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■tM-iSt ' jtmx ' i ' -isM ' iiiMH r ' l w 7i .y ri:::: -i iHIK r i FAYETTEVILLIAN 1969 Mamie Mitchell: Editor Mr. Harvey Clarke Jenkins: Advisor A Student Publication of Fayetteville State College Fayetteville, North Carolina FOREWORD A VERY GOOD YEAR We present the 1969 Fayettevillian. We present this record in picture and in word of your year at Fayetteville State College: the fun you had, the people you knew, and the special events that made this year memorable. We offer you the hours we spent pre- paring the Fayettevillian: taking pic- tures, laboring over the layout, typing, proofreading and correcting. We appreciate sincerely your co-op- eration and concern which helped us so much in our work. It is to you, the stu- dents, faculty, and friends of Fayette- ville State College, we give the 1969 FAYETTEVILLIAN. A VERY GOOD YEAR— ' 69 Mamie Mitchell Editor Harvey Jenkins Advisor Vol. 12 DEDICATION We. the faculty and students of Fayetteviile Slate College, take honor in dedicating the 1969 edition of the Fayettevilhan to Dr. David W. Bishop, chairman of the History Department. Fayetteviile State College received Dr. Bishop in 1961. He is a graduate of Shaw University from which he received his B.A. and M.A. degrees. Dr. Bishop went on to earn his Ph.D . from the Catholic University of America. Serving both as professor and as a member of various college com- mittees. Dr. Bishop has proven him- self to be an asset to the college. As a result of his efforts, he is worthy of the honor which comes with this dedication. Dr. David W. Bishop BRONCO FIGHT SONG We are the Broncos of FSC We ' ll fight, fight on for victory Bucking high where ' er we go Our strength and power we ' ll always show. We are the spirit of FSC We ' ll always pledge our loyalty And though the years may pass we ' ll e ' er be true O Fayetteville State how we love you. We ' ll always wave the banner and hold it high We love our colors blue and white We ' ll always strive to keep our goal Our victories will e ' er be told. (Repeat second stanza) w, ' m mmrm TABLE OF CONTENTS Story of the year Social Academic Cultural Activities Sports People at FSC Administration Faculty Students 23 47 67 mxummmiat mis imiseutm THIS AT FAYETTEVILLE STATE COLLEGE THE THINGS 70» ' iKn£ Rmi»? ' riaeewHBf5Ma racBOi STUDENT GOVERNMENT Heclor McEache !ident MY VENTURE AS PRESIDENT OF FSC HAS PROVEN TO BE AN UNEQUALLED EXPERIENCE. FOR IT HAS SHOWN ME LIFE IN MANY RESPECTS. MY YEAR WAS ONE IN WHICH I VENTURED TO GO BEYOND THE SUPERFICIALITIES OF THE SURFACE. AND MATERIAL ACHIEVEMENTS, WHICH HAVE OVER THE YEARS PROVEN ONLY TO PERPETUATE AND PAC- IFY SITUATIONS BUT INSTEAD I PLEADED WITH THE MINDS. THE ATTITUDES. THE VALUES AND THE TRUE WANTS OF THE FSC FAMILY. I COULD NOT AFFORD TO BE HUNG UP WITH HAVING A PARTY AND COUNTING THE PROBLEM SOLVED, OR ESTABLISHING A REBELLION AGAINST SOMEONE OR SOMETHING I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT. YES. YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A LESSON AND TO YOU THAT FOLLOW AFTER ME I SAY, ACCEPT RESPONSI- BILITIES AS WELL AS DEMAND CERTAIN FREEDOMS. CHALLENGE THE VERY FOUNDATION OF YOUR IN- STITUTION WHICH IS YOUR CENTER OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT. MAKE THE DEMAND FOR GOOD TEACHERS SO NECESSARY THAT THE TEACHERS HAVE TO TEACH AND HAVE TO KNOW. AND MOST OF ALL, ACCEPT YOURSELVES AS YOU ARE, AND REALIZE THAT ITS THE BEST. DON ' T BE CAUGHT USING YOUR SCHOOL OR SELF AS AN EXCUSE TO ESCAPE THE REAL CHALLENGES OF LIFE. BUT STAND ON YOUR FEET. AND STAND TOGETHER AS A SCHOOL AND AS A PEOPLE. M ANDERSON VICE PRESIDENT H McEACHERN PRESIDENT A McCULLOUGH MISS FSC C. HARRIS JUDGE J. LEWIS -BUSINESS MANAGER ACADEMIC mm tf 1 r m ' -f HH - J B id m H ii " pU i H 1 i B ' ' ' ;A ' .- H - ' bl l !■ 1 fil dL - ' H A. McCullough A. Alston J. Rendleman A. Moore h. Singletary M. McNeill D, Becton N.Colquill F. Rainey A. Cogdell S. Anderson M. Anderson Who ' s who among colleges and universities P«. E. Singletary 1 G. James F. Rainey ' ' A. McCullough 1 L. Steadman i " Ljik J. Rendleman M, McNeill A. Alston J.Lee rr Jtw xytaitiewTrffVfsgttiritDismMaMiMaf Fgj JTWf] f : «ui4jl-.y ' fci»ft t:fc« Vj» " ti THE VOiCt: STAFF Left 10 right: C. Mervin, M, Hinlon. D, Slanlcy. D. Cash, C, Lassiter. J, Grear. J, Waters. P, Boone. J. Whitfield. H Simmons. H, Williams. C. Davis. DRAMA GUILD SITTI G (left to right) E. Thorpe. R. Eure. W. James. D. Green. P. Thomas. f RST ROW M. Wallace. S. Caviness. E. Walker. S. Garner. R. Wat- son. P. Solomon. M. Lee. M. McQueen. O. Davis, N, Goldslon. SI-:CO. D ROW: A. McNeill. L, John- son. T. Washington. J. Branch. L, Halloman, Not shown: M. McNeill and S. Dendy. SANFORD COUNTY CLUB SITTING lefl to right: B Marlin, S Racford, T. Gunter STANDING: J, Owens, B, Waddcll. S. Red- ding. B. Dowdy, M, Ray BAPTIST STUDKNT UNION SEATED left lo right: C Martin. ( Beatty, D. Mitchell, H, Grahan SrA. DI. G Rub Mitchell, h Blank W, Pone. S. Bvnam, M McKnight. l McNeill, and Nl, Bvnum STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION SEA TED A, Gaddy. M. Hill, E. Gray STA NDING: W. Pone. M. McKnight, G. Chambers, H. Graham. S. Treadwell. M McNeill and E. Slngletary. METHODIST STUDENT UNION SEATED: J. Mclver. N. Goaston. STASDISG: J. Rendleman. R, Melvin, and A. Alston Bn ramee wisoma PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS Lefl to right: FRO. T ROW: K. Thomas, H. Graham, A, Adcock, M. Bryant, M. Fennell, B. Wilder, B, Page, V. Williams SECOND ROW: D. Lucas, B. Dawson, T. Brown, E. Majette, W. Jackson THIRD ROW: J, Cooley, J, Jones. M. Holly, O. Batts, R, Rogers. J. Allen, W, Jordon. DAY STUDENT ORGANIZATION Left to right: H. Simmons, L. Sheriff, C. Lawrence, M, Mc- Neill, C. Massie, D. Cash, J. Waters, G. Chambers, J. Lee, K. Eaglin, J. Williams. F. Sanders. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Left to right: Joyce Melvin. David Hicks and Ruby Faulk BRYANT HALL ASSOCIATION Left to nght E, Strong. P. Solomon. D GiM. N, Goldston. Rubv Mitchell. L Ware, J Robin- JUNIOR OFFICERS Left to nght: R Dixon. H Br ant V Thomastl. R Kendell. R, Privott and J. McCkan. can A TOUCH mmmmsmj LMM... .A-..:. .- l j CULTURE This " Best Little Band in the Land " is com- prised of more than 70 instrumentalists from all departments of the college. The " Bronco Band " plays at all home football games and travels with the football team to some games away. The band participated in the Azalea Festi- val in 1968 and 1969. At the close of football season, the College Concert Band comes into e.xistence. Highlights of the Concert season are the President ' s Con- cert in January and the outdoor Spring Con- cert on the quadrangle. The band made its first spring tour in 1968 and will travel as far as Richmond, Va. in 1969. W -. a » ' y ' - Lefl to right: A. Addcock, T, Slreater. H Graham, S. Kenon. P, Wright and M Mitchell (not shown) K S?7U7 ir GEORGE GRAHAM — Drum Major HILDA GRAHAM— Head Majorette CHEERLEADERS Leader — Vedas Thomas El 5J 1 . O - n ■£ M " u tj — " ■ X S c ' " ii ' 5) 2 5 " . s S o O H D. D. « 2 5Ci ' i E I J6a« T;3 .»i!? o u M QUEENS ■■■::mx Iks r ' - 1 Illl l . Miss F.S.C. Miss Homecomjng Miss F.S.C ' s Atlendanis Now, for some intellect A moment to remember Jacqueline Rendleman ■iA • ' A ' U • « ' i- ' 1 ' ' V wwm ' " MISS FRESHMAN Portia Tann MISS JUNIOR Joyce Grear MISS SOPHOMORE Rebecca Alford ' ' " ' ' S UMBSMtt ' - mtl Miss KA- ' Wi Mary Spruill .: ' iK ' ' ' fr Miss (JBL Algenia Warren •-• iafs . j! fc ,; i, ' Miss A(I)A Edna Martin Miss Scroller Pamela Quinn Miss Cresent Ruby Mitchell Miss Sphinx Venitta Williams ' 11 TiiaBI JK rT ' 7 Miss n ' 4 $ Carlese Lassiter Miss Smith Hall Evelyn Corbelt Miss GOG Hazel Lucas Miss Lampoda Gloria Brooks Miss Bryant Hall Iris Roseboro Miss Hood Hall Maxine Dickens Miss Joyner Hall Lois Langley Miss Williams Hall Claudette Hodge Miss Day Student Marzell Ball Miss Vance Hall Veronica Moore MISS HARRIS HALL Bernice Knight i ' -yk MISS AFRO-AMERICAN Betty Nicholson MISS DRAMA Mazella McNeil William Oats— Randolph Dixon— Laura Bowser— Jacqueline Rendleman- Algenia Warren- Maraget Blackslock — Gladys James — Fredrick Hill— Charles Moore $ A A Z A K B $ K $ L A L A A B e " ? el t NICco H $ C I REEKORGANIZATIONS ZZSS2 S H r u CO ' i B a |hI H T - ' ' ' ' :- ' ' I • B uu .,... : 1 i ' iiT(ii " WlfilWI " r ' l?IISr " ' ' o in o 3 O O D. »: C 3 5: ' .A ■ " " ' -» • •• y • i -6-- • • ■:i Ik r Si»» W ii.a !. V.S. ■.V, ' toi» P ? ■ W r i ' «• t-- W i« !i 5 " Z t BI TH F INII This grand fraternity was founded on the campus of Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana on January 11, 1911. Our stand here lies explicitly: Derived from the old Dutch sea words " Fellow Shippers. " meaning men of destination and purposes. Fraternity is variously defined. Leonard McCain KAPPA ALPHA PSI Sweetheart — Mary Spruill PLEDGEES FOR LINE -- • ' . ■j S " - A " " , ' ' " ' «• i 1 EDITOR Mamie Mitchell ADVISOR Harvey C. Jenkins SECRETARY Mary Hill SPORTS ASSOCIATE LaVerne McNair FACULTY ASSOCIATE Eunice Brimage Peggy Perry STUDENTS ASSOCIATE Mary Hill ADMINISTRATION ASSOCIATE Florence Devane LAYOUT Evelyn Corbett Carol Bell Watson William Typists Betty Nicholson Mamie Patrick Mary Battle James Williams 1969 FAYETTEVILLIAN STAFF WRONG PAGE . . . IDENTIFYING PICTURES . . SOMEWHERE . . . FINALLY THE TASK IS OVER , NOON? . . . NOW THE GRADES WILL IMPROVE ARE PLEASED. Editor-at work FAYETTEVILLIAN STAFF . . . THE TASK m OF ASSEMBLING A - t YEARBOOK OF WHICH THE STU- DENTS WILL BE PROUD . . . LONG HOURS OF TEDIOUS WORK . . . LAYOUTS TOBEDRAWN(EVEN ON THE LEFT, ODD ON THE RIGHT) TYP- ING TO BE DONE . . . PICTURE TAKING ...ORGANIZATIONS, CAMPUS, INDIVID- UALS ... A QUICK TO DURHAM . . . PICTURES ARE BACK . . . WHAT DO YOU MEAN. THEY ARE ALL OUT OF FOCUS?? . . . PROOF SHEET . . . EVERY- THING IS OKAY EX- CEPT THIS COLOR «■ PICTURE IS ON THE WHO IS THAT BOY? ... I KNOW THAT I HAVE SEEN HIM . HOW DOES IT FEEL TO ACTUALLY HAVE A FREE AFTER- . WE WORKED FOR A GOOD BOOK ... WE HOPE THAT YOU SEATED: Peggy Perry, Mary Hill, tunice Brimage, Florence Devane, La Verne McNair, James Williams STA, ' DI G Evelyn Corbetl. Betty Nicholson, Mamie Patrick. Watson Williams Joe and Mamie discussing a layout SPORTS .t V ?9 ACTION BASE Frank McMillan Steve Harbison Big Gus IS going 10 make a game. Robert Haith is on his way to a perfect with 17 strikeouts. m Haith IS waiting caljTtfor hispUvJiJ " Danny McMillian Leonard Thompson Fred Hill William Murphy i ' 1 V Big Gus sends one out ol ' lhe park with his v skerville Lsstealing another basi SHOTS )F BALL Johnn Smith Karl Smilh Robert Hailh William Oales . Gus was opt foiled on ihal high pilch. " Ronnie Cox is a little upset over the caUal hrst has. Haiih picks off a man on tirst. Sam Jones Leonard McCain Randolph BaskerviUe Wilhe Barnes Baskerville scores the game winning run in tifje 7th mm: Haith IS getting loose ,bd ' ore janives. - ii, ' T R A C K T E A M Pi.i ers Irom Icll to nghl: W illiam Berr and l.lo d Parker running lor F. S C, .A?- ' n-ji Black Belt Ravmond McGregor demon- strates the roundhouse kick on Bill ames McGregor smashes a cinde slab with his knuckles. Paris Jones practice a defense before promotion. W ith speed and accurac) as their goal. McGregor drills the team on the reserve punch. Fred Alston and Thomas Quick, practice Karate spar- ring techniques. ' General McLeod displa s the ll ing side kick. Goldsboro Tournament TENNIS One of [he team-, leading pLners Ronald B rd shous his beauti lul forehand smash Leli Aiicia Addcock shows her hard forehand. rf5 FuiLd rh r|. " f ' " T, " f;r ' " " ' M.ke Sidberry, LaVcrne MeNa.r, Ronald Bvrd, J.ll huiilord, Charles l.ane. Alic.a Addeoek. Captain Hiram Jones and Coach Page Saunders, Senior Charles Lane shows his greall improved forehand " The sun comes oul . . . the air begins to get warm and Fayetteville State ' s tennis team, who ranks fourth in the i CIAA, begins practice. " La Verne McNair, this ear pla ing in compelition for the first time displa s her strong bacl hand. Captain— Hiram Jones whose record for the ear was 6 4 displays his smashing ability. Mike Sidberry here displays his ability to stretch for the ball using a strong back- hand. " The strong lose against the stronger " The Broncos coaching staff headed by H. Boub -P. Saunders and S Guldescu- 4. ' VT Cap.am Wilbur Jones and Lester Brown talk over plays lor next game. Broncos in action »,th runn.ng back. M,ke Pearso JW ' ■- f :: ' .y% - J « i;-. .-V ? ' Senior quarterback, Danny McMiUian is gelling ready 10 display his ability to help Ihe team advance. B « nSyg ifi • ? » . :2 3m I reshman. Ronald .Ainner on the move again. HOMECOMING m. ' lus Ronald Peltiway 10, connects for two poinls m the Si- Augustine College game, Roy Kirch, 24, watches. BASKETBALL " We — we are the Mighty, Mighty Broncos . . . " ' " Re- bound, Rebound, Rebound— Get it, get it ... " " We want two — we want two " — cries that echo back and forth in our gym every Tuesday and Thursday night. Why? The Bron- cos are taking to the hardwood: racing from one end of the court to the other, executing plays, blocking shots, and sinking shots for valuable points. Why aren ' t they cham- pions? Coach Gaines says; " We are potential champions. The team this year was composed primarily of freshmen — green as grass but growing, I feel the Broncos will return as formidable foes in the conference. Developing the type of team necessary for a winner in the Central Inter-collegiate Athletic Conference is, by no means, easy. Most conference teams play high quality basketball. I am proposing a three year varsity program which may or may not develop before that time. The first two years will be devoted primarily to recruit- ment and development of fundamentals. The third year will be spent on seasoning and polishing the group into what I should like to see become a well disciplined consistent winner. " Dean Uzzell presents 2nd place trophy to captain Peltiway as Oscar Phillips and Coach Gaines look on. Left to right SrA D G Oscar Philiips. John Pasteur. Rov Birch. WiMu Bailey. William Monroe. Kirb Galbreth. Thomas V illiams. Jasper Tanner K. tELI G Ronald Peltiwa . Rand and tvernell Jo ncr . Frank Patterson. Earl McNeill. Coach Gaines has a pre-gamc discus William Monroe 54. ith co-captains Ronald Peltma 10 and Willie Bailey 44. follows shot by Oscar Phillips 40. Oscar Phillips shoots and Roy Borch follows shot in North Carolina College game Broncos never quit- The never say die spirit of the Bronco ' s and the " Broncos Drive " (motto), was very much evident in our team this year. Although a predominately freshman team, the Broncos beat more experienced and veteran teams. Two contest were lost in overtime with one bemg dropped in two overtime periods. The pictures depict the tempo and hustle shown in every game, which made the Broncos a winner in the heart of students and fans. Roy " Siiip " Birch and William " Dip " Monroe, position ttiemscives for re- bound after a shol from North Carolina College-Brown The Broncos won 55—54. Rand Brown and Oscar Phillips prepare to dr and go play against North Carolina College Ronald Pellmay makes lay up as Willie Sinclair 34 of Kurt Bragg at- tempts to block shot. Roy Birch gets off a shot against Fort Bragg. The Broncos won 82 74 in two overtime periods. Roy " Skip " Birch on the fast break. Randy " Dandy " Brown makes a lay up as he drives around a North Carolina College player. ainst St. Augustine, FSC ' s big Mike St. Augustine Sneed :ind .lenkins battle for rebound David F. Walker (trainer), talks with Kirby Cial- Snced gets offa lumpshot brcth and Roy Birch ADMINISTRATION f PRESIDENT OF COLLEGE To the shortest path and to the longest lane there comes an end . . . Inevitable change brings the sweet, sad word, farewell. It is with a feeling of mixed emotions that I say goodbye to the graduat- ing seniors of 1969. It has been the aim of the college to teach you to think and to adjust to change. You are graduating at a time when opportunities to serve are unlimited. I bid you God speed as you join the thousands of loyal sons and daughters of Dear Old Fayetteville State who have previously passed through the portals of this institution. I urge you to press onward and upward as you assume your rightful place in our so- cietv. Mrs. Alice Jones — secretary President Jones .li..! . .lit arnalu.n Bal DEAN OF COLLEGE I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the members of the class of 1969. It is mv hope that your experience at the College the past four years has provided, among others, ample opportunities for you to develop your talents and capabilities. I would remind you that the development of these assets is a continu- ous process throughout one ' s life. Best w ishes for success in your various fields of en- deavor. Secretaries Mrs. P. M, Green. Miss D. Hodge DEAN OF STUDENTS Dear Graduates of 1969 Please accept my sincere congratulations upon your graduation from Fayetteville State College. It has been a pleasure associating and working with you over the past four years. I am sure that your pre- sence here will be missed and I trust that you will often think of " Good Ole Fayetteville State. " You have completed your work at a time when col- lege trained men and women are in great demand, I trust that you will meet the challenge facing you in these critical times. Miss E. M. Dawson, secretary II ii . DEAN OF Mrs, A. W. Shephard -»■ . . -nr- Mrs. F. L. Wi Secretar Mr. A.J. Pindle Business Manage BUSINESS OFFICE Miss L.Sibley u B L R C E L ' A T Q N Mr. P Lea- er LIBRARY STAFF Miss Lena Means- Regis OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS COLLEGE COUNSELOR INFORMATION DESK Miss D. Bradley REFECTORY STAFF INFIRMARY STAFF Nurse Thompso DORMITORY COUNSELORS FACULTY Hi DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION The Department of Education at FSC em- braces the areas of Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Psychology. The first responsibility of the department is to prepare teachers for the schools of North Carolina. Many graduates are cur- rently working m many other states and the percentage seeking work beyond the bounda- ries of our own states are steadily mcreasmg. It is the aim of the department to continu- ally improve the quality of the product which we educate in order that the demand will contmue to grow, both in and out of state. The program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Busi- ness Education integrates a broad general education with special- ized training for students who plan to enter the teaching profession or who desire to enter business or government service. A program of activities is planned to enable the student to develop the neces- sary knowledge, professional skill, and understanding required for effective and successful living in our modern society. The Department of Business Education has the following objec- tives: To develop an understanding of the basic principles of busi- ness and commercial life and activities; to develop within the stu- dent an appreciation of the importance and functions of business in our modern society and in relationship to our national economy; to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in the area of teaching, business, government, and industry; and to pre- pare students for graduate and advanced study. Left lo right: Mr Parekh Mr. Conlardi. Miss C. Stokes and Mr Lett to right Mr .1 Turner. Mr. B, McGeachy, Dr. W. Pace, Mrs. L. Wil Dr. M Frierson(ehairnianl Dr. G. Davis and DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL SCIENCES The faculty of the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences subscribes to the policies of the col- lege and to the goals of higher edu- cation in North Carolina. Some of the latter are: to help the individual achieve self-fulfillment; to produce some of the qualities and skills which society needs and to encour- age and support scientific research. In Doing so, we strive to promote academic excellence and the better- ment of our cosmopolitan society. Left lo nghl Dr F, Hunter. Miss V Dix. Mr. R. Robinson, Mr, Murphy, Dr. J. Knuckles and Mrs. C Hull DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION The curriculum of the Department of Health and Physical Education is designed to serve all students of the college by offering both service and professional courses. The service courses aim to meet the needs and interests of all students in the various departments of the college. The professional courses are intended for students who are preparing to be teachers of health and physical education, leaders in recreation programs, and athletic coaches. Lefi 10 right: ROW ONE: Miss J, Roberts. Mr. H. Scott (chairman), Mrs, M. Mo ROn TWO Mr. J. Davis. Miss L. Taylor. Mr. D A, Williams, Not shown Mr Games and Mr. P. Saunders Not shown: Dr. S. Gildescu. Left to right: C. Johnson. Miss. E. Adams K. Bergan. Dr D. Bishop (chairman), BACK ROW H Suggs. G Re and Dean Jones Dr. S, Liu. Miss, d, Dr C. Thomas DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY and POLITICAL SCIENCE The Department of History and Polit- ical Science consists of eleven instruc- tors and seventy-three percent of our graduates have gone to graduate school on academic scholarships. We attempt to develop a sense of meaningful perspective through knowl- edge of the human experience as it re- lates to contemporary man. We hope that our graduates will struc- ture thei r professional careers with dedi- cation, perseverance, and integrity. DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY It is heartening to note the phenomenal rise of student enrollment in the following Social Work courses, namely: Principles of Social Work, Methods of Social Work, Field Work, Agency Laboratory Experi- ence Seminar, and Urban Sociology sup- plemented by a number of related soci- ology subjects. With proper direction, promotion, and stimulation, we can prophesy the estab- lishment of a Social Work Department designed to offer a major in social work in the future. This is the prevailing trend now sweeping the nation ' s colleges and universities. Left to right: Dr. I. Che Mr. H. Doub off, Mr. D. Nathaniel. Dr. Uzzell. and Mr. C. H. Aderholdl. Not shown- •A DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Non-Teaching Program consist of a minimum of 35 semester hours of math. Related courses in Physics. Chemistry or computer service are also offered. The main objectives of this de- partment are to strengthen stu- dents in the basic skills as they re- late to other quantitative and quali- tative subjects; to prepare those students whose abilities lead to non-teaching professions with the necessary background and to send out graduates distinguished by their ability to make critical and inde- pendent judgement. right. Mrs, Bi! inlandCol, Mi hop. Dr. H, hldndge DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE The Department of Foreign Lan- guages otTer courses leading to a mi- nor in French and a minor in Span- ish. Emphasis is placed on the follow- ing objectives: Equipping students with the linguistic skills of compre- hending, speaking, reading, and writ- ing the language; providing literary study and knowledge of foreign civi- lizations; and preparing for the teaching of the foreign language as well as for linguistic endeavors in the areas of business, industry, and social work. Left 10 right: Mr. A. Herard, (cha Curr , Mr Tho Neville m mt DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH The main objectives of this depart- ment are to give students the communi- cative skills the educated man should have; to prepare students for certification as teachers of general speech at the secondary level; to give the students ma- joring in English that background and specialized material necessary to teach English on the secondary level and to pursue graduate study in English and re- lated areas. Left to right: Miss B. Meyerson, Mrs. C. Massey, Mr. G, FiAwoo. Mrs. M. Jones, Mrs. E, George, Mr, L, Battle, Dr. J, Corbell, (chairman), Mrs, M. Scott, Miss L, Turner, Mrs. Stevenson, Mr. Clark, Mrs, M, Little, Mr. Co , Mrs, J, Lewis, and Mr. Z. Mallard, Mrs. M. T, Eldrldge— Chairman HarvevC Jenkins Fine arts department Mr. T. B. Bacole Miss Manger Not shown W O M N C u T Y U B FSC ' s Self-Sludy Steering Committee Faculty Wives RceeptK FRESHMEN Armwood. Tyrone Aliens. Charles Andrews, Christine Armstrong, Larr) Anthonv, Donald Amos, Claudelle Allen, Alice Briscoe, Jen kwii J {W Brown. Cynthia Ballard, Wa Bailev, Ronald Briggs. D Brown. Henrv Bowden. Krnest Blackmore. Larry Bryant. Bobby Branch. Joseph Bnggs. Bchnda Belhea. Willie Branlley. MaeWill Burrcll. Charles Boone. Brenda Boone, Linda Bailie, Mary Cheslniil, Claudia Crosland.Jii M M Canty. Shirley Dicken. Lanorris Darden. Bnrhn Durant. Lihwood Uixun, Ma Evans, Shiriey m I r. m i Fulwood. Almeda Ferguson, Ernestine Graham. Maurice Gambill. Paul Garner, trnest Gary, William Gambill. Richard Graham, Cleveland Gordon. Hele Gerald, Levinskie Gamble. Ken Gerald, Vondrena Gray. Linda Golden. Brenda Green, JoAnn Hayes. Calvii - Holden, Joseph Howard. Richard Harrison, Bcrlha Henderson. G Hanslcv, Linda Herring, Jerry Harris. David Harper. Elaii Hassell. Vivian Howard. James HoMoman, Larry Hunliey, Shirley Hunter, lindii Harris. Henr Holmes, C nthia Iver , James Islcr, Leonard Jacobs, Dianne Jounson. Lawrence Johnson, Delinda Johnson, . nnit Jackson. Janice Johnson. Hele Jordon.Vera Kingsberrx . David Knight. Leroy kiltrcll. Mllto ■n Knight, Bernii Lee. Mary E. Lane, Cassandra Lyons. Alvunella Lassiler, Gloria Langley, Lois Morns, Jerald McCoy, Mary Mitchell, Thein Moss. Daniel C. Miichell. Authunce Moody, Daniel McNeill. Arnold MuAnderbon. Regina McArlhur, tiigen Melvin, Eunice Murph . Guendo fe McLeod. Daniel McDougald. Chalmers McCalop, Connie Moore, Irvin Macklin. Paula Massenburg, Regina Moody. Calv Morant. Mary McQueen. Mary Mclnlyre, Sophia Martin. Henry McRae, Freddie m McNeill. Annette Mosley. Grace McLavnn, DorotllN Moore. Veronit Mince . Harold Melvin, Patricia Middlelon. Haiti. Murchison. D. McDougald, Louise Murry, Cherish McDuffie, Edna Miles, Parnell v " ...- t : ' ; I n McNeil. Arnold McRae. Claudi; Nelson, Rosalind Oi ens.Jos Owens, Rohcrl Patterson. Frank m M Pannell, Homie Phillips, Joyc k Phillips, C Pearson, W illiam Pigford. 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Marga aradle , MarvC. Blue. Barbara A. Brown, Dorolhv Carmichael, Elisler Chambers, Gwendolyn Coley.Jacquetir Gotten. Glonstme Crenshaw. Lula Cooley, John Covington. Mary Cromartie. Liliie Corbelt, Evelyn Cozarl, Catherine Davis, Nalhaniel Dickerson. Carolyn bvans. Ruth M fKvmwsemntntHtttmtiilimtl iSi Gunler, Carolyn Hayes. Gladys Harris, Barbara Herring, Howard Hill.CarlotlaP James. Gladys Jackson, Wilson Jackson. W van u u uM u i wTTTiyiiianniffminiwmririmTTrmiirr iit iWg m« Jones, Jacqueline LaVan.Carohn niviiwMenKHtiiHHmBcinmKaiRainBmiil Mason, Thomasene McCain. Leonard NkCuliough. An McDaniel, ViV. McDonald, An ell «6«r»aM»j9« »ii?«eE | McDougald.Je McNeil, liula McEachin. Lucille McRae, Jerry Mitchell, George Mitchell, James Moore. Jud Mullens. Nannit Murray, Thomas Mitchell. Mamie Nicholson, Belly Gates, William R. Parker, Evelyn Peacock. Annie Paige, Blanche Perry. Peggy C. Pelers, Henrietta Ray, Cora Phelps, Ma Rawley, Gwendolyn Price. Myrtle Pierce, Waller D. Ross, Louie E. Sampson. Clydia Sanders. Franzetla Singletary. Eloise Rush. Michael s Strealer, Shirley Solomon, Pauktle Thompson, VVilln Tillmon, Mary Stocks, Matlie Thurman, Marjone Terrel, Henry Treadwell. Shirk Weeks. Barbara Weens, Martha Whitaker. Gwendolyn Whilley. Elizabeth m Wiggins, Judy W ilson. Audrey Williams. Watson Winfield. Eduard Willingham, Elaii W illiams. James Woodard. Vernei RimgBmPMw»iR«ffgTH Wiw«giiigawni ;raMa c in[P W »v;y«agh ft! aBa - BUILDING H R R H A ' • ■ ' y ' - M iKi.vivmiswiiV: iii»n»wirnH: ' 7.:i o Y N R H A L ■■ - msmemmmm tTl " f mml B R A R Y V A N H A L . - •« . • ■i «sJ6s - R O E N T H A B U I D I N G L .V niiiiiiiiiiiipi I iiiiiiimiiiiiiiini wiiiiiiiiniinimMMiiiimiiWiUiiw a SENIOR DIRECTORY Alderman, Yvonne P.O. Box 553 Rose Hill, N.C. Sociology Drama Guild Women ' s council Social Science Club Artis, Delores Mae Rt. I. Box 189 Four Oaks, N.C. Elementary Education Photography Club S.N.E.A. Tutorial Program Smith Hall Dormitory Association Baker, Mary Rt. 2, Box 142-A Rowland, N.C. Phi Beta Lambda Tutorial Program S.N.E.A. Baldwin, Katherine Rt. 5, Box 136 Whiteville, N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Day Student Organization Dormitory Association Baptist Student Union Sunday School S.N.E.A. Barnes, Carrie Lee Rt. l.Box 183-A Linden, N.C. Business Education Day Student Organization Student Government Voice Phi Beta Lambda Barnes, Cozetta 906 East Ave. Tarboro, N.C. Elementary Education S.N.E.A. ' Smith Hall Dorm. Association Blackstock, Margaret A. 211 S. Hairston St. Eden, N.C. Elementary Education Pan Hellenic Council Women ' s Council Who ' s Who Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Miss Bickett Hall Student Council Dean ' s List S.N.E.A. Smith Hall Dorm. Association Becton, Sarah J. Rt. l,Box 150 Havelock, N.C. Business Education S.N.E.A. Voice Staff Westminster Fellowship Phi Beta Lambda Dorm. Assoc. Bell, Edna Carole Rt.2, Box 171 Goldsboro. N.C. History Drama Guild Chess club Yearbook Staff Social Science Club Afro-American Society Archonian Club Tutorial Program Blue, Barbara A. Rt. 1, Box 387 Erwin. N.C. Elementary Education Band Women ' s Council S.N.E.A. Blue, Priscilla P.O. Box 577 Fairmont, N.C. English Drama Guild Band English Club Dance Group Pyramid S.N.E.A. Bond, Wille Rogers P.O. Box 401 Windsor, N.C. Health Physical Ed. Football Baseball Pern Club Dormitory Officer Groove Phi Groove Bowen, Dorthy J. Rt. 1, Box lO-A Bolton, N.C. English Choir English Club Bowser, Laura R. Rt.2, Box 47 1-D Roanoke Rapids, N.C. English Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Miss Sphinx Student Government Pan-Hellenic Council Dorm .Assoc. English Club Social Committee Dean ' s List Drama Guild Bradley, Mary 319 S.Alexander St. Mt. Holly, N.C. Sociology Choir Social Science Club Day Student Organization Brinkley, Barbara Rt 2, Box 223 Nashville, N.C. English Band English Club S.N.E.A. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sor, Dorm. Assoc. Day Student Bruce, Berdelle 809 S.Caledonia Road Laurinburg, N.C. Business Education Choir Baptist Student Union Drama Guild Sunday School Phi Beta Lambda S.N.E.A. Burch, Irma Jean Rt.2, Box 7 1 Peachland, N.C. Elementary Education Drama Guild Sunday School Baptist Student Union Student Gov ' t Repres. Butler. Ruby .Mae Rl. 1. Box 178 Clinton, N.C. Elementary Ed. Day Student Organization Bynum, Clara M. Rt. 1, Box 154 Goldston, N.C. Elementary Ed. Baptist Student Llnion Student Gov ' t Repres, Yearbook Staff Carmichael, Elister l560Seabrook Road Fayetleville, N.C, SENIOR DIRECTORY History Delta Sigma Theta Sor. Day Student Organization Social Science Club Afro-American Club Drama Guild College Marshall S.N.E.A. Chambers. Gwendolyn 1 104 Simpson St. Fayetteville, N.C. Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta .Sorority S.N.E.A. Afro-American Club Day Student Organization Pan-Hellenic Council Charles W, Chesnutt Book Club Clarke, Edith Marie P.O. 80x226 Entield, N.C. Business Education Clark. Rachel Rodelia Rt. 1, Box 150-D Vanceboro. N.C. Elementary Education Baptist Student Union Women ' s Council S.N.E.A. Coats, Clemmie I 524 Deep Creek Rd Fayetteville, N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Voice Day Student Organization Cooley, John F 916 Frolic St. Fayetteville, N.C. Physical Education Groove Phi Groove Veterans Club Westminster Fellowship PemClub Afro-American Club Football MahbuClub Corbett, Evelyn J. Rt. I, Box 107 Atkinson, N.C. Elementary Education Choir Miss Smith Hall S.N.E.A. Yearbook Staff Methodist Club Senior class officer Tutorial Program Dorm. Assoc. Gotten, Gloristine 65 County St. New Haven, Conn. Physical Education Choir Pem Club AC Club Baptist Student Union Sunday School Assoc. A.A.H.P.E.R. N.C AH. PER. Cozart, Catherine Rt. 2, Box 16-B Creedmoor, N.C. Elementary Ed. Drama Guild S.N.E.A. Crenshaw, Lula Gray Rt.2, Box 7 Garland, N.C. Sociology Social Science Club Day Student Organization Sampson County Club Afro-American Club Cromartie, Lillie Ann 222 McRaeSt. Wilmington, N.C. Business Education Wilmington Club Sunday School Westminster Fellowship Phi Beta Lambda Covington, Mary C. 45ti Moore Street Fayetteville, N.C. Applied Sociology Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Social Science Club Tutorial Program DeVane, Florence Rt. l.Box 171 Harrell, N.C. Elementary Ed. Afro-American Club Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Sunday School Yearbook Staff Dixon, Johnnie Bell 708 Raleigh St. Kinston, N.C. Mathematics Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Math Club Elliot. Dorothy B. 807 Pine St. Beaufort. N.C. Business Education Voice Staff Phi Beta Lambda S.N.E.A. Evans, Ruth M. 125 S. 8th. St. Wilmington, N.C. Elementary Ed. Methodist Club Day Student Fulford, Daisy B. 705 Bullock St. Fayetteville. N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Cheerleader S.N.E.A. Gaither, Norma G. 1508 N. Sharer St. Salisbury, N.C. English Student Gov ' t Repre. English Club Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman ' s Council Dorm. Assoc. Graham, Hannah P. Rt. 2, Box 93 Pink Hill, N.C. Elementary Ed. Baptist Student U. Drama Guild S.N.E.A. Greene, Doris D. Rt. 3, Box 3-E Warrenton. N.C. English Sunday School English Club Voice Staff S.N.E.A. Greene. Jesse W. 3815 Jay St. NE. Washingto n. D.C. Business Ed. Football Track Phi Beta Lambda Varsity Club Groove Phi Groove Gunter. Carolyn Rt. I. Box 243 Moncure. N.C. Elementary Ed. Methodist Student U. Drama Guild Sunday School SENIOR DIRECTORY Dean ' s List S.N.E.A Hankins. Corbett L. P O. Box 434 Jacksonville. N.C. Biology R.O.T.C. Intramural Softball Bronco Marching Band Bronc-glow Jazz Band Concert Band Scroller Club Biolog Club Tutorial Program Hard). Doroth M. Rt. I. Box 323 Griffon. N.C, Business Comprehensive Dorm. Assoc. Phi Beta Lambda Women ' s Council Dean List S.N.E.A. Harros. Barbara R. 703 Billmgsley Road Charlotte, N.C. Sociology Drama Guild Westminster Fellowship Social Science Club Hayes. Gladys L. Rt. I, Box233-A RoseHill, N.C. Elementary Ed. Sampson County Club Newspaper Day student Organization Hill, Carlotta Paulette P.O Box 67 Garland, N.C. Elementary Ed. Sampson County Club Sunday School Smith Hall Association S.N E.A. Hill. Mary Elaine 1945 Carter Street Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Elementary Education Cheerleader Dorm. Assoc. Sunday School Yearbook Staff Women ' s Council Student Gov ' t Repre. S.N.E.A. Social Committee Hines, Janet L. lOOOStantonsburv St. Wilson, N.C. Elementary Ed. Band Drama Herring, Howard G. P.O. Box 244 Oxford, N.C. Elementary Ed. Veteran Club Pres. Jacobs, Sarah B. 1009 S. 14th St. Wilmington, N.C. Elementary Education Choir Baptist Student Union S.N.E.A. James, Gladys L. Rt. I, Box 118 Maple Hill. N.C. Elementary Ed. Who ' s Who Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Smith Hall Dorm. Association FSC-UNC Exchange Program Methodist Student Union Sunday School Pan-Hellenic Council Dean ' s List S.N.E.A. Jenkins, Venus D. Rt. 3, Box 62 Tarboro, N.C. Business Education Choir Phi Beta Lambda Tutorial S.N.E.A. Jones, Jacqueline N. 423 Hancock Avenue Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Elementary Education Piano College Choir S.N.E.A. Jones, James R. P.O. Box 115 Trenton, N.C. Health Physical Ed. Sunday School Pern Club N.C.A.H P.E R. S.N.E.A. Jones, Osborne B. 524 Carrol St. St. Paul, Minn. Social Studies Student Gov ' t Repre. Veteran Club Afro-American Club S.N.E.A. Lamb, Brookie Rt. 1, Box 304 Teachey, N.C. Elementary LaVan, Carolyn A. 4706 Falls St. Houston, Texas History Women ' s Council Social Science Club National Council of Social Studies Lee, Janice L. 19l4SlanberrySt. Fayetteville, N.C. Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority FSC-UNC Exchange Program S.N.E.A Lewis, Shirley 1884 Gola Drive Fayetteville, N.C. Business Education Alpha Kappa .Alpha Phi Beta Lambda Westminster Fellowship Day Student Organization McAllister, Joyce L. 1921 Harris St ' . F ayetteville, N.C. Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Day Student Organization McCain. Leonard 616 Clyde St. Cherryville, N.C. Sociology Baseball Choir Social Science Club Kappa .Alpha Psi Senior Class officer Pan-Hellenic Council McCoy, Duke J. 419 W. Institute St. Chadbourn, N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda S.N.E.A. SENIOR DIRECTORY McCullough, Annie L. Rl. 1, Box 49 Rose Hill. N.C. Sociology Miss FSC Who ' s Who Miss Phi Beta Sigma Miss Crescent Student Government Da Student Organization Smith Hall Association Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Dean ' s List Women ' s Council Voice Staff Social Science Club McDaniel. ViVi P O Box 53 Polkton, N.C. Sociology Band Social Science Club Dorm. Association S.N.E.A. McEachin, Lucille Rt. l.Box 171 Red Springs, N.C. History Social Scienc e Club Drama Guild Social Studies Education Org. McNeill, EulaC. 1665 Seqard Ave. Bronx. N.Y Elementary [Education Drama Guild Day Student Organization FTA McNeill, Mazella Rt. 2, Box 362 Raeford, N.C. Baptist Student Union Social Science Club Miss Delta Gamma Drama Guild Smith Hall Association National Council of Social Studies (Major-History) S.N.E.A. McRae, Annie Pearl Rt. 2, Box 357 Laurinburg, N.C. Mathematics Band Mathematics Discussion Group Smith Hall Association Student Gov ' t Repre. Delta Sigma Thela Sorority Reporter of " Bronco Voices " S.N.E.A. Mahomes. Macon D. 789 St. Macks St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Physical Education Football Varsity Club Pem Club Mason, Thomasene W. Rl. 2, Box 502 Raeford, N.C. Elementary Education Sunday School S.N.E.A. Melvin, Joyce C. Rl. 3, Box 147 Kenly. N.C. Elementary Education Glee Club Photography Club Dorm. Association S.N.E.A. Mitchell, Alice Rl. 4, Box 400 Windsor, N.C. Elementary Education Social Committee Choir Mitchell, George Rt.4, Box77-4x Ahoskie, N.C. Business Education Groove Phi Groove Band Phi Beta Lambda Mitchell, James Larry 732N.MialsSt. Clayton, N.C. Sociology Choir Social Science Club Varsity Club Mitchell, Mamie Dons Rt. l,Box77-A Rich Square, N.C. Elementary Education Head Majorette Pyramid Club Editor of Yearbook Dance Group Hood Hall Association Moore. Charles Rt. I, Box 208 Burgaw, N.C. Elementary Education Phi Beta Sigma Lyceum Committee Senior Class Officer Social Committee Student Gov ' t Repre. Pan-Hellenic Council Moore, Judy Deloris 721 1 2 Gay St. Rocky Mount, N.C. English Women ' s Council English Club Education Committee Dorm. Association S.N.E.A. Nathan, Shirlee M. 1138 E. UpsalSl. Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary Education Baptist Student Union Day Student Organization S.N.E.A. Dorm, Association Nelson, Sandra Dale P.O.Box 186 Robersonville, N.C. Sociology Social Science Club Afro-American Organization Women ' s Council Yearbook Staff Chess Club Baptist Student Union Nicholson, Betty J. P.O. Box 271 Whitakers. N.C. Elementary Ed. Afro-American Society Westminster Fellowship Yearbook Staff Sunday School S.N.E.A. Patrick. Mamie D. 1510 E.Caswell St. Kinslon. N.C. Elementary Ed. Baptist Student Union Yearbook Staff Parker, William R. 56 Kerr Street Jacksonville, N.C. Sociology National Ed. Association Choir Peacock, Annie M. 903-B Lincoln Dr. Goldsboro, N.C. Sociology Choir Social Science Club Westminster Fellowship SENIOR DIRECTORY Peters, Henretta C. Rt. 4, Box 289 Fayelteville, N.C. Business Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Choir Phi Beta Lambda Dean ' s List Day Student Organization Phelps, Maxine 900 Wainwright Ave. Wilson, N.C. Elementary Education Sunday School Wilson Club Choir Baptist Student Union Powell, Addie M. 413 E. End Ave Littleton, N.C. Sociology Delta Sigma Theta Sor. Social Science Club Band Drama Guild Pan-Hellenic Council Women ' s Council Dorm. Assoc. Student Gov ' t Repre. Ray, Cora Ann Rt.6, Box 210 Raleigh, N.C. Mathematics Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Beta Kappa Chi Who ' s Who Math Club Student Gov ' t Repre. Ricks, Rosena A. 506 E.St. John St. Tarboro, N.C. History Choir Drama Guild S.N.E.A. Ross, Louie P.O. Box 53 Lawndale, N.C. Sociology Pan-Hellenic Council Omega Psi Phi Kampus Kaffee Klutch Pres. Sunday School Social Science Club Ruffin, Bessie Marie Rt. 3, Box 166 Wilson, N.C. English Alpha Kappa Alpha Women ' s Gov ' t (ECS) Sunday School Choir ( ECS) English Club Fine Arts Club (E CS) Rush, Johnny M. 307 Marcellous St. Laurinburg. N.C. Elementary Ed. Intramural Marching Band Drum Major Concert Band Combo Band Counselor Tutorial Program Sanders, Franzetta M. 212 Short Street Fayetteville, N.C. English Day student organization Delta Sigma Theta Sor. English Club Library Committee Scott, Particia A. Rt. I, Box 280 Statesville, N.C. English S.N.E.A. English Club Methodist Club Dean ' s List Student Gov ' t Repres. Singletary, Eloise Rt. 3, Box 202-A Lake City, S.C. Business Education Women ' s Council S.N.E.A. Baptist Student Union Alpha Kappa Alpha Sor. Sunday School Who ' s Who Solomon, Paulette Rt. 2, Box 1 1 Halifax, N.C. English Drama Guild S.N.E.A. English Club Sunday School Women ' s Council Dorm. Assoc. Stocks, Mattie Rt. 4, Box 284 Dunn, N.C. Business Education Day Student Organization Baptist Student Union Streater, Shirley A. P.O. Box 86 Wadesboro, N.C. Biology Who ' s Who Women ' s Council Biology Club Student Gov ' t Alpha Kappa Alpha Sor. Stubbs, Gloria 8 W.Cedar St. Central Islip, N.Y. Sociology Sunday School Drama Guild Science Club Tutorial Program Terrell, Henry 198 Bond Street Brooklyn, N.Y. Mathematics Class officer Dean ' s List Tutorial Program Omega Psi Phi Math Club Jazz Band Captain Track Team Varsity Club AIIC1AA(4 Yrs.) N.C. State Champion and Record Holder Thomas, Dwight R. 4328 Hayes St. N.E. Washington, D.C. Business Education Football Groove Phi Groove Varsity Club Phi Beta Lambda Thompson, James Jr. 38 Blue Hill Ave Hartford, Conn. Elementary Ed. Omega Psi Phi Library Committee Afro-American Organization Pan-Hellenic Council Pres. of Williams Hall Thurman, Marjorie E. Rt. I, Box 9 Hallsboro, N.C. Business Education Ivy Leaf Club Choir Voice Staff Phi Beta Lambda Dean ' s List 149 SENIOR DIRECTORY Tillmon, Mary E. Rt.3. Box 184 V adesboro, N.C. Elementary Education Women ' s Council Drama Guild Sunday School Methodist Student Union Treadwell. Shirley Rt. 1. Box 68 Garland. N.C. Elementary Education Westminster Fellowship Sunday School Dean ' s List Dorm. Assoc. S.N.E.A. Vines, Barbara 708 Fleming St. Greenville, N.C. Health Physical Ed. Band Pem Club Westminster Fellowship Walker, Elaine P.O. Bo.x 664 Roseboro, N.C. Methodist Club Sampson County Club Sunday School Student Gov ' t Social Science Club N.A.A.C.P. Black Student Movement Tutorial Program Alpha Kappa Alpha Sor. FSC-UNC Exchange Program Who ' s Who Smith Hall Assoc. Ware, Helen Yvonne 168 S. Caledonia Rd. Laurinburg, N.C. Business Education Sunday School Westminster Fellowship Baptist Student Union Women ' s Council Dorm. Assoc. S.N.E.A. Whitakers, Gwendolyn E. Rt. I, Box 260 Whitakers, N.C. English Sunday School English Club Dorm. Assoc. Kampus KafTeeKlutch Whitley, Elizabeth C. Rt. 2, Box 560 Clayton, N.C. History Social Science Club Voice Staff S.N.E.A. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sor. Endowment Committee Wiggins, Judy Rt. 4, Box 304 Windsor, N.C. Physical Education Pem Club Pyramid Club Kampus KatfeeKlutch Winfield, Edward Jr. 74 Johnston Si. Newburgh, N. ' Y. Elementary Education Sunday School Omega Psi Phi Pan-Hellenic Council Dean ' s List Track Team Social Science Club Wilson, Audrey J. Rt. I, Box 142 Eden, N.C. Elementary Education Women ' s Council Smith Hall Assoc. Dean ' s List Archonian of Zeta Phi Beta Tutorial Program S.N.E.A. Williams, Dollean E. Rt. 2, Box 274 Littleton, N.C. English Delta Sigma Theta Sor. Band Choir Pan-Hellenic Council Dorm. Assoc. Women ' s Council Williams, James Jr. 670 Cape Fear Court Fayetteville, N.C. Business Education Drama Guild Yearbook Staff Phi Beta Lambda Williams, Lillian A. Rt. 2, Box 257 Blounts Creek, N.C. Sociology Social Science Club Sunday School Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Choir Photography Club Hood Hall Assoc. Williams, Mable Rt. l,Box264-C Wade, N.C. Business Education Voice Staff Phi Beta Lambda Day Student Organization Willingham, Elaine M. 226 Park Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C. Elementary Education Band Sunday School Woodard, Vernell Rt. 3, Box 463 Wilson, N.C. English S.N.E.A. Drama Guild Wilson Club English Club Junior Class officer Senior Class officer Sunday School Wyatt, Jackson Jr. P.O. Box 704 Nashville. N.C. Physical Education Football Basketball Baseball Pem Club wSg ■ . . • Jt. ■ ■ ' • « »i

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