Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC)

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Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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p - I R O C O .sg g gaggg .(- fSC ARCHIVES ■r- 1;?: . inOli WPPI sW e To incorporate into this foreward the perspiration and tears of those whose responsibility it was to pub- lish THE BRONCO would be desirous, but highly im- probable. To elaborate on the unceasing efforts of the staff and faculty advisors would be fitting, but of little significance. However, our most fervent desire is to have this book serve as the medium of fond recollec- tions to those of us who because of the scores of happy incidents which slumber in our hearts and minds pos- sess a love which is lasting for our F. S. T. C. I Though this be just an outline, if we, the com- pounders, have fulfilled your expectations and have succeeded in fostering those happy yesterdays full of cherished scenes, friends, and experiences, we have not labored in vain. J P 1 7 -- r iX A GENTLEMAN AND A SCHOLAR ' Dedication To Dr. James Ward Seabrook, President Emeritus . . . Who for approximately two and one -half decades has devoted his life to the growth and expansion of our college and the educational program. . . . Who possesses the noble spirit and capable leader- ship for doing a masterful job, . . . Who hasworked diligentlywith the faculty, students, and alumni toward improving our society, . . . Whose influence has exerted itself upon all those who know him and, . . . Whose life we feel is a priceless treasure to Fay- etteville State Teachers College, We, the entire family of Fayetteville State Teachers College, in humble submission and great appreciation, dedicate this yearbook. s HHkiWViNi4HP!WP " " " « -J 1 JiJWi " -iU.ii.i oard Of trustees Of 7ayetteville State Zeackets College Seated, left to right - Stewart B. Warren, Clinton; R. J. Hester, Elizabethtown; C. W. Furlonge, Smithfield; W. P. DeVane, Fayetteville; and J. H. Cook, Chairman, Fayetteville . Standing, W . E. Horner, Sanford; G. E. Edgerton, Vice Chairman, Fayetteville; and W. R. Thompson, Pitts- boro. Other members o£ the Board not pictured - Emil Rosenthal, Goldaboro; Victor Dawson, Fayetteville; Albert Ellis, Jacksonville; and Ed L. White, Pine Level. A i S£ .JiMfeWMMiC- Message 7rom Our President Dr. Rudolph Jor Congratulations to the Yearbook S t a £ f for your e nth u s ia s m , initiative and effort in the publication of this yearbook. In future years students will recall fond memories of the pro- fitable years spent at dear old Fayettevile State Teachers College as they turn the pages of the 1958 edition of THE BRONCO. As you reminisce while observing the pictures of former school- mates and teachers, may you always be inspired to live nobly and to render unselfish service to all humanity. I bid the seniors Godspeed. They have our best wishes for continued success. u Dr. Lafayette Parker Ed. D. - University of Pittsbu Acting Dean Arthur J. Pindle B.S. - Hampton Institute " Business Manager Lenna M. Means B. S. - South Carolina ' s A. M. College Registrar , Alice A. Jackson M. S. - Columbia University Librarian i Charles D. Sanders M. Ed. - Springfield College Dean of Men Geneva J. Holmes M. A. - Columbia University Dean of Women J w s ' ' • " B f i V tL Henry M. Eldridge Ed. D. - University of Pittsburgh Area of Science and Mathematics «ii»» Ito Mary Terry Eldridge M. F. A. - Carnegie Institute of Technology Area of Practical and Fine Arts (I T Marguerite S. Frierson Ph. D. - Ohio State University Area of Education John W. Parker M. A. - Columbia University Area of English - Edgar A. Toppin Ph. D. - Northwestern University Area of Social Science 3 ■ « i»; M. S. - North Carolina College at Durham Area of Health and Physical Education •w m Cynthia S. Bond - Columbia University Biology William A. Bryant M. A. - University of Iowa Coach - Physical Education Lorena C. Carter M. A. - Columbia University Education faculty Clarence A. Chick M. A. - Columbia University Ped. D. - Benedict College Social Science Jamea E. Coppage M. S. - North Carolina ' A. b T. College Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Willie M. Gannaway Barber Memorial Seminary Directress, Bickett Hall — . " - " " • " ' ' " " -aMiiia iiiii Thomas J. Gavin Edward W. Ha rg rave Lila L. Harper M. S. - North Carolina ' s M. A. - New York Univers ity B. S. C. - North Caro Una A. k T. College Education - Director, College at Durhanr Auto Mechanics - Band Psychological Clinic Cashier Aff Staff Neva B. Herring N. - Good Samaritan School of Nursing Resident Nurse Naomi S. Hubert D. S. Diploma - National Trade Professional Schoo Directress, Joyner Hall Mildred S. Johnson Certificates, - Metropolitan School of Business and Southwestern University Accountant - Clerk Mildred P. Jones M. S. - Catholic University English Pearl D. Jonea . S. - North Carolina College at Durham Accountant - Clerk Joseph L, Knuckles M. S. - North Carolina College at Durnann Mathematics - Science Edith G. LaBeach , - Morgan State College Art Vance E. McBroom Certificates, Hampton Institute; A. 8 T. College; Durham Technical School Mechanical Drawing Walter T. Pace M. A. - Atlanta University Education - Social Science ■ " Bettie E. Person r -»-- Diploma - Shaw University; ■ Payne ' s Business and Secretarial School Clerk . " - ' Richard P. Robinson M. A. - Columbia University -Wf Social Science William M. Robinson Ed. M. - University of Pittsburgh Secretarial Science Andrew L. Scott M. A. - Columbia University Geography Harold L. Scott Ed. M. - University of Pittsburgh Assistant Coach - Physical Educatior Minnetta H. Scott Ed. M. - University of Pittsburgh English Mae H. Seabrook Ed. M. - Harvard University Biology Howard S. Smith Ed. M. - Rutgers University Education - Psychology Juletta R. Smith M. A. - Oberlin College Art Nannie T. Smith M. A. - Columbia University English I i«S -TF Olivia T. Spaulding M. R. E. - Andover Newton Theological School History Ethel L. Taylor B. S. C. - North Carolina College at Durhar Secretary to President Lauretta J. Taylor M. A. - Columbia University Health - Physical Education Odessa W. Thompkins B. S. - Fayetteville State Teachers Colle Assistant Directress, Bickett Hall Lois P. Turner A. M. - University of Pennsylvania English Fannie L. Willis Diploma, Williston Industrial School Secretary to Dean Vivian O. Windley M. A. - Columbia University Education - Student Teacher Supervisor g Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Payne, former music teacher, stroll past the quadrangle and infir- mary. Miss Geneva Holmes, Fulbright Scholar, tra- vels to Sierra Leone, Africa, and is welcomed by Mr. Frederick Knox in Plymouth, England. Louise Murphy, His- tory Instructor, welcomes fall to the Campus. NOT PICTURED Daisy G. Coles Myers Street School Directress, Smith Hall Charles Ella Corbin M. A. - Boston University Music Alice E. Evans New York University Clerk-Typist Bronetta H. James B. S. - Fayetteville State Teachers College Assistant Librarian Beulah W. Jones M. S. - North Carolina College at Durham Dietitian E. Louise Murphy A. - Howard University History Mamie Wilkerson i. S. - North Carolina College at Durham Assistant Librarian " : « g w 2 ■ r ' - d ( Willie C. Brinson Alice B. Brown Mattie S. Edwards Eunice McL. Ferguson Eloise M. Haith Vivian S. Haithman Cecil L. Hickerson Irene S. James Amy McM. Gerald Mae S. Lindsay Margaret H. Lockamy Brooklyn A. McGeachy Mildred F. Miller Eleanor B. Mitchell Pauline L. Moore Annie M. Rivera Rora B. Smith Alvia R. Wilson iSS»aiilMMIUiiiMMittiMMII J ewbold Zraining School Not Pictured Thelma B. Avent Mae B. Butler Katie Freeman Catherine L. Smith Principal, Miss Helen Hucles, at the school ' s Science Fair with Chil- dren: Edurina Farmer, Roberta Gibson, William McCoy and Diana Banks. ' DiMlMg Mall Staff Mrs. W. Thompkins, Mr. E. C. McNair, Mr. E. B. Samuels, Mr. C. A. Hodges, Mr. Alvin Richardson, Mrs. Edith Anderson, Mrs. L. M. Willis, Miss Beulah Jones. Not Shown In Picture: J. W. Williston. Canteen Miss Gertie Pettiford, Mr. Willie Nelson — ,.. , .,. .- .■■■■. -.. . ' soft College Cibrary Mr. James E. Coppage, ■ - Superintendent of Building I • rJ ' Sy r p, and Grounds. And Qtounds Maintenance: Mr. William J. Watson Night Watchman Mr. Nathaniel L. Smith Utility Mr. Force King Utility Mr. Charles B. McNeill Carpenter Mr. Alphonso C. Moore Truck driver Mr. Ernest Wright Utility r m Books, like friends, should be few and we chosen. Like friends, too, we should return them again and again - for, like true friend they will never fail us - never cease to instru - never cloy - Next to acquiring good friends, the best a quisition is that of good books. - Colton. .■» r- .tv..xt» H mH ' Newly appointed Coach W. A. " Sugarlump " Bryant, Alumus of Fayette- ville State Teachers College, was instrumental in organizing a touch - down club among the many alumni of the institution. Shown in the above picture ar help activate this organization. sveral of the key persons called in to President Vice president Executive secretary Mr. O. F. Hudson Miss M. P. Powell Eunice Ferguson Left to right - Mrs. Mae F. Lindsay, Mrs. Mary Hightower, Miss V. O. Windley.Mrs. Juanita Drake. Second row - Mr. Brooklyn McGeachy, Mr. Rora Smith, Mr. Edward Taylor. Treasurer Recording secretary Mr. B. A. McGeachy Annie D. Drane Thomas E. Small Evelyntyne Humphrey Photography Editors Margaret Ann Evans Betty Payne Sports Editor John Reavis Art Editor Thomas E. Smalls Feature Editors Ruth Colvin Anna Stewart Lula Crunnpler Rose Kemp Hattie Rouse Business Manager Alex Purcell Historian Thomas Smalls Secretary Francenia McLean Typists Mary E. McLaurin Members of Commercial Education Class Proof Reader Johnnie Pearl Murphy Advisors Mrs. Juletta R. Smith Mrs. Minnetta H. Scott Mr. William M. Robinson CLASS OF 1958 Bettye Raye Allen Lillington, N. C. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Stu- dent Council; College Choir; S. N. E. A. Annie M. Avery Fayetteville, N. C. Voice Staff; Future Alumni; S. N. E. A. Eli Anderson Fayetteville, N. C. Day Students Organization; S.N.E.A.; Westminster Fellow- ship. Curtis Wilbert Battle Tarboro, N. C. S.N.E.A.; Varsity Club; Col- lege Band; Future Alumni. Lorenza Leon Batts Rocky Mount, N. C. Y.M.C. A. ; Drama Guild; S.N. E.A. Edna Parks Best Goldeboro, N. C. Irene Graham Bellamy Wilmington, N. C. Gloria 1-ee Bridgers Tarboro, N. C. Y. W.C.A.; Sunday School; ,,£::% Matthew Brinsor Rose Hill, N. C. Drama Guild. Harry H. Brown Wilmington, N. C. Omega Psi Phi Faternity; Dra- ma Guild: Student Council; Fu- ture Alumni, Alexander Brown Portsmouth , Va. Veterans Club. Rosa Mae Brown Cove City, N. C. Red Cross; W. C. C. ;S.N.E.A.; Day Students Organization. 11 1 Virginia Brown Pikeville, N. C. Thomas Burgess Florence, S. C. S. N. E. A. ; V a r s i t y Club; Football team. Martha Beatrice Bullock Tarboro, N. C. Red Cross; W.C. C. ; Y. W. C. A. ; Future Alumni. Hubert Cameron Fayetteville, N. C. Choir; Y. M. C. A.; Future Alumni; Day Students Organi- zation. ' W lary Lorene Chappell South Boston, Va. Connie Mae Claibor South Boston, Va. Y. W.C.A., Future Alum C. C, S.N.E.A. Winfield Carlyle Coachman Fayetteville, N. C. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Student Council, Y.M.C, A., Future Aiumni. :N, Helen Elizabeth Curry Aiken, S. C. Alpah Kappa Alpha Sorority, S.N.E.A., Red Cross, College Marshal. Joseph P. Dempsey Nashville, N. C. Y.M.C. A., Religious Activ Committee, Future Alumi Charles Remi DeVaughn Durham, N. C. S.N.E.A., Varsity Club, Foe ball Team, ' Track Team. S» S Paul Douglas Fayetteville, N. C. Beta Sigma Frater Inc., Y.M.C.A. Mary Rolean Dunham White Oak, N. C. ieta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. N.E.A., Westminster Fel- lowship, Future Alumni. Jack Ealy Tuscaloosa, Ala. S.N.E.A., Football Team, Var sity Club, Track Team. m Jacob Cohen Miami, Fla. Gilreath Society; Yearbook Staff; Future AJumni; Day Stu- dents Organization. - C Marion Lorena Diggs Fayetteville, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Day Students Organiza- tion. Emma Ree Collins Peachland. N. C. Y.W.C.A.; Red Cros s ; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. n WilUam E. Diggs Fayetteville. N. C. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.; Future Alumni; Voice Staff; Student Council. Ruth Colvin Fayetteville, N. C. Future Alumni; Day Students Organization. Bernice L. Dortch Rocky Mount, N. C. Y.W.C.A.: Red Cross; ' minster Feiiowship Azriah Ellerbe Rockingham, N. C. S.N.E. A; Student Counc M.C.A. ■y -r . James Robert Elliott, Jr. Dunn, N. C. Y. M. C. A., Day Students Or ganization; Veterans Club. Inez Evans Burlington, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; Pan Hellenic Council; Future Alumni; College Choir. Margaret Ann Evans Fayetteville, N. C. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc.; S. N. E. A. ; Student Advisory Board; Student Council; Year- book Staff. Ronald Evans New York, N. Y. Basketball; Varsity Club. Jack Freeman Nashville, N. C. S.N. E.A. ; Varsity Club, Student Council; Football; Future Alumni; Y. M. C. A. , Student Ad- visory Board. Agnes Floyd Westminster Fellowshi .endora Scott Fo Clarkton, N. C. Rosa Foreman Snow Hill, N. C. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Y.W.C.A.; Red Cross; Hellenic Council. Hazel Foushee Chapel Hill, N. C. S.N.E.A.; W.C.C.; Red Cross; Future Alumni. Grace Fowler Durham, N. C. Drama Guild; " Miss Home- coming " - 1956-67; Audio-Vis- ual Aids Club. Isabelle Fowler Fayetteville, N. C, Y. W. C. A. ; S. N. E. A. Donald Fussell Rose Hill. N. C. S.N.E.A., Future Alumni; O megaPsi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Drama Guild. c 3Ls :==a -- :fc ' . MltrT_YtffirnwMg y Jobe Galimor Macon, Ga. Band. k Lucille Gilchrist Laurinburg, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority S.N.E.A.; Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges andUniversities Student Council. Brady Graham Wilmington, N. C. Y.M.C.A.; S.N.E.A.; Ve Club. Clara B. Graham Fair Bluff, N. C. Naomi Graham Laurinburg, N. C. S.N.E. A.; Student Council: Col lege Choir: Future Alumni. Selena Green Lynchburg, Va. S.N.E.A; W. C. C. ; Y.W.C.A.; Future Alumni Associi tion. Donald Harris Pinehurst, N. C. C. A.; S.N.E. A.; Drama Elizabeth Gerald Fayetteville, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Future Alumni Association. Edith Harrison Nashville, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; S.N.E. A.; Student Council; Voice Staff. Randolph C. Harrison Nashville, N. C. Y.M. C.A.; Future Alumni; N.E.A.; Varsity Club. FSC ARCMfV Katie Lois Hill Warsaw, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Girls ' Basketball Team; Stu- dent Council: Westminster Fellowship. LeGray Hines Fayetteville, N. C. Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; S.N.E. A.; Chesnutt Book Club; Y. W. C.A. Nancy Elizabeth HoUoman Wilmington, N. C. Day Students Organization; Fu- Evelyntyne Humphrey Roxboro, N. C. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Drama Guild; Yearbook Staff. Bettie Lou Jackson Fayetteville, N. C. Day Students Organization odney William Ireland Fayetteville, N. C. ;ga Psi Phi Fraternity, Future Alumni Associa- S.N.E.A. raldine oro, N. Norma Jean Johnson Colerain, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; S. N. E. A; Red Cross: Future Alumni Associ- ation. Harvey Lee Jarn Kinston, N. C. Choir, Y. M. C. A. ; ' Club; Football Team. John Clark Johnson Tabor City, N. C. S.N.E.A., Varsity Club; Future Association. Ophelia Johnson Clarkton, N. C. W.C.C; Red Cross; S.N.E.A. A ) Portia Jones FayettevUle, N. C. Day Students Organization S.N.E.A.; Future Alumni. Rosie Lee Kemp FayettevUle, N. C. S. N. E. A.; Y. W.C.A.; Future Alumni; Westminster Fellow- ship; Yearbook Staff. Carolyn Peacock King Whiteville, N. C. College Marshal; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; S.N.E.A.; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities.- fA Curnis King Fair Bluff, N. C. S.N. E.A.; Student Council; Col- lege Marshal; College Choir; Veterans Club. Justus Leach Whiteville, N. C. College Choir; Y.M.C.A.; ture Alumni. Velma Inez Lavender Jacksonville, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Y. W. C. A.; S.N. E. A.; College Choir; Future Alumni. Lucille Leake Addor, N. C. S.N.E.A.; Y. W. C. A.; Student Advisory Board; Red Cross; Student Council. Coley Little, Jr. Asneboro, N. C. Varsity Club; Y.M.C.A.; ture Alumni. Elora Irene Leaven Jacksonville, N. C. Y. W.C.A.; Future Alumni; Col- lege Choir; College Marshal; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. C. Ophelia Maultsby WUmington, N. C. W. C. A.; Day Students Ruth Helen Melvin Fayetteville, N. .C. S.N.E.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Westmin- ster Fellowship; Red Cross; Day Students Organization. T-HP Claude Mose Newark, N. . sity Club. Johnnie Pearl Murphy Godwin, N. C. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soc Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Who ' s Who in American leges and Universities; Future Alumni Association; Student Council. Ruth Mae McAllister Raefo rd, N. C. Who ' s Who 1 n Ame rican Col- lege s and U livers ties; Zeta Phi Beta So rority. Incorpor- ated ; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soci ety; Colle ge Ch air. Robert Jelfr ey McBryde ty; Fayettevi lie. N. C. ol- Y.M.C.A. Team: Ve S.N teran .E.A.; s Club Football Willie Edward McGee Rocky Mount, N. C. Omega PsiPhi Fraternity, In- corporated; Baseball Team; Y.M.C.A.; Future Alumni As- sociation, Mary E. McLaurin Fayetteville, N. C. Student Council; College Choir; Yearbook Stjiff; Future Alum- ni Association; Y.W.C.A. Ruby McKenzie Fayetteville, N. C. Day Students Organization Hattie Marie Oliver Fayetteville, N. C. Y.W.C.A,; S.N.E.A.; Day Stu- dents Organization. Katie Elizabeth McMillan Fayetteville, N. C. Shade Joseph Palmer Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.; Hallsboro, N. C. Future Alumni Association: Student Council; College Mai Day Students Organization. shal; Drama Guild; S.N.E.A. Francenia McLean Fayetteville, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Yearbook Staff; S.N.E.A.; Fu- ture Alumni Association. Mary Lucille Parker Fayetteville, N. C. Day Students Organization; Y. W. C. A, A w I fir o i2 r L-:!:S l li Freeman Pearsall Magnolia, N. C. Y.M.C.A.; Future Alumni dent Advisory. Bettye Lou Payne Hendersonville, N. C. Y . W . C . A . ; Student C ouncil; Who ' s Who; Future Alumni; Advisory Board. Shirley Mae Phillips Lenoir. N. C. S.N.E.A; Future Alumni; Stu- dent Council; Y. W. C. A ; Col- lege Choir. Margaret Jane Pe Jackson, N. C Future Alumni. V Ale cell Fayetteville, N. C. S.N. E.A.; Future Alumni; O- mega Psi Phi Fraternity; Voice Staff; Yearbook Staff. Moses Rountree, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Westminster Fellowship; erans Club. William Paul Pitl Goldsboro, N. C. Westminster Fellowship; S.N £..A; College Choir; Voice " Staff; Veterans Club. Roger James Scc.les Mount Airy, N. C. Varsity Club; Student Council; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Y.M.C.A.; S.N.E.A Frank Rice, UI Spring Hope, N. C. Choir; Westminster Fellow- ship; Veterans Club; Y.M.C. A; S.N.E.A. Jessie LaRue Shaw Garland, N. C. S. N. E. A.; Y. W. C.A; Future Barbara Gray Sharpe ™ " i- Macclesfield, N. C. Blonnie Smith Y. W.C.A.: Future Alumni; W. Warsaw, N. C. C.C.;RedCross; Student Coun- Y. W. C.A. ; Gilreath Club; Book cil- Club. Pernetha Smith Rocky Mount, N. C. Future Alumni, W. C. C, S.N. E.A. Shirley Lee Smith Goldsboro, N. C. College Marshal, Y. W. C. A.; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Future Alumni, S.N. E.A. James Hurley Sneed Ellerbe, N. C. College Choir, S. N. E. A. ; Fu- ture Alumni, College Marshal; Day Students Organization. Anna Lee Stewart MUton Lee Taylor Mavis Janet Torain Fayetteville, N. C. Tarboro, N. C. Cedar Grove, N. C. S. N. E. A. ; Future Alumni; Band; Future Alumni; Student Westminster Fellowship; Red Yearbook Staff; Day Students Council; Varsity Club. Cross; Future A 1 u m n i ; Y. W. Organization. C.A.; W. C. C. ; Chesnutt Book Club. Arthur Fletche r Tompkins New York Ci ty, N. Y. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Student Advisory Board. Hardy Raye Williams Harrells, N. C. S. N. E. A.; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; O mega Psi Phi Fraternity; Who s Who Among American CoUe ges and Uni- versities; Futur e Alumni As- sociation. Mildred White Ida Williams Whitehead John Curtis Williams Richlands, N. C. Tarboro, N. C. Tabor City, N. C. Y. W. C.A., College Choir; Red Red Cross: Y. W. C. A. ; S. iN. Westminster Fellowship; S.N. Cross, Future Alumni Associ- E.A,; Future Alumni Associa- E.A.; Future Alumni Associa- ation. tion. tion. ■ Mae Catherine Sneed Ellerbe, N. C. W.C.C; Red Cross; Day Stu- dents Organization. Florine Steadnnan Wade, N. C. Y. W.C.A. ; S.N.E.A. ; Zeta Beta Sorority; Drama G Future Alumni. Ida Belle Stev Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; S.N.E.A.; Y. W. C. A.; Student Martha Ann Trice Efland, N. C. Y. W. C. A. ; S. N. E. A. ; S t u d e n Council; Future Alumni; West minster Fellowship. Bertha Bailey Washington Spring Lake, N. C. Red Cross; Day Students Or ganization. Donald Leon West Newark, New Jersey Basketball Team; Baseball Team; Y. M. C. A. Merle Austin Ward Greenville, N. C. W. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Esther Peace Wilsoi Oxford, N. C. S. N. E. A.; Y. W. C. A. Robert Early Williams Clinton, N. C. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Y. M. C. A. Roosevelt Wright Burlington, N. C. cetball Team; Ba .; Y.M.C.A. Carrie Mae Young Jacksonville, N. C. Future Alumni; S.N. E. A. ; Y. W. C.A.; Alpha Kappa Alpha So- rority; College Marshal. Lula Mae Grumpier Fayetteville, N. C. Red Cross; S. N. E. A. ; ' C. A.: Day Students Orgar tion; Yearbook Staff. Robert Wilson Football; Baseball; Cho M.C. A, Harold Willis Hubbard Fayetteville, N. C. Phi Be t a Sigma Fraternity; Student Council; Who ' s Who m American Colleges and Uni- versities; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Ser not pictured Calatha Roach Butler Hattie B. Dardin Wilhlemenia Edwards Agerdean Ethel Hegan Ethel Brown Harvey Vera Mae Jenkins Marjorie McKenzie Marion B. Page Elaine Gloria Patterson Ora Marie Wright Special Students not pictured Thurman James Andrews Mabel C. Douglass Iris Taylor Henderson Velma Smith Moore Jacqueline Lyles Scott Queen Williams Eva Lillington, N. C. Sarah P. Simmona. ms v. f fVi Fayettevil ,» . - i . 4.% 1 K f " r tfi pv ib . I_. ■iB- apv,u. ( »i.«:US !!Ea M B ■«i Effie Elouise Anders Janice Mae Atkinson Leonard Barnes Jannie Bass Mildred R. Bassett David F. Bluford Catherine Merle Buxton Evelyn Joyce Cameron Althornton Canada Mary Evelyn Cheek Dora Parthenia Cogdell Frances S. Colvin Eva Louise Covington Argentine L. D empsey Mabel James Dickev Mozel Douglas Gwendolyn Draughon George R. Ebron, Jr. Harold Franklin Ellis Harold Chesley Fields James L. Fleming Helen Mayvine Gillis Bobby David Golden George W. Green i-np Richard Gregg, Jr. Don Ameche Harris Ernestine Rose Hatchette Mary Carol Haynie William Mathea Hilli Alice Juanita Mines Raymond Hurst Annie Marie Hutchinson Roy Glen Johnson Pearly Grace Kersey Annette Sutton Liggins Eugene Matthews A William McCall Milton C. McDonald Grace C. McDougald Clarence R. McLaurin Robena McLaurin Sallie Lee McNai Betty Ann McNeill Joseph McSwain Jessup T. Melv Delores Ann Mille Albert Monroe Mary Glenn Moo ' ' " ■ ' fPBPl l lCW SB WWPIfPPWUBBPBi 1 JI-PPW -J I I . I . John P. Morgan Sarah Ann Morgan Furmal Belle Nance Marion Lucille Newell Jamea Oxendine Beulah Jane Parker Gertrude Dorris Payton Johnnie Pearce Fleming E. Pierce John M. Ray John William Rea Lula Celeste Robinson Shirley C. Rogers Hattie M. Rouse Maso Clinton Russell Thomas E. Smalls James J. Smith, Jr Julia Anne Smith Oletha Ann Smith Virginiaree Spearman Leatrice Speight Barbara Jean Stallings Delois V. Stroud Willie Belle Sturdivant m Jean Harold Tatum Betty Lou Taylor Eunice Y. Taylor George Washington Tyle Anna Doris Ware Shirley Ann Webb Anita Roxana White Samuel White Lillie McKoy Williams Winnie W. Wimbish Eleanor Johnson b . M«tKSHaamvi «wnvw ' jvxwAi» Lillie Mae Allen Constance F. Ander Jannie Bass Miriam Grace Bell Betty Jean Boyce Major M. Boyd Elie Bracy, Jr. Thelma Ruth Braswell John Bryant Samuel Bullock Gilmore L. Burrell Gladys Gertrude Byrd Doris Ann Cabaniss Lillian Beatrice Campbell A f . o Margaret E. Canady Rachel Elizabeth Cherr ' Annie Pearl Council Hattie Doretha Council James F. Cummings Harold Davis Hilda Louise Davis Joannah Davis Lillian Mae Davi Nathaniel E. Davis Harvey Edgar Daye James Ebron Annie Mae Edmonds Theodore Roosevelt Elli Nancy Moore Ferree I .J —.—Ui JHPW™= B!5 Annie G. Fields Lucille Fonville Betty Mae Foye Evelyn Gaddy Robert Quinland Gordon Doris Elizabeth Gos: Martha Lee Green Joyce Hadley Bobbie Jean Hall Barbara Ann Hankins Carolyn Foye Harringto Ruth Harrington Margaret Lucille Hodge Annie Ruth Holmes Charles Thonnas Johns .y. N J ttM iMM MM Randolph Johnson Gwendolyn E, Jordan Phyllis V. Kincaid Alyce Jean Koonce Velma V. Langley Shirley Jean Langston Helen Yvonne Lewis Argustia Mack Helen Lorraine Manley Bernice Mae Messenburg Earthly Louise Melvin Loraine Elizabeth Moore Alma Murphy Annie Mae McCain Clyde Oliver McDaniel, Jr Gwendolyn D. McKinnie Flora E. McLaurin Mazie Janet McMillan Cora Dequilla McNeill Addie J. Newell Carrie Virginia Newsome Aubrey Jerome Parke: Mary Louise Phifer Robert Pompey Edna Simpson Pridgen Christopher C. Ranki Fredrick A. Rodge Margaret L. Sampson Bertha Lee Scott Odessa Nelson Stinson Velma Eloise Street Betty Lou Stubbs Jack Winford Thomps Patricia Jean Thompson Eieanor Ray Troy Milton E. Tucker Juanita Grey Walker Samuel White Jesse Gray Wilkins Christine Williams Hazel Wooten Jude C. Wright Lucy Pearl Yellowdy Not Pictured: Mary Helen Brown Almeta Lathan Farmer Mary Lizzie Harley Ethelrene Johnson Mellie Jane Johnson Wilhemenia Milligan Helen Christine McCormick Luther Elworth McKeithan Dorothy Dawson McNair Mary Ann Pittman Juanita Burts Powell Who ' s Who h American Colleges Md Umverslties Left to right: Bettye Payne, Evelyntyne Humphrey, Harold Fields, Lucille Gilchrist, Eva L. Covington, John Reavis, and Delores Miller. hi iLVth li i ■ ■ Robert Adams Josephine Alexander Ada Alston Fletcher M. Alston ■ - B Geraldine E. Alston Jacqueline L. Armsti Clara Artis Emily G. Arti Emma Mae Baker Rematha C. Ba Lock Patterson Beachu Clara L. Best Shirley G. Artis Effie R. Ashley Willie Genora Black Edna E. Avent Rose Marie Bailey Annie Delores Bosti II Bill iWrirlirtiiiihiin r-i 1 1 1 ii 111 M« iriti yMii ii«iilii MiiBlli Gay Yolanda Bostic John D. Brattor Richard Allen Britt Edith Ruth Brodie Josephine Brown Robert Earl Brown Constance Bennett Buie Barbara Louise Bullock Coreina Loretta Burton Rufus Johnnie Bynum Cleveland Campbell Rosalyn Capel Edna Earl Chadwick Audrey Eugenia Clark Robert Cooper Eva Doretha Cordon Dorothy Marie Couch Lee Thomas Council Nannie M. Royster Crosby Jessie Mae Crump Martha Jane Cr stine E. Daniel Clara Marie Davis Hershal McDonald Di: Elmer Gray Faison Mamie Lee Ferguson Charlie Webster Fowle Carolyn V. Frederick Madison Lindsey Fuller Alexander Gerald Nettie Jocelyn Gerald Betty Jean Gilchr Edward Goldston Gene English Goldston Ethel Virginia Gore Walter Fredrick Green i l- sjbF!: g ancy Ross Hanks Minnie Louvetta Hines Annette Marie Hinnant i Lula Mae Harpe Ella Gray Henry Mary Etta Herring Ramona Lee Hicks Marion Louise Hill Lillie Mildred Hollc Rachel B. Howell Eugene Robert Hunte Linwood Hunter Ruth Annette Hurst Clency Hyman Grace Inez Ivory Charles Leon James Marian Jenkins Wilbert Long Jenki Calvin McDonald Patty Sue McGimpsey Robert Lee McLean David McNai Frances McNai Lounetta McNeill fe=fe!Vv .. iMiaMibMaiUlBittaMa auMMMaME Shirley Jean McNeill rrt ' kVw John Earnest McPherson . Robert Lewis McRae 4fJk Freddie Lee Minton Gladys Monroe . Williel Curtis Monroe Levi Montgon Ledella Moor Nance Raleigh Moore Alphonso Porter Morehead Samuel C. Morton Marian Eliza Murchi Ruth Ellen Odom Alice Pepper Alma Geraldine Pettiford Leonard W. Phillips Bettie Jean Powell Leslie Roger Pridgen - - 1 Of. f o Mary Elnor Ratliff Eugene John Roberts Rose Lee Ro Bernice Ray Charles Williard Robertson William Alpho Scavella ' :: Iti v = J " J VL Richard S. Sheridan Breness Joseph Smith Lee Barbara Smith Shirley Jean Sile Kathleen Smith Mildred Mae Smith Thadenia Oria Smith Bettie Speight Vivian V. Sneed Mary Ellen Stater Johnie Mary Sumpter Donald Dewitt Taylor Jaunna Beatrice Patricia Carnell Thompson Thompson jj . jvs» : . -= Nathalin, a Johnson Katherlene Jan ,e Joseph Washington Tui -ner Vincent Ella Weise Dorthy Mae Usher Peggy Jane Vu acen t Weaethersby ¥ Olester Valji Wells Amos Benjami: West, Jr. O .Q Jeanetta Elliott White Joseph Richard Whiting Geneva F. Whitelo Luther Mar Whitted %■ ' «. Ollie Jean Wilk ;ins Peggie Pauli Williams Eva Mae Williams Sandra Lee Wilson Robert Williams Joyce Lynn Wright Not Pictured Flossie M. Armstron Janie L. Brown Lewis Bullock William C. Cameron Martha Ann Dixon Alma G. Dockery Mae Frances Floyd Ethel M. Caddie Henry Hamilton Ida M. Hennagan Queen Ester Mae Israel Addie Delores Jeffreys Inez C. McEachern Harold Rollins Margaret Smith Mary Smith Evangeline Sutton -. . i, ■. M ll. ' .l-.|HHV» .| HO ,..-„ . COMMERCIAL Shirley I. Barne ■! J Mildred U. Bosti. Janice Broddie Doris Deloris Burde Rutell Burns Georgianna Caldwell Dorothy C. Farmer Marvin P. Gainey Deloris J. M. Glove Romell Goodman Ceatrice D. Hill . ' X- - ' CD ■■■■■■BMAlkMiiUMM Mt EDUCATION J-I jP Shirley A. Wright ' (£ i . " d: k Annie C. McCoy Terry I. Parker Johnnie Pemberton Meta C. Pittman Shirley L. Simps Gladys L. Spence Alma Lee Thomas Alma Orlean Vaughan Barbara Jean Walker Mildred J. Williams 63 v A ( •«.- V . k iiMM fT A ., mi James Brayboy Lmdsay Bullard David F. Cogdell George T. Crisp James Hagins Leslie J. Charlie Owens McPhail James A. Arlander Paige John Regan Joseph Valentine John H. Waters Joe L. Grahan McEachern Theodore V. Weeks f A O C Commerclal-Vocatmal Club r n f ' " ' Miss Homecoming of 1958 and court Left to right - Shirley Rogers, Anna Stewart, Dor othy Usher, Doris Goss, and Effie Ashley. May Queen, 1957, Mavis Jones, and court 1 . ! OrganizatioHs And Activities ' ■vic ' v vfwn F HiHaBvs se PWi O Bi A L R j-lXill ' l i ' li • masBi — !j„. " ju,ij«jii, «jtijia_u College Unit Of Zhe American Ked Cms Mdlo- Visual Mds Club ■ JI Women ' s Collegiate Club President - Connie Claiborr Secretary - Doris Goss Treasurer - Alice Hines Advisor - Miss L. J. Taylo Members ; Margie Henderson Evelyn Canneron Ophelia Johnson Barbara Sharpe Winnie Wimbish Mary Phifer Barbara Hall Margaret Canady Hazel Foushee Helen Curry Gwendolyn Draughon Argentia Dempsey w inMiiiimcwn!P««m«n i w Vrama (juild OFFICERS J. F. Cummings - President Roosevelt Ellis - Vice president Martha Green - N. A. D. S. A. Rep. Lillie Allen - Student Council Rep. Nathaniel Davis - Secretary Delores Burton, Treasurer Rematha Barnes - L D. A. Rep. Milton Tucker - Stage Manager Miss Lois P. Turner - Director The Drama Guild of Fayetteville State Teachers Col- lege holds membership with the Inter-collegiate Drama Association and the National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts. Mi A 1 4 FtftlfwESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President - Frank Rice, III Vice President - Eli Anderson, Jr. Secretary - Mary Phifer Assistant Secretary - William P. Pitt Treasurer - John C. Williams Chaplain - Alex Purcell Moderator - Rev. R. A. Massey Advisor - Dr. Lafayette Parker »M l». . J l. wp — fawg PBi— -iimi. ' " ■hh.-u.jjj.- ' -jj — iw w Wi ■hi ' " " r President ' s Desk To the Students of FayettevUle State Teachers CoUege . . . As you near the close of the first quarter of another school year it time to pause in your busy ' i edule and ask yourselves a few ;stions. Are you getting all out our college life you expected ' t? If not, did you ever stop ink it might be your own Are you keeping physically re you choosing the right ' s? Are you budgeting i e properly with the right n between work and rec- Are you spending too in extra-curricular ac- re you using your na- to its ' lull capacity?! ming c nings? and k ' he I .pro ;laE lib InEWBOLD NEi Harrison aining School has ■omising year under of Miss Helen A. ial. gram, Man to Miss Mri culty, mel State Tel and pare ol etary; Harold Hubbard, among: students. Junior Cldi Vith Zest . . . With zest, eagerness, andl rong determination to make til :hool year more creditable thal lose of previous years at FSTCl le Junior Class was proud to as-1 Faculty-Strj Additions Additions to the facUj for the current school persons who have ac nition in their given ' Detency. The list ' William Best, B. American Conser -. Thorn North Techr, 5 and B.S .Ed mm, .V, NEEDED: Additional Band lustruments What Are YOU Doing to help? SCRIBBLERS Delores MiUe Sports Editor Rewrite Editor Circulation Manage a Typi In addition to year course in Eltl tion, students nowl retarial Science ar loilege earhf k • Advisory Commitl Ian Inaugurated During this fall quarter, a smal bile Mechanics, oup of students with coopera-are two-year program ' e help from a few faculty mem- by the N. C. State D ' irs presento ' i tn thp ctiirlent hortvPuWip Instruction and plan for a iidents vo g majorit: le editor, ciate edit irey and ected by The freshman c- asses are to be reprt ?fHir l7C ' r r e Pledg lfegianc " ture Alumni wa years ago upon j Royalty. Its main mcrease school s Ale Pur ell William Pitt Edith Harrison John Reavis Lucille Gilchris Joseph McSwain Jame s Oxendine Thomas Smalls Harold Ellis Phyllis Kincaid Betty Payne - ly C Mil Hu ings THE VOICE Annett Me f ceU Lovp ifr.tlj%ps r that joins an binds wtoffetfew ethe universe an everything in it. Jealousy, hati resistance, and all other errc states of mental or physical fric ' here i like t for lie; bi) 1 flam OF STUDENT arden J for one of th OPINION ' ' throughout the yea ■1 — — — J fif ba ' " ' ' ' ' " " es ose HV i Hk i; The purpose of the Young Women ' s Christian Association is that of helping students " to realize a full and creative life ... " The program is designed, therefore, to aid in the development of the total per- son, with emphasis on the spiritual side. OFFICERS President Emma Collins Vice President Mary Haynie Secretary Rachel Cherry Treasurer Evelyn Boone Student Council Representative Barbara Sharpe Chairman, Worship Committee Norma J. Johnson Chairman of the Program Connmittee Naomi Graham Chairnnan of the Music Committee Shirley Rogers Chairman of the Community Connmittee Mildred Bassett Chairman of the World Affairs Committee Delores MUler Chairman of the Social Committee Alice Hines Shirley Smith Chairman of the Freshman Committee Margaret Canady The College Y. W.C.A. World Student Christia L member of the National Y. W.C.A. 2 deration. Kdigious Mtivities Committee Lois P. Turner, Clarence A. Chick, Olivia T. Spauiding, William M. Robinson, Henry M. Eldridge, Minnetta Scott, Christine Williams, Alice Hines, Annie Hutchison, Joseph Dempsey, Evelyn Boone. Student M isory Jioard left to -- Lucille Gil- christ, Margaret Cana- dy, Betty Payne, Grace Fowler, Shirley Lang- ston. right -- Katie Hill, Vel- jT ma Lavender, Hilda Da- vis, Evelyn Boone, Mary Haynie. I i| Fredrick Rodgers fT M James Smith Thomas Jack Smalls Freeman Shade Palmer Katie Lois Hill Bettie Payne Azriah EUerbe Mary Carol Haynie Barbora Sharpe Winiield Coachman Harvey Daye James Smith Jack Freeman £ FTC Student Council Officers President Harold Hubbard Vice President James J. Smith Secretary Bettye L. Payne Treasurer George Ebron Corresponding Secretary Mary Mc Laurin Business Manager Azriah Ellerbe Public Relations Officer James Oxendine Ways Means Officer Harvey Daye Reporter Lois Hill Social Committee Ch Thomas Smalls Program Committee Ch Helen Gillis " Conscience Days " Ch Mary Haynie Dining Hall Committee Ch Jack Freeman Canteen Committee Ch Barbara Sharpe Van-HdleHic CouhcU The purpose ol the Pan-Hellenic Council is to establisi- and, develop a spirit of cooperation among the various fra- ternities and sororities on the campus to create a harmon- ious relationship in matters affecting the faculty and mem- bers of these organizations; and to conserve the best inter- est of the college. G= I ■ i L Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Anti-BasUeu8;Zva Gov ngton Ida Steward Au rL " ? ; . ' " ' ' fn " " " " " ' P- EUzabeth Gerald ; Pa.-„eUe.c Counc. ep: :;! ! ' :: - -- " aUv. Not Pictured: Carrie Young, Tamiouchoe Elora Leaven, Grammateus Francenia McLean Carolyn P. King Mr atrice W. Pindle ' ' --- - - V .il ' ' Mii,Vvj) ' .i iV A-lih.V;;7,Y r 4;r ?»«? THE QEGA BETA OWTER o, OFFICERS Basileus - Evelyntyne Humphrey Anti-Basileus - Annie M. Hutchinsc Grammateus - Oletha Smith Tamais - Gertrude Payton Epistoleus - Jahnnie P. Murphy Advisor - Mrs. Mary Hightower ■I Betty Allen Frances Colvin Mary Dunham Margaret Evans Rosa Foreman Ruth McAllister Robena McLaurin Katie McMillan Mary Moore Virginiaree Spearman Florine Steadman Winnie Wimbish " ALL IS CONQUERED - BY LABOR " Zeta Phi eta Sorority PI CHAPTER FQUNJ DE D 191 ESTASl-ISHED AT F A Yett E y i lle I9g C U L T U R E SERVICE FOR TO SERVICE Harold W. Hubbard - President Winfield Coachman - Vice-President Harold C. Fields - Secretary Joseph McSwain - Treasurer James J. Smith, Jr. - Dean of Pledgees George R. Ebron, Jr. - Public Relations Robert Williams - Chaplain H U M A N I T Y R P. Robins Delta XJ Chapter Delta Sigma Zketa Sorority Manley, Lorraine Anderson, Constance Miller, Delores Ware, Doris Collins, Emma Buxton, Catherine Diggs, Marian Lavendar, Velma President Hines, Alice Vice-President McNair, Sallie Secretary Harrison, Edith Dean of Pledgees Dempsey, Argentine Treasurer Langston, Shirley Pan-Hellenic Council Representatives 86 A ' Delta Qamma Chapter Omega Vsi Pki fraternity National Founding Date . . . .November 17, 1911 Local Founding Date May 18, 1951 Number of Chapters 201 Local Membership 14 C°l°r Royal Purple k Old Gold Pledge Club Lampodas OFFICERS Basileus Alex Purcell Vice Basileus Rodney Ireland Keeper of Records and Seal . . . Roger Scales Keeper of Finance William Diggs Keeper of Peace William McGee Parliamentarian Fredrick Rodgers Chaplain Hardy Williams Editor John Reavis Dean of Pledges Donald Fussell Advisor Dr. Henry Eldridge ?l SPORTS ' ti ' w ' - m Left to right - back row - Coach William Bryant, Major Boyd, James Brayboy, Joseph Valentine, Joshua M. Lawrence, Charles James, Roose- velt Wright, John P. Morgan, and Ronald Evans. Left to right - front row- Alexander Gerald, Alphonso Morehead, David Bluford, Richard She ridan, Donald West, Robert Ponnpey and Samuel G. Morton. Top left - Coach William A. Bryant, Top left - Assistant Coach Harold L. Scott. Claiborne Johnson Manager John Re a vis Statistician O ' . Coley Little Trainer Iffk A iV Left to right - William Betts, Robert Johnson, Coach Harold L. Scott. ZracJt Left to right -back row - James Smith, Charles Johnson, Jack Freeman, Jacques LeSuer, Fredrick Rodgers. Front row - Charles De Vaughn, ' Major Boyd, John Reavis, Randolph Harrison. A V V _ V ' I ■BG r. -i jii ' r ■tiisiaissiis (girls ' basketball Zeam Left to Right: Lee Barbara Smith, Thadenia Smith, Clara Artis, Rose Bailey, Martha Crump, Ceatrice Hill, Bobbie J. Hall, Shirley Langston, Katie L. Hill, Annette Hinnant, Joanne Young, lunette Boyd, Lillie Hol- loway, Augustia Mack, Emily Artis, Bernestine Daniel, and Johnnie Mae Glover. Back Row: Anne McCain, Miss L. J. Taylor, Coach: and Grace Hazel Fowler. Qirls ' jDaHce Qroup Front Row: Left to Right: Joyce Hadley, Joanna Davis. Second Row: Shirley McNeill, Yolando Bostic, Carolyn Frederick. Third Row; Alice Pepper, Vivian Sneed, Edna Chadwick. features |it ««.SiU»UIIP ... Zhus Jt Began It was during the nineteenth century that a group of Negroes, refusing to exist in the mist of complacency, pondered restlessly; their undeveloped but nurtured proposal led to an agree- ment to erect for their children a school. However, to accomplish this feat, it was essential to have a leader. To whom shall we turn ' ' It was obvious; A. J. Chestnutt, Thomas Lomax, G.W. Granger, Sr., M. N. Leary, Jr., Robert H. Simmons, Nelson Carter, and David Bryant. " They ' ll be our trustees, " was the voice of the group. Together the trustees purchased a pair of lots for one hundred thirty-six dollars, from R. H. Simmons and H. C. McNeal. In the fall of 1867 there came into existence one more institu- tion to aid in the fostering of the ideals of the educator; in commemoration of General O. O. Howard of the Freedmen ' s Bureau, the building e r e c t e d on these lots bore his name. In less than a decade after its establishment the first principal, Robert Harris , pe rformed what we could call a miracle. For achieving such progress Governor Vance was more or less obligated to pre- sent to the legislature a proposal that provisions be made for the training of colored teachers in the state of North Carolina. Following a lengthy debate, a favorable report was brought back by Governor Vance, who personally inspected the Howard School. It was decided to locate the teacher training institution in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Robert Harris, principal, was elect- ed to establish the curriculum of the newly instituted Howard School, which as a r e s u 1 1 of the Legislative Act of 1877, was renamed the State Colored Normal School. In 1880, Charles W. Chesnutt received the principalship of the State Colored Normal School because of the death of Robert Harris. After rendering three years of service, Chesnutt resigned to practice law in Cleveland, Ohio. The task of administration was then thrust upon the shoulders of Ezekiel E. Smith, who served until 1888, and t hen resigned later to serve in the same capacity. Presidents of this institution included: G. H. Williams, 1888-1892 Dr. Smith, 1892-1898 R. E. Fairly, 1898-1899 President Smith again came to office. Under his administration a pro expansion was embarked upon. Fifty acres of land was purchased; oi Road, was erected Aycock Hall, two years later Vance Hall was const: panded, student enrollment soared higher, and that in turn created a and staff. Progress flourished abundantly during the administration Seabrook, who succeeded Dr. Smith in 1933. Advocating what he termed ' ram of scholarship and this site, on Murchison icted. As the school ex- 2ed for a larger faculty for our notable Dr. J.W. 3 E ' s " (Excellence, asm), he has contributed much to the establishment of what is now known Fayetteville State Teachers College. Most of the buildings now standing on this campus were erected during the administratio n of Dr. Seabrook. Four years after Dr. Seabrook acquired the position of president of the institution. The Board of Education authorized the initiation of a course of study that would lead to a bachelor ' s degree in education and a class " A " certificate. On November 29, 1947, two years following the authorization, the Class " A " ratine was granted the school by the Southern Association of Col- leges and Secondary Schools. Worn but by no means weary. Dr. Seabrook relinquished his posi- tion and went into retirement in 1956. Under the present administration of Dr. Rudolph Jones, Commercial Education, Auto Mechanics and a Marching Band have been added to the curricu- lum. Here the history of Fayetteville State Teachers College rests, however, only until the ab- stract once more beconnes concrete and the hand again picks up the pen to move on. T. Elmer Smalls 7irst jCady Of Zhe Campus MRS. MILDRED P. JONES i: i ■t 7ayettei ille State Zeachers College Jayettevllle, J orth Carolma JouHded J 877 An institution specializing in the preparation of elementary school teachers. Terminal courses in Secretarial Science and Auto Mechanics. General education for cultural background. Accredited by: The Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools National Council for Accredi- tation of Teachers Education Well-Trained Faculty Atmosphere conducive to Serious Study Broad Extra-curricular Program Placement Bureau for Graduates Modern Buildings and Equipment Beautiful and Spacious Campus Reasonable in Cost Rudolph Jones, President J i., ,rs0k 4k i » jj 1 ' , :-• ' ' ■-• ' -« ■35 .: A ■ ' W ' vr- f ' y; ' I FSC ARCHIVE , L L. FSC ARCHIVES

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