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 - Class of 1940

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Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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412951 vlibidi-52 , J 4 f ,.-...x . .H H 1 R 5,-:J MI my .ga 5, f .w - -wr fr '.!E ,Z LN 1. .u Thy' .iii-:I mf- .W . .4 7, :YK 5 l 2' I5 3?-?! , ws 53:1 Q f lf.: F1 344. A 'Q 51:1 WA: ':,-1 'f A 143' ' 4- w if .N -'tm A. galil 4 '31-9 .?" if -f , f, in s v 'C x E15 :.jH'! Si ' '. 'a ii, .5- I5 . lj! 1 '- it 'L v A 3 . ,Q Ei? I 1 I i i i 2 1 Z rs I 5 1 ' -1 41 .'14 x I ' V 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f fy f K 4457 JA vi- X FJ EF ,jim QQ F 1 JT, X, X If ULU- Q , ' ff? J J, J iff 79 be J if M J f G H f 1? 9 , jidffkphj ,V 5 cj 73 A 4 LQJQY5? J ' X L7 C4 THE LAFAMAC 1940 T ink K ,l'C'H' , lFa.aaan'll mimi s. lLlffIffIIlIIfI 4 'ami "i" 'Tii' 321 1-Tl! 5 Q VOLUME XIX FOREWORD GNL? OF THIS most memorahle events that Fayetteville has ever participated in and witnessed was the Sesqui-Centennial of NO- vemher, 1959. 'lhis celehration relived the coming of the Scots. the ratification of the Constitution, the granting of the charter of the University of North Carolina. THF LAFAMAC of 1959 had as its theme the Ratification of the Constitution and the oncoming celebration. THIS LAFAMAC of l9iilJ is hased on the highlights of the Celehration which has just taken place. There were many phases of this celebration, including the colorful parade Tuesday, the March of the Clans and the Scotch Games on Wednesday, Paul Greens "Highland Call" which ran for a week, and the museum at the Y. M. C. A. where the most valuable collection of Scotch relics ever assembled in America was exhibited. XVe hope that we have portrayed some of the most outstanding occasions of this momentous event, and that in years to Come this will be a valuable record to you of this celehration. QUI'YklCSll'l 1910 fXl.XIiY R:KNl'ilN Ali lilflilllx lil,5lITR XIUXY ffifflol' lixfifm ii ,lltnnzgir V w 2255581 As our building the "Alexander Gralmm High School" is named for his father who established outs, the first complete graded school system in North Carolina, und as he is at worthy son of Cumberland and 11 loyal Scot, we dedicate this volume of our LAFAMAC tO DR. FRANK PORTER GRAHAM President of the University of North Carolina which was chartered in Fayetteville in 1789, which date we have just commemorated. Chimeberland G'3'rf"'iyf Pegbfic Lili-Vary Fayetteville, il-i:.' in Carolina 1? fb.. 2 P?" .,, L 5, AR , x V. f l ff 6 I X 1 MR. HARRILL M155 NEWTON MR, ADAM, MR. BA55, MISS BRAWLEY, MISS BROADFOOT, MISS BRYANT M155 CARRAWAY, MISS COWAN, MISS FISHER, M155 GAINEY, MR. I-IAMRICK MR, HAYNIE, M155 L11.E5, MRS. MOTZ, MRS. NEWBERRY, MR, PATTEN M155 RIIJDLE, M155 SHAW, MRS, SIMMERMAN, MR. SMITH, M155 TATE THE FACULTY 4 X We SENIORS Float of North Carolina From the FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVIER, November 28, 1889 "The float symbolizing the "Old North State Forever!" was unsurpassed in elaborate conception and artistic design-an ornate canopy with exquisite draping of crystallized moss:-that loveliest of natures creations, which en- wraps in its lleecy folds the Cape Fears over-arching foliage, and woos with fairy swaying arms the perfume-laden breeze. Beautifully interwoven boughs of the majestic magnolia, encased in translucent rosin lle piece cle resistance of the "Tar Heels" offerings to the commercial worlcll, formed part of the ornamentation, while appropriate lettering of the same material was suspended from either side. A "Horn of Plenty," woven of cotton, poured forth its treas- ures of fruits, pumpkins, potatoes, peanuts, etc., at the feet of Miss Maggie Pemberton, whose graceful head was crowned with thirteen stars in coronet, while she bore in hand the Governors flag. North Carolinas Centennial offered nothing throughout its imposing ceremonies which more inspired the pride and evoked the admiration of her sons than her beautiful representation in the pageant of Friday." From the FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER, November 22, 1959 "North Carolina presented the baptism of Virginia Dare, the first white child born in America. The float was a portrayal of the oil painting by Steen which hangs in the Hall of History in Raleigh. The costumes were the original Lost Colony costumes. The characters were: Priest, Norwood Tillinghastg baby, Red Cross doll, Governor Wfhite. C. XVallace Jackson, Eleanor Dare, Peggy Mooreg lady-in-waiting, Lucy Gliverg Ananias Dare, John Monoghang chair boy, Hope hlaclqsong Indian, Donald Rosenberg." fm l ww 'QW JA 5 p J. D. BRUTON RAYMIINII CIIOWSUN Pr'u.iiift'11f l'nI 19m-mit 111 JIMMY ROBERTS BILLY SMITH HAiIoI,Im Tow'NsIiND S6571 Iilfl illtllfrll T11 Ilillfel' COLORS: Pffrjvfe Illizf llmfvile FLOWER: Sizwef Pm lNlOTTOI Dffmlzzffy WE, THE SENIORS Gone is the hunter, gone from the hillg The snow is meltedg the red hird trillsg Spring is in the air. The tall trees sway, Wafting it nearer, day hy day. So we, the Seniors, standing at Life's Spring, Are wond'ring what to each ol us 'twill luring. Our cures are vanished, our hearts with joy o'errun With the satisfaction of 11 task well done. Then we stand reluctant-the gateway seems so wide, Can we not 11 little longer here abide? But fanle, love, fortune-we must heed the call- Friendships, school days-udieu to one and all. Yet hefore departing, we lWl'L'Llfl1C for all ti prayer. That each the shining rohe ol happiness may forever wear. -illizrui' Rimljfz illI'Kefl2.111 flu? fvwxvf O, O LESTER C, AUTRY .'l111l11111111 11,11 1111 1'i'l1," IVIARY CATHERINE BASS Slw l1lz1'.1yi Xml' 11 bum! 10 le111I." "lf :fur 3011 11eell bufjv from 11 frlellif Glcc Club '57L Dramauc Club '37: Basket ball '37, '3S. '39g Home Economics Club '57 OHL Home Hygiene Course 37. VON AUTRY TROY BARRETT r"Pro"1 .-1 111311111 111 filwlie. 11 1111111.11 111 111.116, Gnu! 111611 11111y 111111.14 ll1l luv! 11111 11'ri1d111,i5 1111 T1 1111111 1111'iuif11l pl1lf1 Grew! 111:11 111.11 gn, , . ., ,, B 4 lc' ' 'H' ll " Dunn Hlgh School ,353 ,561 Sum-me Llub jay jo: 111 1111111 nl Iwi: 111111 Ill sqm: ive PIU Bzmeball '3Og lilyerrcvlllc High Sfbuol '3", '35, '30, lirenvib Club '33, '36, '37, '33, '39: Glee Club '37, '40, Buye' HI-Y Club SH, '30, '-4111 French Club 352, '39, Ylllg Trngk '37, '58, Basketball '59, '-40, '58, '39, '-H1 Clicerlczxdcr 'i0. STANLEY SLOAN BETTS Hs if1'11'e'J 1lle11111111 11 F111'i1',' DU11'1 31111 1f,1n,' HAZEL L. BARNES Hslfrlllt' 11 1111111 11111i1l.1f 1l1.111 11'urJl,i' Guild English Club '371 Home Eumcunice Club 'Vg Basket- ball '30, RUTH ARMENTIA BOWERS Bly l1r'1111'11 6155, Cnrfy blur, .fire 11e1'e1' Jee111,r 10 lure 11 fare. .1 Bunk 4'1'w,s'11'liUrv, Band '37, '3S, '3'-2, '-1111 Debating Club '40, Home Economics Club '37, Latin Club uurnnlum Club '38, '39, '-lllg Tennis Club ,luninr Debating Club '58, '59 595 Golf '39, Latin Club WT, i5Hg Bugle Staff '591 Buys' Hi-Y '-411 ANNIE BIAE BLOODWORTH DOROTHY LUCILLE BOOKER Siu' ,T111d1er Zuni Mm zrbnfe lllmol filly, Il .1f11'11,u ,HHN 1111lf wry 11.15. Shu 1l 11111 T1 "Cu111e1fi nl Errnrf' Nur .1 "1ll1Jl11111111ur lN'!,Ml7lv D1'l.1111 'ill' 16511i'1l,1'1"l1'l1'lil1l""illi:1l" IIE' Glcc Club '37, '-lllg Home Egonumics Club '571 x 'L I A ' ' Home liwnumuls Medal '571 Nurses Club '5H, HELEN L. BOLTON Chiu! f11111111r lu.1if1w 11111 111 l,1l1. 1lIi1kw 11r1l' 1'1'1r11i!v, Emp llmil- fr! Nu' ,1'1.1ll. Lum tlub '3', '39 Buxkcxbnil 'i'. 'W' 'alll Tunnis Club Ill, lfibrary Club 35- 8 ' A 1' ' 1 ONEIDA BOWLIIS I"PL1I'lIi"l I'IIfI.I2N LOUISE BIIOUKS ri bu1'I 111111-.1 ,u1rl'I lrnnlwlp, NIJ Iufrfm lluiv um! mllnm' vu mmf! A-1 D,-HIV, gl,-1. ,SMH Xml lu lfmfu .MJ lmmf In fn Ill And 'lm' 'UW' """""' Glue- Klub 'If I'Inmu Iilnnlunlu Club S Home Ecunumlfs Llub W", '33, Larm Llub I1,1',kL1Iw.1l1 WH, Hum: IIVHIUHU LUUTW W '57, F33 Glee Llub 'SNL Curl Smut 'SPL Iv-mor rlav 'S9' Gnrls' H1-Y Llulw FU, 'III Debating Club '99, '-10, LAIMLIAL SMI 'I0. Marshal '30, Prc-meer Gul '10, Bulldog Surf '-403 COITIITIEFCIJI Club '-40 TOON BRITT ROGER XIUIESLIEY BR.RxNT1.EY ,. Ifu Lulu! hm H11 nm mm "Hn fur! lull mfr Inari ufmlx ffm llII.lI." III 4.111 nlllh 'SLI ffl' '-'L-Wh Lum Llub 'SFX Arr Iklm-r I..'xI'.Ml.xf Sum I0 Sccrcmry and Tre.1iurur S-yplwnwru Klux WN. Iluxlxmg 'i', Ifuwrbull W", WU. Baud 'if WN, '50, 'I0. Student Cfuumil WH, '40, '40, VILL-fllrcsulcnr Srudum K,,4,:L1nul 'IW Trmxurcr Sludunr Luumll 'lllg Klmul gmm Llub '53, '-9, 411. Vnufllruudclmt Muxmgr.Lr11 Llub '10, Trngk '3'. WU, Spnng Iiuurllmlll '40, 'l0. Buyx' HI-Y Klub 'VL '10, Hur All Rmmd Ilrly 'lil VIRGINIA BRIDGES "Ruff un, urfrl,l, .nhl I'fl ruff u U11 ,1ffff." Ala-x.xmIcr Gralum ,Iunwr Hxgh Skhwul, Kflmrlunc '35 'If-. V, iumml Hugh Sglwul, L lurlnuu. WH. Illycrtunlk- Hrux SII1-ml Wu, 'um MARY' JANE BROTHERS .Ion H. CARTER, JR. Giza a Llnfu' for Mary j.u11.' "ll.m'lf11l1," ll wif ful hh 1'fxHH:. Im 11: S119 gzgglel all the 14 bilu, En! lun! fm I1 lu!! j1l.1.I' lu lun. - ' 1 ,f I 1 I g'lI'Lj'l"l11Ir'Z"'rbK1Cl"LlZ:"'If1lI"'swilly 'fm' l..lrm Club 'I-. I-IIN-UI' flulv '53 'Ml IWW ' ' ' Ixlll 'Ill Latin Club '37, Gles Club '57, Girls' I-Il-Y Club '39, '-10, Secretary uf H1-Y '40, Sucmc Club '58, J. D. BRUTON VERA E.'xsuN BL"1'1,E'z II"lwr1L'1'u' II Immw In f1f.n111Lg wfffl nm! fvzw null "fl Imffl 11 .1 plL'.1y.u1l Iujfvr ,fu IU fur ffm, . .,- , , , ,, Y Bnt+,1I,m ramfx 11 full fluffy zrrwif In lm .lrfuu GIG? Lluh I ' Lmll 'lull 'Q II"II4'I'A'Il il'-'lm ,IN- WU, Home Hunu1111u Club wx, Iunms Imam VV. Fayettevxllc Hugh Sllwul 'VL Mumplmxs Hugh Sduml, 10, Hurng Hyun-nc IUMXL- 'Ar-4 wr Memphxs, Tunncsscr WH. R O 'I' 1 'WL lilvcuc- xnlle Hlgh Sclw-II '90, '00, Hua 4 lub AU, '10, Su- rerary Beta lwlub '40, Sxudum Luumul '40, Ifrcmh Klub '40, I-'rcixdcnl Scmur flmx 40, Nlmr 1-unrrq-mls Buy 'au OLIVIA L0I7lSIf BLICKINGIIABI gl Igfrl nf Ifuflfllffllyl, .1 wr! ,J fxm. .I lu! ff! Lmvlv- .n1.l .Huh :ull .fum Summa Ilub 'w', Hmmm IQuInun1lwVI lub W' WN 'Il-nuxs Klub wi '+R lawn Klub +R. "'.G1Q-Q-Llulw -If kj 1 ,IOHN COX FRIEIJA DUKE ll"ff.Il ,IfIl'.1!lr I.1jII!,Il .Ju rII.1u jmIIlII llulff IDU t1lllLllI ffm l1f1lL'l,4II, f1I..'fllr, .xml lxjuml I1.f!fIf'r" .WM I'IIImI un! Inffv nl uwry lf.1.II', xpl.Iy M.III.IgI.r IIII Bull.-HcIIxll.Ilc DAQ Hum Llub TIU, French Club 'follg Secrelaria Llub '-Ill. liIIxx'ARII RAYAIONII CQIIOWNON Nl.-XRY ROBERTA DOWNS lnlxldy BOb"I xl."u,.-II !.I,Iu!I,'rzI'-.flu.III ,I'.1I, fl ffrlubr fllffz' girl 111111 jvrml llfrh' IIJII. I WUI M -'Im Inu' I'IIIf1 .'lI.1.' :I,1I llulvlu IIfu'I yfzfr llzlmf. . . ., .. ,.- 'II 'J Ilnl I, QIrIIIIIII.ls QIIIIIIIIIIILT N- l,IrL'cIIIIg lOIIIII1IIrcc 1 . l hr "IL" M 'H' VIAQAPINIIMIII Klux 'L-S. Surnmrx .Iml 'l'rf..I-urnr KQLISA l.Ilwr.Irx Llub '-I'. Home l2uII1OI11Iu if GH-lg' HI-Y WW: llIILf M.IrxlI.1l 'i'l. lfnulrlull lXl.lll.ltLL'l' Vl. B W5 llulw '30, 'IU HI-Y llulu 'VL 'flll. Stu-lcm XIIIIIILII WN, 'R'J, 'Ill. AIIIIII.Il Smll 'IU. Fl.ul4cIlw.Ill NU. 'lllx VIL:-Prugldcnr III 4l.Im 'Ill B.Iml if SN. all, Ill, MIIrIII.4r,II1 llulx Ill, Lmlr Ill lxllRlz-XM RUTH DIEMPSIQY lllflw In .llzrllzm-Inf XML up Ilnff, Fm Ilu' Um .fum rrumf .n1Il!In1,Ig, l..IrIn llulv V1 Home EcOIIIInIIu '3'. ,luIIIOI' Eukc-r Club 'flll l.IlwI'.In' klub 70. '40, !IImrIlwulIrIg lfllmwr LAl7A5I.-Xt. Sz.Itl III Arr Edmsr ,lIIurn.IlIsm llulw 'Ill, B.IIId VIII: kl.Iv HINIIIIIJII Ill SIXRIX I.f7l'lbl5 DL'NN.XlQ.'XN HERBlfR'f FLIZISHINIAN MII 1. muff! .WJ IIIIIIII .II IIIII. .-l lfffll 1mr1IwfII' fmII' .Iml flwzl ll'Ifffl.!If'.' :Il fu IfIIfII1u.l III fum' MI ull' If lxlnfull In llw bw! uf mul. IIIIII Klulw 'v'. Hump I7I.IIIIlIIIIIL'x '5'. WN, B11rIv.l '57, FN. '39, "Ill, uc llulw 'ill l JOIIN D. lfllllli ANNA LOUISE FAKE ,-l !I1lII,l Ju Im, ..'ff.l 'nl Nlll Inrlvx fum' ,md .1 lfllfglvllnl Iwlll, luffu I7 JIIII' ..'f.'I.1II fm I ffm I! IM fI.1.i III-Ilull Jun 'fvlrff' .1 null. Gluc Llulw 'VL l'Jcb.1rIng Club '4'. WN. '97, 'I0. 'l'rI.Inyul.Ir Dclmrtr Rs, 'jfl 'Illg Bum Klub 'VL 'Illg ilI.ImIn.ulc Llub '3'. WS. 'VIL Llrin Klub WA. '35, WW. 'Ill, Prundcnr l..1IIn Llub 'Ill, Gul! HI-X7 Qluh '90, 'IlJ, Glrls' Tcnnxx Klub WU. 'II7, LAl'.-KMAL l SIAM 'IU1 Drum Stall WU. Bulldug Smtl 'Ill, Our Ink SLIM WU, .lunwr Play '49, Tllwcr TIIIIUN SIJH '47, llli.-XNK GIBSON EvI2RIa'I"I'. JR. IIIH IHIIIYIIL' iuuu IIN!! be flu lvl II! flu Ifwr. Sump Ilulw 'VY l"l.1ml 'S'. 'ir-L. Wll. 'IIl, llnys' HI-Y Llub All. 'Ill 'l'rL-.Ixurcr HIAY 'Ill. ,lIIIIrII.IlIxIII Llulu WU. 'Ill, l5IuIII P-mtl "WL Glen Llub '33 Ill DILK FORTSON Dui 11 ruzffx .1 lilcff lwmful funn, Om nf flu- lzllffu, fmryl gf., Band '3', Prcxxulcn! Snphgnwru Klux sr-L. Laun Llub 'VV NN, Hn-Y Club 'HL Mum'- gram Club '50, 7411. Sprmg Fuurbnll RW, 'HL Football Q01 Tmlk NU. Bnkrtball WW, All ETHFL FUL'5lll2l2 Nfmv,-x G.-xlumxlilz .Xfffmf fl tum ,zml m..'. Mu lv .ffm :lu fflllll i..nKm Klub "v', Glru llub 1' IEIJNA GARDNER Yun lu fur NULL! .WJ Mir, "pl gmul fmful lv fmlflr' llnm ffullmm fflf,f,w,4r1,' .-lm! Ml! luv .ff.1rff, fu flu .ur V Q Burn llub Ill. l'rL-mlm Klub JU, lunuucn .nl K Baxlxutball FN. WU. Hume lfurnmul-,X I lub 333, Hwmu ul Hxglcnc Luurxc W' CHARLEs A, GARDNER "Quin, v.'L.f.ll,ml, ,full f.u!lflnf." Ulu' K lub Ill. RACHEL GGDWIN BETH H.'xx'ni5 If-Nw? fl lf "Jff11f'.u" ml, .-I Lug :lub q!.1,lffw f,,'lf.pfl I ,XM lam-ju fur Hfml' 11' ,1 11 furl ,Ruff .f,,f,fL. fu l,,',,,,A,,, ,5,,,Af,,L luum Klub '4'. WN HILDA UPCHURCJI HALL L H ,l vu! .ff lffm! .n1,l' :lm m.1.'. UL lbll A-rLHlLLl' lllr .1"flll.'-X Ju funn .Jurlfvf f'-L fu,1!, ".Xrf,1f.'f1u wh .lggwl Hm-nc llmwrnlu Llub W5 "Y l..uun 1 lub 4' 'SY 'lllj "WV ml 'rl ' l Glcc Club 'ix HU in-m111uru,nl Club WW all Ilff,,v.'ff if' L 14 lull! 141, XX7Il.l.l.-XM DAVIS HAMILTON llfv mfr .r!1.11.l ,ff un ful lm rl'.f 'lm 1u.1nJl.' fffr l l 1 'W' vs. I-N453 :FS 545. AQ' , . 'V 1 1,42 . ,.,-. ,,I, 3 .wx --ii - ii' Ei .-iii'-' lil-iii IEQEI-Fill? 5 vllln 1 I- QI --1114 ' WILLIAM LAWRENCE HEDGPETH ELIZA bl.-XRSH HOLMES lluzflilmf lzmf My Ilurlrfel gn Iffgnlfwl' lmmf 111 Xiu mm fu' flllle l11IJ IIHI 14-ry LIN, w f'J.Imi, Bm I11.u llulzgl mum III pm 5l1,e,'UI Jnmfl. Il'L'j'L1::QE'17lf"'!1kl'ja'it"' U' " 'HH' L"""""" l-"Inu linnnmnms Club '5", 'RSI Glce Club ' ' ' '59. Band '57, '3H, '59, '-HP, Buys' HI-Y Club'lll. ,l0urn.IlIsm Club "IU, Drum Staff '30, PIU, Swlng Orchestra '59, '-10. CLYDE F. HERRING I"J4ckie"y JEAN BILTRCHISON HOLLINGSWORTH Sim I.llf,Ejl7f .uid ,xzrgufll lf!! flw Irlvfll. Tm mufllz ,I:1I'l I uw kmnu Yun Ilwu' :eu bw' Iz'1!lm1.r .1 Irulfu. 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NH, '19, '-Ill, Bmlictbglll '53, '36, '57, '53, WU. AIU, C.IprnIn Buxkcrlull 'Vg Buys' HI-Y Llub '30, '5', '58, '40, 1505 Llbrnry Club '5-. Sw,IcIy Llub '35, INA ,IIZIINIGAN EMMA JOIINSQN I"Tuursie"I HM plI1lmnfIlIx II lI llzffyfv I1 zfnllnfl, Tim' nfl' f1I1I1L.l' nl f.I!I. III ilu' ,1q.1II1L, llhrk lnulf, fm! jfwr fum! nl ll, Ill: fIuIm1IIf1I'1 fun II un luv' llnm, Glcc Club 'if 'SHQ Lgznn Llub 'i', 'if-lg Hume Eur- PlIIlaLlclphI.I 'ff 'SH Glue Club WM. 'Wig Art '5', mymu, Club 'S' 'wt-lg Gnlllxbnm 'SW DIInLIn,u 40, l'.lytIltYlllC HIgh SLl'Iuul 'HJ LL'cgII.LI2 JERNIGAN 'Qllfllnfff Iwlffffv, nfllu ,lf.II, xl ,umfzll Ipmr In umm IILII ll lVlARY JANE KELLY llur llmflly nuwlu .1 ulmu ufuu, Ilvr luv! .un uzlzuuuuu muff, ml fr1u,'lu mf lf EVELYN MAXXY'ELL LOXVE Numr .1 uznrruy Iluur .1 lure, fl lurrlu ufmlu, lx lrluuully Jlr. 'l Kl"""l "Uh W' A ' A " 'M' uu,ufuu.umu High suuuuuuu -4-, -ss, Pau-mevuuue Latin '4', WS. ,lunuuur Kh.umuuu.udc WH. 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D.1ylurm liuulu Hugh Sflwul Nr, 'FQ Fay Glce Club '5'. Larm Club '5', '35, '39, '-LOL 1"fL'Y1ll'-' Hlllh SJW-rl '+', WW, 'HL Glu Hume Emnmnm Club 'ST '58, Gul Scout , llulw '9', WH, '99, Tall 'Vg Lxlwmry Club 'SNL Bet.: Club '59, '-ill: ,luurnalum Club '90, 'MDL Cupy Editor '-IU. LAPAMAC. Sul? '10, Commcrlial Club '40, BRCC li SLUGS GLORIA SUTTON N!-f"fff llVf"f'f', "WUI .F-H llufv .1 girl :u.'l1 .1 fum! .Jud .1 -mill -l U-Hifi 'f"1fr.'lfz mlm :1,1x Tfnzr fnxaily flu lmfflll fl! hh zfurtlmfvlfl. Huy! H1-Y wil, NU, ll-ullmll 'SU 'lil Lharlum: Hugh Sclwul 'VL Nllfll'DJl Hunur Smlffl V. Glcc Klub V, Glrl Ruwrxc '9', l:.lj'CHCYlllC Hngh Snlmul, Buml WN. '59, '-all l , jmiiis A, bLll.l,IYAN, JR. Ill llhl lm Hnxfrfu m,l.'.'l r zl fur. .limi ,fn 1 wu,11'1u 11 zlff.1J lu 'Y yu: l.lrm Klub '5'.'Pn1x1ngllub '17, WN. Munugmni Club 'VP 1 ull, l.,,xl-Axl.-u. Sul? 'ML l+.md V, '45, KU, 'HL Buys llv Y ll! IH "l11 f MARGARET MCLEOD T12Ar1EAL1T .4 11111 ,q11111i 011.11111-.1111l 1hf1,1111' 11111, LLXXIS Vlhlxl' Tl1c'1'u',1 1111 1.f111l 111 lfw 1f1111,1g1 111111 Mn' 1,111 .111 "pl ,rq1111.l 111111.f111 " Glee Club '3'. WN. '59, '10, ,lu1'1u1r K,l1.1u1 made FN. 'VL Dclxuung Klub WH, '90, '10. Trxangulnr Dcbarur '59, L1br.1ry Klub WU. '-101 lnrrn K'l1:b 'if WH, '40, 'llll Trun- uru uf Laun Club '59 HAROLD LEE TKJXY'NSliNl1 B12'1'Tx' THOlX1AS , Q11 .1 !111,ur 1111 1111111 11'1f.l. llu'L'1 .1 4q11'! :1111'1 .1 ,1g11,11 111,11 l11.111. B111 111lbpfvrL-111111 11f.'l111I.1f11."1 1111' 1111f.l .Vu 11 5111.1 .111.l 1411 1111.111 ,4,. , , . F1111rb.1ll 911, V, RH, 19, 10, K11-K.1p1.un11l 11111:- SICK.lI'H.lI'l Emu' Prlzc '99, F1L'r.1 Klub '49, 10, Kupv lull 10, M1151 v.1lL1.1l-alq plqygr '39, Ilnxmg WN. VP. lfdlrur nf LAIIAM.-KK Staff '10, S1.1rL'l,1ry 111 Kwrnmcr '-10, Bbebdll 'AT WHL Pruwnlcnt uf M11n11gr.un Klub Lul Klub '10 11111 Track WH, '10, Trr.m1rur 111 K.l.nK 10, lim! H1-Y '39, '10, Bur All-Aruuml Huy '59, Hum 411111 WO, A11, Tcnms '10 XVll.l.lAM Efuu. THUNBERG 1"BilIy"1 H1lf1'1 lmwr, f1l.111 11111111 ,uni 111111l1.1ll, .lllrf .11 11111 1.111 1411: l1f'1 ,Q1111J 111 1115111 JH. Bunny Turn '38, '59, I7110rb.1ll WH, '39, Latin Club '5'l. '10, M11ru1ur.un Klub 'I-N. '59. '-101 Tennrs Team '56, 'U WN, '59, '10, K.1p14un c1fTc-nnlx Team '49, '-10 ELMIER Ymv JIMMY VINSUN Library Kflub WH. 111 1111.111 fwufy 11 l11rl4u1.l .1 1111151111 111111.l " If11,ul11l1, IH111111. 1111111., .111.l 111.11111 O1111'.1r.l 111 k111111fr.fu17l1r' 111ll11111 1111- 11.111 Sclcncc Club 'i",. L.u1n Klub '4'. W. Tun ms Club 'Wg DL-b.u1n1q Klub QS, '10, ,luur n,1l15m Qlulv '89, '10, lflcm Klub N9. up lfluys' Sure 49. lluprwu111.1 D1wKuwu1n '-10, Pruulunr ,lunllv ' 10 Rcprciuntarrvu uve ru Panel Class N95 Iluglu Stull W9, 'l'rL.1s11rur llun Klub '59, ,lunwr lNl.1rsl1.1l '89, T1'L.1xurrr b.1n1l lXl.m.1gur I..1xlf.1xm,x1 10. Hull '39, Hmmm-xx dug Stiff '10, Dr.rm.1r1c Klub l"l.1x 10, li.1n1 '+', WN, '39, '10, Mmr DL-pn-1ul,1l'-'L' 0.11 10 BlfRNHr'xRll'1' Al,lfl:Il'1' W1Xl.lllfNbl.'Xll2li ,Y K ANNABIZLLE LIEIZ vVlfINKI.l: N111 .1!1.11.f 111 11111l' 1 B111 .l11l111'1l1ir ll 111'11l1 "Ihr 1111 .111 1'..'11 111 1:1.'1'1:'1' 1.11 , - L1161 .'.'11l1qf1.' 11111, fur .l,'.1f1 11.1.1 l'l.1rgr.1xL- Mxlnmry Agudcrnx 1 l.lXLIlLXIllL' Hlylm SK'l11111l'+N, '19 10 H.1111l WN. 10, 10 Cl lARl.li5 bl. XWATSON "l,11, .l1111l. .111.l lu 1111111 1111 I1111111111111 111111 111,11 .fn " 51114110 Klub '3'. li.ulu1 Klub '90 1 I9 CLASS HISTORY A wee bunch o' bonnie Scots entered F. H. S. in the yearie 1957. Thae were as enthusiastic over adventuring in the new school life as their forefathers hae been in settling in the Cape Fear Valley. Because thae were beginners, it wae a wee struggle getting adjusted. Thae wandered frae one classie to another, oftie getting lost. After two weeks thae became accustomed to the school. Thae elected wee joe Geddie as their general to lead them as bonnie Prince Charlie hae once led their forefathers. Thae delved into books and sic things that thae minds grow strang and for muck of sic thae made award of scholarship to the bonnie Mary Rankin MacKethan. Thus ended their first year of adventure. The second year, thae entered high school. the same happi bunch o' lads and lassies, eager to continue their education. The time hae arrived for them to change generals, so thae chose Dickie Fortson. This year thae were repre- sented on the Triangular Debating Team by Anna Louise Fake. Time passed so quickly for them that before thae realized it, thae hae finished their Sopho- more yearie. Now thae were halfie way up the bonnie brae wi' probably the hardest years a-back o' them and thae were looking forward to the two years afore them. In the fall, their Junior year began, and frae the beginning thae progressed rapidly. To help them keep it up, Elmer Yow acted as their leader. The social event, in honor of the Seniors, was the junior-Senior Banquet, given by the bonnie group of Highlanders. In return, the Scotch band wae honored by hav- ing a group of lads and lassies frae their class appointed marshals. The chief marshal was Raymond Crowson, others marshals were Herbert Porter, Eliza- beth McFayden. Hazel Ponton, Helene Nye, Elmer Yow, Oneida Bowles, Clar- ence Olive, and Edward Shuford. Representing the class in Triangular debating that yearie were Anna Louise Fake and Margaret Teabeaut. Again honor wae bestowed upon the class at the close o' school when Betty Thomas won the Junior Stedman Essay Award. Three months elapsed and the Scots began school life again. Ay, it wae true-thae hae struggled, and worked hard for three years and now thae were Seniors! ln November of that year, Fayetteville celebrated the Sesqui-Centen- nial. Many members o' the classie took part in the celebration. This wae to be their last year at dear auld F. H. S., so their last general wae D. Bruton. Sae the wee bunch o' lads and lassies are now preparing to leave F. H. S. For four years, thae have been as loyal to their school as Flora McDonald wae to the King, and now thae realize that those four years were probably the happiest period o' their life. Ye askie for history? True, this is only a brief sketch 0' the 1940 class history. Each Senior has his own history, his own memories 0' past events. Let him write it for you. -Miriiznz Dwzzpwy, I-Iinoriizzz 20 CLASS PROPHECY "Hello, everyone, this is your announcer, Bruce Suggs, coming to you from station F.H.S. in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Wfe wish to thank Mr. Edward Shuford, sponsor of the Shu- ford Sunshine Soup program, for relinquishing this time so that we may bring you this special broadcast on the opening night of "The Highland Call," the popular play given here annu- ally. "Uncle Erniei' CRhemJ and "Lady May Bob" CDownsJ and their sunshine stories will be heard tomorrow evening at the usual time. It is our honor to have as our guest commentator, Miss Hazel E. Ponton, who has been heard over many of our radio stations and in the past years has been connected with the Eziereft Ti122e.fDiJpizft'b of New York. The next voice heard will be that of Miss Ponton coming from the Municipal Auditorium where the play is to be given. She will give you the highlights of the evening-Miss Ponton!" "Greetings, all ye lads and lassies. This is indeed a pleasure to be broadcasting from my home town and on such a special occasion. There is so much I want to tell you, I only hope my time will permit it. This afternoon I attended the dedication of this large and beautiful auditorium constructed bv Yow Sc Betts Engineering, Inc. Architects were Roger Brantley and Charles Wzitson. The dedicatory address was made by the Mayor, Jimmie Roberts. Guest speakers were three of Fayetteville's prominent business men, J. D. Bruton, Lester Autry, and john Cox. The old home town has certainly grown in the past years. On my way to the Gardner Hotel, owned by Edna Gardner, Norva Gardner, and Charles Gardner, I noticed many unique buildings. I saw the "Secretarial School" of Kathryn Tatum and jane Royster. The main in- structresses are Annie Mae Bloodworth, Cassie Ann Lewis, and Edith Ruppe, In the next block there is the "Music School" owned by Gloria Sutton, Clyde Herring, and Margaret Teabeaut. The "Mary Jane" owned and operated by Mary jane Brothers and Mary jane Kelly, is a very attractive dress shop on the mezzanine of the Gardner Hotel. I understand the clothes are designed exclusively by Miriam Dempsey and Marjorie Shepherd, and are modeled by those glamorous mannequins, Oneida Bowles and Emma johnson. Right next door is the "Mens Sport Shop" managed by Max Melvin and Raymond Crowson. I also saw the "Ex- quisite Beauty Salon" owned by Irene Shavitz and operated by Ruth Bowers, Louise Hatchell, Gladys McDonald, and Frances Page. It is quite a treat to see what my old school chums are doing now. As it will be a few minutes before the crowds will start arriving I would like to tell you about my trip here. I was accompanied by Jean Lyon who is the noted New York interior decorator. The plane on which we came was the "C. and E. Cjoe Carter and john D. Edge? Specialf' Pilot and co-pilot were Billy Lee and Eli Monsour. I was made very comfortable by the hostesses, Helen Brooks, Vera Butler, and Maire Miller. William Hedgpeth and his famous "Scatterbrain Band," on their way to Florida to hll an engagement, were also on the plane. "Slide" McGugan, "Punchy" Sullivan, "Herkie" Fleish- man, "Saxie" Yeago, the world famous "Triple Tongue" Porter, and others including vocalists, Evelyn Lowe and Mabel Shepherd, I remembered from my school days. And speaking of school-jean Maddox and Katherine McGeachy made the trip also. As you know they estab- lished the "Exclusive School for Young Ladies." During their absence Mary Hesketh and Hilda Hall will be in charge. 21 Among those gathered to meet the plane I saw Dr. and Mrs. james R. Pittman, jr., from lic-ntucky. CShe is the former Elizabeth McFadyen.J Witli them were Dr. Anna Louise Fake of Baltimore and Rev. Harold Townsend of Baltimore also Cof courseb. Others l recognized were Ina hlernigan, Betty Hayes, Marguerite McBennett, Margaret Peoples, Lucille Quicke, and Helen Ragan, accompanied by their husbands. Quite a few notables have arrived since l have been talking. Down front l see Lewis Vestal, the lightweight champion of the world, and his manager, Billy Thunberg, with three well known athletic directors, Toon Britt, George Hutchinson, and Alfred Riddle. Mary Shaw, comic strip writer of Hollywood, escorted by movie director Lawrence Nich- ols, is talking to lawyer john Rose and Rev. Troy Barrett. They seem to be the center of attraction in the foyer, for I see Miss Olivia Buckingham, Sara Dunnagan, Ethel Foushee, Rachel Godwin, and Edith King gathered around them. They must be discussing the recent wedding of Mr. Billy Maynard and the movie actress. Mrs. Maynard is known to her public as Miriam Savage. She certainly is in style with the other Hollywood stars for this is her fourth marriage. Her first husband was the millionaire, Von Autry, her second husband was the actor, E. C. Sanders, the third a noted California doctor, but it is rumored that Mr. Maynard, a mortician, will be her last--you kow the old saying-"One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go." The spacious auditorium is now beginning to overflow with the crowds of people. Among those being ushered down now are a few of the faculty members of Fayetteville High School -Professor Davis Hamilton, and directors of sports, Helen Bolton and Dewey Riddle. Other Fayetteville High School graduates who returned to teach are Lillian Rosenfeld, Frances Loy, Betty Thomas, Catherine Reeves, and Kathleen Riggsbee. And wait a minutes, whos that? lt's Professor Dick Fortson, but l can't see who is with him. lt must be someone important for he is surrounded by autograph hunters. Oh now! lt's Coach Bill Kanos of the University of Southern California. Incidentally he surely does have a winning team. Now the Alexander Graham Club is entering. These ladies are sponsoring this big pro- duction. They are: Virginia Bridges, Freda Duke, Mary Catherine Bass, Lucille Jernigan, Eliza Holmes, Estelle Sessoms, jean Hollingsworth, and Hattie Roberson. Mr. bl. P, Riddle, jimmy Vinson, .loe Weldon, and Leslie Sessoms, partners of the Snazzy- Wfazzy Candy firm, have just arrived with their charming wives. Everyone is quiet now and programs are being distributed by members of the Dramatic Club: Clara Martin, Melba Simmons, Ethel Robinson, Rebecca Patterson, and ,lean Penny. ln these remaining few minutes before the "Highland Call" begins, I will give you the main characters of the play. Dr. Clarence Olive will portray Sandy Ochiltreeg Mary Rankin Mcliethan, Flora MacDonald, Helen Shaw, Peggy MacNeill, Earl Roach, Dan Murchison, and Bernhardt Xwaldenmaier, Donald MacDonald. There is a breathless silence as the theater is darkened. The stage lights go on-the cur- tain rises." -Haze! Pmzmzz. Cfrzrr Pmplief. 22 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA CouNTi' OF CUMBERLAND CITY or FAYETTEVILLE We, the sad but proud and loyal Senior Class of I9-IO ofthe Fayetteville High School, realizing now that it is too late, that we have linished the four happiest years of our lives, and are departing with a sigh in our hearts for our dear old Alma Mater, do leave this our last, but not the least, will and testament: SECTION I, ARTICLE l: To F. H. S., our loyalty and devotion, for we shall never forget the four happy years we spent here. SECTION I, ARTICLE 2: To the facult , in case the rising Seniors remain the angels the have 'Q an Y been and End they have no use for their feet, we leave a pair of scissors with which to clip their wings. SECTION l, ARTICLE 5: To Mr. Sisk, our deep appreciation for the interest he has shown in us, SECTION I, ARTICLE -I: To Mr. Harrill, our thanks for having up-to-date ideas and for applying them. SECTION I, ARTICLE 5: To the P. T. A., thanks for the many parties we enjoyed. SECTION I, ARTICLE 6: To the Merchants: We bequeath our appreciation of their support and our assurance that they will be remembered not only in our will but in our daily life. SECTION l, ARTICLE 7: To Raymond, the hope that the new building will have automatic sweepers. SECTION 2, ARTICLE l: To the -Iuniors, all of our possessions and privileges, including the right to walk out of chapel first-if they can. SECTION 2, ARTICLE 2: To the Sophomores, the right to try to learn how to skip school without being caught. SECTION 2, ARTICLE 3: To the Freshmen, the pleasure of knowing they can look down on some- body. SECTION 5, ARTICLE li I, D. Bruton, do will and bequeath the presidency of the Senior Class to any Junior with political ambitions. I, jean Maddox, do will and bequeath my poise and sweet disposition to Peggy Nimocks. I, Clarence Olive, do will and bequeath my beauty secrets to Ben Huske. I, Hazel Ponton, do will and bequeath my ability to have a good time and get away with it to Betty Varnadoe. I, james Pittman, do will and bequeath my technique to my kid brother, Joe. I, Mary Rankin Mcliethan, do will and bequeath my ability to roll my eyes to Betty McKay. I, Elmer Yow, do will and bequeath my attitude toward life and all of my dopey ideas and actions to Weldon jordan. I, Mary -lane Brothers, do will and bequeath my imitations of Miss Fisher to Ruth Price, I, Miriam Savage, do will and bequeath my bottle of peroxide to julia Campbell. I, Oneida Bowles, do will and bequeath my "way with the men" to Jane Council. I, Katherine McGeachy, do will and bequeath my untiring ability to plan programs successfully to any junior worthy ol it. I, Helen Shaw, do will and be ueath inf conta Yious wood humor to Vivian Burnette. L D We, Anna and Harold, do will and bequeath our devotion to each other to any one ready to settle down. We, the senior members of the Hi-Y, do will and bequeath our "memories gone by' to the new members, Signed and sealed, this the nineteenth day of January, the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred forty CLASS OF I-Ill ELIZABETH McFanx'EN, 'I'tpiz.1fffr. In the presence of these witnesses: .IEAN MAnnox, JEAN LYON, HELEN SHAW. 'In ,fgfx-,.,,. If me f , C 41' ,fA YE TTEVIU 24 Celebrities Oulu! Tis I, Sandy Olliiltrec HC.lITl1f'lWCll, MeNeill, Stuart" Miss Smtue nf Lib:-rry Plitrmtisnl ut the Spring Flora, W'estxxx1rrl Bound The P,1lmerm State Buy .x progrun, Nr. Green! Drarnlitizing American Revolution N. Cfs oldest newspaper Del.1w.ire's Swerlmli Cwhurrh Swreli Sr,inrl.1rrl Bmrcrs Qu.il-ger Sure Gentlemen of the lNl.isque Flui'.i's Farewell Otrigial Piper The Key ru :he City ZQJUNIORS Float of Virginia From the FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER, November 23, 1889 "Fair Virginia was well represented in the bewitching loveliness of Miss Ruth Smith, handsomely attired in cream white Surah silk, adorned with a Roman scarf in which the colors of the Union were blended in broad stripes. The snowy arm bore the "Old Dominion's" shield, with embossed coat-of-arms, and embellished with blue and gold, which had been sent by Governor Lee. "The decorations of the float were an unique and happy combination of the chief product of the "Mother of States"-tobacco-broad gold leaves of which were caught up at intervals by ropes of finest twists, the whole forming a complete and artistic setting to a very beautiful picture." From the FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER, November 22, 1939 "Virginia was the tenth state to ratify the constitution and it represented "The Minuetf' Eight junior boys and girls dressed in colonial costumes of silks, satins, and velvet danced this stately minuet. They were: Betty McKay and joe McPhail, Peggy Nimocks and Ben Huske, Mary Burns and Wiley Snow, and Jane Council and Thurman Williams. The musicians were Frances Loy and Charles Wfilliarns. The float was draped in royal blue and white satin." 26 .MAF ff? ww? WELDON JORDAN BEN HUsKE Preiiifezit l'iveAP1'e.rfi1'e11! RUTH GILMORE VIVIAN BURNETTE Seweftzry TI't"LZ.YllI'E7' J U N I 0 R S CoLoRs: Red and Wlvife FLOWER: MOTTO: You um if you think yon aw. TO THE -IUNIORS We shall be the class of '45, If our tasks are faithfully done. Through the years we take each step Though our task is not done yet. Next year we shall reach our hrst goal, For which we strived for years untold. Then the Seniors' place we'll hll And send them higher, up life's hill. And on through life, just one step behind, We, their ardent admirers, shall always climb. -A1111 Trive 7 Ren' Cz7I'l.7tIfjOlI 'a I X ,I an , X I X I A Rigas, , , X , ., Y- 5, , X' FRANCES ACREE :R E, 'HH . -2 ', H if , CARROL ADAMS - , -' DOROTHY ADAMS I ,f 3Q ,. 3 1 ' fi-' ' I .. . A' ' 1 .1 IYIYRA ADAMS ,g C ng , A ' V g IW XWALTER APPLEWI-IITE af A 'E '3 rg,-f JOAN ARNOLD 2 . Q' - FREDERICK ATKINSON I ejj V .... ,-Lf Q55 -a.. ,V If Zig NIARGERY AU-1-RY A 'WJ ' 4 E .Xi 'A ' ' IWILDRED BAILEY 5 I ,, . " -1 WILTON BANDY rr-' ' if . Q 32 V ANNIE NIAE BAUCOM ,. I 5 fi , ' HELEN BECKWITH . I BOBBY BENGE 13:2 .. ,,,, , .fe ,W I f, cr: Q ,QE QE ,,- SARA BIZZELL -1, , 1, sfiijx' A 4 T: rL frig-,.- . . , .f'!3EZz'5g'2Qjf' ' I " ' . ' , -f , f fa ' If ' ' I. B. BOLTON. JR' ' V KATHLEEN BRANTLEY T' A W fl new I .TACK BRITT .. -f ""' 554 ... ,, 'ff POLLY BRITTINGHAM f -- A w . " A ' VIVIAN BURNETTE ,f ,ff , . V H, A 1 , " IVfARY BURNS , ' -g f I. if ff: gg, 4, 5-A C, JULIA CAMPBELL J - , - 'E A 'E' 1 V , A ' 'E , ,- RALPH CARTER . . 'T 1 . X 1 A' ' , V. ,, , ., f .W 1 1 I f fwm A I Y' BETTY JANE CLAYTON Q 4 4. f ul, .mb - mf' V ELEANOR COLLIER X I' A JANE COUNCIL E ' an " , 4530 15:51, . fi I' " i A . xi I I ti gf' ' DTLIART COWLES 555' I ' PWA DI , ' ,ff 5, ., j4z .: jf-A 535,59 1 n - ' ' FRANK CRUMBLEY U Q- 1 -Q 5' 'ffl " ,K In-. 9 FRED CRUMBLEY i, L' ' ,Y ' 9 , ' .li 2 BETTY CULBRETII AL It " 1' 1 Q LEWIS DAVIS ' 1 . N wp' -C A 3, LILLIAN DAVIS U. A 1 9' S- W EVELYN DAWSON , sv.. ' i?f3"'f,1 ' ., . I sf.Lf3"f3 pw, Y I., , cf . , T"rg',.'ff, , W' "' D . , - - J, MALIRICE DOWNS .28 JOSEIIII DUKE . Li: 1 J OTTO FLETCIIER 1 - a.. ,H , if Q ,.l,. .M I '. if ff' Lf ,fs '2sII":"'g' ALDA FONVILLE . J .Q-fl S L53 , A , 5:2 I ' JOE GEIJIIIE 1V - . AZ 1 Sh 'f ,, A .I V A RLTII GILMORE . I , DIABEL GLENN " 'an an , .V A , I HAROLD GOIIYYIN I V ,I 'H ' HELEN GRECC ?"f2f1 V 1,,, A f 'fx V. , . SARA HALL . ' Tv -V M V ELOISE HARRION Q ' II, .II ,V Q. IS CIIARLES HAYES if M.-A 'V I 'I Q... I I... 5 BELMONT HEDOPETH V . ,,,, " .. A V 3' - x -- I V 442.5 I 4' ,..V ' . ,a CHARLES HEDCPETII A CRAWEORII HEIYCIJETII I5gr.Rg ,Ig max? II I' fi' I' 57 ' . . 1- 5. I '11 I. , I,II'I :I ,--.- Sb . , ' A L V - O . . V F5333 . ' , A if 'XIARY HUEE . . , RV: A V . - L I III " ii J! I 9 -I Ll.. . .. - LL.L , I I V' 'Q BEN HIJSIQE 3 " , CAROLYN HL"I'AIfIf Ip :L I D-S-'I up If an 5. W . BIZ.-XMON JACKSON . W , 5 ,12 C, " Q A " K -, " ' 'S Yvf-f' Y 'H' - ' ' " ' s '- ... 2.-pf: " -A2 EIINA EARL JACKSON V A FRANCES JOHNSON ' CHARLES JONES , A , f Q 1 4 V WELIION JORDAN I If' II VIII .Q -II: I II V .I : Y. .I I, . . I DORIS INELLER ""'f ' I AQ Sa V ' -:gg , . ' . Ex-'SY . V I3 : .. ---' Yfrw V QI -5 I I . .. IIIIIIIII I I II III-:I:I,ILI . I . .III FLOSSIE INIAE KENNEIJY V -. 2 , -lg? VR If V-., ,Y . :Ei 2 If V , v V V , fy ' ' ' 3 I I I if V 1 . . ANNE IXYLE lfzf I VV G S. -V A I V -. . II - III .I I 1 , ,I s ram II JOHN KIARTIN rg., If mf' 'h I INIARY LOUISE IWAYNOR W' V .V A .. ' Q 5' Q BRUNIIY INIELVIN I 52"- V . ' 3:1-,S ,,- x fppgk- In Y GEDDIE IWELVIN I 45. III I . , I .II DWICIIT MILLER S V- 1 sw :LI I 'M QV I . 'V V V I SV . IHAFALDA KIILLIGAN Q6 ., JAMES MINOR . , , , , BIARGARET INIUNSUUR ' I - . ' r' .' S . A --N V . ' V... VIRGINIA MI DANIEL 0 " ' 'N ,L A 3 ' I, I ,. .Y .5 . H. T. BfK.GlLL -rf , . 9 ' R "" Q: VA-f BETTY MCKAY IV ' I MJ ,-.q , 211544 fb. F155 I ,- -N 1 le., -v sv' 44 Am. 6' 4 Nr' an 'nf -vw xf Q. ei N P-A rv. , an ff' I of fn -. Vi- I 'u rs an nw hd an E 'S' 50 JOE INICPHAIL BILLY MCRAE HAROLD TWCRAINEY PEGGY NIMOCKS LLOYD NIKON CLARENCE OXVEN j. W. PATIZ WARD PENDLEY RACHEL PINRSTON JOE PITTMAN CASSIE ANN POOLE RUTH PRICE PEGGY RAIEFORD BRUCE RATTS L. A. RAYNOR RUTH REGISTER BILL JOE RICE XVILHELMINA ROSIENFELD JUDY RULNICK SARA FRANCES SMITH -C WILEX' SNOW' ROY STEVENS TOMMY SUGGS I , r -' HARRIOT SUTTON BOBBY TEABEAUT ANNE TILLINGHAST NORWOOD TILLINGHAST EUGENE TOMLINSON ANNE TRILI3 BETTY VARNADOE DORIS VINSON lf.-XRLQLYFRITIE Y7UALDENMAlliR EDWARD XVALTERS BETSY WATSON BILLY WILLIAMS EDNA EARL XVILLIAMS EDNA XVILSON . , f 9 1 Ns Q ,M vs, 'Sim wi' x X' y 1 X ..., :gf 1 I : M A -MW, .K Wi' :WWW WMM :ww- f f " ala W K 4 , . c Ly, ge, k x 'wil' N Fayetteville City Schools Float From the FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER, November 22, 1939 "The Fayetteville City Schools Float was staged in three groups and depicted the evolution of the American flag. "The first group showed Betsy Ross and two younger children displaying her finished flag to George Washington and his aid. They were: Eleanor Ann Hunter, Mary Giles Stewart, Mary Elizabeth James, Bobby Adams, and Carl Strickland. "The second group depicted the Civil War, showing the rift between the North and the South with both flags flying. The four belles of 1875 in beau- tiful costumes of that period were Betty Ann Clark, Dorothy Tinnin, Mary Frances DeVane, and Jeanette Scoggins. The boy in the Confederate uniform was Hilory Winslow and the one in the dress of a Union soldier was Frank McMillan. "The last group was composed of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts holding aloft our country's flag as it is today. The Boy Scouts: Steve Nimocks, John White Gainey, Howard Buie, Robert Saunders. The Girl Scouts: -lane Paton and Nancy Tillinghastf' VICTORIA ALEXANDER President BILL OLIVE BETTY HEss l'ic'e-Pfc.riil'e11t Truafzner SOPHOMORES COLORS: Blue dm! Gold FLOWER: Sweet Pea MOTTO: Be the labor great or Jnmll. D0 it wel! or not at all. TO THE SOPHOMORES Heres to the class of '45, Success our goal will always be, Striving, climbing-ever true TO Our colors, white and blue. Here's tO the Class Of '-15, just ahead our goal we seeg Three more years Of happiness, And then before us all-Success! -Illizbcf Arc:-iff . K 4. . L 'E .i.. W7 G 1 Q l I 34 ' 1 , 19.1" 3VV'1Vf"ff 5552! ' e"Z7l1 Q 7?'i54s 'i5. 'if 1 ,1f57'f ' ,Q f ," 'if' ,tg . V A V . . N ,, . ,.." 'ffl ' U - ..,. Q" Gif, - V' V if il 1 T - ' 1 ' ' -ak? ' " Z "- ,, CMM "A' fl- -"' S if ' Ax " ' .2 ' I' 1 'L 1 I -... 4 ,L -' 4't'rJ'.'7 , , ,, l 'Ziff 1' y QQ 1 AI" - 1 ' ggi-J : , Q 'AA ',,v 'Z " ,li h Vf "YT-37 M -Hlkizw , ,,, T t x .,,.. - l L ' , "' ' 'l V--f ,,.'g1 .... Q ff ...,.... , FV , 33" A V-- ' V, ' 1 ' - Q --M-mn' Q S. 1 Am N,i,.,,l. .r L Ai- V V P: , ..- A "" " xifz ' JK! ' 1" f -V a n 'Q' ,V 'I T QA- ,l 'YA A , V we ' V" 'l 1 at 2 V V V - et 1, L 1 at ---. V 4. be 5 r- - . ,, -- - ,'- , ' 4-5 "., ,V I 7' A , , . ,, . . .. ,AA .N J , , faq , - g m, -' V- ,. W, ' A' . - A V- 4 t L :ff ' 1.-2, V 1 '--' 1 ,gf . 1 - - If-N' , Q iii gf' T: ' , f ? .. V 1 4 . - .- -, . f fig .z z 3- .fel f I' D. . i K! at I 54 A ' ld, 5 YM t Vf:-3:1 .... u,..,,?yw' -, - 1 fl Lt, 'Z rf A if as K. K if L . V S l ' fm V. ' , 013+ 'wg 1 1 lf 1 SY g - , . . -, . ,gr ' 2- X - -51 " 5 cggzpl' 55: xr, G 'I . J- . 1 I -3 Q , ., X ,.,.,,. , ltVmAS'4..:L,.!..,....,-.QL-y-4-, '-4 6 ' l- J' ., '- 757 .jvgp 1 4-f-1 -ffff lf' ' ,Ag W , ,, 3 V :lZQ,,.. :fl ,-7 Y - Ji- Q ' L s ' I. :fa ,Ltmex Aclcer Margery Adams Vlttnrm Alexander Flrzabeth Allman K harles Alxu Rxthard Arnext ld.: Atltxnw Mabel Aterntt Patrttm Banlm D-tru liarner llect-rn Huis XXy-un.: Batman Berry Iiaugh Luun llctlielty Humet Bclthe Bully Hrggs 1X1.rrth.t Blue Durnthy Brrllng ,latk Bunker Ruth Fnmne Llxlymn Brut! Drrrnthy Btttt Edtth Brtnxn Margaret Brnwn N ,l Bullard Tummy Bullard Dnnald Burris Edna Burns Mary vln Butler Dnrutlu Lee Llun Bobby f,al1awa', Calvtn Lhaduutk Lms L hexhtre Drrntlltl Clnyrnn lrlutetrte Ctrle Frantex Crunxuxy Geurge Lmmttllx Marv fmtnldts ll 1, freed Mart lrxteltlfnm ,latquelxne C utrfm Alatquellne Daxlx Alt-t1.x Daulslwcrry Gr.th.1n1 Dams SOPHOMOREC Hubert Davra Luther Dawwn Margaret Dempxey Ruger Derby Margaret dulltmer Aumee Desl-'land Grate Dew Paul DuCkwuttl1 Qlnmzny Dunnagan .lame Edge Edxxln Edgertun Mattane Everett Anne Farrclnth Thomas Fatrtluth Paul Farrell Aleen Faulkner James Faulkner Bertram Fletxhmttn lilrzabcth Funderburg ,l C Gardner Ruth Geddte Elnzabeth Glbwn ,ltmmy Gtlbert ,llmmy Grllespr Vardell Gudxun liltzabeth Gmvden Bern Guudxxtn Harry Gtwudwnn Raymond Hatr Thomas Hall Tracv Hall Augusta H3H1Ill4rH Henry Hamxlrnn Vmla Harms Glenn Henderwn Berlxan Hetrtng Mack Herrtng lit-try I-lem R L Hewitt Angux Hrrlmcx Brown Hubbard Kathleen Hughet Mildred Humphrey Bully Hutntl ,H ROLL Elerie Hutthtnswn Alnte lmhnll Ylatk ,latkwn Mary jatkwn Ruth ,luhnsnn kfharleQ Kelly H F, Kelly Rnthuell Kelly Luctlle Kennedy Ortu Kuker Durnthy L.mr1.nce Seaxey Lee Eugene Lexus Truy Lewrx ,luantta Lwrngxtnn Lms Lumpktn Ralph Lutterlnh Hannah Lyurl Lharles Mamn Dttk Maxwell Elizabeth Mttynrrr Thelma Meltnn Inez Mclvtn Nurtnan Metcalf Fully Mnrrrx David Mnrrls F J Mnrrts Vectlxa Mtliennett Vance McBryde 131115 MtGugan Alvin B MCMxllan. ,lr Duncan McNe111 Glenn MtQueen Hartfldene Neal B111 Olive Laura Owen Evelyn Page Latltnn Pender Buddy Peuples Hilda Penplu Yxnnne Petty Yvonne Powers Lula Rcgvwter Hnrace Rtddle lrene Rxddle june Rodgers S01 Rose George Rothermel Charles Ruppe Mariurte Sanson Ann Saunders Mabel Saunders Kathertne Scott Carlton Shaw Roland Shell Betty Shelton Earl Smxth Eleanur Smnth Elizabeth Smtth Glorta Smtth Jerry Smxth Katherme Smith Mary Katherine Smith Rusalre Smith Alline Snelgrove Dons Snelgtove Elvzabeth Snelgruve Grace Spence Mary Lou Stack Zita Stevenson Vxrginxa Srrtcl-:land Mary Luuxse Stubbs Harry Sulltvan Marshal Tatum Frances Thxgptn Emma Vann Harold Lee Vann Phylhs Vreeland Vrrgtnm XYalker Rota Lee Walters ,lewel XYc5t Lrlhan XYcst Htlda XVethtngtun lack XY111lams Rlley XX'111tams Thurman Xxlllllilflli lilxzabeth XY'rltun Il N" ' 4"'fa.A.J f J n ' 1 if . J..,4x,,a 'AI' 'bf WV KATE BROADFOOT ROBERT COXVLES Prwiifefll lf'fL'e-Pr'ei'm'c11t JOHN DIXON BETTY BRAGG Sl'L'l'LhIJ'V1 'lirwuzfllrer FRESHMEN CoLoRs: Purple and Goh! MOTTO: V211 Fmiemfrf En FRESHMAN CLASS POEM Some may call us "freshies," Some may call us "green," But this is our foundation For the future that is seen. We are struggling for the goal Thar is just outside our door. We wish to he successful, Then go on learning more. Hail, dear Freshman Class! Great may be thy fame! A winner never ceases, And honored is his name. --Buffy Bowie' 55 FLOWER: Im 4-A 1 I J.tne Adams George Allen Bill Andrews Rene Arab Betty S, Arthur Edna Atkinson Isobel Autry Margaret Averette Earl Averirt Vivian Averitt lfdna Doris Baber llirl Bandy Meryle M, Barnes Sara F Barnes E C. Bass, Jr, Vera Beard Arthur Beasley Grace Betktvith Billy Bell Neal Bell Margaret Bishop Betty Catherine Boone Katherine Boone Betty Bragg Eugene Brantley Minnie Brisstin Robert Brown Delanty Cfarrall Robert Cowles Billy Davis Bobby Davis Ruby Davis John Dixon Lawrente Downs Lloyd Dtixey Billy Felton Robert Fulghum Farley Gibson Frank Got-ssling XVard Goessling Kenneth Gray Ustar Gray l.illy Mae Greene Nancy Grillin l L i rft FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Chester Gunby Charles F. Hall Charles R, Hall Frnest Hall Grace Hardison Ollen Harrell Charles Harrelson Myrtle Helms Dorothy Hensdale Lucian Herring Pennie Herring Geraldine Hester Joe Heuay Junior Hoffman Patsy Hollingsworth Sarah Holmes Carl Howell Lutrail Hultvn Lydia Lee Hurley Jean Huske Mildred Ingram Billy Jackson J L Jackson Zerline Jeanes Paul Johnson Harry Jones Mary Fields Jones Tummy jordan Marie Kanos Helene Karpe Fred Kennedy Tommy Kyle NVinifred Lee Leon Lewis John D, Livingston Minnie Lee Loy Bill Martin Britt Martin limory Maultshy Frank Miller Nancy Miller Patsy Miller Margaret Moliit Solomon Monsour Lillian Moore Baxter Morris Leroy Morris Horace McCall Eugene McDonald John McDuHie Jean McKenzie Hector Mcliethan Charles McLeod Peggy McMillan Bobby McRainey Wfalter Newman Muriel Nunnery Georgia Olive Harvey Oliver, Jr. Christine Page ,John Pate Frances Pelt Eleanor Pender Frances Pendley Julia Perry Anna Pinkston Delores Pittman Nina Potter W'inifrecl Powers Mary Prevatte Harold Ray Lamar Ray Magdaline Reaves Addie Bell Ridgen Douglas Roberts Van Robertson LuCille Robinson Shirley Rutherford Douglas Sally Jack Sandeford Shirley Jean Sanson Bettie Sue Sessoms Dorothy Sewell Harry Shaw Louise Sherrill Guy Shuler, Jr. XVilbur Short Norma Skelton Mary K. Skipper Karlyn Sloan Ezekiel Smith Marian Smith Marie Smith Sylvia Smithoman Marian Snelgrove Ruth Soles Jimmy Spears Morehead Stack Sarah Steward Boyd Strickland Adrian Tatum Earl Taylor Gladys Taylor Tom Teabeaur Leonard Tew Frank Thompson Jean Thompson Susan Tolar Berdue Townsend Gladys Tyler Leslie Tynclal Grace Tyner Bessie Utley Betty Vanlandingham Bobby Vanstory Stuart Verclery John Nli'itinwright John XVarren Anne W'eldon Ann Nash W'hite Frances NY'hite Jessie XVhitting Milton XViggs Billy XVilliams Charles Williams John Williams Hillary NVinslow Marilyn Yfoodberty Jack XY'oodelI Joe Yczigo I - ' .,' fi 11 Il Q M ACTIVITIES CIVIC CLUBS' FLOAT From the NEWS AND OBSERVER, November 21, 1959 "History emerged from the dusty recesses of a century and a half and leaped into color, sound, and pageantry, here today as Fayettevilles one-week sesquicentennial reached its highest pitch before a large and enthusiastic audi- ence." Colorful indeed was the parade fof which this article speaksh with the floats of the thirteen original states, other historical scenes, club floats, and commercial floats. In the club section there were many beautifully decorated floats, but the float declared by the judges the most outstanding in the parade was the Civic Clubs' Float. The Kiwanis, Rotary, and Lions Clubs were represented in one float. The color scheme was royal blue and white, with Mary Rankin McKethan wearing a red dress and white jacket. On either side of the float were the familiar insignias of the three clubs. These clubs are internationally known for their charitable projects. In Fayetteville High School, by encouraging participation in the school's many worth-while clubs, we hope to develop men and women who will be able to carry on their work. 38 LAFAMAC STAFF DIARY RFKNKIN h1C,iKlfTI1AN E.ffflJI"lll-f.vl7fu'f RUSS N I2W'l'ON .-iLfz'1,1u' ELIXI ER XYOXY Hlf.uimyu Ahzllfziqur' T.-, : Y, Q, F5 ' HELEN SHAW ff' U f' ' KATHERI. E MLGEACHY JEAN LYON HERBERT PORTER 1 ,,i.4.Zg", BETTY THUMAS K.-XTHRYN T.-XTLFM JEAN Lf.-XDIJUX MIRIAM DEMPSEY ROGER BRANTLEY ANNA LoLv15E FAKE IEnwAR1m SHUFURIH HAZEL PONTON JAMES SULLIVAN LILLIAN ROSIZNITIELD CLARENCE OLIVI3 ONEEJA BoxvLEs El.IZABl.'l'H INILFAIDYIEN INIARY JANE KELLY INIILIJRFIJ MCLAURIN RAYWYND CROXVBIJN apr SV pnffw new 3' fi . 1 ANN. vw, Q9 ua' 59 x vt' R'F' 1 STUDENT COUNCIL 'ZR 'rf' -,J A 59 .1 JEAN IWADDOX, Presidemg RACHEL P1NKsTON, Vice-Prcsidenr KATHERINE INICGEACHY, Seuretary Sv' -5 1 fur 4:7 -.1 ' ,Lf ' -'Ev TOON BRITT, Treasurcrg 1. D. BRUTON, MARX' RANKIN MCKETHAN RAYMOND CROWSON, STUART COWLES, FRANCES JOHNSON BELMONT HEDGPIETH, SOL ROSE. INIARY LOU STACK THURMAN W1LLlAM5, TOMMY JORDAN, MARILYN WOODBURY Miss GAINEY, Adviser 40 "Tn Jfrizzf, to Jeek. to jqlld, and not I0 yieidf' mmf BETA ll B fs .360 ,few v.. .7 R ,If Af, 3' an A. ,gg -vw- Quan 431 J! V-Q -.Is sw KATHERINE INHIGEACHY, PI-L',Ii.!wf1.' MARY HESKETH. lf'iII'VPmiIlw1z.' J. D. BRUTON. Secrelurmf CA5sIE ANN LEWIS, Tm1Im-Ifr.- ANNA LOUISE FAKE, lCIfp1Im1r.' FRANCES ACREE VIVIAN BL7RNli'l'T1T, ELEANOR COLLIER, JANE COUNCIL, STUART COwI.ES. FRIQIIA DUKE. EDNA GARIINER RUTH GILRIORE, FRANCES JOHNSON, XWIZLDON JORDAN, FLOSEIE MAI3 KENNEIIY, EVELYN LOWE, JEAN LYON JEAN MAIJIJKJX, NIARY LOUISE INIAYNOR, MAEALIJA MILLIUAN, AIARY RANRIN MLKE- THAN, INIARGARET PEOPLER, RACHEL PINRSION RUTH PRICE, LILLIAN RO5I3NIfEI.Im, JANE ROYSTER, JUDY RULNICK, IRENE SH.-wI'IAz, EIJXYARD SHUFORD SARAH FRANCIIS SMITH, KATHRYN TATIYM, BETTY THOMAS, IZITQITNIQ 'l-HMLINSON. HAROLD TOXVNSITNIJ, IELRIER Yoxv IWR5. SIMMERINIAN AND AIR. H.-XYNIE, .'fIfI'furI "S'cf90farIbip. Cl74I7'4IL'f6'I'. mm' Lefzderflvipw -I I ' K MARSHALS 0 -I.-NNI? RCHESTRA 4 41 I -av- aw- 'fairs -rv f-4 Wliufow -IORUAN, BETTY lx CoL'Nc,11., HIERISIERT Bldaufx, IQKM, BEN Hubma. Clmfr BRUNDY INIELVIN Plum' NIMOLK5. HARQL1: GODWIN, MARY BURNS wx 1. . Q 4,9 'I'cmL1NsoN, VIQRDAN, IHQGLMQAN, EVI2Rl3'IA'I', YEAGU, RICE H12m.P12'1'H, Lmnlm FLEISHMAN MR, .Ima H.-XMRIKQK, .1J1'11w'.' Evmuafr AND Yoxv, ,Xlklww-. -A2 I , I l l i TRIANCULAR DEBATERS A C D , l in , .. v ii V 'Q ll VXVV' A es 7- ee f .E , - xi., 'H' , ... , Q. 1 ."' " T ff '7 5 q :"'A "" l R A .,.1, ., X 'I , W l.- , Sa ,Q wil. v If N . . . ,,. 4, -4 AFFIRMAIIVE. Nl,LyATIVl:. HERBERT PORTER ANNA LOUISE FAKE ONEIDA BoxvLEs HAROLD TowNsi5N1m Won from Durham Won from Raleigh QUERY: Resolved-That the Federal Government Should Own and Operate the Railroads. DEBATING CLUB "Never rise to speak until you have something to say, and when you have said it, Cease." 2 A YMLJ ELMER Yow, Prfmlwn ANNA LoU1sE FAKE, Rrpirzri- RUTH PRICE, Sef1'efi1r,1 mm' T7't:1fllI'L 1' MISS GAINFY. fliJ'1'f.-'rr -15 I wi YS: an 1351 S I-IELEN SHAW, P1-mIlLff1z.A KATHERINE INICGIEALHY, I'iI-e-PrmIlg11z,' INIARY JANE BROTHERS, SL't'l'k'fz17'VJ.' HARRIOT SUTTON, Trmlflzrer MARY RANRIN INICQKIETHAN, Rbpw-fur-.' ONEIDA BOWLES, BIARY BURNS, JULIA CAMPBELL JANE COUNCIL, IXIAY BOE DOWNS, ANNA LOUISE FAKE, FRANCES , HENSDAIQE MARY HESRETI-I, MARY JANE KIZLLY, ANNE KYLE, JEAN LYON JEAN MAIIIIOX, ELIZALIETII IWCFAIIYIEN, H.-XZEL PONTON, RUTH PRICE JANE ROHBTER, MARY Sli,-XXV, BETTY VARNAIIOE MISS GAINITY, M155 TATE, MRS, 5IMIxIERIx1AN, AJI'i.I-er.: 44 GIRLS' HI-Y "Cbamrter through Jerzfice BOYS' HI-Y "Character through service" I,-If .L I N ,F ww ..w 'E'- -of 'MP' mu... an if u CLARENCE OLIVE, PmiII'w1I.' WIELIDON JORDAN, l'iI-I-Pm-f.lI11f.' BRUNDT' MELVIN, Sew-e1.zry FRANK EVERIETT, Tmzhrfzrw ' JAMES PITTMAN, Sef'ge,wI-I1I',1I'mIf VON AUTRY, STANLEY BETT5, HER- BERT BLAHA TOON BRITT, J. D. BRUTON, RAYMOND CROWSON, DICK FORTSON WILLIAM HEDGPETH, BEN HUSIQE, BILL KANOS, BILLY INIAYNARD HERBERT PORTER, ERNEST REHM, EARL ROACI-I. JOHN ROSE EDWARD SHUFORD, BRUCE SUGGS. JAMES SULLIVAN MR. KENNETH HARLEY, NIR. CHARLES ROSE, JR., ,-1.11m-I-.I I5 JOURNALISM m:LUB N- K MN f "True efzfe in zvrifiazg 5011261 from fzrt, 2101 vZmm'e.' AJ tbofe' nmre ef1.fie'5I zrlm bare f6zI7'lI'LlI fo dfzm'e." CLARKENCIE Ol.IV1Z, P?'L1K'fzlCl1f,' NIISS SHAXV, f1Lll'i,fL'f BULLDOG STAFF "Aff ffmfy fit fn prinf. 1111! 110 1110re'." XVII.l.IP-.M HIEIJLWIZAIII, ELMER Yow, Cx.AR15Nc.1a Ouvlz, JEAN LYON, ANNA LOUISE FAKE, MARY RANKIN McKli'1'HAN, STANLEY Bli'I"I'S, ONIEIIDA Bow'LEs, JEAN IYIAIJDOX, FRANK EVERETT .ilu LIBRARY CLUB E Ja x R 1 ff ,1 I! N .- : bg I if f ------------'f B-rg-71-' -'-"' R 4 "Good fjti:c11JX1ip fl7I'0l!.Ql7 fjfmzry ,s'e'1'z'iuc'." FRANCES JOHNSON, Premium RUTH GILMORK, I'm-Pn,mz'U1f.- LILLIAN ROSENFIZLD, Sm1'1,zf--1 .- JOHN DEW, T1-Lmf1m-,- M155 Bxzssm COXVAN, fhlmw- COMMERCIAL CLUB lr--.---. "Spud, fiuaffnuzvy. mmf Effiuiu12uj', IWARY LIESKETH, Pl'L,ffLfL'1lI,' EVELYN LOWE, l'fL'LfPI'f.'u1.fLI1I.' BETTY THOMAS. SL4Hf.I1'1.' HIZLLN Sr-mxv, 'Iw,1wnf1r.' AIRS. MOTZ, .1.fu.Lr V, LE CERIILE FRANCAIS "Dife'I' ffm! 11 gnc zwm poffzfez en F7'z1lIC'LIj.f.H JIZAN LYIIN, lmI1IlIff1.' MARY RANIQIN 1N1CKlE'I'H.-KN, I'm'-Pnfmlwff.- VICTORIA ALEXANDER, .51-m1.11-V VON AIITIIY. Tm1.r1m'1'.' MI55 ELIZABETH LILIE5, Adriwr AMA C ,. I x LATIN VIIUB , , T'n'f""f"1II ,If X i If'-. . i 'Aff' ff . ' o'g.h'd:q 'ri'p H Lf' :X ' Aid' ' 'I.vl-1 w, A , I ' 'IIS .. . . - H fm If , D1J'L'll11!l.1' Fmlclzffo ANNA LoI:I5Iz lf.-Ima, Pf-wIlw11.- WI5l,1Jf7N IORIIAN, I'1II-PrmJwf1.' DIARY Lou STACK, Secretary: GIIUIIQIA OLIVIQ, Y'm1I1n-wr MI55 KATIE BIIUAIIIPOUT AND MR5, SIMMERMAN, Aa'1'iJerJ -IS JUNIOR El IISER ASSOCIATION "A fire zrire mfrer gen Jteppeff wi." RUTH GEDDIE, Pmillwnq JUANITA LIVINGSTON, I'mf-PmfJfuzq ALEIEN FALYLKNLR, Sm-LM-1.' RUTH REGMTER. Twwff-w-.' M155 V1RT,1Nm BRYANT, .LIT-mf DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATION CLUB Of in I D OTE: ul .XA,Q - ? qu U p ff' 4 'If cz 1121111 amz blljftf fz beffer 171011141-tmp 1111111 My zzciglvfmr, five zmrfff 1171! Nmkc' 11 jnzflizzuzhy to lm' tfU0f.'. MR. J. Duran H,-XYNIE. XILIJIULI' ,TQ GLEE CLUB mv" ' ' f.. -w-:1 uf-V'i 9" .:'r.Qf1' X ' " -. 1 ' , ,. '. -I' " "X ' ' ' 12-I' , . ' 4, . -r 'D , .f u 7 gy' ,4 ., , ' , , . . 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V U g,'V.,fUf"Q A .1 "" AV. - .. i VN' ' . 1 - Q ' If, , y V - s . ,:-5- 6 'W ,,',,Q , V -Lt' ,fyfif V VF' . T LV? il, uf 'r-E-L: ,A '1+vJ5,"f'f"'ff, ' 'Yig" " , aS.3f- , 4, A,. .kj H - 11,5 -sn-',gQVfj5g g.g,i,55.-5 ' f 'F V.: :half 5, . bin I ' Tn- -Q11r1l,,f2.,f--Q' ,QE --ag ,g?,:,,,,3.'13.QfV ,g f .f A 131.-, '43-'iji - , .E FRANK BAND "A Illljl' X.,v lnzflv flnzfflzf to moflve fbexmzuzge 61'e41Jz'." -I .hm Lmy Pm1.1'Ln1.' HELEN SHAW, l'.ffLVI1f-m.lff1f.- GRACE DEW, StLA7'k'fn'l'V1 .md Trcdmrerq MR. -IDE HAMRIK K. l7in-fior- ' 'L 23 V, V r ua' A -V ll, " , ii " 5 0,35 . 'X-, , z'g,...' ' A ,N -H 1235 Y 532.85 ' f 554291 z I' I 1 . -f ,- 3, 1 A 1.5, ' . 'l 2 - ' I I ' we ,' MV: ' -U . Q' u 8 I K y 12 1 K Q J 5 - :L 2 3? 1 ' E ' - r '11 ., M ' 7 gi' 1' -' A 4' .,. ff, , in ' 'f ' ef J if 1 f 'sz' ' K " .',rf'kx ' ' f '94 ,Q fi , J. -' .515 ' I HSV Vw- 21 . , r Yi xii, , r g .ir ..'V'- ,,r?n. QL M' 1 1 - . ' - V 5 , ,gf '.', QV2: ,W 'rg' 3 4 4 3' " - ,A 4-4 .- 5 , ' fl., if 'v '. 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M- 1, - , 1, K I , , V .. ,J ,, 'V V ,-EMA. cm' ., wer, , N, 51 ",ig-Q::'L'f'x2-gwfifz' H, Y N 1 V N K mffewhfmv-qA:Q5egn5v---,-342.1 we ' ,m1x'1:'5L'Lg:- fv11r.an::g,1R'f Eermaawn "B .. IS . :DJWW f 1 X 4 -' ,I ,V :-14'-""'f xx .gn ' """:::If. :S 1-f-5 2-w--H fi vw-f'-mfg H-gy'-nrt:-sr we '14 7 wwf-Q-vqcwngg ji v-f,9:.:g'4-..- ,,.::,, L , - -, V ,H -2, . in -.l5,:,-J-.-.I v, .,4 ,.-,E . ,S ' P rj , -- , , , ln. gg, ,3.,i..m1 f.-QR, ,, , ,r HQ- -, H NM, 1f1fa,.-,.v--,. ,ct-1' fb Nw- . ,gr ,. '-1:'Lf ' ' fa. ,rua ' L. VT-. -, fr -v X rf- ---lf.-':.: iff, flf. V 5- 4 p 1 -A., ff 1, . . X Q . 1, '- " . ,. 1: ., -1,,.,fL., M4 ,, . .,,,-Q:- ' 'N ' ' if huh Q4xg:.1L , -V:-. --few ' v .-:mf 5.-wr 5-' lfwruj 52181 U7 --: ,A . ' '-1 3 -'14 M. V up-by-nw:.-31.51.-.sjwQ,1.,-wn-mnns1q+v-:.v,- Qbgfv,-vs,3:.,,,jv'v-if .args J J., M1-1 - ,mi-an ' , Lx-.mug .'- ,nm THE HIGHLAND FLINGERS One of the features of "Scotch Day" was the Scotch games, held in the high school bowl in the afternoon, following the parade of the clans. One of the most colorful of these games was the "Highland Fling," danced by sixteen high school boys and girls in the authentic Scotch costumes. The Highland lads and lassies were: Elizabeth McFadyen, Betty McKay, Katherine McGeachy, Peggy Nimocks, Virginia McDaniel, julia Campbell, Mary Burns, Mary Rankin Mcliethan, Von Autry, Harold McRainey, Eugene Tomlinson, Buddy McMil- lan, Bernhardt Xlifaldenmaier, john McGugan, Marcus McGugan, and H. T. McGill. The Ofireriw says: "Nimble-footed boys and girls under the direction of Mrs. john H. Culbreth of Fayetteville swirled their lqilties and snapped their lingers in a lively exhibition of "The Highland Fling." Mr. Garrett, official piper to the president of St. Andrews Order, a Scotch fraternal organization, accompanied the dancers with his bagpipef' It is interesting to note that although this dance is traditionally a man's dance this was the first time in North Carolina that men have taken part in the Fling. A The shamvbattle of ivraafes Creek Bridge was particularly spectaeular. The Wliigs were members of the F. l. L. I., and the Tories were Fayetteville High School Bandsmen led by Bob Adam. I . The first event, and one of the most exciting, was the mounted lance and ring event which riders from Fort Bragg performed. The two opposing teams, the MacDonalds and the MacNeills, wore the plaids of their clan. Other sports were the caber tossing, corn-husking, and pie-eating competi- tions. 52 TENNlSfTEAM ,I xx I I I ,I-ff ' k " ' ' PI2G:,Y NIRIOLRS, BILLY TIILNIIERLI BETTY JANE CLAYTON, IWARY BURNS. JANE CQrIL'NL'IL, BETTY MCKAY, BILL ULIVE MR. PATTEN, HERBERT PORTER, BILL KANO5, LLYIHER DAYYLIIN. FRED QRUMBLIZY. ,IIRIRIIE BROWN X N MONOGRAM CLUB ff ND If , LUTHER DAWSON, TUIIN HRIT'l', l'IIT-PIIIIJLIII, GLS HAIYIILTUN. XYIITY SNLIR, LQRTIIIIRY HLILRIER ,SWL I.If3,- HAROLD Toxx NSTNIY, lm-II.lLf.w ,I,xIYII's PII IRIAN DIXUN MI I,I'IIIY 'l'fL.II,',ILI BILLY THL'N1I13RL,, BRUE Slum ALI,x MI BRYIIL. BILL R.ar.ua, Hlflil45 RI PIJRI1 II. Dux FIIRISUN. IARRIII ADAMR BEN HUSKE. BILL OLIVE. ALFRED RIIJDLEI BILL SRIIIH, MR, SMIIH. MR AIHAAI, :l,1':.fIII- S3 FOOTBALL SQUAD "let -lf! ' ' ' - -A 'ififi BEN 1-IIvsIiE. XVILEY SNOW. BILLY THUNBERG. HAROLD TOw'NsEND. C11-Ctipmm IAxIEs PITTMAN HERBERT PORTER. GUS HAMILTON X JOHN ROSE, AIIm.1gt'r.' DIXON MLLEOII, BILL KANOS. LUTHER DAWSON. HEREI RT BLAHA BRUCE SUGGS, CARROL ADAMS, TOON BRITT, ALEX INTCBRYDE MR. ADAM, Cfflirlvq BLIIJIIY BICINIILLAN, ALFRED RIIIDLI5, GREGORY HOLME5 DExx EY RIDDLF Dlck FORTSON, BILL SMITH, MR. BAss, MR. SMITH, ,1.Lti.i1InIr Cfiathri GRIDIRONMEN VIEW OF '39 Fayetteville High Schools football team, plagued with injuries before the opening game with Charlotte until the final game with E. M. I., ended a dis- appointing season with a record showing 2 wins, 1 tie, and 5 defeats. How- ever, when you consider that Fayetteville is the smallest school in Class A competition. this record is not so disheartening. At the completion of the 1959 season Fayetteville withdrew from Class A competition until she feels that she can compete on an equal basis with the larger schools of the conference. The team was coached by Bob Adam, former star center at Carolina, and was led by Co-Captains Harold Townsend and ,lim McLeod. SCHEDULE CHARLOTTE GOLIISBORO DURHAM RALEIGH XVILSON WILMINQTON Rocm' MOUNT CLINTON M 5 I BASKETBALL TEAM ,p,L'1,- f- f 1 Gus HAMILTON AND HERBERT PORTER, cQkLCLzp7a11f.I- LUTHER DAWSON, FRED CRURIELEY, BILL SMITH, DICK FORTSON, TROY BARRETT JOE CARTER, RAYMOND CROWSUN, HERBERT BLAHA, BLIIJIA' lNlClNlll.I.AN GREGORY HOLMES, Wlcii SMITH, Cnarlt RINGING THE HOOP FOR THE FIRST time in several years Fayetteville High School is not in the Class A Conference. The other teams of the loop refused to play in our combination auditorium-gymnasium. Next year Fayetteville will return to the conference since the gym of the new high school will be one of the finest in the state. The basketball squad this year is divided into two groupsg the varsity composed of 14 players, and the junior varsity having l5 players. The varsity has only three lettermen from last years squad, but the main object of the team this year is to develop better players, for with I2 out of l-4 boys returning next season we have high hopes of capturing the Class A crown. The varsity team is coached by Wfick Smith and the Co-Captains are Gus Hamilton and Herbert Porter. FAYETTEVILLE ALL-STARS 7 1 ST ANDERSON CREEK SCHEDULE RED SPRINcQs CENTRAL HIGH FAYETTEVILLE INI:EPIsNI:EN'I's RAEFORD STEIIMAN CLINTON DIVNN HLDIJE MILLS 55 BOXING TEAM QC DILK lNlAXXY'El.l., VANcIz lNlCBRYlJl2, TROY LEWIS, IAMES FAULKNER, EMORY NIAULTSBY, HORALL RIIIDLE, TOMMY TEABEAUT TIILIIMAN XVIl.l,II-XMS, AII1na,qw-,- RILIEY WILLIAMS, CLAUDE SCOTT, HAROLD TOWNSEND, Cdplulll BILL IQANOS, JllNllXl'X' BROXYN. HOMIIR BFLCHE MR. BASS, Cmzcb SWINGING WITH THE PUGILISTS WITH six veterans from last year's squad and several promising newcomers, the Fayetteville High School boxing team enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in several years, The lerrermen who returned are Harold Townsend -147, George Hutchinson-135, "Shotsie" Alvis-115, James Faulkner- ll I, Homer Belche-1 l5, and Vance McBryde-100. The newcomers who looked good are: Bill Kanosilio, Claude Scott-128, joe Weldon-155. and little Tommy Teaheaur-SS. Tommy Bass, former pugilist from Carolina, coached the squad. Harold Townsend is the captain of the boxing team. SCHEDULE CARY FLoIu2NcE, S. C. GARNER 56 HAMLET LINDEN ill Q, fl :AL I Qi: L ,QI gf, 1, + 1w, nm :nm L ,mv M if l1 , I ll - f lffl. 11 I Maxi" Qi i . S! " Q E 5i'l"3'i5Ei My a - : , I . 1 R I n ' 1 l 1 -, -Y """!"'l'!"l'c , an v From the News and Ubsertver, November 2, 1939 "Fifty years ago this month St. john Philip Sousa surrendered to the magnificence of General julian S. Carr on horseback and the Civil war wounds were healed in one tense moment in the shadow of Fayettevilles ancient Market House when the U. S. Marine Band, all spontaneously played "Dixie" for the first time and Fayettevilles celebration of the centennial of the Consti- tution stood still in its tracks and then went crazy for the space of a quarter of an hour. "Recalling that celebration of 1889 today, one of Cumberlands elder statesmen was unable to remember much beside the explosive moment in the shadow of the Market when General Carr, chief marshal of the parade, stood in his stirrups with his hat lifted in salute when the parade reached the receiving stand beside which young Lieutenant Sousas band was playing martial music. "Sousa had declined flatly the committees' request that the Marine Band play "Dixie" at some time in the ceremony, and the position that the Marine Band was something that belonged to the U. S., and that "Dixie" was just a sectional tune. He was not allowed to play it. It had never been done. General Carr, always a magnificent figure, was resplendent that day as chief marshal. When he got to the reviewing stand he stood in his stirrups, his hat lifted in salute. Sousa couldnt resist. The Marine Band exploded into the battle song of the Confederacy. Mr. Clark says that they just went crazy. Captain James D. McNeill loosed a Rebel Yell and threw his hat away. Everybody went wild. "This year the crack Field Artillery Band and six other bands which will lead the sesqui-centennial parade will play 'Dixie' as a matter of course." From the News AND Oisseaveiz, November 21, 1959 "The hit of the parade were Fayetteville High School bandsmen in kilts and tartans, who for the occasion joined the Clan of Ochiltree, that of the comedian in Greens play, who pleaded and won a dubious clan title." is NEIDA BOXVLFQ EARL ROACH ., S, 5 . "A9ZQ,' ,'ltzs time wlJo'1fe , . ,Al nw, 5 bomziest amamg as N xv F W XO Wh FN as W vm X ! XC: Psy Q Sci, at dv X0 0 WOM HE To lNnln'.'l I IH'-HI I I 4!45g:g,i ll 'Hmm fiffifil ' liffllliel lfl'I1II l 'i! !h!iiU"' ,V VA ' 'S A IN Mc 'KETHAN L R Yow just ask tlwzem! Tlme'Zl do tlwzir best fir ye JEAN LYON f-,,,. XV 1 CLARE Q ' OL1 fr L! '-P .f,.. ey M was 4s,..y,: JF' , 1 , W , Mk "Tis liked by cz' time Cm- IFA . N NIADDOX BR LITON . .iv f-I., -:.g,., V X A Z A. Q Y T Q if -11 W 1 ,wwf ,-"1 e x , 4 ? 5 .X 'Gif--. ' wi 'i Wk TY M K x f :mi A X ' 5.1951 sex, H tg 'ff-52 aifi , ., ' A ' 4552 5:-',:?L 1. iff" ' . ..,: Q -A ,V T 2.-N4 4 'I A HJ' ' K " 1. T. 1 L . I ,iyzv A- -y 9. , Q .qisaw ' -' ev:-ff ' . 1,-i fi g'- wfgr : f -. ,sy . , ues, W 2 f-:aes 1- 1 ae 4' W' 'Arfxf 1' '.,.f ,YQ k -- , Qian. 'ni "'f'A ' 5 1-1, " , X .' , flig Sli yu ve' M chi.. ,,i 'I '74 f J 1 5- 1 i wt --K, ,E yu? 25,-X, ' E1 ,. -Wax ,A152 A K 1., "'f fi I W 11 . mr- ' rw,-V. -A '-r W -.2 ' 1 'p' . K-' w - ' J - fi 'a F lp , - ,A , j.L.,,Q wr, xt, , Q, , 1 E X--M. Q ,.: X. w . -wr ww k ' x .f ' 1 12" 9,11 ,Y-EV-, A 1: ' ' W . Q Z ' 'wi '21, ffl lbw- .',.A'd X ' ,, A 11 - 5 W .Q A Q ,F , ' ' ' , 'vt K4 iihkl -' l S 1 X X gn Z I " " u,-31,1 . lx.-5, 1 ki -, ' ' J ' .f.- 5 J' 54" J fm W 'L .Q x if W., P We If u JEAN Mfxnnox, State winner of the D. A. R. Good Citizenship Pilgrimage Contest. She was Chosen over 54 contestants to represent North Carolina at the 'i9th Continental Congress in XY'ashington. Gi ,X f W -I BS .ar . ""' ' ""'M'H:""n 4, 'WM ":'::?"1M'9"9 H74 z JZ by 71 'JC' if f., fix .,i-,Ning ,, . ,.,, .25-.m.t 75i3"' 5-' 'Y ' w L 2 i 1 , f fa, ., it ' -' f""" -' H Ht 7, fi?--51 - it F . VR g ,J ,r y R .l:Ja':!v.,L 7A, '. V 3 53: 1 ,I ,. V69 , fem . 72' Llflfx, - - A f . E f ,:,,.:'1,J V'-,,l,v1f.3-If-ip. I ua 11+ A .tm 1 4 lk 'sk i f "fe - 3:2 123 7 r --ZW 41 :J -iffy.:-5 . Wa: .,, 4:-ew , 5: pygii , 5 ii 6 , all ga lflfatgmsg, ., ' "4 sg., 66 "Hardluck" Townsend "VUhy boys get gray" 'fonlidentially . . Billy in action "Cousin Kate" "A Man and His Drums" Stilts? Ain't luve grand? Glamour gal? Some joint, ain't it? 1' I' . 1-'p,. ' j,'f ,if Which side up? The opponents 7711111 have scored Guess who! "In the spring a young man's fancy "The Senior steps" Is it Hazel's hand. Bill? Wild Bill and Speed The sunny south Watch out for flies, Helen Whose picture, boys? Don't break the camera, Kids When E. M. l. gets going Line up, look hercel "Mamas Baby Boy" Speed, Britt, Speed! Side show Lead 'em on to victory, Liz Mix-up or confab? Hot dog, Ernie! ' tr -vi .bba .!,,, , 3 5 fi Z s i ss., new . x sv' Y KOR' N 'H Classroom Classics The Diet of Worms was a punishment under feudalism. The imperfect tense in French is used to express a future action in past time which does not take place at all. The moon is more important than the sun because it shines at night, when it is needed. A A circle is a round straight line with a hole in the middle. There are two parts to a sentence, the subject and the predicament. The Equator is a menagerie lion running around the earth. Milton was a blind poet who wrote Paradise Lost. When his wife died, he wrote Paradise Regained. A vacuum is an empty space in Rome where the Pope lives. Louis XVI was gelatined during the French Revolution. An antidote is a funny story that has been told before. An abstract noun is something you can't see when you are looking at it. Gossip is when somebody don't do nothing and somebody else goes and tells about it. Familiar Sights and Sounds Stanley and his Buick Helens horn-"Beep, beep, beep" Mary .lane and Ruth with their "Oh, Clarence! Oh, Clarence!" heads together "Get the point?" Jean and Rankin McKethan, McFayden, McGeachy, Four in a locker McGugan, McLaurin, McBennett Miss Newton's pointer "Get off the 'Senior Steps"'! Anna and Harold "Got a bid to the junior-Senior?" Miriam and a compact "Weren't the Hi-Y initiations the craziest Betty, Peggy, and Mary things?" Silly Similes and Sillier Seniors Bill Kanos-She is as hard to ignore as a ringing telephone. james B.-I'm as lucky as the man who hard a fork when it rained soup. Helen Brooks-Aw, you ain't got nerve enough to have a toothache. Richard Howard-Down in Texas they are so tough that a cyclone has to ask per- mission to come through. Freda-He was as quickly forgotten as an unsuccessful candidate for the vice- presidency. Mary Shaw-The auditorium is as deserted as a toll road in Scotland. Bernhardt-jean Maddox is as dependable as a night watchman with insomnia. May Bob-Some people believe everything you tell them-if you whisper it. Mary H.-When jean Lyon isn't talking, she's as bad off as a wood-pecker in a petrified forest. Max-He who laughs last sits behind the big fat man in the movie. 68 FAYETTEWLLE con sou ww w ifwf " WvY- 1-fwrzf:zw4n"- fw'w-'f-'- f- H ' ' '.,,:.z1,w'f'r,1.1. wp ,.g,,,..V.T:'Q W , . , Q- Y .xx I . Lp, INR-V fk V , J fb, W, .aw f "COMMERC'II ALS" COMMERCIAL FLOAT Theifayetteville Coca-Cola Bottling Company represented a carton of coca-colL-dwithixnggirls, Louisla Rankin., Mary Stewart, Katherine Winslownff Sara Pinkston, Hannah Huslce, and Josephine Jones as the six bottles in the box. Janet MaCConnell and Elizabeth Bruce Case, in white dressesiiand holding bouquets of white crysanthemums tied with red ribbons, were seated on either end of the float and added greatly to its beauty. This float was 'awarded first prize in the Commercial section. , This annual would not have been possible wit-hout the splendid cooperation of the business wand professional men of the city and vyejthe LAFAMAC staE, the faculty, and theestudent body, are-indeed gratelulhto these men who have thought the LAFAMAC a worthy metliunj for their advertising. s'f 1 l7,11 'U X THE REPRODUCTION of the many pageant Scenes in the LAFAMAC has been an unparallelletl undertaking of the Fayetteville High students. This work could not have been done without the generous support of Fayetteville business and professional men. To all those listed on this and the following pages the LAFAMAC expresses its appreciation. T. T. BETTS fs GRADY BURNELL'S ORCHESTRA CARSON'S BEAUTY SHOP CENTRAL CAFE CITY OPTICAL CO. CITY RAPID TRANSIT INC. GLENN COBB C. A. Cox CHIEF A. B. CREWS DAVE'S YOUNG MENVS SHOP DIXON CONSTRUCTION CO. DOWNING AND DOWNING DUGAN'S RADIO SERVICE W. LOUIS ELLIS, JR. DR. F. N. EVANS EXIDE BATTERY SERVICE E, FLEISHMAN AND BROS. HENRY FLEISHMAN CHARLES T. HAIGH P. O. HOFFER THE HUB THE MISSES ISAACS JERNLGAN BODY SHOP DR. J. H. JUDD DR. J. A. KOSTERMAN S. H. KRESS CO. LA FAYETTE HOTEL LA FAYETTE RECREATION PARLOR DR. KENIP LINDSAY TERRY A. LYON MARKET SQUARE BARBER SHOP METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. FAYETTEVILLE OFFICE MILLBROOR HOTEL NICCRORYVS 5 S IO NICKETHAN 8: CO. REXALL DRUGGISTS DR. J. H. MCLEOD MCNEILL NIILLING CO. NEW YORK CAFE DR. R. M. OLIVE DRS. PASCHAL AND CROMARTIE P 8: G RECREATION PARLOR P. K. FOOD STORE RED CROSS CAFETERIA DR. J. N. ROBERTSON CHARLES G. ROSE. SR. AND JR. ROSES 5 54 10 W. M. SHAW A. M. SWARTZ THE TOWN SHOP DR. W. C. VERDERY E. N. VINSON JUNE WILLIAMS lf 71 i llfui Ciumi- -"Ix'1fozif4if,Qi IA PIlll'6I'.H Ilrnri' .Xffglgi-"l'i'i, .mil l,Ql!II7'.HlL't' Is Elin," ,llm CnlIllA.l" lon nziim fulfil Lf.x111f1.'11izIm11i," Compliments of E. W. GBANNIS Contractor FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. BLAKE FLORIST Prince Cliiirles Hotel "Say It With Flowers" DIAL 2683 NIGHT PHONE 2854 P Kc D Motor Co., Inc. FRANK R. BAILEY, Mgr, De-Soto-Plymouth Dealer SALES AND SERVICE All Franklin Street DIAL 51.11 Compliments of THE E. A. Poe Brick Co. Brick IVI2lI'lllf2iCtUl'9l'S Compliments Cumberlaurl Dairies INCORPORATED of Pasieui-ized Milk MONTGOMERY ICQ Cream WARD DIAL A1049 T 8: B Super Service Compliments Dial ll-IS f Day und Night O Oldsmolwilc Sales uml Service Complete Repairs to Any Car Motor Rebuilding - Body Work Painting NWRECKER SERVICE JONES 81 RIDDLE 125 PERSON STREET DIAL 5911 flf7L'l'iIlIH'1-Aliwlllllflc 1' pf. im P" Ilirii--"4 I fl," Uj1Lri:lorg"l'o11 LIVL' iufflillg from ffm! Illllilfiuf " Ilirli 'Hli1'ilf7g'l Him! In mlb In nliwff " II Jbu, ll'lJj Jo ,mn me m mufb zmzke-11p?' ll bg, juni, Lfmff -mn Ilwizzk il lwefpx my L'on1pfe.wu11?" are IlL'l'Ef .wen 1 ln' foflzpfexioflf' The FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER -. 955. M15 .- YOUR OWN DAILY PAPER FIRST CITIZENS BANK 8 TRUST C0 FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Resources Over 820,000,000 i,T.. COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Accounts of Individual Firms and Corporations Solicited j In C42.X'T"Afl'nlILI of zmrk, VIOII Jury? No! 1. The nfea, I Jemfu ll- I luxe Jo lilfle fem' of :work 1 'Qu In .ff.:'r,l7 0e'.l'f1fr,' Ivlfn f - 73 Mr, Bd.l'J-villdf-1' C.11l1eri11e. every time you are 11 lldllghfj' giri I get uuolber gnzj' hair." Mary Catherine-"Gee! You 7211151 have been 11 lerror when you were 11 kid. Look at your poor ofa' G'fdlll!lII0f!56'7'.H 1 8 9 9 1 9 4 0 HIGHSMITH HOSPITAL, Inc. FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -. M ,.- A Private Hospital for the Treatment of Medical and Surgical Cases me :Qs 9- W. T. RAINEY, MD. J. F. HIGHSMITH, JR., M.D. MEDICAL DIRECTOR SUPERINTENDENT Min Fixber 11115 proudly Jboufing off ber pnpiif on rifilors' day. She afked 1.111105 Siziiizmz -who xigned the Magna Carla. He Jtullered a bil amz' fimziiy mid, "I 1ion't know, I di1i11'l." Il"bere11pou one of lbs l'iIil0f.f Itlidiiillltfdfll, I don? like the lookx of that boy, Call him bark, I Ilaizzk be Jia' rigzz it.'y 74 EBI?" Katlsryz-"Il"ba! did Sir ll"uIte'r Rafeigb my zrlven he pfizfeil bfi ffook of Queen Elintzbetbi Dolorei-"Snap 071 il, kid." S. W. Scarborough Matthews' Pharmacy 81 Son G. E. MATTHEWS Rentals Q Q Insurance Real Estate Pittman Hospital Building 420 Hay Street DIAL 4211 DIAL 2507 E F I R D 9 S The Individual Photographs III This ISSL16 of the LAFAMAC Were Made by Q D "Fayetlez'ille'J Fine!! and Moy! Modern Depmvmerzr Sloreu PATON STUDIO "IVbile You Are Abou! It Get iz Good Piutzn'e" COMPUMENTS HONXVARD STUDENTS" of P 81 L Service Station SANDLIN 81 CO. M Your Q Q Patronage Is Wllolesale Groceries Appreciated Q Q Q or DIAL 3380 Hay and Feed Grain 357 Hay Street FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Tzviukle, lzz'i21Ue litlfe mmf To take you home if wry hum' For though I fbange Ihr marks about Somelaou' the truth will alzwqms out, P111-"Liz, if -mn ,mi izfmllrer ZVO711, IW kin Lis-"Oli, 210, 71011 ll'U1l'f eillrerf' . Goodrich Silvertown Compliments Stores Of . . i Tires, Batteries, Radios, White Swan Laundry Bicycles PHONE 5141 228 Hay Street DIAL 24158 Perkinson's Jewelers Gifts For Every Occasion REPAIRING ENGRAVING DIAL 2912 Compliments of HOLT OIL CO. :ip Distributors of Pure Oil Products Newton Auto Co. 142 Pittman Street A LL PHONES 4086 PARK PLACE Service Station FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. "There IJ' iz Ford Prmizzct .fo Meer U , , H All Your Req11irer2ze1zfi"' Youf Fmeudly Neighbor David R. Ray, Owner DIAL 5575 AND 9813 Ford - Mercury 8 - Lincoln Zephyr Cars Phillipis Loan Oiiice HEDGPETH BROS. Sporting Goods - jewelry Musical Instruments "FflYffffeViHe,5 PHUUY Luggagg Since 19051, Money to Loan on Anything of Value 552 Hay Street DIAL 415 1 Market Square 1 A Jani of .villa tz yard of late: A zuiip of tnffe to gire if gmte: A fiozver Abfizfed where fiozweri' ,205 A bzffozrizzg Jkirf, 41 bark 1111111 long' No .tlmlzfifer rfrup, rm ,Sign of ifeere. If Jin ,tliozzftf vozzgli-Good N1l17'lIfll4Q, Ezv! 76 Af flue emi' of fha fflb VUIIIIJ Biffy fookmf 11 fillfe baflerelf np, amz' Couflr zrbifpercri in Zvi! our ASJJ, Biffrly I lure L1 gmail hfczz. The Next time he hifi 3011, 1011 bf! bf!!! fidfkf' CITY NEWS CO. HA GOOD PLACE TO MEET" DIAL 2716 Cozzzpfizzzwzfy of The MCMILLAN-SHULER OIL CO. I NC. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. With Every Good Wish for A Successful and Useful Life . . BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST CO. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Min Tale-"Hou' 2114112-1' 1107161 do Yum bare in -1 ruff body?" Tm-1'-"I :fmfl kazrazuf' Min Tate-"But I IOM' ,mu '1L'CIG?'ul1IV1."' TF0'1'1'.1'65 Nldlzllll, biz! um' bmi ffxb fm' brc.1H,1.rt." ff 77 Mr. Brz.r,r7"1f ion keep on llve lam' 1011 are noir, yozffl be like Napoleon." Clt1.rtri"Ho14' if ibut? " Mr. Brzirw-"Yolz'fl gn tfouu in I-li5t0ry." CAPE FEAR Supply Company Building Material and Industrial Supplies A S: R Terminal-Dial 5727 Compliments of Minor Plumbing St Heating Co. DIAL 5720 515 Franklin Street HAMRICK'S GRILL TOASTED SANDWICHES SOFT DRINKS ICE CREAM Regular Dinners Served HUNTER BROTHERS, INC. Electrical Merchandise Radios - Gifts - China Glassware FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Smith Plumbing Co. E. E. Smith, Prop. Plumbing and Heating Compliments of N. C. COMPRESS AND WHOLESALE CO. AND 410 Franklin Street E' J' WELLS AND CO' DIAL 2012 DIAL 5756 Worth Street Compliments A. E. Rankin CO., IIIC. of Wholesale and Retail THE TEXACO CO. 518 Worth Street DIAL 5280 Hardware, Builders' Supplies, Sporting Goods, Paints Dial 3273 Person Street BCHII'-Hlllflfl7L'7', :fn lbl'-1' bare L1 fourlb of july in ElIjJjdIId.D,i Mfr. Tlm111.1,ri"Nu, nf tonne 1101. You know belief 117411 that." Iitftfy--"Thi-al zrbui mme! afler Iliff third? Fnmk-"Mn friend calf! le!! Iimef I. D.-"ll"l1y not?" Frlmfe-"He but a Venn: Zl'dlL'b and it Zum? any barzdif' QQ 79 VEMCO EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES OF 1940 AND WISHES THEM A SUCCESSFUL AND USEFUL LIFE. a isy 4:ZJ -H-es , i ' QW aww 1 fgiig 1 C3 ""N i ti gli 2-52? I ---iiiigggiggggg ' 'J J, ' , l " Sins? -, - if -nf lc Automatic Phonographs Person render selections by the Weighing most popular ochestra Scale leaders for your enter- tainment. Fifi r"c f i . eerc ' .iz ll, f ' I I 'I I "'6' 'Tl 4 1 'Q ' 4 . ,r.'3,z:2,,, ' A :Jai " .Q I if a RW' 9 , f .. Q Xu Nut and Confec- tion Venders. Notice to Merchants: We are prepared to place in your stores on a rofit-sharin basis all the latest coin o erated 8 games and devices which comply with the North Carolina State Laws. Dial 3171. .igl THE VENDING MACHINE COMPANY 205-15 FRANKLIN STREET FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Herbert Porlcr-"Dow jour orchestra play anlmtlving by req11e.rl.9" llvilfie Ltzwrence-"Certainly, Jir. bare A1011 one?" Herbert-"Yer, pferzfe play dmziifzoef until I hrzixlv fbix dame ff 70 POAIFL'Nltlll'-HSU7'l'Yl, Sou, fllll I lmre to mg j0lH' fur. Y011 EIIOZI' ulmt that zmuzur Iulw D.+'iSl1I'L'. lxlllll I 11111 flldff 10121110116 Phe arm' fag him, Then heir It," Compliments THE JEWEL BOX Leading Credit Jewelers Ot Diamonds - Watches . Jewelry Fayetteville Supply C 207 Hay Street Ompdny FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Fayetteville Wllolesale Company "A Fayetteville Institution" Featuring Fresh Fruits and SMART FASHIONS EOR SMART WOMEN A C I Vegefakbfb 1. d FICISIIIIIZ-lll,S Big Store UlI'lp Ste LOC ' uil ity HH ' V Service lO6-8 Hay Street E . . DIAL 2151 FAYETT VILLE, N C ROGERS Sr BREECE INCORPORATED Ambulance Service Day and Night DIAL 5161 FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. SPECIAL PRICES . . . OII . . . Cards and Invitations for Graduates Hilburn Printing Co. Ili Donaldson Street Dial 3515 L. B. Price Mercantile Company Dealers in Household Specialties, Indexed Bibles, Rogers Silverware 231 Wfinslow Street Lacy Manufacturing Co. QS in SOUTHERN PLYWOOD rt an FAYETTEVILLE. N. C, '111111' ,11q11r Jai 1:4111 nn 117: .1 211 mv Wir. 'Jen Ju U11 ,wmv Je 011111 Jil L1 ,e 1' I 'tell ffl ll!! 1161117 lt!! I ff tfvr1L11t111t n' 111111, "Hue ill' bun fm! 1l'fl.' Yun 1115110 dgdlllfll Hflrw, Dutf, ll!"-l do 'IL' lnnlf me 11'11rr1e11'9" "1 urn' 1111! ll'flIILIIL'f bmi Ulllfb Ifw L'I'L'l1fllIQ mil." more flhlll lm' 11 1fr1ffL11'." "A,1'c'. llm' zz'w'e IILIL' .uw Illllflhil " 'Tun "1v,1t1 Il 11' ilvc bmi," 111111 filI4Lfll.li. 80 E. C.f"H1,' Tlwrv i1 11 bnffetizz up .fcZA'lIl1AQ' llmf Ibe u'0rf1f'5 gmzmz emi' af N1ftfIlf,Lfbl,!'l Shlzfom'-"Oh borrow! l'I'L' ulreudj done my tom0rrou"J al,qe!1m." Highland Lumber Company Shingles, Lumber, Laths Builders Supplies Paint 525 BLOUNT STREET Cross Creek Building and Loan Association QS 19 "Sure to Build- -Bnifd I0 Save" Diamonds - Watches Silverware McDANIEL FLORIST fezvefry mm' Gift! for PREVIOUSLY Ezfery Ocmfiozz M 8: H FLORISTS HENRQQEQEQSSON DIAL 220.1 110 Huy street Dial 2505 907 PUSOH Sffeef Compliments Claude W. Rankin of Sz Son GENERAL RUSENFELITS INSURANCE H FASHION S OP 150 Hay street 2l2 HAY STREET DIAL 3220 Compliments CLARK 8K CLARK of Attorneys-at-Law GX 1: DUNN 8a CO. J. WARREN PATE OWNER J. BAYARD CLARK JEROME B. CLARK Sfmzfe-1'-"Heflo.9 1.1 tluiy Mr. Bozrfw' reJi1fw1re.9' zllilhll-"l'e1', if if." S!11f1fe,1+"l,r Mr. Bnzvlex in?" fliuifz'-"No, be fwfr." Shzufenm-"1lILz-1 1 ,fpcuzk I0 Ozlcidu, pfc11Jc.9 S1 ' 1, I 1110! 1 lnm' clfIl'Ll1,t funk.. ,m LIWQIII' nuff m1'vfe5.f, Yer. If min lur Ilvruc l7IJlH',f 10 get II fnnilfzg Mm! 11111 srsl: 0 4 CON VEN I EN T COMFORTABLE ECON OMICAL QUEEN CITY COACH CO. AND GREENSBORO-FAYETTEVILLE BUS LINES lQT1 Une Speahzfize in Charter Cofzchey- Azzyzrbere - A71 yfime GO PLACES DO THINGS - .. ,, V., II ,rx Gulmw- U lm! flvwe zz'or1f,f are mmf mmf ul .rzfvoolf F113 1111-1c',17"I Juffl limit." , ,,,. . . ., U11 G:llllL'1- lfmt 14 Lmzflfy rlqlu. 82 jct1z1g"i1I.1:j1 jane. mu 71 rm keep tl .wcn'1?" llltlf'-1' 1,1110-"IW fell the 1z'nrftf!" H U S K E Hardware House I N S I S T 0 N Hardware w L A N E ' S BUILDING SUPPLIES L I DIAL 31141 Hay Street QQ BFIIIOIIQS Cash Grocery PEANUT PRODUCTS "Trade Uviflv UJ and Save" AND Fresh Meats and Groceries DIAL +1256 CANDIES 251 Winslow Street l Compliments COMPL1MENTs OF of OFFICIALS QUALITY S H O P Cumberland County North Carolina QQ 222 HAY STREET N. H. McGeathy, Sherifi' R. E. Nimocks, Treasurer J. W. johnson, Register of Deeds C. W, Broatlfoot, Clerk of Court J. A. Monroe, Clerk of County Court T. G. Braxton, Tax Supervisor M. P. Persons, Tax Collector FICISIIIIIHIIQS S T Y L E S H 0 P Exclusive But Not Expensive 114 Hay Street FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. I9 SU! "Irene if fuofeiflvq rallver ofa' lately." "Yet, luv' yilmuflgirl crmfplexiufi gn1tf1zatt'ff with ber." S3 "1 lnrnetf Ihr t'.w1'f 11113 I ,r1gm1fed," replied Rankin indigmznlfy after Ibe Harb. "Ytulv," ,miif Von, Hflvarfr irlvat foofeif mv." BELK-HENSDALE COMPANY "The Home of Better Vfzffzeru -. :ELKLIQ ., .I is Belk's Stores Are Carolinas Largest Distributors RELIABLE MERCHANDISE -. 44, K ii? .- Complete Outfitters for Men, Women, and Boys JACKSON MATTRESS CO. Established 1913 For.... Banquets T e a s Manufacturers Bridge QS Q Make your arrangements to be P. o. Box 1013 Dial 2513 "AT HOME" Q3 Q - AT THE - Slumbernest PRINCE CHARLES M3tf1'9SSeS FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. "Corner LflI'L"'-WAIT," riziil' Grazzdllzu, "u'lmt kind' of fmlgzzage if ibut?" "Tlwl," d11fIl'L'fL'1l Miriizm flbe Jixtcen -16'LZf old lafleialg JON! ir one of fha ROIIILIIILI' !d71IL'Ilu'5LY I'm ftunzizllq, " Oueitftl-"Fred mid ibut I reminded' him of t1 girl on a magazine rover Oliritz-"ll"e1l, Punk, lbtzfs bemute be only tees you once iz month," "A Great Drink- -A Mighty Flavor" DOUBLE COLA Bottling Co. Fayetteville, N. C. JOHN W. PATY, Manager Burkhead-Devane Printing Co. Record Books-Tax Supplies Furniture Office Supplies-Carbon-Ribbons Dial 3007 Fayetteville, N. C. "A Depezzdtzble Source of Supply" Dalllberg St Company I T ' S Certified Public Accountants STEIN BROS AUDITS - SYSTEMS 1 - INVESTIGATIONS In Fayetteville TAX COUNSELLORS For Men and Boys Income - Inheritance - Estate Q Q Payroll - Sales 120 Donaldson st. Dial 2408 The Home of Q"dl'f9' BOYD'S STUDIO MEET YOUR FRIENDS Commercial and Portrait flf Ph t graphs , I 1 0 0 v , The Carolina Soda Photo Finishing - Picture Framing Shoppe 512 Huy Street Box 856 DIAL 2764 Sodns-Sandwiches-News Ed Fleishman 81 Bros. Fayetteville's Leading Store CURRIE COAL CO. "One Good T011 Deferzfey for Men and Boys Anofbef' ms no 107 HAY STREET Hillsboro Street DIAL 2022 Mist Fitber-"Noir this it the .rlory of the titre tz year tum' ,gathered fheir crops?" Billy Let'-"Bought iz mr." Pifgrimf. Nou' what dill they Jo ufluf they lnuf I1 x5 l ,. "Huw diff you Jag jane RU-lJfEf went cmzj? She fried IU lure the A151 word uilb an 6fIl7U,u QUINN-MILLER Sr COMPANY Furniture of Quality We Furnish the Home Complete On Terms You Can Easily Meet HAY STREET DIAL 4177-4178 Sanitary Laundry Sz Dry Cleaners INC. MASTER CLEANERS The Laundry Does It Best 538 HAY STREET DIAL 3156 HATS CLEANED AND REBUILT ROYAL CLEANERS, Inc. "Come Clean With Us and We Will Dye For You" W. A. GREGORY, Manager DIAL -1121 Foot 0' Haymount G'Suy It Wyitll Flowersv From- SUNNYSIDE FLORAL NURSERY ARTISTIC ARRANGEMENT .... PERSONAL ATTENTION D I A L 5 9 4 9 Mr. SNITIIT-"Nu, you 11111.rI11'1 mzoie. Alan who Jnmke mn 77111517 get Iobarm lvearl, amf men 1 f 11'rjr1k loo Nlllfb fnffee gy! Toffee heart." Towlgulf I eu! T1 zulmle 61111511 of .rzreelf do you think that rmzjbe 177 gel L1 .rzz'eell1el1r1.9" H6 Mr. HtlIIlffL'f-,ABllf, ll"1fe,I. .nuff vm 1111 ufmitf VIOIIIH low I'1111I1'r1f of five mr? lluifeji"C1111.It1111If-I. Illr. HdllI7'lL'k, l'111 btlumf three 111,vlI1!f111I'111.I." Reaves Drug Store Your Neighborhood Rexall Druggist PROMPT DELIVERY PLAYER REALTY CO Q9 "Everything in Real Estate" DIAL -I0-I-1 Compliments of , Comphrnents Evans Furniture Co. of 110 PERSON STREET R. W. BOLING Q29 R. W. Pritchard, President M. E, Evans, Sec. and Treus. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Georgia Pine CHFOHIIH Turpentine Company Broadway FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Manufacturers of Pine Products State Theatres THE SITIOXV PLACES OF Pine Srreer Dial 5096 FAYETTEVILLE. N. C. S. W. TOIVILINSON D R I N K Company Royal Crown Cola Nehi - Par-T-Pak Insurance. Real Estate, Rents Beverages On the Market Square DIAL 2748 NEI-II Bottling Co. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Liilfe Dirkie Fo1'1.Io11 rfinzlzetf lo lbs 1'er3 mp of tl zen .fluff fluff, .111If be Iffpptuf. HI' 11.1.1 .111 111 H1117 lerrifir Ipeutf to the Ipof zzlwre 1111- roof 111111 grrlnflzffli fflffl ,1pI1u'. o1L1 1L1 OlLfOp'X 11 ,,11 1 .7 U71 , .11lI'6' INK, OJ HVI , VIII? NIC, .7 U11 1 H11 I, IIFILI' llljlll . 516' t'.lll".7 1111 ,I Iltll K H ' 1 Min Cizrrrzzmlm'-"I mf! Illj lim! period rbemiifry dan the Pnllmmz Clint 116FdIl.f6' il bar three .ifeeperr .uni .111 ob.fer1'i1tio21 .iei'Iio11." Jernigan Funeral Home Ambulance Service BULLARD Millwork Company Windows, Doors, Screens, Frames, gp Cabinets, Store Fixtures, etc. joe H. Jernigan, Manager A- H. Bullard Dial 567 DIAL 3014 206 Gillespie Street FAYETTEVILLE' N, Q DIAL 5971 J. A. DAVIS 81 CO. B R A D Y i S Fancy Groceries Next to Kress "TRY OUR SERVICE" SODAS, TOBACCOS, PAPERS, M AG AZIN ES Branded Meats "Une Sell Ike Beit For Len" DIAL 4ll58 - 4159 SANDVVICHES MADE TO ORDER HAYIWOUIXIT Regardless of the Amount You Fayetteville Spend, You Can Always Be Sure of the Finest Quality . . at . . H3tCll8P,S Jewelry Store EASY CREDIT TERMS Industrial Bank CAPITAL. . . 340,000 SURPLUS . . 320,000 W. H. Marsh, President Dr. J. N. Robertson, Vice-President Allen C. Bell, Cashier I MEMBER D1111 3000 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. M A R K E T Cinderella Booterie F lll'lllllll'C Company ..FayetteViHe.S Finest Q5 za Shoe Store" HAY STREET Huy Street Dial 2-168 "Where if my 1zw1.1'erif1Q boy tonight? "1 zz'um1'er Near or far?" liizrlfi falber ark: um! affili- 'Hmf alto zrbere ix Ibe mr? Ei, X A 4. N. I P ' r. " . , I :ff I .1 , 1 I Ef111w' lou flu' pb011E'I-"The 11.11115 It 51111. 'ION . FN 1. 3, 1111! 1. 1IfiCDIf1'C1lIlHxI..H,Xf1P - 011, 11111111113 11L1'u1' 111f111f."' ORTH BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. U"1z1'111 fzrmzrb 1111 IIIU1 fluff, Sufi 11111111 011 11171 11111111111 r, Little fm? p1'w,w1f L'!U.l'L' tn 111111 ElfEEEK,' Unfm fd Ifw mf 111 f XJ , 1 - 0' ' s ' Q - . I I 0 ' ' ' . ' 'L s , ' , f . ' f x . ' I ' f 0 . . 1 n , - . 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