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.fm-,,:f1.:m -M ,,-van: .11 ' M.,-, .wa--, ' f-,N ..1,....::. 'ML UM., My f x ,M mf .',.f.v.,m,f...f.f.4, rug-x.::m..mvnf,.-Q.-4mfn...,waA:v.Mr.-aw,m4a..nM,nnw,-w..v.L-ewa-.a..z...um-g,.,,.mmu4.Xnm ' 2 ?H 3 a ii 24 .M E Z 1 ' 'f TF ' H ,, . .g 53x. ,'- ' 4 -' -.QqP4E"':'i',:w-I", "W ' J f"- . 'P Z' . K ., ,Wea "5'- '- ' ' Foreword e 'L' In e kptibliehing Ygthis ninth volume of Tin LA Fipmc the claqs ef 1930 had. as ite putting befpie the World a true likeness of FQ H. Sa 'Iris' our that in the future years those have known and loved F. H. S. may of Q -M . 1, ,, ' 3 ,al VZ Q P, Jr , k.wk fl' "" 4, , 1 F 4, W-in ax rw im? fix V41 1+ . f 'W M 433 4, if:- -A 31 ,HT ni! ,if ' ' tis The L Famac 1930 Volume IX Published by THE SENIOR CLASS ofthe FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Fayetteville, North Carolina Dedication Tm: Umss OF N1Nm'1-:EN IIIINURI-gn AND 'I'Hm'rx RI'lSl'Iif"I'I+'I'I.LY IJmm'.vrEs Tins ANMAI. 'ro MR. CAMPBELL X1'1'm:vI.x'l'1ox UF ms l'Nc'1c.'xs1Ne: El4'I"0R'I'S mm F. H. S. 5 1 F Four Seniors Xl... X Class Song '30 ERE gathered here with friends so dear, To say a last farewell To all the happy days of sehoolg Yet sadness in us dwells. Many years We've been together- The best of our lives they may beg Carefree days of joy and laughter Like a voyage on a sunlit sea. To teachers who have helped us gladly, We owe a debt that's hard to pay. In years to come we'll miss them sadly, We'll give them honor while we may. In future though we're far away From dear old Fayetteville High We'll try to win her glory and fame As We pass the milestones by. And as we part we shed a tear For the school we love so well. To the days welve spent in F. H. S. We bid a fond farewell. GARRETT J ONES. CLASS COLORS: H1110 EDWIN XVILLIAMSON D. 'l'. I'1-:lem .,,,,,......., ISABM. '1'ILLrNfmAS'r ..... IQENA DI'l'IiPIE. ......... . IIAULINI-I JXNDREYVS ..... QDUROTIIY HVRLI-:Y,... IJOROTIIY LIELVIN .,.... GARRETT JONES ....... I-'RAN1-NS BIICLVIN v,... 5 Senior Class Oflicers CLASS MOTTO: "Ducamus" and Wlzife FLOXVERZ Sweet Pea ......................IJ'I'6S1.df?7l6 ...,,Vica Przfsidvnf ..........Secreta1'y .....T1'casurm' .....Hisl0rian ..,..TnsfalOr .....P'r0p11f1f ....,,Musfcian .,,,..D'O1mr Seven Eight EDITH ADAMS A striking brunette aa one can xer, and very popular wc all agree. Biology Club '28, Secretary Latin Club '28, '29, French Club '29, '30, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, B. V. D. Club '27, '28, '29, Glee Club '27, Girl Reserves '28. PAULINE ANDREWS A true frieml, ,-'lrholur nm! llfhletr Too mu,r'li van? hr' :mid of Pauline. Latin Club '27, Vice President '28, President '29, Secretary '30, O'Henry Literary Society '27, Athletic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Girl Reserves '28, Varsity Basketball '29, '30, Teachers Club '28, Dramatic Club '28, '29, French Club '29, '30, Class Volleyball '29, Class Soccer '28, Class Basketball '29, Class Baseball '28, '29, How to Study Club '28, Stedman Essay Medal '29, Class Historian '30. STEVE LEE BARDEN Handsome, will my he ix, But he has brains ns well. Science Club '27, Orchestra '27, '28. '29, '30, Hi-Y Club '28, '29, '30, French Club '29, '30, DOROTHY BOONE Quiet i'P,vr'r1'fd rind nxunlly right, Slick ll, girl that everyone Iilrm. Latin Club '26, Secretary '27, Dramatic Club '27, '28, Girl Reserves '27, '28, French Club '29, '30, Girls' Athletic Association '28, '29, '30, Hockey Team '29, Class Basketball '28, '29, Class Baseball '28, '29, Volleyball '28, '29. AILEEN ELIZABETH BOWLES Smart, capable and nlwnyn kind, In fm-I, xhv just v-rm'f bv ilefinwl. Latin Club '27, '28, French Club '29, '30, Glee Club '29, Society Editor Junior Obsrrwr '29, Vice President Sophomore Class '28, Girl Reserves '28, Girls' Athletic Association '29, '30, Manager Girls' Basketball Team '30, Varsity Basketball '29, '30, Class Volleyball '29, Class Soccer '28, '29, Class Baseball '28, '29. CLEO BROWN Ulro in on artist Anil' how A-he draws attention. Student, Council '27, '28, Glee Club '27, '28, Girls' Athletic Association '28, '29, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Boosters' Club '27, '28, Artists' Club '27, French Club '27, Science Club '27, Biology Club '28, Girl Reserves '28, Class Hockey '28, Class Basketball '27, Junior Ob- server Staff, Hi-Lite Staff '28, Journalism Club '28, B. V. D. Club '27, '28, '29. FANNY DEWEESE BULLARD Fanny is n modern girl, No other like her in this world. Latin Club '27, '28, French Club '20, Biology Club, Treasurer '28, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Glee Club '27, '28, Hi-Lite Staff '29, Girl Reserves '28, B. V. D. Club '27, '28, '29, LOUISE LAURENCE BULLARD True worth in in being, not xeerniml, A nd Imuixfx rnlues are renl. Latin Club '28, Biology Club '28, Glee Club '28, '29, Dramatic Club '28, '29, French Club '29, Girls' Athletic Association '27, '28, '29. TIMOTHY GILMORE BULLARD, JR. A fnll boy wilh, n .wendy mimi, ,'l,ll'lljl3 willinu every lime. Lumberton High School '27, Hope Mills Hizh School '28, '29, Basketball '29, Fayetteville High '30, JULIA WVYATT BYNUM She xhuiiex hard and I-'eepx her frienrix She is Ihr type that nlu-nyx winx. French Club '28, '29, '30, Hope Mills '27, '2S. EILEEN CASSIDY An athlete Izeyonrl compare, And in her afudiex wry rare. Latin Club '27, '28, '29, '30, President '27, '28, Boosters' Club '27, Uke Club '27, Student Council '27, Scholarship Medal '28, Class Volleyball '29, Class Hockey '28, '29, Class Baseball '28, '29, French Club '28, '29, Science Club '27, '30, Varsity Hockey '29, Girl Reserves '28, Girls' Athletic Association '29, '30, Secretary '29, '30, Associate Editor Junior Observer '29, Dramatic Club '30, Marshal '29, Class Basketball '29, '30, Varsity Basketball '29, '30, Sponsor Baseball '29, Best, All Round '29, '30, Most, Popular '30, Best Girl Athlete '30, Vice President Junior Class '29, Annual Staff '29, '30, School Editor '29, Editor- in-Chief '30. CHARLES JOSEPH CLARKE lleywmlulzle Charles Clarke Always cheerful as rr lurk. Latin Club '27, '28, French Club '29, '30, Lawyers' Club '27, Medicine Club '27, Art Club '27, Science Club '27, '28, '29, Boys' Glee Club '27, '28, '29, How to Study Club '27, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, 0. Henry Literary Society '27, Vice President Biology Club '28. i Nine l Ten LILLIAN EMMA COATES She knows xo much ln be so small, Anrl we like her one and all. Bay Ridge High '27, How to Study Club '28, Science Club '27, Latin Club '28, '29, '30, French Club '29, '30, Librarian '30. THOMAS ARGULUS COUSAR, JR. His is In reason why, His is to make a reply, Who? Tom Cuusar. Columbia High School '27, '28, Junior Observer Staff '29, Dramatic Club '29, '30, Basketball Squad '29, Football '30, Monogram Club '30, MARY HELEN CRAWFORD Mary ix smart nnrl never loiul, She is one of whom we are proud. Latin Club '27, '28, Girl Reserves '28, Girls' Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Vice President Club '30, French Club '30, Biology Club '28, Girls' Athletic Association '29, '3O. ALVA SIMPSON CROMARTIE His silver Innyue will bring him a, name And place him high an the ladder uf fume. Class Football '26, '27, '28, Class Baseball '26, '27, '28, Latin Club '26, '27, Science Club '26, '30, Debaters' Club '28, '30, Triangular Debater '28, '30, Ye Merrie Players '28, '29, '30, A Night in an Inn Cust '29, Bab '30, Dust of the Road '30, Ario Di Capo '30, Cheer Leader '29, '30, Peppiest '29, '30, Best Actor '30, Hi Litas '28, LAFAMAC Staff '29, Business Manager LAFA- MAC '30, Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, President '30, President Dramatic Club '30, Football Squad '29, Baseball Squad '29, Ministers' Club '27, Lawyers' Club '27, Boosters' Club '27, French Club '30, MARY ISABELLE CROOM Her loving ways, her manner sweet, Charm all those she chances to meet. Girl Reserves '28, How to Study Club '28, Athletic Association '28, '29. VIRGINIA DAVENPORT CROYVDER Always willing tn lend a hand, Always willing to do what she can, Thatlv Virginia. Hendersonville High School '27, Hockey Team '28, '29, Latin Club '28, Biology Club '28, Dramatic Club '28, '29, '30, Basketball Team '30, Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Contest Play '28, OLIVER C. CULBRETH You cannot and them everywhere Like Olicer polite and rare. Latin Club '-27, Class Football '27, '28, '29, French Club '29, '30, Science Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Radio Club '27, Boys' Glee Club '27, How to Study Club '27, Track '28. AMANDA KINDLEY DAVIS This pretly little girl is full of life and pep, When one gel.-c u ease of blues go to Kinelley for help. Medical Club '27, '28, '29, Science Club '27, '28, '29, President Biology Club '28, Girl Reserves '27, Dramatic Club '29, '30, Latin Club '27, '28, French Club '30, B. V. D. Club '27, '28, '29, Class Basketball '28, Girls' Athletic Association '27, '28, '29, '30. RICHARD REED DEVANE Joyful, likeable and always gay, Although he rloesnft have much to say. Secretary Freshman Class '28, Latin Club '27. '28, Science Club '28, Hi-Y Club '28, '29, '30, French Club '29, '30. WILLIAM EARL DUNLOP Small in stature, large in- mind, Into michief all the lime. Latin Club '27, '28, '29, '30, French Club '29, '30, Dramatic Club '27, '28, Medicine Club '28, Engineers' Club '28, Lawyers' Club '28, Mechan- ics' Club '28. V RENA CARSON DUPREE Capable, smart true and just, A girl any one can readily trust. French Club '29, Secretary '30, Athletic As- sociation '27, '28, Girl Reserves '28, Glee Club '28, President '30, Secretary Senior Class '30, President Latin Club '27, Secretary '28. MARY JANE ELLIS Sludio-un and serious, a pal good ami true. This is our Mary through and through. Latin Club '27, '28, President '27, Biology Club '28, Treasurer, Girls' Athletic Association '29, '30, Hiking Leader '29, '30, Hockey Team '29, Class Baseball Team '28, '29, Class Volley- ball '29, Class Soccer '28, '29, French Club '29, '30, Girl Reserves '27, '28, Glee Club '30. Eleven Twelve ETHEL FLEISHMAN lVifh af lovable character a-nd xweel face frm, She is a pa lfhail in true blue. Chemistry Club '29, French Club '29, '80. ANN GASTER 'l'l1,i.-r rery clzairmina lillle lanx Ia popular in and out of clam. Dramatic Club '28, '29, '30, Student Council '28, Glee Club '28, '29, Science Club '27, '28, '29, Latin Club '27. '28, French Club '29, '30, Girl Reserves '28, Class Basketball '28, Hi-Lifes Staff '29, Secretary Science Club '28, Vice President Latin Club '27, President '28, Marshal '29, Girls' Athletic Association '29, '30, B, V. D. Club '28, '29, '8O. FLORA ROBINSON HARRIS A lady born, a lfuly lzrrrl, Ami in adrlifirm a jim' Ierel hearl. . Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Vine President '30, French Club '30, Girl Reserves '28, Latin Club '27, '28, President '28, Hi-Liten Staff '28, Glee Club '27, '28: State Contest Pluy '28, '29, Most Attractive '29, Peppiest '30, IAFAIW.-to Stall' '29, '30, Scotclunmfs Association '28, '29, Cheer Lender '29, '30. NANCY ELIZABETH HE RDON A fine girl always xo nent, A pal and friend thal'.s' hard In beat. Latin Club '27, '28, '29, Drnmntio Club '27, '28, Glee Club '27, '28, Athletic Association '27, Science Club '28. STACY MILTON HOLMES Millnn joined 'un lair' in the game, But hix place is .wrure in our hearts jimi Ihr xame. Sunnyside High School '27, '28, Latin Club '28, '29, President Literary Society '27, '28, Science Club '27, Latin Club '29, Science Club '10 i . OLA VANCE HUBBARD Ola is never shirkirig, But alwayx working. Latin Club '27, '28, Vice President '27, French Club '29, '30, Teachers' Club '28, Girls' Athletic Association '28, '29, Class Volleyball '28, '29, Class Soccer '28, '29, Class Baseball '28, '29, Science Club '30, Glee Club '30, DOROTHY BRUTON HURLEY Talented and arcornyiliahcfl is she, And some :lay will a great musician bc. Mcbane High School '27, '28, '29, Fayetteville High School '30, French Club '30. EDGAR. GARRETT JONES Our claxa mwririan is he, Quile accomplished as one can aec. Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '30, Student Director nf Orchestra '29, Librarian for Orchestra '28, All State Orchestra '28, Boys' Glee Club '27, '28, '29, Stage Manager for Dramatic Club '28, '29, French Club '29, '30, How to Study Club '27, Engineering Club '27, '28, Science Club '27, Biology Club '28, Chemistry Club '29, O. Henry Literary Society '27, Class Musician '30. MARY ZELEKA JONES She pleases one, xhe pleaxcs ull, Ami answers every needy fall. Latin Club '27, '28, President of Literary Society '27, Music Club '27, '28, President of Sophomore Gloss '28, Athletics '27, '28, Secretary of 1?-H Club '28, Dramatic Club '29, Science Clu '30. LOUISE KILPATRICK Though she came to ua late, She has made a place no one can take. Garland High School '27, '28, '29, Science Club '30, Varsity Basketball '3O,'Dramatic Club '30, Athletic Association '30. EMMA HOLLINGSWORTH LEDBETTER Prrlly and capable ix this curly haired lass, A ml in everything whe leafln her elamv. Latin Club '27, '28, French Club '29, Assistant Editor Junior Observer '29, Circulation Manager LAFAMAU Staff '30, Marshal '29, President Fresh- man Class '27, Hi-Lite Staff '28, Girl Reserves '28. DOROTHY MELVIN Willy and peppyj all say And popular in her charming way. Latin Club '27, '28, Biology Club '28, Secretary Club '28, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Secre- tary-Treasurer Junior Class, Best Actress '27, Wittiest '28, '29, Noisiest '30, Most Original '30, LAFAMAC Staff '30, Class Prophet '30, Hi-Liles '29, Junior Observer '29, B. V. D.'s '27, '28, '29, Thirteen Fourteen FRANCES HAYES MELVIN Frances is an actress bright And alwways plays her part just right. Literary Club '27, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Class Basketball '27, Cast, "Bah" "Other Peoples Husbands", President Dramatic Club '29, Latin Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Cast, "Why the Chimes Rang," "Not Quite Such a Goose", French Club '29, '30, Glee Club '28, '29, Girl Reserves '28, Music Club '27, Best Actress '30, Most Modern '30, Marshal '29, Junior Observer Staff '29, LAFAMAC Staff '30, President Latin Club '27, Secretary '28, Testator '30, Donor '30, JOHN MCDERMOTT MONOGHAN If fine sarcasm won't win the day Hia quick wit will find some other way. Latin Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Engineering Club '27, Science Club '27, Doctors' Club '28, Biology Club '28, Class Baseball '28, Class Football '28, Glee Club '28, Junior Observer Staff '29, French Club '29, '30, Student Council '30, FREDERICK ANDREW MOTZ From mathematical worries he -is exempt And he regarrlx the rest with quiet contempt, Latin Club '27, '28, '29, '30, O. Henry Liter- ary Society '27, French Club '29, '30, Science Club '27, '29, Engineering Club '27, Math Medal '29. CHARLES ALOYSIUS MUBFINNETT Every courteous and polite ia he, As gentlemanly as one could wish him to be. Latin Club '27, '28, '29, '30, President '30, Vice President French Club '30, Secretary of Biology Club '28, Junior Observer Staff '29, Lawyers' Club '28, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Marshal '29, Science Club '27, How to Study Club '28, Cotillion Club '29, JAMES OTHNEIL MCLEOD Hin sparkling eyes, his winning smile, Will carry him on for many a mile. Engineer-ine Club '27, '28, Biology Club '28, Class Baseball '28, Class Football '27, '28, French Club '29, Science Club '27, Boys' Glee Club '28, Marshal '29, NEDJY DARLENE DOROTHY PATTERSON The prettiest in our elaxx, an ar-Irexs she, Anrl so nc day will on Brozlway be. Uke Club '27, Music Club '27, '28, Glee Club '27, '28, '30, Orchestra '27, '28, '29, 0. Henry Literary Society '27, Debaters' Club '28, Dramatic Club '28, '29, '30, French Club '30, Latin Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Science Club '28, Lawyers' Club '27, How to Study Club '28, Girls' Athletic Association '29, '30, Girl Reserves '28, Basket- ball '30, Prettiest '30, Girl with Best Line '30, Junior Obserrer Stall' '29, Class Volleyball '29. MARY COURTNEY PEACE So wise, so quiet and lovable too, Bill agrees it'.v all quite true. Athletic Association '28, '29, Latin Club '27, '28, French Club '29, '30, Science Club '30, Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Librarian of Glee Club '30, LAFAMAC Staff '30, Snapshot Editor LAFAMAC '30, Class Volleyball '28, Student Council '30, Most Dated Pair '3O. FRANK ORVA PERKINS Orva is a fine business man, Always willing to :lo what he can. Glee Club '26, '27, '28, Eloian Literary Society '27. '28, Elon High School '26, '27, '28, Dramatic Club '28, '29, '30, French Club '29, '30. DANIEL THADDEUS PERRY, JR. A good sport and iierjl tall, k He has won the respect of all. Hi-Y Club '25, '26, '29, '30, Boosters' Club '25, Science Club '25, '26, Medical Club '26, Latin Club '25, '26, Glee Club '26, '29, Cotillion Club '29, Football '27, Class Football '28, '29, Manazer Football '30, Class Basketball '25, '26, Varsity Basketball '29, '30, Class Baseball '25, '26, Varsity Baseball '29, '30, Captain Basket- ball '30, Boys' Council '29, Secretary Science Club '25, President Glee Club '29, Vice President Senior Class '30, Boy with Best Line '30. GEORGE WILLIAM POOLE A steady boy with a goal in view, And willing to work to see it fhrou-gh, Latin Club '27, '28, '29, Science Club '27, French Club '29, '30, Class Football '28, Me- chanics Club '28. JOHN CARWILE POPE, JR.. If'a the Ihinga he says and the smile he wears That makes him wanted everywhere. Latin Club '27, '28, Dramatic Club '28, '30, Doctors' Club '27, Class Football '29, French Club '29, '30. VVILLIAM OLIVER PRICE He loves his football and studies too, And lo Mary remains staunch, and true. Class Football '25, '27, Class Baseball '28, Manager Intermural Baseball '28, Varsity Foot- ball '28, '29, Secretary-Treasurer Engineering Club '28, Science Club '27, '29, '30, President '30, Studhnt Athletic Advisory Council '29, Dramatic Club '30, Hi-Y Club '28, '29, '30, Treasurer '30, Junior Observer Staff '28, Athletic Editor Staff '30, Monogram Club '28, '29, '30, Most Studious '29, Most Dependable '30, Most Dated Pair '30. Fifteen l l Sixteen MARGARET RAYNOR A happy xmile llrafx a joy fo NN, Anzl as nice as one can be. Seventy-first '27, '28, F. N. S. '29, '30, Basketball '29: Dramatic Club '29, '30, Athletic Association '29: Science Club '30g French Club '30. JASPER PER RY ROWLAND Hraimr Iie umler his charming curl.-1, And he .sure luw a way with the girls. Snmpter High '27, '28, '29g Fayetteville High '30, Hi-Y '30. MARTHA LOUISE SMITH "Pat," as she in beller known Hua many talents to rail her own. Latin Club '27, '2Hg Biology Club '28, French Club '29, '3Og Athletic Association '29, 'LIOQ Girl Reserves '28. WILLIAM WALLACE STHCKE R Bill came to ua from fur away, And we hope he'a here lu stay. Manila High School '27, '28, '29. HARRY BINDER STEIN Harry is capable and willing to work, He tacklea hiv duties and nercr ahirka. Latin Club '27, '28, Chemistry Club '28, Orchestra '28, '29, '30, Di-batc-rs' Club '29, '303 Triangular Debate '30g 1"x-ench Club '29, '30, Medical Club '27. RAYMOND OSCAR STEIN Quile hamlxome ax one 1-an aee, A mathematician and musician he. LAFAMAU Staff '29, '30: Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '30g Junior Observer Stat? '29, Latin Club '27, '28g Advertising Manager LAFAMAU '29, '30, Medicine Club '27, Science Club '28, ANCEL PITTMAN TEWV Ee manages our basketball team so well, Ami he'.r always there to help us yell. Latin Club '26, '27, Engineers' Club '26, Mechanical Club '26, Science Club '26, Class Baseball '26, '27, '28, Class Football '27, '29, Class Basketball '26, '27, '28, Glee Club '28, '29, Intermural League '28, Manager Varsity Basket- ball '30, Cotillion Club '29, JAMES WVILLIAM THOMSON Tall ami hafnrlsome and a good actor ton, A yoorl :sport through and through. Winter Park High School '27, Science Club '28, Class Football '28, '29, Class Baseball '28, '20, Dramatic Club '29, '30, Bab Contest Play '30, ISABEL GLOVER TI LLINGHAST Wisdom doth. 'within her dwell, Our lovely, charming Isabel. Latin Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Dramatic Club '28, '29, Glee Club '29, '30, Secretary '29, Stu' dent Council '27, '28, Boosters' Club '27, O. Henry Literary Society '27, French Club '29, '30, President '30, Class Volleyball '28, '29, Class Baseball '28, '29, Class Basketball '27, '28, Varsity Basketball '29, '30, Captain '30, Varsity Hockey Team '28, '29, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion '27, '28, '29, '30, Treasurer of Class '30, Junior Observer Staff '29, Most Dependable '30, Annual Staff '30, Girl Reserves '28, Captain Varsity Hockey '29, EDITH M. 'POLAR She little troubles orcr tomorroufs woe, She taken' thingx as they come and 110. Latin Club '27, '28, O. Henry Literary Society '27, Biology Club '28, Vice President '28, How to Study Club '28, Athletic Association '27, '28, '29, Music Club '27. JOE BOYKIN UNDERWOOD Clever and ullractilre Joe, She is always on the go. Latin Club '27, '28, Dramatic Club '29, '30, French Club '29, '30, Girl Reserves '28, Basket' ball '29, Biology Club '28, President '28, B. V. D.'s '27, '28, '29, Glee Club '27, Literary Society '27. DOROTHY HELEN YVHEELE R A pal, a friend, a scholar ton, Lovable, happy and always true. Latin Club '27, '28, Glee Club '27, '28, '29. '30, 0. Henry Literary Society '27, Dramatic Club '27, '30, Debating Club '27, French Club '29, '30, Athletic Association '27, '28. Seventeen Eighteen THOMAS LEE WI-IITAKER When things look dark and gloomy the while Thomas can always make na smile. Junction City, Kansas '27, Atlanta, Georgia '27, Mechanics' Club '28, '29, Science Club '29, '30. ELLA REE WILLIAMS A charming girl with a clever mind, With ladylike manners so refined. Linden High School '27, '28, '29, Fayetteville High School '30, EDWIN HOLT YVILLIAMSON, JR. He leads his clunva, he leads his team, And is simply just a scream. Junior Observer Staff '28, '29, Student Council '27, '28, '29, LAFAMAC Stalf '29, Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '30, Glee Club '27, '28, '29, Secretary Freshman Class '27, President Sophomore Class '28, President Senior Class '30, Doctors' Club '27, '28, Dramatic Club '27, '28, '29, '30, How to Study Club '28, Latin Club '27, '28, French Club '29, '30, Science Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Track '27, Baseball '28, '29, Football '28, '29, Captain Team '30, Basketball '29, '30, Class Football and Basketball '27, '28, Class Baseball '27, Monogram Club '29, '30, Hi-Y Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Pres- ident of Junior Hi-Y Club '28, Secretary State Eastern Hi-Y '30, Chief Marshal '29, Cotillion Club '29, Class Clown '30, Best All Round '30, Best Athlete '30, Most Popular Boy '30. JAMES H. WILSON He's a good friend well worth while, With his quick wit and ready smile. Hi-Y Club '27, '28, '29, How to Study Club '28, Latin Club '27, '28, Doctors' Club '27, '28, French Club '29, '30, Science Club '27, '28, Glee Club '27, '28, Class Football '27, '28, '29, Varsity Football '30. , ANNA WILSON WOODHOUSE An olfrliclive girl and good xport fix she, .lust as John would have her be. Latin Club '27, French Club '29, '30, Science Club '27, '29, Vice President, Biology Club '28, Class Basketball '27, '28, Varsity Basketball '29, '30, Medical Club '27, '28, Girl Reserves '28, B. V. D. Club '27, '28, '29. i The History of the Class of 1930 WE all well remember that bright September day, when we with shining faces tried our best to look grown up, and turned our footsteps toward the High School. We were a haDDY and enthusiastic group of a hundred and thirty-two, but as we entered that haven of knowledge, the contemptous glances of the Sophomores and the pitying look of the rest, dampened our ardor quite a bit. Mr. MacNeel, the principal, called us together and gave us quite a little advice about walking in the straight and narrow and sent us to our tasks. We proudly chose Emma Ledbetter to lead our class and John Barlow as vice president should the need occur. Ed. Williamson was to record our many accomplishments and Walter Jones was given the honor of guarding our empty treasury. We did not want to lag behind: we did not want to be the average even, so we chose "Ducamus" as our motto and flinging forth our banners of blue and gold, we clambered past the first mile post and sat down to rest with a sigh of relief. II Another September brought us together again, not quite so many as before, for several had fallen by the wayside. Our footsteps were not quite so rapid this time, but more dignified, and our glances at the new freshmen were quite scornful as had been our predecessors. Those of us who had thought High School a machine through which you were passed without effort, and at the end of four years given a diploma as a matter of course, abandoned the idea and went to work. We began to think seriously about our futures and joined clubs that would help us along our particular line of work and started things going in full swing. We went about choosing our affairs seriously. Ed. Williamson was to lead us for the year with Aileen Bowles as his assistant. We thought Johnny Barlow quite capable of, both, recording our deeds and managing our capital. We kept time with our motto with Eileen Cassidy winning the scholarship medal and passed our second mile post a more dignified and enlightened group. III We entered into our third year to toil a cheerfulness thalt was surprising and ac- cepted our heavier new duties as a matter of course. Mr. Campbell had joined us as principal and affairs began running smoothly from the start. - We felt like birds just beginning to try their wings and we began to take an interest in things other than books. We gave some fine players to our football and basketball teams. We were about the same in number as the preceding year, with only three dropping out, leaving us ninety-four. To lead us safely through our Junior year, we chose Donald Armfield, so capable of the task. To aid him we named Eileen Cassidy. Dorothy Melvin we asked to be our secretary and hold our money bags. For marshals we gave Williamson as chief with Donald Armfield, John Monaghan, Andrew Motz, Seve Barden, Emma Ledibetter, Ann Gaster, Eileen Cassidy and Flora Harris, who served their positions well. We gathered in some new members and lost a few of the old, but we accomplished much, and gave the seniors a banquet that fairly turned their heads. James McLeod our flne mathematician captured the Myrdver Math medal and another honor was given our class. We passed through the storm of final examination week successfully and the third mile post loomed into view. We gave a happy shout at the final bell and rushed forth to a summer's rest and free from worries. IV Our senior year we entered with thoughtfulness with Ed. Williamson again as our president and D. T. Perry as vice president. To Rena Dupree fell the lot of secretary and to Isabel Tillinghast that of counting the dough. We all determined to work hard for the goal which seemed so enticingly near. Now we are nearing the end of our High School History, with our real History not yet begun. we are seeing a light not far distant and we all know what it is, it is the dawn of graduation, and we stand somewhat dazed at the wonder of it all. We see our happy school days gliding pastg but we have not forgotten that we have a glorious future nor have we forgotten our desire to be more than common place. So we are ready to step forth and flaunt our banners to the sky, and each follow our motto still "Ducamus"- LET US LEAD. PAULINE Armaaws. Nineteen Class Prophecy IDARTED out of the little dingy store and hurried home. I tightly grasped the little bundle that was in my hands. When I reached home, I unwrapped the package and placed its contents on the table. It was an old crystal that I had bought a few minutes before. It was a dark night. The rain was beating on the window panes. Just the night for reminiscing. I would use this crystal to see what my classmates of by-gone days were doing. As I -gazed into the crystal I saw a large automobile draw up in front of a brick building, and from the car a boy and girl emerged. They went into the building and I recognized Dorothy Patterson and Garrett J ones. The former had become a noted singer and Garrett accompanied her. The building and people faded away and I was taken to a gaily lighted night club, "The Golden Goose." The hostess, Pauline Andrews, in a long black lace dress was coming forward to meet two arrivals who happened to be Don Armfield and his fiancee, Aileen Bowles. A sudden glare of lights blinded me for a moment, then out into the spot light danced four girls, Edith Tolar, Mary Ellis, Dorothy Wheeler and Isabel Croom. Slowly the scenery of the night club vanished and I recognized Wall Street. Glancing into the stock exchange window I saw Charles Clark excitedly watching the ticker. Beside him was Tom Cousar who was deciding whether to end it all or take another chance. Then I was taken away to another scene of great interest. I saw a beautiful river with gondolas gliding about upon it. Stepping into one were three girls that were familiar to me and as they turned to speak to the boatman I saw Rena Dupree, Mary Crawford and Mary Peace. The boatman was William Price. Where there's Peace there's Price. I gazed intently into the crystal and suddenly huge pyramids loomed in the dis- tance. I beheld two figures flying up and down them. As they came closer I saw James McLeod chasing Earl Dunlop because the latter had stolen one of the former's wives. Earl and James each have a harem. I was then taken to one of the castles and before my eyes I saw a group of young girls with veils over their faces. In the group were Anna Woodhouse, Cleo Brown and Edith Adams. Then the Scenery changed and I was once again in America. Some kind of party was in swing and uniforms were everywhere. Of course they were C. M. T. C.'s and Margaret Rayner was their oflicial hostess. And then will you believe me I saw La Motte King, a dignified judge, and he was trying a case,-that of Williamson vs. Williamson. The former Ann Gaster was suing Ed. Williamson for a divorce. Who would have thought things would go that far. A smart dress shop came in sight. It was owned by Flora Harris and she had as her mannequins Joe Underwood and Fanny Bullard, the two inseparables. Those viewing the styles were Kindley Davis, the successful author of "Getting There" and Virginia Crowder, a very popular chorus girl in a road show. The Twenty two girls were discussing one of their former classmates, Emma Ledbetter. lt seemed that Emma had founded a home for Blondes, their chief aim being to "get their men and then keep them." Lewis Crawley, John Monoghan, Charlie McBennett and Andrew Motz were in vaudeville taking the Marx Brothers place as the "Curley Headed Heart-breakers of Broadway." Upon the scene walks John Pope the children's favorite author of animal stories. In the city of Chicago was Snookie Tew and D. T. Perry. They were clowning as black face comedians and they were just as popular as Amos 'n Andy or the Two Black Crows. ' Traveling West I hit Hollywood and starring in "High School Days," were Elizabeth Herndon and Milton Holmes. The director was Orva Perkins, the make- up man, Steve Barden. In one of the added attractions Harry and Raymond Stein did a novelty act of singing and dancing. Right in the heart of Hollywood I found the cutest little soda fountain. Imagine my utter surprise to find Dorothy Hurley and Frances Melvin jerking soda there. On another lot in Hollywood, a college picture was i11 swing. James Wilson was starred as the football hero who had just made a 75 yard dash to victory and had found Isabel Tillinghast, the heroine, waiting for him. The cheer leaders were James Thompson and Reed DeVane. Next I saw Washington City and I could not help but wonder who I would see there, I did not Wonder long before coming down the steps of the White House was Thomas Whitaker, our president. In the town section I saw more signs of Washington's having drawn the home crowd. Taking letters from George Poole, a contractor, was Zelenka J ones. In the adjoining room 'was Louise Bullard, the fastest girl typist in the world. In the streets every one was buying extras. Eileen Cassidy had just completed a solo flight around the world. And now I was brought back to dear old Fayetteville. Oliver Culbreth had just been elected mayor. A familiar building came in sight. It was F. H. S. There I found Lillian Coates teaching Latin. Running a hat shop in the old town was Martha Smith. Her hats were quite the rage. Ola Hubbard had started a cafeteria and Ethel Eleischman was helping her. But now the crystal began to dull and I could see no more. The rain was still beating on the window and I closed my eyes, happy and at peace with the world. DOROTHY MELVIN. Twenty-one Last Will and Testament CITY or FAYETTEVILLE COUNTY on CUMBERLAND STATE or NORTH CAROLINA We the seniors of Fayetteville High School, realizing that we have come to the end of a four years journey, in which we have accumulated many worthwhile treasures, take this means of bestowing them upon our friends and successors, Csince we can't take them with usl. SECTION I ARTICLE 1 To F. H. S.-Our love and loyalty and sincere blessing. ARTIOIIE 2 To the Faculty-Our hopes that the coming classes will be more studious than the present Senior Class. ARTICLE 3 To Mr. Howell-Our thanks because he's a wee bit modern. ARTICLE 4 To Mr. Campbell-We will the power to keep the students from leaving the grounds. ARTICLE 5 To the Board of 'Trustees-Our hopes that members of the coming classes won't shock them as much as the present class did. SECTION II ARTICLE 1 To the following classes we do will and bequeath the following: To the Juniors-We leave our long talked of Senior privileges, fhope you get themj. To the Sophomores-We will the pleasure of preparing and planning and paying for the Junior-Senior Banquet. To the Freshmen-The pleasure of knowing they can soon look down on somebody. SECTION III ARTICLE 1 To Mr. Paton and Crawford Boyd our sincere thanks for making us look better than we really do. To Miss Kate-The hope that some day her class will win the latin contest. To George and Will-Our thanks for cleaning up after us. SECTION IV ARTICLE 1 Certain members of the class 'being conceited enough to think they have something distinctive to will, take this means of disposing of them: I, Ola Hubbard, do will and bequeath my generous habit of lending to Mary Scott. I, Tom Cousar, do will and bequeath my good looks to Bill Evans. Twenty-two re e be Cleaver B' f'I""'Q'fTN JM, ll It I Q 9 41 0 4 Mx 0 4x I, Edwin Williamson, do will and bequeath my popularity to Logan Howell. I, D. T. Perry do will and bequeath my ways of "standing in with the teachers" to John Barlow., QI-Ie needs lt.J I. Fanny Bullard, do will and bequeath, my chewing gum to Mary Wells. We, the B. V. D.'s, do will and bequeath our naughtlness to the "Red Skirts." IX We, Mary and Bill, do will and bequeath our power ot holding hands and getting away with it to Earl and Catherine. ' I, Isabel Tllllnghast, do will and bequeath my knowledge to .anyone interested. I, Dorothy Patterson, do will and bequeath my conceit to Dorothy Burger. R I, Snookie Tew, do will and bequeath my "way with women" to Arthur Dixon. I, Dorothy Hurley, do will and bequeath my ability to play the piano to Alma Louise Cade. I, Flora Harris, do will and bequeath my pepplness to Kate Bailey. I, Anne Gaster, do will and bequeath my slimness to Johnsie Maulden. I, Cleo Brown, do will and bequeath my ability to roll my eyes to Nannie Biggs. this to be our last will and testament. Samoa Cmss or 1930. Signed and sealed this twenty-seventh day ot February, we the cass of 1930, do declare Donornv Huauzv, Testator. Wltnessed by Anrntra Dixon. NANNII: Blues. DICK Cas:-nor. Loqan I-Iowszu.. 0 dl 0 Ill Rl fa JT' Simbel? ' 4 ' Twenty-three n QX o rr 4X 2 9-or 2 gba. ...Qs E' Twenty-four Comms : Laven der Junior Officers and White FLOWER: Forget-me-not MOTTO: Onward and Upward CHARLES SUTTON ......., .,.....,,,.., , ,......,,.,.,.,,..... ......... ..... ......... .............. P r e s i dent Ram-:ccA J ACKSON... ANNE TILLINGHAST ......, CLAUDE RANKIN ....... Vice President ..............Secretary .......Treasurer Twenty-five l4'LuI:A Al'I'l.l4INVHI'I'I1I ImN ARA1I-'IELII KATE BAILEY RUBY BAILEY f'l'Il'II. BAILEY NIIIIIIRICIJ BOONE SHIRLEY BARRICT LIIIIAN BAKER JULIA BARNES JOHN BARIIUVV IRICNIAI Bu1'EIN4:IlAM IPOROTHY BUREIIER BASMJM BRIT1' DAVID BRUWN DAISY BRYAN XVFIRA BELLA .IAAIES BRADY NANNIIC Bnuas HAROLD CAMERON AIIISIGRT CADE JAMES CARl'EN'l'ER EIIIZAIKETII CRANE WM, CRAWFORD LEWIS CRAXVLEY NIARYLYN CUIIISRPITH' AlIl.l'INld DEAL JOIIN IYEVANFI WILLIAM EVANS ELEANOR FANN FlAlR.l1LNl'l'L FIIIGISII MAN lWl'PHAllI UEIJIPIIC Twenty-six junior Class Roll KFINNICTII :HARLEY LOUISE HAMILTON M.ARV Homzs EDWIN HAYES RAYMOND HASTY HAYDEN IIORNE DIURRAY I'I0XVEIII, IMJEEMJA JA1'KS0N NAKNNIFJ JUIINSQN NIIIIIPREIJ .TERNIEAN PAUL KENIJALL INIIIJJRICIJ KIN4: LAM0'r'1'E KING KATIE LErs4:E'r'r IIOMICR. Ll'1A'I'IIl4IRXVO0D BIARVIN LONE BILLIE DUN NIIGIIVIN FRANCES MOORE Jl'l,l'AN LIETZ .TOIIN MUBENNET AL-ICE MANN .TQIINSIE MAUIIIJEN LUNA DIOR-RIS JACK MQYAIIIIISTLIR I-IERMAN NllYSSldIAVHI'1' JAMES MAUL'1'sEY STRANGE MUNEIL GLADYS MELVIN FLE'I'cI-IER NEWELL E EEMQNII OWEN ANNIE OWEN ANNIE BIAE PATE CLIE'roN PUULE LAYTON PERRY HUTII PIIIIILIPS l'I1'1:ENE PIIUMMER CHARLIE PALMER CIAXUIJE RANKIN f'E1'1l. PHII.LIl'S BEN ROSE MURIEL KIDIILE EARL RIDIILE CHARLIE RIEIILE SETI1 ROBERTSON I'IS'rEI,LE RIIILILE ROSIZUH STRIUKLAND DAISY S'rRIr'KLANIz GRACE S'1'RIN1:FIELIJ CHARLES SII'r'1'uN YVILLIAM SVOTT THOMAS SUTTON IIOSUOE SANDLIN ANNE '1'IL1.INuIIAsT UIIARLES TIJRNPIR DOR0'rIIY THOMPSON CHARLES TURLINKITUN El.IZAlH+1'l'H TOLAR MILUREIJ VVELLONS EDN.-K YVHEl'IIIl'IR RUBICRTA AVINFREE Sophomore Offlcers COLORS! Green and Gold FLOWER! Tea Rose Mono: Consiliiset Animis ELIZA ROSE ....... ............. ........................................ ..................... P 1' e sident Jolm WILSON ...... . ................. Vice President JOE P1NKs'r0N ......... ........ S ecretary-Treasurer Sf Twenty-seven f'lfIl'lI, AI,l,14:ou11 XY1I.l.l.xAl A'lw'Hl.l-LY .ImlN ARMF1l4:1.n .Lxxuzs A'l'KlNsoN A1.lf:x,xN1w:R limvnms IIlf:l.i1:N HISIIUI' !Nl.x1cx' Iiluln' !XI.uu:.xm1'l' l5KI'l"l' Mun' lil'II4l l'lx'l41m-.'1'1'lfL HRYUN Sxlmll liu'l'1,l-in I'Il.1..x IQRUWN IRI-LN1-1 Bllulcn ld A1 1411.1 N lf: lil'kIi 1f:'l"1' Hrzomallz IT.xwl'n-:Ie SIIIICLIIS 1'lilIKI4IR l'1l.IZ.Xlll-I'l'll l',xlc'l'r:k MARY .I. Covsxlc l4I1.1x.-x r'1cox1.uc'1'1141 CMU. PAIN NYM, Cul-:snlicrz WIl.lal'R K'l..,xRK I-'klclr DUWNINH Gklssum Iuvls Hlmm' DEVANI1: II1lK.Xl'l'Z lima:-: WIl1nr1l.M1N,x lfinms RIUNRUIC EVANS l4lRAsMIN EVANS T ART11 UR Fl'I'Zlll1iII Twenty-eight Sophomore Class Roll M.xm'u.x l"I'I'ZlIl'11lI TNMZ I"lcl.'l'oN 'l'nuA1.xs Glc.xu.xA1 Imlwlsrz GRAIIY .Il41NN1r:G.xNNoN Alun' IC. Hlfilblrlli '1'lmM.w H.X'I'l'lIl'IR I'Inw.xm+ IIHRRIN4: HAM IIU'l'.u-'r' lf! Fm Il: I I If2NV1'l"I' H1l.n.x IIIQRNINJN llimlm' Ilnlmmc I,m:.xN Howl-Im, IGUNA llllNYIdI,l1 ,Il-:AN II.xlcl..xN I-!4ml4:R'r .IUNI-is K.vrIlRYN .IMNKINS Josl1Ll'llIN111 .IUNHS .l. T, Km.1.Y .IUHN KHl.l.Y CL.-xRr1N1'r: KIN1: CARI. KINLAW N.XI'RI4'l41 lmlwill HUI1IfZR'I' Inzssrzm l'Im.Is LEWIS .MMI-1.x LM: Iwimrfx LEA'rlH1kwu0h lin. Mm'Lo4 K1.1N Bl.xm:,xm:'r M.-XI'l.'l'SIRY AI,l'1ASl4Z lN1fxl'l.'l'sm' I41'lu.1Nr: IXIA-Xl'lA'l'SliY l'11.IZABlf:'l'll BIARTI NU.-11.1-1 .lorz M4-lSr:NNr:'r'r Hlwlllllll-1 HUNRUI-1 1'.x'rxH-LRINH Ml'l.l.IN1Nx li.xl.l'll XIl'l.I.INlNX Lmflsl-1 Nlxlm-Ks SAKAII l'ulLl.x1's linux l'm:'l'mc l!ln'n.xRn RINBICKS BNN Rmx1NsuN Hl.lZ.X lion: HICRNARIJ Rosa M.xR1:.xRl-:T Iinnmsux ,IUHN S.xN1:Ku4-K K.vrur1lc1Nvz Sums .Il'l.I,x S'l'klN1:FIlfil.1m AIARY Swu'x'T CA1'lH-:RINE Trzw C. A. Tnmms Tom 'I'0I.AR IIIYISIQR1' W.xm: WM. XVIIlIlIFIl4Il.D .MMI-:s WEST .II'N1f: XVILLIAMS Mun' XVIIITI-I ALFIHAIII ZAIIRAN LQVISE ZAHRAN 1 I A Freshman Cfflcers Oscfm MCFAYDI-:N ......... .....................,,......... P resident ALBERT RU'1'm:RG ............ ,..,..A.....,...,........ V 'ice President HERB:-:RT STALLINGS. ......... ......... S ecretary and Treasurer if Twenty-nine PIARI. ADAMS BIII.lIRI'II! ARERS PAM. AhI.l4i00Ir IRA AYERs KATIE ANDERSON HUIVAIIII A1'RINsON l"R.AN4'I4IS AIIEORD IYIIR-IAM AI'I'I,IfIXVHI'l'l'1 HAROLD l5l.Al'K KONRRAII BRDNER BESSIE IIEE BAR:-:R KA'I'lII,I'll'IN ISAIIJIY F1l.IzAnE'rrI BROWN IIOUISIC BILL, l7HAR.l.O'I"rl1: BAILEY GEOROE l5E1'1's HAEEI. IiOwERs S'I'AN1'llI BOwI.Es ALEX BAINIERR JAMES BARDEN HIGIIIGN BROWN WILLIAM CROUM URYs1'EI.I.E'r'rA CARR KA'l'Ill'IRINl'l C.KXII'IlI'II,I BI-:A1'RI1'E f'AMl'llIfIIIII THOMAS CRONIN GIALURIIE COOK FIIDXVARD CAlA'Ir'l"I' IIINWOOD PAIN PAM. CAIN Rwru COvIN4:'rON lIUl'ISl'L l'I,l'IMHN'l'S .IFZWIAIII UIIIGSIIIRK ALMA lI0l'lSl'I CADE DIVE CASSIDY DORIS ANDRPIXVS WILLIAM BARRON MARY BISHOP IIAMIEI. ISROTIIERS NEEI. BURTON IH-:'I'1'Y 1Y11'f'ANI4I TIIVRIWIR, lJ11'RINsON KATIIPTRINPI DINHLI-1 BETTY DowNs HARRY FAKE Thirty Freshman Class Roll NITA DAYIS UURIS IJOWNING ARTIIFR ITIXUN UIAIORHH I7I4IMl'SI4IV I.Ol'IsE DERBY UEOII. EDGE WII.I.IAM FIEALIIS BERNARD l4'I.EIsHMAN IIAREEY GIIIIWIN VIRGINIA GOEDs'I'ON l'II.SIP1 GIWWIRMAN FI.EMINs: GUIPXVIN l'RlsvI1.I,A GAINEY I3Rl'!'I1I GOWDY HENRY IIAl,l. FRANK HAYS .IAMEs HERNDON RIIFFIN IIORNE WILLIE XV. IIOVHII LOUISE IIUIIMIGS HDADYS Ilmms XR'1'Hl'R HlJhI.lN4iSXVURl'll Iil'ssEI.I. IIl'N'I' llAY'l'ON II.XMIl.'I'0N KANIERINE IIERRINJ: ROBERT HFZRRING SYDYA HARDY IIENA HlYl.XlI'IS IIENWOOD IIAIR I"R.XN1'l-IS IIOWEIIII JAMES IIAIII. DORIS IIODMES l'I'I'IIl1II. IIIf:HsMI'rII AMHROSIAI JOIINSUN N IC W F IC Ifl S IIHVTIYR MK'Gl+IA4'llY Al.EER'l' GIGIIDIIAI BII.l.Y GOODWIN JOHN HASTY BESSIE IIERRIN4: MARY IIERRINO HAROLD IIIDEORN I.Ol:IsE HOIALANTJ WIl.I.IAM JORDAN IGI.1zAI3E'1'I1 KING MOzEI.I,E JONES MARTIIA ,IAMQSON HPISSII11 JOHNSON MA1:DAI,ENE JONES K'HARl.Es .IOIINSON MARf:ARl-11' JORDAN HLll4EN JONES I'f0YI.E KINLAW IIAEEI. KENNEDY .JOHN IiIH'l'I.l-IR, EDWARD KRONSEVRIJ ANN MAROARE1' LEE BEN IIICXVIS IYURUTIIV IIICIAI MARY IIIONRUIAL UHAR1,O'r'rE lXl1'I,Oz'KI.IN AI.I'lll'S BIICIIVIN I.. A. BIIINRUI-I IIEEEN MARTIN l+kRO1'I1z hI1I.I.I4lk III4'HARO INIUHIIIG IiII.l.Y MOORE S'l'R.XNliI'I MVNEII. IIIGO IN1l'SSI4lIIWIlI'I'ld IIOVIHI-I INIFRVI-IISUN .IAf'K MOI-'FIT 0s1'AR lAl1'l"AYIlI4LN IXIARY OLIVE I5ODxVEl.I. OSIIORNE DIARY PARKER l.l'1'II.E PEEDE IIEDEN PEARSON IIHLIAIN PERDY IJOROYIIY PERKINS IIMAN HOLL I'IlIIZ.klil'1'l'II AII'Ifl'I1'I'IIAN RAVIIEI. NYPL Rlilxv ODOM WlI.l,IAM PALMER GERTRIYDE PRARSON ITOROTIIY I'l.l'MMER RUTII PORTER HIAIIIPIN RA'l'I'I,IFFIC EI,I,IOT RIOKI-JNRACKER DORIS ROSE Gl.ADYs I'EARsAl.I. l.OI'IsA IIANIQIN RIIIWZIVI' ICHODEs I'IDwARD If.XSI'llI'1RRY Al.ItI4IK'l' Hl"l'III4IRH h1.Xlili.XRI'2'I' KAI-E1,EY .lEssl'1' IiEu1s'I'E1c LIUNIQII ltvssvzl. WADI-1 SANDERS GUIIFRICY S'rOl"I' SARAH SAIITH MAIHA-1 SADEER JUIIN II. SIMPSON IIAROLO Swans GRANT SEARS IIERIH-1R'l' S'rAl,l,lN14S BI-:'r1'Y S'I'IAI4'KIfIR M I'IR1'l'lR '1'Il.l.IN4:IIAs'I' HAMIEI, 'I'OMl.INsON SARAH 'I'RIm'E MARIE 'l'I'Rl.1N1:'1'ON VIRGINIA 'FIIRI-I.VI"l' I-1I,1zARE'rII THEOI-'Il-xl, IJANIEII UNDERWOOD Iil'NI4I'I"I'lG XVIIITIG JOHN WYMI-is Nl-1I.l.IE IVIAIST MARY XVIAIIIIIS l':lIIZ.XHl'1'I'II WAl.I.A44E GEOROE ICD. XVARRFIN IW.XR4i.KRI'I'l' XVARD JI's'rIN YVIIITIC KATIE III1'sON K.VI'IlIflRINI'1 ZAIIRAN SAM ZAIIRAN IJ, I'. ROSS Ll-:s'I'ER SAI.I.Y UIIARl.ll'I"l'I12 SMITH BEIYPY SOVDERS JAMES SUVIPIAZRS EDGAR S4'0'l"l' I-'IfI.'1'ON TYLER IIIDEIAN VANN W1 Em A M W Y M IG s FAYDINE YATES 1 15,2 V r ,4 Qctntnties N 9-0 fx ' 'K '43 A 5 if kw K 7 f ' ' M fn, ,W wwf' " ' W Y""1 1 Ear. N ' b .WIKIW 11, E- If xwm I N I ' eg , Mr, JN WSH VHS "' ppl wwf, M M iff' l - F ' rjqmxlq, tiegimimhxx Uv .U If . ,. ' 'IMMQ1 ww, ,521 A H , ay Q KX K-- W W" JIM "ln W'f"'f M71 ' 1' U""""'W" H MM 2 mf W Siwx 29. lfj fymlyf . X4 12, 2 I . ZH mv qxsllll NW' Dv. 5 'N' NAL N 27 My Jw. a 4-f'I'f" it V f an X-A fLv.ylNN:7w , 4 149 -I xl: XX I Thirty-two Lxrlx Cz,l'1s Fm:Ncn Cum Thirty-three I 4 i Thirty-four U Mum: I rx l"1,A wus 0lu'11r:s'1'lm 'l'h ir! y-five I-.,., . .. . ,, . " ' "Pfi4wm.a.:w W MoNou1c.xM CLUB 1 Xl N 1929 Baseball Coached by the former Duke star pitcher, Ralph Thomas, the "Yellow Jackets" had il successful baseball season. They Won a majority of their games. Some of their victims were Methodist Orphanage, Laurinburg, Goldsboro and several teams from Fort Bragg. In the Championship series they eliminated Hamlet and lost to Raeford by a close score. Raeford won the Eastern Championship. The mainstays of the team were: Captain Hodges, C. Riddle, E. Riddle, Clark, Moore, Perry, Sandlin, Snyder, Baggett and O'Hanlon. Thirty-six Football ABOUT forty-five likely looking and ambitious boys responded to Coach Harmon's call for football candidates. Among these there were eight letter men from last year's team-Sandlin, Price, E. Riddle, and Scott, linesmen, and Captain Williamson, Kistler, C. Riddle and Barlow, backfield men. After a few weeks of hard practice, Coach Harmon selected a well balanced team to match against Red Springs in the opening game. The lineup consisted of Price at center, E. Riddle and Scott, guards, Sandlin and Turlington, tackles, Sutton and Robinson, ends and Barlow, Williamson, C. Riddle, and Kistler in the backfield. The result was never in doubt after the Hrst play. The "Yellow Jackets" ran through the maroon line and gained around the ends consistantly. The work of E. Riddle and Scott in the line and Williamson and Riddle in the backfield was outstanding through the game, which ended in favor of the Purple and Gold. Next we met Raeford, our old rival. The first half was scoreless, but the "Yellow Jackets" outgained their opponents, and penalties kept them from scoring. Early in the second half Raeford's full-back intercepted a pass and ran through a clear field for a touchdown. They made the extra point on a pass and had a seven point lead. Our boys fought on, nevertheless, showing a spirit that all Fayetteville should be proud of. In the final minute of play, Barlow heaved a long pass over the goal line and the ball fell into the waiting hands of Ben Robinson: Riddle hit the line for the extra. point and the score stood 7 to 7. For our third contest, Lumberton brought a hard-fighting, well-balanced club: but the "Yellow Jackets" were not easy to conquer. This game ended 13 to 0 in favor of F. H. S. Barlow scored both touchdowns and the entire Fayetteville line was airtight through- out the game. We faced, in our next battle, our first real test of the year-Raleigh High. This was our first conference game and the "Jackets" were determined to start with a win. The game was bitterly fought from beginning to end, but the locals outclassed the visitors in every department of the game. Every player on the F. H. S. team played a fine game, especially Kistler and Price. Barlow also turned in several nice runs, one for 75 yards. Phillips, who filled Williamson's place, sideplayed some fine broken fleld running. The score stood 19 to 6 at the end of the game. Raleigh's lone touchdown came in the last two minutes, on a long pass. The next week our football warriors swamped Whiteville 47 to 0. The second team played most of the game with Phillips and Dixon leading the attack. Dixon also played well in the Lumberton game. On the first of November the "Yellow Jackets" played their second conference game in Goldsboro. The first quarter showed both teams fighting on even terms. Early in the next period a Goldsboro back broke loose for 60 yards and a touchdown. They passed for the extra point and the score was 7 to 0 in favor of the "Quakers," In the second half the "Jackets" began a march, with Riddle and Williamson carrying the ball, which soon netted them a touchdown and the extra point tied the score. Goldsboro made another seven points, in the last quarter, on passes, and the game soon ended 14 to 7 in the Quakers favor. This was our first loss. Thirty-seven The next week the Wilmington "Wildcats" invaded our city, boasting a strong and versatile team. Although our team was crippled by the sickness of Barlow and the in- jury ot' Phillips, which kept them both from playing, our boys played a nice game. However, Wilmington's running attack was too strong and they won 18 to 0. We went to Durham to play our last game of the season. The "Jackets" started off with a rush and soon were 13 points ahead. However, some of the Fayetteville boys were hurt and Durham tied the count in the third period. In the last quarter neither team was able to score, although both threatened. The "Yellow Jackets" were battling their way toward another touchdown when the final whistle halted them, and it was all over-game, season, and all. Sutton, new to the backfield, constantly threatened to score and made one run of 55 yards. All our tackles played a skillful game, however, Sandlin displayed most fight and aggressiveness. C. Riddle and Price, as a roving center, backed the hard-fighting line and broke up many Durham plays. Charlie Riddle was also an offensive star, as he scored all our 13 points-all through the center of the line, his favorite "hole." We had a very successful seasong winning four games, tying two, and losing two. This is the best record since 1921. Too much praise cannot be bestowed upon Coach Harmon for the skillful coaching and the line attitude shown by him throughout the entire year, Whether we won or lost, he was always with usg teaching us to play the game in a hard, clean way and setting an example of real manhood for us to follow. Our manager, D. T. Perry, deserves much credit for his hard and painstaking work. Much of our success is due to his fine spirit. Therefore, the "Jackets" achieved a reputation as a team that fought for the love of the game and their school. After all, it's not whether you win or lose but it's how you play the game. The following boys were awarded the new eight-inch purple and gold letters. given only for football, Price, center, E. Riddle and Scott, guards, Sandlin, Wilson and Turlington, tackles, Robinson, Sutton and Overbeck, ends, and Capt. Williamson, C. Riddle, Kistler, Barlow and Phillips, backs, Cousar, 11ti1ity man, and Perry, manager. Thirty-eight Guam' I3.xsm:'l'lu1.l, Bows' B,xsK1-:'1'1:,x1,1. Thirty-nine Girls' Basketball HE Misses "Yellow Jackets" of F. H. S. have had one of the most successful seasons in their history, losing only two official games to date. The season began with a game against the Fayetteville "Y-Ettes" in January and ended with a game against Sanford in March. The University Co-eds, Sanford, Dunn, Clinton, Eastover, and the "Y-Ettes" have each met defeat at least once from the Jackets. However, South River eliminated us in our first championship game. The games were all featured by excellent door work, strong defense and clean playing. With sportsmanship and hard play as aims the team has beenefliciently led by Isabel Tillinghast as captain and Aileen Bowles as manager. Due to the large squad of capable players, the line-up was never definite. As forwards: Biggs, Boone, Bowles, Cas idy, Riddle, Tew, and Woodhouse, each had a chance to prove her "eye for the basket." The guards: Andrews, Buckingham, Crowder, Godwin, Kilpatrick, Anne Tillinghast, Isabel Tillinghast, Tomlinson, and Ward, never failed to put up a good fight. The entire squad remained loyal throughout thc season, each girl striving to retain a first-string position. Results Clinton .... .. 1 0 Fayetteville Dunn .,.,,.... .. 9 Fayetteville Eastover ..... ,. 16 Fayetteville Clinton ....... 5 Fayetteville Eastover ......,. .. 29 Fayetteville Chapel Hill .. 21 Fayetteville Roseboro ..... ., 1 5 Fayetteville Sanford ...,....... ,. 1 8 Fayetteville South River ,. 2 7 Fayetteville Boys' Basketball QBASKETBALL RESUME OF 1929-19302 On December 2, 1929 a call was issued for the Yellow Jackets Team. About thirty students reported for the first call. After the first week's practice this number was cut to fourteen men. On December 10, 1929 the first practice game was held at Fort Bragg against the Fifth Field Artillery team, one of the strongest teams left over from the year before. As if it were an omen of a successful year, the Jackets came out on top of a 24 to 16 score. This game was followed with about two practice games a week in preparation for the class "A" schedule which opened January 17, 1930. Even though they finished on the bottom in the Class "A" League, the season as a whole will have to be considered a success as they won 19 and lost 15 games, thereby finishing with a percentage of over .500, the first time in several y,ears that this had been done. In attempting to give credit to any individual members of the squad, we would like to mention Davis, nur hopes for all-state guard. Davis not only proved to be our main cog in the defense, but also developed into one of the best Hoor men se-en in the conference. Next in line for honorable mention probably comes Cecil Phillips, our fighting forward, not a flashy player given, to grandstanding, but one who could always be depended on to come through with a basket in a pinch when it was needed. He led the team in scoring with 199 points. Captain Perry was perhaps the steadiest performer on the squad. His fighting spirit and sterling leadership did much to make the season a success. Credt must also be given to the second team, as they showed their calibre in every game in which they were given a chance, with Murray Howell in the leading role. ' This man should develop into a fine player by next year, when all men will be back except Captain Perry and 0'Hanlon. The following men played sufficient number of minutes to earn their letters: Captain Perry, Phillips, Davis, Sears, O'Hanlon, Howell, Mullinix, Musselwhite, Lessem, and Palmer. The number of points scored during the season were as follows: Phillips ..... ..... ......... ................... 1 9 9 Howell ....... Perry 179 Mullinix Davis .,...... 109 Lessem 0'Hanlon 104 Musselwhite Sears ........ 51 Palmer ..... Forty 1531731 12. TWQWHF, 41'A'Zf"Ffm 4 4 41 Gnu: Won D F. H. 8 ................. .................. ........... .. 24 Fifth F. A. ..... ....................... .. .... ........ .... ..... 16 F. H. B ....... ......... .......... ...... ..... L ................. 2 1 Seventeenth . A ............................ ....... ..... ..... 16 F H B ............................. ........ 1 9 Dunn H. B ....... ..........,................................... 18 r 11 s ..... .. ...... .............. ........ 40 s imma r. A ................ ....... .... .. ....... .. .......... as n Q n- H s ............. .. .............. ...,.... a e cum.. H. s ......................... ............. , ........... 2 5 F. H. 8 ...... .... 84 Bteadman H. B ............. ......... .. . . ......,............ 28 I P. H. .......... 12 Linden H. s ........ . ....................... . .............., . 10 - F. H. S .......... 26 Clinton H. S. ................... ................. .. ........ ..... 1 8 1 F. H. ........ 52 Goldlboro H. S ................................... ..... ......... .. 21 F. H. ........ sa rnyemviue Ina: .............. .. .............. .... ..... ,.... ax F. H. ........ 20 Eaatover H. B ............................ .................. .. 10 F H S 16 Eaatover H. S.. .. ....... . 10 F I-I S 28 Hope Milla H. 8 ......... 12 F 85 Dunn H. S .......... ......... 2 2 0 R F. H. S 24 Elizabethtown H. Sf.. 14 F. H. 42 Ellie H. S ............. .... 2 4 F. H. 24 Stedman H. S ............. 16 F. H. ........ 16 Stedman H. S ...... 15 F. H. S ........ 85 New Bern H. S. B0 l Game: Lost Q F. H. B ........ 8 Seventeenth F. A! ................ F. H. B ........ 19 Sixteenth F. A ..................... 59 O 0 F. H. B ........ 14 Carolina College' ................ 15 1, F H. 8 ........ 22 Sixteenth F. A ............. B4 F H. 8 ........ 20 Rocky Mount H. B ..... 50 IX F. H. B ........ 8 Durham H. B ............... 88 10 Wilmington H. S ....... 41 H S 25 Raleigh H. 8 ............... 40 , F 15 Wllaon H. S ................. 85 ' F H S 15 Fayetteville Y. H 0 A 20 w F H S 1 South River H. S 88 B Stedman H. B ..... 19 F, Stedman H. 8... 28 0 F 18 Eastovor H. S ...... 25 l F 19 Stedman H. B ..... 29 fix 41 xnmgsm U U 'Ov '31 Q1 A W ix Q 2 I5 41 I-w'gmk--C-S"'TXf'6S 4-Q6 fll 01 IB IB 'MINS Jil 01 ill - V A I I F0lftY-0119 Forty-two Forty-three L, th ' ez Can't you take a joke? T. G.: Sure, where d y want to g The Cumberland National Bank of Fayetteville 3 CAPITAL ................... 3150,000 SURPLUS AND PROFITS .... 3110,000 Y FRANK H. STEDMAN, President ALBERT STEWART, Vice President and Cashier T. EARL STEWART, Assistant Cashier L. A. LENTZ, JR., Assistant Cashier Dick: Hi, Hat. Bod: Lo, Brow. Louisa: Papa said you had more money than brains. Iliugggh T111 t's pzrgaosdggg olnazour fatherg I'm broke. HIGHLAND WE SELL LUMBER COMPANY Wholesale and Retail BUILDING MATERIALS EVERTILFHING ANDCOAL If U3 B If BUILDERS SUPPLY me 792 AND FUEL coRP. REINECKE-DIXON 2 CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ilnoorporatedi General C Qntractors 1001-1002 National Bank Bldg. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. PINEHURST, N. C. MUSIC COMPANY Everything in. Music Sam: My Dad pull d a good one, th t made me howl Joe: What was it? Sam: My ear. nookiez Isn't th astupidp ty elen' Yes nookle. Why not 1 t me take y h elen: Sorry but I 1' h BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COIVIPANX FAYETTEVILLE, N, C. CAPITAL 3B250,000.00 SURPLUS AND PROFITS 450,000.00 RESOURCES FIVE MILLIONS YOUR BUSINESS SOLICITED CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1930 H. R. HORNE 81 SONS PERKINS , Druggists Slnce 1865 DYE WORKS Plml Phone 354 122' Maxwell Street q t f th h ur is "What time Sh wa ly k p r's daughter b t y h ld h th mers. Sign on Ku Kluxer's office: "Will be back at twelve, out to lynch." Reed: I just took a. bath and I never felt so good for three weeks. Ed. F Ieishman Sz Bros. ufllways Reliable" HEADQUARTERS FOR IVIen's and Young Menas CLOTHING, HATS AND SHOES I07 Hay Street See H. H. H. F O R H A R D W A R E HUSKE HARDWARE HOUSE FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. J. S. HALL DRUG COMPANY Prescription Specialists MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS Free Delivery Service Phone 4-00 FLEISHIVIAN'S BIG STORE The House of Reputation FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. WOMEN'S MISSESI JUNIORS' AND CHILDRENS Ready-to-W ear Apparel Millinery Footwear F abrics, Luggage Said a Packard to a Ford as the Ford whizzed by, "You're a better car than I am Hunk of tin." Milton: I ran across an old friend of mine this morning. Eileen: What did you do? Milton: Took him to a. hospital. Quinn, Miller S1 Co. FURNITURE Qsffwzjb, of d f' QUALITY i Q 'YFGTTEVXVV FAYEWEVILLE, N. C. 325 Hay SIYFCI Phone 242 D R I N K All Kinds of Insurance E H I CLAUDE W. RANKIN in all Flavors THE VENDING MACHINE COMPANY MACKETHAN coAL co. Everything Worth While That Operates With a Coin HGOOD COALH 20941 Franklin Street in Phone 122 Hillsboro Street FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Mrs. John: Have you read "Excelsior?" John: No, but we have yellow shredded wheat. Wun: This Spitz is worth a thousand dollars. Too: Just think of that, a little dog like that saving up so much money. l.-11 BELK-STEVENS COMPANY "Sells it for Lessv FAYETTEVILLE,S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Complete Outjitters for Men, Women and Children SHOES, CLOTHING, READY-TO-WEAR, MILLINERY HOSIERY AND PIECE GOODS .pri cono mswrnnnspurzatim T H E Qin.. Ctmot DEPARTMENT STORE 126 Hay street Specialists in Youthful Fashions for Women and Girls. "Popularity Achieved by Q u a l ity and Servicev "A Six in the Price Range of the Four" The New 1930 Line Oilers: i MANY IMPROVEMENTS MORE COMFORT GREATER SMOOTHNESS and LOWER PRICES It will pay you to investigate before you buy or trade. M. 81 O. Chevrolet Co. Franklin St. Fayetteville, N. C. Emma: I hear they're starting a new campaign against Malaria. Fanny: Good Heavens! What have the Malarians done 11ow. er: Waiter, there is a button i ter fone time printerbz Typogr my soup. ph' I t h ld b mutton. CC Subscribe to THE FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER Your Own Daily Paper It Pays to Look Well PATRONIZE THE ART AND LAFAYETTE BARBER SHOP C. E. HALL, Prop. Phone 1274 or 31 Prince Charles Hotel STANLEY B. PR0ssER Compliments Of Manager SANDLIN S1 co., inc Wholesale SHULER AUTO REPAIR COMPANY General Auto Repairing 141 Maxwell Street Phone 63 Groceries, Grain Hay and Feed m Z I'll bite. : Why is a 1 that can t hold it h d p m. Because it t week, silly. 1 ke next Monday? Voice over the Phone: Who is this? Bill Price: How the heck do I know? This is a telephone not a telescope. Compliments of STEIN BROS. 25 Years Fayettevi11e's Leading Menis and Boys' Store 131 Hay Street 4 The individual photographs in this issue of the Lafamac were made by THE PATON STUDIO 'While You're About it, Cel a Good Picluren Compliments of J. G. PIZNNEY GU., IHC. 214 Hay Street Fayetteville, N. C. FAYETTEVILLE SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale AUTO ACCESSORIES 140-144 Gillespie St. Phones 900-901 FAYETTEVLLE, N. C. Dorothy P.: l've waited since six o'clock for my boy friend and it's seven-thirty now Lillian C.: When were you to meet him? Dorothy F.: At five o'clock. "It's a wise cork that knows its own pop." Two worms worked away in dead earnest. Poor Ernest. for it is made with M ilk . T! S3711 ' I X39 5 f TTXJW IMI' I AMERICAN BAKERIES COMPANY IT MUST BE AS REPRESENTED IF IT COMES FROM HATCHERSJEWWLRY STORE COMPLIMENTS or PHoNE 844 THE STYLE Royal Sanitary Market SHOP FRESH MEATS, FISH, AND VEGETABLES II3 Gillespie St. Phone 611 ' Fayetteville, N. C. Rose G.: My, those hot dogs smell good. B. Rose: Like them? I'll drive a little closer. John: Can you keep this quiet? Anna: I'1l tell the world. "Just another one of those thrill slayers," muttered ole Hot, as the ehaperon hove- in sight. Autographs STOP IN Fred's Varsity Shop vt ""Kf ,M and Broadway fgigar Store CMA? Sodas Smokes Sandwiches Candies Lewis Motor Co., Inc. CURB SERVICE Fayetteville, N. C. DUDGE BROTHERS Oakland - Pontiac Motor Cars, T racks, Buses Sales Parts Service and Motor Coaches DAVID B- OWEN MOTOR CO. With a gas iianie refrigerator and modern methods, ice cream cones may be sold in Hades yet. Autographs Autographs BUILQERS ISIONS created by the imagination precede the achievement of any really great accomplishment. The ability to weave the threads of imagination into the finished fabric is equally important. It has been the privilege of the Enwlmns .Cu BROUGHTON COMPANY to interpret the ideas of the Staff and create in material form their vision. From the art work and engravings to the finished book, this volume is the result of organized cooperation with the Staff. Such able cooperation is one of the "visions" which precede the building of a successful business, and is a. part of the working policy of the EDWARDS Sn BROUGHTON COMPANY. To those Staffs desiring complete co- operation from art work and engravings to the finished bonk, we offer unexcelled service. Complete service means undivided responsibility as to the result-one organ- ization tn correspond and talk with-one trained director to merge the cmany ingre- dients into the finished product. You, too, may be proud of your annual. Correspondence is Invited EDWARDS 85 BROUGI-ITON COMPANY RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA - -lmmvm-fs fm-..u.:aa,urvw1v.m may nw 1 2 .v -an-fn

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