row L-RE ic Broughton, Mike Allen Kirby Smith, Derrick Sheff eld. Fenner, Skipper Phillips, Willie Robinson Charl Vincent Harri s, and Travis Adams McDowell. Willi e Arrington, Ronald Caulder Willie 2nd rov V L-R Mr. Jake Ford, Head Co ach; Anthony Shepard, Rueben Robert Hendersc n. Assistant Coach Date Opponent Site Time Nov. 17 Atlantic Christian Wilson, NC 7:30 pm Nov. 23-24 Capital City Tip-Off Raleigh, NC Nov. 28 Atlantic Christian Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Nov. 30 Dec. 1 Bull City Tour. Durham, NC Dec. 6 St. Pauls College Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Dec. 8 Hampton Institute Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Jan. 12 Shaw University Raleigh, NC 8:00 pm Jan. 14 Bowie State College Bowie, MD 8:00 pm Jan. IS Virginia Union U. Richmond, Va 8:00 pm Jan. 17 Virginia State U. Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Jan. 19 N.C. Central Durham, NC 8:00 pm Jan. 21 Winston Salem State Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Jan. 23 Elizabeth City Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Jan. 28 Livingstone College Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Jan. 30 Johnson C. Smith Charlotte, NC 8:00 pm Feb. 4 Winston Salem State Winston Salem, NC 8:00 pm Feb. 7 Norfolk State U. Norfolk, Va 8:00 pm Feb. 9 N.C. Central Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Feb. 11 Livingstone C. Salisbury, NC 8:00 pm Feb. 14 St. Augustine ' s C. Raleigh, NC 8:00 pm Feb. 16 Shaw University Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Feb. 27 Ma r. 2 CIAA TOURNEY Norfolk, Va. (Scope) Feb. 18 St. Augustine ' s C. Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Feb. 23 Johnson C. Smith Fayetteville, NC 8:00 pm Skipper Phillip, forward (45) shows off his jumping ability against Atlantic Chr: College as Derrick Sheffield, point guard (12) gets ready to step into the action. npST nffP Ronald Caulder, forwatd (33) pulls down a rebound in the Atlantic Christian College Big (6-10) Willie Robinson gets rebound for the Broncos. The Broncos dropped St. Pauls College, 84-73 in CIAA . UAJI ■UJff PMBl Mm Ruehen Fenner, (44) 6 ' 5 " forward, from Trenton, New Jersey displays his shooting form with a behind the back dunk against Saint Augustine ' s College. Willie Stevenson, 6 ' 3 " swing guard from Belle Glade, Florida. Broncoetts In Action Front Row (L-R): Jeannine Jean-Pierre, Andre Best, Elba Baker, Michelle Cook Back Row (L-R) Sandra McQueen, Gwendolyn Cox, Coach Mary Lamb and Michael Pri No, Sandra McQueen isn ' t praying. This is part of the exciting action the Broncoettes displayed this season Standing by to take part in the action are Jeannine Jean-Pierre (22) Gwendolyn Cox (10) and Dee Jones (14). Ms, Mary Lamb, Coach FSU Marching Band Performs At Giants Stadium i iir laiukfeMMii Fayetteville State University ' s Marching Bron- cos were featured halftime performers at the New York Giants Kansas City Chiefs football game. Over 76,000 spectators gave a rousing response to the bands electrifying halftime routine. At first, they thought their director. Dr. Victor Hebert, had gone soft in the head for practicing so long in the cold o weather. After the performance, you should have seen band members giving each other high fives for what they knew was an excellent perfor- mance. By the look on Dr. Hebert ' s face after the performance, his smile at last, and those high fives we knew ail the hard work was worth it. . you ' re on FSU ' s candid camera. FSU Ma a in East Rutherford, New Jersey. nbers take time to pose for the photographe Tennis Team L-R Dennis Williams, Alex Wade. Duane Clark, Barry B ullock arry Bullock, Co-Captain Dennis Williams, Capta Mr Robert Henderson, Coach Cross Country Track Team Mr. Jake Ford, Coach Parrish Mack Mr. William Spencer, Coach Bi Administrators Mil I ' . 1 Dr Lolela Wood Fo5tcr, Associate Dean for Dr. Wilma Henry. Director of Counseling Special Programs Student Life Center Dr. Robert James, Title 111 Coordinator Administrators Dr Marye Jeffries, Director of Weekend Dr Denise Mahone, Direclor of Institutional Dr M.iium C,ll (:l|lo , Dirmor of Early Evening College Interim Director of Research Planning (. hilJh.u.d Ltaming tenlcr Continuing Education Center Mr. Joseph Ross, Academic Media Ser Mr. James Scurry, Director of Ca Planning Placement Mr. Jerome Scott, Associate Dean of Students i ' ' " ' Administrators Ms, Beverly Warren, Director of Word Dr. Clarence White, Director of Student Mr. Charles Willis, Director of Computing Processing Center Teaching Center Irving (Irv) Veazie, Director of Student Activities Student Center Dr. Robert James and Dr Denise Mahone wait for the Boaid of Trustee Meeting to begin in the Chancellor s Board Room. Mr Isiah Baker, LPN Mr Willie Baker Ms Wynie Besl Ms Dons Bowden Ms Jeanette Braggs Ms, Paula Brown Ms, Rosemary Byrd Ms, Patricia Carter Ms. Eloise Cave Ms Olivia Chavis Mr. Thomas Chisoln Ms. Pansy Clark Ms, Peggy Clark Ms Anita Cloud Mr James Colvin Ms, Shirley Cooper Mr C.C Cottom Ms Elsie Covington Ms Janel Davis Ms- Peggy Devane Mr, Willie Dingle Ms. Lillian Drake Ms. Hermine Dunk Ms. Mary Evans Ms Alfreda Estebon Mr. Lorenzo Fairley Ms- Judy Fish Ms. Alyce Forster, LPN Ms. Alma Fuller Mr. Alfred Gadson Ms. Rita Gillings ■::!isM " )m M, ) ' ' Mr, Hosea Given- Mr, Slcvan Codettf Mr Herbert Gray SSgt Stephen Hall Ms Lola Harris Ms, Palncia Heath Mr John Hendersoi Ms Patricia Hill Ms Oxyvenia Hughlcy Mr Andrew Johnson Ms Barbara Jor Ms, Fannetta Jo Ms Sharon Levesqu Mr Thurman Little Ms Olivia Chavis and Ms Glcnna Sexto Mr Don Lloyd Mr J C Lovet Mb. Patricia Marable Mr, Terrance Marable Ms. Gloria Mavfield Mi Maria McClam Ms Westra McGahee Ms. Chervl McGee Lacv McMill.an Lula McNe.l Deborah McPhe Kathy Melvin Mr Terry Merntt Mr. Don Monroe Ms. Valeria Pace Ms. Rose Perry rv.y»1 Ms Patricia Petty Ms Geraldine Prat Ms Patricia Pratt SSGT. Michele Ric " I " rn ' i M , Estella Riggins Ms Addie Robersoi Ms Patricia Robins Ms Yuvonne Robii Ms, Gloria Sawyer Ms. Marian Sharpie Ms Georgia Sibbie Ms Arlene Smith Ms. Carolyn Smith Ms Sandra Smith Ms Theola 5w Mr Willie Tho Ms Eetha Thompson. RN Ms Wilma Thorpe Ms. Marian Sharpie Mr Wardell Townsend Ms Annie Tukes Ms. Lavern Walker Ms. Audrey Williams Mr. Willie Thomas works in the Business Office as the Purchasing Offic Dr. Grace Black, Head, Division of Business Dr. Ralph Burns, Acting Head, Division of L Economics Education Human Development HEADS OF ACADEMIC DIVISIONS Dr Evelyn Burrows, Acting Head, Division Dr. Rodney Burrows, Head, Division of of Humanities Fine Arts Social Behavioral Science Dr. Defield Holmes. Acting Head, Division Dr. Robert Lemons, Head, Division of of Physical Life Sciences General Studies Dr. Coke Ademiluyi, Area of Dr. Mane Albert, DiviMon of Mr Thomas Bacole, Area of MuMi Dr Roy Barrett, Area of Cfiemistry Geography General Studies Dr Morris Blount, Area of Mathematics Mr James Bovte, Area of Mathematics Mr. Sherman Brooks, Area of Health. Physical Education Recreation Dr John Chambers, Area of Psychology Dr Walter lohnMin, Are.) ot M.ilhc ' malus Mis H.nb.n.i Innrs A Bus.nCKs Admmislr,! Dr Otieno Okelo, Area of Political Mr Isreal Rwejuna, Area of Mr Page Saunders. Area of Health, Science Business Administration Physical Education Recreation r. ' ' i Dr. Roosevelt Simpkins Area of Capt Marion Spurgeon. Dr. Delores Stiff, Area of Health, M . Carrie Stokes, Area of Busin. MusiL Department of Aerospace Studies Physical Education Recreation Education Office Administrati. Capt. Richard Wyman, Department of Aerospace Studies Paul Wikon, Development Director John Haynes, Program Dii WFSS Radio Station FM 89 ■iSi;a;.i; fe4ici:«Si««-: B Student Development Christmas Party Top left: Ms- Olivia Chavis greets Ms- Flor.i Anlhonv .1 she enters the Multi- purpose Room for the Student Development Party Middle left: L-R Mrs- Eetha Thompson, Mr. Edwin Elliott, Mr- Jerome Scott and Ms Flora Anthony socialize during the party. Bottom left; Dr- James Carson, Mr. Frederick Young and Mr. Jerry Williams enjoy the delicious treats served during the party. Top right; Ms. Glenna Sexton serves refreshments during the party Middle right; Ms- Gretha Gibson, Mr. Harold Nixon, Dr. James Carson, Dr. Ralph Burns, Dr. Marye Jeffries and Mr Eric Moore entertain the audience with a Christmas carol. Fayettevillian Yearbook Staff Top left: Dorothy Horton, Design and Layout Editor Top bottom: James Bullard, Photographic Editor Top right: Dorothy Horton reviews pages for final corrections prior to approval of the Yearbook Ad- viser. Bottom middle: Michael Williams, photographer. Bottom left: Mitchell WilUams, yearbook staffer. Special Appreciation To: Vivian Clark for her assistance in providing copy information. Marion Crowe. Jr. for providing layouts and copy information for the sports section of the Yearbook. John Henderson for his photographic support to the Yearbook, Eugene Johnson for his assistance in typing and editing copy information. Yearbook Advisers Irving Veazie Yuvonne Robinson Rosemary Byrd ' ' Commencement 1984 1984 Graduating Seniors Nero Coleman and Cassandra Lowery display a look of happiness on graduation day. Commencement! The day of jubilation, happiness and the final phase of the educational process. There is the time that brings smiles. A rigorous but rewarding achievement has been accomplished. While some of the graduating class will matriculate to their fields of interest, others will seek to reach a higher plateau of knowledge. To all we say " good luck " and much success in your future endeavors. Top left: For John L Kottal, Nathan Bowen and Karen H. Shaw this was a memorable occasion. Their achievements placed them among the, highest, graduating honor students in the class of ' 84 Bottom left; Kenneth Williams (background), John Coleman, Wayne Salter, James Jones, Eric Greene, Mary Marlow and Jennifer McNeill pose for the photographer before the L -it " ?K ' ;s ' -? " ti iF " jr ' ' ALMA MATER ' ' OLD WHITE AND BLUE ' ' Our Colors so true, O h Hail, White and Blue To thee our voices ring, Tho ' seasons may roll, and changes unfold Thy praise we ' ll ever sing All Honor and love and loyalty We pledge our hearts anew, Our Alma Mater, F.S.U. We hail thee. Old White and Blue! We cherish each hall, each time honored wall Each bending tree and bower, Tho ' far we may roam. Thy spirit leads on To victory and power With courage and might and majesty March on old colors true. Our Alma Mater, F.S.U. We ' ll stand by Old White and Blue! — Mrs. Mary T. Eldridge — iy w ! w ' WmB c I I JOSTENS i B aa a m ■ JS ' ft J . '

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