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msmm For Reference Not to be taken from this room o iUILJ ■ jv3 4 " " " " " — ' «th. ] 9, 4 ARCHIVES ainK ni ri! f ! Robert Haskins, Editor Mr. Harvey C. Jenkins, Advisor Vol. 13 Fayetteville, North Carolina ■iS Tu nShTH C.ROUN. f A Y E T T E V I L L I A N 70 The Old . . . Dr Mrs Rudolph Jones and Son Dr. Rudolph Jones became a member of the Fayetteville State University family in 1952. In 1956 Dr. Jones became president of the University, then college. President Jones resigned the post in July 1969. 142189 And The New Dr. Charles A. Lyons Family The President ' s Mansion mm Prexy In Action 11 IV] n f 1 1 ■1 1 1 W 1 1 il n 1 1 1 IE 1 1 1 X 1 III 1 s I ' III 1 ai 1 jxl 1 « f 1 ■lAU S ' 1 ■1 III f ' ■hUr iMMNiMMil ith Administrative Assistant . During a speaking engagement. Discussion after Convocation ! i:MiyEJMl...iJ.i Contents Introduction 1 Dedication 6 Administration 8-17 Faculty and Staff 18-28 Editors ' Note 29 Classes 30-115 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Clubs 116-141 Fraternities Organizations Queens 142-163 Sports 164-185 Activities - Candids 180-207 FAYETTEVILLIAN Staff 208-212 Staff Epilog 231- Student Directory 216-224 -1 H A R V E Y ♦■ feiJife DEDICATION The Staff of the 1970 FAYATTEVILLIAN proudly and with deep appreciation dedicate this volume of the Fayattevillian to Mr. Harvey C. Jenkins, chairman of The Area of Art, for his nevertirmg willingness to help students - academically and otherwise through his advice, his exemplification of professional compe- tence, and his devoted dedication to FSU and education. Mr. Jenkins hails from Orangeburg, S. C. He joined the FSU faculty in 1963. His academic attainments are as follows: B.A. — Claflin College, Orangeburg, South Carolina; M.A. Professional Diploma - Columbia University, New York, New York. He has also done postgraduate study at Columbia University Serving both as professor and as a member of various university committees, Mr. Jenkins has proven himself to be an asset to the University. To further the staff ' s dedication choice, we take these lines from Matthew Arnold ' s " Rugby Chapel " which are helpful, but still inadequate. In the paths of the world, Cheerful, and helpful, and firm! Stones might have wounded thy feet, Languor is not in your heart. Toil or dejection have tned Weakness is not in your word, Thy spint, or that we saw Weariness not on your brow. " Nothing — to us thou wast still D E D I C A T I N " From College . . . Fayetteville State College was established by Senate Bill Number 472 which was ratified by the General Assembly of North Carolina on March 8, 1877. The bill was introduced in Senate by Mr. Thomas Nicholson from Iredell County and was known as the " Act to establish normal schools. " Seven presidents have served the College since its establishment. They are as follows: Mr. Roberl L. Harris (18771880). Mr. Charles Chesnutt (1880- 1883), Dr. Ezekiel Ezra Smith (18831888), Mr. George Williams (18881895), Dr. Ezekiel Ezra Smith (1895-1898), Rev. Robert E. Fairley (1898-1899), Dr. Ezekiel Ezra Smith (1899-1933), Dr. James Ward Seabrook (1933-1956), and Dr. Rudolph Jones, who was elected president in July, 1956. In July 1969 Dr. Jones resigned and Dr. Charles A. Lyons became the new president. ' i . Smith Administration Building New Administration Building To University — Fayetteville State University is the second oldest State supported institution of higher learning in North Carolina. Only the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is older. There were several name changes during the in- tervening years. The Legislature of 1969 established the name, FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY. 1 1 " " ADMINISTRATION r- " 1 c E Miss Lenna M, Means. Registrar Miss Bettye Pearsons, Secretary Admissions Office Mr. Taylor Jones. Director Dean Of Men Mr- J, A. McCoy. Dean of Men mflfflW J, Business Office Assistant Business Manag Mr Luther R Jerald Mr A, J Pindle, Business Manager ' ■wwa zJS, D E A N F S T U D E N T S II i ii| Mr J. C Jones, Dean of Students ♦ -... Mrs Pace. Postmistress Mr. A D Roscoe. Administrative Assistant and Secretary converse over a newsletter to be sent to the student body. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE The academic year 1969 70 has been perhaps one of the busiest, most demanding and, I hope, most productive for all of us. Building on the firm foundation left by our predecessors we have en- deavored to project for Fayettevllle State University a role and Image commensurate with the needs and demands of the vibrant seventies. This has in- volved administration, staff and students working in concert to " do our own thing " and to develop " our institution. " For these and many other reasons this has been an exciting year for me. I commend the class of 1970 for your diligence and hard work. You leave the cloistered walls of your alma mater to " try your new wings " at an exciting and unusual time in our history. We believe you will fly. I ask you to remember that there must arise among our people a leadership that IS not out hunting bargains for Itself, but one which IS dedicated to the task of human uplift. I challenge you to be a part of that leadership. Dr. Charles A, Lyons, President T The President ' s secretaries seem eager to pause and smile for yearbook photographers. 1 1 ' n English Department Mary R. Little, Assistant Professor Not shown Ollie H, Cox, Assistant Professor Edythe George, Instructor Karl Hillie, Assistant Professor Joan W, Lewis. Instructor Miss Turner, Department Cfiairman discusses new proposals for the De- partment Mrs M. Scott Assistant Professor G. B. Fiawoo, Assistant Professor Natalie Williai Instructor Department Of Foreign Language Catherlene Thompson. Assistant Professor Dr. Virginia Curry. Chairman- Professor Arnold Herard. Assistant Professor Not shown Theodore A MacDonald Department Of Education Dr. Charles Asbury. Chairman W. Edward Murphy Dr. W. Pace, Professor Not shown: Lorena Carter Dr. M. Frierson Lula S, Williams Or Grady D. Dauis, Professor Jasper Turner. Assistant Professor B. A. McGreachy Assistant Professor Dr. Grace C. Black. Chairman Department Of Business Education Not shown: Dorothy J Moore Perry R. Leazer. Assistant Professor B G Monroe, Instructoi Carrie V Stokes, Instructor " ivirTiiii ifl Jer yih Lin. Instructor Mathematics Department Dr, Eldridge begins another busy day Dr. Henry Eldridge. Chairman Wilhelmina Bishop, Associate Professor Morris Blount, Assistant Professor Dr K V. Suryanarayana, Professor Not shown: Dale Means, Associate Professor Cynithia B Huff. Assistant Professor Dr Joseph Knuckles. Cfiairman Virginia A, Dix. Assistant Professor Dr P V L N Murthy. Associate Professor Richard P, Robinson Department Of Science Mildred M Terell, Thomas Reeves. Labratory Assistant Instructor Walter S, A. Johnson Dr T T. Chao, Professo Dr. Liu, Professor George W Reid, Instructor Department Of History Not stiown: Eva D. Adams. Instructor Lorenzo Battle, Assistant Professor Kathleen Bergan. Instructor Dr S. Guldescu, Professor Dr Cfiacko Thomas. Professor Dr. David W. Bishop. Chairman - Professor Geography Dennis Nathaniel, Assistant Profess Mrs Mary T Eldri Chairman Area Of Music Dr. 0. Uzzell, Chairman Department Of Sociology Isaac A, Robinson Not shown; Hubert R, Doub, Assistant Professor ■i " ' qraBBaW ' ' -rfan- - Not shown: Delores Hires Mary M Moore. Instructor P. Saunders. Asssistant Professoi Physical Education Mr Harold Scott, Assistant Professor and Chan Area Of Art Harvey C. Jenkins, Chairman Not shown: Oscar C, Willis Barbara Manager, Instructor Mrs. N. R, Smith, Head Librarian Infirmary Mrs. Thompson, University Nurse B R A R I A N Nurse Pierce prepares medication to give to a iti ' 1 1 k " A From The Editors Desk Feb. 20, 1970 As the school year ends, I look back at the months past. From reminiscing I conclude that putting a yearbook to- gether IS not one of the easiest jobs to tackle. I must admit that during those months there were times when I thoughttherewouldbenol970FAYETTE VILLIAN. Suddenly, I realized that the responsi- bility was mine as Editor-ln-Chief to as- sure myself and the staff that the 1970 FAYETTEVILLIAN would be a reality. Consequently, the staff very quickly learned that to do a job and to do it well requires many hours of planning and working. There were deadlines to be met, pictures to be taken, layouts to be drawn and many other tedious tasks to be performed. I would like to thank all the staff members and Associate Editors for a |ob well done. I would like to give spe- cial thanks to Associate Editors LaVern McNair, Beryl Williams, Ronnie Cox and Assistant Editor Leonard Crumm for their never tiring efforts and deep con- cern in the publication of this book. I hope that as you continue to browse through ihis edition of the FAYETTEVIL- LIAN you will find memorable moments and events that you will treasure for years to come. The staff and I truly hope that the 1970 ■■Bronco " -inspired FAYETTEVIL- LIAN will meet your expectations. This year ' s edition contains more pages and color than any past edition. We have attempted to present to you in a di- gested form the scope of the University and Its students as it really is, during a time of change. I showed no favoritism to any persons, groups or ideas. In- stead, I attempted to present a publica- tion that all students, faculty and ad- ministrators will feel a part of. With this in mind, I see no reason to make any excuses or apologies for what I have said or done. Sincerely, Robert Haskins, III Editor-ln Chief FAYETTEVILLIAN 70 EVILLIAN 70 H I I ' r . . ' i vS-« SENIORS % • I James W Allen Oxford. N C Physical Education William A Allen Warsaw, N. C. Sociology Alphia E. Alston Silver City. N. C. Business Education Carolyn E Alston Charlotte. N. C Business Education Mathematics Sylvia Andrews (Colclough) Brooklyn. N Y Elementary Education Karren D. Asbury Hampton. N C Elementary Education Iretha Baggett Wade. N. C- Elementary Education Belinda F, Bailey Charlotte. N, C. English Lou Ester Baker Rowland. N, C. Elementary Ed. Betty A Baldwin Whitteville, N. C. History Glenda Barnes Warsaw. N. C Business Educatio Ned T. Barnes Wilson. N.C- Elementary Education Clorme Beatty Tomahawk, N. C. Business Education Barbara Bennett Winston Salem. N. C. Sociology Deloris C. Best Fayetteville, N. C. Business Education Linda F. Best Goldsboro. N. C. Ptiysical Education Gloria Banks Mathematics SmUs Sssmm Barbara E. Boney Rose Hill. N C. Business Education Inez Bracey Garysburg. N. C, Biology Rendell Brown Fayetteville. N C. English Betrice A. Bryant Clinton. N, C Elementary Education Ercelle Bryant Fayetteville. N. C. Elementary Education Henry Thomas Bryant Snow Hill. North Carolina Mathematics 142189 Sandra E. Bynum Goldston, N. C. History Beverly Butler Akron, Ohio Elementary Education Juanita Carroll Fayetteville, N C- Business Education Carolyn B. Casterlo« Rich Square. N. C. Business Education Mildred Chase Spring Lake, N, C. Elementary Education Charles Chesney Fayetteville. N. C, History Ernestine Cogdell Fayetteville, N. C. English Nettie Colquit Spring Lake, N. C. Mattiematics Lillie Coulter Newton. N. C. Sociology Ronnie Recardo Cox Greenville. S, C, Sociology Lula Davis Warrenton. N, C. Mattiematics Bobby Ray Dawson La Grange. N C. Ptiysical Education Shirley A. Dendy Raleigh. N, C. Sociology Maxine Dickens Whiters, N. C. Mathematics Leon Dockery Cameron, N, C. Henry G. Dove Kinston, N.C. Business Education Annie Ellerbe Cheraw, S. C. Business Educatio Ella Mae Elliot Fayetteville, N. C. English Reginald Ennett Wilmington, N. C. Elementary Education Mary E. Fennell Fayetteville. N. C. Physical Education Sandra V. Freeman Gatesville. N. C, Business Education Kirby Galberth Raeford. N. C, History Lilhe Gaskins Winston Salem, N, C. Sociology Neriah L. Goldston Silver City, N,C Mathematics Joyce Grear Wilmington. N. C. English Tomoria Gunther Santord. N. C Elementary Education Betty Haywood Bolton. N. C. Elementary Education Clarence Hedgepeth Hp Halifax, N, C. ■k ' Jf Elementary Education HkjJhb Lavert Henderson B Manson. N, C . p f Elementary Education A j H dSK David Hill Fayetteville, N C Business Education Frederick Hill Fayetteville. N C Sociology Martin Hinton Corapeake, N. C. Business Education Claudette Hodge Wendell, N, C. English Milton Tyrone Holley Kinston. N C. Ptiysical Education Bobby Raye Holmes Smittifield. N, C. Biology Ernest L. Ingram Winston Salem. N. C. Elementary Education Robert Jackson Nashville, N. C. History Walter W. James Wallace, N. C. Sociology Eldridge C. Jenkins Washington, D. C. Sociology Revon Jenkins Rocky Mount, N. C, Elementary Education Annette M. Jones Wilmington, N. C. Mathematics Hiram Jones Lexington, N C. Business Education Pans Jones Raleigh, N, C. Biology Earlyn J, Jordon Fayetteville, N, C. Elementary Education Jacksonville, N. C, History Rita Kendall Oakboro. N, C- Business Education Jennifer Kifpatrick Dover. N. C Elementary Education James A. Lanier La Grange. N. C. Elementary Education Jephunneh Lawrence Washington, D. C. History Mary Lee Philadelphia, Pa. Sociology Barbara A. Liles Smithfield. N C. Elementary Education Carolyn Y Locklear Fayetteville. N C. Elementary Education Karen Lucas Fayetteville, N C. Elementary Education i -g ij ' ,, ij iim jaia iMM Betty J. Martin Sanford. N. C, Eelementary Education Brenda Martin Ricti Square. N. C. Sociology Richard Melvin Le Land. N. C- Elementary Education Clifton Mervin Pikeville, N. C. Englisti Regenia McCallum Laurmburg, N, C. History Patricia B. McCormick Fayetteville, N C. Business Educatio Janice L. McDowell Fayetteville, N. C, Elementary Education Jessie McDuffie Ehzabethtown. N. C. Sociology James R. McGreg Newark. N, J- Biology Mary McKniglit Kingstree. S. C Sociology Alice D, McLair Fayetteville, N. C. Business Education Allen McLauchin Fayetteville. N, C. Business Education Rebecca L, Mc Laurin Fayetteville. N. C, Elementary Education John T. McLean Maysville. N, C. Sociology General D, McLeod Fuquay Springs, N. C. Physical Education Larry McMillan Hallsboro. N. C. Business Education Gwendolyn Manuel Fayetteville. N. C, Sociology Dorothy Manning Pleasant Hill. N, C, History Etiar Lounell Mainor Rose Hill, N, C, Business Education Dorothy M. Mitchell Rich Square. N. C. Business Education Ruby L- Mitchell Hallsboro. N, C. English James Monroe Springfield. Mass. Physical Education sms ' T mmsm William Monroe Fayetteville, N. C. Sociology Barbara Mull Fayetteville. N. C. Elementary Education Shirley Nathan Philadelphia. Pa, Elementary Education Gwendolyn C. Newell Littleton. N C, Business Education Peggy Newman Salemburg. N, C. Elementary Education Mamie D Patrick Kinston. N. C, Elementary Education Carol Person Henderson, N. C. Elennentary Education Eddie L. Peterson Fayetteville, N. C. Mathematics Winnie M- Pone Fayetteville. N. C. Mathematics Raymond L. Privott Edenton, N. C. Sociology Faye Louise Rainey Concord, N, C, Business Education Catherine Ray Wilmington. N, C. Elementary Education William E. Ray Fayetteville, N C History Romaine Reid Fayetteville. N. C. Elementary Education Jacqueline A. Rendleman Hickory, N C Elementary Education Linda F Ricks Princeton, N C Elementary Education Marianne Y. Riggms Rocky Mount. N. C. Sociology Sherry A. Rodgers New Bern, N. C. Elementary Education Minnie M, Sharpless Method. N, C, Elementary Education Edward E. Shaw Dunn, N C, Mathematics Mazie Shaw Red Springs, N. C. Elementary Education Diane Smith Wilhamston, N, C, Elementary Education Nancy Smith Lumberton, N. C, Business Education Mossett C- Spriggs Raleigh, N. C. Biology Elsie L, Stith Tarboro, N. C- Elementary Education Ella M. Strong Oxford, N, C. Business Education Beatrice B- Thomas Fort Bragg. N. C. Elementary Educatio Leonard Thompson Rocky Mount, N. C. Mathematics Josephine Taite Newburgh, New York Elementary Education Patricia E. Urguhart Franklin. Va. Elementary Education Evelyn M. Wallace Boston, Mass. Sociology Maggie L. Wallace Florence. South Carolina English Alg ' eania Warren Benson, N. C. English Catherine White Spring Lake. N. C. Elementary Education Brenda Wilder Smithfield. N. C, Physical Education James E Wilkins Rocky Mount, N. C. Physical Education Harold S, Williamson Clinton, N. C Elementary Education James Williams Fayetteville. N C Business Education Oletha P. Williams Fayetteville, N, C. Elementary Education Venatha Wil Gates, N, C, History Vivian Wood Ellerbe. N. C. History End of long hard lourney! ■ ■Ik ■■! ■.il Wii ' m auBiaMH Alicia Adcock Carl E, Alford Rebecca Alford Evelyn Alston Phyllis Anderson Walter Anderson J Glivian Armstrong Malethia Armstrong Carolyn Baggett Donnie Barden Brenda Barnes Randolph Baskerville l - iM ' i a Oteria Battle Ronnie Battle Odgen Batts Bobby Bennett Mary Best Paulette Biacknall Stanley Blackmon Avalene Blanks Angeius Bracey Arthuree Bradley i Lucy Branch Dons Brewington SSIl ssss iiii lit Luther Bryant Hattie Bullock Carolyn Burton Bobbie Bynum Brenda Carroll Deloise Cash Beniamin Chaplin Sharon Cherry Harold Clarke Brenda Collins Mary Colvin Warren Cooke Postel Covington Leonard F. Crumn Mary Dauid Josephine Davis Olivia Davis Patrica Davis Robert Davis Brenda Dowdy Thelma Dowdy Ins Dubinson Veronica Dupree Lucrutia Edwards Donnie Ellerbe Joan Ellis Helen Everette Gwendolyn Fisher Obe Ford Wesley Foye Carry Fritz Michael Fulton m mmgmBmmmmmm Felton Gainey Thelma Garris George Graham 1 Kathleen Graham Michael Gramnun Dolly Green Florence Greene Laura Hardy James Harrison Evelyn Hart Robert Haskms Samuel Henderson Betty Herring Bobbydyne Hicks Vera Hollmgsworth Jacquelyn Holmes Carolyn Jeffries Kibbie Johnson Euelyn Jones Gladys Joyner t-r iskj ' : ». I 1 1 1 1 — ■ — -. 4 , 1 ; Nannie Kirkman Barbara Knotts Gwendolyn Knox Linda Leggett Lawrence Lewis Edward Maiette Glendora Manley Fannie Martin Bobby McClain Linda McCoy Malachi McCullough Wilhe McDonald Mary McDowell Carolyn McKinme Billy McKmnon James M. McLean William McLeod F.ed McMillan LaVerne McNair Carolyn McPhall Martha McRae aU j UU nglHi A lice Melton Norma Melvin Geraldine Middleton Samuel Middleton Rosetta Mills Evelyn Moody Patricia Moses Carolyn Newton Peggy Odgen IW Sarah Purdie Annie Patrick Booker Patrick Jams Patterson Evelyene Perry Judy Perry Willie Perry Dons Peterkin Wyvonia Plymouth Jamesenia Robinson Janett Robinson Carolyn Rogers Alice Roseborough Ardelia Royall Theresa Scales M Amanda Scott Kathleen Shipman Mictiael Sidberry Judy Singletary V i. Hubert Simmons Barbara Small Clarence Smith Geraldine Smith i«« " ?aa«; ' ■ril|{i t . ' ■■ " ■■- qwatfWfiMi wwihfl Waldena Smith Ruth Speight ' X Paul Spruill Curtis Stackhouse Barbara Staton Jasper Tanner Patricia Thomas Ronald Thomas Barbara Thompson Rebecca Thompson Shelia Thompson Etta Thorpe Mack Timberlake ■■ . i v ' -me nst m Pi: LeNard Wallace Reginald Wallace Campbell Walls Rosa Wardlow Jack Washington James Whitfield Ethel Williams Gloria Williams Ins Williams Jednette William- Thomas Williams Yvonne Williams Mary Williams Barbara Wilson Janice Wooten Charles Worthy Smile you ' re on Candid Camera!! ' Carolyn McPhail, Miss Junior, chats with tellow classmates ' ' I. . i teT -L il i j MKr-S . .■,;.-■■■■ v:v. ' W«BlWte:i.-.V .BIIMiiBW.tfltfiTWOMtm i f- - ■■ SOPHOMORES if William Alston Ella Armstrong 1 Tyrone Armwood Ronald D, Bailey Janice Barkley Jeanette Barnes ■l Billy Bennett }: ' ' lsf -..■ -w . ;-», " .■ ' I ■ r ' lt- ' ■msmMMSKsmm Larry Blackmore Meredith Blanks Kathy Blount Thelma Blue Preston Boone Beverly Bowden Eva Boykin Thomas Bracey Samuel Branch Rosena Brandon Ethel Breeden Belinda Bnggs 1 1 Gloria Brooks I o« oe ,S °° 1 ' . ' .»« o Corena Brown Hubert Brown ijUfr MJ y jiL jtb jLtoLsamm Leo Bullock Charles Burrell Malcolm Bush Shirley Canty Sue Cavmess r % Claudia Chestnut William Clagett Ricky Coleman Calvin Crawford J Jimmy Crosland Barbara Darden Lanorns Dickens Margie Dixon Percy Dockery ■yaa ■! ' £» ' .aE ' ---- ' ' ' - ' ■■ ' ■ - ' ' -WBP-Mift .v ' - mimmm - ia Ernestine FerguS ' Ezzard Flemmmg Cheryl Fisher Darryl Fisher w Gladys Forte Carol Franks Dallas Freeman Elnora Freeman Sherman Freeman Kenneth Gamble Richard Gambil Lauvanskie Gerald Brenda Golden Cleveland Grahan Abraham Green v rUmt ' LsL - " ■--•-■•■■ ■■ ' ' v ' ' iiii « - : - ' ' fiii i ' Linda Hansley Vivian Hassell Gregory Henderson Charles Hicks Rhonda Hood Richard Howard James Howard 1 W " " Carol Jackson Annie Johnson Delinda Johnson nm 1 David Kingsberry ■■■li HBt gr ' wwiiii . ' jijjiaia: Milton Kittrell Cassandra Lane Clara Lawrence Brenadette Lloyd Patsy Martir Regina Massenburg Thelma McAllister Eugene McArthur Claudia McGrae Nelson McDonald Louise McDougald Chalmers McDonald Edna McDuffie Nancy McGil Sophia Mclntyre Dorothy McLaurin Daniel McLeod • " ■ -- " ' •- " - -■ ' ■■■ ' ■ - »»»..v «- .. ' ■»»M«.».»,ir:i w4Be!f. Chalmers McMillian Arnold McNeil % Mary McQueen Eunice Melvin Authurice Mitchell Thelma Mitchell Leonard Moore Michael Moore Grace Mosley Deborah Murchison Cherish Murray Edward Nowell Patricia Pankey Eleaser Pannell ) . I Lannie Paschall Eunc Perry Velma Pettiford Frank Peyton Carolyn Phillips Brenda Pigford Nancy Pittman Theresa Randall f m Dorothy Richardson Melba Riddick Pnscilla Riggs M Beatrice Robinson i Jennifer Robinson Rosemar Robinson Sandy Robinson Douglas Rowe « : Matthew Sampson Carl Samuelson Eunice Simmon ■ - ■ ' " " ' - " ■•- " ■- " ' " ■■ ' ---» ' --™ »«. vv ■ ' W««I«I.WIB1II WIMW.WM Ernest Smith Alwyn Spruil Donald Stancey Dons Stanley I, J Carlrena Steed k Gwendolyn Stokes V :i ' Treva Streeter Gerald Sullivan John Summers Charles Swepson Sandra Taylor Sonnae Taylor h II ji Judy Thompson Tommy Thompson Joan Timberlake Sandra Troy Doretha Underwood Elsie Underwood jm ; | g l g j |gy g David Walker Ernest B Walker Lillie E. Walker William Walker Gwendolyn Washington rbara Watkins Dorothy Watkins Rochelle Watson Dennis Webber LeMira White Carolyn Williams Miss Sophomore, Delphine Robinson is on her way to class. Terry Wyant Adrienne Young P tegi a W i - -■- ' - " - ' r -v». «i=. - -t. . . . r.. A,. vi v • - ' - Beniamin Alston Debra Ashford Jacqueline Bailey Annette Ba Wandafa Boone R B Bradford W C Brewington Clarence Bndges Melisndra Browning wrf i wr— miiMfcn ■ ' " ' " " M ' " ' ' " - " " " Mary Clark Rose Clark Steve Codetta Pamela Coles Brenda Campbell Man L, Canty Martha Carlton Lawrence Carson Kenneth Conwell George Cromwell Norwell Dance Fel ecia Darden Anna Daughen Charlette Cooper Gladys Selena Cooper Betty Cox Debra Cunningham Peggy Davis Wayne Diggs Carolyn Dowdy James Forte Jacqueline Gill Belvina Godette Melba Godwin r Barbi Grant Jacqueline Gray Gloria Greene Pauline Hale i wyViiflii • " m!P% ' nfliT iiiilli?riiV " ' III ill BU Louise Hamilton Stella Hargette Evelyn Harding Sandra Hardison Barbara Harris Daniel Hawkins Portia Henry Willis Herring Argie Hocutt Linda Holland Melissa Holmes Clarence Hoskins Lenola Hubbard Christine Hudson Willie Isler Carolyn Jacobs Kitinia James f -ft Donnis Jeffries Gloria Jenkins Rita Diane Johnson Brenda Jones Carolyn Lassiter Linda Lee Jacqueline Lenno Jacqueline Lewis Lula Lindsey m Lenard McDougald Eura Massenburg Clarietta McAllister Willie Fran McArthur Lansing McClain © f Emma McLaurin James McLean Ronald McNeill Mary McPhail Winnie Mitchell Mazzie Monroe Deborah Monroe Terrence Murchison Dorothy Murrell Therion Murrey Kermit Newman Randolph Parker Michael Patter; Shirley Paylor Archie Perry 4lk Martha Peirce Joyce Pittman Ethel Porter Deborah Potts i:: £i Hercules Reaves Robert Richard James Richardson Mildred Riche Keith Robertson f . J Vernitta Robinson Laudess Scales Mane Shields Kathy Simmons Henry Simms Linda Spearman Ramona Tann Jean Tart Christine Taylor £ Linda Taylor Shirley Taylor Velma Terry Wanda Thames Henrietta Underwood Jane Vinson Nathaniel Waddell Larry Walker Warretta Watson Shirley Weaver Albert Whitaker Daphney White Linda White njjj n ai SBmgS SiSSS Sandra Woodard G R E E K ' ■; ' £ r FAYETTI STATE • A A " " ■ " AZ0 • A c EVILLE V • t zoB a: OBI Q O R G A N I Z A T I N S mmmm ALPHA PHI ALPHA Bound, R And a cold seat " K P R B A T E S L I N E Hail to the purple and , ■■And if stie wears that Delta pin — then her first love DST 3 s ■□ -g - ' K K o i X X J Q e Q t o !- o s c R L L E R S Pledge Club — Alpha Phi Omega f f J JL-9 9 %.% Alpha Phi Alpha is the first National Greek Letter Fraternity founded for Blacks and by Blacks in the United States. It originated at Cornell University in Ithaca. New York during the school year of 19051906. The decision was made on De- cember 4, 1906 that it become a fraternity and this is set aside as the founding date of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The organization stemmed from the idea of establishing a social-literary club. Over a period of time the idea of a fraternity became prevalent. The " Alpha Phi Alpha " was proposed and Old Gold and Black were adopted as the colors. The Chapter here at Fayetteville State is Epsilon Zeta, and it began here in 1958. OFFICERS Kirby Galberth, President Carnell Newkirk. V. Pres. Frederick Hill. Treasurer Thomas Bracy. Sergeant-At-Arm James Ivery, Dean of Pledgees R Baskerville, Reporter ACDA Ivy Leaf Club Sphinx Club I V- 3; V Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded January 16, 1908 at Howard University under the inspiration of Ethel Hedgeman Lyie. This Greek letter sorority was the first for Negro women in America. Officers Basileus — Mamie McDonald Anti Basileus — Linda Boone Gramateus — Gloria Williams Epistoleus — Judy Barnes Tamiouchas — Rosetta E. Mills Parliamentarian — Carolyn D. Burton Dean of Pledgees — Angelus L. Bracey Probates » - ' " ' - " ■--f " " " QUJCP The Delta Gamma Chapter of the Omega PsI Phi Fraternity, the oldest Greek letter organization on the campus, was char- tered at the University in May, 1951. From its conception, it has strived to live up to the four Cardinal Principles: Manhood. Scho- larship. Perservance and Uplift and the estblishment of a solid bond at the University of friendship and brotherhood with other groups. The Delta Gamma Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi has proven itself as a worthwhile organization by working m con- junction with the University and its administration, keeping the University and the lanern upmost in the light and life of all con- cerned. OFFICERS Thomas Williams. Basileus Michael Sidberry. Vice Basileus Cleveland Graham, Keeper of Records Bobby Byrd. Dean of Pledgees Ronald Byrd, Chaplian Paul Keck. Keeper of Finance Jasper Tanner. Keeper of Peace Leonard Crumm and Bobby Byrd — Pan Hellenic Representatives Pyramid Club ,1 f ;■ - ' m. ' •t f ' ' - ■ .-••■ Lampoda Club ■ i ssm AI0 Officers President — Brenda Martin V. President — Grace Brown Sec (Recording) - Ins Williams Sec (Correspondent) — Judy Perry Treasurer — Barbara Liles Reporter — Joyce Grear Historian — Inez Simmons Glenda Dunson Sergeant alarms — Barbara Staten S-G-A. Rep — Lavert Henderson Lounell Manor Pan Rep — Grace Brown Judith Perry Delta Sigma Theta was founded In 1913 by Howard University undergraduates. These youthful students were vitally interested in the social welfare, academic excellence and cultural development of their people. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is recorded in Washington. D.C.. as the first incorporated Black Sorority. Delta Sigma Theta has grown to over two hundred and fifty chapters — graduate, undergraduate and mixed. Its members lies throughout the United States and Several foreign countries. Its Membership is also interracial in character. AC Club " Sailing to Zeta Land " Cresent Club au uum OBI t ■ •-r -1- ,3e " , a L-: - - " m ' Officers President — Wayne Brown Vice President — James R- McGregor Treasurer — Leon Dochery V Treasurer — Lonnie Paschel Secretary — Ernest Smith Asst Sec — Cornel Davis Reporter — Hubert Simmons Dean of Pledgees — Donald Stancell Finally, after much deliberation the permanent organization of was formed on January 9, 1914; this date is consid- ered the " Founders Day " of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. The origi- nal three founders, Taylor, Morse, and Brown, chose nine of their college classmates at Howard University as the charter members of the Fraternity, these men were: S. P. Massie, J. A. Franklin, S. E. Jones, B. A. Mathews, W. F. Vincent, T. L. Austin, W. E. Tibbs, J, H, Howard, and I. L. Scruggs. A. Langston Taylor was the first President, C. I. Brown was elected vice-president, and L, F. Morse served as Secretary-treasurer. These twelve men chose the name Phi Beta Sigma for the new organization. In this manner was established the Mother Chapter, Alpha Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. student Government Association S.G.A. Officers k V I c E S T A F F S N E A D A Y S T U D E N T S B A P T I S T U B D R A M A G U D Phi Beta Lambda I BL jsaig lje ai MS MIB Science Club Methodist Club !■■ ' Vance Hall Joyner lijiJirtLji . ttHillil Bryant Hall Dormitory Association w H w H In American Colleges And Universities University Choir Bronc — Glows PRESENTING THEIR " HIT " RECORD TO DR LYONS Harris Hall c A u M R P U S ii gf S li jU m g m g u N ■May I, please " ' This and welcome to it " ■Bang, Bang, whats happen FSU " MISS FSU Lj Joyce Grier . . What a day — everything going my way " Wonder whats going on in class " Miss Homecoming Portia Tann a " iir ' " i- " ' - ' - " ■■■=?■■■ Miss Senior Belinda Bailey asyj Miss Junior Carolyn McPhail B Miss Sophomore Delphine Robinson imiiiiiiai Miss Freshmen Frederica Broadnax Miss Crescent m sa Bmmama am Miss Angelas Bracey ACPA f Miss Sphinx Grace Mosley Miss Vivian Hassell OUJcp Grace Brown Miss Voice Sharon Cherry Miss Science Club Bernadette Lloyd Miss Brenda Martin AI0 Miss Smith Hal Thelma Garris I s s H A R R I S H A L L S S C H I R Carolyn Dowdy Doris Peterkin Gloria Williams ■ " " cation jacQ ?r «j l When the Queen ' s car broke down in the Homecoming Parade? Where Were The day the students crowded in the university study center to cram for examinations. When Mr, Williams served " goodies " instead of having class. , , . The morning Rob- ert Haskins, yearbook Editor and member of Alpha Phi Omega " waited to begin on a i campus protect, I You?? The day Ernest Walker, yearbook photographer got on the other end of the camera ' ■ hi , • ' ' V ' -t- when the choir practiced for the Spring tours. I i l »-; g 4 SPORTS . -«3» ; - :■ tRf Football 7 JHti vj4: i J x,ri ... ar- l ' J Coaches: P- Saunders. H. Doub and S- Guldescu Broncos m 5wM m „ „= -. ,, -. :rfi,,.,-s ' ■ ...Alf Broncos E. Joyner F, Bohannon Broncos 1 «fi L. Sharpe I HHIH ±Sti B. Byrd v- ' : 4 a:,sS;. Basketball R. Pettiway T. Murchinson Above: Time out Bronco ' s Ron Pettiway. Mike Sneed and Roy Birch Center: Mike Sneed up for two Ron Pettiway follows up with two Coach Reeves talks with Ron Pettiway Roy Birch Center: Coach Reeves talks with three of his stars of the future. Reddick Evans moves on J.C. Smith Baseball 1 ' Bottom — Sandy Robinson, Benton Mack. Mike Johnson. William Gray. Ernest Bowden. Mike Pearson, Karl Smith, Terry Brown. Top Row - Randolph Baskerville, Wayne Ballard, Parnell Miles. Earl McNeil, Fred Hill, Robert Haith, Sidney Reese. Steve Harbinson. and Ronnie Cox. Earl McNeil AIICIAA Pitcher .f ' ' : V Wayne Ballard - Shortstop ' ' i ' » Terry Brown 1st Base %: •»■,.•:.- ' .v ft Ground rules explained before a Bronco victory Sandy Robinson 2nd bas Billy Gray Outfield Ron Cox, Captain AIICIAACatcfier ' Tennis xA LaVerne McNair, Alicia Addcock. Booker Armstrong Michael Sidberry, Ronald Bryd, Gerard Winfrey, Hiram Jones, Ronald who advanced to the semi-finals of the CIAA displays the power of his overhead. LaVerne one of the two girls on the team always boost their spirits, shows the grace of her forehand. Gerard the lefty of the team displays his forehand. I ISEI Posing for the camera, Ronald seems to find it quite funny, while LaVerne Coach Saunders and Gerard have a more serious expression. Cheerleaders V Long distance runners Coach Scott with his freshman thinclads s . Above: Tony Billingsly and Bobby Dawson practice sparring Robert Stevenson shows why speed and accuracy is needed, techniques. Brown Belt Bobby Dawson looks a little displeased with defense Mr. Robinson makes good impression on Brown Belt General Mcleod, display At right: A kick to weaken the body is shown here by Willian Walker. Karate Lead by Seniors LR - General McLeod, Bobby Dawson. Pans Jones Bobby takes on two . And P, J. can do it too stars Of Tomorrow CK M s 0- ' » , Oa s -, o. ' o s ' C ' s Happiness Is . . . oasting about the parked car you outran. P % Hi Listening to " big bad " Bacote. Having a computer select a " perfect " date. HHHIIIIIIIH Happiness Is in 1 i , Finding out the latest world news- Finding out that your mother packed your mini skirts Every day people Let your paint brush do the walking Happiness Is . . . Homecoming For F.S.U. Delfonics Pause For A Pose Didn ' t I blow your mind this time, didn ' t I? La, la, la means I love you- You get yours I ' ll get mine. Raw Hamburgers and buttermilk Trying to move a man while he ' s not looking. A uniform, stick, but an unloaded gun _ •-■-. . :!. • : w Seeing how the ■■other half lives. A brand !H How F.S.U i» i By developing their minds By helping F.S.U. do its By making something creative and useful By coming together right now Says " I Love You " By improving our image By listening to cool Mr. Cox. " Huss " " Oh no " This class can ' t be closed. Have You Ever Tried to register at F.S.U.! Floated on a float? Been to a track meet Been " charged " by the Bronc-glows? And our next step is what? Taking time out Oh. happy day Homecoming Focus On 1969-70 Faces £3 380. We three Queens The President and his First Lady A day of wine and roses. Everybody Is ■HI M miiH M wnk - j H %- 4 BS A Star At F.S.U. Marching Men And Women Of F.S.U. Life Begins With A chat with ■Joe " SGA prexy A whistle from a campus cop. m ' i».i ' » fe i iT y V To flunk the course you thought you passed. If I hurry I ' ll make it " Well . . what else is ne m " No one is perfect!! ' Jfi,fOmNe . -i And now to chow Coeds chat at University Study Center ' i ' k Beau IS at it aga l!m! ' r;. " -n:V!Mr—, " Yearbook Robert Haskins Editor-lnChief The Staff Lavern McNair, W. Smith, Janice David, Leonard Crumm, Robert Haskms, III, Joyce Hood, Beryl Williams. Rebecca Alford, Billy Britt, Evelyn Moody and Dons Stanley. LaVernMcNair. Associate Editor staff r Beryl Williams. Associate Editor Students Leonard Crumm Assistant Editor — Bronco — Fayettevillian Staff Robert Haskms. Ill, Editorln-Chief Leonard Crumm, Assistant Editor LaVern McNair, Associate Editor Ronnie Cox, Assistant Sports Editor Beryl Williams, Associate Editor Janice David, Associate Editor Rebecca Alford, Associate Editor Joyce Hood, Copy Editor-Secretary Waldena Smith, Assistant Layout Editor Billy Britt, Typist Evelyn Moody, Assistant Copy Editor Doris Stanley, Associate Editor Samuel Henderson Hight Light Editor - Photogapher Photographer . Well who IS she? This picture is on the wrong page. Associate Sports Editor Janice David Associate Editor BM!!i ' W!:;;i ' -.:-y-: ' .-:v:J " gi ' ' 1 TW rt- ii ' - Final Preparations S T A F F A T W R K staff members meet to finalize book as LaVern listens to ttie Editor, Robert Haskins as he explains ttie importance of making ttie deadlines. mmmmmm i Kam mam DON ' T BE A YEARBOOK DROPOUT What does the Yearbook Staff encounter while working on the Yearbook? Nobody but the Advisor. Editor, and the dedicated Staff members really know. An outsider probably thinks it is all " smooth sailing, " but it is quite the contrary. We the staff have the task of completing the book during our free time. We can ' t cut classes, although we sometimes do, to work on the book. However, we carry the same academic load as other students. The job would be much easier if we could get full cooperation from the entire University family. Sometimes schedules are set for various organizations to take pictures, but when the time comes, only two or three members are present and often no one shows up. Therefore, we have to reschedule the time for picture taking. Since we cannot get full University cooperation from the administration, students, and faculty it is impossible for us to produce a book which all would be proud of. But fellow Broncos, don ' t think we only face problems! There are two issues to this situation, the same as there are to all undertakings. We find pleasure in trying to maintain a positive attitude to this question: " Will we make the deadline? " The going gets rough, but we " keep on pushing. " Finally, after all the long hours of tedious work, the task is over and the FAY- ETTEVILLIAN is complete. The Staff will have that long-awaited free evening, and the grades will begin to improve. We, the Staff of 1969-70, are urging the support of all fellow Broncos for next y ear ' s FAYETTEVILLIAN, If we are to have a good book, one all can be proud of, your HELP is needed. THE STAFF 1970 Alma Mater ■OLD WHITE AND BLUE ' Our colors so true, oh hail, white and blue To thee our voices ring, Tho ' seasons may roll, and changes unfold Thy praise we ' ll ever sing. All Honor and love and loyalty We pledge our hearts anew, Our Alma Mater, FSU We hail thee. Old White and Blue! We cherish each hall, each time honored wall Each bending tree and bower, Tho ' far we may roam, thy spirit leads on To victory and power. With courage and might and majesty March on Old colors true. Our Alma Mater, FSU We ' ll stand by Old White and Blue! Irs. Mary T. Eldridge (MOTTO) Res Non Verba (Deeds not Words) (COLORS) Blue and White 214 " 0 Fayetteville State How We Love You " M -mm tC M i ml ' ' 9 ' 1 A. v J. r ii r -rr , i,..f. 1 jal. 1- FSU Student Directory Adams, Langston M 511 Fisher St. Fayetteville, N, C. Adcock, Alicia G. 2 Hyde Terrace Raleigh, N, C. Alford, Carl E Rte 2, Box 191 A Laurel Hill. N C, Alford, Rebecca A 605 E Holmes St, Benson, N. C Allen, Charles E 1802 Newark St. Fayetteville. N. C. Allen, James W. 129 Halifax St. Oxford, N. C. Allen. Juanita M. 1514 Murchison Rd Fayetteville. N. C, Allen. William A. Rte 1. Box 30 Warsaw. N C. Alsberry. Joseph R. 63 Climax St. Pittsburgh. Pa. Alston. Alphia E 1304 N. Washington Ave. Silver City. N. C. Alston. Benjamin P. Box 69 Norlina. N. C. Alston. Carolyn E. 2616 Norfolk Ave, Charlotte. N. C. Alston. Sonne Rte 1. Box 61 C Nashville. N. C. Alston. William B. Rte 1. Box 248 Graham. N. C. Anderson. Katrina L. 1017 Hicks Ave. Kinston. N, C. Anderson. Mercer G. 9-B M W Cts, Kinston. N, C, Anderson. Phyllis G. P 0. Box 304 Fair Bluff. N. C. Anderson. Shellie 688 Madison St. Brooklyn. N Y. Anderson. Walter D. 1906 Tower Hill Rd Kinston.. N. C Andrews. Christine Rte. 1. Box 91 -D Atkinson. N C Armstrong. Booker T. Rte. 1. Box 365 Rocky Point. N C. Armstrong. Ella M Rte. 2. Box 144 Fayetteville. N. C. Armstrong. Glivian W P Box 54 Hallsboro. N. C. Armstrong. Malethia F. Rte. 1. Box 13-A Roper. N C. Armwood. Willie T. 419 Sampson St. Clinton. N. C. Asbury. Karen D. 6 Mimose Crescent Hampton. Va. Ashford, Deborah J. Rte 2. Box 54 Faison. N, C Austin. Howard E. 61 Runyon Ave. Yonkers. N. Y. Baggett. Carolyn M. Rte 1. Box 167 Autryville. N. C. Baham. Carroll J. 141 Avant Dr. Wilmington, N. C. Bailey. Belinda F. 2938 Botany Charlotte. N. C. Bailey. Jacqueline Rte. 5. Box 229 Oxford. N. C, Bailey. Ronald D. 2938 Botany St. Charlotte. N. C. Bailey. Thelma L. Rte 3. Box 56 Wilson. N C Baker. Lou E P. 0. Box 561 Rowland. N C. Baker. Mary E Rte. 2. Box 142-A Rowland. N C, Baldwin. Betty A Rte. 2. Box 104 Whiteville, N. C. Ball. Marzell 1305 Turnpike Rd Fayetteville. N. C. Ballard. Wayne B. Rte 3. Box 232 Lumberton. N C Banks. Edward A 2071 5th Ave. Apt. 17 New York, N. Y. Barden, Donnie Rte. 2. Box 334 B Clinton. N. C. Barkley. Janice W. 201 Kennon St. Goldsboro. N. C. Barnes. Annette Rte. 1. Box 79 Clayton. N. C. Barnes. Jeanette Rte. 3. Box 51 Elm City. N. C. Barnes. Judy A Rte 1. Box 183 A Linden. N C Barnes. Mary D. Rte 1. Box 157A Franklinton. N. C. Barnes. Ned T. 113 Powell St. Wilson. N. C Barnett. Samuel L. 1308 N. Highland St. Gastonia. N. C. Barrett. Annie M, 1805 Norcott Cir. Greenville. N C, Baskerville. Randolph Rte. 3. Box 150 Henderson. N C. Basnight. Janice K 205 West Fourth St. Plymouth. N. C. Battle. Oteria Rte. 9. Box 185 Goldsboro, N. C. Battle, Robert L 709 E. Highland Rocky Mount. N. C. Batts. Ogden D Rte, 1. Box 58 Rose Hill. N C. Beatty. Clorine Rte. 1. Box 63 Tomahawk. N C. Bell. Carolyn D. Rte 1. Box 53- A Faison. N. C, Bell. Henry D. Rte 1. Box 47 Faison. N C Bell. Swaysean 510 Denmark St. Goldsboro. N. C. Bennett, Barbara A. 321 Dixie Broadway Winston Salem, N, C. Bennett, Billy R. Rte. 4, Box 451 Clinton, N. C, Bennett. Bobby F. Rte 4, Box 451 Clinton, N C. Best, Barbie A. Rte 1. Box 474 Whiteville. N C. Best. Delores C, 524 Eaton St. Fayetteville. N. C. Best. Diana 111 N Georgia Ave. Goldsboro. N. C. Best. Linda F 207 Neil St. Goldsboro. N. C. Best. Mary D 213 Collins St. Clinton. N. C. Bethea. Landa D. 411 Glidden St. Fayetteville. N. C. Bethea. Willie W. 121 Washington St. Lumberton. N, C. Biggs. Dorothy A. Rte 1. Box 159 A St. Pauls. N. C Billingslea. Tony C. 915C Hillsboro Fayetteville. N. C. Black, Mavis C, P. 0, Box 324 Fuquay Varina, N. C. Blackmon, Stanley T Rte 2. Box 172 Lillington, N, C. Blackmore. Larry D. Rte, 1. Box 30 Warsaw, N, C. Blacknall. Paulette Rte 1. Box 63 Kittrell. N. C. Blakeney. Jacqueline D. P. Box 187 Granite Quarry. N. C. Blanks. Gloria E. Rte 1. Box 246 Leiand. N. C Blanks. Meredith Rte 1, Box 237 Riegelwood. N. C. Blanks. Priscilla A. Rte 1. Box 223 Council. N C Blount. Charlie J 1620 Murchison Rd. Fayetteville. N C. Blount. Kathy E 202 Artrid S t. Smithfield. Va. Blue. Thelma J. 420 Neville St Fayetteville. N. C. Blue. Velma D. 420 Neville St. Fayetteville, N. C. Bohannon. Frank H. 2311 Gerald St. Winston Salem. N. C. Boone. Brenda L. Star Rte 1. Box 26 Rich Square. N. C. Boone, Linda D. P 0. Box 626 Roseboro. N. C. Boone. Preston L. Rte 4. Box 200 Kinston. N C. Boone. Wandafa P. P.O. Box 747 Roseboro. N. C Bowden. Beveraly J Rte 1 Seven Springs. N. C. Bowden. Ernest. Jr. 610 S. 6th St. Wilmington. N. C. Bowe. Mingnon L. 720 Bank St. Elizabeth City, N. C. Bowen. Ins S. Rte 1. Box 10-A Bolton. N C. Boykm. Clydia M. 841 Eccles Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Boykm. Eva B 509 Belt Blvd. Fayetteville. N C. Bracey. Angelus L. Rte, 1. Box 275 Garysburg. N. C. Bracy. Alice Y Rte. 1. Box 275 Garysburg. N. C. Bracy. Inez C. P.O. Box 231 Garysburg. N. C. Bracy. Thomas L, Rte. 1, Box 275 Garysburg, N. C. Bradford. Owen L. Rte. 1. Box 34 Stem. N, C. Bradford, R. B. Rte. 1 , Box 34 Stem. N. C. Bradley. Arthuree 246 Coming St. Charleston, S. C. Branch. Lucy C. Rte. 2. Box 233 Mt. Olive. N. C. Branch. Samuel R. Rte. 2. Box 233 Mt Olive. N. C Brandon. Rosena 611 Rowland St. Henderson. N. C. Breeden. Ethel L. 1205 Fayetteville St. Smithfield. N. C. Brewington. Willie C. Rte 5. Box 147 Clinton. N. C. Bridges. Clarence W. Rte. 2, Box 154 Oxford. N. C. Briggs. Belinda A. 2702 Edgewood Ave. Richmond Va Britt. Billy E. Rte. 2. Box 332 Goldsboro. N. C. Broadnax. Frederica D. 602 E. Morehead St. Reidsville. N. C. Broadwater. Carlton 1858 Gola Dr Fayetteville. N. C. Brooks. Gloria L. Rte. 1. Box 359 Plymouth. N, C, Brooks, Gloria Y. 817 Dwain Dr Fayetteville. N. C. Brown. Barbara C 80S East Ave, Ayden, N C. Brown, Charlene E. Rte 1, Box 374 Riegelwood, N. C. Brown, Corena Rte. 2, Box 308 New Bern. N. C. Brown. Donald A. Rte 1. Box 7 Winton. N C. Brown. Ella M. 105 S Myrtle St. Kinston. N. C Brown, Grace A Rte. 2, Box 308 New Bern. N. C. Brown. Henry B. 109 S. 15th Wilmington, N. C. Brown. Herbert Rte 1. Box 58 Riegelwood, N. C. Brown. Nellie G. Rte 5. Box 114 Greenville. N, C. Brown. Rendell F 524 Durham St. Fayetteville, N. C. Brown. Richard A. 343 S. Kerr Ave. Wilmington. N, C. Brown. Terry M. Rte. 1. Box 146 Jacksonville. N C Brown, Wayne M. Rte. 1. Box 7 Winton, N, C Browning, Melisandre 418 Piedmont Ave. Shelby, N, C Bryant, Belinda K, 511 Murctiison Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Bryant, Betrice A. 708 Sampson Homes Clinton. N, C, Bryant. Bobby R, 163 Cherry Hospital Goldsboro. N. C, Bryant, Ercelle T. 611 Filter Plant Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Bryant, Henry T, Rte 3. Box 104 Snow Hill, N C, Bryant, Jerol R. Rte 2, Box 3-AA Trenton, N. C Bryant, Linda L. 708 Sampson Homes Clinton, N. C. Bryant. Lizzie T, 1916 Stanberry St. Fayetteville. N. C. Bryant. Luther Jr. Rte 3. Box 312-A Kenly, N C, Bryant. Patricia R. 511 Murchison Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Buffalo. Carolyn J. 1103 Slaughter Goldsboro, N. C. Bullard. James L. 818 S, Benbow Rd. Greensboro, N. C. Bullock. Hattie L Rte. 1. Box 133 Rocky IVIount. N. C. Bullock. Leo L P.O. Box 143 Stovall. N. C, Burke, Monroe. Jr. Rte 3, Box 144 Raeford, N, C Burnett. Arthur L Rte 2, Box 404 Graham. N. C. Burnette. Preston Rte 1, Box 60-A Kenansville. N. C. Burrell, Charles L. 1122 Gregg St. Raleigh. N. C. Burton. Carolyn D. Rte 6, Box 383 Lincolnton, N. C. Burton, Mary E Rte 3. Box 3 B Warrenton, N, C. Bush. Malcolm C, Rte 1, Box 148 Frogmore, S C. Bushrod, Ann U. 121 Jasper St Fayetteville. N, C. Bushrod. David D, 121 Jasper St. Fayetteville, N. C. Butler. Beverly A. 573 Cuyahoga St. Akron, Ohio Butler, Edwin R. Ill 7777 Maple Ave. Takoma Park, Md. Bynum. Bobbie G. Rte, 3. Box 502 Wilson, N. C. Bynum, Sandra E. Rte 1, Box 154 Goldston, N. C. Byrd, Bobby L. 755 S- Liberty Spartansburg. S. C. Byrd. Ronald E. 312 N. Raleigh St. Rocky Mount. N. C. Campbell. Brenda C. 1865 Gola Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Campbell. Joyce E. 1865 Gola Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Canty. Mary L. 813 Harnett St. Wilson. N. C. Canty. Shirley M. 1014 Fanning St. Wilmington. N. C. Carlton, Martha L. 710 S, George St. Farmville. N. C. Carlton, Perry L. 113 Short St Mt Olive, N, C Carroll, Beatrice P. Rte 1, Box 171 Wade, N C, Carroll. Brenda L. Rte. 1, Box 278 Fayetteville, N, C. Carroll Juanita Rte, 9. Box 97 Fayetteville. N. C. Carson, Lawrence A. 9 S Fisher St, Raleigh. N C, Carter. Maurice 235 Chester Buffalo, N Y, Cash, Deloise Rte, 1, Box 286 C Pea chland, N. C Casterlow, Carolyn B. Box 181 Rich Square. N C. Caviness, Susan M. Star Rte. Carthage, N C Chamberlain. Regina L. 1868 Gola Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Chaplin, Benjamin A. 2217 Garner Rd. Raleigh. N. C. Chase. Mildred L P.O. Box 36 Spring Lake, N C. Chasten. Barbara B. Rte 2. Box 14 Rose Hill. N. C. Cherry, Elaine W. 226 Park Ave. Rocky Mount. N. C. Cherry. Sharon D. Rte, 1, Box 134 Windsor, N, C, Chesney, Charles P. 15 Cross Creek Ct, Fayetteville, N C. Chestnut, Claudia M, 301 Chapel Hill Rd. Spring Lake. N C. Clagett. William L 177 Chance Fayetteville, N. C. Clark. Mary E. 188 Hoke Loop Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Clark. Rose Mane General Delivery Benson Cogdell. Ernestine Rte. 2. Box 8 Fayetteville. N C. Cogdell. Gail F 820 Washington Dr. Fayetteville. N, C, Coles. Pamela G. 629 E Flint Park Flint, Michigan Collier, Viola 1107-45 Place, S.E. Washington, D. C. Collins, Brenda V. 1005 Waters St. Kinston. N, C. Colquitt. Nettie L 205 Rose St. Spring Lake. N C. Colquitt. Rosa M. 205 Rose St. Spring Lake. N C. Colvin, Leslie E. P. Box 62 Godwin. N, C Colvin. Mary E. P.O Box 62 Godwin. N, C Commons. Willie, Jr. 825 Eccles Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Conwell. Kenneth G. P.O Box 525 Rich Square, N. C. Cooper, Charlette Rte 2. Box 375 Warsaw. N. C. Cooper, Gladys S 1272 W. Moore St. Richmond. Va Corbett. Myrna B. 1004 Allen Rd. Dothan. Ala. Cordell. Mary E, Rte. 3. Box 183 Henderson. N C. Cotton, William Jr 726 Park Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Coulter. Lilhe S 18 Ervin Ave, Newton, N. C. Council. Charles H, 714 Bell Fayetteville, N, C Covington, Postel Jr, 458 Moore St Fayetteville. N, C. Cox. Betty D, Rte 3. Box 254 New Bern. N C Cox, Nancy W 1004 Elliott Cir, Fayetteville. N C Cox, Ronnie R. P.O Box 87 Travelrest. S. C Craig. Johnsie M. Rte, 1, Box 134 Ellerbe, N. C. Grain, Patricia L. 1703 Eldridge St. Fayetteville, N. C. Crawford, Calvin C. 1302 Essex Place Fayetteville, N. C. Crawford. Willie L. Rte. 5. Box 215 Goldsboro, N. C Crews. Henry B 424 Hamilton Henderson, N C Cromartie. Vincent M. 1720 Bridger Fayetteville, N C. Cromwell. George T. 1007 Lloyd St. Tarboro, N. C Crosland, Fleming W, 600 Sim St Wilson, N C- Crosland. Jimmie Rte. 4. Box 249 Laurinburg. N. C. Croutch, Mary L. Rte. 7. Box 800 Monroe, N C Crumm, Leonard F 3124 Hanes Ave, Richmond, Va. Cunningham. Brenda J 6209 Glenlea Cir, Fayetteville. N C Cunningham, Debra G. 1221 Mam St. New Bern, N. C Currie, George T. 1634 Slater Ave. Fayetteville, N C, Carr, Carolyn M Rte. 2. Box 112 Rose Hill, N. C Dais, Irene 705 Middle St Marion, S C. Dance, Norwell C. 3412 Delano St. Richmond. Va. Daniels. Uzal Rte. 2. Box 45 A Stantonsburg. N C. Darden. Barbara A. Rte. 1. Box 92 Snow Hill. N, C. Darden. Felecia P. P. 0. Box 482 Ahoskie. N C. Daughety. Anna J. Rte, 1, Box 298 Kinston, N C David, Janice E Rte 1, Box 140 Hamlet, N. C David, Mary A Rte. 1. Box 140 Hamlet, N C. Davis, Calvin J 512 Arnold Ave. Richmond. Va Davis. Carolyn A. P. 0. Box 701 Roseboro, N. C. Davis, Cornel W, 1009 South Mam Louisburg, N C Davis. Gary G 7343 Hyannis Dr. Fayetteville. N C. Davis. Josephine 302 Brookswood Ave. Rockingham, N C Davis, Lula V Rte. 3. Box 133 Warrenton. N. C. Davis. Nathaniel Rte. 5. Box 532 Goldsboro. N, C. Davis. Patricia A. 713 S. 7th St Wilmington. N. C. Davis, Peggy A 536 McKoy St. Clinton. N, C, Davis, Robert E. P Box 701 Roseboro, N, C. Davis, Robert H, 1619 Ann St, Wilmington, N. C. Davis. Roether 0. 810 Henry St, Wadesboro. N, C. Dawson, Bobby R, P. 0, Box 525 LaGrange. N C. Deberry. Guevester Rte 2, Box 380 Laurinburg. N, C. Denmark. Aaron 1109 Avenue C Haines City, N C, Dendy, Shirley A. 2801 Daytona Dr. Raleigh. N. C, Dent, Janie M, 55 High Monticello, N Y. Dickens. Josephine Rte 1. Box 254 Whitakers. N. C. Diggs, Wayne P, 3046 Dawnshire Charlotte, N C. Dixon, Margie E Rte 2, Box 319 Ayden, N. C, Dobson. Harry D. P. 0. Box 299 Beulaville. N, C. Dobson. Lee E, II 1202 Rickert St. Statesville, N C, Dockery, Leon D. Rte, 2. Box 86 Cameron. N. C. Dogans, Ora B, Rte, 2, Box 987 Cheraw, S, C. Dove, Henry G,, Jr. Rte. 1, Box 139 Kinston, N. C. Dowdy, Brenda F. General Delivery Cumnock, N. C. Dowdy, Carolyn D. Rte 2, Box 128 Bear Creek, N. C. Dowdy. Thelma L 1183 N, New York Ave. Southern Pines, N. C. Draughn. Limer 906 Edmondson Ave Tarboro, N. C. Draughon. Hubert Rte, 1. Box 114 Autryville, N. C. Dubinson. Ins 1700 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn. N. Y. Dukes. Hattie T. 824 Washington Dr. Fayetteville, N. C Dunson, Don C. P. Box 108 Warrenton, N. C. Dunson. Glenda M. P. 0, Box 108 Warrenton. N. C. Dupree, Veronica F, Box 116 Fountain, N, C, mMM - ' Tn ' - ' f Tigg ' ' Lit " J E. 404 East Shine Kinston, N. C, Eaglm, Cheryl M. 601 Hastie Loop Fayetteville, N. C. Eaglm, Frances E. 601 Hastie Loop Fayetteville. N C, Eaglm. Kathann E 601 Hastie Loop Fayetteville, N. C, Farley. Frayer H, 204 N. 2nd St, Murfreesboro, N, C Edwards, Lucretia Post Office Hamlet, N, C Ellerbe, Annie M 140 Cash Rd Cheraw, S, C Ellerbe, Donnie M, Rte 1, Box 38 Wadesboro, N, C, Ellerbe, Hossack F. 1723 OatavKbast Fayetteville, N, C, Elliott, Ella M. Rte 1, Box 226C Fayetteville. N C Ellis. Joan E, Rte 5. Box 314 A Whiteville. N, C. Ellis, LaRue Rte, 1, Box 62 Walstonburg. N. C. Ennett, Reginald 812 S 8th St Wilmington, N, C, Eure. Rose N. Rte 2, Box 259 Gates, N C. Evans, Riddick 312 Midford St, Brooklyn. N. Y. Evans. Shirley A, 1408 Rhone St, Fayetteville, N. C, Everette, Helen Rte 1. Box 62 Princeton, N, C. Exum. Burnadette Rte. 1. Box 110 Hobgood, N. C. Faison, Edgar K, 807 Longfellow St. Washington. D. C. Faison. Juliette Rte 2, Box 42 Faison, N. C- Farr, Pamela C, Rte. 3, Box 282 Nashville, N, C. Farrior, Willie A, 1 707 Eldridge St. Fayetteville. N C. Faulk. Larry V 904 Willow St. Lumberton. N. C, Fennell, Mary E, 1030 Weiss Ave. Fayetteville. N, C, Ferguson, Dorothy L. 1860 Cascade St Fayetteville, N. C, Ferguson. Ernestine Rte, 6, Box 53 Fayetteville, N. C, Fisher, Cheryl A, Box 47 Merritt. N C, Fisher, Darryl T 107 Mary St. Fayetteville, N. C, Fisher, Gwendolyn V Rte. 2, Box 361B Fayetteville, N C, Fisher, Janice L, 425 Bevil St, Fayetteville, N. C. Floyd. William R. 604 Calhoun St. Clinton. N, C Ford, Barbara E Rte, 1. Box 169 Fairmont, N. C. Ford, Madeiyn 521 Albany St. Fayetteville, N. C. Ford. Obe J. 521 Albany St, Fayetteville. N. C. forte, Gladys M, P 0- Box 192 Stedman, N C. Forte, James L Rte. 1, Box 298- J Norlina. N, C, Foster, Altheria 841 1st St„ S.E. Hickory, N. C. Fowler. Delores M. 1831 Bridger St. Fayetteville. N, C. Foye. Wesley A 405 Holloway Dr. Kinston. N. C. Franklin, David 1895 Cascade St, Fayetteville. N. C. Franks. Carol L, Rte 1, Box 22 Maysville, N, C. Frederick, Helen A. Rte. 1. Box 45-A Warsaw. N, C, Freeman. Berkeley E , Jr 400 Mclver St, Fayetteville. N C Freeman. Dallas M. P Box 573 Roseboro, N. C. Freeman. EInora Rte 7. Box 270-A Fayetteville. N, C Freeman. Sherman E. 1625 Slater Ave. Fayetteville. N, C Fritz. Larry B. 12310B Nickey Ave, Fayetteville, N. C, Fuller, Sherlene Rte 1, Box 264 Wade, N C, Fulton, Michael E, Rte 2, Box 313 Kernersville, N, C, Gainey, Felton N. Rte 2, Box a Benson, N, C Galberth, Kirby Rte. 2, Box 597 Raeford, N, C, Gambill, Richard E, 1004 Manly St. Winston Salem. N C Gamble. Kenneth J. 805 Sevier St Greensboro. N. C Garner. Susie G. Rte, 1, Box 136 Seven Springs. N. C. Garris, Thelma J, Box 83 Garysburg, N. C, Gary, Clifton E, 911 Chestnut St, Wilmington. N. C. Gaskins. Lillie M, 133 KilkareCt Winston Salem. N. C. Gaston, Clabie B, 2116 Yadkin Ave. Charlotte. N. C. Gatling. Sandra F Rte 1. Box 28 A Gatesville, N, C. Gay, Blenda G 707 S, Walnut St. Farmville, N, C, Gentry, Norma L Rte, 2 Roxboro. N. C. George. Willie G. Rte. 5. Box 300 Whiteville. N. C. Gerald, Leviska 105 Powell St, Lumberton, N, C, Gerald, Vondrena Rte. 1, Box 280B Riegelwood, N. C. Gibson, Mary F. 331 Railroad St. Asheboro, N, C. Gilchrist. Earl L. Rte. 4. Box 284 Fayetteville, N. C. Gill, Jacqueline L. 723 Ellis St. Fayetteville, N. C. Gilham, Linda M. P. 0. Box 164 Bridgeton. N. C. Gilmer. Nancy D. Rte 11, Box 103 Greensboro. N. C. Godbold, Larry 5136 Ponderosa Dr. Fayetteville. N. C, Godette. Belvina Rte, 1. Box 58-C Havelock. N C, Godette. Steven 515 Live Oak St. Beaufort, N. C, Godwin, Melba D, P 0. Box 36 Godwin, N, C, Golden, Brenda M. Rte, 2. Box 155 Supply, N. C Goldston, Neriah L. Rte, 1, Box 35-AA Slier City, N. C. Gooding. Patricia F. 1401 Andrew St. Kinston. N. C. Gordon. Helen M. 1331 Sims Cir. Gastonia, N. C, Grady, T, Angela E. 823 Dwain Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Graham, Avalene B, Rte, 1, Box 237 Riegelwood, N, C, Graham, Carolyn C, Rte. 2. Box 171 Rose Hill, N, C, Graham. Cleophas Rte 2. Box 82 Laurel Hill. N. C. Graham. Cleveland A Rte, 1. Box 119-B Rose Hill. N, C. Graham. Elmore Rte 1. Box 368 High Point. N. C, Graham. George W.. Jr, 10 F Mitchel Wooten Ct Kinston. N. C. Graham, Hilda G. 901 Pink Hill Rd, Kinston, N, C, Graham, Kathleen Rte 1, Box 40 Maple Hill, N, C, Graham, Maurice W, Rte, 1, Box 246 Stedman, N, C Grannum, Michael A, 416 Harthorn St, Brooklyn, N Y, Grant, Barbie J. Rte 1, Box 109 Woodland, N, C, Grant. Luther C P. 0, Box 204 Garysburg, N, C, Gray, Edith V, 1409 Fairley Ave, Monroe, N. C, Gray, Jacqueline E, 5 Wardola Or, Jacksonville, N, C, Gray, Joseph, Jr, 333 N, Main St, Rocky Mount, N. C. Gray, Mable L, 823 W, 6th St, Washington, N, C, Gray, William A,, III 1127 S, Meadow St, Richmond, Va Grear, Joyce T. 425 Manly St, Wilmington, N C, Green, Abraham 1606 Pender St Raleigh, N, C Green, Delores Rte 3, Box 144 Washington, N. C, Green, Dolly A. Rte, 1, Box 115 Goldsboro, N C Green, Juanita 442 Mosley St. Wilmington. N. C. Greene. Florence E. Rte. 3, Box 3E Warrenton, N. C. Greene. Gladys J. 1211 Wright St. Wilmington, N. C. Greene, Gloria J. Box 233 Simpson, N. C, Greer, Devonne 909 West Sumter St, Florence, S. C Grier. Valerie Y. 9312 Edgevale Dr, Charlotte. N. C Gunter. Tomoria F. Rte. 5. Box 142 Sanford. N. C, Haith. Robert T 2021 Hassoll St. Greensboro. N. C. Hale. Pauline R. 2206 A Anthony Ave. Fayetteville, N C, Hales, Theresa J 984 Wayside Rd, Fayetteville, N, C, Hamilton, Annie L, Rte. 1, Box 351 Rowland, N, C. Handon, Darrick 704-56 St Place, N E. Washington, D, C, Hankins, Corbett L, P. 0. Box 434 Jacksonville, N, C, Hanks, Marilyn A, 1824 Blair St, Richmond, Va, Hannah, Willie RFD 3, Box 70 Whiteville, N. C. Hansley, Linda K Rte 1, Box 255 A Currie, N C. Harbison, Steven J, 428 Bouchelle Morganton. N, C. Harding, Evelyn E. Rte. 1, Box 136 Pleasant Hill, N. C, Hardy, Beth A, 36 Bellevue St, Waterburg, Conn. Hardy. Laura J. Rte. 1. Box 323 Gritton, N. C. Hargett. Stella L. P Box 51 Cove City, N, C, Hargrove, Hazel L, P, 0. Box 299 Warrenton, N. C, Harkley, Novella Rte. 4, Box 57 Hai iville, N. C, Barbara J. Rte, 4. Box 148 Henderson. N, C. arris, Blanche M. 209 Moore St, Fayetteville. N C. arris, James 700 Carmen St, Fayetteville. N. C. arris. Joann P. 0. Box 341 Clinton. N. C. arris. Lorene Rte. 2, Box 295A Dun N, C. Harris. Mary G. 1044 Crayton Cir. Fayetteville, N. C, Harrison, Bertha L, 6044 Ogontz Ave, Philadelphia, Pa, Harrison, James H, Rte, 7, Box 116 Kinston, N, C. Harrison. Sheila E. 717 Wilma Fayetteville, N. C. Hart, Evelyn P, 0. Box 23 Nashville, N, C, Hartsfield, Vivian R, P. 0. Box 25 Bunn, N, C. Haskins, Robert 1302 E. Atlantic St. Wilson. N. C. Hassell. Vivian 0. Box 25 Lake Wacca maw, N. Hayes. Gladys L. Rte, 1. Box 233 A Rose Hill. N. C. Haywood, Betty L. Box 233 Bolton, N C. Haywood, Mary L. Rte, 7. Box 157B Fayetteville. N C. Hawkins. Daniel L. P. 0. Box 124 Taylors. S. C. Hazel. Saundra A. 6117 Malvern Cir, Fayetteville, N. C. Hedgepetti, Clarence, Jr Rte 1, Box 162 Halifax. N. C. Hempstead. Olivia R. 2203 Lake Ave. Fayetteville. N. C. Henderson, Gregory 714 S, Meadow St. Rictimond, Va Henderson. Jotin J. P, 0. Box 44 Manson, N C, Henderson. Lavert L. Rte. 1, Box 3 Manson, N. C. Henderson. Samuel L. 611 Broad Beaufort. N C, Henry. Portia B. General Delivery Burgaw. N. C. Herring. Betty L. Rte. 1. Box 94 Roseboro, N. C. Herring, Jerry S. Rte, 5, Box 147 Clinton, N, C . Herring, Willie J 501 E, Blount St. Kinston. N. C Hester. Lucy M, 128 Halifax St Oxford. N, C Hickman, Alvin R Rte. 1, Box 118-B Riegelwood. N. C. Hicks, Bobbydyne V. 1912 Stanberry St. Fayetteville. N. C. Hicks, Ctiarles J, 429 Owen St, Henderson. N. C Hicks. Wendell L, 1514 Murchison Rd, Fayetteville, N. C. Hill. Anita 152 N, Broad St. Fayetteville, N. C. Hill. David R. 152 N. Broad St. Fayetteville. N. C. Hill. Frederick 830 McLamb Dr. Fayetteville. N, C. Hill, Larry R. 723 Murchison Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Hill. Marilyn G. 791 Bergen St. Newark, N. J. Hill. Rudolpfi E- Rte. 1. Box 96 C Scotland Neck. N, C Hines. Lewis A. 907 Ctiesnut St. Wilmmgton. N. C. Hines, Ruben L, 105 Kitt Dr. Jacksonville. N, C. Hinton. Martin P. Rte, 1. Box 130 Corapeake. N. C, Hobbs. Alptiana B. Rte, 2, Box 462 Jacksonville. N. C. Hocutt. Argie L, Rte. 1, Box 158 Middlesex. N. C. Hodge, Claudette T. Rte. 2. Box 235 Wendell. N. C. Hogan, EInora C. P 0, Box 717 Roseboro, N. C. Holden. Joseph N. Rte. 3. Box 460 Louisburg, N. C. Holland. Linda 705 Bullock St. Fayetteville. N. C. Holland, Victor M, 1414 Syracuse Ave . N.W, Roanoke. Va Holley. Milton T 600 Clay St, Kinston, N C Hollingsworth, Vera M. Rte. 1. Box 422 Raeford. N C, Holloway. Joe W. Box 34 A Swan Quarter, N. C. Holmes. Bobby R. P Box 1243 Smithfield. N. C. Holmes. Jacquelyn F. 1543 Troy Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Holmes. Malissa R. Rte. 2. Box 57 Clinton, N, C Holmes, Martha T. 604 Coleman Ave. Rocky Mount. N. C. Holston. Febreu L 1530 Lacy St Fayetteville, N C, Hood, Joyce A 2839 S. W, Blvd Charlotte. N, C Hood. Rhonda D. P. 0. Box 646 Wake Forest, N, C. Hooper. Garry B. Rte. 1. Box 366 Troutman. N C. Horton, Gene A Rte, 1. Box 24 Pittsboro. N. C. Hoskins. Clarence J. P. 0. Box 4067 Wilson. N, C, Howard, Elishia F RED 5, Box 173 Whiteville. N. C. Howard, James H. Rte. 2. Box 286 Fayetteville. N. C. Howard. Roscoe 2310 Clinton Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Howard. Shirley E. 614 Winfrey St. Clinton. N C. Howell. Bill D 602 Shearin St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Hubbard, Zenola L. 1312 N 53rd St. Philadelphia, Pa. Hudson. Christine M. Rte. 1. Box 291 Riegelwood. N. C. Humphrey. Agnes P. 3225 Brechin Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Hunt, Alma R. Rte. 2, Box 63 Macon. N. C Hutcherson. Glodelia A. 609 Jackson St, Lynchburg. Va. Ingram. Ernest L. 3600 Kinghill Dr. Winston Salem. N. C. Isler. Leonard H. 113 Brogden St. Goldsboro. N. C. Isler. Willie P. P. 0. Box 575 Farmville, N. C Ivery. James A 118 W. Horton St. Zebulon. N.C. Jackson, Carol A. 1900 Chelsea St. Richmond, Va. Jackson, Cheryl H, P, 0. Box 46 Parkton, N, C Jackson. Dorothy D. Ill W Granville St. Dunn. N C Jackson. Edward N. Box 611 Pinehurst. N. C, Jackson, Osbey D. Rte, 1. Box « Autryville. N. C. Jackson. Robert E, P 0. Box 704 Nashville. N. C Jackson. Stanley 5000 Conn Gary. Ind. Jacobs, Carolyn J Rte. 1. Box 325 Coats. N C. Jacobs. Dianne 1512 Charter Dr. Rocky Mount. N. C. James. Kitinia C. P Box 637 Burgaw. N C James, Walter L N Orange St, Wallace, N, C, Jeffries, Carolyn P 0. Box 251 Jackson. N C Jeffries. Donnis J. Rte 3. Box 195 Burlington. N C. Jenkins. Barbara M. Box 456 Milwaukee, N C, Jenkins, Eldridge C. 217 Moore St. Fayetteville, N. C. Jenkins. Fred L. P 0. Box 456 Milwaukee. N C, Jenkins. Gloria J. Rte. 1. Box 275 Leiand. N. C Jenkins, Revon 249 Hunter Hill Rd, Rocky Mount, N C. Jessie, Rickey 6118 Louise St. Fayetteville. N. C. Johnson. Annie D. Rte. 3. Box 436 Whiteville. N, C, Johnson. Delinda R, 1100 Boykin Ave. Sanford, N C Johnson. Gary L. 30 55th St , S.E. Washington, D, C, Johnson, John T, 1118 Elliott Cir, Fayetteville. N. C. Johnson. Lamont V. 6226 Blair Rd.. N.W. Washington, D. C. Johnson. Melvin 1308 S. 7st. Wilmington, N, C, Johnson, Michael B. 3376 Alden PI. N.E. Washington, D C. Johnson. Rita D Rte. 3, Box 142 Mullins. S. C Johnson, Sarah L Rte, 2. Box 142 Plymouth. N. C. Johnson, Windsor F. 220 West Church Rose Hill. N. C. Jones, Alice F. 228 Simmons Sanford. N. C, Jones, Arlene 807 East Washington St. Kinston. N. C. Jones. Barbara A. 406 Seaboard St. Hamlet. N, C. Jones. Brenda F, Rte. 1, Box 19 Louisburg. N. C. Jones. Charles A. Rte. 1. Box 266 Jacksonville. N. C. Jones, Dorothy E. 1516 Dixon Dr, Fayetteville. N. C. Jones. Ellis D. 1716 Patterson Cir. Fayetteville. N. C. Jones. Fiona B. 1383 Tewkesbury PI. Washington, D. C. Jones. Henrietta A. Post Office Box 76 Linden, N C, Jones, Hiram 107 Booker Ave. Lexington, N. C. Jones, Jesse 305 Cleo St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Jones. Joann 1001 Avery St. Morehead. N. C. Jones. John D. 810 Wiliow St. Rockingham. N. C. Jones. John W. 8 A Carver Cts. Kinston. N. C. Jones. Joyce S. 1486 Thelbert Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Jones. Karl E. 714 Hwy. 87 N Spring Lake. N. C. Jones. Larry J. 1230 Elliott St. Fayetteville. N. C. Jones. Pans 612 E. Edenton St. Raleigh, N. C. Jordan, Vera K. Rte, 1, Box 231 Sunbury. N. C. Jordon. Earlyn J. 937 Louise Cir. Fayetteville. N. C. Joyner, Everett A. 434 S- 6th Ave. Mt, Vernon. N. V. Joyner. Gladys M. Rte. 2. Box 299 Faison. N C. Joyner, Hellen D Rte. 1, Box 122 A Pendleton. N C Keck. Paul W 141 Kerr St, Jacksonville, N, C Keith. Kenneth L. Rte, 1, Box 158-A Kelly. N. C Kendall, Rita J N. Pine St. Oakboro, N, C, Kenion. Selma J. Box 68 Rose Hill. N. C. Kerr. Allen E. 425 Chattham St. Fayetteville. N. C, Killett. Brenda J. 719 Bardin St, Clinton. N. C. Kilpatnck. Jennifer G. Rte. 1. Box 106C Dover. N. C. King. Cynthia D. Rte, 1. Box 261 Riegelwood, N. C. King. Donnie W. RED 1, Box 305 Griffon. N C. King. Wayne V. 5741 Belt Ave. Philadelphia Pa. Kingsberry, David B, Rte. 1. Box 127 Kittrell. N C. Kirk, Gloria J, 310 S. Va. St. Goldsboro, N. C. Kirkman, Nannie D. 1501 E- Washington Ave. Kinston, N. C. Knight. Herman E, P. 0. Box 163 Conetoe. N. C. Knight. LeRoy 721 E. Lenoir St. Raleigh. N. C. Koonce. Isaac C. P Box 144 Trenton. N. C. Koonce. Patricia A. Rte, 2. Box 226 Trenton, N. C. Knotts. Barbara A. Rte. 1. Box 218A Polkton. N. C. Knox. Alice G. Rte. 1. Box 256 D Leiand, N. C. Lane. Cassandra G. Rte, 1. Box 80 Snow Hill. N, C, Lane. Donald K, 1830 Liberty Place Raleigh. N. C, Langley. Lois F. Rte 2. Box 31D Wake Forest. N. C. m Lanier. James A, Rte. 1. Box 544 LaGrange, N. C. Lamer. Desmond E. 1505 E. N,Y. Ave- Brooklyn, N Y. Lassiter. Carolyn V P Box 283 Seaboard, N C Lawrence, Clara M Rte. 2. Box 372 Chadbourn. N C, Lawrence. Jephunneh 3616 Horner PI.. S.E. Washmgton, N C. Leach. Willie B, P, 0- Box 3052 Fayetteville. N. C. Leak, Curtis, B, 123 D Duncan Laurmburg. N. C. Lee. Carl R. 1121 Sandona Cir. Rocky Mount. N, C. Lee. Linda G. Rte, 1. Box 226C Fayetteville. N. C. Lee, Mary A. Rte. 1. Box 184 Williamston. N. C. Lee, Mary F. Rte 2. Box 310 Newton Grove. N. C Lee. Sylvia E 145 Stiarp Dr. Fort Bragg. N. C. Legette. Lee D 815 Uptiand Ave. Marion. S. C. Leggett. Linda L. Rte. 1. Box 225 Maxton. N. C. Lennon. Jacqueline L. 1481 Ttielbert Dr Fayetteville. N C, Lewis. Annie N. 3224 Barksdale Rd Fayetteville. N. C Lewis. Bernice 117 N.W. 25 Winston Salem. N, C Lewis. Bessie M. Rte, 9. Box 201 Fayetteville. N C, Lewis. Dorothy M. Rte, 1. Box 68 Gary. N. C. Lewis. Jacqueline 714 Hwy. 87 Spring Lake. N, C, Lewis, Joseph A 4932 Sargent Rd.. N.E. Washington. D. C Lewis. Lawrence M 510 N Watterson St Kings Mountain. N. C. Liles. Barbara A. 605 Rose St, Smithfield. N. C. Lindsey. Lula P. P, 0- Box 535 Whitakers. N, C Lindsay, Reathea A. P 0, Box 109 Laurmburg, N C. Linton. Gretta E 5049 Butterfield Dr. Winston Salem. N. C. Little. Curtiss R, 1038 Oak St Winston Salem. N C Little. Katie B Rte, 3. Box 315 Mt Gilead. N, C, Little. Thomas E, 1425 Murchison Rd, Fayetteville, N. C, Lively, Pamela J, 914 Carolina Ave, Fayetteville. N. C. Livingston. Harold Rte, 1. Box 41 Wagram. N C Lloyd. Bernadette Rte. 1. Box 240 B Council. N. C. Lloyd. Don 947 Lark Dr. Fayetteville. N. C, Lloyd. John G. Rte. 1. Box Red Springs. N. C Locklear. Carolyn Y. Rte. 1. Box 225A Fayetteville. N C, Logan, Linda G 713 Wilma St, Fayetteville, N C. Loggins. Thelma B, 2702 Teak Lubbock, Texas Lucas. Brenda F Rte. 1. Box 930 Spring Lake. N C Lucas. Deborah C, P. 0, B ox 29 Spring Lake, N. C. Lucas. Hazel C, Box 421 516 Whilden Mt. Pleasant. S, C, Lucas, Karen L, P, 0, Box 29 Spring Lake, N, C. Lucas, Mary V, 2109 Murchison Rd Fayetteville. N C, Lucas, William D 200 Marcellus St Laurmburg, N C, McAllister, Bobby R, Rte, 1. Box 111 Autryville. N. C, McKay, Edwinta 1625 Minuva Dr. Fayetteville, N C McKay, Ronald E 5900 Yadkin Rd Fayetteville, N C McKinnie. Carolyn J Rte 1, Box 126 Holly Springs. N. C, McKinnon, Billy D 891 W Orange St, Fayetteville. N, C, McKinnon. Lester 704 Washington Dr Fayetteville. N C McKnight. Mayr M 705 Woods St Kingstree. S C. McKoy, Cynthia B. 933 Wilmington Rd Fayetteville, N, C. McKoy, Marva E. 106 Penn, Ave, Fayetteville. N, C, McKoy, Samuel J, 219 Webb St. Fayetteville, N, C McLain, Al ice D, 732 Edgehill Rd Fayetteville, N, C, McLauchlm. Allen S 300 Hoke Loop Fayetteville. N C. McLauchlm. James A. Rte. 4, Box 310 Fayetteville. N, C. McAllister, Clarietta 816 Mayo St Durham. N C McAllister. Grace L. Rte, 1. Box 81 Raeford. N. C. McAllister, Jerry J Rte 6. Box 554 Fayetteville. N, C, McAllister, Margaret C, 1220 Elliott St Fayetteville. N. C. McAllister. Milton V. 1921 Harris St Fayetteville. N. C McArthur. Eugene Rte 4, Box 241 Lumberton. N, C, McArthur, Willie F, 505 Murchison Rd, Fayetteville, N. C McCall. James W. 721 Eccles Dr, Fayetteville. N. C. McCall, Lona A Rte, 2. Box 158 Fayetteville. N. C, McCullum, Regenia Rte, 2, Box 272 Laurmburg. N. C. McClain. Bobby L, Rte 1, Box 144 Staley, N. C McClain, Gladys H. 5035 Swann St Wilmington, N, C, McClain. Lansing B. 108 W. Alton St. Durham. N C McCollum. Hervon Rte, 1, Box 565 Raetord. N C. McCormick, Patricia G, 6493 St. Louis St Fayetteville, N, C, McCoy. Bernita F, 715 Caledonia Rd, Laurmburg, N C McCrae, Claudia D 301 Memphis St. Durham, N C McCullough, Malachi Rte, 1, Box 49 Rose Hill, N C, Mclver, James E. 324 Huerth St Jacksonville, N, C, Mclver, Joan C, Rte 3, Box 286 Jacksonville, N, C, Mclver, Rachel A Rte, 3, Box 121 Roseboro. N, C- McLaurm, Dorothy M, 620 Cape Fear Ct Fayetteville, N, C, McLaurm. Emma P 717 Deep Creek Rd, Fayetteville. N C, McLaurm, Rebecca L, 620 Cape Fear Ct, Fayetteville, N. C, McLean, Edna B Rte, 3. Box 290 E Red Springs. N. C, McLean, James Marshall 2206 Bragg St, Sanford, N C, McLean, James Mitchell nil North St Ext Fayetteville. N, C, McLean. John T Star Route Box 17 Maysville. N C, McLean, Shirley J P, Box 1356 Fayetteville, N, C McLeod. Daniel G 2591 B Caledonia Cir, Fayetteville, N C, McLeod, General D Rte. 2, Box 329 Fuquay Springs, N. C, McLeod, William Rte 2, Box 329 Fuquay Springs, N, C, McMillan, Cynthia E, 418 B St, Fayetteville, N, C McMillan, Fred 1805 Fairmont Rd Lumberton, N, C, McMillian. James T. 1921 Bam Fayetteville. N. C. McMillan. Larry A Rte, 1. Box 41 Hallsboro. N. C McMillan, Patricia A, 415 Ann St. Fayetteville, N. C. McMillan. Sylvia D. 418 B. St. Fayetteville. N. C. McNair. Jerry R. Rte 5. Box 242 Fayetteville. N, C, McNair, LaVerne A 415 Davenport St. Rocky Mount, N. C. McNeill. Mallie V. 305 Rodie Ave. Fayetteville, N, C, McNair. Patricia A. 1725 Torrey Dr, Fayetteville, N. C. McNealy. H. Virginia 26 Cottage St. Monticello. N. Y. McNeil, Charles 427 Upton St, Fayetteville, N. C. McNeill. Annette Rte. 2, Box 60 Maxton. N. C McNeill. Arnold G. Rte 2. Box 187 Autryville. N. C. McNeill. Earl B. 1640 Rudolph St. Fayetteville. N. C. McNeill. Earl B. 1640 Rudolph St. Fayetteville. N. C, McNeill, Eula C. 72 West 3rd Ave. Red Springs, N, C. McNeill. Ronald P 0. Box 61 Godwin. N. C. McPhail. Carolyn L. Rte. 1. Box 224 Clinton. N. C. McPhail. Mary A. Rte. 1, Box 29 Salemburg, N. C. McPhatter. John A. Rte 2. Box 49 Raeford. N. C, McQueen, Mary A, Post Office Box 203 Wagram, N, C, McRae, Martha J, General Delivery Princeton. N. C. Mace. Roberta 508 East Lamon St, Fayetteville, N. C, Mack. Jacqueline E. 1616 Murchison Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Macklin. Paula R. 1534 Syracuse Ave. Roanoke. Va. Mainor, Etiar L. P. Box 338 Rose Hill. N, C, Majette, Edward E, P, Box 231 Rich Square, N. C. Malloy. Eva M. Rte 1. Box 183 Stedman. N. C. Malloy. Priscilla M. Rte, 2, Box 132 Rockingham. N. C. Mancini. Dara L. 1707 Edgecombe Fayetteville. N, C, Manley, Glendora D, 510 Third Ave. New Bern. N. C. Manning. Dorothy I. Rte 1. Box 126 Pleasant Hill. N, C, Manuel, Gwendolyn M. 5100 Morganton Rd, Fayetteville. N, C, Maples, Andrew G, 1222 W, Moore Richmond, Va, Marbet, Ins B, 113 Powell Wilson, N C, Marable, Charlie R. 112 N, Elizabeth St, Henderson, N. C. Marable, Ella F 112 N. Elizabeth St. Henderson, N, C, Marbet, Manuel 208 E. 105th St New York, New York Marshall. Melton L, 1928 Sea brook Rd, Fayetteville, N, C, Martin, Angier L, P, Box 295 Warsaw, N, C, Martin, Betty J, 201 Simmons St. Sanford. N. C. Martin. Brenda Rte 1. Box 191 Woodland. N. C. Martin. Edna L. 6 Smith Plaza Raleigh. N. C. Martin. Fannie C. Rte, 3, Box 13 New Bern, N. C. Martin. Henry L. P 0, Box 295 Warsaw. N. C. Martin. Mary E, Rte 2, Box 241 Laurmburg. N. C. Martin. Patsy A. Rte 3. Box 223 Mt. Gilead. N. C. Massenburg. Betty R. 602 Juniper Ave. Wake Forest, N. C. Massenburg, Eura L. 436 N, Allen St, Wake Forest, N, C. Massey, Robert A. 513 Albany Fayetteville. N, C. Maynor, Angus Box 42 Alford Rd. St, Pauls, N, C, Meares, Jonathan 17-A Taylor Homes Wilmington, N. C. Melton. Alice R. Rte, 6, Box 208-Al Fayetteville, N. C. Melvin, Eunice M. P 0. Box 294 Garland, N C. Melvin. Kenneth E Rte 1, Box 61 Hope Mills, N C. Melvin, Norma D. 665 Iowa Ave Southern Pines, N. C Melvin. Richard RFD 1, Box 248 KK Leiand, N C. Melvin, Terecia D. Rte. 1, Box 240 Roseboro, N. C. Mervin. Clifton E. Rte. 1, Box 92 PIkesville, N. C. Middleton, Geraldine Rte. 2, Box 253-A Rose Hill. N. C. Middleton, Samuel A. Box 163 Kenansville, N. C. Miles, Carolyn D, 924 S. Blount Raleigh, N. C. Miles, Parnell 1325 Murchison Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Miller, Carol E. 687 Fairwood Charlotte. N, C, Miller. Mary F. 2612 Elmhurst Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Mills, Barbara G Rte. 1, Box 450 Winterville, N. C Mills. Gwendolyn S. 713 Quarry St. Raleigh. N. C. Mills, Jacquelyn M. 713 Quarry St. Raleigh. N. C. Mills. Kelly Rte. 6, Box 813 Monroe, N. C. Mills. Portia 1705 Dinwiddie Ave. Richmond. Va. Mills, Rosetta E. Rte. 6. Box 813 Monroe, N. C. Mincey, Harold 1309 Carolina Wilson. N. C. Minter, John W. 407 B Davis St. Fayetteville, N. C Mitchell, Authurice Rte. 4. Box 132-C Ahoskie, N. C. Mitchell, Bettie E, P. 0, Box 381 Castalia, N. C. Mitchell, Dorothy M. Star Route 1, Box 23 Rich Square, N. C. Mitchell, Edv ard R. P. 0. Box 1281 Wilson. N. C. Mitchell, Eloise 615 Campbell St. Wilmington, N. C. Mitchell. James L. 732 N. Mials St. Clayton, N. C. Mitchell, Maudie L. Post Office Box 172 Potecasi. N, C. Mitchell, Ruby L. Rte. 1. Box 376 Hallsboro. N. C. Rd. Mitchell. Thelma L. 732 N. Mials St. Clayton, N. C. Mitchell, Winnie C. 907 E. Church St, Tarboro, N, C. Mitchener, Vara L. 1308 " C " St. Washington, D. C. Monk, Gerald L. 630 Edgehill Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Monroe, Deborah E. 1203 Fisher St, Morehead City, N, Monroe. Gwendolyn 438 Ames St Fayetteville. N. C, Monroe. James M, 125 Westford Ave Springfield. Mass. Monroe, Mazzie R. Rte, 2. Box 313 Laurinburg, N. C. Monroe, William, Jr. 1415 Murch Fayetteville, N. C, Moody. Evelyn M. General Delivery Pleasant Hill. N. C. Moore, Dora B. Rte. 1. Box 264 Kenansville, N, C. Moore, Frank D. 620 Ames St. Fayetteville, N C. Moore, Michael 0. RFD 1, Box 318 Roseboro, N. C. Moore. Mildred A. 509 Ware St. Sanford, N. C. Morant, Mary H Rte, 1. Box 59 Orrum, N, C, Morant, Patty M. P. 0, Box 373 Hosston, Louisiana Morgan, Joyce C. P. 0. Box 61 Bailey. N. C. Morgan, Mary E. General Delivery Cumnock, N. C. Morris, Jerald W, 518 Bladen St, Wilmington, N, C. Morton, Jimmy 111 King St. Oxford. N, C Moses, Patricia A. 2011 N. Church St. Goldsboro. N, C. Mosley. Eleanor G. P. 0, Box 551 Burgaw, N. C. Moss, Daniel C. 604 Church St. Wilmington, N. C. Mull, Barbara E. 618 McLamb Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Mullens. Nannie D. Rte, 1. Box 291 Tarboro, N. C. Murchison, Terence L. 824 Evans Ave. Fayetteville, N. C. Murphy. Larry F. Rte 9. Box 127 Fayetteville, N. C. Murray. Cherish L. Rte 2 Box 122 Rose Hill. N. C Murray. Lola Rte. 1, Box 583 Wilmington, N. C. Murrell. Dorothy M. 1121 Qu New N, C. Murrell, Therion M. RFD 1. Box 133 Pollocksville. N, C. Nathan, Shirlee M. 1138 East Upsal St, Philadelphia, Pa, Neal, Margaret V, 207 Rice St. Kannapolis. N. C. Nelson. Issac R. Rte. 1, Box 13-J Havelock, N. C. Nelson, Sandra D, Box 186 Robersonville, N. C. Nesby. James, Jr. 259 Cumberland St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Newell, Gwendolyn C. P 0. Box 465 Littleton, N C, Newkirk, Carnell Rte. 2, Box 94 Kelly, N C, Newman, Kermit W. Rte. 1. Box 294- A Salemburg. N. C. Newton, Carolyn S. 2713 No. Capitol St. Washington, D. C. Nickerson, Stella L 223 N. Graham St. Chapel Hill, N. C. N orfleet, Delores W, 208 Vance St. Kinston, N, C. Norman, Belinda 109 N. Edgewood St. Philadelphia, Pa. Nowell, Edward D, Rte. 1, Box 145 Gates, N. C. Oden, Peggy L. Rte. 1, Box 115 Blounts Creek, N, C. Ouzts, Theodore 11 Ash St. Coatesville. N. C. Owens, Joann 2405 Clinton Rd, Fayetteville, N. C. Owens. Josie F. Box 1042 Sanford, N, C, Owens, LaVernon P. 0. Box 28 Bucksport, S. C Pankey, Patricia A, Rte, 4, 347 Laurinburg, N C Pannell, Homie E Rte. 1. Box 34 Long Island. Va. Parker, Charles N 2933 Rosehill Rd, Fayetteville, N. C Parker, Lloyd B. Rte. 1, Box 79 Jacksonville, N, C. Parker, Melvin M, 720 S, 5th St Philadelphia, Pa, Parker, Rudolph Rte. 1, Box 177 Elm City. N C, Parker, Sandra A. 2004 Gilliam La. Raleigh, N C, Parker, Vivian B 1854 Colony Dr. Fayetteville, N, C Parks, Reggie L. Rte. 2. Box 190 Seven Springs, N. C. Paschall. Lannie S. 322 Renne Ave Newark. N, J, Pasteur. John R 707 Cedar Beaufort. N. C. Patrick, Annie R. 710 Raleigh St. Kinston, N. C. Patrick. Booker T. P. 0. Box 411 Vanceboro, N. C. Patrick. Mamie D. 710 Raleigh St. Kinston, N, C, Patterson. Cassandra H, 2147 Bowen Blvd. Winston Salem. N. C. Patterson, Jams S, 720 S, 12th St. Newark, N. J. Patterson, Michael E. 513 Liberty Hill Rd. Kinston, N. C. Pauling, Janice A, 1324 Oak St Winston Salem, N, C, Paylor, Shirley M. Rte. 4, Box 66 Mebane, N, C. Payton. Elizabeth M. 2516 Pine St. Philadelphia. Pa Pearson. William M 628 Isler Goldsboro. N. C, Penny. Samuel 507 Pine Smithfield, N C. Perrin, Archie D 402 Climax St. Pittsburg, Pa. Perry, Euric L. Star Route Box 12 " j Colerain, N C Perry, Evelyene 1621 Cherry St. Rocky Mount, N, C. Perry, Judith E, Rte. 3, Box 129-A Warrenton, N. C Perry, Willie J. 510 18th Ave Newark. N. J. Person, Carol A. Rte. 2. Box 337C Henderson, N. C Person, Wade A. 347 E 9th St, Slier City, N C. Peterkin. Dons S, 1015 E. Edgerton St. Dunn. N C. Peterson, Eddie L 911 Hillsboro Fayetteville, N. C. Pettiford, Velma R P, 0, Box 233 Oxford, N. C, Pettiway. Rhonda F. 805 S. Raiford St, Selma, N, C, Pettiway, Ronald L. 805 S, Raiford St, Selma, N. C, Peyton, Frank J. 643 Rocky Run Rd. Midway. N. C. Phillips, Anne P. 700 Panola St. Tarboro, N. C, Pierce, Larry D. Rte. 3. Box 187A Ahoskie. N. C. Pier ce, Martha E, Post Office Box 808 Grifton, N. C Pigford, Brenda A, 400 W. Carroll St Magnolia. N. C. Pittman, Joyce E. 1213 W. Moore St. Richmond, Va, Pittman, Nancy J. Rte, 1, Box 290 Garysburg, N. C. Plymouth, Wyvonia P. 505 Albany St, Fayetteville, N. C Pointe, Clarence D, 117 Caviness Dr, Jacksonville, N, C, Pollard. Ethel L. Rte. 1, Box 125B Harrells, N C. Pollock, Hilda J Rte, 2, Box 460 Rose Hill. N. C. Pone, Winnie M Rte. 7, Box 20 IC Fayetteville, N. C. Porter, Ethel M. 2900 Markland Charlotte, N C. Potts, Deborah A. Rte, 2, Box 468 Clayton, N. C. Powell. Alvin D, 1452 Savannah St, Washington, D C Powell, Larry R Rte. 1, Box 134 Roanoke Rapids, N C. Powell, Naomi E, Rte. 1, Box 127 Macon, N. C Price. William D. 1307 Manteo St. Durham, N. C. Privott. Raymond L. 98 E. Gale Edenton, N, C, E g: Privott. Valerie W. Rte 3, Box 340 Enfield. N. C. Proctor, Herbert S. 63 Macasee Rd. Somerest. N. J. Pryor. Betty A. 319 Montague St. Garner, N, C. Purcell. George H. Rte. 1. Box 140 Red Springs. N. C. Purcell. Rosalyn K. Rte 1. Box 365 Raetord. N, C Purdie. Sarati P. 804 Ellis St. Fayetteville. N. C, Raetord. Sherman S 1326 Summerset Dr. Sanford. N. C Rainey. Faye L 305 Amber Dr. Concord. N C Raleigti. Jane L. 301 Avalon Rd, Greensboro, N, C. Randall. Theresa A. 2210 Maplewood Ave. Richmond. Va. Ray. Brenda A, 5048 Dunlap St. Oxon Hill. Md. Ray. Catherine M. ins, 7th St- Wilmington. N. C. Ray. Deloris Rte. 4. Box 291 Fayetteville. N C. Ray. Eloise G. 411 Davis St. Fayetteville. N C. Ray. Henry M. Rte. 6. Box 210 Raleigh. N. C. Ray. Margaret J. Rte 7. Box 964 Sanford. N. C, Ray. William E., Jr. 2017 Bam Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Reaves. Hercules W. Rte. 3. Box 55 Mullins, S, C. Reed. Alma C. 1607 Canal St. New Bern. N. C. Reid. Romaine B. 442 Wilmington Rd. Fayetteville. N C. Reid. Sandra Q. 1015 Faison Wilson. N, C, Reives. Payton H, Rte. 2. Box 328 Sanford. N. C Reynolds. Earl B. 331 Harrison Ave. Roanoke. Va. Rendleman, Jacqueline A, 131 5th Ave Hickory. N. C. Rhodes. Jacqueline D. 202 Short St Mt, Olive. N. C. Rhone. Norman A, 1414 Rhone St. Fayetteville. N, C Richardson. Dorothy E Rte 1. Box 135 Rich Square, N. C. Richardson, James 0. Rte. 2. Box 90 Smithfield. N. C. Richardson. Robert E. RFD 1. Box 30 A Rocky Mount. N. C. Richardson, Roscoe G, 222 McArther St. Fayetteville. N. C. Riche. Mildred P. 410 Beal St Goldsboro. N. C. Ricks. Linda F. P Box 342 Princeton, N. C, Riddick. Melba J, 515 White St. Elizabeth City. N C. Riggins. Harold 202 Bay St Tabor City, N. C. Riggins. Marianne Y. 509 Myrtle Ave. Rocky Mount. N. C. Riggs. Priscilla A. Rte. 2. Box 138 New Bern, N. C. Robbms. Charles N. 607 Brown Dr. New Bern. N. C. Roberson. William A. 729 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn. N Y. Robertson, Keith D 33 B Daniel Brooks Apt. High Point. N C Robinson. Beatrice D, Rte. 1. Box 79 Wallace. N, C. Robinson. Jamesenia Rte, 1, Box 115 Tar Heel. N C. Robinson. Janett Rte 1. Box 244 Magnolia. N. C. Robinson, Jennifer J. 613 Greer Ave. Fayetteville, N. C. Robinson. Perry 0. P. 0, Box 34 Rocky Point. N. C, Robinson, Rosemary 313 S. James St Goldsboro, N. C. Robinson. Sandy E. 1813 Murchison Rd, Fayetteville. N, C. Robinson. Vernitta A 2324 Lake Ave. Fayetteville. N. C. Rodgers. Sherry A. 1221 Cedar St. New Bern, N. C. Rogers, Carolyn J. Rte 1. Box 368 Farmville, N. C. Rollins. Dalton C. 104 S. Lloyd St. Suffolk, Va. Roseborough, Alice L. 429 Gillespie St. Fayetteville. N. C. Ross. Bobbie J. 734 Commerce St. Fayetteville. N. C. Ross. Brenda J. 734 Commerce St. Fayetteville. N C. Rowe. Douglas RFD 2. Box 488 La Grange. N. C. Powell. Woodrow 811 Wilkes Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Royall. Ardelia 217 E. Franklin St. Mt Olive. N. C. Ruffin. Mary H Rte 1, Box 93-C Murfreesboro. N. C. Ruffin. Robert L Rte 1. Box 93 C Murfreesboro, N. C. Russell. Larry 167 S. Caledonia Laurinburg, N. C. Ruth. Francine D. 810 Pitts St, Winston Salem. N, C. Sampson, Arlette L. 1020 Lincoln Dr. Goldsboro. N. C. Sampson. Matthew Rte. 5. Box 385 Clinton. N. C. Samuelson, Carl A. 3805 David St. Fayetteville. N. C. Sanders, Herman R. 1220 N. 9th Wilmington, N. C. Sanders. Thurman A. 1220 N. 9th Wilmington. N. C. Scales, Emma T. 1017 E. Jones St. Raleigh. N C. Scales. Saudess M. Rte, 1. Box 182 Eden, N. C. Scott. Mary A. 55 Homestead Pk. Newark, N, J. Shannon. Emmira M. 1343 Prospect Ave. Bronx. N. Y. Sharpe, Lonnie T. 1881 -T " Place. S.E. Washington. D. C. Sharpless. Minnie M. P. 0. Box 182 Method. N. C Shaw. Edward E 709 E, Harnett St. Dunn. N C. Shaw. Mazie D. Rte. 4. Box 186A Red Springs, N. C. Sheppard. Michael W. 116 15 148 St, New York. N. Y. Shields, Mane Rte, 1. Box 127 Hobgood, N, C. Shipman, Kathleen Rte, 1. Box 738 Bladenboro, N. C. Shipman. Margin E. Box 10 St. Pauls. N. C Shiver. Ethel M. 6022 Dahlgren Fayetteville. N C. Sidberry. Michael 109 S- nth St, Wilmington, N. C, Simmons, Eunice G, RFD 1, Box 231 Jackson Springs, N. C. Simmons, Inez A. 312 Gene Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Simmons. James. Jr. Rte. 2, Box 68 Stella. N. C- Simmons. James A. Rte. 6. Box 143 Fayetteville. N. C. Simmons. Juanita 572 Mann St. Fayetteville. N. C. Simmons, Hubert L, Rte. 8, Box 132 Fayetteville, N. C. Simmons, Kathy A. Rte. 8. Box 132 Fayetteville, N. C. Simpson, James E. 902 Barbee St. High Point. N C, Singletary. Judy D 719 E. 10th St. Lumberton. N. C. Skinner. Ronald 3555 Bruckwer Blvd. Bronx. N. Y. Small. Barbara J 553 Egmont Ave, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Smallwood. Thelma A. Rte. 4. Box 314 Windsor. N. C. Smith. Alice K, Box 145 Castle Hayne, N. C. Smith, Clarence L. 805 Brunswick Wilmington, N. C. Smith, Clarence V. 2570B Caledonia Cir. Fayetteville. N. C. Smith. Dianne 310 Washington St. Williamston, N. C. Smith. Don M. 880 E. Wilson St, Tarboro. N. C Smith, Ernest H, Rte. 1. Box 13 Bunnlevel. N. C Smith, Geraldine E. 2570 B Caledonia Cir, Fayetteville. N. C. Smith, Gloria D. . Rte. 1. Box 517 Fayetteville. N C. Smith. Inez G. 408 Marsh St, Beaufort. N. C. Smith. Jacquelyn E. 596 Hasty Loop Fayetteville. N. C. Smith. John W. 606 Italy St. Fayetteville. N. C. Smith. Karl E. 94 Alexander PI. Buffalo. N. Y, Smith, Linda J, Rte. 3. Box 572 Goldsboro, N. C. Smith. Margie 272 Malvern Dr. Concord. N. C. Smith. Martha M. Rte. 1. Box 31 Stedman. N. C. Smith. Melissa W. 814 Anarine Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Smith. Nancy C 560 Kennedy Cir. Lumberton, N. C, Smith, Patrick B., Jr. 596 Hasty Loop Fayetteville, N. C. Smith, Roxie M. Rte. 3. Box 402 Rocky Mount, N. C. Smith. Waddell G. P. 0. Box 492 Fremont. N. C. Smith. Waldena P. 0. Box 36 Dudley. N C. Sneed. Michael Rte. 1. Box 332 Riegelwood, N. C. Spearman. Linda 0. Rte. 1. Box 210A Rose Hill. N. C. Speight. Ruth D. 2232 Imperial Ave. Wilson, N. C. Spells. John H. Rte. 5. Box 341 -A Fayetteville, N. C. Spriggs. Mossett C. 1032 Elliott Cir. Fayetteville. N. C. Spruill. Alwyn D 209 Dewey St, Goldsboro. N, C, Spruill. Mary D. 16-G Mitchel W, Cts. Kinston. N. C. Spruill. Paul E. 216 N. Tiffany St. Kinston. N. C. Stackhouse, Curtis Rte. 4. Box 3984 Fayetteville. N. C. Stackhouse, Eugene 803 A Wilkes Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Stancell. Donald Rte. 1. Box 122 Pendleton, N. C. Stanley, Dons 0. Rte. 1 Nakina. N. C. Staten. Barbara A. Rte. 3. Box 186 B New Bern. N, C, Steed. Janie C. 507 Redding Dr. High Point. N, C. Stevens. Marion C. 453 51st St.. S.E. Washington. D. C. Steverson. Robert E. RFD 1. Box 207-A Warrenton. N. C. Stiles, Roy L., Jr. 510 N. nth St. Morehead City. N. C. Stith. Elsie L, Rte. 3. Box 37 Tarboro. N. C. Stocks, Mary L. 1401 S. Lee St. Ayden. N. C. Stokes. Charles A. 919 Persimmon St. Goldsboro, N. C. Stokes, Gwendolyn J. 713 S 12th St. Wilmington. N. C. Stokes. Lillie B. 447 McKoy St. Clinton. N. C. Stokes, Wilbert RFD 1, Box 17 Louisburg, N, C. Streeter. Treva A. 2C M. W. Cts. Kinston. N. C. strong. Charlotte E. 601 E, Church St.. Tarboro. N. C. Strong. Ella M. Rte. 4. Box 213B Oxford. N. C, Stroud. Cecelia Y, 2851 W Boulevard Charlotte. N C, Sturgies. Mattie L. 205 Ganahl PI, Ft. Bragg. N. C. Sullivan. Gerald 756 Stanley Ave Brooklyn. N. Y. Summers, John E. Rte. 3. Box 465 Goldsboro. N. C. Swann, Ivory E. P. 0. Box 451 Spring Lake. N C. Swann. Judy M P. 0. Box 451 Spring Lake. N. C. Swann. Rudolph P. Box 451 Spring Lake. N C. Swepson. Charles E. 209 S. 10th St Wilmington. N. C. Swift. Robert A Apt. 7. Cross Creek Ct. Fayetteville. N. C. Swiney. Roy M. 700 Ramsey St. Fayetteville. N C. Sykes, Valnetta C. 117 Chance St. Fayetteville. N. C. Tann, Portia P. Rte. 1, Box 40B Rich Square. H. C. Tann. Ranoma A. Rte. 1. Box 38 Rich Square. N C. Tanner. Jasper Rte. 4. Box 186 Wadesboro. N. C. Tart. Jean K. 507 Waverly Way St. Marion . S. C. Taylor. Evelyn D 733 Filter Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Taylor. Joann P. 0. Box 309 Wilson. N. C. Taylor. Linda A. Rte. 1. Box 288 Pollocksville. N. C. Taylor. Marian C. Rte. 1. Box 25 Rich Square, N. C. Taylor. Sandra A. 1113 West Thomas Rocky Mount. N. C. Taylor. Shirley M. Rte. 5. Box 229 Oxford. N. C. Terry, Shirley R. Rte. 2. Box 189 Autryville. N. C. Terry. Velma M. Rte. 1. Box 9 Council, N. C, Thames, Wanda R. 615 Deep Creek Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Thomas, Beatrice B. 145 Banner PI. Ft. Bragg. N C. Thomas. Cathy E. Rte. 1. Box 316 B Apex. N. C, Thomas. Ephram 1233 W. 112th St. Chi( go. Ill Thomas. Patricia A. Rte. 1. Box 117 Raeford. N. C. Thomas. Ronald C. 1585 Wilroy Rd. Suffolk. Va. Thompson, Barbara A. Rte 4, Box 355 Fayetteville, N. C. Thompson, Judy C. Rte. 1, Box 98 Lumberton. N. C. Thompson, Rebecca 831 Madison Ave. Roanoke. Va. Thompson. Shelia V 611 North Ridge St. Danville. Va Thompson. Tommy E. 218 Oak Grove Elkin. N. C. Thorpe. Etta L. 208 S. 16th St. Wilmington. N. C. Timberlake. Joan B. P, Box 56 Northside. N C. Timberlake. Mack P. 0. Box 56 Northside. N, C. Todd. William W. Box 28 Lewiston, N. C. Tolson. Evelyn C. Rte. 1. Box 100 Nakina. N. C. Toney. Nathaniel 1205 Meares St. Fayetteville. N. C. Torrey. Craig D. 1913 Ernest St Fayetteville. N. C. Torrey. Marilyn R. 1913 Ernest St. Fayetteville. N. C. Troy. Sandra C. Rte. 2. Box 177-A Whiteville, N. C. Tucker. Nathaniel RED 1. 34 Godwin. N. C. Turner. Jacqueline P. Rte, 1. Box 156 South Mills. N. C. Tyler. Jacquelyn D. Rte, 2. Box 264 Faison. N, C. Tyler. Willie J, Rte 2. Box 264 Faison. N, C, Tyson. James N. 505 S. Walnut St. Farmville. N. C. Tyson. Thomas R. 522 Barrett St. Farmville. N. C. Underwood. Elise Rte. 2. Box 360-A Laurinburg. N C. Underwood. Doretha Rte. 1. Box 215 Wallace. N C. Underwood. Henrietta R. Rte 9. Box 290 Fayetteville. N. C. Urquhart. Patricia E. 303 Roosevelt St.. Franklin. Va. Usher. Terry Rte. 1. Box 27A Rose Hill, N. C. Vann, Thelma L. Rte. 4. Box 291 Clinton. N. C, Vick. Essie M, Rte 3. Box 130 Littleton. N. C. Vines. Carlotta M. 1108 S Main St. Farmville. N. C. Vinson. Jane L. P Box 277 Woodland. N. C. Waddell. Nathaniel 723 S. 5th St. Wilmington. N. C. Wade. Brenda J. Rte. 2. Box 358A New Bern. N. C. Walker. David G. 502 N. 12th St. Morehead City. N. C. Walker. Dora P 1400 Edgecombe Ave. Fayetteville. N. C. Walker. Ernest B. Rte. 1. Box 95 Magnolia. N. C. Walker. Kenneth 2542 Elvans Rd.. S.E. Washington. D. C. Walker. Larry M. 3510 North Ave. Richmond. Va. Walker. Lillie E. P. 0. Box 31 Hallsboro. N. C. Walker. Ronald Rte. 5. Box 131 Henderson. N C. Walker. William E. 1116 Cress Raleigh, N, C. Wall. Thelma A. 216 Groves Ave Rockingham. N. C Wallace. Evelyn M. 1212 Bridges St Morehead City. N C. Wallace, Lenard 910 W Sumter St Florence, S. C. Wallace, Maggie L. 910 W, Sumter St, Florence, S C Wallace, Reginald P 0, Box 163 Everetts, N C Walls. Campbell. Jr, 805 Wilkes St, Cheraw. S, C, Wardlaw. Rosa B 6161 Louise St, Fayetteville. N, C, Ware. Helen Y, 168 S, Caledonia Rd. Laurinburg, N. C Warren, Algeania M 409 N Market St. Benson, N. C. Washington, Gwendolyn Y, 24 Cross Creek Ct, Fayetteville, N, C, Washington, Jack 187 N, Maple Ave. East Orange, N J Washington, Robert A. P. 0. Box 553 Rowland. N. C, Washington. Willie 439 Mainland Concord, N C. Waters, James M. 206 Rochelle Blvd. Kinston, N. C. Watford, Bessie M. Rte. 4, Box 142 Ahoskie, N. C. Watkins, Barbara A. 1122 Clark Cooleemee, N. C. Watkins, Dorothy M. 402 Williams St, Henderson, N, C, Watson, Brenda G, 5 F Wabush St, Durham, N, C, Watson, Dorethea F, 5 Hobson Portsmouth, Va Watson, Rochelle A. Rte, 1, Box 488 Clayton, N, C, Watson, Tyrone B, 106 Daisey Sanford, N. C. Watson, Wannetta C. 1326 Walnut St. Raleigh, N, C. Weathers, Patricia A. 317 S. Leslie Goldsboro. N. C. Weaver. Shirley A. P. 0, Box 114 Harrellsville. N, C Webb. Bernard C. 3758 10th Ave. New York. N. Y Webber. Dennis R Rte. 1. Box 98 Shelby. N. C. Whitaker. Albert L Rte 1. Box 164 Halifax. N C White. Catherine D. Rte. 1. Box 240 Spring Lake. N C. White. Etta F, 303 S, Kerr Ave Wilmington. N, C, White. LeMira V. 510 Stadium Dr. Goldsboro. N, C White, Limpson B. 610 E. Martin St Raleigh. N, C. White. Linda F, 119 Little Court Plymouth. N. C. White, Robert L.. Jr. Rte. 1. Box 22 Manson. N. C. Whitfield. James Rte. 1. Box 281 B Dudley. N. C Wilkins. James E 610 Atlantic Ave Rocky Mount. N C. Wilkins. Vivian A Rte. 1. Box 122 Bethel, N. C. Williams, Benjamin F. P. 0. Box 256 Boston, Ga. Williams, Beryl E. 1100 Hood Ave. Fayetteville, N. C. Williams, Carolyn J. P. 0. Box 61 Gibson. N. C Williams. Ethel M. Rte. 2. Box 354 Wallace. N. C, Williams. Gail D 307 West Jones St. Selma. N. C. Williams. Gloria J. Rte. 2. Box 25 A Littleton. N C. Williams. Ins L P. 0. Box 61 Gibson. N. C Williams. James 670 Cape Fear Ct.. Fayetteville. N. C. Williams, Janice A. 1303 Wash. St. Washington, N. C. Williams, Jeanette D. Rte. 1. Box 137 Ellerbe. N. C. Williams. Jerry L, P Box 4008 Wilson. N C, Williams. Joseph L, Rte. 2. Box 354-E Wallace. N. C. Williams. Luberta P Box 95 Linden. N. C. Williams. Margarita 1212 Dawson St. Wilmington. N. C. Williams. Mary E. Rte. 2. Box 175 A Wallace. N. C. Williams. Milton H. Rte 1. Box 61B Lumber Bridge. N. C. Williams. Oletha P, 758 Topeka St, Fayetteville. N. C. Williams. Rhonda K. 730 First Ave. West Hendersonville. N. C. Williams. Robert E. 315 Oak St. Kinston. N. C. Williams. Thomas B. 211 Tobe Hartwell Ex. Spartanburg. S. C, Williams. Ventha Rte, 2. Box 172 Gates. N. C. Williams. Vivian H. 120 Townhouse Rocky Mount. N. C. Williams. Yvonne 114 Week St Enfield. N C Williamson. Alvin 33 S. 8th Ave, Mt Vernon. N. Y. Williamson. Harold S. Rte 4. Box 248A Clinton. N. C. Williamson. Samuel E. Rte. 2. Box 209 Clinton. N. C. Wilhe. Clifton L. 3326 Old Norfolk Rd. Suffolk, Va. Willingham, Alfonsa L 226 Park Ave. Rocky Mount, N C. Willingham, Laurette D. 226 Park Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Wilson, Barbara A. Rte, 1, Box 134 Ellerbe, N. C. SiKflliglliliiliiiiiEBKiiiiSilSSiSiiliis 30 Wilson, Brenda L 2415 Rosewood Ave. Richmond, Va. Wilson. Charles R P. 0. Box 161 Laurinburg, N C Wilson. Kenneth L. 330 Avey St Shelby, N, C, Winfrey, Gerard E 2023 Rosewood Ave. Richmond, Va Wise, Dorothy L 3401 Chppard Ct. Charlotte, N C. Wood, Vivian E Rte 2. Box 38 B Ellerbe. N C Woodard. Lula M. Rte 3. Box 464 Wilson, N C. Woodard. Sandra D. Rte 3. Box 463 Wilson. N. C. Woods. Verita B Rte. 2. Box 32 A Rose Hill. N. C Wooten. Janice M. Apt 67 E. Side Home Tarboro. N C Worley. Carol P Rte 1. Box 56 Moncure. N C. Worley. Minnie R. 2012 Newark St. Fayetteville. N. C. Worth. Annie G. 728 Walnut St. Laurinburg. N. C. Worthy. Charles W 604 Mont Dr Spring Lake. N. C. Worthy. Janice D. 604 Mont Dr. Spring Lake. N. C. Worthy. Priscilla Rte 3. Box 12 Clinton. N. C. Wright. Clifton 0. 903 Burns St. Richmond. Va. Wright. Phyllis J. 823 E Holly St. Rocky Mount. N. C. Wyant. Terry M 501 Roanoke Ave Elizabeth City. N C. Young. Adrienne D 1801 Earle St Charlotte. N. C. Young. William I Star Rte. Box 14-A Maysville. N. C. " Allen. Harold 1900 Charles St. Raleigh. N, C. •McRae. Joseph N. Rte 2. Box 432 Clinton. N C Perry. Lillian A, Rte. 2. Box 216 Laurinburg. N. C. " Out of Order EVENING CUSSES Aaron. Clifton. Jr 1218 Elliott St. Fayetteville. N, C. Altman. Etsel W, Rte. 10. Box 619 Fayetteville, N C Anthony. Archie L. 2125 N. Denver Blvd Tulsa. Okia, Balch. Jerome M. 405 Woodclift Dr, Fayetteville. N C. Benson. Patricia B. 1534 Edgecomb Ave. Fayetteville. N. C Bowser. William J. 410 Rowan St Fayetteville. N. C Boyd. Albert III 6002 Clemens St. Louis. Mo. Brantley. Johnny R. 814 5th St Springhill. La Bunkley. Robert E. 826 ' . ' Branson Fayetteville. N C. Byers. Thedoria J. 621 Ames St Fayetteville. N, C. Cameron. Ida M. 2693 Eldorado Rd Fayetteville. N. C Coulberson. Willie G. 1883 Cascade St. Fayetteville. N. C Cox. Edith M. 1633 Murchison Rd Fayetteville. N. C Grumpier. Lula M. Rte 1. Box 333 Fayetteville. N. C Davis. Elmerene E 515 Eaton St. Fayetteville. N. C. Debose. Theodore A. 1065 Elliott Cir Fayetteville. N. C. Dixon. Gendora I. 1283 Essex PI Fayetteville. N C Dove. Bennie S 11404 Temblett Ave Cleveland. Ohio Elliott. Ada J Rte 6. Box 53 Fayetteville. N C Elliott. Edwin L. Rte. 1. Box 365 Hope Mills. N C. Franklin. Fabian F 500 N Harrisburg St, Oberlin Gardens. Pa, Gadsden, Bernice C. 1222 Essex PI Fayetteville, N. C Gage. Mary L. 7272 Ryan Fayetteville. N C. Gainey. Josephine Rte 1. Box 130 Fayetteville. N, C Geddie. Ethel J. 1100 Elliott Cir. Fayetteville. N C. Gifts. Thomas V. 117 Wilkes Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Glasgow. Barbara 810 McPherson Ave. Fayetteville. N. C. Godbolt. John L. Rte 9, Box 96 Fayetteville. N. C. Grady. Bertha L 1324 Elliott St Fayetteville, N. C. Greene. Mary E. 1834 Cascade St. Fayetteville. N. C Griffin, Wilburn W. 248 East Saunders St. Maxton, N C Haar, Alexander M. 354 Castle Dr. Ft. Bragg. N. C. Hanks, Naomi I. 1457 Thelbert Dr. Fayetteville. N C Harvey. David G. 6510 Schaffer PI. Fayetteville. N. C. Hasley, Paul R. 107 Lynn Ave, Fayetteville, N. C Henderson, Geraldine T 1905 Stanberry St. Fayetteville, N. C Hollingsworth. Ollie J. 721 Varsity Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Holmes. Richard E. 318 N Washington Starkville. Miss. Hopkins. Lolita A. 625 Ashboro St. Fayetteville. N. C, Ingram, Marianne G. 1104 Austin Dr Fayetteville. N. C. Jackson. Martha B. Rte 2. Box 255 John Is.. S C. Johnson. Darius. Jr 608 Albany Fayetteville. N, C. Johnson. Frank. Jr 547 S. Maple Is Muskegon. Michigan Johnson. Roosevelt 1826 Broaden Dr Fayetteville. N. C. Jones. Janice D. 337 Richmond Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Keith. Elizabeth A. 201 Sharp Ft Bragg, N, C. Kindred, Fred L 404 5th Way Birmingham, Ala. Lewis. Mary L. 931 Louise Fayetteville. N. C. McCormick. Haywood L. 1139 Elliott Cr. Fayetteville. N C McCray. Walter L. 634 Edgehill Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. McDonald. Mary M, 1633 Minurva Dr. Fayetteville. N C. McKinnon. Wilhelmena M. 729 Ashburton Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. McKoy. Annie L. 605 Cape Fear Ct. Fayetteville. N. C. McLaughlin. Mattie A Rte 7. Box 141-B Fayetteville. N. C. McMillan. Jeanette B Rte. 7. Box 192C Fayetteville. N, C. McMilhan. Ruby E. Rte 1. Box 176 Wade. N. C. McQueen. Ase L. 816 Washington Fayetteville, N. C. Mack. Robert L. 2314 Slater Ave. Fayetteville. N. C. Malloy. Lois 1121 Deep Creek Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Malone. Martha L. 1902 Ramsey Fayetteville. N. C. Mancini. Marion H. 1070 Edgecombe Ave Fayetteville. N. C. Manuel. James W. Rte. 6. Box 164 Fayetteville, N. C. Melvin. Janette D. 703 McLamb Dr. Fayetteville, N. C. Melvin. Ruth C. 708 Bullock St. Fayetteville. N C. Mouzon. Betty A. 124 Jones St. Fayetteville, N. C. Murphy. Hazel T. 1625 Rudolph St. Fayetteville. N. C. Nelson, Navonia V 1311 Dixon Fredericksburg, Va, Nichols. Fannie M. 617 Cape Fear Ct. Fayetteville. N. C. Page. Gene 741 Edgehill Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Page. Mary F. 741 Edgehill Rd. Fayetteville. N, C. Parker. Fayroy A. Perry. Patricia A. 1343 Michigan Memphis, Tenn. Peterson. Clarece 930 Fleetwood Dr. Fayetteville. N. C. Pierce. Selene S. 1516 Murchison Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Poltawec, Mykola 1419 Elma St. Spring Lake, N. C. Purdie. Constance R. 1808 Cherokee Fayetteville. N. C. Raeford, Frances E. Rte. 7. Box 305AA Fayetteville. N. C. Raeford. Leier M. Rte, 7, Box 316B Fayetteville, N. C. Rhone, Helen N 1414 Rhone Fayetteville, N. C. Rhone, Mane W, 2018 Poinciana La. Fayetteville, N. C. Robinson, Elbert G. Rte. 5. Box 246 Fayetteville, N. C. Rogers. Weaver B. 720 Athens Ave. Fayetteville. N. C. Roundtree. Garfield A. 5607 Lansdowne Ave. Philadelphia. Pa Schaffer. Roger 3326 E. 140 St Cleveland. Ohio Scott. Virgil N. 600 Bonner St. Silsbee. Texas Sibley. Lorine Rte. 1, Box 220 Alto, Texas Simmons, Lillian E, 715 Wilmington Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Shedge. Louise R. 822 Varsity Dr Fayetteville. N. C, Smith. Anthony 616 Oglethorpe Americus. Georgia Smith. Mable C. 1606 Deep Creek Rd. Fayetteville. N. C. Smith. Raymond M ' 1062 25th Ave. E. Seattle. Washington Sutton. James A 6531 W. W. 13th PI. Miami. Florida Taylor. Betty P. 3209 Player Ave. Fayetteville. N C. Thigpen, Willis. Jr. 7815 S. Bennett Chicago. III. Watson. Evelyn H 1881 Gola Dr. Fayetteville. N C Williams. Perry B 1819 S. Sawyer Chicago. Ill, Wilhs. Fannie L Fayetteville State University Fayetteville. N, C. Willis, Verlyn C. 225 Stanley Valdosta, Ga Wilson, Vanilla 1716 Patteison Cir, Raleigh, N. C. Wright, Annie D. 2040 Rosehill Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. in .««;!:aia«saca;.?3; .JSsi9?SKaisiis:.:.:ieffiK t t « VUk ' vW m 5i©f«- " rjsi ' jTTSrE. " -- -st rs; rtru :-rg 5: . fj - J ■%.. For Reference Not to be taken from this room 142189 ' JCHlVEs

Suggestions in the Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) collection:

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