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Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY IS A GONStlfUEOT THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GARdLINA Wm FM ETTEA ILLIAN 4983 fSU ' ARCWlVES hm-vqufN s CONTENTS DE CATKDN CANDDS BOARD OF TRUSTEES CHANCELLOR FAMLY CHANCBIOR ' S MESSAGE VCE CHANCELLORS SENOR ADMNSTRATORS ADMNSTRATORS STAFF FACULTY MEMORIAL STUDRsIT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION .... HCWECOMNG 5e 0? CLASS CANDDS JUNKDR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMEN CLASS At? FORCE ROTO PRESCHOOL LABORATORY ORGANIZATIONS, CLUBS ASSOCIATIONS SPECIAL EVmTS HONOR SOCETES SOCIAL FELLOWSHPS GREEK FRATERNmES SORORTTES ACTIVWES SPORTS acadb k:s STUDENT LFE YEARBOOK STAFF COMMB EMENT DEDICA TION Each year the yearbook is dedicated to those individuals who are not only outstanding in their field but who also show an enthusiasm and a genuine concern for the growth, perpetuation, and educational standards ? ! fo " oo ' ® ' ® ' Fcyetfeville State University. For all those reasons we the 1982-83 Yearbook Staff dedicate this, the 26th Edition of the Fayettevillian to staff members who have given this university 15 years or more service. wnnnimTniMP™™™ " ' - " Ms Valeria Pace Staff Ms Bettie Person. Staff Mr Redge Ricfiard. Staff Ms Cattierlerie Ttiompson, Faculty Ms Eetha Ttiompson Staff 4, Ms Fannie Willis. Staff Not Pictured Ms Flora Anthony. Staff Mr Mr Ttiomas Bacote. Faculty Or Mr Willie Baker. Staff Mr Dr Morris Blount. Faculty Dr Mr Ctiarles Brown Faculty Mr Ms Anna Chao Staff Mr Dr Joan Corbett. Faculty Dr Ms Virginia Dix Faculty Dr Mr Hubert Doub. Faculty Dr Dr Valeria Fleming. Faculty Mr Mr Marion George. Faculty Mr Mr Henry Godwin. Staff Mr Ms Eugene Jackson. Staff Ms. Mr Paul Tamblyn Harvey Jenkins. Faculty Josept) Knuckles. Faculty Ttiurman Little. Staff St)ia Liu. Faculty Brooklyn McGeactiy. Faculty James McMillian. Staff Dennis Nattianiet. Faculty Walter Pace. Faculty Mason Quick. Staff Rictiard Robinson. Faculty Clarence Sanders. Staff Page Saunders, Faculty Carrie Stokes. Faculty Faculty B !£ S ie L-R Ms. Fannie WUs receives plaque from Chancellor Charles " A " L yons. Jr for 25 years of outstanding and dedicatea service to Fayettevitle State University L-R Michael L Willis and Carol A. Willis, son and daughter of Ivis Fannie Willis (middle) were present for the Silver Anniversity Banquet ■■MM.iumi»«mMivi ' At»R ' itiitiuaBui,ygy, Mrs Laura S Tally. State Senator from Cumberland County was the speaker for ttte Silver Anniverslty Banquet for Fayetteville State University Employees L-RMrs Arnetha Robinson poses Witt) tier tiusband lylr Rich- ard Robinson after receiving a plaque for 27 years of outstanding and dedicated service to Foyetteville State University Mr. Volf Gilmore ' The before named individuals have contributed unsparingiy to the growth of Fayetteville State University. With this in mind the 1982-83 Staff of the Fayettevillian proudly salutes your unique efforts and give special thanks to you. " The Board of Trustees " H CHANCELLOR CHARLES ' W LYONS, JR. AND FAMILY A Lyuttb. ji oheiio V LyOiib Mi: ixu: u U Ly n iwtr-no X ' LyOf ' i:- u. ' iO ti fies H i.} CHANCELLOR ' S MESSAGE When we raise our sights, strive for excellence, and dedicate ourselves to the highest goals of our society, we are enrolling in an ancient and meaningful cause, the age long struggle of man to realize the best that is in him. " John Gardner This quotation embodies the spirit of my message to the University Family. Anything less than a concerted effort on our part to uphold the high standards of unity, dignity, and cohesiveness, upon which this great institution was founded and is now based, would be unworthy of us To those of you who are graduating seniors, you have kept the faith and completed the rigorous tasks which were necessary to bring you to this plateau. We have done all we can to prepare you for life ' s new role Whether you accept it or not. each member of this class is cast in the role of a leader and each of you will be expected to lead. I hope the foundation you have built here is firm and secure enough to support any life structure you build for yourself. Commencement Day for you may be likened unto the period of development in the life-cycle of a baby bird. When the parents feel that the baby bird Is strong enough to fly. they push it out of the nest so it can try its new wings. As members of the Class of 1983. you will have this experience on Commencement Day. We believe you will fly. You may falter at first, you will probably have a few rough bumps before you are able to soar with the confidence and grace of an eagle, but this will come with constant effort and faith in your own ability, not only to achieve but to excel. Don ' t become complacent and self satisfied and think you have it made Maintain a burning desire for achievement and service, not just for you, but for what it may mean for your Alma Mater and for your fellowman. As one man has said. " If a man ' s legs should be long enough to reach to the ground, so too. should his ambition be long enough to reach to the stars. " So I say to you. " keep your feet on the ground, but let your ambition be boundless " . mmmtmmmmamam PROVOST AND VIOE CHANCELLOR FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DR. RICHARD A. HOGG VICE CHANCELLOR FOR INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT DR. ALVIN F. ANDERSON Hn VICE CHANCELLOR FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT DR. CLEOPHUSC HATCHER iwmwmimmw VICE CHANCELLOR FOR BUSINESS AFFAIRS MR. J.V. PARHAM uj uwa m SENIOR ADMINISTRATORS Dr. James E. Carson. Assistant to the Chancellor Mr William L Clement. Personnel Officer % ' " " W-- (■ ' 1 I- F Mf Richard Griffin, Director of Library Services IVIr John D Marshall Director of Athletics SENIOR ADMINISTRATORS I H i -V . B 4. - wr y " i m ' i ItW ,if " I3 V Ms Caletha Powell. Director of Development and Assistant to the Ctiancellor Or Sydney Reid. Academic Dean (Mam Campus) ■ ' i - ' ;-.l ,. . (l-r) Mr Felton Capel Chairman of the FSU Board of Trustees Or Charles " A ' Lyons. Jr FSU Chancellor, and Mr Thomas Warren, area manager tor Carolina Power Light, throws the first shovels of earth at the groundbreaking ceremony for the WFSS broadcast tower L ADMINISTRATION 19 26 ; fc7: T4 Ooi-i-f 27 g j r ' Si B m«. Mil m i ADMINISTRATORS Mr Frank Barreca. Registrar Mrs Shelia Brown, Director of Financial Aid Mr Ralph Burwelt. Director of Security Traf- fic Mr. Charles A Darlington. Director of Admis- sions Mr Dennard El-Amin, Director of Plant Oper- ations Dr Wilma Henry. Director of Counseling Cen- Dr Robert James, Director of Advanced Insti- Mr Harold Nixon. Associate Dean for Special Mrs Arnetha Robinson. Associate Dean for tutional Development Program Programs Student life Residence Life ADMINISTRATORS Mr Joseph Ross. Director of Communication Dr. Irving Veazie, Director of Student Activi- Ivtr Ctiarles H Willis. Director of Computing Center ties Student Center Center fjr fvlilton Y arbor o. Director of Placement Dr. Irving Veazie. director of Student Activities presented his dissertation entitled " Sexual Harassment of Women in the United States Army " to Mr Richard Griffin, director of Library Services Ms Tran Bui. FSU student: Ms. OxyveniaHughley. Reference Librarian: and Marsha Yarboro. FSU student were present for the presentation Ms Saundra Carr Ms Patricia Carter Ms Eloise Cave Mr Lewis Casey riiiiii— RsnuBmBiaBr mm Ms Sandra Fleming Ms Alyce Forster, LPN Ms Rosia Freeman Ms Alma Fuller " " ' " " " " " ' ' ■ ' ■ ' " ' ifi ' iMiiiiiiniininii ' Hi Ms Oxyvenia Hughley Ms Volnetta Jackson Mr Andrew Johnson Ms Eula Jones Mr Ernest Marine Ms Miriam Oliver Ms Valeria Pace Mr Willie Parker Jgg mmmgimm Ms Arlene Smith Mr Willie Thomas Ms Eetha Thompson. RN Ms. Wllmo Thorpe Mr Warden Townsend Ms Annie Tukes Ms Laverne Walker Mr Jerry Williams Mr Carlton Wyatt Ms Gladys Hill. Secretary to Associate Dean for Residence Life Mr Frederick Young. Jr me Student Center Staff — L-R Mr. Jerry Willidms. Mr. Frederick Young, Ms. Leolo Wedks. Miss Student Center Dr Irving Veazie DIVISION HEADS OF AOADEMIC DEPARTMENTS Dr Grace Black. Division of Business Eco- Dr Rodney Burrows, Division of Social Be- nomics haviorol Sciences Dr Valeria P Fleming Division of Physical Dr Tillman V. Jackson. Division of Education I Lite Sciences Human Development Dr Robert Lemons. Division of General Studies Dr Elaine Newsome. Division of Humanities i Fine Arts ' t f " - COORDNATORS 4 ' Dr Grace Black. Area of Business Dr Morris Blount. Area of Math- Dr Ralph Burns. Area of Health. Education Office Administration ematics Physical Education Recreation DEPARTMENTS LI Col Charlie J Coleman. Jr . De- Dr Hubert Daub. Area of Sociology Dr De field Holmes. Area of Biology partment of Aerospace Studies Dr Shia-ling Liu. Area of Political Sci- Or Dennis Nathaniel. Geography Mr Richard R Robinson, Areo of ence Physics Mr. Israel Rewjuna. Area of Business Administration Dr. Goke Ademiluyi. Area of Geog- Dr Jeffrey Allen. Area of Political Mr Thomas Bacote. Area of Music Dr Roy Barrett. Area of Cfiemistry raphy Science Mr James Boyte. Area of Matti- Mr Sherman Brooks. Area of Healtri. Dr Evelyn Burrows. Area of English Dr C C Cleetwood. Area of Edu- ematics Physical Education Recreation Dramatic Arts cation Dr. Joan Corbett. Area of Literature Ms Barbara Grumpier. Area of Busi- Dr. Jan Paul Dabrowski. Area of Dr. Jack Dauner. Area of Business ness Education Office Administra- Ghemistry Administration tion Ms Virginia Dix. Area of Biology Dr Leo Edwards. Area of Math- Mr Jake Ford. Area of Health. Phys Ms Patricia Fouquet. Area of History emafics ical Eduction Recreation Mr. Charles Fredehcksen. Area of Ms Ophelia Holmes. Area of Litera- Dr Roosevelf Holmes. Area of Dr Carl Hughes. Area of Mafhemat- Mathematics ture Health. Physical Education Re- ics creation Dr Syed B Husain. Area of History Dr Janice James Area of Music Dr Manjit Jawa. Area of Math- Mr Walter Johnson, Area of Math- ematics ematics Ms Barbara Jones, Area of Business Dr Richard Jones. Area of Music Ms Earlyn Jordan. Area of Reading Dr Lee M Kleiss. Area of Chemistry Administration Dr Joseph Knuckles. Area of Biol- Mr Leonzo Loftin. Area of Math- Capt Samuel Love. Department of Mrs Rosa Lyons. Area of Education ogy ematics Aerospace Studies iiriMMirilMfllMIIMnffl Mr Raymond McDougal. Area of m, iinott Moflitt Area of English f s Saundra Morrisey. Area of Edu- fylr Donald Neilson. Area of History Health. Physical Education Re- Dramatic Arts cation creation Ms Carrie Stokes. Area of Business Mr Page Saunders. Area of Health. Ms Sandra Shdrp. Area of Educa- Dr Roosevelt Simpkins. Area of Mu- Education Office Administration Physical Education Recreation tion Dramatic Arts sic Mr John Stokes. Area of Sociology Capt Howard Swims. Department Mr Roger Taylor. Area of Music Ms Catherlene Thompson. Area of of Aerospace Studies Modern Foreign Language Dr Floyd Wdddle. Area of Biology Dr Clarence White. Jr. Area of Ms Diane Williams. Area of Math- Dr Lillian Williams. Area of Sociology Education ematics IN MEMORY OF MRS. CYNTHIA HUFF MY BEGINNING I grow to learn, I learn to teacti others tiow to react) ttieir dreams. But I live to learn ttie wonders of life. Wonders wfiich are foretold in everyone. But I die to relive in a different place and time. For in my death, lies my new beginning For I am finally free to live and see all the eternities life has for me. For death to many is only their ending but death for me is my beginning. Sam James Robert Henson, Jr. Mrs Cynthia Huff was Assistant Professor of Biological and Physical Sciences at Fayetteville State University and served the students of this institution for 30 years She was a member of Delta Sigma theta Sorority. Links, Inc and the Good Aces Bridge Club ' ' ' " " aMttiittai Governor Hunt speaks during the Higher Education Week while Chancellor Lyons ond the provost. Dr Hogg looks on Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons Jr greets the Honorable James B Hunt. Governor of North Carolina )Smmamm SBBSBBsmnrasn BSifia The 1982 Student Government Association election was t etd in tt)e Seabrool Auditorium on April 1. 1982. Tt)e candidates presented ttieir campaign speecties as ttie student body listened intensively. S T U D E N T E L E C T I O N S 1 9 8 1 8 2 Hubert McMillian campaigns tor Business Manager Dale Crosby campaigns tor SGA Vice President. Lydia Day campaigns for Miss Fayetteviile State University Hermine Dunl campaigns for Ivliss Student Center " ' " - " ' ■ ' IMilM I S T U D E N T E L E C T I O N S C O N 7 Patricia Fonville campaigns tor IVIiss Student Center Deatrice Patterson campaigns for Miss Student Center INAUGURAL CEREMONY L-l? Leola Weaks, Miss Rudlph Jones Student Center: Lydia Day. Miss Fayetteville State University: Dr Irving Veazie, Director of Student Activities: Jerry Beotty. Student Government Association President Tommy Bumpers. SGA Vice President, and Hubert McMillian, SGA Business Manager The officers were sworn in by Dr Irving Veazie L-R Leola Weaks. Jerry Beatty. Lydia Day. Ctiancellor Lyons. Tommy Bumpers and Hubert McMillian take time to pose for a pt)otograpfi togettier after ttie Inaugural Ceremony VOTE FOR ME!! Some have met me you can too. Just vote Juanita Blackmon for Miss Fayetfeville State University VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Voice Your Opinion! Go To The Polls And Vote You are a winner when you cast your vote for Carolyn Robinson for l iss Fayettevilte State University J S A E T S R U S R D O Y E C N 1 B T A E T A G 1 T O O P T V N R Y E E R S N 1 M D E E N N T T SGA PRESIDENTS INAUGURAL ADDRESS The importance of Student Government as a part of the University is to be measured by the same basic criterion as any other university activity, that is its meaning for education. Student Government as the sum total of out-of-class activities influences the atmosphere and setting of student life. It reflects the quality of faculty instruction. It is the action side of college education, and as such, the vital side. As the vital side compliments the academic side. Student Government is not to be viewed as child ' s play or as a side show. It is essence to the teaching mission of the university Closely associated with the concept of academic freedom is student freedom At this University students should enjoy maximum opportunity to express themselves and to manage their affairs in the living, active, and realistic laboratory of campus life This should be simply a recognition that each student is an individual who is seeking to develop his own character, integrity and capabilities and who is striving to find ways of using his powers in the service of humanity. There has developed, in this University, a suitable environment in which the weak can grow strong and the strong can grow great One is free to fail as well as to succeed A few students interpret the absence of strict regulation to be an invitation to a life of frivolity, but the majority of us respond wisely to the opportunity to develop self-discipline. Student freedom, like all freedom, is subject to attack when there is an abuse. But too often its critics measure the effectiveness of student leadership under student freedom against a hypothetically perfect alterna- tive But measured over the years by realistic standards, the verdict should be clear that the quality of leadership by students at this University is high Student freedom, like academic freedom, is an essential attribute of a great university. In these attributes we must continue to excel I leave you with these words of Marcus Garvey that were spoken more than a half century ago: " The illiterate and shallow-minded Negro who can see no farther than his nose is not the greatest stumbling block in the way of the race. " IffHOmMlMI Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center, Leola Weaks L-R Dr l?udolph Jones poses for a picture with Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center Reginald Hobbs the Artist at Work Lydia Day. Miss Fayeffeville State University Tommy Bumpass. Student Government Association Vice Presi- dent Leola Weaks. Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center Hubert McMillan. Student Government Associdtion Business Man- ager 1 L-l? David Meyers. Assistant to President. Harvey lylosley. Attorney General: Stanley Single- ton, Public Relation Ctiairman. Jeffery Cooper. Assistant to Attorney General: Carlton Davis. Equipment Manager L-R Norman Johnson, Ctiairman Food Service, Valerie Straytiorn, Secretary to Food Service. Stephone Sanders, Food Service L-R James Collins. Assistant Attorney General: Mary Wil- liams. Chief Justice Michael McCoy, Associate Justice: Phillip Beebe. Associate Justice L-R Arrida Henry, Secretary, Romano Morrov. Rogers. Executive Secretary Secretary: and Shelia Terry Williams. Election Board Chairman - " mmimmm SNEAK PREVIEW OF HOMECOMING 1982 mmmmmmw The Annual " Miss FSU " Dinner was held Oct. 21. 1982 at 6:00 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Ru- dolph Jones Student Center. The Theme for Homecoming 1982 was " We Can. We Will. We Must Make A Difference. " Jerry Beatty. the SGA President, was the toast- master for the occasion. jy llljgiggilgflglllglljllllll CORONATION OF MISS FSU Veronica Alston Miss FSU Marching Band Juanita Blackmon Miss Delta Sigma Theta Debra Dingle Miss Future Alumni Marion Dune Miss Cocoa Phi Cocoa Darlene Foye Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Eugenia Fuller Miss Day Student Robin Gardner Miss Zeta Phi Beta Elaine Graham Miss Omega Psi Phi Trudy Hannon Miss Alpha Phi Omega Linda Holden Miss Harris Hall Mona Howell Miss Math Club Carmoleta Jackson Miss Phi Nu Phi V;1».i» ' .l»V -: ' . ' ' i? " ' Rena Johnson Miss Bryant Hall Vickie Jones Miss Sophomore Teresa Johnson Miss Residence Assistant Judith Jones t iss Junior Wanda Joyner Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Nellie King Miss Physical Education Major Pam Jones Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma Teresa Lesane Miss Phi Beta Lambda Mary Marlowe Miss Hood Hall Eleanor McKoy Miss Baptist Student Union Michelle McLaurin Miss FSU Gospel Choir Shelly McPherson Miss AFROTC HOMECOMING PARADE f.mW JONR CTlinr.,. Sylvia Robinson Miss Freshman Vickie Rozier Miss Williams Hall Barbara Shaw Miss Alpha Phi Omega Jewel Wanda Smith Miss lota Phi Theta Renee Stubblefield Miss Psychology Club Daphene Taylor Miss Vance Hall Mary Townsend Miss Omega Pearl Bobbie Valentine Miss Phi Beta Sigma junmimmm ms Bmi pj i 1 pn 1 Vikki Watson Mss New Residence Hall (Female) Leola Weaks Miss Studon Cor Barbara Williams Miss Fellowship Christian Student Brenda Williams Miss Senior • m Vivian Wright Miss Blue White Pamela York Miss Upward Bound Mrs. Rosia Freeman, Chairperson ot Martina Hendon, Little Miss Fay- Coronation Committee etteville State University Thomasine McGuire. Miss Cumberland County Alumni Barbara Williams and escort Gregg Carringfo Rena Johnson, the lovely Miss Bryant Hall QUEENS! QUEENS!! MISS FSU CORONA TON OF wmmwmmtiim mmim Fayetteville State Broncos were playing a strong and determined game until the Broncos became overly confident in ttiemselves causing ttiem to make one mistake that changed the course of the game. In the last 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the game, that mistake cost Fayetteville State Broncos their Homecoming Game. The halttime activities during homecoming began with the Living- stone Bears doing their thing, followed by the Fayetteville State Marching Broncos movin and groovin to " Keep It Alive " . If vt ds d showdown between Livingstone ond Fdyetfeville State, buf only the bands know who is the best. Chancellor Lyons did the honor of presenting flowers to the lovely queens. Assistant Coacti discusses game plan with FSU team. FSU tiustling for yardage GAME WA TCHERS FSU students huddling to t eep warm during tt)e Homecoming Game Game spectators ctiilling out Let ' s " face " it. Deatrice Patterson tias tt)e Homecoming spirit i mimmmmmmmimm HOMECOMING 1982 THE END??? Q MESSAGE FROM SENIOR CLASS CZ___ PRESIDENT Motto: Education! A Step In The Rigt)t Direction; An Ingredient of Leadership Theme: " Striving For Integrity " The Theme and t lotto that we chose certainly exemplifies a message or food for thought, as we leave this institution of higher learning. Fellow classmates and graduates, this has truly been a year to be remembered: your confidence, trust and friendship will always be a part of my life to cherish, tvly task was made easier with your support and cooperation, thus making the year 1982-1983 one of the best in the history of the school. As you leave this instutition I extend the best to each of you and hope your future endeavors will lead to prosperity and happiness. Through education you have chosen the right direction and by doing so you will continue to strive for integrity. Kaye Simmons, President Senior Class X ' si SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Shelia Rogers. Secretary Gwen Gray, Treasurer Dr Irving Veazie. Adviser m .-« » — — — « MISS SENIOR Brenda Williams is a History major from Wilson. N.C She is the daughter of Mr f rs William H. Williams. Linda Allsbrook Debbie Anderson Benjamin Autry Sociology Business Administration Political Science Education Mt Gilead. NC Goldsboro. NC Wade. NC Fayetteville. NC Teresa Bass Intermedidte Education Newton Grove, NC Beverly Bennett Early Ctiildtiood Education Fayetteville, NC Henrietta Bessard Sociology Fayetteville. NC Juonita Blackmon Business Administration Wagram NC Janet-Anne Boyl in Business Administration Fayetteville. NC Gloria Brewington Brenda Bryant Cheryl Bulla Sociology Psyctiology Early Cliildhood Education Fayetteville. NC Tarboro NC Fayetteville. NC Tommy Bumpass Political Science l?oxboro. NC Ellen Burt Early Childhood Education White ville NC Roberta Butler Early Childhood Education Fayetteville. NC Christine Byndon Psychology Fayetteville. NC Angela Canty David Cleamons Marsha Colson Winifred Colvin Psychology Economics Forty Childhood Education Business Administration Wilmington. NC Jacksonville, NC Thomas ville. NC Godwin. NC Augustine Gotten tVlathematics Oak City. NC IVIarion Crowe. Jr Physical Education Spring Lake. NC Dorothy Currie Business Administration Clark ton. NC Melinda Davidson Intermediate Education Clinton. NC Kim Dean Gwendolyn Dickins Joseph Files Shuronia Fisher Political Science Early Childhood Education Business Administration Business Administration Jacksonville. NC Tarboro. NC Huntington. LI. NY Dover. Delaware Victoria Fisher Howard Fleetwood Cynthia Freeman tvlinnie Futrell Sociology Intermediate Education Sociology Business Administration Spring Lake. NC Fayetteville. NC Fayetteville. NC Ahoskie. NC Samuel Gantt Robin Gardner Angela Garris Sherron Gillespie Busln ss Administration Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education Business Administration Englewood. NJ. Goldsboro NO Rich Square. NC Camden, NJ Rochelle Gore Ervin Graham, Jr Gwen Gray Fred Green Business Administration Physical Education Political Science Business Administration Supply NC Maxton, NC North Philadelphia, PA Charleston. SC Patriaa Green Elizabeth Harper Michael Hill Linda Hixson Business Administration Sociology Business Administration Sociology Hamilton. NC Rocky IVIOunt. NC Faison. NC Fayetteville, NC Arrida Henry Marie Henry Gary Howard Lorraine Jackson Office Administration Business Administration Economics Business Administration Ivanhoe. NC St Croix, Virgin Islands Goldsboro, NC Fayetteville, NC Howard Jones Business Administration Wast)ington. DC Renia Jones Sociology Williamsfon. NC Wanda Joyner Business Administration Clinton, NC Edna Koerner Sociology Fayetteville. NC Napoleon Kornegay Anastasia Kowalski Rickey Lawrence Sociology Englisti Business Administration Business Admi nistration Griffon. NC New York. NY Rocky Mount. NC Tdr Heel. NC Jerry Malloy Kevin Mdrtin Ctieryl IVtcCalop Denise McDonald Business Administrdtion Psyct)ology Political Science Business Administrdtion Fayetteville. NC Georgetown. SC Fayetteville. NC Foyetteville. NC Evelyn McDonald Sandra McGill Priscilla McKoy Herbert Mclvlillan Sociology Early Childhood Education Sociology Business Administration Park ton. NC Fayetteville. NC Fayetteville. NC Queens. NY Jennifer McNeill Sociology Dunn, NC Wendy McRae Office Administration Sanford. NC Katie Melvin Business Administration Fayetteville. NC Letitia Miller Political Science Kins ton. NC Frederick Mint or Timothy Moore Romona Morrow Deborah Newkirk Business Administration Geography Early Childhood Education Sociology Newark, NJ Wilson. NC Charlotte. NC Clinton. NC Brian Nixon Ma one Everett Charles Owens. Jr Merle Pierre Math Sociology Business Administration Sociology Smithfietd. NC Murfreesboro. NC Fayetteville, NC Brooklyn. NY jBKmmum sm Clarence Plowden. Jr Curtis Prichard Sharon Prince Regina Poole Psychology Business Administration Business Administration Business Administration Lynchburg. SC Havelock. NC Durham, NC Goldsboro. NC Kdren Randdll Physical Education Trenton. NJ Algenia Reaves Sociology Chadbourn. NC Ruby Reid Mdthemdtics Wilson. NC Coquincie Rhodes Early Childhood Educdtion RosehHill. NC Belindd Richard Brenda Richardson Maria Riddle Viivage Robinson Politicdl Science Biology Interm edidte Education Social Science Sociology Fayetteville. NC Fayetteville. NC Fayetteville. NC Fayetteville, NC Argentina Rogers Early Childhood Educdtion Fayetteville. NC Shelia Rogers Arthur Sanders Lillie Shipman Business Administration Political Science Math Computer Science Durham. NC Lumberton, NC Whiteville. NC Kaye Simmons Naomi Simmons Deboral Smitli Kattiryn Stubblefield Sociology Business Administration Business Administration Psyct)ology Fayefteville. NC Fayettevilte, NC Fayefteville. NC Enfield NC Percy Taylor Business Administration Melbourne, Florida Shelia Teasley Business Administration Wade, NC Stieikt) Tejdn Politicol Science Sierra Leone, West Africa Barbara Thompson Business Administration Faison. NC Kennetti Tinsley Business Administration Englewood. NJ fylary Townsend Intermediate Education Poffstown. PA Cheryl Woshingfon Public Adminisfrafion Brooklyn, NY Shara Washington Sociology Badin. NC Agnes Williams Early Childhood Education Fayefteville. NC Ivlary Williams Early Childhood Education Benson, NC Terri Williams Business Administration Washington. DC Leola Weaks Busin ' dministration Park ,■« mu-mt% - -, Majorie Everett ilitniMiiifmiiimiMMriftmiiifwniM Sheikh Tejan say summer always Siena Leone. West Africa. remii mm fh his hometown Day has a serious i " .v. Karen Randall is on her waf to t Student Center to relax after Mamie Plummer, Senior majonng in Early Childhood Education from Charlotte. N C Anito Brockington, Senior mojoring in Business AJniuuilioUon from New York Joseph Byrd. Senior from Florida and one ofFSU ' s star football players L f? Kathryn Stubblefield. Senior from Enfield. N C and Ellen Burt, Senior from wtiiteville. NC a ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY L-l? Oswald Allen and Leola Weaks prepares the halloween trick or Mr Jerry Williams. Program Director, assist students during ttie halloween treats for ttie annual ttalioween party party Earl Bryant and Pam Jones relax while they watch a horror movie L-R Leroy Raines, Jr . Krystai Byrd, Ruth Merntt, Mary Lewis and Leola Weaks during the halloween party make funny faces for the photographer Algenia Reaves and Rosalind Myies enjoy the atmosphere and ghostly surroundings during the halloween party -mt, m-ie mm -i, — - — » HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREATERS Mrs. Evelyn Reaves ' Class. ■lii Mr " ' © Mrs ?oso Lyons Mrs. Rosa Lyons ' Class. I ■Ml iiSP i.« Mrs. Saundra Morrisey ' s Class. MISS JUNIOR Judith Jones is majoring in Reading Educdtion Slie is tlie daughter of Mr and Mrs. Amos Jones of Littleton. N.C JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS L-R Sharon Jones. Vice President. Shelia Vann. Secretary. Judittt Jones. Miss Junior. Carlton Cunningham, Student Government Association Representative. Vicl ie Rozier. Student Government Association Representative: Darryl Murray, President: Virgil Reaves, Student Government Association Representative Alternate. Officers L-R Shelia Vann. Darryl Murray. Sharon Jones Student Government Association Representatives L-R Carlton Cunningham. Vickie Rozier. Virgil Reaves. Mrs. Theola Swinson, Adviser lip James Alderman Anita Allen John Ancellotti Patricia Arrington (% Algenon Ast)ford Stiirley A very Edith Barefoot Dorene Barnes I Rebecca Barry Audrey Bass Suzanne Beekman WilSom Bennett Alphadella Bethea Venita Best Samed Bilal Fernetta Black i Manuel Blackmon Natalie Blanding Janice Blanks Larry Blossom I I- .i Rosalind Boone Dalphine Bouyer Frederick Bowen Jethro Boyd. II Donna Bridges Pat Britt Anthony Broom Julius Brown iDwayne Crawford eon Grumpier ' renn Crowe Carlton Cunningtiam J 7 Randy Curtis Robert Dancy Tommy Dough try Quncy Dickens Gail Dimsdole Harry Dinkins Patricia Drayton Sherlyn Drayton Daniel Dunlap Marion Dunn Jewell Edmonds William Eidson hi a s « ' - A Ademola-Colllng Ejiofor Shelva Faison Manuel Flemins Manie Fraihi Jotin Frei Robert Fulton Carolyn Funderburk Levetta Gainey Margate; Janice Gibtx Teresa Gilmore Wanda Gk ver V-. « ' ( ' ' «ft-; . ' ' Hi ■ ' Brian Gooding Eric Grahanr} Mary Graham Darvin Green M: Jerry Gregory Werner Gunzenhauser Cheryl Hamilton Lydia Hamright Karen Hanks Aminta Hanm Janice Harris Patricia Harris Clara Harvey Larell Higginbotham Tt)eodore Hill, Jr Valerie Hines 1 4 Paf ia Holank N00, Hollingswortt) Frederick Holt Gena Hood I Romonda Howard Jeannette Hudspeth Jettrey Jackson Sharline Jacob Q A . f Orrin Loftin Stephanie Logan Toni Lucas Rosa Lynch w J Celette Lusby Eva McCallum Richard McClain Edwin Moore, .1 Gloria Morning Vonda Morris Dineen Morton - .. • i • - - " ,» r _ - Leinster Mosley Bonnie Muck low Rosalind Myles Marcia Norton Margaret Ortega I ' ■ Desmond Okorieocha Donald Reed Jarvista Rivers Larry Robinson Mable Rogers V ' w f:N - I Darryl Ross Portia Row Sarah Rowe Deborah Ryals Stephone Sanders Mavis Savory Frances Sellars Kenricl Simms Oeridre Smith Derricl Smith Ernest Smith Darreii Stewart r A f 4 ' VM -aK-. r Barbara Tanner Bonnie Taylor Sarah Thomas Thomas Ttiompson Janice Toon Rosemary Toval Susie Turner Shelia Vann Emanuel Vaughn Robert Vencill Isabel Vereen Alicia Waish m- m -• Paul Walters Jennifer Warren Tonya Watson Bernard Weinberg m • -w. Burtlynn West Dimple White Edward Wiley Stielia Wilkins w T . Mi i Algusta Williams Arctiie Williams, Jr. Marikka Williams Ralpti Williams Vondra Williams Warner Williams Alvenia Wise Roosevelt Wrigtit m Wf MISS SOPHOMORE Vickie Jones majors in Business Administration. She is tt)e daugtiter of Ms Alice Jones of Fuquay-Varira. N.C. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ■x l.Jtt l-Q Mark Evans. President: Jimmie Brunson, Vice President, Margie Council. Secretary, Cassandrd Uttley. Treasurer L - ? Marl Evans. Jimmie Brunson . p» l y m 0 1- 1 } ■ l?!! » ' a |:-. ' - Elizabeth Alaniz Patricia Alderman Michael Alexander Derek Anderson Vikki Anderson Angela Anthony Trisha Aultman Jeanette Baker Minnie BarteS Kevin Baushman hgnotius Beard Mict)ael Belgrave Anthony Bell Mk:hael Best Marilyn Blackmon Renate Blanton Stvjron Boyd Manargo Boykin Jackie Bradley Pamela Bridges Sabrina Briggs Ametha Brown Claudell Brown Edward Brown Vanessa Brown William Bryant Anna Buie Vivian Caklwell Janine Cattoun Dionne Carreron Mtta Cannon ■-» ,.. Marilyn Canty Terrence Cartrell Lorenzo Chavis Sandrd Chisholm Cynthia Clagett Thomas Cochran Dianna Cooper Jeffrey Cooper Kenneth Cotton Majorie Council Kerwin Cross Carl Daniels A very Davis Linda Davis Tonya Davis Eusfaca De Vanish Dandra Dismulte Ivlillie Dopier Irving Drake Karen Durden Jane Ebron Kelvin Edmonson Lay ton Edwards Harry Eubanks fvlark Evans Vikki Evans Gail Farrior Lawrence Feajekwu Willie Felder Sharon Ferguson Christopher Fleetwood Patricia Fonville Denise Ford Dorinda Ford Shirley Ford Grace Frye Evelyn Fulghum Andrea Gilmore Ronald Gilmore gifcEroBBinn Deborah Givens Beverty Glover Nadine Godette Bonita Gore Lorraine Graham Pamela Graham ■ " Vernell Grantham Patricia Grass - Cheryl Griffin .. David Hager " " 7 y f Anthony Haire Carl Haire Carolyn Hale Sandra Hall Joseph Ham Mildred Hammond Gregory Handy Jennifer Hargrove Mictiael Harold Frank Harrington Samuel Harris Melvin Hart. Jr. Annette Hawkins StvDTon Hayes l ' l Anthony Hedgepeth Garrett Herring Sandra Hill Bryan Hindle Shartene Hinton Alice Horton Detphine Hudson Gregory Hunter ti lickle Jacob Curtis Jacobs ' 1 w Barbara Johnson H Gail Johnson H Martin Johnson . ttm Sandra Johnson ' " 9 Sharon Johnson i ft Priscllla Johnson Victor Johnson Anthony Jones Genevieve Jones Gweneth Jones V« 1 Shepard Jones Vickie Jones Evelyn Joyner Jerome Juvenneliiano Sherry Kelly , 1 t 1 Lynda Knight Minnie Lanier Willis Lennon LaRonee Lewis Martha Lockley - f j. 1 Linden Lofton Elton Long j . Vondra Lotharp 9G William Maitland j9H| ! . Quintin Mandrell John Martin Vickie McAllister Jackie McAperoon Tommy McCutchen ;. Darlene McGirt Valerie McGrady Wanda McGray Sandra McKemie Lisa McKiver 100 M Michelle McLaunn Andrea McLean Brigitte McLean Virgie McLean Steve McMillian Dorothy McNairM Lonnie McNeill W Mary McPhaul Shelly McPhefSon Suzette Melvin Ginger Miles Marlarsiola Miller Mitchell Mittower Teresa Mittower David Moody Gary Moore Marvin Moore Ray ford Moore Terry Moore Willie Moore Donald Moreno Terry Morris Michael Mozingo Roza Murchison Nina Muldrow Abigail Murphy- Boris Murray Darryl Murray Deborah Murray Dion Murrell David Myers Karen Neal David Nelson Shelly O ' Bryant Shirley O ' Neal I Alethea On Cathy Pearsall Connie Peele Virgil Pender Cathy Peridns f Evelyn Perkins Harold Plncl ney Retha Pittman Yvonne Pitts Warren Poindexter Marcia Price Lee Pulley Leroy Raine. Jr. Veronica Ransaw Sylvia Ray Kathy Reaves Spence Reece Brenda Reels Linda Reels John Reltes Stanley Rice Johnny Richards Stephanie Richards Martin Ricks Andre to Robinson Orlando Rone Anna Sartiason- Vesa Renee Scales Angela Shannon Barbara Shaw Tracy Shine Helen Simmons Stanly Singleton Robert Small Darryl Smith $Q t K» e I ' I -»♦ .vn [ 4 n Deborah Smith Delphine Smith Kelvin Smith Marvin Smith Melinda Smith Wanck] Smith Drucilla Smoot Detxo Sneed Sanyo Solomon Jacltie Southern Angela Spaulding Ceckic Stephenson Charita Stephenson Michele Stewart Valerie Strayhom Mibrey Streeter Peggy Stubbs f Claude Suggs Wanda Sutton Cynthia Taft Wanda Thomas Beverly Thompson Angelique Tillery Sandra Tony Horace Townsend Regina Tucker Reuben Tail Carolyn Turner Levert Tyler Cassandra Utiey Donna Uzzell Jessie Wall Kenneth Walker Jeffery Walters VIkkl Watson 1 Anna Buie ' s smile will light up a cloudy day A took of amazement from Aletfiea On. % . i $; BBK Intramural Flag Football Ctiampions L-R Seated Greg Handy, RIcardo Bacon. Steven Scott. Wilbert Norfleet. Darryl Murray L-R Standing Skip Foat, Kelvin Smith, Hank Hodges. Frederick Mintor L - ? Overa McRae and Stiaron Mclvlillian take a break after morning classes mm FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS L-RDr. RL. Lemons. Adviser: Pauline Pitts. Secretary. Tammie Cook, Vice President. Steven Owens. Representative Sandra Torain. Representative: Stiaron Loftln. Treasurer: Michael Gaddy. President L-R Pauline Pitts. Sandra Torain. Stiaron Loftln. Steven Owens L-RDr RL. Lemons. Tammie Cook. Ivlichael Gaddy MISS FRESHMAN Michelle Robinson is a Mathematics major from Greenwood S.C. She is the daughter of Mr. Mrs. Donald Robinson. rntTMi Kelly Abner Travis Adams Robert Agaliotis Victor Agusi Betl any Alien Jotin Bourgeois Gloria Bowen Oliver Bradley, Jr. Garry Briggs Gary Brinkley Beverly Briscoe Zeldo Br It ton Kali Branson Anecid Brool s Carrrien Brown IP r ' " sM ii. Bruce Burge ' WUam Burroughs Belnda Bussey Cheryl Butler Michael Bums Darryl Carter Jacqueline Carter Maurice Caldwell Charles Campbell Kenneth Campb, Dora Carter Miranda Carter Dana Carr Gregory Carrington Mary Chance Ernest Ctierry Duane Clark Glenn Clark Renee Ctark Jeffrey Cochran Angela Collins Mashell Conner Ezekiel Cook Tammy Cook Catherine Cooper Flora Collins Wanda Crawley Karen Credle Robert Crump Ton! Cunningham Kimberly Currie Natalie Daniels Peggy Daniel Danny David Claris Davis " K James Ddvis Tamra Davis Valerie Davis William Davis Vanessa Dawson William Dean Pamela Deangek Cynthia Devane Tammy Dixon Gregory Douglas ... Freda Dorsey Yvenel Douyon Carole Due Anthony Duncan Richard Duttlinger Emmanuel Dutton Anna Eaker Kenneth Faker Sandra Elliott Hugh Etzell Paul Everette Curtis Fair cloth Carolyn Fairley Jacqueline Farrior Annetta Faulcon ianetta Faulcon Ellis Ferebee Andrew Ferguson Donald Flowers George Fowler Angela Foy Arnold Freeman IVIichael Fricke Jasper Friday Christopher Fuller. Jr. . Victoria Fuller Danny Gaddy Ika Gibbs Michael Gibson Debbie Gilliam Mary Glasper Wade Godfrey Edward Goode Wanda Graddy Bryan Graham i Elaine Graham Horace Graham Mary Graham Haywood Gray Sandra Greaves Felecia Green Mark Greer Hannalore Gresham Rodney Gunn Orlando Harley Eldridge Hainesworfh Denice Hall Tammy Hall Terry Hall Tamella Hammonds Milton Hansen Mary Harbst Wanda Harley Dorothy Harris Quincelia Harris Clarence Harrison Gregory Harris James Harris t k Joyce Harrison Wendy Hayes Carol Height LeBeotrice Hemby Richard Henries, III Albert Henry Herbert Herrington Gregory Hickman Michelle Hicks Edwina Hill James Hill Bruce Hinton Douglas Hodgson Ivlichael Hoilien . f Undo Holden Bonita Holland Edna Holmes Rhonda Hopkins Chavis Houston Gary Hoover t Patricia Huddleston Sdmuel Hutchinson Allen Imdn Bonnie Inman Gregory Jackson Twindal James Paula James Connail Johnson Eugene Johnson Linda Johnson 1 ' 0% n ft a a ft 9 @ f5 Pamela Johnson Sharon Johnson Sharon Jones Sheryl Jones Sylvester Jones Myron Jones ' Chris Karayannis - Patricia Kea f Gary Keaton 5us«9 Keith Robert Kellberry Carolyn Kelly Patrick Kelly Robert Kerr Roscoe Killett Cynthia King Rene King Christina Kleiss Trevor Knight June Lampkins Marie Lawson Steven Leavell George Lewis Andrew Lightsey Charles Logan Paul Long Belinda Marcias Marshall Mack Patricia Malone Worma Malloy Sharon Manuel Tanya Mattison Todd May James McCreary Alton McEactiern Nathaniel McFachin DeVette McGhee Robert McKemie Elaine McKathan Zina McKeitttan Suzie McKibben Berry McKay Lisa McKoy Robin McKoy Tony McKoy Barbara McMillan Laura McMillan Sharon McMillan Terry McMillan Coranetta McMurray Kevin McNeil Tonya McNeil Alicia Meadows Raeford Melton Norman Melvin V Angela Mercer Marcel m Tammy ter Terrence Miller Ervin Mills Craig Milton Carlos Mims Antonia Montague Donna Montgomery Janet Moore 1 ' 1 ' Moore vvif) Moore Robert Moore Pedro Mora Miranda Morgan Ricardo Morgan David Moye Karlene Murctiison Calvin Murphy Gary Murray Julius Musungu Angela Newble liodericlf Norris Larry Northe Raymond Norton H- © I H 0: 9 »«:| t TerrSnce Norvllte Gregory Outlaw Steven Owens Ttiomas Page Nattianlet Parks Dolores Parker Jeanetfe Parker Juanita Pate Kevin Pate tvlicati Patterson James Pauling James Pender Bernis Pennington l aurice Perry t argaret Phillips Pauline Pitts Andre Powell Anttiony Powell ■pemaris Powell princess Powers I Felicia Pratt Clarence Proctor Elizabett) Purcell Vemetta Ragin Barbara Ray Wanda Ray Kathryn Reed Robert Reed Daphne Reid Ella Riddick Ronald Ritch y II Artonga Robinson Gretchen Robir on Gregory RogeA; Sharon Ross ' ' ' ' Sheryl Rouse John Russo F 3usat Salako Jmmy Sampson Gregory Samuels Joann Sanders l axine Sanders Darnell Scott Ivlargaret Scurry Charles Shannon ■■■■I Donald Smith Felefa Smith Gurden Smith. Rodencl Smith Susie Smith James Solomon Michael Southerland Marianne Spinola Sandra Spottsville Catherine Springs Marvin Steele Diane Stewart Robert Suber Michael Tate Carl Taylor Tyrone Taylor Michael Terry Kesoundra Terry Vanessa Tew William Thompson Leroy Timmorv Sandra Torian Robert Torry Kenneth Towns d Milton Townseni Erwin Tucker Vincent Turner Helen Turnes Darlene Tyler Denita Underwood Kim Upshur Seattle Vanhook Velda Virgil George Wagner Betty Walker .,, v-s - - - - ' ; T 06 t; Lyie Wallace Angelia Washington Darlene Washington Linda Watford Antonio Watson Debra Watson Shelton Watson Mark Wellman Frances Wesley Titus Wesley Chester White Kay White Robert White lylelvin Whitehead Sylvia Wiggins Levette Wilkes Barbara Wiiiiams Debra Wiiiiams Leondriss Williams Lisa Williams Phyllis Williams Reginald Williams Robin Williams Terry Williams Vera Williams Tyrone Wilson Cioretha Winston Cathy Wooten Kamala Worthington B ARNOLD AIR MEMBERS BRAVO FLIGHT CHARLIE FLIGHT Delta Flight L-l? Brian Nixon. Charles Owens. Davis Holloway. Bruce McMurren Kenny McKethan. Brian Hackett G CEREMONY -m V- " « ■• ■•» PARn [flMMllMTilirM PRE-SCHOOL LABORATORY ' • ■•■••i5- W- - ' 6 WEEKS- 1 YEAR OLDS, MS. LAURA STRAYHORN, TEACHER Christopher Dunn Adam Graham Destiny Moses Anthony Strayhorn ft siiA Anthony Grant Antionette McCullon My Chau Nguyen Thomas Patterson 1-2 YEAR OLDS, MS. LINDA ROBINSON, TEACHER Robyn James Shalisa Sanderlin Jasun Thompson MS. LINDA ROBINSON ' S CLASS CON ' T Raymond Wade. Jr Detrich Williams 18 MONTHS-2 YEAR OLDS, MS. MARY LOWERY, TEACHER 2 YEAR OLDS, MS. IRENE KIRK MS. PATRICIA CRUMP, TEACHERS Front Row L-R Gregory Mines. Tameka Harley. Taretta Smith. Kali McLean. Teryn Nails. Front Row L-R Justin Grant. Sabrina Ellington, lylarcus Smith. Marcy Wil- Carlye Hackman iiams. Draper Newbill Back Row L-R Takeshia Landry. James A Good. Shorise Freeman. Jerry Lamons. Back Row L-R Michelle Taylor. Shayna Waites. Justin Dunn. Ashanti Emmanuelta Smith. B. T McNeil Bennette. Frank McNeil. Misty Carter 3 YEAR OLDS, MS. EVELYN REEVES, TEACHER k ' ■ ' mm A L-R Seated David Best. Jevon Peterson. James Thompson. Russell Simpson, Michelle L-R Mia Perry. Jason Parham. Eboni J. Good. Ronnie Chalmers. Byron Harris Judd. Brice McLean. Ebony Willis. Jason Stewart. DeAndra Green. Allison L-R Standing Ayesha Mintor. Edwdrd Grant. TaNiesha Cloud Keisha Swinson. Kain Summeryille Best. Darrick Kelly Back Row Joshua Smith 4 YEAR OLDS, MS. SANDRA MORRISEY MS. FAYE GABRIEL, TEACHERS ' Wtai m i L-R Front Row Temico Fisher Edward Johnson Lynette Sanders LaToya Garner L-R Front Row LaTonya Stewart . Rhonda Steward Rikesio Boone Mar- Olivia Thompson. Vernon Whitted Andre Adams Corlos Fowler " " onds. Marquila Pierce. Anthony Colvin. Dana Carter L-R Second Row Terrell Gardner. Larry Shaw. Jason Williams Avira Dunbar Rikesia ' - ' ' ' ° ' ° " ' ' ° Morrisey Earl Nails. Derick McCullon Natalie Boone Ashanti McDonald McClellon. Sylvia Jenkins. Kimberly Cogdell. JaOtis Anderson. Ms Fave Gabriel 5 YEAR OLDS KINDERGARTEN. MS. ROSA LYO NS. TEACHER L-f? Anita Harvin Nicole Saunders, Kelly Doodley. Kristian Morton. Karel L-R Nictiolas Moss. Minnikki Miles. Nieta Bartiam. Zakia Can. Onequa Cain. Kenneth Cummings Chansso McKinnon Thompson L-R Back Row Dense Dawson. Michael Heyward. Jamie Walker. Adrian L-R Back Row Jared Lee. Shenita Melvin. Regan Wright. Omar Newman, Demeka Yeatts Reginald Malloy Foster Mrs L yons ' s class listen attentively while she point out the Importance of an orange. v .♦ T O 2 o PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS Phy-Ed L-R Dolores Monroe, Secretary Concettra Smith. Treasurer Lydia Day. f iss Fayetteville State University Jotin Westinghouse. Parliamentarian li larion Crowe. Jr.. Vice President Ronald Vaughn. President Jerry Beatty. Student Government Association President L-R (Kneeling) tvtichael Rush. Marion Crowe. Reginald Davis. 1st Row Standing — Concettra Smith Sandy Powers. Sarlene Hughey. Lydia Day. John Sylvester Jr . Delores Monroe. Jennifer Brewington, Ronald Vaughn 2nd Row Standing — Ervin Graham. Jr . Robert O ' Neal. Randy McDuffie. John Westinghouse. Jerry Beatty. Wilbert Nortleet. Victor Smith Dr Ralph Burns. Adviser DAY STUDENT ASSOCIATION L-RMr. Frederick Young, Adviser: Toni Lucas. Publicity Chairperson: Marion Crowe, Treasurer: Debra Batts, Secretary: Gary Howard, Parliamentarian: Nero Coleman, President Kneeling L-R Maurice Caldwell. Margie Council. Mamie Plummer. Marion Crowe. Chauntell Samples. Debra Batts. Regina Poole 2nd Row L-R Gena Hood. Toni Lucas. Anthony Humphrey. Kenneth McNeill. Gwen Gray, Nero Coleman 3rd Row L-R Stephanie Fennel Robert White. Mr. Frederick Young. Gary Pierce. Herbert Jones. Jeffery Womble. Haywood Gray. Gary Howard MATH CLUB L-R Jerry Masuda. Cynthia Harvey. Mono Howell, Audrey Williams. Augustine Gotten. Rosa Lynct). Juditti West. Carol Simmns, Suzanne Beekman. Dr C C Hughes. Adviser L-R Archie Jones dnd Harvey Moseley L ' l? Jerry Masuda Vice President Mono Howeil Secretary Augustine Cotton, President. Dr C C Hughes, Adviser STUDENT CENTER ADVISORY BOARD L-R Mr Jerry Williams. Adviser. Leola Weaks and Jirvmy Gibbs Advisory Board Members SCIENCE CLUB L-R First Row Ms. Virginia Dix. Loretta Daniels. Margie Council, Brian Wilson. Archie Jones L-R Second Row Dr. Harriette Howard, Wanda Kendricl , Kenneth Campbell, Patricio Harris, Louise Driver, Sarah Thomas, Sandra Elliott, Lisa Odom- Bailance L -R Bacit Row Dr. Floyd Waddle, Calvin Fleming. Dr. Jarvis Hudson. Dr. David Haas, Minnie Ragland, Anita Cannon, Carolyn Moore, Michael Preston, Ariel Daniels, Theodore Hill. Jr. OFFICERS President Theodore Hill, Jr. Vice President Calvin Fleming Secretary Lisa Odom-Ballance Treasurer Ariel Daniels Adviser Dr. Harriette Howard GEOGRAPHY CLUB Officers — L-RDr Dennis Nattianlel. Adviser; Marikka Williams. Secretary. Timothy Moore. President L-R Dr Dennis Nathaniel. Bertha Bell. Kenneth McKethan. fvtarikka Williams and Timothy Moore Back Row L-R Ronnie Douglas. Anthony Collins. Jeffery Bennett. Calvin Fleming and Freddie Garrett Anthony Hooks and Victor Witerspoon enjoy posing for the camera between class breaks Gretchelyn Woods on her way back to class after relaxing in the Student Center .m m-i-mX ' m-j, », PRE-MEDICAL CLUB MAJORS I: .- ? Katie Johnson, Willie Hardy L - ? Katie Johnson. Willie Hardy Dr Pinapaka Murthy. Adviser ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION L-R Minnie Futrell. Vice President: Lorraine Jacl - son. Cynthia Taft. Janet-Anne Boykins. Joseph Files, President. Jerry Maiioy L-R Front Minnie Futrell. Lorraine Jackson L-R Back Janet-Anne Boykins. Joseph Files Mr Israel Rwejuna. Adviser NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ASSOCIATION FOR SECRETARIES mm i I r 1 omcf ?5 MofK Garrison . Wee President Annie Jones Assistant Secretary _ — »,«.». ,;;» Debra Thompson President iJ " " " ' " " " I r r-m F ' »iiSf ' Mm ■ a, ' t ' lTiJtti- ' ' ' ' " " D tira Dingle. Debra Thompson. Arrida Henry. Sharon I fi;: " . ■-.L _ BfcBftSiftJ ' •rii ' jijtrJL Svi McNeill and Mrs. Barbara Crumpler. Adviser ' ' " " j™ " ' I i- ? Top Cora Caple. Mary Garrison. Mrs. M Wrisley. Adviser and Annie Jones V. - ■■ ' „ msmiMm FUTURE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION tHiii Jlk 4.£i- ' ..IhiT ' ' r " lp| IP M8I SSi " • r .m 1 8 i- ? Rochelle Gore. Deloris Monroe. Eleanor McKay. Deborah Newkirk. Debra Dingle. Sarah McDonald, Tommy Bumpass L-R Eleanor McKoy, Deborah Newkirk. Debra Dingle. Tommy Bumpass. Deloris Monroe. Rochelle Gore. Sarah McDonald Officers — L-R Debra Dingle. Miss Future Alumni: Deborah Newkirk. Parliamentarian: Eleanor McKoy. Secretary: Sarah McDonald. President. Rochelle Gore. Vice President Mrs Sheila Brown. Adviser i-R Seated Nero Coleman. Cheryl McCalop. Cheryl Brown. Cherdrena Brown L-R 2nd Row Isaiah Reed. Kenneth McNeill. Genevieve Jones. Emanuel Vaughn. Majorie Council. Marion Crowe. Jr . Cheryl Griffin, Humphrey Anthony J ' Genevieve Jones prepares the copy information for the Emanuel Vaughn. Editor of Voice, discusses an article in the newspaper with an newspaper interested reader BAPTIST STUDENT UNION liTS. standing L-P fit ' onor Mckoy. Ruth Merritt Seated ? Vergmald Drumwrigtit Joan Mouzon. Deborati Newkirk L-R Eleanor McKoy. President: LaVerne Barnes. Adviser. Ruth l erritt. Verginaid Drumwriglit. Treasurer: Joan Mouzon. Vice President: Deborati Newl irl L-R LaVerne Barnes, Verginald Drumwrigtit. Joan Mouzon. Eleanor McKoy FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN STUDENTS m A % ' ml -ii— t- ? ■ s ?oiv Timothy Moore. Laura Moore, Andrevj Lightsey Barbara Williams. Mike McClammy Bernadine Peterson. Shelia Jotinson. Monica Spears. Argentina Rogers, Sandra Elliott. Andrea McCr ay L-R 2nd Row Mary Williams, James Williams. Betty McCormick. Alice Lewis. Anthony Hedgepeth. Loretta Daniels. Maryland Blackmon. Debra Hutchins L-R 3rd Row Joseph Ham, Marvin Steele. Gloria Johnson. Steve Barnes, Tyrone Wilson Ms Yuvonne Robinson Adviser i Leola Weeks and Rena Johnson show a pretty smile can make your day Reno gives you just one more look. RESIDENCE ASSISTANT ' -r , ) m L-R Randy McDuffie President Cynthia Moore. Secretary L-R Seated Antt)ony Troublefield. Janice Blanks. Retho Williams. Jr . Mary Lewis. Cynthia Moore. Tammie Little. Ruth Merrltt. Sharon McNeill. Eleanor McKay L-R Standing Timothy Moore. La Ronee Lewis. Patricia Fonville, Shirley Ford. Angela Shird mmmmmmtmi WFFS RADIO STATION Jacqueline Haire. Public Service Announcer Leon Brooks. Public News Director • » ••ii ' " f«f " » " ■» " » WFFS RADIO STATION CON ' T John Haynes, Production Public Service Director Ivtr Jesse Futrell. Program Director ill.. NEW RESIDENCE OFFICERS (MEN) Rickey Lawrence. Vice President Anthony Troublefietd. President Mr Edwin Bliiott, Supervisor NEW RESIDENCE OFFICERS (WOMEN) f fff J ' ' P fl V tf A B P - i- ? standing Vickie Jones and Rochelle Gore Kneeling — Cynthia l oore L-R Roctielle Gore. President. Viclcie Jones. Secretary: Cynthia Moore. Treasurer Ms Mae Frances Rathers. Supervisor Ms. Janie Nettles. Supervisor mma BRYANT HALL ASSOCIATION Ik L L-R Nina Muldrow, Assistant Secretary. Mary Lewis. Vice President, Sharon Jones. Secretary ' ■ ■-■■ r S- ,.J : ¥ • ■ ni ::■. ■• ' •■:. jflpT L-R Mary Lewis. Nina Muldrow 1 ■kt: " - . if L-R Juanita Btackmon, President: Mary Townsend. Student Government Association Representative 150 Supervisor — Ms Retina Lindsey Assistant Supervisor — Ms Annie Burl e Assistant Supervisor — Mr Wilbert Smitt HARRIS HALL ASSOCIATION Linda Holden, Miss Harris Hall L-R Tammie Cook. Vice President Rhonda Hopkins, Secretary. Kattiy Cooper. President Pamela Fulton. Assistant Secretary Renee Kelly Treasurer Supervisors Ms Flora Anthony Ms Catherine Powell JOYNER HALL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS J .- ? Chahenna Jacobs. Secretary: SarKlra Torain, S.G.A. Represeritative: Pamella Brown. Vice Presiderit; Patrice Pippins. President L-R Cttarlenna Jacobs. Sandra Torain. Patrice Pippins Seated Pamella Brown Ms Annie Taylor. Supervisor Beverly Bethone still has time to smile, even m dropping temperature LaWana Carson stiows us the cold weather is no match for her LYCEUM PROGRAM PRESENTS . . . EMMA GOLDMAN ' iHSW Ip- Ms Emma Goldman. Soprano, in concert at the Rosenthal ' non 1, ' oom Wednesday. February 2. 1983 at 7 30 p.m 3it a glanc SPECIAL EVENTS LYCEUM PROGRAMS Buck Swamp Kickin Cloggers — Patio Area (Front of Student Center) — Tuesday, September 14, 1982 ' C i. Dr Lavonia Allison (Lecturer) — Seabrook Auditorium — Tuesday, September 28, 1982 LYCEUM PROGRAMS CON ' T AflV ftflAriiirf Seabrook Auditorium. February 14. 1983 — 12 00 Noon. HOWARD JOHNSON IN CONCERT ANNUAL STUDENT CENTER THANKSGIVING PARTY ■H STUDENT CENTER ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY % Leroy Raine, Jr helped decorate the li lulti-Purpose Room for the party ANNUAL STUDENT CENTER PARTY CON ' T HONOR SOCIETIES ■« • ■ :■•■■- -» - ' tHHH Minnie Futrell Member of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society National Association of Accountants Phi Beta Lambda Honor Society Accounting Association Kenneth TInsley Member of Kappa Alpha PsI Fraternity Delta Mu Delta Honor Society Phi Beta Lambda Honor Society Accounting Association Orrin Loftin Member of: Beta Kappa Chi Math Club Air Force ROTC ifffllifflffillrtWifttii Larell Higginbotham Member of Air Force ROTC (FSU) Drill Team-Commander FSU Dance Group Karen Hall Member of: Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Delta Mu Delta Honor Society WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES BERTHINA BAKER ARLEAN BOOZER ROBERT BUTLER TERRANOE DAWSON KAREN DEVAUGHN GAIL DIMSDALE HOWARD FLEETWOOD KAREN HALL ELIZABETH HARPER LARELL HIGGINBOTHAM KAREN KOWALSKI ORRIN LOFTIN JERRY MASUDA CHERYL MCCALOP SANDRA MCGILL WANDA MCGRADY BONNIE MUCKLOW OHRISTINE NORDAN THERESA PUGH CYNTHIA TALIFERRO BENETTA WALKER BEVERLY WARREN THERESA BASS MARION CROWE, JR. MELINDA DAVIDSON MARTHA FAIRCLOTH JOSEPH FILES MINNIE FUTRELL NAPOLEON KORNEGAY LINDA LEACH BETTY MCCORMICK GARY SNAPP BRITA TALLEY KENNETH TINSLEY JANICE TOON DIMPLE WHITE LEROY WORTH JR. 3. .Z-: -._, _- S 1 s-sdi ' 35- 1 3.. ' - :? j Jj.i ' l vS %% S j ' fejP- w L-R Minnie Futrell. Lorraine Jackson, Janet-Anne Boykins. Joseph Files L-l? Lorraine Jackson, Secretary, Janet-Anne Boykins, lyfinnie Futrell, President, Josepti Files, Vice President iiiiMin ' aapjaMii 1 £■!■ " ' 1 isssui 1 ph Files D H E O L N T O A R M S U O C D 1 E ■ E L T T Y A Dr. Grace Black, Adviser ALPHA KAPPA MU HONOR SOCIETY Inductees L-l? Seated Hermine Dunk. Lorraine Jackson, Oso Redding Patricia Lloyd L-l? Stdnding t erle Pierre. Melinda Davidson. Teresa Bass. Sttaron McNeill. Lisa Ballance. Linda Polk, Eleanor tvicKoy. Roberta Butler. Linda Hixon. Ivlariangiola Ivliller. Kathy Dunn- man Inductees L-R Seated Ctieryl McCalop, Joe Files. Carol Atla- meier, Richdrd Arsenault L-R Standing Glenwood Cooper, Phillip Axler, Greg Jones. Jane Wadswortl . Walter Redding L-R Dr RL Lemons Adviser. Gail DImsdale. Secretary. Janet-Anne Boykin. Trea- surer. Terrance Dawson. President. Minnie Futrell. Vice President. Mary Davis. Recording Secretary. Leroy Wortti. Jr . Publicity L-R Jar et-Anne Boykin. Gail DImsdale. Dr RL Lemons. Dr Evelyn Burrows Leroy Worth. Jr., Mary Davis. Terrance Dawson. Minnie Futrell. Wilbert Davis Timothy Moore. Dr. Greonwood PHI BETA LAMBDA HONOR SOCIETY W % " |Ji " « L-R Seated Terri Williams. Deidre Williams, Deatrice Patterson, Samuel Gantt, Debbie Anderson L-R Standing Scroti McDonald, Myra Pridgen, Lorraine Jackson, Marcia Norton, Howard Jones, Barbara Matttiews. Glenda Bumphus. Teressa Lesane. Pam Jones L-R Ttiird Row Andrea Davis, George Cade, Betty McCormick, Portia Rowe. Charles Artis Officers — L-R Debbie Anderson, President, ' Samuel Gantt, Vice President, Deatrice Patter- son, Secretary. Deidre Williams. Treasurer: Terri Williams, Parliamentarian Advisers Mrs Norma McLauchlin Mrs. M.£. Wrisley Dr. Robert Wrisley Teressa Lesane. Miss Phi Beta Lambda BETA KAPPA CHI SCENTIFIC HONOR SOCIETY n: i L-R Orrin Loftin. Joseph Motte and Jerry Masuda AaSi , i ' L-R Arrin Loftin. Joseph Matte and Jerry Masuda ana- lyze the geometry of an object. Dr Leo Edwards. Adviser smtam mmmmsmsm KAPPA DELTA PI HONOR SOCIETY Fall 1982 Induction Ceremonies — Omicron Beta. Kappa Delta Pi Front L-R Rutt) Rogers, Izola Young, Cynthia Taliaferro, Cathy Harrison, Tracey Lewis Back L-R Irving Veazie, Saundra Shorter, Patricia Ramos. Shelia Furrell, Roberta Butler, Louise Carter, Sandra McGill. Howard Fleetwood Fall 1982 Induction Ceremonies — Kappa Delta Pi Executive Committee L-R Donna Hickman. Acting Historian. Roberta Butler. President. Louise Carter. Treasurer: Mr CI Brown. Counselor: Shelia Furrell. Vice President: Tracey Lewis. Secretary Q03 SOCIAL FELLOWSHIPS COCOA PHI COCOA SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP •«@P ? ' - ' » 1 William Norwood Mr. Jerry L Williams, Adviser j:5,w(irSj ©Rte« GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP L-R 1st Row Dolores Parker. Vice President and Pam Jones, President L-R 2nd Row Cynthia DeVane. Secretary and Jane Moore, Treasurer L-R Angela Foy. Cynthia Powell. Delores Parker, Pam Jones. Cynthia DeVane and Jane Moore v-3 « Kneeling L-R Jane Moore and Cynthia Powell Standing L -R Angela Foy, Cynthia De Vane. Pam Jones. Delores Parker Ms Ret ha Lindsey. Adviser .„...„ . ,..:„„, ALPHA PHI OMEGA SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP L-R Kneeling Reginald Woolen. David Bain, LeVorn Coe Standing L-R Darryle Coe, Walter Troy. Rictiard Goodwin, Horace Townsend. William Bennett, Michael Clark Back Row L-R Earl Bryant, Marvin Williams, Michael Justice, Michael Ratliff Officers — Earl Bryant, President: Walter Troy. Vice President, tvlichdel CIdrk, Secretary: Darryle Coe, Treasurer: Richard Goodwin, Assistdnt Dean of Pledgees. LeVorn Coe, Dean of Pledgees Mr Walter Johnson, Adviser mMmmmssimmmammmmiimi students are preparing to ttirow down ttie winning l and during a brealt between classes Intense concentration during a card game as an admiring student looks on ■ mmMummmm L-l? A friendly chat between John Robinson and Michael Rush in front of the Student Center L-R Wanda Smith. f tarsha Colson and ivlaaelene Stanley co ol out after classes ■■ ■■IBIPHI GREEK FRATERNITIES SORORITIES ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY L-R Napoleon Kornegay Dean of Pledgees Manuel Black mon Vice President Marvin Jones President. Eric Majette. Treasurer and Assistant Dean of Pledgees; Dewey James Secretary and Ctiarles Mooney L ' R Manuel Blackmon Napoleon Kornegay Marvin Jones. Dewey James. Eric Majette and Ctiarles Mooney Capt Howard Swims. Adviser ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY ■■ ' Ivy Leaf Pledge Club of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority L-R Wanda Joyner. Portia Rowe. Cynthia Taliaferro. Brita Talley. Sandra Chisholm. Ramona Morrow. Cynthia Bonita Stephens and Deatrlce Patterson fyloore. CoQuincie Rhodes Ms Carrie Stokes. Adviser L-R Portia Rowe. Bonita Stephens. Anti Basleus: Cynthia Taliaferro. Dean of Pledgees. Deatnce Patterson. Tamiouchos: Wanda Joyner. Grammateus OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY First Row L-R William Mitchell. Gregory fjtoore Mict)ael Bulla. Jay Jones. Michael McKay. Brian Greene. Herbert McMliiian. Brian Goodings. Daniel Dunlap. Chae Harris Second Row L-R Anthony Hooks. Ralph Williams. Kendricl Simms. Gerome German. Michael Preston. Darvin Green. Myron Williams L -R Brian Goodings. Basileus: Darvin Green. Keeper of Re- cords and Seals. Brian Greene. Keeper of Finance: Ger- ome German L-R Victor Witherspoon. Sloppy Bailey 182 Mr Brooklyn McGeachy. Advisor Biia miim )i)tiwiftiiwm DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY L-R Juanita Blackmon, President: Jarvista Rivers. Secretary: Teresa Plummet. Treasurer Dean of Pledgees. Dr. Deloris Hayes. Adviser ' ■ L-R Tony Owens. Waller Williams. William Elliott. Leroy Worth. Jr.. Ctiarles Owens. Jr. William Britton. Rickey Lawrence. Reginald Hobbs. Jasper James. Mictiael Mackey L-R Rickey Lawrence. Michael Macltey William Britton. William Elliott Tony Owens. Charles Owens. Leroy Worth. Jr . Walter Williams. Reginald Hobbs. Jasper James L-R Kneeling — Tony Owens. Dean of Pledgees. William Britton. Assis- tant Dean of Pledgees Standing — Derek Anderson. Kenneth IVIcKeathan. Anthony Goodman. Mike Best. Brian Nixon. David tvloody Squire Club — Standm,} Davis and Phillip Beebe Bobbie Valentine. Miss Phi Beta Sigma and Vividn Wright. Miss Hhi . ' . White L-R Leroy Worth. Jr . President William Britton Vice President Walter Williams. Recording Secretary Jasper James. Corresponding Secretary Michael Mackey. Treasurer William Elliott. Chaplain T A Sigma Doves — L- R Angle Spaulding. Trish Altman. Diana Cooper. Jeanette Baker. Angela Johnson. Senise Hassel. Deborah Hutchins. Andre to Robinson. Wanda Sutton. A T E R N I T Y I N Monica Spears ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY INC. L-l? Elizabeth Harper, Basileus and Bobby Valentine. Dean of Pledgees Robin Gardner. Miss Zeta Phi Beta Sorority L-R Seated — Elizabeth Harper and Teresa Lewis Standing L-R Cherly Bulla. Cheryl L-R Seated — Teiesa Lewis. Cherly Bulla. Kim Dean and Bobbie Woshington. Robin Gdrdner and Bobbie Valentine Valentine Standing L-R Elizabeth Harper. Cheryl Washington. Sarah McDonald and Robin Gardner Mrs Catherlene Thompson. Adviser Mtiimimmmi KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY L-R Seated — Jerry Beatty 1st Row L-R Tommy Bumpass, Carlton Cunningl-iam. Stanley Singleton 2nd Row L-R Eric Johnson. Ray Magee. Darryl Bennette. Wayne Salter. Robert O ' Neil. L-R Darryl Bennefte. Ray l agee. Wayne Salter. Eric Johnson, Tommy Bumpass. Carlton Cunningtiam, Robert O ' Neil. Stanley Singleton. Jerry Beatty. Scroller Club of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Inc. L-R Rayford Ivloore. Larry Peterson. John Coleman. Jeffrey Cooper. John- ny Kinloch Mr Raymond McDougatd. Adviser y- s V ■J %. Gerome German and Kevin Martin show bronco unity even tt)ough tt)ey are not on tt e Gridiron idtf ' Rochelle Gore taltes a stroil tl rough FSU ' s enchanted forest Earnest Hawl ins and Ronaid Jones waiting patiently for some real ac- tion ACTIVITIES mmm FAYETTEVLLE STATE UNIVERSITY MARCHING BAND BRONCOETTFS F.S.U. MARCHING BAND CON ' T DR RICHARD JONES DIRECTOR MR DAVID LEGETTE. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR B F.S.U. MARCHING BAND CON ' T Demetnst Poindexter and Glenda McGougan " Just Coolln Out " Sherman Baiter cuddles witti Roza Murchison to keep warm DR. CATHY HARRISON ' S ART EXHIBITION Dr. Cathy Harrison is assistant professor in me Area of Special education in tl e Division of Education and Human Development Dr Harrisons art extiibit was displayed January 10-28. 1983 in ttie Art Department (.- ? Mr Dennis Nathaniel watchers as Dr Cathy Harrison dispiays one of her paintings ? ' ' •K»f? ' fmm! ' r: ' •: BLA CK HISTORY MONTH FEBRUARY 1983 ii PRESENTED BY ■ STUDENT CENTER STUDENT ACTIVITIES ATETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY IS A CONSTITUENT INSTITUTION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Tuesday, February 1 Film Younder— Come Day Ananthology of slave culture revealing its Afro- American origin as expressed thiroughi the songs and words of a fastinating woman Bessie Jones, a seventy-two year old folk singer The grandchild of slaves. She posses a rich l nowledge of American slave culture. 10:00 - 4:00 p.m. -Student Center Wednesday, February 2 Movie Jericho A man is unjustly convicted of cowardice under fire while on a sinking ship during World War II. He flees from France to Africa where he lives as a deserl sheik, saving his white comrades and romanacing with princess Kouko. CAST: Paul Robeson, Henry Wilcox, Wallace Ford, Princess Kouka. 12:00 noon 7:00 pm -Student Center he outsmarts a crooked white dictator thus be- coming Emperor Jones. CAST: Paul Robeson, Dudley Digges, Frank Wilson, Frede Washington, Ruby Elsy. 12:00 noon 7:00 p.m.— Student Center Drama Shaw Players Company (Tambourines To Glory) Sponsored by Lyceum Committee 7:30 p.m.— Seabrook Auditorium Monday, February 14 Film Sky Is Gray-Paul Robeson James is an eight year old black boy in rural Louisiana in the early 1940 ' s. He valiantly tries to ig- nore a raging toothace. Mother taught him not to complain. Look for sympathy or squander money after both asprin and prayer failed to quell the tooth- ace. His mother takes James to town to have it pulled. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. -Student Center Ccncerl Emma Goldman, Soprano Sponsored by Lyceum Committee. 7:00 p.m.— Rosenthal Choir Room Dance Harlem To Broadway Sponsored by the Lyceum Committee. 12:00 noon— Seabrook Auditorium ■P Thursday, February 3 Film Afro American Music, Its Heritage From talking drums of West Africa to our contempo- rary rtiyttim and blues 250 years of Black American ' s contriloution to our hiistory and music are vividly por- rayed. 10:00 am. - 4:00 p.m. -Student Center Film Biography of A Rookie The secret longings strengths, and weaknesses of baseball rookie Willie Davis is explored and record- ed in detail: His relationship with his family, friends and tedmmates. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. -Student Center Tuesday, February 15 Movie Ten Minutes fo Live Two dramatic stories interweaves within the frame work of a cabaret setting (in order to utilize several musicdl numbers). In the first [The Faker) a man mar- ries his mistress using a dog license so when he tires of her he can reveal they are not legally bound. In the second (The Killer), a deaf mute send paid assas- sins to murder the girl he believes framed him. CAST: Lawrence Chenault, A.B. Comathiere, Laura Bowman, George Mitchell, Willor Guilford, Pressie Mit- chell, Mdble Garrett, Carol Mahon, Galle de Gaston, Lorenzo Tucker, William Clayton, Jr. 12:00 noon 7:00 p.m. -Student Center Sunday, February 6 Film Montgomery to Memphis A Film Record This film is a chronicle ot the struggle of equality and justice from 1955 to 1968. In it the events are depict- ed as they occured without editorializing, through actual newsreel and television film footage. Read- ings by Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee, Ben Gazzara, James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster; etc. 3 Hour Version 7:00 p. m -Student Center Wednesday, February 16 Film Black Music in America, Then and Now History of the Black man ' s contribution to music. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. -Student Center Thursday, February 17 Film Black Soldier Illustrates the Black American Participation in America ' s Armed Forces. 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Student Center Monday, February 7 Film Montgomery to Memphis A Film Record 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. -Student Center Wednesday, February 8 Film American Shoeshine Why do yo do it? This question serves as a silent host to a celebration of individual. It is d fastinating first look at the world of the American boot black. Films interview with shoeshine men across the country are intercut with rare footage of boot blacks from Italian imagrants to top hatted black youth in Ritzy Hotel. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.— Student Center Thursday, February 10 Movie Emperor Jones Pdul Robeson is magnificent in his role as King Brutus, who rises from porter to autocrat. Brutus Jones as a pullman porter accidentally stabs his friend during a crap game and is shackled and put into o chain gang. He kills a guard and escapes to Haite, where Tuesday, February 22 Film Out Country Too Kaleidoscopic footage taken in the Black community an African Nite in Harlem, a black debutante ball, at offices of a Black newspaper, a Black Radio Station, a Black church, and at sporting events portrays something of the Black American ' s inner world, his values, attitude and impressions. 10,00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. -Student Center. Wednesday, February 23 Movie The Song of Freedom A Black singer discovers his African origins and returns to take over his position as tribal leader. CAST: Paul Robeson, Elizabeth Welch, Esme Percy, Robert Adams, James Solomon, Ecce Homo loto, Jenny Dean. 12:00 noon 7:00 p.m -Student Center Movie Carmen Jones Hdrry Belafonte and lovely Dorothy Dandridge head the talented all-black cast in this film which cleverly combines the classic Bizet Opera with an Oscar Hammerstein score. CAST: Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey, Brock Peters. 12:00 noon 7:00 p.m. -Student Center Sunday, February 20 Movie The Green Pastures This is a story of the Bible as imaged by Black children in a Sunday School in the south. The nairete humor, and love of life of the imaginers turn the familiar stories into authenic folk-tales CAST: Rex Ingram, Oscar Polk, Eddie Anderson, etc;. 7:00 p.m —Student Center Monday, February 21 Movie The Green Pastures 12:00 noon 7:00 pm, -Student Center Thursday, February 24 Film Got to tell It This production improvises the joys and tryumphs of Mahalia Jackson ' s life as she communicates them in her songs with moled author and broadcaster High- light of the tribute include footage of Ms. Jackson ' s funeral in Chicago in 1972 attended by more than 40,000 persons. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.— Student Center SPORTS ' ' , BASKETBALL GOLF FOOTBALL SOFTBALL TRACK VOLLEYBALL TENN S mMmmMMm Broncos preventing a touchdown by St. Paul ' s College Id Quincy Dickens plugging up ALL SPORTS PHOTOGRA ' mjh WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL TEAM 1982-83 1982-83 WORM ' S BASKETBALL TEAM 1982-83 WOMAN ' S BASKETBALL SCHEl OPPONENT UNO- Wilmington Bowie State East Carolina Elizabeth City State Jolinson C. Smitt) Winston-Solem State St. Paul ' s UNC-Wilmington Stiaw University Nortti Carolina Central Virginia Union Livingstone St. Augustine ' s Livingstone Elizabeth City State Pemtxoke State Nortti Carolina Central SIvuw Unlversif Jotinson C. Sr iA ' irTston-Sc Norfolk Stc Eton College St. Augustine ' s Joyce Vaughn drives around an opponent and looks d Sharon Jones. Center Sherlyn Dro ton. Forward Concetha Smith, Guard Concetha Smith aims for two points Women ' s Softball Team % n — ' ' ' •- ; - ' 4 III Kneeling L-R Sharon Johnson, Cynthia Tatt, Helen Smith, Veronica Ransaw. Debbie Parks, Grace Cartwright. Earlene Hughley, Concetha Smith Standing L-l? George Williams, Coach. DIanthia Morris, Sherlyn Drayton, Tammy Peele, Rose Redding, Nellie King, Winifred Williams, Patricia Nichols, Steven Simms, Assistant Coach FSU WOMEN WIN FIRST CIAA SOFTBALL TITLE The Lady Broncos of FSU captured their first CIAA slowpitch Softball crown last spring behind the timely hitting senior All-CIAA and All- NAIA DIanthia tytorris of Lawrenceville, New Jersey t orris sparked the Lady Broncos, coached by first year mentor George Williams, winning two out of three games with Norfolk State for the 1982 CIAA title. fylorris. an outstanding student athlete at FSU during her four years, starred in basketball garnering practically every conference honor during her four-year stay at the institution. In the first game with Norfolk State, the Lady Broncos dropped the Lady Spartans 4-3 as tVlorris. who was named the tourney ' s " Most Valuable Player " as well as being named to the All-CIAA Softball team, went 2-for-3 at the plate. In the second contest, the Lady Spartans of Norfolk State got three runs in the first three innings and went on to post a 4-1 victory. However, the Lady Broncos bounced back in the finale after Norfolk State grabbed a 5-0 lead in the first inning of the final contest. However. FSU rallied with three runs in the third frame and four more runs in the final three innings Morris was a perfect 3-for- 3 at the plate furing this deciding game as coach George Williams ' squad nipped the Lady Spartans for the CIAA softball championship. 7-6. Fayetteville State completed its season with an 18-6 record. iMiMnniiM TRACK TEAM Seated L-t? Robert Wicker, Michael Caldwell. Gary Moore. Derrick Carr 2nd Row Aubrey Streeter, Ctiris Williamson. Tonja Jones, Ronnie Terrell. Robert Dancy. Dr Henry Darlington. Coach 3rd Row. Mark Livingston, Robert Moore. Fletcher Pollard. Jacob Mickel Freshmen L-R Seated: Derrick Carr, Tonja Jones. Ronnie Terrell 2nd Row Mark Livingston, Michael Caldvfell, Robert Moore Fletcher Pollard Sophomores L ■ ? Seated Jacob Mickle. Chris Williamson. Garry Moore 2nd Row Robert Wicker Aubrey Streeter. CROSS COUNTRY TRACK TEAM L-R Seated Jacob Mickle. Chris Williamson. Aubrey Streeter Tonja Jones. Robert Dancy 2nd Row Dr Henry Darlington. Coacti Robert Dancy. " All Conference ' Tt)e Cross Country Track team is ttie Conterenc Runner-ups (2nd Place) They are also undefeated in dual competition m GOLF TEAM Charles Anderson Lonnie McNeil - " wSf -: Gregory Outlaw Gary Robinson Cnarles Sledge Tony Terry GOLF TEAM CON ' T L-R Dr Ralph Bums. Coach, Charles Anderson. Charles Sledge. Lonnie McNeil. Gary Robinson. Tony Terry. Gregory Outlaw wmmm F.».«.«. ' .s ' . ' . ' .!.:.:.:.:......j nf r»» « " ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 1 1 1 1 11 II CLASSES .». ' .«. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .». ' .».».». ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .yj Xv- ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ' - ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■a ■. rX V i ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■! ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■a ■. r " X ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■ ■■■■■■■•■•■■■■■a a. F ' ■ — i . , a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■! L.______-_-________ mt ••■•■■■■■•■■■■■■• n . " V S BIOLOGY CLASS CHEMISTRY CLASS PHYSICS CLASS ■ ' ■i- - i t rh s experiment was dealing with Ot)n) ' 5 Law and ttie class experimented with parellel and series currents in the circuit s fi ' lk. »rrr ».- Or A J Pindle. Jr (third from left) carefully supervises a Physic s laboratory experiment. i m _2 i« Dr. Simpkins. we are playing the right song, but hitting the wrong keys Theodore Hi I collects virgin fruit flies for mating in Genetics class CHESTNUTT LIBRARY T ? « L-R Diane McQueen and Robbie McNeil use the library for studying class assignments Carolyn Robinson and Sheikh Tejan take a break from their studies to pose for the camera Mfftiiii Ray Magee does a computer assignment m the terminal room Sylvia Johnson also uses the computer for an assignment STUDENT LIFE . Emmanuel Dutton takes the easy way around campus Oebra Meekins ask Andre Wiggins to join her for a ride JUST PASSING TIME Anita Phason trying to get in some last minute studying before class. L-R Steven Armstrong, Donita Norman, Garrett Herring, and Michelle Robinson The only way to pass time is with friends ■fflUMrffW " Donald Smith. Marcelious Lunsford. Freddie Garrett. Sylvester Robinson. Sherman Rarkley and Quincy Dickens, are seme men of Hood Hall J -, N«% Bernaidene Peterson tells Vondra Williams that she has forgotten her keys STUDENT WORKERS Michael Belgrave works as a gameroom cashier in the Student Center Vonda Lotharp works at the periodical desk in Chestnutt Library STUDENT WORKERS Carlton Cunningham and Irish Martin assist 1-2 year old children of Pre-School Laboratory while they play outside % Veronica Henry takes a break from her work study in the Nev Science Building to pose for a photograph My argo Boykin, Jimmie Brunson. Lee Pulley and Maurice Chance check out the scenery We are on our way to the Student Center (our home away from home). DINING HALL Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. dined with the students for Thanksgiving Dinner. Ricardo James relax after eating a hearty Thanksgiving Dinner ran HI. COOK DINING HALL Patricia Nichols. Wendy McRae. Tatetia Graham discuss their plans tor the holiday during thanksgiving dinner CHOWTME : ' j y - A ' ■- 0 The food is getting cold! Stop lool ing and eat. Maurice Caldwell and James Hoston greet the ladies witt) a smile as tt)ey enter the Student Center. Victor Boykin and Teresa Plummer take a stroll down the enchanted park Sam Jones stops to pose for a photograpl after taking a break in ttie Student Center James Moss, wtiere are your books ' ' [ti ' liinolWMMM Mary Marlowe stops to pose for tt)e camera before enter- ing Joyner Hall Charles Artis takes time out from his busy schedule to matte a telephone call Peter Gunn and Gary Hairs ton enjoys the campus life Leola Weaks. Miss Student Center, decordtes the Ctinstmas tree i the Student Center FAYETTEVILUAN YEARBOOK STAFF Lt Katie Johnson. Volunteer Staffer APPRECIATION TO ' Leola Weaks for tier assistant in editing copy information Mr Jotin Henderson for ftis ptiotographic support to ttie yearbook Vb. Yuvonne l?obinson. Adviser ALMA MATER I ' ' OLD WHITE AND BLUE " ors so true. Oh Hal White and i To thee our voices ring, Tho ' seasons may rolL and changes unfold Thy praise we ' ll ever sing AH Honor and love and loyalty We pledge our hearts anew. Our Alma Mater, F.S.U. We hail thee. Old White and Blue! We cherish eoch hall, each time honored wall Each bending tree and bower, Tho ' for we may roam. Thy spirit leads on To victory and power With courage and might and majesty March on old colors true. Our Alma Mater, F.S.U. . Wei stand by Old White and Blue! Mrs. Mary T. Eldridge im MBMimiliillM FSU ARCHIVES

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