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Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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pn «?J7?:za«i 552»fi;i- ' ' ■ ■?.■.«;..! ,a.,i !a ! »i t - ■ wrnxmittmA »-;«!ii-»aiAi4 ilt)v. n 1 THE STUDENTS of FAYETTE VI LLE STATE COLLEGE proudly PRESENT the 1968 FAYETTEVILLIAN EDITORS: CASSANDRA WALLACE LESTER McKINNON ADVISOR HARVEY C. JENKINS VOL II FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA ■■tn.-yaiii mi REFLECTIONS Life indeed would be tragic, sad, and empty if one could not some- how preserve the mo- ments that were once dear to us. In this year ' s edition of the Fayettevillian we have both endeavored to re- cord the moments that were tender, and warm, happy and exhilarating, sad and meaningful. REFLECTIONS ' 68 CASSANDRA WALLACE Editor In Chief LESTER MCKINNON Co-Editor bw OV4CO f (3V so i VJe out sUSt S otV- rtoO o e ' , aivJaV- VJea ti e s? ' iVn .t?- VJe W ai ' aV sp tiiovJ i tlieve s o • e-tt ' .tiue OfaV« ev SVi e Uo ' loveV ove o ;l e banne ' and Uo i ' ;o ots b vie iiii vvUi = ,V.ee? out 6 ' oai vj4 . to i- ( P-e? eat secon ' d start aa " ) DEDICATION The faculty and students at Fayetteville State College are proud to dedicate the 1968 edition of the Fayettevillian to honor retired dietitian, Miss Beulah W. Jones, on December 10, 1967. Miss Jones came to Fayetteville State College in 1946 after working as a secondary and home economics teacher. She is a graduate of Shaw University and earned her Master ' s degree from North Carolina College at Durham. Tributes were presented to Miss Jones from the college, fac- ulty, students, alumni and from the community. It was aptly put by one student when learned of the retire- ment and said, " The students will miss her. " Miss Beulah W. Jones receives plaque from President Rudolph Jones. Mrs. M. P. Jones The Family Reunion Of Dr. Jones First Family Rudolph B. Jones President Greets Freshmen With School Receives Funds President Life President - Parent Discussion Our President views Homecoming The Seniors 25-54 Freshmen 77-90 Queens 91-100 Organizations 109-128 Sports (Activities) 129 THE ADMINISTERS p ■ President Of The College Mrs. Alice Jones YEARBOOK GREETINGS It is a pleasure for me to extend sincere congratulations and best wishes to tl e members of the senior class. You are graduat- ing at a time when opportunities to serve are unlimited. You will without doubt join the host of loyal sons and daughters of Fayetteville State College who have preceeded you and who continue to brnig credit to their Alma Mater. May you forever struggle onward and upward as you meet the inevitable chal- lenges which all citizens face in our dynanuc and changing so- ciety. 1 bid you God speed as you leave Dear Old Fayetteville State. - hl Dr. Malvin Moore - B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Dean Of The College Mrs. P. M. Green MISS BETTY PERSON Secretary MISS LENNA M. MEANS Office Of Admissions r MRS. GLADYS HILL Secretary I Final Step of Registration MISS L. L. HARPER Cashier MRS. FANNIE WILLIS Secretary MR. A. J. PINDLL. SR. Business Manager Business Office Mrs. P. Leaser Mis. a. L. Chao Mrs. Siinone Lance Mrv li. McGloilcn MR. J.C.J B.A., M.A MRS. J. W. BRAGGS Dean of Women MRS. A.W. SHt ' PHARD B.S.. M.S. Jeannete McRae Office of The President Carolyn Mclver Office of The Dean Office Assistants rcer 4ndei jKiwbei Office of Admissions MR. PERRY LEAZER Alumni Relations Public Relations DR.Uin.LL UZZLLL i MRS. MARIE KENNEDY MISS N. SMITH LIBRARY STAFF .. ' • ' .♦ f fmy MISS L. WHITEHURST I MISS S. HOWARD F! MRS. R. HIGHTOWER MRS. V. C. WILLIAMS i.- ii Sis ' Mii? . Nurse - THOMPSON Nurse - GRACE PIERCE PRESIDENT Dr. Rudolph Join PRESIDENT EMERITUS Dr. J. W. Seabrook Mr. John Wheeler FOUNDERS ' DAY SPEAKER iBiP Througli them reflect - - Our greatest good - - ' ■- " l Mrs. C. Massey A.B.,M. Litt. „.- iiiis«sg aj i. DR. U. W. BISHOP Chairman - B.A., M.A., Ph.D. DR.T. F. BOUSHY B.A., M.A., Ed.D. REV. R. A. MASSIfY Political Science MR. L. R. BASS, JR. B.S., M.A. l MISS K. BKRGAN B.S. .M.A. «! ' - - DR. S.GULDISCLI B.S., M.A., Ph D, MISS P. SLACUM B.A., M. A. MR. P ROBERTS B.A., M.A. DR. S. LIU B.A.,M.A., Ed.U. DR.C II IIIOMAS A.B., B.D.,Th.M. REV.C.C. THOMAS B.A..B.D.,M.Th., M.A. .Ph.D. MR. B. A. McGEACHY B.S., M A. MR. J.TURNER B.S.,Eci.M. ' j l ' .x» DR M S. FRIERSON Chairman - A.B., B.Ed.M.. Ph.D. MRS. L.C.CARTER EDUCATION MRS. L. S.WILLIAMS B.S., MA. 1 i " ; 4ii A MR. H.SMITH MR. R BYRD . r DR W T. PACE B.S., M.A., Ed.D. . fJA i ' ' - MRS. A. W.SHEPHARD B.S.. M.S. DR. G.D.DAVIS A.B.. B.D.,Ph.D. I % — 1 DR. HLNRY M. ELDRIDGE Chairman - M.A.. B.S.. Ed. D. Mr. Morris Blount B.S., M.S. M A T H Col. Dale Moans B.S.. V.S.M.A.,M.A.T Mr. Roosevelt Odom In Service Teachers SCIENCE Miss V. Dix B.S..M.S. il i 9x ' T I k ; . M DR. J. L. KNUCKLhS Chairman ■ B.S.. M.S.. Ph. D. Dr. T. Chao I.S., M.S.. Ph. D. Mrs. C. B. Huff B.S.,M.A. Mrs. L. Webster Secretaiy R .Mr. R. P. Robinson B.S.. M.A. Professional Diploma in Science SOCIOLOGY Mrs. V. P. Fleming B.S..M.S. Dr. I. Cheroff IS.. M.S.. M.. A. Ph. D- Dr. F. R. Hunter B.S.M.S-.Ph. D. Mr. 0. Nathaniel B.S..M.A. DR.O. UZZtLL Chairman -B.S.. M.A. , Ph. D. ' ■•§. MRS. M. T. ELDRIDGE Cluuman ■ A.B., M.F.A., Mus. Mr. P. D. Tamblyn Mus. B.. Mus. M. FINE ARTS Mr. H. Jenkins B.A.,.M.A. Mr. T. B. Bacote A.B.,M.A. FOREIGN LANGUAGE 1- Mrs. C. r. Thompson A.B..M.B. i I DR. V.I-. CURRY Chairman • A.B.. .M.A., I ' h. D. Mr. Herard Arnold B.A.,M.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION MRS, B, MONROl: Chairman -B.S., M.S. Mr. P. Leazer B.S.C., M.S. NEW FACULTY with Dr. Eldridge I li-. ' j?!iial »i «it . PHYSICAL EDUCATION CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIi;S IN THL GYMNASIUM Evelyn Alderman y Francis Armstrong Ronnie Alexander Robert Allen Karen Asbury tmfi . fl Shirley Austin Emily Armond Mary Barfield Charles Baker Georgetta Baker Melva Ballard Sandra Bazemore Wt ■ftotntWAiaat Gloria Benfield Daisy Bennett Veronica Berry Margie Brown . . Ricardo Browii Leroy Carroll Nanna Bullard Butler % Calvin Clark J l g . y,rt- aaS4tai»» W. v. Mattie Cogdell Annie Gotten Lawrence Cooley Betty Cooper Carolyn Council Beatrice Coulberson Charles Cooper Ernest DeVaiie Esther Daniels Melvena Dickens Lucille Dickey Felece Crawford Johnny Davis Larry Dobbins Joseph Dunham Alford Fergerson Ahneta Edwards Ricardo Elder Elmer Floyd Henry Fennel! Lawrence Fryer Laura Gilniore Linda Gradford Herbert Gray Eugene Green , v t r I - Phyllis Hamilton Samuel Greene Dolphia Hayes Saralyn Harvey Lottie Griffin Dorothy Holmes Bertha Henry k i- y Mary Horton Ernest Hubbard 39 Doris Hughes 9 . Doris Ingram ' WV Janice Johnson Patricia Jacobs Estelle Jennings Nannie Johnson Hattie Johnson Clifton Jones j SS rdt Iris Jones Fathie Kelly Pauline Jones Booker T. Keves Mary Kornegay 90 Veronica Lightfoot Herman Lewis Shirley Lewis Leonza Loftin George Lowery Stewart Lewis Mary McEachern Carolyn Mclver Marv Mclntvre Dorolln McUnirin Marv McLaurin Patricia Mclntvre Flora McLean ■.:,..:y. ,H lUfimMlif H-, :::,.,„ Franklin Mc Millian Macon MaHomes Milton McNeUI Roy McNeill Tlielma Manuel Jeannetle McRae Annie Marable Junious Mathis Matilda Martin Idell Matthews Joan Mattocks Evelyn Mason Tilola Mav -•t Uianne May nor Gavlor Melvin Joyce Merritt Adonis Miles Nan Miles Veronica Moore Merrill Morehead Doiina Newman Hilda Mundine Linda Newsome Richard Mosby Walter Murphy ,% Virginia Pearson I Clara Perry Ellen Ray Bethenia Pierce rt i 4 1 . Catherine Pridgen Signe Ray Delores Purdie -. t Larry Raye " «h Bobbv Ricks ' k Justis Reives KatriiKi Robinson Christine Roundtree Nettie Raynor Margaret Richardson Jerry Seale Shellie Sharpe ' -% « " ■ ■ k Genetha Smallwood Annie Simpson Barbara Singletary Joseph Smith Betty Singletary Ruby Smith 7 Annette Tatum Thomasine Smith Mary Strayhorn Judy Thompson Ivan Tucker III Annie Sumner :ii Cassandra Wallace ..IP Carolyn Walton Marv White Doris Webb Patricia Webb Jacquelyii Whitfield Frances White Elisha Williams Mary Wise Bettie Willingham Mable Williams George Young Ronald Wilson ( - w u.. JOSEPH JOHNSON Vice President BARBARA WARE Secretary DANIEL McMillan President EDITH SOLITHERLAND Assistant Secretary PATRICIA BLUE Treasurer 1 thi:li:ne hall Reporter Our next step is our last step. siiear jzin!y,:y,.v ' - ysi-:M:, ' i jx,xfFrti£! ' yyi!m:-i ' nm ' j« :iess:aK. ' ii:.i : mi mmM l M i( Km iKi xtii7. Artis, Delores Baker, Lou Esther Baker, Mary Bannerman, Joyce Barnes, Alonzo Barnes, Norman Barns, Cozetta Berry, Selena Blue, Barbara Blue, Pnscilla Bond, WilUe Bowser, Laura Bradley, Mary Brimage, Eunice Brinkley, Barbara Brown, Dorothy Bruce, Verdell Buie, Gladys Butler, Beverly Butler, Ruby Burch, Irma Byiium, Clara Carmichael, Elister Chambers, Gwendolyn Chapman, Edna Coley, Jacqueline Cooley, John Corbett, Evelyn Covuigton, Mary Cozart, Catherine ' yiiii-M:. ' ivi) »f, ' ,ifj aiBi is ' mii -ymsKimx iMawwWfc MM W tototejiiMi wign Crawford, Delores Crenshaw, Lula Crook, Edgar DeVane, Florence Dickens, Margie Dickerson, Carolyn DLXon, Johnnie Dobbins, Larry Dumas, Nellie Dunham, Joseph FauLk, Ruby Faulkner, Alma Ferguson, Barbara Frazier, Marilyn Gaither, Norma Gillis, Fannie Graham, Dewey Graham, Hannah Greene, Doris Green, Deloris Gunter, Carolyn Harris, JoAnn Hayes, Gladys Herring, Howard Hester, Joyce Hester, Lucy Hill, Anita Hill, Carlotte Hill, Mary Holden, Joan aM»« ' Xf ; ' ; : ' i ' ( ' . ' twK5r j:;6; ' i2 ' j ' ii !ti»ffe?i ' iia iBe:»iv?i 9i9T0MHnHffl8li6JR9iK 9HSV ?3 Howard. Shirley Jacobs, Sarah Jackson, Wilson Jenkins, Venus Jones, Clifton Jones, Jacqueline Jones, Osborne Johnson, Janice Johnson, Lamont Lane, Charles LaVan. Carolyn Lucas, Stanley Lucas, Veronica Melvin, Joyce Melvin, Richard Mitchell. George Mitchell, James Mitchell, Mamie Moore, Charles Moore, Judy Mullens, Nannie Murray, Thomas McAllister, Joyce McCain, Leonard McCoy, Jackie McCullough, Annie McDaniel, Vivi McDonald, AnzeU McDonald, Lula McDougald, Jesse eit,- ;-y ' i!, ' ' -ic ' ' , j-Wrf ' Mi ' P)%i ,m-4 mf! ' W ' iiiii m - ' aff m ' ffirtMAQMMsNMMlflRMll ' .UUlPlVfiX McEachin, Lucille McKjiinon, Jo Ann McKinnon, Lester McMillian. Joseph McNeil, Marian McNeill, Mazella McRae, Annie Nelson. Sandra Norfleet, Delores Oats, William Owens, Rachel Peacock, Annie Parker, Erma Parker, Evelyn Pasteur, John P-tjmmmmmm Patrick, Mamie Perry, Peggy Peters, Henrietta Phelps, Maxine Pone, John Powell, Addie Ray, Catherine Ray, Cora Reaves, Franklin Richardson, Carolyn Ricks, Rosena Ruffin, Bessie Sampson, Clydia Sanders, Franzetta Savoy, Way man Singletary, Eloise Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Eronomy Solomon, Paulette Stocks, Mattie Streater, Shirley Stubbs, Gloria Taylor, Joann Tomlin, Dorothy Treadwell, Shirley Tucker, Stanford Ware, Helen Warren, Thomasene Weeks, Barbara Whitaker, Gwendolyn Whitehurst, Larry Whitley, Elizabeth Williams, Dollean Williams, Elijah Williams, James Williams, LilUan Williams, Mabel Williams, Watson Willingham, Elaine Wilson, Zenora Woodard, Vernell Woods, Melvin Pep rally on the block! Juniors Highlights Look at Mamie go, I ' an! Cora is on her way to class. Janet and Larry visited the Library. % Here we go again. Alston, Carolyn Anderson, Mercer Baggett, Iretha Bailey, BcUnda Battle, Joyce Beatty, Corine Bcthea, Lauda Blue, Gloria Bryant, Madelene Bynum, Sandra Abraham, Roosevelt AUen, James Anderson. Shellie Andrew , Sylvia Barnes, Carrie Barne S.Ned Bell, Carol Best, Linda Britt, Brenda Bryant, Henry Davis, Cornel Dawson, Bobby Dixon, Randolph Casterlow, Carolyn Chase, Mildred p Cowaid, Linda Coulter, Lillie Chavions, Elizabeth Connor, Wilma Covington, Alphonza Cross, Mary Cummingham. Brenda Cummingham, Haywood , Dickens. Josephine Dickens. Maxine ' Dove, Henry Dunham, Emmie kM. ■■ f EUerbe, Annie Fuller, Sherlene Gardner, Jacqueline Ennett. Reginald Gaddy. Arie Gaskins. Lillie Freeman, Sandra Galberth, Kirby Goldston, Neviah Gunter, Tomoria Graham, Mary Haywood, Betty k r ' Gilmore. Earlyn Graham, Pamela Hedgepeth. Claienc Glaspie, Jacqueline Gray, Veronica Henderson. I.avert Lawrence, Jephunneh Lucas, Karen Lanier, James Liles. Barbara Manning, Dorothy Martin, Betty Massey, Robert Manuel, Gwendolyn Martin, tdna Morgan, Mary Manuel, Jeffrey Martin, Mary McAllister, Joseph McNealy, Virginia McNeOI, Mallie McRae, Joseph Mervin, Clifton Monroe, WiUiam Murphy, William 01k 1 IHl ' r H . w, , McCallum, Regenia McKnight, Mary McLeod, General McDuffie, Jesse McLean. John McMillan, Larry Mitchell, Dorothy Newell, Gwendolyn MitcheU, Ruby Newman, Peggy m White, Cathenne Williams. Beryl Williams, Venittia Smith, Jerome Tisdale, Juha Wilder, Brenda Williams, Harold Wood, Vivian Williams. Oletha Strong, EUa Wallace, Maggie Watford, Bessie ThomasEl, Vedas Warren. Algeania Watson, Tyrone BHi Sophomores Highlights Sophomores religious group member Class Officers Sophomores talk with Miss Kemp. ' -J - ' - . Look out world, here we come. Adams. Matfield Adcock, Alicia Alford.Carl AJford, Rebecca Allen. Mary Allen Myra Alston, Evelyn Alston. Fred Alston, George Anderson. Walter Andrews. Erma Armstrong, Malethia Artis, Lois Atwater. Nancy Aubrey. Robert Autry, C ' arolyn Baham. Carroll Ballard. Alice Barden, Donnie Barnes, Brenda Barnes, iris Barnes. Patricia Bamhill. Linda Batts. Ogden Battle, Oteria Battle, Ronnie Bell, Oliver Bennett. Bobby Bennetl, Vjleria Betha. Maggie Blackmon. Louis Blackmon. Stanley Blacknall, FauU Blanks, Avalent Blount, Kathy Bobo, Thomas Bowden. Brenda Boyd, Ruble Bracey, Angelas Bradford. Owen Bradley, Arthuree Bradley, Margaret Branch, Lucy Brantley, Mae Brantley, Ola Brewington, Brenda Brewington, David Bnght, Ella Britt, BUly Britt, Johnnie Brook, Gloria Brown. Barbar; Brown, Charles Brown, Grace Brown, Linda Brown. Venta Bryant, Belinda Bullock, Hattie Burke, Monroe Burton, Carolyn Bynum, Bobbie Byrd, Ronald Caldwell. Robert Campbell, Joyce Carney, Thelma Carroll, Beatrice CarroU, Brenda Carroll, Juanita Cash, Deloise Chambers, Billy Chaplin, Benjamin Charles, Jacqueline Cherry, Sharon Chestnut. Dennis Clark, Harold Clark, Jay Clayton, Nathaniel CogdeU,Calvm Colc.Jacquehne Colhns. Brenda Cooke, Warren Cooper. Michael Council, Charles Covington, Postel Mm Crawford, Roland Croutch. Mary Grumpier, Henry David. Janice David. Mary Davis. Josephine Davis, Olivia Davis, Robert Davis, Robert Deans, Dwight Dowdy, Brenda Draughon, Hubert Dunson, Glenda Dupree, Veronica Edwards, Lucretia Elite, Francine Elliott, Ernestine Ellis, Frankie Ellis, JoAnn Ellison, James Evans, Arthur Evans, lurman Everettee. Helen Farrior. Emma Ferguson, Glodelia Fmney, Eva Fisher, Gwendolyn Fisher. Leonard i :,i-y»iiimsfin . Flowers, Eliza Ford, Nancy Foye, Wesley Frederick, Gwendolyn Fulford.JiU Gainely. Felton Garris, Thelma Graham. George Graham, Hilda Graham, Kathleen Greene, DoUy Greene. Florence Griffin. Lenday Haith, Robert Hall, Fredrick Hankley, Novella Hardy. Laura Hargrove, Hazel Harper, Diomie Harrington, Barbara Harris, Lorene Harris, Norma Hart, Evelyn Harvey, Patricia Haskins, Robert Haywood, Mary Henderson, Samuel Hendon. PhiUip Hicks, Bobbydyne Hicks, Quadlene Hill, David Hodges, Robert Holmes, Jacquelyn Hood. Joyce Hopkins, Comellius Horton, Gene Howard, Catherine Howard, Evelyn Howell, Sandra Hunt, Alma Jackson, Cheryl Jeffries, Carolyn Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Sarah Jones, Evelyn Jones, Floria Jones, Gerald Jones, Heniiette Jones, Jesse Jones, Joyce Jones, Kail Jones, Martha Jordan, William Joyner, Gladys Joyner, Helen Judd, Sherlene . « " k Keys, Kenneth Kimber, Ria King, Cynthia Kiikman, Nannie Komegay, Bobby Lassiter, Sylvia Leggett, Linda Lenaid, Wallace Leslie, Annette Lewis, Joseph Lewis, Lawrence Lindsey, Pamela Little, Brenda Lloyd, Don Logan, Linda Lucas, Baibaia McAllister, Dalphine McClain, Bobby McDonald, Anita McDonald, Lillie McDonald, Willie McDowell, Mary McGregor, Raymond McGuire, Eva McKeithan, Rosetta McKinnie, Carolyn McKoy, Beatrice McKay. Chrispher McKay, Linda McLauchlin, James McLaurin, Maggie McLean. Shirley McLeod. William McMilliam, Fred McNair, Inez McNau, Laveme r. McNeill, Mallie B McPhail. Carolyn tt Majette, Edwaid Vb =-v y V Malloy, Priscilla Manley, Glendora Marable, Ella Martin, Brenda Martin, Fannie Melvin. Dorothy Melvin, Livist Merritt, Thomas Middleton, Geraldine Middleton, Samuel Miles, Carolyn Miller, Mai Miller, Rosa Mills, Rossetta Mitchell, Bettie Mitchell, Mary Mitchell, Ruby Monk. James Monroe, Gwendolyn Moses, Patricia Murphy, Edward Newkuk, Lee Newman, Ralph Newton, Carolyn Nickerson, Stella Oden, Peggy Parker, James Parker, Linda Parker, Lloyd Patrick, Annie Patrick, Booker Patterson, Cassandra Patterson, Janice Perry, Bevelery Perry, Evelyne Perry, Judith Peterkin, Doris Peterson, Carolyn Pittman. Mamie Plair. Ozro Poindexter, Bette Pone, Winnie Powell. Namoi Powell. Queen Pridgen, Luerever Purdie, Sarali Quinn, Pamela Raiford, Rodney Raines, Ceretta Rather, Ethel Ray , Alice Ray, Margaret Robbins, Charles Roberson. William Robinson, Albert Robmson, Delores Robinson, Jamesenia Robinson, Janett Rogers, Carolyn Roseborough, Alice Royall, Ardelia Russell, Alonzo Sampson, Maurice Sandeis, Herman Sander, Thurman Scales, Emma Shaw, Mazie Shepard. Mary Sheriff, Linda Sherrill, Cherritta Shipman, Kathleen Sidberry, Michael ;.:-i ' ' : rf? - . Simone, James Simmon, Rita Simmons, Hubert Simmons, Rodney Simpson, Shirley Singletary, Judy Slade, Curtis Smith, C.V. Smith, Geraldine Smith, Inez Smith, Jacquelyn Smith, John Smith, Karl Smith. Waldena Spells, John Spniill, Mary Stackhouse. Robert Staten, Barbara Strayhorn, Rita Sutton, Louis Swann, Johnny Swann, Randolph Swift, John Tanner, Jasper Thomas, Patricia Thomas. Ronald Thomas, Vernell Thompson, Shelia Thome. Martha Thorpe. Etta Timberlake, Mack Todd, WiUiam Turner, Jacqueline Tyson. Ernestine Tyson, James Tyson, Rudolph Vick, Essie Vines, Cailotta Walls, CampbeU Walker, Kenneth Washington, Gwendolyn Washington. Jack Waters, James Webster. Ubs Wilkins, Pauline Williams, Ethel Williams, Gloria Williams. Iris Williams, Jeanette Williams, Linda Williams, Mary Williams, Paul Williams, Valerie Williams, Willie Williams. Yvonne Willmgham, Lauiette Wilson, Barbara Winfield. James Wooten, Janice Worley. Minnie Class Officers MISS FAYETTEVILLE STATE COLLEGE 9- - ' 9 i QUEEN ATTENDANTS MISS F. S. C. AND KSCORT MISS HOMECOMING Cora Ray Veronica Moore ' «(!7S£Er MISS SENIOR Clauetta Lassiter MISS SOPHOMORE Gwendolyn Whitaker MISS JUNIOR Pamela Quinn MISS FRESHMAN Ann McCollough MISS PHI BETA SIGMA Georgetta Baker SWEETHEART of OMEGA PSI PHI Jacquelyn Whitfield SWEETHEART of ALPHA PHI ALPHA Barbara Ware MISS SCROLLER y Joyce Hester MISS LAMPODA Edna Martin MISS SPHINX f i«.«ai3»5ii( fe. Rowena Peterson MISS VANCE HALL Betty Poindexter MISS JOYNER HALL Beverly Butler MISS HOOD HALL Rita Kendell MISS BRYANT HALL I Esther Daniels MISS SMITH HALL Evelyn Jones MISS HARRIS HALL o,«-, ' «j3S«ai» i»JU„ Paulette Solomon MISS WILLIAMS HALL Gwendolyn Manuel MISS CRESENT Ellen Ray MISS DAY STUDENT From these walls, emanates the illumination of a century i -- !j 5S t4ftii h.. MISS D.COLtS- Counselor s M I T H H A L L DORMITORY OFFICERS DORMITORY OFFICERS H A R R I s H A L L MISS A. YOUNG - Counselor DORMITORY OFFICERS J o Y N E R H I A MRS. W. GANNAWAY Counselor IfX ? MISS M. SINGLETARY DORMITORY OI 1 ICLRS V A N C E - H L L ii WILLIAMS HALL DORMITORY OFFICERS We stand -together— ORGANIZATIONS There ' s a great deal left undone and to the finishing of these tasks we commit ourselves. " I . OMEGA PSI PHI J. Thomason - E. Winficld - L. Smith • Dr H- I Mndgc • M. Anderson - L. Ross ■ L. Loftin - C. Spri " Sons of Blood and Thunder " - -trnt inak Motto: " Omina Vincit Labare " PI ILKIl I S PHI BETA SIGMA W. Murphy ■ L. Dockery - C. Moore " Culture for Service Service to Humanity ' ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA ' Supreme in Service to all Mankind ' Pledgees ALPHA PMI ALPHA H. Lewis, A. Miles, J. Reives, J. Johnson, H. McEachem, B. Keyes, J. McMilla " First of all. Servants of all, We shall transcend all. " We are Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. iSiT Ibl J JJ ' y- J MATH and SCIENCE CLUB SUNDAY SCHOOL ..•.■:i.jti ' .B!i3Ki«!4 3__„. SCIENCE CLUB P DAY STUDENT OFFICERS 6L SAMPSON COUNTY ;i tTin WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES S UNIVERSITIES JACQULLYN WHITl ILLU CAROLYN McIVER STUDENT GOVERNMENT BOOKER T. KEYES President of The Student Congress Keyes conversing with Vice President Hector McEachern and one of his top cabinet members, Joe Johnson. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION FAYETTEV ILLIANSTAFF Editor-in-Chief Cassandra Wallace Assistant Editor Lester McKJnnon Associates Judy Raleigh Shellie Sharpe Mamie Mitchell Jacqueline Smith Staff Members Rita Kendall Margaret Richardson Clara Bynum Nettie Raynor Eunice Brimage Secretary Mary Hill Photography Charles Cooper VOICE STAFF • , ' OJ .vik ' i jX ' PW ' ii ' ! v. ' -y n -.y ' . ' fi.T ' -fy inuwi »» - - -j s ' „..IUiM IS YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS Stars in " Private Lives " BRONCO JAZZ BAND 125 • • _ ' »». • • Lonely Freshmen Put out the Fire! BHB . 1 S P o R T S . " W S O OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THE BRONCO COMES FSC S GREATEST 0 ' . ? .0 .-5 ' ,v 3 4 ' ■ 0 ° Uncle Sam relieves Broncos of No. I Player after he sees Homecoming action. Edmond Tyrance BRONCOS ON THE MOVE HEAD COACH AND CO-CAPTAINS H. Doub E. Tyrance - S. Jones THE FIGHTING BRONCOS COACHING STAFF AT WORK COACHES P.Saunders S. CJuldescu H. Uoub ■ " T TT QUARTERBACKS Mj. i Robinson - Coach His five returners. Roy ie? Bronco ' s on the move. t ' vta vwf ntnmm FSC TRACK TEAM INTRAMURAL -»« • ' ■?% ' KtTiiwtnawaeaBCTBwaBiMi— !■ wiiuijui N N 4 ' ' " ' ' i M . i 1 y Mr. Chiirles I. Brown James Black Larry Whiteliurst - Summer Tennis Cliampu Danny and Macon indoors. Joe and James outdoors. • ■i .v Wi-A M K«A(»a;a):;!a ' Bff. ' i2?31iaiaBai«£; Kfla!»H p. " . " - In preparation for Homccoining. pL« ■. Drum Majo Joe Joe " 3l J, f 1 ; Urj. 9ffi 9i Miss Homecoming and Attendants. HOME 19 King - " The Bn Miss I SC President of Student Government. Miss Physical l-ducation COMING 67 Offense in action Miss J. C. Smith But homecoming is finally over. -.y- ' . ' fCt. ' . ' (■Z ' 3i£tfci Efija i;i . r- MISS ALUMNI ' ' !( . itv Mary Johnson Staton [s DO YOU REMEMBER?? 1 ■■ yf:-. i ' !tf:- ' it ' -zw:3W!iir DO YOU REMEMBER?? ' " • ' iMis Christmas Time DO YOU REMEMBER?? % ' -x ' ( A THE FRESHMEN TALENT SHOW 5 ( 1 SENIOR DIRECTORY Alderman, Evelyn Lorraine Route 2, Box 228 Rose HiU, North Carolina Elementary Education History B.S.U. Freshman Council Sunday School Alexander, Ronnie William 12DaltonSt. Asheville, N. C. Elementary Education History College Marshal Dormitory Council Sunday School Armond. Emily Mae Post Office Box 3035 New Bern, North Carolina Elementary Education History Baptist Student Union Dormitory Association Y.E.S. Tutorial Program Armstrong, Francis Neil P.O. Box 54 Hallsboro. N. C. Physical Education Biology Pem Club Malibu Club Sting Ray Club Baseball Team Track Team G.A.S. Asbury. Karen Davis 6 Mimosa Crescent Hampton, Virginia Elementary Education English S.N.E.A. Yearbook Staff - 64 Band Kampus Kaffeeklatchers Baker. Georgetta Jordan 1502 GorreU Street Greensboro, Nortii Carolina English French Sophomore Counselor Who ' s Who Delta Sigma Theta Student Life and Conduct Committee Miss Lampoda Miss Omega Psi Phi Dean ' s List Student Ballard, Melva Sutton Route 1, Box 123 Warsaw, North Carolina Elementary Education English College Choir Sunday School Hood Hall Dorm Association Baifield, Mary Janet 108 East Hillsboro St. Mt. Olive, North Carolina Elementary Education History Smith Hall Dormitory Associata n Track Team Wilson, N. C. Westminster I ellowsiiip College Mar haI Physical Ed. SNEA PEM Health Education Yearbook Staff Barnes, Gloria J. Burch, Barnia M. Voice Staff P.O. Box 457 Route 2, Box 71 Drama Guild Pinetops, N. C. Peachland, North Carolina PEM Physical Education Elementary Education Photographer Health Education Drama Guild Intramural Band Sunday School lOepl. Public Relationship PIM Cluh SNEA Dormitory .Association N ADSA Student Congress Bazemore, Sandra Dcvcrn Women ' s Council WUsonian Club Post Office Box 203 YES Tutorial Project Lewislon, N. C. Gotten, Annie Ehzabeth Elementary Education Butler. Pegev Ann SI4 Last Green Street History Route 1, Box 298 Wilson. N.C. Dav Student Organization Clinton, N.C. Physical Education SNEA Elementary Education PEM History Zeta Phi Beta Sorontv Benlleld, Gloria Jean SNEA SNEA 611 Filter Plant Drive Day Student Organization Fayetteville, N. C. Coulberson, Beatrice P. History Carter, Ann Beatrice 1883 Cascade St. Social Studies 501 Royal Street Fayetteville, N. C. College Choir Raleigh. N. C. Elementary Education SNEA Mathematics Social Science Day Students General Science Drama GuUd Social Science Club Dormitory Counselor SNEA SNEA Day Student Organization Berry, Ida Veronica Sunday School 325 Richard Ave. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Council, Carolyn Delores Ahoskie, N.C. Admissions and Retentions Com. 714 Bell Street Social Studies Fayetteville, N. C. Sociology Social Science Club Chase, Wanda Mae P.O. Box 36 Elementary Education Day Student Organization Spring Lake, N. C. VoK-e Staff Elementan- Education SNLA Blue, Patricia Louise English Who ' s Who 416 Anderson St. Wilmington, N. C. Choir SNEA Day Student Organization Elementary Education Day Student Organization Crawford, Felece Marie English 501 East Green Street Westminster Fellowship Clark, Calvin D. Wilson, N. C. SNEA Rt. 1, Box 242 Elementary Education Sunday School ScoUand Neck, N. C. Art Women ' s Council Math SNLA Who ' s Who Physics Checnng Squad Wilmington Club Math Club Yearbook Staff 64 Daniels, Esther Louise Rt. 1, Box 22 Brown, Anita White Cogdell, Mattie Leola Balton, N.C. 610 North Seventh St. 1610-B Deep Creek Road Elementary Education Wilmington, N.C. FayetteviUe, N. C. English Elementary Education English Baptist Student Union History French SNEA Drama Guild Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Day Student Organization Newspaper StalT Davis, Johnny Lee English Club Rt. 2, Box 291 Brown, Lthel Luciel Women ' s Council Kinston, N. C. Box 113 Day Student Organization Physical Education Bethel, N. C. football (Trainer) Elementary Education Cooley, Lawrence Tiiomas Baseball (Statistician) English 916 Frolic St. PEM College Choir Fayetteville, N. C. Intramural Staff BSU Physical Education Malibu Club SNEA Biolog) ' Dormitory Association Westminster Fellowship Pem Club Varsity Club YDC Malibu Club Scroller Club Women ' s Council Sting Ray Club Basketball Team DeVane, Ernest Clanton Brown, Ricardo A. Track Team Route l,Box 171 569 Chester St. GAS Harrells, N. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. Social Science Club Health Physical Ed. SNEA President of Williams Hall Cooper, Charles Williams Hall Dormitory Association Varsity Club 608 S. Pender Sampson County Club SENIOR DIRECTORY Dickey, Lucille P. 410 Anderson St. Wilmington, N. C. Klementary Education History Wilmington Club Westminster Fellowship Dormitory Association Drama Guild Dickens, Mclvena Route Box 241-A Tajboro. N. C. English College Choir SNhA English Club Westminster Fellowship Dunham, .loseph Melville 1519 Slater Avenue FayettevillcN.C. Sociology History Day Students Organization Veterans Club Social Science Club Student Council Homecoming Committee Edwards. Almeta 309 Beale Street Goldsboro, N. C. Elementary Education English SNEA Baptist Student Union Elder, Ricardo Anthony 1748 Lang Place, N.E. Washington, D.C. Physical Education Football PEM lord, Deloris 1307-23rd Street Tampa, Florida Elementary Education English Day Student Organization SNEA Choir Floyd, Elmer 300 Jasper St, FayettevUle. N.C. Elementary Education History Veterans Club Day Student Organization Scroller Club Eulford, Daisy Marie 2504 Murchison Road Fayetteville, N. C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Cheer Leader ' s Club Fulton, Flora L. 410 East 13th St. Scotland Neck, N.C. Elementary Education F nglish SNEA Dormitory Association Sunday Seiiool Assistant Domi. Matron Ivy Club Gethers, Pola B. 1 19 Flecther Sharp Drive Fort Bragg, N. C. Elementary Education Social Studies SNEA Day Student Organization Gilmore, Laura Alice 313 Lincoln Drive Fayetteville, N. C. Business Education Newspaper Staff, Editor SNEA French Club Zela Phi Beta Sorority Gary, Herbert L. Rt. l,Bo. 236 LaGrange. N. C. English Club Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Drama Guild SNEA English Club Green, Eugene 11 12 Park Ave. Wilmington, N.C. Physical Education PEM Wilmington Club Football Team Dormitory Association Greene, Samuel Eeroy Rt. 3, Box 471 Forest City, N.C. Elementary Education History Baseball Methodist Club Athletic Committee Student Government Hall, Ethelene Rl. l.Box 199 Gates, N. C. English Spanish SNEA Newspaper Staff Baptist Student Union English Club Dormitory Association Pyramid Club Hamilton, Phyllis Joann P.O. Box 86 Lakeview, N. C. Elementary Education History BSU SNEA Harvey. Saralyn McNeill P.O. Box 92 Hoffman, N.C. Elementary Education Music College Choir Day Student Organization SNEA Hayes, DolphiaCogdell 500 Faton Street Fayetteville, N.C. Business Education Day Student Organization Henry, Bertha M. Rt. 1, Box 156 Woodland, N. C. Business Education SNEA Phi Beta Lambda Dormitor ' Association Dav Student Organization Pyramid Club Hicks, David Star Route Box 50 Rocky Point, N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Wilmington Club Hill, Allie Gray 816 Miller Street New Bern, N. C. English English Club Dormitory Association Sunday School Baptist Student Union Holmes, Dorothy Marie 515 Deep Creek Road Fayetteville, North Carolina Mathematics French Day Student Organization Beta Kappa Chi Mathematics Club Horton, Mary LaVerne Route 3, Box 284-A Apex, N.C. Elementary Education English SNEA Westminster Fellowship Hughes, Doris Elaine 99 Chapman Drive Cheraw, S. C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda SNEA Baptist Student Union Day Student Organization Ingram, Doris Lee 515 University Street Kinston, N. C. Elementary Education English Dormitory Association Sunday School Baptist Student Union Jacobs, Patricia Ann Rt. 2. Box 342 Clinton, N.C. Sociology Social Science Baptist Student LInion Social Science Club Sunday School SNEA Jennings, Estelle Caroline 2, Box 252-B Nathalie, Virginia Elementary Education History Sunday School Baptist Student LInion Dormitory Association Drama SNEA Johnson, Hattie Mae Route 1, Box 183 Fairfax, South Carolina Business Education SNEA Sunday School Baptist Student L ' nion Student Government Phi Beta Lambda Johnson. Joseph F. 1503 Ann Street Wilmington, N. C. Biology Band Biology Club Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Student Government Johnson. Nannie L. 400 Pear St. Goldsboro, N. C. English College Choir Yearbook Staff YDC Jones, Ins Rose 515 W.Taylor St. Wake Forest, N. C. Elementary Education English Baptist Student Union Sunday School Voice Staff Student Government Dormitory Association Jones, Pauline Jaranges 4934 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, N. C. Elementary Education Music College Choir Day Student Organization Baptist Student Organization SNEA Miss Choir Komegay, Mary Bell Rt. 4, Box 538 Mt. Olive, N.C. Elementary Education History SNEA Alpha Kappa Alpha Soronty Smith Hall Dormitory Associarion Who ' s Who Lewis, Herman Leonard P.O. Box 422 Elizabethtown, N. C. Social Science Sociology Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Pan Hellenic Council SENIOR DIRECTORY Band Choir Social Science Club SNEA Lightfoot. Veronica Bames 218 Shelter Street Rochester. N. Y. Physical Education Chess Club PEM Dance Group Day Student Organization Loffin, Leonza 1901 Dancy St. Fayetteville. N.C. Math Science Student Government SNEA Tutorial Program Omega Psi Phi Veterans Club Who ' s Who Beta Kappa Chi Manuel. Thelma Rt. 6, Bo. 164 Fayetteville. N. C. Elementary Education English Day Student Oreanization SNEA Marable, Annie EUzabeth 112 North Ehzabeth Street Henderson. N. C. Delta Sigma Tlieta Sorority Westminster Fellowship Dormitory Association SNEA Martin, Matilda Rt. l.Box 177 Havelock. N. C. Sociology History Social Science Club Methodist Club SNEA Kampus Kaffeeklatchers Sunday School Dorm Association Marsh, Edna Gwendolyn P.O. Bonlee. N. C. Elementary Education English Delta Sigma Theta Sorority SNEA Westminster Fellowship Dormitory Association Pan Hellenic Council Mason, Evelyn Delores Rte. 8, Box 153 Fayetteville. N. C. Elementary Education English Day Student Organization Drama Guild Matthews. Idell Gore 2 Bay Street Tabor City. N.C. Elementary Education English Day Student Organization Mattocks. Joan C. Route l.Box 201 Maysville, N. C. Elementar ' Education Music Choir Methodist Club Sunday School Dormitory Treasurer Baptist Student Union Band May. Tilola Ehzabeth 222 First Street Newark, New Jersey Elementary Education Music Band Sunda ' School Methodist Photography Club Summer Art Club Voice Staff YES Maynor, Dianne Faye Route 1, Box 2424 Rose HiU, N. C. Elementary Education Social Science Sampson County Club SNEA Sunday School Organization Merritt. Joyce Ann 1021 EUiott Circle Fayetteville. N. C. Box. Educ. Phi Beta Lambda Newspaper Staff Miles. Adonis Lee 1457 W. 21st St. Jacksonville, Florida Social Science Sociology Alpha Phi Alpha Social Science Club SNEA Tennis Football Team Miles. Nan Cornelia Route 1. Box64-A Tabb. Virginia Business Education Sunday School Phi Beta Lambda Alpha Kappa Alpha Moore, Veronica 325 DSt. S.E. Washington, D.C. Elementary Education English SNEA Morehead, Merrill 5510 Dobson Road Greensboro, N. C. Elementary Education English Art Club Band Mosby, Richard Eugene 414 Harrison Ave. N.W. Roanoke, Virginia Physical Education Football Team Choir PEM Dormitory Association Varsity Qub A AH PER College Marshal McEachem. Mary Elizabeth P.O. Box 974 Fayetteville, N. C. Business Education Choir Alpha Kappa Alpha Soronty English Club Tutor FACTS McLean. Flora Jane Rt. 3. Box 314 D Red Springs, N.C. Elementary Education English Newspaper StatT SNEA Day Student Organization Mclver. Carolyn Janette Post Office Box 587 Spring Lake, North Carolina Biology Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Who ' s Who Biology Club Pan-HeUenic Council Zeta Phi Beta Sorority McLaurin, Dorothy Deloris 413 Deep Creek Road Fayetteville. N.C. Business Education Day Student Voice Staff Phi Beta Lambda McMillan. Daniel K. 1805 Fairmont Road Lumberlon, N. C. Physical Education Football Team Baseball Team P.E.M. Club MaUbu Club President of Junior Class President of Senior Class Vice-Pres. of Sophomore Class Vice Chairman of Vance Hall Intramural Staff Varsity Club McMillian, John Franklin Rte. 2. Box 413 Leland. North Carolina Sociology Baseball Team Choir Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Social Science Club Student Government McNeill. Milton LeVem 813 Minurua Court Fayetteville. N. C. Physical Education Baseball FootbaU PEM Club Day Student Organization McNeill. Roy Lee 1327 ElhottSt Fayetteville. N. C. Physical Education Basketball PEM Club Day Student Organization McRae. Jeannette Rt. 2. Box 431 Clinton, North Carohna Business Education SNLA Baptist Student L ' nion Sunday School Phi Beta Lambda Yearbook Staff Mundine, Hilda 101 Trent Street Trenton, N. C. Sociology History Social Science Club Sunday School Dormitory Association SNEA Murphy, Walter Leroy 304 -D Richard Green Homes Kinston, N. C. English English Club Track Dormitory .Association Football Choir Newman. Donna L. Route 1. Box 223 Clinton. North Carolina Mathematics Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society Who ' s Who SNEA Sampson County Club Alpha Kappa Alpha Soronty Newsome. Linda Faye P.O. Box 481 Fremont, North Carolina Elementary Education Enghsh SNEA Sunday School Baptist Student Union Women ' s Council Dormitory Association Pearson, Virginia P. 609 King Street Bennettsville. S.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda SNEA Perry. Clara Mae Rt.5.Box 76 Oxford. North Carolina Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Yearbook Staff Pierce. Bethena Rt. 1. Box 499 WhiteviUe, N. C. SENIOR DIRECTORY l.k-mentan ' liJuuation History Band Baptist Student L ' nluii NADS A Sunday School Voice Staff Pridaen, Catlierinc Ueloris RI. l.Box 377 Riegelwood. N.C. Engiisli English Club Choir Methodist Club Purdie. Delores 1010 tllis Street Fayetteville. N. C. Mathematics Beta Kappa Chi Whos Who Delta Sigma Theta Day Student Organization Math Club Rav.Slgne P.O. Box 4 16 Spring Lake. N. C. Elementary Education English Day Student Organization Raye, Larry C. P.O. Box 972 Aberdeen, N. C. Sociology History Social Science Club Westminster Fellowship Sunday School SNEA YDC Raynor, Nettie Rte. 5. Box 210 Clinton, N. C. Elementary Education History Choir Drama Yearbook Stafl SNl A Sunday School Reives, Justis P.O. Box 263 Carthage, North Carolina English Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Student Government Choir SNEA English Club Who ' s Who Westminster I ellowship Richardson, Margaret Deloris 1020 Drew Street Rocky Mount. N.C. Elementary Education English SNEA Band Yearbook Stafl YDC Ricks, Bobby L. P.O. Box 244 Nashville, N. C. Elementary 1 ducation History Sunday School Day Student Organization Robinson, Katrma Teresa Route 1, Box 145 Pageland, S. C. Elementary Education English Yearbook Staff Newspaper Staft Dormitory Association Roundtree, Christine Route 9, Box 297 Fayetteville, North Carolina Business Education Voice Staff Phi Beta Lambda Day Student Organization Sharpe, SheUie Route 1, Box 24 2- A Macclesfield, North Carolina Elementary Education History Zeta Phi Beta Choir Cheering Squad Kanipus Kaffeeklateh Yearbook Staff Dormitory Association Pan Hellenic CouncU Sunday School BSl ' Yl S YIX ' Student Government College Marshal Singletary, Barbara Jean P.O. Box 927 Bladenboro, N.C. Elementary Education History SNl A Day Student Organization Smallwood. Genetha Route 4, Box 313 Windsor, N. C. English French English Club Smith, Joseph Randolph 310 Washington St. Williamston, N.C. Elementary Education History Sunday School Baptist Student Union Dormitory Council Football College Marshal Smith. Thomasine Rte. 2. Box 5 tlrifton. N. C. Elementary Education History Band BTU Sunday School Day Student Organization snV.a Stewart, Lewis Stanley Rt,4,Box 703 Fayetteville, N.C. Sociology French Social Science Club Southerland, Edith M. 9Se-39th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Sociology History Social Science Club Asst. Secretary Senior Class SNEA GAS Sumner, Annie Mae 913 West Thomas Street Rocky Mo unt, North Carohna Elementary Education English BSU Dormitory Committee Member Tatum, Annette Marie 254 Horseshoe Rd. Fayetteville, N. C. Elementary Education Music SNEA Choir Who ' s Who Day Student Tlioinpson, Judy Grace 2504 Fairmont Road Lumberton. N. C. Bux. Education SNl A Phi Beta Lambda GAS Tucker, Ivan 1339 Guiard St., N.W. Sociology Track Team Social Science Club Wallace, Cassandra Rene 105 West Hillside Ave. Durham, N. C. Elementary Education History Sunday School Yearbook (Editor) Women ' s Council (President) Dormitory Association Student Government Y DC Walton, Carolyn Yvonne 737 Shaw Road FayettevUle, N. C. English French Miss FSC Zeta Phi Beta Sorority English Club Choir Who ' s Who Ware, Barbara A. 168 So. Caledonia Rd. Laurinburg, N. C. Elementary Education English SNEA Westminster Fellowship Sunday School College Choir Women ' s Council Dormitory Association Miss Scroller Webb. Dons Bnghtharp 614 N. 11th St. E. Saint Louis, 111. Elementary Education Music Band Day Student Organization Yearbook Staff West, Patncia Rt. 1 HaUsboro, N. C. Mathematics Physics, General Science and Chemistry Mathematics Club Science Club Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Day Students Organization White, Mary Elizabeth 820 College St. Clinton, N.C, Elementary Education History SNEA Student (. ouncil Whitfield. Jacauelyn Vandaliuh 172-30 133rd Avenue St. Albans, N.Y. Mathematics Physics and Spanish Alpha Kappa Mu Beta Kappa Chi Who ' s Who Alpha Kappa Alpha Soronty Mathematics Club Day Students Organization Williams, Elisha Lewis, Jr. 110 Andrews Street WUliamston, N.C. Elementary Education History BSLi Sunday School WUlmgham, Bettie J. Route 3, Box 491 Wilson, N.C. Social Studies History Baptist Student llnion Yearbook Staff College Choir Day Student Organization Cheerleader Dormitory Association Wilson, Ronald Edward 617 Slaugliter St. Goldsboro, N. C. Physical Education Biology PEM Club Malibu Club Sting Ray Club Basketball Manager Intramural Staff SNEA Wise, Mary L. 412 N. Myers St. Charlotte, N.C. History Day Student SNEA Student Government Woodard, Floyd 900 Stantonsburg St. WUson, N.C. Business Education Yearbook Staff Voice Staff Phi Beta Lambda Band Dept. of Public Relationship Wilsonian Club Day Student Organization Chess _jjrt V- -»:-!. Jr- ' ' 4, f ' -l - • v ' ' » - J ' - % .

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