Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC)

 - Class of 1928

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Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1928 volume:

'T' 4' A 14" ,I-pa f 4173, -1 .'-5-'Q 4' 1 4 . V , w. 45- fi " up .1 ' 4 -n".wu-.'- 1551-V'-'.--g..,.--.1 .'-.V-AV"-'gm-',.-v' PV., 4 '..., M,'.lAQ44 .:'., .,2,. I .. 1:vv!'.I,.:f,'?. q NM .Yr I: Nvvrlnklt--.41, 4 Q ai: -,i l qt, -U4 if . ,xiii-gf34'A-K1:!. ,- 'T M - ,gist-gZIf.gQ'1?ko1.Q1,?Nafiigvf hukf' ff'-'A " -, 5 ' fm lv- p.w ff..-r, .' '- . ' 'H' - V' V2 . mv 12- if-V -EV. -3. V. . H--fi . 4.-. 4. 1 - .4 - fy ' 5 4 V 4--1.. ', . .'-42'- , 1.3I.i KH- 4.5 'st' 'iq .1-"'.f.:' . xl-' """""'1L.1'.'I1--",,- VV, . . ,: - ,mg-5 G.-5 L24-..-.-rw, 1r:q,,,.,-,,. L- -V -I .,4,4 ,5..-5M...1, . . , n 4 QE' I" w'f'-l. , -. .. ..:,, '... 'gulf' 40 w S "4 v"T- L vw 'J H . '- . ' -' .1 . ." .' , - ..-J". H341 .. ' " 'E "f"'Lgr"1"?'g'f!' ,239-. -Q2..Vt:fF-W-3.29" .-an V I f Vw f ...V-4:-1:11 - .4 .,4 - . V- -' --- 4 .. .rg 'r .af - -"':x,. - ., .V . . R- ew.-H .--'..: -. ., 4. N "'?7r.-f --1 .f,--.fm 525' .. .. -Q-.-.gy --..f."i1ff2-.',??'V, if-..'V--': fe.-,f.fJ.' u""1' r ..-' . ,V-H.. 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"V 1 .'-1.5.1. 3,37 I 4 fx 'L sl ir ",-j4Y'y'4 lrfjlf' ' 4' I V 1'.- -' :" - , V .1-""-' V- Q' 5' .JY-' J ' , 4 V Q ,, . I . . I I R I'lFll'IflIIDUDHDHHQHDHDDHDUHFIDTIIE FIUFIFIHDHTIURUDDHDDDDDDUHDDHHV The Laliamac II I VOLUM E VII CUMBERLAND COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 81 INFORMATION CENTER HEADQUARTERS LIBRARY 300 MAIDEN LANE FAYETTEVILLE NC 28301-5032 Published by the I Senior Class, Fayetteville High School Fayetteville, North Carolina 4-'if--1-A 7 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuufmuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu E. 41 xi X f'lf1f10f1flnf'll"If1f1 l1flf'lfH1f'l 00000000 U00 xl'lhY'lTIDhHfH1Y'lhhl'll'1hhl1l'1l'1l'1Y1l'1l'H1hf!l'1I"l S , . SE 52 SE Sli SE SP SB SB S2 52 SE' mt -da 5 wr 'wr 3 29 Foreword Q :1 HL . . . . . . . Ja a W In splte ol the necessarlly l1m1ted SIZE ol 1' 9 5 this, the seventh volume of THE LAFAMAC, we, Q 5 N the class of 1928, have attempted to issue a M , 'UV 'W Q year book worthy of Fayetteville High School 3 Sl and earnestly hope it will meet with thc ap- Q 3 3 proval of the Student Body. Q 3 2' J W' : 75 QE ii if ii di di fl? if di db UUUUUUUUUuUUUUUUUUUUUUUULIU uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUuuU , ,' .f"'Q 4x-ZX! .C' Lu , v Aka Qt-X NVAA f X Y lr-pil' X-K. fx I R XQ ri origin nl1UIjj4f?fsriiinnnnlinmnhlzjqigdwrin fl tunfolwnn nn nnnnnftnnrintirintl f' ' W -Y rl lv xJ , V 1, Lf"'QK 1 " n-I ri,l,U ' ,,-' ' , If P-A' 'I . 14 X N lf NW., u -W 0 Jr! X 3 I , - , Faculty 1 c -ff .,. 1 ' ' - First row, reading lett to right: Mr. R. W. Erdman. Music and English: Mr. Lacy Ran- son, Physical Education tboyslg Mr. W. E. Wilkins, General Science, Chemistry and Physicsg Mr. Baggett, Science, English, Mathematics and Civics: Mr. Shalkhauser, In- dustrial Artsg Mr. Clell Duncan, Biology, Commercial Georgraphy and Athletics Coach. Second row: Miss Georgia Kirkpatrick. French and Englishg Mrs. R. B. John. English: Mr. J. R. MacNeel, Principalg Miss Ethel Fisher, History: Miss Katherine Tighe, English and French. Third row: Mrs. George Qnillan. Home Econoniicsg Miss Francis DeVane, Home Economicsg Miss Eitle Newton, Mathematics and Vocational Guidance: Miss Lucy Baker, Civics and Physical Educationg Miss Kate Broadfoot. Latin. Top row: Mrs. Clarance Newberry, Mathematicsg Miss Grace Everest, English and Dramatics Coachg Miss Hattie Campbell, Business Training. Other Teachers: Miss Eloise Snyder, History and Lating Miss Janie Huske, Mathematics: Miss Hoover, General Science and Biology. X I ' ofxmwu, N -Q-Fug U. M., aww.. .u.,Sv-'UU"'K, . K" X N MN H -H N V xf ,g.iiwdM.7L ' Lkkk- L1 ctc., snow dis- K' E44 I , X I ,W K1 , N - ' ' t ,WC uc 3 L "Xt,-Xu, xx yn' J ki X"-,QKL , I xx LXIN -3 l"."L t L nl" Xmas. V M' V ' ffuuouhh-Lfuoufuu ud'uuuuunuuuuuuoQfgnou uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuouuutx f x .. 1 Brings A. K , ' X-3 , ' N 'X XLR X' xTh71'E,Q 14 x. WJ 6 x W0, the Senior Class of ISHN, all-xlivautv this .xlllllllll to I 1 Mic. J. ll. M.u'N:f11':r, 1 l'1'ilu'ip:ll ul' I". H. S. 1926-25 YVh0 has cmlf-zu'm-fl himss-If to tho stlulf-nts of I'w1l.Vl'fff'YillP X , N High Svllool :mal in whom wr' fm-ol wc- have .Xu inspiring I.:-mlm-1' .X wise U0llllSl'l0l', :xml , ' .X Stmulfalst frionel 4Lx.'.N.x.- Four E C C C Z X977 f flrlnn DUNUUUUUUUIIfll1I1Uil!1UNODDXiAEiUlT mmm nvmmmnnnrx fwvnnnnlwnnrlrlnrsnnwfi! X KXC1 C :J C C gf- Seniors - , . .f 'nz 1 , 1. i U . rd' 1 5 it - 4 Li: . 1. .. A A C FLow'r:n: Red Rose Flc,xNKLlN MI'l:l-Hx' AYEIC l'l"I' S'rEP1u-ix RIL'llfXliI! Ul"l'l1N Lol' ISE Inn EVA ,,,,,,,,,,,, Lou F' Isl: JVANS .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mklcx' Gr:mu:I.xN,x GILKICY ..,.A Br.ANc:11r: Frsum: .,,..,.,,,.,,,, GI-:Onan O'H.XNI,1TN, JI: .,,,. . EI,1z.'xm-:'x'1I Blcowx ..,.... 'Z MARION RL"l'm-:ms ..... , C C C N C C C' C C C C C C C E C Z 1IO'l"l'0I Une fur ull. All for one OD E4 CULUNS: Red and White ..,.,..,.......P1'Psident , ,..,,..............,. Vice ...,..SeC1'etu1'y and President T'reasurer ......D0n07' .....,,.P'r0phc't Historian ,......Testcltor ......Musician ,.,,,,,,,Poet S? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuqf QuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUuuuuuuuuuu D 2 I! 3 Z1 ' :A Il ll W - J D Il 3 3 D D Il IJ 3 Z! IJ 2 3 IJ Il 3 Z1 IJ 2 Z1 I 'J Il D TJ I S 2 Z Il Il :J 3 3 Z3 U 'J IJ :I Z1 SI I 2 3 2 I! 2 Z1 I1 Da :Z an 31 :I Dy :I Il 3 2 Il QJAS Five W V N -f 1- L - xXx W 4'll'll'Tflflfl0f'lnl'lVlf'lf'lf'll'lfln0nnnl"lf1nnUUUAGWKXUUUUDDUUHUUUDUUNl'1f1nl'lUUl1flf'll'lI'lI'l lg: -.44 bf' 1: ll: Cl ' ""Q'r'f5' J' 4 ' MARGARET SUE ADAMS f C we-' ' ' Jlarynret is n dainty! lass, NC J L' Oh Margaret is so fine, 5 , ' She lla-9 7Iel'f'r xkippffl I1 class , F P C .ind hnx lwr lm.wn1.v Pwr!! Hum, -. . C f'4ll'LEf1 A' Dl'1lH1iltlC Clulpvl12:3, '27g Hiking Club 1 M1331 ' btumlunt COUHVII -63 XlL'PlPl'E5ldQllf Lntln Lluh Q 1 CI S lf? ' '26g Latin Club '23, T263 Gxrl Res:-rvcs '2H: Claw NN' ' ffl E,:Elxi:l:i1ll2'5li: Girls Glvo Club 'QTQ Athlf-tif' As- , ,,. 4 :"Ifx' ' I , .-. ,E - ' If ' v v v w f YQ NANBIE ,XLLluB MC. ll'1' nrrfr flrwlmml how mu:-h wr nvmlml Xanniw v: unlil xlu' funn' tn lm this yrrlr, She !lIU'l1!l3 l70IN ,IC up 1:-ith 41 xmilinfr frnv 1l'llPlIFl'l'I' we neml Iwr. :NC x' , Suunysimlq SL-lmnl '23, '2li. '2T: Girle' Rufk--L ', gY1,,j,'?- hull F, H. S. i2S. 1 l Cl li' ' fl 4- Wcl gm- .X 1 P all-4. hh . 6 . M Cl 9- 'X X I-lbw xml vm' ww-' xr I roman ,, -al, ,.l .....,..1. ' C V ' Tllvrw was fl buy from ll'u.wl1inf1luu, C' j,j X Thu! z"hr'n u.vl:+wI lu lln, ln- wnulfl, ir. ' .1 7111 m'r'f'g1 linn' 1I'w Illiulf nj him, KM ll? Illini: nf All Ilmllv linml. 'C Gull-xvilln, N. C. '25: xvllilllllildll, N. C, '20, C '27: SQlfl't'lllI'j' :xml '1'x'eua1l1'n-r of K'llL'llliS!l'j' Cluln C l". II. S. 'ZISQ Plus: Vuollmll 'QM Hi-Y lllull '2-. E . C C .HENRY LONDON AXIWIRSQN C . C Ym1'z'v nm'r'1' .wml Ihnry lrlwn hi.v wall: hw wuv sl: irli i 71 Jr. , C .lml nf vuzlrxw 3l0n':-1' zwrwr .wul him 11-111-n llix f: fungus' 1f'nxu'l 1l'1I7'7ffIlfl. v C Latin Club '25, 'QGZ Class Buselmll '23, '26, 'UTI l El Class l-'nollmll '23, 'ZJTQ Varsity lfoullmll 'ilsg Vlznv C Q Balskvtlmll '25, 'LIU '1ZT: '1'l'iuu:ul:ur IM-huh-r 'ITL 'l'l'0llhlll'0l' Ilfillllilllt' l'luh 'EBSQ M1-dim-ul Vlulu 'QTQ C! A ' Anlvortiximr Mzluugvl' Purrut '2li: Lx l".Ul.x- Stull' Cl lr "4 , . E 'ZTQ l'Inlil'm' of LA l",xMAv 'ZJR1 Literary Suci--ly 5 'ZISQ I,k'IJ1ltl'!'S Club '27, T231 MON! lillivivut 'ZZSL C 4123? ,,. Hi-Y Club '26, '27, 'Zig Bnosh-ri Cluln '2T1 - ' Murslxul '2T. Q H l El ,. l 'f 4: " ' C1 M Fl! XYKLIY XIURPIIY AVI-llilT'l' l C ' ' ' .3 . I F' 'Q .' 'lfrr'.v lu "JluuL'ry" .lrvrilf ul 'ix 'mm' in lflrgnllwr A 4 Q, -" rillv - C, 4:5 'Ig".w 41 pam' lwniyllnlrll .wninr', lm! you lnrl hr pil.: Cf 'Q Hn' 11171. 1 Ea ll'ln'u Ihr!! frfrr yuu your fliplmml and ujlwl' il 1.x ' xifllwll. 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X, rl 3 w ' l C, , l , , L-1 l l l , , C, l 1 Ci , ' l l Cl l rw -1 x 7,7 1 H W K1 v- ., W ---,. ,...- 'i',,, A K -f ffllllllllll llUlIlIll Ullll ll ull Ll UU U llll U llll -W Jun - SLI' ,JU UHLllllllllllllljl'UULlLlllUllUUU UU ' Wx M' nfll'll'llll'1l'lDnf1l"lllfTl'll'll'll'llTl'll'll'lHl'll1l'l l'lUl1lTl'll'llll'll'll'll'll'llWl'lf1I'll'lDl'lDl'll'll1l'lflCfl f- E77 THOMAS BADGER, JR. illmlest. Friendly, mul Oh! so fine, This 'is Thomas we like all the time. Radio Club '25, '26, Drumutic Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Debuters Club '27, 'I'1'i-angular Debate '27, Student, Council '27, '23, Hi-Y '27, '28, Meclivnl Club '27, '28, Lawyers Club '27, LA l".ul.w Stull' '28, Parrot Stull' '27, Hi-Litm Stall' '28, Cluss Football '26, '27, '28, Latin Club 25, '26, Cheer Lmulm- '23, Vim- Presitleut Dl'll.lUlllit! Club '28, LEMMA E LIZABIGTI-I BAKER, Lilllv Lvniuin. 'ix nm! and lrim. In rlllxxwnrk 111111 f'l'f'l'jl 'll'fl!l. lVli1'n flip lzfarliri' NIIIIN "ll'nrlt'," NIH' nrrpr frivx fo plnjl. Massey Hill High St-bool '25, '26, '27, l'lrunmlic Club F. H. S. '28, Su-t'et:11'it1l Club '28. NELLIE CAROLYN BAKER Nrllie has only lwvn with us n yrnr Whirh ix lima rnnugh tn pro:-0 her n rlvnr. Massey Hill I-Iizb Svhool '25, '26, '27, lh-nmutic Club F. H. S, '28, Ht-t-returinl Club '2Fl. IC DWARD SPALTJTNG B E NAS Ellwnrrl Iifnrlx if-f'i'r all nml, My. lmu- Nllffflllwl hp ilirl ywf, ffm' Ill ni:-P ynuny ylirl he mel. .Yom if's lvliixlwrrfrl ull n1'num1 "If 1l'lIIl'f luv lnu!l." IIP'.v Rivltmnurl lmlnul. Stage DIill1llg9l' Dramatic Club '25, '27, '28, Orvliestru '27, '28, Glee Club '27, '28, Secretary and Tl'9ilSlll'9l' Radio Club '25, Varsity Bxlsketllull '27, '28, Football '26, '27, Varsity '28, Varsity Truck '27, RIO!l0i'l'flYIl Club '27, '28, SFlf'l'Pfll'I'j' und Treaslirer S. S. S. '27. l'Il.lZAT3l'l'TlI SIK ICS BLUE ldlizullflli 'ix 'lw'I'1l Jlvullv, lurnlnlr :Intl lriurl, mul .elm is lured und :'lfPr'isl11'rl by hm' llllllljl frivuilx in F. H. S. Latin Club '25, '26, Dramatic Club '25, Liter- ' :try Club '27, How to Study Club '28, Girl Rv- wrves '23, Athletic Association '25, Hiking Club t '25. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuxyzxpuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu AL xi Seven E C C 1 TC QE I 1: 3 Yr: c: F: 1 : ,:: ,c fn: X: 1: yr: C ,c C C C C C C C C C C IZ IZ C C C IZ C C C E C IZ C IZ E CZ C E C C C C C C: C C C r: C C KI r: r' rt c: C z: r: C C C r' ,7 7llllUUUUUUllllUUU ll U UUU ' r: 'r: ':. l lc li ,C Y: VI lr: ": N: Z 3: , C lc: fc: xc: 1: lc: ': uit: l C E t: CI : z: C IZ r: C 1: : C. C C C C r: C 4: I : r: E C C C r: C C C II C C' C C C C I: C C C r: : c: C C C C C 'fist Z7 nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnfnrnnnnnnmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ff 5, , '--ix?-f FRANCES ELMIRA BULLA l"r'nm-m has IIN mmrljinll, xinrrrf nnlurr' llzal lm.-1 :run lfrr vounflfws' frivnrls mul 'mlm 'unani- mmrnlyf aww' that .vhv is one nf Ihr ywr.-um.v yum firm.-ify rm zvvrlh while 'in your menlnl 1-ululnyfuf-, lmliu Club '25, '26, Girls Atlllolir' Asmc-izltinn '26, Tn-:u-l1M's Club '26, '23, Sn-vrf-lzu'izll f'lub 28. LI'Il.llA PAULTNIC BVLLARD l'nuIim- ix lrinal mul luring frm, llj !lfI'lX Iliff "Fully" llfvrf nrw llllf few. Glun- Club '23, liiulogy Club '2Hg Litvrnry Sm:il'ly '27. KATII Ll-I ICN I5I'l,lJlf'K Killyf is fllwuyfx .vmfliuyl null rvlnlyl In hell: Srunr' mu' in l1'nuhIw, llml ix 11-1111 wr nrr' ylml to Imm- lufr in nur r'l1l,vx nf '2R. I-'. ll. H, '23, '26, '27, '2R. XYILLIAM HARVEY B FTLFI ll Thn lIurrv'y'.v nn! from Ihr- fnwn, IIf".v fzlrvrnlgl wan mrzrlz rr'1mu'n, Fur l.'P1'piny1 rluiff null xlllllyillrf hnrll, fIl1rl'P.r1'x rfnlly fn lar' any nn1".s' pllrrl llopf- Mills Iliub '25, '26, '27, Cln-xuiftry Club l. ll. S. '2S. 3 , DAVID I-'Alll LEY CADE lIw'.-f frnm Ilm 1-nnnlrff. :ml Hn' lnwn llvhf nm' nf our Inn! llll-urnunrl, llfa gnnrl in him- .-fIu1I1'v.v wfll all .ww Yun run, lru.vl Fflirlwy fllljl 0111 zlrul. Vice Preairh-nt Give Club '263 Glu- Club '27: Xlflll0gI'IllIl Club '27, '28, Trzmk '27, '28, How to Slualy Club '21-ig l':!l!.fllH'l'l'S Club '27, '28, 7? .2 nv v .X uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu gluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I f 1 Nine '-Q-ifvwyfxfr f--- xg' W f x 1 V 1 Y-7 .LW fl, 'A f W!'N!ljLf'l1w 1'4'N' IVIVIVNV-Vw'w'Tf1fNi:Lf' ,fQlf'rfw'wf1r1 'qmnfx71VwN Pywnrmmwnmi w1m'v,1,fiff' -- H -- -- --- Qyllfllgg WY - -Uri F 47: ' QW W w 31 NYILLIAM .IOSEPII CAMPBELL Di .1Iu'u1r.v lwgfnl, IIIIVUJIN cuupblrg allways' smilingr. XA .1 friwml tn ull, rmrl an nl!-nrounri alhlfte' a svhnlur 'Jy ' who IYIIZIC-V laiyflz in lfix 4-In.v.w, Nurlz are tlw Irnilm 4l W uf rlfrrraf-luv' juunfl in "BNI" TJ! V , , Y - D Claws Footballl 'Z2.m, 226, 'U' CIW-s Hwikvlhaull 1 '23, 'QUZ I.:lIin Club '21 'IHC Yzarxity lwmlhlll "'Q' W Varsity Iizlskvllmll 'QRQ 1Iu1m:1':xln Vllllx '2T, la, i P IK S'.v 'ZTQ Hlmlm-nt Cuun.-il "T 'N' I'x-venlvnnl 3 S1-1'l'D!01'i:lI Vlllh 'LIH1 Hi-Y "Ml :Ji fl! fr -E DJ Q ly W 1: M,XI!G,XlllC'l' .XLICICY C'.XSHWl'ILL 3 rs -3 .1 X W L- I .Hllmuyllf .llrrn has bww: will: :fx 'mln rl nwnr, ' ij N3 ' .1 ' 1 Nln' Inu' lnrfnlfflrl luv' 1'lnx,vwul.-w 11111141 mmfl rin-rr R N w ., W Y, W 1 QQQYLE3 Huw-5"s f'rs-vk Svlmu! 'D' "Ni "'T' I3l':uumIi1- 'Jul "x'z"Q Vluln I". II. N. 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'28, Viva Pres- 3 ide-nt Girls Athletic Assoviation '26, Dramatic I 3' I C Club '27, '28, Sr-i-i'etary and Treasurer SP4'l'Qtil11'ifil I 3 ' C Club '28, Girl Reserves '28, Assistant Business 7 , c: Manager L.x F.xxi,u' '23, Feature Editor of Hi- I ' 1: Lilvx '28, Donor of Class '28, Clll"Pl' Li-adn-r '28, ,lt 'S C PeppiPst '28, 3 : I - ' EI 4'5t12aSyS'fg ' D. 4 iz: 3 :i I C . li' C' UOROTIIY SUTTON FRANCK I: 5 l Sh1".w Il lI'nr14lPi', Nlu"s If l1l'f'llilll, 3 1 'Il .N'l1p'.v llif vuptnin nj our f?IlllI, ' I C 1,0I'lI1fl, wise mul brarul of miml, 3 I1 Nbr jzmr vnnnnf bf dvyinwl. 3 II Varsity Bnskf-thall '25, '26, '27, Captain '28, , 3 C Svc-1'etary Drninatics '28, Tl'01lSl1l'0l' of Girls I :il C Atliletii- Association '25, Girls Athletic Association I QI '26, Serrotary Girl Reservvs '28, Student Council I W C '25, SPf'l't'l1ll'y of Class '27, Girls Literary Socivty In I 1, 'A C '25, '26, Bvst All-'round '28, if . , f Z, C IJ C I --1 1: ' 3 C ':il C - 3 I C LAURA HLANUIIIC li'lSlll'1li 5, C lilzlllrllr' ix rl llirl Ilia! lfll'i'.Y Iwi' mnlll. 3 C .llflmuyh lim' Pjnrfx trnrvl in lllnf palli, Il E Nlir xfurlivx flu' nllirrx juxl IIS .vhf .vhnuhl 3 C Bm-r:il.xr' xlw !llll'!l!lN .vf1'ii'l'.w In llllllfl' llnnil. 5, E Latin Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Bziskotliall Squad 3 I '26, Math Modal '27, Gln-e Club '28, Class His " I 3 EI tm-ian '28. 'FMA M A : U, A I 3 ' :i I C fl , C' I .4 , ,I I W4 4: ' 3' I , 1: I I fri ' . 2 I I C, X - Ij'f'?+:mLL 1-17uuiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu' iiuuuiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUQ3,sF'I rff A 5445 f-xg, I Eleifffn ! v l I J, L 1 A V-' 9' 0 :YL W4 j X7 V 41.7, V l,X.f llflllllll,l'l-UUlll'll1l'1f1fY'fll1f3f'll'1H1'LVlm'f'lll , UTll'll'll'llllLnfll'llWDf'1Df5l1l'3l'1lll'1fll'1l'1VUNnl"l -. W . ,, . 9.2 1- ,I+ , 1 VE , A f if ' f - -M C' 1,1 C l . Q C ll 'Er ' ' 'f l FANNIE FLEISHMAN 'I J, .L L . ' Fannie is ll .v1f'r'rl, lm-nhlr' girl zrho y1'ez'f8 every C -ff L une 'with a smilv. E Q Q XVOSlPl'l1 Hirh S1-Iuxol. Baltimore, Md. '25, '26, C 3 ,:,y,:I u. '27: llrzuuutif- Cluh l-'. ll. S, '2Rg Sc:-1'et:1ri:ll Z jf iff 'hu 1 Club TIS. ,AF1 C " S Wi' ' A C A fc l xv: mf 1 l Q ' V l ,- El P 1 C li l MARY fil'10RGIANA GILKEY X: 1'uu'll nlzvuus find hm' ll'llK' mul juxl, Q, .l ffirl zwlmuz ull 1-un lnrw nnrl irfmll l lt p Orulu-strn '26, '2Tg l'11-sirloxut nf Oruhustru '2Tg L . 1 Glf-e Club '26, '2T3 llfillllillll' Club '26, '2T1 'i Presirleut '2H: Slufh-ul Vuunf-il '27, '2S: Class P Prophet '2S: Bankvllmll '23, '26. '27g Mrumier 1C '25, '2S: Sm'i:nl limlitul' ul' 1IivLilu.v '28g Girl EC lh-M-1'v1-N '2N: L.x Ifxxllu' Stull' 'Qs il , ,,,. cl Cl ' :-43 C 1 C C 1 A6 ' , PAI'I.INl'I Ml-IRRILL GILLTAKI C ' 1,,l'JvLAr , l'1lllliln', quiwl nml xuulrl ix slu' : - x Ljfff' ll'ilI1 W- ynlfll Hu ny,-ff. 5 Iliff lH'.l'l yrrlr In X. f', f', IV, xln' will yin F Tlfix will rm! rlmnyfr luv' I Lvmn-. 'l E l Lutiu Club '25, '2li. '27, '2r4g Lnln':n'i:u1 '26, , l '27, '2Sg 'l'4-:u'lx:-rs Cluln '27, '2Sg lluu' In Sindy C 'sw E l ' Q l - X' I SFSAN IIl'INlillCTT.fX GRATPIDY Q C ' .N'u.vuu ix lmpnlul' :tml S1l.w'n71 ix finw, ': llwrv".v Impirly -N'n,wln will ln' willf :lx mum: rl lfmr, l, : . , , , . . . , '- 1 l'IllilllLf Ulul, '25, 26: Hulk Allul:-111' .hN.ws:l- ix tinu '25, '26, 'LITQ ITm'lv:llvrs l-'lull 42.3. 'QGL lil:-1' ,z L l vim, '27, 'tx l lf! l :ll 1 I 5 fl , 2 ' ,- s W - , X w U A ' xg, ' 'V T ,V37 ' .Xl,'l'UN NIl'lI1'lIlSlDX ll.XYl-'S 'fl If yur: uwfulfl ln- lfffppyl mul fum l w 5 'NMI " Iluringl ull llunrx nf lln' nlrlyl, 1 I. Nu- , ,Y:':'r'r rl llruwll, lllfn ul' lmlfh l 1 A,f,j-'sgb .lxk .lllnll ln"ll lrll glnrl lmw. 'l.'l lmliu l'lulu '25, 'Slip S--u-uw Vluh '21 263 l ' l I v-."','l'k' vvnw lhun-lr:ull ':4:. 'ur l'l:u-X lf.-.-11.1.11 Y W . ,-'!-, - ' QT. 'wg lm.'1.u-N Vlul. 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X 5 l C ': l 'I ',,'., 1 ' ' ,1.lBS 'I : fflrrlllrn' HuIlin.w'l11'1l, Ihr prwllyl qflrrll, 'E-I' 'V 4 l 'C lx nm' uf llu' 1'rlr'v'sl vl'1'r xfrrl, C ll'v will ull 1'r'mr'n1lH'l' Ilfix jnlljl flffl, all-Xj"'h XX, ' ' E In lrnfl purl nf llfix wirlr' nlll :l'nrl1l, ' ' 'Y ' 3 . Ars 1 ,-,af :X lC11 lllillllillli' Club '23, '26, '27: lliklu! l'lllll '25, Q'f'j34W-51 ' 1' Latin Club '23, '26, .Ullla-lic .Xvovialiulx '25, P 0' Mffjj W' Q C , 1 'i ah I: C U X: - f' 2 12 J C Bl.XIlHl'l'Ilil'I'l'I .Xlll'Il1.XTlll'I .IANOSKIC 3 ': l'1'r,1f prim 111111 will jinrl l1f'1' In iw, 3 E1 ,ll.w1 ll alrlnu' uf Xl'rl.vl1irn1 is sim, 3 nl .llzfwlyx j11l'g1, friwnrllgf 111:11 nwnf, 3 I This ix urn' nn-11 ,lIllI'jllH'I'lfP, r: 31:14 A 3, II Glev Club '23, Hiking' Club '25, '26, Clasw ,iff ' 2 :X rg Basketball '25, '26, '2TZ I,l'2llllillll' Club '25, '26, 1 '27, '2r23 Girls Bazslil-tlJllll '26, T1':1l'k '25, '2fi1 -1 3 C L1 F11111- s111fr '27, 212: 11111111111 C11111 '27, L111111 Zl C1 Club '27, '2H: l'x't-Qinlcllt of Fr:-uch Club '27, X 1: ' ' 3 1 r: 3 5 J X Z: J l C 3 1 E 3 5 . 1 -- 3 X MA RX ll.-XLOB IC JOHN SON X ,rl 9 3 l .lllh11uy1h Jlrllnm' lfux only lu'n'll Will: IIN lfrn 3 X :X rlrfmw, xlu' luis won mrllly fl'il'11rls llml NfHllll3 llifllr 3 X 51 in Ill 1' 4-lzlm' uf '24 l l 3 ' C Adzls Crock Svluml '24, '23, '26, S1,-1'1'uta1'ial 3 C Club I". H, S. '27, '2S. C :1 C , Q 1 C Q 1 C -J C 3 ' :1 E' .mlwls 1111:x'1a1:1-:rx .1oN1cs I C .I IIr'l'r'l1I1's ml lim fnullulll jiwlrl, 3 ' U 11 II: 1' cnurf 'nxt ximplfl 11 .w'r1'11:u 3 C I . 3 In nmxf of ll is 11'u1'l.' l1ff'.v II m'll0lg1,I', 3 EX .lml fn flu' lrulif-.v of vrmrxv hr'.v Il rlwrlm. 3 E1 Class football '25, '27, Football '23, lfv2lltlClJZIll 3 :I '26, '27, Basketball '27, '2Hg Class Basketball '2G: ' J I C1 Svieucp Club '25, Engineers Club '2', '28, 3 I xIOU0f.fl'Zl'lll Club '27, '2H, Hi- ' 'Z.f. - 1 C ' J Cl 'X 3 1:1 1 Tl cf XA :J E' :1 ' C :Y X l C 3 ' ' C' 1 2 AQ1' 1 l ' F1 " WL UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU lll.lLlL.lLlUl.lUUUUUl.lLlUUl..lLlLlUl.lLlLlUllEYwg-lNi'X ff 7 .L,'1j. 'iff Sb 191 Thirlccn fgiigziif WTji'T:2',,:"" gi. KEY 17 XR'-vl1fl'U lqflflflflmlfifinririnnnnnnnXnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnrinnf Y Aix EN 'F 'B' 7 fa i'l Q E4 ' 'I' AUGUSTUS scoT'r KELLY : Willzout Stott lhe class of '28 'lU0'lI,Id not be lc complete. Hv ix uIwa,u.y carefully dressed, a 'lc M lrvaszlrczl friwml and rz jolly good fellow. lr: Latin Club '25, '26g Track '26: Class Football ' Q '26, '27g Varsity l"o0t.l1all 'ZSQ Hi-Y Club '25, Cl f N '27, '28: Monogram Club "28. I 'C l IC lc 'C '- : MAGOLINIC MCITANIICIA l 3 On pupulrlrilu and alfracli1'm1es.v .sho has a. vlaim, 1 A1111 lrrr ulhlrliv xlfill lmx won hm' fame. i Sunnysidv School '25, '26, '27g Girls Basket- ball I". H. S. '28. C C C ct E HESTER CARLYLIC MCLEAN V, Yrx, Hvslf'r'.w Iurylv, null H5-xter's fall ' Hlx Inrye form vruwrls the hull, C But Hz-.s-tm' sluzlivs, ask him ainyllzing xrorlh r: while, I C Hell bc glml lu !IN.YlUf'l' it 'with a smile. C Massey Hill High Sclmol '25, '26, '27. l 5 .. ' as E JANIIC IKIILDRED Mn'K HTHAN L: , rg Janir l'l4'lfl'fllflll, quirk Iilllr' elf, l Nfmlirs hnrfl, mul xliulirx by lrrrsvlf, V The x1f'z'z'Irwt unrl flm larwlimf gfirl, .la rare' us llllfl unmnlvhml pvarl. C E Latin Club '23, '26g l'rwiml1-nt TG: 'l'caclu-rs Clulx '27, '2Hg Music- l'lulu 'ZITQ Bl2ll'SllCll '27, C X, C s .KLBIGRT SIDNEY MELYIN ,llim-lfirrmzlx in flu' 1'Iu.vxrnum, .1 xvhulur lrur ulnl rvul, N lilllllllllvl' among ilu- slmlvuls, Squaw' in. n df-nl. Lulin Cluln '25, '2li: Class lhlwhalll '21 '26, TIT: 1 I- S4-in-llvv Club 'ZIG3 XYilli1-at 'llrii llnu' lu Slmlp I Ululu 'irlg 'Pvunis Flull '27, i C v , ' rt C C 3 1 :C 3 lc. 1,-Vx-. 77- in f ,f W , UU 57fl'Illll'l'l2ill,l1llLllVllllUllllllLlUUllUHUUU9 uu uuuuu uuu uuu u u uu u uu u u F Ai' 471' " Fo ll rlcr-n 'MWQH2 W 7'2"'2iX7Z77" 2"g'7'2 ' i W iiii ,W YW -------- - --- 7--W --------J 41 l X'mirinnnn nnnq3nrin'hn'nndiFinnn Qglyf nnnnnnnnnn nnnn nn nnn rfri-nnriririmu,7'1."-f' ! NX A ff!" 1 l ic: -L bf ' ' ' ' '-ffl ,, C I ,Z , ,- W: i i , f ,Q ANNIE CAROLYN MINOR, , fr: .N'u-rr! und .vim-vrr I -,. .-III flurinrl lhf- yfnr, K l 4 .-1 wlmlnr .vim is loo, E .lnrl In lim' xvlmnl .vhr is lruv. ' 'Z Lntin t'lnli '25, '26, Uke Club '25, '26, '27, ' .C Musil- Study Club '23, '26, '27, S1:c1'ctn1'inl Club l ' wi- -.ug E -4, ..,. fr l 1 J: li: 'Q CI UANIEI1 .XLPJXANIIICR MONROE J: Z Ilrlrirlir' lilfrw xpnrlx, I Tu liim fIzrw'rf' fl. lr:-ul, 1 3 lIr'1I ruflivr phi!! fnnllfull, l C gllllll :lay Ninn ful. C S4'i0nm-Q Club '25g liiigiiivvlts Club '27, '28, C Claim Bziscbnll '27, Clase Fnutbnll '27, Basketball '2S. .Cl i II VII C l I E RENA MAE NUNNERY C An nllllrfe, xlililvrit, xr-lmlnr uufl frienrl. .Sliv will stifle hy gnu lhrouflll the end. l rt C Basketball '25, '26, '25, Hiking Club '25, Ath'1-tic Asmuizltimi '25, '26. I: I: C IZ cl El GEORGE ATKINS O'HANLON, JR. E' , .l f-upfiblu Ierulcr, sliuwn by Iiix acfirn :curl-' fm E 1'rrwifIrnlE nf nur Sturlrwll Cuuuvil. llc' is mi Ux- i.E xvlifilll nf F, II. S. i "C Lzitin Club '25, '26, '27, Debuturs Club '24, '25. C '26, Cluiiriuun O. llunry LltS1'lll'j' Suciety '271 I , Cluss football '2G. '27, Varsity Fnotbull '28' Cir- ' E vulation BIEIIIZIZUI' nf Prlrrnf '26, School Editor of C Hi-Lihw '28, l,'ll1lll'lll2lll Boys Council '273 Studcnt C Council '2Tg Clmirmain '28, Lawyers Club '27, C Slecl111:i.11 Esuziy Medal '26, Boiistclw Club '27g Monograuu Club '28, Druinailiu Club '26, '27, '28, C :XtlYl?1'llSl!'l,Lf BIZIIIJILICI' Dx-zunaitic Club '27. t: C C C i C 1 C FLOHIQXCE ORION OLIVE C Orimfx quivt, Orimils nice, 5 Lnok 1IE'l' farm' mn-rf ur flvirwg C ,She nrrer xpralrs up 111110.-rs ilk Iwi' turn, C Nha l1lI'E'll!l!l kllouux :flint 'lllfllljl Nlmulzl lruru. C Dramatic Club '25, '26, '28, Latin Club '25, E '26, G-irlx Athletic Association '25, '26, '27, rg Literary Society '25, Music Club '26, '27g Girl C Resewes '28, Assistant Jfzinngnr Baskiftbzill Tcnm 7.13 C .. .. c 1 C l C 1 I: I: Cl r: -1" i :LQ - - 2 .fxgli 5235 uuuuuuuuuuuuuu uu uuu u uu u uu uu itluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uu U U u U Q-ll3'x'EfL.fi Fifteen ' , N Z7 A l'lf'll1fl0l'lf1nnf1l'lflf1f'll"lf1hnl"lnnnnnU UUWXHUUUUDUDHDDHDUDN f1nl'1nl1l'1l'H'll'lnnl"l E 2 , lg lr: r: WC FRANCES CARWILIC POPE lr: Franl-ws rwullgl lrnauw hvr "stuff" 7: Siu' rllwumw flocx nluzly Pllllllllllf l Slfr Iurrx lzrr 'f'lll'lll'I'N mul lu-r bnuks, X: lint wlml we lure 'is her own yum! looks F Lailiu cull, '26, '27, '28g Literary lt: '27, Vice President Girl Reserves '28, ,nz lc C E C C '1'R.lQVA SHIRLEY PURTISII C , ll'1' nll zrvimlrr lmu' xuvh u small lu' ' lmlll rm nun-li L7llI'ilf!ll'lli'F. D I Hirli Point High School '25, '26, '21 bm C club 112 11. S. '25, 1:1-mmiic Club ' H 3 C cliestru '2S. E C C. CZ C . C ANNA DOROTHY PINKSTON 5: Ilnrnlllvu ix 11 yirl lllllf l'l'f'l',ll one l.'nu1I'.s 3 C .lml xlfr' xprmuls lzrr jny 11'l1vrc'rcr ,elm Ill x E Stud:-nt Ununvil '25, '26: Glue Clum Latin Ulnlx '25, '26, '27, President .Tunim Class C '27, Girl Ra-se1'ves 223: President Latin Club C Athletiv Assn:-iution '2-13 Hiking Club '24 Buox 1: urs Club '26. C C C C C C IVA PAUL RIDDLE C l'unl ix um' u'lm ix lulrfl In l:f'l1l. 3 C 111' will m'rf-1' flulgf' ur vlwlll. 3 5 Ili.: Illlfllfl' is Ulll' uf lllf' ITV!! llvxl, :J C Hi.v frlluu' 1'lna'.vlmll:'.v will fvll lllr Wal J fg Varsity l"oollmll '26, '27, '28, Class luuln '25, Clams Basketball '25, '26, Monuzruui L ui C '27, '25, lflnginoi-ring Club '27, '2S. E C C C C C v v - ' w u '1 1 s w C Ill Nl AB K. lxlllfl-,lim -IR. :l C llf- lilunw In .vlmlgl us wrll nx lu play, D- C l'lmI'.v nm' Ilzinfl ulmul Ilunrun ll'r' ran Nllll llr xlmlirx lu'.v Imxuns, s'lI'fl'flI1I In Imam, C Ill-'N um' ull' Iln- larsl .vlrnlvnts in his vlan C . . - . C 1'i-nmr Sn-n-In-v Club 2.13 bluulvnl Cuuuu 3 C lilm- l'lul: '26, Ili-Y Ulnli '2G. '27, '25 Llu i lfuotlnill '26, '27, '2Hg Assistant llusinvss Ill C l..x l".xM.u- '2Tg l'Zu:im-n-rs Club '27: l'rui ini C '25, A1lll'5ilIli '27: Uirriilzilimi xlilllilivl' 0 C l.i11'.v 'Llrig .ilblll'lllliiSlll Club 'Ei rt Cl Cl c C C C. C' ri I YY .lffllllUUULlUUllllllllllllULIUUUUUUUUUUU ullUllllUULlUUUUULlUUUUUUUUUU 1 F ' 5 Y? 'N r' f I ' Q 1 S flllflllnUUUHUHU0HUUDUDUUHHn gQHVIDIll'll1Hl'lIllTl'7l'IflDl'lI1I'1l'lIlfll'lI'lflfll'lfl MARION RUTISIIIRG illuriun ix u !lfl'l who is :luring nml is ruyffr lu rlo Il1'l' llvxl, Sllr has llu' rwplllflliuu uf hfflljl our ful'wn1uxt lflpisl. llaliu Club '23, Dramatic- Club '25, '27, '25, Dcball-rs '25, '27g Ss-s'l'a-l:u'ial Club 'ZSQ '1'uai-lu,-rs Club '27g l'lass Poet '28. MARY KA'1'lllll'I l-IN SCO'1"l' Tull null fair. Siu' ix nnlivrwl 4'r1'r'!lu'1iwl'r'. Music' Club '2-L: COlllllIl'l't'l2ll Club '28g llilciu Club '25g cal-Q Club '24, al E5 MARTHA VIRGINIA SCOTT gf "Jf'n,vi" ix pnplllrlr. 'Il'r' IllllNf mlmit Shi' ix llw ylirl that vwfriirily has "il'." Hiking Club '25, Girls Baseball Team '26, Latin Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Viva IW:-siilviii Latin Club '22-lg Basketball '27g O, Henry Liter- ary Society '27, Marshal '2'7g Hi-Lifw Stall' '28, Girl Reserves '2Rg Serretary and Treasurer of Girls Glee Club '2 '. Q ANNA KATIC SMILEY To rm-171 ann Kuff' ix flu' Nfllllf, .il ml fllr'rr"x nu? fllirlfl 1'l'rfz1-in, HU' vlznrui-Iwi' rvsponrlx will: lrfr' urlmr. Bryson City High School '23, '26, '27, E LICANOR PICSCHA U STEDMAN Cumv hillffr you lmlrliwx mul jill up ,iluur yllzzxws, A1111 drink to Ille lmullli uf Hlix rlftrm-Ii1'z' Inxxiv. Tl'P2lSl1l'Pl' of Student Body '25, Latin Club '25, '26, '27, '28g Literary Socieiy '28, Boosters Club '27: Secretary nf Sopliomore Class '26: Girls Athletic Association H153 Treasurer Girl Reserves '25, How to Study Club '28, Marshal '27. uuuuuuuliuifuuuuuiiuuuuuuuuuuuuxffaouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 44 j , Seventeen Aigx 27 e1I'lfll'lf'll'lflf'lnf'lnUHUUUNUOUUUUU9nnndx HUDUUDUHHDUUDUUUUUUUUUDHINFIFIU lg ix. J I: C IZ ": .Q , HENRY HAYWOOD TATUM 4: There he from ufillz a book in hi.-1 luznd, N For a stzldious youfli, nm,lrc.v an int:-lligvnl man, E Thntls' H071l'1l'N nmtln and lie strives ta sucrrrrl, IZ ll'nlcl1 him rml clnsn, for l1r'Il tnlm the lead. C Most Stmliuus of F. II. S, 'ZRQ Sunnyside '25 4: '26, '27. c: u: C : c 'I c C HELEN ANNA 'I'1iliOl"IldLD I In 'wriliny llmnu-x slit wrm liar fruiw, C Ilrflfn Tlwujirlfl is Iirr namcg Sl1c"s fm! llu' liruinx, unil II Il'llIlllIlfI mnilf, C Slzv's fl- flll'I llinl'x rvnlly ivurllz while. C Glee Club '25, Music Club '25, Hiking Club C '26g Hnukuy Tuaun '273 Conluiorciail Club '28. E IZ CI C C C BERT CRONK TOWNSEND C Four wllole 1ll'IU'8 liars I sfrivezl, X: And four lvlznlr 1l4'Gl'R l111l'P I 1II'llflf'l1, C Thu! I miylllt l'l'!lI'll llzrzt final so liirlli, C Anil lzunor 'in suvli obtain. 5 Draiuiatic Club '25, '26, Lnlin Club '23, '26: C Girls Athletic Association '25, '26, '2Tg Muric Club '25, '27g Girl Reserves '2S. C C Cl E C E C MARY ELIZABETH TURLINGTON 5 Elizalmlli Turlingllnn, ri launnlingrr ix slit. C Nha is aIzl'ay.v lllllffllfl and quill' ll flirt, you xrv. 5 Shc's not arm-llff ll flappcr, urillwr is shi' rvry slow C But shi' likcs ull flu- lwyx, .cn .vlwiv always un llm C go. C Girls Atlilctiv Associzltiun '25, '26, '2T3 Lnlili C Club '26, '275 Class Baiakclbnll '25, '2G3 Sorro- C l:il'i:il Club '25, C C C C C C C FRANCIS IQDWARIF 'l'YI,l-ZR C Tho Frum-ix vnnuuw nll llu' way fruui Furl lffllflfl. C Ill' nrrrr .vlulm Nllltlfllllfl, ln' 1u'4'vr alnrx lay, i FI lla' lvnrlx liix vlusx in unix! 1-l'v1'11tIil'll1l, VT lfvrrliziliyl wlinl .wlinliirim rjlurl will liring, F ll:iLin Vlnb '26, '2Tg Si-ii-lwv l'lulv '27, "H II , , 'Ti 'I c gl C C' gf. 2 .2 llllllLlUUUUUKlljlJllUUULlULlLllll.lLlUUUU LlUlJUllllllUljUllUULlUUULlUUUUUUU - X ldiylilrcn r I 2, Q' I 5' r ' I V ' , 1 f W ,P4 ,J l ' X WX? f L w X luxxlllll nn ll no nnnnnunfnnrinnnnnnnnp inn nn ri unnnnn nn nnnnnngnnnnnnn X Q41 f 22 : ' Y 3 C D C 'li 3 4 II E 7 :x C :z Q :J C ANNIE l'lLIZAlil'I'l'II L'YlJlillWOUlfl 3 C , , , IJ I: .l Univ A' yfuml, .vu if IIUPS Nrrlll, 3 C Nlir',w um' nf llfr lzrxl on In-r lruul, I,lui4-If on llrr frrl, nlwuglx lIII'I'l, 3 C Nllrlv un rlllfrullnll girl, lull :ml IL flirl. 3 C :I C Ulm-at Club '25, Hikim: Club '25, Basketball 3 '26, '27, '28, Captain '27: Boosters Club '27, D C , Bm-Nt Atlib-lv '27, '2H, Girl llcscrvn-S '28, Dru- C I matic '2R. 3 5 D C 3 E :J E :I C S'I'l'iPHEN RICHARD UPTON 3 E llifkiv in lllr' luwl-Ill!-rulmrl, D llivkir' ix xr: jim-, D E lfuf rrfrfl mir' lullsl llllrr' llix jrlullx, ,Q 3 C .l url uw' 11-umlvl' ?f.' .' ull flu' Huw, ' 3 C Lzltin Club '25, '2G1 Hi-Y Club '23, '26, '27Z 4' 3 C Vive I,l'l'5lll0llf '2Hg Btwkr-tlmll '27, Captain '28, '97 QW C Baseball '27, Football '28, 'I't'e:isi1i'e-1' Junior 3 E Class '27, Vim- Prvsidvnt Senior Class '28, Pres' K ff 3 ialent of Student Body '28, Chit-f Mnrsliul '27: .7-on E MOSI. Loyal '27, Best Allfrnunrl '28, LA FAMAC C Staff '2S: Boosts-rs Club '27, Studc-nt Council 3 C '27, '2S, Boys Vuunt-il '27, Mnnngur Footbzlll '28, 'J C I 1: ,kat .5 2 :I C "gt, f I INOIxltlh MILLX IB X ALLAINDINGHAM U f,J,,.fg,3 iz -3 C ' ,Ynrrix is lhv Img 11-illr H10 vurly hflir, f Aj 1 ,, J ,, Il 5 Hr' has rl 1-rfrff .vfmlioux mfml. A "?'51'fff1,' JT? fl 3 C ll'hrrt it 1-amps fn .wpm'fx lm ix alzvrlux fllrfrw, M ggi? 'f'-'Ziff C ,tml hp plngfx first lui.-w an ilu' High Svlmnl Ninn. . 'ff' 2' ' ' ., I. ' - C varsity ismeimil '25, '26, '27, Clam Fvolbaill fn qfQ"Z,,, ,, V 2,334 Z, i C '25, Captain Baseball '25, BIOIIIJLIIWIIII Club '26, ,'hm,i'f in V WG. ' '27, '2R: lillL'lllEE'l's Club '27, '23, 2? " 3 C , ff .. :a 2 2 C , ' :1 l C DAISY MAH XVEHIS 1 'W , 3 4 I: Dnilvy ix n xinyfrr nf grrfut rrnnuin nml lzux 51,15 ' I1 ', C hrrn, with im fur fnur yr'ur's, mizrli Io lluf jujl nj f ,,',: 7 :J , .llixx .S'ru,rl nurl Mr, Errlmrm and H10 wllule vlrrxx 'yt Y C uf '23 1' 3 3 E Glee Club '25, '26, '27, '25, Drzunzitiv Club 'S' 1 ' '. D , '25, '25, Prl-siclent nf Artisk Club '27, Latin .IM ,:f:,'.j'31j' 3 , C' Club '26, Hikin: Club '25, vi--0 im-si.1.lm 4 3 C Cninniewiul Club '2w4g Girl Ileswws '28, if ,V , Q ffqzf 3 l ' C I l t 2 5 E ,. J Q I C JESSE JONES WEISIGER I C Tiplv ll zurnulrr nf Ihr' jiflrl, 3' Q .lnrl wry Ifrllidxrnurf Inn, :z C Hr' is nh, so Ilnrzl In bm! 3, Hvfs IIPVPI' xml nr blur, C , C Class Bas:-bull '26, '2T: Clan Bzukt-tlmll '26, D 5 Class Football '23, '26, Science Club '25, Arts C Club '25, '27, Football fYarsityJ '28, Monogruin 3' x: Club '28, 35, ,Y :gi 1 C Fw' " .f N i ' A Laffy nk' D l C :l i i l C 25 i C n J C DI ' C' I i C :z if 2 2 2 .94l' UUUUTJUULICLZI lflfu uu7Ll7uuuuouuuuuuu'Muuu uuuuuuuu ouuuuu uuuu uuuuuuu - l l W 44 vig Nineteen 7, -X KW? nflnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnflnnnnnnnnnnnx222xnnnnnnnI'1l1nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnflnnn , X Y ' 'V?f':f '-il FRANK HANDY WEST 'fl ' If'mnL-'.v .vunngf flixpnxilinrl and frimullfl allilurlr, 'X my will: hix Iliff hfurl and many othcr nnblw RK Q a'I1m'm'Ir'ri.vlif-.v, Imrv yuinml him Nlfllljl frimuls' I 'il rurr!! lim f ' ' .. z in Clnl '1.F. 'L', 'L'g Science '..5: Class 1-iv y '1.f, '2 1 V ' 'Z.7. '27, ".ZHg Enuinl,-ers K-1 Hr' ix juxl as xmnrl rm .wnrzrl run lm, .-lml could mxily win jumr you run snr. Engineers Club '27, '2S. MARY 1' IHSCI LLA XYHICIIA R11 ll'r arf' prnurl nf I'I'im'ill1I, Thr maid will: ymlllrn hair, Ilrnnnxlil- Clnlw 423, '26. '27, '2S: Glue Cluh '26. '273 Ykv Club '26g Mvdiczll Club '2SQ Poker MARY .XLICH NYILKICS vnl, nlzrnux frivmllgl um! fair. . Yurpily ll:15k--llmll '2:4g llovlu-5' Tx-:un 'ilk I'rf-lly. jrivmlly. nll:'n4'Iil'4' mul kind. vlm-m..-.- Hizh sflmnl '25, ma, ':7g lsinlogy uk. .b. ls. L 2 UUUUUUUUULIUUKIUUULlUUUllLlUUULlU UUULILIUUUUULIUUUULIUUULIUUUUU T zum I JI Aa. 2, I ll I 1 rn 'Ill lhys world of ours' 3 football 'L 2 " ot an .fr un '2 "3 Litf-rnry So' l J ' xy 'L-'Q ' xv S ,' Club '2B. J X If s 3 EN r2,5,piA,'1 I :I 1 J PAUL DUVAL WEST 3 f'rifiv, w.v.wyi.wf, rlrumuliwl nll, 3 Paul will rm.vu'rr Mrrh wall, D Class Basketball .252 Drumntic Club '26, '2T3 3 Fur 'zvlwu xlm livlflvx Ihr ll'1lI'it'N, 3 1'hf're'x muxif' in the air. 3 Class llalskvtllalll '261 Latin Club '25, '26: 3 Chips Clnlx '27, '2S. 3 .lu ulhlf-Ir lwlrlnml 1-nmprlw, 3 nlogy Vlnb '25, 2 Num MAI-1 u'11.suN 2' Ill' 11-Lvl: .Yrnn r:'rr'1l lining Um! ix jinr. 3 . Ll w -. , 3 C I I c I V Cf flllflflflllflllflflflflllllllflnflnflflliflflll flI'lfII'IHHDDDUDDDDDDDHUTIORDDDUU f I i i JAMES XVICKLIFFE SMITH Tlif're's Wivlc Qvalkinfl flown the hall, Anrl F, on his .-vweater, that not all, :lx he pa.vsp.s, llie yirlx all smile, Heh- a renl shiek, just give lzinz IL lriul. Grnduzlted '27, Post Grzuluate '28, Football Manager '28, '1'1'au-k Manager '28, LEIGHTON HUSKE, JR-. Leiylzlon tries to dn lzix best, Slurlyiny mul helping all the Text, He never I'llfS up, and fnewr 13 loml, Helv one of the sfmlents that mul-'es 'us all prnufl. Latin Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y Club '26, Treaisurel- '27, President '28, Track '27, Secre' tary Student Bndy '27, Mellirall Club '28, Mau'- shal '28. DORA LILLIAN HARDY Dora is nz ,full fledflerl member of fhe class of '28, as she has been- with 1m for four years mul has drme her bil in everything tluzl would help F. H. S. Latin Club '25, '26, Music Study Club '26, '27, Debaters Club '25, '26, Secretarial Club '27, '23, rl X ' x uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 44 55,5 Twenty-one 'isle 7 r1nI'1f10fl0HDFIFIHHHUUHOOGUUDUDITDIVXFIDHNDDDDHDDHDDDNhl'1f1I'1I'll'1I'1l'1hf1l'H'l - xX, History of the Class of '28 3 N September, nineteen twenty-four, one hundred and eighteen boys and girls entered the Fayetteville High School as Freshmen. We were somewhate boister- ous, to be sure, but we soon saw how the others were conducting themselves and tried to do as they were doing. In imitation of our elders we called a meeting. YVe were not sure that we knew exactly why we did so, but we finally came to some sort of organization and elected George Henry Jenkins President. Lee Roy Willifo1'cl was chosen Vice President, and Ruth Katherine Mofiit, Secretary- Treasurer. We wanted to be sure to be seen so we chose red and white as our class colors. The red rose became the class flower. The first honor to come our way was the choosing of Dorothy Piukston, Dorothy Frank, George Jenkins, and Duncan Rogers as members of the Student Council. Though we were yet Freshmen we took part in the different sports and activities of the high school. We had actors and actresses, orators, musicians, scientists, and many other personages in our group. Georgia Gilkey, Edward Benas, and George O'I-Ianlon were 1l1Gll'll7C1'S of the Debaters Club. Georgia Gilkey was also one of the leading members of the orchestra. The science clubs were formed chiefly from the Freshman class. Several of our girls were to become important members of the girls basketball squad both for that year and for 'the several years to follow. So with our extra studying, to which most of us were unaccustomed, our Freslnnan year was Hlled with many things to d0. i By the time we had become Sophomores we were somewhat quieted down and knew when it was our time to make a move. Our number-made up of old members and new-had decreased to ninety-six. This year Benjamin Evans Kistler was our President, Vifilliam Harold Morris, Vice President, Eleanor Stedman, Secretaryg and'Alton Barlow, Treasurer. Franklin Averitt was Treas- urer of the Student Council. XVith his wit and humor, Henry Anderson did excellent work as advertising manager of the l'arrof. In the glee clubs, which furnished us entertainments during the year, twelve of the members were from the Sophomore class. We thought that things needed livening up, and to "Make the welkin ring" we shot ire cracke1's in a class meeting. The Radio Club was also fortunate in having some from our class to be among their members. There were a few of our boys wl1o may not have developed the brain so nmch in the class- room, but they developed the body and made the football team famous. Louise Evans, Dorothy Franck, and Annie Underwood early starred in basketball. In the game with Sanford at Sanford they displayed excessively good work. The tem won nearly every game they played that year. lVe now felt ourselves to be growing away from our wise foolishness. ln the fall of nineteen twenty-six we called ourselves Juniors. Eighty-seven had snr- vived the battles in which such ammunition as chalk, erasers, and books were used. Dorothy Pinkston was l'resident1 lone Brown, Vice Presidentg Dorothy Franck, Secretary, and Richard l'pton, Treasurer of the class. f'lass interest grew more pronounced from the etlem-'ts of the Junior-Senior banquetg and we were still more significant when we began to wear our rings. George Jenkins was Vice President of the Student body: lmighton llnske, Seeretaryg and Hiehard l'pton, Treasurer. llUUUUUUUUl.lLIUUUUUUllUUULlUUUUU uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 'I'u'enIy-I :ro UDUUUUUHHHHDFIHDUUDHHUUN UflflflDUFIUDDDDDDDITDDUDNHUDNNU ' V 4: We were represented on the Student Council by Jack Crane, Franklin Averitt, Leighton Huske, and George O'Han1on. "Ye Merry Playersu would not have done so well had it not been for six of Olll' boys and girls, who proved to be true artists of the stage. Thomas Badger was the hero in the play, "Seventeen," Besides the other entertaimnents that the Girls Glee Club gave, several times they broadcast the most interesting and classical programs from the Broadway Theatre. The O. Henry Literary Society found genius in Henry Anderson, Frances Pope, Franklin Averitt, and George O'Hanlon. We led in nearly all the statistics, Jack Crane being elected the handsomest boy in high school. Helen Theofield received the award for writing the best Stedman essay in the Junior class that year. Seniors! What a peculiar feeling, and we had entered the Freshman class such a short time ago. This year was to be the busiest of our school with eighty-four students to perform the tasks. Franklin Averitt was elected President of the class, Richard Upton, Vice President, and Louise Evans, Secretary-Treasurer. We excelled in all the athletics. The football squad was composed chieiiy of Seniors, with George Herndon as Captain. The Gi1'ls Basketball team did un- usually good work, with Dorothy Franck as Captain. Among our musicians Elizabeth Brown was ou1' pianist, President of the Girls Glee Club, and was chosen to be the most musical girl in high school, Franklin Averitt was judged to be the best informed boy. In the Dramatic club several of-our members took im- portant parts in the different plays. In "Other People's Husbands," Henry Anderson and George O'Haulon were two of the husbands, and Georgia Gilkey was one of the wives. Many of our classmates have left us and new ones have joined us, but we are still the same old class of '2S. TBLANCI-IE FISHER, Historian. xr f bf I I x uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ,puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu if XX Twenty-tlw'ee Xi nI1l'1fH'lf1t"lf'lf1I1l'Il1fIf1l'lfIY10t1f'H'lDhlIDDnh Xhl'lhl'1hl'1l1l'l!'Ihhl'll'1hI'tNhf1I'IflhhhhI'H'l ., 5: Prophecy HE tire was burning lowf throwing soft lights into the darkened room. The curtains at the windows were drawn. I pulled my chair before the tire. I could hear the howling of the wind, the monotonous fall of the rain, at first gently, then torrential: I seemed to sink within myself. There came the premonition that this might turn out to be a night I should never forget. Drip-drop-drip-drop, would the storm never cease?-I had been restless enough before the storm came on and now that steady, slow drip-dripvdrip. Ah, but I must close my mind to it. As I sat there, gazing into the burning coals, a face seemed to smile out into mine. As I peered more closely I realized it was an old schoolmate of mine, Franklin Averitt, and President of my class when a Senior in High School. He was speaking. To me? Oh no, but before the Congress of the United States-yes, he was President of this "Good old America." As he finished, music softly arose, and looking down in front I saw Treva Porter leading the orchestra. Looking over the Con Norris Vallindinghanl with his-no he is still single. NValklng up the aisle I saw Patil taking great pleasure in ushering in these great men. Coming out of the Capitol I saw George O'Hanlon, Jr., the most famous lawyer the known. He looked rather fatigued as he had just concluded an outstanding case of gressmen, I saw Riddle, a page, world has ever the year-Man garet Adams suing Leighton Huske, "Beech-nut King," for taxation on chewing gum. Back in the city I see a huge oltice and seated at a desk is Richard Upton, President of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Taking dictation by his side is Priscilla NVichard. On the street I meet Henry Anderson, coming out of a publisher's building. He has just published his book, "The Easiest Way to Get By." Buying an evening paper, I read the headlines, "Jessie Weisieger Has Awakened After Two Years Sleeping Sickness." I was roughly pushed aside and Duncan Rogers came up to me and holding out the paper he asked, "What causes that?" In a window I see "For Sale" a painting "John of Arc" by Helen Theofield. I learn that Annie Underwood is teaching in Central High School and coaching basketball while Elizabeth Brown is the Director of Music. Going down to the docks I saw Captain Frank XVest boarding his ship. I recognized two passengers, Thomas Badger, United States Ambassador to France, and his wife, formerly Dorothy Pinkston. I visited the lValter Reed Hospital to see Dorothy Franck, head nurse and there, I learned that Dr. Kent Ewing was head surgeon. Orion Olive was in training there. Passing on into the country, I see a small schoolhouse, and there Stands Edward Benas, his dreams fulfilled at last, for he is the Principal. Pauline Bullard is also teaching here. Further on, I see a young lady, Elizabeth Blue, complaining because one of the tires of her brand new Ford has gone dat. I entered a cafe, and on the tables were small placards, "Lectures on The World's Most Diflicult Math Problems," Blanche Fisher and Francis Tyler. Susan Graddy is the charming hostess of this cafe. Dancing in the chorus I recognize Kathleen Scott, Rene Nunnery, Alice Wilkes and Lucile Jones. ' Coming out I see Jarvis Jones, sitting in his car with a young girl. Evidently he has changed from his woman-hating for he has his arm around the dainty miss. Talking to them is Alton Hayes, mayor of the small town. Any moment I was looking for a rowdy cowboy to come galloping into town, and sure enough there wus one, Connor Holland. Going into Detroit I see where Albert Melvin has purchased the Ford Manufactures. Stopping at the Beleviderc Hotel, I am greatly surprised to find Paul XVest is the proprietor. Ho had engaged for thc coming week Eleanor Hollinshed, "The Rolls Rfoyn-e Girl," to dance there. Later on, I was on a boat sailing for Europe. On the same ship was Luiusden Bundy, Professor of Psychology, and Bert Townsend his assistant and secretary. In Paris I sec Marion Ruthcrg in thc ruins of the C'atht-drals. st-arching for antiques. Further ou in my travels in Egypt, I sce Fairly Undo, ownt-r of a large farm in the Nile lh-lta, and workin: on his farm was Harvey liutlor. Un thc sire:-ts of Cairo I saw Franc:-s Pope looking for a copy of "Show Mi- tht- Way to Go llomcf' lflvidt-utly sho was lost. C0lNlll4'lll1l-I trips at-ross tht- desi-rt were Robert lb-Vane and Clarence Bogran. both dn-ss--tl in tlowing robes. Who was this riding down the street? Why Eleanor Stedman and they rall hor Cleopatra II. Teuchilltr English ill U10 Egyptian School was Alec-n Cashwell. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULIUUUUUUUU Ticcnly-four r1nl1t'l0t'l0fll'lf'lI'lIIHUUFINOHGDDDUUHUG flhl'ITtTll'H'lNl1T'll'!0Dl'1l'lHhhflflflfiflllflflflfl , , XX Days later, coming back to America by way of the Panama Canal, I found Carl Downing working at the locks. On Miami Beach I see Louise Evans, noted film star, out strolling. She has just finished her latest picture, "My Nllise Cracks," directed by Daniel Monroe, assisted by Wicklitfe Smith. Further down the beach I see Nannie Allen and Magoline McDaniel featuring in diving and water stunts. Walking down town I saw a small shoppe with the sign, "Mlle. Janoske, Imported Spike Heels." I heard music somewhere, and as I looked I saw a band playing in front of 'iJordan's Follies." In huge electric lights I saw that Daisy Mae Webb was singing tonight. I went in, and preceding the Prima Donna were several small acts, the first was ten cents to see the fat women. I paid ten cents, and who should I see but Pauline Gilliam 'and Frances Bulla. In the next act, Ione Brown came on singing, "You never can tell what a red headed man will do," and whom should she lead by the hand but "Hoxie" himself, somewhat aged but his head as red as ever. Going on along the street I passed a restaurant, uCl'Ok91' Bros. Cooking." I was hungry, but I 4lidn't stop for it looked as if IVollie and T. C. would prosper just as well without me. The next day every one was hurrying to a football game-I went too, and who should come running on the Held leading his team but Captain Bill Cambell, while the baud was playing those ideal old strains of Washington and Lee Swing. Sitting on the front row was Jensi Schoot watching his every move. living up to her reputation, "Hero Worship," Leaving the game, I saw Hester Mt-Lean in the crowds. Later on, down town, I saw Mary Shaw Bryan selling red crosses on the street corner. Eagerly buying a bunch from her was Howard Alligood, author of the famous novel, "The Lost Jewel." YVaiting at the curb was his car, and driving for him was James Dempsey. That night I rode, into an amusement park and the iirst thing I saw was Fred Potter selling "Hot Dogs" and other temperatured animals, Doing trapeze stunts in the air were Ruby Carver, Elizabeth Turlington, and Fannie Fleisliman. I came back by Curtis Field and there I saw Jack Crane, noted aeroplane ace. In Milledgeville, Ga., I see Scott Kelly, head warden at the U. S. Insane Asylum, Happily married and living in the same town is Kathleen Bullock. Kate Smiley is serving as reporter for the Atlanta, Jnzrrzml. Coming through Raleigh I see Janie McKethan. capable secretary, in the otiice of the Governor. In the Capitol I see Henry Tatum, State Senator. Almas Bryant is helping her husband boost and run the "Capitol Cafe." Assisting her is Maggie Bryant. On my way back to the Old Home town I see Nellie Back running a XVaysido Inn. In Fayetteville I see Malone Johnson selling fresh vegetables under the Ole' Market House. Everything faded from my sight, I saw nothing, neither did I hear the sound of music, the noise of heavy traliic, nor did I hear drip-drip-drip of the rain, in the early night. My fire had burned out. I was surrounded by darkness. I was cold and stiff, I walked to the window and as I drew the curtain the morning star in the east silently faded from the sky and the first streak of dawn took its place. At the beautiful coloring that lit the heavens above I sighed, then realized the end of my dream had come. Truly, it had turned out to be a, night I would never forget for this night I had a glimpse into the lives of my deanclassmates, one and alllof them. Some rich, some poor, some sorrowed, and some free, but as a whole all we1'e happy-yes happy, made so partially by the four years spent in dear ole' F. H. S. , Gnonralw Glminv, Class Prophet. 'Nf -.- ht fl.lUlJUUULlUuLtuuuUuuuLlLlUuLlUUU UU l.lLlLILlLluuuuUtJUUlJULlULlLll.llJ ULI UU Twenty-five IiilflflflI'lfli'll1l'll'lllf'll'll'lI'll'lflf'll'll1l'1l'l0Il UHFII1DITHUTIIWUHDDDHDDIYDUNDDFIDH Last Will and Testament E, the Seniors of Fayetteville High School, city of Fayetteville, State of North Carolina, with the realization that our high school days will soon be over, do take this means of disposing of some of the treasures we have collected during our high school careers. Realizing as we do the great value of the aforesaid treasures, we do charge our legatees to guard them as they would their lives. In our years of high school we have accumulated a great number of the more valuable assets of life and these we do bequeath as follows: SEc'r1oN I, AR1'IC'I.E I To F. H. S., our Love and Loyalty. Sizcriox I, ARTICLE II To the Faculty, our thanks for their cooperation and untiring efforts in leading us through our maze of studies. SECTION I, AR'FIClI.lE III To Mr. A. E. Martin. our thanks for his well illustrated lessons on Arctic Life, SECTION I, AIiTIC'LE IV To Mr. Howell, our appreciation for his periodic inspections. SECTION I, ARTICLE V To Mr. MacNeel, our hopes that he may some day awaken some interest in keeping up the school grounds ami that he will have every body out of the halls on time. Siscriox II, An'rlcl.12 I To the Students of Fayetteville High School, we bequeath several hundred neatly carved desks, with our hopes that they will prove to be as entertaining to them as they have been to us. To the Juniors, we bequeath what we have left of Miss Kirkpatrick. May she teach you much, French. With Mademoiselle we also leave quite a few well written tin Englishj and illustrated French readers. To the Sophomores we leave our desire for a passing mark. To the Freshmen, our endearing sympathy for what they have ahead of them. To Mr. Paton, our thanks, and the advice that he have his photographing outtit insured before he takes the pictures of the class of '2Sl. To Tony and Will. all the gum we have so joytully deposited beneath our respective desks. . Slitvllox III, Ali'l'lL'l.E I Certain members of the class of '28 have such valuable ami distinctive possessions as to necessitate the individual disposition of said possessions. These are as follows: "I, Henry Anderson, do will and bequeath to any one crazy enough to take it. the honor of being Editor-in-Chief of the L.x F.xM.w with all its trials and tribulations." "I, Margaret Adams, do will and bequeath my ability to chew gum louder than any other member of the Senior Class to Betty McNeill." "I, Thomas Badger, do will and bequeath my ability to "bum" rides to "Snook" Tew. "I, Mary Shaw Bryan, do will and bequeath my ability to collect rings from un- suspecting and innocent little boys to Lucy Hall." "I, Connor Holland, do will ami bequeath to Lucille Gaim-y my title ot' 'Most Studious St-nior.' " "Since l cannot take him with me, l, Eleanor Stedman. do will ami bequeath Jerome Clark to any romance aspiring young lady who can get him." "I, Frances Pope, do will aml bequeath my quiet and stndious ways to Mary Mt-Baie." "I, Georgia Gilkey. do will and bequeath my influence with Mr. MacNeel to "Link" 1'owcrs." tlIe'll need it!AEditor.l 'l'ircn ly-xi.r I, ,WY X --.H ........ 2 UtJUUl.tLlUl.lUL.lULlUt.lULlUULIUUuUULlUUUifj UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULIUU .qi- ,L NX - "I, Dick Upton, do will and bequeath my smile and general good nature to Charles Overbeck." "I, Kent Ewing, do will and bequeath my quiet and unassuming manner to Burke McConnell." "I Blanche Fisher do will and bequeath my Math ability to John Dempsey." "I, Paul Riddle, do will and bequeath to Ike f"Static"J O'Hanlon, my great super- tiuity of mid-night Oil." "I, Edward Benas, do will and bequeath "Old Tin Sides" to Anne Gasterf' "I, Jarvis Jones, do will and bequeath my indifference to, and cold heart for, the Fair Sex to Joel 'Blondy' Snyder." "I, Leighton Huske, do will and bequeath my love and unusual ability for Latin to Harry Hodges." A "I, Lumsden Bundy, do will and bequeath my position on the football team to any one tired of school." "We, Mary Shaw Bryan, Dorothy Pinkston, Margaret Adams, and Elizabeth Blue, do will and bequeath our title of "lVIeanest Girls in High School" to any ambitious lower classmen desiring the honor." "I, Virginia "Gensi" Scott, do will and bequeath my good standing with the teachers to Fred t"Pitt"J Dealf' "I, Ione Brown, in order to keep it in the family, do will and bequeath my popularity to my sister, Cleo." "I, George fRedJ Herndon do will and bequeath my soda jerking experience and ability to Ed. Williamson." "I, Henry Tatum, do will and bequeath my knowledge of science to Boyds Campbell, with 1ny fand Mr. Wilkinsl fond hope that he will use it." "I, Elizabeth Brown, do will and bequeath my ability to "Tickle the Ivories" to Elizabeth Dixon." ' "I, Bill Campbell, do will and bequeath my generous nature to Charles Carter." "I, Louise Evans, do will and bequeath my great store of "Wise Cracks" to Mary Frances Pedenf' "I, Janie McKethan. do will and bequeath my flirtatious ways to Mary Walker Schenckf' , "We, the Fort Bragg Seniors, do will and bequeath our ability to come to school late and 'get away with it' to Julie Williams." ' f "I, Tip Weisiger, do will and bequeath my football Letter and all my carefully prepared French lessons to Sarah McArthur. Signed and Sealed this the seventh day of February, we the class of 1928, do hereby declare this document to be our Last lVill and Testament. I SENIOR Cmss or 1928, GEORGE 0'HetNLON, Jn., Tcstator. Witnessed by: LUCILLIQ HUTAFI-'. EDITH ADAMS. HELENE JOHNSON. xxf I 5 3 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu LIUUULIUUUULIUUUUUUUUULIUUUUU Twenty-se vcn r1l1l'l00f'H'il'1f1f'lI'll'Il1f1Flf1l'1f1f1n0Uf1f1UDUN HDDNDDDHHDDDUDUDl'1l'1f1l1l1l'1l'1Y1I'H'lI1I'lfi !:3 Url nn nnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn nn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn C C C C C C C C 5 Class Poem C C AIRER than all foriner prospects, brighter, nobler, more sublime C E Is the prospect stretched before us, sinee the dawning of our time. C n: Thru the lonely lapse of ages slow the light of t1'uth has grown, C . C .ll1Slll4g over Darkness's altars, routing Igll0l'illlC'C,S sable throne. C Fostered by the tears of women, blood of heroes, fighters, seers, C C See! the glorious beacon brightens thru the passage of the years, C u n v I C T1ll to us, the l1Q11'S of ages, troni the works of all the past E Comes its knowledge, treasures, glory-front the Hrst unto the last. E And we stand all-wonderingly, as when Clllllly thru the dawn C Prinee Aladdin saw his palaee gleaniing golden o'er the lawn. C C For the Genii 'd been toilin-0' in the shadows of the night, O O . D . . . . . c Leaving heritage of splendor to the dwellers ot the light. C n 4: Honor, honor be unto theni-all the mighty ones of old, E For the glories they have left us, for tl1e truths they have us told. C Yes-but fairer is our future in that heekoning dim to-heg C c They but built and trunlned the vesselg 't1s for us to sail the sea. C . . E Now we stand upon the llillflllg, launelung forth upon our fate 3- C . . . C Surging, thinly understood emotions, all our hearts elateg- E Reeolleetious happy, haunting, mingle with a sad regretf- S May we far into the future keep the best and not forget! Q WOIllfl we gaze a nioinent backward on the past-a while delay? C . . . . . . f: llark! The sounding voiee ot Dutyg silver-like it ealls, '2Xway." Q Y . . . . . . . Q "Tip and join Tunels great 13l'0f'f'SSIOl1, lniugle in the glOl'10llS press. lg f'0nly he ean fail who faltersg in the struggle lies suec-ess." t Then 0-0 we on unflinehinglv, with eourage set for anv fate: C C1 - . - . C .Xnd men shall :raise and bless the elass ot' Nineteen Twentv-eight. C l . D C Mwutnx lil"I'lil'RH '2N, C C c C C xr, C C Q 'S , I: c C . C r: C CIA lf - xx j uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu X UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU f Jess, e as .- Twen I 11-ci 11 h I C C C I: : I C C C C C C C C C C C C C, C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C E C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C' C C C C C C ll' C C C C rH'll'1f1fH10flI'lI'H'lf1f!t'1l'!f1f100000009YTUUYY fIl'H'l1'll"ll'H'3Hf1Y'll'H'1l'1UUNUUUUWWUUHUUU W , A4 C. C C Z2 Juniors -"2 if.. 'Q , HF ' -' " .V " J .' 7 '7.i7i11in.-.1 ,f Foxvmzz 1'cz11.s-gf CQLORS: Hfzm mul Gold Muvw: A fellow 7l1LZf.lj be flown, but 1wz'e1' out LUCILE HL"1',xF1f .... ............ P 'l'CSiCl61lf JEROME CLARK ..,.... ..... T "ice Pmsficlmzt ELIZABEPH DIXON ,v.. ..........Sew'efary :PETER MCQUEEN ..... ..... T 1'0asur0f1' I e N f . UUUUUUUUUUUUUUULIUUUUUUUUULIU uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu if I 1 Twenty-nine ?5.jNqwn'r1 mnnmrwnrvmnnnnnnnnnnrmnnn nn nnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnrw -4 XX ' , I -. I , N .IN V C. I Fl I: I Z I f 5' f -1 Cx 1 F: ' N Mi: I il C M C ' r: E . C I F I V . N Cx I CI Junlors C 'ill Arrclxsox. E. GuL11u151:u, J. Nl:xm1.xN. S. B. I fl B1.r:nsm.lc, B. J. H.XI.I.. M. I. NVNNI-:1:Y. F. I IE! BlcNNl2'1"1'. V. L H.u.I., L. D. O'H.xx1.nx, I, II, I 5, Bmxmrzs. M. K Humalfs. H. M. UYI-llIl!IfL'K. C. i F1 Bli.XllI.IiY, M .L IIl"1'.xF1f. I.. YV. I'.x1.x11-Lu. M. M. W Izlmwx. R. Ixlmn, M. R. I'l-111.xN. M. F. 3 El Bula. E. M. Junxsox. J. J. Pm:-i.x'l'. M. lf' Bl'l.x..x. K. J, Joxxcs, L. HUIIINSIIN. F. 1'. 5 Bl'1.1..x. E. C. Joxlfzs. J, Ihnslc. C. G. W E C.xl:'r1c1:. F. G. Jfmlux. Ii, Mv. R1 ss. H. P. lf: QYIUXHK, J, JUIQIIAN. C. A. S.xXllI.IN. L. J. HE! ClvYlXG'l'llN. W. Klxu. E. B. Sclxl-:MIL M, W E151 C'1:nM.y1-1113, A. S Ll'IllILlC'l'l'l"Il. S. G. blll-IXl.lfY, B. M. D.xx'ls. E. B. Llillf. O. E. Sul-min. S. R. .fl Ihvls. J. H. LlN1rs.xY. K. W. Smumlz. M. H. gg'-' Drmvl-:1:. M. E. MuA1:'1'111'1:. S. C Sxvmclz. J. S. Dlcxll-sl-iv. J. XV 2IL'31.I.1s'l'kZf:. K. qlliw. ARP. N I Ill-zxxuxulclz. H. .w l'Il-I. . . r-iw. J. '. I Cl Dlxnx. E. H. NIk'CUNNI'Il.l.. B. R 'I'wl.m:. M. K. 1 ij Ewlxu. K. C. MvIM'1-'I-'xr-1. W. C 'I'11mll'wx, G. XX 3 w ' Fl.1c1suM.xN. M AIVNICII., II. S. 'l'll.IINKill.XNl'. .X M 3 . C. Fllli'lSl1N, E. 11 Ml'Ql'lil'IN. P. 1m.,.w. .x. M. I, Y Fmmxc. U. H. AIUUIIIC. ID. MC. Ylwsox. I. 3 ' Guxl-:x'. I.. B, Muumi. E. L. Wlllrnl-'n. A. M. 3 N F tl.xx.l.l'1', E. M1 l.1.1NlX. C. I.. Wlxluxlcrflz. li. M 3 ' f' GUIVI-', E, G. llrlavllmnx. A. Q Zxm:.xN. N. J W I 1Il'SNl'IlXYlll'ILl'f. I-l H '-. V L I ' FQ 1 Er N . r' 1 Xrx J MNC 3 1 , wp , N IL, LL., ,,, . . ,LYI I Q? 1 3 .lHlKwHUU4IN lIUAIUUUHUUUHUUUUU ullL.UUUllljUUUULIUUUUUUUUULULIl ,L ,.,. 'I'll irl ll .QQAQN 'N X I 5 t: Ya: C, fr: 1: 1: 11: C xc: xr: 1: ,nz xl: Y: EE 1: 'C Yr: I2 C C C C C C C C C C C C C E C C I C E II E C C IZ C II C C C 1: C z: C 1: C C' I: 1: C C C C C 1: Wc: c: r: lc Qc: r: r: 19? 22 f ,lf 1' r , t,,,N -, gig i5i i:gjgjii1i4Qx7277"f ' ' 'A" A A + ""Y 7 xnnnnnnnnnnnrlnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnr1UHUHUF1f'U SOPIIOIIIOICS 12. 1 J Y LXLOXVERI Sll'Ui'flJI.'lL QuLo1cs: Llzm MOTTU: Duvunzus EDWIN W'1LLI.xAlsoN ..... ............. LXLEEN BOXVLES .,......, ,,..,....... ........ T 7 Vice JOHN B. BARLOW .,.,A. ,,A,, A 5'cc1'vfa1'y cuzfl , 'Xf mul Croffl .President Presiclenf T1'ea.s'u1'er UULIULIUULIUUUUUUULILIUUULILIUUULIU lL1LJLlUUUULJIJUUULlUUUUULlLlUULIUTNg X --b Thirty-one . R - QQ 247 HHPUOUHUUUV1 f1f'fH"0f10f10f1f1f1f1f1 Unyxnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnn .C ' X ,C V- L Vw V: .E ia: .C 'nz WC .cz lc QE ir: QC We fC C : 1: r: C r: z: C C .z: C 1: Q SOPIIOIHOICS C r: Aramis. IS. Cruxlc. E. Juxlcs, G. PHOLIC. G. C :Xlll'II.SllX. IB. f'lc.xw1fu1:u. Juxlcs. M. Puwlclxs. L. c: ANIHIICXYS. P. Clcxwxfolrla. Joxris. T. Pnlclc. W. 1: .XIUlIfllCI.ll. D. Cl:.xwl.1cY. L. K1s'r1.Icl:. G. P1'1:m'. A. 1: .-X'1'KlNs. V. Clmuux. I. Ll'IIllilC'l'l'lCII. E. R0'l'IlXVI'1l.I.. L. 3 r: l5.ul.lcY. C. CIUUXYIDICII, X M.x1'1.'l's1:Y. J. S.xNm.1N. R. E l5.x1:m4:x. S. C1 1.l:1:1c'1'1I. RIF.-XI.l.lS'l'l'lll. J. Sl'll'l"I'. XV. r: B.x1:1,mV. J. llwls. G. RlK'BlCNNli'l"1'. C. SM1111. M. E Bmlclr, R. I'Dxc.xI.. F. NICCYUIKHIIVK. N. STI-I'l'SON. H. 3 1: HI-Il.Q'll. J. Ihcxll-s1ax'. E McCmmlCK. R. S'rl:lcKI..xNn. ll J C Iimmxlc. D. Ul4l'llI'Ili. R. MvD.xNllcr.. R. Sl"1"r0N. B. C Iju-mx. R. Drxmv. E AICLICUID, J. TIIUNIPSUN. H r: 151vWl.liS. A. Elms. M. MvN11:lI.L. M. Timm-sux. J. C Hnzlcl-icxc. F. Fl.x':ls11.xM. E Mlf:r.x'1x, D. TlI.1.1xun.xs'r. I C HIII-'I-IL'lfI. W. LII-:N'1'l:Y. M. KIICLYIX. F. 'l'1n..u:. E. 3 1: 131115. P. Ilonwlx. E. Mux.xull.xN. J. 'l'uw1.lcl:. R. 3 C 1:3 l.I..XlCIl. L. lim-'1f. E. Mm-z, A. l'x1n1-znwumw. .I 3 C H1'l.l..xl:n. 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Xff Lfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubf Xpuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu f 1 11455 . Tllfirty-t7u'6e 1 - -.H--ff ii. ' .ii 77 1 nnnmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn,-mmm,-,U Wg: ,--Y at I ,E N 1: I 'zz in XC ic: JZ IC .C Q: N: IC IE 12 E C E C I C J C 1 C I E ,Z C r: C C FICSIIIHCII CI C ACKER. G. Cl..x1IK. A. XV HPlliIilNG. A. MCDANIIQL. E. RUSH. B. L. 5 ALLEN. L. CI'I.Is1:15'I'II. M. HISRICINLI. L. RICNISILL. J. Rm'.xI.. H. C ATKINSON. J. DALE. A. M. HIJISISS. M. BIL'NPIII.. R. Rx'.xI.s. L. M. Q B.xII.Icx', K. DAVIS. K. HORN. H. MCPIIIQIISUN. N. Rxxxm. N, M, I: BAILEY. R. DEAL. A. HOWELL. M. RIICIXIN. G. SNLAIUN. C. c BAIIEII. L. DICAYICII. C. Hl'BIl'lIlll'IX'. A. Mumuz. F. Sl'IIIl.XlCIlIili. R. I: 1 BARNES. J. D1-:.u'I:I:. D. JACKSON. R. RIOOIHC. R. SI'o'1'1'. B. r: BEARD. M. I. DIUIIUE. H. JENKINS. K. Mnmus. L. S11.v1:IuI.xN. H. 1: BIGGS, N. DlcIII:Y. C. JI-iI:N1G.xN. M. Mmuus. S. S3I1'1'1IAI.xN. E. I: BI.EnSoI.I:, E. D1aV.xNl-3. R. JIIIINSUN, D, Nlgwguy, RA S1-Igyqq. E, f: BOGAN, B. DOWNING. F. JoIINsuN. H. O'QI'1NN. L. S'rI:1CKL.xN1m. R. M C BOONE, F. M. Enola. H. Ju11NsoN. S. OWEN. A. SIl:1NI:I'1I:I.D. J. H rr BR.xDI.I3Y. J. EVANS. H. E. JnNI:s. E. OWEN. E. STI-LIN. H. C BRIGIINN. W. Exzxxs. W. JONES. J. E. 0zxI1cN'r. E. SIICIN. R. I: BIIITI. B. F.xI1u'I.o'rII, D. IiEND.XI.I.. P. T. P.u.1IEI:. C. H. SI"1"1'uN. C. C BROWN. C. FAN!-:. M. KENT. JV. P.xIIK1cs. E. R Sw.xNN. G. I-: BROWN. D. D. F.xNN, E. KING. L. M. P.x'1'I:. A. M. Trcw. K. Q BROWNING. C. FISIIIQII. C. KING. S. M. PEIIRY. L. T1ImI1-wx. li. I: BROXVNIXG. J. FI.l'IIS1IM.XN. F. KINLAW. C. A PllI1II.l'S. R. T1I.I.1NI:1l.xs1'..X. C BRIAN. D. B. FOREIIANIJ. D. ICINLANV. J. B. PI.l'MBll-ill. E. Tul..xl:. E. C BRYAN. J. E. FOIKIGIIANIJ. R. KI1:KI'.x'1'nIvK. Puomi. C. R. TI'l:Nlil:. C. S. I CN BI'CIiINr:II.xxI. G.xs'I'I-:l:. A. IiI'R'l'X. K. M. Pon'r1-in. E. W.wI7. H. C BIILI..x. Y. GIGIDIIIIC. MI'P. Llc.x'1'1II-zluwon. RXNKIX. C. W.x1'sux, G. C BIfm:1sII. D. GI4IN'I'RY. R. L1a.x'rIllcuwuun RAY, R, Wxrsny, O. C BI'1:m:'l"l'. E. GunwlN. G. Ll-tw. J. L. Rlllrivllis. C. XVlfI.I.0XS, M, E BIIRNILY. D. R. GUIINVIN. L. Ll'1Glll'I'1"l', K. Rmmu. C. WEST. J. 5 CADE. M. GIIAIPIUY. J. I,IcuN.xI:lw. J. C R1nnI.1f:. E. J. Wlxrrillirz, IC. f fx CAIN. C. Gl:.xmn'. L. LIllII'l'I4'IlIlI'. E Rllll1l.l'f. L. M. XVllI'l'.x1il'1:. T. N F CMN. R. GI:.xII.mI. T. Lrmxxs. W. Rnmxsnx. B. WIIIIIT. M. I " C.xN.xnY. D. GRINIICS. M. I.NIm.xN1n. R. Ronrxsnw, I.. Xvlllllllll-'lIb, W, Q C.xm'IcN'I'1cl:, J. H.xl.I.. FI. MNNN. E. IIUNIINH. C. WYNN. R. g El CI..xnK. A. lllalzxlmx. IG, Nlc'Al:'1'ux uc. F. Iv. RUNIIYIC J. H. ZXIIILXN M. fri Mvlll-:NN1'1'l'. l' I r CL ' r: ' F C ' ' '- '79 ., L, . -..M W -, Irunu .l' Uuulluu LIUKI LA Ull ll UU U Ill U UI' LIU f0Ufm Th irly-four' l KllllIllUUUllUUU UUU LI UU H nu Ulll .afgfxx wnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn nnnnnngjcgnnnnnn nnn nnn nn nn ll XFN H HLEUIUNI E E C X X fx . Xb fqixxxx U -Xwlf' f X55 f t -,4!!Q?X0iSxxWAwP E 4-5 gi' r N 5C!A71fQf T E X I-aww Wi Lg I - Q L M Q I uuuu u u u uuuu uuuu uuuu uu u U UU U U Th tjfz 6 ,JO irly-xi.r br! llI'Nl Uuyy ff , nnnnnnnflnfVnnUflnnUUHTNVlnn gignnmflUUUUUUUUUUTIDDUUUUUUVI cc X GERTRUDE EDB HARGUERITEIAIOJ IE ,Q ,1 LW an L ETTER K sqmgp, Eurrog RANRE EDITOR ELEANORSTEQMAN " .CLASS Honor.. 1 -A,1- Q :gi 1 . f .,"' X '4 ' ' " rmknyf muses ASSTLEDITOK Fauna ronson V NIAPSIIOT EDIWK VILLUAM PFDUFFIE Asst ausausss nes. DICK UPTON SPORT zorroa. GEORGUN GILKEY cmcmmnou man. LOUISE EVANS AUVERTISUIG. nan, THOHIS CIRCULKFION 24 'gnwmm 515:05 IONE BROWN ADVEUTSING ma. ' Awnmsmennz. A1235 Heummneason fmnxuu Alllkfffl g . i. , lDl1'0R'lNjGHll.F k'0""35S,'??'?m""' ., I N uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuxwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 1 XX Y Ll-B35 Th fl'l'jj-SUVCII Ki 747 C r: 3: L: 11 Q: H: 'C E r: c L: W: 1: ir: in ,c ,C C C C C C LZ C C C C C CI C C E C C CZ E E C E C C1 C C C C C E C C C C C C C C' C CZ rt C C C L: C C Xt: lc: .lc rr f' :-4 UDUOOGDFIDDFIflf!f'1f1t'ln4'1f1f1f1FIf1l1l'lUFIUWKXRDDNDDDIWNTIDDITUUHUl'1f'll'1I'1l'Il'1T1l'1f1fH1 . xX. Latin Club S. P. Q. R. J ' '- ' vs of l'YO1'f' rlvsa-1' TI1114 .111 Llul You 0111: Hml rln-m Ilvlll' mul f Um ilu-rv IS nu vlulm, lnmvvvvl' Lilu- our mm S. P. Q. R. 1' 1n'ug1'z11ns am- ll spvviall t1 , . ilntioll, snr, grand. '1'2lf, 1' we- hm! zlml gnu- flu' In-sl, ICH-1'y nm- is bright :mel ilntu-uw-sting' Il tl full of hh- :mal zm-sl. 3 I,.Xl'I.lNl'f .Xxlnrl-iws W :a ' 2 YA I lulluulluuuuu u1UUU U UUX IIUUUUUU 1 UU U KIUUIILIIIUIIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUI 1177, , " 1+ f h- f x 7'I1il'I11-rigfhl nflflllUDUDDHNUUTIUHDTIUUDHDUTI f'lI'Nf1l'lDUUUUUDUHDDIWHDUDUFIUDHHFI 23 I I u SENIORS JUNIORS HI Y 0 N GIRL RESERVES f. X uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug-Zzxpuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu l X QJ xX5 Thirty-nine IQNVIC CUT: .L-I Nll sh V1 VI' R721 - so f'f1"'0nf'f"nUnf'lWHUUUUUOOODDHU Unhxflt Xnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn nnn nnnnnnnno 1: f 7 Ab E , lf: C tC . ,Q Dramatics 'C ft: C ' .55 '. l. f R.: ' 'll' f'f. i P ' 5.3 7- . A is 1 Q 'K . if f if ' ,C , l: S 5: Nl: E mg C C "F Q 3 C ,- ,, , , G-. , , . . .-. -se C: C tiitgouora fiILKEY ,,,4 .,.,........ I Jrcsirleuf C 'l'noir,xs lhorisnic ...AA, ..... l 'fee P1'f".wz'17cf1f C llouoruv Faaxelq ,,,, .......... 1 5'cf'1'1'lt11'-If E HENRY Axoizksox ,AA,,, ,.,. 7 1'l'PfISIlI'L'l' C . E FAMOUS Spanish novelist says, "Drama and Science have been the two great- E est educational factors through the ages." lllithin the last few years the fr- interest in worth-while amateur productions has grown almost miraculously. C All over the world the yeast ot' amateur t'll'ilI'll2lTlC'S is seething. This movement E has two aims, to interest and train the actors and to arouse a more intelligent E appreciation of good drama in the minds of the audieneegthis is heing accomplished II mainly thru the use of the one-act play which is peculiarly adapted to amateur C production. E Community Little Theatres, College and High School dramatic clubs and work ,Z shops are providing a training ground for work in the art of acting, voice culture, C pantomiue, make-up, original costumes, stage settings and lighting effects, and C most important of all students receiving credit for study of History of Drama and E current drama and for original plays. C Professor Koch and his North Carolina Playmakers have set a high standard IZ of excellence. Paul Green, native of North Carolina and winner of Pulitzer prize C for best-American play of the year, Anne Preston Bridges of Raleigh, author of E the Broadway success, t'C'oquette," are inspiring examples to us. C Ye Merrie Players of F. H. S. are endeavoriug to do our small share in this move- c ment. We are aided in our meetings by helpful suggestions from the Chapel Hill E Dramatic league of extension bureau. ,Xt oui' club meetings we give spontaneous C pantomiues, little skits, read plays and discuss current drama. C Our first play was the charming one aet puppet comedy, "Lima Beans." This S was a great success and was later repeated twice, once with the beautiful Christmas E fantasy, "Why the Chimes Rang." lVe have entered the State Dramatic Contest C and have chosen as our play the Pasadena Little Theatre prize winner, "Other : Peoplels Hushands," a clever comedy of modern manners. E Garter: EX'1'fltEST'. Uoczciz. E CI C E A . . Wuuuuuuuuuuouuu uuuuuuuuu UUUUD Euuouuuouuuuoouuauuaau UU U I 5 Forty-one ll fH'll1flflt'l0fli'H'lt'lNNUUHNDOUHDHHUHUG DNNDDHHNDDDDDUNl'1hl'1F1l'lflUl'lY1f'il'li'l Football N football, Fayetteville High School was represented by a team which realized its power on but few occasions, The team was handicapped by many injuries, and by a schedule containing both this and last year's champions, -yet it fought doggedly to the end. The boys won their first game in thr- iirst and second elimination series, but were defeated in the second round of each. In the first game of the season, we dropped a hard played game to XVhiteville, 6 to O. The game was featured by a successful stand by Fayctteville's drive down the field in the last few minutes of play, in which Herndon's work on off-tackle drives featured. In a listless game on a sweltering day, Fayetteville dropped the second game to Raeford, 6 to O. Raeford's supposedly inferior team showed uncanny ability at snagging passes, as well as the punch necessary to put over a touch-down through the unexperieuced local line. During the second half, Crane's work at tackle on defense was very commendable. Fayetteville went into the Sanford game crippled by the injury of its regular quarter, Upton. The heavy opponents were fought to a standstill till the last ininute of the first half, when Sanford slipped over n. pass for a touchdown. In the second half Sanfoi-d's line smashing backtield became very effective, while injuries came thick and fast to the locals. Three of Fayetteville's men had to be carried from the field, and Sanford ran up four more touchdowns before the havoc ended. However, Hcrndon's defensive work showed up well for the Yellow Jackets. In the Rockingham game, though the result was a tie, the boys continued to display the iight of the previous Week, and had the ball almost on the opposing goal line when the whistle ended the half. Line and ot?-tackle plays were especially effective. On the fair-ground turf, the locals succeeded in crossing CIinton's goal line four times, throfugh the medium of two nice runs by Barlow, the interception of a pass by Kelly, and the receiving ot' one hy Campbell, shifted to end, Undoubtedly the worst game from a local standpoint was the one which the boys journeyed to IVilmington to play the next week-end. This year's state championship team Howed back and forth through the goal line with little trouble, while the secondary defense interfered little with their progress once they were through it. The score totaled 34 to 0 at the end of the fray. Fayetteville met the heavy IVarsaw team after a week's lay-off, and showed'to advantage in their first conference game. Their end-runs were especially effective, and Jones went over for the winning points on a fake play and forward pass. The line played a good defensive game, though on offensive the weight oi the opposition pretty well smothered it. , Dunn eliminated Fayetteville in the second round of the championship, 13 to 6, the winning points coming from a return of a short kick for a touchdown, and Z1 reverse play around end. The Yellow Jackets score came after a series of successful passes and a rush of twenty yards through Dunn's line, Anderson carrying the hall ove1'. In the second game with WVhiteville, the locals were victorious, 7 to 6. Again Jones received the ball, on a fake play, for the winning tally. The game was hard fought throughout, Herndon and Crane doing most of the ball carrying for the locals. Clark's passing, and Snyder's defensive work at end, were also outstanding. In the final game of the season, Fayetteville lost: to Scotland Neck, 13 to 0. The Yellow Jackets' ends and tackles were unable to solve the baffling reverse plays and triple passes of thc opposition, which also drew the secondary defense astray. In most of the games, even though losing, the boys fought hard. Also no tcani had cause for complaint of rough treatment or unfair tactics on the part of the locals. If this experienced squad were able to function together another season as a unit. its memhers rightly feel that they could materialize some of the dashes of promise they showed this year. C. R. DUNCAN. fuuuooouuauuuuuuuouuuuuuoouu tlyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Forty-three x -W 1' Muxuunnx C111 'V' LY! ' ' 4735213 Vulfn Ifmwml I, Sl3l',XlI A . -X Y - A ,W ,A- . W YW' f-4 - K KX mf , 1, 7 fl nnnnnnn nnnn nnnnnn nnnnnnnn nn nArY!4XnnnnnnrvnrinnnnVn nn nnn nnnnnnnmjff x W in A , j . 1: F ' '- 0-' ' ' ,R f :a A C S4 ? i Il ,Z A j 3 C P M' :J ' , DL' ,1 - JL All J C U Q 3 z: 3 5: :J C U in l 3 F: J E :a I: :n C :i E J Q cn C 3 lc 1 3 1 J C J D 5 3 D C 2 C. 3 L: J C I! 3 C a C N :x C J C II IZ J C J C :I C 3 C . . I C AYETTIEYILLE Hiuflfs baskclhall team was pruhahly composed of the most conscientious anil hardest 3 C X workin: hunch nf athletes in selluol. Through consistent 1l1'lll'tlIIE they strove to rxrercamc 1l1e C ' llanmlicap of iiie-x1iei'le1n:e in guna- colnpetition. However, their shooting uncler Iire never acquirecl 2 C the calm sure-ness of veterans nf several years experience. The man for man defense which thi-3' Ossaycd was 3 C: cffcctirc at times, but, as in the thirfl Sanfnrfl game, clever, faking opponents were alvle lo out-guess illc 3 C defense and dribble or pass hy the man caught ol?-balance. 3 I: The season was started milf by the local squad easily defeatin: ICaefurd's green team. Sanford lln-n 3 5 il.-fcaleil ns, after a haril strurglc, by a onefpnint, margin, The game was haril fouuhl 1lll'llllLjllfllll+. 3 C E l'linton was decisively elcfsatcsl on the home flour but in a return game we. as visitors, fell victiins in 3 C over-cznllifleiice, and the NllOOill1g lianclicaps nf the Clinton court. 3 D C Sanford ilefeateil us twice more, lheir rangy h-am gaining power as the season 1n'ug1'vsseLl. In lla- 3 C thiril game, we were eliminated hy that team from the race for the State title. Smithlielil and llcrl Springs 2 I: hath presented tall teams and clcfeatcsl The locals mainly through their ability to pass the ball orcr the 3 C Yellow Jackets' heads. Especially was this true of Red Springs, which team also prescntcil an almost 3 C impregnable Five-man defense. 3 C C: The Dunn game was one uf the hcst The locals playerl. Trailing twenty-mic fo fire al, the llalf lhr 3 C locals came hack in 1110 second part of the fray 'tn nearly tie the tinal scorn al 235 10 26. Godwin 3 C- anil Snycl0r's injection into the game plvrvcnl illl asset in giving the team a, lighting chan:-c to win. I! 3 C The first squad for the season was connmseml of Upton, Captain: Averitt, Campbell, Snyllcr, Jones, Sanrllin 3 C and Beuas. Occasionally breaking: ima the same were Davis, O',Hanlon, Jordan and Mrlsi-M94 Gmnlwin gl r: . ' 3 C promising guard, was declared ineligible before the season closed. J C: .U C .3 5 :J C D : Z - 1 C 2 E 2' C 3 C 3 cf ,Li f UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ,ll wx Forty-five Tgxyr f1fll'ifil'lFl0nnfll'lTIHHUUUUUUHUUUUnnnk XDDNNDDUDTYDDDDUDNl'1l'1Y'll1l'lDl'll'1T1fil'Il'l . , X Y Track F OR the first time in its history Fayetteville High School put out a track team that ended the season very successfully. With only green material to pick from, Coach Ransom whipped together a smooth working combination that took sixth place at the Wake Forest track meet and fifth place at the Chapel Hill track meet. This in itself was a remarkable feat as this team was the youngest and most inexperienced in competition with the best schools in the state. After only a week's training F. H. S. was badly beaten by Campbell College, taking o11ly one first place and tying for another. The men who scored were Kent Ewing. high jump and javeling Leighton Huske, 440 yard dash: John Barlow, dashes, Fairly Cade, mile and half mile: Wick Smith, pole Vault. After a week of hard work and training, the tables were turned on the same opponents the next week. It was a complete reversal of form that F. H. S. showed, severely beat- ing Campbell by taking seven first places and tying for an eighth. Those to win first place were Capt. Cecil Bullard, discus, shot, hurdles, broad jump: Fairly Cade, mile and half mileg Ewing, high jumpg and Wick Smith, pole vault. In this event Smith bet- tered l1is previous mark by soaring nine feet and five nches. Next, F. H. S. entered the Wake Forest interscholastic tourney. Capt. Bullard took second place in the hurdles, third in the broad jump, and tied for third in the discus. The' only other man to place was Wick Smith who tied for second place in the pole vault at the height of ten feet. Chapel Hill was the next meet and F. H. S. took fifth place with Billiard and Smith doing the scoring, Bullard getting second place in the discus with a record of 110 feet. and third in the broad jump. Wick Smith tied for fourth place in the pole vault, thus clinching fifth place. In the County Track Meet F. H. S. ran wild to win an overwhelming victory. In this meet every regular Fayetteville man to enter won a place. Coach Ranson indeed needs to be congratulated upon his fine work with the team and as the man to first bring a track team to F. H. S. In Capt. Bullard and Wick Smith he had a capable pair of track and Held men that scored in every meet. Others who showed up well and won letters are Kent Ewing, Jack Crane, George Davey. John Barlow. Bill McQueen. Ed Benas, Leighton Huske, Fairly Cade, and Walter Thompson. Girls Field Hockey Team FIELD Hockey-an English game-has become one of our popular sports in America. It is a game that develops coordination. cooperation and initiative-three traits that are most essential to young Americans. In the fall of 1927 a Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team was organized in the Fayetteville High School. which played several games with surrounding towns, and though they lost they discovered good material and paved the way for a team in the following years. Capt. Mary McNeil, Annie Watson, Dorothy Burger, Lettie Ryals and Alma Bryant as forwardsg Isabel Tillinghast, Maggie llryant, Nettie Ryals. Halfbacks: Alice Wilkes. May Taylor, at Fullbacks and Kate Smiley as goal guard. deserve especial credit for being pioneer Fix-ld Hockey Players in Faycttevillc I-Iigh. 5 UullUUlllltlt1lltlllLIULIUUUUUUUUUU UULJUUULIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUl l"orIy-silv V v ,A ,YW W, . fx, -, -.-777777 7 7 7 77777 77 77-7777 7 - ---ff-X 'W' 'V 'S' 717777 Y 'firm Stir' QNX -1 --- -- WK nnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnri nnngnnnu unnmwnnnnnnnnnnnn-nn nun FYQUUUNHUWV' C -A wr- H H 'fi C . w w E 1 ' 1 k b ll C G11 e Bae et a 1: il: X C 4: lc: F 1 C in: lc QC E in X: ir: I2 C C C II C II C C E IZ IZ C I: I: I: I2 C C E E C C C C 7 C C PERSONNEL C M155 Lucx' BA1i1sR ........ .......7....7...7.7......7777777 . ,.777 C 'omvh. C DOROTHY l'lR.AN4Q'K 77.7.. .7...............7,7,..7........ 7 7 7,.7..... Cflfllfllfllf N C GEORGIA GII,IiEY ...... .,,,,,A.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,..7777.77.7 7 7,..7.. ll I mfayar Q SEASONS SCHEDULE C F. H, S ....,. ,,,....7..7,,,, 2 0 Raeford 777.77 17 C I". H, S .77... 777777777.... 1 7 Smitllfleld 12 F. H, S ...... ,, 33 Enstover .. 31 C F. H, S ..7.77 . 44 Dunn ....., 1:5 C F. H, S, 7,77 .. 30 Sanford ....... lil C' F, H, S .7.... ,, 21 Smitliflelrl 11 1: I". H, S .777 7 77 36 XVilmingtou 7 .. 471 C I", H, S .77777 7 ......... ,. 33 Erwin ,...777 7777 .7.... . . 7 14 C IW, H, S ,,,,,,,,,,,, .. ,,,.,A....... , .7.,.777..... 30 Dunn ,,,..... .,,7... .777.7,7... 13 1 C Haines lVon 7777....,,,.77..7777 5 Games Lust ..7..,, , 1 C3 REVIEW OF SEASON C The Misses Yellow .lzickets liave su f2!l'03lljUj'QdIll1l'l2'lll :ind em'o1i1'ugiu,g seawon. Led by the keen and alert C :uurlling uf Captain Dorothy Franck. they have lost only one game. Though the squad has been small KI they have worked every day, liard and faithfully. Cuached hy Miss Baker, they have displayed straiglit. C sure passes and accurate shooting. lVhzit. school could ask for girls more pliysizfally and mentallb' fit E than our own star forward Annie Umlvrwood who has led the shooting in evr-ry gzune. nr Eloise Gallup! C Uur 1-enters Xnuniv Allen :ind Alia-0 NVliit,tecl, the ,L:u:irrls, Cilllflllll l"ranr-k, Louisa- Evans. Betty MUN:-in-I, E Alive lVilkr-S :lull Nzumliiic BlK'DZl7llCl, have dune unusually goorl in keepin: thi- hull out uf the opponents' C In-rritory. Aurl rfvrtziinly we must invlualc our most. eflicieut niziiiaiser. Gvorgrial Gilkf-y. Yes we- may sup' thu C Misses .lm-lu-ts have Sll1'l'L'4'tlDtl for il loam that w0n't he bcntvell. C:in't: lic lll'ill1'll. l C - , 1 Cf i X uuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuu uuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuu uu UUBQ I ll' N Forty-seven. f"N""""4 A'V'l A,-,x,' 'Tl'-ftf' f"""" """""" "xj' ..-- ., - f,,,, , W. u,.:. ,,..' www' li. ,.-.... ill.- ., V , 1 f' ,f 5?-Q' ' .+..,,f:15g gsf' fpfmzj E 1 I7 ia! FY l3! lj 1-UI 4:1 W if :I Nix I 3 J D I ' IJ J 3 ,1 35 rf ':: ':1 , . ,-X 5:1 33 31 1 li SI I izy 1 3 :m --X 'T A .- ' l V Q-'Xi ' f -Wi' if--Q u QA 3, U 3 xg ff .ff .-J, Q Y ' L .564 - W Xkgvxl ful X lf'u1'Iy-f'iy1lll n K N I w u 2 N N mv r ufylyuvypw Forty-1112110 An old Southern planter nas discussing tht- Iiereafttfr with one nf the colored serxants ni." he said. "it you die first. I want you to 1-nine hack ami tt-II nn' what itis like mer there lt I clie first. ITI Ctblllt' hack and tell you what it's like. Dat suits ine. Nlassa. repllerl the olfl negro: "hut il you Cliff: hrsl. All wants xou lu pnmiist dat yuu'll ctnne hack in cle tlaytintefi I TRADE IN FAYETTEVILLE Cooperation between the merchants and students of lfay ette- ville High School means more business for the merchants and when they prosper they can then afford to further the interests of the students in better support ol' their publi- cations and other activities. Hetnemher' every time the mervhantis cash register rings as the result of a stuclentis activity it ITIGHIIS more support from tho merchant. BOOST OUR TOWN The following business tirnrs are cooperating in the cam- paign. Buy your neecls from them. DUCKWORTH Moron Co. Eu. FLEISHMVXN X Bnos. CLAUDE W. RANKIN H. R. Home X Soxs THE CAPITOL llEInxrmv1EN'r STORE QllIN'N-AlII,l,lili N tio. HUNTER Enos. l'lLI5CTlll1I Co. D,uvsox's JliWlCI.ltY Srotn: JER-NIGAN Morons. hw. THIS l',t'roN Srtitno STEIN Buns. l5no.unv,n Cunt: Srtnzlc J. S. H.fXl.l, Om 1. Co. litirk-STI-:rl-:xs tio. BREECIQ Buns. lttum ttltzt-Timm Nltsn: tin. FISHER Et,t3t:'1'nlt: l2CllI.ICSTON.S Ji-:wtct.m Sunn- liltll.DERiS SUPPIA 8 lftit-It. tlonvotz-x't'toN l"t.t5tstlMxx's Bu: S'l'0Itl'I I just swallnwerl El wislibone. and now I won'l he ahle to males- a w I . .., Nnnsensfn .lim ulsll lhat yuu hadnt swallowed lt. MINOR PLUMBING COMPANY Plumbing and Heating 5339 HAY STREET PHONE 882 Wie develop by action. the more we clo. the H1016 we can do The busier we are, the more leisure we have. MOTT SOUTHERN COMPANY CHARLOTTE, N. C. !lf1C1IZLl!.UCflll'67'S and fobbers PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES For and to the't1'acle only TAKE MORE BA THS MINOR PLUMBING COMPANY Dislribulors FAYETTEVILLE, N C. Wl1ere's Willie?" Y0u'll really have to speak to the hnyg he-'S helen flying hack anrl f r 1 acm the Xt ani aflr?I'n00n." "Listen" remarkr-il the exasperated driver over his slmulrler. "Lindbergh got to Paris without any advice from thc' hack seat." he Cumberland ational Bank OF FAYETTEVILLE CAPITAL . . . 3150000.00 SURPLUS AND PROFITS 90,000.00 FRANK H. STEDMAN. Presidcnl ALBERT STEWART. liice Presiflefzt and Cashier T. EARL STEWART. Assistant Cashier L. A. LENTZ. JR.. .flssislant Cashier CHAS. INGOLD. JR.. flssixlarzl Cashier A louri:-I passing lIll'Illl,,"1iI il vunnlry wilhigv funnel lhiil hi, wzilvli lnnl sluppml. Swing: ii Iillh lmy standing nuhiflu- uf thi- villugv whup hi- in limo, sunny?" "Just Iwi-iw u'i'lm'lx.n wi- lhm' ri-pIY -nl up In him and sllitil "Hun you lvli mr' the HN. 'll 'swf up lil lsxvlw u'4-h-vh .im . . "Only lin-Inf' sqiiil thi- lourisll "I llmugghl il mis innn' Ihain iillli... "Ill neun :nun in Ill! 1 pirl Nirn illl'-Nl'I'l'li lhv li ' 5. . ,,,. .L .,.. z ,- lhrn ruiiiliii-lwvs signin all IlIll'.N JIM: Wh do 'on wt-ur your slot-kinfvs wronv side outward? 5 , F P PAT: Because tht-re s- a hole on the other side. Contplinlenls of Sifnpsgn Schencjk Rankin and Brown Co. REAL ESTATE PANELS AND LOANS Fayetteville, Phone 43 North Carolina 2041 Hay Street Compliments of A. E. Rankin Co. Compliments of Ingm-pol-ated Sandlin and Co., Inc. H A R D W A R E hpee Geeu Paints, Varnishes, Oils Wholesale Lime, Cement, Plaster Morgan Sash and DoorswBest in the Wot'lcl HAY AND FEED RUSSWIN HARDWARE The Winchester Store H4 Person Street GYM INSTRUCTUR: Don't you know youre not supposed to talk while at attention? Rl-ZCRUIT: No. GYM INsTRt,7cToR: No. what? RECRUIT: No talking. 1 in Illc l'UUllll ' 1- e' E In lsr V 'rx wake up! l run ju-t fe,l tll le a lc' 1 -al, um. uml gn tu sleep. lfu' Fi 1 Bmmgs llul l u.m.l: U .ld lx Ill Hx llr xwilxl: Well. juft feel nl ND l Cl0lllll1llll6ll1.S nj REINECKE-DIXON CONSTRUCTION CO., luC. General Contractors Fayetteville lee and Nl3.l1llfElCllll'l11g Co. I-30 YEARS OF SERVlClQ Owners of llle CAROlQlNA ICE CREAM COlXlPgXNY ljll0IlPS O6 gmcl 97 X. lf. lllXON. l,l'l'SllIlVlIf 11111, CPIIFIYI! lllllllIgt'I H. R. l.xwl-min. IJ.-v l'1-m1'flw1l JOHN l-l. lllilNliN. Sf'1'l'1'lllI'1 111111 lsxl, llllllflt el ll. W. l.ll.I.N. TIVIINII ' 1a , 1,1 ll L 1' . 'I " I lil l'l 1'1l . 'N I 1' 'nm ll' LN Pl l'1' X l"1' Xl llllll. Al lm Iul x ll lllx llu' null I Nl: l n I IIN N lu! l lul lllllllx ll ln I Il ll XI :mu XXI I lm u In 1 Illnl XXI I l Nl In ilu I ml llxllIl1'l 1 Xlll mx ln! Xl I lx. .: '15 xml-1 f ' 1' 1. ll u ll'l'l 51' 4' 5 ,IUIIN l l xml il vu nn my lu-ml. A young 111.11 uae l11111N1i11g lhal hi, lia1111il1' ll'il1'l'1l its. 11l1l'f'Sll'y IllllL'll l-dI'llll'I lruvlx than tl I Illlll '11 1 :fe-1'. "I 51111111151-.U 5110611-il 11114- ol' his llI'll'llllN. "yu11'lI he telling iw that your fu1'r-l'all1e1's wen III lhe ark with Nnahlu NCEFIHIIIIQ' not." faiil lhe 1111111 111111 11i1I1 il lift nl' his eyel11'm1s. "Hy lll'U1llf' ha hon! of their n11'11." C'Ul7I1Jll'IIlt'Ill.S nf ALLAN POTTER Clayton Cigar Co. WHOLESALE FOR TIRES AND I CANDIE5 AND VULCANIZING CIGARS GENERAL CORDS AND MILLER G-T-R Fayetteville. N. C. COIIIIJIIVIIIPIIIS of SEE Highlancl H. H. H. Book Store FOR HARDWARE Fayelleville's Oldest Lllltl Largest SCHOOL Huske Hardware and House OFFICE SUPPLIES Fayetteville. N. C. 2-I2 Hay Street Pl14111e fl-12 ACK: I'm head nvcr heels in work. JIM: Wluafs your jub? ACK: Acrolwat in al ci1'f'L1. C0n1pl1'n1P1zl.s nj' CflIll1Pll'IIIFllf.Y nf W. F. SMITH CO.. INC. l'lFl.'6I'y S H. 0. POND C. W. CRIST W. Emmett lJIl1Il6l'll700f1 Fuyettevzflle Fruit Co. Erlwarfl C. Nienrlorf C,.,,,,l,1,',,,,,,,,S nf SILHTUCUZHS Shoe Shop L'King of 5ll0PIl1Lll'iC'I'Su Huy SUPPI Cnlzzplinzvzzls of LAFAYETTE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY A . - w lulwllexlllv. N l.. 'WIN-uh you ull lvin'f" 'l.mnkil1A llvuh xmrkf' "Mann lnxln! Yullalll 1'll'n-iIN'- g. mm gil' XUII inlu Ilunllln- xilf' II Wtrlll lw lung now. szllal the val. aw Illf- lull VGJIIQLIII an Ihr TUWIIIII x For Economical Tl'fIllfSlJOl'lClII0ll I -+- ,- I BIGGER AND BETTER High, Quality Low Price SALES PARTS SERVICE M. 81 O. CHEVROLET CO. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. PHONE 79-1 P O N T I A C 9 S QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE is Hrst proven on General Motors Proving Grounds David B. Owen Motor Company 312 Franklin Street THE LATEST SHEEP SONG W ,ol eww iw mi 7 liuvlni' aigning lhe lirst lll'lllll vc-i'lili4-ulr preQentwl lu him: "Shall l lllillit' ullimlavit to Ihr' 1 l.ii'l lliat he if cle-alll" "Nm mervly slulv that you lrealefcl liimfi' -F. Xl. C0,,,l,l,',,H,,,,-, uf lillllff A5 ONLY CHHYSIER ,PROOF I BlilI,DS BOY SCOKTS Ol" AMERICA S.All,l2'S HER! 'ICE Cmllplfllivllls of Clllivyfslel, .l. HAYARIJ CLARK H 5 ,WERITT Jenkins Motor Co. lIlRlLlJ! Ile hull juxl hung mul his sliingh-. lllllill inurning u strangvr 1-nl:-real. Thi- llnclor as-keil lu he 1'Xl'llNl'4l :ix he hur- riell ln the plume. l ldlilllg KllbWll the- re-u-in-l'. ln' mill: "Yew, this is Dr. Xvliuoail, Yrs. l will he really for ynu al Iwo-len this ulter- mmn. But pleaav lw pruinpl lui' I am very husy. Twu humlrcfl dollars? w - A Yi-5. lllal was the Fhlllllill? l gave Milli- l'0Hlf'l""'J'7f-7 'lf Hanging up the l'1'C1'lYt'l'. lw turned ln llif- 5ll'lll1QlI'l' uml. ruhhing his hamls. fy N luke-fl: "Yum fir. uhul vuu l mln fur bhllp yull?u 'l "Nulliing4." re-pliwl thu- stranger. quietly. "l manly l'illlll' in lu 4'nl1l1Pl'l up Ihr le-li-plmlicf' lr llu41'l'ulc Hn fmull lmyl: Si! ill-un. Sunny. You limi- -lumn gmail lIlLlllIll'I'x lung 1-nuuggli. -"" SXIXIJ. lim: ll i-n'l gmlll nmnnm-rx, llm'InI'. ll! Illi' Imil. l'xlIl.N'l: l.unk lu-rc-, Hur, Nllillii Ihi- ill.-il ill Vllillgllllgl im- S-lllll? 'l'h.- lux! lima- l hull n-uinuniu. you l'lllll':1l'll im- only 5310! llmuiunz ljuiln- right. my flu-au' Il-llmsg lrlll lhi- lllln' uni hull ihmluh- piiviiiniinigl, U5 -E ae cd CD S O C1-1 me fi S . 12165 te C fa OI. h El i V 1 'J E . 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M-so :NED 03:00 262 MOE-on 252:80 A-C2 4 Ea -stack saga U3-Hoo manga oem miie: 03254 0.0.0 gb? M55 EE v-.Em 26255 was-HOF' -ENE ang-w mc-on I 2:6 QE-hm BSO WW-wit' -WEE Naam H'-Om ENE-vim mam fd-O to -I an-ni it EW 229850 5:0-Jw M-Egan M-Eu!-5" wi-do M-E334 V-asm EA Wm-wang:-OHM WMWESA MENS? 23503530 .BE .E-:Rm V QE -:EC I 5522: :O cu gc 2 Sw yct-,ug H Q--Mc GE: fag EQ: hem 2: as 'SE :FA E: .Q--V:-Zh QE :WB E3 2 Eu way? V: ow :elm EQ :E-'Z QE: 2-naw 3-:E E: EA 3-Oc H OZ HEEIEDW E FDC? :Pm :B UE as 1.53 E: 'aw BE: ggi HES, iso: .3-E Elm AEM On Q-ESQ -:EA -:EM :ww EE- ME-Huw goo 05, -E-O2 9- :EQ EE-O-5 was EBU :Gals-:BFE 2 SE :Ph :-QQ QBQU-Eva ET-9:5 hh-ESQ .A E rg: 'Q I zgzg E EEE? A Nm iyzhh E N ta-am E Sums A 3 AEE YQ 5 Eguczv-Ezguz Nw Eh-Aslx 5 -QOPEEEIH .4 mv E-MH .L I CQECSEH .H E -2-Eglso-H .m T, Erie-Ein I : : CHEHUEI .mm 2' :Fi U, on :Fi rm in Maxam -Q hm Q-1-QE lm Eh asm?-Em -Q nm .asm A in QA:-O 'O mm :O-EN:-O . .ESE--Z I Og mg SEO: .Q on EE: 'Q ON E,-U: l W:-GZ 42 Sizly F. H. S. Scream Specials Betty McNeill .......... .. ........ ....A. ...,....A.AA P op My Gum AHI1 GaSt9l' ,...............,...,...,.. . ..,,,,A. ..,.,.......,., ,,,,.. L 0 ve and Learn Alice Whitted ..,.,,...,.................,..........,,,........,, ,,,,..,., G et Your Man Louise Evans and Dorothy Franck o,....,.. ,..,,, , Gold Dust Twins Henry Anderson ...........,.........,..,.......... .,,,.,..,..,.o..o,o Coney Island Franklin Averitt ....... "Pie" Hatch .,,.,....... Elizabeth Blue .,..,,. ,...,.,..Midni5:.fht Madness ........Figures Don't Lie Mine Joel Snyder ................... ..........,. W hen a Man Loves Eleanor Stedman ..........,.,.. ,,.,,.,. D iscontinue the Heat The New Freshman .....,,.. .,........,...,.,,.,,..,,.....,. W ild Geese Jack Crane ...,.................... ........ L ondon After Midnight Bill McDuiTie ......,.,,..,... .........,r.... T he Magic Flame Leighton Huske ........ .........,......r.......... N ight Life Dick Upton ............. ....,....... T he Student Prince Dick Melvin ..........i. ,....,... L laugh Clown, Laugh Lumsden Bundy .,...... .......,,.....,....,, B less You Sister Lucy Hall .,...............,..,,. .,.,..... I sle of Forgotten Women Georgia Gilkey .....,......... ....................,...,,,........ P aris Bound Eleanor Hollingshed ,,..... ....,.. T he Heart of a Follies Girl George Herndon ........... ....,.......... A Girl in Every Port Bill Campbell .,........ ..,....,,..,.,,.,, H old 'Em Yale Tony and Will ..................,,...............,...... ........, 0 ne Glorious Scrap Eloise Gallup ...,..................,...........,.....,...,., .......,,.r.. ....... T l ie Chaser Margaret Adams and Pete McQueen .,.,r.. ..,,...... S eventh Heaven Mary McBuie .,..,.....,......,....,..........,..,....... ..,......, P rohibition 13 el 3 Imagination in F. H. S. Lumsden Bundy ....... ......... T he Boy With Armstrong Heat Janie McKethan ........ ........... A ......................... .............. T h e Flirt Mr. MacNeel ............ ................................... S kipping School George O'Hanlon .,.... .......................... I N Dignified Senior Elizabeth Dixon ........ ........ E ating Buttercup Ice Cream Thos. Badger .......... .....,.................,...... W ithout a Girl Kenny Gallup ......... .....................,............., G raduating Connor Holland ....... .........................,. S erious Jesse Weisiger ....... ............. W earing His "F" Jarvis Jones ..........,. ...... W ith An Armful Of? Elizabeth Brown .......... ............................. I n Love Harry Hodges .................. ............... A Hunchback Elizabeth Turlington ........ ........ W ithout Lipstick Helen Theoiield .............. ...... F lunking English Frank West ................... ................ A Brunette Paul Riddle ................... .....,. M aking a Speech Fort Bragg Seniors ....... ........................... O n Time Miss Broadfoot ............. ........... C ondenming Latin Miss DeVane ............... ........ H iring a Seanistress Miss Fisher ......... ................ C hewing Gum Si.1vty-one X ,. 4 x ,r VJ,-4 O KA:-'pxvvd I , 1' 1 , A A cl. J ,gi-Ll' I, ,-1.S,LA I ',n,f?lf ' A - - K- ' ' " ' 'W Y A jd' ,.-fa,-1 4421-n,o ' -.., ,. - . f 1 I ' , F V 4" 'L!"'J"ap " A " 'vfiz b W!1lK,Ql f Uv ' MMM A-Q ' , 41:-FSU , K I ij, ' 'Q 3 . , ,, 1' xi j l AP ' I 0 ' 'J , Ag OGRAPHS V QU' f , V --alla-, ry , C f? 1 ' f ' 5' f 1 'P ff, UD X J ,N 9 JJ, , ' - , up f " 5 X, M 4 I , I 'ii XS ' K dj ' ,' I Xl K rijl J lj X' lf.. X X 1 W 4 . ', . 4 2" , U H!! l V5 ,,f s I v 5 I 'Lv' 1 . .1 F, 'I I ' X- 5 N ! I V I ,lr lvl!! .XVII 1 .I ' if! I I MXN fi , lf , Q Xfp' 13, I ', lj '- c!,f - 5 ,f , v , I 1 k 'f . jj f J Y X' .rv X LYL3, . 5, I 'Ulf j 'X ' "' 1 NL J W M ' - r J l X I .Z I ' ' xjf J " ,X ,k X lx ,QSJ1 ' S J- J f f I l Lf' V' - 1 I 1" 1 . ,Aye I iff "'-NV! If Khxxl, gc IJ.-f , jia f f X O , x, h N - , -g Z 5, . , , t L 'Q -'J I C17 4 - H! A-V" ' ' fJ N! f X , . . I H " , Y I ! , !! 'f I JJ A Ivl' N I, 'V' r ' N . v J L . Xu J , I x JAN g f Q 5 x x ' . f Q ld, ,Vi f' 1 I I . 1-""' M , K N i A fl, ' . 3 I7 9 I, " I1 ,AY o K K . I f . I ffw- + + Af I iw W N ,A T-x I u I. X ' 1 7, ,S ,J fd 1 ffl 5' X' s G I' 'X Q fl' "' -V 4' I rm --0 . ,ff .J ,. , ,T ,W 7,,,, T, mlm, , ' f ISIONS created by the imagination precede the achievement of any really great accomplishment. The ability to weave the threads of imagination into the finished fabric is equally important. It has been the privilege of the EDWARDS if BROUGHTON' CONIPANY to interpret the ideas of the Staff and create in material form their vision. a From the art vvork and engravings to the finished book, this volume IS the result of organized cooperation with the Staff. Such able cooperation is one of the "visions" which precede the building of a successful business, and is a part of the working policy of the EDWARDS 5639 B ROUGHTON Com I PAN Y . To those Staffs desiring complete cooperation from art Work and engravings to the finished book, We offer unexcelled service. Complete service means undivided responsibility as to the result-one organ- ization to correspond and talk with-one trained director to merge the many ingre- dients into the finished product. You, too, may be proud of your annual. C'rn'rt'spoudcnre is Illl'IifC4I EDWARDS Q35 BROUGHTUN COMPANY RALEIGII, xoirrn CAROLINA mx n , . , 1 W V ' N . .xjK- in J X gig 9 ' I , X 1' XVI' V ' H I . ' . I g ixwkt X --k 5. .A q- -lx-'E ,-- N. J".rJ'-R31 6'-Q-'hx Q 1- J 7 VJ ,X1xlk, SUXKXS . 1 Q. , . wi , Ji . K, Sw J X H H in ,Q iv 9, ,, ,JB I-A I WU kk ,LJ f- 'L :XX ,xi A H W C- K K. Sk - ' ,aff-4x' ' 'ax 5 ' ik L V J' ., -5'J2bx XNN- Jjkifnnllxt. O .1 5, 7517 i x 3 m X 'Z M E f' 4 K 9 X ? W W 2 N MH X6 f YI f ff.,Q ' M xb my ff., f -v- N A,x. 'r J T " 1 Y ' !.n,'1' fi' . ,ll x , A Rt , lb Q ,, .N q- , .Ax v n--+--- XX I ' 1' X Xi is 25.1--W wh if af, A f x 1 J I -' -A z. 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Suggestions in the Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) collection:

Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


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Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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