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" CHIVTS I I ' ; -. 7 1 A|cyM G d ' L K. l -CL bJc, AJ.C ■; . ; BOX 52- A Wi-lilE 0A1 , N. C. y T H F BRONCO vt ' ' l Sr " X ■ 5 ' I- ■ 4 - CLASS or l )0 ' OV .; i 1 J J A WONDERFUL YEAR F O R E W O R D Through the years, students of Fayetteville State College have b een handed down a tradition of pride, progress, and academic excellence. Last year ' s annual presented the College in retrospect for the academic school year. This year, we are attempting to follow through with a similar theme. However, instead of just dealing with the present school year in retrospect, the 1965 BRONCO is also seeking a glimpse into the future of Fayetteville State. This eventful year has been one that the scop would dream about and the gleeman ponder over for sweet melodies. It has been imbued with memories fond, glazed with the bitterness of sorrow; and, after all of this, its jaws have been uplifted with per- petuating faith. How can we help but term this year " a wonderful year. " The 1965 BRONCO staff hopes that when memories become a vague whisper, you will turn these pages with a wistful smile and reminisce with us. EDITOR oil S ' Volume 8 Presented By Fayetteville State College Students Fayetteville, North Carolina JMI- HI mmmmmm Administration and Faculty - 8 Classes - 72 Campus Capers - 99 Organizations - 120 Sports - 148 Alumni and a Toast to the Future - 156 DEDICATED TO . . . Dr. Rudolph Jones, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. OUR PRESIDENT Greetings, best wishes, and special congratulations to the members of the Class of 1965. You are graduating at an exciting time in our history. Opportunities for service and advancement in American society are better than ever before. These opportunities challenge you to give your best efforts to excel as you strive to bring honor to your Alma Mater. We shall follow your progress with a great deal of interest and we bid you God speed as you go forth from the portals of Fayetteville State. w students look forward to hear a message from the president. The President and Mrs. Jones-- " the Fayetteville State College Family. " m Administration and Faculty UR. M. E. MOORE, JR. B.S., M.A., ED. D. Dean of College During the past four years which you have spent at Fayetteville State College, numerous social, political, and religious changes have occurred throughout the world. Perhaps, the most notable change has been the reaction of the common man to these changes. Some of these changes have been produced because of the important roles you have played in helping others and yourselves to the good life. The Class of 1965 cannot rest upon its achievements. It must not rest until all of its members have exhausted every possibility that will make life better for every human being. It must never fail to carry the torch of enlightenment until it is certain that its war on poverty, ignorance, disease, and injustice has been victorious. If this class succeeds, Fayetteville State College succeeds; if it fails, Fayetteville State Col- lege fails. Continue to work hard, study hard, play hard. Be bold and walk tall. I congratulate you. 1mm fT I J. C. JONES Dean of Students T %B«Hil ' - TO THE SENIOR CLASS 1965 It is a pleasure to congratulate you on your graduation from Fayetteville State College. As you leave this campus remember that the four years you spent here were the best years of your lives. I trust that you will have fond memories of these years. Best wishes, Students enjoying chat with secretary, Mrs. M. Doster, while awaiting conference MRS. A. W. SHEPHARD Dean of Women It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to greet our students at the close of this school year. For those of you who are completing your undergraduate education, may we extend to you the hand of fellowship which welcomes you into the fold of the college trained. May your years ahead bring to you fulfillment of those goals for which you strive, and may you spend the years in devoted service to uplift. For those who are leaving with the expectation of returning next year, may you be touched by the urgency of the times to such degree that you will see the bright light of achievement before you and strive to be close enough to it to let it light your way. w DR. W. BISHOP Director of Summer Session My hearty congratulations to the graduating seniors and the Yearbook staff. The warmth of your presence, sincerity of purpose, and scholarly endeavors have helped to create and maintain worthy college traditions at your alma mater. In the world of today, there are urgent needs to be met. The e.xtent to which you assume your share of re- sponsibility will determine the fruitfulness of future gen- erations. With a wholesome regard for the composite of three abstractions--dedication, perseverance, integrity-- the concrete structure of your professional maturity will be fulfilled. With our blessings and confidence which you richly deserve, we rejoice in your leaving while the world will rejoice inyour arrival. We are sure that frequent returns during the summer sessions will be equally as enjoyable. DR. O. UZZELL Director of Alumni As seniors today, during the descendancy of the Twentieth Century, you have already been witnesses to more phenomenal changes in our social landscape than many of us have experienced who have lived much longer than you. It would appear that the fermentation of ideas which brought these changes will continue for sometime. Yours is the enviable opportunity of employing your time and energies in helping to design this landscape. MaWMflMM iliMIII, |{| DR. R. E. JACKSON Director of Public Relations A slogan, probably, should mirror the image of the institution or " way of life " which it extols. It would be almost incredible to persons of a yester- year to witness the manner in which the slogan of " A Great Society " is being transformed into a living reality for the impoverished and disfranchised people in this country. This is not being accomplished, either, by any magical touch. Indeed, this changing scene is being achieved through a stern discipline and hard work. By the same token, " excellence in scholarship and activity, " could well become a slogan --actually taking on life--for allot us here at Fayetteville State College. If one wishes to say it in another way, every member of the Fay- etteville State College family should be constantly and vitally concerned with fashioning an image of our college that reflects self-competence and a genuine interest about the improving welfare of that society in which he partici- pates. Somehow or other, I sense a developing concern here in our institution as to the true dimensions of the " Fayette- ville State College image " which we project to those around us. Let us hope that the aforementioned trend shall not only prevail but also continue just so long as there is a Fayette- ville State College. Mrs. N. L. Smith, B. S., B. S. in L. S., M. A. Librarian Congratulations as you join the " great society " of Fayetteville State College Alumni! No class before has passed through our gates possessed with comparable opportunities and challenges. As you go forth to serve and to hold high name of this College, we hope that somehow theChesnutt Library has made an impression that will cause you to continue to read and continue to grow. The torch of wisdom which you carry must persist in flaming; it will take more than a spark to light the path which lies ahead. MHHhv LENNA M. MEANS Registrar Please allow me to commend the Bronco Staff for an outstanding yearbook. The yearbook is an evidence of team work and a creative document that will provide a chronology of events, making also a pictorial for mem- oirs. Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1965, a class whose achievements have contributed to the progress of both the institution and the community. I say to you " March On " . You must remember that commencement does not mean the end, but the beginning of life. Greater things will be expected of you. We have endeavored to develop in you, good character, fine ideas and traditions of the college, and to produce the type of alumni of whom the college can be proud. Wherever you go, carry the torch of " F.S.C. " , of which you are a part. A. J. Pindle, B. S. Business Manager TO THE YEARBOOK STAFF: Congratulations on a job well done. This yearbook is evidence that you have dedicated long hours and hard work in compilation of your materials. This will ever remain as your contributionW;o the college. May you continue in life with the same enthusiasm and dedication to any job you may pursue. Education Charles A. Asbury A.B., M.A. Lorena C. Carter B.S., M.A. Marguerite S. Frierson, A.B. B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. Nelson Harris B.S., M.A., Ed. D. Brooklyn McGeachy B.S., M.A. Howard S. Smith B.S., Ed. M. Lula Williams B.S., M.A. Social Science Robert Perdue Otto M. PHarr r Lacy Spake Chacko C. Thomas Clarence H. Thomas B.A., M.A. ) A.B., A.M. B.A. B.A., B.D., M. Th., M.A., Ph. D. B.A., B.D., Th. M. . Edward Clark B.S., M.A. Elaine Newsome A.B., M.A. Lois Turner A.B., M.A. Catherlene Thompson A.B., M.A. Edythe George B.A., M.A. Joan Corbett B.A., M.A., Ph. D. Cora Massey A.B., M. Litt. Winifred Johnson B.A., M.A. Minnetta Scott B.S., M. Ed. FACULTY Language and Literature Martha Simonsen B.A., M.A. CorneU-d ' Echeh ' .A., M.A., Ph. D. i J. Mary Eldridge Mus. B., A.B., M.F.A. Thomas Bacote A.B., M.A. Helen Chick B.S., M.S. Harvey Jenkin B.A., M.A. Hildred Roach B.A., M.M. Fine Arts 1965 Business Department WiUie Achebe B.S., M.B.A. Carrie Stokes A.B., M.A. Carolyn Norwood B.S., M.A. Mary James B.S. Grace Pierce B.S. H e F a 1 t d h Services Beulah Jones B.S., M.S. ,0 Cattle Williams mm ) -hi - 3 Henry Eldridge B.S., M.A. Ed. D. Wilhelmina W. Bishop B.S., M. Ed. Valeria Fleming B.S., M.S. 3 . Bobbie Fuse B.S., M.A. Tyng-Tsair Chao B.S., M.S., Ph. D. Mathematics and Science Richard Robinso B.S., M.A. Joseph Knuckles B.S., M.S., Ph. D. r Harold Scott B.S., M. Ed. Page Saunders Frank Robinson Dorothy Alston B.S., M.S. B.S. B.S., M.S. Health and Physical Education Thomas Gavin B.S., M.S. Staff Martha Doster CcXiCrC 9Re Q ' Lee Greenough George Sanders B.A. Fannie Willis Dormitory Directresses Flora Anthony Sue Burton B.S. Willie Gannaway L I B R A R Y Annie P. Adams B.S. Viola Chapman Marie W. Kennedy M.S. in L.S. Joycesteene Ruffin B.S. Lillionteen Whitehurst B.A. Marea Singletary B.S. Ivey Williams B.S. Amy P. Henderson B.S. ■Ik ■OKT a ' f ADAMS, CHARLES ARTiS, WILLIE Kings Mountain, N.C. Wilson, N.C. Physical Ed. Biology--Minor Government S.N.E.A. Biology Club Drama Guild Future Alumni BLUE, SARAH BRATTON, GWENDOLYN Fayetteville, N.C. Dallas, N.C. Elem. Ed. Elem. Ed. Day Student Organ. Dance Group Future Alumni Future Alumni Assoc. S.N.E.A. Pyramid Club Our col-ors so true, HSB ton BRUNSON, CAROLYN BROWN, EVA Durham, N.C. Wilhamston, N.C Business Ed. Business Ed. F.B.L .A. F.B.L.A. College Choir College Choir Dormitory Association S.N.E.A. BROWN, JOHN Riegelwood, N.C. Elem. Ed. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Future Alumni Assoc. S.N.E.A. College Marshal BROWN, SADIE Elm City, N.C. Elem. Ed. Future Alumni S.N.E.A. I BROWN, VIOLA New Bern. N. C. BRYANT, ENNIS Clinton, N.C. Physical Ed. BULLOCK, NANNIE Elem. Ed. BYRD, ARTt FayetteviUe, N.C. History — Minor; Government Future Alumni Day Student Baptist Student Union Drama Guild Social Studies Club Oh hail CANTY, LESLIE CARR, BARBARA Portsmouth, Va. Willard, N.C. History--Minor: Government Elem. Ed. Y.M.C.A. Future Alumni S.N.E.A. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Sampson Club Sampson Club Baptist Student Union CARTER, NAOMI CHANCE, JOHN Madison, N.C. Wade, N.C. Elem. Ed. Biology College Band Future Alumni Drama Guild Baptist Student Union CLEMMONS, JOYCE Wilmington, N.C. Elem. Ed. Who ' s Who S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Zeta Phi Beta CRUTCHFIELD, CLARA West End, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Baptist Student Union Future Alumni DANCY, LESTERINE Rocky Mount, N.C. Business Ed. Delta Sigma Theta Future Alumni N.A.A.C.P. Young Democratic Club DOWDY, BLANCHIE Carthage, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Methodist Student Union White and Blue DOWNING, MAXINE Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni ELLIS, FRED New York, N.Y. English Kappa Alpha Psi Varsity Club Basketball Team EDENS, LILLIAN Hamlet, N.C. Elem. Ed. College Choir S.N.E.A. Reading Club FAULK, DORIS Lumberton, N.C. Physical Ed. Band Physical Educ. Club 1 . FILLYAW, HAROLD FORD, ERNESTINE FRYAR, CHARLES FULLER, FRED Wilmington, N.C. Cerro Gordo, N.C. Clinton, N.C. Cheraw, S.C. Elem. Ed. Elem. Ed. Business Ed. Physical Ed. Minor: Music Future Alumni College Marshal Band Alpha Phi Alpha Reading Club Omega Psi Phi Bronco Flash Staff Future Alumni Drama Guild S.N.E.A. Young Democratic Club Wilmington Club F.B.L.A. Choir College Band Y.M.C.A. S.N.E.A. Drama Guild Student Government to Thee FULTON, DOROTHY Sanford, N.C. Elem. Ed. Future Alumni S.N.E.A. Who ' s Who Alpha Kappa Mu Zeta Phi Beta GERALD, JR, PAUL Cerro Gordo, N.C. Sociology- -Minor: Social Studies Who ' s Who Drama Guild Veterans Club Phi Beta Sigma College Marshal Social Science Club GEDDIE, HENRY Fayetteville, N.C. Mathematics- - Minor: Physics Day Students Organ. Future Alumni GRAHAM, DOROTHY Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. Y.W.C.A. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni GRAHAM, JOHN FayetteviUe, N.C. Elem. Ed. Day Students Organ. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni GRAY, CHARLES Greenville, N.C. History Social Science Club Baseball Varsity Club GROVER, RVBYE FayetteviUe, N.C. Elem. Ed. Zeta Phi Beta S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Y.W.C.A. HALL, BARBARA Riegelwood, N.C. Elem. Ed. Minor: Music Future Alumni S.N.E.A. College Choir Alpha Kappa Alpha Our voi-ces ring, HARRIS, BARBARA Elm City, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Zeta Phi Beta Smith Dormitory Assoc. HARRIS, HERMENL Moncure, N.C. Elem. Ed. Future Alumni College Marshal S.N.E.A. HENDERSON, DAVID New Bern, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Bronco Flash Yearbook Staff HOLMES, MATTIE Wilmington, N.C. Elem. Ed. Future Alumni S.N.E.A. Wilmington Club Alpha Kappa Alpha i HOSKINS, SYLVESTER Wilson N. C. Sociology- - Minor: Political Science College Choir College Marshal Future Alumni Young Democrats Club Student Government Social Science Club HOUSE, CHRISTINE Goldsboro, N.C. Elem. Ed. Baptist Student Union Future Alumni Y.W.C.A. S.N.E.A. JACKSON, MIRIAM Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed, Future Alumni Young Democrats Club S.N.E.A. Day Students Organ. JACOBS, FANNIE Coats, N.C. Elem. Ed. Baptist Student Union Future Alumni Tho ' sea-sons may roll KEE, JOSEPHINE Garysburg, N.C. Business Educ. S.N.E.A. F.B.L.A. Future Alumni Y.W.C.A. JOHNSON, ROBERT Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. Day Student Organ. Omega Psi Phi S.N.E.A. Y.M.C.A. College Choir LIGHTFOOT, JOE Rochester, N.Y. Physical Ed. Football Future Alumni Veterans Club Physical Educ. Club LLOYD, CLARENCE Williamston, N.C. Biology- -Minor: Chemistry Alpha Phi Alpha Biology Club Baptist Student Union S.N.E.A. Beta Kappa Chi Who ' s Who Sunday School Club LUCAS, LEON Spring Lake, N.C. History- -Minor: Government Day Students Organ. Future Alumni Omega Psi Phi S.N.E.A. College Marshal MARTIN, ARNETHA Mount Olive, N. C. MAXWELL, SAM Pittsburgh, Pa. History- -Minor; Government F ootball Track Phi Beta Sigma S.N.E.A. MELVIN, ROBERT Fayetteville, N.C. Mathematics- -Minors: Physics and History Drama Guild Statistician Omega Psi Phi Future Alumni Student Government College Marshal Who ' s Who Beta Kappa Chi and chan-ges un-fold MITCHELL, MILDRED Fayetteville, N.C. MONROE, HYTHEUS Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Day Students Organ. Future Alumni MOODY, JOSEPHINE Nashville, N.C. Elem. Ed. College Choir S.N.E.A. Baptist Student Union MOORE, MARITE Lumberton N.C. Elcm. Ed. Future Alumni S.N.E.A. Y.W.C.A. 2L mU, jr. McLEAN, MARY LEE Sanford, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Y.W.C.A. Future Alumni McLEAN, MARY Sanford, N.C. McMlLLLAN, ANN Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. Future Alumni Day Students Organ. McMillan, effie Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Day Students Organ. Thy praise McNAlR, ANNE Hamlet, N.C. Elem. Ed. Day Students Organ. Future Alumni S.N.E.A. Y.W.C.A. McNAIR, BENNYE Pageland, S.C. English — Minor: Spanish Zeta Phi Beta Day Students Organ. Future Alumni English Club McNEIL. FRANKLIN Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Day Students Organ. McNEILL, MARY A. Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. Delta Sigma Theta Day Students Organ. Who ' s Who S.N.E.A. kaa...L. MOORE, WILLIAM New Bern, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Y.M.C.A. Baptist Student Union Drama Guild Sunday School Club MURPHY, DORIS Wallace, N.C. Elem. Ed. Zeta Phi Beta S.N.E.A. McAllister, lonnie Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. Dav Students Organ. S.N.E.A. McCOY, SINATRA Chadbourn, N.C. Elem. Ed. Future Alumni Dormitory Assoc. we ' ll ev-er sing. McDANIEL, SANDRA McEACHERN EVA Fayetteville, N.C. Fayetteville, N.C. English Elem. Ed. Future Alumni Voice Staff Baptist Student Union Alpha Kappa Alpha S.N.E.A. Dav Students Organ College Choir McLAURlN, JESSE Fayetteville, N.C. Mathematics- -Minor: English College Marshal Day Students Organ. Future Alumni McLEAN, MARY A. Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Drama Guild Voice Staff College Marshal Day Students Organ. ir :t McNEIL, MARY J. Fayetteville, N.C. McRAE, JUANITA Fayetteville, N.C. NICHOLS, MARY Hallsboro, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Voice Staff Future Alumni English--Minor: , French Voice Staff S.N.E .A. English Club Zeta Phi Beta Who ' s Who Future Alumni Elem. Educ. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Baptist Student Union NORRIS, ODIS Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. All hon-or and love OLIVER, LINDA Elem. Ed. PARKER, EMMA Elem. Ed. PARKER, EVELYN Southport, N.C. Elem. Ed. Dance Group Band Future Alumni PEATEN, GWENDOLYN Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Zeta Phi Beta Day Students Organ. PICKETT, CONSO PILAND, CLAUDIA PLUMMER, BETSY POWELL, GENE Gates, N.C. Fayetteville, N.C. Whitakers, N.C. Elem. Ed. English--Minor: French Elem. Ed. English and Mathematics S.N.E.A. S.N.E.A. Day audents Organ. Alpha Phi Alpha Y.W.C.A. English Club S.N.E.A. Alpha Kappa Mu Future Alumni Beta Kappa Chi Day Students Organ. College Marshal Student Government (Vice President) Who ' s Who and lo-yal-ty we pledge POWELL, THERESA Wade, N.C. Elem. Ed. Alpha Kappa Alpha Day Students Organ. Future Alumni RATLIFF, MILDRED Elem. Ed. RICKS, MARY High Point, N.C. Elem. Ed. Delta Sigma Theta S.N.E.A. Future Alumni ROBERSON, LIZZIE Vanceboro, N.C. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Baptist Student Union 1 .t. ROBINSON, LILLIAN Hamlet, N.C. ROOKfa, JOHN Kinston, N.C. SANSBURY, ELOUISE Hope Mills, N.C. SHAW, PATRICIA Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. Day Students Organ. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Elem. Ed. Football Future Alumni Choir S.N.E.A. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Day Students Organ. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Day Students Organ Our hearts a-new, SMITH, JOYCE Asbury Park, N. J. Elem. Ed. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Day Students Organ. SMITH, MELBA Goldsboro, N.C. - Elem. Ed. Alpha Kappa Alpha Baptist Student Union College Marshal Future Alumni S.N.E.A. Y.W.C.A. SPENCER, MARGARET STEVENS, BARBARA Kittrell, N.C. Kinston, N.C. Elem. Ed. Elem. Ed. Future Alumni Future Alumni S.N.E.A. S.N.E.A. Baptist Student Union Y.W.C.A. Delta Sigma Theta STEPHENSON, ETHEL Elem. Ed. -STEVENS, MINNIE Goldsboro, N.C. Mathematics- -Minor: English Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta Kappa Chi Alpha Kappa Mu Who ' s Who Future Alumni College Marshal Student Government STOKES, BARBARA Angier, N.C. History--Minor: Government College Band S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Day Students Organ. STOKES, MAXINE Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. Day Students Organ. S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Our Al-ma Ma-ter F.S.C 3 ' STREETER, HA YVES THOMAS, ALFRED ' t Kinston, N.C. Ocala, Fla. Mathematics- - Minor: Elem. Ed. • J Physics Future Alumni " ' J W Student Government (Pres.) Methodist Students r f ' Varsity Club Omega Psi Phi Football Future Alumni Union I SPEARMAN, ANTIONETTE Garland, N.C. Business Ed. Alpha Kappa Alpha F.B.L.A. Future Alumni S.N.E.A. TAYLOR, ANNETTE Fayetteville, N.C. Elem. Ed. Day Students Organ. Future Alumni THOMPSON, HAROLD THOMPSON, LUCHRISHANN TOONE, DEWEY TOWNSEND, MARGARET FayetteviUe, N.C. Fairmont, N.C. Yonkers, N.Y. EUerbe, N.C. Elem. Ed. Elem. Ed. Sociology--Minor: Elem. Ed. Day Students Organ. Y.W.C.A. History S.N.E.A. Future Alumni Sunday School Kappa Alpha Psi Future Alumni Future Alumni Varsity Club Baptist Student Union Choir Track S.N.i.A. Baptist Students Union We hail Thee TREADWELL, MAHY WALKER, EDDIE Garland, N.C. Pinehurst, N.C. Business Ed. Elem. Ed. Alpha Kappa Alpha Williams Hall Assoc Future Alumni Choir N.A.A.C.P. Future Alumni Student Government College Marshal Sampson County Club Young Democrats Club c .. WALKER, MARYLN WILLIAMS, DOROTHY FayetteviUe, N.C. FayetteviUe, N.C. Sociology- -Minor: Physical Secretarial Science Ed. Day Students Organ. Alpha Phi Alpha Voice Staff Social Science Club Football Statistician Baseball Basketball College Marshal WILLIAMS, LILA Sanford, N.C. Elem. Ed.--Minor: Music Drama Guild College Choir Day Students Organ. Sanford Club WINTERS, JAMES Pittsburgh, Pa. Sociology- -Minor: History-Basketball Bronco Flash Student Government N.A.A.C.P. Social Science Club WOODARD, MARY Stantonsburg, N.C. Elem. Ed. Future Alumni S.N.E.A. Wilson Club VAUGHAN, BARBARA Rocky Mount, N.C. Elem. Ed. College Marshal S.N.E.A. Rocky Mount Club Alpha Kappa Alpha Future Alumni Young Democrat Club Old White and Blue. VINES, SADIE Rocky Mount, N.C. English- -Minor: Frer Future Alumni S.N.E.A. Baptist Student Union ♦DANIELS, ROOSEVELT Fayetteville, N.C. Major: Math Minor: Physics Phi Beta Sigma Editor of Voice SNEA Future Alumni IJ N Adams, Alice Alfred, Delphine Alston, Lossie Arnold, Leonard Atkins, Thomas Bailey, Linda Baker, Ray Baldwin, Delores Baldwin, Eugenia Barber, Joyce Barnes, Elizabeth Barnett, Sam Battle, Priscilla Belle, Mary Berry, George Best, Katie Black, Gail Blue, Sandree Boone, Elvira Boone, Ella Brown, Delores Brown, Eva Brown, Geraldine Brown, Gloria it Brown, Sadie Brown, Se Byrd, Fred Campbell, Eula Campbell, Gertie Carrington, Earlean Carter, Mildred Carter, Naomi Chambers, Mildred Chapman, Maxine Chavis, Ernestine Clark, Alfred Clayton, Gladys Coats, Luretha Corbett, Barbara Coward, Janice Curry, Mary Dantzler, Peggy ' mm Davis, Janice Dalton, Minnie DLxon, Donald Douglas, Charles Durant, Fred Edwards, Jr., Leo Elliott, Allen Ellis, Katherine Faulcon, Joyce Farrior, Willie Ford, Alberta Ford, Earnestine Franks, Berdell Fulton, Arthur Fulton, Bennie Greene, Margaret Greene, Janet Grear, Peter Graham, Solomon Glasgow, Judith Gillespie, Joseph Gilmer, Bernice Gentry, Barbara Catling, Cleo J.3L :t Jackson, Doris Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Mary Johnson, Jack Jones, Betty Jones, Jean Joyner, Betty King, Aaron ■IP r X. f Little, Nada Lloyd, Marian Lockett, Annie Loftin, Jessie Lucas, Jolin Mariner, Eula Marsh, Melton Marsh, Sandra Martin, Arnetha Mathews, Calletha Mattocks, Janice Mattocks, Velma .JL cJ- • ' » ?1 Mainor, George Melton, Carolyn Miller, Irene Mills, Albert Minter, Patricia Monroe, Roy Monroe, Shirley Moody, Josephine Moore, Eva Mosley, Barbara Move, Carolyn Musgrave, Corine McRae, Macy McEachern, Emma Mclntyre, Arlene Mclver, Mary McLean, Annie McMillian, Ann McNeill, Barbara McPhail, Peggy McRae, Ella Owens, Clellie Parker, Omelia Ray, Mary Reid, Gwendolyn Regis, Patricia Roe, Alton Rogers, Juanita Russell. Janice Saunders, Shirley Scott, Kenneth ,L Toomer, Hazel Tyson, Barbara Vinson, Beverly Waddell, Beady f r Ai H . TJ Walker, Eddie Washington, Eloise Washington, Marv Watford, Nettie West, Naomi Westfield, William White, Doris Whitaker, Savannah Wicker, Isabell Wiggins, Barbara Wilkins, Judith Williams, Alice Williams, Joseph Williams, Margaret Williams, Mazerine Williams, Russell Willie, Clarence Willis, Charles Wilson, Wilbur Wooten, Clyde Wooten, Jeramiah Wooten, Susie Yarborough, Vernon Lh. u . - D R „I I OVE IS HERE TO 5T Y aQfflBDE tSGD w i.. Barrett, Pearline Baugham, Shirley Benfield, Gloria Benjamin, Ruclin Bennet, Gloria Berry, Veronica Bibby, James Blackwell, Richette Blue, Betty Blue, Ella Blue, Fonnie Boone, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Hunter Adams, Jo Ann Alexander, Ronnie Alexander, Willella Allen, Pauline Allen, Taft Alderman, Evelyn Alston, Shirley Arline, Yvonne Arline, Irma Artis, Lessia Baker, Lenwood Baker, Peter Baldwin, Betty- Barber, Percy Barnes, Annie Baltic, Porti; Braswell, Elaine ■1 Bratcher, Henry Brown, Charles Brown, Earnestinc Brown, Gracie ' » Brown, Ricardo Brown, Shirley 1 Bryan, Ruth Butler, Alma Butler, Lessie Byrum, Jesse Caldwell, Ronald Campbell, James Campbell, Lester Canady, Bertha Curry, Sylvia Cannady, Carolyn Carroll, Brenda Carroll, Leroy Cheek, Cara Clark, Dons Cole, Joyce Collins, Vernell Cotten, doristlne Cotten, Verdell Crawford, Janice Cross, Lillian Crouch, Sherree Daniels, Eloise Davis, Allean ' mm Fulford, Mamie Dubois, Theodore Douglas, Gail Duckett, Dorothy Dubinson, Delano Dula, Ardella Eason, Mary Ellis, Margie Elliott, Naomi Evans, Elizabeth Evans, Joan Evans, Itosetta Falson, Pearlent Farrar, Addle Freeman, Bessie Gaddy, Gaynell Gainey, Patricia Gardin, James Gee, Violet Gilmore, Bennie Gillespie, Willie Goddard, Janie Gore, Carolyn Gause, Louise Graham, Hazel Gravely, Jack Green, James Frink, Katie Fulton, Nina oamzli Lennon, Linda §5 Mc Cloud, Margaret McCoy, Edna McDonald, Edward McDonald, Ernestine McDonald, Yvonne Mclntyre, Leroy Mclntyre, Mary McMillian, James McNair, Annie McNeil, Lillie McNeill, Sylvia Nesbitt, Annie Noble, Idabell Noel, Martha Lewis, Robert Lewis, Willie Magnum, Courtland Mariner, Lenora Massey, Wilbur Miller, Luther Miller, Vivian Moore, Harriet Moore, Bernice Moore, James Morgan, Barbara Moye, Julia { Murphy, Walter McBride, Corneia McCall, Costella McCoy, Ernestine i liiMi Oden, Sylvia Armond, Emily Paige, William Patterson, Gerald Noel, Richard Norfleet, Mildred Payton, Emma Pertillar, Leon Pierce, Bethenia Pierce, Janice Pierce, Melvin Pridgen, Carolyn Norfleet, Ruth Seabrook, Lois Pulley, Margaret Ray, Patronella Reddrick, Chester Robinson, Cora Robinson, Harvey Robinson, Lonnie Robinson, Nancy Rodgers, Malinda Rush, Michael Saunders, Rosa Scale, Jerry Scott, William Sharpe, Shellie Shaw, Gwendolyn Thomas, Steven Tillman, Janet Tlsdell, Edna Tyson, Joe Walkei-, James Ward, Joanne Ward, JoAnne Ware, Geraldine Washington, Shirley Watson. Claude Watson, Evelyn White, Alfred White, Leona Sherrod, Edna Sims, Sharon Smith, Ardella Smith, Calvin Smith, James Solomon, Alberta Solomon, Henry Spakes, Willamina Spaulding, George Stewart, Clarnece Sturdifen, Shirley Suggs, Josephine Summers, Annie Surles, Veronica Thornton, Walter immLt y. Whitehurst, Lillian Whitfield, Mary Wiggins, Ronald Wilkins, Earl Williams, Annie Williams, Arletha Williams, Bessie Williams, Bryant Williams, Elijah Williams, Elisha Williams, Henry Williams, Linda Williams, Marion Williams, Olive Whitfield, Ophelia Wilson, Laura Williams, Oprea Williams, Raymond I ' ll Williams, Shirley Willingham, Alfonsa Witherspoon, Celesti; Wilson, Ann Wright, Eva mm . N.« " ' »• i L H " 4 It So-«, ' Jt - Bobbit, Zetha Bolden, David Boone, Lee Bowser, J Bowser, I ?5r Chase, Wanda Cheek, Claressa Clark, Barbara Clark, Calvin Clark, Coreen Colter, Velva Cooley, Lawrence Cooper, Betty Cooper, Charles Corbett, Elijah Corbett, Geraldine Corbett, Josie Cotten, Annie Cozart, Catherine Ci-oom, Delma Crawford, Felece Cross, Audrey Crowder, Annie Cunningham, Lonnie Cutts, William Dancy, Russell Daniels, Esther Daniels, Frank Daniels, Mary Darnell, Lenora £B.M Decosta, Sarah Deloatch, Louise Dennis, Doris DeVane, Ernest Dickens, Melvena k c - Dickie, Lucille Dillard, Carolyn Dobbins, Amelia Dobbins, Larry Dockery, James Edwards, Almeta Edwards, Faye Elder, Ricardo Elliott, Alfred Elliott, Carolyn Elliott, Joe Elliott, Lucille Elliott, Marvin Evans, Calvin Everette, Carrie Finch, James Fitzpatrick, Thomas Floyd, Elmer Ford, Henry Foy, Charles Dowdy, Thclma Dowdy, Shirley Dunston, Barbara Dupree, Joyce Eason, Robert EtklMA J i. Farrior, Ruby Faulk, Freddy Fennell, Audrey Fennell, George Ferguson, Alfred Frayer, Marian Freeman, Nathaniel Frink, Cora Fryer, Bernard Gant, Larry Gay, Herbert Gaynor, Sara Gilchrist, Charles Gilmore, Laura Gillispie, Shirley Gooding, Willie Gradford, Linda Grady, Lawrence Grant. Geraldine Gray. AUie 11 L c « MB Jeffreys, Benny Jefferson, Robert Jenkins, Ethel Johnson, Betty Johnson, Carolyn Mahomes, Macon Malloy, Gaston Manley, Carolyi. Manuel, Herbert Manuel, Thelma L tmzJ ■■ McEahern, Mary Mclntyre, Mary Mclntyre, Patricia Mclver, Geneva Mclver, Patricia Phillips, Oscar Pittman, Daisy Plemmer, Maggie Pollock, Bettye Powell, Fred amzJ.. Sinallwood, Janit Smith, Alice Smith, Charley Smith, Donal ' .f Smith, Doris Smith. Harold Smith, James Smith. Lavoise Smith, Linda Smith, Rubv Smith, Thoniasme Speight, Lenora Southerland, Ann Spells. Cornell Spells. Helen Spruills, Banzet Stackhouse, James Stanley, Carolyn Stanton, Benjamin Steele, Celestine Stevenson, Daisy Steward, Lewis Stimpson, Faye Sutton, Melva Sutton, Sara K m f Tyson, Hubert Tyson, Robert Underhill, Blondie Waddell, Elwood Wagner, John m Young, Shirley Lowrey, George Lucas, Maxine Lucas, James Biggs, Ethel ' ■ Out of alphabetical order .iL 4 1 , . TT I ' ll Kj r ii Hayves E. Streeter President of The Student Government Exactly five score years ago, at two widely separated parts of our country, momentous de- cisions were forged with blood and steel. Although this nation remained " dedicated to the prop- osition that all men are created equal, " the fight for true universal freedom has never been completed, even in our own country. The coming years may determine whether mankind will achieve this goal, or will perish. We, the members of the Student Government, have tried to instill in you a true love for your faculty, school activities, and fellowman, a sincere desire to work unselfishly for the benefit of all humanity. We hope that, in the future, all students will strive to build " Our Alma Mater " the way students have yearned for eighty-eight years. •% 1 tzi. Student Government In Action planning- • ' ' ' langing (a]e„t " " " Methodist CoIJe eing generous to the community. Tutorial program being initiated. % Our .- Chesnutt Library Seabrook K Auditorium Williams Hall . l Campus Spaulding Infirmary Lilly Gymnasium Hood Hall Bickett Hall L. C. Cook Dining Hall Smith Hall L Joyner Hall Smith Administration Building Harris Hall Taylor Science Hall 11 A scientist is being born, How do ' ya work this thing? ■r From May — Through March 1964-1965 Dr. Ridley, president of Elizabeth City State College, was guest speaker for the seniors. X Governor Terry Sanford served as Founders ' Day speaker. Gee! I finally made it. One Hot Day In Summer School. . . ' II: . . And Then Came September w rT With a hectic day of registration And the noise makers for a campus Hft B i _ Sequenced By A Wonderful Year Honor Students ' Tea Freshman Talent Show The Cool Beats ■Biliw- ' w P flEI ■[f Tl A TO D.C. Playboys The Freshettes L U E B E C K North Carolina Little Symphony okJ V w A Merry The Choir in Concert — The Messiah Christmas The Christmas Story and The Christmas Dance Clark ' s Are you ready? Charm School Like to take me out? Besides, it ' s after five! A 1 u m n u s C o m e s B a c k DR. FRANK B. WEAVER Dr. Frank B. Weaver, a 1948 graduate of Fayetteville State College and now North Carolina state supervisor ot elementary schools, urged FSC students during the first 1965 chapel assembly program to " wake up and get ready for today ' s and tomorrow ' s challenges. " Choosing " Some New Year ' s Advice for Young People " as a subject, Dr. Weaver further warned his audience " to listen to nothing that destroys your good thoughts. " All persons, he added, should " read at least one good newspaper with a good editorial column. " While one must recognize that teen-agers want to be different, the speaker concluded, young people themselves must realize that the future of the world rests on their shoulders. ■3Kl2. NCATE Visitation Committee Registration for Southeastern District Meeting. Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Southeastern District Meeting Speaker i:F " mm ! ' S Allen, Dennie Artis, Delores Atkinson, Nancy Barnes, Robert Barnes, Ruby Bland, Angle Bowen, Ruth Brown, Edna Brown, Evelyn Bute, Nathaniel Dancy, Monica Davis, Laurene Ehiblin, Gloria Dunham, James Evans, Calvin Second Faison, Patricia Fuller, Gloria Haynes, Marie Henderson, Geraldine Herbert, Dorothy Herndon, Thomas Home, OUie Johnson, James Jordan, Georgetta Lloyd, Ruby Mathis, Junior Matthews, Mildred Melvin, Ricliard Monroe, Bessie Moore, Judy Semester Students Morrisey, Bobby Mundlne, Hilda McKoy, Gwendolyn McMillian, John McWashington, Ester Nathan, Shirlee Nelson, Paulette Parks, James Peppers, Catherine Rice, Ruby Ross, Louie Stackhouse, Jeanette Soard, Alice Smith, Nina Sinclair, James Simpson, Anne Simmons, Linda Shropshire, Laura Shepard, James Shaw, Barbara Taylor, Lawrence Thomas, Carrie Vmes, Barbara Williams, Barbara Williams, Clarence Williams, Estelle Williams, Mable Williams, Shirley Winstead, Arlendra Winstead, Ethel Witsell, Izora T Religious Emphasis Week Reverend James A. Cannon, speaker for 1965. Reverend Cannon speaks out on " girls being playmates for boys , Mrs. Geraldine Conway, speaker for 1964. DK . Lyceum Vesper Chapel Lyceum VESPER Reverend O. P. Goodwin, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, admonishes students to live now. CHAPEL Dr. Harris gives message of inspiration to ambitious group of students. L smsili Candid Camera Friday OH a . . . Saturday Monday Me and my Shadow. I bet that ' s what you tell all the girls! Hits Fayetteville State! -Vi PV M vkJl " Out of Sight! " All Aboard! Night Tr Please, Please, Please! i i4 A :« -J I HI 1 f ' iflHr l VX 1 " V K " % v % ' 1 alRS C k ' ■BSI k - ' ' ' . -S) ' " Baby, Take my Hand! " Oh Baby don ' t you weep! ■K f m SMjL ' i Chess Club s u n d a y s c h o o 1 Westminster Fellow B eamzl . ' f N A ffi M mi um HBp %:: W HEi M 1 e j t 1 1 Wilmington Club Sanford Club E)K 4 - Who ' s Who Beta Kappa Chi Alpha Kappa Mu ' ' r I Ji 1 V Bickett Hall ylLi amsJA J o y n e r , ' ' fj HARRIS HALL u. aaaJi 5 ' S M I T H HALL With the Greeks Pan-Hellenic Rush Party I ♦ |p«ia»-T s.v 4 I I r p .b p , . u . L ' ' • ; , fi ii ,t jT f pf y V V y 5 1 p , ,. i ' ' ' 7i?!n fin w? n ' :n f iiirjj AOA AKA amsJ mm: A2-©- S2 0 f t ZOB 0)62 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. From left to right: Donald Dixon Clarence Lloyd Clyde Wooten Kneeling in center: Vernon Brown Johnny Covington Harold Fillyaw Gene Powell Aaron King Marlyn Walker Leo Edwards AOA " We are Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. n . . aSIBHHBMiBiHIl A Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. From left to right standing in bacli; Barbara Hall Olive Williams Shirley Baugham Daisy Lacewell Eugenia Baldwin Linda Bailey Priscilla Battle Carolyn Cannady Bettye Smith Minnie Stevens Velma Ratcliff Left to right in front; Eva McEachern Mary Treadwell Cora Robinson Barbara Vaughan Melba Smith Carolyn Melton Peggy McPhail Mary Manning m «1 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. ' Sons of Blood and Thunder ' Delta Gamma Chapter fi O Um mssscLU Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. AS-e- ■ Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. |)B2 rrrti Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc ZOB IP HM Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. KA k m MSHMk Mmm—ImkSK y M j l ' mmm «■■■ MISS FAYETTEVILLE STATE Gwendolyn Peaton f Miss Gwendolyn Peaton, a senior in elementary education and a native of Fayetteville, is a member of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. She disputes the theory that a beautiful woman is dumb by the fact that she is constantly on the Dean ' s List. Autographs From the Queen - " 1 " m M :.r :h •SS HOflECOMING Maryjnrginia Ray Urn " m. . ' :fl!.yif:ii;;a is ■ ' " ;■ - ' ■■ Miss Mary Ray, a junior in elementary education from Raleigh, is retiring in nature but just as equally as radiant in charm, personality, and humility. She was a unanimous choice for her role as " Miss Homecoming. " Autographs From the Queen ■n. ' - MISS SOPHOMORE Alma Butler 1 . OCKL. MISS JUNIOR Edna Stewart cri --, ' ¥ MISS A$A Eva McEachern ■ . g; -: ' 1 , ■ • f iH M T HWM " ; ' ' " " ' " TV " ' MISS SPHINX Cora Robinson MISS fi $ Shirley Williams MISS LAMPODAS Geralean Brown r MISS OBS Gwendolyn Peaton MISS CRESCENT Barbara McNeil MISS KA Peggy McPhail . , MISS SCROLLER Helen Moore %: M MISS BICKETT HALL Veronica Moore MA. ATE EL V W f Homecoming Festivities vW i Miss Homecoming Crowned by President Jones Now She Reigns 1 Miss Alumni Looks At The Game The 1964 Broncos ri»«i5n Gillespie, Streeter, Johnson The Fayetteville State Broncos ended the season with a record of 2-7-1. To the unknowing observer this record would exemplify the end of an unsuccessful sea- son, but those who watched the team through the entire season know that this record does not show the fight and desire to win that the team showed. It does not tell of the very hard fought games that could have ended In victory for either team. The talent of the many freshmen had to be molded with that of the returning veterans. A good example of the success of this task is evident in Sam Jones, the freshman quarterback, that showed in the second game of the year that he was capable of running the team. He combined with Hayves Streeter, Joseph Gillespie, and another freshman, Jerry White, to propel the Broncs to a 28 to 6 victory over Livingstone College. This is not the only occasion where a freshman and other veterans combined to produce that fighting spirit. In the games with Shaw University, St. Paul ' s College andClaflin College such players as Jack Johnson, James Gardin, and Robert (Lenny) Allen showed running ability equal to any team in the CIAA. These games could have ended in victory for either team. On the line, Harvey Sellers, Hayves Streeter, and Alfred Clark showed they were to be contended with. Now you, the unknowing observer, can see why we do not consider this the end of an unsuccessful season, but the beginning of many successful ones to come because Hayves Streeter is the only key player who will not be returning next year. The freshmen who show signs of stardom should develop into full-fledged stars. Luther Miller Sports Editor Mm lOB ■V ' j( " j l■ ■ ' f ' 1. i From left to right: Coaches Cox, Robinson, Guldescu, Saunders. A -1 Jb m W TV ' v (iJR was Ir ' ' ' rw «4BI - . n rS : l,4 Some last minute instructions from the coach. 1964-65 FOOTBALL Season Record Fay. State 28 Livingstone 6 Fay. State 6 Shaw U. 6 Fay. State 6 St. Paul ' s 12 Fay. Sate 28 Claflin 26 Fay. State 12 Eliz. City State (HOMECOMING) 44 Fay. State S. C. Area Trade 18 Fay. State Allen U. 54 Fay. State 6 St. Augustine ' s 26 Fay. State 6 W.-S. State 33 Fay. State Johnson C. Smith 56 Keep on pushing, can ' t stop now! Thib niaji liab hib iieart right. Here you take it, it ' s too hot for me! It ' s all mental, men! Freeman and Streeter BCPC2. . ' fS ' i ' JcS ' aiJSSV: ■ ' ]JI lg jSi3f I wonder if the pro scouts are watching? -» P , Here comes a lamb to the slaughte it " -4 r ' i v- r I have heard of losing shoes and helmets, but this is a new one to the rescue. The 1964-65 Basketball Team With Coach Frank Robinson - i x ' k ' iMi, m,m Although, the 1964-65 basketball season was not a successful one, the team did show signs of future co- ordination into a well-balanced unit or team. The fol- lowing pictures exemplify some of the different roles in which the players were seen during the season. The game starts with a jump ball. jgM Mapp is seen making a tap shot. Mangum hustles to get a valuable rebound. Durant leads a fast break. Baker is shooting his pet fall-away jumper. Jefferson shows his driving ability. Track The Flying Broncos But, we were up there! ■ SS ' - ' ;SJJ;- ' l ' :ti5 ' . ' V ' !ll ' ...!;,;; The Indoor Track Team Hey, I dropped my pole! Did I get over ? Baseball " Strikeout " , strikes out. A Norfolk player strides in vain. Tennis f James Winters (foreground), of the Bronco tennis team drives off in his match with Winston-Salem State College which F.S.C. won. i!.-- ' :S»-;-:t;3 May Day Exercises . - r Every May Day must have a May Pole. Students march while Queen looks on. Gymnastics constitutes an important part of May Day. The Physical Education Department strives hard to emphasize the importance of strong muscles, muscular coordination, and healthful living through recreation among other things. It is to this end that the Physical Education Department presents the annual May Day exercises. A Visit With The Alumni Miss Alumni Crowned Mrs. Quessie Anders Drake, " Miss Alumni " for 1963-64, crowns Mrs. Loree Matthews Durham, " Miss Alumni " for 1964-65. Reading from left to right: Mrs. Edith J. Fennell, Miss Mary B. Pittman. " Miss Alumni, " Mrs. Susie S. Pugh, Mrs. Emma H. Jackson, and Mrs. Rosa C. Parker. Rocky Mount Alumni Chapter Durham Alumni Chapter Wilmington Alumni Chapter prepares gifts for the aged. Photographers Bronco Staff Photographers Floyd Woodard Clarence Willie Harvey C. Jenkins Advisor Bronco Staff Editor in Chief Leo Edwards, Jr. Layout and Copy Donald Dixon Ollie R. Hodges Features and Campus Capers Russell L. Williams Nannie L. Johnson Art Mary M. Williams Alvin Burney Photos Cassandra Wallace Typists Eoise Washington Russell L. Williams Advisor Dr. Reid E. Jackson Where should this go? The Broncos lost again! A hard day ' s night ■k G 6 yfS I E ; « ■pij-;i.i;)|i ii:h;.:7:pjp »v;yig: ;, Business Manager, Mr. Pindle, and contractors view new building plan. Our New Fine Arts Building The Plans For Dormitories Dormitory For Boys r Dormitory For Girls HEKLi- ' In Memoriam NEWLYWEDS ARE KILLED IN CRASH The honeymoon of Gerald McLaurin and his bride of a few hours ended tragically on an ice -coated curve about eight miles south of Henderson shortly after the Christmas holidays. The couple was killed when their car crashed into a tractor-trailer loaded with produce. Apparently their car went out of control on the curve and slid into the path of the big truck. In Mrs. McLaurin ' s purse were papers which listed her maiden name as Mamie White of Manson, a teacher in the Richmond School system. The couple ' s marriage license, also in Mrs. McLaurin ' s purse, was dated Jan. 30. Both wore shiny new wedding rings. Mrs. Mamie White McLaurin was well known on FSC ' s campus for her charming smile and pleasing personality. She was an elementary education major with a music minor. She held membership in the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Baptist student union, college marshals, and college choir during her four year matri- culation at FSC. MRS. MAMIE WHITE McLAURIN Mr. William M. Robinson, so n of the late Mr. Mc- Neil Robinson and Mrs. Lillie Murphy Robinson, was born Janurary 4, 1925, in Claussen, South Carolina. He departed this life June 24, 1964. He received his early training in the public schools of South Carolina. After graduating from Wilson High School of Florence, South Carolina, he attended the Pitts- burgh Academy School of Business and received a Diplo- ma in Secretarial Science. Continuing his studies, he was awarded the B. S. degree from Wilberf orce Universi- ty and the M.Ed, degree from the University of Pitts- burgh. Mr. Robinson " joined the family of FSC in 1957. He organized the Department of Business Education and Secretarial Science. During his seven years as chairman of the department, he worked with genuine interest and complete dedication not only within his department but also in many extra-curricular activities on the campus. While teaching at FSC, he endeared himself to the hearts of the students, faculty, and staff with his cheer- ful personality and pleasant manner. His passing cast a shadow of sadness over the campus. He will be long remembered as an inspiring teacher. .Ji J , ... MR. WILLIAM M. ROBINSON AUTOGRAPHS e 4 ' f ' £ . , , -i. - it %J A , Z ' - f iA cA » W (S-i JL. J aM - C y - " ic . C C C Ql c Uol - d i . vW - " - AUTOGRAPHS ' . « rK ' ' - J r AUTOGRAPHS ' I . " ' -- :m-:mml $ I 1 § U ARi if ' M .JfJ J 7 r- 1 ♦ , " - '

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