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@ ® . ®® . ®® @® ® - fe-lK31 ■? ?■ THE FAYETTEVILLIAN Editor Lizzette Tapp Co-Editor James Armstrong mm T xi ' - ' . .■-i J Bri ■9 4. lllll 1! F1| . -i mi! m+w+ itir +til»if ' L llff mi IB " n JL TABLE OF CONTEnTs Foreword Dedication . . .. iTheme [it rne Chancellor Administration, Faculty and Staff. ,.........,[.. Homecoming Activities - . Campus Fashions Organizations... . " " " ij Academics Speakers and Lyceum Ww. . .fTTTTT r Fraternities, Sororities and Social Fellowships Ports..... i I . freshmen.: f " ophomares s UIIIUO ' Seniors . ' .. ' ' . " Ft. Bragg Caijipus . Yeartiook Staff.. FOREWORD Four years ago, we eagerly came to these halls to become members of the Bronco family Res we waiteci, worked, and longed tor the time that wc would be seniors — on the eve of graduatioi that these long awaited days are upon us, we face them with some concern. The memories of our days at Fayetteville State University move before us iikc a great panor, our joys, pleasant activities, Httle accompHshments, big successes, little disappointments — things that make our lives meaningful and worthwhile We, in this edition of the " 1976 Fayettevillian, " have collected from these years, bits moments that we have cherished — some things, too valuable to let fade away, keys to the store of memories that we have subconsciously tucked away, keys which may unlock for us in years to come, streams of pleasurable reflections. The Staff — S ' DecUc itCoii For many years of watchful care We dedicate this book to those we love Ocn vie«tt4. We, the students of Fayetteville State University, with love inestimable, humility unex- celled and gratitude unexpressable, dedicate this 1976 Fayettevillian to our beloved par- ents. Yesterday we aspired to reach today wa B K BF ' ri km-i Bk J BH kg H JN S , " w « Tomorrow we will look back and remember yesterday as the way we were. Dr. Charles " A " Lyons Jr f Chancellor Fayetteville State University sm BICENTENNIAL REFLECTIONS BY Charles " A " Lyons, Jr. Chancellor During this year as we celebrate the Bicentennial of the founding of America, it is a time for reflection on the progress of Afro-Americans, from slavery to freedom; from isolation to greater participation in the mainstream of American life. It is, moreover, a time for reflection on the need for greater understand- ing, compassion, unity, determination and hard work to help make real in the lives of all Americans, especially Afro-Americans, the true meaning of the American Dream. But this will not happen automatically. I am convinced that we have among Afro-Americans today, the brainpower, economic resources and influence, properly harnessed, to do whatever we want to do if we couple realistic goal setting with the dedication and hard work required to reach our goals. The late Dr. Nannie Burroughs once wisely cautioned blacks that, " We must stop making excuses for not living up to high and rigid standards and stop charging our failures to our color, backgrounds and other people ' s attitudes. " Like the late Dr. Burroughs, no one can convince me that God Almighty ever intended that a person ' s color should be anything more than a badge of distinction. It is a fact that all of our historically Black institutions ' facilities are inadequate and funds are short, especially compared to our white counterparts. Under these conditions it is all too easy to solace our egos with the thought that we have been unfairly dealt by, and we have. But in our heart of hearts we must be very sure that we do not permit lethargy to beguile us into satisfaction with second best. This day must emphatically belong to the dead past because you cannot meet society ' s competition equipped with a second class education. At Fayetteville State University a student can get a first class education if he takes full advantage of the resources and opportunities that exist. I hope that the reader will pardon a personal reference but I graduated from a small, poor, historically Black, private college and 1 have never really felt hampered by my undergraduate education, either in graduate school or anywhere else. In fact, as I reflect back on my college years, 1 developed, at that institution values, quite apart from the classwork, which I could not perhaps have developed at some other type institution and which values have been a bulwark for me in times of storm and there have been many in my life. If our young budding leaders of tomorrow are to meet the challenges they will face in the world which they will inherit and if they are to maximize the potential that is in them, we must wake up and bestir ourselves; we have been sleep-walking too long. To paraphrase Macbeth, " Methinks I hear a voice crying sleep no more. " As we prepare to enter the third century of the independence of America, let us all resolve to reach deeply into the inexhaustible resources of the Hebrew-Christian traditions of this nation and draw therefrom, the quality, the dignity, the excellence, the purity, the self-sacrifice, the richness of life that it contains and apply these qualities to our lives and in our relations with our fellow human beings If we do this, our lives, America, and the world will be better because we did. I CHANCELLOR AND MRS. CHARLES ' ' A " LYONS -■jas- . Mrs, Sheila Brown Administrative Assistant Mrs Gwen Hende Clerk Miss Cheryl Eaglin Cashier Mrs. W.M Haye Head-Cashier Mrs- Margaret Wooten Lab Technician Mrs. Vanilla Wilson Administrative Assistant Mrs Mildred Johnson Asst Business Manager Mrs Jones Asst to Registrar Dr Barbara Holmes Institutional Research 1 1 r a i Mrs Mary Cade Secretary to Registrar Mrs A L thao Payroll Accountant Mr C E Wyatt Administrative Offic Vh PkS Mrs Mary Jeffries Education and Psychology Mr Bernard Hayes Administrative Assistant Mr Irving Vea; ie Director of Student Cente Colonel Peach AFROTC Mr. Joseph Ross Dir. Communications Center Mr C C Cotton Administrative Officer Mr Carl Milton Jr General Education Mrs Valeria Fleming General Education Mr J B Henderson Public Relations Physical Education and Health Department Mr Harold Scott Dr Roosevelt Holn Mr Raymond McDougald Ms Lauretta Taylor 9am. Art and Humanities Department Mrs Edith George Mr Syed Yu Music Department Mr Harold Myc Business Department jii Mr. Moses Walker Miss Carrie Stokes Mr. Paul Smith Dr Yong Kii Dr Charles Bowman Dr. Theodore Bo Social Science Department Dr William De Dr Shij-Ung Liu Dr, Dennis Nalhaniel 23 Natural Science Department S- A Dr Joseph Knuckle Dr Floyd Wjddle Mr Morris Blount Mr Walter Johns Dr Hnapakd Murthy Mr Frankle Dupr( English and Foreign Language Departments Mrs. Ophelia Holn Mrs Nettie Jenkii Mr Horace Hockett Mrs. Catherine Tho Miss Sylvia Heath Mr David Diez JL CONVOCATION CS Mr, Yunus receives 1st place Coach McDougal receives au ' ard for outstanding perfori . THESE MEETINGS CUT IT NOW WBJM I L! ' ' A. 1. McDOUGAL DAY BRONCO BOOSTER GIFT r m h }m? r- -rj. This is a story about to be told about students at F.S. U. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent, for they are guilty as charged from the photographs you are about to see. The charges are as follows . . . getting out of bed; brushing your teeth aud combing your hair and etc. M y " • ' V— 3 n hi, S t i n , 7 ; i|| | § ||||P M ■ IHHtak d ' . W ' fiff Wr. Mc room and crew should be doing your main t emu ce work for you. walking in tltc . . ' vi ■B ' ' -.Ui A. ' H BK. ' !. ' . ' ■ ' ' " s ■ i r M ' S. uiiai till- ciuupus cops slwiild Itavc picked you up ami ijivcit tjou a peace SSCOKZ Md Sm ' iiiij yourself breakfast-, when it slioulii have been senni to ijoti hi bed IL CHARGE IV Going to class; when classes should have been brought to you. CHARGE V Sitting in class all day a IE. CHARGE VI Working in the library " ::::k. w Ik mm. •vr CHAMi jS VJJ Stiuiyiuij JCiik at J ' ujlil iiiiai you ami ijour liuiy slwuld be jamming with Urass Construction. Uootsy ' s Rubber Hand ami Rare S art It . . . ' IL CHARGE VIII Going to the Infirmary when they should have given you room service. CHARGE IX X Going to bed and getting up 180 days a year, and doing it all over again. WHATS YOUR VERDICT!!! jfci ' :2 I am a woman, for 1 can feel what no man can feel. I am a woman, for I can see wfiat no man can see. I am a woman, for I can touch what no man can touch. I am a woman, for I can love what no man can love. I am a woman, for 1 possess characteristics what no man can possess. For 1 am a vvoman which no man can resist. 1 am a woman, for I can feel what no man can feel. 1 am a woman, for I can see what no man can see. I am a woman, for I can touch what no man can touch 1 am a woman, for I can love what no man can love. 1 am a woman, for 1 possess characteristics what no man can possess. For I am a woman which no man can resist. Cathy Boykin .•■• ' ♦•»•• ♦♦♦1 J m Miss Queen E. Jones is a native of Ridgeland, South Caro- lina. She IS the six of ten children born to Rev. Mrs. Henry L. Jones and is a graduate of Ridgeland High School. Queen is a member of Tan Phi Cocoa Social Sorority Inc., The Yearbook Staff and has been Miss Gospel Choir, Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center, Miss Homecoming and Miss Fayetteville State University 1975-76. rLiS rLr- " : zm .v Stftvia 59 AUcc " patutiUe Tffoi ' i " avtii " li eUt ( lui TfCcP xioH THiM 4tfi i i " Pii Otne riL TL ' -L. It ' s Homecoming You Know!!! M WE HAD ONE HECK OF A JAM WITH LARRY GRAHAM We got our Money ' s worth when we watched THE NEW BIRTHS K.C. AND THE SUNSHINE BAND, WERE REALLY GREAT FROM THE SUNSHINE STATE. CHOCOLATE BUTTER MILK V .w. B m Charles .les Mgr. wrings smoke Atlanta ' s band did it up Right, Montenegro really jammed that night Take a look at this attire, that ' s hanging on Gary Toms and his Empire Mi vm JUL WHO ' S WHO siGM TAU D£, " flu ASSOCIATION BRONCO BAND K »j: ' ::t: :M f£ii!t; ,ii « , 4: V ' V- PI GAMMA MU MATH CLUB BRYANT HALL ASSOC. MEN ' S ASSEMBLY Ti VETERAN ' S CLUB PHI BETA LAMBDA iC HOOD HALL ASSOC. JOYNER HALL ASSOC. 1 SMITH HALL ASSO. Mi SNEA SOCIOLOGY CLUB SZl jih n if J , I aJB»i J ji k UNIVERSITY CHOIR 111 m. HARRIS ASSO. HALL JUDICIAL REVIEW BOARD «1 Student Government Association GILBERT OWENS — president GREG EDMONDS VICE PRESIDENT EARL MOORE — business manager £. The Voice Sheryl Alexander Editor-in-chief Mr. J H Henderson — Advisor r Meanwhile at the Canteen . «»ks Buy you a what buster? Say the magic words and the food will taste better Now you beat this cardi. ' Rob, did you hear what that Fresh Dude said to me? BIG SMALL . i V Smiles come in all shapes ff Shaking Acting Studying Loving U you hear any noise it ' s just me and the boys. I think some of them are really cute. But with these glasses I can ' t really tell James Glymp and William Ashe we caught yo Who ' s Who Among Colleges and Having distinguished leadership, outstanding And in exemphfying of the University, Nominated to the Who in American J Students in American Universities themselves by achievement, the highest ideal these were elite, " Who ' s Colleges and Sandra Sherrill Curtis Ross M Not Pictured William Crow Lawrence Evans Doug Gagliano Steven Glisan Winifred Hill June Jerkins Kathleen Jenkins Linda Gayle McNeill Mary Moore Renee Mosley Mary Pettaway Lyndia Underwood Michael Woodcock BSi Fayetteville State University ' s Lyceum Committee 6 vS " , S AC -j °- .jjJ- i ; " Presents: 5l fr " ■o, •C ' ? ' ' " ' la ' )e„ " ' ' eo, , " c lae r ' ANEVEN NGWl-n? FREDERICK DOUGLASS WilliamMarshallrecrea.es ' h ' -,ngsenseof,heWeand bmes of Frederick Douqias.. Frederick Douala« . , " 9 ' escaped K.odetde:£:re:;° ' -ncanavawar.ha .lrat ' egacy a struggle for self ,„, ' ' P7 ' ° " nd against -o ' on,al,sm and oppression 8.00 p. m J W SEABROOKAUD . ' W " o ' 6e , . " " rrip ' ? ' " C ' ' o " ' ntn, ' " ' Jo, ' P ' ■ ■ p pl Actress Ruby Dee chats with students while on F S U s campus IIMM PBLHAM Actur — Comic -I ILJU W James Meredith ■p COCOa " PHI hapter TAN PHI COCOA UHURU CHAPTER ■5! Alpha Phi Omega Phi Tau Chapter ( TEl GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA DELTA SIGMA THETA n GROOVE PHI GROOVE SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP, INC. BRONCO CHAPTER JK SWING PHI SWING ■SI KAPPA ALPHA PSI WK SIGMA GAMMA RHO ■SI TAU PHI TAU FRATERNITY, INC. V •«tf Ji: T J J - J ■ TAU PHI THETA Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. : •- ■ - - ' vK. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Sorority, Inc. ■SI IOTA PHI THETA FRATERNITY - i » ■ J - W S " Rho Alpha Theta .; ' . ' ' ! ' ■ GROOVE PHI SOUL Carolyn Alford Brenda Pegues Barbara Mason Pearl Ryals Diana Claytor SOUL PHI SIGMA PHI BETA SIGMA FOUNDED - JANUARY 9 1914 MOTTO - CULTURE FOR SERVICE AND SERVICE FOR HUMANITY . . . PLACE - HOWARD UNIVERSITY Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Delta Gamma Chapter E S FALL PLEDGE LINES •n ftphii 1 ' ' Tl Spring Pledge Lines :- o • 135 9 ' 75 TPAcn lo ' ' f( jr • 1—1 ' o CQ a: UJ z- z UJ y 5 Wayne Bythwood All NAIA CIAA Coach of the Year Raymond McDougal Charles Boyd All NAIA Ronald Crawford All NAIA umt I ?r- f 77i I James Saunde All NAIA James Gaddy Unsung Here 1 yE too Williams 62 Caddy Close For The CRUSH tj : i ' " V ■4i,; ... . • .■ -■ ' -. . ' i- .- Here Comes Jim Lul-r 2 Innhn H.ii.i 4 84 David Jones Blocks Norfork Field Goal n i ' = M Ciavvkird Squunii (or Exlr.i " l ard 44 Costen intercepts A Fa 1 1975-76 BRONCO BASKETBALL SQUAD ' Coaches Hall and Robinson Captain Johnny Barrows works his sho ' Tell us Steve How are things on the Mo Billy would you say that Guy didn ' t go UNDER THE DOME 1976 IFCO TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS ■51 BRONCOETTES OF FSU We Bring Smoke on the Court Sugar!! What an Honor to have such a team Pat, Gail and Maggie accept CIAA Runner-up Trophy First Team CIAA Honors went to Angela Newsome, Pat Smith, and Gail Cameron ■sm To Beat " Shaw U " is such a hard thing to do " TENNIS S. Track 9 . .iflyiiA ■51 KARATE CLUB GODAN 5th DEGREE BLACK BELT PRAYING MANTIS SOUTH EASTERN KK F ASSOCIATION MASTER: WILLARD EARL SWEATT T GOLF 1975-76 WE WERE 10-0 THIS SEASON. THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION AMONG SMALL PREDOMINATELY BLACK COLLEGES. WE ARE THE CIAA CHAMPIONS FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR. FIVE PLAYERS MADE THE ALL CIAA TEAM: ANDRE SPRINGS, VINCENT REID, DENNIS WILLIAMS, RANDY COMBS, WALLY HARRIS. M.S. WALKER IS THE CIAA GOLF COACH OF THE YEAR. VINCENT REID IS THE SEASON CIAA CHAMP AND ANDRE SPRINGS IS THE TOURNAMENT CHAMP. Vincent Reid ■«:».. ' ' -J- W ' Andre Springs k J J M E E T T H E B R N C Freshmen Officers Advisor President — Michael W. Milliard Vice-President — Judy A. Bodie Treasurer — Joe R. Brackeen Secretary — Sandra Walden Ass. Secretary — Linette D. Rouse Advisor — Mr. Milton Sylvia Alford Patricia Bell David Allsberry Gerladine Bensor Mike Anderson Brenda Boykin Clarke Arline Joe Brackeen Given Arrington Johnnie Arringtoi Michael Briggs Anthony Brown D.ana Bn Willette Campbell Sheila Brown Sylvia B: Brenda Carpenter France Carrolle JZ I Sandra Cochran Reaneece Colson Karen Cureton George Clarke Cynthia Cotton Sherry Cummings Helen Davis Frances Elliott Stanley Faison Robin Davis Tony Ellis George Faulk .J2 Carl Flowers Debra Foster Angelo Frazier Dale Gibbs Virginia Gibson Sandra George Doris Getter Lorenzo Grades Robert Graham William Graham Aaron Gray Phillip Grayling - t ' If ' i % Larry Griffin Kenneth Haywood Angela Hall Micheal Hilliard Sharon Hankins Rosalind Hinnant Patricia Harrington Ricardo Irvmg Bonita Hardey lames Jackson Richard Hayes Djon Jaunes m- W W; V- Hcrnidn Sandra J. Shirley Lew Lorenzo Johnson Paula Lett Barbara Lucas - eVfSfe Linda Lucas Mary Mack Allen Martin Debra Mathews Debbie Mayes Steve Michell Shazonna Monroe Almita Moore Carolyn Moore Sylvia Moore Anetta Morrison Paul Murphy Linda McKinnon Mildred McLaughlij Micheal Owens Sampson Partridge Elouise Payton Sharon Pierce Anthony Perry Velma Purcell Shirbey Pickett Janet Robert ' •% . ' ■ .JT L AA y ' Brenda Smith Glenda Smith Michael Smith Willie Smith Marcia Sorrells Sharon Speight Tonya Spells Calvin Spicer Maxine Stallings Micheal Strange Peter Strickland Diane Strutter -■»%:l » - SE Craig Stuggs Debra Tinsley David Tellery Anita Terrell Michael Walker Andrew Walters Carolyn Thompsoi Ernestine Warren Veronica Thompson Patricia Whitehead Glenn Timons Debra Whittfield Ji 1 LOVE MOTHER-NATURE jLl Days oi Our lives l IK IV l !► I Laundry li - The Dynamic Duo Unmasked Bat Girl Wonder Woman Love Is . Keeping your hands warm at the footh, Having Goose Bumps when you are near him. Jl urn 4 v " » Wjit Bcnki, lei him take our picture too ' Boy when I find that Dude 1 dont want to see the Game, What ' s Happening on the Young and the Restless, Honey Child? •m ' %-■ BWOAICOS ■n MZ. Shirley Knight — President Vanessa Kinsey — Secretary Junior Class Officers g s« James Catol Jametta Clark John Colvin Joanne Copeland •■( •T V Andrew Curmon William Currie Marian David Ardry Davis Hi, K F Eugene Davis Anthony Dillahart Audrey Dixon Cynthia Dorsey Betty Farmer Stan Gagnon Loretta Gainey Charles Giilard JoAnn Grinkley Jackie Haile Nettie Hayes Rufus H Allison Hall Evelyn Harris Lmda Hayes Fredrick Hendley Lee Hill Nancy Hill 1 Phyllis Moss Lawrence Murphy Percilla Murphy Lacenda McBryde IklJ I Thomas McCauley Chenila McCoy Branson McCray Francene McCray Sandra McCullon Rufus McDonald Clarissa McDowel Mary McKee Gwendolyn McKin ie Cadie McNeil Walter McPhc Marshall McR, Josephine Pezzano Alice Pope Linda Pratt Alfreida Rankins Marilyn Richardson Mihon Richardson mm © 1 Patricia Steele Janet Sutton JoAnn Tatum Sylvia Thorne Gail Troy Carolyn Tunstan ■SI Robmcttc Tyson Michael Whaley Moszcllia White Audrey Wilhams Mike Williams Alphonso Wilson JGL H.ne V.ucver been her, Jl This game is swell. But may I please have some more POPCORN!! I wonder if Everyone is sick? If you ' re having problems with your balance, lean on something like everyone else. Whafs so DARN funny Mv Ain ' t I Clean Y ' all? i »- " Q yd Ju Vickie Jackson — President Donald Boykin — Vice President Angela Carter — Secretary Reginald Davis — Treasurer Junior Class Officers Carolyn Anderson J " " George Barnes Frjnklin Austii Glom Bailey Bronnel Barnes Ervin Blakely JoAnn BIythe Donjid Boykin David Brown 200 Stanland Bryant Barbara Campbell Faye Campbe Merta Calyton Mary Cleaton James Copeland Reggie Dav Brenda DeBrose Calvin Deloatch Belinda Edwards Dorothy Elliot Vivian Fuller Mable Gainey 202 Wilbur Gethu JCL Terry GilHs ▼ - Clyde Harris Beverly Hunter Jerry Herring loyce Hil Mary Hill M. Judith Holland J t Deborah Jamison 203 Glen John Charles Lawson Eliza beth Lewis Freddie Marshall Jacquline Miller cquline Mo Marlon Moore 204 Roherl Moore William Moore Ml Michael Monk Rosemary McNeill Sharon McNeil 205 Debbie Pierce Helen Pittman tl Deborah Roseborough Desiree Singleton Tyrrell Smith GcrjlJine Smith Joyce Sowell Willard Swe.itl 206 Livmgston Th ' Magnolia Washington Reginald Whitaker Roger Whitaker Brenda Williams Cynthia Williams Gwendolyn Wil Jimmy Wilson Vounghie Willi, Barbara Williams d f Philhs Williams 207 Patricia Williams Johnny Wil , - ' This is how we do the Bertha Butt BOOGIE. ' . - - -. ♦ Weee eee! No classes today. .W - ' t. J Does your Mother know about US? I ' m watching you students. had to get my seat early for The Young and The Restle What on Earth 209 did you say to her Sweet Gill the Wizard of the Ville? ■SI Now, how can I get his popcorni ' Earl the Pearl and his gang of Girls If this chump misses, I ' M Yoke hii Hey ' has anyone seen my pop? I want a hotdog. ■ Senior Class Officers President — Howard E Pickett Senior class reunion Homecoming 1981 Vice-President William C, Alston Once the task is set, never quit until its done no matter whether the labor is great or small, do it well or not at all. It ' s all in the state of mind If you think you ' re beaten, you are If you think you dare not, you don ' t If you ' d like to win, but think you can ' t It ' s almost a cinch you won ' t. If you think you ' ll lose, you lost For out in the world you find, Success begins with a fellow ' s will It ' s all in the state of mind. For many race is lost. Ere ever a step is run And many a coward fails. Ere ever his work begun. Think big, and your deeds will grow Think small, and you ' ll fall behind. Think that you can, and you will It ' s all in the state of the mind. If you think that you are outclassed, you are. You ' ve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a price. Life ' s battle don ' t always go to the stronger or faster man But sooner or later the man who wins. Is The Fellow who thinks he can. U Mitchell Baldwin B.S. Early Childhood Edu Sherry Bartlett B.S. Sociology Angclj Baskii B S Early Ch -ap« « - -• Eva M. C-.p.„... B.S. Early Childhood Ed. 1 EC, B.S. Biology Ethel Linder Carte Ernestine Costin B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Btirbar.1 J. Croswcll B.S. Speech Thedtn :- ? PP " Phyllis Anne Cur B.A. Business Adi Laura A. Davis B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Jessie J, Dicke B.S. History Verlind.1 Do B.A. Businei Jiickline Dudley B.S. History M,iggic R. Edv B.S. Business Patricia A. Flowc B.S. Inlcrmcdiatc Carlton Floyd B.S. History W (|lkw» «»»- -. James Frank Gaddy B.A. Sociology James Earl God B.A. Business t Johnny Ray G( B.A. Business , Johnnie Gore, Jr B.S. Sociology w Patricia Gooding Gr. B.S. English Herman O. Greon B.S. Intermediate Ed. Thomas V. Grccni B.S. Business Adn Samuel Hargrove B.S. Business Ad Gwendolyn LeVc B.S. English Mary M. Hart B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Tcrcs.i A. Herring B.S. Intormcdi.itc Ed. Brendd Joyce Hester B.S. Intermediate Ed. June Jerkins B.A. Sociology Mjxine Jernigjn B.S. Ejriy Childhood Ed. SjmucI Kcnjn B.S. Mathenialu DeWitt King B.A. Business Dottie King B.S. Biology Roy M. Lcgcttc B.S. Music Educitii Dcborjh O. McBroom B.S. Ecirly Childhood EducUii James Donnell McCalop B.A. Sociology • ■y»4.fiM ,; w ». I ' ,«» 4. •■ ». ■ •• •. " .. Mjry L. Njsh B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Glenda rarKer B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Bruce Parnell B.S. Business Ad. Cynthia Patterson B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Brenda Peques B.S. Business Ed. ' :-i»i ,; -- -- Demetris Pe B.S. Busines Carl Person B.A, Political Sc: Melissa Peterson B.S. Early Childhood Ed. B.S. Early Childhood Edu .-%i?« " C " «« -■ Barbara Pope B.A. English Chloria Ratley B.S. Sociology Helen Richardson B.S. Early Childhood Marva Rivers B.S, Business Adn Bobbie Robii B.S. English :» ' k- --. -• ■ ' Sf T : " - Loraine Sharpe B.S. Intermediate Ed. M iry Shaw B.S. English ■f Lynette Snoffer B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Jjckic Simmons B.S. Physicji Education Brenda Sledge B.S. Early Childhood Ed. Elc.inoi Stoke B,S. E.irly Chi Siljs Strothcr B.A. Politic.il Sc Harry Terrell B.S, Physiciil Edu ' r James Tucker B.A. Political Sc Johnny W.itkins B.S. English Ccirric Sue Woods B.S. E.irly Childhood Ed. ■H. -? -• -■ UNIVERSITY BRANCH FORT BRAGG POPE AFB • i. ■•n. i ' ■-. Dr. Defield T. Holmes PROVOST VICE CHANCELLOR pf rs B ' ' ' iiK 9 r 1 Mrs. Deloris Hayes Assistant To Provost Dr. Randolph C. Dickens Dean of Continuing Education £ Vl ' y 1 rj Ms. Mary Henson Registrar Mr. Charles Darlington Admission Officer Dr. James Edmundson Director of Programs Ms. Kathy Ditty Records Specialist Mr. Frank Delong Administrative Officer Mr. Robert White Director of Army On-Duty Program Robert Keys Willie Cox Administrative Supervisor Receptionist Rosie Freeman Accountant Geraldine Smith Accounting Clerk Anita Seor Secretary Gloria Brisson Business Admin. Kenneth Jenkins Business Admin. Milton McDonald English Dr. D.R. Neilson History Dr. Shia-ling Liu History — Political Science Benjamin Dishman English Lester Pollard W. C. Freeman Dr. Carl Hughes Monroe Smith Police Science Math Math Robert Martin Jer-yih Lin James Lay Sociology Math Psychology Elizabeth Hamilton English Ann McDonald English Dr. Collett Dilworth English dS iSk Rosemary Culp B Dcvjnc Sr 27E P.iul Doyle Fred Dye Frederick Fahringen Cynthia Fiqu ' n T lohn Ha David Hayes Ij .JtL Thomas Ganus Ronald Kelly Penelope S King 279 I Gerald Leding Marie Lopez Richard Linton Dayton Liste Curtis Olsen 280 Christopher Osbori Kenneth Osborne -- K " " Carolyn Perry John Perry Vallop Punchavisythi Jerry Razer Cindy Rii Stephen Routh Thomas Smank Jan Smith Edward Schroede Bernadelte Vjn Devsen George W mes Wright li Willie Sledge Photographer Special Thanks Ms. Sylvia Heath Mr. Irving Veazie Mr. John Henderson Dr. M.B. Hayes Mr. A. McCoy Ms. Ora Bethea Mr. Travis Lewis Mrs. Cathy Boykins James Faison Layout Technician Lynette Rouse Freshman editor Gregory Bryant Artist -■J- ' r- ' trL.,.- James Armstrong Co-editor Queen Jones Copy Editor Linda McNeill Senior Section Barbara Campbell Copy Editor Marvin Meekins Photographer Gilbert Foust Chief Photographer Nothing would be done at all If a man waited ' til he could Do it so well that no one Could Find fault with it. — Author — Unknown Here is the, Almost impossible. With an extremely limited amount of help, the Bronco staff worked many hours, days, and months to present to you the 1976 " Fayettevillian, " With your awareness that the task could not be accomplished without flaws, we tried to show the life at Fayetteville State University in every varying degree. We could not hope to satisfy every student, but an attempt was made. No doubt, we omitted something — something vital. However, we hope that this edition of the " 1976 Fayettevillian " will be yours to cherish for a lifetime. Lizzette R. Tapp Editor-in-chief ' y ' ' -x . ' - ri ' . ' vr KNisiERNYWRBCOS. W-.

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Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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