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21+ f u js ,- 91 my 1 V , . ' J J' ' ' " s..','I"'-' '. F- T f"' 'Z L "17"Q:.i"T"17 -, 'f'FF:?'TJ,f' ""f"TF5f":' 7213" ' 'Z-1' i'f"'4'-"5"ff"'w' T ' " "I "'h'5'1"F'PEF"f75""f," " " "7':l3'-411-J-www--"VL" 1 " if f5 5u"'5' 1' L if 'f 59 " 7 Y fi Ji 'wi :JL ,iy J, i J JL .1 1. 9? ,jg A-1 1? I ik r" .,. E . r ,b if v-1. i . Q ' Nw- - 5 l fi ' ' i .. fi : I O 's ff 'bn Q, f I he I if 'n 'f 5 we Q , i, A 13, , fl, W -, Q if H '. , , jp?-'A K f- A Y, , .... , . .Q --,- -,w.,4 . ..' 1 ' an , . , ' A f' in I -if I f 6 fn , 7 f' I f ' mi- . - if ' N ' ft' Uv", f . ll V: '!. I -" 4 xfp., H x 51,1 V A ffl- '5 I fy X :' ' 'X 7 4 ! I Il bill yq, ,... fm" WF:- -"'4.".:-J 1 na I ' UK' 51 7- m "1 ,T 1 , Cl ?'Ff3'8 1 -99' fowl, x , N 6' ' :eff 'O 00.5, ss rm Q -.. ., X 7 Q 4 .. A .TJ I , .fin ,,k. .viz . vu 1 H Qt' il.. xt'-'V 'Q ' - ' ' uw .-sm FFATT. W f I K' f 'HAf':fT."t'1Li.f,f'ii-f'-' -. ' ' N ? .7':QiQ1E,1f.5Qg.J"?.i.f""h . .I . .V f J 1' " ' "iff"1.?i"fH2535'7'g,1"' F 1. , J , fifl f f "'fY1 1 ff 51" '5 N u ',,:, . M : ,z.-mf - -' ':- ' -1 Y 4 7 K .Z 5. - '2' ' " 3 , J . ' 1 gg W 'NIWII?,,y 1 4 ff, I ,I gf EL, N' '12 Wm , tv 0 X ,l Xa, ya 'QQ f . I I XE: ' . , 'V f I . f , , N 7745 4 J I fr k C J 5 '5.i1i.'f f'-"W-W" N -it - I' W. I ' Q ' I I I I ...--- .-. LK ll' f -,.-fr' l K .X ' ' ' 4 'WU X X Y T ,wefiw HY- xx x ' - ,JW mfg, 1 Vg 5 - N. ' wr, f f ff' fn ' vga - f ,t , ,,5n7,5' A , W N93 M J' -Q. l,.4 1 41 'Ziff W '-"f"f'fif 7,21 'f'f , ,455 5571 A l X V' 'milf ,311 vlzfx fggfil ni WM WW? Mfg ar 5 dint fa 1 ff 74 MOM! ' 47 14471 1 f :f""f4 hz x l pew- ' J X ,921-f' gpfnf 5W1"', ?f V' ,,- Q ,JQMLII A gznwg :funny 3 'E 225752 'WW . fT?7?3Tf'f ft' 'f ' " Ins We W4 Q-iffifg -' ll S ,::.,.-. fwff 29.2.6 ,iiflgf Wim 2 Z: 4? gi Wig -H-Eif flf' E gran: XMLJ' fQf!j M435 ' 4" inn, ' '--4-'- rf f vp? ,,, ' ' ," fw b 4, EQ' ff' 'll' E - '55 fr K "" .1 M' 'Q' a,,!IQ ,,, , ' ,,,,Qg,,,m--sq' ff- 1 ,W 1..-.-l--- 1-LQ ' -Q ' 4gf,: ' -Mm A ' V175 ij ,T yup MA-M .f i - lNu.A'9-'N-1,1-" Pzzlvfislzed by ffm S E N I CD R C L A S S FAY13'1"1'15v1L1.E H1011 SCHOQL PAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Q , , vu fl 93 t P U, Q ' . . ' Q 1 g as , if o 9 at M V 1. 1 8' " w Q ' in 1 It U if f, 5 ' ' it if r f "5 s if 1 Our'-book The Lalfqmqc. gets name from two sources-from the great Marquis de La Fayettetxfor whom our town was'n " d from the Scotch people who Af' along thetbanks of the Ca " Y: River. , no , We have a great name. '16 us our book also is great because it is a rec- "' 'W ord oikour school life during the 19424943 school year. V .q 2 'ff Q 3 2 ff tg 19 ' if ' 4 a 5 4 rw as. 14 '- 47' Slmnoxlflxoa Scaoox. 4: Fayetteville, North Carolina Q Y f 23 0. ui '1.a we " -sf-Q 5 Z' 'E 'k 0 0 TO ONE Whose ability is outstandingg Whose integrity is unquestioned: Whose modesty is endearing: Whom Fayetteville reveres: Who quietly, unselfishly, courageously, and efficiently works for the good of his community and of his countryg To our friend, our townsman, our Congressman, THE HONORABLE J. BAYARD CLARK We dedicate "The LaFamac" of 1943 ,f -. ff .X ' '. in L., I igl bki , MR. HORACE Sisii S1l11CI'iIZl'C7lllF7'1f of the lf't1ycttcrtlIc City Schools and President of the North Carolina Education Association in 1943 lt is with love and pride that 'iThe Lal+'amac" presents this page. Mr. Sisk has done much for Fayetteville since he came here in 1931. ln his many activities as a school administrator, as a Sunday School superintendent, as a Boy Scout advisor, as a Kiwanian, and as a civic leader he has given himself tirelessly. His many professional honors reflect honor upon our school and upon our whole com- munity. He has served on many important committees in county, state. and national educational work: he has been an officer in many different religious, educational, fraternal, and civic organizations. Mr. Sisk is one of the few North Carolina educators to have had the rare distinction of being president of both the Northwestern and the Southeastern districts of the N. C. E. A., and is the only Fay- etteville superintendent that has been elevated to the presidency of the N. C. E. A. Thus we pay tribute to our Mr. Sisk upon whom the North Carolina Education Association has bestowed its highest honor. ,W wwiiv 17am X T 7 Mr. llarrill, Miss Adams, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Harden, Miss Black, Miss Broadfoot Mrs. Fashion, Miss Cromartie. Miss Dixon, Miss Fisher, Miss Fuller, Mr. Hamrick Mr. llaynie, Miss Holland, Mrs. Lovell, Miss Matthews, Mrs. Miller Mr. MCRimmon. Miss Mc-Nair, Mrs. Newberry, Mrs. Simmerman, Miss Simpson, Miss Smith Miss Watson. Miss Milligan, Miss Gray, Miss liass. Miss Bullock. Mrs. Houser, Miss .lackson Miss Kelly, Miss Moore, Miss McColl, Mrs. Stewart, Miss Williams, Mrs. Witner Q 'Y 42:- Q4 2 Q Z ya, N V K-1 X ' - 2' -' K T-'x-T .li- V 7 , I YY, , , -af 5 fm f Y X X, z I 1 f , .A-'F f'f'vU vii V X ' f f . ff W 11'- , ,W .ff 5 4-1. I L ....- , X WWC' -1 ,4 w, 'nh' 1 ',', 4 '-'L fafu' , , ...K M ' mf n 5 - .-. , , X .mil .f ,qnlgh-1 , , W f Zff .. J '-1 f fl X lf X J f Q 4 .. 1 W j f Q- 22? f f 'f ' f 1' ' if- "A f if jf M Q x J M .SENYUXQS ffl? M '37i1ffTf?'f"fifr"ff'-'vi Q fr'-Qf-fvf-H'-'SffQfi'vQ'tvfrf':wer"z'rifi , . 'tif . f. .,,,w,v,K, ,-Q PATRICIA ANNE WILSON Mascot TOMMY J ORDAN President J oHN CRAWFORD Vice-President COLORS: Lavender and White Morro: via Facienda Est. ' FLOWER: Sweetpeas SENIOR CLASS POEM The last High School picture is painted In colors that ne'er will fade- The story is written and ended In mem'ry of friends we've made. We're starting another canvas In this great series of life, And whatever duty may call us We'1l meet without bick'ring or strife. PATSY RUTH MILLER KATE BROADFOOT Secretary Susim Tomn Treasurer ELEVEN 7606554 Quanta endow ! s TWELVE VARA B. BEARD lBeardyJ Smart as a whip, busy as a bee, Vara's the girl for you and me. Glee Club 1, 23 Home Ee. Club 2. MINNIE A. BRISSON lMoocheeJ Sing a song of sunshinej Sing a song of light, Sing a song of happiness, 'Cause Minnie is all right. Glee Club 1, 23 Home EC. Club 1, 2, 3. MARGARET BROWN Cute, small, She's loved by all. DoNALD CLAYTON QDonJ Donald Clayton has what it tahesg From football to girls, he gets the breaks. Library Club 1, 2, 33 Boys' Hi-Y 43 Monogram Club 3, 4, 53 Football 3, 4, 51 Basketball 4, 53 Track 3, 4, 53 Student Council 43 Bulldog Staff 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Captain Basketball 51 Captain Track 4, 53 Boys' Hi-Y 4, 5. LEAH MARGAIIET DEMPSEY lSweet1eD Now "Sweetie" is a charming girl, So full of life and pep. We'd like to give three cheers for her, For she's got what we call "hep". Library Club 1, 2, 33 Girl Scout 13 Class Poet 1, 3, 43 Civics Club 23 Band 2, 3, 4, 53 Volley Ball 33 Basketball 33 Boosters' Club 3, 4, 53 Scotch Dancer 3, 43 Bulldog Staff 4, 53 LaFamac Staff 4, 53 Glee Club 53 Girls' Trio 53 Girls' Hi-Y 5. RODGER C. DERBY We're glad to have a leader who's a football player, too. Here's to our Business Manager who will always see it through. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Latin Club 1, 23 Library Club 1, 23 Boys' State 33 Boosters' Club 33 Jr.-Sr. Committee 33 Treas. of Band 43 All-State Band 43 Beta Club 4, 51 Foot- ball 4, 53 Track 4, 53 Boys' Hi-Y 4, 53 LaFamac Staff 43 Business Manager of LaFamac 53 Bulldog Staff 3, 4, 5: Editor-in-Chief of Bulldog 5. GRACE O,LENA LAMARR DEW lFlfiJ With your music and voice, you'll be a starg But, Grace, please stay as sweet as you are. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Sec. of Glee Club 1, 23 Latin Club L 23 Band 53 Dramatics Club 53 Bulldog Staff 53 Girls' ' rio 5. ALIDA BELLE DOUGHERTY To the Latin book she holds the keyg She's very smart, as you can see. Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 23 Girls' Hi-Y 52 Boost- ers' Club 5. JAMES GILBERT DUNNAGAN Uimmyl Jimmy's sweet,' Jimmyis fine, Jimmy shoots them all a line. , Monogram Club 4, 53 Boys' Hi-Y 51 Football 4, 5. EDWIN JosEPH EDGERTON If I had to choose the best of all, Fd choose Edwin, for he is cute and small. Library Club 13 Glee Club 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Boosters' Club 3, 43 Boys' Hi-Y 3, 4, 53 Student Council 4. S 'fwelta Wade eaicvza JOAN FANT Though she's been here only a short while, Joan's a cute glrl with a winning smile. Bala Cyncoyce Jr. High 1: Basketball 1: Choir 1: Cheer- leader 1: Lower Merlon Sr. High 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Fayette- vllle Hlgh School 5. ARNOLD BERTRAM FLEISH MAN He plays his horn from morn till nlght And then sells ads with all his might To help THE LAI"AMAC'S finances, Hur-wl1ere's the girl at whom he glances? Latln Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2. 3. 4, 5: LaFamac Staff 4: As- sistant Buslness Manager of LaFamac 5: Science Club 3: Beta Club 4, 5: Bulldog Staff 5. J. C. GARDNER Uakel He pleases one: he pleases all, Hut he pleases Dot the most of all. D. E. Club 5. AUGUSTA HAMILTON QGusJ lt's giggle at work and giggle at play: It's just giggle, giggle all the llve long day! Latln Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Treas. of Latin Club 4: Library Club 2, 3: Boosters' Club 2, 3, 5: Vlce-Pres. of Boosters' Club 5: Reception Committee 3: Cast of Junior Play 3: LaFamac Staff 4, 5: Bulldog Staff 4. 5: Make-Up Editor of Bulldog 5: Hl-Y 4, 5: Beta Club 4, 5: Sec. of Beta Club 5: Cheerleader 5. MYRTLE ALLENE HELMS LBaldyJ Kinda little, cute, and sweet, She's a girl you ought to meet. Latln Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2: Home Ec. Club 2. HARVEY W. JETTON Whenever ln doubt, don't be cast down: Just ask your friend, Harvey Jetton. Llncolnton Hlgh School 1: Shelby H. S. 2, 3: Dramatics Club 2, 3: Public Speaking Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Fayetteville H. S. 4, 5: Glee Cub 4, 5. TRUETT LANGDON He yawns and stretches with his usual line: As u ten o'cl0clc scholar he can really shine. Maxton High School 1, 2. 3: Debating Team 3: Junior Play 3: Fayettevllle H. S. 4, 5. RALPH BUXTON LUTTI-:RLoH He's the star of our truclc team, liut 'ln speech class he's a scream. Latln Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Sclence Club 3, 4: Track Team 4: LaFamac Staff 4: Bulldog Staff 4, 5: Monogram Club 5: Basketball 5. ELIZABETH ANN MAYNOR tLibJ Llb's the girl with the blg blue eyes, And the one who attracts all of the guys. Latln Club 1, 2: Glrl Scout 1, 2: Clvlcs Club 2: Home Room Chairman 2: Science Club 3: Scottish Dancer 3: Bulldog Staff 4: Boosters' Club 3, 4: Beta Club 4, 5: Pro- gram Chairman for Beta Club 5: LaFamac Staff 5: Drum Majorette in Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Drum Major 5. MARY ELIZABETH SAYRI: I flon't know of fl better lass, For she is the leader ln every class. Columbus High School, Columbus, Ga. 1, 2: Music Club 2: Academia del Perpetuo Tocorro, Puerto Rico 3: Co- Edltor of School Paper 3: Fayetteville H. S. 4, 5: Dra- matics Club i"Dramateers"J 4. if THIRTI-:I-:N i I I FOURTEEN r I JOHN CALVIN SHAW "Where am I?" "What's the score?" "It seems like I've been here before."' Erwin High School 1, 23 Vice-Pres, of Class 1, 23 Lllllng- ton H. S. 4, 53 Football 4, 51 Track 4, 5. WILLIAM SKEELS fBi11J A tall lad with a handsome face, He'Zl steal the show at any race. Boys' High School, Atlanta, Ga. 1, 2, 33 Fayetteville High School 4, 53 Boys' Hi-Y 5. CHARLES WILLIAM SMITH fCharlieJ As staunch and true as a friend can be, Charlie doees his work from A to Z. Leilepua High, Hawaii 1, 2: Airplane Club 1: Jr. Police 13 Sec. of Class 1, 23 Fishing Club 23 Sr. Police 23 Ocilla High, Ocilla, Ga. 33 Fayetteville High School 4, 53 Monogram Club 53 Track 4, 51 Football 53 Bulldog Staff 5. EARL A. SMITH, JR. We like his football, we like his "line". Earl's a boy we all think fine! Glee Club 23 Library Club 33 Science Club 33 Track 3, 4, 52 Basketball 3, 4, 53 Football 4, 51 Monogram Club 3, 4, 5: LaFamac Staff 5 tSports EditorJ3 Bulldog Staff 4, 5 fAsst. Cir. Editorl. RHEA JANE STEVLINGSON Uakej Rhea beats the big bass drum And keeps in time with her chewing gum. Banger High 13 G. A. A. 13 Basketball 13 Mirror Lake High 23 Basketball 2: Band 23 St. Paul's High 33 Basket- ball 33 Fayetteville High 4, 53 Booster Club 4, 53 Bulldog Staff 4, 53 Band 4, 5Q V Girls' Club 4, 5. SARAH STEWART Here comes the girl with the beautiful clothesg She drags in the men wherever she goes. Latin Club 1, 23 Homeroom Chairman 1, 23 Art Club 23 Jr.-Sr. Chairman 33 Student Council 33 Boosters' Club 3, 4: Girls' Hi-Y 3, 43 Vice-Pres. and Program Chairman Hi-Y 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Bulldog Staff 43 Most Courteous Girl 43 Debating Club 43 Second place in County Oratorl- cal Contest 4. CECIL TATEM, JR. Good in books, But better in looks. Stedman High School 1, 2,- 3, 43 Tennis 1, 23 Beta Club 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Basketball Captain 3, 43 Sr. Play 43 Fayetteville High 52 Beta Club 51 Basketball 5. MARSHAI,L TATUM When it comes to wit, Marshall's a scream, But when it comes to women, he's a dream. Glee Club 13 Football 2, 3, 4, 51 Monogram Club 3, 43 Pres. of Monogram Club 53 Track 3, 43 Basketball 3, 52 Bulldog Staff 53 LaFamac Staff 5. VIRGINIA DALTON WALKER fGinnyJ Ginny likes 'em handsomeg Ginny likes 'em tall, But Ginny likes the lieutenant very best ofball! Home Ec. Club 13 Civics Club 23 Glee Club 33 Basketball 33 Boosters' Club 3, 4, 51 Bulldog Staff 4, 5. HELEN E. ZAHRAN Pretty black hair and a winning smile- Helen's a girl who's worth your while. Girls' Commercial School 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 History Award 13 New York Club 23 Girl's Commercial Staff Com- mittee 23 Honor Certificate 23 President of G. O. Council 33 Fayetteville High 4. K uf' .4 . leveled eadafze MARY ESTHER APPLEWHITE She'll succeed in the game of fame, For "Applewhlte" happens to be the name. Glrl Scout 1: Latln Club 1: Home Economics Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Boosters' Club 3: Dramatlcs Club 3, 4: Black Masquers 3, 4: Secretary and Treasurer of Dramat- lcs Club 4: Debatlng Club 4: Most likely to succeed 4: Radlo Drama Workshop 1Mil. Wll.J 4: First place ln Coun- ty Oratorlcal Contest 5. RENEE KATHERINE ARAB If lt's Renee, you'll know ln a mlnute, She works hard, and puts her heart ln lt. Latln Club 1: Beta Club 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4. BETTY SUE ARTHUR Hats off to a girl with a great big heart- She is sweet, kind and very smart. Latin Club 1, 2: Home Economics Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: V-Glrls Reserve 4: Boosters' Club 3. 4. EASTWOOD WARREN ATWATER, JR. A boy of foolishness, a boy of fun, A lot of laughs and tasks well done- Durham High School 1, 2: Page Literary Society 1, 2: Art Club 1, 2: Track 1, 2: Fayetteville Hlgh School 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Monogram Club 4: Most popular boy 4. FAYE ISOBEL AUTRY The sweetest girl I ever knew, Pretty blonde hair, and eyes of blue- Latln Club 1, 2: Library Club 1: Library Assistant 1: Boosters' Club 2, 3. 4: Beta Club 3, 4: Girls Hl-Y 4: Home Room Chalrman 4: Student Council 4. MARGARET ODOM AVERETTE Very quiet ls this pretty lass: She ranks on top in every class. Latin Club 1, 2: Boosters' Club 2, 3, 4: Beta Club 3, 4: Hl-Y 4: LaFamac Staff 4. VIVIAN TROTTI BALLARD She works hard all the while, But never drops her little smlle. Chesterfield, S. C. 1, 2: Glee Club 2: Fayetteville High School 3, 4: Boosters' Club 4. REBECCA SUTHERLANU BALLENTINE Rebecca may laugh, and have her fun, But she has her work always well done. South Boston, Va. High 1, 2: Dramatics Club 2: Public Speaking Club 2r'Fayettevllle Hlgh 3, 4:-Boosters' Club 3: Dramatlcs Club 4. EARL BANDY Never a worry, never a care, He makes you laugh with his jolly air. Library Club 1: Glee Club 2: Boosters' Club 2. MERL1: MAYE BARNES Merle is a friend to all, Ready to help-41 you call. Boosters' Club 1: Glee Club 2: Latin Club 2. 7 -I F11-'TEEN endow SARA FRANCES BARNES A very sweet girl we now find, And also a very studious lcind. Latin Club 1, 25 LaFamac Staff 45 Bulldog Staff 45 Boost- ers' Club 45 Debater 4. ALLENE BAYLESS Always sweet, never bad, Always happy, never sad. Joe E. Brown, Atlanta, Georgia 15 Hi-Y 15 Baton Club 15 Lz1Famac Staff 45 Beta Club 4. SARAH GRACE BECKWITH "Still water runs deep" Glee Club 1, 25 Home Economics Club 3. BILLY BELL Always laughing, and lots of fun He can get along with anyone. Latin Club 2. BEVERLY HOLMES BERRY He tries never to offend, For this, he has many a friend. Whiteville High 1, 25 Baseball 25 Fayetteville High 3, 45 Band 3, 4. A JOHN ELWOOD BERRY If ever you need help from a friend, He always has a hand to lend. Vvhiteville High 1, 25 President of Class 15 Baseball 15 Dramatics 1, 25 Fayetteville High 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Monogram 3, 4. MARGARET EARLE BISHOP She studies hard all of the day, Bat she is jolly and also gay. Latin Club 1, 25 Home Economics Club 15 Glee Club 15 Boosters' Club 35 V-Girls Reserve 4. BILL BLACK He is kind and sincere, All through the year. Seventy-First High School 1, 25 School Paper 45 Fayette- ville High School 3, 4. BETTY BOONE The sweetest little girl I ever knew, With many musical skills, Her praise for the army rings out true, As she plays her piano trills. Latin Club 1, 25 Home Economics Club 1, 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Class President 35 Student Council 33 Boosters' Club 35 V-Girls Reserve 35 President Girls Glee Club 45 LaFamac Staff 45 Most dependable girl 4. KATHERINE BooNE Soft brown hair, with appealing eyes, A trim little "gal" with a line for the guys. Glee Club 1, 25 Latin Club 1, 25 Boosters' Club 1, 25 Drum Majorette 4. Zeuewtd 23 EUGENE BRANTLEY He takes all his troubles on his chin, E nice and a warm heart within ' Very , ' ' - Latin Club 1, 2: Beta Club 4: Hl-Y 4: LaFamac Staff 4. y MARZELLE VIRGINIA BRISSON If she goes, or if she stays, We will remember her kind ways. , Massey Hill Hlgh 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2. MARTHA BRITT Martha is to everyone a friend, Her kindness will never have an end. Latin Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Home Economics Club 1, 2: Boosters' Club 2, 3, 4: V-Girl Reserve 4: Dramatics 4. KATE BROAD:-'ooT Kute's pretty and also fine: Kate shoots them all a line. Scholarship Award 13 Class President 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Home Room Chairman 23 Marshal 3: Hi-Y Treasurer 3: Hl-Y 3, 4: Beta Club 3, 4: Boosters' Club 3, 4: Bulldog Staff 4: LaFamac Staff 4: Secretary of Class 4: Prettiest girl 4: President of H1-Y 4. MINAREE BROWN Little, quiet, patient and demure, A rlend of whom you're always sure f . ,. Shallotte Hlgh 1. 2: Glee Club 1: Home Ec. Club 2, 3: Fayetteville High 3, 4. CLIFTON BUTLER A smart boy with hair of red, If he says anything, it's well said. Roseboro High 1, 2, 3: Class President 2: Business Man- a er of School Paper 2, 3: Vice-Pres. of Class 3: Fayette- ll vllle High 4. SARA BYRD Pretty blonde hair and eyes of blue, Wulc I out boys, or she's after you. Boosters' Cluh 3: Dramatics Club 4. LACY CARTER Ready for anything, work: or play, A friendly fellow in every way. Garland High 1, 2, 3: Fayetteville High 4. MILDRED LOUISE CIIADWICK She giggles and laughs all the while: You wouldrft know her without a smile. Glee Club 1: V-Girls Club 1: Boosters' Club 2, 3: Bulldog Staff 4. Lois PATRICIA CHESHIRE KP:-It? She never says a siniyle word: F-rom he-r a sound w ll not be heard. Latin Club 1: English Club 1: J. E. A. 1, 2: Boosters' Club 2, 3, 4. SEVENTEEN Zeueatd EIGHTEEN ADA MAE COLLINS Ada is quiet, but see that red hair! If duty is calling You know she'll be there. CHARLIE COLLINS As a football player, he's often wild, But in the presence of girls, he's very mild. Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 3, 4, 53 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Boys Quartet 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Secretary and Treas. of Student Body 43 Bulldog Staff 4. EDWARD S. COOK, JR. Ed is really a swell boy we know, One of the best, so far as bays go. Boy Scouts 1, 23 Hermits Club 33 Hi-Y 4. .. ELLEN AYNN CRAWFORD Aynn is always happy, Aynn is always glad, Aynn is just the swellest girl That F. H. S. has had. George Washington High, Danville, Va.3 Student Councll3 Know Your City Club3 New Hanover High, Wilmington, North Carolina3 Fayetteville Sr. High3 Boosters' Club 3, 43 Girls Hi-Y 4. JOHN REID CRAWFORD, JR. A little nonsense now and then, You find this in the best of men. Isaac Bear High, Wilmington 13 Track 33 Hi-Y 3, 43 Foot- ball 43 Monogram Club 43 Vice-President of Class 43 Best Looking Boy3 Basketball 4. ARIAIL BEAMER CREED Ariail is quiet, but lots of fun,' He'll be a friend to anyone. General Science Club 13 Librarv Club 13 Tennis Team 13 Boxing 13 Hi-Y 23 D. O, Club 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. RUBY CHRISTINE DAVIS A girl who's fun when fun is due, But when theres work she'll see it thru. Glee Club 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Home Ec. Club 1, 23 Boosters' Club 3, 4. JACKIE DOBSON A sweet little girl with pretty hair, But mention "boys"? Don't you dare! New Hanover High School, Wilmington, N. C. 1, 23 Glee Club 13 Latin Club 13 Fayetteville High School 3, 4: LaFarnac Staff 43 Bulldog Staff 43 Boosters' Club 43 Dra- matics Club 4. EDMUND CHRISTIAN DOGGETT He lilces his fun as you can see, He'll tread tife's way on his personality. Scott Jr. High School 1, 23 Language Club 1, 23 Cooking Club 1, 23 Hobby Club 1, 23 Wrestling Club 1, 23 Fayette- ville High School 3, 43 Boosters' Club 3, 43 "Most Origin- al" 4. LAWRENCE DOWNING He's fair and square in every game, His winning smile will win him fame. Latin Club 13 Boy Scout 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Apprentice Sea Scout 33 Football 43 Monogram Club 4. Z LAWRENCE DowNs Hcre'.-r a boy with a hcarl and a smilr, Ill.-r camcra makes his life worthwhile. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: LaFamac Staff 4. JOSEPH JAMES Escolmmo 'l'hrce chcars to Joc! Of him 'wc sing: Hc can draw most anylhiug. Chnisbel Hlll Hlpzh School 1. 2: Art 1, 25 Llbrary Club 1, 2: Stu ent Council 1, 2: Fayetteville High School Il, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 4: School Paper 1, 4: Quartet 3, 4. Wll.l.lAM T. FELTON A Irlcml to you and mc, Billy will always hc. Latln Club 1: Hoy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 2: Her- mlts Club Il: Dramatlcs Club 3: Boosters' Club 4. MAXIFI LANE GARRE1' iMac! A lilllc girl wtlh prclty blomlc hair, Ami looks as if shrfd ncvcr had a carc. Sandersvllle High School 1, 2, H: Glee Club l, 2, Il: Fay- etteville I-Ilgh School 4. lIA'r'm: EI,1zABE'ru GIBSON fLlbl Shi' is xo qulcl, swcct aml small, You harflly know nhffs lhcrc at a1I. Home Economic:-: Club 3. FURMAN BENTON GREENE Furman 'LQ very smart i1uleerl,' I-le docs his work with a lot of spccrl. Southern Pines High School 1, 2, 3: Tennis Team 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Quartet 1, Z, 3: Basketball 1, 2. 3: Baseball 2: Dramatlcs Club 2: Softball 3: Fayetteville High School 3. 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Quartet 4: Hi-Y 4: Boosters' Club 4: Secretary and Treasurer Boosters' Club 4: Basket- ball 4: Home Room Chairman 4. NANCY ELOISE GRIFI-'lN A wcaf glrl wllh a will to worlr, Shc lrnows hcl' duly and docs not shirlr. Tennh-1 Team I, 2: Latin Club 2: I.aFamac Staff -4. 1 CARY MAE Gmrrrm Ncncr' a worry, n1'1'cr a l'!ll'J', A prclty smllc, a frlrrullg air- Fnyvltcvlllv lllgb School Il, -I. RAYMOND DOWNING HAIR Illaclc hair and prclty hrmvn cues, When the girls go hy, you hcar sighs. GRACE EVELYN HARDISON A glrl so quiet and vary ncat, Ilcr ahllily cannot hc hcal. Glee Club 1: .l. E. A. 2: Latln Club 2. 'C NINETI-fl-TN ..',4, W lenient! endow TWENTY ROSE BRADFORD PIARRISON She may not make much noise, But she certainly likes the boys! Alexander Graham Jr. High, Charlotte, N. C.3 Secretary of Class 13 Art Club 13 Honorary Club 13 Secretary and Treasurer of G. S. Club 13 Student Council 13 Latin Club 13 Girl Scout 13 Glee Club 13 Fayetteville High 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Glee Club 23 Boosters' Club 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 43 Bulldog Staff 43 Hi-Y 4. JACQUELINE HENDRIX fJackieJ She may be little and not very tall, But nice things come in bundles small. Rocky Mount High 13 Greensboro High 23 Fayetteville High 3, 43 Beta Club 4. DDRDTHY LOUISE HENSDALE fDotJ A happy girl as we can see, But with Jake, who wouldn't be? Girl Scout 13 Glee Club 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Boosters' Club 4. EULA MAE HERRING A sweet girl, with trim ways, We'll remember her all of our days. Anderson Creek High 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Athletic Club 33 Fayetteville High 4. LUCIAN DAVID HERRING Lucian is ambitious, as we see, If he keeps it up a great man he'll be. D. O. Club 3, 43 Vice-President of D. O. Club 4. PENNIE ELIZABETH HI-:RRING "Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind?" We'll ne'er forget our Pennie dear Because she's been so kind. D. O. Club 3, 4. PATRICIA ELIZABETH HOLLINGSWORTH Patsy can do many things She rhymes,' she cooksg she typesg she singsg She's good in books and good in plays,- She's good in looks and has charming ways. Home Economics Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Poet 33 Dramatics Club 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Bulldog Staff 43 Cast of "Love in Bloom" 4. SARAH HOLMES "Come and trip it as you go On the light fantastic t0e"-- Light of heart and light of feet, A keen little dancer that's hard to beat! Latin Club 1, 23 Hi-Y 3, 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Bulldog Staff 43 Most popular 4. LYDIA LEE HURLEY Rat-a-tat tat-she heralds the drums, Swinging in rhythm and grace, you see. Merry and happy-she's lots of fun, Laughing brown eyes-that's Lydia Lee. Latin Club 1, 23 Boosters' Club 2, 3, 43 Cast of "Lawd Does Yu Understand" 33 Cast of "Blue Moon" 33 Contest Play3 Cast of "Love in Bloom" 43 Dramatics Club 3, 43 Band 43 Bulldog Staff 4. JEAN A. HUSKE 112th GradeJ Come on, Jean, the team's all here- The game's about to start! How could they win without your cheer When it comes right from your heart? Latin Club 1, 23 Sec. and Treas. of Art Club 23 Marshal 33 Hi-Y 3, 43 Sgt.-at-Arms of Hi-Y 3, 43 Bulldog Staff 3, 43 Boosters' Club 3, 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Cheerleader 4. Nl-:LDA ZERLINE .IaANEs Swift of speech, lzut swifter still ln. learning math and Latin, We'll point Io you in pride and sag "Once in her class I sat in." .l. E. A. 1: Latin 1, 2: Boosters' Club 2: V-Girls Club Il, 4: LaF'amac Staff 4. CHARLES REBS JENKINS tml in the world you will find hint Wlrerever action is found: His camera his constant eomptmion In pictures he writes it all down. Littleton High School l, 23 Football 1. 2: Fayetteville High School Zig Latin Club 3: Hi-Y 43 LaFamac 4. MAIIY Fu-:Los .IoNl-:s lig on the gallop she goes and then My on the gallop she comes haelr again: 7'hat's Mary Fields with her pep and dash: ln. riding logs slufs quite a flash. Latin Club lg Band 1. 2. Il, Library Club 13 Boosters' Club 2, 3, 43 Library Assistant 2: LaFamac Staff 45 Hi-Y 45 Homeroom Chairman 4g Bulldog Staff 41 Scotch Dancer 3 and 4. THOMAS MLIRPHY JORDAN In sports he ereellesl: At dances he's swellesl: .All nvorlr he does his part With an lmselfish heart. Student Council 1, 2, 3, 41 Vice-Pres. 33 Latin Club 1. 2: Vice-Pres. Class 2: Tennis 2, ll, 4g Monogram Club 2, Il, 4, lloys lll-Y Club 2, Il, 43 Treasurer Monogram Club 33 Vice- Pres. ot' Hl-Y 3: Basketball 3: Track 3: Marshal 3: Home Room Chairman 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 43 Pres. of Beta Club 43 Sec. Monogram Club 4: LaFamac Staff 43 Football 43 Pres. of Class 4: Most likely to succeed 43 Pres. Hi-Y 4. MARIE JAMES KANOS "l'ho Ihe years our pathways may serer And mauyfs the mile between We'll remember Marie forever, For her modesty serene. SHIRLEY HELENE KARP Modest as a violet, Sweet as any rose, 'l'h.at's our own Helene, Everybody knows. "V" Girls 4. - FRED KENNEDY, JR. Hail tn a fellow u'h.o's fall of pep Ana plays his horn with o vim! AI the flrsl "toot, tool" the haml's in slep- 'l'o say the least, he's a gcrn! Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 23 Football 4, Bullclog's Business Staff 4. TOMMY IVIORTON KYl.1-: Stout of speech, but Ireen of eye- "Watr'h liim.drauv," the girls all sigh! 'Tltough the years this elass shall part, We will lrnow htm thru his art. Latin Club 1: Glee Club 1: Art Club 2: Boosters' Club 2, Il: Dramatic Club 41 Co-Stage Manager to "Love In Bloom" 4. Ros:-1 ZELDA Lam-:D She is quiet, smart and takes great care, 7'n please her teaclzers-a girl most rare. Edward Hand .lr. High School, Lancaster, Pa., 1: Scribe Staff tschool paper! 13 Radio Dramatics 15 Girl Reserves l. 2: McCaskey High School 23 Lancaster, Pa. Debating 2. ADITHA LLOYD Atlilha is handy on Ihr: spot, Always Io meetings on the dot. Gllrl,Scouts 1, 2: Latin Club 1: Bulldog Staff 3: Dramatics C u 4. male ' XY TWDNTY-ONE n endow 1 MINN'IE LEE Loy 1 Efficient and calm is Minnie Lee, In the business world she plans to be. Theres one thing that may upset her plan, She's sure to marry that business man. Library 35 "V" Girls 3, 4. EDWIN BRITT MARTIN Britt drives his car around like mad, But when his tires are gone-well, too sad! Band 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 35 D. 0. Club 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 Basketball 45 Bulldog I Staff 4. WILLIAM DWIGHT MARTIN Bill is friendly, jolly and fine, When he studies, it leaves a -sign. Band 1, 2, 3. l PATSY MILLER Now Patsy Miller is a girl That keeps serene and steadyg She's independent, smart, and fine, And 'tWith. the goods" she's ready. Home Ec. 1, Z5 Latin Club 25 "V" Girls 33 LaFamac Staff 45 Girl Scouts 15 Class Poet 2, 4. MARGARET ALLEN MOFFITT' Margaret is smart, witty and sweet, Ready to help you when trouble you ment. Latin Club 1, 25 Boosters' Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Most Original Girl 4. FARIS JOHN MONSOUR He'll be witty someday in spite of all he can do, And smart too-shall we say? That's possible too. St. Pauls High School 15 New Bern, N. C. 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 25 Fayetteville High School 3, 45 Football 4. SOL MICHAEL MONSOUR In buying bonds, we'll crown him our Icing, In about ten years, rewards they will bring. Literary Club 1, 25 Latin Club 2. 33 Boosters' Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4. LILLIAN LEONE MooRE She is smart in every way, Never frowning, always gay. Latin Club 1, 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Beta Club 45 Most Studious Girl 4. DANIEL BAXTER MORRIS Not a word from Baxter you'll hear, Always quiet, for which teachers cheer. Hi-Y 35 Glee Club 45 Eagle Scout 4. PAUL OTHNEILL MOYLE, JR. Never serious, always gay, A good sport in every way. Elizabeth City High School 1, 2, 35 Debating Club 3: Senior Safety Patrol 1, 2, 35 Sports Editor of School Paper 35 Fayetteville High School 4. TVVENTY-'TWO 5 skew!! Q VIRGINIA LORAINE MCCoRouoDAi.i: Lorulm' is uulrl and plrasanf Io lt'11ow,' Always I.'indm'ss Io you shi' will show. Linden High School I. 23 Fayetteville High School 3, 4. .lunv IVICCUISTON Judy Is S1l'I'l" unll a lot of jun: If you uianl lauyhlcr, lo hor you may Tllll. Monroe High School 1, 23 The Footlight Dramatics Club, l, 23 Gloe Club l. 23 Cast of "We Six" 23 Pineland Jr. Col' logo il: Girls Crark Platoon 33 Duke Literary Society 33 Dehators Club 33 Fayetteville High School 4. I'luoi:Ni: MCDONAl.Il Tull, dark, and hamlsoum Playing in Ihr' haml, Girls jus! rlo1i'l get lon:-some Whrn luv is close at hand. lland l. 2, .L 4. JOHN IVICDUI-'FII-I .4 Imsiuvss man. h1"s surf' Io malcf, Azul flyurr' out ruch. step ho'll takcg So ylrls IN' 'uvisr' and srt your cap, I"or u boy u'lto'll ouluvit any Jap. FRANK lVlClVlll.l.AN lf'runI.' may uvrur a lirlmol Anrl ronquvr our rlurlr slrinnrrl for, Hui alyhrurl lu' will he an architect Whrrf-rrr he may go. lloys HIRY l. 2. 33 'Treasurer Hi-Y 23 Vice-President Hi-Y 33 Vice-President .lr. Class Il: Jr. Marshal 3. Pi-:ucv MCMILI.AN You maine auch loslc so rlzvrry Wlfh your sufmr! and frimully way, Smuronr will bf' happy, my fleurio, Who shares your life day by day. l'loostt-rs' Club 2, Il, 43 Girls Hi-Y 4. WAl.TPIR NEW MAN Culm us uny llmpid lalcr, lirvp as any pool- Wullrr has wha! il will Ialrc To honor any school GEORGIA Ouvi-1 All Hu' p1'urh1's 1lon'I yrou' rlouwz. in Uc'oryiu,' f'urolinu has Ihrm just Ihr' sumo: llrrr' is our uw' found right in our floss room, llluyln' lhuI's 'cause Gvoryia is hrr nomo. Glec Club I3 Latin Club l, 23 Sec. N Trcas. of Latin Club 1: Library Club l: J. IG. A. 1, 23 Boosters' Club 2. 3, 43 Chief Marshal 33 Vice-President Class 33 Beta Club 3, 43 Vice- Pilosldent Beta Club 43 Girls Hi-Y 41 Advisory Council 43 llomoroom Chairman l, 2. 3, 43 Best all Round 43 Cheer- leader 43 D. A. R. Good Pilgrim 43 Editor-infChief Annual 4. HAllRY OLIVER, JR. Wh!-11 Hruuy Hoyan is foryoilru, Or your' flown in rlisyrucv, Wt' lram' our Harvey Oliver All sf! lo false his place. Latin Club l. 2: Golf Team l. 23 Monoefram Club 1. 2. 3, 4' Trc-as. of Monogram Club 43 State Champion Golf Team 23 Hl-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Marshal 33 Sec. Hi-Y Club 4. JOHN PATI-7 Girls yr! out your evening drcssrs, Paint your rheelfs arul brush your lrvssrs, The ilunrr is un: we ran'I be late, For u'4"ll miss rlanriny with Johmzy Parr. Band I. 2: Baskehall 2. 4: Boys State 33 Monogram Club 4: Hi-Y 3. 43 Library Club l3 Jr.-Sr, Prom Committee 31 Sclcnrc Club 2. Il: Junior Marshal Il. Swv W 996 TWENTY-THREE Z TVVENTY-FOUR ' 4 FRANCES PELT Frances is quiet and very neat, In this business world She'll be hard to beat. ELEANOR PENDER Don't you see those dancing feet? Note that pretty size, Boys you'd better run away- Lest you meet those eyes! Girl Scouts 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Boosters' Club 2, 3, 43 Girls Hi-Y 3, 43 Business Staff Of Annual 4. LEA FRANCES PENDLEY From the Fort she comes from day to day, We love her friendly, cheerful way- And when our pathway needs must part She'll fill a place in every heart. ANNA KATHRYN PINKSTON She's dainty and trim And full of charm3 So a nurse's cap, Will do her no harm. J. E. A. Club 1, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Beta Club 3, 43 Bull- dog Staff 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Boosters' Club 4. EDNA WINII-'RED POWERS Babbling like a mountain stream, Rushing on its way- Sure it must be Winifred, Always glad and gay! Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 13 Boosters' Club 2, 3, 43 Dramateers 43 Bulldog Staff 4. NANCY JANE PRICE Always happy, there she goes! Watch her catch that smile! She never tells you of her woes But cheers you all the while. Cleveland, Ohio, Monticello High 13 Swimming Club 13 Riding Club 13 Fayetteville High School 2, 33 Boosters' 33 Dramatics 3. DOUGLAS A. ROBERTS When often some passing strain may tend Our school songs to recall, We then will think of Dauglasf 3 Who played them best of all. President of D. O. Class 13 English Club 13 Boys Hi-Y 1, 23 Leader of School Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES B. ROBINSON ' Always giving-never asking, Kind to friend and foe- Success will mark his pathway, , Wherever he may go. Medford High 1, 23 Fayetteville High 3, 43 SponsOr's Escort 33 Science Club 33 Boys Hi-Y 3, 43 Boosters' Club 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 4. ESTELLI-3 ROBINSON Her friendly smile will endear her To all who pass her wayg . Her unselfish heart will keep her In our thought from day to day. Dunn High 1, 23 Home Ec. 1, 23 Fayetteville High 3, 4. LILLIAN LUCILLE ROBINSON Here she carries like sunshine Cheers us on our way- Lucille full of laughter Every single day. Glee Club 1, 23 Boosters' Club 3, 43 "V" Girls Club 3, 4. Soi. Cooein Ross Come on boys and make that goal! What for you keep a laggln'? Poor old Sol's all tuckered out Upon the water waggtn! Q Student Councll 1, 23 Basketball Manager 1, 23 Track glanager 1, 23 Low "X" Club 1, 2, 33 Marshal 23 Monogram lub 3, 43 Football Manager 3, 4. Gl-:onus F. ROTHERMEL Watch out boys you'd better scrum! Here comes George just like a ram. Listen now to what I say, He will be an "All-Star" some day. Sanford. N. C.. 1. 23 Football 2: Fayetteville 3. 43 Band 33 Football 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 English Club 4. JOHN C. RUSKELL lltr's good in his sports And good in his books, And plenty of girls say Hc's good in his looks. Wallace, N. C., 1, 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Basketball 2, 33 Beta Club 33 Fayetteville High 43 Football 43 Monogram Club 43 Hi-Y Club 4. BERNICE Russ Bernice comes to us this year. Shrr's smart and sweet and such a dear! We're glad she came and we hope she'll stay3 Shrfs about to steal our heart away. Glee Club 2, 33 Debating Club 2, 33 Library Assistant 4. JACK SANDERFORD "Still water runs deep," They say, and so .lack's very smart And his eyes-oh, oh! Presbyterian Jr. College 23 F. H. S. 3, 43 Most courteous 4. BETTY Sus Ssssoms Surf she is a honey Hvorybotly knows- Diruplcs playing in and out I'Jt'c'rywhl're sho goes. Latln Club 1, 2: Boosters' Club 2, 3, 43 Girls Hi-Y 3, 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Bulldog Staff 4. CHARLES F. SHACKELFORD "Round and round and round he goes And where he'll stop nobody knows," But we all know he'll do his part, For he's little of stature, but big of heart. Saratoga Hlgh 1, 23 Fayetteville 3, 4. HARRY F. SHAW Harry's full of music: Harry's full of pep: Harry's quite athletic: He's some boy-oh "yep" Latln Club 13 Band 13 Library Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1. 2, 33 Boy's Quartet 33 Boosters' Club 33 Boys I-Il-Y 3, 43 Sea Scout 3, 43 Football 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Dramatic Club 43 Bulldog Staff 4. ADDIE RUTH SHELTON booking in the future What is this I see? Addie Ruth an artist- Yes from A to Z. Louise SHERRILL She's tops in her work And tops in har books, Tops in our hearts, And tops in good looks. Latin Club 1, 23 J. E. A. Club 13 Treas. of J. E. A. 23 Boosters' Club 23 Student Council 23 Beta Club 3, 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Llbrary Assistant 43 Girls' State 3. enema 1' ,, . TWENTY-FIVE Zeaeatd l TWENTYLSIX KARLYN SLOAN Laughing face and stylish clothes, Boys around wherever she goes. Latin Club 1, 23 Scouts 1, 2, 3g Girls Hi-Y 3, 49 Boosters' Club 3, 43 Bulldog Staff 49 Beta Club 3, 4. LESLIE SMITH She's a peach, She's a wow! Will they love her? Boy and how! MARION VINSON SMITH We love her for her friendly way,' We love her for her wit, She's happy in her work: or play- A jewel you'll admit. Latin Club 15 Home Ee. Club 1. MOREHEAD STACK Harum, scarum-there he goes, Keeps the girls upon their toes, Light of step and bright of eye, See them loolc when he goes by Band 2, 39 Hi-Y 35 Football 4, Track 49 LaFamac Staff 45 Bulldog Staff 4. SHIRLEY TAYLOR If you've got a heart within yuh, Shirley's smile is bound to win yuh- Always friendly, nice and sweet, The sort of girl you love to meet. Gordon Military College, Barnesville, Georgia 1, 2, 33 Fayetteville High 3, 4. TOM TEABEAUT 'Fommy can study, Tommy can dance,- Tornmy's athletic But finds time for romance. Latin Club 13 Boxing 13 Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 23 Science Club 29 Library Club 23 Boosters' Club 33 Basketball 3, 4, FRANK THOMPSON Self-restrained, but keen of brain, That's the Frank we lcnow. We're sure great things await him, W'herever he may go. Latin 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Beta 3, 4. SUSAN TOLAR Susan loves a ball game, Susan loves to dance, Susan loves a bit of fame And oodles of romance. Latin Club 1, 2: Secretary-Treas. of Class 25 Marshal 3: Boosters' Club 3, 45 Girls Hi-Y 3, 45 Sec. of Hi-Y 4, La- Famac Staff 45 Bulldog Staff 43 Treas. of Sr. Class 4. FRANCES TRAYWICK "Practice rnalces perfect," We hear them say, In the business world She'll rule some day. BETTY TREXLER Look at her hair! Loolc at her clothes! Such a good sport Wherever she goes! Lumberton: Glee Clubg Boosters' Club, Fay. Latin Club Library Clubg J. E. A. Club. Zeueati GLADYS TYLER 7'h1' 1111'111o'ry nf hvr s111il1' 11'iIl 1'0111c To 1vl11'1'r us 'cross H112 jll'IH'S, . For lllflflll 1111? 1111'1'I h1'1' s1111.wl11111' 0111' ylo11111 jus! 1I1.v11pp1'11rs. ll1:'rTv VAN LANn1N1:11A1x1 Q11,i1'lc of Illlllll, Light of lor, Tlllll is ufI1,y W1' low' l11'r su, Glrl Scouts l: Library Club l: Glvc Club l, 23 Latin Club 2. Il: Home H1-, Club 2, 3: Boosters' Club Il, -lg llulldog Staff 4. Rom-:R'r VANs1'oRv lliobbyl Wnlrll the girls-1111 'll'lll' 11112111 xiyh, Ilobby V1111.st11m1'x 1111.w.wi1111 by! 7'11ll mul llU7ldS0llll', 1111111 nf l111i'1', II1' 1'1111I11'r1'x 1ll'll7'lS of I111Ii1's fair. Football 4: lll-Y 43 Boy Scout '37, '38, 'Ilflg Bulldog Staff 43 Boosters' Club 4. S1'uAR'r VERDRRY Whul 11'1111l1I lhry 1111 Il'Hll0llf 111111, Olll' hogs in 11'l11l1' 111111 blur? Wh1'11 fill' 1'l11,1f'r.v roll up 1111 Ih1' flIOHIllH air, 'l',lI'jl l.'1111111 Il11'y'r1' lI'll hy Jlllll. Llbrary Club I: Glrl Scouts 1: Latin Club l, 2: Junior Marshal 3: Glrlx Hl-Y ll, 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 Chief Load- m' 4: lloost1-rs' Club Il, 43 llulldog Staff 4. V11'R WAl1KPZll A ln1sl111'ss 11111111 11'lll l'l'lll'll I11 lJ0ll'I'l' S11 girls 1111 111111 l1i111 1111i1'Ir: Thr' lllllll. l1111y lruil will 1111111111 ll fI1111'1'r lf it is sI111r1'1l '11"lll1 Vir. .l0HN WARREN WIlI'll llzls war has ,II'l'll fi11ish111l A1111 'ln ll hook is ll!TlHl'1l. 1l1111v11, John lVll7"7'l'1l will Im ff'lIl'llllI!l if lu x111111' Pllllffll' l0lll7l. A N N11 NAS11 Wu 1'1'R lIr111'1'f11l IIS ll x11'11lI1111', fir'11Il1' 11N fl 1I111'1', AI11'11y.w lflllll 111111 flflllflll- SI11' lI'IlS llllllll' I11 l111'1'. Glrl Svouts l: l.lb1'ary Club lg Latin Club l, 2: Boosters' Club Il, 43 Glrls Ill-Y Il. 4. BILLY W'll,l,lA Ms W11I1'h 11111, follrsf Yllllqll I11'll1'1' s1'11li1'1', IiilIy'.v l'Ullll7Ifl 11'iIh ll 1'l11lI1'r.' lfl'l'I' h1' FUIIIPS llllll 1111111 h1"s p11xx1'1l. lvllllfllfl. Nl11111!111y In H11' Iusl. Llbrary Club I, 2: Haml l. 2, 3, 4: l-'1'vn1-h Club Il: Dra- matlcs fl, 4: Football 3, 43 Bulldog Staff -1. CHARLES D. XNILLIAMS l'l111rlrx 1'1111 1i11n1'1? llllfl f'llll7'll'S 1'1111 sing, l'h11rl1's l'll1l do mnsl llllyflllllfl. Q1111'k of wil, will: slriyhl of ll!llHl-- 'l'h1' lllflfllf will hr' al his l'0HIllllllIIl. Latin Cluh lg Library Club 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Contest Plays 35 Football 3, 43 Black Masquers 3. 4: Dramatlwe Club 3, 4: Serretary 3: Vice-President 4: Boys Hi-Y 4: Lal-'amac Staff 4: Bulldog Staff 4. JOHN HAROLD WILLIAMS .IOIITIYS 1111.l1'l1 111111 loves his s11lil111I1' B111 h1'l11f11l 11N Ihr rvsl. I11 x1:l11111l wr Iilrf' his 11Il1I111l1', In IlllSl7lI'SS h1"s H11' bwxf. Latln Club 2, Il: ll. li. Club ll. x I S S RILEY WILLIAMS Here comes Riley! Watch those black eyes flash! He has charm and plenty of dash! Basketball 2, 33 Boxer 1, 2, 33 Low "X" Club 23 D. E. Club 23 Hi-Y 33 Boosters' Club 33 D. 0. Club 3, 4. HILLARY WINSLOW tHickJ Tall of stature and light of hair Dancing like a Fred Astaire, Quick of thought and skilled in art- Watch out girls! He'll win your heart! Latin 13 Library 1, 23 Boosters Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Football 3, 4. JACK WOODELL On the gridiron, he's a herog On the dance floor, he's a wow: But with the thermometer registering zero "Covey" races his heart somehow. Band 13 Scouts 1, 2, 3, 43 Eagle Scout3 Sea Scouts 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Marshal 33 Boys Hi-Y 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Track 3, 43 LaFamac Staff 43 Bulldog Business Manager 43 Treas. Hi-Y 43 President Student Body 43 Homeroom Chairman 43 Monogram 4. JOSEPH EDWARD YEAGO fJOeJ At parties he is lots of fung At business he's a dandy, And when we're selling Victory Bonds W He always comes in handy. 3 Library Club 23 French Club 33 Band 3, 43 Boys I-Il-Y 43 Bulldog Staff 43 D. E. Club3 Dramatics Club. ELEVENTH GRADE SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR JANE ALLEN One of the very best is our Jane VVe're glad there's one Among us sane- ROBERT BROWN Bobby is quiet, nice and tall, You hardly know he's there at all. Henderson High 13 Science Club 13 Fayetteville High 2, 3, 43 Assistant Photographic Editor 43 Foot- ball 43 Team Spotter 4. JAMES COMPTON He's a boy who likes his fun, But James always has his work done. EDNA COWAET "A good name is better than precious ointment" Stedman High School 13 Fayetteville' High School 2, 3, 4. RUBY EAEP In traveling down the road of time If I should e'er be sick And want a peach to nurse me, 1'd call for Ruby quick. NICKIE GLEARMIS We're glad he's come to cheer 'us all, But we need him most To play football. BILLY MORRIS HA merry heart doeth good like a medicine." D. 0. Club 3, 4. TWELFTH GRADE SENIORS JACQUELINE CURROW MILDRED GAILES WILLIAM JASPER JOHNSON TWENTY-EIGHT BOBBY MCRAINEY ' Tho' the skies may be dark and dreary, He still is full of fung Tho' Latin be dim and bleary, He hasn't a worry-not one. Library Club 13 Latin Club 23 Football 4. WILLIAM SCI-IWAB William's a boy Whom all will like, For Fayetteville's school He's a "Lucky Strike". ZEKE SMITH Full of business, Full of fun, Friends with him Are quickly won. OSCAR TOLAR Juniors look at him and sigh, Star of athletes passing by, Baseball, football-also track! 1, 2, 3' Monogram 13 Track 13 Bas , eball 1 2, 33 Fayetteville 43 Football 4. Rocky Mt. Football 1, MILTON WIGGS What's the matter with Milton? A ball is always his quest. Athletics is his hobby- He'll be a coach I guess. Football 2, 3, 4. WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR DOROTHY EGGEN MABEL PATE LESLIE SESSOMS PAT WILSON I may of :de af 45 "Time rolls his ceaseless course." It was September 1939. Marvel! Marvel! The class that in 1932 had entered the first grade had now become high school freshmen. How grown-up we felt! Our first task was to choose our class officers to lead us through this memorable year. We chose as President, Kate Broadfoot. Our Vice-President, was Robert Cowles, and Betty Bragg was our Secretary-Treasurer. This year Kate Broadfoot brought honor to our class by winning the Scholarship Cup which is given each year at Commencement to the person having the highest schol- astic average in the school. We started our Sophomore year in the new Senior High School, the best looking building in the state we thought. Again we chose K-ate Broadfoot as President. Her co- workers were Tommy Jordan, Vice-President, and Susan Tolar, Secretary-Treasurer. This year we had lost many of our old friends but we had gained many new ones. Our Sophomore year was almost uneventful. Before we knew what was happening we were entering our Junior year. Betty Boone, as President of the Junior Class, led us through a successful and very eventful year. The other officers were Georgia Olive, Vice-President, and Edmund Dog- get, Secretary-Treasurer. We had many pleasant tasks before us, but probably the most outstanding one was preparation for the Junior-Senior Prom. This was an occasion that we had anticipated since entering high school life. This year the marshals for Commencement. were chosen from our class. Chief Marshal was Georgia Oliveg Assistant Marshals were Kate Broadfoot, Jean Huske, Tom- my Jordan, Harvey Oliver, John Pate, Stuart Verdery, Jack Woodell, and Susan Tolar. With such a successful year behind us, we began our Senior year with enthusiasm somewhat tinged with awe-awe at our own increase in importance and responsibility. Ulpon our shoulders lay the responsibility of publishing the LaFamac. Georgia Olive was chosen Editor-in-Chief and Rodger Derby was Business Manager until he left in Feb- ruary, then Bertram Fleishman carried on as Assistant. With Miss Black as advisor and a very capable staff, we did a very good job. The officers of the Student Body were Jack Woodell, Presidentg Newton Robert- son, Vice-Presidentg and Charles Collins, Secretary-Treasurer. The Senior Class officers were Tommy Jordan, President, John Crawford, Vice- Presidentg Kate Broadfoot, Secretary, and Susan Tolar, Treasurer. This year the Beta Club had a very successful year under the leadership of Tommy Jordan as President. Rodger Derby was editor of the Bulldog -and gave us several in- teresting editions. This year many of our classmates and friends who had started to school with us, left school to enter the armed forces. We look forward to the time when we shall again meet them. ' At last the day for which we have been preparing, Graduation Day, is almost here and when we think back over the many experiences which we have had, the friends we have made, and the play and work we have done in preparation for this glorious day, it is almost with sadness that we think that our days at Fayetteville High are almost over. LOUISE SHERRILL, Historian TWENTY-NINE .fetal 7066! Saad Class of 1943 Phe 1943 Seniors of the Fayetteville High School, being sound in both mind and body, and realizing that their remaining days at F. H. S. are few, now make their last will and testament. ARTICLE I Section 1. To Mr. Sisk we do will and bequeath our sincere appreciation for the interest he has taken in us. I Section 2. To Mr. Harrill we do will and bequeath our heartiest thanks, for his understand- ing, and the many nice things he has done for us during these past four or five years. Section 3. To the teachers we leave our best wishes, and the hope that next year's seniors will prove as satisfactory as we feel that we have been. ARTICLE II Section 1. We, Georgia Olive and Jack Woodell, do will and bequeath our untiring efforts on behalf of the school, to any Junior with lots of school spirit. Section 2. I, Tommy Jordan, do will and bequeath my ability td get along with the faculty and students to Steve Nimocks. ' Section 3. I, Fletty Sue Sessoms, do will and bequeath my imitation of the faculty to Daisy Crowson. Section 4. I, .Sarah Holmes, do will and bequeath my dancing ability to Emily Applewhite. Section 5. We, Jake and Dot, do will and bequeath our 'icozy corner in the corridor" to Leslie Bennett and John White. Section 6. I, Bobby Vanstory, do will and bequeath my set of hair curlers to Glenn Overton. .Section 7. I, Isobel Autry, do will and bequeath my pair of stilts to Jane Paton. Section S. I, Morehead Stack, do will and bequeath my ability to have fun and get away with it to Norwood Michie. Section 9. I, Edmund Doggett, do will and bequeath my originality to Jennet Pohl. Section 10. I, Susan Tolar, do will and bequeath my good nature to "Covey" Yarborough. Section 11. I, "Gus" Hamilton, do will and bequeath my case of school girl giggles to Mary Helen Collins. Section 12. I, Stuart Verdery, do will and bequeath my ability to look as if I just stepped from a page of Vogue to Winnie Joyner. Section 13. I, Anne Nash White, do will and bequeath my unfailing calmness, to any Junior, if there is one who never gets excited. Section 14. I, Jean Huske, do will and bequeath my amazing amount of school spirit, to Nancy Tillinghastf Section 15. We, the boys of the Senior Class who have answered the call of our country, do will and bequeath our patriotic spirit to the boys of next year's Senior Class. Signed and sealed the fifteenth day of February, in the year of Our Lord 1943. Witnesses: Testator Stuart Verdery MARGARET Moi-'FITT Tommy Kyle THIRTY SIMD CHO fcg BQ M15 N M? Best All-round! LESLIE SESSOMS AND GEORGIA OLIVE THIRTY-TWO f5QIC C ESS Most Likely to Succeedf TOMMY JORDAN AND DIARY ESTHER APPLEWI-IITE Most Sfudi0us.' LILLIAN MOOIIPJ AND EUGENE BRANTLEY ZMH7' Most Depemlable: BETTY BOONE AND JACK WOODELI. THIRTY-Txmr-21-: J Most Popular: SARAH HOLMES AND EASTWOOD ATWATER THIRTY-FOUR dwg me Wa!! I , , , Most Courteous: SARAH STEWART AND JACK SANDERFORD Best Looking: KATE BROADFOOT AND JOHN CRAWFORD 74eS Most Original: MARGARET MoFFxT'1' AND EDMUND DOGGETT THIRTY-FIVE ,, -ff ff 2 bw Y +1 :Pj ff ' 5'!l! ,Q A MASQ? 'MWA-Swag. UAS ' KVA u G E M i:'E M -f ff 5:1 --M , rf AT 7 ,5 I l ' N- wr! . I ,ILS 1 4 .'q,1 X I 2: L Y wi IJMJ' , , I , 9 l 1 5 BV! If Tmmftpx'-01:94 A" Wi ' in 1 f 1 47 1 f H X hu" ' y 90 sf ' is f 1 1, I, 7 X 7 wi: + , f W' 1 1 l l F fi 235 . -Q ? W . ' i' QS' v W , f ---- page , ' al C 1 1 - . ' f I :- :'4 NN- ' ' .NM . - !, . mx ' + - i fir' L!! ' "' if ' ' H L , ' i" f ff y nf, i .,-I X. , fry fn y ' Q ". 4, - . Ir 1,4 PQI -" . ' f' W I """" fw Z w O 6 V... hw kN'5Cll.j3Anl.oxu.lu:l1g,R! fi? Q Q Jn Ml I ' ,I ff W 'Pm idqei Mukwil 1 il ,J 1!Z L Q i amkmxesa. whmmxih k , A gk SQ K 's"S3'0m mmm o.. couvb, A si X J h,A! ' i -X - , ,, , X N '?w,iW 47 2 M, , ? 1 3 ' if Q W g N fi" .Alf x. yu 1 4,4 7 la Y WIA ' 9 1f?4f?9?" ' if il fi QM . Az, - 1 f ,f 4 f f XXXXuN'Q, f'm vin! A ? Z If W ' . W" M if ,,,,5' N 1' I up I lf f , 'img W X fy: V f I mln: Nj sfo" A 1 ' ' ' twfh, 41'K lf' I I ful 5' 'Uv ,gg f 1 4f'f 'f '? e ? 7 6 iff 4L "fl' X "1 1. ,,A.a ? V 7 Y r f -. gl- 5 ,Q 1- .ff THIRTY-EIGHT .gm HAROLD THREATT President NEWTON ROBERTSON Vice-President IWATILDA ALEXANDER l Sec.-Treas. MOTTO: "TODAY DECIDES TOMORROW" Colors: Green and White Flower: White Water Lily TENTH GRADE POEM By Malloy Owen A definite task and a hard one sure- The faults of a wounded world to cure! There lies before us no flowery ease, But to build a new world, our God to please, A task for which we now prepare, For if we are ready, 'twill save all much care. We're well on our way, and a lot we've learned, But our heads from the job must not be turned, Our high school career is not yet done, We must keep on fighting until we've won. Besides the great work of a life to live, We must learn something the future to give. Let's be filling our minds with valuable knowledge, For as you know we may not go to college, Let us have faithg let us progress! We'1l get all we can at old F. H. S. So onward to Victory, head over heel, 'Right now for the future, we're laying the keel! l 4 as as Robert Adams, Dorothy Adams, Matilda Alexander, Shirley Allen, Emily Applewhite, Linda Arab, lflarl Averilte. Marian llarrett, llelen Heard, Margaret Bell, Leslie Bennett, Alexander Biggs, Paul Black- well, lflben llrisson. Lloyd llrisson, Margaret Bristow, Roy Bryant. Howard Buie, Margaret Bullard, Juanita Bur- ris, lfllizalmeih Campbell. lletty Ann Clark, Billy Clark, Robert Cole, Mary Helen Collins, Lillian Cox, Glenn Crook, Charles Cross. Daisy Crowson, George Crumhley, Jean Curtiss, George Daskall, Jean Downing, Connie Ellis, llilly Ellis. '1wlIlRTY-N INE l Deno Fasul, Freda Fleishman, Jean Fleishman, Philip Foushee, Alice Lee Franck, Oscar Friederick, John White Gainey. Harry George, Sylvia Gervais, Farley Gibson, David Godwin, Faye Godwin, Frances Godwin, Wilton Grimes. George Hair, Earl Hall, Helen Hamilton, Mary Miller Hamilton, Sylvia Haywood, Warren Hedgpeth, Mary Louise Holmes. Gary Hooks, Virginia Howell, Marshall Howie, Eleanor Ann Hunter, Thomas Hunter, Ed- ward Hurley, Anne Huske. Julian Jeanes, Billy Jennings, Tommy Jetton, Phil Johnson, Jimmy Johnston, Winnie Joy- ner, Fred Kelly. FORTY Joe Kosterman, Hartzel Lebed, J. D. Lewis, Jr., Lucille Lewis, Edmund Lilly, Jr., Dixie Liv- ingston, Patsy Lucas. Sam Luttcrloh, Yvonne Melvin, Norwood Michie, Peggy Moffitt, Loretta Monthie, Bobby McCoy, Zula McFadyen. Edwin McMillan, Beatrice McQueen, Steve Nimocks, Katherine Norton, Glenn Overton, Lu- cille Owen, Malloy Owen. Winston Owen, Malloy Pate, Jane Paton, Mary Peoples, Peggy Pittman, Jennet Pohl, Harold Roberts. Newton Robertson, Leon Rosenfeld, Douglas Salley, Ann Scott, Shirley Shepherd, William Shropshire, Billy Shuford. Fonrv-ONE Mary Edna Singer, Betty Smith, Irene Smylie, Billy Snyder, Wheldon Stevlingson, John Stout, Eppie Stragala. Jimmy Strickland, Evelyn Taylor, John Terpening, Harold Threatt, Emily Tillinghast, Nancy Tillinghast, Dorothy Tinnin. Shirley Tolar, Marion Varnedoe, George Vestal, Wally Vreeland, Agnes Walker, Marilyn Walston, Aileen West. Augusta Worth, Covey Yarborough, Katherine Young. w FQRTY-Two . . ELWZABETH BURNS President ALBERT DUGAN Vice-President KATHERINE YARBOROUGH Secretary and Treasurer THE FRESHMAN CLASS By Sandy Metts We of this class which has just begun- Can not look forward to a future of fun, We must remember that the classes before Are fighting now for something more Than any others have ever done- And that when this, our war, is forever won, We must patch up the wounds of a crippled world And carry the banner that they unfurled. as .L Matt Askea. Bobby Averette. Carl Barrett. David Baugh. Rees Beard, Neal Bell, Louis Benson. Charles Boone. VValter Britt, Eddie Brooks. J. VV. Bullard. John Bunn. James Cherry, Winifred Cheshire. Fletcher Clayton. Jimmy Clontz. Doris Allen, Marie Almond, Frances Averitte, Barbara Barfield, Etheleen Bass, Mildred Beard. Mary Higgs, Mary Hoosalis. Emma Brown. Ruby Love Brown, Elizabeth Burns, Clara Byrd, Hazel Byrd. Hilda Cain, Patsy Cain. Mary Elizabeth Cannon, Helen Carmivhael. Peggy' Carter. Betty Chandler. and Mrs, Simmermau. FORTY-THREE KQB- George Cook, Alex Cosmidis, Bobby Creed, Henry Crouch. Clyde Culbreth, Tom Dale. Tom De-Vane, Alvis Dew, Billy Dougherty, Albert Dugan, Elbert Fisher, Malcolm Fleishman, Jim Fournier, Bobby Gainey. Calvin Harris, Stanly Harris, Juanita Collins. Mary Frances DeVane. Katherine Downs. Dorothy Ann Drake, Hazeline Ed- wards, Mary Louise Faircloth. Florence Fillyaw, Joyce Fisher, Rebecca Gardner, Katherine Graham, Tlrentice Hall, Edna Ruth Hardee, Mary Harlan. Gloria Harris. K. Harrison. Faye Hastey, Ditty Hayes. Betsy Douglass, Lela Earp. Miss Matthews. f . WW ,W was JW T9 sf..-my-pug-e Johnnie Henderson, Junior Hoffman, DeVVitt Holmes, Ray Holmes, Billie Herring, Billie Holt, C, C. Howard. Jimmy Hutaff, Dennis Hutchinson, Percey Izzell, James Jackson, Jack James, Arthur Jenkins, Edgar Johnson. J. P. Johnson. Marvin Kelly, Merle Kinlaw. Herbert Krongsburg, Milton Machat. Dewy Malcolm, Delpha Rose Her- ring. Christine Hobbs. Dixie Huske, Agnes Itterly, Hope Jackson. Elizabeth Johnson, Betty Keeler, Betty Keepers, Anne Koleman, Jessie King, Ruth Lee, Martha Livingston, Mrs. Miller. Foirrr-Foun . ZjQHmL,!?UML4 L4 T D517 lilinorys Mnnltsliy. Oyi Milton. Uluyton Mitt-lnnn, Stuart Moffitt. Tliomais Moore. .Ir,. Charles lNIorgun l-Zlth-1-rl Morrison. Lztnier Mt-tlmzziii. liilly Mcliziy, Gilbert, Mc-Leocl. l"run4-es Jones. lletty Mantltsby, Stella Muultsby. Mzn'g:irt't Mziynor, Sznuly lila-tts. Collet-n Rlilligatn. llelmet-cu Moxingo. Betty M-Millun. Ielen MvNeill. Surat Oliver. lla-tsy l't-nnington. .lm-:nn l,lIl'flll' lwgux' l't1rtlie. Annu Pylamt. Mrs. Alexznttlt-r.y x 5 azz? J XJ Ng F3Jig Walter llzileigh, Plmrles Allen Register, Fermun Calvin Riddle, Iirlwin Earl Sulley. Harper Jerome Sasser. .itunes Millznwl Short, llolmlmy Smith. 'Fhomzis Smith, Reece Smithmzm, Toinmy Snipes, Harold Stevens. Thomas St:-xt-ns. Williann Alfred Vamstory. Thoinzis ilzn-old XVultei's, Frzmk Watson. .lolm Williams, Bennie Zinn, Merle ltatlney, lletty line lit-gistt-i', Ale-une lloyster. Virginian Ilutlisill, Mary lilizztlnetli Suleeliy, Julia Sanders, Marie Avery Sliuw, I'egi.:ic- Doris Sliznxx',gM3u3L-Qggl,-S.h.i.xl.e17.lmm Ann Sitler, Harriet Skipper, lvlurguret Stout, Bettie Lou Striek- luncl. Mary l4'i'zim'es Sullivan, Joyce 'l'l1zif.:g:t1'ml. Peggy Thomason, Nancy Thompson. Anne XVestwurd Tolar. Eleanor Ttnnllnson, lluzel Tomlinson, Dorothy 'l'yntlull. Hilda Gray Vatnn. Irene Vinson, .luzmitzi NVacle. Lorem' NVuddell Surat XN':ttkins, .loyve XV1-lister, Pauline XVic4ker. 1,0111 Elizabeth VViggs. Fratnves XVilson, Cora Lee XVolfe, Katherine Yzirliorougli, Mary lleigli Zerlie, Mr, Mvliininion. FORTY-FIVI-1 ' ilk . JACK WOODELL JEAN HUSKE BETTY BOONE GEORGIA OLIVE RENEE ARAB ISOBEL AUTRY GEORGE ROTHEMEL KATHERINE BOONE LYDIA HURLEY KATE BROADFOOT JOHNNY CRAWFORD MARSHALL TATUM JIMMY DUNNAGIN MARY E. APPLEWHITE SARAH STEWART ELEANOR PENDER PAT WILSON MARGARET MOI-'FITT DON CLAYTON LESLIE SESSOMS TOMMY JORDAN TOMMY KYLE ANNE NASH WHITE HI I ETTY SUE SSOMS RLYN LOAN JOHNNY RUSKILL ROSE HARRISON JOHNNY PATE BOBBY VANSTORY VIRGINIA WALKER RHEA STEVLINGSON EARL SMITH CALVIN SHAW CHARLIE SMITH LIB MAYNOR SARAH HOLMES SOL ROSE JAKE GARDNER CHARLIE COLLINS DOT HENSDALE CECIL TATEM RALPH LUTTERLOH ELWOOD BERRY MARY E. SAYRE HARRY SHAW EARL BANDY ALIDA BELLE DAUGHTERY SUSAN TOLAR MARGARET DEMPSEY MOREHEAD STACK MARY FIELDS JONES STUART VERDERY FORTY-Six 6664 the women everybody music the LaFamac her piano her Joe football a good time barefoot dancing the Army Buddy Pate attention women drama Clemson rhythm paper routes Luckies his medals Leslie peace and quiet art Tommy to dance to talk boys blue eyes curley hair Southern comfort Espanol the Field Artillery sports Tennessee loafing everyone Hershey bars we wonder? Q hunting ' Belk's to heckle people a home for two his pipe the Navy surprises her Lts. could be Sarah all of us the Army the Air Corps a good time to get in trouble horses fun 660 at Covey's everywhere with a smile around school at church with Karlyn at the Brunswick with Charlie ah she gets around with Donald with the women eating at dances U. S. O. on the run every Friday nite in the "Wolf" "Too Romantic" 4: u "For Me and My Gal" "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" "Betty Co-ed" "Gobs of Love for the Navy" "Black Magic" "I Came Here to Talk for Joe" "Mr. Five by Five" 'tGreen Eyes" "Sun Up to Sun Down" In Oh You Beautiful Doll" i'Send Me One Dozen Roses" AK U Please Think of Me And The Angels Sing" "I'm Just Wild About Harry" Million Dollar Baby" "Ain't We Crazy?" with Ann N. Q Tommy "I'd Know You Anywhere" with the girls You Gotta Be a Football Hero" anywhere "They GO Wild, Simply Wild Over Me" with Emily "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" with Margaret Sz Anne "Pardon My Southern Nash Accent" with Margaret Sz Tommy "Thanks For The Mem- Or1eS" at movies "Ten Pretty Girls" talking "Chatterbox" with "Isy" "There Are Such Things" at the Soda Shop with Johnny "Rosie The Riveter" "Oh Johnny" laughing "Smiles" jumping out of windOws"It's a Woniderful World" with her momma "Pm Saving Myself For Bill" in gym shorts "Dark Eyes" Sitting "Chattanooga Choo Choo" in a chair "Deepiin a Dream" smiling "Smile AWhile" at Belk's "Every Nite About This Time" at dances 'flmaginatiorf' with his dog "Old Dog Tray" with Dot "You and I" with Boone "After The Ball Is Over" with Jake "My Man" at work "A Man and His Dream" doing nothing talking to Jean "Anchors Aweigh" "This Is the Army" keeping up the Army "But a 2nd, Lt. Has the Key morale typing- l ' being friendly away from school To Her Heart" "Do I Worry" "Love Thy Neighbor" "Louis'ana Purchase" loafing "Miss You" In the library with Miss "The Five O'clock Whistle" Smith getting in trouble "Everything Happens ,A To Me" riding "Give Me My Boots and Saddle" driving "From One Love to An- Other" I V 43 A TEVILL 74e.4' 7 1 FORTY-EIGHT GrEORGIA OLIVI-1 1'1c'litnr-in-f'l1 iff Romani: Di-:nav Business ,llfzrzzzgfw Br1R'1'1m M IPLPIISH M AN Assistant lllanuyrfr EDITORIAL STAFF Isobel Autry Sara Frances Barnes Betty Boone Eugene Brantley Kate Broaclfoot Margaret Dempsey Lawrence Downs Augusta Hamilton Patsy Hollingsworth Rees Jenkins Elizabeth Maynor Patsy Miller Anna Pinkston Betty Sue Sessoms Addie Ruth Shelton Louise Sherrill Earl Smith Sarah Stewart BUSINESS STAFF Margaret Averette Allene Bayless Jackie Dobson Sarah Holmes .lean Huske Mary F. Jones Tommy Jordan Eleanor Pender Charles Robinson Harry Shaw Karlyn Sloan Morehead Stack Marshall Tatum Susan Tolar Jac-k XVooLlell Tom M v .lommx l'rvsl1lf'1ll G:-:oncm 01,1v1-: Vim'-l'rrs11l1'11l AUnus'rA HA Mllrrox S4'r'r1'lary STEVE NIMUFKS 7'r1'u.v urrr Nlns. SIMM:-INMAN an Mus. CAHHION Advisors Shirley Allen Matllcla Alexander Llncla Arab Renee Arab Isobel Autry Margaret Averette Marian llarrett Allene Bayless Betty Boone Eugene llrantley Kate Broadfoot Helen Halnllton Howard Iiule Rodger Derby Bertram Flelshmzm Rose Harrlson Sylvla Haywood Jacqueline llemlrlx Billy Jennings Wlnnle Joyner lflllzabeth Maynor Peggy Moffltt Lllllan Moore Bobby McCoy Lucille Owen Malloy Owen Jane Paton Anna Plnkston Newton Robertson Leon Rosenfeld Louise Sherrlll Karlyn Sloan Frank Thompson Dorothy Tlnnln Wally Vreelanrl cl 9649 A 244, W FORTY-NINE FIFTY KATE BROADFOOT President SARAH STEWART Vice-President SUSAN TOLAR Secretary SARAH HOLMES Treasurer JEAN HUSKE Sgt.-at-Arms MEMBERS Isobel Autry Margaret Averette Margaret Dempsey Alida Belle Daugherty Augusta Hamilton Rose Harrison Mary Fields Jones Margaret, Moffitt Peggy McMillan Georgia Olive Eleanor Pender Betty Sue Sessoms Karlyn Sloan Stuart Verdery Anne Nash White MARY COVINGTON YARROROUGH I 'rf' si fl P71 t l'Ec:r:Y Morrrrr Vic'r'-I'7'ffxi1le11t ANN!-1 Husm: Secretary MA'rn.nA ALEXANDER 7'rf'asure1' MARY MILL!-:R HAMILTON Sgt.-at-A rms MEMBERS Marian Barrett Betty Ann Clark Dorothy Ann Drake .lean Fleishman Sylvia Gervais Eleanor Ann Hunter Winnie Joyner Zulu Mc-Fadyen .lane Paton Nancy Tillinghast Dorothy Tinnin Nan Tolar Augusta Worth Katherine Yarborough I I uf 19 ,W mf tiwwb flerfqg , 1 f fi if jj,,f.47 511 '71 fx 714- ITIFTY-ONE gaqa ' mica 716 4 l FIFTY-TWO TOMMY JORDAN President HARVEY OLIVER Vice-President CHARLES D. WILLIAMS Secretary EUGENE BRANTLEY Treasurer HARRY SHAW S gt.-at-Arms MEMBERS Furman Greene John Crawford Rees Jenkins John Pate Chuck Robinson John Ruskell Bill Skeels Tom Teabeaut Jack Woodell Joe Yeago Donald Clayton STEVE Nnviocxs President FERMAN RIDDLE Vice-President HAROLD THREATT Secretary Ilu.l,Y Suuronu Treasurer Gizomzs CRUMm,m' Sgt.-at-Arms MEMBERS Alex Biggs Howard Buie Albert Dugan Stanly Harris Billy Holt Thomas Hunter Jimmy Hutaff Julian Jeanes Billy Jennings Phil Johnson Joe Kosterman Bobby McCoy Billy McKay Stuart Moffitt Glenn Overton Malloy Owen Newton Robertson Billy Snyder Wally Vreeland gage ' 7476- l FIFTY-THRU: va ewan, sag Margaret Dempsey Charles Williams Charles Collins Billy Williams Joe Yeago Mary Fields Jones Solomon Monsour Bobby Vanstory Truett Langdon Sarah Holmes ' Eastwood Atwater Billy Felton Harry Shaw FIFTY-FOUR REPORTERS Rhea Stevlingson Virginia Walker Charles Smth Sarah Stewart Stuart Verdery Winiford Powers 44 MRS. CASHION Advisor EDITORIAL STAFF RODGER DERBY Editor-in-Chief AUGUSTA HAM1L'roN Assistant Editor-in-Chief ADDIE RUTH SHELTON Literary and Art Editor MARSHALL TATUM Sports Editor JEAN HUSKE, KATE BnoAnFooT Social Editors BUSINESS STAFF JACK WOODELL Business Manager LESLIE SEssoMs Circulation Manager EARL SMITH Assistant Circulation Manager Patsy Hollingsworth Grace Dew Jack Sanderford Sarah Frances Barnes Kathryn Pinkston BUSINESS STAFF WORKERS Lydia Hurley Aditha Lloyd Ed Edgerton Fred Kennedy f Karlyn Sloan Bertram Fleishman Ralph Lutterloh Susan Tolar Britt Martin Don Clayton Jacqueline Dobson Morehead Stack Betty Van Landingham Rose Harrison Peggy Pittman Mildred Chadwick Betty Sue Sessoms JACK WOODELL, President NEWTON ROBERTSON, Vice-President CHARLES COLLINS, Secretary 8: Treasurer 9th GRADE HOME ROOMS Elizabeth Burns Albert Dugan Billy Holt Coleen Milligan Ferman Riddle 10th GRADE HOME ROOMS Matilda Alexander Philip Foushee Steve Nimocks Newton Robertson 11th GRADE HOME ROOMS Isobel Autry Furman Greene Tommy Jordan Georgia Olive Jack Woodell 12th GRADE HOME ROOM Leslie Sessoms L STUDENT BODY OFFICERS X FIFTY-Flva STEVE NIMOCKS, Chief Matilda Alexander Phil Johnson Jane Paton Glenn Overton Covey Yarborough VY 'Wgi H8 YA!! CHARLES D. VVILLIANIS, President, LYDIA LEE IIURLEY, Vice-Pres., MARY E. APPLEWHITE, S622 62 Treas Norwood Miehie Tommy Kyle Harold Walters Alex Biggs Ted Lilly Bill Snyder Charles Smith .lack Sanderford Billy Dougherty Bill Nvilliams Patsy Hollingsworth Connie Ellis Rhea Stevlingson hlizabeth Vtfiggs I' ILTY-Six Margaret Stout Evelyn Taylor Ann Scott Sara Byrd Marian Barrett Shirley Shepherd Betsy Douglas Mary Lou Squires Peggy Shaw Mary L. Holmes Nancy Price Aditha Lloyd Mae Griffith Martha Livingston Hazel Byrd Margaret Bell Mildred Gailes Clara Byrd Marie Almond Grace Dew Freda Fleishnian Patsy Lucas Lucille Owen Sylvia Haywood Betty Lou Pearly Helen Beard Leslie Bennett Nancy Tillinghast Shirley Allen Betty Ann Clark Mary E. Sayre Faye Godwin Lydia Lee Hurley Martha Britt Vvinifred Powers Charles D. William Joe Yeago Marilyn Walston Bobby Creed S Jean Downing Emily Applewhite Mary Boosalis Mary Esther Applewhite IZi:'i"1'x' Itmmxi-3, i'1'r.w!1If'11l NI,1x'l"1l,11,x AIJTXANIJI-TR, Sm Xl1i'1:111 Ii:11'1'11ll. .XI1-1'I11 li2lI'llt'S. 1.1-sliu H1-nm-ll, Mary M-vm 11.111 lixinl H1111 Iixirl 1.1111 Kim K 11114 IJ 'z Q". Q", '- I' .- 'L L1isyl'i'1m'so Il1y1-s, l'z1Isy Ilrvlliiigswwlli. l'1lc1z1m11' Aim Iluiiivr, .lum- iiigstim, IR-gm' M11t'l'iII, SZll'll Ulivc-1: lu-My l,Ul1liilU.II0li. - . 1 V 1 Wffgfw 5 .-'l'1'r'f1s. Mus. S'l'lCVlC HARDICN, JR., IJi1'r'f'fm' , Mary ldsihvi' Aplmlowhilc. Rviwo Aiuh. Nlllliillil .'Xll'XSllHlK'I'. Sliirim-5' .-Xllm-11. Emily :x.lJlJllfVVililU 'Vs Higgs. Holly limmo. lfllizzilmctli Ilurns. 11, iXllll'g2ll'0i lk-iiipsvy, Gi'z1cv Dow. Ditty .lolmsm11. Winnie .I11ynoi'. lXlLll'ii11l Liv- Hvtly l,. I'v1'ly. Wii1ii'1'a-ci I'owoi's. Morlv llll'-Y, iXl1lI'M2ll'l'l Smut, I'.vc-lyii l2lj'iIJl'. llimrolliy 'l'i11i11-ii, lfllxilliill' 'l'11mli1is1m. Ilildai Yami. 1,1111-lic 11I1l11il. Nlzwilyii Wz1ls111i1. .Migilslu XY4li'li1, Mary Vovcy Yz1i'l1111'o11gh. fwfw W i l1Ii.wu1111 IH-1111111 l'1'1'si1If'11l l"1'nAiAx Gui-ii:Ni1:. Sl'l'.-'l'l'f'l1S. Mics, Swzviz l3A1umi-:N, Ju.. IIirr'r'for I':iXN'llfHl IZ1-1-153 f'lllll'ik'S Vulliiis. Ilolmby t'i'1-4-cl. Chzxrlvs Cross, George C'i'um11lvy, Billy Dollghb 11151 .limmy Idlliult. .Iw l'iSl'Ulll'illO, l+'L11'mz1i1 film-1-lic-. l'li:1i'l1-s llzill. 'l'homz1s Hlll1iUl'..lllli2ll1 .lc-11111-s. Il11'x'c-xv .lc-111111. 'l'11mmy .lm-111111, l'hil .luhnsr1n. .l. II. Lewis, Sol Monsour. Iiuxtvi' iX101'l'iS. Stove XIIHUCIQS, Malloy Own-ii, Fc-i'iiiz1i1 Riclcllv, Nvwton limmlin-1'tso1i, Hilly Shuforml. F1 1-"r Y-S uv ii N WWW DOUGLAS ROBERTS, Prcsirlrnt LUCIAN HERIUNG, Vice-President PENNIE HERRING, Secretary BILLIR Moimxs, Treasurer MR. J. D. HAYNE, Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Lacy Carter, Lois Cheshire, Ariail Creed, Farley Gibson Vvilton Grimes, John McDuffie, Zeke Smith. nf! I. ' , FIFTY-EIGHT Miss JULIA FULLER, Athletic-aide Mus. VVILLIAM A. MILLER, Director Mary Frances Sulliven. Frances Godwin, Sara Watkins, Nancy Thompson, Dorothy Adams, Agnes Walker, Hazeline Edwards, Joyce Thaggard, Mary Peoples, Evelyn Taylor. Florence Fillyaw, Joyce Webster, Rebecco Mozingo, Juanita XVade, Virginia Howell, Ann Scott, Aileen West, Patsy Cain, Gloria Harris, Eugenia Barron, Edna Ruth Hardee, Joyce Fisher, Helen McNeill, Frances Jones. X I r Sol Monsour. Jack John- son, Shlrley Taylor, Es- telle Robinson, Mlnaree Brown, Jake Gardner, Lesley smith. John wil- l llams, Frances Tray- wlck. Sarah Frances Barnes, Marle Avery Shaw, Frances Jones, Hazel Byrd, Susan Tolar, Adltha Lloyd, Dora Wiggs, Wally Vreeland, Malloy Owen, Paul Moyle, Jack Woodell, Mary Esther Applewhlte, Julia Saunders, Sarah Stewart, Judy McCulston. Morehead Stack, Dewey Malcolm. Thomas Fau- cette, Harry Shaw, Howard Buie, Jack Sanderford, Charles Smith, Billy Ellis, Edmund Doggett. TRl-ANGULAR DEBATERS Mary Esther Applewhlte, Hazel Byrd, Paul Moyle, Steve Nlmocks, Malloy Owen. L FIFTY-N1NE alia -A, ,. . OFFICERS 3rd 4th 5th Clmirman --, Stanley Harris Betty Keeler Albert Dugan Viva' Fltuirrrzrtiz Src.-7'r0usttrrr' Ifzlitrn' ...,.. Ilusinrss Mgr. Marie A. Shaw Nan Tolar "K" Harrison Marvin Kelly Elclred Morrison Betsy Douglas Hartzel Lebed Harold Th reatt Mary Harlan Stuart Moffitt W N Rrportcrs .... ---M. Fleishman Tommy Moore Merle Rainey Lorene XVaddell V fVValter Britt Tonnny Snipes AVI .....- Jlllia Sanders K if Hope Jackson Betty Perley Cartoons -- McKay lj! Billy Vanstogy Typists -- Bayless 1,f'fIlfC1' -- GQ0l'gQ Hail' Charles Cross N! ji , ff f f AUGtvs'rA HA1x11L'roN, 1'r1'stcl0nI, FUHMAN GREENE, Sec. and Trcas., Miss CRoty1Au'r1E, Adrismx Clwm' I.l'lldl'7'S.' NANUY TILLINGHAST, JEAN HUSKE, STUART WYRRDI-TRY, Groitom OLIVE, AUut7s'rA HAMn.'i'oN. Dorothy Hensdale, Sarah Stewart. Eleanor Pender. Isobel Autry, Furman Greene. Solomon Monsour. Margaret Moffitt. Steve Nimocks. Morehead Stack. Edmund Doggett, Katherine Yarborough. Nan Tolar. Elizabeth Burns. Merle Rainey, Dixie Livingston. Clara Byrd, Martha Livingston. Hazel Byrd, Patsy Luras. Mary Esther Applewhite, Katherine Downs, Sarah Oliver, Dorothy Ann Drake, Marie Avery Shaw. Coyey Yarborough. Jane Paton, Winnie Joyner. Betty Ann VanLandingham. Susan Tolar. Betty Sue Sessoms. Ann Nash VVhite, Rose Harrison, Tom Tea- beaut. liastwood Atwater, Kate Broadfoot, Lorene NVaddell. Henry Crouch. Sarah Barnes, Karlyn Sloan. Mary Fields Jones. Peggy Moffitt. Jack VVoodell, Dorothy Tinnin. Matilda Alexander, Mary M. Hamilton, Leslie Bennett, Ann Huske, Katherine Boone. Betty Sue Arthor, Anna K. Pinkston, Margaret Dempsey. Mae Griffith, Minnie Lee Loy, Charles Robinson, Bobby Vanstory, Emily Applewhite, Helen Beard. Helen Hamilton, John Pate, Ted Lilly, Harry Shaw, Julia Saunders, Peggy Pittman, Ferman Riddle. Vxlinifred Powers. Elwood Berry, Joe Yeago, Bobby McCoy. Toni DeVane. Katherine Graham. Lucille Robinson. Bobby Creed. Hirk VVinslow, .lean Fleishman, Billy Felton. Marian Barrett, Luville Owen. SIXTY ' 1 2 Q-ff 'if 4? ,N L 6 . ' 7, - 11 ,f I' , 2 U . 5 5 f M1 1 9" W f -E '--, yx 5 J 'f K li ' - 4 :Q 32 13.0 X 'X X' x 1 " I I X X ' wg .1 + x WW- 4 f - 1 'X 5 I' 4 1121? F' 1 4 x X 'M' ff' H4 ' 7 fu X- . xi Ei X X X I 7? fl K X4 21. 14 X 1 EW ,-Q 1 d wx xx ...YYY- ,Qui . Q2 ' 2 2 W- x Q , XX I , , U '6?7".iS I X ,, ji" X I xx I dx-sf , 'M , Q Lf 4, , ' f- 44 ?' ' ' Q ' , "-'A"f---?5,,1T-,-,,- , 'f-2 f 4 ,,.o K Xxx Q-Q' 1 BRITT MARTIN, Co-Captain JOHN PATY, Coach Lumberton 0 Rockingham 0 P. J. C. O Elizabethtown 0 Rocky Mount 12 Sxx'rY-Two FOOTBALL SCORES Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville 8 15 33 3 8 6 Durham 14 Wilson 31 Clinton 0 Sanford 7 Wilmington 7 LESLIE SEssoMs, Co-Captam Fayetteville Fayetteville F-ayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville 7oatdaZZ A W1 S1anr1ing.' Iiuskell, Wiggs. Tolar, Sessoms, Clayton, Dunnagan, Berry, Woodell, Martin, Collins. lluie. h'7l!3fflf'IIfj.' Iiutterloh, Crumlmley, Nimocks, Johnson, Overton, Smith, Rothermel, Olive, Smith, Jor- clun, Stuck, Sitting: Joyner, Moore, Sanderford, Salley, Maultsby, Bryant, Gibson, Cheshire, Kennedy, Rob- erts, Williams, Shaw, VVinslow, Downing, Baugh, Crawford, Shaw, Tatum. .if ' V K N - .xxx FIRST STRING Line: Ruskell, Wiggs, lluie, Berry, Woodell, Martin, Collins. Backfielrlf llunnzigun, Tolar, Clayton, Sessoms. SIXTY-THREE E 6414! mt mu It the int C iumhley. Shaw. Tatuin, mul ww ohnson l'1te, lierry, Clayton, Collins. Smith. rl 4 eiloh C o lc-h Mc-Riininon, Gl'Cl'lAl0. Overton. C'i'awfoi'rl, lvlanagei' l.uttei'loh. Sessoins Co-Cfiplriifns lliciucv, ftI.AY'l'0N llASKlC'l'RiXI.l. SCORES Raleigh Rocky Mount Durham Rock y Mount Durham Wilson Wilmington Wilson Wilmington Raleigh Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville SIXTY-Flviz . ,U Captain track events, JOHN Dizw. Co-Captains of field events, BILL YANCEY, DON CLAYTON Front row: Woodell, Jordan, Clayton, Smith, Berry, Atwater, Sanderford. Back row: Cosmidis fMgr.J, Clayton CMgr.D, Smith, Shaw, Tatum, Sessoms, Tolar, Lutterloh, Crawford. The 1942 Fayetteville Track Team had a very successful season. Under the guiding hand of Coach Wick Smith the team placed third in the State meet at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Leslie Sessoms stole the show by breaking the state javelin record with a colossal throw of 179 feet 215 inches. Bill Yancey and Don Clayton, backbone of the team, both turned in good per- formances, each scoring ten points. The team also competed in several other meets including the Duke Invita- tional Meet at Duke University. At this meet teams from all over the South com- peted. A few of the states represented were Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina and District of Columbia. Under the present conditions it is doubtful whether there will be a track team this spring or not. SIXTY-Six Kelly, llilly Shul'm'ml, Mavic Nf- Z Glli I 'X LS SOF'l'l3Al,l, FHA MPIONS rv- Sofia!! gnu.- l"rm1l l'UIl',' Miss l+'ullm', l'ully Wivlwr, Allllllllll Aloxzllulcw. l'clgg.fy Moffllt, llolon llllllllllllll. liallllf lon l,O'll'l llznl. 'Ql'1'OlllI I'UIl'.' .limo lluiwn. Many lmu SlllllI'l'. Lucille lmwls. Winnio .luym-V. Mary Mlllul' llznnillon, I Llfl ryn Norton, llixic- Livings . lcggy l'ltlmun, Shirlvy Shoph l'llirrl l'Ull'.' Zulu lVlr'l"zlclyvn. Anna- lluslw. Wlllmlm-an lXlc'l'l1z1il, Zvrlinc .lCllllOS. l---5-1 . ,,,,,gy.anu0""' 1 x fp BOYS SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS l"ronI Ifouz' .l. ll. howls, llullglzls Szlllvy. l'l1il Jollnson, 11001510 C'1'uml1loy. Str-vo Nimm-ks, l"1'vcl mn ll4.L1tl1. QFCINIII row: Arnnlll Smith, G4-m'gv llnir. llilly llnlt. .Tolmny llonclcrson. .lznnos l'lw1'ry. Allncrt Jllgllll, llilly llcrring. I'h1rr1 rout' llilly .lc-nning.:s, Glcnn Ovcrtmm. Nllllurrl Slwrl, Jimmy lluluff. KY V, lluwxlrll, lGclwzn'cl l'111'lc-V, Louis Henson, Earl llzlll. .lllllllll Jeunos. SIx'1'Y-Sriwtx mdftdgftdm l SIXTY Eastwood Atwater ,,,.,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,Y,Y,..A,,,,,,AA . Elwood Berry ,,,,.,,,,,, Howard Buie ,,,,,.. Charlie Collins ,,,.,. Don Clayton ,,,,,,,,,o . Fletcher Clayton ,,.., Alex Cosmidos .,.,,,,,. Johnnie Crawford ...A,.. George Crumbley .,,,,,,., Lawrence Downing ,,,,,, .liminie Dunnagan ., ,,,,, .. Phil Johnson .. .. Tommy Jordan. Sccrclrzry io,,.. Ralph Lutterloh .,,,,, .,,,t..,,,,,.. Sam Lutterloh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,, Steve Nimocks .,,,,....t,,,...,,,,,. Harvey Oliver, Treasurer .. Glenn Overton i,tt,t,..,,,,.,,,,,..., Sol Rose ,..o,..,,,,,..w..,,,,..,, George Rothermel ,,,,,o, .lohnny Ruskell .,,,.l,,,,..i,,,,,,.,..,,,, ,,,.,,.., w .lack Sanderford i,,,,w....,,,,.,.,oo....,,,,. ,.,,.... Leslie Sessoms, Vicc-President 1 , - w ' Charlie Smith .oo,...,,,,,o...,,,,,,.,oooww.,..i ,....... 1, ' luarl Smith .,..,,Ytttt,,t,,..,.i,,...,i.,,,...,, .t,t.... Marshall Tatum, President ..,aw ,,..,.., Tommy Teabeaut ww..Y,....,,a,,...,, Oscar Tolar .,,,...ii,,,, Milton Wiggs ..,,,, .lack VVoodell .. -ldirsim' .........Football 3. .Track 3. .........Football 43 Basketball 3, -lg Track 3. .........Football 3, t, 5, Basketball 5. .........Football 3, 4, 5: Basketball 4, 5, Track 3, rl, .........Track 1, tmanagerj ........,Track 1, tmanagerb .........Football 3: Track 31 Basketball -l. .........Football 3: Basketball 3. Football 3. Football 4, 5. Football 3. Football -lg Basketball 3: Tennis 2. 3: Track 3. Track -l. Football 33 Basketball 3, tmanagert. Football 3. Golf 1, 2. Football 3. Football 4, 5, trnanagerl: Basketball 3 lmanagerl Football 43 Track 3. Football 4. Track 3. Football 5, 433 Track 5: Basketball 6. Track 4. Football 5, Track 3, 4, Basketball 5. Football 3, 4, 5: Track -4. Basketball 43 Tennis 3. Football 4, Track 3. Football 4. Football 41 Track 3. ol, 31.5.5 44' ffl-'X ff' X ,Lf VB iv? X ' N5 Z' ff xr Q11 f 2, ' ff f, A7 ' V' f , K flff f Q f-. "' 47 fffrf f .Q 9 if ini? if L , :t 5' ' 'Y if-A' 1- f 'D at X fy - If 3' ggi? S uf f ,S ll I ' , 0 f THE L P 47' o S K is 1 if -i5 1 V if-.. I ,-N Q :E X r N W 2? - . Q, , i ' Y--'L3 . Charles Stapleton Britt Martin Wiley Snow Riley Williams .limmy Dougherty Donald liedsole Arthur lleasly Charles Kelly N. .I. llullartl J. L. Creed llruee Rattz ames Wick Smith Dixon McLeod Graham Davis Paul Darden Dwight Miller Jim McLeod Bobby Henge Glenn McQueen J. VV. Pate .I mm 7155 Bruce Suggs John Martin Bill Olive Wilton Handy Hill W. Thunlmerg Jack Haugh Luther Pearsall William Kanos Carroll Adams .limmy Vinson G. T. Smith Vance MeBryde Gus Hamilton Dewey Riddle Hill Smith Allen White L. G. Dew John Dew Geddie Melvin Harold Lee Vann MAX Mefvz N Billy Biggs Dick Fortson lieeton Hass Ililly Harmon Billy Yeago Jack Rhodes Raymond Rhodes .I. D. Bruton Robert Bruton Robert Hall Charles Kelly Raymond Askea Francis Marc-h Fulton Hall Howard Brown David Stone Leon Baker Lacy Geddy Joe Melvin Charlie Collins S IX'FY-NINE 74a 54444145 Wm The school has participated in various kinds of war work throughout the year. , The first great drive was for scrap. The proceeds from the scrap, 555000, went to purchase a piano for the auditorium. We collected 9,981 pounds of scrap during this drive. The home rooms entered in a race, the reward being a half holiday. This was won by Mrs. Cashion's room. The buying of war bonds and stamps has continued at a furious pace, the total amount purchased to date, March 19, 1943, is 510,829.20 This home room race was enlivened by the prizes offered-two U. S. Flags and a half holiday. Solomon Monsour offered a flag for the room purchasing the most stamps and bonds for the month of February. Miss Black's room, 11th grade, Section 3, bought 351,625 in stamps and won that flag. On March 8, Mr. T. M. Hunter intro- duced to the student body Eleanor Ann and Thomas Hunter, who presented to the school a silk flag. This flag was to be awarded from week to week to the home room purchasing the largest amount of bonds and stamps the previous week. The first week the flag was won by Miss Black's home room. t i From March 19 until April 19 the students, led by Mrs. Edith McLean Barden, conducted a lively and successful campaign. Our object was to sell S400,000 of bonds sothat we could buy and name a Flying Fortress. We sold S417,562, and chose for our big bomber the name LaFamac. In the Red Cross work the school has not been left behind. In November each home room filled a kit for a soldier going overseas. The Hi-Y girls and Beta Club have helped in the Red Cross Surgical Dressing Room and the girls Hi-Y has knitted for the Red Cross. The school as a whole has contributed to the Red Cross and began on March 17 a drive for raising funds for the Red Cross War Service. A half-holiday will be the award for the home room that gives the larg- est amount by Wednesday, March 25. Ever since rationing began our teachers and a large number of the students have helped tirelessly. The students as individuals have given their time and money to the war effort and rejoice that they can do their bit. 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C' GM, 5 ' ' IARQWJW FLEISHMAN'S S I lg 1 N HH U S STYLE SHOP ffl FOR Exclusive But Not Expensiv GENTLEMEN OF DISCRIMINATION 114 HAY STREET SINCE 1904 FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. f' 'i'1-"Qf 5 Q 'P x if M c A122 XX Save Money Phone and Ride the Bus 4427 E F I R D I S Department Store City Rapid Transit Co., .k .k ,k Inc. 'fF'ayettevilZe's Finest and Most A- T- WATSON, Gen- M973 Modern Department 217 Person Street Storeu Fayetteville, N. C. 352 ,gk SF if We Wish For the Seniors Every Success and That You May Enjoy cz Long and Happy Life HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 107 GREEN STREET l X' A nf' ff! ag MNC-A XHFCX !7'?C' Q fs7!'4,Drz.S 5f,,,,,,.e A 04 WL, Jo X. Cffefd' 52 A7522 Yay " Never before has the World been faced with the necessity of Education of the masses, as at the present time. Whether the War is won or lost, Educators and Parents face the grave responsibility of equipping youth with a practical vocational training, which will enable them to fight the Battle of Life into which you, Members of the Fayetteville High School, are now entering. Cooperate fully with your Instructors, consult your Parents, seriously consider your Education as the key to your individual advancement. Follow these suggestions closely, and you will become an essential unit in the future general welfare. A. E. DIXON, Secretary CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. s. w. ToMuNsoN Compliments coMPANY of Insurance of All Kinds BONDS -MAYFLOWER ON THE MARKET SQUARE L A U N D R Y 512-518 West Russell Street DIAL 2748 DIAL 2118 CWilbur Clark '3lD ' ' Z4 Qifvf "'7 I , ZA Lot f .JZSE4-o 12-01.4134-dk-48, . ,Z 1,747 11, ,,,,,..,-. gui LH-H-' f E ggagf, 27'1l4Jwl.. A 'f1na,?oul:i3 CITY NEWS EUMPANY wma 1.01.19 mumajhflf MAGAZINES , SUNDAES rg: NEWSPAPERS SODAS 'A Qrmrm lm Irnmln gmmahih ,ww .Qvgm DIAL 2716-9865 'W' mw""90 A Place Where Friends Meet" wal MAG to. k fLTnuslmo98 IBC l'Ill -- ' I -A Mighty Fine Flavor" H I G H L A N D I DRINK LUMBER Ii-Lww.'m DUUBLE Gnu wngmwwau C O M P A N Y Qmumaful J. H! - Wg - ytlzing to Build Your Ho '33 . DOUBLE COLA Quamn uvwlhnrn I BOTTLING COMPANY 325 Bl fs! ct PM-3, V on . a anacr nh gunna' . Ih W P ty' M g DIAL 3191 ba?-ml hm 50.03 F ycttevillc, N. C. ilu l 1?'F'W"K Compliments 'w , ' I jj fi iq cf f , , b f W W' ' V I. McLeajnf Argfkw g , ln5,ff'Qj duff q Nw fin QW! QW riff ,k f X jj f 1' I" , f N , ' f , 72 RABVISEN sTRE1?j V ,fjfff Q10 X1 Jr j ' f fff A I 1. ff f I , k 1 1 ' 1 , , H fd fd! jf ff!! ff GEORGIA PI W7 ff f,f1jw1fmenj8X X ,ff 'V Q if J , TURPENTINE, PM Q A-1 . ff? fy XMB K X!! jk XNMq49lafl9f.7sQl.Mf, Fayettevillewlg C. A f X ,f In X Inc.f f X " Ju j j f if J! M! + + + rf' ffff jfwstributors A Shell PrLcg1f:t5f If l ijt!! Manufacture1's of Pine Produc ,S k V q 1 fl , jf' ' W ff f dj + + + ,E I FayefFo7ille, Ijrgrth Carolina" If ! J yn! I WJ P st r D 13096 ff! if f If I L f . 1 'I . J , pf 1 ff X lf I l7A! f, I 1 f f,Af2J,A If f A !,.' I 1 N ' f f A I I 4 , , 1' Nh X f N A W "' skwgllfwpf A Z H. R. HORNE G' SON SOUDERS' PHARMACY t i + + + Uljfuggists Sings 1365" "The Pl'PSCI'fIIfi0ll Store" i i + + + DIAL 2111 DIAL 3116 use ELECTRICITY FREELY ir The More You Ifse: The Lower The Rule. 1+lI.I:CTRIC1'rv Is So Ec'oNo1xIIf'AI, 11' XNILII PAY You To USI-1 IT FRI-:RLY FOR ALI, YOUR NIJIQIIS AT BUSINESS ANII AT HOME. ir PUBLIC WORKS CUMMISSIUN CLAUDE W. RANKIN Cr SON GENERAL INSURANCE AND RENTALS 'ktti 110 ANDERSON STREET DIAL 3270 SHOP AT ROSES 5-IO-256 STORE Where Your Dollar Buys QUINN-MILLER cf co. f'Fu1'nitm'e of Quality" "We Furnish the Home Complete on Terms You Can Easily Meet" The Most. Phone 4821 -:- Fayetteville, N. C. Hay Street Dial 4177-4178 Compliments of S U L L I V A N ' S RADIO SERVICE CO. X . A. W. DUGAN, Prop. 117 Donaldson Street DIAL 3093 KING OF SHOEMAKERS Fort Bragg Fayetteville f'0llI17IiHII'lIfS COIIIIJIIIIIPIIIS uf of PERKINSON'S BLOOM FURNITURE C Hay Street JeweIers Ioseph Barr, President 234 H2Y 5 -1' Dial 2912 A. B. Beasley, Manager C0"'pIimmHS COHIIPIIIIIVIIIS of of C. Cr S. BARBER SHOP ' + -4- + ROSE, LYON Cr ROSE "It Pays lo lxmlc IVr'II" Phone 2420 -:- Fayetteville, N. C. IN THE BIG, BIG BOTTLE EPSI' 0511- I MJ, , 00 ,QT - Gy IN I0-oz. GLASSES AT FOUNTAINS I U L , L Wee I I X I I 1 's I 1 I I' Y. , I I I g ' . L I ,fl '1 II jf bij 4, I 2 Lv If ff' I fr' ,I I I III III I fm jf I uf ! 91 X 411A by 1" I . .Ii M I - f 1 I J, E 'If' P W P ff, nyeugz COAL cgi, Iwf' ,j', , iw' , In 'f f I r f,,,I if L ,I Kb! Q!! V "One GOQLI TQ71IbDAevserUeIs DELICIOUS Foobs u LUNCI-IES AND DINNERS BEST WESTERN 'STEAKS I CENTRAL CAFE ' 37 Anvihef Fayettevilleis Finest I , . . M I Hillsboro Street 'ix D131 2032 238 Hay Street - Fayetteville, N. C I DIAL 3971 Complzments f B R A D Y ' S 0 FAYETTEVILLE OFFICE Next to Kress "TRY OUR SERVICE" Sodas Tobaccos su PPI-Y Papers Magazines Sandwiches Made to Order G35Jm, BIIRIIIIEAI3 - DEVANE PRINTING C0 RECORD BOOKS - TAX SUPPLIES FURNITURE OFFICE SUPPLIES - CARBON -- RIBBONS Dial 3007 -:- Fayetteville, N. C. "A Dependable Source of Supply" ' ,av My PD iff Kim STUDIOS INC. f Ukf PERSON STREET L j pf'-frZFAYETTEVI E, N. c. if ne 4371 ir 'A' R. 1. cooPER , , phmographe, Quality Portraits Manager Popular Prices Compliments of P E R K I N S Cleaning Cv Dye Works B. F. GOODRICH SILVERTOWN STORES Tires - Batteries - Radios - BICYCLES - 122 l . Maxwel sued Auto Accessones Dial 4134 -:- Fayetteville, N. c 228 Hay Street - Dial 2458 Compliments of Buy Jernigan Funeral Home Fayetteville, N. C. 206 Gillespie St. -1- Dial 5I07-5108 United States War Bonds Fayetteville Supply Co. ' '-ff lj I 'fllvj X! . fe IV 1 J ll lib j! ,fl 'lj l U! O! ' I fl I Y f 1 I f 1 1 , l i I X f F? 'lille ihdividual Photographs in this U A X, A Compliments 1S5,lylC ot the LaFamac were made by rf' f PAToN sruolo 1' MONTGOMERY "While You Are About It Get WARD Good Picturesl' SAUNDERS' DRUG STCRE Fresh Drugs of Highest Quality at ll Price You Can Afford to Pay. A. E. RANKIN CO., Inc. Hardware, Builders Supplies Sporting Goods, Paints 210 Hey sf. - Fayetteville, N. c. Established 1875 Co,-CNY T. Cr B. suPER SERVICE CAROLINA Dial 2148 Day and Night BROADWAY Oldsmobile Sales and Service Complete Repairs to Any Car THE SHOW PLACES Mom- Rebuilding Body Works of Painting Fayetteville, North Carolina WRECKER SERVICE Compliments TH E VOGUE SAM FLEISHLIAN 108 Person Street Fayetteville, N. C. Compliments of RAYLASS Department Stores "Everything to Wear For The Entire Family" 202 HAY STREET -.1 ' ,v '," Y' ymjdffl 1 ,A.1 2.1 ' ,L ,W M, If yf- , ff f A If ff , lfwaafejf' "' """" I X f I Fl f S' fs A, 4 X 'fffnoxlld . I 1 s 731 '-I-' f ' 4 K I!! . 7 f f V-4 fy, 1',' A rf! ' I fnzfx "ff,f,,flfZ., ff i f'4"f- - Compliments JAC KSQN "f MATTRESS COMPANY! FLEISHMAN'S ES'l'ABI,'lSHl'ID 1913 BIG STORE -- Dial 2513 106-8 HAY STREET Fayetteville, N. C. P. O. Box 1013 SLUMBERNEST MATTRESSES RED CROSS CAFETERIA All profits made in the cafeteria are used for the needy in Cumber- land County. FOR FLOWERS CALL 3 0 6 2 HOUSE OF FLOWERS 109 Green Street "F10Il'F7'S For All 0f'Cll8f0IIS'l SANITARY LAUNDRY Cfmlplinlmzts of fr DRY CLEANERS, Inc. MCFADYEN MASTER CLEANERS Muslc fr Jewelry Store The 1,uumIry Does It Best 118 Hay Street nl' Dial 3587 545 Hay Street -:- Dial 3136 Fayetteville, N- C- Compliments Conzplimmzts of vf J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. "Shop at Pem1,ey's and Suv en S. H. KRESS 8' CO. 5-10-2573 Store Fayetteville, N. C. I ,K J, A, X nov CLEANERS PINKSTON A HATT RS PAINT rf WALLPAPER co. t 131 Maxwell Street We S iecia 'N 'n Fast, Oderless, Syn zen' Dry Cleaning CLEAN RUGS 'A' Foot of Haymount Dial 4121-4122 DuPont Paint Southern Wallpaper Pure Foods Air Conditioning STEVE'S RESTAU RANT Ffljll?ftC1,7illf?'S FilIf?SIf Fayetteville, North Carolina DIAMONDS - WATCHES - -f--i4,- SILVERWARE Gifts For The Graduate Convenient Terms HENEBRY Cr SON ED FLEISHMAN fr BROS. Fayetteville's Leading Store For Men and Boys JEWELERS if 110 Hay street .:. Dial 2505 107 Hay Street COIIIIJUHICHILS ' NEHI S of 1 I BOTTLING f'LJONES Cr RIDDLE J COMPANY 114 Person Street Dial 3924 v , D ' 2. If ff ,AA-.-4 - 14' ff ,L 1 I , 0 ff,,l7 f I 4,5 ,Wi ri-,IDX ' f V ,x-A 5 1 L CHARLES T. HAIGH Property Management Real Estate Insurance Dial 3320 -:- 107V2 Hay Fayetteville, N. C. Street THE JEWEL BOX 1 Leading Credit Jewelers DIAMONDS - WATCHES JEWELRY 109 Hay Street FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA BLAKE FLORIST MARKET Prince Charles Hotel ' "Say It With l"l0u'ev'.s" DIAL 2683 HAY STREET NIGHT PHONE 2834 C0mPlim6'lfS PHILLIP'S LOAN OFFICE vf Sporting Goods - Iewelry Musical Instruments - Luggage C A R S O N Money to Loan on Anything of Value BEAUTY SHOPPE MARKET SQUARE RQGERS 5- BREECE Compliments INCORPORATED of AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT THE Dial 3161 Fayetteville, North Carolina QUAUTYSHOP 222 Hay Street A i 40 G! 1 N ' I 'S 'E 'U x I I ' Nj K A BJ f I-435 5? Ol JI ,,,C A A fm gi 9 0 W fi 'I X o VD FAYETTEVI LL E Compliments INDUSTRIAL BANK Capital .....A....., 340,000 of W Sirplus .. ...,. 320410011 E. W. GRANNIS . C. ownin .. ,.... ...,..,.....,., resl ent 270.51 i.."""5?ff'+. if ZVQQA, Interest on Savings Member F. D. I. C. General Contractor Compliments HUNTER BROTHERS BENNETT Cr GAHR INC. INC Clones Fm' Yofmff Men ELECTRICAL MERCHANDISE and RADIOS - GIFTS - CHINA GLASSWARE Men Who Stay Young 120 Hay Street -:- Fayetteville, N. C. Fayetteville, North Carolina Wilmington, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Coynplhnenls Greensboro, N. C. of CITY OPTICAL CO. OPTICIANS rr For Best Optical Service of Every Kind, Always Come to City Optical Company" DIAL 2357 CLARK fr CLARK ATTORNEYS AT LAW I. Bayard Clark Ierome B. Clark Heman R. Clark THE TOWN SHOP 121 Anderson Street If Coats - Suits - Dresses Accessories Mrs. S. Ruffin Horne Mrs. Schaumberg McGehee Clothing and Shoes ROSENFELD'S Fashion Shop 212 Hay Street .siilfiif ,AY fd M' Z1-vcd--ea .V no 2551 , E, Z ' A , 4' 5 I . ff? afbvb ALL KINDS OF FUEL CAROLINA TYPEWRITER Coal - Fuel Oil SERVICE Kerosene UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS X ! X and DIXIE COAL 8' OIL CO. Fayetteville, N. C. SUNDSTRAND MACHINES Sales and Service IIS Green Street -:- Dial 2549 DIAL 4010 EVANS FURNITURE CO., INC. Compliments 110 Person Street of "l"ayette1ville Oldest Furnitmre Sm, R. w. sour-:G Fayfflrvillf, N- C- Public Accountant Dial 2818 LENOX H. BRAMBLE Plumbing Cr Heating Co., Inc? f 4 523 Pershing Street " 7 Pond Insurance Agency Incorporated . D. Norman, Manager IAL 42 Q H SANDROCK BUILDING I -5 GJ 8814 W ricmls i a The Carolina Soda Shoppe Sodas - Sandwiches - News Compliments Of Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company G. E. Edgerton 8: Peter Williams 1008-9 Bank Building -:- Phone 2436 ,l 1 1 1 1 I f Af. -fy 5 'D if! X' i I 7' I jj' Jjjn ,. fju, ,f ,' ,V I' I' X ,J 'fl Fin Q71 Q I Q I Q z - -1 . I s 1 . 'f A 5- ' ff' fm 5 jf f if I F ff" A 6 NM A f IJ -il , 1 ii' ' ' ' W W fl I f ff 5 GREETINGS ' ' E' D ' , I 1 ' rj L ,-' .". . . I fl! ' Q J' -,I M. 8' 0. C f lil .I l 'V' ' CHEVROLET co. SALES - PARTS - SERVICE 'ki' irirtiri' This, Annual was also made possible by contributions from the following firms and individuals: ir UNITED SERVICE STORE I. M. SHAW P. O. HOFFER HENRY FLEISHMAN WINSLOW AND PEMBERTON A. M. SWARTZ T. G. SLATE DR. M. S. SUGGS MacKETHAN'S DRUG STORE A. M. MOORE HOTEL MILLBROOK F. W. WOOLWORTI-I AND CO. M. GAY - DR. R. M. OLIVE DR. F. F. COBLENZ - IERNIGAN'S BODY SHOP CUTHBERT DOWNING G. H. ALLRAN IOHN A. oAT1as EDWARD D. HOPE H. LACY Gonwm DR. 1. H. IUDD A FRIEND I. M. RICHARDSON B. C. CDTHERAN DAVID RAY DR. I. A. KOSTERMAN ir 'Ir i' 'Ir ir ,gram f4'7Z1 - , j .6 fyfkyf ff H 'I 0"5'. I If ffzfnff if f..Q4f:.:4f,1 Af A X , ' , ,. 1 ' . . y 'f2,,,X'7Z A' jffi-47 3,1 V, xx . - , . A ' if - vvyzu 041 .ffn 5 F f ,,-.,-c.ff'143fff L. 1 ... , -S. I I! f4?nf'lA, -5 lffiihf- " f , 611.4 1-V N' ' ln. ,A 9.11 qw, - Y "1--gy, .A x d, ,f 4' are l, 'iw ,, M. ww' " ,' fm ' -f 1 'w fav f ':, If fi V Q' 9, ,, .u -1. 4 25,5 3 I ' Q . ,, , .1 ,f , , .rm ' ,lv ' ' K, , ,, , ff ,I wwf- '?W:f5?1, V mi H v ,411 ,L , , wg , , 1 iii? 4- r"4 Jig H 5,-4, ,nr I. ,A A 2' ' xp ,. S 17114 fx 'J gomggh 9 . Q wk fr w ,WV Siva , F f ' -A -1- W, ,11- .-ft, f 53, :Sw Q iiqf I- - 5 5 b , 1, ., f 4, W K ,, M44 V, .iff W Ex. ,. M A .vw v- 4:55 6-W ,... ., qw, f , ,,i'2i'z1f, 1 f "3 A ':.f',,.., A 'Q' I 4, : 415.4 1: , f ..A,.. ,Q 4 - H5 W ,. 'Q ' , . Q 5 .f X . V3 , , +L.. , : ff. 'Q' ' nj-gnag, L- -any a ii fx fa .- f',.agf1 , ' , , fi ', mf Li 1' ' . 1 ,gf W, . . .-3 I , . . ,A S Lv., --V5 x ,'4C'.- . Q '- ' ,, W?-1. 1 .,. ,f . 'A' +- 'V .n:.... fggv ,. 'K .' 411, Ltv 6: M A 'M' fi- , ww .iv , ,v f"i? ,,... , ,WV -4 f a lk. SX ,4 ,-. Za. . .r P. V, , Au . 5, a,., .1 is-E ' v 'i , Meg v . eg .gg , WH v f XK -,,. ., H.Qsk, K .Slit +1 f," 'Ac Ji' Q 'MF' v--,.- 144 ' lah 4.1123 Eff 'A . V", g,iu:J.- 2. 1" Riff , M25 - ' ,,, 14 gr ,Q,t1f'-.Sis :A ffrtjgxw f ' ' X . L. 5.4, fu ' -2352? ,, . am '24 K, 1, ws' :,,w ff- - '.'Jii" 13, 'L ar 'Mn' x1?J'5f,if "f""T,j',' , ,, 5.-ff E-ER? .J Ybirigg.-wQi.1,::. Q, .. , 4 'fm 1, fd, ,, 5' w "fl, -. ,,s13f3f " .f in ,d'v.f,'g 49 Afifiw ff" '. M" f, , 3 faq,-, ,5y?,fEg.Y. , ., Wg .f?3,. ,sw . ,,, V-E 4,ge,',. Q, 'W H' ,.f f 5-gm . + ' A 1" -c. " W" fs' ,, , .:,. A -.xr t xqqmt-rgWx,5 H5 KR K , 2 ff QT- T X, f 4 1: "W '- a-J-",,Ri'f.? 9. A fa fr' ' th :fl . j.q.wAff2',z" . ,I fp " rr Q ini, X-HQ' QL-ff y ' K 1Q3'hg'g:?5v,, ,, f,:1.:. ky'5"T,, '- :R '4gQuZ,g, Hifi? ' .1 V9 'f.'f'xk3:?'r, X 'JN - ,f .Q - K-HV - .W A , W- 1. ' ' Uk ' X -,Qxggi ff' ' iglgf -. ., '-1.33 , ' -X -331 1 .- QV 4- 4, gqgf- tg ' fi r.3gw'f flrw, -V f' , 5 "1 W A 1 In. V, 4. arg, -, . , gr, . ., K 'JFK .-,141 ' ,.g '. '- ,f4"wLXf. aQ 'if -' V, eff- ff 3 'fa 1' V mag, 1 q W ' Q 1 ,Y tm'-4, ,f mf, Ai- w ,Ny - fa 4- V if. .,ggf?. .Q f g, 0 Lfddffcv x X," I 'I .4 9 ' I fl A A 14, 1 A , ,Q 9' I 4 i, L Q P? fi ' , L3 5 7 if., tj Ifigfi . , rg A 7 . N'xI'f""' -f:.- I 'fxfg ' 9 '54 A 5 -1 1223 OM Y u ,ul S61 1:7 Nj '1 1 N ' ll ,iii 9 - ' . Z F' if C V , f ff f f if flux ' --...':.'.."' na - - H' I K V m ., M 2 la!- A arise: 1 , I -rg-:big Q: S ON Q X , O -1 . . "T - f A J5"'im1-f" M., ,A -' wif- v f.-we .f , X I' Qc' 'K v f 'Q . , X v A 1 ..-...,, 5,1 E4 5 Yi' qgjf fa . 0 J Iwi ,JZ g fi, ,f i ,ff x 'f l f , 4 Q W' ,KY ' ju .gm Y fl! , X NX .I ,. NN" 'NY NXXXX w 1 ' 1 ffl 2 ' I , ' . Yi f -"'Q-,.:-iff y? 1 .Argyll 4, . fy, 1 ' - A BEQFE 'fbffglr 4 1 Ti km '. - I ' . . 4- - , 5 , -. ,H 4 4 an 4 -.... ' livin' ' ' , Q 535, v.: . -kr, 1 . M A , --X1-1: , kx:'E .,V , G f -'-' 1 V rx., if . K 9' V ,L 'J .... L' ,Qty M , 4 . . W V Xe lf .. , , IQ Y, ,ti ' 1 l J fl Q .Y 'I . , QQ Ng 9 I , v sr A! Q A.. Q ' if . 'A Q 7'E7 ' b 'A , 4 2' 'V - X 'ruin 1-42 , 4"' M. xi, 4- I - . ,,-l,g:' Z 2? ff '1 'N ' " gl , ' ' P , . 4 gy," ' - if-7' 4- 15 t 1

Suggestions in the Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) collection:

Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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