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Gu 4:1093 fo mm 3991 In uit UI-1'-X Us 61210 I LJ 4 fav 4-4' cha.n1c S4 QW Z Kxb' Elm Street Q95 E g1 G W Clitnst A 1-135 f es? Q Q30 E Orhard St 6' IL 3 H No th 81' EIT. Prankli -'Tint F Xl' P ff? X Q? . .. ' o .I .i 34143 1 fr , , . 2 -I -- . , f ml xx X f . Q54 Q f I - Cy ' I A , 'I X Q CDH jx . LS Q: .L - - 3 E C ,A ,- Q .. I i V X ...A I. Q' s' . ?:.:'f , 0 CQ 'fm ,I , 9 QQ ' ' K. . r Y , 3 5 .S inf, J: 9- 0 ' 1 .1 ' ' M 3 - y I 1, f ' ro o my LD C f .ASS -3 Q1 , CP' 11 'HSV' 2' ' . 2 Q- G f Q'f'?7fs-,- 3 'f U .Q is I X 'mv Lyn n 0 , 5 . Tig J X' - Xa B5 11 gi f 3- ,, L o x I I Q I' , , X M9 3 A Q Sb- i .. Pg st - ,,-' H kk X, ff5Lf+ 'QQ xv x . '- K 1- .J 1. ' 9 f -1 '16 E 55 " " . ,,,x!Z: T .E ' A2 ' 5 Q x - Q l '3 1 ' If 11-1 , '- ,,1 . 1 ' 'Q - , I Q F Q 2 si ,., .1 L SY Nm i -, , 'Qu -, fa -57' o St " ' 2 '-4 'ff - A " 1' . ff f W .13 x N ' K n o ,-F 3 3'-" L? I I 4 Y V ,, ig X X u 'X AY JJ. C V - -Q- so, 3 ,V - H - I I , 9' P 41 ' . , 0 P an g ' - 0 flfyffl U u 5 x x H NS 5 2 fi' 'Z - ' Xa A, . 5 YQ, a meal a 5 '13 -, se 4' . P k sr. 2 '1 3 "' 0 4 hx , Q X s. Park sr. 1 I Q, . U ,,,-,,.-, 1 s u ' , I j r Str gg 1 , nsf. : 3 N ef., f - . 1 . I , f Qfrgggijigz? 'M ? ' X 1 ' 1 if j ff? Q Q21 gif, Y. k J., I- f- r if - - A, --, N f' 'X 4" zfffzwdi, E, f' " 9 Z7 "get, ' L M 4 ' X NX : U1 f X Q L VA.. H. V' , 1 N4 R? . ..A- X 'ff Ni ffl, 1 . lj w J X 1 1 x 1945 INWCATCR THE ALMA MATER From the boyhood home of Clevelond Nomed for glorious Lofoyette We get our inspiration We re proud of it you bet They hove set the bo I orolling Well keep it rolling still We too con climb to heights sublime And win for Foyetteville, Our colors ore o tribute, To one of royol birth, To one who goined the White House, The highest ronk on eorth, To motch him, we'Il endeovor, And guided by his light, We'Il write our nome in motchless tome With the purple on the white, THE INDICATCDIQ H9411 1945 Foyoffovlllo Hugh School S T A F F Beverly Woonfon Edltor Jorme Moyers Photogroohuc Editor Mory Lou McCormack Art Editor I-iowurd beudwom Bu,mo 5 Mom-Jger Wmlllom Gobrlelsom Advcrtssmg Monoger O 0 , 1, F' r .D FOREWORD In the hope that we the class of 45 mnght compule a lastnng record of the past year s actlvntres and hnghllghts we have publvshed thus edntaon ot the lnducator Our task has been accomplished how ever only through the contrnued efforts ot our teachers and advlsors partxcularly Mrs Bloomer greatly undebted Throughout the book you wrll come upon two tug ures whuch symbolnze the typucal boy and gurl stu dent at Fayettevulle What they do the actnvntues they lllustrate and the good tlmes they share are open to every Fayettevnlle student The memones recalled by these pages wall mean much to thus year s Sensors, for now they wrll luve In prnnt as well as an our hearts , , . , . 4 . ll - II - I Miss Hughes, and Mr, Grittin, to whom we are ' I kj 5 X If . , 1 L N .1 K 1kiX ' , XA N - We f N .i 1 ,,.,.ff , xx , l iiywkx 'N , . J, x fl, , 5 , N X i 1f'XfQf7 " ', xii? Q nl S1 Q2 if we " s f Ne , f X '5- V To c qwck cmd deoslxc victory foll wid hm Q Icstmg peace we The dose of mnefecn hundred and forty fxve dedvcote thus bo R FACULTY During the l944-45 school year, there was a great change in the faculty personnel of F.H.S. All the members of the faculty were most co-operative in the activities undertaken by the school. They aided in the community rationing programg they helped immensely in the establishing of a fine bond and stamp sales record among the students. Outside of school, the faculty has its fun, too. ln the fall, they held a steak roast and scavenger hunt at Volles camp At Christmas time they had a party in the Library where they exchanged gifts and Ray Lindy acted as Santa Claus This spring they are planning another steak roost and in June they will hold the annual farewell party Back row M Gray Englush L Snell Junlor Hugh Mathematics B Thompson Grade I I Rutherford Grade V F Rector English M Morgan Grade IV S Larsen Physical Education J Clark Vocal Music M Bailey Inst Music R Lewis French T Manforte Physical Education Second raw A Saunders Industrial Arts M Hughes Commercial A Manton Secretary to the Principal P Whitney Homemalung J Long Grade lll F Smith Grade Il F Masters Junlor High Science and Homemalung E Dorr Grade Ill A James Kindergarten H McCarthy Grade I M Walsh Grade Il C Staclt Grade V E Fitzpatrick Junior High Social Studies and Englush Front row M Jones Mathematics M Cahill Grade Vl F Smith Grade Vl G Lester Art C Grlmn Vice Princupal R Van Glesen Principal E Tweedne Junior High English K Roache Grade IV V Bloomer Librarian R Corstarphen Latin 1 . . , . . ' I ' 1 1- 1 I- 1 I- 1 I- 1 I- 1 1 - 1 1- 1 1- 1 1 - 1 - 1- 1 1 . , . :. , 5. , p. , I- 1 I- 1 I- 1 I- 1 I - 1 I- 1 I- 1 I- 1 I- 1 I- 1 f I- 1 I- 1 I- 1 1 - 1 I . , - 5. , 1. 1 i. 1 1- 1 I . , . 52, stunwt Cauucm Back F Kinsella W Jenmngs R Vessey Jerome Seco cl o Spe ce Kerslake Mann Mayers Markle Front o Lo g Lannon R Linde moyer Woonton Under the auspnces of Ray Llndenmayer the Student Councnl acted as the head of the school organuza tuon lt was through the efforts of thus group that the Hangout was made more than an Idea The Stu dent Councvl also sponsored the Hallowe en party for the grades The splend d co operotuon between the student body and the faculty was facnlutated by the fnne work nngs of the Student Council The members of the l944 45 Council were as follows Presndent Ray Lnndenmayer Vnce President Bev Woonton Treasurer and A A President Jlm Lannon Sensor Representatives Kathle Markle Francis Kinsella Junuor Representatuves Bob Vessey Ned Mann Sophomore Representatives Katherine Kunsella Marllyn Moyers Freshman Representatlves Bull Jennings Larry Spencer Warren Jerome Editor of the lnducator Jean Long Presadent of Red Cross Carol Kerslake row: . ' , . ' , . , . n r w: n r, , , , . r w: n , , . ' n , . . . I . . ' - Il Il - ' I Secretary ......v.v,....,..........vY....o.............,..A.....Y.....,.,.....w... George Lindenmayer I A , -." -... u Aguu , I . , . bggn IAYW, A . . I . """"" I I ' ll ' ll YEARBCDCDK CENTRAL CCDMMITTEE M s Bloo e J Maye s W Gabrlelso B Woonton H Beach M l M Co The Yearbook Central Committee began theur plans for thus book early un the furst semester After considerable effort a printer photographer and engraver were obtalned and the maternal was gathered together Under the leadershnp of Beverly Woonton the class worked vngorously on thus book to make It the best ever and we suncerely hope you enloy lt The staff members were Editor In Chuef Photography Editor Busuness Manager Advertusnng Manager Bev Woonton Mary Lou McCormack Jane Mayers Howard Beacham Wulluam Gabrnelson r . m r, . r , . ' n, . , . um, . . c rmick. . I . I I . . I , . Art Editor ,,,,,Y,,Y,,,.,,,,,,,.A,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.t..,,,,. ,,,,,,Y,,.,,,. ' 6' for fx fx W 9 M3252 ii WNWWNXX lmmmnlmrmm N WEVILL1 'WWW QV 5 Ml X Us 1 FX? R gg.-f - nd? J , lt , if fo . J 1 - 3. "Q 5 2 T1 f ,- R . 5 : Guy 5 V fg u CLASS HISTCDRY Our long stretch started un September 1932 lf we comply wuth the rules and regulatuons learn the rughts and the wrongs and a few other munor detauls we wull be let out on good behavior un June l945 Beung the furst class to enter the new school there was a great deal of confusuon that furst day Wude eyed and eager were the followung members of the kundergarten class Betty Motsuff Polly Smuth lnducator sales manager Kathue Markle football fan Sulver Kunsella Mr McDermotts pruze pupul Joe Stanton George Twuchell who became our Senuor Class Presudent Dave Gregory who wanted to go home and Jean Long class cutue Wuth our promotuon to the furst grade came Olga Fuetta bowlung terror and the class wut Cady Kepler There were no more addutuons to our class untul the fufth grade when Jane Moyers that all around gal Ray Ball the baseball fuend and Bud lwoman kullerl Jennungs uouned our mudst Lyndon un the form of Bud Conde John Georger Guzmo Lundenmeyer our Secretary Treasurer and Saulor Ken Hucks unvaded our ranks at the be gunnung of the 7th grade Bob Colluns and Jeanne Dennungton also put un theur appearance that year In the fall of l94l our new freshman class was really rugged We gauned many new faces from varuous schools From Munoa came Charles Stark and Ray Lundy our Student Councul Presudent DeWutt sent us Mary Lou McCormuck the class artust Bev Woonton edutor of our yearbook Bull Cossaboom the quuz kud Jack Buerhardt that truple threat man and Duck Sutton who hauled from Maple Druve Carl Schwarzer everybody s pal came from Syracuse and Jum Lannon four star athlete arruved here from Eastwood Pat Kelley Arlene Vowles Carol Kerslake Red Cross Presudent Bea Havull class typust Judy Spencer and Duck Schanbarger who grew up to be quute a boy also dropped back to uoun our class Our dance that year was a huge success Toward the end of the year Nucky Lamb class glamour gal uouned our merry throng As Sophomores Howue Beacham our own Swoonatra Fred Howell Bull Gabruelson and Teresa Whupple entered F H S At the begunnung of our Junuor year we welcomed several new arruvals uncludung Sue Fulmer Gruff s prude and uoy Shurley Tuttle Jean Flor who never says much Joe Lawler our Mr Anthony Art Hopkuns F H S Eunsteun and Frank Petree Ken Hucks left us thus year un favor of the Navy lThe rest of the class also left school that doy un favor of seeung hum offll Now we are un the muddle of our last year un wonderful F H S Yes we re Senuors and each one of us hates to see the tume fly by To funush out our term happy go lucky Jeanne Muller has louned our luttle famuly Several Jun uors moved up to 3l2 These uncluded Ham Armstrong Luz Bahouth Vuola Blackman Betty Goebell Ed Kumber and Marlon Muner ln January Dave Hegmann became a worthy addutuon to the class of 45 Don Danuels was wuth us for a whule untul Uncle Sam decuded that he had a pruoruty along that lune At any rate here we are eagerly lookung ahead to the future and won derung what ut holds un store for us We hate to leave but knowung we must we all hope that every class has as much fun as we've had Goodbye' , . . . ,, . 1 1 - 11 . . . I l ' I . ' . . . ,, . ,, ' I 1 . . I . . , 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 - 11 1 1 , . 1 1 - 1 1 , . - 11 - 11 - 1 1 1 - I - 11 11 , . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . ' 1 1 A 11 11, I 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . , , . . . , . , . . , . . . , 1 - - ' - - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . , , . . I - ' I I l HAMILTON ARMSTRONG Ham lnducator I Yearbook Cen tral Commuttee I Art Edrtor I Red Cross I French Club 4 Dramatrc Club 2 3 Basketball Manager 3 Sophomore Class ecretary AA I Goal Tuffs College Laugh and the world laughs wuth you JANE MAYERS Janne Student Councrl I Sports manshlp Brotherhood 4 Ind: cator 2 3 4 Sports Edltor 4 Yearbook Central Commlttee 4 Photography Edrtor 4 Glrls basketball 2 3 4 French Club 4 Camera Club 2 3 4 Secy Treas 3 Dramatlc Club 2 3 4 Natuonal Thesplan 4 Gurls ck F 4 AA Bowlnnq 2 4 Glrls volleyball 2 4 Glrls Athletic Counc Sub Deb Club 3 4 Archery I 2 Intramural basketball 2 3 4 Intramural baseball I 2 ln tramural volleyball 2 3 4 Glee Club I Football Manager 4 Gurls soccer 4 Ska Club 4 Goal Art School Through thuck and thln shell help you wun HOWARDF BEACHAM Home Sportsmanshlp Brotherhood 3 4 Yearbook Central Com muttee 4 Buslness Manager French Club 4 Football 3 Basketball 3 Baseball 2 3 B s BlockF3 4 AA 2 4 Vuce Presudent 4 Bowlmg 4 Intramural basketball 2 4 Intramural baseball 2 3 Intramural volleyball 2 3 Intramural track 2 3 4 Junnor class Secy Treas Semar class Vlce Presudent Goal Navy The dufflculty un lute IS the chance "1-91" 'bu SENIORS AMELIA ELIZABETH BAHOUTH ll urs basketball I Dramatlc Club 4 Cheerleadung urls Bock F 2 AA 3 4 Bowlung I Gurls vo y ball 2 Intramural basketball I 2 3 4 Intramural baseball I 2 lntramuralvolleyballl 2 3 4 Gnrls field hockey I Gu ls soccer 4 Goal Undecuded A merry heart goes all the OV RAYMOND JOSEPH BALL Ray Football 4 Baseball I 2 3 Boys Block F 3 4 AA 4 Hoc ey 3 4 In mural basketball I 2 3 4 In tramural baseball I 2 3 4 Intramural volleyball I 2 3 4 Intramural track 2 Fresh man Class Secy Treas Goal Boston College Roll on thou Ball roll an JEANNE MARIE DENNINGTON Denny Indicator I 2 3 Camera Club I 2 3 Dramatuc Club I 3 4 Rehearsa stage Natuonal Thespnan 4 Safety Patrol I 2 Rudung Club A A 2 3 4 Archer 2 3 4 Intramural volleyball G u 2 Dance Masters nn New York Lufe IS not lute at all wlth out dellght SENIORS JOHN S BIERHARDT Jack Sportsmanshup Brotherhood ootball I 3 4 BlockF4 Hockey4 Intramural s etball I 2 3 4 In mural baseballl 2 3 4 Intra mural volleyballl 2 3 4 In tramural track I 2 3 4 AA I 2 3 4 Goal Na y Anything for a quuet lute JEAN FLOR Jeanne Inducator 4 Camera Club 3 4 Dramatuc CIub4 AA 3 4 Sub Deb Club 4 Gurls soccer 4 Goal Flora Stone Mather School When looks are fond and words are few JOHN RAYMOND LI NDEN MAYER Lundy Student Councul President 4 Sportsrnanshnp Brotherhood 3 4 Football 3 4 Co captaln 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Captaln 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Boys Block A Intro mural volleyball I Z Goal Cornell Unuversuty lfoot ball tearnl Whatever he does he does wuth ease mt: Wd" ""lm HQ ,Wm 457 -11" 'W' vi 'MW' OLGA FIETTA u I Gnrls basketball I Camera Club 4 Secy Treas 4 Dra ncClub3 4 AA I 2 4 Bowling 4 Gnrls volleyball I 2 Archerf 2 Intramural base balll Z 3 Intramural volley I 4 Glee u Goal Undeclded Small In stature but mighty In Spurlt FRANCIS RICHARD KINSELLA Silver Student Councul 4 Sports manshlp Brotherhood 4 R d Cross 3 Football 2 3 4 Bas ketballl 2 3 4 Boys Block F 4 In mural basketball I 2 lntra ral baseball I 2 3 4 tramural volleyball I 2 3 4 Intramural track 2 3 4 Goal Nlagara Unsversuty Clever men are good but they are not the best KATHRYN HELEN MARKLE Kothle Student Councll 4 Sports manshup Brotherhood 4 Indu cator 2 3 4 Exchange Edntor 4 Gurls basketball 3 Camera Cubl 2 3 4 Dramatnc Club 2 3 4 NatlonalTI'1espuan 4 rs Block F4 AAI 4 Bowling 4 Golf I Sub Deb Club 3 4 Archery2 3 4 In tramural basketball 3 4 Intra mural baseball I 2 Intramural volleyball I Glee Club I Gnrls soccer 4 Goal Syracuse Una versity The luqht that Ines un wom an s eyes WILLIAM MINER COSSABOOM Coss Indicator 2 3 4 Sports Edo tar 4 Football 4 Basketball 2 AA 2 3 4 lntramu basketball 2 3 4 lntramu al volleyball 2 3 lntramural track 2 3 Goal Syracuse University Knowledge is power BEATRICE HAVILL eo Band l 2 Camera Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 AA l 2 3 4 Bowling l 2 Girls volleyball 2 Sub Deb Z 3 4 lntramural v eyball l 2 3 4 Glee b l 2 3 Sophomore class secre tary Goal Secretarial school Great modesty has great merit JAMES HENRY LANNON Jim Student Council 4 Treasurer 4 Sportsmanship Brotherhood 3 4 French Club 4 Dramatic u 2 Football 2 3 4 ca tain 4. Basketball l 2 3 . aseball l 4. o ' ck F l, 2 . . . 4. Treasurer 3. President 4. owlrng l 2 4. lntramura setball l 2 4. n - ral baseball I 2 3 4. - t mural volleyball l 2 3 4. Intramural t ck 2, 3, 4. J - ior class president. Goal: Medt- calColIeQe. ove m little love m Long," fn 4 of -X '99 if 'Q SENIORS BETTY ANN GOEBELL e Band l Drum molar 2 4 Camera Club l 2 4 Dramatic u l wirlers l 3 G e Cub Goal Undecided Consistency thou art yewel WILLIAMA GABRIELSON Bull Yearbook Central Committee 4 Advertising Mgr 4 French Club 4 Dramatic Club 2 Our Town Football 3 4 Baseball 4 AA 2 3 4 Bowllng2 Hockey 4 Ski Club lntra mural basketball 2 3 lntra mural baseball 2 3 lntra mural volleyball 2 3 lntra m ral track 2 3 Goal M I T lntermunqle lest with earn es JEAN LONG Student Council 2 4 Sports manship Brotherhood 3 4 ln dicator2 3 4 Editor 4 Band 4 Secy Tre s French Club 4 Camera Club l , 3 4. Dramatic Club l 2 , Ladies ' Retirement, Cheerleading 4. National Thes- plan 4. Girls Block F 4. A.A. l , . Bowling 2 4. Sub-Deb u 2 3 4, Treasurer . Archery 2 3. Intramural bas- ketball 3, 4. lntramura baseball l, 2. Intramural ol- oll l ,3, 4. Glee Clu , 2. Girls soccer 4. Junior vice- president. Goal: Undecided. " to see her s to o er. ' SENIORS DAVID GREGORY Dave French Club 4 Camera Club I 2 Football 2 3 4 Baseball 4 AAI 2 3 4 Bowlnng 4 Goltl Hockeyl 4 tramural basketball 2 3 4 n tramuralbaseball2 3 4 lntra mural volleyball 2 3 4 Intro m ral track 2 3 Goal M l T He although he had much wut was shy of usnng It NOREEN JANICE LAMB Nlcky ncatorl 2 3 4 basketball 3 Camera Club2 3 4 Ladies an Retnrement Glrl ln Every Port Natlonal espnan 4 AA I 2 Bowlmg 4 Gnrls volleyball 3 Sub Deb 3 4 Archery 3 Sk: Club 4 Intramural basketball 3 4 Intramural baseball 2 4 Intramural volleyball 2 3 4 Football Manager 4 Gurls soc cer 4 Goal Umversnty of Much :gan Really and truly I have nothnng to wear ARTHUR HOPKINS Art I 4 Tra Goal Navy Thus bold bad man CAROL JANE KERSLAKE Student Councll 4 lnducator 4 Asst Edntor Gurls basketball 2 3 Red Cross 4 Presudent 4 Camera Club l Dramatnc Club I 2 3 4 NatnonalThespnan 4 Presudent 4 Gnrls Block F 4 R mgClub2 AAI 2 3 4 Sk: Club 2 Glrls volleyball I 2 3 4 Gurls athletlc councnl 4 Publlclty mgr 4 Sub Deb Club 3 4 Secretary 4 lntra mural basketball 3 4 lntra mural baseball I 2 Intramural vo eyball l 2 3 4 Glrls soc cer 4 Sophomore class treas urer Goal Skndmore College She moves a goddess and looks a queen DAVIDS HEGMANN JR Dave Nottunghaml 2 3 Fayette vnlle 4 Basketball 2 3 Go 3 Block N Club 2 3 The happuest hours that e er I spent I spent among the lassles MACKIE VIOLA BLACKMON Vmy AA l 2 4 Intramural bas ketball l 2 Intramural base ball l 2 Intramural volleyball 2 Ge ub 2 4 Socual worker I have no mockmgs or argu ments I wutness and want JAMES JOSEPH JENNINGS Bud Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball Mgr 2 Boys ck F 2 3 4 A A I Bowlmg I Intramural basket b I 2 3 4 Goal Na y A polly good fellow MARION LOUISE MINER Mare French Club 4 A A l 2 4 Homemaking Club I 2 Gee Club I 2 4 Goal Undecided Speech is silver silence s golden CADY PALMER KEPLER Kep French Club 4 Camera Club 2 3 4 Bowlin G If I Intramural basketball I 2 4 Intramural baseball I 3 4 Intramural volleyball I 3 4 Intramural track 3 Goal Navy or Merchant Marine. Worry never wrinkled his brow. SENIORS MARY LOU McCORMICK Mac Sportsmanship Brotherhood 3 4 lndicator2 3 4 Art Editor 3 4 Yearbook Central Com mittee 4 Art Editor 4 Girls basketball 2 3 French Club 4 Camera Club 3 Dramatic Club 2 3 4 A Girl in Every Port Ladies in Retirement Vice President 4 National Thespian 4 Girls Block F Club 4 AA 2 3 4 Girls volleyball Z 4 Sub Deb Club 2 3 4 Vice President 4 Intramural basket ball 2 3 4 Intramural base ball 2 4 Intramural volleyball 234GleeCub 2 urs soccer 4 Goal Art School The ripest peach is the highest on the tree FREDERICK HOWELL Fred Dramatic Club 3 4 AA I 2 3 4 Intramural volleyball I Intramural track I Goal Syra cuse Universuty He knew what is what JEANNE MILLER Jeanne A A 4 Sub Deb Club 4 In tramural basketball 4 lntra mural volleyball 4 Girls soccer 4 Goal Syracuse Umversuty A witty woman is a treas ure' a witty beauty is a power. SENIORS EDWARD KIMBER Bu tball 2 3 4 AA 4 Intramural basketball 3 4 Intramural baseball 3 4 Intramural volleyball 3 4 Intramural track I 2 4 Goal Navy Quiet un a frlendly manner SUSAN JANE FULMER Fudmo Sportsmanship Brotherhood 3 4 Inducator 3 4 Red Cross 4 French Club 4 Vlce presldent 4 Dramatuc Club 3 4 Cheer leading 3 Glrls Block F Rldmg Club 3 Secretary3 AA 3 4 Latnn Club4 Sub Deb 3 4 In tramural basketball 3 4 Intra mural volleyball 3 4 Glee Club 3 Presldent 3 Gurls soccer 4 Goal Wellesley College God s rarest blessmg IS after all a good woman CORNELIUS SANFORD CONDE u Football I 2 4 Basketball Boys Block F 3 4 A Intramural basketball I 3 4 Intramural baseball l 4 Intramural volleyball 3 4 Intramural track 3 Goal Army or Navy A nice unpartlcular man 'if PATRICIA JANE KELLEY Pat Band I 2 Camera Club 4 Dramatic Club4 AA I 2 3 Grrls volleyball l 2 Deb Club 4 Intramural baseball I 2 Intramural volleyballl 2 3 4 Glrls fneld hockey4 Goal Secretarlal school Fllls the alr around wuth beauty JOHN GEORGER Johnnie Football 2 3 4 Boys Block 4 AA l 2 3 4 Hoc 2 Ski Club I 2 Goal Navy He Iuved each day as though It were the last ELIZABETH HELEN MOTSIFF Motty lndlcator 4 Red Crass I A I 2 3 4 Golfl Arc y l Intramural volleyball 2 Glee Club I Goal Cadet Nurse A sweet attractlve knnd of grace GEORGE J LIN DENMAYER Glzmo Student Councnl 3 4 Secre tary 4 Sportsmanshnp Brother hcod 3 4 Red Cross 3 Football 3 4 Boys Block F 4 AA 2 3 4 Treasurer4 Bowlnng lntramural basketball l 2 4 lntramural volleyball l 2 4 lntramural track l 2 3 Sensor class secy treas 4 Goal To porn somethung before the Army gets htm Eyes of unholy blue SHIRLEY E TUTTLE Re lndncator 3 4 Camera Club 3 4 Dramatuc Club 3 4 In tramural basketball 3 4 lntra mural volleyball 3 4 Gnrls soc cer4 Goal Undecuded Absence makes the heart grow fonder CARLJ SCHWARZER Gramp Camera Club 2 3 Dramatuc Club2 3 4 Football 4 Base 3 4 AA Bowl 4 Sk: Club l lntra mural basketball l 2 tramural baseball l lntramural volleyball 4 lntramural track 3 Soph omore class Treasurer Goal Admnral nn the Navy All manklnd loves a lover SENIORS LUCY I SMITH Polly lnducator 2 3 4 Sales Mgr 4 Bandl 2 3 4 Soclal Mgr Gnrls Basketball 2 3 Secretary 3 Camera Club l 2 3 4 Dramatic Club Z 3 4 rs Block F AA l 2 Bowlmg l 2 4 Glrls vo ey ball Archeryl 2 lntramural basketball 2 3 4 lntramural baseball 2 4 Intramural vol e all l 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Gurls fueld hockey 3 Soccer 4 Sub Deb Club 4 Goal U decuded Joy ruses nn me luke a sum mer s morn RICHARD LEON SCHAN BAR GER Stretch ndl 2 3 4 AA 4 Dramatuc Club2 Goal Syra cuse Umversnty Has stature tall I hate a dumpy man' ARLENE MAUDE VOWLES Gmger French Club 4 Dramatsc Club 2 3 4 Safety Patrol l AA l 2 3 4 Grrls volleyball 2 Archery 3 Intramural base ball 2 lntramural volleyball l 3 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Treas 4 Goal Potsdam State Teachers College And then she danced O heaven her dancung' JUDSON SPENCER u French Club 4 Dramatnc Club 2 3 Basketball Mgr 3 AA tramural basketball 3 lntra mural baseball l Intramural track 2. Goal: Syracuse Univer- sity. "The power of thought-the magic of the mind." SENIORS GEORGE B TWICHELL Tick Student Council 3 Treasurer 3 Sportsmanship Brotherhood 4 French Club 4 Camera Club 2 3 FootbaIl2 3 4 a I 3 4 Boys Bloc u I owling I G Hockey I 4 Intramural bas all Z 3 4 lntramura baseball I 2 3 4 Intramural volleyball I 2 3 4 Intramural track 2 3 4 Sophomore class president Senior class pres: dent Goal Colgate University My only books were wom en s looks BEVERLY RUTH WOONTON Behe Student Council 3 4 Vice president4 lndicator3 4 Edu tor4 Camera Club 3 4 Cheer leading 3 4 Head cheerleader 4 Sportsmanship Brotherhood Girls Bloc F Clu Yearbook Central Committee 4 Editor 4 Girls Basketball 3 4 French Club 4 Secretary 4 Dramatic Club 3 4 Secy Treas 3 President 4 National Thespian 3 4 Vice president A 2 3 4 Girls vo ball 4 Sub Deb Club 2 3 4 President 4 Intramural basket ball 3 4 Intramural baseball 2 Intramural volleyball I 2 3 4 Girls soccer4 Goal Cor nell University A true friend is forever a fr end CHARLES B STARK JR Chuck Dramatic Club 2 3 4 AA I 2 3 4 Goal Marine Corps A quiet chap was he sn lence was his policy 'AX' 'MQ' TERESA MAY WHIPPLE Terry French Club 4 Homemaking Club 2 3 Glee Club 3 4 A A 2 3 4 Goal Business school Silence is deep as eternity speech is shallow as time STAMFORD ROBERT COLLINS 'P Basketball 4 Baseball 2 3 AA 2 3 4 Bowlin Intramural basketball 2 3 In tramural volleyball 2 3 Goal Navy A little work a lotta pay Is what I call a perfect day RICHARD WARREN SUTTON Duck Camera Club I 3 Safety Patrol I Basketball Mgr 3 4 s Block F 3 4 AA I 3 4 Intramural basketball I Intramural baseball I lntra mural volleyball I Intramural track I 3 Goal Syracuse Um versity alone JOSEPH FREDERICK LAWLER Joe Football 4 Baseball 4 Boys Block F 4 AA 3 4 Hockey 4. Latin Club 4. Vice-president 4. Intramural basketball 3, ln- tramural volleyball. 3. Goal: Syracuse University. Wit unites his heart and brain. ask to be CLASS WILL We the members of the Class of 45 of Fayettevnlle Hugh School Vrllage of Fayetteville County of Onondaga State of New York benng of sound mrnd and memory do make ordarn publnsh and declare this to be our Last Wall and Testament After the payment of our gust debts and funeral charges we devlse and bequeath as follows Mr Van Glesen SOO unsophvstucated unclerclassmen The Junuor Class The last four rows In the audttorlum The Sophomore Class Our sympathy for thenr having to be goats to the upperclassmen The Freshman Class Three more years to frll our shoes Pete Frledrnch The Ingredients for another Happy New Year Sue Powers A pruorrty on Bull Jennlngs so that F H S will have another perfect couple Mr Gruffnn Down payment on a pollcy to unsure hum against future mad scnentlsts luke Twachell and Lannon Betty Jarvis A publusher for the lnterestnng autobiography she could wrrte Mrs Jones A four slded trvangle drawn by Duck Hegmann and Austun who can do anythnng lthey clauml Jean Walker A soldler to pun up that pucture Mr McDermott A mechanucal hand to yank kids out of the hall durnng Actlvnty Period Tom Doxsee A powerful telescope to see how thlngs are gonng nn Afnca Brook Calder A road map shownng the exact location of Skidmore Nancy Erb Ten more bracelets so shell really jungle Bobby Johannsen A date wnth Speed Happy Coughlnn A foot of Janne s henght The Junlor Vandals lRegle Bobby Chnckue and Toml A club luke Mc Cormlck s Bob Plerce The pralse he deserves for has work on the lndlcator Mrs Carstarphen A book entatled What Has Caesar Got That l Havent Got? by Harry Charlton Jeanne Van Gnesen A posutuon on the Varsuty Cheenng Squad L Gelnneau A whole shnpload of sanlors Sue Henward A better vlew of the house next door Page Another Pete Bob Mclntyre A book by Juddy Spencer on How to Get Along Wnth Teachers Karen Lamb Nicky s place In Mr McDermott s heart Bobby Twlchell A market for hrs rabbnts Al Vedder Joyce Cox and Vnsa Versa Muss Lewls Another French lll class luke thus year s Pete Price and Don Potts Boxing gloves to fught for fnrst place on the honor roll Caroline Resch Posrtnon as furst strung guard on the gurls' basketball team Betsy Volles Someone to watch her shoes Sub Deb Club Some orugrnal :deas for rnformal unutratson The Football Team Another champranshnp The Undergrads Many happy years at dear old F H S 1 I I I A I I I I , 1 - ' ,i 114 - ll I ll 11 I . I A - A 11- - 11 - Shel Storrier--A little black book to keep track of his women. In I - I I I A 1 T A F . I . . If . ,I I II I ' II ' ll ' ll ' ll ' I 4 I J RX DW? MM Q mag 91' 2 1 Mac 2 Tuck 3 Sue 4 Jvm 5 Jean Kathie 6 Janne 7 Howne 8 Bull 9 Rip 10 Joe 11 Carl 12 ev 13 Bud 14 Olga 15 Jack 16 Jeanne 17 Carol 18 Jeanne 19 Marlon 20 Dave 21 Ray 22 Nncky ff 1 ' 1 ,f '15 :ff 'hd :"' 1' 0. ' ff M. mv Q , , 1 4 1' 1 "' 'Y 2' ' K , , 5 s ,W W ' .E , 7 AH ', 1 , YWJAE 2 , I A 1 If . W 1 1 .All 1. in gr 1 ff f J f , 5 N u 1 J S 2 4: 'K 5 , 1 ,- Li . 0. Nu W, 1 1' I A 1 0 A2 ' In "V 'H x ' f L I '.,V.6 - ' fifvff 4 ' af ee- fa - :I+ SENIQR CLASS PRCPHECY Say could you durect me to Worromot? Yes ut s rught around the corner of Today Thank you We walk to the corner of Today and turn rught unto the Future where the country of Worromot us located Here Tomorrow becomes Today and Today fades unto Yesterday We see a man who us sellung peanuts and because we haven t had anythung to eat sunce Today became Yesterday we consuder buyung a few We approach the vendor and duscover that he us none other than Cady Kepler who asks us uf we ve seen Joe Lawler head keeper of the elephants at Worromot Park We reply un the negatuve and contunue down a pathway whuch leads to a pretty luttle bungalow Suttung on the veranda are Jeanne Muller and Duck Sutton who decuded that two can luve as cheaply as one Cluppung theur bushes us Duck Schanbarger Well uf that usn t a scholarly lookung man' No ut s only Charles Stark who us Professor of psychology at the Unuversuty Rught behund hum us hus favorute pupul Jeanne Dennungton who has uust wrutten a book Chemustry un Ten Easy Lessons un collaboratuon wuth Mr Gruffun Crossung over to speak to her are Shurley Tuttle famous movue actress Janue Mayers renowned photographer of Glamour magazune and Bev Woonton who has uust receuved the Woman of the Year award Maulung a letter to a saulor us Pat Kelley who us a Powers model Wautung for her us Bud Jennungs the Unuted States Ambassador to Tumbuctoo What s that nouse overhead? Why ut s an aurplane and ut s goung to land rught un the muddle of the street' lt s a good thang that Joe Stanton the new Commussuoner of Publuc Safety had the road wudened Gettung off the plane are the followung Luz Bahouth vocalust wuth Xavuer Cugat Carl Schwarzer Secretary of Agruculture George Twuchell Republucan candudate for Presudent Mary Lou McCormuck a Conover leg art model and Polly Smuth greatest of all women war correspondents The pulot us Bull Gabruelson We approach the local movue house operated by Ed Kumber to fund the show uust over Makung theur to Dunnunger and Ken Hucks who druves the school bus from Dewutt to Fayettevulle To quench our thurst we go unto the aduounung drug store whuch us run by Bob Colluns Teresa Whupple takes our order for one small coke wuth thre straws please Seated at the next table are The Corny Crooners a swung quartet uncludung Fred Howell Bud Conde Art Hopkuns and Ham Armstrong We funush our drunk and dash over to the comung out party of Worromot s No l debutante Nucky Lamb Thungs are un full swung when we arruve Dancung to the rhythm of Betty Goebbel s all gurl band are the Mayor and Mayoress of the town Ray Lundy and Kathue Markle The lufe of the party us Francue Kun sella professuonal football star who boasts that he has funally won an argument wuth Mr McDermott The next mornung we awake wuth quute a hangover from eatung so many hot fudge sundaes at the party so we hurry over to Worromot s leadung doctor Jum Lannon Hus nurse Jean Long tells us to take a seat un the wautung room and offers us the mornung paper eduted by Juddy Spencer After readung Jean Flor s famous gossup column and Jack Buerhardt s Sports Slants we put ut down to speak to Betty Motstff well known novelust who has lust come un She remunds us to drop un and see Howue Beacham who has a dentust s offuce rught across the hall After doung so we saunter over to the Corned Beef and Cabbage Em poruum owned uountly by Maruon Muner and Vuola Blackman Seated un a secluded booth are a few promu nent members of the Bachelor s Club John Georger movue producer Don Danuels orugunator of Woman I speak or Sulence Bull Cossaboom a Fuller Brush man and Dave Gregory and Dave Hegmann the two golf pros The door sw ngs open as Arlene Vowles M G M dancung star and Olga Fuetta a fugutuve from a bowlung team enter Funushung our meal we leave quuckly tbefore the check arruvesl and hurry out unto the street We funally manage to grab a taxu druven by that mad druver Carol Kerslake She snaps on the raduo and who should we hear but Sue Fulmer who us guvung advuce to Mr Anthony But here we are at the statuon brungung us to the end of our vusut to Worromot We have seen all the unhabutants those who have won fame and those who haven t Goodbyell' Worromot us uust Tomorrow spelled backwards 11 - 11:51 , . II ' I - Il , . ll Il . . , . . I . , A . I ' . I U A . . ' ' ' - 11 v I 11 - - - , . 1 l . . , , . , . ' I I I 11 - - 11 - V - 1 - - - - I - 11 11 - , I I I ' I ' ' ll II , . ' ' 1 1 . - l v .I . . . I . . Z , . I . I 1 I 1 I - 11 11 , 1 . . . I . I I . exut are Ray Ball, a star raduo sports announcerg Bea Havull, boogae-woogue p.anustg George Lundy, successor I 1 ' - , . - D ll II Il ' '-' 1 ' I 1 I I I ' . . . . , . . . . . . I , . ' 1 1 - - , . . . I A . ' . I . ' I I . , . I ' ' I II II ' 1 . 1 . . I . . I - 1 ' 1 ' 1 , q . l . . . . ,, - ' I I I I 11 11 A 11. V , I . I I . . I. I ' I - - ' ' 11 - 11 f . . . f . I . 1 1 - - . - I I l , . EDO U I EO C U OO CDE QL WZOCX Ulm OQOI OF CO b BOF-OU 9:3 JO, CCD 2 EO ww P 305, 2 LU EQ it E 100 FW AOJUICUPO Om UOEDUP V OSEC Oi O 305- 2 UU C wh FCE U F13 DEC: so gm UE E03 BOX 5,0 U55 fic S5 2 PO J 4 KFC A Oi U L3 ,UL 34 UE Q OOO OU EO X, EU Um TO OI VU St LEO O, d NS U O n,C OKC O I aww-UUXOWI O EC W V?-Ui ,Ek-4 UFC, Dai S9 C O Cm?-Og V-LOKUEOI U LU O U OL? Q QOUQ G U J 3 D300 W0 v-im IOJO L :Er-OE BLU OU 4 O W OQSK C OE OL nl OC :Oo mm: Og LU OCX O U C X 115: OV-U3 ww? L J :Jam QE OI V OJ is JE' O DOI Z P Dom U M26 CF O OL Oi :EIUJOU O I Vfh: f 1 F E E XSO fgOC OEDIU AOL L EOUQ OFUU U L QUCOV O: FDU KO J C I OC DZUU E UU U CE, OCOO BC I UI UFO :U Ort WC XC OE :X OCC 6?-U30 tj Z0 P4 UNM:-G-4 rm gm CU?-Og IEE J 3 OCD?-QD 2 ,mlm UEUEF5 ,VO Im CCW UC CO kD WCG LUOUO Q UF OP: UCPUA Us X63 m AU EDI O OU UC Om zo F42 ZON4 WUOE magna UC-O OU X, 2 0+ LOWWSUJW 3,95 Oi' O54 Ft 3 E02 SCDQ WQUCU1-Uwm xr-O O LS F CO EWOE N DG ,hoo WO BOO Q Ocgwcm 53 or-103 wj CO2 OF mv? of QEOUO NE SSO UI UC E500 fm to U95 2 X N, CASE-Um U E CO OC E VO OOD WU m mg-JU OOLUW EUUU M3 ICE E UZOLO UE EDD En O O IOL I mv A53 EcCmCnQm Pwwf I JOM UU ZOC W ,OE SS W 5 UC lugs' COD 5 Dm U mr-Omg Ulm U: Us P O Q15 WN ww JUS-iOXf O OUCDOCCO J Ohm O UO OU XO? OEOUC U OF-Oo LUFWOEUOQ E CCG O OOF-Um COTS-vom gt E CCI WSU U UO 7 GO M U O3 Ort LO arg LEE UC Ba WEB E 2 UPEEU ww POE Orc' Or-Lou O OI zo F42 .Guo X005 U C30 OP O UD UCC C8 Um OUEW 6,00 ODEO W O OW QPU OP QOF-O3 Ort 602 mo Og COW O 55020 OD OP CO?-Dm :Ca LOEOCU Q OP go W O8 mCOEOE C2 XO 8 Om ICU C JO UO, O? :O I gm! OE OIUI OF-OS O-'COO COE UPU! OP N 1 OF DSL UECO V Ovgj O O U WU! C26 fi O U OPUL OP Orch CO OUU QOE ,lu Z 0,05 OP KO C C M O3 DO DOE OL ZOB IZUEO UC WEGFO O COEJ UO CS wgqx 4 CO QD OP ODD O N, Om 0 E LUOOU 9- 7: OA OP OED I SE CU UCOUOW D OB OP OEOM w E I 3 EUEDQD CO C? OIF Z0 Fai R34 LEOCS UC X001- ,QQO O Q95 mc ang! Q34 J 0:54 UC UC W CP PO? OSF: C UC ! Ui! U A Ort G rv OC CU C EOD DCU UUOU is C 0 FJ JQJJVU 9 QQ 'J O GC U9 XS E I U f S 6 :C ,SGI CF Um C OP! jj CC PO V-FCE J lg F D FJ D390 CU U I UC Ogio 2 E CV-U2 is Uv UC U4 Z0 F46-DUU0 his sux -9-ou 5 ae- :au 56 ox :E mm: E-UH van Dior -8: 2 V-Bo: :di ,BI cum Et-UEUQI UPCQ :Omaha Sao UAQOU :Em 5926 Ex-2' C3 U BDU m BE ll U-iw no H :UO-x Urn U- OU O C295 -E00 QCCU2- EOODDSOU Q our-ou Elm mc OU nom COFEVD m U O N, hvhU-K-LU m xvnvq Eg-gba U ,Oz UM- :E fzol-S N J 9-Sushi :2 ECI zo FJJAUNEQ S1 QL Y X O SEV V K A I - L hi .N I V K - L Q- Y - R I V - : X , A L 1 N L x I l g - - - h I L - k t V 1 I - M - K -- I - irq L N H - -- r :Z :U U U5 - - 35 .A I V -: E F 55 :Y wmv Q :U Y Aw: - Z U - l K L M I W: - K - E j U L L Q L: - b 2 L 2 who - N is K : H g Y Y L F : A: Y Z- - - L L Lp f V 5 N: V I E Cf WI EO OE - E C Y - Y 1 L V - L of :U 5 O2 at E: P J 4 5 L - L I V h I w P , - L l - L - K I E Z Ol-I E U K Y E iv-QC Y X U X -lt X - L rj Y OJ F: f Cl U YP Z wi LE L- C I A :Om T- ML O Ct: Ok-I f T g I I H 'E :QE-D Y IQLYLV E 1 -- r H QOEQ W L P Y V T X - :Joy in X w t L L - N- 5 im W I- F E L v : I 'mcg-L - M I YY - L L V EL V ,J F I Z 'E : hx - V N W 1 Q - - LC P igglk p K YJ- EU EP: C X--O : A: Ol - i C F ho F P v E iorhgcl Q V -W OI H w an SLCH-T It :C it vm -Vt XS G OO' U ko - - A - - Q Nw :O Y U O Nil tg Cf: LU - M :M V 18- M W - UE Uris to-MOJQOQ of 'tg -:U OLP SET SDC-E GUI- QE L2 -:U use-Q 2-axiom Y nmvcmioog -Scam 'xg L E6 Y C kr L Q - 2 - V M 5 AEC: Y I I -A tg SI Vg f ,L - f OF: PU ai T f YY: CKE -Y Fort UF: k 7 W - Y I f ML L dwg in P: L 2 TOOU - : Og P kg A - D - 1 L - K i I L OP F Z 1 - N N f VLJY m F 4 :L Z k 60 I g 4- :D NWZO Y -N -M hw E w 3 E is U -2- ww p K- L V L Nt x h CO Z- Ea U UZ E HEI?-W :J :OL Y O-UE X QUOL E V x -v g : I L - -L F I - xr F L M :S Ol-I i - A 1 Y - V I vig F : Cy x w H V U P i -Q 5 v Z W Oi V12 EE W-:O b- h I W .MN E :EL Ok Uv? XE 5 :- Z 3: L M A :gx CL v Z L V- -WU: - - - i T g I - it L W 79, ai U26 - - 1 Y V I L- I ZS ' G- L E K M i 4 I -N l NU k A VM-L O f p I : :DEER :U gb: bm I V Y V F w x Q - Y L Y A Y: G V W L Z vo gi?-m 1 x hi :G h OE ,L My I K i N V:-V V L Y O A - - kk V w F W A- E - V :I L mt: L L i p -- - H f f - h U 1500-I LOW Q : p I X f N V - L Y WC C V L p f h . - f -2 L :O - 1 Y 'L V -L -- - A A YV i - I W : 7 -L t Y A I 3 : - - - - - - W - - - Y - APPREC AT ON ABOM NAT ON DEST NAT ON ASP RAT ON OCCUPAT ON APPELLAT ON Foo st O oak R B ber Km Ed QDaw No O If Couch 5 vt N ckv Lamb J mmy Lennon -I- UO Georqc L ndy C LJSSLS L ndy Ray A Lonq Jean Sb Werce Kath c Mark c June Moyers Lou McCorm ck Marv .., f ots H M Betty D ck Schcnborgcr F IZCY Schwa Cor .- ... h Spencer dson Ju ke N I0 OH SI Joe 'ld Stark Char ex .C TQ B ash Sutton Drk Sh r cv Tut! c Democrats Doq catcher Co aate Gcorqe Tv che Met aaa tan HCI up wth Zo To team TQ CWC I GTG S Av r.-ne Vow es .. f Un an FS C PP h csc W Ter 5 SC I I I I I I I I I I I Tuma to .lem to where lux To lout the Navy I atlra crooner tar Cruuchlex Rel lwattl, C-,I ,trurtly ,WUI .V luumuruurw I-, I I il 'Iver KIHSCIIG IIIIIIHI IIN- :tml ,MMI My Mg A tlute wltl1Lala ' ug t T' ' me Fl It stluul lvultlvc1c,l4s Hr- ,uw I-ln mu ,hy III, II.,,,,II Dmmatt lump-y I XVauls worth Num! -mug Wrml, Ta lre a tomme fatale " Mlss Amerlca. Satru lay vwyltt wlthaut a tlatt- Slu- -, a ltr-llv IWI 1fuI I lunkuuq luuarmu To make Jr-au 4, axpuatrom came Suvqery Callmq Dv Laurwau' E13 lvvl' ltr-ml -Ill, , ll I-u: true -IOC LOWICI lavum' Iuutlwllav. To have a lll pencnl all hrs Justlze af the peace tu Dewltt Wanweu 'Fl It lt were uat tty III, ,IL I,,m.,I OWU Ihr' Itv.slrwu,t wurll ruwr-I lyutlw umw wvl, 4,tl lu' I 'tt I DIWHI llkl- ' A lmalllllal qul uv Huvttlelqlt. Ort relief Illlw Tllkll 'llflflll' llr' vw1.ruw tuut- ul. ,J I Ask Katlue To take over Mac'5 hustary ' Frahkluw Street WO' fllll'- The uvau nhl lm, Mgrrt-tIuufI OH l - , flu- mu ltr-,t lu-uI.I WIN-I , Ta luv happtly ever alter Ask the other L Prlq flaw-, Jtlwt talk tu lu-I I,..1 Q W,III.,, ' full' wzuwt Iv ru' 1' Ill, I I Dufmq OU, 5IU,jC,II COUHCII Dameslli xklll ll ml lvl: Other lweysl Eat lvu'l4 aul le uw-It-, la, to luexuleut uueumw wt- furl Beutq lwlplul Ta luml a vuco sux footer I FOOllJall manager uv the F200 BOW UH lcv' MX feet Out- rll llupl- luu.ueu,f1lllo Ima Bowl VIL' I Drawul' ,mul ull. TU hue OH orchestra for Qagh A llttle rasemaverell cattaqc Alvlwtt autl Cmtella Thr' :rr-aru at tlu- mag, opml house -Icom-,Q Mme, Laualuu Who knows? Preslflerwt a the'Mlllev Laaah- Eaotrutx Wlmt rufzku. hr-: ,fx lmpgvy xa ma GQQ Co early ut tlug uuuruufp Marion Miner Nvruklluz lmnl More an-l mme llate-, Pvexlzlent al the lllahluulae Y Ylllrvwtr-I Iuatlujrl. Oru' 'Jul wluv flu-uwt talk tm, I Werhar1'S Clalv uulzlv I Hg-lpmq Hgmmg Wm mmf l To wvute a hook cutrtled "FayA lllastrator or Saturclav Evo! SHVJHWG OH WC 'HUM lt lx ultcflw, that calm, all ru lute homework l ettevrlle Cnty ot Pavadlsef' 1 mhq Past. I Tlurrkmry tlmufqhtx To lme a xuuer xalesman MC on Hllllully Hotel Gulw nut lm srx lr-vt tall SYWVUVN fwl tall lu' umvu, ru HI,- hall I VVO,,y,,I.I Qywuf yu., .1010 Full some 'A" coupew. Dare-4tevll clrlver at the State 'Call vrouweu Wwullevltll wrm- at tuuutu t Oll' Polly Smith Beatmq thaw .lllnux Faster Naval Postal setvlce. Rarutmq the U SO at Sampxau Lourl Chewuvq A tvlcutl ul ur-url H 1 lvleull ul! I tleetl Scholarly puryalt, Tell the anuttellngulule, de me l 'Informa ron Please' ' Umellalale teacher-. A wvlle cauwevxatlou wth a wwe , t c unrletmalnle, and unscrew , man ta hotter thau ll vcars' ' the unscvutalxle, stuftv Havutq oulqmal uleas To type SOO words a mutate Rurwruaa Startton'S super Mar! OPA Yearlro ak waletuwau fe luxe T I Wastmq tune To lrlow up F l-l S ut chenualay , Atlrhlral in the Navv Moflel T Foul-, He wr - ll Ihtr-u, up the Dm loll matte Alulv I l - I, Mow: :lates wlth a cevtam qlrl l Druvma a truck, Barons Alwaw araaul wheu vom utretl ll'I1 I I I Bgmq Kg-U -, WIN- mg mgmly' To see the world, eupecrally X Bunaalow far two Mllk alhakes wrth eqq-, Sure ls larthlrll ta hm warlaf :Jul Alvlfa I i ll Araulng. l . l , Fan to have aroum P Mans aut! I I l us rr :ntl ri r u I rr . I r lr . , Lack of tune "Muslc hath chauvu anti so Ito l I I YOU Arlene i I Benn' Oh' xo qulte To tae Mmx Kukvllle at l9-16 l President 0 the Fortune Tell- Seeuwq ter lust name sur-Iletl Nnce ta evewaue I e ' I , wranq Losma thmav , 0 bunld l i " nd! Bu The wmltt hath not her llkt- ' Dewrtt. ' ook" " all Wllrl l-la Tho SIJIJADPD Those W Q hor of Of t LJ A h nfon 00 VW Be IT another gas stat on T Nm ff' fi! L. N 4 mi fy of M! V f Sm? X K I L , iiit X I 1 , X X X K' X X , ffh A f 11 6 1 .rf ff 'I ffldff 4,47 I f 'f fy xv V ' af gf NICDR CLA Back row DuPree Ford Mann Megmn Pierce Vowles Colder Greveldlng Bolton Lamprecht Doxsee Mclntyre Kelsey Thrrd row Gllkey Jolly Lambert Resch Brockway Manton Hutchinson Farrbnnk Hansen Farley Ttffany Baysmger Hullar Hossbeln Mass Lewis Front row Goodfellow Metcalfe Chesnut Mertz Jarvls Volles Frrednch Vessey Resch Pfohl Walker Mlner Perry The Junnor class began the year wlth the electron of nts offrcers Peter Frredrrch as the Presldent Robert Vessey as the Vice President Caroline Resch as the Secretary and Betsy Volles as Treasurer Later rn the year Wrlluam Helmlch and Lucille Metcalfe were elected as Red Cross representatrves Robert Vessey and Ned Mann are the Junror Class representatrves rn Student Councrl The class advisors are Mlss Lewls and Mrs Whatney ln October the Junlors held the "Solvay Serenade " whrch was a dance after the buggest football game of the year They made a profit of about SSO on It They are now planning for the Jumor Prom to be held rn June , ---- - - - - t . t 2 , 1 , ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' , , 1 1 , - l 5 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 . 1 1 ' 1 l 1 ' 1 - Second row: Mrs. Whitney, Barber, Becker, Henward, Craner, Riale, Roberts, Williams, Abbott, Meyer, Crawford, Grassman, , . 3 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 l . 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I - I I ' I SQPHCDMCDRE CLASS ,..m.l.. Back row Day Hacks Toth Ager Goodlellow Hegmann Wheeler Oelnck Nyman Charlton Rndlngs T Smlth Markle Tuttle Armstrong Hunt Ebelung Kmsella Coughlan Second row Gellneau Henderson Ashley T Lannon Erb Wells McVmney Wlckham DuPree Hopsteun Nelsen Wllluams Keller Morgan Hardmg Daniels Prnll Front row Von Guesen Thompson Johnson Blerhardt Knowles Potts Storrler Prlce Pratt Wheeler Woodworth K Lamb Altobellls M Moyers Gruppe The Sophomore class started a very successful year wuth Sheldon Storrler as Presudent Peter Prnce as Vnce President and Donald Potts as Secretory Treasurer Later an the year Marulyn Moyers and Katherune Klnsella were elected as Student Councll representatives Then Barbara Thompson and Harry Charlton were chosen as Red Cross representotuves The Sophomore class has as sts odvlsors Mrs Balley and Mr Mc Dermott After a long battle between classes, the Sophomore class trnally won out on the Sodle l-lowkuns Dance Thus dance gave theur treasury o great boost as lt IS one ot the very popular dances of the year A .. ' I .- ,al 1 1 l l : I ' I I I I I I . I I I . Q I ' . I I , f - Third row: Mrs. Bailey, Cerone, Pierce, Penrose, Schrader, Payne, Dulin, Kagi, Kelsey, Greene, Kelsey, Craclclord, Hullar, , 1 - I ' , , , - , , f ' , ' , , ' , , ' ' , I I I . I . ' : . I I I I I I I . I l I I I I ' V , - , - I - I - I ' If ' ' II FRESHMAN CLASS Back row Phllllps Jennings Spencer Bahcuth Elchen Hoag Cunningham Konvucka Davis Pomeroy Llndeman Devoy Brown Purtell Vessey Dworshak Twrchell Fourth row Jolly Manton Johannsen Fallmezger Blunden Conde Tlghe Harris Reeves Cannon Jerome Doggett Goode Capron Greveldlng Wright Henward Third row Zlemba Bacel Whipple Noble Second row Thompson Shore Raye Smith Devoy Lannon Craw Marsh Brownell Wlnnewlsser Prrll Lambert Watson White Seltz Coon Armstronq Mason Sheldon Frcnt row Brown Smlthers Hogan Irish Powers Volles Aprahamlan Mrs Clark Coughlln Vedder Eclxel Mr Saundes Farley Baird Searles Christiansen Nlaa le Mans lngerson Last fall the members of the Freshman class elected as their president Alan Vedder, as their Vice President Edward Eckel and as the Secretary Treasurer Edmond Coughlln Soon Warren Jerome William Jennings, and Larry Spencer were chosen as the representatives in Student Council Mary Ellen Cannon George Bahouth and Richard Blunden were elected as Red Cross representatives The class advisors are Mrs Clark and Mr Saunders In December the Freshmen held a Christmas dance which proved very successful, and they are plan ning tor other dances later in the year l i : . . I . I I I . I I . I . I . I I . I I I , I I .1 . : I I I . I I I . I . I I I I , I 1 . I . I I . : . I I . I I Kenny, Kimber, Fleming, Henderson, Hanbidge, Stanton, Wallace, Tily, Riale, Day, Howell, Smith, Clark, Cox, Petree, Witte, Kagi. : - I I I . I I I I I I . . I . I I I . I . I I A' I I : , . I I . , I I . I D I . I I I . T I . , . I I . . I . S' I l - I GHTH GRA Back row Bernhoft ReCore Jordan McCutcheon Gustln See Bull Rounds Gruppe Hall Sherer Long Fourth row McElroy Ford Fulmer Brockway .lohannsen Connelly Georger Beattle Hllls Palmer Motslff Leahy Wllson Ashley Ashley Thrrd rcw Jones Barkley Race Schlelch Stark Smith Lmdeman Moulton Palrman Greveldlng Spencer Rubado Gessler Twlchell Norrns Second row Msss Fltzpatrlck Vogt Hemmer Armstrong DuPree Edwards Gay Keller Morgan Ormsby Scnblluo Rasmussen Kagl Woodworth Vosbury Mass Snell First row Gray Greveldlng Hanson Hacks Becker Lash Taylor Konvlcka Hand Button Flscher Konvncka Wilson Capron Krayenoff Pfohl Farrell Caughlln SEVENTH GRADE E Bock row Raflowskl Hale Hutchlnson Parker Bradley Brady Cooper Deltzer Jones Sass Jackson Render Cerone Hemmer Porter Kun sella Fourth row Haag Toth Pomeroy Talbott Barley Clark Stanton Sampson Rudlngs Kharas Parratt Ray Smlthers Kmsey Brlght Taylor Cooper Sanford Kagn Third row Payne Aprahamlan Bahauth Wllsor Knowles Llndenmayer Cheney Greene Clifford Whupple Marqulsee Klack Stanelc Mawson Meter Rutkowsku Brown Pratt Second row Mass Masters Fletcher Fowler Altobellus Courtwrught Hand I.eMon Bullmgs Hooker Johnson Ruley Craw Button Adell Tnly Moon Kelsey Miss Tweedxe First row Alexander See Searles Spencer Rockwell Cheley Hopsteln Johnson Jerome Porter Hotalmg Homes Erb Townsend Hngguns Wnhers Kruman Hurst Cross ,, - 1 v. ...1 -v., ..- .. ...,...... . 1 I., .-- , . ,-,-- -A I , - , - - 4 .1 L 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 2 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I ' : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - g . 13 . - - 1- a ' " ' , . -- , ,- , 1.--. ..--., ., . 1 .- 1 me ,J : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - r 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q1 1 1 I I I I I I I I - : I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ,F Mind .if S QMIWWWIMWI Y f V V2 'L if W W 85 HIIIIIIIIUIIIWWIW Q I QQ ww W X 45 Z Q ' - M XFX O ,I Qma 1 If Sr 3 QJZL. 6 , 'J WB V f 7 Q x y X ff XX -hm-, 'lla N X' w NE X. f fyji fffllll INDICATQR l Back row Ashley Kenny Roberts Knowles Coughlln Altobellls Hunt Plerce K lamb Wells Ebelmg F Smnth Resch Third row Motslf? N Lamb Hogan P Volles Crockford Rcale M Moyers B Valles P Pfohl Woodworth Meyer Bunnell Mollslu Second row Mass Hughes Fulmer Raye lrlsh Clark Henderson Johnson Perry Flor T Lannan Wnte J Smith Morgan Front row Mrs Bloomer McCormack Smlfh Markle J Mayers Kerslake Long Mertz Woonton Goadfellow Tnnder Gellneau Because of wartlme shortages the lndlcator was publnshed monthly tnus year ten ussues appearung ln all At the Press Conference whlch was held at the Onondaga and Syracuse Hotels November 3 4 the "Indicator" recesved an "A" rating Approxlmately suxty copses per month were sent to alumna In the SEFVICS Bev Woonton was edutor untul January when she resigned to assume her duties as edltor of the year book At that tume she was replaced by Jean Long Other staff members Included Assustant Edltor Literary Edltor Sports Editor Exchange Edltor Sales Manager Carol Kerslake Carol Mertz Mary L McCorm1ck Jane Mayers Kathue Markle Polly Smith 7 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 - 1 : I ' I I ' I I I ' I ' I ' I I : I I I I I I I I I ' I I ' : ' I I I I ' I I I I I - 11 - ll - I - ' I I ' I I Art Edutor .....Y ,, ........ , .,., , ................ we ........,.. .,,, .. .us.e, . I X X CL. DRAMATICS CLUB Under the gundam e of Mrs Rector the Dramatucs Club of l94'5 started off by partucnpatmg an the Chrnstmas tableau In March, the club put on two monologues for the P T A meetmg entntled The Waltz and The Stars Look Down The major productnon of the year was a three act play Junior Mass The offncers of the Dramatucs Club were as follows President Bev Woonton Secretary Treasurer Jeannme Perry 56 Back row T Lonnan Gruppe Greene Armstrong Mann Schworler Doxsee Stark Howell Pierce R Hegmonn Megnm Flor Fourth row M Moyers Smuthers Markle Long Johnson Kagl Powers Knowles Coughlan Petree Hunt Woodworth Hovall Kelley Abbott Meyer Harrls Keller Ragus Third row Fulmer Kerslake J Moyers Metcalfe Cannon Clark Bunnell McVmney B Valles Mertz Jorvns Pfohl Grossman Howell Molnslu Penrose Second row P Volles Smith Aprohamlon Tnly F Smith M Lonnon Hullar Dennsngton Mnner Wntte Cox J Smnth Craner N lamb Morgan DuPree First row Fletta Geluneau Flem mg lrnsh Raye Henderson Mrs Rector McCormack Waonton Perry Goodtellow Trmder Becker Resch DuPree K lamb Vowles KW aa I " ., X ft ,I Nl: 1: gl' xl tie fgwlx fl I - C 6ll"d-l1l.-X 70 T F25-'71 tx " t lx, 'A .N '1,-1"l"'l'-' C C t -I I 5 I ' ' ' ll Il ,, ,, , . ,, . . ,, . - , , Vice-President ..,..a,aa.aaaaaaaa.,.....raa,..............,......... ea,,.. M ary Lou McCormick ,C W, Y b I dz- 'iii . ,W . y , Back row Pfohl Herloskl lngerson Wheeler Brown Cannon Smlthers Hunt Henderson Blackman Mass Third row Resch Craner Whipple Kenny Kimber Le Mons Noble Whipple Cross Woodworth Gruppe Miner Second row Becker Stanton Tlly Rlale Falley Prill Kogl Petree Cox Witte Searles Johnson Front row Abbott Meyer Powers Aprahamian Wickham Mrs Clark Metcalfe Vowles Smith Alto bellls Ashley Third row Clifford Wilson Greene Edwards DuPree Armstrong Hanson Porter Rice McCutcheon Second row Klock Cheney lindenmoyer Church Becker Collins Kinsella Knowles Hopsteln Johnson Er Front row Rutkowski Higgins Bohouth Konvicka Marquisee Mrs Clark Whipple Hemmer Searles Mawson Meyer SENIOR GLEE CLUB This year the Senior Girls' Choir elected the following offi- cers: President ,,.e.......,.....e,,e, A. l-lisey Vice-President .......,.. L. Metcalfe Secy.-Treas. ....,........,.. A. Vowles Librarian ss..ee,., .ee..ee...,... J . Smith fsst. Librarian ..,..e,e l-, Wickham Acccmpanist .,,.c......... M. Searles The choir provided the back ground for the Christmas tableau and also sent representatives to Cortland for the State Music Con ference Under the direction of M s Clark the Glee Club is planning for the spring concert JUNIQR GLEE CLUB The Junior Glee Club had a large choir this year consisting of forty members They partici pated in the Christmas pageant and sang many beaut ful carols under the leadership of Mrs Clark The officers were President H Spencer Vice President M Stark Secy Treas B Knowles Accompanist J Moulton l : I .I I I I I - I I I I ' ' . : I I 5 I I ' I I I ' I I I r I . . , , - . . : I I ' I . I I I I I .I I I S I I ' : I I I l I . I ' I I I . I ' , . U il i Back row: Staniec, Stoneic, Moulton, Spencer, Gray, Withers, Gay, Copron, Pairmon, Stark, Hotaling. . ' I ' , ' , , , , , , , ' , - , , : I I . I I I D I . I I I I I 5- .- , ..,.,,..,.., ,, , 5 .1 I . I I . I . 1 - 1 l 1 1 1 , , . ..,.........., . FRENCH CLUB For the flrst tame un many years, o French Club was organ uzed at Fayettevrlle The mem bers presented a play at Christ mas tame and also sang some French songs at the P T A meet :ng In March Meetrngs were held twuce a month on Wednesday nights The oftncers were Presndent A Hlsey Vnce Presldent S Fulmer Secretary B Woonton Treasurer T Doxsee 552. LATIN CLUB One of the many clubs formed for the furst tame thus year as the Latin Club As yet the actnvntnes of the group have been somewnat curtanled due to the late arrival of the Latrn games whuch were ordered early nn the fall l-low ever the club dud sponsor a movre nn the Sprung The Offlcers In cluded the following Presudent D Potts Vuce Presudent J Lawler Secy Treos B Thompson Back row Mus Lewls R Plerce Farley D Pierce Hutchlnson Megnln Mann Kepler Lonnon Twlchell Penrose Third row Perry Mayers Jarvls Volles Meyer Abbott Vowles Erb Woodworth Kelsey Kelsey Second row Pnll Becker Long McCormack Metcalfe F Farley Aprohomlan M0lISkl Hunt Cross Morgan Searles Front row Wullrams Whipple Mlner B Valles Storrler Fulmer Doxsee Woonton Resch K lamb Back row Jerome Raale Kumber Kenny Kagl Powers Knowles Altobellls Woodworth Gruppe Hunt Cross Coughlan Third row Price Cannon Johnson Bunnell Van Glesen McVmney Ebellng Wells Witte Ashley Charlton Second row Harding Brown F Smith M Lannon Hullar Crocktord Keller Resch Becker Cox J Smuth Dulm Front row Payne Fleming lrush Raye Mrs Carstarphen Lawler Potts Thompson Henderson Erb Howell 1 ' , 1 , , ,, .,,, 1 fi 1 . A . ' ' . , V1 . 1 1 . - 1 l , . 1 , 1 . 'v , I f 1, Q 5 5 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . xi fl' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 Z s 1145, ,Z B. DuPree. '3 3, l Y f , Qgj 1 .1 1 - . 4 Y - I I . 1 1 . 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - D 1 1 : 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' I ' : I I I I ' I I I . ' -A--A-..-T-- I I I I ' F t. -Y: if 'Q 5.5: ,, lit SPGRTSMANSHIP BRCDTHERHCDCDD Back ro Baysmger Doxsee Lunnon Bnerhcrdt Greveldmg T :hell Beecham Second J Long McCormick Markle .l Moyers R Lmdenmayer Perry Kinsella The Sportsmanshtp Brotherhood as an honorary soclety composed of ten boys and ten gurls Junnors and Sensors elected by the Student Body Thelr code of honor ns keeps keeps keeps keeps never keeps keeps He keeps the rules tatth wnth hns comrades plays the game for has side hlmself fat has temper huts a man when he ts down prtde In has vnctory o stout heart an defeat accepted ln good grace a sound soul clean mnnd and a healthy body ll l fe ee -1 W: ' , , , ' , ' , wl , . row: . , ' , , . , . ' , , ' . Front row: Woonton, Hisey, Fulmer, Miner, B. Volles. 1 , . . He . He ' ' ' g ' ' . He ' ' . He ' . He ' ' . He "" . He ' Q ' . , , . It ' BA N D A" Wx. 01" Back row Crow Small Lmdeman Scluonbarger Vedder Lamprecht Sheldon Third row Wmnewlsser Smrthers Vosbury Cerone N Conde Barber Pratt Searles Hand N Kunsella Second row Mrs Barley Ragus Kmsey Taylor Fanlmezger Fnsher Konvucka Lash Long Front row Board Button Pratt M Moyers Smrth Wheeler Wnght Knowles Goebell Thus year the band has Increased nts membershnp to 40 players Under the leadershnp of Mrs Banley the band played at the football games assemblnes pep fests ond they also presented thelr annual concert thus sprung In November Davud Lamprecht Duck Schanbarger, and Jean Long went to Cortland to the All State Band The offlcers for this year were President Secy Treas Llbrarnan Social Chanrman David Lamprecht Jean Long James Small Polly Smuth , O , . . 3 , I l W . ll 3 21 . f , ,A .' V , 1 v ' . . 1 1 3 , fx' an we 1:3 " ' ' - -.3 iv t - - ly 'A , A -A-f lion' ' I 5 I ,Z 1 I I I J ' I I Vice-President vsaaa ,s...c..,,vtasas,.,sasc.,,.soo,,,,.,,,sa..,,s,.,,,,,..sas v v Dick Schanbarger NATIQNALTHESPIAN Notlonol Thesplon IS on honor society nn the tneld ot dromotucs lts purpose ns to promote dro motnc Interest ond betterment To be elngrble one must ottoun IO honor pounts by workung on the motor productions ot the yeor enther octang an them or lust working behind the scenes It he hos over Z0 polnts he ns o stor member ond It he hos over 30 pounts he IS o double stor mem ber To dote there ore l6 mem bers nn the Foyettevnlle troop The otfucers ore Presudent Kersloke Vnce Presudent Woonton Secretory Perry Treosurer Miner f SAFETY PATRCDL The Sofety Potrol wos orgon nzed by the Student Coun Il ond ns under the darectaon of Mr Mc Dermott The potrol consists of Freshmon ond Junior Hugh stu dents whose moan purpose as to molntoun order ond further good conduct The offlcers ore os tol lows Presudent Chg,-Iron Vnce Presndent I-l Hncks Lleutenonts Konvucko K Lomb Back row Resch Long DuPree B Volles J Moyers C Mertz P Pfohl McCormick Markle Front row N Lomb Becker Perry Kersluke Woonton Miner Dennmgton Back row WIDHEWISSQF Tnly Sampson Roflowslu Poyne Twlchell Woodworth Riley Second ro Jerome Bernhoft Hall Ftscher Smith Connelly Spencer Front ro Kogl Chorlton Hacks Aprohumlon Lomb Stanton I I ' ll ' Il I , I - . 1 ' - f----------- : , , , . . - , . , . , ' , ---------AY.,--,Y-----,A-T : ' I I I I I D I . ' :tts .pw ,Q f, X4 Z,-'vt lla lo: Q J . F, .. . HHH HHNH-W I ' . , l , , If I ' I I l - - -,Y-f Y --..YY .. . W: I I I l I I I I ' "" 1 - WF It 1 A I . 1 1 ' Walke P Pfohl B V ar ec e D ll-lllnlinq n-alumni Back Irsh J Va Gesen P Voe J Wood o h B Co FfoSPesKLbPAItobe HApo VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Varslty Cheerleaders made up of Junlor and Sensor gurls were chosen by sux members of the foc ulty Bev Woonton was selected head cheerleader for the year The hnghlught of the football sea son was cheerlng at Archbold Stoduum on Thanksglvung Day Throughout the year the cheer leaders recelved splendid support from the student body rg: JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Junnor Cheerleaders who lead cheers at the J V basketball games are made up of Freshman and Sophomore gurls They wnll full vacancnes In the sensor squad next year These gurls have worked out a system whereby each week they choose a dutferent head cheerleader for the purpose of orgamzmg new cheers con ductung pep fests and advertlsung games I I I - J. r, . , . olles, S. Henw d, B. Woonton, D. B k r, J. Long, . Miner, J, Perry. 'TX num. fl -'I at fs A- fl I Y o 51 , W Q P qv I ' Q -M 4... ., M.. ........,- Wm , ' --.-....-.............. . -E Q I I . y K . . . . mw.J.a,. nl ,. u,,. wn,.lfk. 1 'N' I ron rw: . ow r, . om , . Ilis, . r lmmian. . Back row Thompson Hutchinson Blunden Charlton C Kelsey Metcalfe Front row Fulmer Rubado Mrs Jones Kerslake Cannon UW SUB DEB CLUB The highlight of the year for the Sub Deb Club was becoming a school organization with Miss Larsen as faculty advisor The group started off with a tea In honor of the women faculty mem bers To and the war effort the girls filled USO scrapbooks for the boys overseas Following the held its annual New Years for mal dance which was a great success The officers were President Woonton Vice President McCormick Secretary Kerslake Treasurer Long Many memories we ve made While in Sub Deb Crazy things we ve ventured Sully things we ve said Evenings spent in gay songs That someone led Little things that mean a lot To a real Sub Deb RED CBQSS The Junior Red Cross had a very successful year, with Carol Kerslake as president and Mrs, Jones as faculty advisor, The sale of tablets has been a money make ing project throughout the year, The art classes helped to make the boys an the service happier at Christmas by making menu cov ers The industrial arts classes also contributed by making lap boards for those boys who are in valids ln November the annual drive hit the top with lOO per cent enrollment A drive is being launched soon to raise money for the Mae Huntington Cross Me morial Fund Back Fietta Resch Hen ard Flor Walker Mller Abbott Havlll Seco d o N Lamb Fulmer Perry Moyers B Volles M Moyers Johnson Kelley Fro t ro K Lamb Smnth Kerslolle Waonton McC0rm ck Long Markle It 'ifilyf . . i I ' ' - -sy, . . , . we i Ml! f at e can old Sub-Deb tradition, the club y . 1 g g I gl!! C MN! CANWRA.CLUB The l944 45 Camera Club under the leadershnp of Mr Saunders put on several movles for assemblies The group also discussed the possubulutues of hav :ng an all day hrke The offncers were Vice Presldent Lannon Secretary Smith Treasurer Fletta Q 1011 ing. ku lm 19 1? -lg an 3 Back row Blunden Sums Trlnder Markle Flor Farley Moyers Goebell Kelsey Erb Johnson Lmdenman Second row Woonton Long Lamb Tuttle Coughlan Gellneau Daniels Morgan Lamb Manton Front row Altobellrs Smrth Flcttu Mlner Lannon Dennmgton Bock row Ormsby N Rubodo Gray Krmber Morgan Mrs Bloomer Front row F Farley H Spencer Vosbury Metcalfe UBRARY CLUB The Lrbrary Club was newly or ganlzed this year lt IS under th dnrectron of Mrs Bloomer our In brorran The specsfrc duty of the members as to assist nn the llbrary by working two or more periods a week At the end of the frrst se mester three members had earned puns through regular at tendance and effuclency nn In brary servuce They are Helen Spencer Luculle Metcalfe and Daphne Ormsby The officers are Presudent Spencer Vuce Presudent Vosbury ff KIFLJ " ' is " ...VT-5-r,s. 1' "I " 1 ""'-,"f'M I ' - ts, vfff ' My M , .ook W .. ,... !v,,,lh lk V Q W , x ' L CFA ., jk. .IX h I - jlngifr: T " V 139 ' A X xx Al T s .1 - - . ' 1 4 i I ii - T I , President ....auaus............s.... Miner I . . . . ' ' . ' 2 . I T , I I "www a-mggwf S div fi. -SN- -...mu --.., S f' -fu 1 fx! H bf 1' it-. X V g Xxxbmpgwyfy QC X AYE XX x ,J 1' " I 20 ' vw n.rg'i?fv X: rs "Jw fu rf. r 7rN' LX ! 'cnt J Zffffg rg Q 4' x .4 4 'N' M xx ww J I gi in' -m.,1-- x K' i xl 1 ir. , , . I ' , X ki Y gf X W x xx NN w . 1. , X' 'Hx ,Y X :- N U" Vx S XX N xx. N :Q X xx iw Q . X F X .X - Q Y X x X M A 1 5 X X X N. vlfx b U , lf, Q, 'ff V f :ii K ' -493 'dF"yfI' ,J-' I,,f,"'3 ' .. "" -1 -.- " '-. 54...-.E!!-43-...LQLVILrr I ' 5-,slats r v. - ,- 1. , -.- -l,:v.'?'.CAG V, :'.i"'. . ' QV' 4 2'.'7 - '- Z ' -.'5,r'wz'.j.f,l7.:1,' L., - gt,-1.-Q- Z ,'gf,'zL 3.,'j."i,..'1L' u :U S:-gf:--'. 5, '. '-,-'JN ,'xlj"- -,' -, 'gsizg-A Q ?z -' .' .QQ :xi-,Q ' '- -1 : . '.-,195 -2 L- . frf. .I UTS' Pj' ' ETHQQ ' ' It 15,232-:xwn-N Jap: :MLN .ww . 1 - gr...- ' ' ' Q ' - I . 1- - . q 7 -1. . .,. M ., . J Lunnon H Beecham Mr Griffin Bock row M Kcgi K Lomb Bunnell P Valles E Kelsey Van Giesen Hisey Powers Cox Front row Moyers Perry B Valles, S Henward Walller Kerslake A. A. OFFICERS Last fall the student body elected officers of the AA, as follows: President ,o.v,.,Ad,o.,....,...,V, Lcinnon Vice-President .dd,d....v.. Beecham Secy Treas Lindenmayer With the co operation of stu dents and the faculty these offs cers obtained a IOO per cent school membership In their drive at the beginning ofthe year GIRLS ATHLETIC LGLINCIL This organization is composed of one representatuve from each Junior Senior high school home room The athletic councnl spon Sors both intramural and inter mural sports Secy Treos Henward Publicity Mgr Kerslake ' , D President ..............,L,L.......w Volles FQQTBALI. For the second successlve year Fayettevulle captured the County League Football Champlonshup lt was however the flrst undefeated and untned season ln the school s hnstory The squad of forty fave players opened the season at Skaneateles wlth a convsncung 30 to O vlctory all members partlclpatlng In the furst home game of the season Coach Monforte s eleven turned back a stubborn and heavy Baldwlnsvnlle team to the tune of l9 to 7 Thus lncldentally was the only game In which Baldwlnsvnlle had more than one touchdown scored against them On the followlng Fruday Fayetteville journeyed to Liverpool and notched Its third vlctory with an l8 to O wnn Returning home a tricky Mar cellus combination was defeat d by our team 24 to O With four vlctorues apiece the two arch rlvals Fay ettevulle and Solvay clashed on the Fayettevulle gruduron before the largest home crowd nn Fayettevulle foot ball hustory Fayettevnlle s speed versatuluty and better condltloned squad proved too much for the heavier Solvay team l-llttung hard Fayetteville took an early lead and when the funal whistle blew the score read Fayettevll'e l9 Solvay O Wlth North Syracuse and Fayettevnlle both seeknng theur slxth wan and undls puted possessuon of the league lead Coach Monforte s purple and whate eleven traveled to North Syracuse and repulsed the previously unbeaten North Syracuse squad l9 to 6 Thus game played on a beautlful fall day proved to be the clvmax of the year and much prestige was gained for Fayettevnlle wnth all surround :ng hugh school teams The successful s ason was brought to a close the following Frlday on a sloppy East Syracuse fneld wuth the Fayettevnlle reserves aldlng the regulars nn vanqulshlng East Syracuse l7 to 6 Because of her splendud record Fayettevllle was Invited to play Vocational Cnty Conference Cham plons Thanksglvung mornlng In Archbold Staduum Fayettevnlle accepted and put In two weeks of untensuve practuce The day came and both teams battled wrth everything they had The game see sawed back and forth wnth neither team making any headway Flnally nn the wanlng mlnutes Fayettevllle took a long gam ble and passed deep In her own terrntory hoping to grasp a last minute vlctory However the strategy proved fatal as Vocational came In quick and nntercepted the pa s carrying It to the fnve yard lnne Fayettevulle s lnne he'd the plungung Vocatlonal backs for two plays wlthout a gaun but on the thlrd play they broke through the Purple and White s forward wall for fnve yards and a touchdown to put Fayettevnlle behnnd for the flrst txme this season Wnth only a minute left Fayettevllle trled desperately with everythlng lt had to score but the tame ran out and the game ended with the score Vocatlonal 6 Fayetteville O Snnce 1942 Fayettevnlle has run nts strlng of defeatless league games to l4 The Vnllage of Fayettevllle was behnnd the team all the way and honored It with a banquet on Decem ber l4 Gold footballs were gnven to the Zl letter men and Coach Monforte was glven a football auto graphed by each member of the squad Thus the curtain comes down on one of the flnest teams an Fayetteville football hlstory I ' I . . . , . , . ' 1 . . . . 1 - 1 - 1 1 - 1 . , ' . . 0 . . . . . - t' ' 1 1 I - ' 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 I U , . , . 1 , 1 I I - . . D . . . s. 1 1 - , . . , ' 1 - 1 C - - , . ' . 1 1 . , . . . - 1 1 1 4 I . . , ' JP' Q o I -fx 1 L l FGCDTBALL Fayettewlle Fayettev1lle Fayettevulle Fayettevllle Fayettev1lle Fayettev1Ile Fayettevllle Skaneateles Baldw1r1sv1lle L1verpool Marcellus Solvay North Syracuse East Syracuse ,DQ ff 4-ff 4. l 4 Back row Calder Storrler Vedder Konvlcka Gregory Hicks Third row Folley Spencer Ford Toth Hanson Mclntyre Doxsee Coughlln Gullxey Penrose Second row Long, Beecham, Bolton, Mann, Frledrlch, Conde, Schwcrzer, Jennlngs, Klmber, Kunsellc, Gobrlelson Front row Twlchell, Vessey, Greveldlng, Lonnon, Coach Monforte, R Llndenmoyer, Bayslnger, Ball, Blerlwfdl, l-Cwlel' ' 30 0 ' I9 ' ' 7 ' f ' 1 8 ' 0 1, 1 ff- 1, ' 24 0 f1 if ' I9 0 ' Cf- ' I9 6 Q, ' ' 17 6 -4 .., F' Nvi- aga ' gi .fx It Aamjl ...ai Q M.. A .. .Q f -mn.: J hs, A .M if fi V, W . wg, 1 I' .5 7 , af ac ro S o McltyeCollnsC d Age M ns G e e g R L denmc er on Colder B ys Starting the season with a comparatively green team, this year s J V squad finished the season with six victories and six losses. The team improved steadily, however, and by showing a lot of scrap their losses were close. With all of these newly developed players returning next year the school can again expect good basketball. Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville Fayetteville East Syracuse North Syracuse Tully Minoa Liverpool Manlius East Syracuse North Syracuse Tully Minoa Liverpool Manlius fi X , fx, vmasiiv BASKETBALL .I I l , B lr w: uit n, n r, i , on e, r, r. Griffin Fronl row: F. Ki ella, E. rv ldln , . in y ,J.Lann l5 9 24 22 I9 28 l5 23 l9 27 23 C 79, iff Z J. V. BASKETBALL fl Bock ro Goode Monton Jennmgs Eckel Ford Doggett Second ro Armstrong Storner Frnednch Hncks Phnlllps Coach Grllin Front row Dovns Konvlcko Spencer Mann Vedder Hanson W1th almost the whole team from the 1944 Eastern DIVISION Play off Champlonshlp return1ng the var s1ty basketball team remforced by several J V players of last year had one of the best seasons of recent years In w1nn1ng eleven of twelve league games they took the Eastern DIVISION Champ1onsh1p and thus quallfued for the play offs In the t1rst play oft game the team came from behmd to beat North Syracuse but a last quarter rally fell four po1nts short and L1verpool took the second play off game from the purple and wh1te hoopsters Paced by L1ndenmayer and Lannon the team made a tune showmg and estobl1shed 1tseIf as one of the best teams m the county Fayettevulle East Syracuse Fayettev1lle North Syracuse Fayettevlll Tully Fayettevulle Mmoa Favettev1Ile L1verpool Fayettev1lle Manluus Fayettev1lle East Syracuse Fayettev1lle North Syracuse Fayettev1lle Tully Fayettev1lIe Mnnoa Fayettev1lle L1verpool Fayettev1lle 33 Manluus Play offs Fayettevnlle 37 North Syracuse 3l Fayettev1lle 33 Luverpool l V ' 23 I9 ' 33 31 ' 6 40 24 4 29 ' Z4 b ' 33 ' 39 ' ' ' 33 ' 25 . ' 32 26 . . ' 26 24 37 ' 44 17 ' 41 ' 27 ' 28 ' 26 ' ' 28 , . BASEBALL l ff? if Bock row Kmsello Ford Twlchell Storner Vedder Hlcks Mclntyre Second row Beuchum Spencer Colder Frledrlch Conde Collins Toll! Front row Lannon Mann Greveldlng Couch Monforte Baysmger R Llndenmayer Ball This year Fayetteville expects another fine baseball team a team even smoother and more balanced than last year s Eastern Dlvuslon Champlons Coach Monforte wall have elght regulars returning all wuth two or three years of expernence The team will possess the same well balanced attack and tune fueldmg machine that enabled them to trlm a strong North Syracuse nlne 8 7 nn the fnnal game last year Promuslng players from last year s JV wall full rn the gaps along wnth the following returning Iettermen Ball Bay Snnger, Beacham Greveldmg Lannon Lnndenmayer Mann and Twlchell l f I 1 I I 1 1 - 3 I 1 1 1 f 1 - 3 1 I I 1 I - 1 - 1 - I . . . , ' I 1 1 1 1 ' GIRLS BLGCK F CLLlB To be ellguble for a letter ln athletncs gurls must accumulate 5OO to l OOO pounts from partucn patron an basketball volleyball baseball and archery ln add: tlon to athletic letters Janne Moyers and Bev Woonton have earned extra awards for football manager and varsnty cheerleader respectnvely 9 Lal BOYS BLOCK F CLUB Boys Block F Club as open to all boys who have earned the Fay ettevrlle block letter award for partncnpatnon nn athletncs namely football baseball basketball and track An annual banquet held nn June lS attended by the mem bers alumnn of the club men of the faculty and friends of F H S Back row Fulmer Perry Kerslalxe J Moyers Mertz Markle B Volles Fran! row McCormick Mlner Smuth Bahouth Long Woonfon Back row Baysmger J Jennlngs Gnlkey R Lmdenmoyer R Ball J Ager Second row Knnsello Bnerhardt Lennon Calder Greveldung Frnedruch Conde Front row Mclntyre Twlchell Beecham R Vessey Mann Doxsee X -1 S 'Z - X f'lFs' f X Cf'- I I I - I I 1 ' ' I I : I I I' I I I' ' I ' : 'l.l.l I I ' Eli? F,-. -T' l: il.: l , . I I I I 1 - . . , 3 1- I 1- ,.,. . I . I I I I ,D 1 1- 1 , - Back row Knowles Hullar Clark Kelsey Van Guesen K Kunsello Kagu Second row Thompson P Volles Gruppe Crockford Perry Ebelung Jarvus Woodworth Wells Front row B Volles M Moyers Mertz Walker J Mayers K Lamb Morgan Pfahl Becker Back row Erb Shore Kerslalxe B Volles P Volles DuPree Resch Second row K lamb Hunt McCormuclr Henward Van Guesen Kunsella Fronf row Flemung Walker J Moyers Woonton Mertz Perry Jcrvus Kagu f GIRLS BASKETBALL The members of the team are Senuor Hugh School gurls Three last year s team members Betsy Volles Jean Walker and Jane Moyers have returned to star on thus year s sextet 'N X gr'-uf 11.2 GIRLS VQLLEYBALL The gurls volleyball team us made up of eleven Junuor and Senuor gurls Although they lost theur furst two games, the players feel that wuth suffucuenr proctuce they wull be able to hut a wunnung strude 119. 1, -fi' f K u fx il!! I N I u I 5 1 1 1 1 . 1 - l 1 S- , , f 1 . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 '1 1 - , ' I : ' I ' I I I ' I ' I I I ' - l M ii ' Tx to 71'-'F fl, V. Q ' X . w CL A V Z X . I X I X I . , . 'Z' bf: 44-f' X if .ani nl W all 'N Q 3 seg if Q9 PRECISION CASTINGS CO., Inc. DIE CASTINGS ALUMINUM MAGNESIUM AND ZINC ALLOYS or Fayettevulle, N Y Member of American Due Costmg Instntute in Syracuse, N. Y. Cleveland, O. Kalamazoo, Mich COMPLIMEN YETTEV of ILLE FIRE DEPT O STANTCN and BROWN COMPLIMENTS f ST WISHES T0 T ASS OF 1945... C H TWICHE COMPLIMENTS of SUB-DEB THE GL COMPANY WM F CUMMINS CO POWELSON BUSINESS INSTITUTE 102 JAMESVILLE RD D Wm New YORK A Fully Accredsfed School MCKEE GARAGE OVER DOORS Secretarual Scnence Accountancy Medical Secretanal Traunlng O CALL Us ron OVERHEAD DOOR SERVICE 203 Loew Bldg 12 6051! Syracuse Z N Y . e , Suburb of Syracuse O Disflibufors of . ' , . . AGRICULTURAL COMPANY ENGINEERS 8. CONTRACTORS FAYETTEVILLE NEW YORK C L A R K S Congratulahons to the Class of 45 Or Everythlng In MUSIC ZWYFJ EXPERT REPAIRING SAVE MONEY INSURE WITH SHEET MUSIC RECORDS MARTIN H DOYLE INC O 87Ih INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS 416 S Salma St Syracuse 206 E Genesee St Syracuse DIaI 2 4527 I ' I f . . . " ' ' ' " Y MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS A Good We 'O FOHOW - -- E I Q ur Ycor Comphments of B Y HOME OF THE DeWITT KIWANIS YES WE Full Prescrnpfnans Develop and Prmt Fulms for 39C Serve Surmdaes and Sodas l-lave l Sc Sodas Have lOc lg Pts of Ice Cream Carry Bax Candy and 56 Bars Have Lnght Lunches Are Cut Rafe Won t Be Urwdersald Del ver FAYETTEVILLE PHARMACY Phone Foy 182 Open unhl ll P M VACUUM CLEANERS New and Used for Sale Expert repanr servnce on all makes Speciualrz mg on Electrolux and Air Way Tel 382 M or Send c Card JOHN C SCHANBARGER RD I Fayetteville N Y B Q C A S E 'S iCarry Schoolgaaplies H A C H ' V A CENTRAL CITY BUSINESS INSTITUTE The only busnness school In central New York approved by the State De portment ot Education A state approved busmess school must submit to the rlgnd require ments ot Certltrcatuon of Teachers Approval ot courses and snze of classes Folr deollng wnth student and the public Regestered buslness schools are recommended by the State Department wnth the knowledge that people who attend them may attain a business edu cotuon vocatnonolly valuable Summer term beglns July 9th Fall term begms September 4th Occupyung entnre fnfth floor of the Empure Theater Busldung 472 South Soluna Street Syracuse2 N Y WILLIAM VEIGEL Dlrector L G BALFOUR COMPANY GENE W LOGAN ATTLEBORO MASS CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS Commerclal and Portraut PHOTOGRAPHER P 'dy N CIIl'lI'0n SYYUCLISC N Y I64 Hermitage Rd Rochester N Y Dual 2 8927 I l I ' ' I . 1 . , . Re resen e b . . , . . , - . ' Complwmemts of Lom gllmcnts Of DEWITT SHELL STATION A FRIEND DeWntt New York SHOP AT IRA V ELLIS A L B E R T S INSURANCE AND SURETY BONDS DIAMONDS WATCHES IIOO Chimes Bldg Phone Syr 2 3I9I So 323 Brooklea Drnve Phone I7I R OUR PRICES ARE LOWER FAYETTEVILLE N Y ll ll Next to EckeITI'1ecfre on Your Way to SYRACUSE, N. Y. line ST. Best of Luck to the Groduotmg Class Everythmg for Every Sport Youk socoNY DEALER WALLY HASKELL Fayettevllle New York MARINE SPORTS Inc THE COMPLETE SPORTING GOODS STORE 329 South Warren St Syracuse N Y Phone Z 3721 Compllmenfs of SIMS MATCH PLATE Comphmermts of THE FAYETTEVILLE INN . , . I - C p I ORVILLE BARBECUE THE ATLANTIC STATION THE SUNOCO STATION D wff N C pI THE FAYETTEVILLE BOWLING ALLEYS FOUNTAIN SERVICE om iments of Compliments of DeWitt, New York DeWitt, New York Om Imenfs of Compliments of e i , ew York pl MR and MRS LEONARD SCOTT FULMER pl e 'rs o TOM and ANNE pl e 'rs THE CLUB C J KERSLAKE Compliments of KENNETH BRIGNALL PLUMBING ROTHSCHILDS BARBER SHOP 2 3E tFoy f'reSf et SYRACUSE N Y Co pl etso MR and MRS GEOFFREY M BROWN pl e fs o WALTER L MEAGHER C ' ent of . Om Im S Com nm n f Com im n of ll ll l os e re Fayetteville, New York Opposite Eckel Theater ' f . m lm n Com lm V1 f Compliments of DADEY fr MCGRAW THE TYDOL STATION DeWitt New York Compl I ments of J J CASHIN THE RED AND WHITE STORE Fayettevrlle New York Good Luck ond Success to The CJIULIUOIL5 Thirty three Years of Dependable Servlce JOHN G HUMPLEBY DCWITT N Y REAL ESTATE INSURANCE TH E REXALL STORE J P WHITE Proprlefor PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Compliments of THE IGA STORE Fayetteville New York Exfendmg Best WISIWLS to the Sermon BAI'IOUTH'S FINER SHOES CompIlmU1fS of LAWLER DRUG CO DeWitt New York C. R. EATON ' ' ' C PI' GRAY S SERVICE STATICN TQM DAVIS TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE FAY ET vu. Pho E 213 pl WHEELER S RESTAURANT A FRIEND 5 Sf Of, C O MAC GREGORY OUTFITTER TO JUNIOR ESQUIRES THE CLASS OF 45 C D, mf BERT BALDWIN yefte Ile Ne Y DRY GOODS NOTIONS A C ooL TE BOOKS su s I c HRE DS Y om :ments of ' - - n Com iments of Compliments of I e u k t , . . I 450 S. Salina St. Syracuse, N Y om imen Fa vi , w ork 5 H xr AND PPLIES We pec'o' ' ' D R S

Suggestions in the Fayetteville High School - Indicator Yearbook (Fayetteville, NY) collection:

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