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'ea ' he la jamac 1939 'Volume XV!! 39 Zi Buhlisbeo hp the benior Qllass jfapzttzhille Zbigb School Jfapettehille, .Worth Qlarolina jfnretnuth IT WAS J UST one hundred and fifty years ago that a Convention met here to ratify the Constitution of the United States. They had tried before and failed, but finally after many heated arguments, the resolution was passed. This year the State will celebrate this event at a Sesquicentennial Celebration here in Fayetteville. Because of this celebration, because this event was such a momen- tous occasion in Fayetteville, and because it has meant so much in the history of our great State, we have selected it for the theme of our 19 39 LAFAMAC. COPYRIGHT 1959 ELISE DUNN ROUSE RUPERT W. JERNIGAN, JR. Editor Burinerr Manager 2 'f' Behitatiun In appreciation of his fine work in music, his loyal support, and his steadfast interest, we, the class of 1939 dedicate this issue of the Iajfamac tO MR. HAMRICK affectionately known as "Uncle joe." 3 -4VJ+. 4 ' ' m7,f,w ffsf li: ' MR. HARRILL Mlss ALEXANDER MR. BASS Mlss BRAWLEY MR. BRICKLEMYISR Mlss CARRAXVAY Miss COWAN Miss FISHER Mlss GAINEY MR. HAYNIE Mus. HILL Miss LILES Miss MACKINNON Miss NEWTON MRS. SIMMERMAN MR. SMITH Mxss TATE . 5 1 ' 5 749114. 1,4-ef. -1 My MM. M - .ff W' WW U X NIISS BROADFOOT NIR. HAMRICK NIRS. NlEW'liERRY MISS WEITZFL X be ,faculty XX V . 2 jf VVKTV NN. ,rn 1 """""'5"""' I 4. xg 'W V ht ffhgig '30, p 1,Xfgga1-gf .4 W gag v aa., Wk VV' :HF f We yu Q? The Iasses 5 Q-QV'-'w-w r :QW 5' 1, J Kia Q. 'W X S K5 V 3 u L ,f-V .- ,HV ., ua-wg' -V-uv 'Fri-!"4?'f-yo' nm, W ' 1 I n R 1 me f fy ' v L ,Mfr qf W ,f K .1 .Lf , x I A A "VV" wfmf ,H-1. J' ew- VJ UW-7 -..Q -38 2.2 Siafwqi V- V M 1 ' . . V 1-o4s4 ,N ""':Q.hg:' ,,, .Q " i. . . V ,. A ' ' :R -Q - .. . V I ' . - V , ' f' V .iy if -gy a V if -.Q--an 33.9.1 ., . 'V -5 ,'V'. VV , Q .- 5-3. I ' V . ' f- 06:12 33 'V ' .fy-V .x , I V .W ,.., 1 -V. 1:51 'V V- " '-Vi.: 3 'V 7 'V HL" ' ' ' A 'V"'V'f" V i4 QI fif""H4 GV"!5"'1"'ff"'7f"'7?'"'1"A""f". .V E V' -Q:T?xL56.' V 1 g Y. ,fl 'gglgi' -V V .. i'g,.js.V. -..Z .. ,rn X' Vi .r:..L,.,..- 7 ff""'V:., 'V ' ' ' ' -, "gf I. 3-5:55 . . 1. V . ' ', , vw-.. .. .,, .. M.. nw-f V .-V.. ' .V M 3 -ff" V. ,Et w PW 'YP-V. We. ,,, , , '. "f 5,5-l:..,hA V - Q .mwzmq S xx cf- A 0 eg V V, rf Q. - , V- V " ' . . V -.j.y-4-.f, 1 . f yy. 1 V .1.V. -V V, ' V 1 'w, V " 1 V--Hx.. -,v ,A .... -I S- L- V.. V V' ."' 1 "iV.f?5+G?'- f 'fi"+ . -'fffffisg 24-::.-V.'.'r 'VZ N""6+Qi,.g',L'Hif' "JV V :J X'- 4 A A .V p - ,AQ-V.: .1 Vg-,dk -V-QV i My W' "V ' V ' 5V-1 -. V....,-- . ' N' ...zz : ' 1 , "1-Q'-Q. '32-H", V ' .. V - V , V . V VV 'vim' S - . - :1'VQV..,.' A". V' 17 "V : 1: .:qu33x, V.. , V 1 "uv-w:sV 1, . . V. X ti. V A v V ' ,'-,UVVVV ,- -JV., mul?-V, , : Nj' -V, 1 V 'V ' V V1-Q' el j -y V ,. '- V, - fi. .-.. - .-""f5,VV me . V. , . w w. f , 4 , ,w . av! X H .Su f it 1 Vg , ., V if Y . V, .'-.V V 2 V, 3 Vu V. V ,, V. V V' 'V V V. X X Vfq.. " X V .su A -V.V-.5 1, 7 ' -V -- W-""'V ,VV .fl . -. ' .V V41 - ,iq V ' ' 'M V-'H " 'Y':,V- N' , . -" j gf 1 'VV V -V. VV ' ' - ' . . V V. 1 1 ' V 1 .Vfa V- :QV i - V V+-V'-x. .lV."' ' Lf ' ' A V Q S- ' V fra-x1'fLV,Vi,Q'f:b"" ' V. 1- .f V V 5 V V XV K' ' 1' A N. 'V - V , , - ,sf ' - -V 5. VJV ' . V V V . ,'i'.gg','V'9g- -f1::fV - V ' C ' X- -.Q V' 'V 'JY VM!" VV!" VG- - 'V ,Vx . VVV. 1f'f""': Haw V 5' JY, VV pf" '....v'f' .fm . I I N '-4 ,31:V,Vr --.zQ1.gV.VQV . V :K wgzgg Jr V 5 -x - V V.Y.LJ, , V x my ,,,-ff . ' , V.VV-ggi-Vgfgggzgxg-'-1'-T1 :FL Q54-,kgf .-fu..:,1- , V 5.-+ , -- ' - - i - ' .Vg-.A if ' , 11.4 inf: '35 V "' 1 -:'g'fg. V V5 .Kg .V 4. -, ' ' V V ' - V V 1.31. -. ,Vg .--. V..Vy V' :',.'f55i.F-2'?'f'V- ETLSVV. - ' , , V - ' x :.Q,. 1, , . ' V Vs V ' V , uf V.:-.Vi .V.V,VVgf 'V-V:1-Vs-f1V,.:.--mt-f as-A:-.V.e' - , '--- gm- Vw V ' . - I n V VV- V: . ' V i V .A V4 V,.,...i. V,,,. . . -f .W 3 . V V, :xx xx V -V1 - .i , ' ' .iii ' -5"'fZi1.fLf5lS:.' f'f1-KEZMK. V-V12 52f5.giHfQ:f,.- , . V '-4"IQ.fV"""" ' 1- , -, I ff "' ' .. " FQ? ' ' Fr?-V' J-'Zf+'V"5'1i'7'f,-. ,"154Piwf1 PQ? ' ,VVVQV-V""" EV 7 ' ' H I ,ff V j, V Vgyc"e'iff1V' -'.:-:.Vq1ef.fVf":J- .fi Y ..:.Vf' .. V. ' 2: 4 ' V. . .- , V. V . .. 1..1z'.VV-,V:'VVVff -.V -:"" V - -V -- --P'-: . . , Qaw' 5' V, 1 ' ' 'V . u V 1 , 1 an-3 V an ,.,.- V V--V1"rr-5"-:1V:'V , ."':,,,,,-Mfr' V' -.ww-A rf- 55 ' 1 jf -V :iVV-ig V V V 1 V VV V V . V 3 VV ff V '--fqffiffa-2.Lifrg-".. z1-VV':- 4. N- V. H ,.1V2+V'-WV -' V V "f,.,:f'.y2 .V is 4 S 5.3 .G g 5 ' Y i,,ff"qQ:Qg. V -I ,az-U5 :V--f 'V N, -V,, W' Q ' i V'-LgVV"V.' 1143 , i - V '- h fy-1.,,,.VLJ"...Vg'.V,J. ' ' j ' w.fV'V ' f:,'?-ggi!-VV WW!" 5' ' Q C3 ' O id if 1 F' -V " ga 1 . Q V, 'KL " 'J'-V' f 'V1 ' ' J, V' I ' ,T F." ' ' 'N . ' 4' '5 V, 5, 3-U. ,441 3' ' 'V 'E V burial Qlustums of 1789 IF A YOUNG man wished to court a young lady he had first to obtain permission from the head of the family. lt was within the bounds of propriety for a young man to take his sweetheart for a ride or to accompany her on a walk. They might be seen together at church or the races, although it was customary for a young lady to accompany the family to a ball rather than to be escorted by her lover. The methods for winning the approval of the opposite sex were the same then as at present. Coquetry and dress were the woman's stock in trade, but she also added other accomplishments of singing and playing musical instruments. The "flapper" was formerly known as a "belle," and "beau" was the ante-bellum term for what is known today as a Nsmoothief' Subscription balls were very popular. Usually several managers were appointed for the season and would make all arrangements, such as fixing the dates of the balls, obtaining a ballroom, and providing the music and refresh- ments. They fixed the subscription price, usually at five dollars, and determined the eligibility of an applicant. These managers also assigned dance partners, conducted the introduction of strangers, and extended invitations to visitors. Dancing was indeed the favorite form of amusement at any social gathering. The private balls were usually very formal. The ballrooms were spacious and handsomely furnished. A range of sofas was placed around the room, and from the centre of the ceiling a large chandelier was suspended from which a flood of candlelight was thrown over the company. Dancing masters often traveled about teaching the newest steps. The minuet and Parsby's Regadoon were very popular, but the cotillion was the most favored. Debating clubs and literary societies were also popular during this period as well as musical and theatrical societies. The Thalian Association was one of the chief centers of social life in North Carolina during the Colonial period. -Betty London Wooten Zia-V7 gt. 44,23 2 X 6 ,Ifffbfiff SAM WRIGHT Prerident 1 MARY KENNEDY VicefPrerizlenl MARY LEE BREECE Marco! MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON Secretary EDDIE JOYNER Treamrer 2- K' ' 1 , 4, , 4416 --""' -Z X mr Glass 5, M7 CLASS COLORS: Blue and Gola! FLOWER: Sweet Pea Morro: Truth Conquerr All Thingf TO THE SENIORS! Four happy years have passed swiftly by, And we are sad as we say, "Good-bye" To our teachers, who were so patient and kind, Giving their best to train our minds. We try in futile words to express our thanks sincere, Always we'll hold their memory dear. So with success crowning our early aim, We have what we hoped to gain. Lifeis mighty threshold now beckons us to new fields Where our minds and hands we pledge to worthy yields, Trusting the influence which led us through past hopes and fears To guide us through long and happy future years. -By Fred Owen, Clair Poet 7 ELEANOR LENORA ACKER Yort'll find her ready when it corner to fun But ulro when there'r work to he done. Latin Club '38. FRANCES ASKEA A mort plearant girl ir France: No excerr ol nudter or dancer. PAUL GEDDIE AUTRY It'J the thingr he Jay: and the :mile he wear: That maker hint wanted everywhere. Mt, Gilead High School '35. Fayetteville High School: Museum Club '36, Stamp Club '36, Library Staff '37, '38, Reporter Cercle Francais '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, Journalism Club '38, '39, Testaror '39: President Museum Club '56, VON AUTRY Without warte of motion, or any foolirh notion, Von daer maintain to learning hi: devotion, Dunn High School '35, '36: Science Club '35, '36, Baseball '36. Fayetteville High School: Hi-Y '38, '39, French Club '38, '39. ROBERT BAGLEY "The may to have a friend ir to he one." LUCILLE CHARLOTTE BAKER Rather quiet, very neat, Q She? a girl that'.r quite petite. Glee Club '36, Journalism Club '37, 13 Stenos Club '39. BOBBY BAUCOM Hir tark ir never torofjend, I And every creature xr hu friend. High School Candid Camera Club '39, Class Baseball Club '36, Stamp Club '36, Boys' Vocational Club '39. THELMA MAE BEASLEY With hair ro brown and complexion Jo lair, .S'he'r a girl who'.f liked everywhere. Dramatic Club '36, Glee Club '36, 13 Stenos Club '39, BRYAN BECKWITH Well timed rilence haf more eloquence than rpeech. THURMAN BISHOP Joyful, likable, and alwayx gay, Although he never har much to Jay. Monogram Club '37, '38, Football '36, '37, '38, Track '37: Baseball '36. 8 ANNIE ELIZABETH BOONE q"PETE"J She never Jeem: to worry, And can :he .firing a line? To know her ir to love her! She laugh! mort all the time. Glee Club '35, '36, '37, Library Club '37, '38, Drum Majorette '39, Latin Club '35, '36, Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39. CHARLES W. BROADFOOT A good :port and very tall- He haf won the rerpeet of all. Radio Club '35, '36, '37, Sophomore Debat- ing Club '36, Latin Club '38, Tiber Timer Staff '38, LAFAMAC Stal? '39, Journalism Club '38, Junior Marshall '38. LEA BROWN ' Here'r a girl who'J nueel and Jmall, Quite an artitt and loved by all. Home Economics Club '36, '37, Latin Club '36, '37, Staff Tiber Time: '37, Sophomore Debating Club '37, Junior Play '38, Mar- shall '38, Journalism Club '38, '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, Secretary Girls' Hi-Y '39, LAFAMAC Staff '39, Boosters' Club '36, '37. FRANCIS BULLARD He'J very Jtudiomg hi.: dignity if a Jcrearn- Bul he'J the antwer to every mazderfr dream. Radio Club '36, Boys' Hi-Y '38, Science Club '37, Track '37, Football '38. MARCELLE BULLARD She pleare: one, :he pleaxex all, And anrwerr every needy call. Bladenboro High School '35: Home Eco- nomics Club '35, Basketball '35, Fayetteville High School: Home Economics Club '36, '37, Basketball '37, '38, ANNE GAYLE BURKHEAD Her sparkling eyer, her winning :mile Will carry her on for many a mile. She'r good in her elanex, .fhe'.f good on the xtage, And Jomeday on Broadway .rhe'll be the rage. Latin Club '36, '37, Home Economics Club '36, '37, Debating Club '37, Dramatic Club '38, '39, Glee Club '38, Journalism Club '38, '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, LAFAMAC Staff '39, Treasurer Glee Club '38, Boosters' Club '36, '37. GEORGE BURRISS ' A football hero, bafketball too, Ir there anything thi: boy can'I do? Hi-Y '36, '37, Baseball '35, Basketball '36, J '38, '39, Golf '36, '37, '38, '39, Fwlblll '27, '38, '39, Track '38, President Class '36, ' 8. FRANK BURTON ' "Ambition har no ren." Hi-Y '38, '39, Latin Club '38, '39, Debating Club '37, Student Council '39, Football '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39, Tennis '37, '38, '39, Secretary Class '36, President Class '37, Vice-President Class '38, BILLY BYRD Billy ix a claumale and a friend Who'll nick by you to the end. Debating Club '36, '37. IRA BLUE CANADY She Jtudief hard and har many friend:- She'r the type that alwayr winr. . We THOMAS SIDNEY CHESI-IIRE "A good diypotilion I prefer to gold." Band '55, '36, '37, Football '37. JIMMY COINER slll'COJ'J' if mre In be To one ro faithful ru be. Greensboro High School '37, Fayetteville High School: Hi-Y '39. FRED L. CROWSON A lillle norueme nazi' and :hen II felubed by lbe beIr of men. Glee Club '35, Radio Club 38: Class Baseball '35, '36: Band '36, '37, '38, '39, Football '38, '39Z Track '3S. PRESTON A. CUTHBERTSON, JR, "He weurr a :mile Ibdl won'l come off." Cramerton, N. C., High School '35: Leilehua. Hawaii, High School '36: Press Club 16: Monogram Club '36, Art Club 363 Football '36, Basketball '36: Nebro, N. C., High School '37, Hampton, Virginia, High School Fayetteville High School: Football '38, CANTEY VENABLE DEVANE Her bmillf. ber rzmlmer. ber neat :wire- Cuntey If u girl we all admire. Latin Club '37, Glee Club '38g Journalism Club '38, '39: Hi-Y '38, '39: LAFAMAC Staff '39, INEZ DEW Complexion fair and hair Jo blond. A girl of whom we are all fond. Fuquay Springs, N. C., High School 35: Basketball '35, Fayetteville High School: Bas- ketball '36, '37. L. G. DEW, JR. If you i'an'! Jtick, don'l begin it. He bar won where work would win il. Fuquay Springs, N. C., High School '35: Baseball '35l Basketball '35. Fayetteville High School: Baseball '36, Basketball '37, '38, '39, Tennis '37, '38g Manager Boxing '36. WILLIAM DRIVER "Cor1,fider yourtelf in luck il you have a friend like Williafr1." Rocky Mount, N. C., High School '35, '36, ANN OLIVER EVANS A form more fair, a face more Iweet Never haf il been my lot lo lIl6'?l,' And ber modext amwer and graceful air Show ber wife and at good af Ibe if fair. Latin Club '36, '37g Home Economics Club '36, 37: Debating Club '37g Glee Club '38, Hi-Y '38, '391 Journalism Club '38, '39, Dramatic Club '37. RUTH FUQUA Her rmiler are many. ber froufnx are few, She :I a girl ufboxe frzendfbip it irue. Panama High School '36. Fayetteville High School: 13 Stenos Club '39, lil LACY CARSON GEDDIE Do your dllly and do il well- Whal more would anyone ask? Hi-Y '591 Monogram Club '59Q Basketball '37, '58, '593 Track WS. MINNIE LOU GENES Since! and small, trim and near. A lmvr friend yolfll never meet. llomc Economics Club '56, '37, MARY FRANCES HALL Mary Fmnrei if wife and newer loud: She u one of whom we are proud. Home Economics Club '56, PAULINE HALL Qlriel, retcrffed. and umallylrighl, Hare 11 rl girl whom we all like. Latin Club '36, RALPH F, HALL "I am ture care it an enemy of life," Football '55, '36, CLYDE F. HERRING CJACKIEJ You .ree her rweet and fair. V And feel her charm in the mr. Rocky Mount, N. C., High School '36 38: Latin Clubg English Club, Tennis '35, '57, Basketball '36, '57l Softball '37, 'SSL Riding '56, '38, Gymnastics '37, '38, Treasurer Freshman Class '56, Latin Club Consul '55, '36, Fayetteville High School: Band '59, , 57. Club GREGORY HOLMES Bram fly and tall, a man-Jize man, He hat many a foolhall fan. Hi-Y, '58, 719: Science Club '37, '38g Foot- ball '38, '39, Baseball '54, '35. AGNES HOWARD 5111061 and capable if lhix pretty lan And in everything .the lead! her clan. Latin Club '36, '57, '38, 39: Library Club '38, '59, Home Economics Club '37, 'ESQ Student Council '593 Secretary Junior Class '5Sg Class Historian '59, RUBY HAZEL HUBBARD Her aim ir never lo offend. And erery pcrfon IJ her frrend. Home Economics Club '56, '37, Science Club '38, DICK HURDIS A Xdlllldflldn. a Jcholar, too, l1"i1h Haze qmz!ilie,i through and through. Leavenworth, Texas, High School '36, '37. 38: Latin Club '36, French Club '38, Eng- lish Club '36, 717: Freshman Baseball '56, Fayetteville High School: Hi-Y '59. I ll fe uf, 4 ff!!!-. ,f.' 3 MARY Cook HUSKE A charming girl with a clever mind, W'ith lady-like rnannerr ,ro rehned. Latin Club '36, Editor Tiber Timer '37, Junior Chaminade Club '36, Student Council '37, '38, '39, President Student Council '39, Hi-Y '38, '39, Reporter '39, Junior Play '38, Marshall '38, Journalism Club '38, '39, Home Economics Club '36, '37. FRANCES JACKSON Still water rum deep. lglgme Economics Club '36, '37, French Club SARAH ELIZABETH JACKSON She hnowr .ro much to be Jo .rmall And we like her one and all. Latin Club '36, '37, Glee Club '36, Dramatic Club '36, Hi-Y '38, '39, State Treasurer '39, Journalism Club '38, '39, Typing Editor '39, LAFAMAC Staff '39, Debating Club '39, Boosters Club '36. RUPERT WATSON JERNIGAN, JR. For knowledge, too, ir in itrelf a power. Hi-Y '37, '38, '39, Student Council '36, '37, '38, '39, Journalism Club '38, '39, Booster Club '36, Football '38, Vice-President Soph- omore Class '37, President Hi-Y '39, Treas- urer Hi-Y '38, Vice-President Student Council lgusiness Manager LAFAMAC '39, Mar- s a 18. MARY ELIZABETH ,JOHNSON This cute little girl if full of life and pep- If you're in trouble, go to Mary Lib for help. Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Latin Club '36,'37, Dramatic Club '36, '37, Junior Chaminade Club '36, '37, Home Economics Club '36, '37, Journalism Club '38, '39, Chairman Junior Debating Club '37, Girls' Hi-Y '38, Basketball '37, '38, Secretary Senior Class EDWARD MELVIN JOYNER The rearonx for hir popularity are not hard to define: He ir rincere and friendly with a very brilliant mind. Brockenridge, San Antonio, Texas, High School '36, '37, Football '37, Baseball '36, '37, Tennis '37, Track '36, '37. Balboa, Panama, High School '38, Monogram Club '38, Dra- matic Club '38, Football '38, Baseball '38, Tennis '38, Basketball '38. Fayetteville High School: Hi-Y '39, Dramatic Club '393 Foot- ball '39, Tennis '39, Basketball '39S Treas- urer Senior Class '39. OLGA KANOS Sincere, ohliging, and iayour too, If you're her friend, 1he'll .ftick to you. Through toil and Jorrow, through thick and t in, She har a handrhake and a grin. 13 Stenos Club '39. MARY KENNEDY Still they gazed, and .still their wonder grew, Tha! one Jmall head could carry all Jhe knew. Glee Club '36, Debating Club '36, '37, Latin Club '36, '37, Secretary Latin Club '37, Home Economics Club '36, '37, 13 Stenos Club '39, Vice-President Club '39, Student Coun- cil '38, '39, Secretary Student Council '39, LAFAMAC Staff '39, Secretary Sophomore Class '37, Editor-in-Chief Sophomore News- paper '37, Vice-President Senior Class '39, CHARLES KING Here'J to Charlet, true ir he, And a good friend, ar you can ree. Band '36, '37, '38, Hi-Y '38, '39, Tennis Club '38, Dramatic Club '39, Head Cheer Leader '39l Journalism Club '38, '39, Debat- ing Club '39, Treasurer Debating Club '39. CHARLES WATSON LAWHON Warren lawhon if quite a Jhiek, He change: girl: every week. Latin Club '36, '37, '38, '39, Band '37, Hi-Y '39, Debating Club '39, Journalism Club '38, '39i Cheer Leader '39, LAFAMAC Staff '393 Senior Play '39, Dramatic Club '39, Boosters' Club '36, Triangular Debater '39, Wake Forest Debater '39. 12 CECIL LEE I-Ie'r a good worker and witly too- Yoa never ree him rad and hlne. English Club '37, Debating Club '37. JACK LUNDAY With a bandfome face, hath joyful and gay, jazrk glider along and nmally haf hir way. Baldwin High School, Montgomery, Alabama. '36. Lanier High School, Montgomery, Ala- bama, '37. Fayetteville High School: Hi-Y '38, '39g Journalism Club '38, '393 French Club '39, Tennis '38, 392 Basketball '39. KATHLEEN MCBENNETT "A little rtrncinre parked, So clore with mental rpzceryf' Commercial Club '38, '39Z Debating Club '36, '37, '39I Glee Club '36, '37, '38, '39s Latin Club '36, '37g Home Economics Club '36g Class Editor of LAFAMAC '39l Journal- ism Club '38, '391 Museum Club '38, Dra- matic Club '36. JoI-IN GUE MCGUGAN "I-Ie'5 not afraid to .ray hir Jay, Though the whole world be againrt him." Band '37, '38, '39, Boys' Hi-Y Club '39: Dramatic Club '39, ANNE AGNES MCINNIS Her very frownr are fairer far, Than xrnzlef of other maidenr are. Glee Club '36, Debating Club '36, '37 and Secretary of Debating Club '37g Latin Club '36, '37 and Treasurer of Latin Club '373 Home Economics Club '36, '37, Commercial Club '38, ALICE MARGUERITE MCLAURIN Some girlr are dainty, ,come are rweet, Brit none .ro lovable ar our Margrierite. 13 Stenos Club '38. VERA ELEANOR MCLAURIN "For .the war fer' the quiet kind Whore nature never ifarrerf' Glee Club '37g Latin Club '36, ,ablj BILLY MCLEOD The rimple. Jilent, Ielf-len man, ir worth a world of zongnerterr. JIM MCLEOD "If he will, he will. and yon may depend upon it, If he ufon't, he won't and that'r the end of it." Monogram Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Football '35, '36, '37, '38g Baseball '35, '36: Boxing '37, '38, Captain of Football Team '38, ROBERT MACMILLAN W'e mari have a rearon for Jpeech, Bn: we need none for rilenve. Band '35, '36, '37, '38, '391 Glee Club '36, '37, Baseball '35, '36, Vice-President of Band, ', 9. 1 MARY LOU MCNEILL Very quiet and rtudiozu if the. A better pupil there rould rtol be. Glee Club '35, '36, '37, Home Economics Club '37, ELEANOR MCRAE "Laugh and the world la.fzg'1I willy yon. Weep and you weep alone." Hamlet High School '36, '37: Class Secre- tary and Treasurer '36, '37, Girl Reserves '37, U Fayetteville High School: Girls' Hi-Y '38, '39, Journalism Club '38, '39, Class Prophet 1 '39, French Club '39, MM HELEN MANN ll'r not beralue yo1t're jolly Anil never tt trifle blne. lt'r not beware your wordi' Are newer flow and few, But the reaxon we all love you IJ flljl became you're you. Debatefs Club '36, '37, Latin Club '36, '37, Home Economics Club '37, Library '35, Dramatic Club '36, I3 Stenos Club '39, Bas- ketball '39, Cheer Leader '39, EULA MARILYN MILLER Willa hair ro dark and eyer to brown, A gzrl wbo'll newer turn you down. Battleboro High School '36, Fayetteville High School: Home Economics Club '36, Latin Club '37, Basketball '36. 1 MARJORIE MARGARET MORRIS A lwppy ilnile 1l:Iut',f 4 joy to ree, And tu nite at anyone can be. Home Economics Club '38, Latin Club '35, LAURENCE NICHOLS You cannot find them anywhere, Lzke lamrenre, polzle and rure. Football '38, JIMMY NORRIS The bert hearted boy you ever knew, He'I A good friend and a good rtudent, too. Latin Club '36, '37, '38, '39, Library '38, Band '37, '38, 391 Orchestra '39, Boys' Hi-Y '39, FRED OWEN Fred ir 4 fine butirrerr man Alwayt willing to do what he run. Radio Club '36, '37, Boys' Hi-Y Club '39, French Club '38, High School Candid Cam- era Club '39, Boys' Vocational Club '39, Stamp Club '36, Journalism Club '39, Class Poet '39, ELSIE LOUISE PEOPLES She ir 4 ebeerful little lan, And tfery popular with the clan. Glee Club '36, '37, '38, '39, Home Eco- nomics Club '39. JAMES R. PITTMAN, JR. falner if a friend tlJat'r true And 4 good rport, through and llvroltgh. Golf '37, '38, Football '38, '39, Baseball '37, Track '38, Monogram Club '38, '59, Boys' Hi-Y Club '38, '39, I4 4 yd, at 7'7'7caf-a. MARY T. PITTMAN There wa: a little girl and the had red hair, She wax ro ifery ,vufeet and oh, .ro very fair. Wilmington High School: Glee Club '35. '36. GRACE QUICKE Grare if rweet, happy, and gay, Helping otherr along the way. Jefferson High, Washington, D. C., '35. Fay- etteville High School: Glee Club '35, '36. '37, '38, '39 and Secretary of Glee Club '36: Home Economics Club '36, '373 Science Club 373 Debating Club '36g Dramatic Club '36g Basketball '35, '36, '37, '58, '39. JAMES WILLIAM RAEFORD You alwayr :ee him with a Jmile on hir fare- No one could pouibly take hir place. Salesmanship Club '373 Radio Club '361 Science Club '37: High School Candid Cam- era Club '39L Boys' Vocational Club '39. DORIS RAGAN What thi: girl .ftartt out to do, She finirheJ right, I'm telling yoa. Latin Club '36, '37. JACK LEON RATTS jack game to ur late in the game Bat hu knowledge har won him fame Biscoe High School '36, '37, '38. Fayette- ville High School '39, Orchestra '39, French Club '39. JACK RHODES Happy at work, happy at play, Laughing and talking all the day. ALFRED MARVIN RIDDLE The bert hearted boy you ever knew, I-Ie'J a good Ittident and an athlete, too. Elise Academy: Debating Club '36, '37g Glee Club '36, '37Q President of Boys' Glee Club '36, '37g Football '36, '37g Baseball '36, '37: Awarded Citizenship Medal '36, '37. Fay- etteville High School: Football '35, '36g Science Club '35: Football '38. ELISE DUNN ROUSE AJ Editor-in-Chief of our LAFAMAC She'I made herielf a name. No ohttacle will ever make her turn bark. She'J well on the road to fame. Latin Club '36, '37, '3S3 Dramatic Club '36, '37g Junior Play '38g Home Economics Club '37: Debater's Club '37, '38, '39 and Presi- dent of Debating Club '39, Secretary of De- bating Club '38g Triangular Debater '38g Marshal '38g Girls' Hi-Y Club '38, '39, Editor-in-Chief of LAFAMAC '393 Girl Scout '37g Prettiest Girl '393 Good Citizenship Pil- grim '39L Journalism Club '38, '39, KATHERINE SANSON Her lowing wayx, her manner Jzuact. , Charm all thoxe .rhe iihancer to meelijf 1' . Latin Club '37g Journalism Club '393'Fl'ench -,. Club '39. ,T JJ -if .1 Roy ROBERT SAPPINGTON 8,7 X jf' Wfhezz thingf look dark and gloomy all lg 'x,' the while -fl .A 4 JJ Roy can amally make at fmile. , , ' 15 a li GLADYS JACKSON SESSOMS A dafhing brunette ar one can fee. And very popular we all agree. Latin Club '36, '37 and President of Latin Club '37, Glee Club '38 and President of Glee Club '38, Girls' Hi-Y '38, '39 and President of Hi-Y '39, Journalism Club '38, '39, LAFAMAC Staff '39, Cheer Leader '39, Junior Play '38, Dramatic Club '39, Best- All-Round Girl '39. BETTY PAIGE SHEPHERD Betty ir a newcomer to our flair, And a ifery popular little lair. Greenwood High School '36: Hobby Club '35, '36. John Marshall High School, Rich- mond, Va.: Lynx Club '37, '38, Dudes Club '38, Basketball '36, Gym '37, Fayetteville High School: 13 Stenos Club '39, ROBERT STEPHEN SHERMAN When lhere if romething to be done Robert ir there on the run. A dependable worker ir he And gem rerulli that all can ree. Boys' Hi-Y Club '38, '39, Band '36, '37, '38, 39: Orchestra '39, LAFAMAC Staff '39, Latin Club '36, '37, Glee Club '37. EVELYN ROSE SIMON A bright young girl with prim little ufayr When Evelyn if your friend, Your friend ,the Jrayf. Home Economics Club '36, '37, Junior Cham- inade '36, Sophomore Debating Club '37, Girls' Hi-Y Club '39, LAFAMAC Staff '39, FRANCES LOUISE SLOAN Blond and darhing, farefree and gay. The kind of girl who hrightem our way. Journalism Club '38, '39, Latin Club '36, '37, Girls' Hi-Y Club '38, '39, Copy Editor for LAFAMAC '39, Sophomore Debating Club '37, Basketball '36, Editor-in-Chief of Our Ink '39. ETHEL JONES STEVENS .Yhe doe,rn'l talk imzfh il ii Irlze, For Jilence ii golden, we Jay. But .the doer more than "I or you" And we talk the live long day. Home Economics Club '36, '37, Latin Club '36, '37, '38, '393 Debating Club '36, '37Z Girls' Hi-Y '38, '393 Junior Chaminade '36 ROBERT GLENN STEVENS "Let my deep Jilenze Jpeak for me." Band '36, '37, '38, '39, MARY KATHERINE STONE A friend to me, a friend to yon. She'J a Jhark al harkelhall loo. Home Economics Club '36, '37, Debating Club '37, Glee Club '36, '37, Latin Club '36, '37, 13 Stenos Club '39, Basketball '56, '37 JACK BRYAN STUBBS A ,rleady boy with a goal in ifiew, And willing to work to Jee it through, Maury High, Norfolk, Virginia, '36, '37, 38. Fayetteville High School '39: Most Courteous Boy '39. DOROTHY SYKES Not too Jerioiu. not too gay. flu! a jolly little girl, in her mln way. 16 FRANCES ELIZABETH SYKES Here'J lo the girl with a heart and a .tmilo That make! lhe bubble of life uiorlh while. Raleigh High School '35, Music Club '33 Basketball '37 MARY COIT TILLINGI-IAsT Pep, ufitdom, joy and everything worth while, Mary Coil haf them all, film u 1'ery pleamnt Jmile. Debating Club '36, 37: Home Economics Club 36, '37, Latin Club '36, '37, '38, '39: Girls' l-li-Y Club 38, '39L LAFAMAC Stal? 39: Dramatic Club '39. HAROLD TOWNSEND "The romhined qmzlitiet of a gentlemtm. 41 Jtudent, and a great athlete." Monogram Club '37, '38, '39, Boys' Hi-Y Club '39: Best-All-Round Boy '39: Most Valuable Football Player '39: Football '36 '37, '38, '39, Boxing '38, Track '38, Base ball '37, DAVID TRICE A good name if heller than 11 prcrittlu ointment. Museum Club '37, Latin Club '36, '37, '38, '39g Boys' Hi-Y Club '38, '39 and Treasurer of Hi-Y '38. MARGARET E. TRIPP An ulhlefe beyond vompare, And in her .ftudief very rare. Latin Club '36, '37: Debating Club '36, '37 Science Club '37, Radio Club '36, Tennis '37 '38, Basketball '38. CARTER TWINE "ThuronghneI1 if the key In mrcei,r," Latin Club '36, '37, '38, '39: Boys' Hi-Y Club '38, '39 and Secretary of Hi-Y '38, HESTER LEE UNDERWOOD Rafe t'0lI1170IH1d of qualify, noble and inte With plenty of good Jeme and good humor mo. Glee Club '363 Home Economics Club '36 '37g Debating Club '36, HARRIS M. VINOKUR Ambition, penonalily, arhiererzlent- Harru ha! all theie lo hit tredit. Debating Club '36, '39, Dramatic Club '36, Latin Club '36, '37, '38, '39: Science Club '37, '38g Boys' Hi-Y Club '39Z Journalism Club '38, '39: LAFAMAC Stat? '39. MAYME CLYDE WARD Tall, atlraclire and fair. Alwayf milling to do her Jhare. Dramatic Club '36, '37, '38, Latin Club '3S: Basketball '38, '39, Captain '39. JESSIE H. WARREN jamie it true, Tweet and kind, A better friend you'll newer find, Home Economics Club '39. l 'KQW MILDRED CATHERINE WATSON Alufayr Jmiling, never .rad,' Shelf the kind that never getf mad. Pineland Junior College '34: Basketball '34, RAYMAN LAMAR WILLIAMS He'I a good friend and witty, too, You newer tee him .rad or blae. A lady killer, a Jtadent bright, Whalerfer he doex, he doex right. XVilson High School '36, BETTIE LONDON WOOTEN A lady born. a lady bred, And in addition a fine level haed. Latin Club '36, '37 and Secretary of Latin Club '37: Home Economics '36, 373 De- bating Club '371 Girls' Hi-Y Club '33, '39 and Treasurer of Hi-Y '38 and Vice-President of Hi-Y '39: ,l0urnalism Club '38, '39 and Presidenr of Journalism Club '391 Dramatic Club '39: LAFAMAC Staff '39. SAM WRIGHT With the boyf, he'J a friend maker- With the girlr, he'J a heart breaker. Museum Club '37, Vice-Presiclentg Boys' Hi-Y Club '37, '38, '39 and Secretary '37 and Vice-President '39l Journalism Club '38, '39g Student Council '38, '39g Latin Club '36, '37, '38, '39Q LAFAMAC Staff '39, President of Senior Class '393 Treasurer '38, Social Com- mittee '38, '39. Seniors whose pictures Eu ,Hut Qppsar STACY HAIR "WiJe lu rerolrfe, patient to perform," J. L. JOHNSON Fond of athletic! and a good time loo, I. L. ir a friend to me and to lyou. I MARY CATHERINE MELVIN M ' Sober, quiet, patient, and demare- A friend of whom you're alwayr If e. Glee Club '36, '37. JAMES ROBERTS jimmy liket Jporlt. la him they're a treat: He'd rather play football any day than eat. 18 June, 1939 At home DEAREST NAN, Thank you so much for the lovely graduation present. I still can hardly believe that high school days are over. Can you? Do you remember our first day at high school? We were so scared! And then, remember our first class meeting, when we elected officers. If you remem- ber, George Burriss was president, Frank Burton, vice-president, and Patsy Miller was secretary and treasurer. And then we selected for our class colors blue and gold, for our flower the sweet pea, and for our motto "Truth Conquers All Things." At Commencement, that year, when Patsy Miller won the Schol- arship prize, we were so proud of her! After that, you left. We missed you 50 much. In September, '36, we began our second year of high school. A few mem- bers of the class were missing, there were a few new ones. For this year Frank Burton was president, Rupert Jernigan, vice-president, Mary Kennedy, secre- tary, and Anne Mclnnis, treasurer. Nothing of special importance happened to us that year. In the fall of 1937, we came back again as juniors. George Burriss and Frank Burton again were president and vice-president. Agnes Howard was secretary and Sam Wright was treasurer. In the spring of '38 we gave a Spanish Junior-Senior CI wrote about thatb. Robert Lee was chief marshall that year. Elise Rouse was the junior debater and Anne Burkehead won the Junior Stedman Essay prize. Then at last we became seniors. We could sit on the front seats in chapel, be the first to leave, and use the senior steps. Our officers for this all-important year were: Sam Wright, president, Mary Kennedy, vice-president, Eddie Joyner, secretary, and Mary E. Johnson, treas- urer. We finally picked these superlatives: Prettiest Girl-Elise Rouse, Most Courteous Girl and Boy-Cantey DeVane and Jack Stubbs, Best All-Round Girl and Eoy-Gladys Sessoms and Harold Townsend, Most Dependable Girl and Boy-Agnes Howard and Rupert Jernigan, Most Popular Girl and Boy- Mary Huske and Eddie Joyner. Donlt you think that we've had four very nice years of high school? I do. Write and tell me how youlve been getting along. Love, Polly. L -i"N-16, g.Lxa.L,ELl. LJ 19 Miss GLADYS SEssoMs Heaven, Dean of Girls April 26, 1955 LaFayette University New York, New York Dear Gladys, Upon hearing that you were so ill, I decided to write you. That was a year ago. I was disappointed not to find you here, so I take it for granted you're still "hanging on." Well, things have happened quickly. After I left you at the hospital, I saw Billy McLeod with Elise C"Gay Divorcee"D Rouse, and the dire shock of seeing him with a specimen of the female sex was too much. I fainted. When I awoke, I was surrounded by nurses. Eleanor Acker, Marcelle Bullard, Mary Frances Hall, Olga Kanos, Doris Ragan, and Mildred Watson were all looking at me and trying, I guess, to figure out whether or not I was real. In a small while three more nurses, Margaret Tripp, Marilyn Miller, and Jessie Warren came in, fol- lowed by, of all people, Doctor Dick Hurdis and Doctor Sam Wright with his inseparable assistants, Carter Twine and David Trice. With apologies for the on-lookers, Sam asked if E were ready for him to operate. That was too much! I died. After Doctor james Pittman helped them pronounce me truly dead, I was sent to the Lee Tatum-La Marr Williams funeral home. Here Katherine Sanson, Grace Quicke, and Ruby Hubbard, beauticians, tried to fix my hair so that I'd at least be buried a good-looking woman. From the funeral home I was flown to my cemetery in a plane piloted by John Mc- Gugan and jack Lunday. The Zooki of things almost made me wish I were alive again. Then the funeral. Do funerals make you nervous, Gladys? Your being so sick. . . Harold Townsend and Charles Broadfoot conducted my funeral. There were so many prominent people present. Doctor Charles King was there. Doctor Watson Lawhon was among the rest, and he certainly looked sad. They say he still can't make up his mind whether to return to kindergarten or not. CLea Brown is the principal-or principle-have it your way.J The famed business man, james Norris, was surrounded by his secretaries and stenographers, Mayme Ward, Hester Underwood, little Mary Kennedy Cwho is actually beginning to grow -two inches D, Helen Mann, Catherine Melvin, and Mary Louise McNeill. Thurman Bishop, james Raeford, and Howard Brown, the wealthy automobile factory owners, were sad on- lookers. I think they really came to hear Fred Owen make his speech-which was very touch- ing. Robert Bagley and Inez Dew wrote up my funeral for the "Happy Herald," Mary Huske's society newspaper which is printed by Glenn Stevens. Robert Sherman rendered "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep", Thelma Beasley sang too, accompanied by Lucille Baker at the piano. Then the funeral ended. They covered me with dirt-not any too reverently, either. Gladys, getting here is an easy matter, but I had to have my lawyers, Mary Elizabeth Johnson and Harris Vinokur, argue Saint Peter into admitting me. Imagine the humiliation! I 'll stand by you, though. ' Not so much occurred until recently. Anne Evans, the New York Times star reporter, died of a broken heart in spite of the faithful administering of Doctor Annie Boone. Anne and I have done a great deal of talking lately. She told me that joe Melvin and Gregory Holmes own the worldis largest department stores, and they have hired, it seems, everything from clerks to stenographers and secretaries-all coming from Fayetteville. Minnie Lou 20 Genes, Vera McLaurin, Elizabeth Sykes, Marjorie Morris, and Elsie Peoples are clerks. Ste- nographers for the firm are: Marguerite McLaurin, Kathryn Stone, Dorothy Sykes, Pauline Hall, and Frances Askea. Sarah Jackson and Kathleen McBennett are the chief secretaries. Bobby Baucum helps manage the home town store. Howard Grifhn, Frank Burton, and Cecil Lee keep the accounts, L. G. Dew and William Driver take care of all important books and records. Wonder how many nights a week the owners Cwho told me they were out to be "ladies'-men'i?J work-with the secretaries or stenographers? And, oh yes, Paul Autry, whom I always wanted to be a preacher, drew up the plans for the Fayetteville building. Speaking of buildings, I guess you've heard of the awful Jernigan fire. They say Rupert's business was all but ruined. He runs a Parisian style shop, you know. Anne Burkhead gave up her "dramatic career" so that she and Betty Paige Shepherd could design the gowns. Eve- lyn Rose Simon tries to sell them to prospective customers, and the customers wear them- they hope. Fires really are awful things, often resulting in much tragedy. Are you sure your hospital is fire-proof? If not, call on inventor Francis Bullard for help. No use burning until you have to. Of course you want to know what has happened to Eddie Joyner. Anne found out all about it from Mary Pittman, who is the telephone operator in the Joyner "Lovely Ladies' Luxuries" building. He sells all sorts of beauty hints to the young women of the world. Anne Mclnnis is practically boss of the firm, Ruth Fuqua and Frances Jackson aid her. Ira Blue Canady keeps an account of the firm's debts. Lacy Geddie and Ralph Hall test the creams for impurities. Speaking of beauties, I hear that Roy Sappington is in the U. S. Coastguard service. Do lovely girlsturn over in boats? Or what do the coast-guards do? So Stacy Hair pulls teeth! And J. L. Johnson, Frank McFayden, Jim McLeod, Robert McMillan, Thomas Cheshire, and Laurence Nichols are getting wealthy selling tobacco. Will you need to borrow money for funeral expenses? Guess what! Bettie London Wooten and Mary Coit Tillinghast have run away to Holly- wood! Bettie London was the world's loveliest debutante, and Mary Coit was teaching ex- pression. Teaching reminds me: Agnes Howard teaches English, Jackie Herring, health and physical education, Ethel Stevens, home economics in Lea Brown's school. When it comes to "home," has Frances Sloan married yet? I hear she's succeeded in making quite enough money in her athletic work to support them both. And has Cantey DeVane chosen between her loyalty to the Navy and marrying into the Army? School reminds me of something else Anne said. She told me that engineers of all types are as prominent as Hitler was when we were young. She remembered about all of them: Fred Crowson, Jimmy Coiner, Billy Byrd, George Burriss, Von Autry, Bryan Beckwith, Jack Ratts, Alfred Riddle, Jack Rhodes, and James Roberts are a few. And last but not least, in the way of peace and quiet, the president has just sent Jack Stubbs over to some far-off country to see what Jack can do to promote peace. It's really nice up here. Perhaps I'd better stop now. I just wanted to write you a letter to cheer you up. I hope I'll see you soon. Your loving friend, Eleanor McRae. 21 LN last EIU ant Ulfestament STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF CUMBERLAND CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE WE, the Class of '39 of Fayetteville High School, being of supposedly sound mind and having a high standard of character, do now hereby declare and publish certain properties and effects that we have obtained during the four years of our adventurous journey. We do will and bequeath the following: SECTION I, ARTICLE SECTION I, ARTICLE models of perfection. SECTION I, ARTICLE in us. SECTION I, ARTICLE and Council leading. SECTION I, ARTICLE a successful organization. SECTION I, ARTICLE interest in our annual. I: To F. H. S., our fond memories of high school days. II: To the faculty, the privileges of using us as shining III: To Mr. Sisk, our hearty appreciation for his interest IV: To Mr. Harrill, our thanks for his staunch support V: To the Parent-Teacher Association, our best wishes for VI: To the Merchants, our gratitude for another year's SECTION II, ARTICLE I: To the junior Class, we leave all of our Senior privi- leges and the enjoyment of editing the 1940 LAFAMAC. SECTION II, ARTICLE II: To the Sophomores, we leave our school loyalty, hoping they will maintain this school spirit. SECTION II, ARTICLE III: To the Freshmen, we leave our excellent patterns and our colors, blue and gold. SECTION III, ARTICLE I: We, Gladys Sessoms, Helen Mann, Charles King, and Watson Lawhon, do will and bequeath our "clap, clap, clap" method to the oncoming cheer leaders. I, Jack Lunday, do will and bequeath my ingrowing toenail to Frank Everett. I, Mary Huske, do will Varnadoe. and bequeath my blank mind and title "Porky" to Betty I, Eddie Joyner, do will and bequeath my memory to May Bob Downs. I, Betty London Wooten, do will and bequeath my old maidish ways and spinster- like airs to Oneida Bowles. I, Sam Wright, do will and bequeath my study room key to Clarence Olive. I, Robert Sherman, do will and bequeath all past French knowledge to the highest bidder. I, Evelyn Rose Simon, do will and bequeath my giggles to Mary jane Brothers. I, Jimmy Coiner, do will and bequeath my screechy voice to Elmer Yow. I, Eleanor McRae, do will and bequeath my boy friends to Hazel Ponton. I, Lea Brown, do will and bequeath my manly size to Jean Lyon. I, Carter Twine, do will and bequeath my attractive feet and small toes to Stanley Betts. I, Cantey DeVane, do will and bequeath my big brown eyes to William Hedgepeth. I, Mary Elizabeth johnson, do will and bequeath my studiousness to Anna Louise Fake. In witness whereof we, the said Senior Class of Fayetteville High School, do hereunto set our hand and seal, this january twentieth, nineteen thirty-nine. Witnesses: David Trice Von Autry Signed, THE SENIOR CLASS PAUL AUTRY, Termfor ga ELMER YOW President HELEN SHAW RAYMOND CROWSON Vice-Prefidenl Secretary and Treasurer e V ' Eluniur Qlilass CLASS COLORS: Purple and White FLOWER: Sweet Pen Morro: Ducamuf JUNIOR CLASS POEM Move on, O Seniors, You are mighty and bold, But the Juniors are heading For your long-cherished goal. A Firm and steady we stand in our place. Always alert and always awake We strive to keep our upward pace. May 1940 bring you great success And to us bring happiness. -Clara Martin 23 W, ,y f iiuniurs MARY CATHERINE BASS, STANLEY BETTS, ANNIE MAE BLOODWORTH, HELEN BOLTON, RUTH BOWERS ONEIDA BOWLES. VIRGINIA BRIDGES, TOON BRITT, HELEN BROOKS, MARY JANE BROTHERS, J. D. BRUTON, OLIVIA BUCKINGHAM. VERA BUTLER, CROWELL CALLAHAN, ANNE CHUNNJOHN COX, RAYMOND CROWSON, MIRIAM DEMPSEY MARY DOTSON, MAY BOB DOWNS, SARAH LOUISE DUNNEGAN, FRANK EVERETT, ANNA LOUISE FAKE HERBERT FLEISHMAN. ETHEL FOUSHEE, FREIDA FRIEDRICH, NORVA GARDNER, HILDA HALL, DAVIS HAMILTON, WILLIAM HEDGEPETH. Zvi s wa H,-q J A f '65 ,I I NX 'B I 1 ,I, I l lf ' 1 A i 3 , 5 9 MARY HESKETH, JEAN HOLLINGSWORTH, ELIZA HOLMES, IRA JERNIGAN, HESCHOL JOHNSON, MARY JANE KELLY. CASSIE LEWIS, FRANCES LOY, MARY BROOKE LUCAS, JEAN LYON, RICHARD MALLONEE, NIARIE MILLER. ELI MONSOUR, MARGUERITE MCBENNETT, ANNIE MCDOUGALD, ELIZABETH MCFAIJYEN, KATHERINE MCGEACHY, MARCUS MCGUGAN. MARY RANKIN MCKETHAN, MILIJEQEIJ MCLAURIN, KATHERINE MCIVER, HELENE NYE, CLARENCE OLIVE, REBECCA PATTERSON. JEAN PENNY, MARGARET PEOPLES, HAZEL PONTON, HERBERT PORTER, HELEN RAOAN, CATHERINE REEVES. 25 frvx' f ,ff 4, A r I - , , Zluniurs ' DEWEY RIDDLE, J. P. RIDDLE, KATHERINE RIGGSBEE, LILIAN ROSENFELD, JANE ROYSTER, EDITH RUPPE JACK RUPPE, E. C. SANDERS, LOIS SCOGGINS, HELEN SHAW, MAIIY SHAW, MAEEL SHEPHERD. MARJORIE SHEPHERD, EDWARD SHUFORD, MELBA SIMMONS, BRUCE SUGGS, ALMA SULLIVAN, JAMES SULLIVAN. GLORIA SUTTON, FRANCES TANNENBAUM, KATHERINE TATUM, CHARLES TAYLOR, MARGARET TEABEAUT BETTY THOMAS. JAMES VINSON, BERNHARDT WALDENMAIER, HOWARD WATSON, VIRGINIA WATTS, ANNABELLE WEINKLI2 BILLY YEAGO, ELMER YOW. 26 WELDON JORDAN joE GEDDIL JANE COUNCIL Vue Prefmfenl Sc cretary and Trearureff "'!5"""' ff' l bnphumnres CLASS COLORS Red and White FLOWER MOTTO: You Cm If You Think You Can SONG OF A SOPHOMORE Once we were all Freshmen, The freshest little things! Now we're all Sophomores- Happy as Queens and Kings! Next year welll all be juniors- A thought that makes us sing! The third year must hold lots in store CFor juniors think they're everythingj But Freshman, Junior, or Senior- Name any one you dare, Theres more fun being a Sophomore, For a Sophomore has no care! -Mary Louire Maynor and Muriel Robertf 2 7 .D we Carroll Adams Charles Anderson Walter Applewhite Raymond Askea Earl Atkins Frederick Atkinson Walter Bagley Wilton Bandy Mears Barbee Jack Baugh Donald Bedsole Bobby Benge Herbert Blaha J. D, Bolton Jack Britt Marvin Britt Jimmie Brown Ralph Carter Jack Carter Joe Chandler Stuart Cowles Frank Crumbly Fred Crumbly Jimmie Dougherty Graham Davis Lewis Davis Hubert Davis Jimmie DeVane Frances Acree Dorothy Adams Myra Adams Betty Anderson Bettie Askea Ida Atkins Marjorie Autry Mildred Bailey Irene Barnes Annie Baucom Helen Beckwith Elise Bethea Sara Bizzell Kathleen Brantley Vivian Burnette Mary Burns Jewell Byrd Julia Campbell Helen Carey Jean Carlow Catherine Chestnut Betty Jane Clayton Eleanor Collier Jane Council Betty Culbreth Lillian Davis Svophnmnre Glass Bull John Dew Jesse Doan Maurice Downs Joseph Duke Stafford Edwards Joe Farrior Otto Fletcher Joe Geddie Harold Godwin Harry Goodwin Fulton Hall Charles Hayes Charles Hedgpeth Henry Heath Crawford Hedgpeth Belmont Hedgpeth John Hooker Roy Herring Clifton Howie Clarence Hunter Ben Huske Edwin Hutchinson Beamon Jackson Dewitt Jernigan Charles Jones Raymond Jones Roscoe Jordan Weldon Jordan Evelyn Dawson Jeanne Dickinson Eloise Edge Alda Fonville Emily Gahr Ruth Gilmore Mabel Glenn Mary Greene Mae Murray Grifhn Dorothy Hall Lola Hall Lucille Hall Sarah Hall Natalie Hamilton Eloise Harmon Frances Hensdale Hope Hooker Barbara Hochstrasser Mary Huff Caroline Hfltaff Edna Jackson Lucille Jernigan Frances Johnson Doris Keller Sarah Kelley BOYS GIRLS 28 Rothwell Kelley Robert Kibler Otto Kuker Oliver Lawrence John Lindsay John Martin William Maynard Brundy Melvin Dwight Miller Philip Miller H. T. MacGill Alex McBryde Dixon McLeod Alvin McMillan James McNeill Joe McPhail Bill McRae Harold MrRainey Lloyd Nixon Bill Olive Clarence Owen Roger Parker J. W. Pate Luther Pearsall Ward Pendley Edward Peoples Joe Pittman Homer Pott Flossie Mae Kennedy Anne Kyle Jean Maddox Lucy Maultsby Mary Maynor Mafalda Milligan Virginia McDaniel Virginia McDougald Betty McKay Laura McNeill Peggy Nimocks Pearline Nunnery Mary Louise Owen Rachel Pinkston Cassie Ann Poole Ruth Price Peggy Raeford Ruth Register Ella Ridgen Thelma Roberts Wilhelmina Rosenfield Mona Rowland Estelle Sessoms Jean Sewell Charlotte Sallyw Merriel Powers Bruce Ratts L. A. Raynor Jack Renick Merrell Rhiner Stanley Rhiner Ted Rhodes Bill Rice Robert Royal Pete Sessoms James Simons Wiley Snow David Smith G. T. Smith Joe Stevens Roy Stevens David Stone Tommy Suggs Bobby Teabeaut Norwood Tillinghast Eugene Tomlinson Lee Tyler Vic Walker Edward Walters Charles Watson Billy Williams George Williams Vera Sewell Addie Shelton Doris Smith Lillian Smith Mary Smith Sara Frances Smith Zita Stevenson Doris Strickland Harriot Sutton Frances Thigpen Ann Tillinghast Ann Trice Betty Varnadoe Judith Vinokur Doris Vinson Marguerite Waldenmaier Geraldine Walters Betsy Watson Lulu Mae White Edna Earle Williams Marjorie Williams Sybil Williford Muriel Williford Edna Wilson Annie Belle Winters QW vc - fr.. . X V. rg BETTY HESS Prerlzlemf MARY LOU STACK EVELYN BARFIELD Q Vice-Prerldent Secretary and Trearurer M i ,,,f tr ' if 1 14-f,Q.'g'74+fef iff' jfreshman Glass X CLASS COLORS: Blue and Gold FLOWER: Sweet Pen Morro: Be the labor great or Jmall, D0 it well or not at all. FRESHMAN CLASS POEM Onward, Freshmen of '39, just a few more rungs on the ladder to climb, The barriers may be many, The rewards may he few, But keep on climbing, Ir's up to you. Up the ladder 'til face to face You'll see where we'll soon rake the Seniors' place. A few more fleeting years to go, And at the end we'll have trophies to show. -Margaret Dempsey 2 9 , 4 J f 72 Margery Adams Elizabeth Alleman Mable Averitt Patricia Banks 0 Evelyn Barfield Doris Barnes Wyona Batton Betty Baugh Marie Beard Dorothy Benson Martha Blue Jane Bolen Dorothy Boling Ruth Boone Dorothy Britt Margaret Brown Mary Brown Edna Burris Mary J. Butler Dorothy Lee Cain Rebecca Cash Lois Cheshire Florence Cole Frances Conway Mary Cosmidis James Acker Charles Alvis Becton Bass Leon Beasley Homer Belch Billy Biggs Jack Booker Mortimer Bowman Oscar Breece Clayton Britt Jennings Brown Terry Bruton Tommy Bullard N. J. Bullard Ray Burke Clayton Burris Donald Burris Calvin Chadwick Donald Clayton George Cosmidis Bill Crandall J. L. Creed, Jr, Arthur Cross 771 Jfreshman Clillass Bull GIRLS Mary Eleanor ritchlow Jacquelyn Dash Margaret Dempsey Margaret De Rosset Aimee De Pland Grace Dew Alida Belle Dougherty Janie Edge Marianne Everett Anne Ray Faircloth Aleen Faulkner Clarice Foushee Elizabeth Funderburg Ruth Geddie Elizabeth Gibson Elizabeth Gooden Betty Goodwin Augusta Hamilton Mary L, Harding Viola Harris Berlean Herring Betty Hess Kathleen Hughes Mildred Humphry Harold Daniels Luther Dawson Roger Derby Paul Duckworth Jimmie Dunnagan Edwin Edgerton Junior Edwards Paul Farrel James Faulkner Bertram Fleishman J. C. Gardner Jimmy Gilbert Jimmy Gillespie Vardell Godwin Oscar Gray Raymond Hair Thomas Hall Tracy Hall Henry Hamilton Glenn Henderson Mack Herring R. C, Hewitt Boys 30 Eloise Hutchinson Mary Jackson Essie Johnson Ruth Johnson Margaret Kinlaw Lucille Kennedy Juanita Livingston Lois Mae Lumpkin Hannah Lyon Elizabeth Maynor Lillian Nest Cecelia McBennett Evelyn McDufhe Thelma Melton Ruby Lee Melton Inez Melvin Haroldene Neal Catherine Norvell Evelyn Page Hilda Peoples Evonne Powers rene Riddle Evelyn Roberts Angus Holmes Brown Hubbard Harvey Hulan Billy Hutaff Edward Johnson Jack Johnson Haley Johnson Earl James Charles Kelly H, F. Kelly Marion Kinlaw Robert Lambert Seavy Lee Eugene Lewis Francis Lewis Leon Lewis Troy Lewis Ralph Lutterloh Bill Mallonee Billy McCormick Dick Maxwell Vance McBryde Marjorie Sanson Ann Saunders Mable Saunders Katherine Scott Eleanor Smith Elizabeth Smith Gloria Smith Katherine Smith Betty Jane Shelt Mary Katherine Smith Mary Smith Doris Snelgrove Elizabeth Snelgrove Grace Spence Mary L. Stack Guelda Stout Mary Louise Stubbf- Virginia Strickland Gladys Taylor Fay Tucker Emma Mann Phyllis Vreeland Virginia Walker Hilda Wethrington Sybil Williford Billy McGugan James McManus Glenn McQueen Norman Metcalf James Minor Billy Morris E. J, Morris C. P. Pender Jenkins Polston Mike Powers Horace Riddle Sol Cooper Rose Charles Ruppe Carlton Shaw Roland Shell Earl Smith Harry Sullivan Marshall Tatum Bobby Tomlinson Pete Turlington Harold L. Vann John Wainright xejx Sl 9 5 . NV QL , I K X. ' V ' fx 1" . ,b ' f7f1"xN,. .,4jef5Lf' is f -r-. ' fi--ff-M ff", .aiggfbv N. -x , ,LP-r-z1D' vq,:"fg,A'-g" .V A ' A f '51 A f-.agaf ,f i-gf:-2 v - ,. 3 Q- , - , . ', 1 ' 13 Dx gig-Q,-L gf hi' ' A t , -ff - WLQL5' ,,QQ.qtf VL. Q., Q'.:J,I'L::4,7i .A ,,,,. .K ET, , , N X1 is N ,E1ttLy' 1 Q 'ii ' AffTff.lf:.:f5-QQ' . ' s A ' I t li yu f nik? 'All fr CX x x ,nw S III Hllllhllllliili llllain o:nnlll!lx -I' Sli.- M ra v-vm---v b'i'f" . ,JY xxx xvfbff 'ara Xfk? 1 -Q.,,,,:k-,X N-N. Nm -4.-L a-V mxxxxx X fv. Y in an ,Z 39 'Hi m...,,. IX ""'ffz-1 'V vw- vt' fish' wgyggl ,F ,L rw i' n i f t' " 1 se' z ' Slim-H A3 ur!! If l 5 :tulle :Q 'A 5 Haw' DW, K V E : COL , M I ,. A rex-ll '1. Y, A , . ,' -N W f' I 'X gfvi ' X D at I ,ggi ,tial t H - lf A I I ab. fo ,-f I I l in ,f N lg xnxx l ' - I wf, i K, 1 4 2 Y G f + O 'V - ' 4 Q f ff f , , . r -. . . 1, f off! 4 fb N ' ' JW 1' f ' 0 ' 2 FU F ,Srl - ' I ,, ' H , .3 """"H Cai O If f 5 ' - -,...mg,,, Kg. . 1 fi . 'I fig - Y I N I , -f : ,wi -,.,,. . - I P- I-EX -f 1 5 'M ' ff! ' K .fc , 1 M ' ig , . 1 KA ,, ,.., V 2 r kv U wi, V V ' 3, , f t f., ,. I , V J. A in l 4 , ,I ' - , n- -V -52 5 ,--, Q - z i Z '. 1 M.. 5 Q . M ., M.-- - . - Q5 X 1 M5 'k 'kife' ' i i W ?f' f,21 J- f11f.Q- n f. B 1-rf' .i::::a. P55 .f- fa E xif" gf, "fri q-I a." A EE" 3: ' ' fx .A .:::EEn - MV? "" -4-1' 'A 'E 'Z - ff' 5. ll -3: "' fgfiv-+ A "Wm: Z' J 1 .A .7 ei! - 'Q -, A www, ' f, gl H ' Ld i f ,- ,AL ' I ' " '-- ful gg,- 'M' -'W'1,4,:gf,::.1:.z11-1 :f,. .:r:m':z:unxr:':it:'r' ::t1':1:':7: .lb....--.. .lv X,.EuS-f- iw-U .. A".:":-Qk'v-'51'3A if k -- , n Gbrganigatiuns 51 The iliatifitatiun of the Qinnstitutitm N NOVEMBER 21, 1789, North Carolina adopted the Constitution of the United States here in Fayetteville. The Convention called for this purpose met in the Old State House where now stands our present Market House. During the fire of 1831, the Old State House, as well as other important buildings, was destroyed. Shortly afterwards our present Market House was built. This November 21 was a great day in our Cape Fear village and a great day for the state, as North Carolina was next to the last state in the Union. to accept the Constitution. She had rejected it for the lack of a bill of rights guar- anteeing the individual liberties of the citizens and so had remained a sovereign independent state for more than a year after our Nation was formed. The Assembly had been in session several weeks prior to the ratification day. Presiding over the Senate of the General Assembly was Richard Caswell who some years before had been the first governor to be elected by the people. Sorrow came to the body when this great statesman was stricken with paralysis on the fifth of November, dying five days later. Many noted men were mem- bers of this Assembly, among them Wiley jones, Nathaniel and John Macon, Samuel Spencer. Picture the excitement of these days preceding the ratification when heated arguments filled the Hall of the Old State House and oratory abounded-fiowing from the lips of North Carolina's most distinguished sons of that period. When the vote was finally taken and the Old North State decided to become one of the United States of America, the Old State House bell was rung enthusiastically by those favoring-this step. In recognition of this event one hundred years later, the people of Fayette- ville had a great centennial celebration, attended by people from all over the state. A significant thing in connection with this celebration was the fact that the Marine Band, conducted by Sousa, played Dixie for the first time amidst a tremendous outburst of enthusiasm. In November, 1939, the entire State will celebrate the Sesquicentennial of this memorable occasion here at Fayetteville. -Betty London Woolen 32 5 01519625 195913590 21015955 if if EDITORIAL ELISE DUNN ROUSE Editor-in-Chief ANN BURKHEAD Art Editor BETTY LONDON WOOTEN Feature Editor LEA BROWN School Editor KATHLEEN McBENNETT Class Editor CHARLES BROADFOOT Photographic Editor FRANK BURTON Athletic Editor FRANCES SLOAN MARY KENNEDY Copy Editors MISS N EWTON ADVISER BUSINESS RUPERT JERNIGAN Business Manager SA M WRIGHT 1 MARY HUSKE GLADYS SESSOMS CHARLES KING CANTEY DeVANE EVELYN ROSE SIMON ROBERT SHERMAN HARRIS VINOKUR SARAH JACKSON WATSON LAWHON MARY COIT TILLINGHAST 'A' 'K Svtuhsnt Cllluunril MARY HUSKE, Prefidemg TOON BRITT, Vine-Prefidenn MARY KENNEDY, Secretary' RAYMOND CROWSON, CLARICE FOUSHEE, AGNES HOWARD, RUPERT JERNIGAN, FRANCES JOHNSON, KATHERINE MCGEACHY, MARY RANKIN IVICKETHAN, RACHEL PINKSTON, NORWOOD TILLINCHAST, THURMAN WILLIAMS, SAM WRIGHT. Marshalls RAYMOND CROWSON, Chief Mfmlmlx HERBERT PORTER, ELIZABETH MCFAYDEN, HAZEL PONTON. HELENE NYE, ELMER Yow, ONEIDA BOWLES, CLARENCE OLIVE, EDWARD SHUEORD. 54 .4 Q ,, ,, .V f- K A ' V, v Y , s. I Triangular Eehaters N e gatizfe A jllrmative WATSON LAWHON ANNA LOUISE FAKE ELISE DUNN ROUSE MARGARET TEABEAUT QUERY: Resolved-that the United States should form an alliance with Great Britain. , t,, . 4. X 'llf' X XV' if 5 f fy! ,W Eehating Qliluh F ELISE ROUSE HERBERT SHERMAN ANNA LOUISE FAKE Preiidenl Vife-Prexidem Seoretury CHARLES KING Miss LUCILLE GAINEY Treasurer Family Adviier 35 Girls' IBF? Qiluh ,J ,.k',!,!,, 1. GLADYS SESSOMS, Prefidemq BETTY LONDON WOOTEN, Vice-Prenldemg LEA BROWN, Secretary' HELEN SHAW, Trea.rurer.' MARY HUSKE, Reporterg MARY JANE BROTHERS. ANNE BURKHEAII, CANTEY DEVANE, MAY BOB DOWNS, ANNE EVANS, SARAH JACKSON, MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON. JEAN LYON, ELIZABETH MCFADYEN, KATHERINE MCGEACHY, ELEANOR MCRAE, HAZIEL PONTON, ELISE ROUSE. JANE ROYSTER, EVELYN ROSE SIMON, FRANCES SLOAN, ETHEL STEVENS, MARY COIT TILLINGHAST. 36 X Bupa' 39919 Qliluh . W4 492' ., I yyf' ,d4g,,,,q RUPERT JERNIGAN, PreJident,' SAM WRIGHT, Vice-Prefidentg CARTER TWINE, Secretary, DAVID TRICE, Treayurerg CHARLES KING, Sergeant ur Afmyg PAUL AUTRY. VON AUTRY, FRANCIS BULLARD, JIMMIE COINER, JOHN MCGUGAN, LACY GEDDIE, GREGORY HOLMES. DICK HURDIS, EDWARD JOYNER, WATSON LAWHON, JACK LUNDAY, JIMMIE NORRIS, CLARENCE OLIVE. FRED OXVEN, JAMES PITTMAN, ROBERT SHERMAN, HAROLD TOWNSEND, HARRIS VINOKUR. 37 I Wfx MJ. u 9 A Sb! X . f 5 V iluurnalism QEI h , 'Q' , ff A .4 if V' LV BETTY LONDON WOOTEN MARY HUSKE J CLARENCE OLIVE Prefidefzt Sccrelmfy 'T1'6dIZH'61' jfapettehille Ilaigb iganh IHJWARIJ SHUFORD, P1-e.fiffwff.4 ROBERT INICIWILLAN, Vim-11rmdw11.' ELMER Yoxv, Am-f'ff4fA1 and Tredmrerq FRANK EVERETT, Reporlcr: LEWIS DAVIS AND JOE GIEDDIIE, Drum Majofzvq MR. 1015 HAMRICK, Director. ,SH Glennie CHZILIBMJ 'A m Lf MR. BRICKLEMEYER, Coach library Qlluh OFFICERS FRANCES JOHNSON, Prefidenzg JUDITH VINOKUR,ViCe-P4'6Jicie1'LZ,' BETTY JANE CLAYTON, Sewemry MAFALDA MILLIGAN, Trea.fwef,- Mlss BESSIE COWAN, Adwfer. 39 cfzbwfbo 'Jie Qllercle ancais 4 . OFFICERS DOROTHY SUTTON, IJreImle1zz.' DIANE DICKINSON, Vice-Premiem' ELEANOR MCRAE, Sw-emryq PAUL AIITIIY, Reporzerq MISS ELIZABETH LILES, Admer. latin Cllluh s MISS KATE BROADFOOT AND MRS. fjldriferf Vhawny biffufvef A nfglf-ai 40 Else Qllluh MR. HAMRICK, Direclor Kiasma Qhunumics Klub , . , . , ' Q 7 -f fn 'wk iv f' l ' Q, '. ,, A ,. 1 , QA W 55 H Q- , Q qw 3 - Sigiiiil ' " X' -b 5 " " . ' -- ., Q:.-fE.3L'i a Q A ' A .. ,. . , ,..x z, v 4 , fx cw W OFFICERS KATHERINE MCGEACHY, P remZenz,' RUTH Guumu, Vice-I1femZwzz,- VIVIAN BU1zN1sT'r12, Secremry: FLOSSIE MAE KENNEDY, Treu.rwer.- MRS. HILL, Adzfi.re r. 41 13 Svtenus Clluh H, O F F I C E R S THELMA BEASLEY, I're.Iif!e1zz.' MARY KENNEDY, Vice-Pre,I'if!w11.' LUCILLE BAKER, Secreznry. HELITN MANN, ANNE MCIINNIS, RUTH FUQIIA, MARGUFRITI3 MQLAURIN, SARAH jAc:KsON, BETTY PAXGF SHEPHERD, DOROTHY SYKES, KATHERINE STONE, OLGA KANOS, MARLZARIEI' HAMILTON, MISS ANNE ,ALEXANDER-f16fl'f,1'6l'. Eluniur Qlhaminahz Gllluh f S OFFICERS HELEN SHAW, Prem!e1zr.' KATHERINE MCGEAEHY, Vice-Prem!enz.' JANE COUNCIL, Secremry: ELIZABETH MCFADYEN, T1'ea.Izn'e1'. 42 s S 5 x 5 3 5 5 2 E 5 5: 5 2 E 3 a 3 S E i Zltbletics Smarts ' ORSE-RACING was the favorite sport of this time. The races were usually held over a period of three days. The town was crowded with visitors, bets ran high, and excitement pervaded the entire community. Each day was usually ended with a ball, attended by the fashion and beauty of the surround- ing country. At first, quarter racing was pursued with great spirit. It was a quarter mile race by two or more horses along parallel lines, streets sometimes being used for the purpose. Later course racing was carried on, and then jockey clubs formed-and soon more care was given to the training of the horses. The interest in horse racing very likely led to the development of the "ring tournament," a spectacle of horsemanship and pageantry. The rider had to ride through the rings and carry them on his lance to the judges' stand. The winner was the one who had removed the greatest number of rings, and he had the privilege of crowning the "Queen of Love and Beautyfl Often the winner received a substantial prize as well, for a tournament was often held to raise money for some worthy purpose. The coronation ceremony which usually followed at night was a dramatic part of the pageantry, and preceded the Grand Ball. Cockfighting was another sport in general favor. The main usually con- sisted of twenty-one cocks with a purse of from three to five hundred dollars a main. Easter Monday was a popular time for cock mains, but there were also spring and fall contests. On the day of a fight all roads leading to the town where the main was to be held were alive with carriages, horses, and pedestrians hastening to the cock pit, which might be at a store, tavern, or in an open space near the center of the town. Each fowl was armed with long steel pointed gaffs firmly attached to its spurs, and amid the lusty shouts of the crowds, the birds fought. -Betty London Wooierz 44 Monogram Klub JAMES PITTMAN, THURMAN BISHOP, WILEY SNOW, JIM MCLEOD, BILL KANOS, GREGORY HOLMES, L. G. DEW, PRESTON CUTI-IBERTSON, HAROLD TOWNSEND, JACK RHODES. BILLY THUNBERC, JAMES SULLIVAN, HERBERT PORTER, FRANCIS BULLARD, MARVIS HOWELL, FRED CROWSON, GEORGE BURRISS. LACY GEDDIE, FRANK BURTON, TOON BRITT, LEWIS VESTAL, JOE MELVIN, DIXON MCLEOD, VERNON BASS. MR. BASS, MR. BRICKLEMEYER, MR. SMITH. Girls' Igasketbull Gram G I R . 4 I W MAYME WARD, Capmin. Coaches: MISS LILES AND MR. BRICRLEMEYER. 113 ff' M41 jfuuthall bquab ff' l , L L Sw- GEORGE BURRISS, PRESTON CUTHBERTSON, JACK RHODES, HAROLD TOWNSENIJ, FRANCIS BULLARD, CAPTAIN JIM MCLEOD, JAMES PITTMAN, GREGORY HOLMES, FRED CROWSON, BUDDY THOMPSON. LEWIS SLOAN, ALEX MCBRYDE, RUPERT JERNIGAN, VERNON BASS, WILEY SNOW, BILLY THUNBERG, HERBERT PORTER, BILL KANOS, FRANK BURTON, THURMAN BISHOP. MR. BRICKLIIMEYER, JOE CHANDLER, BRUCE SUGGS, HOWARD BROWN, DIXON MCLEOD, PETE SESSOMS, CARROLL ADAMS, BILL OLIVE, MR, SMITH, MR. BASS. S C H E D U L E E. M. I. ROCKY MOUNT ELISE ACADEMY SAN FORD WILSON DURHAM RALEIGH CLINTON XVILMINGTON 1958 YARDS FROM LINE OF SCRIMMAGE The 1938 Bulldogs completed their schedule with a record of two wins and seven losses, but the ground- work was laid for what is hoped will turn out to be a Championship 1939 team. Jim McLeod was captain Of the squad and Eugene Bricklemeyer, former Carolina athlete, was coach. 46 Zliiaskethall Sunnah FRANK BURTON, JOE MELVIN, BILL KANOS, CAPTAIN GEORGE BURRIss, L. G. DEW, HERBERT PORTER, LACY GEDDIE, PHILIP MILLER, FRED CRUMBLEY, DICK FORTSON,EDDIE JOYNER, JACK LUNDAY, GUS HAMILTON. GRAHAM DAVIS, MAX MELVIN, MR. SMITI-I. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE SEVENTY FIRST DURHAM CLINTON 5TH F. A. WILSON E. M. I. MAssEY HILL ROCKY MOUNT CHARLOTTE WILMINGTON RALEIGH DAVIDSON FROSH DRIBBLING ALONG WITH THE BOYS With every prospect of developing into one of the strongest basketball teams to represent the school, the Bulldogs tackled a very difficult schedule which concluded with games against the strong Charlotte High team and Davidson freshmen. With 8 lettermen returning, and captained by George Burriss, the boys had a record of 10 wins and 2 losses at this writing. The team was coached by Wick Smith. A17 waxing Zllisam 75,-f' ff -LL 4-s VANCE MCBRYDE, J. D. FAULKNER, LEWIS VESTAL, HOMER BELCHE, MARION KINLAW. TED RHODES, SHOTSY ALVIS, CHARLES JONES, BILLY THUNBERG. JIMMIE BROWN, MARVIS HOWELL, MR. BASS, JIM MCLEOD, HAROLD TOWNSEND. S C H E D U L E LINDEN WHITEVILLE CHARLOTTE LUMBERTON HAMLET STATE MEET LEATHER GLOVE PUNCHES Under the able leadership of Coach Tommy Bass, Fayetteville produced a powerful squad of leather- pushers. Led by Louis Vestal, two times State champion, the locals easily marched through their early season matches. Marvis Howell, Ted Rhodes, Jim McLeod, Marion Kinlaw, Homer Belche, Vance Mc- Bryde, and Charlie jones were the Bulldogs' best performers. 'Ir 48 M aj, ,M Alana 'IW 155,35 44... ., ine" ? l 1 - , Q .V 'v 4 4, Q , e ,fr jim MV.. an x :ENV i Vl ' w 011 1+ QP' 111 my 'af :fix fi' em, 5 '-X 'Qu W1 Mil lw fxlf 1 1 SALE 9 p Hy ' if A N if 4 vw' if.. iv 'L 'fiffl-STV! ,, .4 ' ' ,ir x " 5 . 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QI 1 ' .A 4 'M 5 5 V 'K-4 1 V - ' i1 ' ?1Q2'V-Wi vi .45 , - ' M A L 1 j '-.d-X .1 "-'V L, gi, ' V ... Q... ,V I ,V 1. -A Vw' VV. 1, V ' - if, . ,,f,,'- x V- f. VV- . " 355, .2 ' , '. ..,, ,. X1 , Q V553 ' V , , iii-., " 1 75 ,V V , V- ' Jag. if -1, .- ' fri yr.: Q i'5iiu-Vw Ygagksg . . "7 mms- " 5- V, P' Vs VV., - V V' . ...A. 'g J " " .1 - ' V V , if X, V I Q, K. ,j ',,: My 13.-ki .1 , Q Y ' 1 1 555- -A ,V . jg, Q? ,V - ,,: V 3-PV A F Q1 ,V - .eV ,Q ., N 53, ' wx ,i , I A -, jg -Q . Sie' -,721 .pf ' Vv 1 wf'VifVV2 vi ' fm fc 1 5 .V A V gf 5' , V Xx:1.1,ELvg,L yi? ii, rl-:Yu I ig! L.. V it , I. H .ek Q I -,I i k -g-.,1.7.2igV, ' --1. VJ, V-:V .:,. V., .AS V .V gf -V . 'EQVNDVVVVV-f f---ff A V1 , , - V ,V ff - ' 'Hg-l 7 -r, rx --1 ,?-N . ,. V , -'K 1 - i .' . . - , V. .V. Vt .V ,vw-2 S ' V 'Q - . 1' "' N V ,J yes" V :Y , V gat- ,Q--V 1' 1 ' 'iff , - :J dl: :nl -V!:.L'ji,A 45, x :V V, N.: H A W V I , IA X, ,n h K ,Mu Ni., - 10- ' V, ,. V' - , I .- V is J f V VV-fs. gm: .5-, V I 7' mp?-Q. :V 'f' 'fwfi z 5631 'f 94 1 . -, ,V I V ,f 'T ' - VL- V' ' tif , A 'af2iff'5a?"V f . V13 5M ' , :V QSVW' 'J' J' 1, ',.f ,Q . I " ' - L s V In 5 .:, I V ,. , ,gif - -4, ,Q , V ,',1S,g-.iff , ' ,V ,gg , K' , g- 'f V . ,fs V V:"11'V."' .uiy'.E1Az3': 1 x 4 ' EA .x - ' - .. ' ., 2, , J' 'f A -vu' V - -- V, f X' 'vii .aiffg " " 5. Qifigr fn 4.1 ' :V 1. f 5 .. ' Uni' lie '7 " " Jfeatures anh Zlhhertising 49 Ulitahing anh Zllirahesprupls HE TRADE of nearly all Western and Northwest Carolina formerly came to Fayetteville, which was the great inland mart of trade of North Caro- lina. Flaxseed, tobacco, wheat, flour, and cotton were annually brought to this market. This trade was carried on by canvas-topped wagons drawn by horses as vehicles of transportation. These teams were often set off by circlets of little bells surmounting their collars which gave out a musical jingle as they plodded the heavy roads, tossing their heads and quickening their pace at the crack of the long snake-whip of the teamster. The teamsters preferred to camp in the outskirts of town on the last night of their journey. A principle and very large camp was on Haymount, a short distance west of the present water stand-pipe. Sometimes ten or twelve wagons would drive into this extensive field, one after another, as the shades of night deepened. The merchants were conservative and cautious, and as honest as the day, with their word their bond. They had the full confidence of the folk with whom they traded. The townspeople were fond of gathering at the village stores where every- thing from molasses to a yard of broadcloth might be purchased, served up with politics and town gossip. In fair weather the men took their problems outside and the loafers might sit all day on boxes in the sun whittling away at a pine stick and spinning yarns. However, the merchants, lawyers, and planters chose rather to stand in groups at a favorite corner, in front of the post oflice or on the courthouse steps and discuss the news of the day. One of the first boats to ply the Cape Fear River bore the name "City of Fayetteville" and was launched not far from the Clarendon Bridge. There were many passengers as well as freight boats operated on the river, and a trip down to Wilmington could be enjoyable as well as profitable. The captain's crew knew everybody and took a personal interest in the passengers' welfare. -Berry London Woolen 50 bbs is Qlfasp 61911 Zllbz QEpes! 51 Glaclgu Sexxomf and Harold Towmencl Ufops Zin ftlfherptijing! Qlimulate Qliheir fiuurtrspl Cmztey DeVane and fuck Smbbf 55 Mary I-Imke and Edward Joyner Rersnnalitp Mus! Agnex Howard and Rupert Jernigan QKALQ you Gian Qiluunt QBII These! 55 I1 1' 1' I' A-v I' 3. '55 3 o E ,Li Q 5 H su if A og D-4 ,E gf S cd QL' O Q E 'U Q, V, LLM I-4 .CI 5 u-4 U CQ KU QQ' 23,5 S 33" 8 -- 9 :1 N CIS' O3 on iw "'-M3 'ff 4: QJ '-' Q':."'C"" Q f-1 in fag as ev, QSQHESSSE ,EL 'EYES any 5094 E C 0.14-v'U4r7:""'UQJm Q4 Cum Q DN fu., --1 H 'O .... ucv'-'wNq....o: -. O I-O?fr:3,i:'mu4E'9QZZq:Iq2'coQ21-Ouuaioora.o.uOutIIf2'ZHi 'H Q5 S .N H S . H-4 ,ff B gg Q M .Eng QM S HE E2 H 'SFS S 5 3,3025 Qu U55 2532 52: 2 Eg gag Enmgusisiw S -M Q30-4 UO O-4-,gg 'Up 'GQGITI-:SO-1:13 GS DJ: :U C1 1-4 ml-4m 0.-,DN --C534-:ub,b-,EE, lu 5 HH. .S ci? '5b3'3uH wang-cwl..2'Uc: ongmgg N c:-'H TI "'4D'-4,.C'.""'-4 QQ':O .Q::-.o,,,OU-1-,MWETH "+-+-'we-u""3o Oaa ,M -Hp, ,gg ,gg .CIE ggggr.fg8.f,3'a's0fg,,5Qg-DS.,aawggsmwgqg-Ogg'egog ...H ....O'-1 'U-1.L'CI-15.1 Cn""-'qu -I-4 UO--.-C1 O fT..',,,, of-:Z.zun:n:uo.u.a:.uo4ZE2caQfco.Di-1EmufCu8f2I-f8Zo..mQ N as E Q -.. 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Q cd O A' H 3:44 DOS C1 C: Q 3,-4 N U x'Eo.5"2 113138 ZZ.: .2 H-55 -'E' :A EG Elm'-'cn F-Ll"f'UCQ5-.C'-15,Eax,,,u1ev:'U+,-,33.9.-'.3,,,,,,.E..Qa.aU.g:Qg,mg' NEG N,w...o.r:f'1q,-A '-cd,-5:1 0:1 uhgw Env 00332 --- 3 mufqmvxam:-UQOJAQ4 CQSUUONUDU L-3+-,,,,,,, -Dio-541-Iva Q. cd E s-4 U,-4--H.-.wax C1435 E AO 5 f- .,..,,g:gOEl-4 o.o swnu .co :s wx o .Q oo -.no .5 -C1 ... .aa 3.4: o o'-- Q43 - E-4QOQDvJUOU:cnOC.'JU:U2r2D.-. col?-4v:O.-4:-'UQvJi-105-1: Z0-.U L- VJ Q 'C as Z III 41 Q Z CD ni D- O Z U4 Z Z Om Q E 5 E wi Ev, Q20 ZW 5 O mga- .C 5 P zgihzwzw QSQ: Em :I If :AHQQ P E Mu-:og 'amz V105 WM i-4 wav! 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Fixing car Chevrolet West Point Mechanic RUPERT JERNIGAN Golly! Paper rout Bike Annapolis West Poi t CHARLES KING Sk-! Cheering Bed Doctor Quack MARY KENNEDY Gosh darn Reading Typewriter Grow quarter inch Short BILL MCLEOD ' CNothingJ Hunting Model "Tn Contractor Good-looking ELEANOR MCRAE Who, me? Piano Hamlet Teach Boxer JOE MELVIN Hi Slugger! Basketball Tennis racket Pro tennis player Racket Stringer JOHN MCGUGAN I'll be hanged Movies Airplane Be president W. P. A. worker VERA MCLAURIN Oh, heck! Reading Books Secretary Housewife MAR JORIE NORRIS It don't differ Reading I.unch room Secretary Mrs... . . JIMMY NORRIS Felix! Loafing Car Business man Errand boy LAWRENCE NICHO S Yeah Fishing Gun Forester Str t cleaner FRED OWEN Foo to you! Radio Radio Own a radio shop A listener VON AUTRY Hi! Tennis Purol gas Chemist Ditch digger FRANCES ASKEA Mama, come get your baby Riding Fort Bragg Stenog Office girl BILLY BYRD O-Yea! Dancing Glasses Drive without box Dancing teacher 57 BRYAN BECKWITH How're you doin? Ping-pong Ping pong balls Aviator Air mechanic ANN BURKHEAD Leah!!! Laughing Ohio Actress Stage-hand LEA BROWN My cow! Sleeping Beach Weigh 100 Shrimp FRANCIS BULLARD Oh yeah! Movies Sheep Engineer Miner BOBBY BAUCOM Dog-on-it Bowling Efird's Business man Office boy ROBERT BAGLEY Hi-yo silver Sleeping bed Pressman Publisher Newspaper boy ANNIE BOONE Golly Dancing Algebra Doctor First-aid nurse JIMMIE COINER Oh yeah! Collecting stamps Voice Civil engineer Conductor THOMAS C1-IESHIRE Who? Me! Music Guitar Fireman Water-boy PRESTON CUTHBERTSON Whatcha doin? Hunting Gun Dentist Street grinder JS.. 550 5155 343 Qi-4 5-4 gn 53.5 E02 535 WE Ss: mo 5s O .-D E2 SE "'.'I! LD,-1 O0 .E V'-CI is SS 25 E E -CI OD S fic: SU PUC! E8 OLD ZZ Bri O4 Ml-ii cam Q41 M2 4.-1 EE :nf-1 ADVICE TO GIRLS Don't run around with trackmen, they're too fast. Let biological men alone, they like to cut up too much. A football man will dog he'll tackle anything. Don't have anything to do with a baseball man, he hits and runs. Donit ever talk to band players, they had rather blow their own horn. A swimmer will dog he'll dive in and do his best. WE WOULD DEDICATE TO: ANN EVANS .......................................................... Deep in a Dream WATSON LAWHON ....... ................................................ S tar Dust GLADYS SESSOMS ........ ....................................... F lat Foot Floogie ELISE ROUSE ............ ......... Y Ou Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby EDDY JOYNER ............. .......................................... L ambeth Walk ROBERT SHERMAN ......... ..................... T arzan HAROLD T OWNSEND ......... ......... J eepers Creepers CANTEY DEVANE .......... ......... ........ S w eet Someone ETHEL STEVENS ......... .................................... M y Own THE ORCHESTRA ..................... ......... A lexander's Ragtime Band MISS NEWTON ...................................................... Anchors Aweigh MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON .......................... Kittens On the Keys ANN BURKHEAD ............................ Someday My Prince Will Come KATHLEEN MCBENNETT ................................................ Curly Top BETTIE PAIGE SHEPHARD ........ We WOn't Be Home Until Morning EVELYN ROSE SIMON ...... Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning MARY KENNEDY ........ .................................................. S mall Fry BILLY MCLEOD ........ ......... L et Yourself Go 58 All IF WISHES CAME TRUE present marks would be lost and all memories con- cerning them be erased. All All All All All All All All right they parallel reading would be done next summer. girls would be beautiful. boys would be rich and Own cars. clubs would be devoted to jokes and jazz. freshmen coming up would subscribe to the LAFAMAC. teachers would give nothing but A's. such nonsensienlograms as the above would cease. have! THE FOLLOWING MAGAZINES HAVE BEEN BOUGHT AND PLACED UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF- CANTEY DEVANE .,......................................... MARY HUSKE ........ FRANK BURTON .... MISS FISHER .......... SAM WRIGHT ....... JACK LUNDAY ....... SARAH JACKSON .... WATSON LAWHON ANN BURKHEAD .... GLADYS SEssOMs... .......Better ROBERT SHERMAN ......... DAVID TRICE .............. ...........Life ...............Time .........American ............Esquire ......................Liberty .........News Weekly Homes and Garden .......................Stage ........Comic Weekly .......School Musician ....................Mercury MR. HAYNIE ............ ...... P opular Mechanics CHARLES KING ............ ..... ELEANOR MCRAE ....... . .... MISS CARRAWAY .... JIMMY NORRIS ......... BILLY MCLEOD ..... LEA BROWN .......... MARY KENNEDY... MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON ....... ..... .....Field and Stream ..Modern Romances .......Popular Science ..........Spur .............Vogue ..................Judge ........Country Home .Mademoiselle EVELYN ROSE SIMON ............. .................. GREGORY HOLMES ................ ......... C ountry Gentleman MR. BAss ..................... ........ 59 Good Housekeeping X We To the staunch supporters of the activities of Fayetteville High School, the Staff of the LAFAMAC, the faculty and student body feel grateful and pledge their friendship and patronage to all those using the LAFAMAC pages for display advertising and to the following who have aided in a material way to our success: W. H. ADAMS M. A. BETHUNE BROADWAY CIGAR STORE CENTRAL CAFE CITY OPTICAL COMPANY COX GROCERY COMPANY DRS. CROMARTIE 8: PASCHAL DAWSONlS JEWELRY STORE DEVANE LUMBER COMPANY DOWNING 81 DOWNING E. H. EVANS DR. FRANK N. EVANS FIVE POINT SERVICE STATION ED. FLEISHMAN 84 BROTHERS GALLUP INN SERVICE STATION CHARLES T. HAIGI-I RUPERT W. HARRISON P. O. HOFFER THE HUB THE MISSES ISAACS JERNIGAN BODY SHOP DR. J. H. JUDD DR. J. A. KOSTERMAN S. H. KRESS 64 CO. LAFAYETTE HOTEL LAFAYETTE RECREATION PARLOR DR. KEMP LINDSAY TERRY A. LYON MARKET SQUARE BARBER SHOP M. 8: H. FLORIST MCCRORY,S 5 8: 10 CENT STORE MCKETHAN 8: COMPANY, DRUOOISTS GEORGE MCNEIL DR. R. M. OLIVE A. F. PERKINS P. K. FOOD STORE PHILLIPS LOAN OFFICE PUROL SERVICE STATION THE QUALITY SHOP A. E. RANKIN 8: COMPANY RED CROSS CAFETERIA REINECKE-DILLEHAY, INc. DR. J. N. ROBERTSON ROSES 5 8: 10 CENT STORE ROSENFELD'S FASHION SHOP W. M. SHAW A. M. SWARTZ DR. W. C. VERDERY WESTERN AUTO STORE l 6 1 COMPLIMENTS BURKHEAD-DE VANE PRINTING COMPANY agents for UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS and SUNDSTRAND ADDING MACHINES SALES and SERVICE IMMY S GETTING ggyqvy you HM RAUES SW'-5 youu unoerawooo 1 aslrrea G HES LW-NED suns rums our T0 T0 TYPE' NsAr worm M5 I COLLEGE ', , lllJh?1E1BC?2PEND Mons ' Q V rams IN ATHLETIC MA f ':':1: 75Q.5?QQ.F1f ff- F F E fi" I.I"A I Vx r N A f 4 Genuine UNDERWOOD PORTABLES Prifed Low as let An UNDERW Noiseless Model Illustra ted- 369.50 Portable Typewriter Be Your Helper' 0 whnmf you do. . . whether you're young Burkhead-De Valle Prlntlng Company or old . . . an Underwood Portable will help . you in your writing problems, Let us show Pl'f'l'yfl1lng for the 0fl'iC9 you the new models. Note the new features! . And see how easy it is to buy-JUST 51.00 218 Franklin Street Fayetteville, N. C. Dral 3007 A WEEK' 62 Min' Weitzel.' Don! you Jorneiimer envy the idle rich? Mist Gainey: NO! DoeJn't a mul in rny clam have a penny and they can he just as idle at anyhody. KEEP IT IN YOUR HOME . . Q . . THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES 67525555 FAYETTEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY BLAKE FLORIST Prince Charles Hotel Bldg. "Say It With Flowers" DIAL 2683 Night Phone 2834 Compliments of SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY T ILDON WALKER, Agent Dial 2007 Worth Street Saunders Drug Store Fresh Drugs of the Highest Quality at a Price You Can Afford to Pay 201 Hay Street Fayetteville, N. C. J. A. Davis 81 Co. Fancy Groceries Branded Meats "We Sell the Best for Less" Dial 4158-4159 Lea K ending prayerjf And make Ireland independent. Mrs. Brown: Why ark Jneh an ahrnrd thing in a prayer? Lea: I pnt it that way on exam. Min' Cainey: Who were the four laorxemen? Eleanor: Paul Revere, Iene james, Theodore Roosevelt, and Barney Google. lt Must Be as Represented If lt Comes From- HATCHER'S JEWELRY STORE Easy Credit Terms Compliments of Dunn 81 Company DIAL 2000 n Goodrich Silvertown Compliments of Stores a TIRES BATTERIES RADIOS Bggstef Of Fayetteville High School 228 Hay Street Fayetteville, N. C. THE FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER 65?9'0?S55 Your Own Daily Paper Bork beautiful and dumb My true love mu!! be: Beautiful Jo I'll love laer Ami' dumb Jo Jbe'll love me. 64 ary: Worr? you have mme cream? Stanley: Nu, tlaankx, l'fl get it just before I go. ary: Oh, do have it Hou". CONGRATULATIONS The Senior Class of 1939 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL SFVWSB PUBLIC WORKS COMMISSION ofthe CITY of FAYETTEVILLE A. E. DIXON, Chairman THURMAN WILLIAMS, Sec. M. E. ATKINSON, Treas G. M. SCOTT, .Manager J. L. WEATHERS, Sapz. In he came Down be wt- Sauf the quexl Up be got! 65 Min Tale: How many Jensex are there? Wiley Snow: Six. Min Tate: Indeed! I'm :ur I h e ave only five. Wiley Snow: Ye5'm, lhe olher one if common senxe HEDGPETH BROS. "FAYETTEVILLE'S PANTRY P. 85 D. Motor Co., Inc. Frank R. Bailey, Mgr. DeSoto - Plymouth Dealer SINCE 1905., Sales and Service 552 Hay Sfffef Dial 4151 312 Franklin sneer Dial 3512 Drink uRoyal Crown" Cola Healthful - Refreshing Nehi Bottling Co. Fayetteville, N. C. Ed Fleishman and Brothers Fayettevilles Leading Store Men and Boys for 107 Hay Street H. R. HORNE AND SONS Druggists Since 1865 DIAL 2111 SOUDERS PHARMACY Wfhe Prescription Store" DIAL 3116 ,lack Stuhh UI way. Paul Autryx Doe! Jhe! She write he 5 J: Doex Eleanor have her o n 9 J r d,ary a week ahead of time. 66 ll! Galt' Kt'r'fu'rf Ffflrl CUIII' fe fO-1I1L'l',' Solflf T110 far If wnrv Compliments Compliments of of SULLIVAN'S THE DRY CLEANERS CAPITOL DIAL 3410 DEPARTMENT STORE Jernigan Funeral Home ct an FUNERAL DIRECTORS HFAYETTEVILLES Ambulance Service FINEST" 206 Gillespie Street With Every Good Wish for a Successful and Useful Life . . . BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY F ayetteville, North Carolina H ere 'J M ag lo the c'lmpero11.r Ibex fcmvl from clzpizf. I ze flzfl C'110ll,Qf7 blilna .rx Yo be ,rzwccfllr frlrpid. 67 M in Carraway: Can you give me an example of waited energy? ack Lunday: Telling a hair-raising :tory to a bald-headed man. QUINN 81 MILLER COMPANY F U R N I T U R E KARPEN LIVING ROOM FURNITURE NORGE AND GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS PHILCO RADIOS SIMMONS BEDS AND SPRINGS TOMLINSON OF HIGH POINT M. M. SMITH, Manager 325 Hay Street Dial 4177-5901 MEET YOUR FRIENDS Claude W. Rankin 81 S011 at , GENERAL The Carollna Soda INSURANCE Shoppe SODA - SANDWICHES - NEWS 130 Hay Sr. Dial 3270 EFIRD'S Department Store "Fayetteville's Friendliest and Most Modern Department Store" ROGERS 81 BREECE Incorporated Ambulance Service Day or Night Dial 3161 Fayetteville, N. C. One little rote walked up to another lillle fore and raid, "Hi, Bud." Ruperi: I wonder if I could make you melt in my army? Gladyr: No, I'm not that Jofl and you're not that bot. The Individual Photographs in This Issue of LA FAMAC FUI' . . . We-reMadeby Banquets The PATON STUDIO T e a s "While You're About It, Get a Good Picture" CURRIE COAL CO. "One Good Ton Deserves Anotherv Hillsboro Street Dial 2022 Bridge Make Your Arrangements to be "AT HOME" at the PRINCE CHARLES Fayetteville, N. C. Compliments of Officials Cumberland County North Carolina QQ N. H. McGeachy, Sheriff R. E. Nimocks, Treas.-Accountant J. W. Johnson, Register of Deeds C. W. Broadfoot, Clerk of Court 1. A. Monroe, Clerk of County Court T. G. Braxton, Tax Supervisor Compliments of STEIN BROTHERS "The Home of Quality" Clothiers and Furnishers Carolina Broadway State Theatres THE SHOW PLACES of FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Mfr. Wooten: Have a good time at the party, dear, and be a good girl. Belly London: Make up your mind, Mother. He: I know' that I'm a perfeft bear in my manner. She: Sheep, you mean. Bean hug people. You do nothing but lwleal. SPECIAL PRICES on Cards and Invitations for Graduates Hilburn Printing Co. 115 Donaldson Street DIAL 3515 Diamonds Watches Silverware Jewelry and Gifts for Every Occasion Henebry 81 Son Jewelers 110 Hay Street Dial 2505 'lfltlvletic U nifowm' Om' Specialty" BOB'S Music and Sports Shop 333 Hay St. Fayetteville, N. C. Athletic Equipment for Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Football, etc. Sheet-Music Victrola Records Musical Instruments and Accessories JACKSON MATTRESS COMPANY QD Renovating and Sterilizing ONE DAY SERVICE QE! . DIAL 2513 555 Cool Spring Street Georgia Pine Turpentine Company Fayetteville, N. C. Manufacturers of Pine Products Pine Street Dial 5096 CLARK AND CLARK Attorneys at Law J. Bayard Clark Jerome B. Clark, jr. Mn. DeVane.' Carney, did you zvayh thir fish good before you baked it? Cfmtey: Mother, u'l.mt'J Ike me of umlning 4 H511 that bar lived in the water all ily life? Deaf my mer: gazfe you Jr. Wfhat more do you 1 t Ethel: Well, go to thunder! I made 3 1 1 CON VEN IEN T COMFORTABLE ECON OMICAL QUEEN CITY COACH COMPANY GREENSBORO-FAYETTEVILLE BUS LINES We Specialize in Charter CoacheJ-- Anywhere, Anytime GO PLACES DO THINGS Compliments of Fayetteville Supply Company Compliments of R. W. BOLING ' Public Accountant Matthews Pharmacy G. E. Matthews Pittman Hospital Building SMART FASHIONS for SMART WOMEN F leishman's Big Store 106-8 Hay Street DIAL 4211 Fayetteville, N, C. Ethel: The prize if 755. Deaf cuftomerx 55, here it if Ethel lloudertf 75s. Deaf cuftomeri Well, theres ,your 56 Ethel Izfery loudls I mid 75e.' to 1 ' Min Tale: W'laat if a Jleelelon? Dick: A Jkelelon if a man with his imide out and his outside off. 1 8 9 9 1 9 3 9 HIGHSMITH HOSPITAL, INC. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. 6351555 A General Hospital for the Treatment of Medical and Surgical Cases 69554555 J. F. HIGHSMITH, M.D., Medical Director Futlver: Well, Jon, how are your murkx? fuck Lumlay: Tl9ey'fe all under water., FallJer.' lWlJal do you mean under water? jack: Belou' "C" level. 7 Mfr. King might after foolball gamer Nou' my your pmyerr, Charler, and go to rleep, Clmrlex God bleu ma, God bleu pa, God bleu me, mb, mls, rala. 4'Brixment is Betteri' J. C. Penney Co., Inc. Louisville Cement Co. "The Home of Values" Louisvillg, Ky, Fayetteville, N. C. Thomas H' Sutton Southern Sales Manager HOnward Students" P 81 L SERVICE STATION YOUR PATRONAGE APPREcrATEo DIAL 3380 ' 337 Hay Street FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. THE JEWEL BOX Leading Credit Jewelers Diamonds - Watches BOYD'S STUDIO Commercial and Portrait Photo- graphs - Photo Finishing Picture Framing Jewelry Box 856 Dial 2764 207 Hay St. Fayetteville, N. C. 312 Hay St. Fayetteville, N. C Fayetteville Wholesale Co. FAYETTEVILLE "A Fayetteville Institution" Featuring Fresh Fruits and Vegetables A Complete Stock-Quality and Service DIAL 2131 INDUSTRIAL BANK CAPITAL . . . 340,000 SURPLUS 20,000 W. H. Marsh, President Dr. J. N. Robertson, Vice-Pres. Allen C. Bell, Cashier M ember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Min Gainey: Iamer, me Iuliur Caemr in a Jemence. Jimmie Norrir: When Calpurnia comer into the Iuliur Caemr. Quality Meats and Groceries See Our New Meat Counters PLYWOOD l2l0 Fort Bragg Road Fayetteville, N. C. Rankin St Brown Co. Dial 4151 Fayetteville, N. C. "Say It With Flowers" from- SUNNYSIDE FLORAL NURSERY Artistic Arrangement Personal Attention DIAL 3949 COMPLIMENTS KYLE ROOFING CO. of , Johns Mansville Products E. W. GRANNIS Fayetteville, N. C. QM CONTRACTOR . Highland Lumber gp Company Shingles : Lumber : Laths BUildeI'S, Supplies N C i Paints 325 Blount Street Milf Fisher: Who made the Mayflower Compacl? Arm Ewmx: I'm not Jure, but I think Coty did. fl SANITARY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS, INC. MASTER CLEANERS FLEISHMAN'S STYLE SHOP Exclusive But Not Expensive 114 Hay Street Fayetteville, N. C. Q D The Limmlry Doer In Bert Cross Creek Building and Loan Q Q Association 538 Hay Street J. W. Pate, President DMI 31,36 C. W. Rankin, Vice-President i ' i Frank H. Stedman, Sec.-Treas. HUNTER BROTHERS 1 Incorporated J Electrical Merchandising RADIO - GIFTS CHINA - GLASSWARE Fayetteville, N. C. CAPE FEAR SUPPLY COMPANY Building Material and Industrial Supplies A. 8: R. Terminal Dial 3727 Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt ROYAL CLEANERS, Inc. ni in Come Clean With Us and We Will Dye For You QQ W. A. GREGORY, Mgr. Dial 4121 Foot of Haymount While Wation war in Raleigh, he was mining three day: before the police finally found him n iz "pay-45-you-leave" bm. FIRST-CITIZENS BANK SL TRUST CO. FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE ACCOUNTS OF INDIVIDUALS, FIRMS AND CORPORATIONS SOLICITED Cumberland Dairies Incorporated Pastem-ized Milk fEENiQLee 17 Ice Cream IVV DIAL 4049 M. 81 O. Chevrolet Co. A SYMBOL OF SAVINGS Compliments of S. W. Scarborough 81 Son JONES 81 RIDDLE RENTALS 125 Person Street INSURANCE REAL ESTATE DIAL 3924 420 Hay Street Dial 2507 Ann Bmfkhead war rtanding in the aixle ai the movies. An miner approached her and mid, "Hou many Jem! do you ufant, 1IIiJJ?'J 76 "VEMCO" EXTENDS TO THE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES OF 1959 HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS AND EVERY GOOD WISH FOR A MOST SUCCESSFUL FUTURE. I I T ' .:,,1 T ,,I. Migilii -J III I ,:. 2 ' !F"'fQL:5 al FHS?" 31 ..., N5 E . T .1fa::,, , ,. .... Q - - fi-iff L 1 I is .5 7 sag ni 'YH ff wr V g b Mfr K ' SMQJQ 1 , ,QQ ,T Q, :fini " v .Sk 3381 K 'L 'I' " 7w+.,,,, Q' I NE .if Dt ": ' ' 5 I . is 1 ui lc Nut and Confection Venders Automatic Phonographs render selections by the most popular orchestra leaders for your enter- tainment. Person Weighing Scale Notice to all Merchants: We will place in your stores on a commission basis all latest and worthwhile coin operated equipment complying with the prevailing laws of the State of North Carolina. 'Phone Dial 3171. .14-,.. THE VENDING MACHINE COMPANY 205-15 FRANKLIN STREET FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Fmrzcex Sloan fwhen left in charge of little Jixterls Mother, u'on't you please come Jpeak to the baby. Slack Jittizzg 011 the fly paper and there are lofi of flier waiting to get ou." 77 BELK-HENSDALE COMPANY "The Home of Better Vuluef' Q....- Belk Stores Are Carolina's Largest Distributors of RELIABLE MERCHANDISE .lggi Complete Outfitters for Men, Women and Children We wish for the Seniors, every success and that you may enjoy a long happy life. Compliments of EUGENE JOHNSON my . T z L' Home Federal SfiVl.I1gS and ranspor a mn Loan Association DIAL 2958 107 Green Street PLAYER REALTY CO. NEW YORK CAFE Q an Q Q "Everything in Real "SERVICE IS OUR Estate" MOTTO,' Gludyx had just returned from her fini lime at church. She heamed proudly at the an ounced ihul the miniyter had .fpohen to her. "Well," mid Mn. Seffomf, "u-'hat did he Jay?" Gladys: "He lold me to .flop talking." 78 ff fiw It Compliments of W. D. HOLT Distributor of PURE OIL PRODUCTS S. W. Tomlinson Company Insurance, Real Estate, Rents On the Market Square DIAL 2748 CFITLYKBAIQERY COMPLIMENTS . , ite, Proprietor OUR SPECIALTIES of Butter-Flake Bread Sliced or Unsliced Rolls, Pies, and Doughnuts MONTGOMERY DIAL 4016 536 Hay sneer WARD FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Bowl for Health HUSKE Hardware House HEALTH CENTER HARDWARE BOWLING ALLEYS BUILDING MATERIALS 535 Hay Street Dial 4141 Hay Street CLAYTON CIGAR CO. MARKET gm Furniture Company my TOBACCO AND CANDY SPECIALTIES Hay Street Mr. Hurrill' Why are you making facei' at that bulldog? Eleanor M1'Ruf'.' He Iturled il! WORTH'S BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. He wax faking her for a moonlighl ride, and after llaey had ridden a few miley, Mary mid: "I want you lo umlerfland ihal I don? hold laamlx, neck, or pei. I5 that clear?" "Y " 'd R I ex, .fill uper . Nou ube e do you uanl to go from be e afked Mary Hon fzurmz red Rupert Q0 lf Jgwywwweani Dear Sir: Qwr WM Read your adnertirernent in our paper rtating: "Young man, .forne zvornan lover you dearly. Would you like to hnouf who rhe ir? One dollar to the "Lover Forum" will ohtain for you the derired information." Find enolored that amount. Anrufer ar soon ar porfihle. Am hurrting with curiority. Sarn Wright REAVES CASH DRUG STORE Mercury Your Service Druggist Lmcohpzephyr Price class is not enough comparison- Haymount Ford resources make possible higher quality at lower cost. Phone 4044 Quick Delivery COMMUNITY MOTGRS p P. C. Duckworth, Manager Carson's Beauty Shoppe Beauty Bath and Body Massage ll9 Anderson Street Dial 288-'l FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Lacy Manufacturing Company SOUTHERN PLYWOOD Fayetteville, N. C. li? W lilies go 45 tl Un, 9,50-7 from' WM W Three dayr later: Mr. Sam Wright Your mother. Lover Forum wyyaau 4 Wwlw QM - agua. -Mmm, I COMPLIMENTS INSIST ON I of N 9 w LAN LE 5 ' THE Q A MCMILLAN-SHULER Pe..,,..t Products OIL Co., INC. and Candies Fayetteville, N. C. THE COUNTRY CLUB OF FAYETTEVILLE INVITES YOU TO AVAIL YOURSELF OF ITS REFINED ATMOSPHERE FOR YOUR PRIVATE ACTIVITIES, WE HAVE GRASS GREENS NOW Compliments of Cornphments of , L. M. HALL The E. A. Poe Brlck Dimibuto, Company Gulf Oil Corporation . 21 W h S Brlck Manufacturers 3 gn Meet Fayettevllle, N. C. "jan one more glam, boyf, and we'll all go home together," Jaid the diflawafher aJ he laid 6101171 the 501117. 4,7 x, My ffl M W . 6.4 ' 'W . 1, WCS' Elia jf!! of f-ff Z LLh.2'bJjA D, f .wc J-1fEf"' A' COMPLIMENTS OF S A N D L I N 81 C 0 . Wholesale Groceries ' HAY AND FEED GRAIN AUTOGRAPHS 71-:VV 'X 44c.f,ocy..4J.dzw.aC6j 50,1 ffjf,-el V- 7, --i hazy ' L f ,M -Y ef by r l L A K f . ' fb Af! Ai, 420,,,.,v 7,r7iILl QSQ4-G--v n. 7174- 65,-dL,,e-Aff' 3 91 ' . M Nei'- , . xy 'L-b X Q ea az 2 vi 'O b . li y i YEL.-2Zf.,..a,4 Q,z,,,.7Znmw I of REE X 2 GED STOOL Ati fly .LI n .M t f 1 ,X ia 1' 'i , -.f xx J 1 Some of the older group perusing these pages will recall the old three-legged stool-a fixture in most offices in the past. It was useful as long as all three legs were intact and in good condi- tion. Many have likened good printing-espe- cially high grade advertising and year hooks to the old stool-dependent on three things: good photographsy good printing plates and good presswork. This company has brought the idea up toidatel They have added "the fourth important factor.: specialized personal service for those who want less worry and more cer- tainty. If you are one of the ever growing group that desires fine printing plus this added fea- ture, correspondence or an interview is invited. Christian Printing Company Dial F-0821 - - - 122-124 West Parrish Street Durham, North Carolin 4,54 HQ! 1,6 84 wi 'www , JG W J' JWW My W .- M' 49vQ,'fV Laww-anvvmfwwv. fwlfi?-vf44""-' 4 5 Q J in 0,130 Cffgcol-?oJ'1f. wcwbd .m I .mv Joyd W W mf wwf wi v 04 Swlffpfwgg 3 4" w"f75f f E of fQJLglE fQ. f f xffgwfi E if GR JM NW? iffy fQfMWZ'Wff ff1ffM'f f"'M" Eg my , Qilmaww Q .J"y Mr-wxwkw 07. J x,fff"y VVJMM 'WW SMMWRS WWMW MMLMH "Nx+-tJ..D.,.-rJ:1.oS:-'ab-wgn fox . f,,2a,f,w-wfafpk Am 'Ov q - kj q f Zhwloj' - , V A gr X 422 My J 0+ Qfwf Rgwf wh wwf D3Xf3Z35YQ cww7ED5 N W Ng CM UM! WW WW

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