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.-1 -1 ,. af." ' 111 ' 'T' K '. 1 'f 1- H .I 5 ' ' V ' A , , -f ' " , .., v .' , P V-. , ' ' , ru fb' ipiwf-A-,--Y ------ f gli, . Pf14ee:w-Qgggzafinszulummnm num .. . '- .Xl I I' ll 0 N I x x ggi ,. IlLlIlgg4,A,, M, - I Q ' - '7 W . V . 2-.1 ' , gl " A V 9' '1- " . ICQ.. vf ' L ' '73 . in' A ,- V ' .. N12 C A . i ., 1' -:V .TI ,LN .ip A 5,14-V 1. I - . is . ' E '1 N 4 , ' . ' I I s V .QA 5 TJ EQ 15 iw' W, es, EZ is - iii ic: X if P' 1 K, DR. E. E. SMITH I J 1.3 'gy 1 r 1-.1 I hw ,L A4 U fm A ' H ' ' " " X' ' N N Q1 W I 1 , N A 1 T0 l s our esteemed principal, DR. E. E.4SMITH whose interest and generosity have made possible the publication of this boole,' whose rare initiative spurred him on to build one of the best schools for Negro youth, in the south, whose exceptional forethought and worle toward the welfare and prosperity of all mankind, have distinguished him among other leaders of his race, whose spirit of unsebishness and perseverance has won for him many trophies of merit, whose influence is felt and appreciated, not only- in this country, but in other lands, this humble volume, the im- perfect sign of our labors failures and successes is respecufully dedicated. if w'2Egi'g5?4'5fa:Z,Lm,L,i,W iii - H I 5 H u x ' x X +2 LL rv. if A 1 Page Four CAMPUS or 'Sv s K H vu v 'L '- .wif J u fm .X 4 A., '. A... S W s VIE PU CAM "ca Q UQ N C4 Q N Page Six .N ' W. 'ax a ,. w... eg As, HH 1 A LQ! Q l , L s IP-' E-1 n-I D O 52 fr L1-I II? 'E ' 1 U 6 F A C U L T Y L E. SMITH . . . . . Principal PhD. W. SEABROOK ........ o . Vice Principal A. B . Biddle University: M A , Columbia University. R J. HAWKINYS , . ' ........ Education A.B., Howard, University, M.A., Columbia University. BERTHA LEN SMITH-I ....... Director of Training A B., Howard Universityg M A., Columbia University. LEONORA T. JACKSON .......' . . Education M A., Shaw University. MABEL A. CLOUD . . A B Mus.. Howard University. EVA C. MITCHELL . . Hampton Institute. ANNIE R. FLOYD . . Haines Normal School, Augusta, Ga. Q ELIZABETH DUNSTON .' On leave of absence at Hampton Institute. EMMA C. LEWIS . H . . Hampton Institute. V R. BRANCH . . . Trenton State Schools. LILLIAN R. DAwsoN . - . A.B., Howard University. GENEVA T. PINCKNEY . . A B., Fisk University. JOHN B. SCOTT . . . A.B , Allegheny College. D M. JARNAGIN . . . A B , Knoxville College. If. G. HUBERT . . . A B., Lincoln University, Pa. LDNA M. THOMPSON . . A B., Atlanta University. A. CARTER . . . B.Ch,, Syracuse University. JAMES E. COPPAGE . . B.S. CMan. Artsj, A. and T. College. MATTIE J. CHAVIS . . Shaw University. R. BAKER . ' , Hampton Institute. OZELLE P. LANE . . State Normal School. NIE L. SMITH . . Bennett College. MAE RICE . N. C. College. ' LULA M. MCKOY . . State Normal School. D A. BRYANT . . . Director of Mufic Supervising Roorn Teacher Supervising Room Teacher Superoiring Roorn Teacher Principal, Training School Superoifing Roorn Teacher . . Education . . M atheniatic: . Biology and Phyriology . . . H iftory Latin . . . French . Cheniiftry and Phyficr i. .Manual Training . Dornextic Science Dorneftic Ar? . . Librarian . Secretary and Regiftrar . . Stenographer . Bookkeeper Matron Page Seven w ' fp. ,. . 1 ,I X f-whnff.-'T V- W t LA., . A A , , A .. , lf? gg X ' A l ?E 3621 rf A i 7 ri! sly 4 X THE STAFF 1 1 Eettof-in-chief ' COURTNEY TUCKER A r Arfociate Editor , t A MAUDE FREEMAN School Actioitin Editor AMANDA MCNEIL Athleticf Editor JONNIE KORNEGAY Axfiftartt Bufinen Manager LOUISE MCCLELLON Faculty Adoifor ' S J. A. CARTER E? mi gh - Page Eight 1 , ji.-275.77 i Y .,. Z., Campuf New: Editor LILLIAN SMITH i Bufinefr Manager ANNIE MOORE ww... ., 1 L' 'T x 3 4 fff 5 fffff, SEMIQ , , - 5 ' -- f, f A f g 2 V Q5 ix wx' v,:,,. J.bj-jjyfjj Nm Ag lhfv og. T',1,"Jovf x S IH fix Pasf N .Suv ,F l l l 4 l -2 BATTLE, GENEVA . . . Rocky Nlount, N. C. "Laugh and he merry. " Hobby ...... Ambition ...... Home Being late Teacher Activities-Dramatic Clubg Nlozart Clubg Y. W. C. A. BORDEN, ETHEL LEE . . 4'Skeet'7 New York City, N. Y. " The world belong: to the energetle. " Hobby ..,.., Dancing Ambition ....,.. To Win Activities-Girls Glee Clubg hlozart Clubg Jubilee Singers. BOYLAN, MARGARET LUCILLE "Mig', Wilson hlills, N. C. A Ha4Yf7'1:E7'ld to all, em enemy to llU71e'.H Hobby ...., Eating tomatoes Ambition ...... Teacher Activities-Nlanager, Girls Basketball Teamg Tennis Club. V BOYLAN, ZILPHAIA A.NNIL . "Duce7, Selma, N. C. "Henle maleef white. " Hobby . . Using nouns and pronouns together Ambition ,..... Teacher Activities-hlozart Clubg Physical Culture A Club. N BIZZELL, GLADYS THORNTON . 4'Modesty" Fayetteville, N. C. "Do unto otherr af you would like to he done hy." Hobby ....... Tennis Ambition ...... Millinery Activities-Fine Arts Clubg Nlozart Club. CAPLE.RoETHEL . . K. "Capot,' Nlorven, N. C. "Sometimef I fit and think, xometimef I fit and laugh, .vometimef I jun' fit." Hobby .....,. Eating Ambition ...., Primary Teacher ActivitiesABasketball Teamg Fine Arts Clubg Nlozart Club. Page Ten ,A P use ik' DOWDY, JOANNA . . . Ujoel' Washington, N. C. "Be gone, dull care, thou and I .fhall never agree" Hobby ...,., Primping Ambition ...,.., Travel Activities-Basketball Team, Tennis Club, Fine Arts Club, Y. W. C. A., Assistant Editor Smithonian. ELLIOTT, FLORENCE . . 4'Missey', Wagram, N. C. "Know thy work and do it.,' Hobby ...... Folk Dancing Ambition .... To make others happy Activities-Nlozart Club, Assistant Secretary, Class ,27. FAISON, MABEL CORNELIA . "Blossorn', Clinton, N. C. "Screw your courage to the Jtifleing place and you will not failfl Hobby .,.... Writing letters Ambition , . . Supervising Room Teacher Activities-Dramatic Club, Fine Arts Club, Y. W. C. A. FREEMAN, MAUDE . . "Jew" Fayetteville, N. C. "JI little thing if o .funny .rniile." Hobby ...... Writing notes Ambition ,.,.. Dramatic Reader " Activities-Basketball Team, Tennis Club, Fine Arts Club, Mozart Club, Vice-President, Class '27, President Literary Club, Associate Editor Smithonian. HARGRAVE, THELMA . . "Thil" Linwood, N. C. ':W'hat I axpired to he and war not, conifortr me." Hobby ....,. Quarreling Ambition . ,,.. Psychologist Activities-Girls Glee Club, Mozart Club. PER, KATIE LEE . "Br1ght Eyes" Wilmington, N. C. There if nothing .vo leingly H5 leindnerf, nothing .ro ar truth." . Eating Peanuts Ambition , . . To teach and play piano Activities-Basketball Team, Mozai't Club. l bw' ' . rw--. '1 li XF' + " 19, u i l i T . i'iL....-- Page Twelve I -I aw 7 H-sw - , , l I V, .-.a-I-I JACKSON, A.NNIE LEE X. . '4Puclding" Carthage, N. C. " The maximum of life can only be reached by the maxi- mum of virluef' Hobby ..,... To oppose Ambition ...... College Activities-Basketball Team, Fine Arts Club. JONES, BETSY ESTEIJLE . . "Mother" Wilmington, N. C. "Some people grumble liecaure foyer have Zhorvu. Pm glad that thorny have 1'0.rer." Hobby .... Making chocolate cake Ambition . .,,.. Teacher Activities-Fine Arts Club, Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A. KORNEGAY, JONNIE LEE . . "Jack" MOU11t Olive, N. C. "W'hat'.v the we of worrying, it he-zfer war worth while," Hobby ..... Alissing breakfast Ambition . . . To make "someone" happy Activities-Literary Club' Fine Arts Club- . 7 1 1 n 7 - Mozart Club' Assistant Editor, Smithoman. 7 MCCLELLAND, ZEFFREE LOUISE . f'Sweets', Laurinburg, N. C. i "Be vou1'.velf." Hobby , . . i .... Tennis Ambition ...... Teacher Activities-Girls Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Fine Arts Club, Mozart Club, Assistant Busi- ness Manager, Smithonian. MCNEIL, A.MANDA . . . "Beezie" Clarktou, N. C. , H Succesf romer after fallurejl' Hobby ...,.. lmpersonation Ambition . . . Teacher Training Supervisor Activities-Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A., Mozart Club, Assistant Editor, Smithonian. MooRE, ANNIE L. . . . "AL," Wilmington, N. C. 911 if better to have lozfea' and loft than newer to have at all." Hobby ...... Making eyes Ambition .,..... Artist Activities-Girls Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Mozart Club, Y. W. C. A., Business Manager, Smithonian. ' if 1 v '- l in... Error'-L f- " 1 i - t A- All A ,. P!! li NIXON, LILLIE MAE . . . g'BilI" Scotts Hill, N. C, "Looe if not love that altarf when it alterazfion finaly." Hobby . .,.., Needlework Ambition . . To make "Thad" a good wife Activities-Tennis Club, Mozax't Club. ROBINSON, MITTIE . . "Little Bit" Fayetteville, N. C. " The more .the talked, the more the wonder grew why .the talked of anything new." Hobby ...., Eating Baby Ruths Ambition . . . . . , Seamstress Activities-Fine Arts Club, Mozart Club. SASSER, SALLIE LEE . . "Baby" Goldsboro, N. C. '4Smile and the world Jmilef with you. " y ....,. Makiiig eyes Ambition ,...,. College Activities-Business Manager of Class 127, V Tennis Club, Mozart Club. 4 Hobb SUTTON, ALICIA WYNN . . "Lish" Goldsboro, N. C. "lily joyi' are af deep af the ocean, my ,rorromr af light af the foam." 4 Hobby .... ' . . Playing jazz Ambition . .,.. ' . Teacher Activities-Dramatic Club, Mozart Club. SMITH, LILLIAN IRENE . 6'Lil,' Richmond, Va. , "Only the bert if good enough. " Hobby ,.,. Eating chocolate cake Ambition . . . To marry "One" of the three Activities-Literary Club, Dramatic Club, Eine Arts Club, Y. W. C. A. Basketball Team, Mozart Club, Assistant Editor, Smith- Oman. ,K Ai INSLEY, LO1s HOFFMAN . " Express H Kentucky "Find your work and work at it like a Herculeff' Obby ...... Making Candy mbition , . To do whatever is attempted, Well. Activities-Y. W. C. A., Tennis Club, Class Treasurer. :S I Page Th irteen .-A r,. X. ': ' 'ww L NX an 9- ,J l I l l l l I I ,. i i l I I I l l I I l I l I I , I i 6 I Page Fourteen TUCKER, COURTNEY ESTELL . "Lil Tuck" McKenny, Va. HBrevity if the .foul of wit. " Hobby . ..,. ' . Reading novels Ambition ...... College Activit,ieS-Mozart Club, Class President, Editor-in-chief, Smithonian, President, Y. W. C. A., Tennis Club. TUCKER, MARI'E . . " Big Tuck" Wilmington, N. C. H Wlieii to her vocal breath wax given, an angel heard arid Jtraight appeared, miftaleivig earth for Heaven." Hobby , , . . . Eating beans and syrup Ambition ....., Teacher Activities-Dramatic Club, Girls Glee Club, Jubilee Singers. WA.LL,4 BLANCHE COACHETTA . L'Coach" Rockingham, N. C. "Even the dreariext river firzdf itr way to rea. " Hobby .,.... Aloofness Ambition ...... Teacher Activities--lVlozart Club, Tennis Club. WILLIAMS, LOUISE LEE . . "Puzz1e,' ' Leland, N. C. "Not failure, but low aim if crime. " Hobby . ...... Complaining Ambition ....., Teacher Activities-Mozart Club, Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A. WILLIAMS, MAGGIE MERLINE . 4'Shorty" Darlington, S. C. "I am the maeter of my fate, I am the captain of my foul. Hobby ....,.. Teasing Ambition ...... Teacher Activities-Fine Arts Club, Basketball Team. WILLIS, SYLVIA . . . 4'Peggy" Wilmington, N. C. 'Ulequire the habit of youth and uever grow old." Hobby ....... Dancing Ambition . . To attend Columbia University Activities-Girls Glee Club, Jubilee Singers, Y. W. C. A. WRIGHT, NESTFIELD E. . icNCSt1HC, Wilmington, N. C. lVorle today a.r tho you would live alwayr Live today ar tho you would die tomorrow. " - Hobby ,..... Laughin Ambition .,.... College Activities-Fine Arts Club, Mozart Club, Assistant Editor, Smithonian. ' CD is for Sasser, a nice little rook, ' E is for Ethel, when jolly it's nook. N is for Nixon, who loves but one man, I is for "It", which caused so much sand. O is for Others, of whom we canlt speak, R is for Right and this we'll repeat. N is for Nestfield, who smiles when she's mad, O is for O. Kfs which makes us so glad. R is for Robinson, a nice little bluff, is for Margaret who knows her stuff. M A is for Alicia the fun box of the class, L is for Louise who thinks it a task. THE PARTING OF THE WAY We're on the threshold of the long sought day, The sign that marks the parting of the way, Where each with his own life mustpay the cost Or in the world of failure, be forever lost. Now fades the glimmering lessons on our sight, And yet the memory is always bright, It shines with fact, but judgment holdeth sway To help us choose when .parting on our way. Our teachers dear have done their very best To help us build a life to stand the test. And battle with the problems of the day. VVhen we are trudging up life's rugged way. Are we equipped? Yes, nothing now we fear, We're scions of a race that toiled in cheer. The harder we're press'd, the more courage it brings To work for our Maker, the King of Kings. Farewell. Dear Mother. Thy blessings now we ask Leaving thy care. we begin greater tasks, Oh. may our service true increase thy fame, And what we do, rebound to thy fair name. C. TUCKER A . l My My M Y Y My My M M Y My My My I My My My My My My My My Y Y M My M M Y My My M MMV M My M Y Y Y Y Y M My M M Y My M p V Page Sixtfen . I PLEASE NOTICE shortness good looks . popularity . Style . smiles . pensiveness . babyish Ways all knowingness classiness . . coquetry I seriousness reserve . elocution , . solitaire . independent spirit . aloofness . . Wilmington air . Scientific knowledge voice . . . angelic air , husband . Thaddeus enthusiasm straight hair . Almon, He neatness . dimples . teaching ability . knowledge of the Subject future happiness . dignified air . . desire for ish . girl friends . . eyes .... MAGGIE YVILLIAMS MITTIE ROBINSON MAUDE FREEMAN . JOANNA DOWDY NESTFIELD WRIGHT AMANDA MCNEIL LOUISE WILLIAMS GENEVA BATTLE . MABLE FAISON GLADYS BIZZELL . MARIE TUCKER . BLANCHE WALL COURTNEY T'UCIiER . NORA BEEBE FLORENCE ELLIOTT . ELLEN THOMAS . ANNIE MOORE TIIELMA HARGRAVE . ETIIEL BORDEN ANNIE LEE JACKSON ALICIA MAE SUTTON LILLIE MAE NIXON . LILLIAN SMITH MARGARET WATSON . ZILPHIA BOYLAN KATIE 'LEE HOOPER . SALLIE SASSER ROETHEL CAPLE JONNIE KORNEGAY . ESTELLA JONES LOUISE MCCLELLAND MARGARET BOYLAN . SYLVIA WILLIS . MRS. TINSLEY charming personality as a teacher, which the Old class of 727 will never forget .... MRS. SUSIE I. GOVAN VVho Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who Who GLASS VOTE has done the most for S. N. S. . is th ' e is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the is the most brllliant most dignihed most popular greatest athlete . mos-t scientifc . most versatile . nerviest . . most 4'Do Rightw vainest . . best matured . greatest flirt . best dressed . biggest bluff quietest . tallest . . most contrary . most aloof . dullest . . TINSLEY TUCKER, C. . MCNEIL , SMITH . BATTLE . HARGRAVE MCCLELLAND , BORDEN WILLIAMS. L. . SASSER . WRIGHT . BORDEN DOWDY . SMITH , FA.IsoN TUCKER, M. . ELLIOTT . WALL . BIZZELL Page Sezfnleevz limi .. Ita 311 lv' ,nf l Who W'hO Who WVhO Who Who Who Who Who VV ho Who Who VV'hO Page Eiglztzeyz E.HHX'l,X CLASS VOTE the best looking the funniest the most independent . the most reserved . the biggest eater . the best counsellor the neatest the most modest . the most nervous the most quarrelsome . the most peaceful . the greatest heartbreakcr . the truest lover . !'.L.-.,- Q 'T FREEMAN VVYNN . MOORE KORNEGAY . CAPLE JONES HOOPER JACKSON BOYLAN, Z. ROBINSON BOYLAN,M. . WILLIS . NIXON 2 7hIlE V X .5 Aa? Q59 -: 7 w Q C! 9:2 4 'Q f ' 5 5, '01 l! +w'f T Page Twfnty OR NORMAL CLASS UNI THE 1 THE CROWN AND SCEPTRE CLUB Q CARY lVIcDoW . . Prefidem JOSEPH BOYKIN . Vice-Prefident PEARLINA CAIN . . Secretary NETTIE SPAULDING . Treafurev' The plan to promote high standards of scholarship and ex- cellence of character in the accredited high schools of the State Was introduced by Mr. W. A. Robinson ofthe State Department, Raleigh, who stressed the idea of a state-Wide organization. The club was organized in this school in the fall of 1923. Membership was based on scholarship, general usefulness in the school and good deportment. The club now has twenty-six members and, under the direction of Mr. R. J. Hawkins, it has made rapid progress. Page' Twenty-0 nz . .4 Page Tweaitgwzwo ..- L, THE DRAMATIC CLUB Q X 0 at Page Twenty-three nc D .-1 U 2 M 41 Lu E F1-4 an W F J'-1 kr.. THE Y.M.C'.A. CABINET T. V. WILLIAMS . . Prexident CARY MCDOW . . Secretary The Y. M. C. A. of this school has for its aim the inspiration of right conduct and the development of intelligent. refined, Christian leaders who can go out into the World and render ef- fective service in the churches and the communities Where they may live. It has made Wonderful progress in its Work this year by putting over various types of programs. Page' Twenty-four THE Y.W.C.A. CABINET COURTNEY TUCKER . . Prefidenif ROXIE lVIcKoY . Vice-Prefident Miss A. R. FLOYD . Trma-wer The Y. W. C. A. at the State Normal School is rapidly com- ing into its own as a student organization. It stands for some of the principles for which the Y. M. C. A. stands. Under the sponsorship of Miss Annie R. Floyd, it has formed individual class groups and each group Works for the social, physical, and spiritual sides of life. The meetings are taken up by discussions of topics of in- terest. 1 Page Twenty-'ive THE ORCHESTRA The piano, Which is equal to the test given in our school, must not only be a verydurably-built instrument to stand the strain of all-day teaching and practice, but must have a re- sponsive, even, action, and a sweet, clear tone. VVe Want to sav that these are the qualities We have found in the State Normal Orchestra. Miss LULA MCKOY . MR. E. G. HUBERT . Pianixt D1T7'ECf07' MEMBERS JAMES MCCULLOUGH LEROY VVATSON FLOYD COOR JOSEPH BOYKIN CASSELL DEVANE MAXYVELL BROWN ALLEN FLEMING VVILLIAM GRANT Y HOWARD MONTAGUE LONNIE CORBETTE THOMAS MCDONALD VVILLIAM MCALISTER HENRX' WILSON Page Twenty-.fix LUB RTC OZA M THE hc: S UQ N 'S S fs Q Z1 '-Z L N e N Page Twmzty-eight LUB RENCH C F HE T X41-W -" f ' qw'TK Emu 'U D Us fr. 'S 5 5 5. Q "lx fx - . 'rpg T?- zv 2, w Y V.. i Y Pagf Thirty 1 U..-4, ,vy- f 1 SS OL CLA HO OR HIGH Sc SEN1 THE L 4.-rayg-ff me-f. '-v - f lf31.QT I . lfl if -4--Y IINIXK ff WILLIAMS CORBETTE GAINEY MR. COPPAGE TUCKER 0 MISS CLOUD WILLIS WILSON DAVIS BORDEN THE JUBILEE SINGERS Our Jubilee Singers have contributed much for the musical entertainment of the school and for large audiences throughout the State. After hearing students from some of the best schoolsin North Carolina. sing in 'honor of Governor McLean, Mrs. Nell Battle Lewis, Literary Editor for the Raleigh News and Observer, said: "The Jubilee Singers of the Fayetteville State Normal School sang with real interpretation. For this reason I give them the palm as the best singers of the evening? Page Thirty-0 ne m"Q'4" assist N H I ' H " l ' N W PE ,1- U E, . 'Lv' , 131 1, NG SCHOOL -TRAINI IVITIES ACT RooM SS CLA 1 4 , V if 2 5 ., F3 fc Y w 'g 'lf 1 ' 'y if I ' .W 'f Page Thiriy-two F A . - W 121 w L w J U l LANKFORD MVILLIAMS S1 NGLETARY PEARS OL STREET THE DEBATING TEAM Since the forming of the High School Debating League of North Carolina in 1923 State Normal School has placed special emphasis on debating. A debating society is one of the chief extra-curricula activities of the school. State Normal is now the proud possessor of a beautiful cup, donated by the North Carolina Teachers Association, as a prize to the school Winning in the finals in 1924, the first year of the league. This year State Normal Won both sides of the debate. She defeated the team from Berry O,Kelly Training School at home, and the strong A. and T. College Team at Greensboro, which made her eligible to enter the finals. The debators this year Were: Agjirmative-NOVELLA PEARSOL '28 and ANNIE STREET 727 Negaziwe-RICHARD LANKEORD ,ZQ and HELEN SINGLETARY 727 Page Thirty-three CAMPUS NEWS The first event of importance after the opening of school and the usual wel- coming of new faces on the campus, was the address by Dr. Snyder, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Fayetteville. He gave us a most interestin.g address on 4'The Value of Self" from 2 Timothy 2: IS-22, vividly picturing the subject with the four main points into which life's values are divided: I. Natural endowment, or individual differences, 2. The use of one's natural endowment, 3. The proper relationship of one's natural endowment to earthly things, 4. The proper relation- ship of onels natural endowment to God. He pictured in a most artistic and figurative manner, the church as the great river flowing from the channel into the kingdom of God. We were very fortunate in having with us as our honored guests a member ofthe faculty and three students from The Flora McDonald College of Red Springs, North Carolina. The delegation visited our Training School and Chapel. They were very welcome visitors and expressed themselves as beingwell pleased with the school atmosphere as well as the work. Along with other inventions and new ideas the Normal department takes her place. On October the fourth, Stunt Night was artistically observed by a host of students, friends and relatives in and out of town. The stunts were original and uniquely arranged by towns. The towns represented were, Goldsboro, Rocky Mount, Kinston, Wilmington and Fayetteville. A miscellaneous group was made up of students from other towns. The affair was very spectacular and each town played its part well. Wilmingtoil was awarded the prize for giving the best stunt. The Wilmiri,gton girls acquitted themselves very creditably in depicting man from his savage stage down to the modern day. Wvilmington, Rocky Mount, Kinston, Goldsboro, and Fayetteville also won individual honors. The Thanksgiving season is long to be remembered around old S. N. S. Along with the usual thrill of the annual game, a superb costume play was given by the Normal department as their second feat of the year. The Spanish Opera was all that the name suggests and more. The brilliant lights and costumes, the soul stirring chorus, the excellent dramatic ability shown along with the aesthetic dancing of the children from the Pre-primer grade as well as those students from the Normal, were pleasing to both the eye and ear. All of our life can not be sunrgf, so State Normal received its rain when the entire city mourned with it over the death of one of the most cherished members of the faculty. Mrs. W. Seabrook was called to rest December I2, 1926. We shall always remember her as living a life which spread sunshine wherever she went. Page Tlziriy-four December twenty-first found the campus in a joyous spirit for the Christmas season. An elaborate tree was provided by the Sunday School under Mr. Hawkins, for the students and city friends. Every student and teacher of the institution received a token from the Sunday School, in the form of fruit and candy. Many greetings and other gifts ladened the tree from top to bottom and we had a very enjoyable evening. December twenty-second found all the bags and trunks packed and merry hearts bent towards their homes. The faculty, as well, spared no time in leaving for the ten-day rest and pleasure period. Y As usual, Cupid was at work. In Goldsboro, Miss Alicia Mae VVynn, a popular member of the senior normal class, was captured and passed over to Mr. VVyndom Sutton of Wiarsaw. Wie welcome her back to finish her study and wish her a happy life. T Miss L. R. Dawson, who has been on leave of absence a year, staged a novel popularity contest among the young ladies. Miss Estella Elliott of the junior normal class, won the gold watch which was the prize offered to the contestant receiving the largest number of votes. Our annual week of prayer was conducted by Reverend Mr. McDowell, of Durham. His most helpful sermons benefited all and will be long remembered. His address on "The Second Milew was the talk of the campus for sometime and is still referred to by teachers and students. WVith the many honors that come to the school from time to time, the musical organizations play their part in bringing us eclat. The Jubilee Singers motored to Raleigh on February third, tojoin other musical organizations from other schools of the State who rendered a program consisting of Negro melodies and folk songs for the Governor and members of the Legislature. Great credit is due Miss Cloud, the director, and the singers for their pleasing presentation which brought such favorable comment from the music critics present. H The Dramatic Club, under Miss G. T. Pickney, gave its opening program on February the eleventh, with a playlet entitled "A Little Mistaken. It was well done and some new and hopeful talent was discovered. Miss Ruth Ellis appeared in recital in our auditorium on February nineteenth She acquitted herself admirably, and her recitations of "Boots', and "Zangerella" were exceptionally well done. T Page Thirty-five The Fine Arts Club under the direction of Mrs. Branch and Mrs. Bryant, gave a jolly and educational play entitled, 4'The Old Fashioned Motheru. Special credit is due Mrs. Branch for her excellent training of the caste and Mrs. Bryant for her artistic designing of the scenery. The audience was Well pleased. Part of the proceeds from the play Was given as a contribution on the beautiful gate that greets all who enter our campus. The next big event of note to come to us was the snow that greeted us on March ISK. This was the heaviest snow that has been seen in this section for some time and the students thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted. A The snow caused the postponement of the Musical Festival Which Was scheduled or the 4th of March, but the following Week saw the largest gathering ever assem- bled on our campus to take part in and enjoy the irst musical festival to be given in the State. Contestants came from all parts of the State and a Wonderful even- ing was spent. This festival was given under the auspices ofthe Parent-Teacher's League under the direction of Miss Cloud. As this book goes to press we are looking forward to many other features for our enjoyment and education. We believe that this year has been the most pro- ductive one in our experience on the campus. Page Thirly-fix zffflffxl. IEXTL ' P +4 +239 L3 44 r' x X C5531-fiif' W 1 rw N z XX 'ii NS KW A9 f V JQ "f:-szzzrfgii' it Q 52 za 11 QP! 'i E X, .Q If fi 1 "I M U L' Q51 I N xl HW' fl N! Kkfxllxbrl iw IX K V I If f flff. Lf GHG ' kr! U fW if uf.. xx6 4,, UNK f Kfil f K Wil t' KWI. ffff KIM Ilcm x lrqffgwxfgflikgl 'W K mf, N w U NRL QM! X xklikfvkkfkk 1 fflflx I ' I ' I Xxnkrl fx fffvr ' U-Q1 Ulf fm K AKG KMXQXHK wk I 5,1 2112 55325-'X-1" O J 'fi ,ij fn I Q . AM . Q ' P Th'ty ,:1 ff' rg Ni' 4 pf 1 7' -.ffflf 71 , fn -,i 1 MW,,T5 i "5 .L.T.': xflmfn ,x l E l s isT'5lfT-f"5LQQ ' " ' ' H " X ' l Y ri l I ' l 4 'ij' Hi V pi -. , , :J l l . il Hi -l .. l H J. BALDWIN O. BAKER B. MCQUEEN 'gli Track Football Baseball ,ill THE CAPTAINS E James Baldwin, our track captain,is one of the most earnest and hardest ,Q working athletes in the school. He is not only captainof the track team but also played end on the football team and is catcher on the baseball team. He is our only three letter man. ' Oscar Baker, captain of football, was a tower of strength in the line and will be greatly missed next year. Everyone will remember his wonderful playing in the Bricks game. He always gives all that is in him. Q ' B. McQueen, captain of baseball, is a veteran of last year and we are expecting him to lead his team to win the State championship. He is a hard worker and still has another year with us. . gl i3l Ii ti vi 'I f Q 4 i '22 ' i A N FL- Pagz Thirty-eight A ,t,- ,, 1 - 7--Y .. -23:3 t 23, i ULXT .L 7.9.24 1:1 4 ' ll l 7 ll 4' N l X it -,LII "2fl,aSZi'- MR. CIKRTER Snuoxs DUNN joxas CORBETTE STRINGFIELD DEVANE KICDOWELL WVILSON BALDVVIN XICCULLOUGII WvRIGHT BARIsR,Capt. WVERTZ SMITH CAMERON HANNA BULLARD FOOTBALL SQUAD On September 6th Coach Carter issued the first call for football. About forty candidates reported, but only three veterans of last yearls team remained and the prospects for a successful season were rather slim. No time was lost, however, in moulding a new eleven into shape for the Hrst game of the season with Williston High School. We had little trouble disposing of them by the score of I8-o. Our next game with Bricks Junior College was without doubt the best of the season. W'right, lVlcCullough,and Cameron covered themselves with glory and although we lost 7-6 the entire team played Well and the game will long be remem- bered. ' - On October 24th, we traveled to Kittrell where we again lost by the close score of 6-o. The team seemed to have lost itself in this game and failed to show the form expected of it. The following week a determined team met the strong Albion Academy eleven Page Th irly-ni ne .- .,. we '- - '.. , I Y Y '5 0. 4 .q I le T ' n'L.1"Q"L'L'1f1Qf w - NI I l' ll 0 N I x X lIl li?YES' 1-'?vg 'f:Qa r on our own grounds. While we lost I4-O, we played a time game and one that I -'f will not soon be forgotten. I l f 'I I Ii - 1- I rc-I Ep We 'finished our season by defeating Smithfield 50-o. This being "Turkey Day" the boys seemed to be hungry and refused to stop scoring. ' Only two of the members of the team graduate this year and we are looking forward to a more successful season in ,27. Q L1 Z ' ii Q L, ,A ii I W W 'PQ THE LINE UP li if iii T ' ,ei CAMERON . Left End TA BAKER . Left Tackle MCDOWELL Left Guard STRINGFIELD . Center l WILSON . Right Guard Q' SMITH4 . Right Tackle Q, BALDWIN . . Right End E, WERTZ . Quarterback 1 , MCCULLOUGH . . Right Halfback V HANNA . Left Halfback WRIGHT . . Fullback fi Lg? , I il L Page Forty gf? I' 'f I 'L ii11iLlfQ1Qj if f asm ..,...,,.........., , . V ., V.-..,..aY.,....,...,,.....V... . ...... yfrsesgbl - ii I I I4 lb N I x N .L THE'BA.SEBALL TEAM State Normal has been represented by some very strong baseball teams and this year We are looking forward to one of our most successful seasons. The veterans from last year's team Who are with us are Captain lVIcCueen, Brown, McCullough, N. Baldwin. We are also fortunate in having Dudley Graham return to us after an absence of a year. Graham was considered one of the best Erst basemen in the State, two years ago, and we are expecting great things from him. Orlanda Smith has also returned to take his Normal work after several years absence. The very mention of his name causes fans to take notice, for his skill as a pitcher is known everywhere. We Wish him success in his comeback. The new material looks very promising. J. Baldwin, Bullard, Williams, Wright, Miller, L. Corbette. Harper, and Cameron are showing up well in the daily workouts. THE LINE UP Left Field BULLARD . . . Center Field Right Field Third Base WRIGHT . WILLIAMS BROWN . . N. BALDWIN . Short Stop MCQUEEN . . . Second Base GRAHAM ....... First Base I. BALDWIN, RAIFORD ..... Catchers l MCCULLOUGH, SMITH, CORBETTE, MILLER . Pitchers Pagg' Foftv one WU' 2.3.r:5:ari"e " ' fi , iiiff- .ia.j,.g l l I , l xl ,ui IL. fi i i fl 31 in Qui ill li 14 Qiill :Eli Ei, I5 5 Ti .-. L35 ii? fi 1' 4 lea, lan l El Ei 3 Ei laii' 4 px: -ufzhsel L- -2,1-i'i3j4f'.QH, N l' ' ' " " X ' l N fs a 1 ll fx tw Laurinburg N. and I. School A. and T. College Williston High School Albion Academy Williston High School Livingston College A. and T. College Lutheran College Kittrell College Bricks Junior College Mary Potter N. C. College Bricks Junior College Kittrell College Albion Academy Mary Potter St. Augustine Junior College St. Augustine Junior College Page F orly-two -1.1-.- .5 THE SCHEDULE Home Home Wilmington' Home Home Saisbury Greensboro Home Home Bricks Home I-lome Home Kitrell Franklinton Oxford Raleigh Home March 28th April Ist April 4th April 6th April Sth April Isth April 12th April 14th April 18th April 22nd April 27th April 28th April 29th May 2nd May 3rd May 5th May 9th May' 12th r gh-y'igH Y - -V i :I ll N. I X X IQ:-Lw.Tf:.'f AW J"Q.,1L9'E-Wiz? , -1 THE TRACK TEAM Track is a new sport in the State, but one which has attained great popularity in only a year. This year we have two meets, one being at Bricks on April 23rd and the other at Shaw University, Raleigh on May 7th. The team is working hard every day in prepa- ration for these two meets. Altho Captain Baldwin is the only point winner remaining from last year's team, the new material looks promising. Pyatt is showing up well in the mile, while Baldwin and Hill are taking care of the half mile. Thompson, who ran the mile last year, is trying the quarter mile and looks good. Brown and Bullard are the sprinters and Graham is broad-jumping. Simons, Torry, Love, and Elliott are trying for the weight events. McDonald is the only high jumper out but he is jumping well for early season. We are looking for big things from the team in both their meets. Page Forty three W 1 R' MQ W Vick , i n N. 1 l lvl L W I L- f 1 ' ' wT4TTLi " ' ' V W :'T"f1--Y,EL1file'i 4 4 ,ggjgjwgg-y, Ag-, J N XI I I Q. x .,Qi'2'p'i TN' PZ I . I F :P E :T I tri 'P fi SENIOR NORMAL BASKETBALL TEAM Athletics among the girls is a new feature at our school. Under the direction of Miss Lewis two teams were organized representing each class in the Normal school. VVhile no outside games were played this year, we are hoping to see this movement carried on and a regular team representing the school organized for next year. THF. LINE UP MARIE TUCKER . . Center GENEVA BATTLE . . . . Left Forward MARGARET BOYLAN, Captain . . Right Forward I LILLIAN SMITH . . . . Left Guard SYLVIA WILLIS Right Guard 2 ' MAUDE FREEMAN . Side Center F, ii .4 E! Page Forty-four ' r51v'.f:tf::5i'r' ' ' I ig 'Exilim I v grief? - I .. X I I S I I-'ee.vfIem..-'.2zz3' 5 , ,,,,, THE JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEANI THE LINE UP M. MCCLENDON . . Center GDESSA LOVE . . Left Forward RoSA HOLMAN, Captain . Right Forward CORNELIA DAVIS . Left Guard LUCY DAVIS . Right Guard LOUISE GANDY . . Side Center .3 L1 1 Q Page F orty-five ' "v-wwf .. ,. .LA . nf: Ji.. ll? ?? :Q rf", Page Forty-.fix I x' 5f 'QXQ O o O 0 0 o 15 3. Q O K D 5 O O0 oo? Ogfo 0 0 0 O 0 X :Oo Qpo 'I M . 1 I I-Ulu. .' I Pagf F0 V K '1'-fvf'f4 A -vw. y K -.- - 'W' --Y .v- I g453'g...f..Q,:2g,f. M- 1.--3..3. N H I I H " N ' X N C.iL:i.' A ,5.f:':m:L.f:1Ce-6 M 1 V' e gr is if :if .c ,. . - 1 W l': v, qi rf If K . J i i A , N 9 N, L. it W, , ,A , ' in .'. LJ I , x Page Forty-eight A , Y.. , 4 l WHAT WE HEAR EVERY DAY You have got to get my work . . All right, that's very good . What Ed. value do you see? . Make 'em shamed . Don't be too cocksure Now, class . . When I was at Columbia University . . Sit up nice and tall Are you in the upper third? . You are absolutely wrong . That retarded group Oh Singl Get your pitch . . I wonder where is Harry . . M-M-My Mr. . Is too . . Get a stronger grip . Now, dearie . . You folks remind me of a story I read . Miss L. T. Jackson . Student Teacher . Miss A. R. Floyd . Nestfield VVright . Miss B. L. Smith Miss L. R. Dawson Prof. J. W. Seabrook . . . . Maude Freeman . Dr. E. E. Smith Miss E. C. Mitchell . Mrs. Branch Miss Mable Cloud Thelma Hargrave . Miss E. Lewis Wilmington girls Prof. R. Hawkins Our beloved Matron . Prof. B. Scott Page Forty mm'

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