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HE VOICE FAYETTEVILIE STATE UNIVERSITY VOICE OF THE PEOPLE VOICE TO THE PEOPLE VOICE FOR THE PEOPLE VOICE ABOIT THE PEOPLE JUSTICE EQUALITY ing Set will he on ■ tie University 11-16 as it lost dynamic - The theme elebration is. Day " . )L-auliful black ns with old friends. of a breathtakingly ?n, and " all day, all only a few of the planned for the one of the most tlractions will be II. game where tale will play the State University rue battle of the If time ceremonies . Miss Delphine 1 senior business lose Hill, will be ■liss Homecoming ■ is the daughter of Charlie Robinson. .Miss Sophomore " le competed in the ss Fayetteville Vt FSU, she is secretary of the Alpha Sorority, of the Voice Staff lenate. She enjoys ving. reading and meting and greeting A REAL LIVE BRONCO!! By John Mint«r The Student Senate has voted to obtain a live mascot for FSU. A Senate spokesman said, " I feel that this venture Dr. Walter T. Pace, Chair- will help add a uniqueness to man, Department of Education FSU and will also help buildand Psychology, and Director school spirit. " of Teacher Education, announc- An agre«ment was reacheded that FSU has been officially with the Administration selected as a cooperating insti- whereby the SGA willtution in the Student Interns Co- purchase the horse and tht operative Education Program of School will cover theexpenstNew York City. Confirmation of ofup-keep. FSU ' s selection was received The horse, a registereofrom Mr. James A. Watkins, Tenessee Walker, is namedCoordinator, Student Interns Co- Sun ' s Glory and is two yean operative Education Program , old. He is from .Community School District 13, championship bloodline and i: Brooklyn, New York, white in color. While the interns will be doing Arrangements are novstudent teaching in Brooklyn, they being completed for bringiniWiU also receive approximately the mascot home to FSU, an $l 05.00 per week or $840.00 while they should be complete! engaged in the experience, soon. f " SU plans to place an as yet The Senate spokesman als. unspecified number of interns in said, " This horse will be a ne Community School 13, Brooklyn, FSU Selected As Cooperating Institution In JN.Y. Intern Program beginning for FSU. The possibilities are numerous. Besides the possibility of the addition of horseback riding to the Physical Education curriculum, the possible addition of its as a regular student recreational activity is not a way out idea. Through breeding we hope to increase the numl)er of horses and really bring a new look to " dear old FSU. " reshman Program Student Centered ana relevant to me siuai ' iiis this system, the instructor realizes that his students have ideas of their own about life and its situations and may want to express them. He respects I he student and the student respects him. The classroom is student-centered. Therefore, the classes become more meaningful, and the students are totally involved in class, and they want New York during the ensuing Spring student teaching period, " The placement of interns in this program will be of inestimable value in terms of providing first hand experience with problems of inner- city children as interns in- teract in the teaching-learning situations, " Dr. Pace said. Dr. Pace also released the names of the following students who will be doing student teaching for the period beginning January 10 to March 10: Shirley McLean, Evelyn T. Barden, Vivian Has- sell, Frank Peyton, Gladys White, Gladys J. Green, Cynthia King, Charles Marable, Kennv Mcln. tyre, Darryl Fisher, Rose Eure, Dora Moore, Gwendolyn Wash- ington, Cleveland Graham, Dor- etha Underwood, Ella Armstrong, James Bullard. Aamn nonmaric Mary Scott, Catherine Williams, Jimmy Morton, Mary Colvin, El. lis Jones, Barbara Mills, Rhon- jjpjceo da Shivers, Marion Stevens, Sa- rah Gorman, Beatrice Robinson, Carlotta Vines, Earnstine Per guson, Viola Hammond, Jerry Herring, Eunice Simmons, Judy Swann, Walter Anderson, Ed- wards Banks, Ogden Batts, Sam- I uel Henderson, Lannie Paschall, David Walker, Bertha Harrison, Claudia McCrae, Dorothy Wat- |jj,j kins, Dora Carimchael, Mar- p garet McAllister, Joseph Gray, " " Hazel Hargrove, Annie Patick, Patricia Covington, Gerald Sul. livan, Elnora Hogan, Alma Reed, Lillie Stokes, Thelma Vann, Glo- ria Kirk, Herold Mincey, Sandra Taylor, Linda Watson, Stanley Blackmon, Perry Carlton, Melba if ' s 2 a.m. - I m Sick But The Injirmary IS Closetf Hi Mr Ma By JOSEPH HOLDEN Mclver .Uional project Five-College- ;ram began this iteville State (he direction of ng. The purpose urn is to help environment • • new effort. It iident re.sources ijueship with ilty at FSU and ons. lis program is to lis who will be h the world and (heir own t rms Quite a number of Black students have failed in school, or their SAT scores were not high enough to get into a college. This was not because they could not learn, but because the material and subject matter was not relevent to their backgrounds. As a result, some Black educators saw a need to establish a program for the Black society of tomorrow. Presently, this consortium program has been in operation for five years. There are three groups of colleges and universities engaged in the program, making a total of 28 colleges and universitites. ' ' :i etteville State l.Iniversity is (he second group along with The place to depend on when o learn. The clas.ses are usually you are ill should be the infir- -ranged in a casual circle, and mary. It should be a place where the instructor is there only to people are polite and, most im- direct the di-scussions. portant, understanding. " There will be problems in establishing any program, but a.s Here at Fayetteville State, the time goes on, problems will ' » " " ' s and procedures seem, decrease in number " she said somewh.it, unjust. The infirmary This program is designed to is only open during certain hours, allow for flexibility, and it has Monday-Friday it is open from no set pattern. The teacher .se(s 8:00 until 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 up the cla.ssroom as he sees fit P- " . until 4:00 p.m. If is closed for the learning situation. on Sundays and holidays, except A long range purpose of the for emergencies. If there is an project is to bring about changes emergency, the dormitory direc- in the regular college curriculum tor has to notify the Infirmary through the example of the before he can be taken to it. Is success of the project. 11 would this the " insurance policy " to take the form of changes in prove that one is sick, like the institutional structure to permit insurance policy the hospital uses students and teachers to to make surg it is going to get originate and carry forward its money? experimental educational programs as part of the regular business of the college. Such changes would include free time and special facilities for tt ' achers ly i ryfcf s, F Many students will not got infirmary unless it is absoli P ' necessary. They usually say it won ' t help because every no matter what his illness ceives the same medication. Ic ' The doctor is available » Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday | Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1 a.m. There was at least onei this year when the doctor c not be reached during an en gency. It was left to the nui to do what they could for student. Since the doctor can nol o! ways be on duty, and one do know when he is going t fpi sick, why not have a 24 shift for the nurses? The infirmary is not all One can always go there t( jj relief from minor aches pains, if he doesn ' t get when it isn ' t open. ,4«8 Enrolled 488 students are enrolled at tteville State for the current 3 term. Of this amount, are new freshmen, 167 anced freshmen. 327 omores, 225 juniors, 299 ors, and 98 special, or ng students. egistration procedure; ig this semester had greatl; oved. The chairman of the istration Committee wa 1 R.L. Fields. It was wel inized and systematized ents registered according ti classification at a givei By using this procedure, i ened quite a number o •lems. is hoped that through th of the students.facult nbers, administration, an ,onnel that registratio cedures will cont-nue I 1 rove. Carter Heads Local Unit )f New Party rruinma i neia Serves Campus And Community The year 1971 proved to be very rewarding year for the wc meii of Gamma Sigina Servic Sorority, whose main purpose i service to the commundty, peopl and campus. Its first project was raisin money for St. Judes Children Hospital. The money raised aid ed in the research for muscula disorders affecting children.Du ring the Christmas and Thanks- giving seasons the soroity car- Julian Bond Advocates Black Political Involvement Julian Bond, the controversial Georgia state representative, spoke in Seabrook Auditorium recently and had some interesting observations to make on questions concerning politics and current w rld ried fruits and candies to senioi Pfotilems. ,., „ , . citizens at Glad Haven Rest Horn. Parapharsing W. E. Dubois on Murchinson Road. Presentlj | ' " " " problems of the 20th Century are the problems of the color line. Crisis is the first order of business, with roots old as the world. " These problems, he said, are a result of the failure of the world ' s minorities, the it is raising moiwy by selling at the m.ivies and in the dorm- itories. Gamma Sigma Sigma met -.ta. nuary 28 to olect new officers. They are as follows: President- Jacquelyn Tyler, 1st Vice- Pres- ident- Valinda Carter, 2nd Vice white peoples of the earth, to President - Deborah Knowels share the wealth and Ihypower Correspond. Sec. -Margie Smith, « ' ' i oit ers. " And so the Recording Sec.-Ella Burney, struggles go on, on the Treasurer -Victoria Bradley, carnpuses, in the streets. Cuba Historian-Bebra Benett, Parlia mentarian- Vivian Hartsfield. Register and and Vietnam and the result of Dul You Know? domination by outsiders. " Bond said that violence is having blacks go to school for 12 years while getting only six years od education, having 30 million hungry in a land of plenty, forcing blacks, as their disproportionate numbers in Viet Nam show, " to be first in war, last in peace, and seldom in the hearts of their countrymen. " He said it was calling those on welfare shiftless, while providing socialism for Lockhead, and paying 6,000 big farmers over .$25,000 a year each not to farm. He urged black to get involved in politics as politics are ' ' people and their problems. " He said that the only way they can gain power in 1972 is to make sure they ha ' Check up Congressmen, for all I kn they may be perfect, " hes£ " But if they are not perf you ought not just check th out; you ought to throw th . out. " For those who say it ' s i important who the pTeside is; Bond said that who I president is will dec " whether we progress, run place, or keep slidi backwards as we have sir 1968. " He pointed out tha was Richard Nixon who h nominated Haynesworth a Cars well, placed I " Minnesota Twins " on t Supreme Court, and nan- John Mitchell the Attorn General. , The youthful Bond, w seldom raises his voice, s that " I ' m working to ma sure that the black people w go to the Democratic Natioi Convention in 1972 are r like those who went in 196( He explained that they h been black only by t accident of their birth, a had rubber stamped the issi Bond was speaking Fayelteville Stale on t Vote The Lycemn Whose Programs Are They Anyway? Did you know that the average life span of man is approximately 70 years? Did you know that if one segregated and evenly divided his time, during that span, one would find that 1 3 of his !ife would be spent in bed, approxi- mately 4-5 years spent eating approximately 4-5 years spent relaxmg, etc. Come on Black folks, your time is shorter than you think. he formation of a new litical party. The Black ' i)le ' s Union Party, with twenty cities in rth Carolina was in| unced last Monday at an m. press conference at the Vljcan Art Center in Raleigh, rank Ballance, Warrenton orney, made the liuncement, while Howard " i ;r. Malcolm X Liberation uersity head fielded tions from the press. he major reason for ejining a new political party la nee said, . . . " is because flijes are in omplete control e two major parties in this e, and are mainly ofemed with white votere. purpose of this party is to 5C de persons from all walks ack life. . .to bring about ngful change in orlitions underwhich we are ,„„,., jving " Students, who plans the them? Can ' t we have a change illance said tht the party " y eum programs? Who sometimes? A change in pace i use a variety of meaii decides what guests are to is way overdue. Why do you ng proper pressures " We ' °°° ' " " ■ " P sence " ? ' ' " ' ' ■ provide food services for nyone knows, please say. eople, and proper health " " " y ° " " • ' or Blacks. " He also said ° " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ° ' ° - ' ' " " " ■resent by-lays require 40 y « faculty committee, a rjns to make up a chapter student committee, or a faculty-student committee? Why don ' t we ever have any lyceum guests like the Temptations? Does somebody have something against their icteivaWe at this time that " " " °f music? Why must it THE ARTS, A REFLECTIO DAY STUDENTS PLAN INVOLVEMENT •Party. ' len a newsman asked if the Party would rt a white candidate in , he replied. " It is ill back any white- a ' w vs some classical or renowned pianis ' or politician? We should have the opportunity to experience both kinds of music (classical and rock), and our appreciation should be given a broader scope. Sure we have rock singers during n iate for any political in the state of North ardna. " J urice Carter, member of Student Government iation at Fayetteville heads the Fayetteville If anyone knows who plans the lyceum, who decided upon the guests, please send in answers to this letter. We would like your opinions. Why should our appreciation be narrowed to only one side of the musical, political, or social scene? Why can ' t we be honored with one classical guest and one rock guest as well. It ' s just not fair to us as students and its time somebody spoke out! WHOSE LYCEUM PROGRAMS? WHOSE LYCEUM PROGRAMS? WHOSE LYCEUM PROGRAMS? THEIRS! (Please send in letters in The Day-Student Association, off and running this semester, has planned several projects of both campus and community cope, and hopes that other organizat- ions will join it in becoming more active. John Minte, president of the Association says, ' ' We must learn to use our time, energy, and knowledge to bring about effective change in the conditions of ourselves and our brothers and sisters not within the college community. No longer can we hide behind the doors of our clas- srooms and the pages of our te. t- books. We must begin now to be involved in that world out there, which isn ' t sofar aw.iyaftera1I. " The Association plans first to get involved with young persons who have committed offenses ag- ainst established laws. It hopes to show these persons that some- one really cares what happens to is planed for the 14th of : ary in cooperation with th campus leaders and group seminar is to be followe trip to the tiasketball g-. South Carolina State that e The Association will pa;, to one or two of the local ti schools. Here they hope to the world to those whoarh lowed to participate in it. ' They aso an to aid needy members of the commu: collecting and listributir clothing and other nece.- Minter added, " We feel oppressed need help yea. not just atChristmas and! giving. I hope that other zations feel as we do. " The Association ' s Clean-Up Drive is slated off in April and it hopes t out another form of beaut) ' A ; :. Vv ' f il nwlHUi ir wnl x !Ji 4 ' •■- this is a story here are the shades of people and places you knew the moments recorded in this book, the faces you see pictured, the trees, the very skies- all are gone forever, they exist now only in memory, in dreams, and in these pictures, these are the times that were, but are no more- look now at the places you knew, walk for a while in this land of shadows and live again in the year that is past. look at familiar things with new eyes — with the eyes of love, treasure them — for even as you look, they are changing and fading away. listen now to the faint ring of laughter, borne on the winds of memory, the campus jokes — bronco with shaved heads and beanies, slavish errands, cheers forced from rasped throats , , remember in your dreams how late the winter came to F.S.U. for its two-month reign . . remember how the weather turned soft and the light lasted longer class-cuts taken to spend a lazy, peaceful day-doing nothing. remember the news of the year? opening of the student union the restructuring of higher education Fayettevillian budget cut .. all the news that ' s fit to print and even when the supported the administratior it was in the doghouse with somebody V W v;t rt I 1 I ' ! v t 1 ' I V • ■, ' ! ' li HH : y . m ' ' If [ ■ t ™. .-. . vm if BRONCOS NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO. ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY DEFINE BRONCO Present tense, third person, singlar, of the verb to Bronco Rallying cry ook officially dedicated to the praise and glory of Fayetteville State University A 280 page attempt by 15 bigotted people to express in the graphic medium 180 days in the lives of 1,488 persons A useless, outdated tradition of a bourgeois society A damn good yearbook MISS SENIOR GRACE MOSLEY JU MISS JUNIOR BARBIE GRANT HH ■HHH MISS SOPHOMORE YVONNE BROWN MISS FRESHMAN LUCY DAVIS MISS DAY STUDENT JACQUELINE SMITH Ml Miss Alpha Pin Alpha Sister Melisandre Brownie Miss Coca Phi Coca Sister Rhonda Clark Miss Omega Psi Phi Sister Cathy Thomas S V Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sister Portia Mills Miss Smith Hall Sister Pnscilla Worthy Miss M.I. A. Sister Clara Curry Miss Alpha Phi Omega Sister Terecia Melvin M ' Miss Vance Hall Sister Patricia Spinks Miss Harris Hall Sister Louise Lee N " Miss Groove Phi Groove Sister Brenda Boone Miss Drama Guild Sister Carol Frank Miss Choir Sister Thelma Blue Miss Lampoda Sister Barbara McNan . ' •3bTv,- rf. ' 5 ir4i ' J ' - ' 5?5 ' Miss Westminister Fellowship Sister Ruby Jones Miss Trefoil Sister Victoria Bradley Miss Tau Phi Tau Sister Nancy Pittman Miss Pyramid Sister Mary Knight Miss Joyner Hall Sister Geneva Brown Miss Swing Phi Swing Sister Angler Martin Miss AC Sister LaBonme McAdoo Miss Swanxman Sister Cassandra Lane Miss Tau Phi Theta Sister Carolyn Dowy Sharon D. Alexander Wayne Ballard Ella Armstrong Evelyn T. Barden Gilivian Armstrong --f%v ( Thelma Blue Billy R- Bennett Dorothy Biggs ftm Brenda Levonne Boone Rosena Brandon Ethel Breeden Samuel Branch Emma Brooks Mildred Brown Wayne Brown Henry B. Brown Carolyn Buffal Malcolm Bush Charles Burrell Leo Lloyd Bullock, Jr Perry Carlton L Carolyn Carr Claudia Chestnut Gwendolyn S. Clash Wilham Clagette Mary E. Colvin A J Vincent Cromartie Jimmie Crosland Barbara Darden Mary A. David Ernestine Ferguson Kathann E. Eaglln Cheryl Fisher Rose N- Eure Obe James Ford, Jr Sherman Freeman Dallas Mack Freeman Kenneth J. Gamble EInora Freeman 44 Leviska Gerald Brenda M. Golden Nancy Gilmer Vondrena Gerald Carolyn Graham ■■ Cleveland Grahan Calbie Gaston Maurice Graham Sarah Gorham Abraham Green Gladys Greene Viola Hammond Bertha L, Harrison Marilyn Hanks Vivian 01 Hassell Alphana B. Hobbs EInora C. Hogan Alma R. Hunt Rhonda D. Hood James Ivery Rachael Hudson Carol Jackson Annie D, Johnson Dorothy Jackson Delinda R, Johnson Barbara Jenkins ■ Alice Faye Jones Evelyn Jones Charles A. Jones " Jennie Kennedy Cassandra Lane David Kingsberry I Clara Lawrence Bernadette Lloyd Curtis B. Leak Paula Macklin Dorothy Lewis Ins Barnes Marbet Margaret McAllister Manuel Marbet Fannie Martin Eugene McArthur James W. McCall Larry McCleary Luberta McCall Claudia D, McCrae Dia.ia McCarl Joan Mclver Ronald E. McKay Dorothy McLaurin Arnold McNeil David McLeod Patricia Ann McNaii , ■ ' ' Ji Betty McGhee Parnell Miles Mary McQueen Geraldine Middleton %3 Barbara Mills Thelma Mitchell Harold Mmcey Frank D. Moore Jimmy Morton Eleanor Grace Mosley Patty M. Morant Cherish Murray Eleaser Pannell Edward Delaney Nowell Lannie S. Pashall Patricia Pankey Janice Pauling Elizabeth Payton William M. Pearson Euric Labruce Perry Michael A, Pearson Willie Perry Anne Phillips Velma Renee Pettiford Bienda Pigford Frank J. Peyton Nancy Pittman Rasalyn Purcell Dorothy Even Richardson Theresa Randall Melba Riddick Sandy E. Robinson Delphine Robinson Brenda J. Ross Rosemary Robinson Laudess Scales Rhonda Shivers Brenda W. Smith Eunice G, Simmons Donald M. Stancell Linda J. Smith Robert Stevenson Eugene Stackhouse Lillie B. Stokes Ivony Swann Gerald Sullivan John Summers Evelyn D. Taylor Sonnae Taylor Judy C. Thompson Sandra Troy Tommy Thompson Doretha Underwood Joan Timberlake David G. Walker LeNand Wallace Eloise Walker ' Reginald Wallace Brenda S. Watson Gwen Washington Dorothy Watkins Brenda Watson I : Regina L. West Rochelle Watson Dennis Webber Adrienne Young Maude E. Robinson Terry Wyant SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS r ' CLIFTON WRIGHT, PRESIDENT WHO ' S WHO The students, who have been nominated as members in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, are chosen on the basis of academic achievement, personal maturity, and active participation in extra curri- ralar activities. Their nomination shows achievement which is recognized on a national level as they |0in other students around the country in gaming this honor. IN AMERICAN Ella Armstrong WaniJsioP Brenda Campbell COLLEGES Patricia raii Belvina Godette UNIVERSITIES Dorothy Jackson Dennis Jeffries Diana L. McCarl Bernard McClaii « 9K? SAM M ISS SlK M 4 EdnaMcDutfK James Mclver ihW Arnold G McNeill Kelly Mills Eloise Mitchell Maudie Mitchell f m. ftx t ' m ; ' Vn t- Frank Moore Dorothy Richardson ■■■■■■ Sandy Robinson Mattie Sturgies Robert White Langston Adams Debra Ashford Annete Barnes r 1 J Carolyn Bell ll- ( Tony Blllington Frank Bohanno Wandafa Boone Clarence Bridges Fredenca Broadnax Alexander Brower Aesena Brown donnie browning W ' Ethel Bullard V Brenda Campbell Joyce Campbell Mary Canty u ■■m ' 0¥» -- W i: Gladys Cooper Charles Council Jerry Covington Betty Cox George Cromwell Felecia Darden Faye Daughtay Carolyn Davis Gary G. Davis ggy Davis Carolyn Dovi dy Cheryl Eaglin Burnadette Exum ii A Jeliette Faison Carol Franks Josephine Gainey Jacqueline Gill Belvlna Godette Melba Godwin Patricia Gooding Thomaslna Grady Patricia Grain Barbie Grant Jacqueline Gray a s!! Gloria Greene n V Evelyn Harding Barbara Harris Vivian Hartsfield Olivia Hempstead Rubin L Hines Joseph Holden Linda Holland Victor Holland Malissa Holmes v ri Zenola Hubbard Christine Hudson Patricia Hurst Cynthia Jeffehes Gloria Jenkins Rita Johnson Sarah Johnson Brenda Jones tav Mary Lee Jacqueline Lennon Jacqueline Lewis Lula Lindsey I Deborah Lucas Janice Lucas Mi Roberta Mace Cynthia Marks d i Joanathan Meanes Kenneth Melvir Tericia Melvin m Mary F. Miller Gwendolyn Mills John W. Minter ii s Eloise Mitchell Maudie Mitchell Winnie Mitchell Vara L. Mitchener James Monk Deborah Monroe Mazzie Monroe Therion Murrell K . Bobby R. McAllister Willie F, McArthy Lansing B. McClain ■9 Effie McGuire Ronald McKay Cynthia MacMillan Cynthis McMillan Ronald McNeil Willard Neil Kermit Newman Charles M. Parker Glenda Paylor Shirley Paylor Archie Perrin Lillian Perry Audrey Peterson Martha Pierce Joyce Pittman Clarence Pointe I i U George H. Purcell Henry M. Ray M » k vi ' v Hercules Reaves Earl Reynolds iJ :: Mildred RIche Vernitta Robinson Joseph Rozier % 1 :. Mane Shields Kathy Simmons J. Edward Simpson Clarence Smith Samuel Smith Im Ray Stiles Wilbert Stokes Roy Swiney Barbara Taft Romona Tann Marian Taylor Shirley Taylor Wanda Thames Cathy Thomas i d Ephram Thomas Jacquelyn Tyler Henrietta Underwood Nathaniel Waddell Wannetta Watson Albert Whitaker Robert L White Donese Wicker Samuel Williamson LulaWccdard lu i rcfo ' Pnscilla Worttiy Carletha Alfrod Linda Allen Cynthia Alston Edna Alston Beita Anderson Leon Austin Carolyn Barnes RoseBaskerville Christine Bastick Rosa Battle Jevonna Bazemore Grace Bell f ♦ .k r " " Trauis Berry 19 I Sherleen Blount A -i . Ann Boney Evelyn Bracy Valjeaner Brewmgton Clyde Brown Dale Brown James Brown Mary Brown Sandra Brown Yvonne Brown Ivery Bryant KayeJo Bryant William Bryant Lorraine Butfaloe Arjonah Bullock Ella Burney John Caley h { ' : Angela Calloway Valinda Carter Wilhe J. Carter i i Anita Chavis Anthony Clark k I Mary E. Clark Rhonda Clark Newanda Colvin Larry Cooper Lizzie Coit Deborah Cotton Muriel CromartJe Leon Cross Alice Culbreth Rurinell Cutts Goldine Dailey Cindy Daniels Alexander Davis Clotella Davis Connth Davis III Julian Davis Perry Davis Ola Deans v Carolyn DeBerry Frank Douglas Dena Dudley 1 Ii 4 I - Minnie Edens Blair Elliot Vernia Elliot Betty Ellis Carolyn Enoch Jodie Ervin Jr. Cleowen Evans Gloria Everett Annie Faison vii li ' M Haymond Faison James Faison II Linwood Faison Doris Faulkner Angelo Finch Moses Floyd . Reginald Ford Patricia Fraizier Edna Frederick x . tt y Milton Frink Annie Fryar lames Gainey w Waymond Gainey Margo Gaither John Galloway " .x - ' J Sera Gilmore John Godbolt Katnsia Grahan fi .y Pnscilla Graham Virginia Graham Mittie Gray Lawrence Green Everna Gwynn Marvin Hammond George Harrell Deborah Harris Joyce Harris I ' ll ' Linda Herring Lorenzo Haywood Colleen Henry i 4 Connie Herbin Jr James Herring ia m 116 f Dons Mines Janice Mines James Hinton ' -.[ Joanne Hobbs Angle Hocutt Imelda Modge 8 ll?i — - M Christybell Modges Callie Holder Frebrenia Molston Rommie Mood Ratha Hopkins Caria Hough Diedra Howie Mary Hughley Jacquelyn Ingram f y Robert Jackson Deborah James Doris James r ' n ' , Oliver Jenkins Alta Johnson isoner Johnson Marsha Johnson Richard Johnson Althea Jones iC Janice Jones Johnny Jones Ruby Jones I William Kirk Mary Knight Patricia Koonce Verna Kornegah Shirley Lane Forrest Lassister Curtis Lawrence Patricia Lewis Duane Lightfoot Anthony Lindsey Bobby Little Lee Little 9 4 -...v - Norris Little Cynthia Lock Gail Lo«e L-- Mary Lowe , LaBonme McAdoo .i ' Rosetta McCalos Ola McCormick Arlene McDonald Barabara McDonald Jacqueline McDonald Laura McDonald Florence McEachern Leroy McEachm Ruby McEachm Rachaei Mclver Olhe McKeithan Linda McKoy Mary McKoy Shirley McLaln Mary McLauhn t William McLean Wilhstine McMillian Kenneth McNair M Sandra McNeely Warren McNeil James McPhail Clarence McPhatter Glen McQueen Annette McRae i % Larry G. McRae Walter Martin Frank Melvin Linda Melvin Sandra Middleton L-. James E. Midgette II Melvin Mitchell Legatha Mongomery Alvin Moore Cynthia Moore Judy Moore Patricia Moore Ronald Moore Wilbert Moore William Moore Jean Morning Ronald Mudd km John Nash Daryl Neal Mattie Newton Debra Nowell Kathy O ' Bryant Sandra Outerbrldge Dennis Outlaw Dazarene Page Vernell Parker V; Alice Patrick Rufus Pearson Stanley Peters kJ ' ' it Brenda Phillips Annie Phipps Doris Phipps A Reginald Pickett Solomon Pigford Annie Pippens Patricia Poole Jerry Porter Jacqueline Powell r- Q: ' Ronald Purcell Charles Purvis Mary Ray Verlinda Ray George Redmond Bernard Reynolds A k I fVf. Ivey Rhodes Jacqueline Richardson Sandra Richardson James Richie Dianne Riddick Joseph Riddick Augusta Robinson Charles Robinson Norma Robinson Pandora Robinson Betsy Rodgers Cury Rodgers M Louis Rodgers Valjean Rush Thomas Sampson Dean Satterfield Jerry Saunders Jay Scruggs Ruth Sidberry Sandra Simmons I i . ill l i J © 9 ' xl Gary Smith Linda Smith Jacqueline Smith f Marcus Smith Ronnie Smith WiMiam L. Smith Olene Solomon Geraldine Spates Ray Spivey Beverly Stancell Dons Stokes George Strater LaVern Sutton Anna Taylor James A Taylor Linda A Taylor Jacqueline Ttiomas Garland Thompson. Jr Laddy Thompson Bennie Thorpe Edward Timmons i-h 1 i Gwendolyn Todd Brenda Truitt Betty Turner V k W f Diane Upchurch Carol Vincent William M. Vines [} - m£ Gwendolyn Walls Brenda Ward Denise Ward Sandra Wells Carolyn White Micheal Wright Marion Wigfall Floyd Wiggins Zebedee Wilcox lim Bobby Wilder Regelyn Wilder Lynn Wilfong Annie Williams Billie Williams Carolyn Williams Dwight Williams Isodora Williams JoAnn Williams A - t Joseph Williams Lewis Williams Winfrey D. Williams Barbara Willis Austin Wolfrey III Janice Woodard ' i . { Derrick Wooten Barbara Young JoAnn Young Wi Freshmen students discuss future plans for the coming years at F S U. n 1 Frankie Alston Loretta Atkins Catherine Baker Beverly Barbie James Barham Willard Bass. Jr Marione Battle CharleneBell Ophelia BIyther Valeria Boone Brenda Britton Jacquelyn Brock Albert Brown Irene Brown Cecil Brunson Minnie Bryant Wilhe Buenalde Wanda Bullock Selene Burnett Calvin Burney Castella Burns Flora Burton Mary Butler Donnie Campbell Geraldine Campbell Hilda Carmon Eddie Carnegie Eva Carpenter John Carpenter Ann Carrol Carolyn Carroll Brenda Carter Willie Chancey GailChappell Pamala Cole Lecy Corbett Donald Council Sam Covington Tern Cox Kathlyn Crumpler Clara Currie Otis Curry Jacqueline Davis Lucy Davis WilleMae Dudley Donald Edmond Stierlton Edwards Elease Elliott , i Angle Evans Donna Evans Ellis Faison Francine Farr; Pearl Fikes Peggy Fistner Mane Flowers Ctiarmayne Frazier Deborati Fuller Christine Gainey Josephine Garner Cecil Gatling Joyce Geddie MariorieGill James Godwin i , .- v J. U 14 .f ' ■ ki H ti i U A W ' i Morns Godwin Adrian Hall Elizabeth Hanah Tanya Hardy Melinda Hedgepeth Darren Hendley Patricia Henry Martin Herring John Highsmith Albert Hill Annie Hill Janice Hilliard Pattie Hinton Brenda Holmes Annie Humphrey Verlancy Humphrey Dennis Hunt Joann Isabel Rosalyn Jackson Keith Jeffries Beatric Johnson Mary Johnson Theodore Johnson Beverly Jones Curtis Jones Denderant Jones Helen Jones Brenda Keith Brenda Kittrell Cylester Knight Sandra Knight Rosetta Lacewell Helen Lamb tloise Leach Louise Lee Leroy Lewis Ricky Lewis Wayne Lewis Brenda Lidane Donnell Livingston Carolyn Long Janet Lynch Phyllis McAllister Valerie McArthur Shirley McCall Sharon McDonald Betty McDuffie Carl McEachern Jackie McEachern Linda McEachern Mary McCathy Maxine McKee Andriea McKinney Wilma McKinnon Melva McLamb Debbie McLauchh Tyrone McLaurin Dorothy McLean Irish McNair Cherly McNeill James Ma|or Clarence Manuel Angelita Marble Audrey Marrson Earlene Marsh Andrew Martin Jacqueline Melvii Laverne Melvin Norma Melvin Kenneth Merritt i Wk Gregory Miles Tommy Miller Sharon Mobley Dennis Monroe Matilda Monroe Minnie Monroe Rowena Monroe Gary Moore Janice Moore Patricia Moore William Munn William Murphy Diane Neil Paulette Parker Phyllis Parker Shirley Parker Paula Patterson Johnny Peques Carter Perry Charles Perry Christine Perry Willie Perry Patricia Petty Cora Pittman Dwight Pitts Christine Porter James Prescott Emma Pretty Patricia Raeford Pamela Raye Mary Raynor Velma Rhome Patricia Richardson Vickie Richardson Ray Robenson Bryant Roberts Alice Robertson Bobbie Robinson Willie Roseborough Robert Rucker Theresa Russell Ryan Salone San Sanders . i ' . i.4, yl r: t B Sharon Simmons William Sinclair Brenda Sledge Wilhe Sledge Mania Smith Willie Smith Belinda Sneed Alfred Spain Brenda Stallings Ruth Stancell Jeanie Staton Eunice Steveson Patricia Stewart Pamela Strayhorn Dorothy Strmyfield Sandra Strokes Mildred Summerville Annie Sutton Eunice Underwood Wanda Underwood Kenneth Vinson Vernon Wall L KTJ W - t l Michael Wallace Zelma Waters Emma West Charles White Elaine White Kathy Whitter Annetta Wilder Bobbie Williams Cynthia Williams Deborah Williams Emanuel Williams Irish Williams Leitin Williams Neva Williams Tudy Williams Jackie Wilson Sharon Wilson Arthur Winfield Vernon Woods Milton Worthington Cornelius Young Gene Martin b ACT low SAVE FAVETTEVILLE STATE U. FSU students depart for Raleigh in protest against the reorganization FSU students arrive m Raleigh where they were joined by 5,000 other of the state ' s system of higher education. Black students from the remaining state supported Black universities ' Black Monda y in North Carolina Day of Solidarity to Save Black Schools THE COMMODORES entertained many weekends throughout the year ENTERTAINMENT AT FSU J47 THE STAIRSTEPS perform for homecoming crowd James Brown makes a contribution to FSU ' s athletK department. THE INTRUDERS PLAY soulful notes before a homecoming crowd. si ' wra«l ' ftK;:™(W!iWi«M»T F.S.U. OWNED RONNIE MUDD JOEGRAY EXPERIENCE LYCEUMS AT FSU Julian Bond and Students mm J V ' WMf ' m ' Miss FSU and Stude Mr. William Alston ■ Mll V 1 C • . ' T i. T oin =vt: - V ' IS «r ' -— IB " 1 mT s v; iiE M: |i III IT lA kjiA£ ■il; lt|l; N m II lA -W ' ■ ' I % ■MtasaMsmflJiiaiiaMJ ■I " -7i« IT WAS A YEAR FOR POSTERS AND SIGNS IJ fif 1 lil ii I ' ItJ ' -►. ONLY DORMITORY LIVING AT F.S.U. i 1 1. J k3 w 170 ,il ifL - 1 } ' • , i ! i ' !V!S«» ' :;s ;.ti TO ? »« -«ffwrifw«K Dean of Students STUDENT GOVERNMENT m " " William Alston, President Connie Herbin Vice-President « -jr. -a Floyd Greenwood Director Of Social Affairs Edward Wilfong Business Manager student Government Workers THE Final preparations are made with the publication of the Voice From LEFT TO RIGHT: Associate editor- Joseph Holden Editor-Brenda Watson, and Associate editor-Janice Pauling Mr. Eruing Veazie talks with Pnscilla Graham and Mrs Gilmore who are reporters for the Voice fe msaiMi tiimmi VOICE ' titfr 1- ■ Lt p J , V LEFT TO RIGHT: Vickie Richardson, Lynette McDonald, Pearline Huey, and Hubert Simmons, HISTORY CLUB BRYANT HALL ASSOCIATION VANCE HALL ASSOCIATION SMITH HALL ASSOCIATION 9( " ■ r T HARRIS HALL ASSOCIATION ?5K5 JOYNER HALL ASSOCIATION SCIENCE CLUB MBP %. i) M H 5 Z .5 y U i I Mll k lflM l tfM ..t3 CLOSED CIRCUIT • a M • ♦■• I . , r w m TELEVISION AT FSU , THE MARCHING BRONCOS OF FSU F.S.U. CHOIR n?; 5 ■ ' f, I ALL C.I.A.A. JL CHEERLEADERS I ALLC.I.A.A. FANSOFF.S.U. il. SPORTS RUNNERS UP IN THE C.I.A.A. k if.l3.A., N.A.I.A., ALL AMERICAN MICHAEL SNEAD M ariiiMt. Note due to a cut in ttie budget, Fayettevillian was not able to send a photographer to this game ' V V«??W»» !?!Wi!«f WWtW «. 9 7 . . f jH ' .x « ; 1 Pi sT Jh- ' w ' -HCk 4 : «SL TENNIS -AV Ef; •,.T V r . 111 ®»Il " .m SF®s 1 W g i iSPl p •, ' !f i ' !■ Jt mwmmmmi ' :; ' % :JiMBimbllt- M 216 GOLF KARATE TEAM OBI TOT Aie TO0 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA PHI ALPHA SWING PHI SWING GROOVE PHI GROOVE Jv ' " 7r " - i " . DELTA SIGMA THETA . ! r OMEGA PSI PHI . ii - ' " ' " ' ' ■ " ■ " " - ' 41 ' - GRAMMA SIGMA SIGMA ■-A h-v ■.;..:!i!i; V-, V:- TAU PHI THETA SIGMA GRAMMA RHO KAPPA ALPHA PSI RAT PACK ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY PHI BETA SIG MA TAU PHI TAU .f! IOTA PHI THETA t 235 SIGMA TAU DELTA - wm%-mmi A bc ■ ..-i .-.TSsEt Brenda Watson— President Janice Pauling— Secretary Ur Edward Clark-Dr lilaine Newsome— Advisors 1st chapter of Sigma Tau Delta Nation-,1 Englishi Honor Society on our campus Nationally recognized Honor Society on all college campuses. Charter members are — Glenoa Massey. Janice Pauling. Sarah Smith, and Brenda Watson mm TAN PHI COCA 237 COCA PHI COCA . T ' H 238 -U m »•« " ■« •■j ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT CHARLES " A " LYONS I Mr Perry R Leaze Development Mrs. Mildred Johnson Purchasing Agent Miss Lenna M. Means Registrar Mr Taylor Jones Admissions Mr. Doug McAdoo Public Relations Officer Mr. Irving Veazie Student Union Director : Mr. J. A. McCoy Dean of Men Mrs. Arnetha T. Robinson Dean of Women Dean of the University Dr. Richard L Fields Asst. Dean of the University Dr. Henry M Eldridge Business Manager Mr. A. D. Roscoe Asst- to the President Mr, A, J, Pindle FAYETTEVILLIAN STAFF As Editor-in-Chief it has been an exciting year. It has also been a year of long hours of hard work, frustrations, headaches, tension and sometimes even moments of de- spair. Many nights were spent scheduling organizations, reading copy and preparing layouts. I could not begin to enumerate those who have contributed so much in helping us to procure the invaluable information and materials utilized to publish this chronicle of memoirs. I take this opportunity to extend profound thanks and appreciation to all who made contributions to the publication of the 1972 FAYETTEVILLIAN. In conclusion my one year as editor has truly been a learning experience, one that I can truthfully say, I will never forget. Conrith Warren Davis, Editor ■ " La-Vern Sutton Secretary-Editor Brenda Boone Queens James McPhail Artist fjijiaifti fcitifcli,.,, !,; MittieGray Associate Editor of Sports Carl McEachern Sports Vivian Hassell Queens Austin Wolfrey Students Viola Collier Associate Editor of Students James Faison Sports Velma Pettiford Copy Editor Jodie Ervin Associate Editor of Activities Terecia IVIelvi Activities Sharon Alexander Rt. 1 Box 124 Windsor, NC Voice Staff. Miss Voice. Dormitor Officer. History Club B.S. History Ella M. Armstrong Rt. 2. Box 144 Fayetteville. N.C. Social Studies Club Day Student Organization B.S. History — Political Science Samuel R Brancfi Rt. 2. Box 233 Mt. Olive. N C, PU Beta Sigma Fraternity-(Secretary) Member of ASOP Treasurer of History Club Member of ASOP Treasurer of History Club Member of Choirs Representative of SGA Member of Westimmsrer Fellowship B.S. History and Political Science Glivian W. Armstrong P.O. Box 54 Hallsboro. N C. Tau Phi Theta Sorority B.S. Early Childhood Wayne Ballard Rt. 6 Box 3 Lumberton. N C Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Inc. Baseball 1.2. 3.4. Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3. 4. Vice President Freshman Class President Sophomore Class SGA Representative 1. 2. 3. 4. Student Asst. B.S. Sociology — History Evelyn C Barden Rt. 1 Box 151 Nakina. N C. Baptist Student Union B.S. Elementary Education Billy Bennett Alpa Phi Omega Phi Beta Lampda University Band B.S. Business Education Dorothy A Biggs Rt 1 Box 159-A St Pauls. NC Westministers FellovKShip WomensCouncel University Band B.A. Sociology Thelma J. Blue 420 Neville Street Fayetteville. NC. Gramma Sigma Sigma MissChoir Drill Team 2. College Choir GospelChoir 3. 4. B.S. Elementary Education Velma D. Blue 420 Neville Street Fayetteville. N.C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Society B. A. Mathematics Rosena Brandon 6111 Rowland Street Henderson. N.C. Tau Phi Theta Sorority Miss Homecoming 1970 Early Childhood Education B.S. Alice Bracy Tau Phi Theta Sorority Student Assistant B.S. Elementary Education (K-3) Belinda A. Briggs 2707 Edgewood Ave. Richmond. Va Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Cheerleader University Choir B.S. Elementary Education Ethel Breeden 1205 Fayetteville Street Smithfield. N.C. SGA BSU-B.S. Elementary Education Emma Brooks Rte. 2. Box 127-B Pittsboro. N.C. B.S. Sociology Donald A. Brown Rte. l.Box7 Winton. N C Intramural Sports Voice Staff B.A. Sociology Henry B. Brown 109 S 15th Street Wilimington. N.C. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Intramural Football Intramural Basketball Choir Pan-Hellenic Council B.A. Sociology Mildred D. Brown E. Railroad Street Robersonville. N C. Drama Guild Student Committee B.A. Sociology Brenda L. Boone Star Route 1. Box 26 Rich Square. N.C Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Vice President of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Sga Representative Yearbook Staff Miss Groove-Phi Groove 71-72 B.A. Sociology Carolyn Jean Buffalo Vice-President of Senior Class Vice-President of Women Assembly Judicary Judge Representative of the Senate Historian Club Representative of the Student Government B.S. History and Political Science LeoL. Bullock P.O. Box 143 Storall. N.C, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Who ' s Who m American Colleges and Universities Phi Beta Lambda Business Club Student Government Association President of Vance Hall President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity B.S. Business Adminstration Chariest, Burrell 122 Gregg St. Raleigh. N C Baseball Team Men Council — Dormitory Director H lalcolm Bush 411 Mam Street Helena. SC. Omega Psi Phi B. A. Sociology Carolyn M. Carr Rte. 2Box 112 Rose Hill. N.C B.S. Business Education Claudia M. Chestnut 301 Chapel Hill Road Spnnglake. IM C. Community Services Volunteer B.A. Sociology William L. Clagett 117 Chance Street Fayetteville. N.C Band(1.2. 3. 4) B.A. Sociology MaryE. Colvin P.O. Box 62 Godwin, N C Phi Beta Lamda Day Student Organization B.S. Business Education Bonita R Crawley 300Clarmont Ave. Jersey City 5. New Jersey Gamma Sigma Sigma Karate. Band, Gospel Choir. Drama Guild; B.S. Sociology Vincent M. Cromartie 1609Seabrook Road Fayetteville. N.C. Phi Beta Lampda, NACCP, Evan Methodist Young Adult Club. European Army College Club, B.A. Business Administration JimmieCrosland Rte. 4. Box 249 Lauringburg. N.C. Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Psi Omega, Voice Staff. Drama Guild, Westminister Fellowship, Afro- American Society, University- Sunday School, Youth Voting- Organization, B.A. Business Administration Irene Dais Drama Guild, African Student for Progress, Historian Club, Librarian Club, SGA B.S. History Barbara Darden Women Council SGA Representative B A Sociology Mary A David 610 Lakeland Street Fayetteville, N C University Choir, Drama Guild, Dance Group, Day Student Organization Kathann E. Eaglm 601 Hastie Loop Fayetteville. N C Sigma Gramma Rho Sorority Beta Kappa Chi Maior: Science Rose Eure Rte 2. Box 259 Gates. N.C Drama Guild Maior. English Cheryl Ann Fisher Women ' s Council, Dormitory Association, Intramural — Basketball, Softball, Volleyball Yearbook Staff, Mathematics Club, SGA. Choir. Drama Guild. NEA, Maior: Mathematics Obe Ford Jr 608 Council Street Fayetteville. N C Chess Club. Golf Team. Year- book Staff Dallas M Freeman 545 Pearl Street Fayetteville, N C. Phil Beta Lampda Football Team, Baseball Tean Sherman E. Freeman 1625 Slater Ave Fayetteville. N C Day Student Organizaztion. Member of The Black Gallery SGA Representative Kenneth Gamble 1108 East Lee Street Greensboro, N. C Football, Track, (2 3 4) Calbie Gaston Women ' s Council B,S. Elementary Education Leviska Gerald 105 Powell Street Lumberton, N C Groove Phi Groove Football (1) Vondrena Gerald Rte, 1 Box 280-B Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Women ' s Council Marching Band Nancy D. Gilmer Rte. 11 Box 103 Greensboro. N C Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Methodist Club — Women- Council, Marching Band, Concert Band, B A Sociology Brenda M Golden Supply, N.C BS Business Education Sarah E Gorham Delta Sigma Theta Sorority B A English Carolyn C Graham Rte 2 Box 171 Rose Hill, N C Phi Beta Lamba Intramural Basketball. SGA Baptist Student Union Cleveland Graham Jr. Omesgi Psi Phi Fraternity Band, Maior Physical Education Maurice W Graham 1413Seabrook Road Tau Phi Tau. Track Team 8. A. Physical Education Abraham Green 1606 Pender Street Raleigh. N C Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fra- ternity (Stage Manager) Band. Westiminster Fellowship Drama Guild, Gospel Choir Gladys Green Yearbook Staff Westiminister Fellowship Phi Beta Lamda Maior Business Education Viola Hammond Maior Elementary Education Marilyn A Hanks 1824 Blair St Richmond, Va Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Miss Bryant Hall 70 B, A Sociology Lola M. Hansley Rt. 1 Box 583 Wilmington, N. C Triad of Gamma Sigma Sigma Math. Club Baptist Student Union Bertha L Harrison 6044 Ogontz Ave Philadelphia, Pa Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Drama Guild SGA Representative President of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship B A EarlyChildhood Vivian Hassell Box 25 Lake Waccamaw, N C Secretary of Baptist Student Union Westminister Fellowship Secretary of Senior Class SGA Representative Bryant Hall Association Yearbook Staff B.A. Elementary Education Samuel L. Henderson 611 Broad St Beaufort. N C Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, inc. President of Methodist Club Vice-President of Williams Hall Director of F.S U Gospel Choir B S Mathematics Jerry S Herring Maior. Intermediate Education Concentration. History and Math University Choir Member Rudolph Hill Major: Physical Education Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Football Track DanceClub ; Choir - . SGA Representative PEMClub Alphana B Hobbs Rt 2. Box 462 Jacksonville. NC Cocoa Phi Cocoa Social Fellowship. Inc Baseball 2. 3. 4, Football 1.2. 3. 4, Track 1 .n. Karate Team 1, 2, 3, 4 ' , ' ' Intramural Swimming 2, 3, 4V Intramural Softball 2 Intramural Basketball 1. 2 BS. Physical Education EInoraC. Hogan P Box 717 Roseboro. N C B S Elementary Education Rhonda D Hood P Box 190 Conway. N C Delta Sigma Theta Sorority SGA Representative Pan Hellenic Council B.A. Sociology Rachel Hudson P. Box 21 Falcon. N C. B.A EarlyChildhood Education Alma R Hunt Rt 2. Box 63 Macon, N C Tau Phi Theta B. A. Business Administration James A Ivery Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Varsity Basketball BS. Physical Education Carol Jackson Cheerleader Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Dormitory Counselor SGA Representative Homecoming Candidate B.S. Intermediate Education Dorothy Jackson Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities BS Elementary Education Barbara Jenkins Women ' s Council Tau Phi Theta Sorority Student Assistant BS. Sociology Alice F Jones 222 Daisy St. Santord. N. C. Gospel Choir University Choir B.A. Sociology Annie D Johnson Rt 3. Box 436 Whitev! le, N C Westn ster Fellowship University Band B.S. Elementary Education Arlenr Jones 807 E Washington Kinston. N. C- Tau PhiTheta Sorority SGA Representative Char ' js A Jones Rt 1, Box 266 Jacksonville. N, C B.A, Mathematics President Bryant Hall Dormitory Association Choir University Hostess Drama Guild Secretary Freshman Class Treasurer Junior Class B.A. English Clara Lawrence Rt. 2, Box 372 Chadbourn. N C Drama Guild University Choir ASOBP (African Student OrganizatK for Betterment and Progress) B.S. English Sylvia E Lee Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Maior: Early Childhood Education Evelyr- Jones Bostr Mass. Ml ' IS. 3ll Dran.„ Guild Newspaper Staff Phi Beta Lambda Freshman Counselor Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship V. Pre- Pr -antHall Dormitory Association Sec. Hood Hall Dorm Assoc. Sec. Sophomore Class MISS FSU -71-72 B.S. Business Education Jesse Jones University Band Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Phi Beta Lambda B.A. Business Administration Delmda R. Johnson llOOBuykin Avenue Sanfora. N . C. University Choir Gospel Choir Penecostal Association Jennie L. Kennedy 6303 Darrow Drive Fayetteville. N.C. B.A Biology David Kingsberry Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Who s Who in American Colleges and Universities SGA Representative B.A. Sociology Gloria J Kirk 310 South Virginia Street Tau Phi Theta Sorority University Choir WomensCouncil B.S Elementary Education Cassandra G Lane Tr. 1, Box 80 Snow Hill. N.C B.S. Elementary Education Lois F. Langley Rt. 2. Box 31-0 Wake Forrest, N.C. SGA Representative Women ' s Council Voice Staff Dorothy M Lewis 1610 Wilson Road Gary. N.C. Tutorial Program B.S. Mathematics Bernadette Lloyd Science Club Tutorial Program Who ' s Who Among America ' Colleges and Universities Alpha Kappa Alpha Soririty Ma|or Biology Paula R. Macklin 1534 Syracuse Ave.. N W. Roanoke. Virginia B.S. History Cris B Marbet 113 Powell Street Wilson. N.C B.A. Business Manuel Marbet 1680Croton Park East New York City Track 1,2. 3 B.A. Sociology FannieC. Martin 1804 Country Club Road New Bern. N.C. Band Joyner Hall Officer B.A. Sociology Geraldine Middtelon Phi Beta Lambda SGA Dormitory Association B.S. Business Education Parnell Miles 1325 Murchison Road Fayetteville, N C Baseball 1,2.3.4 PEMClub Intramural Committee B.S. Physical Education Carol E. Miller 2722 Wingate Ave. Apt= 1 Charlotte, N.C. B.A. Sociology Barbara G. Mills Tau Phi Theta B S, Sociology Portia Mills 1705 Dinwiddie Ave Richmond. Virginia Delta Sigma Theta Sorority University Choir Drama Guild Female Vocalist Bronc-Glows " Sandman " (Recording) B.A. Sociology Harold Mincey 1309 Carolina Street Wilson, N C Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity B S Elementary Education Thelma L Mitchell B,S- Elementary Education Choir Gramma Sigma Sigma Sorority Womens Council Dora Moore Rt 1, Box 264 Kennansville. N C. Phi Beta Lambda B.S. Business Education Frank D. Moore 620 Ames Street Fayetteville. N C VicePres. Phi Beta Lambda Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities B,S Business Education Mary H, Morant Rte. 1. Box 59 Orrum. N,C SGA B S Elementary Education Patty M Morant PO Box 373 Hosston. Louisiana Tau Phi Theta B.A. Chemistry Jimmy Morton Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Treasurer of Senior Class Drama Guild Panlmentarian of Junior Class B.S. Elementary Education Eleanor Mosley 300 N.Wright Street Burgaw. N C. Treasurer of Domitory Association Intramural Basketball 1969-70 Junior Class Treasurer SGA B S. Elementary Education Cherish L Murry Rt 2. Box 122 Rose Hill. N C Gospel Choir B.S. Business Education Margaret C. McAllister 521 Mechanic Street Fayetteville. N C B S Sociology Karate Team. 1. 2.4, SGA Black Gallary Staff MensCouncil Phi Beta Lambda B.A. Business Administration James W McCall 721 Eccles Drive Fayetteville. N C B.A. Business Administration Luberta McCall Rte. 6. Box 124 Goldsboro, N.C. Voice Staff HistoryClub Day Student Organization B S. History Diana McCarl B.S. Elementary Education Claudia D McCrae 409 Dupree Street Durham. N C Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Joyner Hall Dormitory Association B.S. Elementary Education Mary McDowell P.O. Box 625 Proctorville. N C Gospel Choir Phi Beta Lambda SGA B S. Business Education EdnaMcDuffie Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Day Student Organization Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Brenda B. McEachern 318 Gibson Street Fayetteville. N. C Day Student Organization B.S. Elementary Education Betty McGhee B.S. Elementary Education Joan C Mclver University Choir Methodist Club Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority VoiceStaff — Copy Editor SGA Yearbook Staff Who ' s Who m American Colleges and Universities B.S. Elementary Education Ronald E. McKay Drama Guild Day Student Organization Social Science Club B.S. Sociology Dorothy M. McLaurIn 620 Cape Fear Court Fayetteville, N C Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority- Vice President University Choir B.A. Early Childhood Education Eugene McArthur Rte. 4, Box 270 Lumberton. N.C. Daniel G. McLeod 2591-B Caledonia Circle Fayetteville, N.C B S, Elementary Education Patricia A. McNair 1725 Torrey Drive Fayetteville. N C, Day Student Organization B.S. Elementary Education Arnold G McNeill 607 N Augusta Ave Baltimore. Maryland Yearbook Staff Alpfia Pfii Alpha Fraternity Who ' s Who in American Colleges and University B.S. Sociology Earl B McNeill 1640 Rudolph Street Fayetteville, N C Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4 Basketball 1.2, 3.4 Physical Education Club Intramural Committee B.S. Physical Education Mary A. McQueen Baptist Student Union Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Drama Guild B.A. Sociology Edward D. Nowell Rte. 1. Box 145 Gates. N C Karate Team Trefoil Club-Treasurer 1970 Socialogy Club Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity B.A. Sociology Patricia A. Panky Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship SGA-Secretary Phi Beta Lambda Baptist Student Union as. Business Education Eleaser Pannell Grama Sigma Sigma Sorority University Choir B.S. Elementary Education LannieS Paschall 325Renner Ave Newark. New Jersey MathematicsClub Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity B.S, Mathematics Janice Anita Pauling Fayetteville State University Band Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Newspaper Staff Yearbook Staff Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univ English Club B.S. English Elizabeth Mane Payton Elementary Education Student Committee Art Club DanceClub Drama Guild B.S. Elementary Education Micheal A. Pearson 52 39 8th St. NE Washington. D. C. Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc Baseball Football B.A. Physical Education William M Pearson 707 E Pine St Goldsboro. N.C Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity Drama Guild Westminister Fellow ship F.S.U. Gospel Choir B.S. Biology Carlton Perry 113 Short St. Mt. Olive, N.C. Grove Phi Groove Social Fellowship. Inc. Football Baseball Manager B.S. History Eunc Perry Star Route Box 12L2 Cleerain. N.C Alpha Phi Omega B.S. Elementary Education illie Perry 510 18th Ave. Newark. N.J. Alpha Phi Omega Basketball Team Karat e Club Men ' s Council B.S. Elementary Education VIema R. Pettiford PO Box 233 Oxford. N.C Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship. Inc, Yearbook Staff Westminister Fellowship V Pres -Baptist Student Union SGA Representative Pom-Pom Squad CorresponOihg Secretary of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship. Inc B.A Sociology Frank J. Peyton 643 Rocky Run Rd. Midway Park. N.C. Anne Phillips Fayetteville. N.C, Day Student Choir B,S Elementary Education Brenda Pigford 200 E Newberry St. Magnoha, N, C Drama Guild Women ' s Council B.S. Business Education Nancy Pittman Rte 1. Box 290 Garysburg. N C. Tau PhiTheta Sorority B.A. Sociology Rosalyn Purcell B.S. Elementary Education Theresa A. Randall 2210 Maplewood Ave Richmond. Va 259 B A Sociology ' Dorothy E, Richardson Rte 1, Box 135 Rich Square, N, C SGA Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority B. A. Sociology MelbaJ Riddick 51 5 White Street Elizabeth City. N C Tau Phi Theta Sorority B A Business Education Alma Reed Grama Sigma Sigma Sorority University Choir B,S. Elementary Education Delphme B, Robinson Rte- 1. Box 79 Wallace. N.C. Miss Sophomore of 1970 Ivy Leaf Clubof 1971 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Phi Beta Lambda Miss Homecoming of 1971 Student Senate Representative University Choir B.S, Business Education Maude E, Robinson 1829 Broodell Drive Fayetteville. N. C B.S- English Rosemary Robinson 313 S, James Street Goldsboro. N C Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority University Choir Methodist Union SGA Methodist Union B S Elementary Education Sandy E Robinson Apt 1-C Emerson Place Tau Phi Tau Fraternity Baseball 1. 2 PEMClub B S Physical Education Brenda J Ross 734 Commerce Street Fayetteville. N. C Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority Cheerleader 2, 3 University Choir PEMClub University Band B.S. Physical Education Laudess M Scales 182 Price Road Eden. N C SGA Gospel Choir Drama Guild Band Miss Alpha Phi Omega B.A. Sociology Rhonda W Shivers Secretary of Smith Hall Dormitory Association B S History-Pohtical Science Eunice G Simmons RFD 1. Box 231 Jackson Springs. N C Triad of Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority B.S. Elementary Education (K-3) Alice K Smith Box 145 Castle Hayne. N.C. Voice Staff English Club B.A. English Brenda K Smith 2028 Newark Street Fayetteville. N C B S. Elementary Education Brenda L.W Smith 2415 Rosewood Avenue Richmond. Va. Westminister Fellowship Associate Director Yearbook Staff Cheering Squad 1. 2. Captain (3) B A Sociology Ernest H Smith Rte. 1. Box 13 Bunnlevel. N C. History Club Yearbook Staff ASOP Organization Westminister Fellowship Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity — Pros Karate Team 2 Student Legislative Assembly B.S- History — Political Science Linda J Smith Central Drive. Central Heights Goldsboro. N C. B S English Eugene Stackhouse 725BWilkerRd Fayetteville. N C Donald M Stancell Rte. 1, Box 122 Pendleton. N C University Choir Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity B.A. Sociology Robert E. Stevenson III RFD. 1, Box207-A-1 Warrenton, N.C Associated Editor of the Black Gallery Pres. of Junior Class Dormitory President V Pres. of Phi Beta Lambda Asst. to President of SGA University Choir SGA B.A. Business Administration Lilhe B. Stokes 447 McKoy Street Clinton. N.C Delta Sigma Theta Sorority B.S. Elementary Education Gerald Sullivan Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Basketball Team Member of ASOP B.S. Mathematics John E. Summers " im.. Rte 3. Box 645 Goldsboro. N C Phi Beta Lambda Basketball Manager B.S- Business Education Ivory E Swann P Box 451 Spring Lake. N C Mathematics Club Day Student Organization B.S. Mathematics Judy Swann P.O. Box 451 Spring Lake. N. C Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities B.S. Elementary Education Portia D. Tann Rte 1. Box40-B Rich Square. N C Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Intramural Basketball SGA B.A. Sociology Evelyn D Taylor 733 Filter Drive Fayetteville. N C. Day Student Organization Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority B S. Business Education Sandra A Taylor 828 Lincoln Drive Rocky Mount. N. C B. S. Elementary Education Sonnae E Taylor W 2359 Craven Terrace New Bern, NC Delta Sigma Theta Soronty Yearbook Staff SGA Cheerleader 1.2 B.A. Sociology Sandra C Troy Rte 2. Box 177-A Whiteville. N C University Choir Methodist Club Phi Beta Lambda B S Business Educ Laurette W Tyson lOOSSandonaCir Rocky Mount. N C. Voice Newspaper Staff Cheerleader (2) SGA. Afro-American Club. English Club. Day Student Organization B S Communitive Arts Doretha Underwood Rte. 1. Box 215 Wallace. N C Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Phi Beta Lamba Organization Voice Staff. SGA BS Business Education Thelma L Vann Rte 4. Box 291 Clinton. N C Womens- Council. English Club Dormitory Assocation: Methodist Club B S English David G Walker 502 N 12th Street MoreheadCity. N C Tau Phi Tau Fraternity B S Mathematics Dorothy Jean Watkins Womens ' Council Tau Phi Theta Sorority Student Govenrment B.S. Elementary Education Brenda Gayle Watson Drama Guild. Voice Staff. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Who ' s Who In American Colleges and University B S English Linda W.Watson 903 Blount Street Smithfield, NC B.S. Elementary Education Rochelle Watson Rte 1. Box 488 Clayton. N C Drama Guild. Baptist Student Union Phi Beta Lambda B S Business Education Dennis R. Webber Rte 1. Box 98 Shelby. N C Alpha Phi Omega: Intramural Basketball, History Club B S. History Political Science Lestena R. West McAnderson 1514Murchision Road Fayetteville. N C B A Sociology Judy Thompson Rte. l.Box 128 Lumberton, N, C. SGA B.S Elementary Education Tommy Thompson Judo Team PEMClub Track Team Student Instructor in Swimming Football Team B.S. Physical Education Joan Timberlake Methodist Club Baptist Student Union SGA Women ' s Council Gospel Choir Miss Westminister Fellowship 1970-71 Westminister Fellowship Club Who ' s Who Among Colleges and Universities B.A. Sociology Lilhe E Walker P Box 31 Hallsboro. N C AKA Sorority. Alpha Psi Omega Class Reporter: Dormitory Associatii Voice Staff: Drama Club BA Elementary Education LeNand Wallace Bronco Glow Rock and Jazz Band Marching Concert Band Phi Beta Lampda Drama Guild (musical arranger) BA, Business Administration Reginald Wallace P Box 163 Everetts, N C Basketball Team, Scorpion Club. B. S. Business Education Gwendolyn Washington 2105 Decor Street Fayetteville, N C Phi Beta Lambda B, S, Business Education Etta F White B A Sociology Gladys M White Rte 1, Box 255 E Fayetteville, N C Assistant Secretary of Day Student Organization BS, Early Childhood Education Phyllis J Wright Tau Phi Theta Sorority Band-(co-head majorette) Maior: Elementary Education Terry M. Wyant 501 Roanoke Ave. Elizabeth City. N C Tau Phi Theta Sorority Phi Beta Lambda. Maiorette B A Business Administration Adrienne D Young Student Government Representative Dormitory Association: West-minister Fellowship: B.S. Elementary Educatior 261 A DREAM THAT BECAME A REALITY ■ " - tt ' --; . psi- Rudolph Jones Student Center- Fayetteville State Universit 262 CLASS OF 72 CLASS POEM The Fayetteville State of •■68 " is not the Fayetteville of Today. With Time comes change, and change it has, Noting seems to " RESEMBLE " the past New buildings here, new buildings there, new methods, new faces ev erywhere. Some added TEACHERS, some added FEATURES, With all the changes, what did it " TEACH US " From freshman, to sophomore, to |unior. to Senior. Four years at FAYETTEVILLE, What did it mean here Science, History, Education, English and MATH, will the four years of training reveal our every past? Will It reveal the days of |ust lying in bed, or smoking some REEFER to get a bad head? Or drinking wines, and snorting dope, will our four years of training offer any HOPE? Will our four years of training go back to the " Man " or will our four years of training enable Black People to STAND? FAYETTEVILLE STATE, OH FAYETTEVILLE STATE, Our future rests, beyond Your gates. The World is there, for us to conquer, but have you helped us, or have you wronged us? By Clifton O.X. (Wright) 1 CCGriffin from the Greensboro DaUy News t, ry repeats itself, 1 do upon restructuring ducation with great ism of optimism, groups and the ! that serve them have sacrificed and phased processes of merger, , and This I believe ice of research will the validity of the 111 become of schools I T, Winston-Salem, ;)arolina Central, e Slate and Elizabeth ■ Universitites if this ange is made? These ns have experienced IS hardships in their develop first rate Dne of the greatest has been the small ions given them by 1 te and federal it. The appropriation ii 1 refer is on a e basis. For example, tie revenue received by iolidated university ' which Dr. Friday is ed to the presentation study authorized by r Dan K. Moore. in was one of the key ill of the schools I. Each school must to a great extent to students. Each school English, Science, ics, etc. Take a look at l of Engineering at A ate. This school has jt fine engineers for lese men and women e and are making great ons to the state and he school is rated as le best in the nation, luestion is " Where will •gin and end when the duplication is applied? a fine youthful, ambitious, and hard working governor. Governor Robert Scott loves North Carolina and its people. He will ' oavc- his " footprints on 1 ' ;ands of time " akn Grooves Aid City ' s Poor The black schools are needed and this is a fact of life. The next question is " How can one super trustee board adequately ser ' e all of the universities? " This would be a full time job and who would have the time even if he or she was qualified? The unbiased distributions of funds would be forever under fire. This is the day of computer science and the computer has to be fed the material which is the outgrowth of the mind and nature of man. Human nature cannot be reduced to a mathematical formula. Therefore, there will be no right or fair distribution of funds. It will be easy to tell one school that your proposed program cannot be funded because there is not a need. A trustee board to cover the whole of higher education cannot function effectively. Duplication is an issue, yet Norih Carolina State University at Raleigh lately can give a degree in Liberal ARts. My candid opinion is that financial aid to the predominant black school of higher education will get worse before it gels better. I am not going to write about written in this area. 1 shall point out some things that can be seen by the average layman. Go to the black universities in our state and look for paved and „ . , , .„ lighted parking lots. Try to find M Vbe tomorrow I will open my sudiums and field houses. Talk eyes and see a black nation to legislators and you will be " " " fd as one given excuses as to how the A nation joined together by love, Greater Universities get these peace and happiness. things and excuses as to why the „„r ,.„i„„,.itio. rtn nnt have M ybe tomorrow 1 will see. . . A Delta love a Swing A Zeta love a Theta Four FSU Stars on District Team PEMBROKE- Virginia State College dominated the. AIINAIA District 29 football team announced Tuesday by placing nine players on the 24-man selection chosen by the district football coaches. OFFENSE: Split end — Robert Johnson, Hampton; tight end— Ronald move immediately to ach Bullock, Virginia State; thisunity. tackles— Stanley Price, Shaw; Whenever educated, Sylvester Ritter, Fayetteville trained, minds get togei State, Michael Harried and differences in methodok Myron Mayes, both of Virginia etc. are always present, but State; guards— Arthur Davis 8?als are usually the sa and William Tucker, both of irginia State; centci Marion Constitution For F. S. U. In order for FSU studi to move forward in a t when progress is a must Black schools, we must I unif ed body. It is necessary that organizations here on cam put aside their differences The Groove Phi Groove So- cial Fellowship sponsored its annual Christmas " Food Drive " last December to help the needy families in the commuirties of Fayetteville. The Fellowship saw riroblems in the comimmity that possibly others hadn ' t noticed. To help solve problems such as these, they sponsor.- ' i dances and vther activities for the gathering ■ .f food and money to be distrib- uted throughout the commiinity. Just to name a few. Groove Phi Groove gave baskets of food and money to the following: Mrs. Silas Jones, who is expecting her 16th child, Mrs. Eva Hall, who is 96 years old, and Mrs. Annie state; tackles-Larry Johnson " t . , •.f rm,.rpmDloveofF.S.U. Elizabeth City State, and Larry Brooks, Virginia State; middle guard-Thomas Overton, Virginia State; linebackers-Isaac Oliver, Elizabeth City Slate, and Damon Dreher, Virginia Union; comerbatks— Daniel Bacchus, Virginia State, and :;urtis Leaks, Fayetteville State; safety men-Robert lones and Oscar Jenkins, both -vf Viroinla IInir n Stevens, Fayetteville State; quarterback- Lawrence Harrell, Elizabeth City State; running back— Larry Roberts, Virginia Union; fullback-William Hackett, Shaw; flankerback— Maurice Harrod. Elizabeth City State. DEFENSE; Ends-William Harper, Virginia State, and Blenda Gay, Fayetteville Maybe Tomorrow This is the situation at FS1 this time. To progress we n all work together, over above our differences, achieve a " Unity Blackness. " The SGA provides adequate representation o! views and their pr consideration in the Stui Senate. Instead withdrawing because contrasting opinion, let ' s jl together to decide wtii methods are t)est for particular situation. Time shown us that no one mel works all the time. The Bl| revolution is a dynamic and techniques for ch: the system will necessal vary from situation situation. However, the goa freedom and education, training, for Blacks will alw remain unchanged black universities do not have them. Each administration tries to . „ , leave its " footprints on the sands Tan love a Gamma Sig. . . . of time. " For example, Charles B Avcock is known as the ' ■,, , A J .• 1 „ ,»,„ r Torrv Groove will love a Que. . , educational governor Teny Sanford tried to go the me J . P • route and he made wonderful Qmeea conlribulions. err Scott js | - - - ; • • • • j known as the governor for roads . ■■ v ■ and rural electrification. We have iampus Security )oes Anyone Keally Care? Cop Out rise up as one black nation singing praises of each other. y CORINTH DAVIS Maybe tomorrow I shall see such happenings come to pass. 0-0-0 high of Colt 40- five !;ht I saw Black Moses ning down from the sk-eye to sleep anddreamptadre- , seem like I was doing ev- thing ht myself from crashing pping out on Boones Farm ionings Ito glue myself back togeth- , but my sinuses were clog. 3 with weather ght I felt my Black man me, figured out he ' d had much Bicardi Rum iln ' t function right in this ciety, thought I ' d split the ene with L-S-D dn ' t hang with the group use I didn ' t use the rtia- igm or loop Yes, Maybe tomorrow. life, makes me sick all thi trouble and strife - X.X. Shabazz - Bought a gun to shoot myselt, thought that wold blow my mind- -so now what ' s left Put my head in a plastic bag got scared of the fog so I yelled for Scag Heard my name on the televi- sion, stayed out of sight to avoid apprehension Couldn ' t get caught with my mind on the ground, felt my whole world spinning ' round and ro- und. Went in a hole and stayed for a week, all that Black dark- ness was o-ooh so sweet Left existence, sort to speak, found out that dying ain ' t like a.it we seek r observing our security mpared to that of other state supported schools, ould think no one really here at F.S.U. On any day, you are subject to e campus police in plain because they lack uni- forms. A security officer will receive more respect if he ' s in uniform. For Instance, if a student is on campus looking for a security officer, and the officer is in street clothes how is the student suppose to know whether or not he is an officer? To cite an example; out of the five state supported universities, FSU is the only one that doesn ' t have some type of communica. tlons system, a marked patrol car, and some decent uniforms. Is one to assume that the students or administration does i»t care that a sister could be attacked and security wouldn ' t know about it until a half hour For example, under the j sent system, the security cers only call the switch b every thirty minutes. If a si happened to be attacked just a the officer had finished his to the switch Iward, it woul approximately thirty min more before the security off would receive the mesii.ige, less someone personally con ted him or the officer ran it under norma! patrolling. As students at F.S.U., we constantly searching for wa) put us on top. Blacks as as white get the urje that want to move on up to bii and brighter things. We st ed out small, but we are p ually expanding, which will quire great changes and provements. Do we really car? if seen does its job? Never feel thai time win not come when might need the help of our c pus police. If we help tt they will do all In their pc to make F.S.U. as safe as DO STUDENTS WANT PAPER TO CLObi It has been a long semester for members of the Voice staff. There have been some problems that have affected Its performance, and most of them have t)een negative. As the first semester ends and thoughts turn to the next, many can ' t help but wonder If the students really desire a newspaper, don ' t care one way or the other, or wish to see the publication die. There has been no evidence that the latter is true. But the non-answer has taken its toll on the staff to the extent that of the enthusiastic group that . tarted, only a token force remams. Part of the problem of putting out our publication was caused by a lack of experienced per sonnel and the slowness in receiving supplies, etc., but for the most part, these were overcome. New typewriters were received, and a tremendous amount of effort was expended in getting out the first edition. The,, the real problem started. The staff was proud of its first edition, for who can ever forget his first. Kirst loves are said to be eternal. Kirst born are fatally spoiled. Kirst anything is easiest remembered, no matter of conseuqence of quality. But the staff ' s first was met with disapproval by some students of the revolutionary faction. And William Alston, SGA president, asked that funds paid by students should be controlled by the SGA, and if the SGA didn ' t want something it should have the power to discontinue it. Whether or not SGA morally has the right to veto over all student activities, or the know-how to get them accomplished is not important, for the idea has no precedence elsewhere and was not warmly received by the administration, nor has there been any lobbying on the part of other student groups on its t)eha)f. But it changed the minds of some students on the staff who did not want to be faced with a lot of work, if it wasn ' t going to be appreciated. Movements come and go and are soon forgotten. But attitudes are hard to change. What will it take to build a larger, stronger staff as the new year approaches? Membership in the Voice is open to all who wish to participate, subject to rules common to all diligence and More membi underclassmen, needed. Good come forward i skills that interesting a careers in tht mediums, and I encourage then ' Certainly thert ' and a want for newspaper here. But! members of the s| don ' t know it, it hurt feelings. And I work when his wou| healed. Trustees Okay HOTC Program At a meeting of the Board of Trustees on January 27, the Board approved the University ' s acceptance of Air Force ROTC with an understanding that It will be approved by the Board of Higher Education in Raleigh, The Board also approved the establishment of a Boari of Visi- tors for the University, whose general purpose is to assist the institution in enhancing its image and status before the public, and to aid in any ways possible in improving and increasing ser- vices of the institution to the people. The basketball game against Shaw February 2, was sponsored by the Trustees, who underwrote the total cost. The Planning ComnLttee of the University of North Caro- lina system, which will become the Board of Governors on July 1, will visit the campus April 21. " OUR Children h ' ere hungry and you served them the moon ' illianil Gives C On January State Universitjj an outstanding Brown. Mr. Brown five world and He was the firs pear four timeil with the Baltimol chestra. William Brov son State CoUeg ship in trumpet, | to voice, in graduated. His were at Indiana 1 of Music, whichl Masters Degree has also worka Doctorate at th servatory. He deliver:: concert which State will reme| years to come. It ' s Your Student Goverament By WILLIAM ALSTON (Pres. (Pres. S.G.A.) It ' s apparent that if any change is to come about here on campus, students themselves are obligat- ed to initiate them. H you as stu. dents don ' t work towards solving the campus problems, those who reprsse.ii y-ju will ma.ko the de- cisions. It ' s long been a faculty ex- cuse to say, " We asked s tu- clents to participate, but they ' re not interested. " And many stu- dents know that those commit- tees that are started with stu- dent nameo really don ' t have student participation. In many cases, the programs fnat affect Hie college and its student body are only the decisions of the fac- ulty members of an ill repre- sented student body. I, the SGA President, have dedicated my efforts in working for student needs and benefits. If you as siudenls don ' t demand the right to be represented or respond to the call, you will have no rights or benefits. The SGA has tried to ask the students to participate in its program but had no success The SGA has also attempted to point out the benefits that can tie de- rived from student participation, in creating their own program. The SGA is now asking for vol- unteers for student senate.(The SG. is asking you to represent yourself I! !So add your name to the list to be available in support of the alleviation of these pro-

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